NAGA, the Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake), Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore (ferals prefer small animals, usually eaten whole and live)
Role: Stealthy infiltration
Libido: Low (no particular high points)
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Ghost, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Wrestle, Sex Attack 2, Bite, Gummi Tongue (Can produce one of five different poisons: normal Poison, Paralyzation Poison, Sleep Poison, Heat Sting, Lust Bite)
Enhancements: High Flexibility, quiet movement
Evolves: Garter (Very Near Human type, weaker but more popular, mechanism unknown), Arbust (normal; entire body becomes mildly poisonous and can spit venom), Sideviper (rare, only encountered as a Feral; battle stress), Lamia (Venom Stone), Gorgon (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Nagas are half-snake, half-human hybrids which have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake. Some legends indicate that a Naga might simply have the head of a woman and the body of a snake, but this might have been simply an artist's implication that a normal human woman was as pretty, but as cold-hearted as a serpent.
Nagas do not have many bones in their bodies, aside from their skulls, but instead have cartilage. This severely limits their strength when lifting, but Nagas are ALWAYS good at crushing things with her hands and body. Because they lack bones, Nagas have an impressive level of flexibility, allowing them to curl up into tight coils and even lick their own lower backs without relying on their inordinately long tongues, though with said tongue's assistance, they can lick between their own shoulder blades.
Nagas do not have a standard hair color, eye color, scale color or pattern, but they do have an average bust size, which is usually teetering on the border between a B-cup and a C-cup. Larger is infrequent, but not that uncommon, though smaller is rare once they are of taming age. Most nagas hage arms, though a genetic abnormality had popped up, and roughly 15% of the entire Naga population is armless. The 85% that have hands can emit poison from their fingernails or from their canines and they can change their poison to one of five different types, but there may be lingering traces of her previous poison for upwards of a week. The eye of a Naga can be human-esque, cat-like or even have a transparent second lid, but this is random and unpredictable.
The typical Naga's height is difficult to determine because many researchers argue about what would constitute their 'height'. Some say that whatever height they're at when they 'stand' is what should be measure; others believe they should be measured by their length; and yet others believe they shouldn't have a 'height', but rather a length.
If their length was their 'height', then it is generally between eight to fourteen feet, only three to four feet of which is their human part, the rest is believed to be necessary to counterbalance them when they 'stand'. Almost all Naga have a mild metamorphic talent, but not as great as those of their evolutions. She can create a human waist, butt and visible human-esque vagina, allowing her to engage in sexual relationships, but she cannot change more than that, forcing her to either bend backwards or lean forward to accomodate a male lover, but considering their natural flexibility, it is easy, even if it does look like it. Nagas are insanely stealthy, and unless moving over something that crinkles or makes noise, such as leaves or tin foil, she will never make a sound while moving, contrary to movies which depict them as making a snake-like hiss while moving. Nagas are not that popular for tamers or pet owners because they're part snake and even most Pre-Sukebe War humans weren't not overly fond of slithery reptiles, but there will always be those who like them.
As stated earlier, due to a lack of hard bones, her strength is usually blunted unless she can hug or wrestle with her foe. Her main attacks are through the use of the various poisons her body normally produces. Sleep venom is the usual attack, which is how she keeps her prey from struggling as she swallows them. There are also many other problems with having a Naga, such as their cold-blooded nature making them susceptible to opponents with Ice attacks. 70% of all Nagas are also lesbian in their tastes, making most of them difficult for male Tamers to work with.
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NAIAD, The Water Spirit Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: humanoid standard, strong hankering for fruits and vegetables. Also enjoys ingesting sexual fluids (either semen or vaginal discharge) as a "special snack"
Role: intimate companion, general servant anywhere where fresh water is a daily factor in life
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Scratch (using her fingernails to rake an opponent's skin), Tackle (wrestling using a hard embrace to the midsection), Punch (closed-fist strike), Slap (open-hand strike), Caress (sexually arousing an opponent by warmly rubbing an opponent's intimate areas), Speed-Grow (using her life-force to fast-grow a handy plant [usually a blade of grass] as a whip-like weapon), Kiss (using her empathy to disorientate an opponent). NOTE: a Naiad's empathy is only useful in calming someone; such a power cannot be used either to heal or to attack by itself, though it can be used to augment the Punch, Slap, Caress or Kiss attacks.
Enhancements: Webbed fingers and toes. Stronger fingernails/toenails, but a Naiad's appendages do not end in claws. Transparent second eyelid. Increased oxygen intake efficiency for one possessing human-sized lungs, but a Naiad cannot breathe underwater. Libido increases when in the presence of a favored mate. Ageless, Disease Resistant and possesses a Stylized Form (carryover enhancements from a Nymph).
Weaknesses: A Naiad must spend at least 30 minutes a day immersing herself in water, preferably fresh and un-chlorinated (like a stream in the mountains), though a long soak in the bathtub can do. If she does not do this, a Naiad will weaken physically up to the point where she may slip into a coma or go Feral.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobkini (Water Stone)
Naiads first appeared sometime after the end of Sukebe's War. In the wild, they are normally found close to rivers. After the secret of their evolution was discovered, Naiads began appearing in areas where fresh water was a prevalent factor in people's lives (riverside farms, for example).
Since they are a strain of Nymph evolution, Naiads are normally quite sexually active Pokégirls, which suits them well in their primary roles as intimate companions to males and/or females. Their ability to endure long periods underwater helps well if they're employed in places like swimming pools, seashore and riverside parks, farms dealing with other Water Pokégirl types and the like.
Their empathy, which has no real practical use in a fighting situation, helps them serve as post-traumatic healing specialists, serving as companions to either humans or Pokégirls as they strive to get better. Naiads are rarely if ever found in a fighting Tamer's harem.
Naiads have a special hankering for fruits, vegetables (as food) and flowers (to decorate her personal space and/or her person). Even if she wears gloves to disguise her hand, Naiads often are found wearing clothes that have flower prints on them or have flowers in their hair. One can also easily tell that a Naiad lives in a person's house when one sees flowers everywhere, plus fresh fruit in a big bowl on the living room table. Naiads often, when living in a single space for a protracted period of time (like being someone's pet), strive to grow their own gardens and fruit trees.
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NEIGIX, the Frosty Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Animorph (Avian)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: snow, pokechow, frozen food, chilled fish
Role: Air-to-Ground support fighter, Airborne scout
Strong Vs: Dragon, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Rock
Libido: Very Low
Attacks: Mist, Snowstorm, Icewall, Simulacrum
Enhancements: Cold resistance, Enhanced Vision (x6).
Frosttits (battle stress)
Evolves From: Rack (Ice Stone)
Historians consider Sukebe's development of the Neigix (as well the Rack's other two "first level" evolutions) to be one of the most effective uses of psychological warfare during the entire War of Revenge. By developing a breed of Pokégirls that seemed - due to both their physical appearance, and their abilities - to be weaker versions of one of his fearsome Legendary Pokégirls (in this case, Articunt), Sukebe most likely hurt his enemies more than any single Neigix did during the entire war. The thought that Sukebe possibly had hundreds of Pokégirls that could eventually become Legendaries damaged morale in ways that simply could not be calculated.
During Sukebe's War of Revenge, the Neigix were used against ground-based targets. This was mainly due to the fact that, of the three possible evolutions of a Rack, the Neigix was the least capable in air-to-air combat. Despite this, and despite the fact that they have always disliked being in the warmer areas of the world, the Neigix quickly gained the reputation as one of the most dangerous Pokégirls in the areas they fought in. At least part of this reputation was due to the fact that, of the three possible evolutions of the Rack, the Neigix was the most likely to act as airborne support for (preferably cold loving) ground-based Pokégirls.
Upon evolving from a Rack to a Neigix, several physical changes occur. One of the more obvious ones is the increase in height. A Neigix will be between three inches under, and three inches over, five feet tall. The most starting change, from a Rack to a Neigix, has to be their feathers. Almost all of Neigix's feathers change from brown to gray, except for the ones on the ones on her breasts and the ones that grow to near the top of her head. The feathers near a Neigix's breasts turn from brown to dark blue, while the feathers near the top of a Neigix's head change more than their color. These feathers not only change from color, from brown to a clear and almost icy white, but they grown larger and tend to stick "up" past the Neigix' hair. Due these changes, they are often referred to as the Neigix's "crown feathers". A Neigix's hair is straight and a light blue color. Their nipples, like their hair, is a light blue color, while their eyes are a dark blue that matches the feathers on their breasts.
They are even less fond of clothing than they were as Rack. They still enjoy using dyes on their feathers, but now prefer to use shades of blue and white. A Neigix is even less likely to wear high heels than a Phoenix is, although this may be (at least in part) due to the type of environments a Neigix prefers.
A Neigix's internal changes are somewhat more extensive, due to their elemental powers, and their superior aerial capabilities. Of special note is the changes to their eyes. According to notes recovered in 115 AS from one of Sukebe's labs, Sukebe was originally just looking to develop a Neigix's eyesight to deal with the effects of the elemental affects (snow storms and mists) they can create, as well as regular snow blindness.
However, he quickly discovered that the changes introduced allowed the Neigix's eyes to see further (and better) even when they were not looking down. This allowed Sukebe to use the Neigix against airborne enemies with a much higher chance of success than the Rack, even though their powers were mainly developed for dealing with ground-based targets. In all other respects, including the fact that their clawed toes are still unsuitable for combat, a Neigix's physical state (baring adjustments for proportion) remains much like it was as a Rack.
In terms of personality, a Neigix is much more cautious and reserved than she was as a Rack. Part of the reason why the Neigix developed a reputation as a deadly foe was because they preferred to attack with overwhelming force. They also preferred to have developed several different scenarios, and contingency plans, before launching their attacks. A Neigix is generally not the first to finish a task, but she strives to get it right on the first try. This attitude is part of the reason why it isn't uncommon for search and rescue teams, in the colder areas of the world, to use a Neigix.
A non-feral Neigix will generally enjoy games where strategy is important and things like "the luck of the draw" are not. Like most Ice type Pokégirls, a Neigix has much lower libido than normal for a Pokégirl. Whether or not this is a positive, or negative, feature of the Pokégirl depends upon the individual Tamer you ask. Unlike the general stereotype of an Ice Pokégirl, however, a Neigix will normally be most comfortable as part of a group, even if there are no other Ice and/or Flying Pokégirls in the group. They also tend to consider the well-being, and success, of the group they are in as being more important that their own success (and, to a lesser extent, their own well-being). A Neigix's "team attitude" helped to make it a feared foe during Sukebe's War of Revenge, but these days makes her a popular Pokégirls among Tamers interested in either an Ice or Flying type.
A Neigix prefers to fight from a distance, using a style that is often described as "the death of a thousand paper cuts". Like the other potential evolutions of a Rack, a Neigix looses the amazing airborne dexterity that a Rack is famous for, but gains increased speed and endurance. While the Neigix is the slowest of the three potential evolutions of a Rack, it has the greatest amount of endurance of the three, and it knows it. Likewise, a Neigix's powers are well suited for a drawn out engagement against ground-based foes. While a Neigix's (relatively speaking) slower speeds, and her powers, suggests that other Pokégirls (such as the Phoenix) would be better suited against flying foes, she is still more capable in air-to-air combat than a Rack.
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NEKO CENNECO, the Mournful Catmother Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Anthro (Feline)
Element: Normal/Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products
Role: Nannies for researchers and daycare centers. Takes care of children in some Pokécenters.
Libido: High (Almost Non-existent during anniversary of Evolution)
Strong Vs: mouse-types, bird-types
Weak Vs: dog-types
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Cry, Flash, Barrier, Psywave, Psychic Illusion, Psychic
Enhancements: good night vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Superior noise tolerance
Disadvantages: Loses most fighting strength
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Housecat (Delta bond with tamer, death of child before birth, must be Pokéwoman, unconditional love from father of lost child)
A relatively new breed, the Neko Cenneco has been considered a blessing to many ranchers and researchers.
This breed's rarity stems from a long and unusual set of evolution requirements it has. The housecat it evolves from must have a delta bond with its tamer and be a pokewoman. The final catalyst for this evolution is the death a child before birth. The anguish she feels would overwhelm her. The only thing that has prevented these Pokégirls from joining many in ranches or those who are out right killed for disobeying their masters, is the unconditional love she receives from both her tamer, who gave impregnated her, and her harem sisters. The love gives her another reason to live and she under goes the evolution.
Whatever the looks before her evolution, all documented specimen have had pure white fur, long legs and bright green eyes.
Their build is usually similar to that of their previous form. Their cup sizes jump up one but that's all for the changes in their build.
The one truly identifying quality of this species is the small, white, Pre-Sukebe cat on their left shoulder. This little cat always seems to have a similar expression to that of its "mother."
It's rumored that it holds all her grief and sadness. None of this has been proven yet.
They tend to lose most their pure physical power and gain more psychic abilities. Most notably amongst these are the additions of psychic and psychic illusion. The white cat on her shoulder seems to be the key to her powerful psychic powers. One unnamed researcher noted when Neko Cenneco use their psychic attack, the cat on their shoulder has it's mouth, wide open. Ranchers and researchers love have a Pokégirl like this in their midst's because they are such good nannies. They love to watch and care for children. They'll defend what they consider ‘their' children to the death. Many researchers believe this love for children also accounts for their unusually high libido. Some have compared it to that of younger Wildcats and most fire-types. The love of children makes them want to produce as many as possible. Tamers who don't like children or don't want large (6-10) amounts of children should avoid this breed.
Less than fifty of these girls have ever been reported. Most (about 24) have been reported in the Indigo League and less than half a dozen in each other league.
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NEKOMATA, the Two-tailed Spellcat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Magic-user, mage assistant
Libido: Low (High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Water, Bug
Attacks: Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Power Bolt, Scratch, Leap, Dodge, Agility, Teleport, Hypnotize, Illusion, Reflect, Smile, Summon, Tail Whip, Dazzle High Levels only: Ultima
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x6), spellcasting abilities, night-vision, Enhanced senses (x3), Magical knowledge, Telepathy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mistoffeles (Tatmon runic tattoos applied)
Though originally the Mistoffeles always had dark fur, head to tail to toe, this newly discovered evolution has all colors available to her fur, though it seems the darker brown to black remains rather common amongst them. However, most of these Pokégirls also have runic symbols emblazoned on their fur, usually 'written,' it seems, by a Tatmon onto her body. The Mistoffeles evolved an hour later as she admired the tattoo-work that her harem sister had done. Less mischievous, more serious, although still rather nice towards those she cares about, the Nekomata's personality barely changes from what she once had been like. Her physical attributes, on the other hand, do change. With no Nekomata found with less than a low C-cup in way of breasts, most seem to possess larger breasts than that. Her fur becomes shorterd, and her skin much more sensitive- no Nekomata will wear clothes unless it's absolutely necessary, for some reason. In the dark, a Nekomata's runic writings upon their fur glows a soft color that seems to be different depending on the individual Nekomata. So far, there have been very few Nekomata reported, and none that have happen to have the same color of glowing runes. The one thing that startles most Tamers is that their new Nekomata has two cat-like tails, each the exact same as the original had been, that is about two and a half feet or so in length and are both prehensile.
Unlike the Mistoffeles, the Nekomata rarely cares to call upon Summoned Pokégirls - they have their own lives, after all, and the Nekomata is conscientious about interfering with others lives in such matters. They have access to their own powers, and gain several powerful elemental spells to assist them rather than ask for assistance from other Pokégirls. In battle, the Nekomata hate to take orders, instead preferring on their own judgment. As such, Tamers that try to tell them what to do must be Delta-bonded with the Pokégirl, or else it is likely that he or she will simply be ignored rather than follow the Tamer's command. Delta-bonded Nekomata trust their Tamer's choices, because that allows them to think it through together. The average Tamer just doesn't think fast enough on their feet for the Nekomata's taste. Although she can use Telepathy with any Tamer or Pokégirl, they are not empathic, and cannot read minds- it works like a radio, in that it's one-way communications until a Delta Bond has been formed.
These Pokégirls also dislike gambling, considering it mostly a waste of time, unless her tamer and harem are in dire straights and require a quick amount of income. Their aptitude for games of chance only increase with their evolution, and this in turn often forces casinos to either set a time limit for how long a Nekomata is allowed in their doors or to ban them from their buildings upon sight. They get along well with Catgirls and Kittens, but not so well with most of the other common feline-types that she might come across. In a harem setting, Nekomata don't actively attempt to become an Alpha: they believe it's too much work to bother with. Instead, they often go for a Beta position in a large harem, which they feel is a better fit for their laid back and studious lifestyles. Nekomata are often bored with mundane tasks, and only taming, battles, or research truly gains their attention for any length of time.
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NEO-ATMUFF, the Legendary Dragon Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Any
Role: Supreme warrior, revenge
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Rock, Normal, Steel, Fighting, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Pummel, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Leap, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Chi Healing, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Slice n’ Dice, Rage, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x20), Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Strength (x50), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Hide, Endurance, Regeneration
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atmuff (possible/unconfirmed, raw determination)
Atmuff did not die when the three Legendary bird Pokégirls were finished with her. Though her body was torn and tattered, as she sank beneath the waves along with the shattered landscape they had fought on, she still clung to life by a thread. Lying there on the ocean floor, she used her Salient Qualities to keep herself alive. Even under the cold of the deep water and the hydraulic pressure, with no air to breathe, she refused to die. She ate the sand off the bottom of the ocean floor to keep her body fueled. Having no special affinity for water or any special healing abilities, she simply laid there for centuries, letting her body’s natural healing processes take over.
What her body did though was extraordinary. In a manner that isn’t quite understood, she somehow became stronger than before, evolving in a manner that isn’t like any other known Pokégirl evolution. The only explanation that makes sense at all for how she became a Dragon-type is that Sukebe already had some Dragon-type Pokégirl genes in her to begin with, but the sheer stress placed on her body for such a long period of time finally forced it to come to the fore. There has never been such an occurrence with any other known Legendary Pokégirl in all of history.
Regardless of how it happened though, her body altered. Large, leathery wings grew from her shoulder blades, letting her fly through the air as well as push against the water. Her new body also developed the ability to regenerate, finally closing the wounds that had smashed her before. Her muscles grew stronger from being under such heavy pressure for so long, making her faster, stronger, and quicker to react.
Neo-Atmuff, as she now calls herself, finally burst forth from the sea, alighting into the air powerfully as she left her watery prison. Save for her wings, her body looks much the same as before, with a few small changes. Her body is leaner, more feline looking now. Her skin is a soft indigo instead of the pink it was before. In contrast to that are pale white patches on various parts of her, scars that were only relatively recently closed and healed by her new regenerative powers. The overall effect is quite exotic, with the white areas seeming almost like stripes against her body.
