ABSLUT, the Darling Disaster PokéGirl
Type: Not Very-Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Very Rare (Edo and Sunshine Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: sunlight and moonlight, but can digest human style foods.
Role: Early warning system
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Leer, Double Team, Razor Wind, Crunch, Dark Blade, Future Sight
Enhancements: Foresight, Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Never before, has there ever been a Pokégirl that has been as misunderstood as the Abslut. Even when they were created back during Sukebe's War, they were a species of Pokégirl that found themselves the target of dislike and mistrust by those that were considered their betters, since the Abslut were in a very niche role while other species were on the front-lines fighting against humanity. The reason was that the Abslut's claim to fame, (or infamy, depending on the observer) is that the species would appear whenever a natural disaster was about to happen.
An Abslut uses her sharp senses to detect subtle changes in the land, sea, and air. Couple that with her knowledge of natural balance, and an Abslut can predict oncoming natural disasters, (she may also be able to use her `Future Sight' technique in a similar way to sense dangers to her Tamer). The Absluts apparently have concern for the safety of not only Pokégirls, but humans because once an Abslut detects an oncoming disaster, she goes off to the nearest human settlements to give warnings to the people.
Although the Abslut has an attractive, athletic build, standing at around 5'8" with soft and generous C-Cup breasts, there is no way an Abslut could be confused with a normal human girl. What flesh isn't covered in a snowy-white coat of fur that is very soft to the touch, is the color of dark blue: her face, her bat wing-like tail, the gem in her forehead, and a scythe-like growth on the right side of her head, (some believe this to be an abnormal development of the Abslut's right ear).
Despite its appearance, this `scythe' is actually very soft to the touch, particularly whenever Abslut is neither tense nor angry; when she does become so, the `scythe' lights up with a dark light and becomes dangerously strong and sharp, though an Abslut will not use this to actually harm her instigator. Because of this, the Abslut's way if hearing is similar to that of a Hooter's, as with having one ear point upward, and one point downward, thish supposedly helps an Abslut to hear the exact location any sound is coming from.
Interesting, although the Darling Disaster Pokégirls are a Dark-type, which are notorious for being moody loners, Absluts are very gentle-natured Pokégirls, be they Domestic or Feral, that go out of their way to warn people of up-coming disasters by appearing before them. When they are not warning people in nearby cities or being part of a Tamer's Harem, most Absluts will spend their time up in mountainous areas, or lack there of, they will go to where the altitude is highest.
Absluts today are popular as pets in earthquake-prone areas like the Eastern Islands of the Edo League, and the Sunshine League's Magma Islands because they'll warn their owners of when one is coming. In addition an Abslut's cry easily resembles a warning siren. Unfortunately, over the course of the past three-hundred years, people have developed a misunderstood view of the Pokégirl; they pertain a superstitious belief towards Absluts, pointing towards them having a cause-and-effect relationship with disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or Widow attacks, which attributes to the species' "bad luck" image. However, concerning the people who have come to understand the Pokégirl, Absluts are quite popular as pets and as a Pokégirl for a Tamer's Harem in areas prone to natural disasters since they can warn their owners of large-scale danger. This makes the Abslut a significantly valuable Pokégirl for any Tamer to have when facing the many dangers in the wilds of the world.
When it comes to fighting, an Abslut is all about prevention. The Future Sight is a technique that allows the Pokégirl to have her Tamer and Harem avoid the oncoming battle should it clearly be too dangerous. Prevention is even something Feral Absluts follow, which makes them a rare find in the wilds when a disaster isn't occurring. And if a battle should take place, the Future Sight technique, mixed with use of Double Team, makes the Abslut a difficult Pokégirl to actually afflict damage upon, while she bites down with Crunch, before turning to techniques which would now attain a more powerful punch.
However, one should be warned about the reason an Abslut is all about preventing herself from being placed in a PokéBattle if she can help it. While Absluts have quite a bit of strength to their attacks, their defense rating is terribly poor. Their bodies are noticeably weaker than a lot of other Pokégirls, and damage really adds up on them, especially if a Fighting-type technique should hit. Also, if an Abslut encounters faster Pokégirls like Cheetit or Chocoboob, she could easily become confused. Combine a strong attack with poor defense, and an Abslut will end up inflicting a great deal of damage upon herself, possibly even take herself out during battle.
When it comes to Taming an Abslut, there's nothing more she likes better than having her small `scythe' played with. Nipping, licking, or kissing the growth will make an Abslut wet between the legs incredibly fast. Top this off with playing with her soft white breasts and dark-nipples, and you'll have a Pokégirl begging for a long, harsh Taming session. There seems to be no favored position, as long as their Tamer has access to their `scythe'. Interestingly enough, Absluts are a favored Pokégirl for female Tamer, as that Scythe becomes particularly useful for fun between the sheets.
Currently, there have been no occurrences of a girl Thresholding into an Abslut. However, if it were to occur, it would most likely be in the Edo League or Sunshine League, where the species has proven quite popular.
· Future Sight - (EFT) A Psychic-based technique that allows the Abslut to briefly view into future events anywhere from a mere twenty-second to a full five minutes into the future. The clarity of the vision depends on the state of the Abslut. One at rest could get the full use from the technique, while during battle and duress, one could only tap into the technique for only a minimal amount of time. back to the master index
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AMEDEUS, the Rain Goddess Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish
Role: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy
Libido: Average (High Seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Grass, Electric
Attacks: Water Spear, Rain, Water Floor, Watery Tentacles Seize/Molestation/Penetration, Harden, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Armored skin, Multiple limbs, Instinctive Mineral Location (within 75 feet)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Many criminal organizations use a wide array of Pokégirls. But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. The Amedeus.
An Amedeus stands 6’7” tall on average, with plump C-Cup to D-Cup breasts. Their skin is a stony gray with a dark cream color on their bellies and chests. Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers. Their hair and eyes come in a wide variety of colors, but green and red respectively appear to be the most common. They have a tail that’s about twice the length of their body and ends in a three-point flipper they use while swimming. Their arms are notably longer than those of humans are, and their hands end in three long fingers, one of which being an opposable thumb.
The Amedeus are considered some of the best high-speed swimmers known, their preference being for swimming in extremely deep water. They use their longer normal arms and the four mini-flippers on their waist to propel and steer themselves while under water, their long tail serving as a major propulsion system and steering aide.
During the Revenge War, Amedeus aided other powerful water-types in dealing with divers and submersibles in combat. Also they often used their unusual ability to detect different minerals to find the materials to make armor and weaponry.
In a harem an Amedeus is best suited as a sparring partner, scout, and taming aide. While they’re very capable of combat their specialty is as a supporting role. Though those who obtain a destructive streak are sometimes used by Pirates for combat on the High Seas, where this breed truly shines on the battlefield.
Normally an Amedeus is rather childish and playful in nature. While their feral state is comparatively mild to most Pokégirls. Those who've seen an Amedeus that's feral compare it to seeing a scared child that’s far stronger than it expected. The Amedeus still retains its high-seas combat ability and overall infrastructure support role to this day as it had in the Revenge War. As such it’s rather common to learn that someone with an Amedeus is either a Tradesman who does Deep Sea mining, or they're someone you might want to avoid.
An Amedeus' Taming habits are as expected. They like it when their Tamer is willing to tame them whole they make use of their favored "Watery Tentacles" attacks to tame the remainder of their harem-sisters.
It's rather rare to find cases of thresholding into an Amedeus, but most of these cases are, as expected, common in the island leagues, Silver Islands, Crescent Star, and Orange Islands.
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ARACHNAE, the Sassy Spider Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human (Tauric Metamorph/Animorph - Black Widow Spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Bug-type Pokégirls, insects, blood, raw meat, but will accept Pokéchow
Role: Pest control
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Web, Tripline, Tackle, Stringshot, Bite, Poison, Quick Attack, Growl, Spice, Poison Mask, Stomp
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Jumping (x5), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Jumping (x9), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Evolves: CLASSIFIED – Widow (extreme pain or Tamer's death) – CLASSIFIED
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Venom Stone)
Sukebe was a lunatic, but he was no fool. He realized his mistake in letting the numbers of Buzzbreasts and Wasps grow too high. Using the Spinnertit species as a base he added the DNA of a black widow spider to create the first of the Arachnae breed. Using their superior jumping skills these Pokégirls were designed for the elimination of excess bug-type Pokégirls.
Spinnertits are small, relatively weak Pokégirls with lung problems. This is why some tamers with Spinnertits want an instant power up, rather than work through these problems. For those with this mindset there is hope. When a Spinnertit comes into contact with a venom stone she will evolve into a powerful Pokégirl, the Arachnae. After evolving a Spinnertit looses her extra pair of breasts and gains a lot of height, with very few individuals reaching less than 6’8” in her bipedal form. Arachnae most commonly have C-cup breasts but larger cup sizes have been noted in larger individuals. Arachnae have two forms, a tauric form used for battle and a near-human bipedal form used for taming. In their tauric form they have the upper body of a beautiful woman and lower bodies that essentially makes them spider-taurs. When in her tauric form, an Arachnae's human half joins with her spider half right under her human-like vagina. Arachnae in their tauric-form have six legs that are thick and very powerful, which are especially good for jumping and kicking. Their lower body and arms in this form are covered in a fine black fur that is very soft to the touch. In their bipedal form they lose any extra limbs but still retain the same soft black fur on their arms and legs. Arachnae, in both forms have a bright-red hourglass symbol on their backs. Arachnae most commonly have silver hair on the top of their heads, but other colors have been observed. Most Arachnae like keeping the hair on their heads short, with very few individuals having hair below shoulder length. The eyes of an Arachnae are red in color and lack a noticeable pupil. Researchers have found that these eyes are actually a solid mass of compound eyes. Arachnae have spinnerets mounted in the back of their mouths, the lower jaw of an Arachnae can split open into a set of terrifying set of mandibles. Normally when these mandibles are closed there is no difference to that of a normal human's chin. Researchers speculate that this is just another aspect of their metamorphic abilities.
Arachnae aren’t afraid of melee combat. Most of the time an Arachnae will start off a fight using their enhanced strength to fight using tackle and stomp. They will usually only use their webs and poison to disable their opponents and finish them off after they have played with them for a bit. During a battle in which an Arachnae faces an overwhelmingly powerful foe they will rely on their jumping ability and agility to dodge any powerful attacks thrown at them. br> Arachnae are very passionate and lustful Pokégirls. When it comes to taming they like to be dominant and on top during taming. In contrast to other spider-types, they do not like bondage very much, unless it involves making a web to stick their Tamer to and tame them. Most Arachnae prefer to tame in their bipedal form, rather than their tauric battle form. This may not be true in all individuals especially feral born Arachnae. The poison sacs of an Arachnae are mounted just under their teeth, so unless a Tamer has a Poison-type affinity or Blood Gift, letting her give oral sex is not recommended. However, allowing an Arachnae to give head is a sign of trust and will guarantee a loyal, loving spider Pokégirl. Arachnae are generally aloof and sarcastic to those they don’t know. Once they are friendly with someone, either a Tamer or Harem-mate, they become more playful and affectionate, although the sarcasm doesn’t go away. They do, however, become extremely loyal. Like the others of their line they still have problems with Tarantellas and their evolutions, but are unafraid to tell them where they can stick it.
Feral Arachnae are very aggressive and territorial even against other Pokégirls. Tamers interested in capturing a feral Arachnae are advised to have a strong fire or flying type. Arachnae are a relatively uncommon Threshold result. However, if there is heavy spider-type Pokégirl ancestry in the subject’s bloodline, it becomes more likely that they will turn into an Arachnae.
A horrible discovery was made about this otherwise innocent Pokégirl, one that could put the breed in terrible danger if it ever became public knowledge. Sukebe made a grave miscalculation on the amount of black widow DNA he used in creating this species. This mistake left a trigger open for the worst possible Pokégirl of all time. The first evolution to Widow occurred in 100 A.S., when a foolhardy but heroic Tamer named Reaper was killed in action while defending a village from a horde of Buzzbreasts. This is when his delta-bonded Arachnae, in a fit of rage and despair, mutated into the most terrifying sight ever seen on this planet. The sheer psychological agony of her failure to protect the Tamer that she loved triggered her evolution into a Widow. Her resultant rampage slaughtered not only the entire Buzzbreast hive, the Buzzqueen included, but also the village itself. Only the last survivor of the village, a PLC Tamer and his Harem, consisting of a Samurai, an Amachamp, and a Dragoness, were able to stop the Widow’s rampage. And even then the victory wasn’t without cost, all four sustaining severe injuries in the process.
Widows have not just Hyper Venom, but a variety of poisons and venoms running through their bodies. The Amachamp was stung by one of the more rarely used venoms, and started to mutate into a Widow herself. The Samurai put her out of her misery before the change could be completed, and the PLC Tamer submitted his findings to his superiors, data which was researched through studying various Widow encounters and confirmed in recent years.
This information must be protected at all costs. The truth of the Widow’s pre-evolutionary form must be kept from general knowledge. I hate to say this, but we may have to adopt Sanctuary tactics in terms of protecting the information. Arachnae are an innocent breed, and if this information ever became public knowledge, then not even the McMahons or the Jahannas could stop men like Giovanni from mounting an Extinction Agenda against them. Be prepared to do the worst.
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AZHI DAHAKA, the Stoneworker Dragon Pokégirl
Type:Not Very Near Human
Element: Dragon/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-like with mineral supplementation
Role: Combat Engineer, Earth Mover
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ice, Flying
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Slash, Cut, Scratch, Dragon Torture, Harden, Rock Throw, Unmoveable, Dynawave, Megawave, Rock Spike, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Tough skin (x3), Claws, Stone Shaping
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (Diamond Stone)
When a Draco evolves with a Diamond the physical changes are quite substantial. She gains at least a foot in height (none have been shorter than 6ft), a large amount of muscle bulking the Pokégirl out, and at least a full cup size if not more. Her forearms, back and legs become covered in a thick, tough skin allowing her to work smashing stone and anything else in her path without fear of injury, but at the same time, her chest, stomach and face still remain rather soft and silky, and she enjoys gentle stroking through the areas. Her hair still remains the courser-than-human type of the Draco, but tends to be shorter for ease of cleaning, if she doesn’t outright shave it off. Mentally, she becomes a very patient Pokégirl, requiring a great deal to become upset or angry. However, if pushed far enough, the ensuing rage is nearly impossible to assuage.
Despite her great strength, toughness and wide array of attacks, she dislikes combat. Instead she uses her attacks to clear an area and carve out materials for building shelters, bunkers or other buildings quickly, and then using her limited stone shaping power to smooth it out and seal the pieces together to make it stronger, and make changes to help conceal it. What’s interesting is she possesses a decent amount of knowledge concerning construction, allowing her build better and more complex structures if given the necessary materials and tools.
If feral, she’ll usually find a quiet area to build her shelter and spend her time either looking for food, or strengthening/concealing her shelter. A ‘girl who has been feral for a long time tends to have a heavily build, and well concealed shelter requiring a little strategy on the part of a Tamer wanting to catch her. If she can find a Dragon pride to join, she will then help build up the shelters of all the members as well as herself, plus try and conceal the pride as well.
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BLESSED WIDOW, the Holy What was that?! Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (probably Unique)
Diet: true Omnivore, favors human style foods, occasionally requires blood and rocks
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen boogeyman and ultimate cute terror
Libido: Low (High with Tamers who can control them)
Strong Vs: any except Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, Hyperbeam, Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Armor Punch
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, armored skin, enhanced strength (x25), enhanced speed (x4), web spinners, poison sacs, hypnotic attack, ability to bite off and digest almost anything, extra limbs.
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Recommendation if you see one: If she's friendly: Go get a hug you'll always treasure, the memory will warm your heart even in the darkest times; If she's unfriendly: Run the fuck away, dumbass!
Behold a nightmare made cherubic flesh.
Blessed Widows are the most darling, deadly Pokégirls alive. They embody adorable destruction. No one who has encountered one has anything bad to say about them. (Mainly because anyone who thought ill of them was torn to shreds.) Combining physical characteristics of a Bug-type, with Poison attacks, with Ghost talents and the special attacks of a Blessed Pokégirls, the Blessed Widow would make a formidable fighter even without some of her other abilities.
The only known Blessed Widow was found in caves in the Cascade Islands of the Sunshine League. While it is commonly believed that this is not a Widow with the Blessed advantage, but rather a g-spliced or Cocooner-made Pokégirls who closely simulates a Widow's powers in a cute, 8-limbed girl. The problem is, no one really knows WHY she appeared. Her Tamer's theory is that she was an experiment by a deranged Megami and Cocooner. While this seems to explain HOW, he refuses to speculate on WHY.
The Blessed Widow is truly odd to behold. She has a pair of arms growing from each shoulder, and a pair of legs from each hip. The second limb is outboard of the `normal` one. Her expression is waif-like with soulful eyes practically designed to melt even the hardest hearts. Her skin is reinforced to ignore immense damage from nearly every type of attack.
Her fangs are small, almost invisible unless you are actively looking. She has four arms and four legs, all ending in normal, five-fingered hands or five-toed feet. On her back is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the white skin of the Blessed Widow. Her legs are long and strong, and she can stand on two, three or four.
Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, Blessed Widow is a perfectly innocent, though extremely powerful breed of Pokégirls. While possessing a Widow's formidable arsenal of attacks, lacking only the lethal HyperVenom, they add the Heavenly Fire and Lightning typical of the Blessed types. They also possess a Hyperbeam for a long-range punch. Blessed Widow are fierce, deadly fighters, however they consider violence a necessary evil, at best. They are more willing to fight to defend others, especially their Harem-sisters and Tamer. They will avoid harming innocents, but attacker will be dealt with swiftly. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them are the dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can hurt them, and domination attacks, although if the Blessed Widow is made too pitiful, the dominating Pokégirl may suffer attacks from observers. Combat against a Blessed Widow is to be avoided at all costs, negotiation is preferred.
Her Feral state is unknown at this time, although is expected to be very mild, similar to a Ingenue's.
Seriously, either get your hug or run away. No matter how tough you are, how vicious and hard-boiled your girls are, a Blessed Widow is just too loveable or too lethal.
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BOOBFIN, the Cetacean Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human (Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish
Role: Marine Recon, Marine Warfare, Sabotage
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Plant
Attacks: Agility, Slick Stroke, Water Tentacles, Whirlpool, Water Sword, Water Sword Mk. II, Water Punch, Ultrasonic Blast*, Concussive Shot*,
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 In the Water), Enhanced Agility (x2 In the Water), Enhanced Strength (x2), Echolocation, Enhanced Lung Capacity, Super-efficient respiratory system, Metamorphic capabilities
Evolves: Orcunt (normal), Sharptit (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Magicunt (Normal); Sharptit (Royal Curse)
The Boobfins were the special forces of the marine component of Sukebe’s army. Their quick speed in the water, intelligence and abilities made them the Navy SEALS of the pokegirl army and a nightmare for the various Pre-Sukebe navies. Not only were their infiltration and close quarters skills excellent, but pods of Boobfins up to 20 in size were extremely efficient in finding and sinking enemy submarines.
The Boobfin stands anywhere between 6-6’5’’ and around 125-140 pounds. They have a very feminine face, short light blue hair hair. Their skin is a dark grey, with a slightly lighter grey on the stomachs, and they have a cup size ranging from B-C cup, with rare cases of a D-Cup. They have a dorsal fin protruding from their backs, a long muscular fluke that extends past their legs, and two smaller fins that protrude from their forearms. Their faces are human sized, and they can change between a short snout with razor sharp teeth, and regular human lips and nose. Boobfins possess metamorphic qualities that allow them to morph their legs into their tail for greater speed in the water, control the size of their dorsal fin to increase agility and control, and morph their arms into fins.
Unlike other water pokegirls a Boobfin does require oxygen, however because of a very efficient respiratory system that acts as a rebreather and an enlarged lung capacity, a Boobfin can remain submerged for several hours without a need to resurface. These pokegirls prefer sea water to fresh water, however they exist in both, and preferences can change from ‘girl to ‘girl. The Boobfin possess several others physical traits that make them similar to the dolphins of old. Of these traits the most important is the melon, an organ located in the head that allows them to produce both the sonic waves for echolocation,and the beams of ultrasonic waves that are cable of liquefying flesh and battering metal.
Boobfins are superb battlers underwater, using their Ultrasonic Blast and Concussive Shot to great effect. On land their battling skill are more limited, as their tail hampers movement and speed, and without water the power behind their ultrasonic blast is severely reduced, however they make great use of the Water Sword technique, which originates from the fins on their arms.
Boobfins are very playful and fun-loving pokegirls. Boobfins like nothing more than spending time around loved ones, and pulling the occasional harmless prank. In battle, they hate losing, but try to win the quickest and most painless way possible, and for the most part, Boobfins abhor taking lives. In the Revenge War, Boobfins battle groups were well known for saving humans from the ships they sand and keeping them prisoner as opposed to letting them drown with their boats.
The Feral state of a Boobfin is very mild. These pokegirls suffer little if any drop in intelligence, and are even benevolent. Reports indicate the Feral and Wild Boobfin are more than happy to rescue drowning sailors and men lost at sea, which makes this breed popular with seafarers. A Feral Boobfin is a rare thing, however, because Boobfins are truly bisexual and enjoys sex from either gender. For this reason, Boobfins, in the wild, tend to stay in tight-nit packs, called pods. It is not advisable for a Tamer to try to covertly steal a Boobfin from one of these pods, but instead confront the pod and ask to battle for one. The same loyalty that Boobfins have to their pods will carry over in to the harem dynamics, resulting in a very reliable pokegirl. Critics of the Boobfin say that she makes a terrible Alpha because she is too playful and does not possess sufficient gravitas, nevertheless many Tamers call the Boobfin a both beloved and vital part of their harems.
A Boobfin has very high threshold for pleasure, and is very hard to get off alone. In the wild, Taming sessions in pods of Boobfins usually devolves into giant orgies, and in a harem, this is the preferred method of Taming a Boobfin. Despite this, a Boobfin likes to give just as much as she gets, and is a very unselfish girl in the sack. Boobfins prefer to tame in the water, just below the surface, because they find that their tails get in the way on land.
Despite being combat pokegirls, Boobfins are also quite capable in Sex Battles. Their echolocative abilities stimulate erogenous zones when used at close range, and combined with Slick Stroke, and their Watery Tentacles technique make them quite decent. Combine this with their high threshold for pleasure, and the Boobfin can be quite the fiend on the Sex Battlefield.
Thresholding into a Boobfin is common with Boobfin and water pokegirl ancestry. The process starts off slow, with an attraction to a body of water, slow change in skin color, craving for fish, which lasts about 5 days, then a sudden transformation over the next two days, with the entire process lasting a week.
Ultrasonic Blast - (ATK 95 (190 underwater)) The Boobfin focuses an ultrasonic blast of sound against an enemy that can cause severe damage, and has been known to liquefy flesh. The Boobfin is capable of teaching this attack to the Baleena.
Concussive Blast - (ATK 70) The Boobfin focuses a compressed ball of air that damages the target. BE WARNED while submerged this attack could drain the Boobfin of her air supply, and cause her to drown.
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CANDY CATGIRL, the "Minty Fresh" Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but greatly prefers sweet things
Role: Pastry chefs, candy makers, bakers assistants, sugar farmers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Tackle, Mystic Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Fruit Juice, Wood Tower, Lance, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Instinctive cooking ability, Increased Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2), Increased capacity for violence
Evolves: Sweet Pussy (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Evolves From: Sugar Kitten (Normal)
In terms of appearance, Candy Catgirls change only slightly. Their hair, eyes, and fur can become a greater variety of colors, including blue, green, indigo, and violet, and they become a few inches taller. They gain a cup-size from their previous forms, and their features become slightly more animalistic.
Candy Catgirls still have a need for high amounts of sugar in their diets, however their tastebuds have developed more, allowing them to enjoy a greater variety of foods (although they still love sweet things more than anything else). Because of this, most Candy Catgirls tend to gain a liking for minty flavors in addition to sweet ones. No real reason for this is assumed aside from some psychosomatic need. This changes their scent slightly as well, as Candy Catgirls gain a slight minty scent in addition to their already sweet one. Their cum retains its sweet flavor, although now it also has a slight taste of mint to it as well.
Candy Catgirls, in terms of abilities, are stronger all around than their previous forms. Their magical ability has been increased, although their limits are still fairly low, making them unable to cast spells. They can manifest larger portions of food, as well as greater varieties of it, have greater energy manipulation powers, and manifest a greater variety of food-based weaponry. The food weapons are more durable in this form, although it still doesn’t take much to break them, and the risk of infection from injuries is still there.
What’s very strange is their sudden change from Normal-type to Plant-type. This has given them access to two new attacks, however in keeping with the theme of their powers and the line in general, they are slightly different. Candy Catgirls can use Wood Tower and Lance, although in this instance they produce sugar cane instead of the usual result of using the attack. Some Candy Catgirls, because of their abilities, have gained an interest in farming to help cultivate their sugar cane abilities.
