ANIMA, the Angel of Suffering Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Metamorphic)
Element: Magic/Ghost/Psychic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Living Tragedy
Libido: Variable
Strong Vs: Normal, Magic, Psychic, Fighting
Weak Vs: Sonic attacks, ‘Toxifying’ Magic
Attacks: Heaven’s Arrow, Transcendant Sword, *Pain, Soothing Mist, Highway to Heaven, Withdraw, No Sell, Feel the Burn, Dark Bomb, Dark Shield, Dark Matter, *Oblivion
Enhancements: Loses ultra-dense skin, Body spikes, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Emotion manipulation, Sensation control, Enhanced Regeneration (x6), Limited Metamorph, Solid Ether Shell, Manifest Weapon: Chains
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Penance (Further abuse)
As hard as it is to believe, an evolution for the Penance has been discovered. When Penances go through even more abuse, at least a week’s worth in all known cases, they undergo a horrifying evolution. They become the most twisted, distorted vision of a Pokégirl ever. And, to people’s dismay and surprise, they are Celestials.
Upon evolution to Anima, Penances lose their ultra-dense skin, trading it in for normal skin and a series of spikes lining their arms and going across the tops of their heads. Their skins become darker, more mottled and scarred, as the leather straps that once covered them become ragged bandages that cover precious little. Their teeth become razor sharp, and one eye vanishes from its socket if it hadn’t already been removed by the torture. Two halves of a grayish-blue shell of solid ether surround them, one that they can close and open at will for protection. And around their chest, binding their arms in a position where they are covering their breasts, are a pair of thick chains. Around her wrists and ankles are metal clamps. These ‘accessories’ may symbolically suggest that the Anima is now trapped in her pain. Which is certainly close to true, as their body spikes constantly hurt them. Blood can be seen running down their arms and faces at regular intervals, despite their regenerative powers.
This Pokégirl is a tragedy made flesh. The fact that even one exists is horrifying, but there have been at least six recorded cases of an Anima being created throughout history. Animas are to be pitied. But they are also not to be taken lightly, either. They possess tremendous psychic ability, and are constantly broadcasting a low-level pulse of psychic energy. That pulse contains a constant projection of the pain and madness they suffer. Most psychic-type Pokégirls that encounter an Anima suffer from dementia and nightmares for weeks afterwards. They have tremendous telekinetic prowess, and have a long ‘reach’ with their telekinesis. They can take all the pain they are suffering and use it as a concentrated psychic attack, infusing it with magical energy for a 50% chance of inducing a random status effect.
They have two abilities, however, that are more frightening than most attacks out there.
The first ability is the chains. Animas can summon chains spiked chains with hooks on them from anywhere. They have the ability to manipulate these chains as if they were extensions of their own limbs, frequently using the hooks on the end of the chain to mutilate their victims, tearing off ragged chunks of meat and eating them. These chains have almost become the trademark of the breed, and are feared.
Their most frightening ability is their exclusive attack, a Celestial/Dark-element move called Oblivion. Bloody chains shoot out of dark portals in the ground, wrapping around the legs of an opponent and dragging them back down into the portal. What happens has never been personal witnessed by researchers, but one of the few Pokégirls who’ve been struck with the attack has come forward with a full description of the chilling move, which will be listed below. Suffice to say, it’s an unpleasant move.
Animas, mentally, are completely insane. Because of the abuse they’ve suffered as a Penance, they’ve lost hold of any grip on reality. Their personalities range from constantly terrified to the point of violent hostility towards anything in their vicinity, to vicious, cruel sadists that delight in pain and take a perverse pleasure from torturing and raping their victims.
Against all logic, Animas do seek out Taming. They wander around, the frightened ones kidnapping people in secret and taking what they need from them by pinning them down with their chains and forcing them to arousal with their tongues, taking what they need from there and brutally murdering them afterward. The sadists cruelly torture their victims, bringing them to the edge of pleasure and pain as they destroy them mentally and physically.
Disturbingly, in two of the six known cases of an Anima existing, in two cases the Anima had an active Tamer.
One case is that of Seymour T. Guado, known member of Team Rocket. Early in Seymour’s life, he was strongly connected to his mother. His father, Jyscal, was a cruel, heartless man who abused his Pokéwoman wife until she became a Penance. Infuriated and concerned that the discovery would ruin his standing in the community, he kept his wife locked up and beat her daily, trying to actively kill her. She became an Anima, but before she could kill Jyscal, her son did the deed for him. He took in his own mother, eventually Taming her and making him the Alpha of his own personal harem. He and his Pokégirls, due to the constant exposure to the maddening psychic waves drove them made. They joined Team Rocket, but were all killed by a Tamer named Tidus Zanarkand and his Harem during a raid on the Viridick Gym shortly after the arrival of the alternate universe visitor, Ranma Saotome.
The second case is also the only known living Anima, as all others have been put out of their misery. A sadist type, this particular Anima was taken in by former Blue League military tamer Captain Elliott Spencer. Captain Spencer was known for his own cruelty, as well as his bloodgifts of regeneration and durability due to his Steel-type ancestry. This made it easy for him to both relate to the Anima and tame her. The two have since become an infamous duo, an embarrassment to the Blue League, and a high bounty is out for their capture and execution. Caution is advised in confronting them, as Captain Spencer is known for his cleverness, depravity, and vicious creativity.
What is strangest about these girls is that in every recorded incidence of an Anima being created, every Celestial Pokégirl within a 100-mile radius of the Anima suffers a tremendous bout of psychic pain that lasts for several minutes. Those that were willing to come forward after feeling the attack claim that the feeling is like having electrified acid poured over their whole bodies…
A kill-on-site order is in effect for any and all Animas in existence in the present or future. Not just because they are dangerous, but because they are also in constant pain. It’s a mercy killing… Incidentally, for anyone who creates an Anima, a far worse punishment has been approved for general use. Creating things like a Penance, Panthress, or Hyperdoll is bad enough. But this is beyond unforgivable and will not be tolerated. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
There has been a seventh Anima. The very first one, to be precise.
After the Athena Incident ended, some of Athena’s bases were raided by Crimson League officials, many of Athena’s personal journals being found. They were turned over to the PLC and other interested parties, the shocking discovery of the reason behind Athena’s madness being discovered at last. Along with that, the fate of the missing General Pokégirl, Artemis, was discovered as well.
Apparently, near the end of the Revenge War, Artemis was captured by human forces and tortured ruthlessly in her interrogation. The techniques used on Artemis were relentlessly brutal. Athena led a squadron of Celestial Pokégirls to rescue Artemis, but they were all captured and held prisoner by the humans. The torture of Artemis continued, and she eventually turned into a Penance right before Athena’s eyes.
The horror on Athena’s face apparently made her captors realize that she and Artemis were lovers. They continued to brutalize Artemis, who had been crippled before her evolution and was unable to run away.
Things got bad when Artemis evolved from a Penance into an Anima.
Athena’s writings stopped after a point, detailing her plans for a rescue, and resume after her escape. Apparently the shock of the evolution startled her captors enough that Athena was able to break free and slaughter them. Artemis was too weak to move from the torture she had suffered, and had said only three words to Athena.
“Kill me. Please.”
Athena had to kill her own lover. With further research done into the topic today, it’s believed that Artemis was Athena’s Recognition partner. Add into that the psychic trauma the Celestials under Athena’s command suffered by the Anima evolution and the physical torture they suffered under their inquisitors, and it becomes less of a mystery as to why the Bloody Angels unit was formed. The Bloody Angels, comprised of all the Celestials that were under Athena’s command, committed acts of cruelty so great that some Mazouku still speak with jealousy of them today. They were all killed, but some, such as Hild, hold the unit in high regard. Athena was the only survivor, a once wise General become a mad seeker of vengeance.
The intense feelings generated in Celestials who have experienced the backlash Anima evolution, in many cases, have led those who experienced it to believe that humanity that humanity needs direction. This fact that has, unfortunately, to much backlash against Celestials in general because it manifests itself in many, ranging from gentle kindness that can exceed even that of their more altruistic, unaffected kin to outright busy-bodyness, and the latter, although only affecting a fairly small minority, has been greatly capitalized on by their detractors. Regardless, though, these 'affected' Celestials, in general, feel a need to keep solid control of things and create order in their world. This has led these Celestials, moreso even than the normal variety, to conflict with Macavity many times. However that is an unrelated topic.
If you’ll forgive this researcher for saying so, but the fact that the Anima exists at all makes me wonder if Sukebe wasn’t right in the first place…

Pain (ATK+EFT) – The Anima focuses all of the mental and physical pain she is suffering, concentrates it, and fires it as a psychic/magic element projectile. Has a 50% chance of inflicting a random status effect.

Oblivion (ATK 300) – The Anima’s lower body morphs into a twisted column of flesh and stone, embedding itself into the ground. Chains appear out of a portal underneath the opponent, wrap around the opponent’s lower body and drag them back down into the portal, the Anima’s shell closing around her body. Underneath the portal is a dark, empty void and the new form of the Anima’s lower body. The shell surrounding it unwraps, looking like skin opening up, revealing a monstrous, skeletal, vaguely female creature. The creature ruthlessly pummels the opponent for several hits, and then literally blasts them back to reality by creating an explosion of energy that knocks them out of the pocket dimension. The Anima’s lower body returns to normal afterwards.
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ANUBUST, The Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Jackal
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Energy, (can eat human-style foods in physical state)
Role: Spy, final reality check
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Cat-types
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Night Shade, Phantom Blade, Illusion, Invis 3, Phase, Posses (Physical form adds Evil Wind, Noxious Wind, Soothing Mist, Transcend Sword)
Enhancements: Legendary Salient Qualities, Incorporeal, Sleeplessness, Undetectable Aura, Greater Possession
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sukebe has fooled us all...
We have known the history and stories of the Legendaries for years now. Even the Legendary Demoness Hild, whom has set up her web of lies and manipulated many people, the truth was still known to the League Officials that were in the know. And yet, with all the intelligence gathering, the networks comprised of researchers and allies... we have only RECENTLY discovered something important that we have been missing for centuries, something which the Legendary Pokégirls themselves might not have ever known about.
The fact remains we now know that there had been one last Legendary Pokégirl to the Second Generation of Sukebe’s incredible and all-powerful creations.
We can’t fault ourselves for not knowing about this Pokégirl. From the initial information gathered, it would seem that any knowledge about her existence was heavily guarded by Sukebe’s own coding skills, and he even wove a special web of lies and deceit around her existence. She was not allowed contact with the other Legendaries, her place amongst the sisters that were closest to her was hidden with the creation of another Legendary, and her aura was treated in ways currently not understood, (yet can only be attributed as being a Legendary Salient quality) as to remain untraceable by all.
Created to make a Trio of Legendary Pokégirls based on the Egyptian Pantheon with the likes of the G-Splices Bastit and Sexmet, Anubust was modeled after the Egyptian God of Death, Lost Souls, and Orphans. Indeed, Sukebe took this to heart as Anubust is a surprisingly terrifying sight to initially behold, and that’s managed without an Aura of Fear! The mass that makes up the body of this translucent being is almost a complete black, with eyes that shine of solid gold on a very canine face with no mouth to speak of, and with tall ears atop her head. While obviously muscular and feminine, it is hard to get any definition to Anubust’s with the exception of her chest that looks to be D-Cup. While Anubust does have arms and legs, the latter just seem to hang as she floats there. Her arms, however, do move, mostly when she is attacking or is trying to show further expression, since her main form of communication in this state is telepathy, and without true facial features can have difficulty getting her point across otherwise.
However, once she takes possession of someone, the truth of her appearance unfolds. It does not matter whom she possesses, but once she does, an incredible change occurs. The body of the possessed goes through a transformation process that ignores the laws of conservation of mass, the body simulating what the Legendary Horus Hound would be in physical form, even any clothing the possessed was wearing will shift to suit her style. Standing tall at 6’8”, the anthropomorphic Jackal woman’s true physical strength is finally revealed, yet still maintaining an obviously feminine and alluring frame; the definition of her muscles and firm and rounded D-Cup breasts are accentuated by purest, darkest ebony fur. Her eyes, now with dark pupils, hold a fierce gaze and are outlined with a brilliantly shining color of gold.
For clothing, when she can, Anubust prefers to wear everything in gold. Her pleated-skirt is done in gold, sandals of golden thread with laces that go up to above her knees, and a golden Egyptian Headdress outlined with dark blue lapis luzi. When she removes her headdress, one can see her lengthy hair is done up in dreadlocks. However, her valued item that appears no matter what is a golden Ahnk on gold chain that she wears around her neck.
Interestingly, while in a physical form, it should be noted that there is a trade-off of Anubust’s capabilities. When in a flesh and blood state, the Legendary Horus Hound is capable of being hurt, as now the possessed makes up her current body, and that is what takes the attack rather than her nearly impenetrable spirit. However, because of the capacity for good and evil that is within the hearts of all living beings, (even if they won’t admit to it) Anubust can take control of a few techniques of Divine and Infernal natures when in a mortal state, adding to her already solid ghostly arsenal of attacks. Considering all of this which makes Anubust such an incredible addition to the ranks of his intimidating and oppressive Legendaries, it is a surprise that Sukebe chose to keep her existence a secret from all.
There was no mention of Anubust in any of the documents he allowed his forces access to, even the ones that required a higher rank of clearance. To throw off the idea of Bastit and Sexmet being Egyptian-themed for a reason, he created Macavity, a Legendary Cat-type so unlike the other two, yet still served the purpose in making it a ‘trio’ of Legendary Felines.
One has to wonder and worry about just how Macavity would feel if she ever found out she had been used as a cats-paw herself.
Indeed, the only one who would know about Anubust, and for over three centuries would ever know of her, would be Sukebe himself. It is only recently that Anubust herself has broken her vow of silence and come forth to only a select few, sharing knowledge of herself, the world around us, and forewarning about things that are going on without many knowing, and what is to come. Indeed, she plays a part of a most cryptic soothsayer, a true oracle.
Still, even with all the darkness that seems to surround her being, the Legendary does have one streak of light to her. As a guardian of orphans, she gives blessing to children whom have lost their parents. It does not matter their gender nor species, as she seems to have an affection for all children whom not have anyone who cares for them. This blessing seems to add an impressive ‘luck’ factor.
As contact with this Legendary has been severely limited in all ways so far, this PokéDex entry remains to support all currently known knowledge of the Legendary. Hopefully, if we can learn more, we can add onto what Anubust’s exploits were during the War of Revenge, as well as how it is she passed through the centuries.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Anubust’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills, such as her new spells. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Anubust has No Weakness (Level 70). If she were to face a Dark type or a Ghost type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Ghost, at or below level 70, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Anubust’s array of special attributes:
Pacifist Philosophy: If one weren’t to witness it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it. Anubust’s aura has the unique ability to act as a form of mediation when it comes to Pokégirls of Celestial and Infernal natures. Normally, the two would be going at each other like rabid dogs, but when Anubust is around, the two will calm down and actually work together like any normal Pokégirls would.
Greater Possession: Whenever Anubust uses the technique ‘Posses’, she doesn’t just use the body as a vessel. Instead the body will physically alter and morph, until it becomes a complete likeness of Anubust. When in a material state, Anubust has access to techniques of Celestial and Infernal nature due to the capability for both that is within the living. This technique also allows her to Tame in a more carnal sense, should she ever want to. Shielded Soul: Until Anubust takes a physical form, she is nearly untouchable to forms of attack. Dark-Type and Sonic-based attacks, the bane to the existence of many a Ghost-Type Pokégirls do nothing to her when she’s in her spiritual state; only another Ghost-Type can harm her while she’s incorporeal. However, once in a physical state, she is susceptible to any form of hostile force directed against her.
Book of the Dead: A skill granted to Anubust by Sukebe as so she could share whatever she learned from his enemies, with him. The Legendary Ghost-type can take the physical form of an Egyptian-styled tome, her thoughts on the pages within. Thanks to her centuries of just quietly watching and learning, she has become quite a fountainhead of knowledge, and this form is useful for understanding what she has learned. Some even rumor that she IS the Hentainomicon PokéArtifact.
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ASTRAL (insert name here), the Spectral (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: as per base type
Element: Ghost/base type
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: life energy
Role: as per base type, if applicable
Libido: as per base type
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, plus base type “Strong Vs”
Weak Vs: Dark plus base type “Weak Vs”
Attacks: Night Shade, Energy Drain, plus base type’s attacks
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Invisibility, Sleeplessness, plus base type’s enhancements
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Base type
An Astral (insert name here) Pokégirl is one who refused to let go of this life, even after dying.
While in rare instances, a Pokégirl who dies can evolve into a Spectra, an Astral Pokégirl is one who has died but had enough emotional distress to keep on existing after death, but without the requisites (whatever they may be) to become a Spectra. Any Pokégirl may become an Astral Pokégirl after dying if they were emotionally distressed enough, save for Ghost-types, who cannot become something else after death.
An Astral Pokégirl appears exactly as she did in life. Her dying wounds do not show, nor do other disfigurements. It is still apparent she is dead however, because Astral Pokégirls are naturally incorporeal. They may become corporeal with concentration, which allows them to be Tamed still, but once they cease concentrating, they fade back to being incorporeal. Astral Pokégirls are in, in their natural state, visible but transparent, when they become corporeal, they become solid, and can usually pass for living Pokégirls as long as a Pokédex or another Pokégirl able to detect types doesn’t give them away. When in their normal incorporeal state, an Astral Pokégirl may pass through solid objects, but still naturally doesn’t sink through the ground unless they deliberately try to; they can interact with solid objects only by becoming solid themselves. Astral Pokégirls cannot fly unless they could in life. If an Astral Pokégirl sinks through the ground and wishes to rise back up, she must solidify herself and climb back up; doing this works even when she is underground in solid earth since Astral Pokégirls are composed of ether instead of flesh (living creatures who somehow solidify themselves in another object become permanently grafted to that object are bound to it unless they can somehow phase out of it). An Astral Pokégirl may make herself invisible at will, but this takes just as much concentration as making herself solid. An Astral Pokégirl cannot become both invisible and solid at the same time. Astral Pokégirls do not need to (and cannot) sleep, but they can still be exhausted from becoming solid or invisible too long and/or too often. Exhaustion is cured by a new infusion of life energy.
In addition to needing to be Tamed as much as they did in life, an Astral Pokégirl also needs to absorb life energy from another sentient creature. If she doesn’t do this at least once every ten days, she can no longer sustain her own existence, and fades into death. She can also use the energy she has to unleash the powerful Nightshade attack. Beyond that, her attacks, strategies, and enhancements remain the same as they did in life.
Astral Pokégirls obviously can never bear children, since they are not alive. Astral Pokégirls are also forever locked into their current form; they can never evolve (nor devolve if that is ever an issue) nor have any other status changes. Despite no longer suffering the rigors of age, Astral Pokégirls do have something of a “lifespan.” Eventually, they feel less and less attached to this life. It may take decades, but eventually, as the companions she knew split up and succumb to old age, ennui sets in, and the strength of personality that let her defy death to begin with begins to erode. The Astral Pokégirl begins wanting her next infusion of life energy less and less, until she quietly lets herself fade away.
There have been no known Feral Astral Pokégirls ever. It is suspected that an Astral Pokégirl who goes Feral loses the force of will necessary to sustain her own existence, and fades very quickly. Threshold girls never become an Astral Pokégirl directly, though they have as much chance of becoming one after death as any other Pokégirl if they are distressed enough at their time of death..
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BAKUCHAN, the Dream-eater Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Dreams (specialized energy-feeding mechanism)
Role: Sleep disruption, dream analysis, sleep aid, assistant for the disabled
Libido: Unknown (can be Tamed within dreams)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Energy Drain, Dream Eater, Haunted, Sleepy Eyes, Hypnotize, Yawn, Phase
Enhancements: Corporeal/Incorporeal form, dream sustenence, dream entry, light-sensitive eyes
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
The effects of Bakuchan's existence were recorded during the Revenge War, even if the breed wasn't known at the time. Large groups of soldiers would find their sleep repeatedly disturbed, leading to exhaustion even after receiving eight or more hours of sleep, and some would report that what dreams they had (many reported not dreaming at all) included "a really strange girl". Initial psychoanalysis dismissed the dreams as stress caused by battling Pokégirls, but eventually Tamer forces revealed that there really was a really strange girl involved-- a Pokégirl whose entire role was to disrupt the sleep of human forces. However, the exhaustion could be fought by taking multivitamins, and eventually the Bakuchan were apparently hunted to extinction. They were recently rediscovered in various Leagues and have since been bred to Uncommon status.
Bakuchan appear to be human girls, though some (especially ferals) may have a grayish tint to their skin, which is generally cool to the touch. However, they can take an incorporeal form, which is visually identified by the body fading to mist or smoke below the waist and trailing away. In this form, a Bakuchan can enter and manipulate the dreams of humans and other Pokégirls, and cannot be hit by Normal or Fighting attacks, or by conventional firearms.
In fact, Bakuchan are not a bad choice for combat, mainly because they have so many immunities. However, they don't have very many proper attacks, either, and their Energy Drain is weaker on conscious opponents. Bakuchan are best for support, since they can make opponents too drowsy to focus properly with Yawn, Hypnotize, and Sleepy Eyes, opening them up for an ally's more direct attacks or putting them right to sleep.
Bakuchan are very lazy, low-maintenance Pokégirls. Since they feed on dreams (a specialized mechanism for feeding on energy), they favor equally lazy harem-mates and Tamers who sleep enough that they won't mind missing an hour or two of slumber due to their dreams being eaten. Ironically, their affinity for sleep and for dreams make them great dream-analysis experts and allow them to help their Tamers and/or harem-sisters to get the most out of their slumbering hours. They don't do much in the daytime, partly because they are so lazy, and partly because their eyes are very light-sensitive and they are half-blind in bright sunlight. On the other hand, their night vision is excellent, leading a lot of Tamers and Tradesmen to use Bakuchan for night guards who can discreetly exhaust would-be attackers and put them to sleep to be captured in the morning when it's time for the Bakuchan to go to sleep.
Bakuchan are often employed as starters for Tamers with physical disabilities or debilitating Blood Curses that would make it difficult for them to Tame Pokégirls otherwise. The reason for this is simple: Bakuchan can get Tamed in their master's dreams, where such restrictions would not affect a Taming session. Fans of the Bakuchan praise her ability to mold their dreams into their greatest fantasies for their satisfaction as well as hers, down to taking the appearance of a more-beloved harem-sister if necessary.
Feral Bakuchan frequently aren't really, since they can simply infiltrate a passing human's or Pokégirl’s dreams for a quickie when they need it. They do tend to attract others of their kind, though, and feed on enough dreams to be considered a pest in large numbers. Bad dreams have been shown to act as a deterrent, possibly because the negative energy generated by bad dreams can give a Bakuchan indigestion, but most Bakuchan-infested towns would rather offer rewards for passing Tamers to clear out and capture the Bakuchan.
Threshold Bakuchan usually come close to starving to death during the process-- physical food no longer nourishes them, but they haven't yet figured out how to eat dreams for proper nourishment! Most families send them to a ghost-intensive ranch where other Bakuchan can teach them how to eat.
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BANDAME, the Mummy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: She needs heavy amounts of liquid, but can eat a human-style diet.
Role: Vault guardians. Frequently employed by banks and the rich to guard their vault.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fighting, Magic
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Water, Ice, Plant, Dragon, Fire (Special weakness)
Attacks: Tackle, Pummel, Sand Attack, Dig, Drill Strike, Resonate, Snake Bandage,* Cobra Bandage,* Bronze Fist, Silver Fist
Enhancements: Ground affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Trap affinity
Evolves: Phawhore (High level + Battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Bandames were first discovered in the old Egypt area of the Dark Continent, in one of the few expeditions that returned successfully from there, in the year 260 AS. They were found guarding several old tombs, and assumed to be regular mummies as in the old legends. However when the Water-types and Cactora accompanying the researchers unleashed their attacks, the mummies softened, turning from dried-up husks to sexy, exotic women wrapped in bandages. The mummies also became much more receptive and friendly, accepting Tamings and showing the researchers around once they were convinced that they just came to look and not loot. Lord Henshingly Croft, a famous Blue League researcher, did the most intensive studies on these Pokégirls, which eventually came to be known as Bandames. He eventually began to import the Pokégirls out of the Dark Continent, as their skill at guarding treasure and their relative ease of maintenance made them potentially very useful.
Bandames, when not dried out, are beautiful, elegant Pokégirls. They are tall, busty Pokégirls that look Egyptian in appearance, with dark, sand-colored skin and with stylized markings around their eyes. Their bodies are covered partially in silk bandages that wrap around most of their body, leaving their midriffs and cleavage bare, along with most of their faces. They have a telekinetic control over the bandages, and can remove them easily at their Tamer’s request. Their primary attacks involve unraveling their bandages to tie up the opponent, leaving them open for their stronger attacks. They move smoothly and quickly, and are fierce fighters, especially if they are defending something. Interestingly enough, they have an instinctual knowledge of traps, both how to build them and how to avoid them. This has made some security companies want to recruit Bandames for their businesses.
Bandames are superb guardians of treasure. Even better, the ‘treasure’ they guard can be defined however you want, be it gold and valuables or a beloved child, or anything similar. They will defend the treasure no matter what, and not let it fall into the hands of enemies.
In terms of taming, Bandames are not picky. They like to be tamed in any way their Tamer desires, just so long as they have a lot of skin contact. Bandames do not like being alone, having an almost pathological fear of solitude. Even when placed as a guard, they will not stay in place unless they have at least one other living, breathing person to stay with them. This was first noted when they were discovered in the tombs, as all Bandames were encountered in packs of at least two.
Bandames are fairly easy to maintain. They can eat human food, however they need lots and lots of liquid to drink. Partnering a Bandame with any liquid-producing Pokégirl, such as a Milktit or a Water-type with their own internal well, is ideal, as it allows them to maintain their moisture level and stay gorgeous. If a Bandame does not regularly intake fluid, they will start to dry out, becoming like a desiccated husk in appearance. This can also be exacerbated by Fire, which can dry out Bandames quickly and burn their bandages away. However, bandages can be regenerated magically after being burned away.
There have been only three known cases of Thresholding into a Bandame, each one marked by the girl in question consuming massive amounts of water or other fluids.
*Snake Bandage – (ATK 30) The Bandame flings out the bandages on her arms, sending them coiling at the opponent to wrap them up. The bandages are surprisingly strong, and can hold all but the strongest of opponents. If need be, the Bandame can also use this attack with the bandages on her legs.
*Cobra Bandage – (ATK 70 + EFT) The Bandame flings out the bandages on her arms, only this time they coil around themselves and form a massive, hissing cobra, which lashes out and bites the opponent before returning to the Bandame’s arm. Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent.
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BANSHEE, the Prosecuting Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Unknown
Role: Revenge
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Electric, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Night Shade, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Fear Aura, Sprite, Ghost Blade, Haunted, Shadow 3, Invis 3, Wailing(*), Cacophony(**)
Enhancements: N/A
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Ghostly (Discovering own body or murdered body of loved ones), Rooder (Failing the Trial)
Banshees are the result of murder. It's believed that sometimes a Ghostly can form away from their original bodies and upon finding said body, will recall their former lives. In particular, the last moments. The Ghostly will then evolve into a Banshee and begin hunting the person who killed her. Sometimes, this will also occur if she finds her loved ones murdered.
Unlike other Ghost Pokégirls, Banshees have but one purpose: finding the murderer responsible. Once this is accomplished, she will depart for the afterlife.
However, many times, finding the killer isn't always easy.
As such, she will often track the spiritual signature of the person as best as she can, but will ask for aid from Megami, Sorceresses, other Ghost Pokégirls and even Youma and their evolutions. If any of these Pokégirls attempt to stop her or convince her to stop pursuit of the killer, they will be ignored and the Banshee will look for someone who will help.
If they find the killer, they will attack immediately and without mercy. Even if driven off, she will simply return the next day to attempt again. Only an exorcism, admission of guilt to Megami or law enforcement agency or the murderer's death prior to her return will quell her anger.
Banshees become truly troublesome when they are either unable to exact her revenge within 10 days of finding the murderer or if the murderer is killed before she can find them. She will them begin to haunt the murderer's dwelling, pestering and attacking all within relentlessly and using Wailing and Cacophony routinely, until she is exorcised or otherwise appeased. This generally includes proper burials and the murderer either going to jail or at the very least, being listed as a murderer in an official document.
Banshees will often listen and respect to Megami, unless the Megami tries to get her to leave without making efforts to at least rectify the situation. They will then ignore that Megami and continue their pestering until another effort to appease her is attempted by someone else.
(*) - Wailing - (ATK 5 + EFT) Everyone who hears the wailing with shudder. Opposing Pokégirls will have their Special Defense reduced by 25%.
(**) - Cacophony - (ATK 50 + EFT) Everyone who hears this amplified deafening scream will be unable to hear for 2-8 turns, have their Special Defense drop by 75% for six rounds and may become dizzy and confused. In some cases, they may faint. Megami, Youma and their evolutions and Ghost Pokégirls are the only ones who can ignore these aftereffects (they'll still be deafened, though).