Neo-Atmuff has lost little of her personality though. She is still grim, humorless, driven, and quite arguably mad. Her purpose has changed though, to something more understandable to humans. Whereas before she sought to simply fight humans as her primary directive, she now seeks revenge. This is more a matter of prudence than any personal vendetta. Neo-Atmuff simply knows that it stands to reason that those who saw fit to kill her before would certainly try to do so now that she has returned. Since she has always believed in taking the fight to her foes directly, she is now searching for the three Legendaries who almost killed her before, hoping to find them and dispatch them alone. Finding them though is proving harder than she had initially hoped. At present, she has been forced to adopt guerilla tactics, staking out a small lair for herself in an out-of-the-way area. She will periodically leave her lair to do sweeps for clues to her enemies’ whereabouts, as well as snatching an unsuspecting human for Taming, taking the poor victim back to her lair where she will thoroughly have her way with him before disposing of him.
Her combat abilities have lost none of their edge for all her centuries spent under the water. She is still efficient and brutal. She has learned how to incorporate her wings into her combat routines, and uses them effectively. She is still a novice at flying however, and experienced flyers would still be able to out-maneuver her, and possibly even out-fight her in the air. Her strength, speed, and reflexes are even greater now than they were before, making her a virtually unstoppable killing machine, especially her regeneration works tirelessly to repair her wounds. Especially dangerous is when she is using her Rage attack. Her Rage is a terrifying thing to behold, since her anger is visible on her face and in her eyes, but her movements remain cold and methodical. One oddity though is that her chi, which was colorless before, now is a brilliant reddish-orange. What exactly this means is unknown.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Neo-Atmuff’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Neo-Atmuff has No Weakness (Level 105). If she were to face a Flying type or a Psychic type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fighting or Dragon, at or below level 105, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Neo-Atmuff’s array of special attributes:
Environmental Resistance: This ability allows Neo-Atmuff to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting her continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere do not hinder her. The key word is “natural.” Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air, so breathing is still necessary.
Breathless: This ability is what makes Neo-Atmuff have no need for air. She can hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this lets her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.
Energy Immunity: This quality lets Neo-Atmuff ignore up to two types of energy at once. Various types of energy include heat, cold, sound, sonic, electricity, etc. She can change which two she was unaffected by at will, and did not need to concentrate to maintain her resistance. The energy resisted was total, with no affect on her at all. The only type of energy she can not resist was psychic energy, since that power was totally beyond her. Between this and her other Salient Qualities, Neo-Atmuff is able to survive in virtually any local condition, even in space or in molten lava.
Hyper-Regeneration: This ability is the penultimate form of regeneration. If Neo-Atmuff should be dealt a wound that kills her even despite her regeneration, her hyper-regeneration kicks in. This quality is a form of regeneration ten times stronger than it normal. This power will completely heal her in less than a minute, restoring her to full strength with one exception; once Hyper-Regeneration has finished, her body’s healing has overtaxed itself, and Neo-Atmuff will not be able to regenerate, either normally or through Hyper-Regeneration, for twenty-four hours, after which time her body has rested enough to be able to start it’s self-repair functions again. If she is killed during this twenty-four hour period, she is permanently dead. Neo-Atmuff knows this, and will try and retreat once she has been Hyper-Regenerated.
(Creator’s Note: This is one of three possible resurrections of Atmuff; the others are Dark Atmuff and Cyber-Atmuff.)
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NEO-ICZEL, the Super Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare (Crimson League), Extremely Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: human-style diet
Role: individual striking units
Libido: Average (High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Magic, Water
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Reflect, Burst, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Shield, Dazzle, Teleport, Phoenix Down, Tectonic Slam, Fissure
Enhancements: Defense, Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Strength (x19), Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kamichu (if overconfident)
Neo-Iczels were among the most powerful fighters during the Revenge War. They were single fighting units and among the strongest Pokégirls in existence. Neo-Iczels are human in appearance, usually pale-skinned and muscular, built like gymnasts, with hair colors in bright extremes, be it bright black, bright brown, bright red, bright blonde, bright white, etc. They are superhumanly strong, seconded in strength only by girls like the Amachamp, and capable of flying and firing blasts of powerful energy. They are also capable of taking a lot of punishment, making them ideal for combat harems.
Neo-Iczels would be among the most desired Pokégirls if it weren't for one little problem: they are EXTRAORDINARILY arrogant.
In the wild, they are aloof, and will not allow themselves to be captured unless they are defeated utterly, and only if the Tamer takes part in defeating her via means other than just ordering his or her girls around. Tame Neo-Iczels are also cold to their Harem sisters, and encourage their master to rely on only them for their pleasure and for battles. They WILL NOT accept other partners unless they are equals or superior, and will insist on occasionally battling with her harem sisters to see if they are worthy. This has inspired many Tamers to either trade away the Neo-Iczel, give up their Pokégirls in favor of the Neo-Iczel (an action frowned upon by the majority of Leagues and illegal in the Crimson League and WAPL), or train up their Pokégirls to get the Neo-Iczel to accept them. A determined, patient, and caring Tamer who gets their Pokégirls strong will not only have a powerful Harem, but a dedicated, completely loyal ally in a Neo-Iczel.
Those that break through the shell of arrogance of a Neo-Iczel, be they human or Pokégirl, and manage to Bond with her, will find their power increasing alongside the Neo-Iczels. In an amusing irony, the less arrogant a Neo-Iczel becomes, the more powerful they become. Although this is a rare occurrence, as the Neo-Iczel has a genetic predisposition to be arrogant and it's rare that a Tamer has enough patience to work to win the affection of this arrogant breed of Pokégirl. It is also rare that they experience humbling through humiliation, as they are incredibly powerful.
In an interesting side note, Neo-Iczels do not become angry when witnessing the evolution of a Penance, as most other Pokégirl breeds do. They instead become focused on taking care of the Penance, showing their rarely displayed kind, caring sides as they try to win the trust of the skittish young Pokégirl.
It is a wise thing to note that Neo-Iczels have an intense rivalry with Demon Goddesses. The two breeds were both created to be heavy assault units, and a strong competitive streak developed between the two breeds. This rivalry, near the end of the war, developed into an intense hatred that neither breed has been able to shake (or explain, for that matter, since records of exactly what happened during the war are few and far between, and no one knows how the rivalry started). A Neo-Iczel, when coming within twenty feet of a Demon Goddess (or vice versa), will immediately seek out a battle. And only a fool would try and keep a Neo-Iczel and Demon Goddess in the same harem.
No cases of Thresholding into a Neo-Iczel have been reported, something which many people are very grateful for.
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NESSIDAME, the Water Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (elasmosaurid)
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent only)
Diet: Omnivorous, with heavy focus on fish
Role: Naval soldier for Sanctuary, Guardian of water sources
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire, Poison, Electric
Weak Vs: Plant, Flying, Ice
Libido: Low to Average (when it comes to mating season)
Attacks (normal mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade
Attacks (battle mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Flipper Slap, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade, Hydro Pump, Takedown, Headbutt, Tsunami, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Enhanced Strength (x3 on land, x7 in water), Enhanced Speed (x7 in water), Thick skin, Prehensile tail, Amphibious, Water resistant skin, Natural insulation, Enhanced Durability (x8), Can alter skin surface (normal mode only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Water Stone)
Sanctuary, at its founding, had many issues with defensibility at first. Sexmet, who had taken up residence at the opposite end of the continent, had some issues with them that would eventually devolve into utter hatred. Plus, their efforts to help others drew unwanted attention from several sources, including Arashi Giovanni (father of Gendo Giovanni) of Indigo, and Vince McMahon Senior of the Northern Ice League (later renamed the Capital League). To make matters worse, the Pokégirls that they primarily made use of to defend their borders, the Cheetits, were easily being caught and Tamed by humans making their way to the Southern parts of the continent, where Sanctuary and its various colonies lay.
This resulted in the creation of the Dameosaur breed. Brutal, vicious Pokégirls that could be more easily controlled in defending Sanctuary’s borders. Almost right away Sanctuary realized that a land-based breed wouldn’t be enough, so they set about almost immediately to see if they could create an air-based and aquatic-based breed using the simplest of tests: Random usage of evolution stones. Well aware of what happened with the Evangelion Advent, Dameosaurs were placed in circles filled with various forms of excess energy siphons, mystical and otherwise, and exposed to several different evolutionary stones.
Almost immediately, they got two good results, and for now were satisfied with what they had gained. Air support in the Pterodame, and aquatic assault in the Nessidame.
Nessidames, like Dameosaurs and Pterodames, have two different forms, one more suited for battle in their primary environment than the other. Nessidames are different in that they actually are fairly decent battlers in both forms. They are naturally stronger in water, but are capable of combat in both forms, moreso than the Dameosaur and Pterodame.
Their ‘battle mode’ form is essentially that of a large elasmosaurus, but one that is only a third of the size of the original beast, about 15 feet in length. They have large, rounded midsections with four powerful flippers, long, prehensile tails, and long, prehensile necks with elongated heads and razor sharp teeth. They can snap their heads as fast a snake and their water-based ranged attacks hit with tremendous pressure, especially if their necks are straightened out. These forms are large enough for Sanctuary Goths to use as mounts. Their strength is much greater in this form.
While they have less access to attacks in their ‘normal mode,’ that does not change the fact that they can take on most lesser opponents and have a good chance of winning. In this form they have the ability to temporarily coat their skin with slippery oil that can make most blunt physical attacks slide off. It’s useless against other water-types, as it can be washed off fairly easily. However they retain a level of strength and agility in this form, allowing them better combat capability than their breed sisters, the Dameosaur and the Pterodame. Nessidames in normal mode are tall, usually 6’9” at the minimum, thickly built women with dark green skin and a ridged armoring along their heads instead of hair. Their breasts are around the B-cup range at max, and their midsections usually have a soft coating of fat to help keep them warm when swimming in deep water. They have long, prehensile tails and webbing between their fingers and toes, with number four and three respectively.
Nessidames are more solitary than other dinosauric breeds of Pokégirls. Primarily this is because of feeding needs, as they are larger and require greater portions of food to satisfy their nutritional needs, making staying in groups impractical. This is also because Nessidames have a fierce territoriality that makes it difficult for them into interact with one another. They will tolerate their S-Goth tamer and, if she has them, her other Pokégirls, but will generally attack anything she views as entering her ‘territory.’ As this trait is useful in guarding Sanctuary from intruders by sea, little to no effort has been made to trying to correct this in some manner.
Water-stone creation and breeding of Nessidames is closely guarded, due to how valuable they are. Their willful nature tends to make them difficult to control for inexperienced Sanctuary Goths, but their usefulness as water-based guardians makes the positives outweigh the negatives. Because of the Pterodame’s curiosity about men, Nessidames are encouraged to think of men as food and fucktoys only. It’s important to Sanctuary that their dinosaurs never think of men in any meaningful way…
Which makes the following update on Nessidames quite amusing. In the biggest botch in Sanctuary’s history, a single Nessidame kit was allowed to escape Sanctuary’s territories and move upward. She was eventually tracked to the Blue League, where, to locals, she had become the current incarnation of the Loch Ness Monster. It was only recently that she was identified as a Nessidame after consulting reports of men who claim to have encountered ‘Nessie.’ In these reports, they say that ‘Nessie’ comes up on land, turning into a beautiful woman, singing a haunting melody and seducing them into her clutches. It was later verified that the ‘haunting melodies’ were actually being sung by Sirens who were amusing themselves by messing with the heads of hapless travelers. Still, this is an important discovery. The possibility of Nessidames proliferating in the wild is too good an opportunity to pick up. Blue League officials in the know have been informed and are making efforts to monitor Nessie, making sure Sanctuary agents do not assassinate her.
Tail Grapple (ATK 20 repeating) – The Nessidame wraps her tail around the opponent’s neck and chokes them repeatedly.
Water Jet Blade (ATK 75) – The Nessidame fires a heavily condensed, high-pressure stream that’s capable of cutting through solid materials such as metal or stone. It can hurt flesh, but not cut it.
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NIDOGG, the Stygian Dragoness Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (Snake)
Element: Dragon/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore, strong preference for meat
Role: Transportation, aerial support.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Poison
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dragon, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Tail Whip, Regenerate, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Energy Drain, Night Shade, Ghost Blade, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Grisly Wing.
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Agility (x7), Constant Ashen Wings effect, Solid Ether Body, Longevity.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kadru (Dusk Stone)
A rather harsh departure from the rest of her evolutionary line, the Nidogg is a much less... pleasant Pokégirl. Upon coming in contact with a Dusk Stone, a Kadru's typing changes to Dragon/Ghost, although her body stays solid, apparently being made of the same substance of a Demoness or Succubus's. It is suggested that this is because, during the war, Nidoggs served as the steeds for Demonesses and other Commanders in the Legions of Terror, although why Sukebe chose the Kadru as his basis for such a role is a subject of much speculation.
Physically, a Nidogg actually shrinks overall, becoming closer in length to a Ulupi than a Kadru, and more slender, if a bit taller. Her scales generally darken, corrupting into a rust-red, sometimes interlaced with purple or violet patterns. Her "wings," on the other hand, do extend out slightly... but they become frayed and uneven, so as to have almost a skeletal appearance. Her breasts may increase up to half a cup size again, but will generally remain in the C to CC range, with D being the exception. These changes generally allow for more maneuverability on the ground at the expense of some reach and strength, but perhaps the most useful (and strangest) change is the addition of the ability to sustain flight. This seems to be, due to the "ruined" nature of her wings, some sort of variant of Ashen Wings that is constantly in effect, and was presumably induced to allow the Legion Commanders who were incapable of flight an aerial viewpoint.
Unfortunately, however, their role in the Legions also resulted in a mentality adjustment on evolution; one that has made many tamers look upon the Nidogg unfavorably. Nidoggs are, as a rule, somewhat imperious creatures, looking down on most other Pokégirls, and, although this mentality doesn't extend to their masters, it makes them very hard to deal with in a harem setting, as they tend to look down on their master's "lesser servants" with disdain and derision. They do respect power, though, and if another non-dragon type can illustrate that they are superior to her, she will often begin to gravitate to this other as well as her master... so long as at least one harem sister remains "beneath" her. It should also be noted that most Nidogg will never respect other dragon-types, although the reason behind this is uncertain. Some have speculated, however, that it is because they feel intimidated by other dragons, especially the haughty and proud Draco line.
When it comes to combat, the majority of Nidoggs have a strange preference; they like for their tamer (or a Pokégirl who has earned their respect) to ride on her back and directly give her orders. Although this is very useful in a double battle, a grand melee, or against Ferals, it is an obvious disadvantage for normal battles. As such, those tamers wishing to use a Nidogg in more conventional circumstances may wish to invest in short-range radios if he does not wish to spend extensive time training her for more conventional solo fighting. In any case, despite this difficult, a Nidogg can be quite powerful in battle, with her already decent repertoire of techniques augmented by Ghost and Infernal options. Dragon Dance can also be used to increase her already impressive speed and agility, after which she is capable of moving in to strike with her tail, a dragon claw technique, or even wrap. In instances where this is unfeasible, however, Dragonbreath, Twister, and Grisly Wing often serve to "soften" targets whilst she remains safely out of range.
On a related note, however, it should be noted that Nidogg and Yggdra have something of a rivalry. Whether it is because they're Infernal and Celestial evolutions of the same Pokégirl or because they're both powerful dragon types with opposing viewpoints, the fact is that the two breeds get along terribly, mostly due to actions taken by the Nidogg. Unless she is restrained by her master's direct commands, the Nidogg will often attempt to attack the Yggdra's Malorn Tree in an attempt to get a rise out of the Celestial, and this will stir even the normally calm and giving Pokégirl to anger. The ensuing clash, however, is generally not an easy one to predict the result of. Both can fly, weather permitting, both are strong against each other, and although Nidoggs are faster, Yggdra are more powerful and far larger.
When it comes to taming, Nidogg's abilities of flight seem to bring with them similar desires to those of many flying-types; the dream of being tamed in midair. Thankfully, though, this whim is not at all unfeasible. With the addition of a specially-made saddle (that many leagues recommend for Nidogg tamers in general also), strapping oneself in the proper position isn't at all difficult, and aerial taming can be quite the experience. Still, if her master is unwilling to partake of it, most Nidoggs won't brood too badly, as they are thankfully much easier to tame than Kadrus and often submissive in non-aerial situations.
Finally, although feral Nidoggs are not often seen, on those occasions that they appear, they rarely stay in one place, taking advantage of their newfound powers of flight. In these travels, they do not seem to have clear objectives, although they've been known to make unannounced, unwarranted attacks on other dragon types, especially Yggdra. As such, although they're not normally considered particularly dangerous to the average tamer, those in possession of dragon-types are advised to be wary. Thresholding directly into a Nidogg is considered impossible as of 300 AS as none have yet become Pokéwomen.
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NIGHTMARE, the Night Bringing Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore, also consumes life energy
Role: Nocturnal Combatant
Libido: Average (Extreme at equinoxes and solstices)
Strong Vs: Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Bug, Ground
Attacks: Dark Goggles, Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mk II, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Bomb, Door to the Abyss, *Darkness, Force Bolt, Energy Drain, Hypnotize, Phase, Fear Aura, Cry Wolf, Double Edge, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Wingless Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Unicorn (Dark Stone)
While known to exist during the Revenge War, reports of them afterwards were considered largely anecdotal until a Unicorn was accidentally evolved into one in 76 AS.
Upon evolving, Nightmares become a solid black with crimson eyes and hair, including all body hair. They stand between 5 ft and 6 ft in height in their human form and are athletic in build, however they retain the figure they had while a Unicorn. While in their humanoid form, their enhanced speed is reduced to only four times human normal and they cannot fly. In their tauric form the tuft of their leonine tail and cloven hooves are also crimson. They also grow in size and no Nightmare has been documented as being less than 15 hands (5 feet) at the equine shoulder. No matter their size, all tauric Nightmares are built like thoroughbreds and are very agile and quick. While tauric, Nightmares can fly by the simple expedient of galloping on the air. They can turn and maneuver as they could on the ground, making them very agile, but still somewhat poor combatants against other flying pokegirls who can climb and dive much more easily.
In either form the Nightmare has the ability to instantly create a chitinous armor that covers her entire body, moves with her and does not impede her in any way. This armor is covered by tiny points that are razor sharp and will injure any unarmored opponent who contacts them. In battle, Nightmares often use this with Double Edge to leave their opponents a bleeding mess.
