BAKUCHAN, the Dream-eater Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Dreams (specialized energy-feeding mechanism)
Role: Sleep disruption, dream analysis, sleep aid, assistant for the disabled
Libido: Unknown (can be Tamed within dreams)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Energy Drain, Dream Eater, Haunted, Sleepy Eyes, Hypnotize, Yawn, Phase
Enhancements: Corporeal/Incorporeal form, dream sustenence, dream entry, light-sensitive eyes
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
The effects of Bakuchan's existence were recorded during the Revenge War, even if the breed wasn't known at the time. Large groups of soldiers would find their sleep repeatedly disturbed, leading to exhaustion even after receiving eight or more hours of sleep, and some would report that what dreams they had (many reported not dreaming at all) included "a really strange girl". Initial psychoanalysis dismissed the dreams as stress caused by battling Pokégirls, but eventually Tamer forces revealed that there really was a really strange girl involved-- a Pokégirl whose entire role was to disrupt the sleep of human forces. However, the exhaustion could be fought by taking multivitamins, and eventually the Bakuchan were apparently hunted to extinction. They were recently rediscovered in various Leagues and have since been bred to Uncommon status.
Bakuchan appear to be human girls, though some (especially ferals) may have a grayish tint to their skin, which is generally cool to the touch. However, they can take an incorporeal form, which is visually identified by the body fading to mist or smoke below the waist and trailing away. In this form, a Bakuchan can enter and manipulate the dreams of humans and other Pokégirls, and cannot be hit by Normal or Fighting attacks, or by conventional firearms.
In fact, Bakuchan are not a bad choice for combat, mainly because they have so many immunities. However, they don't have very many proper attacks, either, and their Energy Drain is weaker on conscious opponents. Bakuchan are best for support, since they can make opponents too drowsy to focus properly with Yawn, Hypnotize, and Sleepy Eyes, opening them up for an ally's more direct attacks or putting them right to sleep.
Bakuchan are very lazy, low-maintenance Pokégirls. Since they feed on dreams (a specialized mechanism for feeding on energy), they favor equally lazy harem-mates and Tamers who sleep enough that they won't mind missing an hour or two of slumber due to their dreams being eaten. Ironically, their affinity for sleep and for dreams make them great dream-analysis experts and allow them to help their Tamers and/or harem-sisters to get the most out of their slumbering hours. They don't do much in the daytime, partly because they are so lazy, and partly because their eyes are very light-sensitive and they are half-blind in bright sunlight. On the other hand, their night vision is excellent, leading a lot of Tamers and Tradesmen to use Bakuchan for night guards who can discreetly exhaust would-be attackers and put them to sleep to be captured in the morning when it's time for the Bakuchan to go to sleep.
Bakuchan are often employed as starters for Tamers with physical disabilities or debilitating Blood Curses that would make it difficult for them to Tame Pokégirls otherwise. The reason for this is simple: Bakuchan can get Tamed in their master's dreams, where such restrictions would not affect a Taming session. Fans of the Bakuchan praise her ability to mold their dreams into their greatest fantasies for their satisfaction as well as hers, down to taking the appearance of a more-beloved harem-sister if necessary.
Feral Bakuchan frequently aren't really, since they can simply infiltrate a passing human's or Pokégirl’s dreams for a quickie when they need it. They do tend to attract others of their kind, though, and feed on enough dreams to be considered a pest in large numbers. Bad dreams have been shown to act as a deterrent, possibly because the negative energy generated by bad dreams can give a Bakuchan indigestion, but most Bakuchan-infested towns would rather offer rewards for passing Tamers to clear out and capture the Bakuchan.
Threshold Bakuchan usually come close to starving to death during the process-- physical food no longer nourishes them, but they haven't yet figured out how to eat dreams for proper nourishment! Most families send them to a ghost-intensive ranch where other Bakuchan can teach them how to eat.
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CLYDESDAME, the Titanic Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Centaur)
Element: Ground/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Apples, carrots, hay (when desperate), grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: Transports
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Steel, Electric, Poison, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Grass, Water
Attacks: Take Down, Flame Floor, Power Drive, Quickturn, Quake, Stomp, Tectonic Slam, Flame Step(*)
Enhancements: Shapeshifting, Uncannily Surefooted, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Disadvantages: Slower than she was as a Ponytaur.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (Sun Stone+Diamond Stone)
Clydesdames weren't discovered until 190 AS, when a Ponytaur and her tamer found themselves in a mountainous area where the ground was unstable. As a landslide began right beneath their feet, the Ponytaur evolved into the large Clydesdame and carried her tamer to safety, leaping from sections of falling rock directly onto solid ground.
A Clydesdame is a LARGE Pokégirl. In human form, they tend to stand between seven and nine feet tall. In hybrid form, they stand between ten and twelve feet tall. They are quite strong and like Rhynodames, are often used for moving heavy objects and any sort of travel through rocky or unstable terrain. When in human form, they may appear to have the same stature as Amachokes, but they do not like having defined muscles and most prefer to have more supple curves to make themselves more attractive.
The only major drawback to a Clydesdame is the fact that she is slower than most Ponytaurs and Cheetahs. Most Clydesdames prefer to work on strength and endurance, rather than try to futilely regain that level of speed, and as such, can easily outlast virtually any other horse Pokégirl when it comes to running.
Clydesdames are exceptionally surefooted. Nothing short of a direct attack or the instantaneous and complete dissolution of ground (like ice suddenly melting or a trap door giving way) beneath their feet will cause them to lose their balance. Even on ice in their hybrid form, they almost never slip and instinctively stay away from weak ice that cannot support them. They can also detect areas which are prone to avalanches, unstable ground, quicksand and many other hidden obstacles when in hybrid form. She is also one of the few Ground-type Pokégirls who cannot use Dig.
Their favorite tactic, when not facing water Pokégirls, is to use Flame Floor to make themselves even more intimidating.
They've often use Power Drive to make their Stomp and Take Down attacks even more devastating. When seeking to retreat from battle, a Clydesdame will use Flame Step, an ability that only fire-type Pokégirls can use effectively, to create a series of small fires to slow or stop pursuers until she is certain they cannot follow, then she will cancel the technique and simply run.
Favored by merchants who travel through mountains and farmers who need small but heavy loads moved about, Clydesdames were sought after for a while, but now, they are too rare and are often replaced by Rhynodames. Feral Clydesdames are almost nonexistent, but do pop up once in a while, usually as a guardian for more timid Pokégirls. Thresholding directly into a Clydesdame is impossible without having a Clydesdame for a mother.
(*) - Flame Step (ATK 5 + EFT) - A useful means of keeping enemies from pursuing her, the Pokégirl uses her powers to set the ground beneath her ablaze. Each step creates a foot-high fire that lasts for only twenty seconds, regardless of the terrain beneath it.
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DONNA, the Reindeer Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Mountain League)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: mobile scouts, sleigh-pullers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility, Dive, Mach Breaker, Healing Breeze
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (4), Shapeshifting, Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doe (normal)
A Donna is the evolution of Doe. The main differences are in their appearances. Their hair turns from a light golden brown to a darker brown, with white along their stomach, and they gain more muscle, though still keeping their form lean. During the fall and winter seasons, they, unlike their previous forms, grow a set of horns, which can be handy when battling. Donnas also gain the ability to fly. Exactly how they’re able to fly is unknown, since they don’t have wings. Some Researchers think it has something to do with elemental air talents, a theory which seems to be supported by how a Donna can use the Healing Breeze maneuver.
Donnas, like their previous form, are sweet, gentle creatures. They tend to fret over their Harem-sisters when they’re about to go into battle, and are quick to heal them when they get out of it. They’re still soft-spoken and a bit skittish, but unafraid to fight, and will do their best if sent into a pokebattle. They make poor choices to for pokesex battles however, since they have no sex attacks.
Like Does, Donnas can still shift back and forth between a humanoid and centauroid form painlessly at will. Its not unusual for courier services and such to have sleighs or wagons pulled through the air by hitched teams of Donnas.
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FAIRYCUTE, the Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, pokechow
Role: spying
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Spark, Burst
Enhancements: Flight, size alteration
Evolves: FairyCuter (normal), SexyCute (mechanism unknown), HentaiCute (orgasm), Spitfire (Fire Stone), Nixie (Water Stone), Pixie (Thunder Stone), Layer Angel (E-Stone Ceremony, strong bond with tamer or compatible enough to create one), Psifey (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: SexyCute (mechanism unknown)
FairyCute are born as full size Pokégirls, but they can shrink themselves up to a sixth of their original height, which is generally a foot tall, though the exact height can vary by two inches. They keep this size because it is much easier to move around unnoticed and it's also easier on their environment when they don't need to eat much. At any desired time, they can re-enlarge themselves back to their original height, which they do for bathing, sex and breeding.
The Fairy Cute was devised as the best possible light mobile Pokégirl ever. Their main purpose was to shrink themselves and sneak into facilities where the ventilation shaft was too small for normal Kunoichi and security was too tight for a Drow Zee to Shadow Teleport.
It should be noted that FairyCutes are less magically active than their other fairy brethren, such as the Titfairy or the elemental Pixies.
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FAIRYCUTER, the CUTER Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Berries, pokechow
Role: Spying
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Spark, Burst, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Aura of Cute
Enhancements: Greater stamina, strong mana reserves
Evolves: HentaiCute (Orgasm), Psifey (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: FairyCute (Normal)
FairyCuters live up to their names. While FairyCutes are cute, FairyCuters are much cuter, though it's hard to define how they become cuter. Their physical attributes rarely change much, but most tamers often feel as though they're compelled to hug the FairyCuter and squeal with girlish glee... sometimes the most harden of male tamers might find themselves doing so, even if it's only a "momentary relapse".