Candy Catgirls become more confident than their previous forms, and are better suited to battling than Sugar Kittens. Their improved food weapons, plus new sugar cane abilities, make them better for use in combat. Some Candy Catgirls have been seen using thick sugar canes as bo staves in practice sessions. Despite their improved combat abilities, there are still better choices for a fighting Pokégirl.
High amounts of sugar and now mint can affect their libido in the same way as their previous forms. They love to stuff themselves on sweets either before or after a good Taming, and as before they become placid and very relaxed after an especially good taming. They become more amorous even without sugar than their previous forms, and become more likely to try and start an orgy amongst her Tamer and harem sisters.
Feral Candy Catgirls are generally more vicious than Sugar Kittens, and more likely to attack Tamers in their path. They retain their pack mentality, although they don’t completely loose their magical abilities when feral. Feral Candy Catgirl prides also sometimes barter with Trollop packs to get sweets, trading food for Taming. This has led some to believe that they the ones most likely responsible for the rare groups of feralborn Trollops who survive beyond their normal obscenely short lifespan.
Like Sugar Kittens, Candy Catgirls have the strange genetic quirk that makes the taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to endure. It’s recommended that you either keep Candy Catgirls out of their Pokéballs, or even better, trade it in at a Pokécenter for a Premier Ball.
Like their previous form, Candy Catgirls can learn the tongue-based sex attacks. Candy Catgirls are a somewhat rare Threshold, but they do occur from time to time.
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
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CLONETWO, the Defective Clone Pokégirl
Type: Varies from Not Very Near Human to Inhumanoid
Element: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Role: Freakish aberration, Zombabe fighter, Other uses being researched
Libido: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Strong Vs: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Weak Vs: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Attacks: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Enhancements: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from, Stronger and more durable than original Pokégirl (original stats +5), Lower Feral state, immune to zombification
Disadvantages: Lower intelligence, sterile, deformed
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The science of cloning has been banned, regarded as Forbiddentech. However this has not prevent some from continuing to attempt it. But because the science of cloning Pokégirls is still very much in its infancy, nothing that could reasonably be called a success has been made. The ability to clone at all has only recently been rediscovered, and so far it seems that only Pokégirls can be cloned. However the ability to make clones has yet been perfected. As such, the results have always been something… rather imperfect. Namely, the Clonetwo breed of Pokégirl.
Clonetwos are the result of attempts to clone Pokégirls that have gone wrong. Sadly, so far all known attempts have gone horribly wrong. The process became unstable along the way, resulting in creatures that have only a partial similarity to the creature they were cloned from. They have the abilities and attacks, as well as some physical similarities. However while they are also physically stronger and more durable than their original form and have a reduced Feral state than their original, they are also a lot less intelligent, are always sterile and incapable of reproduction, and usually quite deformed in some way. They look similar to the creature they were cloned from, to be sure, but because of the glitched process, their bodies look unfinished, as if it hasn’t pulled itself together entirely. Deformities can range from something as simple as half the face being twisted and misshapen to over half the body being malformed and twisted. This has led most Clonetwos to be crippled in some way, either through misshapen limbs or distorted internal organs. To beings that find beauty in bilateral symmetry, a Clonetwo is quite hideous.
Worse still however is the Clonetwo’s mind. Depending on what parts of the process malfunctioned, a Clonetwo’s mentality can range from anywhere to having some of the original’s memories, to total amnesia, to out-and-out dementia. Some of the more lucid realize what they’ve become and try to end their own lives, or seek out the Jusenkyo Spell Dump to hopefully get themselves ‘cursed’ to become a fully-formed Pokégirl.
It’s impossible to classify a generality between how Clonetwos will react in a fight, since each one is radically different. Some are meek and try to avoid combat, while others are raging berserkers, fighting with their incredible strength and enhanced durability to great effect. Note that Clonetwos are a separate breed of Pokégirl, like the Zombabe (an unfortunate comparison to be sure, but the only one that fits), not a template, and as such cannot evolve to a higher form.
One would think that there wouldn’t be that many Clonetwos. However raids of Limbec Pirate labs a few years after Mao Shin Mao’s attacks revealed that they had been creating them en-masse to try and have an army of their own. All of these escaped into the wild, eventually going Feral and being killed by less disadvantaged Feral Pokégirls. Others (depending on the breed of Clonetwo) have flourished, surviving in the wild for years.
The taming habits of Clonetwos have been unknown for years, as most who are found are too freakish-looking for the average Tamer to voluntarily Tame them. Also, the vast majority of Clonetwo are usually in great pain from their deformities, and are mercifully put out of their misery. Those Clonetwo that do get taming usually force themselves on people, leaving a trail of emotionally scarred victims in their wake.
Strangely enough, it has been shown as possible for Clonetwos to be not only Tamed and kept in a harem, but to lead a relatively peaceful and happy life. The most famous case of this was a Clonetwo Tigress kept in the Harem of Capital League Combat Tamer Bruce ‘Brother Love’ Prichard. Brother Love, who’s fame started when he survived a Hyperdoll long enough for her to become a Redeemer, helped the Clonetwo, who was crippled in one leg and arm due to her deformities, become not only a champion fighter, but also (via adoption) a capable mother. While Brother Love is famous for having Pokégirls that started out with less-than-happy lives (such as a Penance he rescued, a Milotit he raised from a Feeblass, a Mechdoll, and so forth…), other Tamers not as well-known have also taken Clonetwos into their harems, helping them lead happy lives. One Tamer even went so far as to adopt a baby for his Clonetwo to raise, taking the precaution of getting a nurse-trained Milktit to help her be a good mother. (While sterile, Clonetwos can lactate if stimulated with Milktit milk.) The child has since gone on to become a successful Tamer in the Crimson League.
Clonetwos are still a conundrum. Pokégirls will not recognize them as anything other than Clonetwos, leading to the unfavorable comparison with Zombabes. However it is much more possible to tame and live with a Clonetwo than a Zombabe. And interestingly enough, Clonetwos have a complete and total immunity to zombification. In one recorded incident, a Clonetwo of an Amachamp was seen slaughtering dozens of Zombabes, showing several visible bite marks but no signs of succumbing to the Zombabe virus. After the infestation was contained, the Clonetwo died of blood loss instead of the disease, and didn’t wake up as a Zombabe afterwards.
Due to the nature of how they are formed and the fact that they are sterile, it is impossible for anyone to Threshold into a Clonetwo. Creation of Clonetwos is discouraged by law in most leagues, and is a prosecutable offense.
Clonetwo Subject Breed:

Known Enhancements Specific to Subject:

Known Disadvantages Specific to Subject:

Description of Individual Defects (Internal and External):

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COCKATRIX, (aka COCKATRYST) the Evil Chicken Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Light mineral intake
Role: Nighttime livestock guardian, Fine Mineral Filtration, Urban Myth
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Dark Bomb, Harden, Quake, Stone Kick, Dark Kick, Headbutt
Enhancements: Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced vision and hearing (x3), Enhanced speed (x3), Night Vision, Mineral Eggs
Weaknesses: Not immune to her own gaze attack or the gaze attacks of others, sometimes uses her gaze attack when under stress.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chicken Little (Moon Stone)
Legends from the first century after the great war tell of an evil beast capable of freezing helpless victims in their tracks, one that lurked deep in caves and would only come out to devour little children that stayed up too late. This of course was waved off as myths and legends until one tamer brought in a strange looking Pokégirl in for identification in 137 AS. According to the tamer's story, he discovered the Pokégirl by surprise in a cavern while searching for ground and rock types. The Pokégirl had been drinking from a pool of water, and when a light shone upon her, she started and froze, staying unmoving until the tamer Pokéballed her. Research continued into breeding this oddity, until in 168 AS when the first captured Cockatrix birthed a Chickenlittle Pokékit. Stunned, research began to discover any possible evolutions that were overlooked in the Chickenlittle, though it didn't take long for one of the Chickenlittle test subjects to be exposed to a Moon Stone and evolve.
This was a stunning introduction into the Cockatrix breed, this odd mixture of avian and reptile held the ability to freeze her opponents in their tracks with a single look. Physically, a Cockatrix looks close to her unevolved form, though there are several major differences. Cockatrix have large, red combs that grow from the top of their heads. This comb parts their feather 'hair' neatly in the middle and ends at the crown, but the lobe of the comb often grows further back, making the comb look much like a Mohawk. This comb is made of hard stone, unlike the fleshy comb of pre-Sukube cockerels, and using her harden ability she can make the points quite dangerous considering the breed can use the Headbutt attack. The feathers atop the Cockatrix's head are a bit longer, and usually a different color than the sparse coat of feathers running down her back to end at her tail.
Instead of feathery bird-like wings, Cockatrix have wings more akin to bat Pokégirls, supported by two elongated digits. This leaves the bird/lizard Pokégirl a thumb and two fingers on each arm to manipulate objects, unlike her unevolved form. The lower half of the Pokégirl’s body is an odd mixture of lizard and bird, a long lizardlike tail sprouting from her back. This long, somewhat prehensile tale is tipped on the end with large feathers, giving the Pokégirl the ability to control her short flights. Her legs are much like a Chickenlittles, human until the knee, then becoming scaly and digitgrade, ending in three large toes with a single reverse toe. Unlike a Chickenlittle, these scales are often more reptilian in nature, and colored similarly to the Cockatrix's tail. This Pokégirl also gains an impressive bust for her slight stature, a full C cup. Oddly, Cockatrixs have no body hair, and no feathers replace where the hair around her snatch should be.
Cockatrixs may have earned the moniker 'the evil chicken Pokégirl' though this is more due to the myths surrounding them than it is their actual attitude. Tamed Cockatrix are more mischievous than dangerous, typically playing good natured pranks on any who will fall for them. However, their sense of humor is somewhat off, and sometimes their puns are groan worthy. They share somewhat of a 'fangirl' relationship with the Trixie line and Cheshires, much to the other Pokegirl's embarrassment. Cockatrixs are easily amused however, and tend to laugh at most things (though a rare few laugh inappropriately). Given their awful puns at times, the Jokette breed actively hunt down Cockatrix when they can, and the poor Cockatrix usually don't stand a chance unless backed by a very powerful harem. Other than their bad jokes and pranks, Cockatrixs are friendly and sociable Pokégirls, if somewhat immature.
In battle, Cockatrixs are usually enthusiastic but somewhat erratic, as stress and surprise often causes them to use their Petrification Gaze attack unintentionally, which makes them a liability in grand melee or team style battles. The breed often use awful puns to help keep their stress levels low, and rely on their physical attacks to help defeat their opponents. Occasionally, they'll riddle the area with Dark Bombs, followed with a pun dealing with bombardment. Most tamers can break their Cockatrixs of this habit, and train their Pokégirls into formidable fighters. One thing to note as well, is that if a Cockatrix is sharing a harem with a Gorgon, they are able to learn the Stone Gaze attack. This should be at the tamer's own peril, as Cockatrixs are still prone to using either gaze attack unintentionally under stress. There are two oddities to the breed, though one has proven to be a blessing to some thresholders.
When a threshold Chickenlittle evolves into a Cockatrix, their previous memories return as well as their intelligence. Some girls who realize they're undergoing threshold into Chickenlittles tend to try to get a hold of a Moonstone in order to reclaim what little of their humanity they have left upon their threshold. As threshold directly into a Cockatrix is very rare, and Moon Stones are usually in high demand, some threshold girls are doomed to the mental oblivion that is a Chickenlittle.
Cockatrixs are also known to eat some minerals, such as dirt and various rocks, in order to help them use their hardening ability. The excess minerals, however, are processed and somehow purified in her system and produced as small mineral eggs. These eggs are the size of Pre-Sukuebe chicken eggs, and usually made up of quartz than any other mineral. However, researchers and miners have experimented by feeding Cockatrixs mining dross, which has been proven to produce on rare occasions, eggs of gold, silver, emerald, or other precious minerals. This only happens once enough of a certain mineral is taken in to excess however, as most of the minerals that a Cockatrix eats are used to help keep her skeleton strong as well as for her to use her harden ability. One miner recorded that keeping his Cockatrix on a supplemental diet of excess from his gold mine produced a gold egg every three months, though research has shown that this is closer to six months even under optimum circumstances.
Feral Cockatrix are rarely seen, as tactics from the Pokégirl are to freeze foes with her petrification gaze before fleeing. They are known to attack lone rodent types, however, and sending one in to lure out this odd breed is a good tactic to capture them. When not hungry, rarely feral Cockatrix are known to scare those that wander into their caves, though this can be dangerous, as often the scare involves freezing their victim and looking menacing. This leaves those frozen prone to attacks from other cave dwelling ferals.
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CUNTDOR, The Desert Queen Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Animorph (Condor)
Element: Flying/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (Hot Deserts) Very Rare (everywhere else)
Diet: Carnivore, Carrion
Role: Desert Savior, corpse disposal
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Squall, Dive, Mach Breaker, Feather Shuriken, Wing Attack, Mouth to Mouth*, Glorious Sun, Fury Swipes, Smirk, Stomp, Taunt
Enhancements: Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2) Disease & Poison resistance, High heat resistance, Specialized Digestion system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
She isn’t called the Queen of the desert because she is incredibly powerful, nor does she somehow command the very earth to obey her, no it is because eventually everything in her domain will fall beneath her claws. Whether it is through the blazing heat or complete lack of food and water, few can out-survive in her desert.
Cuntdors are massive Pokégirls, standing 7 feet at their shortest, and near 10 feet at the maximum, though they appear shorter than they really are because they are almost always hunched over. This poor posture is deceptive, as their muscle structure is altered slightly to increase her strength significantly. Based of the Condors of the pre-Sukebe era, the Cuntdors will not be winning any beauty pageants any time soon. Their feathers are either black or a dirty brown, and usually cover her wings, tail and back on domestics, though every part of her body is covered in it from the neck down in feralborne individuals. With wings for arms, she luckily shares a similar trait with some of the more 'advanced' bird type Pokégirls. Her thumb and four fingers of her hand are present, but the structure and function of the last digit (pinky finger) is to support the wing. This avian has one of the largest wing spans of bird Pokégirls, at near 40 feet from wing tip to wing tip. Her feet end in sharp talons and her legs are reverse jointed like most other birds.
Her face is where most people get turned off. Not particularly ugly, but she has a very sharp, pointed face. From her neck up, her skin a very leathery red color and she is completely bald. And she almost never smiles. She is constantly glaring or glowering at something or another. If you can get one to crack a smile, either you are funny as hell or one great lover. Her breasts are an D to F cup, but they appear mostly proportionate to her large frame. Inside her breasts are specialized glands that process nutrients from her body, and they will grow or shrink slowly with use.
Her role in the desert is two fold. She can be found flying high in the sky, sometimes for days on end without stopping, in search of food. Her primary food is dead or dying Pokégirls. She will follow a wounded Pokégirl for as long as she needs until they die from exposure and she can feast. However, they do need to eat, and will hunt down Pokégirls if hungry enough. If a tamer is looking for an easy catch in the desert, all they have to do is find the circling Cuntdors. Her other role is something opposed to this little fact. Cuntdors were actually created to save dying tamers found in the desert.
No one really knows why Sukebe created the Cuntdor. Some theorize that even if the Pokégirls had won the war, males would be a precious commodity and they didn’t want any of them to die needlessly in the harsh climates of the deserts. Others assume that these Pokégirls were originally created to assist in Desert maneuvers and retrieve sensitive materials or rescue Pokégirl commanders. Either way, the term “Circling Cuntdors” is actually an expression of relief and happiness, since it means that they will be soon saved. Upon finding a human lost and dying in her domain, she will swoop down to help them, even if she is feral (which leans credentials to those researchers who side with the first theory). She then proceeds to use her Mouth to Mouth attack on them to return the necessary nutrients. This unique technique is actually process from whatever she has eaten and digested, then turned into a nutrient rich paste that she stores in her breasts. People try to ignore this little fact when feeding from her since it tastes rather good. Though some Tamers will continue to ask for a feeding should she become part of their harem, though most often, her diet is switched to meats like fish and Kattle. After rescuing a human, she will then shelter the weakened human beneath her large body for as long as they need, feeding and caring for them until they are better. Then she will set them on her back and fly them to civilization, but not before getting a taming as payment. Being such a strong flyer, she barely feels their weight.
In harems, Cuntdors get along with most Pokégirls, as long as they are left alone. She is the definition of stoic, staying quiet for hours on end, with her one expression of disdain on her face. One she does speak, it is usually a biting remark that both insults and helps whoever it is directed towards. Towards her tamer, she is a bit of curiosity. Her glaring and glowering might lesson a little bit when speaking to them, but usually it looks like she smells something rotten. She seems to like walking behind them constantly them, towering over even the tallest humans. Most people would find this rather unnerving, but the tamers find it rather comforting, especially since she is usually the one that had saved their lives. When she wants taming, she usually just walks up behind them and encases them both in her large wings. She will then sits and spread her legs as to give them access to her. Due to how thick her feather are, it is possible for a Cuntdor and her tamer to tame in the middle of crowded room and no one would notice until her wings open and the smell of sex wafts by.
It wouldn’t be hard to believe to hear that Cuntdors are powerful fighters. Just through seer size, she can easily overpower smaller opponents. Her Taunt and Smirk attacks are particularly powerful, doing twice as much as others. When fighting, she will use her massive wing span to buffet her opponents with powerful winds. Should she be fighting in her natural desert environment, this will cause large sandstorms to kick up, blinding her opponent. It should be noted that it is unwise to try to forcibly confront a Cuntdor in her natural habitat. She will use hit and run tactics to slowly chip away at her attackers and let the harsh climate take their toll on them. Using Mach Breaker, Dive, and Stomp in tandem are often deadly maneuvers. It is wiser to fake exhaustion and let her come to you and bond with her through a taming. She is not afraid to get face to face with her attackers either. Her legs are powerful and her claws razor sharp. One particularly nasty tactic is she will knock over a Pokégirl, then stomp them to the ground. When the Pokégirl is moaning in pain, she will use her Fury Swipes attack to rake her opponent.
Mouth to Mouth - (SPEC ATK): Unique to the Cuntdor. This technique is used to feed dying tamers and bring them back to health. Using nutrients processed from her bloodstream, she creates a very nutritious paste like solution from the glands in her breasts. This gland system is connected to tubes ending in the pokegirl's mouth. Despite how disgusting it looks outwardly, it taste rather good and a person could live off it indefinitely. It has very slight healing properties to help with the sunburns, but it won't be mending any broken bones.
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DOE, the Dear...um...Deer Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Metamorph)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (Mountain/Forest Leagues), Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Mobile scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Shapeshifting,
Evolves: Donna (normal)
Evolves From: None
The Doe, in human form, will typically stand between 5' and 5'10". They have thin brown hair covering their entire bodies, with a strip of white over their bellies. Their brown Hair, which appears to be Waist length, is actually a mane of shoulder length hair that grows over their spinal cord. Their ears remain deer-like and their feet tend to resemble hooves. In animal form, they become very Centaurian in nature. From mid-torso down, they become like the deer of old, with a second set of legs and a tail appearing. Fron the chest up however, the only change is their face elongating into a muzzle. The animal form is also significantly shorter than their human form, their heads rarely rising more than 4 feet off the ground.
In the years following the war, they were nearly hunted to extinction for food. The Forest League and the Mountain League were the only ones to generally leave them alone, because they didn't eat that kind of meat, and didn't have many people respectively.
The Doe is a very gentle Pokégirl, treating her Tamer and Harem sisters as if they were her own ken. While they do not make good Alphas, they are well respected by nearly any harem sister because they make great sounding boards, patiently listening to any woe or complaint, and quick to provide words of comfort and encouragement.
As selfless as they seem, they also do have one selfish personality trait, in that they see themselves as very beautiful, and like to show off. The greatest compliment one can give a Doe is to compliment her fur.
In battle, the Doe is pretty weak overall, but has very few natural strengths or weaknesses. Plant types are instinctually afraid of the Doe (in battle) because the Doe will look at them as little more than food. Contrawise, the Doe has a genetic flaw where they freeze up when they see a bright light, so flashy magic attacks will almost always hit unguarded. This flaw also makes it easy to catch a feral Doe, as all one has to do is shine a light in their eyes and they're as good as caught.
Does prefer to stay in their animal form, for it's ease of movement, and will insist on staying outside of their Pokéball when their tamer is traveling, so they can gallop alongside. While the Doe IS capable of carrying a human, they find it very uncomfortable, so generally don't.
They will willingly participate in any form of taming, however one will rarely find them in a bondage situation because for some reason, any dominating type that tries it feels like they are doing something generally wrong, and loose interest. The Doe will always retain her human form when taming.
Feral Doe show an interesting quirk that researchers aren’t sure how to explain yet. Feralborn Doe will always retain their animal form, while Domesticated or Threshold girls will retain their human form. Regardless of form though, all feral Doe in an area will instinctually gather as a herd and travel around together.
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ELECTABUST, the Sparking Fangirl Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph - Feline
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare (Indigo & Crimson League), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: High Protein, Electricity
Role: Never Say Die Fangirl, Lighting Rod
Libido: Average (High when Team is Winning)
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Yell, Cheer On, Megaphone, Thunder (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Electrical Energy Draining Capabilities
Disadvantages: Faulty Electrical Energy Storage
Evolves: Elecurvire (Partial Bonding with Video Girl+Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: Eleklit (normal)
The Evolution of Eleklit into Electabust is indeed a startling Evolution for the Electric-type Pokégirl. It is a normal attribute of the Eleklit to produce her own electricity, however, this is not an enhancement that stays with the Pokégirl through her life. Eventually, the capability to create her own energy is lost, the arm rotation method no longer producing anything for her. Worse still, the Eleklit no longer naturally gains any electrical energy on her own, which is what serves as the trigger for her to finally evolve to the next stage.
When an Eleklit turns into an Electabust, the changes are incredible. She becomes more of a feline animorph now, standing around 5' to 5'4", with her breasts expanding upward to anywhere from a solid B-Cup to a Modest C-cup. Before where she had smooth skin, she is now covered with yellow fur that has black stripes that wrap around her body in no particular manner, giving her a wild look. She gains a tail now, which is normally 2/3 the length of her entire height, the stripes incredibly wild like the rest of her fur. While her arms remain muscular, the muscles of her legs grow enhance as well, and her feet change from having toes to a set of two claws on each foot. However, these later changes detract from her speed rather than enhance it.
Now looking much like a Tigress and lacking her own capabilities to naturally generate ANY electricity, despite being an Electric-type Pokégirl, the Electabust, should she try to continue the path of the warrior she had been on will take extreme measures to keep herself energized. During thunderstorms, an Electabusts will climb to the highest location possible, in hopes that it will be struck by lightning. As a result, some towns employ a few Electabust in lieu of lightning rods. Some Electabusts even choose to supplement their diet with Thunder Stones. They don't evolve from the Evolution Stone under normal circumstances, and the Thunder Stone can last for numerous weeks before its drained of its power.
Unfortunately, a number of Feral Electabusts will go to further ways to feed, and that can cause problems for the human populace. A number of Ferals will lurk around power plants, feeding off the electricity generated there. This behavior is dangerous to the public, as occasionally blackouts are caused by a few Electabust overindulging themselves at a power plant's generators. Ferals in the wilds also tend to stalk other Electric-type Pokégirls to suck the power from them. This is why the Feral Electabust population are generally viewed as electric vampires.
It should be noted that due to this unique diet and loss of naturally occurring electrical capabilities, an Electabust's body is constantly discharging the stored electricity. The loss of power has gotten to the point that an Electabust glows whitish-blue light in darkness and the effects of static-electricity manifest around her, (which means Tamer should keep their Pokédexes covered in clothing or a backpack when one is around). Truly, even though she can give herself the power she once had before, her fighting capabilities will never be the same as they once were. However, many Electabusts don't allow this to keep them from being part of the fighting scene they once loved and adored. They still show their support with enthusiasm and loyalty.
As one can understand, the Electabust is something of a cheerleading role when coming to harem dynamics in all aspects. While Electabusts that had just gotten some electrical charges can fight with the best of Electric-types the power isn't used efficiently, since Eleklits never had to worry about running out of power they never learned to husband their electrical resources, (Electric attacks take 2 to 5 PP to use once). The portion of the Electabust breed that remained Domestic understands this and will instead fall into the role of cheerleader with gusto, cheering on their Harem-sisters, the appearance of favorite Pokégirls, favorite Wreckball Teams, celebrities, even certain formats of entertainment like television shows or music. (Mineko and the Pussycats is HUGE with them.) Often they'll dress in team colors, wave banners, and all but shout out to the world how much they love those they are loyal to.
When it comes to Taming, that cheering definitely is geared towards the Tamer fucking them. Electabust, are great at talking dirty and gladly give pep-talks to their partner as they come. Often, their words and screams of pleasure act as a driving force behind how well their Tamers keep them Tamed. Although in the beginning it's a mix of trial and error once they start off with a Tamer, but once they are intimate with each other, an Electabust just seems to know what to say and do to get her Tamer ready to do her just the way she likes. It is wise course of action not to tell an Electabust that she is going to be Tamed when in public area. The Electabust will jump to her feet and make a show as she gives an encouraging and filthy cheer to her Tamer in thanks, and that can be most embarrassing in certain situations.
