RACK, the Blowhard Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Avian)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Pokechow, fruits, nuts
Role: Air-to-Ground support fighter.
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Rock, Electric, Ice, Magic
Libido: Average
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Wing Buffet
Enhancements: Aerial dexterity, Enhanced Vision (x6, limited)
Evolves: Phoenix (Fire Stone), Neigix (Ice Crystal), Thundrix (Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: None
It is generally accepted among Researchers that Sukebe designed this breed of Pokégirl after he created the Legendary Three Flying Pokégirls (Articunt, Moltits, and Zapdass). During Sukebe's War of Revenge, however, rumors (quite possibly started by Pokégirls under Sukebe's orders) claimed that a Rack was an "immature" version of these tempting nightmares.
During the war, Racks were infamous among soldiers in the infantry. This was due to the fact that their most frequent use was in airborne attacks against "soft" ground-based targets. The fact that Racks often acted to support ground-based Pokégirls meant that soldiers were never certain if they should concentrate on the Rack, or prepare themselves to face something like a Hound or Tigress.
Racks were, unfortunately, too good at what they did. Their ability to dodge most small-arms fire resulted in Racks becoming high priority targets for the anti-aircraft weapons used during the War of Revenge.
While they were not decimated to the point of other breeds of Pokégirls (like the Griffon) Racks are not a common sight.
A Rack's body is covered by very short brown feathers, which is the same color as their hair, nipples and eyes. Rather than wearing clothes (unless ordered to, or due to the weather), non-feral Racks love to use varies dyes in their feathers. They generally choose greens, as well as other shades of brown, when possible. Individual Racks will favor different hair styles, but most prefer styles that will ensure that their hair stays out of their eyes. No Rack has ever been discovered that had any pubic hair. Unlike most other bird-type Pokégirls, a Rack's wings are actually separate appendages, and are not part of her arms.
Racks have clawed feet, with a single back-toe per foot. A Rack's B-cup breasts often seem larger, due to fact that Racks tend to be four and half feet tall; and no known Racks have ever been more than three inches taller (or shorter) than this average. This might account for why Racks, even though they dislike clothing, love high-heeled shoes.
Once humans learnt how to tame Pokégirls and turn them against Sukebe, it was often stated that Racks were a lot like 'fighter jocks'. While they have a mission to accomplish, a Rack will focus on that mission with an almost frightening intensity. However, when a Rack has a chance to relax or (even better, in the Rack's opinion) opportunity to do something pleasurable, the Rack will throw herself into that activity with at least as much vigor as any mission. Like most Pokégirls with wings, a Rack prefers to be on top of her Tamer. With Racks, however, this preference also seems to be tied into the breed's sensitivity regarding their height.
Racks are best used against ground-based Pokégirls. A Rack's eyesight is particularly sharp when looking down, even when a significant amount of distance is involved. More than one Pokégirl has been unpleasantly surprised, during their first fight with a Rack, over just how far a Rack can accurately aim their Feather Shuriken attack. Their eyesight, combined with the Rack's amazing agility while airborne, allows for most ground-based attacks to be easily dodged. A Rack's chances against another Flying type Pokégirl are much lower, but a well-trained Rack will keep her cool and use her agility to help counter the superior speed of most other Flying type Pokégirls. Any Tamer who's Rack has successfully beaten a Flying type that day can be all but assured that their Rack will want to be tamed that night, and be extraordinarily passionate during that taming session. Although it normally requires someone looking at some history books to understand the full implications today, most agree with the comments attributed to one of the first Tamers to have a Rack in his harem: "They're like attack choppers, and they love being able to beat other flying Pokégirls as much as the chopper jocks love beating a fighter pilot!"
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RACK-SASHA, the Psychic Copycat Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Metamorph
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Special
Role: Infiltrator, deep cover operative
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: special, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: special, Dark
Attacks: Telekinesis, ESP, Eidetic Memory, Telepathy, Transform, Aura Drain
Enhancements: Special, Psychic ability and resistance
Disadvantages: limited energy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Rack-sasha were part of a special arm of Sukebe's Pokégirl army. Charged with the early infiltration and destabilization of key points in the human forces, their combination of mind reading, Eidetic Memory and transformation made them the ultimate infiltrators. Knowledgeable of human military structures and cunning in their own right, most Rack-sasha's avoided the high ranked officers of the human armies, instead preferring to impersonate and replace lower ranking officers, usually the aides or assistants of the higher-ups, and then carefully manipulating events from there. Given enough time, a skilled operative could eliminate the subject while take on his appearance and memories, infiltrate the base and quickly reduce it into a state of absolute chaos and paranoia usually by creating a divide between the rank and file, and command officers. This made it easier for other Pokégirl forces to engage and destroy the heavier fortified bases and installations. Some agents were skilled enough to actually turn the two sides against each other in open mutiny before the assault forces actually arrived, practically leaving the base defenseless.
The biggest weakness in the Rack-sasha's abilities is the amount of energy they have to use to adopt and maintain a form. This means that under normal circumstances she can only keep a form up for approximately 12 hours before need to revert to her natural state for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, plus needing to consume a large amount of energy. This meant that the Rack-sasha's had to locate and drain personnel of portions their life aura while the target was asleep or extremely tired and the person's natural defenses were low. The drain tended to leave the target lethargic and fatigued for approximate 24 to 48 hours. Later towards the end of the war, any signs of extreme fatigue in a significant number of personnel were seen as signs to a possible infiltration by a Rack-sasha and extensive DNA scanning was implemented to try and expose the infiltrator. Though these methods were hit or miss, many Rack-sasha lost their lives when exposed in this manner, making them even more rare then they already are. An extreme hatred for this breed was common during the wars, as some of these infiltrators will take their namesake too far, and would dispose of their targets by consuming the bodies, some even believing this actually improved amount of information they had for the impersonation.
In their natural state the Rack-sasha appear to be genderless humanoids with below average builds. They tend to be quite slim and posses little or no feminine features. They might even be able to pass themselves off as young boys if it weren't for the fact that they posses long pointed ears like an elf. They also have a pair of small pointed horns that curve towards the back of the head and up, much like the Antelope from pre-Sukebe history but only a inches in length. Many Rack-sasha have a appreciation of dance, especially the more sensuous and graceful forms, and either like to make an effort to attend such performances or practice the form themselves, mainly the latter. A Rack-sasha's personality is rather varied. Some are rather malicious and cruel and use their abilities to sow chaos and confusion as they travel about with or without a Tamer, others can be rather kind hearted and generous and try to help others out the best they can. Whatever the personality some things are always true. All Rack-sasha are cunning creatures, their minds constantly working to see how they can shift and twist things in the favor of themselves or their Tamer, also it is rare to find a Rack-sasha who doesn't enjoy good conversation, riddles and wordplay. A Tamer who can do any one of these even half well can expect to have a rather contented Rack-sasha, if they can do all three the Pokégirl will become rather enamoured with him. Rack-sashas also tend to be planners and strategists, usually centering their plans on diversion and stealth rather than a frontal attack or application of power. They can be good Alphas, but will only accept the position for a Tamer they feel a great deal of affection for. They are also more than eager to assist in helping their tamer keep the Harem fully tamed, seeing as they can feed at the same time, and sometimes will help out by either adopting a male form or impersonating their Tamer. Although they prefer not to assume a male form as it feel too unnatural for them. They will also assist in helping the Tamer with new harem members by scanning them and assuming their form in a Taming session, giving the Tamer a `dry run' so they can figure out the best methods to please the girl. This has also made the Rack-sasha a hot commodity for Ranches and Breeders.
Rack-sashas are carnivores and supplement their meals with milk and small amounts of other foods. These meals grant them little in the way of energy and are more for show and they're own enjoyment of the flavors present. They main staple of the Rack-sasha's diet is the life aura of humans and Pokégirls. How often they need to feed depends on how much they've had to use their shape shifting abilities. If a Rack-sasha has used little, or none, of her abilities then she can get away with feeding once every couple of weeks at the most. Many just take small `meals' after a taming with either her Tamer or a harem sister, these small doses leaving the target only mildly fatigued and is recoverable after a good nights sleep. After a long battle, or extensive use of their abilities, a sizable amount of energy is needed quickly and many Tamer's will encourage all the members of their harem to help out. Usually this leads to a multi-girl taming session during which the Rack-sasha drains a little as possible from each member in order to keep the fatigue to a minimum for everyone. Many feral Rack-sashas have taken to using their ESP to scan members of a harem at camps in the wild. They then approach members that are separated from the rest in the guise of either one of the Pokégirls or the Tamer and engaging them in a taming session, then feeding on the exhausted prey after leaving them completely drained but otherwise unharmed.
Combat wise, Rack-sashas will never rely on their natural form, they are simple not a match for any of the more physical Pokégirls. Unless they have been trained in other psychic or magical attacks, a Rack-sasha's first and only line of defense will be her shape change ability, there Telekinesis too weak to used for any actual attack and more for fine manipulation of small objects, many are skilled pickpockets using that power. Rack-sashas will enter the battle already metamorphed, usually into something innocuous or weak looking like a Titmouse or Kitten. This usually leaves them enough time to use their telepathy to delve into the opponents mind while their guard is down. There they shift through the memories of the opponent looking for the toughest battle they've had and then assume the shape of that opponent. A Rack-sasha's favorite choice of memories tend to be ones that are traumatic and/or nightmarish for their opponent giving them another advantage in battle. They have all the strengths, weaknesses and can use any techniques their opponent experienced during that particular battle, though not exactly at full strength. Most can only muster about 75 to 90% of the actually attack based on the information present in the memory unless the Rack-sasha herself has experienced the same attack. Against targets that they can't read with their Telepathy, they drawn upon their own experiences and memories to metamorph into an appropriate form to battle in.
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RANDYSNATCH (aka SEXSLASH), the Wrecking Ball Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore
Role: most RandySnatches are used to knock down old buildings
Libido: High to very High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Buzzsaw, Earthquake
Enhancements: Longer sharp digging claws, and spiked semi hard hair
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sexshrew (normal)
Once a Sexshrew evolves into a RandySnatch (or a Sexslash as some Leagues call them) she grows bigger in size, her light brown skin loses its scales and she grows long, dark brown hair. When touched, however, her hair turns out to be tough and spiky and not at all pleasant to the touch (except to other Ground Pokégirls). Her hands and feet grow claws and her tail extends as well. This transformation makes her better at both digging and fighting and any Tamer who catches a Sexshrew for either of those purposes usually does his best to evolve her into a RandySnatch as quickly as possible. The transformation also makes taming a bit more difficult, but an eager RandySnatch knows how to work around those problems. RandySnatches also prefer to be naked, because that's easier for both digging and sex.
A RandySlash' personality differs greatly from that a of a Sexshrew. They no longer have any need for solitude and, in fact, enjoy being around others. They freely display their affection (usually by unexpected hugging) and enjoy a bit of rough-and-tumble. They try to keep in mind that not everyone is as tough as they are, but RandySnatches are known to unintentionally hurt weaker Pokégirls.
RandySnatches also enjoy taming anytime, anywhere. Whenever her Tamer or any of her Harem-sisters approach her with an offer, a RandySnatch will drop everything she's doing and have sex with them. RandySnatches greatly enjoy all forms of sex (except for those very extreme forms that end in mutilation or death), are fascinated with the idea of sex in public and take a 'the more the merrier' approach. They are not nearly as knowledgeable as, for example, Menage-A-Trois, but their boundless enthusiasm and great stamina makes up for a lot.
RandySnatches get on surprisingly well with Domina's and all their evolutions. RandySnatches enjoy taking anything a Domina can dish out (and because of their natural toughness, they can take quite a lot), but they also enjoy playing sexual power games from time to time. Cases of RandySnatches getting a Domina to submit to her are not unheard of.
Because of their excellent digging skills and powerful Ground attacks, RandySnatches are often employed for tearing down old buildings and digging mines, jobs most RandySnatches obviously enjoy.
Feral RandySnatches are rare. They live in holes in the ground, but will come out when they sense anyone coming near, usually hoping to find someone to have sex with. Unprepared travelers will find themselves enthusiastically raped and will usually get scratched. So far, no-one has been actually disemboweled by a feral RandySnatch jumping their bones, but it is not entirely unthinkable it'll never happen.
Girls very rarely threshold directly into a RandySnatch, but when they do the transition is generally smooth. Provided they get the sex they want to distract them, they'll barely notice their wildly different bodies and even if they don't have a lot of sex, they'll probably have too much fun digging around everywhere to care very much.
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RAPITAUR, the Fastest Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Pokégirl Transports, Flanking Maneuvers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Plant, Bug, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ignite, Hyper Quick Attack, Trample, Sonic Wave, Warm Embrace, Flame Tower, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Ember
High Levels only: Flamethrower, Fire Scythe, Fire Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x12), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Heat Aura, enhanced sense of balance.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (normal)
Faster than a speeding... well, maybe not as fast as a Cheetit, but the Rapitaur is one of the fastest recorded Pokégirls in any League. They tend to grow an additional 6 inches to a foot in height and the Pokégirl fills out to compensate for the increase in size. In their centauroid form, the Rapitaur are usually around 9-10ft tall from hoof to head. Faster than Chocoboobs, they see the bird-like Pokégirl as no challenge at all unless they are beat in battle or in a race by one. They can keep running even longer now, able to maintain their top speed for almost four hours on average, and can trot at half speed for nearly an entire day without needing rest. The greatest change is that they are now a fire type Pokégirl. Why and how this evolution is a Normal/Fire-type is unknown, as some researchers can't help but wonder how this happened without the use of a Fire Stone.
Still, in battle, these Pokégirls utilize their speed and fire attacks to cause massive damage quickly. This was also the third known evolution of a Pokégirl that became known to humans during the Revenge War, as they decimated the human tanks and armored vehicles that attempted to mount a defense against her not-so-hot Pokégirl sisters. They made short work of the slower, clumsier, and larger machines.
However, the Rapitaur was known for attempting to limit the damage done, and it has been recorded in several history books as to instances when Rapitaur would be used to haul injured human soldiers from burning wreckage or from a battlefield and drop them on the doorsteps of the nearest human settlement. They would never actually attack human civilians, either, which baffled many researchers until the realization dawned on one in late 196 AS- it was a strategy to weaken human longevity in their strongholds by injuring the humans rather than outright killing them, forcing the expenditure of medical and food supplies for the invalids. The few Pokégirls from the Revenge War that are alive to this day, when asked about this strategy, say that there was no such thing, and that the Rapitaur and Ponytaur Pokégirls were simply too kind to kill anyone and anything human, unlike Sukebe had wanted. Some historians continue to research both possibilities. This information helped make the breed much more popular among humans, however, resulting in their fair abundance today.
Rapitaur, unlike the Ponytaur, feel a need to exercise constantly, whether this be by working or actual exercise. It's recommended by any researcher that they be given heavy tasks to do for at least 20 hours a week, though most suggest at least 28 hours of exercise would be better. They love to run and dance in their centaur-like form, although many do prefer to go around in their human form instead so they can enter human-sized places a bit easier. Feral Rapitaur will use Flame Tower to keep hostile Pokégirls or tamers looking to capture them away long enough to escape as quickly as they can run. As such, most feral Rapitaur remain feral, being too fast for the most part for most tamers to catch them. Herds of Ponytaur are often headed by a Rapitaur, who usually head off a challenge just long enough for her herd sisters to escape before following after them.
In a harem, the Rapitaurs are too busy with their own speed and exercise to be considered for any Alpha or Beta positions. Instead, she is a good transporter or a battler, though not really a sex-battler due to her size. Also due to her size and increase in activities is an increase in her appetite- although her appetite is not as great as a Grizzlar or a Snorlass’, the Rapitaur are known to be voracious eaters. Thankfully, they can eat grass and other plants, although Rapitaurs do prefer to eat vegetables that humans eat, rather than just any random plants that the harem might come across. Rapitaurs are popular in the Ruby League, as their Heat Aura and ability to provide transportation make them almost perfect Pokégirls for the expanse of that league. A recent survey shows that Rapitaurs make up a majority of the Pokégirl breeds used as the non-combatant of that league (at 41%).
These Pokégirls, like their previous evolution, must train to gain their maneuverability at higher speeds. In other words, it's almost like training them from the ground on up, all over again. This is one thing that does annoy some tamers, although their advantages and benefits to a Tamer far outweigh the complaint. This researcher believes that those tamers that do complain about this fact are just simply lazy. Their endurance also increases, and they can run at full speed for a good hour before needing to rest, or at a trot for at least two or three hours before requiring a rest. T2s, for some reason, do not work so well with these Pokégirls, although they can pick up on techniques that are taught by other Pokégirls easily enough.
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RAWCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Thunder Fang Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Canine/Tiger!?
Element: Electric
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore - preference for meat
Role: Lady of Lightning, fighting machine
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock)
Attacks: Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack, Growl, Static Barrier, Thunder, Thunderwave, Thunder Bolt
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced sense of hearing, Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (5 inches), and High electricity-storage capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed.
Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Sparkanine, Rawcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Hentai, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Crescent Star Islands of the Crescent Moon League in 265 AS, Rawcunt would eventually rarely visit the area, as her interest in the fighting arts would make the Edo League a far more appropriate home. Her purpose was to store electricity to convert to power and bring it to those whom would be of use to it. A lot of power-generating plants had a sudden boon in rate of building thanks to Rawcunt initially providing them with power to disperse to towns and cities.
Rawcunt's build for the most part is that of what one would expect of a Sparkanine, having yellow fur with black stripes that were across and down her back, arms and legs, while having a white underside. Her slightly muscular build was impressive with her height of 5'11", as were her full DD-sized breasts.
However, the former Sparkanine was definitely changed from her previous form... in that she now had a distinct feline nature, specifically, physical traits and powers that were very similar to a cat-type, a Sabretooth Tigress to be exact. Heightened agility not normally seen in Dog-type Pokégirls, not to mention she's been reported as purring on more than one occasion. She even has distinct physical traits, her thunder bolt like tail being prehensile like a feline's and her mouth has the two upper-canine teeth that jut downwards like one would see on a Sabretooth Tigress, only Rawcunt can't seem to retract them.
When it comes to clothing, the one piece she wears, a small mask, lends to a more feline-look towards the canine Neo-Legendary. A T-shaped blue steel ridge that goes across her forehead and ride of her eyebrows, adding a look similar to a sneer, whiile three raised circular forms raise up the along the ridge and comes to a point over where her nose should be. At Rawcunt's nose, a sharpened piece of metal with dual points just out from either side, giving her the effect of having whiskers.
The reason Rawcunt has to wear a mask is similar to that of her Harem-Sister Hentai. Although her face was not overly desecrated like the once incredibly beautiful Vixxen's had been, a Psi-Dyke had gotten tired of Rawcunt's shouts and demands to leave her sisters alone, and silenced the Sparkanine by biting her nose right off her face.
Because of that, Rawcunt is denied the enhancement of enhanced smell, which most Canine-types have.
Finally it should be noted that unlike her previous form, Rawcunt has long hair. Hair that reaches along her backside but seems to be whispy and dark like a storm cloud. The hair even sparks at time, causing spots of light to appear in her hair.
When it comes to Pokébattles and Taming, Rawcunt wants her cake and eat it too. If she is interested in a Tamer, (although preferring men has taken a few females from time-to-time) she will initiate a PokéBattle with them, abusing electric-base attacks and trying to keep the opponent paralyzed and unable to defend of attack. Win or lose, if the Tamer doesn't impress her, Rawcunt will leave them be, running away quickly and causing the Tamer to lose track of her. If impressed, Rawcunt will offer her body to someone who she feels would be capable satisfying for her, and worthy of doing it.
When it comes to actually Taming Rawcunt, Tamers have described it as being with a Cat-type, specifically, a Sabretooth Tigress. She prefers to be done doggy-style, bracing herself so the Tamer thrust deeper and deeper inside her, the Neo-Legendary's body becoming the stiffer with each plunge to the point of near paralysis when she finally orgasms. She absolutely howls when the Tamer mounts her completely, reaching around to play with her breasts and bite deeply around the neck or shoulder area when he orgasms into her. However, when it comes to Taming Rawcunt, it should be noted that one needs protection in the former of condoms, preferably lubed. Rawcunt's name has definite meaning as the Neo-Legendary barely secretes any fluid down there, (only when orgasming) and the fact that her pussy is super-charged with quite a bit of power. Understandably, even if it's an honor to be able to Tame a Neo-Legendary, it can be hell on a unprepared Tamer's dick, (or fingers in a female Tamer's case).
Although it has proven near-impossible to catch her over the years, (the most recent being two Team Rocket members Attila and Hun) there are those that have tried and ended up with quite shocking results. Especially if one refers to Rawcunt as a feline. Despite being very catty in nature and abilities now, Rawcunt, first and foremost, views herself as a canine... and woe be to those that disagree with her.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Rawcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Rawcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face a Dragon or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Electric, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
Thunderous Roar: Indeed, the howl of Rawcunt is best described as `thunderous'. When she roars, it is loud enough to create shock waves and shake the ground as if lightning had struck. It's a technique that Rawcunt uses often when she prefers to dodge an hostile force hunting her rather than sticking around to fight it, as it keeps the target stunned for quite a bit of time, enough for the athletic Neo-Legendary to cover considerable distance.
Shocking Shell: This quality is is one that Rawcunt can activate or deactivate at will. When activated, her hair is constantly sparking. This ability is one that makes it so if an opponent Pokégirl lands a physical attack on her, (such as Tackle, Bite, Megaton Punch) the attacking Pokégirl receives a backlash of electric energy equal to a mid-level Thunder attack.
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REDEEMER, the Redemption Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style
Role: Holy Warrior
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic, Infernal
Weak Vs: Bug, Infernal
Attacks: Transcend Sword, Life Shield, Angel Wings, Fist of Fate, Soothing Mist, Cocoon of Darkness, Teleport, Confusion, Dark Holy, Dark Shield, Memory of the Dark, Dark Redemption, Dark Mist, Telekinesis, Heal, Flash
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Strength (x10), wings for Flight, Celestial affinity, Low-level shape-changing, Celestial Armor, can manifest Celestial-elemental swords, immune to hypnosis, Celestial attacks stronger than normal.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hyperdoll (gaining respect of their Tamer)
Hyperdolls were for the longest time assumed to be a dead-end evolution. Whoever gained one was doomed forever to have a powerful Pokégirl that treated him like crap but wouldn't let go of him no matter what. People who had Hyperdolls were universally derided as being the ultimate loser, because quite frankly letting a Bimbo evolve into one is flat out inexcusable.
Amazingly enough, however, there is a ray of hope.
A man who had let his Bimbo become a Hyperdoll out of sheer carelessness had since then undergone a great change in nature. He had worked to become a better person, improved his way of life, made himself better all around. So much did he change, that his Hyperdoll publicly showed him affection, giving him a kiss and a compliment that wasn't sarcastic. Before the shocked eyes of several witnesses, his Hyperdoll evolved, undergoing evolution into a powerful Celestial Pokégirl. People were stunned by this, as well as the amount of affection the evolved Pokégirl displayed. Research was done on this Pokégirl with the Tamer's permission, and it was eventually discovered that the reason the Hyperdoll evolved was because she regained respect for her Tamer, something long thought to be impossible for Hyperdolls to do.
Since then, there have been at least 10 cases of a Hyperdoll evolving into a Redeemer, each time the Tamer having regained the respect of their Pokégirl. This is regarded as astonishing and nothing short of miraculous.
Redeemers, upon evolution, grow two feet taller, becoming more muscular in appearance, and gain glowing white eyes. Their breast size goes up a cup-size as well. Any clothing they wear changes, becoming form-fitting lightweight armor that they can summon or dismiss at will. Coloring varies from Redeemer to Redeemer, but one constant is that with their armor comes a full facemask with a cross-like symbol on the front, a line of spikes starting from the forehead and going down the back. A pair of large, glowing wings grow out of their back, which, like their armor, can be summoned or dismissed at will. They also gain the ability to summon a pair of golden, Celestial-element swords.
Deep within the psyche of a Redeemer, immediately after evolution, is a need to do something special for their Tamer, to reward them for making so drastic a turnaround. (And yes, earning a Hyperdoll's respect is that drastic a turnaround.) As such, before they can truly rest, they have a strong need to complete a task of some kind, usually a fight against a powerful Pokégirl in their Tamer's name, or helping a Tamer win a championship, or even going to acquire a powerful Pokégirl to add to their Master's harem. They won't insist their Tamer help them on this quest, however they will ask. Either way, they will not rest until they have completed this mission and returned to their Tamer alive. If the Tamer and the Redeemer's harem sisters agree to help, they will find that the Redeemer will love them all the more, becoming more passionate in Tamings. They also become a little protective of their Tamer, not wanting them to relapse into their old ways before the Redeemers evolution. So far, no Tamer has shown any sign of relapsing. As an interesting note, once the evolution of the Redeemer became public knowledge, a couple experiments were conducted in which Tamers known for their well-treatment of their Pokégirls took in a Hyperdoll that had lost their Tamer to death. There was a long period of tensity as the Hyperdoll adjusted to being owned again, but once they got used to the fact, they reverted to their old arrogance, albiet without the physical abuse. Each Hyperdoll evolved to Redeemer after just a few months.
Redeemers are powerful Pokégirls and strong fighters. They are unrelenting in battle, with a tendency to proclaim the glory of their Tamer as they fight, as if he was a powerful Kami. This makes them similar in mannerisms to Dark Ladies, whom Redeemers are known to despise tremendously.
Redeemers are fairly gentle with those they care about, although strangely enough they are usually at a loss if they find themselves taking care of children. For a reason that escapes researchers at the moment, Redeemers have proven to be almost entirely inept at child-care, frequently having panic attacks and blanking on what to do in a crisis. They won't hurt the child, not intentionally at any rate, but they aren't very good at taking care of one. This is rather tragic, considering their great love of children. This ability flaw is presumed to be a holdover from their Hyperdoll self, although it can be surmounted a little with patience and education from motherly types such as a Neko Cenneco or the Denmother. Redeemers are generally more suited to battle at any rate.
Due to the nature of their evolution, no cases of Thresholding into a Redeemer have been reported.
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RHYNODAME, the Rhino Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Centauroid, nonhumanoid
Element: Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: construction, hauling
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Crushing Punch, Horny Attack, Quake, Rock Throw, Stomp
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x14), Extreme high density (x10), armored skin, altered digestive system, reinforced musculoskeletal system, low feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Rhynowhore (normal)
Rhynodames are large centauroid Pokégirls, standing on average at least 9ft tall with thick muscular bodies. They have grey skin, black hair and speak in deep gravelly voices. They also have a thick, sharp horn growing out of their foreheads pointing upwards.
In a charge a Rhynodame will bend down to bring this horn level to the ground.
Since unlike other centauroid Pokégirls they are not metamorphs, and thus lack a humanoid taming form most Rhynodames don't wear clothing, although some, mostly threshold cases, wear a T-shirt over their humanoid torsos to cover their small breasts.
However many tamers fit their Rhynodames with sturdy harnesses to which packs can be attached, and also in many cases to allow them to tow carts and other vehicles.
Rhynodames are very difficult to tame since their thick skin means that they have a very limited sense of touch. This combined with the difficulties that their centauroid form produce means that most tamers resort to toys rather than the personal approach when taming a Rhynodame, at least after their initial taming. Even if a tamer is prepared to personally tame a Rhynodame special equipment is necessary not only because of her centauroid form but also because her great strength can make a fatal taming accident a possibility.
Rhynodames are very strong, being able to easily lift even a full grown Snorlass over their heads, but they are slow and thus have great difficulty in fighting a fast Pokégirl. In combat they use the horns on their foreheads to deliver devastating attacks, since even though they are not fast their great mass means that in a charge their horns can easily penetrate armor plating. This combined with strikes from the sturdy hooves on the end of their legs means that a Rhynodame could easily destroy a tank in combat.
However Rhynodames were not created by Sukebe with combat as their primary role, their ability to haul heavy loads saw them used as the logistics corps for the Pokégirl armies. They have continued this role into the modern era with many Rhynodames being used to haul the carts and barges which provide the main means of transporting most goods around local areas. They are also popular on farms where they are used to haul farm equipment around and in the construction industry where their great strength is an asset.
Rhynodames have a low feral state in which they lose the ability to speak and become passive and easily led. This has resulted in some owners of Rhynodames allowing them to go feral rather than going through the trouble of taming them, since they are still capable of hauling carts, ploughs and other machinery in their feral state. In the wild feral Rhynodames are loners and much less dangerous than Rhynowhores, although they will still fight back if they are attacked.
Threshold Rhynodames are very rare and aside from the normal psychological problems that most threshold Pokégirls go through, they also have great difficulty in adapting to the great differences in their new body.
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RHYNOWHORE the Horny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Demolition
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Crushing Punch, Earthquake, Horny Attack, Stomp
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Reinforced Musculoskeletal System, Toughness (transformed only)
Evolves: Rhynodame (normal)
Evolves From: None
Like other metamorphs such as the Griffon, the Rhynowhore has two forms, her normal form for taming and a combat form for battle. In her normal form a Ryhnowhore looks like a normal human girl with A-cup breasts and dark skin and hair, in this form she can't use Horny Attack and Crushing punch. In her transformed state her skin hardens into dermal plates, including support for her neck and hardened plates for her fists, also a large horn grows out of her forehead.
During the war Rhynowhores were used to demolish buildings and their hardened skin is easily able to resist falling bricks, and bullets. They have continued in this trade with most Rhynowhores being found in the demolition industry.
Rhynowhores are highly competitive and often charge each other using Horny Attack to find out who is the stronger. Feral Rhynowhores also do this to determine who will be the leader of their herd. This competitiveness will also surface when a Rhynowhore joins a new harem, she will immediately challenge the alpha to a battle in an attempt to take the position, although if defeated she will accept the alpha as the leader of her herd without complaint, at least until she feels she is strong enough to mount another challenge.
In combat Rhynowhores usually start with Earthquake, then charge in with a Horny Attack before finishing their opponent of with close range attacks such as Body Slam.
Rhynowhores must be restrained during taming due to their enhanced strength, and because in their transformed state they have almost no sense of touch particularly enjoy being gently caressed.
Feral Rhynowhores live in herds on the plains and can be dangerous since they will often attempt to use Horny Attack on anyone who gets too close.
Normal Technique:
Horny Attack (ATK+EFT) Only usable by Pokégirls with horns. This technique allows a Pokégirl to strike her opponent with her horn to inflict damage. If she has room to charge this attack inflicts double damage and has a chance of stunning her opponent.
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RIA, the High Voltage Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Mouse Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League) Rare elsewhere
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Storm Generation squad, electricity generator, fine electricity conductor
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunderbolt, ThunderWave, ThunderShock, Thunder, Spark, Static Barrier, Agility, Luminaire, Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Peekabu (Normal)
Known as one of the most powerful electric types, Rias are usually considered the penultimate electric pokegirl by many tamers, and as such have a very large fanbase throughout many of the leagues. Indeed, the sheer amount of voltage that the average Ria can produce has lead many of them to be pulled into the power generation field. Some Ria have even found that their evolution from a Peekabu has caused their power output to almost double. This is always a bell curve, however, and this depends entirely on the circumstances that a Ria was trained by before she evolved. There have even been instances of Peekabu being trained in fine manipulation of their electrical powers and becoming skilled enough that as a Ria (or rarely still as a Peekabu), they can actually mimic the alternating currents of household electrical sockets or the finer voltage control of electrical muscle stimulation used in physical therapy.
Physically, a Ria's color scheme changes from a Peekabu, her pelt becoming a orange-brown overall, with cream on her stomach and black stripes across her back. Her cheek spots turn from red to yellow, still above where her electric sacs. Her tail becomes long, slender, and black; only retaining the yellow lightening bolt look at the very tip. Her ears change from their slender pointed look to large fanned ears that are black in coloration along the outside while being the same electric yellow of her tail tip. Her ears have large spiraling 'static hairs' that help to pull ambient electricity away from her hair, preventing the hair on her head from standing on end due to her own ambient electricity. Her busts jumps from one to two cup sizes, becoming around a C cup; and she bulks up some, becoming stronger without looking ripped like an Amachop. Again, a majority of Ria assume a more animorphic look similar to a Titmouse, though many threshold Peekabu who have retained their human looks still keep them when they evolve into Rias. Humanesque Rias generally only have the ears and tail to denote them as Pokégirls, though their cheeks tend to be chubbier than other near human types due to their electric sacs, and their hair tends to be the orange-brown with cream highlights.
In battle, most Rias have an all out stragety, preferring to end battles quickly, making them a popular choice for Tamers that prefer hard hitting Pokégirls. However, as stated above, Rias can be trained for fine manipulation of their electricity, allowing them to make well timed and powered attacks, helping to conserve their energy as even the most powerful Ria has a limit to the amount of volts she can produce before exhausting herself. Once exhausted of her electrical powers, a Ria is easy prey in a Pokébattle as she has no outside electrical attacks without the help of T2's. Indeed, many tamers who have relied on their Ria's prowess find themselves frustrated when their apparently formidable Ria runs out of power and gets trounced.
Feral Ria are mostly loaners, unlike their unevolved forms, and tend to keep themselves until thunderstorms approach, when they gather with their Peekabu sisters in tall places such as trees to gather the ambient electricity. This also excites them, making them more energetic as well as horny. Taming a Ria is only slightly different from taming a Peekabu out of feraldom, as she now may need some restraints as well. Fortunately, no instances of a Ria loosing their control of their electric abilities during orgasm have ever been recorded, after they are tamed from feraldom of course.
Threshold into a Ria is extremely rare, and is known to happen only when there is a family history of Ria and Peekabu. Marked by erratic fevers and chills, depending on the extent of the animorph the girl will change into, as well as a heavy buildup of static electricity around the girl in question. Many girls also suffer from a period of high energy when thunderstorms arise, only to crash later when they are gone.
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ROMANTICIDE, The Forgemaster Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman/Animorph (Feline/Scorpion)
Element: Fire/Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style with a preference for meat, can also eat metals
Role: Blacksmiths
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric
Attacks: Kitten’s Roar, Scratch, Air Recovery, Saber Claw, Lioness’s Roar, Flamethrower, Water Gun, Rapid Sting, Crunch, Dark Goggles, Romanticide Venom*
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Inherent metallurgical knowledge, Heat and cold generation and resistance, Chitonous armor, Hollow stinger tail, Romanticide Venom, the ability to ‘smell’ high quality ore, Poison affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Shiny Stone), Scorpiagirl (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Romanticides played a prominent, but relatively unknown role in the Revenge War, one that didn’t come to light until many years later, after the breed was circulated into the regular population. They served as the forgemasters of Sukebe’s army, their craftsmanship abilities such that they are among the only breeds an Armsmistress will trust to repair damage to their weapons and armor.
Romanticides stand around 9 feet tall at the average, usually with ample bosom ranging from D-cup upwards. They have four arms, similar to an Amachamp, and a muscular build, their hands, arms, chest, and thighs lined with chitinous, almost insectile armor. They possess a tail, at most three times the length of their body, with a three to four foot scythe-like stinger/tail blade at the tip. This blade generally has a series of variously sized holes running along the side. From a distance, one might mistake a Romanticide for a Panthress or similar cat breed, as their fur usually comes in shades of varying black and red, the majority of the breed possessing animalistic features and feline eyes. Very rarely there have been some near human-types that are not as animalistic in appearance, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
Romanticides can almost always be found handling some sort of metal, as the material gives them great comfort. For Romanticides that did not evolve from Tigress, it will usually be a tool they used in their previous form. It’s also not uncommon for them to handle a weapon. One Romanticide in particular had a weapon she was fond of, a black-bladed sword with a black pommel cylinder and an ovalish hilt that was wrapped in a heavy, off-white cloth. It was the first weapon that Romanticide forged, and a source of comfort for her. Other Romanticides have the same sorts of habits.
Romanticides are mistrustful towards most Tamers and Pokégirls, and have known to show a low tolerance for cowardice. (Although in certain common sense situations, such as a Widow attack, they do not look down on someone for running for their life.) They can be belligerent Pokégirls, and are slow to trust a new Tamer and Harem sisters. When they do start to trust, however, they become much easier to be around, as they are more willing to be kind and friendly to their Tamer and Harem sisters. They are very battle capable, as Sukebe’s intent on creating them was having a blacksmith that could make front line repairs to weapons if need be, and enjoy adventure, but they do not seek it actively. Contentment with what they have is a trait common to most members of the breed.
While dangerous and powerful, Romanticides have also been known to be quite amorous as well. While they greatly enjoy forging new weapons and armor, they also greatly enjoy sex as well, a side effect of their Fire typing. They are unusually playful when aroused, although most tend to enjoy some form of foreplay beforehand rather than just diving in. Some researchers believe that this is because they apply a certain principle of metallurgy to their love-making: draw the process out, so as to make the end result more satisfying. Most have been known to enjoy a feeling of risk or danger while being Tamed, and have been known to enjoy the company of a Domina-type alongside their Tamer. They enjoy using their second arms to help try and increase their partner’s pleasure. However one must be careful in deciding whether or not to allow this, due to the breed’s strength enhancement.
As a minor historical note, the origin of their breed name came from their amorous habits. A trio of Romanticides were taken prisoner by humans early on, who didn’t know about the process of Taming yet, as it had only recently been discovered. They tried to force the Romanticides to forge weapons to combat the Slicers that were assaulting them. However, the Romanticides seduced them (with the aid of a pair of hidden Kunoichis spies armed with packets of Lust Dust) and used their unique poisons to leave the soldiers dying in agony as they made love to them. A survivor, taken prisoner by the Slicer unit for interrogation, later made the comment that making love to the creatures was ‘romantic suicide.’ By all accounts, the Slicer unit enjoyed the phrase and eventually shortened it to Romanticide. The name spread among the breed, who were called another name before, and they liked it so much that they adopted Romanticide as their species name instead of their original name, which has since been lost to time.
In combat, a Romanticide’s main talents lie towards melee battle. They are uncomfortable battling from a distance (and as such most have been known to have a bias against breeds with wings), and do their best to get in close, striking with berserk combinations of punches, kicks, weapons strikes, and stings to pummel their opponent into submission. Their weapon choice depends on their personality, and usually is not the first weapon they ever forged, as they tend to use it more as a comforter rather than anything, as mentioned earlier. Their choice of weapon usually also depends on the type of opponent they face as well.
One thing that all Romanticides recorded to this date have in common is that they will not take their work being made light of. They take metallurgy and smithing quite seriously, regarding it as their reason for living. When not making armor or weapons, they will forge gifts for their Tamers and/or Harem sisters. Some tend to specialize in weapon-types, and teach themselves how to fight with the weapons they make. They show great care and refinement in their work, which is why so many weapon-using types would trust only them with the repair and maintenance of their weapons. Forging metal for them is almost a religious experience for them, to the point where some members of the breed worship the old god Hephaestus, hoping for blessings for their work. They are hesitant about applying magic directly to the metal they work with, as there is usually a high risk of degrading the metal they are working with. They prefer to work with natural metals and alloys, their ability to ‘smell’ out quality materials aiding them in their work. They have been known to get along well with Goblina, Moriae, and other girls that work in mining.
Another noted similarity between members of the breed is problems with regulating body temperature. Due to their conflicting elemental types, their body temperature tends to lower quickly, making turn lethargic when not active. When working, however, their body tends to heat up quickly, allowing them to work easier with the hot metals, sometimes even allowing them to forge it with their hands. They have to will themselves to cool down during this time. A Tamer who can control their body temperature (there are several surprisingly easy ways, detailed in the Taming for Dummies section on Multi-Element Type Pokégirls) while Taming will find a very affectionate Romanticide on hand. They greatly enjoy bondage games (especially if they are bound with heavy iron chains), and will not say no to letting a Domina-type have her fun with them.
Romanticides have a surprisingly low rate of Threshold result. Due to the multiple physical changes, there is a small handful of incidents where the stress of the transformation became too much for the girl in question, causing her to die. The change from human to Romanticide takes longer than most Thresholds.
Feral Romanticide are rare, due to how useful they are. They tend to ignore people unless provoked, usually sniffing out new metals and collecting them, melting them down and shaping them into some random, formless object and adding it to a crude display. They tend to be territorial, preferring caves or other enclosed areas. When provoked, Ferals tend to lash out fiercely, using Romanticide Venom sprays right off of the bat.
Romanticide Venom (ATK, EFT): A biological weapon unique to the Romanticide breed. Romanticide’s namesake venom is essentially a Napalm-like compound mix with potent toxins generated from the digested metals a Romanticide has eaten. When it contacts the air it ignites, burning until there is no more fuel to burn, but if injected into the body it lasts like a normal disabling toxin. If the poisoned individual suffers an open wound while poisoned, the wound will ignite from their poisoned bloodstream. Unlike most venoms or toxins, which are injected or seeped into the body, the Romanticide venom actually forms into a mist that seeps out of the circular holes in the Romanticide’s scythe-stinger. However a Romanticide’s venom can be injected through the stinger as normal.
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RONIN, the Sword-Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare in Edo League, Unknown other leagues
Diet: human style diet
Role: warrior
Libido: Low (increases when they find a Tamer that they like and trust)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bonk, Slash, Cut, Sword Dance, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Can summon weapons.
Evolves: Samurai (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: Slicer (normal)
Ronins are among the best Pokégirls when it comes to fighting with weapons. The role of Ronins in Sukebe's army was part of a special striking group, it was small in numbers, but very quick and strong, which made them hard targets and excellent fighters at the same time. After the Revenge War, however, the majority of the surviving original team of fighters relocated somewhere in the Edo League.
These Pokégirls were eventually found by the first generation of Edo-league Tamers to go out into the world after the end of the war. Most of these Tamers were found to be unworthy of Taming the Ronin, however, and a few Tamers were killed before the League got the idea. The Ronin dispersed, taking their training and ways to other parts of the league. A few may have even left the Edo league as well, but no matter where they go, Ronin are rare.
It wasn't until sometime in 254 AS that Slicer Pokégirls were discovered by a Researcher to evolve into a Ronin. Even after so many years, few Ronin ever bothered to show themselves to even worthy Tamers. With this revelation about the much more common Slicer's evolution into a Ronin, many Tamers have begun to tame and train their Slicers in an effort to evolve her into a Ronin. The Ronin, being rather legendary when it comes to their training and abilities with bladed weapons, are an honored addition to any Harem.
Depending on the level of the Ronin, it can summon different weapons. From levels 1 to 15, a Ronin can summon a shinai (a bamboo sword). From levels 16 to 30, they can summon a bokken (a wooden sword). From level 31 and up, a Ronin can summon a katana. When they can only use a shinai or a bokken, Ronins don't have access to the slash and cut attacks. A Ronin can only summon one weapon at a time. Ronin do not bother to use anything other than eastern-style medieval swords, finding other weapons to be inferior to any others that they might have used when they used to be a Slicer.
Ronins have an innate rivalry with Kunoichi. It is likely that because the Kunoichi were more successful during the Revenge War that this rivalry exists. However, it is also speculated that the reason is more mindset-oriented than anything else. Ronin live by their own code of honor, and believe that the Kunoichi's more 'sinister' and 'stealthy' ways are more dishonorable than anything else. Kunoichi, on the other hand, don't seem to see anything wrong with doing what they excel at. Ronin are direct, Kunoichi are subtle. The few confrontations between the two breeds have shown that the Ronin actively pursue this rivalry, whereas the Kunoichi try to let it slide. And so, the rivalry goes on.
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ROODER, the Hiding Holy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Normal (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human Diet
Role: Priestess, "Ghostbuster"
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Evil Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fear, Sex attacks
Attacks: Burst, Power Bolt, Shield, Dazzle, Heaven's Arrow, Holy Water*
Enhancements: Magical Bow, Immunity to Ghost attacks and Possession, Strong Magical Abilities
Evolves: Megami (Passing the Trial), Banshee (Failing the Trial)
Evolves From: Threshold combined with family death.
The Rooder is a unique kind of Pokégirl, not for her rarity or for any kind physical features, but for her natural function. It has been long since known that Sukebe has been a man of both Science and Magic, so it is only natural that he had been in contact with even the super natural at one point. The Rooder was created as a warrior to combat those forces, in ever the case he'd find demons, ghosts, and the like were ever to intrude on his own work. Despite this belief, there is no proof that the Rooder was ever created by Sukebe or even existed during that time. Regardless, there is no denying that this girl deals with forces unlike any other.
What creates a Rooder, in of itself, only goes to further this Pokégirls fight against unnatural, both Pokégirl and non. Though it can only be gleamed through recounting experiences, every Rooder has come about by the death of a close family member, usually that of a parent or sibling and always when the girl was at the age of 16. From that point onward, the Rooder is plagued by unholy Pokégirl, spirits, and other manner of creatures, which she does her best to help move onto the afterlife, usually through some form of battle. It should be noted that this battle has to take place at the site of the spirits' death, and thus the Rooder often hides from her foes, since she is weak physically and her holy powers against the spirit are at their peak at the death site. Luckily, her vial of holy water is capable of stunning most of her dark foes, allowing her some running room. To aid her at all points is a special bow which can create chains from it's arrows to bind her foes. It is all that which gives her a strong respect for the dead.
At the age of 18, a Rooder goes through a trial against the Dark Gentleman, though who he is and what he represents is unknown. Should the Rooder pass this trial, she evolves into a Megami and often lives out the rest of her life in happiness. However, if she fails, she is killed, becoming a Banshee to plague the next Rooder that dare tries to calm its vengeful wrath. It is because of this and their lifestyle of constantly fighting the super natural that has left most Rooders to stay away from others, making her hard to find in any harem. If in a harem, though, by the time she goes for the Trial, a Rooder will ensure that her tamer and sisters don't follow, on the chance that she fails.
As far as looks go, Rooders often where clothing that makes sure almost all the attention goes to her ass, which is undeniably the most attractive feature about the girl. Her breasts, while a bit on the small side, are often shown off to a degree as well, but the Rooders' choice of dress often leaves them quite covered while leaving her legs and ass almost bare.
Because of their lifestyle, Most Rooders are feral but start out as a Threshold, though as it could be guessed from what they have to live with, Rooders' feral state leaves them only with the desire for sex and the inability to speak. Other then that, Rooders often just go about what they've been doing, awaiting the day of the trail. On a side note, Rooders have an odd liking for Lavender Water, which has a pleasant calming effect on them as well as gets them in the mood for a taming. Another odd aspect of the Pokégirl is that all of their names either begin with D, N, or A.
Concerning the Trail
This is completely theory, for no one has been able to prove it, but it is the only info we have about the Rooder's Trail. Apparently, on a Rooders 18th birthday, they are teleported to a distant land (Even if in their Pokéball), one completely unknown to even league officials. There the Rooder meets the Dark Gentleman, who calls himself Lord Burroughs and has taken the form of one of the Rooder's relatives, usually a father or grandfather. The Dark Gentlemen goes on to tell the Rooder that they're meant not only to help purge the world of the evil spirits that grasp it, but also to prove them ready for the Megami Prophesies with their final task being Lord Burroughs himself.
The Dark Gentleman goes on to say that throughout the years, the evil within himself grows and that the Rooder, while unable to destroy it, much help him quell the forces inside him as proof of their power and will. Should they be victorious, Burroughs grants them evolution into Megami. Should they fail, he kills them, considering them not worthy of being Rooders in the first place.
All this information however is questionable, as it was recieved from a tamer who was Recognized with a Rooder whom failed the Trail, his mind shattered with her death.
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ROSEBREASTS, the Noble Grass Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Plant/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Water, sunlight, soil, sexual fluids
Role: Unknown
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Electric, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Thorn Cutlass, Root System, Grass Cock, Probing Tentacles, Probing Pods, Grass Floor, Fruit Juice, Petal Armor (*), Assault, Swordwave, Sword Dance, Petal Dance, Hero Blade, Confuse, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced fighting capabilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vinebra (choosing a permanent lover), Belle Awesome (Sun Stone)
When a Vinebra chooses a permanent lover, sometime during the course of a lunar cycle, she will evolve into a RoseBreasts, becoming taller (average between 3 to 7 inches), and her hair will look as if it has been permed. Her bust may also increase, but the amount varies greatly. Her body is generally quite aerodynamic, allowing for faster and more fluid movements.
While the RoseBreasts loses it's immunity to aphrodisiacs, it gains two far more valuable (in the eyes of Tamers) abilities. The ability to create armor and a better ability to fight.
A RoseBreasts Pokégirl is far superior to other plant-type Pokégirls at fighting, capable of using various sword techniques and can even learn to duel at a competent level with other sword-wielding Pokégirls.
Unlike most Pokégirls, who rush in and beat on each other, the RoseBreasts is a graceful fencer, dancing just out of reach, and then dashing past her opponent, slashing a quick but shallow wound, before dancing out of reach of any reprisal.
A RoseBreasts enjoys any battle with a skilled fighter, and will often share her Honey Techniques with any Pokégirl or human who impresses her, but she rarely allows second tastes unless her opponent has defeated her.
Probably the biggest drawback to the RoseBreasts, is that she's got the same attitude as a Neo-Iczel when it comes to other lovers. She's got a good heart and is always respectful (unless insulted first), especially towards those who've defeated her before, but she is haughty and demanding of anyone who wishes to join the bed she shares with her lover, forcing them to get both her permission as well as her lover's before they are fully welcome.
Regardless, a RoseBreasts is a powerful plant Pokégirl.
Petal Armor - (DEF) The Pokégirl creates armor made of hardened rose petals. Though this seems rather feeble, it lessens the damage of any Flying or Ice attacks by one-third. It also lowers the damage of all physical attacks by 1% per level of the Pokégirl (to a maximum of 35%). The only drawback is that it doubles damage from any Fire attacks. The petals soften and fall apart after two combat turns.
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RUBBERMAID, the Rubbery Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (Common in a few areas)
Diet: anything, especially jellies of all sorts
Role: domestic keeper
Libido: above Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Punch, Kick, Double-slap, Slap, Leg-sweep, Cuddle
Enhancements: Able to do most physical attacks (e.g. Punch, Kick, Double Slap, etc.) at a distance - as well as up close
Evolves: Stretchymaid (battle stress and/or being unable to “snap back” to normal for too long)
Evolves From: None
The Rubbermaid is, perhaps, one of the more common Pokégirl breeds in the various small landmasses that make up the Cresent Star Islands. Although appearing in many other places they tend to be much more prevalent here. As to why we can only speculate.
The average Rubbermaid stands at roughly 5’5” in height, with dark colored hair and, unfortunately, completely solid-colored eyes - usually colored in the shades one expects to see in the iris of an eye (i.e. blues, greens, hazels). While not a serious problem this feature does mean that the Rubbermaid has a greatly reduced night vision - much poorer than even the most shortsighted Tamer. This is because, due to the make up of their body, a Rubbermaid's eyes cannot be made to work on reflection and focusing principles like a human’s, so their body has worked out a different method of doing it. Most Rubbermaid have reasonable sized chests, somewhere around C-cup for the most part.
The most striking feature of a Rubbermaid is their skin. It's often very dull and hardly reflects any light - even if oiled up. Also, their skin tends to feel slightly rough and dry - yet also slightly spongy. Not an unpleasant feeling, but quite odd all the same.
Rubbermaids, as their name suggests, tend to find work as maids for pet-owners - as their calm temperament and well coordinated movements are a great asset when it comes to cleaning things which are rather delicate.
All this, however, skirts around the Rubbermaid's greatest asset: their sheer stretchiness. The average Rubbermaid can stretch any part of their body up to almost twice its normal size. Some older Rubbermaids can stretch themselves further - becoming capable of reaching things up to three meters away without moving from the spot.
Whilst all Rubbermaids are capable of stretching themselves out, they are not capable of holding themselves in such a pose. Usually they will 'snap back' to their original shape instantly - or at least within a few seconds.
When it comes to Taming and their role in a Harem, Rubbermaids often seem to like being dominated - or at least being poked and pulled prior to Taming. One Rubbermaid can easily keep a Domina amused for hours on end without any major problems occurring.
In combat, Rubbermaids are mostly defensive fighters - using their ability to use close-range attacks at a distance to keep their opponents at bay. They have a reasonable chance in sexual combat - but it's best not to pin many hopes on them in such situations.
As a note, it's been noted that Rubbermaids seem quite similar in many respects to the well-known Pokégirls: Igglyrunt, Jigglyslut and Wigglymuff. Some Researchers believe that the Rubbermaid appeared as an offshoot to this evolutionary tree - perhaps a specific combination of Jigglyslut and Fighting-type ancestry results in this? Of course, without hard proof this is merely speculation.
Feral Rubbermaids favor hiding in ambush and grabbing Tamers or other Pokégirls when they least expect it. One Tamer described running into a Rubbermaid as being “Incredibly shocking, one moment I was walking along, the next I was flying backwards towards her as her arm returned to normal after she'd grabbed my belt from a distance.” Feral Rubbermaids seem to be greatly puzzled by the fact that Tamers cannot stretch the way they can - and more than a few minor injuries (pulled muscles and the like) have been attributed to their discovery of this fact.
When out trying to catch a Rubbermaid, Tamers have found one rather reliable technique - namely, if a Rubbermaid grabs them and they don't get pulled to the Pokégirl (some Tamers have one of their stronger Pokégirls hold themselves in place), then the Pokégirl - due to their elastic nature - gets pulled towards them as their arm returns to normal size. Usually this leaves the Rubbermaid puzzled - an easy capture.
Threshold Rubbermaids generally feel most of the usual threshold symptoms, with the first major change being that of their flesh becoming a rubbery material. This generally leaves her highly disorientated, as quite often their limbs will stretch without them realizing. (Seeing a girl suddenly discover her arm is twice as long is rather amusing - or distressing - as in the early stages of Threshold her mind has not yet worked out how to compensate for such a thing) This, as imagined, makes them a slight danger due to clumsiness. Fortunately, this is the only major bump in the unfortunate girl's Threshold as once they are used to the stretching the rest is the expected denial and eventual acceptance of the fact that they're no longer human.
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SABRETOOTH TIGRESS, the Flirtatious Fang Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tiger) to Near or Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: meat, gems
Role: occupations where combat is necessary, construction workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Comet Punch, Sabre Claw, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Body Slam, StonePalm, Harden, Rock Throw
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x6), Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (can be up to 6" long), rocky skin, Claws, Night vision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Diamond Stone (eaten), Dawn Stone (does NOT have to be eaten))
A Tigress that is exposed to a Diamond Stone evolves undergoes no evolution normally. It was only discovered by chance and mishap that a Tigress can evolve to a Sabretooth Tigress by eating (or, more accurately, swallowing) the stone in question! Researchers are still trying to understand why a Ground-type evolution stone adds a Rock-type element to this Pokégirl, but the prevailing theory is that it has something to do with the fact that the stone must be consumed for the Tigress to evolve. Recently, it was discovered that a Tigress could become a Sabretooth Tigress via a Dawn Stone, which thankfully, they didn’t have to eat.
Having gained a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress’s colors become somewhat more muted. While the black stripes on their fur remain black, their orangie colored fur becomes more muted, often fading to a dull mud color. The few who were (Very) Near Human in their Tigress form find that this tends to only affect their hair in their new form. A Sabretooth Tigress’s bust tends to firm up also in this new form. The muscle mass of the Sabretooth Tigress is increased considerably by the evolution, as does her weight. This, in turn, increases her physical might; while still managing to keep looking feminine. Their skin, however, becomes much harder to the touch, nearly rock-like in terms of how tough it is. This doesn’t deaden their tactile nerves any, just makes them somewhat harder to damage.
Now a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress has a natural evasion to water, more so than other cat Pokégirls, (with the possible exception of Mountain Cats).  A Sabretooth Tigress will gladly walk miles along a river to walk around it rather than cross it.
The most noticeable trait is that she gains a set of 'fangs' that could make any Vampire jealous.  However, these fangs’ length alter in correlation with her mood.  When calm, the fangs aren't too large, looking rather cute. As they get angry, the fangs can grow up to an average of six inches.
Though they require less Taming than their pre-evolved form, many Tamers are surprised to find that, during Taming, restraints are unnecessary. Unlike many other cat Pokégirls, Sabretooth Tigresses prefer to remain still during Taming. Their preferred style of doing it is on all fours, bracing themselves so their Tamer can get deeper inside them. The more aroused she grows, the stiffer her body becomes, culminating in virtual paralysis when she orgasms. This is just a kink though, not any kind of physical immobility, and they can move normally should the situation call for it (such as if she’s attacked during Taming). The one other peculiar turn-on for them is that they prefer to be bitten around the neck or shoulder area when their Tamer orgasms. Many Tamers don’t do this however, as a Sabretooth Tigress’s rocky skin can easily damage her Tamer’s teeth.
Considering a Sabretooth Tigress's diet, she tends to like meat, and lots of it.  However, due to her Rock-type nature, she also likes to eat gems, though this is more a desire than a necessity. While this may be expensive, a single gem will last the Sabretooth Tigress numerous days before she needs to eat again. In Battle, A Sabretooth Tigress is one for straight-forward combat, usually rushing Forward with Comet Punch, StonePalm, or Sabre Claw.  However, if the opponent Pokégirl is within range, the Sabretooth Tigress will prefer to use Body Slam or Bear Hug, practically neutralizing the opponent Pokégirl before the battle truly begins. However, it’s worth noting that, due to their new Rock-type, Sabretooth Tigresses have a harder time keeping up with Fighting-types, needing to lug their heavier bodies around. This isn’t nearly as bad as when they face a Water-type though, as this is the one elemental type that tends to make them balk in a fight.
Feral Sabretooth Tigresses tend to not want to be bothered.  They will tend to use Harden more than anything else, making it difficult to hurt and capture them.  And pray for the poor sap who actually pisses one off!  They don't have any real attack pattern, just anything they know that will cause damage. Many a beginning Tamer who thought to capture a Feral Sabretooth Tigress have lost many a good Pokégirls.