FairyCuters only show a less-than-cute side when there's a CutiePie nearby. FairyCuters and CutiePies who notice each other find themselves unable to stop from having a "Cute-Off", where they race around a city, verbally tallying indications of reactions to their "cuteness". During this time, they find themselves unable to lie, and the one who loses will generally burst into tears, hurrying to their tamer or nearest lover for consolation (if they don't have one yet, generally the first person to try and console them is chosen). This is, perhaps, one of the only instances that most CutiePies will not be shy.
FairyCuters often have a high libido after a "Cute-Off" (provided they win). No one is quite certain WHY FairyCuters and CutiePies have this innate competition, yet FairyCutes and CutiePies do not, though some suspect it may have to do with something in their "Aura of Cute".
Feral FairyCuters seem downright arrogant about their cuteness, openly teasing those who are 'less cute', and sometimes pulling cruel pranks. Though these pranks may seem simply childish, some carry an almost palpable malevolence, though these FairyCuters are mostly those who've been abandoned by tamers when they were merely FairyCutes.
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HENTAICUTE, the Randy Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (usually Near Human)
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League), Rare (everywhere else)
Diet: Pokéchow, berries, sex
Role: Sex, and massive distraction
Libido: EXTREME!!! (No, that isn't a joke.)
Strong Vs.: Ground
Weak Vs.: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Lust Dust, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Temperature Barrier
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Minor Telepathic Ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: SexyCute or FairyCute (during orgasm)
HentaiCute are the unfortunate result of Sukebe's last efforts to keep his army together near the end of the Revenge War. He created them with the express purpose of Taming his army to maintain control. Shortly after their creation, Sukebe discovered a second use for the new Pokégirl: massive distraction. By simply letting a single HentaiCute enter an Tamers encampment, the entire group went into a Taming Frenzy normally associated with a Menage-a-Trois orgy. This allowed a second group of Pokegirls to eliminate the opposing forces. Be thankful that he was unable to implement this strategy on a large scale.
The HentaiCute is indeed the most sex-crazed version of the Sexy/FairyCutes, and that came simply from the mouths of the Sexy/FairyCutes themselves. HentaiCutes are absolutely obsessed with sex. Anywhere, anytime, any position, with anyone. Period. With their Temperature Barrier ability, they can go anywhere for sex. Some HentaiCute have even come forward between bouts of sex to state that they intend on doing every human/Pokégirl in the world. HentaiCute especially loves to play "Living Dildo" with anyone she meets, whether they are willing or not. This has led to some male Tamers retiring after a single encounter with one.
Not surprisingly, they have been classified as having an Extremely High libido. However, the HentaiCute is practically insatiable. There has even been a recorded instance of a Vixxen in full heat backing away from a HentaiCute, whimpering all the way before being dragged back into an orgy by the girl. There has also been evidence that HentaiCute can often be found whenever a Soixante-Neuf evolves into a Menage-a-Trois. They may even have been responsible for the orgy that caused the evolution in those cases.
In a harem, most tamers consider the HentaiCute a true test of their Taming skills. The others call her a “Taming Aid” for when they can't get it up any more. Other than that, the HentaiCute is considered useless for anyone not interested in the Sex Leagues/Gyms. Their range of attacks are only useful for Sex Battles, so they are ill suited for a combat harem.
Recently, it has been found that the HentaiCute possesses a minor form of telepathy. It seems to be only useful to delve into a Tamer/Pokégirl’s mind and dredge out their innermost desires. In some cases, the HentaiCute has used her size manipulation abilities to make her body become as close as possible to her Tamer's deepest fantasy. Those girls even go as far as to make that their default look.
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MIKILA, the Flying Transport Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Avian)
Element: Flying/Rock
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: human style diet with carnivore tendencies
Role: Flying Transport
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Steel, Water
Attacks: Obsidian Rain, Feather Shuriken, Dive, Squall, Gravity, ShockSpike
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance & Durability (x6 each), Enhanced Strength & Flying Speed (x4 each)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, this was originally considered the first of the monsters that Sukebe created. Something between Pokégirl and the original Legendaries, the Mikila was often sighted only in her massive bird-form. She was used by Sukebe's army to provide Teleport points for his specialized troops, as well as to insert many Pokégirl types (such as the Ninjanezumi, Kunoichi, and various Fairy-types) into strongholds and cities while remaining both silent and under most standard radar that the militaries of the time used. Rarely was she seen in combat, and more often was only used to bring fresh supplies and additional troops to replace the losses within the Pokégirl Armies. After the war was over, the Mikila was considered another extinct breed until 22 AS, when a Tamer managed to capture and tame a flying type Pokégirl whom he believed to simply be a Pidgette, but she turned out to be a Mikila after all.
Their height in human form can range from 5 to 6ft and typically the Pokégirl looks much like a human. Their breasts are, on average, only a middling B-cup, though there have been individuals known to have both smaller and larger. The main difference is that their wings connect to the Pokégirl’s back rather than having her arms as her wings. The wingspan of the Pokégirl is tremendous for her build: Each wing is at least twice the height of the Pokégirl in width, some few have been found with even larger wings. But the main difference that has been found between this Pokégirl and other Flying-types is the simple fact that their bodies are substantially different. Research done suggests that this has to do with the transition between the legendary types and other flying types, but the fact is that the Mikila is capable of changing her skin into a type of organic rock. This makes it very difficult to critically harm any of this breed, let alone get through to a vital organ. Strangely, this ability does not increase the Pokégirl’s weight at all, and she can continue to fly at a decent speed (though certainly not as fast as other flying types) as a result while retaining her rock-like skin. She also retains tail feathers, which assist in guiding her while in flight.
The real change, however, is when the Mikila transforms into her bird form. A good eight and a half feet long and standing at least five feet tall, their wingspans change from perhaps 12-15ft of their humanoid-form to twice that in their bird-form. The Mikila can kneel down, however, and will only stand half as tall when she does. She gains five claws in this form, three talons in the front and two behind, allowing her a somewhat greater dexterity in this mode than the other flying types with talons by having a fifth claw, though this rarely comes into play at all. Their beak in this form is long, slightly-curved, and wickedly powerful when she is diving after prey. The Mikila prefers to eat meat, but does enjoy fruits and some nuts as well. In this form, her plumage most often retains the same coloration as her wings from her humanoid form, which can range from a snow-white to a dark, chocolate-like brown color.
These Pokégirls love to race in the air, testing their speed against others of their kind and even other Pokégirl breeds even when feral. Feral Mikila tend to live in small flocks of three-to-five Pokégirls, and seem to prefer to live in forests that are along the sides of mountains away from human establishments. A Mikila can fly at up to 95miles per hour (approximately 43.2km/h), given a good wind and decent weather, though when burdened with a passenger of around 200lbs they can make about half that. However, they are capable of sustaining that speed for a good six or seven hours on average before requiring a rest. There's a rivalry between the Chocoboob, Ponytaur, and the Mikila as a result of their love of racing, with the other two ground-bound, the Mikila enjoy flaunting their ability to soar above it all, flying above obstacles such as forests, rivers, swamps, and even mountains. This can lead to resentment between the breeds, but most polled Pokégirl in regards to this have responded that the rivalry is mostly just a professional rivalry. Thanks to the Mikila's capabilities, they are often used for interocean transports of individuals and documents that shouldn't be sent digitally, and are often used as couriers as well as transporters in modern times.
In a harem, Mikila are often found to be a contributing member, though most often these Pokégirls are only found among Tradesmen. Often, these Pokégirls are simply used to provided over-land transport for wandering tamers and even other people as well who need to get someplace quick. Their wings are too large to allow them to be very useful as a Pet, and they are not geared towards battling at all, either standard battles or sex battles. In battles, if they are allowed to fly, they prefer to rain down their attacks from a distance by pinning the opponent with Gravity and then showering the target with their exclusive Obsidian Rain or less-exclusive Feather Shuriken techniques. And when it comes to sex battles, or sex in general, the Mikila's body is extremely sensitive when she isn't using her hardened skin, which she can't keep up while aroused or relaxed. The Mikila's pleasure threshold rivals that of a Titmouse, and as such is a very poor contender in a sex battle.
Feral Mikila can be found in their humanoid form, often racing other Pokégirls in the sky. Unfortunately, ferals of this breed tend to have a very short attention span unless provoked, attacked, or in a race, leading to a fairly easy capture most of the time when confronted with a faster Pokégirl or an attack or technique she is weak against. While feral, they cannot transform into their bird-like form. However, sometimes a feral Mikila can be found in their bird-form, though this is very rare and likely a result of the Pokégirl going feral while in this form. It is very difficult to bring the Pokégirl out of her bird form when feral, and most often they are simply ignored by most tamers as a result. Feral Mikila are not very territorial, and are known to have a migratory pattern that can take them all over the world within a year and a half. They are, however, quite defensive and do not take kindly to threats in the slightest.
Obsidian Rain (ATK+40): By flying into the air, the Pokégirl flaps her wings and showers down specially changed feathers from them. These feathers are changed from simple feathers and into small pieces of sharp rocks. This is considered a Rock-type attack and can be used by the Mikila in both her human-like and bird-like forms.
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MIMICALL, The Master Storage Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style diet, some times blood (few Mimicalls will openly say this)
Role: Storage manager, Bodyguard, Thief, Assistant engineer
Libido: Average, High with a bonded tamer
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic, flying, in some cases a fear of Tats
Attacks: Phantom Blade, Teleport, Phase, Dazzle, Hypnosis, Bad Breath, Illusion, Nightshade, Parry, Slash, Haunted, *Junk Creation, Swallow, Spit Up
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced Reflexes (2x), Enhanced Strength (2x), Telepathy, Longevity, Enhanced Senses (if possessing an object)
Evolves From: Mimica (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
This Pokégirl was discovered in 263 AS in the same temple where archaeologists found the first three recorded Mimica. It was a few days past the new year when archaeologists discovered a hidden chamber under the temple using sonic scanning equipment. The archaeologists went back to the temple to speak with the Pokégirls who had been guarding it if they new any thing (the four Pokégirls they found had taken the temple as their home in return for letting the archaeologists explore the place fully). When the Bandame was asked she said she knew nothing of the chamber.