During the Revenge War, Nightmares were used as fast strikers both on the front lines and in assaults on strategic rear targets and supply lines. With their ability to fly fast at very low altitudes and their use of phase to avoid terrain obstacles and walls, they could go almost anywhere without the fear of being intercepted. Those abilities translate well into Pokégirl combat and today the Nightmare fills almost the same role in Pokégirl battles, maneuvering quickly to outflank her opponent and then hitting her hard with a series of attacks that pulverizes her.
Nightmares are strong individualists with a serious personality and are always planning the best ways to complete their objectives. They feel they are well suited to being alpha, although in most cases their almost complete focus on themselves means they are terrible at it. Still, they will maneuver to gain their Tamer’s favor and become the alpha whenever possible. To this end, Nightmares will adopt the sexual fetishes of their Tamer as their own. It is unknown if they have a personal preference since they always say that whatever their Tamer likes is their favorite position and/or technique.
Feral Nightmares are always encountered in their tauric form. Even though they lose the Unicorn’s ability to block Pokéballs, feral Nightmares are hard to capture because they remain aware enough to phase before a Pokéball can strike them and with their speed a Tamer seldom gets two chances. In almost every capture, the Nightmare had to be rendered unconscious before she could be caught.
There is no record of a human thresholding into a Nightmare.
· Darkness: (Dark) EFT: This technique generates darkness in a seventy foot sphere around the user that moves as she does. Anyone (including the user) inside the sphere is completely blind unless using the Dark Goggles technique. As this technique is at least quasi-magical, it fills the entire space around the user, including water, sealed rooms, or any other void. This technique can cause extreme terror in anyone not used to it.
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NIGHT NURSE, the Tough Love Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Battlefield medics, Town defense, Bodyguards
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost, Infernal
Weak Vs: Fighting, Celestial
Attacks: Wing Attack, Fury Swipes, Hazy Vision, Dark Goggles, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Cocoon of Darkness, Blessed Soul, Dark Redemption, Dark Mist, Phoenix Down, Insulate, Curaga, Esuna
At Higher Levels: Full Revive, Absorb, Exorcism, Regen, Protect, Shell, NulAll, Dark Holy
Enhancements: Can use Dark-type and Magic-type attacks without being either type, Dark affinity, Magic affinity, increased healing ability, wings for flight, natural armor, Enhanced Durability when armored (x6), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nurse Joy (battle stress)
NurseJoys are known to be kind, gentle Pokégirls in nature. But even they have limits. Even they can be pushed to a breaking point.
The first known appearance of a Night Nurse was in a Limbec Pirate attack on a coastal town in 270 AS. The NurseJoy, part of the Harem of a visiting Tamer, was kidnapped and raped by the pirates in an attempt to turn her. In desperation she started to fight back against her attackers, changing in a flash of light into a more powerful, more battle-ready form. She destroyed her attackers with Dark Holy, and proceeded to rescue her master and participate in the wrecking of the Pirates attacking their town. Since then, there have only been a few more instances of Night Nurse evolutions. But where they do occur, they are more than welcome.
When a NurseJoy becomes a Night Nurse, they undergo several changes. The first and most obvious of these changes being a change in physical appearance. Their breasts grow a cup-size, and they become taller and more muscular. Their faces become aquiline, almost hawk-like in appearance, and their hair grows out, becoming black with pink streaks in it. Their eyes also turn completely black, save for their pupils, which turn white. They gain the ability to cover themselves in a sort of organic armor, which is black with pink in it like their hair, and is shining and smooth to the touch. When they manifest it, it covers their arms, legs, most of their chest and belly, hips and butt, and part of their face. The armor also has a pair of large, metallic wings, which Night Nurses can use to fly or be used in a cutting attack. They can also sharpen their finger armor into scalpel points for emergency surgery. Studies have shown that the armor is completely sterile and remains that way no matter what touches it. Fortunately, the sterility of the armor does not affect the fertility of the Pokégirl, as all currently known Night Nurse Pokéwomen have proven capable of breeding.
Also to change is their personalities. Before, they would be caring and gentle, combining excellent bedside manner with superb medical care. Night Nurses are strictly business. They are excellent healers, even better than NurseJoys in many cases. However they lack anything even remotely resembling bedside manner. They will fix your wounds no question, and bring you back to health. But they won’t be as nice about it.
After a few studies of the breed, Night Nurses were found to be best suited as battlefield medics, barreling into the battlefield and retrieving injured comrades, healing them up as quick as possible and sending them back into battle. Night Nurses themselves are reasonably capable fighters, capable of healing themselves mid-battle and continuing on the fight. Night Nurses are also excellent in team battles as they can heal their teammate on the fly and protect them as well.
For a long time, it was unknown why Night Nurses would still be classified as a Normal element Pokégirl when they have many Dark element attacks. The reason was a shock to everyone: They are actually Infernal Pokégirls! This was first discovered a year after the first Night Nurse was identified. A Megami was the first to sense it, and the Dark Lady fighting the Megami confirmed it, laughing mockingly and putting her arm around the Night Nurse, as if lording the fact that the Celestial Pokégirl was outnumbered. Soon after, the Night Nurse put the Dark Lady’s head through a wall. She healed her up afterwards, but only because her Tamer told her to.
Night Nurses cannot stand other Infernal Pokégirls. Unless given a good reason not to, they will pound the living daylights out of any Infernal Pokégirl they see (with the obvious exception of other Night Nurses). Mazouku are actually as a whole terrified of Night Nurses, and become as gentle and harmless as Titmice in the mere presence of one. Night Nurses also don’t care that much for Celestial Pokégirls, but find them more tolerable than Infernals. They just ignore them for the most part, as they consider Celestials to be snooty.
Thresholding into a Night Nurse is so far unrecorded at this point. However, due to increasing interest in this Pokégirl ways of evolving them without forcing them into battle are being researched.
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NINCADASS, the Bushin Burrower Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (insect - cicada)
Element: Bug/Ground
Frequency: Common (Forest League), Uncommon (Edo, Orange, Slot Leagues), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: farm worker
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Electric, Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Bird-type Pokégirls
Attacks: Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tackle, Sting, Dig, Resonate, Cicada Ruse, Smoke
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, very efficient digestive system, low metabolism, heat resistant
Disadvantages: Nocturnal only, light-sensitive eyesight
Evolves: Ninjacket (normal), Shednobi (special; PokéBall and empty slot)
Evolves From: None
The Nincadass, is an interesting species of Pokégirl, as while officially they have only come about in more recent years, the truth is that they may have been around all along. Although the date of their existence can't be accurately pinpointed by League Scientists, they are being given the benefit of the doubt due to their living habits.
Nincadass burrow underground and live there for years, feeding on tree roots, and hiding motionlessly under the soil when they feel the vibrations of something atop. Using her whisker-like antennae, she can feel her way to tree roots, which she slices open with her claws to feed. With such self-sustaining capabilities, it's understandable that the Nincadass might just have been left alone by pure chance. Still, the Nincadass has been uncovered in most recent years, and their popularity is proving to be on the rise, not only in the Forest League where they were founded, but in the neighboring Edo and Orange Leagues, and even as far as to the Slot League. For Tamers, it's because that the Nincadass is surprisingly resistant to heat, making her one Bug-type that can stand up to Fire-attacks; she can even deal with high temperatures by sweating, a first for any Bug-type. For regular people, especially farmers, the Nincadass are great for plowing fields and taking care of any weeds or problems that happen underneath the soil.
As for Edo, the popularity of the species is because the Nincadass have taken a liking to being taught ninjutsu, and the species on a whole can pick up on the training quite easily; a number of Bushin techniques are taught with surprising ease. They have even naturally taught themselves the use of Cicada Ruse using tree roots, and can even use a harsh flurry of sand to mimic the smoke technique. In appearance, a Nincadass looks like a waif-like human in some ways. Standing between 3'8" to 5'with a modest A-Cup, they have straight hair that kept short and is the same color as their skin; normally an opaque white. The Nincadass' exoskeleton is easily overlooked as it is very smooth, appearing as normal skin for the most part except for around the joints, which have the typical hinge like appearance of most arthropods; the Cutiepie and the Wasp. Nincadass also have prominent eyes set wide apart on the sides of her head, with short antennae protruding between the eyes, looking like a semi-mustache, and membranous wings that have pale green highlights. Sadly, these wings at this stage are incapable of flying.
While numbers are plentiful, actually finding a Nincadass is difficult as they are skittish around nearly everything that is new to them, but once they are caught, and given time to adjust to a Harem, they come to trust someone, they can begin to open up. They do, however, remain an overall quiet Pokégirl, the silence sometimes unnerving, but also useful for following and training within the path of ninjitsu, which a lot of Edo League Pokégirl Tamers are thankful for.
Unfortunately, there is a setback to the Nincadass. As a burrower, the species is nearly blind until they undergo evolution, and sunlight is painful to them. They don't even like being exposed to artificial light indoors. Moonlight is the only form of illumination that doesn't bother their sensitive eyes, so this has made for the Nincadass to be used only during night-time; something Edo League Tamers say suits a Pokégirl as skilled at ninjutsu as the Nincadass is. This light sensitivity is also another reason why the Nincadass are a species that haven't been found easily. Feral Nincadass will absolutely refuse to come up above the dirt during the day.
When it comes to Taming, Nincadass are fairly unpicky about what positions are used and what is done to them. A Tamer does need to be careful though, as their whiskers tend to be fragile, so kissing might be out of the question until they evolve.
As this is only a recently discovered breed of Pokégirl, there are not only any cases of a girl going through Threshold turning Nincadass, there aren't even any Domestic breeds. Still, some time down the road, should a Pokégirl Breeder, or a Tamer-turned-family man look into it, we may eventually start seeing Domestic Nincadass.
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NINJACKET, the Fudo Flyer Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Edo, League), Very Rare (Forest Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Stealth fighter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Slash, Tackle, Double Team, Sting, String Shot, Dive, Squall, Cicada Ruse, Numbing Wind, Smoke
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, very efficient digestive system, enhanced adrenaline system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (normal)
As a Tamer puts his Nincadass put through a harsh training regiment, disciplines her, Pokébattles with her, rewards her properly with praise or Taming, and careful about introducing the Nincadass to sunlight on a regular basis for minimal amount of times, the Pokégirl will level up to the point where she evolves.
The evolution itself is distinct from most other Pokégirls. At the beginning of the Nincadass' evolution, there is the expected bright glowing. However, this bright glow begins from within, and there's the startling look as the Nincadass' skin and carapace are stretched. Within minutes, the back bursts open, from which the newly evolved form of Pokégirl will emerge; Ninjacket!
In appearance, a Ninjacket retains it's waif-like human in some ways. Although now with a slightly taller body that ranges from 4'2" to" to 5', with their breasts now up to a solid and large B-Cup. Their hair, now considerably longer is usually kept back in a ponytail.
The major changes come in the form of the Ninjacket's exoskeleton. While remaining nicely smooth for the most part, and intricately hinged around the joints, there are points where the exoskeleton is like armor. Shoulders are more like armor-guards, and elbows and knees have thick pads of chitinous shell over them. One should note that the Ninjacket's coloration is bright yellow and striped, like a Wasp or a yellow jacket of old; what with a bright coat of yellow with stripes of black, and a retractable stinger at the end of their posterior. The Ninjacket's face also gains a form of exoskeletal armor that can be summoned or deactivated at will, normally looking like a bright yellow hooded mask with a black stripe and side-vents. This mask does not hinder the Ninjacket's prominent red eyes. The short antennae are moved to atop the Pokégirl's head, and there's even space for them inside of the exoskeleton that acts as a hooded mask.
And important aspect is that the membranous wings, once small and rather pathetic, are now much longer, and capable of high-speed flight of up to 70 mph. Interestingly, unlike most Bug-types, the flapping of their wings does not produce any sound, which again, Edo Tamers gloat about being another aspect of why this species of Pokégirl is perfect for ninjutsu. Their wings also benefit from their enhanced adrenal system, which allows them to push their wings to harsher limits and go even faster as time passes. However, they do need an hour of rest once they stop.
When it comes to battle, the Ninjacket is well adept at hit and dodge tactics, and will use a number of different attacks, using what they feel is best suited to their opponent. They now use truer versions of Cicada Ruse and Smoke attacks, and they can now naturally use the Ninja technique of Numbing Wind thanks to their wings. Numbing Wind and Double Team seem to be the Ninjacket's favorite combo for wearing down an opponent Pokégirl and avoiding damage.
Ninjackets are a particularly hyperactive lot. Although they can calm themselves whenever it comes to battle or practicing their fighting art, outside of that, they become a very playful species. A particularly favorite thing to do is to fly about silently and then surprise their Tamer, tackling him and wanting hugs and kisses. When it comes to Taming, Ninjackets love to kiss their Tamers, which was pretty impossible in their previous forms. The use of their lips are something that interest them, and so they love to give their Tamers head. When not giving oral-sex, the Ninjacket loves to be on top, and use her speedy wings to aid in the riding of her Tamer's cock. Interestingly, this seems to be the only time that the wings will make a buzzing sound, as if she's trying to drown out the noise she and her Tamer are making so others cannot listen in on them. As this is only a recently discovered breed of Pokégirl, there are not only any cases of a girl going through Threshold turning Ninjackets. Interestingly, a number of Pokégirl Breeders have shown interest in wanting to make Domestic Breeds, even more so than the Nincadass.
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NINJANEZUMI, the Ninja Rat Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human with cases of Animorphic - Mouse/Rat
Element: Fighting/Dark
Frequency: Uncommon (Edo and Opal Leagues), Rare elsewhere
Diet: cheese, nuts, fruits
Role: covert operations, subterfuge, commonly used by criminal elements
Libido: Above Average (High with favored master)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice, Normal, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Cat-types
Attacks: Kick, Tackle, Claw, Kick, Agility, Bite, Dark Blade MK II, Sword Dance, Slash, Carve, Parry, *Healing Meditation
Enhancements: Night-vision, Extremely High Auditory Range (x7), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x5), high flexibility, knowledgeable in sword techniques
Disadvantages: Low endurance or pleasure threshold (depending on build), extremely afraid of cat-types (especially Cheetits)!
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Dark Stone and Shield Stone), Ninjette (mechanism unknown)
In the Edo League, the typical pokegirl that can be found in almost any Tamer's Harem is a Kunoichi. There are other choices, other pokegirls that utilize the art of Ninjutsu. One of the others is the Ninjette, and another is the Kunimitsu. Yet another is the rare Tsaravanna Harpy, though at best she is a novice in comparison to the standard practitioners of the art. However, there is also the Nincadass, Ninjacket, and the Shednobi, though they are only recently gaining any popularity. The last choice is the Ninjanezumi. This is a favored evolution of the Titmouse in the Edo, Opal, and even the Ruby Leagues, although in Ruby the Dark Stone and Shield Stones required to facilitate this evolution are quite difficult to come by. These mouse types tend to have varied builds- some are overly busty (up to a EE-cup) and are tall with enticing curves, while others remain short and have a more Tomboy-like build (with a maximum bust size of around a B-cup, with A-cups being more common). Domestic Ninjanezumi and threshold cases sometimes find themselves in between the two extremes, which can lead to confusion amongst some tamers.
Despite the bodily differences, both are adept at both battles and sex-battles. Tamers often lean their teachings one way or the other, however, and has led to the suggestion that tamers only 'train' a large breasted Ninjanezumi in sex-battle techniques, and just train the more lean, Tomboy-like Ninjanezumi in standard battle techniques. Some tamers switch this tactic around in Leagues other than Edo, and is sometimes a tactic that leads to devastating effects during a battle. The majority of Ninjanezumi tend to have short and soft gray fur, (with some noted as tan, white, or black) although most domestics tend to not grow fur. Both have mouse-like ears, though smaller than most. They are still quite sensitive to sound, however, with their impressive auditory range. This does work against them, however, as sonic attacks are far more painful to them than to any other Titmouse evolution. They also retain long, thin, and lithe mouse-like tails, which are often only half as long as the Pokégirl is tall.
These Pokégirls wear clothing that allows them to blend in with the environment that surrounds them, when given the chance. Though not shy, they did evolve from the Titmouse and hiding is a survival trait to such a Pokégirl. One trait that is new, however, is the fact that they are very wary when without a weapon. The Ninjanezumi prefer to be armed at any given time- even ferals can sometimes be found with a tree branch or a pipe of some sort in their hands while they sleep, and ferals have been known to defend themselves with such makeshift weapons as well. The weapons of a Ninjanezumi are chosen to suit their fighting style. ALL Ninjanezumi use a bladed weapon of some sort, since they want to go for one-hit KOs and most blunt weapons are too heavy and detract from their speed. While the majority use weapons of Eastern Influence such as the kunai, katar, tanto, ninjato, or wakizashi, it's not unheard of for some Ninjanezumi to prefer and use weapons of a more Western styles such as the rondel dagger, stiletto, dirk, or the basilard and gladius short-sword. These alternate weapons are much more commonly used outside of Edo and Opal, however.
Personality-wise, the Ninjanezumi are a naturally secretive and unfriendly type of Pokégirl, which is especially eccentric, considering they are mouse Pokégirls, one of the most skittish yet very friendly types of Pokégirls in existence. They are very quiet too, rarely making any noise, and when they do, it is normally done so to speak. And they will only speak when spoken to by their Tamer. Still, there are Ninjanezumi that become fiercely loyal to their Tamers, and are the ones that do their tasks with a high level efficiency, completing the task almost every time and in record time. It doesn't matter the task given to them, if the Tamer has managed to turn the Ninjanezumi’s loyalty towards them, with the Pokégirl viewing them as their ‘lord’, they will do anything asked of them, even seppuku. The abuse of this loyalty has lead a number of Ninjanezumi to often become employed by Teams and members of the underworld, (especially in the Eastern part of the Edo League) as they are very silent species; reliable to succeed at performing more 'underhanded' tasks then most Pokégirls in general.
In the beginning of the war, Ninjanezumi were utilized as spies and scouts, as well as to sabotage the human's resistence whenever possible. However, despite also being originally used to assassinate humans in the armies, the Ninjanezumi were far too easily caught when their animal-like traits (their ears and tails and sometimes even other rat-like features) were found. As a result, the Kunoichi were quickly created and were used to fulfill the roles of assassins, while the Ninjanezumi were simply relegated to the less proud positions of spies and saboteurs. In 264, notes were uncovered in a set of ruins that had been one of Sukebe’s labs: at one time, in Edo, some Ninjanezumi banded together and thwarted an assassination attempt by one of the best of the Kunoichi of the time. One later that year even went so far as to try and assassinate Sukebe himself, but was cut down by Shiva before the assassin could strike. This information has led some Researchers to propose the theory that this may be why Sukebe created so many cat-type Pokégirls as a way to say, “thanks” to his traitors.