There are no reported cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Sabretooth Tigress.
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SALAMANDRA, the Pyro Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/ Anthro (Frog)
Elements: Fire/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Deserts) to Very Rare
Diet: Pokechow, Fish, Herbs
Role: Desert Trooper
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Poison Tail, Fireball, Inferno, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, Water Gun, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Sticky finger tips, Sticky tongue that can stretch up to 15 feet, Able to store large quantities of water in body, Tough exterior skin, Able to secrete two specific chemicals simultaneously from skin.
Disadvantages: Even though Salamandra is thought of as a partial water type, water attacks still do damage to her over time. Her water attacks are generally super hot due to her prevalent Fire Element
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hottie (Fire Stone)
Salamandra is one of the few fire types that can handle water attacks, for a limited time. Like Horny Toad, her water type sister, Salamandra has fire, poison and water based attacks. However her strength lies in her use of fire attacks. While the water attacks she had when she was a Hottie decrease in effectiveness and availability she still retains her Water Gun attack. However this is offset by her increase in fire and poison based attacks. Also unlike the Horny Toad Salamandra still is able to maintain her Tongue attacks, in fact they are enhanced by the evolution making the tongue longer and stronger. Due to the harsh environment of the desert the Salamandra develops a tough skin to protect itself from the scorching desert sun. Salamandra can store sums of water so that she can moves across the desert environment where water is scarce.
Due to Salamandra's natural environment being hot arid desert, it makes them more adverse to Ice based attacks, While their thicker hide helps protect them from the harsh sun it doesn't help with their speed, so it also causes them to be weaker against Flying types. Much like the Horny Toad the Salamandra's natural camouflage gives her an almost natural Fade ability in her preferred environment of the Desert. Many can be found (with a Pokédex) basking in the sun, their rough skin has an almost rock like appearance to it making it near impossible to spot them when they are sleeping/resting.
On a different note when matured enough a Salamandra is able to will her body to secrete two special chemicals, that when used properly can not only keep the girl safe, but also make her body a veritable weapon. The first chemical is similar in properties to a chemical used in the entertainment industry, know then as 'Stunt-gel' it helps to protect a person from receiving severe burns when in contact with fire. While the exact chemical components can vary from Salamandra to Salamandra their purpose remains the same, keep a Salamandra safe from damaging herself when using a special Fire-move restricted (as far as it is known) to Salamandra types. The second chemical is what makes the first chemical necessary, similar to 'Pyro-gel' this chemical burns when lit. When these two natural secretions of a Salamandra are combined, the Pokégirl can inevitably light herself on fire and cause little to no damage to herself, while becoming highly dangerous to an opponent.
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SALTEE, the Spooky Sea Dog Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Water/Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to lost at sea spirits, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls, Deep sea exploration
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water, Fighting, Bug, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, Dark
Attacks: Tidal Wave, Water Kick, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Watery Tentacles (seize and molestation), Lick, Phase, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Water walking and breathing, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Fast degrade into Feraldom
Evolves: Sarama (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: None
There are many Pokégirls that lay claim to being able to contact the afterlife, though few breeds can attest that their main purpose is assisting lost souls to their next destination. The Saltee is just this, a wandering Pokégirl who aides lost souls in their departure from this realm of existence by using their unique 'Spirit Sense' of the breed line. These Pokégirls are literally able to sniff out restless spirits in order to help aid them their passing to the afterlife. While considered a ghost type, Saltee's are mainly water types, and therefore have solid forms. These bodies, composed in a manner similar to a Succubus, also have a fair amount of salt water mixed in, and because of this, no matter how often a Saltee bathes, she always tastes salty. Saltees are fair skinned Pokégirls, usually staying light no matter how much sun they get, though their skin is of the human norm on the less fuzzy types. The body types vary somewhat, from more furry and dog-like to almost human with dog ears and a tail. A Saltee's fur is usually a foamy white, and their eyes are odd shades that seem to glow in the dark at times. They have slender builds, which makes their B cups look impressive, and even when coated in full body fur, they're hairless in the crotch (and the nipples for the furry types). Like the Catfish, Saltee have a set of gill slits along their necks that allow her to breathe underwater.
Saltees usually have calm, serene demeanors, rarely getting angry or excited even during harsh battles. Tamed Saltees are drawn to sites where spirits are restless, especially those that have been lost at sea. Though they dislike being kept from their 'divine purpose' as they call it, Saltees rarely outright disobey their Tamer's wishes. However, they do have a bit of a passive aggressive stubborn streak, and will coerce, cajole, and plead with their tamers to allow them to put the spirits to rest. Most tamers eventually give in, which does help cull the possibility of problematic ghost type Pokégirls, though the threat of conditioning cycles usually gets the Saltee to stop her pestering. Unlike most water types though, a Saltee does not need to say around water, only needing to replenish their water reserves after battles or every few days.
Very few Saltees are seen in the pirating profession, as more often than not, pirates are responsible for massive deaths during their raids. As quoted from one Saltee "It would be senseless for us to assist in making more lost souls, when it is our duty to help them from this world." Of those few Saltees actually recorded as members of the Limbec Pirates, only one seemed sane according to the breeds usual personality traits, and she fled the ship during a raid. However, thanks to their ability to phase, gills, and walk on water, they are invaluable to researchers and explorers as deep sea exploration. Some reclaimers swear by a team of Baleena and a Saltee to aid them in their sweeps of the sea bottom.
Saltees are rather slippery on the battlefield, as their ability to phase gives them a great advantage over plant types, though electricity and other energy attacks (like solar beam) can still touch them even when phased. They tend to rely on their phasing ability to dodge, following up with attacks aiming for weaknesses. One should note though, that even when after taking in fresh water into their reserves, their attacks are made up of salt water, which is painful on cuts and nearly blinding to the eyes for the unprepared.
One interesting quark of the breed is that despite their low libido, they often demand to be tamed as much as a Pokégirl of average libido. This is because Saltees descend into feraldom rapidly once their need to be tamed kicks in. Lab studies have shown that this breed can go from tamed to feral in under a day, unlike most breeds who experience a slow descent into their animalistic state of mind. As such, many of the breed accept taming any way they can get it, just to safeguard against their feral state.
The feral state of a Saltee is a strange one, as they retain their human like intelligence, but become a different persona all together. Feral Saltees will use their water walking ability to take to sea, heading to the nearest area of restless souls. Once there they will proceed to assist those souls into the afterlife, but when disturbed they often mutter nonsensical things about Sharptits and a mysterious person named Davey Jones. Saltee never attack unless attacked first, but are canny enough to phase away from any thrown Pokéballs. Every once in a great while, a Saltee will find another soul that is perhaps already transforming into a ghost Pokégirl. From recordings of watchers, the Saltee seems to assist the developing ghost pokegirl by giving her some of her own energy. Most often, the Pokégirl produced is either a Ghostly, or another Saltee.
It has been deduced from the recordings and data gathered that Saltee cannot actually give the developing spirit Pokégirls enough power to manifest as more powerful ghost Pokégirls. This is fortunate, as some of the more powerful ghost types such as Banshees are known to be destructive.
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SAMHAIN, the Halloween Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (only a few appear once a year)
Diet: Still trying to determine, seems to love Halloween candy, such as candy corn…
Role: Trickster, Lover, Protecter of Farms
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Plant, Steel, Psychic, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Dark
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Lick, Firestorm, Night Shade, Flamethrower, Flame Tower, Phase, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Drain, Invis 1-2-3, Shadow 1-2-3, Haunted, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Ghost affinity, Fire affinity, Uncapturable
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A Samhain (pronounced solwein) is a gorgeous Pokégirl. They are tall, pale-skinned women clad in knee-high, low-heeled black boots, black gloves, black loincloths, black brassieres, and black cloaks. Their other features vary from region to region. Also, they always carry with them a Jack-O-Lantern with a candle in the mouth, one that never burns out no matter how strong the winds. The face of the Jack-O-Lantern seems to change with her mood.
They primarily appear in European areas, although Samhain sightings have been reported in Edo, Johto, Indigo, and a few WAPL territories. When a Samhain appears in a field, it’s considered a sign of good luck for the nearby farm, a sign that the harvest will be good that year and the family and livestock will easily survive the winter. They are also known to be very protective of farmers, inflicting hauntings and cruel tricks on those who try to do harm to a farm they have chosen to bless. They also are drawn to bonfires, dancing sensually around the flames, her dance arousing the libido of even the most low-libidoed Pokégirl to passionate heights.
They don’t like cities, avoiding them like the plague. At best will appear in a suburb of the city. They are very friendly towards children and Pokékits, and can mystically produce various forms of candy treats, from chocolates to gumdrops, almost any type of candy you imagine. They will play innocent games with children, and even be pretend scared at any costumes they wear, or at Pokékits acting big and menacing. Even the most vicious Pokégirl haters can’t find any problems with them. (Mainly because they can’t do anything about them, and they aren’t harming anyone, so…)
In terms of personality, Samhains are very amiable, playful Pokégirls who like friendly teasing and being affectionate towards those they like. They are very passionate Pokégirls, and while they cannot be caught by any Pokéball, they do sometimes stick around with Harems. They very rarely speak, but sometimes give amusing riddles to Pokégirls they are friends with. Samhains love Taming, and can even tire out a Hentaicute. One of their favorite activities is to pick a tamer and his harem and then tame them until they are all unconscious, blissed out with smiles on their faces.
Samhains generally don’t participate in battles, but when they do, they treat it like a game. They dance around opponents, floating around and shooting flames from their Jack-O-Lanterns. They seemingly have no Feral state, or are constantly in a Feral state. And one thing they LOVE to do is make fun of Necromancers.
As no Samhains can be caught, it’s assumed that Thresholding into them is impossible.
Samhains only appear for a short time every year, only in October. All Samhains vanish at sunrise on November first, and cannot be found until October.
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SAMURAI, the Bodyguard Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare Diet: human style diet, also has high tolerance for alcohol
Role: veteran warriors
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Libido: High, but ONLY manifests if the Samurai is alone with her Tamer
Attacks: Basic sword fighting, Swordwave, Spincut, Slasher, Focus Energy, Fireworks, Mirror of Equity, Weapon Repel, Weapon Guard, Toxic Sword, Dragon Slash, Metal Slash, Demi Blade, Dragon Dance
Can ONLY learn over level 40: Falcon Sword, Miracle Slash, Keen Blade, Cry of the Fallen Can ONLY learn over level 50: Armor Break, Power Break, Mental Break, Magic Break, Zanmato
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Stamina (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Durability (x7), Slow aging, Can summon weapons and armour.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ronin (Dawn Stone)
Up until the discovery of the Dawn Stone, no one knew how or why a Ronin becomes a Samurai, even though researchers ran test after test, to no avail each time. It was a longtime frustration for researchers everywhere, but it's still regarded as one of the more important research topics out there, and that is for one very special reason.
When the first Samurai was discovered, a Pokéwoman in her 60s that was living in Edo with her Tamer, she slew over 200 Team Shogun agents, tanks included, with a single Zanmato. This was also was how the Zanmato attack was first discovered...
Very little data is available on the Samurai as those who have them tend to be unforthcoming with good reason, seeing as Samurai are among the most powerful sword-type Pokégirls alive.
When a Ronin evolves, they gain a foot and a half in height. Their hair grows up to twice as long as it was before, and their bust size increases. An interesting trend though is the fact that some Samurai appear to age when they evolve, adding about ten years to their looks but not affecting their actual age. Another oddity is some also lose the use of one of they’re eyes (higher chance of the left over the right). The chances of these changes occurring are less than 10%, with sometimes one, the other or both happening if they happen at all.
To a Samurai, their primary duty is the protection of their Master. As such, it is not uncommon for the owner of a Samurai to be found with her constantly following him, almost always on his left side and a step or two behind. When in a harem, the Samurai will gauge her harem sisters carefully, especially of she, or they, are new to the harem. A begrudging amount of respect is initially given only due to the fact that they have the same Master, but until a harem sister proves herself in the Samurai’s eyes, she will not be completely trusted. The only exception to this would be if the Samurai was in the harem prior to her evolution, then she would retain the trust and respect she had for her harem sisters at the time.
For the most part, a Samurai tends to keep to herself. Either practicing katas as part of her daily routine, reading or writing Haiku, or even just conversing quietly with her Master or trusted harem sisters over tea. However, if there is an obvious power vacuum due to the lack of an alpha, or she sees the current alpha fail in her duties to protect the master, the Samurai will contest for the position, usually in a duel that only ends when one or the other is unconscious. Should the Samurai become Alpha, it is said that this is when the breed truly shines. With the power of Alpha, many samurai begin to aggressively train their harem sisters, both as individuals and as a team. Her primary concern is still the protection of their Master, and this is something she tries to in still in the others. Most Tamers find her methods to be both effective and fair, never asking more than an individual is capable off but always pressing them to push further than they believe they can. Another quirk of become Alpha, is that the Samurai will also start planning strategies, either by herself or with her Tamer to maximize the harem’s potential and power.
In public, or in front of the harem, a Samurai is always calm and collected. When certain they have privacy, a Samurai undergoes a 180 degree turn in terms of personality, unable to get their clothes off fast enough in their desire to be Tamed, their libido rising to the point where it could be compared to a Vixxen.
Samurais can summon, a natural magic ability, any sort of Japanese sword they desire in any style and design. Their preferred weapon is a daisho set, a katana and wakizashi. Other weapons have included the Odachi (great sword) and the Kodachi (short sword). They are masterful swordswomen, the best in the world. Ronins will always respect and look up to them, as they consider the evolved Pokégirl as the perfect sword fighter. They also have the ability to summon up their armour of choice. Each samurai have a personal preference to the amount of armour they wear. Some chose to don the complete suit of armour, covering themselves head to toe, while others only use partial sets and some even forgo armour all together in favour of more speed and movement. The actual colours and designs are varied, but one thing is for certain, if the Samurai’s Tamer possess a mon, or personal crest, it will always be proudly displayed either on the shoulders, the chest or on a personal banner on the back of the armour.
The Feral state of a Samurai is very light, much like that of an Ingenue, insomuch they seem, as they are constantly distracted. It's a little more dangerous than that, though as a Samurai will become fascinated by the way the light plays off their sword blade and will move it about randomly to try and get random effects. No reports of a Threshold transformation have been reported, and seeing as it's incredibly rare for a Samurai to appear in some way to begin with, it's unlikely there will be.
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SANCTUARY GOTH, the Ebon Soul Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (Dark Continent), Extremely Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Human-style foods
Role: Would-be saviors, busybodies.
Libido: N/A
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ghost, Bug, Dark
Attacks: Aura of Danger*, Aura of Menace*, Aura of Love*, Aura of Command*, Aura of Fear, Aura of Doom, Call Me Queen, Aura Barrier, Aura Sensation, Teleport, S.E.P.
Enhancements: Suppressed Pack Mentality, Gift of Sight**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Almost Any (Ebony Stone)
Classified: Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public. Unlawful disclosure of said information is punishable as a capital offense in all leagues.
For years, rumors have circulated the leagues about a breed of Pokégirls who do not require taming, and who live independent of humans. Although such rumors have continuously found their way into tabloids and bar room gossip, they have never been substantiated, and most dismiss them as idle fantasy. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The Sanctuary Goths, as they have dubbed themselves, are the culmination of the leagues' worst nightmares. Living in secret on the Dark Continent, these Pokégirls, if one can still call them such considering that they need neither taming nor master, are the greatest danger to world peace since the Revenge War.
Although the details are unknown, it is generally agreed that the creation of the first Sanctuary Goths (or S-Goths, as they shall henceforth be referred to) occurred in 196 AS. Purportedly, twelve Pokégirls of various breeds discovered a laboratory of Sukebe's. Therein, they were exposed to some manner of "enhancement" device that suppressed the subconscious need for a master to stave off the feral state, and thus the need for taming to stay sane. Their bodies were also physically transformed into Very Near Human types, similar in appearance to the "Goth" breed, but generally retaining hair and eye color from their previous forms.
Since that time, a pseudo-evolutionary stone, the "Ebony Stone," has been identified as being able to, unfortunately, catalyst the creation of more S-Goths from almost any other breed. Upon this "evolution," a Pokégirl loses any animalistic or otherwise inhuman traits, becoming almost identical to a human female in form. Her hair and eyes, however, remain their original colors, and change of breast size is proportionate: although rarely do S-Goths have larger than a D-cup, those who were more well-endowed before evolution will end up around D, whereas those with the D range or so may end up with a generous C and so on. This trend seems to reverse at the lower extremes, however, with A's rounding upward towards a moderate B. The skin of S-Goths also generally becomes pale, although some specimens have been observed to prefer a tan, and a series of tattoos that reflect the S-Goth's personality and background appear on her arms. Although generally black or another dark color, the color of these markings can vary greatly as well.
In addition to these innate traits, however, the vast majority of S-Goths share many other traits. Although these are considered cultural and would normally not be included herein, the circumstances of S-Goth existence dictate that such information be treated as pertinent. In addition to the natural tattoos that appear upon evolution into an S-Goth, many individuals have been known to add additional markings to their skin, often on the legs, but full-body tattooing isn't unknown. A penchant for dark, moody attire also appears to be a common characteristic, one which is often accompanied by similar hairstyles; this is (combined with their shadowy tactics) what has earned them the nickname of "Dark Angels." Many of these tastes are, however, somewhat affected by holdovers from the previous evolutionary form when applicable and so this is by no means the last word on the subject.
In mentality, on the other hand, there is actually very little innate change after evolution to an S-Goth. The only notable aspect in this regard is that which has already been mentioned; their bodies no longer require a tamer to remain tame, and so the ability to form alpha bonds is suppressed under most circumstances. However, the evolution itself does nothing to destroy the existing loyalty of a pokegirl to her master, and it is for this reason that few harem Pokégirls are evolved by Sanctuary. Rather, the evolutionary jump is generally induced in those who have been saved by Sanctuary and indoctrinated in the views and ideals that are ostensibly the base for Sanctuary society. As such, the mindset that will be detailed as "average" herein would likely not be found in an S-Goth evolved outside of that influence.
Regardless of why, however, the general S-Goth mindset is insanely liberal. Officially, the majority believes in "parity," or a theoretical state of equality between humans and Pokégirls. In actuality, however, this belief is somewhat euphemistic; Sanctuary's policies advocate a hideous role-reversal, in which S-Goths may chose a "good" tamer and make him her "pet." Under this system, the S-Goth is considered the dominant member of the relationship, and would be permitted by Sanctuary law to treat him almost in the manner which a human may treat a Pokégirl. The ostensible purpose of this policy is to allow a parthenogenic breed to reproduce, but this has long since been antiquated.
It should be noted, however, that most continue to express an almost fanatical belief in parity and equally due to their indoctrination, despite their blatant lack of its practice. As such, terms such as "tamer" and it's variants, or even "master" too a lesser degree are social taboos and most S-Goths find them almost impossible to say. The exceptions are, unfortunately, those who venture into the world at large, however. Due to the ambitions of Sanctuary, many of its daughters have done their best to quietly infiltrate league governments around the world, although they've been more successful in some places than others. They have also been known to pose as female tamers on occasion, but thankfully they do not possess the ability to tame Pokégirls out of feral or to form the same type of alpha bonds with them as a human would, although delta and recognition are still within the realm of possibility and the Aura of Command (see below) is often substituted for a bond. It is also important to note that denizens of Sanctuary will never refer to it as such outside of its confines; rather, it "should" be referred to as "You-know-where." This practice is also popular among its supporters, and even with some of its adversaries.
Perhaps the biggest reason for an S-Goth to pose as a tamer is that, interestingly, they are very unsuited to combat. None of the breed's default techniques are offensive, and their bodies aren't at all enhanced in the way that most breeds are. This means that they're surprisingly fragile, and usually can't take more punishment than a human. As such, they are generally not the best combatants on their own, although they do have a fairly decent potential to cast magic, being partially of that typing.
This has lead to, as stated, the adaptation of tamer roles in the outside world, as well as the creation of several "Guardian" breeds for Sanctuary itself, both of which are very unfortunate. However, when an S-Goth does involve herself in a battle, the signature "aura" attacks in her possession are excellent for a supporting role. One known technique is to combine "Aura of Menace" and "Call Me Queen" with the effects of "Aura of Command" to totally dominate an opponent and take control of her for the duration of the battle. Aura of Danger, Aura of Fear, and Aura of Menace are also useful in preventing direct attacks against the S-Goth herself from non-dark types. It has also been noted by some that, when an S-Goth utilizes her "aura" techniques (aside from Aura of Love), she seems to gain dark "wings" of psychic energy.
Finally, when it comes to taming (or whatever euphemistic term you might prefer), the only real distinction the S-Goth possess is a Sex Attack known as "Aura of Love." This technique allows them to reinforce feelings of lust and attraction that those around her feel towards her, as well as making her own actions appear more enticing than they actually are. Other than this, their preferences generally carry over from their previous forms, and thus are very hard to get an average for, although most of those indoctrinated in Sanctuary's ways prefer to be the dominant partner.
Addendum - Further Classified: Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach any government known to sympathize with Sanctuary.
A breakthrough! Data has recently been obtained to illustrate that Sanctuary Goths are not quite as impervious to the group mentality that allows for alpha bonds to be formed as was originally believed. It appears that, under the proper conditions, it is in fact possible to properly bond an S-Goth as with any other Pokégirl. However, the proper conditions are very difficult to synthesize, and extreme caution should be exercised. The primary requirement for the formation of an alpha bond, however, is submissiveness on the part of the Sanctuary Goth to be bonded. This does not simply mean that she must accept a submissive role in taming, but that she must accept a human's dominance in a more general sense, such as another Pokégirl might.
Although it is possible to generate this state via mundane means, that is only barely so. Not only does one face the challenge of preventing her from escaping, something that is very possible with teleport, but one must avoid repercussions from Sanctuary, as it does not appreciate attempts to abduct it's daughters, never mind to corrupt them. Thus, although this method was used in the original discovery of S-Goth bonding, a more expedient method was sought to make it of practical use.
Naturally, a Level 5 conditioning cycle is capable of inducing such a state, but doing so removes most of the value from the acquisition. As such, further research has yielded that is possible for a high-level psychic type to invade the mind of an S-Goth and temporarily remove the suppression on her pack mentality. However, as S-Goths themselves are quite apt at escaping and often have substantial mental defenses (being psychic types), it is rare that a psychic alone will be enough. As such, a powerful magic type is generally also required to prevent teleportation and to facilitate the connection between the psychic-type and the S-Goth. Once the suppression is released, a window of opportunity within which she may be alpha bonded by a thorough taming will open.
As a further addendum, it should be noted that there is increasing evidence to suggest that the true breed name is something other than "Sanctuary Goth." Unfortunately, however, aside from the suggestion of the name "Grimgoth," which is likely a slur from those "in the know" who dislike the S-Goths, no hints as to what it might be have arisen. However, it is possible that the sorcerers of Vale, the individual in Capital known as "the Undertaker," or the select few who have alpha-bonded an S-Goth may know.... If so, however, they are being exceptionally tight-lipped.
* Aura Techniques (Psychic):
Aura of Danger (EFT) - Projects a aura that generates a sensation comparable to a "gut feeling" of danger to those within a certain radius of the user.
Aura of Menace: (EFT) - Projects an aura around the user that makes them appear more menacing or fearsome.
Aura of Love (S.ATK +EFT) - Projects an aura that strongly reinforces feelings of lust and affection towards the user in those around her, as well as making her actions appear more provocative and enticing than they are.
Aura of Command (EFT) - Projects an aura that reinforces the desire to obey the user in those around her.
** The Gift of Sight: A spell-like ability that allows a Sanctuary Goth, whilst in a state of deep meditation, to observe things that pertain to her, but are out of her physical sight. However, these visions are often cryptic and sparing, giving only glimpses or symbolic representations.
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SAPPHRON, the Earthy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dirt Spray, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x6), Nightvision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Diamond Stone)
Sapphrons change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a brown color. They tend to be loners, especially compared to the other Chichi branches, living alone in the wild to prevent their earth powers from destroying each others homes. Their relative isolation is further enabled by their being the strongest Chichi evolution, with their only real fear coming from Flying-type predators, and their underground lairs prevent most of those from reaching them. They take readily to combat training, and are surprisingly skilled in pokebattles, since their opponents often assume that as a Chichi variant, they are weak and that as a Ground-type, they are slow. This underestimation continues largely due to the relative rarity of the Sapphron, especially in Harems, which prevents most opponents from having previous experience with one.
One quirk of the Sapphron is that they are the most bisexual of all the Chichis, with a strong lesbian preference in their partners. Female Tamers use this to their advantage, being able to gain an unexpectedly strong Pokégirl much more easily than the more common male Tamers.
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SARAMA, the Snow Spirit Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Ice/Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to spirits lost in the cold, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls,
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Poison, Psychic, Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Fire, Steel, Dark
Attacks: Ice Wall, Snowball, Ice Punch, Mist, Ice Armor, Phantom Blade, Phase, Lick, Invis, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Unaffected by cold, Snow and Water Walking, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Loss of Gills, Rapid descent into feraldom
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Saltee (Ice Crystal)
Like some evolved Pokégirls, a Saltee's evolved form takes the breed line's abilities and purpose to new levels. Sarama, the Saltee's evolved form, utilizes her newfound resistance to cold as well as her ice powers to enable her to search for lost souls in frozen areas. Like their unevolved sisters, Sarama use their noses to sniff out restless spirits in even the harshest of blizzards and use their powers as a medium to help guide them to the afterlife.
Saramas fill out upon evolution, their chests growing into the busty C or D cup range as becoming more curvy. Their ears, tail, and body fur (if they have it) whiten further into a pristine snow white. Hair colors are usually on the lighter side in blondes and the occasional ice blue, though tamers should be wary if he comes across a Sarama with black hair. These Pokégirls still stay in the range of Near Human, with some girls having body fur and others looking very much like human women with white dog ears and tail. Like the Saltee, even the furred Sarama have no fur on their nipples or groin. Their skin is pale, but within the human standard, and they have the same problems tanning as a Saltee. They also have the same solid ether bodies as a Succubus, and are therefore considered more of a ice type than a ghost type.
Sarama are considered less logical than other ice types, as they feel the normal range of human emotions, a few even being overly dramatic as is the human norm. They are also as calm and friendly as their pre-evolved form, rarely showing the typical long term grudges of other ice types. Sarama show deep concern for even the living when tamed, and often work well with other snow-rescue team Pokégirls like the Polar Lass and St. Bernatit. While they can help find and shelter the lost thanks to their keen sense of smell and ability to build shelters with their Ice Wall attack, the breed should never be used as a search and rescue Pokégirl by herself. This is because most victims lost in a snowstorm are prone to having hypothermia, and due to a unique biological quark of the breed a Sarama is useless to help heat up those with hypothermia. A Sarama's body stays the temperature of her environment, much like that of a lizard. However, the Pokégirl does not become lethargic in colder temperatures, simply colder on the inside and out. This seems to be a reflection of the Pokégirl’s duel ice and ghost nature, as both breeds are not known for their heat production. Regardless of this, Sarama are also on search and rescue teams for one other factor, if the team finds their victims too late, their spirits can at least be laid to rest.
In a harem setting, rest assured the breed's need to fulfill their 'divine purpose' will still be felt, regardless if the Sarama is in a wintry area. They still take their stubborn passive-aggressive stance on insisting to do their duty, though they more often throw logic into the argument as well. Most Sarama, however, still silence themselves after the threat of a conditioning cycle. In battle they are even harder to hit than a Saltee, using their Phase or Invis ability in conjunction with Mist and Ice Armor as well as their speed to dart in and attack, or alternately attack from a distance. Their Ice Wall is also used, sometimes offensively to box a non-flying Pokégirl in or hamper faster opponents. Overall, a Sarama tends to think of possible stratagems in her free time, unless she's otherwise occupied by her purpose as a medium.
Tamers and travelers alike should beware of Sarama with solid black hair, as fully half of the known Sarama with black hair are noticeably more violent than their fair-haired sisters. Often seen in the harems of teams and outlaws, it seems a case of bird-types of a feather. Studies have shown that dark haired Sarama are more prone to anger than their calmer counterparts, but research has yet to prove why hair color marks this personality type. Dark haired Sarama are also vain, and prize their looks, as well as prodding their tamers into looking better or choosing them outright based on their appearance. Feral dark haired Sarama are also to be avoided, as these Pokégirls are intelligent, but violent, attempting to kill those they come across. Occasionally, they will find someone that they find attractive, and spare their lives in exchange for a taming. A warning to those tamers who assume that they can make it through an encounter on looks alone. Black haired Sarama are very picky. For some unknown reason, these black haired Sarama have never been recorded hunting out and assisting restless spirits or helping other ghost types manifest themselves. It seems that this near sub type is as evil as they are vain, as the black haired ones stake out territories and often lure travelers to their doom.
The feral state of a Sarama is much like that of her un-evolved form, with a human intelligence but another personality running the show. Feral Sarama rarely speak, other than to talk of a mysterious Windago creature and a Jack Frost person. They normally roam snow-capped mountains or places like the Scarlet League, looking for the spirits of those that died in the snow. As there are rarely more than a few restless spirits close together in these areas, Sarama are known to travel enormous distances as they search. They also have the ability to assist other Pokégirls in coming into being, though the results are almost always either Ghostly or Saltees, rarely are they other Saramas. It seems that the breed may actually play a role in deciding on what the spirit returns as... or at least has the ability to deny assistance to the more violent ghost types. However, research into this ability remains spotty at best, as the conditions that Sarama will work in are harsh and dangerous. Catching these Pokégirls as feral is difficult, as many of them phase easily, and use their abilities to hamper anyone who attempts to capture them.
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SAYJIN, the Fighting Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Not Very Near Human (Monkey)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Demolitionists, Combat Experts, Martial Arts Instructors (Periodically)
Libido: Average, Spikes of High (Post battle and during Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Ghost
Attacks: Snarl, Smirk, Counter, Chi Blast, Chi/Ki Cannon, Backhand, Double Kick, Comet Punch, Mach Punch, Bear Hug, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x8), Endurance, Strong Constitution, and Chi/Ki-Manipulation
Evolves: Super Sayjin (Battle Stress + High Level + Self Discovery)
Evolves From: None
Sayjins are a fighting type found on the continent of Tyroon, and even there they are uncommon to find outside the Vegeta Valley where they live. They are thought to be one of the strongest fighting types, able to stand against even an Amachoke on even ground thanks to her edge in speed. They look like normal human girls, roughly around 5'4" - 6'2"tall generally, with dark, spiky hair and dark eyes. Most, if not all, have very toned bodies and long, brown monkey tails. Feralborn Sayjins tend to keep their tails loose and free behind them, while Threshold and Domestic Sayjins tend to keep their tails wrapped around their waists. Chest size varies in the Mid B-High C cup range.
Sayjins live for battle, constantly feeling the need to test their mettle against stronger opponents, the valley that is their home tending to look like a war zone thanks to this. On nights of the full moon, when the Sayjin is bathed in the moonlight, she undergoes a slight transformation. Canines shall become elongated, her eyes glowing a rather intimidating red, her hair growing longer (some cases report the Sayjin's hair hitting the ground at times) finger and toenails developing into short claws and fur growing over her arms, legs and torso. The Sayjin also tend to grow anywhere from 5 to 8 inches in height. In this form, the Sayjin enters a Berserk-like state, gaining an increase ins speed, strength, defense and Libido, while being unable to think clearly. While this means they are great in a fight, it tends to mean that, without the help of a Psychic Pokégirl or the aid of a few strong Fighting Types, the Tamer may end up being raped and due to the Pokégirl’s aggression, killed. It's suggested that one restrain their Pokégirl before the moonlight hits them if you wish to Tame them in this state, but more often than not, Tamers tend to keep Sayjins in their Pokéballs at this time. In this state, the Sayjin may not listen, or even hear, a Tamer's commands unless there is a strong Bond between them. If for any reason, the Sayjin's tail is removed in this state, she will revert back to her normal form and fall unconscious.
Unfortunately, the loss of their tail is a sign of dishonor among Sajyins, since it is believed to be a source of their Fighting Strength, and will force the Sayjin to be constantly depressed, if not near suicidal, until it grows back. It is unknown if this is absolutely true, though Sayjins without their tail do show a remarkable lack of strength and speed, as well as a lack of balance, since the loss of their tail causes a shift in their center of gravity. Only the light of the Full Moon can restore a Sayjin's tail, making this a rather difficult process to go through for the more weak-hearted Tamers. The tail is also quite sensitive, if touched properly. Held in the right way, it can cause an inexperienced Sayjin to temporarily lose all strength. This knowledge is what makes most domestic and threshold Sayjin curl their tail about their waist. Tamers should be warned, however, that an experienced Sayjin will learn to control this weakness, and should not rely on grabbing the tail as a means of incapacitating Sayjins in battle. Many a cocky tamer and pokégirl alike have found themselves ill-prepared when grabbing the tail resulted in not only a lack of weakness, but an opening for the targeted Sayjin to turn the tides of battle. Whether or not the weakness is overcome, the tail still retains its sensitivity, and a skilled Tamer can use this to help increase the Libido of a Sayjin. It has even been documented that manipulation of the tail can even bring the Sayjin to orgasm, making them a bad choice for Sex Battles.
Personality-wise, Sayjins tend to be arrogant and obnoxious, respecting strength of body and strength of will. They show this by always wanting to spar with someone, either physically (and usually only against the strongest Pokégirl in the harem aside from herself) or verbally. Oddly enough, Tamers with Sayjins in their Harem say that a Sayjin's insults are a sign of affection, every barb and biting comment their own way of showing appreciation. A Sayjin will usually only say something nice (a compliment or a word of appreciation) if the person is really close to them, and only when no one else can hear, being far too proud and aware of their own reputation to do such a thing in public.
As stated, Sayjin's all have a lust for battle, whether out on the field trading blows or elsewhere trading barbs. A good way to earn the respect of one and have her join your Harem is to defeat her in battle, either on your own or through the use of another Fighting Type. By doing this, not only will said Sayjin see the power of the Tamer first hand, but she will be in the perfect mood to be Tamed, since nothing gets a Sayjin's juices flowing more than a long, hard battle. Luckily, Sayjins can learn how to regulate their strength, and the only taming injuries that have been reported among Tamers are those who tame a Sayjin who has not learned how to control her strength.
Tamers using a Psychic type against them will not only lose the Sayjin's respect, but find that the Sayjin has vanished, finding the battle beneath her notice. Sayjins in Harems will consider the Tamer a complete idiot if they are forced to pair against Psychic type, unless said Pokégirl shows signs of being a powerful fighter, or can be convinced that it is a form of training, to strengthen her against her elemental weakness. A Sayjin's pride is strong, after all, and must be appealed to unless absolute dominance or trust is earned. Aside from battle strength and their tails, a final source of pride amongst Sayjins is their bloodline.
During Sukebe’s War, he had only made a small amount of Sayjins, using them mainly to sneak into cities or encampments moments before a full moon. Suffice it to say, they made little work of large groups in this time, though the tail weakness was soon found and exploited, reducing their already small numbers to only a handful, the strongest of all the Sayjins at the time, and those were Bonded to smart soldiers who had held their own against them long enough to grab their tails. The strongest, the 'Queen' of all Sayjins, was rumored to have golden hair and fur, with eyes that shined like emeralds. It was one of her line that eventually evolved into a Super Sajyin in the now infamous legend, and all Sayjin who can claim to be descended from this line regularly boast that they carry the gene to evolve into one as well. Obviously, these are the most proud of all Sajyins, though tests have shown many of this claim tend to have the highest combat aptitude and energy readings. Only a handful have ever evolved into the Super Sajyin yet, and some of these were not even in the queen's line. That doesn't keep the true heirs from constantly bragging, however. Tamers should do well to avoid these, unless they enjoy being reminded of their proud lineage time and again.
In Battle, the Sayjin will always try to defeat their opponent with physical attacks first, reserving their ki-based blasts for strong adversaries or those they have a weakness against. They will never interrupt a battle unless specifically ordered to by their Tamer (and even then reluctantly unless the Tamer mentions a good reason), and only ever fight one on one. This makes them a bad choice for two-on-two or three-on-three battles unless the Tamer can impress the need for teamwork into the prideful Pokégirl.
On a side note, it is rumored that Sayjins can learn how to use ki-manipulated Flight. There are only a couple of reports of this happening, and the Tamers of these Pokégirls are not telling their secrets on how they are able to do such a thing.
Thresholding into a Sayjin is rare, and only truly happens in Tyroon, or if the Pokégirl's family was either Sayjin or has strong Sayjin genes in her. Girls who Threshhold into Sayjin tend to feel either overwhelming rage, tending to begin breaking things around them until they are knocked unconscious, or a sudden increase in energy and the need to hit things, tending to accidentally break things around them until knocked unconscious or learning how to regulate their strength. When this happens, families usually send their children straight to a Ranch, or have them sent to the Vegeta Valley Pokégirl Center.
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SCARECROW, the Sensuous Straw Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (with some cases of Not Very Near Human)
Element: Ghost/Plant
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: protector/haunter of gardens and fields
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Rock, Water, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leaf Shield, Vine Bondage, Solar Beam, Nightshade, Illusion, Fear Aura
Enhancements: Flora Affinity, Ghostly Presence, Solar Regeneration, Flame Weakness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (Dusk Stone)
It is unknown how a Boobleaf becomes a Scarecrow. Some say a Boobleaf not given enough sunlight or water will wither and become a Scarecrow. Others speculate that a Haunting decided to take possession of the Boobleaf, changes her into a Scarecrow. And others speculate that the change from Boobleaf to Scarecrow is from a dormant gene within the Pokégirl that is brought to the forefront. Whatever the reason, we have the Scarecrow. Recently, though, an evolutionary stone was revealed to be the cause of a Scarecrow. Although for now Researchers are not discounting the others as possible evolutionary methods for forming a Scarecrow.
A Scarecrow is quite different from her pre-evolved form. He skin, which was a vibrant and healthy green before is now a dull yellowish tan coloring. Her hair becoming strands of straw compared to the vine-like hair she had before. The Scarecrow will also want to wear clothing, usually looking for denim overalls, work gloves, boots, and/or a bandana to wear around her neck. The only thing she doesn’t lose in mass is her chest size, which while being a more yellow color, is still firm like her pre-evolved form
A Scarecrow is a Ghost-type Pokégirl, yet like a Succubus, a Scarecrow has a physical form. This is one of the reasons why a Scarecrow cannot Phase like most Ghost-types do. Thanks to the true physical form, the Scarecrow is a Ghost-type with a secondary element, like a Succubus or Widow.
While Taming, a Scarecrow is often shy, her sexual threshold being lowered, and so can be made to climax numerous times during a Taming session. A note for Taming is that a Scarecrow isn’t that wet and so it is suggested a Tamer use a lubricant so that he can enter his Scarecrow without causing her pain.
In combat, a Scarecrow will do her best to psyche out her opponent, usually trying to hurt and confuse them by using Nightshade from the start of the battle. However, if a Scarecrow is hit by a fire-based attack, be forewarned. A Scarecrow, from being “drier” than most Plant-types takes severe damage from fire-based attacks.
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SCARELEADER, the Scary Cheerleader Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Normal human diet
Role: Scare tacticians, Enemy Demoralization, Surprise combatants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Flexibility, Night vision, Claws, Aura of Fear, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3
Weaknesses: Social Aggressors, Drama Queens, Fear/despair fetish
Attacks: Snarl, Smirk, Air Recovery, Cry Wolf, False Praise, Scratch, Anti-Cheer, Dodge, Taunt, Bitch Slap, Sucker Punch, Dance Techniques, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Shield, Dark Redemption, Pompom Bomb*
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fearleader (Normal)
With backbiting remarks, witty cut downs, and sarcasm to spare; Fearleaders are usually not very popular with most Pokégirl owners, and upon evolving her attitude changes little, though her looks improve. With the exception of the Buffy subtype, many Tamers prefer to keep this breed from evolving, as they become harder to handle, with strength and abilities on par with most evolved Pokégirls to back up their nasty attitude. There was even a rumor once that Scareleaders evolved into Dark Ladies, though this has been proven false (much to the relief of many Researchers and Tamers).
Scareleaders gain the usual set of upgrades that come with an evolution, their bust size increases usually to a lush C cup. The once slender frame of a Fearleader now becomes athletic, keeping the leggy build but adding several interesting curves to it. Instead of black, their lips and sharp nails change color to match the varying highlights that the Pokégirl had in her pre-evolved form, as her hair now keeps a single shade. Her hair changes to a primarily dark color, but lighter shades are known. The breed as a whole still favors cheerleader outfits as well, but have been known to branch out into other looks.
Harem dynamics of normally tempered Scareleaders are often likened to keeping a nicer version of a Hyperdoll. These socially genius Pokégirls can often analyze a stranger through just body stance and a few verbal exchanges alone. And once a Scareleader has a good idea of what personality a person has, they can easily choose weather to set them off or embarrass them. Indeed, many Scareleaders would be considered narcissistic in the very least, with the more extreme cases being considered true psychopaths. With their social savvy, this makes them dangerous indeed. This ability isn't just used on strangers, as Scareleaders will often keep running mental logs of their own harem, and use all the dirt she has on her harem sisters to get her way. If not the Alpha, Scareleaders often plot to be the Alpha, scheming and using her Harem sisters like pawns to dethrone her current commander. Many Alphas can waylay this fate by giving the Scareleader a position within the Harem, be it training or cooking, as this focuses the Scareleader on a job and turns her attention away from taking over. When asked to train her Harem sisters, a Scareleader truly shines as she is just as useful as her previous evolution in 'inspiring' her Harem sisters to train long and hard and hone their battle skills to deadly effectiveness.
It is truly surprising when confronted with a 'Buffy' subtype Scareleader, named after a Fearleader who then evolved into a Scareleader who routed one of the first feral Vampire nests found in the Sunshine League. This subtype is nearly the polar opposite of a normally tempered Scareleader, socially intelligent while still caring for the welfare of others. These 'Buffies' are normally content with whatever position they have within a Harem, but do make effective Alphas or Betas, as they know how to give compliments and constructive criticism instead of just insults. Like their pre-evolutionary form, they also tend to be stronger than the average Scareleader due to their tendency to work out and train more. The only drawback to this subtype of the breed is their intense hatred of vampiric Pokégirls, followed by a strong dislike of infernals and ghost-types. It is rare for a 'Buffy' type to be in a Harem with a vampiric Pokégirl willingly, and even more unlikely for her to befriend one.
In battle both the normal and the subtype Scareleaders are intense in battle, keeping their concentration and usually acting as if they aren't even trying. Insults and jibes against opponents are common for both as well. Normal tempered Scareleaders do have a preference for staying out of melee and using their dancing techniques for long ranged attacks. 'Buffies' usually prefer close range combat, and tend to learn short range attacks if allowed. Unique to the breed is their Pom-pom Bomb attack, which the breed as a whole develops after evolution. Most normal tempered Scareleaders utilize a psychic and fire combo, while 'Buffies' tend to have an Electric and Ice combo. When in paired battles or grand melee, normal tempered Scareleaders act as a general on the field, commanding her partner or harem sisters while staying out of much of the fighting. 'Buffies' tend to wade into the middle of the fight, attacking foes as well as attempting to protect their Harem sisters and Tamer.
Feral Scareleaders keep the Bimbo level drop in intelligence of their previous evolution, but usually tend to be found out quickly due to their enhanced strength. Ferals also tend to use cheers at the strangest times, getting excited and giving impromptu cheers over random happenings like kattleburger commercials. Thresholding directly into a Scareleader is rare, but is marked by a changed in fingernail color and strength. Thresholders find it easier to hide their change in appearance, but the increased strength takes some getting used to and the accidental breaking of objects is a dead giveaway. Regardless of temperament, however, most Scareleaders are much more accepting of their situation and can be conformed to life in a Harem or other Pokégirl field quite easily.
· Pom-Pom Bomb -- (Atk 50 for each bomb) This attack is unique to the Scareleader. Upon evolution, a Scareleader develops an extra 'affinity' for two other elements, and can manifest these elements in the form of a colored pom-pom in each hand. This affinity only extends to this attack, as no Scareleader has shown the ability to learn other attacks of their chosen affinities through TMs or T2s. This attack is the Scareleaders 'Trump Card' as she can throw one or both elemental pom-poms at once, and these elements are sometimes ones that oppose her weaknesses. Once thrown, these pom-poms cannot be reformed for close to an hour.
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SCORPIAGIRL, the Pathmaker Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Tauric Metamorph (scorpion)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Role: Lumberjack, Land reclamation
Diet: Vegetarian, heavy wood content. Will also accept Pokéchow if nothing else is available
Libido: Low (Raises after an intense battle)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Glare, Mega Punch, Poison, Rapid Sting, Sabre Claw, *Vice Grip, *Soften Sting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Exo-Skeleton, Scorpion-like lower body, Light metamorphic abilities, Poison producing capacity, Ability to convert cellulose into a constructive materials
Evolves: Romanticide (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Round Stone)
Scorpiagirls were once thought to be extinct. During the Revenge War, they acted as path clearers through woodland areas, removing trees and creating assault paths for fortresses and towns controlled by humans, using Soften Sting to help weaken fortress walls to allow for easier break ins. Hiding in the environment became extremely difficult thanks to these creatures. For years it was unexplained as to why a scorpion-based creature would eat wood, however a raid on a Sukebe-controlled lab revealed that with some girls, he added extra genetic code to them, such as locust DNA in his Wasp Pokégirls, and termite DNA in his Scorpiagirls. This discovery came after the war, as the Scorpiagirls were destroyed en masse by human forces after the death of Pokégirl General Selket the Swarm and Sukebe’s supposed death. For years it was thought that they were extinct until several of them began reappearing in various Leagues. The first rediscovery of this Pokégirls occurred in 280 AS, when a Scorpiagirl was seen battling a water-type Pokégirl on a shoreline of the Crescent League. Since then, there have been sightings of them in the Indigo, Johto, Capital, Noir, Slot, and Forest Leagues. There have also been rumored sightings of them in the Tropic and Crimson Leagues as well.
For the longest time it was thought that no Pokégirl evolved into the Scorpiagirl. However, after the discovery of the Round Stone it was revealed that Spinnertits could evolve into Scorpiagirls. Testing has proven that Spinnertits have always had this ability, it’s just that no one in authority knew about this evolutionary process until just recently. A study of Feral Spinnertits in an area known to have Round Stones in it, followed by a domestic-born Spinnertit who, with permission from herself and her Tamer, was evolve with a Round Stone, was used to prove this.
Scorpiagirls are large Pokégirls. Their lower bodies are large, resembling the breed they are primarily based on (similar to the Arachnae’s tauric form), with six arachnid legs and two sets of large, powerful claws. The upper set of pincher claws are blunter, allowing for powerful gripping attacks, while the lower set are sharper, more scissors-like and capable of strong cutting attacks. Their backs are long enough and strong enough to hold a person on them, a long, segmented tail with a long stinger at the end. Their tails, which are as long as their entire body in ‘scorpiontaur form,’ are usually carried in a curve so that the stinger is over their heads. This gives them a wide radius of attack. The stinger is made of an organic metal and is hollow, connected to poison sacs in the tail. Their powerful stingers were part of the reason they were hunted during the Revenge War, as they were weapons capable of piercing even Rock-types and Steel-types. The Scorpiagirl’s upper body is that of a tall, muscular woman with unusual markings on her body, a light frame of chitinous armor around her torso and partially down her human arms. They are ‘tauric Pokégirls, similar to the Arachnae, and can morph into a more human-like form for taming. In this form, they are seven-feet tall on average, with powerful, muscular legs. The only scorpion-like part they retain in this form is the chitinous armoring on their back and a slightly shorter version of their tails.
In combat, Scorpiagirls tend to be aggressive. They seek to close with their opponents quickly so as to bring them within striking range of her pincher claws and tail. They can use their tail and claws to strike with the force of a Mega Punch, although their favored tactic is to grip with their blunter claws and strike repeatedly with their tails. Their scissors-like claws are capable of cutting through stone, their tail stingers sharp enough to slash metal. In addition to Soften Sting and Vice Grip, they can also shoot a toxic venom out as a mid-range projectile attack. Their major weakness is that their exoskeleton, especially in their tauric form, retains heat quite efficiently. They overheat quickly in battles with Fire-types.
Combat is not the only use of the Scorpiagirl, however. The chitinous armoring on their humanoid upper torso extends down to the wrists of the Pokégirl. Because of the heavy cellulose in their diet, Scorpiagirls an take some of that cellulose matter and convert it into a strong, dense, high-tensile organic polymer. They can then extrude it through their the hollow chitin tubes in their wrists. They can shape it with their hands, and use it for various purposes. It hardens in minutes, making it useful for construction and for immobilizing prisoners. As they actually proved useful now in constructive purposes rather than just threatening and destructive purposes, laws against hunting them were passed.
Scorpiagirls tend to have low libidos and very casual demeanors, although there have been several recorded cases where Scorpiagirls become more affectionate and passionate after a tough battle. They prefer greatly to be on top, mainly because their tails in their taming form make it difficult for them to sleep on their backs. For safety’s sake, it’s best to restrain a Scorpiagirl’s tail in some way during Taming, as it tends to lash about while in spasms of pleasure.
Feral cases of Scorpiagirls are rare, but they have been reported. They are skittish, tense creatures when Feral, and tend to respond to new stimuli with a ‘sting first, analyze later’ method, especially during confrontations. So far, only three cases of human girls Thresholding into Scorpiagirls have been recorded, all in the Crescent League where they were first rediscovered.
*Vice Grip (ATK+EFT) – The Pokégirl grabs onto the opponent with her gripping claws, squeezing the opponent over and over.
*Soften Sting (ATK+EFT) – The Pokégirl lashes out with her stinger. Venom is injected through the metallic, hollow stinger into the target that can undo the effects of Harden and Unmoveable. It can also make certain materials become easier to destroy, ‘softening’ the materials enough for them to be demolished with weaker attacks.
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SCYLLA, The Legendary Water Fiend Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Fish, possibly humans
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: Water Spear, Tidal Wave, Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Rain, Mirror Image, Whirlpool, Draining Rain, Water Golem, Water God, Poison, Poison Mist, Lust Dust, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Vertigo Venom, Hot Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Wrap (could use on multiple targets at one time), Crushing Wrap
Enhancements: Complete mastery of all water within one mile, mild regeneration when in contact with water, multiple limbs
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Scylla appeared as a 5'3" beautiful woman with glowing blue skin, long silvery hair, and had enchanting sea-blue eyes. She often took this form and spent much time underwater. However, when she went into combat, her lower body shifted into that of an octopus with twelve tentacles.
Scylla would frequently enchant men on ships or on beaches with her beauty and have sex with them. It's said that those who failed to please her were dragged into the ocean to drown (and possible be eaten). Those who did please her were also dragged off, but one survivor said that Scylla brought him to an underwater cavern and had sex with him repeatedly, and this likely was the fate of Scylla's other lovers, though the survivor saw no sign of the others. He was the last lover that Scylla had, as he was captured just days before she was killed, and he was able to swim to freedom a day later.
Though not one to work with other Pokégirls, she didn't conflict with any Pokégirls, save for Kary, who interrupted Scylla during one of her seductions, and proceeded to eat Scylla's conquest right in front of her. The two battled fiercely, but it's believed that Scylla was the one to retreat from the fight, despite having a major advantage over her fiery sister.
Scylla was the most annoying Pokégirl to try and face, because she was able to control the ocean around her, shift torpedoes from their designated path, send depth charges back to the surface, and could knock bullets and shells out of the air with her Hydro Pump, or dive beneath the water to dodge when other attacks were attempted.
Plus the fact that she could control the water within a mile of her made it virtually impossible for almost any ship to get range to effectively attack her, and the fact that she could sink or break said ships _and_ she didn't need to be in detectable range. She used this tactic often in the early days of the war to attack convoys. But as the war dragged on, she became more and more arrogant about her opponents, allowing herself to surface to mock the convoy's defenders. This ultimately led to her death.
The Langoud's massive cannon was able to kill her, catching her when she was attacking a fleet openly. It burned her to death and evaporated all the water in a 135 foot radius. What remained of her body was fished out of the water and inspected, before the military disintegrated it, just in case she could regenerate from even death, a wise precaution seeing as Scylla was the very first Legendary Pokégirl ever successfully killed.
Since it's first display of power had been successful, the Langoud was sent to hunt down other Legendaries.
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SEABRA, the Water Fighter Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food, with the preference of sea products
Role: under water warriors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Water Punch, Draining Rain, Bubblebeam, Tackle, Growl, Tail Slap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 on land, x6 in water), Enhanced sense of Touch (x2 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Strength (x6), Amphibious, Tough Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Whoresea (battle stress)
As amphibious as a Pokégirl can be, human troops had no chance against the submerged Seabra during the Revenge War. With tactics reminiscent of the United States Navy Seals organization, minus the need for machines to make them able to move quickly underwater, the Whoresea could strike underwater, on the surface of water, and on the ground. Their tactics made it difficult at best for human commanders to plan strategically against them, as Seabra were rather common sights in coastal areas, and also in areas of little water thanks to their ability to stay out of water for over a week and a half without needing to submerge again.
Seabras are easily recognized by their blue skin, the two large and pointy fins at the sides of her back, and the three smaller fins on her head. Like the Whoresea, Seabras also have a tail that is as long as they are tall. Unlike Whoresea, however, is that a Seabra has much larger breasts, on average reaching a D-cup to an E-cup in comparison to a Whoresea's more modest endowments. Seabra are quite strong compared to their previous forms, and may require restraints in order for a Tamer to do the taming that a Seabra requires. There are some Seabra that can regulate their strength, however, and as such do not require restraints. These few Seabra have trained to be able to allow this to happen, however.
They are very popular among tamers since they are one of the not to many water Pokégirls that can fight on land as well as they do in water. That's why during Sukebe's war, Seabras were used to take down submarines and the like, to then attack the rest of the enemies that were on land. Seabra are rather rare compared to Whoresea, however, as many were hunted and killed after the Revenge War in order to try and revive the shipping lanes for several surviving coastal cities.
Seabra are not as territorial as Whoresea are, but are savage when it comes to protecting their kits or their kill, often battling Titacruel in an effort to keep their food for themselves.
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SEAMSTRESS, The Cosplay Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human Style, leans towards vegetarian.
Role: Tailor, Showgirl, Mimic
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick-change, Imitate, Strike a Pose!
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Magic Closet
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Created somewhere around the time of 50AS, the Seamstress is a Pokégirl that rapidly gained popularity worldwide outside of harems for reasons vastly different than most Pokégirls. Seamstresses are master tailors, clothiers, and designers. They are to cloth what an Ar-Tits is to the brush, creative masters. They can quickly create new clothing of many types r11; so long as they have access to the materials r11; and create it so that it is both more durable and of higher quality than any others. They still need funds, for raw materials and the like, if they are to let their creative skills fly, but if you can imagine it, a Seamstress can probably make it.
A Seamstress’s height varies from around 5-6 feet, with a bust averaging a C-cup. They typically have short hair, which lets them use wigs without great difficulty.
In combat, Seamstresses are completely out of their element. Should danger befall one of them, they will usually try to get out of sight to use it's Imitate skill and mimic a different Pokégirl, at best making the aggressor ignore her or intimidating them away. Should that fail, they try to use Strike a Pose! to delay her attacker while she finds help.
In addition to normal clothes, Seamstresses can make other things, such as wigs and shoes.
As would be expected from such creative 'girls, they love flaunting their work, wearing different outfits of their own creation every day. Multiple Seamstresses typically hold competitions to see who's work is superior, though rarely do such things end in trouble r11; though anyone that owns a Seamstress in such a competition should probably vote for her...just to be safe.
Seamstresses love putting on shows for their masters, modeling in sexy outfits and lingerie of their own devising, ending the show with a strip tease or when either of the two are just too worked up to care.
The Seamstress is a fully domesticated breed, though on the rare occasions that one does become feral, the state is rather light, making them both rather irritable and giving them absolutely *terrible* taste in clothes.
Quick-change (EFT): Nobody knows how they do it, but Seamstresses are able to change into different outfits and costumes in the blink of an eye, dramatically changing their appearance even when they don't seem to have the outfits on them. This includes wigs, contacts, shoes, makeup, and even underwear! It's suspected that Seamstresses have access to a pocket dimension similar to Hammerspace, which they use to store their clothes collection, which, for even the average Seamstress, can be quite tremendous.
Imitate (EFT): A Seamstress using this skill can attempt to make onlookers think she is a different Pokégirl. The Seamstress attempts to mimic the imitated Pokégirl’s style and mannerisms, tricking others into thinking she is something else. Because of the nature of this skill, it only works if the Pokégirl she's mimicking is one with a fairly recognizable clothing style, or one with features that are relatively minor and easy to duplicate via disguise. (Some common possibilities are, but not *necessarily* limited to, Divas, Buttaneers, Witches (and their evolutions), Vampires, various Elves, Dark Ladies, Ronin, Samurai, Megamis, Damsels, Bimbos, Goths, and Fearleaders)
Strike a Pose! (EFT): A Seamstress using this technique poses dramatically in any outfit dramatically appropriate to the situation, drawing attention to her and interrupting attacks that require concentration.
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SEDUCA, The Femme Fatale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human /Animorph (reptile) Metamorph
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Toxicology Specialist
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Male populace
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Steel
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Gummi Tongue, Glare, Hypnotize, Leer, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Warm Embrace, Poison Cloud*
Enhancements: Complete control of poisonous body, Enhanced strength (x5) High Flexibility, Poison Synthesis, Warm Blooded
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (delta bond + orgasm)
A Seduca is the next evolutionary step for the Arbust, though most people had no idea that one existed. For an Arbust, it is very hard to find a tamer that can handle her poisonous body to any degree, and even harder for her to form any emotional bond with that tamer. Should an Arbust find a tamer that can tolerate her poison and form a delta bond with her, the next time they have sex she will evolve into a Seduca.