Surprisingly, while there have been no recorded cases of Threshold into Eleklits, there have been a few cases where the girl in question Thresholded into an Electabust. Electabust do make up a minimal percentage of Ferals that are caught, Tamed, and Bred, and it seems that their genetics are strong enough to breed true.
Cheer On - (EFT) The Pokégirl enthusiastically cheers her comrades on, increasing their attack ratings and helping them recover 15 HP.
Megaphone - (EFT) The Pokégirl takes out a megaphone enthusiastically cheers her comrades on with a booming voice, increasing their special attack and special defense ratings and recover 1 PP to a random attack for the target.
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ELEKLIT, the Electric Otaku Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Johto Leagues), Rare (Indigo League)
Diet: fruits, vegetables, dairy products
Role: Fangirl, Frontline Fighter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Fire Punch (Lv. 25), Ice Punch (Lv. 25), Dynamic Punch (Lv. 30)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Instant Electricity Generation, Electrical Energy Conversion
Evolves: Electabust (normal)
Evolves From: None
Back when this Pokégirl first appeared in 262 AS, the whole event had made quite a stir in the scientific community, and still does to this day. The Eleklit had not been a Pokégirl to appear in the wild and originated as a Feral species, but the very first was actually BORN of a set of parents; a retired Tamer and his domesticated Tigress. Such a revelation that the creation of new Pokégirl species wasn't just limited to Cocooner, but could actually come from the human populace was a shock that rocked the world at the time. Especially since this was a timeframe when humanity was just finally recovering from Mao's Rebellion half a decade previous.
When more Eleklits started being born the following years, it had been a cause of panic until rational minds pulled through. It was determined that this was not a cause for alarm, or the end of humanity as we knew it, (again) but was determined to be a small genetic quirk. With a little research, it was shown that ALL of the sets of parents that had an Eleklit Pokékit had a similar theme going on with their family tree. There had to be a solid base of feline-type Pokégirl ancestry and the men also had to have some touch of Electric-type, be it either a Blood Gift or Curse: men the Blood Gift Electric Affinity proved notorious for Eleklit Offspring. Once such had been understood, the human populace started to calm once more, and eventually came to accept that there was a new Pokégirl species that came from THEM!
While an Eleklit could never be mistaken for a human, there are physical features that make her a truly unique creature. Standing around 4'3" to 4'8", an Eleklit's skin is a complete yellow with minimal amounts of black stripes along her back and arms, (often the stripes are a hint to Tigress heritage) with a black thunderbolt sigil on her chest between her A-Cup breasts. She also has a pair of horns on her head that firmly resemble the prong of an electronics device that would be plugged into an electrical outlet. The space between these horns often sparks with a bluish-white electrical charge when an Eleklit is storing energy. However, these horns accidentally discharge her stored electricity if they come into contact with metal.
The Eleklit is an incredibly interesting Electric-type Pokégirl in that unlike others of her elemental-type that store their electrical powers through natural and slow processes, the Eleklit isn't hindered by such limitations. The Eleklit can rapidly create her own storage of electricity thanks to her arms. Her limbs are considerably muscular compared to the rest of her body, and for good reason: they are electricity generators! When an Eleklit rotates her arms back and forth in a circular motion, the muscles generate electricity of the Eleklit, which the body then stores for later attack, or conversion.
Conversion is quite possibly the bread-and-butter of the Eleklit’s techniques and battle pattern. Not only can an Eleklit continuously generate her own Electrical powers, (halving PP use for her Electric techniques) the Eleklit has an internal conversion system that allows her to change the ambient energy she creates and gathers. She is able to use minor capabilities of fire and ice, which further extends the versatility of an Eleklit's battle capabilities, allowing her to hurt other species of Pokégirls that would otherwise be considered ‘Strong’ against her, like Plant-types.
An oddity about the Eleklit which becomes the defining aspect of her species and her evolutions is that she becomes something of an otaku. As soon as she sees something that gets her interest, some good manga, a cheesy B-Movie and popular Wreckball Team, or a more impressive Pokégirl, the Eleklit becomes a huge fan of it. Often, Eleklits that have similar interests to that of a FarFuck'D in the same harem often become fast friends, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and love of a certain aspect. However, the Eleklit is not as head-over-heels on a subject as a FarFuck'D is, but they do come close when it comes to certain Electric, Ice, Fire, or Fighting-type Pokégirls.
While Eleklits are normally a Pokékit species for the most part like the Pia or Vulvixx, there are a number of Eleklits that didn't evolve to the next stage as soon as they became Pokégirls. Taming an Eleklit is a shocking experience, however, not one where a Tamer can find themselves overwhelmed. An Eleklit, while rather energetic once they get going, and a rather submissive pokégirl and will follow her Tamer's lead. They species as a whole, however, has proven pretty capable at giving head. It is advised that a Tamer does NOT touch either of the prong-like horns on their heads during Taming. Trust us. It's going to instantly ruin the mood.
There has yet to be a case of a girl becoming an Eleklit through Threshold. However, Eleklits as a whole remain a Domestic Pokégirl species, be they born under certain criteria, or from Electabust or Elecurvire Pokéwoman mothers.
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FEEBLASS, the Wretchedly Unattractive Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human (Mermaid)
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Rare (Tentative frequency rating as actual numbers of the breed are unknown, Capital League Only so far)
Diet: Kelp, other water plants, scraps from the bottom of the river/pond/lake/etc.
Role: Bottom Feeder. Beyond that, the entire breed seems completely useless.
Libido: Extremely Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Tackle, Flail
Enhancements: None
Evolves: Milotit (Becoming Pretty)
Evolves From: None
Feeblass are only a very recent discovery, due to the fact that they are nearly impossible to find. The first person to actually catch one did so in a river in the Capital League (since then, only a few have been caught in that same river, and never yet in the same place twice), and was appalled when he first got a good look at what he'd captured.
Feeblass are mermaid type Pokégirls about the size and shape of a Magicunt, but similarities end there. Feeblass are scrawny, skinny, their blue fins are tattered, their flat mousy brown hair is matted, oily, and a tangled mess, and their skin coloration is a distinctly sickly yellowish brown, their eyes are sunken with hollow expressions. Their teeth are discolored and uneven, and their fingernails are rough, warped, and possibly ingrown. Any way you look at it, a Feeblass is extremely unattractive.
In addition to being naturally unattractive, a Feeblass seems to have a natural, and massive, inferiority complex. Or rather, she is aware of how unattractive she is, and it depresses her greatly. She tends to be hostile to attempts to clean or pretty her up, and will lash out weakly at her tamer, until she is worn out (which can happen quickly), then she just sits listlessly and permits her tamer or harem sisters to just do whatever.
A Feeblass will only eat as little as possible, which leaves them habitually undernourished, unless repeatedly, or forcibly, coaxed into a more healthy eating style.
They are highly inactive in a harem, and practically, or even actually, have to be forced into any kind of exercise regimen.
Finally, a Feeblass is actually resistant to taming. Not because they don't desire it, but because they think their tamer is taking pity on them, and they can't stand being pitied. It is quite the challenge to get a Feeblass to accept a taming. Even when a tamer does manage to get a Feeblass to accept being tamed, she will usually just lie there listlessly, not participating at all. This is something that Feeblass tamers have described as a highly depressing experience.
Should a Feeblass return to a feral state, something which can occur with alarming rapidity should her tamer become frustrated or angry with her, she will immediately retreat to the nearest body of water as fast as possible (which is surprisingly fast) and hide herself. In this, they become effectively impossible to find again.
As depressing as all this is, it is actually quite possible to turn a Feeblass into an attractive and somewhat pleasant Pokégirl. This takes extreme amounts of time and effort, and results are very slow in coming. The current record for beautifying a Feeblass is held by a highly skilled member of Kujaku Ranch who managed this feat before anyone else after a period of only seven months. The only other tamer to accomplish this so far took two and a half years.
Perhaps even more frustrating than beautifying a Feeblass is the final step of convincing her that she is attractive. The best way to do this involves presenting her to others so that she can get positive reactions that aren’t her tamer’s or harem sisters’, which she believes to be attempts to humor her.
For those who actually manage to pull off the feat of beautifying a Feeblass, the rewards are incredible.
Whether or not it is possible to threshold into a Feeblass is uncertain, since any threshold Feeblasses would likely flee to a nearby body of water as quickly as possible to hide themselves and their highly unattractive form. Though this would account for a number of missing person reports filed for girls who were of threshold age, but then again so would thresholding into a number of other Pokégirl breeds.
(Researcher’s Note: Feeblass could technically be found in almost any body of water. However, since they tend to spend their time at the very bottom, and move around frequently, the Pokégirl fisherman would need a rod for the appropriate depth and a lot of friggin’ luck.)
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GROTITLE, the Sexy Snapper Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Metamorph - Turtle
Element: Plant/Ice
Frequency: Common (Capital, Ruby, Scarlet Leagues), Uncommon (Other Leagues)
Diet: photosynthesis, water
Role: combat, soil regeneration
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Wood Tower, Icicles, Bite, Crunch, Glare, Absorb, Regenerate, Synthesis, Heat Drain, Mist, Wave of Ice, Withdraw
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Toughness (x4), Strong Jaws, Solar Rejuvenation, Cold Resistance, Water Absorption, Limited Morphing Capabilities (Head)
Evolves: Titundra (Normal)
Evolves From: Turtwat (Normal)
Much rarer during the War of Revenge than their pre-evolved form of Turtwat, Grotitles were still a force to be reckoned with. Slow moving but tough, these Pokégirls would trudge through enemy lines, often being used as a diversion to soak up enemy fire and release numerous waves of Razor Leaves and Icicles while other species with less resistant hides would sneak in via another route and take their targets by surprise. This didn’t mean they weren’t used on the offensive as their powerful jaws could tear through the steel plating of the numerous types of tanks that were employed by the forces of humanity. Truly, they were Sukebe’s most forward if simplistic anti-tank weapon. A breed of pokégirl that could match the technological war machine of the old era in not only toughness and overall speed but be hell of a lot more effective as well.
Unlike the Turtwats of today, Grotitles are just as likely to be found in a Tamer’s Harem as they would be on farming plantations and other agricultural endeavors. A bit slower than their pre-evolved forms, Grotitles are more far more adept at battling. Their superior toughness and even their enhanced strength give them an edge to stay in the heat of battle longer than they could have as simple Turtwats. They also have access to a few more techniques, a number of which allow the pokégirl to not only inflict greater damage, (even finally gaining one offense Ice-type technique) but to gather energy quickly and regenerate any damage received during conflict. These latter techniques in turn, are a boon to farmers and Tradesmen that continue to use Grotitles that had evolved from the Turtwats in their care. Their annual crop yield can increase considerably, especially when they have an Elf Queen guiding the Grotitle in using her soil regenerative abilities; the Plant/Ice-type allowing her to withstand colder climates easier when she rides on the turtle-pokégirl’s shell. It should be noted that Tradesmen whom work Capital League’s logging industry swear by the Grotitle as the perfect pokégirl for their line of work; able to raise trees in a harsh environment, knock them over when ready and then able to carry them over to the sawmills.
Upon evolution, the changes into a Grotitle are quite drastic compared to their former appearance as a Turtwat. As expected, they not only gain over two feet or more in height, putting them at a good six feet tall while hair lengthens and their bust increases considerably, filling out go a modest C-Cup from the very small, almost flat stature of their former A-Cups but there is much more. The pokégirl’s face while still very near human now has limited ability to morph to that of a more beaked and hairless appearance, very similar to that of a snapping turtle. The shell possessed by Turtwat has also grown to protect Grotitle’s entire backside while her head sprout has migrated to the back of her shell and grown into a pair of fully healthy bushes with leaves that are a crystalline blue in pallor. It should be noted that their shells are not only strengthened by adding soil but by having the pair of bushes growing, they keep the dirt compact and give the shell added resistance to breaking, the bushed gaining water from any ice that melts within the shell itself. This process forms a true symbiotic relationship between nature and the pokégirl.
A Grotitle can really shine within the thick of PokéBattle. Yes, they are slow and cumbersome in movement but they are outright tanks. Their thick shells can take hit after hit, absorbing the energy from the point of impact and spreading it throughout the rest of the shell, minimizing the amount of damage that actually afflicts the Plant/Ice-type pokégirl, with her regenerative techniques keeping her natural armor together. Wood Tower is the favored move as the turtle pokégirl uses it to keep the target stationary, allowing her to catch up and use her powerful jaws to afflict damage; those that evade Wood Tower will find themselves under volley after volley of Icicles or Razor Leaves. Often, if their opponent is using a weapon or wearing armor, the Grotitle will use her jaws to damage if not break the other pokégirl’s advantageous implements. The technique Crunch can be very devastating to whoever is on the receiving end.Grotitles, like their pre-evolved form of Turtwat, take very well to a Harem setting. They are very peaceful pokégirls and get along with many other types, even ignoring the deficits in personality of many an ill-mattered breeds, (how one can ignore the antics of a Dark Lady is beyond this researcher as even stoned Toca aren’t that laid back!) They still get along best with pokégirls of the Squirrtitty line but they also appreciate those of the Titodile breed as well, although the later evolutions are more concerned with eating than they are supplying water to a harem sister. Elf Queens take an absolute shining to the Grotitles and often ride the larger pokégirl’s back; the bushes of the larger pokégirl protecting them from the frost elements of more wintry environments. Elf Queens and Whoretortles are suggested when pairing up a Grotitle with another pokégirl for tag-team PokéBattle matches as those pokégirls work incredibly well with one another. An interesting note is that they start to lose any hesitation around Fire-type pokégirls the might have had as a Turtwat.
Taming a Grotitle is opposite to what it had been with a Turtwat. Whereas before they had preferred to be on their back during Taming, they now demand that they get to lie on their abdomens during sex. While they can still safely lie on their backs, the breed as a whole is worried about damaging the bushes growing on their shell while they are in the midst of coitus as such is very movement oriented. As before, the shell, (in this case the front) seems to meld with the earth in the midst of Taming, allowing the Grotitle to rejuvenate the environment she’s Taming in while getting it from her owner. It suggested that if one has their pokégirl giving them fellatio before that they should not even consider using the girl’s morphed form’s head! Their new ‘beak’ isn’t suitable for such and their even stronger jaws could cause the kind of damage that could end a Tamer’s career for good.
Feral Grotitles like nothing more than to roll around in dirt and mud as not only does such an act keep them close to the earth but this allows the naturally-occurring minerals to seep in and make their shells even harder, giving them better protection. Besides this need a symbiotic relationship with soil, the Feral Plant/Ice-type pokégirl needs major quantities of water and are noted for living alongside bodies of water within densely forested areas. During the daytime, they leave the denser parts of the forest to let the bushes on their shells take in sunlight.
Very slow and gentle, Feral Grotitles only battle when forced, and in battle they will fight until only one is standing be it themselves of the perceived threat. Like their pre-evolved form of Turtwat, tossing a PokéBall at them often doesn’t trigger an attack/defense response from a Feral Grotitle, however it's suggested one use a Great Ball or better as Feral Grotitles tend to be more than powerful enough to break free from a standard PokéBall's capture mechanism.Threshold into a Grotitle is a very rare occurrence throughout the Leagues in general, with all documented cases thus far being in the Crescent League. This is hypothesized to be due to the number of Turtwat and Grotitle pokégirls throughout the League making both Common pokégirl breeds in the area compared to their overall rarity in the rest of the world. A girl going through Threshold and becoming a Grotitle faces similar circumstances that one faces when Thresholding into a Turtwat with the exception of a longer development time due to advanced physiology of a Grotitle over that of a Turtwat. A relatively painless Threshold as lethargy sets in to the point where it numbs even throughout until photosynthesis can successfully kick in.
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GUNVALKYRIE, the Gunnermech Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, can consume any organic material
Role: Anti-infantry, anti-aircraft, anti-vehicle
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ice, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks (all forms): Kick, Tackle, Takedown, Pummel, Wrestle, Concentration, Bitch Slap, Knuckle Sandwich
Attacks (armored): Air Recover, Vice Grip, Slash, Parry, Deflect, Iron Defense, *Called Shot, *Burst, *Overkill
Enhancements: Enhanced strength (x4), Enhanced stamina
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Guntit (E-Stone Ceremony)
Uncommon during the Revenge War, GunValkyrie have become very rare for a variety of reasons but primarily because the leagues deliberately let their numbers dwindle while they debated whether or not to let the breed completely die out due to its inherent danger. While most Pokégirls can cause a great deal of damage in an urban setting, the GunValkyrie is unrivaled in the amount of destruction she can deal out in a very short period of time.
As a group, GunValkyrie show some of the least variety found in the Pokégirl world. If one were to stand several of them in a line, it would be hard for even their owners to tell them apart. Most Tamers deal with this by painting or tattooing identifying markings on them that the GunValkyrie refer to as a unit flash.
GunValkyrie stand six feet and three inches tall and in their unarmored mode are a dull, matte gray in color. Their hair is long and black, with individual strands being a quarter inch in diameter. Their eyes are black and empty, and staring directly into them can cause dizziness if one isn’t used to it. They are curvy Pokégirls, with wide hips and a high, proud bust that is almost always a C cup. They have no body hair and while not cold like an ice type can be, they do not radiate heat and are always at ambient temperature. In winter, this can make taming problematic without an external heat source.
In their armored form, they cover themselves from head to toe in a heavy armor that slows their movement but is otherwise nonrestrictive. This armor uses an active camouflage system that allows them to slowly take on the color of their surroundings. While not as effective as true invisibility or fade, it allows them to be very difficult to see at any distance. This armor is also radar absorbent, contributing to the difficulty in locating a GunValkyrie who does not wish to be found. Please note that this active camouflage system cannot be turned off and even operates if the GunValkyrie is knocked unconscious.
GunValkyrie have excellent normal vision and incredible long ranged vision, allowing them to calculate ranges to within an eighth of an inch for anything they can see. Their hair acts as a passive sensor net that can pick up radar and other electronic emissions out to a range of one mile and can even triangulate on communication devices such as radios and Pokédexes being used for scanning. This function is available not matter what the length of her hair, but most GunValkyrie prefer to keep it long, claiming it improves reception and sensitivity. All these allow a GunValkyrie to first find her target and then to destroy it with almost unerring accuracy.
A GunValkyrie normally needs to eat once a week. Extra feedings will be required if she’s been damaged or been in a very hard battle. She can consume any organic material without harm and will process it to fuel her powerplant. If damaged, they have a tendency to eat minerals and processed metals to speed their repairs and it’s cautioned not to leave knives or other valuables where she can get to them at these times. Some GunValkyrie have developed a tendency to snack and these need to be watched at all times. It won’t harm them, but could cost a Tamer the buckles on his backpack or tent pegs. One even ate her Tamer’s Pokédex.
GunValkyrie are calm and collected even under the worst stresses, and only seem to show real emotion when being tamed by Tamer who’s owned her for a while or when engaged in her hobby. All GunValkyrie have hobbies and each varies widely by the individual. Some engage in games of chance while others have favorite videos or computer games. They have an irresistible compulsion to indulge in this hobby at least once a week and Tamer’s must take this into account when a GunValkyrie is in his or her harem. If they cannot, they become surly and sometimes disobedient.
GunValkyrie are crack shots with all firearms or energy weapons and will often carry one as a backup to her internal weapon array or for use while unarmored. This deadly accuracy crosses over into their internal weapons array.
They have a self contained anti-gravity system that allows them to lift off and hover at any distance up to thirty feet. Typically they use it to clear line of sight to attack targets, but it can also be used to avoid floor techniques. They cannot fly, and are at the mercy of the wind or any flying pokegirls while hovering.
In their armored form they have four weapon systems available for use, but only one can be active at any time except when using the overkill technique. A pair of tribarrels can extend or retract from the arms. They rest parallel to and long the length of the arm, these fire bolts of plasma energy in single shots or bursts. Their rate of fire and damage increases as the Pokégirl becomes more experienced and powerful. Their second weapon is a sniper rifle that rotates out of the right arm and fires single shots of an invisible x-ray laser. It has a charge time of thirty seconds between shots. The third weapon system is a pair of heavy mortars that fires a heavy plasma “bomb” out to a range of half a mile. This bomb has a blast radius of twenty feet and is the GunValkyrie’s only indirect fire weapon. More experienced GunValkyrie can fire this weapon almost as fast as her tribarrels. Her final weapon is a density enhanced mono-molecular dagger that she can extrude from each of her palms for self defense. It’s capable of cutting steel and is nearly unbreakable.
GunValkyrie have an internal mass converter in place of her stomach that generates power for her systems. She can operated for roughly forty five minutes of sustained combat before needing to rest and refuel, a process that takes six hours. During that time she’s relatively helpless.
Feral GunValkyrie tend to use their tribarrels exclusively and have poor targeting capabilities. Still, capturing one can be a very hazardous endeavor. Feral GunValkyrie often have bounties for their removal.
• Called Shot – (Steel, ATK) This technique allows a Pokégirl equipped with a weapon to strike a specific target, increasing the chances of a critical hit and allowing the Pokégirl to do things like cut ropes or smash light bulbs with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. This technique is applicable to melee or ranged weapons.
• Burst – (Steel, ATK) This technique allows a Pokégirl equipped with a weapon capable of rapid fire to hit her target with every round fired that attack, causing maximum damage.
• Overkill – (Steel, ATK 290) This technique is exclusive to the GunValkyrie. She hovers just off the ground and extends her tribarrels and mortars. Spinning, she discharges her powerplant’s entire supply in five minutes. This attack cannot be aimed and devastates everything around the GunValkyrie for a quarter mile. Feral GunValkyrie cannot use this attack and she must be given a specific order to unleash it. Once started, she cannot stop until her power reserves are empty. Afterwards she must rest for a full twenty four hours and eat five times her normal amount of food. This technique is forbidden in most leagues for use at any time.
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GYNADOSE, the Sea Serpent Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human Metamorph - Inhumanoid Animorph (Sea Serpent)
Element: Dragon/Water
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Fish, Water Pokégirls
Role: Battleships, feral terrors.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Water, Fire, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Twister, Dragonbreath
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Speed (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Magicunt (Battle Stress + Severe Injury)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 600,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 650,000 SLC & free medical care until you can tame your Gynadose without injury (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 90,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Run, and keep out of the water!
Gynadose were, during the Revenge War, designed to spearhead Sukebe's aquatic campaigns. As such, much like Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, they are powerful battle platforms, capable of doing enormous damage on their own, particularly against aquatic targets; although not aquakinetics, their prowess in the water is terrifying. As such, after the war, not a great deal of the breed were captured or tamed, a fact that has led to a fairly large population of ferals, particularly in temperate regions of the sea. This is, as one might expect, very unfortunate for humanity; few things are more detrimental to sea traffic than a feral Gynadose. They do, however, help to keep the populations of other Water-types at reasonable levels.
Physically, Gynadose, like the Sphinx, are metamorphs. Their normal form is roughly human in appearance, but covered in a protective layer of fine scales that feel only slightly rougher than normal skin to the touch, although some feralborns' have been known to be more coarse. The color of these scales varies greatly between specimens; although blue and blue-green are the most common, flashier colors aren't uncommon; crimson and violet are both seen relatively oft, and some collectors have been known to seek out the rarer colorations, such as black or silver. Beyond these scales, Gynadose are set apart from humans by slightly clawed feet, horns of various types (which are often a different color than the rest of the body), a more toned physique, and, in some cases, a long, almost prehensile ridged tail. Although no reason has yet been found for this last, it is almost unheard of for a non-feralborn Gynadose to possess it, whilst feralborns themselves almost invariably do. On average, specimens' height ranged between six and eight feet, with a C-cup.
The breed's battle form, on the other hand, is a rare example of a Pokégirl who becomes almost completely inhuman. When metamorphosing into this form, a Gynadose's body seems to fuse together, her arms melding into her sides as her legs fuse, then begin to extend. Her horns generally grow out further as her face becomes draconic in nature, losing almost all vestiges of humanity. When the transformation is complete, the Pokégirl resembles nothing so much as a true sea-serpent; a sinuous, well-scaled body stretches between fifteen and thirty feet long, its color carrying over from her first form. The thickness of this serpentine body is generally between two and four feet, and perhaps the only human feature it retains is, toward the tail-end, the vaginal opening, which is considered a blessing, considering that ferals have difficulty form-shifting. Said opening can be found on the underside of a metamorphed Gynadose, which is easiest to identify as opposite the side with ridged protrusions running along it. All in all, a Gynadose's battle form is quite impressive.