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BHOOTY, the Phantom Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human - Not Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Trainer, Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Poison
Weak Vs: Flying
Attacks: Lick, Night Shade, Dream Time, Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Legsweep, Titan Crush, Ogre Crash, Soul Fist, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Solid Ether Body, Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3)
Weaknesses: Can no longer become incorporeal, Looses Possession ability, Weakness to sonic attacks
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ghostly (Dusk Stone)
Dangerous fighters rarely seen during the Great War, this breed of Pokégirl quickly became known for their strange tactics and style of fighting. After the war this breed became known as one of the better Pokégirls to train with in hand to hand combat. This breed was kept in low numbers after the Great War, but gained a surge in population shortly after the discovery of the Dusk Stone. These Pokégirls, in temperament and lifestyle, closely mirror the beliefs and ways of tribes of 'Native Americans' in the pre-Sukube areas of Indigo, Jhoto, Crescent, and the Sunshine Leagues. From what pre-Sukube historians have gathered, these Pokégirls are a mix of many of the different styles of those tribes of humans.
Physically, most Bhooty appear Very Near Human upon birth, threshold, or evolving from Ghostly, however, at their soonest opportunity (which usually means upon becoming a Pokégirl for most Pokékits of the breed though earlier instances have been noted), most Bhooty will find the time to enter into a trance-like state. Compelled by an urge to seek out what the breed deems as 'a piece of them that was lost', these solid ghost types seek out their Spirit Guide in the spiritual realm. These guides without exception have taken the form of animals, even those that have long gone extinct since the Great War. Upon discovery of their guide, some Bhootys will retain their very near human looks. These Pokégirls range within human the human range, though tend to be on the tall side at an average of 5' 10''. They have bronzed, almost 'red' skin and athletic builds with busts that range from B to D cups. The majority of the breeds hair is a uniform black, and usually worn long. Others of the breed go through a slow transformation, much like threshold, that combines the traits of their Spirit Guide into their outward appearance, ranging from animal ears and/or tails to full anthromorphs. One notable Bhooty named Kat, actually looked identical to a Tigress. It should be noted that any animal, including fish and insects have been found as spirit guides, even notable menace look alikes that take on the forms of praying mantises.
A Bhooty's spirit guide is personal, though through the help of the breed's unusual ability to use Dream Time, she can share her experiences with her Harem sisters or other interested parties. These mysterious spirits are speculated to be a manifestation of the breed's inner self, though this doesn't seem to be the case as sometimes the guide and Bhooty don't seem to get along very well. Other than guidance, and an alteration to the breeds appearance, these Spirit Guides don't seem to lend any amazing abilities to the Bhooty breed (though some that have Guides with claws often manifest real claws).
Bhooty are proud and fierce fighters when faced hand to hand, usually only able to be bested by other stronger fighting types, flying types, or a mixture of the two. Oddly, if beaten in fair combat, their respect for their foe only increases. If allowed to spar later with the same opponent, these girls consider it an honor and attempt to learn enough to best their foe. If allowed by their tamers, the breed regularly practices 'Counting Coup', which involved rushing into battle and being able to tap their opponent in a called spot without getting hurt. Rarely, coup involves capturing their opponents weapons or other trinkets, though also extends the breed into supporting salvage battles. Even if the Bhooty gets salvaged herself, she looks on this as an opportunity to learn from her betters. Much of the breed remain silent, though they are canny at observation and will point out important thoughts that are often kernels of wisdom. This quiet, teach by example method works well for even stubborn or lazy breeds, and has been known to inspire even Bunnygirls to do their very best (though with bunnygirls this isn't a vast improvement usually). Due to their diligence and quiet ability to inspire, many Bhooty are found in Beta positions, if not the Tamer's Alpha.
Bhooty are highly adept at hand to hand fighting, usually rushing in when least expected to grapple their opponents into submission. If pressed, they blast their opponent with an up close Nightshade, and switch to using Ghost Blade. This technique is vastly different when used by these Pokégirls, as it normally forms an axe instead of a sword. Some Bhooty have been known to grasp the handle and attack with it in melee. However, in addition to their natural ability at hand to hand combat, these ghost Pokégirls can also readily learn weapon attacks when in Harems with Amazonwu or Slicers (though most choose the axe as their favored weapon) and even firearm use from OfficerJennys and other gun using Pokégirls. Another interesting facet of the breed is that they pair up quite well with Ponytaur or other tauric Pokégirls used for mounts, and many of these teams make quite the mounted combat duo. Because of their solid ether bodies, they are weakened by sonic attacks, but this also grants them the ability to fight incorporeal ghost types physically.
The feral state of these Pokégirls is one where they constantly go into a trance, only coming out of their state if attacked, and then only to defend themselves. As such many ferals trade for taming, or go on raids should they start slipping into feraldom. Many cluster together in small groups known as tribes, named after their biological basis from before the Great War. Most Bhooty tribes are nomadic in nature, pitching tents of Kattle hide as they hunt and forage for food. Some settle around or follow rivers or coastlines, as fish are often plentiful enough to support large tribes. Rarely, Bhooty tribes will settle down and farm, though this often happens when individual tribes come into contact with Elf Queendoms. Overall, however, finding a Bhooty tribe is a hard thing to do considering the breed's rarity.
Thresholding into a Bhooty is only a possibility with ancestry of this breed with the Pokégirl’s skin tone changing as her body shifts physically into solid ether. Shortly after threshold, many new Bhooty will try to go into their trance in order to contact their Guide for the first time. As these Pokégirls are fairly rare, they are often sold to nearby ranches for a profit.
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BONEMAIDEN, the Necromancer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Bonecrafters, Leatherworkers, Necromancers, Spirtual Mediums, Grief Counselors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Concentrate, Aura of Doom, *Bone Dust, *Bone Blade, *Bone Blade Mark II, Energy Drain, Sucker Punch, *Bone Armor, *Bone Spear, *Teeth, Invis, Shadow, Nightmare Syndrome, (at high levels) *Summon Skeletons, *Skeleton Sphere, *Bone Dance
Enhancements: Ghost affinity, Spectrakinesis, Spirtual detection, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bonemaidens were a relatively unknown species during the Revenge War. Other ‘Maiden’ Pokégirls were more active, and had more prominent fighting roles. But that isn’t to say that Bonemaidens didn’t have their own useful niche to fill.
When Sukebe’s Pokégirls fell in battle for whatever reason, Bonemaidens would get in contact with their spirits to get a final report before allowing them to pass on. This way Sukebe’s forces were never at a loss for information. In addition, Bonemaidens in the field would take the bones of fallen comrades and rework them into armor and weapons. In some cases they could take the skin of fallen comrades, animals, enemies as well, remaking them into leather clothing. Their craftsmanship and making makeshift weapons and armor made them valuable assets in the field. Their greatest power came from their ability to animate full skeletons and manipulate them as puppets. In addition to this, they could manipulate ectoplasmic energy around bones to form a spherical floating fortress of sorts, one capable of projecting blasts of skeletal energy and lashing with bladed limbs.
At the end of the Revenge War, Bonemaidens were nearly driven into extinction. Humans horrified by their powers had them killed en masse, wanting to be rid of what they believed to be among the worst of Sukebe’s creations. Bonemaidens retreated into seclusion, some finding Tamers and disguising themselves as other Pokégirl breeds. It was only through time and careful breeding that Bonemaidens were brought away from potential extinction. They are still unwelcome breeds in most conservative Leagues.
Bonemaidens are generally tall, slender Pokégirls, usually with A cup breasts. They have pale, ghostly skin that only darkens slightly when tanned, and have hair and eyes that are usually shades varying from black to gray to white. They seem fragile, almost skeletal in appearance, although their skin and bones are incredibly dense, allowing them greater defense in battle. So slender and skeletal do they seem, that some mistake them for being anorexic. They’re among the few Ghost-type Pokégirls that are actually living, making them even more unique.
Despite their gruesome abilities, Bonemaidens are actually not entirely unpleasant to be around. They are quiet, helpful Pokégirls who prefer to stay in the background when not called upon, and are almost never found in the Alpha position in a harem. They have a unique connection with the spirit world, one that allows them to contact ghosts and ghost-type Pokégirls. At higher levels Bonemaidens can even summon up low-level Ghost-type Pokégirls as well. They are usually paired up with Chickpotle Pokégirls on Research teams dedicated to studying ghosts, as their abilities in combination make for very effective team ups. In addition, Bonemaidens can have their bone-and-flesh shaping abilities increased by training under a Pinielf for an extended period of time. (Although they cannot work with living flesh and bone.) Bonemaidens, despite their abilities in dealing with death, are not as grim and unemotional as one would think. Their powers over death and dead things and knowledge of spirit realms, it gives them a healthy respect for life and how precious it is. As such, they also get along very well with Cudildos. In fact, a Cudildo in the same harem as a Bonemaiden will usually evolve into a Marowhack much faster.
In terms of taming habits, Bonemaidens are generally easy to get into bed. They adore a Tamer who doesn’t fear their abilities or isn’t nauseated by them, and tend to be much more receptive to the affections of their master. As morbid as it sounds, if a Bonemaiden is Tamed in a place where death has a presence, such as a graveyard, they will become much more affectionate to their Tamers than before. This goes in line with their philosophy of life in general.
Threshold cases of Bonemaidens are fairly rare. They usually only occur in families with some ghost-type heritage, and seeing as there are very few ghost-types with enough physical in them to breed, the lack of cases is understandable. The first since of a girl Thresholding into a Bonemaiden is that their hair color changes and they start to be able to ‘see’ spirits…
Bone Dust (EFT) – Essentially the same as Sand Attack, only with Bone Dust. Has a 10% chance of causing Paralyze or Poison.
Bone Blade (ATK+EFT) – The Bonemaiden takes the bone of a corpse and shapes it into a durable sword.
Bone Blade Mark II (ATK+EFT) – The Bonemaiden takes multiple bones and shapes them into a more durable, reliable sword.
Bone Armor (DEF) – The Bonemaiden takes several bones and shapes them into a suit of makeshift armor. More bones can be added to increase the density of the armor.
Bone Spear (ATK 50) - The Bonemaiden forges several bones into a spear and throws it.
Teeth (ATK+DEF) The Bonemaiden throws several shards of bone out, creating a field of caltrop-like spikes. At higher levels, a Bonemaiden can charge up a bone with ectoplasmic energy, making it essentially into a shrapnel grenade, scattering the bone fragments that way.
Summon Skeletons (EFT) – The Bonemaiden animates several skeletons in the area and uses them as puppet fighters. Their attack and defense ratings can be compared to the elemental golems some Pokégirls can form. Lower level Bonemaidens can only animate 4 skeletons at max, gaining the ability to animate 4 more skeletons per every 10 levels of power.
Skeleton Sphere (DEF 250) – The Bonemaiden summons several dozens of bones around herself, forming it into a large, thick, armored sphere that the Pokégirl can control the design of. The heavy amounts of ectoplasmic energy inherent in the sphere allows it to hover, and perform powerful tackle attacks by putting on short bursts of speed. The size of the sphere varies depending on the amount of bones used.
Bone Dance (ATK 200) – The Bonemaiden fires several beams of ectoplasmic force from the eyes of the skulls built into her Skeleton Sphere.
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BLESSED WIDOW, the Holy What was that?! Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (probably Unique)
Diet: true Omnivore, favors human style foods, occasionally requires blood and rocks
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen boogeyman and ultimate cute terror
Libido: Low (High with Tamers who can control them)
Strong Vs: any except Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, Hyperbeam, Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Armor Punch
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, armored skin, enhanced strength (x25), enhanced speed (x4), web spinners, poison sacs, hypnotic attack, ability to bite off and digest almost anything, extra limbs.
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Recommendation if you see one: If she's friendly: Go get a hug you'll always treasure, the memory will warm your heart even in the darkest times; If she's unfriendly: Run the fuck away, dumbass!
Behold a nightmare made cherubic flesh.
Blessed Widows are the most darling, deadly Pokégirls alive. They embody adorable destruction. No one who has encountered one has anything bad to say about them. (Mainly because anyone who thought ill of them was torn to shreds.) Combining physical characteristics of a Bug-type, with Poison attacks, with Ghost talents and the special attacks of a Blessed Pokégirls, the Blessed Widow would make a formidable fighter even without some of her other abilities.
The only known Blessed Widow was found in caves in the Cascade Islands of the Sunshine League. While it is commonly believed that this is not a Widow with the Blessed advantage, but rather a g-spliced or Cocooner-made Pokégirls who closely simulates a Widow's powers in a cute, 8-limbed girl. The problem is, no one really knows WHY she appeared. Her Tamer's theory is that she was an experiment by a deranged Megami and Cocooner. While this seems to explain HOW, he refuses to speculate on WHY.
The Blessed Widow is truly odd to behold. She has a pair of arms growing from each shoulder, and a pair of legs from each hip. The second limb is outboard of the `normal` one. Her expression is waif-like with soulful eyes practically designed to melt even the hardest hearts. Her skin is reinforced to ignore immense damage from nearly every type of attack.
Her fangs are small, almost invisible unless you are actively looking. She has four arms and four legs, all ending in normal, five-fingered hands or five-toed feet. On her back is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the white skin of the Blessed Widow. Her legs are long and strong, and she can stand on two, three or four.
Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, Blessed Widow is a perfectly innocent, though extremely powerful breed of Pokégirls. While possessing a Widow's formidable arsenal of attacks, lacking only the lethal HyperVenom, they add the Heavenly Fire and Lightning typical of the Blessed types. They also possess a Hyperbeam for a long-range punch. Blessed Widow are fierce, deadly fighters, however they consider violence a necessary evil, at best. They are more willing to fight to defend others, especially their Harem-sisters and Tamer. They will avoid harming innocents, but attacker will be dealt with swiftly. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them are the dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can hurt them, and domination attacks, although if the Blessed Widow is made too pitiful, the dominating Pokégirl may suffer attacks from observers. Combat against a Blessed Widow is to be avoided at all costs, negotiation is preferred.
Her Feral state is unknown at this time, although is expected to be very mild, similar to a Ingenue's.
Seriously, either get your hug or run away. No matter how tough you are, how vicious and hard-boiled your girls are, a Blessed Widow is just too loveable or too lethal.
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DARK QUEEN, the Queen-Behind-the-Scenes Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Magic/Ghost/Dark (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human Style (only the best), some Life Energy
Role: Manipulators, dark rulers.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Fighting, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Celestial, Sonic attacks.
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Energy Drain, Night Shade, Ghost Blade, Fear Aura, Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Teleport, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Bomb, Grisly Wing, Shadow Scythe.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Healing (x5), Night vision, Wingless Flight, High Intelligence, Limited Metamorph Solid Ether Body, Longevity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Demoness or Succubus (Dark Ritual)
It is (fortunately) a very rare occurrence to find, even in the harem of a strong-willed tamer, a group of powerful Infernals who are willing to place enough trust in one of their number of elevate her even further in power. When such an event does come to pass, however, the result is quite awe-inspiring. Evolving from a Demoness or Succubus through a special Dark Ritual, a Dark Queen is just that; a Queen of all that's Infernal.
Physically, the evolution generally entails the loss of her previous "off" characteristics, such as claws, wings, et cetera, leaving a Dark Queen almost identical to a human woman, albeit a tall, imposing one. The average height for a Dark Queen is 6' even, with variation of up to several inches in either direction being known to occur, though this is sometimes augmented by high-heeled shoes. Her eyes, if not already, will usually become a shade of red, violet, or gold, and her hair tends towards something baroque, with jet-black being seen most commonly. A Dark Queen's skin also generally becomes lighter (tending towards pale), although some seem to prefer to tan to a lesser or greater degree.
For the most part, however, this true appearance is rarely seen, even relative to the rarity of the breed itself. This is due to one of the Dark Queen's most useful (and perhaps unique) abilities; she is capable of metamorphosing a "shell" of her previous body around her true form. Whilst this shell is in place, the Dark Queen will generally fight and act as if it was her actual body, and most of her physical enhancements are reverted to the previous state. However, if she reaches the limit of her previous body's capacities and does not revert to her true form, then she can also be defeated as if she were a Demoness or Succubus. Regardless, this "shell" is seen far more commonly than her true form, and can stand up to all but the newest, most advanced 'dex scanners as of 300 AS. Considering this and the recent flurry of activity in the Celestial community, it is apparent that this kept even the Megami "in the dark" about the true nature of Dark Queens until very recently.
Insofar as personality goes, the average mentality is not at all what one would expect from the Queens of Infernaldom. Rather than the haughty, arrogant, bitch that would generally be imagined to hold such a role, the average Dark Queen has an aura of regal grace and nobility around her that could put the greatest of Elfqeens to shame. It is, in fact, almost unheard of to encounter a rude or otherwise overly unpleasant Dark Queen when in her true form, although they are certainly capable of acting as such when metamorphosed into the shell of a Demoness or Succubus. That is also, of course, not to say that they are not proud or ruthless; au contraire, a Dark Queen will kill (or, more likely, order the death) an enemy as quickly as any other Infernal-type. She will simply be polite and generally calm about doing so.
The likely reason for the loss of a Dark Queen's overt viciousness is the requirement of at least four fairly powerful Infernals to assist in her evolution. Since convincing such self-serving, opportunistic, and untrusting Pokégirls to support her in gaining more power and in becoming their Queen is understandably very difficult, only the most cunning and manipulative Demonesses or Succubi ever manage it. As such, those who ever hope to must learn to control their natures in the process, and the evolution further catalysts this mentality further, although one ought to note that that key word is control....
In any case, the other primary point of note about the mentality of the Dark Queens is that they are, as a rule, manipulative enough to make the most devious of Killer Queens look amateurish. However, this is partially negated by the fact that, in order to be so successful, they do not try to control everything. Rather, by only exerting her influence when it would forward her goals, a Dark Queen precludes her influence being easily discovered and gaining the stigmata that Bondage and Killer Queen have earned. It should be noted, also, that the actions taken to advance said goals are not necessarily negative in and of themselves; they have been known to range from the truly heinous to the heroic; from arranging massacres to ensuring that her tamer is in the right place at the right time to intercept a team attack. Unfortunately, such manipulative tendencies are actually more active when a Dark Queen is acting in her Demoness/Succubus "shell," unlike most of her other characteristics.
Naturally, considering the aforementioned, the dynamics of having a Dark Queen who freely admits to be such are extremely difficult to study, especially since a tamer with such a Dark Queen is generally loathe to lose her goodwill by subjecting her to such scrutiny. However, on the condition of anonymity, several tamers have, with the revelation of the breed's true nature, come forth with some information in this regard. As such, it is known that Dark Queens are very free with their dark blessings, and most harems that they are found in are composed of primarily Fiendish-template Pokégirls, with notable exceptions being those Pokégirls whose evolutionary arc hasn't brought them to what the Dark Queen considers their most useful form and other Infernals. This tendency, combined with her natural charisma, manipulative abilities, and inclination towards leadership, means that almost never is an admitted Dark Queen found in any position but alpha. Unlike other manipulative types, however, a Dark Queen will normally submit to her tamer's desires on issues not instrumental to her ambitions, and simply ensure that his desires are the same as hers of said issues. This, of course, makes her a deceptively attractive option...until one considers how her ruthlessness plays in; a Dark Queen has few inhibitions about what she will do to ensure that said desires coincide.
Generally, however, this insurance is not carried out by the Dark Queen herself. In a further ploy to avoid their manipulation becoming known, most Dark Queens develop a network of lesser Infernals and Fiendish templates who are loyal to her. If referred to at all, the network is usually called a "Covenant," and the exact method or methods through which the members of a Covenant communicate is still unestablished, although magic is considered the most likely. In any case, the Covenant will generally include those Infernals that participated in the ritual that created the Dark Queen and any Fiendish templates created by the Dark Queen or members of the Covenant. Other members aside from the Dark Queen have been known to use the Covenant for their own plans to an extent, but generally refrain from doing so as to avoid becoming dependant upon their sisters, as being willing to trust the Dark Queen does not equate to trusting each other. Inter-Covenant relations are, as of 300 AS, an unknown quantity.
When a Dark Queen must do things herself, however, and opts not to battle in her shell, she is nothing to scoff at. Yes, her strength enhancement is very low, but for good reason; the Dark Queen is not a physical, front-line fighter. Rather, in keeping with her nature as a Queen, almost all of her abilities are ranged, and getting in close to her is nigh-impossible; with her wingless flight ability, she is able to not only remain out of the range of land-based foes, but above them whilst she rains down dark bombs and power bolts. If an enemy does get too close, however, she will generally still be able to hold her own with an Energy or Dark blade, assuming she doesn't just teleport away from them.
Considering the impressive array of powers and connections available to a Dark Queen, going feral is generally almost absurd. However, when it does happen (usually through being left in a Pokéball for too long), the resulting state is quite suited to the 'girl. In essence, she becomes "trapped" in her shell form, losing herself within the illusion of her previous form. As such, it is naturally quite difficult (if not impossible) to identify a feral Dark Queen as anything other than a feral Demoness or Succubus. In fact, the self-deception extends through feral shock; until her personality and higher mental functions have returned to a good degree, she will use "Succubus" or "Demoness" when referring to herself. However, this does have one beneficial effect; the best time to identify a Dark Queen is during taming shock. Once her higher mental functions begin to return and she rerealizes her identity, it is extremely easy to make a slip and refer to herself as "Dark Queen." Should this occur, she should be Pokéballed and turned in to the local authorities. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges.
Another interesting note is that a tamer who tames a Dark Queen out of her feral state will generally win a great deal of gratitude from her. Apparently, due to their regal and proud natures, Dark Queens become extremely embarrassed over their loss of self whilst feral. As such, the tamer who restores her is somewhat of a savior, and unless he displeases her strongly, the Dark Queen may even consider revealing herself to him. In these cases, said tamer usually ends up quite pleased with his "new" Pokégirl; Dark Queens, especially those evolved from Succubi, tend to be highly experienced and unselfish lovers, doing their best to sate their partners' desires so long as said desires do not conflict with her own. In that respect, her sexual attitude mirrors that of her overall attitude when in a harem, except that avoidance of conflicting desires is likely to prove much more... pleasurable to the tamer.
In closing, it is imperative to note that, whilst Dark Queens may seem to be highly appealing Pokégirls... they should be avoided if at all possible. They might not be overtly hostile, bestial, blatantly sadistic, arrogant, or otherwise unpleasant as many of their sisters are, but they are by far the most dangerous of Infernal Pokégirls. After all, even a Mazouku can be curbed of her vile tendencies in the hands of a powerful, noble force... but a Dark Queen's brand of evil is immutable. No amount of humiliation, excessive taming, or respect will ever cause a Dark Queen to truly turn from her path; rather, those who discover the truth and are not fooled into believing her to be innocent or evil enough to join her are generally found dead, if at all. So, no matter how enticing she might sound, do not, for any reason, attempt to gain possession of a Dark Queen!
Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public.
We do not need every would-be evil overlord trying to create a Dark Queen!
Urgent Notice to all Security and Law Enforcement Personnel:
An eliminate on sight order has been put into effect for Dark Queens in all PLC-affiliated Leagues. Caution is advised in carrying it out, however, as there is the potential that her tamer will prove hostile to the attempt, and Dark Queens are difficult to defeat without the assistance of a powerful Celestial or a Pokégirl capable of sonic techniques. The Tamer must not be allowed to dictate policy and should be detained or eliminated if necessary.
It has recently been discovered that the "Dark Ritual" used to transfigure a Demoness or Succubus into a Dark Queen is actually an E-stone Ceremony.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Dark Stone (x2), Dusk Stone (x2)
Area & Time Conditions: Night and seclusion.
Ceremony itself:
The E-Stone Ceremony used to evolve a Demoness or Succubus into a Dark Queen is better known as The Dark Ritual, and for good reason. Generally preformed with much more "ceremony" than is required, the exact process long ago merged with the myth. Insofar as has been ascertained, however, the base requirements are a Demoness or Succubus powerful enough to bestow the "blessings" that result in a Fiendish template, at least four Infernals Pokégirls of decent power, two dark stones, two dusk stones, and a magic circle. In order for the Demoness or Succubus to ascend, she must have convinced the four or more supporters (who generally need to be more powerful than a Daimon and cannot be Fiendish templates) to truly trust her and wish her ascent. Considering the nature of powerful Infernals, this is truly a Herculean task, but it is possible, as evidenced by the existing Dark Queens.
Once the four (or more, presumably) supporters have assembled in a secluded area at night, a magic circle must be etched into the ground. It may be as simple or complex as the creator wishes, so long as there is a central position connected by spokes to four surrounding, equidistant positions. The supporters then each must take a Dark or Dusk stone and stand in one of the surrounding positions, whilst the Dark Queen-to-be should stand in the center, not directly facing any of her supporters. At this point, the supporters should place their stone in the center of the markings designating their positions, then begin to focus their thoughts on the ascension of their new Queen. If their trust in her as their Queen is true, then the power of all four stones will be drawn into the circle, then focused through the spokes towards the center. If any of the supporters' trust is false, however, her stone will instead explode, and the entire ceremony will not only fail, but require an entirely new set of stones.
Assuming that the four stones are assimilated successfully, though, the central position will be flooded with power as the entire circle glows a purple-black. Regardless of the weather, black lightning will then strike at four points upon the perimeter of the central position, and an explosion of magical darkness will follow, lasting a few seconds. Once it has cleared, the circle will be broken in four placed (presumably where the lightning struck) and the new Dark Queen will stand in the midst of what is now her Covenant.
It should be noted that this is simply what has been deduced to be the very basic required ceremony. In all documented cases, more gloss and embellishment were present. Such embellishments often include (but are not limited to) ceremonial attire, chanting in Latin or other dead tongues, much more elaborate magical circles, a ring of magical fire between the supporters and the Dark Queen candidate, a sacrifice or sacrifices, et cetera. So long as they do not interfere with the core ceremony, such additions are not problematic and definitely contribute to the aesthetic effect of the transformation.
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DIRE WOLF, the Queen of the Battlefield Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (lupine)
Element: Magic/Psychic/Dark/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Blue Continent), virtually unknown elsewhere
Diet: mostly human style, more protein than a human
Role: Battle Commander, personal bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison , Rock, Fighting, Infernal,
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Magic Fist, Shield, Teleport, Tectonic Slam, Fissure, Bestow Luck, Thunderbolt, Energy Drain, Phase, Lure, Invis 3, Imitate, Absorb, Agility, Telekinesis, Dream Time, Hypnotize, Spell use (unavailable until level 40)
Enhancements: Defense, Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Strength (x19), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x10), Wingless flight, Extremely high psychic and magical abilities, Eidetic memory, precognitive abilities, telepathy
First discovered in 298 AS, the Dire Wolf is a blend of Megami-sama, Neo Iczel and Esper. The first one was created by Sukebe in the final stages of the Revenge War when he realized that Pokégirls led by a Tamer were far more efficient than Pokégirls who led themselves. The Dire Wolf was created to be his general's bodyguards and advisors.
Due to their highly variable nature, Dire Wolves stand between 1.5 and 2.1 meters tall (5ft to 7ft). While they normally have anywhere from a C to an E cup, occasionally larger specimens have been documented. Standard bust size information will become available as the numbers of this Pokégirl grow.
With their blue fur and bushy tail, from a distance they look like a type of fox Pokégirl, however closer examination shows they are actually derived from wolves. All are strong animorphs with a distinctly lupine skull, much heavier and broader than their vulpine cousins and capable of a powerful bite. They are digitigrade and have heavy claws on their hands and feet. Their tail is heavily furred and quite powerful, capable of knocking a human off his feet with a casual swipe.
Sukebe designed the Dire Wolf to be able to use her precognitive abilities to determine where the points of greatest threat existed, often before they become viable threats. Then they would use their other powers to determine what resources were necessary to defeat the threat, assemble these resources and turn their general loose to win the battle. Because they were intended to be teamed only with powerful mages, they can only function like this if their Tamer is a powerful mage or if they are in the presence of an Ocelolita, Cheshire, or Shadowcat. They claim that in the presence of any of these Pokégirls they have access to, believe it or not, chaos magic that allows them to see further into the future, often to the detriment of their Tamers. If you have one, your circumstances are dire indeed.
If a Tamer doesn't have one of the above mentioned Pokégirls and isn't a powerful mage, the Dire Wolf becomes an outstanding tactician and strategist, capable of orchestrating fantastic battles under almost any condition and in any environment. They make the best use of the surrounding resources, including the other Pokégirls in a Tamer's harem, blending their knowledge of their harem sister's strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of them in combat or in training. They've even been known to impress DragonQueens with their ability to motivate the other members of their harem.
With a powerful array of techniques available, the Dire Wolf should be a very popular Pokégirl. However, the truth is that Tamers are wary of them for the simple reason that they have a singular issue: extreme loyalty.
The Dire Wolf is a celestial Pokégirl and because of this is almost never found in an oppressive harem and is never found in one for long. They don't care for Infernal Pokégirls and while usually unwilling to confront them directly unless they become a threat to their Tamer, tend to put them into situations where they get used up quickly, often to the point of death. However, the Dire Wolf will not needlessly squander them; instead she will ensure their sacrifice benefits the harem in some fashion.
They can make good Alpha's for their Tamer, but tend to be a little hard on the harem members because she knows they could be just that little bit better if they tried. And she wants them to. A Dire Wolf that alpha bonds to a Tamer exhibits loyalty levels comparable to a delta bonded Growltit or Samurai. If a Tamer manages to delta bond one, he's got her for life. She'll escape from anyone else and return unerringly to her bonded partner. Leagues tend to take a dim view of this behavior when she's lost to a salvage battle and for some reason tend to blame the Tamer. In circumstances such as this the Dire Wolf is usually never blamed for what has transpired. This has had a negative effect on their popularity.
