AGUAMIEL, the Sweet Water Chinchilla Pokégirl Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, Pokéchow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert irrigation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Agility, Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhance Vision (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2), Nightvision, Water sense and internal water storage sacs
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Water Stone)
Aguamiels change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a blue-green color. They also become more placid, and rarely get upset over anything (even Hamtits), which makes them a more popular evolution of the Chichi, second only to the Margarita. They also develop a shy, demure attitude, which makes them ‘cuter’ in some people’s eyes, despite not possessing the Aura of Cute enhancement.
Wild Aguamiel prefer to live in dry desert-mountainous regions, and their first act is usually to start digging a well, using their ability to sense water to find an ideal spot to dig. Aguamiel packs can often form an oasis over time, usually with assistance from Tamales to provide the plant life. They are still popular as pets, possibly more so because they store water in their bodies like a Squirtitty, making them more of a walking, Tamable thermos, though this view has some mixed reactions from the Aguamiel. Some doesn’t mind it, since they like to help people using their abilities, not to mention that they feel that the act of giving water to their Tamers is rather erotic, while others frown when the fact is mentioned to them.
This also allows them access to a few basic Water attacks, though they prefer not to use them if they can help it, since they are so used to conserving water in their home terrain, which isn’t surprising, considering how little water is available in deserts. Scientists and farmers also use them to help with irrigation, turning desert into viable farmland. Which to the Aguamiel is a blessing, since they can use their abilities to help many people, which makes them happy to a point where their libido increases slightly, where they become quite affectionate with their Tamers.
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ANUBUST, The Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Jackal
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Energy, (can eat human-style foods in physical state)
Role: Spy, final reality check
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Cat-types
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Night Shade, Phantom Blade, Illusion, Invis 3, Phase, Posses (Physical form adds Evil Wind, Noxious Wind, Soothing Mist, Transcend Sword)
Enhancements: Legendary Salient Qualities, Incorporeal, Sleeplessness, Undetectable Aura, Greater Possession
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sukebe has fooled us all...
We have known the history and stories of the Legendaries for years now. Even the Legendary Demoness Hild, whom has set up her web of lies and manipulated many people, the truth was still known to the League Officials that were in the know. And yet, with all the intelligence gathering, the networks comprised of researchers and allies... we have only RECENTLY discovered something important that we have been missing for centuries, something which the Legendary Pokégirls themselves might not have ever known about.
The fact remains we now know that there had been one last Legendary Pokégirl to the Second Generation of Sukebe’s incredible and all-powerful creations.
We can’t fault ourselves for not knowing about this Pokégirl. From the initial information gathered, it would seem that any knowledge about her existence was heavily guarded by Sukebe’s own coding skills, and he even wove a special web of lies and deceit around her existence. She was not allowed contact with the other Legendaries, her place amongst the sisters that were closest to her was hidden with the creation of another Legendary, and her aura was treated in ways currently not understood, (yet can only be attributed as being a Legendary Salient quality) as to remain untraceable by all.
Created to make a Trio of Legendary Pokégirls based on the Egyptian Pantheon with the likes of the G-Splices Bastit and Sexmet, Anubust was modeled after the Egyptian God of Death, Lost Souls, and Orphans. Indeed, Sukebe took this to heart as Anubust is a surprisingly terrifying sight to initially behold, and that’s managed without an Aura of Fear! The mass that makes up the body of this translucent being is almost a complete black, with eyes that shine of solid gold on a very canine face with no mouth to speak of, and with tall ears atop her head. While obviously muscular and feminine, it is hard to get any definition to Anubust’s with the exception of her chest that looks to be D-Cup. While Anubust does have arms and legs, the latter just seem to hang as she floats there. Her arms, however, do move, mostly when she is attacking or is trying to show further expression, since her main form of communication in this state is telepathy, and without true facial features can have difficulty getting her point across otherwise.
However, once she takes possession of someone, the truth of her appearance unfolds. It does not matter whom she possesses, but once she does, an incredible change occurs. The body of the possessed goes through a transformation process that ignores the laws of conservation of mass, the body simulating what the Legendary Horus Hound would be in physical form, even any clothing the possessed was wearing will shift to suit her style. Standing tall at 6’8”, the anthropomorphic Jackal woman’s true physical strength is finally revealed, yet still maintaining an obviously feminine and alluring frame; the definition of her muscles and firm and rounded D-Cup breasts are accentuated by purest, darkest ebony fur. Her eyes, now with dark pupils, hold a fierce gaze and are outlined with a brilliantly shining color of gold.
For clothing, when she can, Anubust prefers to wear everything in gold. Her pleated-skirt is done in gold, sandals of golden thread with laces that go up to above her knees, and a golden Egyptian Headdress outlined with dark blue lapis luzi. When she removes her headdress, one can see her lengthy hair is done up in dreadlocks. However, her valued item that appears no matter what is a golden Ahnk on gold chain that she wears around her neck.
Interestingly, while in a physical form, it should be noted that there is a trade-off of Anubust’s capabilities. When in a flesh and blood state, the Legendary Horus Hound is capable of being hurt, as now the possessed makes up her current body, and that is what takes the attack rather than her nearly impenetrable spirit. However, because of the capacity for good and evil that is within the hearts of all living beings, (even if they won’t admit to it) Anubust can take control of a few techniques of Divine and Infernal natures when in a mortal state, adding to her already solid ghostly arsenal of attacks. Considering all of this which makes Anubust such an incredible addition to the ranks of his intimidating and oppressive Legendaries, it is a surprise that Sukebe chose to keep her existence a secret from all.
There was no mention of Anubust in any of the documents he allowed his forces access to, even the ones that required a higher rank of clearance. To throw off the idea of Bastit and Sexmet being Egyptian-themed for a reason, he created Macavity, a Legendary Cat-type so unlike the other two, yet still served the purpose in making it a ‘trio’ of Legendary Felines.
One has to wonder and worry about just how Macavity would feel if she ever found out she had been used as a cats-paw herself.
Indeed, the only one who would know about Anubust, and for over three centuries would ever know of her, would be Sukebe himself. It is only recently that Anubust herself has broken her vow of silence and come forth to only a select few, sharing knowledge of herself, the world around us, and forewarning about things that are going on without many knowing, and what is to come. Indeed, she plays a part of a most cryptic soothsayer, a true oracle.
Still, even with all the darkness that seems to surround her being, the Legendary does have one streak of light to her. As a guardian of orphans, she gives blessing to children whom have lost their parents. It does not matter their gender nor species, as she seems to have an affection for all children whom not have anyone who cares for them. This blessing seems to add an impressive ‘luck’ factor.
As contact with this Legendary has been severely limited in all ways so far, this PokéDex entry remains to support all currently known knowledge of the Legendary. Hopefully, if we can learn more, we can add onto what Anubust’s exploits were during the War of Revenge, as well as how it is she passed through the centuries.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Anubust’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills, such as her new spells. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Anubust has No Weakness (Level 70). If she were to face a Dark type or a Ghost type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Ghost, at or below level 70, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Anubust’s array of special attributes:
Pacifist Philosophy: If one weren’t to witness it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it. Anubust’s aura has the unique ability to act as a form of mediation when it comes to Pokégirls of Celestial and Infernal natures. Normally, the two would be going at each other like rabid dogs, but when Anubust is around, the two will calm down and actually work together like any normal Pokégirls would.
Greater Possession: Whenever Anubust uses the technique ‘Posses’, she doesn’t just use the body as a vessel. Instead the body will physically alter and morph, until it becomes a complete likeness of Anubust. When in a material state, Anubust has access to techniques of Celestial and Infernal nature due to the capability for both that is within the living. This technique also allows her to Tame in a more carnal sense, should she ever want to. Shielded Soul: Until Anubust takes a physical form, she is nearly untouchable to forms of attack. Dark-Type and Sonic-based attacks, the bane to the existence of many a Ghost-Type Pokégirls do nothing to her when she’s in her spiritual state; only another Ghost-Type can harm her while she’s incorporeal. However, once in a physical state, she is susceptible to any form of hostile force directed against her.
Book of the Dead: A skill granted to Anubust by Sukebe as so she could share whatever she learned from his enemies, with him. The Legendary Ghost-type can take the physical form of an Egyptian-styled tome, her thoughts on the pages within. Thanks to her centuries of just quietly watching and learning, she has become quite a fountainhead of knowledge, and this form is useful for understanding what she has learned. Some even rumor that she IS the Hentainomicon PokéArtifact.
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APPLEPIE, the Sweetest Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Plant/Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Apples, cinnamon sticks, soil, sunlight, water
Role: ???
Libido: Matches that of her lover
Strong Vs: Dark, Plant, Psychic, Fighting, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Ice, Poison, Bug, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Lust Dust, Sleep Powder, Fruit Juice, Root, Vine Bondage, Royal Honey, Honey Syrup, Lure, Probing Vines, Pretty Wink, Grass Cock (for lesbian ApplePies)
Enhancements: Plant-like physiology, enhanced pleasure center, increased size (generally 1'-3' taller than previous form)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cutiepie (strong diet of apples + unknown trigger)
Discovered in 304 AS, the ApplePie, sometimes called AmericanPie in some areas, is a very unusual transformation for the CutiePie. Mostly because there's a lot of confusion on how it could be both a plant and a bug Pokégirl at the same time.
The ApplePie retains her smooth skin-like exoskeleton and her antennae, but her exoskeleton turns light red with pink covering the front of her torso (just above her breasts) running down to her vagina. Her eyes appear to be those of a human's, but close inspection reveals that the pupils and irises of her eyes remain multifaceted. She also gains one to three feet in height and a more full figure. Her exoskeleton now also absorbs sunlight and some water. It is the perfect fusion between insect and plant, the lines blurring between the two.
The ApplePie is very non-confrontational, seeking to avoid combat, either by putting her opponents to sleep or getting them randy enough that violent acts towards her have the lowest priority in their minds.
ApplePies love to have sex. A VERY sex-oriented Pokégirl, she has more erogenous zones than most other Pokégirls, and will often have many "favorite positions", and may ask for orgies if in a Tamer's harem.
Some believe that this might be similar to a Damsel's lack of pain center, but since ApplePies CAN recognize pain, it has been dismissed. ApplePies are constantly doing their best to avoid pain, possibly due to their now overly sensitive skin, thus why many of their attacks either disable, restrain or change aggression into lust.
The two reasons the ApplePie is popular, both among wild Pokégirls and tamers, is that she smells like a warm apple pie and her cum tastes like apples (and cinnamon, if she has any in her diet). Whether in a harem or in the wild, when an ApplePie has free time, she will try to cultivate the local soil to grow apple trees, even if the region isn't the best for growing them. It's unknown if this is a result of their evolution or forward thinking, but almost no tamer, save for the most aggressively paranoid, will stop this act. Some tamers and/or lovers of the ApplePie may even help.
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ARACHNAE, the Sassy Spider Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human (Tauric Metamorph/Animorph - Black Widow Spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Bug-type Pokégirls, insects, blood, raw meat, but will accept Pokéchow
Role: Pest control
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Web, Tripline, Tackle, Stringshot, Bite, Poison, Quick Attack, Growl, Spice, Poison Mask, Stomp
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Jumping (x5), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Jumping (x9), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Evolves: CLASSIFIED – Widow (extreme pain or Tamer's death) – CLASSIFIED
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Venom Stone)
Sukebe was a lunatic, but he was no fool. He realized his mistake in letting the numbers of Buzzbreasts and Wasps grow too high. Using the Spinnertit species as a base he added the DNA of a black widow spider to create the first of the Arachnae breed. Using their superior jumping skills these Pokégirls were designed for the elimination of excess bug-type Pokégirls.
Spinnertits are small, relatively weak Pokégirls with lung problems. This is why some tamers with Spinnertits want an instant power up, rather than work through these problems. For those with this mindset there is hope. When a Spinnertit comes into contact with a venom stone she will evolve into a powerful Pokégirl, the Arachnae. After evolving a Spinnertit looses her extra pair of breasts and gains a lot of height, with very few individuals reaching less than 6’8” in her bipedal form. Arachnae most commonly have C-cup breasts but larger cup sizes have been noted in larger individuals. Arachnae have two forms, a tauric form used for battle and a near-human bipedal form used for taming. In their tauric form they have the upper body of a beautiful woman and lower bodies that essentially makes them spider-taurs. When in her tauric form, an Arachnae's human half joins with her spider half right under her human-like vagina. Arachnae in their tauric-form have six legs that are thick and very powerful, which are especially good for jumping and kicking. Their lower body and arms in this form are covered in a fine black fur that is very soft to the touch. In their bipedal form they lose any extra limbs but still retain the same soft black fur on their arms and legs. Arachnae, in both forms have a bright-red hourglass symbol on their backs. Arachnae most commonly have silver hair on the top of their heads, but other colors have been observed. Most Arachnae like keeping the hair on their heads short, with very few individuals having hair below shoulder length. The eyes of an Arachnae are red in color and lack a noticeable pupil. Researchers have found that these eyes are actually a solid mass of compound eyes. Arachnae have spinnerets mounted in the back of their mouths, the lower jaw of an Arachnae can split open into a set of terrifying set of mandibles. Normally when these mandibles are closed there is no difference to that of a normal human's chin. Researchers speculate that this is just another aspect of their metamorphic abilities.
Arachnae aren’t afraid of melee combat. Most of the time an Arachnae will start off a fight using their enhanced strength to fight using tackle and stomp. They will usually only use their webs and poison to disable their opponents and finish them off after they have played with them for a bit. During a battle in which an Arachnae faces an overwhelmingly powerful foe they will rely on their jumping ability and agility to dodge any powerful attacks thrown at them. br> Arachnae are very passionate and lustful Pokégirls. When it comes to taming they like to be dominant and on top during taming. In contrast to other spider-types, they do not like bondage very much, unless it involves making a web to stick their Tamer to and tame them. Most Arachnae prefer to tame in their bipedal form, rather than their tauric battle form. This may not be true in all individuals especially feral born Arachnae. The poison sacs of an Arachnae are mounted just under their teeth, so unless a Tamer has a Poison-type affinity or Blood Gift, letting her give oral sex is not recommended. However, allowing an Arachnae to give head is a sign of trust and will guarantee a loyal, loving spider Pokégirl. Arachnae are generally aloof and sarcastic to those they don’t know. Once they are friendly with someone, either a Tamer or Harem-mate, they become more playful and affectionate, although the sarcasm doesn’t go away. They do, however, become extremely loyal. Like the others of their line they still have problems with Tarantellas and their evolutions, but are unafraid to tell them where they can stick it.
Feral Arachnae are very aggressive and territorial even against other Pokégirls. Tamers interested in capturing a feral Arachnae are advised to have a strong fire or flying type. Arachnae are a relatively uncommon Threshold result. However, if there is heavy spider-type Pokégirl ancestry in the subject’s bloodline, it becomes more likely that they will turn into an Arachnae.
A horrible discovery was made about this otherwise innocent Pokégirl, one that could put the breed in terrible danger if it ever became public knowledge. Sukebe made a grave miscalculation on the amount of black widow DNA he used in creating this species. This mistake left a trigger open for the worst possible Pokégirl of all time. The first evolution to Widow occurred in 100 A.S., when a foolhardy but heroic Tamer named Reaper was killed in action while defending a village from a horde of Buzzbreasts. This is when his delta-bonded Arachnae, in a fit of rage and despair, mutated into the most terrifying sight ever seen on this planet. The sheer psychological agony of her failure to protect the Tamer that she loved triggered her evolution into a Widow. Her resultant rampage slaughtered not only the entire Buzzbreast hive, the Buzzqueen included, but also the village itself. Only the last survivor of the village, a PLC Tamer and his Harem, consisting of a Samurai, an Amachamp, and a Dragoness, were able to stop the Widow’s rampage. And even then the victory wasn’t without cost, all four sustaining severe injuries in the process.
Widows have not just Hyper Venom, but a variety of poisons and venoms running through their bodies. The Amachamp was stung by one of the more rarely used venoms, and started to mutate into a Widow herself. The Samurai put her out of her misery before the change could be completed, and the PLC Tamer submitted his findings to his superiors, data which was researched through studying various Widow encounters and confirmed in recent years.
This information must be protected at all costs. The truth of the Widow’s pre-evolutionary form must be kept from general knowledge. I hate to say this, but we may have to adopt Sanctuary tactics in terms of protecting the information. Arachnae are an innocent breed, and if this information ever became public knowledge, then not even the McMahons or the Jahannas could stop men like Giovanni from mounting an Extinction Agenda against them. Be prepared to do the worst.
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ATELESIA the Agile Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting Frequency: Uncommon (Forest and Slot Leagues) Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Omnivorous but loves bananas
Role: Guerilla Warfare Specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Steel, Rock, Dark, Bug, Normal, Ice
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pounce, Blur, Hurricane Kick, Double Kick, Backhand, Mega Punch, Gattling Kick, Thunder Tail, Banana Penetration
Enhancements: Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (x5), Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Atelesona (Battle Stress), Wukong (Mana Stone)
Evolves From: Pri-mate (Battle Stress)
When their natural agility and speedy attacks are not enough to win a battle, a loud screech will come from the Pri-Mate and it will then evolve into Atelesia. In terms of looks Atelesia is similar to Pri-mate but her bust size has grown to a large B-Cup and at the at the most a small C-Cup. After evolving an Atelesia’s height tend to stay close to their previous form and they at most grow four inches, while their tails lengthen about six inches on average.
When it comes to battle an Atelesia is one of the more aggravating opponents to go up against due to them using their impressive speed, reflexes, and agility to dodge attacks, while tiring out their opponent at the same time they also tend to use the surrounding environment quite well to their advantage. After their opponent is open they tend attack with a surprising amount of ferocity, commonly using Gattling Kick and Mega Punch and then retreating and applying the same strategy continuously occasionally using attacks with their tails to mix things up a bit. During the Revenge War these tactics were also used in forest terrain battles, leaping in out of nowhere and suddenly attacking and then returning to the trees. This strategy was amazingly effective against the former human forces, this “hit and run” tactic won many battles for Sukebe prompting him to look into the potential of these girls more…thoroughly.
When it comes to taming Atelesias are quite flexible and will try almost anything, but all Atelesias have a fetish for giving their tamer’s a tailjob to quickly bring their tamers to orgasmic bliss. The only thing they will not do is bondage for some unexplained reason, leading them to detest Domina and the majority of her evolutions with a passion.
Atelesias are quite coveted by numerous tamers in both the Forest and Slot Leagues due to their genuinely friendly attitude while still maintaining a small amount of mischievousness. Even when feral Atelesias are quite good-natured and maintain most of their intelligence, though not enough to speak. Although this makes feral Atelesias less dangerous to people and quite calm, it also makes them difficult to capture as they can apply the same tactics, as they would while tamed on those who attempt to capture them. Unlike their previous evolutions Atelesias tend to keep to themselves when feral usually keep to themselves.
Thresholding into an Atelesia is quite rare unless a girl’s family has a very strong simian ancestry...
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ATELESONA the Untouchable Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (Forest and Slot League) Extremely Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous but loves bananas
Role: Elite Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Steel, Fighting, Normal, Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying
Attacks: Mach Punch, Speed Storm, Chain Throw, Tempest, Vortex, Tornado Run, Extremespeed, Whirlwind Counter*, Tornado Fist*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Reflexes (x9), Enhanced Strength (x3), Prehensile Tail, Dexterous hand like feet, Wind Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atelesia (Battle Stress)
Even an Atelesia has its limits when it comes to evading attacks, and when they reach those limits against an opponent beyond their current capabilities and an Atelesia will then evolve into Atelesona. Atelesona does not differ much in terms of looks although their fur turns either beige or white and covers her arms and legs, near their hands will turn black though as well as their tails will also turn black and will remain unchanged otherwise. In regards to height Atelesona grow an average of three inches maxing out at around 5”6 and their busts are never larger than a D-cup.
The Atelesias' performance against the human forces intrigued Sukebe greatly in regards to their potential, and so he created the first Atelesona. Atelesona did not participate in battles very often, but when they did they devastated their enemies both quickly and efficiently. Most of the time Sukebe sent a pair of Atelesonas to scout out many different forests and eliminate entire enemy squads, which they excelled at until the human forces caught on to what they were up against and focused on getting rid of their new foe.
In combat Atelesonas are quite deadly using their impressive reflexes and speed to evade many of the attacks thrown at them, often using Speed Storm to add to their foe’s problems. If in trouble of taking a debilitating blow they will use Whirlwind Counter to protect themselves from harm's way. Even though Atelesonas are built for evasion they are defiantly no slouches when it comes to attacking, commonly using Mach Punch and Tornado Run to quickly deal damage. Atelesonas always favor their Tornado Fist among all of their other attacks but seldom use it unless their opponent has gained their respect or it is absolutely necessary and this is true even more so for their “Double” Tornado Fist. Due to having a wind affinity Atelesona’s also have a few flying attacks though they like the Tornado Fist are rarely used with the exception of Speed Storm. Even though Atelesonas are weak against flying due to their wind affinity the damage is not as severe, but psychic attacks are extremely effective at holding an Atelesona in place destroying her greatest asset of her speed completely and leaving her susceptible to attack.
Similar to its prevolution an Atelesona have a very mild feral state and is quite calm unless she is challenged or deliberately attacked. The chances of catching an Atelesona are even smaller than the chances of finding a feral one. In the few cases of feral a Atelesona being located, most of them escaped capture using their extraordinary speed and reflexes but the few that were usually were usually caught off. Most Atelesonas are loners while feral unless they meet up with another of their kind and forming duos as they once did in the Revenge War.
An Atelesona is a very nice addition to anyone’s harem because of their kind fun-loving personalities. When being tamed they are quite passionate and they enjoy being on top, but they hate bondage with a passion because it makes them feel "caged", leading them to dislike Domina and her evolutions. As with Atelesias, Atelesona’s love giving their tamer a “tailjob” as a sort of foreplay and those that have female tamers often use their tail as a certain appendage to pleasure their tamers making them a favorite among female tamers as well. As one male tamer once said about taming an Atelesona the first time "That was the wildest ride of my life."
Due to their rarity there have been no recorded thresholds directly into an Atelesona and currently it is speculated to be impossible
Whirlwind Counter (DEF) - This technique creates a small tornado like wind around the Pokégirl. In general this attack is used to deflect small projectile weapons and some low power attacks, strangely electric attacks have no effect on this barrier whatsoever. This technique is exclusive to Atelesona but it can be taught to flying Pokégirls or Pokégirls with a wind affinity.
Tornado Fist (ATK 95(if it misses 30) - By moving their arm(s) in a circular motion at an extreme speed, and focusing their chi and the wind element into their fist, a Pokégirl is able to create the Tornado Fist, a close range attack that creates a miniature tornado around the Pokégirl’s arm past the elbow. Even if the opponent is able to dodge the attack, the wind encircling the Pokégirl’s fist(s) will still hit the opponent and knock them spinning away, albeit with less power. This technique can be used with both arms. This technique is exclusive to Atelesona but it can be taught with a to other fighting Pokégirls who know Gust Punch...
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BASILISK, the Queen of Snakes Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (reptile)
Element: Poison/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: small animals, usually eaten whole and/or live
Role: Assassin
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water, Bug, Magic
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Hypnosis, Agility, Glare, Dig, Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Poison tail, Dragon Breath, Harden, Petrification Gaze, Death Stare* At Higher Levels: Skin Clone*, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Unbreakable skin, Longevity, Poison immunity, light psychic abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (E-stone ceremony)
A Pokégirl first discovered around 288 PS, the Basilisk is not as versatile in its poison production capabilities as the Arbust, most tamers agree that it is a vast improvement over the Arbust. Its scales no longer are coated with poison, and it gains the powerful dragon element. This Pokégirl looks very similar to the Arbust’s snake form, but loses it s human form again, like the Naga. The Basilisk loses the Arbust’s hood, and its scales assume a golden hue. It also grows to the awesome length of 25 feet. It also grows a bright crest from the top of its head.
In addition, the Basilisk is very difficult to kill. Almost nothing can pierce its scales, and has incredibly good reflexes. It is also immune to any direct magical spells. Elemental spells, and spells that cause damage indirectly can still injure it. The Basilisk has extremely fast reflexes, however it still has its weaknesses. Like most snake Pokégirls, the Basilisk is vulnerable to cold, but with the dragon element the Basilisk takes four time the amount of damage than normal. In addition, the Basilisk is weak to Ground attacks. One of the favored ways for a Basilisk to hunt, is to burrow through the ground and surprise its prey from underneath. For this reason, the Basilisk has become sensitive to vibrations through the ground. However this also has a disadvantage. This means that ground attacks also do four times the amount of damage. For an unknown reason, the Basilisk has an extremely low defense, usually 4 or 5 stages lower than other Pokégirls at the same level. Even using harden, the Basilisk cannot permanently increase its defense. Only while it has the attack going, is it useful.
The Basilisk’s most potent attack is its Death Stare, a much more powerful version of Petrification gaze. A Basilisk encircles its prey and makes eye contact. From there emits a form of psychic poison mixed with a hypnotic wave. Only other psychic or very strong willed Pokégirls are capable of breaking this connection. If not broken after 30 seconds, the victim becomes incapacitated and further exposure can lead to death. This technique only works if direct eye contact is made for at least thirty seconds, an interruption leads to a failure of this technique. The stronger the Basilisk the less time it will take for the Death Stare to work. The shortest time recorded has been 20 seconds for KO and 35 for a fatality. At higher levels the Basilisk is capable of shedding its skin to create a clone with half of its HP. This clone is capable of using a few of the techniques that the original can. As an interesting side note, the Phoenix and its evolutions are immune to any of the Basilisk’s eye techniques. There is even a legend of a young boy named Harry Porker killed a rampaging Basilisk with his Phoenix by stabbing it through the roof of its mouth.
It should be noted that all spider evolutions, for an unknown reason, fear the Basilisk. It is unknown how a Widow would react to an encounter with one but it is speculated that, because it is insane, will treat the Basilisk as any other Pokégirls. Because of a genetic imperfection, the Basilisk has a phobia of the Cockadiddle line. One low-level Basilisk suffered a heart attack at seeing one.
Basilisks prefer heavily wooded areas and caves as their habitat. Feral Basilisks are very instinctual creatures, mainly using their death stare to hunt. Ferals tend to avoid conflict. There have been no reported cases of Thresholding into a Basilisk.
Ceremony Description
Stones needed: Dragon Scale, Dawn Stone, Venom Stone, Psi-Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: None
Ceremony Description: A frog Pokégirl, preferably a poison one, is needed for this ceremony. Place the 4 stones in a square around yourself, the Basilisk, and frog Pokégirl. Tame the Arbust while it is taming the frog. If all three of you achieve climax at the same time there is a 7% chance that your Arbust will evolve
*Death Stare-(EFT) The Basilisk's ultimate move, the serpent makes eye contact with its prey, and initiates a hypnotic gaze that evolves into a psychic connection. It then floods this temporary bond with poisonous psychic energy. One minute of exposure will result in the death of the prey, thirty seconds will result in a knock out and anything less will result in poisoning. Because of its hypnotic nature, only other psychic or extremely strong willed pokegirls are capable of resisting. Any break in eye contact will result in the failure of this technique and poisoning. If the Basilisk does not achieve eye contact, then the prey will only be poisoned
*Skin Clone-(EFT) The Basilisk sheds its skin and forms a clone of itself. This clone is capable of using Bite, Wrap and Venom Bite. It has half the HP of the original and if used the original doubles its defense. This technique can only be used once a day. This clone loses its immunity to magic, but gains much in defense, however the original keeps its advantages.
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BAWDGER, the Ground Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (weasel)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivorous
Role: excavation and rescue
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Harden, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Focus, Dig, Mud Slap, Gut Punch, Bite
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Olfactory sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Claws, Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (Diamond Stone)
One of the first Pokégirls that evolved from a Mynx, the Bawdger was used to create tunnels into human encampments, or to create giant pits to trap unsuspecting human soldiers, the Bawdger has a reputation as being a fierce, swift, and powerful attacker.
Fortunately, that's not truly the case. Sukebe's mental programming either broke down over the intervening centuries between the Revenge War and modern day, or perhaps they were driven by fear of being killed if they didn't do as ordered, but these days the Bawdger (even when feral) is timid and tries to avoid situations where they need to fight. Short for an evolved Pokégirl at just over five feet tall, these Pokégirls look a lot like they did as a Mynx. Sleek, short fur that hugs her body and with claws that allow the Bawdger to dig with amazing speed. The fur is commonly thick and is normally a silvery-gray coloration, although brown and black have also been found, and seems to vary with the environment that the Pokégirl is found in. Thresholds into Bawdger seem to occur somewhat commonly in places that are close to mountains or hilly areas, although they are much rarer anyplace else.
These Pokégirls, despite their strength, are rather gentle during a taming, and rarely if ever allow themselves to be tamed in any position other than from behind, to keep themselves from harming their tamer. This makes taming between a female tamer and a Bawdger a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible. Their fur is coarse, likely due to their elemental typing, and just doesn't feel as nice in general as it was when she was a Mynx. In battle, they can be ferocious when enraged, using Mega Punches and Kicks when close in. When at range, the Bawdger prefers to Dig or use her Mud Slap attack instead of trying to attack head on. In sex battles, the Bawdger is no good- a lack of known sexual attacks and a low libido make it difficult for the Bawdger to win one. Often, these Pokégirls are used for excavating and digging out basements for homes, as well as assisting with laying foundations for buildings.
A feral Bawdger's favorite prey are Titmouse- they aren't afraid of the Bawdger like they are with flying-types and feline-types. Others include Pidgy and Hamtits, although the Hamtits are usually favored above all else because they burrow as well and are easier to get to. Domestic Bawdger are much better around their natural prey, fortunately, but Pidgy, Hamtits, and Titmouse are all rather uneasy around them anyway. Feral Bawdger are rarely seen above ground, save when hunting or forced from their underground burrows. A tell tale sign to know when a Badger's burrow is near is when there are at least half a dozen holes that lead underground within a fifty foot radius- most Bawdgers build several exit tunnels, just in case, and many hide them with dead trees, bushes, or rusting pieces of metal from dumps that are remains from before the Revenge War.
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BLADE BUNNY (aka WABBIT), the Death Lepus Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous, with some grained foods. Will accept Pokéchow if meat cannot be caught.
Role: Heavy Assault, Dangerous Pokégirl. Frequently seen with Limbec Pirates.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Poison (special)
Attacks: Tail Whip, Slash, Slashwave, Deflect, Counter, Cut, Carve, Focus Energy, Leap, Tackle, Aura of Cute, Cross Shield, Iron Defense, Spiral Jump*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3) Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Hearing & Smelling (x5), Weapon-mounted tail, Instinctive hiding ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Wabbit Virus; explanation below)
Bounty (for capture and Taming): 40,000 SLC per Blade Bunny
Bounty (for destruction of swarm): 900,000 SLC
Bounty (for killing Virus carrier): 1,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting and getting out alive): 30,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure, if you see one, that she is the ONLY one there. Blade Bunnies tend to travel in packs, and like to swarm their victims before eating them. If she’s alone, watch her movements. If not alone, DO NOT engage and contact the nearest authorities, evacuating the area immediately if at all possible. When alone, you have a few options. If she acts like she wants to bite you, then she is a virus carrier and must be killed immediately. If she fights more with her tail, then she’s a normal Blade Bunny and can be caught and tamed. If a swarm catches you, try to kill the Alpha. That will confuse them for several moments, giving you a chance to get away. If you have a fire-type with you, or a Pokégirl with a strong energy attack, try to destroy the Alpha’s body, as it will be eaten by other Blade Bunnies once their confusion stops. This in turn will turn them into pack Alphas, giving them the ability to carry the virus, which in turn creates a greater threat.
The discovery of the Blade Bunny was a very unnerving thing. They look on the surface like a normal Bunnygirl, one of the more animalistic varieties that are out there, just a few feet shorter than normal and with darker fur than what one would normally see on a Bunnygirl. But that is where the similarity ends. Especially if you see what is behind them.
Instead of the usual fluffy stub of a tail most Bunnygirls have, Blade Bunnies have a long, whip-like appendage that has a massive bladed weapon of some kind attached to it. The tails can extend two to three feet over their heads and are very flexible. The weapon is always some kind of cutting weapon, varying in shapes from axes and swords to even more unusual, but always razor-edged and deadly, metal-like shapes. They are very skilled in the use of their weapons, allowing them to use even some sword-type attacks and steel-type defensive techniques.
For a brief period after their discovery in the year 263 AS, very little was known about them. All that was known is that Pokégirl Researchers captured and brainwashed by a now-defunct faction of Team Rocket created the breed, only to be slaughtered and devoured by them. Blade Bunnies have since spread across the world, some by sneaking onboard ships while looking for food, others through deliberate means, usually involving the Limbec Pirates, and other times through means that were a complete mystery until after the first Blade Bunnies were captured. Feral Blade Bunnies also tended to travel in packs, always deferring to an Alpha. It was only after the first few Blade Bunnies were captured and Tamed in 270 AS that Researchers began to learn about the breed.
Aside from the obvious outer physical changes mentioned earlier, Blade Bunnies go through some internal changes as well. Their mental makeup changes, the clumsiness and ditziness vanishing and being replaced by more vicious, predatory instincts and much greater coordination. Their Feral state makes them even more vicious and violent. Their teeth become razor-sharp, like a canine or feline-type Pokégirl’s. And their internal body chemistry changes as well. They can no longer eat meats. Their digestive tracks can now only tolerate meat and grain foods, such as oats and bread. Fruits and vegetables make them sick to their stomachs. But became really unnerving is that some of the Blade Bunnies that were captured, claimed, and studied, said that they used to be Bunnygirls. Immediate studies of Feral Blade Bunnies were ordered. Watchers, at great risk to themselves, began studying swarms of Blade Bunnies. Their discoveries were unsettling, to say the least.
Watchers found that Feral Blade Bunnies frequently moved in swarm-like packs, usually under the command of a single Blade Bunny, the ‘Alpha.’ They would move like a swarm of Wasps through an area, until they came across possible food. The Alpha, whom the other Blade Bunnies seemed very afraid of, would then command a single Blade Bunny to go out and lure their victim towards them with Aura of Cute. They would hide their tail until the last minute, acting adorable and luring their victims, usually a Tamer, over, at which point they are overwhelmed and devoured. If any Pokégirls are around, they will be released from any Pokéballs they are in and eaten. What happens to any Bunnygirls they find is what worries researchers. The Alpha of the swarm will take them aside and bite them in the neck, injecting a toxin that turns them into a Blade Bunny, which they will then bully into becoming a member of the pack.
One in forty Blade Bunnies are ‘Alphas.’ They are characterized by being slightly taller than the norm, and being much more aggressive. Mounted in their teeth are sacs which contain a mutagenic virus that they can release with a bite. Singular Feral Blade Bunnies are more timid than Alphas, and fight only if with a swarm or if cornered. Alpha Blade Bunnies are known to be much more confident and aggressive, and unafraid of even the most dangerous opponents. One Alpha Blade Bunny was known to have led her swarm against a Widow. She didn’t win, off course, being carted off and devoured along with most of her swarm, the survivors of which scattered and were eventually caught and Tamed.
Blade Bunnies are rare to encounter alone, as their strong ‘pack’ mentality makes solitude something they view as a ‘worst-case scenario.’ Sometimes a weaker Blade Bunny will be driven off from the swarm, or simply killed and eaten by the rest, but other than that the only way to catch a Blade Bunny is to disperse the swarm. You must do this by first killing the Alpha of the swarm. This will cause them all to become disoriented for several minutes. Take this time to destroy the Alpha’s body by either flames or a powerful energy attack. This will cause a swarm to flee the area. Poisoning the Alpha’s corpse will also drive the swarm apart, as Blade Bunnies have a strong weakness to any form of toxin. The reason that destroying the Alpha’s body is important is because that once they get their bearings, four or five members of the swarm will try to drag off the Alpha’s corpse and eat it. They will consume the Alpha’s body, bones and all, and become virus carriers themselves. They will then battle to the death, the winner consuming the losers and becoming the new Alpha of the swarm.
Surprisingly, for such a dangerous Pokégirl, they are quite affectionate once Tamed. They take well to being a part of a harem, and start thinking of their Harem sisters as part of their new ‘swarm.’ They will also defend their Tamer and Harem sisters fiercely, not wanting to lose the sense of belonging they have. As only non-Virus carriers have been captured so far (it has been deemed too dangerous to try and capture the more aggressive Virus carriers), they are inclined to bow to anyone with a stronger will than they, which makes controlling a Blade Bunny once properly Tamed a simple matter. They do not make good Alphas, however.
The ‘Weapon Rabbit Virus,’ or ‘Wabbit Virus’ for short, originated from the first twenty Blade Bunnies created originally. Only three of them are left alive today, but not because they died of old age. They are confirmed to be unique in their breed in that they possess longevity. Efforts are being made to track them down and terminate them.
Only three Threshold cases of becoming a Blade Bunny have occurred so far. Thankfully, they were not virus carriers. Strangely enough, after discovering that the Blade Bunny could be captured and Tamed, some people began discussing of some of the more dangerous so-called ‘Menace Pokégirls’ could be Tamed as well. The theory has been dismissed so far as folly, but one never knows what might happen in the future…
*Spiral Jump – (ATK 100): An attack exclusive to the Blade Bunny. They leap into the air towards the opponent, curling up into a ball as they do, their tail curled up around them and slashing multiple times.
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BUDGTIT, the Tiny Parrot Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorph, (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: various seeds and vegetation
Role: often used as a pet, known for being destructive
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokegirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken, Rock Climb
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size, good climbers, mild Feral state
Evolves: Gallah (normal), Cockortwo (evolved Gallah, normal) ( <- these two pokegirls haven't been made)
Evolves From: None
Budgtits are one of the most common Pokégirls in the Orange Islands and are often kept as pets due to how friendly and loyal even Feral Budgetits are when around humans enough. They are also known for being extremely destructive in either Feral or Domesticated states, having been known to gnaw away the edges to just about anything they can get their mouths on. Feral Budgtits are known to never say their names and just squawking loudly instead and mimicking human expressions randomly. Their most interesting trait is their feet, unlike normal bird types their feet have two toes at the front and two at the back, coupled with their strong jaws they make excellent climbers and are even known to hand upside down from branches comfortably.
Physically Budgtits rarely stand more then around 3 and a half feet tall with those from the Blue League having been measured at a whopping 5 feet tall. They all have attractive faces and full round lips, though their mouths do become quite larger when about to put anything in them. Also all Budgetits have an average cup size at around the B cup range with only the Blue league variety reaching C or higher. They have yellow feathers on their heads, green on their bodies and black feathered backs, wings and tails. The wings are actually part of the arms and they actually lack hands, using their opposable feet or mouths to carry and pick things up.
As Ferals or Domesticates Budgtits are unable to function unless they are part of a ‘flock’ whether it is with a Tamer and Harem sister or just with other Feral Budgtits doesn’t matter. Domesticate Budgtits are deathly loyal to their Tamer and extremely affectionate, though do tend to get somewhat annoying at times, though this never seems to get them down. Feral Budgtits are loyal to the flock as a whole and usually only fight over perching rights and food. They are always loud when talking, or squawking when feral, leaving many Tamers with hearing problems in later years. They all seems to have odd and unique quirks once tamed that are as random as can be, from being excessively clingy to being reacting to Tomato sauce like it was a lemon… A Tamer can never know until he tames one of these crazy birds. All Budgtits have an innocent demeanor like that of a small child in a teenager’s body.
As Ferals Budgtits are known for not only being shy and entire flocks fleeing at the sight of an approaching human but also for striping large areas of weeds when hungry. Ferals are rarely spotted alone and use the size of the flock as a defensive measure against other Pokegirls. Unlike other Ferals they are nonviolent and never fight unless provoked or defending their nesting areas and will fight to the death if they have eggs to protect. Also they never cry out their names, instead they let out loud squawks that can give headaches to any unlucky Tamer. Ferals that live in human cities are known to mimic human phrases with seemingly no sense of what they’re saying. A few are known to imitate a ‘smoker’s cough’ and swear to the vast amusement to the local children. City Ferals are quite comfortable around human children though still flee from adults.
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BUTTANEER, the Beast Pirate Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style, mainly seafood
Role: Ship’s crew, Warriors, Undersea recovery efforts
Libido: Average, leaning towards High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Bubbler, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious
Evolves: She-Captain (normal, high level), Tavernmaid (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
Evolves From: None
Buttaneers are one of the two most well known breeds of what are generally known as ‘Pirate Pokégirls.’ They are the more savage of the two, attractive in features although bearing varying amounts of animalistic features based on random sea flora and/or fauna. Some bear resemblance to other Pokégirls, although there are more than enough differences for all but the dumbest Tamers to tell the difference between them. As they grow older, their animalistic features become slightly more prominent, giving them a fierce appearance.
In terms of demeanor, they tend to be fiercer than their more human-like cousins. They favor blunt weapons, heavy water and wind attacks, and their own natural claws, over the blades and guns of Piratits. Their style of battle is more savage and straightforward than Piratits, making them well suited for front line combat and all out assault. Outside of battle they are extroverted, outgoing Pokégirls who enjoy a good party as much as a good scrap. They are more social than Piratits, and are good at unifying their Harem sisters to their ‘Admiral’s’ cause. (Their Tamer is always called ‘Admiral,’ and the Alpha is always the ‘Captain.’) They don’t make good Alphas, as they tend to be flighty and indecisive without solid direction.
Buttaneers work well in all naval applications. They work well as Tamers for League naval forces, actual pirates, even as crewmembers on a single Tamer’s ship. In rare cases, Buttaneers can even be found as crewmembers on luxury cruise liners. Their willingness to follow orders, plus their amphibious nature and fighting ability makes them highly valued by all seafaring Tamers.
Instances of using Buttaneers on land are rare, but there are several recorded instances of land-based Tamers having Buttaneers in their Harems. They still retain their outgoing, gregarious nature, but are also more melancholy, as all Buttaneers are more comfortable being on a ship at sea. Land-based Buttaneers also tend to be more aggressive as well, to compensate for their not being at sea. This can be tempered somewhat by partnering them with another Water-type Pokégirl, as Buttaneers greatly enjoy being wet. (“In every sense of the word,” as some have been quoted.)
During the Revenge War, Buttaneers worked alongside more animalistic Pokégirls, swimming in packs underneath seafaring vessels while their commanding She-Captain would said in on their own ships with Piratits. The boat-based assault would distract the ship from the brunt of the assault, the Buttaneers, who would board the ship and slaughter the crew, usually before they could react in some way, making way for the She-Captain and the rest of the crew to mop of whatever was left and claim the contents of the ship for Sukebe’s forces. Frequently, Buttaneers were stationed amidst herds of animalistic water Pokégirls, supplementing their forces and adding to their damage capacity.
Buttaneers, in terms of taming, love it wild. They don’t mind if their Tamer gets a little rough with them, and like to be taken ‘as hard as an ocean wave.’ They enjoy pretty much any position, although of ‘that fancy bondage stuff’ that Domina-types have been known to use is a turn off. They enjoy a straightforward, rough & wild taming, loving it when their tamer pounds their ‘cutlass’ into them.
Threshold cases which result in a Buttaneer are uncommon and usually occur in families with a long history of water-type in their bloodline.
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BUTTITSFREE, the Fuck n' Flutter Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian with sugar requirements
Role: air scout and bioweapon
Libido: Moderate, can be raised with sugar
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry, Gust, Poison/Sleep/Stun Powder.
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, butterfly like wings, light weight, small size (4'-4'5")
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titapod (normal)
A Titapod will evolve into a Buttitsfree fairly easily with enough care and battle experience. The Pokégirl undergoes a rather drastic change in form and personality. She will gain several inches in height, sometimes a foot or more. Still Buttitsfree are tiny Pokégirls, and have very low weights, usually around 40 to 50 pounds. They regain their antenna and lose much of their exoskeleton. They also gain large and colorful wings that sprout from their back. Not only do these wings allow them to fly, but they also produce a variety of status-changing powders that they use in combat.
Personality wise they become much more active and outgoing. They develop a near addiction for sugar, especially in sweet drinks. Soda is bliss for them, and often can induce a strong desire to be Tamed. Taming is still tricky, though for entirely different reasons. Buttitsfree are now large enough to be handle most normal sized Tamers, though it tends to be a tight fit. Their wings, however, often flap rapidly during Taming, releasing her powder. Wing covers are highly recommended.
Buttitsfrees rarely engage in direct combat. Their bodies are frail and can not take much punishment, a stark change from their Titapod form. Instead they tend to fly around at high speeds and use Gust to blow various powder attacks at their opponents until they are incapacitated, or they run out of powder. Once depleted, their powder reserves can take between one to three days to replenish, depending on how much food and sugar she takes in. Buttitsfree are great choices to weaken physically dominating Pokégirls.
Feral Buttitsfrees tend to live on the borderlines of wooded areas, preferably in an area with berries or other fruits. While they are no longer as laid back and lazy as they were as Titapods, they still don't go out of their way to exert themselves. They seem perfectly content to flutter from place to place in no great hurry, looking for the sweetest berries they can find.
It is somewhat rare for a girl to Threshold directly to a Buttitsfree, but when it happens, most girls are, relatively, happy about their new form. As more then one parent has been known to have said, ”Well at least you turned into something truly beautiful."
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CABBIT, the Friendly Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: most places Very Rare. Around the Shrine Gym Common.
Diet: carrots, and nothing else
Role: being cheery, dancing to cheer people up
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Phase, Dance, Aura of Cute, Double Team, Cheer, Bite, Scratch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Claws
Evolves: StarlightXpress (Angel Stone, Psi Crystal, Mana Crystal, Delta Bond with Tamer, be of high level, orgasm)
Evolves From: Catgirl (orgasm), or Bunnygirl (Cat E-Medal)
Cabbits are the most friendly type of Pokégirl alive. They don't like violence and aren't that good in a fight, but make excellent pets, and are usually used as domestics, or healers/cheerleaders in Tamer harems. They are very loyal, and very good with kids, Tame Cabbits frequently seen working in nurseries, alongside Pokégirls like NurseJoys and Neko Cennecos.
Cabbits are a very unusual breed, a mix of rabbit and cat in appearance. They usually have dusty, dark brown fur, catlike faces and rabbit like feet and ears. They also have a small, glowing red gemstone in their foreheads.
Mostly, Feral Cabbits are found in great numbers around the Shrine Gym in the Edo League, with some Very Rarely being found elsewhere around the world. No one knows why they congregate around this Gym, Researchers are still confused on the matter, and the owners of the Shrine Gym aren't talking. Most Cabbits around the world head back to this Gym when they are ready to give birth. They have a great weakness for carrots, loving both eating them by the dozen and using them like dildos in taming. Tamers who want to catch a Feralborn Cabbit usually use a carrot as bait. Cabbits LOVE carrots, and will do almost anything for them, making taming a Cabbit quite easy.
Cabbits are a very popular breed amongst pet lovers. Threshold cases are rare, but not unheard of. Girls that do become Cabbits usually don't mind it all that much, as they gain a very cute appearance and demeanor that's very friendly.
It's unknown whether or not a Cabbit can evolve. Some Tamers have claimed to have evolved their Cabbits, but when asked into what, they quickly changed the subject. It's only recently that the evolution of a Cabbit was discovered...
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CATFISH, the Wet Pussy Pokégirl Type: Animorph, Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fish and cream
Role: Lifeguards at beaches, swimming instructors, fishers... pirates too.
Libido: Average (High once a month)
Strong Vs: Ground, Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Fury Swipes, Kick, Scratch, Slap, Tail Slap, Water Gun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Air Recovery
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed(x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Agility (x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Senses (x3), can move on land as well as water, Night Vision, Cold Tolerance, Breathe Underwater
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Catgirl (Water Stone), Kitten (normal; raised by a large body of water)
An interesting event occurs when a Catgirl is given a Water Stone. Although Catgirls normally dislike water, when given the Evolution Stone of aquatic powers, she will evolve into a species of Pokégirl known as Catfish. It should be noted that the evolution of Catfish can also happen naturally when a Kitten is raised by either a beach, or near a large body of water all of her life.
As the name suggests, a Catfish is one Cat-type that lacks aversion to water, although they do prefer their battles to be on land. Also, opposite to what the name suggests, the Catfish are in no way a Fish-type Pokégirl, they are still feline Pokégirls. However, it is easy to make the mistake between the two under certain circumstances as Catfish are known to have physical variation depending on how exactly they evolved and where. If evolved near the Earth's equator, the Catfish may evolve without fur, instead her skin a pale blue or sea green, yet will never feel cold even in an icy climate. Most Catfish, however, still have soft and short fur on their bodies.
A Catfish's fur and hair can be different shades of blue or blue-greens, denoting they are Water-type Pokégirls. To aid in their swimming capabilities, the species also have webbing between their toes and fingers, and they have a set of fins at the tip of the tail, although again, this also seems to change depending on where she evolves at. Some have flukes at the end of their tail that are horizontal, while others have the tail fins grow in vertically. In either case, the tail is longer and thicker than most Cat-types, which allows her great maneuverability in water and even assists with propulsion. The tail is also prehensile, but is sluggish to move immediately once out of the water.
It should also be noted that a Catfish's body changes so that she even gains the ability to hold extra water in her breasts and shoot the liquid out of her mouth like a water cannon. However, they are not dependant on the ocean as a Catfish can move about on land perfectly well when dry, and can be away from water for long periods at a time without needing to rehydrate.
Catfish can breathe air with her gills as well, when they have need to, making them truly amphibious. When underwater, gills open up along the sides of their necks, allowing them to breathe underwater. Above water or on land, these gills are sealed shut and are actually rather sensitive to the touch. Some Catfish have even taking this into effect when Taming, giving their Tamer what they have termed, `Deep Throat'; giving the Tamer head with the gills in their neck. While Catfish owners have claimed it to be a wonderful sensation, sometimes the fun gets cut short should the Tamer cum in there.
In the Indigo Plateau, the Divide Sea, the Silver Islands, and the Lost Sea, Catfish are an incredibly popular species to own, since they are great fishers and have been proven to be of great help to fishermen and pearl divers. Unfortunately, this popularity has extended to the Limbec Pirates and other pirate factions around the world, as their capabilities in and out of water make them almost perfect for the job. As such, Catfish found at smaller port towns and fishing villages around the world often find themselves under careful scrutiny, distrust, and may require collars to vouch for the fact that they are not pirates. Of course, no Catfish complains about being collared, if such is the case.
While Kitten is still the defacto outcome for girls going through Threshold to become a Cat-type Pokégirl, the number of Thresholds resulting in the end of Catfish have increased dramatically over the years, changing a once Rare Pokégirl to become a rather Uncommon sight. It has been noted that the majority of Threshold cases that end with Catfish are around villages on the water or by a large body of water, adding merit to the concept of Water being the primary trigger.
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CATGIRL, the All Purpose Perceptual Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, very near human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods (enjoys fish and milk products)
Role: Assumed to be the first evolution possible
Libido: Average (becomes High monthly at New Moon)
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost
Attacks: Leap, Kitten's Roar, Fury Swipes, Glare, Foresight, Agility, Double Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility(x3), Enhanced Senses(x2), high hand-eye coordination, night vision
Evolves: Cabbit (orgasm), Housecat (normal), Griffon (Angel Stone), Cheetit (Cat E-Medal), Cheshire (Psi Cyrstal), Shaguar (Ice Crystal), Tigress (battle stress), Catfish (Water Stone), Mistoffeles (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Kitten (normal)
Catgirls are not an exceptional improvement over Kittens. It's very strongly speculated that the Catgirl may have been the very first evolution ever designed into a Pokégirl, and as such, is not very spectacular, though not many people would complain, given that Catgirls definitely look slightly better from their pre-evolution form.
Catgirls gain roughly half an inch to an inch in height, a quarter of a cup-size, their leg muscles grow stronger, they gain nightvision, and their tails usually increased an extra foot or two. Most Catgirls seem a bit more grown up in terms of maturity, but it is an irritatingly difficult quality to define and does not change their overall personality, though some actually become more mature, and display a bit more zest and exuberance than when they were Kittens.
Because their leg muscles are stronger, a Catgirl is usually a third faster than they were as a Kitten, though this can go as high as two times as fast. Her agility is often quite a bit better and it's believed that their longer tail may help them maintain their balance better, though, like many things about them, it is inconclusive.
The average Catgirl will find that she can learn kicking or leg-based attacks much easier than most others. As such, a Catgirl can sometimes be a good training partner for an Amazonlee (though rarely a Herolee), and are often good friends with them, which in turn, make them feel slightly disdainful against Amazonkapoeera, though this feeling is not as intense as an Amazonlee’s.
Outside of her speed and kicking techniques, about the most impressive things about her are her ability to learn Kitten’s Roar and Foresight naturally, giving her a wider base of attacks than most normal Pokégirls.
Catgirls often get very randy around the New Moon for some reason though researchers are still trying to find out the answer to this question, though until now, nothing conclusive has been found out.
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CERBERASS, the Hell Hound Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Anthropomorphic - Canine
Element: Dark/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Raw meat, hot peppers, spicy foods
Role: guard dog, fierce hunter
Libido: High (Very High monthly)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Pummel, Takedown, Howl, Bite, Crunch, Fire Blast, Flame Tower, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Reinforced Muscular and Skeletal Structures, Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x10), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hound (Anubust’s Curse)
With the revelation of Anubust, slowly more information comes forth related to the Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl. And it would now seem that the impressive and loyal breed of Pokégirl, the Hound is linked to Anubust. It appears that Sexmet isn’t the only one whose ‘blessing’ and ‘curse’ can have the effect of incredible evolution.
Hounds are already an impressive and intimidating Pokégirl species, standing at nearly six and a half feet with strong, muscular builds, generous C-Cup tits, and intimidating black fur and dark eyes. Anubust has brought them to a whole new level of intimidation.
As it is well known, Hounds are a notoriously territorial breed. And while normally untraceable in any sense of the way, Anubust allowed herself to appear before a Hound that caught her attention with the protective nature she had of her Tamer. However, the Hound instantly took offense to this intruder on that land she was currently using and tried to use Bite on the Legendary. Of course, in her spiritual state, such an attack didn’t even phase her, and a now annoyed Anubust cursed the Pokégirl.
When the Hound’s owner was roused from slumber by all the noise, he was greeted by the sight of what his Pokégirl had become. No longer was she like a hound, instead she was more like a truly imposing canine creature. Standing at an intimidating 7’7” in height, the fur of her muscular frame was now a white underside and otherwise covered in bright red with splashes of black in set patterns, her tail, once very lithe, becomes longer with thick fur. She had become imposing beyond belief, comparable to an Amachamp, really. A large pair of E-Cup breasts that were situated between two sets of arms, and then to top it off, three heads like a Chimera! She was now what would be called a Cerberass!
The species, despite having three heads, is one person, and so one personality controls all three heads. This is believed to be an effect from the fact a Cerberass comes from a Pokégirl of single species lineage, unlike the Chimera, which came from the Griffon, (which was already a mix of feline and bird). Many people are surprised about this fact when they meet a Cerberass, but most do admit that being able to hold three different conversations with three different people all at once can be quite useful.
Although the looks are a bit hellish, the Cerberass are surprisingly not Infernal. They retain aspects from their previous evolution that are sought after in the Canine-type breeds; loyalty and a loving personality. However, now with a Sub-type of Fire, a Cerberass’ affection leads to a more amorous nature... and with their newfound strength and power, they can easily get what they want from their Tamer.
When it comes to Pokébattle, a Cerberass is more than willing to throw herself one-hundred percent into any conflict, using her intimidation factor to its fullest! Unfortunately, this can lead to trouble as, even with all her strength and fiery might she now possesses, she can still be easily felled by a Water-type Pokégirl. Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a Cerberass whimper in defeat with her tail between her legs after she had her butt handed to her by a Magikunt of all things.
Taming is a very solid part of the Cerberass’ attitude now. The three-headed Canine, for one thing, definitely puts all three heads to use when in the throws of passion with her Tamer; definitely granting the term ‘Giving Head’ a new meaning. However, it cannot be stressed enough that with her newly increased mass and strength that a Tamer start using Heavy Restraints on the Cerberass for the first few months of owning a Cerberass. They can get very active and aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about the full extent of their capabilities. It really is a safety issue that should be addressed. Still, after all is said and done, a Cerberass will look after her Tamer all night as he sleeps, guarding him from any possible perils.
At this point in time, it is completely unheard of for a woman to Threshold into a Cerberass. There are only a number of Domestic Hounds that have been cursed by the Legendary Anubust, and none have been bred as of yet. Although the breed as a whole certainly seems to be looking forward to it when the time comes...
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Charamanda, the Fiery Lizard-esque Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat and cooked fish
Role: frontline soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fire Spin, Fireball, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, Bite, Scratch, Fury Swipes
Enhancements: Fire powers, Endurance, claws
Evolves: Charmelons (normal)
Evolves From: None
The first elemental Pokégirl to make her appearance during Sukebe's War was the Charamanda and her more powerful evolutions. Using her fire attacks to attack the human forces, they decimated regiments of human soldiers and melted through tank armor to great effect. It was only when Sukebe's Charamandas attempted to infiltrate cities on their own that they found themselves overpowered by local fire departments and their fire hoses that held the lines against them. Eventually, when Sukebe learned to utilize other elemental types with the Charamanda forces, not even those defenders managed to hold the lines at all. After the war, these Pokégirls were hunted but many survived both the war and the Pokégirl hunts in the years that followed. These were also the first Fire-types that Researchers after the war obtained data on.
These days, these Pokégirls are known to be one of the most stable and easily tamed fire-types throughout the world. They don't need any special precautions before a taming, unlike their evolutions. They are reptilian, having scales rather than skin like a human, which is rather sensitive to temperature drops and water. Their scales are normally a deep red in coloration, though their front is often an orange color or at least a lighter red around their stomach, chest, and breasts. These Pokégirls also have a tail that is as long as they are tall that is not prehensile. Charamanda stand at about five feet tall, though some are a bit taller as well. Their tail actually has a fire that emits from it, which allows the Charamanda to heat up her surroundings easily. This flame may not be present in domestic Charamandas, however, although it can be dispelled with magic. Dousing this flame otherwise can harm a Charamanda that does possess this flame.
More affectionate than her evolutions, and perhaps moreso than any other fire type other than the Spitfire or the FireCat, the Charamanda enjoys cuddling with a trusted tamer almost as much as receiving a taming. This Pokégirl has a low pleasure threshold, which grows as she evolves. They are very careful with their tamers, not wanting to burn them, but ferals are known to go all out against any that enter their supposed territory, Pokégirl and tamer alike. These Pokégirls are often provided to new tamers as often as a Growlie is, simply because of their loyalty and abilities that are rather well suited towards traveling. Feral Charamanda don't normally have hair, but domestics usually do thanks to their origins with having a human father.
In battles, Charamandas are well suited for both ranged and close-combat. Their teeth are suited to tearing, ripping, and piercing- perfect for their Bite attacks. Although her tail isn't prehensile, it is strong and thick, and suitable for her tail whip attack. And their ability with fire allows for a variety of fire attacks to be available at most any range of battle. The Charamanda has claws on her hands and feet, allowing her to utilize them well in close quarters as well. In sex battles, their low pleasure threshold is an obvious liability. Their evolved forms are much more suited for such battles, however.
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CHEETAURA, the Hyperactive Catgirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tauric Cheetah) Metamorph (Near Human)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues), Very Rare (Crescent League), Extremely Rare (All Other Leagues) [Classified] Uncommon in the Dark Continent North of the Sanctuary Colonies and its Frontier territory including Sexmet's Lair. [Classified]
Diet: strict carnivore
Role: mobile scouts, Pokégirl transports, racers
Libido: Average (fast!)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Double Kick, Speed Punch, Tail Slap, Rocket Lunge and Tackle, Rocket Dodge and Tackle, Iron Tail
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x18), High Metabolism, Speed-based Psionic Enhancements, High Erotic Sensitivity
Evolves: Shadetaura (contact with Macavity’s Aura of Darkness)
Evolves From: Cheetit (normal)
Appearing shortly after the release of Cheetits into the world, the Cheetaura is the logical extension of the Cheetit’s, “speed is life” philosophy; often acting as an alternate steed for the Generals that lead units of other Pokégirls. Upon evolving, the Cheetit trades in a great deal of her combat prowess for an alternate form, becoming less effective against a number of elements. However, the Cheetaura also lose a number of weaknesses her previous form had, making for little in the way of elements that is outright ‘superior’ to her. Overall, it is considered a solid trade-off.
The Cheetaura is a morphic Pokégirl, having a limited shape-changing capabilities that transform her from her Near-Human appearance with minimal animorphic qualities into that of a Nonhumanoid with a four-legged ‘racing’ configuration. The additional legs and lower, streamlined form result in a considerable increase in speed and stamina. The Cheetaura are among the fastest of all land-based Pokégirls with the current recorded speed record being 400 miles per hour. However, they can only reach their top speed in short sprints, up to 30 minutes under ideal conditions. Otherwise, they can only maintain a ‘cruising’ speed of 240 mph. [Classified] Sadly, this allows Dameosaurs to catch up with them easier than they could the Cheetits. [Classified]
In their Near Human form, Cheetaura are nearly identical to their pre-evolved cousins, with only a slight bust increase to distinguish them visually. While not as noticeable, their tails also lengthen, sometimes by as much as six inches. This improves their balance while running, but can interfere with movement in a tighter environment, such as in a room or in dangerous battlefield. Surprisingly, they LOSE height when compared to Cheetits, leaving them at just under six feet in height. Still it is advised that one should scan with a PokéDex to make certain before making any judgments if the Pokégirl before them is a Cheetit or not.
An important note is that a Cheetaura’s speed transfers over into their Taming habits. Even when not particularly horny, their insides perpetually vibrate slightly. This makes all of their erogenous zones unusually sensitive, and Cheetauras are usually extremely easy to please; some Tamers can find even stroking the Cheetaura’s flanks when in their tauric form can get them off. It goes without saying that Cheetauras like it fast, usually preferring to be on top because their Tamers are physically incapable of thrusting quickly enough. They can slow down, (a little) for their Tamers if requested, usually as a result of friction burns. It is suggested to keep Burn Heal on hand.
Surprisingly, even though they are the evolved form, Cheetaura aren’t as good as combatants as Cheetits are; not that they are inept, but reflex and strength are diminished, as well as a number of techniques lost. Often they are in a Tamer’s Harem when she had originally been in it as a Cheetit and the Tamer hasn’t gotten rid of her. Unfortunately, they aren’t good Sex Battlers either. While they retain a Cheetit’s fierce heterosexuality, they are easily turned on from simple touching, allowing a woman to get them off as easily as a man could. Still, they do have their usefulness, as they make an EXCELLENT Pokégirl for Watchers. They can fill the role of being a ride for their owners and should the need for a hasty getaway from an irate Feral Pokégirl be required the Cheetaura can fill that role in a pinch. In the Crescent Moon League, Cheetaura have been used like race-horses of old, and find themselves in a profession that provides a gambling outlet as well as entertainment for the masses.
To this day, there has never been a recorded case of a girl going through Threshold becoming a Cheetaura. It is only in the recent generation that the outcome of Thresholding into a Cheetit has come to fruition, and it is thought by many Researchers that it will be an even longer stretch of time before a girl to will become a Cheetaura through Threshold. A number of experts at this point don’t ever expect to see such and event either.
[Classified] While she doesn’t employ as many Cheetaura for her home’s security as she does Cheetit, Sexmet does keep a number on hand for other purposes, since they are great as a scouting force. When Cheetits in her care do end up evolving, she gives them the choice of either staying on at her home or finding them some good Tamers. Sexmet also doesn’t like how recently, it’s been a trend for Team groups to employ the use of Cheetauras; their speed being used to bring down targets, as well as making for quick retreats from police officers. She is doing everything within her power to make sure this doesn’t become a norm any time soon, even if it means gutting one Team member at a time... [Classified]
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CHICHI, the Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Birds, Snakes, Cats, Fighting-types
Attacks: Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Evolves: Tamale (Fire Stone), Aguamiel (Water Stone), Margarita (Ice Crystal), Jalaputa (Thunder Stone), Sapphron (Diamond Stone), Chickpotle (Dark Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Chichi, like many rodent Pokégirls, bears a strong resemblance to the Titmouse, and they are often mistaken for them at first. They average 5' in height, and have chinchilla-like ears and tail, as well as a luxurious grey coat of body fur. They are more likely to be found in colder, mountainous climates than other rodent Pokégirls, having better protection from the cold. Surprisingly fast over plains and hilly-areas, the Chichi has also adapted well to living in wooded areas. Chichis in the wild tend to gather in groups, sometimes reaching two dozen in number. This is because they are typically the most popular prey species in whatever area they live in, and a lone Chichi is practically a beacon for Feral carnivores. Chichis are not often found in a Tamer's harem, since they are completely useless in combat, even when thoroughly trained. Only a Chickenlittle or a Damsel is really likely to lose a fight to a Chichi, and even they have sometimes managed to win. They do, however, make popular pets, due to their soft fur and mild dispositions.
The Chichi is widely believed to be one of the first types of Pokégirl created by the legendary Pokégirl, Cocooner. However, a researcher in the Johto League, Dr. Eric Heinemen, recently proposed that the Chichi was in fact created by Sukebe, and simply not used during the War. He believes that the relatively harmless Chichi was created as a prototype for other girls that have multiple stone-based evolutions, particularly the Eva and the Nymph.
No researcher, however, has been able to explain the bitter hatred between the Chichi and the Hamtits. The two rarely encounter one another, but when they do a fight is sure to result. This is particularly true when the encounter is between two packs. However, little damage is usually done, since both types are rather pathetic combatants. Tamers who have witnessed such battles could provide few details, mainly because they couldn't keep themselves from laughing every time the subject comes up.
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Chickpotle, the Dark Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, spies, ghost hunters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Fade, Dark Attack, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Attacks can affect Phased Ghost-types
Evolves: None
Evolves From:Chichi (Dark Stone)
Chickpotles change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes jet black, with a white speckling pattern that resembles a clear night sky. They tend to keep to themselves, avoiding predators using Teleport rather than rely on a group, and always seem to be brooding about something. Unsurprisingly, they are nocturnal. Chickpotles in the wild often share a den with other Chichi evolutions, sleeping during the day when the others are out and active, and leaving at night for their own activities. Tamers tend not to favor the Chickpotle, since it is very difficult to break them of this cycle, making them largely useless during the day, when most Tamers are active.
One reason Chickpotles do still find their way into Harems is a discovery by a researcher named Egon Splengler. During a late-night observation for his study of Ghost-type Pokégirls, a wild Chickpotle attacked and aggressively pursued a Groaner, eventually defeating it, and seemingly destroying it. Further research into the subject revealed that this was not an isolated incident. Chickpotles are extraordinary ghost hunters, even more so than other Dark-type Pokégirls, and seem to be instinctually driven to destroy Ghost Pokégirls. Some believe that this at least partially accounts for their perpetual brooding, as they seem most enthusiastic during battle with a Ghost.
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CHOCOBOOB, the Traveler Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird) Metamorph
Element: Flying (Initially)
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League) Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: messengers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant (Initially)
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock (Initially)
Attacks: Tackle, Choco Kick*, Quick Attack, Hyper Quick Attack, Takedown, Earlobe Nibble, Ear Blow, Recover, Quickturn, Blur, Dash, Feather Blizzard, Feather Shuriken, Tickle Storm, Edge of Delight, Choco Comet*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Clawed feet, light metamorph capability, light magic affinity, powers change over time depending on what environment they grow up in
Evolves: None
Chocoboobs were the messengers during the Revenge War. Seeing them dashing across the plains, a mailbag across their shoulders containing orders for Pokégirl attack units, was a common site during that period of time. They aren’t as fast as Cheetits, but they do have a higher level of endurance, being made for distance running rather than the short, intense bursts that Cheetits can manage. In distance race, a Chocoboob would most likely come out on top, as she could run for a longer period of time than a Cheetit. That being said, Chocoboobs don’t feel overshadowed by a Cheetit’s greater bursting speed, as they have other abilities that set them apart.
Chocoboobs are tall Pokégirls, six feet five at the smallest, with a light coating of bright yellow feathers on their bodies. Their faces are aquiline, their hair (either blonde or light brunette in coloring) usually kept short, so as not to be a burden while running, and their legs from the knees down are bird talons, the skin their thick, almost armored. Their talons are sharp, and their leg muscles are powerful, allowing them to develop one of their trademark attacks, the Choco Kick, which is a leaping thrust kick to the chest followed by a springing leap off of the opponent’s body, knocking them down. This is more powerful when used in their ‘bird’ form.
Chocoboobs have an alternate state, in which they grow in thickness and mass, their bodies shifting to become that of a vaguely ostrich-like animal in appearance, lacking the  long neck of an ostrich in favor of a shorter, thicker neck. Their feathers grow thicker, and their arms turn into wings, their faces growing a thick, sharp beak. In this form they are large enough to be ridden, and frequently are employed as couriers. They are also capable of better maneuvering while running at high speeds and can manage to stop quicker, as they have more weight to press down with. They cannot speak, able to make only warbling chirps, or hold things in their hands while in this form, lacking the hands to do so.
Chocoboobs also, strangely enough, have a bit of natural magic ability. Generally, they only learn spells such as Cure, Protect, and Shell, but they also have the ability to learn a magic attack called ‘Choco Comet.’ Choco Comet summons a large, thick cloud that drops a dozen large, flaming meteorites on a group of opponents.
Chocoboobs are generally friendly, amiable Pokégirls who enjoy feeling useful above all else. A Tamer can easily win the love of a Chocoboob my making sure that they always have something to do and are made to feel that it’s important. They’re good in team battles, always starting out by casting Shell and Protect on their partners. When Feral, they’re a bit more skittish and prone to running away after casting Choco Comet. The individual meteorites aren’t very damaging, but they do hurt and the damage does add up.
As Chocoboobs grow older, their feather and hair coloring can change, as well as their element and some of their abilities, depending on the environment they call home. Chocoboobs that are raised near a heavily water environment have feathers and hair that are some shade of blue, and they gain the ability to run over water. They become Water-types and gain weaknesses and strengths accordingly. Chocoboobs that live in heavily forested areas become green in coloring, and develop an instinctual ability to move through ANY forest or swamp without hitting any pitfalls or traps or snags. They become Plant-types. Chocoboobs that live in mountain areas develop tremendous climbing ability and in both forms, matched only by that of a Billie, their feathers and hair turning brown. They become Rock-types. They also gain the ability to always find a safe path to travel. Chocoboobs that live near heavily volcanic areas gain red feathers and hair, as well as the ability to use Ember and Flamethrower. They can also swim through lava harmlessly and find a safe path through volcanoes by mere instinct, their element type becoming Fire. Chocoboobs that live in arctic areas develop the ability to move over icy, slippery surfaces without slipping. Their feathers and hair turns white, and they develop the ability to use Ice Beam and Ice Floor, their element-type changing to Ice as they adapt to the environment. City-born Chocoboobs become immune to poison, their feathers turning gray. They also gain an instinctual feel for any urban environment, capable of avoiding dangerous places and never getting lost. Their element-type changes to poison. Desert Chocoboobs don’t change that much in coloring, their feathers just growing a shade darker, but they can go for days without water and are capable of withstanding high temperatures for vastly extended periods of time. Their element-type changes to Ground. Chocoboobs that live in deep caverns gain black feathers and darker hair, as well as a Dark element-type and the ability to navigate safely through any cavern, no matter how deep or dark. Their eyesight in darkness is perfect.
Rarest of all is the Platinum Chocoboob. Coming from years of travelling in all environments, they are almost always Pokéwomen and are highly prized by messengers, as they have the abilities of the other Chocoboob colors and can travel ANYWHERE in the world, their endurance increased to the point where they could run halfway across an ocean if they so desired. Their feathers become shining platinum in color, becoming so soft and radiant that they seem to have a constant glow about them. The feathers of a Platinum Chocoboob are highly prized, and it’s considered a status symbol to have some decorating your clothing. A recently discovered variant is the Rainbow Chocoboob, which is essentially the same thing as the Platinum Chocoboob, only more colorful.
It should be noted that the element shifting is merely an environmental adaptation built into the genetic code of a Chocoboob, and not an actual evolution. Sukebe, when he created the earliest Chocoboobs, wanted a Pokégirl that could be effective in any environment, however the requirement of having to spend a year AT LEAST in that environment before the change took place made their uses during the Revenge War limited.
Thresholding into a Chocoboob isn’t very common, and so far only occurs in the Crimson League. If it has happened in other legs, so far cases have gone undocumented. All Chocoboobs start out with the basic yellow feather coloring.
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CUNNYDEW, the Sweet Aphid Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic humanoid (insectile)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (TOO common in some tropical areas)
Diet: vegetarian, particularly tree sap
Role: honey and ambrosia production
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Poison, Honey, Honey Syrup, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup
Enhancements: Ambrosia production, small size, Toughness (x4), compound eyes, poison glands under fingernails
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Like the Milktit, the Cunnydew is not a fighting Pokégirl. Instead, they are designed to provide nutritious and tasty food substances. In this case, the Cunnydew eats carbohydrate-rich foods and secretes the excess sugar in her vaginal fluids during arousal and orgasm, producing a delicious substance called ambrosia or nectar. Like Milktit milk, a Cunnydew’s ambrosia may be modified to heal Pokégirls, in which case it is called Honey, or to refresh them, in which case it is called Syrup. Cunnydew nectar is a component in the evolution of certain Pokégirls (Shieldmaiden’s evolution to Barriermaiden and Merrowl’s to Mountain Cat both call for it), and it can also be used to produce various meads and wines. Naturally, Cunnydew is popular with food and beverage enthusiasts, as well as with Bug Pokégirls, the Sugar Kitten line, and bear-like Pokégirls.
Cunnydews are small Pokégirls, easily identified by their brightly-colored skins (compared by some to soft chitin, especially in feral Cunnydews), compound eyes, and long, thin antennae that curve down their backs. Since they are common and mild-mannered enough to make good pets, there are some Cunnydew enthusiast groups that show them in contests, judging them visually on the color and condition of their skin and orally on the taste of their ambrosia. Cunnydews are typically pale green in color, though dark green, pink, yellow, and red colorings have all been recorded. Hair is typically green, but blonde, white, and red have been noted.
As a species, Cunnydews are intelligent enough to realize that they are not good at combat, and to pick up a variety of domestic skills to make up for said lack. Their Honey and Syrup abilities give them something of a reputation as a poor man’s healer, and their friendly, affectionate, helpful, and upbeat attitudes make them an instant winner in almost any harem.
Despite having a high libido and lacking any sort of assertiveness, Cunnydews almost never have to worry about not getting Tamed enough, especially if they share a harem with Pokégirls who love sweet things. They love receiving oral sex but are open to trying other forms, and have additional erogenous zones on their stomachs and breasts, making them a good choice for pets and for female Tamers. They dislike being on their backs, as their antennae are long enough to be harmed by this.
Feral Cunnydews are frequently captured and herded about by stronger feral Pokégirls like Buzz types, who protect them from predators (and the occasional Tamer) and provide them with food in exchange for their ambrosia. Since giving ambrosia involves receiving cunnilingus, the Cunnydews never seem to mind this arrangement. Cunnydews encountered without guardians are easy to catch; their only attack seems to be a scratch from their fingernails, coated in a painful but mostly harmless poison from glands at the base, and most Cunnydews would rather flee than fight.
Like many Bug-types, Cunnydew Pokégirls are quite fecund when reproducing by parthenogenesis, less so when reproducing sexually as Pokéwomen. Second puberty typically occurs suddenly, in the late fall when the weather cools-- it has been discovered that Cunnydews in tropical regions that do not experience the weather cooling never have second puberty and reproduce parthenogenically all their lives. This has led to overpopulation of Cunnydews in some parts of the world, with devastating effects on farms and sugar plantations.
Threshold Cunnydews tend at first to be alarmed at losing mass and suddenly seeing everything in compound. However, exploratory masturbation and the discovery of their own nectar seems to soothe them, along with the realization that with being a Pokégirl comes frequent and pleasurable oral sex. They are usually sold to Tradesmen who specialize in Cunnydew-nectar goods.
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CUNTRAFFE, the Surveyor Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivorous
Role: Long range surveillance, visual tracker
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt, Bronze Fist, Tree Fall, Horn Attack
Enhancements: Extendable neck, Enhanced Optic Senses (x5), Longer tongue, Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), High ability to be affected by T2 machines
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cuntraffes didn’t have the most glamorous role during the Revenge War. They were created primarily to be long range surveyors, their incredible vision being used to overlook human encampments, their attention to detail noticing patrols and traps that other girls, even those as skilled as Kunoichi, might have missed. Plus, they could do this from a safe distance of up to fifty miles away, Cuntraffes capable of seeing long distances if they concentrated hard enough. This attention to detail plus their literally telescopic vision made them useful to Pokégirl forces during the Revenge War, a usefulness that carried over to humanity when the Leagues began to arise.
Cuntraffes today are primarily found amongst League officials, working as surveyors and long distance visual trackers, working with both city planners and law enforcement officials, taking advantage of their incredible vision to help aid them in accomplishing their duties. Law enforcement makes use of them to supplement the scent-tracking of their dog-types, and city planners use them to survey the land, checking for Ferals and possible pitfalls. Their fighting ability is about average to start with, however it’s been discovered in recent years that they are capable of learning an astonishingly high amount of attacks recorded in T2 devices. Normally a Pokégirl can use only a handful of T2 devices that aren’t breed specific, but Cuntraffes can use almost double that, thus increasing their combat versatility amazingly. Some law enforcement agencies also train them to use projectile weapons, taking advantage of their excellent vision in use as snipers.
Cuntraffes have amazing vision, as well as the ability to see long range if they focus hard enough. This range is normally fifty miles, but their necks, while being longer than normal, are also much stronger than the average Pokégirl’s neck, making choking attacks near useless. Through a system of telescoping bones, their necks can extend to three times their normal length, increasing their telescopic vision’s range by three times as well, although this makes their neck much more vulnerable to choking. It also limits the blood flow to their brain, making it difficult to maintain their full length for more than thirty minutes at a time. Any longer and a Cuntraffe starts to get dizzy, unable to focus to use their telescopic vision. Their hearts, much stronger than a normal Pokégirl’s, compensates for some of this, but it’s still a bad idea for them to keep their necks extended a long way. Their skin around their neck has high collagen content, which prevents their skin from bagging up after their neck retracts.
Cuntraffes are generally average-framed Pokégirls. Their bodies are covered in fur that ranges in color from brown to gold, and is covered in darker brown spots over their sides and back. They have a short, slender, flexible tail that has a tuft of hair on the end the same color as the hair on their head. They have long, black tongues and small, stubby horns, their ears tapering up into long points. Their long tongues are also an advantage in that they can learn various tongue techniques easily, including Gummi Tongue. In terms of personality, Cuntraffes are fairly easy-going Pokégirls. They’re very casual about most things, but do take their relationship with their Tamer and Harem-sisters very seriously. They’re easy to get along with, so they are popular with Tamers who like to befriend their Pokégirls. This easy-going nature is also seen in Feral Cuntraffes. They generally spend their days calmly eating leaves off of trees and relaxing in the sunlight. Feral Cuntraffes tend to form herds, working to protect each other from outsiders. In competitions for dominance in the herd, Cuntraffes sometimes engage in a form of fighting involving their necks that is difficult for this researcher to describe.
They are open to nearly anything in terms of Taming habits, each individual Cuntraffe having their own preferences, although many have been noted to like being tamed from behind. A good way to get on a Cuntraffe’s good side and arouse her easily is to massage their neck. The muscles there are thick due to their extendibility, and tend to get sore, especially if they use their extendo-necks a lot. A relaxing massage is a good way to arouse a Cuntraffe and get their affection. As an amusing side note, their horns appear to be an erogenous zone of sorts, caressing them providing an easy way to arouse the Pokégirl.
Cuntraffes are a rare Threshold, but several cases of it have been noticed. The process is fairly slow, and is somewhat painful as fur grows on them, their necks restructuring themselves. As an interesting side note, Feralborn Cuntraffes have hooves for feet, while Domestic and Threshold Cuntraffes have regular humanoid feet.
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CUTIEPIE, the Sweet Little Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian
Role: farm worker
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry
Enhancements: Exo and endo skeleton, very efficient digestive system, small size (3' tall), and low metabolism
Evolves: Tomboy (battle stress), Titapod (normal), Applepie (strong diet of apples + unknown trigger)
Evolves From: None
A Cutiepie looks like a waif-like human in some ways. General they have wavy or curly hair of very bright colors. Their skin is a pale green with darker spots. The exoskeleton is easily overlooked as it is very smooth, appearing like normal skin for the most part except for around the joints, which have the typical hinge like appearance of most arthropods. Their antennae are very sensitive and can be damaged easily, as well as their large, multifaceted eyes. Cutiepies are usually very polite and well-mannered and love to be helpful. They are shy around new people, but once they come to trust someone, they are very open with them. They tend to be very respectful, even of people they don't care for.
Cutiepies only evolves into Tomboys on rare occasions, and then only because many Cutiepie are descended in part from Tomboy ancestors. Cutiepie normally evolve to the Titapod stage and then eventually to the Buttitsfree stage.
Cutiepie are much more capable in combat then their small size would lead one to believe. They can be fairly quick on their feet, and being as small as they are, can be rather hard to hit. With proper use, String Shot can severely entangle an opposing Pokégirl. Cutiepie are best used as support fighters, slowing down potentially troublesome Pokégirls for the rest of her Harem to finish off.
Feral Cutiepies are easily spooked. They tend to spray anyone they see as a threat with String Shot and then run off. Bird Pokégirls are recommended for chasing down a fleeing Cutiepie.
Cutiepie is a fairly common outcome for Threshold girls, something that does not sit well with a large portion of the female population. The size change alone takes a lot of getting used to, and many girls feel very uncomfortable having a bug-like anatomy.
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DAMEOSAUR, the Swift Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic/Metamorph (Velociraptor )
Element: Rock/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent only)
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Primary strike force for Sanctuary, personal companion and bodyguard
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Libido: Average (increases to high two months out of the year)
Attacks: Headbutt, Tail Slap, Mega Kick, Takedown, (normal mode only) *Acid Spit, Ki Blast, (battle mode only) Bite, Crunch, *Ripclaw Kick, Double Kick, Flying Kick, Rolling Kick, Bicycle Kick
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Armored skin, Enhanced Speed (x14), Enhanced Leaping (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8 in battle mode, x5 in normal mode), Chameleonic abilities, Can secret an acidic substance from their jaws in normal mode
Evolves: Pterodame (Angel Stone), Nessidame (Water Stone), Tyrannodame (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Dameosaur is one of the projects Sukebe abandoned over the years. Thankfully enough. Somehow, through means we aren’t sure of, Sukebe managed to acquire DNA from several breeds of dinosaur. In captured notes from his laboratories, he spoke of them being shock troops and enforcers, however the closest he ever came to making them was the Dodongo breed.
It was thought that the dinosaur DNA was lost when one of his labs were destroyed. That it wouldn’t be a threat. However recent evidence has arisen through various means that show that the dinosaur DNA was not lost at all. It was all found and confiscated by a single party many years later, who then proceeded to create several breeds of dinosaur Pokégirl.
Unfortunately for all of us, the party that claimed all of Sukebe’s dinosaur DNA samples was Sanctuary.
Sanctuary after their founding primarily made use of the Cheetit breed of Pokégirl. However because the breed was almost entirely heterosexual, this made for a potential hole in their security. They had discovered a laboratory that had been abandoned by Sukebe, which contained all the various dinosaur DNA samples, and proceeded to make their new land-based soldiers. They created a base type using the velociraptor as a template, creating the Dameosaur and unleashing them in the year AS 214. Later on came the first two evolved forms of Dameosaur, the Pterodame and the Nessidame.
We remained in the dark about the existence of the dinosauric breeds for a long time after their unleashing, until Elder Zanza of the Terminatrix tribe made First Contact with us, giving us all the information she had on Sanctuary. This included the technical specifications of the breed and what they were first used for. Apparently, although Sapphron Hirosaki and a few others on the Sanctuary’s ruling council voted against this decision, the Dameosaurs were first employed to eliminate Cheetits, driving them into confined areas and outright slaughtering and eating them. This led Sexmet to take direct action against the breed, forcing Sanctuary to abandon and erase two of their satellite colonies, leading to a pseudo Cold War between Sexmet and Sanctuary.
Dameosaurs to this day remain as Sanctuary’s primary foot soldiers and sentries. All Sanctuary Goths that journey outside of Sanctuary’s borders have at least one Dameosaur partner. The two act as teammates, the savagery inherent in the breed complimenting the magic and Aura abilities of the Sanctuary Goths. Packs of them, supervised by small squadrons of Sanctuary Goths, protect the satellite colonies and work farms within the Dark Continent, as well as the fields used for the growing of food. They normally wouldn’t be suited for such things due to their aggressive nature, but the Aura abilities of Sanctuary Goths can keep them in line.
Dameosaurs are a welcome sight in Sanctuary proper. They are respected and honored as conquering warriors, and their mentality fits this. They love to fight, Dameosaurs sometimes having friendly brawls with one another when they have nothing else to do. They are also have an inborn genetic disposition to obey unquestioningly anyone they regard as their master, and in many cases have been shown to be submissive to their masters. The breed as a whole has low intelligence, being best suited for fighting, bodyguard, and enforcer roles and little else. Another psychological quirk they have is that they will never harm children thirteen years and younger, even male children, for any reason. Not even self-defense. This had made them surprisingly popular with youngsters within Sanctuary. Spies within the primary Sanctuary colony report that Dameosaurs are sometimes seen giving rides to children in their battle form.
Dameosaurs are large Pokégirls. In their normal form, they resemble large, athletic humanoid females with greenish-scaled skin and smallish breasts, usually around seven and a half feet tall on average. They have thick , lightly prehensile tales and their eyes range in color from golden to dark red. Their teeth are sharp, meant for tearing of meat, and instead of hair they have a light coating of feathers. Their feet are reptilian in appearance, their hands bearing sharp, semi-retractable claws. They are fierce fighters in this form. In addition to having strong claws for attacking, they also have the ability to spit generate and spit an acid-like chemical that can dissolve most inorganic materials, such as guns or swords. They can’t use their acid in their battle mode, however.
In their battle mode, they turn into an exact replica of a velociraptor, a large, bipedal lizard with long, crushing jaws and razor-sharp teeth. The big toe of a Dameosaur’s foot in battle mode extends into a long, curved, thick, razor-edged claw that is well suited for ripping and gutting. There are even some instances of the toeclaw being able to seriously injure even Steel-type Pokégirls. They have light chameleonic abilities in this form, able to briefly blend in with their surroundings while hunting prey. Their tails become thicker, making their tail strikes deadlier. They gain tremendous leaping ability in their powerful legs, making them capable of catching low-flying Pokégirls and using them as food. Their legs are surprisingly flexible in this state, allowing for many dangerous kicking attacks.
Dameosaurs are dangerous opponents to be sure. They are savage and unrelenting fighters, and will not stop until they eat their opponent or their Sanctuary Goth handler calls them off. However our spies within Sanctuary report that there has been some evidence of Dameosaurs showing interest in the few human males allowed within the confines of the central city. This may mean that they can possibly be turned to human interests, although they are so closely guarded by their handlers in Sanctuary that acquiring one may be tricky. As Dameosaurs have only had female lovers so far and are confined to female lovers, no Threshold cases have been discovered as of yet.
Ripclaw Kick (ATK 60) – The Dameosaur does a flying kick with their toe blade extended.
Acid Spit (ATK 40 + EFT) – The Dameosaur spits a semi-acidic chemical that has a 40-50% chance of temporarily inducing the Blind status effect.
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DARK KITSUNE, the Redeemed Nogitsune Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ice, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Leap, Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Fireball, Hypnotize, Illusion, Cry, Dance, Psywave, Psychic, Psi-Blade Mark II, Confusion, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Smell (x6), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Kyubi (E-Stone Ceremony)
Evolves From: Nogitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Nogitsune, a mostly sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and evil-aligned Pokégirl, can actually go through a marvelous transformation when given a chance. A Tamer that tries to help a Nogitsune is a rarity to see. No surprise really, as a Nogitsune’s personality tends for her to be quite disrespectful, resentful, and violent towards her master and Harem-sisters, and usually causes for them to be traded to another Tamer. However, a Tamer that works to break through the shell of hate a Nogitsune has built up around herself, trying to take down the insecurity, envy, and sadness that surrounds the Nogitsune’s character, and can actually come to genuinely care for the rather selfish Nogitsune will receive a genuine surprise. Literally becoming enveloped in a fire of black, the Nogitsune goes through a final evolution, burning away all the evil that had wrenched her soul, shedding the shadows and magic which empowered her, allowing her to embrace truth and understanding. She becomes almost a whole new Pokégirl altogether. The Dark Kitsune.
The Dark Kitsune is comparable to a Vixxen in looks, albeit with a few more differential cosmetic changes and powers, such as the fact that a Dark Kitsune’s pelt colors are much darker, with a cranberry-red all over, with the deepest ebony black on her hands and feel, and a rather tanned cream-colored underside to her pelt. However, the most noticeable trait of the Dark Kitsune is her tails. Before, where she had no tails, she now has two! Both tails are red-furred, but one is tipped in black and the tip of the other tail is the tanned cream. And as can be expected, a Dark Kitsune fills out more physically, compared to her previous form of Nogitsune.
The personality of a Dark Kitsune is a complete U-turn to a Nogitsune. Whereas before she felt alone and damned by the darkest depths of hell, a Dark Kitsune feels free. She openly is more affectionate now, and gladly reciprocates any affection the Tamer will show the Dark Kitsune. Also, the Dark Kitsune is more accepting to commands and will more than likely do as the Tamer commands of her.
In battle, a Dark Kitsune follows mostly the same strategies a Vixxen and Foxx do, going in and striking hard with Fire-elemental attacks. However, because of the Psychic powers it also contains, a Dark Kitsune can try to add some more advanced tactics, such as teleporting from view just as its about to strike, and then hitting the opponent Pokégirl from an entirely different direction. Also, she has a tendency to pick up and sharp metal it can get as soon as possible, as to perform Psi-Black Mark II. Also, when cornered, a Dark Kitsune can use Psychic to damage the opponent Pokégirl, and get the breathing room she needs.
Taming sessions are also quite hot. While a Dark Kitsune does not need as much Taming as a Vixxen or a Foxx, a Dark Kitsune is just as passionate, loving her Tamer and having sex with him in every way possible. Also, it seems that a Dark Kitsune is more controlled than a Vixxen, as the motto “ready anytime, anywhere, with anyone” doesn’t seem to apply as easily, since a Dark Kitsune does not have the tendency to start screwing out in public. Granted making out kissing, and a bit of foreplay is okay to them, but they will not spread their legs until they are in a private area.
Also, it’s now possible to have the Dark Kitsune as the same Harem as a Shaguar, though granted, it’s still not a good idea. The Dark Kitsune and Shaguar do get along, but maybe a little too well. The Fire-type nature of the Dark Kitsune seems rather attracted to the smaller Ice-type Pokégirl. This can lead to a Tamer having a rather tired Shaguar when he needs her for battles.
Interestingly enough, with the recent discovery of a Shiny Stone, there have been instances where the Shiny Stone does not work in evolving a Nogitsune to a Dark Kitsune. However, in cases where the Shiny Stone has been used as a reward for being kind-hearted or showing affection, the Shiny Stone has been 100% effective.
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DENMOTHER, the Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: Guardians, mothers, leaders, make excellent police Pokégirls (detectives)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Dodge, Agility, Foresight, Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Floor, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Attacks will damage Ghost-types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls, Highly Intelligent, "Rage"
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (special; giving birth)
The evolution of Growltit to Denmother requires Growltit to have a litter of pups either by Parthenogenesis if she is still a Pokégirl or via normal reproduction if she has become a pokewoman. The evolution itself does not occur until Growltit has finished giving birth to her litter before kicking in, a quick glowing evolution which restores the now Denmothers strength and allows her to get over the effort of giving birth.
Denmother keeps all of the traits of its pre-evolution form with a few differences; she still retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. Again the blonde hair on the top of her head becomes even wilder and spiked along with the blonde fur down her chest, stomach becoming longer and more pronounced, the blonde fur around groin and inner thigh remains roughly the same as it was in her Growltit form, giving her an appearance of having a mane on her neck and chest. The length of the fur on her tail changes too, making become much longer and bushy much to the delight of children.
The major change to Denmother is she grows in size until she is just under 7 foot tall, her muscles whilst not that much more visible than they were in her Growltit form look much more impressive at her increased size. It can be quite difficult to tell Denmother apart from Growltit, especially at a distance but there are a few specific differences, Denmother has Black tipped ears when in all of its previous forms it always has unmarked red furred ears. The fur down her nose ridge becomes blonde and joins the blonde hair on her head with the blonde fir around her mouth and down the front of her body.
Denmother is far more powerful than her previous forms, her enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes and senses make her an unparalleled tracker, almost impossible to throw off the scent. The Growlie family of Pokégirls have always been very intelligent but Denmother takes this intelligence to a whole new level, test have shown Denmother to be as intelligent as Supe-Bra Geniuses although she seems to prefer focusing this intelligence on practical matters rather than theoretical sciences.
Denmothers control over its fire elemental powers is stunning, not only is it capable of using powerful fire moves against its enemies with awe inspiring accuracy but it is also quite capable of nullifying all but the most extreme fire based attacks on itself. The majority of fire type Pokégirls are rendered helpless before Denmother.
An odd quirk that Denmother gains is her ability to attack Ghost types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls along with a ‘sixth sense' to detect them even if they are not visible, researchers are unsure how Denmother developed this ability or even how it works, it is presumed she gets this ability in order to better protect those under her care but this is idly speculation.
With traits like that, one would expect to find a lot of Denmothers in the police force however a number of factors generally render Denmother unsuitable for Police work, first of all to evolve into Denmother she must be pregnant and give birth. This means the Pokégirl must be pulled from active duty especially during the later stages of her pregnancy; Growltit gets increasingly protective of the offspring inside of her resulting in her unwilling to take risks which could jeopardize herself and her children, thus making her unsuitable for active duty.
Once the Pokekits are born, the majority of Denmothers have an overwhelming instinct to protect their pups which leads them to be unwilling to return to police work as they would rather look after their pups. It is possible to get a Denmother to return to the police force, those who have lived with another Pokégirl for a long time and developed a bond with will often entrust their pups with the other Pokégirl, one of the largest acts of trust Denmother can perform.
A fair number of Denmothers in the police force prefer to stay away from street duty and tend to become detectives in their own right, usually forensic detectives, using their senses and high intelligence to solve crimes, although some Denmothers do go into other fields. The avoidance of street duty is caused by the desire not to orphan their Pokekits or otherwise be unable to care for them; the strength of this desire can vary between Denmothers due to personalities and will last until the Pokekits become Pokégirls.
Those that remain on street duty are even faster than all of their previous evolutions and a criminal has little chance of escaping a Denmother, their intelligence, enhanced speed, endurance, reflexes and strength mean that all but the most powerful criminals and their Pokégirls are going down hard and fast. Because of the difficulty to acquire Denmothers who are willing to remain on street duty, those Denmother/officer teams are often assigned to large population areas or trouble areas.
Denmother are found in other lines of work as well, most commonly daycare centers or schools where they look after human children, often teaching them and in the more wild areas of the world also ensuring that no passing ferals harm them. Children love Denmother, young children particularly like snuggling up to her for an afternoon nap and the Denmother loves Children, she would rather have herself ripped apart than allow harm to those under her care.
The desire to protect and nurture can also cause Denmother to be found in Pokécenters or Ranches as staff where they look after the other Pokégirls and mother the other Pokégirls, even those which are older than itself. Denmother can comfort and nurture even the most depressed threshold girls, allowing them to see some light in their new existence.
Its all of these traits have given Denmother a reputation to rival that of Catgirls and Megami, they are given significant leeway in all but the most conservative leagues and harming or abusing one is likely mass uproar, if not hostile attacks from other Pokégirls and tamers.
Denmothers tend to be out of the reach of most pet owners due not only to the difficulty of getting Growlie to evolve into Growltit for most pet owners but because Denmother is also in great demand for daycare centers, Pokécenters and Ranches. Those who do own Denmothers will rapidly find themselves part of a large family if they weren't already, Denmother will often ‘adopt' abused or young feral Pokégirls and turn them into members of the family. League officials are quite aware of Denmothers habit and grant leeway to most Denmother pet owner to go over the 3 Pokégirl limit. Denmother itself tends to limit itself a family of no more than five, which is the usual number of Pokekits born in a Denmother litter, although some are known to adopt others for shorter periods of time until they can carry on their way, and any orphaned Pokekits are adopted regardless.
Canine and Cat type Pokégirls are the most common Pokégirls to be adopted by Denmother as she still has the trademark like of cat type Pokégirls although this has become a much more mothering relationship rather than the purely playful one it was before. Similarly Denmother has no love of domina types and heaven help any domina which chooses to start anything with someone under the Denmothers care, this is not to say that a Denmother won't help an abused domina but when it does, the Denmother will make very sure the domina is aware of who is in charge.
Generally, Denmothers are not a hugely popular as pets, mainly because most pet owners only want one or two Pokégirls to look after and that's it. With a Denmother you are likely to end up starting a mini Ranch, Pokécenter or Haven whether you want to or not, hence its usually chosen by people who have a large enough family to keep Denmother happy or those who honestly want to help Pokégirls.
In the wild feral Denmother tend to be the core of large Growlie packs, size usually ranging from around 20 to 50 members and rarely consists purely of Growlie and Growltit, often including Pokégirls and Pokekits that the pack has adopted into its own. This means that each pack’s strength cannot be predicted as they could potentially have almost any other Pokégirl in their pack, although predominately the non-Growlie or non-Growltit members tend to be Canine or Feline types. Denmothers intelligence often means that sentries have alerted the pack of intruders long before the intruders know of the packs presence; this means the pack can decide to fight or flee depending on the strength of the trespasser.
Its strongly recommended you do NOT attack or attempt to capture an unwilling member of a Growlie pack containing a Denmother because she views her fellow pack mates as under her protection and will go full out to protect them. Denmother has a ‘Rage' attack in which her strength, reflexes and speed triple which she uses whenever those under her protection are harmed, unlike other Rage attacks Denmother does not go berserker, maintaining a tight control on her actions making the attack all the more lethal. She will not make a mistake or let an attack slip through because she has to protect those under her and failure is simply not an option for her. Regardless of the fond memories you may have of that harmless Denmother in daycare that you may have, feral Denmothers are extremely dangerous when provoked.
Feral Denmothers tend to undergo parthenogenesis far more regularly than other Pokégirls, so they often have offspring (Pokekits) around to protect. Their standard tactics are to bark and bite in an attempt to drive intruders off, like they did when they were Growlie. They'll often place members of the pack between the intruder and any Pokekits they have, as well as some spaced around in case the intruder is merely a distraction, however if a fight breaks out then the intruder will have to avoid coordinated attacks from the entire pack, those guarding the Pokekits will freely unleash their most powerful fire attacks whilst the others will move in close to take down the opponent. Any direct threat to the Pokekits will result in a lethal response, the target being hit by numerous fire attacks before being brutally mauled and ripped to shreds by the Denmother and Growltits.
Denmother lead packs have known to take on and defeat rampaging Widows effectively when escape is no longer an option, albeit with casualties, using group tactics and intense fire strikes to wear the Widow down, pack members distracting the Widow from fellow pack members long enough for them to avoid death strikes. Hence Denmother lead packs are far beyond the ability to capture of all but the most experienced Harem Masters.
Recommend capturing something else, feral Titmice are always a safer choice.
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DIRE WOLF, the Queen of the Battlefield Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (lupine)
Element: Magic/Psychic/Dark/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Blue Continent), virtually unknown elsewhere
Diet: mostly human style, more protein than a human
Role: Battle Commander, personal bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison , Rock, Fighting, Infernal,
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Magic Fist, Shield, Teleport, Tectonic Slam, Fissure, Bestow Luck, Thunderbolt, Energy Drain, Phase, Lure, Invis 3, Imitate, Absorb, Agility, Telekinesis, Dream Time, Hypnotize, Spell use (unavailable until level 40)
Enhancements: Defense, Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Strength (x19), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x10), Wingless flight, Extremely high psychic and magical abilities, Eidetic memory, precognitive abilities, telepathy
First discovered in 298 AS, the Dire Wolf is a blend of Megami-sama, Neo Iczel and Esper. The first one was created by Sukebe in the final stages of the Revenge War when he realized that Pokégirls led by a Tamer were far more efficient than Pokégirls who led themselves. The Dire Wolf was created to be his general's bodyguards and advisors.
Due to their highly variable nature, Dire Wolves stand between 1.5 and 2.1 meters tall (5ft to 7ft). While they normally have anywhere from a C to an E cup, occasionally larger specimens have been documented. Standard bust size information will become available as the numbers of this Pokégirl grow.
With their blue fur and bushy tail, from a distance they look like a type of fox Pokégirl, however closer examination shows they are actually derived from wolves. All are strong animorphs with a distinctly lupine skull, much heavier and broader than their vulpine cousins and capable of a powerful bite. They are digitigrade and have heavy claws on their hands and feet. Their tail is heavily furred and quite powerful, capable of knocking a human off his feet with a casual swipe.
Sukebe designed the Dire Wolf to be able to use her precognitive abilities to determine where the points of greatest threat existed, often before they become viable threats. Then they would use their other powers to determine what resources were necessary to defeat the threat, assemble these resources and turn their general loose to win the battle. Because they were intended to be teamed only with powerful mages, they can only function like this if their Tamer is a powerful mage or if they are in the presence of an Ocelolita, Cheshire, or Shadowcat. They claim that in the presence of any of these Pokégirls they have access to, believe it or not, chaos magic that allows them to see further into the future, often to the detriment of their Tamers. If you have one, your circumstances are dire indeed.
If a Tamer doesn't have one of the above mentioned Pokégirls and isn't a powerful mage, the Dire Wolf becomes an outstanding tactician and strategist, capable of orchestrating fantastic battles under almost any condition and in any environment. They make the best use of the surrounding resources, including the other Pokégirls in a Tamer's harem, blending their knowledge of their harem sister's strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of them in combat or in training. They've even been known to impress DragonQueens with their ability to motivate the other members of their harem.
With a powerful array of techniques available, the Dire Wolf should be a very popular Pokégirl. However, the truth is that Tamers are wary of them for the simple reason that they have a singular issue: extreme loyalty.
The Dire Wolf is a celestial Pokégirl and because of this is almost never found in an oppressive harem and is never found in one for long. They don't care for Infernal Pokégirls and while usually unwilling to confront them directly unless they become a threat to their Tamer, tend to put them into situations where they get used up quickly, often to the point of death. However, the Dire Wolf will not needlessly squander them; instead she will ensure their sacrifice benefits the harem in some fashion.
They can make good Alpha's for their Tamer, but tend to be a little hard on the harem members because she knows they could be just that little bit better if they tried. And she wants them to. A Dire Wolf that alpha bonds to a Tamer exhibits loyalty levels comparable to a delta bonded Growltit or Samurai. If a Tamer manages to delta bond one, he's got her for life. She'll escape from anyone else and return unerringly to her bonded partner. Leagues tend to take a dim view of this behavior when she's lost to a salvage battle and for some reason tend to blame the Tamer. In circumstances such as this the Dire Wolf is usually never blamed for what has transpired. This has had a negative effect on their popularity.
No one has ever had more than one Dire Wolf in their harem. The few Tamers that tried were stopped by the one already present in their harem. In one instance, the Dire Wolf released her newly captured relative and covered her escape. Afterward her behavior indicated no remorse and she immediately reverted to obeying her Tamer's orders.
So far all are domestic born and it is theorized that Feralborn specimens would exhibit the same characteristics as the domestics. Only a double handful is known to exist, located around the island of Caomh Sith in the Blue Continent.
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DIVETTE, the Sea Diving Loon Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying/Water
Frequency: Uncommon at major ports and at sea, Very Rare anywhere else
Diet: Mostly fish
Role: Sea sabotage, scouts
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fire, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Current, Dive, Feather Shuriken, Water Gun,
Enhancements: High lung capacity, Aquatic adaptations, Enhanced Sight (X3), small size (Around 4’, or 1.35 M), skeletal augmentations
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Water Stone)
Far from their humble beginnings as Pidgys, Divettes are the scourge of the seas. Tall, lithe, and streamlined, these gorgeous avians were used by Sukebe in the Revenge War to destroy naval vessels and scout out ports, islands, and cities nearby the oceans. They were perfectly suited to the job, able to blend in with the seagulls of the war era while far out at sea. However, in modern days, they now help protect the ships they once sought to destroy. Sailors often swear by their Divette’s sense of direction, and few sea going ships go without having one.
During the war, Divettes were largely unnoticed until the human war effort turned towards the sea. As attention shifted to ships, the military finally noticed important supply and transport ships spontaneously sinking near or at port. Later, a sailor who survived such an incident reported a sexy, flying woman dive into the ocean near his ship prior to its destruction. It didn’t take long for the brass to put two and two together, and the first human recognition of Divettes occurred.
As sailors were trained to watch for them and awareness improved, the Divettes’ method of sabotage was discovered. They acted as a seagull far out at sea, and then dove into the ocean. Once underwater, their speed, waterproof feathers, and large lungs allowed them to swim up against a target ship, plant explosives on it, and leave without being noticed. Once this was known, it was effortless for sailors to notice Divettes and assign their own tough seafaring Pokégirls to defend the ships. The same speed given to Divettes underwater left them hopeless in marine combat, and they were soon reassigned to be scouts for the war.
In modern times, few feral Divettes are found. Feral Divettes are not dangerous to humans, and mostly just fish with other feral Divettes or similar birds. However, they often like to nest on chimneys and houses, which may or may not cause a problem. Some superstitious people believe that this is a sign of good luck or fertility, but no factual evidence of this has been found.
Divettes are emotionally attached to the ocean, and often suffer from depression, confusion, or sometimes even go mildly feral if taken away from the sea for long periods of time. For this reason, very few travelling tamers have a Divette in their harem.
Divettes make great harem members for mariners however. Their enhanced sight allows them to help in directing ships to shore, and they are brutally efficient at battling. They mostly use a single attack, Dive, to pummel their opponent relentlessly at speeds approaching 270 mph (435 km/h). Remarkably, Divettes are capable of crashing into even solid stone without injury at these speeds. When questioned about their incredible resilience, Divettes seem to deny that they were ever in any danger. Scientists believe this is from their strange mixture of their extremely sturdy-yet-flexible bones and low skeletal weight, something that still puzzles researchers to this day.
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DRYDER, the Gentle Widow Pokégirl
Type: Tauric Animorph (Black Widow spider)
Element: Bug/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivorous with raw minerals to supplement
Role: Living Myth, Scientific Anomaly
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fighting, Ice, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Fire
Attacks: Bite, Drain, String Shot, Web, Tackle, Takedown, Wrestle, Stomp, Harden
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Speed (x15), Multi-limbed, No time limit, Moderate Feral state
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Widow (special; ejecting all poisons from itself)
Confirmed capture: 3,685,000 SLC (Ferals Only)
Confirmed kill: 1,575,000 SLC (Ferals Only)
Reporting sighting & Getting out alive: 84,000 SLC (Ferals Only)
For almost 200 years since the first Widow attack, rumor and legends abound about a ‘Gentle Widow.’ Rumors about some strange Pokégirl with the body of a Widow, but far less dangerous than others of her breed. In the year of 299 AS, Young Ben Valentine, better known as the Widow Slayer met face to face with one of these creatures, he dubbed her, the Dryder.
Dryders are extraordinarily rare, even compared to Widows themselves. No one is sure what to make of them. Evolution into one is only possible during the Second Phase of a Widow's life cycle, when the Widow regains the knowledge and intelligence they had before. If they are aware of their limited lifespan and are capable of controlling their breeding instincts, they can forcibly rid themselves of all their poisons, ejecting them all at once through their various stingers. Once this is done, the Widow evolves.
The Dryder's evolution doesn't happen in a flash of light or a flare of darkness, but in the toxic cloud created by the lethal toxins and acids seeping from her body. A controlled recording had shown that the armor covering the Widow literally melts, breaking down and flowing off of the Widow's body, revealing the Dryder from underneath. The Dryder herself stands between 5'9" and 6'4" on average, their skin now pitch black all over, plump breasts, an upper C-cup most often, bounce from their now soft chests. Their eyes, now only two, since their others vanished upon evolution, replaced by flowing locks of hair, give off a hauntingly beautiful glow, the colors varying from Dryder to Dryder. Their second arms, once deadly scythes, are now normal hands. Their lower torso, once fully tauric, now resembles more humanoid legs and rumps, plural for a reason. Upon close inspection, while they only have one vagina, the Dryder's lower legs are built more like those of a Cheetit, strong, smooth, and sensual. Where the vagina on the second buttocks would be, connected to the first, comes the spider-like abdomen, which has also gone through a transformation. Gone is the hairy form of the widow's abdomen, the Dryder's is almost always smooth, and the red hourglass shape once prominent on the abdomen has changed, it's new shape and color varying based on the Dryder's personality, one Dryder, known as Gwen, even had a neon green infinity symbol.
If they're not taught new techniques to use, Dryders will often fight using their environment, often moving around the battlefield with nigh frightening speed and using triplies and webs to move off of the ground. They like to set traps, both in official combat, and to capture prey to feed on. When the battle gets serious and escape isn't an option they'll use Harden liberally to boost their defenses before charging in at full speed with Tackle or Take down. An odd fact about Tamed Dryders is that they seem to learn new techniques rather easily, some finding a type of technique easier than others.
A Dryder's harem mechanics are surprisingly smooth, aside from combat they'll often find a duty of their own that they're good at and will enjoy doing, often making getting them something to do rather easy. They also seem to enjoy working around Pokékits for some strange reason.
While Dryders are safer and more friendly than Widows, they're still extremely dangerous Pokégirls, mainly because the have the memories of the things they did as Widows, and many, if not all feel remorse for their actions and fear retribution from the survivors of their attacks. This has caused the Dryder to be generally violent and skittish while without a Tamer, it's known that their Feral state is fairly mild, since they seem to be able to better assess threats along wit most consequences. A good example of this is the first officially recorded Dryder faced the Widow Slayer, she didn't seem like the brightest Pokégirl on the battlefield, but she was smart enough to know that she was outclassed and would likely die, she promptly ran with high hopes that he'd be too surprised that she could speak to chase her. She was right. Rumors and hearsay of them having a poison equal to or more lethal than HyperVenom haven't helped their outlook, and clearly irritates those out there who've become fans of the breed. Harmless compared to the Widow, the Dryders are still a major threat, thanks to their power, speed, and tendency to make a meal of anything stuck in their web, have a steady bounty and a ranking among the Alpha Level Menaces for the sake of safety and a fair warning to be cautious around them.
Recently, scientists employed by the WAPL announced that they were doing a year-long research study on Dryders and their potential usefulness. Ten Combat Tamers volunteered to take a Dryder into their harem and be their Tamer. After three months, no problems have been reported, and one Tamer and his group report that they are getting along with their Dryder, whom has been named Gwen, quite well. Still the warning stands for Dryders found in the wild, as the research-study Dryders were captured and calmed by powerful dragon, fighting, and psychic-type Pokégirls in the League's employ. One of the major things that they've discovered is that it's completely IMPOSSIBLE for a Dryder to evolve, or to relapse into a Widow.
Due to the circumstances of their evolution, and their sheer rarity, it's completely impossible to threshold into a Dryder.
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Type: Anthropomorphic (Tiger)
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: unknown (possible diet includes meat, milk, human style foods)
Role: historian, living monument to a black mark on Pokégirl History…
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Bite, Dark Bomb, Backstab, Psychic, Telekinesis, Barrier, Heal
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced strength (x5), functional claws, night vision, and Quick Recovery
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (mechanism classified)
For the past forty years, there have been sightings of a unique Tigress that once thought to be only a rumor, that have proven the existence in the past decade. While her build is what would expect of an anthropomorphic tigress, standing 6' with a generous D-Cup chest, all other aspects very. Not only for her coat, which while still striped is a dark blue instead of orange, or with eyes that have red sclera instead of the usual green, yellow, or light blue... from hearing her speak she may possibly be a very well known figure from Pokégirl history.
Mao Shin Mao.
Still, this is something that has to be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Mao Shin Mao was executed after her forces' defeat at the Battle of Pine Ridge. There is no way that this could possibly be the same Mao... can it?
Still, the fact remains that this is one unique Tigress. She never comes into human populated areas and has only appeared briefly from time to time, usually to people that are alone; that means a Tamer's Pokégirls have to be in their Pokéball. While sometimes, it is a need for Taming, it is often a chance for her to tells a tale of sadness and grief, if the person is willing to listen. These stories revolve around her feelings about being `betrayed' by her Tamer as he took on another Pokégirl as his Alpha, and the psychic bond she had with him. When she gets onto speaking about the rest of her life, she talks in riddles and jargon, but it all specifically revolves around Mao's Rebellion from 248 to 257 A.S.
Such an example includes…
"What was the start of all of it? What was it that caused the wheels of fate to begin to turn? Perhaps... just perhaps... that answer is impossible to grasp now. But for a certainty back then... we had loved so many, yet hated so much. We hurt others and were hurt ourselves. Yet even then, we fought like a roaring hurricane... while the screams of horror echoed underneath the blood-red skies of the battle field that day..."
What the point of all of this is, what she's after, one can't say. The Ebony Tigress just seems to look for secluded people to talk to. There have even been reports of her leading men astray from the edge of cities and then Taming with them. These reports helped confirm the Ebony Tigress' existence by the fact she has an M.O. She always leaves a very light cut along the throat of the person, that, in viewing photographs from Mitchell Kurgan's autopsy in 247, is not in the exact spot that Mao had slit the throat of her original Tamer, but the same length.
This ritual of cutting her current lover's neck seems to be a profound experience for the Ebony Tigress. While the people that have Tamed her said that she was very gentle about it, she would then lick their neck clean and place small kisses while tears would be in her eye, softly repeating the phrase, "I'm sorry" over and over again.
Over time, capturing the Ebony Tigress has proven downright impossible, even with the use of a fabled Master Ball! Whenever a Pokéball of any type of thrown at her, it just deactivates. The `ball is fine afterwards, but it just suddenly malfunctions for a moment, losing all power when it comes within her. Indeed, her ability to repel Pokéballs could make a Unicorn jealous.
But still, all of this leaves questions. Is she Mao? If so, then how could she possibly be alive? Mao was killed, her execution broadcast on live television. She certainly seems to know so much, and yet seems to also not be `quite there' in the head.
Whatever the case may be, this is a very odd Pokégirl, but one that seems to know quite a bit. If you see her, you might want to listen to what she has to say…
It was by complete chance that we found out more about the Ebony Tigress. Mostly because while she has chosen a route of avoidance when it comes to all other Pokégirls, there is one species that she is not hesitant about being around, and in fact, seems to help add a bit of clarity to her thoughts by just being in their presence.
Surprisingly, while this is the one species she enjoys contact with, they scare the crap out of everyone else.
The Terminatrix.
One of the rare Terminatrix Tamers happened to be in a secluded area with only his Terminatrix out, (since she doesn't like her Pokéball). They were setting up camp for the night when from the darkness of the forest, the Ebony Tigress slowly came into the clearing with them. Interestingly enough, she didn't go to the man first, but walked right up to the Terminatrix, looking her in the reptilian eyes and making direct contact without even flinching, (a feat not even one Terminatrix Tamer has yet to manage).
After a moment, she finally greeted the Terminatrix with, "So, the Goths cursed you with the Ebony Stone as well?"
While all Terminatrix have outright refused to comment on the words of the Ebony Tigress, (and outright beating down more persistent people soundly) the Ebony Tigress was glad to answer questions which gave light to her origin. Born under the name of Kiera, the Ebony Tigress says she has claim to be the first birth in the village of Crest Hills in the Dark Continent, a Domestic Tigress. She grew up helping her mother, (another Tigress) running the area's first resort, as this would become a vacation spot for a number of Sanctuary Goth. She would pander to their whims for little in return, always giving it her all as to please the women who gave them `freedom'. Finally, it seemed like her loyalty and hard work paid off when, on her eighteenth birthday, she was summoned to Sanctuary itself to undergo the ascension ceremony and become a Sanctuary Goth with the others of her generation chosen. The ceremony itself would be held three days later on August 12th, 257 AS.
The day of Mao Shin Mao's execution.
It is understood that the creation of Mao Shin Mao, the very thing that had warped her, was psychic backlash. Mao had a latent but very powerful extrasensory perception within her subconscious, and upon accidentally killing her Tamer, was hit over the Delta Bond she had with him with sensations she could not possibly hope to handle. When she was killed, she was finally released, her sixth sense sending out one last psychic scream as she joined oblivion...
A psychic scream that was picked up over Ebony Stones for a moment as the cry went out. It lasted for so little time, on such an insignificant level of power it would have been ignored as all Ebony Stones that picked it up would eventually burn through it.
Unfortunately, not one Sanctuary Goth could have predicted what a Tigress' psychic outcry would do to another Tigress.
Needless to say, Kiera did not become a Sanctuary Goth. She was warped and filled with feelings of intense rage, pity, fear, and confusion. She had uncontrolled power and literally flew off from Sanctuary, where it would take her many months to finally come to mental terms with what happened. She would come to call herself the Ebony Tigress after the Evolution Stone that had warped her existence.
The only term close to explaining the Ebony Tigress would be schizophrenia, except that the personalities of Kiera and Mao Shin Mao seem fused at certain points, turning the once peaceful Pokégirl into a more hard-edged individual whom seems stuck in a state of confusion ninety percent of the time.
Also during this time, the Ebony Tigress has revealed her other reason for staying away from human civilizations. The Sanctuary Goth are actively hunting her down. They see has as a threat to their existence, as she serves as physical proof Sanctuary exists should anyone be able to pry the information from her. Worse, they know that the Ebony Tigress is also immune to all of their Aura attacks and that only hastens their need to eliminate a threat before she becomes violent towards them. And the sad fact remains is that agents of Sanctuary are numerous and everywhere. The Ebony Tigress has even hinted that the famed Chikage Hirosaki of the Edo League has strong ties to Sanctuary... and that she likes peach mango smoothies with a shot of chocolate syrup.
With this new information, we have decided to allow the Ebony Tigress to live as she has, to not give the Sanctuary Goths any hint we have made not only contact, but gotten such a comprehensible conversation and information from her. We are having her path of travel monitored as closely and accurately as we can to protect our ally.
It is EXTRAORDINARILY IMPORTANT that NONE of this enclosed secondary information be released to the public. The Ebony Tigress is a victim of circumstance that is being targeted by Sanctuary simply because she lives. None of this more in depth information of the Ebony Tigress must leave the inner circle, and all public Pokédexes must maintain only the previous information available.
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EELARA (aka Sea Naga), The Eel Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Eel)
Element: Water/Electric*
Frequency: Uncommon (one per body of water)
Diet: Carnivore, prefers fresh kills
Role: Water purifier, Sentry/Guardian
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Fire, Water*
Weak Vs: Electric*, Grass, Ice
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Water Gun, Wrap, Bubblebeam, Water Floor, Whirlpool, Thunder Shock*, Thunder Wave*
Enhancements: Poor Eyesight, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Amphibious, Enhanced Flexibility, Toxic Blood, Enhanced Strength (x2), Water Purifying
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
If you’re looking for a beautiful Pokégirl that will dazzle everyone, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a Pokégirl that is always ready to fight and never backs down, you hit the jackpot.
When it comes to looks, Eelara won’t be winning any contests anytime soon, unless it is a straight fight. Like her Naga cousins, her lower body is that of an eel and her upper torso is that of a woman. She measures around fifteen to twenty feel long from head to tail.
While her skin and body comes in a variety of flashy colors, they tend to get overshadowed by her looks. She has very small breasts, rarely if ever going above a small B. She has a very pronounced brow and jaw, which is lined with very sharp fangs. It is a smart idea to not ask for head, ever. Her arms are long and spindly, ending in sharp claws. Don’t let her frail appearance fool you; she’ll rip your throat out just as easily as any Pokégirl.
When out of water, she is rather clumsy. She is also slimy to the touch, a coating of mucus she uses to help swim through the water. When in the water, she is a vision of grace and ferocity. It is of no surprise why her nickname is the Sea Naga.
Though she is related to the Naga breed, she is not a lesbian. In fact, she is a straight heterosexual, explaining why so many found are feral. Limbec’s are saddened by this fact because they would make excellent pirates.
The Eelara were created by Sukebe for two purposes. One was to purify bodies of water. The other was to protect those bodies with a crazed fervor. Territorial to the extreme, they will attack any pokegirl or tamer that crosses over into their area. For this reason, they are used as bodyguards in moats and other important bodies of water.
Eelara fight dirty, not caring how they win as long as their opponents are dead. This leads to tamers who capture them to keep them on a short leash in a fight. They tend to use hit and run tactics when fighting, lashing out at eyes and other vulnerable parts of the body. If they can’t physically tear apart an opponent, they will resort to using whirlpool and water gun to weaken them until they sink their teeth into them. It is not wise to let her because her bite attacks are particularly powerful
Eelara have no natural predators, even among other Pokégirl s, for one reason; their blood is highly toxic. A drop of it is enough to send a normal person into anaphylactic shock. This means that only a complete idiot would send a bloodsucking Pokégirl like a Vampire after them. Even using biting and claw attacks on them is highly discouraged. Sharptits even avoid them.
Eelara know that their blood is dangerous, and use it in fights. She will bite her hands, letting blood coat her mouth and claws. A bite or slash will be enough to send opponents into seizures, leaving them at her mercy. Water types are particularly vulnerable fighting her in her natural environment. Any wound will leak the blood into the surrounding water, making fighting her extremely difficult. It is best to fight her using crushing attacks or with grass and electric attacks.
While clumsy on land, does not mean she can’t fight on it. She will liberally use Water Floor to coat the ground with water, evening up the battlefield.
Eelara tend to be in harems of battle oriented tamers or the navy. If the manage to get into a harem, they are either the Alpha or extremely dedicated Betas. Once captured and tamed, she considers her master and sisters to be her new ‘territory’. She does not get along with Psi-dykes, Dildo Queens, or Domina types.
When it comes to taming, she is very aggressive. She doesn’t want or need much taming, but is very demanding when she wants it. It is best to tame her in a pool or large tub where she is less clumsy.
*There is a breed of Eelara that could be called Electric Eelara. They tend to be even more aggressive and dangerous than normal. It makes them even more dangerous on land because Water Floor with Thunder Shock is enough to take out many breeds. It is unwise to try to take her on in her body of water. It is best to try to land lock her first and attack with a grass type. Being Electric, she is not vulnerable to attacks of that nature.
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ERMINE (also, SABLE), the Fickle Diva Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Weasel)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: entertainer, escort, pets, fashion industry
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, serpent Pokégirls (Nagas, Arbusts, Lamias, etc)
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance, Slash, Vacuum Slash
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Poison Resistance, Flexibility.
Disadvantages: Ermines and Sables (a white furred version of an Ermine) are easily distracted by expensive looking things. Near-sighted (Very mild, compensate with sense of smell.) Vain.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mongoosed (normal)
Ermines are evolved Mongoosed. When Mongoosed evolves they lose some of their disadvantages. Their eyesight improves, so that they have just about normal human vision. They gain few more inches in height and bust. They finally lose their respiratory problems. Kleptomania is more selective, to shiny expensive looking things. They retain a resistance to poisons. However they are quite vain and fickle. Their vanity is centered on themselves and their appearances. A common trick to catch Ermines is to build a knee high wall of mud. By forming a U-shaped barrier one can chase an Ermine into it. They will rather be captured then risk dirtying their fur. As for being fickle. At times they can be quite petty and at others very forgiving. Many times their mood shifts at the blink of an eye. Occasionally a white-furred ermine will appear. These are called Sables, they are identical to Ermines in all ways save that their fur is snow white. It is believed that this variation has a connection to winter temperatures and whether there is snow or not when a Mongoosed evolves.
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ESPEA, the Psi Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (fox-squirrel)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: berries, nuts, vegetarian foods
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics, otherwise as Psychic-types
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Aura of Cute, Quick, Tackle, Psychic, Telekinesis, Aura Sight, Mindwipe, Teleport, Disable, Confusion
Enhancements: Psychic, Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Speed (x6), Sixth Sense
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (normal; triggered during the day or Sun Stone)
Espea is the psychically evolved form of Eva. She has two antennae-like whiskers extending from her eyebrows outward, these whiskers are extremely sensitive to air pressure changes allowing Espea to predict weather changes with extreme accuracy. Espeas are extremely loyal to any tamer they feel is worthy. While the whiskers of an Espea can predict the changes in weather conditions, the fine fur on her body can be used to sense the nearby air-currents allowing her a sort of pre-cognitive ability for judging an enemies attacks. It has been said by Pokégirl Watchers that her forked tail will twitch prior to it using a psychic-type move.
Her fine fur makes her exceptionally soft and like many of her cousins is thinnest near her erogenous zones. She maintains the figure of her previous form but her ears tend to get a bit bigger. Their fur will range in color from lilac to a deep royal purple depending on the situation surrounding their evolution. For instance a deep purple coat would reflect that said Espea evolved while battling. While the lighter shade show an evolution during a taming. It is not yet discovered exactly why these colors are like this, but of all the cases studied it seems to be the case. Their hair however will generally be a shade lighter or darker than their fur, this seems to depend more on the girl herself and less on the situation surrounding her evolution.
The role of the Espea during the war is still under debate. There are 2 main focuses as her role. One being that she acted as a field commander bellow a general Pokégirl, using her psychic abilities to unite the girls in their attack formations. Two that the Espeas themselves were frontline fighters using Teleport and Psychic attacks to confuse and defeat enemy ranks.
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EVA, the Fox-Squirrel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, nuts, common Pokéchow
Role: pets, guard animals, distractions, and domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick, Aura of Cute, Tackle, Leap, Sand Attack, Dodge, Quick Attack, Growl, Leer
Enhancements: fur, capability of evolving to an elemental form, Enhance Speed (x5)
Evolves: Flarea (Fire Stone), Vaporita (Water Stone), Joltina (Thunder Stone), Solaria (Leaf Stone), Chippyna (Diamond Stone), Marmotte (battle stress or Round Stone), Espea (normal; trigged in the day or Sun Stone), Umbrea (normal; triggered at night, or Moon Shard), Evangelion (Angel Stone), Omegan (Dark Stone & Mana Crystal), Gel Belle (after three tamings with a Slimette), Glace (Ice Crystal in cold conditions)
Evolves From: None
Eva, the fox-squirrel Pokégirl, is furry and cute and fairly popular. They are loyal, affectionate, and fairly intelligent. Many have been trained to be good domestics and enjoy being helpful in almost any regard. They respond well to affection, and their possibility of evolving into one of their elemental forms gives them good combat potential. Evas also have a bad reputation that they have only slowly begun to overcome due to what happened in the Orange Continent.
On the Orange Continent, about twenty years after Sukebe's disappearance, an attempt to evolve an Eva using an Angel Stone resulted in the continent's almost complete destruction. Now the Orange Islands have a "No Evas Allowed" policy, though most people don't know why other than "Evas are bad luck."
It is thought that Sukebe created this girl to mainly act as a distraction in the war. A small group would approach an intended target (be it a base or a battalion) and attack. The aura would assist in their retreat. It would lull enemies into a false sense of pity and chivalry (as human males are wont to do) and allow for the group’s safe escape. While the reason this girl's evolution abilities still remains unknown for the most part, it continues to undergo research.
There appearance despite their attitude and/or demeanor is that of something cute and fluffy. They have slight builds with heights generally from 4’ to 4’6". Slim waists that slope gently into their slightly flared hips from which their fluffy tails spring. Their ears are located on the top of their head with fur that matches their body fur, which tends to be a rich brown color. They are comfortable with their rather thick fur coats, it being thickest around their necks giving them a mane of sorts which tends to be a light tan in color, and shortest near there breast (which can range anywhere from a meager A-Cup to a nice C-Cup) and their vaginas. It has been said by many Eva tamers that their ears and the base of their tails are the most sensitive ‘hot spots' on their bodies. Their gentle doe-like eyes (which are generally a deep brown like their hair) will greatly increase their Aura of Cute attack's effectiveness if they are looked into while the attack is performed. As for the differences between Domestic and Feralborn Evas there are not many to note aside from perhaps a slightly thinner fur coat in a domestic bred one (As she would not need to protect herself from the elements.) Feralborn have the development of short claws to assist in their survival in the wild.
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FALCONGENTLE, the Air Fighting Falcon Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (gyre falcon)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivorous
Role: aerial fighters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mach Breaker, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Strong Claws, Enhanced Speed (x6)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (battle stress)
One might think that Pokégirls in aerial combat with fighters would have no chance, but their greater maneuverability and small size proved to be the Air Force's undoing (but also due to Sukebe engineering the Solar Beam attack into the Pokégirl). Falcongentles generally have dull-colored down and have powerful wings. There is also an unnerving look to their faces (while not outside the human norm) imply the message "you are prey." Falcongentles also have claws on their hands and feet that can tear through the metal of an airplane's skin.
Despite the ferocity shown in their eyes, a FalconGentle is surprisingly child-friendly, and will often play with poke-kits and human kids when possible.
Because of their speed (seemingly second only to Legendaries and Skarmoress breeds), a FalconGentle is most often sent out in battles that have no boundaries: They move quickly to their maximum speed, but cannot brake so easily in the air. Pidgy's that evolve into FalconGentle often have a tough time learning to slow down quickly, and it usually takes plenty of training to manage this problem effectively.
Although a FalconGentle's attention span is greater than a Pidgy, they normally only focus on one thing at a time. Battle, or playing with children, and so on. It is a bad idea to have them try to multi-task anything that is important... and if a FalconGentle is responsible for a meal, it is a very bad idea to distract her from it by initiating a Taming session or with anything that, to a flying type such as herself, could be considered a quick snack.
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FIREBURST, the Heavenly Inferno Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Pokechow, fruits, nuts
Role: Sky-dominator, airborne combatant, fire-related tasks
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Magic, Electric
Attacks: Meteor 18, Fire Spin, Power Drive, Ignite, Dive, Fire Blast, Phoenix Down, Mach Breaker, Glorious Sun, Quickturn
Enhancements: Heals from Fire, Enhanced Agility (x4), increased stamina
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Phoenix (battle stress)
Firebursts stand roughly six feet tall, give or take a few inches. She has large wings which she likes to wrap around herself like a cloak. Her eye color is usually red, violet or blue. Her bust size is usually identical to their prior one, though some small increases are not unknown. However, perhaps the most stunning thing about her is her feathers. Unlike a Phoenix or a Rack, who had to dye their feathers, a Fireburst's feathers look like roaring flame, continually shifting in color. Charred Pokégirls can often become entranced by these flaming wings and the Fireburst is very proud of her new plumage.
A Fireburst is a very valuable Pokégirl. Not only does she possess powerful attacks, but she can heal from any fire technique used against her, use Glorious Sun, has high speed and can revive fallen comrades. Unfortunately, she as about temperamental as she is useful.
Firebursts are temperamental because of the very things she is proud of: her wings. Firebursts are quite aware of the attraction people have towards their wings and many will become annoyed or infuriated if they feel their lover values their wings more than the Fireburst. While a Fireburst's temper tantrums aren't of the same level as a Gynadose, it's strongly urged that anyone with a Fireburst remember that they need to pay attention to the Pokégirl, not just her wings.
In battle, Firebursts can be quite a terror, especially if they combine Speed Storm with Mach Breaker or Ignite and Dive. In some leagues, it is illegal to pit two Firebursts against each other, not because of any problems with bloodshed, but because of the fact that many Fireburst Vs Fireburst battles tend to last over several hours. This is because the Fireburst's agility and Quickturn allow her to avoid the other Fireburst's Mach Breaker and Dive techniques.
Feral Firebursts are as troublesome as feral Gynadoses, which is why some leagues fine tamers who allow their Firebursts to go feral.
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FOXGLOVE, the Nightstar Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (bat)
Element: Flying/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit and vegetables
Role: Night reconnaissance
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Ice, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic, Water
Libido: High
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Confusion, Energy Drain, Bite, Ember, Rage, Fire Spin , Warm Embrace, Burst, Brightstar*
Enhancements: Wings for flight, Fire affinity, Echolocation, Magic affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Zubutt (Fire Stone)
Foxgloves are a step up from the rather common Zubutt in almost every way. They are taller and curvier all around, with silky, reddish-gold fur and long manes of golden hair. Their breasts are large, DD cup at best, and their wingspans are wider than before. They gain the use of fire attacks, and their echolocation enhances to the point where they can use a non-psychic version of Confusion.
These nocturnal fire-types were first discovered shortly after the first discovery of evolution stones. In fact, they were one of the first recorded Evolution Stone evolutions. They are fairly affectionate Pokégirls, and have the trademark high libido most Fire-types do. Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention, and tend to get annoyed when nobody at the very least is looking at them. They prefer to be on their backs when being Tamed, as their nipples are sensitive and can be rubbed raw quite easily. Incidentally, a sturdy bra with a soft, padded interior is considered a very wonderful present for a Foxglove. Their cunts are not too hot, and are only pleasantly warm no matter how much of their fire powers they manifest. Instead of the usual yowls, Foxgloves tend to make a cute whimpering sound when being Tamed.
Foxgloves are fairly useful in battle. They aren’t much faster than Zubutts in air, but are very maneuverable. They tend to stay above the main battle, scattering Embers from above and using Confusion to keep their opponent too rattled to attack. Her most used attack, however, is Burst. Foxgloves enjoy the fact that the attack creates such a bright flash. This love of bright, star-like flashes has led Foxgloves to be called the Nightstar Pokégirl. The fact that Foxgloves are able to use magic so easily without actually being magic-types is a subject of confusion to researchers even to this day.
As mentioned earlier, Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention. They love showing off, and like using attacks such as Burst or Brightstar to make sure that the focus is on them. This can be used to a Tamer’s advantage in group battles, as Foxgloves can be used as a distraction to move an attacker’s attention away from the Tamer’s more powerful Pokégirls. Foxgloves are decent Alphas, but there are better choices. They can be fussy and short-tempered, but never to annoying levels, and are as loyal as Growlies. They will fiercely defend their Tamer, even if they think said Tamer is lacking in intelligence.
Feral Foxgloves are a playful breed. They actively seek out taming whenever they can, and only become dangerous if the Tamer deliberately ignores them. They don’t necessarily want a Tamer, they just like having attention give to them. Threshold cases where the result is a Foxglove are fairly uncommon.
*Brightstar - (ATK 90) A combination magic/fire attack that creates a star-shaped burst of flames.
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FOXX, the Voluptuous Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: sex machine, seduction
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Sniper, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, 2
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vixxen (Fire Stone)
A Vixxen that comes into contact with a Fire Stone evolves into her final form: Foxx. A Fox stands a few inches taller than her previous form. Her body is more lithe than it was before, with her legs being longer and sleeker. Her rump is more rounded now, and her breasts are larger than they were previously, usually around a CC-cup or so now. They retain the body fur and long bushy tail from their previous form.
Foxxes are still horny all the time. However, they’ve learned a bit more discretion, though they only exercise this is told to by their Tamer. A Foxx is still ready to do it anywhere, anytime, with virtually anyone. They have enough control now though that they tend to be less aggressive about their wants, instead using innuendoes and sexy poses to try and entice others into humping them. A Foxx is a great choice to keep other Pokégirls in a Tamer’s Harem satisfied on his behalf.
A Foxx has increased her fire powers since her previous form. She can now perform several fire attacks in addition to her signature Flamethrower move. She has enough savvy with her flame powers to even use fire-based sex attacks, such as Warm Embrace or the lesser version of Burning Hands. Despite her High libido, a Foxx is just as likely to do well in a martial battle as she is a pokesex battle, relying on her flame abilities to carry her through to victory.
Feral Foxes tend to be skittish, and use Burning Hands a lot when fighting off those who would hunt them. However, a Tamer with Pokégirls that use attacks based on a Foxx’s weaknesses can wear her down and capture her without too much trouble in most cases. Threshold girls almost never change directly into a Foxx, becoming a Vulvixx or a Kitsune instead most of the time.
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FROSTBITE, the Bestial Ice Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: arctic soldier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Avalanche (Ice Breath), Mist, Blizzard, Ice wall, Slash, Bite
Enhancements: Ice Powers, Enhanced Endurance (x5), Not Affected by Cold or Snow Blindness, Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Snowmelon (normal)
The Frostbite is the final evolution of the ice lizard type of Pokégirl. It has a very devastating breath attack called the Avalanche; the breath weapon starts out as fine particles of ice but suddenly hardens into a single massive block. Frostbite also gains strong wings that can cause a whiteout in the area just below it. There are very few Frostbites suspected to exist, and those tamers that do have them tend to keep them a secret. There is little known about the Tamers that do happen to have a Frostbite, but there has been one willing to provide some information. The Frostbite seems to absolutely hate freezing places! Being cold-blooded, and although an ice type, its' body slows considerably in cold temperatures.
However, in cold temperatures it does become a force to be reckoned with in Sex Battles, despite the fact that it is not particularly adept at such battles. It is only because her senses are dulled drastically that a Frostbite is considered good at Sex Battles in these conditions. However, the reverse is true- A Frostbite during a heat wave or in a very hot location will not last long at all during a Sex Battle.
Another tidbit of information gleamed from this one trainer is that Frostbite dislike having to be around other ice types. It is cordial with other ice types, such as IceMaidens, but does not get along with them. It is assumed it is because of the same reason that Frostbite's dislike cold weather, though this has yet to be confirmed.
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FROSTTITS, the Frozen Sky Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Ice/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: snow, pokechow, frozen food, chilled fish
Role: Air-to-Ground support fighter, Airborne scout, tactician
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Dragon, Grass, Bug, Flying
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Gravity, Wing Buffet, Ice Wall, Little Cloud Mk II, Ice Beam, Wave of Ice, Icicles, Snow Storm, Snow Blind, Phoenix Down
Enhancements: Heals from Ice, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Neigix (battle stress)
Unlike Firebursts, Frosttits don't gain any height. Their hair generally remains whatever shade it was prior, though 20% may find it turning blue or platinum blonde. There is no change in eye color.
Frosttits gain a lot of strength, though, which is odd for avian Pokégirls. She is capable of lifting three times her own body weight and flying with it for half of her usual flight time, baring any extensive maneuvers. Their breasts usually increase half a cup size, and their feathers are generally white or silver tinged with blue patterns. Frosttits can apparently change the blue patterns whenever they desire, and have been known to play pranks on people by using this ability.
Frosttits are not as unreachable as a lot of ice Pokégirls. Frosttits, though quite calm, do laugh and smile, something many ice Pokégirls don't do. However, when it comes to combat, it is quite terrifying to see how well a Frosttits can strategize. Some have shown the ability to predict an opponent movements so well that they were even able to not only accurately predict the number of moves both they and their opponent would use before their opponent fainted and the location their opponent, but the precise position the opponent would faint in, and how long their opponent would be out.
Feral Frosttits have also displayed this talent, as tamers will often find the Frosttits have used natural terrain and time specific traps to devastate the tamer's Pokégirls during a fight. It's sometimes speculated that a Frosttits may have psychic abilities, but these ideas have remained just that: speculation.
Unlike their previous evolution, Frosttits actually like games of chance, as they oftentimes grow bored of games that can be too easily calculated. In fact, many casinos that have rules banning psychic and magic Pokégirls usually include Frosttits in that ban, unless the Frosttits is playing games of complete chance, such as Roulette.
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FURRITE, the Young Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (weasel)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods
Role: pets, public service, low-skilled jobs
Libido: low Average to above Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, rodent Pokégirls (Bunnies, Titmice, etc.)
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance, Sandspray
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x7), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Disadvantages: Furrite all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks. Decreased Strength due to thin, light frame. Mild-Kleptomania, and are easily distracted. Poor Eye-sight. (Rely mostly on sense of smell.)
Evolves: Mongoosed (normal)
Evolves From: Mynx (orgasm)
Furrite are pre-evolved form of Mongoosed. They are brownish to tan (with black markings) furred humanoids with a slight muzzle, slender and petite frame, and long slender tail ending in black fur. There fur is patterned given them the appearance of wearing masks boots and gloves. Their sense of smell and hearing are quite good, and they make fair foragers. They have small clawed hands. They tend to be inquisitive, hyper, easily distracted, and they love to cuddle. Much like Pia's (pre-evolved form of Peekaboo) they can be sensitive to their lack of bust. Their build is comparable to a Tomboy, but having definite and shapely curves. A final note on Furrites is that they have a habit of "collecting" things.
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GORGON, the Artist of Stone Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Anthropomorphic Not Very Near Human (Serpentine)
Element: Poison/Rock
Frequency: Very Rare (Ocean League, Amethyst League (old Greece area))
Diet: Grains and fruits, will accept Pokéchow
Role: Sculptors and artisans, fighters
Libido: Average (High if Tamer is willing to do something for her)
Strong Vs: Flying, Electric, Bug
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Stone Gaze,* Statue Gaze,* Wrap, Crushing Wrap, Poison, Slow Venom, Paralyzation Poison, Vertigo Venom, Poison Mask, Tail Smash*
Enhancements: High flexibility, Ability to radiate petrifying energy from eyes, venom glands, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Artistic Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Round Stone)
Gorgons were a more recent discovery, first being discovered in the Ocean League and on several islands near the old Greece area of the Amethyst continent. They were first found in 260 AS by a Tamer named Perseus Riger. They suffered a rather bad reputation at first. The Gorgon Perseus encountered, a Pokéwoman named Medusa, had turned several Tamers and Pokégirls permanently into stone statues. She was surprisingly non-Feral and intelligent, but Perseus was able to defeat her by using the shield he had brought with him as a mirror, protecting himself from her petrification attacks long enough for his Slicer, Andromeda, to behead her. As people were still smarting from Mao Shin Mao’s rebellion, bounties were placed on Gorgons. More Gorgons were discovered and killed, reducing their numbers drastically. However, Pokégirl Rights groups managed to pass laws to protect them, saying that they should at least be studied at first. Reluctantly, the laws were passed and studies began.
Gorgons are Naga-like Pokégirls, with long, serpentine bodies covered in smooth, silky-soft, dark green scales, with darker, tiger-like stripes down their arms and backs. Their tails have rattles, which convulsively rattle when agitated for any reason. Their eyes are golden with slitted pupils, their breasts are C-Cup and in place of their hair is a nest of long, slender, comparatively small Pre-Sukebe snakes that move in accordance to the Gorgon’s will, reflecting her mood. Despite the fact that each snake has it’s own set of eyes, it does not expand her vision in any way. The head-snakes, however, can bite an opponent and inject poison or use their small tongues to give a very unusual kiss.
In terms of fighting, Gorgons fight in similar fashion to most Naga evolutions, using poison attacks and tail attacks. This made more sense after the discovery of the Round Stone, which was revealed to evolve Nagas into Gorgons. They have three attacks exclusive to them, one of which is used in tandem with the other two. The eyes of a Gorgon can radiate an ethereal energy, which causes calcification of the skin and the creation of a stone shell. This is their Stone Gaze attack, which they use to coat their attackers in an immobilizing shell of stone. They can either leave their opponents, giving them a chance to escape, or use their powerful Tail Smash attack to shatter the shell, knocking the opponents senseless. When used more intensely, the energy radiated from their eyes can cause a total internal and external calcification of the target’s body, turning them completely to stone. The vast majority of Gorgons, as in 99.999999% of them, don’t like doing this. Mirrors can protect the target from the petrification attacks, but Gorgons are immune to their own moves.
Surprisingly, Gorgons turned out to have little taste for battle. One Gorgon Pokéwoman who knew of Medusa said that she was an aberration, who took her tastes too far. More artistic in temperament, they prefer to work with stone to carve elegant statues of things that catch their eye. They adore capturing life in stone, but not through the use of their lethal attack. Amusingly enough, Gorgons have a fetish for stone. They love Rock Pokégirls and statues made of stone; their mere presence is a tremendous turn-on for this Pokégirl. Tamers who wants to get their Gorgon ready for a Taming can simply take them on a visit to a museum with sculptures on display or a trip to an old ruin made of stone. And if Tamers are willing to go further and allow the Pokégirl one little indulgence, they will have the total unwavering loyalty of the Gorgon, among other things.
As mentioned earlier, Gorgons have a fetish relating to stone. They like having the rest of the harem model for them as they create statuettes or busts of the other Pokégirls out of stone. If the Gorgon is particularly close to the models, her creations are sometimes reluctantly given as gifts to the other Pokégirls. Otherwise, the statuettes and busts become part of the Gorgon's version of her Tamer's harem. They are both works of art and sex toys in the mind of a Gorgon, whose libido is affected by Pygmalionism. This fetish for statues of their own creations extend towards their Tamers as well. If Tamers will let their Gorgon use Stone Gaze on them, coating them in stone, and let the Gorgon make love to them while they are in the stone shell then, after they have satisfied their own needs, they will quite literally let their Tamer do anything they want to them. Oral, anal, roughness, bondage, any position, if the Tamer is willing to indulge a Gorgon’s stone fetish, you name it and they will let a Tamer do it. Research has shown that the stone shell is porous enough to prevent the Tamer from being suffocated while inside the shell. While Gorgons are immune to petrification attacks themselves, they do greatly enjoy being ‘immobilized’ and wrapped up themselves. This other fetish of the Gorgon breed is assumed to be a variant of the total enclosure fetish combined with Statuephilia. A Tamer who willingly lets their Gorgon indulge their stone and bondage fetishes and reciprocate this in some way will find their Gorgon to be a happy, willing cumslut who will do whatever she can to bring her Tamer pleasure. As one can probably guess from this, this makes Gorgons primarily found in the harems of male tamers, although female Tamers with Gorgons have found ways to satisfy their Pokégirl’s desire to make love to a statue.
To summarize, Gorgons are artistic and love to capture life in stone. And they fall in love with their creations. That's why they want to “petrify” their Tamers before Taming. By using Stone Gaze, they created a statue of their Tamer.
Oddly enough, they have a hard time getting along with Domina-types. When asked about this, all Gorgons stated that the meanness and brutality of the breeds take all the fun out of what they refer to as ‘the artistic process.’ There have been a very small amount of documented cases, however, of a Domina-type and a Gorgon finding great pleasure in each other’s company. This is a rare occurrence, however.
As Gorgons turned out to be relatively harmless Pokégirls with an unusual fetish, the bounties on them were reluctantly lifted. Parthenogenesis and breeding have risen their numbers to a less endangered level since then, Gorgons appearing more often in harems. Most frequently, they are paired up with Ar-Tits and other artistic-natured Pokégirls. There have been only seven known cases of Thresholding into a Gorgon. The first recorded sign in all cases is hissing coming from the hair of the girl going through Threshold, their head-snakes developing. In all cases, it’s recommended that the girl’s eyes be covered until their transformation finishes, as the moment their Gorgon eyes emerge, they have little control over their petrification powers, and may use Petrifying and Stone Gaze by accident. Fortunately, as Statue Gaze takes concentration to use, no one will be accidentally turned fully to stone.
*Stone Gaze – (ATK 10+EFT) The Gorgon radiates a beam of energy from her eyes that generates an immobilizing shell of stone around the opponent for six to seven turns at max, or until the shell is smashed. There is some debate on whether or not to re-classify this as a sex attack, as Gorgons gain tremendous arousal from seeing their target as a statue…
*Statue Gaze – (ATK+EFT) FATAL MOVE. Forbidden in regular combat. The Gorgon focuses, radiating an intense beam of energy from her eyes that converts a target completely to stone.
*Tail Smash – (ATK 80) The Gorgon does a powerful strike with her tail.
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GRIFFON, the Catbird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, leaning towards carnivore
Role: rare Pokégirl, a powerhouse used by elite Tamers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Sabre Claw, Wing Buffet, Slice n' Dice, Fly, Dive, Glorious Sun, Super Claw
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Strength (x5) (standard form) /x20 (battle form), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Night Vision, Enhanced Toughness (x2)
Evolves: Sphinx (Sexmet's blessing), Chimera (Hy-Bra's blessing or Sexmet's curse)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Angel Stone), Kitten (Bird E-Medal), Phaenine (Ceremony evolution)
In her more humanoid form, a Griffon generally stands between 5'11" to 6'3", has a 18" tail and large white feathery wings. Like the Cheshire, she retains the hair and eye color she had prior to her evolution, though the feralborns usually have blue or green eyes and brown hair. Their general bust sizes are usually between a C-cup and a DD-cup and it's very rare for it to be any bigger or smaller. Domesticate and Threshold Griffons look rather human, but Feralborns have a different appearance.
Feralborn Griffons have abnormally large hands (usually double to triple the size of normal hands) with cat-like pads underneath the fingers and palms and razor sharp claws that they can retract at will. Their feet are generally large and like their hands, have cat-like pads underneath the majority of the foot, but 10% of all feralborns will have four-toed bird-like feet (three forward and one behind). There is a small chance (5%-15%) that if a Domesticate or Threshold Pokégirl goes feral, that she may begin taking on the same appearance as her feralborn sisters.
In her battle form, her strength increases, her nails become longer, and her intelligence becomes more animalistic. Her body elongates, becoming more like that of a pre-Sukebe lion, and growing a mane around her neck. Her thoughts are rather basic in this form, destroy enemy, protect friend, ignore anyone else unless they do something to qualify them as friend or enemy. Her chosen tactics in this form, if not instructed by a lover or a friend, are limited to lunging at a target and tearing it apart. She automatically reverts to her more humanoid form when calmed or rendered unconscious.
The Griffon was one of the most powerful Pokégirls developed by Sukebe, and she was specifically designed for destroying tanks and artillery. Her claws, when properly sharpened, can reave through metal like a knife through a potato and with her tremendous strength, she can usually bend metal rather easily once she has a decent grip.
No distinct personality has been noticed between Griffons, beyond a sometimes moody period when they don't get to train or tame; and the homicidal rage they enter whenever someone they care about is injured, something that is typical of all Pokégirls, but with a Griffon, this rage can be a sight to behold... from about seventy feet away with binoculars and a good armor-plated hiding spot. Only the foolhardy or those who know her should attempt to stop her and even then, body armor and a quick escape route is HIGHLY recommended. Calming her is easy once she has... dealt with whoever triggered this rage.
Griffons remain rare, mostly because the original species was hunted to extinction and the various means to evolve a Catgirl or a Kitten into a Griffon are still not easy to obtain.
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GROWLIE, the Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson, Indigo)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), High endurance and loyalty
Evolves: Growltit (Normal, experience needed)
Evolves From: Goth (Sarcastic Goth sub-types only; Fire Stone)
Loyalty, this is the first trait that comes into mind when one thinks about a Growlie and this reputation is well earned. Besides being extremely loyal, Growlie also has a brave and trustworthy nature, it will fearlessly stand up to bigger and stronger foes to protect its tamer from harm. Growlie along with Kittens and Catgirls were one of the breeds to fiercely battle Mao during the Rebellion, their loyalty to their owners being so strong that to break it leaves the Growlie crippled both physically and mentally. They simply do not betray their masters, being loyal to the end.
Growlie has a distinctive appearance; the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms, legs and tail is complimented by blonde hair on the top of her head and a short soft blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs. Growlie has a nose which grants them a greatly enhanced sense of smell allowing them to follow scent trails days old, making them excellent trackers. Their high endurance means they will track a target for days even weeks and when they finally catch up their enhanced strength means they can quickly overpower and bring down the target.
This combination of traits not only makes Growlie an excellent pet but also makes them one of the few Pokégirls ideally suited for police work along with others such as Tigress. Once a Growlie is selected for police duty they are assigned and bonded to a partner then both the Police officer and the Growlie go on an intensive training course that taxes both the Officer and the Growlie. By the end of the course both the Officer and Growlie forge a strong partnership allowing them to function better as a pair, instinctively understanding each others strengths and weaknesses. The Growlie will also learn methods of tracking and taking down criminals which makes them superior combatants than pet owned Growlies.
Growlie is a popular pet Pokégirl and often considered members of the family much like Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice however they do not share quite the same level of popularity as the others because they require such large amounts of love and attention. Another Pokégirl is recommended as the Growlies can then occupy themselves by 'playing' with the other Pokégirls. They are very competitive with any and ALL amorous or lustful Pokégirls.
Growlies are often found in a large family with at least one other Pokégirl for this reason, their intelligence is such that they are quite capable of doing any job a human can do although their favorite job will be patrolling and protecting the family home which they consider to be their territory.
Unlike most canine types, Growlie gets on well with cat type Pokégirls especially when both discover a mutual love of fish and love of play. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it's strongly suggested that you _not_ have any of the Domina-type Pokégirls, though. Growlies and Domina-types do NOT like each other.
Feral Growlie are very protective of their territory, they will bark and bite fiercely to repel intruders from their territory; however they will not viciously maul or kill their opponent like some feral Pokégirls but instead aim to drive their opponent off. The favored territory of a Growlie would be near a river or large stream running through forest land, predominately because Growlie are omnivores like humans but particular like nuts and fish as their primary diet, nuts mostly only available in forest land whilst fish are obviously only available around large water sources. Growlie are excellent at foraging for food in the wild making them idea for tamers who will be spending large amounts of time in the wild, also due to their love of fish they are awesome fishers which is odd for a fire type!
One must be careful though, in the wild Growlie tend to form packs which have a similar intense loyalty to each other akin to that they develop with their tamers, any attempt to harm or Pokéball any member of the pack is likely to incite a violent response from the entire pack, worse yet the captured Growlie will refuse to bond to its owner and will attack once released from the Pokéball before attempting to return to its pack by backtracking the tamers scent unless heavy mental conditioning is applied.
If one wants to capture a feral Growlie without trouble then the entire pack must be caught together or the individual Growlie must be encouraged to come willingly with the tamer though whatever methods.
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GROWLTIT, the Warm And Fuzzy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: Average (High if other amorous Pokégirls in area)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack.
Enhancements: Enhnanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Speed (x3), Elemental-based powers, Endurance
Evolves: Denmother (Special, giving birth), Sparkanine (Thunder Stone), Huskie (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: Growlie (Normal, experience needed)
Growltit is the evolution of Growlie, its appearance is still similar with that of Growlie as it retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. It is the blonde hair on the top of her head that changes becoming wilder and spikier, the blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs also changes, becoming longer and more pronounced. The most dramatic change is that of Growltit's tail which changes from being red tiger striped fur to being the same long blonde fur as on her chest and the addition of long blonde fur down her arms and her lower legs.
Muscles on Growltit are much more visible than they were when she was a Growlie, her new form visually showing her increased strength, speed and greatly improved endurance. Other improvements over its Growlie form include greater access and control over its fire elemental powers, it is now far more capable of using powerful fire based moves against its enemies.
Growltit has a much more laid back attitude and lower libido except when an amorous Pokégirl comes onto their master at which point they can get very defensive over their masters unless they are used to the other Pokégirl. The laid back attitude means that Growltit will sleep more often when it has the free time instead of hunting down her master and demanding attention, they can often be found asleep, curling up with cat type Pokégirls in a patch of sunlight, a sight which can melt most hearts.
It still has a preferred diet of nuts and fish although is now more prone to sharing its fish with cat types and not provoking a food fight over who gets the last fish. Its skill as a fisher increases thanks to its speed and faster reflexes; it is also much more patient in waiting for its food ensuring it doesn't lose a fish due to impatience.
Pet owners tend to favor Growltit over Growlie because she becomes much less demanding for their time and affection allowing them to get on with other things. Growltit still likes cat type Pokégirls, able to keep both itself and the cat type amused for endless hours but unfortunately they still don't like domina types and it is _NOT recommended to have them together in any fashion.
Growltit gains increased popularity over Growlie because of her calmer attitude and no longer needing another Pokégirl to keep her distracted, bringing her up to the same level of popularity as Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice when it comes to the pet market. They still make excellent pets for home security, tirelessly patrolling and protecting the family home.
Growltit is a difficult evolution to reach, requiring Growlie to be quite powerful and experienced in fighting before it will evolve into Growltit. This is why the police force train the much easier to acquire Growlie to be police Pokégirls rather than Growltit which seems to be even more suitable for police work. Those planning on breaking the law however should be wary, any Growltit serving in the police force is likely to have long years of experience and much less likely to be thrown off during a pursuit. Her increased speed, endurance and strength can bring most chases to a quick end even those which require tracking the target across large areas of wilderness.
The increase in Growltit's speed means it is hard for their human partners to catch up by foot, so the Growltit is given much more autonomy even in less liberal leagues. Human partners of Growltit tend to have motorbikes to help them keep up with their Pokégirl when she gets moving.
Growltit can also be found in daycare centers and schools in the more liberal leagues as they are considered damned near human and trustworthy enough to be around kids. Children especially the younger ones love them as they are warm and fuzzy, thus great to cuddle with. This is something that the much more active and demanding Growlie couldn't do, for fear it might accidentally harm the children with its more boisterous attitude.
In the wild Growltit's tend to be the pack leaders as long as there are no Denmother present, leading and controlling the pack throughout their daily lives, packs with a Growltit leading them tend to be more close knit and intelligent since Growltit has a slightly more intelligent feral state. The pack will have sentries on watch and will regularly patrol their territory making it more difficult to sneak up on the pack. The Growltit itself will develop slight maternal instincts over those under her causing her to look out for her fellow pack mates far more than normal but this is nothing compared to the instincts she will develop if she evolves into Denmother.
Attempting the capture of a unwilling Growltit is strongly discouraged, not only will you run into the same problems as attempting the capture of a unwilling Growlie but it is one of the few circumstances which can encourage the Growlie pack to leave their territory, in this case to track down their missing leader. This can lead to the unfortunate tamer getting attacked in the middle of the night by an entire pack of angry Growlies, not something that you want to be woken up to. It is recommended to either catch a willing Growltit or get a Growlie and train it up.
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GUSANA, The Worm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph/Metamorph (Mutated Worm)
Element: Ground/Rock
Frequency: Rare (Tropical areas only, Extremely rare elsewhere, not found in most cold leagues at all)
Diet: Rocks, dirt, meat
Role: Miners, river diggers, heavy rock miners
Libido: Low (higher with a bonded Tamer)
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Water
Attacks: Focus, Harden, Comet Punch, Sky Fall, Dig, Drill Strike, Mountain Hold, Earthquake, Eternal Softness, Smother*
Enhancements: Hyper-efficient Metabolism, enhanced digging ability, Enhanced Pleasure Threshold, Enhanced Strength (x4), Metamorphic ability
Evolves: Gusana Gigante (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Gusanita (Normal)
Once in a while, efficiency decides it needs to be attractive, too. Hence, the Gusana, the evolved form of Gusanita.
A Gusana looks much like the Gusanita. However, their horns shrink in size, and they lose their larger spike-legs. Their bust grows a little, also growing longer. They now stand 6 feet tall and are almost 15 feet in length in their worm form, their mass increasing accordingly.
A Gusana’s digging ability increases upon evolution. They’re now strong enough to dig through harder, more compacted surfaces with little effort. Often they’re employed by mining companies to handle evolution stone mining. The infamous Kuno family of Stone Town employs several of these girls. A running gag is that they can be used in ‘strip’ mining, with actual stripping involved. Gusana didn’t appear in the Revenge War as far as people know, but rumors of caravans sinking underground and being attacked by groups of ground-type Pokégirls indicate that they may have been active during that time period.
In terms of harem dynamics, Gusana are far less territorial than Gusanita. As such, they like to be in group sessions more than Gusanita, who prefer solo Tamings done in private. They have a low libido, like their previous form, but are still very affectionate and amorous, just a little more subdued about it than Gusanita are. They still tend to shove new people in-between their immense breasts as a greeting, but are calmer about it. Mostly to avoid suffocating and possibly scaring off their new ‘friend.’
Leagues that have them tend to alert Tamers that capture Feral Gusana to be aware that they tend to be better suited to constructive roles rather than combative. While they are better fighters than their previous form, they still take preference to having non-combative duties.
Gusana aren’t as steadfastly set in their ways as Gusanita, and are more willing vary their experiences. They especially like to give oral sex whenever they get the chances. Feral Gusana are much less in control of their amorous tendencies, and are often above ground. They tend to use their Smother attack on roughly anything they see, trying to get a Taming out of them afterwards.
Threshold into Gusana is a noticeably more rare result than her previous evolution. It never seems to happen outside of a tropical area, though.
Smother – (ATK 35): An attack commonly used by the Gusanita line. The target gets tackled to the ground and smothered with the Pokégirls breasts. If the targets head is small enough to fit completely between the breasts then the target is paralyzed and unable to move until they either break free, pass out (at which point the user lets go).
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GUSANA GIGANTE, The Giant Worm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph/Metamorph (Mutated Worm)
Element: Ground/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare (Tropical areas only, Extremely rare elsewhere, not found in most cold leagues at all)
Diet: Rocks, dirt, meat
Role: Miners, Lake diggers, heavy rock miners, general demolition workers
Libido: Low (higher with a bonded Tamer)
Strong Vs: Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Water, Fighting, Ground
Attacks: Focus, Comet Punch, Harden, Star Fall, Dig, Earthquake, Drill Strike, Iron Punch, Iron Tail, Metal Claw, Thunder Tail, Mountain Hold, Eternal Softness, Breasts of Steel, Smother*
Enhancements: Hyper-efficient Metabolism, Enhanced Digging Ability, Enhanced Pleasure Threshold, Light size shifting, Metamorphic ability, Enhanced Strength (x8)
Evolves: None (we hope)
Evolves From: Gusana (Diamond Stone)
When you need a REALLY deep hole, when you MUST have a lake dug and soon, or it absolutely HAS to be obliterated in a short amount of time, Gusana Gigante is one of the best Pokégirl choices out there! A Gusana Gigante looks much like its previous form, with a few exceptions. The most notable for some would be the loss of the spiked ‘tail club’ and the line of smaller spike-legs running along their bodies. Another notable difference is the loss of their larger head horns, and an expanded bust line. The final, and most obvious change, is that they are at the very LEAST double the size of the Gusanita.
Gusana Gigante is the form you want if you want to battle. Their immense size, almost topping out at over 12 feet tall standing and 24 feet long from head to tail, makes them effective power fighters. It also makes their digging more efficient, giving them enough muscle to rip through even the thickest materials, allowing them to mine for more than they could before.
It’s extremely rare to find a Gusana Gigante in the harem of anyone but a Tradesman specializing in the breed, as the amount of food they need to survive is difficult to procure. Thankfully, they don’t eat as much as a Snorlass, so the food bills aren’t as high. This need for food causes them to become more sedentary, causing them to prefer a more stationary lifestyle with a fair number of others.
Because of their desire for a sedentary lifestyle, one Tamer from the Tropic Leagues had moved to the Sunshine League. Everyone assumed his Gusana Gigante would want to return to him. Surprisingly enough, she not only decided to stay, but now protects the valley town on her own. It’s considered quite the experience to meet up with La Blanca, the Gusana Gigante protector of Perfection Valley.
As stated before, it’s unexpected and unwise for a normal Journeyman Tamer to have a Gusana Gigante in their harem. Those who do are usually rather slow moving or like to keep a slow pace. Some actually prefer to move underground with their Gusana Gigante’s help.
A Gusana Gigante’s taming preference lacks any sort of common theme. They have the ability to reduce their size to a more manageable seven feet, and will eagerly accept Tamings that way. Some like to stay large, and indulge their macrophilic urges. In their larger size, Taming is rather difficult. It’s suggested that it only be done if you’ve prepared yourself beforehand. It’s nigh impossible to find a Feral Gusana Gigante, but when you do, it’s wise to just leave quietly. Feral Gusana Gigante are known to cause a lot of collateral damage if they are startled.
There has been only ONE recorded incident of a girl Thresholding into a Gusana Gigante, which occurred off in the Silver River League.
Smother – (ATK 35): An attack commonly used by the Gusanita line. The target gets tackled to the ground and smothered with the Pokégirls breasts. If the targets head is small enough to fit completely between the breasts then the target is paralyzed and unable to move until they either break free, pass out (at which point the user lets go).
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GUSANITA, The Little Worm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph/Metamorph(Mutated worm)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common (Tropical areas, Rare-very Rare
elsewhere, non-existent in the Scarlet, Ruby, and Opal Leagues)
Diet: Dirt, dead plants, meat
Role: Miners, Trench diggers
Libido: Low (higher with bonded Tamer)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Focus, Dig, Mountain Hold, Tree Fall, Eternal Softness, Smother*
Enhancements: Hyper-efficient Metabolism, enhanced digging ability, Enhanced Strength (x2), Metamorphic powers
Evolves: Gusana (Normal)
Evolves From: None
There were many Pokégirls in the Revenge War tat simply went overlooked. They ranged from secret combatants to stealthy warriors. But there were some breeds that went overlooked because they were simply useful from the start. One of those pokegirls was, and still is, La Gusanita.
Standing a short 4’3”, but measuring a length of well over 10 feet on average, the Gusanita, which in the pre-Sukebe language of Spanish means ‘Little Girl Worm,’ is a rather unusual breed of Pokégirl. When underground and digging, their breast size is an A-Cup by default. However, they can expand them to as much as a DD-Cup in size when underground and Taming, or for simply walking(slithering?) around. Strangely enough, because of this ability to change their breast size, they have a high resistance to Bloom Powder. A double-dose is needed before they can be affected at all. Four prominent horns, two large, almost blade-like ones and two smaller, antler-like ones, stand off of their head, sprouting through their long, dirty-white hair. Their face, chest, and lower belly are all stark white, but the coloring of their backs and arms very greatly, usually being dark browns and the like. Along their backs are two rows of thick, flexible, scythe-shaped spikes. These act as digging claws which they can use to ‘swim’ under the ground. These legs come in sets of one to three, depending on the age of the Gusanita. On the back half of their worm-like lower torso is two sets of spike-legs. The first one is two-pairs of very large spikes, the toher set coming at the tip, creating a spiked club of sorts. Interestingly enough, they are also metamorphs, a fact that many Tamers, Tradesmen or otherwise, find very handy. After one of the first known Tamers to have a Gusanita in their harem became rather annoyed at the insults received because of having the worm girl, he had her shapeshift into her alternate Near Human form right in front of his tormentors, her tail turning into legs and her spikes shrinking to a harmless level. When asked why none had ever done it before, she had replied that none have ever needed to do so in public, as most prefer to be in their worm-like form.
A Gusanita’s specialities aren’t in actual combat, but in gardening and mining. Very few Journeyman Tamers actually have them in their harems. Their purpose since the Revenge War has changed very little up to today. Gusanitas have a low libido and high pleasure threshold, but are not very good in sex battles. Their main use is in mining facilities and in the digging of trenches for irrigation. They’re well known in most leagues as top quality miners. They’re also found in the company of ‘smithy’ Pokégirls, whom they mine ores for in exchange for taming.
In Harems, Gusanitas tend to take a back seat. They don’t like leadership positions but love being helpful, even helping to Tame their harem-sisters in their master wishes it. The major reason for this is because they tend to dislike politics of any form, taking preference in their… usual greeting and Tamings over leadership roles.
The Taming preferences of a Gusanita do not very much between members of the breed. They like to be on top and while playful and loving, are rarely submissive. While not as tough as a Domina, they do like to be in control of the situation, and are willing to tame almost any Pokégirl who’s head they can fit between their breasts. Also of note is that they often use Smother as a form of greeting.
Feral Gusanitas are actually quite mild in temperament, often ignoring any activity above them unless it causes one of their tunnels to cave in. At which point they will fiercely drive off any invaders to their territory. They are a gentle breed, and not all that violent.
As of today, Threshold into a Gusanita is rare, but most often seen in tropical leagues and regions, such as the Tropic League or the Silver Islands area.
Smother – (ATK 35): An attack commonly used by the Gusanita line. The target gets tackled to the ground and smothered with the Pokégirls breasts. If the targets head is small enough to fit completely between the breasts then the target is paralyzed and unable to move until they either break free, pass out (at which point the user lets go).
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HENTAI, the Neo-Legendary Volcano Vixen Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Vulpine
Element: Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore
Role: Victor of the Volcanoes, hunter of Limbec Pirates, sex machine
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Ground, Rock, Water)
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Flamethrower, Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Sniper, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Nipple Cripple, Sex Attack 1, 2, 3
Enhancements: Very high endurance. Geothermal Disruption.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed.
Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Vixxen, Hentai would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Hentai, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Magma Islands of the Sunshine League in 265 AS, Hentai would come to claim the area as something of her home, even though she tended to become something of a Roamer. Her purpose was to keep the flow of magma at bay, but unfortunately, the former Vixen Pokégirl has proved to now have the discipline for the powers that were bestowed upon her.
Hentai is a very emotional Neo-Legendary. The last few hours of her life as a simple Vixxen was something that left traumatic scars, (both mental and physical) on the Vulpine Pokégirl. She not only retains her need and desire for sex that she had as just a normal Pokégirl, but it's enhanced. The horrors that were committed on her, the torture, the mutilation... she needs to drive away the darkness from her mind, and only finds it through fucking. While Hentai's build is similar to what one would expect from a Vixxen, 5'7" with beautiful red fur, generous curves, and a bountiful D-Cup, sadly, a lot of the horrors that had been committed on her body were never fully healed, just changed to an extent to better work for her enhanced body.
Most noticeably is her mask. A red five-pointed star that covers the majority of her face with an overlapping golden crest for the top point, which is a mix of tiara which makes a rigid brow, and two blackened silver plates that go down underneath the red star from the sides, and continue downwards to overlap her cheeks. Her muzzle and eyes are the only visible part of the front of her head. She never wants this touched, and cringes, turning away if someone does. She had her face torn up before by a Psi-Dyke and is very sensitive about letting people see what is underneath now. Besides the mask, she the only other clothing she wears are shackles around her wrists and ankles, from when her tormentors had restrained her to do their grisly work.
The other two noticeable characteristics of Hentai also come from her time before she was changed into a Neo-Legendary. On either part of her backside is a set of jagged `wings' in a pennant or mountain-like formation from the metal that had been scraped along and left stabbed into her. And her tail, her original cut free from her body, is now replaced by one made from billowing black smoke... which, according to reports, is solid and feels soft and furry to the touch, despite leaving ash on the hand when withdrawn.
When it comes to battling, Hentai prefers to make the Pokébattle into a Pokésex Battle. She doesn't care if her partner is a man, woman, or Pokégirl. She'll choose any opportunity she can get to have a nice long and solid fucking. When it comes to Taming Hentai, pretty much anything goes with her, and she'll go at it with great enthusiasm, as was evidenced by a Bootlegged Copy of the Neo-Legendary Taming the brains out of the Legendary Pokégirl, Bastit, and getting treated equally well in return. The only qualm that Hentai has concerning sex is her mask, which she insists must stay on, and nothing will sway her otherwise.
However, despite her normally sex-oriented mind-set, there is one thing that can set Hentai off into a full rage, where a PokéBattle with her is likely to the death. If she comes Psi-Dykes, or any Pokégirl that is openly working with the Limbec Pirates, a darker side of Hentai comes forth. The Neo-Legendary, attacking with fire so hot, even other Fire-types will feel the burn. She blames them for the death of her original Tamer, and the mutilation of her body, and will give back what she had been given, with interest.
There is a popular legend associated with Hentai. One that says whenever she roars, a volcano blows its top. With the connection she has to the magma flows beneath the planet's surface, it is quite possibly true.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Hentai was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Hentai has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face a Rock or a Water-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fire, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
Limitless Stamina: Although it was originally joked that when it came to sex, Hentai could go above and beyond the call of duty, being ready for anyone, anywhere, at any time... it seems such is actually the case. Her endurance is increased to nearly god-like levels, which not only makes it more difficult to defeat the Neo-Legendary in battle, but next-to-impossible to actually satisfy her. She took on Bastit for days straight and probably could have gone longer if the Legendary Sex Kitten hadn't passed out!
Fiery Passion: Although she is a Fire-type, when Hentai is Taming with someone, her heat won't effect her partner(s) as her aura normally would when in PokéBattle. Study has showed that when mixed in coitus with her lover, her aura is shared with the other, in effect, giving them a sub-affinity for fire while joined with her during Taming. This makes it easier to keep the Taming going on longer for both parties.
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HERAKUNT, the Spear-Head Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Tree sap, sugar, sweet fruit
Role: Forest Infantry
Libido: Average (High with someone they trust)
Strong Vs: Grass, Psychic, Dark, Ground
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Take Down, Harden, Fury Swipes, Uppercut, Scratch
Enhancements: Natural armor, Strength (x4), Wings for Flight, Sharp Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Herakunt were created during the War of Revenge for forest combat. Their razor claws allow them to dig into trees quite easily. Their dark shells, which range from a deep blue to a very dark green helps them blend into the branches and shadows of the trees. They also wield a single horn that comes from their forehead which can be grown or shrunk at the Herakunt’s will. They don't like to make it longer than a few feet since it can weigh down their heads or get caught on things. The don't make it too small either since they feel proud of their horns and like to make them look cute when they aren't in use.
The Herakunt love sweet things and often dig into trees to get sap out or try to get something sweet out of anything they think will have what they want. Some Tamers have found their packs raided and only found sugary snacks missing as opposed to Pokéchow or their Pokégirls.
The Herakunt also have a partnership with Buttitsfree. The Herakunt have the necessary strength to break open trees to release the sap they love so much. When the Herakunt finishes its meal, a Buttitsfree will approach the sap left behind and feed to its hearts content. With this in mind, it isn't too odd to find swarms of Buttitsfree following groups of Herakunt.
Despite how they were created for battle, Herakunt are oddly shy. If a Tamer approaches, they either flee or attempt to hide. It takes some time to gain ones trust, and that is if you treat one properly. Herakunt are also very affectionate in taming and love the sensations of the act. Their libido are known to spike if they are bonded to someone they trust, resulting in hugs and kisses whenever they see that person. Taming sessions usually follow unless the Tamer needs his Herakunt for something else.
In battle, Herakunt tend to use their strength, claws, and elongated horn. Although they possess wings, they only use them sparingly as they hop from tree to tree. Herakunt are very strong and can lift several times their own body weight quite easily.
Thresholding into a Herakunt is very rare since there are more feral Herakunt than Domesticated ones. Most of these cases can be found in the Johto League. Although this is debatable because of Johto’s better record keeping practices.
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HOARFOXX, the Ice Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare (Scarlet League), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: arctic hunter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Slap, Iceball, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Mist, Ice Armor, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Atmospheric Comfort, Immunity to Snow Blindness
Disadvantage: Cannot stand hot terrain
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Kitsune (Water Stone+Sky Crystal)
For decades, the Hoarfoxx was a very rare evolution of the Kitsune, considered by most a nearly impossible evolution to achieve. Many of the initial numbers of this species of vulpine Pokégirl came from a Water Stone-induced evolution where both subject and Evolution Stone were in a cold environment, where snow and/or ice were present and high winds were blowing. And still, even that was no guarantee a Hoarfoxx would be yielded from such a set-up. It could be the middle of winter in a League and a Kitsune introduced to a Water Stone still had the potential to evolve into a Foxxsea instead of the intended outcome.
Researchers had spent decades trying to figure out what was the missing mechanism and why an Ice Crystal simply wouldn't have the same effect as this rather difficult set of circumstances. Finally an answer was uncovered by the world's premiere Pokégirl Researcher, Professor Alphonse Mahogany Stroak. He hypothesized that perhaps it was the fact that the wind itself played a factor in the evolution of the Hoarfoxx and put it to the test. After some experimentation, Stroak practices wielded success as he proved his theory to be fact with the use of the recent Evolution Stone based purely on the Flying element, Sky Crystal. He discovered that when Kitsune is given a Sky Crystal to hold before being given the Water Stone, she will become an Ice-type Pokégirl Hoarfoxx instead of the Water-type, Foxxsea. Hoarfoxxes are natural survivors in the arctic wildernesses; Tamers can rely on them for survival if lost or trapped by the weather.
While humans may suffer from the bitter cold and the bare elements, the Hoarfoxx species have the innate ability of Atmospheric Comfort. They could be out in the middle of a storm and they would be comfortable in it, and able to see through it thanks to their immunity to Snow Blindness. Truly, a Hoarfoxx is easily one of the de facto Pokégirls to turn to when it comes to planning expeditions to areas that are below freezing.
When it comes to the beauty of a Hoarfoxx, one should understand that the build is very similar to what one expects of a Vixxen. The vulpine Pokégirl stands between 4'10" to 5'8" in height, bust ranging around a mid to high C-Cup. However, whereas the Vixxen are normally red-colored, the Hoarfoxx is completely white-furred, with currently no exceptions to the rule. A Hoarfoxx's tail, as can be expected is also white and fluffy, but the appendage made up of considerable mass. This genetic quirk is so that a Hoarfoxx can circumvent her weight and center of gravity away from her feet when she walks on snow so she won't sink through.
It should be noted that in Battle or Taming, a Hoarfoxx takes to both in a rather aggressive fashion. In battle, a Hoarfoxx opens up with numerous status-effect moves to boost her own skills and possibly offset her opponent before she tries to pummel her target with extreme prejudice. In bed, the Ice-type is surprisingly dominant. She may not be after Taming as often as a Vixxen, but when she wants it, she lets her Tamer know. Fortunately, thanks to her Atmospheric comfort, a Hoarfoxx's insides are a comfortable temperature and no special requirements are needed to Tame her.
However, there is one thing that really drags the Hoarfoxx down. Heat. Be it a warm bath, Spring/Summer climate, or the attack from a Fire-type Pokégirl, the Hoarfoxx will take severe damage and lose energy far too easily. This defect is the reason Hoarfoxx are only really seen in year-round use in the regions of the Capital and Scarlett Leagues, along with certain regions of the Orange and Ruby Leagues. While they could be imported to other regions, their overall use becomes fairly diminished in Leagues lacking ice and snow. As of modern day, not a single girl that has gone through Threshold has become a Hoarfoxx. It would seem that the more common branches of vulpine Pokégirls, the Vulvixx, Kitsune, and Vixxen will remain dominant for quite some time until more Hoarfoxx are bred and bare children via natural sexual reproduction rather than parthenogenesis.
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HOOTER, the Night-Owl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (owl)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Aerial night fighters, silent scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mach Breaker, Dive, Quick Attack, Speed Storm
Enhancements: Silent Flight, Strong Claws, Nightvision
Weaknesses: Nocturnal
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Dark Stone)
Designed for night assaults, the Hooter was especially deadly raiding enemy camps during the War of Revenge. Because of their night vision and ability to fly silently, they could easily take out any guards and quickly infiltrate any base; they would then sabotage equipment and cause chaos before escaping. The Hooter was also able to perform day operations, but was obviously not as effective, being drowsy during the day. In appearance Hooters change little from their pre-evolution. Hooters tend to have large eyes and a heart-shaped face, and are distinguished by two ear tufts that jut out from their feathered ‘Hair’. Their wings change slightly in morphism, instead of all of their fingers supporting their wings, their fifth digit (or pinky finger) elongates and the joint rotates to enable the wing to be folded up. The entire wing is now supported much like bird types that have their wings as separate appendages, which leaves their thumb and other three digits available to handle objects or attack. In addition, both fingers and toes have powerful claws which they use for attacking and can also go through the metal of an airplane’s skin. They prefer to wear sleeveless black leather armor or clothes that leave their wings free. A Hooter’s body is covered in soft down feathers, most often the color being a dark brown with the rare white coloration. Hooters also live up to their name, on average having nothing less than a D-cup bust, though no larger then a few cup sizes above that.
Personality wise, Hooters are much more intelligent than their previous evolution, and seem to like learning things, be it family history, interesting facts about the League they're in, or even harder subjects like aerodynamic sciences or genetics. Due to this unique quark in personality, they're often used in the research field, as their knowledge is sometimes handy. However, they can be distracted into giving impromptu speeches about their favorite subject. This usually works like a G-Poindexter's Recite attack, as not many people or Pokégirls have the same love as a Hooter does for the Hooter's favorite subject. Despite this quark, many Tamers and Researchers find a Hooter to be a helpful, friendly, and intelligent companion.
Feral Hooters tend to make large nests in a few trees in a particular forest, though prefer hollows in trees where they can get away from the sun. At night these Pokégirls will fly around their chosen section of woods and ambush Titmice, Cutiepie, and other small 'food' Pokégirls from the air. They seem to retain enough intelligence to shy away from Electric types, however. Observation makes it simple to catch these Pokégirls, as Tamers can often send another type of Pokégirl to observe where the Hooter roosts during the daytime, and capture her while she's asleep. Thresholding into a Hooter is uncommon, but usually involves a bust increase and the girl becoming more and more nocturnal.
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HOTTIE, the Hot Frog Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (frog)
Element: Water/Fire/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare, Rare on Magma Isles and in other volcanically active regions
Diet: normal, however Hotties love sushi and spicy foods
Role: Heavy combat fighter, portable heating unit. Hotties are usually unsuited for more domestic roles.
Libido: High, Very high right after a fight or when “making up”
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Poison, Poison Lash, Fireball, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, WaterGun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Sticky finger and toe tips, sticky tongue, ability to elongate tongue up to 10 feet, can control body temperature from ambient up to hot enough to melt lead (625F), highly resistant to heat, enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x2),
Evolves: Salamandra (Fire Stone), Horny Toad (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Hottie is one of the few amphibious Pokégirls to exist. She stands anywhere from 5ft to 5'6” tall and has a stocky build. Breast size is usually a firm C - D cup, although anything from a B to DD has been seen. It must be noted that typically, the smaller the bust, the angrier the Hottie tends to stay. All Hotties have blue nipples.
Hotties have green skin that is decorated with vertical bright red stripes. Some can have blue irregular spots along with the stripes or instead of them. Hair color is usually a green that is a couple of shades darker than skin tone. Hotties do not have body hair, from the neck down they are completely hairless.
Hotties have webbed hands and feet tipped with short strong claws. Their hands are fully functional while their feet are slightly flatter and elongated, resembling short swim fins. The feet are not long enough to change their gait from human, however it should be noted that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of their feet.
Frankly, studies have indicated that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of anything about them, from their looks to their abilities. In fact, Hotties have hair triggers and a Tamer never knows what will set them off. They don't stay angry for long, and the quickest way to reduce their anger is to get them into a battle. While angry, Hotties have an annoying tendency to destroy their Tamer's belongings, venting by breaking everything that comes within reach. One Researcher described this behavior as “pissed off soon to be ex-girlfriend”.
His previously calm Hottie reacted to this statement by piling up his clothes and using flame thrower on them.
Hotties have a high libido, which becomes very high after winning a battle or when her Tamer apologizes and she's ready to make up. At this point she becomes very amorous and will take her Tamer to seek out the nearest body of water for a taming. Just the site of a large bathtub can put one into a receptive (demanding) mood. It should be noted that turning her down at this point is almost guaranteed to trigger her anger.
Hotties have the ability to regulate their body temperatures accurately from ambient to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They often use this ability to warm up the bath they are using to something they find more relaxing. Caution must be observed in these situations as what is comfortable to a Hottie can be lethal to an unprotected human. Make sure any bubbles seen are coming from water jets and not from boiling. Hotties also can control the temperature of various parts of their bodies and some use this to heat up drinks by sticking their fingers into the liquid, or foods. Some have been known to use this as for practical jokes.
The Hottie's poison lash attack uses their tongue, which they coat with their poison attack saliva before unleashing the poison lash. They can also coat weapons or just about anything else they can get into their mouth. It should be noted that a lower concentrations, Hottie venom causes skin rashes or illness if ingested. Angry Hotties have been sometimes seen licking silverware to be used by those their ire is currently aimed at.
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HOUND, the Hunting Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: meat with the occasional plant, an extreme fondness for pizza with extra hot peppers has been noted in most members of the breed
Role: guard dog, faithful companion
Libido: Average (High monthly)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic, cat Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, olfactory attacks
Attacks: Bite, Howl, Pummel, Takedown, Tackle, Crunch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x10), Enhanced Speed (x3), Endurance
Evolves: War Hound (battle stress), Cerberass (Anubust’s curse [Evolution Method Classified])
Evolves From: Doggirl (orgasm)
Hounds were among the first type of Pokégirls Sukebe created. They are a tough, sleek breed of Pokégirl, the shortest adult Hound being measured at 6'5" tall. They possess a strong, muscular build, C-cup breasts, and smooth, black fur, with a long stripe of dark brown going from their groin to the bottom of their jaw. Their faces are possessed of dark eyes and canine features, with sharp teeth and a larger than normal nose being their most prominent features. Their tails are medium-sized and very whip like (although younger Hounds sometimes have their ears and tails trimmed into shortness), and their nails are very strong, giving them an appearance similar to the pre-Sukebe dog known as the Doberman.
Hounds are very territorial, and are not good teammates for the average wandering Tamer, as they prefer to stay in one place at all times. However they make excellent guard dogs, as they defend their territories fiercely against intruders or anyone they may think may harm someone they care about or assigned to protect. They are among the most loyal, loving breeds of Pokégirl in existence, although they aren't overly affectionate and amorous like Growlies. They are an intelligent breed, even Ferals showing an ability to learn quickly, although their intelligence is more focused towards practical matters rather than the scientific, meaning that Pokégirls such as the Supe-Bra-Genius and the Alaka-Wham still rank far higher in all-around intelligence. They also have very strong senses of smell, which makes them extraordinarily vulnerable to scent-based attacks, but also allows them to appreciate delicious food when presented with it. As an odd quirk, several Hounds have been observed to have an extreme fondness for pizza topped with extra hot peppers.
During the Revenge War, they frequently were used as hunters for food and supplies that the various Pokégirl armies needed, or as bodyguards for the leaders of various attack squads. However they were also among the first breeds turned to the side of the humans once they realized how to get Pokégirls on their side. They have since become one of the more popular and well-liked Domestic breeds, alongside Kittens, Bunnygirls, Growlies and the like, especially after one particular incident became public knowledge.
A squadron Limbec Pirates invaded a house of a prominent family, killed the men and taking the Pokégirls they had prisoner. One of them, a Hound, was able to withstand the emotional shock of watching her Tamer brutally murdered in front of her and resisted the chemical, psychic, and physical torture the Limbecs inflicted on her in an attempt to get her to join them and turn against her family. The Hound stayed loyal to her Master's memory and even spat in her torturer's face. The Hound was killed, and the Limbec Pirates involved in the crime were arrested, the recorded evidence of the Hound's torture being made public. While horrific, it has been used (in a heavily edited version) frequently in educational settings as an example of the loyalty some breeds of Pokégirl can show, however some feel that this endurance and refusal to be turned under any circumstances makes them loyal to a fault. Since then, even criminal groups such as Team Rocket and all its variants know better than to try and turn a Hound against its masters or even steal them.
Hounds are among the more common forms for a girl to Threshold into.
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HUSKIE, the Snowteam Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: pokechow, fish
Role: ice transport, mail delivery
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Magic
Libido: Low, High seasonally
Attacks: Growl, Frostbite, Blizzard Howl (same effect as Snowstorm), Ice Scratch, Ice Beam, Snow Blind
Enhancements: High Resistance to cold, Enhanced Sight in storms, High Stamina
Evolves: St. Bernatit (Fire Stone during a blizzard)
Evolves From: Growltit (Ice Crystal)
Huskies are strong, tough Pokégirls. They are tall, usually six-feet tall or above, and muscular, built like a bodybuilder. They have canine faces, and white and mostly grey fur, being vaguely wolf like in appearance. They are strong, agile fighters, and fast runners, having the stamina to run several hundred yards. They are also very loyal, among the most dedicated breeds of Pokégirl available, and also have a strong sense of justice. They will never work for a wicked Tamer, and because of this Huskies have been undergoing a steady rise in popularity.
This breed of Pokégirl was first discovered when a Growltit was lost during an expedition through the Icemaiden Preserve and the area around her. An Icemaiden found her and tried to revive her. But she was wearing a necklace with an Ice Crystal mounted in the pendant. It came into contact with the Growltit and evolved her into a Huskie. Upon being returned to her Tamer, there was a tense moment due to the Tamer not recognizing her, but fortunately the two were Delta Bonded and the moment passed quickly as the two were happily reunited, the Icemaiden explaining what happened.
Since then, Huskies have become one of the main means of transport through the Icemaiden Preserve, teams of them pulling sleds capable of carrying up to four people over fields of ice and snow. Also, they are used as mail carriers, being immune to being blinded by even the heaviest snowstorms and capable of maneuvering through thick fields of snow and ice.
One of the most famous Huskies belonged to a Tamer named Galford D. Weiler, who was born in the Indigo Continent but received training in ninjutsu in the Edo Continent, where he earned his living. His Huskie's name was Poppy, and she was just as skilled a warrior as Galford himself, Galford viewing her as an equal, a partner, rather than a piece of property. The two confronted many criminals and were responsible for a lot of Team Rocket-style groups in the area being defeated, including the dreaded Team Shogun and their leader, Zankuro Minazuki. Galford and Poppy retired after Team Shogun's defeat and had four children together.
Thresholding into a Huskie is very rare, but not unheard of, mainly occurring in areas near the Icemaiden Preserve.
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JALAPUTA, the Electric Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, electrical generators
Libido: Above-Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Static Barrier
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3) and Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Thunder Stone)
Jalaputas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright yellow color. They also become considerably more energetic. This typically manifests itself in a love for running, especially long-distance running outdoors, and also in a heightened libido. Jalaputas generally do not like to be cooped up indoors for a great length of time, preferring to be as active as possible.
Jalaputas are sometimes called the "Poor Tamer's Ria", and that is an extremely apt description for them. While they have many of the same abilities and attacks, Jalaputas lack the raw power, both physically and electrically, of the Ria. They do, however, make exceptional generators for electrical equipment, at least when they can be made to hold still long enough to power something.
Jalaputas are difficult to capture in the wild, especially since they retain their tendencies to run in packs from their pre-evolved form.
These packs are maintained by a quirk of the Chichi's breeding, which causes all the offspring created through parthenogenesis by any of the Chichi evolutions to be the same species as their mother, ignoring the requirement for any sort of evolution stone.
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JOLTINA, the Lightning Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, nuts, common pokechow
Role: Storm generation, Flank Protection
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunderwave, Static Barrier, Agility, Zapring, Satellite, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Electrical powers
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Thunder Stone)
Joltinas are, perhaps, the least preferred of all Eva evolutions.
Joltinas are less favored as they are not as fluid as Vaporitas can be nor as warm as Flareas are. As such, they tend to be looked upon as less than attractive. Outside of a need of a battle, Tamers will usually just sell them to electric Pokégirl lovers.
Joltinas have recently also been employed in mines as sources of light as they can use the Flash technique.
First thought to have only been used in the war as parts of the Storm Generation force, more research into former battles has shown that these girls were used to hold the flank positions on larger Pokégirl attack forces. By employing their natural speed, and the Static Barrier a small group of Joltinas could defend the flanks of much slower/more powerful Pokégirls who would be focused on the main battle. There have been several reports of Pincer Maneuvers by Human forces failing due to paralysis of scouts and infantrymen.
Recent research has shown that Joltinas are able to utilize both the Zapring and the Satellite attacks after intense training. However this is the best that any Joltina has been able to achieve so far, none have shown an ability to perform the higher MK moves.
The Joltina maintains the heavily furred form of the Eva though the fur becomes more course and stiff. This fur allows for the Joltina to use the Spike Cannon maneuver. Her breasts don't normally change with this form, in fact they tend to shrink to allow the Joltina better speed and maneuverability. In this form the color of the fur of the Eva's mane changes to match the fur of the rest of her body. While the Joltina's libido is average she has a gift that makes her enjoyable for any tamer deserving of this skill. She is able to send small electric pulses though her vaginal walls that help intensify sensations brought from taming her. This ability cannot be forced and will only happen when a certain amount of comfort with the tamer has been achieved.
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JUGGUAR (aka JUGG-U-LAR), the Jolting Jaguarundi Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (Sunshine, Capital Leagues), Extremely Rare-Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: human-style foods, heavy on meats; has a special liking for alcoholic drinks
Role: lightning combatant, battery charger
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Steel, Ice, Normal, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Low Kick, Uppercut, Focus Energy, Electric Blade Mark II, Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Static Barrier, Kaiser KRASH
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Smell (x3), Nightvision, Semi-Prehensile Tail, Functional Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shaguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
For a solid decade, the rumor which circulated throughout the Sunshine League was that a Shaguar could become something greater in physical appearance, a true beauty unlike any other. The Jugguar, (also known as the Jugg-u-lar) was to be the pinnacle of everything that Shaguar’s wanted to be. This form was fabled to be taller, more curvaceous, filled with refined grace and beauty, and to be especially bustier than the current form of Shaguar. Most Researchers and Tamers thought this to be merely a pipe-dream though, as nothing came remotely close to getting a Shaguar to evolve into anything besides a Kool Kat; another rare feline Pokégirl species that was known of before the Shaguar was discovered.
This dream is now reality.
In 299 AS, Tamer Justin Drakes and his Shaguar Catalan were running an errand for the his uncle, the owner of the Girls of Gold Pokégirl Ranch in Cunnilingus Town, transporting some Evolution Stones across the city to some purchasers down at the town’s PokéCenter. The two were attacked by the members of the local chapter of Night Watch, the cache of Evolution Stones being broken open. As Justin and his Shaguar were trying to gather up some stones quickly so they could try and run off without having lost them all, a Night Watch member ordered his Ria to attack with Thunder, playing on the Pokégirl’s weakness. The Electric-technique hit the Shaguar as she’d pick up the Thunder Stone and that’s when it happened. The evolution stone exploded with energy, the Shaguar becoming enveloped in a glowing light as she evolved into something other than a Kool Kat. With his new Pokégirl, Justin was able to repel the members and save the shipment of stones, minus one.
Although many Pokégirl Breeders and Researchers were baffled on how this evolution occurred when many other tries with various stimuli failed, it wasn’t until similar circumstances were set up in a controlled environment that the truth behind the evolution was discovered. Shaguars are known to have a peculiar weakness to Electric attacks due to the clash of the elements of Fighting and Ice, that defect was actually the indicator to something greater. Thunder Stones on their own do nothing to a Shaguar, however, the catalyst was brought forth from an Electric attack. The energy from the technique reacted with the Evolution Stone, forcing the mystical properties of the elemental mineral into the feline Pokégirl. The trauma is just enough to force the Shaguar’s body to evolve, adapting to the power that she’s being subjected to. In short, the often-rumored Jugguar is an actual Pokégirl.
No longer is she the short and flat-chested Pokégirl she was before; the Jugguar lives up to the rumors. Shooting up in height considerably, a Jugguar stands at around 7’ in height, comparable to a Cheetit. The Pokégirl’s fur, even if only tanned before, becomes a dark brown dappled with the color of honey, with solid black ring patterns that travel along the expanse of her backside; her inner-fur becoming more of a golden tan coloration. However, what most Tamers and the Pokégirls themselves enjoy is that the moderate A shoots up to match the height increase and then some to become a startlingly bountiful E-Cup! Needless to say, Researchers still aren’t sure who grabs the Jugguar’s breasts more that first week, the Tamer of the Pokégirl herself!
While they may lose a number of the exclusive Ice/Fighting-type combo techniques the Pokégirl once has as a Shaguar, she’s not lacking in any battle capabilities. The Jugguar boasts a solid plethora of Electric-elemental attacks and techniques at her disposal, with a few useful Fighting-type techniques to supplement that. The Jugguar even has one solid technique that is exclusive to the breed, possibly an evolution/adaptation of Ice KAPOWIE known as Kaiser KRASH, a startling powerful Electric-type attack technique. However, Tamers should be warned, that this technique has a startling backlash on the Pokégirl herself, due to her sensitive hearing.
Although the Pokégirl’s more well-rounded as a Jugguar, she still has one quirk she had as a Shaguar: alcohol. Where before the Cat-type Pokégirl drank it because it gave her body a sensation of warmth as she consumed it, the Jugguar continues to drink because she can. It’s easy for drinking to become a simple pastime for them, but it more easily becomes an addiction. An alcoholic Jugguar is not something that’s fun to deal with. It may make them easier to handle, but they can hardly retain control over their electric powers, and that can lead to problems.
Also, one should be warned that the Jugguar, who could once boast domination over Dragon-type Pokégirls as a Shaguar, will now be at their mercy. It’s also safe to assume that there probably won’t be any given, especially if the two knew each other beforehand. As the old saying goes, revenge is a bicth!
When it comes to Harem Dynamics, there are quite a few odd sights to see with the new Pokégirl. Oddly enough, due to their mutual love of alcohol, Jugguars and Mini-Tops can become good drinking buddies. Nogitsune, who are known to despise Shaguar, will tolerate a Jugguar. Tolerate, not like; the two will often trade nasty remarks to one another, but it never goes further beyond that. However, it is suggested that one should put a Jugguar in the same harem as an Electrocat. When these two get together, they make a well-balanced Electric-type tag-team. It’s a sight that has to be seen to be believed when these two breeds of electric feline fight alongside one another.
When it comes to Taming a Jugguar, nothing gets the Cat-type off faster than playing with her tits. They absolutely love to tit-fuck their Tamer, and can get off from the act without any direct stimulus to their own genitalia. Even with the simple promise of playing with her tits, a Jugguar will bow to a Tamer’s whims. It’s also suggested that a Tamer should play with her breasts as he couples with her, as the combination of sex and stimulation to her breasts can leave the Jugguar multi-orgasmic. This helps take care of a Pokégirl that’s considered to have a high libido rather easily.
No case of Threshold into a Jugguar has been recorded as of yet as this is a recent evolution. There are, however, a number of Pokégirl Breeders that have interest in increasing the numbers of the Jugguar in the meantime.
Kaiser KRASH - (ATK 250): An Electric attack exclusive to the Jugguar. The Kaiser KRASH draws forth the wind and humidity around the air, collecting it overhead where it condenses within atmospheric pressure. Positive and Negative charges are forcefully combined and then unleashed in a display of electrical might that strikes down on the intended target. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with status-ailment of Paralysis that could last from 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Jugguar herself is left dizzy for 6 rounds.
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KARY, The Legendary Volcano Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Near Human
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Carnivorous, Flames
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Plant, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Rock, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water, Flying, Ice, Ghost
Attacks: Grow, Shrink, Meteor 27, Flame Floor, Star Fall, Thunder Tail, Fire Sword MK II, Fire Blast, Sword Dance, Spincut, Assault, Sentinel, Weapon Carnival, Carve, Cut, Parry, Deflect, Power Drive, Firewind, Flame Thrower, Rage, Flame Tower, Explosion
Enhancements: Size change (up to 24 feet tall); heals from all explosions, heat and/or fire attacks; three attacks per round (all of which could be either physical or elemental); creates Flame Floor on any ground she's crossed over; all arms can operate independently.
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
A 7'8" foot tall woman with a snake-like lower body, red skin, six arms and long blonde hair, who could grow to three times her normal size. This fiery Legendary Pokégirl carried six scimitars (which she could make grow with her) and was dangerously adept at using them in conjunction with her fiery powers. She was so skillful, in fact, that she could deflect all the shrapnel from multiple fragmentary grenades.
Shockingly, despite being one of the most powerful fire Pokégirls, only the bottoms of her snake-like scales were hot on the outside, and not very hot at that (estimated was only 102 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly warmer than the average human), meaning that martial artists who could get close enough, could attack her bare-handed without fear of being burned, though very few ever tried.
She took triple damage from ice attacks and double damage from water; but healed from heat (rate of 1 extra HP per turn for every 10 degrees above 100 Fahrenheit), flame (equal to 'damage' dealt), and even explosions caused by missiles or grenades (10 HP per explosion). She took no damage (and thankfully, didn't heal either) from plasma rifles or bullets.
Kary's first appearance was not recorded, even though she burned seven entire cities to the ground within a month of that estimated time. Kary's diet was what truly made her terrifying than even Hy-Bra, as she often grew to her 24 foot size and ate humans while they were still alive, and sometimes even other Pokégirls. This ultimately led to many failed attempts by both humans and Pokégirls to kill her prior to the pyrrhic battle in 8 AS. It's suspected that she tended to move towards heavily populated zones for food, rather than for any particular mission.
Kary even clashed against her fellow Legendaries, most notably Scylla and Titania, and it's believed that Kary came away as the victor each time, as Titania and Scylla were both seen moving far away from where Kary was. Many speculate how a fight between Hy-Bra and Kary might have gone, but alas, the battle was never meant to be, as the two were never in the same areas.
It's even rumored that even Pokégirl Generals Artemis and Athena made an attempt to stop this violent self-centered legendary, but as both Kary and the two generals survived long past the date of this conflict was rumored to have taken place on, it's certain that, if the battle actually took place, it ended in failure for the two generals.
Kary trusted only a few Pokégirl types to be around her and was, in turn, trusted even less by those very Pokégirls. It's believed that these Pokégirls were the ones to supply the military with the vital information necessary to kill Kary.
Kary left behind trails of flame and molten rock wherever she went, and continually healed because of it. Invulnerable to even missiles, the military had almost no choice but to make a concentrated physical attack, backed up by the Langoud; various water, ice and flying Pokégirls; and even fire trucks and water-dispensing helicopters.
The final battle was said to have taken over seven hours to wear Kary down enough that victory was almost at hand. Kary, perhaps not wanting to be slain by such tiny creatures or perhaps simply enraged enough, used Explosion, killing herself and everyone within a one mile radius.
The result of the explosion left a massive crater, the edges of which can still be found, even underwater, and created tons upon tons of red ash that choked the western edge of the new continent Maycia (aka. the Crimson League).
The battle was considered a pyrrhic victory at best. With her death, the war was considered largely over, despite the continued presence of various Legendaries (such as Atmuff, Moltits and Articunt).
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KITSUNE, the Mischievous Fox Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (vulpine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Psychic Illusion, Ember
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Evolves: Vixxen (Fire Stone), Foxxsea (Water Stone), Hoarfoxx (Water Stone and arctic conditions), Nogitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Psivyx (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Vulvixx (normal or Fox E-Medal)
A Pokégirl based on the pre-Sukebe animal known as a fox, this Pokégirl was designed to create confusion in the ranks of the human armies. One of the first of the mass-produced breeds due to her relatively simple genetic code, the Kitsune was distinctive for the bushy tail that is about two feet long and the vulpine-like muzzle on their faces. However, numerous accounts are known of the Kitsune assuming human forms with their Illusion and Psychic Illusion techniques to bring confusion to most any human command structure.
There has been some confusion in the centuries since, as the Vulvixx was discovered. The Vulvixx, a Fire-type, evolves into the Kitsune, which is a Normal-type, and then evolves in one of many directions (although, admittedly, most include a fire-type in the evolutions). Research remains ongoing into this particular phenomenon, but it's widely considered to be a genetic quirk, and nothing else.
The Kitsune, or fox Pokégirl, is a common form for girls undergoing Threshold to evolve to. Like the Eva, it has multiple evolutionary tracks but is not high powered in its base form. Kitsunes are highly mischievous and delight in innocently causing trouble (no malicious intent), such as taking pictures of embarrassing situations and posting or selling them, inciting romantic triangles from both sides, enjoying the good life and stiffing total strangers with the bill, etc. It's this particular trait that kept them from being targeted widely by anti-Pokégirl organizations, as even they realize and understand a good joke when they see one (or can at least find a use for the Kitsune, one way or the other). They also make great pets, as most Kitsune are rather intelligent and are proficient in the kitchen and at household chores, though do well with children also. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don't teach the children how to play pranks on their parents.
Despite not being a fire-type, the Kitsune does have access to an array of elemental techniques to assist in their mischief. Not especially great in either sex battles or standard battles, the Kitsune are often evolved quickly when found in a combat harem. These Pokégirls have a slight quirk, however: despite their mischievous nature, every Kitsune chooses their own rules and code to live by- whether it be as simple as never allowing her tamer to be harmed, to never harming a child. If their rule, or code, is broken by a certain measure (by choice or accident), this often triggers the evolution into a Nogitsune, which all Kitsune dread with a passion. Kitsune get along well with Trixies and other Pokégirls that enjoy playing jokes on others, and it is not recommended to have two or more pranksters in a single harem as they will constantly attempt to outdo one another.
(Note: Name is taken from Japanese fox-spirit which are highly mischievous.)
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KITTEN, the Kitty Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products.
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl, frequent pet choice
Libido: Average, seasonally can be High
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: good night vision, minor psychic sensitivity, enhanced balance, Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x2).
Evolves: Catgirl (normal), Merrowl (orgasm), Pussywillow (Leaf Stone), Catfish (normal; raised by a large body of water), Griffon (Bird E-Medal), Phaenine (Dream Stone)
Evolves From: None
Kittens are the young form of Catgirl, though they can evolve to other forms instead of Catgirl in certain circumstances. These Pokégirls are most often found as a pet or a domestically inclined member of a Tamer's harem, as there Fighting styles aren't as good as with most other Pokégirls. Kittens have a wide range of personalities, though most share a common fastidiousness and a desire for creature comforts. Some are domestically inclined housecats, others are sneaky, others are violent, and most are least slightly catty.
All Kittens like to play, especially with their tamers, and often both Pokégirl and tamer wind up wrestling or otherwise physically with one another at least once a day as a result of their need for attention. These Pokégirls usually wind up as pets, as in the wild they do not last all that long except when near civilization. Tamers normally only put up with Kittens to evolve them into their more powerful and useful evolutions.
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KOALASS, the Tree Dweller Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (In Orange League), unknown in other leagues (Extinct)
Diet: herbivore (prefers eucalyptus leaves)
Role: scouts
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel, Plant
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Water
Attacks: Furry Swipes, Scratch, Slash, Bite, Smile, Razor Leaf
Enhancements: Poison Immunity, Efficient Metabolism, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses (x3), Increased Jumping (x4), Sharp claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wombutt (Leaf Stone)
In the wild, Koalass spend nearly their entire lives in the trees, jumping from one to another and gathering their water from the leaves. It's because of this that it was thought for a time that they had been wiped out in the creation of the Orange Islands. Perfectly happy to sit silently in a tree for days, they have a knack for keeping undetected. Their strongest attack is smile. Koalass are widely regarded as some of the cutest Pokégirls in the world. They are covered with short, but bushy, gray fur and have large round ears and a bushy, almost bunny-like, tail. Hair color ranges widely, but always fall into earthy tones. They also tend to have breasts ranging from a large B-cup to a small D-cup. Consistent with their slow lifestyle, Koalass have very cool heads and always think things over carefully. This has led some tamers to call them slow, but a tamer with patience can be amazed at the insights their Koalass come up with.
If they must fight, many Pokégirls find to their dismay that these harmless looking creatures have very sharp claws. Quicker opponents can avoid being torn apart, but hardening has little effect on these armor piercing tools. Though the reason is undetermined, Koalass have strong dislike for anal taming. As this differs from their previous evolution, it's theorized that the poisons in their eucalyptus diet might kill off the nerves in that area. They generally prefer to go at it with their legs wrapped around a standing tamer, or if he can't stand, to sit on top of him. Thresholders that become Koalass tend to prefer dark green clothes and stay away from anything made of leather. Few cases of threshold have been recorded, and all of them involved something in their diet containing eucalyptus. Those observed cases seemed to cope well with the transformation, as their developing deep thinking nature leads them to accept the inevitable.
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KUNG-EWE, the Champion Sheep Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic (sheep)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: frontline fighter
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Evade, Giant Toss, Counter, Focus, Hyper Kick, Mega Punch, Bicycle Kick, Flying Kick, Rolling Kick, Super Jump Tackle, The Calm Soul, Super EX Combo Move, No Sell, (above level 50) Chump Change, Master Blow
Enhancements: impervious to weather conditions, Enhanced Strength (x7), Toughness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Lambchop (battle stress)
Kung-Ewes, compared to their previous form, are incredibly powerful. They gain a much more serious demeanor, gaining a better ability to focus on their tasks. They also gain a lot of toughness and power, becoming much better fighters. They, alongside their previous forms, were frontline fighters during the Revenge War, and are among the few who can learn the potent Fighting technique, the Master Blow. This has made them very desirable to Tamers and to Lambchops, many of whom strive for this form to please their masters. This, however, has lead to bad situations where some Lambchops ended up challenging far more powerful Pokégirls in their desperation to prove themselves and evolve. In the year 90 AS, after a tragedy involving a Widow, one which was chronicled into a movie which remains popular to this day, all Leagues, even ones like Indigo, came out with rules that forbade Lambchops and their Tamers from deliberately going into stressful situations. Due to these rules and the movie, appropriately called "Desperate For Success," incidents like that have become extraordinarily rare, mainly occurring amongst wicked Tamers or Tamers who find themselves in confrontations with Team Rocket-style groups. Lambchops instead keep themselves ready at all times should a situation capable of evolving them arises, which in turn makes them even better fighters, which in turn made them more popular amongst Tamers.
Kung-Ewes grow taller by a foot and a half and more developed, gaining a curvier, more muscular figure, larger breasts, and slightly thicker wool, which grows black markings on it as well. They grow yellow-and-black horns from the side of their heads, and the skin on their faces and hands turns black. They lose a lot of their cuteness, but with their other gains, most regard it as a relatively minor loss.
So far, no cases of Thresholding directly into a Kung-Ewe have been reported.
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LADYBA, the Ladybug Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insectile)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: fruits and nuts, has an unusual fondness for raspberries
Role: Used as scouts by most tamers to locate other wild Pokégirls, secretarial work, study partners
Libido: High if only Pokégirl in a Tamer's Harem, settles down once Tamer has more Pokégirls
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Wrestle, Takedown, Headbutt (Feral only)
Enhancements: four arms, natural armor, wings for flight.
Evolves: Ladyien (normal)
Evolves From: None
Ladybas are among the most common types of Pokégirls, and among the more popular breeds. They are very friendly and sociable, very demure Pokégirls. They are not good as Alphas, but make excellent scouts, as they are very observant. All Ladybas have photographic memories, which makes them good in secretarial jobs, as well as popular amongst Tamers who are taking classes in schools that require a lot of studying. Since they make excellent scouts, they're frequently used by Watchers. Ladybas also tend to be quite smart, but not always genius level.
Ladybas, in appearance, tend to be slim Pokégirls, with mostly yellow skin with a thin, chitinous coating that acts as armor, black stripes on the insides of the forearms and calves, a coal-colored face with white markings, white, insectile eyes, antennae that curl around the top of the head, breasts that are B-cup at maximum without Bloom powder, and a thin shell, colored bright red with black spots, on their back that hides their wings. They also have four arms, another feature that is useful for Tamers who need to utilize them as scouts, since they can watch via viewing goggles while taking notes for their Tamers. Interestingly, there is a variation amongst ferals and domestics. Threshold or Domestically raised Ladybas have hair on their head, usually kept short or tied up in a bun. Feralborns grow a chitinous white shell over where their hair usually is, allowing them the ability to perform powerful headbutts.
In terms of Taming, Ladybas have rather interesting habits. They have a light inferiority complex, which leads them to have a high libido if they are the only Pokégirl in a Harem. They don't consider themselves very sexy, and will frequently flirt with their Tamer and try to induce Tamings from him/her, trying to prove their worthiness as lovers to their master. However, if there is more than one Pokégirl, they will not feel as much need to prove themselves as much as lovers.
Ladybas are one of the more common results of Threshold amongst girls with high Insect ancestry.
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LADYIEN, the Ladylike Ladybug Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fruits and nuts, has an unusual fondness for raspberries.
Role: Secretarial work, scouts, negotiators, lovers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Sex attacks, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Gust, Squall, Tempest, Vortex, Super Cyclone, Speed Storm
Enhancements: four arms, natural armor, wings for flight, emotional control, Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ladyba (normal)
When a Ladyba evolves into a Ladyien, they make a transition from 'cute' into unbelievably sexy. Their figures improve greatly, gaining curvy hips, wider bottoms, and larger breasts, up to DD Cup. They gain long, silky hair that is a bright red color with light black spots here and there. Also, Feralborns lose the shell on their heads they had as Ladybas. Their antennae lengthen, becoming more sensitive, as their faces become more slender, more aquiline in appearance.
Ladyiens gain a lot of confidence. Their libidos balance out, and they lose the inferiority complex they had in their previous forms. They become very capable lovers, gaining upon their evolution a knowledge of almost every sex attack.
They retain their photographic memories and intelligence, and are still very good scouts and secretaries. However, they also are very calm, even-tempered Pokégirls. They always act in a polite, ladylike manner, never raising their voice unless they are being pleasured very well during a Taming. It takes a great deal to make a Ladyien angry, which makes them excellent in negotiations. They are capable of ignoring most insults and analyzing details, coming up with points that both can agree on. Several Ladyiens work in offices of various Leagues, some even being employed by higher-up officials due to their usefulness.
Thresholding into Ladyien directly is rarer than thresholding into Ladyba, but not unheard of. Because of the general attractiveness and usefulness of Ladyiens, they are among the more accepted forms to threshold into.
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LAMBCHOP, the Fighting Lamb Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic (sheep)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon in Sunshine and Edo Leagues, Rare elsewhere
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: front line fighter, excellent Domestics
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Stone Palm, Uppercut, Backhand, Counter, Evade, Pose, Super Move
Enhancements: impervious to weather conditions
Evolves: Kung-Ewe (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Lambchops are an interesting type of Pokégirl. They are incredibly cute in appearance, with wide eyes and youthful looks, even amongst older Lampchops. Their skin is pale, almost white, and they have smallish, lamblike muzzles and lamblike ears, short, stubby tails, as well as a light, fur-like coating of wool on their whole bodies, save around their hands and around their feet, which are hooves. This coating of wool allows them to be warm and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are, essentially negating the need for clothing. Instead of hair, they have a thicker coating of wool. The wool on their bodies tends to grow thick every month, and can be harvested for use in clothing.
Lambchops are very affectionate and loyal, very even tempered and friendly towards others. They make excellent bodyguards, being very devoted to their duties, and are a good choice for starting Tamers who want a Fighting element Pokégirl and can't get a hold of an Amazon-type.
Lambchops are very passionate about their work, and that carries over into Taming. They love being taken 'doggie-style' and being on the bottom, as the skin on their rump is very sensitive and easily stimulated.
The Feral state of a Lambchop is similar to that of most animal-type girls, although not as violent. They become very docile and slow-witted, going on all fours and eating grass, letting out the occasional bleating noise.
Thresholding into a Lambchop is rare, but not unheard of.
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LAMIA, the Vipergirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake)
Element: Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: Most often wild, few are ever domesticated (usually for bodyguard duties)
Libido: Very Low (Low in warm climates)
Strong Vs: Grass, Fire, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ice
Attacks: Poison Sting, Bite, Wrap, Tail Slap, Glare, Sleep Venom, Thunder Tail, Lick, Fear Aura, Spice, Sap Sting
Enhancements: Serpentine form, poison sacs, increased flexibility, soft bones.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Venom Stone)
A Naga looks like a human with the lower body of a snake. The Lamia looks largely similar, only more snake-like. The Lamia has few human traits. By and large, their arms and hands, the hair on the head, and their C to D-cup breasts are about the most human-like traits they have.
Their eyes are double-lidded, they have a long forked tongue, and a large noseless muzzle. The majority of her body is covered in pale bluish-green hard armor-like scales, save for her joints, her breasts and her underbelly, which are a very soft yellow. Their hair is often black and overgrown. Their eyes are usually gold and slitted.
Lamias are usually cold-blooded in both senses of the term. Their body temperature is low, making them doubly weak to ice-based attacks. When temperatures start falling below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they tend to start seeking the warmth of an underground lair. They're at their most dangerous at this time, since they seek to eat the most just prior to hibernation. Once hibernating, they are about as harmless as a normal rock, until the temperature rises above 50 degree, which awakens them. Because they can quite literally sleep themselves to death in this manner, they often seek temperate to tropical zones, doing their damnedest to avoid arctic areas.
Lamias are also carnivorous, largely preferring mouse or bird Pokégirls. They often mortally or fatally wound a target, then devour it while it's still alive. Because most don't take well to the various meat substitutes, the only means to keep them in line is to get them addicted to the meat that a KhangAssCunt produces shortly after they're born. Oddly, Lamias hate the taste of any other snake Pokégirl, so they only eat other snake Pokégirls when absolutely desperate. They also will never choose a snake Pokégirl as a lover. Feral Lamias only hunt and/or eat once or twice a week (more if their partner requires it), but the more active they are, the more they need to eat. Most will go to their lair to digest.
When Lamias choose sexual partners, it causes a bit of confusion, since the Lamia will never harm their current sexual partner, regardless of how desperate the Lamia is for food. This is, perhaps, one of the few things that keeps them from being a complete menace. It will also feed it's sexual partner first, and itself second. The reason is that it often injects a small dose of sleep venom into any food it grants, which will ensure that it's sexual partner never gets free.
Lamias will leave their sexual partners when it gets too cold unless the partner is a Pokégirl who hibernates as well. If their partner is not, they will seek out their partners once they've awoken. They absolutely hate having to 'break in' a new sexual partner, so they will attempt to hunt down their former partners if the latter has chosen to escape (which most do), but will give up the chase after one month. Of course, once it's chosen a new sex partner, if the old partner happens to be in the area, said former partner will be considered prey, as the Lamia has no need of two lovers.
Because of their less pleasant nature, there are very few Domesticate Lamia and absolutely no thresholds directly into a Lamia. Lamia are for hardcore tamers ONLY and any beginner fool enough to try and tame one deserves whatever fate they meet.
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LAY-MORE, the Striped-Tail Love Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Parts of the Dark Continent, Forrest, and Slot) Extremely Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Seduction, Taming Aids
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Kiss in the Dark, Lick in the Dark, Soothing Voice, Probing Tongue, Puff Puff, Smother
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, and Reflexes (x3), Pheromones that induce the Lust status, Prehensile Tail and Feet
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pri-Mate (Dream Stone)
Lay-Mores can only be described as exotic. They gain anywhere from a half foot to a foot and a half in height. They gain a near perfect hourglass figure, their chest swelling to almost D's. Their eyes are surrounded by darkened skin, making them look almost like a Tanuki's mask. In fact the Lay-More could easily be mistaken for a Tanuki from a distance, but there are a few key differences. The first of which is the coloring. Lay-Mores are covered in a light gray fur, except for parts of their underarms, their inner thighs, and bellies which are white. They have black fur on their hands and feet that makes them look like they are constantly wearing elbow gloves and knee high stockings. They have a slight muzzle to their mouth that is black as well. Another way to tell the difference is to look closely at the tail. A Lay-More's tail is always thinner, longer, and follows a black and white striping instead of the Tanuki's black and brown stripes.
Most people that have a Dream Stone and a Pri-Mate in their harems never consider placing one with another, most tending to use it with a Heavy Metal and an Ingenue. Before it was found that Pri-Mates were able to evolve into the Lay-More with the aid of the Dream Stone they were thought to be found rarely in the jungles of Forrest, Slot, and parts of the Dark Continent. They live in scattered groups with about a dozen members in each family. The members in the group are very social within their own families. While being watched it seems that they have some sort of pheromone that they used to settle fights with out being physical. Further study is required, but most of the test subjects end up being to horny to continue to do anything other than rut wildly. Tamed Lay-Mores seem to be able to control this pheromone much easier than feral ones.
Lay-Mores are openly snippy to anyone that they meet for the first time with the exception of males. They tend to view other females, especially other Lay-Mores outside of their family groups, as competitors. They treat everything as a challenge and will often try to do what ever it is that the other girl is doing, but quicker. Even though they may not be able to handle themselves against the more sex oriented breeds, a Lay-More is able to hold her own in Sex Matches. While she can be a decent fighter if trained properly, a Lay-More would much rather take the match to the bedroom than brawl it out.
Tamings are one of the few things that Lay-Mores take to with passion. And with the pheromones she is able to produce, those around her share the same thoughts. If given the chance a Lay-More will try to learn everything she can about sex. She idolizes, although rarely admits to it, the Succubus and Menage-a-Trois breeds for the amount of sexual knowledge that they posses. One thing that both Feral and Domesticated Lay-Mores have in common is a love of gangbangs. No one knows why, but a Lay-More will often try to instigate a large gangbang with her as the focus. One way to keep her happy in a harem is to have a Dildo Queen or three on hand, just to make sure. One way to make sure that a Lay-Mores likes someone is to see how often they try to get said person or Pokégirl in the sack. The only time that they will turn down a taming from a person that they like is to participate in gangbangs.
Because of their reluctance to fight, the Lay-More wasn't seen much during the war. She was instead found at the back of the lines taking care of any girl who might have found herself going feral in the jungle, though they also made decent messengers. When they're stumbled across by other Pokégirls their first instinct is to overwhelm the other girl with their Lust inducing pheromones. While the other girl is to busy trying to take care of the intense feeling between their legs the Lay-More tends to run away. If they happen to stumble across a male the same thing happens, with a slight difference. The Lay-More will try to drag the male away to share with the rest of her family.
Thresholding into a Lay-More, while heard of, is not a common thing. For some reason most of the cases are restricted to the Pre Sukebe Island of Madagascar. Thresholding into a Lay-More is usually accompanied by the pains that goes along with the Pri-Mates and her other evolutions. Most tend to be sent to ranches before they can seduce the men in the family.
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LICKARIO, the Orgasmic Oracle Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Jackal
Element: Fighting/Steel
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Sunshine League), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style foods, with preference for raw meat
Role: Anubust’s avatar, oracle
Libido: Average (Very High during the Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Plant, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Backhand, Drill Kick, Gatling Punch, Evade, Focus, Iron Punch, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, Future Sight
Enhancements: Foresight, natural fighting skill, enhanced strength (x8), inner focus
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Coyotits (Anubust’s Blessing)
With the revelation of Anubust, slowly more information comes forth related to the Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl. It would now seem that the rather rare breed of Pokégirl, the Coyotits of the Shunshine League is linked to Anubust. It appears that Sexmet isn’t the only one whose ‘blessing’ and ‘curse’ can have the effect of incredible evolution.
Aaron Cameron, a professor in chi studies at Sunshine League’s Diversity U, was teaching his class the ways of aura manipulation when Anubust came onto the scene, literally possessing his assistant, his Alpha Pokégirl, Maria. The Coyotits turned into a physical representation of Anubust, with the Legendary forewarning Aaron that his Pokégirl and teachings were vitally important, and that he should take good care of her and continue to train her, not just his students.
When Anubust left the Coyotits, the Brawling Bitch Pokégirl began to glow with a bright light as she evolved. When it was over, her magical essence, seemingly taken from her by Anubust, was replaced with the armored nature and raw power of steel. She was now what would become known as a Lickario. Since then, more and more Lickario has popped up, as it seems that Anubust has an affection for this species of Pokégirl. While still rarer than the Coyotits breeds, this canine species is becoming more of a sight in the Sunshine League. As one can surmise, keeping information about Anubust secret has become difficult in the Sunshine League as the rumor mill has already churned.
When it comes to look, the Lickario is considered awe-inspiring like her source. While before, one could say the Coyotits were borderline anthropomorphic, the Lickario definitely is. Once released of Anubust, a Lickario retains many of the Legendary’s features, however, her pelt is far more varied, and she has a number of additions. A creamy colored torso with CC-Cup breasts and a steel spike between her cleavage, thighs and upper arms a beautiful blue, and her legs from the knees down and forearms being complete black, with a steel spike on the back of her hands, (which enhance the attack Backhand). Her head, while mostly blue furred, has black fur throughout her face that gives her a mask-like look. Also, it seems to be a preference for Lickario to fix their hair into dreadlocks as soon as possible, a nod to Anubust whom had blessed them.
When it comes to battle, a Lickario loves what has been done to her. While their magical potential is gone, the species come to embrace how they’re something akin to an Armsmistress now. They can damage a lot more elemental Pokégirls due to their Steel sub-type, and because it is a sub-type, they are still on equal footing with other Fighting-type Pokégirls, just now harder to hurt and hitting back much harder. Iron Punch becomes their absolute favorite attack.
Amazingly however, a trademark of the Coyotits, resorting to dirty fighting, is no longer an aspect to their tactic skills... at least on the outside.
Thanks to the Future Sight technique, the Lickario has a form of precognition; allowing her to easily feel when and where an attack is going to come from, especially when she uses Evade and Focus in tandem with it. A Lickario will use this trio of techniques to keep ahead of her opponent as much as possible.
Still, with all these incredible aspects, one has to wonder if there are any downsides. Sadly, there are. While her physical defense is now astounding, the Lickario is surprisingly lacking with special defense. A solid hit from an attack like Flamethrower or Thunder could easily K.O. a Lickario in one hit.
Also, Taming is a bit limited in positions and practices when it comes to the fact that the Lickario has a steel spike coming out from the center of her sternum!
As one can guess, Doggy-style is going to be the safest way to Tame a Lickario from now on thanks to the trio of spikes coming out of her body. Thankfully, while they don’t mind that, they do want
some attention on their breasts now and again. It’s advised for a Tamer of a Lickario to be careful.
At this point in time, it is completely unheard of for a woman to Threshold into a Lickario. There are only the few Domestic and numerous Feral Coyotits that have been blessed by the Legendary Anubust, and none have been bred as of yet. Interestingly, the Domestic Lickario blush when such a concept is brought up to them.
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LIONESS, the Royal Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Anthropomorphic Cat
Element: Ground/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon League; prides of 3-12 individuals), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: wilderness survivalist (plains and deserts)
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel, Mouse-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Psychic, Water, Certain Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Pride Claw, Slash, Stomp, Growl, Call Pride (available only to Feral-born), Lioness' Roar (Lv. 30), Legendary Lioness' Roar (Lv. 70)
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x10), Reinforced Claws, Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision (x5), Pack Hunters
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Pride Mentality, Poor Single Fighters
Evolves: Womanticore (Shadow Stone applied at night + Sexmet's Blessing; this is unknown to any Pokédex or tamer outside of Sexmet's Preserve)
Evolves From: Merrowl (battle stress)
Like their sister species of the Pumara, back during Sukebe's War, the Lioness was created as a regiment of guerilla troops for certain environmental terrains. While the Pumara were meant for the rather rocky and mountainous areas where human troops hoped to gain the high-ground, the Lioness were meant to survive in desert and plains with great ease, taking out troops whom were either trying to reach that destination, or thought to get away from other Pokégirls in normally unforgiving terrain.
While one would think that Pumara and Lioness are interchangeable, what with Pumara being a Fighting-type with Ground-type Sub-attributes, and Lioness being the reverse, (not to mention the fact they're both evolved from Merrowl) one should realize that they are completely different in not only looks, but their personalities, battle potentials, and behavioral habits.
Where the Pumara tend to be short with multi-colored fur with black splotches on their tails, the Lioness' fur tends to be uniform in color, normally a tan to a dirty yellow coloration, with tails ending in a tuft of fur. It should also be noted that Lioness are taller than Pumara's by a few inches, usually putting them in a range of a solid 6' up to 6'4". With this height comes a stronger build. While their cousin species of Pumara are sleek and speedy, the Lioness is definitely more muscled and physically stronger. And of course, a sticking point is that the Lioness has a larger set of breasts with a full cup-size, putting her into a solid D-Cup range.
Personality-wise, the Lioness is a 180 from the Pumara. Where the Pumara tend to be mischievous and playful in nature, the Lioness prefers to remain poise and stoic. They prefer to exude an air of regality about them, hence the title of `Royal Cat' that the Lioness have been given. This feeling of pride that the Lioness has gotten them a reputation of being a rather overconfident species, (though not as bad a stigma as the Neo-Iczel has gotten).
What really puts them apart from their cousin species is that while Pumara tend to be solitary hunters, the Lioness species have a pack mentality, and thus will pull together into Prides of other Lioness, ranging from a minimum of three, but no larger than a dozen. This pack mentality will also translate over to Harems, though they aren't found in too many Tamers' Harem. They work best when they are in pairs or with other Lionesses.
In Battle, a Lioness' forte is the Pride Claw, which they will depend on more than any other attack, (which unfortunately, can make them predictable in battle). Still, once the Lioness' Roar becomes available, they will make great use of it, using the roar first before going in with their powerful claw strike, or even using Stomp on their opponent if it's weak to Ground Attacks. Teamed up with another Lioness however, and they become a different story, with the two managing an alternation of their different techniques to put their opponents down quickly and effectively.
If in the Harem of a Tamer, a Lioness' superiority complex will come to the fore, and she will want to be in a dominant role over all the other Pokégirls, taking charge of the Harem and making it submissive and cohesive as she sees fit. While this may not necessarily be a bad idea, the fact is that a Lioness believes that to do this, she has to be given the Alpha position in the Harem, and will settle for nothing less; she will challenge the current Alpha outright for it. Unless the Tamer already has a strong Plant, Psychic, or Water-type Pokégirl as their Alpha whom can beat down the Royal Cat Pokégirl and put her in her place, one can expect the Lioness to remain rather unruly until she gets the position of Alpha for herself.
Lionesses are only submissive to their Tamers, the only one whom they consider are above them in the Pride, (they do not call it a Harem). They are especially submissive during a Taming session, and while they will normally get onto all fours, allowing their Tamer to do as they please, the fact is, whatever the Tamer says, goes. Those Tamers that have loyalty from their Lioness will find they can get away with doing a lot of different things to the Pokégirl, be it positions or other sexual practices.
When the Seasonal Heat for the Pokégirl comes up, forget it. The Lioness becomes so easy to get off, that one would think they have a pleasure threshold lower than a Titmouse's. Still, they can get off dozens of times in this state...
While not a common end to Threshold, those who have a strong Lioness history in their family can come to this as the result of their Threshold into a Pokégirl. There is no sign that this is the end result, as the looks that come in are generically feline, although their personality will change one of two ways. Either the girl Thresholding becomes submissive, recognizing someone else as the dominant in the household, or they will start to become dominant themselves, trying to feel like the head of the home, even if they're not sure why.
Pride Claw - (ATK) A Claw technique exclusive to the Lioness. By focusing all of her confidence and strength into her claws, the Pokégirl will use a slashing technique that's capable of tearing through metal with ease. One very high-level and overconfident Lioness, (Lv. 85) was able to tear through the skin of a Giantess with one strike of this attack.
Call Pride - (EFT) A technique exclusive to Feral Lionesses. While not an actual attack, the fact is, her voice is recognizable to the rest of her Pride. As soon as she cries out for them, they will come charging to her aid, and there is superiority in numbers.
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MACAVITY, the Cleric of Chaos Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Feline)
Element: Dark/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Espionage, Courier, Bandit, Assassin, General Trouble making
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Teleport, Agility, Backstab, Aura of Cute, Hypnotize, Hypnotic Dance, Telekinesis, Dark Mist, Ashen Wings, Fade, Shadow Dash, Psi-Blade, Dark Blade, Hazy Vision, Memory of the Dark, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Confusion, Disable, Double Team, Lock-On, Aura of Doom, Metronome, Psycho Crusher
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Enhanced All-Around Senses (x7), Night vision, Constant Dark Goggles effect, Retractable claws, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Agility (x16), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Aura-shifting, Can use Phase and Invis indefinitely
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
No one is quite sure what to make of Macavity. And more and more researchers and government officials from EVERY league are becoming more and more certain that she greatly prefers it that way. She is the most famous of the Legendary Pokégirls, and the most well-known to the general public.
Macavity got her start during the Revenge War, like all the Pokégirls that came to be known as Sukebe’s ‘Legendaries.’ In truth, she was actually the first of the Second Generation of Legendary girls to make a public appearance, and soon after made herself the most visible. After the deaths of Infernus, Mountaintide, and Storm Gail, Senator Linda McKenzie was making a public speech for reasons that were not in the discovered documents on the day it occurred. Macavity appeared in the center of the crowd, dancing and singing her way up to the stage, disarming Linda’s guards (by ripping their arms off). She grabbed Linda, taunted her mercilessly, and teleported away with her. It’s believed that Sukebe sent Macavity to bring the woman he viewed as responsible for his problems and punished her accordingly. Historians do not wish to speculate what happened to Linda after Macavity brought her to Sukebe…
Macavity is a tall Pokégirl, standing seven feet and six inches in height. Her fur was colored in varying shades and stripes of red and orange, giving her the appearance of being living fire at times. Her hair was kept unkempt, in a wide flowing mane that stretched down to her back. Her tail is longer than her legs, and is very prehensile. Her body is very beautiful, elegant and muscular without overdoing the effect, curving in all the right places, a pair of large, E-cup breasts adorning her chest. Her favored outfit tends to be a black leather halter-top that left little to the imagination and a pair of form-fitting shorts, cut high on the legs to give them maximum freedom of movement.
As mentioned earlier, Macavity was the most ‘visible’ of the Second Generation Legendaries during the Revenge War. She would frequently appear in human encampments, teasing and taunting the soldiers there, stealing their weapons and destroying them before they could be used. She seemed to crave the attention, enjoy having all eyes on her. Yet at the same time, more often than not there was also an incursion of other Pokégirls into the encampments, Macavity’s actions causing a distraction that would prove fatal for the base. There have also been documented after-the-fact accounts of Macavity sneaking in under total anonymity, nobody knowing she was there until after she had completed her task, be it an assassination or theft or delivery of a message. In each case there was only her trademark laughter to mark her presence.
Near the end of the Revenge War, Macavity began to associate with Atmuff. The two were decidedly NOT friends, and Atmuff seemed to detest the other Legendary’s presence. She hung around anyway, as she apparently liked Atmuff’s capacity for causing chaos. Soon after this started, Macavity became the first Legendary Pokégirl to openly oppose Sukebe’s actions. Her quoted reason for this decision: “Humans were too interesting to let die out.” It’s known that she had a hand in the training of the Cheshire breed of Pokégirl, a last remaining bit of sentimentality for her creator, and it’s rumored that she actually created the Mistoffeles breed of Pokégirl herself. Since the end of the Revenge War she has kept mostly to herself, appearing periodically during chaotic events. Most of them ones she has caused to liven things up.
One of the more infamous incidents of events she has caused was the Wreckball Riot of 260 AS. It was a championship match, and the entire city was watching the events unfold in what was regarded by sports fans as the greatest, most intense matchup of all time. Then, in the final seconds of the clock, just as the game winning goal was about to be kicked… the ball vanished, leaving several confused players from both teams lying in the dirt and looking around. Macavity then appeared in the lap of some hapless Tamer, giving him the Wreckball she had just stolen off of the field and shouting ‘Present for Master!’ at the top of her lungs. She then kissed the hapless young man, cuddling him lovingly. Naturally, however, she disappeared when the rioting started, the fans going insane with rage at having so intense a match interrupted by Macavity’s pranks.
In terms of abilities, Macavity has several unique abilities that reflect her rather bizarre nature. Her attack list consists primarily of defensive and disorienting moves, and she can also phase and turn invisible as if she were a ghost type. In fact for years it was suspected she WAS a ghost type. She also seemingly has the ability to defy the laws of physics and science on a regular basis. Her ‘phasing’ is different than others as she seems to able to pass through objects without turning intangible. She also appears to have shape-shifting abilities, as she has been known to appear as an object one minute and then as herself another. However, in the few blood samples collected from her during capture attempts and studied, she was shown to have no shape-shifting or illusionary powers of her own. It’s assumed that she knows magic of some kind, but with Macavity you just never truly know. She has the ability to radiate Auras of differing ability, usually to help her win over a target or just to confuse people. Her Aura of Darkness is known for being able to evolve certain Pokégirls that are exposed to it. Her most befuddling ability is the fact that she seems to be able to ignore the laws of gravity at her own convenience. She can walk up a wall as if she was walking on solid ground, and at times even walk through the air as if there were solid ground under her feet.
Macavity is… unpredictable, to put it in the politest possible terms. She despises the predictable and boring, and takes being called such things as a murder-worthy insult. She lives for herself, although she has been known to occasionally help those who earn her affection, or are interesting enough to attract her attention. Granted, Macavity taking an interest in you is usually a bad thing, as chaos is bound to follow you… Her personality is impossible to pin down, as on some occasions she may be as meek and playfully friendly as a Kitten, on others as sensual and sexually aggressive as a Hentaicute, on others as cruel and cold as the worst of killers, there is no one standard. Her moods are as variable as the weather and can shift in an instant.
Macavity, much to the bafflement of many, has enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity. Cat-type fanciers adore her, and to some she is the pinnacle of all cat breeds. To others she’s a menace, a trouble-making terrifying monstrosity that should be put down and made into a pelt. Blue League officials in particular would like her head on a platter, as she seems very fond of causing trouble there. One thing that people agree on is that viciously playful nature, her penchant for trouble-making, her raw cunning and intelligence, her desire to be in the spotlight and her sheer elusiveness make her a Pokégirl to be reckoned with. The only good qualities of Macavity’s that people can agree on is her affection for the human race, something which has led her to openly oppose Limbec Pirate raids during the time of Mephaesta, and the fact that she seems to be able to disrupt Jenova’s ability to ‘make things go wrong.’ Every time Macavity encounters Jenova, Macavity becomes very affectionate towards the destructive Pokégirl, always kidnapping her and dragging her off for Taming sessions that last a great long time. Sometimes Macavity has allowed Camera Girls and their Tamers to follow her and record the sessions, which sell for tremendous amounts of money.
There is some knowledge about Macavity that can be verified, however, and we have one person to thank for that. In 262 AS, World-travelling tamer Bellerophon Jones, famous for his various misadventures, encountered Macavity while evading a group of Team Scorcher thugs that were chasing them. He and his pet/companion, a Titmouse named Karen, evaded their pursuers by hiding in the rafters of a warehouse until they gave up the chase. However misfortune came upon him when a rotted beam gave way, Karen falling from a great height and landing on Macavity, who had been in the warehouse looking for something to eat. The Legendary was knocked out by the impromptu landing of the Titmouse, Bellerophon capturing her out of lack of knowledge of what to do with her. (Macavity has since become VERY wary of Pokéballs since then.) Bellerophon took her to the Pokécenter and just barely managed to placate the angered legendary, his insolent, straightforward, and smart-aleck manner appealing to the chaotic Pokégirl. The two had a short-lived alliance, recorded in the various highly popular movies based on his life, Bellerophon’s harem growing to include a Pegaslut, a Chimera, and a Seraph, among other rare breeds, Karen evolving into a Tigermouse.
After Bellerophon’s retirement and Macavity subsequently going off on her own, he let himself be interviewed by PLC officials, who discovered that Macavity has a great desire to become a mother, and tremendously despises Sukebe for leaving her and her sisters barren. This would explain a great deal about some of Macavity’s more bizarre thefts from scientific facilities and magical research facilities. Some have made the suggestion that a possibility of this might allow her to be controlled, but those people are generally disregarded as being very naďve.
One major development from Macavity’s time with Bellerophon Jones is that she now periodically picks a Tamer to focus her attentions on. There’s zero commonality between those she has picked, so her criteria for her choices is unknown. The only common link between them is that soon after Macavity enters their lives, they become MUCH more chaotic and interesting.
Macavity is a dangerous Pokégirl. She cannot be pinned down to a single alignment, and predicting her actions is near impossible to do. She prides herself on her chaotic nature and refers to herself frequently as a cleric of chaos. And considering her history, this may be the most accurate way to describe her…
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Macavity’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below).
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Macavity has No Weakness (Level 69). If she were to face a Bug-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Dark or Psychic, at or below level 69, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirl at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Macavity’s lexicon of special attributes:
Physics Disruption: Macavity seems to be able to defy all known logic and scientific laws. She can move through walls without seeming to phase, shape-shift without having any genetic shape-shifting abilities, and even ignore gravity.
Auras: In addition to the Aura of Cute and Aura of Doom abilities, Macavity has the ability to radiate several other kinds of Auras that allow her to control the mood of a situation. These Auras include, but are not limited to:
Aura of Fright: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates a feeling of intense, irrational fear in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Darkness: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates a feeling of numbness, an almost deathlike state, in those in the aura’s radius. This has a 70% chance of causing the Blind status effect in weaker Pokégirls and is known to be able to evolve certain cat-type breeds into other Pokégirls.
Aura of Madness: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates an intense feeling of dementia in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Lust: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates intense feelings of lust in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Backfire: This aura so far is only a rumor, as Macavity is always seen to have a sort of glow about her when she encounters Jenova. Presumably, it causes the abilities of the user caught in the Aura’s effect to, as stated, backfire on themselves.
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MAREEN, the Watermouse Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: sometimes trained by fishermen, most common belongs to watcher or researcher
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Tail Whip, Tackle
Enhancements: Fur naturally repels water, transparent second eyelid, light feral state, near perfect recall, digestive system is very efficient, good night vision, Enhanced Hearing (x10), heightened sense of touch.
Special Weaknesses: Often easily intimidated, vulnerable to sleep attacks, low pain thresholds.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Mareen are one of the newer varieties of Pokégirl discovered within the past hundred years. They are shy and easily frightened, which may mean they've been around longer but simply evaded tamers and researchers.
The physical appearance of Mareen looks a lot like Titmouse, so much so that some researchers have sworn blind that Mareen must be an evolution of Titmouse. The existence of Pool Mouse however rules out the possibility that Mareen is a water stone evolution of Titmouse, leaving researchers stumped on where Mareen comes from. It is possible that Mareen merely looks similar to Titmouse rather than being an evolution of it, Pia, Peekabu and Ria all provide precedent for this option.
Just by looking at Mareen you can tell she is a mouse type Pokégirl, the body covered with short but thick fur, the slight muzzle, expressive slightly long ears, and long thin tail are all traits similar to Titmouse. Mareen has some differences from the standard Titmouse form, her short and thick fur that is always aqua blue in color except for down her chest, stomach and groin where the fur is always white. The fur on Mareens body has an interesting trait; it naturally repels water allowing this aquatic mouse to stay dry even when playing or fishing in the water.
The long thin tail is also another one of Mareen's differences, it's not as flexible as a Titmouse's but instead is semi-ridged (although it should be noted that it is capable of stretching) and zigzagged similarly to a Peekabu's tail. At the end of its tail it has a round blue furred sphere, this sphere is filled with oils and is used as a buoy that helps keep Mareen from drowning even in the most vicious river currents. If you see just Mareens tail bobbing on the surface of the water then it's a sure indication that the Pokégirl is current diving beneath the water to feed on aquatic plants or fresh water shellfish.
Mareen rarely stand over four feet in height, have average flexibility and are not particularly strong. The fur on their bodies is particularly sensitive though and researcher believe this is so they can sense the changing water currents easier. An amusing thing to note is the sensitivity of their tail and ears, any stimulation of either can actually get a Mareen off without any other form of sexual stimulation, whilst this can make Mareen much easier to tame, it also means she is completely useless in any sexcraft match.
Mareen are actually a fair bit more intelligent than Titmice, they don't suffer from the same ‘ditzy' problem, quite the opposite, as they have near perfect recall making them ideal for remembering things or carrying out complicated tasks. This means that Mareen has become a favorite Pokégirl of Watchers or Researchers who find having such a Pokégirl around useful, often using them as lab assistants to help aid them in their research and so this is where they are most regularly found.
Mareen can also be found with some fishermen, especially those specializing in fresh water shellfish as they find Mareens fishing abilities a useful addition to help them ply their trade. It should be noted for those who are going to use Mareen as a fishing Pokégirl that she does not do as well in the salt water oceans as she does in rivers and lakes which are her natural habitat in the wild. Use of Mareen should be limited to rivers or lakes as they suffer a number of swimming and navigation problems when faced with salt water for some reason unknown to researchers.
Despite their cuteness, Mareen are not particularly favored as pets because they are relatively new and can be rather difficult to acquire, so its rare to see a pet owner have a Mareen. They are also rarely found in a tamers harem because they are poor combatants; they are easily startled or intimidated by larger more powerful Pokégirls and suffer even worse panic attacks when faced with cat type Pokégirls.
In the wild, feral Mareen will immediately use fog cloud when startled or attacked in order to obscure the attacker's vision before running away, preferably to the nearest water source where their natural swimming abilities allow them to escape all but the more proficient water types. This is a particularly effective defensive mechanism and works the majority of the time, when it doesn't the Mareen is usually torn apart and devoured by a hungry cat type. Feral Mareen will always be found very close to a river or a lake so they can escape, this can make capturing one difficult because they have sensitive hearing and will flee at the first hint of trouble.
Recently there have be some cases of girls thresholding into Mareen, these events are rare however and most girls immediately bolt for the wild once threshold is over making it difficult to see how thresholding into a Mareen affects the psyche. Researchers presumed that girls have thresholded into Mareen before but were incorrectly identified by people on the scene.
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MARGARITA, the Icy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, food preservation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), Not Affected by Snow Blindness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Ice Crystal)
Margaritas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes completely white. They also tend to be quite friendly, and they particularly enjoy snuggling. This particular trait has lead to their popularity among Trainers, seeing as they probably the most affectionate (not to mention warmest) Ice Pokégirls in the world. Combined with their decent skill in combat (and ability to learn), they tend to be a solid choice for a Tamer needing Ice support.
Wild Margarita prefer to live in desert climes, but above the level where snow falls. Wild Margaritas prefer to stay in cool shade (such as caves or rock structures that they build) during the day and forage at night like chinchillas, but this routine can be changed by a tamer, especially when not in desert climates.
The Margaritas usefulness in food preservation and cute-and-cuddly demeanor has led to them often being used as mascots for anything cold, from frozen food to food freezers, air conditioners to breath mints. Of particular fame is a Margarita named Eleanor, who appears in every refrigerator ad run by the Jahana Corporation. Originally kept as a pet by a Junior Executive of Marketing, her above-average appearance and distinct delivery won her a surprising following. She is noticeably more popular than most of the products she shills, with several fan groups devoted to her.
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MEDRA, the Silent Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic
Element: Dragon/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Assault, Personal Trainers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Water, Flying, Rock, Psychic, Dark, Bug, Steel, Dragon, Plant, Poison, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting
Attacks: Sabre Claw, Tail Slap, Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Iron Defense. High levels only: Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Senses (x5), Armored, Wings, Prehensile Tail
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (must be going feral + wearing a Steel Jacket when traded)
Bounty: 8 million SLC for confirmed capture. 5 million SLC for confirmed death. 50,000 SLC for report of sighting.
A Draco can often be very disruptive and cantankerous towards her Tamer. But once this challenging nature has been satisfied, the Draco will trust her Tamer. But for some Tamers who did their best, and were unable to satisfy the Draco's requirements, the only thing to do would either be to release the Pokégirl into the wild or try and get their worth out of the Pokégirl. And this would usually entail trading her to the nearest convenient sucker, all while the Draco continues to go feral. One such Tamer put a Steel Jacket on his Draco before trading her, citing that adding the Steel Jacket would increase her worth. By the time he found a sucker wanting to trade for her that he could cut his losses with, a week and a half had already passed and the Draco was well on the way to going feral. The tamer that traded for her was surprised to find that the Pokégirl had evolved once with her new master. Of course, the fact that she was nearly feral didn't escape her new tamer's notice, and the three hour marathon that ensued nearly erupted into an orgy within the entire Pokécenter (instead, only 3/4 of the Pokécenter were embroiled within an orgy).
Now at least 7ft tall and with a wingspan of 18ft in total length, wingtip to wingtip, this Pokégirl’s massive body makes her a sight to behold. Her body changes with the evolution to show a seemingly mechanical tail that she has full control over, using her tail as if it was her own arm. The tail itself has retractable metallic spikes, and is covered with some sort of advanced polymer that can even sense heat and pressure. This polymer is also used to armor the Pokégirl completely, although it is retractable like a Battle Angel's armor is. The armor itself is extremely durable and tough, and the Pokégirl usually wears it like she would actual clothing.
Her wings are fully usable as well, unlike a Draco or Dracona's, and can fly with ease using her own strength. However, due to the weight of her armored form, she cannot fly when armored but can glide. The Pokégirl's pointed ears lengthen to around 5 inches and her body loses any excess body weight. Their breast sizes are often a C-cup, though DD-cups have been documented in one case. One odd thing is the very small amount of speech that a Medra shows. In fact, it is rare that they ever say more than is absolutely required. Tamers say that the Pokégirl becomes much more talkative in a private setting, although no researcher has been able to confirm or deny this.
Because the Pokégirl was feral upon becoming a Medra, the Medra requires a fair amount of taming to come out of her feral state. Although still possessing a challenging nature, the Medra is less likely to allow herself to go feral in an attempt to get a Tamer to satisfy her challenges. Indeed, a Medra lowers her standards somewhat in comparison to a Draco, though she easily recognizes any chance that her tamer simply cannot better him or herself to meet the Medra's requirements. A Medra will only leave if that is the case. Medra will assist in a Tamer's bettering themselves or bettering their Harem, often leading to the Medra becoming the Tamer's Alpha. Medra dislike working with most of the League-created Pokégirls, with the exception of Maid Yvettes. Unlike the NurseJoys or OfficerJennys, the Yvettes actually strive to better themselves despite their genetic limitations. As such, Medra have a soft spot for the Maid Yvettes and will assist them if possible. The other two Pokégirl types she will only grudgingly accept as necessary. They enjoy working with Fighting type Pokégirls for two reasons- one, fighting types have an advantage against Medra, and two, they love to train. Medra also encourage their Tamer to join them during their training, although most often the two wind up in a taming session after only an hour or two (if the Tamer lasts that long, that is).
One thing that a Medra cannot stand is the thought of going feral. A feral Medra has a very unfortunate problem- they're almost impossible to capture, as they go completely berserk. In order to stave off the possibility of going feral, all Medra demand a rather exacting schedule from their Tamers- a good taming every three days or so, to be safe. If a Taming is withheld for more than four days, however, a Medra has been known to leave her Tamer to seek out a Taming from someone willing to Tame her. Fortunately, during taming, a Medra's body seems to limit its own strength while the Tamer does their job, so restraints aren't necessary as long as they are trained how to handle their strength. It is assumed that a Medra's body automatically lowers her strength to a near human state while being tamed.
These Pokégirls were first discovered near the end of the war, and in very limited numbers. Some say that a few were mistaken as Dracass in the ill-fated push to try and defeat the human forces, only to be slaughtered by a well-coordinated trap. Despite this, however, there are known to be more Feral Medra than there are Tamed ones. Why there are so many feral Medra is unknown, but it is thought that they had to leave their tamers after being completely disappointed by their performances either in Taming or in training. Feral Medra have been known to attack any Tamer that crosses their path in an effort to strengthen themselves. No researchers that have been without league assistance (in any league) have been known to survive such an attack, although their notes were recovered afterwards. They fight any other Feral Pokégirl they come across that seems to be a threat- in a wild world such as today, that means any carnivorous Pokégirl that looks hungry.
If a Medra faces another Medra in battle, those battles have been known to destroy anything nearby. Several Tamers have even died as a result of the battle that took place. Anyone allowing a battle with a Medra involved within the limits of any inhabited space, unless in an extreme emergency, are issued a citation and are required to pay for any and all damages that are a direct (and indirect) result of the Pokégirl battle. As a result, any Pokégirl battle that results in two Medra facing off is automatically declared a draw before any damage can be wrought upon anything in their immediate surroundings. A bounty has been placed on any feral Medra found, captured, or killed, although it is just as important to escape as it is to capture or kill her.
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MEPHITITS, the Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic – Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Spice, Musk
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Musk Glands, Poison Resistance, immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Slow Movement, Diurnal, Hibernates (in colder climes), limited use of glands, Poor Eyesight
Evolves: Skunkette (normal)
Evolves From: None
While there are many whom find the likes of the Naga species to be trouble because they're a male Tamer, or find the Toxicat too difficult to get a hold of, or the Oddtits species being rather unsexy, there is hope for those that want a dependable Poison-type Pokégirl. A rather common pokégirl that has become surprisingly popular species amongst Poison-type enthusiasts: the Mephitits.
In appearance, a Mephitits is an anthopomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing anywhere from between 4'2 to 5'6", the Mephitits is covered with a surprisingly soft coat of fur black for the most part, but the underside a pure white. Raised triangular ears and a semi-muzzle make out her animal-like facial features. Their figure, while not as small as Pias or Tomboys is still somewhat disappointing at a small B-Cup. They do however, have nicely shaped hips and a plus, nicely shaped ass with the tail spouting from the small of their back with a white stripe running down her back, (though there has been varieties that had parallel stripes or even spots, this variance tends to be regional adaptations). The tail tends to be white tipped. Most Pokégirl Researchers have come to determine that the size of the Mephitits hips and posterior are due to having to hold the secretion fluids for their musk glands.
One of the most common Pokégirl species, (joked to be `Very Common' in Indigo and Johto) the Mephitits as a whole have found themselves to become a staple in Harems of Tamers starting out. Feral Mephitits are plentiful in the wild, and despite their Poison-type nature, are rather easy to use. This combination of ready availability and somewhat user-friendly attitude have also gotten them called, "The Beginner's Poison-type".
The Mephtits, be they Domestic or Feral, are rather affectionate Pokégirls. Admittedly, they tend to be slightly lazy during various points of the day if not exactly sleeping, since due to the Pheromone Pokégirl’s diurnal nature, trying to keep sync with a master and the rest of harem will throw the Mephitits’ biological-clock off. This can be offset slightly by allowing the Mephitits to follow her bio-rhythm.
Another odd disadvantage the Mephitits has to deal with is how this Pokégirl moves. While most noticeable when running, this Poison-type can't help but move her legs in an awkward gait, practically waddling. Though agile in combat, it's when moving long distances, they end up moving slower. Because of this, the species is often found in roles outside of fighting, where being able to run is practically a requirement.
Possibly the most annoying trait of the Mephitits for Tamers is that the Pokégirl will hibernate in the colder climates, thus ending up being inactive for part of the year. Even if put into a PokéBall and released, the Mephitits will be in her state of hibernation until her inner-clock releases her. Truly, this is a problem for people whom use Mephitits in the Capital and Scarlet Leagues, where cold is prevalent in the weather.
Given all these disadvantages, one would think that the Mephitits would be a relatively useless species of pokégirl for a Tamer. However what they lack in physical attributes they more than make up with their Musk technique and Intelligence, making them quite suitable in a support role.
With their Musk technique this Pokégirl can duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-types as well as few of their own. Known musk variations include, but not limited to drive Pokégirls away, (Pokégirl Repellant), Attract Pokégirls, or can induce the status-ailments of lust, sleep, paralysis, poison, choke, blind, and other such similar things. This means that every Mephitits, with all that junk in her trunk, is actually a walking chemical weapons factory who's more versatile than several Plant or Bug-type Pokégirls. However, there are restrictions on the Mephitits' ability to produce musk. She can only store one type of musk at a time and has to expel it so as to create a new variety, and it takes half an hour before she can use her musk technique again.
The Mephitits' intelligence is quite high for the average Pokégirl, (among the more common domestics like Kittens, Evas, and such) even among the Feral Breeds. These Pokégirls tend to have an interest in fields that make use of their abilities, (such as chemistry) and, strangely enough, transportation, (auto, hover, and the like). They can also use their sense of smell to differentiate chemicals and describe exactly what is in them, so long as they are familiar with the chemicals they are analyzing. They find great work in the limited Chemical Industry.
When it comes to Taming, a Mephitits loves it from behind, and will churr to the high heavens if a Tamer hugs their tail. It is, however, suggested not to squeeze this tail too tightly, lest they end up being Musked. Cuddling is a big thing for the Mephitits after being Tamed, and will want to hug and kiss their Tamers.
The Mephitits is a common end for Threshold in girls who have a strong family history of Poison-types. These girls tend to be sent to ranches quickly, before they end up stinking their families out of the house.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
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MILKMOUSE, the Mouseketeer Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Mouse
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: milk, dairy products, nuts, bread
Role: unique
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Focus, Backhand, Hyper Kick, Resist, Rage
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Enduranced (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Titmouse (only known trigger: milk from Milktit, unknown if massive amounts of sex or multiple orgasms beforehand were required as a stimulant)
Recently discovered by two Tamers, Yuka and Ben, this new Pokégirl is roughly seven feet tall and has physical attributes that put a Amachoke to shame. It does, however, have two major desires, sexual intimacy and milk, preferably fresh and produced by a Pokégirl. It does NOT like soy milk.
Trainer Ben is the owner of the Pokégirl, though he admits that she could not have evolved without Tamer Yuka's assistance.
The reason the discovery of this Pokégirl has been so recent is because of the fact that it is very rare for a Tamer to have both a Milktit and a Titmouse. Usually any Tamer who might have had such a combination has already evolved his Titmouse, has lost/given away his Titmouse, or has lost his Milktit.
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MINOTAURA, the Strong Cow Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Fighting/Rock
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Construction
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Water, Plant
Attacks: Headbutt, Ki Blast, Stomp, Seismic Toss, Bronze Fist, Gold Fist, Harden, DynaWave, Rock Cube, Shock Spike, Tail Whip
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Thick Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Milktit (battle stress)
Despite how common a Milktit is, it's rare to find one commonly in a Tamer's harem. This isn't because of the fact that Tamers don't bother with the Milktit, however- the bountiful flesh of a Milktit and their ability to give milk are two reasons why they are found in a Tamer's harem. No, it is well and thoroughly documented in almost every league in the world that 70% of all Tamers wind up with a Milktit in their harem at some point. However, the truth of the matter is that in 95% of all these cases, their Milktit evolves into a Minotaura within one or two battles due to Battle Stress. Tamers tend to forget in the heat of battle that a Milktit wasn't quite designed to be a fighting Pokégirl, and so become stressed in battle easily. In the remaining 5% of these cases, the Tamer has the foresight to actually purchase an Everstone before the Pokégirl goes into any battles.
After evolving, the Minotaura look somewhat like the Milktit, but are much different otherwise. Rather than having muscles that do not stand out, the Minotaura actually have very large muscles all over their body, often looking a lot more like an Amachoke in muscular build than they would their previous form. Their breasts tend to shrink, as Minotaura do not lactate unless she is pregnant, and are often only as large as a mid-B to a mid-C cup. Minotaura do not change physically at all, save for the muscles that seem to have burst out from where they'd been hiding from her previous form. Tamers find that they now need to use restraints for this breed, to some Tamer's delight and some Tamer's displeasure- their strength grows to about seven times from that of what they had while a Milktit. Tamers find it easier to tame a Minotaura now, however, as they are unusually sensitive after a battle and can orgasm quickly after only several minutes of stimulation.
It's said that two Minotaura could have created the Pyramids of the pre-Sukebe world, with their enhanced endurance and strength. As such, no Tamer is safe taming a Minotaura without proper restraints or two Amachamps holding the Minotaura down. The Minotaura has a pair of horns which normally appeared like two tiny cones on its head, but when the Minotaura chooses, they can extend and shape their horns up to two feet in length, though many Minotaura complain of headaches if they extend their horns beyond a foot in length. These horns are often used to increase the power of the Minotaura's Headbutt attack, which is quite often followed up with one of her 'Fist' attacks. A Minotaura does lose her capacity for learning as easily as a Milktit does, however, and many may have trouble operating smaller, delicate items as a result of their strength. Many has been the time when the phrase "Oops" is uttered by a Pokégirl of this breed after evolving, immediately after something crashes, gets crushed, smashed, or broken. It is recommended that a Minotaura never be left in a place where there is very little room- claustrophobia seems to be an almost innate problem with the breed, although the severity of the problem varies for each Pokégirl, and they get frustrated when they can't find the door. With that said, it is highly recommended to keep this breed under close observation when used underground.
Feral Minotaura are known to travel in herds, leading a few other vegetarian Pokégirls in her herd (most often other Milktit, but sometimes Ponytaur as well) as they wander around. Most commonly, they might be found in forested areas or on plains, and are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Most Tamers should be warned that attacking her herd is considered an attack on her, and should be prepared to battle any Minotaura in a herd should her ire be roused. Often, it is suggested that the Minotaura be taken down first, if one must fight, because they do retain most of their intelligence even when feral.
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MIST BUNNY, the Magic Forest Rabbit Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Rabbit)
Element: Magic/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Hunting, Foraging, Long-range combat, Magic detection
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Burst, Mana Bolt, Quickening*, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, The Calm Soul, Focus, Focus Energy, Pose, Evade, Counter, Resist, Spellwork
Enhancements: Increased Accuracy x5, Increased Senses (Sight, Scent, Hearing) x10, Increased Agility x6, Increased Strength x5 (x9 when Beserked), Increased Intelligence x5
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Mana Stone)
In terms of personality, Mist Bunnies are an almost total 180 from their previous form. They become far more serious, and much calmer in manner. They gain a great deal of intelligence in this evolution, although that intelligence is geared more towards magic, forest knowledge, and natural remedies rather than scientific knowledge. They are also taller, being around 6'11" in height without the ears standing up. Mist Bunnies all have dusky brown fur and long, silvery hair, although they vary among hairstyles. Their faces all sport very slight muzzles, and their feet are paws. However, due to the shape and small size of their feet, they have a hard time walking unless they are wearing high-heeled shoes of some kind.
Mist Bunnies love the forest. Feral Mist Bunnies congregate in treetop warrens, using their excellent jumping ability to move from tree to tree. Tamed Mist Bunnies are generally treated as non-entities by Ferals, as if they regard Mist Bunnies with Tamers to be unworthy of even existing. This does not dissuade Mist Bunnies with Tamers from going into forested areas, as their love of the woods is strong. They are excellent survivalists, and can make do even on extremely limited resources.
Feral Mist Bunnies are an unusual sort. They have a relatively high Feral intelligence, as their Feral state essentially a combination of an animal-type Pokégirl's Feral state and the Feral state of more human-type Pokégirls. Their speech becomes limited severely, and they become more skittish of outsiders. They are animalistic in mannerisms, but are capable of fashioning simple clothes and footwear. When observed from a distance, Feral Mist Bunnies can be seen, when not hunting or Taming each other, can be seen sitting in a treetop nest, meditating or simply staring out with a smile at the forest. Some even sing, a soft, wordless song that is growing in popularity among Watchers, due to how peaceful and relaxing it is. Tamed Mist Bunnies still sing this, usually after a particularly good Taming.
The high heels that all Mist Bunnies require, whether Tame or Feral, confuse most Researchers. To the surprise of several Watchers, Feral Mist Bunnies could be observed fashioning makeshift high heels out of wood and a thick spike, sometimes made of metal. It appears that even while Feral, Mist Bunnies recognize the need for these shoes. The practicality of this was in question for a while until a wandering Tamer fought a pack of Feral Mist Bunnies. In his report, the Mist Bunnies used the metal spiked 'heels' of their shoes to cling to the sides of trees, digging their heel's spikes in just enough to stick. The awkward position of the Mist Bunnies made it difficult for the Tamer's Flying-type Pokégirls to properly get a bead on them, and easier for the Mist Bunnies to dodge the attacks. All Tamed Mist Bunnies are known to have metal spiked heels as well, some strong enough to allow the Mist Bunny to cling to stone walls if need be. Later observations by Watchers show that Feral Mist Bunnies can use the spikes on their shoes to literally 'walk' up high trees to get to fruit in the branches.
Mist Bunnies are primarily used as hunters, gathering food for their Harem sisters and Tamer. In terms of combat, while they can hold their own in hand-to-hand, they are best served by being given ranged weapons, such as a bow or crossbow. They also, because of their magical nature, possess the ability to quite literally smell magic within 50 feet of themselves. This has made Mist Bunnies popular amongst Tamers and teachers in Vale. Mist Bunnies perceive magical auras as a mist, hence their name. With time and a strong bond, a Tamer can perceive the 'Mist' as well.
However, these bunnies are not entirely immune to the Mist's effects on them. If they are exposed to too much Mist, they will become agitated, and then nauseous. Further exposure will force the afflicted Mist Bunny into a berserk state, where they attack everything they perceive as an enemy with incredible viciousness and savagery. So vicious are their berserked rampages, that there was one report of a Mini-Top being frightened by what she saw. The most recommended thing to do when a Mist Bunny goes on a rampage is to let them tire themselves out and keep yourself, your friends, and your harem out of the way.
Mist Bunnies have a potentially very powerful ability called a 'Quickening.' They harness the Mist, or magical energy, inside of themselves and exhale a crystalline mist in the opponent's face. If they inhale, the opponent becomes frozen in place, unable to move while the Mist Bunny performs a totally original, powerful attack exclusive to them. There are three 'levels' of power to a Quickening attack, depending on how much internal mist is harness. A level three Quickening can leave weaker Mist Bunnies drained and barely able to perform more complex maneuvers. Quickening can be taught to other Magic-type Pokégirls, or even to Tamers. However the Pokégirl or Tamer in question must earn the Mist Bunny's respect. If they are a Feral Mist Bunny, then it becomes that much harder to win it, as first the Mist Bunny must be caught and Tamed before Quickening can be taught.
*Quickening – (ATK 50/100/300) The Mist Bunny harnesses their internal magical energy, or Mist, as they call it, and exhale a crystalline cloud of mist into the opponent's face. If they inhale, they are frozen in place as the Mist Bunny performs an original attack, one completely exclusive to them. They can have up to three different attacks, each one varying in power depending on the amount of 'Mist' used to create the attack. This is considered a 'magic' technique.
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MONGOOSED, the Vicious Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (weasel)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: human style foods
Role: pest extermination, crop protection, border guards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, serpent Pokégirls (Nagas, Arbusts, Lamias, etc)
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance, Slash, Vacuum Slash
Enhancements: Enhanced speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Poison Resistance.
Disadvantages: Temper, easy to anger. Nearsighted. Obsessive (Single-track minds.)
Mongoosed all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Ermine (normal)
Evolves From: Furrite (normal)
Mongoosed are evolved Furrites. When Furrites evolve they lose many of their disadvantages, but gain some new ones. Their eyesight improves, slightly. They gain several inches in height and bust. They also get stronger due to the slightly more robust frame. There form also gains slightly larger claws and canines. Kleptomania is reduced and they gain a resistance to poisons. However their temper grows, they can be quite vicious and are highly tenacious. When they get something in their heads be it in battle or out. To the point where they will ignore anything else going around them, until they get it done. Otherwise they remain fond of cuddling and much of their personality from the previous evolution remains, but gain a harder edge when compared to the more carefree personality of the Furrite.
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MOSSMELON, the Leafy Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Plant/Lizard)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: soldiers specializing in forest combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Regenerate, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Bite, Tail Whip
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Camouflage, Agility, Solar Regeneration
Evolves: Wifern (normal; Level 47)
Evolves From: None
Mossmelons typically have dark green hair and lighter green scales, but because of their camouflage ability, this is not always the case. All Mossmelons lean forward, making their C-to-D-cup breasts seem even larger, but this position is actually a result of their large tail acting as a counterbalance.
A Mossmelon's claws are quite important for letting them climb and maintain their positions in trees, and a Mossmelon will always take care to make sure their claws are strong. If a Mossmelon's claw breaks, it means there's a severe imbalance in their diet, and can cause a Mossmelon to lose her ability to move through the trees. A Mossmelon's ability to camouflage themselves has made them quite dangerous and their ability to remain motionless until they strike makes them hard to detect. However, infrared sensors and starlight have both proven capable of detecting Mossmelons, though it isn't quite clear as to why.
Mossmelons can be quite the difficult opponent, as she not only naturally heals from sunlight, but also has the Regenerate technique, meaning she can restore quite a bit of health. However, despite this impressive healing factor, she is not the best at fighting, rendering her weak against more competent fighters.
A favorite tactic of the Mossmelon is leave Seed Bombs in areas to drive prey into a specific area, then they hang from trees and use their camouflage ability to render them largely invisible. They remain motionless until prey moves within striking distance of their Seed Bombs. Once activated, the prey will generally move where the Mossmelon wants them to and will be caught completely off guard by her surprise attack.
Though a Mossmelon can regenerate her wounds, she will often seek out sunny spots in the forest and rest there in their natural colors. Many don't even care if humans or other Pokégirls are around, unless they feel their injuries have left them at a distinct disadvantage.
Mossmelons can eventually learn both Root and it's greater counterpart, Root System, but they cannot feed themselves with these techniques, like plants.
There was a rumor that the Mossmelon might not be a Pokégirl at all, but rather a random mutation between a species of lizards and an unknown plant, but these were found to be untrue. The Mossmelon was actually an early abandoned design, but their unknown camouflage allowed them to maintain decent numbers.
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MOUNTAIN CAT, the Rambunctious Rocky Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Rock
Frequency: Uncommon, (Common in the Crescent Star Islands)
Diet: prefers fish and chicken. Usually finds finer brands of Pokechow acceptable.
Role: miners, mountain climbers
Libido: Low (High twice a month)
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Rock Throw, Harden, Mega Kick, Stone Palm, Slam
Enhancements: Functional Claws, Night Vision, Enhanced Ofactory Smell (x3) Enhanced Hearing (x3), Armored Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Diamond Stone & Cunnydew nectar)
A Mountain Cat is an evolved form of Merrowl. This form is gained when a Merrowl drinks enough Cunnydew nectar that she falls asleep, and then a Diamond Stone is applied to her. Applying just a Diamond Stone to a Merrowl will evolve her into a Pumara.
A Mountain Cat loses a lot of agility and speed compared to her pre-evolved form. However, to make up for this, a Mountain Cat’s fur takes on stone-like properties, giving her greater defense. Also, a Mountain Cat gains wrestling techniques, making them a better match for Fighting-types. (Unfortunately, Mountain Cats still have a Rock-types weakness to Fighting-types).
Mountain Cats are kept as partners mostly by miners, due to the fact that a Mountain Cat has an elemental affinity with the earth, and can sense where rare metals or other materials are lodged into the Earth’s crust.
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MOUSEFLY, the Flying Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Nuts, berries, grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: ....pidgeon replacement?
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Tackle, Wind, Song (*), Squall, Tickle Storm (**)
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Mechanism unknown)
In appearance, the Mousefly looks almost identical to her former self. The pair of large feathery wings (the color of feathers matches her fur and/or hair color) are hard to ignore, though. She can tuck them behind her or fold them in front of her like a cloak, allowing her to enter buildings and even elevators.
In attitude, it's a completely different story. Mouseflies are more confident when outdoors, especially if the sky is clear, and oftentimes is not as squeamish about confrontations. Feral Mouseflies will often taunt feline Pokégirls and fly away, laughing all the while, but still avoid teasing Griffons and Cheshires.
The Mousefly was discovered in 234 AS, following an intense battle with a now-defunct criminal organization that used a fleet of blimps using invisibility magic to attack and flee. In the final confrontation, the then-Titmouse's female tamer was knocked out of a set of bomb bay doors as she fatally shot and killed the organization's leader.
Leaping after her mistress, it seemed the two were destined to do a lover's dive, but the Titmouse underwent a unique evolution, growing wings and flying them to safety.
(*) - In addition to her wings, many Mouseflies instinctively pick up a tune (read: Song Technique) during the course of their first month with wings. This will oftentimes reflect how she felt just before or after she evolved.
(**) - Depending on how sexually active she is, she may pursue learning this technique. Many tamers who have gained Mouseflies rather enjoy the benefits of this technique, females intimately and male tamers because it allows the Mousefly to give a little "bonus" to other Pokégirls in the harem.
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MOUSEWIFE, "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife"
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods, cheese has special effects
Role: most often a domestic "pet", eagerly sought by many for noncombatant tasks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, fear attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Dodge, Scratch, Kick, Agility, Cheer Up
Enhancements: Night Vision, extremely good digestive system, Heightened Intuition, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Tactile Sense (x8)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (normal)
While the Titmouse is a common Pokégirl that is often traded and thought of as useless by most League officials, the occasional one evolving to Mousewife is treasured by Breeders, pet owners, and a variety of others. When evolving, the four foot tall Titmouse loses much of her fur, the muzzle, and other animalistic qualities as she grows to an average height of five feet even. She becomes considerably more intelligent but also more docile towards authority figures.
Mousewife is a fastidiously clean, domestically oriented Pokégirl. Even the most tomboyish and clumsy Titmouse becomes more graceful and suddenly "gets" the concept of housework, becoming proficient in short order.
Threatening a Mousewife will quickly intimidate one unless her "lair" or children or Tamer (especially if any sort of affectionate bond exists) is also threatened. At which point it has been reported that even Psi-dykes and Tomboys have been known to back away from the terror that is an enraged Mousewife. This is caused by a form of battle rage that slumbers within the quiet and gentle domestic's heart, tapping into latent psychic potential and combining it with an adrenal state. This is not generally known beyond the simple catchphrase that has circulated for over one hundred years: "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife."
When a Mousewife is not in this battle mode, they tend to define terms like "sweet and gentle" or "quiet and demure" - this is not an act or pretense. A Mousewife who has found a Tamer who responds to her behavior with thoughtfulness or open affection is sometimes prone to daydreaming, but the typical Mousewife in this situation is forgiven such faults.
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MUFFGOOSE, the Snake-Eater Pokégirl, AKA the Hard-Rocker Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (cat/mongoose cross)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous. Mostly human-style food supplemented with the occasional snake-type Pokégirl
Role: Snake predator and guitarist
Libido: High to Very High (Extreme is her tamer can sing very well)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Snake-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Cut, Fury Swipes, Slice n' Dice, Leap, Take Down, Double Edge, Glare, Yell, Screech, Call me Queen, Agility
Enhancements: All stats x2. Giving them a guitar or 'stringblade' can enhance most of their attacks as well as teach them new ones like Sword Dance, Parry, Hammer, Power/Armor/Special/Metal Break, Battle Song, Last Dance with Mary Jane, I'm Doing the Best I Ever Did, and Guitar Heroine (the last one only leaned from the rare 'Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special' stringblade). Some stringblades can also grant projectile/elemental attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Story this Pokégirl appears in: Of Wild Hearts and Pokégirls -- By Kid Loose
The Muffgoose species is a rising star in the Pokégirl world. She stands about 5'3", with a humanoid body, a fine 'not too skinny' figure, and (on average) a C-cup bust. She's mostly covered in white fur with a mix of cat and mongoose-like features, such as medium long pointy ears, large eyes, a slight muzzle, a black nose, sharp, claw-like nails on her fingers and toes, and a large, bushy tail that is about half as long as she is tall. Her most distinguishing feature is a patch of red fur that usually starts with the entire left ear then crawls down her face ending in a 'check mark' shape across her left eye. There's a similar red zigzag mark on her torso, starting at her right hip and moving into an 'M' across her chest, and her forearms and shins are also covered in red fur, usually up to the elbows and knees, respectively. Muffgooses also like to decorate themselves with colorful barrettes, hairclips and pet collars in addition to dressing flamboyantly (if they wear clothes at all).
Most Muffgooses have an affinity for rock 'n roll, especially the ancient works of one David Bowie. While it isn't entirely clear why, some speculate that this is due to the red marks on their faces giving them a resemblance to the character 'Ziggy Stardust'.
Because of their love of rock, most Muffgooses take up and become quite proficient with the electric guitar, and many learn to use it as a weapon in battle! Mostly like a club or a sword, going (as one tamer put it) "El Ka-Bong" on their opponents. When armed with a guitar of any type it is possible for them to learn a number of song techniques as well as other physical attacks.
Another quirk of this species is their utter disdain of any and all snake-Pokégirls, most of who will run in terror from them, as a Muffgoose will never hesitate to make one into a meal.
There is a famous story of a reputed Team Rocket boss who, when faced with possible indictment, flooded an airship with Lamias in an attempt to assassinate the prosecution's star witness in transit. The man was saved by the pilot's pet Muffgoose, the Pokégirl declaring: "Get these MOTHER FUCKIN' SNAKES off my MOTHER FUCKIN' AIRSHIP!!!!" before single handedly fending off the Lamias and saving all onboard. As this story circulated Muffgooses began to enjoy some popularity among airship pilots.
Muffgooses enjoy having music played during taming. They also greatly enjoy performing fellatio on their tamers, or as they call it 'Swallowing the Snake.' Depending on how loose their snatch is and/or how large their guitar is, they may also enjoy being masturbated with it. If it can't fit inside them they're quite happy to just have the head rubbed against their vulvas.
Muffgooses will usually get along well with Divas and other musically inclined Pokégirls. However, if you have any snake-Pokégirls you might want to rotate your active harem so that your Snake and Muffgoose aren't in it at the same time, if not trade/release one of them. They CAN be thought to get along, but it is a difficult and ill-advised prospect.
Domestic Muffgooses who desire a tamer will often seek one who can sing or otherwise has some kind of musical ability. A few have talked their tamers into starting bands, which have enjoyed some minor success, though the Muffgooses say they won't stop until they're bigger than Mineko and the Pussycats!
Tamers should be wary that tamed feral Muffgooses (and some domestics) can be prone to excesses in food, sex, alcohol and narcotics. In the case of sex, this is not always with their tamer or harem-sisters, which has led to many a fight. "Rockin' out is hard work," said one tamer of his experience with a Muffgoose, many of whom seem to live by the Credo: 'Live fast, die young, and leave a big fat corpse!'
Special Notes: There is a guitar-smith, a strange woman by the name of Haruko Haru-hara, who has taken to designing and building weapon guitars for Muffgooses. Called 'stringblades,' they are usually noted as guitars with bladed edges, literal 'axes' if you will. They can also have a variety of special features, ranging from everything between built-in shotguns, to taser, to flame-throwers (granting the Normal-Type Muffgoose elemental attacks!) and the like.
Haruko's greatest creation, however, is the Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special. This rare double-neck stringblade has an automatic shotgun built into one neck (no 'cocking' necessary) and a grenade launcher built into the other neck capable of firing a multitude of specialized grenades (explosive, incendiary, flash, freeze-bombs... whatever floats your boat!). Also, the whole thing can disassemble into two separate units for easy dual wielding. Optional 'homing-bracers' worn on both the PokéGirl’s wrists will allow her to throw the weapon and have it return like a boomerang.
The Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special can also teach a Muffgoose her greatest song-related technique, 'Guitar Heroine.' This support action causes the Pokégirl to glow with a rainbow colored aura, and during which all her stats double! She can also use her 'backlash techniques' (attacks like Takedown) without sustaining damage! The drawbacks are that she cannot use any other song/dance/aura related techniques while Guitar Heroine is in effect, the effect is canceled if for any reason she lets go of her guitar(s) and when the effect runs its course (or is canceled) it leaves her exhausted and vulnerable. Plus she cannot use the ability again for at least an hour.
Haruko doesn't have a shop, per sé. She wanders the countryside usually hanging out near concerts or other musical events, so look for her there is you'd like to buy one of her custom guitars. And bring a big wallet, because these babies don't come cheep! Also note that most leagues forbid the use of stringblades except as melee weapons, so no blasting away with your shotguns or flame-throwers in official gym battles (the homing-bracers are still cool, though). And whichever type of stringblade you choose, they all play really well.
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MURKUNT (aka TEN-GAL), the Dark Bird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (crow)
Element: Dark/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon (usually found in small groups of 2-3 or larger flocks of up to 12)
Diet: berries, fruits, grains
Role: psychic detector
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Gust, Feather Shuriken, Steal, Confusion, Screech
Enhancements: Flight, Psychic sensitivity, Nightvision,
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Mischievous, Physically weak, Distracted by Shiny things
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Moon Shard)
Murkunts (also Ten-gal in the Edo League) are similar to the Pidgy family. Unlike Pidgin which are normal flying types Murkunts are a Dark type. They have the unique ability to detect psychic activity. In the wild Their combat tactics are best described as 'dirty'. They use every trick in the book that they can when an opponent is stronger than they are. From cheap shots, to blinding them with sand to tag teaming, to leading them through bushes into a stream or cliff, you get the idea. Tamed Murkunts on the other hand still fight dirty but are more limited to the conditions of a poke battle. And usually don't have sisters waiting in ambush. Typically found in the harem of crooks, street fighters and similar ilk. They due have some redeeming skills in that they are strong vs. psychics and have various dark type attacks. Aiding in pursuit and capture of wild or a wanted tamers psychic types. Personalities are usually arrogant, haughty, cruel, and such. Though there are occasions when a Tamer has changed there Murkunts personality around, but these are few a far between. Surprisingly enough when confronted with any type situation where a child (Pokéwoman or human) is endangered the Murkunts become doting and protective towards it. And will protect it with their lives going into a frenzy against any who try to harm the child. In one instant a flock of Murkunts saved a group of kits and human children from a rampaging Widow. Of the 14 Murkunts only 1 survived the battle with the Widow. The Murkunts bought the townsfolk enough time to rally against the Widow. After the battle the Murkunt had to be subdued because she would not let any of the villagers near the children. In the end though she was healed and released back to the wild. To this day Murkunt flocks are welcomed into the town and protected from unlicensed Tamers. It requires a permit to catch Murkunts in that town and its surrounding woods.
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MYNX, the Nimble Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (mink)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods
Role: entertainer and public service
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Disadvantages: Mynx all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Lupina (Moon Stone), Draco (Dragon Scale), Lynx (orgasm; mechanism unknown), Ursine (Dark Stone), Furrite (orgasm), Phaenine (Angel Stone), Slutton (battle stress), Bawdger (Diamond Stone), Slottern (Water Stone), Pyrona (Dragon E-medal)
Evolves From: None
Another of the normal-types that were originally created for Sukebe's War, which are known to evolve in many directions: so many, in fact, that some researchers are insistent that there are even more evolutions just waiting to be discovered. As it is now, these furred-all-over Pokégirls are affectionate, useful in and out of battle, and if it wasn't for their genetic quirk with their lung problems they would be extremely popular among pet owners and tamers. As it is, they are only popular among pet owners- many say that their fur is the softest and greatest feeling fur of any Pokégirl (and some Pokégirls, such as Kitsune and Kittens, are known to resent this view). Fortunately, Mynx aren't overbearing about this boasting, as only their owners say such things. They have long tails that are about half again as long as the Pokégirl is tall, and is completely covered with that soft fur
Tamers, however, only deal with Mynx because of their many various evolutions, as the Mynx herself is not useful in prolonged battles. Many battles that are down to a Mynx against any other Pokégirl are forfeited because the Mynx wouldn't last long enough against their opponent. Because of their lung problems, Mynx Pokégirls just are of no use in Sex Battles either. Despite their high libidos, they have a low pleasure threshold at the same time, which researchers attribute to this breed's lung problem.
During the war, the Mynx were kept as a reserve guard that would annoy the human forces as the main Pokégirl forces either suckered the humans into a trap or were in retreat. They were only used during the beginning of the war, however, as Sukebe proceeded to evolve his Mynx forces into their more powerful evolutionary forms. These Pokégirls don't like to be with Eva-breed Pokégirls, however, due to the comparisons that are drawn between them. The Eva-breed are more numerous these days, however, due to the years following the Revenge War: the Mynx were one of the easier to find Pokégirls in that day and age, and many were slaughtered. In the years between then and modern-times, however, the Mynx has staged a remarkable comeback in numbers.
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NAGA, the Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake), Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore (ferals prefer small animals, usually eaten whole and live)
Role: Stealthy infiltration
Libido: Low (no particular high points)
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Ghost, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Wrestle, Sex Attack 2, Bite, Gummi Tongue (Can produce one of five different poisons: normal Poison, Paralyzation Poison, Sleep Poison, Heat Sting, Lust Bite)
Enhancements: High Flexibility, quiet movement
Evolves: Garter (Very Near Human type, weaker but more popular, mechanism unknown), Arbust (normal; entire body becomes mildly poisonous and can spit venom), Sideviper (rare, only encountered as a Feral; battle stress), Lamia (Venom Stone), Gorgon (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Nagas are half-snake, half-human hybrids which have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake. Some legends indicate that a Naga might simply have the head of a woman and the body of a snake, but this might have been simply an artist's implication that a normal human woman was as pretty, but as cold-hearted as a serpent.
Nagas do not have many bones in their bodies, aside from their skulls, but instead have cartilage. This severely limits their strength when lifting, but Nagas are ALWAYS good at crushing things with her hands and body. Because they lack bones, Nagas have an impressive level of flexibility, allowing them to curl up into tight coils and even lick their own lower backs without relying on their inordinately long tongues, though with said tongue's assistance, they can lick between their own shoulder blades.
Nagas do not have a standard hair color, eye color, scale color or pattern, but they do have an average bust size, which is usually teetering on the border between a B-cup and a C-cup. Larger is infrequent, but not that uncommon, though smaller is rare once they are of taming age. Most nagas hage arms, though a genetic abnormality had popped up, and roughly 15% of the entire Naga population is armless. The 85% that have hands can emit poison from their fingernails or from their canines and they can change their poison to one of five different types, but there may be lingering traces of her previous poison for upwards of a week. The eye of a Naga can be human-esque, cat-like or even have a transparent second lid, but this is random and unpredictable.
The typical Naga's height is difficult to determine because many researchers argue about what would constitute their 'height'. Some say that whatever height they're at when they 'stand' is what should be measure; others believe they should be measured by their length; and yet others believe they shouldn't have a 'height', but rather a length.
If their length was their 'height', then it is generally between eight to fourteen feet, only three to four feet of which is their human part, the rest is believed to be necessary to counterbalance them when they 'stand'. Almost all Naga have a mild metamorphic talent, but not as great as those of their evolutions. She can create a human waist, butt and visible human-esque vagina, allowing her to engage in sexual relationships, but she cannot change more than that, forcing her to either bend backwards or lean forward to accomodate a male lover, but considering their natural flexibility, it is easy, even if it does look like it. Nagas are insanely stealthy, and unless moving over something that crinkles or makes noise, such as leaves or tin foil, she will never make a sound while moving, contrary to movies which depict them as making a snake-like hiss while moving. Nagas are not that popular for tamers or pet owners because they're part snake and even most Pre-Sukebe War humans weren't not overly fond of slithery reptiles, but there will always be those who like them.
As stated earlier, due to a lack of hard bones, her strength is usually blunted unless she can hug or wrestle with her foe. Her main attacks are through the use of the various poisons her body normally produces. Sleep venom is the usual attack, which is how she keeps her prey from struggling as she swallows them. There are also many other problems with having a Naga, such as their cold-blooded nature making them susceptible to opponents with Ice attacks. 70% of all Nagas are also lesbian in their tastes, making most of them difficult for male Tamers to work with.
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NESSIDAME, the Water Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (elasmosaurid)
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent only)
Diet: Omnivorous, with heavy focus on fish
Role: Naval soldier for Sanctuary, Guardian of water sources
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire, Poison, Electric
Weak Vs: Plant, Flying, Ice
Libido: Low to Average (when it comes to mating season)
Attacks (normal mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade
Attacks (battle mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Flipper Slap, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade, Hydro Pump, Takedown, Headbutt, Tsunami, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Enhanced Strength (x3 on land, x7 in water), Enhanced Speed (x7 in water), Thick skin, Prehensile tail, Amphibious, Water resistant skin, Natural insulation, Enhanced Durability (x8), Can alter skin surface (normal mode only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Water Stone)
Sanctuary, at its founding, had many issues with defensibility at first. Sexmet, who had taken up residence at the opposite end of the continent, had some issues with them that would eventually devolve into utter hatred. Plus, their efforts to help others drew unwanted attention from several sources, including Arashi Giovanni (father of Gendo Giovanni) of Indigo, and Vince McMahon Senior of the Northern Ice League (later renamed the Capital League). To make matters worse, the Pokégirls that they primarily made use of to defend their borders, the Cheetits, were easily being caught and Tamed by humans making their way to the Southern parts of the continent, where Sanctuary and its various colonies lay.
This resulted in the creation of the Dameosaur breed. Brutal, vicious Pokégirls that could be more easily controlled in defending Sanctuary’s borders. Almost right away Sanctuary realized that a land-based breed wouldn’t be enough, so they set about almost immediately to see if they could create an air-based and aquatic-based breed using the simplest of tests: Random usage of evolution stones. Well aware of what happened with the Evangelion Advent, Dameosaurs were placed in circles filled with various forms of excess energy siphons, mystical and otherwise, and exposed to several different evolutionary stones.
Almost immediately, they got two good results, and for now were satisfied with what they had gained. Air support in the Pterodame, and aquatic assault in the Nessidame.
Nessidames, like Dameosaurs and Pterodames, have two different forms, one more suited for battle in their primary environment than the other. Nessidames are different in that they actually are fairly decent battlers in both forms. They are naturally stronger in water, but are capable of combat in both forms, moreso than the Dameosaur and Pterodame.
Their ‘battle mode’ form is essentially that of a large elasmosaurus, but one that is only a third of the size of the original beast, about 15 feet in length. They have large, rounded midsections with four powerful flippers, long, prehensile tails, and long, prehensile necks with elongated heads and razor sharp teeth. They can snap their heads as fast a snake and their water-based ranged attacks hit with tremendous pressure, especially if their necks are straightened out. These forms are large enough for Sanctuary Goths to use as mounts. Their strength is much greater in this form.
While they have less access to attacks in their ‘normal mode,’ that does not change the fact that they can take on most lesser opponents and have a good chance of winning. In this form they have the ability to temporarily coat their skin with slippery oil that can make most blunt physical attacks slide off. It’s useless against other water-types, as it can be washed off fairly easily. However they retain a level of strength and agility in this form, allowing them better combat capability than their breed sisters, the Dameosaur and the Pterodame. Nessidames in normal mode are tall, usually 6’9” at the minimum, thickly built women with dark green skin and a ridged armoring along their heads instead of hair. Their breasts are around the B-cup range at max, and their midsections usually have a soft coating of fat to help keep them warm when swimming in deep water. They have long, prehensile tails and webbing between their fingers and toes, with number four and three respectively.
Nessidames are more solitary than other dinosauric breeds of Pokégirls. Primarily this is because of feeding needs, as they are larger and require greater portions of food to satisfy their nutritional needs, making staying in groups impractical. This is also because Nessidames have a fierce territoriality that makes it difficult for them into interact with one another. They will tolerate their S-Goth tamer and, if she has them, her other Pokégirls, but will generally attack anything she views as entering her ‘territory.’ As this trait is useful in guarding Sanctuary from intruders by sea, little to no effort has been made to trying to correct this in some manner.
Water-stone creation and breeding of Nessidames is closely guarded, due to how valuable they are. Their willful nature tends to make them difficult to control for inexperienced Sanctuary Goths, but their usefulness as water-based guardians makes the positives outweigh the negatives. Because of the Pterodame’s curiosity about men, Nessidames are encouraged to think of men as food and fucktoys only. It’s important to Sanctuary that their dinosaurs never think of men in any meaningful way…
Which makes the following update on Nessidames quite amusing. In the biggest botch in Sanctuary’s history, a single Nessidame kit was allowed to escape Sanctuary’s territories and move upward. She was eventually tracked to the Blue League, where, to locals, she had become the current incarnation of the Loch Ness Monster. It was only recently that she was identified as a Nessidame after consulting reports of men who claim to have encountered ‘Nessie.’ In these reports, they say that ‘Nessie’ comes up on land, turning into a beautiful woman, singing a haunting melody and seducing them into her clutches. It was later verified that the ‘haunting melodies’ were actually being sung by Sirens who were amusing themselves by messing with the heads of hapless travelers. Still, this is an important discovery. The possibility of Nessidames proliferating in the wild is too good an opportunity to pick up. Blue League officials in the know have been informed and are making efforts to monitor Nessie, making sure Sanctuary agents do not assassinate her.
Tail Grapple (ATK 20 repeating) – The Nessidame wraps her tail around the opponent’s neck and chokes them repeatedly.
Water Jet Blade (ATK 75) – The Nessidame fires a heavily condensed, high-pressure stream that’s capable of cutting through solid materials such as metal or stone. It can hurt flesh, but not cut it.
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NINCADASS, the Bushin Burrower Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (insect - cicada)
Element: Bug/Ground
Frequency: Common (Forest League), Uncommon (Edo, Orange, Slot Leagues), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: farm worker
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Electric, Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Bird-type Pokégirls
Attacks: Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tackle, Sting, Dig, Resonate, Cicada Ruse, Smoke
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, very efficient digestive system, low metabolism, heat resistant
Disadvantages: Nocturnal only, light-sensitive eyesight
Evolves: Ninjacket (normal), Shednobi (special; PokéBall and empty slot)
Evolves From: None
The Nincadass, is an interesting species of Pokégirl, as while officially they have only come about in more recent years, the truth is that they may have been around all along. Although the date of their existence can't be accurately pinpointed by League Scientists, they are being given the benefit of the doubt due to their living habits.
Nincadass burrow underground and live there for years, feeding on tree roots, and hiding motionlessly under the soil when they feel the vibrations of something atop. Using her whisker-like antennae, she can feel her way to tree roots, which she slices open with her claws to feed. With such self-sustaining capabilities, it's understandable that the Nincadass might just have been left alone by pure chance. Still, the Nincadass has been uncovered in most recent years, and their popularity is proving to be on the rise, not only in the Forest League where they were founded, but in the neighboring Edo and Orange Leagues, and even as far as to the Slot League. For Tamers, it's because that the Nincadass is surprisingly resistant to heat, making her one Bug-type that can stand up to Fire-attacks; she can even deal with high temperatures by sweating, a first for any Bug-type. For regular people, especially farmers, the Nincadass are great for plowing fields and taking care of any weeds or problems that happen underneath the soil.
As for Edo, the popularity of the species is because the Nincadass have taken a liking to being taught ninjutsu, and the species on a whole can pick up on the training quite easily; a number of Bushin techniques are taught with surprising ease. They have even naturally taught themselves the use of Cicada Ruse using tree roots, and can even use a harsh flurry of sand to mimic the smoke technique. In appearance, a Nincadass looks like a waif-like human in some ways. Standing between 3'8" to 5'with a modest A-Cup, they have straight hair that kept short and is the same color as their skin; normally an opaque white. The Nincadass' exoskeleton is easily overlooked as it is very smooth, appearing as normal skin for the most part except for around the joints, which have the typical hinge like appearance of most arthropods; the Cutiepie and the Wasp. Nincadass also have prominent eyes set wide apart on the sides of her head, with short antennae protruding between the eyes, looking like a semi-mustache, and membranous wings that have pale green highlights. Sadly, these wings at this stage are incapable of flying.
While numbers are plentiful, actually finding a Nincadass is difficult as they are skittish around nearly everything that is new to them, but once they are caught, and given time to adjust to a Harem, they come to trust someone, they can begin to open up. They do, however, remain an overall quiet Pokégirl, the silence sometimes unnerving, but also useful for following and training within the path of ninjitsu, which a lot of Edo League Pokégirl Tamers are thankful for.
Unfortunately, there is a setback to the Nincadass. As a burrower, the species is nearly blind until they undergo evolution, and sunlight is painful to them. They don't even like being exposed to artificial light indoors. Moonlight is the only form of illumination that doesn't bother their sensitive eyes, so this has made for the Nincadass to be used only during night-time; something Edo League Tamers say suits a Pokégirl as skilled at ninjutsu as the Nincadass is. This light sensitivity is also another reason why the Nincadass are a species that haven't been found easily. Feral Nincadass will absolutely refuse to come up above the dirt during the day.
When it comes to Taming, Nincadass are fairly unpicky about what positions are used and what is done to them. A Tamer does need to be careful though, as their whiskers tend to be fragile, so kissing might be out of the question until they evolve.
As this is only a recently discovered breed of Pokégirl, there are not only any cases of a girl going through Threshold turning Nincadass, there aren't even any Domestic breeds. Still, some time down the road, should a Pokégirl Breeder, or a Tamer-turned-family man look into it, we may eventually start seeing Domestic Nincadass.
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NINJACKET, the Fudo Flyer Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Edo, League), Very Rare (Forest Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Stealth fighter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Slash, Tackle, Double Team, Sting, String Shot, Dive, Squall, Cicada Ruse, Numbing Wind, Smoke
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, very efficient digestive system, enhanced adrenaline system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (normal)
As a Tamer puts his Nincadass put through a harsh training regiment, disciplines her, Pokébattles with her, rewards her properly with praise or Taming, and careful about introducing the Nincadass to sunlight on a regular basis for minimal amount of times, the Pokégirl will level up to the point where she evolves.
The evolution itself is distinct from most other Pokégirls. At the beginning of the Nincadass' evolution, there is the expected bright glowing. However, this bright glow begins from within, and there's the startling look as the Nincadass' skin and carapace are stretched. Within minutes, the back bursts open, from which the newly evolved form of Pokégirl will emerge; Ninjacket!
In appearance, a Ninjacket retains it's waif-like human in some ways. Although now with a slightly taller body that ranges from 4'2" to" to 5', with their breasts now up to a solid and large B-Cup. Their hair, now considerably longer is usually kept back in a ponytail.
The major changes come in the form of the Ninjacket's exoskeleton. While remaining nicely smooth for the most part, and intricately hinged around the joints, there are points where the exoskeleton is like armor. Shoulders are more like armor-guards, and elbows and knees have thick pads of chitinous shell over them. One should note that the Ninjacket's coloration is bright yellow and striped, like a Wasp or a yellow jacket of old; what with a bright coat of yellow with stripes of black, and a retractable stinger at the end of their posterior. The Ninjacket's face also gains a form of exoskeletal armor that can be summoned or deactivated at will, normally looking like a bright yellow hooded mask with a black stripe and side-vents. This mask does not hinder the Ninjacket's prominent red eyes. The short antennae are moved to atop the Pokégirl's head, and there's even space for them inside of the exoskeleton that acts as a hooded mask.
And important aspect is that the membranous wings, once small and rather pathetic, are now much longer, and capable of high-speed flight of up to 70 mph. Interestingly, unlike most Bug-types, the flapping of their wings does not produce any sound, which again, Edo Tamers gloat about being another aspect of why this species of Pokégirl is perfect for ninjutsu. Their wings also benefit from their enhanced adrenal system, which allows them to push their wings to harsher limits and go even faster as time passes. However, they do need an hour of rest once they stop.
When it comes to battle, the Ninjacket is well adept at hit and dodge tactics, and will use a number of different attacks, using what they feel is best suited to their opponent. They now use truer versions of Cicada Ruse and Smoke attacks, and they can now naturally use the Ninja technique of Numbing Wind thanks to their wings. Numbing Wind and Double Team seem to be the Ninjacket's favorite combo for wearing down an opponent Pokégirl and avoiding damage.
Ninjackets are a particularly hyperactive lot. Although they can calm themselves whenever it comes to battle or practicing their fighting art, outside of that, they become a very playful species. A particularly favorite thing to do is to fly about silently and then surprise their Tamer, tackling him and wanting hugs and kisses. When it comes to Taming, Ninjackets love to kiss their Tamers, which was pretty impossible in their previous forms. The use of their lips are something that interest them, and so they love to give their Tamers head. When not giving oral-sex, the Ninjacket loves to be on top, and use her speedy wings to aid in the riding of her Tamer's cock. Interestingly, this seems to be the only time that the wings will make a buzzing sound, as if she's trying to drown out the noise she and her Tamer are making so others cannot listen in on them. As this is only a recently discovered breed of Pokégirl, there are not only any cases of a girl going through Threshold turning Ninjackets. Interestingly, a number of Pokégirl Breeders have shown interest in wanting to make Domestic Breeds, even more so than the Nincadass.
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NOGITSUNE, the Can’t Get Any Tail Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average (can become High depending on the Tamer’s Harem)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Hypnotize, Dream Eater, Illusion, Smile, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Shadow Shot, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x5) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Dark Kitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Kitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Vixxen (Dark Stone+Dusk Stone)
It seems that whenever a Kitsune does something that goes against her personal code, a form of honor unknown to any other being, a Kitsune loses her tail and becomes Nogitsune.
With the loss of her tail, the Kitsune’s body seems to unleash a high amount of dark energy, changing the Kitsune into a new Pokégirl. Though it is unknown how it happens, perhaps it is the work of a natural mechanism in a Kitsune, perhaps it is not.
By becoming a Nogitsune, there are many changes to the Kitsune being besides the loss of her tail. The Kitsune’s fur changes to a pattern of black and white, almost similar to a Skunkette or Mephitits. Also, with the loss of tail, more magical properties of the Kitsune are unleashed, making her a somewhat powerful Magic-type.
It should be known however, that a Nogitsune is quite a difficult Pokégirl to maintain in a Tamer’s Harem. The Nogitsune becomes very conceited, as she sees herself as having nothing to lose, so that train of thought makes two traits about the Nogitsune stand out. The first, and hardest for the Tamer is that since the Nogitsune sees herself as having nothing, she wants all she can get from her Tamer, wanting more time with him during Taming sessions or as the second trait shows, wanting to be used in battle.
The need to fight within a Nogitsune however can be a mixed blessing as with the want to be in battle, a Nogitsune is ruthless, using Hypnotize to put her opponent first, then draining her with Dream Eater. Should a Nogitsune’s opponent be able to shake off her Hypnotize, the Nogitsune will tend to use Mana Bolt or Mystic Bolt, depending on the level of mana, then follow up with Shadow Shot while the opponent is stunned. It should also be stated that it is NEVER a good idea to have a Nogitsune and a Shaguar in the same Harem. The two Pokégirls seem to have a rivalry that is up to the ferocity of the Kunoichis and Cheshires or the Demon Goddesses and the Neo-Iczels.
It is thought to be possible for Nogitsune to evolve, however, what she can evolve into is unknown at this time.
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PANTHRESS, the Dark Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Black panther)
Element: Dark/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style foods, extra meat (especially fresh and raw...)
Role: Menace to society, killer, punisher
Libido: Average (High 4 times a year)
Strong Vs: Normal, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Fury Swipes, Dark Goggles, Dark Blade, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Stone Palm, Saber Claw, Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Chi Blast, Resist, Dark Shield, Dark Mist, Dark Bomb, Super Claw
Enhancements: Enhanced Claws, nightvision, Enhanced Strength (x15[Berserker-type], x5[Fiend-type]), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Durability (x5[Berserker-type only]), Enhanced Intelligence (x5 [Fiend-type only])Enhanced Agility (x3[Berserker-type], x7[Fiend-type]), Quick Recovery, Stealth (can blend in with shadows)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (low discipline, mistreatment, little Taming, and lose 7 battles in a row)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure you have a strong fighting-type Pokégirl on hand to fight. Try to not let yourself become visible to the Panthress as they will try to ignore your Pokégirl to attack you directly.
In all things light there is darkness.
Like the Penance and the Chimera, the Panthress is a dark evolution. Only this walking tragedy is especially sad, as it could have been prevented quite easily.
There are a combination of elements which result in an evolution to a Panthress. One, obviously, is mistreatment, verbal and physical abuse. Normally, this would lead a Tigress to become a Penance. However another factor is a lack of discipline. Treating a Tigress with indifference save for when you want something, not having her train much at all, and other such lackadaisical things add to the deadly mixture. Another, even more inexcusable factor is lack of Taming. Tigresses require frequent Taming for them to function, and not Taming them often leaves them half-Feral, near savage at all. And finally, having the Tigress lose seven battles in a row. This engulfs them in rage and frustration, resulting in a dark evolution and certain death for the Tamer who abused her. They are menaces, yes, but they are also to be pitied.
The first Panthress was discovered completely by accident. A Tamer of the Sunshine League didn't take good care of his Tigress, letting her training slip, rarely taming her, and forcing her into fights against opponents who outclassed her greatly. When the Tigress lost her seventh battle, against a Griffon, she was engulfed in dark light, changing into a monster. She killed her Tamer for the pain and frustration she had suffered under him and murdered the Griffon and her Tamer out of sheer rage. The Panthress was caught and put down, but soon after others began appearing.
There are two known types of Panthress. The most common form is the ‘Berserker’ Panthress. Berserkers gain tremendous amounts of muscle, especially in the biceps and thighs, their breasts expanding into the F-Cup range. Their tails grow thicker, their fur and hair becoming midnight black, giving them the ability to blend in with the shadows. Their eyes become gold, and their faces, if not already close to it, become much more animal-like in appearance, looking almost exactly like the animal they were based on originally. Their claws increase in sharpness and thickness, their senses enhancing just slightly. Berserker-type Panthresses undergo a drop in intelligence, their minds becoming almost constantly angry, lost to the rage over the abuse and neglect they suffered. They are brutally savage in battle, but somewhat clumsy due to their large size. This can be used to the advantage of someone attempting to put the Panthress out of their misery. They cannot stand the prescence of most men for any length of time longer than in takes to get what they need out of them, and consider other Pokégirls helping men to be an act of betrayal.
The second type of Panthress is much more rare, but just as dangerous, this form known as the ‘Fiend’ type. Their faces, if animalistic, become more human, their hair and fur darkening to deep black. Their eyes become golden, their claws sharpening, and like Berserker-types gain the ability to blend in with the shadows. They retain the lithe, slender figure of their previous form, gaining only a slight increase in bust and height. However what they gain is an increase to their intelligence. They become smarter, and in turn crueler, gaining a strong desire to turn the fury at their abuse and neglect outward in various ways. They are just as angry as the Berserker-type, but they turn that anger outward in a different way, in the form of acts of vicious cruelty. Otherwise, they appear as calm as any other Pokégirl. They can stand the presence of men for strong lengths of time, but doing so makes them act out even more. They can accept Tamings from males, but will feel tremendously sullied afterwards for psychosomatic reasons and need to have a Taming with a female or a Pokégirl immediately afterwards to feel better and calm down. Fiend-types are infamous for their cruelty, and are considered by some to be more dangerous than Berserker-types.
It’s unclear so far what causes the variance that makes the two different types of Panthresses. Many theories have been presented, some reasonable, some not. So far, the most acceptable reasoning for the difference is that the type of abuse that created them differs from the Berserker to the Fiend, with Berserkers receiving primarily physical abuse, while Fiends received primarily mental abuse. No one is willing to test this, so studies are being performed on a case by case basis.
Panthresses are vicious, unrelenting fighters. They will not hesitate to kill anyone they find, and when they catch a male Tamer they will torture him to death, forcing them to arousal and violently raping them first. They are considered by some to be embodiments of Mao Shin Mao's frustration and rage. It is known what makes a Panthress, and you are advised NOT to do this under any circumstances! They WILL NOT STOP until they kill their abuser and anyone else in their way. If found in the wild, do not attempt to engage or capture unless absolutely necessary. Evacuate the area immediately and contact local security forces and as many OfficerJennies as you can find. This is not a joke. Failure to do so will result in loss of Pokégirls and Tamers license, as Panthresses are ranked to be an Alpha-class threat and a danger to anyone around them.
There has been some talk of Taming a Panthress for use in a Harem, possibly even rehabilitating them like Penances can be. Research has shown this to be impossible so far, as the ingrown hatred of men Panthresses have makes them unwilling to tolerate the concept of being in a harem. The closest anyone has come is in the Silver Islands League, where the experimental Lockdown procedure has produced at least one known Berserker-type Panthress that will not rape/eat/kill a man on sight. She still despises men, however, and the rage, while more controlled, is still there, making her very difficult to deal with. She wants nothing more than to be left along, and all those involved with the project are inclined to let her be. While SIL officials are considered bizarre by most due to their stance on certain issues, their research into finding ways of making dangerous Pokégirls less dangerous is encouraged. There have been only two known instances of a controlled Panthress besides this one. The first is a Berserker-type reportedly spotted in the Sunshine League that showed signs of possibly being a Battle Panthress. The bonding may also account for why she let the two men spotted with her actively be in her company for so long. The other is a Fiend-type Panthress known to be a member of a Limbec Pirate band in the Indigo League.
Thankfully, there are no instances of Thresholding into a Panthress occurring. Although some have brought up a rather interesting topic. If a Panthress were to occur through Thresholding, would they have the tremendous internal rage that regular Panthresses do? The theory was presented by Silver Islands researchers, and admittedly has given some people pause. This theory has also made law enforcement officials, especially those in-charge of tracking down and eliminating illegal Kit Mills, become more cautious when searching for the illegal facilities…
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PHAENINE, the OTHER catbird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying/Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Flying Scout
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Bug, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Feather Blizzard, Double Needle, Typhoon, Gust, Squall, Hip Drop, Love 'N' Affection, Yell, Quickturn
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x5) high evasion rate in open areas
Disadvantages: Low Vitality, low Strength
Evolves: Griffon (Ceremony evolution, 70%; see below), Airmaiden (Ceremony evolution, 30%; see below)
Evolves From: Mynx (Angel Stone), Kitten (Dream Stone)
Phaenines are called the "OTHER catbird", because they appeared after Griffons, and were not as dangerous. Phaenines were largely scouts, since they lacked the strength and ferocity of their more dangerous counterparts. However, recent studies have shown that an evolution ceremony can evolve a Phaenine into a Gryphon, which has led to an increased interest in this breed.
The difference was apparent from the get-go. Phaenines rarely top 5'5", don't have a battle form, and their feathers have the same pigment as their natural hair color, which is a lot of colors, but never white. Phaenines usually have B-to-C-cup breasts, and always have four-toed birdlike feet (three forward and one behind). Despite having so few common traits with the Griffons, the Phaenines' similarities did cause the few Griffons that also had birdlike feet to be misidentified, leading to some almost catastrophic breaches of human defenses in the Sukebe War, but these ended once humans took note of the key differences.
Phaenines are often overlooked, not because they aren't sexy, but because they lack the sheer power of the Griffon. Those who mock the breed call them "Mock-Griffons" or simply the "OTHER catbird Pokégirl". However, about twenty years ago there was a sudden increase in Phaenine Pokégirls in the wild, which leads researchers to speculate as to how the Phaenine population has exploded so much that they have gone from Rare to Very Uncommon in such a short amount of time. After several years of experimentation, in 299 AS it had been confirmed that Kitten Pokégirls that touch a Dream Stone evolves into a Phaenine. The Phaenine is becoming somewhat more popular as a pet as a result, and may very well be the reason as to why they are becoming more common these days.
Less likely to destroy walls, furniture, and the like due to their lower than average strength for a Pokégirl, and yet they have the advantage of greater speed, agility, and flight. Despite their lack of power, they do possess a lot of advantages. Their keen eyesight allows them greater accuracy than most other Pokégirls, their cat-like agility allows them to use Quickturn to avoid colliding with obstacles or the ground, and their agility combined with their eyesight and their ability to fly, allows them to evade attacks more easily in open areas.
However, there are some disadvantages to the Phaenine as well. Unlike natural flying Pokégirls, she must build up her endurance, as a result of the lung-problems that she once had as a Mynx until she does, her flight times are short and her mobility is quite limited. And because Phaenines were designed as scouts or trackers, they are not as strong as most cat-types tend to be when evolved. However, most Phaenine are laid back, much like Catgirls can be, and prefer to relax and take things in stride when not out hunting. They love to play with children, so long as none pull on her tail (which is rather sensitive) or wings (which can be even more sensitive). Phaenine are sometimes used as Mascots at schools, where they are also used to demonstrate taming theory, as well as the proper way to be a tamer.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Dream Stone, Sky Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: Open air and taming at any time of the day.
Ceremony Itself: The ceremony must begin at the beginning of any hour during the day, and must be finished between 15 and 30 minutes after beginning the ceremony. The Dream Stone and Sky Crystal must be touching the Phaenine while she and her tamer are having a midair taming session. The Phaenine must possess a need and want to evolve into something more when she orgasms within the 15-to-30-minute time limit. What the Phaenine evolves into is a result of possibility: There is a 70% chance of evolving into a Griffon, while at the same time there is a 30% possibility of evolving into an Airmaiden. Either way, no tamer has ever reported themselves as being disappointed in either result. Of course, considering the time limit, there have been unsuccessful ceremonies- when this happens, both evolution items are absorbed into the Phaenine, but do not induce evolution. It does, however, firmly place the Phaenine's libido in the High-range. According to league data, the ceremony is successful only about 60% of the time due to most tamers infamiliarity with aerial tamings, although some tamers complain that their Phaenines didn't want to evolve into anything more than they already are. Most researchers agree that failure in this type of evolution is much more likely to be the fault of the tamer than the Pokégirl.
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PIA, the Baby-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (mouse)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivorous
Role: Fighters, Emergency power charges
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Growl, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Spark, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Thunderwave
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility and Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Senses (Smell and Hearing) (x2), Low self-control
Evolves: Peekabu (age/normal)
Evolves From: None
A Pia is one of the shortest mouse-type Pokégirls, rarely growing very much; by the time she reaches puberty, she's still only 4'5 in height, at best, and the rest of her proportions are on par. The average breast size is an A-cup, with anything larger being always on the lower side, and the same low sizing affects their hips as well; rarely, however, there are Pias who are gifted with large breasts and hips, usually looking more like their evolved forms than anything. Their bodies are covered in bright yellow fur, with pink marks on their cheeks and extremely long, rabbit-like ears with black markings. These ears move according to their emotions, normally standing proud in attention when they're calm or happy, but drooping when they're sad or worried. Their tail is smaller than their evolution's, also being black in color at the end, and is used to aid with their balance and movements.
Pias aren't particularly fast or strong, although they're still able to outrun the average human if they tried; rather, their primary skill is to hide and sneak through places taller Pokégirls normally can't access. Their form of playing about, when they're young, is usually to see who can sneak through the tightest hole the quickest, a game that requires more strategizing than one might think. Because of this, Pias usually can climb onto, enter, and otherwise access areas one wouldn't expect them to be able to reach. Despite the stories, however, very few Tamers actually believe their skills - until they actually see them in action. Their electric attacks are actually more potent than other Pokégirls’, including their evolutions – that is, however, only if one considers the amount of energy wasted or redirected into their own bodies. Their weaker attacks are normally not strong enough to cause serious harm, although they might end up paralyzed or dizzy from use; stronger attacks, on the other hand, can leave them seriously harmed or even worse. Still, the average Pia can’t unleash her electricity on accident unless seriously shocked, and Taming doesn’t require much other than careful contact and going slow; their bodies are small enough that an average Tamer isn’t likely to get his entire organ inside her.
Personality-wise, Pias are rather perplexing; while a good majority of them is Feral, their state is very much unlike the other Pokégirls, being able to interact with others normally for extended periods of time without Taming. While it's true that they need it, and particularly love to do it (although they're so small there aren't many ways to do it with them), their low libido means they require it only every once a week or so, at least, rather than daily. They're also extremely curious, usually going to places they're not supposed to be in and asking various questions of any kind. If what they learn isn't particularly interesting, they'll 'forget' about it, speaking mostly of the things they liked to hear about for a long while. Sometimes, however, they may recall their 'forgotten' knowledge way after they heard it, something more common if they're Tamed (a fair rarity, of course...). Pias tend to be intensively possessive of things they find, usually considering any kind of thing they can put on their bodies 'clothing' and anything they can carry 'theirs', be it truly theirs or not. This kind of action is worse with wild Pias, who consider anything not nailed to the ground to be theirs and everything else to be theirs as well.
When Feral, Pias tend to hide from humans and watch them, curiously. Depending on how close the human is, they'll either run away if their eyes cross or start coming closer, carefully. As long as the human does not do any sudden movements or attempt to touch the Pia, she won't be frightened, and may be offered some food; in such a case, she'll be as good as Tamed, trusting the human as long as he doesn't try to hurt her at all. This is one of the reasons why knowledge of these Pokégirls and their evolutions is being easier to find. Surprisingly, Pias have a difficulty to understand the concept of 'one partner', and may wander off if they feel unsatisfied, even if Bonded; this isn't a permanent departure, however, and the Pia will return to her Tamer at once.
Pias do not like female humans, and being Tamed by females is even less effective than usual with them; be it a genetic memory or not, the truth is that the breed simply does not enjoy being touched by females, or doing the same. Feral Pias are more willing to be Tamed by their Sisters, but they will refuse to be touched by a female human regardless.
Cases of Threshold are extremely rare, almost non-existent; due to hormones, the only way a proper, safe evolution can happen is if the girl goes through the Threshold process earlier than normal, with the known cases of Threshold being younger than 10 years old at best. Recent studies to analyze why the process is so specific have been restarting research on Threshold. All Pias evolve at the age of 18, although evolution may be forced at an earlier period.
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PIDGY (aka BIRDY, aka CANARY), the Tweety Bird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: insectivore, grains, some plants
Role: often used as a pet, sometimes as a courier or scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokégirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size (4' or 1.35m), Enhanced Eyesight x3
Evolves: Pidgette (normal), Pidgeota (evolved Pidgette; normal), Swanmaid (Angel Stone), Divette (Water Stone), Falcongentle (battle stress), Hooter (Dark Stone), Murkunt (Moon Shard)
Evolves From: None
Pidgy are one of the common "pet types" found among human society. They are small and lightweight, don't eat a lot, and don't require a lot of maintenance. One of the first, if not the first bird types to appear, it is thought that Pidgys were the basis of most of the other bird type Pokégirls due to their similarities in structure, with the exception of the Legendaries and those modeled after them. The arms and hands of a Pidgy are used as her wings, and are thus useless for anything other than flight, it is their feet which are used for anything regarding fine manipulation. Their lightweight frame is due to the makeup of their bones, which are honeycombed instead of solid, much like a Pre-Sukube bird's only stronger. Their hips and knees are free-jointed, which means that they can bend both forwards and backwards. This aids in landing, takeoff, jumping, feeding, and makes for very interesting taming sessions. Because of their need to use their feet for more mundane tasks, Pidgys are oddly focused on keeping their feet clean. One can often find feral Pidgys splashing about in small pools of water, and any owner of a Pidgy is sure to win her affection via a foot spa. Pidgys are covered in feathers from head to ankle, their feet being slightly scaled with tough skin. The only places devoid of feathers are their nipples and lips, giving their face an owlish appearance. In place of hair, they have slightly longer feathers that seem to simulate hair as well as keeping their heads warmer when flying.
Domesticated Pidgy are often used as couriers or messengers, particularly in mountainous areas where communication lines are difficult to maintain. They can also easily be lookouts, as their eyesight is much keener than a human's coupled with their ability to get up to good vantage points makes them excellent to watch from a 'bird's eye view'. While the thin air at high altitudes makes it difficult for them to fly, they can manage short trips to deliver messages or hunt for food. Thresholded Pidgy usually bemoan their loss of humanity and spend most of their time in the air, flying for the joy it gives them. Eventually they come to terms with their new existence. Their slight levitation ability also assists them here, allowing them to effectively soar when they would otherwise have to flap their wings, as well as assisting in taking off and landing.
Very Rarely, a Pidgy will be born yellow instead of an earth tone brown, these Pidgy are often called Tweetys, and tend to have no fear of cat-types, unlike other Pidgy. These odd bird Pokégirls even find enjoyment in tormenting and teasing cat-types, and should not be allowed in a harem with them, unless the Tamer wants to see chaos ensue. These Tweety types often speak in a cutesy fashion, but are surprisingly more intelligent than a normal Pidgy, even when captured feral. They also retain their small size, gaining no more than one or two inches with each normal evolution, keeping the standard Pidgy B-cup chest size and odd coloration throughout their lives. If evolved with a stone, however, this strange Pidgy becomes a normal colored and tempered evolution.
Feral Pidgy are nearly worthless, even after intensive training their attention span is extremely low. This is due to Pidgy being at the bottom of the Pokégirl food chain when in the wild, and the Pidgy is constantly watching their surroundings for any sign of danger. This ingrained habit is very hard to break in feral Pidgy, and so far the only Pidgy that have any hope are the Tweety types mentioned above.
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PINCHIT, the Hot Headed/Horned Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug/Fighting
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Sap, Sweet Fruit, Small Animals
Role: Forest Attack Force
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Ground
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Seismic Toss, Horn Attack, Takedown, Glare
Enhancements: Hardened Armor, Strength(x4), Sharpened Horns
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
While the Herakunt were created for forest combat, the Pinchit were made for all out attacks in a forest terrain. They are usually covered in dark brown armor to help them blend into their surroundings. The Pinchits’ main weapon are a pair of horns which grow from their heads. The horns have studs on them which help grip their quarry. While they cannot control the length of their horns, they can control how sharp the studs on them are. The horns a Pinchit wields are usually long enough to wrap around a fully-grown man's waist. During the War of Revenge, the Pinchit would usually snap their victims in half at the waist. Their strength makes the task quite easy. These days the Pinchit only use their horns in territory battles or against Pokégirls they don't like. Given their attitude, the list can be quite long.
The Pinchit can qualify as omnivores, however they prefer meat as compared to sap their more peaceful counterparts the Herakunt would eat. They are somehow able to tell when the population of prey is getting low, which makes them switch to tree sap, letting the population return. No one is specifically sure how the Pinchit knows this, but the study is ongoing.
Pinchit are territorial and aggressive, which leads them to try and steal territory for themselves if they feel they are strong enough to get it. They always try to steal the territory of Herakunt since the Herakunt in question always flee despite being strong enough to fight back and possibly win. Despite the aggression that Pinchit possess, they are still capable of living in swarms with the strongest in control of the others.
Taming a Pinchit is surprisingly easy. Once a Tamer captures one, the Pinchit in question is subservient. They acknowledge that the Tamer is stronger and will defer to them. During the taming session, the Pinchit will try all they can to please their Tamer. Seeing themselves as a true servant of the one who is stronger than them. Most researchers believe this was programmed into them by Sukebe as a means of controlling their aggression.
Pinchit are naturally aggressive and will see any kind of aggressive action as a challenge. To them, a Tamer is one of the larger challenges they can face. Some of the more aggressive ones will actively search out opponents to fight just for the sake of fighting. If they beat a strong opponent, they calm down for a while to enjoy the taste of victory and whatever they had gained from the victory be it food, territory, or a Tamer they can get a taming from.
Working with a Pinchit in a Harem can be difficult. They will initially try to place themselves as above the other members of the Harem while showing respect for the Pokégirl who defeated them and allowed their Tamer to catch them. The problem is easy enough to solve by letting the other members of the Harem fight the Pinchit and win. Any new members past the Pinchit will face this problem.
In battle, Pinchits prefer to overpower their opponents and lord a victory over them, provided they stay conscious after whatever wounds they suffer. Their low libido gives them some stamina in the the realms of sex, but they do not like to learn sex techniques since they like battle rather than sex.
Thresholding into a Pinchit is always recorded. Either because of proper registration, or the police reports regarding a newly thresholded Pinchit on the rampage with her uncontrolled aggression.
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POOL MOUSE, the Playful Mouse Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare (Common on Magma Islands)
Diet: Kelp, fruits, vegetables
Role: Fisher-women
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Draining Rain, Mirror Image, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Bubbler, Bubble Cross, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Very good swimming, ability to breath fresh or sea water, highly tuned sixth sense, stronger personality
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Water Stone)
When a Titmouse evolves into a Pool Mouse, she loses the fur she had as a Titmouse, but all of her skin turns incredibly smooth and slick. Her tail also gains a strange blue ball at the tip, which is believed to hide the water that she uses so her breasts remain the same size, unlike the Squirtitty. The ball is known to grow and shrink in size whenever she uses a water technique away from a water source, but it is never larger than her head and is never smaller than her fist. It's believed that she may be able to re-absorb leftover moisture from her water attacks to rejuvenate her own supply.
A Pool Mouse is usually not much taller than she was as a Titmouse, but she may gain up to six inches in height and she may slowly develop slightly larger breasts than she had before. Her breasts, stomach and inner thighs are usually bright white while the rest of her skin is blue. Her eye color doesn't change, but they may seem sharper.
Pool Mice have a much stronger sixth sense, being able to detect anyone in any direction within twenty feet, unless there's a solid non-water-porous obstacle, like a steel wall. She also cannot detect intent, but she will know where everyone is within her detection range, no matter how fast they move.
Pool Mice also have a greater sense of fun, loving to play with anyone who will join them in a game. Probably the worst thing about this is that they sometimes completely ignore their sixth sense, though this is generally at the height of play or passion.
The second worst is perhaps their longest running prank on any Pokégirls new to their harem, which is to float bubbles up behind them to make it appear the victim farted. The joke is as old and stale as the Bubble technique and yet, most Pool Mice will still get a hearty laugh out of it.
Because of their ability to detect things around her even when underwater and their cheerful nature, they're viewed as good companions or supervisors for Titodiles or Cuntnaws who aid fishermen.
Pool Mice aren't good fighters, but are excellent when it sex techniques or any supplemental techniques that can help her allies.
Pool Mice have quite sensitive tails and not in an erotic way. Most will sleep on their stomachs or on their side to avoid accidentally pinching the nerves in their tails. Coincidentally, they tend to favor positions where they can be either on top or facing their partner.
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PRI-MATE the Little Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Common (Forrest and Slot) Rare (Every where else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Forest Messengers and Raiders
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Rock, Normal, Dark, Bug
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Fury Swipes, Quickturn, Taunt, Headbutt, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, and Balance (x2), Prehensile Tail, Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Babeoon (Leaf Stone), Lemura (Dusk Stone), Atelesia (Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None
The Pri-Mate is a short Pokégirl. The average height for the breed is somewhere between 4'6” and 5' even. There are cases where the girl is shorter or taller, but these are very rare. Pri-Mates can range anywhere from Near Human to Very Near Human, the difference depends on how she was born. Ferals are usually covered with a short coat of soft brown fur, while a Domesticated and Threshold cases can have extra hair ranging from full body fur to having only slightly more pronounced hair growing on their arms and legs. All Pri-Mates have a prehensile tail that is about half as long as their body. They can use their tail almost as well as their hands and feet, the tail is strong enough to support the girl's weight if they decide to hang by it.
Pri-Mates have a thin body with a maximum breast size of a B-cup. They, like the Ocelolita, tend to resemble young girls between the ages of 13 to 16. Pri-Mates all have a curious and playful personality, one that usually leads them into trouble. They like exploring new places and meeting new people, each one wanting to learn about the entire world around them. Pri-Mates can be decent starting 'girls, but their personalities tend to make them a bit hard for new tamers to handle. They do, however, make an excellent opponent for beginning tamers to try their Pokégirls out against. Because of their curious nature they don't make very good Alphas or Betas, preferring to know what's going on rather than trying to help with what's going on.
Their curious nature extends to the bedroom as well. Pri-Mates are willing to try any and all sexual acts at least once. If they're being forced to partake of acts that they don't like they'll make sure that they're heard. They have a tendency to screech loudly when excited, angry, or upset. Tamers tend to stop what they're doing when their Pri-Mate starts chattering in order to get them to stop.
During the War Pri-Mates were used as message carriers in dense jungle and forest settings. When not moving through the treetops delivering messages, a simple task when taking into account their hand like feet and tail, they would amuse themselves by raiding jungle cargo lines. These 'troops' were often accompanied by other jungle assault Pokégirls. In battle they tend to strike in waves. When the first wave retreats a second wave rushes in to continue the assault and so on. Ferals use this method to their advantage, usually rushing in with a small group to attack with Fury Swipes.
The Feral state of Pri-Mates is interesting. They tend to group together in packs, or 'troops', anywhere from ten to fifty or more. Researchers find it interesting because these troops are set up almost like small communities. There are social groups inside of the troop much like those that would be found in any community. The researchers were able to study the behavior for a little more than a week before the troop, annoyed by their presence, chased them away by flinging sticks, stones, and feces at them. On the rare occasions that they are found by themselves Pri-Mates have shown to be much more aggressive than they are when with a group or harem. When introduced into a harem most of the Pri-Mates that were living solitary lives tend to show that they are unable to addapt, trying to do everything by themselves and shunning others, even their tamer.
Threshold cases are well known if the girl's family has a strong history of simian pokegirl ancestry. The first thing that girls undergoing find is that they start growing more hair on their arms and legs that no amount of shaving can take care of. Around the middle of the transformation is the most painful, they begin growing their tails and their feet start to reshape themselves.
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PTERODAME, the Sky Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (pterosauroid)
Element: Ground/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Aerial reconnaissance and patrol, Air support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Bug, Fire, Poison, Electric, Ground
Weak Vs: Water, Ice, Flying
Attacks (normal mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite
Attacks (battle mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite, Wing Attack, Takedown, Wingover, Gust, Wind, Fan, Crunch, Beak Lancer*
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Exoskeleton armor, Enhanced Speed (x17 in the air only), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Dexterity (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Angel Stone)
The creation of the Dameosaur in AS 214 (CE 2206) was a boon to Sanctuary’s defenses. They were easier to control than the other types used before, were more powerful, fiercer, more durable, in every way an improvement. They could even be used as mounts in their battle forms if need be. But it wasn’t enough. They had ground troops, but they needed air support as well. To that end, they tried a simple experiment: Gather every evolution stone they had and see what affected Dameosaurs. The end result of that was the Pterodame.
Pterodames, along with Nessidames and Dameosaurs, were instrumental in defending the landscape during the 1st Frontier War. Human incursions into Sanctuary-controlled territory were getting dangerously close to Sanctuary itself. And with the fact that Sanctuary’s previous guardians, Cheetits and other wildcat types, were being caught and Tamed en masse, Sanctuary needed the dinosaur Pokégirls as a means of protecting themselves. Granted, Sanctuary’s presence in other Leagues, rescuing and relocating children abandoned by their parents out of fear of them going through Threshold, was part of the reason attention was drawn to Sanctuary in the first place. From this, League leaders, headed up by a committee headed by Vince McMahon Senior, father of Vincent Kennedy McMahon of the Capital League, launched an investigation into the Dark Continent to discover the source of these mysterious ‘dark angels.’
Very few of the Tamers and Pokégirls sent back in made it back home. Most were killed by Sanctuary’s dinosaur forces, their Pokégirls either taken in by Sanctuary or killed outright in combat. Those that returned had been driven insane, telling stories of lizard girls turning into monsters, being ridden by shadowy demonesses (REAL demonesses, not Pokégirl-types). It was only after the (CLASSIFIED) began to get into contact with League officials that we began to learn about Sanctuary and their dinosaur Pokégirls at all.
Pterodames are short, lizardlike Pokégirls, around five feet five inches tall with greenish-brown skin. They differ from Dameosaurs in that they lack the spiked toe-claws or the sharp teeth in their ‘normal mode.’ Their eyes are varying shades of red, black, or gold. Their tails shrink down until they become almost vestigial, and possess a lightweight protective exoskeleton to compensate for their newly lightweight bone structure. They also have small webbed wings underneath their arms that allow for limited gliding, and a thicker coating of feathers on their head than their Dameosaur counterparts. Their teeth aren’t as sharp as those of a Dameosaur, their bodies adapting to a more omnivorous diet.
Like Dameosaurs and Nessidames, they have a ‘normal mode,’ which was described above, and a ‘battle mode,’ a completely dinosaur-esque form that allows them greater attacking power. For Pterodames, they turn into a form resembling that of a pterodactyl. Their wings grow out tremendously, their heads elongating into massive beaks, their bodies growing in size as they become, essentially, a massive bird. Their exoskeleton retracts into their body, becoming an endoskeleton which armors them for battle mode. Their head has the most armoring in battle mode, allowing for the lethality of their Beak Lancer attack. When harnessed properly, a Pterodame can be used as an aerial mount for a single rider.
Pterodames are markedly more pleasant to deal with than Dameosaurs. They are cheerful, friendly Pokégirls, even when fighting. They tend to greet people they like with friendly nips to the ears, and are easy to please. (They consider any kind of fruit to be a wonderful gift.) All observed Pterodames have the strange mental quirk of calling any kind of favored food a ‘Nom.’ They also have a rather unusual means of speaking which cannot be properly expressed in text. There have been a few that do not have this manner of speech, however.
Pterodames primarily are used for aerial scouting and reconnaissance. Patrols consisting of two Pterodames with one rider each can be seen around the perimeter of many Sanctuary-controlled territories in the Dark Continent. They are not as suited to battle as Dameosaurs and Nessidames, but are very agile and fast in the air, especially in battle mode. Their aerial speed is seconded only by Skarmories.
Data on Pterodame Threshold is limited. Sanctuary guards their Dameosaurs and their evolutions closely, making sure that they produce exclusively through parthenogenesis. However there is a point of interest about Pterodames; The friendly dinosaur Pokégirls seem to be very interested in meeting new people, and are fascinated by men. So much so that many Sanctuary officials have gone to great lengths to keep Pterodames away from male exposure…
Beak Lancer (ATK – 100) In battle mode, a Pterodame dives down head first, thrusting with her beak in an attempt to impale the opponent.
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PUMARA (aka CATAMOUNT, aka COUGROWL), the Mountain Lioness Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic Cat
Element: Fighting/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (solitary to pairs)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: wilderness survivalist (mountains and forests), night-fighter
Libido: average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Psychic, Water, some canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Mountain Claw, Slash, Growl, others
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision (x5), Claws
Disadvantages: Rebellious Nature, Wild Streak
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Diamond Stone)
Catamount, Cougrowls, or Pumara. It is all the same. It’s simply a regional variance of the name. (Found in the Johto (Cougrowls), Crescent (Catamounts or Pumara), Indigo (Cougrowls bordering Johto and Catamounts towards Crescent), and Tyroon Leagues (Pumara).) This branch of the Merrowl is similar to Tigresses. That is to say that they are superb fighters and combat Pokégirls. They are not as passionate about loving and fighting as Tigresses are. They prefer causing trouble and exploring; living life to the edge.
Grey to tan fur, white bellies and black markings on the end of their tails, around their muzzle and black spots above the eyes distinguish this cat-type evolution. Strong sleek builds, extra powerful claws capable of harming Rock-types. All are characterized by a wild nature that tends to make domesticating them difficult. Those that are were born domestic and tend to be rebellious trouble-makers, wild cards, and smart-asses. They are more at home in the wild (though this can include certain city areas - like the underground and bad parts of town) than in the city. They don't make very good pets at all. Though if one can gain their loyalties Pumara can be very loyal, affectionate and obedient (most of the time).
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PUSSYCAT, the Domestic Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: mouse-types, bird-types
Weak Vs: dog-types
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: good night vision, psychic sensitivity, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: Neko Cenneco (Delta bond with tamer, death of child before birth, must be Pokéwoman, unconditional love from father of lost child)
Evolves From: Catgirl (normal)
The Pussycat is often considered the cat lovers equivalent of the Mousewife Pokégirl, although there are many problems with this statement. One of the primary problems with this statement is that the Pussycat is unable to call forth the same protective… battle rage that the Mousewife is considered famous for. However this is countered by the Pussycats better general combat abilities. Also they don't instantly acquire all of the domestic skills like the Mousewife, but will learn fast particular if there tamer is free with "rewards". Unlike the evolution to Catgirl when evolving to Pussycat the Pokégirl’s body will change dramatically. She loses much of the fur on her body, and looses many of the catlike features, she will retain her tail and ears, although feral Pussycats will retain more of their cat like qualities. She will also gain at least one inch in height and at least a cup size sometimes more.
It is highly recommended to not take consider a Pussycat a fighter, their battle capabilities while not spectacular are considered above average for a domestic Pokégirl but nothing against a combat specialist. Although entering a Pussycat’s home without permission is tantamount to poking a Minitop with a stick, not a smart idea. Generally, Pussycats have an average libido, high in spring, and are rather easy to satisfy, particularly if the tamer uses the girl’s “sweet” spots. These areas are generally any area of the girl that is cat-like, in an domestic environment even just brushing a Pussycat’s tail will normally end in the tearing of clothing and much purring. The most sensitive area’s is the base of the tail or ears. In a Harem the Pussycat will generally not vie for the Alpha position and will normally be relegated to the “non-combat” position, she will do her best to turn a camp into a home environment… although early on this will be difficult without training.
As yet there have been no threshold cases of Pussycat
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PUSSYWILLOW, the Magicflower Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life energy, sunlight & water
Role: Predators, Lovers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Leech Seed, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Catnip Kiss, Regenerate, Command Plants, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Gender Dust, Root, Root System, Virus, Anti-Virus, Grass Floor, Lance, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Natural armor, claws, Enhanced All-Around Defenses (with blossom closed, x9), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Metabolism, Plant Manipulation, Magical Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitten (Leaf Stone)
Pussywillows are a major change from Kittens. Upon being given a Leaf Stone and evolving to Pussywillow, they gain at least a foot and a half in height, their bust increasing in size slightly. Pussywillows turn more animalistic in appearance than their previous form, their bodies covered in fur that is various shades of green, a large star-shaped mark in yellow on their backs. Their hair turns bright green and leafy. It grows hip-length and stays that way, regenerating to that length no matter how bad the damage in moments. It can be styled into different forms, however.
What also occurs is that a gigantic flower blossom appears around them. It's wide enough to hold a Snorlass, and is constantly floating. The type of blossom varies depending on the Pussywillow, and acts as a floating platform and means of transportation. It also makes a very comfortable makeshift bed as well. When the blossom is closed, it can act as a very powerful defensive shield.
The most unusual thing about this is that the Pussywillow quite literally cannot leave the blossom. Ever. The blossom and the Pokégirl share a mystical connection. If caught in a Pokéball, both the Pussywillow and the blossom will be sucked into the same Pokéball. If a Pussywillow is separated from their flower blossom somehow, their bodies will shrivel up and die quickly. A Pussywillow must remain in contact with their blossom at all times to maintain their heath. Most observed Pussywillows, Ferals especially, never stand up once in their lives.
Pussywillows are very relaxed, easygoing Pokégirls when not hungry. They tend to spend the day laying around in their blossoms, floating from here to there until they start to need to feed again, which, if they have plenty of sunlight and water to sustain them in the meantime, is only twice a week. When they become hungry, they become very vicious and will attack anything in their way, shooting Lances and creating Wood Towers. Once they find suitable prey, fanged mouthed tentacles will sprout from the bottom of the flower blossom, affixing themselves to the target. They will absorb a portion of life energy from the target, generating a form of mystical energy pollen from the blossom itself that the Pussywillow will inhale, replenishing herself. The mouths secrete a form of toxin similar to Lust Dust, that has the double effect of also numbing the pain of the bite. On willing targets, such as harem sisters or a Tamer, the tentacles will not have teeth.
Pussywillows are very sensual in nature, and very open about their Taming habits. If their Tamer wants to Tame them in the middle of the street, then they will gladly help them up into her flower blossom right then and there. They love to try new things, especially after a feeding, as the pollen has a partial Lust Dust effect upon them.
There have been only a tiny handful of Threshold cases reported of becoming a Pussywillow. The first noticeable sign that appears is the flower blossom itself, which manifests in a swirl of magic. All reported cases have soon after snuck off towards the woods
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RAWCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Thunder Fang Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Canine/Tiger!?
Element: Electric
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore - preference for meat
Role: Lady of Lightning, fighting machine
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock)
Attacks: Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack, Growl, Static Barrier, Thunder, Thunderwave, Thunder Bolt
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced sense of hearing, Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (5 inches), and High electricity-storage capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed.
Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Sparkanine, Rawcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Hentai, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Crescent Star Islands of the Crescent Moon League in 265 AS, Rawcunt would eventually rarely visit the area, as her interest in the fighting arts would make the Edo League a far more appropriate home. Her purpose was to store electricity to convert to power and bring it to those whom would be of use to it. A lot of power-generating plants had a sudden boon in rate of building thanks to Rawcunt initially providing them with power to disperse to towns and cities.
Rawcunt's build for the most part is that of what one would expect of a Sparkanine, having yellow fur with black stripes that were across and down her back, arms and legs, while having a white underside. Her slightly muscular build was impressive with her height of 5'11", as were her full DD-sized breasts.
However, the former Sparkanine was definitely changed from her previous form... in that she now had a distinct feline nature, specifically, physical traits and powers that were very similar to a cat-type, a Sabretooth Tigress to be exact. Heightened agility not normally seen in Dog-type Pokégirls, not to mention she's been reported as purring on more than one occasion. She even has distinct physical traits, her thunder bolt like tail being prehensile like a feline's and her mouth has the two upper-canine teeth that jut downwards like one would see on a Sabretooth Tigress, only Rawcunt can't seem to retract them.
When it comes to clothing, the one piece she wears, a small mask, lends to a more feline-look towards the canine Neo-Legendary. A T-shaped blue steel ridge that goes across her forehead and ride of her eyebrows, adding a look similar to a sneer, whiile three raised circular forms raise up the along the ridge and comes to a point over where her nose should be. At Rawcunt's nose, a sharpened piece of metal with dual points just out from either side, giving her the effect of having whiskers.
The reason Rawcunt has to wear a mask is similar to that of her Harem-Sister Hentai. Although her face was not overly desecrated like the once incredibly beautiful Vixxen's had been, a Psi-Dyke had gotten tired of Rawcunt's shouts and demands to leave her sisters alone, and silenced the Sparkanine by biting her nose right off her face.
Because of that, Rawcunt is denied the enhancement of enhanced smell, which most Canine-types have.
Finally it should be noted that unlike her previous form, Rawcunt has long hair. Hair that reaches along her backside but seems to be whispy and dark like a storm cloud. The hair even sparks at time, causing spots of light to appear in her hair.
When it comes to Pokébattles and Taming, Rawcunt wants her cake and eat it too. If she is interested in a Tamer, (although preferring men has taken a few females from time-to-time) she will initiate a PokéBattle with them, abusing electric-base attacks and trying to keep the opponent paralyzed and unable to defend of attack. Win or lose, if the Tamer doesn't impress her, Rawcunt will leave them be, running away quickly and causing the Tamer to lose track of her. If impressed, Rawcunt will offer her body to someone who she feels would be capable satisfying for her, and worthy of doing it.
When it comes to actually Taming Rawcunt, Tamers have described it as being with a Cat-type, specifically, a Sabretooth Tigress. She prefers to be done doggy-style, bracing herself so the Tamer thrust deeper and deeper inside her, the Neo-Legendary's body becoming the stiffer with each plunge to the point of near paralysis when she finally orgasms. She absolutely howls when the Tamer mounts her completely, reaching around to play with her breasts and bite deeply around the neck or shoulder area when he orgasms into her. However, when it comes to Taming Rawcunt, it should be noted that one needs protection in the former of condoms, preferably lubed. Rawcunt's name has definite meaning as the Neo-Legendary barely secretes any fluid down there, (only when orgasming) and the fact that her pussy is super-charged with quite a bit of power. Understandably, even if it's an honor to be able to Tame a Neo-Legendary, it can be hell on a unprepared Tamer's dick, (or fingers in a female Tamer's case).
Although it has proven near-impossible to catch her over the years, (the most recent being two Team Rocket members Attila and Hun) there are those that have tried and ended up with quite shocking results. Especially if one refers to Rawcunt as a feline. Despite being very catty in nature and abilities now, Rawcunt, first and foremost, views herself as a canine... and woe be to those that disagree with her.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Rawcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Rawcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face a Dragon or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Electric, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
Thunderous Roar: Indeed, the howl of Rawcunt is best described as `thunderous'. When she roars, it is loud enough to create shock waves and shake the ground as if lightning had struck. It's a technique that Rawcunt uses often when she prefers to dodge an hostile force hunting her rather than sticking around to fight it, as it keeps the target stunned for quite a bit of time, enough for the athletic Neo-Legendary to cover considerable distance.
Shocking Shell: This quality is is one that Rawcunt can activate or deactivate at will. When activated, her hair is constantly sparking. This ability is one that makes it so if an opponent Pokégirl lands a physical attack on her, (such as Tackle, Bite, Megaton Punch) the attacking Pokégirl receives a backlash of electric energy equal to a mid-level Thunder attack.
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SABRETOOTH TIGRESS, the Flirtatious Fang Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tiger) to Near or Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: meat, gems
Role: occupations where combat is necessary, construction workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Comet Punch, Sabre Claw, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Body Slam, StonePalm, Harden, Rock Throw
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x6), Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (can be up to 6" long), rocky skin, Claws, Night vision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Diamond Stone (eaten), Dawn Stone (does NOT have to be eaten))
A Tigress that is exposed to a Diamond Stone evolves undergoes no evolution normally. It was only discovered by chance and mishap that a Tigress can evolve to a Sabretooth Tigress by eating (or, more accurately, swallowing) the stone in question! Researchers are still trying to understand why a Ground-type evolution stone adds a Rock-type element to this Pokégirl, but the prevailing theory is that it has something to do with the fact that the stone must be consumed for the Tigress to evolve. Recently, it was discovered that a Tigress could become a Sabretooth Tigress via a Dawn Stone, which thankfully, they didn’t have to eat.
Having gained a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress’s colors become somewhat more muted. While the black stripes on their fur remain black, their orangie colored fur becomes more muted, often fading to a dull mud color. The few who were (Very) Near Human in their Tigress form find that this tends to only affect their hair in their new form. A Sabretooth Tigress’s bust tends to firm up also in this new form. The muscle mass of the Sabretooth Tigress is increased considerably by the evolution, as does her weight. This, in turn, increases her physical might; while still managing to keep looking feminine. Their skin, however, becomes much harder to the touch, nearly rock-like in terms of how tough it is. This doesn’t deaden their tactile nerves any, just makes them somewhat harder to damage.
Now a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress has a natural evasion to water, more so than other cat Pokégirls, (with the possible exception of Mountain Cats).  A Sabretooth Tigress will gladly walk miles along a river to walk around it rather than cross it.
The most noticeable trait is that she gains a set of 'fangs' that could make any Vampire jealous.  However, these fangs’ length alter in correlation with her mood.  When calm, the fangs aren't too large, looking rather cute. As they get angry, the fangs can grow up to an average of six inches.
Though they require less Taming than their pre-evolved form, many Tamers are surprised to find that, during Taming, restraints are unnecessary. Unlike many other cat Pokégirls, Sabretooth Tigresses prefer to remain still during Taming. Their preferred style of doing it is on all fours, bracing themselves so their Tamer can get deeper inside them. The more aroused she grows, the stiffer her body becomes, culminating in virtual paralysis when she orgasms. This is just a kink though, not any kind of physical immobility, and they can move normally should the situation call for it (such as if she’s attacked during Taming). The one other peculiar turn-on for them is that they prefer to be bitten around the neck or shoulder area when their Tamer orgasms. Many Tamers don’t do this however, as a Sabretooth Tigress’s rocky skin can easily damage her Tamer’s teeth.
Considering a Sabretooth Tigress's diet, she tends to like meat, and lots of it.  However, due to her Rock-type nature, she also likes to eat gems, though this is more a desire than a necessity. While this may be expensive, a single gem will last the Sabretooth Tigress numerous days before she needs to eat again. In Battle, A Sabretooth Tigress is one for straight-forward combat, usually rushing Forward with Comet Punch, StonePalm, or Sabre Claw.  However, if the opponent Pokégirl is within range, the Sabretooth Tigress will prefer to use Body Slam or Bear Hug, practically neutralizing the opponent Pokégirl before the battle truly begins. However, it’s worth noting that, due to their new Rock-type, Sabretooth Tigresses have a harder time keeping up with Fighting-types, needing to lug their heavier bodies around. This isn’t nearly as bad as when they face a Water-type though, as this is the one elemental type that tends to make them balk in a fight.
Feral Sabretooth Tigresses tend to not want to be bothered.  They will tend to use Harden more than anything else, making it difficult to hurt and capture them.  And pray for the poor sap who actually pisses one off!  They don't have any real attack pattern, just anything they know that will cause damage. Many a beginning Tamer who thought to capture a Feral Sabretooth Tigress have lost many a good Pokégirls.
There are no reported cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Sabretooth Tigress.
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SAPPHRON, the Earthy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dirt Spray, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x6), Nightvision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Diamond Stone)
Sapphrons change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a brown color. They tend to be loners, especially compared to the other Chichi branches, living alone in the wild to prevent their earth powers from destroying each others homes. Their relative isolation is further enabled by their being the strongest Chichi evolution, with their only real fear coming from Flying-type predators, and their underground lairs prevent most of those from reaching them. They take readily to combat training, and are surprisingly skilled in pokebattles, since their opponents often assume that as a Chichi variant, they are weak and that as a Ground-type, they are slow. This underestimation continues largely due to the relative rarity of the Sapphron, especially in Harems, which prevents most opponents from having previous experience with one.
One quirk of the Sapphron is that they are the most bisexual of all the Chichis, with a strong lesbian preference in their partners. Female Tamers use this to their advantage, being able to gain an unexpectedly strong Pokégirl much more easily than the more common male Tamers.
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SHADETAURA, the Dark Cheetaura Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tauric Cheetah) Metamorph (Near Human)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Very Rare – Unknown
Diet: carnivore (prefers fresh meat) but can handle human-style diet.
Role: courier, racer, speed freak, dark soldier
Libido: above Average (fast!)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Roar, Gatling Punch, Fury Swipes, Tackle, Move By, Dark Attack, Tornado Run, Fade, Night Shade
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x12), Enhanced Stamina (x3), High Metabolism, Speed-based Psionic Enhancements, High Erotic Sensitivity, Natural Camouflage
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cheetaura (Macavity’s Aura of Darkness)
First seen in 262 AS, Shadetaura is a very rare transformation of the Cheetaura. It is not thought to be a natural evolution, as the only reported cases of the evolution occurred when a Cheetaura came in contact with Macavity. The Legendary Chaos Kitty Pokégirl was in the midst of using her Aura Shifting ability to use what she refers to as the “Aura of Darkness”, shifting the elemental feel of the area to that of a Dark-types Aura. Through the use of this, the Legendary can unintentionally evolve a Cheetaura, similar to how she has the power to evolve a Cheshire into a Shadowcat. [Classified] The Legendary Dark Lioness Sexmet has taken an interest in Shadetaura due to their enhanced capabilities over the Cheetaura. However, it frustrates her that she cannot create them with either her Blessing or Curse and introduction of certain Evolution Stones. [Classified]
Shadetaura remains similar in shape and power to that of the Cheetaura. The Shadetaura remains a morphic Pokégirl, having a limited shape-changing ability; switching from Near-Human appearance and having minimal animorphic qualities to that of a Nonhumanoid with a four-legged racing configuration. The build of her Near-Human form remains nearly identical to that of a Cheetaura, often with an inch or two to put her just above six feet in height.
The major cosmetic difference from a Cheetaura is that a Shadetaura’s fur is a complete inverse of the original pelt. Gold is now a shade of electric blue with white spots, and the majority of the fur on her body that had been snow white is changed into deepest ebony. Often, the differences are the eyes. Some Shadetaura have eye-stripes that are inverted as well, becoming white on a now black-furred face, while others have their stripes remain black. Also the colored of their pupils, instead of being the usual green, blue, or yellow, is instead a dark violet tint. The sclera often changes to black, giving the pupils an almost hauntingly beautiful effect.
What’s shocking about this evolution is that while Shadetaura is of the Cheetit branch of Pokégirl, she actually loses a lot of speed. While she is still incredibly fast, her speed is not even close to a Cheetit’s, let alone a Cheetaura’s. She is still a faster than a Chocoboob, and her velocity is comparable to a Rapitaur. Still, as if making up for their lack of speed, a Shadetaura actually gains more physical strength and endurance. This means that when they run sprints, this breed can actually last longer at maintaining their top speed than a Cheetit or Cheetaura could.
Shadetaura are a good addition to a Battle Harem, as they have more capabilities and techniques than their previous form of Cheetaura. In the wilds, they can stalk Feral prey at night with considerable ease thanks to their natural camouflage and then pounce with force. Even in a PokéBattle setting, Shadetaura can hit hard and fast, and even if put against a Fighting-type, they can still hold their own if careful in how they battle. Shadetaura are Dark-types, but they do have a couple Ghost techniques, allowing them to try and evade some attacks while dealing an attack that could deal a bit more damage to the Fighting-type than any of her Dark attacks could.
When it comes to Taming, a Shadetaura is more liberal than her previous evolutions with a definite dominant streak; the Pokégirl. The Dark Cheetaura while still primarily heterosexual in preference, is no longer disgusted by the thought of sex with a female, and will gladly accept a female Tamer or Pokégirl into bed with her. However, while she may want to be able to have some hold over a male partner, when it comes to a female lover, she is adamant about being the one in charge. In either case, a Shadetaura is still rather easy to get off, thanks to her body being like one large erogenous zone.
There has never been record of a girl becoming a Shadetaura through Threshold, and it’s considered impossible by most Researchers.
[Classified] On one of the rare occasion, a PokéGirl Researcher managed to come across the Legendary Chaos Kitty and asked the tall Cat-type how it was that her powers could interact with Cheetauras that it could bring about the creation of the Shadetaura. The answer he got was a devious smile followed by a single sentence. “Every Shadetaura I’ve created was for a purpose.” It is thought best to keep an eye on the few Tamers that have Shadetaura for anything out of the ordinary. [Classified]
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SHAGUAR, the Cool Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Ice/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Very Rare (Capital, Orange, Scarlet Leagues), Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: chilled fish, alcohol
Role: covert operations, subterfuge, cuddle-pet
Libido: Average (gets higher the colder they get).
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Tail Slap, Agility, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Aurora Punch, Ice Blade, Blizzard Beam, Ice KAPOWIE
Enhancements: 5x Human Strength, Enhanced sense of smell, Night-vision, and Sensitive Hearing
Evolves: Kool Kat (orgasm), Jugguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Ice Crystal)
This ice princess of the feline Pokégirls was discovered completely by accident in the Gold Continent in 289 AS. When Pokégirl Tamer Martin Camero of the Sunshine League was trying to find a way to get a Warcat from the Catgirl branch of the Kitten's evolution, he tried anything at random. As a result of his want for that specific Pokégirl species he was after, he used an Ice Crystal on his Catgirl, and found a then unknown evolution of that breed: the Shaguar.
Normally standing at 5'5" with breasts that range around a large A-Cup, (never higher than a mid-sized B-Cup), one would see at first glance that a Shaguar isn't physically intimidating to look at. Although there are cases of Shaguar with brown pelts with white or tanned undersides, the majority are almost completely white-furred. In colder climate regions, this white fur gives the Shaguar a good measure of camouflage. The only way to keep track of the Pokégirl is the fact that their dark brown or black ring patterns will still show up against the snow if one looks closely enough.
Interestingly, while their pre-evolution form of Catgirl is only average on fighting skills at best, Shaguars are pretty decent fighters, comparative if not superior to Warcat species that Martin Camero had been so interested in getting. Through research of the species, it has been found the reason that Shaguars are such competitive fighters is that they are always searching for new sources of warmth, and so they have a tendency to constantly fight as a means to keep their body temperatures up.
The correlation of a Shaguar's fighting skill and body temperature is a fact that has proven useful to Tamers who specifically participate in PokéBattle circuits. Some Tamers firmly believe that in a colder climate, a Shaguar is almost invincible, as they HATE the freezing temperatures, making them fight even harder as to keep warm. This belief is what has lead the Shaguar to become a popular import into the Scarlet League and the Southern islands of the Orange League from the Sunshine League, as well as the most Northern reaches of the Capital League.
It should also be noted that this same need for warmth is why the Shaguar have a tendency to have considerably furious Taming sessions with their Tamers than a number of other feline Pokégirls. Their bodies are cool to the touch, but feeling into their inner-depths, a Shaguar is far colder. It is this inner-feeling of cold that makes the Shaguar constantly chilled, and Taming usually heats her up from within, which makes her warmer throughout. As such, the Shaguar's need for warmth pretty much allows the Tamer a lot of leeway in Taming a Shaguar. As long as she's getting it hot and heavy, she will put up with a lot of stranger or exotic kinks. Although they do love cuddling afterwards.
The Shaguar isn't without faults though, and has a number of quirks. Although they absolutely hate the cold, the Cool Cat Pokégirl absolutely loves chilled fish. This may be attributed to the fact that they also have a preference for alcohol, (especially ale) as it is known to make them feel `warm' inside, despite what they'd eaten. Another odd facet is that Shaguars are susceptible to Electric-based attacks. It seems that while Ice and Fighting negated a lot of elements that either species was weak or strong against, (Bug, Flying, Rock, Steel) it opened up a specific elemental weak-point for them.
When determining Harem dynamics, a Tamer should be forewarned to never allow a Shaguar and a Nogitsune into their harem at the same time. For reasons unknown, the two species have taken a near automatic dislike for each other, very similar to how Cheshire and Kunoichi feel about each other. This leads to a lot of bickering and in-fighting that often turns physically violent.
As a final note, there is an interesting rumor currently circulating in the Sunshine League. Possibly started by a Shaguar whom wanted a considerably improved figure, the call has gone out to discover what would make the `Jugguar', also referred to as the `Jugg-u-lar' in some regions. While more than likely a hoax, one can never be too certain in this day and age.
No case of Threshold into a Shaguar has been recorded as of yet. As this is a more recent evolution, currently there are only Domestic breeds. As time goes on, thanks to this Pokégirl's popularity, it wouldn't be a surprise for a Shaguar to become more frequently found in the wild or as the end of a woman's Threshold into a Pokégirl.
Aurora Punch - (ATK 120 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Cold Punch', nearly double the regular strength; the fist becoming encased in a sharp corona of ice. Impact forces the opponent to back up to seven steps and may stun them for one round, (three rounds if opponent is Dragon, Ground, or Plant-aligned). Fire-types take half-damage
Blizzard Beam - (ATK 35 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Ice Beam' This attack fires a cold beam at the enemy, freezing what it touches. Unlike Ice Beam, Blizzard Beam causes outright damage to whatever is frozen, be it Pokégirl or surrounding environment.
Ice KAPOWIE - (ATK 200) An attack exclusive to the Shaguar and easily one of the strongest combination Fighting/Ice attacks in existence. The Ice KAPOWIE strikes opponents with an overwhelming uppercut that has been known to K.O. Dragon-types in one hit. However, to use this, the Shaguar must sacrifice 1/2 of her HP before attacking and can only be used once a battle, since afterwards, the needed energy is spent. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with Frozen status-ailment for 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Shaguar is then dizzy for 4 rounds.
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SHEDNOBI, the Celestial Carapace Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare (Edo, League), Extremely Rare (Forest Leagues), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: positive emotions
Role: pokébattle, advisory, public service, sparring partner
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Infernal, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Flying, Infernal
Attacks: Ecto Ball, Invis 2, Invis 3, Full Bushin, Image, Smoke, Heaven's Arrow, Wonder Guard
Enhancements: Exoskeleton, celestial nature
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (special; PokéBall and empty slot)
It is known that with a Nincadass' evolution into Ninjacket, she leaves a distinctive husk behind that will soon dissolve into sediment. However, under special circumstances, the Nincadass' husk itself can become a separate, sentient Pokégirl species known as Shednobi. One needs to have a Pokéball on hand during the Nincadass' evolution and an open space in their immediate harem. Capturing the husk and having it sent to a Pokécenter does nothing but give the Tamer an empty Pokéball when he returns for it. The Shednobi needs time around the Ninjacket that came from it, in order to become a Pokégirl outright.
Although the Shednobi have an innocent cherub expression and maintain the build of their previous form, held in a fetal position, one should not mistake them as a living creature. The bodies are hard-layered carapaces that are hollow and utterly dark. They do not possess organs normally considered vital for life; completely immobile and do not need to breathe. There is a dark circular hole in the Shednobi's back which the Ninjacket had exited out of during her evolution. However, the torn up part of the back managed to alter into a more pleasing state, seeming like a pair of angelic wings. While they are able to float and hover, these wings do not move. The big signal that these are Celestial-type pokégirls is that the Shednobi also have a halo-like object hovering above their heads that shines with a golden light.
While one would think that the overall immobility would hinder the Shednobi's fighting prowess, that is simply not the case. The Shednobi can access the technique of the Full Bushin, and puts it to great use, confusing opponents and attacking from three directions. Using other Ninja techniques of Image and Smoke, not to mention a Ghost-type's Invisibiltiy, she's already a formidably difficult Pokégirl to damage. However, she has another technique on top of that, which makes her an opponent's nightmare to have to battle: Wonder Guard.
A Celestial technique that has come to the fore with this Pokégirl, the Wonder Guard, once cast, allows for the Shednobi, (and any other Pokégirls on her side) a barrier what is considered the greatest Defense technique. If the attack used is not considered `Strong' against the Pokégirl who has had Wonder Guard cast, then she takes no damage, period. One Shednobi who had cast Wonder Guard, was recorded to have taken Hyper Beam point-blank, and she didn't even flinch from it! Not that she could move to begin with, but you get the idea...
However, all this is set off by the fact that the Shednobi has a terribly fragile build. Should an attack manage to get through this pokégirl's considerable defenses, the Shednobi will take considerable damage.
Still, Defense isn't the only thing a Shednobi has going for her. She does have two rather impressive attacks, albeit only two. Heaven's Arrow, a considerably powerful move, is something that she will tend to hold back unless facing an Infernal Pokégirl, or a Pokégirl that is dangerous to others. The other is Ecto Ball. Similar to Ectoplasm, the Shednobi absorbs nearby negative emotions, and released a ball of condensed ectoplasm at her target, normally using Full Bushin before hand as to launch three Ecto Balls at once. However, with the exception of Wonder Guard, the effectiveness of all her defenses are cut in half.
Overall, while the Shednobi is limited in her attacking potential, she truly is a Holy Terror to fight for any Pokégirl that isn't a Dark, Fire, or Flying-type, or at least has an Infernal attribute to her.
There is no way to outright Tame a Shednobi. However, she does receive sexual stimulation from when the Ninjacket that came from her is Tamed. This empathic bond she has with the Ninjacket is more than sexual stimulation. The two can communicate with one another telepathically, and if a Tamer is close with both Pokégirls. At this point in time, it is theoretically impossible for a human woman to Threshold into Shednobi.
Ecto Ball - (ATK 40 + EFT) Exclusive to actual ghosts and Pokégirls who are _mainly_ Ghost-type, (so yes, the Widow IS excluded). By absorbing nearby negative emotions and energies, the Pokégirl using this technique unleashes the ectoplasm as a projectile attack the size of a softball that messily explodes upon impact. However, every time the Ghost-type Pokégirl uses this technique, she halves her defenses: natural and technique.
Wonder Guard - (EFT) A very special Celestial Barrier. Once cast, for the rest of the Pokébattle if the opponent Pokégirl uses an attack that is not considered elementally `Strong' against the Pokégirl using this technique, then the Pokégirl takes no damage, period.
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SIDEVIPER, the Aggressive Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Fighting/Poison
Frequency: Rare (most Leagues)
Diet: Berries, fruit
Role: Hit-And-Run Tactics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Grass, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying, Ice (double damage)
Attacks: Agility, Silver Fist, Thunder Tail, Wrap, Probing Tongue (*)
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3), retains most of their intelligence even when feral
Disadvantages: Low HP, very weak to psychic attacks, weak against ice attacks, can't shapeshift if they're feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Battle stress + Feral state)
Sidevipers are very rude departures from the other snake Pokégirls. They often have foul tempers, which only evaporate after they've either won a battle or found a permanent lover (tamer or Pokégirl).
Their hair tends to vary from deep red to hot pink to almost blackish purple; they all have elven ears; and most have blue or grey eyes. Very rarely will any have green or red eyes. Their skin has a golden tint, as do their belly scales. Their other scales, like the Garter, always match their hair, but unlike Garters, does not change if the Sideviper dyes their hair. Their tails are double the length of their human legs.
Most of the ferals will often take advantage of any opponent who's fallen unconscious. Surprisingly, even completely feral, they retain quite a bit of knowledge, and have been seen rummaging through a tamer's pack and Pokéballs for things they like.
Back during the war, Sidevipers were well known for hit and run tactics, brutally attacking the flanks of infantry units, and forcing the enemy to spread their units thin, allowing more powerful and durable Pokégirls to devastate the units further.
Of course, being cold-blooded, they tend to stay away from cold areas. If in a harem, a Sideviper will beg to stay in her Pokéball. No arctic zone League will ever see a Sideviper that's there willingly.
Unfortunately for honest Tamers, no Naga will evolve without becoming Feral and becoming highly stressed in combat.
Those seeking to capture them know that Sidevipers love fruit. Some have been known to enter cities and attack fruit stands when their fruit supplies in the wild run low. Some smaller cities that have had repeated problems either send for a tamer to capture the Sideviper or have a large number of fruit and berry plants planted outside of town.
(*) - Probing Tongue - (S.ATK 135) The user's tongue skillfully finds the most pleasurable points on their partner and stimulates them. Both humans and Pokégirls can learn and enjoy this technique.
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Skarmoress, the Jet Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (armored avian)
Element: Steel/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Mostly carnivorous
Role: Aerial warfare and high speed assault
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Steel Wing, Steel Feathers Gale, Speed Storm, Steel Feathers Darts, Gravity, Iron Tail, Grav Bomb, Metal Claw, Sonic Boom, Metal Sound, Mach Breaker, Meteor Mash
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x20), Enhanced Stamina (x10), Aerodynamic, lightweight body allowing for high speed maneuvers, ability to manipulate wind to produce high speeds, natural armor, blade-like wings
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Skarmoresss are rare, powerful Pokégirls, considered by some to be the fastest air Pokégirls alive. So great were their abilities, that Sukebe did not feel he had to make that many of them. One of the more terrifying breeds developed by Sukebe during the Revenge War, they were designed to be jet fighters. A pair of Skarmoresss proved to be capable of going toe to toe with a squadron of ten jet fighters from that era and WIN.
Very metallic in physical look, they are somewhat humanoid in appearance, their backs covered with silver, metallic feathers that blend together so perfectly that it looks like a smooth surface, ending in a flared tail which they use to help control their direction in midair. Their legs from the thighs downward are heavily armored, ending in metallic, birdlike claws with razor sharp edges capable of cutting through steel. Their faces are aquiline, and they possess long, thin, beak-like noses and silver hair kept short, save in the front, where it hangs down to partially mask their faces. Their incisors are long and razor sharp, a feature which makes the smile of a Skarmoress very predatory and intimidating. Their eyes are never any color other than white, red, or metallic grey, and are capable of seeing over long distances in adverse conditions. Their wings, smaller than most bird-type Pokégirls, are separate appendages from their bodies, the edges of their wings possessing even harder metallic feathers sticking out at regular intervals, allowing for powerful slashing attacks, the smooth feathers looking like a single sheet of metal. The feathers on their arms curve up to form blade-like attachments, which they used in the rare moments they had to go into close combat. Their hips are relatively slender, and their breasts rarely went above B-cup. They don’t like using Bloom, as they believe that larger breasts decrease the aerodynamic nature of their bodies. For a Steel-type Pokégirl, they are actually incredibly light, partially because they use up a lot of calories in flight. Conversely, because of this Skarmoresss have to eat more than most bird-type Pokégirls to reach their desired top speeds. Skarmoresss also possess a special organ inside their bodies that allow them to manipulate the air around them with their thoughts, and their bodies can also withstand excessive amounts of g-forces, allowing them to reach incredibly high velocities.
During the War, Skarmoresss used their ability to manipulate wind to push themselves forward, moving faster and faster to the point where they were able to break the sound barrier, the mere wake of their passing capable of devastating most opponents, sending most planes sent against them tumbling out of control, shredded by flechettes of razor-sharp metal feathers they would release as they passed. Those planes able to survive the sonic booms generated by the Skarmoresss fell victim to a different kind of super fast assault, one from the talons, wings, and tails of the vicious jetbirds, as they were called before their breed name became public knowledge. They aren’t as heavily armored as some Steel-types, their metallic feathers making them very visible to most forms of radar, as well as line of sight when the light would glint off of their feathers. They could be knocked out of the sky by most ballistic missiles used in that era if hit by them. But because of their incredibly high speeds and superior maneuverability, as well as the ability to shoot metal feather darts with the same speed as missiles sent against them due to their ability to manipulate wind, that was an extraordinarily rare occurrence indeed.
Skarmoresss are among the more playfully vicious types, loud, brash, and cruel. They love their speed, and love going as fast as possible. In battle, they take great pleasure in overwhelming opponents with speedy attacks and sonic booms, sometimes using quick, ultra fast turns and passes to generate gravitational waves to disorient opponents before moving in for the kill. Very rarely do their show mercy to an opponent, as they as a breed have a psychological distaste for leaving ‘loose ends.’ They don’t like being beaten and will usually track down whomever defeats them endlessly until they gain a satisfactory victory. Rarely are Skarmoresss caught, but those that do catch them gain great weapons, as they are fiercely loyal to those that manage to catch them. They are haughty and arrogant, but will tolerate the presence of others in the Harem, so long as their Master (whom they always refer to as Air Commander) allows them the chance to fly every day. Due to their harsh, vicious personalities, and great level of power, usually only highly experienced Tamers try to catch them. A good tactic to use when FIGHTING a Skarmoress is to target their wings. They are paranoid and overprotective of their wings, and if they cannot use them anymore, will commit suicide out of despair.
Feral Skarmoresss are among the more dangerous breeds of Pokégirls. They are vicious, territorial hunters that feed on other bird-types that enter their hunting grounds. When they want taming, they will take any human they find back up to their nests, which are usually found in mountainous, spacious areas, and seduce them. If they have no young, the Tamer will be set free, dropped roughly off in a place safely away from their nest. If the Skarmoress DOES have young, it’s a strong possibility that the Tamer will become food.
In terms of Taming, they are very passionate lovers, and don’t mind if a Tamer climaxes quickly, as their cunts are very sensitive and they usually climax quickly, preferring speed and quantity over quality.
Thresholding into a Skarmoress is extraordinarily rare, and only occurs if the girl going through Threshold has a Skarmoress in her family line.
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SKUNKETTE, the Phenomenal Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Above Average (High on monthly basis)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ice, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Rock
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Dig, Spice 2, Musk, Back Burner, Flamethrower
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Multiple Musk Glands, Posion Resistance, Immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Limited Use of Glands
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mephitits (normal)
Tamers that take the time and effort to work on their Mephitits, Taming her, training her, putting her through battles, will find that all this experience will get the Pokégirl to grow in enough levels to evolve. An evolution that while easy enough to find in the wild, is rewarding for the Tamer to have attained by their own accord. The Skunkette!
In appearance, the Skunkette remains looking like an anthropomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing slightly taller now between 4'10 to 5'11", the Skunkette's coat of fur remains pretty much the same with as before concerning softness and pattern. However, while the Mephitits was uniform in color and pattern throughout, it is the Skunkettes' hair that differentiates in colors, usually the regular colors like black, blonde, red, with some cases of blue and purple, which their triangular ears rise above. And of course, what Tamers look forward to is that their breasts grow to around a solid C-Cup, with some even reaching a small D-Cup, the latter usually happening to balance out her body if her posterior got bigger than expected as well.
Of course, with the minimal physical variation between the Mephitits and the Skunkettes, some would say that Skunkettes are nothing more than bigger, bustier, and lustier versions of Mephitits. Still, the Skunkette is definitely an improvement over her previous form. Their eye-sight is improved greatly and they no longer move with an odd gait to their step. More importantly though, the Skunkette loses her need for hibernation, allowing her to become a Pokégirl of year-round use. They also, of course, become better fighters since their strength seems to take quite a boost.
The most important improvement is that the Skunkette gain additional musk glands, allowing for the storage of up to four different kinds of musks, each usable up to four times before needing to wait an hour before they are replaced. This of course, also leads to the Skunkette having a nicer, rounder, larger posterior. Now with a capability to hold more musks, the Skunkettes discover an interesting aspect to their new body chemistry. Since they can mix musks for numerous kinds of effects, the Skunkette is now capable of creating fire-based attacks from mixing two noxious musks together. While the Flamethrower becomes a staple to their attacks, they can now use an exclusive attack called Back Burner, which is a slightly weaker yet more poisonous version of the Fire-type attack Flamethrower. However, they can only use either attack up two four times, since it usually takes two Musk channels in their body to make the Flamethrower, adding a third to make Back Burner. Atop of that, even though they are not Fire-types, they do gain an advantage against certain Pokégirls whom do have that elemental weakness, like Ice. As a trade-off, Rock-types now do become a pokégirl that can hurt the Skunkette, since they come to depend on the Flamethrower, which is an attack that Rock-type pokégirls tend to shrug off with minimal damage.
When it comes to Taming, a Skunkette still loves getting it from behind, churring in ecstasy when a Tamer is either hugging her tail, or giving her `ba-donka-donk' booty a firm slap. Spankings are also something a Skunkette can get off on quite easily; unfortunately this kink of theirs makes them a poor choice for sex battles. Cuddling is still important to a Skunkette after being Tamed, even if the Tamer is just holding her tail. Being sprayed accidentally is also something that a Tamer can say goodbye to thanks to her superior control over her body chemistry. So if it does happen, the Skunkette meant to do it.
The Skunkette, while not as common an end to Threshold as Mephitits, isn't something that is unheard of. These girls that skip straight to Skunkette with their Threshold tend to take to the changes quite easily, feeling confidence and pride; something that they would not likely have had if they'd just became a Mephitits, which has numerous disadvantages.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
Back Burner - (ATK 80 + EFT) A technique exclusive to the Skunkette, the Pokégirl turns her back to her opponent before releasing a burst of greenish flame at the opponent. As this flame is made my mixing her currently held Musk into the Flamethrower attack, the opponent Pokégirl has an 80% of being afflicted with the Status-Ailment of the Musk.
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SLOTTERN, the Shell Finder Pokégirl Type: Animorph (sea otter)
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivorous (seafood)
Role: sea farmers, oyster gatherers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Bubbler, Water Spear, Go Down, Rage
Enhancements: Waterproof Fur, Enhanced Flexibility, High Intelligence, Average Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Improved Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (Water Stone)
When a Mynx is evolved by the means of a Water Stone, she undergoes several changes. Firstly, whatever fur color that a Mynx has before her evolution, changes to a brown color of varying shades, though the lighter shades are more common than the darker ones.
Secondly, she finds herself more at home in water, spending more time in it, though she still comes up on land time to time, though she never really stays far from the water’s edge, even though she doesn’t have too much problem staying on land as well.
Slottern gain a layer of fat beneath their fur, which allows her to withstand a myriad of water temperatures, which in turn allow them to exist in many kinds of water bodies, which is why this particular evolution of the Mynx is commonly seen in water bodies all over the world.
This layer of fat in turn, makes her look a bit rounder, though none of the Slottern interview say they mind the change, claiming that their Masters actually find them more adorable that way.
Slottern are curious, and yet quite playful Pokégirls and they do not have the same lung problems they have as a Mynx, as such able to hold their breath underwater longer, which is helpful in finding their favorite food… shellfish. This in turn, makes them valuable to sea farmers, who often use them to collect shellfish, as well as pearl oysters. This in turn, also allows them to somehow instinctively find the weak spots of shelled Pokégirls, and Shy Maiden and their evolutions are nervous around Slottern, even if she doesn’t mean them any harm. This makes her a decent fighter in a Harem, but not so good at Sex Battles, knowing only one attack.
Tamers who own a Slottern often finds it enjoyable for them during Taming sessions, since the Slottern particularly likes to give head, and a Taming session with a Slottern can be described as a heartwarming experience. A Slottern is often quite shy and tender, liking the gentler side of Taming, though she does like to experiment a bit.
A Slottern is also prized for one thing, is that they have a very strong maternal instinct, especially if they have children. While the maternal rage whenever her offspring are threatened are not as great as… say a Mousewife or a Denmother’s, she is still formidable, using high pressured Water Gun attacks that are on par of a Whoretortle’s to fend off attackers, and even using Water Spear if the offender is still hell bent on harming her offspring. At other times, she is content on using the less damaging Bubble or Bubbler attack to drive off intruders from her home.
Feral Slottern are almost always found in a small group no less than ten individuals, and half of them are normally Pokékits. Thresholding into a Slottern are normally found in those families who have a strong Water-type ancestry, and almost always in pearl farmer or sea farmer families, and while there are slight variations of the breed, like a shorter and more streamlined version of the Slottern, most Threshold to the normal Slottern form, and most girls usually get over the depression of being a Pokégirl due to the Slottern’s silky fur and adorable appearance.
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SLUTTON, the Savage Wolverine Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (wolverine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare (Very Uncommon in Capital and Ruby)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: terror fighters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Agility, Slash, Bite, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), High Intelligence, Razor Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (battle stress)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 10,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 5,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 15,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Slutton are intelligent, strong, vicious, and cruel pokegirls. She is a far cry from her once peaceful form as a Mynx. She isn't sought out much except for inciting terror in the general population.
She’s changed dramatically physically. Her once soft, silky fur has become thick and coarse. Her fur is incredibly good at keeping out the cold of her environment, making her resistant to all but the strongest ice attacks. Her fur colors range from brown, black, white, and yellow and she is usually striped.
Her height has increased by a marginal amount, but she is much more muscular, though it is hard to tell through her thick fur. The lung problems she once had as a Mynx are gone, much to the world’s chagrin.
Feral Sluttons need to be hunted down. While not the strongest pokegirl around, she is incredible vicious and has a taste for flesh. She sees all things, human and pokegirl alike, as food. It is not advisable to try to tame one unless you are a very experienced tamer. They tend to jump males for a quick taming, and then have that guy as a post-coitus snack.
Her bounty amount is something of a conundrum. It is not enough to get more experienced tamers to actively hunt her down for cash, but just enough to make newbie tamers cautious around her. And tamers ‘must’ be cautious around her. She will keep fighting long past anyone else would give up and collapse.
She is a good test for the tamers in Capital and Ruby where she is much more common then the rest of the world. Taking down a Slutton can be seen as a right of passage for tamers in those leagues.
Slutton are rarely, if ever, seen in populated areas except as threshold cases. Thresholded Sluttons are much more calm then their feral counterparts, but everyone must be wary of them. Her increased intelligence combined with growing aggression means she could do more damage then any feral.
If you do manage to catch a Slutton, restraints are a must. She is much stronger than normal people and she has a tendency to claw out when in the throws of orgasm. She also likes to bite down on flesh during taming, so a reinforced ball gag is needed as well.
Not every tamer is capable of handling a Slutton. Her viciousness and high intelligence are usually too much for ‘softer’ tamers. She is a great addition for any combat oriented harem if a tamer manages to bring her in line. A tamer simply known as Logan was famous for having a whole harem filled with them.
Sluttons are beasts in combat. Their claws are some of the sharpest out there and they just ‘love’ to use them. People tend to underestimate the power of normal-type pokegirls, much to their later dismay. A Slutton is capable of taking out most pokegirls simply with her Bite and Slash attacks.
They know no fear. A Slutton will fight anyone she deems a threat, even when she is outmatched in every sense of the word. One documented case showed just how determined she is to fight. She fought a Grizzlar for over an hour before succumbing to her wounds and dieing. Considering the power of a Grizzlar, that is saying something.
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SNOWMANDY, the Snow Salamander Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: arctic soldier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Ice Powers, Endurance, Not Affected by Cold or Snow Blindness
Evolves: Snowmelon (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: None Known
The Snowmandy, or snow lizard, is very rare because there weren't that many created in the first place. While most of the land combat duties fell to the CharAmanda series, winter combat fell to the Snowmandy. But as there aren't as many targets in those areas it wasn't considered as vital. Snowmandy have greenhouse-like bodies; their scales are designed to let light in but keep in any heat. They can also share this heat with anyone in their embrace. Snowmandy can be very hard to find in the snow as their white scales and hair do not present any difference from snow to the casual observer.
A SnowMandy is a social being, unlike her next evolution. They tend to stay in small packs of three or four Pokégirls in the arctic areas of the world, most often found in the Scarlet League or Ruby Leagues. In order to heat their bodies, feral SnowMandy groups have orgies at least once every other day to keep themselves satisfied. SnowMandys absolutely love hot meat or fish, and heated food beyond that of body temperature is considered a delicacy to Ferals.
SnowMandys, surprisingly, prefer the company of Fire-types in high altitudes and arctic areas, often going out of their way to make sure that the Fire-type that lives with them is well taken care of so they don't leave. This translates into a Harem, as a SnowMandy will most often defer to a Fire-type's decision, and if that Fire-type trusts and likes their master, then the SnowMandy will do the same by default. However, this can cause a bit of a problem for Tamers who have multiple Fire-types...
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SNOWMELON, the Snow Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: arctic soldier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Ice Powers, Endurance, Not Affected by Cold or Snow Blindness, Claws
Evolves: Frostbite (normal)
Evolves From: Snowmandy (Ice Crystal)
The Snowmelon is the evolved form of the Snowmandy. The form gains claws on its hands and feet and is a powerful hand-to-hand fighter. In addition, in survival conditions the Snowmelon starts lactation, producing a rich milk that can sustain ten other Pokégirls. This has given it the other name it is known by: Icemilk.
Snowmelon are very similar to Snowmandy. Snowmelon do not care much for children, and are known to leave their poke-kits to fend for themselves, either after parthenogenesis (when Feral) or live birth. It is unknown why this is, but it is likely a result of the fact that they are solitary Pokégirls. As such, they dislike group Taming sessions as well, and are not fond of the fact that they need to be 'warmed up' before a Taming. It is suspected that despite enjoying warm temperatures like in a hot spring or shower, Snowmelons have trouble attributing warmth that is coming from a certain place (such as their sex during Taming) when surrounded by hot water or temperatures.
A Fire-type Pokégirl, raising the temperature in the room however, can help negate a Snowmelon's otherwise unwillingness to be in a solitary situation with a tamer during taming. However, it still will not take to even a threesome with said fire-type Pokégirl, despite the additional heat. Snowmelons relish in feeling heat coming from a single source, such as the sun, or from a partner during Taming. Because of their unwillingness to be close to more than one person at a time, Tamers only reluctantly bother to evolve their SnowMandy.
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SPARKANINE, the Electric Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: shepherds or specialist pets
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder wave, Spark, Static Barrier, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Agility, Zapring Mk II, Sonic shockwave (Bark attack which has a chance of stunning the opponent).
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (Thunder Stone)
Sparkanine was an unexpected evolution of Growltit, its discovery caused mass controversy amongst researchers and changed the paradigm that only those evolutions that Sukebe planned could occur, showing that Pokégirls had grown beyond even what the creator himself had planned or expected. This encouraged the wipe spread testing of evolution stones on Pokégirls and lead to the mass discovery of many new evolutionary forms of Pokégirls causing a huge increase in the number of known Pokégirl breeds. This Golden age of evolution stone testing ended after an Orange League tamer tested an Angel stone on an Eva which resulted in the Evangelion evolution and the destruction of the Orange Continent, after this the other leagues where quick to place a ban on evolution stone testing in general.
The scientific community have long since suspected that other evolution stones might work on Growltit besides the Thunder and Ice stones which create the Sparkanine and Huskie breeds of Pokégirls, however scientists are wary, the evolution stone reaction that devastated the Orange Continent was caused by an Eva which is a first stage Pokégirl. If a similarly energetic evolution was discovered for Growltit, a third evolutionary stage Pokégirl then the energy released could theoretically rip the world apart, hence attempting to test evolution stones on a Growltit is an offence punishable by death in most leagues.
Sparkanine has a physical appearance similar to that of a Growltit, the canine features remain the same but instead of having red fur with black tiger stripes, Sparkanine has yellow fur with black stripes which goes down her back, arms and legs like Growltit. The blonde hair on the top of her head becomes shorter and spikier than her Growltit form, indeed Sparkanine seems to have great difficulties growing its hair long much to the dismay of Growltits who liked long hair. The blonde fur down her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs seems to revert back to its shorter length like it was when she was a Growlie, the only differences being she gains a spiked collar of fur around her neck that looks similar to Joltina and the long blonde fur down her arms and lower legs becomes much spikier. Her long blonde fur tail remains the same as it was when she was a Growltit.
Once Sparkanine evolves it loses all of its ability to control fire and instead develops powerful electric powers which it uses predominately to paralyze its opponents or zap them from a distance. Sparkanine also develops a much more fearsome bark than even Denmothers, its Bark has the boom of thunder in it which transforms it into a sonic shockwave attack that can stun or scare opponents. Unfortunately the breed also loses some of its enhanced senses making it less useful in tracking when compared to Growltit or Growlie.
Sparkanine are not used by the police force because they are considered too flighty by most, the breed seems to be hyperactive and full of energy whilst possessing a short attention span, they have a tendency to get distracted at the wrong moment or not pay attention. The lose of its tracking ability is just the final nail in the coffin which means Sparkanine loses most of the traits which made Growlie and Growltit such good police Pokégirls and if any Growltit is accidentally evolved into a Sparkanine then they are retired from police service.
Unlike Denmother, Sparkanine is also unsuitable to watch children due to static electricity which builds up in its fur; this charge can become quite strong, presenting a danger to children. Other difficulties include its new found hyperactive attitude which could lead it to accidentally injure the children.
Sparkanine is not a favored pet Pokégirl, it is difficult to acquire, has a habit of accidentally electrocuting everything around it and is difficult to tame without specialized equipment due to her static charge. Only those with Electrocat or specializing in electric type Pokégirls are likely to have a Sparkanine as a pet, Sparkanine retains its like of cat type Pokégirls and particularly loves electric types whilst Electrocat can easily absorb and disrupt the static charge that builds up in Sparkanine whenever it's excited, making them a good pet team if one likes electric types.
Sparkanine is still is a proficient fisher, however has developed a new form of fishing by literately shocking the fish with its electrical abilities to paralyze or kill them before catching them.
Tamers can find a use for Sparkanine as it is a powerful electric type Pokégirl, being a 4th level evolution, it also still has the survival and foraging skills it had whilst it was a Growltit, making it a good electric type for a harem. They are particularly good at dealing with other electric type Pokégirls such as Peekabus and can easily keep other unruly Pokégirls in line with a few quick electric shocks.
Predominately Sparkanine will be found on farms where it is used as a Shepard to look after livestock type Pokégirls such as Lampchops, Milktit, Chickenlittle or Khangasscunt, keeping them in line using its electric shocking abilities as well as keeping feral predatory Pokégirls from preying on them. In this use, they are actually surprisingly effective.
Their short attention spans mean that they are attracted to any change or oddity that occurs whilst watching over the herd but retain the intelligence to remain near the herd or flock. This can make it particularly difficult for feral Pokégirls to stealthily attack the herd because Sparkanines patrol patterns can be completely random and any obvious attack will attract Sparkanines attention which will result in the feral Pokégirl receiving a rather vicious and disabling electrical shock.
There have been no known wild or feral Sparkanine because of the difficulty of Growlie evolving into Growltit and then running across a Thunder stone.
There are no known cases of threshold into Sparkanine known either.
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SPHINX, the Aerial Warlord Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic, Metamorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human styled foods, leaning towards carnivore
Role: anti-tank, anti-artillery, military officers
Libido: above Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Sabre Claw, Whirlwind, Wing Buffet, Slice n' Dice, Fury Swipes, Reflect, Barrier, Teleport, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Healing, spell work (above Lvl40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7 human, x27 battle), Enhanced hearing (x10), Night vision, Enhanced Stamina (x6), Flight, Psychic abilities (TK, Healing, Aura Sight, Teleport), Spell work
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Griffon (Sexmet's blessing)
The Sphinx is one of the rarest, most powerful, most sought after Pokégirls of all time. In the Revenge War, they were high commanders of many Pokégirl forces, leading them to stunning victories over human forces. Based on a huge statue in the Pre-Sukebe empire of Egypt, these aerial warlords were considered to be amongst Sukebe's deadliest, finest creations. They are considered the light to counteract the darkness of the Chimera.
Like their pre-evolved forms, the Griffon, Sphinxes have two forms which they can assume. One is a normal, humanoid form and the other is an animal-like, quadrupedal battle form. Each one has different abilities, making the Sphinx a versatile, powerful warrior.
The humanoid form of a Sphinx is the one they were most seen in during the Revenge War. Standing at a statuesque 6'5", their appearance is that of a mixture of a lioness and human. They possess short, tan or brown-colored fur, black hair which is usually kept long and in a ponytail, D-Cup breasts, and mounted on their back is a large set of immense, feathered wings, sharp claws, a long, thick tail, and thick feet in the shape of paws, with an impressive wingspan of 14 feet. They can fold their wings around themselves like a cape. And on their foreheads is a marking, a black tattoo in their fur of the "Eye of Ra." It gives the impression of a Sphinx having a third eye, and unnerves most people that see it. The only clothing they wear is a golden chain around their neck with a pendant in the shape of an Ankh. In this form, Sphinxes are intelligent, cunning warriors who are excellent planners and strategists. Higher level Sphinxes can also learn magical spells, adding to their destructive potential. They love to learn, and study everything they can, a personality trait that aided them well during the war. They were well-respected by those they commanded, and in turn respected those underneath their command. They have an unusual personality and speech pattern, in that almost everything they say comes out as a riddle or a question. This, in turn, caused people to have to answer these riddles or questions, encouraging warriors to think, or intellectuals to utilize instinct, all around making those under their command better at what they do by getting them to bring out their own strength.
The quadrupedal 'battle form' of a Sphinx is when they are at their deadliest. They become almost totally catlike in appearance, with the body of a lioness and a still vaguely human face, with the "Eye of Ra" tattoo on the flanks of each of her hind-legs. Her wings stay on her shoulder blades, morphing slightly to compensate for the new body structure. In this form, they stand at a height of 5'1" and have a length of 9'7" from head to tail. Their jaws and claws become thicker and sharper and stronger, becoming capable of tearing through metal. They become more savage and animalistic in this form, still capable of speech, but more inclined to roar and rend their foes. They cannot use spell work in this form
Sphinxes, as said before, were meant to be the warlords and generals of Sukebe's army. Rare even then, they would lead strategic strike forces into human encampments, tearing into their forces with spell work to protect their legions and assuming battle form, flying in and taking out large pieces of military equipment with their teeth and claws. They were among Sukebe's greatest creations, capable of taking on any potential opponent!
The Sphinx, however, almost met their end during the War of Revenge. In the year 2002 AD, the Chinese government released what became known as the Monster Flu. The majority of Pokégirls just gained a nasty flu for two days, however the Sphinx proved to have a genetic weakness against the disease. The vast majority of them died horrible, agonizing deaths, nearly obliterating the species, dropping their numbers down to the teens! An effort was made by the remnants of the Chinese government to destroy the last remaining Sphinxes, but before the effort could be completed, Sexmet showed up. She stole the Kwan Do a soldier was using and used it to slaughter the soldiers, offering the surviving Sphinxes her protection, which they accepted readily.
Today there is publicly known to be less than a dozen Sphinxes still alive. All of those are known to be in a hidden place in the infamous Dark Continent, living under the care of Sexmet and Bastit. After some research, it was discovered that a Sphinx can evolve from a Griffon being 'blessed' by the legendary Dark Lioness, Sexmet. The nature of this blessing is unknown, as there is only one confirmed case of a Tamer receiving it, and he disappeared shortly afterward. Attaining this blessing, however, is hard to attain for two major reasons. Sexmet, since the War, has only been sighted in the Dark Continent. She lives in seclusion with Bastit and the remaining Sphinxes. (Some speculate that the Tamer who's Griffon she blessed moved in with her.) The hiding place of Sexmet and Bastit is one of the most well-kept secrets in the world. The second reason is simple: Sexmet doesn't like people. She's more than likely to use the Kwan Do she took from that Chinese soldier so many years ago to tear apart an intruder that to allow them anywhere near her sister or her charges. No one knows why Sexmet is so protective of the last remaining Sphinxes, but it's assumed that, since she, like all other Legendaries, is sterile, she views them as her daughters and protects them with a mother's ferocity.
These two daunting reasons have yet to deter Tamers from wanting a Sphinx, however. Rumors have arisen that in Sexmet's sanctuary there is not only the Sphinxes and the two Legendaries, but a vast trove of treasure, including not only gold and jewels by the horde, but a wealth of knowledge, books of LostTech and ForbiddenTech, libraries of information and stories preserved for years in a vast library. Many a journeyman has traveled into the depths of the Dark Continent, seeking fame and fortune, never to be seen again. And thus the rumors grew...
The reason for the disappearances is twofold. One, some of the more liberal Leagues, Crimson League and the WAPL in particular, are secretly working with Sexmet, under her total supervision, to help increase the number of Sphinxes in the world. Second, the Dark Continent is home to the Goths of Sanctuary. Sexmet hates them with a passion, and is known to have brutally murdered the emissaries they sent to offer her their assistance in caring for the Sphinxes, sending their heads back to Sanctuary in a box with a warning written in hieroglyphics to leave her and her adopted family alone. She despises the Sanctuary Goths for their betrayal of the Cheetits years ago in favor of the Dinosaur-type Pokégirls. Sexmet also is known to try and convince known allies of Sanctuary to abandon them, as she doesn't trust them in the slightest.
The work of rebuilding the Sphinx breed of Pokégirl is very carefully done, ensuring maximum comfort for the Sphinxes and supervised in total by Sexmet, who treats them all like a loving, moderately overprotective mother. Efforts have been successful so far, doubling the number of Sphinxes in a few short years, but it's very meticulous work, as the kits born must be raised as well. It is very likely that it will be many dozens of years before the Sphinxes are back at the numbers they were before the Monster Flu, which thankfully a vaccine has been developed for, should someone be stupid enough to try unleashing it again.
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SPINNERTIT, the Spider Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect: spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (Edo, Silver Islands), Uncommon elsewhere.
Diet: human style foods, bugs, plants
Role: their ability to cling to sheer surfaces makes them ideal for window washers and similar tasks, while many police agencies in Johto have Spinnertit on their SWAT teams. Spinnertits are also used in Johto and Edo to manufacture silk.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Special Weaknesses: Similar low pleasure threshold to Titmice. Inability to lactate.
Attacks: Tackle, Web, Poison Sting, Wrestle, Bind
Enhancements: Eight limbed human spider animorph, poison injectors are a hollow cartilage tube under the fingernails, webbing spinnerets in breasts.
Disadvantages: Spinnertits all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Arachnae (Venom Stone), Spidergirl (battle stress), Scorpiagirl (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Spinnertits are short, slender Pokégirls, having six arms with a pair of small breasts between each. Despite their tiny size, Spinnertits are capable fighters, those of Johto often using the ancient bondage art known as Shibari on their victims. Spinnertit venom induces feelings of lethargy, which they use to help capture both victims and potential mates. However, most victims find that they are not that way for long, unless stuck in the Pokégirl’s webs (which is normally the case). The lethargy venom lasts only for a few minutes at a time- just barely enough for a Spinnertit to be able to provide enough silk to capture her prey. Feral Spinnertits weave their webs in places that cast a shadow- a dense forest, or in a cave for example. They catch their prey in these webs and then do what they wish with them. Their silk is strong enough to hold even a Amazonchan, though certainly not any fully-evolved Pokégirl with enhanced strength. Any bound in the silk by a Spinnertit will likely find themselves in a rather fun and unusual position. Even the ferals know that a taming can make them stronger and more intelligent, leaving researchers to conclude that unlike some other Feral Pokégirls, the Spinnertit are fully aware that they are very different from the Pokégirls in cities and towns. Their attempts to capture mates, particularly males and domestic Pokégirls, stems from their desire to learn.
Spinnertits cannot produce a large amount of silk in one day - enough for a long rope, perhaps, of about twenty to thirty feet in length and only an eighth of an inch thick. These strands are actually quite strong, however, as described above. Because of their spinnerets being located in their breasts, the Spinnertit cannot lactate, and as such are unfortunate mothers once she becomes a Pokéwoman, being unable to fully support her child like other Pokéwomen and even human females can. Most often, upon learning that she is pregnant, a Spinnertit will try to work harder to evolve herself.
A trained Spinnertit can bind a human-sized victim with her silk, but cannot cover him or her fully without several days of working at it. Spinnertits have a slight feud with Tarantellas, as they dislike the haughty, self-centered Pokégirls. Spinnertits that understand where their evolution may lead also worry about their future, and some prefer not to bond with their Tamer as a result. During the war, these Pokégirls were used as an anti-human force in the second line of defenses in any of Sukebe’s Armies, often keeping humans pinned down long enough until other, stronger Pokégirls arrived to deal with the intruders. After the war, these Pokégirls were one of the more sought after Pokégirls, with their abilities to capture other Pokégirls making them popular until the first Pokéballs became widespread throughout the world.
These days, Spinnertit are often found in police forces alongside OfficerJenny and Growlies. However, their low stamina and pleasure threshold make them of little use in prolonged encounters, and so are normally kept in a Pokéball until needed. Their additional arms allow them a massive advantage while wrestling, although again their low stamina keeps them from being front-line fighters. They are not good Alphas or Betas in a harem as a result, although in Johto they can lead some specialist Pokégirl teams that League Officials have. Numerous Spinnertit can be found in the Johto League as a result of their silk manufacturing, although they do conflict with other Pokégirls like the Tarantella. Spinnertit hate those Pokégirls, since that breed looks down on any other spider type's silk-making. Fortunately, due tto the Spinnertit’s sheer number advantage over the Tarantella, they and their evolutions lead the world in silk production.
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ST. BERNATIT, the Rescue Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Fire/Normal
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare (usually found in Pokécenters around the Icemaiden Preserve)
Diet: pokechow, hot fluids
Role: search and rescue
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: High (Extreme seasonally)
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Flamethrower, Fire Floor, Firespin, Sex Attacks 2 and 3
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Immune to most ice storms, Excellent sense of Direction
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Huskie (Fire Stone in a blizzard)
St.Bernatits are large, hulking Pokégirls. They are usually seven feet tall, thickly built (a cross between chubby and muscular), have canine faces with floppy ears, large, DD cup breasts, and thick fur that is mostly white, with brown around their back going from their rumps up to around their eyes, almost looking like a brown coat and mask. This fur is very warm and capable of retaining heat, allowing them to stay out for long periods of time during even the heaviest of blizzards.
St.Bernatits are mostly found in Pokécenters in icy regions, and especially near the Icemaiden Preserve. They were first discovered in the year 130 AS, when a trio of Tamers were lost in a heavy blizzard near the Icemaiden Preserve. A Huskie who was acting as guide and worked at the Pokécenter was the only one to make it back to the Pokécenter, when she realized that her comrades were still lost. The Huskie wanted to go back to help them. When it became evident that they couldn't be dissuaded from going, a doctor at the center gave her a Fire Stone he had both for luck and as something that might keep her warm. Upon touching the elemental stone, the Huskie evolved into St.Bernatit. She easily made her way through the blizzard and rescued the Tamers and their girls, using her Firespin to keep them in a warm area when she couldn't go forward, and using her Warm Embrace to give heat back to the freezing Tamers and Pokégirls once they were safe back at the Pokécenter. Since that day, St.Bernatits have come into steady use at Pokécenters in Arctic Regions, being sent out with insulated containers containing hot soup and in some cases strong whiskey.
St.Bernatits are born to keep people warm. They are excellent trackers, capable of picking up even the slightest scent even in the strongest blizzard conditions. They are also brave and courageous, being one of the many Pokégirls that earn respect simply by existing. They are also very passionate lovers, although for the most part they use Tamings as a way of keeping people warm as well as satisfying their own desires. It's when they come into season that they truly become lusty, one Tamer commenting that it made her Vixxen look celibate by comparison. Still, despite this, St.Bernatits are true professionals, taking their duties seriously. Tamers who use Ice-types occasionally make use of them as well, frequently partnering them with Shaguars. Due to their high libido, Feral St.Bernatits are rare. In the rare instance they do become feral, they become very lusty, wandering around arctic regions and seeking out Pokégirls or Tamers for Taming, their Feral state soon fading.
St.Bernatits are extremely valuable Pokégirls. So skilled at rescuing are they, that a legend about them has arisen. It is said that anytime a St.Bernatit is seen, the traveler will have a safe journey.
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SURFMELON, the Water Lizard Pokégirl Type: Animorph (lizard)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian, prefers seaweed but can tolerate all land-based vegetables easily
Role: Aquatic counter-warfare specialist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Water Gun, Water Spear, Water Tower, Bubbler, Bubble Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x2), Superior water maneuverability, thick & sharp claws, water affinity
Evolves: Whorepool (orgasm + high level)
Evolves From: None
The Surfmelon was one of the water-types discovered in the midst of the Revenge War. At first glance from far away, some thought they were simply different-colored CharMelons and attacked accordingly. Designed deliberately to look like the CharMelons, their sister species, the Surfmelon’s only real difference, superficial as it is, aside from the obvious powers and name, is that they do not have a flame on their tail and their skin and scales are a bluish-green color. Their hand and foot claws are longer and denser, designed for piercing the hulls of ships. Their breasts are large, like their fire-type counterparts, but strangely enough, this does not affect their speed and maneuverability in water, which is relatively high.
Surfmelons are more methodical in battle than a CharMelons. They move at a slow, deliberate pace on land, preferring to pick at their opponents with strong attacks when they get near, striking with powerful water attacks when the opponent dries to retreat. In water, they are much faster, but still very methodical about battling, striking fast and hard, always with the greatest of patience. They are very tactical thinkers, most likely because of their original role in the War.
Water-type Tamers tend to favor the Surfmelon due to their calm, patient nature, plus the fact that they are unflinchingly loyal to those that become their Tamers. They are easy to get along with, although they rarely crack any more than an occasional dry joke, and aren’t as rare as some other, admittedly more powerful Water-type Pokégirls.
During the War, their most frequent role was that of a counter to underwater combatants, attacking scuba divers, Navy SEALS and the like, that tried to attack underwater Pokégirl nests, even to the point of self-sacrifice. As such, most Feral water-types have an instinctive trust of SurfMelons that they encounter.
Thresholding into a Surfmelon is relatively uncommon, and mainly occurs near ocean-based towns, which are more likely to have people with heavy Water Pokégirl ancestry.
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SWANMAID, the Graceful Swan Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Metamorph (swan)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style food
Role: Messengers, envoys
Libido: Average (High if appreciated)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mach Breaker, Edge of Delight, Feather Blizzard, Honk*
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x5) High Intelligence, Enhanced Flight Speed (x5), Limited Metamorph, Lightweight Frame, improved respiration, water-resistant feathers.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Angel Stone), Nymph (Bird E-Medal)
Although many Pokégirls are beautiful, the Swanmaid is truly above and beyond the flock in this regard. Based, in appearance, on the pre-Sukebe animal known as the Mute Swan, the animorphic Swanmaid is quite avian in her appearance, just as Pidgy before her. However, the vast majority of a Swanmaid's feathers change to a startlingly pure white, although a few cases of jet-black have been observed. The former variety are often blue-eyed, whilst amethyst is the standard optical hue in the latter variety. In either case, a Swanmaid retains much of her lightweight structure from the Pidgy form, but no longer has to rely on her feet for fine manipulation.
Rather, instead of wings that are useless as hands, a Swanmaid's wings are much larger and better developed, but can be metamorphed into arms and hands when needed. This feature allows them not only a wider variety of abilities, but an improved capability to function indoors. The feathers of a Swanmaid are also capable of shedding water easily, and her feet are webbed, both features designed to make aquatic landings more feasible.
This was done because the role of the Swanmaid, as opposed to her more violent sisters, was that of long-range messenger, a position that often entailed traveling over open water. As such, it was logical to bestow upon her the capability to land in and function in an aquatic environment, just as the swans upon which she were based could. However, as a side-effect of her enhanced ability whilst in the air, a Swanmaid generally cannot take to the air quite as directly as many of her sisters. Instead, a running (or swimming) start and a fairly large open area are necessary for her to properly take flight.
Personality-wise, a Swanmaid will tend to be somewhat vain about her appearance and increased intellect, and prefer to maintain grace and beauty if at all possible. As such, she will often come off as arrogant and haughty around others, especially strangers or other beautiful Pokégirls. In the presence of those she is familiar with or 'girls that do not represent competition, though, this fades a great deal, and a much softer side emerges. As such, around a tamer who appreciates her, a Swanmaid will tend to be extremely loving, and will often encourage him to make use of her body, so long as it doesn't involve getting dirty. It has been said that they make excellent pillows, in fact.
When it comes to combat, Swanmaids aren't particularly apt at air-to-ground combat due to their trouble with landings. However, if a Swanmaid makes it into the air, woe be unto the flying type who must face her in the open skies. With her increased flying speeds and endurance, a strong collection of aerial attacks, and her signature sonic “Honk” technique, there are few fliers who can match her in straight air-to-air. In sex battles, on the other hand, Swanmaids will often fail miserably, her dignity and unfamiliarity with the opponent causing her to feel more violent than passionate. As such, they are rarely seen therein, despite their possession of the “Edge of Delight” technique.
In actual taming, however, so long as a Swanmaid has some familiarity with her tamer and feels properly appreciated, she will generally be quite passionate, and with edge of delight in her repertoire, her tamer often feels quite “appreciated” in return. Swanmaids' water-resistance also seems to prevent sexual fluids from being detrimental to their feathers, which means that, contrary to what one might expect, they have little-to-no compulsion about some of the more "dirty" sexual acts.
Feral Swanmaids tend to take the haughty and arrogant side of the breed to the max, feeling threatened by even ugly breeds and lacking familiarity with almost anyone. As such, they are usually solitary, and often prefer to stay in flight, landing only on remote lakes or near uninhabited islands. Thresholding into a Swanmaid is uncommon, but not unknown.
Honk - (ATK + EFT) A sonic-based flying technique. The Pokégirl makes a dissonant honking sound which is accompanied by a cone-shaped sonic-disruption. This disruption is extremely useful for causing flying-types (or, in the past, aircraft) to lose balance, allowing the user to pass by... or to follow up with a more powerful attack. The cone is strongest directly in front of the user and the effect weakens as it moves further out. Exclusive to Swanmaid.
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SWEETCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Hurricane Howler Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Lupine
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore, fish and seaweed being primary
Role: Navigator of the North Wind, Purifier of Water
Libido: Average, High on full moon nights
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Fire, Rock, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Fighting, Plant, Steel)
Attacks: Growl, Bite, Slash, Yowl, Tackle, Protect, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Surf, Water Tower, Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Excellent sense of smell, hearing, and eye-sight, High endurance, Purify Water, Healing, Vaporous Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed. Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Lupina, Sweetcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Sweetcunt, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Silver Islands of the Johto League in 265 AS, Sweetcunt would reveal herself to be the personification of the North Wind and clear waters, that she was a beautiful and graceful creature with healing powers. Her purpose to keep mankind from destroying the waters of the world, and to purify what had been tainted so many centuries ago before Sukebe's War of Revenge had even begun.
Personality-wise, Sweetcunt is a very serious individual, maintaining an air of being a rather aloof individual. It's not because she looks down on people, but she feels she has to hold an air of regal-ness about her, and so tries to maintain composure and seriousness when around people.
In appearance, Sweetcunt is similar to shape in a Lupina in Attack Mode, a Metamorph of Human Girl and Wolf standing at 6'2" with a generous CC-cup bust, but that is where the similarity ends. Although she has no fur, (with the exception of her tail which now has blue fur) her skin still holds the pattern she did before transformation, her soft skin being a blue for the majority, with an underside of white with two white strands of flesh almost like ribbon that jut out from either of her shoulders, waving alongside her, and acting like flagellum when in the water, acting to increase her speed beneath the waves. Although naked, she wears a crown that is very regal in appearance. Completely blue, this structure is ridged over her eyebrows and jutting out past the sides of her head, giving her the appearance of a scowl, even if not angry, and reaching back into a massive diamond-shaped ring that is three-times the size of her skull, (although with how she is seen to move her head effortlessly, it must not weight much). And finally, she has long hair that reaches all the way down across her back, wavy like vaporous water, and a dark purple in coloring.
Sweetcunt doesn't like to battle, but if persisted with force that is obviously directed towards her, she will retaliate at first with yowls and growls, trying to weaken the attacking Pokégirl and undermine her confidence, to sway her into disengaging from her. If the hostile force continues, Sweetcunt will put the pressure on the attacking Pokégirl by using Rain Dance to already increase her impressive Water powers and continue to rain down with Water Pulse, and Water Tower for the more robust Pokégirls. And if one were to manage to anger her, they had better watch out for an Ice Beam that was on par with the power of a Hyper Beam.
When it comes to Taming Sweetcunt, various reports from numerous men with confirmed or believable encounters have revealed a pattern concerning the Neo-Legendary Lupina. She has tendency to go for only men, (which confirms a heterosexual nature) and then only ones who have a considerable Empathy rating. She will confront them on nights of a full moon when they're alone on a beach or near some body of water. She will invite them to, as she puts it, "have congress" with her. However, in full privacy, a lot of the regality she holds is cast aside to reveal a submissive bitch that loves to be tapped by a nice thick `bone'. When it comes to favored positions, she prefers to be taken `doggy style', or to be riding on top of the Tamer in a reverse cowgirl position. She really murrs when one caresses and give attention the base of her tail.
Overall, Sweetcunt is a rather gentle and beautiful individual. Although some Tamers have tried to capture her, all attempts so far have ended in failure, with the Tamer and his Pokégirls being rather water-logged, but at least they aren't too worse for wear.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Sweetcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Sweetcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face an Electric or a Plant-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Water/Ice, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
North Wind Blows: A controllable ability that makes it so whichever direction Sweetcunt faces, the North Wind will blow, oppressing the opponent Pokégirl with fierce freezing winds, which naturally enhance any of Sweetcunt's Ice-based attacks. While this would act as a battle-field amplifier, it only works in Sweetcunt's favor, and any other Ice-type will not gain a bonus from it.
Purifying Paw: Sweetcunt has the power to instantly purify dirty, muddy, or otherwise polluted water into the clearest of liquids by simply stepping into it. Since she seems to be attracted to any form of ruined water as to fix it, it's why she usually appears next to water-based regions, or in forests with rivers/lakes.
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SWEET PUSSY, the "Hot, Sticky, Sweet" Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but mainly high in sugar and carbohydrates
Role: Pastry chefs, Candy makers, Bakers assistants, Diet ruiners, Feeders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Power Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Barrier, Reflect, Puff Puff, Spice 1, Spice 2, Spice 3, Lust Dust, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup, Fruit Juice, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger, Magic Fist, Magic Kick
High Level Attacks: Poison, *Food Golem, *Forcefeed
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Enhanced Senses (x5), Instinctive cooking ability, Advanced Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Increased capacity for violence, Magical hovering ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Candy Catgirl (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Bounty (for successful capture and Taming of a Feral Sweet Pussy): 900,000 slc
Sweet Pussies take the ‘cat-like’ state of their previous form and take it all the way. Their features become fully feline in appearance, their bodies becoming coated in fur, their hands gaining catlike claws, their faces becoming more like muzzles. Their mannerisms also become more catlike and affectionate, they become taller, and their bust size increases as well. The colorings of their fur, eyes, and hair become far more variable than their previous forms, including all colors of the rainbow and varying shades thereof.
Their metabolism has stabilized by this point. They no longer need to intake great amounts of sugary foods, although they do still greatly enjoy them and eat a lot of them just for simple pleasure. Sweet Pussies also develop a great love of foods with heavy carbohydrates. They greatly enjoy pastas, breads, rice, and other such things. If they can combine their various loves, such as in sweet breads or cinnamon rolls, generally noted to be a favorite food of most members of the breed, they can be made greatly happy. This leads their cum to taste like cinnamon rolls or other similar pastries. Their tastebuds develop fully, allowing them to enjoy greater varieties of foods aside from sweets, mint, and carb-heavy foods. Because of this new balance in their metabolism, they no longer gain an aphrodisiac effect from sugar, and become much more layed back in terms of taming habits.
In terms of magical ability, Sweet Pussies still retain the oddball habits of their previous forms but now take it to an even greater level. They can hover off of the ground almost constantly if they so choose, although full-on flight seems to be beyond them. They gain greater magical prowess, finally gaining the strength to cast spells, and also gain greater magical energy manipulation ability. They can summon a far greater variety of foods with their magic, as well as a greater variety of food-based weaponry. Their food weapons are far more durable than their previous forms, and can take a great deal more punishment before coming apart. Infection risks for injuries inflicted by food weapons remain the same. What’s more, however, is that high level Sweet Pussies gain the ability to manifest a type of elemental golem, only one made entirely out of food. (See notes below for description of attack.)
Researchers have flat out given up trying to explain the bizarre typing in the Sugar Kitten line. Upon evolution to Sweet Pussy, Candy Catgirls gain Magic Fist and Magic Kick along with some poison element attacks, but lose Wood Tower and Lance. After observation, it was determined that they are Poison/Magic types, another bizarre change in a bizarre evolutionary line.
Sweet Pussies are by far the best battlers of the line, their bizarre and unconventional attacks making for a challenging battle against those unprepared for her attacks. They become fond of using thick, sticky caramel or thick noodles to bind their opponents and batter them with energy attacks. Sweet Pussies gain tremendous confidence, as well as a tendency towards showmanship. They fight using wands made of peppermint candy, creating over-the-top attacks to use against their opponents.
Sweet Pussies, depressingly, still maintain their genetic quirk that makes the Taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to bear. Only in Sweet Pussies, its far more pronounced. Something about the Taming cycles causes them tremendous pain. It is HIGHLY recommended to get a Premier Ball to contain Sweet Pussies, as the pain will drive them into Ferality at an accelerated rate.
Feral Sweet Pussies, unlike their previous forms, seem to prefer solitude. This is seen as a benefit, as Sweet Pussies have actually proved to be enough of a threat to result in a low-level ‘menace’ rating. Feral Sweet Pussies are somewhat difficult to find in the wild. A sure sign that one is in the area is finding Feral Pokégirls that are much fatter than normal. Feral Sweet Pussies seemingly love to make people gain weight, feeding them as much as they can stand if not more. Caution is recommenced in dealing with them, as while they aren’t as dangerous as other menace-types, they do tend to be somewhat of a pest. They prefer to strike from concealment when tracking someone they want to feed, making fighting them somewhat difficult. Thankfully, encounters with Feral Sweet Pussies are extremely rare, as the vast majority of them are domestic-born Pokégirls.
So far, there are no recorded instances of a girl Thresholding into a Sweet Pussy. Because of their rarity and the requirements to evolve into one, it’s assumed to be impossible. This is unconfirmed however, as researchers are still studying this quirky breed of Pokégirl.
As a moderately amusing note, unless they have grown used to each other before the ‘girl’s evolution, it is considered unwise to have a Snorlass in the same harem as a Sweet Pussy. Snorlasses take surprising interest in Sweet Pussies and their food manifestation ability, to the point where they spontaneously gain the ability to use the attacks Dominate and Call Me Queen when in proximity to a Sweet Pussy. It is… somewhat frightening to see…
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
Forcefeed (ATK 10 repeating) Used usually after binding an opponent. The Pokégirl creates a funnel that lodges itself into the opponent’s mouth. A cornucopia forms over the funnel and forcibly shoves food down the funnel and into the opponent’s stomach, making them eat until they are sick.
Food Golem (EFT) The Pokégirl creates a large, monstrous being made out of food items. The creature has the following stats: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Durability (x9), Enhanced Endurance (x9). This requires a lot of energy, however, and the Pokégirl must do nothing else save maintain the creature. The technique also drains HP from the Pokégirl, so they can only maintain it for a brief period, making the technique more of a desperation move.
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TAMALE, the Hot Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert farming, furry Sidekick
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: Average
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Flamethrower, Ignite, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x4), Nightvision,
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Fire Stone)
Tamales change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright red color. They are the hardest Chichi to nail down personality-wise, with few common traits between individuals. Some Tamers use Tamales and their Chichi-spawned cousins as a furry alternative to the Sidekick. This is particularly common among Tamers who absolutely can't stand to have Pokégirls without fur in their Harem. Tamales are decent combatants, though not on par with other Fire-types. They can learn, though, and can become fairly strong with proper training.
Wild Tamales, like most of their brethren, dwell in dry desert-mountainous regions, when given a chance. They love prickly pears, burning off the spines with their flame powers. For some reason, the seeds of the fruits become extremely fertile after passing through the Tamale, which usually translates to unexplained oasis, especially if there are Aguamiels in the area. An unexpected twist to this is a common point among Tamales: they all adore Plant-type Pokégirls. Tamales in a Harem are quick to befriend any and all Plant-type Harem Sisters, and often follow them around when not needed by their Tamer. Those in the wild have even gone so far as to stalk Plant-types in the hopes of getting a Taming. Most Plant-types are scared out of their wits having a Fire-type so interested in them, and even the most hardened and confident Plant-types get unnerved after being shadowed by a Tamale for long enough.
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TANK VIXXEN, the Firearms Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire/Steel
Frequency: Rare (Crimson, Sunshine Leagues), Very Rare (All Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, has preference for chocolate
Role: militant group soldiers, saner domestics can work with police forces
Libido: High (and scary!)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fire, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, Breasts of Steel, Flame Sniper, Napalm, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, CrossShield (Lv. 45)
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Mechanics Aptitude, Flash Fire
Evolves: None (we hope!)
Evolves From: Vixxen (Heavy Metal+Battle Stress)
During the War of Revenge, there was a group of specialized Vixxens that were said to be on par with the majority of humanity's military might. They were recorded as attacking and taking over human-controlled military strongholds and then scavenging the technology and weaponry left over; often using it with a high level of competency. Some reports indicate that in a sense, this breed of specialized vulpine Pokégirls was more or less Sukebe's equivalent of human army, possibly both for purposes to not only aide his forces but to mock those of humanity, to show them how to do it right. While some of the stories left behind might make a number of people skeptical, the stories are indeed fact, as a number were made by the survivors whom managed to live and spread tales of the ‘sheer depravity’ of these creatures.
Historians and Pokégirl Researchers would spend over the next two centuries trying to figure out how a Pokégirl could use a toilet scrubber and chunky peanut butter on a man's ass as had been recorded in one event and wonder if a number of the stories weren't merely exaggerated. It was obvious that the reports were genuine, but there hadn't been an occurrence of such a Pokégirl since the beginning.
Sadly, it would be proven that these Pokégirls were all too real. Heavy Metal, a decidedly defensive tool is also an item that has been known to trigger evolution in certain Pokégirls, and the Vixxen, a rather common and gentle species does benefit from the protective properties. However, if a Vixxen goes through an intense battle while wearing the steel jacket known as Heavy Metal, it unlocks an evolutionary branch that turns the Vixxen from a sweet, easy-going fuck-toy into an ultimate, take-no-nonsense soldier of fortune. Tank Vixxens are very similar to their pre-evolved form, keeping the slight muzzle, slender frame with long bushy tail and busts that range anywhere from a full A-Cup to a full D-Cup. However, their pelts can be various shades of red now, some of the species are even recorded as having colors outside the norm, varying from brightest white to being the deepest black. Also, unlike their previous form, Tank Vixxens prefer to be clothed, often something of a definite military motif with one article of the outfit being made from leather or at the very least, sturdy PVC.
The greatest change though, is personality. Intelligence comes to a Tank Vixxen swiftly, often in ways that revolve survival and modern warfare, especially heavy tech. A Tank Vixxen could be given numerous pieces of scrap and be able to fashion some sort of weapon from what is available. While their libido is still high, her preference for what happens is changed as well. While their pre- evolved form was easily a switch-hitter, Tank Vixxens for the majority, (nearly 80%) are lesbian in taste, with only a minimal amount, (20%) still retaining a bisexual nature. This was thought to have been programmed into them so that when a regiment of Tank Vixxens clashed with human soldiers, it would continue to be a true battle than an orgy. This base dislike for men the majority of the species pertains is also why many men that have fallen prey to the Tank Vixxen are often left psychologically-scarred.
In the wilds, Feral Tank Vixxens are a rather peculiar bunch in that their minds stay rather regimented and logical. Although they'll wear less, they'll still wear their clothing, and they still communicate verbally in human speech. Make no mistake in thinking that this is a good thing. In the wilds, these Feral Tank Vixxens band together, almost acting like a Team Group. They attack Tamers and transports, especially ones which may be holding more building materials. The attack on such targets is because Feral Tank Vixxens become single-minded and try to live up to their title. And that means riding around in a tank...
Fortunately, most Tank Vixxens never get to such a stage, thanks to the rarity of such things, and a lot of items being lostech or Forbidden tech. However, one should never underestimate the instinctual knowledge these Pokégirls contain concerning the operations and maintenance of heavy technology. The results could be catastrophic if such a thing were to pass.
Tamed Tank Vixxens, (normally bisexual domestics) normally put this militant attitude, technological knowledge, and overall zealousness to good use. A number of them often end up working with police groups, and they treat the written law as the highest priority, albeit they tend to get a little carried away, often resulting in major property damage should a chase or hostile situation go on for too long. To try and cut down on damages, it's encouraged for the police to teach the Tank Vixxens to build stunning, rather than killing weapons, as that will minimize the damage they can potentially cause.
Although they truly can be considered a wild card, these domesticated Tank Vixxens make an excellent foil to OfficerJennys; true basis of the Good Cop, Bad Cop idea. Oddly enough, the Jennys DO like them, even if they are left exasperated by the vulpine Pokégirls at times. After all, the Tank Vixxens may endanger civilians at times, but their actions are still within guidelines of the law. Domesticated Tank Vixxens that end up in the hands of Tamers rather than with police officers find themselves to be the perfect complement to Gun-Bunnies. There was even one famous duo known as Team Dirty Pair comprised of the Gun-Bunny Kei, and the Tank Vixxen Yuri which showed just what the two are capable of when they work together: maximum carnage.
When it comes to battle, a Tank Vixxen is quick to abuse fire- techniques, especially when facing another Fire-type. She is quite resistant to fire damage, despite having Steel as her sub-type, since the Tank Vixxen has a special capability known as ‘Flash Fire.’ Possibly an upgrade of the Fire Resistance enhancement, Flash Fire not only makes it so the vulpine Pokégirl takes no damage, but that she also gains an increase in the strength to her own Fire-type techniques. If she is facing an opponent that would be strong against her, she will fall back to steel techniques to try and put the fight in her favor, the technique Iron Defense being used repeatedly in such cases.
Taming a Tank Vixxen is a truly mind-blowing experience, since the Tank Vixxen takes a dominant role as soon as possible. Often, bondage is implemented by the Tank Vixxen on the Tamer, rather than the reverse, with the vulpine Pokégirl taking control of what is done; needless to say, the Domina species enjoy working with a Tank Vixxen during Taming. However, one of the biggest turn-ons for a Tank Vixxen is to manifest her Flamethrower and point it at their lovers head as they have sex, often the show of dominance and the fear from their partner adding to the adrenaline rush the Tank Vixxen feels. Only those that a Tank Vixxen come to trust implicitly are allowed to wield any form of dominance over the vulpine Pokégirl. To this date, there has never been a single case of Threshold where the girl became a Tank Vixxen at the end of the transformation. People the world over rejoice.
Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) – (EFT) The Tank Vixxen concentrates, making the firing trigger and igniter of a flamethrower appear in her hand. The flamethrower is connected to the wrist via a thick rubber-like hose, giving the weapon `ammunition' from her internal Fire-elemental abilities.
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TERMINATRIX, the Assassin Dragon Pokégirl (aka the Anti-Sanctuary Goth)
Type: Anthromorphic (dragon)
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Black Ops Missions (such as assassinations and infiltration), Hunting, Counter Sanctuary Goths
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Dragon Claw, Sabre Claw, Shadow Blade, Energy Drain, Invis 3, Shadow 3, Nightmare Syndrome, Phase, Dragonbreath, Dragon Rage, Dragon Dance, (above Lvl 60) Hyper Dragon Rage, Dragon Torture, Hyper Beam, Mega Flare
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x8), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Strength (x12), Capable of using Shadow element and Ghost element abilities, Wings for flight, immunity to S-Goth Auras, capable of controlling emotions, high intelligence, light shapeshifting abilities, Aura Ability to fool Pokédexes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doll (Ebony Stone)
Not for nothing is the word ‘Terminate’ a part of the name of this Pokégirl.
Terminatrix are among the more recent breeds of Pokégirl. They are consummate stalkers and hunters, capable of blending in with the shadows and not being detected. Their bodies are durable, but very lightweight, allowing them to move without making a sound, using their claws discreetly when they find their prey. In the rare instances they have to engage an opponent in direct combat, they are also very fierce, unrelenting fighters who battle with constant attacks. They are born killers, and will not hesitate to slay anyone who challenges them unless told otherwise and given a damn good reason not to.
Terminatrix are generally possessed of dark black scales and a semi lizard-like face. Their hair, usually a dark gray in color, is kept short so as not to get in their way while sneaking about on missions. Their wings are large, but are unusually flexible and can be folded up completely against their backs. Their tails are long and ridged with spines at the tip, allowing them to use it for deadly flailing attacks. Their eyes are a coal black, and they have a distinctive marking in a stylized white skull on their foreheads.
Terminatrix are cold, very unfriendly Pokégirls. They do not like making emotional bonds with anyone, and they can only be found in a Harem if they put themselves in it. So opposed are Terminatrix to forming emotional bonds, that most of them have taught themselves to use Shadow element attacks. Frequently in the rare instances a Terminatrix is spotted, can be seen using Shadow Blade, the energies allowing them to repress their emotions entirely and focus on their missions. Some Megami think that Terminatrix avoid emotional bonds because they are deathly afraid of them, of what might happen if someone they have come to care about is hurt. What is known that all Megami feel a great swell of pity and sadness whenever they encounter a Terminatrix, and that Terminatrix seem afraid of and very respectful of Megamis and Megami-samas. This is not to say that a Terminatrix is not averse to forming a different kind of bond. While nowhere near the level of, say, a Widow or even a Dronza (they are Mantis-level in strength at best), what they lack in great strength they make up for in great intelligence. Sometimes, a Terminatrix will find themselves to have an intellectual affinity with someone. They will visit that person often, asking for advice or simply to talk with someone on their level.
Terminatrix normally do not show any kind of emotions, the closest they come being the passion they show during missions. However there is one thing that can make a Terminatrix feel tremendous anger: A Sanctuary Goth.
The first Terminatrix sighting is rumored to have occurred shortly after the first Sanctuary Goth sighting. Very little information has been found, information so minute that no one is really sure of the specifics. The general consensus on the story is that a high ranking League official was caught in a crossfire between a Sanctuary Goth and a strange, dragon-like creature believed to be a Terminatrix. The S-Goth was slaughtered after the Terminatrix proved to be totally immune to her Aura powers. No further details are known, save for what is revealed later.
Information on the Terminatrix breed of Pokégirl is frustratingly low. So quick, deadly, and efficient are these Pokégirls, that they have become a living nightmare to the Goths of Sanctuary. Just mentioning their name will result in nervous shudders and angry glances from any S-Goth. So secretive are they, that they have become something of a fearful legend in Sanctuary. Their skills and powers are exaggerated to a tremendous extent, S-Goth mothers invoking the name of the Terminatrix to get disobedient children to behave. No S-Goth in Sanctuary mentions them out loud save in hushed, frightened whispers. Terminatrix play on this fear, waging a cold war against Pokégirls they were quite literally designed to be the enemies of. Never do they let the S-Goths learn anything more than what the Terminatrix want them to know.
All Terminatrix, whether working with evil Tamers or for good Tamers, share a combined loathing that is intense to the point of unreason. They do not trust S-Goths and despise them with a passion, and will IMMEDIATELY try to disrupt the plans of any S-Goth they find, utilizing whatever resources on hand to sabotage and disrupt whatever they’re doing at the time. They never kill, except when there is no other choice. They do not wish to tip their hands in any way, as that would allow the S-Goths to wage open war on them. A point of frustration for all Terminatrix, Feral or Tamed, is that they have been constantly unable to disseminate information on Sanctuary, the home of the S-Goths. But it is believed by League officials that should they learn enough about Sanctuary, the Terminatrix will go on a genocidal killing spree. League spies within SEELE have confirmed that the various leaders of the organization are making plans towards that end, and rumors about that the Terminatrix have drafted those leaders in on the plan.
The Taming habits of Terminatrix are still relatively unknown. Tamers known to have them have been frustratingly unforthcoming with information to this end. What is known is that they have low libidos and do not need as much taming as most Pokégirls do. The nature of a Terminatrix Feral state is mostly unknown, as they do not say much even when Tamed and act in similar manners.
No Tamer ‘catches’ a Terminatrix. Tamers that do have a Terminatrix simply wake up to find one in their Harem, and that they have been drafted to serve their purposes. The punishments for disobedience are quickly made clear. Most obey the orders of the Terminatrix readily, especially after their first missions against S-Goths. Only one person on record has openly defied a Terminatrix.
All the pieces of he and his Pokégirls have yet to be found.
Terminatrix have the ability to shapeshift into any other dragon-type Pokégirl and emit an aura to convince even the most advance Pokédexes that they are that breed, although they maintain their normal stats and abilities.
Due to their rarity and their behavioral habits, no cases of Thresholding directly into a Terminatrix has been reported.
It is EXTRAORDINARILY IMPORTANT that NONE of this information be released to the public. The Terminatrix have entrusted us, the only ones they are certain that aren’t under the influence of the S-Goths, with information on them and their abilities. We must be able to act when the time comes. But no information on the Terminatrix breed must leave our inner circle.
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THUNDERCUNT, the Stormy Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Electric/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: pokechow, fresh meat, fish
Role: literal Storm Trooper
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Vortex, Double Needle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Agility, Zapring Mk III, Satellite Mk II, Thunderclap, Static Barrier, Spark, Phoenix Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Heals from Electric
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Thundrix (battle stress)
Thundercunt is generally between 5'4" and 5'10". Her breasts may increase in size, but usually, there is no change. Her hair remains black, but their eyes are generally brown or green. Compared to her sisters, the Thundercunt's golden feathers are almost bland. Though she can use them to reflect light into her opponent's eyes, they don't seem that special.
Thundercunts generally have a personality like the sky. Once insulted, their anger grows like a storm as she selects a proper retribution, then like a lightning bolt, she takes it in one fell swoop. The retribution is generally the same caliber as the insult. The greater the insult, the greater the retribution. So, it goes without saying that crossing a Thundercunt is among the stupidest things you can do, right next to pimp-slapping a Gynadose or taunting a feral Whorizard. So long as you avoid that, she's generally a very nice Pokégirl to have.
In combat, Thundercunts should be listed among the fastest Pokégirls around. Unlike land Pokégirls, like the Chocoboob, Cheetit or even the Rapitaur, a Thundercunt is not held back by terrain, meaning she can cross greater distances in shorter amounts of times. Combined with her array of defensive, offensive and speed-enhancing techniques, she is undoubtedly one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokégirls around, able to hard, fast or even snipe, she can vary her attack patterns to meet her needs.
Feral Thundercunts are actually quite friendly, even if they don't join the tamer they help. It's rumored, though, that the Limbec Pirates use feral Thundercunts to attract new members.
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TIGRESS, the Fighting Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tiger)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: meat, milk, human style foods
Role: Combat, security, adult entertainment
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bite, Pummel, Scratch, Slash, Super Claw, Uppercut, Growl, Pose, Puff Puff
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Senses (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced strength (x5), Quick Recovery time, Claws, night vision
Evolves: Panthress (mistreatment), Ebony Tigress ([Classified] Ebony Stone [Classified]), Titter (mechanism unknown), Sabretooth Tigress (Diamond Stone (eaten), Round Stone (does NOT have to be eaten), White Tigress (E-Stone Ceremony, high level, strong bond with Tamer), Romanticide (Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Catgirl (battle stress)
One of Sukebe’s original Pokégirl breeds, the Tigress was one of the primary front-line fighter of Sukebe’s forces during the War of Revenge. A deadly warrior thanks to enhanced senses, strength and agility, not to mention the attributes given to her by her tiger genetics base, such as claws and night vision, this was a Pokégirl breed was highly adaptable to most given situations. There are many newscasts and articles produced before the new age that exist today that best show the ferocity and cruelty this breed was capable of. Ironically, this was also among the first Pokégirl species that were turned to humanity’s side. They were a very sensual breed and it was easy for soldiers to turn captured Tigresses to their side with a satisfying Taming. In the end, this was the many Pokégirl breed that made the majority of Tamer forces that attacked Sukebe’s stronghold at the battle of San Bay, and making them popular amongst Tamers even today. Their willingness to do hard work and the intense, near Growlie-level loyalty they can posses makes them an ideal Pokégirl for both Tamers and as partners to Police Officers.
Physically, the Tigress breed has strong genetic association with their namesake. The breed is built with muscled, sleek feline frame, having furred tail and cat ears and normally covered in reddish-orange fur with black stripes, covering their bodies entirely. The breed is noted for their healthy breast-size, which hovers around a large C-Cup. Although there are members of the breed noted with larger cup sizes, larger breasts can often impede their fighting skills. Most Tigresses stand at a height between 5’5” and 6’, all of which is well toned, sleek muscular forms that are capable of some impressive flexibility which can be used in combat or the bedroom. All of these physical traits are what make the Tigress so highly sought after.
Almost universally the Tigress Pokégirl species possesses a very passionate nature, both within a combat arena as well as in bed. Their battle-lust keeps them ready for battle anywhere, anytime, even against opponents that they would be considered weak against. Fighters to the core, they will throw themselves into battle, always pushing their limits to the max. Simply pointing them in the direction of their opponent is all a Tamer needs to do to get the results they want as most enemies are often intimidated by the ferocity with which Tigress fights with in combat. However, such is not advised, considering the damage that can be incurred during a Pokébattle with a wild-running Tigress. Instead, Leagues have put out educational material for educating Tamers on properly handling and training their Tigresses, made free upon request at most Pokécenters. A Tigress, even if Domestic, is a wild being and Tamers that don’t help their Pokégirl properly channel her skills can meet with some disastrous results, often very lethal to the Tamer.
Equal to if not surpassing their love of battle, Tigresses are imbued with an insatiable appetite for sex and act with a wild manner, making this Pokégirl a wild one in bed. During Taming, the Tigress breed are extremely passionate always pushing the limits of both Pokégirl and Tamer to the limits. Feline flexibility, sleek muscles and an insatiable appetite all come together for a Taming with Tigress that is a memorable event for even the most experienced of Tamers. They are very sensual, loving any attention paid on them, particularly having their fur stroked with their tail being particularly sensitive. Despite all they’re capable of in bed, Tigresses are Average Libidoed Pokégirls, however, they only require the average and are more than willing to go for the extremes. Indeed the phrase, “like a Tigress in bed” refers to all this, setting a standard that all other Pokégirls are judged by.
However, not everything concerning the Tigress is a bed of roses. The breed has taken some serious hits in its popularity over the years, especially in the past century. Due to the intense loyalty, if not fanaticism surrounding one Tigress had for her master and the events that lead to his death, saw the rise of Mao’s Rebellion in 248 AS, sealing the fate of Pokégirl Rights and leaving humanity to face factions of her Rebellion to this very day; the Limbec Pirates included as such. And then the discovery of the Panthress Pokégirl breed only a couple of decades later has caused people to look at Tigress breed in a new light, leading them to realize that while they have the potential to aid humanity, their same versatility can also be used to cause great harm; a true double-edged sword. Nevertheless, despite the shortcomings and hits to their reputation, the Tigress remains among the most highly sought after Pokégirl breeds.
Although a rare outcome for girls to change into when they hit Threshold, it is not a surprise that women with a strong feline ancestry to have a solid shot at becoming a Tigress. Especially if they were many felines of the Catgirl branch rather than the Merrowl in their family tree. The families of said girls are advised to be careful, as the onset of the girl’s new instincts cause her to become rather wild. Although it may be dangerous, it’s best to give the girl company as she goes through this trying state, lest the invading animal mindset be allowed to take over completely, causing the Threshold Tigress to take flight. Once she’s fully Thresholded, it’s then safe for the family to sell her off to a Ranch or a private party.
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TITACOOL, the Jellyfish Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivore (preys on Pokégirls and Tamers alike)
Role: ambushes unlucky Tamers or Pokégirls that nears riverbanks or streams, scavengers
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Sting, Constrict, Bubble Beam, Paralyze Sting, Wrap, Tentacle Restraints
Enhancements: extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Titacruel (normal), Titakren (Water Stone + Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None
Titacools are freshwater Pokégirls that live in rivers and streams. Like all Water-type Pokégirls they have blue/green colored skin that is transparent looking. They have tentacles on their backs, which they primarily use for catching prey. The tentacles are quite sensitive, it is able to detect slight movements in the water which alerts Titacools if their are prey nearby. They just float around underwater conserving energy until they spot or detect some prey. And they are also fast swimmers when the need arises. They use the tentacles in their back to snare any unwary Pokégirls and tamers then use their paralyze sting so their prey will not struggle, once paralyzed they drag their victims underwater to drown before consuming them. They are also known for eating dead bodies when they can't find live ones.
Because they are much weaker than their evolved form they tend to live in pairs, helping each other hunt for prey especially if it's a big prey and even Taming each other when needed. A Titacool has small breasts that are rather sensitive, but for a Titacool, she becomes much more aroused by using her tentacles during the act of Taming. Titacool are only a few inches over four feet tall on average, and do not have hair. Domestic Titacool, however, may have hair, though usually it is kept either short or extraordinarily long in comparison to other Pokégirl's hairstyles. Titacool possess only a pair of tentacles, one that attaches to their back just behind their shoulders that can extend up to six feet in length. Each tentacle is about as strong physically as their arms are.
Titacool enjoy males and females to Tame them, though prefer only one or two partners at any given time to increase their ability to process the feelings. However, their tentacles are overly sensitive during taming, and so Titacool are of little use during sex battles at all.
It is also another reason as to why Titacool are found in pairs- to defend themselves. Titacool cannot survive long out of water, only about four hours before needing to be hydrated. However, Titacool are a bit faster in and out of water compared to their evolved forms thanks to their smaller sizes and more streamlined shape.
It has been speculated that a Titacool can evolve into something other than a Titacruel by many Tamers, as Titacool that have been Tamed become rather loving Pokégirls once bonded. However, no alternate evolution has ever been documented by any Tamer, and it is nothing more than a speculation that often seems to drive various Tamers to at least try. Feral Titacool pairs enjoy setting up ambushes with other Titacool that allow for an advantage for all the Titacool involved to eat well for once. However, feral Titacool have shown enough intelligence to stay away from human territories unless they need to be Tamed, and do not go after humans unless starving or needing to be Tamed.
Tentacle Restraints (EFT): Both Tentacles are used to restrain the target, binding the hands and feet of the target in place... or other parts. The tentacles can be used for other reasons, but as so many Pokégirls are much stronger than a Titacool, it really does take another Titacool to make this attack at all effective against most Pokégirls.
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TITACRUEL, the Scavenger Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivore (usually preys on Pokégirls and tamers alike)
Roles: scavengers, captures any unwary Pokégirls and tamers for food
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Wrap, Bubble Beam, Supersonic, Acid, Paralyze Sting, Poison Sting, Tentacle Bondage Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Octopussy (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Titacool (normal)
Titacruel is the evolved form of Titacool. They prefer being a loner unlike their counterparts who are always in pairs, because they are much stronger than Titacools they can live alone unless seeking mates or needs Taming. Titacruels have more numerous tentacles on their back unlike Titacools who only have few, which makes it easier for Titacruels to grab their prey. If their tentacles are cut, new ones easily grow and replace the cut ones. They prefer live prey than dead ones, but they are also known to eat dead bodies for nourishment like their brethren when there is no live prey around. Titacruel are about two feet taller than Titacool, and have small breasts that are only A-cup sized, not gaining any larger breasts since evolving from its basic form.
These Pokégirls are almost completely lesbians. Titacruel are hunt often for their meals, and are known to stalk beaches all over the world for human and Pokégirl prey alike. Titacruel are amazing in battle, using their tentacles to bind their opponent or multiple opponents with paralyzing and poisonous stingers. Titacruel, unlike their earlier evolution, are capable of surviving both in fresh and salt water. When looking for a Taming, they prefer to take on multiple Pokégirls at once, rather than try for a one-on-one Taming with a single Tamer or Pokégirl. Titacruel that were caught as a Titacool, or Threshold directly may still enjoy only one partner, but she may be left with a dull feeling of being unfulfilled. Titacruel are slower than their earlier evolution, due to the now compromised streamline that they once possessed with the numerous tentacles that emerge from their back and waist. However, even with the loss of mobility on land and in water, they are capable of launching themselves quickly underwater, thanks to their ability to use their many tentacles to provide propulsion. A Titacruel appreciates strength, to the point where she enjoys a wrestling match before a Taming to get her blood 'boiling'.
However, even her strength gives out when not in water for extended periods of time. A Titacruel can survive outside of a Pokéball or water for up to six hours before needing to become submerged again. They also dry up quickly in hot or extremely cold weather, and become exceedingly lethargic as they become more and more dehydrated. Titacruel rarely are caught for a Harem due to their nature of preferring Pokégirls over humans, as well as because of their fully evolved form being unable to move on land and being fully lesbian in orientation. Some Tamers have decided to attempt to tame them in hopes of possibly finding a different evolution than Octopussy by making their Titacruel to become more interested in the Tamer than in multiple partners (much the same way some Tamers attempt to do the same with Dildoran Pokégirls). Any and all attempts have been unsuccessful, so far.
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TITAPOD, the Knock Around Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian, though they enjoy sugar treats
Role: punching bag
Libido: Typically Low, can be raised by feeding her sugar
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry, Harden
Enhancements: Enhanced exo and endo skeleton, very efficient digestive system, small size (3'2"-3'4" tall), and low metabolism
Evolves: Buttitsfree (normal)
Evolves From: Cutipie (normal)
Titapods are the normal evolution for Cutipies, requiring very little effort to attain. It usually only requires a handful of battles. Titapods gain a few inches in height and lose the delicate antennae on her head. Her exoskeleton is much more noticeable and expands to cover her entire body when using Harden.
A Titapod's exoskeleton is much stronger then her unevolved form, and she is able to take an incredible amount of punishment for such a small Pokégirl. She only gains one new attack, Harden, but she makes very good use of it. By using String Shot to slow an opponent down, a Titapod can rapidly use Harden multiple times until her exoskeleton becomes near invincible to physical blows. During the war, groups of Titapods were known to sneak up on enemies and immobilize them with string shots, their exoskeletons easily handling most infantry weapons. They would then leave as larger Pokégirls would move in to finish the job. With her small size making it that much harder for an opponent to hit her, a fully hardened Titapod can easily wear down many Pokégirl types simply by waiting for them to exhaust themselves trying to hurt her.
Fighting-types both love and hate Titapods. They hate trying to fight one, since all their attacks tend to do (when they actually manage to hit her) is send the little Pokégirl flying, which is usually ended by using String Shot to attach herself to any available object, sometimes the attacking Pokégirl. This has lead to cases where a Titapod has managed to knock a Pokégirl out using the energy of their own attack, as she bounces back like a yo-yo. When in the same Harem however, Titapods tend to get along well with Fighting-types. The Pokégirl is often used as a training device for the fighting girls. Titapods will often string themselves up from a tree and hang there, letting themselves be used as a punching bag. Titapods are very easy to take care of, requiring little food or attention. They tend to be lethargic and only move when they need to. Their mood, and libido, can be raised however with doses of sugar, which they greatly enjoy.
Taming a Titapod, just like with a Cutipie, is a bit tricky, since their small size means non but the least endowed tamers would be able to fit. It tends to be a job best done with special toys or the Tamer's fingers instead. Titapods tend to approach Taming like they do everything else; with as little effort on their part as they can get away with.
Feral Titapods are a challenge to find, as they tend to only move around at night, spending the day in hiding. However if found during the daylight hours, they tend to be one of the easiest Pokégirls to capture. Due to their ability to withstand damage, they have little fear of anything and rarely even try to run away. It is rarely required to weaken a Titapod before capturing her, since her standard response to any perceived threat, such as a Pokéball, is to just wait it out.
Threshold girls occasionally turn straight to Titapods. Unless she was already laid back before hand, most people tend to find the girl's new personality depressing by comparison.
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TITMANIAN DEVIL, the Wild Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare (In Orange League), Unknown in other leagues (Extinct)
Diet: carnivorous (They'll eat anything that was at one time alive)
Role: shock troops
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel, Dark
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weakness: Once they are engaged in battle they will not listen to commands
Attacks: Berserk, Whirlwind, Dig, Furry Swipes, Scratch, Slash, Bite, Eat, Screech
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2/x8), Enhanced Agility (x4/x16), Enhanced Toughness (x2/x8), When berserker those abilities increase 4 fold
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Titmanian Devil's are some of the craziest Pokégirls around. With a slight muzzle and a thin layer of black fur over their entire bodies they can never be mistaken for humans. They tend to range from 4'10" to 5'6" and are thickly built. All Devil's have a patch of white fur resembling a collar on their necks and when they get angry, their ears turn red. They also have a thick tail that reaches to their feet, but is generally not as graceful as a feline's. They also tend to have cantaloupe size breasts covered in a lighter gray fur that reaches down to their belly. Few Devils develop any level of self control and will quickly berserk if made angry. Generally speaking, no matter how intelligent they are originally, when berserker they tend to grunt and spit while whirlwinding in every direction. They also tend to eat everything they can get their hands, though only one case reports a Devil actually eating a portion of their opponent (who happened to be a Bunnygirl, and there was no permanent damage). Only a very powerful attack can even slow them down as they can burrow right through solid rock as if it were paper mache. Any Pokégirl who comes within arm's reach is pretty much a write off unless they are very powerful fighters. Their biggest weakness is that if can manage to think of a trap to stop them, they will fall for it every time. The psychological effect against all but a highly disciplined or powerful Pokégirl is the biggest effect. Many opponents will simply run outside the ring and hide behind their masters. While they don't fall victim to the same mindless violence during their Tamings as they are usually very happy, Devil's are, as expected, wild in bed. It's impossible to drug them, but for some odd reason, they are extremely susceptible to milk and will become almost normal relative to other Pokégirls. Most Devil's remain in the wild in a feral state unfortunately as they are difficult to catch. They are only found in the southern reaches of the Orange Islands. No threshold case has been recorded
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TITMOUSE, the Clean Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Mouse
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: herbivore, mainly nuts and fruit
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Libido: Average
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Efficient Digestive System, nightvision.
Evolves: Mousewife (normal), Pool Mouse (Water Stone), Vesta (Fire Stone), Tigermouse (Cat E-Medal), Woodmouse (Leaf Stone+Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
"What was the first Pokégirl you remember meeting?"
That phrase is quite often followed by the answer of this breed- the Titmouse. Extraordinarily common both domesticated and in the wild, this particular breed enjoys popularity within almost every league in the world, even the ones that lean towards anti-Pokégirl rights. The reasoning for this is simple by anyone's standards, as the Titmouse is comparatively speaking one of the weakest Pokégirls known to have survived the Revenge War. Used mostly for cooking meals and cleaning up after the more powerful Pokégirls during the Revenge War, large numbers of Titmice were the order of the day while the others were out fighting the human forces. When Sukebe's forces lost, however, and the humans closed in, Titmice were also among the first to break from their creator's side and disperse into the wilds before the humans could draw the noose around his neck. After the war, the Titmouse breed was among the most commonly seen... killed or otherwise, by other Pokégirls going feral, or perhaps attempting to raid human foodstores and farmlands in the aftermath. They were also one of the first breeds tamed and bred in captivity, and that along with their feral tendencies to have parthenogenetic litters of four or more offspring at once, their numbers went through the roof within three generations. Despite feral predation, which couldn't keep up with the numerous litters of Titmice that expanded their numbers, they thrived.
As described by the name given the breed, the Titmouse is a mouse-type Pokégirl breed reminiscent of the little mammal that also survived the Revenge War. Most often covered with short but thick fur, many looks quite a bit like a human except for the fur, the somewhat larger ears, and the long thin tail that emerges from just above the Pokégirl’s posterior. Both of her ears, and her tail, are quite sensitive, though their ears are even more sensitive to sounds. In fact, it is because of this sensitivity to sound and touch that makes the Titmouse quite timid and jumpy all at the same time. The breed is known for being somewhat paranoid, though each individual certainly has their own level of paranoia, which makes them unable to truly keep her attention on any one thing for too long. However, practice does come easily to them as long as they do not have to learn everything in a single sitting. This makes the breed decent cooks, at least as far as more simplistic dishes, and it has been noted that the breed excels mostly with vegetarian dishes more than anything else.
Though the breed is quite numerous throughout the world, and enjoys its fair share of popularity as a result, the Titmouse is never a serious choice for any tamer, unless they need a Pokégirl that is simple to evolve. Instead, their popularity is as pets and workers for tradesmen all over the world. The Titmouse is a poor choice for any battle- in possession of perhaps the weakest pain and pleasure thresholds of any Pokégirl breed, they are rarely found as a part of any Tamer's harem as a part of a battle harem. The few that are used by tamers are often evolved into one of her more wanted forms or are used as a non-combatant, depending on the league they are found in. In a harem setting, Titmice get along well with many Pokégirls... but are simply terrified of just as many. Dominas, felines, snake-type Pokégirls, and avian Pokégirls are among the large number of Pokégirl breeds that the Titmouse breed is known to have trouble dealing with at any given time. They do, however, tend to enjoy many kinds of music and make for excellent assistants to musically inclined breeds such as the Moogal, Diva, and Bardess. The Psidyke breed is one that no Titmouse ever wants to be near- something about their eating habits is all that a Titmouse will tell any researcher that asks why.
The Titmouse is possibly the most common threshold breed, along with being one of the most numerous breeds in the world. A typical threshold case takes about a week to finish and is in quite a lot of pain as a result of her newly sensitized skin, the addition of a tail and the increased size of her ears. Some may even grow short muzzles, like the rodents have. They are, however, amongst the most accepted threshold cases, and many families make gifts of their thresholded daughters to neighbors and friends (since getting a Ranch to take them may actually cost them money, compared to less numerous and more useful breeds).
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TITTER, the Spring Loaded Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (tiger) to Near or Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: meat, milk, human style foods
Role: mischief maker, daycare worker, courier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Tackle, Super Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Strength (x5), Quick Recovery, Ultra bouncy tail and behind allows for long distancing hopping, and so far no damage from falling, Functional claws, night vision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (mechanism unknown)
Titters are a very rare evolution of the Tigeress. The first recorded evolution to Titter was a daycare worker who evolved after falling off a building while caring for some children. She bounced off the ground and right back up to the roof with a dramatically changed demeanor.
A Titter looks much like a Tigeress, but had bright orange stripes along with the regular black ones. Breast size hovers around a C-Cup. A Titter's tail becomes much thicker and is filled with muscle and cartilage that acts as a super spring. Her behind and legs also become stronger, allowing her to bounce to amazing heights and lengths.
Titters enjoy being Tamed as much as regular Tigeresses and love cuddling and petting beforehand. They usually are on top since their tail gets in the way otherwise. A smart tamer keeps a good hold on them, lest they bounce away in the heat of passion.
Titters are very playful and don't like fighting or hard work, much different from Tigeresses. They are more then willing to just bounce away from fights unless there is no other choice or are defending their Tamer/friends. When forced to battle, Titters prefer to tackle their foes and sit on them while pummeling and slashing furiously. They also can use their bouncing ability to ram targets, and, if able, to grab hold and drop them from super-high bounces. Titters love children and make good nannies, playing, singing and reading to their charges.
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UMBREA, the Dark Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph(fox-squirrel)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: semi-vegetarian
Role: fighter/scout
Libido: Monthly
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Reflect, Dark Attack, Agility, Bite, Memory of the Dark, Dark Bomb, Ankoku
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x8), Elemental Affinity: Dark, night vision, psychic shields, Tool Use
Evolves: None
Evolved From: Eva (normal; triggered during the night or Moon Shard)
Umbrea is evolved when Eva has not been artificially evolved through a stone and it reaches an evolution threshold at night. If this occurs during the day, the Eva evolves to Espea. Umbrea is immune to psychic attacks. They do have another ability, Moonlight, but due to the late-night Tamer activities this is not often used. This ability gives the Umbrea an aura of fear that can't be overcome unless the victim is of a substantially higher level.
Umbreas have an affinity for the night, it is said that the rays from the moon are absorbed into her when evolving giving her ‘mystic powers'. It has been proven that while an evolving Eva will absorb the moon's rays it has been shown that the only power it gives one is an ability to make the colored rings and designs on her body glow.
When an Umbrea evolves their hips tend to become a bit more pronounced while their bust will remain similar to their Eva state. Much like her Psychic cousin the Espea she has a fine coat of fur. Though it hasn't been known to be so fine it can predict and opponent's movements. Umbreas will have black fur and hair. Though some tamers and Umbreas may argue that their fur is a dark charcoal color, for all intent and-purposes it's a black. The rings/designs on an Umbrea are actually on their skin, and it's not know why it shows through on the fur (though it is said it has something to do with their absorption of Lunar Rays in evolution) When the fur is removed it will be just as black as the rest of her fur.
The Dark affinity of the Umbrea made her the perfect night patrol/scout during the war. Her attacks allow her to be very well suited in a back-up position. Using Reflect to allow an ally to regain her bearings, or using dark bomb to scatter enemies for a regrouping. Her immunity to psychic attacks along with her speed allows her to cover a fighting type in battle.
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TURTWAT, the Icy Turtle Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph - Turtle
Element: Plant/Ice
Frequency: Common (Blue, Capital, Ruby, Scarlet Leagues), Uncommon (Other Leagues)
Diet: photosynthesis, water
Role: soil regeneration
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Bite, Smirk, Snarl, Synthesis, Heat Drain, Mist, Withdraw
Enhancements: Strong Jaws, Solar Rejuvenation, Cold Resistance, Water Absorption
Evolves: Grotitle (Normal)
Evolves From: None
As noted in the research community on many occasions, while Sukebe was a madman, he was still someone that sought to keep balance in nature despite all the various species of Pokégirls that he was introducing into the planet’s ecosystem. Yes, there were the obvious breeds that either served an outright purpose to humanity or the whims of someone that obviously wasn’t quite all there in the head but with all that was happening he didn’t forget nature. The numerous Elf breeds were the de facto pokégirl in this regard but they weren’t alone in their mission. While most of the Plant-type breeds were given active and passive battling capabilities, there was one species that would be sent in after the fighting was done and humanity chased out of the territory: the Turtwat. However, unlike other Plant-types given a similar role, this was a pokégirl that could travel where they dare not tread. A very simple breed of pokégirl, this breed was especially designed to withstand cold environments thanks to their Ice sub-element. Given their ability to withstand the colder reaches of the planet, they could rejuvenate the vacated frozen earth back to a nutrient-rich state, perfect for growing new plant-life. When an end came to the War of Revenge, Turtwat was one of the most easily domesticated breeds what with their inability to effectively defend themselves against Pokégirls owned and commanded by a Tamer. While they had minimal battle potential, they could be trained to efficiently fight on humanity’s side.
Today, this breed of Plant-type is often seen more domesticated than not, especially in farming communities where they have found a place with the agricultural sciences. Their use of photosynthesis and refurbishing the soil around them through their shells has made them very popular with those who wish to continue to work with one type of vegetation or ‘cash crop’ in their land acreage rather than set up crop rotation schedules; this first-tier pokégirl has especially found a level of popularity in the Blue League where they are able to aid potato farmers not only yield tremendous crops but keeps any extra fresh in a state of cold storage thanks to their dual nature. They also find themselves popular with tree nurseries in colder climate areas, where they can maintain cold-climate timbers and sustain their growth, increasing the material for paper-products and other goods. While Turtwats are not often a pokégirl one will find in the harems of traveling Tamers, it’s not unheard of. There are Tamers that realize the usefulness of breed outside of their traditional domestic uses and are willing to Tame and train their Turtwats to attain their Pokégirls’ evolved, more battle-capable forms.
A Turtwat’s appearance is characteristic to that of a 4’ tall animorphic turtle or tortoise with the prominent jawbone denoting a possible genetic relationship to the snapping turtle of old; this face framed by short, normally curly pale blue hair. A peculiar characteristic is that a small, blue-leafed seedling grows atop her head, similar to the plant bulb on Boobisaur’s back or the large leaf on a Chikotit’s head that stands out above her hair. This sprout growing from her head is a prominent indicator to her Plant-type nature. Her green and yellow body is covered by a shell with the underside wrapping around her stomach, ending just beneath her A-Cup breasts and just above her waist. A rather interesting aspect of this natural body armor is that the shell on her back is made up of thickly packed dirt and ice crystals; the later shimmering amidst the brown of the shell when light hits it in a certain way, often making a rather delightful prismatic effect. It should be noted that unlike the turtles of old is not part of their spine. This soil-based shell can grow stronger when it absorbs and freezes water and should it be damaged to the point where it cracks or outright breaks, the Plant/Ice-type pokégirl can regenerate it through use of her natural abilities. However, while this rock-hard shell provides great defense, it reduces the Turwat’s speed.
As noted before, Pokébattle is not a Turtwat’s forte but that doesn’t mean they are completely inept at it like Chickenlittles or Damsels. Their strong jaws can be used to deliver one powerful bite and their can send volleys of Razor Leaf flying one after another rather quickly. Still, they are limited in their offensive techniques and one should depend on their status-effects to see the pokégirl through to victory. The use of Snarl and Smirk should be employed at every chance and Synthesis used to try and replenish her health when she can get some distance between herself and her opponent. Tackle is rather ineffective for inflicting damage on an opponent pokégirl and should be relegated to the purpose of attaining distance when tactically sound. One should also keep their enhancement of Water Absorption in mind, as it makes the Turtwat immune to pure, (single-element) Water-type attacks and allows them to regain health. If their opponent does not use Water attacks, then a Tamer should have their pokégirl use the technique Mist to try and strengthen any weakening spots in their shells. The fact such a technique inflicts light damage on all non-Ice-type opponents is only the literal icing on the cake.
When it comes to a harem, this Plant/Ice-type is rather easy-going and gets along well with most Pokégirls, even Fire-types, (although they are wary around them). They feel at ease with most Plant-types with a few exceptions. Turtwats get along VERY well with the evolution line of the Elf, (who are able to stand colder temperatures when around the Turtwat) while they are very wary of the Weepingbutt breeds and feel a bit of envy of the closely-related Boobisaurs, whom don’t seem to have as much of a bust problem as they do. They absolutely love Water-types, enjoying the chance to get hydrated when possible. Of all Water-types, (if not of all Pokégirls in general) this Plant/Ice-type gets along incredibly well with the Squirtitty line. There is a noted kinship between the breeds of turtle Pokégirls and they are excellent tag team partners. They’ll also be noted to happily share Taming sessions and enjoy the threesome immensely.
Taming a Turtwat is a very naturalistic experience as this is their main method for regenerating soil. They prefer to be outside, especially in surroundings with dense vegetation, (such as forests) as it allows them to catch sunlight while being Tamed, keeping them going longer and in effect, more effectively freshen the soil where they’re getting it on. Often, this process is done with the pokégirl lying on her back. Her shell will soften and flatten against if not outright form into the surrounding earth, keeping her from rocking back and forth as she’s pounded into by her Tamer, allowing them to go deep into the turtle pokégirl. They especially love when their Tamer plays with the clits while doing this which was their primary way of rejuvenating the soil; masturbation. When done, the Plant/Ice-type will get up and not only is the formerly frozen surrounding area revitalized but her shell will be back to a perfect state.
Feral Turtwats are somewhat scarce in the wild but they can be found living along lakes, (frozen or otherwise) in dense forests along the northern reaches of the planet where permafrost is a present factor. Their nature is very calm and they’re generally not an immediate threat to wandering Tamer or pokégirl unless continuously provoked or simply attacked, otherwise they will lightly nudge anyone entering their chosen home towards the boundaries before going back. They might not be the best of battlers or go out of their way to chase off Pokégirls and people but they will defend their territory and themselves from intruders that take the offense against them first, using Razor Leaf again and again. Interestingly enough, tossing a Pokéball at them often doesn’t trigger an attack/defense response from a Feral Turtwat and may allow a Tamer to capture them without much of a hassle if the pokégirl isn’t strong enough of will to fight off the containment unit’s capture process.
While they are not a common outcome throughout all Leagues, it is regular outcome for Threshold girls with a strong Plant-type ancestry in the Crescent League become Turtwats. Girls that are in the process of becoming Turtwats will find themselves dazed and lethargic as their biology changes from pure hematological to a more chlorophyll-based orientation. They will finally come out of said daze when the process is complete and their bodies can start photosynthesizing. Often, this is seen as a blessing as the girls will rarely remember the process of the changes taking place and won’t physically be able to upset themselves over what is happening.
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URSINE, the Big Bear Brawler Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bear)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers fish; requires three times more than normal to prepare for hibernation)
Role: Combat, long-term scouts, body-guard
Libido: Average (High for a month before Winter)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fury Swipes, Takedown, Roar, Tackle, Bite, Crunch, Dig, Earthquake
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance & Durability (x4 each), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Hibernation ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
One of the rarer types of Pokégirls, the Ursine takes after an animal that was once known as a bear (which are now, obviously, extinct). Unlike the Snorlass and their evolutions, this breed is tall and heavily muscular, although one may not notice such given the fur that covers their bodies. The fur ranges from a pitch black to a soft sandy-coloration and anywhere in between. They are known for their strong claws and body, capable of taking a rather large amount of punishment while giving out even more. These Pokégirls are very territorial and will often chase out any intruders, be they ferals, tamers, or even harem sisters. Unlike the animal that the Ursine is modeled after, most of this breed has eyesight that is the equivalent of a humans. However, for some reason, some Ursines do wind up near-sighted. It is because of this that most non-feral Ursines wear glasses, since the breed is more susceptible to having eyesight problems. Most Ursines stand at upwards of six feet tall, though only rarely do any reach seven feet tall. One in history has been recorded at eight feet tall, and is on display in a museum in Viridick City.
All Ursines will stake out a territory and regardless of if this happens inside a harem or not, this breed will defend that territory as fiercely as she can. The first caught Ursine was not by a tamer, but by a Watcher that had lived near her territory for months on end before finally taking the final step of catching her. The result was an Ursine that got along well with him from the start- subsequent captures of an Ursine by wandering Tamers have found many reports from those early days of the tamer being brutally attacked and injured as a result of Taming attempts. In a harem, although the Ursine can learn to work together with others, the breed is known for being independent and stubborn- any item she is given by her tamer is guarded with her life. This breed has shown a remarkable tendancy towards guarding her tamer/owner as well. However, it is this same attitude that makes them unsuitable for any leadership roles within a harem. They do not give in to sharing easily, and all Ursine prefer one-on-one taming sessions.
An odd trait of the Ursine is the ability to hibernate when it comes to winter time. The Pokégirl eats almost as much as a Snorlass or a Grizzlar can and her libido increases to high for a month before her hibernation sets in. For three months out of a year, the Ursine sleeps through it all. Waking the Pokégirl up during this time is considered unhealthy for all involved in the waking of her. In fact, waking her up from normal slumber can be hazardous to one's health as well, though not to the same extent. Waking up to breakfast, on the other hand (especially fish of some sort), will normally appease any pissed off Ursine. This also seems to work on feral Ursine as well.
In battle, Ursine are straight-forward battlers who will charge in and attempt to overwhelm her opponent with her claws and teeth. It is rare that they utilize any strategy that they come up with, but have been known to follow the orders or strategies of a tamer that they trust. They do not tend to trust harem members while in battle, and have been known to harm her own harem sisters by accident or to finish off the opponent. It is also for this same reason that they are not trusted in sex battles, and Ursine as a breed have been counted as inappropriate and illegal combatants in sex battle leagues around the world.
On a side note, this breed was once considered a prototype for the Snorlass. This has been proven false, considering the differences and the fact that no Ursine has ever evolved into a Snorlass or any of her evolutions. Also, at one point the Ursine was considered an evolution for the Mynx. The tamer that had made this claim was probed by a psychic and it was found that the Mynx was actually killed by the Ursine, but was wounded enough for the tamer to catch the Ursine afterwards. This information should become available in the next Pokédex firmware update.
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VESTA, the Fire Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Mouse)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, mainly nuts and fruit
Role: cooks, starter fire type Pokégirl
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite, Agility, Scratch, Kick, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Fire Elemental Affinity, Fire Elemental Resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Fire Stone)
Vesta is very much like its pre-evolution form, Titmouse. They retain the same short, thick fur, slight muzzle, expressive slightly long ears and long thin tail. The largest difference is that Vesta's fur and hair is always a rich crimson color. Some Vesta's have different shades of fur but all can be classed as crimson red. The fur is highly flame resistant which provides Vesta some protection against hostile fire based attacks, however it does not mean she is immune and can quickly be overwhelmed by a more powerful fire type.
Like Titmice, Vesta also tends to be 'ditzy', lacking the ability to focus and remember complicated sets of instructions or duties, which is disappointing since some mouse types, like its cousin, the Mareen, have impressive memories. Also unlike Titmouse, Vesta is never employed as librarian aides because they are very prone to accidental fire damage by igniting things near to them when startled or excited. They also seem to develop rather disturbing pyromaniac tendencies, loving to watch fires burn; the very presence of fire can be hypnotic for a Vesta.
The few saving graces of Vesta are its increased speed from its Titmouse form and its new elemental affiliation, which makes them not a bad fire type starter Pokégirl for tamers if a more powerful fire type is not available. Indeed a number of tamers have started their careers with Vesta because of the relative ease at which to acquire a Titmouse and then use a Fire Stone on it.
Tamers also find Vesta's useful because they seem to be natural cooks, having an ability to start a fire in almost any conditions, although the tamer will have to be content with vegetarian food as Vesta is an herbivore that predominately eats fruit and nuts. It finds cooking meat to be repulsive and attempts to avoid doing so at any opportunity.
Along with the new fire affinity Vesta gains other common fire type traits, including becoming very amorous, having a much higher libido and increased aggression. Vestas are much more capable in combat than most mouse type Pokégirls. When attacked, Vestas are more hostile than Titmice or Mareen and will stand and fight, using its Flamethrower against the enemy to a fairly decent effect. Most people underestimate Vestas as being weak, often leading to their downfall at the hands of the Vesta. You should remember that whilst not the most powerful Fire type, it is still capable of handling itself in a fight. Like all mouse-type Pokégirls, Vesta has a fear of cat types, however in Vesta's case it just causes it to fight harder unleashing the full force of its fire powers to keep the cat type as far away from itself as possible, much to many Catgirls' chagrin.
As a pet, it is not popular due to their pyromaniac tendencies which can cause a lot of trouble for a pet owner. They have to ensure that their homes are fire proof and all matches are kept well out of reach, therefore Vesta are only really seen as pets to someone who likes or specializes in Fire-type Pokégirls.
Feral Vestas are not a common sight. It is quite rare to even see one due to the fact that its evolution is caused by a Fire Stone, which are rare to find in the wilderness. However, when discovered, you can be sure others are around as they tend to live in small groups of about ten. When one of these groups are found they are usually found in forest locations, far from water sources to minimize the chance of running into a Water-type Pokégirl which could otherwise do serious harm to them.
Threshold girls do occasionally become Vesta. When they do their families are quick to sell them off to ranches, as they have little control over their fire abilities initially and can cause significant property damage with their newfound powers.
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VIXXEN, the Fornicating Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: omnivore
Role: Taming assistant, foundry workers, melting snow off pavement
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Tackle, Wrestle, Ignite, Burning Hands, Warm Embrace, Flame Sniper
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Fire Resistance, Quickness
Evolves: Foxx (Fire Stone), Nogitsune (Dusk Stone+Dark Stone), Tank Vixxen (Heavy Metal+Battle Stress)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Fire Stone)
Horny as a Vixxen goes the saying, and that *is* the most noticeable character feature of a Vixxen. Vixxens are ready: anytime, anywhere, any conditions. They rarely understand why their Tamers are reluctant to engage in sex in some situations, and tend to be very earthy and aggressive. Evolved from a Kitsune by use of the Fire Stone, a Vixxen is the most common of the Kitsune evolutions, and is possibly the most popular Fire-type Pokégirl in any league today. They are no good as pets, however, as their libido tends to wear out pet owners and their fiery nature just means that keeping the Pokégirl in line can be difficult for any tamer, let alone someone who owns pets. The fact that they lack control over their libido, and in some cases, their flames, means that no Pet Owner is going to give a Vixxen the chance to burn their home down. Tamers that settle down eventually wind up trading or selling off their Vixxen to passing tamers or to a Ranch, claiming old age and a lack of income that keeps them from keeping the Pokégirl.
This Pokégirl absolutely enjoys battling, both normal matches and sex matches. She tends to prefer the sex battles, however, as her high libido and pleasure threshold make her a contender in matches against any Pokégirl other than a Menage-a-trois or a Nymph (and some Vixxen have been known to defeat a Nymph). In standard battles, Vixxen prefer to attack from range to wear down her opponent, and then use Ignite before using her Wrestle technique once close enough. Any Pokégirl weak against her fire attacks tend to lose heart once they see their opponent on fire, let alone having to wrestle with her. Vixxen hate dealing with water types, however, as their cool nature obviously conflicts with her fiery one. Tamer's love keeping a Vixxen around for several reasons- high libido, soft fur, affectionate, and the fact that they're capable of working with ice-types rather well. A Vixxen, along with an Ice-type Pokégirl, is a rather common tactic in the Ruby League among many tamers there.
However, there is some resentment towards the Vixxen as a result. Growlies and the Charamanda breeds are not fond of Vixxens, although they have nothing against the rest of the Kitsune-evolutionary forms, that stem from the fact that the Vixxen us so popular. It isn't a complete hatred, but it is simple an annoyance to them. The Vixxen, on the other hand, can't help but to flaunt herself to her tamer and when around other fire-type Pokégirls... or around the Psivyx, another evolution of the Kitsune breed. Because the Psivyx isn't as 'hot' as the rest of the Kitsune breeds are, the Vixxen can't help but to look down upon her. Tamers are urged not to have both a Psivyx and a Vixxen in his or her harem at the same time, or else this in-fighting can cause the destruction of a harem at key times. Vixxen are bad choices for Alphas, as their libido will cause them to forget about her responsibilities and assume that she now has all the time in the world to be with her tamer, at the expense of her harem sisters.
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VULVIXX, the Young Vixxen Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Frequently Domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Scratch, Bite, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Quickness
Evolves: Kitsune (normal or Fox E-Medal)
Evolves From: None
Like the Pia, the Vulvixx is a recently discovered young form of Kitsune. Like all wild young Pokégirls, they tend to have good reflexes but the control of their powers tend to be erratic. Vulvixxs naturally evolve into Kitsunes over time when Tamed and battled enough, although this evolution can also be artificially stimulated with a Fox E-Medal.
Vulvixx are not quite as powerful as the other forms of Kitsune, or Vixxen. Of course, that is because this is a younger form, but even so they are not recommended for battling. A Vulvixx is also not especially adept at Sex Battles, knowing only generic Pokégirl Sex Attacks 1, 2, and 3 at best, and even then it does not use them effectively enough. Tamers who do not have a high stamina or heat-related Blood Gift do like Vulvixx, however, as they are a Fire-type that do not have the high libidos that are common among most Fire-type Pokégirls.
Most Vulvixx are too young for taming, however, but they soon evolve into a Kitsune after they 'come of legal age'. Vulvixx, until then, are rather interested in sex, but only in a shy way, and remind many of Seraph in their reactions to talking, hearing, or watching a Taming session. This reaction seems to contradict what they may become in the future, and researchers are spending closer attention on why this is. Vulvixx are not a Feral occurrence.
(Note: Name is made by combining Vulva with Vixxen.)
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WAR HOUND, the Fighting Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Dark/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: meat with the occasional plant
Role: Combat, training other girls to fight
Libido: Average (High monthly)
Strong Vs: Normal, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Rock, olfactory attacks
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Counter, Evade, Stone Palm, Focus, Backhand, Uppercut, Resist, Crushing Punch, Gatling Kick, Flying Kick, Legsweep, Crescent Kick, Reverse Crescent, Drill Kick, Chump Change, Calm Soul
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hound(battle stress)
War Hounds are a rare occurrence amongst Hounds. Because Hounds are so territorial, they rare end up in a battle situation tense enough for the evolution to occur. When it does occur, however, a strong, powerful ally is gained. War Hounds gain a greatly increased muscle mass, an increased bust-size, short bone-spurs grow out of their elbows and knees (strangely, these do not impede their movements at all), and twin horns grow out of the Pokégirl's head, curving around the top of their skulls.
In addition to becoming better at fighting, they also become more willing to go wandering, as they gain a desire to do battle more often, even in just friendly sparring competitions. They are fierce fighters, and use their new bone spurs to great advantage in battle, most War Hounds adopting a Muay Thai style of fighting without knowing it. In the former Thai Empire area, where the martial art is still actively practiced, War Hounds are popular because of their eagerness to learn the art.
Due to their rarity, they fetch a high price on the black market. However they are very hard to get, as they retain the loyalty and loving nature of their previous forms, and will not let themselves be turned to evil no matter what. There's also the problem of catching a Hound to begin with and forcing it to evolve into a War Hound. They do not make very good Domestics, trading in domestic skills for combat ones, but many still employ War Hounds as guards anyway, sometimes even having them train other dog-type Pokégirls assigned to the area. They are excellent teachers, treating their students firmly and not tolerating lollygagging, but fairly, making sure that everyone learns and everyone gets a chance. Several local police forces in the Thai Empire area of the Ruby League employ War Hounds to train the Pokégirls working with the force.
Due to the rarity of the War Hound, no cases of Thresholding into one have been reported.
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WASP, the Swarm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Swarm Soldiers
Libido: Low (High in mating season)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Quick Attack, Whistle, Double Sting, TriSting, Air Recovery, Dash, Blur, Rapid Sting, High Speed, Quickturn, Poison, Poison Powder, Poison Mist
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Wings for flight, Stingers on abdomen tail and wrists, Poisonous venom
Evolves: Wasp Queen (normal, death of previous queen), Whorenet (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill of full swarm): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of full swarm & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see a swarm: Evacuate the area immediately. If you have a powerful-enough Pokégirl, try to kill the Wasp Queen. The swarm will not pursue you if you do so, as they will stay to watch and find out who their new Queen will be.
Wasps did not start appearing until after the end of the Revenge War, leading some to believe that they were a sort of last hurrah by Sukebe, a final attempt to attack humanity. They were misnamed Locusts at first because of their habits of devouring crops, but a raid of one of Sukebe’s abandoned laboratories yielded the real name of the Pokégirls, even though they did have locust DNA spliced into them in an attempt to increase their aggresiveness. They were reduced to far more manageable, although still numerous, numbers after the War.
Wasps are relatively unattractive Pokégirls. They have all the prerequisite feminine curves, however their faces are highly insectile, with antennae, compound eyes, and mandibles, their hands and feet are chitinous claws, and their abdomen stingers cannot retract. Unlike the Buzzbreast, their second and third stingers are mounted on the underside of their forearms rather than their breasts, making them more effective in fights. They speak with a pronounced, distinct buzz to their voice.
Wasps have no personal grudge against humanity. They have no personal anything against humanity, they simply feel what their Queen feels. They have little to no mind of their own, being totally focused on the needs of the swarm and what their Queen desires. Feral Wasps, usually seen under the command of a Wasp Queen, are especially dangerous. Feral Wasps always travel in packs, swooping down and swarming targets in the wild, either killing them for invading their territory and leaving them to feed other ferals, or sting them and inject them with a strong paralytic venom, taking them back to the queen for conversion into drones.
Capturing and Taming a Wasp is not recommended, as they have a strong loyalty towards the hive and breaking, turning it towards the one who captured them, is hard. Those that actually have the dedication to tame a Wasp and turn it towards there side gain a strong, fast warrior, however the Wasp decides then and there that their Tamer is their new ‘Queen,’ no amount of abuse or convincing otherwise being able to get them to call their Tamer by any other title, even their name. They will be fiercely loyal, defending their ‘Queen’ and ‘swarm sisters’ to the death if need be. And in some cases, if not need be, as Wasps that actually accept someone as their ‘Queen’ are very fast, strong fighters. As it is EXTREMELY rare to find Wasps in Harems, it is unlikely that Threshold cases have occurred, and various studies bear this theory out. There are, however, many cases of Pokégirls and humans being taken back to a Wasp hive to be transformed into Wasps themselves by the special venoms of the Wasp Queen.
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WASP QUEEN, the Swarm Warlord Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic, insectile, humanoid Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per swarm)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Breeder, warlord of the hive
Libido: Average (becomes high seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting, High Speed, Black Sky, Beat Up, Poison Mist, Poison, Poison Mask, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Vertigo Venom, Berserk Sting, Blinding Poison, Hot Sting, Sleep Venom, Silence Sting, Itchy Sting, Zombie Poison
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Strength (x5), More human in appearance, greater intelligence than previous form, flight, poison, stronger armor, arsenal of venoms in tail stinger
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wasp (normal)
Bounty (for confirmed kill of full swarm): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of full swarm & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see a swarm: Evacuate the area immediately. If you have a powerful-enough Pokégirl, try to kill the Wasp Queen. The swarm will not pursue you if you do so, as they will stay to watch and find out who their new Queen will be.
Wasp Queens are considered by most to be a vast step up from regular Wasps, at least in appearance. Their bodies become more humanoid, becoming as curvy as a SexyCute while the insectile features of their faces reduce to antennae on their heads and compound eyes. Their chitinous armor thickens, gaining bladed spikes and turning black and red, but becoming more stylish in appearance, their wings growing larger, taking on the appearance of clear, shimmering silk.
In everything else, however, the Wasp Queen is much more dangerous than their pre-evolution. They gain a great deal of intelligence back, and their poisons become more potent and varied, the Wasp Queen gaining a full arsenal to use on their opponent's. They lead their swarms (usually 15 to 25 Wasps) like armies, defending their chosen territories with the ferocity of a Panthress. They have their Wasps capture tamers for taming, keeping them until they starve to death or die of exhaustion, injecting the tamer's Pokégirls with a special poison to turn them into Wasps and increase their armies. So far, the only ones that have proven immune to this have been Legendaries, Widows, Ghost-types, and Buzzqueens and Buzzbreasts. An antidote exists to this poison but it is totally effective only if administered during the first two weeks.
They have full control over their swarms, carrying a mental link with each Wasp, stronger Wasp Queens' being able to talk through their drones by controlling them psychically.
Wasp Queens are extremely territorial, as said earlier, and would rather die fighting than give up the land they've claimed. They have a natural rivalry with Buzzqueens and become ferociously angry when they encounter one, sending their swarms to invade the Buzzqueen's hive, fighting the Buzzqueen herself so viciously that the usual end result is the death of both queens. Also, if a Wasp Queen senses that another Wasp Queen is in the area, they will lead their entire swarm in an attack on that Wasp Queen, waging a miniature war until only one Queen remains. The survivor then claims all surviving Wasps as members of their swarm.
When a Wasp Queen dies, three Wasps immediately evolve into Wasp Queens and fight to the death, the survivor gaining full mental control over the swarm and moving onto a new area, slaying or transforming any Pokégirls in the area to fill out the swarm if need be, or driving them off.
Actual recordings of a Wasp Queen battling are rare, since they prefer to work through their swarms, but a few years ago, several Watchers with Cameragirls managed to catch several films of a Wasp Queen's battle tactics. They tend to stay high in the air, diving down to sting their opponent's with their special venoms, leaving them paralyzed and unable to move, or leaving them too aroused to fight back before she injects them with her mutagenic venom. In the rare instances they are forced to fight hand-to-hand, they are capable of using their tail stingers like a sword-using Fighting type, extending their stinger's to match the length of the blade they're are up against, slashing and parrying with incredible skill.
Due to the threat Wasp Queens pose, if evidence of a swarm is found, all Tamers are advised to evacuate the area and report to the nearest League officials immediately. No attempts to capture Wasps or the Wasp Queen should be made without support, and if you DO capture a Wasp Queen, you are ordered to turn her in to the nearest League office for disposal or removal to a more remote area, depending on the damage the Wasp Queen has done. Rewards are offered for the extermination of Wasp Queens and their swarms, a reward that has since doubled since a Wasp Queen was seen conversing and shaking hands with a Dronza known to be a member of the Limbec Pirates.
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WHORENET, the War Insect Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic, insectile, humanoid
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Soldier
Libido: Low (High in mating season)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Poison Powder, Needle Shot, Poison, Poison Mask, Spice 1, Spice 2, Spice 3, Sword Dance, Sword Wave, Slasher, Slash Wave, Quick Hit, Spincut
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Flight, Poison, Armor, Sword affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wasp (battle stress)
Whorenets are the warrior evolution of the Wasp. They are vaguely similar in appearance, although their chitinous armor grows thicker and becomes bright gold with black stripes, the armor gains spikes, and their antennae lengthen. Their wings become larger and stronger, and their stingers disappear.
Whorenets are more solitary creatures, as they no longer possess a hive mentality and as such are capable of becoming more intelligent. They are also easier to Tame and are more popular by far than their pre-evolution, as they always refer to their Tamer by their proper gender-related title. (Male Tamers in particular appreciate this.)
During the war, Whorenets were used as field leaders for swarms of Bug-type Pokégirls. Wasp Queens acknowledge Whorenets as seconded only to themselves in the hive, and command their hives to respect them accordingly. Interestingly enough, Whorenets, because they do not have stingers, have a strong inadequacy complex and are offended by the mere presence of Bug-type Pokégirls with stingers. This also causes them to become protective of their weapons, usually a pair of swords, and fly into rampaging panics when someone threatens to destroy their weapons. Heavy fines are placed on people who induce a Whorenet to rampage, fines that usually involve the loss of a Pokégirl as well as a hefty portion of their money.
One very important thing to note is that Whorenets can naturally grow a set of needle-thin poisonous spikes from the chitinous armor on their shoulders and use them as darts. The poison in these needles is concentrated and as such has a 100% chance of poisoning someone.
No cases of Thresholding into a Whorenet has been reported.
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WIFERN, the Flying Leafy Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Plant/Lizard)
Element: Plant/Poison/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: omnivore (requires sunlight to ease digestion)
Role: soldiers specializing in forest combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Water, Grass
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Fire, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Regenerate, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Bite, Tail Whip, Fly, Glorious Sun, Speed Storm, Solar Beam, Command Plants, Lust Dust
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Agility, Solar Regeneration
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mossmelon (normal; Level 47)
When a Mossmelon evolves into a Wifern, she grows a set of bat-like wings which she can fold over herself like a cloak, but she loses her ability to become invisible. She might not have intuitive knowledge of how to fly at first, but many become quite agile, and all of them have the ability to fly through forests without injury. Add in the incredibly useful Glorious Sun technique and she is now quite the enduring fighter, even if she is still as terrible as ever when it comes to close-in fighting. The only other difference between a Mossmelon and a Wifern is that a Wifern's hair looks like the leaves of a fern plant.
Feral Wiferns are generally individualists, refusing to stay in the company of others for very long, unless certain requirements are met (see below). Unlike most other Pokégirls, when a feral Wifern undergoes parthenogenesis, most will abandon their children (who are Mossmelons), which might be the reason why Mossmelons are still found in the wild. It's believed that this may be the influence of their reptilian ancestry and may have led to the theory that they were actually reptiles crossed with plants and not Pokégirls at all.
Tamers with Wiferns should try and keep them out during daylight. Wiferns become ill when they do not get enough sunlight, which can lead to digestive problems.
Wiferns usually cow to any Pokégirl who has beaten them, and like Gynadoses, automatically respect any dragon Pokégirl they encounter. Wiferns usually lose confidence if facing any dragon Pokégirl, but will become dangerously overconfident if inspired or cheered on by a dragon Pokégirl.
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WOMBUTT, the Hole Dweller Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common (In Orange League), unknown in other leagues (Extinct)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: construction
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Furry Swipes, Scratch, Bite, Earthquake
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4)
Evolves: Koalass (Leaf Stone)
Evolves From: None
Wombutt's are like the tit-mice of the Orange Islands. They aren't easy to spot, but that doesn't mean people care to capture them. They live in holes in the wild and cause little trouble when feral. Because of their hole-dwelling nature, they are nearly always covered with dirt, which seems to be reason enough for most potential pet owners to look elsewhere. Though they can learn Earthquake, only the strongest ever do, and it is very taxing even then.
Some have found them to be highly valuable labor in laying foundations, digging tunnels and laying pipes. Civil engineers and construction workers that can afford it often take Wombutts as pets. They seem to be highly adaptable and learn quickly, as long as what they have to do isn't overly complicated. No self respecting tamer would use a Wombutt in a fight as sometimes in the heat battle, they will even do what their opponents tamer tells them to do.
They don't seem to have any qualms when it comes to taming. Wombutt's are very submissive and are happy in any position as long as they get to orgasm. Several cases of threshold have been recorded. In each case, there was little protest as the Wombutt's submissive nature readily accepts any such change. Families are generally more distraught as said nature tends to eclipse their sister/daughter's personality almost immediately.
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WOODMOUSE, the Wilderness Survival Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Mouse
Element: Plant/Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Mainly nuts, fruit, roots. Can also eat meat and fish, but prefer not to.
Role: Forager and scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Electric
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Bug
Attacks: Drill Strike, Agility, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Dodge
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (*6), Enhanced Smell (*2), Good Night Vision, Enhanced Speed (*3), Efficient Digestive system, Concealment (See text)
Disadvantages: Low Pain Threshold
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Leaf Stone+ Diamond Stone)
The Woodmouse changes little from the Titmouse, physically. They can gain an average of 4 to 6 centimeters in height and retain their animorphic mouse appearance, but tend to become a little huskier adding on some weight in muscle and their fur darkens to a combination of blacks and browns. This is sometimes accented by the Woodmouse who will optionally dye patches of their fur in various shades of color depending on the season.
Mentally, the Woodmouse changes drastically from their Titmouse cousins. They become slightly more aggressive and their intelligence is boosted to more along human norms, loosing their ‘Ditzy’ mindsets. Complex tasks are more easily understood, but they still cannot master many technical skills. The Woodmouse also loses much of the fear associated with Cat, Bird and Snake Pokégirls, instead becomes an intense wariness. Only constant association can lower this to a reasonable level of acceptance, but they will always be more alert around them, even if they’re Harem sisters.
A Woodmouse tends to prefer clothing that would act as camouflage, sometimes having several sets available depending on the terrain. She will also try and get a hold of a belt or bandoleer that she can attach multiple pouches and small sack to store her findings. One last touch is the acquisition or making of a knife for more utilitarian uses, but she loathes using it for combat, not liking getting that close to threats.
Although a stronger battler than the Titmouse, they are still quite weak compared to other combat oriented Pokégirls. Their main use is as a forager and a scout. They’re naturals at collecting various nuts, fruits and roots for food, and can even hunt out and collect small game and fish, possessing the knowledge of how to preserve the food for long term use…just don’t expect them to cook anything.
Combat wise, they only marginally effective and tend to opt to retreat from combat using their natural stealth skills and concealment ability, their low pain threshold making the concept of putting oneself in danger very unappealing to them. However if forced into combat, they prefer to utilize hit and run strikes, acting more as a skirmisher then an outright combatant. To this end, many Woodmice tend to prefer the use of muscle powered ranged weapons such throwing knives, bows and such for their simplicity and silence (firearms are too complex for them to properly maintain). The main tactic for them is to find an area of heavy concealment, hopefully with lots of plants or trees, and use their Concealment ability, which increase their ability to blend into the foliage. This power is only truly effective if they are completely motionless, or moving at an extremely slow pace. Anything faster than a slow walk will break the Concealment and reveal the Woodmouse. From their hiding place, the Woodmouse will then either lay in wait or snipe at the target when they are not looking, moving to another location using their agility when necessary to quickly cover ground and find a new location and avoid retaliatory attack. If need be, she can resort to her Drill Strike attack, but usually as a last resort…being that close to a potential source of pain is not something she will like.
Despite the lack of combat ability, most Tamers who possess a Woodmouse say their foraging and path finding skills outweigh the negatives, especially if the Tamer travels mainly through a lot of wilderness.
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ZUBUTT, the Nocturnal Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bat)
Element: Flying/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: life force of others
Role: Night Guide, Spelunker, nocturnal guard
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Psychic, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Energy Drain, Bite, Lust Sting, Needleshot, Sleep Venom, Gust
Enhancements: Sonar, Flight, Infrared Vision
Evolves: Foxglove (Fire Stone), Golbutt (normal), Vampire (knocked out by draining attack)
Evolves From: None
A short, small-winged Pokégirl that researchers are unsure as to exactly how they are able to fly. With wings that have a combined span of less than their short height, the Zubutt should have no business being in the air for even small amounts of time... unless falling from a higher elevation. But, despite the otherwise obvious limitations of such small wings, the Zubutt is capable of flying for extended periods, even if they cannot attain an impressive altitude. Most feral Zubutt are found in, or around, caves. However, some feral Zubutt do make their homes in the remains of ancient pre-Sukebe ruins as well. Feral Zubutts are known to carry some diseases that they are immune to, but humans are not- fortunately, these diseases are easily dealt with at any Pokécenter, and Tamers are often encouraged to capture any Feral Zubutt they come across in order to remove these illnesses before they are contracted by humans. Though these diseases are curable once transmitted to a human, it is simply easier to prevent before it becomes a problem. Domestic Zubutts don’t have this problem, however, as the poison sacs that are found near the base of their wings never develop to quite the size that the Feral’s does. The poison sacs are the carriers of the diseases, and once the excess of the sacs are dealt with, then even if released, that Zubutt will never grow those excess portions back and become a threat again.
Zubutt has poor vision during the day and at night, but makes up for it with her sonar that allows her to transverse any terrain at night and lead her Tamer through pitch blackness. Fortunately, they have better eyesight at night thanks to their infrared vision, though their sonar is certainly much more useful. Zubutts have wings instead of arms but some Tamers have been noted as saying they loves to feel those wings wrapped around them during a Taming. They always stand about four foot tall with bodies covered in soft dark blue fur and eyes that are nearsighted at best and large ears. They tend to have slim figures and small breasts that help with their flying. Feral Zubutt, rather common in most parts of the world, are just considered a menace that some confuse with Vampires due to their dietary needs. However, they cannot change anyone (human or Pokégirl) into a Vampire or one of their own when they drink from someone. These Pokégirls do need to feed on a daily basis, at least twice a day.
In battle, a Zubutt is not the greatest choice, but is also not the worst choice either. Their vision limitations aside, their Sonar is still too slow to be able to give them the accuracy they need to launch their attacks at their opponent. Their best attacks are done close in, when she can bite her opponent with different kinds of venom attacks. Her Lust Sting is more like a “Lust Bite,” in that she must bite her opponent to inject that venom. When she has to attack from a distance, she can summon up a Gust attack with her small wings. Feral Zubutt like to choose Plant-type Pokégirls for their victims, as they are more susceptible to their Sonar and they are normally slower than the Zubutt is. Strangely, no Succubus can stand being in the same Harem as a Zubutt- the fact that the Zubutt constantly emits their Sonar every few seconds is enough to drive them crazy, since they are so susceptible to high pitched sounds. In a Sex battle, these Pokégirls are of no use- without hands or a tail, their abilities are quite limited and she’s just not capable of doing what's required in such a match. In a harem setting, these Pokégirls never become Alphas... not, that is, until they evolve.
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