Given proper training, Ninjanezumi are incredibly skilled combatants. While they may lack a number of the ranged attacks of a Kunoichi, they are easily on par with similar breeds of Fighting-types, such as the Slicer or Ronin. However, like most mouse-type Pokégirls, the Ninjanezumi have a special disadvantage against cat-types and are easily startled/intimidated by the feline Pokégirls, especially Cheetits (who are even faster than the Ninjanezumi, something that typically scares the hell out of the mouse-type). This Pokégirl also possesses a technique that is known only as a Healing Meditation and is somehow unique only to the Ninjanezumi. When in a deep meditation, the hurt pokegirl can regenerate and heal themselves up to five times faster than normal. Typically, this is not an issue, but when far from a Pokécenter this can be very useful. However, upon exiting the trance, the Pokégirl will be weak from hunger and fatigue from the increase of their healing processes.
When it comes to Taming, one term suits Ninjanezumi more than others: 'Multi-orgasmic'. These Pokégirls can be made to cum again and again in succession. This is the major weakness of any mouse-type, though the Ninjanezumi that are trained to combat in sex-battles find it a badge of honor and a source of pride to actually win such a battle that otherwise they are constantly in danger of losing almost as soon as it begins. It also makes her tamer easily capable of taming her to exhaustion, a fact that leaves her with a smile on her face and the tamer time to get some likely much needed rest.
While unheard of for well over two hundred years, it is in the past decade that cases of a girl going through Threshold would change into a Ninjanezumi have been recorded. All cases have so far only been in the Edo League, and with the number of occurrences growing every year, it may become a more mainstream threshold well down the line.

Healing Meditation (EFT): Taking the time to sit in one place and meditate for as long as needed, the Ninjanezumi can speed up her natural healing processes to heal even moderate wounds and mend broken bones once they've been set back into place. However, this is a process that cannot be interrupted by movement of the Pokégirl using it, and after using it leaves the Pokégirl exhausted.
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NINJETTE, the foppish in-training ninja Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon to Rare (all Leagues)
Diet: Normal Human Diet
Role: Kunoichi-in-training
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: N/A
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, Ghost, adorable non-aggressive Pokégirls
Attacks: Sleep, Leap, Leer, Throwing Star, Bellyflop, Metronome, Fake Bunshin (*), Partial Bunshin (**), Full Bunshin (***, Only at Level 14 or higher)
Enhancements: Ninja techniques, high regeneration
Evolves: Kunoichi (Level 15), Kunimitsu (Fox E-medal), Ninjanezumi (trigger unknown)
Evolves From: None
A Ninjette is a pre-evolution to Kunoichi, Kunimitsu and a Ninjanezumi, but unlike pre-evolutions, a child of any of those three Pokégirls may randomly be born as a Ninjette. Strangely, a threshold girl with any of those three Pokégirls in their bloodline has a much higher chance to become a Ninjette than the domesticate child of any of those three Pokégirls.
Once of taming age, Ninjettes stand between four foot and five feet tall. Their breasts rarely go above C-cup, but are even less likely to remain an A-cup. Their eye color can be any color, including white or lavender, and they may or may not have visible pupils (i.e. their pupils may match their irises). Their hair color ranges across the rainbow.
If they evolve into a Ninjanezumi or a Kunimitsu, they will take on the general physical attributes of those Pokégirls; but if they become Kunoichi, they can gain between one and two feet in height and their breasts typically can grow to E-cup (though almost never bigger unless Bloom Powder or Milktit milk is involved).
Ninjettes are not bad fighters, provided they've either been properly tamed (if of taming age) or properly motivated (if under taming age). What will properly motivating a Ninjette is as random as their Metronome attack. Ninjettes love adorable things, and will not attack any 'cute' Pokégirl unless said Pokégirl is acting aggressively. Some may become so obsessed with cute that they may temporarily forget how to use Throwing Star because they don't like the smell of metal.
When a Ninjette begins training for the first time, she will screw up. A LOT. However, unless verbally berated to the point of being emotionally damaged, most will continue their training diligently until they evolve. If verbally berated so badly, she will flee, seeking to become strong on her own.
But doing so is considered an enormous blunder. A Ninjette's core principles can be determined early in her training. An intelligent instructor can mold her to the point that not even the normal tendencies of her evolved states will affect her after her evolution, so a Ninjanezumi might be open and friendly or a Kunimitsu can be brash, loud and obnoxious.
Techniques that she learns through a T2 are not affected by this clumsiness, but a Ninjette has a strong aversion to the devices as using them causes a strong headache that refuses to go away for an entire week. During this headache, using any technique other than the T2 will likely result in her accidentally using Metronome or Bellyflop.
The Ninjette can use Fake Bunshin from the get go. This technique creates a small group of replicas of the Ninjette, but these are illusions, incapable of attacking. They vanish once attacked or if the user is struck. All of the Fake Bunshin will mimic the user's motions perfectly, even appearing to attack, but of course do no damage.
Perhaps the creepiest technique in a Ninjette's natural repertoire is the Partial Bunshin. The technique creates fifteen replicas of a single part of the Ninjette's body above them and their target, which rain down on both of them. The body part in question is random, but fully functioning and capable of levitation-like movement. 90% of the time, it will be replicas of the user's hands or feet, but 10% of the time, it will be replicas of their head or other parts. If it's the users hands, they can grab, punch, tickle, etc. as if they were attached to an entire body. A set of Partial Bunshin hands can even pin an opponent to the ground with the same force as the Ninjette herself could muster.
The Ninjette's Full Bunshin is perhaps the most useful. She can create up to two full clones of herself. Both have HP equal to the amount of PP used (the Ninjette can divert PP from other techniques to give them more HP). They cannot be captured by Pokéballs, and cannot use any advanced techniques, but are useful for distractions, ambushes, moving furniture, cleaning, etc. Each turn they're active, they lose 1 HP, meaning that they cannot last forever, but a smart Ninjette doesn't need much time. Once defeated, they vanish in a puff of smoke.
(*) Fake Bunshin - (EFT) This technique creates a small group of replicas of the user, but these are illusions, incapable of doing anything to affect the world around them. They vanish once attacked or if the user is struck. All of the Fake Bunshin will mimic the user's motions perfectly, even appearing to attack, but of course do no damage.
(**) - Partial Bunshin - (EFT) The user creates fifteen replicas of a single body part above them and their target which rain down. The body part in question is random, but fully functioning and capable of levitation-like movement. 90% of the time, it will be replicas of the user's hands or feet, but 10% of the time, it will be replicas of their head or other parts. If it's the users hands, they can grab, punch, tickle, etc. Each one disappears after being struck or after a number of minutes equal to the user's level.
(***) - Full Bunshin - (EFT) The user can create up to two full clones of themselves. Both have HP equal to the amount of PP used (the user can divert PP from other techniques to give them more HP). They cannot be captured by Pokéballs, and cannot use any advanced techniques, but are useful for distractions, ambushes, moving furniture, cleaning, etc. Each turn they're active, they lose 1 HP, Once defeated, they vanish in a puff of smoke.
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NIXIE, the Water Fairy Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Barrier, Reduce, Enlarge, Smile, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Water Stone)
While the Fairycute is a sex-hungry Pokégirl that loves to play as a living dildo, her elemental evolutions are a little bit different, to say the least. Used during the war to destroy electronic equipment without being detected, many a human base was infiltrated and their 'sprinkler' systems went off to devastating effect. Strangely, this was when there were no fires, and the running humans would be easily picked off by larger, much stronger Pokégirls. After the war, although many humans attempted to find these Pokégirls, they were far too difficult to find thank to the size altering abilities and many survived the aftermath of the war. Feral Nixies do tend to cause all sorts of mischief, and are half the reason that schools wind up getting out early during the day- a Feral Nixie enjoys causing mischief with sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and other things along those lines.
While feral Nixies are more common than domestic Nixie, they are still rather intelligent in comparison to other ferals that are out there. They tend to live near civilized areas, where stronger and more carnivorous Pokégirls do not often hunt, and live in small groups. When full-sized, a Nixie is usually around five and a half feet tall, and they most often have lighter colored hair (green is also rather common). They don't normally wear clothes, domesticated or feral, due to their large four-part insect-like wings behind their back., and so domestic ones, if they even wear anything, tend to gravitate towards aprons and skirts for the ease of wear. One thing for Tamers to remember is that unlike most water types, these Pokégirls cannot breathe underwater. They can hold their breath for upwards of 10 minutes, but any longer and they must return above water for oxygen. These Pokégirls also have small B-cup breasts on average, though they swell up to almost a C-cup after a swim or a soak in water. As they use their Water attacks and abilities (without any body of water nearby), the Nixie's breasts shrink down to their normal size.
Nixie are rather useful on farms and as part of fire departments- their ability to fly and use water attacks that aren't supremely powerful make them capable of stalling out fires near trapped humans and Pokégirls long enough for larger and stronger Pokégirls to get to those who need rescued. In battle, their size-altering abilities make them devastating opponents- both in standard battles and sex battles. But their real use is in Sex Battles, where their water abilities are often used to get her opponents wet and ready for them. Their standard attacks aren't very powerful, and as such are not popular with Tamers that have a combat harem unless they are used in conjunction with ground or rock types.
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NOGITSUNE, the Can’t Get Any Tail Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average (can become High depending on the Tamer’s Harem)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Hypnotize, Dream Eater, Illusion, Smile, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Shadow Shot, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x5) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Dark Kitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Kitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Vixxen (Dark Stone+Dusk Stone)
It seems that whenever a Kitsune does something that goes against her personal code, a form of honor unknown to any other being, a Kitsune loses her tail and becomes Nogitsune.
With the loss of her tail, the Kitsune’s body seems to unleash a high amount of dark energy, changing the Kitsune into a new Pokégirl. Though it is unknown how it happens, perhaps it is the work of a natural mechanism in a Kitsune, perhaps it is not.
By becoming a Nogitsune, there are many changes to the Kitsune being besides the loss of her tail. The Kitsune’s fur changes to a pattern of black and white, almost similar to a Skunkette or Mephitits. Also, with the loss of tail, more magical properties of the Kitsune are unleashed, making her a somewhat powerful Magic-type.
It should be known however, that a Nogitsune is quite a difficult Pokégirl to maintain in a Tamer’s Harem. The Nogitsune becomes very conceited, as she sees herself as having nothing to lose, so that train of thought makes two traits about the Nogitsune stand out. The first, and hardest for the Tamer is that since the Nogitsune sees herself as having nothing, she wants all she can get from her Tamer, wanting more time with him during Taming sessions or as the second trait shows, wanting to be used in battle.
The need to fight within a Nogitsune however can be a mixed blessing as with the want to be in battle, a Nogitsune is ruthless, using Hypnotize to put her opponent first, then draining her with Dream Eater. Should a Nogitsune’s opponent be able to shake off her Hypnotize, the Nogitsune will tend to use Mana Bolt or Mystic Bolt, depending on the level of mana, then follow up with Shadow Shot while the opponent is stunned. It should also be stated that it is NEVER a good idea to have a Nogitsune and a Shaguar in the same Harem. The two Pokégirls seem to have a rivalry that is up to the ferocity of the Kunoichis and Cheshires or the Demon Goddesses and the Neo-Iczels.
It is thought to be possible for Nogitsune to evolve, however, what she can evolve into is unknown at this time.
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NURSEJOY, the Nursing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon, usually found at hospitals and Pokégirl healing centers, has never been found in the wild
Diet: any human style diet, with the preference of vegetables
Role: nursing
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Dodge, Tackle, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Love 'N' Affection, Hugs 'N' Kisses, Heal, Cure, Cura, Curaga, Pray, Multiheal, Omniheal, Revive, Half Revive, Full Revive, Regen, Esuna, Hypnotize, Yell
Enhancements: innate knowledge of human and Pokégirl anatomy, natural affinity for healing
Evolves: Night Nurse (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
NurseJoys, or Joys as they are usually called, are nursing Pokégirls; they can do all healing techniques and will help someone in need by nature. Unfortunately, they rarely, if ever, make good fighters.
NurseJoys were the first species of Pokégirl developed by the Leagues, with the first being born in the year 15 AS. Their development began almost immediately after the earliest Pokécenters opened in 10 AS, once the Leagues realized that they just didn't have the manpower to maintain them all.
Tamers know that it's very handy to have a NurseJoy in their pack, since they can heal the other Pokégirls when they get hurt. NurseJoys don't make good Alphas, though, since they don't feel comfortable with the role of group leader.
While all NurseJoys are born with the capability of learning all of the above techniques, few learn more than half of them in their lifetimes. Most choose to specialize in one or two specific areas and focus on learning the advanced techniques for those. That being said, every single NurseJoy is able to use Dodge, Tackle, Heal, Cure, Revive, Esuna and Yell (which they use to stop struggling patients).
For some unknown reason, all NurseJoys have pink hair. Sometimes it's curly, sometimes it's straight, but it's always a bright, vivid pink. Aside from that similarity, NurseJoys vary in appearance, although a great many of them have pink eyes as well. They stand between 5' even and 5'8", though the average is only 5'2". Their busts range between C-Cups and D-Cups, and are usually, but not always, proportionate to their height.
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NYMPH, the Evolutionary Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style food, sexual fluids
Role: found in a variety of menial jobs
Libido: High to Very High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Scratch, Punch, Slap, Gaze, Caress, Taunt, Cheer
Enhancements: Disease Resistant, Enhanced Endurance (x3), Pheromones
Evolves: Hottits (Fire Stone), Swimslut (Water Stone), Ice Maiden (Ice Crystal), Chikotit (Leaf Stone), Flittit (Angel Stone) Domina (Dark Stone), Swanmaid (Bird E-Medal), Cyber-Nymph (Thunder Stone + Pokéball transporter)
Evolves From: None
In the beginning of the war, Sukebe often created Pokégirls to get an understanding of how to create them. The mouse-types were one of the first. The A-bra was one as well. However, in his haste, Sukebe created an easily alterable Pokégirl that eventually became the template for the Eva as his control over genetic manipulation became better. The Nymph was brought into existence, and it was difficult for him to find a role for them... Until after the war had begun in earnest, the Nymphs were kept low in numbers. When the first teleporting Pokégirls were created, Sukebe sent his Nymphs behind the human lines to infiltrate the human forces and using their only real weapons, they distracted entire companies of the various human armies, weakening them and exhausting them before a Pokégirl attack could be sounded. During the beginning of the war, this tactic assisted in the destruction of many military elements throughout the world.
The Nymph's secret weapon is no secret anymore. Their libidos are amongst the highest in the world, easily comparable to the Soixante-Neuf. 'Sexually Active' is the phrase some use to describe the Pokégirl, but even this barely scratches the surface of just how deep their libidos run. Her physical appearance is much like a human's, typically the only thing that might give her away being the color of the Nymph's eyes, which range from the human norm to colors not found on humans (yellow or blood-red, for instance). A Nymph naturally secretes pheromones, which entice those around her, arousing them more and more with passing time. Bathing does not help to stem the flow of pheromones in the slightest, as it is constant... unless the Pokégirl is asleep. This seems to be the best way to battle a Nymph, lest the Pokégirl battling her give into the sexual urges that go hand-in-hand to close contact with a Nymph. This Pokégirl is a very frequently seen Pokégirl in the Sex Leagues and when two Nymphs go at it, there is an hour-long intermission. In some cases, sending a Nymph against another Nymph has been declared as a sign of instant forfeit. The trick of the Nymph is that its pheromones are incredibly effective, even through touch. Some Tamers use the Nymph's touch to excite otherwise low libido Pokégirls for taming.
In a harem, the Nymph is most often used to help get her harem sisters into an excited, sexually-ready state of mind and being. When dealing with reluctant Pokégirls not willing to be tamed, the Nymph is a lifesaver, though it can be difficult to keep her from jumping the gun and starting the festivities as soon as possible. A Nymph, insatiable as she is, cannot keep still for long without having to resist the urge to do something. This has led many researchers to believe that the Nymph was the original source of the Dildoran breed, as what the Nymph tends to do when she has nothing better to do is try to satisfy herself. A Nymph is not a good choice, in the slightest, for any role of leadership within a harem, but is considered to be as nice to have available as a Damsel is, though just not in training sessions. Dominant Pokégirls (the Domina, for example) tend to dislike this breed for the simple fact that they can last longer than the Domina can devote her time to when it comes to a taming session.
Feral Nymphs are extremely rare to find, given the fact that they lose any semblance of intelligence they typically exhibit. This leads them to sleep in the open, or to try and tame the next available Pokégirl they come across. As their pheromones continue to be secreted even while feral, this often attracts Pokégirls of all types to the Nymph... who is often eaten after the mutual enjoyment that comes after the initial meeting. Threshold cases are fairly common, the only true changes being the pheromones that the 'girl now gives and their higher libido often driving them to the nearest interested male or female. Families are urged to send any threshold Nymphs to a Ranch as soon as the change is detected, or else face the very likely possibility of the Nymph losing control of herself and taming her family and friends.
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OCELOLITA, the Little 'Chaotic' Kitty
Type: Not Very Near Human to Near Human (Feline)
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous, favors meat
Role: Mostly scouts, hunting, and patrol detail
Libido: Average, Monthly peaks
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Mouse and Bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Pounce, Teleport, Aura of Cute, Reflect, Metronome, *Hang Time, *Magic Use
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), claws, Enhanced Agility (x4), Nightvision (x5), Improved Balance, Magic Affinity (‘Wild Magic’)
Disadvantages: Trouble Magnet, ‘Wild Magic’ User
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Mana Crystal)
One thing to remember if you are ever the owner of an Ocelolita: Expect the unexpected.
Ocelolita are perhaps the most interesting of the Merrowl evolutions, as no two Ocelolita are alike. Their looks, personalities, and magical abilities can vary greatly from Pokégirl to Pokégirl, as the breed as a whole seems to demonstrate their nickname of the ‘chaotic kitty’. Generally, however, Ocelolitas tend to be short and slender, with at least rounded feline ears and a tail covered with alternating black splotches, stripes, and rings with the fur being anything from a golden tan to white. Many of the breed look rather young, some of the furrier types being mistaken for Cheetah Pokékits. Even the most human looking Ocelolita has functional claws, allowing them to climb trees with ease. Along with their acrobatic skills, Ocelolita are unparalleled in the trees, even amongst other cat types.