No one has ever had more than one Dire Wolf in their harem. The few Tamers that tried were stopped by the one already present in their harem. In one instance, the Dire Wolf released her newly captured relative and covered her escape. Afterward her behavior indicated no remorse and she immediately reverted to obeying her Tamer's orders.
So far all are domestic born and it is theorized that Feralborn specimens would exhibit the same characteristics as the domestics. Only a double handful is known to exist, located around the island of Caomh Sith in the Blue Continent.
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FRANCINESTEIN, the Grave Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Electricity
Role: Scientific assistants, bodyguards, undertakers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Flying, Steel, Water, Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Plant
Attacks: Mega Punch, Lightning Punch, Shock Spike, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Static Barrier, Lesser Thunderclap, Thunderclap, Greater Thunderclap, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x10), Electric affinity, Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Intelligence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Special Circumstances
Francinesteins are tragic Pokégirls, as to be created, first you have to have a lot of other Pokégirls die. They are massive Pokégirls, with muscles grown large from electrical stimulation. Their necks bare two large bolts holding them together, and their bodies are very varied in appearance, bearing stitches where their component parts are stitched together. Some Francinesteins bear mechanical parts, as when they were created, they didn’t have the parts needed. Their skin takes a slight greenish or gray tint.
The first known Francinestein was created by a scientist named Alexander Shelly, born in 200 AS and died shortly after the Francinestein’s creation, in 242 AS. His Pokégirls, all Very Near Human-types, were all butchered in a Mantis attack. Alexander Shelly, a historian who was studying old ForbiddenTech and descendant of the author of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelly, went mad from grief and salvaged what he could from the six Pokégirls stitching them together into a human form. Then, defying all scientific logic, he perfectly replicated the supposedly fictional process used by Victor Frankenstein in the novel, reviving his construct as a new Pokégirl. It had no abilities of the Pokégirls used to construct her, and none of the original memories, save for a few vague flashes. Alexander named her Mary, after his ancestor, and named her breed type Francinestein, after his mother, and the two lived a relatively happy life together.
Unfortunately for Alexander and Mary, they lived in a very anti-Pokégirl league, next to a very superstitious town. Once they discovered what Mary was made out of, they burned down the castle Alexander had taken residence in, and tried to kill Mary as well. She slaughtered the villagers, but would have been killed by the League officials who came to confront her if she hadn’t worked out a deal, becoming a caretaker for a Pokégirl graveyard in the Blue League, given a castle to live in.
It was thought that Mary would be the only Francinestein in existence, but somehow the creation process got leaked and other Francinesteins came into existence. Some were made via Rocket groups, others via lonely scientists who lost their Harems. There was a crackdown, and a talk of exterminating the breed, but when Mary and a few other Francinesteins were publicly shown to fight agents of Mao Shin Mao during her Rebellion, the talk died down. Francinesteins have been shown to prefer solitude, however there are at least two Tamers known to have Francinesteins in their harems. Francinesteins seem to be most relaxed when in a graveyard, and are surprisingly gentle with children. They are known to be very respectful of life and death, and get along well with Vampires, Celestial Pokégirls, and other Ghost-types. They also have a pathological fear of fire. With Mary this can easily be explained by the fire used to kill her master, but the reason other Francinesteins have this fear is unknown.
Francinesteins have trouble speaking, however the electrical stimulation in their brains makes them very intelligent. They can learn other systems of conversation to communicate with others. Francinesteins are slow, powerful fighters, using brutal attacks and electrical strikes. They have a strong resistance to psychic attacks, as something about their minds makes them impossible to probe even by the strongest psychic Pokégirls. They do have trouble fighting speedy Pokégirls, and are somewhat clumsy when compared to fighting-types, despite their durability. Their fighting strategy usually involves going for a quick knockout with power strikes, as their running speed is rather slow compared to others.
Francinesteins, despite the fact that they are made from corpse portions, have fully functioning bodies, including a need for taming, albeit a low need. Their bodies are dense, possibly from rigor mortis in their component parts, but they are not Zombabes, so Taming them is not like taming a corpse. It is rather creepy, though. No cases of Feral Francinesteins have been reported.
Due to how they are formed, Thresholding into a Francinestein is impossible.
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GHOSTLY (aka WILL O’ WISP), the Spook Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life energy
Role: Information collection, Connection to the spirit realm, General annoyance
Libido: Very Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Illusion, Drain, Hypnosis, Invis, Telekinesis, Phase, Possess, Lick
Enhancements: Non-physical presences
Weaknesses: Unable to become fully corporal
Evolves: Haunting (special; possessing a Pokégirl upon the brink of death), Bhooty (Dusk Stone), Banshee (special; discovering own body or murdered body of loved ones)
Evolves From: None
Ghostlys were among the first types of mysterious Ghost element Pokégirls to appear. Occasionally, upon a Pokégirl’s death, their will to live is so strong that they do not pass on to the afterlife. These spirits wander over time, gathering enough energy to literally return themselves to some semblance of life. Upon attaining enough energy, they manifest themselves into the physical world once again. This process is extremely traumatic, and often causes the new Ghostly to have amnesia. Not even Pokégirls who in life had perfect recall or other memory enhancements are safe from this tragedy. More often than not, a newly formed Ghostly cannot remember much of their old life, save for a few scattered memories just before their first death. Their manifested bodies are mostly made up of ectoplasm, though this only allows them to be semisolid at best. This form is dependent on the memories a Ghostly retains, as the more she retains, the more humanoid this form looks. They cannot truly appear as they did in life, since this sense of self is dependent on memories. As the Ghostly becomes stronger or regains more memories (or a new sense of self) they are able to use their illusion powers to show themselves to the world. However, in their natural form, Ghostly is a glowing ball of light with a vague image of a face on it.
Ghostly at first, are curious about everything. They tend to explore areas and observe the goings on of the living creatures around them. Most of the time, this involves following ferals around, though rarely, a Ghostly will find a tamer or other living human to follow. As Ghostlys gain knowledge, sometimes they will remember their old lives. This usually causes the Ghostly to go searching for their bodies or former tamers. Sometimes, if a Ghostly finds that their first death was the result of a murder (or that their tamers or harem sisters were murdered), the overwhelming rage causes them to evolve into a Banshee. If a Ghostly does get their memory back, they have much the same personality of their old selves, though usually tempered by their experience with death. If a Ghostly has not recaptured her memories, they tend to develop a whole new personality all their own. More often than not, this personality is pure curiosity personified, as Ghostly that have known to tag along with Tamers are also known to get into nearly everything.
One good feature of the Ghostly, is that their taming requirements can be met through dreams, and coupled with their very low requirements and lack of any visible feral state leads Pokégirl Researchers to proclaim that a Ghostly is not a true Pokégirl per-se, but merely a transitional phase back into life as a Haunting. Other Researchers, including the famous Stantz family who have discovered the breed, postulate that the Ghostly breed is truly a Pokégirl, and there are subtle differences in the feral state that makes it hard to distinguish from the Ghostly's non-feral state. Ghostlys who do not regain their memories tend to become mischievous, prodding others into reacting just to get an emotional response so they can watch.
Shortly before the Centennial Celebration, Landon Stantz, who fathered famous Ghost Pokégirl researcher Ray Stantz, was the first to discover the Ghostly. With his research in hand, Landon presented his findings during the celebration, and was able to get Ghost classified as a Pokégirl type. Landon went on to father the first and most famous ghost type Pokégirl Researcher Raymond Stantz, and with his fellow researcher Egon Spangler, these two made leaps and bounds into the field of ghost-type Pokégirl research. To this day, the 'Double S Pokégirl Research station and Ranch' is still run by the great grand children of these two pioneers into the ghost Pokégirl field.
Because these Pokégirls are barely corporal, they have few attacks which can effect other Pokégirls. Most often, they use their weak telekinesis ability to move around objects and pelt other Pokégirls, though no Ghostly has been recorded lifting anything over twenty pounds. They are able to use hypnosis to put their opponents asleep and Lick them, though often, they merely use their Phase and Drain abilities to wear their opponent down. However, these barely corporal Pokégirls are considered weak combatants, as energetic attacks like Thundershock or any beam attack can dispatch them easily. If a Ghostly is damaged too much, they can loose their hold on the physical world and dissipate altogether. Should this happen, many Ghostlys pass on to the afterlife, though a rare few have enough personality to restart their journey back into the physical world. Through battling however, most Ghostlys gain enough experience to learn how to possess other Pokégirls, which if done at the right time can cause her evolution into a Haunting.
Because of a Ghostly's low libido, they can usually find sleeping partners to tame in dreams. However, on the rare occasion that a Ghostly becomes feral, they tend to act very similar, following the living around in their glowing light form. They do this to keep a constant source of energy nearby to sustain them instead of curiosity. Studies have shown that they do not manifest themselves into a corporal body while feral, and only rarely choose to enter dreams to tame. The best way to entice a feral Ghostly into taming, is to have a physical taming session with another Pokégirl beforehand. However, it is impossible to capture a Ghostly since this Pokégirl does not have DNA for the Pokéball to lock onto due to her body being composed of ectoplasm.
As the requirements to become a Ghostly include death, threshold directly into a Ghostly is impossible. There have, however, been threshold Pokégirls who have returned to life as Ghostlys and sought out their former masters or family. Ghostlys are also unable to bear children, as they are incorporeal. It is the other evolutions of a Ghostly that are able to pass on their ghost traits.
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GHOSTRIDER, the Hellfire Vigilante Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Ghost/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human Style
Role: Messengers, Nightmare bringers, Vigilantes, Racers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, Fighting, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Flame Sword MK II, Fire Scythe, Fireball, Phantom Blade, Nightmare Syndrome, *Punishment Gaze, *Summon Vehicle *Metamorph Object
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed X 4, Enhanced Strength X3, limited pyrokinetic/ psychokinetic/ metamorphic abilities
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: CalamityJane (Special; Killed by Infernal)
Behold, the ultimate Desperado. Born of hellfire, the Ghostrider Pokégirl is one of the most unusual breeds around. Not because they turn into flaming-skulled warriors when they must, but because it takes the death of a CalamityJane at the hands of a powerful Infernal to enact this evolution.
Normally, the Ghostrider looks no different from how she looked as a CalamityJane, but in battle, a terrifying transformation occurs. Their flesh literally burns away, leaving nothing but the bones and still burning inferno. An odd fact is that these flames can be controlled, to the point where they won't burn anything that the Ghostrider doesn’t want them to. The Ghostrider tends to wear semi-loose fitting leather clothes akin to Pre-Sukebe bikers, regardless of their choice vehicle. They often carry around a small selection of weaponry including, but not limited to, a long chain, a handgun, a knife or bladed weapon of some form, and spike-knuckled gloves. Sometimes the knife and gun are the same weapon (commonly galled a ‘Gunblade.’)
The Ghostrider’s battle talents tend to run the gambit of hit-and-run tactics and melee combat, but they still retain the talent, and preference of whips, so the chain is most often used. They like to make use of their newfound Ghost abilities and fire techniques to, as one confirmed Ghostrider put it, “Give ‘em a nice boot to the head!” Their best tactic against most dangerous opponents is to use their technique ‘Penance Stare’ to literally burn their enemies soul. Not many are certain of how it actually works, but it doesn’t appear to affect Widows, sadly. Also the weapons they carry tend to shift with them when they transform, taking on a fiery and frightening appearance.
Little is known about having a Ghostrider in a Harem as there are only a handful of cases known on a global scale. What is known is that Ghostriders tend to be rather reckless, especially when it comes to the law. Ghostriders tend to be extreme risk-takers, often performing insane stunts for the sheer adrenaline rush.
Only one of the known Ghostriders has ever gone Feral. And when she did, instead of becoming violent like one would expect, instead she became far more reckless. Attempts to get her back under control have proven difficult thanks to the Ghostriders ‘Summon Vehicle’ technique. The researchers are still keeping watch for any sightings of a flaming skeletal Pokégirl on a souped-up skateboard. Due to the circumstances of how Ghostriders come to be there have been no cases of thresholding into one.
Ghostriders are formed when an Infernal Pokégirl fatally wounds a CalamityJane. The Infernal energy results in a dark resurrection and a frightening metamorphosis. Their reckless tendancies increase when they face off against the Pokégirl who killed them.
Punishment Gaze (ATK [varies]+EFT: When the pokegirl makes eye contact with her victim, it is judged on its actions in this life. The evil that it caused is returned threefold as fire damage. The target must be alive and capable of feeling remorse for this attack to work.
Summon Vehicle (EFT): A Ghostrider Pokégirl can select a specific vehicle and give it the power of metamorphosis so the vehicle can, and will, transform at the same time as its selected Ghostrider. From then on she can summon that vehicle to her location no matter where she is simply by whistling. Any vehicle can be used, even horse-type Pokégirls, but it's most often a fast ground-based vehicle.
Metamorph Object (EFT): When a Ghostrider touches an inanimate object under the shadows she can will that object (weapon, armor, vehicle, almost anything) to shift its form into a new form to better use in combat. This is most often used on the Ghostriders own weaponry or armor.
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GROANING, The Living Dead Girl
Type: (As Body Type)
Element: Ghost/(As Body Type)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: As body type, Can also take in living energy
Role: Shock & Fear Tactics, Troop replenishment, Around the clock function
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Psychic, Fighting, Flying (Plus host body's strengths)
Weak Vs: Magic, Dark, Fire (Plus host body's weaknesses)
Attack: Possess, Possess, Invis, Lick, Energy Drain, Ghost Blade, Ecto Ball, Shadow, Night Shade, (Other attacks based on host body)
Enhancements: (As Body Type), Aura of Fear
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Haunting (normal)
After gaining enough experience, Hauntings naturally evolve into Groanings. This evolution usually takes place within their original host body, but is accompanied by light emitting out of the inside of the body. The ghost Pokégirl researchers, Stantz and Spangler, determined early on that this phenomenon is due to the ghost Pokégirl no longer being linked directly to her host body. This final stage in the Ghostly's natural evolution is a powerful ghost Pokégirl, able to weaken her target and take possession of their bodies.
When not held within a body, a Groaning looks much like her original host body she had as a Haunting, this 'physical imprint' is caused directly by the Pokégirl’s sense of self, as those Pokégirls who have remembered their former lives often look as either a mixture of their new host body and their former self or simply as their former self. Even through Groaning are able to be found outside of a body, they can now be Pokéballed thanks to their ectoplasm now being stable enough to mimic DNA. When inside a host body, Groaning look exactly like a typical specimen of that breed's type. The only difference is in personality and mannerisms, which may be considered 'off' for the breed (or the individual Pokégirl, should the Groaning be in possession of another Pokégirl’s body).
Groaning very greatly in terms of personality as each individual developed her personality from what memories, if any, that she had from her previous life as well as from her experiences as a Haunting. For those Groaning that retain memories, these images of the past color their experience as a Ghostly and then a Haunting. This sometimes causes the Groaning to wish for a body similar to the one she left behind, and thus she attempts to take possession of a body of her old breed. Those who have no memory of their former life are often most influenced by her worldly experience as a Haunting and many of these individual Groanings are of the personality type to become obsessed with the one who gave their life to allow her to return to life. These Groaning are reluctant at best to leave their host bodies, and have usually done their level best as Hauntings to discover all they could about their host's former life. Those Groanings who already have a personality set usually have no compunctions about leaving their old host body in exchange for a new one. Once left, the body becomes a vegetable, the lower brain functions keeping the body breathing and the heart beating. The out of body Groaning still has an incorporeal form, though the breed cannot become corporal, they must possess a body in order to be tamed or interact with anything other than other incorporeal ghost Pokégirls.
Rarely will tamed Groaning attempt to possess a host without their permission, as strong wills can often force the Groaning back out of their bodies. Those with weak wills find it hard to boot a Groaning, and are often greatly distressed or annoyed about their body partner. Often those who are possessed unwillingly head to the nearest celestial Pokégirl to seek their aid in ousting their unwanted guest. However, unless the Pokégirl is near death to begin with, Groaning cannot oust their possession victims out of their bodies, as normally an individual's will to live is far stronger than the Groanings abilities to oust their spirit. There have been sporadic reports of a few Groanings who have killed throughout history, though none of these claims have been proven.
Because Groaning are in host bodies, either shared with a host or their original body they claimed as a Haunting, it is recommended that tamers scan the Pokégirls they see in the wild, as many tamers have become injured or killed from underestimating a feral Groaning. Feral Groaning have no reservations about possessing random individuals, and more often than not do so when their victim is asleep and cannot fight back. More often than not, this is how many feral Groaning become captured, as the rush of sensations often lead to taming the ghost Pokégirl within her burgled body. However, every time the owner of the body takes control, they have a chance to battle the Groaning to oust her.
Most Groanings and their hosts are friendly, seeing the other as beneficial as they can operate 24 hours a day, the first inducing alpha waves as they "sleep", while the other operates the body. However, sometimes, the original doesn't like their new body-buddy, and seeks to get rid of the Groaning. The two must then battle on the mental plane to decide who will be contained (or booted in the Groanings case) and who will remain active. If the Groaning wins, the only two ways to drive her from her new permanent home is to defeat her new body and then use Exorcism or have another ghost Pokégirl try to possess the same body.
As with most ghost Pokégirls, thresholding directly into a Groaning is impossible, as Pokégirls have to die to begin as a Ghostly. One notable Pokégirl that became a Ghostly and eventually evolved to a Groaning was one Rukia of Tamer Kuro Strawberry's harem. This threshold Amazonwu was killed by a feral before she became a Ghostly. Fortunately, she retained all of her memories, and happened upon a dying Redeemer to evolve into a Haunting. Kuro happened to capture her soon after, and Rukia made a name for herself in the Redeemer's honor, hunting down dangerous Pokégirls and specializing in fighting ghost types alongside her harem sisters. Her single handed take down of a rampaging Spectra earned her recognition nearly world wide after the battle was posted on the internet. Eventually, Kuro retired with his short statured Pokégirl.
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HAUNTING, the Body Snatching Pokégirl
Type: (As Body Type)
Element: Ghost/(As Body Type)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: As Body type, can also still take in life energy
Role: Reviving troops, Surprise combatant, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Psychic, Fighting, Steel
Weak Vs: Magic, Dark
Attacks: Phase, Fear Aura, Drain, Dream Eater, Possess, Night Shade, Energy Drain
Enhancements: Physical body (As body Type), Ability to learn attacks of possessed body (if any)
Weaknesses: Attached to Physical body
Evolves: Groaning (normal)
Evolves From: Ghostly (special; possessing a Pokégirl on the brink of death)
When a Ghostly begins using her possession attack, often times she is clumsy at it, able to easily be thrown back out by stronger willed victims. As the Ghostly grows in strength her possession attacks are harder to fight off, and if a Ghostly is lucky enough to find a dying Pokégirl, then she can use her possession ability to regain a body and return to life once more. This body snatching evolution is only possible because of how close the dying Pokégirl is to the spirit world and their lack of life force, the original host spirit of the body is driven into the afterlife (or rarely, simply out of the body to reform later as an Astral Pokégirl or a new Ghostly) by the possession leaving the now Haunting alone in the body. The internal evolution of the Ghostly into Haunting releases a pulse of energy, restarting the heart and healing the new Haunting's body back to health like other evolutions. Unlike other evolutions, the energy involved is mostly used up restarting the heart of the Haunting's new body, the glow that accompanies this evolution is low and similar to a glow stick. As Haunting have in essence stolen the body they now occupy, their appearance runs the gamut of Pokégirls, though human possessions have been recorded, human females threshold and human males become female during the evolution before thresholding.
Haunting initially have great troubles controlling her new body, though this mainly depends on how well the Haunting herself remembers her previous life. If a Haunting has no memories of her previous life, it can take a Haunting several days to fully master her new body; the whole process being disturbingly similar to a baby learning. Regardless of if a Haunting remembers her past life, the breed as a whole has difficulties with the return of their sensory information. They are constantly distracted by the sensations her body has, which translates to a low pleasure threshold even if the Haunting is possessing the body of a sexual tank like the Menage. Most often described as having a pleasure threshold lower than a Titmouse, some Hauntings have been known to orgasm over sensations such as liked flavors or the feeling of new sensations. Whilst this is good for the Tamer, it does mean that Haunting is particularly weak and vulnerable in any sexbattle match.
Unlike the Ghostly, Hauntings have a living body, and no longer need to nip energy from others. This isn't to say that they won't do it however, as some Haunting enjoy the boost in energy they get from drawing life energy, and sometimes target their opponents in battles. It is not known if any Hauntings will kill to get this life energy high, but caution is advised. Besides their ghost type attacks, Haunting can also learn attacks that their new body's breed know. It is believed among the researcher community that if Sukube did indeed create or foresee the Haunting breed, then they could have been used during the War of Revenge to revive soldiers of his Pokégirl army that had perished. However, because of the life force involved with maintaining a living body, Haunting are usually unable to use their possession technique to take a new body until they become more skilled at possession and stronger in power.
Hauntings vary in personality, usually keeping the personalities they had developed during their time spent as a Ghostly, though the few that have retained their memories look at their new body as a gift and most give constant thanks to the one who perished so that they could live again. In some cases, this thankful attitude borders on obsession, with the Haunting attempting to learn all they can about their body's original owner. With this knowledge, they emulate their obsession almost to a T, but something remains off about the Haunting to those who knew their body's original spirit. Some of these 'otaku' Haunting never wish to leave their new body, staying within their new 'home' even after they evolve into a Groaning. Though the few Haunting that become strong and skilled enough in the art of possession tend to look for a more powerful arrangement that complements their skills at possession without leaving them weak.
Feral Hauntings are nearly unheard of, as Ghostly have to be consciously aware of themselves in order to possess a dying body, though sometimes lightening does strike and a feral Ghostly will possess a dying Pokégirl. Feral Hauntings do not seem to know that they no longer need life energy to survive, and some can be dangerous as the high they get from absorbing energy leads a few to become addicted to he sensation. Sadly, most feral Haunting are killed soon after they take possession of a new body, which forces them to either depart to the afterlife or start over as a Ghostly. Threshold into a Haunting, like a Ghostly, is impossible, as one has to be dead to become a Ghostly or Haunting. However, there are recorded cases of thresholders returning as Ghostlies and then evolving into Hauntings.
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HEADLESS WHORESGIRL (aka DAMEHAN), the Headhunter Pokégirl
Type: Near-Human (Metamorph)
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare (due to the ritual to create them)
Diet: Human style diet (though how the food gets to the stomache is a mystery)
Role: Assassins, bounty hunters, hunters, executioners
Libido: Average (high if able to have trophies)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Energy Drain, Slash, Swordwave, Deflect, Counter, Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility, Ecto Blitz, Nightmare Syndrome, Pumpkin Bomb, Beheading Stroke, can be taught other weapon techniques
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility x6, Enhanced Endurance x6, Enhanced Speed x8 (in centaur form), Enhanced Strength x5, Enhanced Durability x6, Metamorphic ability, Head acts independently of body, Automatic Delta Bond if not already present
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slicer line (Decapitation plus necromantic E-Stone Ceremony)
Some tamers cannot bring themselves to part with their Pokégirl even in death. When those Tamers have even the slightest understanding of necromancy, this takes on a whole new, and to some, disturbing, facet. When Journeyman tamer Ian Crane's Slicer was beheaded in battle, most people would have assumed it was over for them. However Ian, a graduate of the H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Institute for the Dark Arts (located in the Capital League township of Dunwich) and inspired by the legends surrounding his family, turned his necromantic knowledge to find a way to resurrect his girl, imbuing her with new strength. He succeeded, creating the first Headless Whoresgirl.
Physically, Headless Whoresgirls (known as Damehan in some areas, such as the Blue and Ocean Leagues) look a lot like they did when they were Slicers, only bearing a larger cup size in their breasts, and a sealed, scarred up wound on their necks where their heads used to be. Their heads themselves revive, gaining the ability to act independently of the body, floating alongside them. The heads can never be fully re-attached, save for with specially rigged collars, and quite literally cannot travel beyond a 20 foot radius of the Pokégirl. Strangely enough, although the head is technically a separate entity from the body, this does not impair the body's ability to see or hear, a trait chalked up to the sorcerous ritual that created them. Also, similar to other centauric Pokégirls, they can assume a four-legged, horse-like form with their lower body, usually with fur in some shade of black. Most Headless Whoresgirls prefer to wear knightly armor or cavalry officer uniforms, the few sighted in Edo bearing samurai-like armor, and like to wear clocks with high collars on them. In terms of weaponry, they tend to favor axes, sabers, scimitars, katanas, or basically bladed weapon suited to lopping off heads. Personality-wise the handful of Headless Whoresgirls that have been created show a handful of noticeable similarities too common to be chalked up to personal eccentricity.
First, and most noticeably, Headless Whoresgirls are ruthless opponents in battle, going for the deadliest strokes possible. Most will prefer to try to kill their opponents, usually with their Beheading Stroke attack over anything else. When queried, the interviewed Pokégirls' tamers answered for them by saying, "She has experienced death and merely wishes to share the magic." This is a strong preference for them, although due to the strong bond they have with their Tamer they will easily refrain from it if he/she so wishes. Those that are forbidden from taken heads will frequently taunt the opponent, making false strikes at their neck without even touching it. However if a Headless Whoresgirl is allowed to take the heads of her opponents as trophies (something not recommended by most authorities), their libido spikes tremendously. Headless Whoresgirls love being tamed while surrounded and watched by their collection of heads. In addition to her sword attacks, the head can attack as well. It floats around mid battle, focusing dangerous attacks such as Nightmare Syndrome and the head's trademark move, the Ecto Blitz.
Less noticeably, but quite logically, since they have quite literally been brought back from the dead by their Tamer, a deep bond develops between them, a delta bond forming if there wasn't already one in place. This bond has two general effects, the first allowing the Tamer to understand what his Whoresgirl is thinking, ranging from a preternatural understanding of their body language, to outright telepathy in some cases. Second is that the Headless Whoresgirl is, well, whorishly devoted to their Tamer, acting as if their libidos were high to very high towards their Tamer. This loyalty and love is highly understandable, considering the lengths the Tamer went through to reunite her with him/her.
(A side note for Pokégirl thieves: Seperating a Headless Whoresgirl from her tamer is tantamount to committing suicide. Once, a Team Rocket-style group called Team Madcap stole a Headless Whoresgirl and put her through a Level 5 Taming cycle at a Pokécenter on their payroll under fake identification, hoping to wipe her memory for resale. Because of the strong bond that existed between her and her Tamer, the program glitched and malfunctioned, releasing the Pokégirl from her Pokéball. The Whoresgirl slaughtered the Team, their Pokégirls, and nearly every living thing in the Pokécenter, mainly people on the take and anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way of her escape, before leaving to find her master. This has led many to start studying the nature of bonds, wanting to know how so strong a bond could defeat a Level 5 cycle. No one is really insane enough to try again and see if they can produce the same results. Finally, Whoresgirls can sense where their Tamer is. Their reanimated heads gain a strong psychic imprint of their master, allowing her to know where she is at all times. This has definitely surprised scientists and mages, leading them to become very interested in this Pokégirl's nature.
Headless Whoresgirls have very unusual harem dynamics. They get along well with other Ghost Pokégirls, having a strong empathy with Francinesteins, who were revived through similar eldritch means. They also, however, have a difficult time in staying calm around Celestial or Infernal Pokégirls. In many cases, Headless Whoresgirls sometimes panic around them. No one is really certain why, but it's assumed they are nervous around them because they represent an `after,' which they have avoided due to their resurrection. They never question their Tamers and become very angry with Harem sisters who complain about being in their master's harem. In terms of Taming, Headless Whoresgirls have similar tastes to their previous form, but also like to experiment with taming in their centauric bodies. They are unique in that they can pleasure two Tamers at once, the head pleasuring one Tamer while the body takes another one. They also have a strong voyeuristic streak, and like to set their heads down on a shelf while their body is Tamed. Both the head and body feel the same thing, which in battles can sometimes lead to problems. Like most `undead' Pokégirls, save for the rotted Zombabe, it is not considered taboo to tame one, just a little on the unnerving side. Ferality in a Headless Whoresgirl is an unknown so far, and no one is daring enough to actually look for a feral Headless Whoresgirl. As Headless Whoresgirls are formed through a Pokégirl dying, thresholding into one is considered to be totally impossible.
Special Attacks:
Pumpkin Bomb (ATK 100): The Headless Whoresgirl generates in their hand a large, flaming jack-o-lantern with a menacing face carved into it and throws it. The jack-o-lantern explodes on impact, with a five percent chance of inflicting Stun. This is a ghost element attack.
Ecto Blitz (ATK 10 repeating): The Headless Whoresgirl's eyes startsshooting a rapid-fire barrage of eyeball shaped energy projectiles made of ectoplasm. The damage of each individual burst isn't much, but adds up quickly. This is a ghost element attack.
Beheading Strike (ATK 200): The Headless Whoresgirl takes careful aim and strikes at the opponent's neck, trying to behead them. The attack has a very low accuracy rating, as most Headless Whoregirls tend to wind up for it by charging at the opponent directly, arm upraised.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: 2 Dusk Stones, 1 Shade Stone, 1 Moon Stone
Area & Time Conditions: Night, near midnight, in an open area.
Special Conditions: Tamer must have at least a rudimentary knowledge of necromancy. Slicer has to have been killed via ONLY a decapitating blow. The Tamer or any Pokégirl connected to him/her can NOT have been the one to kill her, and must sincerely want the Pokégirl to come back to life.
Ceremony Itself: The Tamer first lays out their Pokégirl's body, placing it laying straight, with the hands crossed on the chest. The severed head is placed near the neck, a Shade Stone laying in between head and the neck. The Dusk Stones must be placed on the Pokégirls chest, one on either hand, while the Moon Stone must be placed over the stomach. The Tamer must then sit and chant a self-written revival spell seven times, and after the seventh time, directly state their need to have the Pokégirl come back to life, placing a drop of their own blood on each elemental stone.
If all has gone well up to this point, a mist will have formed around the Slicer's body. To finish the ritual, the tamer must place a drop of the Slicer's blood on their lips and kiss her forehead, not removing it from where it is placed. If this is done right, the mist will become a thick, obscuring fog that swirls high up into the air, the Slicer glowing as her body changes into a Headless Whoresgirl. Her head will always be the first to revive.
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HELLCAT, the Fiendish Feline Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human to Very Near Human (Feline)
Element: Fire/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Carnivore, enjoys burnt meat
Role: Unholy predator, Battlefield clean up, Front line fighter
Libido: Average, Shifts to High following a victory
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark, Celestials
Attacks: Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Rage, Warm Embrace, Fire Kick, Bite, Fury Swipes, Seductive Purr, Purr Vibrations, Lick, Nightmare Syndrome, Lure, Illusion, Sex Attack 1, 2, and 3, Evil Charm, Devour
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell, Sight) (x3), Night Vision, Scent Alteration*, enhanced reflexes (x3), enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x3), enhanced endurance (x3)
Weaknesses: Water deals maximum damage, Need fire to recharge every week.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Youma (Cat E-Medal (Magic/Fire type Youma only) or Cat E-Medal and Fire Stone (All Youma except for Magic/Fire types))
Discovered almost a decade after the discovery of E-medals, the Hellcat is evolved from a Youma. Originally thought to only come from Magic/Fire type Youma when a Cat E-Medal was applied, studies proved that if a Fire Stone and Cat E-Medal were applied simultaneously, then this evolution could come from any Youma type.
Physically, Hellcats can vary as much as their pre-evolved form, ranging in looks from a pure feline Animorph to almost indistinguishable from a regular human. In general, their hair/fur color varies from reds and oranges to solid white, and flows as if it were fire itself. Eye colors lie in the range of normal feline eye colors, greens, yellows, or rarely reds and blues. There has even been one recorded event of a Hellcat who looked remarkably like a white Lioness.
One thing that the Hellcat is good at is cleaning up a battlefield, and reports of Firecats that would eat corpses during the Revenge War are now being looked at again for fear that these were Hellcats. Hellcats generally torch bodies before consuming them, preferring the taste of charred meat above anything else. Even when tamed, they tend to see things in two lights, those that can be played with or those that can be prayed upon. Even when only Alpha bonded, their Tamer falls under the playing category, and she seeks any opportunity to get her ‘mate’ in bed. Oddly enough, they are considered one of the more ‘prudish’ Infernals, and while they may flirt, refuse to perform in public among other things (which vary from Hellcat to Hellcat). One particular Hellcat almost seemed Celestial in her obvious embarrassment of any sexual talk outside of the bedroom.
Regardless of how harmless they seem to those they’ve bonded to, they are considered a danger to those they see as prey. Many humans and Pokégirl alike have been treated to the phrase, “And I shouldn’t eat you why?” It is not recommended for any tamer to have a Hellcat in a harem with any mouse or bird type unless they are far stronger than the Hellcat. Otherwise, documented cases have shown that the Tamer will wake up one day with one less Pokégirl and a well fed Hellcat. It is mainly this philosophy of ‘meat is meat’, in addition to her opinion that good and evil are relative, that put this Pokégirl solidly in the Infernal realm. When asked if they are evil, most Hellcats will state that good and evil are propaganda put fourth by Celestials so they can secretly rule the world. It seems that they not only state this, but truly believe this to be the case, fighting against Celestial backed agendas with the claim that they are ‘freeing the masses’. If innocent people have to die or get in the way, then they accept this so long as the greater good are ‘freed’. They see true freedom as complete Anarchy, and as such will only bother with laws if their Tamer tells them to.
Hellcats, in addition to feeding, have a need to replenish their fire energy weekly with fire. Usually this is done by building a large bonfire that the Infernal steps into and can actually sleep in. It is speculated that because of this need to absorb fire energy, this breed cannot become the Charred template, and this has mostly proven true in research studies. Another quark of a Hellcat is that they will not tolerate any dog types, period. This usually leads to in fighting, and unless the canine type is stronger than the Hellcat, things progress until either the Hellcat is dead or feeds on the canine Pokégirl’s corpse.
Hellcat’s have varying preferences for taming, almost always avoiding public tamings in general, which means that though they have several sex attacks, they it is next to never that they are seen on the Sex battle circuits. Though they have the ghost subtype, they are solid and cannot phase, and despite being a fire type they are not too hot to need taming with salves.
The feral state of a Hellcat is marked by the Pokégirl dropping down to all fours, and many find their way to battle sites to devour the dead and dying. As such, feral Hellcats and Valkyries have something of a contention, since the Valkyries attempt to save what a Hellcat would eat. Otherwise, they only attack if they are hungry, and usually target bird and mouse Pokégirls. They are random, having no territory and no set traveling pattern, seeming to embody the Anarchy they claim when tamed.
• Scent Alteration - (EFT) (Ghost): This technique allows the Pokégirl to alter her scent in a manner that will throw off the senses of even the sharpest Pokégirl nose. It takes an entire 6 hours for the pokegirl to alter her scent, and afterwards this move may be used again, effectively changing the pokegirls scent to anything they have smelled at intervals of 6 hours for each scent change. It is not uncommon for this move to be used to mimic popular perfume brands in domestic girls.
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ISHTAR, the Fusionist Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost/Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Item maker, system combiner
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Normal, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ghost, Dark
Attacks: Teleport, Telekinesis, Dominate, Aura Barrier, Disable, Night Shade, Energy Drain
Enhancements: Enhanced senses (x3), Enhanced Agility and Durability (x6), Dual Prehensile Appendages (aka duphra), Increased Sensitivity (x2), Flexibility, Material Fusion
Evolves: None
Evolves From: A-Bra (Dusk Stone)
An unusual evolution of the A-Bra, though one sought after by those within industrial fields rather than by tamers. There are two main differences between the Ishtar and the A-bra's standard evolution, the Ka-D-bra. The first is that the Ishtar's breasts do not grow as large, without modifications, as a Ka-D-bra's, averaging somewhere between a mid B-cup to a large C-cup. Secondly, the Ishtar possesses dual prehensile appendages that connect to the back of her head, rather than the antennae that the A-bra and her other evolutions possess. These duphra (as they are popularly known) are often as long as one of the Pokégirl’s arms and are completely prehensile. Each one ends in a dull tip, much like the tail of a Kitten's is. Although prehensile, it is rare that the Ishtar show them to be such, instead preferring to make others think that they are more or less just a physical feature. In private with her tamer, however, the Ishtar enjoys using her duphra in sensual acts. These 'head-tails', as a few tamers call them, are very sensitive to the touch and can cause the Ishtar to feel great pain and pleasure, depending on what is inflicted to them. The Pokégirl does grow taller, however, although few reach more than 5'10" in height. One thing that often changes is their skin color, which often ranges through many different colors. Light green, pale blue, red, orange, and black have all been reported and confirmed.
Perhaps the greatest change is that of the Pokégirl’s perception of spiritual definitions and her reliance upon her mind for her power. While still a psychic type, the Ishtar is much more attuned to the spiritual facets of the mind and body. They are capable of changing things with her psychic powers- unlike most psychic powers, which are blunt and direct, this Pokégirl’s powers are more refined and subtle. Capable of becoming incorporeal for short periods of time, like most ghost types, this breed is not fully such all the time, unlike most ghost types. While incorporeal, the Pokégirl can inspect the inner workings of just about anything that is not alive (humans, Pokégirls, animals, and plant-life are beyond the breed's abilities), and then using her psychic powers, can deconstruct and then reassemble them. Usually, this requires the use of her hands and duphra as foci, but more experienced Pokégirls of this breed are capable of this act without such focus points. Distractions or bad material combinations often result in unusual and unwanted elements, in design, function, or effect.
In a battle, this breed prefers to inflict her opponent with some sort of ailment before striking out with her psychic attacks. If she can't keep a distance, the Ishtar tends to rely on her Energy Drain technique to keep her strength up and to weaken the opponent at the same time. For the most part, this Pokégirl’s attack strategy is to defeat her opponent using strikes that are aimed at critical areas of the target, rather than going all out. To this effect, she often utilizes Dominate to stun her opponent before going in to attack. As she is more defensive in nature than offensive, she can usually outlast an enemy if she can't outright defeat her thanks to her amazing capacity to take punishment, as well as to avoid being struck. However, the Ishtar does have a weakness that she attempts to hide- her duphra are not as strong as her arms are, and with their sensitivity she feels more pain than normal from attacks that strike them.
Few of these Pokégirls have ever been found feral, but the few that have are not very intelligent and can no longer utilize her fusion powers. In a harem, the Ishtar are very detail oriented Pokégirls and many will nitpick plans, schedules, and certainly decision-making that takes place. They will often, if given the chance, chime in with their own thoughts and advice. Tamers who recognize this initiative and willingness to assist, though in sometimes a condescending manner, may find the Ishtar to be a good choice for an Alpha or a Beta. The fact that they have high libidos furthers the reasoning behind those positions. Tamers who are not patient, however, almost always sell these 'girls off to tradesmen, who find her capabilities to be very useful in almost any field. There has only been one documented threshold case, which shows that it is possible, but very unlikely. There is one little thing about the Ishtar, however, that tamers should remain aware of: when they are around 27 years old, the Ishtar will undergo her second puberty and become a Pokéwoman. Another thing for tamers, owners, and tradesmen alike to realize is the simple fact that the Ishtar have been known to commonly give birth to twins more often than single babies. Research is ongoing as to why this happens, though nothing conclusive has been discovered yet.
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JENOVA, the Calamity Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Unsure, assumed to be Ghost/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Presumed human-style
Role: Disasters, general trouble-making, advance scout (Wartime only)
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Normal, Magic, Psychic, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ground, Poison
Attacks: Ghost Blade, Night Shade, Telekinesis, Dominate, Hypnotize, Fade, Heal, Flash, Foresight, Confusion, Disable, Disable Max, Mirror Coat, Metronome, Feel the Burn, Phase, Invis 1, 2, 3, Absorb, Imitate, Steal Luck, Dazzle, Teleport, Temperature Barrier, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Ashen Wings
Enhancements: Magic affinity, Psychic affinity, low-level uncontrollable ability to affect probabilities in a negative fashion, high intelligence, psychotic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
If there were no other reason to hate Sukebe, Jenova would be it.
While nowhere near as powerful as the Legendaries and not classified as such despite her seeming agelessness, she is more powerful than most other Pokégirls out there. She’s beautiful, like the vast majority of Pokégirls, with dark grey skin, white hair, firm, a soft, round ass, trim hips that aren’t too wide or too small, DD-cup breasts that don’t sag in the slightest despite her age, and glowing, enchanting white eyes. She moves gracefully, with swift, elegant movements and when seen, she is usually clad in a silken white robe that flows like water when she moves.
That’s about where the attractiveness ends.
Jenova is a wicked Pokégirl, cruel and vicious and loving to cause trouble and chaos. When she shows up, it means something bad is about to happen, no question whatsoever, whether she causes it directly or not. She delights in causing even the slightest kind of trouble, and laughs when she sees someone in pain. During the War, her favorite tricks involved sabotaging vehicles so that they’d explode when airmen tried to start them up.
Needless to say, Macavity adores her.
She was one of the most hated Pokégirls during the War, and the arising Leagues scrambled for ways to try to kill her. Surviving witnesses place her at the site of many Pokégirl-related disasters before they happened, including a horde of Manti invading a Russian fortress and slaughtering several scientists who were working on a device based on psychic energy to try and pacify other Pokégirls. Shortly beforehand, Jenova was seen casually sitting on the roof of the main building in the fortress, whistling softly. Only one woman survived, and that’s because Jenova had captured her and was Taming her.
However, there is a small ray of hope, as her ability to have things go wrong can work against her as well as for her. During one of Atmuff’s earliest rampages, she came across Jenova and nearly killed her, the powerful warrior overwhelming Jenova completely and nearly beating her to death. She went into seclusion for several years after that.
For years, her presence was lost. Then she was sighted investigating the ruins of the first Widow attack, an amused expression on her face. She has shown up a few more times since then, sometimes assisting a cadre of Limbec Pirates. And there are also unconfirmed reports of Jenova being in direct contact with the infamous Athena of the Crimson League. Frequently she has been seen in the company of Macavity, usually with Macavity making Jenova squirm and moan in ecstasy.
Bootleg videos of some of their encounters are available.
As Macavity, despite her chaotic and borderline psychotic tendencies, is one of the easier to find and more ‘amiable’ Legendaries, we were able to convince her to tell us a little about Jenova. Unfortunately, it all related to Taming techniques, as apparently Jenova, while having high endurance, also has a low pleasure threshold. This, however, was taken as good news, as it means that she is potentially controllable.
There are also unconfirmed reports of Jenova’s DNA being used to breed super soldiers. One rumored to have DNA is a tamer who’s only known name is Sephiroth, however he disappeared shortly after murdering his rival, Cloud Strife, and his Pokégirls.
All information on Jenova MUST BE CONCEALED. She is too dangerous a Pokégirl for anyone to try and catch. If Tamers should try to go after her, the body count is practically guaranteed to be enormous. League officials should keep spreading false knowledge, rumors, and lies about her. A cover story based on a mythological society that predates even Pre-Sukebe human society has been included in a separate file. Repeat: The Cetra cover story is the ONLY information allowed within the public Pokédex. Revealing of any true information about Jenova is punishable by having the S-Goths set on your trail, and they are confirmed to be able to have fates worse than death at their disposal…
Recent Update: A friendly within Sanctuary has told us about a legend within the culture of the S-Goths. The earliest S-Goths report having visions of a ghostly, shadowy woman, her face partially masked by a steel helmet, guiding them to a mystical power. This story has led to several distressing theories about the S-Goths, such as the increasingly strong possibility that they may have acquired their power from Jenova herself…
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KYUBI, the Fox Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Ghost
Frequency: Uncertain
Diet: Human-style diet, rice and sweets
Role: Illusionists, Entertainers, Strategists.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting, Psychic, Normal
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fear Aura, Illusion, Foresight, Phase, Astral Vision*, Area Illusion*, Barrier, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Teleport, Hypnotize, Telekinesis, Psychic Illusion, Possess, Wrap, Tail Slap, Backstab, Nightshade, Invis
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing and Olfactory Senses (x9) Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Concentration and Intelligence, Flight, Precognition, Magic Affinity to Illusions, Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dark Kitsune (E-Stone Ceremony + Delta-bonded)
In ancient lore, there are legends of foxes that have nine tails and terrifying abilities, casting illusions so real as to be awe-inspiring. This legend has been adapted and made into the penultimate fox-type Pokégirl, The Kyubi, known in the old China territories of Edo and to a lesser extent Opal as the Hu Ji Ling.
Kyubis were among the most infamous Pokégirls around during the Revenge War. Servants of the general Amaterasu, they were capable of using mystic brushes similar to Amaterasu’s own Okami. They used their illusions to tremendous effect, to the point where researchers today are unsure if Kyubi from the Revenge War actually died. It was said that only the Generals and Legendaries, Amaterasu in particular, were immune to their illusions, and certainly that seems true. Kyubis in Amaterasu’s ‘Darkness Engine’ unit were known to be especially vicious to their enemies, deliberately tormenting soldiers for weeks with false images of their families, teaming up with psychic types to manifest their hopes, dreams, and nightmares, giving other Pokégirls a chance to sneak in and slaughter them. Their numbers were high back then, led only by the charismatic Amaterasu. They were brutal back then, savage and vicious.
That all changed when Atmuff decided to challenge the breed, wondering how their illusions would fair against her skill.
Like so many breeds that Atmuff decided to focus her attentions on, their numbers dwindled tremendously. It was only because of Atmuff quickly losing interest that the breed wasn’t exterminated. Kyubis faded into obscurity, Amaterasu’s ‘Darkness Engine’ unit being the only remaining active group of Kyubi for years, eventually dying out after their leader’s death. For years, it was thought that they were extinct, until a few started to show up again in the mid 100s.
Kyubis are master illusionists. They can create illusions so real, so detailed, and so interactive that only the strongest of minds can see through them. So real are their illusions that it seems as if they’ve altered reality itself. They can even use illusions on themselves or their harem sisters or tamers. Researchers have given up entirely on trying to classify them as near human or Animorph, as they have appeared as both, some individual Kyubis being both in the same day. They can appear as humanoid, their only animal features being ears and tails, or furry all over, with animalistic muzzles and features. The only real commonality is their nine tails, something every member of the breed has. They are a source of pride for them and serve as a magical focus point for many of their spells and attacks. The length of these tails can be adjusted according to the preferences of the Kyubi or be done away entirely, sealed into a tattoo, unique to each Kyubi, located at the base of the tails in the spot where tails emerge from the body. Despite sacrificing the fire type for the ghost type, the Kyubi remains a flesh and blood Pokégirl.
The first evolution from to Kyubi was discovered at the Inari Ranch in Edo when a tamer and his Dark Kitsune joined in the meditation hours at the shrine, with three evolution stones, a Mana Stone, a Dusk Stone and a Shiny Stone, as focal points for her meditation. They meditated for one hour a day for nine days, and at the end of the ninth the evolution happened. (It’s noted that Kyubi that meditate at shrines to Inari tend to be better at illusions. No logical explanation has been found for this, but as it just increases the usefulness of the breed, no one is really questioning it.)
A Kyubi uses a mixture of her psychic prowess, ghost aura and illusionary abilities in battle to confuse and overwhelm her opponents. It’s a rather simple process for them to make the illusion real through creating a psychic construct of an image on the enviroment then using a liberal application of magic. Another step a Kyubi can add is using her psychic abilities to send off a low-intensity emotional pulse of thought to those within range of her illusion. By doing this the Kyubi is capable of instantly engineering a range of emotions within her target(s) that can often leave the target incapable of fighting the feelings coursing through him/her.
Kyubis shine when they are in a harem as the illusion capabilities make them adept at creating situations for the Harem to train in. This “practice” works well because the Kyubi is constantly able to imagine new ways to challenge the harem, being great strategists and tacticians themselves. This trait makes them more likely to be found as the Alphas or Betas in a tamers harem, but can also attribute to the regal air they seem to have around themselves, which makes other Pokégirls, especially other vulpine Pokégirls to more readily submit to their whims and orders. The aura’s effect can best be noticed when a Kyubi is around a feral fox as the fox-girl will give the Kyubi her full attention. Most Kyubis are actually bothered by the position of power they get.
In battle another step is added to the illusion making process, using their precognition and ghost abilities to inspire fear in their opponent which in turn makes the opponent more susceptible to their illusions. Using the inspiration of fear and the emotional pulse, they can enhance the fear even greater making their illusions that much more powerful. Kyubi’s also use their Astral Vision ability to great effect, projecting an image of the battle will go directly into the mind of the enemy, sometimes inspiring fear and a little awe, but also partially breaking down mental defenses and rooting in their opponents mind for any fears, hopes and dreams from which they can make illusions of to inflict upon the opponent, finishing them off with a psychic move or a nine tailed Tail Slap. When they use the move Area Illusion, using all their concentration, they set up an illusion a mile in radius, in which their mind controls everything, however, they are incapable of moving and it's best if a Kyubi has a bodyguard when she uses this move.
The most frustrating part about Kyubis is their rarity. Several instances of sightings have proven to be illusions, however several sightings thought to be illusions turned out to be real. Especially in supposed Feral sightings. Scientists have almost given up completely trying to classify the rarity of the breed, as their penchant for illusions makes tracking them difficult. In the few confirmed feral sightings, there have been a few commonalities. Most Feral Kyubis tend to be overcautious, casting dozens of illusions around themselves to hide them from view. As their focus is not total due to their ferality, they usually let something slip through that allows them to be tracked by a strong enough tracker, usually their scent.
Kyubis are good-natured beings for the most part, but they have developed a somewhat negative reputation over the years in certain leagues. Historians remember clearly what Amaterasu’s unit did during the war. Worse, there are single Kyubis that have made rather infamous names for themselves. Two more prominent cases involved a Limbec Pirate Kyubi who impersonated a local priestess named Rao, discreetly infiltrating her crew into the town and poisoning its prominent officials, eventually slaughtering the town. The worst of them was the Alpha of an Edo League offical named Dong Zhuo, the Kyubi’s name being Da Ji. Her cruelty and sadism was legendary, as well as was her creativity in torture devices. Both were eventually put to death, but their actions have left a taint on the breed that has only recently been washed away. In some areas Kyubis are still heavily regulated.
Personalities vary from ‘girl to ‘girl but all Kyubis share the similar traits of loving to entertain and coming up with new thrilling ideas for illusions. Their love and appreciation of entertainment makes them coveted by the entertainment industry, granted with their overall rarity not many are in the industry and those that are have very rich tamers as they are paid from the pocket for use of these girls.
Kyubis are excellent at fulfilling roles for their Master during taming as they can create illusions to cater to many fetishes. Their tails are a very sensitive spot for them, and they use them to tease female tamers manipulating them like furry tentacles, which is reported to feel divine.
After some testing, it had been confirmed that Thresholding into a Kyubi is impossible by natural means. Kyubi offspring, when not human, always end up as Kitsunes. All recorded parthenogenesis cases have ended up as Kitsunes as well.
Researcher’s Side Note: It’s rumored that there may be some of Amaterasu’s old unit left alive, as circumstances behind their various deaths are iffy at best, with only a few confirmed kills listed. The fact that her unit was called ‘Darkness Engine’ has Researchers and historians wondering if there actually was a ‘Darkness Engine’ of sorts or if Amaterasu was just exercising a flair for the dramatic…
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Mana Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone
Area & Time Conditions: Shrine and nine hours of meditation.
The Dark Kitsune and the tamer must lay the stones around the Dark Kitsune in a triangle and said Kyubis must focus on each of them for a total of nine hours. At the end of the ninth hour the three stones will swirl around her and get absorbed in her body with a flash and the evolution will take place. All Kyubis and their tamers have asked for the exact evolution method to be classified as that would ruin the surprise, a rather playful trick isn’t it?
Astral Vision [Psychic/Ghost] (EFT): Using her mind a Pokégirl will send out a brief glimpse of what she wants to happen in the fight to all opponents within 45 yards of her. It can cause fear and paralysis in weaker Pokégirls.
Area Illusion [Psychic/Magic] (EFT): A Kyubi can create an illusion of up to a mile around her to her whim, however, she is incapable of moving or attacking or she will make the illusion fail. Granted, she can control what happens in the illusion as what happens is all her doing.
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LUCARDA, the No-Life Queen Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Magic (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Thank the thousand gods!)
Diet: Blood, Souls
Role: Hunters
Libido: High (Very High during a full moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Celestial
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Celestial
Attacks: Blood Blade, Dark Thunder, Ghost Blade, Mega Drain, Night Shade, Vampire Bite, Invis 1-3, Illusion, Phase, Aura of Doom, Hypnotize, Shadow Walk, Devour, Summon Familiar
Can only be learned after Lvl 40: Grisly Wing, Evil Touch, Blood Veil, Summon Undead
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Darkness Affinity, Psychic Affinity, Constant Dark Goggles effect, Regeneration, Self-Mutation, Solar Resistance, Can use certain T2 techniques naturally
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vampire (Zalera’s Blessing)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 100,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 180,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: You know the Widow drill. Run. Just run. Don’t try and be a hero! If there is no hope of escape, try and get on the Lucarda’s good side. If you’re lucky you might get her as a member of your harem or she’ll decide you’re not worth the effort. If she’s Feral and you don’t have a high-level Celestial on hand, stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!
The fourth and most hated Esper to come to our realm of existence, Zalera, is a creature who only respects Death in all forms and is understandably feared, even by those whom choose to summon her. Surprisingly the respect the darkest of the Espers has for death is transferred over to one Pokégirl, the Vampire. From her study of old texts, Zalera understood that Vampires of old legend were considered to be undead beings that continued their own existence through taking the life-blood of others. Needless to say, the Esper of Death was intrigued enough that the next time she was summoned by a Tamer that owned a Vampire Pokégirl, she struck a deal different from her usual cost of a portion of or an entire soul. She commanded to the Summoner that if he wanted her to fight on his behalf, that he allow her to bless his Vampire.
The deal was struck. Once Zalera finished with her opponent, she made sure that she received her end of the bargain. The Vampire was changed into a new breed of Pokégirl from the dark power bestowed upon her, and was dubbed by the Esper as Lucarda, the No-Life Queen Pokégirl. Since that first Blessing, there have been a few more that have come into creation, and none are pleasant.
A Lucarda’s appearance remains similar to that of a Vampire with pale skin and pointed canine teeth, but they are definitely more intimidating than their previous form. They shoot up a solid foot in height, normally putting them over at 6’. If not already, their bust increases to small D-Cup. Their hair grows out to considerable length, and becomes a pure jet black, (although a few cases report short blonde). Most intimidating however, is their eyes; now changed to a blood red but can shine with a bright crimson light with powerful emotions, such as anger, lust, or ravenous hunger for blood.
The scariest, most intimidating aspect however, is the change in their biology. By becoming a Lucarda, the Pokégirl loses the enhanced durability she had as a Vampire, her defense comparable to a regular human’s. However, this is offset by the Lucarda how having true Regeneration rather than enhanced healing, allowing them to come back quickly from blows that would be fatal to most. This Regeneration also makes it so Lucarda are free from the pains of sunlight. One even went on record as saying, “For us, sunlight isn’t some great enemy. We just despise it!” As one can guess, during night, especially with full moon when their powers are at their strongest, a Lucarda is a most dangerous creature.
In other, more terrifying uses, a Lucarda can use Infernal energy to twist the aspects of her Regeneration into a truly terrifying attack, often reserved for those she may feel is unfit for her to deal with personally. With a mix of her body and blood, her Infernal power, and perhaps the souls she has stolen, a No-Life Queen can summon creatures known as ‘familiars’. They can appear in a variety of forms that either sprout from the Lucarda’s mutated body or they could even swarm about her freely as an army that could number from dozens to hundreds; the free forms are especially prevalent when she is in a completely darkened area or during night. Luckily, it has been determined that this ability leaves a Lucarda relatively vulnerable, as it releases the blood and lives of others that she uses to sustain herself.
Through study of this ability and the summoned Esper, it has been determined that the Summon Familiar technique is possibly a gift from the Death Esper. The end result of what makes up a ‘familiar’ is an ectoplasmic energy that has been condensed into glowing black liquid which has been further refined into a desired semi-sentient shape by the No-Life Queen. Without a doubt, this is the same energy that makes up Zalera’s exclusive attack, Condemnation. With this connection, it is thought possible for Zalera to teach her faithful Lucardas the technique of Condemnation, but NO ONE wants to know if this is true or not!
However, this use of powers does not come without another price. Reliance on Regeneration and Self-Mutation can often leave a Lucarda with inhuman features. One No-Life Queen that had her left arm severed now produces a solid shadowy substance which she can manipulate into various shapes: a wing for flying, blunt or bladed weapons for combat, even shadows which can slither along the ground and trip up or simply render an opponent immobile. Of course, she can revert it into an arm-like shape, but it remains a complete form of darkness, showing the more true extent of the inhuman being the Pokégirl has become.
Lucarda are truly the most devious of Infernal Pokégirls, retaining a majority of her fearsome abilities she had as a Vampire and then some. As they are close to immortal and nearly invincible, they are a considerably egotistical breed. A Lucarda will freely taunt and belittle her opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing herself and obliterating her target. One of the preferred tactics is to allow herself to be literally torn to pieces by her opponent’s attacks before simply flowing back together. It could accurately be said that rather than defeating her opponents, a Lucarda breaks them, cruelly showing other Pokégirls how ineffective they are against her magnificence before finally finishing the battle, either through knocking her opponents out, or assimilating all they have to offer; blood and soul.
Those whom she takes the life of completely, she can use later through a technique bestowed upon her by Zalera, Summon Undead. Still, one should realize that the desire for Souls is not a dietary need, and is a compulsion that is instilled in them by the Esper of Death’s Blessing. Blood will suffice, but it has shown that those Lucarda that don’t get to partake in even a portion of a soul often become more aggressive, as the demand to supply power to this technique is firmly part of their being; such is the influence of Zalera within them.
Despite the terrifying presence this Pokégirl projects, it should be pointed out that they aren’t as entirely as immortal as they may seem. Dark and Fire attacks can afflict damage, Dark techniques managing to retain enough force to push them back and Fire burning them as fast as they regenerate, giving them a wound which can last longer than the initial hit. While they are able to hurt Celestial Pokégirls, Lucarda do take damage in return. Oddly enough, they tend to be highly amused by or infatuated with Celestial Pokégirls, and look forward to fighting them. There is one breed of Celestial Pokégirl in particular that the Lucarda simply love battling more than any other: the Warrior Nun. With a similar regenerative power, when these two opposing powers go toe-to-toe, it makes for a Pokébattle unlike any other!
When it comes to the breed’s weaknesses, it has also been proven on one occasion that not even a No-Life Queen can defeat a Widow alone. One encounter recorded between the two breeds ended up with the Lucarda expiring, succumbing to the numerous wounds she received during the battle the arachnid Pokégirl. However, it is still a remarkable feat in that the Widow sustained heavy injuries as well and was forced withdraw from the area to lick her wounds. One has to wonder if Cocooner knew what she was doing when she created that Celestial.
The majority of Lucarda are already owned in Harems by Tamers that had summoned Zalera and made the pact with her, and are often fiercely loyal to that Tamer. However, there have been exceptions. One Lucarda that had her original master killed wandered around, eventually becoming a Feral beast that roamed the wilds until she was captured and Tamed, since it had proven near impossible to kill her; giving reason that there is no kill bounty on the breed. Another No-Life Queen ended up getting transferred to another Tamer, whose blood was sweeter than that of her current Master at the time. It seems that Lucarda have a taste for virgin blood, an incredible rarity in this world. One should never lie about being a virgin to a Lucarda, since once they taste your blood, they’ll know, and they won’t be happy.
Those Tamers with Lucarda have yet to fully come out with an amount of detailed information concerning Taming a No-Life Queen. However, what can be understood is that they are quite dominant and a decent amount of blood and possibly the loss of a small portion of their soul. It is thought their inability to come forward with a decent amount of information is due to a hold that the Pokégirl has over them, possibly during the act of Taming or in their life in general. One thing is certain: while their libidos do correlate to the phase of the moon, they seem to remain high by default.
There has never been a case of human girl becoming a Lucarda through Threshold, and it is considered impossible due to what is needed to create one. Most people rejoice because of this fact.
Summon Familiar - (EFT) An Infernal Summoning technique exclusive to the Lucarda. When performed, the vampiric Pokégirl summons forth creatures that are physical manifestations of the Lucarda’s inner darkness; her evil mixed with the souls she has taken. Numerous capabilities can include spiders, mutated dogs, huge bats, floating eyeballs, all the things that could give anyone nightmares for months on end.
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MAZOUKU, the Devil Pokégirl
Type: Varies
Element: Magic/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: negative emotions, primarily fear and pain, living meat
Role: Bringers of chaos, destruction, and general unpleasantness.
Libido: Low, near S-Goth in level
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Infernal
Weak Vs: Dark, Celestial
Attacks: Grisly Wing, Shadow Scythe, Devour, Evil Touch, Evil Wind, Evil Charm, Noxious Wind, Hell Claw, Hell Wisp, Hell Heart
Enhancements: Infernal Affinity, Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Magical Capacity (x7), Occasionally wings for flight and tails (varies from Mazouku to Mazouku)
Evolves: Masui; by Hild’s magic only (all documents and Pokédexes list Mazouku evolutions as being Masui (mechanism unknown) and Hild, Masui’s evolved form (mechanism unknown))
Evolves From: Succubus or Demoness (mechanisms uncertain)
Mazouku are evil. This isn’t an exaggeration or a way of saying that they are mischievously playful, they are outright and unrepentantly evil. They are like Bondage Queens, only a billion times more blatant about it and without the weakness to water. If a Tamer has a Mazouku in their harem, then they are either the slave of the Mazouku, as evil as the Mazouku, or good and righteous enough to keep the Mazouku’s evil tendencies under control. More often than not it is the former two.
During the Revenge War, Mazouku were among the worst, most feared members of the Legions of Terror. Slaughter, pain, and fear were their stock and trade, and they dealt it out in vast amounts. One particularly nasty pack of Mazouku, in an incident only recently discovered by historical researchers, captured the population of a small, relatively obscure town, and drained all the blood from their bodies into an empty swimming pool, having themselves a pool party in the bloody mess. It’s unknown what happened to this group, as the last thing anyone saw of them was Jenova following them on a mission. They are not missed.
Mazouku have no real body. Their true form is a shapeless astral form that they use to stay in contact with Hild and report their actions to her. They are vicious, yes, but are of human intelligence. They never show it in public unless under certain circumstances. Mostly, Mazouku portray themselves in public as being animalistic monsters, walking on all fours and whipping their tails about beastially. Their physical forms are so wildly different from one another, ranging from fully human in appearance to near beastial, that there is no common feature to ascribe to them other than no matter what form their physical body has, it still retains enough sexiness to be arousing to a Tamer. Their physical body can take a lot of punishment, although they are nowhere near invincible.
Mazouku are evil, treacherous creatures. They are cruel, sadistic, secretive, guileful beasts of great power and cunning. Taming a Mazouku is considered to be one of the greatest challenges a Tamer can face, and very few survive the attempt with their minds and souls intact. However, Mazouku do have one redeeming quality that surprised everybody: They are the most loyal Pokégirls alive. If a Mazouku gives their loyalty to someone, they will follow that person and ONLY that person without question.
No cases of Thresholding into a Mazouku have been reported, and it’s speculated that it cannot occur. Mazoukus can allow their physical bodies to breed, however the baby produced will always be a ghost-type of some sort.
Mazouku Tamers are to be watched carefully. We cannot be sure of what they are up to. Daily reports of observations on their movements should be procured so we can better learn how Mazouku think and what they may report to Hild. Also, make sure to put lots of warnings in the public Pokédex about Mazoukus. The less hot-headed Tamers getting their dumb asses enslaved or killed the better.
Hell Claw (ATK 40 (80 against Celestials)) – The Mazouku coats her claws in Infernal energy and slashes at the opponent.
Hell Wisp (DEF + EFT) – The Mazouku sacrifices some HP and creates a tiny orb of black light. The orb can float around them and expand into a shield-like state to totally protect from attacks. The wisp is very fast and can inflict the Confused status on lower level Pokégirls. The orb lasts for ten turns before vanishing.
Hell Heart (ATK 90 + EFT) – The Mazouku jams her claws into the opponent’s chest, near the heart, in a non-fatal but very painful attack. She then channels pure Infernal energy through her hands that, in addition to being extremely painful, has a 50% chance of turning the opponent into a Fiendish-type Pokégirl. This move is banned universally by the Leagues.
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MIMICA, the Storage Keeper Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human diet, blood (rumored), none if possessing an object
Role: Thief, storage manager
Libido: Average (high if bonded and under a certain circumstance), non existent if possessing an object
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Lick, Dazzle, Teleport, Phase, Nightshade, Haunted, Illusion, Swallow*, Spit Up*
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Short range telepathy, Ability to possess objects, Longevity (if possessing an object), Expanded storage capacity, Enhanced Senses (when possessing an object)
Evolves: Mimicall (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
Evolves From: None
These Pokégirls where discovered in 262 AS. A team of archaeologists were examining an abandoned temple in the Dark Continent and found three treasure chests along with a dried Bandame. Even though they had the keys to the treasure chests the locks wouldn’t open. After much deliberation the archaeologists decided to awaken the Bandame. An hour later after the Bandame was woken up she explained that even with the keys they would need permission from the treasure keepers to open the chests. When the archaeologists asked for an explanation it was revealed that the Bandame was referring to Pokegirls.
When not possessing an object, Mimicas look like human girls with dark gray skin, and black hair, around 4 to 5 feet in height. They have white eyes with a blue iris, and generally have B-cup breasts. The majority of the breed prefer to wear clothes, with those that prefer to go nude being much rarer. Theose who do prefer clothes will wear outfits that can easily be moved around in and either have large pockets or several of them. Feral Mimicas will possess discarded Pokéballs or boxes. Because of their ability to memorize and keep track of anything they’re holding, they make good storage, vault, and supply manages. This has made them useful at banks or storage facilities. They get along well with Bandames, and even though they don’t like their serious personality, Phawhores as well. They’re also useful to Tamers who forget to get supplies or need help keeping track of their things.
When these Pokégirls were first discovered, it explained some strange events Tamers have come across in the past. The most common among these events being Tamers waking up to find an empty Pokéball kissing or talking to them. (Most authorities simply considered the Tamers to be hallucinating.) Mimicas will possess things from lockets to vaults. In some cases, they will even possess books or dolls/puppets with mouths that can open in clothes. The only pattern in this is that the objects are normally some kind of container with lids. When possessing an object, they can manifest sharp teeth, a tongue, two black, skeletal-like arms with hands and sharp nails, and a single eye to see with, allowing them to increase the range of their ability to sense what’s going on around them from beyond its usual five feet. This ability to sense things around them when they possess an object have made them useful to Tamers, who let them possess their bags, mostly serving as an early warning system for when they’re in danger. Mimicas can move the opening of the object they’re possessing like they were lips. While they cannot talk while possessing an object, they’ll use their telepathic powers to talk to people and move the object’s lid as if they were. If the object is the size of a trunk or smaller, they can make the object float from one to five feet in the air.
Mimicas have the ability to open a pocket dimension, one most Tamers refer to as Expanded Storage Space (ESS), or the Pokégirl Basement. This pocket dimension can hold about 20 separate items. The reason it’s referred to as a Pokégirl Basement is because that’s what it looks like. When a Mimica uses this ability, the insides of the object they’re possessing turns pitch black. If the object is big enough, a person can even go into it. But they first have to have the Mimica’s trust. In inside of the pocket dimension looks like a stone and brick basement with shelves lining it. If the Mimica’s possessing a box-shaped object, the exit of the pocket dimension is a ladder, while if it’s something such as a vault, it’s a set of stairs. The reason only someone the Pokégirl trusts can go in is because she’ll feel whatever they are doing. If they move stuff around, they’ll know. If a sledgehammer is used against the walls, the Mimica will feel pain. One tamer has reported that Mimicas will laugh if the walls of the pocket dimension are tickled. Oddly enough, they can’t open their pocket dimensions when possessing a Poképack or a transparent object. The reason for this is unknown, and Mimicas aren’t talking about it. The pocket dimension of a Mimica has been used by criminals to steal. This is normally done by sending the Pokégirl (usually possessing some sort of box) to a facility/mansion/etc. and having them move around at night, taking objects, or by having them hold onto Pokéballs as they go in, releasing Pokégirls that know Teleport to do the stealing and escape. This pocket dimension is also liked by weapon-using Pokégirls, as they have somewhere to place their extra weapons.
Their personality depends on where they’re found. Those found in the countryside will normally be calm and quiet, while those near cities will be outgoing and give their opinions even if they’re not wanted. It’s not advised to take them into stores, seeing as they may randomly take items from shelves. It should be noted that they love playing tricks. Most cases being that they’ll refuse they wanted, then suddenly agreeing and opening up. When the Tamer reaches for the item, they’ll form teeth and bite down. In some cases the Mimica has bitten down hard enough to pierce the skin, which has led to the rumro that they drink blood. This is why most Tamers try to stay on a Mimica’s good side. On All Fool’s Day, they’ll temporarily leave the object they’re possessing, joining up with Trixie and their evolutions to mess with people.
When it comes to taming, they have no preference in terms of style. When they were publicly announced, the few tamers that had Mimicas came forward and gave what information they knew. One of them was a Tamer with the Tamer’s Disease blood curse who was delta-bonded with his Mimica. He reported that while in the Pokégirl’s pocket dimension, she created a physical manifestation of herself. The manifestation seemed to have an increased libido and was ready to go whenever her tamer was. He spent a week in the pocket dimension taming her (he had food and water in there, and his other Pokégirls reported that he only left the pocket dimension for bathroom breaks and to catch his breath). From his reports it seems that the manifestation likes being tamed against the walls of the pocket dimension and having any objects in it used to tame them. Why this is, no one knows for sure, as it’s hard to find a Mimica delta-bonded to a Tamer. They only become Feral when not possessing an object. You know they’re Feral when they become more violent and aggressive until they possess an object. If someone keeps them from possessing an object then they will beat the person up and go for whatever they can find. A Feral Mimica will use Dazzle or illusion to distract her opponents before escaping.
If the object they’re possessing is about to be destroyed, one of two things will happen. If they’ve become attached to the object, they’ll choose to stay in it and die when it’s destroyed. Otherwise they’ll try to leave it. If you want a loyal Mimica, give them finely decorated gift boxes to possess or objects like jewelry to hold onto. Like the HandMaid, some leagues don’t consider this Pokégirl to be a member of a Tamer’s active combat harem because they seem more inclined for domestic work and don’t need taming as much as other Pokégirls. As of yet, no Thresholds have been reported.
Swallow – (ATK 0): The Mimica swallows objects around her and stores them for later use. These items can include stones, twigs, and so forth. It’s possible for the Mimica to hold projectiles thrown at her, but only for a temporary time. The longest time recorded for this is 15 minutes, with stronger attacks reducing the time. After a certain time passes, the Mimica will have to release the projectiles or take 20% more damage than they would have if they had taken the hit.
Spit Up – (ATK 30/can vary): The Mimica attacls her enemy by spitting stored objects at them. The objects range from the things she’s used Swallow on to the objects she has stored. If she uses projectiles from the enemy, their attack will be half of what it was before but still retain any status-inducing effects. If she uses the objects she has stored, they will need to be recollected afterwards, as they will not go back to what she is possessing or to ESS. Heavier objects will do a high amount of damage but aren’t as accurate, while smaller objects are more accurate but do less damage. Some have taken to holding jars/bags of coins, marbles, or even pebbles to use, seeing as even though the attacks won’t hurt as much, they can do a high amount of damage if given the change to build up. Leagues have stated that Pokéballs, empty or otherwise, are not allowed to be used as projectiles in League-sanctioned battles. However, they are allowed if they are being used against Ferals. Some have argued whether or not this is fair, as it could be seen as a sneaky, underhanded trick.
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MIMICALL, The Master Storage Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style diet, some times blood (few Mimicalls will openly say this)
Role: Storage manager, Bodyguard, Thief, Assistant engineer
Libido: Average, High with a bonded tamer
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic, flying, in some cases a fear of Tats
Attacks: Phantom Blade, Teleport, Phase, Dazzle, Hypnosis, Bad Breath, Illusion, Nightshade, Parry, Slash, Haunted, *Junk Creation, Swallow, Spit Up
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced Reflexes (2x), Enhanced Strength (2x), Telepathy, Longevity, Enhanced Senses (if possessing an object)
Evolves From: Mimica (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
This Pokégirl was discovered in 263 AS in the same temple where archaeologists found the first three recorded Mimica. It was a few days past the new year when archaeologists discovered a hidden chamber under the temple using sonic scanning equipment. The archaeologists went back to the temple to speak with the Pokégirls who had been guarding it if they new any thing (the four Pokégirls they found had taken the temple as their home in return for letting the archaeologists explore the place fully). When the Bandame was asked she said she knew nothing of the chamber.
How ever, when the three Mimica were asked they clammed up, said they knew nothing and wanted to drop the subject. This peeked the interest of both the archaeologists and the Bandame. After getting the three Pokégirls to speak they were told the chamber was where a sarcophagus was kept but they would have nothing to do with opening the door to it. The archeology team left to where the chamber was while the Bandame dealt with the three Pokégirls for not telling her there was some thing else to protect. After a few hours the team was able to open the door to the chamber which had been hidden behind a wall. Inside was shelves of jewelry, books, statues and a sarcophagus in the center. Most of the team thought it would be a good idea to get the temples Pokégirls before going in but one of them went. A few seconds later the team member was hit with a bad breath attack and dropped to the floor. The archeology team reached for their Pokéballs but when no threat came they agreed to get the Pokégirls. When they showed up a loud voice yelled at them for letting intruders in. When the archaeologists looked back into the chamber the sarcophagus was gone and in it's place was a Pokégirl.
Mimicall look like their pre-evolved sisters with but a bust size larger and a few more inches in height if they're not possessing an object. If they are then the similarities stop because a Mimicall's skin appearance and color will change and they will gain light weight armor based on what they're possessing. One example is a Mimicall who possessed an urn. With the armor off she had porcelain white skin, hair and eyes with blue iris. On her skin was the same sea blue patterns as the urn (even though her skin looked like porcelain it felt like normal skin. In one case a trunk a Mimicall was possessing had vines carved into it and while it looked she her self had the same carvings to peoples fingers it felt like normal skin). Her amour looked like the urn had been enlarged, segmented and turned into amour. Scientists confirmed that the armor was indeed porcelain but it was hard and solid like steel. Because their skin takes patterns of what they possess some tamers like them because they could imagine they were taming a different Pokégirl because they may have the same skin pattern. Any Mimicall who posses a white object will stay away from Ar-tits and their evolved forms because they don't want to be painted believing that their skin should be the same color as the object their possessing. A Mimicall will greatly appreciate possessing an enchanted object as they may gain enhancements from it (Example: A Mimicall possessing an object that has been enchanted to survive a 5 story drop may gain an increased defense against flying types). While a Mimicall still posses the same abilities as a Mimica in object form she'll prefer walking around in her real form feeling that she'll be better able to project her tamer that way. She'll go into object form if ordered to by her tamer, if there is no threat or if she feels that she'll be better able to serve her tamer that way.
A Mimicall still has the same abilities she did as a Mimica but has gained much more control of her ESS. Where a Mimica can hold up to 20 items a Mimicall can hold up to 50. This has made them more liked by weapon carrying Pokégirls as they can also keep more weapons, replacement parts and repair tools. The size of the Mimicall's common ESS is about 10ft in height and 40x40 in size.
Their control of their ESS is controlled enough that she can open a portal about 6ft in diamiter to her ESS with out needing to be in object form. The Mimicall can have the portal be stairs or a ladder if she wants. The insides of the ESS remain the same except that the pocket dimension is larger and has more shelves. It's possible for a Mimicall to open their ESS portal one place, let some one in and reopen it again some where else to let the person out. If they open the portal and go in them shelves the portal can not be opened some where else. It is because of these reasons a Mimicall is not allowed into museums, banks, etc. unless they are a member of the buildings security or police. Like the Mimica, they can not use their ESS when possessing Poképacks or clear objects. They also wont say why. A Mimicall also no longer needs an object to possess as she can make her own and customize it to her own tastes (even though it's not needed a Mimicall will appreciate it if her tamer buys or makes her some thing). While it's not confirmed it's suspected that a Mimicall changes the air in her ESS in a similar way to a Starlightxpress.
It is possible for a Mimicall to pull objects out of her ESS using her mouth but the object has to be small enough to fit. Most small sword/dagger wielding Pokégirls won’t give a Mimicall their weapons if the Mimicall says they want to do the sword eater trick. There's always the chance they won’t get it back. Tamers who abuse their Mimicall shouldn't kiss them or receive oral from them (only a moron abuses their Mimicall and lets them hold onto needles, small daggers, etc when kissing them or receiving oral sex). A Mimicall also has the ability to designate an object to open up to her ESS for her tamer or harem sisters to use. When this is done various symbols appear around the opening of the object and she can remove the objects connection to her ESS when ever she wants. Her ability to levitate possessed objects is more controlled and can lift objects of 160 pounds up to 10 feet.
Their personalities wont differ as much as their pre-evolved forms except they act a bit more serious about their duties. Like Bandames they will protect the living and inanimate objects. Upon evolution Mimicalls pick up a habit of messing around with machinery and small objects. It’s unknown if this is some sort of instinct to inspect things around her for better use and defensive purposes or out of curiosity. Some times it's either or both.
The Mimicall has found use in labs as assistants because they enjoy working on things and make good inventory managers. Due to their Junk Creation ability they can make models to give an idea of how an object will look or work. The fact she can posses objects means she can stay in a lab and keep an eye on experiments/projects to make sure things don't break or keep an eye out for people who want to steal them.
While they no longer play tricks on people as much as they used to if they're asked to join in on playing pranks they will. They no longer randomly take objects while in stores with jewelry stores being an exception. No tamer should take their Mimicall into a jewelry store because she WILL take some thing. In one report that wasn't released one Mimicall stole every piece of jewelry in a store and refused to give them back (she was reported screaming as she ran from the cops ‘It's mine, it’s all mine and I’m not giving it back’). If a Mimicall takes some jewelry she will not give it back unless she is traded some thing of equal value or defeated in a fight. From a known case a Mimicall will not take jewelry if she is delta bonded with her tamer (she won’t do it because she knows it'll embarrass her tamer).
The rumor of them and their pre-evolved form drinking blood is true. If given blood their bodies can heal from wounds faster. There are a few who drink blood because of the taste but normally don't admit to it. It's advised that they not drink blood from Sugar Kittens or their evolutions as they may get addicted and in their version of a sugar high, bounce/hop around in object form and bite people on their arms, legs or their rears. No one's sure why but it's believed that they taste how much sugar a Sugar Kitten eats.
A Mimicall will not take her armor off unless she is cleaning it or getting tamed. While taming preference hasn't changed from their pre-evolved form some prefer getting tamed on all fours. As of yet only one tamer has stepped forward to give information about being delta bonded to his Mimicall so the following information comes from him. A Mimicall still has the ability to manifest her self in her ESS for her delta bonded tamer. If a Mimicall is not in object form her eyes will gain a glazed over look and she will be distracted while her tamer is taming the manifestation. It is possible for a Mimicall to be in her ESS at the same time of the manifestation. If both the Mimicall and her manifestation can be tamed at once is unknown because the tamer is not willing to tell (his response to any who ask is 'I will not deny nor confirm what people think. If you want to know get your own Mimicall and become delta bonded' ).
A feral Mimicall will be distracted as she wonders about the area picking up stuff she finds interesting to put in her ESS (this had led to tamers catching feral Mimicalls and getting free evolution items). It's rare to find a feral Mimicall as most feral Mimica will normally run away rather than stay and fight. If there is a feral Mimicall around you can tell because random objects from her ESS might start popping out all over the place with in a 10 foot radius of her (this has led to a few tamers getting hit in the head by rocks and in one case, a hammer). As of yet no threshold cases have been reported.
Junk Creation (EFT): Some people would consider this a useless move while some others actually find it useful. The Mimicall takes the objects in their ESS and creates various objects ranging from cooking utensils to tents. Some even create walls to block attacks. Structures created range in different sizes but the largest recorded are about 12x12 feet and 11 feet in height. Dom types like this move as they can have various tool of different designs and sizes to play with their tamer/harem sisters. Fighting types also like this move for similar reasons but because they can have training dummies made out of different materials. While this is useful it is limited. Should the materials that make up the object be struck or come in contact with some thing capable of destroying it (fire, acid, etc) the object will return to the ESS and the Mimicall will take some damage. While Pokéballs can be used ones with a Pokégirl inside can not.
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MOONFLOWER, the Moonlight Oracle Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Flower)
Element: Dark/Ghost/Plant
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Vegetarian mostly, also needs to consume small portions of life force at least once a week
Role: Plant-life maintenance, Oracles, Haunting
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: All dust attacks, Command Plants, Leech Seed, Petal Armor, Antitoxin, Root, Virus, Anti-Virus, Lure, Fruit Juice, Vine Bondage, Grass Floor, Dark Holy, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Shield, Telekinesis, Hypno Dance, Psychic, Moon Blood,* Moon Dance,* Moon Dream,* Moon Storm*
Enhancements: Psychic abilities, precognative abilities, Strong plant affinity, Regenerates while asleep, All-around strength increases depending on the moon’s phase, their Dark-type attacks become much stronger at the New Moon.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Flowergirl (Moon Stone)
Very many people would be very happy if they had never heard of this Pokégirl. Very very happy indeed, as these oracles have a tendency of knowing things that certain people would rather nobody else know. However, as Moonflowers have proven faithful and in many cases, extremely useful, they are reluctant to find ways to eliminate the breed. Indeed, their pros outweigh their cons in many ways.
Moonflowers are strange and mysterious Pokégirls. Their evolution is considered to be extremely rare, as Flowergirls a vast majority of the time WILL NOT EVOLVE if given a Moon Stone. However, Moon Stones are confirmed to at least partially be the triggering agent for evolution. Studies go on to this day to discover everything about Moonflowers. They aren’t going well, as Flowergirls are apparently not very fond of Moonflowers and as such are being uncooperative.
Moonflowers are slender, green-skinned Pokégirls with curvy figures and large, soft breasts. Their hands and toes are three-fingered claws, and their hair is usually a mass of leaves with a flower stem sticking out of the top of their head. They are very rarely seen with legs, though, as they prefer to keep their legs morphed into a stem leading to their blossom, a gigantic, pink-and white flower with long, tentacle-like petals. Their eyes constantly glow yellow, and they are never without a smile on their face. Even their sex is like flower petals, either in their legged form or their stem form. Their blossom comes with them when they are in Pokéballs, and can take root in almost any ground, excluding some metal areas.
Moonflowers are constantly dancing, save for when they are Taming. They stay awake all night, dancing in the moonlight. But the instant the sun starts to come up, they wrap themselves into their flower and go to sleep, quite literally unable to awaken until the sun is out of the sky. They are always calm, no matter what the situation, and have noted to be the only Pokégirls aside from Legendaries that are not scared in the slightest by Widows, even when the creatures are ripping them apart. Moonflowers rarely speak, and when they do, they only speak in riddles, songs, and rhymes, even moreso than Sphinxes do, since Sphinxes have been known to talk normally once in a while. They always seem to know things, and since Feral Moonflowers can still talk normally, some even go to them to get predictions, if only for amusement, as Feral Moonflowers rarely give accurate forecasts. If a Tamer seriously wishes to get a Moonflower’s favor and, in return, a prophecy, they will Tame the Moonflower until she is satisfied. Some Moonflowers, once Tame, will ask for a favor in return. It’s considered very wise to give them that favor, as if they do not get it, they will go into their bloom and sink into the ground, not answering anything. If they are promised the favor and betrayed, the betrayer shall never know peace until favor has been made, a horse Pokégirl even more nightmarish that most NightMare Pokégirls shall haunt their sleep every night, a demon called Ixion…
Feral Moonflowers are usually found deep within forested areas. The heavier the plantlife, the higher the chance that a Moonflower’s grotto is nearby. Moonflowers are highly attuned to the plants under their care, and become violently protective of them if someone carelessly hacks through them. However they have been known to forgive the offense in exchange for both Taming and a favor.
Feral Pokégirls, with the exception of high level menaces such as the Widow or Leviathaness, are very respectful of Moonflowers. Even the most savage of Panthress will hesitate to attack a Moonflower and eventually back off. Restrictions are placed on Tamers going after Moonflowers due to their potent illusions and tendency to plague people that irritate them with nightmares and horrible, ghost-like illusions, the worst of being the Ixion creature. Very few Tamers actually have a Moonflower in their Harem, but to Leagues, these tiny numbers are more than enough.
Another interesting thing to note is that the power of some of a Moonflower’s attacks increases or decreases depending on the phase of the moon. Their Dark-type attacks are strongest at the New Moon, while their four unique Moon attacks are at their most powerful at the Full Moon.
There is some sort of connection between Moon Bunnies, Mooncalves, Moonmaids, and Moonflowers that has yet to be explained. A Tamer named Marc Spector has one of each in his harem, along with a Fiendish Megami-Sama named Khonshu. The four Moon Pokégirls, in their few recorded appearances, displayed abilities uncommon to ANY Pokégirl, save possibly the Legendaries. Marc Spector himself seemed to have more than human abilities, although those abilities may have been gained from his Fiendish Megami-Sama. There is also evidence of Moonflowers having a connection of some kind to the TWAU, Those Who Are Unknown. Research is still pending. As the rarity of Moonflowers is so high, no recorded instances of Moonflower as a Threshold result have been recorded.
*Moon Blood – (EFT): The Moonflower offers a Pokégirl or Tamer a drink of their blood. In addition to rapidly healing all wounds inflicted upon the drinker, it also gives the drinker full PP and boosts their strength, speed, durability, and agility for a short time. The boost size varies depending on the phase of the moon.
*Moon Dance – (EFT): The Moonflower dances a psychedelic dance that literally makes the moonlight dance around their bodies. Inflicts several different status effects on whomever is unlucky enough to be watching. Useless during the New Moon.
*Moon Dream – (EFT): The Moonflower lets out a soundless scream, monstrous, feminine creatures forming that are manifestations of the nightmares and fears within her target’s subconscious and conscious mind. Note that if a Moonflower in a Harem uses this attack, she may let the dreams stay around, turning into less frightening forms, and help Tame the entire harem at once. The strength and damage capacity of the creatures varies depending on the phase of the moon. At its most potent, Moonflowers have been known to use this attack to make it seem as if the moon itself is descending from the sky, a demonic grinning face on it. Moonflowers call this demonic creature Majora…
*Moon Storm – (ATK 300 during Full Moon, 50 during New Moon): The Moonflower’s most potent attack, but only at the Full Moon. They form their blossom’s petals around themselves in a partial cage, and focus light energy from each of them into a massive energy ball with a laughing face in it. Even at its weakest, the attack is destructive, the final size of the projectile varying with its power level. As an interesting side note, when the attack is at its strongest, Moonflowers have been known to take their time forming it. While they form it, they softly sing this song in a chilling, high-pitched voice: “You don’t know what you’re messin’ with, you got no idea… You don’t know what you’re lookin’ at, when you’re lookin’ here… You don’t know what you’re up against, no no way no how… You don’t know what you’re messin’ with… but I’m gonna tell ya now…”
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NIDOGG, the Stygian Dragoness Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (Snake)
Element: Dragon/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore, strong preference for meat
Role: Transportation, aerial support.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Poison
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dragon, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Tail Whip, Regenerate, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Energy Drain, Night Shade, Ghost Blade, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Grisly Wing.
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Agility (x7), Constant Ashen Wings effect, Solid Ether Body, Longevity.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kadru (Dusk Stone)
A rather harsh departure from the rest of her evolutionary line, the Nidogg is a much less... pleasant Pokégirl. Upon coming in contact with a Dusk Stone, a Kadru's typing changes to Dragon/Ghost, although her body stays solid, apparently being made of the same substance of a Demoness or Succubus's. It is suggested that this is because, during the war, Nidoggs served as the steeds for Demonesses and other Commanders in the Legions of Terror, although why Sukebe chose the Kadru as his basis for such a role is a subject of much speculation.
Physically, a Nidogg actually shrinks overall, becoming closer in length to a Ulupi than a Kadru, and more slender, if a bit taller. Her scales generally darken, corrupting into a rust-red, sometimes interlaced with purple or violet patterns. Her "wings," on the other hand, do extend out slightly... but they become frayed and uneven, so as to have almost a skeletal appearance. Her breasts may increase up to half a cup size again, but will generally remain in the C to CC range, with D being the exception. These changes generally allow for more maneuverability on the ground at the expense of some reach and strength, but perhaps the most useful (and strangest) change is the addition of the ability to sustain flight. This seems to be, due to the "ruined" nature of her wings, some sort of variant of Ashen Wings that is constantly in effect, and was presumably induced to allow the Legion Commanders who were incapable of flight an aerial viewpoint.
Unfortunately, however, their role in the Legions also resulted in a mentality adjustment on evolution; one that has made many tamers look upon the Nidogg unfavorably. Nidoggs are, as a rule, somewhat imperious creatures, looking down on most other Pokégirls, and, although this mentality doesn't extend to their masters, it makes them very hard to deal with in a harem setting, as they tend to look down on their master's "lesser servants" with disdain and derision. They do respect power, though, and if another non-dragon type can illustrate that they are superior to her, she will often begin to gravitate to this other as well as her master... so long as at least one harem sister remains "beneath" her. It should also be noted that most Nidogg will never respect other dragon-types, although the reason behind this is uncertain. Some have speculated, however, that it is because they feel intimidated by other dragons, especially the haughty and proud Draco line.
When it comes to combat, the majority of Nidoggs have a strange preference; they like for their tamer (or a Pokégirl who has earned their respect) to ride on her back and directly give her orders. Although this is very useful in a double battle, a grand melee, or against Ferals, it is an obvious disadvantage for normal battles. As such, those tamers wishing to use a Nidogg in more conventional circumstances may wish to invest in short-range radios if he does not wish to spend extensive time training her for more conventional solo fighting. In any case, despite this difficult, a Nidogg can be quite powerful in battle, with her already decent repertoire of techniques augmented by Ghost and Infernal options. Dragon Dance can also be used to increase her already impressive speed and agility, after which she is capable of moving in to strike with her tail, a dragon claw technique, or even wrap. In instances where this is unfeasible, however, Dragonbreath, Twister, and Grisly Wing often serve to "soften" targets whilst she remains safely out of range.
On a related note, however, it should be noted that Nidogg and Yggdra have something of a rivalry. Whether it is because they're Infernal and Celestial evolutions of the same Pokégirl or because they're both powerful dragon types with opposing viewpoints, the fact is that the two breeds get along terribly, mostly due to actions taken by the Nidogg. Unless she is restrained by her master's direct commands, the Nidogg will often attempt to attack the Yggdra's Malorn Tree in an attempt to get a rise out of the Celestial, and this will stir even the normally calm and giving Pokégirl to anger. The ensuing clash, however, is generally not an easy one to predict the result of. Both can fly, weather permitting, both are strong against each other, and although Nidoggs are faster, Yggdra are more powerful and far larger.
When it comes to taming, Nidogg's abilities of flight seem to bring with them similar desires to those of many flying-types; the dream of being tamed in midair. Thankfully, though, this whim is not at all unfeasible. With the addition of a specially-made saddle (that many leagues recommend for Nidogg tamers in general also), strapping oneself in the proper position isn't at all difficult, and aerial taming can be quite the experience. Still, if her master is unwilling to partake of it, most Nidoggs won't brood too badly, as they are thankfully much easier to tame than Kadrus and often submissive in non-aerial situations.
Finally, although feral Nidoggs are not often seen, on those occasions that they appear, they rarely stay in one place, taking advantage of their newfound powers of flight. In these travels, they do not seem to have clear objectives, although they've been known to make unannounced, unwarranted attacks on other dragon types, especially Yggdra. As such, although they're not normally considered particularly dangerous to the average tamer, those in possession of dragon-types are advised to be wary. Thresholding directly into a Nidogg is considered impossible as of 300 AS as none have yet become Pokéwomen.
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PARDONER, the Ghostly Forgiveness Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Emotions (Love, comfort, Peace)
Role: Exorcist
Libido: Low (Average after exorcism)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic
Attacks: Phase, Nightshade, Go Down, Energy Drain, Drain, Invis (1-3), Ectoplasm, Lick, *Ectoplasmic Disruption
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Embody, Lifesight, Deathsight, Two minds, Seal Soul
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wraith (Feeding on "Higher" emotions to excess)
*Only learnable from an older Pardoner.
The Pardoner is an anomaly among the Wraith evolutions. They have complete control over themselves and may often seem prudish by comparison. By feeding on the emotions of faith and hope, the Wraith evolves into this Pokégirl and undergoes several changes. Firstly, her bust size only ever increases by half a cup size. Secondly, her form becomes even more feminine. She looks almost angelic in her 'innocent' look. The most noticeable trait she gains is that her fingers darken to an almost black, theories say that this if from their contact with their darker sides and the dark minds of other Wraiths.
This steel gray lantern is the symbol of their evolution to other wraiths, and they are more respected for their evolution for it. This lantern acts as a focus for most of their attacks and, when lit, will fill all within the light's range with a feeling of completion and comfort. This will often drive away any Polterkissed in the area, and has been known to make more vicious feral Pokégirls become uneasy and retreat. Sadly, this has no effect on Pokégirls such as the Widow or the Jokette, but it is still a potent effect.
A Pardoner is quite chaste when tamed and will never request Taming unless they are on the very verge of becoming Feral. After an exorcism however they become rather amorous. They will quietly request a taming and most Tamers have reported that the Pardoner acts cutely shy about it. They use their lanterns to make their lovers more comfortable in an attempt to be able to more fully control how the taming session goes. Their taming preferences lean towards the vanilla. Tradtional taming is preferred without need for excesses. They generally prefer a gentler taming session to even a strenuous session. They love the slow build-up. For this reason Whore-Oh tends to favor this Pokégirls, and in some of the rare sightings of the Legendary she has been seen accompanied with Pardoners.
Pardoners are very kind when not faced with evil; they are affectionate, sweet and very good with domestic skills like cooking and cleaning. It is rumored that a house cared for by a Pardoner is more able to avoid tragedy. In fact, it is said that a house cared for by a pardoner will be safe from harm for as long as the Pardoner can maintain her presence. Tamers with a Pardoner rarely fall upon hardship without finding a way out relatively quick, so Pardoners are often considered good luck to have around.
When faced with evil they get cold and distant, the temperature around them might drop a degree or five, their hands will glow white and the blackness on their fingers will spread to their hands. This blackness spreads a distance relative to the evil they are facing. The coloration recedes after about a week to only cover their fingers, during this week however, their hands are cold and feel like moveable stone. Hand-jobs during this time are not suggested (unless you're into that sort of thing…).
A Pardoner's color scheme is drastically different as well. When solid, they can be seen quite clearly not because of a gray color-scheme, but because their coloration is so much more potent. Reds are redder, blues are bluer, blacks are darker and her eyes are more vibrant than any normal girl's should be.
There has only been one instance of a direct threshold into a Pardoner, and the girl had a very strong Wraith presence in both her bloodline and around her as she was growing up.
Ectoplasmic Disruption – (ATK 160): A Ghost-element attack exclusive to the Pardoner, although it can be taught to other Ghost-types from an older, more experienced Pardoner. This attack is only effective against ghost type Pokégirls. It directly targets the ectoplasm making up the ghost's body. (Note: Sadly, this attack has no effect on girls such as the Widow.) The Pardoner hold their Lantern up to the target ghost and focuses a large amount of her own energy through the light inside, casting a bright celestial light that damages the composition of other ghost-types. Has a 1 in 10 chance of paralyzing the target.
Note: Pardoners NEVER teach this to Vampires, Succubae, or any other ghost-type they feel would use it for anything other than noble efforts. To use this attack, the ghost-type must have access to a Lantern used by a Pardoner. Hence why you will only ever see a Non-Pardoner using it once in a blue-bloody-fucking-moon. You have to convince a Pardoner to give you her Lantern and go make a new one.
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PERSONA, the Emergant Pokégirl
Type: Varies
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Life Energy, blood
Role: Bodyguards
Libido: Very Low, spikes to Very High on a Full Moon.
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Celestial-attacks.
Attacks: Energy Drain, Phantom Blade, Phase, others vary pending on other delta-bonded Pokégirls in the harem.
Enhancements: Pokéball immunity.
Disabilities: Any attacks requiring physical form deliver only 70% of their normal attack potential.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
"From the sea of thy Bonds, I emerge." is the phrase that is known to be said by any Persona that appears. Why exactly this is said as they take corporeal form, researchers are unsure of, but tests show that these Pokégirls do show signs of a very unusual phenomena. No Persona looks the same, and their looks and abilities tend to change as the harem shifts and changes. First discovered in 276 AS, Persona have since been found in various harems but have no need of a pokeball, and this often terrifies the opponents of those who do happen to 'own' a Persona. Research since the first was discovered has shown that Persona takes on an appearance that pulls together the most significant physical features of the Pokégirls that the Tamer has a Delta-level bond with. As more Pokégirls join the harem and are delta-bonded with the tamer, the Persona's appearance changes as well, and as Pokégirls are 'removed' from the harem and the Delta-bond is 'cut', the Persona's appearance changes at those times too. This happens to be the case with the attacks that the Persona has access to. However, any attacks that require a physical form or appendage do 30% less damage than they are normally capable of. Leagues across the world accept the Persona as a Pokégirl- however, it varies from gym to gym in each league as to whether or not a Tamer may use a Persona in a Gym battle.
The only real evidence as to how this Pokégirl comes into existence is during the full moon, and if the Tamer has three or more Pokégirls in his/her harem that he or she is Delta-bonded with. The first tamer to have discovered this Pokégirl was Mitsuru Kirijo. While fighting off Vampires that were attempting to feed on her family, who were all still asleep due to a slumber-spell, her Persona appeared while uttering the words, "From the sea of thy Bonds, I emerge." The Pokégirl that appeared took her place alongside the Slicer, Valkyrie, and Acrobabe that Mitsuru had in her harem, and successfully drove off the Vampires that had attacked them. Ever since then, her family's group, the Kirijo Group, has been specializing in Persona Research. Mitsuru also reported that every night on a full moon, her Persona would take a physical form and required amazing amounts of taming. Since then, it has been reported that a Persona will only reveal itself if her tamer is in absolute danger.
Persona often have attacks that the other Pokégirls in the tamer's harem have, but also have a few more on top of those since she is a Ghost-type. While another Ghost-type may be Delta-bonded with the same tamer, it has been found that Persona never take on any physical features or learn the attacks that the other Ghost type has. Persona are always in their corporeal form, save on nights of the full moon: for twelve hours, a Persona gains a physical form. Persona may also gain a real form after absorbing enough life energy, though this rarely lasts more than an hour. Only the strongest persona can coalesce into a true physical form for any real length of time (for every three levels of experience that the Persona has, she can form a physical body for one hour a day. So, at level 72, a Persona can retain her physical form for an entire day, every day). Drinking or absorbing blood from the Persona's tamer also assists with the formation of a physical body, but does little to extend the amount of time that she can retain the body. Potions do work on Persona, as they are some sort of liquid, but any medicines that are in a physical form (like a pill) don't work. Upon fainting, the Persona returns to the "Sea of Bonds" that she speaks of, and will regain consciousness within three hours (on average).
Persona cannot, as a result of being Pokéball immune, be traded, sold, or given away. There are also no possible threshold cases, as a Persona exists only through the formation of Delta Bonds between her tamer and three other Pokégirls. A Persona automatically obtains a delta-level bond with her tamer, as well as a form of telepathic communication with him/her, despite not being a psychic type. Persona do become feral, however, if the Tamer she is with ever has less than three Pokégirls that are delta-bonded with him/her. While Feral, Persona cannot and will never form a true body, and if a taming session is missed then the Persona will return to what she called the "Sea of the Bonds." When a third Pokégirl has been Delta-bonded with, the Persona will return, but will actually act as if she went through a level 5 conditioning cycle, with only vague memories of anything that had happened when she had appeared before. There have been no known cases of the Persona ever fully recovering her memory after such an occurrence.
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PHAWHORE, the Queen Mummy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground/Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: She needs heavy amounts of liquid, but can eat a human-style diet.
Role: Vault Guardians. Spiritual Mediums. Other Roles Classified
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fighting, Magic
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Water, Ice, Plant, Dragon, Fire (Special weakness)
Attacks: Tackle, Pummel, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Sand Attack, Dig, Drill Strike, Resonate, Gut Punch, Snake Bandage,* Coffin Fall, Cobra Bandage,* Bronze Fist, Silver Fist, Haunt, Spellwork
Can only be learned after Lvl 40: Royal Curse, Gold Fist
Enhancements: Ground affinity, Ghost affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Can use certain T2 techniques naturally, Magical ability, Increased trap-making ability, Loses fear of being alone
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bandame (High level + Battle stress)
Phawhores are the next level of the already elegant Bandame. They grow a foot taller, their bandages become adorned with ornate armor around the chest, wrists, shoulders, and calves. Their bust size, already impressive, increases. The markings around their eyes change, becoming mystical runic hieroglyphics on their face. They also gain the ability to manifest a helmet-like mask around their face, one that attaches to their chest and shoulder armor.
Phawhores were first discovered by the son of the man who first discovered them, Sir Arthur Croft. Returning to the pyramids where his father first discovered the Bandame, he went deeper into the tomb, using a Bandame that had become his Alpha Pokégirl, and came into the center chamber, which was guarded by a single Pokégirl in armor. Like a normal Bandame that had gone without liquids, she was shriveled up, but as before a water-type was able to restore her beauty. However UNLIKE the Bandame, she was not as friendly and refused to let Sir Croft leave unless she had been defeated utterly, which included forcing himself onto her for a Taming.
Phawhores gain a lot of abilities upon evolving. They can contact spiritual plains of existence and talk to the spirits there. Their fighting ability improves slightly, and they gain the ability to use magic, mostly spells involving earth and wind. Their trap-building/detecting abilities increase greatly, to the point where they can make a place they are guarding almost impenetrable. They also lose their autophobia. They can tolerate being alone and in some cases prefer it. They will associate with others, but only if they have to. They do not make good Alpha Pokégirls despite what their name, similar to the old term Pharaoh, would suggest. As before, Phawhores make excellent vault guardians, having similar standards as Bandames in terms of the ‘treasure’ they guard. Their dietary needs remain the same, as does their need for large amounts of liquids to keep themselves from drying out and shriveling up. It becomes even more important that they stay moist, as their abilities weaken the dryer they are. They retain the Bandame’s weakness to Fire.
Phawhores have… unusual taming habits. They are not often found in Harems, as they will only let themselves be Tamed if the Tamer forces themselves on her. Quite literally, Phawhores have to be raped to be tamed. While this is true of Pharwhores found guarding tombs and other sites, it is not completely the same for Pharwhores who have evolved in a harem. Studies have shown that the rape rule for evolved Phawhores depended on their position in the harem prior to evolution from Bandame. Ones who had not held any position of power did not have a desire to be raped, though more restraints than necessairy were preferred. Those that had been the Beta of the harem had a one in two chance of either wanting rape or just more restraints, while in the few cases where they had been Alpha, they acted exactly like their counterparts found in the tombs. Still, there Feral state is for the most part unknown, as strangely enough, despite their personality requirements, they still get the Taming they need. What we do know of Phawhores’ Feral state is that it is very light. What is confirmed is that if a Tamer can regularly meet these requirements, they will earn the Phawhore’s respect and affection.
[Classified Top Secret!] After this was discovered, a discreet effort was made to pass laws that allow the violent rape of Pokégirls and even Pokéwomen and Pokékits. The laws were dropped and forgotten after several supporters of the bill showed up dead, slain in horribly violent ways. A few weeks later, a message written in the blood of the victims was delivered to the surviving supporters of the law. The message was delivered by Jenova. The message read as follows:
“One Pokégirl’s tastes do not a standard make. Never try this again or you will regret it.”
“Signed: Sexmet, Zapdass, Macavity, Articunt, Indigo TWAU Coven” [End Classified Data]
No cases of Thresholding to a Phawhore have been confirmed.
*Snake Bandage – (ATK 30) The Phawhore flings out the bandages on her arms, sending them coiling at the opponent to wrap them up. The bandages are surprisingly strong, and can hold all but the strongest of opponents. If need be, the Phawhore can also use this attack with the bandages on her legs.
*Cobra Bandage – (ATK 70 + EFT) The Phawhore flings out the bandages on her arms, only this time they coil around themselves and form a massive, hissing cobra, which lashes out and bites the opponent before returning to the Phawhore’s arm. Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent.
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POLTERKISSED, the Cuddly Little Hate Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Emotions (Hatred, Rage and Jealousy)
Role: Entropy Incarnate/ Psychological warfare
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic
Attacks: Phase, Nightshade, Go Down, Energy Drain, Drain, Invis (1-3), Ectoplasm, Lick, Rip the Mortal Form
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Lifesight, Deathsight, Entropic Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wraith (Staying in their Shadow Mind for more than a day) OR (Dark Stone)
Reward for keeping a Polterkissed Tame: 50,000 slc per week.
Fine for letting a Polterkissed go Feral: 5,000,000 slc.
Polterkissed are the darker sisters of wraith. They are what happen to a Wraith whose Shadow Mind stayed in control for longer than a day. In their evolutions, their lighter mind merges with their now-more-powerful Shadow Mind and their dispositions are reversed. The only thing that remains is a deep, twisted love of their tamer. This love of their tamer is very deep, much deeper than one would expect form something made up almost entirely of hate and rage.
A Polterkissed can be seen as the ultimate among the battle tamers who like ghost type Pokégirls if not for several problems.
Firstly: She can no longer become fully solid. She can only become semi-solid through a supreme effort to remain such. They can no longer embody fully due to their distance from the ‘Skinlands.’ Taming them seems more like fucking a jelly mold that moves around you than anything else. It’s quite pleasurable for some reason. Theories include that they transmit a sort of resonance directly to the Tamer’s pleasure center.
More often than not they try to stay Sane by simply raping humans while they sleep and simply taking what they need. This is difficult when they are feral, but they still try. Their preferred Taming method is, of course, Rape. Either of them, or by them. They will often set up situations where their tamer can be the rapist, and this is only slightly better than actual rape since it’s mostly role-playing.
Secondly, they are very twisted and very evil. Their views of the world are twisted by their evolution. To them, everything is simply waiting to be destroyed, even themselves. They will throw themselves into danger without a second thought and continue to fight no matter how damaged they are, making them terrifying opponents to come up against. The only reason they do not have a bounty on them is because of the minimal damage they can deal to solid objects while Feral. Mazouku and Masui get along famously with Polterkissed.
While feral, they cannot even become visible, only in areas where a great amount of tragedy has occurred will they even be able to affect the solid world. Polterkissed are quite a common occurrence following a Widow attack.
The Polterkissed’s form is very mutable, dependant on her state of mind. On average, a specter will look like an Incorporeal Shadowgirl-copy of her Wraithly self. She looks just as she did when she was a Wraith, except for the dramatic color shift. This can be confusing sometimes, as they can change their coloration with concentration and look just as they did as a wraith, causing other wraiths to make an oft fatal mistake. Meanwhile if they are caught in the throws of their own evil and madness they can seem completely inhuman and alien.
Another problem with the Polterkissed is that they are, as mentioned above, twisted and evil. They view their Tamer as “The Great Destroyer” and address them as such when not calling them “Master.” When not actively destroying something, they will beg their Tamer to let them destroy something, and will sometimes not even ask, they simply will. They will often plot to destroy any higher-ranking ‘girls in the Harem so that they may be their Tamers “Favorite Minion.” A Polterkissed takes insults to her Tamer very personally, and reacts dangerously, possibly lethally.
The Polterkissed has her good points, but they are far outweighed by the bad. Tamers are urged to capture the Polterkissed in question and turn it in to their league. The league will make reparations for damages done by the Polterkissed (within reason) and will exchange a Domesticate Wraith for any captured feral Polterkissed. Note: This only applies to ferals. Any Wraith that evolves into a Polterkissed while in a Tamers Harem is the Tamers responsibility.
Due to their formation, no reports of Thresholding into a Polterkissed have been reported. It is assumed impossible. Quite frankly, we’re HOPING it’s impossible.
Rip the Mortal Form – (ATK 20): This allows the Polterkissed to attack from a position of relative safety, ash she is tecnically incorporal hwile attacking. the attack itself seems to be more of an attack at the opponents life-force than anything else, but due to the nature of their separation from reality, it is rather weak.
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SALTEE, the Spooky Sea Dog Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Water/Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to lost at sea spirits, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls, Deep sea exploration
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water, Fighting, Bug, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, Dark
Attacks: Tidal Wave, Water Kick, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Watery Tentacles (seize and molestation), Lick, Phase, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Water walking and breathing, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Fast degrade into Feraldom
Evolves: Sarama (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: None
There are many Pokégirls that lay claim to being able to contact the afterlife, though few breeds can attest that their main purpose is assisting lost souls to their next destination. The Saltee is just this, a wandering Pokégirl who aides lost souls in their departure from this realm of existence by using their unique 'Spirit Sense' of the breed line. These Pokégirls are literally able to sniff out restless spirits in order to help aid them their passing to the afterlife. While considered a ghost type, Saltee's are mainly water types, and therefore have solid forms. These bodies, composed in a manner similar to a Succubus, also have a fair amount of salt water mixed in, and because of this, no matter how often a Saltee bathes, she always tastes salty. Saltees are fair skinned Pokégirls, usually staying light no matter how much sun they get, though their skin is of the human norm on the less fuzzy types. The body types vary somewhat, from more furry and dog-like to almost human with dog ears and a tail. A Saltee's fur is usually a foamy white, and their eyes are odd shades that seem to glow in the dark at times. They have slender builds, which makes their B cups look impressive, and even when coated in full body fur, they're hairless in the crotch (and the nipples for the furry types). Like the Catfish, Saltee have a set of gill slits along their necks that allow her to breathe underwater.
Saltees usually have calm, serene demeanors, rarely getting angry or excited even during harsh battles. Tamed Saltees are drawn to sites where spirits are restless, especially those that have been lost at sea. Though they dislike being kept from their 'divine purpose' as they call it, Saltees rarely outright disobey their Tamer's wishes. However, they do have a bit of a passive aggressive stubborn streak, and will coerce, cajole, and plead with their tamers to allow them to put the spirits to rest. Most tamers eventually give in, which does help cull the possibility of problematic ghost type Pokégirls, though the threat of conditioning cycles usually gets the Saltee to stop her pestering. Unlike most water types though, a Saltee does not need to say around water, only needing to replenish their water reserves after battles or every few days.
Very few Saltees are seen in the pirating profession, as more often than not, pirates are responsible for massive deaths during their raids. As quoted from one Saltee "It would be senseless for us to assist in making more lost souls, when it is our duty to help them from this world." Of those few Saltees actually recorded as members of the Limbec Pirates, only one seemed sane according to the breeds usual personality traits, and she fled the ship during a raid. However, thanks to their ability to phase, gills, and walk on water, they are invaluable to researchers and explorers as deep sea exploration. Some reclaimers swear by a team of Baleena and a Saltee to aid them in their sweeps of the sea bottom.
Saltees are rather slippery on the battlefield, as their ability to phase gives them a great advantage over plant types, though electricity and other energy attacks (like solar beam) can still touch them even when phased. They tend to rely on their phasing ability to dodge, following up with attacks aiming for weaknesses. One should note though, that even when after taking in fresh water into their reserves, their attacks are made up of salt water, which is painful on cuts and nearly blinding to the eyes for the unprepared.
One interesting quark of the breed is that despite their low libido, they often demand to be tamed as much as a Pokégirl of average libido. This is because Saltees descend into feraldom rapidly once their need to be tamed kicks in. Lab studies have shown that this breed can go from tamed to feral in under a day, unlike most breeds who experience a slow descent into their animalistic state of mind. As such, many of the breed accept taming any way they can get it, just to safeguard against their feral state.
The feral state of a Saltee is a strange one, as they retain their human like intelligence, but become a different persona all together. Feral Saltees will use their water walking ability to take to sea, heading to the nearest area of restless souls. Once there they will proceed to assist those souls into the afterlife, but when disturbed they often mutter nonsensical things about Sharptits and a mysterious person named Davey Jones. Saltee never attack unless attacked first, but are canny enough to phase away from any thrown Pokéballs. Every once in a great while, a Saltee will find another soul that is perhaps already transforming into a ghost Pokégirl. From recordings of watchers, the Saltee seems to assist the developing ghost pokegirl by giving her some of her own energy. Most often, the Pokégirl produced is either a Ghostly, or another Saltee.
It has been deduced from the recordings and data gathered that Saltee cannot actually give the developing spirit Pokégirls enough power to manifest as more powerful ghost Pokégirls. This is fortunate, as some of the more powerful ghost types such as Banshees are known to be destructive.
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SAMHAIN, the Halloween Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (only a few appear once a year)
Diet: Still trying to determine, seems to love Halloween candy, such as candy corn…
Role: Trickster, Lover, Protecter of Farms
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Plant, Steel, Psychic, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Lick, Firestorm, Night Shade, Flamethrower, Flame Tower, Phase, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Drain, Invis 1-2-3, Shadow 1-2-3, Haunted, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Ghost affinity, Fire affinity, Uncapturable
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A Samhain (pronounced solwein) is a gorgeous Pokégirl. They are tall, pale-skinned women clad in knee-high, low-heeled black boots, black gloves, black loincloths, black brassieres, and black cloaks. Their other features vary from region to region. Also, they always carry with them a Jack-O-Lantern with a candle in the mouth, one that never burns out no matter how strong the winds. The face of the Jack-O-Lantern seems to change with her mood.
They primarily appear in European areas, although Samhain sightings have been reported in Edo, Johto, Indigo, and a few WAPL territories. When a Samhain appears in a field, it’s considered a sign of good luck for the nearby farm, a sign that the harvest will be good that year and the family and livestock will easily survive the winter. They are also known to be very protective of farmers, inflicting hauntings and cruel tricks on those who try to do harm to a farm they have chosen to bless. They also are drawn to bonfires, dancing sensually around the flames, her dance arousing the libido of even the most low-libidoed Pokégirl to passionate heights.
They don’t like cities, avoiding them like the plague. At best will appear in a suburb of the city. They are very friendly towards children and Pokékits, and can mystically produce various forms of candy treats, from chocolates to gumdrops, almost any type of candy you imagine. They will play innocent games with children, and even be pretend scared at any costumes they wear, or at Pokékits acting big and menacing. Even the most vicious Pokégirl haters can’t find any problems with them. (Mainly because they can’t do anything about them, and they aren’t harming anyone, so…)
In terms of personality, Samhains are very amiable, playful Pokégirls who like friendly teasing and being affectionate towards those they like. They are very passionate Pokégirls, and while they cannot be caught by any Pokéball, they do sometimes stick around with Harems. They very rarely speak, but sometimes give amusing riddles to Pokégirls they are friends with. Samhains love Taming, and can even tire out a Hentaicute. One of their favorite activities is to pick a tamer and his harem and then tame them until they are all unconscious, blissed out with smiles on their faces.
Samhains generally don’t participate in battles, but when they do, they treat it like a game. They dance around opponents, floating around and shooting flames from their Jack-O-Lanterns. They seemingly have no Feral state, or are constantly in a Feral state. And one thing they LOVE to do is make fun of Necromancers.
As no Samhains can be caught, it’s assumed that Thresholding into them is impossible.
Samhains only appear for a short time every year, only in October. All Samhains vanish at sunrise on November first, and cannot be found until October.
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SARAMA, the Snow Spirit Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Ice/Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to spirits lost in the cold, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls,
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Poison, Psychic, Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Fire, Steel, Dark
Attacks: Ice Wall, Snowball, Ice Punch, Mist, Ice Armor, Phantom Blade, Phase, Lick, Invis, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Unaffected by cold, Snow and Water Walking, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Loss of Gills, Rapid descent into feraldom
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Saltee (Ice Crystal)
Like some evolved Pokégirls, a Saltee's evolved form takes the breed line's abilities and purpose to new levels. Sarama, the Saltee's evolved form, utilizes her newfound resistance to cold as well as her ice powers to enable her to search for lost souls in frozen areas. Like their unevolved sisters, Sarama use their noses to sniff out restless spirits in even the harshest of blizzards and use their powers as a medium to help guide them to the afterlife.
Saramas fill out upon evolution, their chests growing into the busty C or D cup range as becoming more curvy. Their ears, tail, and body fur (if they have it) whiten further into a pristine snow white. Hair colors are usually on the lighter side in blondes and the occasional ice blue, though tamers should be wary if he comes across a Sarama with black hair. These Pokégirls still stay in the range of Near Human, with some girls having body fur and others looking very much like human women with white dog ears and tail. Like the Saltee, even the furred Sarama have no fur on their nipples or groin. Their skin is pale, but within the human standard, and they have the same problems tanning as a Saltee. They also have the same solid ether bodies as a Succubus, and are therefore considered more of a ice type than a ghost type.
Sarama are considered less logical than other ice types, as they feel the normal range of human emotions, a few even being overly dramatic as is the human norm. They are also as calm and friendly as their pre-evolved form, rarely showing the typical long term grudges of other ice types. Sarama show deep concern for even the living when tamed, and often work well with other snow-rescue team Pokégirls like the Polar Lass and St. Bernatit. While they can help find and shelter the lost thanks to their keen sense of smell and ability to build shelters with their Ice Wall attack, the breed should never be used as a search and rescue Pokégirl by herself. This is because most victims lost in a snowstorm are prone to having hypothermia, and due to a unique biological quark of the breed a Sarama is useless to help heat up those with hypothermia. A Sarama's body stays the temperature of her environment, much like that of a lizard. However, the Pokégirl does not become lethargic in colder temperatures, simply colder on the inside and out. This seems to be a reflection of the Pokégirl’s duel ice and ghost nature, as both breeds are not known for their heat production. Regardless of this, Sarama are also on search and rescue teams for one other factor, if the team finds their victims too late, their spirits can at least be laid to rest.
In a harem setting, rest assured the breed's need to fulfill their 'divine purpose' will still be felt, regardless if the Sarama is in a wintry area. They still take their stubborn passive-aggressive stance on insisting to do their duty, though they more often throw logic into the argument as well. Most Sarama, however, still silence themselves after the threat of a conditioning cycle. In battle they are even harder to hit than a Saltee, using their Phase or Invis ability in conjunction with Mist and Ice Armor as well as their speed to dart in and attack, or alternately attack from a distance. Their Ice Wall is also used, sometimes offensively to box a non-flying Pokégirl in or hamper faster opponents. Overall, a Sarama tends to think of possible stratagems in her free time, unless she's otherwise occupied by her purpose as a medium.
Tamers and travelers alike should beware of Sarama with solid black hair, as fully half of the known Sarama with black hair are noticeably more violent than their fair-haired sisters. Often seen in the harems of teams and outlaws, it seems a case of bird-types of a feather. Studies have shown that dark haired Sarama are more prone to anger than their calmer counterparts, but research has yet to prove why hair color marks this personality type. Dark haired Sarama are also vain, and prize their looks, as well as prodding their tamers into looking better or choosing them outright based on their appearance. Feral dark haired Sarama are also to be avoided, as these Pokégirls are intelligent, but violent, attempting to kill those they come across. Occasionally, they will find someone that they find attractive, and spare their lives in exchange for a taming. A warning to those tamers who assume that they can make it through an encounter on looks alone. Black haired Sarama are very picky. For some unknown reason, these black haired Sarama have never been recorded hunting out and assisting restless spirits or helping other ghost types manifest themselves. It seems that this near sub type is as evil as they are vain, as the black haired ones stake out territories and often lure travelers to their doom.
The feral state of a Sarama is much like that of her un-evolved form, with a human intelligence but another personality running the show. Feral Sarama rarely speak, other than to talk of a mysterious Windago creature and a Jack Frost person. They normally roam snow-capped mountains or places like the Scarlet League, looking for the spirits of those that died in the snow. As there are rarely more than a few restless spirits close together in these areas, Sarama are known to travel enormous distances as they search. They also have the ability to assist other Pokégirls in coming into being, though the results are almost always either Ghostly or Saltees, rarely are they other Saramas. It seems that the breed may actually play a role in deciding on what the spirit returns as... or at least has the ability to deny assistance to the more violent ghost types. However, research into this ability remains spotty at best, as the conditions that Sarama will work in are harsh and dangerous. Catching these Pokégirls as feral is difficult, as many of them phase easily, and use their abilities to hamper anyone who attempts to capture them.
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SCARECROW, the Sensuous Straw Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (with some cases of Not Very Near Human)
Element: Ghost/Plant
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: protector/haunter of gardens and fields
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Rock, Water, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leaf Shield, Vine Bondage, Solar Beam, Nightshade, Illusion, Fear Aura
Enhancements: Flora Affinity, Ghostly Presence, Solar Regeneration, Flame Weakness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (Dusk Stone)
It is unknown how a Boobleaf becomes a Scarecrow. Some say a Boobleaf not given enough sunlight or water will wither and become a Scarecrow. Others speculate that a Haunting decided to take possession of the Boobleaf, changes her into a Scarecrow. And others speculate that the change from Boobleaf to Scarecrow is from a dormant gene within the Pokégirl that is brought to the forefront. Whatever the reason, we have the Scarecrow. Recently, though, an evolutionary stone was revealed to be the cause of a Scarecrow. Although for now Researchers are not discounting the others as possible evolutionary methods for forming a Scarecrow.
A Scarecrow is quite different from her pre-evolved form. He skin, which was a vibrant and healthy green before is now a dull yellowish tan coloring. Her hair becoming strands of straw compared to the vine-like hair she had before. The Scarecrow will also want to wear clothing, usually looking for denim overalls, work gloves, boots, and/or a bandana to wear around her neck. The only thing she doesn’t lose in mass is her chest size, which while being a more yellow color, is still firm like her pre-evolved form
A Scarecrow is a Ghost-type Pokégirl, yet like a Succubus, a Scarecrow has a physical form. This is one of the reasons why a Scarecrow cannot Phase like most Ghost-types do. Thanks to the true physical form, the Scarecrow is a Ghost-type with a secondary element, like a Succubus or Widow.
While Taming, a Scarecrow is often shy, her sexual threshold being lowered, and so can be made to climax numerous times during a Taming session. A note for Taming is that a Scarecrow isn’t that wet and so it is suggested a Tamer use a lubricant so that he can enter his Scarecrow without causing her pain.
In combat, a Scarecrow will do her best to psyche out her opponent, usually trying to hurt and confuse them by using Nightshade from the start of the battle. However, if a Scarecrow is hit by a fire-based attack, be forewarned. A Scarecrow, from being “drier” than most Plant-types takes severe damage from fire-based attacks.
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SHEDNOBI, the Celestial Carapace Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare (Edo, League), Extremely Rare (Forest Leagues), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: positive emotions
Role: pokébattle, advisory, public service, sparring partner
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Infernal, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Flying, Infernal
Attacks: Ecto Ball, Invis 2, Invis 3, Full Bushin, Image, Smoke, Heaven's Arrow, Wonder Guard
Enhancements: Exoskeleton, celestial nature
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (special; PokéBall and empty slot)
It is known that with a Nincadass' evolution into Ninjacket, she leaves a distinctive husk behind that will soon dissolve into sediment. However, under special circumstances, the Nincadass' husk itself can become a separate, sentient Pokégirl species known as Shednobi. One needs to have a Pokéball on hand during the Nincadass' evolution and an open space in their immediate harem. Capturing the husk and having it sent to a Pokécenter does nothing but give the Tamer an empty Pokéball when he returns for it. The Shednobi needs time around the Ninjacket that came from it, in order to become a Pokégirl outright.
Although the Shednobi have an innocent cherub expression and maintain the build of their previous form, held in a fetal position, one should not mistake them as a living creature. The bodies are hard-layered carapaces that are hollow and utterly dark. They do not possess organs normally considered vital for life; completely immobile and do not need to breathe. There is a dark circular hole in the Shednobi's back which the Ninjacket had exited out of during her evolution. However, the torn up part of the back managed to alter into a more pleasing state, seeming like a pair of angelic wings. While they are able to float and hover, these wings do not move. The big signal that these are Celestial-type pokégirls is that the Shednobi also have a halo-like object hovering above their heads that shines with a golden light.
While one would think that the overall immobility would hinder the Shednobi's fighting prowess, that is simply not the case. The Shednobi can access the technique of the Full Bushin, and puts it to great use, confusing opponents and attacking from three directions. Using other Ninja techniques of Image and Smoke, not to mention a Ghost-type's Invisibiltiy, she's already a formidably difficult Pokégirl to damage. However, she has another technique on top of that, which makes her an opponent's nightmare to have to battle: Wonder Guard.
A Celestial technique that has come to the fore with this Pokégirl, the Wonder Guard, once cast, allows for the Shednobi, (and any other Pokégirls on her side) a barrier what is considered the greatest Defense technique. If the attack used is not considered `Strong' against the Pokégirl who has had Wonder Guard cast, then she takes no damage, period. One Shednobi who had cast Wonder Guard, was recorded to have taken Hyper Beam point-blank, and she didn't even flinch from it! Not that she could move to begin with, but you get the idea...
However, all this is set off by the fact that the Shednobi has a terribly fragile build. Should an attack manage to get through this pokégirl's considerable defenses, the Shednobi will take considerable damage.
Still, Defense isn't the only thing a Shednobi has going for her. She does have two rather impressive attacks, albeit only two. Heaven's Arrow, a considerably powerful move, is something that she will tend to hold back unless facing an Infernal Pokégirl, or a Pokégirl that is dangerous to others. The other is Ecto Ball. Similar to Ectoplasm, the Shednobi absorbs nearby negative emotions, and released a ball of condensed ectoplasm at her target, normally using Full Bushin before hand as to launch three Ecto Balls at once. However, with the exception of Wonder Guard, the effectiveness of all her defenses are cut in half.
Overall, while the Shednobi is limited in her attacking potential, she truly is a Holy Terror to fight for any Pokégirl that isn't a Dark, Fire, or Flying-type, or at least has an Infernal attribute to her.
There is no way to outright Tame a Shednobi. However, she does receive sexual stimulation from when the Ninjacket that came from her is Tamed. This empathic bond she has with the Ninjacket is more than sexual stimulation. The two can communicate with one another telepathically, and if a Tamer is close with both Pokégirls. At this point in time, it is theoretically impossible for a human woman to Threshold into Shednobi.
Ecto Ball - (ATK 40 + EFT) Exclusive to actual ghosts and Pokégirls who are _mainly_ Ghost-type, (so yes, the Widow IS excluded). By absorbing nearby negative emotions and energies, the Pokégirl using this technique unleashes the ectoplasm as a projectile attack the size of a softball that messily explodes upon impact. However, every time the Ghost-type Pokégirl uses this technique, she halves her defenses: natural and technique.
Wonder Guard - (EFT) A very special Celestial Barrier. Once cast, for the rest of the Pokébattle if the opponent Pokégirl uses an attack that is not considered elementally `Strong' against the Pokégirl using this technique, then the Pokégirl takes no damage, period.
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SPECTRA, the Destructive Dead Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: psychic energy
Role: scout/spy, ‘shadow warrior’
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Normal
Attacks: Ghost Blade, Chill Touch, Drain, Phase, Disable, Telekinesis, (Everything else varies)
Enhancements: Insubstantial, Flight, Psychic Affinity, Longetivity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: ([Classified] Hild’s Touch [Classified])
For the longest time, the rather peculiar Ghost-type Pokégirl breed of Spectra was a great mystery to Researchers since the first one was founded back around 200 AS. Still with the efforts of dedicated individuals, more light has been shed on the subject of this Pokégirl. Very rarely, when a Pokégirl died, she would “evolve” into the Spectra breed, with her new appearance more or less a transparent version of the previous self. However, Spectra often still visibly bear the wounds of what killed them as well as gaining an odd feature or two. While variation is across the spectrum, often Spectra have some sort of metallic aspect to their appearance.
As they often evolve from a traumatic death, Spectra are considered a threat upon their initial awakening to their new form. Often, their first reactions to their new life would be to act on the basest instincts: combat. This had made for Pokégirls that just transformed into Spectras to be a danger to those around them until they’re calmed down by their Tamer. If their Tamer is killed with them, this often leads Spectra to be a dangerous force until they’re captured once more. One in particular, a former Amazonwu named Hsien-Ko, caused a good deal of destruction across the Edo League before she crossed oceans to continue her chaos in the Capital League before WAPL forces brought her down. [Classified] She was eventually caught and is still owned by Tamer Jon Talbain, his Dark Affinity allowing him to control her. [Classified]
Besides the standard powers which make the Spectra a formidable force to take on, there is more which make them a very dangerous opponent, especially Feral Spectra. Spectra are similar to Youma in that the spectrum of their attacks varies with each one. Some Spectra keep some techniques from their previous life as well as gaining a plethora of Ghost and even Psychic-techniques that make them a threat for Tamers to fight against. Although not added officially to their entry, a number have displayed similar abilities along the lines of teleportation and spirit magic. Hsien-Ko was able to launch attacks with her clawed hands, changing them into a wide variety of blades, chains, spiked balls, and other odd objects. And it doesn’t help that they are immune to Psychic powers.
However, Tamers can take heart in that Spectra are not a true battling powerhouse. Like almost all Ghost-types, they have the inherent weakness to the attacks of Dark-type Pokégirls. And while the Feral members of the Spectra breed can be hellacious opponents to face, they are actually weak when they attack! To land physical blows, a Spectra must “Phase-in”, which leaves her vulnerable to physical attacks in return. During this state, the techniques of Normal-type Pokégirls have a surprising level of effectiveness against them.
When it comes to continuing their existence, Spectra do not suffice on just the basic energy that makes up all living things. Rather, they are attracted to psychic energy and replenish themselves with the brainwaves that the psychic-inclined give off. As this energy is given off in great abundance when the body has increased activity, (such as adrenaline flowing) Spectra are especially attracted to Taming sessions with Psychic-type Pokégirls, as the mental energy being expanded is particularly appetizing.
However, it should be warned that Feral Spectras are especially malicious when it comes to getting this energy. They will terrorize both humans and Pokégirls to get the energy they need for survival, either getting it through the waves of energy exuded from a fearful opponent, or to entice a Psychic-type into attacking them. The energy will have no effect on the Spectra and instead replenishes her directly. This is the reason why Psychic-type attacks and techniques have no effect on Spectra in battle.
When it comes to Taming, it is noted that while Spectra are incorporeal by default, through the use of will and concentration, can make themselves solid. However, in addition to needing to be Tamed, Spectra also need to absorb psychic energy from their partner to keep up a physical form. Fortunately, most Spectra aren’t picky about sharing their Tamer during a Taming session, and a Psychic-type Pokégirl is a god-send during this time. However, despite the requirements TO Tame a Spectra, the Tamers that do own them praise how creative these girls can get during sex.
Because of how they come into creation through death, it is considered impossible for a girl to directly Threshold into a Spectra.
[Classified] Through the confession of a Spectra it was revealed that a Pokégirl does not, under any natural circumstances, evolve into one of the Spectra breed. Instead, the creation of the Spectra came about to the direct manipulations of the Legendary Demoness Pokégirl, Hild! While it is noted that the Masuis were her first successful attempt to create a new Pokégirl-type, the Spectra were the stepping stone to the creation of the Masui. While Hild still prefers to preserve her precious Touch, (she refuses to call it a ‘Blessing’) for those she intends to turn into Masui, there are other breeds of Pokégirl who have warranted the attention to deserve this power, becoming powerful Ghost-type Pokégirls upon their death. [Classified]
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SUCCUBUS, the Sexy Soul-Sucking Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Ghost/Flying (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life Energy
Role: Combat, Taming Support
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Ghost, Magic, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dark, Electric, Ice, sonic-based attacks
Attacks: Energy Drain, Shadow Blade, Soul Fist, Possess, Go Down, Call Me Queen, Backhand, Wing Buffet, Night Shade, Spank, Butt Wiggle, Nipple Cripple, Rapid Stroke, Caress, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Kiss In The Dark.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Constant Ashen Wings, Flexibility, Longevity, Solid Ether Body
Evolves: Dark Queen (Dark Ritual), Mazouku (Mechanism Classified)
Evolves From: Daimon (Dusk Stone)
Succubi are perhaps the most popular of the Youma line, and indeed, of Infernaldom in general, a fact that their classification as "rare" despite the fact that their evolutionary requirement (which was only very recently confirmed) would suggest "extremely rare" is a great testament to. It is also a fact that makes a great deal of sense; with bodies sculpted almost to perfection, almost ungodly sexual skill, and respectable combat powers to boot, only the general opinion of Infernals and the attitude of Succubi towards those they don't respect has stopped them from replacing the Tigress as the Pokégirl that “every tamer wants.”
Physically, Succubi are, as stated, designed to be almost perfect. Their heights are somewhat variable, usually owing to the un-uniform appearance of their previous evolutionary forms, but whatever it is, their breasts will almost always be perfectly proportioned on the resulting frame, not looking ridiculously large, but never being small enough to be considered lacking by any normal standards. Hair and skin colorations will also often vary from Succubus to Succubus, although the two are generally complementary and also go well with her eye color. However, aside from normal human attributes, two things distinguish a Succubus from an extremely attractive human female; their wings, which are somewhat bat-like, and a second “off” characteristic, the exact nature of which is difficult to pin down, though a set of vestigial wings on the head or small horns are two of the more commonly seen manifestations.
The former are, interestingly enough, not at all suited to flying, generally being used for entrapment (they're surprisingly strong, despite the almost velvety texture) or as slashing weapons via a charge of Infernal energy, a technique which is known as “Shadow Blade.” Succubi are still considered flying types, however, as they are capable of magical flight, though, strangely, they cannot seem to sustain it without their wings going through the motions of flapping. It should also be noted that the span of these wings isn't particularly standardized, and so tend to vary, though most tend towards being proportionate to (and not greater than) the Succubus's height.
However, in spite of their physical appeal (or perhaps because of it?), Succubi have been noted to, by and large, have very bad attitudes. More specifically, they're almost unbearably condescending towards anyone or anything that hasn't earned their respect, especially those who are easily taken in by the allure they extrude. Despite their uppity attitudes, the dress and manner of a Succubus is almost always provocative, and revealing attire is quite common (with corsets being especially favored), making them seem very inviting at a glance. However, once someone has failed to impress her, she generally turns rather vicious, sadistically pounding on the "offending" person verbally (and sometimes physically) even as she flaunts her superiority to them further.
This doesn't mean she'll turn down an offer of taming, though; the Succubus's reputation as a sex fiend is well deserved, and few people who approach one looking for taming are actually turned away... though some do try to run away once they realize what they're in for. A Succubus's condescending attitude extends to the bedroom, and rare is the Succubus who will choose to be submissive. This attitude especially extends to her tamer and harem sisters in most cases; until the former earns her respect, she'll generally turn any encounter he attempts to initiate into a session of dominating him thoroughly enough to put even a member of the Domina line to shame whilst the latter will have nothing but her contempt for submitting to him. As such, Succubi get along cordially enough with dominating Pokégirls, at least until the latter fail to impress....
In any case, as with those of most Infernals, there is a more appealing side to the Succubus's attitude. Should her master manage to earn her respect (generally through forcing her to submit in the bedroom), the Pokégirl's world view shifts to place him above herself, and so far above her contempt. Naturally, though, she will still look down on others, and, if not carefully watched in public, will often instigate conflict by glorifying her master further through ridiculing others. Still, this is to be considered a sign of extreme loyalty, and a growing number of tamers seem to be willing to endure the dangers of attempting to win the respect of Succubi, considering such loyalty and the promise of wonderful sex worth the risk. It should also be noted that, since the revelation that Succubi evolve from Daimon through Dusk Stones, the market for said stones has exploded, as those who respect their tamers prior to evolution are generally much easier to bring into line.
Another incentive, however, is that, although sexuality is their true forte, Succubi are not at all bad fighters. Not only are they fairly fast, capable of learning a wide array of techniques, and generally apt with magic, but the same endurance that sustains them for hours on end in intimate affairs also allows them to last quite some time in combat, and their flight abilities are nothing to scoff at. As far as actual battling style goes, however, there isn't really a norm to speak of except perhaps that they are as sadistic on the battlefield as they are towards those they feel contemptuous of, and will often attempt to end a fight with a humiliating technique such as Energy Drain or Backhand. Also, it is interesting to note that Succubi, by virtue of being comprised of “solid ether,” are able to touch ghost Pokégirls, even those who're “phased out.” This would make them highly prized as guards if they didn't generally look down on such mundane work.
On a related issue, Succubi and Demonesses do not get along well, and both breeds tend to be extremely passionate about such fights in their own ways. In the case of the Succubi (who not only see Demonesses as annoyingly serious, but as inferiors who need to learn their place), this is generally manifested as attempting to turn the fight into a sex battle, which both allows them to use their abilities more effectively and effectively humiliates the Demonesses. As such, should the Succubus win the fight, an immediate taming will generally be initiated, regardless of circumstances, and their distraction in such situations would make them optimal for forcing them to submit...if such encounters were common enough to be readily available. If the Succubus loses, however, she will generally become sulky and more vicious than usual (presumably trying to reaffirm her superiority), and most of the very few recorded cases of depressed and/or humble Succubi occurred after such losses.
In any case, as one might expect, it would be almost impossible to create an accurate description of the Succubus breed's taming style without having several volumes of material when one was finished, so a much shortened version much be presented here. To drastically understate the case, Succubi are sex fiends, sex experts, and perhaps even sexual connoisseurs, and even their bodies are designed to accommodate this. As such, aside from having an impressive array of innate sexual techniques and insanely high flexibility, Succubi literally require sex to live.... or rather, the energy it creates. Using a somewhat modified version of the energy drain technique, a Succubus then takes in during taming to sustain herself, which is likely one of the reasons that they are so fond of the act. In any case, this draining isn't at all detrimental to the drainee, and the extraction generally only results in them being a bit more tired than normal the next morning.
Finally, Feral Succubi are almost unheard of. Not only are they quickly snapped up by tamers (to sell or keep) when they appear, but they actively seek out taming to attain their needed energy, and since they can be a bit brutal towards those preventing it, it is recommended that tamers encountering feral Succubi simply tame them and capture them once they go into taming shock. Thresholding into a Succubus is considered an impossibility as of 300 AS, as none have yet become Pokéwomen.

Classified:Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public. We don't need people creating more Mazouku or Dark Queens.
When it was confirmed in 299 AS that Succubi evolve from Daimons through the use of Dusk Stones, further research was conducted with said stones to determine if further evolution was possible. Unfortunately, it is; application of two more Dusk Stones to a Succubus evolves her into a Mazouku. This information must not spread to the public or criminal elements; Succubi are an acceptable evil, but Mazouku are not and their population must not be allowed to expand!
It is also known that Succubi may be evolved into Dark Queens, but the exact means for the facilitation of this evolution must not be released. Those with the clearance to read this, however, may find further details in the Dark Queen entry.
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SYLPH, the Sprite of the Wind Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers not to eat red meat.
Role: Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Plant, Fighting, Psychic, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Dark, Rock
Attacks: Quickturn, Speed Storm, Tempest, Glorious Sun, Wind, Phase, Invis, Scent Alteration, Soul Fist
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), hovering
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cutiepie (Battle Stress + Sky Crystal)
Any given tamer could go and find a Cutiepie and evolve the Pokégirl into a Titapod without a second thought, in an effort to evolve her yet again into Butitsfree. Others might evolve her into a more human-sized Pokégirl, such as a Tomboy. In 278, yet another evolution for the pint-sized Cutiepie was discovered when she was forced to battle against a MysticAngel. Her tamer had given the Cutiepie a Sky Crystal for safe-keeping on the one year anniversary after capturing the small Pokégirl, and it had become a meaningful item to the Cutiepie, who swore that it was her good luck charm. During the battle, the Sky Crystal that was kept on a cheap necklace around the Cutiepie's neck was stolen by the MysticAngel in the midst of an attack. The MysticAngel taunted the Cutiepie, who proceeded to do everything she could to get her good luck charm back. When her hand came into contact with the Sky Crystal as she attacked, the Cutiepie evolved into a Sylph. The evolution shock forced the tamer to recall his new Sylph, and finished the battle with another Pokégirl in her stead.
At just over four feet tall, the Sylph is indeed taller and more filled out than her previous evolution. This Pokégirl often is found with b-cup sized breasts, small compared to many Pokégirls, though for her size they do seem rather large. Though these Pokégirls are often found nude, many do still enjoy wearing tight-fitting clothes that don't impair the insect-like iridescent wings that developed. Unlike the wings of a Butitsfree, the Sylph has wings that are more reminiscent of miniature versions of a pair of Waspqueen's wings, though less rounded and more angular with both pairs. The upper pair is most often twice the size as the lower pair, though a few unusual Sylph have been recorded with larger than average wings for both pairs. Other than these changes, the most obvious is the sudden lack of the exoskeleton, which the Sylph sheds immediately upon evolution. This results in the Sylph becoming much more human-like, though she does retain the same hair-color she used to have, or if she somehow had none as a Cutiepie, she may begin to grow hair in just about any color. The Sylph's skin color often ranges from the same coloration that she had as a Cutiepie to that of a typical human female as we..
One thing that tamers should become aware of is that unlike many Pokégirls that evolve and retain knowledge of their previous techniques and can even continue to use them, the Sylph does not retain the capacity to utilize her previous form's Bug techniques. This oddity has been determined to be a result of the drastic change of the Pokégirl’s very nature and physical attributes. Tamers should also be aware of the change in the Pokégirl’s Diet: no longer strictly vegetarian, the Sylph dislikes red meat but enjoys eating other sources of protein, such as fish. One last note that tamers will become aware of quickly is the fact that the breed rarely walks unless injured somehow or ordered to do so for some reason. This is because the Pokégirl typically hovers effortlessly anywhere between six and twelve inches above the ground, though she can easily fly higher when wanted. Upon investigation by several researchers, the Pokégirl just seems to float in mid-air as a result of their ability to utilize their wings to regulate the air currents around their bodies. Also of note is that there seems to be no record of any Sylph being used during the Revenge War, which when combined with the discovery date suggests that the Sylph is one of the breeds that Sukebe never intended to create.
Though the Sylph as a breed seems to prefer not to fight, their abilities can certainly keep her in a battle for a long time. Using Speed Storm, Wind, and Invis, the Sylph becomes a blur of speed that vanishes from sight before launching an attack upon her unwary opponent. Few Sylph enter a battle without using this combination of techniques, however, making the breed as a whole rather simple to fight against for those who are informed as to their tactics. When it comes to sex battles, the Sylph is not much better, though they may adapt to such a scene better than they could to a standard Pokégirl battle. In a harem, the breed has been known to go with the flow, and few if any have ever become serious enough about anything to be allowed to become a Beta, let alone Alpha within a harem. They instead tend to support those that they look up to, and some tamers do use them for more than just Pokégirl battles as a result, coming to simply enjoy the Pokégirl’s company. When it comes to taming, Sylph are able to accommodate tamers of various sizes, unlike the Cutiepie and the other more common evolutions of that breed. As a result, Sylph enjoy taming and enjoy it frequently, though they truly do not need a taming any more than they did as a Cutiepie.
There have been no known findings of feral Sylph, considering the method of their evolution. However, considering that the breed has been known to go invisible in order to play pranks and hide, it is unknown for certain if there truly are feral Sylph or not. They do enjoy making a game out of teasing their tamer, family, or harem-sisters while invisible, however, and there have been several occasions when a Sylph is to be blamed for various lapses in judgment. Since the Sylph is a relatively newly discovered breed, there are no known rivalries or issues that the Sylph is a part of when it comes to relations with other breeds, though they do work well with other Pokégirls of the same size and stature. Likewise, there are no known threshold cases of a Sylph, which is likely a result of the spiritual nature of the breed.
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VAMPIRE, the Bloodsucking Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Blood
Role: Hunters
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Ghost, Magic, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Infernal
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ice, Celestial, solar-based attacks
Attacks: Vampire Bite, Drain, Invis (all levels), Night Shade, Phase, Illusion, Fear Aura, Mega Drain, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Mist, Dark Matter, Blood Blade, Blood Bullets, Vampiric Touch, Ghost Blade, Nightmare Syndrome
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Healing (x3), Darkness affinity, Constant Ashen Wings and Dark Goggles effect, light transformation and illusionary capabilities
Evolves: Psivamp (Moon Shard), Lucarda (Zalera’s Blessing), Starlady (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: Humans, Dark-type Pokégirls or Amazon-type Pokégirls (infected through bite)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 200,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 57,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 57,500 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Before anything is done, be certain that the Vampire is indeed a Feral one. Observe it, trying if at all possible to stay out of its way. The difference between a Feral Vampire and a Tamed Vampire is very subtle. If the Vampire seems even remotely animalistic in nature, then evac immediately, making sure to have a fighting-type Pokégirl at the ready if you are spotted. If you are spotted, be prepared to kill the Vampire as its bite is potentially lethal and has the potential to infect you or your Pokégirls, resulting in a transformation into a Vampire. (applies to Ferals only)
Vampires were one of the few species of non-Infernals that campaigned with the Legions of Terror during the war. Their presence alone was enough to inspire fear in the populace, and since Sukebe’s research had yielded that humans could be converted to Vampires and forced into service with the Legion, they were considered to be even more terrifying. Human in appearance, save for their pale skin and more pointed than normal canine teeth, they were easily capable of blending in with humanity.