How ever, when the three Mimica were asked they clammed up, said they knew nothing and wanted to drop the subject. This peeked the interest of both the archaeologists and the Bandame. After getting the three Pokégirls to speak they were told the chamber was where a sarcophagus was kept but they would have nothing to do with opening the door to it. The archeology team left to where the chamber was while the Bandame dealt with the three Pokégirls for not telling her there was some thing else to protect. After a few hours the team was able to open the door to the chamber which had been hidden behind a wall. Inside was shelves of jewelry, books, statues and a sarcophagus in the center. Most of the team thought it would be a good idea to get the temples Pokégirls before going in but one of them went. A few seconds later the team member was hit with a bad breath attack and dropped to the floor. The archeology team reached for their Pokéballs but when no threat came they agreed to get the Pokégirls. When they showed up a loud voice yelled at them for letting intruders in. When the archaeologists looked back into the chamber the sarcophagus was gone and in it's place was a Pokégirl.
Mimicall look like their pre-evolved sisters with but a bust size larger and a few more inches in height if they're not possessing an object. If they are then the similarities stop because a Mimicall's skin appearance and color will change and they will gain light weight armor based on what they're possessing. One example is a Mimicall who possessed an urn. With the armor off she had porcelain white skin, hair and eyes with blue iris. On her skin was the same sea blue patterns as the urn (even though her skin looked like porcelain it felt like normal skin. In one case a trunk a Mimicall was possessing had vines carved into it and while it looked she her self had the same carvings to peoples fingers it felt like normal skin). Her amour looked like the urn had been enlarged, segmented and turned into amour. Scientists confirmed that the armor was indeed porcelain but it was hard and solid like steel. Because their skin takes patterns of what they possess some tamers like them because they could imagine they were taming a different Pokégirl because they may have the same skin pattern. Any Mimicall who posses a white object will stay away from Ar-tits and their evolved forms because they don't want to be painted believing that their skin should be the same color as the object their possessing. A Mimicall will greatly appreciate possessing an enchanted object as they may gain enhancements from it (Example: A Mimicall possessing an object that has been enchanted to survive a 5 story drop may gain an increased defense against flying types). While a Mimicall still posses the same abilities as a Mimica in object form she'll prefer walking around in her real form feeling that she'll be better able to project her tamer that way. She'll go into object form if ordered to by her tamer, if there is no threat or if she feels that she'll be better able to serve her tamer that way.
A Mimicall still has the same abilities she did as a Mimica but has gained much more control of her ESS. Where a Mimica can hold up to 20 items a Mimicall can hold up to 50. This has made them more liked by weapon carrying Pokégirls as they can also keep more weapons, replacement parts and repair tools. The size of the Mimicall's common ESS is about 10ft in height and 40x40 in size.
Their control of their ESS is controlled enough that she can open a portal about 6ft in diamiter to her ESS with out needing to be in object form. The Mimicall can have the portal be stairs or a ladder if she wants. The insides of the ESS remain the same except that the pocket dimension is larger and has more shelves. It's possible for a Mimicall to open their ESS portal one place, let some one in and reopen it again some where else to let the person out. If they open the portal and go in them shelves the portal can not be opened some where else. It is because of these reasons a Mimicall is not allowed into museums, banks, etc. unless they are a member of the buildings security or police. Like the Mimica, they can not use their ESS when possessing Poképacks or clear objects. They also wont say why. A Mimicall also no longer needs an object to possess as she can make her own and customize it to her own tastes (even though it's not needed a Mimicall will appreciate it if her tamer buys or makes her some thing). While it's not confirmed it's suspected that a Mimicall changes the air in her ESS in a similar way to a Starlightxpress.
It is possible for a Mimicall to pull objects out of her ESS using her mouth but the object has to be small enough to fit. Most small sword/dagger wielding Pokégirls won’t give a Mimicall their weapons if the Mimicall says they want to do the sword eater trick. There's always the chance they won’t get it back. Tamers who abuse their Mimicall shouldn't kiss them or receive oral from them (only a moron abuses their Mimicall and lets them hold onto needles, small daggers, etc when kissing them or receiving oral sex). A Mimicall also has the ability to designate an object to open up to her ESS for her tamer or harem sisters to use. When this is done various symbols appear around the opening of the object and she can remove the objects connection to her ESS when ever she wants. Her ability to levitate possessed objects is more controlled and can lift objects of 160 pounds up to 10 feet.
Their personalities wont differ as much as their pre-evolved forms except they act a bit more serious about their duties. Like Bandames they will protect the living and inanimate objects. Upon evolution Mimicalls pick up a habit of messing around with machinery and small objects. It’s unknown if this is some sort of instinct to inspect things around her for better use and defensive purposes or out of curiosity. Some times it's either or both.
The Mimicall has found use in labs as assistants because they enjoy working on things and make good inventory managers. Due to their Junk Creation ability they can make models to give an idea of how an object will look or work. The fact she can posses objects means she can stay in a lab and keep an eye on experiments/projects to make sure things don't break or keep an eye out for people who want to steal them.
While they no longer play tricks on people as much as they used to if they're asked to join in on playing pranks they will. They no longer randomly take objects while in stores with jewelry stores being an exception. No tamer should take their Mimicall into a jewelry store because she WILL take some thing. In one report that wasn't released one Mimicall stole every piece of jewelry in a store and refused to give them back (she was reported screaming as she ran from the cops ‘It's mine, it’s all mine and I’m not giving it back’). If a Mimicall takes some jewelry she will not give it back unless she is traded some thing of equal value or defeated in a fight. From a known case a Mimicall will not take jewelry if she is delta bonded with her tamer (she won’t do it because she knows it'll embarrass her tamer).
The rumor of them and their pre-evolved form drinking blood is true. If given blood their bodies can heal from wounds faster. There are a few who drink blood because of the taste but normally don't admit to it. It's advised that they not drink blood from Sugar Kittens or their evolutions as they may get addicted and in their version of a sugar high, bounce/hop around in object form and bite people on their arms, legs or their rears. No one's sure why but it's believed that they taste how much sugar a Sugar Kitten eats.
A Mimicall will not take her armor off unless she is cleaning it or getting tamed. While taming preference hasn't changed from their pre-evolved form some prefer getting tamed on all fours. As of yet only one tamer has stepped forward to give information about being delta bonded to his Mimicall so the following information comes from him. A Mimicall still has the ability to manifest her self in her ESS for her delta bonded tamer. If a Mimicall is not in object form her eyes will gain a glazed over look and she will be distracted while her tamer is taming the manifestation. It is possible for a Mimicall to be in her ESS at the same time of the manifestation. If both the Mimicall and her manifestation can be tamed at once is unknown because the tamer is not willing to tell (his response to any who ask is 'I will not deny nor confirm what people think. If you want to know get your own Mimicall and become delta bonded' ).
A feral Mimicall will be distracted as she wonders about the area picking up stuff she finds interesting to put in her ESS (this had led to tamers catching feral Mimicalls and getting free evolution items). It's rare to find a feral Mimicall as most feral Mimica will normally run away rather than stay and fight. If there is a feral Mimicall around you can tell because random objects from her ESS might start popping out all over the place with in a 10 foot radius of her (this has led to a few tamers getting hit in the head by rocks and in one case, a hammer). As of yet no threshold cases have been reported.
Junk Creation (EFT): Some people would consider this a useless move while some others actually find it useful. The Mimicall takes the objects in their ESS and creates various objects ranging from cooking utensils to tents. Some even create walls to block attacks. Structures created range in different sizes but the largest recorded are about 12x12 feet and 11 feet in height. Dom types like this move as they can have various tool of different designs and sizes to play with their tamer/harem sisters. Fighting types also like this move for similar reasons but because they can have training dummies made out of different materials. While this is useful it is limited. Should the materials that make up the object be struck or come in contact with some thing capable of destroying it (fire, acid, etc) the object will return to the ESS and the Mimicall will take some damage. While Pokéballs can be used ones with a Pokégirl inside can not.
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PANTHRIDUCIA, the Rejuvenated Paladin Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Animorph)/In-humanoid Metamorph (Black Panther)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivorous (Can tolerate vegetables, but meat is mandatory)
Role: Paladin, Avenger, Grey Guard, Keeper of Order
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pounce, Fury Swipes, Saber Claw, Crushing Wrap, Gust Punch, Stone Palm, Megaton Punch, Night Shade, Dark Shield, (Panther form only) Extreme-speed
Human Form: Enhanced Claws, night-vision, Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Regeneration(x2), Stealth (can blend in with shadows), Prehensile Tail
Cat Form: Enhanced Claws, night-vision, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (X5) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Prehensile Tail
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Evolves from Tigress (Successful Dark Redemption & Emotional Healing)
The Panthriducia is an unusual Pokégirl. They're evolved from a tigress via emotional healing, however it only works on those De-evolved from the dreaded Panthress through the Dark Redemption technique.
The Panthriducia's appearance 'balances out' between the Berserker-type and Fiend-type Panthresses. They're usually in the 6' area as far as height goes. Their breasts are usually within the D-cup area with the occasional ones that are larger or smaller than that area. Black is the most commonly reported coloration for hair but, there are some known variants, including one with bright pink fur, and at least two who's fur is a solid metallic yellow, almost like gold. Their eyes are most often reported as yellow, violet, or blood red, with some other extremely unusual variants. The main physical feature of the Panthriducia is their tail. It's almost twice the length of their bodies and is surprisingly strong and whip-like. What's more, it's prehensile, meaning it works as a third arm for the Panthriducia, a little fact that has caused them to incorporate it into their varies selection of techniques. As far as attire goes, they end to prefer dark clothes that are easy to move in and accentuate their breasts.