Unlike other forms of magic, Ocelolita use a unique form of chaotic magic dubbed ‘Wild Magic’ by the various magic schools. Wild Magic, compared to normal magic, is much messier, drawing incredible magical power in but not focusing it at all while casting a spell. As such, each time an Ocelolita uses her magic for a particular spell; it may work doubly well, normally, not at all, or cause an array of effects that wouldn’t normally happen with the spell. One well documented case that circulated around the internet for some time was a video recording of an Ocelolita who attempted to magically summon a contracted Pokégirl, but caused the weather to rain string cheese and tuna for three days in the town of Prick. Luckily, their teleport ability is psychic in nature.
The average Ocelolita doesn't mind showing off her powers. In fact, she enjoys getting her Tamer into trouble, then using Teleport to rescue him in the view of a crowd. She's as playful as a Tick-Tock and as cunning as her similarly-magical cousin the Mistoffeles, with whom she shares a friendly rivalry. It's all a game to her. Whatever disaster happens (or she causes), Ocelolita generally laugh things off, as surprisingly, no ally or bystander has ever been seriously injured by a spell gone wrong with the exception of the Ocelolita herself. Many Tamers who own an Ocelolita simply have her focus on her other attacks in battle, since most of her magic attacks are too much of a dice roll for many tamers to trust them. However, Ocelolitas are excellent at using their psychic talents to cling to surfaces and get more out of their already powerful leaping and climbing abilities, so only terrains on which one would be bad at fighting are water and flatlands. Favored tactics are using Aura of Cute to charm an enemy into slowing down, then Teleporting and Slashing them to bits from behind, or, if facing a bird-type, simply Pouncing and Slashing. They work well with speedy Pokégirls like Sonica. Sex combat doesn't come nearly as naturally, but they can be taught. When not in a league sanctioned match, their favorite move is one the breed claims to have invented, Metronome, which seems much more powerful when wielded by Wild Magic.
Overall, Ocelolitas are loyal, affectionate, slightly submissive and somewhat nymphomaniac Pokégirls. For such a speedy Pokégirl, it's a bit of a surprise that Ocelolitas prefer to be Tamed slowly, and with as much foreplay as possible. They like being petted and stroked at all times, but especially during sex. Their personalities are varied but tend toward outgoing and friendly with a bit of an adventurous/mischievous streak.
Feral Ocelolitas loose enough intelligence to make spell casting impossible, but they still tend to be craftier than the average cat-type. Feral Ocelolitas are usually found in forested areas of the Slot League, the Silver River League, and southern parts of the Orchard, Indigo, Johto, and Sunshine Leagues. They use their agility and climbing abilities to hunt bird- and rodent-type Pokégirls, and are a true pain in the ass to catch. Try using a bird- or rodent-type as bait, then switch them quickly with a Dark Pokégirl or a Ghost Pokégirl when the Ocelolita appears.
Threshold into an Ocelolita is rare, though a good sign of threshold is extremely strange happenings and the life of the girl in general becoming more chaotic. Threshold Ocelolitas have a hard time adjusting to their new lives and the urge to climb and hunt. Most of their families use mild sedatives to keep them from becoming too jittery, popping off wild magic, or chasing the household Mousewife while they line up prospective buyers or contact the nearest Pokégirl ranch.
Hang Time (Psychic EFT) - Using a low level telekinesis field, a leaping Ocelolita seems to slow, and can literally change her course in midair. Also can be used by a falling Ocelolita to soften her landing and make sure she lands on her feet.
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OCTOPUSSY, the Tight ‘n’ Wet Pokégirl Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: seafood
Role: wilderness predator, sexual domination
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Wrestle, Wrap, Double Slap, Water Spear, Go Down, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Spank, Fisting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), water breathing, prehensile tentacles
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titacruel (Water Stone)
The final evolution of a Titacool, Octopussies are very strong and very dangerous.
From the waist up, an Octopussy looks human. They tend to have breasts that are on the large side, usually a generous C cup. Their hair can be any shade, and is usually long, waving slowly in the water behind them. From the waist down however, any resemblance to a human ends. Below the waist, instead of legs, there are four tentacles! These tentacles are usually around ten feet long or so, and are usually a reddish-pink, but colors such as black or blue aren’t unknown. They are covered with suction cups, which makes it easier for them to grab prey with their wrap attack. Nestled up between all of their tentacles is the Octopussy’s cunt.
Octopussies in the wild are a hazard to be avoided. Their powerful strength makes it relatively easy for them to capture unwary prey in the water or near a bank. Octopussies prefer to play with their food before consuming it; even Feral Octopussies will use their sex attacks on captured prey before drowning it and eating it. The only reason Octopussies aren’t considered dangerous enough to be actively hunted is due to their taste in partners: they are exclusively lesbian. Due to their quirk of wanting to molest their dinner before eating it, they rarely attack males. A male Tamer is more likely to find his Pokégirls being attacked than himself. Only extreme hunger will drive an Octopussy to attack a man, and in that case she just fights to kill anyway.
Octopussies are poor choices for a Harem, despite their power. They are quite clumsy out of the water, since their tentacles stick to the ground, and can’t support their upper-body weight anyway, making them have to crawl around rather pathetically. What’s more, they can’t stand being touched by a man, so a male Tamer would need a strong Pokégirl to keep the Octopussy satisfied. The fact that Octopussies are sexually dominant Pokégirls is just the icing on the cake for why most people and Pokégirls don’t like them. Octopussies prefer to use their tentacles to make their partner go down on them, and then enjoy holding their partner immobile and teasing them cruelly with their sex attacks until the victim begs for release, at which point they usually use Fisting on them.
Feral Octopussies are more much common than Domestic ones (the majority of Domestic Octopussies being owned as pets by single women who have a pool and like very kinky sex). If someone actually wants to capture one, the best strategy is to use a sexy-looking Pokégirl as bait to lure her near the shore, and then have several Pokégirls of elements that are Strong Vs. Water attack her. Threshold girls usually don’t evolve directly to an Octopussy, but if such a thing were to happen to some poor girl, she would likely be quickly sent to the nearest Pokégirl ranch before she could try and get her tentacles on someone.
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ODDTITS, the Nocturnal Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: sunlight (small doses), water (loves mineral water), nutrients from soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, night watch
Libido: Average to High (moonlight-based)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield
Enhancements: Lunar Regeneration, Night Vision
Evolves: Gloomy (normal)
Evolves From: None
While most Plant-types love sunlight, and would happily bask in enough sunlight to cook a normal person, Oddtits actually avoids direct sunlight, preferring partial to heavy shade. Like Boobisaur, the Oddtits is a Poison/Plant combination...unlike the Boobisaur though, Oddtits is considered Poison-type first, Plant-type second.
The Oddtits gets her name from her unusual shape. Where most Pokégirls have a shape passing for normal (even a Tomboy with no volume has symmetry), Oddtits has a large, firm bottom perfectly at home on the curvier Pokégirls, while upstairs she is as flat as a Tomboy. Her head is adorned with fine hair-like vines topped with large petals, often a dark red (some variation exists, but the colors are always 'dark' in tone) that lay down to the sides and back (similar to some hairstyles) to the shoulders. For some reason her face is always shadowed, as if slightly smudged or shaded although lighting conditions and wash-cloths don't affect this. For a Plant-type, the most unusual note of her appearance is her skin...where most Plant-types have green skin, hers is normal skin tones according to her parentage.
Like Boobisaurs, the Oddtits isn't a strong fighter, so prefers to avoid melee. However, Oddtits lacks most “normal” plant offensive moves (Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, etc), making her apparently helpless...even though she isn't. Her collection of powders/pollens is very impressive, especially considering she is the lowest of four evolutions. Lust Dust and Buttsprout, Sleep and Poison, plus her Leaf Shield are a solid group of attacks, but her most devastating attack hides under her petals. The fine hair-like vines are actually roots, and at close range can be sunk into a target to initiate an attack equal to Mega-Drain (and on Ground/Rock Pokégirls is possibly better). This attack can be either momentary (on a mobile target) or continuous (on a stationary/unconscious target). On a stationary (Sleep Powdered) Pokégirl, a common trick (especially in a multi-opponent battle) is to put up her Leaf Shield around -both- herself and her target. While it appears to be a variant on Wrap or Vine Bondage, any active Pokégirl can break free without any difficulty, but combined with Sleep Powder is frighteningly effective. The only danger is her hair-roots are fragile, and if hit -directly- with a Sword or Fire attack can be severed, rendering this ability useless for 1-3 days. One thing that Oddtits -hates- is her complete invulnerability to Bloom (and incidentally Buttsprout), which precludes a proper bust until her evolution.
Sexually, Oddtits tends to prefer being taken from behind for two reasons...outside she will sink her hair-roots into the soil for more enjoyment (and to keep the light out of her face both outdoors and in) but her main reason for being taken from behind is so she can lay on her chest and try to conceal her complete lack of a bust (a very sore topic with her...'tiny-titty' jokes do -not- go over well with her for obvious reasons). In a Harem situation, Oddtits has no major preferences and will accept any half-way competent Alpha unless said Pokégirl is a -very- busty Pokégirl that likes poking fun at less-endowed ' which case Oddtits will likely challenge (repeatedly if she doesn't win) unless stopped by her Tamer. If placed in the position of Alpha, she will do her best (unlike some self-conscious Pokégirls Oddtits has little problem being in charge, she just doesn't seek out the slot).
Like other Plant-types, Oddtits is easy enough to care for. A little sunlight (partial to heavy shade preferred), soil and water, and she is fine. If injured, Oddtits can rest on natural ground and will boost her healing to almost double that of a normal human (although this doesn't count as regeneration), which will nourish the soil in exactly the same manner of the Boobisaur. However, if bathed in moonlight, an Oddtits heals at the rate of an Ivywhore, but how this works is unknown. Moonlight also controls an Oddtits' libido, given a few hours of moonlight, an Oddtits becomes very energetic and frisky, and tends to give off small amounts of Lust Dust whether desired or not. Unlike most Plant-types, Oddtits suffers from vision problems in bright light (effectively twice as bright to her as to normal people), and takes double the effects from Flash-style techniques, but in low-light (starlight for instance) they can see almost as well as a normal girl during the day. While preferring a nocturnal or diurnal schedule, an Oddtits can adjust to a normal pattern with the help of her Tamer. Note that when an Oddtits is resting on the ground, they always lay their heads on the ground so their roots can get to the soil.
Feral Oddtits aren't too much trouble, as they tend to spread Lust Dust to get laid quickly, but they can and will use Buttsprout as well, although while Feral they seem to be unable to make the permanent version (takes about a week to make one good dose, and an Oddtits always seems to know how much is needed for what enhancement level...if they have a dose prepared and then go Feral...look out).
It isn't as common for girls to Threshold into Oddtits as for Boobisaur, but it does happen. When it does, new Pokégirls tend to be rather unhappy over the odd appearance and take some time to adjust...although Threshold girls who were completely undeveloped do enjoy the larger rump.
Recent findings of Oddtits and her evolutions deep in completely unlit caves, when combined with her unusual ability to absorb moonlight, has suggested that this Pokégirl either doesn't -need- sunlight, or doesn't need it very often, but further analysis is required. One interesting note however...Oddtits and all evolutions except Belle Awesome (which evolves with a Sun Stone) have -never- been seen to use Solar Beam, a “staple” Plant-type attack.
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OFFICERJENNY, the Police Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Normal
Frequency: Uncommon. Not found in the wild.
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Law enforcement of all kinds
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Psychic
Libido: Average
Attacks: Tackle, Counter, Evade, Pose, Headbutt, Takedown, Body Slam, Toss, Stone Palm, Focus, Focus Energy, Resist, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Mirror, Throwing Handcuffs
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, photographic memory, incorruptible
Evolves: LawFoxx (Fox E-Medal)
Evolves From: None
OfficerJenny was the second breed of Post-Sukebe Pokégirls to be created, right after the NurseJoy. And like the NurseJoy, they quickly became well-regarded by the rest of the world, with the obvious exception of the criminal element. They are good fighters, focusing mainly on grappling and takedown maneuvers, and are incapable of being bought off or bribed in any way. The scientists who made the first of the breed wanted a breed who could counteract police corruption, and found that in the creation of the OfficerJenny. In addition, the Leagues wanted a policeman capable of taking other Pokégirls, the OfficerJenny (called Jenny for short), fit that bill superbly. Unlike the ineffective tactics of human police forces before the Revenge War, these Pokégirls are far more capable of fending for themselves. Most often, however, they are teamed up with another Pokégirl, such as a Growlie or a Hound.
When confronted by corruption in their fellow officers, they will automatically try to correct the situation, confronting them with their Tamer and either getting them to fix their ways or turning them in. OfficerJennies regard the so-called ‘blue wall’ as an insult to honest cops everywhere. If their TAMER is the one that turns out to be corrupt, they will be hurt on a spiritual level, suffering great emotional pain and regarding their Tamer’s corruption to be a failure on their own part. But despite this, they will NOT hesitate to turn their Tamer in if they cannot change his corrupt ways, although their methods of change will be far less harsh than the methods they would use on someone not connected to them so deeply.
OfficerJennies are loyal to the law almost completely. But they are also aware that at times there is a difference between ‘law’ and ‘what is right.’ If at all possible, they will let some things slide (such as the stealing of food to prevent starvation, the emasculation of a severely abusive Tamer, etc.), pretending they didn’t witness it. But more often than not they will follow the law and arrest the person involved. Jennies possess a strong belief that without law, chaos will reign. As such, they as a breed entire PASSIONATELY hate Macavity and Jenova.
OfficerJennies make good Alphas, not because of their fighting skills, but because they tend to think great strategies for combat and are great at keeping other Pokégirls in line. They have a high level of street smarts and cunning, and can easily be trained as detectives, possessing a great capability for reasoning and common sense decisions.
OfficerJennies, or Jennies, as they are usually called, are almost always found amongst the harems of police officers, rarely being seen with wandering Tamers and NEVER being seen in the wild. Their feral state is similar to that of an Ingenue or Bimbo, and usually results with them being trapped in their own handcuffs, usually in an uncomfortable position. They always have green eyes, similar facial appearances, and hair that is some shade of blue, although they use different hairstyles. There is more various to their appearance if they have DNA in them other than OfficerJenny or human DNA, but the commonality of appearance is unusual. NurseJoys have a similar genetic anomaly. Considered an oversight, this was never corrected in subsequent batches. Both breeds manage to find ways to look different from one another, so this was considered a non-issue. Their bust is usually a B or C cup without Bloom Powder, and is always proportionate to their height, usually 6 feet tall.
Thresholding into an OfficerJenny is not unheard of, and commonly occurs amongst the families of retired police officers. It never occurs in the wild, however, as mentioned earlier.
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OGRESS, the Inner-Monster Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods (in large quantities)
Role: shock troops, construction
Libido: Low (High with a favored Tamer)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Bearhug, Headbutt, Pummel, Yell, Glare, Mega Punch, Taunt, Rage
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Monster Out (Enhanced Strength (x20) Enhanced Durability (x10), Ignore Poison)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (normal)
When a Tomboy gains enough experience over time, she may evolve. This evolution comes without any fanfare, and unlike many other Pokégirls that shine with inner light upon evolving, she shows no sign of discomfort, shock, or anything that has typically been associated with Pokégirl evolution. It's when she's under stress of some sort that she gains the ability to Monster Out, showing off her newly evolved form for the first time. Unlike many Pokégirls, the Tomboy truly barely changes at all when she evolves. At best, she might gain a 1/5 of a cup size, and perhaps grow an inch or two in height- that is the most obvious physical change after evolving. The Tomboy's hair grows a little faster than before, allowing her to have long hair, which many Ogress choose to keep braided. The physical changes take place over a period of two or three weeks, making it that much more difficult to spot. Though they are short-tempered before, they are more so now, quick to brood and faster to anger. The other easy way to tell when a Tomboy evolves is when she begins to need to consume greater and greater amounts of food and drink. More than one stupid tamer has attempted to evolve an Ogress (that they thought was still a Tomboy at the time) into a Snorlass as a result of the amount of food she eats.
When Monstered Out, the Ogress' physical body in a flash of light that is reminiscent of the evolution of other Pokégirls, becomes between two to three times bigger, matching or exceeding the height of a Giant Trollop and gaining an equivalent amount of strength as well. Her skin becomes as rough as stone and her curves are gone, replaced with angular muscles that are about as dense as armor plating. Unlike a Giantess, the Ogress does not have a weak spot in her forehead, and somehow cannot be poisoned. The reason for this is unknown, but suspected that her body's metabolic processes speed up exponentially with the amount of physical power exuded during her Monster Out that the poison takes effect and dies out within half a second on average. The Monster Out ability can last up to half an hour at a time, but only as long as the Ogress has had enough to eat beforehand. Tamers say that when an Ogress is Monstered Out, they are three times uglier than a Trollop or a Harpy but still retain the same mind as they had before Monstering Out.
In battle, Monster Out is typically the first thing that an Ogress does to get the power she may need to overcome most obstacles that might be set in her path. Using Mega Punch to try and finish an opponent, a Monstered Out Ogress typically prefers to wrestle her opponent into a Bearhug technique, and as she squeezes the target, to try and batter her into submission using a Headbutt. Tamers should be aware that unlike many Pokégirls, an Ogress is extremely difficult to get out of her Rage attack until she either somehow calms down or is defeated, and so using Rage is something that should not be done unless they know what they're doing. The Pokégirl also has another weakness- no long range techniques, or even midrange techniques other than Yell or Glare make it easy for smarter, faster, and more maneuverable Pokégirls to strike from afar and capitalize on the Ogress' lack of abilities.
In a harem, an Ogress usually manages to get along with many other Pokégirls. As one of the most human-looking of Pokégirls, they can sometimes fool casual onlookers without a Pokédex into thinking that they aren't Pokégirls. However, no Ogress bows down to orders from other Pokégirls that haven't proven themselves to her in battle: would-be Alphas and Betas should be made aware of this fact. An Ogress does not make a good Pokégirl for any position of leadership within a harem, as their anger blinds them to obvious non-violent solutions, and they often pick on weaker members of a harem. However, this is not always the case, as just as many are amiable with Pokégirls that are weaker than they are. Taming an Ogress should be done with restraints and sedatives, as otherwise a particularly enjoyable taming may trigger the Ogress into Monstering Out. Thresholds are very rare, almost never happening, though some speculate it's more common than one might think, if one considers just how little a Tomboy changes upon evolving. Ferals are about as rare, unable to Monster Out as a result of losing their minds. Ogress are, therefore, most commonly found near civilization rather than in the wilds.