Considering their rarity and ability, one might expect the breed to be a "hot item," then. But, although they certainly have their fans, Gynadose are generally disliked for multiple reasons. The primary reason is that, like many types, Gynadose are... unpleasant, temperamental, and very much not a field day to manage; in the words of one tamer, "She got pissed at the drop of a hat. Any hat. ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!" Whilst this is obviously hyperbole, it does get the point across quite well; barring extenuating circumstances, it takes very little effort to anger a Gynadose and much of it to calm her, and considering the breed's powers, they are quite dangerous when angry. They also tend to have a problem respecting anyone weaker than themselves, which has led to some comparisons to the Nidogg breed and to complications within harems, wherein a Gynadose will almost always attempt to take the alpha spot, regardless of her skills at leadership. However, the existence of a powerful alpha exist within the harem prior to her entry can somewhat help with this problem, as Gynadose usually respect a stronger power.
Other reasons for their unpopularity include that they're prone to destroying property in anger, and, more recently, the suspicion that the breed might be the pre-evolutionary form of Leviathaness; the discovery of said breed marked a huge drop in Gynadose popularity. However, more recent studies have shown that this is unlikely, primarily because Leviathanesses seem to be the only natural predators of Gynadose (barring Sharptits, whose relationship in the wild can be described as more of a rivalry, as both breeds are dangerous and powerful). Ironically enough, even during the height of these allegations, the staunchest supporters of the breed remained the shipping industry; although ferals terrorized said industry, many of those who ply it have come to depend on Gynadose to protect them from Gynadose. This reasoning has also been employed by some coastal towns, especially after an incident early in the history of the Amethyst League, where a tamed Gynadose successfully defended the city of Sardinia from a rampaging monster believed to have been a Giantess.
With that said, as one might imagine, Gynadose fight very well in the water, but are not particularly great outside of it, primarily because their battle forms are not suited to non-aquatic conditions, and many of their more powerful water attacks depend on the battle form's ability to move water physically. As such, in their more human forms, Gynadose are limited to their draconic abilities for the most part, as well as to far less strength and durability. However, there are some advantages to this form, primarily that it allows for clearer thinking (although Gynadose in either form aren't know for their strategic minds) than the more animalistic combat body, it can move on land, and it requires vastly less energy expenditure. The latter, in fact, is the greatest limitation of the combat form; because of its sheer size, it burns a great deal more energy when used and can quickly expire unless a significant source of food, usually other water Pokégirls, is available. As far as actual tactics go, Gynadose generally prefer to strike quickly and pound an enemy with brute force, be it that of her tail or that of a Hyper Beam. This approach is naturally not the best for sex-battles, though.
As for taming in general, Gynadose usually prefer to dominate, especially if her lover is someone she doesn't respect, a fact that has led more than one frustrated tamer to throw up his metaphorical hands and Level 5 his Gynadose. However, beyond that, few strong preferences have emerged save for an unfortunate few who would rather tame in their battle forms. As stated above, such taming is certainly possible... but very difficult; considering the strength inherent to said form, heavy restraints are generally required, as is much open space. Thus, it is well for tamers who capture a feral Gynadose in this form that such expenses are covered as part of the capture bounty. Also, it is important to note that the libidos of feralborn Gynadose spike to extreme for around a week in the fall, usually during the month of October, but domestics' and thresholders' normally do not.
Feral Gynadose, as previously stated, are terrifying creatures to happen upon, particularly on the open sea; they tend to be as temperamental as their tame sisters, if not more so, and prone to destroying things. Thankfully, though, they still tire easily, particularly those who go feral in their metamorphic state, and their minds aren't particularly sharp. Still, one should take care; it does not require a particularly high intelligence to sink a ship, not to destroy an ill-defended seaside village. Praise be to the Thousand Gods, however; Gynadose thresholds are extraordinarily rare.
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HELLCAT, the Fiendish Feline Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human to Very Near Human (Feline)
Element: Fire/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Carnivore, enjoys burnt meat
Role: Unholy predator, Battlefield clean up, Front line fighter
Libido: Average, Shifts to High following a victory
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark, Celestials
Attacks: Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Rage, Warm Embrace, Fire Kick, Bite, Fury Swipes, Seductive Purr, Purr Vibrations, Lick, Nightmare Syndrome, Lure, Illusion, Sex Attack 1, 2, and 3, Evil Charm, Devour
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell, Sight) (x3), Night Vision, Scent Alteration*, enhanced reflexes (x3), enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x3), enhanced endurance (x3)
Weaknesses: Water deals maximum damage, Need fire to recharge every week.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Youma (Cat E-Medal (Magic/Fire type Youma only) or Cat E-Medal and Fire Stone (All Youma except for Magic/Fire types))
Discovered almost a decade after the discovery of E-medals, the Hellcat is evolved from a Youma. Originally thought to only come from Magic/Fire type Youma when a Cat E-Medal was applied, studies proved that if a Fire Stone and Cat E-Medal were applied simultaneously, then this evolution could come from any Youma type.
Physically, Hellcats can vary as much as their pre-evolved form, ranging in looks from a pure feline Animorph to almost indistinguishable from a regular human. In general, their hair/fur color varies from reds and oranges to solid white, and flows as if it were fire itself. Eye colors lie in the range of normal feline eye colors, greens, yellows, or rarely reds and blues. There has even been one recorded event of a Hellcat who looked remarkably like a white Lioness.
One thing that the Hellcat is good at is cleaning up a battlefield, and reports of Firecats that would eat corpses during the Revenge War are now being looked at again for fear that these were Hellcats. Hellcats generally torch bodies before consuming them, preferring the taste of charred meat above anything else. Even when tamed, they tend to see things in two lights, those that can be played with or those that can be prayed upon. Even when only Alpha bonded, their Tamer falls under the playing category, and she seeks any opportunity to get her ‘mate’ in bed. Oddly enough, they are considered one of the more ‘prudish’ Infernals, and while they may flirt, refuse to perform in public among other things (which vary from Hellcat to Hellcat). One particular Hellcat almost seemed Celestial in her obvious embarrassment of any sexual talk outside of the bedroom.
Regardless of how harmless they seem to those they’ve bonded to, they are considered a danger to those they see as prey. Many humans and Pokégirl alike have been treated to the phrase, “And I shouldn’t eat you why?” It is not recommended for any tamer to have a Hellcat in a harem with any mouse or bird type unless they are far stronger than the Hellcat. Otherwise, documented cases have shown that the Tamer will wake up one day with one less Pokégirl and a well fed Hellcat. It is mainly this philosophy of ‘meat is meat’, in addition to her opinion that good and evil are relative, that put this Pokégirl solidly in the Infernal realm. When asked if they are evil, most Hellcats will state that good and evil are propaganda put fourth by Celestials so they can secretly rule the world. It seems that they not only state this, but truly believe this to be the case, fighting against Celestial backed agendas with the claim that they are ‘freeing the masses’. If innocent people have to die or get in the way, then they accept this so long as the greater good are ‘freed’. They see true freedom as complete Anarchy, and as such will only bother with laws if their Tamer tells them to.
Hellcats, in addition to feeding, have a need to replenish their fire energy weekly with fire. Usually this is done by building a large bonfire that the Infernal steps into and can actually sleep in. It is speculated that because of this need to absorb fire energy, this breed cannot become the Charred template, and this has mostly proven true in research studies. Another quark of a Hellcat is that they will not tolerate any dog types, period. This usually leads to in fighting, and unless the canine type is stronger than the Hellcat, things progress until either the Hellcat is dead or feeds on the canine Pokégirl’s corpse.
Hellcat’s have varying preferences for taming, almost always avoiding public tamings in general, which means that though they have several sex attacks, they it is next to never that they are seen on the Sex battle circuits. Though they have the ghost subtype, they are solid and cannot phase, and despite being a fire type they are not too hot to need taming with salves.
The feral state of a Hellcat is marked by the Pokégirl dropping down to all fours, and many find their way to battle sites to devour the dead and dying. As such, feral Hellcats and Valkyries have something of a contention, since the Valkyries attempt to save what a Hellcat would eat. Otherwise, they only attack if they are hungry, and usually target bird and mouse Pokégirls. They are random, having no territory and no set traveling pattern, seeming to embody the Anarchy they claim when tamed.
• Scent Alteration - (EFT) (Ghost): This technique allows the Pokégirl to alter her scent in a manner that will throw off the senses of even the sharpest Pokégirl nose. It takes an entire 6 hours for the pokegirl to alter her scent, and afterwards this move may be used again, effectively changing the pokegirls scent to anything they have smelled at intervals of 6 hours for each scent change. It is not uncommon for this move to be used to mimic popular perfume brands in domestic girls.
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HORNY TOAD, the Spiked Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Water
Frequency: Rare. Recently found in larger concentration in the Tropics League (Uncommon)
Diet: Poke chow, small insets and certain plants
Role: Marsh Guardians
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Plant, Poison, and Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, and Electric
Enhancements: Slick skin, Elongated Tongue, Enhanced Agility (x6), Powerful legs
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Water Spear, Poison Hand, Sticky Fingers, Double Jump, Double Slap, Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Lick, Tongue-In-Ear, Leap, Slick Stroke, Water Kick
Evolves From: Hottie (Water Stone)
Evolves To: None
Most wild Horny Toads are found near marshlands or large ponds generally unseen, wild Horny Toads are easy to catch just as long as you have lots of antidote on hand and face protection. The real problem in catching them is actually finding them. The fact that they tend to camouflage exceptionally well near their selected surroundings gives them a natural Fade ability. They also gain an uncanny amount of Agility that when combined with their powerful legs making them very maneuverable during a battle.
Horny Toads look similar to its un-evolved form, Hottie; except that its skin is blue and green striped the older they get the darker the skin stripes get. They also have webbed hands and feet but the toes are more apart and slightly longer than her Hottie form. One other note should be mentioned on the difference in a Horny Toad's appearance compared to that of a Hottie's, their backs develop a series of short spikes that grow in three rows up and down their backs. When a Horny Toad becomes extremely distressed, weakened, or unconscious these spikes have been known to expel a repellant/poison as a natural defense. However after the evolution a Horny Toad's tongue becomes a great deal less versatile and she loses her arsenal of tongue attacks. I.e.) Tongue Lash, and Tongue Wrap.
The two attacks that Horny Toads are famous for are their poison spray and sticky spray; both have many uses to both the Pokégirl and the world around them. The attacks can give the girl a slight advantage in close quarters fighting giving any unwary fighting type a very unwelcome and unpleasant surprise. Higher leveled Horny Toads have the uncanny ability to combine these two attacks, which if aimed right could quickly end a battle with even the most well defended Pokégirl. As to the other uses of these attacks; poison spray when mixed with the right chemicals can be used as a painkiller or in some circles used as a hallucinogenic with some minor addictiveness, and their Sticky Spray can be used as an industrial strength adhesive when combined with salt.
The most famous Horny Toad was Tanna; she made a name for herself fighting in the Star Battle where she would use a poison spray/sticky spray blend to finish off her opponents. The goo would normally be applied to the defeated opponent's mouth through a kiss or a projectile attack. The poison would send out noxious vapors that would be inhaled nasally by most opponents due to the fact that the attack sealed off the mouth as a viable place to get air from. After several minutes the goo would dry up and disintegrate re-freeing the breathing pathways. She was unique physically in the fact that she had a set of spike like those generally found on the back of her species growing from her knuckles giving her a poison barbed punch.
The Star Battles are a test of skill for tamers/Pokégirls that have recently shown up in the Tropics League and rapidly gaining popularity. The goal is to get the Starball into the goal bypassing the opponent who's trying to do the same using one's Pokégirls. Three ways to win the "Battle" are to trick the other girls into letting your side score a goal; knocking out the opposing girls; or knocking them out of the ring. The normal battle consists of 4 Tamers with 1 Pokégirl apiece, with one winner. Semi finals and finals have 2 Tamers with 2-4girls a piece depending on the status of their respective Harems, and the position of the battle. Finals can have 4 on 4 Pokégirl action.
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HY-BRA, the Legendary Multi-Headed Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Dragonesque)
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique; Deceased)
Diet: meat (preferably raw)
Role: supreme shielder, supreme elementalist, energy drainer
Libido: Very Low (almost never needs Taming)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: None (Ice)
Attacks: "Omega Drain", rest is unknown (speculated she could do almost any attack except for ones where weapons and ice were involved)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x30), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Scale Hide, Awareness of surroundings
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Hy-bra was, more than likely, the trickiest of all the Legendary Pokégirls created by Sukebe before the War of Revenge began. Hy-bra was literally the wild card of all the Legendaries! She would sometimes help other Legendaries, yet, at other points, she would just ransack cities and kill people for no apparent reason...
Hy-bra was an intimidating sight to behold. Her skin was covered in violet scales, but they were so soft, that they felt like skin... but her skin was still denser than diamonds!  Her arms are incredibly long, almost reaching the ground when she stood up straight, so she was obviously comfortable moving on all fours as she was for moving on her hind legs. A long tail of 8 feet waved behind her, ready to pound on the ground to set her prey off-balance. Her breasts were larger than most of her sister Legendaries, being a whopping FFF-Cup! When standing on her back legs, she stood at 14 feet tall from the bottom of her feet to the base of her necks, and then a total of 21 feet tall with her main head. She had wings that were feathered, but she couldn't fly, perhaps used to strengthen her Wind elemental powers.  She never wore clothing on any occasion.
And, to top it all off, Hy-bra had 13 heads!  Each one had a different look and element.
Dragon = Was presumed to be Hybra's 'main' head since it was like the rest of her body, with the same purple scaling, ruby red lips, violet eyes, and long violet hair that reached down to mid-neck.  (The neck is 6 feet long!)
Psychic = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had a third eye in the middle of its forehead shorter hair, and it had orange scaling.
Fighting = The most 'human'-looking of all Hy-Bra's heads.  Flesh tones on the scaling, and brown hair with green eyes.
Fire = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had red, yellow, and orange scaling, ruby colored eyes, and it's hair stood up and wavy like fire.
Plant = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it's scaling was completely a dark green, yellow eyes, white lips, and the hair looked like vines, and reached down to the base of her neck.
Water = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had gills flowing up it's neck, ears that looked like fish fins, blue scaling, the sclera of the eyes was yellow, and the lips were green.
Electricity = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had a black lightning bolt tattoo flowing up its neck, yellow scaling, ebony eyes, short yellow hair, and a horn in the middle of it's forehead that crackles with electricity.
Ground = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but the scaling wasn't smooth... 
Rock = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but its scaling wasn't smooth, had a gray coloring to it, ebony eyes, and white lips.
Steel = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it was completely armor-plated with a titanium alloy, and its eyes were blue.
Dark = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had white scaling, long black hair, red eyes with black sclera, black lips, and protruding canine-teeth.
Ghost = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it was actually translucent.
Poison = This head was similar to the Dragon Head, but it had darker violet scaling, green eyes, and pale violet lips.
Hy-bra was a wild Pokégirl that was easily susceptible to mood swings, due to having various heads. She would be happy one minute, and then be stark raving mad the next.
Hy-bra was feared by almost everyone...it is even speculated that Sukebe was terrified of her, since he took no actions to try to meddle with her, be it by giving her orders, or sending other Pokégirls to subdue her.
Here 'true' goals were speculated to be that she was after power...for what we do know is that she wanted it so badly that she attacked her sister Legendaries for it! The first 'victim' was Titania the Stone Titan, who she lunged at one day, trying to drain of energy. Titania managed to flip Hy-bra off of her, after the tussle, but the short-lived battle left a crack on Titania's left shoulder that is said to have been there to her final days.
Hy-bra met her grim end through her 'lust' for power...she died at the hands of her fellow Legendaries, shortly after the, (presumed) death of their creator, Sukebe, when the war went horribly for Pokégirls. This was the time that the Ultimate Warship, the "Langoud" was finally completed. When the ship brought down two Legendaries, canny observers knew the war was lost for the Pokégirls...especially Hy-bra. Her lust for power was jeopardized, as she couldn’t take energy from dead matter. Then she heard how three other Legendary Pokégirls, Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits, decided that Atmuff was going too far in standing against the humans, and in her power-induced madness saw this as her chance to take the energy from FOUR Legendaries. 
The time of her death was 2011 AD/9 AS; the three Legendaries confronted Atmuff in what was then southern Africa. For the first and only time, Hy-bra used her wings to fly. Hy-bra first attacked Atmuff, hoping to gain the energy from her. Unfortunately, she was no match for the greatest warrior, and Atmuff managed to cut off her heads.
It is speculated that, if Hy-bra had not interfered, then Atmuff might have won, but being weakened from her tussle with Hy-bra, Atmuff fought sloppily, compared to her usual standards and was, (presumably) killed. Atmuff and Hy-bra were never seen again as their bodies sank into the Atlantic Ocean with the southern part of Africa.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Hy-bra's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe's Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Hy-bra was believed to have no 'weakness', but she was still weak against Ice.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don't have. Here is Hy-bra's array of special attributes:
Regenerative Abilities: Hy-bra's heads can easily be regenerated after being cut off. However, she needs time to do that...time, which she did not have in the battle concerning the three Legendary Birds and Atmuff.
Energy Draining: Hy-bra had a strange power. She could drain energy from any living form of matter...  It is quite possible that this is what she had in place of the need for a "Taming."  She was known to prefer to take energy from her sister Legendary Pokégirls.
Elementalist: Even though her main type was Dragon, Hy-bra could use different elemental attacks of all types, with the exception of Ice.
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KADRU, the Proud Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (snake)
Element: Plant/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat
Role: Farmer, environmentalists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Ground, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Flying, Poison, Bug
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Tail Whip, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Lance, Takedown, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Solarbeam, Lust Bite, Tail Thrust, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Hibernative state, Enhanced Tail Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x4 each), Ice tolerance (Ice attacks do standard damage instead of extra due to elemental typing)
Evolves: Nidhogg (Dusk Stone), Yggdra (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Ulupi (Normal)
When an Ulupi evolves, it is after gaining enough experience and winning enough battles. Upon evolution, tamers will soon find that she is almost twenty feet in length, total, and her vestigial 'wings' have grown by an additional two feet in width as well- fully allowing the Pokégirl to encompass her body and one or two others that she might be close to. However, this total wingspan rarely reaches over 14ft, and cannot sustain any sort of flight- instead, the 'hood-wings', as tamers have come to call them, enable her to glide for short distances for a short period of time. Her skin will grow to a darker shade of whatever color it had been before, and in some cases it has been confirmed that her skin and scales will adopt a brownish color. It is unknown as to why this happens, but it does just seem to be random chance. The Kadru's breasts also increase in size somewhat- by an entire cup size or more, on average. This Pokégirl develops greater speed with her evolution, becoming quicker and more agile, but to the disappointment of some she is still unable to shift into a legged form, unlike her Naga cousins. Tamers are heartened, however, to learn that the cold tolerance that she had as an Ulupi changes into Ice tolerance upon evolution- unlike most Plant and Dragon types, the Kadru is not weak against Ice-techniques or attacks.
A Kadru loves to be out in forests and farms, and can be found commonly when not feral at a farm, digging irrigation ditches with her tail or attacks, as well as helping crops to grow. Although she has no mystical bond or magical strengths like an Elf-type does (even if she does get along well with them), the Kadru fully enjoys working the hard labor-jobs in a field in order to grow things. Even feral, the Kadru are often found tending to some tree or thicket that they believe is their territory, and will even attack others that come near or attempt to anything that she's cultivated. Because a Kadru does prefer to eat meat, however, she does use her territory and the food she cultivates in it as bait for Bunnygirls, Pidgy, and other dumber feral Pokégirls to draw them close, and then she strikes. Using her Wrap attack to coil her tail around the opponent, the Kadru will use her enhanced coil strength to crush her target as quickly as possible so that her prey cannot struggle against her. This is also how she seems to prefer a taming with a male partner- wrapping him up in her coils, to feel his heat against her scales and skin has been documented as a major-turn on- the more of her body touching her tamer, the better. With her greater length, and being wrapped around her tamer, the Kadru prefers to be in the dominant position and likes to do most of the work. In some repressed leagues, they are looked down on because of this (even in Edo, where Dragon-types are normally loved), because doing this gives her a 'greater' positioning than her tamer. Most researchers suggest that the Kadru is this way simply because most tamers have trouble taming her normally- her sex, hidden where it is, coupled with the thrashing of the Pokégirl’s tail can make it nearly impossible to give her a proper taming.
This, of course, makes the Kadru a great sex battler. Using her Wrap attack, the Kadru can immobilize her opponents even if her target might have multiple limbs (Pokégirls like the Ponytaur are a different story, however) like the Mahavi, and using her Tail Thrust (which works much like a Dildoqueen's exclusive Thrust technique), Rapid Stroke, and Long Tongue techniques allow her to 'attack' her victim repeatedly and with surprising effectiveness. The Kadru also gains a technique that the Naga is known for, which is called the Lust Bite- Tamers are warned not to let the Pokégirl use this technique often, for it works much like the rumored Tarantism Venom and an aphrodisiac all rolled into one. For a tamer with multiple High libido Pokégirls, such a Pokégirl becomes very useful... but can also become addicting if used too often. Out of all Kadru tamers polled, almost 45% of them were addicted to the Lust Bite effects and had either gone in for treatment or needed to at the time of one survey that was taken back in 298 AS. In normal battles, the Kadru's increased speed and agility increases her capabilities as well, and gaining additional ranged techniques along with Wrap makes it easier for her to do her job.
The Kadru is much more sure of herself and has a substantially stronger will than her previous evolution had. As such, a Kadru can better withstand a Domina's attempts to dominate her, however, if she was broken as a Ulupi she may still cower to the other's whip. A Kadru is still a poor choice for any leadership positions, unless the tamer is in the Sunshine league or as long as experience and combat skills don't matter so much- there are many other Pokégirls that are more capable within the confines of a combat harem, after all. When in a leadership position, these Pokégirls are constantly looking for support from her fellow harem sisters and their tamer, which often leads to some few historians have called a 'democratic' management. Of course, this is not exactly the best way to run a harem, and most Kadru are only allowed to become a leader within a harem by default. They are normally replaced quickly, but these Pokégirls are still considered to be popular in a harem thanks to their supporting role for tamings. They are also one of the best ways for a male Tamer to keep a Psi-dyke within his harem for any length of time, be it a day or for far longer. Like her previous evolution, and to the annoyance of female tamers (an ironic thing, considering that Naga are the exact opposite), the Kadru is still mostly heterosexual in orientation.
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KHANGASSCUNT (aka BANGASSCUNT), the Delectable Dish Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common
Diet: herbivore
Role: food producer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Tail Slap, Tackle, Fissure
Enhancements: Thick Hide, Toughness, Enhanced Strength (x15)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
KhangAssCunt is a large Pokégirl, usually a few inches over eight feel tall. They are only barely humanoid, with large, heavy claws on their paws and a large muzzle on their faces. They have a husky build, being very wide and large all around, but with most of it being muscle rather than fat. Their breasts are large D-Cups, and are quite firm for their size, not bouncing much. A thick, stubby tail waves behind them, helping to balance them as they move. Their coloration is a deep tan, with lighter shades covering their belly. Due to their large bulk, KhangAssCunts don’t walk on their hind legs so much as trundle, and have no ability to run at all. They have hair only on their head and between their legs.
KhangAssCunts are marsupial in nature, with a pouch on their lower belly. Oddly, young are never kept in these pouches, with young KhangAssCunts not even trying to climb in. Instead, every week, a KhangAssCunt will shed excess bulk into her pouch, naturally filling it with a large, doughy “egg” of cast-off fat. The egg is about the size of a wreckball, and is soft to the touch. These “eggs” of KhangAssCunt bulk are quite delicious when prepared in different ways, and KhangAssCunt “eggs” are one of the world’s primary meat sources, with KhangAssCunt farmers harvesting them weekly to sell. KhangAssCunts only consume vegetation, but they require a large amount of it to make up for the nutrient loss involved in shedding the excessive meat from themselves.
KhangAssCunts are somewhat difficult to Tame, since they like it deep and fast, but their heavy natures making it hard for all but the most endowed of Tamers to satisfy them completely. Also, their incredible strength warrants powerful restraints to make sure they don’t accidentally kill their Tamer in the throws of passion. Luckily, their pussy is large enough that it's easy to fist them to orgasm. Also, as they enjoy taking it anally more than most Pokégirls do, making that another option for a Tamer.
KhangAssCunts are moderately popular with Tamers, but with their Taming needs and their slow natures, as well as their constant meat production, most Tamers pass on having a KhangAssCunt in their Harem. Those who do have a KhangAssCunt usually keep it for the great strength and resistance to damage. KhangAssCunts are hard to hurt by most physical attacks, with only stronger ones getting through their thick hide to actually damage them.
Feral KhangAssCunts are less sedentary than their non-Feral sisters, but aren’t any faster for it. It’s relatively easy for a Tamer’s Pokégirl to hit it with attacks from afar repeatedly, wearing it down over time until it can be captured. Threshold girls who become KhangAssCunts are usually sold to farms for a tidy sum.