While sunlight didn’t kill them, as it normally would with vampires in the old stories, they were weakened severely by the sun and generally stayed inactive until nighttime. This made it easier to catch and tame Vampires, however doing so guarantees that the Vampire will never have any respect for you. Catching a Feral Vampire at night, and especially at a full moon, when their powers are at their strongest, and you guarantee a loyal, cooperative Vampire in your harem.
Vampires have a variety of fearsome abilities. They can transform into pre-Sukebe creatures such as rats or bats, more powerful Vampires being able to change into swarms of these creatures. They can also transform into mist for silent movement through an area, remaining aware of their entire surroundings when transformed and capable of reforming at any time. They can pass through walls and turn invisible, and manipulate dark energy to their own ends. They are fierce, savage fighters when Feral, losing all of their complex abilities except for much lessened invisibility powers and natural flight. When Tame, their tactics change, as they tend to favor a combination of intimidation and evasive tactics, using illusions and trickery to basically terrify the opponent into defeating themselves. They can turn up to one other person invisible as well, as well as phase them through a wall, but only if they are completely tangible and/or visible before grabbing someone and using the ability.
Having a Vampire in your Harem is not recommended, but doing so shows that you have the patience, diligence, and willingness to do what is necessary for your girls to be happy. Vampires need only one thing to survive: blood. If a Tamer is willing to let their Vampire feed from them, just enough for the Vampire’s needs to suffice, then they guarantee loyalty from their Vampire. It’s best to let them stay in their Pokéball until nighttime, as they become severely weak during the day and cannot take pleasure from any sort of physical act, making Taming useless. In official Pokégirl battles, it is forbidden to use Solar attacks on them, as it is potentially fatal to them.
Vampires can secret a chemical substance through the hollow canines they use to feed. This chemical is what triggers the change into a Vampire. Males turn female before their transformation. To tell the difference from a normal feeding bite and an infected bite, looking for a greenish-yellow foam around the wound. A vampiric infection can be treated and cured within seven days of the bite via white magic and careful medical treatment, but by the eighth day, the effects are irreversible. Due to the nature of how Vampires are formed, no cases of Threshold have been recorded, or are believed to be even possible.
Note that Ferals are FAR more dangerous to travellers than Tame Vampires. Tame Vampires have a strong sense of dignity and are far more likely to be polite to people they meet. They will also NEVER drink more than they need to survive. Ferals are savage, and will drink even when they aren’t thirsty. They also have less control over their bodies and are far more likely to accidentally infect someone with a vampiric transformation virus. Feral Vampires also command Feral Vampira, a breed that Tame Vampires look down on with derision and amusement, as they are moderately useful to their purposes.
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WIDOW, the Run For Your Life If You See One Pokégirl
Type: Tauric Inhuman (arachnid monster)
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare (Not Rare Enough)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Omnicide, Nightmare Fuel, Mass Extinction Engine
Libido: Unanalyzed, appears to be non-existant
Strong Vs: All elements, save for Dragon, Fire, and Electricbr> Weak Vs: Dragon
Attacks: Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Pneumatic Drill, Hyberbeam, Hyper Venom
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Speed (x15), Armored chitin exoskeleton and endoskeleton, 360 degree vision, Web spinners, Poison sacs, Multiple varieties of poison and acid, Able to digest any organic material, Extra arms (Bladed Sythes)
Evolves: Dryder (special; ejecting all poisons from itself)
Evolves From: [CLASSIFIED]Arachnae (extreme pain or Tamer's death)[CLASSIFIED]
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 900,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 40,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
Behold a nightmare made flesh.
This is not exaggeration, this is not a mistaken comparison to the Nightmare breed of Pokégirl, this is the truth, plain and simple. Widows are the worst, the deadliest Pokégirl alive that's not a Legendary. They are destruction incarnate, the essence of rage, more so than the Dark Lady or Panthress breeds could ever be, made into spidery chitinous form. They are rage and hate driven creatures, and no one who has encountered them has anything good to say about them, if they've survived at all.
The problem is, no one really knows WHY they appeared. There are several theories that have arisen from this. The most common one is that Sukebe created them. When his original home was destroyed and his first animorphic creatures slain, he created Widows to gain his revenge, creating the more cute and cuddly breeds later on. Another theory, mainly put forward by Crimson League officials, state that the dreaded Pokégirl General, Athena, created them out of her rage against mankind. No one knows for certain, but everyone IS certain that they are among the most reviled of all Pokégirl breeds.
Widows are truly monstrous to behold. From the waist up, they are vaguely humanoid in appearance, however their skin, dark black in color, is laced with a chitinous armor that can take immense damage from nearly every type of attack as well as dish it out due to sharp points protruding from the armor.. They have a total of 8 blood red, compound eyes located all around their head, the back ones sparsely hidden by wisps of hair, allowing the Widow full three-hundred and sixty degree vision in addition to her two human forward facing eyes. Their faces, while human looking ith their mouths closed, tend to have a disturbing expression of manic rage. Their jaws can split open at the chin, revealing razor-sharp mandibles and fangs that drip constantly with saliva. Within their mouths are another set of venom sacs that allow her bite to carry the HyperVenom that she is so feared for, as well as giving her the ability to spray Hydrochloric from their mouths as well.
They have four arms. Two end in normal, five-fingered hands, but the lower pair end in long, curved blades that glisten with poison from the venom sacs located where the blade connects to their chitin armor. Their cunt, just at the base of their waist, is lined with spikes around the labia, which inject a paralytic venom into a victim, making it easier for the Widow to do as she pleases with them. From the waist down, they are spidery in appearance. A massive spider's abdomen serves as a Widow's lower body, supported by four thick, powerful, hairy spider legs. On the back of the spider-abdomen is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the black fur of the Widow. The spider-legs are long and strong, and a Widow can balance herself on the two back legs to shoot webs or streams of acidic Hyper Venom. All who have reported seeing a Widow and are still alive tell of the nightmares they had for days afterward upon seeing such a horrible creature.
[CLASSIFIED]Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, made all the more horrible by how they form. When an Arachnae, a perfectly innocent breed of Pokégirl, suffers extreme agony that turns into terrible rage, or suffers the pain of a Delta Bond or Recognition being broken, she evolves into this despair-bringer.
From research in one of Sukube's labs, we have found that the Widow was one of his initial Pokégirls planned after the raid had destroyed his beloved first Pokégirls. A video blog of his ranting accusations was found alongside a file on the very first Widow. It seems however from the updated addendums that the Widow could not even be controlled by Sukube himself, literally tearing through friend and foe alike. Notes are sketchy on how exactly he had the ‘project terminated,’ but it does state that he'd ‘removed all possibility of this evolution’ from the Arachnae line. This information was baffling, as we still have Widows to this day, however, in 112 AS a document delivered to Professor Heffner of the Indigo League. This document was at first considered dubious at best, as the author claimed to be none other than Sukube himself! Upon Heffner's reading of the document, several things coincided with discoveries from previous labs that were only known to high level researchers.
In this document, Sukube claimed that the Widow evolution was a mistake, something even the genius mage did not foresee, even after he altered the Arachnae’s DNA so that it was not a normal evolution. To fix this, he claimed that he would use a fast spreading retrovirus to help 'fix his mistake' though the text was vague on how this would be fixed. Most Researchers today postulate that the virus enabled the Widow to evolve into a Dryder.
Addendum by Professor Stroak: The knowledge of a Widow's pre-evolutionary form must not, repeat, MUST NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be revealed to the public. The backlash against Arachnaes, whose only crime would be a connection to this horrible breed, would be terrible, and many innocents would die. At all costs must the secret of a Widow's pre-evolutionary form be protected.[CLASSIFIED]
Widows in combat are fierce, deadly fighters. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them being lightning and fire attacks, and dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can truly hurt them. Combat against a Widow is to be avoided at all costs if encountered alone. Widows attack anything that moves, even going so far as to spray acid on trees should the wind blow. Their attacks are fast and powerful, using their deadly scythe arms to eviscerate or decapitate and spraying streams of acid from their mouths or from the special glands located near her spinnerets. Widows, like other spider Pokégirls, do have the ability to create webbing, which helps them to immobilize males or any prey they may be interested in. One of their more deadly features is their Phasing ability, making most physical attacks nearly impossible to even hit. Fortunately, most Widows are constantly on the attack, making the trail of destruction an easy way of locating this menace even if they have enough awareness to use Invis.
Seriously, just run away. No matter how good you are, how powerful your girls are, a Widow is stronger, faster, deadlier, and just plain meaner. If you ever see one, your best course of action is to quote the famous line from one of the survivors of the second Widow attack: "Run the fuck away, Dumbass!"
While popular thought assumes that there is no difference between the attitudes of Widows, as the breed attack quite literally anything that moves due to the toxic mixture that occasionally leaks from their poison glands and causes extreme pain.. However, a recent video recording from the Sunshine League shows that a few Widows [CLASSIFIED] particularly those who were tamed Arachnae [CLASSIFIED] seem to be able to ignore non threatening targets to attack more threatening ones first. Case in point was the fact that twin Camera Girls could follow the Widow on the back of a Nightmare and not be attacked. It is believed that eventually, a Widow becomes adjusted to the pain of this glandular leakage enough to regain some semblance of sanity. This ushers in the pokegirl's next life stage.
Thankfully, no Threshold cases of turning into a Widow have been reported. Due to the breed's nature, there are no instances of a Widow actually being tamed. [Classified] However, Widows that were Tamed as Arachne have a greater chance of evolving into Dryders as well as keeping some semblance of control during their rage.[/Classified] There is a hope for a few Widows though, as they have the ability to become Dryders should they act within their second life phase.
Hyper Venom
A Widow's deadliest feature is its Hyper Venom. The worst kind of death in a tiny-little sting. Even the tiniest amount can result in horrifying mutilation, if not death.
Hyper Venom consists of a mixture of Hydrochloric Acid, toxic levels of Nicotine, and various cancer cells coated in a protective shell to protect them from the Nicotine. To keep this deadly mixture from simply cooking the widow, the breed has two separate glands at her mouth and abdomen sprayers. Each of these glands contain either a Hydrogen or Chlorine mixture of Hyper Venom, but the spraying action mixes this chemical into it's most deadly state. However, the blades of the Widow contain a lower potency Hydrochloric Acid, as the high molar concentration of Hydrochloric Acid would melt even through a Widow's scythes. This is a highly potent concentration, because in addition to the melting and acid burns caused by the acid, the toxic levels of Nicotine absorb through the skin, and the shelled cancer cells invade easily through acid burns or even affect the skin where they land. It is the Widows glands that are extraordinary, being able to replace themselves through cell division at a startling rate. Due to this extremely fast production, the entire mass of cells that make up the poison glands are replaced around once every 2-3 days. However, this does not even render the Widow herself immune to Hyper Venom, since cell replication at that rate sometimes miscarries and allows small amounts of her own deadly toxin into her own bloodstream. The pain from the acid burns, delirium from the high amounts of nicotine, and odd effects from whatever the cancer cells create is enough to keep most Widows near insane from pain during their first life phase.
The only known cure is the Infinity Antidote used by Venom Mistresses and the powers of the Legendary Pokégirl, Sexebi. Infinity Antidote is inherently magical, and can heal even the acidic damage of Hyper Venom through regeneration of the limbs. However, Venom Mistresses are rare and encounters with Sexebi are even rarer, making this an unreliable cure. The best way so far to save someone if a Venom Mistress or Sexebi is not on hand is amputation of the poisoned part of the body before the poison can spread and to evacuate from where the infected limb is at, due to the deadly byproducts.
An agonizing death is almost guaranteed upon being poisoned by Hyper Venom. So potent is this chemical mixture, that even Widows eventually are killed by the toxic poison that bleeds through their poison glands slowly into their bodies.
The Life Cycle of a Widow
The life of a Widow is short, agonizing, and violent. Here is a breakdown of the three phases of a Widow's life.
Phase One ][ Transformation
The first phase of a Widow, starting just after transformation, is the most devastating one. The time it lasts varies, recorded as little as a few hours though most are longer, the longest phase has been recorded at a month. In this phase, the Widow rampages around, destroying everything in her path, consuming Pokégirls she meets and generally causing havoc. She is at her most inhuman in this phase, her eyes glazed over with rage as she attacks everything in her way, stopping only to rest.
Phase Two ][ Remembrance
The second phase of a Widow's life, also the shortest phase, occurs after the time of rampaging in its first phase is over. They regain the intelligence they lost upon evolving, in some cases getting their memories back as well. Widows are possessed with a tremendous urge to find a place to make a web and breed, and seek out a suitable place, building their web with studious ease. They will then seek out people to mate with, preferring human males, as they have the best chance of inducing pregnancy, and then kill and eat their mates, taking several days at a time to do it in. Once pregnant, they will go into a hibernation state in their lair, her eggs growing to birth level in mere months.
If the Widow manages to control these instincts, they can also forcibly eject all of the poisons and toxins from their bodies, resulting in evolution to a Dryder.
Phase Three ][ Life and Death
The final phase of a Widow's life occurs after they lay their eggs, two months after they are impregnated. Once the eggs are laid, they organize them in a safe place. By this point, a Widow's body has been infected with the poisons and cancer cells of her now badly leaking poison glands, and her body is wearing down. They will have a haggard appearance, and act almost lethargic in relation to their former speed and strength. At this point, their body is so inundated with poison that their blood is literally flammable, though as their carapace is no less difficult to crack, this is a hard way to kill the Widow. They will die shortly before their eggs hatch into Widow kits. So far, no reported nest of Widow's eggs has been allowed to survive. Researchers believe, however, that should the Widow eggs hatch, the Pokékits will tear each other apart, most likely cutting down their numbers from the world-ending hundreds down to a scant one to five.
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WRAITH, the Generic Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Emotions
Role: Spectral spy, Search and rescue
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Normal, Psychic
Attacks: Phase, Nightshade, Go Down, Energy Drain, Drain, Invis (1-3), Ectoplasm, Lick
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Embody, Lifesight, Deathsight, Two minds
Evolves: Pardoner (feeding on higher emotions to excess), Polterkissed (staying in their Shadow Mind for a day OR Dark Stone)
Evolves From: None
Created from the darkness that makes up the space between spaces, referred to by researchers based in Vale as the Shadowlands, these Pokégirls are made up of a sort of ether that theoretically makes up the human soul. Sukebe made these thinking they could act as unseen spies, but when the humans began to tame Dark types, they became ineffectual, and he gave up on them. They disappeared into their own little world until recently, a dark spiritual reflection of the real world.
One of their abilities is to see how alive someone is. This translates into an ability to see the aura of a person or creature which reflects their emotional state. Their Deathsight allows them to see how much entropy exists within a subject. If someone has a terminal disease, the Wraith can see dark markings that signify the symptoms of the disease. It is also possible to see the “Death marks” on a subject a few minutes before their death. If someone is about to get shot, they might develop a dark spot where the bullet will go. If they are about to drown, they may develop black markings on the skin above their lungs. If someone is about to get put through a wood-chipper, they might develop intersecting black marks along their entire body.
These Pokégirls can become visible at will and when they are visible they resemble normal human girls aside from the fact that you can see right through them normally. When they solidify using their “Embody” enhancement, they can interact with the physical world for about an hour at a time, after which they must return to being incorporeal. They have a decent bust, averaging around a C-cup, their features are easily recognizable, as the only colors they have are shades of gray, and their eyes always have large dark rings around them. Some look like corpses, but most resemble the human norm.
When not solid, they feed on human and Pokégirl emotions. They use this energy to fuel themselves and heal damage sustained in combat. If they take enough damage to actually hurt them, they instantly become incorporeal. (This doesn’t happen during Taming, curiously enough, so certain fetishes are still doable.)
Their minds are quite interesting, as they are technically two beings in one. One side of their mind is relatively normal, while the other half is dark and evil. It’s unknown why Sukebe made them this way, but it is known that the darker side is far more destructive. It assumed that he gave them that side in an attempt to give them a better chance in a fight. Wraiths who have allowed themselves to be studied have shown that the dark side of their minds can take over for short periods of time, and if they stay that way for too long they evolve into Polterkisseds.
A Wraith’s disposition often reflects what kind of emotions they “eat.” If a Wraith is raised in a very angry environment, they are usually quite angry themselves. If a Wraith is raised in a caring, loving environment, they will usually be very happy and contented at all times.
The general starting mentality is kind and affectionate. Their diets generally influence this only a little. Anger will usually translate to being more direct in their attempts while Joy will usually amplify their affectionate nature. Their natures are only affectionate to their Tamer. They have a mischevious side, and take great joy in scaring other humans and Pokégirls. Their Harem-sisters only get preferential treatment by the fact that the Wraith will generally think twice about how their Tamer will think of the situation before popping out of Phase right in front of them and scaring them. They get along with Vampires and other ghost types, since they can touch them normally, but they hate psychic types whose power they fear in both their minds.
Their taming preferences will usually reflect that of the people they usually feed off of. If they feed on a Psi-Dyke, their tastes will lean towards women, while if they feed off of a Cockadiddle, their preferences will lean towards heterosexuality. Generally the Wraith will choose a preferred person to feed on, generally one whose usual mood fits with their preferred diet. This diet will generally affect how they evolve.
Their feral state will generally reduce them to a simple apparition. They retain their forms, but only ever become visible, never solid. They generally act like the old ghost tales, saying random things like “Where’s my love?” or “Who has my ring?” or better yet, “Who stole my lover?” They moan and scream in the night and scare the pants off of youngsters. Other ghost types generally think they’re rather pathetic in this state and if feral they will try to destroy them. If they’re tame, they’ll generally ask their tamers to ‘catch and tame the bitches’ so they’ll shut up. Usually, due to their ‘solidity problem’ they’ll have to help their tamer by bringing the Wraith out of their Phase.
Their unique mental make-up makes them extremely resistant to detection by psychics. But this doesn’t help defend against psychic attack, in fact it is a severe detriment. The attack is routed to BOTH minds, doing double damage against them and causing them to loose whatever focus they had on being solid. Being incorporeal allows them to escape, but does not stop a psychic attack from hitting them again if the psychic can sense them.
Their darker minds are often the reason why most tamers don’t have Wraiths or their evolutions in their Harems. The darker mind is quite loyal to the Tamer, but it twists that loyalty into something selfish and cruel. The darker mind will often try to keep the Tamer all to herself without regard to the libido’s of her Harem sisters. Some Wraiths have said that the “Shadow Mind” sometimes tells them to kill their Harem sisters in hopes of getting more attention from their Tamer. One incident that gave these Pokégirls a bad name was of a relatively weak-willed Wraith let her Shadow Mind take over and kill her Tamers favorite Lover in the hopes of getting more Taming from him. She was subjected to two level 5 Taming cycles, one for each mind.
The Shadow Mind can take over only once in a great while, an event which depends on the willpower of the Wraith. If the Shadow Mind manages to keep control for longer than a day at a time, they evolve into a Polterkissed. Efforts are being made by Researchers to try and control the Shadow Mind in an attempt to increase their Harem viability.
Threshold cases are rare, and usually have some ghost-type in their family line.
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ZOMBABE, the Carnivorous Corpse Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human - Inhumanoid
Element: Poison/Ghost
Frequency: Common - Extremely Rare (depends on outbreak)
Diet: living flesh
Role: scourge of humanity
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Ice, Celestial Pokégirls
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Tackle, Wrestle, Growl, Poison Mist, Mega-Zombie Poison, Lure, Sprite
Enhancements: Sleeplessness, relentlessness, poison immunity, constant fear aura
Disadvantages: Fire-weakness, Ice-weakness, low mental capacity, slow movement.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Any Human females or Pokégirls (constant use of Red Magic Spell: Zombie, infected through breaking of skin)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 90,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 45,000 SLC
Bounty (for successful stop of plague): 1,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Upon seeing a Zombabe although difficult, remain calm. They may seem dangerous due to the constantly generated Aura of Fear, but remember, that Zombabes are a slow and dim-witted bunch and it is easy to outrun them; the suggested route to take when one or more is found. If fleeing is not a realistic option, use a Dark, Fire, or Ice-Type Pokégirl or one with a Celestial alignment to mow down numbers. If you have a pistol, pick them off from a distance – AIM FOR THE HEAD!
It has been said before, and shall be said again. The practice of Magic is not a toy and Vale Officials and Teachers are correct in pointing out that it is an ever growing and changing field, with new practices coming to the fore everyday; nothing is truly set. After the common practice of trial and error, some spells are accepted as part of common Magical practice and are given the Magic Guild’s official seal of approval. Unfortunately, even though all spells that pass through Vale’s halls are put through the proper procedures of testing and experimentation before they achieve acceptance, sometimes the full capacities of a magic spell might not be fully known until it is too late.
Discovered by the Magic Guild of Vale, Red Magic was a field of magic that consisted of all spells that do not have direct effects on their target. It has, understandably been a field of magic that most people have taken to using for support; enhancing Pokégirls and changing the effects of battle. One popular Red Magic Spell in particular is ‘Zombie’. Zombie was a recently discovered and rather strange magic spell that, when used, would reverse the effects of healing spells like Cure, and healing items, so they would damage the afflicted target. Also, Pokégirls under the Status-Effect of Zombie could not be hurt under any regular circumstances, making them into living punching bags. Esuna and other similar remedies could cure this ailment and it was known to wear off on its own in one hour’s time.
It was this later fact about the spell that brought upon the dangers we now know of. Some Magic-adept Tamers or Tamers with Magic-Type Pokégirls that learned this spell would come to use it often in battle. It was great aid for training weaker Pokégirls in their harem and useful for multi-opponent melees, as the Pokégirl with the spell Zombie cast upon her could take all kinds of damage, yet never fall. She could continue to attack randomly on her own, no matter the damage, as most other Pokégirls don’t have the ability to cast healing techniques upon others.
However, the point is there ARE Pokégirls that do have the power to heal themselves and others, (primarily Celestials) and with enough of their tender-loving care, any Pokégirl who is under the effect of the spell Zombie, will go down for the count. Normally, this would revert the Pokégirl back to her natural state, and she would need either potions or a run through a Healing Machine to get the back into fighting condition. Sometimes though, by rare chance, the Pokégirl would remain in her Zombie state, effectively dead. While it is very frustrating and sad for a Tamer to lose a Pokégirl that they had worked so hard with, that wasn’t the problem...
...The problem was the Pokégirl didn’t stay down.
It doesn’t matter what elemental-type the Pokégirl originally was in life. When she dies under these circumstances any powers and advantages she had originally are gone, replaced by a template of simple attacks with definitely disastrous Poison and Ghost elemental techniques. She could come back to ‘life’ anywhere from instantly to three days, but when she did, she would be a creature that seeks only to fulfill the most basic need. The need to feed!
Classified as the Zombabe, the Pokégirl is not a template, but its own separate breed of Pokégirl. They are a living nightmare for League Officials, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Tamers, and civilians to have to deal with. While the sudden appearance of a Zombabe is nowhere near as bad as a Widow attack if handled quickly and properly, even a single Zombabe could easily be the start of a plague that could become a problem that might take the resources of an entire League to quell, as they must be quarantined from the rest of the world; primarily by magic. They could easily cross over water as they could land, since they’d walk across the bottom of any body of water, thus they must be forced to remain in a single area
The reason is that there are numerous problems that make dealing with Zombabes a true difficulty. These creatures are no longer the loyal Pokégirls they were in life, instead they are relentless, slowly rotting, mobile corpses. They cannot be reasoned with and will only attack the nearest living thing to attack and eat, often going for soft tissues. Taking them out has proven difficult as well, as they continually generate the technique Fear Aura without pause, making it difficult for even seasoned Tamers and Police Officers to concentrate on their thoughts. There is also the fact that even with one of the easiest ways to take them out being to shoot them in the head from a distance, they are still cause for danger. When they go down, their head explodes into one last automatic use of the technique Poison Mist, which is made up of their Mega-Zombie Poison.
The Mega-Zombie Poison is a special poison, and the worst aspect of the Zombabe. Normally transferred through a bite or a simple scratch, not even Pokégirls with thick hides or armor-plating are safe from it as the poison can be inhaled when released as a burst into the air. Mega-Zombie Poison has proven to be one of the most versatile toxins, as recent studies have shown that not only is it water soluble, but the poison keeps its potency. That means it is possible for a Zombabe to taint any form of liquid, be it a Water-type Pokégirl’s attack, or a town’s water-shed; even simply coming into contact with a ‘dead’ Zombabe’s bodily fluids may cause risk for infection. The poison itself turns Pokégirls and even human women into Zombabes, increasing the breed’s numbers and therefore the danger of the situation. While Pokégirls can be treated quickly enough with certain Remedies to evade such a problem, human women need a Celestial Pokégirl or one with similar healing abilities to cure their condition. If one is not present, then the human woman will turn into a Zombabe within a half hour of being infected. Interestingly, it has been proven that the only females immune to the poison are the Clonetwo breed. Research is still ongoing as to how they are immune.
Although they cannot be turned into Zombabes, human males are not immune to Mega-Zombie Poison. The horrible poison will kill the person as it denatures their soft tissues, causing them to rot from the inside-out if. The process will continue if they are not healed quickly by the proper remedies or a Celestial Pokégirl. On average, if an infected male isn’t healed within twelve hours of being bitten or infected otherwise, he’s not going to be healed. Instead, he will suffer the most excruciating and debilitating pain as his body continues to slowly shut down over the course of three days. It is suggested to simply end the pain by killing those that are affected beyond healing as once they’re dead and the poison has run its course, the corpse is a carrier of Mega-Zombie Poison and only burning it will get rid of it.
Combat with the breed is a trial in patience and effort. While Zombabes can be stabbed, shot, and clawed, they feel no pain and will continue on towards their target; dismembered, they will wiggle their injured bodies toward the closest warm and living flesh to feast upon. Still, one can take heart in that Zombabes are not invincible. As experimented upon and verified by Officer Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the Tanuki City plague over in the Johto League, there are a number of effective ways to take the creatures down for good. He’s even joked that Zombabes are the reason that regular bullets will never go out of production.
If there is only one Zombabe and no living beings close by, try to take the girl out with a head-shot. Nothing gets hit by the Poison Mist, and the Zombabe is truly dead. Also, they do have elemental weakness like other Pokégirls. Dark attacks are effective at pushing groups of Zombabes back. Fire attacks will take care of them for good, burning them to nothing, including the poison. Recent study has revealed that Zombabes are also weak to Ice-type Pokégirl, as without blood pumping through them they freeze solid and can be destroyed that way as well, the Mega-Zombie Poison rendered inert. The favored type to use against numerous Zombabes are Celestial Pokégirls; those of a high enough level can use their Celestial attacks, healing powers, and even their aura to free the Zombabes of their current state, allowing the bodies to finally expire for good. And of course, the most important tool for taking down a Zombabe is keeping a calm, level head. As long as one resists the urge to panic due to the Aura of Fear, a person can go about things logically and stay alive as they effectively battle these beasts.
Even with all that has happened, the problems the spell has brought up with the creation of this Pokégirl breed, the Magic Guild of Vale has refused to ban the Red Magic Spell of Zombie. They have cited that Zombie is a perfectly valid and safe spell, and that the circumstances which could create a Zombabe from it are rare. They go onto cite how many Pokégirls have been through similar, if not the same situations before, and they stayed permanently dead when something went wrong. This had led Vale’s Magic Guild to conclude that since the outcome of Zombabe it really more of a rare quirk than any predestined outcome of the spell. They stand by their initial ruling that the spell Zombie is not an outright hazard, and will continue to remain on the list of viable and legal Red Magic Spells.
Zombabes are illegal to own as even alone, they remain a Beta Level Threat and as numbers grow, can increase to an Omega Level state of Emergency. They do not respond to a Tamer and cannot be Tamed; they remain in a Feral state no matter what. Tamers caught trying to Tame a Zombabe are not only sick, sick, SICK fucks, but are also good as dead as the infection will spread from intercourse, leaving them to die in a most horrendous way as they’ve deserved.
[Classified] While a scary concept to accept, there is a startlingly alarming bit of news and research that has slowly come to the fore. While more an exception than it is the rule, the fact remains that some Zombabes can LEARN! Thought to be a possible reemergence of vestigial memories, these Zombabes that exist long enough can learn to manipulate simple tools or even learn to try and escape a possible threat to their continued existence. One of the scariest learned tactics is the waiting game, where they try and blend in with their surroundings, silent and still, and wait for someone to walk by them before they pounce. While most disheartening, we can at least be thankful that the concept of a ‘running’ Zombabe is still only rumor and hearsay. [Classified]
Mega-Zombie Poison - (ATK 25 + EFT) Exclusive to Zombabe. A superior version of Zombie Poison. If successful, the target is inflicted with the Zombie status. If not cured via a potion, (Esuna) within three hours, the target will transform into another Zombabe. Human females turn into Zombabes within a half-hour and males will die a slow and excruciating death that could take anywhere up to three days before they die.
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