BLAZICUNT, the Blazing Glory Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: hot spices and peppers
Role: dancers, blacksmiths, fire-rescue
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Burning Uppercut, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Focus Energy, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Preen
Enhancements: Heat Aura, Bulk Up
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Combusticunt (normal)
The main (and often only) reason a Tamer continues to put up with the constant bad attitude of a Combusticunt is so that she evolves into her final form: a Blazicunt.
A Blazicunt’s eyes are now completely red; no other features or color are present. Her bust size increases even more than it did during the last evolution, usually to a full C-cup. They grow reddish-orange down-like feathers all over their body and the feathers poof more predominantly between their breasts. Comparatively, the feathers on her breasts themselves are small and leave her nipples uncovered. Likewise, the feathers at her crotch are also smallish, leaving her pussy on display. Her hands and feet become more birdlike in appearance, now having only four digits on each hand and foot. As in their previous form, Blazicunts tend to eschew clothing.
A Combusticunt that evolves leaves behind her excessive anger, while retaining their fiery spirit in combat. Combined with her new fire attacks, Blazicunts are a force to be reckoned with. A Blazicunt has a strong tactical understanding, and almost always begins combat by laying down Napalm, followed by Flamethrower attacks to move her opponents into positions advantageous to her. A Blazicunt then uses her Bulk Up enhancement, which allows her to increase her muscle mass to heighten her physical attacks at the cost of making her slower, and closes in for close combat. While not the quickest combatant when using her Bulk Up enhancement, a Blazicunt has usually backed her opponent into a heated corner by this time, negating this disadvantage. Between this and her Ignite, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, and Burning Uppercut attacks, most opponents don’t last long. When fighting a pokesex battle, Blazicunts tend to use a Warm Embrace, followed by Preen and then the sex-version of Burning Hands.
Blazicunts are as pleasant to have in a Harem as their previous form was unpleasant. They tend to be magnanimous and outgoing, and are quick to offer to Tame their Harem-sisters. One particular quirk they have is a love for dancing, something researchers say is a very faint subconscious desire to fly that she has because of her avian nature. One constant from her previous forms is how horny she remains, and Blazicunts never miss an opportunity to get it on with her Tamer or Harem-sisters. The loyalty she felt as a Torch Chick returns in full force in this evolution, and Blazicunts, save for pokesex battles, have no interest in being Tamed by anyone beyond her master and his Pokégirls.
Blazicunts have the same Taming preferences as they did as Torch Chicks, save for that they enjoy petting and stroking since they now have feathers all over. They still dislike being put in cool water beforehand, but understand that some Tamers have become accustomed to it since using the procedure on them as Combusticunts.
Feral Blazicunts are relatively passive creatures, mostly sticking to their Scratch attack unless seriously threatened, in which case they unleash Flamethrower and Ignite on their enemies.
Threshold girls almost never become Blazicunts directly. When such a rare Threshold does occur however, the family of the girl tends to make a hefty profit on selling her to a pokeranch, since Blazicunts are very strong (and thus valuable) Pokégirls.
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BRASS, the Bold Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Punch, Harden, Quake, Headbutt, Body Slam, Toss, Seismic Toss, Fireball, Ignite, Flame Sword Mark II, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Strength (x16), Statuesque Manner, Extremely High Density, Slow
Evolves: Iron Maiden (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: Titto (Fire Stone)
This Pokégirl is known for her bravery in otherwise-harrowing situations (usually due to their powerful defenses), leading to the expression "bold as a Brass" to mean someone who is remarkably courageous. This Pokégirl can be acquired by using a Fire Stone on a Titto, making her congeal and solidify as she evolves.
Brasses tend to be taller than other Pokégirls, usually standing around six feet tall. They're entire coloration, skin, hair, everything, is the same deep bronze color, making them seem like metallic statues if they stand still. They tend to have short hair, since their hair grows much slower than most other Pokégirls', and similarly don't have much hair between their legs as well. Brasses tend to have generous breasts, around a moderate C-cup. They prefer to go naked, since it allows them to pose as statues in an instant.
A Brass's skin and bones are solid metal, and her great weight, indicated by the Extremely High Density enhancement, reflects this. Most Brasses weigh in at around a ton. Given that, they are virtually always on the bottom during Taming. Despite looking like living statues, Brasses are organic beings, and if wounded they react as such, not like a broken piece of metal. Their enhancements make it hard for anything to cut them enough to make them bleed though, let alone seriously injure them. Forbidden Tech projectile guns have been known to have their shots ricochet harmlessly off a Brass's skin. A Brass tends to eat minerals of all sort, preferring gems the way humans prefer candy. The finer the grain of a rock or jewel, the tastier it is to her.
A Brass is lacking in speed, as reflected in the Slow enhancement. A jogging pace for them is a brisk walk for humans and most other Pokégirls, and when they run all out, almost anything can outdistance them soon, although the shaking ground tends to slow them down. Despite their metallic nature, these Pokégirls have no special endurance abilities. Being a combination Fire and Steel-type, these Pokégirls have some characteristics of each. Their libido is lower than a normal Fire-type's would be, yet higher than most Steel-types, balancing out to a happy medium. Most Tamers use their strongest restraints when its time for a Brass to be Tamed.
Despite these drawbacks, Brass is a good choice for many Harems. Her Statuesque Manner enhancement allows her to stop moving instantly, holding a pose to such a fine degree that it becomes extremely hard to tell she isn't a statue. This includes slowing her breathing so it isn't obvious her chest is rising and falling. An examination by touch can tell however. A Brass's scent is that of the same metal as her name, so any Pokégirl with a keen nose won't be able to tell she's anything but a statue. This makes her ideal to act as a spy, observing an opponent's plans without him realizing she's a Pokégirl. Alternately, she can lie in wait for an unsuspecting target and then ambush them. A Brass can hold a pose for up to two days without moving before hunger and arousal make her abandon it. Brasses given a Heavy Metal stone evolve to Iron Maidens, and can hold a statue pose even longer since they lose their Fire element.
In combat her Toughness enhancement and her Harden attack allow her to soak up damage like a sponge and not blink. Her incredible strength makes combat with her end fast unless the opponent is similarly endowed. Few opponents can stand up to a Brass using Punch or Headbutt on them. Those that can usually get an Earthquake directed at them by the Brass, knocking them over so she can then use either Toss or Seismic Toss on them. For foes that fight at a distance, she tosses Fireballs at them until she can get closer. Due to her Fire-type nature, a Brass can heat herself at will, becoming very hot all over her body. This allows her to heat any weapon she's holding to the point where it becomes outlined in flames. A Brass heating herself does not manifest fire on herself, but can otherwise still use the Ignite attack by making herself sizzling hot to the touch. A more controlled heat is used when her Warm Embrace attack is utilized. In the dark, a Brass glows a dull red, illuminating (and often igniting) things a very short distance from her.
Feral Brasses are still slow, so a well-prepared Tamer can have his Harem easily outmaneuver one. They usually head towards population centers, dimly recognizing someone there can help them. They usually get caught very quickly by a Tamer who recognizes how strong they are. The best tactic for capturing a Feral Brass is to having a fire-resistant Pokégirl draw her Fireballs towards her while other Pokégirls attack with Electric and Water techniques. There have been no known cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Brass directly.
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CAPHOOCHIE, the Freeze or Burn Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Capuchin Monkey)
Element: Fire/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human Norm
Role: Limited Weather Control (heating or cooling), Storm Generation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Dragon, Flying
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Imitate, Taunt, Ice Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Slide, Iceball
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing and Vision (x2), Enhanced Reflexes, Balance, Flexibility, and Agility (x3), Aura of Calm, Aura of Rage, Prehensile tail
Weaknesses: Cannot use her ice and fire attacks simultaneously. Obsession with Balance.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Discovered shortly after the Great War, the Caphoochie breed was a startling discovery, a Pokégirl of conflicting elements that seemed to balance out in harmony with each other. This odd Pokégirl seems to be a study in the tenuous balance of two elemental extremes, though held together by a mostly cheerful disposition.
At a glance, most Caphoochie resemble human females, though these Pokégirls have larger ears than any human would, even though they're similar in shape and position on the Caphoochie's head. They have long dark furred prehensile tails that usually match their hair. Caphoochies tend to have at least some white in their hair however, be it only their bangs or sometimes their entire head of hair. Rarely, their lighter hair is golden to red instead of white. Feralborne Caphoochie tend to have body fur that ranges from fur along the tops of their hands and feet that end at the elbows and knees to full body fur. This fur tends to be a pattern of black and cream/white or the rare golden to red. A Caphoochie's feet are more like hands, able to grasp and manipulate objects with the same ease as using her actual hands. Caphoochie are sometimes short, ranging in height from an even four feet to a tall six feet in height. Their bust ranges from a B to D cup, with the larger cup sizes usually being found on the taller individuals. Despite how 'fuzzy' the breed is, their loins are usually hairless.
Caphoochie are a breed that devote themselves to the concept of balance, many making this a spiritual and philosophical point of view. They follow the tamers rule, but buck against their tamer occasionally, only to point out that chaos and order are something to be equally respected. They respect nature as a whole, but also point out that without forest fires there could be no rebirth of the forest. At times their moods are mercurial, shifting from passionate and boisterous to calm and serene within the span of the day. However, this is not to say that Caphoochie are unpredictable, as there is a pattern, an ebb and flow if you will, of the breed's extremes and most tamers can often count on the Caphoochie's shifting almost like the tides. Being deeply spiritual Pokégirls, most Caphoochie have a hunger for learning about various philosophical views and religions, and approach the subject enough patience and wisdom to actually calm the more volatile individuals down into rational discussion. Many tamers can trust their Caphoochie to offer kernels of wisdom, even if it is at the most inconvenient time.
While Caphoochie are a Fire/Ice element Pokégirl, the breed cannot control both elements at the same time. Research into this oddity has shown that this is because the Caphoochie's ability to control her opposing elements hinges on the respective fire or ice energies not colliding. Using both of her elements at once causes the skin of her body to split and steam to violently escape, injuring the Pokégirl severely. However, it only takes a few seconds for a Caphoochie to trade off her conflicting elements, and some well trained Caphoochie can take this time down to almost one second without injury. Thanks to their ability to use either fire or ice attacks however, Caphoochie are formidable opponents, able to blast her foes with fireballs, only to switch to an Ice Beam for a finishing move.
Caphoochie are surprisingly loving and cuddlesome Pokégirls, maintaining the view that 'love is fleeting and should be done with one's whole heart'. If treated affectionately by her Tamer, they will find that they have an almost literal 'love monkey' on their back, who often pulls in her harem sisters to share the love as well. Caphoochie can be found in sex battles infrequently, as they do not naturally know sex attacks, but can learn them. They are willing to try most forms of bedroom fetishes and kinks, though they tend to avoid the more harsh BDSM play. Luckily for Tamers, Caphoochie are neither too hot nor too cold, their body temperatures being within the human norm, though they're never bothered in cold climates thanks to their innate fire abilities. Feral Caphoochie tend to gather into social groups, usually just to play, tame, or otherwise interact before and after they forage for food. They tend to be curious and playful around strange situations, though they can put up quite a fight when harassed or threatened as well as making quite a mess by getting into trashcans, buildings, and other human made places. Ferals of the breed are considered dangerous however, and should never be approached without the aid of a Pokégirl, preferably a Rock, Water, or Fighting type to help tilt the odds in the human's favor. Threshold Caphoochie happen infrequently, as unless the girl in question's ancestry included Caphoochie, she would need to have both fire and ice types in her family tree. The first sign of thresholding into a Caphoochie are prolonged foot cramps, followed by the ears growing in size and manifesting her fire and ice abilities. Fur growth, if any, usually happens during the same stage as the ears enlarging. Many thresholders are sold to ranches, but some run away to join Shrines, Churches, or Temples.
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CERBERASS, the Hell Hound Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Anthropomorphic - Canine
Element: Dark/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Raw meat, hot peppers, spicy foods
Role: guard dog, fierce hunter
Libido: High (Very High monthly)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Pummel, Takedown, Howl, Bite, Crunch, Fire Blast, Flame Tower, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Reinforced Muscular and Skeletal Structures, Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x10), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hound (Anubust’s Curse)
With the revelation of Anubust, slowly more information comes forth related to the Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl. And it would now seem that the impressive and loyal breed of Pokégirl, the Hound is linked to Anubust. It appears that Sexmet isn’t the only one whose ‘blessing’ and ‘curse’ can have the effect of incredible evolution.
Hounds are already an impressive and intimidating Pokégirl species, standing at nearly six and a half feet with strong, muscular builds, generous C-Cup tits, and intimidating black fur and dark eyes. Anubust has brought them to a whole new level of intimidation.
As it is well known, Hounds are a notoriously territorial breed. And while normally untraceable in any sense of the way, Anubust allowed herself to appear before a Hound that caught her attention with the protective nature she had of her Tamer. However, the Hound instantly took offense to this intruder on that land she was currently using and tried to use Bite on the Legendary. Of course, in her spiritual state, such an attack didn’t even phase her, and a now annoyed Anubust cursed the Pokégirl.
When the Hound’s owner was roused from slumber by all the noise, he was greeted by the sight of what his Pokégirl had become. No longer was she like a hound, instead she was more like a truly imposing canine creature. Standing at an intimidating 7’7” in height, the fur of her muscular frame was now a white underside and otherwise covered in bright red with splashes of black in set patterns, her tail, once very lithe, becomes longer with thick fur. She had become imposing beyond belief, comparable to an Amachamp, really. A large pair of E-Cup breasts that were situated between two sets of arms, and then to top it off, three heads like a Chimera! She was now what would be called a Cerberass!
The species, despite having three heads, is one person, and so one personality controls all three heads. This is believed to be an effect from the fact a Cerberass comes from a Pokégirl of single species lineage, unlike the Chimera, which came from the Griffon, (which was already a mix of feline and bird). Many people are surprised about this fact when they meet a Cerberass, but most do admit that being able to hold three different conversations with three different people all at once can be quite useful.
Although the looks are a bit hellish, the Cerberass are surprisingly not Infernal. They retain aspects from their previous evolution that are sought after in the Canine-type breeds; loyalty and a loving personality. However, now with a Sub-type of Fire, a Cerberass’ affection leads to a more amorous nature... and with their newfound strength and power, they can easily get what they want from their Tamer.
When it comes to Pokébattle, a Cerberass is more than willing to throw herself one-hundred percent into any conflict, using her intimidation factor to its fullest! Unfortunately, this can lead to trouble as, even with all her strength and fiery might she now possesses, she can still be easily felled by a Water-type Pokégirl. Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a Cerberass whimper in defeat with her tail between her legs after she had her butt handed to her by a Magikunt of all things.
Taming is a very solid part of the Cerberass’ attitude now. The three-headed Canine, for one thing, definitely puts all three heads to use when in the throws of passion with her Tamer; definitely granting the term ‘Giving Head’ a new meaning. However, it cannot be stressed enough that with her newly increased mass and strength that a Tamer start using Heavy Restraints on the Cerberass for the first few months of owning a Cerberass. They can get very active and aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about the full extent of their capabilities. It really is a safety issue that should be addressed. Still, after all is said and done, a Cerberass will look after her Tamer all night as he sleeps, guarding him from any possible perils.
At this point in time, it is completely unheard of for a woman to Threshold into a Cerberass. There are only a number of Domestic Hounds that have been cursed by the Legendary Anubust, and none have been bred as of yet. Although the breed as a whole certainly seems to be looking forward to it when the time comes...
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Charamanda, the Fiery Lizard-esque Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat and cooked fish
Role: frontline soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fire Spin, Fireball, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, Bite, Scratch, Fury Swipes
Enhancements: Fire powers, Endurance, claws
Evolves: Charmelons (normal)
Evolves From: None
The first elemental Pokégirl to make her appearance during Sukebe's War was the Charamanda and her more powerful evolutions. Using her fire attacks to attack the human forces, they decimated regiments of human soldiers and melted through tank armor to great effect. It was only when Sukebe's Charamandas attempted to infiltrate cities on their own that they found themselves overpowered by local fire departments and their fire hoses that held the lines against them. Eventually, when Sukebe learned to utilize other elemental types with the Charamanda forces, not even those defenders managed to hold the lines at all. After the war, these Pokégirls were hunted but many survived both the war and the Pokégirl hunts in the years that followed. These were also the first Fire-types that Researchers after the war obtained data on.
These days, these Pokégirls are known to be one of the most stable and easily tamed fire-types throughout the world. They don't need any special precautions before a taming, unlike their evolutions. They are reptilian, having scales rather than skin like a human, which is rather sensitive to temperature drops and water. Their scales are normally a deep red in coloration, though their front is often an orange color or at least a lighter red around their stomach, chest, and breasts. These Pokégirls also have a tail that is as long as they are tall that is not prehensile. Charamanda stand at about five feet tall, though some are a bit taller as well. Their tail actually has a fire that emits from it, which allows the Charamanda to heat up her surroundings easily. This flame may not be present in domestic Charamandas, however, although it can be dispelled with magic. Dousing this flame otherwise can harm a Charamanda that does possess this flame.
More affectionate than her evolutions, and perhaps moreso than any other fire type other than the Spitfire or the FireCat, the Charamanda enjoys cuddling with a trusted tamer almost as much as receiving a taming. This Pokégirl has a low pleasure threshold, which grows as she evolves. They are very careful with their tamers, not wanting to burn them, but ferals are known to go all out against any that enter their supposed territory, Pokégirl and tamer alike. These Pokégirls are often provided to new tamers as often as a Growlie is, simply because of their loyalty and abilities that are rather well suited towards traveling. Feral Charamanda don't normally have hair, but domestics usually do thanks to their origins with having a human father.
In battles, Charamandas are well suited for both ranged and close-combat. Their teeth are suited to tearing, ripping, and piercing- perfect for their Bite attacks. Although her tail isn't prehensile, it is strong and thick, and suitable for her tail whip attack. And their ability with fire allows for a variety of fire attacks to be available at most any range of battle. The Charamanda has claws on her hands and feet, allowing her to utilize them well in close quarters as well. In sex battles, their low pleasure threshold is an obvious liability. Their evolved forms are much more suited for such battles, however.
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CHARMELONS, the Hot ‘N’ Heavy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Plants, small animals, pokechow
Role: igniting things, combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Thrower, Ember, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands
Enhancements: Endurance, Heat Resistance
Evolves: Whorizard (normal)
Evolves From: Charamanda (normal)
Charmelons are Charamandas who have been Tamed enough and have won enough battles. As with most Pokégirl evolutions, perhaps the most immediately notable effect is a more pronounced bust. A CharMelons still bears strong resemblance to her previous form however, retaining the scales and tail. She can still make the flame on her tail appear or vanish at will, but the flame is now larger, burning brighter than before. A curious development is that all CharMelons have reddish-blonde hair that stands up and waves agitatedly. The effect is that it looks as though they have flames atop their head. The appearance is just an illusion though, their hair is still just hair.
A CharMelons can use her attacks to a greater degree, releasing larger gouts of flame with her attacks. She also gains some sex attacks with this form. Warm Embrace lets her hug the opponent to her body, mimicking the feeling of afterglow to lower her foe’s mental defenses. Burning Hands can be used as either a sex attack or a normal attack. Using this technique, a CharMelons can make her hands pleasant warm and then begin stroking her opponent’s sensitive areas, or she can make then burning hot, and close to grapple her foe with them painfully. With their increased fire abilities comes an additional resistance to damage from fire. CharMelons have been known to enter burning buildings to save their Tamer or other members of their harem, taking no damage from the flames around them.
Unlike most Fire-types, a CharMelons is still well behaved. She may grouse if unhappy, but she doesn’t tend to act out unless her Tamer is mistreating her in some way. Another oddity is that she isn’t as lustful as most Fire-types are, being content with only being Tamed once or twice a day, although if more Taming is offered she certainly won’t turn it down. Tamers having sex with their CharMelons need to be careful, since when aroused her already-hot pussy grows even warmer, and her juices are heated as well.
Unless proper precautions are taken, such as heat-resistant cream applied, nasty burns can be the result. Like their previous form, CharMelons enjoys stroking and cuddling before, during, and after Taming.
Feral CharMelons are dangerous, being quite unrestrained in their use of their attacks. They tend to be quickly subdued by concerned individuals who don’t want their loved ones and property set aflame. Threshold girls rarely skip straight to this form, but it isn’t unknown.
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CLYDESDAME, the Titanic Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Centaur)
Element: Ground/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Apples, carrots, hay (when desperate), grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: Transports
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Steel, Electric, Poison, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Grass, Water
Attacks: Take Down, Flame Floor, Power Drive, Quickturn, Quake, Stomp, Tectonic Slam, Flame Step(*)
Enhancements: Shapeshifting, Uncannily Surefooted, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Disadvantages: Slower than she was as a Ponytaur.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (Sun Stone+Diamond Stone)
Clydesdames weren't discovered until 190 AS, when a Ponytaur and her tamer found themselves in a mountainous area where the ground was unstable. As a landslide began right beneath their feet, the Ponytaur evolved into the large Clydesdame and carried her tamer to safety, leaping from sections of falling rock directly onto solid ground.
A Clydesdame is a LARGE Pokégirl. In human form, they tend to stand between seven and nine feet tall. In hybrid form, they stand between ten and twelve feet tall. They are quite strong and like Rhynodames, are often used for moving heavy objects and any sort of travel through rocky or unstable terrain. When in human form, they may appear to have the same stature as Amachokes, but they do not like having defined muscles and most prefer to have more supple curves to make themselves more attractive.
The only major drawback to a Clydesdame is the fact that she is slower than most Ponytaurs and Cheetahs. Most Clydesdames prefer to work on strength and endurance, rather than try to futilely regain that level of speed, and as such, can easily outlast virtually any other horse Pokégirl when it comes to running.
Clydesdames are exceptionally surefooted. Nothing short of a direct attack or the instantaneous and complete dissolution of ground (like ice suddenly melting or a trap door giving way) beneath their feet will cause them to lose their balance. Even on ice in their hybrid form, they almost never slip and instinctively stay away from weak ice that cannot support them. They can also detect areas which are prone to avalanches, unstable ground, quicksand and many other hidden obstacles when in hybrid form. She is also one of the few Ground-type Pokégirls who cannot use Dig.
Their favorite tactic, when not facing water Pokégirls, is to use Flame Floor to make themselves even more intimidating.
They've often use Power Drive to make their Stomp and Take Down attacks even more devastating. When seeking to retreat from battle, a Clydesdame will use Flame Step, an ability that only fire-type Pokégirls can use effectively, to create a series of small fires to slow or stop pursuers until she is certain they cannot follow, then she will cancel the technique and simply run.
Favored by merchants who travel through mountains and farmers who need small but heavy loads moved about, Clydesdames were sought after for a while, but now, they are too rare and are often replaced by Rhynodames. Feral Clydesdames are almost nonexistent, but do pop up once in a while, usually as a guardian for more timid Pokégirls. Thresholding directly into a Clydesdame is impossible without having a Clydesdame for a mother.
(*) - Flame Step (ATK 5 + EFT) - A useful means of keeping enemies from pursuing her, the Pokégirl uses her powers to set the ground beneath her ablaze. Each step creates a foot-high fire that lasts for only twenty seconds, regardless of the terrain beneath it.
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COMBUSTICUNT, the Pyro Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: anything spicy
Role: hothead, smith
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Evade, Focus Energy, Rage
Enhancements: Heat Aura
Evolves: Blazicunt (normal)
Evolves From: Torch Chick (normal)
A Torch Chick that gains enough experience (both in combat and in the Taming room) evolves to a Combusticunt. Most Torch Chicks who are owned by local smithies never reach this evolution, since they know that they’d be trading loyalty for bitchiness.
A Combusticunt’s looks are enhanced from when she was a Torch Chick, and more birdlike. She retains the deeply tanned skin and fiery-colored hair, but around her collarbone, and stretching down to between her breasts are soft, small feathers of red and orange. These feathers are downy soft and warm, not course like a bird's feathers. A Combusticunt’s claws are stronger now, allowing her to use them in combat. The irises and pupils of her eyes are now a single, uniform red against the white of the rest of her eyes, giving them a slightly disturbing look. A Combusticunt's bust increases a cup size, becoming a B-cup, and lose none of their nipple sensitivity. Combusticunts tend to shamelessly present themselves without clothing most of the time, reveling in their new looks and enjoying the attention they get.
Combusticunts are known for their short and explosive tempers and are often compared to angst-ridden teenagers (and look much like them also). Their bodies, like other Fire-types, are quite warm, but when angered, their body temperature skyrockets, causing them to use their Ignite attack. Since Combusticunts have such explosive tempers, they become belligerent and unpleasant with everyone, even their Tamer. While they don’t desire sex any less, they tend to become pushy, making a scene unless they’re Tamed when and how they want. Combusticunts do still obey orders given to them, but tend to need to be told two or three times, and even then tend to bitch about it while obeying. Given that the notable loyalty they held as a Torch Chick is now missing, more than one Tamer has exasperatedly referred to a Combusticunt as almost being more trouble than their worth.