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KISSITALCOATL (aka QUETZALCUNTL), the Celestial Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human Metamorph (Winged Snake)
Element: Poison/Flying (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: High preference for meat but can tolerate high protein plants
Role: Advisors, Oracles, Spiritual Leaders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Ghost, Magic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Love Sting, Regeneration Tears, Phoenix Down, Dive, Glorious Sun, Squall, Tempest, Wing Attack, Heaven's Arrow, Life Shield, Angel Wings, Soothing Mist
Enhancements: Honeycombed lightweight bone structure, Limited morphing abilities, Antidote synthesis, Aura of Calm/Fear (can alternate), Heat Sense, Limited Telepathy
Weaknesses: Magic Sink, Unable to use magic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (Angel Stone), Garter (Angel Stone)
Discovered in 222 AS by a Tamer unhappy with her Naga's evolution into an Arbust, the Kissitalcoatl is a surprising addition to the Celestial number. Even more surprising is the later discovery of the same evolution from the Garter –though those evolutions have been shown to call their breed name Quetzalcuntl. While this helps distinguish which Naga evolution this particular Pokégirl evolved from, they have been proven to be one in the same breed, much like the Boobisaur/Bulboustits.
In terms of looks, Kissitalcoatls are in a word, majestic. In their not very near human form, they look much like a more slender, longer version of the Naga with the addition of a pair of colorful wings and a feathered portion on the tip of their whip-like tail. They have more animalistic features in this form and their faces have a prominent snake like muzzle. Their scale and wing patterns vary depending on where they where when they evolved, ranging from a uniform green scaling with red and blue wings to a red, black, and yellow scale pattern with feathers every color of the rainbow. Even their bust tends to vary; sometimes gaining as much as three cup sizes to gaining none at all. Upon transforming into their near human state, their face becomes more human and their scales become smaller, sometimes changing to a flesh tone around their head, front and forearms. Their long tails become a set of legs, giving the Kissitalcoatl a height ranging from 5' to 7'. In this form it is still easy to distinguish them from any other Naga evolutions thanks to the wings that stay prominent on their back, as well as the feather pattern on their lower legs. One more fashion savvy Quetzalcuntl called the feathering 'Colorful Leggings', noting that the feathers start in a pattern just below the knee, flaring out as they end at the ankle.
One of the Kissitalcoatl's most surprising abilities is also their biggest weakness. Officials at Vale have dubbed this new ability the 'Magic Sink,' although, in more general use, it is simply referred to as an 'Anti-Magic Field.' Upon evolving, the Kissitalcoatl looses any magical ability she once had, and actually seems to create a 'dead magic' field around her. Through studies, it has been found that the size of the Magic Sink field is directly related to the strength of the Pokégirl, starting as small as a foot in radius around her lowest level, but reaching up to twenty feet in radius around her at her maximum level. While this may seem like a strong advantage against magic type Pokégirls, and indeed it is, it is also a weakness, since whoever owns a Kissitalcoatl has a hard time keeping any Magic type Pokégirls. Even within her Pokéball, the field is suppressed into one tenth of its size when the Kissitalcoatl is out, thankfully making it less of a menace in general. However, in battle, this ability means that techiques of pure magical origin are entirely ineffectual. However, more than one cocky Kissitalcoat has still been effectively skewered by a hail of magically-summoned by otherwise normal swords, or the equivilent.
Despite their odd anti-magical status, Kissitalcoatls tend to look upon life with the serenity of the more easy going Celestials. They enjoy keeping a live and let live philosophy until they see something overtly evil –then it's on. In battle, they attack with ranged attacks first to soften up the opponent before going in to close combat, or if the opponent is a strong against their flying type, they fall back to using their poison abilities like Love Sting. They only use their Celestial attacks if the opponent is truly evil or their backs are against the wall. They also tend to reveal more than the average Celestial about their connection to the Cosmic Awareness, but usually caution their tamers against anything that will lead to their demise. Notably, they get along better with Gardelfwhors than the more 'straight-laced' Celestials, despite their more demure attitude in bed than the Sexlestial Pokégirl.
To date, there has been no recorded instance of a Threshold case of a Kissitalcoatl, though it is speculated that the thresholder would have to be very moral. No instances of Ferals have been documented either, since most tamers who choose to give up their Kissitalcoatl quickly find that there are many people who are suspicious of magic who are more than willing to take her in.
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KRABBIT, the Seaside Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Shellfish
Role: Undersea Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Bubble, Crabhammer, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Water Barrier
Evolves: Queenler
Evolves From: None
Krabbits, despite what their name, are actually very mild-mannered Pokégirls. They spend most of their time wandering the bottom of the ocean, as deep as their internal pressure resistance allows them anyway. Krabbits are capable of breathing underwater. Most of their bodies are covered with a bright red carapace, which turns white as it reaches her underside. The only parts that are not completely covered are her joints, neck, vagina, and face. Of course, her hands are covered are a pair of crab-like claws which are often used as clubbing weapons.
While Krabbits do spend most of their time underwater, they do periodically come to shore to rest and find a safe spot away from predators. A Tamer can usually set their watches by when a Krabbit comes to land to rest and sleep. That is usually the best time to try and catch one since they would most likely be tired. An odd personality quirk that the Krabbit possess is that if they are upset, they began to excrete bubbles from their mouth rather than growl or make any sort of noise. Of course, they make a clear indicator if the Krabbit is not enjoying a taming or treatment from a Tamer.
Taming a Krabbit is often difficult. Her carapace often makes getting intimate with one difficult since she cannot feel many sensations through it. Fortunately, as a Krabbit becomes more aroused, her carapace starts retracting into her body. Usually she is left with soft reddish-pink skin, which is rather sensitive. Her claws also retract into her wrists to reveal normal hands. A Krabbit's face is also revealed with a full head of hair which was held back by the extended carapace.
In battle, Krabbits rely on hammering away at opponents with either their claws, or with water attacks. They also depend on their carapace to protect them, but it is breakable. Thankfully, if a section of a Krabbit's carapace is broken, it will eventually shed the section and grow a new one. Their speed isn't anything to fear for the most part, but they are able to sidestep their opponents quite easily since their leg joints allow them to move sideways with ease.
In harems, Krabbits usually just try not to cause problems. However, should they become involved in them, they will see them through to the end. If they are dissatisfied with the end, they end up frothing at the mouth for some time to come. How long they do this depends on how dissatisfied they are. Some have sulked in their own way for up to days.
An interesting fact is that as a Krabbit gains more experience and gains levels, they begin to gain control over which parts their carapace covers. Some manipulate it to look more humanoid so they might look more physically pleasing to their Tamers. Of course, that still doesn't stop them from foaming at the mouth when they're upset.
Thresholding into a Krabbit is rather commonplace. More reports are found closer to seashores rather than deeper inland. One explanation for this is that those with Krabbit or Queenler ancestry live closer to the shore since Krabbits and Queenler themselves enjoy living near the ocean and raise their families there.
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MECHA MUSUME, the Old-fashioned Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Steel (or Steel/Flying, Steel/Water)
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style foods, emphasis on home-cooking and old-fashioned recipes
Role: Historians, curators, archaeologists, and their assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Harden, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Punch, Tackle, Gust*, Quick Attack*, Depth Charge**, Slick Touch**
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability x8, Enhanced Stamina x4, Natural Armor, Flight*, Improved Lung Capacity**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
(A single asterisk is for Steel/Flying Mecha Musume, two is for Steel/Water types.)
Unlike most Pokégirls, who live in the present, and occasionally have an eye for the future, this Pokégirl dwells in the past. It loves nothing more than finding a hitherto undiscovered ruins and spending the entire day exploring. Perhaps because of the delicacy required in such work, this Pokégirl breed is rather soft-spoken, shy and unassuming, normally quiet unless it has something that needs to be said. As well, very loud or exuberant happenings unnerve them, as it is so far outside of what they are used to.
The Mecha Musume is a varied Pokégirl. To date, there haven't been any sightings of two that look similar to each other, except by the broadest of margins. Some possess a Water sub-type, while others possess a Flying sub-type, or none at all. The main feature in common, and one that is harder to truly identify than one would think, is that a portion of their body seems to be a replication of an ancient vehicle of some kind or other. Generally only their arms and legs, although some also have body armor or the occasional helmet.
Mecha Musume are widely different in their exact proportions. Eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, bust size, everything can change widely from one to the next. A large portion of them seem to be younger, near the age of being Pokékits, although this is hypothesized to be related to their elemental affinity. They seem to age slowly, retaining a youthful form for several years after becoming a Pokégirl.
Virtually all of the vehicle types seen in Mecha Musume no longer exist, save in stories passed on through families that managed to keep a connection to before the war. Other, slightly more recent vehicles which disappeared during the war are present as well, even though the last intact vehicle of said type was destroyed over one hundred years ago in some cases. Nonetheless, any researcher who actually knows of these various ancient vehicles will instantly be able to recognize their unique design in a Mecha Musume.
Despite their connections to various war machines, Mecha Musume aren't very skilled at combat. They can hold their own, due to their Steel type, but their mindset makes for very cautious battlers. This introverted nature includes Tamings, as well. Sometimes referred to as old-fashioned, Mecha Musume generally can’t bring themselves to actively seek out and ask for Tamings, save for when enough of their mind has gone away from the setting in of becoming Feral. They will never turn down Tamings, however. They just can't bring themselves to initiate it. This does change when they first discover a new ruin. When that happens, they grow very excitable, and aroused. (A secret fantasy of many Mecha Musume is to use some ancient device or relic as a dildo, although most will never dare admit or act upon it.)
One small skill that most Mecha Musume possess that make them so valued as archaelogical assitants is a form of radar. They seem to know just where to go to find ruins, although this does extend to recent wrecks of vehicles and machines. This radar, while uncontrollable, seems to have near-unlimited range, although the farther away the ruin, the harder it is to get even a rudimentary sense of direction. Most of the time, unless the Mecha Musume has had experience sensing this radar, she will simply lock on to the closest ruin, even if it was already discovered, even by her. Quite a few Tamers keep a Mecha Musume on hand when they need to unearth a certain relic, or to perhaps hunt for something valuable to sell.
Depth Charge (ATK 30 (60 underwater)) - This attack takes the form of a ball of energy which promptly descends to a desired distance, and then detonates. It can also be thrown, but it's rather unstable when this is done. Once the desired distance is met, it detonates, sending out a shockwave. Doubly effective when used underwater.
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MERROWL, the Feline Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: prefers fish, chicken, milk, and rice. Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable.
Role: frequently found as pets, though not as common as the more humanlike Kitten.
Libido: Average (becomes High monthly)
Strong Vs: Ghost, bird Pokégirls, mice Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Pay Day, Growl, Quick Attack, Kitty Litter
Enhancements: Functional claws, Night vision, Flexible spinal column, Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), natural affinity for finding money
Disadvantage: Fingers not as dexterous as humans
Evolves: Purrsian (normal), Firecat (Fire Stone), Electrocat (Thunder Stone), Catnip (Leaf Stone), Pumara (Diamond Stone), Lioness (battle stress), Ocelolita (Mana Crystal), Toxicat (Venom Stone), Mountain Cat (Diamond Stone & Cunnydew nectar)
Evolves From: Kitten (orgasm)
Merrowl are not among the more powerful breed of Pokégirls, nor are they among the most element. However, that isn’t to say they aren’t without their share of supporters.
Merrowl are a marked contrast from their counterparts, the Kitten, in many ways. The first and most prominent is that they are much more animalistic in appearance. Fur, usually a dusty gray or light tan, also commonly having a calico appearance, covers their whole bodies. Their faces are more animalistic, their noses and eyes more catlike in appearance, their fangs are longer and sharper, and their ears are more prominent. Their hands are more like paws, reducing their functionality greatly, and possess light pads on them, the same kind of pads appearing on their feet, and usually have a slight pudge to their bellies. This is embarrassing to most Merrowls, as they can’t seem to get rid of this light pot-belly no matter what they try, but many Tamers find it just adds to the cuteness of the breed. Merrowls also have long, prehensile tails, B-cup breasts at the largest without Bloom powder, long whiskers on their faces, and there is a strange, gold charm on their foreheads. It is attached to their skin and can’t come out, although that has not stopped some crueler thieves from removing it by various, usually painful means…
As mentioned earlier in this report, Merrowl are different from Kittens. They aren’t as good as Kittens at Domestic chores and are somewhat clumsy, usually being relegated to more pet-like roles, or roles that don’t require much dexterous use of the hands, such as hunting for fish and other food in the wild for their Tamers. Merrowls are a low maintenance breed, being fairly able to take care of themselves if need be, and suffer from a touch of haughty arrogance, as well as a playfully sarcastic demeanor. They aren’t the greatest, most influential of talkers, their tendency for smartass comments getting in the way of saying anything meaningful a great deal of the time, but have their own ways of making sure that Tamers listen to what they have to say.
Merrowls are generally average all around, good for beginning Tamers, and if it weren’t for one special ability they have, they would have been dismissed early on as less human-looking Kittens: Merrowls have a natural knack for finding money.
Some attribute this ability to find coins and other such treasure to the charm on their forehead. Most just don’t have a single clue how they do it. But Merrowls, especially domesticated Merrowls, can always find change for a snack, such as a candy bar or soda pop. They can even learn the extraordinarily useful attack Pay Day, which other Pokégirls can only learn with a T2 machine. This, unfortunately, has led Merrowls to become popular among thieves, as their claws are just sharp enough to cut glass, and their natural affinity for treasure-hunting can lead them also to potential robbery victims with lots of money.
Merrowls are among the more common Threshold types. The vast majority of girls who Threshold into Merrowls have an easy time of it, as their mindset becomes more mischievous and playful, helping them adapt easier to their new, partially non-human state.
One noteworthy Merrowl was a member of a Team Rocket trio, the other members being a Tamer named James and a Dominatrix named Jessie, that menaced the brother of Ranma Saotome, Ash Saotome, for many years. After a couple years of being blasted into the atmosphere by Ash’s Pokégirls, they eventually turned their attention to eliminating other Team Rocket copycats, eventually going straight altogether after an encounter with Sexebi. They still occasionally support Ash on his adventures, the Merrowl having evolved to Purrsian shortly after their first battle against Team Teenie Bopper, the first copycat group they defeated.
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MOONFLOWER, the Moonlight Oracle Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Flower)
Element: Dark/Ghost/Plant
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Vegetarian mostly, also needs to consume small portions of life force at least once a week
Role: Plant-life maintenance, Oracles, Haunting
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: All dust attacks, Command Plants, Leech Seed, Petal Armor, Antitoxin, Root, Virus, Anti-Virus, Lure, Fruit Juice, Vine Bondage, Grass Floor, Dark Holy, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Shield, Telekinesis, Hypno Dance, Psychic, Moon Blood,* Moon Dance,* Moon Dream,* Moon Storm*
Enhancements: Psychic abilities, precognative abilities, Strong plant affinity, Regenerates while asleep, All-around strength increases depending on the moon’s phase, their Dark-type attacks become much stronger at the New Moon.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Flowergirl (Moon Stone)
Very many people would be very happy if they had never heard of this Pokégirl. Very very happy indeed, as these oracles have a tendency of knowing things that certain people would rather nobody else know. However, as Moonflowers have proven faithful and in many cases, extremely useful, they are reluctant to find ways to eliminate the breed. Indeed, their pros outweigh their cons in many ways.
Moonflowers are strange and mysterious Pokégirls. Their evolution is considered to be extremely rare, as Flowergirls a vast majority of the time WILL NOT EVOLVE if given a Moon Stone. However, Moon Stones are confirmed to at least partially be the triggering agent for evolution. Studies go on to this day to discover everything about Moonflowers. They aren’t going well, as Flowergirls are apparently not very fond of Moonflowers and as such are being uncooperative.
Moonflowers are slender, green-skinned Pokégirls with curvy figures and large, soft breasts. Their hands and toes are three-fingered claws, and their hair is usually a mass of leaves with a flower stem sticking out of the top of their head. They are very rarely seen with legs, though, as they prefer to keep their legs morphed into a stem leading to their blossom, a gigantic, pink-and white flower with long, tentacle-like petals. Their eyes constantly glow yellow, and they are never without a smile on their face. Even their sex is like flower petals, either in their legged form or their stem form. Their blossom comes with them when they are in Pokéballs, and can take root in almost any ground, excluding some metal areas.
Moonflowers are constantly dancing, save for when they are Taming. They stay awake all night, dancing in the moonlight. But the instant the sun starts to come up, they wrap themselves into their flower and go to sleep, quite literally unable to awaken until the sun is out of the sky. They are always calm, no matter what the situation, and have noted to be the only Pokégirls aside from Legendaries that are not scared in the slightest by Widows, even when the creatures are ripping them apart. Moonflowers rarely speak, and when they do, they only speak in riddles, songs, and rhymes, even moreso than Sphinxes do, since Sphinxes have been known to talk normally once in a while. They always seem to know things, and since Feral Moonflowers can still talk normally, some even go to them to get predictions, if only for amusement, as Feral Moonflowers rarely give accurate forecasts. If a Tamer seriously wishes to get a Moonflower’s favor and, in return, a prophecy, they will Tame the Moonflower until she is satisfied. Some Moonflowers, once Tame, will ask for a favor in return. It’s considered very wise to give them that favor, as if they do not get it, they will go into their bloom and sink into the ground, not answering anything. If they are promised the favor and betrayed, the betrayer shall never know peace until favor has been made, a horse Pokégirl even more nightmarish that most NightMare Pokégirls shall haunt their sleep every night, a demon called Ixion…
Feral Moonflowers are usually found deep within forested areas. The heavier the plantlife, the higher the chance that a Moonflower’s grotto is nearby. Moonflowers are highly attuned to the plants under their care, and become violently protective of them if someone carelessly hacks through them. However they have been known to forgive the offense in exchange for both Taming and a favor.
Feral Pokégirls, with the exception of high level menaces such as the Widow or Leviathaness, are very respectful of Moonflowers. Even the most savage of Panthress will hesitate to attack a Moonflower and eventually back off. Restrictions are placed on Tamers going after Moonflowers due to their potent illusions and tendency to plague people that irritate them with nightmares and horrible, ghost-like illusions, the worst of being the Ixion creature. Very few Tamers actually have a Moonflower in their Harem, but to Leagues, these tiny numbers are more than enough.
Another interesting thing to note is that the power of some of a Moonflower’s attacks increases or decreases depending on the phase of the moon. Their Dark-type attacks are strongest at the New Moon, while their four unique Moon attacks are at their most powerful at the Full Moon.
There is some sort of connection between Moon Bunnies, Mooncalves, Moonmaids, and Moonflowers that has yet to be explained. A Tamer named Marc Spector has one of each in his harem, along with a Fiendish Megami-Sama named Khonshu. The four Moon Pokégirls, in their few recorded appearances, displayed abilities uncommon to ANY Pokégirl, save possibly the Legendaries. Marc Spector himself seemed to have more than human abilities, although those abilities may have been gained from his Fiendish Megami-Sama. There is also evidence of Moonflowers having a connection of some kind to the TWAU, Those Who Are Unknown. Research is still pending. As the rarity of Moonflowers is so high, no recorded instances of Moonflower as a Threshold result have been recorded.
*Moon Blood – (EFT): The Moonflower offers a Pokégirl or Tamer a drink of their blood. In addition to rapidly healing all wounds inflicted upon the drinker, it also gives the drinker full PP and boosts their strength, speed, durability, and agility for a short time. The boost size varies depending on the phase of the moon.
*Moon Dance – (EFT): The Moonflower dances a psychedelic dance that literally makes the moonlight dance around their bodies. Inflicts several different status effects on whomever is unlucky enough to be watching. Useless during the New Moon.
*Moon Dream – (EFT): The Moonflower lets out a soundless scream, monstrous, feminine creatures forming that are manifestations of the nightmares and fears within her target’s subconscious and conscious mind. Note that if a Moonflower in a Harem uses this attack, she may let the dreams stay around, turning into less frightening forms, and help Tame the entire harem at once. The strength and damage capacity of the creatures varies depending on the phase of the moon. At its most potent, Moonflowers have been known to use this attack to make it seem as if the moon itself is descending from the sky, a demonic grinning face on it. Moonflowers call this demonic creature Majora…
*Moon Storm – (ATK 300 during Full Moon, 50 during New Moon): The Moonflower’s most potent attack, but only at the Full Moon. They form their blossom’s petals around themselves in a partial cage, and focus light energy from each of them into a massive energy ball with a laughing face in it. Even at its weakest, the attack is destructive, the final size of the projectile varying with its power level. As an interesting side note, when the attack is at its strongest, Moonflowers have been known to take their time forming it. While they form it, they softly sing this song in a chilling, high-pitched voice: “You don’t know what you’re messin’ with, you got no idea… You don’t know what you’re lookin’ at, when you’re lookin’ here… You don’t know what you’re up against, no no way no how… You don’t know what you’re messin’ with… but I’m gonna tell ya now…”
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MOSQUITIT, (aka SKEETER) the Hematophagy Whore Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon, Indigo, Johto Leagues, Fringes of Dark Continent), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Blood
Role: biological warfare, Team Rocket soldiers, general pest
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Sting, Needleshot, Gust, Drain, Paralyzation Poison, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stop Sting, Speed Storm, Virus
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2), endo and exoskeletons, wings for flight, poison resistance, virus resistance, limited morphing abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 120,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 60,000 SLC
Bounty (for successful capture and taming): 180,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: An over-application of Ice or using Fire and lots of it does wonders for keeping this breed at bay. Please note to NOT start any forest fires!
Biological warfare, the use of pathogens, bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing agents as bio-weapons was a terrible practice in the Pre-Sukebe Era. Using nonliving toxic products, even if produced by living organisms intended to kill, incapacitate or seriously impede an individual as well as entire groups of people or places was a practice that saw its height during the War of Revenge: Sukebe’s Bloody Flu and then the Chinese’s despicable Monster Flu/Red Plague. These horrid biological warfare practices had consequences that still impact us to this very day. Sadly there is an old saying that holds true: “Those who do not learn from the past that doomed to repeat it”. It would become none other than Team Rocket that would be guilty of this.
With the failure of the CalamityJane breed in 268 AS to be a Pokégirl that would be an asset to its members and grunt soldiers, Team Rocket scientists were hard-pressed by their superiors to come up with a new creation, one that could be mass-produced to replace the Pokégirls whose loyalty was questionable. One of the remaining Researchers who were captured in a raid on their Viridick Facility admitted in a recorded confession that they had chosen to make a Bug-type as they wanted to go for a hive-mind effect, which could give them little individuality and make them unquestioning of their masters. It took three years of manipulating various existing insect and Bug-type pokégirl DNA structures and genome sequences but their efforts bore fruit.
In 271 AS, Team Rocket members started appearing with the new Pokégirl, throwing her off and using her for combat. This creation would become known as the Mosquitit.Until they use their slight morphing abilities to attack, Mosquitits are an attractive enough breed. They have feminine faces, blue skin, slender bodies with B-Cup breasts, long and curvaceous legs and hair that is usually a sickly beige or green in coloration. This hair frames their faces and accentuates the color of their compound pupils while a set of short antennae that stick out above it by an inch. They have light layer of chitinous armor on their arms, legs and torsos, mainly around their backside. They also possess long, scaled wings that shimmer with whatever poison powder they’re holding that are paired with a set of halteres: small knobbed structures that act as accelerometers that maintain the Bug/Poison-type Pokégirl’s stability in mid-flight, helping these insectile Pokégirls perform fast aerial acrobatics. It was the breed’s aerial competence that made them a favored pokégirl of Team Rocket at the time, whose members specialized in quick hit-and-run tactics.
However, when Mosquitits morphed to attack, their faces would change into something less human and far more grotesque in appearance. Their eyes become larger and fully compound, normally a dark crimson. Their jaws would split open at the chin, turning into a pair of mandibles. Their nose and maxilla form into one piece and elongate into a stinger-like proboscis that could be used to lance through most people, Pokégirls and animals to suck blood. Understandably, this is a horrifying sight for anyone stuck on the business end of that facial protrusion.
It is this blood-sucking that has made them a dangerous pokégirl, either Feral or in a Tamer’s harem. While real mosquitoes are the most deadly disease vector known, transmitting disease from one host to another, this pokégirl breed is free from such, thanks to Sukebe’s original tinkering of the Pokégirl genetic matrix, making them immune to STD’s and in turn, almost all naturally-occurring protein-based viruses. Still, they can spread other problems due to their saliva that comes from their feeding proboscis. In order for the Mosquitit to obtain a blood meal, she must surmount the vertebrate physiological response as she stabs into her prey. To accomplish this, the Bug/Poison-type has a specialized saliva secretion that effectively blocks the prey's ability to stop bleeding. It is a compound of which contains a complex mixture of secreted enzymes and protein inhibitors that effects blood clotting, the gathering of platelets, inflammation and the narrowing of blood vessels. Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition.
Still, this biological design makes it so that when a Mosquitit feeds on an opponent she leaves an open wound that is slow to heal and can become fatal without proper medical attention that’s coated with her saliva, a protein-based liquid that is beneficial to various pokégirl poisons and DNA. This means she inflicts more than just physical damage when she feeds on an opponent.