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OMEGA ATHENA, the Destroyer of Man Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: All
Frequency: Unique (Deceased, thank GOD)
Diet: Can eat everything, up to and including souls
Role: The End of Man
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Everything
Weak Vs: Nothing
Attacks: (used) Hair Wrap (capable of using) EVERYTHING ELSE
Enhancements: Enhanced Everything (x100), can manifest armor & weapons, can grow in size to 200 feet maximum, heals by eating anything, intense regenerative powers, can control her hair as a weapon
Evolves: None. Thank God.
The General Pokégirl, Athena, by accounts, used to be rather inoffensive and actually by the end of the Revenge War was starting to develop a sympathy for humanity. Then something happened, something that twisted her soul so badly that she became a madwoman who thirsted for vengeance against humanity. She lived for years, eventually moving to the Crimson League and taking up residence there, forming a high council of Pokégirls who shared her hatred of humanity. For years she planned, creating three abominations that resembled long dead Legendary Pokégirls, creatures designed down to their very souls to be her vessels.
When her original body was destroyed by Benjamin Valentine, son of one of the last living War Espers and known by many as the infamous Widow Slayer, she possessed the body of Ultimate, absorbing their souls and taking over the body, warping it into a giant, white-haired version of her own. She became Omega Athena, the Living Endtimes, the Destroyer of Man.
Omega Athena only displayed one power before being destroyed by the Widow Slayer in a final attack that took his life as well, but according to the records recovered in her old Crimson League headquarters, she would have had hundreds of other abilities as well. She would have been as powerful as a Goddess and twice as destructive. She would have had control over all element typing and been capable of manifesting a powerful armor and any weapon she wanted.
We can only be grateful for the sacrifice of the Widow Slayer. If Omega Athena had been allowed to finish her evolution, we would be doomed.
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OMEGAN, the Loving WarBeast Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorphic (Squirrel)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Nuts, fruits & vegetables. Will accept Pokechow, but LOVES candy
Role: Combat, cuddling
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic, Fire
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock
Attacks (Human form): Smile, Cry, Aura Of Cute, Telekinesis
Attacks (WarBeast form): Bite, Spirit Slash, Tail Whip, Telekinesis, Crunch, Fury Swipes, Dark Shield, Sabre Claw, Cocoon Of Darkness, Timid Stroke, Blessed Soul, Super Claw, Ashen Wings, Dark Bomb, Barrier, Shield, Mystic Bolt, Phoenix Down, Ankoku
Enhancements: Telekinetic abilities, Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Dark Stone & Mana Crystal)
Omegans are among the more recently discovered Eva evolutions. Research into the evolutionary process of Evas was mostly halted after the Orange Islands Incident, but that has not stopped new forms from being found. A young Tamer who helped with stopping an evolution stone scam run by a Team Rocket variant was given five real evolution stones as a reward. His Eva accidentally came into contact with a Dark Stone and Mana Crystal at the same time (she was reaching down to pick them up after her Master accidentally dropped them), and evolved. After some experimentation, it was confirmed that the two stones have to be touched at EXACTLY the same time, so an Eva could pick up a Dark Stone first and then a Mana Crystal without evolving.
Omegans have two forms. Their first form, which is much preferred by them, is an almost totally human body with dark skin, wide eyes, long, dark brown hair, C-cup breasts, and a very cute face. They also possess two long, very flexible antennae, which are wrapped in long locks of hair, acting as a focus for their telekinetic ability. This antennae are very flexible and animated, tending to mirror what the Omegan is doing, frequently nuzzling friends or Harem sisters that come near enough.
An Omegan's second form, which most tamers have dubbed a 'warbeast' form, could best be described as a demonic squirrel. Their bodies become furry, the fur surrounding the face with scar-like highlights, and their hair and antennae grow longer. They sprout horns on the sides of their heads, and their claws on their hands and feet grow larger. They gain a lot of muscle mass, along with a cup-size in their breasts. They also grow three flexible, bushy, spiked tails which are very strong and good for hitting. Omegans do not like taking this form AT ALL, viewing it as frightening, and only take it as a last resort, or if they want to end a battle quickly.
Omegans are very friendly, loving, cuddly Pokégirls, but also, amazingly enough, are a little prudish when it comes to Taming, although they do like going nude a great deal of the time. They don't try to seduce their masters, but take advantage of their cute natures to get the Tamings they need, which always embarrass them despite themselves. They always try to get everyone in the Harem to get along, and become very sad if someone is angry. They take a lot of blame onto themselves, and try to make everyone happy. Many Tamers report it as being impossible NOT to smile when Omegans are around, as they are just that pleasant and bubbly. Omegans are also naturally curious, and like to learn new things.
It's rare that an Omegan gets angry. So kind-hearted are they that it's very hard for them to get angry or hold grudges. But when one does, it's a dangerous event. Omegans are powerful Pokégirls, and when they become angry, they lose all control, becoming totally savage and going all out in their warbeast form. The only thing that can really get through to them when they go ballistic is fire. For unknown reasons, all Omegans have a pathological fear of fire, although this weakness is mental rather than physical. They are sent into a tremendous panic when they see large blazes, and are very nervous around smaller flames. (Interestingly enough, they don't mind fire-type Pokégirls, it's the element itself they fear. Although if the Pokégirl has an active flame with them at all times, like a feral CharAmanda, they will become very nervous and try to avoid them.)
It's rumored that some Omegans have found an 'in-between' of their forms, where they just end-up looking like an animorphic squirrel, with none of the warbeast form's more intimidating features. But so far, this has yet to be confirmed.
No Threshold cases have been reported yet, but that's simply been attributed to the rarity of Omegans. Some have also theorized that it may not be possible to Threshold into an Omegan due to the nature of their evolution...
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ONI, the Shagging and Shocking Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: slightly painful Taming, defibrillator
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Hammer, Pummel, Yell, Glare, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Spark, Jolt
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength (x4), Electromagnetic Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (Thunder Stone)
A Tomboy who is exposed to a Thunder Stone evolves into an Oni. This is the evolution that most Tamers prefer to have their Tomboys go through. An Oni gains quite a bit more cleavage than her previous form, with her breasts swelling to a nice C-cup, and her legs lengthening to be long and delicate. For these reasons they tend to wear as little as possible (although they prefer not to go naked), enjoying flaunting their new figures. Onis also grow a small pair of horns atop their head, but these are easily hidden under their hair. An Oni usually leaves behind most of her bad attitude that she possessed as a Tomboy, but she can still be jealous and obstinate at times. These instances happen less frequently though, and usually don’t involve nearly as much pain for the Tamer she is jealous over. When it does involve pain though, it’s in the form of high-voltage electric shocks. They tend to use these shocks during Taming as well, but to a much lesser degree, applying a very faint but quick electric shock to her partner’s sensitive areas for stimulation. It stings a little, but the surprise is quite arousing for those who enjoy that sort of thing.
As far as combat goes, Onis are proficient fighters. They retain the most of the attacks of their previous form, as well as the durability. They do take a hit in strength, but what they lose in sheer physical prowess is made up for by the fact that they gain a wide array of electric attacks.
The most impressive ability of an Oni though is her ability to use Electromagnetic Flight. Using this enhancement, she concentrates ambient electricity inside her body, letting her ride the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field to fly. Because the electricity she uses to do this is generated and kept within her, she doesn’t attract metal or otherwise let the field externally manifest. Despite this ability, an Oni has been conclusively proven not to be a Flying type. This is mostly due to the fact that no Oni has any types of Flying attacks or enhancements, but also due to the lack of good maneuverability. When an Oni is flying, at any speed, it takes her anywhere from three to five seconds to alter her speed and/or direction as she adjusts her internal electricity to move through the magnetic field of the earth in a different manner. While three to five seconds isn’t a lot, in a fight this lack of quick air movement can be costly, with only the Oni’s powerful electrical attacks counterbalancing this weakness to give them the advantage against Flying-types. In a serious match, an Oni will remain on the ground. An Oni can never carry another person with her in the air, nor any objects that are very heavy.
Feral Onis are relatively easy to capture. They tend to fly around, heedless of their surroundings and oblivious to all that goes on around them. By the time they notice that a Tamer is coming after them, it tends to be too late. Threshold girls directly become an Oni only rarely.
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ONYX, the Rock Giantess Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Rock
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: found in a variety of jobs where high strength is needed such as construction
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Bind, Throw, Pummel, Slam, Rock Throw, Harden
Enhancements: high density (x4); size increase (x2); armored skin
Evolution: None
Evolves From: Glass (normal)
Onyxes generally stand between 8' and 14'8" feet tall. Most look like very tall grey stone statues of women. Most have a set hair style that is literally set in stone. She cannot change it without a skilled sculptor, but she CAN regrow it back to its original form by consuming some rock. Her skin is generally light to medium gray, but it can change, based on what she eats.
Because of their density, some domesticates become quite irate when comments about their weight are made, even in the most gentle and subtle of fashions. However, only a very small number will ever remain so for more than a few months.
Some might assume her to be simply a larger version of the Marble, and they'd be partly right. Onyxes don't have the same level of regenerative abilities that Marbles do, but they do have the natural hard bodies and can repair fractures and broken digits (i.e. toes and fingers) easily. In fact, their skin density is much greater than that of the Marbles, but their skin still becomes sensitive when in water or when touched by plants, though some fighting type Pokégirls can trigger this sensitivity as well. Unfortunately, their skin is only pliable enough for penetration when they're bodies are wet, forcing most tamers with an Onyx to stay near bodies of water or have a water Pokégirl on hand.
Onyxes have a unique constitution. Most can absorb moisture throughout the day, but in arid areas, they must drink water regularly. Unlike most other Pokégirls, an Onyx literally cannot reach orgasm without having drinking at least 1 gallon of water prior (she doesn't need to drink it all at once, she has to have drink at LEAST that much prior to sex).
Because of their large size, they can aid in construction rather well, moving heavy materials up without requiring the use of a crane, which may otherwise slow production, or elevators, which require a lot of set up. This means that many buildings get off to a faster start and can be completed much faster. They can also be useful for firefighting alongside Cuntnaws and Feraligarters, as they too can enter burning buildings and move support beams.
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OPHANIM, the Calming Angel Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Magic/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore. Only 1/4 comparative intake required (prefers meat).
Role: Caretaker, mediator, counselor
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Magic, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Electric, Bug
Attacks: Dark Bomb, Energy Drain, Lure, Hazy Vision, Dark Shield, Blessed Soul, Ankoku, Dark Spear
Enhancements: Aura of Tranquility, Limited Wings and Armor metamorph, Night Vision, Blind Sight, Enhanced Reflexes (x8), Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Strength (x6), efficient immune and digestive system.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fallen Angel (normal; shown mercy after battle on field of honor)
When an Angel becomes a Fallen Angel, it is often a result of some sort of major event in that Pokégirl’s life that not even a level 5 conditioning cycle can take away from her mind. For the rest of the Fallen Angel's life, there were but two paths that could emerge from such a conflict- losing herself, or regaining herself. Many remain as they are and stay limited by their memories and experiences. Others are found by tamers who evolve them along some other path. Rare are those tamers who would be willing to assist the Pokégirl, to attempt to change her ways, her thinking, and who she is. For those that have attempted this, it can take years, and fewer still are those who decide to even continue the attempt. These few are mainly Watchers or Researchers who have the time, patience, skill, and desire to see the change through. Those that do can find themselves rewarded with the evolution of the Fallen Angel to the Ophanim.
Originally seen during the Revenge War, only one of this species had ever even been seen and during the centuries that followed, the picture faded to obscurity even as human civilization spiraled downwards. The picture led to stories, and the stories led to fables and myth, and by the mid 200s the Ophanim myth was used to show children in bedtime stories that not all bad things come to an evil end. For despite the ferocity of Sukebe's forces, despite his driving need to express his revenge, the Ophanim appeared shortly before Atmuff's death. She was reportedly the only Pokégirl that would assist injured forces on both sides of the conflict, going as far as to assist injured humans to their nearest outposts that were not overrun. Though she could do no more than the average human medic, there were many accounts of the time, of which more than a few survived the tests of time to reach the present day, where the wounded soldiers, orphaned children, and others gave such reports to the people that had been left in charge. A picture was taken of her one time when she flew in with a pair of children to a human outpost somewhere within the Edo League, and then disappeared. Although her death was never confirmed, it is highly speculated by Researchers that at some point the Pokégirl commanders learned of what she did and killed her sometime shortly after the war ended.
These Pokégirls have four feathered wings- one pair that is retained from her previous form as a Fallen Angel, while the other is more golden or golden-brown in color, of which both pairs may be dismissed just as Angels and Fallen Angels are capable of. Their appearance rarely changes much, save for the fact that they grow several inches, and it has been recorded in a few instances that their breasts actually get smaller as a result of the evolution (they may lose up to half a cup size as a result of evolution, although smaller or larger changes have been recorded. The reason for this is still unknown). The Ophanim do gain a natural armor that may be dismissed in the same manor as their wings- although the styles vary with each individual, the color of the armor are predominately green or black. One odd quirk of this breed is the fact that they often fight without the ability to see, wearing a helm with no openings for their eyes. When questioned, the Pokégirls state that they can see perfectly with or without the helmet being worn. Most Ophanim have a strange liking for the color pink, and will wear clothes in that color when possible. Pokégirls with pink hair are also fawned over. It is considered by some tamers that perhaps the league's Nurse Joys were originally drawn from the Ophanim myth, although some details might have been lost along with time.
Though the original Ophanim had never been witnessed in a battle, Ophanim that have been evolved as recently as of the mid-200s have shown no qualms with battling, though none have been known to ever kill, on purpose or by accident. Using their Shadow Shot technique and Hazy Vision from afar, they surround themselves with Cocoon of Darkness and Dark Shield while bolstering their abilities with the Blessed Soul technique. When her defenses are to her satisfaction, the Ophanim will then often utilize Energy Drain and Lure to weaken and bring their target within range of their Dark Spear technique. Although she is not more than mediocre in one-on-one combat, the Ophanim shows her usefulness better in Grand Melees and multiple Pokégirl matches, where her Aura of Tranquility can be used to keep her harem sisters calmed down during the battle, allowing a more tactical Pokégirl or tamer to control and coordinate them better. This makes her even more useful in a sexbattle arena- despite the Ophanim's limited prowess (and lack of inherently known sex-techniques), her aura can cause her opponents to not realize when they are nearing an orgasm until she reaches it, or nearing exhaustion until it's too late. However, the Ophanim do prefer to remain at peace, not wishing to cause combat but rather to end it quickly and without casualties on any side. Using her Revival Song (which varies in length and words with each individual), the Pokégirl can revive a nearby 'target' from unconsciousness.
Within a harem setting, Ophanim have been found to get along with just about every type of Pokégirl known in the world. Their aura of tranquility makes her a universal Beta in any harem- capable of dealing with harem dynamics, disputes, and conflicts just by being nearby. However, those with stronger emotions do require other techniques, which most Ophanim attempt to learn, master, and utilize upon an individual basis. The breed in general does have a slight problem when it comes to their own stronger emotions, often being confused by them and why she has them. In a taming, this often leads to various spikes of their personality coming to the fore- one time, she may become as timid as a Titmouse and just as sensitive. At others, she may seem like a Tigress or a Succubus in bed (relative terms only, of course), or as unresponsive as a Rock-type can be. More experienced Ophanim do eventually manage to understand those feelings enough to be able to act upon them without losing sight of who or what they are. Because of their inherent randomness during a taming, tamers are urged to utilize restraints for the strong Pokégirls of this breed.
Aura of Tranquility: This subtle aura allows the Pokégirl to calm down sentient lifeforms within a 15ft radius of her presence. Though this only works upon weaker emotions, it does assist with cutting down with fear, hate, lust, and confusion. This aura is not active while the Pokégirl is asleep or KO'd, however. This makes Confusion and Lust-inducing techniques 50% less likely to work upon those affected by the Aura, but the Ophanim herself does not recieve any such additional resistance against such techniques.
Dark Spear (ATK 150 + EFT): Like the Dark Blade 2 technique, but manifests a spear instead of a sword. This weapon remains physically manifested as long as the Ophanim is holding it- if she releases the weapon, it will immediately disintegrate and the technique must be used again. It can be used twice in a row, allowing the pokegirl to utilize a spear with both hands, though the strength of the weapons are cumulative rather than added (the ATK value remains the same, and does not stack when the Pokégirl uses two instead of just one).
Revival Song (EFT): By singing a song important to the Pokégirl, she may sacrifice some of her energy and restore around that amount to a knocked-out ally.
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ORCUNT, the Fast Defending Dolphin Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Dolphin[Orca])
Element: Water/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish and meat, plus seal Pokégirls when feral
Role: Aquatic heavy assault assistance, guarding ports, undersea farming
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass, Ice, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Fade, Water Spear, Takedown, Tail Slap, Take Down, Blizzard Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice beam, Whirlpool, Cold Snap, Frost Wave*, Crushing Blow, can learn song techniques
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7 on land, x15 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x2 on land, x6 in water), high intelligence, has resistance to cold surpassed only by the Baleena, ice affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobfin (normal)
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized. Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
However, after this time, the humans had learned a few new tricks as well. While they were not as strong as before, the remaining navies quickly began using tactics that separated the Baleena from her escorts, often sacrificing ships to draw off the escort forces long enough for enemy destroyers to get in and depth charge the Baleena’s to death. To counter this, Sukebe devised a Pokégirl whose main purpose was to escort Baleena’s. He built the Orcunts, using Orca DNA that was already included in the Baleena breed to hide their existence until it was too late for the navies to abort the attack.
The Orcunt and the Baleena orca versions are mostly identical, except for a handful of deviations between the two that are not apparent without actually engaging them in combat or extended observation. The first difference is that the Orcunts are usually smaller than their Baleena sisters, normally between the heights of six and seven and a half feet. Though some exceptional individuals have been measured as tall as eight and a half, further confusing observers as to whether they are viewing an Orcunt or a Baleena with orca markings. The Orcunts are a bit leaner than their sister breed, the Baleena’s, but still are well rounded to help deal with the extreme cold temperature’s that they must survive in the depths of the ocean. The Orcunts are also a good deal more aggressive than their Baleena sisters, and tend to want lash out at intruders to protect their pods when feral, even before they know if they the intruder is hostile.