The “almost" refers to a Combusticunt’s battle ability. Though their powers are nothing special, a Combusticunt’s fiery spirit makes them determined combatants. Nothing short of unconsciousness (and orgasm) makes them quit the field…sometimes even not even orders from their Tamer can make them withdraw. Combusticunts in a pokebattle hurl themselves at their opponent, slinging flames at every opportunity. Combusticunts are smart enough to use their Napalm attack to try to maneuver enemies into positions where they can’t escape being hit by a Flamethrower, preferably after it’s been enhanced by Focus Energy. Should they find themselves losing, however, a Combusticunt tends to Rage, relying on pure, unquenchable will to carry the day when nothing else seems to be working.
When being Tamed, Combusticunts still prefer to be in full-body contact with their Tamer. However, they now prefer to be on top whenever possible, grinding their sensitive nipples against their Tamer’s chest to bring themselves to a heady orgasm. Many Tamers prefer to have their Combusticunt soak in cool water prior to Taming (or even Taming them while in the water), despite the fact that a Combusticunt’s pussy, while hot, isn’t painful. This is mostly so it enervates a Combusticunt to the point where she’s pleasantly passive during the Taming instead of acting like a needy bitch. However, this technique has been known to backfire, as sometimes a Combusticunt would grow so pissed that they accidentally used Ignite, and caused the water to boil!
Feral Combusticunts are as ornery as when they’ve been Tamed. They tend to use Ignite on themselves at even the first sign of danger to deter potential attackers.
Threshold girls usually don’t directly become Combusticunts, but those who do tend to be pissy about almost everything, and their families tend to be glad to see them go by the time they fully become a Combusticunt.
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CYNDACUNT, the Fiery-Tempered Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Common in Johto League, Rare in other Leagues
Diet: Vegetarian-based diet
Role: Firefighting duties (due to resistance), creating fire breaks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flame Floor, Fireball, Rage, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Flame Tower, Fire Scythe
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), High Flexibility, Heightened Fire Resistance
Evolves: Magmammary (Fire Stone)
Evolves From: Hottits (orgasm)
When a Hottits evolves into a Cyndacunt, she undergoes a number of changes. The most obvious is her hair. It becomes black in back and blonde in front with a peppering of each color in between. Her eyes turn grey, but as she grows angry, they'll start turning red. Her breasts and height may increase, but usually not more than a cup-size for her bust and half a foot for height.
Not so obvious are strange circles that form on her body, which are edged in black with a deeper red in the middle. One on each knee and elbow, and six on her back. As her temper wears thin, these circles begin flaring as if on fire, giving the Cyndacunt a very menacing appearance. The flaring, however, is not actual flame, so she can still wear clothing without fear of having it burned off. It's uncertain why, but she is highly self-conscious about them and she seems to be more relaxed and comfortable when all of her 'circles' are covered.
Cyndacunts are generally foul-tempered for the first week after their transformation. During this time, she is more likely to become violent when provoked. Afterwards, she slowly regains some to most of the positive traits that she had as a Hottits, but she takes offense to anyone who badmouths her or her lover(s).
Cyndacunts are similar to Gynadoses in that they expect the same treatment they got as Hottits, and they are more prone to getting angry if they don't. They are more rational than Gynadoses, but it's generally best to explain any required changes before she gets angry. Once their trust in someone has been damaged, it is never repairable, so it's best to keep her in mind before doing anything that may affect her. A Cyndacunt remembers all who crossed her. Only a Level 5 taming cycle can remove this memory, but she'll still have an instinctual distrust.
A Cyndacunt enjoys any position where the circles on her body are covered. The most easily attainable position is doggy style, though if their partner doesn't mind them wearing clothing during sex, she can enjoy other positions just fine. It's very difficult for a Cyndacunt to enjoy sex when her 'circles' are exposed, so much so that it may actually make her violently nauseous.
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DARK KITSUNE, the Redeemed Nogitsune Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ice, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Leap, Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Fireball, Hypnotize, Illusion, Cry, Dance, Psywave, Psychic, Psi-Blade Mark II, Confusion, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Smell (x6), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Kyubi (E-Stone Ceremony)
Evolves From: Nogitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Nogitsune, a mostly sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and evil-aligned Pokégirl, can actually go through a marvelous transformation when given a chance. A Tamer that tries to help a Nogitsune is a rarity to see. No surprise really, as a Nogitsune’s personality tends for her to be quite disrespectful, resentful, and violent towards her master and Harem-sisters, and usually causes for them to be traded to another Tamer. However, a Tamer that works to break through the shell of hate a Nogitsune has built up around herself, trying to take down the insecurity, envy, and sadness that surrounds the Nogitsune’s character, and can actually come to genuinely care for the rather selfish Nogitsune will receive a genuine surprise. Literally becoming enveloped in a fire of black, the Nogitsune goes through a final evolution, burning away all the evil that had wrenched her soul, shedding the shadows and magic which empowered her, allowing her to embrace truth and understanding. She becomes almost a whole new Pokégirl altogether. The Dark Kitsune.
The Dark Kitsune is comparable to a Vixxen in looks, albeit with a few more differential cosmetic changes and powers, such as the fact that a Dark Kitsune’s pelt colors are much darker, with a cranberry-red all over, with the deepest ebony black on her hands and feel, and a rather tanned cream-colored underside to her pelt. However, the most noticeable trait of the Dark Kitsune is her tails. Before, where she had no tails, she now has two! Both tails are red-furred, but one is tipped in black and the tip of the other tail is the tanned cream. And as can be expected, a Dark Kitsune fills out more physically, compared to her previous form of Nogitsune.
The personality of a Dark Kitsune is a complete U-turn to a Nogitsune. Whereas before she felt alone and damned by the darkest depths of hell, a Dark Kitsune feels free. She openly is more affectionate now, and gladly reciprocates any affection the Tamer will show the Dark Kitsune. Also, the Dark Kitsune is more accepting to commands and will more than likely do as the Tamer commands of her.
In battle, a Dark Kitsune follows mostly the same strategies a Vixxen and Foxx do, going in and striking hard with Fire-elemental attacks. However, because of the Psychic powers it also contains, a Dark Kitsune can try to add some more advanced tactics, such as teleporting from view just as its about to strike, and then hitting the opponent Pokégirl from an entirely different direction. Also, she has a tendency to pick up and sharp metal it can get as soon as possible, as to perform Psi-Black Mark II. Also, when cornered, a Dark Kitsune can use Psychic to damage the opponent Pokégirl, and get the breathing room she needs.
Taming sessions are also quite hot. While a Dark Kitsune does not need as much Taming as a Vixxen or a Foxx, a Dark Kitsune is just as passionate, loving her Tamer and having sex with him in every way possible. Also, it seems that a Dark Kitsune is more controlled than a Vixxen, as the motto “ready anytime, anywhere, with anyone” doesn’t seem to apply as easily, since a Dark Kitsune does not have the tendency to start screwing out in public. Granted making out kissing, and a bit of foreplay is okay to them, but they will not spread their legs until they are in a private area.
Also, it’s now possible to have the Dark Kitsune as the same Harem as a Shaguar, though granted, it’s still not a good idea. The Dark Kitsune and Shaguar do get along, but maybe a little too well. The Fire-type nature of the Dark Kitsune seems rather attracted to the smaller Ice-type Pokégirl. This can lead to a Tamer having a rather tired Shaguar when he needs her for battles.
Interestingly enough, with the recent discovery of a Shiny Stone, there have been instances where the Shiny Stone does not work in evolving a Nogitsune to a Dark Kitsune. However, in cases where the Shiny Stone has been used as a reward for being kind-hearted or showing affection, the Shiny Stone has been 100% effective.
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DENMOTHER, the Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: Guardians, mothers, leaders, make excellent police Pokégirls (detectives)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Dodge, Agility, Foresight, Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Floor, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Attacks will damage Ghost-types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls, Highly Intelligent, "Rage"
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (special; giving birth)
The evolution of Growltit to Denmother requires Growltit to have a litter of pups either by Parthenogenesis if she is still a Pokégirl or via normal reproduction if she has become a pokewoman. The evolution itself does not occur until Growltit has finished giving birth to her litter before kicking in, a quick glowing evolution which restores the now Denmothers strength and allows her to get over the effort of giving birth.
Denmother keeps all of the traits of its pre-evolution form with a few differences; she still retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. Again the blonde hair on the top of her head becomes even wilder and spiked along with the blonde fur down her chest, stomach becoming longer and more pronounced, the blonde fur around groin and inner thigh remains roughly the same as it was in her Growltit form, giving her an appearance of having a mane on her neck and chest. The length of the fur on her tail changes too, making become much longer and bushy much to the delight of children.
The major change to Denmother is she grows in size until she is just under 7 foot tall, her muscles whilst not that much more visible than they were in her Growltit form look much more impressive at her increased size. It can be quite difficult to tell Denmother apart from Growltit, especially at a distance but there are a few specific differences, Denmother has Black tipped ears when in all of its previous forms it always has unmarked red furred ears. The fur down her nose ridge becomes blonde and joins the blonde hair on her head with the blonde fir around her mouth and down the front of her body.
Denmother is far more powerful than her previous forms, her enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes and senses make her an unparalleled tracker, almost impossible to throw off the scent. The Growlie family of Pokégirls have always been very intelligent but Denmother takes this intelligence to a whole new level, test have shown Denmother to be as intelligent as Supe-Bra Geniuses although she seems to prefer focusing this intelligence on practical matters rather than theoretical sciences.
Denmothers control over its fire elemental powers is stunning, not only is it capable of using powerful fire moves against its enemies with awe inspiring accuracy but it is also quite capable of nullifying all but the most extreme fire based attacks on itself. The majority of fire type Pokégirls are rendered helpless before Denmother.
An odd quirk that Denmother gains is her ability to attack Ghost types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls along with a ‘sixth sense' to detect them even if they are not visible, researchers are unsure how Denmother developed this ability or even how it works, it is presumed she gets this ability in order to better protect those under her care but this is idly speculation.
With traits like that, one would expect to find a lot of Denmothers in the police force however a number of factors generally render Denmother unsuitable for Police work, first of all to evolve into Denmother she must be pregnant and give birth. This means the Pokégirl must be pulled from active duty especially during the later stages of her pregnancy; Growltit gets increasingly protective of the offspring inside of her resulting in her unwilling to take risks which could jeopardize herself and her children, thus making her unsuitable for active duty.
Once the Pokekits are born, the majority of Denmothers have an overwhelming instinct to protect their pups which leads them to be unwilling to return to police work as they would rather look after their pups. It is possible to get a Denmother to return to the police force, those who have lived with another Pokégirl for a long time and developed a bond with will often entrust their pups with the other Pokégirl, one of the largest acts of trust Denmother can perform.
A fair number of Denmothers in the police force prefer to stay away from street duty and tend to become detectives in their own right, usually forensic detectives, using their senses and high intelligence to solve crimes, although some Denmothers do go into other fields. The avoidance of street duty is caused by the desire not to orphan their Pokekits or otherwise be unable to care for them; the strength of this desire can vary between Denmothers due to personalities and will last until the Pokekits become Pokégirls.
Those that remain on street duty are even faster than all of their previous evolutions and a criminal has little chance of escaping a Denmother, their intelligence, enhanced speed, endurance, reflexes and strength mean that all but the most powerful criminals and their Pokégirls are going down hard and fast. Because of the difficulty to acquire Denmothers who are willing to remain on street duty, those Denmother/officer teams are often assigned to large population areas or trouble areas.
Denmother are found in other lines of work as well, most commonly daycare centers or schools where they look after human children, often teaching them and in the more wild areas of the world also ensuring that no passing ferals harm them. Children love Denmother, young children particularly like snuggling up to her for an afternoon nap and the Denmother loves Children, she would rather have herself ripped apart than allow harm to those under her care.
The desire to protect and nurture can also cause Denmother to be found in Pokécenters or Ranches as staff where they look after the other Pokégirls and mother the other Pokégirls, even those which are older than itself. Denmother can comfort and nurture even the most depressed threshold girls, allowing them to see some light in their new existence.
Its all of these traits have given Denmother a reputation to rival that of Catgirls and Megami, they are given significant leeway in all but the most conservative leagues and harming or abusing one is likely mass uproar, if not hostile attacks from other Pokégirls and tamers.
Denmothers tend to be out of the reach of most pet owners due not only to the difficulty of getting Growlie to evolve into Growltit for most pet owners but because Denmother is also in great demand for daycare centers, Pokécenters and Ranches. Those who do own Denmothers will rapidly find themselves part of a large family if they weren't already, Denmother will often ‘adopt' abused or young feral Pokégirls and turn them into members of the family. League officials are quite aware of Denmothers habit and grant leeway to most Denmother pet owner to go over the 3 Pokégirl limit. Denmother itself tends to limit itself a family of no more than five, which is the usual number of Pokekits born in a Denmother litter, although some are known to adopt others for shorter periods of time until they can carry on their way, and any orphaned Pokekits are adopted regardless.
Canine and Cat type Pokégirls are the most common Pokégirls to be adopted by Denmother as she still has the trademark like of cat type Pokégirls although this has become a much more mothering relationship rather than the purely playful one it was before. Similarly Denmother has no love of domina types and heaven help any domina which chooses to start anything with someone under the Denmothers care, this is not to say that a Denmother won't help an abused domina but when it does, the Denmother will make very sure the domina is aware of who is in charge.
Generally, Denmothers are not a hugely popular as pets, mainly because most pet owners only want one or two Pokégirls to look after and that's it. With a Denmother you are likely to end up starting a mini Ranch, Pokécenter or Haven whether you want to or not, hence its usually chosen by people who have a large enough family to keep Denmother happy or those who honestly want to help Pokégirls.
In the wild feral Denmother tend to be the core of large Growlie packs, size usually ranging from around 20 to 50 members and rarely consists purely of Growlie and Growltit, often including Pokégirls and Pokekits that the pack has adopted into its own. This means that each pack’s strength cannot be predicted as they could potentially have almost any other Pokégirl in their pack, although predominately the non-Growlie or non-Growltit members tend to be Canine or Feline types. Denmothers intelligence often means that sentries have alerted the pack of intruders long before the intruders know of the packs presence; this means the pack can decide to fight or flee depending on the strength of the trespasser.
Its strongly recommended you do NOT attack or attempt to capture an unwilling member of a Growlie pack containing a Denmother because she views her fellow pack mates as under her protection and will go full out to protect them. Denmother has a ‘Rage' attack in which her strength, reflexes and speed triple which she uses whenever those under her protection are harmed, unlike other Rage attacks Denmother does not go berserker, maintaining a tight control on her actions making the attack all the more lethal. She will not make a mistake or let an attack slip through because she has to protect those under her and failure is simply not an option for her. Regardless of the fond memories you may have of that harmless Denmother in daycare that you may have, feral Denmothers are extremely dangerous when provoked.
Feral Denmothers tend to undergo parthenogenesis far more regularly than other Pokégirls, so they often have offspring (Pokekits) around to protect. Their standard tactics are to bark and bite in an attempt to drive intruders off, like they did when they were Growlie. They'll often place members of the pack between the intruder and any Pokekits they have, as well as some spaced around in case the intruder is merely a distraction, however if a fight breaks out then the intruder will have to avoid coordinated attacks from the entire pack, those guarding the Pokekits will freely unleash their most powerful fire attacks whilst the others will move in close to take down the opponent. Any direct threat to the Pokekits will result in a lethal response, the target being hit by numerous fire attacks before being brutally mauled and ripped to shreds by the Denmother and Growltits.
Denmother lead packs have known to take on and defeat rampaging Widows effectively when escape is no longer an option, albeit with casualties, using group tactics and intense fire strikes to wear the Widow down, pack members distracting the Widow from fellow pack members long enough for them to avoid death strikes. Hence Denmother lead packs are far beyond the ability to capture of all but the most experienced Harem Masters.
Recommend capturing something else, feral Titmice are always a safer choice.
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DODONGO, the Big Bombardier Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (reptilian)
Element: Rock/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Meat, large amounts of rocks
Role: Mortar troopers, Grenadiers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Normal, Plant, Electric, Flying
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water (severe), Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Rollout, Tail Whip, Smoke Bomber*, Micro Bomber*, Rock Throw, Headbutt, Flamethrower, Fissure, Bomber*, Big Bomber*
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength (x10), ability to create 'bombs' from consumption of rocks smelted in her body's internal furnace
Limitations: Slow in both speed and thought, vulnerable to her own bombs if swallowed
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Dodongos are tall (usually 7') lizardlike Pokégirls with hard, rocklike skin that resembles grayish-green scales, save for a smooth, dark white streak down their belly and breasts, which are C-Cup. They are heavily muscular in appearance, similar to Amachokes (although not as strong), but are for the most part more intelligent and strategically minded. On their foreheads is a pair of long, pointed horns that curve up over their heads. Their eyes glow like lava, and can snort smoke when angry. They are also possessed of a thick tail that grows from their hips and is as thick and strong as their massive arms.
To make their 'Bombs,' they consume large amounts of rocks, which is why they prefer to be in mountainous areas. The rocks are smelted inside the Dodongo's second stomach, which is essentially an internal furnace, shaped into spheres and filled with lava, disgorged back up and out of the Dodongo's mouth with intense force and range. They are VERY accurate with this, able to calculate wind resistance, range, and other targeting related stats quickly, even when Feral.
Originally started out as a line of defense for Sukebe's Pokégirl encampments during the Revenge War, occasionally they also acted as long-range assault troopers, weakening human forces before the main force of Pokégirls would attack. They would fire their bombs deep within human encampments, taking out soldiers and vehicles and weakening fortresses for assault, frequently being teamed with Rhynowhores to take down military installations, leaving them open for a ground assault. Once produced in high numbers due to how effective they were, the majority of them were killed when Atmuff went rogue, reducing the number of Dodongos in the world considerably. Only the Sphinx is worse off than Dodongos are right now. Dodongos still live today, mainly keeping to themselves in deep, dark caves, firing small, non-lethal bombs off to drive away any attackers and simply eating their way out if they themselves are buried in bigger blasts. Hard to capture, they make excellent support fighters in team matches, both as defenders and bombers. Dodongos prefer not to be Alphas, but are not submissive in the slightest, making them natural enemies of Domina-types. (Killer Queens are noted as saying that they hate Dodongos with a passion.) They are stubborn and obstinate towards Tamers and their harems until the Tamer earns a Dodongo's respect, and Ferals are downright hostile to trespassers. This has led to many laws being passed that allow Dodongos to keep to themselves, and force Tamers who catch a Dodongo to submit to several psychological tests to see whether or not he or she can keep the Dodongo. (The psyche-tests are in place only in Indigo and Johto, where League officials involved in SEELE do NOT want explosive-users in ANYONE'S Harem that might go against them for whatever reason.)
As an interesting quirk, a Dodongo's greatest weakness seems to be to their own bombs. In a famous WAPL match in 314 AS, a Dodongo was engaged in an intense fight with the Amachamp Sheeva, who was the Alpha Pokégirl of then-champion Goro deShokan. The Dodongo fired a large bomb at Sheeva, who, in desperation and on the verge of losing the match, caught the bomb and threw it back at the Dodongo, who hadn't closed her mouth yet and swallowed it. The bomb exploded inside her and she collapsed, knocked unconscious from the force of the blast, but otherwise unhurt.
There have been no reports of a human girl ever Thresholding into a Dodongo.
(*) - Smoke Bomber (ATK 10 + EFT) Creates a lot of sound and smoke, but doesn't do much damage. Best used for spooking Pokégirls and humans unused to sudden sounds.
(*) - Micro Bomber (ATK 60) A very weak bomb, but damages everyone as if it were a Fire attack using Cross Splash. 5% chance of inflicting Burn.
(*) - Bomber (ATK 120) A moderately powerful bomb, damages everyone in a 3-5 foot radius. 10% chance of inflicting Burn.
(*) - Big Bomber (ATK 160) More powerful than the Bomber and far more explosive, this damages everyone in a 10 foot radius. Has a 25% chance of inflicting Burn.
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FIREBURST, the Heavenly Inferno Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Pokechow, fruits, nuts
Role: Sky-dominator, airborne combatant, fire-related tasks
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Magic, Electric
Attacks: Meteor 18, Fire Spin, Power Drive, Ignite, Dive, Fire Blast, Phoenix Down, Mach Breaker, Glorious Sun, Quickturn
Enhancements: Heals from Fire, Enhanced Agility (x4), increased stamina
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Phoenix (battle stress)
Firebursts stand roughly six feet tall, give or take a few inches. She has large wings which she likes to wrap around herself like a cloak. Her eye color is usually red, violet or blue. Her bust size is usually identical to their prior one, though some small increases are not unknown. However, perhaps the most stunning thing about her is her feathers. Unlike a Phoenix or a Rack, who had to dye their feathers, a Fireburst's feathers look like roaring flame, continually shifting in color. Charred Pokégirls can often become entranced by these flaming wings and the Fireburst is very proud of her new plumage.
A Fireburst is a very valuable Pokégirl. Not only does she possess powerful attacks, but she can heal from any fire technique used against her, use Glorious Sun, has high speed and can revive fallen comrades. Unfortunately, she as about temperamental as she is useful.
Firebursts are temperamental because of the very things she is proud of: her wings. Firebursts are quite aware of the attraction people have towards their wings and many will become annoyed or infuriated if they feel their lover values their wings more than the Fireburst. While a Fireburst's temper tantrums aren't of the same level as a Gynadose, it's strongly urged that anyone with a Fireburst remember that they need to pay attention to the Pokégirl, not just her wings.
In battle, Firebursts can be quite a terror, especially if they combine Speed Storm with Mach Breaker or Ignite and Dive. In some leagues, it is illegal to pit two Firebursts against each other, not because of any problems with bloodshed, but because of the fact that many Fireburst Vs Fireburst battles tend to last over several hours. This is because the Fireburst's agility and Quickturn allow her to avoid the other Fireburst's Mach Breaker and Dive techniques.
Feral Firebursts are as troublesome as feral Gynadoses, which is why some leagues fine tamers who allow their Firebursts to go feral.
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FIRECAT, the Hot Pussy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers fish, chicken, rice (all with hot spices), and milk. Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable.
Role: Heat Source
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Ember, Firespin, Flamethrower, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Night Vision, Heat Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Fire Stone)
A Merrowl given a Fire Stone evolves into a Firecat. Firecats have short fur that hugs their body closely. Between their legs the fur is quite short, giving their cunt an appearance of being hairless. Their breasts are a fairly generous B- to C-cup, making them nicely chesty, but not the bustiest Pokégirl around by far. This fur is usually bright red, though yellows, oranges, and even patches of black have also been known. Their hair is almost always blonde, with redheads being rarer. They are more active than most cat Pokégirls, and like to run and hop around places where most other Pokégirls would just walk.
Firecats have the trademark High libido that most Fire-types do, and tend to constantly paw her Tamer in suggestive ways, hoping for a quickie. When she is being Tamed, she has no real preferences for any particular position, just so long as she’s getting rough and fast. Firecats are not a Pokégirl with a deep appreciation for foreplay. A Firecat’s cunt is hot, but not so much so as to be painful, so no special precautions are needed to Tame her. She is a screamer however, and tends to yowl loudly as she’s getting it. Tamers in cooler climates enjoy having a Firecat around due to her Heat Aura enhancement. This ability lets a Firecat emanate her natural heat to a greater degree, making everyone within ten feet of her feel as warm as if they were snuggling close to her. This power isn’t useful for combat though, as a Firecat has to readjust her internal heating powers to a point where they don’t make flames as well when doing this.
A Firecat is relatively competent in combat. She prefers to toss flames at her enemies with Firespin and Flamethrower before for hand-to-hand combat. Her most-used technique is to cloak her paws in flames using Burning Hands, and then use Scratch or Slash, delivering cutting and burning damage to her foe. When she’s especially upset at her enemy, she’ll grab onto him or her with paws of fire and start using Bite ferociously. If she’s feeling playful though, she’ll use the sex attack version of Burning Hands, where her paws only become warm, and start stroking her opponent’s sensitive areas, moving in to then use Warm Embrace.
Feral Firecats are quick and playful. They tend to dart at anyone nearby, using their sex attacks liberally in a playful fashion. They don’t usually use their flame-based attacks when Feral unless provoked. Threshold girls don’t become Firecats too often, but those who do are noted for losing their inhibitions, and enjoy flaunting their bodies now, making suggestive comments to others. This usually tends to hasten their shipment to a Pokégirl ranch by an embarrassed family.
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FIREMAIDEN, the Fiery Belle Pokégirl
Type: VeryNear Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Very Rare in most Leagues. Rare in WAPL territories and in the Dark Continent ([CLASSIFIED] in Sanctuary territory[CLASSIFIED]).
Diet: human standard, though heavy on "hot" spices like pepper. Kimchi and jalapeno peppers are considered favored snacks for Firemaidens.
Role: shock assault trooper
Libido: Average to High (depending on genetic ancestry or breed type if the Firemaiden is evolved from another Pokégirl breed)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Firestorm, Flame Sniper, Firewind, Fire Scythe, Flame Sword, Burning Hands
Enhancements: Resistant to high heat, though can control herself when being Tamed. Body constantly produces a low heat field. Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: Foxymaiden (Fox E-Medal), Magic Knight (Dawn Stone), [CLASSIFIED] Titto (via a specially enhanced Fire Stone); used soley in the WAPL.[CLASSIFIED]
Evolves From: None
Firemaidens began making their appearance around PS 90/CE 2082 when the first Blood Gifted Tamers began to breed with various Fire or Fighting-type Pokégirl breeds. They remained a popular harem breed right up to Mao's Rebellion. Though some Firemaidens were subverted by Mao's forces against their Tamers and humanity in general, many others, most of them being affiliated to the leagues which later joined forces to create the World Alliance of Pokégirl Leagues, stayed with their Tamers. However, it is unfortunate to note that even after the end of Mao's rebellion that the Firemaidens fell in popularity in many leagues, though Tamers in them still found them to be desirable Pokégirls, despite their newfound stigma.
There hasn't been a feral Firemaiden found in over a hundred years anywhere in the world. When feral, according to the last times that they were documented, the Firemaiden would normally torch just about anything that might startle her. When confronted with water-types, the feral Firemaiden tends to run away immediately. Their low heat-field intensifies drastically, and according to the literature, scorched footprints can be an indication as to where the feral Pokégirl would run off to. After Mao's Rebellion, these Pokégirl types were sometimes looked upon with suspicion, but as a whole remained popular throughout the world.
Taming a Firemaiden can be troublesome- when they become aroused, their heat field intensifies and gets much hotter, which can result in very bad burns for the tamer if the Firemaiden can't control herself. It is highly recommended that unless the tamer possesses certain fire-resistant blood-gifts that various anti-burn cremes be involved, or that an ice-type be in attendance during the taming session to keep temperatures down to acceptable levels. In battles, Firemaidens are equally at home in standard combat and in sex battles, and often use their Burning Hands technique in both to bring about victory.
These Pokégirls are also highly valued in the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues, since all of these leagues are the most frigid areas on the planet. Their heat field, normally keeping the temperature at a decent level, extends for about ten feet in diameter from their bodies and can increase the average temperature around her by as much as ten degrees normally. When she is aroused, the heat field closes in on her, and the temperature increases exponentially- a tell-tale sign as to how aroused she gets, or how startled a feral Firemaiden might become.
To the end, Firemaidens are shapely women possessing flame-red hair and bright-colored eyes. Save for their hair and eye shade, plus their love of “hot" food, there is nothing that marks the difference between a Firemaiden and a pure-blood woman unless she uses her powers. When calling on their powers, a Flame Aura forms around the Firemaiden. The Aura heats up the air around the Firemaiden, thus serving as a quasi-shield against weak Water-based attacks. However, the shield breaks down quickly when struck by water attacks, and is negated by Pokégirls that emanate colder temperatures. Unlike some other Fire-based Pokégirl breeds, Firemaidens can call on their powers in the blink of an eye; they don't need to keep something aflame to act as a “trigger" to activate their powers. Socially, Firemaidens are quite loyal and protective concerning their Tamer and their Tamer's friends. Firemaiden are breeds that are born much like a Pia or a Vulvixx, in that they do not evolve from another breed but are born as such. Currently, there is no known way to evolve another Pokégirl into this breed, although research is being done in various locations around the world.
One thing that all Firemaiden have in common is a dislike of the Watermaiden breed, one that seems to be genetic for some strange reason. Researchers are completely uncertain as to how this could be, but some theorize it is because of a fundamental conflict in their overall personalities. Airmaiden seem to able to act as a mediator between the two, however, but tamers are warned not to have a Firemaiden in the same harem as a Watermaiden for the reason that the two will be fighting in the same manner as Neo Iczels and Demon-Goddess’ do, unless an Airmaiden is present. Strangely, Firemaidens for the most part seem to enjoy the company of Icemaidens, especially during taming sessions.
Historical Info
(This information was taken out of the main text as it has little to do with the breed itself and much more to do with the fact that they were simply a part of what happened at the time of these events)
After the Pine Ridge Massacre, Vince McMahon, then a Harem Master of the Capital League, gathered dozens of Firemaidens together in a strike force to clear out Mao’s allies in League territory, they operating under the tactical command of Vince's wife, a Sorceress named Linda. [CLASSIFIED] Note that Sorceress is what Linda was before her conversion into a Sanctuary Goth by the Undertaker. [CLASSIFIED]
In a deliberate reversal of normal league policy when it came to rogue Pokégirls (the “shoot-on-sight" policy that saw thousands needlessly killed by paranoid humans), the Alliance Firemaidens subdued Mao's errant fighters, captured them and brought them before McMahon. Then, in what is hailed today as the “Stamford Taming Orgy," the rogues were restored to a “normal" state of mind, free of Mao’s influence. McMahon's role in that mass-capture won him the title “Grand Harem Master" and helped propel him into the forefront of League leaders. Using his fame, McMahon and his allies took over six different Leagues, forging it into the World Alliance of Pokégirl Leagues in PS 265/CE 2257.
After Mao’s Rebellion, Firemaidens all but disappeared from the scopes of wandering Tamers, though beginning in PS 295/CE 2287, the Indigo League started a distinct Firemaiden breeding program. Many believe that the heroines of the Stamford Orgy, they feeling angry and disgusted at human treatment of Pokégirls in the wake of the Rebellion, cut themselves off from human contact and retreated to secluded colonies shielded by the World Alliance. [CLASSIFIED] In truth, many of those Firemaidens were evolved into Tittos and, in a radical project which remains top-secret, allowed to assume female pure-blood human form to become Tamers themselves! [CLASSIFIED]
[CLASSIFIED] Other Firemaidens were rescued by the Sanctuary Goths and relocated to the Dark Continent. They formed their own colony, Bright Light, around the year PS 265/CE 2257, in what used to be called the Kalahari Desert. [CLASSIFIED]
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FLAREA, the Fiery Eva Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human diet, nuts and berries
Role: bodyguards
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Grass, Ice
Weak Vs: Water, Rock
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Ember, Focus, Fire Blast, Power Drive
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Elemental Abilities, High Body Temp
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Fire Stone)
A Flarea has numerous advantages over its unevolved state. A higher strength capacity, more endurance and its fiery abilities are just some of those advantages. They also gain a stronger sense of smell and a more combative mindset, which Evas sometimes lack entirely. Flareas are sometimes considered slightly less affectionate Growlies. While they don't go well out of their way to show their affection, they do still show a lot more than most Pokégirls with lower libido.
Most Flareas have an internal organ that acts as the source of their fire abilities. This Fire Sack (as some have come to call it) has an active temperature when the Pokégirl is at rest of near 1000 degrees. Therefore it has been suspected that they have a means of cooling themselves. Researchers speculate that their bloodstreams act as a cooling system since the ‘Fire Sack" is located near the heart. The blood travels past the organ picking up a small amount of heat after leaving the heart. Then as it goes on its way the blood slowly releases some of the heat into the body, this is thought to be a reason why Flareas maintain such a high overall body temperature.
While it would be thought that having fur would cause a great deal of discomfort to a Flarea it has been found that the fur helps in the dispersing of heat drawing heat from within and venting it. However as a Flarea gets excited or worked up (though battle, taming, etc) their internal temperature steadily rises. In times of great duress a hazy aura will seem to envelop the girl due to so much heat being released through the fur. While this may worry some potential tamers it is believed that the amount of taming needed for this heat to reach dangerous levels (for the tamer) is pretty much unheard of, (speculated at approximately 14 hours).
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FLAREBRA, The Haughty Dragon of Flame Pokegirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Ranged and Close Support, Ambush, Crowd Control
Libido: High (but drops to low if wild or traded)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Bug, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock
Attacks: Slash, Fireball, Flame Sniper, Fire Spin, Dragon Rage, Rage, Agility, (Higher levels only) Hyper Beam, Fire Blast
Enhancements: Tough skin, Enhanced endurance (x7), Enhanced speed (x9), Enhanced Agility (x8), Longevity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pyrona (normal)
After winning enough battles, the Pyrona will evolve into a striking new pokegirl, the Flarebra. Upon evolving, she gains anywhere from six inches to a foot in height and her breasts increasing up to a mid C-cup. Her scales change color, losing the long gamut of colors that the Titrona had before, instead she now has scales that are yellow, orange, red or gray, and running from pale to dark in tint. They also grow a pair of horns, about three inches long at the smallest, but no longer than seven inches, and the horns vary from one Flarebra to the next.
Their lithe build from the Pyrona finishes filling out, giving them the same sexy look of a Dragoness, but lacking the wings. Her body is perfectly muscled, and not an extra ounce of flesh. Her body is a teenager’s dream, full hips, shapely legs, and an hourglass shaped figure.
Personality wise, the problems of the Pyrona have lessened, as she is less judgmental than her previous evolutions, and not as likely to point out faults in others. But she has a new quirk. She is vain.
Now, when we say vain, we do not mean that she spends hours making herself look perfect. She naturally does look perfect. What this means is that opponents who use attacks that cover her in mud, or, god help them, actually say they are not perfect, will get a face full of fire elemental attacks, and that is if they are feeling forgiving. However, with a tamer that they are fond of, they are a bit more forgiving to him and their harem sisters, but insults still mean that they are going to give you a burn.
Their attacks branch out, now able to handle a wider range of situations, as well as becoming a bit more capable for melee combat, able to use her speed to balance out her lack of extraordinary strength and staying power. One thing that Flarebras love to do, even more than their previous evolution, is dance. With their natural agility and endurance, they can dance the day away, and most of the night too.
The Flarebra, in contrast to the Pyrona's softer taming habits, seems to prefer hard, fast sessions, with her tamer dominating her and loves being beneath her tamer. The more 'helpless' the tamer has her, the harder and more often she climaxes. She is similar to Randysnatch in that she is ready for her tamer, any time and any where, a marked contrast to her previous evolution.
Threshold resulting in a Flarebra is almost unheard of. It is almost as rare a Threshold result as the Dragoness.
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FOXGLOVE, the Nightstar Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (bat)
Element: Flying/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit and vegetables
Role: Night reconnaissance
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Ice, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic, Water
Libido: High
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Confusion, Energy Drain, Bite, Ember, Rage, Fire Spin , Warm Embrace, Burst, Brightstar*
Enhancements: Wings for flight, Fire affinity, Echolocation, Magic affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Zubutt (Fire Stone)
Foxgloves are a step up from the rather common Zubutt in almost every way. They are taller and curvier all around, with silky, reddish-gold fur and long manes of golden hair. Their breasts are large, DD cup at best, and their wingspans are wider than before. They gain the use of fire attacks, and their echolocation enhances to the point where they can use a non-psychic version of Confusion.
These nocturnal fire-types were first discovered shortly after the first discovery of evolution stones. In fact, they were one of the first recorded Evolution Stone evolutions. They are fairly affectionate Pokégirls, and have the trademark high libido most Fire-types do. Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention, and tend to get annoyed when nobody at the very least is looking at them. They prefer to be on their backs when being Tamed, as their nipples are sensitive and can be rubbed raw quite easily. Incidentally, a sturdy bra with a soft, padded interior is considered a very wonderful present for a Foxglove. Their cunts are not too hot, and are only pleasantly warm no matter how much of their fire powers they manifest. Instead of the usual yowls, Foxgloves tend to make a cute whimpering sound when being Tamed.
Foxgloves are fairly useful in battle. They aren’t much faster than Zubutts in air, but are very maneuverable. They tend to stay above the main battle, scattering Embers from above and using Confusion to keep their opponent too rattled to attack. Her most used attack, however, is Burst. Foxgloves enjoy the fact that the attack creates such a bright flash. This love of bright, star-like flashes has led Foxgloves to be called the Nightstar Pokégirl. The fact that Foxgloves are able to use magic so easily without actually being magic-types is a subject of confusion to researchers even to this day.
As mentioned earlier, Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention. They love showing off, and like using attacks such as Burst or Brightstar to make sure that the focus is on them. This can be used to a Tamer’s advantage in group battles, as Foxgloves can be used as a distraction to move an attacker’s attention away from the Tamer’s more powerful Pokégirls. Foxgloves are decent Alphas, but there are better choices. They can be fussy and short-tempered, but never to annoying levels, and are as loyal as Growlies. They will fiercely defend their Tamer, even if they think said Tamer is lacking in intelligence.
Feral Foxgloves are a playful breed. They actively seek out taming whenever they can, and only become dangerous if the Tamer deliberately ignores them. They don’t necessarily want a Tamer, they just like having attention give to them. Threshold cases where the result is a Foxglove are fairly uncommon.
*Brightstar - (ATK 90) A combination magic/fire attack that creates a star-shaped burst of flames.
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FOXX, the Voluptuous Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: sex machine, seduction
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Sniper, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, 2
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vixxen (Fire Stone)
A Vixxen that comes into contact with a Fire Stone evolves into her final form: Foxx. A Fox stands a few inches taller than her previous form. Her body is more lithe than it was before, with her legs being longer and sleeker. Her rump is more rounded now, and her breasts are larger than they were previously, usually around a CC-cup or so now. They retain the body fur and long bushy tail from their previous form.
Foxxes are still horny all the time. However, they’ve learned a bit more discretion, though they only exercise this is told to by their Tamer. A Foxx is still ready to do it anywhere, anytime, with virtually anyone. They have enough control now though that they tend to be less aggressive about their wants, instead using innuendoes and sexy poses to try and entice others into humping them. A Foxx is a great choice to keep other Pokégirls in a Tamer’s Harem satisfied on his behalf.
A Foxx has increased her fire powers since her previous form. She can now perform several fire attacks in addition to her signature Flamethrower move. She has enough savvy with her flame powers to even use fire-based sex attacks, such as Warm Embrace or the lesser version of Burning Hands. Despite her High libido, a Foxx is just as likely to do well in a martial battle as she is a pokesex battle, relying on her flame abilities to carry her through to victory.
Feral Foxes tend to be skittish, and use Burning Hands a lot when fighting off those who would hunt them. However, a Tamer with Pokégirls that use attacks based on a Foxx’s weaknesses can wear her down and capture her without too much trouble in most cases. Threshold girls almost never change directly into a Foxx, becoming a Vulvixx or a Kitsune instead most of the time.
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FOXYMAIDEN, the Hot or Cold Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire/Magic or Ice/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: hot spicy foods or chilly cold foods
Role: puzzle solving, having fun
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Magic, Plant, Steel or Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Magic, Plant
Weak Vs: Dark, Ground, Rock, Water or Dark, Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: (Hot) Firestorm, Firesword, Warm Embrace, Fireblast
(Cold) Mist, Ice Blade, Snow Storm, Chilled Arousal
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Enhanced Sight (x2), Heat Aura or Cold Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fire Maiden ('hot' Foxymaiden; Fox E-Medal), Ice Maiden ('cold' Foxymaiden; Fox E-Medal)
Foxymaidens are a fairly recently discovered Pokégirl type. They come in two varieties based on the Pokégirl they are evolved from. In the above stats, the first listings are for 'hot' Foxymaidens, and the secondary listings (coming after 'or') are for 'cold' Foxymaidens.
A Firemaiden will become a Foxymaiden with fox like ears and a tail covered in bright red fur with black fur in the tips. Their hair is always some shade of red, and they prefer to wear it long. Their eyes tend strongly towards green, though other colors are not unheard of.
An Icemaiden who evolves into a Foxymaiden will have long blue hair and her ears and tail with be covered in white fur with dark blue fur at the tips. Their eyes tend to be light blue.
One peculiarity of the breed derived from its dual nature is that the personality traits normally equated with their elements have been switched. "Cold" Foxymaidens tend to be friendly, boisterous, and chatty, whereas "Hot" Foxymaidens tend to be more passive and aloof, rarely initiating conversation without a pressing reason, or when in private with their Tamer.
In combat, their personalities shine through into their fighting styles. "Hot" Foxymaidens prefer to conserve motion, striking with the fewest number of attacks necessary to end the fight quickly, while "Cold" Foxymaidens will enthusiastically cover the area with Snow Storms to defeat a foe (and likely follow the battle with an attempt to start a snowball fight).
Foxymaidens of both types are very affectionate and enjoy spending time with their Tamers. They particularly enjoy cuddling of all kinds, especially after a Taming. They are also very intelligent and enjoy puzzles, riddles, and novels of all sorts.
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GHOSTRIDER, the Hellfire Vigilante Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Ghost/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human Style
Role: Messengers, Nightmare bringers, Vigilantes, Racers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, Fighting, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Flame Sword MK II, Fire Scythe, Fireball, Phantom Blade, Nightmare Syndrome, *Punishment Gaze, *Summon Vehicle *Metamorph Object
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed X 4, Enhanced Strength X3, limited pyrokinetic/ psychokinetic/ metamorphic abilities
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: CalamityJane (Special; Killed by Infernal)
Behold, the ultimate Desperado. Born of hellfire, the Ghostrider Pokégirl is one of the most unusual breeds around. Not because they turn into flaming-skulled warriors when they must, but because it takes the death of a CalamityJane at the hands of a powerful Infernal to enact this evolution.
Normally, the Ghostrider looks no different from how she looked as a CalamityJane, but in battle, a terrifying transformation occurs. Their flesh literally burns away, leaving nothing but the bones and still burning inferno. An odd fact is that these flames can be controlled, to the point where they won't burn anything that the Ghostrider doesn’t want them to. The Ghostrider tends to wear semi-loose fitting leather clothes akin to Pre-Sukebe bikers, regardless of their choice vehicle. They often carry around a small selection of weaponry including, but not limited to, a long chain, a handgun, a knife or bladed weapon of some form, and spike-knuckled gloves. Sometimes the knife and gun are the same weapon (commonly galled a ‘Gunblade.’)
The Ghostrider’s battle talents tend to run the gambit of hit-and-run tactics and melee combat, but they still retain the talent, and preference of whips, so the chain is most often used. They like to make use of their newfound Ghost abilities and fire techniques to, as one confirmed Ghostrider put it, “Give ‘em a nice boot to the head!” Their best tactic against most dangerous opponents is to use their technique ‘Penance Stare’ to literally burn their enemies soul. Not many are certain of how it actually works, but it doesn’t appear to affect Widows, sadly. Also the weapons they carry tend to shift with them when they transform, taking on a fiery and frightening appearance.
Little is known about having a Ghostrider in a Harem as there are only a handful of cases known on a global scale. What is known is that Ghostriders tend to be rather reckless, especially when it comes to the law. Ghostriders tend to be extreme risk-takers, often performing insane stunts for the sheer adrenaline rush.
Only one of the known Ghostriders has ever gone Feral. And when she did, instead of becoming violent like one would expect, instead she became far more reckless. Attempts to get her back under control have proven difficult thanks to the Ghostriders ‘Summon Vehicle’ technique. The researchers are still keeping watch for any sightings of a flaming skeletal Pokégirl on a souped-up skateboard. Due to the circumstances of how Ghostriders come to be there have been no cases of thresholding into one.
Ghostriders are formed when an Infernal Pokégirl fatally wounds a CalamityJane. The Infernal energy results in a dark resurrection and a frightening metamorphosis. Their reckless tendancies increase when they face off against the Pokégirl who killed them.
Punishment Gaze (ATK [varies]+EFT: When the pokegirl makes eye contact with her victim, it is judged on its actions in this life. The evil that it caused is returned threefold as fire damage. The target must be alive and capable of feeling remorse for this attack to work.
Summon Vehicle (EFT): A Ghostrider Pokégirl can select a specific vehicle and give it the power of metamorphosis so the vehicle can, and will, transform at the same time as its selected Ghostrider. From then on she can summon that vehicle to her location no matter where she is simply by whistling. Any vehicle can be used, even horse-type Pokégirls, but it's most often a fast ground-based vehicle.
Metamorph Object (EFT): When a Ghostrider touches an inanimate object under the shadows she can will that object (weapon, armor, vehicle, almost anything) to shift its form into a new form to better use in combat. This is most often used on the Ghostriders own weaponry or armor.
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GROWLIE, the Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson, Indigo)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), High endurance and loyalty
Evolves: Growltit (Normal, experience needed)
Evolves From: Goth (Sarcastic Goth sub-types only; Fire Stone)
Loyalty, this is the first trait that comes into mind when one thinks about a Growlie and this reputation is well earned. Besides being extremely loyal, Growlie also has a brave and trustworthy nature, it will fearlessly stand up to bigger and stronger foes to protect its tamer from harm. Growlie along with Kittens and Catgirls were one of the breeds to fiercely battle Mao during the Rebellion, their loyalty to their owners being so strong that to break it leaves the Growlie crippled both physically and mentally. They simply do not betray their masters, being loyal to the end.
Growlie has a distinctive appearance; the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms, legs and tail is complimented by blonde hair on the top of her head and a short soft blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs. Growlie has a nose which grants them a greatly enhanced sense of smell allowing them to follow scent trails days old, making them excellent trackers. Their high endurance means they will track a target for days even weeks and when they finally catch up their enhanced strength means they can quickly overpower and bring down the target.
This combination of traits not only makes Growlie an excellent pet but also makes them one of the few Pokégirls ideally suited for police work along with others such as Tigress. Once a Growlie is selected for police duty they are assigned and bonded to a partner then both the Police officer and the Growlie go on an intensive training course that taxes both the Officer and the Growlie. By the end of the course both the Officer and Growlie forge a strong partnership allowing them to function better as a pair, instinctively understanding each others strengths and weaknesses. The Growlie will also learn methods of tracking and taking down criminals which makes them superior combatants than pet owned Growlies.
Growlie is a popular pet Pokégirl and often considered members of the family much like Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice however they do not share quite the same level of popularity as the others because they require such large amounts of love and attention. Another Pokégirl is recommended as the Growlies can then occupy themselves by 'playing' with the other Pokégirls. They are very competitive with any and ALL amorous or lustful Pokégirls.
Growlies are often found in a large family with at least one other Pokégirl for this reason, their intelligence is such that they are quite capable of doing any job a human can do although their favorite job will be patrolling and protecting the family home which they consider to be their territory.
Unlike most canine types, Growlie gets on well with cat type Pokégirls especially when both discover a mutual love of fish and love of play. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it's strongly suggested that you _not_ have any of the Domina-type Pokégirls, though. Growlies and Domina-types do NOT like each other.
Feral Growlie are very protective of their territory, they will bark and bite fiercely to repel intruders from their territory; however they will not viciously maul or kill their opponent like some feral Pokégirls but instead aim to drive their opponent off. The favored territory of a Growlie would be near a river or large stream running through forest land, predominately because Growlie are omnivores like humans but particular like nuts and fish as their primary diet, nuts mostly only available in forest land whilst fish are obviously only available around large water sources. Growlie are excellent at foraging for food in the wild making them idea for tamers who will be spending large amounts of time in the wild, also due to their love of fish they are awesome fishers which is odd for a fire type!
One must be careful though, in the wild Growlie tend to form packs which have a similar intense loyalty to each other akin to that they develop with their tamers, any attempt to harm or Pokéball any member of the pack is likely to incite a violent response from the entire pack, worse yet the captured Growlie will refuse to bond to its owner and will attack once released from the Pokéball before attempting to return to its pack by backtracking the tamers scent unless heavy mental conditioning is applied.
If one wants to capture a feral Growlie without trouble then the entire pack must be caught together or the individual Growlie must be encouraged to come willingly with the tamer though whatever methods.
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GROWLTIT, the Warm And Fuzzy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: Average (High if other amorous Pokégirls in area)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack.
Enhancements: Enhnanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Speed (x3), Elemental-based powers, Endurance
Evolves: Denmother (Special, giving birth), Sparkanine (Thunder Stone), Huskie (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: Growlie (Normal, experience needed)
Growltit is the evolution of Growlie, its appearance is still similar with that of Growlie as it retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. It is the blonde hair on the top of her head that changes becoming wilder and spikier, the blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs also changes, becoming longer and more pronounced. The most dramatic change is that of Growltit's tail which changes from being red tiger striped fur to being the same long blonde fur as on her chest and the addition of long blonde fur down her arms and her lower legs.
Muscles on Growltit are much more visible than they were when she was a Growlie, her new form visually showing her increased strength, speed and greatly improved endurance. Other improvements over its Growlie form include greater access and control over its fire elemental powers, it is now far more capable of using powerful fire based moves against its enemies.
Growltit has a much more laid back attitude and lower libido except when an amorous Pokégirl comes onto their master at which point they can get very defensive over their masters unless they are used to the other Pokégirl. The laid back attitude means that Growltit will sleep more often when it has the free time instead of hunting down her master and demanding attention, they can often be found asleep, curling up with cat type Pokégirls in a patch of sunlight, a sight which can melt most hearts.
It still has a preferred diet of nuts and fish although is now more prone to sharing its fish with cat types and not provoking a food fight over who gets the last fish. Its skill as a fisher increases thanks to its speed and faster reflexes; it is also much more patient in waiting for its food ensuring it doesn't lose a fish due to impatience.
Pet owners tend to favor Growltit over Growlie because she becomes much less demanding for their time and affection allowing them to get on with other things. Growltit still likes cat type Pokégirls, able to keep both itself and the cat type amused for endless hours but unfortunately they still don't like domina types and it is _NOT recommended to have them together in any fashion.
Growltit gains increased popularity over Growlie because of her calmer attitude and no longer needing another Pokégirl to keep her distracted, bringing her up to the same level of popularity as Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice when it comes to the pet market. They still make excellent pets for home security, tirelessly patrolling and protecting the family home.
Growltit is a difficult evolution to reach, requiring Growlie to be quite powerful and experienced in fighting before it will evolve into Growltit. This is why the police force train the much easier to acquire Growlie to be police Pokégirls rather than Growltit which seems to be even more suitable for police work. Those planning on breaking the law however should be wary, any Growltit serving in the police force is likely to have long years of experience and much less likely to be thrown off during a pursuit. Her increased speed, endurance and strength can bring most chases to a quick end even those which require tracking the target across large areas of wilderness.
The increase in Growltit's speed means it is hard for their human partners to catch up by foot, so the Growltit is given much more autonomy even in less liberal leagues. Human partners of Growltit tend to have motorbikes to help them keep up with their Pokégirl when she gets moving.
Growltit can also be found in daycare centers and schools in the more liberal leagues as they are considered damned near human and trustworthy enough to be around kids. Children especially the younger ones love them as they are warm and fuzzy, thus great to cuddle with. This is something that the much more active and demanding Growlie couldn't do, for fear it might accidentally harm the children with its more boisterous attitude.
In the wild Growltit's tend to be the pack leaders as long as there are no Denmother present, leading and controlling the pack throughout their daily lives, packs with a Growltit leading them tend to be more close knit and intelligent since Growltit has a slightly more intelligent feral state. The pack will have sentries on watch and will regularly patrol their territory making it more difficult to sneak up on the pack. The Growltit itself will develop slight maternal instincts over those under her causing her to look out for her fellow pack mates far more than normal but this is nothing compared to the instincts she will develop if she evolves into Denmother.
Attempting the capture of a unwilling Growltit is strongly discouraged, not only will you run into the same problems as attempting the capture of a unwilling Growlie but it is one of the few circumstances which can encourage the Growlie pack to leave their territory, in this case to track down their missing leader. This can lead to the unfortunate tamer getting attacked in the middle of the night by an entire pack of angry Growlies, not something that you want to be woken up to. It is recommended to either catch a willing Growltit or get a Growlie and train it up.
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HELLCAT, the Fiendish Feline Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human to Very Near Human (Feline)
Element: Fire/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Carnivore, enjoys burnt meat
Role: Unholy predator, Battlefield clean up, Front line fighter
Libido: Average, Shifts to High following a victory
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark, Celestials
Attacks: Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Rage, Warm Embrace, Fire Kick, Bite, Fury Swipes, Seductive Purr, Purr Vibrations, Lick, Nightmare Syndrome, Lure, Illusion, Sex Attack 1, 2, and 3, Evil Charm, Devour
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell, Sight) (x3), Night Vision, Scent Alteration*, enhanced reflexes (x3), enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x3), enhanced endurance (x3)
Weaknesses: Water deals maximum damage, Need fire to recharge every week.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Youma (Cat E-Medal (Magic/Fire type Youma only) or Cat E-Medal and Fire Stone (All Youma except for Magic/Fire types))
Discovered almost a decade after the discovery of E-medals, the Hellcat is evolved from a Youma. Originally thought to only come from Magic/Fire type Youma when a Cat E-Medal was applied, studies proved that if a Fire Stone and Cat E-Medal were applied simultaneously, then this evolution could come from any Youma type.
Physically, Hellcats can vary as much as their pre-evolved form, ranging in looks from a pure feline Animorph to almost indistinguishable from a regular human. In general, their hair/fur color varies from reds and oranges to solid white, and flows as if it were fire itself. Eye colors lie in the range of normal feline eye colors, greens, yellows, or rarely reds and blues. There has even been one recorded event of a Hellcat who looked remarkably like a white Lioness.
One thing that the Hellcat is good at is cleaning up a battlefield, and reports of Firecats that would eat corpses during the Revenge War are now being looked at again for fear that these were Hellcats. Hellcats generally torch bodies before consuming them, preferring the taste of charred meat above anything else. Even when tamed, they tend to see things in two lights, those that can be played with or those that can be prayed upon. Even when only Alpha bonded, their Tamer falls under the playing category, and she seeks any opportunity to get her ‘mate’ in bed. Oddly enough, they are considered one of the more ‘prudish’ Infernals, and while they may flirt, refuse to perform in public among other things (which vary from Hellcat to Hellcat). One particular Hellcat almost seemed Celestial in her obvious embarrassment of any sexual talk outside of the bedroom.
Regardless of how harmless they seem to those they’ve bonded to, they are considered a danger to those they see as prey. Many humans and Pokégirl alike have been treated to the phrase, “And I shouldn’t eat you why?” It is not recommended for any tamer to have a Hellcat in a harem with any mouse or bird type unless they are far stronger than the Hellcat. Otherwise, documented cases have shown that the Tamer will wake up one day with one less Pokégirl and a well fed Hellcat. It is mainly this philosophy of ‘meat is meat’, in addition to her opinion that good and evil are relative, that put this Pokégirl solidly in the Infernal realm. When asked if they are evil, most Hellcats will state that good and evil are propaganda put fourth by Celestials so they can secretly rule the world. It seems that they not only state this, but truly believe this to be the case, fighting against Celestial backed agendas with the claim that they are ‘freeing the masses’. If innocent people have to die or get in the way, then they accept this so long as the greater good are ‘freed’. They see true freedom as complete Anarchy, and as such will only bother with laws if their Tamer tells them to.
Hellcats, in addition to feeding, have a need to replenish their fire energy weekly with fire. Usually this is done by building a large bonfire that the Infernal steps into and can actually sleep in. It is speculated that because of this need to absorb fire energy, this breed cannot become the Charred template, and this has mostly proven true in research studies. Another quark of a Hellcat is that they will not tolerate any dog types, period. This usually leads to in fighting, and unless the canine type is stronger than the Hellcat, things progress until either the Hellcat is dead or feeds on the canine Pokégirl’s corpse.
Hellcat’s have varying preferences for taming, almost always avoiding public tamings in general, which means that though they have several sex attacks, they it is next to never that they are seen on the Sex battle circuits. Though they have the ghost subtype, they are solid and cannot phase, and despite being a fire type they are not too hot to need taming with salves.
The feral state of a Hellcat is marked by the Pokégirl dropping down to all fours, and many find their way to battle sites to devour the dead and dying. As such, feral Hellcats and Valkyries have something of a contention, since the Valkyries attempt to save what a Hellcat would eat. Otherwise, they only attack if they are hungry, and usually target bird and mouse Pokégirls. They are random, having no territory and no set traveling pattern, seeming to embody the Anarchy they claim when tamed.
• Scent Alteration - (EFT) (Ghost): This technique allows the Pokégirl to alter her scent in a manner that will throw off the senses of even the sharpest Pokégirl nose. It takes an entire 6 hours for the pokegirl to alter her scent, and afterwards this move may be used again, effectively changing the pokegirls scent to anything they have smelled at intervals of 6 hours for each scent change. It is not uncommon for this move to be used to mimic popular perfume brands in domestic girls.
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HENTAI, the Neo-Legendary Volcano Vixen Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Vulpine
Element: Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore
Role: Victor of the Volcanoes, hunter of Limbec Pirates, sex machine
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Ground, Rock, Water)
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Flamethrower, Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Sniper, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Nipple Cripple, Sex Attack 1, 2, 3
Enhancements: Very high endurance. Geothermal Disruption.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed.
Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Vixxen, Hentai would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Hentai, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Magma Islands of the Sunshine League in 265 AS, Hentai would come to claim the area as something of her home, even though she tended to become something of a Roamer. Her purpose was to keep the flow of magma at bay, but unfortunately, the former Vixen Pokégirl has proved to now have the discipline for the powers that were bestowed upon her.
Hentai is a very emotional Neo-Legendary. The last few hours of her life as a simple Vixxen was something that left traumatic scars, (both mental and physical) on the Vulpine Pokégirl. She not only retains her need and desire for sex that she had as just a normal Pokégirl, but it's enhanced. The horrors that were committed on her, the torture, the mutilation... she needs to drive away the darkness from her mind, and only finds it through fucking. While Hentai's build is similar to what one would expect from a Vixxen, 5'7" with beautiful red fur, generous curves, and a bountiful D-Cup, sadly, a lot of the horrors that had been committed on her body were never fully healed, just changed to an extent to better work for her enhanced body.
Most noticeably is her mask. A red five-pointed star that covers the majority of her face with an overlapping golden crest for the top point, which is a mix of tiara which makes a rigid brow, and two blackened silver plates that go down underneath the red star from the sides, and continue downwards to overlap her cheeks. Her muzzle and eyes are the only visible part of the front of her head. She never wants this touched, and cringes, turning away if someone does. She had her face torn up before by a Psi-Dyke and is very sensitive about letting people see what is underneath now. Besides the mask, she the only other clothing she wears are shackles around her wrists and ankles, from when her tormentors had restrained her to do their grisly work.
The other two noticeable characteristics of Hentai also come from her time before she was changed into a Neo-Legendary. On either part of her backside is a set of jagged `wings' in a pennant or mountain-like formation from the metal that had been scraped along and left stabbed into her. And her tail, her original cut free from her body, is now replaced by one made from billowing black smoke... which, according to reports, is solid and feels soft and furry to the touch, despite leaving ash on the hand when withdrawn.
When it comes to battling, Hentai prefers to make the Pokébattle into a Pokésex Battle. She doesn't care if her partner is a man, woman, or Pokégirl. She'll choose any opportunity she can get to have a nice long and solid fucking. When it comes to Taming Hentai, pretty much anything goes with her, and she'll go at it with great enthusiasm, as was evidenced by a Bootlegged Copy of the Neo-Legendary Taming the brains out of the Legendary Pokégirl, Bastit, and getting treated equally well in return. The only qualm that Hentai has concerning sex is her mask, which she insists must stay on, and nothing will sway her otherwise.
However, despite her normally sex-oriented mind-set, there is one thing that can set Hentai off into a full rage, where a PokéBattle with her is likely to the death. If she comes Psi-Dykes, or any Pokégirl that is openly working with the Limbec Pirates, a darker side of Hentai comes forth. The Neo-Legendary, attacking with fire so hot, even other Fire-types will feel the burn. She blames them for the death of her original Tamer, and the mutilation of her body, and will give back what she had been given, with interest.
There is a popular legend associated with Hentai. One that says whenever she roars, a volcano blows its top. With the connection she has to the magma flows beneath the planet's surface, it is quite possibly true.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Hentai was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Hentai has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face a Rock or a Water-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fire, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
Limitless Stamina: Although it was originally joked that when it came to sex, Hentai could go above and beyond the call of duty, being ready for anyone, anywhere, at any time... it seems such is actually the case. Her endurance is increased to nearly god-like levels, which not only makes it more difficult to defeat the Neo-Legendary in battle, but next-to-impossible to actually satisfy her. She took on Bastit for days straight and probably could have gone longer if the Legendary Sex Kitten hadn't passed out!
Fiery Passion: Although she is a Fire-type, when Hentai is Taming with someone, her heat won't effect her partner(s) as her aura normally would when in PokéBattle. Study has showed that when mixed in coitus with her lover, her aura is shared with the other, in effect, giving them a sub-affinity for fire while joined with her during Taming. This makes it easier to keep the Taming going on longer for both parties.
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HOTGOBLINA, the Fire Chief Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Rock/Fire
Frequency: Rare (assumed)
Diet: Molten rocks, Charred Meat or plants, Anything ‘extremely well done’
Role: Deep mining, Feral Leader, Supervisory positions over other pokegirls
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Electric, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting, Water* *Triple Damage
Attacks: Ignite, Rage, Warm Embrace, Napalm, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Quake, Sonic Wave, DynaWave, Magma Throw*
Enhancements: Night Vision, Endurance x3, Strength x5, Lowered Feral State.
Weaknesses: Damaged when submerged or drenched in water (including rain)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Goblina (Fire Stone)
When a Goblina is exposed to a Fire stone, she evolves into a Hotgoblina, her Ground element ‘hardening’ into the Rock element and gaining the element of fire. Physically, Hotgoblinas are a bit better looking than Goblinas, with skin tones in rust to orange colors and hair any shade of red to black. Their spindly features bulk up to over the human norm, making most Hotgoblina’s appear stocky or ‘big boned’. They gain almost a foot in height, placing them anywhere from a solid 4.5’ to 6’ and their bust size jumps accordingly. Their skin can be classified as ‘very warm’ to the touch, as a Hotgoblina is in constant use of the Warm Embrace technique –in fact, she can’t turn it off. This is because the inside of the Hotgoblina is something close to molten rock, but many researchers have not been able to discover why she appears flesh and blood when her insides are like that of a Marble on fire. When drenched or submerged in water, this Pokégirl experiences something close to extreme muscle cramps as her molten insides solidify. If placed in water for a long enough period of time, these cramps turn into organ failure and can kill the Pokégirl.
Domestic Hotgoblinas are normally found in secondary leadership positions in the mining industry, overseeing other Pokégirls while still being under the command of a miner. Their leadership abilities shine in this position, appointing other Ground and Rock types to effective positions with precision and ease. This almost militaristic fashion extends to almost every aspect of the Hotgoblina’s life, as they like ‘having all their stones in a row’ so to speak. They get along well with most other Pokégirls, but have an innate unease around Water types, since they have an extreme weakness to water. They are particularly good at regimenting the training, taming, and sleep/watch schedules of any group they are in, be it a Harem or a Tradesman’s team of Pokégirls. This of course makes them excellent for either the Alpha or Beta position on skill alone, never mind that they are decent battlers when not faced with water attacks.
Luckly for many tamers, the magma portion of a Hotgoblina does not extend into their pussy, and salves or bloodgifts aren’t needed to tame them. However, it is highly recommended that some form of lubrication be present, since they continually remain dry. Any non-water based lube will do, since water based lubes tend to cause the Hotgoblina some discomfort. A Tamer shouldn’t worry about their Hotgoblina becoming smelly either, their inability to sweat combined with their ignite technique can literally burn off any material, effectively bathing the Pokégirl in fire.
Feral Hotgoblinas employ a similar position within a Goblina clan, since most fill the leadership roles. Like their pre-evolved form, they can speak a pidgin language, but can’t seem to regiment things at all. They also become somewhat cowardly, never leaving their cave and sending out parties to raid or hunt and gather. Some Feral Hotgoblinas leave the clannish lifestyle, and instead choose some volcanic area to make their homes, swimming in the magma alongside other highly flame resistant pokegirls. These ‘Hermit Hotgoblinas’ seem to show a more relaxed lifestyle once tamed, despite the militaristic attitudes that their breed is known for.
Thresholding into a Hotgoblina is very rare, but usually comes from the mining industry and a strong Goblina and Fire type ancestry. Many thresholders who become Goblina usually try to get a hold of a Fire stone to make themselves more valuable.
Magma Throw – (ATK 100): This technique is a Fire/Rock move that is essentially Rock Throw combined with a Fire attack. The Pokégirl picks up a Rock and super heats the rock until it melts, the hurls the blob of molten rock at her opponent.
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HOTTIE, the Hot Frog Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (frog)
Element: Water/Fire/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare, Rare on Magma Isles and in other volcanically active regions
Diet: normal, however Hotties love sushi and spicy foods
Role: Heavy combat fighter, portable heating unit. Hotties are usually unsuited for more domestic roles.
Libido: High, Very high right after a fight or when “making up”
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Poison, Poison Lash, Fireball, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, WaterGun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Sticky finger and toe tips, sticky tongue, ability to elongate tongue up to 10 feet, can control body temperature from ambient up to hot enough to melt lead (625F), highly resistant to heat, enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x2),
Evolves: Salamandra (Fire Stone), Horny Toad (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Hottie is one of the few amphibious Pokégirls to exist. She stands anywhere from 5ft to 5'6” tall and has a stocky build. Breast size is usually a firm C - D cup, although anything from a B to DD has been seen. It must be noted that typically, the smaller the bust, the angrier the Hottie tends to stay. All Hotties have blue nipples.
Hotties have green skin that is decorated with vertical bright red stripes. Some can have blue irregular spots along with the stripes or instead of them. Hair color is usually a green that is a couple of shades darker than skin tone. Hotties do not have body hair, from the neck down they are completely hairless.
Hotties have webbed hands and feet tipped with short strong claws. Their hands are fully functional while their feet are slightly flatter and elongated, resembling short swim fins. The feet are not long enough to change their gait from human, however it should be noted that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of their feet.
Frankly, studies have indicated that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of anything about them, from their looks to their abilities. In fact, Hotties have hair triggers and a Tamer never knows what will set them off. They don't stay angry for long, and the quickest way to reduce their anger is to get them into a battle. While angry, Hotties have an annoying tendency to destroy their Tamer's belongings, venting by breaking everything that comes within reach. One Researcher described this behavior as “pissed off soon to be ex-girlfriend”.
His previously calm Hottie reacted to this statement by piling up his clothes and using flame thrower on them.
Hotties have a high libido, which becomes very high after winning a battle or when her Tamer apologizes and she's ready to make up. At this point she becomes very amorous and will take her Tamer to seek out the nearest body of water for a taming. Just the site of a large bathtub can put one into a receptive (demanding) mood. It should be noted that turning her down at this point is almost guaranteed to trigger her anger.
Hotties have the ability to regulate their body temperatures accurately from ambient to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They often use this ability to warm up the bath they are using to something they find more relaxing. Caution must be observed in these situations as what is comfortable to a Hottie can be lethal to an unprotected human. Make sure any bubbles seen are coming from water jets and not from boiling. Hotties also can control the temperature of various parts of their bodies and some use this to heat up drinks by sticking their fingers into the liquid, or foods. Some have been known to use this as for practical jokes.
The Hottie's poison lash attack uses their tongue, which they coat with their poison attack saliva before unleashing the poison lash. They can also coat weapons or just about anything else they can get into their mouth. It should be noted that a lower concentrations, Hottie venom causes skin rashes or illness if ingested. Angry Hotties have been sometimes seen licking silverware to be used by those their ire is currently aimed at.
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HOTTITS, the HOT HOT HOT Nymph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian-based diet
Role: menial jobs, fire-related
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Rock, Water
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Ignite, Ember, Flame Shot, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Dodge, Evade
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Increased flexibility
Evolves: Cyndacunt (orgasm)
Evolves From: Nymph (Fire Stone)
Nymphs undergo three major changes when they become Hottits. First, their skin turns a deep tan or sometimes an orange-bronze, their hair turns either fire red or charcoal black, and their irises turn green. When angered, their eyes turn a more solid green. Otherwise, their basic form doesn't change much. Any differences are usually minor.
Hottits enjoy being naked, but they enjoy skin-tight outfits as well, feeling the eroticism of 'almost' can be more arousing than simply being naked.
Feral Hottits become quite environmentally minded, though, since their main sources of food are vegetables, it's entirely not surprising. Hottits will also partner up with Driads whenever a fire Pokégirl gets out of hand.
But Hottits got their name from the fact that their passions burn as hot as their fiery techniques. Whenever a Hottits chooses a goal for themselves, they stick with the goal until they _can accomplish it or until it's proven to be beyond them (though the latter is rare). They love making new friends, intimate or otherwise, and often make up strange but effective customs to build relationships.
Of course, this has led people to wonder if all the heat hasn't somehow affected their brains, since FarFuck'Ds aside, Hottits are the most likely to naturally develop a whole language and series of jokes that few but themselves and those they are frequently around will get.
When it comes to sex, it's as wild as with Nymphs, though many partners enjoy the afterglow of orgasm longer. In battle, Hottits frequently use primarily straight forward attacks. They often leap up to get a clear view of their opponent and hurl Embers and Flame Shots. In close quarters, they rely on amplifying themselves with Power Drive, Dodge and Evade, then striking with Fire Kick. Against opponents who grapple or stay close-in, they'll frequently use Ignite to drive their opponent away.
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INFERNUS, the Legendary Fire Titan Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (lava)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique) (Deceased)
Diet: unknown, has never been seen eating
Role: Destruction
Libido: assumed None
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Fighting Style: Infernus didn't really have any identifiable attacks. She would wander around, roaring and punching the ground, spewing lava and fire.
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x500), Enhanced Strength (x200), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, several hundred feet tall
Limitations: EXTREMELY low intelligence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the Revenge War began, there were four immensely powerful Legendary Pokégirls. One was Typhonna. Another was Infernus.
Infernus was a gigantic monstrosity of a Pokégirl that appeared shortly after Typhonna. She was human in shape, but was several hundred feet tall, with long hair, but her whole body was made entirely of lava. She was a massive, hulking Pokégirl, and very low in intelligence. She did nothing more than wander around and destroy,
She first appeared in Greenland and Iceland, destroying both nations in spectacular fashion, and headed for the Arctic Circle, most likely with intention of melting the ice cap. However, because of her size she had to travel through water, something which caused her great pain, most likely due to her nature as a being of lava. Her movements through water caused great amounts of steam to erupt, as the water evaporated on contact with her skin. Infernus was last seen headed towards the polar ice cap when Typhonna entered the fog What exactly happened is unknown, but Infernus was never seen again after that, and Typhonna exited the mist seemingly without incident. The Volcano Mistress, Kary, appeared shortly afterwards, filling Infernus' role in more efficient fashion. Two years later Typhonna disappeared.
Update as of 140 AS: A vast, mountainous island has been discovered near the arctic circle, one that looks like it was formed after a vast volcanic eruption. Studies of this island by psychic and magic-type Pokégirls have discovered traces of a vast, primitive soul that has long since departed, leading some to believe that the island is the remains of Infernus after an unsuccessful battle with Typhonna. Because of the powerful soul that once resided in the island, ghost Pokégirls were drawn to it and gather there in abundance. Thrill seeking Tamers, mages wanting an ideal place to study necromancy, and those who simply want a Ghost Pokégirl travel to this haunted island, named Inferno Island due to the fact that in the very center of this island is a large pillar of flame which cannot be put out. Legends state that the pillar first appeared when ghosts started gathering there, the last trace of Infernus' mighty soul awakening to observe them. Some say that if you stare into the flame, you can see souls in torment...
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Infernus' shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). (Or her sheer height, for that matter...) They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Infernus has No Weakness (Level 200). If she were to face anything that was considered Strong vs. Fire, at or below level 200, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally. LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. However, due to the fact that Infernus lived only a couple months, no Salient Qualities were identified for Infernus, although it is assumed she had them.
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KARY, The Legendary Volcano Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Near Human
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Carnivorous, Flames
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Plant, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Rock, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water, Flying, Ice, Ghost
Attacks: Grow, Shrink, Meteor 27, Flame Floor, Star Fall, Thunder Tail, Fire Sword MK II, Fire Blast, Sword Dance, Spincut, Assault, Sentinel, Weapon Carnival, Carve, Cut, Parry, Deflect, Power Drive, Firewind, Flame Thrower, Rage, Flame Tower, Explosion
Enhancements: Size change (up to 24 feet tall); heals from all explosions, heat and/or fire attacks; three attacks per round (all of which could be either physical or elemental); creates Flame Floor on any ground she's crossed over; all arms can operate independently.
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
A 7'8" foot tall woman with a snake-like lower body, red skin, six arms and long blonde hair, who could grow to three times her normal size. This fiery Legendary Pokégirl carried six scimitars (which she could make grow with her) and was dangerously adept at using them in conjunction with her fiery powers. She was so skillful, in fact, that she could deflect all the shrapnel from multiple fragmentary grenades.
Shockingly, despite being one of the most powerful fire Pokégirls, only the bottoms of her snake-like scales were hot on the outside, and not very hot at that (estimated was only 102 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly warmer than the average human), meaning that martial artists who could get close enough, could attack her bare-handed without fear of being burned, though very few ever tried.
She took triple damage from ice attacks and double damage from water; but healed from heat (rate of 1 extra HP per turn for every 10 degrees above 100 Fahrenheit), flame (equal to 'damage' dealt), and even explosions caused by missiles or grenades (10 HP per explosion). She took no damage (and thankfully, didn't heal either) from plasma rifles or bullets.
Kary's first appearance was not recorded, even though she burned seven entire cities to the ground within a month of that estimated time. Kary's diet was what truly made her terrifying than even Hy-Bra, as she often grew to her 24 foot size and ate humans while they were still alive, and sometimes even other Pokégirls. This ultimately led to many failed attempts by both humans and Pokégirls to kill her prior to the pyrrhic battle in 8 AS. It's suspected that she tended to move towards heavily populated zones for food, rather than for any particular mission.
Kary even clashed against her fellow Legendaries, most notably Scylla and Titania, and it's believed that Kary came away as the victor each time, as Titania and Scylla were both seen moving far away from where Kary was. Many speculate how a fight between Hy-Bra and Kary might have gone, but alas, the battle was never meant to be, as the two were never in the same areas.
It's even rumored that even Pokégirl Generals Artemis and Athena made an attempt to stop this violent self-centered legendary, but as both Kary and the two generals survived long past the date of this conflict was rumored to have taken place on, it's certain that, if the battle actually took place, it ended in failure for the two generals.
Kary trusted only a few Pokégirl types to be around her and was, in turn, trusted even less by those very Pokégirls. It's believed that these Pokégirls were the ones to supply the military with the vital information necessary to kill Kary.
Kary left behind trails of flame and molten rock wherever she went, and continually healed because of it. Invulnerable to even missiles, the military had almost no choice but to make a concentrated physical attack, backed up by the Langoud; various water, ice and flying Pokégirls; and even fire trucks and water-dispensing helicopters.
The final battle was said to have taken over seven hours to wear Kary down enough that victory was almost at hand. Kary, perhaps not wanting to be slain by such tiny creatures or perhaps simply enraged enough, used Explosion, killing herself and everyone within a one mile radius.
The result of the explosion left a massive crater, the edges of which can still be found, even underwater, and created tons upon tons of red ash that choked the western edge of the new continent Maycia (aka. the Crimson League).
The battle was considered a pyrrhic victory at best. With her death, the war was considered largely over, despite the continued presence of various Legendaries (such as Atmuff, Moltits and Articunt).
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MAGMAMMARY, the Lava Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League; unknown all others)
Diet: unknown (assumed only needs lava or fire to survive)
Role: unknown, not discovered until after the Sukebe War ended
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice Plant, Steel
Week Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireblast, Flamrethrower, Barrier, Dissolve
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Endurance, High Heat Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cyndacunt (Fire Stone)
Magmammarys (or Magmarys are they're sometimes called) are Pokégirls whose entire skin (save for the bottoms of their feet) is continually ablaze with a special flame so long as they're alive. Even when doused with water or even encased in ice, these flame do not go out, the flames of a Magmammary can only extinguish when they're dead. Because of their flames, their body temperature is roughly 337 degrees Fahrenheit (or 169 degrees Celsius). While their flames will not set anything on fire, their body heat alone will cause things to grow quite hot after a while. This means that they are often forced to stay in places that are resistant to heat.
If their body temperature is ever below 330 degrees Fahrenheit (or 166 degrees Celsius), it's often a clear sign that she is not healthy. Oddly, her body temperature normally doesn't change up or down more than one or two degrees, regardless of weather conditions or the climate; but her temperature may go up to 377 degrees Fahrenheit (or 192 degrees Celsius) during sex. This makes it virtually impossible for any tamer who does not have an ice or fire affinity to become intimate with her. Regardless of these facts, most Magmammarys do not like to be in areas that are not hot.
Magmammarys generally stand roughly 4'2" to 5'8", though taller or shorter is not entirely unknown. Their eyes are generally ash grey or deep red, but the rare "albino" of the species have had blue eyes. Magmammarys with blue eyes almost always have an important destiny in store for them. Their hair is never curly, though their flames can make it appear so, and most hate having their hair beyond shoulder length.
Magmammarys have special secondary eyelids that allow them to swim through lava as if swimming through water, and thanks to their incredibly high heat tolerance, they can swim virtually unharmed through lava. They do, however, avoid going so deep as to encounter magma, though. They don't seem to eat, but are frequently seen around flames and lava, which is currently assumed to be their actually food, and it's been ascertained (though details as to _how this was discovered are rather sketchy) that Magmammarys cannot feed on their own flames.
Magmammarys are generally rather unfriendly to (sometimes even openly snide towards) any non-fire Pokégirls, though they do have respect for Ice Pokégirls and any human who can ignore the heat they generally live in. Researchers believe this may be due to the fact that they either can't respect anyone who cannot take the heat or they simply don't want to hurt anyone.
Because of their rarity, domesticate Magmammary are rare, and threshold girls are, as of yet, unheard of.
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MOLTITS, the Legendary Flaming Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: fruits, with occasional meat
Role: mistress of heat, self-proclaimed goddess
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Rock, Water)
Attacks: Firestorm, Ignite, Flame Tower, Flame Scythe, Napalm, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Fire Blast, Flame Sniper, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Wingover, Typhoon, Hurricane, Dive
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x20), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Moltits is one of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, with her two sisters being Articunt and Zapdass. They were among the very first Legendary Pokégirls to be created by Sukebe for use in his war against humanity. Like her sisters, Moltits took a subtle route to sow discord among human society to make it easier for other Pokégirls to attack the humans. She would use her powers of heat and flame to bring droughts and flash-fires to communities, often exhausting them so badly from the sheer, oppressive heat that they couldn’t put up a decent resistance when Pokégirls attacked.
Moltits is two inches below six feet tall, with very short orange feathers covering her body. Like her sisters, her wings are separate appendages from her arms. Her wings are the same color as her body, but she has the ability to sheath them in flames, via Ignite, at will. Her bright red hair is long but wavy almost to the point of being curly, and hangs a few inches past her shoulders. Her feet are clawed, with a single back-toe on each foot. Her breasts are just barely D-cups, with bright red nipples the same color as her hair. Her pussy naturally is hairless. Moltits never wears clothing, and it's likely that any she did would burn off of her anyway.
Moltits is a vision of perfection among both Fire and Flying-type Pokégirls. She soars higher than most others dare to, her natural body heat keeping her warm at the colder temperatures of high altitude. Moltits almost unconsciously stays directly between the sun and those under her, as much for heat as to keep hidden, a tactic she has used since her very first mission.
Moltits is a very self-centered and flighty being. She pays almost no attention to things that don’t concern her, focused solely on what she, and others, can do to make her life easier and more pleasant. Hers was the swing vote on the issue of what they should do about Atmuff, since she really didn’t care one way or the other. Moltits either could not or would not see how the Legendary Warrior’s continued rampages endangered them all, and often abandoned the debate when it arose. Finally, after years of listening to her two sisters bicker about what to do, she surprisingly sided with Zapdass on the issue, agreeing that Atmuff needed to die, and committing them all to the greatest battle of their lives. Once Atmuff had been dealt with, Moltits abandoned the company of her sisters, flying far to the east. Most histories lose track of her at this point, but that is not the end of her story. After flying for a long time, Moltits came upon an island in the ocean that was far from other islands. The people of this place were rustic to begin with, and though they knew of the outside world, the little contact they had with it had been lost years before during the war. However, no Pokégirls had come to the island either, so when Moltits landed there, she was almost immediately revered as a goddess. Knowing this was too good to pass up, she played upon their superstitions, and within a year had all activity on the island centered around her. She remains there to this day, the goddess of the sun to the people of the island. She actively discourages anyone from leaving, and today most people there have forgotten that an outside world even exists. Moltits loves her new home, since the people go out of their way to give her whatever she wants. She keeps a fairly large number of robust young men (and some women as well) as her own harem to choose from. Moltits knows that if word of her existence spread to the outside world, people would seek her out, and the local peoples would soon learn she was just a Pokégirl, albeit a very powerful one, and not a goddess, which would mean the end of her idyllic life. To this end, she tends to have anyone who comes to her island slain, a decision she doesn’t feel totally comfortable with, but her desire to be worshipped and revered has overcome her conscience, especially since the island is already so remote that almost no one finds it.
Moltits hates to battle, since it runs against her hedonistic nature. Her only combat credo is to end the fight as soon as possible, and she will sometimes take foolish risks to do so. This stratagem nearly cost her life in the fight against Atmuff, and she very well might have died had not Hy-bra weakened the Legendary Warrior first. When in battle, Moltits tends to cut loose with her strongest attacks immediately, and often multiple times in a row, hoping to either kill her foes or drive them off, usually resulting in the former. If she is actively trying not to kill her opponents, she’ll use Flame Tower and Napalm to try and force them to retreat from the powerful flames. Moltits fights hand to hand more often then at a distance, usually because being closer allows her to unleash her attacks with more precision, leading to a quicker victory. Although she still remains somewhat reckless in battle, her powers are great enough that it usually doesn’t matter.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Moltits's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Moltits has No Weakness (Level 75). If she were to face a Rock or a Water-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fire/Flying, at or below level 75, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Moltits's lexicon of special attributes:
Heat Wave: Moltits radiates an aura of heat from her body to a distance of five hundred yards. This heat usually tops out at around two hundred degrees above zero, making it scorching, although there is no accompanying rise in humidity. Moltits has fair control over her aura though, and has been known to lessen it to around one hundred degrees to make people around her comfortable. The effects of this heat pervade over local conditions, and can modify them accordingly, but local weather returns to normal once her aura is gone, usually rather quickly.
Blazing Body: Due to her natural, pervasive body heat, all of Moltits’s attacks inflict additional burning damage. Feather Blizzard releases superheated feathers into the area, Wingover hits the opponent with wings coated in flames, etc. Also, all of her fire attacks do greater damage than they would if they came from another Fire-type Pokégirl. This is due to Moltits being a paragon of heat and flame, even among fire Pokégirls.
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MYSTICKAT, the Guardian Cat Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid, Animorph Cat
Element: Fire/Ground/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Solar Energy, Meat
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Ground, Magic, Plant, Psychic, Steel, Bird and Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Water
Attacks: Fissure, Flamethrower, Flare, Recover, Shield, Slash, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Elemental Affinity Earth, Elemental Affinity Fire, Limited Shapeshifting, Limited Psychic Abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: ClowMystic (unknown)
Like the other evolved forms of the Clowmystic this Pokégirl was created by the Pokégirl researcher Clow Read. Since only he knew the triggers necessary to cause a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mystickat instead of a Starmystic this Pokégirl remains extremely rare. Researchers attempting to rediscover these triggers have only been able to determine that a Clowmystic must have both the Fire and Earth elemental cards in order to evolve into a Mystickat.
When she evolves a Mystickat leaves behind a lot of her human looks becoming a six foot golden furred cat girl with large golden wings and on her forehead an eight pointed star that they use to draw in solar energy. Mystickats have two forms, passive and combat, in their combat forms their arms and legs become more catlike and their hands and feet become paws with powerful claws.
Mystickats get most of their energy from absorbing sunlight and so have little need to eat, when they do eat they are strict carnivores and will only eat meat. Mystickats do not need to absorb sunlight every day but being prevented from absorbing sunlight for an extended period will cause them to grow weaker. When she is not sleeping or eating a Mystickat will seek to have fun, they are as playful as kittens, and very enthusiastic about getting as much taming as possible. They will not however let their attempts to have fun jeopardize their self appointed role of bodyguard to their tamer.
Those few Mystickats not in tamers' harems usually find themselves working as bodyguards, a job they excel at, partly because of their protective nature and partly because they are always aware of their surroundings and even when they are asleep they are quick to respond to any threat.
Mystickats are immune to the capture fields of Pokéballs including illegal Pokéballs. They dislike entering their own Pokéballs for any reason, partly because it makes it harder for them to guard their tamer, partly because it prevents them from absorbing solar energy, but mainly because it prevents them from taking any opportunity to have fun or jump their tamer. Mystickats are very loyal to their tamers unless they find themselves in a harem with a Starmystic, in that case a Mystickat will leave her current tamer to stay with the Starmystic should she be traded or sold.
While Mystickats are enthusiastically bisexual they have a slight preference for men and prefer either, a one on one taming with their tamer or, that their tamer join them while they have some fun with a harem sister or two (or three or four). Should a Mysticangel or Starmystic join her harem then a Mystickat will insist on being tamed with them. This can prove especially trying for a Mysticangel since they prefer as little taming as possible.
Should a Starmystic and a Mysticangel join her harem then a Mystickat will be overjoyed and all three Pokégirls will prefer group taming sessions with or without their tamer.
Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Mystickat and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three Pokégirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each other’s location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three Pokégirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Clow Reed's intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the Pokégirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.
In battle Mystickats live up to their guardian name, they seek to protect their harem sisters and are especially protective of Clowmystics, Starmystics and their tamers. In battle a Mystickat likes to take advantage of her agility, and is equally at home fighting hand to hand or at a distance.
No feral Mystickats have ever been encountered but researchers speculate that because she is an animorph her feral state would be much more animalistic than a Clowmystics. Threshold Mystickats are very rare with less than half a dozen reported cases.
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PAPERDOLL (AKA ORIGAMI), The Paper Art Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Fire*
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: Spying, artists
Libido: Average, high with a Tamer that appreciates their art
Strong Vs: Water, Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Water, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Fold, Papercut, Paper Sword, Paper Shuriken, Paper Senbon, Buzzsaw, Wrap, Crushing Wrap, Ignite*, Fire Spin*, Flame Sword Mark II*, Various Normal/Fighting/Sword Techniques, Paper Moon *Only usable while on fire
Enhancements: Unmatched flexibility, Spying ability, flight
Weaknesses: Highly flammable, water weakens them
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titto (Leaf Stone)
Discovered in 230 AS by the Edo Gym Leader Kishimoto Nagato, when his Titto Konan accidentally touched a Leaf Stone. The resulting evolution was the Origami, or the Paperdoll as it is known outside the Edo League.
Paperdolls may lose many of the advantages they had as a Titto, but they gain something in return; their light weight and natural abilities grant them flight, numerous sword techniques, and flexibility that only a Rubbermaid or Stretchymaid could ever hope to match. They lose their gelatinous form and turn into a Very Near Human type. In fact, most Paperdolls could easily pass for an Ingenue before a Pokédex scan. However, one surefire way to tell is that a Paperdoll will usually have some kind of Origami craft decorating her somehow; this might be a paper flower in her hair, or something as simple as a bracelet. Also, the texture of their skin is very soft and velvety, like old parchment.
Paperdolls also have many paper versions of other techniques, such as Paper Sword, Shuriken, Senbon, and innumerable other techniques. In fact, one of the advantages of a Paperdoll is her massive arsenal of attacks.
In addition, they have the highly versatile Fold attack, which while not as powerful as Transform, allows her to use many attacks such as Wrap, Horn Drill, Peck, and others. Using Fold she can use almost any cutting or flying attack as long as it is purely physical (for example she could mimic Guillotine or Razor Wing, but not Ki Blast or Focus Punch; attacks that require great physical strength are beyond their abilities).
Two other attacks they have are Papercut and Paper Moon. Papercut is hardly what you would call a bruiser of an attack, but it uses a razor-thin edge of paper to cause a very shallow, but extremely painful, cut to serve as a distraction in battle.
Paper Moon, on the other hand, is the most powerful attack in a Paperdoll's arsenal. Using Ki to harden her body, the Paperdoll can fold herself into a large sickle shaped blade that is capable of cutting through even a Steel Pokégirl’s hard shell. But this technique does indeed have a drawback; it takes so much energy out of the Paperdoll that she cannot use any technique but Papercut until she has rested properly.
Despite the fact that a Paperdoll is even weaker against Fire-Types than other Plant-types, it is highly inadvisable to use one against her as once ignited, she gains the fire element, all her attacks becoming Fire-Elemental in nature, and she can use Fire Sword II as well as Fire Spin.
Paperdolls are generally very levelheaded and artistic Pokégirls, but when they find a Tamer who truly appreciates their art, they become very affectionate indeed, and will frequently give their Tamers with their handcrafted works of art, which do not break down or weaken over time like normal paper. Paperdoll crafts can actually catch a pretty penny for those who enjoy possessing such things.
As far as Taming goes, they enjoy any position that takes advantage of their natural flexibility, and while a little drier than most Pokégirls ‘down there,’ it's not enough to really be a problem for her or her Tamer.
Curiously enough, Paperdolls do not get along with Ar-Tits at all, as an Ar-Tits will often try to paint or doodle on a Paperdoll, which Paperdolls believe 'ruins the purity of clean paper'. While their rivalry is not as bad as that between Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, it will still interfere with Harem functionality if left unchecked.
Unfortunately, many people ignore the Paperdoll in lieu of Titto's more hardy evolutions such as Marble or even Glass. As such, they are very rare and with a few exceptions are virtually nonexistent outside the Edo League.
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PHOENIX, the Resurrection Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Animorph (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: pokechow, fruits, nuts, "well-cooked" meat
Role: Air-to-Ground fighter, Airborne combatant, fire-related tasks
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Water
Libido: High to Extreme
Attacks: Ember, Flamethrower, Ignite, Firespin, Fireblast
Enhancements: Fire resistant, Enhanced Vision (x6)
Evolves: Fireburst (battle stress)
Evolves From: Rack (Fire Stone)
Historians consider Sukebe's development of the Phoenix (as well the Rack's other two "first level" evolutions) to be one of the most effective uses of psychological warfare during the entire War of Revenge. By developing a breed of Pokégirls that seemed - due to both their physical appearance, and their abilities - to be weaker versions of one of his fearsome Legendary Pokégirls (in this case, Moltits), Sukebe most likely hurt his enemies more than any single Phoenix did during the entire war. The thought that Sukebe possibly had hundreds of Pokégirls that could eventually become Legendaries damaged morale in ways that simply could not be calculated. With the Phoenix, however, there was an additional element to the psychological warfare attack. Recovered records indicate that Sukebe deliberately chose to name this breed of Pokégirl after a legendary animal that was said to have the ability to recover from even mortal wounds. The same records indicated that at least some of the rumors regarding how a Phoenix could heal herself by "bathing" in flames were spread by Very Near Pokégirls acting on Sukebe's orders.
During Sukebe's War of Revenge, the Phoenix were normally used against ground-based targets, even though their superior speed meant that they generally were more capable in aerial combat than a Rack would be. While they were not specifically designed to go after hardened targets, the armies who fought Sukebe quickly - and painfully - learnt that a Phoenix's flames allowed her to strike at targets that were "harder" than the common infantry soldier.
A Phoenix wasn't used to support ground-based Pokégirls as often as a Rack, due to the fiery nature of her abilities. Those same abilities, however, meant most found that being attacked by a Phoenix was more terrifying than an attack by a Rack would be. A Phoenix was, generally speaking, more than willing to "burn out" her targets during the war. This willingness to "burn the forest, to kill the convoy" helps to explain why the it wasn't until approx. 53 AS that the Phoenix (and the Firebust) overcame the negative reputation they developed during the War of Revenge. (And, even today, many officials are less than pleased to learn that a feral Phoenix has been sighted in the local area.)
Upon evolving from a Rack to a Phoenix, several physical changes occur. One of the more obvious ones is the increase in height. The average height of a Phoenix is five feet, and there are no recorded cases of a Phoenix that was more than three inches shorter or taller. The Pokégirl's breasts also fill out, giving the Phoenix (if only just barely) C cup breasts. While most of a Phoenix's feathers are still brown, they now seem to have red highlights. The feathers running down a Phoenix's spine are the obvious exception, as they are now various shades of red and orange. This alteration is even more eye-catching as - even with the Phoenix is standing still - they give the impression of actually being on fire! The change to a Phoenix's hair is rather obvious, since it becomes bright red, and rather curly. The color of their eyes becomes orange, while the bright red color of their nipples matches their hair. A Phoenix still doesn't like wearing clothes, unless necessary, and a non-feral Phoenix will still love to use dyes in their feathers. However, unlike a Rack, a Phoenix tends to favor shades of red and orange. Perhaps due to their additional height, a Phoenix is less likely to wear high heels (or at least chooses ones with lower heels) than they were as a Rack.
A Phoenix's internal changes are somewhat more extensive, due to their elemental powers, and their superior aerial capabilities. Of special note are the changes to their eyes. According to notes recovered in 115 AS from one of Sukebe's labs, Sukebe was originally just looking to develop a Phoenix's eyesight to deal with the effects of fire and smoke. However, he quickly discovered that the changes introduced allowed the Phoenix's eyes to see further (and better) even when they were not looking down. This allowed Sukebe to use the Phoenix against airborne enemies with a much higher chance of success than the Rack. In all other respects, including the fact that their clawed toes are still unsuitable for combat, a Phoenix's physical state (baring adjustments for proportion) remains much like it was as a Rack.
In terms of personality, a Phoenix enjoys pleasurable - or even relaxing - activities even more than they did as a Rack. While not truly lazy, it would be difficult to find someone who would argue that a Phoenix would rather be working than enjoying a taming session. It's also fair to say that they more than a touch vain, and love (positive) attention. On the other hand, once convinced that something needs to be done, a Phoenix will normally seek to do it as quickly as possible. A Phoenix's libido can cause issues with some Tamers, even before their "spikes" make this Pokégirl even needier. The spikes in a Phoenix's libido seem to be due to one of two sources: their resistance to fire, and/or challenging fights. When it comes to a Phoenix recently exposed to flames, the extent that their libido spikes seem seems tied to not only how hot the flames were, but also how long the Phoenix was exposed to them. The fighting-based spikes to a Phoenix's libido, however, simply seem to be tied into how challenging the fight was.
A Phoenix is more likely to be found in non-combative position than a Rack, due not only their flame-related abilities, but also their superior vision. Likewise it's the rare fire department that doesn't appreciate the assistance of a Phoenix; the combination of their resistance to flame-based damage, exceptional vision, and their ability to fly ironically makes them naturals at this type of job. In fact, many feel that their actions as firefighters are the key reasons why the Phoenix (and the Firebust) overcame the bad reputation they had after the end of Sukebe's War of Revenge.
If the Phoenix have a fighting motto, as a breed, it is: hit first, hit hard, and keep hitting them until they fall. Despite this, a Phoenix is willing to admit that direct attacks aren't always the best. Feral members of this breed are, in fact, somewhat infamous for being willing to start grass fires (for example) in order to strike at ground-based enemies that could potentially harm the Phoenix in question in a direct confrontation. A Phoenix is a noticeably faster flier than a Rack, and has greater endurance, but loses some of the amazing airborne agility that they had as a Rack. All things considered, a Phoenix is still superior to a Rack, in terms of airborne combat capabilities.
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PLUSSY and MIBOOBSY, the Tag Team Pokégirls
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Fire and Electric/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Synchronized fighters
Libido: Average, High in high electricity areas
Strong Vs: Flying, Bug, Ice, Steel (Plussy); Flying, Water, Electric (Miboobsy)
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon (Plussy); Fighting, Fire, Rock (Miboobsy)
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Agility, Luminaire, Static Barrier, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick (Both); Flame Shot, Napalm, Flamethower, Ignite (Plussy); Ice Beam, Ice Armor, Avalanche, Ice Slide (Miboobsy)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Pokeballed as one, Aura of Cute
Weaknesses: Loose electric powers when separated, prone to rage/depression when separated
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
In 219AS a Team run genetics operation was infiltrated by a PLC official, undercover, the agent witnessed several violations of not only local laws, but crimes against nature as well. Most of these pitiable G-splices and mutations had to be put down, but the lab's most recent experiment was salvageable, and have come to be the breed known as Plussy and Miboobsy. Unlike most breeds with subtypes, the Plussy and Miboobsy are not considered separate Pokégirls in their own right. In fact, pairs of the subtypes of this breed have extreme co-dependency upon each other. Truly, this co-breed of Pokégirls are intriguing to say the least.
Both Plussy and Miboobsy are rodent type Pokégirls, based off of a Chipmunk, a ground squirrel which is rarely seen in the modern era. Plussies and Miboobsies both look very similar to each other within their twin pairs, being closer to maternal twins than fraternal twins . The breed ranges from human looking Pokégirls with large round ears and short tails, to nearly full animorphs, with slight muzzles and full body fur. The fur of the breed is usually a cream to yellow color, though Plussies have bright red highlights on their ears and tail, and Miboobsies have deep blue highlights on the same areas. Human looking Plussies and Miboobsies barely show their cream fur color, though no matter how human or anthropomorphic individual pairs of the breed are, they still have slightly rounded cheeks from electrical sacks, much like the Peekaboo line. These electric pouches are noted by red fur with a white plus sign on most anthropomorphic Plussies, though human looking Plussies merely have a area of lighter skin that looks like a plus sign. Miboobsies also carry this feature, though their fur color is blue on furry specimens and the symbol is a dash or minus sign. Also, a Plussy's tail is cross shaped, looking much like a hard plus sign sticking out from her body; while a Miboobsy's tail is 'T' shaped, like a hard minus sign attached to the end of their blue tails. The tail is where a majority of the breeds elemental powers come from. They are a bit on the short side, usually around 4-5 feet in height, though taller pairs have been noted. Their breast size tends to range from a modest B to a busty C, though most of the breed lean towards the B cup range.
One of the most interesting facets of the breed is that Plussies and Miboobsies are always found as twin sets, each with a Plussy and Miboobsy. Oddly this also extends to Pokéballing the Pokégirls, as when one is captured or recalled, the beam extends to their partner as well. Due to this odd quirk found in most identical twin Pokégirls, Plussies and Miboobsies are Pokéballed as one, and most Leagues consider them to be a single Pokégirl. Research has shown that there is a deep psychic link between the twins, similar to a delta bond, that make each Plussy and Miboobsy dependent on their counterpart. Plussies tend to produce a positive charge from their electric sacs in the breed's cheeks and tail, while Miboobsies produce negative charge. Without the corresponding charge, the Plussy and Miboobsy cannot create the needed electricity to use their electric attacks, leaving them with only their intrinsic control over fire or ice as offense or defense. This means that even in battle, a Plussy and Miboobsy pair will stick close to each other, the maximum distance being recorded at just under 10 yards. When separated by more distance than that, their electrical attacks tend to fizzle ineffectively.
Due to their close bond, only twin Pokékits born to a Plussy or Miboobsy survive, as there have been no known single Pokékits to be born alive. Without their partner, Plussies tend to slide into rages easily, and begin to have blood pressure problems, eventually perishing from heart disease. Miboobsies without a partner, on the other hand, will slide into a deep depression, their bodily functions slowly shutting down as they starve themselves. This has even proven true in utero, as fetal Pokékits suffer from the same symptoms and usually miscarry early on in the pregnancy. Rarely, if a Plussy and Miboobsy team get pregnant together, the twins can manage to have one Pokékit apiece so long as each Pokégirl is carrying one Plussy Pokékit and one Miboobsy Pokékit. Extensive research into the odd quirk of the breed has shown that a Plussy or Miboobsy can actually accept a new partner should their twin perish. However, the odds of two pairs of Plussy and Miboobsy having a partner perish and leaving behind a Plussy and Miboobsy are slim due to their rarity and the odds of this happening.
In addition to their electrical attacks, Plussies and Miboobsies each have one extra elemental ability. Plussies can use and learn fire attacks, while Miboobsies can use and learn ice attacks. It is theorized that this is due to their positive and negative electrical abilities respectively, positively charging the air to produce fire attacks, or using a negative charge to create ice attacks. Regardless of how their other elemental abilities are achieved, the typing remains inherent to the breed, as Plussies are neither strong nor weak to water, while Miboobsies have an added weakness to fire.
When together, each twin pair forms an interesting dynamic. Sometimes there is one more assertive of the pair, either the Miboobsy leading with her cool head and intellect, or the Plussy leading with her passion and aggressiveness. Other times the pair act startlingly similar, speaking in tandem and finishing each others sentences. Luckily, unlike with other twins, tamers can easily tell them apart by ear color alone. Overall, Plussies and Miboobsies are cheerful and helpful Pokégirls, well suited for either tag matches or grand melee battles. However, they're not well suited for one on one matches, as being too far away from their partner hobbles their fighting abilities greatly.
In a battle, most pairs of the breed rely on electrical attacks, blasting the area with Thunderbolts, though they have been known to use their fire and ice abilities in tandem for a powerful one two punch. If caught away from each other, pairs can only rely on their fire or ice attacks, but they quickly use agility to try and get back within their electrical range. Usually however, neither of the pair are very willing to separate from each other.
Taming with a Plussy and Miboobsy pair is quite an experience, as usually pairs are quite willing to share. Unless the breed's cheek sacs are pressed, Plussies and Miboobsies are not known to loose control of their electrical abilities, and they have better control over their fire and ice abilities. No restraints or special equipment is needed with this breed, though Miboobsies often complain of being chilly while Plussies are rather warm.
Thresholding into a Plussy or Miboobsy is rare, and quite dangerous should the thresholder have no sibling. In cases such as this, parents often scramble to find a partner Plussy or Miboobsy for their daughter to bond with, though in some more conservative leagues, she is often Pokéballed and placed into storage or shuffled into Poképower with a payment to the parents. Twin thresholders fair much better, as one inevitability thresholds into a Plussy and the other a Miboobsy. To date, there has been no instance of twin thresholders becoming the same subtype of the breed.
Feral Plussy and Miboobsy are rare, as despite being rodent Pokégirls, they are prone to perishing at twice the rate of other Pokégirls due to their unique bonding. When found together as feral, they do pose a challenge for some tamers, as the combination of electric, fire and ice proves a difficult elemental match to overcome unless countered with a rock type. They tend to gather with Peekabu and Ria during thunderstorms in the tops of trees, though Plussies and Miboobsies are less likely to congregate otherwise. Feral Plussies seem to be fascinated by fire, but avoid it due to their partners nervousness around it. Feral Miboobsies greatly enjoy winter weather, and often drag reluctant Plussies out and into cold romps.
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POLAR LASS, the Cold-Weather Rescue Specialist Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, ursinoid (bear-type)
Element: Fighting/Fire/Normal (bear)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivorous; this Pokégirl will eat next to ANYTHING as long as there is LOTS of food within reach!
Role: cold-weather search and rescue tracker/assistant nurse
Libido: Average (unbonded) to High (bonded to a Tamer)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Gust Punch (using her strength to create a ball of condensed air), Speed Punch (racing at the target at high speed and hitting it HARD), various Hug attacks (hugging the target and warming it up using her body heat [the Jacuzzi Hug] or a massive pheromone release to subdue it emotionally [the Sexy Hug]), Kawaii Look (giving the target an ultra-cute look with her eyes to overcome the target psychologically).
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Very strong arm and leg muscles, perfect for swimming or running through rough terrain. White furred skin, circular ears at temples. High Cold Resistance, Though she can produce a lot of heat energy, this Pokégirl cannot use them offensively. A Polar Lass is slower than a Grizzlar, but not by that much. Her body releases a special pheromone which allows her to overwhelm opponents through arousal. However, like Grizzlars, Polar Lasses consume energy VERY quickly, thus need the same amount of food a Snorelass requires.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Grizzlar (Ice Crystal)
Polar Lasses are one of those VERY rare types who appear in circumstances SO unique that most roving Tamers who operate in cold weather regions of the planet may never encounter one.
According to records, the first Polar Lass appeared in Capital territory sometime around PS 268 when several Pokégirl babies were stranded on an iceberg near Stamford. A Grizzlar working for a local Harem Master volunteered to swim out to the berg towing a boat carrying some Nurse Joys to save the children (no Flying Pokégirl was available). About halfway through the journey, the Grizzlar began to suffer from hypothermia, but hearing one of the babies cry out, refused to get in the boat. Plunging back into the water, she continued to swim -- and then evolved into a white-furred, cold-resistant version of herself! Fortunately for all, the babies were rescued and returned to shore.
Since that time, the World Alliance has pressed research into creating more Polar Lasses to help with civilian search-and-rescue teams. Their numbers are very limited since the numbers of Grizzlars are also limited. Attempts at evolving Snorelasses directly into Polar Lasses have failed.
Polar Lasses, as soon as people hear their history, are automatically grouped with those other Pokégirl breeds (NurseJoys, OfficerJennys, Megami, etc) who earn universal respect by just BEING.
World Alliance policy forbids the insertion of Polar Lasses in any forms of combat. The theft of a Polar Lass by anyone is *severely* punished by the Alliance, as one Team Rocket-copycat group discovered to their regret in PS 296 (the thieves were subjected to Jusenkyou water, then shipped to the Dark Continent and evolved into Dolls). Polar Lasses are normally found in coastal search-and-rescue units, especially in places where inclement weather and lots of ice are prevalent anytime of the year.
Polar Lasses are, for a Normal Pokégirl, excellent swimmers; one was said to be able to keep up with a Selkie for an hour. Their skin is lined with the same type of heat-retaining blubber whales in pre-Sukebe days possessed. Combined with their ability to produce a low-level heat field (which comes into play when they use the Jacuzzi Hug to revive a hypothermia victim), a Polar Lass could survive in freezing water temperatures for up to five hours before being forced out of the water.
On the average, most Polar Lasses are part of the harem of Tamers who possess Blood Gifts granting them the ability to resist intense cold for long periods.
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POT-CUNT, the Cannabis Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human (plantlike)
Element: Plant/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: anything that fits into her mouth
Role: Fighters, painkillers
Strong Vs: Plant, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Libido: Above Average
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Ignite, Flamethrower, Firewind, Fire Floor, Flame Shot, Vine Whip, Command Plants, Wood Tower, Razor Leaf, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength ( x3), inability to become stoned through any means, enhanced beauty, clarity of mind, fire powers, greater combat ability all around
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Toca (normal)
The first thing a Pot-Cunt feels upon their evolution from Toca is relief. Their minds clear up, allowing them to think clearly for the first time in a long while, and they become immune to any intoxicants. They also gain vastly improved looks and a more plantlike appearance, their eyes clearing and turning green. They gain a 'feathering' around their forearms, calves, and on their shoulders that looks like cannabis leaves, the hair on their cunt turning into cannabis leaves as well. Their skin turns green, their breasts become a DD cup, and their hair turns a much darker green.
Pot-Cunts are very jocular Pokégirls, liking to make jokes about their previous forms. They take teasing very well, and try to do everything they can to make up for the weaknesses of their previous forms, almost to the point of overcompensation in some cases. They also, because of their vastly improved looks, like to go naked as much as possible.
Pot-Cunts gain a lot of fighting ability, including several potent plant-type and fire-type attacks. They are excellent fighters and use their abilities to great effect. Pot-Cunts also discover early on that they can combine their elements, for example using flaming vine whips, or throwing flaming razor leaves. In addition, the smoke from the burning plant weapons has the same disorienting effect as the Toca's Pot Cloud attack. Also, a recent discover has indicated that in very light doses, the smoke from a Pot-Cunt can act as a painkiller, lessening the pain from severe wounds in battle. This combination of abilities make Pot-Cunts very formidable fighters. Despite the numerous pros to the Pot-Cunt, the unpopularity of their previous form makes it rare to find a Pot-Cunt in a harem.
Feral Pot-Cunts tend to stay in fields, resting in tall grasses and soaking up the sun. When confronted, they lash out with flaming vine whips in an attempt to drive off their attackers so that they either leave them alone, or disorient them enough for the Pot-Cunt to escape.
No reports of Thresholding directly to a Pot-Cunt have been reported as of yet.
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PYREBARE (aka POOHBEAR), the Flaming Silly Old Bear Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Bear)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Honey making up a large part of diet.
Role: Bakers, Smithy assistants, accidental wildfire starters.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Spin, Warm Embrace, Flame Step, Napalm; Above Level 30: Flame Sword, Flame Tower, Fire Floor
Enhancements: Enhanced sense (Smell, Hearing) x5, Enhanced Strength x3, Endurance x5, Heat resistance, Toughness x4
Weaknesses: Loss of exterior agelessness, clumsy, Air-headed, Prone to using Ignite without meaning to.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bimbo (Orgasm with tamer of strong Snorlass ancestry and Fire Stone applied or E-stone ceremony: 3 Fire Stones and a Moonstone)
Pyrebares are a recent discovered evolution of the Bimbo, making the once air-headed Pokégirl a little more popular with tamers. Discovered in 288 AS by Anthony Urse, a wealthy man in the Blue League with a heavy Snorlass ancestry. He had given his Bimbo, Tammy, a Fire Stone necklace, and they were Taming to celebrate. Upon orgasming, Tammy began to glow, her hair changing from green to a light brown with red streaks in it, a permanent bronze tan, and her ears migrating and becoming bear-like, perching atop her head. Her body also became more rounded, and a little pudgy. She immediately set the bed on fire, and kindly helped Anthony put it out. Anthony flaunted his new Pokégirl, which caught the eye of a pureblood, Roger Byers. Lacking the ancestry necessary and not wanting to whore his Bimbo out to Anthony, he began a series of experiments, and after many failures and complaints from Freida, he finally succeeded. Freida evolved, and the evolution was opened for many more Tamers to utilize.
In personality, Pyrebares are still air-headed, but can now keep their attention on one thing at a time (and usually only one thing at a time, to the exclusion of everything else). They become curious, asking questions when they don't understand something (which is often), and when trying to recall something, many will hold one arm at the elbow and tap their head muttering 'Think, think think" to themselves. This actually assists in recalling the information they were after, and it's best for the tamer to allow their Pyrebare to do so. Otherwise they may permanently forget the information, resulting in them having to be re-taught. They are cheerful and sunny, much like their pre-evolution, but without the annoying 'Valley Girl' accent. However, many of them tend to say "Oh Bother" after an accident or when problems arise.
Pyrebares live up to their name, often setting things on fire by accidentally using ignite, it's unknown how they're able to use ignite without realizing it, but this may be linked to the breed's concentration on a single matter. However they accomplish this, one thing is for certain, it's a Pyrebare's clothes that most often suffer the consequences, making a few prefer to go around completely naked. Being a bear type evolution, Pyrebares are surprisingly strong and are decent battlers, being able to back up their newfound concentration with a complementary array of attacks. They make poor sex-battlers, however, knowing only Warm Embrace as a sex attack, besides their penchant of using Ignite unknowingly, which often gets them disqualified from any sex battle.
Pyrebares also LOVE honey, making insect Pokégirls like the Buzzbreast and Cunnydew among their favorite friends or harem sisters. However, a Pyrebare owner should watch out how much honey he allows this breed to eat, because without proper exercise they do take after other bear Pokégirls and become obese.
*Ceremony Description*
The Fire Stones are placed as bracelets and a choker on the Bimbo's wrists and neck. The Fire Stones must remain touching the Bimbo's skin as she spins around, arms held straight out. Soon (usually once the Bimbo is good and dizzy) the Fire Stones will begin to glow, and the Moon Stone must be touched to the Bimbo just before the Pokégirl comes to a complete stop from spinning. The Bimbo will then evolve.
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PYRONA, the Graceful Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Support, Ambush
Libido: Low to Average, but can be higher with tamer they respect.
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Bug, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock,
Attacks: Cut, Scratch, Ember, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Tough skin, Enhanced endurance (x3), Enhanced speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Longevity
Evolves: Flarebra (Normal)
Evolves From: Mynx (dragon E-medal)
A recently discovered alternate evolution to the Draco, the Pyrona is a marked difference to their Draco cousins. As the Draco are to close combat, the Pyrona are to support fighting and long-range tactics. Like the Draco, the Pyrona are meant to support other, more powerful Pokégirls. They were created in limited numbers during the war and were often mistaken for Dracos at a distance, a fact that made it difficult to tell just how many were created until they started throwing fire attacks around. At which point most of their enemies died before they could recover from their shock.
Personality wise, these Pokégirls are in some ways worse than the Dracos. More proud and haughty than the Draco, these girls were equally intelligent, but often preferred to use their intelligence to make the others around them look bad, which the Pokégirl would promptly point out, given even a sliver of a chance to do so. She is caustic to everyone, and respects only those who are more powerful than her or can prove her wrong, be it in a battle, a course of action, or anything else she has made her opinion clear on.
However, one thing that she avoids if at all possible is going feral. Pyronas have an almost pathological fear of going feral. While this fear is deep, like that of a Medra’s, it is not advised to try and use this against her. They will become more complacent and respectful towards their Tamer, as well as more obedient, but will cause them to lose any respect they may have had for their Tamer altogether. They will become very quiet and observant, looking for the first chance to escape and place themselves in the harem of a more worthy Tamer.
Like the Draco, the Pyrona has small scale-like skin (detectable only by close inspection), which contains a light tinting, her hair is a bit finer than human hair, looking almost like silk, slightly pointed ears, and a reptilian tail that is usually about a foot long. Their skin color ranges the entire gamut, with nearly every color being recorded, with the sole exception of pale blue, and their hair and eyes almost always compliment their scale color. They usually stand from 5’2” to 5’8”, and have a lean, athletic build, with a solid B-cup breast.
It should also be noted that while Pyronas are not afraid of close combat, they know that they do not excel at it, and attempt to avoid it if possible. But one of the ways to a Pyrona’s heart is to present her with a Heavy Metal. Giving her one of these is like a naming day present coming early for her. And it is a useful present at that.
Another thing that Pyronas love is to dance. With her natural agility and endurance, she can dance for hours on end, and does so whenever she can. Watcher's speculate that because she cannot fly is why she spends so much time dancing, and that is the closest thing to it that she can do.
The Pyrona is somewhat affectionate to her tamer, preferring to rub up against them and cuddle, especially after their tamings. She prefers soft, gentle taming sessions that take a while, enjoying the build up to her climax, and will let herself be tamed into exhaustion if the tamer is capable of it. Pyronas as a whole have no preferred position, instead enjoying variety.
Pyrona as a Threshold result happens about as much as Draco.
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PYROTHON, the Fiery Python Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Python)
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers well cooked meat)
Role: Ambush Hunter, Outdoors Cook
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Flying
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Dig, Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace, Flamequake *
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Pyrothon is a large powerful snake-like Pokégirl that uses her immense tail strength along with her fire abilities to defeat her opponents. During the revenge war, the Pyrothon was used to ambush human forces by tunneling under them only to emerge in the middle of her foes, spreading such attacks as fire floor and flamequake to take out large groups of humans at a time. The Pyrothon would often finish off any survivors with a combination of wrap and ignite. After the war, this Pokégirl has gained popularity amongst tamers and hunters alike due to her use in trapping and capturing prey. Unlike most snake Pokégirls, the Pyrothon is capable of living in colder climates due to their high body temperature and fire capabilities.
The Pyrothon has the upper body of a beautiful athletic woman with lightly tanned skin and the lower half of a large pre-Sukebe python. Her lower snake half can range from anywhere between 20-30 feet long and is usually dark brown in color but whites and yellows have been seen in domestic born individuals. This coloring is used by ferals as a natural camouflage in forested regions to blend in with dirt and rocks. Her breasts are usually a solid B-cup but low C-cups have been seen in larger individuals. A Pyrothon’s eye color is almost always a dark brown color, but others have been reported. Their hair color usually ranges from light brown to dark black but blond is becoming more and more common in threshold and domestic born individuals. Most Pyrothons like to keep their hair short, when asked about this most say that long hair gets in their way during a fight. Unlike the Naga and most of her evolutions, the Pyrothon has no metamorphic capabilities. Her snake-like tail starts just under her human-like vagina. Unlike pre-Sukebe pythons and most snake type Pokégirls the Pyrothon lacks the ability to unhinge her jaws.
In battle, most Pyrothons like to start off with a combination of dig and their special attack flamequake to catch their opponents by surprise. During a battle they like to use the attack fire floor to prevent their opponents from escaping. Most Pyrothons will finish a fight the same way; by coiling around their opponent and using ignite to almost literally cook them alive. Against foes that can fly over most of their attacks, they will often use flamethrower and fireball to try and shoot them down so they can finish them off as usual. They have have a hard time fighting water types. Not only can most water types counter fire floor with water floor but they can prevent flamequake from being effective by flooding the area with water. Outside of battle most Pyrothons enjoy using their flames to cook for themselves and their harem. They especially enjoy BBQ.
To outsiders, they seem mostly cold and indifferent, but to those who have worked hard and gained her trust she seems like a totally different Pokégirl. After one has broken through her shell the she often is very warm and friendly. Once her tamer gains her trust, she will become very lustful and will often try to initiate a taming session whenever alone with him. Most individuals of this breed are shy when it comes to doing anything sexual in public and will only try to initiate a taming session when alone with a tamer that she likes. When it comes to taming she will often be very dominant. Most like to coil around their tamers and use warm embrace to stimulate their tamers whole body at once. When it comes to the act of taming most of this species don't like to share. Trying to initiate a group taming with a Pyrothon involved is not recommended. In fact, the very idea tends to anger them. Over time most members of this breed will eventually learn to accept that their tamer has others in his life and needs to take care of them too, just as long as she doesn’t have to hear about it. After getting to know them, most Pyrothons will at least try to reach out and form a friendship with their harem sisters. This breed makes a poor choice for alpha due to their jealousy and territoriality, but can make a good choice for beta. Due to the fact that when it comes to battle and training they are very serious. Most Pyrothons don't get along with the Hellcat breed very well. They consider the dining habits of most Hellcats to be quite undignified, usually calling the Hellcat's preference for burning meat to a crisp before eating it "a waste of a good piece of meat". Unlike a lot of other fire types she is safe to tame without protection from her flames, as her sex is only slightly above normal human body temperature. Unlike most other snake Pokégirls, they are almost entirely bisexual sexual. While this allows both male and female tamers to keep a Pyrothon satisfied, they don't like having multiple partners. In fact, most are monogamous in their taming habits and once bonded, will only willingly tame with that person. If she is traded or won by salvage, short of a level 5 taming cycle, it can take weeks or even the threat of going feral before she will willingly accept another.
The feral state of the Pyrothon is fairly intense. As their feral state increases, they become more and more territorial about their tamer. Often times they will try to keep their harem sisters away from their tamer, whom they perceive as their territory. Pyrothons are very territorial, making their homes in burrows in mountainous and forested regions. Ferals will often times attack anything that comes near their burrow, whether they are human or Pokégirl. In such an occasion one should use strong water type attacks as the Pyrothon is weak to water. Do to the fact they can't unhinge their jaws, when feral, they usually have to rely on their fire abilities to cook their meals thoroughly enough to tenderize their food to allow them to tear off chunks of meat small enough to swallow. This also makes their food easier to digest.
Threshold into a Pyrothon is fairly uncommon but becoming more and more common in families with both fire and ground types in their ancestry. The first sign that most girls notice that they are going through threshold is an elevated body temperature mixed with an intense feeling of possessiveness over their room and possessions. This Threshold is a very painful and frightening process that most often lasts from a week to two weeks. During this time her legs fuse together and elongate, eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a long snake-like tail. Thresholders oftentimes have trouble controlling their developing fire abilities, leaving them as a fire risk until they learn to control their powers.
Flamequake – Ground/Fire (ATK 120 + EFT) In a variation of the technique earthquake, a dig capable fire Pokégirl tunnels under her opponents and creates a small localized earthquake. During this earthquake she releases as much fire as she can from the pores of her body. These intense flames spill out from the cracked earth, engulfing her opponents. This attack has a 45% likelihood of inflicting the status ailment of Burn.
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RAPITAUR, the Fastest Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Pokégirl Transports, Flanking Maneuvers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Plant, Bug, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ignite, Hyper Quick Attack, Trample, Sonic Wave, Warm Embrace, Flame Tower, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Ember
High Levels only: Flamethrower, Fire Scythe, Fire Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x12), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Heat Aura, enhanced sense of balance.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (normal)
Faster than a speeding... well, maybe not as fast as a Cheetit, but the Rapitaur is one of the fastest recorded Pokégirls in any League. They tend to grow an additional 6 inches to a foot in height and the Pokégirl fills out to compensate for the increase in size. In their centauroid form, the Rapitaur are usually around 9-10ft tall from hoof to head. Faster than Chocoboobs, they see the bird-like Pokégirl as no challenge at all unless they are beat in battle or in a race by one. They can keep running even longer now, able to maintain their top speed for almost four hours on average, and can trot at half speed for nearly an entire day without needing rest. The greatest change is that they are now a fire type Pokégirl. Why and how this evolution is a Normal/Fire-type is unknown, as some researchers can't help but wonder how this happened without the use of a Fire Stone.
Still, in battle, these Pokégirls utilize their speed and fire attacks to cause massive damage quickly. This was also the third known evolution of a Pokégirl that became known to humans during the Revenge War, as they decimated the human tanks and armored vehicles that attempted to mount a defense against her not-so-hot Pokégirl sisters. They made short work of the slower, clumsier, and larger machines.
However, the Rapitaur was known for attempting to limit the damage done, and it has been recorded in several history books as to instances when Rapitaur would be used to haul injured human soldiers from burning wreckage or from a battlefield and drop them on the doorsteps of the nearest human settlement. They would never actually attack human civilians, either, which baffled many researchers until the realization dawned on one in late 196 AS- it was a strategy to weaken human longevity in their strongholds by injuring the humans rather than outright killing them, forcing the expenditure of medical and food supplies for the invalids. The few Pokégirls from the Revenge War that are alive to this day, when asked about this strategy, say that there was no such thing, and that the Rapitaur and Ponytaur Pokégirls were simply too kind to kill anyone and anything human, unlike Sukebe had wanted. Some historians continue to research both possibilities. This information helped make the breed much more popular among humans, however, resulting in their fair abundance today.
Rapitaur, unlike the Ponytaur, feel a need to exercise constantly, whether this be by working or actual exercise. It's recommended by any researcher that they be given heavy tasks to do for at least 20 hours a week, though most suggest at least 28 hours of exercise would be better. They love to run and dance in their centaur-like form, although many do prefer to go around in their human form instead so they can enter human-sized places a bit easier. Feral Rapitaur will use Flame Tower to keep hostile Pokégirls or tamers looking to capture them away long enough to escape as quickly as they can run. As such, most feral Rapitaur remain feral, being too fast for the most part for most tamers to catch them. Herds of Ponytaur are often headed by a Rapitaur, who usually head off a challenge just long enough for her herd sisters to escape before following after them.
In a harem, the Rapitaurs are too busy with their own speed and exercise to be considered for any Alpha or Beta positions. Instead, she is a good transporter or a battler, though not really a sex-battler due to her size. Also due to her size and increase in activities is an increase in her appetite- although her appetite is not as great as a Grizzlar or a Snorlass’, the Rapitaur are known to be voracious eaters. Thankfully, they can eat grass and other plants, although Rapitaurs do prefer to eat vegetables that humans eat, rather than just any random plants that the harem might come across. Rapitaurs are popular in the Ruby League, as their Heat Aura and ability to provide transportation make them almost perfect Pokégirls for the expanse of that league. A recent survey shows that Rapitaurs make up a majority of the Pokégirl breeds used as the non-combatant of that league (at 41%).
These Pokégirls, like their previous evolution, must train to gain their maneuverability at higher speeds. In other words, it's almost like training them from the ground on up, all over again. This is one thing that does annoy some tamers, although their advantages and benefits to a Tamer far outweigh the complaint. This researcher believes that those tamers that do complain about this fact are just simply lazy. Their endurance also increases, and they can run at full speed for a good hour before needing to rest, or at a trot for at least two or three hours before requiring a rest. T2s, for some reason, do not work so well with these Pokégirls, although they can pick up on techniques that are taught by other Pokégirls easily enough.
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ROMANTICIDE, The Forgemaster Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman/Animorph (Feline/Scorpion)
Element: Fire/Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style with a preference for meat, can also eat metals
Role: Blacksmiths
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric
Attacks: Kitten’s Roar, Scratch, Air Recovery, Saber Claw, Lioness’s Roar, Flamethrower, Water Gun, Rapid Sting, Crunch, Dark Goggles, Romanticide Venom*
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Inherent metallurgical knowledge, Heat and cold generation and resistance, Chitonous armor, Hollow stinger tail, Romanticide Venom, the ability to ‘smell’ high quality ore, Poison affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Shiny Stone), Scorpiagirl (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Romanticides played a prominent, but relatively unknown role in the Revenge War, one that didn’t come to light until many years later, after the breed was circulated into the regular population. They served as the forgemasters of Sukebe’s army, their craftsmanship abilities such that they are among the only breeds an Armsmistress will trust to repair damage to their weapons and armor.
Romanticides stand around 9 feet tall at the average, usually with ample bosom ranging from D-cup upwards. They have four arms, similar to an Amachamp, and a muscular build, their hands, arms, chest, and thighs lined with chitinous, almost insectile armor. They possess a tail, at most three times the length of their body, with a three to four foot scythe-like stinger/tail blade at the tip. This blade generally has a series of variously sized holes running along the side. From a distance, one might mistake a Romanticide for a Panthress or similar cat breed, as their fur usually comes in shades of varying black and red, the majority of the breed possessing animalistic features and feline eyes. Very rarely there have been some near human-types that are not as animalistic in appearance, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
Romanticides can almost always be found handling some sort of metal, as the material gives them great comfort. For Romanticides that did not evolve from Tigress, it will usually be a tool they used in their previous form. It’s also not uncommon for them to handle a weapon. One Romanticide in particular had a weapon she was fond of, a black-bladed sword with a black pommel cylinder and an ovalish hilt that was wrapped in a heavy, off-white cloth. It was the first weapon that Romanticide forged, and a source of comfort for her. Other Romanticides have the same sorts of habits.
Romanticides are mistrustful towards most Tamers and Pokégirls, and have known to show a low tolerance for cowardice. (Although in certain common sense situations, such as a Widow attack, they do not look down on someone for running for their life.) They can be belligerent Pokégirls, and are slow to trust a new Tamer and Harem sisters. When they do start to trust, however, they become much easier to be around, as they are more willing to be kind and friendly to their Tamer and Harem sisters. They are very battle capable, as Sukebe’s intent on creating them was having a blacksmith that could make front line repairs to weapons if need be, and enjoy adventure, but they do not seek it actively. Contentment with what they have is a trait common to most members of the breed.
While dangerous and powerful, Romanticides have also been known to be quite amorous as well. While they greatly enjoy forging new weapons and armor, they also greatly enjoy sex as well, a side effect of their Fire typing. They are unusually playful when aroused, although most tend to enjoy some form of foreplay beforehand rather than just diving in. Some researchers believe that this is because they apply a certain principle of metallurgy to their love-making: draw the process out, so as to make the end result more satisfying. Most have been known to enjoy a feeling of risk or danger while being Tamed, and have been known to enjoy the company of a Domina-type alongside their Tamer. They enjoy using their second arms to help try and increase their partner’s pleasure. However one must be careful in deciding whether or not to allow this, due to the breed’s strength enhancement.
As a minor historical note, the origin of their breed name came from their amorous habits. A trio of Romanticides were taken prisoner by humans early on, who didn’t know about the process of Taming yet, as it had only recently been discovered. They tried to force the Romanticides to forge weapons to combat the Slicers that were assaulting them. However, the Romanticides seduced them (with the aid of a pair of hidden Kunoichis spies armed with packets of Lust Dust) and used their unique poisons to leave the soldiers dying in agony as they made love to them. A survivor, taken prisoner by the Slicer unit for interrogation, later made the comment that making love to the creatures was ‘romantic suicide.’ By all accounts, the Slicer unit enjoyed the phrase and eventually shortened it to Romanticide. The name spread among the breed, who were called another name before, and they liked it so much that they adopted Romanticide as their species name instead of their original name, which has since been lost to time.
In combat, a Romanticide’s main talents lie towards melee battle. They are uncomfortable battling from a distance (and as such most have been known to have a bias against breeds with wings), and do their best to get in close, striking with berserk combinations of punches, kicks, weapons strikes, and stings to pummel their opponent into submission. Their weapon choice depends on their personality, and usually is not the first weapon they ever forged, as they tend to use it more as a comforter rather than anything, as mentioned earlier. Their choice of weapon usually also depends on the type of opponent they face as well.
One thing that all Romanticides recorded to this date have in common is that they will not take their work being made light of. They take metallurgy and smithing quite seriously, regarding it as their reason for living. When not making armor or weapons, they will forge gifts for their Tamers and/or Harem sisters. Some tend to specialize in weapon-types, and teach themselves how to fight with the weapons they make. They show great care and refinement in their work, which is why so many weapon-using types would trust only them with the repair and maintenance of their weapons. Forging metal for them is almost a religious experience for them, to the point where some members of the breed worship the old god Hephaestus, hoping for blessings for their work. They are hesitant about applying magic directly to the metal they work with, as there is usually a high risk of degrading the metal they are working with. They prefer to work with natural metals and alloys, their ability to ‘smell’ out quality materials aiding them in their work. They have been known to get along well with Goblina, Moriae, and other girls that work in mining.
Another noted similarity between members of the breed is problems with regulating body temperature. Due to their conflicting elemental types, their body temperature tends to lower quickly, making turn lethargic when not active. When working, however, their body tends to heat up quickly, allowing them to work easier with the hot metals, sometimes even allowing them to forge it with their hands. They have to will themselves to cool down during this time. A Tamer who can control their body temperature (there are several surprisingly easy ways, detailed in the Taming for Dummies section on Multi-Element Type Pokégirls) while Taming will find a very affectionate Romanticide on hand. They greatly enjoy bondage games (especially if they are bound with heavy iron chains), and will not say no to letting a Domina-type have her fun with them.
Romanticides have a surprisingly low rate of Threshold result. Due to the multiple physical changes, there is a small handful of incidents where the stress of the transformation became too much for the girl in question, causing her to die. The change from human to Romanticide takes longer than most Thresholds.
Feral Romanticide are rare, due to how useful they are. They tend to ignore people unless provoked, usually sniffing out new metals and collecting them, melting them down and shaping them into some random, formless object and adding it to a crude display. They tend to be territorial, preferring caves or other enclosed areas. When provoked, Ferals tend to lash out fiercely, using Romanticide Venom sprays right off of the bat.
Romanticide Venom (ATK, EFT): A biological weapon unique to the Romanticide breed. Romanticide’s namesake venom is essentially a Napalm-like compound mix with potent toxins generated from the digested metals a Romanticide has eaten. When it contacts the air it ignites, burning until there is no more fuel to burn, but if injected into the body it lasts like a normal disabling toxin. If the poisoned individual suffers an open wound while poisoned, the wound will ignite from their poisoned bloodstream. Unlike most venoms or toxins, which are injected or seeped into the body, the Romanticide venom actually forms into a mist that seeps out of the circular holes in the Romanticide’s scythe-stinger. However a Romanticide’s venom can be injected through the stinger as normal.
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SALAMANDRA, the Pyro Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/ Anthro (Frog)
Elements: Fire/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Deserts) to Very Rare
Diet: Pokechow, Fish, Herbs
Role: Desert Trooper
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Poison Tail, Fireball, Inferno, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, Water Gun, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Sticky finger tips, Sticky tongue that can stretch up to 15 feet, Able to store large quantities of water in body, Tough exterior skin, Able to secrete two specific chemicals simultaneously from skin.
Disadvantages: Even though Salamandra is thought of as a partial water type, water attacks still do damage to her over time. Her water attacks are generally super hot due to her prevalent Fire Element
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hottie (Fire Stone)
Salamandra is one of the few fire types that can handle water attacks, for a limited time. Like Horny Toad, her water type sister, Salamandra has fire, poison and water based attacks. However her strength lies in her use of fire attacks. While the water attacks she had when she was a Hottie decrease in effectiveness and availability she still retains her Water Gun attack. However this is offset by her increase in fire and poison based attacks. Also unlike the Horny Toad Salamandra still is able to maintain her Tongue attacks, in fact they are enhanced by the evolution making the tongue longer and stronger. Due to the harsh environment of the desert the Salamandra develops a tough skin to protect itself from the scorching desert sun. Salamandra can store sums of water so that she can moves across the desert environment where water is scarce.
Due to Salamandra's natural environment being hot arid desert, it makes them more adverse to Ice based attacks, While their thicker hide helps protect them from the harsh sun it doesn't help with their speed, so it also causes them to be weaker against Flying types. Much like the Horny Toad the Salamandra's natural camouflage gives her an almost natural Fade ability in her preferred environment of the Desert. Many can be found (with a Pokédex) basking in the sun, their rough skin has an almost rock like appearance to it making it near impossible to spot them when they are sleeping/resting.
On a different note when matured enough a Salamandra is able to will her body to secrete two special chemicals, that when used properly can not only keep the girl safe, but also make her body a veritable weapon. The first chemical is similar in properties to a chemical used in the entertainment industry, know then as 'Stunt-gel' it helps to protect a person from receiving severe burns when in contact with fire. While the exact chemical components can vary from Salamandra to Salamandra their purpose remains the same, keep a Salamandra safe from damaging herself when using a special Fire-move restricted (as far as it is known) to Salamandra types. The second chemical is what makes the first chemical necessary, similar to 'Pyro-gel' this chemical burns when lit. When these two natural secretions of a Salamandra are combined, the Pokégirl can inevitably light herself on fire and cause little to no damage to herself, while becoming highly dangerous to an opponent.
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SAMHAIN, the Halloween Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (only a few appear once a year)
Diet: Still trying to determine, seems to love Halloween candy, such as candy corn…
Role: Trickster, Lover, Protecter of Farms
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Plant, Steel, Psychic, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Lick, Firestorm, Night Shade, Flamethrower, Flame Tower, Phase, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Drain, Invis 1-2-3, Shadow 1-2-3, Haunted, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Ghost affinity, Fire affinity, Uncapturable
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A Samhain (pronounced solwein) is a gorgeous Pokégirl. They are tall, pale-skinned women clad in knee-high, low-heeled black boots, black gloves, black loincloths, black brassieres, and black cloaks. Their other features vary from region to region. Also, they always carry with them a Jack-O-Lantern with a candle in the mouth, one that never burns out no matter how strong the winds. The face of the Jack-O-Lantern seems to change with her mood.
They primarily appear in European areas, although Samhain sightings have been reported in Edo, Johto, Indigo, and a few WAPL territories. When a Samhain appears in a field, it’s considered a sign of good luck for the nearby farm, a sign that the harvest will be good that year and the family and livestock will easily survive the winter. They are also known to be very protective of farmers, inflicting hauntings and cruel tricks on those who try to do harm to a farm they have chosen to bless. They also are drawn to bonfires, dancing sensually around the flames, her dance arousing the libido of even the most low-libidoed Pokégirl to passionate heights.
They don’t like cities, avoiding them like the plague. At best will appear in a suburb of the city. They are very friendly towards children and Pokékits, and can mystically produce various forms of candy treats, from chocolates to gumdrops, almost any type of candy you imagine. They will play innocent games with children, and even be pretend scared at any costumes they wear, or at Pokékits acting big and menacing. Even the most vicious Pokégirl haters can’t find any problems with them. (Mainly because they can’t do anything about them, and they aren’t harming anyone, so…)
In terms of personality, Samhains are very amiable, playful Pokégirls who like friendly teasing and being affectionate towards those they like. They are very passionate Pokégirls, and while they cannot be caught by any Pokéball, they do sometimes stick around with Harems. They very rarely speak, but sometimes give amusing riddles to Pokégirls they are friends with. Samhains love Taming, and can even tire out a Hentaicute. One of their favorite activities is to pick a tamer and his harem and then tame them until they are all unconscious, blissed out with smiles on their faces.
Samhains generally don’t participate in battles, but when they do, they treat it like a game. They dance around opponents, floating around and shooting flames from their Jack-O-Lanterns. They seemingly have no Feral state, or are constantly in a Feral state. And one thing they LOVE to do is make fun of Necromancers.
As no Samhains can be caught, it’s assumed that Thresholding into them is impossible.
Samhains only appear for a short time every year, only in October. All Samhains vanish at sunrise on November first, and cannot be found until October.
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SPITFIRE, the Fire Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Fire Stone)
The elemental forms of fairy Pokégirls were designed not only for infiltration, but also for sabotaging mechanical equipment using their elemental powers. A favored tactic in League competition is to have the fairy Pokégirl shrink to its small size (1/6 of its normal height) and have it fly into the lights where hopefully it can surprise the opponent (who will be unable to keep track of it). Like other Fire-types, the Spitfire is more amorous than the other evolutions and is marked by the color red. In appearance the Spitfire resembles the Hottits but may or may not have the characteristic skin coloration.
SpitFire are not popular among Tamers for several reasons, but mainly because of the fact that Spitfires prefer to remain in their small size most of the time. SpitFires, on the other hand, see this as a way to remain close to a treasured master, and as a way to almost act as if it is an Alpha. These small Pokégirls are never chosen as Alphas, as they have a fairly limited attention span, and prefer to focus on one or two things at once.
Most often, however, they will try to initiate Taming sessions with their Tamers as often as possible. In fact, SpitFires need to be Tamed several times a day, despite their overwhelming heat and small sizes.
A SpitFire is also disliked by Tamers because she likes to sit on the Tamer's shoulder. Normally, this isn't a bad thing, but the fact she's a Fire-type means that she's easily aroused. Simply by moving, she may actually get off on the fact that she's practically 'riding' her Tamer. And when she gets aroused, her body heat rises. In Winter, this may be nice, but in Summer this can be intolerable!
Researchers suggest that Tamers that allow this behavior from a Spitfire should attempt to wear flame-retardant clothing to keep from having to stop at a clothing store all the time.
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ST. BERNATIT, the Rescue Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Fire/Normal
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare (usually found in Pokécenters around the Icemaiden Preserve)
Diet: pokechow, hot fluids
Role: search and rescue
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: High (Extreme seasonally)
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Flamethrower, Fire Floor, Firespin, Sex Attacks 2 and 3
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Immune to most ice storms, Excellent sense of Direction
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Huskie (Fire Stone in a blizzard)
St.Bernatits are large, hulking Pokégirls. They are usually seven feet tall, thickly built (a cross between chubby and muscular), have canine faces with floppy ears, large, DD cup breasts, and thick fur that is mostly white, with brown around their back going from their rumps up to around their eyes, almost looking like a brown coat and mask. This fur is very warm and capable of retaining heat, allowing them to stay out for long periods of time during even the heaviest of blizzards.
St.Bernatits are mostly found in Pokécenters in icy regions, and especially near the Icemaiden Preserve. They were first discovered in the year 130 AS, when a trio of Tamers were lost in a heavy blizzard near the Icemaiden Preserve. A Huskie who was acting as guide and worked at the Pokécenter was the only one to make it back to the Pokécenter, when she realized that her comrades were still lost. The Huskie wanted to go back to help them. When it became evident that they couldn't be dissuaded from going, a doctor at the center gave her a Fire Stone he had both for luck and as something that might keep her warm. Upon touching the elemental stone, the Huskie evolved into St.Bernatit. She easily made her way through the blizzard and rescued the Tamers and their girls, using her Firespin to keep them in a warm area when she couldn't go forward, and using her Warm Embrace to give heat back to the freezing Tamers and Pokégirls once they were safe back at the Pokécenter. Since that day, St.Bernatits have come into steady use at Pokécenters in Arctic Regions, being sent out with insulated containers containing hot soup and in some cases strong whiskey.
St.Bernatits are born to keep people warm. They are excellent trackers, capable of picking up even the slightest scent even in the strongest blizzard conditions. They are also brave and courageous, being one of the many Pokégirls that earn respect simply by existing. They are also very passionate lovers, although for the most part they use Tamings as a way of keeping people warm as well as satisfying their own desires. It's when they come into season that they truly become lusty, one Tamer commenting that it made her Vixxen look celibate by comparison. Still, despite this, St.Bernatits are true professionals, taking their duties seriously. Tamers who use Ice-types occasionally make use of them as well, frequently partnering them with Shaguars. Due to their high libido, Feral St.Bernatits are rare. In the rare instance they do become feral, they become very lusty, wandering around arctic regions and seeking out Pokégirls or Tamers for Taming, their Feral state soon fading.
St.Bernatits are extremely valuable Pokégirls. So skilled at rescuing are they, that a legend about them has arisen. It is said that anytime a St.Bernatit is seen, the traveler will have a safe journey.
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SUPER TITANIA, The Blazing Stone Titan Legendary Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Heavy meat and minerals, such as iron
Role: Living Destruction
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost
Attacks: Didn’t bother with specific attacks, just smashed things and flash fried them
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 100 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10)
Evolves: Ultimate (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Evolves From: Titania G-Spliced (Absorbing soul of the dead Kary G-Spliced)
The reappearance of Titania, Kary, and Scylla during the so-called Athena Incident baffled many. It was thought to be impossible to successfully clone Legendary Pokégirls. What was even stranger is what occurred after they started killing each other. It was only months after Omega Athena’s destruction that records were found detailing full information on the three so-called ‘Legendary Pokégirls’ and confirming, much to people’s relief, that it is impossible to clone them.
In actuality, the three of them were actually Clonetwos, defectives that had none of the original strengths of the original Legendaries. It was only through heavy genetic manipulation, both through science and magical bonding spells, that they were able to make the deformed creatures powerful enough to be considerable threats and look like their originals, essentially making them into G-Spliceds. Not true clones at all. The Kary G-Spliced was a fusion of several Naga and fire-type breeds, the Titania G-Spliced was a fusion of several ground-type and rock-type breeds, and the Scylla G-Spliced was heavily laden with modified Titacruel DNA. Each one’s soul was designed to be one piece of the whole, merging with a living one of the three after one died.
Super Titania, the first form, was the result of the souls of the Kary and Titania G-Spliceds fusing. This occurred in the Athena Incident when the three turned on each other, ‘Titania’ killing ‘Kary.’ Their souls merged, and ‘Titania’s’ body changed. Her transformation was only partial, her body growing to 100 feet and gaining a reddish hue. She slew ‘Scylla’ soon after, evolving to Super Titania, her transformation incomplete.
According to the data, if her evolution had been completed, she would have gained a Naga-like tail, her features becoming a combination of ‘Kary’s’ and ‘Titania’s.’ She would have had greater flame and earth wielding capabilities, and would have been far more durable than before. She would have even been strong enough to survive a blast from the Langoud’s main cannons if it had not sunk prior to her appearances. The records we found indicated that Super Titania would have had a tentacled lower body if ‘Titania’ had killed ‘Scylla’ first, or if ‘Scylla’ had killed her.
The recovered records show that it wouldn’t have matter who made the first fatality. If it had been ‘Kary,’ we would have had to deal with Super Kary. If it had been ‘Scylla,’ we would have had to deal with Super Scylla. All we are certain of is that we’re glad these cheap imitations of the three Legendaries are dead, and that Super Titania is no more.
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TAMALE, the Hot Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert farming, furry Sidekick
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: Average
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Flamethrower, Ignite, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x4), Nightvision,
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Fire Stone)
Tamales change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright red color. They are the hardest Chichi to nail down personality-wise, with few common traits between individuals. Some Tamers use Tamales and their Chichi-spawned cousins as a furry alternative to the Sidekick. This is particularly common among Tamers who absolutely can't stand to have Pokégirls without fur in their Harem. Tamales are decent combatants, though not on par with other Fire-types. They can learn, though, and can become fairly strong with proper training.
Wild Tamales, like most of their brethren, dwell in dry desert-mountainous regions, when given a chance. They love prickly pears, burning off the spines with their flame powers. For some reason, the seeds of the fruits become extremely fertile after passing through the Tamale, which usually translates to unexplained oasis, especially if there are Aguamiels in the area. An unexpected twist to this is a common point among Tamales: they all adore Plant-type Pokégirls. Tamales in a Harem are quick to befriend any and all Plant-type Harem Sisters, and often follow them around when not needed by their Tamer. Those in the wild have even gone so far as to stalk Plant-types in the hopes of getting a Taming. Most Plant-types are scared out of their wits having a Fire-type so interested in them, and even the most hardened and confident Plant-types get unnerved after being shadowed by a Tamale for long enough.
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TANK VIXXEN, the Firearms Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire/Steel
Frequency: Rare (Crimson, Sunshine Leagues), Very Rare (All Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, has preference for chocolate
Role: militant group soldiers, saner domestics can work with police forces
Libido: High (and scary!)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fire, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, Breasts of Steel, Flame Sniper, Napalm, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, CrossShield (Lv. 45)
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Mechanics Aptitude, Flash Fire
Evolves: None (we hope!)
Evolves From: Vixxen (Heavy Metal+Battle Stress)
During the War of Revenge, there was a group of specialized Vixxens that were said to be on par with the majority of humanity's military might. They were recorded as attacking and taking over human-controlled military strongholds and then scavenging the technology and weaponry left over; often using it with a high level of competency. Some reports indicate that in a sense, this breed of specialized vulpine Pokégirls was more or less Sukebe's equivalent of human army, possibly both for purposes to not only aide his forces but to mock those of humanity, to show them how to do it right. While some of the stories left behind might make a number of people skeptical, the stories are indeed fact, as a number were made by the survivors whom managed to live and spread tales of the ‘sheer depravity’ of these creatures.
Historians and Pokégirl Researchers would spend over the next two centuries trying to figure out how a Pokégirl could use a toilet scrubber and chunky peanut butter on a man's ass as had been recorded in one event and wonder if a number of the stories weren't merely exaggerated. It was obvious that the reports were genuine, but there hadn't been an occurrence of such a Pokégirl since the beginning.
Sadly, it would be proven that these Pokégirls were all too real. Heavy Metal, a decidedly defensive tool is also an item that has been known to trigger evolution in certain Pokégirls, and the Vixxen, a rather common and gentle species does benefit from the protective properties. However, if a Vixxen goes through an intense battle while wearing the steel jacket known as Heavy Metal, it unlocks an evolutionary branch that turns the Vixxen from a sweet, easy-going fuck-toy into an ultimate, take-no-nonsense soldier of fortune. Tank Vixxens are very similar to their pre-evolved form, keeping the slight muzzle, slender frame with long bushy tail and busts that range anywhere from a full A-Cup to a full D-Cup. However, their pelts can be various shades of red now, some of the species are even recorded as having colors outside the norm, varying from brightest white to being the deepest black. Also, unlike their previous form, Tank Vixxens prefer to be clothed, often something of a definite military motif with one article of the outfit being made from leather or at the very least, sturdy PVC.
The greatest change though, is personality. Intelligence comes to a Tank Vixxen swiftly, often in ways that revolve survival and modern warfare, especially heavy tech. A Tank Vixxen could be given numerous pieces of scrap and be able to fashion some sort of weapon from what is available. While their libido is still high, her preference for what happens is changed as well. While their pre- evolved form was easily a switch-hitter, Tank Vixxens for the majority, (nearly 80%) are lesbian in taste, with only a minimal amount, (20%) still retaining a bisexual nature. This was thought to have been programmed into them so that when a regiment of Tank Vixxens clashed with human soldiers, it would continue to be a true battle than an orgy. This base dislike for men the majority of the species pertains is also why many men that have fallen prey to the Tank Vixxen are often left psychologically-scarred.
In the wilds, Feral Tank Vixxens are a rather peculiar bunch in that their minds stay rather regimented and logical. Although they'll wear less, they'll still wear their clothing, and they still communicate verbally in human speech. Make no mistake in thinking that this is a good thing. In the wilds, these Feral Tank Vixxens band together, almost acting like a Team Group. They attack Tamers and transports, especially ones which may be holding more building materials. The attack on such targets is because Feral Tank Vixxens become single-minded and try to live up to their title. And that means riding around in a tank...
Fortunately, most Tank Vixxens never get to such a stage, thanks to the rarity of such things, and a lot of items being lostech or Forbidden tech. However, one should never underestimate the instinctual knowledge these Pokégirls contain concerning the operations and maintenance of heavy technology. The results could be catastrophic if such a thing were to pass.
Tamed Tank Vixxens, (normally bisexual domestics) normally put this militant attitude, technological knowledge, and overall zealousness to good use. A number of them often end up working with police groups, and they treat the written law as the highest priority, albeit they tend to get a little carried away, often resulting in major property damage should a chase or hostile situation go on for too long. To try and cut down on damages, it's encouraged for the police to teach the Tank Vixxens to build stunning, rather than killing weapons, as that will minimize the damage they can potentially cause.
Although they truly can be considered a wild card, these domesticated Tank Vixxens make an excellent foil to OfficerJennys; true basis of the Good Cop, Bad Cop idea. Oddly enough, the Jennys DO like them, even if they are left exasperated by the vulpine Pokégirls at times. After all, the Tank Vixxens may endanger civilians at times, but their actions are still within guidelines of the law. Domesticated Tank Vixxens that end up in the hands of Tamers rather than with police officers find themselves to be the perfect complement to Gun-Bunnies. There was even one famous duo known as Team Dirty Pair comprised of the Gun-Bunny Kei, and the Tank Vixxen Yuri which showed just what the two are capable of when they work together: maximum carnage.
When it comes to battle, a Tank Vixxen is quick to abuse fire- techniques, especially when facing another Fire-type. She is quite resistant to fire damage, despite having Steel as her sub-type, since the Tank Vixxen has a special capability known as ‘Flash Fire.’ Possibly an upgrade of the Fire Resistance enhancement, Flash Fire not only makes it so the vulpine Pokégirl takes no damage, but that she also gains an increase in the strength to her own Fire-type techniques. If she is facing an opponent that would be strong against her, she will fall back to steel techniques to try and put the fight in her favor, the technique Iron Defense being used repeatedly in such cases.
Taming a Tank Vixxen is a truly mind-blowing experience, since the Tank Vixxen takes a dominant role as soon as possible. Often, bondage is implemented by the Tank Vixxen on the Tamer, rather than the reverse, with the vulpine Pokégirl taking control of what is done; needless to say, the Domina species enjoy working with a Tank Vixxen during Taming. However, one of the biggest turn-ons for a Tank Vixxen is to manifest her Flamethrower and point it at their lovers head as they have sex, often the show of dominance and the fear from their partner adding to the adrenaline rush the Tank Vixxen feels. Only those that a Tank Vixxen come to trust implicitly are allowed to wield any form of dominance over the vulpine Pokégirl. To this date, there has never been a single case of Threshold where the girl became a Tank Vixxen at the end of the transformation. People the world over rejoice.
Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) – (EFT) The Tank Vixxen concentrates, making the firing trigger and igniter of a flamethrower appear in her hand. The flamethrower is connected to the wrist via a thick rubber-like hose, giving the weapon `ammunition' from her internal Fire-elemental abilities.
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TATFIR, the Tattooed Furry Fireball Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (canine/feline mix)
Element: Fire/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Tattoo artists for furry Pokégirls, morale booster
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Tattoo Seal, Tattoo Strike, Tattoo Curse, Tackle, Bite, Fury Swipes, Ember, Ignite, Fire Floor, Fire Scythe, Napalm, Exorcism, Flame Shot, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Animal senses and features, dexterity, fire affinity, durability, artistic ability, can manifest brushes with endless ink supply
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ar-Tits (Fire Stone)
Tatfir's are similar in many ways to Tats. They love putting tattoos on themselves, just starting out with one, their bust-size goes up a cup from their previous form, their eyes and hair are rainbow colored, love to be outside and feel the air on their bodies, and are willing to give tattoos to their harem sisters and tamers, which have similar powers to the tattoos a Tats make.
There are some major differences though.
For one thing, Tatfirs gain a coat of silky, paper-white fur, gaining animalistic features that are an appealing mix of canine and feline, long tails, and animal claws, so they don't have to use their needles for attacking. Their tattoos are more fire-based (but still very colorful), allowing for attacks like Ignite, Fire Scythe, and Flame Shot, among others. They don't like clothes, like Tats, but for different reasons (the materials make their fur incredibly itchy). They are much more affectionate than their previous form, tending to act much more seductive in an attempt to get tamed more often. If a taming is interrupted before they can climax, they will become angry and frustrated, firing a low-powered Ember to chase off the one who interrupted them and trying to get back into the rhythm she had going with her tamer. The Tatfir can be taught not to do this, however they will be still be incredibly frustrated if interrupted during a taming.
In battle, they are much more direct, filling the field with rainbow-colored fire to try and end the battle fast and hard, trying to cripple the opponents with intense heat before overwhelming them with flame attacks. They will rarely use their status affliction tattoos, feeling that their fire is more than enough.
Tatfirs, unlike Tats, can quite easily put tattoos, permanent or temporary, depending on the Pokégirl's wishes, on fur and in hair, creating colorful body art that flows with the Pokégirl's hair or body movements. They, ironically enough, aren't as good with tattoos on bare skin, since they use brushes rather than needles. They cannot make a permanent tattoo on bare skin, and their temporaries can be washed away with water. It's frustrating to a Tatfir, although they aren't jealous of Tats Pokégirls because their weakness is opposite that of the Tats. Tats and Tafir get along well with each other, comparing tattooing techniques and artistic styles, sometimes getting outsiders involved in these surprisingly intelligent discussions.
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TORCH CHICK, the Blazing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human food, generally with hot sauce
Role: pets, blacksmiths
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Flamethrower, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Evade, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Heat Aura
Evolves: Combusticunt (normal)
Evolves From: None
Torch Chicks are among the Pokégirls that tend to be used more in industry than in Tamers’ Harems. This is due, not only to their natural skill at smelting metals, but also because they possess a degree of loyalty beyond that of most Fire-type Pokégirls, if not less energy.
All Torch Chicks have deeply tanned skin with blazing red hair that nearly seems on fire. Their eyes have red irises to match her hair and do seem to blaze when she gets angry. Torch Chicks always have a small bust, usually a modest A-cup, but their nipples are especially sensitive. Torch Chicks never grow over about 5' and look like pre-teen human girls just coming into puberty but with short, hooked talons on the tips of their fingers and toes rather than nails. These talons are too short and too fragile to use in combat, however. Attempting to do so can result in painful breaks and tears of their talons that are slow to grow back. Torch Chicks usually wear clothing below their waist, since they prefer that only their Tamer and Harem-sisters see their goodies. However, their nipples are so sensitive that they have to go topless; a shirt or bra rubbing against their nipples tends to quickly leave them too aroused to do anything but rut wildly. Torch Chicks tend to be somewhat grumpy over this, since it shows their lack of substantial breasts to everyone in sight.
Torch Chicks have modest combat skills. They prefer distance combat, since they can project their flames with Ember and Flamethrower, using Evade to make sure return fire doesn’t make contact with them. If they have time, a Torch Chick that uses Focus Energy, followed by Flamethrower, can release a jet of flames hot enough to cause serious damage. When their opponent closes to touching range, Torch Chicks are better inclined to use Burning Hands if the combat stays martial; a smart Tamer however will instruct his Torch Chick to use sex attacks when in close. Torch Chicks are slightly better at pokesex battles than at hand-to-hand martial battles, given that they can use both Burning Hands and Warm Embrace.
Torch Chicks enjoy having their nipples played with when being Tamed. More than one Tamer had compared their nipples to their clit in terms of how much it arouses a Torch Chick. Torch Chicks, being Fire-types, love feeling the body heat of their Tamer against them during Taming, and prefer it when their Tamer uses a full-contact position when Taming them. They enjoy snuggling afterwards for the same reason. A Torch Chick’s cunt is pleasantly warm, and doesn’t cause damage even when a Torch Chick is in the throes of orgasm.
Torch Chick is a high energy Pokégirl that is very affectionate with her Tamer. As high as her libido is, she would only accept Taming from the Tamer that caught her or one from his Harem, even at the risk of going Feral. A Torch Chick's Flamethrower attack, when enhanced with Focus Energy, and used in a single, sustained jet, becomes hot enough to melt metal. Torch Chicks good choices for venturing into climates that can be chilly, since their Heat Aura enhancement allows them to project their natural body heat to ten feet around them. Doing so, however, renders them unable to use Ember or Flamethrower, since they are putting their energy towards spreading their internal heat already.
Feral Torch Chicks have none of the loyalty they do when in full possession of their senses. Other than using a high-level Taming Cycle, this is the only way to get a Torch Chick to shift her loyalty to a new master. Capturing a Feral Torch Chick tends to be easier than most Tamers think, since when Feral they prefer to use their Heat Aura enhancement all the time, naturally disabling their distance-based fire attacks.
Threshold girls who become Torch Chicks tend to quickly shed their clothes, along with their inhibitions, since their nipples become too sensitive for clothing above the waist. Instances of accidentally setting things they touch on fire are rarer than they tend to be for other kinds of Threshold Fire-types, since Torch Chicks have marginally better control over themselves.
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ULTIMATE, The Multi-Elemental Colossus Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire/Water
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Anything
Role: Living Death that walks…
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Used no specific techniques, just powerful use of fire, earth, and water elements.
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 150 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, regenerates quickly in water, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, tentacles, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Agility (x20)
Evolves: Omega Athena (death of Athena, absorbing Ultimate’s soul)
Evolves From: Super Titania (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Super Titania was enough of a nightmare. The power of creatures that were different but equal to the combined might of two Legendaries was disastrous to behold. It would have been even worse had she been given a chance to finish her evolution. It was when all three of them merged that things got bad.
After Super Titania killed the Scylla Clonetwo/G-Spliced, her body disappeared and her soul merged with the other two merged souls of her sister. Super Titania evolved again, becoming the aptly named Ultimate. She gained absolute master of the combined elements of her previous bodies, and was a ruthless killer. She was destruction incarnate, and couldn’t be beaten by any conventional means. It’s presumed that even the original thirteen Espers and the three surviving War Espers couldn’t defeat her.
Upon her evolution from Super Titania to Ultimate, she reverted back to her ‘Titania’-esque form. If her evolution would have been allowed to complete, the recovered records tell us that in addition to gaining the serpentine lower body she would have had as Super Titania, she would have also gotten eight massive tentacles on her back, each one impossibly long and flexible. Her skin would have turned a savage mix of dark red, dark blue, and dark brown, her teeth turning into razor-edged fangs.
It is by sheer chance that she was not allowed to finish her evolution. And probably for the best as well. Ultimate would have been far too strong for any army of Pokégirls to fight. Thankfully, it was not possible for the original Titania, Scylla, and Kary to become Ultimate. Which is a very good thing, they were hard enough to kill as it is.
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VESTA, the Fire Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Mouse)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, mainly nuts and fruit
Role: cooks, starter fire type Pokégirl
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite, Agility, Scratch, Kick, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Fire Elemental Affinity, Fire Elemental Resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Fire Stone)
Vesta is very much like its pre-evolution form, Titmouse. They retain the same short, thick fur, slight muzzle, expressive slightly long ears and long thin tail. The largest difference is that Vesta's fur and hair is always a rich crimson color. Some Vesta's have different shades of fur but all can be classed as crimson red. The fur is highly flame resistant which provides Vesta some protection against hostile fire based attacks, however it does not mean she is immune and can quickly be overwhelmed by a more powerful fire type.
Like Titmice, Vesta also tends to be 'ditzy', lacking the ability to focus and remember complicated sets of instructions or duties, which is disappointing since some mouse types, like its cousin, the Mareen, have impressive memories. Also unlike Titmouse, Vesta is never employed as librarian aides because they are very prone to accidental fire damage by igniting things near to them when startled or excited. They also seem to develop rather disturbing pyromaniac tendencies, loving to watch fires burn; the very presence of fire can be hypnotic for a Vesta.
The few saving graces of Vesta are its increased speed from its Titmouse form and its new elemental affiliation, which makes them not a bad fire type starter Pokégirl for tamers if a more powerful fire type is not available. Indeed a number of tamers have started their careers with Vesta because of the relative ease at which to acquire a Titmouse and then use a Fire Stone on it.
Tamers also find Vesta's useful because they seem to be natural cooks, having an ability to start a fire in almost any conditions, although the tamer will have to be content with vegetarian food as Vesta is an herbivore that predominately eats fruit and nuts. It finds cooking meat to be repulsive and attempts to avoid doing so at any opportunity.
Along with the new fire affinity Vesta gains other common fire type traits, including becoming very amorous, having a much higher libido and increased aggression. Vestas are much more capable in combat than most mouse type Pokégirls. When attacked, Vestas are more hostile than Titmice or Mareen and will stand and fight, using its Flamethrower against the enemy to a fairly decent effect. Most people underestimate Vestas as being weak, often leading to their downfall at the hands of the Vesta. You should remember that whilst not the most powerful Fire type, it is still capable of handling itself in a fight. Like all mouse-type Pokégirls, Vesta has a fear of cat types, however in Vesta's case it just causes it to fight harder unleashing the full force of its fire powers to keep the cat type as far away from itself as possible, much to many Catgirls' chagrin.
As a pet, it is not popular due to their pyromaniac tendencies which can cause a lot of trouble for a pet owner. They have to ensure that their homes are fire proof and all matches are kept well out of reach, therefore Vesta are only really seen as pets to someone who likes or specializes in Fire-type Pokégirls.
Feral Vestas are not a common sight. It is quite rare to even see one due to the fact that its evolution is caused by a Fire Stone, which are rare to find in the wilderness. However, when discovered, you can be sure others are around as they tend to live in small groups of about ten. When one of these groups are found they are usually found in forest locations, far from water sources to minimize the chance of running into a Water-type Pokégirl which could otherwise do serious harm to them.
Threshold girls do occasionally become Vesta. When they do their families are quick to sell them off to ranches, as they have little control over their fire abilities initially and can cause significant property damage with their newfound powers.
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VIXXEN, the Fornicating Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: omnivore
Role: Taming assistant, foundry workers, melting snow off pavement
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Tackle, Wrestle, Ignite, Burning Hands, Warm Embrace, Flame Sniper
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Fire Resistance, Quickness
Evolves: Foxx (Fire Stone), Nogitsune (Dusk Stone+Dark Stone), Tank Vixxen (Heavy Metal+Battle Stress)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Fire Stone)
Horny as a Vixxen goes the saying, and that *is* the most noticeable character feature of a Vixxen. Vixxens are ready: anytime, anywhere, any conditions. They rarely understand why their Tamers are reluctant to engage in sex in some situations, and tend to be very earthy and aggressive. Evolved from a Kitsune by use of the Fire Stone, a Vixxen is the most common of the Kitsune evolutions, and is possibly the most popular Fire-type Pokégirl in any league today. They are no good as pets, however, as their libido tends to wear out pet owners and their fiery nature just means that keeping the Pokégirl in line can be difficult for any tamer, let alone someone who owns pets. The fact that they lack control over their libido, and in some cases, their flames, means that no Pet Owner is going to give a Vixxen the chance to burn their home down. Tamers that settle down eventually wind up trading or selling off their Vixxen to passing tamers or to a Ranch, claiming old age and a lack of income that keeps them from keeping the Pokégirl.
This Pokégirl absolutely enjoys battling, both normal matches and sex matches. She tends to prefer the sex battles, however, as her high libido and pleasure threshold make her a contender in matches against any Pokégirl other than a Menage-a-trois or a Nymph (and some Vixxen have been known to defeat a Nymph). In standard battles, Vixxen prefer to attack from range to wear down her opponent, and then use Ignite before using her Wrestle technique once close enough. Any Pokégirl weak against her fire attacks tend to lose heart once they see their opponent on fire, let alone having to wrestle with her. Vixxen hate dealing with water types, however, as their cool nature obviously conflicts with her fiery one. Tamer's love keeping a Vixxen around for several reasons- high libido, soft fur, affectionate, and the fact that they're capable of working with ice-types rather well. A Vixxen, along with an Ice-type Pokégirl, is a rather common tactic in the Ruby League among many tamers there.
However, there is some resentment towards the Vixxen as a result. Growlies and the Charamanda breeds are not fond of Vixxens, although they have nothing against the rest of the Kitsune-evolutionary forms, that stem from the fact that the Vixxen us so popular. It isn't a complete hatred, but it is simple an annoyance to them. The Vixxen, on the other hand, can't help but to flaunt herself to her tamer and when around other fire-type Pokégirls... or around the Psivyx, another evolution of the Kitsune breed. Because the Psivyx isn't as 'hot' as the rest of the Kitsune breeds are, the Vixxen can't help but to look down upon her. Tamers are urged not to have both a Psivyx and a Vixxen in his or her harem at the same time, or else this in-fighting can cause the destruction of a harem at key times. Vixxen are bad choices for Alphas, as their libido will cause them to forget about her responsibilities and assume that she now has all the time in the world to be with her tamer, at the expense of her harem sisters.
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VULVIXX, the Young Vixxen Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Frequently Domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Scratch, Bite, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Quickness
Evolves: Kitsune (normal or Fox E-Medal)
Evolves From: None
Like the Pia, the Vulvixx is a recently discovered young form of Kitsune. Like all wild young Pokégirls, they tend to have good reflexes but the control of their powers tend to be erratic. Vulvixxs naturally evolve into Kitsunes over time when Tamed and battled enough, although this evolution can also be artificially stimulated with a Fox E-Medal.
Vulvixx are not quite as powerful as the other forms of Kitsune, or Vixxen. Of course, that is because this is a younger form, but even so they are not recommended for battling. A Vulvixx is also not especially adept at Sex Battles, knowing only generic Pokégirl Sex Attacks 1, 2, and 3 at best, and even then it does not use them effectively enough. Tamers who do not have a high stamina or heat-related Blood Gift do like Vulvixx, however, as they are a Fire-type that do not have the high libidos that are common among most Fire-type Pokégirls.
Most Vulvixx are too young for taming, however, but they soon evolve into a Kitsune after they 'come of legal age'. Vulvixx, until then, are rather interested in sex, but only in a shy way, and remind many of Seraph in their reactions to talking, hearing, or watching a Taming session. This reaction seems to contradict what they may become in the future, and researchers are spending closer attention on why this is. Vulvixx are not a Feral occurrence.
(Note: Name is made by combining Vulva with Vixxen.)
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WHORE-OH, the Legendary Love Goddess Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Fire/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: human standard
Role: self-proclaimed goddess of love and love-making
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Magic, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Ghost, Rock, Water)
Attacks: Fireball, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Flame Tower, Flame Sword, Feather Blizzard, Gust, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Mach Breaker, Smile, Absorb, Shield, Heal, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x9), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort, Toughness, Darkvision
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Whore-oh is the fourth Legendary bird Pokégirl. However, neither the Legendary birds nor any other Legendary claim any sort of special relationship with her. Among her fellows, she is the least-respected Legendary.
After Typhonna's disappearance during Sukebe's war, he decided to bring more Legendaries into play to help counteract the loss of Typhonna's sheer power. Since Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits had already done so well, he decided to create a new set of Legendary birds, stronger than the originals. Whore-oh would have been the first of them, but her mentality was, as far as Sukebe and the other Legendaries were concerned, completely deranged. She refused to fight at all except in self-defense. Worse, she would speak long and eloquently that humans and Pokégirls should make love, not war, that they should abandon their differences and focus on pleasuring each other in peace and love. Needless to say, this view did not go over well at all. Most of the other Legendaries (and, apparently, Sukebe himself), found this notion to be too ridiculous to warrant any serious reply at all, and either ignored Whore-oh or showed her derision. Even the kinder Legendaries, save for Sexebi, found little value in her philosophy of sexual healing. Moan preferred real acts of succor to ease people's sufferings, and Bastit was known to have once remarked that "her lovey-dovey attitude really takes the excitement out of fucking." Discouraged but undeterred, Whore-oh left the company of her contemporaries, seeking to spread her message to the people and Pokégirls of the world.
Whore-oh isn't very tall, standing five feet four inches. She her wings are separate appendages from her arms, unlike other bird Pokégirls. Her hips and knees can bend ways a normal human’s can't, allowing her to land easier from a fast flight. Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe to aid in gripping rough ground. Unlike the other Legendary birds, her feathers are not a uniform color. Her breasts and belly down to her crotch are covered in short, off-white feathers of a cream color. Her arms, torso, face, back, and the back of her wings are a covered with light reddish feathers, and her legs, as well as the inside of her wings and the feathers hugging her ass, are covered with soft yellow feathers. Her hair hangs down to her shoulders, a golden blonde. Her breasts are a large C-cup, and her cunt is surrounded by very short feathers that hug her skin closely, giving it an unshaven appearance. Whore-oh never wears clothes.
Whore-oh still wanders the world today, undeterred by how little success she has had. She seems to have sunk deeper and deeper into a fantasy world of her own creation as the centuries have gone by. She now refers to herself as a goddess of love and light, offering to make love to any she comes across, so that they "may seek purity in the heat of her passion" as one person who had met her put it. While it may sound like the opportunity of a lifetime to have sex with a Legendary, people who have been with Whore-oh have said the experience was almost frightening in its intensity. Whore-oh refuses to perform any carnal act except straight sex, no tit-fucking, no oral or anal playing, or anything else. She further insists on only the standard missionary position (ironic since she's on a pilgrimage), usually with her on top. During the actual act, she doesn't allow talking dirty or anything except soft kissing, almost always while staring into her partner's eyes intently, even during orgasm. The way she seems to insist on intimacy, almost demand it, is rather frightening to most of the people she's been with. None could deny that the experience was very profound though, or that they came very hard.
Whore-oh has powers that allow her to carry out her "holy mission," which is odd, since Sukebe certainly didn't bestow her with such abilities. It would seem that she somehow altered her own abilities to suit her new purpose. One person claims to have asked her about this, to which she supposedly only replied that as a goddess, she was not bound by the work of mortals. When facing a hostile force, she prefers to use non-confrontational moves such as Absorb and Gust to keep her foe down, only resorting to her stronger fire attacks to defend herself. If worse comes to worst, she will just teleport away. It usually doesn't come to that though, since she is generally able to down a foe long enough to calm her foe (see below) and make love to them, trying to "heal them with her purity."
Whore-oh has a severe dislike for those who would use sex as anything other than a deep expression of intimacy. She doesn't regard Tamers and other Pokégirls as wicked, merely misguided. Pokégirls who use sexual domination as a way of life, however, and others who use sex as a weapon, draw her ire, since she views them as clouding the true path to enlightenment. She continues to wander the world over, trying to create a paradise of parity and sex, one person at a time. Whore-oh's ultimate dream, one she hasn't told anyone about, is a world where everyone is truly connected…Recognition of everyone, everywhere. It is this hope that keeps her going, believing that once she has done her duty and brought the entire world together as one, she will finally be allowed to join them.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Whore-oh’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Whore-oh has No Weakness (Level 85). If she were to face a Rock or a Water-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Flying/Fire/Magic, at or below level 85, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Whore-oh’s array of special attributes:
Soothe Feelings: Despite not being a Psychic-type, Whore-oh can use her magic to soothe the hearts and minds of others. Without giving any overt signs, she can concentrate on someone within line of sight, making whatever they're feeling lessen. This works as long as she can concentrate as least partially on someone, and she can use it on multiple people at once. She tends to use this on someone to pacify them before she seduces them, and maintains it during sex if the person would otherwise become rowdier than she would like. After the effect ends, the manipulated person doesn't know their emotions were tampered with.
Forced Bond: If Whore-oh sees two or more people having sex, she has the ability to make a Delta-Bond between them. She cannot use this ability on herself however. Beyond that though, anyone who doesn't have the Mentally Isolated Blood Curse is subject to be Bonded to another by Whore-oh's manipulations. She tends to use this rather liberally, Bonding people who are already nice couples, as well as those who don't feel intimacy for their partner, her way of "teaching" them how wonderful such intimacy can be. Thusly, to many a Bond is indeed a curse, since they somehow end up having one to someone they otherwise don't care for.
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WHORIZARD, the Sexy Searing Soaring Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: plants, small animals, pokechow
Role: igniting things, combat
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Thrower, Ember, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Ignite, Rage, Fire Blast
Enhancements: Endurance, Heat Resistance, Updraft
Evolves: None
Evolves From: CharMelons (normal)
A Whorizard is a CharMelons that has had even more combat victories and Taming, letting her make the jump to her final form. Whorizards are quite different from their previous form, in that they now have large wings from their shoulders. They gain a secondary element, Flying, that negates some of their previous strengths and weaknesses, making their Tamers have to plan their strategies with them differently now. For a long time, many researchers debated over whether or not Whorizard was a Dragon-type, since she could fly and breathe fire. Eventually, they came to the (correct) conclusion that while she seemed to be, she wasn’t a Dragon-type Pokégirl, though a minority still holds this view. A Whorizard’s red-blonde hair seems to dance quicker now, as though it was a crackling flame. When she lets it appear, the fire on the end of her tail burns hotly, large and powerful.
A Whorizard is very powerful in combat. Her Ignite attack is a greater version of Burning Hands, allowing her to set part of herself, usually her arms or upper torso, aflame, and she then grabs her enemy, inflicting heavy damage. Fire Blast is a superior version of Fireball, letting her spit a ball of flame that explodes when it hits something. Her most feared attack though is Rage. When using Rage, her defenses lower, but her attacks are even stronger, her flames burning hotter and her blows more powerful. Many opponents have been known to forfeit the match at the sight of a Raging Whorizard. Indeed, the phrase “like a Raging Whorizard" is used to describe someone with a short temper.
A Whorizard’s ability to fly is very advantageous to her, both in and out of combat, allowing her to cover long distances for scouting and such, while also letting her retain air superiority over land-bound foes. Her Updraft special ability is where she heats the air under her, making a heavy gust of wind push up under her wings. Using this ability, she can lift off from a still position, not needing to run and flap her wings to take to the air. It also can be used in mid-flight to gain more altitude, or to give her wings a rest. Her control over his ability is enough that she can use if on others up to around twenty feet away or so, often relieving tired Flying-types when they can’t stop by letting them rest their wings. This technique is also useful for drying someone off without burning them. A Whorizard will tend to try and use her own natural flames to negate being wet after being hit with a water attack, so she mostly uses this on her Tamer or other non-Fire-type Pokégirls who want to dry off.
Whorizards have the trademark High libido of over Fire-types, and want to be Tamed several times a day. If they don’t get laid often, they tend to become irritable and standoffish, often arguing with their Tamer, hoping for some enjoyable punishment in the bedroom as their Tamer “shows them who’s boss." They do enjoy stroking and cuddling, but not to the extent that their previous forms did. They much prefer fast and furious screwing. Their cunt is even hotter than that of a CharMelons’ though, and only Tamers with a heat-resistant Blood Gift can hope to Tame them without special creams and not have nasty burns down there.
Feral Whorizards are terrors, raining fire down from above. They are usually attacked on sight with intent to capture, since all but the most foolish of humans and Pokégirls realizes just how dangerous, and how strong, a Feral Whorizard is. It’s exceptionally rare for a Threshold girl to become a Whorizard.
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