People wonder why it required a delta bond with an Arbust for her to evolve, but an interview with a Seduca shined some light on the subject. An Arbust is always afraid on some base level that her body will cause her to tamer to leave her or, God forbid, kill them. Even if a tamer is 100% completely immune to her poison, she always has it in her head that suddenly she will be coated in Hyper Venom or something worse and they will die. Mentally, she tries to gain control of her nature, hoping that through sheer force of will she will be able to control her poisonous body and live happily ever after with her tamer, but this is also the problem. She can never truly accept her body or her tamers safety, even if it is on a subconscious level, until a delta bond if formed. At that point, she is psychically bound to her tamer, and knows that at this point, they love her with all their heart and her body is nothing to be afraid of. Some say that once you stop looking for something, you find it, and this is similar case. She is no longer fighting her nature and her complete acceptance causes her to evolve, in turn giving her what she has always wanted, complete control over her own body.
An Arbust’s evolution into a Seduca brings about many changes. Her libido sky rockets and she revels in the love of her tamer, wanting to do anything and everything to them. There is nothing that she won’t do for her tamer, and with her flexibility means there is very little she can’t do in bed. Her anatomy is also one of great confusion and interest to scientists. She now has a complete skeletal structure, which greatly enhances her strength in comparison to her other forms. One would think that this would detract from their flexibility, but the oddity is that it doesn’t. Their bones have the unusually ability to be as hard as bone, or as loose and flexible as rubber. She cannot stretch, but she can bend and twist in ways that would make a Herokapoeraa jealous.
She retains her ability to switch from a human form to a snake form. Her snake form is very similar to that of an Arbust, but she no longer has the hood, just very silky hair of varying colors. Her human form is something to behold. Her skin seems to have an almost ethereal glow to it, and it is as soft as silk. She no longer has visible scales anywhere on her body, only by looking very closely at her body with a magnifying glass will reveal that her skin actually is scales. Her breasts can range from a low C all the way to DD, and her hips will always perfectly match her figure, giving her the much desired ‘hourglass’ figure. Her eyes are almost always human like, though on occasion they may be slitted. Their height ranges from 6’0 to 6’8 and their length in snake form remains the same as her previous form. She can easily pass for a human in normal society.
Her most startling ability is one that she has always wanted, control over her poisonous nature. She is literally a poison factory, able to manufacture any poison to date, besides Hyper Venom. She has numerous small poison glands across her body, situated very near her sweat glands. She is able to create and store three separate poisons at once, and has the frightening ability to actually mix them on her skin or through her fangs and claws. They may change what they house, but it takes about 20 minutes per poison. One documented case was where a Seduca mixed Lust, Berserk, and normal poison at once. She bit her opponent and in a matter of minutes they had a heart attack. After reporting this to authorities, there have been strict regulations made on how a Seduca may mix her poison and to report any new concoctions to league officials for documentation to see whether or not they are allowed to use such a thing. They fear that one day a Seduca may actually mix up Hyper Venom or something worse.
How the Seduca controls her poisonous body is actually very ingenious. Like her previous form, the poison is excreted through glands that mix with her sweat, enabling her to coat her body in poison without using very much poison, similar in way to that of poison-dart frogs of pre-Sukebe era. But now she can control how much poison per point of sweat is put out, enabling her to control the potency of the poison, or completely turn off the poison and sweat glands. She has such control over her poison and sweat glands that she could make a single bead of sweat containing enough poison to kill a human in a matter of minutes, or soak her body in a lust poison that couldn’t get a Vixxen off.
Scientists often wondered how she can go from soaking wet to dry in a matter of moments, but a startling discovery was made. Unlike other snake type Pokégirls, a Seduca is actually warm-blooded. No one knows why or how they are, but some people romanticize it by saying that their tamers love for them warms even their cold blood, but they are mostly ignored. Reason or not, a Seduca can actually warm parts of her body to a very high degree, not as high as a fire type Pokégirl, but enough to dry the poison on her body very quickly. Tamers love this fact because it makes taming them all the better. Oddly enough, Seducas now seem to love cold showers and baths, as if they are making up for lost time. Due to their warm-blooded nature, they are no longer vulnerable to ice attacks.
A Seduca is considered the Femme Fatale Pokégirl at how easily she is able to eliminate a target with such little effort. To the naked eye, she looks just like a normal human, and her body captivates men around her. It is her control of her poisonous nature and her sinful beauty that allows her to kill with such ease, especially men. Flirting around with their intended target, making lewd suggestions at what they could do later, it is damn near impossible to tell when she has actually poisoned them. A kiss on the lips, a tender stroke of the cheek, or sensually drinking from the victim’s cup will send vicious poison coursing its way through the target’s blood stream. They could as easily snap their victim’s neck when they were finally alone, but prefer the more subtle approach.
In combat her tactics are wide and varied, though they all revolve around getting some form of poison into her opponents body. She might stay in human form and try to entrance her opponent with varying gaze and kiss attacks, letting her poisoned body work its magic on her opponent or bring them to orgasm. Seducas actually do quite well in Sex Battles, a combination of Lust Poison, Warm Embrace and Gummi Tongue usually leave her opponent a twitching mess. She can also take on her half snake form and use more grappling and bite attacks while wearying down her opponent with a wide variety of poisons. Like her previous form she has the ability to spit her poison out of her mouth at high speeds. She has a very hard time fighting anyone that is immune to her poison, having to resort to either seducing them, trying to crush them in her strong coils, or using her incredible strength. Should all else fail, she will resort to using her Poison Cloud ability, but hates doing this because it leaves her very vulnerable.
Tamers absolutely love Seducas in bed, and no more soaked bed sheets is a bonus. Not only do they have no inhibitions for taming, their new warm bodies are a welcome change from before. Seducas prefer to tame in their human form but occasionally like to change into their snake form to reminisce about back when they were a Naga. They will use Lust Poison liberally to make her tamer go far longer than they normally would, and get her harem sisters in on the fun. This has led some tamers to joke that she is perpetually ‘wet’ and she is not above poisoning them should they make such a joke. After a taming it is almost always the same with a Seduca. The Seduca will change into her snake form and coil around her tamer as it is their form of cuddling.
There have been no cases of feral Seducas or thresholding into one. A Seduca requires such a bond with her tamer that they would never let her go feral, and should they have children, they will either be human or Naga
*Poison Cloud (EFT): A deadly attack unique to a Seduca. She coats her body in as much poison as she can, then rapidly raises her body temperature, evaporating it. This send a cloud of very hot poisonous vapor all around her containing all three types of poison currently housed in her. She is naturally immune to it. She may do this only once every hour, and afterwards cannot use any poison attacks until that time.
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SELKIE, the Seal Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: mainly seafood
Role: commonly used for assisting fishermen, locating schools. Also found in aquariums.
Libido: Low (High in certain seasons)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Scratch, Tackle, Head Butt
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Increased lung capacity, enhanced elasticity and flexibility, subcutaneous insulation layer, and
Evolves: Boobgong (normal)
Evolves From: None
Selkie, the seal Pokégirl, is more comfortable in freezing temperatures and has trouble with hot summer temperatures. She's one of the best swimmers that are not confined to the water, though she does experience some problems walking for long periods due to her feet being more designed for climbing and swimming. Selkie have an innate rivalry with Eelara.
Selkie are often known to help fishermen find the best places to place their nets, and are perfect for shooing away the more 'tame' feral Pokégirls from a beach area. They are also used as guides for certain aquariums, and are known to enjoy putting on shows for children. Selkie particularly adore children and poke-kits, and many Selkie are used to teach humans how to swim.
They are good choices as water Pokégirls to be used out of water, but have a small problem with retaining water to keep their skin moist. If they become too dry, their skin color lightens considerably, and allowing this to happen for any extended period of time is considered abuse on the Tamer's behalf in many Leagues. Boobgongs do not have quite the same problem, and can go on land without water longer than a Selkie can. Selkies need to submerge themselves in water for at least 30 minutes to an hour everyday in order to moisten up enough to survive effectively out of it.
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SERAPH, the Heavenly Defender Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic/Fighting (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: defender of love and justice
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Normal, Plant, Steel, infernal Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Psychic, sex attacks
Attacks: Dive, Typhoon, Evade, Punch, Kick, Bear Hug, Focus, Focus Energy, Resist, Double Kick, Dynamic Punch, Reflect, Heal, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Mana Bolt
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Toughness, Endurance
Evolves: Fallen Angel (major trauma/bad experiences; Dark Stone will greatly increase the chances, but isn't completely necessary)
Evolves From: Armsmistress (Valkyrie-based winged Armsmistress only; Angel Stone)
Seraphs are the most militant of celestial Pokégirls. They are ever-vigilant to defend good and innocent people from the depredations of those whom they consider evil, which especially includes infernal Pokégirls.
Seraphs don't look much different from their previous form, having long, flowing hair, which may now be of any color, not just red, eyes that can likewise be any color now, and large, feathery white wings. These wings are not part of her arms, allowing her to fly and attack simultaneously. However, doing so is more difficult for her than it would be for a true bird Pokégirl, making the Seraph weak versus Flying-types. Most Seraphs are quite busty, and have breasts that are a generous C cup at least. They are obviously muscled, but their toned form hides an incredible, disproportionate strength. They aren't as strong as their previous form, but what they lose in strength they gain in the way of combat prowess and magic.
Seraphs take themselves and their duties very seriously. They see themselves as having a sacred responsibility to defend people from evil forces. They prefer to look to more preternatural evils than mundane ones though, and are prone to ignore things like robberies and thefts in favor of mystic evils, such as hauntings and dark cults. They regard infernal Pokégirls as the worst sort of evil, and though they don't attack them on sight, any minor provocation is enough to set them off. Seraphs get along well with other celestial Pokégirls, considering Angels and Pokégirls who are Blessed to be like younger sisters. Megamis and such tend to regard Seraphs with a sort of exasperated affection, like how one would treat a slightly crazed younger sibling, since they feel that Seraphs are both too militant and are wrong to ignore the "lesser" evils of the world.
When in a fight, a Seraph's first concern is to get any innocent people out of the way, and will willingly and unhesitatingly place themselves in front of someone to protect them trusting their defensive moves, such as Resist and Reflect, to help them get withstand the assault, along with their Toughness enhancement. Should an innocent be injured, they will immediately use Heal on them. Once any innocents are safe, a Seraph quickly wades into battle, using her various Punch and Kick attacks to pummel her opponents into the ground. Seraphs always use their weakest attacks first and gradually increase their attacking power as the fight goes on, since even on evil creatures Seraphs are loathe to cause unnecessary damage, being defenders and not sadists. This can cause the Seraph to take some otherwise avoidable damage early in a fight, but they tend not to mind this. Seraphs can last a long time in battle, thanks to their Toughness and Endurance enhancements, their defensive moves, and their ability to Heal themselves. Should a Seraph get desperate to win a battle, she will use Focus or Focus Energy to power up a move and then unleash it to devastating effect. Should a Seraph not be able to close the distance between herself and her foe, she relies on Magic Fist, Magic Kick, and Mana Bolt to win the day for her.
While serious, even stern, when fighting or looking for some evil to combat, Seraphs are just the opposite when it comes to Taming. Sex talk makes them blush and lose their composure easily. When about to be Tamed, they tend to blush, giggle, and avert their eyes, acting almost ditzy. Despite their great strength, they never need to be restrained, since never once has a Seraph lost control so much that she injured her Tamer. A Seraph's embarrassment about sex works against them on the battlefield though. They have a hard time resisting sex attacks, and know none themselves. They tend to be very humiliated when defeated by being brought to orgasm, and will be even moodier than usual about it for a while afterwards. For the most part though, Seraphs do well in a Harem. They see themselves as having to guide their Harem-sisters and her master by persuading him to champion the causes of good, and she judges herself based on how well she can convince her Tamer to fight the same supernatural evils that she herself does. She usually doesn't try to be the Alpha, seeing herself more as a guide and mentor than a leader by necessity. However, Seraphs are totally opposed to having an infernal Pokégirl in the same Harem as her, and the two invariably bicker non-stop until one of them leaves, submits to the other (which virtually never happens), or dies.
Feral Seraphs are quite docile, and won't attack anyone unless it's to defend themselves. Even then, they tend to just use Punch, Kick, and Heal when the fight is over. Capturing a Feral Seraph is thus much easier than it would be to otherwise fight a non-Feral Seraph. They do need to be restrained when being Tamed out of Feral though, since they aren't intelligent enough to restrain themselves. There has never been a known case of a Threshold girl becoming a Seraph.
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SEXEBI, the Legendary Mistress Of Time Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Vegetarian, mainly fruits and nuts
Role: Mistress of Time, Emergency evacuation
Libido: Average (assumed)
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Smile, Reflect, Absorb, Agility, Aura Of Cute, Reduce, Enlarge, Teleport, Dissolve, Illusion, Power Bolt, Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Wood Tower, Command Plants, Leaf Shield, Catnip Kiss, Antitoxin, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Immunity to all poisons, Wings, Ultra light body, Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities
Limitations: Exceedingly shy, Body is extremely fragile against physical attacks, easily frightened
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A smaller Legendary that her sisters, Sexebi was of the original thirteen Legendaries to make an appearance during the Revenge War. Short, around 4'4", with light green skin, wide, blue eyes with black rings around them, short green hair that curls up in a crest, two small antennae on her brow and fairy-like wings, she also wore no clothing on her slender, petite body.
Initially, Sexebi's role was as a rescue worker for Sukebe's forces. She would stop time, freezing only her human attackers and allow badly injured Pokégirls to escape the battlefield. Sukebe tried to get her into a more active fighting role, but she constantly refused, drawing the ire of her more violent sisters, especially Atmuff, the only thing saving her from the warrior Pokégirl's wrath being her Aura Of Absolute Cuteness, which enhanced her already cute appearance to the point where even Atmuff couldn't bring herself to hurt her.
Consequently, Atmuff decided to spend more time away from her sister after that.
As the Revenge War wore down, Sexebi was seen less and less, usually seen chatting with one of the Legendary Birds or healing someone who had been attacked by a Feral Poison-type Pokégirl, the most notable time being in the year 200 AS, when she used her Antitoxin to heal completely someone who had been infected almost to the point of death by a Widow's bite, healing even the acidic damage caused by the attack.
Sexebi hated all the fighting, especially the in-fighting between various Legendaries, and tried to no avail to get them to get along. Her last officially noted appearance was shortly after the fight that slew Atmuff was in the Capital Continent, where she was seen talking to both Moan and Whore-Oh.
Since then, reports of her activities have been scarce, mostly rumors and innuendo. The primary rumor is that Sexebi has started to explore time, traveling in and out of the future and past, learning what she can. She is said to have made her primary residence deep with a forest glen, surrounded by beautiful plants and blossoms of all kind, set deep within a ring of trees and guarded by many Plant-type Pokégirls. She sometimes is found by a kind-hearted Tamer and is Tamed by him or her. Those who have Tamed her are the ones who tell tales of her, speaking of the grand and glorious adventures through time that they and their harem were taken on. Although when pressed to reveal where Sexebi is located, they quickly 'forget' what they were talking about and change the subject. If pressed further, a fight usually ensures that is quickly broken up by local law enforcement.
Sexebi is the epitome of sweetness and innocence, and loathes violence of any kind, being one of the primary supporters of Whore-Oh's dream. The few times she's been found by a Tamer wanting to capture her she's panicked, either throwing out clouds of Sleep Powder, Bloom, Lust Dust, and Buttsprout, or launching leech seeds, or creating an illusions, or manipulating plant life into thick barriers to help delay her pursuers before teleporting away, in a few instances suffering a severe injury from a lucky attack that got through to strike her small, fragile, and ill-suited for combat body. But she is capable of violence, and, like all Legendaries, is extremely powerful.
Once, in the year 250 AS, a Team Rocket member known only as Iron Mask caught Sexebi in an experimental Pokéball that he called a Nightmare Ball, which had the ability to bring out the most violent aspects of a Pokégirl's personality. When he unleashed Sexebi, it cost him his life as she immediately killed him by making a tree grow THROUGH his body, shredding him completely. She went on a brief rampage, demonstrating that she knew Solar Beam, Vine Whip, and Power Bolt, attacks which she had NEVER displayed before, even in the rare times she was forced to fight before then, as well as using her time powers in horrifying ways, making people seemingly age into ancients or revert back to childhood. Several Tamers and Pokégirls died before Whore-Oh and Moan, putting aside their negative feelings for each other, fought her down and helped her to come back to herself. Since then sightings of her have become extremely rare, as she seemed ashamed of what she did after Moan's powers helped suppress and disperse the artificially induced rage in her, although Tamers seeking an adventure still seek her location, the latest rumors of her hidden grove's location being in the Johto area, although only kind-hearted and highly empathic Tamers have any real chance of finding her...
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Sexebi's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Sexebi has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face anything that was considered Strong vs. Plant/Magic, at or below level 60, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Sexebi's lexicon of special attributes:
Time Control: Sexebi had absolute and total control over time itself. She could travel into the past or future, stop time for herself and others, and even move people's bodies forward or backwards through time in a fashion that altered their ages. This last ability she's horrified of and never ever uses it, save for the time she was under the influence of the Nightmare Ball.
Antitoxin Ultimate: Sexebi's body was immune to all poisons. And because she is a plant-type Pokégirl, she is able to synthesize this immunity into a powder that is capable of healing ANY kind of poison, including the infamous Hyper Venom used by Widows.
Mistress Of Plants: Sexebi, in addition to control over time, was engineered by Sukebe to have control over plant life as well. She mainly uses this ability to create gardens of such beauty that the more artistically minded are brought to tears by her masterpieces.
Aura Of Absolute Cuteness: Anyone who's even seen a PICTURE of Sexebi could tell you that she's a cutey. But this ability allowed her to seem even more adorable, gently nudging the sensibilities of whomever she uses this minor psychic power on to view her as completely, utterly, ultra-sugary cute. An excellent defense tactic against types capable of doing her great physical harm...
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SEXLONG, the Thunder Dragon Lady Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Partial Metamorph (Dragon)
Element: Electric/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human norm (Prefers seafood)
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Agility, Static Barrier, Thunder Bolt, Hyperbeam, Electric Blade Mark II, Thunder Flare
Enhancements: Retractable Wings, Electricity Absorption (1/2), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x7)
Weaknesses: Hard to stop when in the heat of battle.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shoxiya (battle high, well-trained)
For the longest time it was said that to be able to train a Shoxiya into a competent combat Pokégirl was next to impossible. They felt that their abilities were fine, never needed to train, and when they lost, it was never their fault! However, one day, there was something different about a particular Tamer’s Shoxiya.
After losing yet another Pokégirl battle, Shoxiya’s numerous defeats finally began to take toll on her. Her confidence was gone, wondering her own usefulness to her Tamer. A “Break the Haughty” moment if you will. The Tamer assured her that she was neither hopeless nor useless and, if she would just listen to him and took her training seriously, she could get better. So she did! She practiced to improve the effectiveness of her attacks, worked on her strength, durability, and agility, all to become a stronger, tougher Pokégirl so she wouldn’t be such a loser. This wasn’t an easy process, given her low abilities, but eventually she developed into quite a powerhouse. She started winning Pokégirl battles and has even helped her Tamer win his next three gym badges. It was then after beating the gym leader’s last Pokégirl it happened: The victorious Tamer’s Shoxiya’s veins glowed brightly before its light engulfed her. Within seconds later, she was an entirely new Pokégirl: The Sexlóng.
After evolution, Sexlóng have managed to gone through several changes. Their height has increased to being around 6ft tall with their breast sizes increasing to a D-cup, although increasing to an E-cup is possible but rare. They also have a pair of wings that can grow from and retract into her back, each wing with a length span of 7ft when in full expansion. Despite their otherwise human appearance, they still have their ivory-colored scales from the back of their neck down to their wings, their spine, and finally to their tail, but fades into their now caramel-colored skin. The nails on their fingers and toes tend to be shorter yet similar to a dragon’s claws. Their head contains two long, thin horns as white as their scales that grow from frontal bone of the neurocranium which serves to conduct electricity towards her to absorb – from the weather or from a Pokégirl’s attack. Their “veins” still continue to glow in a bluish color, but glows brighter depending on how intense the battle or taming she’s in.
A Sexlóng’s preferred styles of dress are kimonos and qipaos (cheongsam dress). Both are preferred to be worn short in length, and backless to make room for her wings, though in the case of the Kimono it is worn off the shoulders. Long dresses would be considered “suitable” as long as the slits were high enough to show her legs and they were, of course, backless. Their hair is initially worn down but is held up in a bun with two thin metal sticks during battle. They can also be seen carrying a metal folding fan to use both for combat and to assist in conducting electricity towards them. When we asked few of them why they’re prefer this style of dress, they stated that "it’s in the blood." Note that the Sexlóng asked were natives of the Edo region and that other girls may prefer to wear regular dresses and skirts.
With their newfound power, Sexlóng’s arrogance from their time as a Shoxiya would occasionally return during battle but not to the same degree but only in a form of banter with her opponent. She’s also not above using sexual techniques whether to confuse or break down her opponent’s guard. Sexlóng believe that a true fighter must be able to overcome all form of challenges, no matter how dishonorable they may be and expect the same from the other Pokégirls, especially her Harem-sisters. This may lead one into a confrontation with the more headstrong breeds such as Dominas, who would disagree with her methods. A Sexlóng as an alpha will not yield to the latter as it would result in loosing face in front of her Harem-sisters and is perfectly willing to keep up the argument which could last half the day if she was willing to. On rare occasions she will bend on her decisions, but weaker-willed Harem-sisters often mistake this as a sign of weakness and will use that to their advantage. However, this ploy often blows up in their face. Perhaps all of this is probably why most Pokégirls who happen to be in the same Harem as a Sexlóng hope that she doesn’t become their Tamer’s alpha: Otherwise they can expect a lot of rough, rigorous training until they’re (in her opinion) at their best.
Upon their evolution, a Sexlóng gains a newfound devotion to their Tamer. Some researchers suggest that this may come from the time and dedication spent together training as a Shoxiya, perhaps also as gratitude for standing by her and putting up with her before her evolution. The quickest way to earn the ire of a Sexlóng is attack either her Tamer or one of her Harem-sisters in her presence. They have grown to be very protective of those they care about to the point where they have no qualms causing bodily harm to those who would hurt them. It is because of their devoted, protective nature that Sexlóng make for great bodyguards, especially against feral Pokégirls. Tamers are well advised to make sure to keep their Sexlóng’s attitude in check, especially when a human is her target of aggression. Otherwise, she may face a taming cycle or worse.
One notable flaw that comes with a Sexlóng is that once the battle has started, she won’t stop until one of them has been defeated: Her or her opponent. No matter what the condition, she will keep fighting until a clear winner has been decided. Forfeits will only anger her, seeing it as an act of pity if not cowardice, to the point where she lose respect for the Pokégirl and/or Tamer, unless clearly mismatched. Perhaps it’s her Dragon type element that drives her search for a strong opponent to fight to the finish. Sometimes she will stop fighting if her Tamer or a Harem-sister is in danger to protect them.
During tamings, usually Sexlóng are willing to let their Tamer take the initiative, but sometimes they will take dominance instead. It is suggested to the tamer to just go along with it, as trying to resist will just frustrate them to being aggressive, which may lead to injury on the poor Tamer who makes such foolish decision. They no longer mind having others join in, just as long as 1) They’re only her Harem-sisters, and 2) It is they (The Sexlóng) who gets the most attention, as it is their taming session. During her Harem-sister’s taming session, however, while they are open to assist the tamings, they do not care if they are ignored. It’s their Harem-sister’s taming after all. A Sexlóng would try to restrain their strength during taming to avoid injury to their tamer, but there are times where they lose control of themselves, so it is suggested to have them restrained.
Thresholding into a Sexlóng is mostly unheard of, although some researchers speculate that girls who lived near the mountains have the highest chance. Feral Sexlóng prefer to nest near high mountain areas although on rare occasions they will be spotted near lakes. Unless you are confident in your abilities as a Tamer, it is highly advised that you do not even think about catching one. When it comes to Tamers, the devotion of Sexlóng that are caught tends to be significantly lower than those evolved from Shoxiya and they have no qualms disobeying orders. If you see one, it is best that you leave the area immediately, and if you have any Pokégirls with you make sure they’re in their Pokéballs or at least out of sight. Otherwise, hope the Pokégirls you have with you are strong.
Thunder Flare – (ATK 150 + EFT) The Pokégirl utilizes the electrical energy inside of her and unleashes a destructive blast of electricity. It takes a few seconds to charge and drains the user greatly, but almost always paralyzes target on impact.
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SEXMET, the Legendary Dark Lioness Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Feline)
Element: Steel/Magic/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: human style foods, heavy on meats, and energy drawn from sex
Role: protector/sister of Bastit, soldier
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ice, Rock, Fighting, Dragon
Weak Vs: None (Water, Fire, Ground)
Attacks: Tail Slap, Tackle, Meteor Punch, Scratch, Pummel, Roundhouse Kick, Roar, Fury Swipes, Agility, Slash, Sabre Claw, Parry, Sword Dance, Deflect, Reflect, Power Bolt, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Recover, Teleport
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Armor
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Sexmet is one of the very rare Legendary Pokégirls. Made by Sukebe for reasons that didn’t necessarily have effect on his war of revenge…
Like her ‘sister’, Sexmet is a G-Spliced. However, where Bastit was made from two different Pokégirls, Sexmet was made from three Pokégirls. A Catgirl, a Demon Goddess, and an Armsmistress. The reason for Sexmet’s existence is because of her ‘sister’ Bastit. Bastit, while a powerful fighter in her own right, would absolutely REFUSE to fight others unless there was no other way, (she’s a pacifist). She’d prefer to make love and make an opponent’s hormones do all the work for her… but that didn’t always work. So, Sukebe made Sexmet to be Bastit’s ‘sister’ and protector. To accomplish this, he had based Sexmet after the goddess Sehkmet, who was a goddess of war and vengeance. As such, she is also has a lower opinion of humanity than her ‘sister’ Bastit.
Because of her heritages, Sexmet can take three forms, all depending on her mood. The first form is of a slightly muscular woman that is 5’9” in height, with dark skin, golden eyes, long black hair tied into a ponytail, black-furred cat ears, and wearing tight hard leather battle-armor, a brown leather weapons belt with a curved sword to the side, sandals, and silver jewelry of different sorts, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and a gold tiara with an amethyst gemstone in the center with a relief of a hissing cat, Egyptian hieroglyphs adorn all the pieces of jewelry she wears, and she carries a large silver glaive.
Sexmet’s second form is a near-human Catgirl. She wears the same clothing, but in the second form she is more cat-like, with a layer of short black fur covering her from head to toe, she gains a tail, claws where her fingernails were, her frame becomes more muscular, and her height increases to 6’4”.
Sexmet’s third, and final form is of a huge, black-furred lioness, at a height of 4’ and a total length of 9’5” from nose to the tip of her tail.
Also, like her sister Bastit, Sexmet was not meant to be a Legendary. She apparently gained her status as a Legendary through her fighting prowess, and her ‘victories’ against other sister Legendaries. She was known to have bested the Legendary multi-headed dragon Hy-Bra on more than one occasion to protect her sister Bastit, and she’s survived clashes with the likes of the Legendary Stone Titan, Titania. It is speculated that these ‘victories’ might be due to the fact she is based after a goddess of war…
To this day, Sexmet is rarely sighted. Some speculate she lives in seclusion, and it seems so. This idea is supported by the fact that the only sightings of Sexmet within the past 100 years have all been within the Dark Continent. Though still, some speculate she is rarely seen because she is a roamer. She was made to protect Bastit… There is no reason as to why she would give up ‘protecting’ her ‘sister’.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Sexmet’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below).
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Sexmet has No Weakness (Level 65). If she were to face a Water, Fire, or Ground type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Steel, Magic, or Fighting, at or below level 65, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirl at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Sexmet’s lexicon of special attributes:
Warrior’s Code: Being that Sukebe had modeled Sexmet after the ancient Egyptian Goddess of War, (among other things) Sexmet is very well versed in all forms of ‘war’, be they on the battlefield, political, and even when it comes to Taming…
Warrior’s Sense: Also referred to as “Eye of Ra”, this acts as a ‘sixth sense’ for Sexmet, making it hard to sneak up on her. It is also very possibly the reason she is rarely seen today, since she can ‘feel’ when anyone or anything is getting close to her.
Lady of Life: When Sukebe created Sexmet he ended up emulating many parts of Sehkmet’s supposed personality. This includes one aspect where Sehkmet could become a carrier, and curer of plagues. Though she is not a poison type, at times, Sexmet can leave a trail of death in her wake without even trying… And other times, a place benefited from her presence. (However, this Salient quality has no effect on Pokégirls over the level of 70). This quality also allows Sexmet to evolve the Griffon into the very rare Pokégirl Sphinx.
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SEXSHREW, the Digging Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: mainly fiber enriched foods such as nuts
Role: used by many construction crews
Libido: Low or can be High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fury Swipes, Slash
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Tough hide like skin, digging claws,
Evolves: RandySnatch (normal)
Evolves From: None
Sexshrews are mice-like Pokégirls, although it must be noted that they do not have fur nor typical mouse ears. Their hide is light brown, tough, scaly and leather-like and their tail is little more than a large, slender, stub. The stomach, chest, front of the neck and the lower half of the face is white and slightly softer and more supple, but still doesn't even approach the softness of regular human skin. Many an inexperienced Tamer looks at a Sexshrew's rough exterior and concludes that taming her can't be a pleasant experience, but those who actually work with Sexshrews claim that they're just as soft, wet and hot as any other Pokégirl in the right places. While their hands and feet look quite like those of a human on the surface, they are actually refined for digging. While they cannot swim through soil like other Ground types, Sexshrews are nevertheless excel at tunneling and prefer to spend time underground. As a side-effect of this, their night vision is excellent. Sexshrews prefer not to wear clothes, because it hinders their digging efforts. They also dislike taking showers or bathing since water disorients them and leaves them weakened. It is therefore probably a good thing that it takes a while before a Sexshrew starts to really smell.
Sexshrews are very loyal - usually to their Tamers - but are also loners. Provided she is in a kind and warm harem, a Sexshrew always tries to be friendly and polite to her Harem-sisters, but sometimes the mere presence of the other girls will become too much for her and she'll retreat into a hole in the ground she dug herself. When she is alone with her Tamer, however, her warm, affectionate nature will shine through, her libido can (and usually will) go through the roof and she becomes very passionate during taming. Unfortunately, a Tamer who wants her Sexshrew to open up to the entire Harem has his work cut out for him. If he does manage to succeed, however, he'll find the Sexshrew as warm, passionate and horny with her Harem-sisters as she is with him. She will still have the urge to retreat and be alone from time to time, but it will not nearly be as frequent as before.
There are known cases of Sexshrews placing her loyalty with another Pokégirl in the Harem rather than with her Tamer. Such cases are very, very rare, but they usually cause problems. Being in the continued presence of her Tamer will make her uncomfortable and she'll often retreat to be alone. She will submit to taming, but she will gain little enjoyment from it and in the worst cases will just lie there waiting for her Tamer to finish. Interestingly enough, if the Sexshrew tames with the Pokégirl she became attached to it will be almost as effective to stave off a feral state as taming with her Tamer would be. It is recommended in such cases to only tame a Sexshrew in the presence of the Pokégirl she is intimate with, engage in frequent threesomes and give her plenty of alone time with her Pokégirl. In time, the Sexshrew will usually come around and become as loyal to her Tamer as any Sexshrew. Use of Taming Cycles to correct the problem quickly is discouraged, since only a level 5 Cycle will have the desired effect for any length of time.
Still, because of this peculiarity, Sexshrews are not popular in the more... conservative... Leagues where their dependence on other Pokégirls rather than humans is considered something of a threat.
Feral Sexshrews are rarely seen since they prefer to spend so much time underground. They very rarely cause any real problems unless a lot of people come near their holes at once, in which case they may attack violently to fend off the intruders.
Threshold girls usually have a rough time when becoming a Sexshrew. Not only do they have the usual trouble adjusting, but their suddenly solitary nature often causes them to turn in on themselves. They will keep on their old clothes as much as possible, will often hide underground and will rarely talk to anyone. Given enough time (and the amount of time needed depends on what the girl's personality was before thresholding), the Sexshrew will come to terms with what she is now on her own. Some researchers say that Threshold Sexshrews who are not given this time are more likely to become attached to a Harem-sister rather than her Tamer, but there is no solid proof for this claim.
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SEXYCUTE, the Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, pokechow
Role: spying
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Sleep Powder, Hypno Dance, Passionate Feet, Hyper Dance, Hugs'N'Kisses
Enhancements: Flight, size alteration
Evolves: SexyCuter (normal), FairyCute (mechanism unknown), HentaiCute (orgasm)
Evolves From: FairyCute (mechanism unknown)
SexyCute look relatively the same as they did as FairyCutes, but they lose their wings, tend to have mild to moderate tans, and always wear hoola skirts, save during sex or bathing. SexyCutes are usually a few inches taller and gain a curvaceous set of hips that are excellent for dancing.
It's believed that this "booty upgrade" may be the source of their hypnotic dance techniques, but that has yet to be proven, as most researchers generally can't keep their eyes off the SexyCute for long once she starts dancing.
SexyCutes are so good at dancing that they tend to be less magically active than FairyCutes. SexyCutes also have a tendency to stay in their larger state, especially when dancing or traveling. They do, however, use their smaller form when it comes to eating. Ferals also use their smaller forms to get access to areas that would otherwise be too small, generally for sleeping or hiding from tamers.
SexyCute usually use Dance Techniques, making them excellent support Pokégirls, but terrible frontline fighters. They can also learn to use and control poisons, which can be helpful for tamers seeking to capture other Pokégirls.
Both Fairy Pokégirls can transform into HentaiCute, the extremely perverted Fairy. However, the SexyCute's main evolution, the SexyCuter, has become a problem, one that the leagues are not entirely happy about.
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SEXYCUTER, the SEXIER Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Berries, pokechow
Role: Spying, Taming
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Slow Dance, Hustle Dance, Dance of Revolution, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Erotic Kiss
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x3)
Evolves: HentaiCute (Orgasm)
Evolves From: SexyCute (Normal)
Reward for Capturing a Feral SexyCuter: 1,000,000 SLC
Reward for Keeping a SexyCuter: 50,000 SLC a week
Fine for Abandoning or Releasing a SexyCuter: 400,000,000 SLC
SexyCutes usually don't gain much height when they evolve, but their bodies do become more curvaceous, making SexyCuters even more appealing. If they don't already have tan skin, they will seek to tan themselves, but most will keep themselves from becoming sunburned.
SexyCuters gave a nearly unquenchable sexual appetite and Ferals will latch onto those who can sexually satisfy them, even if it's an entire harem. Ferals who cannot find anyone to satisfy them will use her Lust Dust generously and start massive orgies to satisfy her libido.
Because of this, SexyCuters have a stronger tendency to eventually evolve into HentaiCutes if their sexual appetites aren't sated at least once every lunar cycle.
It's obvious to anyone looking at her attack list that a SexyCuter is TERRIBLE for fighting. Her skills are better suited to capturing and taming other Pokégirls, and it's quite likely that she and the HentaiCutes were originally intended to keep the libidos of Pokégirls in check during the Sukebe War so they didn't turn to aid humans.
In fact, most researchers believe that she may have originally been intended to counter the subversion of the Pokégirl ranks caused by humans during the war. It would certainly make sense, considering the Psidyke and Dildoran's existence.
Feral SexyCuters can become quite a problem, especially with their access to Lust Dust and Erotic Kiss. With their tendency towards extreme sexual proclivity, they certainly do not seem to understand the concept of "tone it down" or "moderation". For a tamer seeking to catch a Pokégirl using a SexyCuter, this can be a minor problem. However, after several instances where a SexyCuter had enraptured feral grass-types into using Lust Dust in a town, which resulted in a wild orgy that stopped businesses for three days and led to hospitals being swarmed with dehydration and starvation victims, some Leagues have offered rewards for tamers to capture and keep feral SexyCuters.
However, like all things, some tamers tried to ruin a good thing. They attempted to capitalize on the initial reward by releasing their SexyCuter or abandoning her for a few weeks and then recapturing her.
League Officials quickly modified the law to add a massive fine for anyone who released or abandoned the SexyCuter, but neither the fine (nor the initial reward) apply if the SexyCuter is traded, and the reward for keeping her goes to the new tamer.
The fine is split between both tamers if the SexyCuter abandons the new tamer, so leaving a SexyCuter at a Pokécenter or a Breeding Ranch is the only advisable recourse for the tamer who cannot handle her. The initial reward is also not given if a SexyCute evolves while in the tamer's harem, but they do receive the maintenance reward at the end of the first week. This last part was added to the SexyCuters entry because many tamers believed that their feralborn SexyCutes would provide them a burst of income by evolving.
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SHADETAURA, the Dark Cheetaura Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tauric Cheetah) Metamorph (Near Human)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Very Rare – Unknown
Diet: carnivore (prefers fresh meat) but can handle human-style diet.
Role: courier, racer, speed freak, dark soldier
Libido: above Average (fast!)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Roar, Gatling Punch, Fury Swipes, Tackle, Move By, Dark Attack, Tornado Run, Fade, Night Shade
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x12), Enhanced Stamina (x3), High Metabolism, Speed-based Psionic Enhancements, High Erotic Sensitivity, Natural Camouflage
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cheetaura (Macavity’s Aura of Darkness)
First seen in 262 AS, Shadetaura is a very rare transformation of the Cheetaura. It is not thought to be a natural evolution, as the only reported cases of the evolution occurred when a Cheetaura came in contact with Macavity. The Legendary Chaos Kitty Pokégirl was in the midst of using her Aura Shifting ability to use what she refers to as the “Aura of Darkness”, shifting the elemental feel of the area to that of a Dark-types Aura. Through the use of this, the Legendary can unintentionally evolve a Cheetaura, similar to how she has the power to evolve a Cheshire into a Shadowcat. [Classified] The Legendary Dark Lioness Sexmet has taken an interest in Shadetaura due to their enhanced capabilities over the Cheetaura. However, it frustrates her that she cannot create them with either her Blessing or Curse and introduction of certain Evolution Stones. [Classified]
Shadetaura remains similar in shape and power to that of the Cheetaura. The Shadetaura remains a morphic Pokégirl, having a limited shape-changing ability; switching from Near-Human appearance and having minimal animorphic qualities to that of a Nonhumanoid with a four-legged racing configuration. The build of her Near-Human form remains nearly identical to that of a Cheetaura, often with an inch or two to put her just above six feet in height.
The major cosmetic difference from a Cheetaura is that a Shadetaura’s fur is a complete inverse of the original pelt. Gold is now a shade of electric blue with white spots, and the majority of the fur on her body that had been snow white is changed into deepest ebony. Often, the differences are the eyes. Some Shadetaura have eye-stripes that are inverted as well, becoming white on a now black-furred face, while others have their stripes remain black. Also the colored of their pupils, instead of being the usual green, blue, or yellow, is instead a dark violet tint. The sclera often changes to black, giving the pupils an almost hauntingly beautiful effect.
What’s shocking about this evolution is that while Shadetaura is of the Cheetit branch of Pokégirl, she actually loses a lot of speed. While she is still incredibly fast, her speed is not even close to a Cheetit’s, let alone a Cheetaura’s. She is still a faster than a Chocoboob, and her velocity is comparable to a Rapitaur. Still, as if making up for their lack of speed, a Shadetaura actually gains more physical strength and endurance. This means that when they run sprints, this breed can actually last longer at maintaining their top speed than a Cheetit or Cheetaura could.
Shadetaura are a good addition to a Battle Harem, as they have more capabilities and techniques than their previous form of Cheetaura. In the wilds, they can stalk Feral prey at night with considerable ease thanks to their natural camouflage and then pounce with force. Even in a PokéBattle setting, Shadetaura can hit hard and fast, and even if put against a Fighting-type, they can still hold their own if careful in how they battle. Shadetaura are Dark-types, but they do have a couple Ghost techniques, allowing them to try and evade some attacks while dealing an attack that could deal a bit more damage to the Fighting-type than any of her Dark attacks could.
When it comes to Taming, a Shadetaura is more liberal than her previous evolutions with a definite dominant streak; the Pokégirl. The Dark Cheetaura while still primarily heterosexual in preference, is no longer disgusted by the thought of sex with a female, and will gladly accept a female Tamer or Pokégirl into bed with her. However, while she may want to be able to have some hold over a male partner, when it comes to a female lover, she is adamant about being the one in charge. In either case, a Shadetaura is still rather easy to get off, thanks to her body being like one large erogenous zone.
There has never been record of a girl becoming a Shadetaura through Threshold, and it’s considered impossible by most Researchers.
[Classified] On one of the rare occasion, a PokéGirl Researcher managed to come across the Legendary Chaos Kitty and asked the tall Cat-type how it was that her powers could interact with Cheetauras that it could bring about the creation of the Shadetaura. The answer he got was a devious smile followed by a single sentence. “Every Shadetaura I’ve created was for a purpose.” It is thought best to keep an eye on the few Tamers that have Shadetaura for anything out of the ordinary. [Classified]
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SHADOWCAT, the Fickle Feline Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: espionage, spying
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Fade, Teleport, Scratch, Kitty Litter, Fury Swipes, Lick, Nightshade, Agility, Quick, Backstab, Armor, Spank, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Aura Sight, Darkvision,
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cheshire (Dark Stone)
When a Cheshire, already strong with her mental powers, is given a Dark Stone, she evolves into a Shadowcat.
Shadowcats are stronger psychics than their previous forms, and can fight other psychic Pokégirls much more easily, using their new Dark-type status to help protect them from mental attack. Most Shadowcats have deep colors, with blacks and dark purples being the most common, but burnt tan and silver being known, albeit rarely. They prefer subtlety to open confrontation, using their Aura Sight to determine who is the easiest for them to play off of. They can see, albeit in black and white vision only, in the complete absence of light somehow, thanks to their Darkvision enhancement.
Shadowcats are strong fighters, not because of any sheer might, but because they are incredibly sneaky. They prefer to focus on defense first, and try to use Quick as soon as possible in a fight, or before fighting if possible. Once they can act on their Quick, they will use both Armor and Fade. On the next round of combat they will let the Fade do its job, and use Agility to help them dodge any incoming attacks. With her Armor and Agility raised in addition to being hidden by the Fade, it becomes virtually impossible to detect the Shadowcat, let alone hit her. Once these defenses are up, a Shadowcat will usually circle behind her opponent and attempt to use Backstab for a quick finish. Alternately, they’ll use Go Down to bring their surprised opponent to orgasm, or use Spank, taunting their foe.
Shadowcats are vain creatures, and love attention. They’ll often act arrogant, being so confident in their own abilities, but they are usually playful in this, never meaning to hurt another’s feelings. If treated badly, she is standoffish and uncooperative, usually using Fade to disappear right when she’s needed the most. Her favorite activity is to just lay still while her Tamer strokes her body, giving her compliments. A few minutes of this will usually work a Shadowcat into a playful mood, shifting her libido to High, and she’ll pull her Tamer down onto her so she can be Tamed.
Feral Shadowcats are playful hunters, stalking around under their Fade power and pouncing on chosen prey. They never hurt whoever they stalk though, instead just using Lick and lightly pawing them after pouncing them to show she won, and then bounding away to the next “victim” using Teleport to escape if pursued. Capturing a Feral Shadowcat is thusly quite hard. Threshold girls almost never become Shadowcats directly, but those who do enjoy using their newfound powers to tease people a little, and tend to act very haughty when shipped to a Pokégirl ranch, as though she couldn’t care less, no matter how much she’s hurting inside.
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SHADOWGIRL, the Slightly Sarcastic Silhouette Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: reporter, information-gatherer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Dodge, Cheer, Yell, Agility, Slap, Earlobe Nibble, Cuddle
Enhancements: Youthful
Evolves: FarFuck’d (Moon Shard)
Evolves From: None
Shadowgirls, or as they like to call themselves, Kageshoujo (a name Pre-Sukebe Researchers have determined is the old Edo language version of “shadowgirl”), are an odd breed of Pokégirl. They’re entire body is pure, ebon black, so black that they absorb all light that falls on them. Even if you placed a spotlight on them, you wouldn’t be able to make out any features. The only exception to this is their hair, which can be of any color or style, but otherwise is perfectly normal. Despite being living, three-dimensional silhouettes, Shadowgirls are still very much Pokégirls. Touch reveals that all of their features are still there, and that they are definitely female. Shadowgirls oddly always take a name which is a letter of the alphabet with the suffix “-ko” added to it (which the Researchers say means “child,” again in old Edo), i.e. A-ko or D-ko, etc. While there are certainly more than twenty-six Shadowgirls at any given time, no one has ever been known to have met two or more Shadowgirls who have the same first name. However, they always use Kageshoujo as their last name, even if they were Threshold girls.
Shadowgirls have the Youthful enhancement. Because of this, they always appear to be young girls, no matter how old they are. Their bust is never larger than a B-cup, and is usually smaller than that. They do sometimes have hair between their legs, visible like the hair on their head, but they prefer to shave their cunt. They still age normally, they just never show it. Their appearance, what can be seen of it anyway, and their voices are always those of a girl who is roughly fourteen to sixteen. They work to maintain this image as well, usually wearing cute dresses or girls’ school uniforms. Their actions and mannerisms abet this as well (“Hi! I’m F-ko Kageshoujo! Fifteen and in the eighth grade! Pleased to meet you!”), even to the point where they will tell small “fibs” to help out with their look, saying things like they’re in school, what their blood-type is (even if they don’t know it), or their astrological sign, as determined by the Church of the Thousand Faiths (again, whether they know what it really is or not). They never say that their age is anything but how old they look. If a Shadowgirl looks fourteen, she’ll say she’s fourteen, even if she’s really twenty-nine. Shadowgirls also enjoy referring to themselves in the third person; a habit they feel enhances their “cute” image.
Shadowgirls have a biting but subtle sense of humor. They seem to have a knack for picking up on people’s hidden faults and embarrassing secrets, which they tend to hint at (“Ooh! Yuji’s going to go Tame his Pokégirls! Those ‘girls will have to touch each other a lot tonight!”). They seem to enjoy taking things to exaggerated levels, going over the top with their voice tones and body motions to accentuate a point. They especially love doing this in front of an audience, the larger the better. They get along great with CameraGirls because of this, since this way they always have an audience and the CameraGirl always has someone to film. Whether or not Shadowgirls realize they’re going over the top is questionable, since they always do it with everything (hence why they act like cutesy schoolgirls).
Shadowgirls are poor fighters. When in combat, they tend to move around, rhetorically asking what will happen to them, usually in the third person of course. Their tone of voice suggests that they aren’t really taking the situation seriously, but again, it’s hard to be sure with them (“Oh no! Cute little C-ko is in danger! Whatever will this poor little Pokégirl do?”). Their few attacks focus mainly on dodging and discouraging their opponents. Their only physical attack is Slap, and even then this is incredibly weak. The only two effective techniques they know are Cuddle and Earlobe Nibble, both of which can be used to arouse a Pokégirl. Shadowgirls have no special skills in Taming though, and are relatively easy to bring to orgasm, making them poor pokesex fighters as well. They are especially poor choices to send against Bug-type Pokégirls, since they’re afraid of them and will run around shrieking girlishly in fright. The only things to recommend a Shadowgirl are that, even more so than most Dark-types, they have a fantastic resistance to Psychic powers. Most of them just wash over them like they weren’t even there, and those that do affect them only do so minimally. Their other useful skill is that they are very good at gathering information. Give her a few days and the proper resources, and a Shadowgirl can find out pretty much whatever you want to know. They can form plans about various actions with this, but they tend to repeatedly and worriedly remind their Tamer about the chances and consequences of failure, which gets annoying rather fast.
The only known evolution of a Shadowgirl is to FarFuck’d, fitting since this is the only Pokégirl even more overly dramatic than the Shadowgirl. Exactly how this evolution is affected is unknown, and when asked, Shadowgirls themselves just claim ignorance, along with a hope that such a thing doesn’t happen to them. This is pretty much the icing on the cake for why Tamers don’t want a Shadowgirl in their harem. Shadowgirls who go Feral wander around in a distracted state, unable to really focus or do much of anything, like an Ingenue. Threshold girls who become Shadowgirls are perhaps the single best cases of Threshold being accepted, since the personality change is total. Threshold Shadowgirls naturally abandon their old identity completely, name and all, and seem to feel no remorse over their transformation. They always refer to who they were in the third person, as though their old identity was someone else entirely. Between this and their somewhat annoying antics, their old families virtually always send Threshold Shadowgirls to Pokégirl ranches or Pokécenters.
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SHAGUAR, the Cool Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Ice/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Very Rare (Capital, Orange, Scarlet Leagues), Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: chilled fish, alcohol
Role: covert operations, subterfuge, cuddle-pet
Libido: Average (gets higher the colder they get).
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Tail Slap, Agility, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Aurora Punch, Ice Blade, Blizzard Beam, Ice KAPOWIE
Enhancements: 5x Human Strength, Enhanced sense of smell, Night-vision, and Sensitive Hearing
Evolves: Kool Kat (orgasm), Jugguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Ice Crystal)
This ice princess of the feline Pokégirls was discovered completely by accident in the Gold Continent in 289 AS. When Pokégirl Tamer Martin Camero of the Sunshine League was trying to find a way to get a Warcat from the Catgirl branch of the Kitten's evolution, he tried anything at random. As a result of his want for that specific Pokégirl species he was after, he used an Ice Crystal on his Catgirl, and found a then unknown evolution of that breed: the Shaguar.
Normally standing at 5'5" with breasts that range around a large A-Cup, (never higher than a mid-sized B-Cup), one would see at first glance that a Shaguar isn't physically intimidating to look at. Although there are cases of Shaguar with brown pelts with white or tanned undersides, the majority are almost completely white-furred. In colder climate regions, this white fur gives the Shaguar a good measure of camouflage. The only way to keep track of the Pokégirl is the fact that their dark brown or black ring patterns will still show up against the snow if one looks closely enough.
Interestingly, while their pre-evolution form of Catgirl is only average on fighting skills at best, Shaguars are pretty decent fighters, comparative if not superior to Warcat species that Martin Camero had been so interested in getting. Through research of the species, it has been found the reason that Shaguars are such competitive fighters is that they are always searching for new sources of warmth, and so they have a tendency to constantly fight as a means to keep their body temperatures up.
The correlation of a Shaguar's fighting skill and body temperature is a fact that has proven useful to Tamers who specifically participate in PokéBattle circuits. Some Tamers firmly believe that in a colder climate, a Shaguar is almost invincible, as they HATE the freezing temperatures, making them fight even harder as to keep warm. This belief is what has lead the Shaguar to become a popular import into the Scarlet League and the Southern islands of the Orange League from the Sunshine League, as well as the most Northern reaches of the Capital League.
It should also be noted that this same need for warmth is why the Shaguar have a tendency to have considerably furious Taming sessions with their Tamers than a number of other feline Pokégirls. Their bodies are cool to the touch, but feeling into their inner-depths, a Shaguar is far colder. It is this inner-feeling of cold that makes the Shaguar constantly chilled, and Taming usually heats her up from within, which makes her warmer throughout. As such, the Shaguar's need for warmth pretty much allows the Tamer a lot of leeway in Taming a Shaguar. As long as she's getting it hot and heavy, she will put up with a lot of stranger or exotic kinks. Although they do love cuddling afterwards.
The Shaguar isn't without faults though, and has a number of quirks. Although they absolutely hate the cold, the Cool Cat Pokégirl absolutely loves chilled fish. This may be attributed to the fact that they also have a preference for alcohol, (especially ale) as it is known to make them feel `warm' inside, despite what they'd eaten. Another odd facet is that Shaguars are susceptible to Electric-based attacks. It seems that while Ice and Fighting negated a lot of elements that either species was weak or strong against, (Bug, Flying, Rock, Steel) it opened up a specific elemental weak-point for them.
When determining Harem dynamics, a Tamer should be forewarned to never allow a Shaguar and a Nogitsune into their harem at the same time. For reasons unknown, the two species have taken a near automatic dislike for each other, very similar to how Cheshire and Kunoichi feel about each other. This leads to a lot of bickering and in-fighting that often turns physically violent.
As a final note, there is an interesting rumor currently circulating in the Sunshine League. Possibly started by a Shaguar whom wanted a considerably improved figure, the call has gone out to discover what would make the `Jugguar', also referred to as the `Jugg-u-lar' in some regions. While more than likely a hoax, one can never be too certain in this day and age.
No case of Threshold into a Shaguar has been recorded as of yet. As this is a more recent evolution, currently there are only Domestic breeds. As time goes on, thanks to this Pokégirl's popularity, it wouldn't be a surprise for a Shaguar to become more frequently found in the wild or as the end of a woman's Threshold into a Pokégirl.
Aurora Punch - (ATK 120 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Cold Punch', nearly double the regular strength; the fist becoming encased in a sharp corona of ice. Impact forces the opponent to back up to seven steps and may stun them for one round, (three rounds if opponent is Dragon, Ground, or Plant-aligned). Fire-types take half-damage
Blizzard Beam - (ATK 35 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Ice Beam' This attack fires a cold beam at the enemy, freezing what it touches. Unlike Ice Beam, Blizzard Beam causes outright damage to whatever is frozen, be it Pokégirl or surrounding environment.
Ice KAPOWIE - (ATK 200) An attack exclusive to the Shaguar and easily one of the strongest combination Fighting/Ice attacks in existence. The Ice KAPOWIE strikes opponents with an overwhelming uppercut that has been known to K.O. Dragon-types in one hit. However, to use this, the Shaguar must sacrifice 1/2 of her HP before attacking and can only be used once a battle, since afterwards, the needed energy is spent. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with Frozen status-ailment for 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Shaguar is then dizzy for 4 rounds.
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SHARPTITS, the Vicious Fish Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Metamorph (shark)
Element: Steel/Water
Frequency: Very Rare (never seen in groups)
Diet: Carnivore/Icthyvore
Role: Ultimate oceanic predator (short of Leviathaness)
Libido: Low (High during full moon)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ice, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Fire, Fighting, Royal Curse
Attacks: Bite, Water Tower, Iron Defense, Water Spear, Crunch, Water Sword, Iron Punch, Hydro Pump, Iron Tail
Enhancements: Natural armor, metamorphic abilities, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x8, focused on blood), Enhanced Strength x5, Enhanced Speed x4 (in water)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobfin (Diamond Stone)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 500,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 80,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for confirmation of successful use of Royal Curse): 600,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 650,000 SLC & free medical care until you can tame your Sharptits without injury (applies to Ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Try to use Royal Curse immediately if you have it. Otherwise use your strongest electrical attacks. (applies to Ferals only)
A complete reversal on the Boobfin, the Sharptits is based on the greatest predator of pre-Sukebe oceans-- the shark. As such, she is an unsavory and vicious predator that few Tamers-- if any-- want in their Harems, and the few that do keep one are closely monitored by the League. Not only is her previous form prettier and friendlier, she's smarter, too, and a Sharptits will be hard-pressed to defeat a Boobfin in single combat, despite being more physically powerful and able to actually breathe underwater (where the Boobfin merely holds her breath). It is pretty much a given that any/every Sharptits you will ever see will be a monster and a menace.
As a metamorph, a Sharptits has two forms she can shift between: a humanoid form for sex and any land-based travels she may undertake, and an aquatic form. Her humanoid form is brawny and muscular and seven to eight feet tall, and could be mistaken for an Amachoke if not for the counter-shading of her front (white from the underside of her chin to the insides of her thighs), the fins on her forearms and back, and the finned tail that provides her with balance. Her aquatic form is much larger (specimens up to 25 feet long have been recorded) follows the typical mermaid appearance of humanoid torso and fish-like tail, but her head is more pointed and shark-like as well, and her back and arms are covered in heavy metallic plating. Her jaws in the latter form are capable of 3000 pounds of pressure per square inch, making her Bite and Crunch attacks devastating. Her body, except where counter-shaded or armor-plated, is typically metallic dark blue or gray, though purple discolorations or scars are not unusual.
The few Tamed Sharptits that have ever been observed are brusque and ruthless, and do not work well with harems unless given extensive training by their Tamer. The best-behaved Sharptits are those who evolved in domesticity, which almost never happens given how few Tamers want one. They are also, as a whole, noticeably less intelligent than Boobfins of similar experience levels.
Combat-wise, a Sharptits is a terror to any Tamer who does not have an Electric-type Pokégirl (against which their Steel/Water combination proves doubly weak) or a similarly high-leveled Boobfin (who can easily outwit a Sharptits). However, they have a rather profound weakness that Magic-type Pokégirls can also exploit: once hit successfully by the T2 Magic attack Royal Curse and transformed back into a Boobfin, she will never again evolve into a Sharptits. There is an increased bounty for Tamers whose Pokégirls successfully use Royal Curse on a Sharptits.
When Taming, the Sharptits WILL be on top (if not because of her attitude then because of her dorsal fin), and the Tamer WILL use Heavy Restraints or sedatives. No exceptions. They are demanding and difficult lovers, and ornery to the point of injuring or possibly even killing their Tamer. It should be noted that during the lunar high tides of the full moon, a Sharptits's libido increases dramatically, and even Ferals will drop everything in pursuit of sex (a Feral having sex with a human during this time will not Tame the Sharptits and will most likely kill the human).