However, when speed is the need of the moment, a Panthriducia can temporarily banish her clothing and gear to a pocket dimension and transform into a large Black Panther. In this form they're almost 8 feet long from nose to rump, with their tail still twice as long as their body. But what's most noticeable, is when the traces of celestial powers from the angel stone used to evolve them activates. Their eyes, mouth, and claws glow like white fire, the force of this glow is directly proportional to their rage. While they're in this form the Panthriducia is built for speed, capable of toppings speeds upwards of 110 MPH in a full 5 minute sprint. Their usual known speed ranges vary between 60 MPH at a steady loping, and a top speed of 120 MPH at a full burst sprint. Not nearly a Cheetit's speed, but more than enough to catch up to most targets. The purpose of this form is to chase down a target, often her eyes literally glowing with celestial fury. While she can use it for an escape, the main purpose is to catch an opponent that's too fast for her normal form. She loses the ability to do most of her attacks, but can easily catch most enemies in her jaws, claws, or tail.
In combat a Panthiducia's 'styles' vary from Panthriducia to Panthriducia. It's common for those that used to be Fiend-type Panthresses, referred to by the breed as 'FiendBorn', tend to prefer more intellectual methods of combat, such as magic, more psychological martial arts like Zui Quan or Ninjutsu, and still more take a preference towards Mind Games, making their enemy defeat themselves. Their preferred attacks are those like Night Shade, Dark Shields, and Pounce. Those that once were Berserker-type Panthresses, known as BerserkBorn, are known to take preference in more power focused combat, such as Wrestling or Savate, they also are more commonly noted to take up some form of weapon. They'll often use Stone Palm, Gust Punch, or Megaton Punch in battle.
A Panthriducia's usefulness in a Harem is known only to a few, though it will be expounded upon rather soon. The breed is hard to come across, with only a few known throughout history since the first of the breed had been seen. What the few who've kept them in harems state clearly that it's pleasurable...most of the time. A Panthriducia, while not impossible to keep in a Harem, is more than a handful and only those who are either gutsy or stubborn would be willingly keep one.
They're very paranoid at times and, at best, will likely try and keep a distance from the Harem and Tamer. When it comes to Tamers they don't trust, they'll often remain silent to avoid having to worry about a Taming cycle, or worse, as some form of punishment. They were punished enough to have become a Panthress, they prefer to avoid 'heaping it on' now that they've regained 'sanity'.
As far as their purpose in a Harem, they make excellent protectors. Their natural paranoia and tendency to go overkill on anything they do is what makes them so useful. At least one of the more recent Panthriducia's is known for her famous, or is it infamous, quote. "There's no such thing as Overkill, just just hit 'em hard and hit 'em harder." Because of this, leagues that allow ownership of Panthresses, what few there are, like to bring out Pokégirls to use Dark Redemption on her immediately, so that her Tamer may begin the long healing process. Luckily they're able to curb that rather odd tendency in sanctioned battles, though still going in for a win, they'll do their best not to kill a rival in battle, preferring to save such a fate for those who deserve it.
Panthriducia that have grown accustomed to life in a Harem are also known to be extremely open, if a bit emotional, with those they trust. It's said that if a Panthriducia's willing to speak openly about her feelings, then you've got a friend until death. Sadly, the breed has it's own downside beyond it's previous form. The breed has an almost instinctual desire for order. Not just any order, total order. This has caused them some problems, as they have a tendency to act like judge, jury, and executioner when dealing with criminals of all kinds, sometimes they may let a hostile Pokégirl go because they've yet to break any true crimes, they don't consider being of a specific breed as a crime, while viciously pulverizing human criminals for everything from killing an innocent to child molestation, shortly before hauling them to the 'proper authorities'. It should best be noted that the Panthriducia can, and will, tow in the line on such activities when told to by their Tamer, and in front of officials. Once again, this is to keep from getting in trouble and, thus, avoid death, or a fate worse than it. It should be noted that you can easily tell the difference between a black-furred Catgirl and a Panthriducia by their expression. Panthriducia almost NEVER smile. They only smile when their Tamer makes them happy, or when taking down a criminal who'd caused a Dark evolution, such as Panthress, Dronza, or a Penance. Those people she despises greatly, but knows that it's best to simply bring them to justice than to try and punish the villain themselves.
As far as Taming goes, Panthriducia are as varied as their combat styles. Anything goes with a Panthriducia in bed, and they'll almost always gladly experiment with new positions, techniques, and toys. No feral Panthriducia are known. As of 300 AS, it's believed to be impossible for a girl to threshold into a Panthriducia due to their rarity and the way they evolve. But, you never know, miracles have happened.
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PONYTAUR, the Centauress Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon in most leagues. Rare in Mountain, Forest, and Orange Leagues
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Mobile scouts, rescue agents, farmers, transporters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Stomp, Mega Kick, Take Down, Tackle, Dodge, Sonic Wave, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Metamorphic ability, Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2), enhanced sense of balance.
Evolves: Rapitaur (normal), Unicorn (Dawn Stone), Frozenare (Ice Crystal), Clydesdame (Sun Stone + Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
A Pokégirl that was the 12th created by Sukebe after experimenting with the other basic normal types, the Ponytaur was fashioned somewhat after an animal from that time called a horse. Four-legged, strong equine body, these Pokégirls became known as Ponytaur after the first few battles that found them attacking humans with either makeshift weaponry or by using their Sonic Wave techniques to disrupt the terrain, destroy roads and bridges, and basically make human life a living hell by transporting one or two other Pokégirls on their back. In the days before teleporting and psychic Pokégirls became available, this was Sukebe’s assault team’s Pokégirl transport of choice. With their centaur-like body, they galloped like the wind and could keep up their maximum speed for an hour or two at most before needing a break. These Pokégirls are also capable of assuming a human form, allowing them to blend into human society... and on some occasions, were used to infiltrate military compounds where captured Pokégirls were being held for questioning or scientific study. Upon rescuing the caught Pokégirls, they would escape easily afterwards. The one drawback is that while in human form, the Ponytaur loses half of their enhancements.
After the war, the Ponytaur were also one of the first Pokégirls to be captured, despite their great running speed. When feral, the Ponytaur would act on instinct alone, and travel in herds of a dozen or more, often traveling about in plains or forests to avoid being found. They are very finicky at first, and do not trust any obviously hostile Pokégirl or human that may come near, often spooking upon seeing any being other than those in their herd. They tend to run rather than fight, unless it is to save a Pokékit of the herd. They tend to protect their children and even others from hostile Pokégirls against any odds, and this has led to several slaughters over the years between the Revenge War and present day. Once their worth was reevaluated, however, Ranches began to utilize these Pokégirls, domesticating them, and today they enjoy a steadily increasing popularity and usage throughout the world as the ‘work-horse’ Pokégirl. Although the meaning behind the phrase is old, it is still valid.
According to historians and researchers, these Pokégirl’s equine portions closely resemble the animals they were based off of. As there were many different variations of what was known as a horse, there are also these kinds of variations for the Ponytaur as well. In their centaur-form, the Ponytaur can stand anywhere between 5ft 4in. tall all the way up to 7ft tall on the average. In human form, these Pokégirls usually lose about eight inches in height in comparison to their centaur form. Their short-furred equine portions tend to be the same color as their human skin, and these Pokégirls have a mane that reaches from their hair down their back to meet their equine-body. This mane is always the same color as her hair is, unless one or the other has been dyed. Ponytaur often have B-cup or larger breasts, though none have been recorded with larger than a D-cup without the use of certain powders. These Pokégirls enjoy a rather high popularity in most leagues due to their speed, strength, and endurace, and can normally be seen on farms and being used to haul goods and passengers to and from places. The Ponytaur taxi-services, available in most large cities in almost any league, are a cheap and reliable way to get to where you need, or need something, to go. Fortunately, most Ponytaur enjoy being used to transport things and people, perhaps a throwback to the days of the ‘horse and carriage’ that is described in pre-Sukebe literature.
Although fast, Ponytaur must train to gain their maneuverability. This has led to the rivalry that exists between the Ponytaur and the Chocoboobs, who can do almost the same job, but are much more maneuverable in their large chicken-like form. Most researchers suggest that because of this rivalry, these two should be allowed in the same harem because they try to improve themselves to try and be better than the other. While the Chocoboob may prefer to go the speed-route, the Ponytaur is more common throughout the world and is somewhat more versatile, making these the most likely reasons as to why tamers, researchers, farmers, and watchers enjoy owning them compared to the Chocoboob. Another thing in the Ponytaur’s favor is their seeming sixth-sense for obstacles and danger in the form of shifts of the ground around them within a 25-foot radius of themselves, allowing them to avoid ambushes and tamers that aren’t trying to conceal their presence.
Ponytaurs are one of the more easily accepted threshold cases for human girls, although it must be acknowledged that they are also one of the more painful as a result of the sheer amount of change that the girl must go through. Unfortunately, these are also rather common among farming communities and are almost as common in larger cities as well. There is a specialized medicine available at most hospitals in any league that has been developed that can actually make the process less painful for the thresholding girl (it is expensive, but usually one dose is all it takes to finish the threshold process). Ponytaur have also been noted to be very sociable Pokégirls, often doing things for other Pokégirls in order to be accepted. As such, some Ponytaurs are pushovers within a harem, and researchers suggest that they be considered on an individual basis for Alpha or Beta positions within a harem.