The Orcunts differences from the Baleena were what made them so much more effective against enemy fleets than the mixed escorts that the pods had replied on before. While somewhat weaker than a Baleena, the Orcunts more than make up for that by being much faster than the Baleenas they escorted as well as having a wide range of attacks that could deal with the fleets without risking the more vulnerable Baleenas. The Orcunts would hide amidst the Baleenas inside the pod, letting the mixed escorts be ‘led off,’ before moving forward to destroy the second wave of ships that would try to engage the Baleena’s before the escorts could return.
In combat, the Orcunts prefer fighting like the Baleena does, using her ranged attacks to harass the enemy before getting close enough to use her considerable strength to crush the enemy. When in the water though, the Orcunt’s battling attitude moves from vicious to playful unless fighting water types, in that they whittle away at their opponents, never getting close enough for the enemy to attack them back.
When feral, Orcunts are usually found in a pod with Baleena’s still performing the duty that their creator gave them, aggressively protecting their more benign sisters. The Orcunts within that a pod are led by the most powerful Orcunt, called a Matriarch, who sings to her charges, directing them with a skill that belies the fact she is feral. While the Orcunts can change the Matriarch by defeating her in a non-lethal battle, these changes are rare, and usually only happen when the Matriarch is near death and no longer able to stay up with her sisters in battle. At which point, she often still stays with the pod, but the strongest Orcunts battle each other for the position.
In terms of harem dynamics, the Orcunt is similar to a Baleena, in that she is loyal to a fault to her tamer and that she considers her harem sisters to be her new ‘pod.’ Thresholding into a Orcunt is extremely rare, and often occurs in the same places where Baleena thresholding is likely. Many who go through the change are distraught at first, both by the sudden jump in power, and the loss of her ‘pod’ when her family sells her. But most are quick to form a new ‘pod’ at the ranch, and few of those rare thresholds has ever requested a L5 conditioning cycle, find that their superior looks, attractive markings, and increased power more than make up for their lost humanity.
Frost Wave: (Attack + effect OR effect) The Orcunt channels frost energy into her mouth, and unleashes it in a beam toward the opponent. Out of the water the attack is comparable to an Ice beam, just stronger and less chance to freeze, but in the water is where it truly shines. If used while underwater, the Frost wave quickly freezes the water in a straight line from the Orcunt to a length of 50 to 100ft, creating a wall of ice that can be used to either section off the battlefield, or trap an onrushing opponent. It deals no direct damage this way, and shatters upon the first hard, solid hit into razor edged facets, but even the metals used in Pre-Sukebe Warships would be damaged after running headlong into the wall. The wall will quickly melt from the ambient water temperature after a minute, requiring expert aiming for maximum effect.
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PANTHRESS, the Dark Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Black panther)
Element: Dark/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style foods, extra meat (especially fresh and raw...)
Role: Menace to society, killer, punisher
Libido: Average (High 4 times a year)
Strong Vs: Normal, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Fury Swipes, Dark Goggles, Dark Blade, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Stone Palm, Saber Claw, Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Chi Blast, Resist, Dark Shield, Dark Mist, Dark Bomb, Super Claw
Enhancements: Enhanced Claws, nightvision, Enhanced Strength (x15[Berserker-type], x5[Fiend-type]), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Durability (x5[Berserker-type only]), Enhanced Intelligence (x5 [Fiend-type only])Enhanced Agility (x3[Berserker-type], x7[Fiend-type]), Quick Recovery, Stealth (can blend in with shadows)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (low discipline, mistreatment, little Taming, and lose 7 battles in a row)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure you have a strong fighting-type Pokégirl on hand to fight. Try to not let yourself become visible to the Panthress as they will try to ignore your Pokégirl to attack you directly.
In all things light there is darkness.
Like the Penance and the Chimera, the Panthress is a dark evolution. Only this walking tragedy is especially sad, as it could have been prevented quite easily.
There are a combination of elements which result in an evolution to a Panthress. One, obviously, is mistreatment, verbal and physical abuse. Normally, this would lead a Tigress to become a Penance. However another factor is a lack of discipline. Treating a Tigress with indifference save for when you want something, not having her train much at all, and other such lackadaisical things add to the deadly mixture. Another, even more inexcusable factor is lack of Taming. Tigresses require frequent Taming for them to function, and not Taming them often leaves them half-Feral, near savage at all. And finally, having the Tigress lose seven battles in a row. This engulfs them in rage and frustration, resulting in a dark evolution and certain death for the Tamer who abused her. They are menaces, yes, but they are also to be pitied.
The first Panthress was discovered completely by accident. A Tamer of the Sunshine League didn't take good care of his Tigress, letting her training slip, rarely taming her, and forcing her into fights against opponents who outclassed her greatly. When the Tigress lost her seventh battle, against a Griffon, she was engulfed in dark light, changing into a monster. She killed her Tamer for the pain and frustration she had suffered under him and murdered the Griffon and her Tamer out of sheer rage. The Panthress was caught and put down, but soon after others began appearing.
There are two known types of Panthress. The most common form is the ‘Berserker’ Panthress. Berserkers gain tremendous amounts of muscle, especially in the biceps and thighs, their breasts expanding into the F-Cup range. Their tails grow thicker, their fur and hair becoming midnight black, giving them the ability to blend in with the shadows. Their eyes become gold, and their faces, if not already close to it, become much more animal-like in appearance, looking almost exactly like the animal they were based on originally. Their claws increase in sharpness and thickness, their senses enhancing just slightly. Berserker-type Panthresses undergo a drop in intelligence, their minds becoming almost constantly angry, lost to the rage over the abuse and neglect they suffered. They are brutally savage in battle, but somewhat clumsy due to their large size. This can be used to the advantage of someone attempting to put the Panthress out of their misery. They cannot stand the prescence of most men for any length of time longer than in takes to get what they need out of them, and consider other Pokégirls helping men to be an act of betrayal.
The second type of Panthress is much more rare, but just as dangerous, this form known as the ‘Fiend’ type. Their faces, if animalistic, become more human, their hair and fur darkening to deep black. Their eyes become golden, their claws sharpening, and like Berserker-types gain the ability to blend in with the shadows. They retain the lithe, slender figure of their previous form, gaining only a slight increase in bust and height. However what they gain is an increase to their intelligence. They become smarter, and in turn crueler, gaining a strong desire to turn the fury at their abuse and neglect outward in various ways. They are just as angry as the Berserker-type, but they turn that anger outward in a different way, in the form of acts of vicious cruelty. Otherwise, they appear as calm as any other Pokégirl. They can stand the presence of men for strong lengths of time, but doing so makes them act out even more. They can accept Tamings from males, but will feel tremendously sullied afterwards for psychosomatic reasons and need to have a Taming with a female or a Pokégirl immediately afterwards to feel better and calm down. Fiend-types are infamous for their cruelty, and are considered by some to be more dangerous than Berserker-types.
It’s unclear so far what causes the variance that makes the two different types of Panthresses. Many theories have been presented, some reasonable, some not. So far, the most acceptable reasoning for the difference is that the type of abuse that created them differs from the Berserker to the Fiend, with Berserkers receiving primarily physical abuse, while Fiends received primarily mental abuse. No one is willing to test this, so studies are being performed on a case by case basis.
Panthresses are vicious, unrelenting fighters. They will not hesitate to kill anyone they find, and when they catch a male Tamer they will torture him to death, forcing them to arousal and violently raping them first. They are considered by some to be embodiments of Mao Shin Mao's frustration and rage. It is known what makes a Panthress, and you are advised NOT to do this under any circumstances! They WILL NOT STOP until they kill their abuser and anyone else in their way. If found in the wild, do not attempt to engage or capture unless absolutely necessary. Evacuate the area immediately and contact local security forces and as many OfficerJennies as you can find. This is not a joke. Failure to do so will result in loss of Pokégirls and Tamers license, as Panthresses are ranked to be an Alpha-class threat and a danger to anyone around them.
There has been some talk of Taming a Panthress for use in a Harem, possibly even rehabilitating them like Penances can be. Research has shown this to be impossible so far, as the ingrown hatred of men Panthresses have makes them unwilling to tolerate the concept of being in a harem. The closest anyone has come is in the Silver Islands League, where the experimental Lockdown procedure has produced at least one known Berserker-type Panthress that will not rape/eat/kill a man on sight. She still despises men, however, and the rage, while more controlled, is still there, making her very difficult to deal with. She wants nothing more than to be left along, and all those involved with the project are inclined to let her be. While SIL officials are considered bizarre by most due to their stance on certain issues, their research into finding ways of making dangerous Pokégirls less dangerous is encouraged. There have been only two known instances of a controlled Panthress besides this one. The first is a Berserker-type reportedly spotted in the Sunshine League that showed signs of possibly being a Battle Panthress. The bonding may also account for why she let the two men spotted with her actively be in her company for so long. The other is a Fiend-type Panthress known to be a member of a Limbec Pirate band in the Indigo League.
Thankfully, there are no instances of Thresholding into a Panthress occurring. Although some have brought up a rather interesting topic. If a Panthress were to occur through Thresholding, would they have the tremendous internal rage that regular Panthresses do? The theory was presented by Silver Islands researchers, and admittedly has given some people pause. This theory has also made law enforcement officials, especially those in-charge of tracking down and eliminating illegal Kit Mills, become more cautious when searching for the illegal facilities…
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PANTHRIDUCIA, the Rejuvenated Paladin Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Animorph)/In-humanoid Metamorph (Black Panther)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivorous (Can tolerate vegetables, but meat is mandatory)
Role: Paladin, Avenger, Grey Guard, Keeper of Order
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pounce, Fury Swipes, Saber Claw, Crushing Wrap, Gust Punch, Stone Palm, Megaton Punch, Night Shade, Dark Shield, (Panther form only) Extreme-speed
Human Form: Enhanced Claws, night-vision, Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Regeneration(x2), Stealth (can blend in with shadows), Prehensile Tail
Cat Form: Enhanced Claws, night-vision, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (X5) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Prehensile Tail
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Evolves from Tigress (Successful Dark Redemption & Emotional Healing)
The Panthriducia is an unusual Pokégirl. They're evolved from a tigress via emotional healing, however it only works on those De-evolved from the dreaded Panthress through the Dark Redemption technique.
The Panthriducia's appearance 'balances out' between the Berserker-type and Fiend-type Panthresses. They're usually in the 6' area as far as height goes. Their breasts are usually within the D-cup area with the occasional ones that are larger or smaller than that area. Black is the most commonly reported coloration for hair but, there are some known variants, including one with bright pink fur, and at least two who's fur is a solid metallic yellow, almost like gold. Their eyes are most often reported as yellow, violet, or blood red, with some other extremely unusual variants. The main physical feature of the Panthriducia is their tail. It's almost twice the length of their bodies and is surprisingly strong and whip-like. What's more, it's prehensile, meaning it works as a third arm for the Panthriducia, a little fact that has caused them to incorporate it into their varies selection of techniques. As far as attire goes, they end to prefer dark clothes that are easy to move in and accentuate their breasts.
However, when speed is the need of the moment, a Panthriducia can temporarily banish her clothing and gear to a pocket dimension and transform into a large Black Panther. In this form they're almost 8 feet long from nose to rump, with their tail still twice as long as their body. But what's most noticeable, is when the traces of celestial powers from the angel stone used to evolve them activates. Their eyes, mouth, and claws glow like white fire, the force of this glow is directly proportional to their rage. While they're in this form the Panthriducia is built for speed, capable of toppings speeds upwards of 110 MPH in a full 5 minute sprint. Their usual known speed ranges vary between 60 MPH at a steady loping, and a top speed of 120 MPH at a full burst sprint. Not nearly a Cheetit's speed, but more than enough to catch up to most targets. The purpose of this form is to chase down a target, often her eyes literally glowing with celestial fury. While she can use it for an escape, the main purpose is to catch an opponent that's too fast for her normal form. She loses the ability to do most of her attacks, but can easily catch most enemies in her jaws, claws, or tail.
In combat a Panthiducia's 'styles' vary from Panthriducia to Panthriducia. It's common for those that used to be Fiend-type Panthresses, referred to by the breed as 'FiendBorn', tend to prefer more intellectual methods of combat, such as magic, more psychological martial arts like Zui Quan or Ninjutsu, and still more take a preference towards Mind Games, making their enemy defeat themselves. Their preferred attacks are those like Night Shade, Dark Shields, and Pounce. Those that once were Berserker-type Panthresses, known as BerserkBorn, are known to take preference in more power focused combat, such as Wrestling or Savate, they also are more commonly noted to take up some form of weapon. They'll often use Stone Palm, Gust Punch, or Megaton Punch in battle.
A Panthriducia's usefulness in a Harem is known only to a few, though it will be expounded upon rather soon. The breed is hard to come across, with only a few known throughout history since the first of the breed had been seen. What the few who've kept them in harems state clearly that it's pleasurable...most of the time. A Panthriducia, while not impossible to keep in a Harem, is more than a handful and only those who are either gutsy or stubborn would be willingly keep one.
They're very paranoid at times and, at best, will likely try and keep a distance from the Harem and Tamer. When it comes to Tamers they don't trust, they'll often remain silent to avoid having to worry about a Taming cycle, or worse, as some form of punishment. They were punished enough to have become a Panthress, they prefer to avoid 'heaping it on' now that they've regained 'sanity'.
As far as their purpose in a Harem, they make excellent protectors. Their natural paranoia and tendency to go overkill on anything they do is what makes them so useful. At least one of the more recent Panthriducia's is known for her famous, or is it infamous, quote. "There's no such thing as Overkill, just just hit 'em hard and hit 'em harder." Because of this, leagues that allow ownership of Panthresses, what few there are, like to bring out Pokégirls to use Dark Redemption on her immediately, so that her Tamer may begin the long healing process. Luckily they're able to curb that rather odd tendency in sanctioned battles, though still going in for a win, they'll do their best not to kill a rival in battle, preferring to save such a fate for those who deserve it.
Panthriducia that have grown accustomed to life in a Harem are also known to be extremely open, if a bit emotional, with those they trust. It's said that if a Panthriducia's willing to speak openly about her feelings, then you've got a friend until death. Sadly, the breed has it's own downside beyond it's previous form. The breed has an almost instinctual desire for order. Not just any order, total order. This has caused them some problems, as they have a tendency to act like judge, jury, and executioner when dealing with criminals of all kinds, sometimes they may let a hostile Pokégirl go because they've yet to break any true crimes, they don't consider being of a specific breed as a crime, while viciously pulverizing human criminals for everything from killing an innocent to child molestation, shortly before hauling them to the 'proper authorities'. It should best be noted that the Panthriducia can, and will, tow in the line on such activities when told to by their Tamer, and in front of officials. Once again, this is to keep from getting in trouble and, thus, avoid death, or a fate worse than it. It should be noted that you can easily tell the difference between a black-furred Catgirl and a Panthriducia by their expression. Panthriducia almost NEVER smile. They only smile when their Tamer makes them happy, or when taking down a criminal who'd caused a Dark evolution, such as Panthress, Dronza, or a Penance. Those people she despises greatly, but knows that it's best to simply bring them to justice than to try and punish the villain themselves.
As far as Taming goes, Panthriducia are as varied as their combat styles. Anything goes with a Panthriducia in bed, and they'll almost always gladly experiment with new positions, techniques, and toys. No feral Panthriducia are known. As of 300 AS, it's believed to be impossible for a girl to threshold into a Panthriducia due to their rarity and the way they evolve. But, you never know, miracles have happened.
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PAPERDOLL (AKA ORIGAMI), The Paper Art Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Fire*
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: Spying, artists
Libido: Average, high with a Tamer that appreciates their art
Strong Vs: Water, Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Water, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Fold, Papercut, Paper Sword, Paper Shuriken, Paper Senbon, Buzzsaw, Wrap, Crushing Wrap, Ignite*, Fire Spin*, Flame Sword Mark II*, Various Normal/Fighting/Sword Techniques, Paper Moon *Only usable while on fire
Enhancements: Unmatched flexibility, Spying ability, flight
Weaknesses: Highly flammable, water weakens them
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titto (Leaf Stone)
Discovered in 230 AS by the Edo Gym Leader Kishimoto Nagato, when his Titto Konan accidentally touched a Leaf Stone. The resulting evolution was the Origami, or the Paperdoll as it is known outside the Edo League.
Paperdolls may lose many of the advantages they had as a Titto, but they gain something in return; their light weight and natural abilities grant them flight, numerous sword techniques, and flexibility that only a Rubbermaid or Stretchymaid could ever hope to match. They lose their gelatinous form and turn into a Very Near Human type. In fact, most Paperdolls could easily pass for an Ingenue before a Pokédex scan. However, one surefire way to tell is that a Paperdoll will usually have some kind of Origami craft decorating her somehow; this might be a paper flower in her hair, or something as simple as a bracelet. Also, the texture of their skin is very soft and velvety, like old parchment.
Paperdolls also have many paper versions of other techniques, such as Paper Sword, Shuriken, Senbon, and innumerable other techniques. In fact, one of the advantages of a Paperdoll is her massive arsenal of attacks.
In addition, they have the highly versatile Fold attack, which while not as powerful as Transform, allows her to use many attacks such as Wrap, Horn Drill, Peck, and others. Using Fold she can use almost any cutting or flying attack as long as it is purely physical (for example she could mimic Guillotine or Razor Wing, but not Ki Blast or Focus Punch; attacks that require great physical strength are beyond their abilities).
Two other attacks they have are Papercut and Paper Moon. Papercut is hardly what you would call a bruiser of an attack, but it uses a razor-thin edge of paper to cause a very shallow, but extremely painful, cut to serve as a distraction in battle.
Paper Moon, on the other hand, is the most powerful attack in a Paperdoll's arsenal. Using Ki to harden her body, the Paperdoll can fold herself into a large sickle shaped blade that is capable of cutting through even a Steel Pokégirl’s hard shell. But this technique does indeed have a drawback; it takes so much energy out of the Paperdoll that she cannot use any technique but Papercut until she has rested properly.
Despite the fact that a Paperdoll is even weaker against Fire-Types than other Plant-types, it is highly inadvisable to use one against her as once ignited, she gains the fire element, all her attacks becoming Fire-Elemental in nature, and she can use Fire Sword II as well as Fire Spin.
Paperdolls are generally very levelheaded and artistic Pokégirls, but when they find a Tamer who truly appreciates their art, they become very affectionate indeed, and will frequently give their Tamers with their handcrafted works of art, which do not break down or weaken over time like normal paper. Paperdoll crafts can actually catch a pretty penny for those who enjoy possessing such things.