All Threshold cases involving Sharptits ancestry have resulted in Boobfins. It has been proven that a Sharptits cannot give birth to another Sharptits, only Boobfins. However, the Diamond Stone needed to evolve a Boobfin into a Sharptits is not absorbed by the event, which explains why Feral Sharptits continue to evolve from Boobfins.
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SHE-CAPTAIN, the Commander Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Sea Admiral, Troop Commander, Strategy & Tactics, Heavy Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: *Manifest Weapon (singular), *Manifest Weapon (double), Water Gun, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump, Water Tower, Vortex, Water Floor, Typhoon, Whirlpool, Geyser, Bubbler, Tidal Slide, Teleport, Super Cyclone, Insulate, Hurricane
Enhancement: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Increased Intelligence, Weapons Affinity, Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious, Can instinctively pilot any and all aquatic vehicles, can teleport from ship to ship, Specialized olfactory senses
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buttaneer (normal, high level), Piratit (normal, high level)
Buttaneers and Piratits are fine Pokégirls. They make a superb navy for either actual pirates or League naval forces, or even for a singular Tamer near the sea. Some even use Buttaneers and Piratits to crew luxury liners, the sea warrior Pokégirls serving as excellent crew members and protection against actual pirates on the open sea. It’s when they become She-Captains that their value goes through the roof.
She-Captains take the natural ferocity of the more animalistic Buttaneers and the grace and natural skill of the Piratits, combining them into a total package that makes for one of the most formidable Pokégirl breeds in the world. If they evolved from a Buttaneer, they lose almost all of their animalistic appearance and become completely human, although they still retain the human equivalent of whatever unique features they had. The only animalistic part of them that remains is some scales on their neck which has their gills on it, allowing them to retain their amphibious nature. Aside from gaining a foot in height and a cup size in bust, there is little to distinguish them from your average Very Near Human-type Pokégirl in terms of appearance, their hair usually hiding their scales if left long.
She-Captains, in terms of personality, become much more calm and collected than their two previous forms. They gain an increase in intelligence and the ability to better calculate strategies and tactics in battle. They make excellent Alphas for harems on either land or sea, although they are most effective when on the open ocean. Like their two previous forms, they can be used readily on land, although they will be somewhat melancholy and depressed unless they are on the open ocean.
She-Captains have a lot of powerful abilities. They retain/gain the ability of Piratits to manifest any one of three weapons their choose to master (but ONLY those three) in either singular or double form. However, like the Piratit, they have to write a mystic rune on the weapon they want to be able to summon and/or replicate. They also retain/gain the ability to control wind and water magic that Buttaneers have, only on a much more powerful scale. She-Captains also gain the ability to teleport from one seagoing vessel to another by melting into the hull of one ship and emerging through the hull of the other. What makes them especially valuable to both Naval and Pirate forces is their ability to pilot any sea-going vessel, be it an old pirate galleon, a luxury cruise liner, a high-tech submarine, or even a tiny dinghy. (As an amusing side note, ‘a tiny dinghy’ is also favorite insult most She-Captains like to use on most Tamers they do not like. They think it’s funnier when the Tamer DOESN’T get the joke.) So skilled are She-Captains at piloting sea vessels that the only real way to sink one when a She-Captain is at the helm is to attack it.
She-Captains are best suited to the Alpha position. Their strong, domineering personality makes it extraordinarily difficult for them to accept leadership from anyone else other than their Tamer, whom they refer to/think of, as their ‘Admiral.’ She-Captains in the Navy tend to be better able to keep their crews in line than Pirate She-Captains, although both work well together, just in different ways. They are very protective of their Harem-sisters and/or crewmates, and are usually found in the thick of battle with them, barking orders around. She-Captains near or in a Feral state are usually twice as aggressive and rarely give orders that make sense. Their preferences in Taming do not change from their previous form, although they tend to start preferring clothing ‘more suited to their rank.’ An odd personality quirk common to most of the breed is that they all want a big hat of some kind and are somewhat edgy about letting people touch their hat.
As a side note, the warning about putting Pirate Pokégirls and Ninja Pokégirls in the same harem applies even more in this case. While Piratits and Buttaneers hate most ninja breeds (a feeling which is returned), She-Captains refuse to tolerate their presence at all unless their Tamer can give them six DAMN good reasons why. (They ask for six because it’s less likely they’ll get the reasons and get to attack.) This rivalry between the pirate breeds and ninja breeds is so intense that only Taverngirls are allowed into certain areas of the Ruby League and Edo League, due to high ninja breed concentrations. Taverngirls are the only evolution of pirate Pokégirls that can tolerate the presence of ninja Pokégirls, due to their generally mellow nature. (Covered further in the Taverngirl entry.) No cases of Threshold into a She-Captain have been reported.
Manifest Weapon (Singular) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world.
Manifest Weapon (Double) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world and replicate it, allowing for double-weilding.
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SHEDNOBI, the Celestial Carapace Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare (Edo, League), Extremely Rare (Forest Leagues), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: positive emotions
Role: pokébattle, advisory, public service, sparring partner
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Infernal, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Flying, Infernal
Attacks: Ecto Ball, Invis 2, Invis 3, Full Bushin, Image, Smoke, Heaven's Arrow, Wonder Guard
Enhancements: Exoskeleton, celestial nature
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (special; PokéBall and empty slot)
It is known that with a Nincadass' evolution into Ninjacket, she leaves a distinctive husk behind that will soon dissolve into sediment. However, under special circumstances, the Nincadass' husk itself can become a separate, sentient Pokégirl species known as Shednobi. One needs to have a Pokéball on hand during the Nincadass' evolution and an open space in their immediate harem. Capturing the husk and having it sent to a Pokécenter does nothing but give the Tamer an empty Pokéball when he returns for it. The Shednobi needs time around the Ninjacket that came from it, in order to become a Pokégirl outright.
Although the Shednobi have an innocent cherub expression and maintain the build of their previous form, held in a fetal position, one should not mistake them as a living creature. The bodies are hard-layered carapaces that are hollow and utterly dark. They do not possess organs normally considered vital for life; completely immobile and do not need to breathe. There is a dark circular hole in the Shednobi's back which the Ninjacket had exited out of during her evolution. However, the torn up part of the back managed to alter into a more pleasing state, seeming like a pair of angelic wings. While they are able to float and hover, these wings do not move. The big signal that these are Celestial-type pokégirls is that the Shednobi also have a halo-like object hovering above their heads that shines with a golden light.
While one would think that the overall immobility would hinder the Shednobi's fighting prowess, that is simply not the case. The Shednobi can access the technique of the Full Bushin, and puts it to great use, confusing opponents and attacking from three directions. Using other Ninja techniques of Image and Smoke, not to mention a Ghost-type's Invisibiltiy, she's already a formidably difficult Pokégirl to damage. However, she has another technique on top of that, which makes her an opponent's nightmare to have to battle: Wonder Guard.
A Celestial technique that has come to the fore with this Pokégirl, the Wonder Guard, once cast, allows for the Shednobi, (and any other Pokégirls on her side) a barrier what is considered the greatest Defense technique. If the attack used is not considered `Strong' against the Pokégirl who has had Wonder Guard cast, then she takes no damage, period. One Shednobi who had cast Wonder Guard, was recorded to have taken Hyper Beam point-blank, and she didn't even flinch from it! Not that she could move to begin with, but you get the idea...
However, all this is set off by the fact that the Shednobi has a terribly fragile build. Should an attack manage to get through this pokégirl's considerable defenses, the Shednobi will take considerable damage.
Still, Defense isn't the only thing a Shednobi has going for her. She does have two rather impressive attacks, albeit only two. Heaven's Arrow, a considerably powerful move, is something that she will tend to hold back unless facing an Infernal Pokégirl, or a Pokégirl that is dangerous to others. The other is Ecto Ball. Similar to Ectoplasm, the Shednobi absorbs nearby negative emotions, and released a ball of condensed ectoplasm at her target, normally using Full Bushin before hand as to launch three Ecto Balls at once. However, with the exception of Wonder Guard, the effectiveness of all her defenses are cut in half.
Overall, while the Shednobi is limited in her attacking potential, she truly is a Holy Terror to fight for any Pokégirl that isn't a Dark, Fire, or Flying-type, or at least has an Infernal attribute to her.
There is no way to outright Tame a Shednobi. However, she does receive sexual stimulation from when the Ninjacket that came from her is Tamed. This empathic bond she has with the Ninjacket is more than sexual stimulation. The two can communicate with one another telepathically, and if a Tamer is close with both Pokégirls. At this point in time, it is theoretically impossible for a human woman to Threshold into Shednobi.
Ecto Ball - (ATK 40 + EFT) Exclusive to actual ghosts and Pokégirls who are _mainly_ Ghost-type, (so yes, the Widow IS excluded). By absorbing nearby negative emotions and energies, the Pokégirl using this technique unleashes the ectoplasm as a projectile attack the size of a softball that messily explodes upon impact. However, every time the Ghost-type Pokégirl uses this technique, she halves her defenses: natural and technique.
Wonder Guard - (EFT) A very special Celestial Barrier. Once cast, for the rest of the Pokébattle if the opponent Pokégirl uses an attack that is not considered elementally `Strong' against the Pokégirl using this technique, then the Pokégirl takes no damage, period.
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SHIELDMAIDEN, the Defensive Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon to Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: human style food, with the exception of red meat
Role: bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Reflect, Harden, Foresight, Telekinesis, Armor, Shield, Tackle, Bellyflop
Enhancements: Psychic abilities, armored skin
Evolves: Barriermaiden (Cunnydew nectar)
Evolves From: Ingenue (Psi Crystal)
Shieldmaidens looks like ordinary girls with an exception. They have a strange tattoo that appears on their forehead. It's exact design can vary from concentric ovals to four triangular shapes in a diamond pattern (each triangle pointing in one of four directions, up, down, left or right). Shieldmaidens differ on whether or not to cover it up, but those who do cover this tattoo generally do so with a bandanna.
The first strange thing most people notice about a Shieldmaiden (tattoo aside) is what is known as the "Sparkly" effect. When a Shieldmaiden finds herself attracted to another person, they subconsciously create a minor barrier that traps and condenses moisture in the surrounding air, creating a small rainbows and sparkles of light. Unless she is in a low humidity area (such as a desert region), this is quite noticeable.
A Shieldmaiden is a very useful Pokégirl to have around when it comes to preventing accidents, as her ability to produce force fields can prevent some rather serious damage. Unfortunately, they don't have many attacks at all, even at higher levels, so they can be frustrating to use in combat, even if they are inherently better than the Damsel when it comes to fighting. In fact, they're so bad at attacking physically that if they attempt to use Tackle (one of their only attacks until much later), there's a 15-30% chance that they'll end up using Bellyflop by accident.
Many Shieldmaidens, startlingly enough, like travel and exploration. Some researchers see this as a counter-intuitive nature, believing that Shieldmaidens, as a defensive Pokégirl, would want to stay in one place. However, their assumptions do not change the fact that many Shieldmaidens still like traveling.
One common trait that does make sense, most researchers state, is that the Shieldmaiden is often quite possessive of her lovers. While this is not as strict as a Neo-Iczel, she will become quite furious if her chosen lover happens to be a Pokégirl her tamer just traded away. In most cases, the tamer will relent and get their lover back, but those that don't will usually find that the Shieldmaiden may go "missing"... permanently.
Some Shieldmaidens take to carrying actual metal shields to amplify their Shield technique. The size may vary depending on her confidence or need. Most who carry shields will carry medium-sized kite or oval shields, some will carry tower shields, and very few will carry a buckler. Where they get these shields can vary. Those with poor tamers may salvage metal and use their telekinesis to forge a crude shield, while those with richer tamers will have them made.
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SHIVA, the Legendary Ice Goddess Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: unknown
Role: bringer of winter
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice, Magic
Weak Vs: None (Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel)
Attacks: Ice Beam, Boulder Ice, Glacier, Boulder Snowball, Mist, Snow Storm, Snow Blind, Snowball, Ice Wall, Ice Blade, Cold Snap, Heat Drain, Diamond Dust, Heavenly Strike, Chilled Arousal, Wave of Ice, Iceblade Kick, Little Cloud Mk II, Little Cloud Mk III, Icicles, Arctic Attack, Avalanche
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Shortly before Sukebe’s death in the War of Revenge Shiva appeared, apparently one of Sukebe’s more successful attempts to make a new Legendary to hopefully turn the tide of the war. Not much is known about the Ice Goddess as few survived her attacks. What is known comes from clues discovered at ruined labs of Sukebe. Shiva had once been a human woman who had been betrayed by those she cared for and devoted herself to her studies. When Sukebe was attacked by the press she was one of the few who tried to fight back and clear his name for all the good he had done. Nowadays, this has sparked many rumors about Sukebe’s relationship with that woman (whose name has woefully been lost to time), with some saying she was a close friend, a lover, or in some cases, even a relative. She then disappeared for a time only to return during the early days of the war leading people into traps set by Pokégirls. Until one day she was injured by some soldiers and she was taken to Sukebe. It is unknown just what happened but when she reappeared she was Shiva the Ice Goddess and she began her attacks on mankind on the behalf of her new master.
While there have been many tales since of humans who became Pokégirls, Shiva is the only case of a human being transformed into a Legendary. There are few Researchers today who wouldn’t give all they hold dear to know how Sukebe accomplished this. However, no notes found in any of Sukebe’s old bases even hint at the process used to turn the former human woman into Shiva, and even repeated forays into Jusenkyo Spell Dump have yielded nothing but tragedy. The few records of that time state she was mainly known for the arctic winds that blew around her at all times, and that she appeared as an ordinary human woman, save for having ice-blue hair, and that she almost always dressed in very “cold” colors, such as light blues and teal greens.
During the last days of the war some Tamers tried to destroy her in what was to become northern Tyroon but she unleashed her Ultima Heavenly Strike on them and the very earth itself, dropping mountains of ice from the sky. It's believed after this that she sought a place to rest and is now where she has been since the War: sleeping in an ice cave in the Ice Fields of Tyroon under the Ice Blade gym.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Shiva's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below) nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe's Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed.  However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Shiva has No Weakness (Level 70). If she were to face a Fighting or a Rock-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Ice/Magic, at or below level 70, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don't have. Here is Shiva's lexicon of special attributes:
Ultima Heavenly Strike: Shiva can use the Heavenly Strike attack to a much stronger degree than any other Pokégirl. Instead of just creating a ball of ice above her opponent and dropping it on them, she can make the temperature high above them drop so much so fast that in the sky, a sheer glacier begins to form, held aloft by arctic winds until it’s of huge size, at which point she can release it to drop on her opponent, crushing them in an icy tomb. Because it severely depletes the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere to do this, this attack can only be used once a week in a given area.
Cold Construct: A power vaguely similar to the Simulacrum attack, this allows Shiva to magically shape a quantity of ice into a form of her choosing, and then animate it. The size of the construct is limited only by how much ice she has at hand. She may either directly or passively control whatever construct she makes. Passive control is where she gives her constructs simple orders to follow, such as “let no one except me pass” or “guard this room.” Constructs given such orders follow them until she gives them new orders, or they are destroyed. These passive constructs are maintained by her will, but keeping them formed is easy enough that she needn’t concentrate on it, and they remain animated no matter how far from them she is. Shiva may have up to a dozen passively controlled constructs at any time. A construct that is being directly controlled is one that she is actively concentrating on, and thus she can make it do whatever she commands it to do. Such direct control is daunting however. She must be within a hundred feet of her construct to directly control it, all orders must be verbalized, and the mental concentration needed to keep it together is such that she cannot use any of her other attacks or Legendary Salient Qualities while directly controlling it. Furthermore, directly controlling an ice construct of hers takes so much concentration that any other passively controlled constructs of hers are rendered inanimate until she stops concentrating on her directly-controlled construct. A construct that she ceases to directly control becomes passive, continuing to carry out the last orders she gave it. Although created and given movement by Shiva’s magic, her constructs do not have any special protection from the elements, and when taken out of an arctic clime, begin to melt normally.
Cold Sleep: Shiva has the power to regulate her internal coldness to the point where she can put herself into a state of suspended animation. While in this state, she has no need for water, food, or even Taming. She can decide beforehand how long she wants to sleep, and awaken at a predetermined time, but once she goes into her sleep, she will remain in it until the pre-arranged time to awaken. She can, however, be awoken by any sort of rough outside stimulus, such as very loud noise, rough handling, pain, etc. Even while her Cold Sleep, though, she can still have passively controlled constructs operating for her.
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SHOXIYA, the Thunder Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Lizard Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruits, small bugs, Pokéchow
Role: Decoy, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water,
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Fireball, Spark, Timid Strike
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Jumping ability (x5) Adaptable to any climate
Evolves: Sexlóng (battle high, well-trained)
Evolves From: None
Shoxiya are small in size appearing to be at a height of 5’5” at maximum with nicely shaped B-cup sized breasts. Their ears are shaped similarly to small dragon wings in a slightly curled upward position. Their wild, waist-length hair varies in colors, but most often their color is red. While not particularly strong in strength, they are quick and agile. Their face, for the most part contain human-like features but have a slight muzzle and their tongue is forked. Their eyes are initially yellow, but the colors vary and their pupils are slit. Their smooth-yet-scaly skin is ivory white along with small claws on their hands and feet with their tail being 3/4 in length of their legs. Their most distinguishing feature is their “veins” from their cheeks down to their feet which glows in a bluish color. It is often said you can tell how much electricity is flowing inside of a Shoxiya simply by the brightness of the glow.
However, as electric types go, Shoxiya are known to be weak in general. Their strength is laughable, they cannot take much punishment in battle, and the only thing they seem to be good for is running away, yet they still believe that they have the battle won, if not ready to turn it into their favor. Despite their weak stats, it is possible for a Shoxiya to be a legitimate effective Pokégirl battler. With good training and by learning the right moves, a Shoxiya can become a decent combat Pokégirl. However, there is just one little problem: When it comes to battles, Shoxiya tend to become arrogant, too arrogant for their own good!
They put too much faith in their own abilities to realize their limitations, and have too much pride to admit need of help. Thus training could be very difficult, especially when working around their weaknesses. Until you are confident in her abilities, it is highly advised that you restrict your Shoxiya to either double battles paired with a strong Pokégirl that can cover her weaknesses or single battles that you are sure she can win, no matter how much she complains. Otherwise, should Shoxiya lose a battle (which is likely) neither her Tamer nor her Harem-sisters would hear the end of it. Needless to say this is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.
By nature, Shoxiya can be energetic and playful but they also tend to be rash, rarely if ever listening to reason. Their optimism tends for them to see things on the brighter side though, but it can make them prone to gullibility and obliviousness. Tamers and Researchers alike are often puzzled how a Shoxiya can go from being arrogant and antagonizing in battles to playful and cheery. Some have suggest that they do it all for attention from those they can get it from, especially their Tamer, to the point where if they feel ignored, they will do whatever they can to gain the attention they feel they deserve. To them negative attention is better than none at all, which may bring trouble to their Tamer. Lately, “attention whore” are the first words to come to mind when thinking about them.
If you’re not willing to go through all the trouble of training, Shoxiya have their uses outside of battling. Their speed and adaptability make them great scouts for checking out unknown areas for traveling Tamers. Their strong leg muscles grants them great jumping ability which allows them to leap onto high places to get a better view of certain areas. The high amount of electricity residing inside of them makes them useful as battery chargers as well as serving as an emergency power source for electrical equipment. Note that the latter only works best for small items such as hairdryers and lamps. Afterwards, it would be best to feed them and let them rest, as to them it is a draining experience. Also, their eagerness to fight makes them great decoys to keep dangerous feral Pokégirls away from defenseless tamers and Pokégirls. Just be sure to be quick to get the defenseless ones out of harm’s way, because they won’t be able to hold them off for long, no matter what they say.
During Tamings, Shoxiya prefer their Tamers and only them. They won’t be pleased to see anyone else, especially his Alpha or Beta. To them, they’re more than enough to satisfy and they see even the thought of bringing in another as an insult to them and their abilities. If another joins, she will become the object of the Shoxiya’s resentment for “stealing” her turn. Shoxiya often like to be dominated and if the Tamer won’t take the initiative then she will, often giving him a “playful” shock, in order to rile him up to show her who’s boss. Often foreplay is involved, usually involving tender stroking and ear nibbling, until they are ready to go down with the Tamer. Normally one time is enough to satisfy them, but depending on their feelings towards their respective Tamers, they may want to go for it again.
It is highly unlikely to threshold into a Shoxiya, as there have only been eight reports of this occurring. Feral Shoxiya are not that different, but unlike their domesticated counterparts, they won’t stop until they achieve their goal (Namely, attacking all that comes by for a battle) even if it will cause them serious bodily harm. Otherwise, they tend to search for packs to travel with.
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SHRINE MAIDEN, The Amateurish Summoner Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-like diet (likes strawberries and cheesecake the most)
Role: Summoners
Libido: Average (High after Summoning)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Grass, Poison, Ghosts
Weak Vs: Dragon, Rock, Flying, Ice, Normal
Attacks: Twister, Dragon Dance, Summon Esper, White Wind, Exorcism, Shield, Summoning Contract (*)
Enhancements: Low Sleep Cycle, Natural Summoning Ability
Evolves: Shrine Priestess (normal, Level 30)
Evolves From: None
Shrine Maidens appear to be no different than normal human women at first glance. Their height ranges from 4'3" to 5'2"; their breasts sizes usually start small (A to B-cup) when they're young, but grow steadily until they're 18-22, when they're larger (C to DD-cup); their eyes are usually blue, grey or red; their hair color tends to be black, but is sometimes pink. Their hair is rarely any other color. The Shrine Maiden's skin is quite smooth most of the time, but shifts to become tough and more like sandpaper when she is angered (which, Tamers should note, occurs ALL OVER, even in their vagina, so DON'T piss her off during taming sessions). If a Pokégirl transforms into a Shrine Maiden, they _USUALLY_, but not always, lose any blemishes or 'defects'.
Shrine Maidens traditionally wear a scarlet red hakama, either pants or skirt; a white kimono shirt with swinging sleeves; and white socks (known as Tabi). She can decide to add ribbons or ornaments at her own discretion. Undergarments are entirely by their preference.
Shrine Maidens have occurred in low, but steady numbers, since 198 AS. All that is known about Pokégirls evolving into a Shrine Maidens is that it's never quite the same Pokégirl nor is it the same stimulus. The few theories that exist that cannot be entirely denied usually indicate that a Pokégirl may be spiritually selected to become a Shrine Maiden when another Shrine Maiden is about to pass on or has already passed on; OR the Pokégirl may have reached some point of spiritual enlightenment that wasn't apparent prior to evolution.
Shrine Maidens only need 5 hours of sleep to be at tiptop shape, but require an additional 2 hours of meditation in order to use her summoning ability; another hour of pray, preferably at a shrine of their chosen faith, though she can use the symbol of her chosen faith for prayer (she just prefers a shrine); and at least twice a month, she must make an offering to her chosen faith, either in the form of food or money. Their partners are strongly encouraged to do the same, but it is not a requirement.
Shrine Maiden should not leave the shrines of their faith for prolonged periods of time, or else they will begin losing their powers (though they never lose access to their Summoning Contract ability because of this). There are two methods to sidestep this problem.
The first method is a lengthy ritual involving cleansing her body of bad luck and wicked thoughts, meditation, and drinking a special herbal tea. The ritual is only effective for up to two months, meaning that she must return to the temple before then or face the degradation of her powers until she does make it back.
The second method is for prolonged journeys which may go well beyond two months. Either the Shrine Maiden or their partner must bare a miniature shrine. The mini-shrine is specially made to resists all normal forms of damage, but is generally between 50 to 150 lbs. This is to symbolically represent the burden that the Shrine Maiden bears in leaving the temple, and their partner must understand the depths of the Shrine Maiden's faith. Tamers have found that the mini-shrine can also act as an early warning system as it magically lightens when trouble is within fifty feet, but only remains light so long as danger is around. The shrine is enchanted so that it cannot be lost and returns to the Shrine Maiden's side the next night, but the Shrine Maiden must pray to it as soon as she is able.
Some tamers may think to use the shrine as a shield, but doing so deliberately will incur the wrath of the Shrine Maiden, who will always instinctively know if the shrine is attacked. Unlike most other Pokégirls, it is deemed perfectly acceptable if a Shrine Maiden ditches an irresponsible tamer to head back to her home/shrine if she had proper provocation and few Leagues will even attempt to help a tamer try to get their Shrine Maiden back as it will result in a massive battle. The Indigo League attempted to return a Shrine Maiden to an irresponsible Tamer in 243 AS only to find two hundred badly injured tamers and five hundred sleeping Pokégirls on the battlefield.
The Shrine had only three Shrine Maidens and one Shrine Priestess to defend it, yet not one was injured or tired.
Since then, it's been a universal taboo for Leagues to interfere with a Shrine Maiden's business.
Perhaps the most useful ability of the Shrine Maiden is her natural ability to summon Pokégirls. This ability tends to grab the nearest Pokégirl, but if a Shrine Maiden spends an extra round (or even 2) on the summoning, she can choose from a variety of Pokégirls to summon rather than just grabbing the nearest available one, though it seems to stop at a radius in miles equal to her level, so 5 miles at Level 5, 15 miles at Level 15, etc. If an appropriate one isn't found, she has expended the energy fruitlessly, so she must be careful. She can also cut any summon short, but this automatically occurs if she is rendered unconscious, either through exhaust or damage. A strong-willed Pokégirl can stay upwards of a turn after her summoner has fallen unconscious. Any summoned Pokégirl is generally willing to fight for the summoner, though any Pokégirl summoned via the Summoning Contract ability (more on that below) will always fight for the summoner.
Initially, she can only summon use Summon Esper once per day, but as she grows in power and skill, she can summon more often. At Level 15, she learns Summon Type, and at Level 30, she can learn Summon Pokégirl. It's important to note that summoned Pokégirls, even the ones summoned via her summoning contract, cannot be captured, even with a master Pokéball, nor do they 'die' if slain. If a fatal blow is about to strike them, the magic of the summoning dispels, healing them and teleporting them back where they had come from. A skilled Shrine Maiden can even have the dispelling create a shockwave to disrupt the attack.
Shortly after using a summoning, a Shrine Maiden becomes aroused. She can summon (or maintain a summon) a Pokégirl to help satisfy her, but a tamer who satisfies her after a summoning is guaranteed a wild ride. She prefers any position where both she and her partner can equally gain pleasure and likes to ensure that neither of them is 'benefiting' too greatly for any position. She is often a very patient and understanding lover.
Most Shrine Maidens will become a genuinely nice Pokégirl, though some may take longer than others to become as nice as Shrine Priestesses and may require some 'verbal prodding' to correct their behavior. Once she's grown into her final personality, she can get along easily with most other Pokégirls and only the most hardened can resist at least becoming a good friend. She strongly dislikes violence, focusing heavily on her healing and defensive arts and will only fight for the sake of an innocent, herself or her loved ones.
She is extraordinarily strong against Ghost-type Pokégirls with her Exorcism ability, but through strange circumstances, Normal attacks do more damage than they really ought to. Perhaps it's a peculiar side effect of her genetics.
Evil Shrine Maidens, though a minority amongst the already rare Shrine Maidens, will never allow themselves to tolerate being corrected, regardless of punishment. They often flock to religions that allow them to be as wicked as they want to be and are usually seen accompanied by Vampires or Mazoku. Surprisingly, at least to those ignorant enough to confuse darkness with evil, most dark-type Pokégirls instinctively loathe evil Shrine Maidens and will do what they can to disrupt the evil Pokégirl's activities.
Evil Shrine Maidens never manage to live long enough to evolve into Shrine Priestesses as they always seem to make a lethally stupid move, either by challenging a Shrine Priestess for power; trying to make a contract with a very dangerous Pokégirl; or by pissing off all of their summons (who invariably come hunting for the evil Shrine Maiden in question on the summon is done).
One of the most unique abilities is the Summoning Contract. Tamers are not normally privy to the secrets of the contract, but most know it requires the Shrine Maiden to serve at the shrine for a year and one day to even get one (and no, her apprenticeship doesn't count towards this requirement); a pilgrimage to see a Pokégirl (usually one of a great power or standing); and the act of actually making an arrangement with said Pokégirl. The arrangement usually benefits the 'summon' Pokégirl in some way (it varies based on what the 'summon' Pokégirl wants), and allows the Shrine Maiden to call on the 'summon' Pokégirl in times of crisis. The Shrine Maiden may not abuse the 'summon' Pokégirl or break her trust, or else the contract will be broken and she can never summon that Pokégirl ever again, even with the other summoning magics. In order to activate Summoning Contract, the Shrine Maiden must bite her thumb and place at least one drop of her own blood on a stable surface (such as the ground, a wall, etc.) which then creates a magical portal through which the 'summon' Pokégirl will appear.
Summoning Contract allows the 'summon' Pokégirl to last as long as the summon Pokégirl has health. She cannot be put to sleep, rendered unconscious by normal means (other than health loss), stunned, paralyzed or frozen, though she can be affected by any other status ailments, both good and bad. The 'summon' Pokégirl, depending on her personality, will either extract payment before each summoning or afterwards.
If her trust or the contract is broken mid-summon, she can cancel a summons of her own will. The 'summon' Pokégirl can even refuse a summons, but without a valid excuse (such as a violation of the contract, her conditions for being summoned not being fulfilled, or if she is pregnant and/or giving birth), she faces dire possibilities, which are outlined in the Summon Contract. Of course, she cannot be summoned if she is dead, but the summoner is instantly made aware of their death. The summoning contract turns completely black ONLY when there is no chance of revival. A summon Pokégirl with a contract can refuse a summon from an Pokégirl who does not have a contract with her.
A Shrine Maiden can make as many Summoning Contracts as she can effectively manage. It is not entirely impossible for a Shrine Maiden to have as many contracts as a tamer has Pokégirls, though she would likely be thirty years older before she had that many.
One unique thing to note about the summoning: The summoner cannot, in turn, be summoned while she is actively summoning. This means, that two Shrine Maidens cannot summon each other at the same time, though they could feasibly trade off. Researchers believe that is because the summoner becomes akin to a ship that has dropped anchor while the summoned is like a lifeboat. As such, it's impossible to get the summoner 'summoned' without negating or breaking her current summon.
When it comes to combat, Shrine Maidens will usually follow the style that their Shrine uses, but some will branch out and develop a unique style. If they learn a martial art or weapon style, it will usually be the one taught at the shrine or temple they serve at, though exceptions are allowed if the style or the instructor doesn't directly go against their religious beliefs. Pacifistic religions will often take up Akido or weapons that cause minimal lasting damage. Evil Shrine Maidens will seek out devastating or vicious styles.
Perhaps some of the kinkier aspects of Shrine Maidens is once they come of tamable age, they can choose to engage in a Ritual of Womanhood, where she is introduced to sex by any Pokégirl at their shrine. After she is no longer a virgin, she can join in ritualistic orgies which occur on special days to their chosen religion.
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SHRINE PRIESTESS, The Master Summoner Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-like diet (likes strawberries and cheesecake the most)
Role: Summoners
Libido: Unique (see below)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Grass, Poison, Ghosts
Weak Vs: Dragon, Rock, Flying, Ice, Normal
Attacks: Gaze, Glare, Smile, Twister, Dragon Rage, Dragon Dance, Summon Type, White Wind, Cura, Exorcism, Shield, Foresight, Summoning Contract (*), Soothing Voice (**)
Enhancements: Low Sleep Cycle, Natural Summoning Ability, Longevity, Minor Shapeshifting
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shrine Maiden (normal, Level 30)
Shrine Priestesses are generally taller and more elegant than their Shrine Maiden sisters. Their height ranges from 5'3" to 6'4"; their breasts sizes usually bigger (ranging from C to G-cup); but their eyes and hair don't change. The Shrine Maiden's skin is tantalizingly soft and smooth, but retains the 'Turn To Sandpaper When Pissed' ability.
Shrine Priestesses carry an ethereal glow around them, which is made all the more potent on any night where moonlight is visible. They move with a grace and elegance that makes it seem as though they are gliding, even though they aren't. Their voices delight all listeners when she's happy and can terrify any intended recipient when she is angry or 'displeased'.
Shrine Priestesses were once thought to be of the Dragon Element. This only partly understandable because of her ability to use Dragon-type attacks, and when she's angry, people believed that the supposed "dragon" half of her became noticeable, as they can silence even those with the bloodcurse "Insanely High Stupidity" with a single word. Thus, one of the stupidest things one can to is piss off a Shrine Priestess. Supposedly further showing her "dragon" side, her hair will begin to levitate and her eyes become slitted as she becomes angry. Few can meet an angry Shrine Priestess' gaze when she is mad.
It's a commonly told rumor that a Hild once flinched at meeting a Shrine Priestess' angry gaze and fled shortly thereafter.
Despite all of this speculation, though, the Shrine Priestess has been thoroughly proven to NOT be of the Dragon element.
A Shrine Priestess still does not like violence, but resorts to it when necessary. She determines the best way to resolve the conflict, either it is through an endurance battle or through a quick fight. Her perception is impeccable, allowing to discern those who could be stopped without violence from those who will only be stopped with it. It is not entirely uncommon for a Shrine Maiden to ask a Shrine Priestess to be her first Summon Contract, though Shrine Priestesses often discourage that in favor of urging the Shrine Maiden to see the world.
Unlike many ambitious Shrine Maidens, Shrine Priestesses don't feel the need to make a ton of summon contracts. They are content in finding good summon partners who they can rely on and ensuring that their relationship with their summons remains on good terms at all times. They will still retain any summon contracts they made prior to evolution, though.
Shrine Priestesses are good Alphas for those few lucky tamers who helped the Shrine Maiden evolve and they are perhaps the best-received as such. While not necessarily the best strategists or fighters, they don't gloat or have an overbearing ego, and they are fairly good at keeping other Pokégirls in line (though not necessarily keeping them out of trouble).
A Shrine Priestess genuinely enjoys more tender intimacy, making her a good first partner for timid Pokégirls. Their Soothing Voice technique calms nervous, anxious or otherwise timid lovers while simultaneously exciting them. However, their libido is a curious thing. Their sex drive grows as they grow bored or feel relaxed, and goes down as they feel excitement or stress. This means that a Shrine Priestess at a popular shrine will require few Tamings, while a Shrine Priestess at a less than popular shrine will become far more randy.
Some will note that the Shrine Priestess, unlike the Shrine Maiden, does not require lengthy rituals or a shrine to carry when she leaves her temple or shrine for extended periods of time. This is because the Shrine Priestess is more of a representative of her religion, and as such, can do her prayers anywhere at any time.
Those visiting unpopular shrines with Shrine Priestesses may find a bunch of brand new rituals or ceremonies that invite newcomers in. These rituals and ceremonies are often created on the spot to relieve the Shrine Priestess' boredom and/or sexual tension. Few complain about these brand new rituals or ceremonies, save when they are more weird and confusing than sexual in nature.
In some cases, Shrine Priestesses have been known to completely alter the religion they follow to satiate themselves, but eventually get around to telling their followers that she wasn't being serious. Eventually.
(**) - Soothing Voice (S.ATK 50 + EFT) - The user must be within an armslength of the target to use this technique. The Soothing Voice first calms the target, and as the user approaches the target, it has an 80% chance of inflicting the status ailment Attraction. After the first two rounds, Soothing Voice acts like a sexual 'attack', driving the target closer and closer to orgasm. It is entirely possible for a skilled user of Soothing Voice to bring a target to orgasm with the sound of their voice alone. Shrine Priestesses know this technique naturally, but other Pokégirls can learn this technique.
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SHUDDER BUG, the Photographer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore; human standard, prefers sweets.
Role: Magazine photographers, Paparazzi
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Flash, Force Field, Kick
Enhancements: Can instantly use any still-frame camera equipment with a touch. Can go without Taming and not going Feral until tamed for the first time.
Evolves: CameraGirl (Normal)
Evolves From: None
A Pokégirl that was only recently discovered at a high school where a female human was part of the AV club. Her ability with the equipment made her popular with the not-so-in-crowd at the school, while many of the other human males tended to ignore the girl. It wasn't until a Tamer came by the school to speak about what it was like to be a Tamer that he scanned the crowd with the Pokedex. Sure, it came up with all sorts of the common Pokégirls- Bunnygirls, Kittens, Ar-tits, etc. But when he pointed towards the girl in charge of the AV equipment, the signal sent off indicated a new Pokégirl. The tamer Pokéballed her on the spot and got to deliver a rather meaningful show-and-tell session to the entire school.
Needless to say, the faculty were not impressed, and expelled the Pokégirl and have set up a No-Tamer policy on schoolgrounds. The Shudder Bug, however, was delivered to a Researcher in the Indigo league and research was conducted. This was back in 274 AS, and since then the Shudder Bug evolved into a CameraGirl. Research done on the Shudder Bug shows that she has an innate expertise when it comes to any sort of still-frame camera equipment as well as a more than passing interest in any other audio-video equipment.
While it seems that a Shudder Bug can't go feral until she is not a virgin, once the Shudder Bug has been tamed for the first time she starts to enjoy it and need it like standard Pokégirls do. Why this happens to be is uncertain, but this is only a minor problem compared to more permanent problems like S-Goths. After all, one taming and she's back to a controllable status. One thing that truly puzzles researchers, however, is the way that a Shudder Bug, who have an average libido, evolves into a CameraGirl, who has a Low libido. Researchers studying this phenomenon have attributed this decline in sexual need and activity to the increasing capabilities of the CameraGirl's focus and dedication to what she does best.
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SHY MAIDEN, the Shy Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Uncommon (Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Fighting, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Mystic Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Hard shell (defense x5), Shell Enlargement/Reduction, slick skin, color changing 'hair'
Disadvantages: Low HP, Low pain tolerance, low speed
Evolves: Shy Princess (normal: Level 30), Shy Queen (Shy Princess Evo; mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: None
The average Shy Maiden is roughly 4'6" to 5'1" tall. However, since she lives largely in her shell, which is generally much bigger, some believe her to be roughly 8'3 or taller. Their eye colors vary, but are generally blue or dark grey. They have fine hair-like antennae that extend from the top of their heads. These antennae are quite beautiful and change color based on the Shy Maiden's mood, but because of their bashful nature, few see more than a few colors. Their skin color ranges from a bone white to a deep pink. Their shells are generally dark grey and look like typical clam shells.
For the most part, a Shy Maiden has a human form, but from roughly mid-thigh down, her body is almost like a gelatinous blob that is bound to the shell. Part of this blobby section binds the two halves of the clam shell together and allows her to open it. She can turn freely inside the shell, but cannot separate herself from it.
The Shy Maiden was named as such because of her tendency to slam her massive clam-like shell around herself to keep attackers at bay. Shy Maidens have, despite their own wishes, quite a few attributes that make them popular with humans and Pokégirls alike.
The first is their natural oils. The oil secreted by a Shy Maiden when they're aroused makes the skin of most humans and other Pokégirls more sensitive, allowing for greater sexual pleasures. This oil is known for it's cleansing and enriching properties when applied to skin or fur, and adds a nice shine to either. It is highly sought by the vain.
The second is their smooth skin, which causes arousal in virtually any sexual partner.
The third is the shell that the Shy Maiden lives in. Many tamers and Pokégirls discover that a Shy Maiden can enlarge her shell to virtually any size, and since it's porous enough to always allow fresh air in, it can be a fairly useful makeshift tent. In order to keep out rain, though, a tarp needs to be draped over the top of the shell. Of course, a Shy Maiden's ability to increase the size of her shell is proportional to her level. It isn't until roughly level 20 that she can enlarge her shell enough to accommodate another person.
Shy Maidens do have a lot of disadvantages, though. Because of their soft bodies, they cannot tolerate pain much, and thus, should be kept out of the hands of any abusive or domineering tamers or Pokégirls. If such tamers or Pokégirls try and abuse a Shy Maiden, she may shut her shell permanently, refusing to come out even if it means starving to death.
Shy Maidens also cannot move very well on their own. Some can manage jumps, but are much slower than even children in a potato sack race. Even underwater, while she can move farther and control her movements better, she remains slow and not very maneuverable.
The diet of a Shy Maiden is perhaps one of the main reasons why most tamers who wind up having one stay near oceans, lakes and streams, as seafood is the only sort of food they can tolerate. Oddly, they love to suck on salt. They love it like other Pokégirls love sugar. In fact, salt can sometimes be the best offering to a Shy Maiden, probably because it helps their bodies retain water better.
In battle, she generally uses her jumping ability to stay away from other Pokégirls and fires attacks from long-range. She fears close combat, as it is one of her body's main weaknesses.
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SHY PRINCESS, the Introvert Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Rare (Very Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Power Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon, Whirlpool, Water Golem, Cupid's Bow, Artemis' Bow
Enhancements: Harder shell (defense x2)
Evolves: Shy Queen (Shy Princess Evo; mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Shy Maiden (normal: Level 30)
When a Shy Maiden evolves, her shell changes into a large conch-like shape, and it appears have roughly three layers. The outermost is the hardest and has numerous spines to allow her to remain stable on most ground. The inner most two are similar to her former clam shell. She can now enlarge any of these layers (the outermost layers MUST be enlarged first) up to ten times their original size, but she cannot move at all at this size and has great difficulty opening or closing her outer shells without shrinking them, changing their position and then re-enlarging them.
Shy Princess' now have a full body, but some part of it MUST remain merged with the gelatinous blob that controls the body at ALL times. For this reason, she generally chooses her feet or back.
Shy Princess', both domesticate and feral, HATE meeting new people. If she does not already have a steady lover (either a tamer or a Pokégirl), she haphazardly seek one using her Cupid's Bow technique. Feral Shy Princesses often use Whirlpool to pin their targets in place and shoot them with Cupid's Bow until satisfied that the target is sufficiently in their control. They will then use Water Golem to bring the target to them.
The Shy Princess is perhaps the only Water Pokégirl who must rely on a gained technique for mobility. A Shy Princess will use Water Golem to move about on land. She will also use it in the water to maneuver. The sheer weight of her shell makes it otherwise impossible to move on her own while on land, and makes even jumps in the water quite difficult. Because of this, most Ferals will generally stay underwater to grant them the most mobility.
Cupid's Bow - (S.ATK 40 + EFT) This unique attack creates an "arrow" of soft pink energy that flies at the intended target. If struck by the "arrow", the victim immediately becomes aroused and feels pleasurable sensation in the affected area. If struck in an erogenous zone, these sensations are even more powerful. These "arrows" do not do physical damage, but have a 30% chance of inducing Heat and Attraction. This is considered a 'magic' technique.
Artemis' Bow - (ATK 80 + EFT) A arrow of white energy that strikes the victim and knocks them down. This is also considered a 'magic' technique.
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SHY QUEEN, the Shy Noble Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Very Rare (Extremely Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support, negotiator
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Mystic Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon, Whirlpool, Water God, Eros' Bow, Artemis' Bow, Slick Stroke, Shell Shield, Great Shell Shield, Ultimate Shell Shield
Enhancements: Firm body, greater shell manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shy Maiden (normal: Level 30), Shy Princess (mechanism unknown)
Shy Queens are perhaps the most extroverted of the Shy-sisterhood. This isn't saying much, though. She remains bashful and does not like confrontation, and will seek to solve problems peacefully. Shy Queens have one large difference from their Shy-sisters. They are able to leave their shells. They can also shrink and change their shells into any form they choose, but cannot manipulate the shells of other Pokégirls. Many Shy Queens primarily use their shells as faux-clothing, changing their shells into the shapes of gowns or bikinis.
Shy Queens, no longer held back by the limitations of their shells, can move freely, but depending on how long they've lived in their shells, they are clumsy and awkward.
A major misconception about the Shy Queen is that she can no longer make her shell into the protective shape it had as a Shy Princess. This is false. She can revert her shell into the form of a Shy Maiden or Shy Princess' shell at any time, but she no longer has to connect her body to said shell. BUT, all Shy Queens hold onto their shell, as they've grown emotionally attached to it.
Another misconception is that a Shy Queen no longer seeks companionship. If she did not find a permanent lover as a Shy Princess, a feral Shy Queen will use Eros' Bow and Slick Stroke to "encourage" targets to become her lover. The more feral she becomes, though, the more aggressive she will become, using Water God to grab targets. However, once she has found a regular lover, she will return to her more docile state.
Magic Technique
Eros' Bow
- (S.ATK 80 + EFT) An upgraded version of Cupid's Bow. Constant and repeated exposure to Eros' Bow can induce a subservient attitude in the victim. Has a whopping 75% chance of causing Attraction and a 80% chance of inflicting Heat.
Shell Shield - (DEF 50) This technique creates a shell-like shield to protect the target. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Any Pokégirl can learn this technique.
Great Shell Shield - (DEF 100) This technique creates a shell-like wall to protect the target. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Any Pokégirl can learn this technique.
Ultimate Shell Shield - (DEF 180) This technique creates a shell around the target to protect them. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Only Queen types Pokégirls and Pokégirls devoted to defense can learn this technique.
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SIDEKICK, the Wondergirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Varies
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods, varied preferences
Role: frequently domestics, salesgirls, factory workers, pets, partners, low level harem members
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: varies
Weak Vs: varies
Attacks: Cheer, Dodge, Tackle, (Others vary)
Enhancements: Toughness, speed, elemental affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ingenue (any elemental stone)
A human who undergoes Threshold becomes an Ingenue if she doesn't reach a critical point and moves towards another breed. If an Ingenue reaches a certain experience point (20th level) and uses an Evolution Stone (or under special circumstances), she can evolve to Sidekick. While nowhere near as powerful as the other evolved form of an Ingenue, the Battle Angel, the Sidekick is a welcome addition in any beginning tamer's harem or in areas of industry where their elemental affinity can be put to good use.
Evolution with a Fire Stone: Wonderwarmth Girl (Fire)
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Ground
Attacks: Ember, Napalm, Rage
With experience: Flamethrower
'Wonderwarmths' as they're affectionately called generally have hair and nails (and in some cases eyes) in varying shads of red to orange. Most prefer bright clothing, and foods on the more spicy side. When not in a harem, they're generally found working in glass shops, smithies, or assisting bakeries. A few Ingenues have been found to have evolved into this fire-type without the use of an evolution stone when spending lots of time around volcanic areas and it is speculated that Ingenue can evolve into sidekicks naturally when spending a lot of time around the various elements.
Evolution with a Water Stone: Wet N’ Wild Wonder (Water)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Bubblebeam
With experience: Water Gun
Wet N Wild's generally have hair and nails that range from a deep blue to a blue-green and rarely white. Their eyes range usually stay in the blue to green range. Most prefer to wear as little clothing as possible, bikinis in blues or sea motifs being very popular. Not surprisingly, they have a preference for seafood and oddly will sometimes eat plain salt or drink saltwater. This doesn’t seem to dehydrate them, as they know when to stop. WNW's can often be found as community pool lifeguards in lieu of the more popular (and powerful) water types.
Evolution with a Leaf Stone: The Weedy Wonder (Grass)
Strong Vs: Rock, Water, Ground, Electric
Weak Vs: Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Command Plants
With experience: Rose Whip
Weedy Wonders have an oddity when it comes to using their vine whip, they are always restricted to one vine that sprouts from the small of their back, much like an anthropomorphic Pokégirls' tail. With experience, this vine can sprout sharp thorns, allowing them to use the Rose Whip attack. Their hair, eye, and nail color usually ranges from greens to browns. They're solidly vegetarians, and enjoy sunbathing nude (which always makes them ready for a taming).
Evolution with a Angel Stone: Winging it' (Flying)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground* (*Immune)
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Gust, Speed Storm, Dive
With experience: Tempest
Winging it's gain the ability to partly morph when they evolve. However, it isn't feathered wings that sprout from their arms; their finger bones elongate as a membranous wing forms in place of their arms giving the Pokégirl a look like most of the bat-types. Winging it's seem to live up to their name, and often roll with the punches both physically and emotionally. Their hair, eyes, and nails range from white to blue with the occasional pinks and oranges, and like all aerial Pokégirls, it's a high for them to receive an aerial taming.
Evolution with a Thunder Stone: Wonderzeus Girl (Electric)
Strong Vs: Flying, Water, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Grass, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Agility, Rolling Spark
With experience: Thunderbolt
Zeus' electric abilities seem to manifest themselves as hyperactivity, even when sitting or sleeping they can't stay still for long. They have very good control over their electric powers, however, and will only shock people if they ask or deserve it. Some tend to be pranksters, using electricity to make loose articles of clothing stick to walls (or stick in awkward positions on the wearer) or charging metals into magnetizing and sticking them in odd places. Woe to the pet owner who finds his toaster stuck to the fridge (or his boxers to the ceiling for that matter). Their primary nail, eye, and hair colors range from yellows to blues, and they prefer skintight clothing.
Evolution with a Dark Stone: Dusk ‘til Dawn (Dark)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Dark Bomb, Dark Shield, Ashen Wings
With experience: Dark Blade
Dawn's are more commonly found in a beginning tamer's harem than as pets or in industry, unless it's security detail with other nocturnal Pokégirls. Though easily conformed to a diurnal schedule, Dawn's LOVE their sleep, and if left to themselves will easily fall into a sleeping pattern of 12 to 16 hours of sleep per day. Oddly, with a schedule or without, they are quite perky Pokégirls and are very sociable. Their hair (and sometimes nails) turns a midnight black and they begin to enjoy wearing darker colors, but their wardrobe isn't completely black.
Evolution with a Psi-Crystal: Psy'dkick (Psychic)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Other Psychics
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Telekinesis, Teleport, Backstab
With experience: Psychic
The Psy'dkick isn't the strongest psychic Pokégirl around, only able to lift about 500 lbs. or so with her Telekinesis and unable to Teleport further than 30 miles away. Her telepathy doesn’t seem to be as limited, and she can pick up surface thoughts quite easily, as well as pinpoint or broadcast her thoughts to others. It is empathy where this Pokégirl excels at, making them good choices for counselors, therapists, or betas in a beginning tamer's harem. While nowhere near in popularity as Abra and their evolutions or Espeas, Psy'dkicks are a welcome advantage to any low-level harem. Their looks and preferences vary greatly.
Evolution with a Ice Crystal: Winter Wonder Girl (Ice)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Armor
With experience: Snow Storm
With pale skin, eyes and hair in the white to blue range, and the slight chill in the air about them, it's easy to tell that the Winter Wonders are an ice type. While nowhere near as cold as the more powerful ice types (they enjoy temperatures just below the freezing mark) some call them the ‘sub tropical winter Pokégirl.’ They can lower the ambient temperature around them and use their ice powers effectively, and are often seen in the industry front working in deep freezers for meatpackers and other grocery stores.
Evolution with a Diamond Stone: Wondirt Girl (Ground)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Grass, Water
Attacks: Gut Punch, Mud Slap, Tree Fall
With experience: Sky Fall
Like the Earthmaiden, Wondirts are able to move the earth through a Geomancer-type effect. However, the Wondirt's ability is very limited, they are only able to move around loose soil, but can shift that into mud for their Mud Slap technique. Usually quiet and permissive, these girls like things simple, from their cloths to their foods and tend to frown upon extravagant owners (though being permissive, they don't say anything). They enjoy feeling the ground beneath their feet, or any part of their body for that matter, making outdoor tamings a must.
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SIDEVIPER, the Aggressive Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Fighting/Poison
Frequency: Rare (most Leagues)
Diet: Berries, fruit
Role: Hit-And-Run Tactics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Grass, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying, Ice (double damage)
Attacks: Agility, Silver Fist, Thunder Tail, Wrap, Probing Tongue (*)
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3), retains most of their intelligence even when feral
Disadvantages: Low HP, very weak to psychic attacks, weak against ice attacks, can't shapeshift if they're feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Battle stress + Feral state)
Sidevipers are very rude departures from the other snake Pokégirls. They often have foul tempers, which only evaporate after they've either won a battle or found a permanent lover (tamer or Pokégirl).
Their hair tends to vary from deep red to hot pink to almost blackish purple; they all have elven ears; and most have blue or grey eyes. Very rarely will any have green or red eyes. Their skin has a golden tint, as do their belly scales. Their other scales, like the Garter, always match their hair, but unlike Garters, does not change if the Sideviper dyes their hair. Their tails are double the length of their human legs.
Most of the ferals will often take advantage of any opponent who's fallen unconscious. Surprisingly, even completely feral, they retain quite a bit of knowledge, and have been seen rummaging through a tamer's pack and Pokéballs for things they like.
Back during the war, Sidevipers were well known for hit and run tactics, brutally attacking the flanks of infantry units, and forcing the enemy to spread their units thin, allowing more powerful and durable Pokégirls to devastate the units further.
Of course, being cold-blooded, they tend to stay away from cold areas. If in a harem, a Sideviper will beg to stay in her Pokéball. No arctic zone League will ever see a Sideviper that's there willingly.
Unfortunately for honest Tamers, no Naga will evolve without becoming Feral and becoming highly stressed in combat.
Those seeking to capture them know that Sidevipers love fruit. Some have been known to enter cities and attack fruit stands when their fruit supplies in the wild run low. Some smaller cities that have had repeated problems either send for a tamer to capture the Sideviper or have a large number of fruit and berry plants planted outside of town.
(*) - Probing Tongue - (S.ATK 135) The user's tongue skillfully finds the most pleasurable points on their partner and stimulates them. Both humans and Pokégirls can learn and enjoy this technique.
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SIREN, the Charmer Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Forest League)
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Interrogator
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Charm Song,* Seductive Glare,* Memory Wipe,* Psychic, Slap
Enhancements: Longevity, Psychic affinity, Aura of Trust, Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Reduced Feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wet Elf (Dawn Stone)
Sirens stand between 5' to 5'8, tall, and are slender of build. They have C-cup breasts, their hair color is turquoise, and their eyes are white.
Sirens live on a Tropical island somewhere near the Forest League, where they remained ‘undiscovered’ for some time. They lure in sailors with their songs, Tame them, then erase their minds so as to leave their existence as little more than rumors or dreams.
The only reason they were discovered at all is because a Tamer who was somehow immune to their charms managed to capture one and win her trust. It was through her that it was discovered that the Sirens were originally a remote colony of Wet Elves who, for reasons unknown evolved into the Siren when they encountered that particular island.
Sirens don’t make good battlers, but can be very effective regardless, usually by charming the enemy into temporarily switching sides, or by forcing them to forget certain attacks or commands. They make decent Sex Battlers though, thanks to their high charm and libido.
A Siren’s personality is typically grumpy or aloof. They see themselves as being better than everyone else. They don't make good alphas because they typically don't want to bother with the responsibilities. One thing they are interested in is Taming and Challenges. If they see a challenge, they will throw themselves into it with gusto in order to prove themselves better, or capable of becoming better. When a Tamer gains their trust, they mellow out and open up significantly, becoming genuinely nicer people.
When it comes to taming, they don't see it as something they need to stay sane so much as something that they genuinely like to do. Therefore, they see it as it's They who tame the humans. To that end, they much prefer to be in a dominant role when taming.
Much like their Wet Elf sisters, Sirens all have longevity, so have not been able to breed with humans yet, but it is suspected that threshold into one will be possible someday.
Charm Song (EFT) - A song with a beautiful melody, usually from a harp, accompanied by voice. Most who hear this song fall into a trance-like state where they are more open to suggestion. The effect amplifies when more sirens join together in harmony.
Seductive Glare (EFT) - A Siren’s normally white iris’s turn passion red as they look suggestively at their targets. Has a 50% chance of causing Charm status and a 30% chance of causing heightened arousal.
Memory Wipe (ATK +EFT) - While not the best at reading minds, they are capable of sending out a sort of ‘psychic pulse’ that clears a target's short-term memory. Usually this only affects what's in the front-most layer of their memory (such as a tamers command or the procedures to an attack) but the combined effort of a group of Sirens can effect a memory reset, erasing as much as 24 hours from a persons mind.
Aura of Trust (EFT) - Like the charm song, the very presence of a Siren will open people up to suggestion, giving them the appearance of trustworthiness. This effect is not cumulative, and cannot cause a charm status in-of-itself.
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Skarmoress, the Jet Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (armored avian)
Element: Steel/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Mostly carnivorous
Role: Aerial warfare and high speed assault
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Steel Wing, Steel Feathers Gale, Speed Storm, Steel Feathers Darts, Gravity, Iron Tail, Grav Bomb, Metal Claw, Sonic Boom, Metal Sound, Mach Breaker, Meteor Mash
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x20), Enhanced Stamina (x10), Aerodynamic, lightweight body allowing for high speed maneuvers, ability to manipulate wind to produce high speeds, natural armor, blade-like wings
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Skarmoresss are rare, powerful Pokégirls, considered by some to be the fastest air Pokégirls alive. So great were their abilities, that Sukebe did not feel he had to make that many of them. One of the more terrifying breeds developed by Sukebe during the Revenge War, they were designed to be jet fighters. A pair of Skarmoresss proved to be capable of going toe to toe with a squadron of ten jet fighters from that era and WIN.
Very metallic in physical look, they are somewhat humanoid in appearance, their backs covered with silver, metallic feathers that blend together so perfectly that it looks like a smooth surface, ending in a flared tail which they use to help control their direction in midair. Their legs from the thighs downward are heavily armored, ending in metallic, birdlike claws with razor sharp edges capable of cutting through steel. Their faces are aquiline, and they possess long, thin, beak-like noses and silver hair kept short, save in the front, where it hangs down to partially mask their faces. Their incisors are long and razor sharp, a feature which makes the smile of a Skarmoress very predatory and intimidating. Their eyes are never any color other than white, red, or metallic grey, and are capable of seeing over long distances in adverse conditions. Their wings, smaller than most bird-type Pokégirls, are separate appendages from their bodies, the edges of their wings possessing even harder metallic feathers sticking out at regular intervals, allowing for powerful slashing attacks, the smooth feathers looking like a single sheet of metal. The feathers on their arms curve up to form blade-like attachments, which they used in the rare moments they had to go into close combat. Their hips are relatively slender, and their breasts rarely went above B-cup. They don’t like using Bloom, as they believe that larger breasts decrease the aerodynamic nature of their bodies. For a Steel-type Pokégirl, they are actually incredibly light, partially because they use up a lot of calories in flight. Conversely, because of this Skarmoresss have to eat more than most bird-type Pokégirls to reach their desired top speeds. Skarmoresss also possess a special organ inside their bodies that allow them to manipulate the air around them with their thoughts, and their bodies can also withstand excessive amounts of g-forces, allowing them to reach incredibly high velocities.
During the War, Skarmoresss used their ability to manipulate wind to push themselves forward, moving faster and faster to the point where they were able to break the sound barrier, the mere wake of their passing capable of devastating most opponents, sending most planes sent against them tumbling out of control, shredded by flechettes of razor-sharp metal feathers they would release as they passed. Those planes able to survive the sonic booms generated by the Skarmoresss fell victim to a different kind of super fast assault, one from the talons, wings, and tails of the vicious jetbirds, as they were called before their breed name became public knowledge. They aren’t as heavily armored as some Steel-types, their metallic feathers making them very visible to most forms of radar, as well as line of sight when the light would glint off of their feathers. They could be knocked out of the sky by most ballistic missiles used in that era if hit by them. But because of their incredibly high speeds and superior maneuverability, as well as the ability to shoot metal feather darts with the same speed as missiles sent against them due to their ability to manipulate wind, that was an extraordinarily rare occurrence indeed.
Skarmoresss are among the more playfully vicious types, loud, brash, and cruel. They love their speed, and love going as fast as possible. In battle, they take great pleasure in overwhelming opponents with speedy attacks and sonic booms, sometimes using quick, ultra fast turns and passes to generate gravitational waves to disorient opponents before moving in for the kill. Very rarely do their show mercy to an opponent, as they as a breed have a psychological distaste for leaving ‘loose ends.’ They don’t like being beaten and will usually track down whomever defeats them endlessly until they gain a satisfactory victory. Rarely are Skarmoresss caught, but those that do catch them gain great weapons, as they are fiercely loyal to those that manage to catch them. They are haughty and arrogant, but will tolerate the presence of others in the Harem, so long as their Master (whom they always refer to as Air Commander) allows them the chance to fly every day. Due to their harsh, vicious personalities, and great level of power, usually only highly experienced Tamers try to catch them. A good tactic to use when FIGHTING a Skarmoress is to target their wings. They are paranoid and overprotective of their wings, and if they cannot use them anymore, will commit suicide out of despair.
Feral Skarmoresss are among the more dangerous breeds of Pokégirls. They are vicious, territorial hunters that feed on other bird-types that enter their hunting grounds. When they want taming, they will take any human they find back up to their nests, which are usually found in mountainous, spacious areas, and seduce them. If they have no young, the Tamer will be set free, dropped roughly off in a place safely away from their nest. If the Skarmoress DOES have young, it’s a strong possibility that the Tamer will become food.
In terms of Taming, they are very passionate lovers, and don’t mind if a Tamer climaxes quickly, as their cunts are very sensitive and they usually climax quickly, preferring speed and quantity over quality.
Thresholding into a Skarmoress is extraordinarily rare, and only occurs if the girl going through Threshold has a Skarmoress in her family line.
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SKUNKETTE, the Phenomenal Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Above Average (High on monthly basis)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ice, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Rock
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Dig, Spice 2, Musk, Back Burner, Flamethrower
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Multiple Musk Glands, Posion Resistance, Immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Limited Use of Glands
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mephitits (normal)
Tamers that take the time and effort to work on their Mephitits, Taming her, training her, putting her through battles, will find that all this experience will get the Pokégirl to grow in enough levels to evolve. An evolution that while easy enough to find in the wild, is rewarding for the Tamer to have attained by their own accord. The Skunkette!
In appearance, the Skunkette remains looking like an anthropomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing slightly taller now between 4'10 to 5'11", the Skunkette's coat of fur remains pretty much the same with as before concerning softness and pattern. However, while the Mephitits was uniform in color and pattern throughout, it is the Skunkettes' hair that differentiates in colors, usually the regular colors like black, blonde, red, with some cases of blue and purple, which their triangular ears rise above. And of course, what Tamers look forward to is that their breasts grow to around a solid C-Cup, with some even reaching a small D-Cup, the latter usually happening to balance out her body if her posterior got bigger than expected as well.
Of course, with the minimal physical variation between the Mephitits and the Skunkettes, some would say that Skunkettes are nothing more than bigger, bustier, and lustier versions of Mephitits. Still, the Skunkette is definitely an improvement over her previous form. Their eye-sight is improved greatly and they no longer move with an odd gait to their step. More importantly though, the Skunkette loses her need for hibernation, allowing her to become a Pokégirl of year-round use. They also, of course, become better fighters since their strength seems to take quite a boost.
The most important improvement is that the Skunkette gain additional musk glands, allowing for the storage of up to four different kinds of musks, each usable up to four times before needing to wait an hour before they are replaced. This of course, also leads to the Skunkette having a nicer, rounder, larger posterior. Now with a capability to hold more musks, the Skunkettes discover an interesting aspect to their new body chemistry. Since they can mix musks for numerous kinds of effects, the Skunkette is now capable of creating fire-based attacks from mixing two noxious musks together. While the Flamethrower becomes a staple to their attacks, they can now use an exclusive attack called Back Burner, which is a slightly weaker yet more poisonous version of the Fire-type attack Flamethrower. However, they can only use either attack up two four times, since it usually takes two Musk channels in their body to make the Flamethrower, adding a third to make Back Burner. Atop of that, even though they are not Fire-types, they do gain an advantage against certain Pokégirls whom do have that elemental weakness, like Ice. As a trade-off, Rock-types now do become a pokégirl that can hurt the Skunkette, since they come to depend on the Flamethrower, which is an attack that Rock-type pokégirls tend to shrug off with minimal damage.
When it comes to Taming, a Skunkette still loves getting it from behind, churring in ecstasy when a Tamer is either hugging her tail, or giving her `ba-donka-donk' booty a firm slap. Spankings are also something a Skunkette can get off on quite easily; unfortunately this kink of theirs makes them a poor choice for sex battles. Cuddling is still important to a Skunkette after being Tamed, even if the Tamer is just holding her tail. Being sprayed accidentally is also something that a Tamer can say goodbye to thanks to her superior control over her body chemistry. So if it does happen, the Skunkette meant to do it.
The Skunkette, while not as common an end to Threshold as Mephitits, isn't something that is unheard of. These girls that skip straight to Skunkette with their Threshold tend to take to the changes quite easily, feeling confidence and pride; something that they would not likely have had if they'd just became a Mephitits, which has numerous disadvantages.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
Back Burner - (ATK 80 + EFT) A technique exclusive to the Skunkette, the Pokégirl turns her back to her opponent before releasing a burst of greenish flame at the opponent. As this flame is made my mixing her currently held Musk into the Flamethrower attack, the opponent Pokégirl has an 80% of being afflicted with the Status-Ailment of the Musk.
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SLICER, the Swordswoman Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: human diet
Role: fencers, frontline fighters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Magic
Weak Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Slash, Swordwave, Deflect, Counter
Enhancements: Proficiency with any bladed weapon or anything longer than one foot.
Evolves: Gladiatrix (Round Stone), Valkyrie (battle stress), Ronin (normal), Piratit (Water Stone)
Evolves From: None
Slicers appear to be like normal women with some small deviations. Their average height is between 4'8" and 6'1". Their hair colors are generally a random color, but generally within the primary, secondary or tertiary colors. More common human hair colors like silver, grey, brown and black are actually quite rare among Slicers. Their irises are generally a solid color with the pupils being a slightly darker variant of the iris color. This may throw people off at first, as most people are used to seeking black pupils in eyes.
The main oddity amongst 30% of all Slicers is that their arms and fingers may appear thin and delicate, but remain as strong as normal arms. This can sometimes be quite the surprise to opponents, who believe the thinner arms means they are weak.
Slicers are adept at using any weapon that can be wielded with one or two hands, but most prefer using light-weight swords, such as rapiers, short swords or even daggers. When it comes to sword mastery, they are second to few, save their evolutionary sisters, Herowu and Armsmistresses. Unlike Amazonwus or Herowus, though, they do not lose their fighting skill while feral. Instead, they lose confidence. A Feral Slicer is more likely to run if disarmed or caught off guard.
The difference between the Feralborn and domesticate born is that the Feralborn usually have to find a weapon. Most wind up with a branch, but some have been known to steal weapons from towns. Tamers can sometimes get a feralborn Slicer to join them by offering a sword as a gift. Domesticates generally save up money and buy their own sword, but getting the weapon enchanted can be quite the turn-on for any Slicer.
If a Slicer's weapon of choice breaks, she usually mourns it as most people mourn friends. Most ferals and quite a few domesticates will insist on a proper burial for the weapon. The only times when she does not request a burial is if she believed the weapon to be inferior (i.e. a branch she grabbed simply because it was close, but it only blocked a single attack before breaking).
While their attacks can affect Ghost or Psychic Pokégirls, they take double damage from psychic or ghost attacks.
Once a Slicer (or any swordsman) achieves a certain level of mastery or skill, they can use a Swordwave. This technique is similar to a vacuum cut. In layman's terms, it's a force that can cut or tear without the need of contact between solid matter. Swordwaves can also be used to knock people out. Swordwaves can be used with any weapon the user can swing, even if it is not a sword or even a traditional weapon.
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SLIMETTE, the Sexy Goo Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Sex, apparently
Role: In debate
Libido: High
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Whistle,* Long Tongue, Fuse*
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance
Advantages: Numbers
Disadvantages: Low HP, Low Intellect
Evolves: Slimette Princess (any evolutionary stone), Slimette Queen (Slimette Princess evo, lvl 40)
Evolves From: None
Slimettes are all uniformly 5'0", with either a blue or green pudding-esque body and C-cup breasts. They have jello-like hair and large eyes with black irises that are often half-closed, as if the Slimette might fall asleep at any moment (even if they are not sleepy). Though they have distinctive genitals, they have no other distinguishing features, such as fingernails, scars, or tattoos. The only noticeable thing about a Slimette is the almost permanent grin on their faces. The only times this grin changes is when they are using Long Tongue, giving a blowjob or using Whistle.
The Slimette is a recent problem that has begun to plague various leagues. They appear without warning, usually in VERY random groupings of Slimettes or their evolutions, but generally in groups of at least 3. Oddly, they only appear in front of soldiers, police officers, martial artists, tamers or Pokégirls. They completely ignore civilians. In fact, unless in a harem, no Slimettes will appear in a city.
Feral Slimettes seem to have a very limited intellect. When in battle, they will use Tackle on an opponent until they've knocked the opponent down. Once down, the Slimette will attempt to have sex with them. A Slimette seems to have no standards, either. They will even allow Tamers to have sex with them without resisting, regardless of what the tamer does to them, though this is quite probably because of their dietary needs.
Oddly, though, when a feral Slimette is defeated in combat, she will vanish in a burst of soft blue lights, leaving behind a small copper coin with an embossed picture of a Slimette. These coins are cheap and can be sold for 5 SLC. All studies are inconclusive as to whether this burst of light is actually some form of emergency teleport or not. If a non-feral Slimette is defeated, this does not occur.
Vale has attempted various studies, and has managed to discover a number of strange facts. First, though similar to the Titto and the Slutge's natural forms, the Slimettes show no capacity for shapeshifting (aside from it's Fuse ability) or nor do they possess the immunity to poison. Their unique bodies require that they take in sexual fluid at intervals similar to a human needing food (roughly 2-3 times daily). This maintenance can be quite frustrating for a lone tamer.
Second, if a Slimette is around humans or Pokégirls long enough, their intelligence increases. Most will then seek to evolve into a more powerful Pokégirl. When they evolve, the stone remains intact and fully functional (at least, the same degree that it had before).
And lastly, if three Slimettes (or any of their evolutions) are in a tamer's harem, they can sometimes use unusually powerful attacks in battle, but these instances quite rare unless all three are in combat at the same time (then, it's uncommon).
The origins of the Slimette remain elusive, even to Vale's much vaunted research teams. There are a number of theories about them, though, and the most favorable one varies depending on the league. The first is that they were created by a mage seeking to test out his/her spells, but they didn't want to remake their creation over and over, so they gave the Slimette the capacity to procreate. But they didn't restrain it enough and the Slimettes slipped out of their control.
The second theory is that they were made as cheap cannon fodder by an organization seeking to conquer the world, but they were either thrown out as failures or escaped due to some blunder.
The third is that someone may have been seeking to create a fusion between the Slutge and the Titto and failed miserably. The fourth is that they were made to hunt down loose change (this idea only remains prevalent because of the coins the Slimettes drop make no sense otherwise).
The fifth and perhaps most thought provoking is that the Slimettes are from another alternate dimension and slipped into the Pokégirl world unnoticed. This idea is perhaps the most universally favored following the rampant influx of dimensional travellers, and may account for their disappearances when the feral Slimettes and their feral evolutionary sisters are defeated prior to capture. It's theorized that they might be slipping back to their home dimension when this occurs.
Normal Techniques
*Fuse – (EFT) Fuse is exclusive to Slimettes and their evolutions. When four or more Slimettes are in the same area, they will temporarily fuse together to form a Slimette Queen. While this ability creates a vastly more powerful Slimette Queen than the normal evolution, if defeated in this fused state or if a certain amount of time passes (ten minutes per Slimette in the fusion), the Slimettes break apart.
*Whistle – (EFT) A Pokégirl whistles a special frequency to call for help. Has a 50% chance of working. When it does work, summons a Pokégirl identical to the caller 60% of the time, an evolution of the caller 20% of the time and a random Pokégirl 20% of the time.
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SLIMETTE PRINCESS, the Royal Sexy Goo Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Varies
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Sex
Role: Not sure yet…
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Varies
Weak Vs: Varies
Attacks: Whistle, Take Down, Snake Tongue, Fuse, others vary
Enhancements: HP x50, Varies
Disadvantages: Varies
Evolves: Slimette Queen (normal, lvl 40 or Fuse technique for Temporary version)
Evolves From: Slimette (Any evolutionary stone)
Slimette Princesses are larger than their pre-evolutionary sisters, being a foot taller and possessing D-cup breasts. They still have half-lidded eyes and are slightly more intelligent, but that still isn’t saying much. And also, they come in a surprising variety of types. Only a few Slimette Princesses types have been discovered so far, due to the strange fact that the amorphous nature of the Slimette makes most evolution stones fail. However, until it’s confirmed that they absolutely cannot evolve from some evolutionary stones, the listing will remain as it is.
In terms of sexual needs, Slimette Princesses tend to have the same habits of their previous forms. Feral Slimette Princesses can be dangerous, depending on the type encountered, and frequently try to fuck Tamers unconscious. They are a bit less promiscuous in this form, and only need sex twice a day. Still, this can be demanding on most Tamers.
Slimette Princesses are a bit more resistant to physical attacks than their previous form, but depending on their element type, they still have the same level of weaknesses as others of that type. No cases of Thresholding into a Slimette Princess have been recorded.
Mage Slime (Evolution with Mana Crystal)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Magic, Water, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Sex attacks
Attacks: Basic Black magic, Mana Bolt
Enhancements: Magical affinity, Black Magic
Disadvantages: Slower than Slimette, no White Magic
Mage Slimes are red, rather than blue or green.
They have more magical ability than regular Slimettes, however their powers don’t grow very fast, and are limited to base-level black magic, such as Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Water. They are smarter than most Slimette Princess types, but that’s still not saying much. Because of their still very low intelligence, they can’t use Healing magic.
Mage Slimes are among the more favored Slimette types, but that’s mainly because the resultant Slimette Queen is among the more powerful of the breed. They are somewhat versatile in terms of the base-level spells they can use, making them useful in a variety of situations. They can learn speech, but until they evolve, it will be very limited.
Another disadvantage is that outside of magical sources, Mage Slimes will be much weaker. They need a source of mana to maintain their magic, be it a magical area or magical Pokégirl. They are more limited in their attacks otherwise. They can substitute mana for their meal, but don’t like being without both.
If defeated in battle, a Mage Slime type Slimette Princess drops a bronze coin with the image of a Slimette on it. It can be sold for 100 SLC.
Toxic Slime (Evolution with Venom Stone & violent thoughts)
Element: Poison
Strong Vs: Grass
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Poison Mask, Blinding Poison, Zombie Poison, Poison Mist, Snake Tongue
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Regeneration
Disadvantages: Low Stamina
Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princesses are the only type of Slimette Princess evolution that cannot occur randomly, because Slimettes DO NOT automatically evolve when handed a Venom Stone. The Slimette must be experiencing angry, violent thoughts while holding the Venom Stone to trigger the evolution. People are grateful for this, as Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princesses are generally unpleasant in every way, shape, and form.
Toxic Slimes are usually smiling, but it’s a sinister, unfriendly smile. This is because Toxic Slimes realize, in their own dim way, how dangerous they are. And they tend to prove it.
Physically, their hue is usually a dark purple or indigo color. Another major different between Toxic Slime-types and other Slimette Princess types is that they can’t make their entire bodies cohesive. Their legs, up to where the knee would be, are generally formed into a pool of mater at their base. Their arms tend to merge with their torsos when not in use, making them seem like helpless victims.
However, they are more dangerous than most would believe. For one thing, they can coat their bodies in any poison they have access to and make it a contact poison. Feral Toxic Slimes are almost always coated in poison. They are constantly regenerating, like Marbles, and can regenrate from wounds that would be fatal for most other Pokégirls, including other Slimettes and Slimette Princesses. She can even survive being crushed, beheaded, or sliced into gelatin cubes. When she reforms, she is simply angrier and becomes more likely to hunt down her attacker.
Toxic Slimes are probably least dangerous when they are horny. During this time they may simply sexually assault someone and leave. If she’s in a particularly sadistic mood, they’ll leave them coated in several different contact poisons that are sure to cause agony and temporary disability.
Even on the EXTREMELY rare occasions they may pop in a Harem, their toxic demeanor doesn’t change. Their manner and personality is as foul as their body and will cause misery and conflict between other Harem members at the slightest hint of weakness from the Tamer. They don’t even respect Tamers who are strong, however they will be more likely to not cause trouble with them.
They hate humans and Pokégirls alike, even other Slimette Princesses. From what various psychic Pokégirls have been able to read in the dim whirlwind of nasty thoughts they have, a Toxic Slime is no more likely to befriend a Tamer as they would befriend an Anti-Human movement, such as the Limbec Pirates. She toxic in every way possible. She neither wants nor needs friends, however on occasion, Feral Toxic Slimes can be found in a group. So far, it’s believed that a Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princess cannot evolve into a Slimette Queen either via fusion or the natural way.
If defeated in battle, a feral Toxic Slime drops a silver coin with the image of a Slimette on it that can be sold for 2000 SLC, but caution should be used as this coin is often coated in contact poison.
Dark Slime (Evolution with Shadow Stone)
Element: Dark
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Sketch, Dark Shield
Enhancement: Dark elemental powers, Sexual Endurance, Intelligent, Night vision
Dark Slimes have a dark gray or blackish hue to their bodies, and surprisingly, are the shortest of all Slimettes. In fact, a Slimette that becomes a Dark Slime-type Slimette Princess will lose two to three inches of height. Of course, this also serves to make them seem more buxom, even though their breasts do not increase in size.
Dark Slimes are not the most intelligent of the Slimette Princess types, but they are among the calmest and wisest. They like to listen to long-winded discussions, and when they can, try to resolve matters peacefully. Their speech is limited because of their low intelligence, but they usually know exactly what to say.
Dark Slimes prefer to be nocturnal. It’s not that they hate light, it’s just that refracted light is healthier for them. Many liken normal sunlight to being force fed too much food. On the bright side, this means that they’re excellent night guards, as they can see as well in the dark as humans can see in the daytime. Because they also absorb sunlight, this can reduce their sexual needs to just once a day. However, if a Tamer decides to keep a Dark Slimette in the daytime, they should be given clothing to cover at least 80% of their bodies to keep them from getting sick.
Some Tamers dealing with Dark Slimes may mistake their calm reflection and desire to sidestep conflict as cowardice, which is a dangerous mistake. A Dark Slime-type Slimette Princess’s desire not to fight is not the same as her being unWILLING to fight. They are not the greatest warriors, but they do have a good sense of common sense tactics, and with their Sketch ability, they can be rather unpredictable.
Feral Dark Slimes are rather friendly, but will flee if they feel unwelcome. If defeated in battle, a feral Dark Slime drops a bronze coin with the image of a Slimette on it that can be sold for 100 SLC.
Cure Slime (evolution with Dream Stone)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Psychic, Normal, Poison, Sex Attacks
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Cura, Probing Tentacles, Gummi Tongue
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Magic affinity, natural levitation, White Magic, Enhanced Agility (x4)
Disadvantages: Inept fighter, no Black Magic
Cure Slime-type Slimette Princesses change to a whitish hue when they evolve. In their case, Cure Slimes gain the ability to hover and grow two sets of two tentacles from their back, specifically from the area between the spine and shoulderblades. She can also float, but this requires her to sit in a cross-legged position. Also, she can never be more than ten feet off of the ground, though if the ground disappears from beneath her, she can maintain that height. Oddly, the further from the ground she is, the harder it is for her to move while levitating. Some theories believe that she is psychically pushing off of the ground, while others believe that this might be a gravatic manipulation, thus like someone in Low G, she must create counterforce to move.
Cure Slimes cannot use Fuse, but will use Whistle. The main reason for this is that Cure Slimes are completely and totally inept at fighting. Even a normal Slimette is better at fighting that a Cure Slime-type Slimette Princess. Any attack that a Cure Slime attempts will have a 40% chance of missing. Conversely, they are great at evading attacks. Those who try to hit her have an increased chance of missing, usually around 25 to 40%.
Cure Slimes, however, are better at sex battles and have more powerful healing magic, making them popular among Tamers who need a non-combatant healer and can’t get their hands on another healer, such as a NurseJoy or Megami. Because of this, almost no Feral Cure Slimes will alone, unless they just evolved. Feral Cure Slimes tend to be with other Pokégirls. About 60% of the time, it’s with other Slimettes and Slimette Princesses, but sometimes, they’ll be in other packs of Pokégirls.
If defeated in battle, a feral Cure Slime will drop a bronze coin that can be sold for 100 SLC.
Angel Slime (evolution with Angel Stone)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Grass, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Ice Beam, Wing Attack, Curaga, Full-Revive, Esuna, Life Shield, Heaven’s Arrow
Enhancements: Sexual Endurance, Magic affinity, Wings for flight, White Magic, Black Magic, High evasion rate
Disadvantages: Limited elemental magic use, weak to sex attacks
Angel Slime-type Slimette Princesses are sky blue in hue, and grow large wings from their backs, which allow them to fly for brief periods of time. They also become more solid than their previous form, and can hold their own in a fight a bit more. Essentially, they could be considered a fusion of the Cure Slime and Mage Slime, however they can only learn Ice and Water magic spells.
They are more versatile in battle than their Cure Slime and Mage Slime sisters, and gain access to stronger spells much earlier than their other types. In rare cases, they can learn fire and lightning magic, but it is very rare. They have a mild to moderate aversion flame and electricity. They are a bit sterner than that their sister Slimette Princess types,
If defeated in battle, a feral Angel Slimette will drop a gold Slimette coin that can be sold for 50,000 SLC.
Metal Slime (evolution with Heavy Metal)
Element: Steel/Magic
Strong Vs: Any Non-Sex Attacks
Weak Vs: Sex Attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Bronze Fist, Iron Punch, Gummi Tongue, Ember
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Very high physical defense, very high special defense, very high evasion rate, excellent at escaping
Disadvantages: Very Low HP (max 30 HP), Low PP for Magic techniques
When a Slimette evolves into a Metal Slime-type Slimette Princess, their skin turns a metallic color, usually iron gray and very rarely a rust red color, representing the metal now in the Slimette Princess’s body. Thankfully, unlike the Toxic Slime, they are NOT poisonous.
The Metal Slime is perhaps the most frustrating type of Slimette Princess. This is because they now have minor fire-based attacks, giving them an advantage against other Steel-type Pokégirls, but also because they have utterly astonishing defense.
Literally NOTHING, save Steel element attacks, can do more than 1 point of damage to a Metal Slimette, and even then Steel element attacks can only do upwards of 2 points of damage. Her natural and special defense is so great that it is by sheer chance that she incurs ANY damage. This means a level 5 Titmouse’s tackle attack is just as likely to do as much damage as a level 67 Gynadose’s Hyper Beam. Even Legendaries would have trouble damaging them. Add to this insanely hard defense their outstanding, if mostly instinctive skills of evasion, and they can become quite frustrating to defeat. Making the situation worse, they also tend to run away from fights at random.
Luckily, there is some good news. The Metal Slime’s HP doesn’t go up. Her HP is abominable when compared to other Pokégirls. Even level 5 Titmice can sometimes have higher HP. Also is that every attack gets a chance to hurt her, so attacks that strike multiple times have a greater chance of dealing damage, thus knocking her out. Second are Steel element techniques and/or Pokégirls, both of which can deal upwards of at 2 points of damage. A Steel-type Pokégirl using a Steel-type technique (such as Metal Claw or Iron Punch) can deal the greatest amount of damage. It was found that an Iron Maiden using Iron Punch was able to deal 4 points of damage to a Metal Slime per attack and knock her out.
Of course, because of these advantages, plus the advantages of a Metal Slime-type Slimette Queen, the Metal Slime-type Slimette Princess is actually the most popular, as Tamers often desire those advantages for themselves. And defeated them can be quite a rewarding experience for lower level Pokégirls. Feral Metal Slimes, however, in addition to being very rare, are timid and thus incredibly elusive. Their low HP can sometimes discourage tamers.
Metal Slimes are among the few Slimette Princess-types who cannot use, or perhaps do not have the ability to use, the Fuse and Whistle techniques. If defeated, a feral Metal Slime will drop a gold Slimette coin which can be sold for 50,000 SLC.
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SLIMETTE QUEEN, the Noble Sexy Goo Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Varies
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Sex
Role: In debate
Libido: Average (Extreme when Feral)
Strong Vs: Physical attacks, others vary
Weak Vs: Magical, Sex, or Non-Physical Attacks, others vary
Attacks: Take Down, Whistle, Snake Tongue, Bronze Fist, Mega Stomp (others vary)
Enhancement: Increased Density, Intelligence, Strength, Sexual Endurance and Stamina, others vary
Advantages: HP x 100 (if this is the result of a Fuse technique, then the HP is only x 50), others vary
Disadvantages: Low Speed, others vary
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slimette Princess (Level 40; temporary: 4 or more Slimettes using Fuse)
The Slimette Queen is significantly bigger than Slimettes, standing 6'6". They now have E-cup breasts, their eyes are no longer half-lidded, and they are usually more intelligent, though this is not a surefire thing.
The most unusual thing is that a silver crown that is always on her head. It cannot be removed (and will not fall off) until she is dead. If she is defeated, the crown goes with her. This crown CAN be removed if the Slimette Queen is the result of a Fuse technique, and will result in the instantaneous separation of the Slimettes. This is the only other way to keep the crown.
Unlike the Slimette who might take the time to knock an opponent down, Feral Slimette Queens often try to have sex first without bothering to knock an opponent down. Tamers should be VERY cautious when they stumble upon a Feral Slimette Queen as they may very well be fucked into unconsciousness.
Slimette Queens are now more resilient to physical attacks. Punches and kicks cause their skin to ripple like the surface of a pond when a leaf lands on it. Unfortunately for fighters who use primarily physical attacks, all damage is reduced by 3/4ths.
Once a part of a harem, or if she evolves while in a harem, she is significantly more subdued in terms of sex. Most Slimette Queens, roughly 2 in 3, will learn to speak on their own, but only half of these will learn to speak more than simple words. All Slimette Queens can be taught how to speak, but this can be a lengthy process.
Perhaps the best part of getting a Slimette to evolve is that they only require sex once a day. Feral Slimette Queens do not require sex, but still seek it. If defeated, all Slimette Queen types will disappear just as their Slimette and Slimette Princess sisters, dropping a platinum coin with their image on it, which can be sold for 600,000 SLC.
Like the Slimette Princess, not all versions of the Slimette Queen are not known yet. Research is still ongoing.
Mage Slime-type
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Magic, Water, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Fira, Watera, Blizzara, Thundara
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Greater black magic
Disadvantages: Still no white magic
The Mage Slimette Queen are only 6' tall, but still have E-Cup breasts. Their eyes differ from all other Slimette Queens by being a solid yellow. Mage-type Slimette Queens are the most intelligent of the Slimette evolutions, followed closely by the Dark Slimette Queen.
They are also capable of powerful magical attacks. They can utilize some Red and Blue magic at higher levels, but they possess some of the greatest Black Magics. They gain Ultima at Level 65, making them QUITE popular with power-hungry tamers.
Feral Mage-type Slimette Queens are as amorous as their normal Slimette Queen counterparts. Their usual tactics, however, are usually to freeze an opponent's arms and legs so they cannot resist and have sex with them, though some may use Watera or Thundara to stun their targets instead.
Mage-type Slimette Queens are still reliant on mana to restore themselves, but do not need it as badly (they can cast 2 spells per level with rest), but most Feral Mage-type Slimette Queens will not accept it as a meal. For some reason, Mage-type Slimette Queens are often seen around Metal Slime-type Slimettes and Metal Slime-type Slimette Queens.
Dark Slime-type
Element: Dark
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mark II, Dark Bomb, Dark Holy, Shadow Teleport, Cocoon of Darkness
Enhancement: Strong Dark elemental powers, Sword Fighting, Intelligence, Nightvision
Dark Slime-type Slimette Queens are the shortest of the Slimette Queens, standing a mere 5'8" tall. And while their E-cup breasts are impressive, her real value comes from her powerful Dark techniques. Her Dark Holy can make evil Pokégirls flee in terror and the fact that she can learn sword techniques makes her among the more popular Slimette Queens, even if she is weak to Fighting types.
Dark Slime-type Slimette Queens are also rather noble-hearted, coming to the aid of injured travelers and those in need. For a token fee of some lovemaking of course. Dark Slime-types are among the more romantic types of Pokégirls, and even while Feral greatly appreciate affection and solo Tamings in a moonlight glade.
Dark Slime-type Slimette Queens are the second most intelligent of the Slimette Queens, being among the few Slimette-types actually useful as an Alpha in a harem. They can tolerate light better, but still prefer to be fully clothed during the day, as too much sunlight makes them bloat out to the size of a Snorlax or larger.
Cure Slime-type
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Psychic, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Rock, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Hammer, Insulate, Curaga, Pray
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Magic affinity, White Magic, high evasion rate
Disadvantages: No Black Magic
The Cure Slime-type Slimette Queen is a physical departure from her Cure Slime-type Slimette evolution. She is, like all Queen Slimettes, taller. She stands 6 feet tall. She does not become more muscular, though. Her body hue shifts to a white-streaked green for some unknown reason. She also loses the ability to levitate and the tentacles. What she gains, however, is a greater skill at fighting.
Make no mistake, the Cure Slimette Queen is still terrible at fighting when compared to her other Slimette Queen sisters, but she is much better than she was as a Cure Slimette. Her ability to heal increases, allowing her to heal her allies greatly. Her Curaga makes her quite popular, especially for tamers on a budget who can't afford potions.
The Feral Cure Slime-type Slimette Queen is one of the few healers that is not always altruistic. Roughly a third will often seek out strong Pokégirls, ones powerful enough to be worth staying around. In some cases, she will willingly join a tamer if they have a powerful Pokégirl, simply to be near that powerful Pokégirl. Some Anti-Pokégirl Leagues believe this to be a ploy to slowly ween the powerful Pokégirl to the Cure Slime-type Slimette Queen and then turn her on her former master. While some liberal Pokégirl Leagues agree this might be a possibility, they also submit that it's likely that the Cure Slimette Queen has a power-based fetish.
Metal Slime-type
Element: Steel/Magic
Strong Vs: Any Non-Sex Attacks
Weak Vs: Sex Attacks
Attacks: Gold Fist, Star Fall, Iron Punch, Snake Tongue, Firaga
Enhancement: Increased Sexual Endurance, Very high physical defense, very high special defense, very high evasion rate, excellent at escaping
Disadvantages: Low HP (max 55 HP), Low PP for Magic techniques.
A Metal Slimette Queen stands roughly 7'4", with G-cup breasts, and unlike their lesser forms, are not as timid. A Metal Slimette Queen's HP still isn't very good, but many will show up in the company of Cure-type or Angel-type Slimette Princesses. These Metal Slimette Queens are very bold, striding into battle without much worry. Their powerful attacks and Firaga spell makes them quite a terror at low levels, and this becomes an even greater threat at higher levels, as she can take even more damage and dish out exponential retaliatory attacks. And so long as the Cure-type or Angel-type Slimette Princessess heal her, she is quite literally invincible.
At times, a Metal Slime-type Slimette Queen can be overly arrogant, refusing to retreat even when badly outnumbered, minus support from Cure or Angel Slimettes and fighting Steel Pokegirls using Steel Techniques. Whether this arrogance is warranted is only known when and if the Metal Slime-type Slimette Queen is actually defeated. She might retreat, but will not do so without significant cause.
Mega Stomp - (ATK 135) Only useable by the various Slimette Queens, the Queen leaps into the air, expands their feet to almost ridiculous size and stomps on the opponent. This is a normal-type technique
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SLITLONG, the Dragonfly Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (dragonfly/damselfly Animorph)
Element: Bug/(Varies)
Frequency: Uncommon-Rare
Diet: Omnivore (Insects, Honey and other sticky sweet substances)
Role: Pest control
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: (Varies)
Weak Vs: (Varies)
Attacks: Blur, Extremespeed, Lure, Mach Breaker, Quick Attack, Quick Turn, Sonic Breaker, Tornado Run, (Varies)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Scale color denotes Elemental typing, Two pairs of elongated wings, Enhanced Sight (x2), Sticky Hands, Visor (Telescopic up to 50ft, Magnifies to 17x) .
Evolves: Dragcunt (Dragon Scale of the same color)
Evolves From: Cunnydew (normal)
Insects have always plagued farmers and the agricultural industry in general by destroying crops. It was a blessing to farmers everywhere when this girl was discovered. Supposedly around 200AS a farmer found this Pokégirl eating aphids off some his crops. He instantly took a liking to her and captured her. Later in the same year, a Watcher by the name of Roy G. Biv came upon a group of Slitlongs flittering around a group of Cunnydews. He studied the group for some time making observations on them before he captured the group as a whole, becoming the first owner of every Slitlong type. It was later found that the Slitlong evolved from a Cunnydew after enough sex and battling.
Slitlong are petite, thin Pokégirls, their height range, usually between 4' to 5'2" at the most. They don't grow big breasts, nothing bigger then a high B-cup at best, unless affected by Bloom powder. Their skin shares the same pattern as dragons do but feels more like chitin, yet slightly softer while still retaining defensive properties. The color of said scales varies and directly corresponds to their typing. On their back is a hump where there wings are attached to their body, said wings can fold along their back and appear to be a cape of sorts when not in use. The wings are usually about a few inches smaller then them, Around her eyes, covering them completely is a visor which looks close to a bugs compound eyes except joined together. They're used for protection and have a few other properties. Finally, they have a pair of short antennae folding along in to their hair; they usually keep short or in a ponytail.
The visor of a Slitlong can be adjusted by them to function as sunglasses, telescopes and just regular eye-protection. Slitlong are capable of adjusting the tint of the visor and how telescopic they are. The visor should NOT be removed, that however doesn't stop individuals in the Black Market from removing the visors and making them into 'Magic Glasses' that are sold for a high price. THIS IS A HIGHLY ILLEGAL PRACTICE! All Slitlong who suffer from this usually die in the process, those who live, are usually put through a Level Five Taming cycle. Luckily, if you look at it that way, the visor can grow back after a few months, but at the time, the girl should be resting.
Fast. That's the best way to describe this Pokégirl; it's ingrained throughout the breed, that everything about them is speedy. They're nearly impossible to keep still, and even when you manage to keep them in one place, they're fidgety; talking faster then most can process. The second element also defines some of the personality of the Slitlong breed.
As if the reason for the creation, Slitlong are found in the agricultural industry, flittering around in farms picking off bugs from plants using they're naturally sticky hands and the technique Lure to attract them, and using they're speed and eyesight to catch the insects as well. Each typing of the Slitlong can help in agriculture a different way.
Their main diet is the insects they capture, but they need a slight influx of honey as they use some its properties to keep their hands sticky. They have somewhat smaller stomachs, so they don't eat as much, but fast metabolisms so they have to have a somewhat steady supply of food. Some Slitlong are actually put into stasis over the winter months since insects aren't as easily found, ferals actually hibernate during this time, usually eating a lot during the fall months.
These girls are speed demons in combat, darting around the field and using their speed attacks to confuse and strike their opponents using hit-and-run tactics. Their way of fighting varies among the Slitlong by their typing. Their wings beat quite fast, firing off weak sonic booms as they move around which helps in confusing opponents. The Pokégirls aren't the best Alphas or Betas in a harem and can be quite a handful to take care of, but despite that most of them are fun, cute and nice girls. Once you get past their overall jumpy attitude. In a harem Slitlong actually annoy the more easily brought to a high temper with the fact that they’re so erratic. Other members with more patience actually find the behavior of the Slitlong, quite refreshing, but even it can wear them after a while.
Feral Slitlong are more erratic, bouncing all over the place, eating insects they catch and protecting feral Cunnydew as they cannot make their own honey, or in the case of the Green Slitlong can not make not make enough to keep themselves fed. When approached they will fire off the weaker of their elemental moves and use Quick Attack to try and escape unless they're protecting the Cunnydew. When protecting a Cunnydew however, they move to their stronger attacks, using Tornado Run and flying around the opponent to make them dizzy, while the Cunnydew gets away. They can usually find the Cunnydew afterward quite easily.
Taming a Slitlong is easy, if not a bit unsatisfying, they have a tendency to bounce to fast and orgasm before their tamers even start to really enjoy it. Some tamers of the Slitlong note they make up with this from the hand-jobs they give; the sticky hands actually are quite warm and feel like goo. This usually results in a tamer with a sugary sweet member, for their other Pokégirls or the Slitlong herself to lick up.
Threshold cases are harder to track, though some have sprung up, during the threshold for a Slitlong their eye-color changes to the corresponding element that they are going to be sub-typed with, said eyes are soon going to be covered by the visor soon enough. Usually when a Slitlong sexually reproduces they make Cunnydew kits, with uncommon cases of Slitlong whose coloring won’t be found out till later on in life as they are born with white scales.
Red Slitlong: Bug/Fire
Role: Field burner
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Rock, Water
Attacks: Base + Flame Shot, Flamethrower, Ignite
Enhancements: Fire-resistant scales
This version of the Slitlong has ruby-colored scales, a crimson-tinted visor and pink-tinted wings , Their personalities can waver between fiery, passionate, and comforting. They, unlike most fire-types, don’t suffer from the hot body temperatures. Their role in farming is best at destroying old and unusable crops. They’re also used by Forest rangers under strict supervision to help release seeds from pinecones that only open via extreme heat. They’re actually found much easier in the southern leagues where they grow sugar cane. When fighting, they have a tendency to cover themselves in flames using Ignite and making themselves into a literal comet.
Orange Slitlong: Bug/Rock
Role: Plowing
Strong Vs: Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Rock, Steel, Water
Attacks: Base + Rock Throw, Immovable, Quake, Harden
Enhancements: Tough Skin, Enhanced Strength (x2)
This version of the Slitlong has citrine-colored scales, a vermillion-tinted visor and light orange-tinted wings , Their personalities can waver between blunt and bland. They have slightly tougher skin then their sister Slitlongs, but not enough to be a valid enhancement. They work best at turning the land around and making it softer, flying high into the sky and using a mixture of Harden and Quake to make the ground shake which loosens it up easier for plowing, they also seem to have a slight knowledge on soil quality. When fighting they are prone to use Harden and charge forth in a speedy blunt bullet.
Yellow Slitlong: Bug/Electric
Role: Herd control, fish farming
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Base + Thunder Bolt, Thunder Clap, Static Barrier
Enhancements: Electric Affinity, Enhanced Speed (Base + x2)
This version of the Slitlong has amber-colored scales, a pale yellow-tinted visor and bright yellow-tinted wings , Their personalities are just enhanced from what the entry says, overly jumpy and fidgety, always moving and on the go. Their electric storage is in the pack that is connected to her wings, which make them flap faster, making her the fastest of the Slitlongs. Their role when it comes to farming is acting as a mosquito lamp, shocking flying insects, controlling herds and they are excellent for catching fish-farming. Their ability to make a barrier of static electricity makes them dangerous as they dart around and paralyze anyone who gets hit by the barrier, they use this tactic in battle.
Green Slitlong: Bug/Plant
Role: Weed control, pollination
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Rock, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Base + Command Plants, Honey, Razor Leaf
Enhancements: Innate knowledge on dangerous insects
This version of the Slitlong has emerald scales, a forest green-tinted visor and light green-tinted wings . They are the most calm of the Slitlongs, their pleasant when they use up any spare energy and like watching and looking at flowers and small insects like bees and butterflies pollinate them. The best serve as gardeners and picking out the right bugs as they have innate knowledge on plant dangerous critters. They’re capable of pollinating plants, and they are also adapt at controlling weeds and speeding up the growth of small plants, like herbs. They are the only Slitlong capable of producing its own honey, not enough to share among others but barely produce enough for herself. In battle they’ll use Tornado Run with Razor Leaf to make a leafy tornado.
Blue Slitlong: Bug/Ice
Role: Crop/Food Preservation
Strong Vs: Grass, Ice
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Base + Ice Beam, Avalanche, Iceball
Enhancements: None
This version of the Slitlong has sapphire scales and a light, sky-blue visor and navy-tinted wings. They are the calmest of the Slitlong, usually conserving their energy, and using to using their attacks and helping around on the farm. Their personalities aren’t exactly cold and withdrawn but they are very quiet, and chill girls to hang around with, along with the fact they don’t have extremely cold bodies. They’re actually better in the packaging process as they can freeze the food and dart it quickly to a larger freezer to be stored until shipped it can be shipped to market. When in battle they’ll use Avalanche and fly around in the ice storm, and throw them down like daggers at opponents.
Indigo Slitlong: Bug/Ghost
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Grass, Poison, Fighting, Normal
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Base + Ominous Wind, Cacophony, Phase
Enhancements: None
This version of the Slitlong has tanzanite-colored scales, a light purple-tinted visor and darkened wings , Their personalities are best described eerily hyper, scary even. They have a tendency to make a wailing sound when flapping their wings. They are best at using their Cacophony attack, which they simulate using their wings to petrify and kill insects in midair, they can also do the same with Ominous Wind, flying through crops, which and petrifying the insects that get caught in the attack. They make excellent security as their wails are quite disturbing at times and can easily wake a person up.
They usually use a speed move plus Ominous Win to repeatedly paralyze a foe.
Violet Slitlong: Bug/Dark
Role: Nocturnal guards
Strong Vs: Grass, Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Bug,
Attacks: Base + Dark Goggles, Dark Bomb, Dark Shield
Enhancements: Night Vision
This version of the Slitlong has amethyst-colored scales, a solid black visor and lavender-tinted wings, they are the darkest of the Slitlong, usually only through pranks and dark jokes, otherwise their pretty tame. They are the only members of the Slitlong breed capable of seeing in the dark do to a genetic quirk in the breeds, as the other breeds of Slitlong have visors incapable of night vision. Most of them are nocturnal, however they can function during the day-time. Their role on the farm is actually quite different from her sisters as they are better at guarding and leading. They make excellent nighttime guards, and are sometimes employed by small businesses to use as guards and scouts for when moving important cargo across dangerous roads at night. They’re the most defensive of the Slitlong, employing Dark Shield a lot in battle and using it to charge at the opponent, protecting themselves and using a defensive move as a weapon.
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SLOTTERN, the Shell Finder Pokégirl Type: Animorph (sea otter)
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivorous (seafood)
Role: sea farmers, oyster gatherers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Bubbler, Water Spear, Go Down, Rage
Enhancements: Waterproof Fur, Enhanced Flexibility, High Intelligence, Average Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Improved Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (Water Stone)
When a Mynx is evolved by the means of a Water Stone, she undergoes several changes. Firstly, whatever fur color that a Mynx has before her evolution, changes to a brown color of varying shades, though the lighter shades are more common than the darker ones.
Secondly, she finds herself more at home in water, spending more time in it, though she still comes up on land time to time, though she never really stays far from the water’s edge, even though she doesn’t have too much problem staying on land as well.
Slottern gain a layer of fat beneath their fur, which allows her to withstand a myriad of water temperatures, which in turn allow them to exist in many kinds of water bodies, which is why this particular evolution of the Mynx is commonly seen in water bodies all over the world.
This layer of fat in turn, makes her look a bit rounder, though none of the Slottern interview say they mind the change, claiming that their Masters actually find them more adorable that way.
Slottern are curious, and yet quite playful Pokégirls and they do not have the same lung problems they have as a Mynx, as such able to hold their breath underwater longer, which is helpful in finding their favorite food… shellfish. This in turn, makes them valuable to sea farmers, who often use them to collect shellfish, as well as pearl oysters. This in turn, also allows them to somehow instinctively find the weak spots of shelled Pokégirls, and Shy Maiden and their evolutions are nervous around Slottern, even if she doesn’t mean them any harm. This makes her a decent fighter in a Harem, but not so good at Sex Battles, knowing only one attack.
Tamers who own a Slottern often finds it enjoyable for them during Taming sessions, since the Slottern particularly likes to give head, and a Taming session with a Slottern can be described as a heartwarming experience. A Slottern is often quite shy and tender, liking the gentler side of Taming, though she does like to experiment a bit.
A Slottern is also prized for one thing, is that they have a very strong maternal instinct, especially if they have children. While the maternal rage whenever her offspring are threatened are not as great as… say a Mousewife or a Denmother’s, she is still formidable, using high pressured Water Gun attacks that are on par of a Whoretortle’s to fend off attackers, and even using Water Spear if the offender is still hell bent on harming her offspring. At other times, she is content on using the less damaging Bubble or Bubbler attack to drive off intruders from her home.
Feral Slottern are almost always found in a small group no less than ten individuals, and half of them are normally Pokékits. Thresholding into a Slottern are normally found in those families who have a strong Water-type ancestry, and almost always in pearl farmer or sea farmer families, and while there are slight variations of the breed, like a shorter and more streamlined version of the Slottern, most Threshold to the normal Slottern form, and most girls usually get over the depression of being a Pokégirl due to the Slottern’s silky fur and adorable appearance.
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SLOWBOOB, the Lazy Psychic Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Largely vegetarian, save fish and shellfish
Role: Communications interceptor. Otherwise, just selected for the purpose of gaining a Slowsis.
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Confusion, Hypnotic Gaze, Telekinesis, Disable, Amnesia, Mega Punch, Water Gun
Enhancements: special skin, great psionic potential, ability to nap for any length of time and in virtually location with no pain, high pain tolerance
Evolves: Slowsis (mechanism unknown, suspected as having to take responsibility), Slowqueen (Dragon Scale)
Evolves From: None
Slowboobs around between 4'6" and 5'4" feet tall, with a very long tail which is roughly a foot shorter than her natural height. Their tails are quite prehensile. They generally have gray eyes. Their hair tends to be blonde or pink, and the length is generally long, but she doesn't seem to care much about it's length. They generally have B or C-cup breasts. Slowboobs often look 'rounder' than most Pokégirls, though largely only in their arms and legs. Their strength is surprisingly high.
Slowboobs are not popular, even though they're considered rare. Most people who meet them tend to think nothing is going on between their ears, and generally, they don't show many signs of intelligence (or even life, at times). It was discovered that, for most, this is not quite true. They do have moderate to decent intelligence, but one of the first powers they tend to develop is a very strong receiver-style telepathy. It's believed they may have originally been made to intercept thoughts of commanders when they were making orders that otherwise would have been misinterpreted by military code phrases.
However, the constant racket of the thoughts of others irritates them greatly, and usually slows down their own ability to think, unless they go through the trouble of learning to block incoming thoughts. And most feral Slowboobs usually decide that living the good life alone is better than bothering to develop the ability to shut the power off. They ignore any thoughts towards them unless those thoughts are malicious.
Most ferals are often loners and enjoy being lazy in the sun. Their skin is silky soft, but is as durable as rubber and doesn't tan or burn in the sun. Ever. A Slowboob can lay on a sandy beach for an entire month and never get a suntan or a sunburn. Due to their water-affinity, they can swim in the ocean, but again, they're often lazy, so they usually use their tails to lure fish and after the fish has bitten, the Slowboob hauls them up and eats them.
The rare occasions when a feral will react is to a chosen partner or a Slowsis' request for help. Since few Slowsis ever need help, when they ask, most Slowboobs will help, though they will usually have a surly attitude about it.
Domesticate and Threshold Slowboobs are quite rare, but when they do occur, they're often in pain whenever they're in a city and become quite snappish and rude. But, they're considered quite valuable if they manage to learn how to shut down the receiver telepathy, as they no longer suffer from the sheer amount of thoughts around them.
On a side note, several research studies have also noted that Domesticate and Threshold Slowboobs are more likely to evolve into a Slowsis than a Feralborn Slowboob. In combat, feral Slowboobs show themselves as competent as they are lazy. They usually batter the opponent with combinations of Confusion, Disable and Water gun, then finish them off with Telekinesis or Mega Punch. Though they traditionally use largely psychic techniques, they can learn most water techniques as well.
Sex has not been particularly noticed amongst the feral Slowboobs, though occasionally, any monitored Slowboob will disappear from detection, and then nonchalantly reappear several hours later. It's believed that during these detection black-outs that the Slowboob finds a partner, though given their lazy nature, they likely have low if any standards.
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SLOWQUEEN, the Patient Princess Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers fish
Role: Sentry, underwater farmer, deep-sea diver
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Fire, Ground, Rock, Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon-type attacks
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Water Tickle, Water Spear, Water Tower, Draining Rain, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Twister
Enhancements: 'Eternal Softness' skin, Enhanced Toughness and Durability (x8 each), retarded aging, enhanced lung capacity, chameleon-like skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (Dragon Scale)
An evolution sought by those who raise the Slowboob, this evolutionary form is quite different. Losing her psychic powers is a blessing for the troubled breed, taking away the Slowboob's issue of being far too psychically sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of those around her. With the change of her elemental typing and subsequent fundamental shift of usage from information gatherer to a more battle-worthy defending Pokégirl. The physical changes to the Pokégirl are obvious to any, this evolution losing the chubby roundness of the Slowboob to a large degree, though the Pokégirl’s skin retains the same resiliency and tenderness. The Slowqueen is often six to twelve inches taller and gain perhaps half a cup-size in general, bringing the Pokégirl firmly into the C- to low D-cup ranges. The Pokégirl’s skin changes color to match her surroundings while in the water, reacting to the phytoplankton in the water and absorbing it in order to blend right in with the color of the water itself. When outside of the water, the Slowqueen's skin is typically a light to mid-shade of blue, with possible patches of beige or some other light colors that have been noted (such as a light green or pale yellow). Her tail becomes longer and thinner (elongating to around 1.2-1.6 times the height of the Pokégirl, and no more than 10 inches in diameter at the base), and can be used just as well as the Pokégirl’s hand, though it tapers into a somewhat rounded end, just as the Slowboob's does.
Unlike some water-types, although the Slowqueen can retain some water with her breasts, this breed prefers to remain near a body of water that can keep her hydrated- being well hydrated is a key to her soft skin remaining as soft as a Slowboob's typically is, and keeps it from slowly drying up to more resemble a dragon-type's typical scales. Which is just as well, as if the skin dries into scales, the Pokégirl finds that having such dry skin is itchy and irritating. As a result, this breed as a whole does not like arid areas, such as deserts and places near volcanoes. Something that may surprise tamers is the duration that a Slowqueen can go without breathing, as it has been recorded that many of this breed can hold their breath for at least an hour, and in some cases as long as two hours. This lung capacity has made her especially useful for any deep-sea diving and underwater farming and fishing as well. The only true issue that the breed falls short on is the fact that they are no faster than a human, either on land or in the water. This makes her a prime target for larger and faster Pokégirls, such as Tentacruel and Gynadose, if one can locate their hidden prey in the water. They are a very tough breed by anyone's standard, however, and can fully take more damage than they can dish out.
Feral Slowqueens are quite inquisitive and bold- two traits that often bring the rare Pokégirl into contact with human tamers when traveling near the ocean or large lakes. Recordings show that the breed have been known to tease tamers with their presence, or any human in general, near the beaches, often spooking the unknowing humans into thinking that a body of water or a beach might actually be haunted as a result. However, ferals also have an issue with requiring large amounts of sleep, upwards of thirteen hours a day in order to fully regain her energy. The breed is, however, taken by wanderlust when feral and not asleep, and although they only make a few miles at best every day, they are often found snoozing by wandering tamers, when they are found at all.
In a harem, a Slowqueen tends to choose two others- normally, this is her tamer and another Pokégirl, though sometimes it could be two Pokégirls. These are her primary lovers, and she will want a taming from one or both of them as much as possible. Research done shows no hint as to any sort of pattern or reason as to why she chooses two, nor is there any advance warning that a tamer should be aware of. It does seem that her lovers range from Pokégirls that don't like her to Pokégirls that absolutely adore the attention. Although proud, the Slowqueen are more bold than anything, which includes in initiating tamings, which they seem to want at often as they can get one. This actually annoys most Domina types, since although they enjoy dealing with such tough Pokégirls and can torture them almost to their heart's content, they find that the Slowqueen eventually showers her with as much equal-position enjoyment as the Domina can take... and then some. Slowqueens seem to have a soft spot for Damsels, and often stick up for them even if she is not one of her primary lovers. Also, unlike the Slowsis, Slowboobs do not heed any requests made by a Slowqueen, which annoys the Snowqueen to no end. It is also a spot of a rivalry between the two that never erupts fully... although the Slowsis seems to love calling the Slowqueen on it whenever one or the other gets on the other's nerves. There have been no reported cases of threshold yet, though it is speculated that as time goes on, it may happen. This preferential treatment that the Slowqueen shows keeps her from being a good candidate for Alpha or even a Beta in any harem.
In battles, the Slowqueen possesses a number of capabilities that make her useful both underwater and out of it. Despite being a water type, this breed does not seem able to learn Whirlpool- instead, they use the dragon-element Twister technique instead, showing it to be useful both underwater and out of water all at once. It's added strength is that it can strike even opponents that are above the water, and it has been documented that a submerged Slowqueen has used Water Tower to trick her opponent into a specific location, and then used her Twister attack to both engulf the target in the windstorm before the weight of the water that is within the attack would condense and draw the opponent down. This has led to several complaints over the use of this particular technique, but no league has yet to ban the strategy. The breed in general doesn't care to fight in close quarters, where their lack of physical enhancements make them weak, and instead most do prefer to attack via her numerous distance attacks. If an opponent does manage to get close, their Dragon Claw technique usually helps long enough for the Slowqueen to drive them away again. This breed is much better for sex battles, as their skin when the Pokégirl is hydrated has the Eternal Softness enhancement- any Pokégirl that she touches with her body cannot help themselves from the contact for long. Tamers also complain that they cannot last long in a taming session with her either- which makes it a good thing, since the Slowqueen has a rather low pleasure threshold. In fact, it has been speculated that out of all the dragon-types, the Slowqueen is the most like a Titmouse that any of them could possibly be. This is a source of embarrassment, and enjoyment at the same time, for the breed- they actually are brought to multiple orgasms easily, much like the Titmouse is.
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SLOWSIS, the Foul-Tempered Psychic Powerhouse Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Largely vegetarian, save fish and shellfish
Role: guardian
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Draining Rain, Geyser, Foresight, Barrier, Confusion, Amnesia, Disable, Psychic, Psywave, Feel The Burn
Enhancements: Greater psychic ability and control, very high pain resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (mechanism unknown)
The Slowsis is quite often less lazy. This exact mechanism for their change is not known, but it's believed to involve a strong sense of responsibility. The Slowsis is usually 5'8" to 6'3", with large D to E cup breasts and her arms and legs lose the 'round' appearance they had prior.
A Slowsis' appearance is not all that changes. In terms of attitude, she is often quiet, but tends to make cutting remarks towards any idea or plan that she considers stupid, provided it doesn't come from a child or someone they feel should know better. Strangely, if said idea or plan comes from a child or someone who isn't well informed, she will always find a good way to explain to them why it's a bad idea/plan.
Any Slowsis will also refuse to tolerate anyone she considers to be overly-arrogant or self centered, which is why tamers who do get them should be quite careful about how they behave and about anyone they add to their harem. Any easy-going or well adjusted Pokégirls will find no problems with the Slowsis, but uptight or arrogant Pokégirls will often find themselves with a whole heap of trouble. It's said that a Slowsis can even terrify a Killer Queen.
Slowsis' should also never be taken to anything having to do with high society, as they will inevitably either start a fight, get the tamer banned or cause someone to break into tears. Sometimes, all three.
Slowsis' regard combat as a necessary defense and a last resort. Nothing else. Though many tamers like how they relentlessly kick ass, it's ill advised to try and get a Slowboob to evolve for this reason. Slowsis' do not bother to 'show off' for the sake of showing off, feeling it is a waste of their time to use their powers for such pathetic reasons. Yet they will not hesitate to use their powers to make children or a chosen partner smile.
Considering how they're quite good at handling children, they're often a favorite at raising children, after DenMothers and Neko Cennecos, though it's recommended that they don't meet the parents face to face, as more than one has assaulted a parent for abuse or worse.
In combat, a Slowsis doesn't go for the immediate win if she doesn't believe a single attack will defeat their opponent. They will use Foresight, Barrier and Amnesia first to amplify themselves, followed quickly by Disable, Draining Rain and Feel The Burn to weaken the opponent, and finally Geyser to throw the enemy's sense of balance off. Occasionally, when they feel it necessary, they will swap the order of the attacks or mix them up to confuse the opponent. They prefer using Psychic to finish fast opponents, but on slower foes, they'll use Psywave.
Very rarely, if a Slowsis does not believe they alone can defeat an opponent, and they have no tamer to back them up, they will ask any nearby Slowboobs for help. Most feral Slowboobs will help out, but generally cop a surly attitude about doing so.
Not surprisingly, since their methods of battling require preparation, a Slowsis actually works quite well in teams of two or more, which is often enough to make them good strategists or Alphas. To date, only a few girls have ever thresholded directly into a Slowsis.
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SLUTGE, the Slime Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (City Dweller only, depends on cities for food source)
Diet: Sewage, garbage, rotten food
Role: Garbage collectors? Revenge?
Libido: High (Very High during full moons)
Strong Vs: Plant
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Poison Mist, Spice 3, Poison, Sludge (*), Small Clone(*), Headbutt, Pound
Enhancements: Semi-solid body, absolute poison immunity, poisonous "flesh"
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
A discovery in 300 AS, believed to be a failed attempt at cloning Tittos or possibly some sort experiment on the Titto's ability to copy the forms and attacks of other Pokégirls.
Though she appears to be a gel-Pokégirl much like the Titto (in it's natural form), it's color is purple, it can't shapeshift and it's body is largely poisonous, even to touch. Despite looking like she's constantly dripping fresh slime, she's solid enough to take damage and even faints, and when she's unconscious, she reverts to a puddle of goo.
These gooey Pokégirls live primarily in sewers or in other areas with high amounts of garbage, as it is their primary food source. They have even been seen devouring industrial and medical waste to no ill effect. They seem to have no real stomach limit, but stop eating to digest what they've taken in. Slutge generally revert to their "puddle" form for this. Regardless of their form, they often have a powerful odor that is often referred to as the worst smell any living creature should be allowed to make, especially if they've eaten any discarded food.
At night, their bodies will solidify more and they will seek out a partner to mate with. They don't seem to care about the gender or even species of their partner. They produce surprisingly little smell when solid, neither their flesh nor their 'sweat' is not poisonous and they cannot use Sludge or Small Clone during this time. Nevertheless, they often kidnap men for brief Tamings before going back to their lair to rest. They sometimes get willing victims who foolishly think that they're Tittos in their natural form.
These Pokégirls are also completely immune to the Widows' Hyper-Venom, as one Widow was seen repeatedly stabbing a rather large Slutge, and the Slutge did not die, though after a massive beating, it was knocked unconscious. Despite winning, given the Slutge's natural toxicity, the Widow may have been poisoned for it's efforts.
Cities have put up with Slutges, largely because of how useful they are at cleaning up landfills.
Scientists have already deduced that it is utterly and completely useless to try and poison a Slutge. She is completely immune to the Widow's Hyper Venom, magical poison and even biochemicals. They do avoid radioactive materials, though.
(*) - Sludge (ATK 160) - Exclusive to the Slutge, the Pokégirl hurls a large ball of her own body at the target. This has the same force as a 300 lbs medicine ball and has a 60-80% chance of poisoning the opponent if it hits, as well as inducing various other status ailments.
(*) - Small Clone (EFT) - When a Slutge devours enough "food", any number of smaller clones of her may form and come out of her body. These smaller clones have 1/10th of her hit points and cannot use any attack with an attack power over 100. They disappear into slime puddles when the main body faints. These clones cannot use Small Clone themselves, not do they eat or need taming. They often accompany their 'mother' to capture men.
Outside of combat, they generally survive for a month until evaporating.
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SLUTTON, the Savage Wolverine Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (wolverine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare (Very Uncommon in Capital and Ruby)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: terror fighters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Agility, Slash, Bite, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), High Intelligence, Razor Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (battle stress)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 10,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 5,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 15,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Slutton are intelligent, strong, vicious, and cruel pokegirls. She is a far cry from her once peaceful form as a Mynx. She isn't sought out much except for inciting terror in the general population.
She’s changed dramatically physically. Her once soft, silky fur has become thick and coarse. Her fur is incredibly good at keeping out the cold of her environment, making her resistant to all but the strongest ice attacks. Her fur colors range from brown, black, white, and yellow and she is usually striped.
Her height has increased by a marginal amount, but she is much more muscular, though it is hard to tell through her thick fur. The lung problems she once had as a Mynx are gone, much to the world’s chagrin.
Feral Sluttons need to be hunted down. While not the strongest pokegirl around, she is incredible vicious and has a taste for flesh. She sees all things, human and pokegirl alike, as food. It is not advisable to try to tame one unless you are a very experienced tamer. They tend to jump males for a quick taming, and then have that guy as a post-coitus snack.
Her bounty amount is something of a conundrum. It is not enough to get more experienced tamers to actively hunt her down for cash, but just enough to make newbie tamers cautious around her. And tamers ‘must’ be cautious around her. She will keep fighting long past anyone else would give up and collapse.
She is a good test for the tamers in Capital and Ruby where she is much more common then the rest of the world. Taking down a Slutton can be seen as a right of passage for tamers in those leagues.
Slutton are rarely, if ever, seen in populated areas except as threshold cases. Thresholded Sluttons are much more calm then their feral counterparts, but everyone must be wary of them. Her increased intelligence combined with growing aggression means she could do more damage then any feral.
If you do manage to catch a Slutton, restraints are a must. She is much stronger than normal people and she has a tendency to claw out when in the throws of orgasm. She also likes to bite down on flesh during taming, so a reinforced ball gag is needed as well.
Not every tamer is capable of handling a Slutton. Her viciousness and high intelligence are usually too much for ‘softer’ tamers. She is a great addition for any combat oriented harem if a tamer manages to bring her in line. A tamer simply known as Logan was famous for having a whole harem filled with them.
Sluttons are beasts in combat. Their claws are some of the sharpest out there and they just ‘love’ to use them. People tend to underestimate the power of normal-type pokegirls, much to their later dismay. A Slutton is capable of taking out most pokegirls simply with her Bite and Slash attacks.
They know no fear. A Slutton will fight anyone she deems a threat, even when she is outmatched in every sense of the word. One documented case showed just how determined she is to fight. She fought a Grizzlar for over an hour before succumbing to her wounds and dieing. Considering the power of a Grizzlar, that is saying something.
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SMARTASS, the Cynical Equine Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Ground/Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare (Becoming more common with time)
Diet: Herbivore, preference for oats, corn, and apples
Role: Construction foreman assistants, Desert guides and cargo transport
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Stomp, Earthquake, Yell, Metronome, Psychic, Teleport, Telekinesis, Disable, Confusion, Foresight
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Sight (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Endurance, Telepathy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dullburro (Psi-crystal)
When a Dullburro is given a Psi-crystal, she evolves into the much more intelligent Smartass. She changes little physically, her bust jumps a cup size or two, usually to a solid D cup and there are less instances of the black hair/fur color. Her past however, makes her tend to be sarcastic and cynical, pointing out everyone else's faults. Tamers are able to work with the Pokégirl and have her tone down her sarcasm, but sometimes "they just deserve it". Smartasses are also highly confrontational, and enjoy arguments even if they don't lead into fights, it really impresses a Smartass when a tamer can hold their own in a debate with them.
While not as intelligent as a Alaka-wham or Supe-Bra Genius, they still enjoy the opportunity to meet with the two, and when they actually loose a debate, they then start grilling the winner with questions on specific information so they can be sure to win any future debates on the subject. They also enjoy learning in general, and a few have been known to memorize anything they have read. This does not mean that all Smartasses have photographic memory, but that some can retain information better than others.
Smartasses tend to take themselves seriously, and have a perfectionist attitude in anything they do. While they are always pleased at a job well done, they get frustrated when they cannot perform up to their standards and will always keep trying thanks to their stubborn streak, becoming more temperamental and depressed the longer they seem to get nowhere. It’s best to encourage a Smartass to try something else lest they become obsessive over their failure. Like Dullburro, a Smartass has the 'fight over flight' mentality, but is now intelligent enough to know when to quit, usually using their distinctive yell to give opponents a pause before fleeing or giving their tamer’s an opportunity to switch them out in a Pokébattle.
Due to the Dullburro line being fairly new and low in numbers, and the rarity of the Psi-crystal, a feral Smartass is extremely rare, only one instance has been recorded so far.
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SMARTDOLL (aka ANDROID), the Intelligent Living Robot Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Rock (oil/plastic)
Frequency: Extremely Rare - totally UNHEARD of in human society! Not spoken of outside the Dark Continent (those families like the Kunous would not know of SmartDolls). In the Dark Continent, VERY rare.
Diet: human standard
Role: sex-partner, personal assistant
Libido: adjustable at the command of the Tamer (handy, eh?).
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: As people in Sanctuary say about SmartDolls, "The sky's the limit!" At the Tamer's desire, all Rock/Fighting/Normal/Electrical-type Pokégirl attacks could be taught to a SmartDoll.
Enhancements: Hard plastic like skin which can absorb almost all forms of kinetic-energy attacks (either physical punches or energy attacks, even the magically-based ones). At the Tamer's command, a SmartDoll's skin can change color and texture, even looking "pure-blood norm." A SmartDoll is, in many ways, as resistant to pain as a Damsel. To guard against Psychic/Magic attacks, a SmartDoll's mind is subdivided into a "housekeeping" and "upper" consciousness. In the SmartDoll, the Housekeeping consciousness is ALWAYS active, though the Upper consciousness is also active. Both sides work in concert with the other, thus masking the weaknesses of both sides. In this way, it is next to impossible for a SmartDoll to be possessed or dominated (Dominos and their evolved breeds would HATE SmartDolls with a passion if they knew of them).
Weaknesses: As a "sentient" version of the Doll, a SmartDoll doesn't have to be programmed with the same intensity as a normal Doll. A SmartDoll also possesses an odd Feral state; if not tamed for one month, she will mentally "shut down." A passionate Taming experience will "reactivate" her.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doll (normal or artificial creation of an “upper consciousness”)
The SmartDoll, the evolved version of the Doll, first began appearing in Sanctuary around PS 230. In all cases, they evolved from their base breed type. They normally came about whenever a Doll's "upper" consciousness developed to the point where it could help the Pokégirl in question develop her own learning techniques without any input from a Tamer. If the Doll in question was once a malcontent human or Pokégirl, when evolution to a SmartDoll occurred, all past emotional feelings (especially of the negative type) would be erased from the Pokégirl's mind.
In Sanctuary, where Pokégirls and malcontent humans are evolved into Dolls as punishment for one serious crime or another, the evolution into SmartDoll stage signals the "end" of the term of punishment. SmartDolls have the same legal rights as other Pokégirl residents of the Dark Continent.
SmartDolls have the same advantage concerning their libidos as Dolls. For SmartDolls in Sanctuary, the idea of having a variable-adjusted libido makes life much easier for them. Like Dolls, SmartDolls do require a Taming session at least once per month or else she will "shut down." In Sanctuary, SmartDolls in active relationships adjust their libido levels to match their partner's.
SmartDolls also have the ability to allow their sex-partner's full access to their "housekeeping" consciousness. This is VERY handy in times of emergency, especially if the SmartDoll finds herself facing a strong Psychic/Magic/dominatrix-type attack, or is being raped by someone not her Tamer. With just a verbal command (the actual "command code-phrase" being selected ahead of time), the SmartDoll's partner could order the SmartDoll's Upper consciousness to shut down, allowing the Housekeeping consciousness to take full control of her body.
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SMOGGY, the Stunning Smoke Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Trash (paper, plastics, etc.), will accept Pokéchow
Role: Smokescreens and diversionary tactics, theatrical effects, garbage disposal, Hazardous Material & Hazardous Environment specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Spice, Smokescreen, Dodge, Sleep, Takedown, Dizzy Smoke
-Gained with Experience: Paralyze Smoke, Poison Smoke, Hallucination Smoke, Healing Smoke, Acid Smoke, Sleep Smoke, Lust Smoke, Itchy Smoke (see description in flavor text for stats)
Enhancements: Lightweight body, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2) Specialized organs for smoke generation and emittal, natural floating ability, greater variety of smoke effects
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Smokey (Special: Training with a Pot-Cunt for one month)
Smoggys are the next phase in a Smokey’s evolution, although they were discovered almost by accident. A Tradesman-class Tamer who had his own hemp farm trained his Smokey alongside his Alpha Pokégirl, a Pot-Cunt, for a month. After weeks of inhaling the fumes from the Pot-Cunt’s fire/plant combo attacks, the Smokey evolved, becoming stronger all around.
Smoggys, upon evolution, gain about a foot in height, becoming taller, slightly bustier, and more muscular, and actually lose ten pounds in weight, surprisingly enough. This has lead some researchers to believe that Smoggys and Smokeys have mostly gas inside them instead of actual organics. Skull-like markings appear on their face, similar to the skull-and-crossbones mark on their chest, which becomes more menacing and less cute in appearance. Their shoulders become broader, to the point where they look like they are wearing shoulder pads, more lines of smoke emittal holes appearing on them. This is a point of some embarrassment for them, as they think it makes them look unfeminine. It does, however, make their Tackle and Takedown attacks more damaging, as the enhanced shoulders are lined with thick bones. In terms of personality, aside from their irritation with their large shoulders, they become more confident and calculating in manner. They rarely speak unless they have something meaningful to say, and become very interested in learning more combat-oriented abilities.
Smoggys gain several new smoke-related powers through their training with a Pot-Cunt. The first ability they learn is called Dizzy Smoke, which reproduces the mind-numbing effects of the smoke from a Pot-Cunt’s flame/plant-based attacks. As they grow in strength, they can create different effects with their smoke, including various status effects, such as Heat, Poison, Paralyze, Itchy, and Sleep, as well as creating strong hallucinations, damaging in the form of acid, or even a field of smoke that heals whomever is inside of it. They retain their ability to float, although their poison resistance becomes so strong, they can even survive in areas too toxic for the vast majority of Pokégirl-kind.
Smoggys retain their dietary habits, and actually need LESS food to survive and produce smoke. In terms of Taming, they like to be on the bottom, like to feel their Tamer’s weight pressing down onto them and smothering them. Threshold cases of Smoggys are extremely rare, as most girls who are of that line usually become Smokeys first.
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SMOKEY, the Smoke Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Trash (paper, plastics, etc.)
Role: Smokescreens and diversionary tactics, theatrical effects, garbage disposal
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Spice, Smokescreen, Dodge, Sleep, Takedown
Enhancements: Lightweight body, Durability (x2), Specialized organs for smoke generation and emittal, natural floating ability
Evolves: Smoggy (Special: Training with a Pot-Cunt for one month)
Evolves From: None
Smokey was one of the first poison-type Pokégirls discovered during Sukebe’s Revenge War. They served mainly as distractions, creating large and thick smokescreens to aid with attacks and to blind opponents while they kept their distance, floating over the battlefield and dropping supplies in to aid their fellow fighters. They didn’t do much fighting, being better suited for non-combat roles, the vast majority of the breed being almost as timid as Titmice.
Smokeys are small Pokégirls, five feet at the tallest, with grayish skin broken only by a small, cartoonish skull and crossbones marking just above their breasts. They usually have short hair and eyes that are some shade of black, gray, or white, as well as a slender figure with B-cup breasts. Lining their arms, back, shoulders, and calves are small holes in their skin. These are connected to a series of specialized organs inside their bodies that, when stimulated via mental command, emit clouds of thick smoke, which, depending on the intensity of the emittance, can emerge as either a simple blinding fog or a thick, choking smog. They can also emit smoke through their mouths as well, although THANKFULLY they do not emit smoke through their breasts. Smokeys can float naturally, and have very lightweight bodies. At the most they can weigh up to twenty pounds after eating. This sometimes can lead to problems in strong wind, but they usually can find ways to keep from being blown away.
Smokeys have rather unique dietary habits that tie into their abilities. Instead of eating normal food, they eat trash. Any form of garbage or toxins they can eat. One Smokey was seen drinking an entire bottle of cleaning bleach with no effects other than a very satisfied expression. Their stomachs process the garbage into a sort of organic fuel for their smokescreens and poison attack. This dietary quirk has made them very popular in cities and other areas which produce a lot of garbage.
Oddly enough, no matter what they eat or drink, or how much smoke comes through their mouths, their teeth are always clean and perfect, and their breath is always minty fresh. Researchers have never been able to discover why, despite many MANY attempts, and have generally given up trying.
Feral Smokeys are extremely timid creatures, generally found around urban areas. They generally only come out when certain no one is around, and when startled, emit a thick cloud of smoke to cover their escape. Tamed Smokeys are gentle, loving creatures who like cuddling and being helpful as much as possible. They’re a good starter Poison-type, and can be useful in non-combat roles. Kunoichi and Kunoichi Tamers are noted to be fond of using them to make smokescreens. Theater companies use them as well to create smoke effects.
Thresholding into a Smokey is not unheard of. The first sign that a girl is becoming a Smokey is that they uncontrollably emit smoke from their mouths for three days.
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SNORLASS, the Obese Lazy Glutton Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: omnivore. If it fits in the mouth, it's pretty much considered food.
Role: generally not used. Far too lazy and the food bills are way too high to make this gourmand a likely choice among Tamers or as a pet. Sometimes found in circus acts.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Wrestle, Seismic Toss, Stomp, Sleep, Body Slam, Trample, Panda Sign
Enhancements: Stores fat all over its body, increased mass (some have been recorded at over 2000 lbs), ability to hibernate, extremely efficient digestive process
Evolves: Grizzlar (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
The first Snorlass appeared 100 years *after* the Revenge War. The first one, as well as the dozen others found afterwards, were discovered within a forest in the Tropic League, casually munching on a grove of fruit trees. Their origins were eventually traced back to a laboratory that had discovered some of Sukebe's genetics technology and were attempting to make new breeds, one of many that were making Snorlasses. All labs have since been seized and are now under the control of the world League governments.
Snorlasses are incredibly large Pokégirls, around eight feet in height. They have black fur on their legs, arms, and ears, as well as in black patches around their eyes and on their stubby tails. The rest of their fur is white. They are also, due to their tremendous appetites and massive food intake, incredibly FAT Pokégirls. They eat almost constantly, bulking up to tremendous size, fat distributing itself all around the Snorlass's body, primarily around their breasts (which are surprisingly round despite their bulk), and especially their bellies. They are extremely strong, and faster than they look (although speedier Pokégirls can run rings around them easily), and can learn styles such as sumo and Greco-Roman wrestling with ease. They can also take incredible amounts of punishment due to their bulk, even from Fighting-type Pokégirls.
Snorlasses, at first, were quite popular. They were powerful, incredibly strong Pokégirls that had tremendous mass that could overwhelm smaller opponents. However, several problems quickly arose.
The first major problem was the food bills. Snorlasses ate several dozen pounds of food a day, which for Tamers meant tremendous food bills that few were able to maintain. Snorlasses were also hard to tame due to their size, requiring special restraints to do so successfully. Every recorded Snorlass has been over 1000 pounds, some larger ones weighing in at over 2000. And the another major issue with Snorlasses, one that has since become a trademark of the species, is their laziness. They sleep constantly, waking up just for Tamings and eating, Feral Snorlasses picking up the habit of hibernating for months at a time. Some Tamers have found ways around this, using special flutes or bells to awaken their Snorlasses, but still, the cons of a Snorlass far outweighed (so to speak) the benefits of having them. Very few Tamers have Snorlasses anymore, and those that do usually are incredibly rich.
Primarily now, Snorlasses are found in circus acts and occasionally in zoos, as they have an easygoing demeanor that suits these roles the best.
Some Threshold cases of becoming a Snorlass have been reported. The first major sign of this is a girl's eating habits changing drastically, and a lot of weight being gained in a short amount of time.
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SNOW BUNNY, the Arctic Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Common in arctic climates to Extremely Rare in hot climates
Diet: vegetarian
Role: most often used in sub-arctic areas as guides an they can handle the extreme cold of those areas.
Libido: Low to Average (High in high temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Snow Blind, Mist, Leap, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x4 each), Enhanced Hearing (x6), Retarded Aging, Luck Factor, Temperature Tolerance.
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Ice Crystal)
When the first Snow Bunny was evolved from a Bunnygirl, researchers were completely shocked. Around the world, the researchers were wondering if they had found the first Bunnygirl that was actually useful in battle... one that wasn't practically a psychopath. She seemed to be more intelligent, much more capable of concentrating. Even her attitude was calmer, and a lot more like the other ice types that are known throughout the world. She was capable of acting much more like an Ingenue, and it seemed as if tamers finally had the best of several worlds- the affection of a Bunnygirl, the combat capabilities of an ice type, and the lack of freezer-burn during taming. Further studies and evolutions were carried out...
But then the second and third Bunnygirls were evolved, and what they thought to be the most useful Bunnygirl evolution was thrown out the window. Researchers over the next years found that although she was still more useful in battle, the other Snow Bunny Pokégirls were far too easily distracted like most Bunnygirls. They enjoyed playing far too much in the snow, rather than to train. Though they have a much lower libido than they did as a Bunnygirl, in most situations, they act just like an Ice Maiden when heated up, and their libido spikes to that of a normal Bunnygirl’s. Higher temperatures also lower the Snow Bunny’s IQ a bit, but all in all they are about as intelligent as a Moon Bunny is when not overheated.
In battles, both standard and sex matches, a Snow Bunny is quite useful. Their cold nature makes them a little more difficult to deal with for any rock or ground types, as well as Plant-types, and their speed makes them a difficult target for a number of Pokégirls to deal with. Between Heat Drain and Cold Snap, the Snow Bunny doesn't need to worry too much about Pokégirls that are weak against them, and even other types have trouble against it. Fire-types, however, are known to lower her IQ in a battle fast enough that she can’t remember to use such attacks at the beginning of the match to help ensure her victory.
These Pokégirls enjoy wearing bright colored outfits that are reminiscent of bikinis- these girls know that heat makes them stupid, and will do what they can to avoid that happening if they can help it. They enjoy teaching children how to ski and are perfect for search and rescue missions in high altitudes, and are known to accompany St. Bernatit Pokégirls in their missions. These two Pokégirls work very well together, as the Snow Bunny uses her senses in cooperation with the St. Bernatit, and can cover more ground faster than the St. Bernatit to alert other searchers after locating the object of their mission- usually, a stranded tamer or lost Pokégirl. Other Bunnygirl types don't really enjoy being around the Snow Bunny, however- they’re simply too cold to be around, unless they are someplace warm.
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SNOW LEOPARDESS, the Sexy Snowflake Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, felinoid (Leopard)
Element: Normal/Ice (feline)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human standard, though heavy on fish
Role: freezing embodiment of love
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Libido: High (with their Tamer)
Attacks: Tail Slap, Iceblade Kick, Ice Floor, Ice Punch, Snow Blind, Snow Storm, Chilled Arousal, Earlobe Nibble, Go Down, Puff Puff, Purr Vibrations, Rock That Booty, Spank, Sex Attack 3, Sexy Hug, Tongue-In- Ear
Enhancements: Semi-prehensile tail, enhanced hearing (x3), enhanced olfactory senses (x3), enhanced vision (x5), clawed fingers and toes, cold resistance, ice resonance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Leopardess (E-Stone Ceremony, strong bond with Tamer)
Tamers that have and with the Leopardess are often correctly viewed as some of the most wonderful Tamers a Pokégirl could be lucky enough to be owned by. To have had their Cheetit evolve into a Leopardess and still continue living is someone who can show compassion and have room for love in his heart... and has enough time to constantly have sex with the rather needy Pokégirl.
Filling these needs under special conditions had proven to be quite a boon for the Tamer and his Leopardess. With winter set upon the Indigo League, travel was made very difficult for many a wandering Tamer, and some choose to find other means to make a living during these times. One had chosen to test his luck and dig for Evolution Stones in the nearby hills of Cerulesbian City where he and his harem were stuck during the winter. After a week of outdoors work, he had succeeded in finding a nice cache of Ice Crystals and even a Dream Stone. When the Tamer returned to the Pokécenter, his Leopardess, (who had gone five days without Taming) jumped her Tamer as he was trying to set up his Evolution Stones, knocking them to the bed for a most furious Taming session. Hours later, at the stroke of midnight, something amazing occurred.
And so it was that the Leopardess, once thought to have been the alternate dead-end evolution to Cheetit's regular evolution branch, would be discovered to be susceptible to a special ceremony that could not only enhance them as Sex Battle combatants, but give powers and techniques to once again become suitable for combat Pokébattles.
They could be evolved into what is now called the Snow Leopardess. A Snow Leopardess retains a similar build to her previous form with definite physical alterations to her. The coats, once a beautiful gold with dark spots with a white underside become a beautiful sheen of pale gray with a mix of rings and spots. The eye stripes at the bottom of the Snow Leopardess' eyes become longer, and she gain stripes along her cheeks. The most striking feature however, is the Snow Leopadress' breasts. Usually around a C or D-Cup as a Leopardess, the bust grows to a very sizable F-Cup; on par with the fearsome Tigress evolution of Panthress.
Needless to say, numerous Shaguars are not amused about there being another Ice-type feline Pokégirl with breasts that are larger than their heads.
The Snow Leopardess has shown to love this evolution. Not only is their combat potential returned to them and their libidos slightly lowered, allowing for a more human mind-set for a longer period of time, but they find that they've somewhat regained something that had been lost to them. Speed.
Snow Leopadess have a quality called `Ice Resonance'. It allows them sure footing on any icy or cold surface. Combined with their agility, and their natural ice-skaters, even with bare-feet. Combined with the Iceblade Kick for mock skates, and they become the fastest Pokégirls on frozen surfaces. The resurface of memories and feelings concerning speed when they were Cheetit, and the Snow Leopadress is an ecstatic Pokégirl whom can be difficult to get off the ice at times.
When it comes to harem-dynamics, one should be forewarned before placing a Snow Leopardess and a Shaguar together. Not that the two don't work well for tag-team matches, in fact, they're an awesome sight to behold but the Shaguar, unfortunately holds a bit of jealousy towards this new Ice-type feline over certain proportional issues due to height and bust sizes. However, it's been found that the Shaguar does appreciate sharing a Taming session with a Snow Leopardess, as they get to explore this new Pokégirl's body. Snow Leopardesses don't seem to mind this, as long as it means they're getting tamed as often as they can be.
Although an Ice-type now, Snow Leopardess still love sex and are even more proficient at it now. True, their libidos are lowered, but their love for the act hasn't been decreased any. If a Tamer needs to put off Taming his Snow Leopardess, it is now possible for a little while. She won't be happy about it, but her loyalty will make her respect her Tamer's wishes... he'd just better give her a most awesome fucking the next time it's her turn for a Taming.
[All information beyond this point is classified and not for public Pokédex display] Sexmet has taken a liking to this evolution, as they have been able to take down numerous Pterodame spies that were roaming around the skies around her lair and has asked that all Tamers with Snow Leopardess be watched for further information and safety precaution in case the Goths of Sanctuary get any ideas concerning this species. Overall, Sexmet finds interest in this new evolution and wishes that there be further study into the Snow Leopardess and hopefully, their numbers increased. [End classified data.]
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: 4 Ice Crystals and 1 Dream Stone
Area & Time Conditions: A private room and a bed that can last for at least four hours; eight to midnight. Must be winter season in the area.
Ceremony Itself: Inside of the room, the four Ice Crystals must be placed at the four corners of the bed, with the Dream stone atop of and centered on the headboard.
Both Tamer and Leopardess must undress and prepare for this; although it's a ceremony noted as being easier for Tamers with the Blood Gift of Endurance. Once it is 8PM, the Tamer and his Pokégirl must begin a hot and heavy Taming session that requires an orgasm from both partners on the hour mark. More can happen during the time, but there are a needed four that must happen every hour.
The evolution will happen at midnight unless the prerequisites are not met, or any of the Evolution Stones are accidentally moved out of place during Taming. When it does occur, the four Ice Crystals will each focus a beam of pure white light upon the Dream Stone. A shiny aura then will appear around the bed as the energies are drawn within the Leopardess. All the Evolution Stones are, of course, consumed when this happens. Once the shimmering light fades, the Leopardess will have become a Snow Leopardess.
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SNOW QUEEN, the Blizzard-Creating Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Sneak attacks, Arctic operations
Libido: Low (increases in high temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Blizzard*, Snowball, Big Snowball, Boulder Snowball, Slushball, Big Slushball, Cold Snap, Heat Drain, Ice Wall, Little Cloud MkII, Little Cloud MkIII, Kick, Punch, Snow Golem*, Snow Storm, Snow Blind
Enhancements: Elemental affinity ice, Immune to nonmagical cold, Limited weather control (colder weather only), Low feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ice Maiden (mechanism unknown), Glacia (Ice Crystal)
Snow Queens change a lot when they evolve. Their skin is now brown, their hair pure white and their eyes are blue, they also have C-cup breasts. They are still difficult to tame since they retain the Ice Maiden's low body temperature, and the same techniques which work on Ice Maidens such as hot baths or a Fire element Pokégirl are still needed for most tamers to be able to effectively tame a Snow Queen.
They also retain the Ice Maidens biggest weakness, problems operating in high temperatures. The higher the temperature the higher the Snow Queens libido but the lower her intelligence, a Snow Queen in a very hot room would be a giggling sexpot and tamers often take advantage of this fact either during taming sessions or to capture Snow Queens.
Snow Queens are the rarest of the three evolutions of the Ice Maiden mainly because no one has yet discovered exactly what triggers an Ice Maiden to evolve into one. They are also considered by most Tamers to be the least popular evolution of the Ice Maiden, because their most powerful attacks, Blizzard and Snow Golem have some limitations to when they can be used. They are however popular with criminal organizations who use them to provide cover during their illegal activities. They do however make excellent Alphas because they retain the coldly logical personality of an Ice Maiden, and this combined with their own low libido means that they are very capable at ensuring that every Pokégirl in the harem gets enough time with their tamer.
During the war they were used to lead squads of Ice-type Pokégirls whose primary role was attacking fortified positions. A Snow Queen would shield an area with Ice Wall, and then summon Snow Golems to aid her troops in the attack. They were also sometimes used as scouts in arctic areas, since they are capable of sensing everything one of their Snow Golems sees or hears as if they were there themselves.
Snow Queens have a low Feral state in which they retain most of their intelligence but find it impossible to concentrate for more than a few minutes and can be easily distracted by just about anything that occurs around them. They also have no need to rest after using their Blizzard attack before using it again. This means that Feral Snow Queens will often start a blizzard for no apparent reason only to stop it within a few minutes, only to start another one a little later. Fortunately this generally doesn't cause problems due to the fact that most feral Snow Queens live in artic areas, but needless to say most leagues will seek to capture any Snow Queen that gets too close to a populated area.
Threshold Snow Queens are extremely rare with no more than a dozen reported cases. They handle the change well due to the changes in their personality although there have been problems with new Snow Queens who are not yet in full control of their abilities.
(*) - Blizzard (EFT) Only usable outdoors, this attack, which is unique to the Snow Queen, causes a large blizzard to form within a radius of 2km around the Pokégirl. This blizzard can last up to 2 hours although the Pokégirl can end it at anytime. Any none Ice-type Pokégirl caught in the blizzard will be blinded. This attack can only be used once every 8 hours. Obviously an Ice technique.
(*) - Snow Golem (EFT) Only usable by a Snow Queen in an area where Blizzard is in effect, this attack allows the Pokégirl to form up to 3 human sized golems from the snow in the area. These golems are only capable of using Kick, Punch and Tackle but they have four times normal human strength. The Pokégirl must concentrate to use this attack and if her concentration is broken the golems will immediately disintegrate. Obviously an Ice technique.
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SNOWLASS, the Cold Hat Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Uncommon (Ruby and Mountain League)
Diet: Cold Food (with a particular favorite being cold milkshakes)
Role: Temperature Control, Snow-Bringer
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Snowball, Big Snowball, Boulder Snowball, Slushball, Big Slushball, Little Cloud
Enhancements: Immunity to non-magical cold attacks, resistance to magical cold attacks, light Feral state, ability to summon snow anywhere in temperate regions
Evolves: Glacia (Level 30), Snow Queen (Evolved Glacia + Ice Crystal)
Snowlasses are slender Pokégirls, averaging about 5’9” tall, though there is often a variation in height. Though up to date, there has not been a Snowlass shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6 feet. They often have very pale skin, though in some instances, their skin would have a pale blue tinge to it. Their hair is always a pale blonde, though other shades of yellow are not uncommon. They have small C-Cup breasts and hairless cunts, as well as slender legs, and their eyes are always in shades of blue, though the lighter shades are more common than the darker shades.
The first Snowlass was found in the Mountain League, actually by accident. There was a drought and the air was so dry that some of the dried up grasslands caught fire, and soon a raging inferno was running wild through the countryside. Many Tamers and even the firefighters could not put out the blaze fast enough. But one of the firefighters spotted someone coming down from a glacial mountain nearby. A female figure, dressed in a flowing white robe, with a conical straw hat on top of her head raised her hands and then pointed towards the blaze. The weather turned cool all of a sudden, and a raging snow storm began blowing, its intensity similar to a Blizzard.
In addition she began to create Ice Walls to contain the Blaze, and the mixture of her efforts resulted in the blaze being put out. Afterwords, the town's fire chief wanted to thank the strange Pokégirl, and as a result, he was dragged away for a rather hot and heavy Taming session with the Pokégirl, now known as a Snowlass. Despite being an Ice-type, Snowlasses are known to be rather affectionate to Tamers, making them a rather popular Ice-type, and would have been found in more Harems… had it not been a difficult task in finding them. Although considered uncommon, they have a penchant in living in mountainous areas where the air is cool, and so sometimes are hard to find.
They are fun loving though, and Feral Snowlasses often use their Snow Storm attack to cover a territory deep in snow… and then start snowball fights. One word of note, is that they do not like people who are not fun-loving, and although they would try to use their abilities to get serious people to relax and have a little fun, they will leave them alone if their intended target does not receive their intentions well. More often than not, the person's home would be surrounded by snow that is at least a foot thick, as a spiteful good-bye present from the Feral Snowlass. Thresholding into a Snowlass is usually found in those girls with an Ice-type ancestry, and lives near areas where snow-capped mountains are plentiful.
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SNOWMANDY, the Snow Salamander Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: arctic soldier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Ice Powers, Endurance, Not Affected by Cold or Snow Blindness
Evolves: Snowmelon (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: None Known
The Snowmandy, or snow lizard, is very rare because there weren't that many created in the first place. While most of the land combat duties fell to the CharAmanda series, winter combat fell to the Snowmandy. But as there aren't as many targets in those areas it wasn't considered as vital. Snowmandy have greenhouse-like bodies; their scales are designed to let light in but keep in any heat. They can also share this heat with anyone in their embrace. Snowmandy can be very hard to find in the snow as their white scales and hair do not present any difference from snow to the casual observer.
A SnowMandy is a social being, unlike her next evolution. They tend to stay in small packs of three or four Pokégirls in the arctic areas of the world, most often found in the Scarlet League or Ruby Leagues. In order to heat their bodies, feral SnowMandy groups have orgies at least once every other day to keep themselves satisfied. SnowMandys absolutely love hot meat or fish, and heated food beyond that of body temperature is considered a delicacy to Ferals.
SnowMandys, surprisingly, prefer the company of Fire-types in high altitudes and arctic areas, often going out of their way to make sure that the Fire-type that lives with them is well taken care of so they don't leave. This translates into a Harem, as a SnowMandy will most often defer to a Fire-type's decision, and if that Fire-type trusts and likes their master, then the SnowMandy will do the same by default. However, this can cause a bit of a problem for Tamers who have multiple Fire-types...
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SNOWMELON, the Snow Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: arctic soldier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Ice Powers, Endurance, Not Affected by Cold or Snow Blindness, Claws
Evolves: Frostbite (normal)
Evolves From: Snowmandy (Ice Crystal)
The Snowmelon is the evolved form of the Snowmandy. The form gains claws on its hands and feet and is a powerful hand-to-hand fighter. In addition, in survival conditions the Snowmelon starts lactation, producing a rich milk that can sustain ten other Pokégirls. This has given it the other name it is known by: Icemilk.
Snowmelon are very similar to Snowmandy. Snowmelon do not care much for children, and are known to leave their poke-kits to fend for themselves, either after parthenogenesis (when Feral) or live birth. It is unknown why this is, but it is likely a result of the fact that they are solitary Pokégirls. As such, they dislike group Taming sessions as well, and are not fond of the fact that they need to be 'warmed up' before a Taming. It is suspected that despite enjoying warm temperatures like in a hot spring or shower, Snowmelons have trouble attributing warmth that is coming from a certain place (such as their sex during Taming) when surrounded by hot water or temperatures.
A Fire-type Pokégirl, raising the temperature in the room however, can help negate a Snowmelon's otherwise unwillingness to be in a solitary situation with a tamer during taming. However, it still will not take to even a threesome with said fire-type Pokégirl, despite the additional heat. Snowmelons relish in feeling heat coming from a single source, such as the sun, or from a partner during Taming. Because of their unwillingness to be close to more than one person at a time, Tamers only reluctantly bother to evolve their SnowMandy.
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SNUGGLEBUNNY, the SexBattle Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: classic omnivore
Role: Unknown, when questioned, Cologne responded with: “He was hentai, dammit.” *WHACK*
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: Leer, Earlobe Nibble, Ear Blow, Smile, Teleport, Eros’ Bow, Cry, Mental Feel-Up, Spank, Sex Attack 1,2,3, Sexy Hug, Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Phantom Touch, Aura Sensation
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Recovery, Telepathy (touch only), Blank Mind, Phase Sight, Endurance, Recovery, Flexibility, Limited precognition
Evolves: None known
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (mechanism unknown), PlotBunny (simultaneous orgasm with Tamer)
SnuggleBunnys are tall and slender, usually around 6 ft in height and averaging a firm C Cup. They have black hair and tend to wear it long, although they put it up for battling. SnuggleBunny’s insist on wearing clothing, because as one put it, “The hidden is desired.” Most wear some kind of form fitting bodysuit, to make it harder for their opponents in battle. All are haughty, at least until the battle begins.
SnuggleBunnys have been around since the beginning, only their rarity and tendencies have kept them from being well known.
SnuggleBunnys have a limited form of telepathy that they can only access through touch, which is where their name comes from, they tend to want to snuggle or otherwise touch just about anyone they meet. Once they touch you, however, they know every secret you have, sexual and otherwise, and in battle they set out to give you what it is that that their opponent desires most sexually. SnuggleBunny’s have no taboos and will perform anytime, anyplace, just as long as their opponent likes the situation. This has led to a couple of amusing episodes where a SnuggleBunny has refused to SexBattle a Pokégirl who didn’t like public tamings. Usually the battle is allowed to proceed in private, in such a situation.
In SexBattles, SnuggleBunnys tend to snuggle their opponent which allows them to use their telepathy and puts them in position to use their other attacks. Often after using an attack, a SnuggleBunny will use Phantom Touch to continue the feeling and move on to another technique.
SnuggleBunnys are not often found in harems, they are inveterate wanderers and with their limited precognition and teleport are very hard to catch. They are not found feral, merely because they can always convince someone to tame them.
Rumors have that SnuggleBunnys make a habit out of visiting powerful members of the leagues that they live in, thus gaining access to their secrets, which ensures that if they are captured, League officials will order them released very quickly.
There is one notable account of a SnuggleBunny: the not very well known Tamer Elmer Befuddled was visited by a SnuggleBunny when very young and then spent the rest of his life trying to catch her. Because of this, “Be Vewwy Quiet, I’m Hunting Wabbits” has become a slang phrase for an endeavor that can never be successfully completed.
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SOIXANTE-NEUF (aka XANTE), the Special Arts of Sex Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: human style food, aphrodisiacs
Role: Sex, Teacher (Depends on interest of Pokégirl), Fighter
Libido: Extremely High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Sex Techniques
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: All Sex Attacks, Dance, Butter Up
Enhancements: Extremely high Pain and Pleasure thresholds, Gymnastically adept body, Sexual Knowledge
Evolves: Menage-A-Trois (orgasm during an orgy), Mahavi (Lack of Taming for a week + Dream Stone)
Evolves From: None
Soixante-Neuf is considered to be one of the prime examples of what Sukebe wanted all his Pokégirls to be like, A fighter that knew what he liked in bed and could get the job done on the field.
Xantes, as they are sometimes known as, seemed to be made for learning, even if this implies mostly to sex. When it comes to knowing about sex (fighting techniques or other wise) the only Pokégirls that could possible know more on the subject is their evolved form, Menage-A-Trois and Supe-Bra Genius. Most tamers are surprised when after their first taming of a Xante, she could get them off in about half the time next taming. This becomes a problem that starts the Xante down the path of becoming a Menage-A-Trios when she starts adding her harem sisters in the Tamings to keep her high libido satisfied. Other then that, a Xante learns easily what it takes to arouse anyone, be it her tamer, harem sister, or a stranger on the street. This gives her skill outside of sex that can still cause arousal and gives her more experience.
Looking like what was thought to be the 'Ideal Woman' back in Pre-Sukebe times, a Xante is known for its use of its sexual knowledge, combining this with its high threshold for pain and pleasure to win regular and sex matches alike. Some argue its usefulness in regular fights, mainly for it's lack on non-sex moves. Because of it skill, however, some leagues have banned the use of a Xante in sex matches, though the Sex League itself still allows the Pokégirl in fights.
A Feral Xante is an interesting sight to behold, for she's known to cause all feral girls around her to be tired from taming them and it is widely known that a tamer might find himself being tamed by a Feral Xante.
Xantes are a common threshold, usual coming from ancestry of high libido Pokégirls or sex type girls (Such as the Domina). Most find this problematic, since a newly threshold Xante will end up getting as many people as she can find (friends, family members, Pokégirls, it doesn't matter) to sate her new thirst.
On an interesting note, Xantes can't stand Pokégirls with extremely low libidos, finding them much more difficult to learn how to satisfy them.
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SOLARIA (aka HERBALIA), the Sungirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian style food, certain plants and flowers
Role: herbalist, often used to create simple potions, antidotes, and to control gardens and other quickly depleting forests
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Antitoxin, Wrap, Vine Bondage, Thorn Cutlass, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Limited Regeneration in sunlight, psionic plant identifying abilities, basic herbal potion brewing abilities, Tough vines for bones
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Leaf Stone)
Solaria are a newly discovered evolution of Eva, and are also known as Herbalia. They use their knowledge of herbs and plants to create simple potions, some pseudo-magical in nature, with those of higher levels. Their special attack, Antitoxin, enables them to negate almost any Pokégirl and plant-based poisons. They are often found in herbal stores, as they are incredible herbalists as well as naturalists. If they are cut off from sunlight for too long, they will slip into a berserk Feral state and attack anyone who comes near them.
Be warned: Make sure these girls are often out in the sun, otherwise they could die or slip into a coma like state that adversely affects this girls future as a battler.
The Solaria, like the Chippyna losses most of her body hair. Though her body (if said girl wishes) can grow a subtle layer of moss or grass. They tend to have green toned skin and hair which the shades rarely match each other. Their bust generally gain a cup size or two while they gain about 6" in height. Their ears tend to look like thick dark leaves on the top of her head, but they hear just as well as their pre-evolved ones.
Their vine-like bones allow them a certain level of flexibility that their tamers swear by. Solarias, while they can perform the Vine Bondage attacks easily do not enjoy bondage in their taming sessions. One of course with the right incentive can be taught to enjoy such things but generally they tend to shy away from performing that move with a willing tamer. If a tamer themselves needs to be enticed into a taming session a Solaria is not above tying them down to initiate it. When the Solaria uses the Solar Beam attack it looks similar to an fighting girl using a Chi Blast, in the fact that she gathers the sunlight for the attack in between her hands them fires it from there.
The Solaria grows the vines for her vine attacks from her hands as well. However when one feels the need to use the Thorn Cutlass attack the thorn will grow from one of her shoulder blades. Which baffles most researchers since it's the only attack she uses the doesn't originate from her hands.
The role of Solaria in the war is believed to have been purely support based. They would assist in the treating of wounded, or aid in escapes by causing forests to grow dense to avert following attackers or firing off a Solar Beam. While they could re-grow limbs (given the time and energy) it was almost clear that they were not meant as front line fighters by Sukebe. Their regenerative abilities are too time consuming to be useful in heavy combat and the Thorn Cutlass (while good in single combat) is useless in group melee. Some might argue that her ability to use the Solar Beam technique show her as a power hitter, it also shows that without defensive cover she would be an easy pick for a sniper after using said technique. Therefore most researchers agree that she was not a frontline fighter but a supporter.
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SONICA, the Speedy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Anthropomorphic (Hedgehog)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Pokéchow, fruits
Role: speed attacks, hit 'n' run tactics
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Dash, Sonic Punch, Sonic Wave, Blur, Buzzsaw
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Stamina (x5), Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Muscle Control
Evolves: Dash (battle stress), Jurimi (Cat E-Medal)
Evolves From: None
During Sukebe's War, Sonica were a rarity to see on the battlefield. This was because most who saw them, died soon after. They were meant for hit and run missions, for which their ability to control their musculature making them ideal. They can get the most out of a single muscle contraction, allowing them to go from a standstill to their max speed (between 200mph and 270mph) in under a second, as well as shift directions with equal precision. Unfortunately, their popularity began to die out when Sukebe realized a flaw, though they were able to command immense speeds within a second, their bodies were not able to take the continuous stress to their muscles, meaning they could only last for several minutes before they needed to rest.
Sonica are small, ranging from 4' to 5' feet in height. Their backs (and sometimes their arms and legs as well) are covered in a soft coating of blue fur (though other colors have been seen) that can lightly harden when feeling threatened. They can have a wide range of hairstyles, their slight abilities allowing more diversity, though it is usually always spiked, whether long or short. Their hair and eye color always matches their fur.
Sonica are hyper, always going for things that can get their blood flowing. They love to engage in things that require speed, especially races, and afterwards can go into a slight "hyper mode" where it appears as if they cant slow down. Everything they do is at a faster speed than normal, whether walking talking or just thinking. It's during this time that they love to be tamed, and their libido jumps.
Threshold cases are rare, though not unheard of. Usually happening to excited or overactive girls.
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SORCERESS, the Magical Generalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: human style diet, just lots of it.
Role: magical powerhouses. Depending on their available spells they can be found in many different roles.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Magic, Water, Fire
Special Weaknesses: Ticklish, requires large amounts of food.
Attacks: Mystic Bolt, Shield, others vary
Enhancements: Magical Affinity
Evolves: Archmage (E-Stone Ceremony)
Evolves From: Witch (normal)
Physically a Sorceress changes little when she evolves, perhaps gaining a few inches in height and a slightly bigger bust, if she changes at all. Temperamentally a Sorceress changes greatly from a Witch. While they still have a temper they can be calm and unflappable when the situation requires a cool head. The big change though is in their magical power, a Sorceress's spells are more powerful than a Witches and she is capable of channeling more magical power before she becomes exhausted. The last change that they undergo is the most obvious one, the runes which appear on her skin when she is casting a spell, the more runes that appear the more magical power she is channeling.
Sorceresses retain the biggest weakness of their previous form, they are very ticklish and so just as easy to tame and just as useless in a sex battle. They also require large amounts of food, far more than would appear necessary for a Pokégirl their size. In fact most people seeing a Sorceress eat for the first time will ask where she puts it all.
Sorceresses are capable of learning and casting spells from any element or magical school. Sorceresses seem to focus on flashy spells which can be used to directly damage their opponents rather than subtler magic that can be used to assist her harem sisters in combat. Although any Sorceress worth her salt will have some defensive spells available as well as some healing magic and a flight spell.
Sorceresses have an insatiable thirst for new spells and most will seek to pump any magic user they meet for any new spells that they might know. They are also capable of creating new magic spells, either by witnessing a spell in action and creating their own version of it or by creating a spell which is entirely new to them (although this obviously takes longer than recreating a spell that they have seen). The amount of time it takes to create a new spell varies depending on the level of the Sorceress and the level of the spell but usually even a high level Sorceress will take at least a week to come up with even a low level spell.
The price that Sorceresses pay for their magic is that by being a jack of all trades rather than a master of one they lose the ability to create magical items beyond basic one-shot items such as potions and salves.
Thresholding into a Sorceress is not unheard of but most girls will become Witches.
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SOWLECTRA, the Lightening Boar Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Standard (avoids pork flavors)
Role: Childcare, Electric Generator, Natural lightshow specialist, Guard, Warrior
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Bite, Jolt, Rolling Spark Mk II, Thunder, Lightening Punch, Lightening Kick, Lesser Thunderclap; After Level 30: Thunderclap, Greater Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x8, Endurance x3, Enhanced Strength x3 Specialized section of their back.
Weaknesses: Short Tempered with adults, Tenacious, Short (4’-5’)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Giltlectric (Having third litter via Parthenogenesis as a Pokégirl, or having a single litter/child after becoming a Pokéwoman)
When a Giltlectric Pokégirl has her third litter via parthenogenesis or becomes a Pokéwoman and has a single litter or child, they evolve into the Sowlectra. Sowlectra is one of the few Pokégirls who evolve as a response to motherhood and childbirth like the Matron and the Denmother. It was a mystery as to why this Pokégirl’s numbers were equal to that of her pre-evolutionary form until this evolution was discovered and documented at a ranch that held many of the small electric Pokégirls. The ranch owner hoped to increase their numbers for Tradesman interested in bacon production but instead found out why Sowlectra were seen as often as Giltlectric.
Though it is unknown why it takes three litters by parthenogenesis for a Giltlectric to evolve, Researchers have speculated that the hormonal changes necessary for evolution do not occur right away if the Pokégirl reproduces by parthenogenesis. Upon evolution, a Sowlectra’s maternal instincts take a jump, allowing her to instinctively tell what a child needs, regardless of the child or Pokékit’s actual relation to her, though this seems to be more intense if the children in question are hers. As such, she makes a great guardian for children or Pokékits, even more so now that her cowardice from her previous evolution is gone. When it comes to the defense of their charges, Sowlectras have often been compared with Mousewives, being able to liberally shock most enemies into submission (or stopping playground bulling with a well timed Jolt).
Physically, Sowlectras ‘bulk up’ from their previous evolution, gaining some muscle mass along with around a foot in height, though no Sowlectra has ever been recorded as taller than five and a half feet. They are now a solid C cup, and very plump looking, their body type harkening back to what pre-Sukube historians call the Renaissance. Their tail disappears, but their ears migrate to the top of their head and become more porcine. Their hair, growing if they didn’t have it before, becomes coarse and sparse, giving the Pokégirl the appearance of balding upon close inspection. Their hair always stands straight up, giving the girl a buzz-cut or militaristic look. A Sowlectra had the interesting ability to charge these hairs with electricity which causes them to glow. Her lower canines enlarge and point at an angle outwards, now showing from her mouth and enabling her to give a nasty Bite attack despite not having a muzzle. Their eyes become a little less ‘beady’ and they retain the specialized section of their back, though it remains the same size as it was when they were a Giltlectric.
When in a Harem setting, some of the Sowlectra’s less desirable traits are brought to the fore. They tend to see adults as people who ‘should know better’ and tend to loose their temper if their Tamer or Harem sisters pull bonehead moves. They are also very tenacious, to the point of obsession, and tend not to let arguments go until she considers them settled. It is very unwise to have other argumentative types within a harem with a Sowlectra, though some tamers have claimed it can be done with liberal amounts of aspirin. One poor tamer, whose name has been withheld, was documented that his Sowlectra was convinced that she’d be able to overcome her weakness to ground. She became so obsessed with it, that the tamer finally decided to put her through a level 5 Taming cycle (since he’d previously tried a level 4 and it hadn’t broken her of her obsession) which thankfully worked.
Regardless of their flaws, Sowlectra are very effective in battles thanks to their newfound bravery. They tend to regard battles with some caution, and thusly use their speed to stay out of the range of most melee fighters while blasting away with their electric powers. When pinned into melee, they switch quickly to Lightening Punches and Kicks with liberal use of their Bite and Jolt techniques. Thanks to these hit and run tactics and their ferocity when cornered, many tamers are willing to handle their flaws.
In the wilds, most Sowlectra can be found watching over their own litters and sometimes adopted young of other Pokégirls. It is interesting to note that even Pokékit Sowlectra will attempt to take care of kits younger than them, often leading to the adoption factor of Pokégirls like Cutiepie, FairyCutes, and other more common non-predatory Pokégirls. When their charges are faced with danger, feral Sowlectra are known to use as much force as they can muster, one well documented incident pitted seven Sowlectra against a Jokette, and the results were grisly for both sides –only a single badly wounded Sowlectra drug herself away from the fight and would have died had she not been captured by the Watcher. As the Watcher who recorded the incident put it: “Never corner a feral Sowlectra… she may die, but she’ll take you down with her.”
To date, no cases of thresholding into a Sowlectra have been reported.
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SPARKANINE, the Electric Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: shepherds or specialist pets
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder wave, Spark, Static Barrier, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Agility, Zapring Mk II, Sonic shockwave (Bark attack which has a chance of stunning the opponent).
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (Thunder Stone)
Sparkanine was an unexpected evolution of Growltit, its discovery caused mass controversy amongst researchers and changed the paradigm that only those evolutions that Sukebe planned could occur, showing that Pokégirls had grown beyond even what the creator himself had planned or expected. This encouraged the wipe spread testing of evolution stones on Pokégirls and lead to the mass discovery of many new evolutionary forms of Pokégirls causing a huge increase in the number of known Pokégirl breeds. This Golden age of evolution stone testing ended after an Orange League tamer tested an Angel stone on an Eva which resulted in the Evangelion evolution and the destruction of the Orange Continent, after this the other leagues where quick to place a ban on evolution stone testing in general.
The scientific community have long since suspected that other evolution stones might work on Growltit besides the Thunder and Ice stones which create the Sparkanine and Huskie breeds of Pokégirls, however scientists are wary, the evolution stone reaction that devastated the Orange Continent was caused by an Eva which is a first stage Pokégirl. If a similarly energetic evolution was discovered for Growltit, a third evolutionary stage Pokégirl then the energy released could theoretically rip the world apart, hence attempting to test evolution stones on a Growltit is an offence punishable by death in most leagues.
Sparkanine has a physical appearance similar to that of a Growltit, the canine features remain the same but instead of having red fur with black tiger stripes, Sparkanine has yellow fur with black stripes which goes down her back, arms and legs like Growltit. The blonde hair on the top of her head becomes shorter and spikier than her Growltit form, indeed Sparkanine seems to have great difficulties growing its hair long much to the dismay of Growltits who liked long hair. The blonde fur down her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs seems to revert back to its shorter length like it was when she was a Growlie, the only differences being she gains a spiked collar of fur around her neck that looks similar to Joltina and the long blonde fur down her arms and lower legs becomes much spikier. Her long blonde fur tail remains the same as it was when she was a Growltit.
Once Sparkanine evolves it loses all of its ability to control fire and instead develops powerful electric powers which it uses predominately to paralyze its opponents or zap them from a distance. Sparkanine also develops a much more fearsome bark than even Denmothers, its Bark has the boom of thunder in it which transforms it into a sonic shockwave attack that can stun or scare opponents. Unfortunately the breed also loses some of its enhanced senses making it less useful in tracking when compared to Growltit or Growlie.
Sparkanine are not used by the police force because they are considered too flighty by most, the breed seems to be hyperactive and full of energy whilst possessing a short attention span, they have a tendency to get distracted at the wrong moment or not pay attention. The lose of its tracking ability is just the final nail in the coffin which means Sparkanine loses most of the traits which made Growlie and Growltit such good police Pokégirls and if any Growltit is accidentally evolved into a Sparkanine then they are retired from police service.
Unlike Denmother, Sparkanine is also unsuitable to watch children due to static electricity which builds up in its fur; this charge can become quite strong, presenting a danger to children. Other difficulties include its new found hyperactive attitude which could lead it to accidentally injure the children.
Sparkanine is not a favored pet Pokégirl, it is difficult to acquire, has a habit of accidentally electrocuting everything around it and is difficult to tame without specialized equipment due to her static charge. Only those with Electrocat or specializing in electric type Pokégirls are likely to have a Sparkanine as a pet, Sparkanine retains its like of cat type Pokégirls and particularly loves electric types whilst Electrocat can easily absorb and disrupt the static charge that builds up in Sparkanine whenever it's excited, making them a good pet team if one likes electric types.
Sparkanine is still is a proficient fisher, however has developed a new form of fishing by literately shocking the fish with its electrical abilities to paralyze or kill them before catching them.
Tamers can find a use for Sparkanine as it is a powerful electric type Pokégirl, being a 4th level evolution, it also still has the survival and foraging skills it had whilst it was a Growltit, making it a good electric type for a harem. They are particularly good at dealing with other electric type Pokégirls such as Peekabus and can easily keep other unruly Pokégirls in line with a few quick electric shocks.
Predominately Sparkanine will be found on farms where it is used as a Shepard to look after livestock type Pokégirls such as Lampchops, Milktit, Chickenlittle or Khangasscunt, keeping them in line using its electric shocking abilities as well as keeping feral predatory Pokégirls from preying on them. In this use, they are actually surprisingly effective.
Their short attention spans mean that they are attracted to any change or oddity that occurs whilst watching over the herd but retain the intelligence to remain near the herd or flock. This can make it particularly difficult for feral Pokégirls to stealthily attack the herd because Sparkanines patrol patterns can be completely random and any obvious attack will attract Sparkanines attention which will result in the feral Pokégirl receiving a rather vicious and disabling electrical shock.
There have been no known wild or feral Sparkanine because of the difficulty of Growlie evolving into Growltit and then running across a Thunder stone.
There are no known cases of threshold into Sparkanine known either.
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SPECTRA, the Destructive Dead Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: psychic energy
Role: scout/spy, ‘shadow warrior’
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Normal
Attacks: Ghost Blade, Chill Touch, Drain, Phase, Disable, Telekinesis, (Everything else varies)
Enhancements: Insubstantial, Flight, Psychic Affinity, Longetivity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: ([Classified] Hild’s Touch [Classified])
For the longest time, the rather peculiar Ghost-type Pokégirl breed of Spectra was a great mystery to Researchers since the first one was founded back around 200 AS. Still with the efforts of dedicated individuals, more light has been shed on the subject of this Pokégirl. Very rarely, when a Pokégirl died, she would “evolve” into the Spectra breed, with her new appearance more or less a transparent version of the previous self. However, Spectra often still visibly bear the wounds of what killed them as well as gaining an odd feature or two. While variation is across the spectrum, often Spectra have some sort of metallic aspect to their appearance.
As they often evolve from a traumatic death, Spectra are considered a threat upon their initial awakening to their new form. Often, their first reactions to their new life would be to act on the basest instincts: combat. This had made for Pokégirls that just transformed into Spectras to be a danger to those around them until they’re calmed down by their Tamer. If their Tamer is killed with them, this often leads Spectra to be a dangerous force until they’re captured once more. One in particular, a former Amazonwu named Hsien-Ko, caused a good deal of destruction across the Edo League before she crossed oceans to continue her chaos in the Capital League before WAPL forces brought her down. [Classified] She was eventually caught and is still owned by Tamer Jon Talbain, his Dark Affinity allowing him to control her. [Classified]
Besides the standard powers which make the Spectra a formidable force to take on, there is more which make them a very dangerous opponent, especially Feral Spectra. Spectra are similar to Youma in that the spectrum of their attacks varies with each one. Some Spectra keep some techniques from their previous life as well as gaining a plethora of Ghost and even Psychic-techniques that make them a threat for Tamers to fight against. Although not added officially to their entry, a number have displayed similar abilities along the lines of teleportation and spirit magic. Hsien-Ko was able to launch attacks with her clawed hands, changing them into a wide variety of blades, chains, spiked balls, and other odd objects. And it doesn’t help that they are immune to Psychic powers.
However, Tamers can take heart in that Spectra are not a true battling powerhouse. Like almost all Ghost-types, they have the inherent weakness to the attacks of Dark-type Pokégirls. And while the Feral members of the Spectra breed can be hellacious opponents to face, they are actually weak when they attack! To land physical blows, a Spectra must “Phase-in”, which leaves her vulnerable to physical attacks in return. During this state, the techniques of Normal-type Pokégirls have a surprising level of effectiveness against them.
When it comes to continuing their existence, Spectra do not suffice on just the basic energy that makes up all living things. Rather, they are attracted to psychic energy and replenish themselves with the brainwaves that the psychic-inclined give off. As this energy is given off in great abundance when the body has increased activity, (such as adrenaline flowing) Spectra are especially attracted to Taming sessions with Psychic-type Pokégirls, as the mental energy being expanded is particularly appetizing.
However, it should be warned that Feral Spectras are especially malicious when it comes to getting this energy. They will terrorize both humans and Pokégirls to get the energy they need for survival, either getting it through the waves of energy exuded from a fearful opponent, or to entice a Psychic-type into attacking them. The energy will have no effect on the Spectra and instead replenishes her directly. This is the reason why Psychic-type attacks and techniques have no effect on Spectra in battle.
When it comes to Taming, it is noted that while Spectra are incorporeal by default, through the use of will and concentration, can make themselves solid. However, in addition to needing to be Tamed, Spectra also need to absorb psychic energy from their partner to keep up a physical form. Fortunately, most Spectra aren’t picky about sharing their Tamer during a Taming session, and a Psychic-type Pokégirl is a god-send during this time. However, despite the requirements TO Tame a Spectra, the Tamers that do own them praise how creative these girls can get during sex.
Because of how they come into creation through death, it is considered impossible for a girl to directly Threshold into a Spectra.
[Classified] Through the confession of a Spectra it was revealed that a Pokégirl does not, under any natural circumstances, evolve into one of the Spectra breed. Instead, the creation of the Spectra came about to the direct manipulations of the Legendary Demoness Pokégirl, Hild! While it is noted that the Masuis were her first successful attempt to create a new Pokégirl-type, the Spectra were the stepping stone to the creation of the Masui. While Hild still prefers to preserve her precious Touch, (she refuses to call it a ‘Blessing’) for those she intends to turn into Masui, there are other breeds of Pokégirl who have warranted the attention to deserve this power, becoming powerful Ghost-type Pokégirls upon their death. [Classified]
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SPHINX, the Aerial Warlord Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic, Metamorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human styled foods, leaning towards carnivore
Role: anti-tank, anti-artillery, military officers
Libido: above Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Sabre Claw, Whirlwind, Wing Buffet, Slice n' Dice, Fury Swipes, Reflect, Barrier, Teleport, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Healing, spell work (above Lvl40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7 human, x27 battle), Enhanced hearing (x10), Night vision, Enhanced Stamina (x6), Flight, Psychic abilities (TK, Healing, Aura Sight, Teleport), Spell work
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Griffon (Sexmet's blessing)
The Sphinx is one of the rarest, most powerful, most sought after Pokégirls of all time. In the Revenge War, they were high commanders of many Pokégirl forces, leading them to stunning victories over human forces. Based on a huge statue in the Pre-Sukebe empire of Egypt, these aerial warlords were considered to be amongst Sukebe's deadliest, finest creations. They are considered the light to counteract the darkness of the Chimera.
Like their pre-evolved forms, the Griffon, Sphinxes have two forms which they can assume. One is a normal, humanoid form and the other is an animal-like, quadrupedal battle form. Each one has different abilities, making the Sphinx a versatile, powerful warrior.
The humanoid form of a Sphinx is the one they were most seen in during the Revenge War. Standing at a statuesque 6'5", their appearance is that of a mixture of a lioness and human. They possess short, tan or brown-colored fur, black hair which is usually kept long and in a ponytail, D-Cup breasts, and mounted on their back is a large set of immense, feathered wings, sharp claws, a long, thick tail, and thick feet in the shape of paws, with an impressive wingspan of 14 feet. They can fold their wings around themselves like a cape. And on their foreheads is a marking, a black tattoo in their fur of the "Eye of Ra." It gives the impression of a Sphinx having a third eye, and unnerves most people that see it. The only clothing they wear is a golden chain around their neck with a pendant in the shape of an Ankh. In this form, Sphinxes are intelligent, cunning warriors who are excellent planners and strategists. Higher level Sphinxes can also learn magical spells, adding to their destructive potential. They love to learn, and study everything they can, a personality trait that aided them well during the war. They were well-respected by those they commanded, and in turn respected those underneath their command. They have an unusual personality and speech pattern, in that almost everything they say comes out as a riddle or a question. This, in turn, caused people to have to answer these riddles or questions, encouraging warriors to think, or intellectuals to utilize instinct, all around making those under their command better at what they do by getting them to bring out their own strength.
The quadrupedal 'battle form' of a Sphinx is when they are at their deadliest. They become almost totally catlike in appearance, with the body of a lioness and a still vaguely human face, with the "Eye of Ra" tattoo on the flanks of each of her hind-legs. Her wings stay on her shoulder blades, morphing slightly to compensate for the new body structure. In this form, they stand at a height of 5'1" and have a length of 9'7" from head to tail. Their jaws and claws become thicker and sharper and stronger, becoming capable of tearing through metal. They become more savage and animalistic in this form, still capable of speech, but more inclined to roar and rend their foes. They cannot use spell work in this form
Sphinxes, as said before, were meant to be the warlords and generals of Sukebe's army. Rare even then, they would lead strategic strike forces into human encampments, tearing into their forces with spell work to protect their legions and assuming battle form, flying in and taking out large pieces of military equipment with their teeth and claws. They were among Sukebe's greatest creations, capable of taking on any potential opponent!
The Sphinx, however, almost met their end during the War of Revenge. In the year 2002 AD, the Chinese government released what became known as the Monster Flu. The majority of Pokégirls just gained a nasty flu for two days, however the Sphinx proved to have a genetic weakness against the disease. The vast majority of them died horrible, agonizing deaths, nearly obliterating the species, dropping their numbers down to the teens! An effort was made by the remnants of the Chinese government to destroy the last remaining Sphinxes, but before the effort could be completed, Sexmet showed up. She stole the Kwan Do a soldier was using and used it to slaughter the soldiers, offering the surviving Sphinxes her protection, which they accepted readily.
Today there is publicly known to be less than a dozen Sphinxes still alive. All of those are known to be in a hidden place in the infamous Dark Continent, living under the care of Sexmet and Bastit. After some research, it was discovered that a Sphinx can evolve from a Griffon being 'blessed' by the legendary Dark Lioness, Sexmet. The nature of this blessing is unknown, as there is only one confirmed case of a Tamer receiving it, and he disappeared shortly afterward. Attaining this blessing, however, is hard to attain for two major reasons. Sexmet, since the War, has only been sighted in the Dark Continent. She lives in seclusion with Bastit and the remaining Sphinxes. (Some speculate that the Tamer who's Griffon she blessed moved in with her.) The hiding place of Sexmet and Bastit is one of the most well-kept secrets in the world. The second reason is simple: Sexmet doesn't like people. She's more than likely to use the Kwan Do she took from that Chinese soldier so many years ago to tear apart an intruder that to allow them anywhere near her sister or her charges. No one knows why Sexmet is so protective of the last remaining Sphinxes, but it's assumed that, since she, like all other Legendaries, is sterile, she views them as her daughters and protects them with a mother's ferocity.
These two daunting reasons have yet to deter Tamers from wanting a Sphinx, however. Rumors have arisen that in Sexmet's sanctuary there is not only the Sphinxes and the two Legendaries, but a vast trove of treasure, including not only gold and jewels by the horde, but a wealth of knowledge, books of LostTech and ForbiddenTech, libraries of information and stories preserved for years in a vast library. Many a journeyman has traveled into the depths of the Dark Continent, seeking fame and fortune, never to be seen again. And thus the rumors grew...
The reason for the disappearances is twofold. One, some of the more liberal Leagues, Crimson League and the WAPL in particular, are secretly working with Sexmet, under her total supervision, to help increase the number of Sphinxes in the world. Second, the Dark Continent is home to the Goths of Sanctuary. Sexmet hates them with a passion, and is known to have brutally murdered the emissaries they sent to offer her their assistance in caring for the Sphinxes, sending their heads back to Sanctuary in a box with a warning written in hieroglyphics to leave her and her adopted family alone. She despises the Sanctuary Goths for their betrayal of the Cheetits years ago in favor of the Dinosaur-type Pokégirls. Sexmet also is known to try and convince known allies of Sanctuary to abandon them, as she doesn't trust them in the slightest.
The work of rebuilding the Sphinx breed of Pokégirl is very carefully done, ensuring maximum comfort for the Sphinxes and supervised in total by Sexmet, who treats them all like a loving, moderately overprotective mother. Efforts have been successful so far, doubling the number of Sphinxes in a few short years, but it's very meticulous work, as the kits born must be raised as well. It is very likely that it will be many dozens of years before the Sphinxes are back at the numbers they were before the Monster Flu, which thankfully a vaccine has been developed for, should someone be stupid enough to try unleashing it again.
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SPIDERGIRL, the Wall-Crawling Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Psychic
Diet: Carnivore. Blood in small amounts weekly.
Role: scouts and trappers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Web Shot, Foresight, Agility, Hypnotic Gaze, Telekinesis, Confusion
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x7), Enhanced Strength (x3), Limited Precognition, painkiller venom, nightvision
Evolves: Spiderwoman (orgasm)
Evolves From: Spinnertita (battle stress)
Occaisonally, when a Spinnertit gains enough experience in battle, but is still too weak to finish the job, she will naturally evolve into a spidergirl. In this form, she loses her extra arms and posion abilities, appearing more human. However, while her eyes do become smaller, they retain their multifaceted appearance. Spidergirls usually gain a few inches of height, although their breast size rarely increases at all. More often than not, Spidergirls keep their hair at a moderate length, claiming that long hair is too difficult to keep track of while short hair just isn't for them.
Possessing excellent dexterity and agility, the Spidergirl uses extremely strong webbing that she projects from her wrists to swing through the trees. This webbing has the equivalent tensile strength of steel wire, but is easily dissolved by fire, make her a poor choice in duels vs. Fire-types. Only the strongest Pokégirls can break out of the webbing once ensnared. The Spidergirl is also able to cling to almost any surface, unless it is too slick. Opponents tend to use water or ice to coat any nearby walls, preventing the Spidergirl from using them. Lastly, she displays some psychic talent in the form of a danger sense that she can use to anticipate most attacks. Fighting a Spidergirl means thinking tactically, and planning several steps ahead. These Pokégirls love to set traps and then force their opponents into them, ensuring her success through the use of Hypnotic Gaze and then Telekinesis to make her opponent fall for her strategies.
Spidergirls require a feeding of blood once every couple of days, as a result of their dietary needs. They have sharp teeth that are more used to tear or pierce than to gnaw or mash, which make it easy to bite into something to get the blood they need. They have small fangs that produce a mild sedative that injects into the skin of their victim, which keeps their victim from feeling any pain. They only need about a pint every week, and usually feed twice a week to get that amount (half a pint each time). Other than for blood, a Spidergirl is mostly a carnivore that prefers her meat rare and fresh.
As a side note, Tamers with more exotic tastes love getting caught in their Spidergirl's "web", while she takes the opportunity to mate with them. The Pokégirl enjoys this as well, and is often employed by her tamer to ensnare other Pokégirls or even for practical jokes. Their webbing makes for perfect use in BDSM settings, and Domina-types often enjoy utilizing Spidergirls as their pets during a Taming session.
Conversely, Pokégirls who hate being dominated are often wary of a Spidergirl who wants a taming. Celestials, for the most part, although they would never admit it, seem to prefer this method rather than cold metal clamps holding them down. The Celestial that was tricked into revealing this made this researcher swear to the gods to never reveal her name, so she may never have to live it down.
Web Shot (ATK 25): A stronger thread than that used in normal String Shot attacks, it is easily destroyed by fire attacks. However, the more it is used on a target, the more entangled the target becomes. Has a 15% chance to bind the opponent upon first application, and an additional 10% chance per additional application (25% on the second use, 35% on the next, etc).
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SPIDERWOMAN, the Web-Slinging Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: insectivore, some human foods
Role: scouts and trappers (more nefarious types use them as kidnappers)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock
Attacks: Leap, Dodge, Web Shot, Foresight, Swinging Kick, Net Shot, Stun Web, Sleep Web, Impact Web, Telekinesis, Confusion
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x12), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Precognition, painkiller venom
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Spidergirl (orgasm)
A somewhat difficult-to-obtain evolution for the Spidergirl, as with precognition a Spidergirl tends to be able to sense what'll happen to her before it does. However, with this evolution comes an increase in the Pokégirl’s libido, agility, speed, and strength. Physically, they grow anywhere from half a foot to a foot taller, and their breasts grow by about a cup-size. Fortunately, after evolving from a Spinnertit, both the Spidergirl and Spiderwoman are capable of lactating and so are considered better mothers for their children than the Spinnertit is. Their eyes retain their multi-faceted appearance, though often glow in the dark and can give away their presence while their eyes are open at night or in shaded areas. Another advantage the Spiderwoman has over her pre-evolved form, is more vastly more control over her webs. Where as the Spidergirl can only shoot off a thin line, the Spiderwoman can manipulate the streams in different ways, like creating a large net to trap multiple targets or forming a quick parachute if falling in mid-air. A glob of the webbing, called an “Impact Web”, can be shot off like a cannonball, causing damage as well as exploding into a gooey mesh on contact, ensnaring her opponent. Lastly, she can infuse her webbing with various chemicals, to stun and paralyze her opponents, or even put them to sleep. These are not very powerful, however, and require prolonged web-to-skin contact to work. Because of this, she can often be found teamed up with a Plant or Poison type (most often Plant), as they can often hold the Pokégirl in place long enough for their webbing to work. Her webs are strong enough to even capture and hold in place a thrashing Armsmistress, despite her immense strength.
However, the more silk that she makes, the more she needs to eat a solid diet rather than just blood. Those who are experts on silk say that the Spiderwoman's silk is the best quality, only matched by the Tarantella’s silk. This, of course, eats at both Pokégirls, and it is not recommended that a harem have both a Tarantella (or any of her evolutions) and a Spiderwoman. Such a pairing often winds up with them competing against one another using their harem sisters or tamer as judges... and the loser of any such contest always demands a rematch. So far, there have been no known ends to any contest of this sort, and so this researcher suggests that one or the other be kept away from the harem while the other is in it.
In the past, they were known to be the leaders of trapper teams, during Sukebe’s Revenge. Paired with a Boobisaur or a Toxicat, a Spiderwoman would be sent out to gauge the strength of their targets before Sukebe would commit a certain amount of his forces to defeat them. Using their webbing, they would capture their prey and then use them as required- either to retrieve information from or for a feeding. After the war, the Spiderwoman seemed to die out, either from becoming feral or being killed in battle. It wasn't, however, until 107 AS that a tamer would discover his Spidergirl’s evolution- the leagues had classified the Spiderwoman Pokégirl as extinct until then, and subsequent testing with Spidergirls confirmed the results of this evolution. It should be noted that evolving a Spidergirl into a Spiderwoman in the same fashion that some tamers evolve a Magikunt into a Gynadose has the same results, and so artificial stimulation is not recommended to induce the evolution. One unusual fact that should be mentioned is that no Spiderwoman Pokégirls seem able to handle a Dildoqueen's size, nor any size that might be considered far above the human average.
A Tamer who has achieved a strong enough Delta-Bond with his Spiderwoman, can use telepathy with her, if the Spiderwoman has reached a high level. This allows him to communicate wordlessly with her, and supposedly even with the other Delta-Bonded Pokégirls in his Harem (through her). It is said that if a Spiderwoman reaches an extremely high level, this telepathy can be used to read opponents' minds, but there is no proof of this yet. Tamers with high level Spiderwomen refuse to allow them to be examined, preferring to keep this secret to themselves, and there are no wild Spiderwomen, as they need a dedicated Tamer, and a steady Taming, to evolve. Her precognition allows her to sense intense thoughts projected by her opponent, however, and few Spiderwoman Pokégirls have ever been surprised by any powerful attacks such as Fire Blast or Hydro Pump.
However, the Spiderwoman do need to ingest half a pint of blood every week or so, now able to handle digesting nutrients normally rather than having to drink blood from others as they had needed while a Spidergirl. They do not enjoy drinking blood that's already been prepared, claiming that it tastes weird when not the right temperature, and so much prefer to drink from her tamer instead. They are often used in hospitals, able to provider stronger painkillers with their venom than most standard pharmaceuticals can provide. Their venom is very useful medically, and although it is somewhat expensive, it is normally the most commonly used painkiller available since it is effective on humans and Pokégirls alike, and in fact their painkiller venom is one of the main ingredients in the medicine used to alleviate the pain induced by threshold. These Pokégirls can be found fairly often in almost any medical field, with their specialty being with patients who are in a massive amount of pain or those that are considered unruly.
Spiderwomen are viewed with disdain by most other psychic types, as they aren't quite as powerful in the mental department and yet manage to prove more useful, on occassion, than other Psychic types. Certainly, they are one of the fastest psychic Pokégirls, and their agility allows them to avoid attacks with ease. Combined with their web-shooting capabilities, these Pokégirls are well known not only for being used in medical fields for restraining difficult patients, but also in police forces around the world- much like their earlier evolution, the Spinnertit, the Spiderwoman is even more valuable and sought for the position. This also makes them particularly valued by Pokégirls such as the Domina, who enjoy the feel of silk and the ability to 'capture' their target whenever they wish. However, with their precognition, the Spiderwoman is also sometimes envied by other psychic types at the same time, as the Spiderwoman claim that they are capable of having a deeper bond with their tamer than any other psychic Pokégirl is capable of (without the aid/curse of Recognition). Research is being done, but all results are non-conclusive at this point.
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SPINNERTIT, the Spider Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect: spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (Edo, Silver Islands), Uncommon elsewhere.
Diet: human style foods, bugs, plants
Role: their ability to cling to sheer surfaces makes them ideal for window washers and similar tasks, while many police agencies in Johto have Spinnertit on their SWAT teams. Spinnertits are also used in Johto and Edo to manufacture silk.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Special Weaknesses: Similar low pleasure threshold to Titmice. Inability to lactate.
Attacks: Tackle, Web, Poison Sting, Wrestle, Bind
Enhancements: Eight limbed human spider animorph, poison injectors are a hollow cartilage tube under the fingernails, webbing spinnerets in breasts.
Disadvantages: Spinnertits all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Arachnae (Venom Stone), Spidergirl (battle stress), Scorpiagirl (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Spinnertits are short, slender Pokégirls, having six arms with a pair of small breasts between each. Despite their tiny size, Spinnertits are capable fighters, those of Johto often using the ancient bondage art known as Shibari on their victims. Spinnertit venom induces feelings of lethargy, which they use to help capture both victims and potential mates. However, most victims find that they are not that way for long, unless stuck in the Pokégirl’s webs (which is normally the case). The lethargy venom lasts only for a few minutes at a time- just barely enough for a Spinnertit to be able to provide enough silk to capture her prey. Feral Spinnertits weave their webs in places that cast a shadow- a dense forest, or in a cave for example. They catch their prey in these webs and then do what they wish with them. Their silk is strong enough to hold even a Amazonchan, though certainly not any fully-evolved Pokégirl with enhanced strength. Any bound in the silk by a Spinnertit will likely find themselves in a rather fun and unusual position. Even the ferals know that a taming can make them stronger and more intelligent, leaving researchers to conclude that unlike some other Feral Pokégirls, the Spinnertit are fully aware that they are very different from the Pokégirls in cities and towns. Their attempts to capture mates, particularly males and domestic Pokégirls, stems from their desire to learn.
Spinnertits cannot produce a large amount of silk in one day - enough for a long rope, perhaps, of about twenty to thirty feet in length and only an eighth of an inch thick. These strands are actually quite strong, however, as described above. Because of their spinnerets being located in their breasts, the Spinnertit cannot lactate, and as such are unfortunate mothers once she becomes a Pokéwoman, being unable to fully support her child like other Pokéwomen and even human females can. Most often, upon learning that she is pregnant, a Spinnertit will try to work harder to evolve herself.
A trained Spinnertit can bind a human-sized victim with her silk, but cannot cover him or her fully without several days of working at it. Spinnertits have a slight feud with Tarantellas, as they dislike the haughty, self-centered Pokégirls. Spinnertits that understand where their evolution may lead also worry about their future, and some prefer not to bond with their Tamer as a result. During the war, these Pokégirls were used as an anti-human force in the second line of defenses in any of Sukebe’s Armies, often keeping humans pinned down long enough until other, stronger Pokégirls arrived to deal with the intruders. After the war, these Pokégirls were one of the more sought after Pokégirls, with their abilities to capture other Pokégirls making them popular until the first Pokéballs became widespread throughout the world.
These days, Spinnertit are often found in police forces alongside OfficerJenny and Growlies. However, their low stamina and pleasure threshold make them of little use in prolonged encounters, and so are normally kept in a Pokéball until needed. Their additional arms allow them a massive advantage while wrestling, although again their low stamina keeps them from being front-line fighters. They are not good Alphas or Betas in a harem as a result, although in Johto they can lead some specialist Pokégirl teams that League Officials have. Numerous Spinnertit can be found in the Johto League as a result of their silk manufacturing, although they do conflict with other Pokégirls like the Tarantella. Spinnertit hate those Pokégirls, since that breed looks down on any other spider type's silk-making. Fortunately, due tto the Spinnertit’s sheer number advantage over the Tarantella, they and their evolutions lead the world in silk production.
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SPITFIRE, the Fire Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Fire Stone)
The elemental forms of fairy Pokégirls were designed not only for infiltration, but also for sabotaging mechanical equipment using their elemental powers. A favored tactic in League competition is to have the fairy Pokégirl shrink to its small size (1/6 of its normal height) and have it fly into the lights where hopefully it can surprise the opponent (who will be unable to keep track of it). Like other Fire-types, the Spitfire is more amorous than the other evolutions and is marked by the color red. In appearance the Spitfire resembles the Hottits but may or may not have the characteristic skin coloration.
SpitFire are not popular among Tamers for several reasons, but mainly because of the fact that Spitfires prefer to remain in their small size most of the time. SpitFires, on the other hand, see this as a way to remain close to a treasured master, and as a way to almost act as if it is an Alpha. These small Pokégirls are never chosen as Alphas, as they have a fairly limited attention span, and prefer to focus on one or two things at once.
Most often, however, they will try to initiate Taming sessions with their Tamers as often as possible. In fact, SpitFires need to be Tamed several times a day, despite their overwhelming heat and small sizes.
A SpitFire is also disliked by Tamers because she likes to sit on the Tamer's shoulder. Normally, this isn't a bad thing, but the fact she's a Fire-type means that she's easily aroused. Simply by moving, she may actually get off on the fact that she's practically 'riding' her Tamer. And when she gets aroused, her body heat rises. In Winter, this may be nice, but in Summer this can be intolerable!
Researchers suggest that Tamers that allow this behavior from a Spitfire should attempt to wear flame-retardant clothing to keep from having to stop at a clothing store all the time.
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SQUIRTITTY, the Titillating Turtle Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: water bearer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Armored Shell
Evolves: Whoretortle (normal), Blastits (evolved Whoretortle; normal)
Evolves From: None
Squirtitties are the de facto Water-type Pokégirl, being among the most common of their element. They aren’t much to look at until they undergo their evolutions however. A Squirtitty has blue skin, darker blue hair, and a large red shell covering most of her back. The underside of the shell wraps around her stomach, ending just under her breasts and just above her waist. It remains solidly on her back, despite the underside only covering that part of her torso. The underside of the shell is a pale, off-white color. Squirtitties are usually a little pudgy, and tend to have small breasts, with a B-cup being the largest known for them. They never have any hair between their legs.
Squirtitties are only slightly more proficient at swimming than your average human, but are able to hold their breath for nearly half an hour before needing air. They aren’t meant to be deep-water divers though, since their shell acts as a mild flotation device for them, its composition being mildly buoyant as a natural precaution against drowning. Squirtitties are about as able on the land as they are in the water.
A Squirtitty’s trademark attack is her Water Gun attack, which lets her spit water from her mouth. Like other water Pokégirls, she stores this water throughout her body in small “sacs” that help to keep her hydrated over longer periods of time. Unlike other water-Pokégirls, two of her largest water sacs are located in her breasts. This has the odd effect of letting her squeeze her own breasts and letting water squirt out of them, letting the Squirtitty use her Water Gun attack from them as well. Many Tamers enjoy using their Squirtitty’s breasts in lieu of public water fountains to drink, since the process that lets a Squirtitty store water within her body also purifies the water, making it exceptionally clean. The one drawback to them continuously using their breasts (or as they prefer to call them, their jugs) this way is that as they lose water, they decrease in size. Concentrated use of their Water Gun from their chest will, after a few minutes, cause them to be flat as a board up top. This is quite embarrassing for a Squirtitty, since it not only makes her look less sexy, it also is a sign that she failed at doing her task well, since she ran out of water doing it. As such, Squirtitties love processes that enhance their bust size, such as being hit with Bloom powder, since it makes them look better and lets them hold more water. Like other Water-types, they need to be submerged in water every few days to keep them in top condition.
A Squirtitty’s shell is used in battle only as a defensive move. When she uses Withdraw, she’ll curl into the fetal position, and face her back towards her foe, trusting her shell to protect her. She is unable to pull any part of herself back into her shell.
Many Tamers enjoy having their Squirtitty go down on them before or during Taming, since, as Water-types, they can hold their breath for a long time. When Taming, Squirtitties are quick to get wet (although this isn’t water), and like being on their back, since the feeling of being on their shells makes them feel slightly helpless. This isn’t true, since a Squirtitty has no problem righting herself from this position, but it makes it much more enjoyable for her, lending a submissive element to it that drives her wild.
Feral Squirtitties are relatively easy to capture out of the water. They tend to use their Water Gun attack a little too freely, and once they’re done with that, capturing them isn’t hard at all. Threshold girls who become Water-type Pokégirls tend to become Squirtitties more often than other Water-types.
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STARBOOB, the Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Uncommon/Very Uncommon
Diet: Water, Sand, Milk
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Fighting, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Harden, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder
Enhancements: Hard shell, levitation, shapeshifting
Evolves: Starboobie (Level 35 + Water Stone)
Evolves From: None
Starboobs have two forms, the first is their combat form, which is that of an unnaturally large five-finned starfish. They have a noseless face in the center of their bodies, covered by a gem-like substance (referred to as a 'gem-core'). Science has proven that this material is not actually like mineral gemstone, but rather like a strangely translucent calcium deposit. The gem core is often red, but may be blue. Only in very rare cases will they be silver or gold, as these are the equivalent of albinoism amongst Starboobs. Their skin is always some shade of brown.
The reason they use that form for combat is because it uses the least amount of energy and has the fewest vulnerable spots. They can flex the very thing section of soft tissue between the fins and their central body to allow them to 'stand' if they need to (most don't bother with this practice unless trying to impress a potential lover). In this form only, they can levitate up to fifteen feet in the air and can move upwards of thirty miles per hour alone or ten if carrying a single person.
When Starboobs shapeshift, they gain a noseless human form that they generally use for socializing, bathing and taming. Their hair is generally the same color as the gem that was present in their previous form, and their skin, though never changing shades, gives them a tanned look. In this form alone, their skin slowly hardens to the consistency of rock if she is out of natural water for four hours or more, but a three minute soak in water will return their skin its softer state. If they switch to their battle form, their body reverts to its hardened state. They often have B to C-cup breasts, and when their skin is soft, their breasts are incredibly sensitive to any form of stimulus.
Feralborn Starboobs are largely lesbians, though some will be bisexual (roughly 25-30% of the time), resulting in the few Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs. The primary reason for Starboobs are lesbians isn't because taming is any harder with men or easier with women, it's because Starboobs have a very strong breast-fixation (likely brought on by the sensitivity of their own breasts) and most feralborn and domesticate-born Starboobs love to fondle and carress the breasts of other Pokégirls.
If a Starboob is not interested in a particular tamer or Pokégirl, she will instinctively shapeshift into her battle form. Since there is no way to block this shapeshifting power without elaborate manipulation with highly skilled psychic Pokégirls, almost no tamer or Pokégirl is willing to bother with the effort of trying to convert any unwilling Starboobs one way or the other. Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs decide their own sexuality.
Once every year, if the Starboob had each enough sand and calcium, they can eject their gem core, which is then immediately replace it with a fresh one. There are no benefits for doing this, save for comfort. The ejected gem core itself is quite beautiful, and can usually fetch high prices on market, as it is almost as hard as a ruby and looks just as nice.
Starboobs are sometimes captured for rich women, who usually seek to evolve them into their 'big sister' form, the Starboobie.
When it comes to sex, a Starboob is almost always at least assertive and often focus on either her own breasts or, if with a female, their lover's breasts. Starboobs can get aggressive during sex if they've suffered a loss, using sexual release to work out their pent up frustrations, but the greater the loss, the longer she will need to work out her aggressions. As such, it should be noted, for the sake of whomever has to tame her, that water-based sex attacks work excessively well on a Starboob.
Some Starboobs like to get temporary tattoos, either on their faces (generally on their cheeks) or their asses (usually hearts or moons (pun not fully intended)), but they will eventually decide on a design for permanent ones. What influences the final design is unknown, but the more common permanent tattoos are crescent moons or five-pointed stars.
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STARBOOBIE, the Stronger Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Very Uncommon/Rare
Diet: Water/Sand/Glass
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Psychic, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder, No Sell, Quick, Mirror Coat
Enhancements: Harder shell, more 'limbs' in combat form
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Starboob (Level 35 + Water Stone)
This Pokégirl is virtually identical to their 'little sisters', save for four differences. First, the Starboobie has ten fins in their 'combat' form. The new ones form in-between the normal five and make it more difficult to grapple. She can now levitate up to thirty feet in the air and travel upwards of seventy-five miles per hour (or thirty mile per hour if carrying a single person).
Secondly, the Starboobie gains access to psychic attacks.
Thirdly, in their human forms, their breasts usually increase one full cup size and become 20-30% less sensitive.
And fourthly, the Starboobie's core-gem becomes a beautiful rainbow of colors, which also translates to the Starboobie's hair in it's humanoid form.
If Starboob core-gems were like a nice agate, Starboobie core-gems were like diamonds in comparison. These gem cores are ultimately more valuable than the Starboob's, mostly because they are far less common. A Starboobie only creates and ejects a new gem core once every five years. They are as hard as diamonds and usually look far more spectacular, the only exception being incredibly well cut diamonds.
Starboobies are now looked upon as a status symbol, a trophy or 'ultimate accessory'. Some rich women, despite being heterosexual or even anti-Pokégirl, will hire lesbian or bisexual maids to keep a Starboobie's needs in line so as to keep the status granted to them for even owning one.
Not only that, but because of the Starboobie's psychic talents and natural hard body, she can be a fairly competent bodyguard. Starboobies may not be at all social events, but they will usually appear at any event thrown by their owner.
If a Starboobie goes completely feral, she does not lose intelligence, the ability to speak or grow distracted. Instead, she becomes incredibly aggressive, both physically and sexually. Worse, this foul temperament may not fade when she is finally tamed, depending on why she went feral, who tamed her and the reasons for that person to tame her. If a stupid and/or cruel tamer lets her grow feral and another person selflessly tamed her, she will treat the selfless person that tamed her with a great deal of respect, while loathing and utterly despising her tamer.
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STATUE, the Original Statue Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Rock
Frequency: Rare (all Leagues)
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Pose, Tackle, Harden, Bellyflop
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Improved Defense, ability to adjust hair at will
Evolves: Marble (normal), Titto (Water Stone)
Evolves From: N/A
Statues are a base form. Most threshold girls over sixteen who will eventually become Marbles will become Statues for six to fifteen months, after which they evolve into Marbles, though the odds of becoming a Statue are greater the younger she is when she thresholds. Feral Marbles give birth to Statues, but once the Statue comes of taming age, she automatically evolve into a Marble. No Statues EVER evolve prior to their taming age, regardless of whether they're threshold girls or not.
Statues are generally 4'3" to 5'6", and could otherwise pass for normal human girls or Ingenues if it weren't for the fact that their skin is glossy and very hard to the touch, and their hair retains whatever shape she styles it into regardless of weather conditions. She and all of her evolutions can also affect their hair length and how straight it is at will.
When Statues begin evolving into Marbles, it's generally in a very disconcerting way. Unlike most evolutions where there's a flash of light and it's done, Statues have the very disturbing experience of having their outer layers of skin slowly (but painlessly) peel off like a sunburn, exposing their new Marble color underneath. Their hair begins to flake, but it appears like dandruff. It's also during this time that they grow six to twenty inches in height.
Many threshold Statues panic during this time, and with good reason. Some have been known to take drastic measures with body paint and glue to keep up the appearance of being 'normal', but eventually it becomes either too time-consuming or too costly to keep up the illusion. Feral Statues are the complete reverse, sometimes rubbing their skin raw in an effort to finish their evolution quickly.
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ST. BERNATIT, the Rescue Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Fire/Normal
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare (usually found in Pokécenters around the Icemaiden Preserve)
Diet: pokechow, hot fluids
Role: search and rescue
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: High (Extreme seasonally)
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Flamethrower, Fire Floor, Firespin, Sex Attacks 2 and 3
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Immune to most ice storms, Excellent sense of Direction
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Huskie (Fire Stone in a blizzard)
St.Bernatits are large, hulking Pokégirls. They are usually seven feet tall, thickly built (a cross between chubby and muscular), have canine faces with floppy ears, large, DD cup breasts, and thick fur that is mostly white, with brown around their back going from their rumps up to around their eyes, almost looking like a brown coat and mask. This fur is very warm and capable of retaining heat, allowing them to stay out for long periods of time during even the heaviest of blizzards.
St.Bernatits are mostly found in Pokécenters in icy regions, and especially near the Icemaiden Preserve. They were first discovered in the year 130 AS, when a trio of Tamers were lost in a heavy blizzard near the Icemaiden Preserve. A Huskie who was acting as guide and worked at the Pokécenter was the only one to make it back to the Pokécenter, when she realized that her comrades were still lost. The Huskie wanted to go back to help them. When it became evident that they couldn't be dissuaded from going, a doctor at the center gave her a Fire Stone he had both for luck and as something that might keep her warm. Upon touching the elemental stone, the Huskie evolved into St.Bernatit. She easily made her way through the blizzard and rescued the Tamers and their girls, using her Firespin to keep them in a warm area when she couldn't go forward, and using her Warm Embrace to give heat back to the freezing Tamers and Pokégirls once they were safe back at the Pokécenter. Since that day, St.Bernatits have come into steady use at Pokécenters in Arctic Regions, being sent out with insulated containers containing hot soup and in some cases strong whiskey.
St.Bernatits are born to keep people warm. They are excellent trackers, capable of picking up even the slightest scent even in the strongest blizzard conditions. They are also brave and courageous, being one of the many Pokégirls that earn respect simply by existing. They are also very passionate lovers, although for the most part they use Tamings as a way of keeping people warm as well as satisfying their own desires. It's when they come into season that they truly become lusty, one Tamer commenting that it made her Vixxen look celibate by comparison. Still, despite this, St.Bernatits are true professionals, taking their duties seriously. Tamers who use Ice-types occasionally make use of them as well, frequently partnering them with Shaguars. Due to their high libido, Feral St.Bernatits are rare. In the rare instance they do become feral, they become very lusty, wandering around arctic regions and seeking out Pokégirls or Tamers for Taming, their Feral state soon fading.
St.Bernatits are extremely valuable Pokégirls. So skilled at rescuing are they, that a legend about them has arisen. It is said that anytime a St.Bernatit is seen, the traveler will have a safe journey.
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STARLADY, the Blood Royale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Dark
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Blood
Role: Nobles, stylists
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire
Attacks: Ghost Blade, Shadow (All Levels), Illusion, Dark Bomb, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mk. II, Blood Blade, Black Sky, Call Me Queen, Mach Breaker, Vampiric Touch, Vampire Bite
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Healing (x4), Longevity, Constant Ashen Wings and Dark Goggles effects, high illusionary capacity, immutable form.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vampire (Dawn Stone)
Although a vampire is a ferocious and vicious fighter in many cases, she will also often be inclined to play the role of an elegant, noble lady when tame. Should she come into contact with a dawn stone, however (a highly irregular occurrence), this inclination will become fully realized. Evolving into a Starlady, a vampire loses most of her more primal vicious tendencies, instead becoming fascinated with the elegant and beautiful.
Physically, this can be reflected by drastic change... or none at all. The primary deciding factor is what her feelings in relation to her own appearance are; if she feels that her breasts are too small or large, then they may gain or lose up to one cup size. If she is displeased with the color of her hair, then it may gain highlights or change to a different color. If she feels that she isn't tall enough (or that she is too tall), she may grow or shrink by a few inches, et cetera. Such changes can affect almost any part of her body, but never to an extreme degree with limitations along the lines of the given examples. One aspect that will not change, however, is that her fangs must remain (sometimes to the extreme annoyance of the Starlady) so that she may feed. Interestingly enough, she also gains an immutable form enhancement that prevents techniques such as Bloom powder or Buttsprout from having any effect on her now "perfect" body.
Mentally, the changes are less variable, however. Be it her wardrobe, which is most definitely not suited to the budget of your average tamer, her fighting style, or even taming, elegance is central to a Starlady's life. Of course, as with her appearance, this elegance is not something that is standardized between members of the breed; each Starlady will generally have her own idea of what is elegant. For example, one Starlady might find roses to be the ultimate in elegance, and so base her attire, hairstyle, etc entirely around roses, whilst another might imagine that no attire could possibly add to the elegance of her body, and so she might prefer to go unclothed.
When it comes to the fighting style of a Starlady, her obsession with elegance translates into a philosophy that is nearly opposite to that of her evolutionary counterpart, the Lucarda. Whilst a member of the latter breed will often allow herself to be hit many times, only to regenerate, a Starlady prefers to never let herself get hit even once. To this end, she will generally fight using illusions, speed, flight, and the "Shadow" techniques to avoid taking a hit, while counterattacking with sword techniques of her own (a form of combat that most Starladies consider to be the most elegant, and one that is very useful in conjunction with Shadow). Despite her numerous enhancements that would theoretically negate a great deal of damage, however, if a Starlady does take a hit, especially one that has an obviously inelegant effect on her body, her fighting prowess will often decline as she becomes distraught and sidetracked. As such, although the first hit is quite hard to get in, the odds are that the more you hit, the more likely you are to be able to hit again.
On the subject of harem dynamics, a Starlady can be a bit troublesome. Although not generally insistent, she will often attempt to subvert the fashion senses of the other members in a way that brings them closer to her image of elegance, and this is doubly true for the tamer. Resisting this is not a particularly wise course, but it will not generally drive too much of a rift between her and the harem... unless her tamer refuses to allow the Starlady her elegance or she finds another 'girl on the harem particularly inelegant. Whilst the first is not often a problem, since the Starlady's idea of elegance will often develop parallel to that of her tamer while she is a vampire, on the rare occasion that it is, she will generally act extremely cold to the tamer, even to the point of risking feraldom, and little short of a Level 5 taming cycle will make her relent. In the latter cases, she will generally attempt to undermine said 'girl, or find some way to change her into a more elegant form. As such, as long as a tamer doesn't object to having a highly elegant harem, a Starlady is a decent alpha choice, and any tamer willing to give her this power will have earned an extremely elegant "consort" whose loyalty knows few bounds.
In addition, since what a Starlady considers to be elegant varies greatly, so do what sexual positions she will find acceptable. As such, it is impossible to accurately enumerate any breed-standard preferences, and, despite their generally high libido, a Starlady can be as prudish as a Seraph or as amorous as a Succubus. However, it might be noted that some Starladies derive a thrill from being forced to deviate from what is elegant, although figures on how many are sketchy. In any case, if you are going to forbid her to be elegant, this is one place that it might not end badly, since a Starlady's feral state is not at all elegant by her normal standards. Similarly, most Starladies will be willing to overcome any feeling about their method of feeding being inelegant, because starving to death is much more so.
Finally, a Starlady's feral state something of a parody. Feral Starladies still believe that they are elegant, but their idea of elegance is somewhat comical, often taking the form of clashing, mismatched clothing, hair worn in an amusing style, clumsiness, et cetera. They will normally avoid people, however, finding most of them to be "inelegant" by her new standards. When one attacks her, though (especially a well-dressed person, who is ironically her most probable hunter), she can become quite the threat, and extreme caution is advised. Threshold is generally considered impossible as of 300 AS, due to no Starlady having yet achieved her second puberty.
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STARLIGHTXPRESS, the Starship Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: lives on mystic energy but has a weakness for carrots
Role: used for faster then light travel
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: varies
Weak Vs: varies
Attacks (Form 1): Sexy Hug, Dance, Bite, Scratch, Rabbit Kick, Double Team, Phase, Teleport
Attacks (Form 2): Multi-Laser, Force Field, Crystal Spike, Beam Teleport
Enhancements: They have the power to create and extend around themselves up to a half mile a crystal shell and shape it to how they want. They can use this to make the body of a spacecraft an then, using their Beam Teleport, they bring people and things inside the shell with them. They use cosmic energy to travel at faster than light speeds and they can produce in the shell fresh air.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cabbit (Angel Stone, Psi Crystal, Mana Crystal, Delta Bond with Tamer, be of high level, orgasm)
StarlightXpress Pokégirls were recently discovered when a domestic Cabbit belonging to a well-liked and well-respected World Pokégirl League government official evolved. His Delta-bonded Cabbit, a longtime friend and companion, was being Tamed in his bedroom, an Angel Stone, Psi Crystal, and Mana Crystal mounted in the headboard for decoration. When the Cabbit reached her climax, she was surrounded in a bright light and evolved. Once news of this hit, several who had kept the evolutions of their Cabbits a secret came forward and allowed their StarlightXpress to be studied.
StarlightXpress Pokégirls have two forms. The first form is essentially a sexier Cabbit, taller than before and a little more buxom. The secondary form of a StarlightXpress is that of a humanlike girl with pure white skin, glowing white eyes, and no hair on their body save for on their heads, which converts into crystalline strands. The only feature both girls have is the red crystal in the center of their foreheads. StarlightXpress Pokégirls retain a lot of the friendliness of their original form, gaining a bit of sensuality in their movements. However, they are also mildly aloof, and also can be seen staring off into space a good deal of time. They are very calm, peaceful Pokégirls and seem very wise, acting as if they know a lot more about how the universe works than they are letting on.
The StarlightXpress in their Cabbit-like form have very few attacks, and are better fighters than their previous forms, but not by much. It's their 'crystal-girl' form that has the most power. They can fly via channeling cosmic energy, and can fire barrages of powerful lasers at opponents. They can summon crystal spikes by simply willing them into existence and launching them at foes. They can do mass teleports easily. And they can generate force fields that nothing except the most powerful of attacks can penetrate. In addition, they can generate crystal shells, up to half a mile wide, capable of shaping it however they want and using cosmic energy to propel it. They can house many people inside this 'crystal starship,' which is capable of surviving in space, capable of generating fresh air, food, and water via magic. This very unique ability became known when the League official expressed a desire to explore space, and his StarlightXpress decided to oblige him by creating a starship for him. He has yet to return. Soon after, it became known that several other Tamers who had gained a StarlightXpress had gone into space as well. A few had returned, telling of the wonders of space they had seen. Studies continue on StarlightXpress Pokégirls to this day.
The discovery of the StarlightXpress came as a shock for many. Space travel, once thought to be a lost concept due to Sukebe's War, had become not only a doable possibility again, but one that could be done cheaply. Several StarlightXpress and Cabbit Tamers have volunteered to help League officials experiment in this, however several of these projects have ended abruptly due to corruption being discovered by either the Tamer volunteers or the StarlightXpress themselves. Still, research into this new type of Pokégirl continues. The fact that a Delta bond and high level were required in addition to the evolution stones has researchers trying to see if other Pokégirls could be produced in similar manner, perhaps via special ceremonies involving the evolution stones...
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STARMYSTIC, the Star-Powered Mage Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human standard
Role: card-collector, magic user
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Ground, Magic, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Baton Hit, Card Shuffle, Dodge, Mana Bolt, Parry, Star Power Increase
Enhancements: Increase Others' Attacks, Limited Psychic Abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: ClowMystic (normal)
Starmystics are the most common evolved form of the Clowmystic, and like their pre-evolved form they were created by the Pokégirl researcher Clow Reed. Unlike the Clowmystic that tend to look around 12 or 13 Starmystics look like women of around 25 and on their foreheads are five pointed stars that are the focus they use to draw energy into their bodies for their attacks. Their hair grows down to their ankles when they evolve but most get it styled or cut so as to avoid it getting in their way during battle.
Like Clowmystics, Starmystics carry a staff but they will only use it in battle if they are out of magical energy, since they use Card Shuffle as their primary attack and rely on Mana Bolt if they lack the time to summon a card or don't have a card appropriate for the situation. Starmystics retain the agility of the Clowmystic and are just as capable at evading attacks. They also have the power to increase the attack of any of their harem sisters for a limited time. Like Clowmystics, Starmystics use their cards to focus their magic and create magical effects. They can use any card that they had as a Clowmystic, plus there are some cards which are unique to Starmystics. Like a Clowmystic a Starmystic gains new cards as she increases in level but unlike a Clowmystic a Starmystic can choose which card she gains. Starmystics are immune to the capture fields of Pokéballs, including illegal Pokéballs, but are very loyal to their tamers.
Starmystics usually have an average libido, unless they find themselves in the same harem as both a Mysticangel and a Mystickat then their libido will become high and all three Pokégirls will prefer group taming sessions with or without their tamer.
Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Mystickat and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three Pokégirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each others location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three Pokégirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Clow Reads intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the Pokégirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.
No feral Starmystics have ever been found so the feral state of this Pokégirl is unknown but researchers have speculated that it is similar to the feral state of a Clowmystic in which her Card Shuffle attack becomes random.
It is incredibly rare for a human girl to become a Starmystic after thresholding.
Baton Hit (ATK) The Pokégirl strikes her opponent with a staff or club. This is considered a Normal-type technique.
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STORM DEMON, Electrical sub-type of ELEMENTAL DEMON , the Electric Demon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Flying/Electric (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Probably Unique)
Diet: as humans, also energy released during sex
Role: Heavy assault troops
Libido: Very Low (to High/Extreme when Bonded to a Tamer they like and trust)
Strong Vs: Electric, Magic (All-types), Flying
Weak Vs: Water, Electric-based sex attacks
Attacks: Dive, Evade, Punch, Kick, Bear Hug, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Electric Blade Mk II, Absorb (electric attacks only, heals full damage), Static Barrier, Wingover
Enhancements: Enhanced strength (x15), Enhanced speed (x4), Enhanced reflexes (x2), Toughness (x2), Endurance, Psi Immunity (Telepathy/manipulation only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Process Classified) & Bhooty (Process Classified)
Limitations: Incapable of Parthenogenesis (Even w/ Brooding Chamber), Pokéwomen may also be sterile, suffers from short-term Feral Shock after every Taming
In a word, bad-tempered, even Gynodoses and Dark Ladies consider the 'Elemental Demons' horrendously hot-headed. Although people who consistently show them kindness, they may only be snippy towards.
No example of any Elemental Demon has ever undergone parthenogenesis, even when run through a Brooding chamber. It is widely believed that the Pokéwoman form will also be unable to reproduce, although none had ever lived long enough to become a Pokéwoman.
All types of Elemental Demons are attractive and powerful Pokégirls, with good looks and magnificent bodies. They possess large, bat-like wings covered in soft fur; long, deeply colored finger and toe claws, long canine teeth as well as wild hair and eye colors. Their claws and teeth are long and sharp enough to be used in battle. Unfortunately, they often could careless about their appearance and hair, both often being dirty and disheveled, they also tend to smell bad. Their attitude is that they 'don't have to prove anything to anybody'. Their bad attitude and belligerence makes forcing them to be hygienic a constant battle. They have a condescending attitude towards Tamers they don't respect, and won't bother with them.
In combat they will attack seemingly with wild abandon, yet they will stick with a battle plan as long as it appears to be working. They are not subtle combatants, beating down opponents with the minimum amount of fuss and time expended. They favor using weapons and ranged attacks over going tooth and claw with their foes, although they aren't fanatical about it. Unexpectedly, they are not cruel or sadistic towards fallen enemies, they are too busy looking for the next fight. When a plan falls apart, they attack either the weakest, or strongest point they can find, whichever they believe would do the most good, and they unerringly choose right. Why such intuitive strategists want no part of pre-battle planning is unknown.
Manufacture of an Elemental Demon requires an Eva possessed by a Bhooty to be bonded with [REDACTED FOR SECURITY] summoned by dark magic. An Elemental Stone completes the process and fuses the entities together. A Storm Demon is created by using a Thunder stone during the fusion process.
They enjoy sex, as much as they enjoy anything. Although they feed on the energy released by Pokégirls and humans during orgasm, so their enjoyment may just be the cessation of hunger pangs. This being the case, they will avoid Taming sessions with a Tamer they don't respect. Their Feral state is extremely mild, considering how vicious their non-Feral state is, that isn't saying much. Or as one Tamer put it 'How can you tell?'
In short, a failure, while powerful, they are difficult to reliably manufacture and are so foul-tempered and vicious they would be best dropped in their Pokéballs, in the middle of an enemy group, and left to destroy them all.
There are reports of a Tamer in the Sunshine League actually bonding with one. While initial reports that she became helpful and tractable were not confirmed by League officers, who found her highly emotional and difficult for her Tamer to control. The accounts of loyalty and good hygiene were confirmed.
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STORM GAIL, the Legendary Wind Titan Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique) (Deceased)
Diet: unknown, has never been seen eating
Role: Oceanic Chaos
Libido: assumed None
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Fighting Style: Storm Gail did not use any attacks which could be classified and named, she simply summoned various weather phenomenon to do her bidding.
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x100), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, absolute control of the weather
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the Revenge War began, there were four immensely powerful Legendary Pokégirls that made an appearance. One was Typhonna. Another was Storm Gail.
Storm Gail was the most human of the four 'first generation' Legendaries. A statuesque, eight-foot tall woman with dark brown skin, long, bright white hair, DD-Cup breasts, and glowing white eyes, she struck an imposing figure. She wore no clothes save for a celestial robe, which made her seem even more goddess-like in appearance. Her role was disrupting sea travel, and is responsible for devastating the Navy of China and Japan. Storm Gail was never seen on land, always flying in the air over the sea. She had a powerful, frightening ability: Absolute mastery over the weather. With a mere thought she could control winds, rain, and lightning, summoning massive hurricanes, her arrogant laughter echoing even over her thunder. She enjoyed her work greatly. But her arrogance was her downfall, many say, as she was the first of the four 'first generation' Legendary Pokégirls to disappear.
One day, Typhonna was seen wandering into a massive hurricane that had popped up a few miles out of the southern cost of what is now the Orange Islands. A massive beam of light was seen shooting out at an angle from the top of the hurricane, which quickly disappeared. Typhonna appeared unhurt by the hurricane, and moved on after looking around curiously. Researchers assume that Storm Gail was completely obliterated by a Hyper Beam from Typhonna. Scylla appeared shortly afterwards, performing Storm Gail's role in more efficient fashion. Two years later, Typhonna disappeared.
Update as of 240 AS: Researchers discovered in one of Sukebe's abandoned labs evidence that confirms the fate of Storm Gail and Mountaintide. The recordings, taken by satellites that Sukebe commandeered, show clearly that Storm Gail was indeed destroyed by Typhonna after Storm Gail took offense to Typhonna simply walking through her hurricane as if it weren't there. She struck Typhonna in the nose with a massive lightning bolt, which caused an angered Typhonna to respond with a Hyper Beam, completely obliterating her.
In addition, evidence that Sukebe planned to make a fourth Titan, a monstrous Ice-element creature named Frigida, to act as a counterpart to Infernus, was discovered. Notes on the project indicate that after Typhonna destroyed the other three 'Titans' as he called them, he scrapped the project in favor of the more human-sized Legendaries which still exist today. Notes on how he intended to make Frigida were destroyed, although data on the final fate of Storm Gail and Mountaintide were added to the publicly accessible information in the Pokédex.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Storm Gail's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Storm Gail has No Weakness (Level 200). If she were to face anything that was considered Strong vs. Flying/Magic, at or below level 200, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Due to the fact that she lived for only a couple months, only one Legendary Salient Quality could be tentatively identified:
Goddess Of Weather: Storm Gail could, with a thought, command any and all weather patterns around her, manipulating and intensifying them to her will.
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STRETCHYMAID, the Elastic Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: jellies of varying types
Role: domestic keeper
Libido: above Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Hyper Slap, Leg Sweep, Sexy Hug, Bear Hug, Wrap
Enhancements: Able to do most physical attacks (e.g. Punch, Kick, Double Slap, etc.) at a distance - as well as up close
Evolves: Mercury (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: Rubbermaid (battle stress and/or being unable to “snap back” to normal for too long)
A rubbermaid may evolve into a Stretchymaid when forced to hold a stretched position or when unable to 'snap' back into their original position. This is believed to mostly be a defense against serious injury from being stretched for periods of time their body cannot stand. Also, Rubbermaids may evolve into Stretchymaids during certain difficult battle conditions.
Unfortunately, it is painfully obvious that the fastest way to get a Stretchymaid is to tether a Rubbermaid in a stretched position. This practice, whilst common, is discouraged, if not made illegal, by most pro-Pokégirl leagues.
Strechymaids are quite similar to their Rubbermaid counterparts, but their eyes finally adapt to work similar to a humans, and so they finally look 'normal' - generally their irises are the same color as their eyes were before evolution. Their skin also changes drastically, becoming smooth and highly reflective - enough to be able to see reflections of images (although they'd be quite blurred).
Where a Rubbermaid will snap back into shape after stretching, a Stretchymaid has no such worries - and is quite capable of keeping their bodies stretched out almost indefinitely up to three times their original length. needless to say, this allows them to wrap opponents up in devastating bear hugs and rather sensuous cuddles.
In taming, Stretchymaids like to be tied up or tied down - usually in positions that would cripple a less flexible Pokégirl. Again, like Rubbermaids, they enjoy being 'looked' after by Domina and Domina-like Pokégirls.
In the wild, Stretchymaids favor ambush - this time waiting until someone comes close enough for them to envelop in a Wrap or Sexy-hug. Some feral Stretchymaids seem to lose some of their co-ordination and end up using their limbs like long tentacles rather than as hands or feet.
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SUCCUBUS, the Sexy Soul-Sucking Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Ghost/Flying (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life Energy
Role: Combat, Taming Support
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Ghost, Magic, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dark, Electric, Ice, sonic-based attacks
Attacks: Energy Drain, Shadow Blade, Soul Fist, Possess, Go Down, Call Me Queen, Backhand, Wing Buffet, Night Shade, Spank, Butt Wiggle, Nipple Cripple, Rapid Stroke, Caress, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Kiss In The Dark.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Constant Ashen Wings, Flexibility, Longevity, Solid Ether Body
Evolves: Dark Queen (Dark Ritual), Mazouku (Mechanism Classified)
Evolves From: Daimon (Dusk Stone)
Succubi are perhaps the most popular of the Youma line, and indeed, of Infernaldom in general, a fact that their classification as "rare" despite the fact that their evolutionary requirement (which was only very recently confirmed) would suggest "extremely rare" is a great testament to. It is also a fact that makes a great deal of sense; with bodies sculpted almost to perfection, almost ungodly sexual skill, and respectable combat powers to boot, only the general opinion of Infernals and the attitude of Succubi towards those they don't respect has stopped them from replacing the Tigress as the Pokégirl that “every tamer wants.”
Physically, Succubi are, as stated, designed to be almost perfect. Their heights are somewhat variable, usually owing to the un-uniform appearance of their previous evolutionary forms, but whatever it is, their breasts will almost always be perfectly proportioned on the resulting frame, not looking ridiculously large, but never being small enough to be considered lacking by any normal standards. Hair and skin colorations will also often vary from Succubus to Succubus, although the two are generally complementary and also go well with her eye color. However, aside from normal human attributes, two things distinguish a Succubus from an extremely attractive human female; their wings, which are somewhat bat-like, and a second “off” characteristic, the exact nature of which is difficult to pin down, though a set of vestigial wings on the head or small horns are two of the more commonly seen manifestations.
The former are, interestingly enough, not at all suited to flying, generally being used for entrapment (they're surprisingly strong, despite the almost velvety texture) or as slashing weapons via a charge of Infernal energy, a technique which is known as “Shadow Blade.” Succubi are still considered flying types, however, as they are capable of magical flight, though, strangely, they cannot seem to sustain it without their wings going through the motions of flapping. It should also be noted that the span of these wings isn't particularly standardized, and so tend to vary, though most tend towards being proportionate to (and not greater than) the Succubus's height.
However, in spite of their physical appeal (or perhaps because of it?), Succubi have been noted to, by and large, have very bad attitudes. More specifically, they're almost unbearably condescending towards anyone or anything that hasn't earned their respect, especially those who are easily taken in by the allure they extrude. Despite their uppity attitudes, the dress and manner of a Succubus is almost always provocative, and revealing attire is quite common (with corsets being especially favored), making them seem very inviting at a glance. However, once someone has failed to impress her, she generally turns rather vicious, sadistically pounding on the "offending" person verbally (and sometimes physically) even as she flaunts her superiority to them further.
This doesn't mean she'll turn down an offer of taming, though; the Succubus's reputation as a sex fiend is well deserved, and few people who approach one looking for taming are actually turned away... though some do try to run away once they realize what they're in for. A Succubus's condescending attitude extends to the bedroom, and rare is the Succubus who will choose to be submissive. This attitude especially extends to her tamer and harem sisters in most cases; until the former earns her respect, she'll generally turn any encounter he attempts to initiate into a session of dominating him thoroughly enough to put even a member of the Domina line to shame whilst the latter will have nothing but her contempt for submitting to him. As such, Succubi get along cordially enough with dominating Pokégirls, at least until the latter fail to impress....
In any case, as with those of most Infernals, there is a more appealing side to the Succubus's attitude. Should her master manage to earn her respect (generally through forcing her to submit in the bedroom), the Pokégirl's world view shifts to place him above herself, and so far above her contempt. Naturally, though, she will still look down on others, and, if not carefully watched in public, will often instigate conflict by glorifying her master further through ridiculing others. Still, this is to be considered a sign of extreme loyalty, and a growing number of tamers seem to be willing to endure the dangers of attempting to win the respect of Succubi, considering such loyalty and the promise of wonderful sex worth the risk. It should also be noted that, since the revelation that Succubi evolve from Daimon through Dusk Stones, the market for said stones has exploded, as those who respect their tamers prior to evolution are generally much easier to bring into line.
Another incentive, however, is that, although sexuality is their true forte, Succubi are not at all bad fighters. Not only are they fairly fast, capable of learning a wide array of techniques, and generally apt with magic, but the same endurance that sustains them for hours on end in intimate affairs also allows them to last quite some time in combat, and their flight abilities are nothing to scoff at. As far as actual battling style goes, however, there isn't really a norm to speak of except perhaps that they are as sadistic on the battlefield as they are towards those they feel contemptuous of, and will often attempt to end a fight with a humiliating technique such as Energy Drain or Backhand. Also, it is interesting to note that Succubi, by virtue of being comprised of “solid ether,” are able to touch ghost Pokégirls, even those who're “phased out.” This would make them highly prized as guards if they didn't generally look down on such mundane work.
On a related issue, Succubi and Demonesses do not get along well, and both breeds tend to be extremely passionate about such fights in their own ways. In the case of the Succubi (who not only see Demonesses as annoyingly serious, but as inferiors who need to learn their place), this is generally manifested as attempting to turn the fight into a sex battle, which both allows them to use their abilities more effectively and effectively humiliates the Demonesses. As such, should the Succubus win the fight, an immediate taming will generally be initiated, regardless of circumstances, and their distraction in such situations would make them optimal for forcing them to submit...if such encounters were common enough to be readily available. If the Succubus loses, however, she will generally become sulky and more vicious than usual (presumably trying to reaffirm her superiority), and most of the very few recorded cases of depressed and/or humble Succubi occurred after such losses.
In any case, as one might expect, it would be almost impossible to create an accurate description of the Succubus breed's taming style without having several volumes of material when one was finished, so a much shortened version much be presented here. To drastically understate the case, Succubi are sex fiends, sex experts, and perhaps even sexual connoisseurs, and even their bodies are designed to accommodate this. As such, aside from having an impressive array of innate sexual techniques and insanely high flexibility, Succubi literally require sex to live.... or rather, the energy it creates. Using a somewhat modified version of the energy drain technique, a Succubus then takes in during taming to sustain herself, which is likely one of the reasons that they are so fond of the act. In any case, this draining isn't at all detrimental to the drainee, and the extraction generally only results in them being a bit more tired than normal the next morning.
Finally, Feral Succubi are almost unheard of. Not only are they quickly snapped up by tamers (to sell or keep) when they appear, but they actively seek out taming to attain their needed energy, and since they can be a bit brutal towards those preventing it, it is recommended that tamers encountering feral Succubi simply tame them and capture them once they go into taming shock. Thresholding into a Succubus is considered an impossibility as of 300 AS, as none have yet become Pokéwomen.

Classified:Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public. We don't need people creating more Mazouku or Dark Queens.
When it was confirmed in 299 AS that Succubi evolve from Daimons through the use of Dusk Stones, further research was conducted with said stones to determine if further evolution was possible. Unfortunately, it is; application of two more Dusk Stones to a Succubus evolves her into a Mazouku. This information must not spread to the public or criminal elements; Succubi are an acceptable evil, but Mazouku are not and their population must not be allowed to expand!
It is also known that Succubi may be evolved into Dark Queens, but the exact means for the facilitation of this evolution must not be released. Those with the clearance to read this, however, may find further details in the Dark Queen entry.
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SUGAR KITTEN, the "Sugar Me" Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but greatly prefers sweet things
Role: Pastry chefs, candy makers, bakers assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: Tackle, Mana Bolt, Teleport, Fruit Juice, Honey, Honey Syrup, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Instinctive cooking ability, Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: Candy Catgirl (Normal)
Evolves From: None
Sugar Kittens were a surprise to a lot of people. Discovered in the early 100s, they were considered to be an unusual if mostly harmless new Pokégirl. Slender Pokégirls with vaguely feline features, they most resembled Kittens. When their magical ability and fondness for sweets were discovered, the breed was named Sugar Kitten. It’s assumed that they are the creations or the children of the Esper Chandra, who’s magical abilities were all food-related.
Sugar Kittens are almost completely human in appearance, save for the fact that they have cat ears and furry tails. Their eyes are usually some shade of pink, white, gold, or brown, and their hair and fur is usually some shade of light brown, pink, white, or a mix of all of the above. They are generally flat-chested, with B-Cups being the largest known size for Sugar Kittens, and are for the most part between four to five feet tall.
Sugar Kittens have an unusual metabolism in that they actually need to intake a greater amount of sweets than other Pokégirls. Their sense of taste is not as intense as other Pokégirls,’ and is generally more focused on the ‘sweet’ area of the tongue, the other tastebuds being duller. Their metabolism requires more sugar than most to function properly, although this need is offset by their ability to manifest food through their magic. Sugary foods also act as a moderate aphrodisiac for Sugar Kittens. They become much more affectionate and amorous, more willing to do whatever their Tamer wishes. Some Sugar Kittens have been known to try and start orgys within their harems, while those who can’t find partners within a short amount of time will content themselves to masturbation.
Feral Sugar Kittens tend to stay in small prides, usually ranging from two to five members, pilfering sweets from local towns. Their magical ability, limited as it is, fades when feral, making them more like normal Kittens in mannerisms, save for their obsession with finding sugary foods to eat. Without high doses of sugar, Sugar Kittens become very weak and slow-witted, losing the ability to focus on any task.
Sugar Kittens have a strange genetic quirk in them in that Taming Cycles in Pokéballs affect them negatively. It gives them tremendous headaches and makes the normally cheerful and perky Pokégirl irritable. So much so that this will threaten any bond created between the Sugar Kitten and her Tamer. Fortunately, most Pokécenters will willingly trade in the Sugar Kitten’s regular Pokéball for a Premier Ball, which has no Taming cycle, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
Sugar Kittens tend to become very passive after a good Taming. They become indifferent to all their surroundings unless it involves danger or another Taming. If they detect danger, they will come out of their languid, passive state faster than normal to react to it. If their Tamer wants more Taming, they will remain passive, but willingly accept what their master desires.
Interestingly enough, Sugar Kittens can always differentiate between a random passerby feeling angry from someone actively directing hostility. It’s assumed that this is a sixth sense of some kind, but no conclusive evidence has been found one way or another.
Sugar Kittens, quite frankly, smell nice. Their bodies smell like sweet candies, fruits, or pastries, and their cum tastes like whatever sweet they had been eating most recently. Add into that their ability to use the Honey and Syrup techniques, plus Fruit Juice if they’ve eaten enough sweet fruit, and they tend to be targets of amorous Feral Pokégirls a lot. Buzzbreasts, Annts, and Wasps in particular seem fond of them, Queens sending out drones to retrieve them for their own personal use.
Sugar Kittens, being gentle, loving Pokégirls, are not really suited for combat. They are better suited for helping out bakers or makers of sweets. They can also learn the various tongue techniques, improving their viability for Sex league competition, however they aren’t as good at Sex battling as other Pokégirls are. This is not to say that Sugar Kittens are helpless.
They have only limited magical ability. They cannot cast spells and have limited energy projection and an extremely short-distance teleportational ability. However they can use their magic to manifest portions of food for themselves to eat, although only in small portions per manifestation. For example, Sugar Kittens can manifest only four cupcakes at a time, while their more evolved forms could manifest larger amounts of cupcakes. In addition, they can manifest small weapons made out of food, such as razor-sharp swords made of hard candy, or edible handguns that fire gumballs. Due to their gentle nature, however, Sugar Kittens tend to run from combat more than partake in it. They usually will only fight if someone they care about is in danger or they can’t see another way out.
In addition, the food weapons are rather fragile. They can be recreated but tend to break after a few uses. Also, it should be noted that these weapons tend to cause infections due to their nature and thus, wounds created by them should be treated more readily than they would otherwise require.
Sugar Kittens are a relatively rare Threshold result. However it does occur. So far all known cases have occurred in the former Switzerland area of the world.
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
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SUNDOG, (AKA FU DOG) the Sexy Sentry Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Psychic/Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Photosynthesis, Supplemented by Human norm food
Role: Guard, Law Enforcement, Literal Watch Dog
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Rock, Water, Fighting
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Command Plants, Confusion, Telekinesis, Teleport, Lance, Vine Whip, Barrier, E=mc2, Root, Psychic Illusion, Mirror Coat, Seed Bomb, Vine bondage, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced durability (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Plant Empathy, Telepathy, Photosynthesis, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Memory
Weaknesses: Obsessive Compulsive tendencies
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Sun Stone)
When considering Pokégirls to have in their harems, many aspiring tamers tend to not choose a Byte Bitch, the usual reason is the breed's reputation and inability to handle stress well. While Data Dogs are useful, they are still not powerful enough for some tamer's tastes. Most tamers that get Byte Bitches prefer to evolve them into the Sundog, who's power and battling skills exceed the Data Dog's, despite the breed's quirks.
Upon evolving, a Sundog gains a cup size, her chest now swelling to a busty D cup and while she remains very human looking, her hair becomes thick and vine-like, much like large green dreadlocks sprouting from her head. Oddly, only the skin on the top of her head turns to a green hue with small blades of grass growing like 'hair', blending in with the vines that sprout from her head. Historians have identified the breeds of pre-Sukube dogs that show up in this breed of Pokégirl as several of the breeds of dogs that were bred to resemble the Guardian Lions. Their hair vines gives most of the breed a maned look, and more animalistic variants of the breed often resemble pre-Sukube lions with wider, shorter muzzles than normally found on most canine Pokégirls. While most of their head vines are actually curled leaves, a few are actual vines and are used for attacks like Vine Whip. The fur of her dog ears and tail become varying shades, usually in natural colors of green and brown with instances of rainbow flower colors. To feed, a Sundog will bask in the sun and most of the vines on her head will unfurl into large leaves. It is these leaves that do the majority of the canine plant's photosynthesis. They do however, supplement their diet with meat, and the occasional plant materials.
Where Byte Bitches are generally bitchy and even more so when stressed, Sundogs are considered quiet by most and 'too serious' by others. This is because a vast majority of the breed often pick something to guard, be that a place, person, or even an ideal and protect that to the best of their ability. However, they take their place in a harem quite seriously, following orders and carrying out their tamers wishes, though occasions have arisen where their protective streak has clashed with their tamers. On most occasions, this has been instances of Team owned Sundogs, making them quite the popular breed due to their more law abiding tendencies. However, one notable case of this breed going wrong was of a case in the early 200s of a Sundog named Ivy, who chose to protect all plant life to the exclusion of other humans and Pokégirls. Labeled a Menace, this Pokégirl was eventually captured and terminated after terrorizing several towns.
Oddly, many of this breed work extremely well in pairs, the two of them book ending each other in more ways than one. Due to this genetic quirk of the breed and their general lion-like appearance and protective nature, this breed is called the 'Fu Dog' in eastern Leagues like Edo and Opal. The breed is sometimes used as living scenery, often dressed up in golden apparel and placed in paired guard positions, due to their ability to get by on sunlight alone for most of the day (barring water). Due to their duel psychic and plant nature, these Pokégirls can remain immobile for long periods of time but still remain alert and mentally active. Often, pet owners or tamers that fancy statue-like Pokégirls enjoy having these plant and psychic type Pokégirls as part of their 'collection' and often they can add a needed balance of elements to those who fancy types like Glasses or Marbles.
In battle, Sun Dogs tend to choose strategy over direct conflict, thinking ahead and maneuvering their opponents into situations that gives them an advantage, most often involving getting assistance from the local plant life. As such, many owners of a Sundog will place planters nearby, or have her positioned near trees or other plants. They are not useless or weak by any means in a plant-less situation however, as they can use their psychic and plant abilities to great effect, often lacing areas they're guarding with motion sensitive Seed Bombs or triggering any Seed Bombs psychically to aid in defense. If the situation seems to call for it, however, the breed is not above using overkill by blasting with E=MC2 and Solar Beam.
While these Pokégirls are serious, they are generally pleasant to be around, so long as those around them understand that they tend to take things seriously. This seems to be a quirk of the breed, much like their pre-evolved form's canine behavioral problems. Sundogs have a problem with obsessive compulsive tendencies, though many call this 'perfectionism' as they don't like seeing something done in a slipshod manner. Occasionally, this evolves into full blown obsessive compulsive disorder, though some of the breed actually request a level 4 conditioning cycle to break them of this quirk. It seems that perfectionism sometimes extends to keeping themselves problem free as well.
Feral Sundogs become almost plantlike, unfurling their head vines into a large bush and rooting herself into the ground. This breed only attacks to supplement their photosynthesis diet with protein or to try and snatch food away from unwary victims, and thanks to their psychic abilities they can do this while stationary. Threshold Sundogs are pretty rare, though most have had a mixture of plant, psychic, and canine Pokégirls. They tend to take an interest in law enforcement or security work early on, As such, many threshold members of this breed are found in Law Enforcement alongside Growlies and OfficerJennys.
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SUPE-BRA GENIUS, "I Am The Greatest!" Intellectual Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (never wild)
Diet: eats human style food
Role: filling some role in Research and development, labs, Pokécenters, corporations
Libido: varies from Pokégirl to Pokégirl
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Ghost
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: varies, common are Shield and Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x4), Very Near Human (some have almost no distinguishing traits), improved flexibility, Super-intellect, Knowledge Specialty, Quirk, Perfect Memory
Disadvantages: Typically have little in the way of HTH ability, though many find a way around this. Physical skills are usually on par with normal humans (if not just below), unique fear(phobia), Fetish, Quirk, Research Focus
Evolves: None
Evolves From: G-Poindexter (normal)
Supe-bra Geniuses, or Geniuses for short, are nearly as varied as Megami in both appearance and abilities. Though there are many common traits. They all have a vast knowledge of academic topics, but like Megami each have a tendency to specialize in a couple of areas. Due to their lack of physical impressive combat abilities, and limited Psychic abilities (which are normally defensive in nature) Geniuses are normally not found in a Tamers Harem. Most find work in the Academic circles, as research aides or even as professors. Due to intellect of these Pokégirls those that are found will generally be in League controlled or monitored areas. Nearly all Geniuses have these (dis)advantages.
Knowledge Specialty: A field(s) of knowledge that the Genius knows everything about. They can be almost any field. Combat, History, Chemistry, etc. All Geniuses usually have one that combines several distinct fields. Like archaeology. (History, Cartography, Metallurgy, Chemistry, etc.)
Unique fear: A phobia of sort that generally causes the Pokégirl to freak out in some manner. Reaction is as varied as the phobia. Anything from attacking randomly to fainting. To clutching desperately at a tamer. Some phobias are more problematic than others
Fetish: These like phobias can be problematic or not. Some known ones are for crabs, mechanical devices, explosives, chocolate, tuna, etc. The reaction to these are varied and are something of a minor nuisance to Tamers.
Quirk: Some unique ability and or flaw. Some geniuses have quirks that allows them to change to an alternate form or produce items from an alternate dimension known as 'Hammerspace'. The quirks usually have a connection to either the geniuses knowledge specialty or fetish. A common one is hormone overload to the point where the Pokégirl is catatonic. And like many aspects of the genius these quirks can be helpful, harmful, or just plan annoying.
Mystery Obsession: Some may not consider this a disadvantage, but a Genius can become quite obsessed with 'mystery' of sorts and will not rest until they've discovered its secrets. Geniuses do not believe that they can't discovery the secret to anything. It’s usually connected to their specialty knowledge. And will change if they ever discover it, they'll just find anew one they always do.
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SUPER SAYJIN, the Golden Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human - Not Very Near human Metamorph (Ape)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: very large quantities of human food
Role: Combat, Frontline fighters
Libido: Average (becomes High after battles or during full moons)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Healing, Hurricane Kick, Crushing Punch, Hyper Kick, Gust Punch, Titan Crush, Ogre Crash, Kaiser Wave, Megaton Punch, Megaton Kick, Chi Image*
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Strength (x14), Chi Flight, Enchanced Endurance (x3), Chi/Ki Manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sayjin (Battle Stress + High Level + Self Discovery)
According to the legends told by the Sayjins of Vegeta Valley, where the Sayjins there revere the first Super Sayjin with almost godlike awe, the first Super Sayjin, whose name has been lost to time, lived almost two hundred years ago. They say that she and her Tamer lived in Prussian, and were among the few to have managed to escaped from the city when a Widow attacked, killing almost everyone there (although the Sayjins who tell the story say that she “retreated,” not “escaped” and woe to any who disagree with them). The pair fled north into the wilderness, only to find something worse than that which they had left behind: A Dryder nest. The source of the Widow that invaded Prussian had been found. The Dryder directed several of its subservient Widows to kill the pair, and while the Sayjin fought bravely, being of extremely high level, she was eventually overcome. She watched in despair as her Tamer was mortally wounded by the poisonous monsters. Overcome with rage and despair at her lover’s impending death, she spontaneously transformed into the Super Sayjin. Revitalized, she destroyed the Widows around her, and used her Chi Healing to bring her Tamer back from the brink of death, bidding him to run while she fought the Dryder and the remaining Widows. He only reluctantly did so, and after getting far from the nest, he reported a giant explosion destroying the entire place. He later settled in Tyroon and told the story to others, although only other Sayjins believed him and kept the story alive.
Since the original, the Super Sayjin breed has only been seen scantily throughout history, and even the Super Sayjins themselves disagree on what exactly enabled them to evolve. It has also become painfully obvious that the Super Sayjin as a breed could not have single handedly defeated a single Widow, let alone a 'nest' of the monsters. Firstly, historical evidence shows that there was only a single Widow ever in the area, and from records obtained from the Indigo League, there were several bodies of pokegirls around the charred remains of the Widow. Several Sayjins loudly disclaim the new Super Sayjins as nothing more than something similar to a template, and that the first Super Sayjin was in fact a Neo-Legendary that could have defeated Atmuff. This surprisingly, causes a rivalry between two Pokégirl breeds of a single evolutionary path, though it has been recorded that Sayjins who actually meet a Super Sayjin are usually able to be convinced of the breed's existence. Super Sayjins themselves are non-plussed about the entire matter however.
Super Sayjins change little from their unevolved form, their hair on their heads and tails turning golden, and their eyes turning a shade of sky blue. Their bust enlarging only about a half cup size or so while the rest of their body retains their lean and well-toned form. It is their personality that changes significantly, as whatever personal discovery that helped cause their evolution now tempers their personality. Still largely prideful and arrogant, the Super Sayjin now learns to relax and let some slights slide that would have once caused her to start fights. It is unknown how much of change truly happens after the evolution or that causes the evolution itself, but the end result is a very powerful Pokégirl.
Super Sayjins still have a lust for battle, and love to test their mettle against any and all comers, though usually their battle style is to test or play with their opponent before deciding how to best fight. Often, a bored Super Sayjin will battle a much weaker opponent on their level before suddenly ending the battle when they get bored with it. Some kinder Super Sayjin will simply fight any comers, seeing the battle as keeping her skills sharp while helping their opponent to improve. Whatever the battle's reason and whatever the battles outcome, a Super Sayjin comes out randy and ready to tame.
Taming a Super Sayjin is quite an experience, as just like a Sayjin, these powerful Pokégirls can learn to control their strength down to a more human level with time. This allows for any taming positions a Tamer would find enjoyable with a low powered Pokégirl, even mid-flight tamings, as now a Super Sayjin has mastered her own version of flight. Super Sayjins themselves tend to take the taming room by storm. A few of the recorded tamers of Super Sayjins claimed that this breed gives the Tigress a run for her money... while some would only stammer and blush. As there have been so few Super Sayjins as of 300 AS, the possibility of threshold directly into a Super Sayjin is deemed improbable, and there have been no instances of feral Super Sayjin.
Chi Image (EFT) Exclusive to the Super Sayjin. While Sayjin's claim that this was the legendary Super Sayjin's ability to move faster than the speed of light, this 'After Image' move is actually the work of Chi manipulation. The Super Sayjin forms an exact image of herself as she moves, usually to distract or confuse her opponents. A well trained eye can notice that the Super Sayjin keeps moving, however.
Chi Healing (EFT) By utilizing the massive amounts of chi inside of her, a fighting type Pokégirl can heal her wounds in a similar effect to the move Heal. This move cannot heal HyperVenom, unlike the claims of certain breeds, though it can slightly slow it down from near instant death to death within minutes.
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SUPER TITANIA, The Blazing Stone Titan Legendary Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Heavy meat and minerals, such as iron
Role: Living Destruction
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost
Attacks: Didn’t bother with specific attacks, just smashed things and flash fried them
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 100 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10)
Evolves: Ultimate (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Evolves From: Titania G-Spliced (Absorbing soul of the dead Kary G-Spliced)
The reappearance of Titania, Kary, and Scylla during the so-called Athena Incident baffled many. It was thought to be impossible to successfully clone Legendary Pokégirls. What was even stranger is what occurred after they started killing each other. It was only months after Omega Athena’s destruction that records were found detailing full information on the three so-called ‘Legendary Pokégirls’ and confirming, much to people’s relief, that it is impossible to clone them.
In actuality, the three of them were actually Clonetwos, defectives that had none of the original strengths of the original Legendaries. It was only through heavy genetic manipulation, both through science and magical bonding spells, that they were able to make the deformed creatures powerful enough to be considerable threats and look like their originals, essentially making them into G-Spliceds. Not true clones at all. The Kary G-Spliced was a fusion of several Naga and fire-type breeds, the Titania G-Spliced was a fusion of several ground-type and rock-type breeds, and the Scylla G-Spliced was heavily laden with modified Titacruel DNA. Each one’s soul was designed to be one piece of the whole, merging with a living one of the three after one died.
Super Titania, the first form, was the result of the souls of the Kary and Titania G-Spliceds fusing. This occurred in the Athena Incident when the three turned on each other, ‘Titania’ killing ‘Kary.’ Their souls merged, and ‘Titania’s’ body changed. Her transformation was only partial, her body growing to 100 feet and gaining a reddish hue. She slew ‘Scylla’ soon after, evolving to Super Titania, her transformation incomplete.
According to the data, if her evolution had been completed, she would have gained a Naga-like tail, her features becoming a combination of ‘Kary’s’ and ‘Titania’s.’ She would have had greater flame and earth wielding capabilities, and would have been far more durable than before. She would have even been strong enough to survive a blast from the Langoud’s main cannons if it had not sunk prior to her appearances. The records we found indicated that Super Titania would have had a tentacled lower body if ‘Titania’ had killed ‘Scylla’ first, or if ‘Scylla’ had killed her.
The recovered records show that it wouldn’t have matter who made the first fatality. If it had been ‘Kary,’ we would have had to deal with Super Kary. If it had been ‘Scylla,’ we would have had to deal with Super Scylla. All we are certain of is that we’re glad these cheap imitations of the three Legendaries are dead, and that Super Titania is no more.
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SURFMELON, the Water Lizard Pokégirl Type: Animorph (lizard)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian, prefers seaweed but can tolerate all land-based vegetables easily
Role: Aquatic counter-warfare specialist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Water Gun, Water Spear, Water Tower, Bubbler, Bubble Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x2), Superior water maneuverability, thick & sharp claws, water affinity
Evolves: Whorepool (orgasm + high level)
Evolves From: None
The Surfmelon was one of the water-types discovered in the midst of the Revenge War. At first glance from far away, some thought they were simply different-colored CharMelons and attacked accordingly. Designed deliberately to look like the CharMelons, their sister species, the Surfmelon’s only real difference, superficial as it is, aside from the obvious powers and name, is that they do not have a flame on their tail and their skin and scales are a bluish-green color. Their hand and foot claws are longer and denser, designed for piercing the hulls of ships. Their breasts are large, like their fire-type counterparts, but strangely enough, this does not affect their speed and maneuverability in water, which is relatively high.
Surfmelons are more methodical in battle than a CharMelons. They move at a slow, deliberate pace on land, preferring to pick at their opponents with strong attacks when they get near, striking with powerful water attacks when the opponent dries to retreat. In water, they are much faster, but still very methodical about battling, striking fast and hard, always with the greatest of patience. They are very tactical thinkers, most likely because of their original role in the War.
Water-type Tamers tend to favor the Surfmelon due to their calm, patient nature, plus the fact that they are unflinchingly loyal to those that become their Tamers. They are easy to get along with, although they rarely crack any more than an occasional dry joke, and aren’t as rare as some other, admittedly more powerful Water-type Pokégirls.
During the War, their most frequent role was that of a counter to underwater combatants, attacking scuba divers, Navy SEALS and the like, that tried to attack underwater Pokégirl nests, even to the point of self-sacrifice. As such, most Feral water-types have an instinctive trust of SurfMelons that they encounter.
Thresholding into a Surfmelon is relatively uncommon, and mainly occurs near ocean-based towns, which are more likely to have people with heavy Water Pokégirl ancestry.
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SWANMAID, the Graceful Swan Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Metamorph (swan)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style food
Role: Messengers, envoys
Libido: Average (High if appreciated)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mach Breaker, Edge of Delight, Feather Blizzard, Honk*
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x5) High Intelligence, Enhanced Flight Speed (x5), Limited Metamorph, Lightweight Frame, improved respiration, water-resistant feathers.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Angel Stone), Nymph (Bird E-Medal)
Although many Pokégirls are beautiful, the Swanmaid is truly above and beyond the flock in this regard. Based, in appearance, on the pre-Sukebe animal known as the Mute Swan, the animorphic Swanmaid is quite avian in her appearance, just as Pidgy before her. However, the vast majority of a Swanmaid's feathers change to a startlingly pure white, although a few cases of jet-black have been observed. The former variety are often blue-eyed, whilst amethyst is the standard optical hue in the latter variety. In either case, a Swanmaid retains much of her lightweight structure from the Pidgy form, but no longer has to rely on her feet for fine manipulation.
Rather, instead of wings that are useless as hands, a Swanmaid's wings are much larger and better developed, but can be metamorphed into arms and hands when needed. This feature allows them not only a wider variety of abilities, but an improved capability to function indoors. The feathers of a Swanmaid are also capable of shedding water easily, and her feet are webbed, both features designed to make aquatic landings more feasible.
This was done because the role of the Swanmaid, as opposed to her more violent sisters, was that of long-range messenger, a position that often entailed traveling over open water. As such, it was logical to bestow upon her the capability to land in and function in an aquatic environment, just as the swans upon which she were based could. However, as a side-effect of her enhanced ability whilst in the air, a Swanmaid generally cannot take to the air quite as directly as many of her sisters. Instead, a running (or swimming) start and a fairly large open area are necessary for her to properly take flight.
Personality-wise, a Swanmaid will tend to be somewhat vain about her appearance and increased intellect, and prefer to maintain grace and beauty if at all possible. As such, she will often come off as arrogant and haughty around others, especially strangers or other beautiful Pokégirls. In the presence of those she is familiar with or 'girls that do not represent competition, though, this fades a great deal, and a much softer side emerges. As such, around a tamer who appreciates her, a Swanmaid will tend to be extremely loving, and will often encourage him to make use of her body, so long as it doesn't involve getting dirty. It has been said that they make excellent pillows, in fact.
When it comes to combat, Swanmaids aren't particularly apt at air-to-ground combat due to their trouble with landings. However, if a Swanmaid makes it into the air, woe be unto the flying type who must face her in the open skies. With her increased flying speeds and endurance, a strong collection of aerial attacks, and her signature sonic “Honk” technique, there are few fliers who can match her in straight air-to-air. In sex battles, on the other hand, Swanmaids will often fail miserably, her dignity and unfamiliarity with the opponent causing her to feel more violent than passionate. As such, they are rarely seen therein, despite their possession of the “Edge of Delight” technique.
In actual taming, however, so long as a Swanmaid has some familiarity with her tamer and feels properly appreciated, she will generally be quite passionate, and with edge of delight in her repertoire, her tamer often feels quite “appreciated” in return. Swanmaids' water-resistance also seems to prevent sexual fluids from being detrimental to their feathers, which means that, contrary to what one might expect, they have little-to-no compulsion about some of the more "dirty" sexual acts.
Feral Swanmaids tend to take the haughty and arrogant side of the breed to the max, feeling threatened by even ugly breeds and lacking familiarity with almost anyone. As such, they are usually solitary, and often prefer to stay in flight, landing only on remote lakes or near uninhabited islands. Thresholding into a Swanmaid is uncommon, but not unknown.
Honk - (ATK + EFT) A sonic-based flying technique. The Pokégirl makes a dissonant honking sound which is accompanied by a cone-shaped sonic-disruption. This disruption is extremely useful for causing flying-types (or, in the past, aircraft) to lose balance, allowing the user to pass by... or to follow up with a more powerful attack. The cone is strongest directly in front of the user and the effect weakens as it moves further out. Exclusive to Swanmaid.
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SWEETCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Hurricane Howler Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Lupine
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore, fish and seaweed being primary
Role: Navigator of the North Wind, Purifier of Water
Libido: Average, High on full moon nights
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Fire, Rock, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Fighting, Plant, Steel)
Attacks: Growl, Bite, Slash, Yowl, Tackle, Protect, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Surf, Water Tower, Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Excellent sense of smell, hearing, and eye-sight, High endurance, Purify Water, Healing, Vaporous Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed. Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Lupina, Sweetcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Sweetcunt, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Silver Islands of the Johto League in 265 AS, Sweetcunt would reveal herself to be the personification of the North Wind and clear waters, that she was a beautiful and graceful creature with healing powers. Her purpose to keep mankind from destroying the waters of the world, and to purify what had been tainted so many centuries ago before Sukebe's War of Revenge had even begun.
Personality-wise, Sweetcunt is a very serious individual, maintaining an air of being a rather aloof individual. It's not because she looks down on people, but she feels she has to hold an air of regal-ness about her, and so tries to maintain composure and seriousness when around people.
In appearance, Sweetcunt is similar to shape in a Lupina in Attack Mode, a Metamorph of Human Girl and Wolf standing at 6'2" with a generous CC-cup bust, but that is where the similarity ends. Although she has no fur, (with the exception of her tail which now has blue fur) her skin still holds the pattern she did before transformation, her soft skin being a blue for the majority, with an underside of white with two white strands of flesh almost like ribbon that jut out from either of her shoulders, waving alongside her, and acting like flagellum when in the water, acting to increase her speed beneath the waves. Although naked, she wears a crown that is very regal in appearance. Completely blue, this structure is ridged over her eyebrows and jutting out past the sides of her head, giving her the appearance of a scowl, even if not angry, and reaching back into a massive diamond-shaped ring that is three-times the size of her skull, (although with how she is seen to move her head effortlessly, it must not weight much). And finally, she has long hair that reaches all the way down across her back, wavy like vaporous water, and a dark purple in coloring.
Sweetcunt doesn't like to battle, but if persisted with force that is obviously directed towards her, she will retaliate at first with yowls and growls, trying to weaken the attacking Pokégirl and undermine her confidence, to sway her into disengaging from her. If the hostile force continues, Sweetcunt will put the pressure on the attacking Pokégirl by using Rain Dance to already increase her impressive Water powers and continue to rain down with Water Pulse, and Water Tower for the more robust Pokégirls. And if one were to manage to anger her, they had better watch out for an Ice Beam that was on par with the power of a Hyper Beam.
When it comes to Taming Sweetcunt, various reports from numerous men with confirmed or believable encounters have revealed a pattern concerning the Neo-Legendary Lupina. She has tendency to go for only men, (which confirms a heterosexual nature) and then only ones who have a considerable Empathy rating. She will confront them on nights of a full moon when they're alone on a beach or near some body of water. She will invite them to, as she puts it, "have congress" with her. However, in full privacy, a lot of the regality she holds is cast aside to reveal a submissive bitch that loves to be tapped by a nice thick `bone'. When it comes to favored positions, she prefers to be taken `doggy style', or to be riding on top of the Tamer in a reverse cowgirl position. She really murrs when one caresses and give attention the base of her tail.
Overall, Sweetcunt is a rather gentle and beautiful individual. Although some Tamers have tried to capture her, all attempts so far have ended in failure, with the Tamer and his Pokégirls being rather water-logged, but at least they aren't too worse for wear.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Sweetcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Sweetcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face an Electric or a Plant-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Water/Ice, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
North Wind Blows: A controllable ability that makes it so whichever direction Sweetcunt faces, the North Wind will blow, oppressing the opponent Pokégirl with fierce freezing winds, which naturally enhance any of Sweetcunt's Ice-based attacks. While this would act as a battle-field amplifier, it only works in Sweetcunt's favor, and any other Ice-type will not gain a bonus from it.
Purifying Paw: Sweetcunt has the power to instantly purify dirty, muddy, or otherwise polluted water into the clearest of liquids by simply stepping into it. Since she seems to be attracted to any form of ruined water as to fix it, it's why she usually appears next to water-based regions, or in forests with rivers/lakes.
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SWEET PUSSY, the "Hot, Sticky, Sweet" Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but mainly high in sugar and carbohydrates
Role: Pastry chefs, Candy makers, Bakers assistants, Diet ruiners, Feeders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Power Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Barrier, Reflect, Puff Puff, Spice 1, Spice 2, Spice 3, Lust Dust, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup, Fruit Juice, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger, Magic Fist, Magic Kick
High Level Attacks: Poison, *Food Golem, *Forcefeed
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Enhanced Senses (x5), Instinctive cooking ability, Advanced Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Increased capacity for violence, Magical hovering ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Candy Catgirl (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Bounty (for successful capture and Taming of a Feral Sweet Pussy): 900,000 slc
Sweet Pussies take the ‘cat-like’ state of their previous form and take it all the way. Their features become fully feline in appearance, their bodies becoming coated in fur, their hands gaining catlike claws, their faces becoming more like muzzles. Their mannerisms also become more catlike and affectionate, they become taller, and their bust size increases as well. The colorings of their fur, eyes, and hair become far more variable than their previous forms, including all colors of the rainbow and varying shades thereof.
Their metabolism has stabilized by this point. They no longer need to intake great amounts of sugary foods, although they do still greatly enjoy them and eat a lot of them just for simple pleasure. Sweet Pussies also develop a great love of foods with heavy carbohydrates. They greatly enjoy pastas, breads, rice, and other such things. If they can combine their various loves, such as in sweet breads or cinnamon rolls, generally noted to be a favorite food of most members of the breed, they can be made greatly happy. This leads their cum to taste like cinnamon rolls or other similar pastries. Their tastebuds develop fully, allowing them to enjoy greater varieties of foods aside from sweets, mint, and carb-heavy foods. Because of this new balance in their metabolism, they no longer gain an aphrodisiac effect from sugar, and become much more layed back in terms of taming habits.
In terms of magical ability, Sweet Pussies still retain the oddball habits of their previous forms but now take it to an even greater level. They can hover off of the ground almost constantly if they so choose, although full-on flight seems to be beyond them. They gain greater magical prowess, finally gaining the strength to cast spells, and also gain greater magical energy manipulation ability. They can summon a far greater variety of foods with their magic, as well as a greater variety of food-based weaponry. Their food weapons are far more durable than their previous forms, and can take a great deal more punishment before coming apart. Infection risks for injuries inflicted by food weapons remain the same. What’s more, however, is that high level Sweet Pussies gain the ability to manifest a type of elemental golem, only one made entirely out of food. (See notes below for description of attack.)
Researchers have flat out given up trying to explain the bizarre typing in the Sugar Kitten line. Upon evolution to Sweet Pussy, Candy Catgirls gain Magic Fist and Magic Kick along with some poison element attacks, but lose Wood Tower and Lance. After observation, it was determined that they are Poison/Magic types, another bizarre change in a bizarre evolutionary line.
Sweet Pussies are by far the best battlers of the line, their bizarre and unconventional attacks making for a challenging battle against those unprepared for her attacks. They become fond of using thick, sticky caramel or thick noodles to bind their opponents and batter them with energy attacks. Sweet Pussies gain tremendous confidence, as well as a tendency towards showmanship. They fight using wands made of peppermint candy, creating over-the-top attacks to use against their opponents.
Sweet Pussies, depressingly, still maintain their genetic quirk that makes the Taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to bear. Only in Sweet Pussies, its far more pronounced. Something about the Taming cycles causes them tremendous pain. It is HIGHLY recommended to get a Premier Ball to contain Sweet Pussies, as the pain will drive them into Ferality at an accelerated rate.
Feral Sweet Pussies, unlike their previous forms, seem to prefer solitude. This is seen as a benefit, as Sweet Pussies have actually proved to be enough of a threat to result in a low-level ‘menace’ rating. Feral Sweet Pussies are somewhat difficult to find in the wild. A sure sign that one is in the area is finding Feral Pokégirls that are much fatter than normal. Feral Sweet Pussies seemingly love to make people gain weight, feeding them as much as they can stand if not more. Caution is recommenced in dealing with them, as while they aren’t as dangerous as other menace-types, they do tend to be somewhat of a pest. They prefer to strike from concealment when tracking someone they want to feed, making fighting them somewhat difficult. Thankfully, encounters with Feral Sweet Pussies are extremely rare, as the vast majority of them are domestic-born Pokégirls.
So far, there are no recorded instances of a girl Thresholding into a Sweet Pussy. Because of their rarity and the requirements to evolve into one, it’s assumed to be impossible. This is unconfirmed however, as researchers are still studying this quirky breed of Pokégirl.
As a moderately amusing note, unless they have grown used to each other before the ‘girl’s evolution, it is considered unwise to have a Snorlass in the same harem as a Sweet Pussy. Snorlasses take surprising interest in Sweet Pussies and their food manifestation ability, to the point where they spontaneously gain the ability to use the attacks Dominate and Call Me Queen when in proximity to a Sweet Pussy. It is… somewhat frightening to see…
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
Forcefeed (ATK 10 repeating) Used usually after binding an opponent. The Pokégirl creates a funnel that lodges itself into the opponent’s mouth. A cornucopia forms over the funnel and forcibly shoves food down the funnel and into the opponent’s stomach, making them eat until they are sick.
Food Golem (EFT) The Pokégirl creates a large, monstrous being made out of food items. The creature has the following stats: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Durability (x9), Enhanced Endurance (x9). This requires a lot of energy, however, and the Pokégirl must do nothing else save maintain the creature. The technique also drains HP from the Pokégirl, so they can only maintain it for a brief period, making the technique more of a desperation move.
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SWIMSLUT, the Water Elemental Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: menial water-related jobs
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubbles, Cheer Song, Magic Song, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Ageless(*), Stylized Form, Amplified Singing (**)
Evolves: Boobkini (orgasm)
Evolves From: Nymph (Water Stone)
The Swimsluts are like many Nymph evolutions in that they still like sex. Most Swimsluts have some variant of blue, blue-green or green skin. Oddly, their hair is NEVER the same shade as their skin, always being either a darker shade or one of the other hues possible for their skin. Their hair is generally wavy and the ends froth like the sea foam at the edge of the tide.
Their height is generally below 6 feet tall, but usually above 5 feet tall. Above 6 or below 5 feet is not unheard of, but is rare nonetheless. Their bodies are quite smooth, similar to Boobfin, allowing them to glide through water much faster than most other water Pokégirls. Feralborn Swimsluts have fins on the sides of their heads instead of ears, and are more likely to have claws than a Domesticate or Threshold Pokégirl.
Swimsluts have beautiful voices, second only to those of Bards and Divas, and are comparable to Jigglysluts. The Swimslut, however, has developed the ability to amplify her singing to double it's effectiveness when in or around water or ice.
Swimsluts are naturally beautiful because once they reach the physical equivalent of 21, their bodies no longer show aging. They still age, internally feeling all of the effects of time, but their bodies do not show it until they are the physical equivalent of 75. They generally die before their beauty becomes equal to that of any human of the same age, though whether this is simply coincidence or intent on the part of the Swimslut has not been discovered.
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SWORD DANCER, the Dancing Blades Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian, will accept Pokéchow
Role: Sword fighter, Psychic-type counter, Entertainers, Bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Swordfighting skills, Sword Dance, Swordwave, Slasher, Spincut, Confuse, Quick Hit, Weapon Carnival, Hive Sword*, Hero Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Light magical ability, six arms, natural ‘swords’
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sword Dancers are an unusual breed of Pokégirl, and are believed to be among Cocooners first creations. They are proficient sword fighters, as strong as any fighting type. However, they are actually a bug-type Pokégirl! This unexpected turn has baffled many, and has endlessly frustrated psychic types who fight them, as they cannot use their psychic attacks as liberally against the bugs. This, in turn, makes them a favored Pokégirl by Fighting-type owners who are sick of fighting Psychics.
Sword Dancers are tall, slender girls, usually with B-Cup breasts, at least seven feet tall at the smallest, and usually with some shade of red skin. An armored carapace covers their arms, legs, and vital areas, growing out on her body in plates that can be removed around their torso. In addition, they have six long, chitinous protrusions on their back which are actually sheaths for natural swords that grow from their body. The ‘swords’ are made of an organic material similar to the substance that makes up their natural armor and are as hard as tempered steel. If damaged, they can regenerate them by leaving the broken blades in their natural ‘sheaths,’ although to do this the Sword Dancer will require much greater portions of food. Their hands and feet are three-fingered claws, and their faces are insectile in nature, bearing slight horns on the forehead, long hair that has two locks of it curling up into pseudo antennae, and compound eyes. But their most striking feature it the fact that they have six arms. These arms allow for increased dexterity, making their attacks almost dance-like in appearance. Also, they have a unique skeletal-muscular structure in their backs, allowing them to operate their six arms without causing back problems that usually occur in multi-armed Pokégirls such as the Amachamp.
Everything Sword Dancers do is graceful and dance-like. They are calm, refined Pokégirls who treat their Tamers like royalty, referring to them as ‘my liege.’ They are usually overly serious, and can sometimes be hard to get along with (especially for more cheerful Pokégirls), but show great respect for their Harem-sisters, offering help when asked. Their greatest joy, however, is something completely unrelated to battle: Dancing. They love to dance, any time and anywhere. They were the first Pokégirls on record to use the Sword Dance technique, although their version is a lot more spectacular than most others are. They have a friendly rivalry with Moogirls, and when given the chance will engage in dance competitions with them. Usually these contests end in a draw, as the judges can’t make up their mind between the slam-dancing pure style of the Moogirls to the psychedelic, sensual movements of the Sword Dancers.
Sword Dancers, strangely enough, also seem to have light magical talents. They cannot cast spells, but they can use it to retrieve lost swords, which allows them to use their natural weapons as projectiles. They can also use it to instantly repair the swords if they are destroyed beyond their natural ability to regenerate. In addition, they can use a quick dance spell to teleport themselves and others, although they cannot teleport more than 1000 pounds of material at a time without being very drained from the effort.
Feral Sword Dancers are far less graceful and more savage than their Tamed counterparts. This has the added advantage of making them clumsy in combat and easier to capture and tame. In addition to this, a lot of the Sword Dancer’s attacks are more likely to hit themselves, as they lose a lot of coordination while Feral. It takes concentration to manipulate six swords at once. Their armor is the only thing that keeps Feral Sword Dancers from cutting themselves up.
In terms of Taming, they prefer to be on top, using their six arms to caress and massage their Tamer. Their natural sword sheaths can’t be folded back completely, making sleeping on their backs a problem. They like being Tamed from behind, and greatly enjoy bondage as well. A big thrill for a Sword Dancer is a Tamer taking them in the rear while holding one of their own swords to their throat, all six of their arms bound up, leaving them near helpless.
Threshold cases of Sword Dancers are surprisingly rare. Only a few have occurred, and only in Johto and Indigo, where the breeds are most common. Researchers have little clue why this occurs.
*Hive Sword (EFT) – A sticky, honey-like substance coats the user’s swords, temporarily granting the Pokégirl’s weapons the Bug element. Note that Sword Dancers can teach this technique to other sword-using Pokégirls.
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SYLPH, the Sprite of the Wind Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers not to eat red meat.
Role: Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Plant, Fighting, Psychic, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Dark, Rock
Attacks: Quickturn, Speed Storm, Tempest, Glorious Sun, Wind, Phase, Invis, Scent Alteration, Soul Fist
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), hovering
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cutiepie (Battle Stress + Sky Crystal)
Any given tamer could go and find a Cutiepie and evolve the Pokégirl into a Titapod without a second thought, in an effort to evolve her yet again into Butitsfree. Others might evolve her into a more human-sized Pokégirl, such as a Tomboy. In 278, yet another evolution for the pint-sized Cutiepie was discovered when she was forced to battle against a MysticAngel. Her tamer had given the Cutiepie a Sky Crystal for safe-keeping on the one year anniversary after capturing the small Pokégirl, and it had become a meaningful item to the Cutiepie, who swore that it was her good luck charm. During the battle, the Sky Crystal that was kept on a cheap necklace around the Cutiepie's neck was stolen by the MysticAngel in the midst of an attack. The MysticAngel taunted the Cutiepie, who proceeded to do everything she could to get her good luck charm back. When her hand came into contact with the Sky Crystal as she attacked, the Cutiepie evolved into a Sylph. The evolution shock forced the tamer to recall his new Sylph, and finished the battle with another Pokégirl in her stead.
At just over four feet tall, the Sylph is indeed taller and more filled out than her previous evolution. This Pokégirl often is found with b-cup sized breasts, small compared to many Pokégirls, though for her size they do seem rather large. Though these Pokégirls are often found nude, many do still enjoy wearing tight-fitting clothes that don't impair the insect-like iridescent wings that developed. Unlike the wings of a Butitsfree, the Sylph has wings that are more reminiscent of miniature versions of a pair of Waspqueen's wings, though less rounded and more angular with both pairs. The upper pair is most often twice the size as the lower pair, though a few unusual Sylph have been recorded with larger than average wings for both pairs. Other than these changes, the most obvious is the sudden lack of the exoskeleton, which the Sylph sheds immediately upon evolution. This results in the Sylph becoming much more human-like, though she does retain the same hair-color she used to have, or if she somehow had none as a Cutiepie, she may begin to grow hair in just about any color. The Sylph's skin color often ranges from the same coloration that she had as a Cutiepie to that of a typical human female as we..
One thing that tamers should become aware of is that unlike many Pokégirls that evolve and retain knowledge of their previous techniques and can even continue to use them, the Sylph does not retain the capacity to utilize her previous form's Bug techniques. This oddity has been determined to be a result of the drastic change of the Pokégirl’s very nature and physical attributes. Tamers should also be aware of the change in the Pokégirl’s Diet: no longer strictly vegetarian, the Sylph dislikes red meat but enjoys eating other sources of protein, such as fish. One last note that tamers will become aware of quickly is the fact that the breed rarely walks unless injured somehow or ordered to do so for some reason. This is because the Pokégirl typically hovers effortlessly anywhere between six and twelve inches above the ground, though she can easily fly higher when wanted. Upon investigation by several researchers, the Pokégirl just seems to float in mid-air as a result of their ability to utilize their wings to regulate the air currents around their bodies. Also of note is that there seems to be no record of any Sylph being used during the Revenge War, which when combined with the discovery date suggests that the Sylph is one of the breeds that Sukebe never intended to create.
Though the Sylph as a breed seems to prefer not to fight, their abilities can certainly keep her in a battle for a long time. Using Speed Storm, Wind, and Invis, the Sylph becomes a blur of speed that vanishes from sight before launching an attack upon her unwary opponent. Few Sylph enter a battle without using this combination of techniques, however, making the breed as a whole rather simple to fight against for those who are informed as to their tactics. When it comes to sex battles, the Sylph is not much better, though they may adapt to such a scene better than they could to a standard Pokégirl battle. In a harem, the breed has been known to go with the flow, and few if any have ever become serious enough about anything to be allowed to become a Beta, let alone Alpha within a harem. They instead tend to support those that they look up to, and some tamers do use them for more than just Pokégirl battles as a result, coming to simply enjoy the Pokégirl’s company. When it comes to taming, Sylph are able to accommodate tamers of various sizes, unlike the Cutiepie and the other more common evolutions of that breed. As a result, Sylph enjoy taming and enjoy it frequently, though they truly do not need a taming any more than they did as a Cutiepie.
There have been no known findings of feral Sylph, considering the method of their evolution. However, considering that the breed has been known to go invisible in order to play pranks and hide, it is unknown for certain if there truly are feral Sylph or not. They do enjoy making a game out of teasing their tamer, family, or harem-sisters while invisible, however, and there have been several occasions when a Sylph is to be blamed for various lapses in judgment. Since the Sylph is a relatively newly discovered breed, there are no known rivalries or issues that the Sylph is a part of when it comes to relations with other breeds, though they do work well with other Pokégirls of the same size and stature. Likewise, there are no known threshold cases of a Sylph, which is likely a result of the spiritual nature of the breed.
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(insert name here) SYMBIOTE, the Parasyte-Bonded (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: as per base type
Element: Dark/base type
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Parasyte feeds on emotions and resultant pheremones, rest of diet varies depending on host. Host gains a great love of chocolate.
Role: as per base type, if applicable, Heavy combat
Libido: Increased from base type
Strong Vs: Psychic, plus base type “Strong Vs”
Weak Vs: Fire, sonic attacks, plus base type “Weak Vs”
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Acid Tongue*, Beast Rush*, Invis, Invis 2, Invis 3, Fury Swipes, plus base type’s attacks
Enhancements: Strength, durability, endurance, and agility ratings increased by +5, can manifest thick claws and morph jaw into a massive, fang-filled maw with an acid-drooling tongue, can manifest tentacles, plus base type’s enhancements
Evolves: Whatever the base type evolves into
Evolves From: Parasyte bonding to a host
Symbiote is the hesitant classification for a Pokégirl or human bonded to the amorphous Pokégirl known as a Parasyte, since essentially they become a single entity with two minds. A Pokégirl can only become a Symbiote if they accept the Parasyte completely, allowing it to bond with them on a molecular level. Generally it’s only Pokégirls that Parasytes bond with, although humans of both genders can bond with a Parasyte as well. However, humans that bond with Parasytes sometimes become high-libidoed Pokégirls, although this occurs primarily in females, with males being very rare cases. Only recently were Symbiotes added to the official Pokédex, as Parasytes and their hosts are normally secretive.
Symbiote only became the accepted template name for this type of Pokégirl, as studies have shown mutual benefit for both host and Parasyte. One advantage is that the current strength, durability, endurance, and agility ratings of the host are increased by 5, with corresponding increases in muscle size. The host, thanks to the Parasyte’s morphic abilities, can change their Parasyte’s form into regular clothing of any kind or style they wish. Symbiotes also have the ability to turn invisible for brief periods of time, by covering themselves completely with their Parasyte and using its camouflage abilities to blend in completely with their surroundings. Hosts can withdraw their Parasyte completely into their bodies, allowing for removing clothes for Taming to become much easier. Hosts can also morph their hands into long, thick, razor-sharp claws and morph their jaws into massive, fang-filled maws which contain a long, slightly extendable tongue capable of secreting acid. The tongue’s extension range is very short, nothing like that of a LickingTongue. This is usually done while the host completely covered by their Parasyte, although some meaner Symbiotes have been known to do this while their Parasyte isn’t covering them. Symbiotes also can manifest long, thick tentacles, allowing for longer range attacks and for tentacle bondage attacks as well.
Symbiotes are strange Pokégirls, psychologically speaking. Hosts can occasionally be viewed having seemingly one-sided conversations with themselves, when in actually they are speaking with their Parasyte, which is a sentient organism in and of itself. Symbiotes tend to refer to themselves as ‘we,’ referring to their host/Parasyte bond. Higher level Symbiotes studied by Psychic Pokégirls have an almost total mental unity between host and Parasyte. All Psychic-types studying the high-level Symbiotes reported that they had trouble telling the difference between the thoughts of the host and the thoughts of the Parasyte.
Parasytes subsist primarily on strong emotions and pheromones, although they supplement their diets with whatever their host eats. Due to this need for the Parasyte to satisfy her dietary needs, Symbiotes tend to become more outgoing, extroverted, daring, and in some cases, downright rash. Symbiotes LOVE sex, as they are experiencing the sensations of two Pokégirls at once, both the host and the Parasyte. Any Pokégirl host bonded to a Parasyte gains a dramatic increase in their libido. Also, strangely enough, Symbiotes simply adore chocolate of any kind. An offer of chocolate can get a Symbiote to do whatever the person wants, no matter how humiliating it would be normally. Being covered in chocolate and having their partner lick it off of them, or conversely, a partner covered in chocolate and being allowed to lick him or her clean, is a tremendous turn-on for a Symbiote.
Symbiotes, all benefits aside, gain two major weaknesses. They gain a weakness to Fire no matter what their type is normally. This is not to say that Parasytes cannot bond with fire-types, even with Fire-types that have open flames on their bodies (such as CharAmandas), they just have to be very cautious about it. A CharAmanda Symbiote studied show that whenever she used a flame attack, the Parasyte retracted from wherever it was covering that the flame attack came out of. Also, the Parasyte did not take complete shape around the tail of the CharAmanda. They cannot bond with Magmammaries due to their intense body heat. As a side note, thankfully, it’s been discovered that Parasytes cannot bond with Widows due to their extreme body toxicity. This, however, does not mean that Parasytes cannot bond easily with Poison-types.
Another weakness Symbiotes have is sonic attacks. Something about sonics disrupt the molecular bonding a Parasyte has with their host, causing great pain to both. A steady sonic attack can knock out a Symbiote in a few minutes.
Guyver-bonded Pokégirls cannot become Symbiotes, nor can Guyvers bond with Symbiotes. Their very genetic structures are incompatible, making a combination of a Guyver-bond and Parasyte-bonding impossible. Although if both a Guyver-bonded or Parasyte-bonded Pokégirl end up in a harem together, they can get along well enough.
*Acid Tongue – (EFT+ ATK 50) The Symbiote coats her extended tongue with an acidic saliva and spits it at the opponent. This also adds an acidic effect to any licking attacks, and has a 20% chance of poisoning the opponent.
*Beast Rush – (ATK 70) The Symbiote sends their Parasyte out along the ground in a shadow-thin form. Once underneath the opponent, the Parasyte shoots up and attacks the opponent, turning into a massive tentacle with a fanged mouth and whipping about..
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