Feeding from various Plant-types allows her to collect powder and spores on her body, her poison resistance allowing her to ignore them and leave them with another person, allowing for transference of techniques such as Buttsprout Powder, Bloom Powder and Gender Dust. This is particularly dangerous for young human women as they also leave behind an amount of pokégirl DNA in their area of penetration. This solid deposit of pokégirl genetics left behind has been known to trigger Threshold in these girls, especially those who don’t come from a pure human background. Often enough, the stable DNA deposit is strong enough a dosage to actually manipulate which Pokégirl breed the Thresholder will turn into, over-writing the unstable yet formingPokégirl gentics from the girl’s ancestry. Team Rocket was known to abuse this facet to turn human women into rare Pokégirls they sought.
Fortunately, a number of this breed has managed to break away from the grip of their Team Rocket Masters. While a number have stuck to the Indigo League, the majority that have gone Feral have flown overseas and congregated where they have felt a link to; this means in fringes of the Dark Continent and the Crescent Moon League. However, in the Crescent Moon League, the League officials have created a special division of Pokégirl Hunters that are trained to deal with Mosquitits. In their efforts to lower the numbers of this species and keep them away from cities and towns, this special combat group has discovered that burning citronella oil is a good method at keeping Mosquitits at bay as the smoke screws with their senses, causing them to fall from the sky. This has lead to the Crescent Moon League being the leading cultivators of wormwood/sagewort, lemon balm, lemon grass and lemon thyme plants.
In the wilds, one can find Feral Mosquitits living in areas that have numerous sources of ground waters such as bogs, marshes, ponds, streams, ditches and rock-pools as they are attracted to the concentration of CO2 in the environment. These areas must be in warm or temperate climate as these Pokégirls cannot stand any cold areas. A warning in coming to places like this is that Tamers need to be on the look-out. Mosquitits can make themselves very still and they choose good hiding places. This is so they can pounce any unsuspecting prey that comes into their territory, making an easy meal out of them. Fortunately, unlike other Bug-types, they do not congregate in any large numbers and no more than three have been found in a single area at one time so even if one is attacked, there is still chance to fend them off without being overwhelmed. Yes, Feral Mosquitits are indeed a great pain to deal with but they not a true nightmare. As long as one doesn’t get caught by surprise, (and end up being drained of blood and left disease ridden) they can fight off this threat. If they don’t managed to get their target on the first go with Sting attack, Ferals are try to get into range of their targeted meal quickly to use Paralyzation Poison or Stop Sting to immobilize their prey. If one sets a Flying-type on them, they’ll find that while they have an advantage, Mosquitits are quite speedy creatures in the air themselves. Fire and Ice-type Pokégirls are a definite must for dealing with this Feral threat as their elemental techniques can tear through the Bug/Poison-type’s defenses rather easily. Once her wings are damaged a Mosquitit loses a number of her techniques and her speed, both of which are centered around her flight capabilities.
Taming a Mosquitit is a rather interesting affair in that this Pokégirl is very willing, as they have a huge fixation on oral-sex. While they feed in blood with their lancing proboscis, they love to suck a man’s dick, going on it for as long as their Tamer will let them. Fortunately, while when their faces aren’t formed to a ‘battle’ mode, their oral practices pose no threat. Still, there is a precaution that should be taken into consideration. The Bug/Poison-type’s long wings tend to flap rapidly during sex, causing her to release any pollens or powders she has either made herself or attained from other Pokégirls. While it's easiest to put a Mosquitit back into her Pokéball and put her through a cleaning cycle to avoid this, it's understood that there are Tamers that wish to keep her ‘stockpiled’ for combat reasons. In that case, one should either purchase wing-covers for the Pokégirl or at least Tame a Mosquitit with her back to a solid surface so she doesn’t spread any pollen easily.
Thresholding into a Mosquitit is unheard of at this time. The Pokégirl is still a very recent breed and very little numbers have been introduced into the breeding pool currently. It is likely going to take a number of decades or a full century before the outcome of Threshold into a Mosquitit will be even possible.
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NEO-ATMUFF, the Legendary Dragon Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Any
Role: Supreme warrior, revenge
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Rock, Normal, Steel, Fighting, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Pummel, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Leap, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Chi Healing, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Slice n’ Dice, Rage, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x20), Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Strength (x50), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Hide, Endurance, Regeneration
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atmuff (possible/unconfirmed, raw determination)
Atmuff did not die when the three Legendary bird Pokégirls were finished with her. Though her body was torn and tattered, as she sank beneath the waves along with the shattered landscape they had fought on, she still clung to life by a thread. Lying there on the ocean floor, she used her Salient Qualities to keep herself alive. Even under the cold of the deep water and the hydraulic pressure, with no air to breathe, she refused to die. She ate the sand off the bottom of the ocean floor to keep her body fueled. Having no special affinity for water or any special healing abilities, she simply laid there for centuries, letting her body’s natural healing processes take over.
What her body did though was extraordinary. In a manner that isn’t quite understood, she somehow became stronger than before, evolving in a manner that isn’t like any other known Pokégirl evolution. The only explanation that makes sense at all for how she became a Dragon-type is that Sukebe already had some Dragon-type Pokégirl genes in her to begin with, but the sheer stress placed on her body for such a long period of time finally forced it to come to the fore. There has never been such an occurrence with any other known Legendary Pokégirl in all of history.
Regardless of how it happened though, her body altered. Large, leathery wings grew from her shoulder blades, letting her fly through the air as well as push against the water. Her new body also developed the ability to regenerate, finally closing the wounds that had smashed her before. Her muscles grew stronger from being under such heavy pressure for so long, making her faster, stronger, and quicker to react.
Neo-Atmuff, as she now calls herself, finally burst forth from the sea, alighting into the air powerfully as she left her watery prison. Save for her wings, her body looks much the same as before, with a few small changes. Her body is leaner, more feline looking now. Her skin is a soft indigo instead of the pink it was before. In contrast to that are pale white patches on various parts of her, scars that were only relatively recently closed and healed by her new regenerative powers. The overall effect is quite exotic, with the white areas seeming almost like stripes against her body.
Neo-Atmuff has lost little of her personality though. She is still grim, humorless, driven, and quite arguably mad. Her purpose has changed though, to something more understandable to humans. Whereas before she sought to simply fight humans as her primary directive, she now seeks revenge. This is more a matter of prudence than any personal vendetta. Neo-Atmuff simply knows that it stands to reason that those who saw fit to kill her before would certainly try to do so now that she has returned. Since she has always believed in taking the fight to her foes directly, she is now searching for the three Legendaries who almost killed her before, hoping to find them and dispatch them alone. Finding them though is proving harder than she had initially hoped. At present, she has been forced to adopt guerilla tactics, staking out a small lair for herself in an out-of-the-way area. She will periodically leave her lair to do sweeps for clues to her enemies’ whereabouts, as well as snatching an unsuspecting human for Taming, taking the poor victim back to her lair where she will thoroughly have her way with him before disposing of him.
Her combat abilities have lost none of their edge for all her centuries spent under the water. She is still efficient and brutal. She has learned how to incorporate her wings into her combat routines, and uses them effectively. She is still a novice at flying however, and experienced flyers would still be able to out-maneuver her, and possibly even out-fight her in the air. Her strength, speed, and reflexes are even greater now than they were before, making her a virtually unstoppable killing machine, especially her regeneration works tirelessly to repair her wounds. Especially dangerous is when she is using her Rage attack. Her Rage is a terrifying thing to behold, since her anger is visible on her face and in her eyes, but her movements remain cold and methodical. One oddity though is that her chi, which was colorless before, now is a brilliant reddish-orange. What exactly this means is unknown.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Neo-Atmuff’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Neo-Atmuff has No Weakness (Level 105). If she were to face a Flying type or a Psychic type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fighting or Dragon, at or below level 105, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Neo-Atmuff’s array of special attributes:
Environmental Resistance: This ability allows Neo-Atmuff to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting her continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere do not hinder her. The key word is “natural.” Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air, so breathing is still necessary.
Breathless: This ability is what makes Neo-Atmuff have no need for air. She can hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this lets her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.
Energy Immunity: This quality lets Neo-Atmuff ignore up to two types of energy at once. Various types of energy include heat, cold, sound, sonic, electricity, etc. She can change which two she was unaffected by at will, and did not need to concentrate to maintain her resistance. The energy resisted was total, with no affect on her at all. The only type of energy she can not resist was psychic energy, since that power was totally beyond her. Between this and her other Salient Qualities, Neo-Atmuff is able to survive in virtually any local condition, even in space or in molten lava.
Hyper-Regeneration: This ability is the penultimate form of regeneration. If Neo-Atmuff should be dealt a wound that kills her even despite her regeneration, her hyper-regeneration kicks in. This quality is a form of regeneration ten times stronger than it normal. This power will completely heal her in less than a minute, restoring her to full strength with one exception; once Hyper-Regeneration has finished, her body’s healing has overtaxed itself, and Neo-Atmuff will not be able to regenerate, either normally or through Hyper-Regeneration, for twenty-four hours, after which time her body has rested enough to be able to start it’s self-repair functions again. If she is killed during this twenty-four hour period, she is permanently dead. Neo-Atmuff knows this, and will try and retreat once she has been Hyper-Regenerated.
(Creator’s Note: This is one of three possible resurrections of Atmuff; the others are Dark Atmuff and Cyber-Atmuff.)
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NIDOGG, the Stygian Dragoness Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (Snake)
Element: Dragon/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore, strong preference for meat
Role: Transportation, aerial support.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Poison
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dragon, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Tail Whip, Regenerate, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Energy Drain, Night Shade, Ghost Blade, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Grisly Wing.
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Agility (x7), Constant Ashen Wings effect, Solid Ether Body, Longevity.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kadru (Dusk Stone)
A rather harsh departure from the rest of her evolutionary line, the Nidogg is a much less... pleasant Pokégirl. Upon coming in contact with a Dusk Stone, a Kadru's typing changes to Dragon/Ghost, although her body stays solid, apparently being made of the same substance of a Demoness or Succubus's. It is suggested that this is because, during the war, Nidoggs served as the steeds for Demonesses and other Commanders in the Legions of Terror, although why Sukebe chose the Kadru as his basis for such a role is a subject of much speculation.
Physically, a Nidogg actually shrinks overall, becoming closer in length to a Ulupi than a Kadru, and more slender, if a bit taller. Her scales generally darken, corrupting into a rust-red, sometimes interlaced with purple or violet patterns. Her "wings," on the other hand, do extend out slightly... but they become frayed and uneven, so as to have almost a skeletal appearance. Her breasts may increase up to half a cup size again, but will generally remain in the C to CC range, with D being the exception. These changes generally allow for more maneuverability on the ground at the expense of some reach and strength, but perhaps the most useful (and strangest) change is the addition of the ability to sustain flight. This seems to be, due to the "ruined" nature of her wings, some sort of variant of Ashen Wings that is constantly in effect, and was presumably induced to allow the Legion Commanders who were incapable of flight an aerial viewpoint.
Unfortunately, however, their role in the Legions also resulted in a mentality adjustment on evolution; one that has made many tamers look upon the Nidogg unfavorably. Nidoggs are, as a rule, somewhat imperious creatures, looking down on most other Pokégirls, and, although this mentality doesn't extend to their masters, it makes them very hard to deal with in a harem setting, as they tend to look down on their master's "lesser servants" with disdain and derision. They do respect power, though, and if another non-dragon type can illustrate that they are superior to her, she will often begin to gravitate to this other as well as her master... so long as at least one harem sister remains "beneath" her. It should also be noted that most Nidogg will never respect other dragon-types, although the reason behind this is uncertain. Some have speculated, however, that it is because they feel intimidated by other dragons, especially the haughty and proud Draco line.
When it comes to combat, the majority of Nidoggs have a strange preference; they like for their tamer (or a Pokégirl who has earned their respect) to ride on her back and directly give her orders. Although this is very useful in a double battle, a grand melee, or against Ferals, it is an obvious disadvantage for normal battles. As such, those tamers wishing to use a Nidogg in more conventional circumstances may wish to invest in short-range radios if he does not wish to spend extensive time training her for more conventional solo fighting. In any case, despite this difficult, a Nidogg can be quite powerful in battle, with her already decent repertoire of techniques augmented by Ghost and Infernal options. Dragon Dance can also be used to increase her already impressive speed and agility, after which she is capable of moving in to strike with her tail, a dragon claw technique, or even wrap. In instances where this is unfeasible, however, Dragonbreath, Twister, and Grisly Wing often serve to "soften" targets whilst she remains safely out of range.
On a related note, however, it should be noted that Nidogg and Yggdra have something of a rivalry. Whether it is because they're Infernal and Celestial evolutions of the same Pokégirl or because they're both powerful dragon types with opposing viewpoints, the fact is that the two breeds get along terribly, mostly due to actions taken by the Nidogg. Unless she is restrained by her master's direct commands, the Nidogg will often attempt to attack the Yggdra's Malorn Tree in an attempt to get a rise out of the Celestial, and this will stir even the normally calm and giving Pokégirl to anger. The ensuing clash, however, is generally not an easy one to predict the result of. Both can fly, weather permitting, both are strong against each other, and although Nidoggs are faster, Yggdra are more powerful and far larger.
When it comes to taming, Nidogg's abilities of flight seem to bring with them similar desires to those of many flying-types; the dream of being tamed in midair. Thankfully, though, this whim is not at all unfeasible. With the addition of a specially-made saddle (that many leagues recommend for Nidogg tamers in general also), strapping oneself in the proper position isn't at all difficult, and aerial taming can be quite the experience. Still, if her master is unwilling to partake of it, most Nidoggs won't brood too badly, as they are thankfully much easier to tame than Kadrus and often submissive in non-aerial situations.
Finally, although feral Nidoggs are not often seen, on those occasions that they appear, they rarely stay in one place, taking advantage of their newfound powers of flight. In these travels, they do not seem to have clear objectives, although they've been known to make unannounced, unwarranted attacks on other dragon types, especially Yggdra. As such, although they're not normally considered particularly dangerous to the average tamer, those in possession of dragon-types are advised to be wary. Thresholding directly into a Nidogg is considered impossible as of 300 AS as none have yet become Pokéwomen.
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NIGHTMARE, the Night Bringing Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore, also consumes life energy
Role: Nocturnal Combatant
Libido: Average (Extreme at equinoxes and solstices)
Strong Vs: Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Bug, Ground
Attacks: Dark Goggles, Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mk II, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Bomb, Door to the Abyss, *Darkness, Force Bolt, Energy Drain, Hypnotize, Phase, Fear Aura, Cry Wolf, Double Edge, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Wingless Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Unicorn (Dark Stone)
While known to exist during the Revenge War, reports of them afterwards were considered largely anecdotal until a Unicorn was accidentally evolved into one in 76 AS.
Upon evolving, Nightmares become a solid black with crimson eyes and hair, including all body hair. They stand between 5 ft and 6 ft in height in their human form and are athletic in build, however they retain the figure they had while a Unicorn. While in their humanoid form, their enhanced speed is reduced to only four times human normal and they cannot fly. In their tauric form the tuft of their leonine tail and cloven hooves are also crimson. They also grow in size and no Nightmare has been documented as being less than 15 hands (5 feet) at the equine shoulder. No matter their size, all tauric Nightmares are built like thoroughbreds and are very agile and quick. While tauric, Nightmares can fly by the simple expedient of galloping on the air. They can turn and maneuver as they could on the ground, making them very agile, but still somewhat poor combatants against other flying pokegirls who can climb and dive much more easily.
In either form the Nightmare has the ability to instantly create a chitinous armor that covers her entire body, moves with her and does not impede her in any way. This armor is covered by tiny points that are razor sharp and will injure any unarmored opponent who contacts them. In battle, Nightmares often use this with Double Edge to leave their opponents a bleeding mess.
During the Revenge War, Nightmares were used as fast strikers both on the front lines and in assaults on strategic rear targets and supply lines. With their ability to fly fast at very low altitudes and their use of phase to avoid terrain obstacles and walls, they could go almost anywhere without the fear of being intercepted. Those abilities translate well into Pokégirl combat and today the Nightmare fills almost the same role in Pokégirl battles, maneuvering quickly to outflank her opponent and then hitting her hard with a series of attacks that pulverizes her.
Nightmares are strong individualists with a serious personality and are always planning the best ways to complete their objectives. They feel they are well suited to being alpha, although in most cases their almost complete focus on themselves means they are terrible at it. Still, they will maneuver to gain their Tamer’s favor and become the alpha whenever possible. To this end, Nightmares will adopt the sexual fetishes of their Tamer as their own. It is unknown if they have a personal preference since they always say that whatever their Tamer likes is their favorite position and/or technique.
Feral Nightmares are always encountered in their tauric form. Even though they lose the Unicorn’s ability to block Pokéballs, feral Nightmares are hard to capture because they remain aware enough to phase before a Pokéball can strike them and with their speed a Tamer seldom gets two chances. In almost every capture, the Nightmare had to be rendered unconscious before she could be caught.
There is no record of a human thresholding into a Nightmare.
· Darkness: (Dark) EFT: This technique generates darkness in a seventy foot sphere around the user that moves as she does. Anyone (including the user) inside the sphere is completely blind unless using the Dark Goggles technique. As this technique is at least quasi-magical, it fills the entire space around the user, including water, sealed rooms, or any other void. This technique can cause extreme terror in anyone not used to it.
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OCELOLITA, the Little 'Chaotic' Kitty
Type: Not Very Near Human to Near Human (Feline)
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous, favors meat
Role: Mostly scouts, hunting, and patrol detail
Libido: Average, Monthly peaks
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Mouse and Bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Pounce, Teleport, Aura of Cute, Reflect, Metronome, *Hang Time, *Magic Use
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), claws, Enhanced Agility (x4), Nightvision (x5), Improved Balance, Magic Affinity (‘Wild Magic’)
Disadvantages: Trouble Magnet, ‘Wild Magic’ User
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Mana Crystal)
One thing to remember if you are ever the owner of an Ocelolita: Expect the unexpected.
Ocelolita are perhaps the most interesting of the Merrowl evolutions, as no two Ocelolita are alike. Their looks, personalities, and magical abilities can vary greatly from Pokégirl to Pokégirl, as the breed as a whole seems to demonstrate their nickname of the ‘chaotic kitty’. Generally, however, Ocelolitas tend to be short and slender, with at least rounded feline ears and a tail covered with alternating black splotches, stripes, and rings with the fur being anything from a golden tan to white. Many of the breed look rather young, some of the furrier types being mistaken for Cheetah Pokékits. Even the most human looking Ocelolita has functional claws, allowing them to climb trees with ease. Along with their acrobatic skills, Ocelolita are unparalleled in the trees, even amongst other cat types.
Unlike other forms of magic, Ocelolita use a unique form of chaotic magic dubbed ‘Wild Magic’ by the various magic schools. Wild Magic, compared to normal magic, is much messier, drawing incredible magical power in but not focusing it at all while casting a spell. As such, each time an Ocelolita uses her magic for a particular spell; it may work doubly well, normally, not at all, or cause an array of effects that wouldn’t normally happen with the spell. One well documented case that circulated around the internet for some time was a video recording of an Ocelolita who attempted to magically summon a contracted Pokégirl, but caused the weather to rain string cheese and tuna for three days in the town of Prick. Luckily, their teleport ability is psychic in nature.
The average Ocelolita doesn't mind showing off her powers. In fact, she enjoys getting her Tamer into trouble, then using Teleport to rescue him in the view of a crowd. She's as playful as a Tick-Tock and as cunning as her similarly-magical cousin the Mistoffeles, with whom she shares a friendly rivalry. It's all a game to her. Whatever disaster happens (or she causes), Ocelolita generally laugh things off, as surprisingly, no ally or bystander has ever been seriously injured by a spell gone wrong with the exception of the Ocelolita herself. Many Tamers who own an Ocelolita simply have her focus on her other attacks in battle, since most of her magic attacks are too much of a dice roll for many tamers to trust them. However, Ocelolitas are excellent at using their psychic talents to cling to surfaces and get more out of their already powerful leaping and climbing abilities, so only terrains on which one would be bad at fighting are water and flatlands. Favored tactics are using Aura of Cute to charm an enemy into slowing down, then Teleporting and Slashing them to bits from behind, or, if facing a bird-type, simply Pouncing and Slashing. They work well with speedy Pokégirls like Sonica. Sex combat doesn't come nearly as naturally, but they can be taught. When not in a league sanctioned match, their favorite move is one the breed claims to have invented, Metronome, which seems much more powerful when wielded by Wild Magic.
Overall, Ocelolitas are loyal, affectionate, slightly submissive and somewhat nymphomaniac Pokégirls. For such a speedy Pokégirl, it's a bit of a surprise that Ocelolitas prefer to be Tamed slowly, and with as much foreplay as possible. They like being petted and stroked at all times, but especially during sex. Their personalities are varied but tend toward outgoing and friendly with a bit of an adventurous/mischievous streak.
Feral Ocelolitas loose enough intelligence to make spell casting impossible, but they still tend to be craftier than the average cat-type. Feral Ocelolitas are usually found in forested areas of the Slot League, the Silver River League, and southern parts of the Orchard, Indigo, Johto, and Sunshine Leagues. They use their agility and climbing abilities to hunt bird- and rodent-type Pokégirls, and are a true pain in the ass to catch. Try using a bird- or rodent-type as bait, then switch them quickly with a Dark Pokégirl or a Ghost Pokégirl when the Ocelolita appears.
Threshold into an Ocelolita is rare, though a good sign of threshold is extremely strange happenings and the life of the girl in general becoming more chaotic. Threshold Ocelolitas have a hard time adjusting to their new lives and the urge to climb and hunt. Most of their families use mild sedatives to keep them from becoming too jittery, popping off wild magic, or chasing the household Mousewife while they line up prospective buyers or contact the nearest Pokégirl ranch.
Hang Time (Psychic EFT) - Using a low level telekinesis field, a leaping Ocelolita seems to slow, and can literally change her course in midair. Also can be used by a falling Ocelolita to soften her landing and make sure she lands on her feet.
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POLISHAG, the Titty Tadpole Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Mainly fish
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Whirlpool, Agility
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enchanced swiming speed, Muscular tail
Evolves: Poliwhore (Normal)
Evolves From: None
These tadpole-like Pokégirls were rarely seen during the War of Revenge. The few times that they were they were either completely feral or in possession of a coded message that was supposedly in route to one of the Pokégirl bases.
Polishags are very thin Pokégirls which deep blue skin. On their stomach is a white patch which has a spiral design imprinted on them. At first researchers believed it was a defect Sukebe ignored in creating the species, but it was soon discovered that Polishags who were related to each other had the same spiral while Polishags who were not had slightly different spirals. It is now believed that the spirals indicate a 'tribe' or 'clan' in which the Polishag comes from. Their breast size can range from C-cup to D-cup depending on how tall they are. A Polishag's height can reach to six feet, but that height is rare and most stand at five feet or five foot five. The Polishag do have hair on the heads, but it is usually kept short or held back by something. The color is usually a sea green or light blue. The Polishag also posess a tail with a fin at the end which is similar to what a normal tadpole would have.
Polishag are usually very pleasant, even when feral they usually don't bother anyone unless they feel particularly needy for taming. They usually just end up lounging in water or sunning themselves on shore. They are very fast in water and aren't shy in using that ability when they think that they are in danger. Catching one can be difficult unless a Tamer has a Pokégirl that can keep up with them, or they lure the Polishag away from the water.
Taming a Polishag is always a challenge. Not because it is dangerous or needing a lot of effort, but because the Polishag just doesn't want to stop. Every Taming is like the first time to them and they enjoy it to the last moment and usually end up asking for more once they finish. Some have compared Polishags to Growlies in how they never seem to get bored 'playing' with their Tamer. A Polishag will also sometimes use her tail to spank someone they want to have a session with or are in the throes of a taming session. Luckily, Polishags enjoy taming with other Pokégirls so if their Tamer has other Pokégirls then there isn't much to worry about.
In battle Polishags are at a slight disadvantage outside of the water. They really prefer attacking from a distance or running to avoid attacks. An odd tactic that a Polishag, if they are wet and out of the water for a while, become slimy to the touch and hard to hold onto. Grappling techniques tend not to work on Polishags when their skin is in this condition, which makes it hard for fighting-types to get a hold of them unless they go for direct punches or kicks.
Thresholding into a Polishag is a common occurrence. It is usually what those who enter threshhold become when they have frog Pokégirl ancestry.
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PYROTHON, the Fiery Python Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Python)
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers well cooked meat)
Role: Ambush Hunter, Outdoors Cook
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Flying
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Dig, Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace, Flamequake *
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Pyrothon is a large powerful snake-like Pokégirl that uses her immense tail strength along with her fire abilities to defeat her opponents. During the revenge war, the Pyrothon was used to ambush human forces by tunneling under them only to emerge in the middle of her foes, spreading such attacks as fire floor and flamequake to take out large groups of humans at a time. The Pyrothon would often finish off any survivors with a combination of wrap and ignite. After the war, this Pokégirl has gained popularity amongst tamers and hunters alike due to her use in trapping and capturing prey. Unlike most snake Pokégirls, the Pyrothon is capable of living in colder climates due to their high body temperature and fire capabilities.
The Pyrothon has the upper body of a beautiful athletic woman with lightly tanned skin and the lower half of a large pre-Sukebe python. Her lower snake half can range from anywhere between 20-30 feet long and is usually dark brown in color but whites and yellows have been seen in domestic born individuals. This coloring is used by ferals as a natural camouflage in forested regions to blend in with dirt and rocks. Her breasts are usually a solid B-cup but low C-cups have been seen in larger individuals. A Pyrothon’s eye color is almost always a dark brown color, but others have been reported. Their hair color usually ranges from light brown to dark black but blond is becoming more and more common in threshold and domestic born individuals. Most Pyrothons like to keep their hair short, when asked about this most say that long hair gets in their way during a fight. Unlike the Naga and most of her evolutions, the Pyrothon has no metamorphic capabilities. Her snake-like tail starts just under her human-like vagina. Unlike pre-Sukebe pythons and most snake type Pokégirls the Pyrothon lacks the ability to unhinge her jaws.
In battle, most Pyrothons like to start off with a combination of dig and their special attack flamequake to catch their opponents by surprise. During a battle they like to use the attack fire floor to prevent their opponents from escaping. Most Pyrothons will finish a fight the same way; by coiling around their opponent and using ignite to almost literally cook them alive. Against foes that can fly over most of their attacks, they will often use flamethrower and fireball to try and shoot them down so they can finish them off as usual. They have have a hard time fighting water types. Not only can most water types counter fire floor with water floor but they can prevent flamequake from being effective by flooding the area with water. Outside of battle most Pyrothons enjoy using their flames to cook for themselves and their harem. They especially enjoy BBQ.
To outsiders, they seem mostly cold and indifferent, but to those who have worked hard and gained her trust she seems like a totally different Pokégirl. After one has broken through her shell the she often is very warm and friendly. Once her tamer gains her trust, she will become very lustful and will often try to initiate a taming session whenever alone with him. Most individuals of this breed are shy when it comes to doing anything sexual in public and will only try to initiate a taming session when alone with a tamer that she likes. When it comes to taming she will often be very dominant. Most like to coil around their tamers and use warm embrace to stimulate their tamers whole body at once. When it comes to the act of taming most of this species don't like to share. Trying to initiate a group taming with a Pyrothon involved is not recommended. In fact, the very idea tends to anger them. Over time most members of this breed will eventually learn to accept that their tamer has others in his life and needs to take care of them too, just as long as she doesn’t have to hear about it. After getting to know them, most Pyrothons will at least try to reach out and form a friendship with their harem sisters. This breed makes a poor choice for alpha due to their jealousy and territoriality, but can make a good choice for beta. Due to the fact that when it comes to battle and training they are very serious. Most Pyrothons don't get along with the Hellcat breed very well. They consider the dining habits of most Hellcats to be quite undignified, usually calling the Hellcat's preference for burning meat to a crisp before eating it "a waste of a good piece of meat". Unlike a lot of other fire types she is safe to tame without protection from her flames, as her sex is only slightly above normal human body temperature. Unlike most other snake Pokégirls, they are almost entirely bisexual sexual. While this allows both male and female tamers to keep a Pyrothon satisfied, they don't like having multiple partners. In fact, most are monogamous in their taming habits and once bonded, will only willingly tame with that person. If she is traded or won by salvage, short of a level 5 taming cycle, it can take weeks or even the threat of going feral before she will willingly accept another.
The feral state of the Pyrothon is fairly intense. As their feral state increases, they become more and more territorial about their tamer. Often times they will try to keep their harem sisters away from their tamer, whom they perceive as their territory. Pyrothons are very territorial, making their homes in burrows in mountainous and forested regions. Ferals will often times attack anything that comes near their burrow, whether they are human or Pokégirl. In such an occasion one should use strong water type attacks as the Pyrothon is weak to water. Do to the fact they can't unhinge their jaws, when feral, they usually have to rely on their fire abilities to cook their meals thoroughly enough to tenderize their food to allow them to tear off chunks of meat small enough to swallow. This also makes their food easier to digest.
Threshold into a Pyrothon is fairly uncommon but becoming more and more common in families with both fire and ground types in their ancestry. The first sign that most girls notice that they are going through threshold is an elevated body temperature mixed with an intense feeling of possessiveness over their room and possessions. This Threshold is a very painful and frightening process that most often lasts from a week to two weeks. During this time her legs fuse together and elongate, eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a long snake-like tail. Thresholders oftentimes have trouble controlling their developing fire abilities, leaving them as a fire risk until they learn to control their powers.
Flamequake – Ground/Fire (ATK 120 + EFT) In a variation of the technique earthquake, a dig capable fire Pokégirl tunnels under her opponents and creates a small localized earthquake. During this earthquake she releases as much fire as she can from the pores of her body. These intense flames spill out from the cracked earth, engulfing her opponents. This attack has a 45% likelihood of inflicting the status ailment of Burn.
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QUEENLER, the Ocean Fighter Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Clams
Role: Ground-to-Ocean Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Normal, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Crabhammer, Water Wall, Water Gun, Bubble, Uppercut, Backhand
Enhancements: Harder carapace, Strength (x3), Enhanced Pressure Resistance, Enhanced Carapace Manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Krabbit(Normal)
The Queenler is rather superior to the Krabbit in almost every way. Her carapace takes a deeper brown color and one of her claws nearly doubles or even triples in size. Which claw depends on which hand the Queenler prefers to use. The Queenler has full mastery over her carapace which allows her to cover sections of her body that she wishes. Usually Queenlers prefer to keep as little of their bodies covered as they can since they like to look sexy for everyone to see and show off how they can control their carapace. The Queenler also gain fighting skills in using their large claw in battle, making it a very dangerous weapon. She is also able to withstand deeper pressures in the ocean which means it takes her longer to get to shore, if she comes at all.
Feral Queenler follow many habits of their pre-evolved forms. While they do come to shore to rest, it isn't a guarantee that they will. They sometimes sleep at the bottom of the ocean since they are confident in their fighting abilities to ward of predators. When they do come to the shore, they really don't take great pains to hide themselves since their confidence in their skills with their giant claw remains strong outside water as well as in it. Usually the best way to capture is a Queenler is to first find a way to restrain the claw. It isn't easy since the Queenler has quicker reflexes and can move the claw without any kind of strain despite its weight. Still, the best way to restrain a Queenler is with a Pokégirl with a whip or knows the Vine Whip technique. A solid attack to her body will help wear her down after that.
Taming a Queenler is also like taming a Krabbit. The more aroused they get, the more carapace vanishes. However, the only part that remains is the claw. Queenler love it when their claw is restrained in taming because of the helplessness aspect which can turn them on greatly. Of course, this may not apply to all Queenler. Higher level Queenler can call the armor of the claw inside, but not a whole lot do since it is a great source of pride to them. Only Tamers who have the Queenler's trust, respect, and love will be able to get her to bring the carapace in.
In Harems, Queenler are not as mild-mannered as the Krabbit. They have an opinion and they will let you know about it. Even if you don't want it. Still, once they do voice their opinion in a matter then they will let their Tamer decide. They do keep their quirk of foaming at the mouth when they are unhappy. Of course, the Queenler try to be a little mature about it, but will still sulk when they think no one is watching. They will like to spar to keep their skills with their claw sharp.
In battles, Queenler will rely on their claw and not much else in terms of an attack. If their claw is somehow restrained or too injured to fight, they lose their main weapon and a lot of their confidence in winning. To them, the claw is the beginning and end of all fights. Still, if they do win without it, it comes as a surprise to them since they believe that they only need the claw to win.
Threshold cases into Queenler as rather scarce since most just change into Krabbit. The rare cases of Queenler threshold usually have muscle increase in the preferred arm and a craving for fish, shrimp, clams, and all kinds of seafood being reported before the actual change.
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RANDYSNATCH (aka SEXSLASH), the Wrecking Ball Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore
Role: most RandySnatches are used to knock down old buildings
Libido: High to very High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Buzzsaw, Earthquake
Enhancements: Longer sharp digging claws, and spiked semi hard hair
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sexshrew (normal)
Once a Sexshrew evolves into a RandySnatch (or a Sexslash as some Leagues call them) she grows bigger in size, her light brown skin loses its scales and she grows long, dark brown hair. When touched, however, her hair turns out to be tough and spiky and not at all pleasant to the touch (except to other Ground Pokégirls). Her hands and feet grow claws and her tail extends as well. This transformation makes her better at both digging and fighting and any Tamer who catches a Sexshrew for either of those purposes usually does his best to evolve her into a RandySnatch as quickly as possible. The transformation also makes taming a bit more difficult, but an eager RandySnatch knows how to work around those problems. RandySnatches also prefer to be naked, because that's easier for both digging and sex.
A RandySlash' personality differs greatly from that a of a Sexshrew. They no longer have any need for solitude and, in fact, enjoy being around others. They freely display their affection (usually by unexpected hugging) and enjoy a bit of rough-and-tumble. They try to keep in mind that not everyone is as tough as they are, but RandySnatches are known to unintentionally hurt weaker Pokégirls.
RandySnatches also enjoy taming anytime, anywhere. Whenever her Tamer or any of her Harem-sisters approach her with an offer, a RandySnatch will drop everything she's doing and have sex with them. RandySnatches greatly enjoy all forms of sex (except for those very extreme forms that end in mutilation or death), are fascinated with the idea of sex in public and take a 'the more the merrier' approach. They are not nearly as knowledgeable as, for example, Menage-A-Trois, but their boundless enthusiasm and great stamina makes up for a lot.
RandySnatches get on surprisingly well with Domina's and all their evolutions. RandySnatches enjoy taking anything a Domina can dish out (and because of their natural toughness, they can take quite a lot), but they also enjoy playing sexual power games from time to time. Cases of RandySnatches getting a Domina to submit to her are not unheard of.
Because of their excellent digging skills and powerful Ground attacks, RandySnatches are often employed for tearing down old buildings and digging mines, jobs most RandySnatches obviously enjoy.
Feral RandySnatches are rare. They live in holes in the ground, but will come out when they sense anyone coming near, usually hoping to find someone to have sex with. Unprepared travelers will find themselves enthusiastically raped and will usually get scratched. So far, no-one has been actually disemboweled by a feral RandySnatch jumping their bones, but it is not entirely unthinkable it'll never happen.
Girls very rarely threshold directly into a RandySnatch, but when they do the transition is generally smooth. Provided they get the sex they want to distract them, they'll barely notice their wildly different bodies and even if they don't have a lot of sex, they'll probably have too much fun digging around everywhere to care very much.
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RHYNODAME, the Rhino Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Centauroid, nonhumanoid
Element: Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: construction, hauling
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Crushing Punch, Horny Attack, Quake, Rock Throw, Stomp
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x14), Extreme high density (x10), armored skin, altered digestive system, reinforced musculoskeletal system, low feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Rhynowhore (normal)
Rhynodames are large centauroid Pokégirls, standing on average at least 9ft tall with thick muscular bodies. They have grey skin, black hair and speak in deep gravelly voices. They also have a thick, sharp horn growing out of their foreheads pointing upwards.
In a charge a Rhynodame will bend down to bring this horn level to the ground.
Since unlike other centauroid Pokégirls they are not metamorphs, and thus lack a humanoid taming form most Rhynodames don't wear clothing, although some, mostly threshold cases, wear a T-shirt over their humanoid torsos to cover their small breasts.
However many tamers fit their Rhynodames with sturdy harnesses to which packs can be attached, and also in many cases to allow them to tow carts and other vehicles.
Rhynodames are very difficult to tame since their thick skin means that they have a very limited sense of touch. This combined with the difficulties that their centauroid form produce means that most tamers resort to toys rather than the personal approach when taming a Rhynodame, at least after their initial taming. Even if a tamer is prepared to personally tame a Rhynodame special equipment is necessary not only because of her centauroid form but also because her great strength can make a fatal taming accident a possibility.
Rhynodames are very strong, being able to easily lift even a full grown Snorlass over their heads, but they are slow and thus have great difficulty in fighting a fast Pokégirl. In combat they use the horns on their foreheads to deliver devastating attacks, since even though they are not fast their great mass means that in a charge their horns can easily penetrate armor plating. This combined with strikes from the sturdy hooves on the end of their legs means that a Rhynodame could easily destroy a tank in combat.
However Rhynodames were not created by Sukebe with combat as their primary role, their ability to haul heavy loads saw them used as the logistics corps for the Pokégirl armies. They have continued this role into the modern era with many Rhynodames being used to haul the carts and barges which provide the main means of transporting most goods around local areas. They are also popular on farms where they are used to haul farm equipment around and in the construction industry where their great strength is an asset.
Rhynodames have a low feral state in which they lose the ability to speak and become passive and easily led. This has resulted in some owners of Rhynodames allowing them to go feral rather than going through the trouble of taming them, since they are still capable of hauling carts, ploughs and other machinery in their feral state. In the wild feral Rhynodames are loners and much less dangerous than Rhynowhores, although they will still fight back if they are attacked.
Threshold Rhynodames are very rare and aside from the normal psychological problems that most threshold Pokégirls go through, they also have great difficulty in adapting to the great differences in their new body.
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SALAMANDRA, the Pyro Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/ Anthro (Frog)
Elements: Fire/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Deserts) to Very Rare
Diet: Pokechow, Fish, Herbs
Role: Desert Trooper
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Poison Tail, Fireball, Inferno, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, Water Gun, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Sticky finger tips, Sticky tongue that can stretch up to 15 feet, Able to store large quantities of water in body, Tough exterior skin, Able to secrete two specific chemicals simultaneously from skin.
Disadvantages: Even though Salamandra is thought of as a partial water type, water attacks still do damage to her over time. Her water attacks are generally super hot due to her prevalent Fire Element
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hottie (Fire Stone)
Salamandra is one of the few fire types that can handle water attacks, for a limited time. Like Horny Toad, her water type sister, Salamandra has fire, poison and water based attacks. However her strength lies in her use of fire attacks. While the water attacks she had when she was a Hottie decrease in effectiveness and availability she still retains her Water Gun attack. However this is offset by her increase in fire and poison based attacks. Also unlike the Horny Toad Salamandra still is able to maintain her Tongue attacks, in fact they are enhanced by the evolution making the tongue longer and stronger. Due to the harsh environment of the desert the Salamandra develops a tough skin to protect itself from the scorching desert sun. Salamandra can store sums of water so that she can moves across the desert environment where water is scarce.
Due to Salamandra's natural environment being hot arid desert, it makes them more adverse to Ice based attacks, While their thicker hide helps protect them from the harsh sun it doesn't help with their speed, so it also causes them to be weaker against Flying types. Much like the Horny Toad the Salamandra's natural camouflage gives her an almost natural Fade ability in her preferred environment of the Desert. Many can be found (with a Pokédex) basking in the sun, their rough skin has an almost rock like appearance to it making it near impossible to spot them when they are sleeping/resting.
On a different note when matured enough a Salamandra is able to will her body to secrete two special chemicals, that when used properly can not only keep the girl safe, but also make her body a veritable weapon. The first chemical is similar in properties to a chemical used in the entertainment industry, know then as 'Stunt-gel' it helps to protect a person from receiving severe burns when in contact with fire. While the exact chemical components can vary from Salamandra to Salamandra their purpose remains the same, keep a Salamandra safe from damaging herself when using a special Fire-move restricted (as far as it is known) to Salamandra types. The second chemical is what makes the first chemical necessary, similar to 'Pyro-gel' this chemical burns when lit. When these two natural secretions of a Salamandra are combined, the Pokégirl can inevitably light herself on fire and cause little to no damage to herself, while becoming highly dangerous to an opponent.
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SNORLASS, the Obese Lazy Glutton Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: omnivore. If it fits in the mouth, it's pretty much considered food.
Role: generally not used. Far too lazy and the food bills are way too high to make this gourmand a likely choice among Tamers or as a pet. Sometimes found in circus acts.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Wrestle, Seismic Toss, Stomp, Sleep, Body Slam, Trample, Panda Sign
Enhancements: Stores fat all over its body, increased mass (some have been recorded at over 2000 lbs), ability to hibernate, extremely efficient digestive process
Evolves: Grizzlar (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
The first Snorlass appeared 100 years *after* the Revenge War. The first one, as well as the dozen others found afterwards, were discovered within a forest in the Tropic League, casually munching on a grove of fruit trees. Their origins were eventually traced back to a laboratory that had discovered some of Sukebe's genetics technology and were attempting to make new breeds, one of many that were making Snorlasses. All labs have since been seized and are now under the control of the world League governments.
Snorlasses are incredibly large Pokégirls, around eight feet in height. They have black fur on their legs, arms, and ears, as well as in black patches around their eyes and on their stubby tails. The rest of their fur is white. They are also, due to their tremendous appetites and massive food intake, incredibly FAT Pokégirls. They eat almost constantly, bulking up to tremendous size, fat distributing itself all around the Snorlass's body, primarily around their breasts (which are surprisingly round despite their bulk), and especially their bellies. They are extremely strong, and faster than they look (although speedier Pokégirls can run rings around them easily), and can learn styles such as sumo and Greco-Roman wrestling with ease. They can also take incredible amounts of punishment due to their bulk, even from Fighting-type Pokégirls.
Snorlasses, at first, were quite popular. They were powerful, incredibly strong Pokégirls that had tremendous mass that could overwhelm smaller opponents. However, several problems quickly arose.
The first major problem was the food bills. Snorlasses ate several dozen pounds of food a day, which for Tamers meant tremendous food bills that few were able to maintain. Snorlasses were also hard to tame due to their size, requiring special restraints to do so successfully. Every recorded Snorlass has been over 1000 pounds, some larger ones weighing in at over 2000. And the another major issue with Snorlasses, one that has since become a trademark of the species, is their laziness. They sleep constantly, waking up just for Tamings and eating, Feral Snorlasses picking up the habit of hibernating for months at a time. Some Tamers have found ways around this, using special flutes or bells to awaken their Snorlasses, but still, the cons of a Snorlass far outweighed (so to speak) the benefits of having them. Very few Tamers have Snorlasses anymore, and those that do usually are incredibly rich.
Primarily now, Snorlasses are found in circus acts and occasionally in zoos, as they have an easygoing demeanor that suits these roles the best.
Some Threshold cases of becoming a Snorlass have been reported. The first major sign of this is a girl's eating habits changing drastically, and a lot of weight being gained in a short amount of time.
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SUPER TITANIA, The Blazing Stone Titan Legendary Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Heavy meat and minerals, such as iron
Role: Living Destruction
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost
Attacks: Didn’t bother with specific attacks, just smashed things and flash fried them
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 100 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10)
Evolves: Ultimate (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Evolves From: Titania G-Spliced (Absorbing soul of the dead Kary G-Spliced)
The reappearance of Titania, Kary, and Scylla during the so-called Athena Incident baffled many. It was thought to be impossible to successfully clone Legendary Pokégirls. What was even stranger is what occurred after they started killing each other. It was only months after Omega Athena’s destruction that records were found detailing full information on the three so-called ‘Legendary Pokégirls’ and confirming, much to people’s relief, that it is impossible to clone them.
In actuality, the three of them were actually Clonetwos, defectives that had none of the original strengths of the original Legendaries. It was only through heavy genetic manipulation, both through science and magical bonding spells, that they were able to make the deformed creatures powerful enough to be considerable threats and look like their originals, essentially making them into G-Spliceds. Not true clones at all. The Kary G-Spliced was a fusion of several Naga and fire-type breeds, the Titania G-Spliced was a fusion of several ground-type and rock-type breeds, and the Scylla G-Spliced was heavily laden with modified Titacruel DNA. Each one’s soul was designed to be one piece of the whole, merging with a living one of the three after one died.
Super Titania, the first form, was the result of the souls of the Kary and Titania G-Spliceds fusing. This occurred in the Athena Incident when the three turned on each other, ‘Titania’ killing ‘Kary.’ Their souls merged, and ‘Titania’s’ body changed. Her transformation was only partial, her body growing to 100 feet and gaining a reddish hue. She slew ‘Scylla’ soon after, evolving to Super Titania, her transformation incomplete.
According to the data, if her evolution had been completed, she would have gained a Naga-like tail, her features becoming a combination of ‘Kary’s’ and ‘Titania’s.’ She would have had greater flame and earth wielding capabilities, and would have been far more durable than before. She would have even been strong enough to survive a blast from the Langoud’s main cannons if it had not sunk prior to her appearances. The records we found indicated that Super Titania would have had a tentacled lower body if ‘Titania’ had killed ‘Scylla’ first, or if ‘Scylla’ had killed her.
The recovered records show that it wouldn’t have matter who made the first fatality. If it had been ‘Kary,’ we would have had to deal with Super Kary. If it had been ‘Scylla,’ we would have had to deal with Super Scylla. All we are certain of is that we’re glad these cheap imitations of the three Legendaries are dead, and that Super Titania is no more.
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THUNDNAGA, the Shocking Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Snake)
Element: Electric/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore (Prefers Raw Meat)
Role: Combat Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Wrap, Bite, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt, Venom Bite, Lust Bite, Paralyzing Poison, Sleep Poison, Greased Lightning*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Poisonous Bite
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Thunder Stone)
Thundnagas are quick, lightweight Pokégirls that have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake. Sukebe created the Thundnaga breed to support his tougher troops in combat. Often times helping to disable opponents from behind before enemies even knew she was there. Thundnagas were often sent as support for other more frontline fighters. While their enemies were busy fighting their partners, the Thundnaga would hit their enemies from behind with a combination of electric and poison attacks. After the war this Pokégirl has seen popularity amongst both electric and poison enthusiasts in most leagues with warm climates, due their good support capabilities. Like most other snake Pokégirls she is cold blooded and as such is weak against the cold, including ice attacks.
When a Naga comes into contact with a thunder stone she will evolve into an electric Pokégirl, the Thundnaga. Thundnagas have long snake-like bodies that range from 15-20 feet long. Their lower snake half is covered in smooth, bright yellow scales. Some individuals may have black stripes going down their backs to the tips of their tails. Thundnagas are one of the few Pokégirls whose breast size actually decreases after going though an evolution leaving this Pokégirl with a slender, petite body and small A-cup breasts. This is most likely to make her as streamline and agile as possible. A Thundnaga’s eye color is almost always a bright green color, but others have been reported. Most Thundnagas have dark black hair but blue has been seen in some individuals. Thundnagas like to keep their hair long, often times their hair reaches below their waist. Unlike her previous form the Naga, the Thundnaga has no metamorphic qualities. Her snake-like lower body starts just under her human-like vagina. A Thundnaga’s skin is a very light pale, resisting tanning and burning, even after being exposed to the sun all day. Most researchers are unsure of why this is.
Thundnagas shine best when supporting their harem sisters through the liberal use of thunder wave to try to disable their opponents. For extra defense against melee opponents the Thundnaga will often spread her special attack, greased lightning, on the ground around herself in order keep them away from melee range. Against flying foes the Thundnaga will usually rely on her enhanced agility and reflexes to keep away from danger while trying to disable her opponents from a distance. She will only use her stronger electric attacks against an opponent if her harem sister's life is in danger. Researchers say this is because the Thundnaga is only able to produce a minimum amount of electricity in her small body at a time, but those that have been close to a Thundnaga say it is also because this Pokégirl dislikes causing excess pain to others and will instead try to disable her opponent as quickly and painlessly as possible. If put into a situation where they need to fight alone they will often start off with thunder wave and then try to fully immobilize their opponents with their paralyzing or sleep poison.
On the surface the Thundnaga seems like a somewhat moody Pokégirl, quick to offer judgment and criticism to people they don’t know, acting like they are better than most humans and Pokégirls. Most tamers with a bonded Thundnaga say that they don’t mean most of what they say but unless they are familiar with the person or Pokégirl in question they have trouble saying nice things. Researchers say this is most likely because they are uncomfortable around people they don’t know and like to hide this discomfort with a false mask of arrogance. According to a tamer with a delta bonded Thundnaga "once they are comfortable with their tamer and the harem they are in, they are in fact very kind and helpful". In a new harem situation a Thundnaga will often be rude and cold to the other members of the harem. Once she gets used to her new master and her new harem sisters she will start to open up and show her true feelings. A Thundnaga once she gets used to the harem dynamics of her new family can make a good choice for alpha, changing her usual arrogance into a kind and confident manner that is perfect for leadership. While this Pokégirl gets along well with most breeds once she gets to know them, the Thundnaga is often times wary around the Domina breed or any breed that enjoys causing excess pain to others. Strangely enough due to this evolution she is almost entirely bisexual, with very few individuals being completely strait or lesbian. This is a plus for those male tamers that have always wanted a Naga, but going from a predominantly lesbian species to a male tolerant one is rather unnerving for some freshly evolved Thundnagas. If evolved from a previously lesbian Naga by a male tamer, by means of a thunder stone, she may have trouble adapting to this sudden change in her feelings. It can take days to even weeks, even the threat of going feral, before she will approach her new tamer willingly for a taming. This uncomfortable transition period doesn't usually apply to thresholders, unless she was strongly lesbian in sexual orientation as a human.
Most Thundnagas like to wear clothes at all times unless they are alone with their trusted tamer or other member of her harem that she trusts. When asked about this most Thundnagas say that this is because they get cold easily due to their cold-blooded nature. Most researchers suspect that this is also just another facet of their discomfort around strangers. It is safe to tame a Thundnaga without protection from her electricity as, unless she is going feral, she has full control over her poison and electricity. When a Thundnaga is tamed by someone she is uncomfortable with she will be often submissive making her tamer do all the work, but this changes once she becomes comfortable with her tamer and starts to open up. During a taming session with a tamer she is comfortable with a Thundnaga will be very passionate if not a little dominant. Most Thundnaga like to be on top when taming and after taming most Thundnaga will wrap their coils around their tamer and the other members of his or her harem that participated in the taming session to snuggle.
A Thundnaga's feral state is relatively mild. When her mind starts getting clouded she will often start discharging extra static electricity, shocking those around her. This causes no permanent harm but does hurt a little. They also will start acting out by yelling at those around them, including their fellow harem members. Thresholding into a Thundnaga is fairly common amongst families with both electric and poison pokégirl ancestry. This threshold, strangely enough, tends to be relatively painless as far as most thresholds go. Most thresholders will first notice a numb tingling sensation around their fingertips, which quickly develops into a full body paralysis due to the build up of electricity in her body. As the poison she begins producing starts building up in her body most thresholders will, within days of the start of threshold, fall into a poison induced coma only to awaken one to two weeks later as a fully developed Thundnaga. Fortunately during this time she is unaware of the changes going on in her body such as her legs fusing together. Eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a, fully developed, snake-like tail.
Greased Lightning - (ATK 50 + EFT) Thought by most to only be available via TM, this move is native to the Thundnaga. Using a method similar to the technique water floor, she can spread a thick layer of grease on the ground that produces static electricity. This grease will shock any opponent Pokégirl that comes into contact with it.
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TITANIA, the Legendary Giant Stone Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Rocks, Minerals
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: Unknown (presumed low)
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Plant, Water, Flying
Attacks: Grow, Shrink, Rock Throw, Quake, Harden, Megawave, Shockspike, Rage Shock, No Sell, Chump Change, Stomp, Fissure, EarthQuake, Resonate, Tectonic Slam, Diamond Fist
Enhancements: Can grow to huge size (30 feet tall), heals when she eats earth or minerals
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
In her smaller form, she stood 8'9", had long dark hair, light grey skin, violet eyes and looked very much like a Marble Pokégirl. In her larger form, she appeared much the same, but her body appeared more 'blockish', as if she were using boulders as makeshift armor.
Believed to be the first rock or ground Pokégirl, and the progenitor of many of the current Rock and Ground-type Pokégirls, Titania was not a overly violent Pokégirl. Though she did cause massive amounts of damage, very few deaths were attributed to her attacks. Titania's behavior became less violent following Sukebe's death, and she often wandered with Marble Pokégirls, exploring the land, and only fighting when attacked.
Following her battle with her 'sister' Legendary, Hy-Bra, which left a scar that remained on her body until the day she died, Titania changed. Many believe that it was misplaced frustration towards her 'sister' or perhaps a side effect of the Omega Drain, but Titania became increasingly more violent following that battle.
Unfortunately, she timed her last rampage poorly, destroying a port town near where Scylla had died, only hours after her water sister had been destroyed by the Langoud's cannon.
The shot struck the enlarged Pokégirl, tearing her apart and disintegrating most of her, and sending large chunks flying miles away, one of which landed in the town of Twin Peaks.
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ULTIMATE, The Multi-Elemental Colossus Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire/Water
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Anything
Role: Living Death that walks…
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Used no specific techniques, just powerful use of fire, earth, and water elements.
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 150 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, regenerates quickly in water, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, tentacles, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Agility (x20)
Evolves: Omega Athena (death of Athena, absorbing Ultimate’s soul)
Evolves From: Super Titania (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Super Titania was enough of a nightmare. The power of creatures that were different but equal to the combined might of two Legendaries was disastrous to behold. It would have been even worse had she been given a chance to finish her evolution. It was when all three of them merged that things got bad.
After Super Titania killed the Scylla Clonetwo/G-Spliced, her body disappeared and her soul merged with the other two merged souls of her sister. Super Titania evolved again, becoming the aptly named Ultimate. She gained absolute master of the combined elements of her previous bodies, and was a ruthless killer. She was destruction incarnate, and couldn’t be beaten by any conventional means. It’s presumed that even the original thirteen Espers and the three surviving War Espers couldn’t defeat her.
Upon her evolution from Super Titania to Ultimate, she reverted back to her ‘Titania’-esque form. If her evolution would have been allowed to complete, the recovered records tell us that in addition to gaining the serpentine lower body she would have had as Super Titania, she would have also gotten eight massive tentacles on her back, each one impossibly long and flexible. Her skin would have turned a savage mix of dark red, dark blue, and dark brown, her teeth turning into razor-edged fangs.
It is by sheer chance that she was not allowed to finish her evolution. And probably for the best as well. Ultimate would have been far too strong for any army of Pokégirls to fight. Thankfully, it was not possible for the original Titania, Scylla, and Kary to become Ultimate. Which is a very good thing, they were hard enough to kill as it is.
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VIDEO GIRL UPGRADE, the Netmistress Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human - Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Varies
Frequency: Extremely Rare Diet: Electricity (Manifested form)/N/A (Vitual Form)
Role: Data flow management and control
Libido: Customizable
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water, Varies
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock, Varies
Attacks: Disk Toss, Data Transfer (teleport), Data Stream, Upload, Download, Mag Bomb, Luminare, Magnet Flux, Thunder, All Others Vary
Enhancements: Virtual Form, Wireless Connectivity, Virtual Agelessness, All Others Vary
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Video Girl (Repeated Upgrades)
When a Video Girl undergoes repeated upgrades, to the point that less than twenty-five percent of her original programming remains unaltered, she can be said to have evolved into a Video Girl Upgrade. Much more varied than their unevolved forms, Upgrades are also much rarer due to the lack of programmers with enough skill to successfully upgrade a Video Girl to such an extent without damaging her functionality. For this reason, those that exist tend to be extremely loyal to their "creators," and they're often sought after by those who do not realize the reason for said loyalty. In any case, they usually share the basic abilities of their unevolved form, often taken to a much higher level, and a slew of others that depend on the nature of their customization.
Physically, or rather, virtually, Upgrades differ vastly from Video Girls, in most cases; the avatar data contained within them is one of the easier things to customize, and thus their appearances tend to be in the direction of whatever their programmer likes. Similarly, when physically manifesting (which is another area they tend to be more advanced in than normal Video Girls, creating extremely complex and lifelike physical avatars, though some will look less so than Video Girls, if their programmer is not interested in said avatar), their appearances are hard to assign an average value to, as they depend heavily on what their customization is geared towards, and again, what preferences their programmer has, with forms ranging from quite obvious Not Very Near Human to nearly perfect Very Near Human, sans the projector containing the Lifedisk. The secondary element which some Upgrades gain is also generally reflected by their appearance; an Upgrade who tends toward water might have a blue color scheme, et cetera.
Mentally, the changes are somewhat more consistent, although not a rule by any means. Considering that it normally requires a human programmer of great skill to create an Upgrade, since it's extraordinarily hard for a Video Girl to upgrade herself too drastically without help, most of the breed has, out of necessity, a love for the technologically skilled. Since upgrades to the logical faculties and processing speeds are perhaps the most common changes made to Video Girls, it is rare to see an Upgrade that does not greatly surpass the average Video Girl in both these areas, which makes them seem more intelligent, even if it's actually just working out the answer faster, though many are equipped with vastly more sophisticated computation algorithms. They can also, in cases where their programmers desire such, understand emotions more easily, and even approximate their own emotional responses to situations with far greater accuracy. Again, however, these statements only apply to the average case, and a hugely diverse range of mentalities can be observed in individuals due to varying customization.
In terms of combat, there is a definite difference between real and virtual as far as the breed's prowess goes. On a physical battlefield, they're not particularly great, though hardly inept either; with the achievement of a secondary element, they gain both advantages and disadvantages in this area. Some have been known to shine, and others to dismally fail, which has led to the average being...well, average. Again, what direction her customization is geared is an important factor in determining the aptitude for physical combat that a particular Upgrade will have. They do have the universal advantage of being virtually immortal, though, unless something happens to their Lifedisk, which is extremely rare. It should also be noted that, due to the recompiling process, no changes can be made whilst an Upgrade is physically manifested,
Virtually, on the other hand, most Upgrades are almost invincible. The title "The Netmistress Pokégirl" is not simply for effect; with the faster processing speeds, better logical faculties, more advanced computational abilities, and other technological superiority that sets most individuals well above their preevolutionary form, there is little that can even approach their level. Adding to this, customization leads most to have some further specialty skill(s), resulting in a breed that many League Governments both covet and fear. Needless to say, most Upgrades find themselves in some form of government service, as it's rather difficult for an individual possessing such a potentially powerful breed not to be influenced by either a government or a criminal faction, and those who fall in with the latter thankfully tend to be dealt with quite swiftly because of the extreme security risk they pose. In a similar vein, the possibility of an Upgrade going Viral is feared greatly by many, as such an occurrence could theoretically be as devastating as a Widow attack. However, others maintain that any and all Viral Video Girls would already be considered Upgrades by virtue of their nature.
Sexually, Upgrades are almost as variable as can be, at least when manifested. Naturally, they don't require taming when not manifested, although some have been programmed to tend towards a feral state in that form anyway, for added control. In any case, customization of sexual preferences and the learning of sexual skills is one of the simpler facets of Video Girl programming, and so changes that reflect the owners preferences are almost always made to Upgrades in early stages of programming. This is often done simply to tone down the extreme libido that much of the breed has when manifested under normal circumstances. It should also be noted that said libido can only be adjusted between the thresholds of "Average" and "Extreme" without severely damaging the core of a Video Girl's coding, which is presumably a failsafe put into place by Sukebe. In any case, the breed's feral state can also be adjusted, although not made to be too light or eliminated, which is presumably another failsafe. Since Upgrades cannot physically give birth, Thresholding into one has been deemed impossible.
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WHORIZARD, the Sexy Searing Soaring Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: plants, small animals, pokechow
Role: igniting things, combat
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Thrower, Ember, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Ignite, Rage, Fire Blast
Enhancements: Endurance, Heat Resistance, Updraft
Evolves: None
Evolves From: CharMelons (normal)
A Whorizard is a CharMelons that has had even more combat victories and Taming, letting her make the jump to her final form. Whorizards are quite different from their previous form, in that they now have large wings from their shoulders. They gain a secondary element, Flying, that negates some of their previous strengths and weaknesses, making their Tamers have to plan their strategies with them differently now. For a long time, many researchers debated over whether or not Whorizard was a Dragon-type, since she could fly and breathe fire. Eventually, they came to the (correct) conclusion that while she seemed to be, she wasn’t a Dragon-type Pokégirl, though a minority still holds this view. A Whorizard’s red-blonde hair seems to dance quicker now, as though it was a crackling flame. When she lets it appear, the fire on the end of her tail burns hotly, large and powerful.
A Whorizard is very powerful in combat. Her Ignite attack is a greater version of Burning Hands, allowing her to set part of herself, usually her arms or upper torso, aflame, and she then grabs her enemy, inflicting heavy damage. Fire Blast is a superior version of Fireball, letting her spit a ball of flame that explodes when it hits something. Her most feared attack though is Rage. When using Rage, her defenses lower, but her attacks are even stronger, her flames burning hotter and her blows more powerful. Many opponents have been known to forfeit the match at the sight of a Raging Whorizard. Indeed, the phrase “like a Raging Whorizard" is used to describe someone with a short temper.
A Whorizard’s ability to fly is very advantageous to her, both in and out of combat, allowing her to cover long distances for scouting and such, while also letting her retain air superiority over land-bound foes. Her Updraft special ability is where she heats the air under her, making a heavy gust of wind push up under her wings. Using this ability, she can lift off from a still position, not needing to run and flap her wings to take to the air. It also can be used in mid-flight to gain more altitude, or to give her wings a rest. Her control over his ability is enough that she can use if on others up to around twenty feet away or so, often relieving tired Flying-types when they can’t stop by letting them rest their wings. This technique is also useful for drying someone off without burning them. A Whorizard will tend to try and use her own natural flames to negate being wet after being hit with a water attack, so she mostly uses this on her Tamer or other non-Fire-type Pokégirls who want to dry off.
Whorizards have the trademark High libido of over Fire-types, and want to be Tamed several times a day. If they don’t get laid often, they tend to become irritable and standoffish, often arguing with their Tamer, hoping for some enjoyable punishment in the bedroom as their Tamer “shows them who’s boss." They do enjoy stroking and cuddling, but not to the extent that their previous forms did. They much prefer fast and furious screwing. Their cunt is even hotter than that of a CharMelons’ though, and only Tamers with a heat-resistant Blood Gift can hope to Tame them without special creams and not have nasty burns down there.
Feral Whorizards are terrors, raining fire down from above. They are usually attacked on sight with intent to capture, since all but the most foolish of humans and Pokégirls realizes just how dangerous, and how strong, a Feral Whorizard is. It’s exceptionally rare for a Threshold girl to become a Whorizard.
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YGGDRA, the Celestial Dragoness Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (snake)
Element: Plant/Dragon (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers Vegetables
Role: Crop enhancers, magic staff and wand producers
Libido: High (Extremely Low if Mallorn Seed is being produced)
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Ground, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Infernal, Dragon, Flying, Poison, Bug
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Tail Whip, Regenerate, Lance, Wrap, Twister, Solarbeam, Lust Bite, Rose Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Heaven's Arrow, Command Plants
Enhancements: Hibernative State, Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5), Ice Tolerance (Ice attacks do standard damage instead of extra due to elemental typing), Solar Flight, Longevity.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kadru (Angel Stone)
More in line with the theme of her prevolutionary forms than her Infernal counterpart, the Yggdra is almost a giant among Pokégirls. With her full length close to thirty feet, about five sixths of her body length is comprised of the tail section, and the rest of her is her human-like upper body. Her breasts do not get any larger upon evolution, but her body is now covered with scales, although she does keep her hair (and it's original color from her previous evolution). These scales are small and look just like her skin did, but they seem to change in color with the seasons; blue/white in winter, yellowish in spring, brown in summer, and a deep red in autumn.
The other prominent physical change that occurs involves her "wings." The Kadru's vestigial wings become true wings upon evolving, reaching a good twenty feet for each wing. This gives the Yggdra a solid forty foot wingspan; possibly the largest of any non-flying type Pokégirl in existence. As such, she can now truly fly, but only when the sun is out--the Yggdra gains much strength when absorbing sunlight, and it is needed for her to gain altitude. In addition, the heat and light of the sun react with the musculature of her wings, enhancing their strength while also making her entire body lighter by around twenty percent--just enough to allow her to get airborne. As such, if, whilst in the air, her sunlight is cut off, she can glide and ride on the air currents, but cannot truly fly again until it is regained.
One other thing that happens upon her evolution is the gaining of a seed that grows upon her chest, between her breasts. During the first month after evolving, a Yggdra's libido is nullified, and research has shown that all her energy goes towards the creation of this small seed, little larger than a walnut. Upon the thirtieth day, it is ready, and the Yggdra will choose a place that she would likely call home (or at least someplace that she is somehow attached to) to plant the seed, burying it at least a good ten to twenty feet underground.
The tree that sprouts from this seed is called a Mallorn, and it is filled with the essence of the Yggdra who planted it. It will grow at a rate four times faster than that of other trees, and looks much like a Redwood does (though stronger, heavier, and sturdier than any other tree in the world). This tree is also the tree that gives the Yggdra her longevity enhancement, linking the two with a special bond; Yggdra are loathe to leave their Mallorn tree for any length of time longer a month or two, instead preferring to care for her tree and growing the wild plant life nearby. As such, often, the paths one might take to the tree are carefully watched by the Pokégirl, even as she tends to the tree's needs. The Mallorn Tree blooms year round, and gives off fruit that the Yggdra wishes it to do, all year, as long as the tree manages to stay tended to by the Pokégirl that is bonded to it. When not tending to her tree, the Yggdra may be found meditating or enjoying life nearby, and most especially love the rain.
Another interesting note is that, after the month without taming, a Yggdra will go after her tamer as soon as she's finished planting the seed in the ground, 'christening' the seed with as much as she can. Even when the tree is grown (it takes only ten years for the tree to grow into a large tree that can easily support even a Snorlass' weight), the Pokégirl gets a special thrill of being tamed by her tamer within the branches of her tree. Aside from this, the taming preferences of a Yggdra are inherited from their Kadru form; she have the same difficulties, but in spades. The fact that, as such, she will generally be the "dominant" one in taming has further added to the breed's unpopularity with tamers. However, another thing that the few tamers who do chose to use a Yggdra complain about is the difficulty of obtaining a Delta-bond with her, as a result of the bond that she automatically has with the tree. As such, some Yggdra go their tamer's entire lives without even Delta-bonding, and researchers have concluded that this is most likely an effect of the bond between the Pokégirl and her tree.
As of 300 AS, there have been no accounts of a feral Yggdra; only one was known to be around during the Revenge War, and after it, she was found and tamed by a tamer within the Noir League shortly afterwards. She lives there still, her tamers in subsequent years having been buried near the roots of her Mallorn tree, which is the oldest living tree in existence today, and is still strong. It was from her that some of the Mallorn tree's secrets were revealed to the world: burning, or crushing a Mallorn branch results in a fine powder, and when used to either sprinkle onto the ground or to border the land in some way, all plant life within that area of where the remains of that branch was settled will find it's yield tripled for an entire six months. As such, obtaining fallen Mallorn branches is great business; aside from the agricultural applications, some of the branches are used as wands or staves by those of Vale as ideal magic-conducting items.
It is also a business that should be undertaken carefully, however; the Pokégirls caretakers of the Mallorn tree (especially its Yggdra) dislike ever having to intentionally cut off any branch (with the connection that they have with the tree, twigs that are taken off feel like paper cuts to them, whilst branches are like having her arm twisted into pointing the opposite direction. Not a fun experience.) and prefer to wait until something natural happens to it. As such, attempting to forcibly facilitate such is strongly discouraged, as it may lead the Yggdra to become violent; one tamer who wanted to make money quick attempted to sell the Mallorn tree, only to find his Yggdra turn on him and use her Command Plants and Rose Whip attacks to deal with the people that had come in with chainsaws and other bladed weapons.
In that vein, although Yggdra are generally pacifistic, if they do encounter a situation that requires violence, it is generally resolved easily enough. Aside from retaining a lack of weakness to ice, they gain several powerful abilities that can turn nature itself to their purposes; Command Plants is excellent for restraining an opponent long enough to charge a Solar Beam, and Rose Whip can be used in drawing a foe close enough to be engaged by her tremendously powerful wrap technique. As such, considering the ease with which it may be accomplished, it is suggested that one should avoid angering a Yggdra without a good reason and a strong harem.
On a related note, however, it should be noted that Yggdra and Nidogg have something of a rivalry. Whether it is because they're Infernal and Celestial evolutions of the same Pokégirl or because they're both powerful dragon types with opposing viewpoints, the fact is that the two breeds get along terribly, mostly due to actions taken by the Nidogg. She will often attempt to, in hopes of getting a rise out of the pacifistic celestial, attack the Yggdra's Malorn Tree. This action will stir even the normally calm and giving Pokégirl to anger, and the ensuing clash, however, is generally not an easy one to predict the result of. Both can fly (weather permitting) both are strong against each other, and although Nidoggs are faster, Yggdra are more powerful and far larger.
Overall, though, Yggdra are giving Pokégirls. Unlike other Celestials, they do realize that making life for others nearby is just as important as improving life worldwide. As such, should a town require wood, or any possible foodstuffs that she might be able to grow, a Yggdra will provide as best as she can, regardless of the fact that her tamer may not agree with her decision; she is a Celestial Pokégirl, after all, and researchers remind all tamers with one that they do what they feel is necessary, despite your own wants.
Similarly, in an emergency, a Yggdra may even give up her tree for the betterment of those around her and, if the tree is badly wounded by something, she may opt to have it cut down rather than let it suffer any longer than it has to. Upon the loss of her tree, a Yggdra will begin the cycle of creating a new Mallorn Seed all over again, though she may only be bonded to one tree at a time, and cannot create another seed unless the tree she is bonded to is dead.
Although the percentage found as such is almost so low as to be nonexistent, in a harem, the Yggdra may make for a good Beta, but her need to put her tree above all else other than her tamer and those around her (possibly even at the expense of her own harem sisters) make her a very poor choice for an Alpha. For the most part, however, if her owner is still an active tamer, a Yggdra will generally attempt to convince him to settle somewhere or to trade her away to a farmer/other such Tradesman.
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YOUMA, the Default Demon Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human - Inhumanoid
Element: Magic/Various (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: special: energy consumption, various
Role: Soldier of the Legion of Terror
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, (Everything else varies)
Weak Vs: Celestial Pokégirls, (Everything else varies)
Attacks: Absorb, Dream Eater, Energy Drain, Shadow Scythe (Lv35), (Everything else varies)
Enhancements: enhanced reflexes (x3), enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x3), enhanced endurance (x3), (everything else varies although Sleeplessness is more common than others)
Evolves: Cardian (Leaf Stone), Daimon (stress, orgasm or battle), Hellcat (Cat E-Medal (Magic/Fire type Youma only) or Cat E-Medal and Fire Stone (All Youma except for Magic/Fire types))
Evolves From: Kamichu (if highly temperamental)
Back during the war of revenge, the Youma, the first and most basic of Infernal Pokégirls was what made up the original Legion of Terror. They were the oncoming wave of unholy nature that struck against human populace and armed opposing forces. With their various strengths and powers, there was more than enough variety to handle any situation; any opposition they faced was squashed thoroughly. Although over the years they became more of the grunt soldiers as they were joined by more dangerous Pokégirls, (such as the Vampire) and more powerful, more fiendish Pokégirls, (the Mazoku) the Youma still made up the vast majority of the Legion of Terror (a solid 68%). They kept the fight going right up until its disbanding in 4 AS.
It is understandable that with such a history, Youma aren't really popular, despite the vast variety of powers and abilities. And it doesn't help their case that most of the species aren't attractive... to begin with. The only exceptions are often the domesticated Youma, but there are, on occasion, moderately attractive feral Youma found in the wilds, (and are often captured on the spot if possible). The other problem is that there is a genetic memory, some coding deep down that lets them remember, makes them just know on an instinctual level that they used to be the main stay of Sukebe's Legions of Terror. Despite the Legion's dissolution long ago, roughly half of all Youma retain a level of fidelity to the Creator, and often they'll only give a show of their foul temper to all other humans. Fortunately, this instinct of loyalty to a madman is lost upon evolution.
However, there are Pokégirl Tamers that continue to Tame and domesticate the Youma species. One of the main reasons is that with every evolution, there's a good chance (60% to 70%) that the Youma will become more physically attractive than before. And of course, every Youma tend to become considerably more powerful with every evolution. One Daimon was known to have the strength of an Amachamp. Unfortunately, for those Tamers that choose to try and work with Youma will discover that they are very difficult to maintain because of their wildly different food requirements. Youma and Cardians often need to drain health from other life forms, Lemures need to cause nightmares, Droido and Demonesses need to release negative energy. But many of these are merely standards. Youma and its evolutions can vary in their dietary needs. Even thought energy consumption has been the norm, the Youma has not had a base diet established.
In Pokébattle however, is where a Youma really shines. They have such versatility and can handle numerous roles depending on their elements, but there is always a few techniques that will always be present in the Infernal Pokégirls. Techniques that drain their opponent of energy are their staple, and when they get to a high enough level, they gain a solid Infernal technique to their repertoire: Shadow Scythe. Whatever attack capabilities are available to them, a Youma will certainly attack any opponent, (and sometimes innocents) with gusto.
With Taming, it should be noted that for a lot of Youma, this is actually their feeding time. Those that feed on energy often give their Tamer a level of control; the more he exerts himself, the more energy he's giving off for them to feast upon. However, the Youma who don't need energy as much as the others will often be a demanding lot. As one can guess, preferred sexual fetishes and positions are as varied as the kinds of capabilities that the Youma have.
There have, surprisingly, been a number of cases where girls going through Threshold became Youma. In all these cases, no one realized at first that the girl was becoming one. Due to the wide variety of physical traits that Youma posses, they're often thought to be turning into another kind of Pokégirl. However, once they start become rather hostile to former loved ones and begin making out-and-out declarations that `The Creator shall win', `Humanity will taste my wrath' and `Legion of Terror FOREVER', it's a little more than obvious what's going on to her, and the girl will often find herself shipped off to a far-away Ranch ASAP!
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