As far as Taming goes, they enjoy any position that takes advantage of their natural flexibility, and while a little drier than most Pokégirls ‘down there,’ it's not enough to really be a problem for her or her Tamer.
Curiously enough, Paperdolls do not get along with Ar-Tits at all, as an Ar-Tits will often try to paint or doodle on a Paperdoll, which Paperdolls believe 'ruins the purity of clean paper'. While their rivalry is not as bad as that between Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, it will still interfere with Harem functionality if left unchecked.
Unfortunately, many people ignore the Paperdoll in lieu of Titto's more hardy evolutions such as Marble or even Glass. As such, they are very rare and with a few exceptions are virtually nonexistent outside the Edo League.
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PARASYTE, the Symbiotic Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Dark (hesitant classification due to its attacks)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: strong emotions and the resultant pheromones created from said emotions, chocolate, also can eat whatever host eats
Role: Enhancing her host
Libido: Same as host, which always becomes High
Strong Vs: Psychic (near immune. Also gains strengths of host)
Weak Vs: Fire (severe normally, less so if bonded to a Fire type), sonic attacks (also shares weaknesses of host entity, be it human or Pokégirl)
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, *Acid Tongue, *Beast Rush, Fury Swipes, others same as host
Enhancements: Can double strength-level, agility-level, endurance and durability of host
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Parasytes are a more recent discovery. Initially, it was created illegally by scientists of a Team Rocket-style group which experimented on the corpse of an alien life form. The experiment, which took place on Rhine Island, resulted in the creation of a new Pokégirl type, the Parasyte. The experiment was broken up by members of the Shadow League, the scientists all being arrested. However, when they confronted the Parasyte, they became concerned and tried to kill it. The Parasyte possessed one of the male Tamers there and used his body to escape. He was eventually found again, but by that point he had been morphed into a female and completely bonded with the Parasyte. She voluntarily surrendered herself for study, but much later it was revealed she was covering for the offspring of the Parasyte that had initially bonded to her.
An unbonded Parasyte is an amorphous, black, liquid-like life form that shifts constantly. It has no real shape unless it bonds with a host, at which point it becomes a full-body, form-fitting suit that accentuates every curve of its host's body. It covers a host head to toe, although at the host's will, it can shapeshift into any type of clothing the user wants. It can take on any appearance the user wishes, looking even like a stylish superhero costume if the host wants, with parts of their body exposed to the air. It can also retract completely into the user’s body, as a Parasyte bonds with a host on a molecular level, and cannot be separated by force without causing severe harm to both the host and the Parasyte. If bonded with a male, it turns them into a female, in extremely rare occasions making them undergo threshold. If bonded with a Pokégirl, the Parasyte increases their abilities all around. The Parasyte is also a fully sentient being, and communicates with its host telepathically.
It's strange that this Pokégirl (and yes, it is a Pokégirl, believe it or not), is called a Parasyte, when actually it's more of a symbiotic life form. It enhances the overall abilities of a Pokégirl, grants them protection from psychic attacks due to the second mind enhancing the first, and in return it feeds off of the strong emotions and pheromones produced by it. (Interestingly enough, Parasytes seem to adore chocolate to the extreme, and will occasionally try to take control of their host to get some if they spot it. Rarely does this actually work, however, as they prefer to try and maintain some trust between themselves and their hosts.) Some could argue that the Parasytes are parasitic in that those who become bonded to a Parasyte become more prone to aggressive behavior, to rushing in without thinking. Some tamers site this as a benefit, however, as Parasyte-bonded Pokégirls also become more passionate and eager for Taming. This is especially prevalent if a Parasyte bonds to an ice-type, as they will seek the warmth of others to counteract the cold of their host. When a Pokégirl that is possessed by a Parasyte becomes Delta-bonded to a lover/Tamer, the Parasyte becomes Delta-bonded as well.
Parasytes share the weaknesses of their host, but their also have two special weaknesses. They have a pathological fear of flames, since it damages their liquid-like bodies severely. Some Parasytes even fly into a panic upon seeing flames and try to flee their host, always to no avail if they are completely bonded. This does not, however, mean that Parasytes cannot bond with Fire-type Pokégirls. They tend to avoid super hot girls like Magmammaries, or girls like CharAmandas, who have open flames on their body, but they can bond to fire-types, and thus lose their severe weakness to fire. Sonic attacks are also a severe weakness of Parasytes. Due to the nature of their bodies, a sonic attack can disrupt their physical structure severely.
Parasytes have some offensive capability of their own, but only when bonded to a host. They can morph their host's jaws into a large, saber-fanged mouth with a long, semi-extendable tongue that can secrete acidic drool. They can also morph the fingers of their host into long, dagger-like claws. These transformations are not permanent, and the host can shift their jaws and hands back and forth between their normal and monstrous forms at will using the Parasyte's abilities.
Parasytes don't reproduce normally. They spawn a new Parasyte by combining their DNA with that of their host and releasing a new Parasyte made from their own mass, which immediately sets out to find a host to bond with. Thresholding into a Parasyte is impossible, although they do enjoy sharing the feeling of a pregnancy with their host. A Parasyte is considered Feral only if it doesn't have a host. When it bonds with a Feral Pokégirl, it can help partially control their host's feral state by forming tentacles to pleasure the host with, simulating the effects that a human Tamer can provide. It won't completely solve the issue, but it will mostly clear the host's mind, allowing for more coherent, less-instinctual decisions.
Recently it has been discovered that there are some breeds of Pokégirl that a Parasyte flat out cannot possess. Legendaries have proven to be too powerful and too desiring of independence to be bonded with. If a host is already bonded to a Guyver, they cannot bond with her. (The same applies to a Guyver trying to bond with someone already bonded to a Parasyte.) And thankfully, Widows cannot be possessed by a Parasyte, as their bodies are too toxic and their minds too filled with rage and pain for a Parasyte to fully bond with them.
*Acid Tongue – (EFT+ ATK 50) The Parasyte host coats her extended tongue with an acidic saliva and spits it at the opponent. This also adds an acidic effect to any licking attacks, and has a 20% chance of poisoning the opponent.
*Beast Rush – (ATK 70) The Parasyte sends a portion of themselves out along the ground in a shadow-thin form. Once underneath the opponent, the Parasyte shoots up and attacks the opponent, turning into a massive tentacle with a fanged mouth and whipping about..
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PARDONER, the Ghostly Forgiveness Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Emotions (Love, comfort, Peace)
Role: Exorcist
Libido: Low (Average after exorcism)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic
Attacks: Phase, Nightshade, Go Down, Energy Drain, Drain, Invis (1-3), Ectoplasm, Lick, *Ectoplasmic Disruption
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Embody, Lifesight, Deathsight, Two minds, Seal Soul
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wraith (Feeding on "Higher" emotions to excess)
*Only learnable from an older Pardoner.
The Pardoner is an anomaly among the Wraith evolutions. They have complete control over themselves and may often seem prudish by comparison. By feeding on the emotions of faith and hope, the Wraith evolves into this Pokégirl and undergoes several changes. Firstly, her bust size only ever increases by half a cup size. Secondly, her form becomes even more feminine. She looks almost angelic in her 'innocent' look. The most noticeable trait she gains is that her fingers darken to an almost black, theories say that this if from their contact with their darker sides and the dark minds of other Wraiths.
This steel gray lantern is the symbol of their evolution to other wraiths, and they are more respected for their evolution for it. This lantern acts as a focus for most of their attacks and, when lit, will fill all within the light's range with a feeling of completion and comfort. This will often drive away any Polterkissed in the area, and has been known to make more vicious feral Pokégirls become uneasy and retreat. Sadly, this has no effect on Pokégirls such as the Widow or the Jokette, but it is still a potent effect.
A Pardoner is quite chaste when tamed and will never request Taming unless they are on the very verge of becoming Feral. After an exorcism however they become rather amorous. They will quietly request a taming and most Tamers have reported that the Pardoner acts cutely shy about it. They use their lanterns to make their lovers more comfortable in an attempt to be able to more fully control how the taming session goes. Their taming preferences lean towards the vanilla. Tradtional taming is preferred without need for excesses. They generally prefer a gentler taming session to even a strenuous session. They love the slow build-up. For this reason Whore-Oh tends to favor this Pokégirls, and in some of the rare sightings of the Legendary she has been seen accompanied with Pardoners.
Pardoners are very kind when not faced with evil; they are affectionate, sweet and very good with domestic skills like cooking and cleaning. It is rumored that a house cared for by a Pardoner is more able to avoid tragedy. In fact, it is said that a house cared for by a pardoner will be safe from harm for as long as the Pardoner can maintain her presence. Tamers with a Pardoner rarely fall upon hardship without finding a way out relatively quick, so Pardoners are often considered good luck to have around.
When faced with evil they get cold and distant, the temperature around them might drop a degree or five, their hands will glow white and the blackness on their fingers will spread to their hands. This blackness spreads a distance relative to the evil they are facing. The coloration recedes after about a week to only cover their fingers, during this week however, their hands are cold and feel like moveable stone. Hand-jobs during this time are not suggested (unless you're into that sort of thing…).
A Pardoner's color scheme is drastically different as well. When solid, they can be seen quite clearly not because of a gray color-scheme, but because their coloration is so much more potent. Reds are redder, blues are bluer, blacks are darker and her eyes are more vibrant than any normal girl's should be.
There has only been one instance of a direct threshold into a Pardoner, and the girl had a very strong Wraith presence in both her bloodline and around her as she was growing up.
Ectoplasmic Disruption – (ATK 160): A Ghost-element attack exclusive to the Pardoner, although it can be taught to other Ghost-types from an older, more experienced Pardoner. This attack is only effective against ghost type Pokégirls. It directly targets the ectoplasm making up the ghost's body. (Note: Sadly, this attack has no effect on girls such as the Widow.) The Pardoner hold their Lantern up to the target ghost and focuses a large amount of her own energy through the light inside, casting a bright celestial light that damages the composition of other ghost-types. Has a 1 in 10 chance of paralyzing the target.
Note: Pardoners NEVER teach this to Vampires, Succubae, or any other ghost-type they feel would use it for anything other than noble efforts. To use this attack, the ghost-type must have access to a Lantern used by a Pardoner. Hence why you will only ever see a Non-Pardoner using it once in a blue-bloody-fucking-moon. You have to convince a Pardoner to give you her Lantern and go make a new one.
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PARISMAID, the Yes-Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (shortened tendons in calves, transparent second eyelid, subdermal markings)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: normal human foods
Role: cleaning, maintenance
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Leap Kick, Capture, Sexual Domination
Enhancements: transparent second eyelid, subdermal markings are actually heat/pressure sensors, enhanced immune system, highly enhanced digestive system, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maid Yvette (normal)
The Maid Yvette series is one of three Pokégirl types developed by the League after Sukebe's War. Originally the Nurse Joy series was to maintain clinics for both Pokégirls and humans, the Officer Jennies were to maintain the peace, and the Maid Yvette series was to perform the menial tasks of domestic maintenance following the loss of much of the unskilled workforce. When the first Maid Yvette reached a "confidence threshold" and evolved to Parismaid, the Maid series was then given a tentative "not complete failure" status.
Parismaid stand 5'2" and are nearly completely human in appearance. They possess hair of a dark brown to reddish brown hue, are of slim build, and always wear high heels. This last is due to shortened tendons in their legs which force them to walk "tippy-toe" continually.
Parismaid’s most powerful and strange attack form is that of Capture - using whatever is in their environment to pin and bind a Pokégirl in order to use their Sexual Domination attack on the helpless captive. Despite their ability to dominate sometimes more powerful Pokégirls, the Parismaid lacks the domineering personality found in Domina breeds. To her Master she tends to be sexually aggressive but otherwise quite submissive.
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PEEKABU, the Electric-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Mouse Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Storm troopers (literally), electric generators
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Agility, Spark, Thunder
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (x5), Enhanced senses (Eyesight, Hearing, Smell) x2
Evolves: Ria (Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: Pia (normal)
When polled about the most familiar electric Pokégirl, most passers by will come up with the Peekabu. Indeed, next to the Electrocat and Joltina, Peekabu are among the most common electric types around. Peekabu are usually considered similar to Titmice in terms of looks, since all feralborn Peekabu have a light rodent muzzle and a coating of yellow fur broken up by two tan or brown stripes across their back. The base of their tail also holds the same tan or brown color, and their high pointed ears bear black tips. Their feet are plantigrade and usually have thick pads that cover the toes, heel, and ridge of the foot. Their cheeks hold bright red patches of fur, noting where their electric sacs can be found. Electric bands can also be found under the skin beneath the portions of the brown colored fur as well, allowing the Peekabu to both generate and store electric charges at the same time. A majority of domestics have this animorph appearance as well, though some lean toward a more human appearance which is a trait commonly found in thresholders. These Peekabu look human with the exception of the large lightning bolt shaped tail and high pointed ears coming off of the top of their heads. Many Peekabu, regardless of being feral born, domestic or threshold, tend to be on the short side, rarely topping over 5.5 feet, the record being an even 6'.
Unlike Titmice, Peekabu are more omnivorous, hunting for fish near lakes and streams to supplement their foraging habits. These electric mice also have higher pleasure thresholds than Titmice, usually making them fair combatants in a sex battle match. Though it is in the Pokébattle arena where they truly shine. Peekabu can generate a large amount of electricity in a fairly short period of time and can also store this electricity in it's electrical sacs as a form of chemical energy that can be quickly discharged. Research has proven that many Peekabu have a greater energy potential than most other electric pokegirls, though most Peekabu do not achieve this potential, it makes them a sought after Pokégirl for electric enthusiasts as well as battling tamers who want a pure electric type in their Harem.
Taming a Peekabu from feraldom can be quite a dangerous undertaking without the proper precautions, as a Peekabu can generate enough electricity to stop a human's heart. Therefore it is advised that any tamer take proper precautions when attempting to tame a feral Peekabu. Grounding lines, rubber suits and gloves and rubberized restraints are always needed. After the Peekabu has been tamed and bonded to the Tamer, there is no longer a danger from taming her as even a complete loss of control during an orgasm only causes discharges similar to a Jolt attack. Once tame, Peekabu tend to be very loyal, even more so if raised from their pre-evolved form Pia. The breed overall is quite clever, able to pick up on patterns even while feral, and able to speak quickly after having a speech T2 used on them.
Many Peekabu take the battlefield with their speed, using hit and run tactics and zapping opponents from a distance relying on their speed to keep them out of harms way. As Peekabu are purely electric types, however, it is wise to refrain from sending them up against ground or rock types, as they have little hope of defeating one without any outside help from TMs or T2s.
The role of the Peekabu in Sukebe's army was part of a Storm Generation force. Any army that could resist his other Pokégirls would have a hard time stopping a force of nature that was generated by this task force. Magic, psychic or water Pokégirls would create a cloud cover while flying Pokégirls, carrying Peekabus and other electric users, would create gale-like winds as the electric Pokégirls rained lightning down on the enemy forces, who would refrain from retaliating, believing the storm to be natural. Indeed, the Storm Generation force hadn't lost a single member, even up to the point where they were eventually dissolved. In today’s society, many Peekabus are used as supplementary power sources to Hospitals or employed enmasse at power plants to generate the needed electricity. There are many debates between liberal and more conservative Tamers on which power is better, Peekapower or Poképower.
It's uncommon for a threshold to result in a Peekabu, though many girls are relieved to find that their looks stay somewhat the same with a switch in their hair color to blond and the addition of ears and a tail. Thresholders generally have the same problem as Pia's in learning to regulate their voltage, and in the first few weeks after threshold, many Peekabu find themselves accidentally jolting themselves and others.
Feral Peekabu tend to say in colonies, hunting and foraging during the early morning and late evening hours and congregating for sleep and interaction during the midday and midnight hours. Feral Peekabu get especially excited during thunderstorms, and tend to get drawn to the highest points in trees as they absorb ambient electricity. It's said that the safest place to be during an electrical storm if you're caught in the woods is under a tree where Peekabu are in the top most branches. Unfortunately, this is an old Mousewive's tale, as the ambient electricity makes most Peekabu horny, and any one foolish enough to take shelter from a storm under their tree would find themselves with a pack of randy Peekabu who want to get tamed... without protection.
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PEGASLUT, (aka PEGASUS) the Mythical Horse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Magic/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: near human diet, preferably vegetables
Role: used as scouts and excellent Alphas
Libido: Average to High (when with Tamer)
Strong Vs: Normal, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Whirlwind, Mach Breaker, Agility, Stomp, Takedown, Charm, Gust, Aero Blast
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Stamina (x5), Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Metamorphing, Flight, Elemental Affinity: Wind, Danger Sense, minor psychic talents
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Unicorn (Bird E-Medal)
Pegasluts are one of the more recently discovered type of Pokégirls. They can be identified with the single horn growing out of her forehead and for her feathered wings sticking out of her back which is visible in both forms but they can make it disappear at will. They retain their appearance evolving from the Unicorn, their breast size is now a very healthy D cup, and the dramatic change would be their looks, before you would consider them cute or beautiful, now they can be considered as stunningly gorgeous.
They are one of the fastest flying Pokégirls around. In flight, they can easily reach speeds of 50-60 mph in just a matter of seconds and unlike other fast Pokégirls can maintain this speed for even 15-20 minutes at a time. The fastest recorded flight was 152 mph and was maintained for 30 minutes. They usually take on their human form when entering cities and towns so not attract to much attention to their tamers and themselves, and also when in need of taming. When taking human form all their abilities are halved until they return to their horse form. They lose the ability to repel Pokéballs after evolving from Unicorn to Pegaslut.
Feral Pegasluts can usually be found near mountainous regions where they make their home safe from wandering tamers and away from dangerous Pokégirls. But from time to time they would sometimes go down from her mountainous retreat to mingle with Pokégirls living beneath or when in need of Taming. Though Feral a Pegaslut can be considered as quite intelligent, though they are wary of humans and careful around them especially wandering tamers, fearing they might be captured. Trying to capture a Pegaslut is a hard feat but quite worth it. Gaining their trust and later their respect, you can gain a Pokégirl who's very willing to join you and your Harem. Evil Tamers can't hope to gain their trust.
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PENANCE, the "Handle-With-Care" Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare (Not rare enough in some people's opinion)
Diet: Human-style, only eats with permission in a Harem
Role: Victim needing rehabilitation
Libido: None, raises if placed with kind Tamer
Strong Vs: Psychic, Flying, Normal, Dragon, Ice, Water, Magic, Steel
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire
Attacks: Cry, Scratch, Tackle, Pummel, Claw Slash, Claw Carve, