BESHEMOTH, the Mountain Ruler Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Ungulate)
Element: Rock/Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (mountainous regions)
Diet: Stone, fruits and vegetables
Role: Guardian, heavy assault force, Mountain combat
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dragon, Plant, Rock, Fighting, Ground
Attacks: Harden, Unmoveable, Quake, MegaWave, Shock Spike, Rage Shock, No Sell, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Spark, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick, Luminaire, Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Balance (x5), Enhanced Durability (x17), Enhanced Leaping (x10), Enhanced Olfactory Senses, Electrical affinity, Rock affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Billie (struck by lightning while at 2500 feet or higher above sea level, charged Thunder Stone, other evolutionary methods currently being researched)
Beshemoths are a rare type of mountain-dwelling Pokégirl. So rare are they, that it’s presumed they existed long before, but simply were not discovered until recently. Still, it is considered a sign of bad fortune to see a Beshemoth while travelling a mountain. For that means you have entered the territory of a very powerful, very hard-to-hurt Pokégirl.
Beshemoths are towering Pokégirls. Nine feet in height, they are also heavily muscled, to the point where they can make an Amachamp look as slender as an Acrobabe. They retain the goatlike faces of Billies, but there is a fiercer look to them, their incisors becoming thick fangs. They gain a large, fin-like crest on their backs which is flexible enough to bend up against their backs when they lay down. The crest acts as a lightning rod of sorts, allowing them to send charges of electricity to their horns, tails, or fists. Their tails become thicker, the end swelling up and growing spikes. They are brutal Pokégirls in battle, using headbutts and lashing out with their horns, using their electricity like a bludgeon to defeat their opponents. They are very territorial, and don’t like it when someone is in home. They will assault anyone they perceive as an intruder until they leave or are killed. Whichever comes first.
Beshemoths were a mystery for years after their discovery. No one knew where they came from, people just knew that they were dangerous. They would attack travelling parties and drive them down the mountains, chasing them away from the peak. Aerial surveys were attempted to see what Beshemoths were protecting so ferociously, and after several attempts, a lone Pidgey was able to slip through and get past the Beshemoth she and her harem sisters were fighting to the top of the mountains.
What was discovered was counted among the greatest post-Sukebe discoveries of all time: several mountaintop fortresses apparently used by Sukebe himself during the Revenge War. Several of the Beshemoths guarding the fortresses were captured and Tamed, making them more willing to cooperate with the Tamers wanting to investigate the fortresses. Especially after they were given fruits and vegetables, which Beshemoths apparently adore and consider the finest of treats. A Beshemoth named Edwina, in the harem of famous female tamer Nina Valerosa, was known for her love of anything with potatoes in it.
Inside the labs were several teleporters, the technology being reverse engineered to create the earliest known transporters. In addition to this, there were detailed reports of the actions of several early breeds of Pokégirls during the Revenge War, including the Beshemoths. The ancestors of the Beshemoths that had been Tamed were created by Sukebe to guard the mountainside fortresses. During this expedition, the pre-evolutionary form of the Beshemoth was discovered when a storm on the mountain produced a lot of lightning, two of the Billies being used as guides getting struck and evolving. Since then, other methods of evolving Billies into Beshemoths are being researched. The electrical surge of a lightning bolt serves to galvanize and harden their bodies, creating the change from ground-type to rock-type, so after some testing, a Thunder Stone super-charged with electricity was found to evolve a Billie into a Beshemoth as well. Other possible methods are being researched.
Beshemoths are ferocious fighters, especially when feral. They are hard to control when infuriated or protecting something they have been assigned to guard. But amazingly, when Tamed, they are surprisingly gentle, quiet Pokégirls outside of battle. So gentle are they when not fighting, that even Pokékits feel relaxed around them. When they start growling and sparking, however, it’s best to clear the area and just let the Beshemoth fight. Beshemoths and Hounds have a great respect for each other and will cooperate in protecting shared territory. Other mountain based Pokégirls, such as Mountain Cats, brown Chocobos, and Pumaras, get along well with Beshemoths as well. In some cases, packs of Feral Hounds or other mountain-based Pokégirls have been seen working with a Beshemoth when attacking mountain travellers.
The only real exception to the rule of mountain-based Pokégirls working well with Beshemoths is the Giantess. The two breeds have an intense rivalry, and will fight any time they see one another. So intense are their battles that they sometimes cause avalanches. Because of the threat Giantesses pose, most Tamers in mountainous areas actively seek out the protection of a Beshemoth. Ferals, surprisingly, can be bargained with for Taming & protection by being given large amounts of fruits and vegetables, enough for a full meal. Beshemoths do not retain their previous form’s need to wear climbing gear, as they are strong enough now to simply dig their fingers into the side of a mountain to climb up it.
In terms of Taming , Beshemoth’s retain a Billie’s love of bondage. Because of their strength, it’s also a practical necessity. They enjoy Tamers who can dominate them without the use of a Domina-type, and have great respect for Tamers who can Tame them with as little use of toys as possible.
So far, no cases of Thresholding into a Beshemoth have been recorded. People are actually rather grateful for this, as Beshemoths, while powerful additions to any harem, are rather difficult to bring down due to their astonishingly high endurance. Very few people actually want more of them, and some mountainside travel agencies have placed high rewards for anyone who can flush out and drive a Beshemoth from the area. It’s assumed that with their strong connection to mountains, Thresholding into a Beshemoth might happen in mountainous regions, but it has not happened yet.
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BOOBTRIO, the Triple- Breasted Sexy Thunderstorm Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (Mountain League), Unknown (other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style
Role: Pleasure slave, electric warriors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: All Sex attacks, Thunderbolt, Agility, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Rolling Spark Mark II, Electric Blade, Satellite Mark II, Satellite Mark III, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring Mark II, Zap Ring Mark III, Greater Thunderclap, Lightning, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip,* Pleasure Spark*
Enhancements: Increased breast size + one extra, Increased electrical absorbtion/storage/conversion capacity, Increased power control, Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Light telepathic and hypnotic abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Littletit (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Being nice to a Littletit reaps tremendous rewards.
Littletits are of the type who evolve through orgasm. However that isn’t all that’s needed. A Littletit has to have great affection for her Tamer, to the point of developing a Delta-bond with him. He needs to have been helpful, thoughtful, and encouraging to her, have helped her get over her embarrassment about having small breasts. You’d think that your average Tamer wouldn’t have the patience to do this, but repeated reports of the effort being, and I quote, “WORTH IT, WORTH IT, OH MY GOD IS IT EVER WORTH IT,” have brought about many Tamers starting to be nicer to Littletits all around. Along with it, increasing numbers of the resultant evolution, the BoobTrio.
First off, the most prominent change in a Littletit when they evolve is that they go from being cute to sexy. Their bodies shoot up an extra foot and a half, they become curvier, and their breasts, formerly A-Cups, swell out to enormity, D-Cups being the SMALLEST and rarest of breast sizes for them. They also grow a third breast in the middle of their chests, which grows in size to match their original two. The runic markings when manifesting their powers change shape. Also of note is that BoobTrios have one of the most spectacular evolutionary sequences in all of Pokékind. When a Littletit meets all her requirements for evolution, an aura of wild, crackling electricity envelops both Tamer and Pokégirl, the two rising into the air as the Littletit evolves, both Tamer and Pokégirl reaching their peak. As this electricity stimulates almost every pleasure nerve in the Tamer’s body at once, it’s regarded by some to be a religious experience when a Littletit becomes a BoobTrio.
Another change that the Pokégirl undergoes after evolution is her vast increase in power and control. They gain greater strength and much more electrical power, making them devastating opponents in battle. However they become so much more capable of controlling and using electricity that they can use it as a sex attack. They retain their ability to absorb, store, and convert electrical energy, only now they can do it to a much greater degree. One can tell when they’ve reached their storage limit, however, when their markings appear and don’t go away.
BoobTrios gain a much greater confidence in both life and in bed, and are more than willing to try anything sexually. Tamers who had trouble convincing Litteltits to do much in terms of Taming will find a much more eager and much more confident Pokégirl. Anal, oral, they’re willing to do anything for their Tamers. They get along very well with Leopardesses and Pengals, other Pokégirls who value their Tamers greatly. In terms of sex battles, they become great competitors. So great, in fact, that in some competitions their trademark Sex attack, Pleasure Spark, has been banned due to unfairness.
To top things off, BoobTrios also gain light psychic abilities. They don’t become a psychic element Pokégirl, however they do gain the ability to read minds, as well as perform some hypnosis. They aren’t on par with a great many true psychic element Pokégirls, but they can use their hypnosis and mind-reading to great affect, especially on opponents who aren’t expecting it from an Electric-type Pokégirl. Studies have shown that the reason BoobTrios gain psychic abilities is because of the advancement of the Delta bond upon evolution.
It would be unrealistic, however, to say that there are no downsides to this Pokégirl. For one thing, having three tremendous breasts causes great stress on the backs of the BoobTrio, forcing them to sacrifice some agility for strength. A Tamer willing to give backrubs will go far in keeping their BoobTrio’s loyalty. Also, sometimes the tremendous size of their breasts causes unwanted attention. Smaller-breasted Pokégirls, especially those who teased a BoobTrio while they were still a Littletit, have a tendency to get jealous of a BoobTrio’s prodigious breasts. On the flip side of this, many female Pokégirls will also become overly amorous towards the BoobTrio because of her oversized breasts. Also, male Tamers tend to want to fight BoobTrio owners more frequently to get salvage rights for the Pokégirl, something that gets annoying to most Tamers after a while. It’s best, in case of the Pokégirls, to try and encourage BoobTrios not to flaunt their amazing assets too much, especially against those who once teased them. Still, the pros of a BoobTrio far outweigh the cons.
As a final, rather interesting note, research into the BoobTrio has discovered that their breasts are actually the source of their ability to absorb and store electrical power. There is a specialized organ in their breasts, present also in their pre-evolution, the Littletit, that allows them to absorb, store, and convert electricity for various purposes, making them a versatile and useful Pokégirl.
BoobTrios, surprisingly, do not occur in the wild. Also, as all recorded BoobTrio Tamers are more than willing to keep them Tamed, their Feral state is a total unknown for now. No cases of Thresholding into a BoobTrio have been recorded.
*Storm Heal – (EFT) The BoobTrio uses some of her stored electricity and converts into a form of energy that can heal any Electric-type Pokégirl exposed to it up to 90%.
*Lightning Whip – (ATK 50) The BoobTrio shapes some of her stored electricity into a long whip. The whip is longer and lasts longer than the type used by a Littletit.
*Pleasure Spark – (S.ATK 230) The BoobTrio releases a tiny charge of static along her fingertips, designed to stimulate the pleasure nerves of anyone they touch. Banned from many Sex Battle tournaments.
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BYTE BITCH, the Techie Canine Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon (Rare as Feral)
Diet: omnivore, preference for meat
Role: Data processor, Hacker, Mechanic
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Snarl, Shield, Psi-Blast, Teleport, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave
Enhancements: High intellect, Enhanced Smell and Hearing, Machine Affinity, Enhanced Memory
Disadvantages: Low combat potential, Human equivalent stats (speed, strength, constitution etc.), Canine behavior
Evolves: Data Dog (Normal)
Evolves From: None
Byte Bitches are one of the most common tech savvy Pokégirls, typically being used alongside other computer able Pokégirls such as G-Poindexters, Hand Maids and Pussycoms. However, many of the breed also use their machine affinity to become unparalleled mechanics and technicians. This perhaps what the breed was originally created for, as both Byte Bitches and their evolved forms Data Dogs have a knack for working with anything mechanical, including some of the more Tech based Steel Pokégirls.
Byte Bitches have a reputation for having bitchy attitudes, but research has found that this is because many of the breed do not respond to stress well and become defensive and snippy quickly. Indeed, it was once rumored that the more animalistic in appearance, the more bitchy the Byte Bitch was, which has been disproved as each individual Byte Bitch has different levels of stress tolerance. Also it has been noted that the breed overall has something of a lazy streak, preferring to sit and tinker or type than to run or train. This is due to their bodies being similar to humans in terms of strength, endurance, and speed. With very little speed or strength, Byte Bitches make poor combatants. They also have very little in terms of attacks, knowing only a few low grade psychic and electric attacks. They fare well as support for other Pokégirls however, but tend to be highly stressed and bitchy after battles regardless of winning or losing.
It is in terms of intelligence where Byte Bitches shine, easily being on par on G-Poindexters (and often being called ‘furry G-Points’) and many share a rivalry with the Supe-bra Genius line when their specialty lies with computers. As stated above most Byte Bitches are 'Hacker' types, focusing their skills solely within the realms of computers and most often vie for similar roles with Pussycoms and Cyber-nymphs (and due to the Byte Bitch's nature, she often clashes with her rivals). A few Byte Bitches are known as 'Generalists' specializing in general machine work. They often dabble in many different fields, including computers, but enjoy the more physical aspect of machine work more than the technical nature of computers. These types of Byte Bitches often don’t quite have as fierce a rivalry as computer specialist Byte Bitches do with tech oriented Pokégirls, indeed, they are often sought after assistants to a Supe-bra Genius and aid them in their inventions.
Byte Bitches are more variable physically than the average canine Pokégirl, many leaning to the more human looking side of the appearance scale, usually with only a tail, ears, and claws to denote them as Pokégirls. It seems that the canine genes crop up more in behavior than appearance, as many Byte Bitches have several purely canine quarks, such as a chasing reflex or sensitivity to high pitched noises and other traits that they shared with pre-Sukube dogs. These behaviors are very hard for the Pokégirl to control, and despite their intelligence, the breed finds it difficult to fight off the instincts when they are triggered. It should be noted that unless the Byte Bitch is raised around cat, mouse, or bunny types she will usually have a hard time seeing them as anything more than a lesser being; and with the exception of a few cat types (such as the intimidation factor of Mountain Cats, or War Cats, or outright fear in the case of the Panthress) will automatically give the Pokégirls a hard time, and unless the 'prey' Pokégirls are particularly brave, they are naturally intimidated by Byte Bitches.
Threshold cases of Byte Bitches are uncommon, but generally happen to family lines of the Pokégirl or canine lines mixed with psychic and electric lines. Generally the threshold is marked by an increased attention to electronics and machines in general, followed by mild flu like symptoms as the Pokégirl genes come to fore. Feral cases of Byte Bitches are rare, as the breed in general has very little chance to survive fights against other ferals.
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CYBER-NYMPH, the Techie Nymph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human type foods; high in electrolytes
Role: Information technology services, sex, data management, sex...
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lust Virus, Zap Ring, Foresight, Armor, Thundershock, Agility, Confusion, Static Barrier, Future Sight (*attacks vary with the Cyber-Nymph, see description for details)
Enhancements: Computer interfacing ability, Enhanced Intelligence, Total Recall
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nymph (Thunder Stone + Pokéball transporter)
Only discovered recently as a result of the need to have a Thunder Stone equipped to a Nymph that is sent through a Pokéball transporter, the Cyber-Nymph is, as her name suggests, a tech-based Nymph form with moderate electric and psychic abilities, and the ability to upload or download data to and from any computer. However, her convoluted evolution requirements make her difficult to come by, and most people looking for a computer-savvy Pokégirl will go with the more common Pussycom and Byte Bitch. Cyber-Nymphs are usually found in the company of Watchers, who find their ability to upload data to a Pokédex just by touching it to be useful in the field, or computer technicians for similar reasons in the office or lab.
A Cyber-Nymph is distinctive, with gold or silver circuit-like patterns flaring out from around her eyes to cover her skin and ending at her fingertips and toes. Usually either the Cyber-Nymph's hair or her eyes matches the color of her circuitry, but not always and sometimes both. Her bust increases by one size from her previous form.
Cyber-Nymphs are very lusty, but they like logic games almost as much as they do Taming, and naturally enjoy working with computers and other technology. Their high intelligence makes them very very good at tactics and strategy, but they are clever enough to be comfortable outside of the Alpha position. Cyber-Nymphs do NOT get along well with the Byte Bitch line of Pokégirl, presumably because they compete for the same kinds of roles.
Despite her more obvious uses in technology-related fields, a Cyber-Nymph is a fairly formidable opponent on the battlefield. Her affinity for electronics and high IQ make her abilities extremely easy to customize with T2s for almost any situation, so it's hard to establish a standard attack list for the breed; some Cyber-Nymphs favor their Electric powers, others prefer Psychic techniques. Her Psychic subtype and genius-level intelligence also result in a ready capacity for on-the-spot strategizing, allowing a less tactically-brilliant Tamer to simply give her a vague goal (winning a battle) and then let her work out the details herself. She's also reasonable at sex combat, with a Lust Virus attack that acts like Lust Dust but is transferred through a low-current electrical shock, but she does fall prey to the typical Nymph weaknesses of high libido and low pleasure threshold.
As far as Taming goes... she's a Nymph form. Anything goes in the sack, so long as she gets some and she gets it often. If she does go Feral, it's usually a very staticky state of Bunny-esque distraction-- which, since most Cyber-Nymphs are employed around computers, can be devastating.
Since Cyber-Nymphs need to go through a Pokéball transporter to evolve, they do not happen in the wild or result from Threshold.
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DATA DOG, the Dog ex Machina Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for meat
Role: Network Admin, Hacker, Mechanic, Custom Machinist.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Snarl, Reflect, Shield, Psi-Blast, Teleport, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Zapring
Enhancements: Enhanced Memory, High intellect, Network Interface, Enhanced Smell and Hearing (x3), Machine Affinity, Strength x2
Disadvantages: Low combat potential, Canine behavior
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Normal)
When a Byte Bitch has gone through enough life experiences, they evolve into the much calmer Data Dog. When not found employed, many Data Dogs enjoy a place in a Watcher or Tamer's Harem, often being viewed as almost parallel to Cyber-nymphs in their ability to run networks though without the Cyber-nymph's unique ability to upload data just by touching electronic objects. However some Data Dogs that have dabbled in areas other than computers find that they shine in other chosen areas, making them unparalleled machinists or mechanics that are able to build hoverbikes from spare parts. These Data Dogs are almost always found employed at dealerships and R&D departments alongside other tech enthusiasts.
Their appearance changes little from their previous form, bust increasing slightly and adding on more muscle mass since Data Dogs are no longer as weak as humans, but comparable to other common Pokégirls in strength. Most often this comparison is to the Catgirl, though a Data Dog's strength is mostly in her upper body and not her legs. The Data Dog still prefers to tinker or type however, but this is usually due to her increased skill level and interest in her area of choice than any physical deficiency. Data Dogs loose their bitchiness due to stress, as their newfound ability to view any situation under a cheerful pragmatic view comes to light. Most of the breed has been found to try and make the best out of any situation, though some Data Dogs use their practicality for personal gain more than anything else. Overall, Data Dogs have the canine loyalty that is found in most canine types. Many enjoy games of intellect, chess, shogi, and other tactical or trivia games are a great way to earn a Data Dog's affection.
There are a few horrific tales of Data Dogs slowly taking over the Alpha's loyalty and running the Harem of a tamer (and eventually the tamer) by proxy. These tales have been proven, but research has shown that the two recorded instances were from Data Dogs that had actually teamed up with Dominas instead of butting heads with the Pokégirls as they normally do. As such it isn't recommended for any Data Dog to be placed in a Harem with aggressive Pokégirls, since the Data Dog may be calmer now, but they do not tolerate being pushed around. The Domina line and other 'pushy' Pokégirls are bound to get told off in almost all of the cases (with the exception of a few, as noted above) and not even the good natured Celestials are taken as an exception. They can, however get along better with mouse, bunny, and cat Pokégirls (in spite of still being intimidated by the stronger cats). Though in battle, they can use what they refer to as an instinctive advantage and intimidate the 'prey' Pokégirls.
Data Dogs still have the weakness of their canine instincts taking over, and many are embarrassed that they are no better able to control these urges than when they were Byte Bitches. Still unable to fight their triggers, Data Dogs make a point to telling new owners what sets them off to insure that there are no accidents. Many Tamers can use this to their advantage as well, as the mere threaten to set off a Data Dog's trigger is usually enough to keep them in line. Thanks in part to their bulking up, Data Dogs are now able to fight better than their previous form, however they are still considered weak for an evolved Pokégirl. A Data Dog's favored tactic is to use their shield and teleportation abilities to formulate the best possible counter attack, though this tactic is sometimes changes in order to prevent the Data Dog from becoming predictable. They still shine as a support Pokégirl, able to better defend and attack their front line partner and whittle their opponent down from the sides.
Threshold cases of Data Dogs are rare, the best evidence of threshold into a Data Dog is ears migrating to the top of the skull and picking up random static electricity. Feral cases of Data Dogs are more common than their pre-evolved from, since they are better able to defend themselves from stronger Pokégirls.
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EELARA (aka Sea Naga), The Eel Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Eel)
Element: Water/Electric*
Frequency: Uncommon (one per body of water)
Diet: Carnivore, prefers fresh kills
Role: Water purifier, Sentry/Guardian
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Fire, Water*
Weak Vs: Electric*, Grass, Ice
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Water Gun, Wrap, Bubblebeam, Water Floor, Whirlpool, Thunder Shock*, Thunder Wave*
Enhancements: Poor Eyesight, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Amphibious, Enhanced Flexibility, Toxic Blood, Enhanced Strength (x2), Water Purifying
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
If you’re looking for a beautiful Pokégirl that will dazzle everyone, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a Pokégirl that is always ready to fight and never backs down, you hit the jackpot.
When it comes to looks, Eelara won’t be winning any contests anytime soon, unless it is a straight fight. Like her Naga cousins, her lower body is that of an eel and her upper torso is that of a woman. She measures around fifteen to twenty feel long from head to tail.
While her skin and body comes in a variety of flashy colors, they tend to get overshadowed by her looks. She has very small breasts, rarely if ever going above a small B. She has a very pronounced brow and jaw, which is lined with very sharp fangs. It is a smart idea to not ask for head, ever. Her arms are long and spindly, ending in sharp claws. Don’t let her frail appearance fool you; she’ll rip your throat out just as easily as any Pokégirl.
When out of water, she is rather clumsy. She is also slimy to the touch, a coating of mucus she uses to help swim through the water. When in the water, she is a vision of grace and ferocity. It is of no surprise why her nickname is the Sea Naga.
Though she is related to the Naga breed, she is not a lesbian. In fact, she is a straight heterosexual, explaining why so many found are feral. Limbec’s are saddened by this fact because they would make excellent pirates.
The Eelara were created by Sukebe for two purposes. One was to purify bodies of water. The other was to protect those bodies with a crazed fervor. Territorial to the extreme, they will attack any pokegirl or tamer that crosses over into their area. For this reason, they are used as bodyguards in moats and other important bodies of water.
Eelara fight dirty, not caring how they win as long as their opponents are dead. This leads to tamers who capture them to keep them on a short leash in a fight. They tend to use hit and run tactics when fighting, lashing out at eyes and other vulnerable parts of the body. If they can’t physically tear apart an opponent, they will resort to using whirlpool and water gun to weaken them until they sink their teeth into them. It is not wise to let her because her bite attacks are particularly powerful
Eelara have no natural predators, even among other Pokégirl s, for one reason; their blood is highly toxic. A drop of it is enough to send a normal person into anaphylactic shock. This means that only a complete idiot would send a bloodsucking Pokégirl like a Vampire after them. Even using biting and claw attacks on them is highly discouraged. Sharptits even avoid them.
Eelara know that their blood is dangerous, and use it in fights. She will bite her hands, letting blood coat her mouth and claws. A bite or slash will be enough to send opponents into seizures, leaving them at her mercy. Water types are particularly vulnerable fighting her in her natural environment. Any wound will leak the blood into the surrounding water, making fighting her extremely difficult. It is best to fight her using crushing attacks or with grass and electric attacks.
While clumsy on land, does not mean she can’t fight on it. She will liberally use Water Floor to coat the ground with water, evening up the battlefield.
Eelara tend to be in harems of battle oriented tamers or the navy. If the manage to get into a harem, they are either the Alpha or extremely dedicated Betas. Once captured and tamed, she considers her master and sisters to be her new ‘territory’. She does not get along with Psi-dykes, Dildo Queens, or Domina types.
When it comes to taming, she is very aggressive. She doesn’t want or need much taming, but is very demanding when she wants it. It is best to tame her in a pool or large tub where she is less clumsy.
*There is a breed of Eelara that could be called Electric Eelara. They tend to be even more aggressive and dangerous than normal. It makes them even more dangerous on land because Water Floor with Thunder Shock is enough to take out many breeds. It is unwise to try to take her on in her body of water. It is best to try to land lock her first and attack with a grass type. Being Electric, she is not vulnerable to attacks of that nature.
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ELECTABUST, the Sparking Fangirl Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph - Feline
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare (Indigo & Crimson League), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: High Protein, Electricity
Role: Never Say Die Fangirl, Lighting Rod
Libido: Average (High when Team is Winning)
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Yell, Cheer On, Megaphone, Thunder (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Electrical Energy Draining Capabilities
Disadvantages: Faulty Electrical Energy Storage
Evolves: Elecurvire (Partial Bonding with Video Girl+Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: Eleklit (normal)
The Evolution of Eleklit into Electabust is indeed a startling Evolution for the Electric-type Pokégirl. It is a normal attribute of the Eleklit to produce her own electricity, however, this is not an enhancement that stays with the Pokégirl through her life. Eventually, the capability to create her own energy is lost, the arm rotation method no longer producing anything for her. Worse still, the Eleklit no longer naturally gains any electrical energy on her own, which is what serves as the trigger for her to finally evolve to the next stage.
When an Eleklit turns into an Electabust, the changes are incredible. She becomes more of a feline animorph now, standing around 5' to 5'4", with her breasts expanding upward to anywhere from a solid B-Cup to a Modest C-cup. Before where she had smooth skin, she is now covered with yellow fur that has black stripes that wrap around her body in no particular manner, giving her a wild look. She gains a tail now, which is normally 2/3 the length of her entire height, the stripes incredibly wild like the rest of her fur. While her arms remain muscular, the muscles of her legs grow enhance as well, and her feet change from having toes to a set of two claws on each foot. However, these later changes detract from her speed rather than enhance it.
Now looking much like a Tigress and lacking her own capabilities to naturally generate ANY electricity, despite being an Electric-type Pokégirl, the Electabust, should she try to continue the path of the warrior she had been on will take extreme measures to keep herself energized. During thunderstorms, an Electabusts will climb to the highest location possible, in hopes that it will be struck by lightning. As a result, some towns employ a few Electabust in lieu of lightning rods. Some Electabusts even choose to supplement their diet with Thunder Stones. They don't evolve from the Evolution Stone under normal circumstances, and the Thunder Stone can last for numerous weeks before its drained of its power.
Unfortunately, a number of Feral Electabusts will go to further ways to feed, and that can cause problems for the human populace. A number of Ferals will lurk around power plants, feeding off the electricity generated there. This behavior is dangerous to the public, as occasionally blackouts are caused by a few Electabust overindulging themselves at a power plant's generators. Ferals in the wilds also tend to stalk other Electric-type Pokégirls to suck the power from them. This is why the Feral Electabust population are generally viewed as electric vampires.
It should be noted that due to this unique diet and loss of naturally occurring electrical capabilities, an Electabust's body is constantly discharging the stored electricity. The loss of power has gotten to the point that an Electabust glows whitish-blue light in darkness and the effects of static-electricity manifest around her, (which means Tamer should keep their Pokédexes covered in clothing or a backpack when one is around). Truly, even though she can give herself the power she once had before, her fighting capabilities will never be the same as they once were. However, many Electabusts don't allow this to keep them from being part of the fighting scene they once loved and adored. They still show their support with enthusiasm and loyalty.
As one can understand, the Electabust is something of a cheerleading role when coming to harem dynamics in all aspects. While Electabusts that had just gotten some electrical charges can fight with the best of Electric-types the power isn't used efficiently, since Eleklits never had to worry about running out of power they never learned to husband their electrical resources, (Electric attacks take 2 to 5 PP to use once). The portion of the Electabust breed that remained Domestic understands this and will instead fall into the role of cheerleader with gusto, cheering on their Harem-sisters, the appearance of favorite Pokégirls, favorite Wreckball Teams, celebrities, even certain formats of entertainment like television shows or music. (Mineko and the Pussycats is HUGE with them.) Often they'll dress in team colors, wave banners, and all but shout out to the world how much they love those they are loyal to.
When it comes to Taming, that cheering definitely is geared towards the Tamer fucking them. Electabust, are great at talking dirty and gladly give pep-talks to their partner as they come. Often, their words and screams of pleasure act as a driving force behind how well their Tamers keep them Tamed. Although in the beginning it's a mix of trial and error once they start off with a Tamer, but once they are intimate with each other, an Electabust just seems to know what to say and do to get her Tamer ready to do her just the way she likes. It is wise course of action not to tell an Electabust that she is going to be Tamed when in public area. The Electabust will jump to her feet and make a show as she gives an encouraging and filthy cheer to her Tamer in thanks, and that can be most embarrassing in certain situations.
Surprisingly, while there have been no recorded cases of Threshold into Eleklits, there have been a few cases where the girl in question Thresholded into an Electabust. Electabust do make up a minimal percentage of Ferals that are caught, Tamed, and Bred, and it seems that their genetics are strong enough to breed true.
Cheer On - (EFT) The Pokégirl enthusiastically cheers her comrades on, increasing their attack ratings and helping them recover 15 HP.
Megaphone - (EFT) The Pokégirl takes out a megaphone enthusiastically cheers her comrades on with a booming voice, increasing their special attack and special defense ratings and recover 1 PP to a random attack for the target.
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ELECTRESSICA, the Pint-Sized Dynamo Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Electric/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (Indigo, Rare elsewhere.)
Diet: Human-Style with heavy mineral supplements and/or electricity
Role: Electronic Warfare, Reconnaissance
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Thunder, Dig, Quick Attack, Recover, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x5
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War a lot of Pokégirls went toe-to-toe with their enemies. However, some of the most dangerous ones were sometimes missed entirely. The Electressica was designed to infiltrate and attack without ever being seen.
Electressica are mostly nondescript Pokégirls. While they average around 5’3” in height their ground heritage gives them a greater than normal density. Most weigh in the region of 175 to 200 pounds and they use it to maximize the damage from their quick attack. Their body is covered with fine scales that are a dull gray in color. However, due to the rotating they do underground, these scales have been polished and unless she covers herself with mud or clothing, they scatter any light into shimmering droplets on their skin. Their copper hair is short and wiry and is the source of their thunder attack. Touching it without warning can result in a serious shock.
Electressica have the ability to essentially ‘swim’ through the earth without leaving a telltale trace behind, and also can dive into and out of the earth without warning. They can also breathe while submerged in dirt, but strangely enough they cannot breath in water. Their dig attack is primarily used when below ground, creating a cavern to suck opponents underground and make them more vulnerable to ambush. Non-feral Electressica will trap opponents in these caverns and leave them to starve or escape on their own. Rumors insist that some feral ones use this tactic as well. Electressica use Agility and Quick Attack to give themselves room to maneuver and get into the ground quickly.
Sukebe never intended to make many of this Pokégirl. In fact, during the Revenge war they were very to extremely rare. To increase their utility between raids he gave them recover to heal any injuries while they were on their way to another attack region. Since they usually operated alone, more powerful healing magic that might help other Pokégirl was deemed unnecessary. After the war, they began to propagate in the wild via parthenogenesis.
Arguably the Electressica’s most devastating attack was her use of Thunder. Staying below ground, she would move into an enemy command post and once in position, begin to spin rapidly in place, charging up as she did. Once she reached maximum speed, she would unleash her charge as Thunder. The charged energy field created an electromagnetic field extending out nearly a dozen feet that she could spin with her. This field interacted with any ferrous material in the ground (or above ground if the field extended past the surface) and created a rapid series of fluctuating electrical pulses in unshielded electronics and sometimes in bare ferrous metal. These pulses could destroy fragile electronics up to fifty feet from the Electressica. Often, during the Revenge War, the first sign she was attacking was when insulation started burning, radios and computers starting to spit flame and sparks.
Any Electressica can partially control the strength of her field by varying the rate of her spin or the strength of her thunder attack. But it’s a rough estimate at best. For this reason they are not normally used in power generation facilities unless the facility is designed from the ground up to deal with her special issues. Fortunately today’s electronics are much more robust and Pokédexes and Pokéballs are normally resistant to anything less than the strongest EMP attack. Electressica do not make good alpha Pokégirls because of their solitary, non-aggressive nature nature. They can be difficult to train in team tactics.
Because of their ability to escape into the ground in an instant, Electressica are sometimes more difficult to capture than A-Bra’s or other teleporting Pokégirls. Compounding this difficulty, their feral state is relatively non-aggressive, which causes them to avoid contact with others. However, their ability to consume electrical power means that a small generator can be used to lure them. They have a taste for alternating current and because of this, batteries are much less effective.
Electressica vary in their taming desires. Some are dominant while others are passive while being tamed. Outside of taming, they prefer to be alone and will sometimes escape other harem members by sinking into the ground.
League military units have also utilized Electressica, mainly to destroy the electronics of Team bases or other strongholds just prior to assault. Electressica learn other techniques handily, but for some reason are unable to learn Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave or Thundershock.
As of 300 AS there have been a few cases of an Electressica threshold.
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ELECTROCAT, the Excitable Electric Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers fish, chicken, milk, and rice. Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable.
Role: home security
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Spark, Static Barrier, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Needle Spray, Jolt
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Night Vision, Body Spikes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Thunder Stone)
When a Merrowl is given a Thunder Stone, she evolves into an Electrocat. Electrocats usually have yellow coats of fur, though white patches in it are not uncommon. Very rarely there are Electrocats with deep blue fur. Their bust size remains the same as it was as a Merrowl, something they are usually disappointed about. The hairs on their coat of fur can be consciously made to stand up with their own static electricity, making it so that opponents who physically strike them take damage from the needle-hairs. These hairs can also be flung at enemies a short range away. Electrocats are usually found in cities, disliking wilderness areas where there are lots of plants and Ground-type Pokégirls that ground her natural electricity.
Electrocats have been recently touted as the new Pokégirl to have for home security. Their basically lazy nature, common to almost all cat Pokégirls, means that they are unlikely to try and run away or even leave home, so they’re likely to be around when someone tries to break in. Using their Thunder Wave and Static Barrier to stop thieves without hurting them too badly, as well as their own natural body hairs as needles, Electrocats are fast becoming the pet Pokégirl of choice for people to adopt. If this keeps up their Frequency rating may soon shift from Uncommon to Common.
Electrocats are decent fighters, and fight better from a distance. They like to use Spark and Thunder Bolt to try and electrocute their enemies before they can close, minimizing risk to themselves. If they feel that their foe is making a serious attempt to get close for hand-to-hand combat, they’ll use Static Barrier to keep them at a distance and Thunder Wave to try and paralyze them. Should close combat be unavoidable, an Electrocat will flare out the hairs on her coat of fur for defense and begin using her physical attacks, trying to use Needle Spray to open more distance between her and her enemy. They have one sex attack, Jolt, where they deliver a small shock to their opponent’s sensitive areas, the jolt exciting them the same way a pinch or a slap would.
Electrocats enjoy being on the bottom during Taming. Their basic lazy nature leads them to want their Tamer to do all the work. They do their fair share though, knowing that a dissatisfied Tamer is one who won’t work as hard to please them. They also make sure to never flare out their hair into needles when being Tamed, no matter how much ecstasy they’re in, since doing so would seriously damage their Tamer’s willingness to Tame them again.
Feral Electrocats become more rowdy than they would be ordinarily. They tend to use their electricity more often, giving small shocks to anyone around them. They also tend to wander somewhat in this state, usually venturing further abroad than they would care to if they had all their wits. Even in this state though, they won’t wander too far, and will usually stay in the same general area. Threshold girls don’t usually become Electrocats. Thanks to the recent propaganda campaign about the uses of Electrocat pets though, girls who do become Electrocats are finding their families to be slightly more understanding than they usually would, although that isn’t saying too much. Still, Electrocats are now considered one of the better types of Pokégirls to become if Threshold is unavoidable.
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ELECURVIRE, the Cyber Stalker Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (Indigo & Crimson League)
Diet: Electricity
Role: Electric Vampire, Kamikaze
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Electric Blade, Lightning Kick, Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Giga Drain, Roar
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x2), Ambient Energy Conversion, Electrical Energy, Storage Capacity, Computer Network Integration
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Electabust (Partial Bonding with Video Girl+Thunder Stone)
While the majority of Electabust accept their fate and become some of the greatest cheerleaders around, there will always be a Feral population that doesn't know better and will do whatever they can to gain electrical energies, often attacking and draining other Electric-type Pokégirls of their energy. And there is one Pokégirl that can becomes victim in a most especially gruesome way.
The Video Girl is a Pokégirl species that is made primarily of electricity, the very thing which Electabusts feed on. There has been more than one account of a Video Girl that was in a computer system at the time when an Electabust came upon the equipment. Upon draining the system of its energy, the Electabust effectively absorbed the Video Girl without realizing it. Because of such accidents, a lot of power plants that employ Video Girls do their best to set up security against Electabusts.
It is easy to tell when an Electabust has devoured a Video Girl. The Electabust, normally a species that can barely retain any electrical powers, comes to hold a constant spark of power, even if they hadn’t fed on any energy. This is the essence of the Video Girl which still remains after becoming part of the Electabust, which refuses to be snuffed out of existence. While this should make the Electabust please to continuously have a source of energy, it actually makes the breed hunger for more electricity as they now not only feed themselves, but the Pokégirl they're carrying within them. Should an Electabust manage to get her hands on a Thunder Stone after more or less digesting a Video Girl, something spectacular happens, an event that most officials and researchers aren't sure is necessarily a good thing or not.
Because of the Video Girl, the Thunder Stone acts as a catalyst, fusing the two together into one powerful force. The Evolution is a drastic change, the Electabust, now an Elecurvire, shoots up a solid 3' feet, putting her at a height of around 8' overall, with her breasts expanding only slightly as to become a large CC-cup. An Elecurvire loses most of her feline features with the exception of her fur maintaining a striped pattern on her body, while her back has a symbol that looks much like a socket outlet, similar to how the starting form of Eleklit had horns resembling a plug. An Elecurvire has bright red eyes and her build overall seems to resemble the yeti or sasquatch of legend. Her tail splits into two at the base and both tails become pure black with small red parts on the end of its pair of tails resemble red LEDs.
The most important change in this evolution is the Elecurvire’s capability to store electricity. True, like her previous form, she could not generate any of her own electricity, but as an Elecurvire she can efficiently store and use any electricity that she is currently storing. She also has a larger assortment of sources to gain power from now as they gain an ability to convert ambient energy into Electrical might. The source could be anything from the flame of Fire-types, the mental processing of Psychic-types, the kintetic-energy of Fighting-types... if it is a true source of energy, the Elecurvire can drain that Pokégirl of her energy and internally convert it into electrical powers for herself. Understandably, where the Electabust was thought of as an electric vampire, the Elecurvire certainly is such!
Due to such a strange sequence of events, one would think that the Elecurvire would be an extremely rare Pokégirl. However, a group in the Johto League known as Team Static though to use the breed in a scheme to cause a League-wide Blackout that would allow them to attack and raid under a cover of darkness and caught one to begin a process of artificially-inducing Parthenogenesis in the few Elecurvires they managed to get their hands on. By the time Team Statics plot had been found out, the number had jumped from three to nearly forty. The majority of these Elecurvires were sent to Pokégirl Ranches and were distributed to Tamers, however a number of them managed to evade capture and run off into the wilds.
In battle or Taming, the Elecurvire certainly is a brute. Taking what she wants and using her enhanced strength and intimidation tactics to take control of a situation quickly. She'll come down quickly on her target, intending to get what she can from them, be it their energy, or a solid Taming... and sometimes, a mixture of both. But that is one thing that those whom own an Elecurvire cannot deny. An Elecurvire is truly a battle-ready behemoth that never runs from any battle, despite the possible danger involved, such as a Widow attack. Although there has yet to be a case of an Elecurvire surviving an encounter with a Widow, the fact was they attacked their opponent head-on without hesitation, a true testament to their confrontational nature.
An interesting ability of the Elecurvires that are Tamed and end up in Harems is their capability to interface with electronic equipment. Seemingly a remnant ability left over from the Video Girl, the Elecurvire can use her tails to hook-up into any piece of electronic equipment that has an infrared scanner port. This allows them to take in information and of course, energy. Using this capability, combined with giving the Elecurvire a Speech T2 has wielded results in the Electric-type Pokégirl having a better grasp of the human language than just giving her the T2.
There has yet to be a case of a girl going through Threshold becoming an Elecurvire. Honestly, it doesn't look like it is possible due to the need of a Video Girl to sacrifice herself, and frankly, a lot of people are glad for that.
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ELEKLIT, the Electric Otaku Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Johto Leagues), Rare (Indigo League)
Diet: fruits, vegetables, dairy products
Role: Fangirl, Frontline Fighter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Fire Punch (Lv. 25), Ice Punch (Lv. 25), Dynamic Punch (Lv. 30)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Instant Electricity Generation, Electrical Energy Conversion
Evolves: Electabust (normal)
Evolves From: None
Back when this Pokégirl first appeared in 262 AS, the whole event had made quite a stir in the scientific community, and still does to this day. The Eleklit had not been a Pokégirl to appear in the wild and originated as a Feral species, but the very first was actually BORN of a set of parents; a retired Tamer and his domesticated Tigress. Such a revelation that the creation of new Pokégirl species wasn't just limited to Cocooner, but could actually come from the human populace was a shock that rocked the world at the time. Especially since this was a timeframe when humanity was just finally recovering from Mao's Rebellion half a decade previous.
When more Eleklits started being born the following years, it had been a cause of panic until rational minds pulled through. It was determined that this was not a cause for alarm, or the end of humanity as we knew it, (again) but was determined to be a small genetic quirk. With a little research, it was shown that ALL of the sets of parents that had an Eleklit Pokékit had a similar theme going on with their family tree. There had to be a solid base of feline-type Pokégirl ancestry and the men also had to have some touch of Electric-type, be it either a Blood Gift or Curse: men the Blood Gift Electric Affinity proved notorious for Eleklit Offspring. Once such had been understood, the human populace started to calm once more, and eventually came to accept that there was a new Pokégirl species that came from THEM!
While an Eleklit could never be mistaken for a human, there are physical features that make her a truly unique creature. Standing around 4'3" to 4'8", an Eleklit's skin is a complete yellow with minimal amounts of black stripes along her back and arms, (often the stripes are a hint to Tigress heritage) with a black thunderbolt sigil on her chest between her A-Cup breasts. She also has a pair of horns on her head that firmly resemble the prong of an electronics device that would be plugged into an electrical outlet. The space between these horns often sparks with a bluish-white electrical charge when an Eleklit is storing energy. However, these horns accidentally discharge her stored electricity if they come into contact with metal.
The Eleklit is an incredibly interesting Electric-type Pokégirl in that unlike others of her elemental-type that store their electrical powers through natural and slow processes, the Eleklit isn't hindered by such limitations. The Eleklit can rapidly create her own storage of electricity thanks to her arms. Her limbs are considerably muscular compared to the rest of her body, and for good reason: they are electricity generators! When an Eleklit rotates her arms back and forth in a circular motion, the muscles generate electricity of the Eleklit, which the body then stores for later attack, or conversion.
Conversion is quite possibly the bread-and-butter of the Eleklit’s techniques and battle pattern. Not only can an Eleklit continuously generate her own Electrical powers, (halving PP use for her Electric techniques) the Eleklit has an internal conversion system that allows her to change the ambient energy she creates and gathers. She is able to use minor capabilities of fire and ice, which further extends the versatility of an Eleklit's battle capabilities, allowing her to hurt other species of Pokégirls that would otherwise be considered ‘Strong’ against her, like Plant-types.
An oddity about the Eleklit which becomes the defining aspect of her species and her evolutions is that she becomes something of an otaku. As soon as she sees something that gets her interest, some good manga, a cheesy B-Movie and popular Wreckball Team, or a more impressive Pokégirl, the Eleklit becomes a huge fan of it. Often, Eleklits that have similar interests to that of a FarFuck'D in the same harem often become fast friends, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and love of a certain aspect. However, the Eleklit is not as head-over-heels on a subject as a FarFuck'D is, but they do come close when it comes to certain Electric, Ice, Fire, or Fighting-type Pokégirls.
While Eleklits are normally a Pokékit species for the most part like the Pia or Vulvixx, there are a number of Eleklits that didn't evolve to the next stage as soon as they became Pokégirls. Taming an Eleklit is a shocking experience, however, not one where a Tamer can find themselves overwhelmed. An Eleklit, while rather energetic once they get going, and a rather submissive pokégirl and will follow her Tamer's lead. They species as a whole, however, has proven pretty capable at giving head. It is advised that a Tamer does NOT touch either of the prong-like horns on their heads during Taming. Trust us. It's going to instantly ruin the mood.
There has yet to be a case of a girl becoming an Eleklit through Threshold. However, Eleklits as a whole remain a Domestic Pokégirl species, be they born under certain criteria, or from Electabust or Elecurvire Pokéwoman mothers.
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FRANCINESTEIN, the Grave Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Electricity
Role: Scientific assistants, bodyguards, undertakers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Flying, Steel, Water, Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Plant
Attacks: Mega Punch, Lightning Punch, Shock Spike, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Static Barrier, Lesser Thunderclap, Thunderclap, Greater Thunderclap, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x10), Electric affinity, Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Intelligence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Special Circumstances
Francinesteins are tragic Pokégirls, as to be created, first you have to have a lot of other Pokégirls die. They are massive Pokégirls, with muscles grown large from electrical stimulation. Their necks bare two large bolts holding them together, and their bodies are very varied in appearance, bearing stitches where their component parts are stitched together. Some Francinesteins bear mechanical parts, as when they were created, they didn’t have the parts needed. Their skin takes a slight greenish or gray tint.
The first known Francinestein was created by a scientist named Alexander Shelly, born in 200 AS and died shortly after the Francinestein’s creation, in 242 AS. His Pokégirls, all Very Near Human-types, were all butchered in a Mantis attack. Alexander Shelly, a historian who was studying old ForbiddenTech and descendant of the author of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelly, went mad from grief and salvaged what he could from the six Pokégirls stitching them together into a human form. Then, defying all scientific logic, he perfectly replicated the supposedly fictional process used by Victor Frankenstein in the novel, reviving his construct as a new Pokégirl. It had no abilities of the Pokégirls used to construct her, and none of the original memories, save for a few vague flashes. Alexander named her Mary, after his ancestor, and named her breed type Francinestein, after his mother, and the two lived a relatively happy life together.
Unfortunately for Alexander and Mary, they lived in a very anti-Pokégirl league, next to a very superstitious town. Once they discovered what Mary was made out of, they burned down the castle Alexander had taken residence in, and tried to kill Mary as well. She slaughtered the villagers, but would have been killed by the League officials who came to confront her if she hadn’t worked out a deal, becoming a caretaker for a Pokégirl graveyard in the Blue League, given a castle to live in.
It was thought that Mary would be the only Francinestein in existence, but somehow the creation process got leaked and other Francinesteins came into existence. Some were made via Rocket groups, others via lonely scientists who lost their Harems. There was a crackdown, and a talk of exterminating the breed, but when Mary and a few other Francinesteins were publicly shown to fight agents of Mao Shin Mao during her Rebellion, the talk died down. Francinesteins have been shown to prefer solitude, however there are at least two Tamers known to have Francinesteins in their harems. Francinesteins seem to be most relaxed when in a graveyard, and are surprisingly gentle with children. They are known to be very respectful of life and death, and get along well with Vampires, Celestial Pokégirls, and other Ghost-types. They also have a pathological fear of fire. With Mary this can easily be explained by the fire used to kill her master, but the reason other Francinesteins have this fear is unknown.
Francinesteins have trouble speaking, however the electrical stimulation in their brains makes them very intelligent. They can learn other systems of conversation to communicate with others. Francinesteins are slow, powerful fighters, using brutal attacks and electrical strikes. They have a strong resistance to psychic attacks, as something about their minds makes them impossible to probe even by the strongest psychic Pokégirls. They do have trouble fighting speedy Pokégirls, and are somewhat clumsy when compared to fighting-types, despite their durability. Their fighting strategy usually involves going for a quick knockout with power strikes, as their running speed is rather slow compared to others.
Francinesteins, despite the fact that they are made from corpse portions, have fully functioning bodies, including a need for taming, albeit a low need. Their bodies are dense, possibly from rigor mortis in their component parts, but they are not Zombabes, so Taming them is not like taming a corpse. It is rather creepy, though. No cases of Feral Francinesteins have been reported.
Due to how they are formed, Thresholding into a Francinestein is impossible.
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GARDELFWHOR, the Sexlestial Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit, fish, vegetables. Omnivore but prefers to avoid red-meat products.
Role: Heavenly Warriors
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Water, Rock, Steel, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Poison
Attacks: Mystic Bolt, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Lightning Kick, StonePalm, Double Kick, Drill Kick, Spank, Sexy Hug, Rapid Stroke
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x5), summon and dismiss armor as needed.
Evolves: Elf (Shield Stone + Thunderstone)
Evolves From: None
Around the northerwestern parts of the Ruby League, as well as in the Blue League, there have been increasing signs of a new elf evolution that has recently been discovered. In several Elfcourts, reports say, an unusually powerful elf has been seen. One researcher reported that the Pokégirl wore armor, had long pointed ear like an elf normally does, and was looked up to by all but the Elfqueen. All reports that have depicted this Pokégirl shows that they stand around five and a half feet tall, though several have been seen that are shorter or taller by several inches either way. They braid their hair, which is normally of a lighter shade, such as blonde, platinum, or a gentle brown color (which has been seen on only one Gardelfwhor). The main difference is the fact that they are physically much stronger, and it seems that battles between Elfcourts are decided by a champion- which is often done by either the Elfqueen or the Gardelfwhor. The other difference is in the fact that they have larger breasts than most elf-types, normally in the solid C-to-D cup range. As such, many elves are searching for a means to evolve into this Pokégirls, and researchers believe that if news of this evolution gets out to the rest of the world, they may become Uncommon within a few years.
The Gardelfwhor are a militant type of elf, although they are rather lusty. They hint at being a Celestial type, though this has been unconfirmed as of the time of this entry. Megami, Seraph, and Angels are unsure what to make of them, but the fact that the Gardelfwhor is loose with their tongues (and their bodies) when it comes to things of a 'celestial' nature makes them disown the elf-type. The Gardelfwhor just ignore them, since they consider the 'other' celestial types to simply be prudes in all things, including and not limited to the truth and sex. Indeed, the Gardelfwhor enjoys sex almost as much as a Succubus might, minus the need for life energy. When they wear armor, it is usually a loose leather armor, with very few of their kind willing to wear metal. As such, most use only bokken as weapons, though some use a quarterstaff as well when they feel a need to be armed. The armor they wear, although they don't create it magically, can be summoned and dismissed with their magic. It's unknown why they cannot make it with magic, but it has been speculated that their magic is only combat oriented and not useful for more mundane tasks.
When not out on Champion-challenges or having sex, these Pokégirls often patrol the forests that the Elfcourt calls home, dealing with feral Pokégirls as best she can. In battle, her unusual combination of using Fighting and Electric techniques often make her very versatile. The fact that she can cast spells as well also leads to greater versatility, usually allowing more poweful Gardelfwhor to be able to combat her weaknesses. However, there are a few things that Gardelfwhor are loathe to deal with. To begin with, they hate any type of red-meat and will avoid it with a passion. They also tend to try and finish off an opponent using Sex attacks rather than standard attack techniques. They don't enjoy fighting unless it's necessary, although once in a battle they fight with a passion that is, according to them, equal to their libido. Gardelfwhor do, however, love sex battles and will urge their Elfqueen or Tamer to allow them to fight in one at least once a month, if not more often than that. When wih a Tamer's harem, Gardelfwhor are not known for being overly aggressive other than to be alone with her tamer for a taming session. They also still hate Domina, but enjoy turning the tables on them thanks to their armor and new attacks.
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GILTLECTRIC, the Makin’ Bacon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Style, avoids pork flavors
Role: Living Battery, Emergency Power, Housekeeping
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock, Domination Attacks
Attacks: Thundershock, Spark, Agility, Thunderwave, Zapring, Static Barrier, Rolling Spark, Aura of Cute; After Level 30: Thunderbolt, MagBomb
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x7, Small Size (3’-4' or 1-1.35 Meter(s) tall), Endurance x2, Specialized section of their back.
Weaknesses: Easily frightened/startled –Aura of Fear and Domination Attacks are doubly effective.
Evolves: Sowlectra (Having third litter via Parthenogenesis as a Pokégirl, or having a single litter/child after becoming a Pokéwoman)
Evolves From: None
The Giltlectric arrived mysteriously. First recorded near the Johto/Indigo League border in 265 AS and has since been found in almost every other continent and League which is an oddity. No group has claimed the spread of this Pokégirl world wide to date, and the Giltlectric has shown no talent for electromagnetic flight as some electric Pokégirls are prone to have. Researchers have combed the small forest and surrounding wilderness areas where the first Giltlectrics were discovered, but no clues have been found.
Regardless of the mysterious circumstances in which this Pokégirl has been found, they've shown no violent traits and are by no means threatening. Standing some three to four feet tall, a Giltlectric looks very much like a chubby girl child. They have small A to B cup breasts, flesh to tan colored skin, and a small curly tail that is easily hidden beneath clothing with only minimal discomfort. Their noses are always upturned, and combined with slightly pointed ears and closer set, slightly smaller eyes makes them look much like the Pre-Sukebe animal they share some DNA with, the pig. Most domestic and feral Giltlectric have blonde or electric yellow hair, with a rare few having blue or silver, or very rarely, they're bald. They actually have 4 more breasts, which only appear as nipples until after they've given birth, and recede once their young have been weaned. This is due mainly to the fact that a normal Giltlectric litter is 4-6 Pokékits via parthenogenesis.
One of the most interesting features of the Giltlectric is a specialized section of their back. This section, which covers most of their back, produces meat much like a Kangasscunt, but in a very different manner. The meat is held within a thin layer of skin and surrounded by some connective tissue. When the Giltlectric is startled, frightened, or actively chooses to, the meat and skin is literally flash-fried off by applying a large surge of electricity to the area. The meat is formed depending on the protein intake and time given for the meat to grow. For the first few days after a Giltlectric starts growing this meat, it is composed entirely of fat and interspersed with only a few protein cells. As the meat is allowed to grow, the protein cells begin to use the surrounding fat for energy to replicate, and over time the entire back of the Pokégirl becomes literally a large, thick steak. This is a survival mechanism for the Giltlectric, since they are such small Pokégirls and are prone to predation. When faced with a predatory Pokégirl, a Giltlectric will flash fry her back, leaving behind slightly cooked meat (or fat) to distract the Pokégirl. The cooking makes a unique smell that is similar to the rare delicacy of bacon frying, which is usually enough to distract all but the most violent of Pokégirls. With such a technique, Giltlectrics are in high demand by many farmers as an additional source of meat, and have made some very expensive meals drop in price.
While many Tamers may see this small Pokégirl to be a very good replacement for a Milktit, they do have one large flaw. They're complete cowards. A Giltlectric is VERY easily frightened, it only takes a dark room and for someone to shout "Boo!" and they've fried their back's again. As such, most of a Giltlectric's product is pure fried fat, and despite having an impressive array of electric attacks, it's a pain to get any Giltlectric to use them. They do have one saving grace, which is that once they are Alpha bonded, they tend to view their Tamer and Harem sisters as family. Thus in dire situations, this breed has been known to overcome their cowardice -if only for a little while. Another disadvantage is one shared by the Cutiepie and her evolutions, they are small girls, and a normal sized tamer is usually a very tight fit. They have no real preferences in Taming, though most have shown that they dislike lying on their backs, as the section of their back can be torn off easily with vigorous activity.
Feral Giltlectrics tend to be omnivores, eating carrion as well as finding their own vegetable and meat food (the easiest for them to catch is fish with their electrical powers). They are easily startled, often frying their back patch whenever they think they're in danger (which is at least once every day or two). They tend to cluster in small groups of 5-12 individuals, and some predatory ferals learn to just harass these groups for a large and satisfying (if somewhat fatting) meal.
To date, no cases of threshold into a Giltlectric have been reported.
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HAND MAID (aka CYBER-DOLL) - the 1/6th Scale Maid Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Mountain League), Unknown Others
Diet: Human Style Food, Milk
Role: Housekeeper, Maid
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Electric, Water, most Types
Attacks: Smile, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Kawaii Look, Slap, Jolt, Whip*
Enhancements: Aura of Cute, Enhanced Agility, Empathy
Evolves: Hand Maid Mk.2 (Dream Stone), Video Girl (Networking stress)
Evolves From: Doll, Maid Yvette (mechanism unknown)
Hand Maids are unusual Pokégirls. In appearance, they look exactly like a human maid or a Maid Yvette, but there is one noticeable difference...they are only 1/6 the size of normal Pokégirls. Unlike other Magic-type Pokégirls that can shrink or enlarge themselves at will, HandMaids remain at their doll-like size. Their bodies are 100% perfect scale, and everything’s fully functional.
One of the reasons Tamers do not like having a Hand Maid in their Harem is the thought of how to go about Taming. Since they are 1/6 their size, Taming the natural way is out of the question, and trying to use other “toys” to complete the job they fear injuring them. This always amuses Hand Maids, since many enjoy seeing their Tamers get frustrated trying to figure out how to Tame them. Hand Maids do not require a lot of Taming sessions to keep them from going Feral. It has been noted that sometimes just being able to make their Tamer’s happy keeps a Hand Maid from going Feral. Hand Maids can wear down their energy supply very quickly, and since they are also an Electric-Type, they can recover this energy by plugging themselves into a Computer/Pokédex via an USB cable, though they tend to want to connect the cable to themselves alone.
Hand Maids always try their hardest to keep their Tamers happy, even if they nearly exhaust themselves doing so. Imagine trying to cook or clean for someone 6 times your size, using their things? Be warned, Hand Maids can easily get sad if they believe that their hard work doesn’t make their Tamers happy. They tend to be always cheerful, polite and helpful, and just being with them for a few minutes can almost make anyone smile.
Due to their size, and usefulness in battle, some Leagues (Like the Mountain League), do not count Hand Maids towards a Tamer’s Harem Limit, since they don’t need to be carried around in a Pokéball when a pocket will do. Most Hand Maids can be seen in Pokécenters or Laboratories helping out, and cleaning what they can.
A recent discovery took place when a Watcher decided to use his Hand Maid as a wireless internet connection to send his materials and documents electronically for a thesis that he had finished. However, the strain of using her energy and internal systems, despite the accessories that she had been using, caused the Hand Maid enough stress to shut down for six hours. Although thought to have been simply out of energy, the tamer proceeded to plug the pokegirl into the expansion port via their accessory 'tail.' When she came to finally, after six hours, the tamer was shocked to find that her body was gone and in her place was an exact holographic duplicate. She had become a Video Girl. Subsequent testing resulted in the same evolution for both Hand Maids and the Hand Maid mk.2s, resulting in both breeds slowly becoming much more sought after.
*Whip Attack - Using their USB Re-charge cable, a Hand Maid can utilize it as a whip, much like a Domina does, but 1/6 the scale and damage.
*CL Notation: Many lab researchers have taken pity on the Hand Maids, famed researcher Washu Hakubi especially, and allow them to work in their labs. Washu has been researching devices to allow the Hand Maids to 'grow' to normal proportions, but she understands that some Hand Maids will not desire to 'grow' and that the chances of the Hand Maids ever learning a technique to enlarge themselves naturally is minimal.
**Extra CL Notation: One high-level Hand Maid has been observed using her USB cable to fire a micro-sized Hyper Beam at a Team Rocket clone group, but fainted immediately after. This brave act has increased the proposed usefulness of the Hand Maid in lab defense, especially if they can develop the reserves necessary to fire multiple shots.
***Extra EXTRA CL Notation: In a bizarre turn of events, Washu has found that the enlarged Hand Maids seemed to have a higher reproduction rate than their unenlarged counterparts, all of them bearing five to ten children, instead of the usually one to two of their normal-sized counterparts.
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HAND MAID mk. 2 (aka CYBER-DOLL UPGRADE) - the Full-sized Maid Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human norm (dislikes red meat)
Role: Housekeeper, maid, secretary, independent battery source
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Water, Flying
Weak Vs: Rock, Ground
Attacks: Smile, Jolt, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Kawaii Look, Slap, Thunderbolt, Leap, Tail Whip.
High Levels Only: Hyper Beam, Thunder.
Enhancements: Aura of Cute, Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Empathy, Enhanced Healing Rate, Kinetic Drive
Evolves From: Hand Maid (Dream Stone + Want to evolve)
Evolves: None
Although Hand Maids have been around for many years (some have speculated that they were what Maid Yvettes were supposed to have been, only 1/6th human size), there are relatively few that have somehow managed to ‘evolve’ into their full-sized forms. Fewer still are the ones that actually want to be enlarged for any reason. However, researchers are slowly leaking information regarding the evolutionary process when dealing with these Pokégirls, who are certainly tougher than their size would originally indicate. Unknown to most people in any league, however, is the fact that both the Maid Yvette series and the original production run of Hand Maids are being discretely phased out in preference to the new breed that has been created: the Hand Maid mk. 2 (aka, Mark 2s). As a matter of fact, these Pokégirls are being practically mass-produced in numerous leagues around the world (as of around 180 AS or so).
Researchers have found that by influencing Hand Maids into wanting to become a full sized Pokégirl, they can induce an evolution a single Dream Stone and keeping it in contact with the Hand Maid for a certain amount of time. The true length of time required for this evolution to occur can vary with each individual Pokégirl, although it has a direct correlation with how much the Hand Maid feels she needs to become full sized. If it is not a strong need, it can take weeks. If she feels like she absolutely must evolve, it can take less than a day of contact with the Dream Stone to have the evolution be triggered. It has been confirmed that a Hand Maid that has been Delta-bonded to her tamer can almost halve any necessary time for the evolution to take place.
All Hand Maid mk.2 Pokégirls find themselves at varying heights when fully evolved- anywhere between four and six feet tall, and their breast sizes are always proportionate to their sizes. The skin of this Pokégirl is composed of an advanced polymer nearly identical to that of the Gunnm, though how this was accomplished is a secret kept from any but the highest level researchers that were involved in the creation of this breed. This durable polymer gives the Pokégirl remarkable healing capabilities, and can heal wounds twice as fast as most Pokégirls. There is are only two set characteristics upon the Hand Maid mk.2 Pokégirls, one being the serial numbers on the bottom of their left foot (which are permanent, like a tattoo).
The other is the enlarged USB cable that allows her to connect directly to a computer or Pokédex to recharge. This enlarged USB cable's length is twice as long as the Pokégirl is tall, but is simply a cable, not a true tail, which connects to the Pokégirl’s back. Most Pokégirls of this breed prefer not to wear this accessory unless needing to recharge without utilizing their Kinetic Drive. However, the USB cable is a versatile device with many adapters available for it in Pokémarts all over the world. These adapters range from transferring energy to another device (PPHU, computers, batteries, etc) to operating all sorts of electric devices. Although this breed is easily capable of utilizing computers intimately, they do not have inherent programming skills to see past computer applications.
These Pokégirls, unlike what some might think, cannot return to their diminutive form after evolving, which can make it even more difficult to convince a Hand Maid to become full sized. But, for the ones who do become full size, they find themselves with a new way to recharge: via Taming. Utilizing what Researchers have dubbed a "Kinetic Drive," the Hand Maid mk.2's body is capable of taking in energy from plugging into an outlet, a computer (both via the USB accessory), or from kinetic energy obtained during Taming or other physical exertion activities (anything more than a jog will activate the Kinetic Drive). After receiving a Taming at full size, most of the new Hand Maid mk.2's have reported no real want or need to return to their original sizes, though some might complain about being stuck in a Pokéball after never needing to be in one before. The one thing tamers may be worried about is the fact that taming a Pokégirl of this breed will not tire her out.
In battle, these Pokégirls fight only to protect themselves and those that they care about. However, they do still possess strong electrical attacks and gain a few more abilities with their new size. Their preference to protect makes them good bodyguards, though they are not that good at close-range combat in comparison to their ranged capabilities. They are not good Alphas at all, as their limited battery life (good only for 20 hours when active before needing to be recharged) is more of a hindrance than anything else on any long journeys without another electric type around, or if their Kinetic Drive isn't activated. Still, Tamers have yet to complain about the performance of these new Pokégirls. Indeed, Hand Maid mk.2 Pokégirls tend to learn quickly from T2s and can learn just about any sex attack, thanks to the multitude of adapters available for their USB tail and their enjoyment of taming sessions as a way to recharge.
From a single average-length taming session, a Hand Maid mk.2 can usually recover up to 8 hours of energy (though more strenuous taming sessions have been known to fully charge a Hand Maid mk.2). Hand Maid mk.2 Pokégirls use their energy quickest during battle, often running out if they use their electric attacks too much (despite the recharge they are likely getting due to their Kinetic Drive activating during battle). These Pokégirls are often found to be wonderful traveling companions, their endurance and kinetic drive allowing them to travel for quite a long time before needing a rest of any kind.
There are two strange things that this breed seems to have gravitated towards- the study of languages. Although certainly not to the extent that a Supe-bra Genius or even a G-Poindexter may approach, these Pokégirls often download the different language information for their local regions. Some have gone as far as to install the basics for the different accents that were once in common use in the world before the Revenge War, and so old dialects- Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Texan, and the like, can be found among Pokégirls of this breed throughout the world. The other is the fact that this breed can also program certain small features of their appearance: Hair style, hair color, and even eye color can all be altered from their standard colors, with the assistance of a PC's processing power.
A recent discovery took place when a Watcher decided to use his Hand Maid as a wireless internet connection to send his materials and documents electronically for a thesis that he had finished. However, the strain of using her energy and internal systems, despite the accessories that she had been using, caused the Hand Maid enough stress to shut down for six hours. Although thought to have been simply out of energy, the tamer proceeded to plug the pokegirl into the expansion port via their accessory 'tail.' When she came to finally, after six hours, the tamer was shocked to find that her body was gone and in her place was an exact holographic duplicate. She had become a Video Girl. Subsequent testing resulted in the same evolution for both Hand Maids and the Hand Maid mk.2s, resulting in both breeds slowly becoming much more sought after.
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JALAPUTA, the Electric Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, electrical generators
Libido: Above-Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Static Barrier
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3) and Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Thunder Stone)
Jalaputas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright yellow color. They also become considerably more energetic. This typically manifests itself in a love for running, especially long-distance running outdoors, and also in a heightened libido. Jalaputas generally do not like to be cooped up indoors for a great length of time, preferring to be as active as possible.
Jalaputas are sometimes called the "Poor Tamer's Ria", and that is an extremely apt description for them. While they have many of the same abilities and attacks, Jalaputas lack the raw power, both physically and electrically, of the Ria. They do, however, make exceptional generators for electrical equipment, at least when they can be made to hold still long enough to power something.
Jalaputas are difficult to capture in the wild, especially since they retain their tendencies to run in packs from their pre-evolved form.
These packs are maintained by a quirk of the Chichi's breeding, which causes all the offspring created through parthenogenesis by any of the Chichi evolutions to be the same species as their mother, ignoring the requirement for any sort of evolution stone.
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JOLTINA, the Lightning Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, nuts, common pokechow
Role: Storm generation, Flank Protection
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunderwave, Static Barrier, Agility, Zapring, Satellite, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Electrical powers
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Thunder Stone)
Joltinas are, perhaps, the least preferred of all Eva evolutions.
Joltinas are less favored as they are not as fluid as Vaporitas can be nor as warm as Flareas are. As such, they tend to be looked upon as less than attractive. Outside of a need of a battle, Tamers will usually just sell them to electric Pokégirl lovers.
Joltinas have recently also been employed in mines as sources of light as they can use the Flash technique.
First thought to have only been used in the war as parts of the Storm Generation force, more research into former battles has shown that these girls were used to hold the flank positions on larger Pokégirl attack forces. By employing their natural speed, and the Static Barrier a small group of Joltinas could defend the flanks of much slower/more powerful Pokégirls who would be focused on the main battle. There have been several reports of Pincer Maneuvers by Human forces failing due to paralysis of scouts and infantrymen.
Recent research has shown that Joltinas are able to utilize both the Zapring and the Satellite attacks after intense training. However this is the best that any Joltina has been able to achieve so far, none have shown an ability to perform the higher MK moves.
The Joltina maintains the heavily furred form of the Eva though the fur becomes more course and stiff. This fur allows for the Joltina to use the Spike Cannon maneuver. Her breasts don't normally change with this form, in fact they tend to shrink to allow the Joltina better speed and maneuverability. In this form the color of the fur of the Eva's mane changes to match the fur of the rest of her body. While the Joltina's libido is average she has a gift that makes her enjoyable for any tamer deserving of this skill. She is able to send small electric pulses though her vaginal walls that help intensify sensations brought from taming her. This ability cannot be forced and will only happen when a certain amount of comfort with the tamer has been achieved.
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JUGGUAR (aka JUGG-U-LAR), the Jolting Jaguarundi Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (Sunshine, Capital Leagues), Extremely Rare-Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: human-style foods, heavy on meats; has a special liking for alcoholic drinks
Role: lightning combatant, battery charger
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Steel, Ice, Normal, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Low Kick, Uppercut, Focus Energy, Electric Blade Mark II, Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Static Barrier, Kaiser KRASH
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Smell (x3), Nightvision, Semi-Prehensile Tail, Functional Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shaguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
For a solid decade, the rumor which circulated throughout the Sunshine League was that a Shaguar could become something greater in physical appearance, a true beauty unlike any other. The Jugguar, (also known as the Jugg-u-lar) was to be the pinnacle of everything that Shaguar’s wanted to be. This form was fabled to be taller, more curvaceous, filled with refined grace and beauty, and to be especially bustier than the current form of Shaguar. Most Researchers and Tamers thought this to be merely a pipe-dream though, as nothing came remotely close to getting a Shaguar to evolve into anything besides a Kool Kat; another rare feline Pokégirl species that was known of before the Shaguar was discovered.
This dream is now reality.
In 299 AS, Tamer Justin Drakes and his Shaguar Catalan were running an errand for the his uncle, the owner of the Girls of Gold Pokégirl Ranch in Cunnilingus Town, transporting some Evolution Stones across the city to some purchasers down at the town’s PokéCenter. The two were attacked by the members of the local chapter of Night Watch, the cache of Evolution Stones being broken open. As Justin and his Shaguar were trying to gather up some stones quickly so they could try and run off without having lost them all, a Night Watch member ordered his Ria to attack with Thunder, playing on the Pokégirl’s weakness. The Electric-technique hit the Shaguar as she’d pick up the Thunder Stone and that’s when it happened. The evolution stone exploded with energy, the Shaguar becoming enveloped in a glowing light as she evolved into something other than a Kool Kat. With his new Pokégirl, Justin was able to repel the members and save the shipment of stones, minus one.
Although many Pokégirl Breeders and Researchers were baffled on how this evolution occurred when many other tries with various stimuli failed, it wasn’t until similar circumstances were set up in a controlled environment that the truth behind the evolution was discovered. Shaguars are known to have a peculiar weakness to Electric attacks due to the clash of the elements of Fighting and Ice, that defect was actually the indicator to something greater. Thunder Stones on their own do nothing to a Shaguar, however, the catalyst was brought forth from an Electric attack. The energy from the technique reacted with the Evolution Stone, forcing the mystical properties of the elemental mineral into the feline Pokégirl. The trauma is just enough to force the Shaguar’s body to evolve, adapting to the power that she’s being subjected to. In short, the often-rumored Jugguar is an actual Pokégirl.
No longer is she the short and flat-chested Pokégirl she was before; the Jugguar lives up to the rumors. Shooting up in height considerably, a Jugguar stands at around 7’ in height, comparable to a Cheetit. The Pokégirl’s fur, even if only tanned before, becomes a dark brown dappled with the color of honey, with solid black ring patterns that travel along the expanse of her backside; her inner-fur becoming more of a golden tan coloration. However, what most Tamers and the Pokégirls themselves enjoy is that the moderate A shoots up to match the height increase and then some to become a startlingly bountiful E-Cup! Needless to say, Researchers still aren’t sure who grabs the Jugguar’s breasts more that first week, the Tamer of the Pokégirl herself!
While they may lose a number of the exclusive Ice/Fighting-type combo techniques the Pokégirl once has as a Shaguar, she’s not lacking in any battle capabilities. The Jugguar boasts a solid plethora of Electric-elemental attacks and techniques at her disposal, with a few useful Fighting-type techniques to supplement that. The Jugguar even has one solid technique that is exclusive to the breed, possibly an evolution/adaptation of Ice KAPOWIE known as Kaiser KRASH, a startling powerful Electric-type attack technique. However, Tamers should be warned, that this technique has a startling backlash on the Pokégirl herself, due to her sensitive hearing.
Although the Pokégirl’s more well-rounded as a Jugguar, she still has one quirk she had as a Shaguar: alcohol. Where before the Cat-type Pokégirl drank it because it gave her body a sensation of warmth as she consumed it, the Jugguar continues to drink because she can. It’s easy for drinking to become a simple pastime for them, but it more easily becomes an addiction. An alcoholic Jugguar is not something that’s fun to deal with. It may make them easier to handle, but they can hardly retain control over their electric powers, and that can lead to problems.
Also, one should be warned that the Jugguar, who could once boast domination over Dragon-type Pokégirls as a Shaguar, will now be at their mercy. It’s also safe to assume that there probably won’t be any given, especially if the two knew each other beforehand. As the old saying goes, revenge is a bicth!
When it comes to Harem Dynamics, there are quite a few odd sights to see with the new Pokégirl. Oddly enough, due to their mutual love of alcohol, Jugguars and Mini-Tops can become good drinking buddies. Nogitsune, who are known to despise Shaguar, will tolerate a Jugguar. Tolerate, not like; the two will often trade nasty remarks to one another, but it never goes further beyond that. However, it is suggested that one should put a Jugguar in the same harem as an Electrocat. When these two get together, they make a well-balanced Electric-type tag-team. It’s a sight that has to be seen to be believed when these two breeds of electric feline fight alongside one another.
When it comes to Taming a Jugguar, nothing gets the Cat-type off faster than playing with her tits. They absolutely love to tit-fuck their Tamer, and can get off from the act without any direct stimulus to their own genitalia. Even with the simple promise of playing with her tits, a Jugguar will bow to a Tamer’s whims. It’s also suggested that a Tamer should play with her breasts as he couples with her, as the combination of sex and stimulation to her breasts can leave the Jugguar multi-orgasmic. This helps take care of a Pokégirl that’s considered to have a high libido rather easily.
No case of Threshold into a Jugguar has been recorded as of yet as this is a recent evolution. There are, however, a number of Pokégirl Breeders that have interest in increasing the numbers of the Jugguar in the meantime.
Kaiser KRASH - (ATK 250): An Electric attack exclusive to the Jugguar. The Kaiser KRASH draws forth the wind and humidity around the air, collecting it overhead where it condenses within atmospheric pressure. Positive and Negative charges are forcefully combined and then unleashed in a display of electrical might that strikes down on the intended target. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with status-ailment of Paralysis that could last from 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Jugguar herself is left dizzy for 6 rounds.
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LAWFOXX, the Foxy Cop Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph (vulpine)
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Rare, usually found at police stations
Diet: Omnivorous with strong leanings towards carnivorous
Role: Law enforcement
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Steel, Rock, Ice, Normal
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Pummel, Handcuff Bondage, Wrestle, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Static Barrier, Zap Ring, Mag Bomb
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses, Electrical affinity & generation ability, encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, photographic reflexes, incorruptible, strong leg muscles, can produce handcuffs from nowhere
Evolves: None
Evolves From: OfficerJenny (Fox E-Medal)
For the longest time, it was believed that OfficerJennies had no evolution. After the NightNurse and Moonmaid were discovered, people began to wonder about OfficerJennies once more. For years after their creation it seemed that they were incapable of evolving. It was only until after an OfficerJenny accidentally came into contact with a Fox E-Medal. The resultant evolution produced a rather interesting result.
LawFoxxes go from being Very Near Human to Near human upon evolution, sprouting a long, fluffy-furred tail, their hair changing to a darker shade of blue. Their ears become pointed fox ears, and their leg muscles grow much stronger, their legs growing slightly longer as well. But the biggest changes they go through are gaining the ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy and the ability to morph into a more animalistic ‘battle form.’ In this form, their leg strength and electrical prowess is at its maximum. Their faces become more vulpine in appearance, becoming a muzzle, their bodies sprouting a coat of reddish-orange fur, a lighter streak of yellow-orange going from the underside of their tails to their lower jaws. Their bust size actually increases in this form as well.
The change from OfficerJenny to LawFoxx is a fairly painless one, occurring quickly as the energy of the medal is absorbed into the Pokégirl. The mental changes are a bit slower, as the LawFoxx must adjust to new sensory input as well as the addition of animal instincts to their mental processes. It can take a while for some LawFoxxes to adjust, but it can be done.
LawFoxxes become much more useful in frontline combat due to their electrical abilities as well as their legs, which allow for much higher and longer jumps, making them capable of keeping up with faster flying Pokégirls. Their jumping ability improves so much, that their jumps have become their trademark, some trainers working on ways to make their jumps into a form of attack. In terms of battle, LawFoxxes tend to start out fights with paralyzing attacks, like Thunder Wave, allowing them to use their amazing jumps to get in close and slap the cuffs on their opponent, limiting their movements. LawFoxxes retain their love of the law, as well as their strategic and leadership abilities, plus their intelligence and problem solving skills.
Something that’s both puzzled and infuriated researchers is the LawFoxx’s tendency to fixate on a perp that they’re unable to catch after a few tries. They become anxious if that perp’s name is mentioned, and become hostile if taunted about their inability to catch her target. Their obsession can be controlled, but its best to make sure the perp they’re fixated on isn’t in the area when they’re on a mission, as most LawFoxxes, usually inexperienced ones, sometimes forget their mission and go track their target. At times they’ll work with the perp if it’s for the greater good, but they’ll always try to arrest them afterwards, their dedication to the law and what’s right being endless.
Rarely are LawFoxxes found in the harems of wandering Tamers, as they tend to prefer to work for law enforcement agencies. They’re fairly valuable, and E-Medal production is limited, so it’s difficult to get one at times. Due to their animalistic nature and electrical powers, letting a LawFoxx go feral carries harsh punishments. There have been three known cases of a LawFoxx going feral, due to their Tamer dying in the field and the LawFoxx being unable to find taming in time. LawFoxxes act like animal-types, but in addition to just saying their breed name, LawFoxxes have also been known to say ‘Yer unner arrest,’ and ‘crimnal!’ when they find something or someone they find interesting and/or arousing, which is usually followed by tackling and the producing of handcuffs.
There have been only a few cases of Thresholding into a LawFoxx recorded. It’s not a regular occurrence to the nature of their evolution and is so far only known to happen in families with heavy Jenny ancestry. The process is a fairly steady process, neither excessively fast nor excessively slow, and causes some discomfort, ranging from numbness to sharp pains as their bodies alter.
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LITTLETIT, the Embarrassed Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style, High carbs and fiber
Role: Infiltration, Power disruption
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Agility, Thunder Wave, Spark, Rolling Spark, Electric Blade, Satellite, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring, Lesser Thunderclap, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip*
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Electrical affinity, Can absorb electricity, Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: BoobTrio (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Evolves From: None
You’d never think that a short, small-breasted woman like this would be a Pokégirl.
Sukebe would be pleased if you made that mistake, as that is what he wanted when he first created the Littletit breed. He would use them to sneak into human encampments for information gathering, as their not-as-busty appearance would work as a way of fooling humans into thinking they weren’t Pokégirls. Then, after getting information they needed, they would sneak into power plants or power stations and drain away the electricity, leaving the human units crippled and without power.
Littletits are, at first glance, totally human-looking Pokégirls. They are usually short, and always have A-cup breasts. Always. Not even mega-doses of Bloom powder can make them grow bigger, much to the bafflement of any Plant-type who can produce it. This is a source of constant embarrassment for Littletits, and has led many to become rather sensitive about their breasts. If a Tamer has a Littletit in his or her harem, then it’s best not to let his or her more busty Pokégirls start teasing them, as a Littletit is bound to lose her temper and start throwing Thunder Shocks around. When they start manifesting their powers, they gain glowing markings all over their bodies arranged in intricate, runic patterns, their hair turning white and their eyes glowing.
Because Littletits are so sensitive and easily embarrassed about their small breast-size, when outside of Harems it’s best to put them in places where they won’t get teased. Aside from this one little thing, they are perfectly pleasant Pokégirls otherwise. They make great friends, even better babysitters, and, if they can be taught to accept their under-developed bodies, Advice columnists. They are fairly decent fighters in Harems as well, as their ability to absorb electrical energy from nearby sources, no matter what they are, is very useful. Even more useful is that they can control and direct this power, so the Tamer won’t find their Pokédex or other important equipment losing power. Beginning Tamers who want to specialize in Electric-types favor them, partnering them with Peekaboos and other Electric-types to help bolster them. They’ve become popular among Electric-type Tamers for tag-battles, as they can use electricity to absorb to heal any other electric-type on the field, including themselves.
Feral Littletits are a mix of rather dangerous, as they tend to be in ‘electric-mode’ full time, making catching them difficult. They also absorb electrical energy constantly, from any source near them, so if you start having electrical problems, or your Pokéballs suddenly release all your Pokégirls, then you know a Feral Littletit is nearby. As they cause trouble when near towns and cities, small, but respectable bounties are offered for their capture and/or Taming.
Interestingly enough, recently Tamers with a fondness for large breasts started including them in their harems. When asked about this strange contradiction, all they said was ‘Some things are worth the effort.’
Considering the Littletit’s evolution, they were very right.
Thresholding into a Littletit is a rare, but not unheard of occurrence, and mainly happens in the Mountain League, where they are more common. It is really only traumatic if the girl going through Threshold had large breasts before their change, as they will first shrink down to an A-Cup and stay that way.
*Storm Heal – (EFT) The Littletit uses some of her stored electricity and converts into a form of energy that can heal any Electric-type Pokégirl exposed to it up to 50%.
*Lightning Whip – (ATK 50) The Littletit shapes some of her stored electricity into a long whip. A favored attack when going up against Domina-types and smartasses who tease her about her lack of breasts.
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MAESAEL, the Spark Serpent Pokégirl (Pronounced May-say-ehl)
Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Electric
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore; eats about the same amount as a human, prefers fish. Cannot stand meat other than fish.
Role: Fishing, oceanic saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Steel, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Tackle, Hydro Pump, Tail Slap, Spark, Thunder Wave, Storm Heal, Thunder Shock, Electric Bite
Sex Techniques: Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x11 in water, x4 on land), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Enhanced Strength (x4), High Flexibility, Enhanced Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Laplass (Thunder Stone)
One of the many of Pokégirl specialists that Sukebe created to wreak havoc during his Revenge War, this breed was designed to effectively defeat the human navies by scrambling the electrical systems of ships in the ocean. Often supported by Boobfin, Laplass, and Baleena, the combined flotilla of Pokégirls would confuse the human forces and then demolish them using their various attack techniques, commonly crippling their targets or even outright destroying them. The Maesael was one of the Pokégirls created in the fewest numbers during the war, and even after the war were not seen again for many years, though rumors suggested that the Pokégirl breed had simply been killed off. It wasn't until after 124 AS when the Laplass began to surge in popularity within Tamer harems around the world that the Maesael was rediscovered when a tamer experimentally touched his Laplass with a Thunderstone. Subsequent testing of this method continued to produce Maesael Pokégirls as a result and has since been fully confirmed.
The tallest Maesael recorded is a little less than six feet in height, when standing. But the greatest physical change is the Maesael's silky tail, which grows from just above the Pokégirl’s ass to become twice the Pokégirl’s height in length. Losing most of its prehensile nature, the true oddity among the change in the tail's size is the fact that on each side of the main portion of the tail there is a hollow between the skin. These hollows are the entire length of the Pokégirl’s legs, and actually seem to absorb the legs within them, protecting the limbs when not walking, but swimming underwater. When swimming, a Maesael tucks her legs, from midthigh and lower, into the hollow along the midportion of her tail, allowing her to not only use her tail muscles for propulsion but her leg muscles in tandem as well, which allows the Pokégirl to devote her entire lower body to propelling herself through the water at high speeds. This cannot be done on land, however, as the Pokégirl’s upper torso would then be slithering along the ground with the rest of her, and is unable to protect her legs from the ground beneath her when doing so, unlike metamorphic Pokégirls like the Arbust. Other than the change of the tail's length and size, it also is covered with skin rather than scales, making the Pokégirl more susceptible to harm than more reptilian and snake-like Pokégirls typically are. Upon evolution, the Maesael's breasts increase in size by an average of a quarter to half a cup. The Maesael's skin varies often within the same color variations as human skin happen to be. One change that catches the eyes of many tamers is the breed's breasts, which often gain up to a full cup size from the evolution, which retain water absorbed either by drinking it or through the skin. This helps to keep the Pokégirl from getting dry for longer periods of time, and her breasts will become smaller as her water reserves are depleted.
Along the arms and legs of this species are a series of photovoltaic skin cells, often of a yellow, orange, or a neon-green (the latter being quite rare on the breed) that flashes when the Pokégirl is irritated or about to attack with an electric technique. When feral, these flash indiscriminately and whenever the Pokégirl swims, to keep predators such as Gynadose, Sharptits, and Titacruel away with warning signs. These also make the Pokégirl easy to see at night, and the flashes of light can even be noticed from underneath most clothing that she might wear. Ferals rarely leave the warmer waters along the equator, or can be found traveling towards warmer waters from other locations should they somehow become feral elsewhere. In the morning, Maesael can sometimes be found floating on the water, basking in the sun's heat before continuing along towards her destination. Ferals of this breed are fierce fighters when attacked, but are quite easy-going when not directly stressed by other Pokégirls or even humans. Thresholds, on the other hand, are quite painful to the soon-to-be Pokégirl, taking anywhere from one week to three weeks for the change to finish. The tail itself is the worst part, taking most of the time required and forcing the thresholding girl to get as much nourishment as possible. Some threshold Maesael, which are quite rare but known to happen, have stunted tails compared to ferals or those evolved from Laplass as a result of malnutrition during the thresholding process.
In a harem setting, this breed is known for being tenacious for attaining rank. The Pokégirl is intelligent but not incredibly so, but has a good mind for the intricacies of being in a 'pod', as the Maesael often consider a harem to be. As such, this breed is suitable as an Alpha or a Beta within most harems, but the Pokégirl does not get along well with any carnivorous water-type Pokégirls, namely Gynadose, Titacruel, or Sharptits, and will often pick a fight with them in a manner that reminds many tamers of the issues between the Amazonchan and Amazonlee breeds. When in a battle, most of this breed prefer to utilize Thunder Wave at range or Electric Bite when in close to increase the accuracy of her electric techniques and to try and paralyze her opponents so that her stronger techniques, such as Hydro Pump, can finish them off. Their tail is quite powerful, much like the Laplass, and can deliver some devastating damage to her opponent when it connects. However, if not used correctly, her Tail Slap technique can force the Maesael off balance and into unfortunate predicaments, leaving most tamers to train the Pokégirl not to use it except when to finish off the target.
Electric Bite (ATK 50 + EFT): Using her fangs to force-feed the target a dose of electricity designed to immobilize her prey, it has a 60% chance of paralyzing the target. Will not paralyze ground-type Pokégirls, however (though the attack is still biting, and may harm a ground-type Pokégirl anyway).
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MAGGIEMITE, the Floating Bipolar Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric (Tech)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Electricity
Role: Technicians, Power Sources
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Spark, Steel Claw, Lightning Punch, Takedown, Satellite, Yoink!
At L30: Sat Cannon
Enhancements: Magnetics Control, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Satellites, Heavy
Evolves: Maggieton (Drastic Change to Magnetic Field or Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: None
Maggiemite's are a very unique breed of Pokégirl. She is a 'Tech' Pokégirl, but in fact is one that blurs the lines between the Tech and the normal. Maggiemites are nearly human in form, but can hardly be mistaken for human – their skin, a form of pliable, living flesh-like metal that solidifies upon hard contact – is always a shade of non-reflective gray, the shade varying from girl to girl. A Maggiemite's skin almost always feels cool, unless it is significantly warmed or chilled by the local temperatures. The only inside of her is there any sign of body heat. Their hair is always red and blue, split between the two colors right down the middle, and often, but not always done up in symmetric ponytails to a magnet design. Their 'hair' is not actually hair, but a sort of soft plastic-like fiber that does not conduct electricity and thus is not affected by proximity to electricity. Their pupils are universally a pale white, usually giving, to the casual viewer, the impression that they have no pupils at all. On the back of a Maggiemite's hands are two translucent half-spheres about an inch and a half wide, one red, and the other blue. Similar half-spheres appear on both feet, just below where they meet the leg. The red spheres are always on the same side of the body as their red hair, and vice versa. They are younger in appearance that most Pokégirls, around 5 feet tall, with slim figures and with B-cup breasts at best. Despite this, they are surprisingly heavy, weighing roughly 220 lbs.
A Maggiemite's body has minor morphing qualities. They can shift their arms and legs, which normally appear human standard, into more solid gloved and heavy boot-like forms, giving them a solid base during combat. Their strength does not change when this happens, only the Maggiemite's own resistance to damage(which nevertheless allows the Maggiemite to exert more force without fear). Maggiemites may also morph their fingers into sharp claws, which can be used to cut things with ease or to perform various attacks. When a Maggiemite's body is subjected to heavy force, her skin reacts automatically, hardening to steel-like resilience against the attack and then softening as soon as the pressure is removed. This occurs even when the Maggiemite creates the force herself, such as when she is striking a heavy object. Despite this, Fighting and Ground-type techniques are very effective against the armor-like skin, and Fire attacks are not only effective but unless they hold some sort of other physical element (like Fire Punch) the skin's special properties don't even trigger at all, not that it has much effect at all.
One of the most interesting facts about the Maggiemite is that she is a girl with serious mental issues. This does not at all mean that Maggiemites are not intelligent - rather, their minds naturally tend towards rapidly changing moods, reactions, and extremes. One minute she may be as shy as a mouse, and the next she just can't have enough taming, not even caring if she's in a room full of other people. Even the most 'stable' of Maggiemites are like this, though their extremes tend towards emotional extremes. It is because of their randomness and great difficulty to keep up with that they are unpopular among tamers.
The Maggiemite's other bizarre trait are the four spherical satellites (each about the size of a baseball, having two small magnets on each side and one blank so-called 'eye' in the center), that hover around them at all times. These spheres can be controlled directly by the Maggiemite, but when not being directly manipulated, they move around almost as if they had a mind of their own, sometimes staying still and calm, other times moving around in a wild dance. The movements of the spheres in fact unconsciously move to mirror the Maggiemite's mood. Those skilled at recognizing the different patterns can determine a particular Maggiemite's mood, even from a distance. Even when a Maggiemite is sleeping, the satellites hover about on their own. The satellites are moved around by magnetic force, and can act as release points for the Maggiemite's electrical power. The half-spheres on a Maggiemite's hands and feet actually provide the connection to the four satellites, and if a satellite is destroyed, a replacement will be generated from them to take its place, at the cost of some energy.
Maggiemites were created by Sukebe to help assaults on enemy fortresses. Their offensive power was not spectacular, but their resistance to many forms of attack let them take a great deal of abuse, ideal for the brutal assaults. Their wild mentality, originally a design flaw that nearly made Sukebe abandon the line, proved surprisingly useful during the war where their unpredictability and extreme emotions made them a terror to face on the battlefield, despite their relative lack of power. Once inside of the enemy bases, where heavy metals could be found in almost every direction, they became a nightmare, using their magnetic movement to increase their maneuverability and move in ways that seemingly defied gravity. Their other saving grace was the Magnetic control unique to the line, which, among many other uses, helped give Maggiemites a surprisingly strong advantage over her fellow Steel-Types (though not against other Maggiemites).
Maggiemites are fairly versatile Pokégirls, capable of attacking at close range with powerful steel claws and strikes, electric attacks at both melee, short, and eventually medium ranges. Maggiemite's offensive abilities can, like the girls themselves, be a little unreliable, becoming dangerously inaccurate or inconsistent in power if the Maggiemite's mood is poor. They are not very fast Pokégirls, instead relying on their toughness and ability to strike both up close and at a distance to win the day.
In an area where there is solidly emplaced metal in all directions, however, like the indoors of some buildings, a Maggiemite can use it's Magnetic Levitation ability on a whole new level, 'repelling' itself from any given direction, letting it move much faster and in ways that otherwise would be much too ungainly to do, like suddenly change directions mid-air during a jump (by pulling themselves towards a wall in the desired direction), walk along ceilings, and other unexpected forms of movement. Levitation speed doubles in such an environment.
All Maggiemites have the natural ability to levitate, effectively repelling themselves away from the Earth's own natural magnetic field and using that to maneuver. The levitation is not very fast nor capable of complex maneuvers, however, though it improves as the Maggiemite evolves.
In the wild, Feral Maggiemite's are a truly unpredictable sight, especially in battle. They could fight their opponents to the death or lay down and spread their legs, waiting to be tamed. Or both. They are rarely found Feral anymore, however, except in unusual locations, as their electrical diet usually means they must stick close to urban civilization in order to eat – which makes them relatively quick to be captured.
Thresholding into a Maggiemite is quite rare, but when it happens the girl in question tends to push away her family and friends, not wanting them to deal with her sudden drastic changes in behavior and form.
One of the greatest mysteries about the Maggiemite is how she is able to control and manipulate multiple magnetic fields simultaneously, and get them to do exactly what she wants, even when being affected by many other magnetic fields - some of them very strong. Researchers are still studying this, and some are convinced that discovery of that method could lead to an industrial revolution, should that power be tapped. So far, no progress has been made.
Unique Attacks:
Yoink! (EFT): Targeting a metallic object, the Maggiemite attempts to draw it to her via magnetic fields, violently wresting weapons from enemies hands, bursting open metal panels, destroying computers, etc. If it is successful, the object either fall to the ground or shoots into the Maggiemite's hands.
Sat Cannon (ATK 100, EFT): Hovering one of her Satellites in place in front of her fist and charging it up tremendously, the Maggiemite launches the Satellite at maximum speed with a powerful punching motion. Because the attack practically telegraphs itself, and only hits in a straight line, it is very very easy to see this attack coming and simply sidestep it, making the attack very inaccurate. If it hits, however, the enemy is Paralyzed without fail.
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MAGGIETON, the “Three in One” Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric (Tech)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Electricity
Role: Technicians, Power Sources, Heavy Steel-Type Counter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Electric, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Enhancements: Magnetics Control, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Strength (x5), Satellites, Heavy, Multiple Personalities, Magnetic Buffer
Attacks: Spark, Steel Claw, Lightning Punch, Lightning Body, Takedown, Satellite 2, Iron Defense, Thunder Shield, Mag Bomb, Yoink!, Get Over Here!
At L30: Sat Cannon
At L40: Thunderbolt
At L50: Thunder
Evolves: Mechdoll (Tamer's understanding & Unison of all personalities)
Evolves From: Maggiemite (Drastic Change to Magnetic Field OR Thunder Stone)
When a Maggiemite experiences a drastic change in her magnetic field, normally caused by close proximity with another Maggiemite (As few other magnetic sources are powerful enough to mess with a Maggiemite’s magnetic control) or by close contact with a Thunder Stone, she undergoes the evolution into Maggieton.
Upon evolution, she loses much of her immature appearance, gaining roughly a foot in height (putting her at about six feet), a much more curvy and alluring form, and a significantly bigger bust (anywhere from C-D cups). Her combat and magnetic field manipulation abilities increase in power and control as well, capable of moving several hundred pounds of metal at one time with magnetics alone. The Maggieton's physical appearance does not otherwise change, retaining the flexible metal skin, hair, control spheres, and Satellites of her pre-evolved form, though she is now even heavier than before, roughly 320 lbs on average.
Unfortunately, this power comes at a price, as the once simply Bipolar Pokégirl becomes effectively insane. The Maggieton retains the same personality as her previous form – keeping the rapidly changing mood swings, but in addition, she now must contend with two new personalities, likewise hard to predict, that vie for dominance over the Maggieton’s body and her Master’s favor. A tamer that wishes to be effective with a Maggieton must learn to recognize the habits of each individual personality and what they’re best at, to ensure that they give effective orders in battle.
The Maggieton, in general, still cares for her harem sisters, and is much more determined to impress and be useful for her tamer, but the rivalry between the three personalities can sometimes become the cause of trouble. Some people report Maggieton acting like the other Pokégirls whose field changed hers, gaining traits and knowledge she didn't show before.
Like their pre-evolved form, Maggieton's are a terror to face in battle.
Maggietons are tanks, capable of taking enormous amounts of punishment and dealing it out in turn, though they are not particularity fast, unless, like their predecessor, they are in a metal-entrenched environment. Predicting them is difficult, as their personalities and combat styles can change on a whim. This can, however, work to the enemy’s advantage, as the three personalities do not always agree on how to approach combat, sometimes leading to situations where the personalities will conflict, reducing efficiency on combat.
Just as the Maggieton is a combination of three different personalities, the Maggieton combines a lot of her attacks, such as using Lightning Body to grant her melee attacks extra bite, or using Get Over Here! to set up a particularly vicious Satellite barrage. Though not quite as fear-inducing as a Widow or a Mousewife on a rampage, heaven help the foe that faces a Maggieton whose personalities have set aside their differences and become united in objective, as they are relentless and devastating.
The Maggieton gains one ability to put her above her lesser sisters, however – the ability to create a constant defensive magnetic buffer around her. Steel-Type attacks and attacks from metal weapons (swords, bullets from guns, etc.) are repelled from this field, making them incredibly inaccurate and reducing damage done from those attacks. This, combined with her innate resistances and high Durability rating, makes them one seriously tough opponent to take down.
Because of her multiple personalities, the Maggieton is often confused and requires much more looking after then an evolved Pokégirl should, leaving many tamers to trade her or release her. They are hard to please, as each personality wants her own time and attention from the tamer, making her almost as difficult to placate as three separate Pokégirls! Good things await the few tamers with the patience and determination to earn the undying loyalty and respect of all three personalities, however, as when all three minds unite, the Pokégirl will evolve into the powerful Mechdoll.
Feral Maggietons should almost never be approached without a strong Ground-type Pokégirl on hand, and should always be taken seriously. Unlike their pre-evolved sisters, however, it is not advisable to take up a feral Maggieton’s offer to tame them outright, as there is no telling when of if her personalities will change and decide to be less friendly. In addition, it is highly advisable that you do not combat them with other Steel types or Pokegirls who rely on metal weapons.
There have been only a few recorded cases of girls thresholding into Maggietons, almost all of them devastated by the change before one of their other personalities takes over.
• Get Over Here! (ATK 150 + EFT): An attack exclusive to Maggieton and the Mechdoll, it only works on Steel-Type Pokégirls and Armored Pokégirls (and not against any of the Maggiemite line). Generating a tremendously powerful magnetic pull, the Maggieton reaches towards the target with one arm and jerks it back, as if pulling an invisible chain, forcing the target Pokégirl off her feet and into a position where the Maggieton can deliver a devastating punch. Only works within a short (less than 20ft) distance, and is very strenuous, due to the sheer power involved. This technique can also be used on metal objects, and is considered a Steel attack.
• Thunder Shield (ATK 30): Three of the Maggieton’s Satellites form into a triangular formation, and generate a powerful defensive field between them. The Maggiemite can move the Thunder Shield as she wills to defend against attacks. However, while this defense is up, the Maggieton has only one Satellite available for attacking. If a Pokégirl comes into direct contact with the shield (such as with weaponless close-combat attacks), she takes a light amount of electric damage.
• Lightning Body (ATK 30): The Maggieton shrouds her body with electricity, doing the listed Electricity damage to her opponent every time she hits her opponent with an attack or when the opponent directly hits her. This damage is in addition to the damage her attacks would normally do (but does not increase the damage of Electric attacks)
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MECHDOLL, the Servant for Life Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric [Tech]
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Lightning Body, Takedown, Satellite 3, Satblade, Iron Defense, Thunder Shield, Mag Bomb, Mag Throw, Yoink!, Get Over Here!, Thunderbolt, Thunder
Enhancements: Magnetics Mastery, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength (x8), Satellites, Heavy, Magnetic Buffer
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maggieton (Tamer's Understanding and Support)
If the owner of a Maggieton is able to restore her sanity, through persistent kindness and patience towards her multiple personalities and quirks, the three personalities will eventually undergo a dramatic metamorphosis, fusing into a single, complete mind. This fusion of the three personalities acts as the trigger for the breed's final evolution into the much-desired Mechdoll.
When a Maggieton evolves into Mechdoll, the Pokégirl’s mind finally becomes a whole, single, and normal mind. The three personalities that she had as Maggieton combine into one, leaving a girl much more experienced, capable of using knowledge that all three personalities had known. Usually, one of the three personalities will be dominant in the fusion, with the other personalities secondary, but on occasion, they will all fuse evenly, with an end result that none can predict.
Upon transformation, the Mechdoll’s body changes dramatically, becoming much more human in appearance and losing the metallic skin, replacing it with a soft, synthetic flesh that is resistant to damage, easily healed, and highly conductive of electricity. Powerful, wiry metallic muscles on a heavy metal frame provide the Mechdoll with tremendous strength and durability, and only enhance her magnetic control abilities. The Mechdoll's body is slightly morphic, capable of changing in size and build to her master's desire, though within reasonable limits. Some Mechdolls kept figures similar to when they were Maggiemites, others became taller and much more voluptuous. The Mechdoll’s hair loses it’s twin colors and shifts to a random hue, which the Mechdoll can change at will. Because of this, no two Mechdolls look alike.
Despite the changes, Mechdolls still retain a slightly artificial feel to them, due to things like the texture of the skin, the shifting mechanical eyes, etc. This is generally considered to be minor, however, and, if anything, gives the breed something of an empty, 'doll-like' quality.
Mechdolls, to the tamers who evolved them, are the epitome of dedication and loyalty. Nothing is beyond their dedication, for good or for ill. Mechdolls aren't known as the 'Servant For Life' Pokégirls for nothing, as they will under no circumstances willingly leave their tamer, even if it means death, and are capable of breaking out of Pokeballs to this end. There is not a single recorded instance of a Mechdoll willingly leaving or abandoning their master, rivaling breeds famous for their loyalty, such as the Growlie. Mechdolls are nearly obsessive in pleasing their masters, to the extent that they will tailor themselves to their tamers likes. If her tamer has a schoolgirl fetish, The Mechdoll will often don revealing schoolgirl clothing so as to please and entice her master. Many Mechdolls have expressed a love of playing dress up, becoming quite literally a living doll for their tamers, a thought which excites them terribly.
The Mechdoll is by far the strongest of the Maggiemite line. Her strong electrical attacks and powerful physical attacks can deal tremendous damage to foes in short order, but her real weapon now lies with magnetic manipulation and use of her satellites. With her increased powers, she can accelerate her satellites to blindingly fast speeds, deflect virtually any metal-based weapon or Steel-Type attack through their magnetic buffer, and with effort, can throw heavy metal objects weighing hundreds of pounds through magnetic propulsion. Though not quite as heavy as other steel types, or her previous evolutions, another strategy the girl uses is to take to the air with her levitation and then rapidly accelerate herself with magnetics, amplifying her force and dropping onto the battlefield - and hopefully her opponent - with a thunderous crash.
Perhaps as a side-effect of their love of dressing up, Mechdolls have a particular love of role-playing before and during a taming session. Despite the Mechdoll's great strength, they have complete control over their strength and can lower their strength down to human standard for safe taming. They get along well with most Electric-Types, as well as some tech-types and are particularly fond of the Seamstress, seeing her as an endless font of new outfits to wear.
Feral Mechdoll are almost unheard of, due to the fact that mainly for the amount of work it takes to create one as well as the unlikelihood that any tamer to earn a Pokégirl that is willing to please their every whim will ever give it up. The few ferals sighted, however, are regarded with fear and awe when provoked into attack. Otherwise, they tend to stay far away from all others, be they Pokégirl or human. Those that are caught are not automatically loyal to their captor - the infamous loyalty must still be earned in this instance, but once it is earned, it is earned forever.
Because of their powerful and fine magnetics control, Mechdolls are prized by the construction and electronics industries, as well as League militaries.
Like the Maggieton, the Mechdoll has four satellites which she can summon and use in combat. The techs Satellite 3, Satblade, and Thunder Shield all rely on these satellites - if they are all being used, then the Mechdoll cannot use these techniques again until the sats are free for use again.
Thresholding into a Mechdoll is considered impossible, due to their rarity.
• Satblade (ATK 90): Projecting a metal blade from a satellite, the Mechdoll attacks her foe with the high-speed flying projectile. This is considered a Steel-Type attack.
• Mag Throw (ATK Varies): This attack is the Mechdoll's ability to fully use her magnetic powers in combat, throwing or manipulating metal objects at a range. Because of this, the attack value of this attack is left variable.
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MYOBU, the Celestial Fox Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Vulpine Animorph)
Element: Electric (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Defenders of honor, scouts
Libido: Normal
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Fist of Fate, Fox-Lightning*, Illusion, Leap, Pleasure Spark, Pummel, Quick Attack, Scratch, Tackle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Kick, Thunder Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2) Enhanced Speed (x5)
Evolves: Kitsune (Breaking code)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Extreme stress, faithful to code)
Not all Kitsune go through a situation like this, but Kitsune who manage to follow their code and overcome the situation evolve into something new, unlike a Kitsune who failed to follow their code and evolve into a Nogitsune. This faithful fox evolution is called a Myobu.
Myobu have the same basic color scheme as their cousins the Hoarfoxx. Their fur is one of the varying shades of white (I.e. Cream, off-white, pure white). Their hands, feet, tails and ears are all tipped in a varying shade of yellow. The yellow fur is where most of the girl's electricity is stored. The amount of fur actually varies, with ferals being fully anthromorphic to having a mostly human girl with fox ears, tails and fur on their hands and legs. Their height varies between 5'4" to 5'8" with their body shapes usually described as lean and lithe with breasts in between low A-cups to low C-cups. Myobu have a random number of tails, usually in between 2-5. Researchers speculate the Myobu's number of tails is dependent on their code and the stress caused by the situation in which their code was tested.
Myobu are honorable girls and deeply follow their personal code, showing dislike for girls who blow off their code, or mock it. There have been instances of more extreme Myobu referring to themselves as 'Defenders of Honor' and promptly struck out against the mocking Pokégirl. Due to this trait, Myobu can sometimes be found working in the police force, especially if their code is to always follow the law. In the opposite side of the spectrum, their have been cases of evil Myobu, many researchers were shocked she was still Celestial and other ‘good’ Myobu could be around them describing how they could still be celestial in this statement, “As long as a Myobu follows her code, she’s doing what she must, being Celestial doesn’t mean you’re a ‘good’ guy”. With the said statement, researchers considered this aspect of Celestial and Infernal as being defined as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Their speed allows them to stay in pursuit of running targets, subduing them with their Fox-Lightning attack.
Due to their arms and legs being where a majority of their electricity is stored, these girls have a preference for using quick punches and kicks usually resulting in an Impromptu Thunder Punches and Kicks. They usually stick to being up close and personal. Most Myobu have a tendency to actually take up ‘soft’ martial arts life When they fight from a distance they fire off Thunderbolts and Fox-Lightning to weaken the target before moving in with the punches and kicks.
In a harem setting, Myobu make decent Alphas and Betas, they're not as jumpy and erratic as some of the other electric types, and usually try and keep the harem on the straight and narrow, at least her idea of the straight and narrow. Myobu are one of the few Celestials that Infernals aren’t bothered by, vive-versa for the Myobu. It’s something about how the Myobu ‘Isn’t so up her ass like most of the snooty celestials’ one Daimon said when questioned. It’s been noted that the ‘evil’ Myobu actually become good friends with the Infernal types, which is an oddity in itself.
It is NOT wise for a tamer to have a Nogitsune and a Myobu in the same harem. The Myobu is extremely disappointed and angry at these girls for failing in sticking to their code, rejecting the Nogitsune and treating her less than trash. Though, if a Myobu manages to get past her hate, she can help speed up the process of getting the Nogitsune to evolve into a Dark Kitsune. A Dark Kitsune instantly has a Myobu's respect for having redeemed herself, and gotten back to following the code.
Incidentally, a Myobu will take a leadership role among Kitsune so as to try her best to keep the Kitsune following their paths and not going against it. The Myobu have an instinctual knowledge of what a Kitsune's code is and will not willingly share it with anybody except the Kitsune. In very rare cases of Myobu who have broken their code of honor to the extent of being irredeemable they are ‘evolved’ back into Kitsune to start the process again and capable of regaining the evolution again, or evolving into a Nogitsune.
Tamers of Myobu note that they love to use Pleasure Spark during the act, arousing and relaxing the tamer. Myobu also like having their feet massage and their hands held during taming as those areas are highly sensitive to them along as their tails. Most Myobu keep the same taming preferences they had when they were Kitsune, only with an enhanced focus on their hands and feet.
Feral Myobu can be occasionally be seen around Kitsune, taking a motherly leadership role, or if they’re alone, always seem to be muttering 'Inari' while seemingly praying at random intervals. When approached they will try and run, shooting back weak thunderbolts to cover their path as they bolt away. The muttering of Inari doesn’t happen as often when a Myobu is tamed, though when they manage to get a moment of free time, they can be spotted praying quietly.
There is speculation that a Blessed Kitsune may have an easier time evolving into a Myobu, but this is just a rumor and should be regarded as such. Threshold cases of Myobu have been noticed; these girls usually have the lowest amounts of tails and commonly have electric, celestial or fox ancestry.
Fox-Lightning (ATK 40 + EFT): The tips of a Fox-type’s tails glow slightly as they charge. After a turn of charging, the electricity discharges towards the target, forming what appears to be a small fox that races along the ground. When it strikes it causes damage and paralyzes the foe 90% of the time. (Can be used by Fox-types only)
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ONI, the Shagging and Shocking Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: slightly painful Taming, defibrillator
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Hammer, Pummel, Yell, Glare, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Spark, Jolt
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength (x4), Electromagnetic Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (Thunder Stone)
A Tomboy who is exposed to a Thunder Stone evolves into an Oni. This is the evolution that most Tamers prefer to have their Tomboys go through. An Oni gains quite a bit more cleavage than her previous form, with her breasts swelling to a nice C-cup, and her legs lengthening to be long and delicate. For these reasons they tend to wear as little as possible (although they prefer not to go naked), enjoying flaunting their new figures. Onis also grow a small pair of horns atop their head, but these are easily hidden under their hair. An Oni usually leaves behind most of her bad attitude that she possessed as a Tomboy, but she can still be jealous and obstinate at times. These instances happen less frequently though, and usually don’t involve nearly as much pain for the Tamer she is jealous over. When it does involve pain though, it’s in the form of high-voltage electric shocks. They tend to use these shocks during Taming as well, but to a much lesser degree, applying a very faint but quick electric shock to her partner’s sensitive areas for stimulation. It stings a little, but the surprise is quite arousing for those who enjoy that sort of thing.
As far as combat goes, Onis are proficient fighters. They retain the most of the attacks of their previous form, as well as the durability. They do take a hit in strength, but what they lose in sheer physical prowess is made up for by the fact that they gain a wide array of electric attacks.
The most impressive ability of an Oni though is her ability to use Electromagnetic Flight. Using this enhancement, she concentrates ambient electricity inside her body, letting her ride the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field to fly. Because the electricity she uses to do this is generated and kept within her, she doesn’t attract metal or otherwise let the field externally manifest. Despite this ability, an Oni has been conclusively proven not to be a Flying type. This is mostly due to the fact that no Oni has any types of Flying attacks or enhancements, but also due to the lack of good maneuverability. When an Oni is flying, at any speed, it takes her anywhere from three to five seconds to alter her speed and/or direction as she adjusts her internal electricity to move through the magnetic field of the earth in a different manner. While three to five seconds isn’t a lot, in a fight this lack of quick air movement can be costly, with only the Oni’s powerful electrical attacks counterbalancing this weakness to give them the advantage against Flying-types. In a serious match, an Oni will remain on the ground. An Oni can never carry another person with her in the air, nor any objects that are very heavy.
Feral Onis are relatively easy to capture. They tend to fly around, heedless of their surroundings and oblivious to all that goes on around them. By the time they notice that a Tamer is coming after them, it tends to be too late. Threshold girls directly become an Oni only rarely.
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PEEKABU, the Electric-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Mouse Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Storm troopers (literally), electric generators
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Agility, Spark, Thunder
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (x5), Enhanced senses (Eyesight, Hearing, Smell) x2
Evolves: Ria (Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: Pia (normal)
When polled about the most familiar electric Pokégirl, most passers by will come up with the Peekabu. Indeed, next to the Electrocat and Joltina, Peekabu are among the most common electric types around. Peekabu are usually considered similar to Titmice in terms of looks, since all feralborn Peekabu have a light rodent muzzle and a coating of yellow fur broken up by two tan or brown stripes across their back. The base of their tail also holds the same tan or brown color, and their high pointed ears bear black tips. Their feet are plantigrade and usually have thick pads that cover the toes, heel, and ridge of the foot. Their cheeks hold bright red patches of fur, noting where their electric sacs can be found. Electric bands can also be found under the skin beneath the portions of the brown colored fur as well, allowing the Peekabu to both generate and store electric charges at the same time. A majority of domestics have this animorph appearance as well, though some lean toward a more human appearance which is a trait commonly found in thresholders. These Peekabu look human with the exception of the large lightning bolt shaped tail and high pointed ears coming off of the top of their heads. Many Peekabu, regardless of being feral born, domestic or threshold, tend to be on the short side, rarely topping over 5.5 feet, the record being an even 6'.
Unlike Titmice, Peekabu are more omnivorous, hunting for fish near lakes and streams to supplement their foraging habits. These electric mice also have higher pleasure thresholds than Titmice, usually making them fair combatants in a sex battle match. Though it is in the Pokébattle arena where they truly shine. Peekabu can generate a large amount of electricity in a fairly short period of time and can also store this electricity in it's electrical sacs as a form of chemical energy that can be quickly discharged. Research has proven that many Peekabu have a greater energy potential than most other electric pokegirls, though most Peekabu do not achieve this potential, it makes them a sought after Pokégirl for electric enthusiasts as well as battling tamers who want a pure electric type in their Harem.
Taming a Peekabu from feraldom can be quite a dangerous undertaking without the proper precautions, as a Peekabu can generate enough electricity to stop a human's heart. Therefore it is advised that any tamer take proper precautions when attempting to tame a feral Peekabu. Grounding lines, rubber suits and gloves and rubberized restraints are always needed. After the Peekabu has been tamed and bonded to the Tamer, there is no longer a danger from taming her as even a complete loss of control during an orgasm only causes discharges similar to a Jolt attack. Once tame, Peekabu tend to be very loyal, even more so if raised from their pre-evolved form Pia. The breed overall is quite clever, able to pick up on patterns even while feral, and able to speak quickly after having a speech T2 used on them.
Many Peekabu take the battlefield with their speed, using hit and run tactics and zapping opponents from a distance relying on their speed to keep them out of harms way. As Peekabu are purely electric types, however, it is wise to refrain from sending them up against ground or rock types, as they have little hope of defeating one without any outside help from TMs or T2s.
The role of the Peekabu in Sukebe's army was part of a Storm Generation force. Any army that could resist his other Pokégirls would have a hard time stopping a force of nature that was generated by this task force. Magic, psychic or water Pokégirls would create a cloud cover while flying Pokégirls, carrying Peekabus and other electric users, would create gale-like winds as the electric Pokégirls rained lightning down on the enemy forces, who would refrain from retaliating, believing the storm to be natural. Indeed, the Storm Generation force hadn't lost a single member, even up to the point where they were eventually dissolved. In today’s society, many Peekabus are used as supplementary power sources to Hospitals or employed enmasse at power plants to generate the needed electricity. There are many debates between liberal and more conservative Tamers on which power is better, Peekapower or Poképower.
It's uncommon for a threshold to result in a Peekabu, though many girls are relieved to find that their looks stay somewhat the same with a switch in their hair color to blond and the addition of ears and a tail. Thresholders generally have the same problem as Pia's in learning to regulate their voltage, and in the first few weeks after threshold, many Peekabu find themselves accidentally jolting themselves and others.
Feral Peekabu tend to say in colonies, hunting and foraging during the early morning and late evening hours and congregating for sleep and interaction during the midday and midnight hours. Feral Peekabu get especially excited during thunderstorms, and tend to get drawn to the highest points in trees as they absorb ambient electricity. It's said that the safest place to be during an electrical storm if you're caught in the woods is under a tree where Peekabu are in the top most branches. Unfortunately, this is an old Mousewive's tale, as the ambient electricity makes most Peekabu horny, and any one foolish enough to take shelter from a storm under their tree would find themselves with a pack of randy Peekabu who want to get tamed... without protection.
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PIA, the Baby-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (mouse)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivorous
Role: Fighters, Emergency power charges
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Growl, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Spark, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Thunderwave
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility and Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Senses (Smell and Hearing) (x2), Low self-control
Evolves: Peekabu (age/normal)
Evolves From: None
A Pia is one of the shortest mouse-type Pokégirls, rarely growing very much; by the time she reaches puberty, she's still only 4'5 in height, at best, and the rest of her proportions are on par. The average breast size is an A-cup, with anything larger being always on the lower side, and the same low sizing affects their hips as well; rarely, however, there are Pias who are gifted with large breasts and hips, usually looking more like their evolved forms than anything. Their bodies are covered in bright yellow fur, with pink marks on their cheeks and extremely long, rabbit-like ears with black markings. These ears move according to their emotions, normally standing proud in attention when they're calm or happy, but drooping when they're sad or worried. Their tail is smaller than their evolution's, also being black in color at the end, and is used to aid with their balance and movements.
Pias aren't particularly fast or strong, although they're still able to outrun the average human if they tried; rather, their primary skill is to hide and sneak through places taller Pokégirls normally can't access. Their form of playing about, when they're young, is usually to see who can sneak through the tightest hole the quickest, a game that requires more strategizing than one might think. Because of this, Pias usually can climb onto, enter, and otherwise access areas one wouldn't expect them to be able to reach. Despite the stories, however, very few Tamers actually believe their skills - until they actually see them in action. Their electric attacks are actually more potent than other Pokégirls’, including their evolutions – that is, however, only if one considers the amount of energy wasted or redirected into their own bodies. Their weaker attacks are normally not strong enough to cause serious harm, although they might end up paralyzed or dizzy from use; stronger attacks, on the other hand, can leave them seriously harmed or even worse. Still, the average Pia can’t unleash her electricity on accident unless seriously shocked, and Taming doesn’t require much other than careful contact and going slow; their bodies are small enough that an average Tamer isn’t likely to get his entire organ inside her.
Personality-wise, Pias are rather perplexing; while a good majority of them is Feral, their state is very much unlike the other Pokégirls, being able to interact with others normally for extended periods of time without Taming. While it's true that they need it, and particularly love to do it (although they're so small there aren't many ways to do it with them), their low libido means they require it only every once a week or so, at least, rather than daily. They're also extremely curious, usually going to places they're not supposed to be in and asking various questions of any kind. If what they learn isn't particularly interesting, they'll 'forget' about it, speaking mostly of the things they liked to hear about for a long while. Sometimes, however, they may recall their 'forgotten' knowledge way after they heard it, something more common if they're Tamed (a fair rarity, of course...). Pias tend to be intensively possessive of things they find, usually considering any kind of thing they can put on their bodies 'clothing' and anything they can carry 'theirs', be it truly theirs or not. This kind of action is worse with wild Pias, who consider anything not nailed to the ground to be theirs and everything else to be theirs as well.
When Feral, Pias tend to hide from humans and watch them, curiously. Depending on how close the human is, they'll either run away if their eyes cross or start coming closer, carefully. As long as the human does not do any sudden movements or attempt to touch the Pia, she won't be frightened, and may be offered some food; in such a case, she'll be as good as Tamed, trusting the human as long as he doesn't try to hurt her at all. This is one of the reasons why knowledge of these Pokégirls and their evolutions is being easier to find. Surprisingly, Pias have a difficulty to understand the concept of 'one partner', and may wander off if they feel unsatisfied, even if Bonded; this isn't a permanent departure, however, and the Pia will return to her Tamer at once.
Pias do not like female humans, and being Tamed by females is even less effective than usual with them; be it a genetic memory or not, the truth is that the breed simply does not enjoy being touched by females, or doing the same. Feral Pias are more willing to be Tamed by their Sisters, but they will refuse to be touched by a female human regardless.
Cases of Threshold are extremely rare, almost non-existent; due to hormones, the only way a proper, safe evolution can happen is if the girl goes through the Threshold process earlier than normal, with the known cases of Threshold being younger than 10 years old at best. Recent studies to analyze why the process is so specific have been restarting research on Threshold. All Pias evolve at the age of 18, although evolution may be forced at an earlier period.
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PIXIE, the Electric Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteurs
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground
Attacks: Agility, Thundershock, Jolt, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Reduce, Enlarge
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Thunder Stone)
This evolution of the FairyCute was designed to infiltrate human compounds and short-circuit their electrical systems to allow other Pokégirls access into the base. Just like any of the other size-changing Pokégirls, the Pixie were very successful with this mission, and after the war many survived, again thanks to their size-shifting abilities. These Pokégirls live alone, rather rare in comparison to the other Fairy evolutions for reasons that Researchers are as of yet unsure of. The Pixie are hyperactive and enjoy zooming about. Like the Nixie, they live near human settlements and villages, although their ranged capabilities are greater than the Nixie's are.
They stand no more than five feet tall, with most a few inches beneath that. Their skin is normally a mid-shade of yellow, with white markings that seem to follow the Pokégirl’s bone structure, almost making her look like a glowing skeleton. Her electricity flows along the whitened portion of her skin, which researchers have concluded are the main lines where her electrical energy flow through so she doesn't shock herself with it. Like the Nixie, the Pixie also has four-part insect wings, and they also prefer skirts and aprons to wear (moreso than the Nixie, as the Pixie feels the cold a bit more). A Pixie has small breasts, around an A- to a B-cup, which often frustrates them. However, on her small body even at full-size, they do look adequate.
Ferals of this breed don't enjoy staying in one place long, even if this means that they must explore an area that they know to be dangerous. Most researchers suggest that this is why the Pixie is so rare. Domestics are better than this, but usually find themselves heeding what is called wanderlust, by Tamers and Researchers. This wanderlust is fine with Tamers, who travel all over the place anyway, and going on a journey with a Pixie can lead to a very loyal Pokégirl. Tamers that stay in one place, however, can lose their Pixie within a day. They get along with any Fairy-type Pokégirl, but for some strange reason, no Pixie can stand a Peekabu. It's a situation that no one really understands, not even researchers who have looked into it. The Peekabu are always friendly, but the Pixie just can't stand her. Research, as always, is ongoing.
The Pixie are rather rare to have a girl threshold into, but it isn't unheard of. They are dangerous, however, if they threshold someplace near many electronic devices. Weakly shielded devices will go out of control, and depending on the age of the girl (the younger, the less danger) it can become worse even with better-shielded electronics. For some reason, Pokédexes don't seem to be affected by a threshold into a Pixie. Some FairyCutes that evolve into a Pixie also do this, though that is very rare and may have something to do with where the resulting Pixie was located at the time.
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PLUSSY and MIBOOBSY, the Tag Team Pokégirls
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Fire and Electric/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Synchronized fighters
Libido: Average, High in high electricity areas
Strong Vs: Flying, Bug, Ice, Steel (Plussy); Flying, Water, Electric (Miboobsy)
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon (Plussy); Fighting, Fire, Rock (Miboobsy)
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Agility, Luminaire, Static Barrier, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick (Both); Flame Shot, Napalm, Flamethower, Ignite (Plussy); Ice Beam, Ice Armor, Avalanche, Ice Slide (Miboobsy)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Pokeballed as one, Aura of Cute
Weaknesses: Loose electric powers when separated, prone to rage/depression when separated
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
In 219AS a Team run genetics operation was infiltrated by a PLC official, undercover, the agent witnessed several violations of not only local laws, but crimes against nature as well. Most of these pitiable G-splices and mutations had to be put down, but the lab's most recent experiment was salvageable, and have come to be the breed known as Plussy and Miboobsy. Unlike most breeds with subtypes, the Plussy and Miboobsy are not considered separate Pokégirls in their own right. In fact, pairs of the subtypes of this breed have extreme co-dependency upon each other. Truly, this co-breed of Pokégirls are intriguing to say the least.
Both Plussy and Miboobsy are rodent type Pokégirls, based off of a Chipmunk, a ground squirrel which is rarely seen in the modern era. Plussies and Miboobsies both look very similar to each other within their twin pairs, being closer to maternal twins than fraternal twins . The breed ranges from human looking Pokégirls with large round ears and short tails, to nearly full animorphs, with slight muzzles and full body fur. The fur of the breed is usually a cream to yellow color, though Plussies have bright red highlights on their ears and tail, and Miboobsies have deep blue highlights on the same areas. Human looking Plussies and Miboobsies barely show their cream fur color, though no matter how human or anthropomorphic individual pairs of the breed are, they still have slightly rounded cheeks from electrical sacks, much like the Peekaboo line. These electric pouches are noted by red fur with a white plus sign on most anthropomorphic Plussies, though human looking Plussies merely have a area of lighter skin that looks like a plus sign. Miboobsies also carry this feature, though their fur color is blue on furry specimens and the symbol is a dash or minus sign. Also, a Plussy's tail is cross shaped, looking much like a hard plus sign sticking out from her body; while a Miboobsy's tail is 'T' shaped, like a hard minus sign attached to the end of their blue tails. The tail is where a majority of the breeds elemental powers come from. They are a bit on the short side, usually around 4-5 feet in height, though taller pairs have been noted. Their breast size tends to range from a modest B to a busty C, though most of the breed lean towards the B cup range.
One of the most interesting facets of the breed is that Plussies and Miboobsies are always found as twin sets, each with a Plussy and Miboobsy. Oddly this also extends to Pokéballing the Pokégirls, as when one is captured or recalled, the beam extends to their partner as well. Due to this odd quirk found in most identical twin Pokégirls, Plussies and Miboobsies are Pokéballed as one, and most Leagues consider them to be a single Pokégirl. Research has shown that there is a deep psychic link between the twins, similar to a delta bond, that make each Plussy and Miboobsy dependent on their counterpart. Plussies tend to produce a positive charge from their electric sacs in the breed's cheeks and tail, while Miboobsies produce negative charge. Without the corresponding charge, the Plussy and Miboobsy cannot create the needed electricity to use their electric attacks, leaving them with only their intrinsic control over fire or ice as offense or defense. This means that even in battle, a Plussy and Miboobsy pair will stick close to each other, the maximum distance being recorded at just under 10 yards. When separated by more distance than that, their electrical attacks tend to fizzle ineffectively.
Due to their close bond, only twin Pokékits born to a Plussy or Miboobsy survive, as there have been no known single Pokékits to be born alive. Without their partner, Plussies tend to slide into rages easily, and begin to have blood pressure problems, eventually perishing from heart disease. Miboobsies without a partner, on the other hand, will slide into a deep depression, their bodily functions slowly shutting down as they starve themselves. This has even proven true in utero, as fetal Pokékits suffer from the same symptoms and usually miscarry early on in the pregnancy. Rarely, if a Plussy and Miboobsy team get pregnant together, the twins can manage to have one Pokékit apiece so long as each Pokégirl is carrying one Plussy Pokékit and one Miboobsy Pokékit. Extensive research into the odd quirk of the breed has shown that a Plussy or Miboobsy can actually accept a new partner should their twin perish. However, the odds of two pairs of Plussy and Miboobsy having a partner perish and leaving behind a Plussy and Miboobsy are slim due to their rarity and the odds of this happening.
In addition to their electrical attacks, Plussies and Miboobsies each have one extra elemental ability. Plussies can use and learn fire attacks, while Miboobsies can use and learn ice attacks. It is theorized that this is due to their positive and negative electrical abilities respectively, positively charging the air to produce fire attacks, or using a negative charge to create ice attacks. Regardless of how their other elemental abilities are achieved, the typing remains inherent to the breed, as Plussies are neither strong nor weak to water, while Miboobsies have an added weakness to fire.
When together, each twin pair forms an interesting dynamic. Sometimes there is one more assertive of the pair, either the Miboobsy leading with her cool head and intellect, or the Plussy leading with her passion and aggressiveness. Other times the pair act startlingly similar, speaking in tandem and finishing each others sentences. Luckily, unlike with other twins, tamers can easily tell them apart by ear color alone. Overall, Plussies and Miboobsies are cheerful and helpful Pokégirls, well suited for either tag matches or grand melee battles. However, they're not well suited for one on one matches, as being too far away from their partner hobbles their fighting abilities greatly.
In a battle, most pairs of the breed rely on electrical attacks, blasting the area with Thunderbolts, though they have been known to use their fire and ice abilities in tandem for a powerful one two punch. If caught away from each other, pairs can only rely on their fire or ice attacks, but they quickly use agility to try and get back within their electrical range. Usually however, neither of the pair are very willing to separate from each other.
Taming with a Plussy and Miboobsy pair is quite an experience, as usually pairs are quite willing to share. Unless the breed's cheek sacs are pressed, Plussies and Miboobsies are not known to loose control of their electrical abilities, and they have better control over their fire and ice abilities. No restraints or special equipment is needed with this breed, though Miboobsies often complain of being chilly while Plussies are rather warm.
Thresholding into a Plussy or Miboobsy is rare, and quite dangerous should the thresholder have no sibling. In cases such as this, parents often scramble to find a partner Plussy or Miboobsy for their daughter to bond with, though in some more conservative leagues, she is often Pokéballed and placed into storage or shuffled into Poképower with a payment to the parents. Twin thresholders fair much better, as one inevitability thresholds into a Plussy and the other a Miboobsy. To date, there has been no instance of twin thresholders becoming the same subtype of the breed.
Feral Plussy and Miboobsy are rare, as despite being rodent Pokégirls, they are prone to perishing at twice the rate of other Pokégirls due to their unique bonding. When found together as feral, they do pose a challenge for some tamers, as the combination of electric, fire and ice proves a difficult elemental match to overcome unless countered with a rock type. They tend to gather with Peekabu and Ria during thunderstorms in the tops of trees, though Plussies and Miboobsies are less likely to congregate otherwise. Feral Plussies seem to be fascinated by fire, but avoid it due to their partners nervousness around it. Feral Miboobsies greatly enjoy winter weather, and often drag reluctant Plussies out and into cold romps.
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RAWCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Thunder Fang Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Canine/Tiger!?
Element: Electric
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore - preference for meat
Role: Lady of Lightning, fighting machine
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock)
Attacks: Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack, Growl, Static Barrier, Thunder, Thunderwave, Thunder Bolt
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced sense of hearing, Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (5 inches), and High electricity-storage capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed.
Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Sparkanine, Rawcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Hentai, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Crescent Star Islands of the Crescent Moon League in 265 AS, Rawcunt would eventually rarely visit the area, as her interest in the fighting arts would make the Edo League a far more appropriate home. Her purpose was to store electricity to convert to power and bring it to those whom would be of use to it. A lot of power-generating plants had a sudden boon in rate of building thanks to Rawcunt initially providing them with power to disperse to towns and cities.
Rawcunt's build for the most part is that of what one would expect of a Sparkanine, having yellow fur with black stripes that were across and down her back, arms and legs, while having a white underside. Her slightly muscular build was impressive with her height of 5'11", as were her full DD-sized breasts.
However, the former Sparkanine was definitely changed from her previous form... in that she now had a distinct feline nature, specifically, physical traits and powers that were very similar to a cat-type, a Sabretooth Tigress to be exact. Heightened agility not normally seen in Dog-type Pokégirls, not to mention she's been reported as purring on more than one occasion. She even has distinct physical traits, her thunder bolt like tail being prehensile like a feline's and her mouth has the two upper-canine teeth that jut downwards like one would see on a Sabretooth Tigress, only Rawcunt can't seem to retract them.
When it comes to clothing, the one piece she wears, a small mask, lends to a more feline-look towards the canine Neo-Legendary. A T-shaped blue steel ridge that goes across her forehead and ride of her eyebrows, adding a look similar to a sneer, whiile three raised circular forms raise up the along the ridge and comes to a point over where her nose should be. At Rawcunt's nose, a sharpened piece of metal with dual points just out from either side, giving her the effect of having whiskers.
The reason Rawcunt has to wear a mask is similar to that of her Harem-Sister Hentai. Although her face was not overly desecrated like the once incredibly beautiful Vixxen's had been, a Psi-Dyke had gotten tired of Rawcunt's shouts and demands to leave her sisters alone, and silenced the Sparkanine by biting her nose right off her face.
Because of that, Rawcunt is denied the enhancement of enhanced smell, which most Canine-types have.
Finally it should be noted that unlike her previous form, Rawcunt has long hair. Hair that reaches along her backside but seems to be whispy and dark like a storm cloud. The hair even sparks at time, causing spots of light to appear in her hair.
When it comes to Pokébattles and Taming, Rawcunt wants her cake and eat it too. If she is interested in a Tamer, (although preferring men has taken a few females from time-to-time) she will initiate a PokéBattle with them, abusing electric-base attacks and trying to keep the opponent paralyzed and unable to defend of attack. Win or lose, if the Tamer doesn't impress her, Rawcunt will leave them be, running away quickly and causing the Tamer to lose track of her. If impressed, Rawcunt will offer her body to someone who she feels would be capable satisfying for her, and worthy of doing it.
When it comes to actually Taming Rawcunt, Tamers have described it as being with a Cat-type, specifically, a Sabretooth Tigress. She prefers to be done doggy-style, bracing herself so the Tamer thrust deeper and deeper inside her, the Neo-Legendary's body becoming the stiffer with each plunge to the point of near paralysis when she finally orgasms. She absolutely howls when the Tamer mounts her completely, reaching around to play with her breasts and bite deeply around the neck or shoulder area when he orgasms into her. However, when it comes to Taming Rawcunt, it should be noted that one needs protection in the former of condoms, preferably lubed. Rawcunt's name has definite meaning as the Neo-Legendary barely secretes any fluid down there, (only when orgasming) and the fact that her pussy is super-charged with quite a bit of power. Understandably, even if it's an honor to be able to Tame a Neo-Legendary, it can be hell on a unprepared Tamer's dick, (or fingers in a female Tamer's case).
Although it has proven near-impossible to catch her over the years, (the most recent being two Team Rocket members Attila and Hun) there are those that have tried and ended up with quite shocking results. Especially if one refers to Rawcunt as a feline. Despite being very catty in nature and abilities now, Rawcunt, first and foremost, views herself as a canine... and woe be to those that disagree with her.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Rawcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Rawcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face a Dragon or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Electric, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
Thunderous Roar: Indeed, the howl of Rawcunt is best described as `thunderous'. When she roars, it is loud enough to create shock waves and shake the ground as if lightning had struck. It's a technique that Rawcunt uses often when she prefers to dodge an hostile force hunting her rather than sticking around to fight it, as it keeps the target stunned for quite a bit of time, enough for the athletic Neo-Legendary to cover considerable distance.
Shocking Shell: This quality is is one that Rawcunt can activate or deactivate at will. When activated, her hair is constantly sparking. This ability is one that makes it so if an opponent Pokégirl lands a physical attack on her, (such as Tackle, Bite, Megaton Punch) the attacking Pokégirl receives a backlash of electric energy equal to a mid-level Thunder attack.
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RIA, the High Voltage Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Mouse Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League) Rare elsewhere
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Storm Generation squad, electricity generator, fine electricity conductor
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunderbolt, ThunderWave, ThunderShock, Thunder, Spark, Static Barrier, Agility, Luminaire, Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Peekabu (Normal)
Known as one of the most powerful electric types, Rias are usually considered the penultimate electric pokegirl by many tamers, and as such have a very large fanbase throughout many of the leagues. Indeed, the sheer amount of voltage that the average Ria can produce has lead many of them to be pulled into the power generation field. Some Ria have even found that their evolution from a Peekabu has caused their power output to almost double. This is always a bell curve, however, and this depends entirely on the circumstances that a Ria was trained by before she evolved. There have even been instances of Peekabu being trained in fine manipulation of their electrical powers and becoming skilled enough that as a Ria (or rarely still as a Peekabu), they can actually mimic the alternating currents of household electrical sockets or the finer voltage control of electrical muscle stimulation used in physical therapy.
Physically, a Ria's color scheme changes from a Peekabu, her pelt becoming a orange-brown overall, with cream on her stomach and black stripes across her back. Her cheek spots turn from red to yellow, still above where her electric sacs. Her tail becomes long, slender, and black; only retaining the yellow lightening bolt look at the very tip. Her ears change from their slender pointed look to large fanned ears that are black in coloration along the outside while being the same electric yellow of her tail tip. Her ears have large spiraling 'static hairs' that help to pull ambient electricity away from her hair, preventing the hair on her head from standing on end due to her own ambient electricity. Her busts jumps from one to two cup sizes, becoming around a C cup; and she bulks up some, becoming stronger without looking ripped like an Amachop. Again, a majority of Ria assume a more animorphic look similar to a Titmouse, though many threshold Peekabu who have retained their human looks still keep them when they evolve into Rias. Humanesque Rias generally only have the ears and tail to denote them as Pokégirls, though their cheeks tend to be chubbier than other near human types due to their electric sacs, and their hair tends to be the orange-brown with cream highlights.
In battle, most Rias have an all out stragety, preferring to end battles quickly, making them a popular choice for Tamers that prefer hard hitting Pokégirls. However, as stated above, Rias can be trained for fine manipulation of their electricity, allowing them to make well timed and powered attacks, helping to conserve their energy as even the most powerful Ria has a limit to the amount of volts she can produce before exhausting herself. Once exhausted of her electrical powers, a Ria is easy prey in a Pokébattle as she has no outside electrical attacks without the help of T2's. Indeed, many tamers who have relied on their Ria's prowess find themselves frustrated when their apparently formidable Ria runs out of power and gets trounced.
Feral Ria are mostly loaners, unlike their unevolved forms, and tend to keep themselves until thunderstorms approach, when they gather with their Peekabu sisters in tall places such as trees to gather the ambient electricity. This also excites them, making them more energetic as well as horny. Taming a Ria is only slightly different from taming a Peekabu out of feraldom, as she now may need some restraints as well. Fortunately, no instances of a Ria loosing their control of their electric abilities during orgasm have ever been recorded, after they are tamed from feraldom of course.
Threshold into a Ria is extremely rare, and is known to happen only when there is a family history of Ria and Peekabu. Marked by erratic fevers and chills, depending on the extent of the animorph the girl will change into, as well as a heavy buildup of static electricity around the girl in question. Many girls also suffer from a period of high energy when thunderstorms arise, only to crash later when they are gone.
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SEXLONG, the Thunder Dragon Lady Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Partial Metamorph (Dragon)
Element: Electric/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human norm (Prefers seafood)
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Agility, Static Barrier, Thunder Bolt, Hyperbeam, Electric Blade Mark II, Thunder Flare
Enhancements: Retractable Wings, Electricity Absorption (1/2), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x7)
Weaknesses: Hard to stop when in the heat of battle.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shoxiya (battle high, well-trained)
For the longest time it was said that to be able to train a Shoxiya into a competent combat Pokégirl was next to impossible. They felt that their abilities were fine, never needed to train, and when they lost, it was never their fault! However, one day, there was something different about a particular Tamer’s Shoxiya.
After losing yet another Pokégirl battle, Shoxiya’s numerous defeats finally began to take toll on her. Her confidence was gone, wondering her own usefulness to her Tamer. A “Break the Haughty” moment if you will. The Tamer assured her that she was neither hopeless nor useless and, if she would just listen to him and took her training seriously, she could get better. So she did! She practiced to improve the effectiveness of her attacks, worked on her strength, durability, and agility, all to become a stronger, tougher Pokégirl so she wouldn’t be such a loser. This wasn’t an easy process, given her low abilities, but eventually she developed into quite a powerhouse. She started winning Pokégirl battles and has even helped her Tamer win his next three gym badges. It was then after beating the gym leader’s last Pokégirl it happened: The victorious Tamer’s Shoxiya’s veins glowed brightly before its light engulfed her. Within seconds later, she was an entirely new Pokégirl: The Sexlóng.
After evolution, Sexlóng have managed to gone through several changes. Their height has increased to being around 6ft tall with their breast sizes increasing to a D-cup, although increasing to an E-cup is possible but rare. They also have a pair of wings that can grow from and retract into her back, each wing with a length span of 7ft when in full expansion. Despite their otherwise human appearance, they still have their ivory-colored scales from the back of their neck down to their wings, their spine, and finally to their tail, but fades into their now caramel-colored skin. The nails on their fingers and toes tend to be shorter yet similar to a dragon’s claws. Their head contains two long, thin horns as white as their scales that grow from frontal bone of the neurocranium which serves to conduct electricity towards her to absorb – from the weather or from a Pokégirl’s attack. Their “veins” still continue to glow in a bluish color, but glows brighter depending on how intense the battle or taming she’s in.
A Sexlóng’s preferred styles of dress are kimonos and qipaos (cheongsam dress). Both are preferred to be worn short in length, and backless to make room for her wings, though in the case of the Kimono it is worn off the shoulders. Long dresses would be considered “suitable” as long as the slits were high enough to show her legs and they were, of course, backless. Their hair is initially worn down but is held up in a bun with two thin metal sticks during battle. They can also be seen carrying a metal folding fan to use both for combat and to assist in conducting electricity towards them. When we asked few of them why they’re prefer this style of dress, they stated that "it’s in the blood." Note that the Sexlóng asked were natives of the Edo region and that other girls may prefer to wear regular dresses and skirts.
With their newfound power, Sexlóng’s arrogance from their time as a Shoxiya would occasionally return during battle but not to the same degree but only in a form of banter with her opponent. She’s also not above using sexual techniques whether to confuse or break down her opponent’s guard. Sexlóng believe that a true fighter must be able to overcome all form of challenges, no matter how dishonorable they may be and expect the same from the other Pokégirls, especially her Harem-sisters. This may lead one into a confrontation with the more headstrong breeds such as Dominas, who would disagree with her methods. A Sexlóng as an alpha will not yield to the latter as it would result in loosing face in front of her Harem-sisters and is perfectly willing to keep up the argument which could last half the day if she was willing to. On rare occasions she will bend on her decisions, but weaker-willed Harem-sisters often mistake this as a sign of weakness and will use that to their advantage. However, this ploy often blows up in their face. Perhaps all of this is probably why most Pokégirls who happen to be in the same Harem as a Sexlóng hope that she doesn’t become their Tamer’s alpha: Otherwise they can expect a lot of rough, rigorous training until they’re (in her opinion) at their best.
Upon their evolution, a Sexlóng gains a newfound devotion to their Tamer. Some researchers suggest that this may come from the time and dedication spent together training as a Shoxiya, perhaps also as gratitude for standing by her and putting up with her before her evolution. The quickest way to earn the ire of a Sexlóng is attack either her Tamer or one of her Harem-sisters in her presence. They have grown to be very protective of those they care about to the point where they have no qualms causing bodily harm to those who would hurt them. It is because of their devoted, protective nature that Sexlóng make for great bodyguards, especially against feral Pokégirls. Tamers are well advised to make sure to keep their Sexlóng’s attitude in check, especially when a human is her target of aggression. Otherwise, she may face a taming cycle or worse.
One notable flaw that comes with a Sexlóng is that once the battle has started, she won’t stop until one of them has been defeated: Her or her opponent. No matter what the condition, she will keep fighting until a clear winner has been decided. Forfeits will only anger her, seeing it as an act of pity if not cowardice, to the point where she lose respect for the Pokégirl and/or Tamer, unless clearly mismatched. Perhaps it’s her Dragon type element that drives her search for a strong opponent to fight to the finish. Sometimes she will stop fighting if her Tamer or a Harem-sister is in danger to protect them.
During tamings, usually Sexlóng are willing to let their Tamer take the initiative, but sometimes they will take dominance instead. It is suggested to the tamer to just go along with it, as trying to resist will just frustrate them to being aggressive, which may lead to injury on the poor Tamer who makes such foolish decision. They no longer mind having others join in, just as long as 1) They’re only her Harem-sisters, and 2) It is they (The Sexlóng) who gets the most attention, as it is their taming session. During her Harem-sister’s taming session, however, while they are open to assist the tamings, they do not care if they are ignored. It’s their Harem-sister’s taming after all. A Sexlóng would try to restrain their strength during taming to avoid injury to their tamer, but there are times where they lose control of themselves, so it is suggested to have them restrained.
Thresholding into a Sexlóng is mostly unheard of, although some researchers speculate that girls who lived near the mountains have the highest chance. Feral Sexlóng prefer to nest near high mountain areas although on rare occasions they will be spotted near lakes. Unless you are confident in your abilities as a Tamer, it is highly advised that you do not even think about catching one. When it comes to Tamers, the devotion of Sexlóng that are caught tends to be significantly lower than those evolved from Shoxiya and they have no qualms disobeying orders. If you see one, it is best that you leave the area immediately, and if you have any Pokégirls with you make sure they’re in their Pokéballs or at least out of sight. Otherwise, hope the Pokégirls you have with you are strong.
Thunder Flare – (ATK 150 + EFT) The Pokégirl utilizes the electrical energy inside of her and unleashes a destructive blast of electricity. It takes a few seconds to charge and drains the user greatly, but almost always paralyzes target on impact.
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SHOXIYA, the Thunder Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Lizard Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruits, small bugs, Pokéchow
Role: Decoy, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water,
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Fireball, Spark, Timid Strike
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Jumping ability (x5) Adaptable to any climate
Evolves: Sexlóng (battle high, well-trained)
Evolves From: None
Shoxiya are small in size appearing to be at a height of 5’5” at maximum with nicely shaped B-cup sized breasts. Their ears are shaped similarly to small dragon wings in a slightly curled upward position. Their wild, waist-length hair varies in colors, but most often their color is red. While not particularly strong in strength, they are quick and agile. Their face, for the most part contain human-like features but have a slight muzzle and their tongue is forked. Their eyes are initially yellow, but the colors vary and their pupils are slit. Their smooth-yet-scaly skin is ivory white along with small claws on their hands and feet with their tail being 3/4 in length of their legs. Their most distinguishing feature is their “veins” from their cheeks down to their feet which glows in a bluish color. It is often said you can tell how much electricity is flowing inside of a Shoxiya simply by the brightness of the glow.
However, as electric types go, Shoxiya are known to be weak in general. Their strength is laughable, they cannot take much punishment in battle, and the only thing they seem to be good for is running away, yet they still believe that they have the battle won, if not ready to turn it into their favor. Despite their weak stats, it is possible for a Shoxiya to be a legitimate effective Pokégirl battler. With good training and by learning the right moves, a Shoxiya can become a decent combat Pokégirl. However, there is just one little problem: When it comes to battles, Shoxiya tend to become arrogant, too arrogant for their own good!
They put too much faith in their own abilities to realize their limitations, and have too much pride to admit need of help. Thus training could be very difficult, especially when working around their weaknesses. Until you are confident in her abilities, it is highly advised that you restrict your Shoxiya to either double battles paired with a strong Pokégirl that can cover her weaknesses or single battles that you are sure she can win, no matter how much she complains. Otherwise, should Shoxiya lose a battle (which is likely) neither her Tamer nor her Harem-sisters would hear the end of it. Needless to say this is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.
By nature, Shoxiya can be energetic and playful but they also tend to be rash, rarely if ever listening to reason. Their optimism tends for them to see things on the brighter side though, but it can make them prone to gullibility and obliviousness. Tamers and Researchers alike are often puzzled how a Shoxiya can go from being arrogant and antagonizing in battles to playful and cheery. Some have suggest that they do it all for attention from those they can get it from, especially their Tamer, to the point where if they feel ignored, they will do whatever they can to gain the attention they feel they deserve. To them negative attention is better than none at all, which may bring trouble to their Tamer. Lately, “attention whore” are the first words to come to mind when thinking about them.
If you’re not willing to go through all the trouble of training, Shoxiya have their uses outside of battling. Their speed and adaptability make them great scouts for checking out unknown areas for traveling Tamers. Their strong leg muscles grants them great jumping ability which allows them to leap onto high places to get a better view of certain areas. The high amount of electricity residing inside of them makes them useful as battery chargers as well as serving as an emergency power source for electrical equipment. Note that the latter only works best for small items such as hairdryers and lamps. Afterwards, it would be best to feed them and let them rest, as to them it is a draining experience. Also, their eagerness to fight makes them great decoys to keep dangerous feral Pokégirls away from defenseless tamers and Pokégirls. Just be sure to be quick to get the defenseless ones out of harm’s way, because they won’t be able to hold them off for long, no matter what they say.
During Tamings, Shoxiya prefer their Tamers and only them. They won’t be pleased to see anyone else, especially his Alpha or Beta. To them, they’re more than enough to satisfy and they see even the thought of bringing in another as an insult to them and their abilities. If another joins, she will become the object of the Shoxiya’s resentment for “stealing” her turn. Shoxiya often like to be dominated and if the Tamer won’t take the initiative then she will, often giving him a “playful” shock, in order to rile him up to show her who’s boss. Often foreplay is involved, usually involving tender stroking and ear nibbling, until they are ready to go down with the Tamer. Normally one time is enough to satisfy them, but depending on their feelings towards their respective Tamers, they may want to go for it again.
It is highly unlikely to threshold into a Shoxiya, as there have only been eight reports of this occurring. Feral Shoxiya are not that different, but unlike their domesticated counterparts, they won’t stop until they achieve their goal (Namely, attacking all that comes by for a battle) even if it will cause them serious bodily harm. Otherwise, they tend to search for packs to travel with.
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SOWLECTRA, the Lightening Boar Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Standard (avoids pork flavors)
Role: Childcare, Electric Generator, Natural lightshow specialist, Guard, Warrior
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Bite, Jolt, Rolling Spark Mk II, Thunder, Lightening Punch, Lightening Kick, Lesser Thunderclap; After Level 30: Thunderclap, Greater Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x8, Endurance x3, Enhanced Strength x3 Specialized section of their back.
Weaknesses: Short Tempered with adults, Tenacious, Short (4’-5’)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Giltlectric (Having third litter via Parthenogenesis as a Pokégirl, or having a single litter/child after becoming a Pokéwoman)
When a Giltlectric Pokégirl has her third litter via parthenogenesis or becomes a Pokéwoman and has a single litter or child, they evolve into the Sowlectra. Sowlectra is one of the few Pokégirls who evolve as a response to motherhood and childbirth like the Matron and the Denmother. It was a mystery as to why this Pokégirl’s numbers were equal to that of her pre-evolutionary form until this evolution was discovered and documented at a ranch that held many of the small electric Pokégirls. The ranch owner hoped to increase their numbers for Tradesman interested in bacon production but instead found out why Sowlectra were seen as often as Giltlectric.
Though it is unknown why it takes three litters by parthenogenesis for a Giltlectric to evolve, Researchers have speculated that the hormonal changes necessary for evolution do not occur right away if the Pokégirl reproduces by parthenogenesis. Upon evolution, a Sowlectra’s maternal instincts take a jump, allowing her to instinctively tell what a child needs, regardless of the child or Pokékit’s actual relation to her, though this seems to be more intense if the children in question are hers. As such, she makes a great guardian for children or Pokékits, even more so now that her cowardice from her previous evolution is gone. When it comes to the defense of their charges, Sowlectras have often been compared with Mousewives, being able to liberally shock most enemies into submission (or stopping playground bulling with a well timed Jolt).
Physically, Sowlectras ‘bulk up’ from their previous evolution, gaining some muscle mass along with around a foot in height, though no Sowlectra has ever been recorded as taller than five and a half feet. They are now a solid C cup, and very plump looking, their body type harkening back to what pre-Sukube historians call the Renaissance. Their tail disappears, but their ears migrate to the top of their head and become more porcine. Their hair, growing if they didn’t have it before, becomes coarse and sparse, giving the Pokégirl the appearance of balding upon close inspection. Their hair always stands straight up, giving the girl a buzz-cut or militaristic look. A Sowlectra had the interesting ability to charge these hairs with electricity which causes them to glow. Her lower canines enlarge and point at an angle outwards, now showing from her mouth and enabling her to give a nasty Bite attack despite not having a muzzle. Their eyes become a little less ‘beady’ and they retain the specialized section of their back, though it remains the same size as it was when they were a Giltlectric.
When in a Harem setting, some of the Sowlectra’s less desirable traits are brought to the fore. They tend to see adults as people who ‘should know better’ and tend to loose their temper if their Tamer or Harem sisters pull bonehead moves. They are also very tenacious, to the point of obsession, and tend not to let arguments go until she considers them settled. It is very unwise to have other argumentative types within a harem with a Sowlectra, though some tamers have claimed it can be done with liberal amounts of aspirin. One poor tamer, whose name has been withheld, was documented that his Sowlectra was convinced that she’d be able to overcome her weakness to ground. She became so obsessed with it, that the tamer finally decided to put her through a level 5 Taming cycle (since he’d previously tried a level 4 and it hadn’t broken her of her obsession) which thankfully worked.
Regardless of their flaws, Sowlectra are very effective in battles thanks to their newfound bravery. They tend to regard battles with some caution, and thusly use their speed to stay out of the range of most melee fighters while blasting away with their electric powers. When pinned into melee, they switch quickly to Lightening Punches and Kicks with liberal use of their Bite and Jolt techniques. Thanks to these hit and run tactics and their ferocity when cornered, many tamers are willing to handle their flaws.
In the wilds, most Sowlectra can be found watching over their own litters and sometimes adopted young of other Pokégirls. It is interesting to note that even Pokékit Sowlectra will attempt to take care of kits younger than them, often leading to the adoption factor of Pokégirls like Cutiepie, FairyCutes, and other more common non-predatory Pokégirls. When their charges are faced with danger, feral Sowlectra are known to use as much force as they can muster, one well documented incident pitted seven Sowlectra against a Jokette, and the results were grisly for both sides –only a single badly wounded Sowlectra drug herself away from the fight and would have died had she not been captured by the Watcher. As the Watcher who recorded the incident put it: “Never corner a feral Sowlectra… she may die, but she’ll take you down with her.”
To date, no cases of thresholding into a Sowlectra have been reported.
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SPARKANINE, the Electric Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: shepherds or specialist pets
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder wave, Spark, Static Barrier, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Agility, Zapring Mk II, Sonic shockwave (Bark attack which has a chance of stunning the opponent).
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (Thunder Stone)
Sparkanine was an unexpected evolution of Growltit, its discovery caused mass controversy amongst researchers and changed the paradigm that only those evolutions that Sukebe planned could occur, showing that Pokégirls had grown beyond even what the creator himself had planned or expected. This encouraged the wipe spread testing of evolution stones on Pokégirls and lead to the mass discovery of many new evolutionary forms of Pokégirls causing a huge increase in the number of known Pokégirl breeds. This Golden age of evolution stone testing ended after an Orange League tamer tested an Angel stone on an Eva which resulted in the Evangelion evolution and the destruction of the Orange Continent, after this the other leagues where quick to place a ban on evolution stone testing in general.
The scientific community have long since suspected that other evolution stones might work on Growltit besides the Thunder and Ice stones which create the Sparkanine and Huskie breeds of Pokégirls, however scientists are wary, the evolution stone reaction that devastated the Orange Continent was caused by an Eva which is a first stage Pokégirl. If a similarly energetic evolution was discovered for Growltit, a third evolutionary stage Pokégirl then the energy released could theoretically rip the world apart, hence attempting to test evolution stones on a Growltit is an offence punishable by death in most leagues.
Sparkanine has a physical appearance similar to that of a Growltit, the canine features remain the same but instead of having red fur with black tiger stripes, Sparkanine has yellow fur with black stripes which goes down her back, arms and legs like Growltit. The blonde hair on the top of her head becomes shorter and spikier than her Growltit form, indeed Sparkanine seems to have great difficulties growing its hair long much to the dismay of Growltits who liked long hair. The blonde fur down her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs seems to revert back to its shorter length like it was when she was a Growlie, the only differences being she gains a spiked collar of fur around her neck that looks similar to Joltina and the long blonde fur down her arms and lower legs becomes much spikier. Her long blonde fur tail remains the same as it was when she was a Growltit.
Once Sparkanine evolves it loses all of its ability to control fire and instead develops powerful electric powers which it uses predominately to paralyze its opponents or zap them from a distance. Sparkanine also develops a much more fearsome bark than even Denmothers, its Bark has the boom of thunder in it which transforms it into a sonic shockwave attack that can stun or scare opponents. Unfortunately the breed also loses some of its enhanced senses making it less useful in tracking when compared to Growltit or Growlie.
Sparkanine are not used by the police force because they are considered too flighty by most, the breed seems to be hyperactive and full of energy whilst possessing a short attention span, they have a tendency to get distracted at the wrong moment or not pay attention. The lose of its tracking ability is just the final nail in the coffin which means Sparkanine loses most of the traits which made Growlie and Growltit such good police Pokégirls and if any Growltit is accidentally evolved into a Sparkanine then they are retired from police service.
Unlike Denmother, Sparkanine is also unsuitable to watch children due to static electricity which builds up in its fur; this charge can become quite strong, presenting a danger to children. Other difficulties include its new found hyperactive attitude which could lead it to accidentally injure the children.
Sparkanine is not a favored pet Pokégirl, it is difficult to acquire, has a habit of accidentally electrocuting everything around it and is difficult to tame without specialized equipment due to her static charge. Only those with Electrocat or specializing in electric type Pokégirls are likely to have a Sparkanine as a pet, Sparkanine retains its like of cat type Pokégirls and particularly loves electric types whilst Electrocat can easily absorb and disrupt the static charge that builds up in Sparkanine whenever it's excited, making them a good pet team if one likes electric types.
Sparkanine is still is a proficient fisher, however has developed a new form of fishing by literately shocking the fish with its electrical abilities to paralyze or kill them before catching them.
Tamers can find a use for Sparkanine as it is a powerful electric type Pokégirl, being a 4th level evolution, it also still has the survival and foraging skills it had whilst it was a Growltit, making it a good electric type for a harem. They are particularly good at dealing with other electric type Pokégirls such as Peekabus and can easily keep other unruly Pokégirls in line with a few quick electric shocks.
Predominately Sparkanine will be found on farms where it is used as a Shepard to look after livestock type Pokégirls such as Lampchops, Milktit, Chickenlittle or Khangasscunt, keeping them in line using its electric shocking abilities as well as keeping feral predatory Pokégirls from preying on them. In this use, they are actually surprisingly effective.
Their short attention spans mean that they are attracted to any change or oddity that occurs whilst watching over the herd but retain the intelligence to remain near the herd or flock. This can make it particularly difficult for feral Pokégirls to stealthily attack the herd because Sparkanines patrol patterns can be completely random and any obvious attack will attract Sparkanines attention which will result in the feral Pokégirl receiving a rather vicious and disabling electrical shock.
There have been no known wild or feral Sparkanine because of the difficulty of Growlie evolving into Growltit and then running across a Thunder stone.
There are no known cases of threshold into Sparkanine known either.
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STORM DEMON, Electrical sub-type of ELEMENTAL DEMON , the Electric Demon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Flying/Electric (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Probably Unique)
Diet: as humans, also energy released during sex
Role: Heavy assault troops
Libido: Very Low (to High/Extreme when Bonded to a Tamer they like and trust)
Strong Vs: Electric, Magic (All-types), Flying
Weak Vs: Water, Electric-based sex attacks
Attacks: Dive, Evade, Punch, Kick, Bear Hug, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Electric Blade Mk II, Absorb (electric attacks only, heals full damage), Static Barrier, Wingover
Enhancements: Enhanced strength (x15), Enhanced speed (x4), Enhanced reflexes (x2), Toughness (x2), Endurance, Psi Immunity (Telepathy/manipulation only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Process Classified) & Groaner (Process Classified)
Limitations: Incapable of Parthenogenesis (Even w/ Brooding Chamber), Pokéwomen may also be sterile, suffers from short-term Feral Shock after every Taming
In a word, bad-tempered, even Gynodoses and Dark Ladies consider the 'Elemental Demons' horrendously hot-headed. Although people who consistently show them kindness, they may only be snippy towards.
No example of any Elemental Demon has ever undergone parthenogenesis, even when run through a Brooding chamber. It is widely believed that the Pokéwoman form will also be unable to reproduce, although none had ever lived long enough to become a Pokéwoman.
All types of Elemental Demons are attractive and powerful Pokégirls, with good looks and magnificent bodies. They possess large, bat-like wings covered in soft fur; long, deeply colored finger and toe claws, long canine teeth as well as wild hair and eye colors. Their claws and teeth are long and sharp enough to be used in battle. Unfortunately, they often could careless about their appearance and hair, both often being dirty and disheveled, they also tend to smell bad. Their attitude is that they 'don't have to prove anything to anybody'. Their bad attitude and belligerence makes forcing them to be hygienic a constant battle. They have a condescending attitude towards Tamers they don't respect, and won't bother with them.
In combat they will attack seemingly with wild abandon, yet they will stick with a battle plan as long as it appears to be working. They are not subtle combatants, beating down opponents with the minimum amount of fuss and time expended. They favor using weapons and ranged attacks over going tooth and claw with their foes, although they aren't fanatical about it. Unexpectedly, they are not cruel or sadistic towards fallen enemies, they are too busy looking for the next fight. When a plan falls apart, they attack either the weakest, or strongest point they can find, whichever they believe would do the most good, and they unerringly choose right. Why such intuitive strategists want no part of pre-battle planning is unknown.
Manufacture of an Elemental Demon requires an Eva possessed by a Groaner to be bonded with [REDACTED FOR SECURITY] summoned by dark magic. An Elemental Stone completes the process and fuses the entities together. A Storm Demon is created by using a Thunder stone during the fusion process.
They enjoy sex, as much as they enjoy anything. Although they feed on the energy released by Pokégirls and humans during orgasm, so their enjoyment may just be the cessation of hunger pangs. This being the case, they will avoid Taming sessions with a Tamer they don't respect. Their Feral state is extremely mild, considering how vicious their non-Feral state is, that isn't saying much. Or as one Tamer put it 'How can you tell?'
In short, a failure, while powerful, they are difficult to reliably manufacture and are so foul-tempered and vicious they would be best dropped in their Pokéballs, in the middle of an enemy group, and left to destroy them all.
There are reports of a Tamer in the Sunshine League actually bonding with one. While initial reports that she became helpful and tractable were not confirmed by League officers, who found her highly emotional and difficult for her Tamer to control. The accounts of loyalty and good hygiene were confirmed.
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TESLADAMA, the Stormy Blitzer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Role: Guard Commander, Sniper Hunter, Blitz Striker
Diet: Omnivore
Libido: Average to Above Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Electric, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Psychic, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Attacks: Attacks: Arc Shield*, Disarm**, Arc Blade***, Arc Cannon****, Zapring, Spark, Thunderclap, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Rolling Spark Mark II, Electric Blade, Mega Punch, Megaton Punch, Mach Punch, Gatling Punch
Enhancements: Summon Armor, Enhanced Speed x8, Enhanced Stamina x4, Enhanced Strength x5
Evolves To: None Known
Evolves From: Tesslass (Normal)
The evolved from of a Tesslass is a Tesladama. The Tesladama takes the Tesslass' defensive mindset and takes it to the logical conclusion: The best defense is a good offense. During the Revenge War, Tesladamas were in charge of 'base' security for Sukebe's forces, organizing and leading their younger sisters the Tesslasses. Their usual preferred tactic was to use the Tesslasses as a defensive line, blitz the enemy lines, kill or incapacitate any command structure they could find, then use their speed to retreat before they could be over-run, letting other Pokégirls take advantage of the chaos they had just caused. The Tesladama had a similar level of control over a Tesslass that a Ballisticunt did. Tesslasses tended to obey and defer to the older, more powerful Tesladama during the war, and this degree of respect appears to be genetic predisposition, as a Tesslass will hold a Tesladama in awe and respect as the perfect example of their long as the Tesladama isn't a threat to their own harem or Tamer.
A Tesladama is far more dangerous than a Tesslass. While she still has access to her Arc Shield, her evolution has both enhanced electric capacity and electric control. In addition to that, a Tesladama's musculature and armoring increases exponentially, making her extremely fast and strong while wearing her heavier armor. The Arc Shield also gains functionality, and can be formed into two other 'weapons' by the Tesladama. The first is the Arc Blade, a crackling blade of energy that the Tesladama wields as a melee weapon. The blade forms along the same forearm mount as her Arc Shield. It lacks the defensive capabilities as the Arc Shield, but can still be used with her Disarm technique. While reports are spotty, the blade is known to be able to penetrate through steel armoring, as one damaged report from the time mentioned a Tesladama assaulting a mobile command center through the APC's wall. The second alternate form is the Arc Cannon. This modification allows for the Tesladama to form and charge an extremely powerful bolt of pure electricity, which can then be discharged as a crackling beam attack. The Tesladamas usually used this during the War of Revenge to charge forwards and pick off snipers or observers that were posing a threat to the artillery 'girls the Tesladama were in charge of protecting. The attack is draining, however, so a Tesladama cannot rapidfire their Arc Cannon, requiring time to recover before using it again. She can switch her weapon modes at will, although the recharge time on the Arc Cannon still applies.
Feral Tesladama, while rare, do exist. They tend to claim a large chunk of territory in the wilds, especially if it's defensible or near food supplies, and may undergo parthenogenesis. If they do, the offspring are always Teslasses. Any Feral Tesslasses in the area will also instinctively rally under the command of a Tesladama, adding their numbers to those of her offspring. A Feral Tesladama is extremely intelligent for a feral, and anything she or her 'troops' cannot defeat in a fight will often find itself the victim of various traps, ambushes, and hit and run attacks. They share a Tesslass' disinterest in humans, preferring to drive them off if they get too close, but will not go out of their way to attack them otherwise. However, they are a bit more dangerous for a travelling Tamer, as their electric powers are greatly increased, making their ability to paralyze and search a Tamer for anything edible or interesting much more dangerous. They also share the Feral Tesslass' relative fearlessness, as they can outrun most Ferals they can't decimate in a fight. If captured, the Tesslasses that they once commanded will scatter if retrieval seems impossible, dividing up or retreating from their territory to something they can hold.
A Tesladama is much more strong-willed than a Tesslass. If they find the current Alpha to be unacceptable for the continued success of their Tamer, they will challenge her until either they win or the Alpha improves. They are also much more willing to disagree or criticize their Tamer's decisions if they believe he is making a mistake. This also means that, if their Tamer is making a move that they see as suicidal, the Tesladama will threaten to shock and paralyze their Tamer, then retreat to safety with him. Tesladama are not known for their tendency to bluff or threaten if they don't plan to back their threats up. Most wise Tamers will accept that warning for what its worth and adjust accordingly. When dealing with other girls in the harem, the Tesladama will tend to try to play nice and polite with her harem-sisters, unless she sees them as a threat to her Tamer. At that point, a Tesladama will bring the point up with her Alpha, and, if nothing changes, take matters into their own hands. They are also a bit more arrogant than the Tesslass, since they know they're beautiful, tall, dangerous, and right about whatever it is people are arguing about.
They tend to act like they are the benevolent older (And wiser) sister to any non-hostile Tesslasses or Guntits they encounter, and will treat a Ballisticunt as an equal, albeit one who needs to be watched out for. Other than that, Tesladama are serious when working, party animals when not. They have few inhibitions, although they do tend to dislike any Pokégirl that tries to impose their will on them, often making that displeasure known via electric shock.
The Tesladama doesn't change a huge amount from her previous evolution when it comes to looks. Most Tesladama gain about two to five inches in height and a moderate increase in bust size. Their hair also tends to grow out a bit more, usually ending around or just past their nicely muscled ass. The Tesladama's muscle mass increases a lot from her previous evolution, making her far stronger, although she doesn't change too much from the outer view. They still prefer to dress in skintight outfits, although a Tesladama may supplement this with any clothing she finds both attractive and easy to get out of, in case there's a fight. Tamers are advised that a Tesladama will shred any clothing they can't shuck off in an instant while shifting to their battle armor.
There are no cases of someone thresholding into a Tesladama. Pokégirl offspring of a domesticated Tesladama are always Tesslasses or males with strong electrical affinities.
Arc Shield: The same as a Tesslass' Arc Shield, albeit larger and capable of blocking more damage. A Tesladama's Arc Shield can be used to release a burst that paralyzes enemies in the area of effect and interrupts projectiles
Disarm: A technique used by the Tesladama with her Arc Shield or Arc Blade, it involves charging the blade with electricity and slamming or slashing an opponent's weapon in an attempt to blast it out of their hands, leaving them open for a follow up attack at point blank range.
Arc Blade: A refinement of the Tesslass' Arc Shield technique, the Arc Blade takes the form of a long, crackling blade of energy that starts at one of the Tesladama's gauntlets and extends several feet beyond it. The blade is highly dangerous, and while the voltage and lethality can be modified by the Tesladama, it is quite strong enough to, if need be, cut through steel or rock. A Tesladama will use their Arc Blade in combination with a variety of fighting techniques, in addition to attacking with it alone.
Arc Cannon: Originally used by Tesladama's to destroy snipers or artillery observers, or simply to crack large, heavy targets, the Arc Cannon resembles that of a Guntit's hand held plasma blaster. It enfolds the armor on the Tesladama's hand, and usually crackles with barely contained lightning. When used, the Arc Cannon compresses and fires a bolt of energy at the Tesladama's target, often punching through hard cover or armor to reach it. This technique is rarely used in any sort of friendly match, since it is quite dangerous to be on the receiving end, and it isn't something the Tesladama can easily 'pull' down to a nonlethal level. It also takes some time to recharge between firings, and most Tesladama prefer to charge, fire, then retreat until they can fire again if they are using it in a fight.
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TESSLASS, the Static Defender Pokégirl
Element: Electric/Fighting
Type: Very Near Human
Frequency: Rare
Role: Defensive Line, Bodyguard, Sentry
Diet: Omnivore
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Electric, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Psychic, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Attacks: Arc Shield*, Disarm**, Zapring, Spark, Thunderclap, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Mach Punch, Backhand
Enhancements: Summon Armor, Enhanced Speed x3, Enhanced Stamina x2, Enhanced Strength x2
Evolves To: Teslaladama
Evolves From: None
During the War of Revenge, Sukebe's forces made good use of Guntits and their evolution, the Ballisticunt. Those Pokégirls were mobile, heavily armed, and more than a match for human long as they were at range. In closer combat, however, the Pokégirls were more vulnerable. To fill this gap, Sukebe created the Tesslass. Designed along the lines of the Guntit-line as a midrange defender and Bodyguard for the artillery-type Pokégirls, Tesslasses served quite well during the War, being well prepared to engage any opponent, either at close quarters with hand to hand skills and their Arc Shields, or at range with a variety of electric attacks (With a tendency towards attempting to pin opponents, so that other 'Girls could finish them). They share the Ballisticunt's ability to summon a set of armor to wear, although the Tesslass has heavier armoring than the Ballisticunt and isn't as bothered by the weight, having the strength to move as if they were wearing nothing at all.
The breed didn't survive the war very well. Bred for loyalty, especially to their usual Ballisticunt commanders, the Tesslasses were usually quite reluctant to flee, and so most of the breed was wiped out along with Sukebe's forces. Still, enough survived, through various means, for the breed's numbers to slowly rebuild, although they are still a rare Pokégirl to encounter.
Feral Tesslasses, while losing some of their intelligence, are still quite cunning. They also become extremely territorial, claiming an area they find ideal and patrolling it regularly against intruders. Within their claimed territory, a Tesslass is quite aggressive, as they have a type advantage over most other aggressive Ferals, or the speed to run away if they feel outclassed. They tend to prefer areas that are near large bodies of water, as their proficency with electric techniques makes fishing a snap. Feral Tesslasses also develop an obsession with shiny objects. While not overtly hostile towards humans as a whole, Tesslasses are known for paralyzing an intruding human in their territory, then rummaging through his belongings and stealing all of his food and shiny objects. Of course, since this means that it can leave a Tamer unconscious or paralyzed in Feral territory...
Once domesticated, a Tesslass makes an excellent addition to a harem. A feral, once over Taming shock, transfers her territoriality onto her Tamer, and will listen to him quite obediently. Domestics tend to treat their Tamer as a superior officer rather than a piece of territory. Both strains, however, do reach a point where they will disagree with or even refuse a Tamer's orders. That point comes once they think their Tamer is putting himself in undue danger, at which point the Tesslass will attempt to convince him to make a different decision, using almost any means at their disposal. Other than that, Tesslasses tend to be quite pleasant most of the time. They are quite serious when 'on duty', as they call it, having little time for jokes or pranks while patrolling their Territory (IE, the area around their Tamer or his possessions, or an area he's ordered her to secure) but also tend to shift to being extremely wild once they are 'off duty' and somewhere they can feel is safe with their Tamer and his Harem. They are showy Pokégirls when not on duty, enjoying showing off their bodies. The rest of the time, a Tesslass will tend to be in her armor, usually near her Tamer as a bodyguard against threats.
As for inter-harem dynamics, Tesslasses don't particularly seek any position in the harem. All they require is to be near their Tamer and to have him in good health. They tend to be wary of Pokégirls they are elementally inclined to be weak against. They still have their genetic predisposition to obey and protect Pokégirls from the Guntit's evolutionary line, however, and will naturally defer to any such 'girl in the Harem, acting as their subordinate. If placed as an Alpha over a Ballisticunt, the Tesslass will request that the Ballisticunt be put in charge instead. They also tend to become overprotective of those breeds, sometimes to the annoyance of the Pokégirl being protected.
Most Tesslasses stand around five and a half to six feet tall and have a tendency towards extremely long hair, up to around waist length, of which they are quite proud. Said hair is usually either blond or black, although some girls have a mix of both, or have hair that moves from one color to the other. While long, the hair usually doesn't get in the way during combat, as it partly acts as a ground and static collector for their powers, making grabbing it a very bad idea. Their bodies have generous curves and busts, usually around a generous C-cup or smaller D-cup. They dislike wearing clothing that isn't skintight, as it not only lets them show off their bodies, but loose clothing also gets rumpled up and feels quite uncomfortable when they summon their armor.
Thresholding into a Tesslass is quite rare, but relatively more likely if the mother was a Tesladama.
Arc Shield: The Arc Shield is a natural technique innate to the Tesslass, focused on their dominant arm. It allows them to cause a crackling plane of energy to spring into existence. The Tesslass tends to use this shield in a passive fashion during combat most of the time, but they can also supercharge the Arc Shield with an electric blast, causing an area of effect wave of electricity. While not particularly damaging, the Arc Shield technique does tend to inflict paralysis on opponents, as well as interrupt incoming projectiles.
Disarm: Disarm is a pointblank refinement of the Arc Shield technique. The Tesslass, upon being attacked in melee, will charge her arc shield and attempt to slam it into the attacker's weapon, usually sending the weapon flying from contact with the charged shield, leaving their opponent open for a follow up strike.
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THUNDERCUNT, the Stormy Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Electric/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: pokechow, fresh meat, fish
Role: literal Storm Trooper
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Vortex, Double Needle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Agility, Zapring Mk III, Satellite Mk II, Thunderclap, Static Barrier, Spark, Phoenix Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Heals from Electric
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Thundrix (battle stress)
Thundercunt is generally between 5'4" and 5'10". Her breasts may increase in size, but usually, there is no change. Her hair remains black, but their eyes are generally brown or green. Compared to her sisters, the Thundercunt's golden feathers are almost bland. Though she can use them to reflect light into her opponent's eyes, they don't seem that special.
Thundercunts generally have a personality like the sky. Once insulted, their anger grows like a storm as she selects a proper retribution, then like a lightning bolt, she takes it in one fell swoop. The retribution is generally the same caliber as the insult. The greater the insult, the greater the retribution. So, it goes without saying that crossing a Thundercunt is among the stupidest things you can do, right next to pimp-slapping a Gynadose or taunting a feral Whorizard. So long as you avoid that, she's generally a very nice Pokégirl to have.
In combat, Thundercunts should be listed among the fastest Pokégirls around. Unlike land Pokégirls, like the Chocoboob, Cheetit or even the Rapitaur, a Thundercunt is not held back by terrain, meaning she can cross greater distances in shorter amounts of times. Combined with her array of defensive, offensive and speed-enhancing techniques, she is undoubtedly one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokégirls around, able to hard, fast or even snipe, she can vary her attack patterns to meet her needs.
Feral Thundercunts are actually quite friendly, even if they don't join the tamer they help. It's rumored, though, that the Limbec Pirates use feral Thundercunts to attract new members.
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THUNDERMAIDEN, the High Altitude Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (Extremely Rare when Feral)
Diet: Bird types and Rainwater when Feral, Human Style otherwise
Role: Thunderstorms, Generators, Weather creation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thundershock, Thunderwave, Thunderbolt, Agility, Static Barrier, Lightning Punch, Lighting Kick, Thunderclap; After Level 50: Thunder, Luminaire, Greater Thunderclap
Enhancements: Electromagnatic Flight, Enhanced Speed x5, Enhanced Strength x3, Enhanced Lung efficiency
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Previously thought to be feral Oni that had strayed to far up and ignored, Thundermaidens were originally discovered by WAPL controlled Video Girls. Several Tamers were called in to investigate after closer satellite imagery showed a distinctive eye glow and lack of horns, and a group sporting several girls with flying abilities managed to capture a few of these newly-discovered Pokégirls. More research was conducted, and it was found that these Pokégirls cannot turn off their electromagnetic flight when feral, and spend all of their lives in the upper and lower atmospheres, thanks in part to their lung's ability to more efficiently pull oxygen out of the thin air. They seem to subsist on rainwater (or melted ice particles) and flying type Pokégirls who stray too far up. Even Pokékit Thundermaidens (born one at a time instead of multiple births like most pathogenesis cases) are born using their flight ability.
Thundermaidens are very attractive girls, very near human in appearance with a bust size in the solid D cup range. Their hair is solid white, with a few rare instances of electric blue or yellow. Their eyes, normally blue or gold, turn white while the Pokégirl is using her electromagnetic flight or her attacks. This is due to her intramuscular electric bands, which, while cannot be seen since they are far underneath the skin, cause the eyes (due to their opaque nature) to glow. This fortunately causes no damage to her eyes. Many Thundermaidens vary in personality, but their most common traits are stoicism and self-discipline, and many are very serious about their abilities and passions. Many learn to speak very quickly after being tamed out of their feral state, and can quickly learn many tasks thanks to their diligent nature.
In battle, Thundermaidens are almost on par with the more famous Peekabu and Ria, able to actually manage Static Barrier twice in one day at higher levels. Because most Thundermaidens were born feral, they tend to sling about large volts of electricity in a battle. They tend to lean toward overkill, and often have to learn to use lower attacks on weaker opponents like water or flying types. Their serious nature tends to help them when in a sex battle, allowing them to get an edge on their opponent. One of their major downfalls is their slight fetish getting shocked during taming, and if faced with an electric user in a sex battle, they’re most likely to loose.
Since most of the Thundermaiden population is feral and fairly hard to capture, it will be some time before these girls are readily available for widespread distribution. It is suggested that if a Tamer really wants to capture one, he use several magic type girls that have the flight ability (such as the Neo-Iczel) or psychic type girls with telekinetic flight as true flying types are at an extreme disadvantage when facing a Thundermaiden. To date, no threshold into a Thundermaiden has been recorded so far, and it is suspected that many generations will be needed before a threshold into a Thundermaiden will occur.
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THUNDNAGA, the Shocking Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Snake)
Element: Electric/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore (Prefers Raw Meat)
Role: Combat Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Wrap, Bite, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt, Venom Bite, Lust Bite, Paralyzing Poison, Sleep Poison, Greased Lightning*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Poisonous Bite
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Thunder Stone)
Thundnagas are quick, lightweight Pokégirls that have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake. Sukebe created the Thundnaga breed to support his tougher troops in combat. Often times helping to disable opponents from behind before enemies even knew she was there. Thundnagas were often sent as support for other more frontline fighters. While their enemies were busy fighting their partners, the Thundnaga would hit their enemies from behind with a combination of electric and poison attacks. After the war this Pokégirl has seen popularity amongst both electric and poison enthusiasts in most leagues with warm climates, due their good support capabilities. Like most other snake Pokégirls she is cold blooded and as such is weak against the cold, including ice attacks.
When a Naga comes into contact with a thunder stone she will evolve into an electric Pokégirl, the Thundnaga. Thundnagas have long snake-like bodies that range from 15-20 feet long. Their lower snake half is covered in smooth, bright yellow scales. Some individuals may have black stripes going down their backs to the tips of their tails. Thundnagas are one of the few Pokégirls whose breast size actually decreases after going though an evolution leaving this Pokégirl with a slender, petite body and small A-cup breasts. This is most likely to make her as streamline and agile as possible. A Thundnaga’s eye color is almost always a bright green color, but others have been reported. Most Thundnagas have dark black hair but blue has been seen in some individuals. Thundnagas like to keep their hair long, often times their hair reaches below their waist. Unlike her previous form the Naga, the Thundnaga has no metamorphic qualities. Her snake-like lower body starts just under her human-like vagina. A Thundnaga’s skin is a very light pale, resisting tanning and burning, even after being exposed to the sun all day. Most researchers are unsure of why this is.
Thundnagas shine best when supporting their harem sisters through the liberal use of thunder wave to try to disable their opponents. For extra defense against melee opponents the Thundnaga will often spread her special attack, greased lightning, on the ground around herself in order keep them away from melee range. Against flying foes the Thundnaga will usually rely on her enhanced agility and reflexes to keep away from danger while trying to disable her opponents from a distance. She will only use her stronger electric attacks against an opponent if her harem sister's life is in danger. Researchers say this is because the Thundnaga is only able to produce a minimum amount of electricity in her small body at a time, but those that have been close to a Thundnaga say it is also because this Pokégirl dislikes causing excess pain to others and will instead try to disable her opponent as quickly and painlessly as possible. If put into a situation where they need to fight alone they will often start off with thunder wave and then try to fully immobilize their opponents with their paralyzing or sleep poison.
On the surface the Thundnaga seems like a somewhat moody Pokégirl, quick to offer judgment and criticism to people they don’t know, acting like they are better than most humans and Pokégirls. Most tamers with a bonded Thundnaga say that they don’t mean most of what they say but unless they are familiar with the person or Pokégirl in question they have trouble saying nice things. Researchers say this is most likely because they are uncomfortable around people they don’t know and like to hide this discomfort with a false mask of arrogance. According to a tamer with a delta bonded Thundnaga "once they are comfortable with their tamer and the harem they are in, they are in fact very kind and helpful". In a new harem situation a Thundnaga will often be rude and cold to the other members of the harem. Once she gets used to her new master and her new harem sisters she will start to open up and show her true feelings. A Thundnaga once she gets used to the harem dynamics of her new family can make a good choice for alpha, changing her usual arrogance into a kind and confident manner that is perfect for leadership. While this Pokégirl gets along well with most breeds once she gets to know them, the Thundnaga is often times wary around the Domina breed or any breed that enjoys causing excess pain to others. Strangely enough due to this evolution she is almost entirely bisexual, with very few individuals being completely strait or lesbian. This is a plus for those male tamers that have always wanted a Naga, but going from a predominantly lesbian species to a male tolerant one is rather unnerving for some freshly evolved Thundnagas. If evolved from a previously lesbian Naga by a male tamer, by means of a thunder stone, she may have trouble adapting to this sudden change in her feelings. It can take days to even weeks, even the threat of going feral, before she will approach her new tamer willingly for a taming. This uncomfortable transition period doesn't usually apply to thresholders, unless she was strongly lesbian in sexual orientation as a human.
Most Thundnagas like to wear clothes at all times unless they are alone with their trusted tamer or other member of her harem that she trusts. When asked about this most Thundnagas say that this is because they get cold easily due to their cold-blooded nature. Most researchers suspect that this is also just another facet of their discomfort around strangers. It is safe to tame a Thundnaga without protection from her electricity as, unless she is going feral, she has full control over her poison and electricity. When a Thundnaga is tamed by someone she is uncomfortable with she will be often submissive making her tamer do all the work, but this changes once she becomes comfortable with her tamer and starts to open up. During a taming session with a tamer she is comfortable with a Thundnaga will be very passionate if not a little dominant. Most Thundnaga like to be on top when taming and after taming most Thundnaga will wrap their coils around their tamer and the other members of his or her harem that participated in the taming session to snuggle.
A Thundnaga's feral state is relatively mild. When her mind starts getting clouded she will often start discharging extra static electricity, shocking those around her. This causes no permanent harm but does hurt a little. They also will start acting out by yelling at those around them, including their fellow harem members. Thresholding into a Thundnaga is fairly common amongst families with both electric and poison pokégirl ancestry. This threshold, strangely enough, tends to be relatively painless as far as most thresholds go. Most thresholders will first notice a numb tingling sensation around their fingertips, which quickly develops into a full body paralysis due to the build up of electricity in her body. As the poison she begins producing starts building up in her body most thresholders will, within days of the start of threshold, fall into a poison induced coma only to awaken one to two weeks later as a fully developed Thundnaga. Fortunately during this time she is unaware of the changes going on in her body such as her legs fusing together. Eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a, fully developed, snake-like tail.
Greased Lightning - (ATK 50 + EFT) Thought by most to only be available via TM, this move is native to the Thundnaga. Using a method similar to the technique water floor, she can spread a thick layer of grease on the ground that produces static electricity. This grease will shock any opponent Pokégirl that comes into contact with it.
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THUNDRIX, the Shocking Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Animorph (Avian)
Element: Electric/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: pokechow, fresh meat, fish
Role: Air-to-Air assault fighter, Air-to-Ground strike fighter, Fast response unit
Strong Vs: Water, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Magic
Libido: varies (Low to High according to the weather)
Attacks: Thunderwave, Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x8), Electrical Resistance
Evolves: Thundercunt (battle stress)
Evolves From: Rack (Thunder Stone)
Historians consider Sukebe's development of the Thundrix (as well the Rack's other two "first level" evolutions) to be one of the most effective uses of psychological warfare during the entire War of Revenge. By developing a breed of Pokégirls that seemed - due to both their physical appearance, and their abilities - to be weaker versions of one of his fearsome Legendary Pokégirls (in this case, Zapdass), Sukebe most likely hurt his enemies more than any single Phoenix did during the entire war. The thought that Sukebe possibly had hundreds of Pokégirls that could eventually become Legendaries damaged morale in ways that simply could not be calculated.
During Sukebe's War of Revenge, the Thundrix were normally used against airborne targets, although they were also used against "harder" ground-based targets. Of the three possible evolutions of a Rack, the Thundrix has both the best flying speed and the worst endurance (even though a Thundrix's endurance is still superior to a Rack's). Due to the nature of her powers, the Thundrix was also the best anti-armor evolution for a Rack. Pilots quickly came to fear the speed and elemental attacks that a Thundrix had access to. Ground troops, on the other hand, quickly came to fear the Thundrix for both her elemental attacks and, strangely enough, her (relatively speaking) weak endurance. This was due to the fact that when a Thundrix was used against a ground-based target, it was general a fast strike to soften the target just before an attack by other Pokégirls.
Upon evolving from a Rack to a Thundrix, several physical changes occur. One of the more obvious ones is the increase in height. A Thundrix will be between two inches under, and two inches over, five feet tall. The most starting change, from a Rack to a Thundrix, has to be their feathers. Almost all of Thundrix's feathers change from brown to jet black, except for the ones on her breasts and wings which switch to a bright yellow instead. A Thundrix's hair is straight and jet black. Their nipples, like their hair, are now black, while their eyes are bright yellow. They are even less fond of clothing than they were as Rack. They still enjoy using dyes on their feathers, but now prefer to use shades of yellow and black. A Thundrix is just as fond of high heeled shoes as they were as a Rack, but now feel that they should be reserved for special occasions.
A Thundrix's internal changes are somewhat more extensive, due to their elemental powers, and their superior aerial capabilities. Of special note is the changes to their eyes. According to notes recovered in 115 AS from one of Sukebe's labs, Sukebe was originally just looking to develop a Thundrix's eyesight to deal with the possibility of being temporarily blinded by their own elemental attacks. However, he quickly discovered that the changes introduced allowed the Thundrix's eyes to see further (and better) even when they were not looking down. This was a key factor in Sukebe's decision to use the Thundrix against airborne enemies. In all other respects, including the fact that their clawed toes are still unsuitable for combat, a Thundrix's physical state (baring adjustments for proportion) remains much like it was as a Rack.
In regards to her personality, a Thundrix is generally considered to be much more "intense" then she was as a Rack. If a Thundrix is going to do something, she wants to do it right now, and she wants to get it right the first time. Tamers who have a Thundrix in their harem, will almost always admit (although, depending on the Tamer it can take some time and effort) that their Thundrix has fewer skills than the other members of their harems. However, these same Tamers will then go on to state that, when it comes a skill their Thundrix does have, no other Pokégirl in their harem comes close to equaling a Thundrix's ability. There have never been any reliable reports of a Thundrix that could be considered a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None". Some claim that part of the reason why a Thundrix is happier in larger groups (including harems) is because of an instinctive understanding that her tendency to specialize means that her survival is improved by belonging to a group that can cover the gaps caused by this tendency. A Thundrix's libido is normally tied into the weather of the area she's in. More specifically, unless there's a storm (with the exception of snow storms) in the area, her libido will remain "Low". For a Thundrix's Libido to reach a point where it can be considered "High", there has to be quite a bit of thunder and lightning. The other way to "warm up" a Thundrix involves having her being hit by electrical energy. The strength, and duration, of this spike in a Thundrix's libido is directly tied into how much electrical energy hits her.
Of the three possible evolutions of a Rack, a Thundrix was the most likely to directly charge at - and attack - her targets. While a Thundrix looses the amazing airborne dexterity she had as a Rack, she improves significantly when it comes to speed. Due to this fact, strafing runs are a commonly used tactic among the Thundrix. A Thundrix does not believe in toying with a target; if at all possible, a Thundrix will use what she feels is an attack that is powerful enough (and, normally, even slightly more powerful than necessary) to take out her target on the first strike. An ancient pre-Sukebe combat philosophy - one strike, one kill - seems to be as much a part of a Thundrix as her elemental powers. There is a potential downside to this drive, since a Thundrix will not willingly switch to a new target until her first one is no longer a threat. This attitude, and her relatively weak endurance, explains why it is extremely rare to find a solitary Thundrix. In fact, a feral Thundrix will seek out members of the more "social" breeds of Pokégirls (including another Thundrix) in an instinctive desire to belong to a group.
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VIDEO GIRL, the Digital Sprite Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (Virtual)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare (WAPL and Crimson League), Very Rare (everywhere else)
Diet: Human-style when solid, in their natural VR form they don’t need to eat
Role: Network coordination
Libido: High (human form)/None (VR form)
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Disk Toss, Data Transfer (teleport), Data Stream, Upload, Download, Mag Bomb, Magna Beam, Luminare
Enhancements: No real physical body unless one is created, high intelligence, extremely high data capacity, electronics affinity, can move freely through any network, can fully regenerate body so long as disk survives
Evolves: Video Girl Upgrade (mechanism classified)
Evolves From: Pussycom (normal), Hand Maid (Networking stress), Hand Maid Mark 2 (Networking Stress)
Video Girls were the first ever tech Pokégirls to be discovered. First used by Sukebe’s army during the war, their role was primarily data information, retrieval, destruction and manipulation. After being activated, they would download themselves into a computer system and force their way in by hacking their way through the defenses in what was to them a very literal sense. They would then copy every bit of information they could find and delete the original, leaving armies without important data they needed, or ruining programs meant to help in battle or control weapons systems. They were a devastating force, mainly because at first they were completely undetectable fighting force. They were nearly made extinct when a viral program was introduced into the global net that specifically targeted them, destroying their data bodies.
Fortunately, Sukebe had the foresight to plan for such an event. Video Girls are connected to the real world via a Frisbee-sized disk that can attach itself to any computer. Should their structure inside the Net be destroyed, their data is automatically returned to the disk and recycled, allowing them to take form again. When Sukebe was defeated, the Video Girls gathered together and discussed their future, eventually coming to a decision and surrendering to the human forces, offering their services as network coordinators and data managers. To a trusted few they gave the secrets of their disks, as well as the secret to making more of them. Today, all Leagues have at least thirty Video Girls, their disks hidden in secret, well-guarded locations with Tamers to maintain them, Vince McMahon’s Titan Taming Incorporated and Miranda Jahanna’s Jahanna Corporation controlling fifty, not counting the few that have evolved into Video Girl Upgrade, a scant handful of Video Girls in the hands of wandering Tamers. All Video Girls under the command of wandering Tamers are constantly uplinked to other Video Girls and will refuse any request that may damage the network or any of their ‘sisters,’ no matter the cost to themselves. The only exception to this rule is the few Video Girls that have fallen into the hands of Team Rocket-style groups, all of whom have gone insane from attempts to reprogram them.
Video Girls are among the most intelligent types of Pokégirl out there, and the only Pokégirl that has no biological components to them at all. Even the robotic types, such as the Zeromer or Bombshell, have organic elements in them, but Video Girls do not. Their VR form, as they call the form they are most often in, usually takes the shape of a human female with skin that is most often a shade of green, violet, or blue. Occasionally, a Video Girl’s VR form will have red skin, or midnight black. They ‘wear’ a skintight bodysuit, stylized to the personal tastes the Video Girl developed over their life, which also acts as a summoning focus for their data manipulation tools.
More recently, Video Girls have learned how to manifest themselves in the real world. Video Girls, despite being coldly logical and emotionless a great deal of the time, have a great love of data, and are always seeking new things to experience. They download themselves completely into their lifedisks, and manifest a hologram that can be physically interacted with on the most intimate of levels. To simulate the sensations they wanted, however, they used a HentaiCute’s biological data. So when they manifest physically, their libido skyrockets. This is highly embarrassing to them, but as the sensation data is completely ingrained into the basic programming of a Video Girl, it’s too late to change it. For this reason they do not manifest physically very often, as they sometimes go Feral and begin using magnetic attacks more liberally, as it creates a pleasurable sensation in their physical forms.
Their physical appearance changes little when they manifest in the real world. Their outfits become more revealing, but their skin becomes more cybernetic in appearance, their eyes becoming a visor-like LED display that sometimes shows their emotions or thoughts without their knowing, their limbs and hips containing ports where they can hook themselves up to a computer to do information processing while real. On their back is a mechanical device containing their lifedisk.
When physical, they can use various electric and magnetic attacks, as well as use several attacks exclusive to their breed. Upload is an attack they can use to inflict a random negative status ailment on an opponent. They shoot wires out of a panel on their arm, which attach to the opponent and upload the effect from the Video Girl’s database. Conversely, their Download attack, which also involves wires shooting out of their arm, allows them to mimic one attack of their opponents for twenty minutes. Data Stream is a tremendously powerful beam attack, however since it draws on data from the Video Girl’s own database to be condensed and formed into the beam, they rarely use it. The lifedisk of a Video Girl is unbelievably durable, capable of taking a lot of punishment, so daring Video Girls often use it as a projectile weapon, using a magnetic surge to bring it back to their hands.
The revelation that Pussycoms can evolve into Video Girls came as a shock to the original Video Girls, all of whom are still alive today. When a Pussycom evolves, it generates a small, but effective laptop computer with a lifedisk attached to it and the ability to wirelessly connect to the Internet. The original Video Girls, who were created separately, have begun a side project involving research into Pokégirl evolutionary processes, especially their own.
A very rare type of Video Girl is known as the ‘Virus VidGirl.’ Their bodies consist of virally infected data and their personalities are all destructive in some way. Their appearance varies greatly from that of a normal Video Girl, being almost demonic or angelic in some cases. There have been only three known cases of a Virus VidGirl, a megalomaniacal creature called Megabyte, a self-proclaimed ‘Diva of Destruction’ who called herself Hexa-Decimal, and Daemon, who’s angelic exterior hid a nihilistic persona intent on making the entire worldwide information network destroy itself. All three have been apprehended and isolated in separate computers, unable to link up with the global information network. They would have been destroyed, but scientists and Video Girls insist on studying the three of them, looking for ways to prevent more of their breed from appearing.
As Video Girls reproduce from the creation of new lifedisks, Thresholding into one is impossible.
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VIDEO GIRL UPGRADE, the Netmistress Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human - Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Varies
Frequency: Extremely Rare Diet: Electricity (Manifested form)/N/A (Vitual Form)
Role: Data flow management and control
Libido: Customizable
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water, Varies
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock, Varies
Attacks: Disk Toss, Data Transfer (teleport), Data Stream, Upload, Download, Mag Bomb, Luminare, Magnet Flux, Thunder, All Others Vary
Enhancements: Virtual Form, Wireless Connectivity, Virtual Agelessness, All Others Vary
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Video Girl (Repeated Upgrades)
When a Video Girl undergoes repeated upgrades, to the point that less than twenty-five percent of her original programming remains unaltered, she can be said to have evolved into a Video Girl Upgrade. Much more varied than their unevolved forms, Upgrades are also much rarer due to the lack of programmers with enough skill to successfully upgrade a Video Girl to such an extent without damaging her functionality. For this reason, those that exist tend to be extremely loyal to their "creators," and they're often sought after by those who do not realize the reason for said loyalty. In any case, they usually share the basic abilities of their unevolved form, often taken to a much higher level, and a slew of others that depend on the nature of their customization.
Physically, or rather, virtually, Upgrades differ vastly from Video Girls, in most cases; the avatar data contained within them is one of the easier things to customize, and thus their appearances tend to be in the direction of whatever their programmer likes. Similarly, when physically manifesting (which is another area they tend to be more advanced in than normal Video Girls, creating extremely complex and lifelike physical avatars, though some will look less so than Video Girls, if their programmer is not interested in said avatar), their appearances are hard to assign an average value to, as they depend heavily on what their customization is geared towards, and again, what preferences their programmer has, with forms ranging from quite obvious Not Very Near Human to nearly perfect Very Near Human, sans the projector containing the Lifedisk. The secondary element which some Upgrades gain is also generally reflected by their appearance; an Upgrade who tends toward water might have a blue color scheme, et cetera.
Mentally, the changes are somewhat more consistent, although not a rule by any means. Considering that it normally requires a human programmer of great skill to create an Upgrade, since it's extraordinarily hard for a Video Girl to upgrade herself too drastically without help, most of the breed has, out of necessity, a love for the technologically skilled. Since upgrades to the logical faculties and processing speeds are perhaps the most common changes made to Video Girls, it is rare to see an Upgrade that does not greatly surpass the average Video Girl in both these areas, which makes them seem more intelligent, even if it's actually just working out the answer faster, though many are equipped with vastly more sophisticated computation algorithms. They can also, in cases where their programmers desire such, understand emotions more easily, and even approximate their own emotional responses to situations with far greater accuracy. Again, however, these statements only apply to the average case, and a hugely diverse range of mentalities can be observed in individuals due to varying customization.
In terms of combat, there is a definite difference between real and virtual as far as the breed's prowess goes. On a physical battlefield, they're not particularly great, though hardly inept either; with the achievement of a secondary element, they gain both advantages and disadvantages in this area. Some have been known to shine, and others to dismally fail, which has led to the average being...well, average. Again, what direction her customization is geared is an important factor in determining the aptitude for physical combat that a particular Upgrade will have. They do have the universal advantage of being virtually immortal, though, unless something happens to their Lifedisk, which is extremely rare. It should also be noted that, due to the recompiling process, no changes can be made whilst an Upgrade is physically manifested,
Virtually, on the other hand, most Upgrades are almost invincible. The title "The Netmistress Pokégirl" is not simply for effect; with the faster processing speeds, better logical faculties, more advanced computational abilities, and other technological superiority that sets most individuals well above their preevolutionary form, there is little that can even approach their level. Adding to this, customization leads most to have some further specialty skill(s), resulting in a breed that many League Governments both covet and fear. Needless to say, most Upgrades find themselves in some form of government service, as it's rather difficult for an individual possessing such a potentially powerful breed not to be influenced by either a government or a criminal faction, and those who fall in with the latter thankfully tend to be dealt with quite swiftly because of the extreme security risk they pose. In a similar vein, the possibility of an Upgrade going Viral is feared greatly by many, as such an occurrence could theoretically be as devastating as a Widow attack. However, others maintain that any and all Viral Video Girls would already be considered Upgrades by virtue of their nature.
Sexually, Upgrades are almost as variable as can be, at least when manifested. Naturally, they don't require taming when not manifested, although some have been programmed to tend towards a feral state in that form anyway, for added control. In any case, customization of sexual preferences and the learning of sexual skills is one of the simpler facets of Video Girl programming, and so changes that reflect the owners preferences are almost always made to Upgrades in early stages of programming. This is often done simply to tone down the extreme libido that much of the breed has when manifested under normal circumstances. It should also be noted that said libido can only be adjusted between the thresholds of "Average" and "Extreme" without severely damaging the core of a Video Girl's coding, which is presumably a failsafe put into place by Sukebe. In any case, the breed's feral state can also be adjusted, although not made to be too light or eliminated, which is presumably another failsafe. Since Upgrades cannot physically give birth, Thresholding into one has been deemed impossible.
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WET QUEEN, the Ruling Aquatic Elf Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Rare Unknown, thought to be Rare in the Blue League and Very Rare elsewhere
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Electric, Flying, Steel
Weak Vs: Plant, Dragon, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Water Spear, Sing, Tidal Wave, Tidal Slide, Water God, Quick Attack, Smile, Curaga, Cheer Song, Nameless Song, Death's Whisper, Thunder Shock, Agility, Lightning Punch, Imitate, Multiheal, Mighty Guard (All songs may be used underwater and may affect nearby targets on the surface)
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x8), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wet Lass (battle stress, Level 31+)
The Wet Queen is the battle evolution of the Wet Lass. She gains three to five inches in height and a more muscular build. Cup size actually decreases to a solid B and the rest of her body slims down proportionally. Hair color becomes a bright red or yellow and most water predators have learned to avoid this display. However, this has no effect on her fade ability and she will not be found unless she wants to be.
Due to the difficulty of survival in the ocean, Wet Queens have evolved a different set of customs in regards to each other. Each Wet Elf kingdom will be ruled by the senior Wet Queen and all other Wet Queens in a kingdom are subordinate to her and willingly accept her orders. Rank is determined by a once-a-decade competition in which all Wet Queens may challenge for status. Battles between Wet Queens are non-lethal, except when challenging the senior Wet Queen for rulership.
Please note however, that the competitions will be halted if intruders appear until they have been dealt with.
Wet Queens rule the Wet Elf kingdoms and their subjects give them unquestioning loyalty, which only ends if they are defeated in battle by another Wet Queen or she is captured by a Tamer. Be warned, however, until that capture light signals she's yours, her Wet Elves and Wet Lasses will do everything in their power to kill you. And if she is a senior Wet Queen, her subordinate Wet Queens will be right in there with everyone else.
Because of this, a Wet Queen in a harem will challenge the alpha regularly for primacy unless strict rules are laid down and if she becomes the alpha she will expect the same kind of loyalty from the harem that she would get in a kingdom. She is likely to become very unhappy with any Pokégirls that she believes are halfhearted in their efforts and has the power to make her displeasure known.
Wet Queens in a harem are constantly trying to get their Tamers to find mages to teach them more spells. One could say they are very demanding about it, almost badgering or nagging.
Wet Queens are very possessive of their subjects and will often send subordinate Wet Queens along with large teams of Wet Lasses and Wet Elves to hunt down and return lost members of their kingdoms. Usually this pursuit will end when the Tamer reaches land. However it must be noted that Wet Queens seem to have a way to know exactly where the captured Pokégirl is even if she is in a Pokéball.
Needless to say, bartering with the ruling Wet Queen for a Wet Lass is preferentially recommended.
This possessiveness translates into harem life as well and Wet Queens often spend a great deal of time urging their Tamer to hunt down and reclaim any Pokégirls lost for any reason, including salvage. There are even a few unsubstantiated rumors of Wet Queens leading harem members on commando style recovery attacks without their Tamer's knowledge. If true, the Tamer would still be responsible for their actions.
There are no recorded cases of Threshold into any of the Wet Elf evolutionary line.
All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become pokewomen as of 299 AS.
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ZAPDASS, the Legendary Shocking Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: herbivore, electrified water
Role: mistress of electricity
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: None (Dragon, Ice, Rock)
Attacks: Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Rolling Spark Mark II, Static Barrier, Agility, Lightning, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Wingover, Typhoon, Hurricane, Dive
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x8), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Zapdass is one of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, sister to Articunt and Moltits. All three of them were among the first wave of Legendaries to be unleashed in Sukebe’s war of vengeance. Zapdass’s part in the conflict was to disrupt supply and communication among the humans, and she took to her task with great zeal. Her electric storms shorted out many cities’ power, and deadly thunderbolts rained down from the heavens to strike people and places of import at her bidding.
Zapdass is the shortest of the three Legendary birds, standing at five and a half feet tall. Short yellow feathers cover her form, with some black feathers on the back of her wings, near the tips. Her wings are separate appendages from her arms, unlike most other bird Pokégirls. Her light blonde hair is short to the point that it almost looks Tomboyish. Her feet are clawed, with each foot having a back-toe to help in landings. Her breasts are C-cups that are almost but not quite large enough to be D-cups, something she is mildly sensitive about. Her cunt is naturally hairless. Zapdass never wears clothing on any occasion.
Zapdass is archetypal among Electric and Flying-types both. Like an Oni, she is able to use the earth’s magnetic field to use in flight. Unlike an Oni however, Zapdass is a Flying-type, so instead of just using the Earth’s magnetic field to fly at all, it augments her flying skills, allowing her to soar higher than other Flying-types and perform aerial maneuvers that put them to shame. Her body is rumored to supposedly contain enough natural electricity to power even several leagues steadily for years on end.
Zapdass is a very headstrong being. She is at her happiest when she has a clear-cut goal and is working to reach it. When she has committed herself to a cause, she is virtually impossible to sway. Because Zapdass is so committed though, she often has problems with people who don’t see a situation as she does, and is prone to quarrel until her mind is changed (which is very difficult to do), or until the other person admits to wrong thinking. If a debate is dropped or cut off without conclusion, she tends to bring it up again at a later date. Her regimented mindset doesn’t allow her to let things go. Zapdass is not so stuck in her ways however that she can’t absorb new information or even realize that she’s wrong sometimes. When such a situation occurs, she is mature enough to admit that the other person had a point. When she and her sisters took to the battlefield to fight Atmuff and found the dead form of Hy-bra and a hurt Atmuff there, Zapdass later admitted to Articunt that her idea to wait a while had not been without merit.
Zapdass is as unremitting in a fight as she is in pursuing any other goal, since to her winning a battle, any battle, is a short-term goal unto itself. When in combat, she prefers to unleash a heavy volley of attacks quickly, usually at a distance. She'll observe carefully how her foe deals with the attack, what special attributes and contingencies they have, and adjust her own plans accordingly. She prefers not to close until she feels she can accurately gauge her enemy's abilities, using attacks like Thunder Bolt and Rolling Spark Mark II from behind the safety of a Static Barrier. If her opponent isn’t able to deal with this barrage, then she doesn't consider them much of an opponent, and tends to then finish the fight quickly and decisively. Enemies that are able to cope and adjust to her attacks earn her respect, but with it comes a renewed onslaught, involving Thunder attacks and Feather Shuriken into a mixture of Feather Blizzard and Hurricane. With her natural electricity doing considerable damage on every attack she does (see below), few foes can hope to last too long against Zapdass's might.
Zapdass is usually at a loss when she finds herself without something to strive for. When she has no goals to pursue, she looks for new ones that she can take up. Her want (almost a need) to have something to work towards drives her strongly, although she will not take up a goal she has no faith in. It was this attitude that led her to her stance that Atmuff needed to die. To her, it was crystal-clear that the Legendary Warrior was risking all their lives with her destructive rampages, and she did her best to convince Articunt and Moltits of that. While Moltits didn’t care one way or the other, Articunt counseled patience and caution, which ran antithetical to Zapdass’s desire to charge in and accomplish her new mission. After a couple of years of arguing, Zapdass realized that a wait-and-see policy would be the best she could get out of Articunt by herself, so Zapdass turned her attention to her other sister. Although it took several more years, she finally got Moltits to agree to support her stance on the issue, more to get her to shut up about it than anything else. Together, the two went to Articunt, who had little choice but to acquiesce in the face of her two sisters’ decision.
Zapdass had hoped to keep the three of them united after Atmuff’s death, but this dream fell apart almost immediately once their mission had been accomplished. Her sisters set off in different directions, and Zapdass was canny enough to know when to let them go. Like Moltits, she headed off to the hinterlands that had yet to be claimed by a league. She was last seen in the northwestern portion of the pre-Sukebe lands called Russia. However, that was centuries ago. Since that time, Zapdass has not been seen nor heard from by reliable sources. Since laying low and doing little for so long runs against the grain of Zapdass’s nature, this has given rise to all sorts of rumors. Some say she has died or otherwise befallen some calamity. Others whisper that she has found some sort of new, secret project to undertake, and when it is completed the entire world will be rocked. Still others insist that she willingly lets herself be captured by a Tamer every so often, letting them give her the direction and goals she craves so dearly. The truth remains unknown, although may, particularly the Watchers, would love to know.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Zapdass's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Zapdass has No Weakness (Level 75). If she were to face an Ice or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Electric/Flying, at or below level 75, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Zapdass's lexicon of special attributes:
Magnetic Personality: Zapdass exudes a subtle aura of electricity to a distance of five hundred yards in every direction around her. Within this aura, she can control the movement and flow of ions, giving her supreme reign over how electricity flows within the area. She can, at will, make ions cluster around or move away from a target. The result is that, within her aura, she can make anyone or anything either totally immune to electricity, or a magnet for it, or anything in between. She can do this with such precision that a target could be struck by lightening while his backpack is unharmed. Items worn or held by the target are affected though. Electrical items tend to fail or go haywire from the magnetic charge associated with the use of this power, giving the victim (or beneficiary) a clue as to what is happening. Zapdass controls the flow of electricity around her utterly. Shock Therapy: All of Zapdass’s attacks, both elemental and non, inflict extra damage due to a static charge. Electric attacks inflict greater harm than they would if they came from another Electric-type. Her other attacks all have a charge built up in them that shocks the victim, i.e. Hurricane carries crackling electricity on its winds, Dive not only results in being hit, but also in a sharp zap, etc. Zapdass is an incredible battery of electricity, more so than any other Electric-type.
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