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PSIFEY, the Tactical Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Psychic/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Berries, Pokéchow, smaller human-style foods
Role: Strategist
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting
Weak Vs: Plant, Fire
Attacks: Foresight, Aura Barrier, Double Team, Psychic, Hypnotize, PsyVibe
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Speed (x4 in small form, x2 in standard size), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Temperature Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: FairyCute (Psi Crystal), FairyCuter (Psi Crystal)
Good things do sometimes come in small packages. Of course, such packages are always better, in most tamers opinions, when the package can shift sizes to become more human-sized in general. Originally designed to lead Fairy-type Pokégirls and coordinate their sabotage with their larger and stronger Pokégirl sisters during the Revenge War, the Psifey was then produced in fairly large numbers to support large numbers of the Pokégirl troops against the human soldiers. Their smaller stature made it almost impossible to attack at any range, but most especially from the ranges that human snipers typically worked at in order to pick off the leaders of the Pokégirl troops, who were mostly human-sized and therefore easier targets. After the war, the Psifey were lost to attrition as more and more went feral and were killed by other, more aggressive feral Pokégirls. Others were killed by humans while in their more human-sized body, in an attempt to try and stave off going feral. In 62 AS, this breed was discovered as a viable Pokégirl for tamers and for defenders of surviving towns and villages. Using their psychic abilities to coordinate the defenders and their magical techniques to detect not only their opponent but also their likely battle choices, the Psifey quickly became known for their innate powers to assist and lead, rather than fight in the forefront of battle. Using Foresight to gain knowledge of what her target will do next, the breed is known for using her magical abilities and other techniques to strike back or wear her opponent down, until an ally can arrive to finish the target off.
Other than the Pokégirl’s typically (and trademark) small size as a fairy type and her fairy-style pair of wings, the breed looks remarkably like human females. The Pokégirl’s skin color is often of human-standard shades, though some rare few have skin in various shades of gray. Likewise, the eye color for the breed are all human standard, though the possibility of heterochromia iridium (a condition where one of the Pokégirl’s eyes is one color, and the other eye is a completely different color) are for some reason much higher than with any other human or Pokégirl breeds known (studies show that about 1 in 1,000 of this breed have this condition). Though somewhat curvier than either of their pre-evolutionary forms, no Psifey has been recorded with breasts larger than a modest B-cup while in their human-size. Their wings, normally insect like, are merely a pair that extend to a length of twice the length of the Pokégirl’s height per wing. Because of their wings, but mostly due to the breed's seemingly overwhelming urge to not be bothered with such fuss, most of this breed tend to refuse to wear much, if anything, if they can get away with it. Their temperature tolerance allows a Psifey to survive in extreme cold and heated temperatures alike, all without the need of 'outside' assistance.
As a Psi-crystal induced evolution, this breed is almost impossible to find in the wilderness, and are practically always domesticated at some point. The Psifey, when feral, is quite paranoid and always looking for a hiding spot while trying to keep herself safe- to the extent of forsaking contact with any other Pokégirls or humans in general. It's only when they must eat, or must flee, that one might be found outside of some safe hiding spot. They do retain some intelligence, however, in that they can recognize potentially dangerous Pokégirls or humans, and respond accordingly. In a harem setting, this breed excels as a Tamer's Beta, her strategically-oriented mindset giving her an edge over many other Pokégirls and assisting her tamer in various ways, such as taming schedules, taking care of conflicts, and mediating arguments. There have been no known threshold cases of this breed, leaving researchers to believe that the only way to obtain the Pokégirl is by luck or by evolving one of her two pre-evolutionary forms into a Psifey.
This breed adapts to almost any type of taming, though the breed in general dislikes certain types of taming. Anything anal, for instance, is something that according to studies that no Pokégirl of this breed willingly allows. There are of course exceptions to most rules, and so it is likely that some Psifey may loosen their morals for the right tamer. Other than this peculiarity, the breed enjoys a good taming with both males and females, not particularly choosy for the most part. However, Dildoqueens tend to scare the breed, especially the ones that possess very large genitalia. Each season, save for winter, a Psifey's body becomes extremely sensitive for a span of two days, during which she may attempt to entice her tamer and/or her harem-sisters into taming as much and as long as possible. One thing to keep in mind also is that like a HentaiCute, Psifey enjoy playing the same game of 'Living Dildo' with her various partners during a Taming Session. Whereas a FairyCute and her other evolutions utilize the Living Dildo as a basic sex attack at best, the PsiFey has evolved this capability with the use of her own psychic powers to derive enjoyment for both herself and her partner while taming.
PsyVibe (S.ATK 85, EFT): This attack can be used one of two ways. The first is when the user is only 1/6 of her standard size. At this size, the Pokégirl's body itself can be used as a living dildo. The Pokégirl creates a telekinetic field around herself which causes the very air around her to vibrate. In effect, this attack turns the Pokégirl’s body into a living vibrator. The second way this attack can be used is when the Pokégirl is her full size and is being tamed (rather than being the one taming). She can use the same technique at full size, though obviously cannot be used as a living dildo at this particular size. Has a 50% chance of causing Attraction and increases chance to bring target to orgasm (male and female) by 30%.
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RAPITAUR, the Fastest Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Pokégirl Transports, Flanking Maneuvers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Plant, Bug, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ignite, Hyper Quick Attack, Trample, Sonic Wave, Warm Embrace, Flame Tower, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Ember
High Levels only: Flamethrower, Fire Scythe, Fire Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x12), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Heat Aura, enhanced sense of balance.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (normal)
Faster than a speeding... well, maybe not as fast as a Cheetit, but the Rapitaur is one of the fastest recorded Pokégirls in any League. They tend to grow an additional 6 inches to a foot in height and the Pokégirl fills out to compensate for the increase in size. In their centauroid form, the Rapitaur are usually around 9-10ft tall from hoof to head. Faster than Chocoboobs, they see the bird-like Pokégirl as no challenge at all unless they are beat in battle or in a race by one. They can keep running even longer now, able to maintain their top speed for almost four hours on average, and can trot at half speed for nearly an entire day without needing rest. The greatest change is that they are now a fire type Pokégirl. Why and how this evolution is a Normal/Fire-type is unknown, as some researchers can't help but wonder how this happened without the use of a Fire Stone.
Still, in battle, these Pokégirls utilize their speed and fire attacks to cause massive damage quickly. This was also the third known evolution of a Pokégirl that became known to humans during the Revenge War, as they decimated the human tanks and armored vehicles that attempted to mount a defense against her not-so-hot Pokégirl sisters. They made short work of the slower, clumsier, and larger machines.
However, the Rapitaur was known for attempting to limit the damage done, and it has been recorded in several history books as to instances when Rapitaur would be used to haul injured human soldiers from burning wreckage or from a battlefield and drop them on the doorsteps of the nearest human settlement. They would never actually attack human civilians, either, which baffled many researchers until the realization dawned on one in late 196 AS- it was a strategy to weaken human longevity in their strongholds by injuring the humans rather than outright killing them, forcing the expenditure of medical and food supplies for the invalids. The few Pokégirls from the Revenge War that are alive to this day, when asked about this strategy, say that there was no such thing, and that the Rapitaur and Ponytaur Pokégirls were simply too kind to kill anyone and anything human, unlike Sukebe had wanted. Some historians continue to research both possibilities. This information helped make the breed much more popular among humans, however, resulting in their fair abundance today.
Rapitaur, unlike the Ponytaur, feel a need to exercise constantly, whether this be by working or actual exercise. It's recommended by any researcher that they be given heavy tasks to do for at least 20 hours a week, though most suggest at least 28 hours of exercise would be better. They love to run and dance in their centaur-like form, although many do prefer to go around in their human form instead so they can enter human-sized places a bit easier. Feral Rapitaur will use Flame Tower to keep hostile Pokégirls or tamers looking to capture them away long enough to escape as quickly as they can run. As such, most feral Rapitaur remain feral, being too fast for the most part for most tamers to catch them. Herds of Ponytaur are often headed by a Rapitaur, who usually head off a challenge just long enough for her herd sisters to escape before following after them.
In a harem, the Rapitaurs are too busy with their own speed and exercise to be considered for any Alpha or Beta positions. Instead, she is a good transporter or a battler, though not really a sex-battler due to her size. Also due to her size and increase in activities is an increase in her appetite- although her appetite is not as great as a Grizzlar or a Snorlass’, the Rapitaur are known to be voracious eaters. Thankfully, they can eat grass and other plants, although Rapitaurs do prefer to eat vegetables that humans eat, rather than just any random plants that the harem might come across. Rapitaurs are popular in the Ruby League, as their Heat Aura and ability to provide transportation make them almost perfect Pokégirls for the expanse of that league. A recent survey shows that Rapitaurs make up a majority of the Pokégirl breeds used as the non-combatant of that league (at 41%).
These Pokégirls, like their previous evolution, must train to gain their maneuverability at higher speeds. In other words, it's almost like training them from the ground on up, all over again. This is one thing that does annoy some tamers, although their advantages and benefits to a Tamer far outweigh the complaint. This researcher believes that those tamers that do complain about this fact are just simply lazy. Their endurance also increases, and they can run at full speed for a good hour before needing to rest, or at a trot for at least two or three hours before requiring a rest. T2s, for some reason, do not work so well with these Pokégirls, although they can pick up on techniques that are taught by other Pokégirls easily enough.
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ROSEBREASTS, the Noble Grass Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Plant/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Water, sunlight, soil, sexual fluids
Role: Unknown
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Electric, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Thorn Cutlass, Root System, Grass Cock, Probing Tentacles, Probing Pods, Grass Floor, Fruit Juice, Petal Armor (*), Assault, Swordwave, Sword Dance, Petal Dance, Hero Blade, Confuse, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced fighting capabilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vinebra (choosing a permanent lover), Belle Awesome (Sun Stone)
When a Vinebra chooses a permanent lover, sometime during the course of a lunar cycle, she will evolve into a RoseBreasts, becoming taller (average between 3 to 7 inches), and her hair will look as if it has been permed. Her bust may also increase, but the amount varies greatly. Her body is generally quite aerodynamic, allowing for faster and more fluid movements.
While the RoseBreasts loses it's immunity to aphrodisiacs, it gains two far more valuable (in the eyes of Tamers) abilities. The ability to create armor and a better ability to fight.
A RoseBreasts Pokégirl is far superior to other plant-type Pokégirls at fighting, capable of using various sword techniques and can even learn to duel at a competent level with other sword-wielding Pokégirls.
Unlike most Pokégirls, who rush in and beat on each other, the RoseBreasts is a graceful fencer, dancing just out of reach, and then dashing past her opponent, slashing a quick but shallow wound, before dancing out of reach of any reprisal.
A RoseBreasts enjoys any battle with a skilled fighter, and will often share her Honey Techniques with any Pokégirl or human who impresses her, but she rarely allows second tastes unless her opponent has defeated her.
Probably the biggest drawback to the RoseBreasts, is that she's got the same attitude as a Neo-Iczel when it comes to other lovers. She's got a good heart and is always respectful (unless insulted first), especially towards those who've defeated her before, but she is haughty and demanding of anyone who wishes to join the bed she shares with her lover, forcing them to get both her permission as well as her lover's before they are fully welcome.
Regardless, a RoseBreasts is a powerful plant Pokégirl.
Petal Armor - (DEF) The Pokégirl creates armor made of hardened rose petals. Though this seems rather feeble, it lessens the damage of any Flying or Ice attacks by one-third. It also lowers the damage of all physical attacks by 1% per level of the Pokégirl (to a maximum of 35%). The only drawback is that it doubles damage from any Fire attacks. The petals soften and fall apart after two combat turns.
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SCYLLA, The Legendary Water Fiend Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Fish, possibly humans
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: Water Spear, Tidal Wave, Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Rain, Mirror Image, Whirlpool, Draining Rain, Water Golem, Water God, Poison, Poison Mist, Lust Dust, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Vertigo Venom, Hot Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Wrap (could use on multiple targets at one time), Crushing Wrap
Enhancements: Complete mastery of all water within one mile, mild regeneration when in contact with water, multiple limbs
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Scylla appeared as a 5'3" beautiful woman with glowing blue skin, long silvery hair, and had enchanting sea-blue eyes. She often took this form and spent much time underwater. However, when she went into combat, her lower body shifted into that of an octopus with twelve tentacles.
Scylla would frequently enchant men on ships or on beaches with her beauty and have sex with them. It's said that those who failed to please her were dragged into the ocean to drown (and possible be eaten). Those who did please her were also dragged off, but one survivor said that Scylla brought him to an underwater cavern and had sex with him repeatedly, and this likely was the fate of Scylla's other lovers, though the survivor saw no sign of the others. He was the last lover that Scylla had, as he was captured just days before she was killed, and he was able to swim to freedom a day later.
Though not one to work with other Pokégirls, she didn't conflict with any Pokégirls, save for Kary, who interrupted Scylla during one of her seductions, and proceeded to eat Scylla's conquest right in front of her. The two battled fiercely, but it's believed that Scylla was the one to retreat from the fight, despite having a major advantage over her fiery sister.
Scylla was the most annoying Pokégirl to try and face, because she was able to control the ocean around her, shift torpedoes from their designated path, send depth charges back to the surface, and could knock bullets and shells out of the air with her Hydro Pump, or dive beneath the water to dodge when other attacks were attempted.
Plus the fact that she could control the water within a mile of her made it virtually impossible for almost any ship to get range to effectively attack her, and the fact that she could sink or break said ships _and_ she didn't need to be in detectable range. She used this tactic often in the early days of the war to attack convoys. But as the war dragged on, she became more and more arrogant about her opponents, allowing herself to surface to mock the convoy's defenders. This ultimately led to her death.
The Langoud's massive cannon was able to kill her, catching her when she was attacking a fleet openly. It burned her to death and evaporated all the water in a 135 foot radius. What remained of her body was fished out of the water and inspected, before the military disintegrated it, just in case she could regenerate from even death, a wise precaution seeing as Scylla was the very first Legendary Pokégirl ever successfully killed.
Since it's first display of power had been successful, the Langoud was sent to hunt down other Legendaries.
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SEXYCUTE, the Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, pokechow
Role: spying
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Sleep Powder, Hypno Dance, Passionate Feet, Hyper Dance, Hugs'N'Kisses
Enhancements: Flight, size alteration
Evolves: SexyCuter (normal), FairyCute (mechanism unknown), HentaiCute (orgasm)
Evolves From: FairyCute (mechanism unknown)
SexyCute look relatively the same as they did as FairyCutes, but they lose their wings, tend to have mild to moderate tans, and always wear hoola skirts, save during sex or bathing. SexyCutes are usually a few inches taller and gain a curvaceous set of hips that are excellent for dancing.
It's believed that this "booty upgrade" may be the source of their hypnotic dance techniques, but that has yet to be proven, as most researchers generally can't keep their eyes off the SexyCute for long once she starts dancing.
SexyCutes are so good at dancing that they tend to be less magically active than FairyCutes. SexyCutes also have a tendency to stay in their larger state, especially when dancing or traveling. They do, however, use their smaller form when it comes to eating. Ferals also use their smaller forms to get access to areas that would otherwise be too small, generally for sleeping or hiding from tamers.
SexyCute usually use Dance Techniques, making them excellent support Pokégirls, but terrible frontline fighters. They can also learn to use and control poisons, which can be helpful for tamers seeking to capture other Pokégirls.
Both Fairy Pokégirls can transform into HentaiCute, the extremely perverted Fairy. However, the SexyCute's main evolution, the SexyCuter, has become a problem, one that the leagues are not entirely happy about.
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SEXYCUTER, the SEXIER Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Berries, pokechow
Role: Spying, Taming
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Slow Dance, Hustle Dance, Dance of Revolution, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Erotic Kiss
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x3)
Evolves: HentaiCute (Orgasm)
Evolves From: SexyCute (Normal)
Reward for Capturing a Feral SexyCuter: 1,000,000 SLC
Reward for Keeping a SexyCuter: 50,000 SLC a week
Fine for Abandoning or Releasing a SexyCuter: 400,000,000 SLC
SexyCutes usually don't gain much height when they evolve, but their bodies do become more curvaceous, making SexyCuters even more appealing. If they don't already have tan skin, they will seek to tan themselves, but most will keep themselves from becoming sunburned.
SexyCuters gave a nearly unquenchable sexual appetite and Ferals will latch onto those who can sexually satisfy them, even if it's an entire harem. Ferals who cannot find anyone to satisfy them will use her Lust Dust generously and start massive orgies to satisfy her libido.
Because of this, SexyCuters have a stronger tendency to eventually evolve into HentaiCutes if their sexual appetites aren't sated at least once every lunar cycle.
It's obvious to anyone looking at her attack list that a SexyCuter is TERRIBLE for fighting. Her skills are better suited to capturing and taming other Pokégirls, and it's quite likely that she and the HentaiCutes were originally intended to keep the libidos of Pokégirls in check during the Sukebe War so they didn't turn to aid humans.
In fact, most researchers believe that she may have originally been intended to counter the subversion of the Pokégirl ranks caused by humans during the war. It would certainly make sense, considering the Psidyke and Dildoran's existence.
Feral SexyCuters can become quite a problem, especially with their access to Lust Dust and Erotic Kiss. With their tendency towards extreme sexual proclivity, they certainly do not seem to understand the concept of "tone it down" or "moderation". For a tamer seeking to catch a Pokégirl using a SexyCuter, this can be a minor problem. However, after several instances where a SexyCuter had enraptured feral grass-types into using Lust Dust in a town, which resulted in a wild orgy that stopped businesses for three days and led to hospitals being swarmed with dehydration and starvation victims, some Leagues have offered rewards for tamers to capture and keep feral SexyCuters.
However, like all things, some tamers tried to ruin a good thing. They attempted to capitalize on the initial reward by releasing their SexyCuter or abandoning her for a few weeks and then recapturing her.
League Officials quickly modified the law to add a massive fine for anyone who released or abandoned the SexyCuter, but neither the fine (nor the initial reward) apply if the SexyCuter is traded, and the reward for keeping her goes to the new tamer.
The fine is split between both tamers if the SexyCuter abandons the new tamer, so leaving a SexyCuter at a Pokécenter or a Breeding Ranch is the only advisable recourse for the tamer who cannot handle her. The initial reward is also not given if a SexyCute evolves while in the tamer's harem, but they do receive the maintenance reward at the end of the first week. This last part was added to the SexyCuters entry because many tamers believed that their feralborn SexyCutes would provide them a burst of income by evolving.
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STARBOOB, the Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Uncommon/Very Uncommon
Diet: Water, Sand, Milk
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Fighting, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Harden, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder
Enhancements: Hard shell, levitation, shapeshifting
Evolves: Starboobie (Level 35 + Water Stone)
Evolves From: None
Starboobs have two forms, the first is their combat form, which is that of an unnaturally large five-finned starfish. They have a noseless face in the center of their bodies, covered by a gem-like substance (referred to as a 'gem-core'). Science has proven that this material is not actually like mineral gemstone, but rather like a strangely translucent calcium deposit. The gem core is often red, but may be blue. Only in very rare cases will they be silver or gold, as these are the equivalent of albinoism amongst Starboobs. Their skin is always some shade of brown.
The reason they use that form for combat is because it uses the least amount of energy and has the fewest vulnerable spots. They can flex the very thing section of soft tissue between the fins and their central body to allow them to 'stand' if they need to (most don't bother with this practice unless trying to impress a potential lover). In this form only, they can levitate up to fifteen feet in the air and can move upwards of thirty miles per hour alone or ten if carrying a single person.
When Starboobs shapeshift, they gain a noseless human form that they generally use for socializing, bathing and taming. Their hair is generally the same color as the gem that was present in their previous form, and their skin, though never changing shades, gives them a tanned look. In this form alone, their skin slowly hardens to the consistency of rock if she is out of natural water for four hours or more, but a three minute soak in water will return their skin its softer state. If they switch to their battle form, their body reverts to its hardened state. They often have B to C-cup breasts, and when their skin is soft, their breasts are incredibly sensitive to any form of stimulus.
Feralborn Starboobs are largely lesbians, though some will be bisexual (roughly 25-30% of the time), resulting in the few Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs. The primary reason for Starboobs are lesbians isn't because taming is any harder with men or easier with women, it's because Starboobs have a very strong breast-fixation (likely brought on by the sensitivity of their own breasts) and most feralborn and domesticate-born Starboobs love to fondle and carress the breasts of other Pokégirls.
If a Starboob is not interested in a particular tamer or Pokégirl, she will instinctively shapeshift into her battle form. Since there is no way to block this shapeshifting power without elaborate manipulation with highly skilled psychic Pokégirls, almost no tamer or Pokégirl is willing to bother with the effort of trying to convert any unwilling Starboobs one way or the other. Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs decide their own sexuality.
Once every year, if the Starboob had each enough sand and calcium, they can eject their gem core, which is then immediately replace it with a fresh one. There are no benefits for doing this, save for comfort. The ejected gem core itself is quite beautiful, and can usually fetch high prices on market, as it is almost as hard as a ruby and looks just as nice.
Starboobs are sometimes captured for rich women, who usually seek to evolve them into their 'big sister' form, the Starboobie.
When it comes to sex, a Starboob is almost always at least assertive and often focus on either her own breasts or, if with a female, their lover's breasts. Starboobs can get aggressive during sex if they've suffered a loss, using sexual release to work out their pent up frustrations, but the greater the loss, the longer she will need to work out her aggressions. As such, it should be noted, for the sake of whomever has to tame her, that water-based sex attacks work excessively well on a Starboob.
Some Starboobs like to get temporary tattoos, either on their faces (generally on their cheeks) or their asses (usually hearts or moons (pun not fully intended)), but they will eventually decide on a design for permanent ones. What influences the final design is unknown, but the more common permanent tattoos are crescent moons or five-pointed stars.
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STARBOOBIE, the Stronger Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Very Uncommon/Rare
Diet: Water/Sand/Glass
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Psychic, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder, No Sell, Quick, Mirror Coat
Enhancements: Harder shell, more 'limbs' in combat form
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Starboob (Level 35 + Water Stone)
This Pokégirl is virtually identical to their 'little sisters', save for four differences. First, the Starboobie has ten fins in their 'combat' form. The new ones form in-between the normal five and make it more difficult to grapple. She can now levitate up to thirty feet in the air and travel upwards of seventy-five miles per hour (or thirty mile per hour if carrying a single person).
Secondly, the Starboobie gains access to psychic attacks.
Thirdly, in their human forms, their breasts usually increase one full cup size and become 20-30% less sensitive.
And fourthly, the Starboobie's core-gem becomes a beautiful rainbow of colors, which also translates to the Starboobie's hair in it's humanoid form.
If Starboob core-gems were like a nice agate, Starboobie core-gems were like diamonds in comparison. These gem cores are ultimately more valuable than the Starboob's, mostly because they are far less common. A Starboobie only creates and ejects a new gem core once every five years. They are as hard as diamonds and usually look far more spectacular, the only exception being incredibly well cut diamonds.
Starboobies are now looked upon as a status symbol, a trophy or 'ultimate accessory'. Some rich women, despite being heterosexual or even anti-Pokégirl, will hire lesbian or bisexual maids to keep a Starboobie's needs in line so as to keep the status granted to them for even owning one.
Not only that, but because of the Starboobie's psychic talents and natural hard body, she can be a fairly competent bodyguard. Starboobies may not be at all social events, but they will usually appear at any event thrown by their owner.
If a Starboobie goes completely feral, she does not lose intelligence, the ability to speak or grow distracted. Instead, she becomes incredibly aggressive, both physically and sexually. Worse, this foul temperament may not fade when she is finally tamed, depending on why she went feral, who tamed her and the reasons for that person to tame her. If a stupid and/or cruel tamer lets her grow feral and another person selflessly tamed her, she will treat the selfless person that tamed her with a great deal of respect, while loathing and utterly despising her tamer.
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TITTO, the Copycat Pokégirl
Type: Near-Human Metamorph
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: liquid. Due to digestive problems, Tittos have trouble eating solid food
Role: a very adaptable Pokégirl, unfortunately not many are known to exist.
Libido: Average (with seasonal peaks)
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Transform
Enhancements: shapeshifting
Disablities: Low Strength
Evolves: Glass (normal), Brass (Fire Stone), Marble (Diamond Stone), Paperdoll (Leaf Stone)
Evolves From: Statue (Water Stone), Marble (de-evolved with Water Stone), Psivamp (mechanism unknown), Firemaiden (special evolution stone), Airmaiden (Sky Crystal)
Titto is a rare Pokégirl with a single powerful ability. She can transform into a number of other forms, duplicating the abilities of other Pokégirls. However, in exchange for this capacity, the Titto is only as strong as humans are when in her normal form, and only half as strong as the Pokégirl she changes into when using Transform. One thing she cannot do is transform into vapor, gas, water, or anything that is insubstantial (like a ghost Pokégirl). Other than for these limitations, Titto are the perfect pre-Sukebe chameleons, right down to scent.
It is more common for the Titto to partially transform, changing her legs to a Mermaid's tail for swimming, or manifesting an Angel's wings for flight, or changing a hand into a Warcat's claw. Titto full body transformations can only manage a range of 75% to 125% of her usual mass. The smaller the mass changed, the greater the control the Titto has over the end result. Because of her ability to shapeshift, Titto Pokégirls are quite likely the Pokégirl that is most responsible for the largest number of human casualties during the Revenge War (some researchers debate this, however).
Titto are also vulnerable to sonic attacks. The most peculiar problem of Tittos is that when in their season, their drive to mate with a male that they have a psychic bond with is irresistible and frantic. If there is no such male, the Titto must be forcibly restrained or she will bond with any suitable male, which is a difficult proposition considering her shapeshifting capabilities. Titto are never found near any routes or roads that are lined by anti-Pokégirl sonic barriers, and some complain of being affected by them even when they're inside a Pokéball.
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TYRANNODAME, The Tyrant Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Tyrannoid dinosauroid - Metamorph
Element: Dragon/Rock
Frequency: non-existent outside the Dark Continent (Extremely Rare there)
Diet: meat, preferably swallowing whole bodies in their Battle Mode.
Role: super-weapons of Sanctuary, ultimate terror of Sanctuary
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Flying, Plant, Poison, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Steel
Libido: Low
Attacks (normal mode): Bite, Tail Slap, Dragon Claw, Harden, Roar, Teleport
Attacks (battle mode): Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Mega Flare, Diamond Tail, Diamond Tooth, Quake, Harden, Roar, Teleport
Enhancements: Metamorphic capabilities, (normal and battle modes) dense armored skin, enhanced strength (x25), enhanced olfactory sense (x15)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Dawn Stone)
When the first Dameosaur came to be functional in 214 AS/2206 CE, the metamorphic reptilian humanoid became the Pokégirl species that the Goths of Sanctuary would pin their hopes and dreams on, the caring lover and loyal servant, the steadfast protector of everything that made Sanctuary what it was. The species proved to be a versatile breed as the numerous DNA schematics that were already predisposed in the Dameosaur's genetic makeup from the surplus left in Sukebe's labs to enhance their usefulness would later come to the forefront in Dameosaur's evolved breeds, the flying Pterodames and the water-borne Nessidames. With protectors of the land, sea, and air, Sanctuary was assured that there would be nothing that could stand against them should they have to battle.
The species had already proven their merit in three Frontier Wars and were poised to become the symbol of Sanctuary's might. Yet still, even with these protectors, all was not right with Sanctuary. There has been a cold war that raged through the heart of Sanctuary since nearly its conception. The often whispered about and incredibly deadly Terminatrix served as the one dark spot on the otherwise spotless record of what it was that made the Goths feel that Sanctuary was a paradise. This was a Pokégirl species that the Sanctuary Goth had no clue as to why they hated them as they did, and the Goths knew that they needed to do something to protect all that was important to them from the Demon Dragons.
Nearly eighty years later, 299 AS/2291 CE it would be Miss Lindi Valiant, member of the Council of Twelve and one of Sanctuary's Founders that would discover a way to fend of the enemies of Sanctuary, known as the Terminatrix.
Using the recently discovered Evolution Stone known as Dawn Stone, Lindi Valiant would devise a ceremony that would allow her to use the Dawn Stone to tap into the genetic potential that was already within Sanctuary's Dameosaur soldiers. As the Dawn Stone was an Evolution Stone that was all about taking the hidden potential of a Pokégirl and turning her into a superior version of what was already there, it was understood that the stone could possibly have an effect on the Dameosaurs.
It did.
What would come to be from using a Dawn Stone on a Dameosaur would be the creation of a Pokégirl of incredible power and rage. Drawing upon the Rock-type element of the Dameosaur, the Fighting-type potential known through the species and their other evolutions would be completely lost and replaced with one of the most powerful elemental types: Dragon. Now such incredibly large and powerful creatures, it was understood which genetics already within the Dameosaurs contributed to the new form they would possess as well as their new name. Sanctuary's newest, most powerful creations would become known as Tyrannodames!
A Tyrannodame in her normal mode would resemble a dark brown almost leather-skinned humanoid around 8' in height with a D-Cup chest and a thick tail above her posterior that is as long as she is tall. The tail is somewhat prehensile; a Tyrannodame can use it for various function, though mostly stabbing with the tip. She possesses long and firm dark gray feathers for hair that branch down from her head, usually just past her shoulders. More importantly however, is that unlike the other species of the Dameosaur and evolutions, a Tyrannodame in normal mode possesses numerous attack capabilities, allowing her to combat threats in areas too enclosed for her battle form.
When a Tyrannodame assumes her battle mode, the Pokégirl takes on the traditional form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, (the Dragon Claw technique is shifted from hands to feet) that stands 13' in height and is 42' long from snout to tail. In this form they can run around 25-45 mph and possess not only incredible physical might but an enhanced sense of smell. When they start tracking something, they won't stop until they've either caught it or killed it, albeit the latter seems to the prominent choice. Tyrannodames in battle mode are incredibly versatile in battlefield strategy. They can work effectively as lone hunters, in a pair of soldiers, or even small packs of warriors, as long as they're supervised by a Sanctuary Goth.
The Tyrannodames need a Sanctuary Goth to lead them in combat is an important factor as when they are in battle mode, they have trouble thinking for themselves. Even though they are of average intelligence when in normal mode, when a Tyrannodame takes her battle mode, her mental capacity decreases to the same stage of mental development as an average feralborn Pokégirl, making them difficult for anyone but the Tyrannodame's owner to control since on a genetic/subconscious level, they programmed to follow the will of their owner.
Unlike the others of their species of Dameosaur, Tyrannodames, for unknown reasons that boggle and aggravate the Sanctuary Goths, have the capacity for a bisexual nature. This aspect has been kept secret from the male populace of Sanctuary's satellite cities and has made it so that any Dameosaur that are evolved into Tyrannodame are bonded with a female partner immediately so they do not fall into the control of the pets in Sanctuary out some force outside of the Dark Continent. The possibility for destruction should a male get a hold of a Tyrannodame would be catastrophic.
Since their creation, the numbers of Tyrannodames have been low due to the fact that Dawn Stones are the rarest of all Evolution Stones. The Council of Twelve member Lindi Valiant is taking a personal hand in the matter to raise numbers, including using all resources available to Sanctuary to gather these Evolution Stones, as well as practice with artificially-induced Parthenogenesis.
Diamond Tail - (ATK 240 + EFT) A Rock technique exclusive to Tyrannodame; an enormous jump in power over Tail Slap. Upon contact, the tail strike hurls the opponent over sixty feet backwards.
Diamond Tooth - (ATK 200 + EFT) A Rock technique exclusive to Tyrannodame; an enormous jump in power over a regular Bite attack. Has a possibility of instant K.O./kill as the Tyranodame may EAT the offending Pokégirl.
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VINEBRA, the Naughty Grass Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare Unknown (All Leagues)
Diet: Water, sunlight, soil, sexual fluids
Role: Unknown
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water, any Aphrodisiac attacks (such as Lust Dust)
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Grass Cock, Probing Tentacles, Probing Pods, Grass Floor, Fruit Juice, Lance, Lust Dust, Poison Powder, Poison Mist, Slow Sting, Lure
Enhancements: Enhanced Olffactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Taste (x5), Shapeshifting, New Poisons, improved vine control,
Evolves: RoseBreasts (choosing a permanent lover)
Evolves From: Gloomy (Lack of taming + Dark Stone)
A Vinebra is an evolution that is a lot naughtier than most people expect. Similar to the HentaiCute, a Vinebra's main objective is sex, however, her methods of getting it vary from one Vinebra to another, and it's believed that how often the Vinebra was tamed prior to her evolution will generally determine how violent she will be about getting tamed after evolving. Almost all Vinebras are lesbians, but just as with the Dildoran, male tamers should beware.
Unlike the Gloomy, the Vinebra's appearance doesn't change with lighting, nor does she shy away from sunlight, but she prefers to remain in forests, areas heavy with vegetation, or any place she can get the element of surprise on her chosen target.
One tactic, which was witnessed by a watcher, was rather brilliant: The Vinebra literally transforms into a large flower with it's luring nectar on it's petals. It then spread out a large network of vines through the trees. When several Buzzbreasts came to taste the nectar, the Vinebra's vines immobilized the Buzzbreasts and the Vinebra changed back. She then had sex with the Buzzbreasts until they were all unconscious, then left.
Vinebra's have a rather sour attitude about other Pokégirls and any humans, seeing as they never got tamed prior to their evolution, thus if captured, will likely be cold and distant, or even downright hostile. Since she has an immunity to aphrodisiacs, it will take either a lot of caring or a lot of restraints.
Feral Vinebra's love challenges, and may even seek out Pokégirls that they are weak to, to tame and dominate. She enjoys taming strong Pokégirls and will even allow herself to be tamed if she believes her target to be stronger than herself. Rarely does a Vinebra submit to a human's touch, unless it's in a three-way (or more), and the human has to work quite hard to prove that they care enough to do so.
She should be treated much like a Domina or a Dildoran, with caution, firmness and sincerity.
Because of her ability to transform into a flower, possibly of varying sizes, it's uncertain how many Vinebras might be in the wild, and since almost all Vinebras are ferals hiding in the wild, the number will remain incalculable.
It is certain, however, that the Vinebra needs sexual fluids once every two to three days. But, Vinebras have been witnessed catching prey and then releasing them without taming. It's believed that she can smell her chosen life partner.
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WAR ESPER, the ‘Pokéboy Experiment’ Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Varies
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Only 18 known to exist, only certain that 3 are still alive)
Diet: Genetic anomaly in their system makes them not need to eat. They will, however, eat if offered.
Role: Male replacement, original ‘Pokéboys’
Libido: Varies
Strong Vs: Varies
Weak Vs: Varies
Attacks: Varies
Enhancements: Deathlessness, others vary
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sukebe created the vast majority of Pokégirl kind. However his most vile creations, the sixteen General Pokégirls, created these creatures.
Supposedly the supervisors of the project were Artemis the Huntress and Athena the Mad, then known as Athena the Wise, the project starting after the Espers abandoned the Pokégirl forces en masse shortly after their creation. They were an attempt to create a replacement for human males, something that would be more viable to the cause of Pokégirl-kind. They only partially succeeded, and the idea of replacing human males was dropped. Those that were made, one of each of the known elements, were kept and studied to see what use could be made of them. A shocking discovery was found.
War Espers had a unique ability to become more powerful when they bonded with friendly Pokégirls. The more intimate War Espers became, the more Alpha and Delta bonds they forged, the greater their powers rose. Most became juggernauts of raw power. However, War Espers proved to have an unstable genetic structure. Nearly all became crippled by their own power and eventually self-destructed. Before this mass self-destruction, all survived long enough to produce offspring, but it was always of the Pokégirl species they mated with, never anything remotely resembling a male, or whatever it was that the Generals wanted.
Some believe that War Esper DNA lay hidden throughout the generations, spread throughout the world in the form of the more common Pokégirl types. If so, this could mean that even a humble Bimbo or Ingenue could have the ability to become as strong as some of the Extremely Rare types of Pokégirls. It is uncertain, due to the thinning of the bloodline over the years and the ‘Mutt Syndrome,’ exactly how many people or Pokégirls may be descended from War Espers, but it has been speculated that the unpredictable nature of the bloodline has produced many unique blood gifts. Oddly enough, it’s believed that none of the blood gifts that grant extra fighting power, durability, or endurance are connected to War Esper DNA. No one knows why, but it’s one of the few facts about the breed that we’re certain of.
Only two War Espers are still known to be living, which used to be three until the so-called ‘Athena Incident’ in the Crimson League. Their location is currently unknown and we are making no efforts to find them. Nor will any who value their lives make such an effort. We don’t need the Limbec Pirates finding out about these things and trying to replace mankind with them, or using them against us. And we ESPECIALLY don’t want Sanctuary finding out. Some of them may have noble ideals, but far too many of them are genocidal towards our kind. All data found on War Espers except for this single record are to be deleted, the lab where they are found destroyed.
In terms of abilities and features, they only have a few things in common. They periodically experience tremendous drops in power, accompanied by memory loss and alteration, all of which eventually reverses itself as time passes. This is believed to be due to their unstable genetic structure. Also, all War Espers are masters of whatever element they were created for. Finally, they all have a limited shape-shifting capacity. Each one can assume a completely female form, completely male form, or a hermaphroditic form. One of the survivors has even learned how to assume a fourth form. Each one has assumed many identities over the years, either by choice or by necessity during their memory loss periods, and has specifically requested to be left alone. We’re inclined to do so.
Element: Fire
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Can use all known Fire techniques. Has three unique techniques, but by his request we are keeping them secret.
Base Level Enhancements: Deathlessness, Flame Mastery, Enhanced Healing (x7), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x5)
Current Status: At large
Sol was the first surviving War Esper we found out about. Like all three survivors, he prefers to take a male form. He adopted the nickname ‘Badguy’ at some point, mainly in reference to some of his actions. He is defiant of most authority, and has a great disdain for the Church of the Thousand Gods. He says he knows what went wrong with Athena, but refuses to tell anyone. Known to be searching for two things, someone he calls ‘That Man,’ and another whom he calls ‘the Ender.’ Nobody is certain what this means, except that he means to kill both ‘That Man’ and ‘the Ender.’
Element: Dark
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Can use all known Dark element techniques. Has several unique techniques, but by his request we are keeping them secret.
Base Level Enhancements: Deathlessness, Dark Mastery, Werewolf form, Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Senses (x6)
Current Status: At large, with possible base of operations in the Capital League.
Jon has been the least active of the War Espers. He kept mainly to the forests and jungles, getting Taming where he could, and eventually settled down in a small cabin in the mountains of the Capital League. His two most noteworthy achievements were creating several T2 techniques and encountering the second known dimensional traveler, the Nendo-kata Tariko Moroboshi. He is known to have a fearsome fourth form, that of a massive werewolf, that he uses to scare people off.
Element: Fighting
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Steel, Dark, Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Flying, Ghost, Psychic, Poison
Attacks: Dark Fist, Dark Ball, Can use all known Fighting element techniques.
Base Level Enhancements: Deathlessness, Fighting Mastery, Calm Soul, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x7), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x4)
Current Status: Deceased
The most well known of the War Espers, but thankfully not well known for BEING a War Esper. Like Jon and Sol, he preferred to take a male form. He lived many lives, and had many children, one of which became the father of the Legendary Widow Slayer. In one of the few interviews he gave to PLC officials who knew what he was, he admits that he wishes he could have been a part of his grandson’s life. He was spotted by his son Vincent during the ‘Athena Incident,’ and is the one who confirmed the deaths of both the Widow Slayer and Omega Athena. He recovered his grandson’s body and gave him a proper funeral with his grandson’s friends in attendance. His ashes were subsequently hidden, so no one could possibly extract War Esper DNA from him. He has since taken on his grandson’s name, continuing to wander the earth.
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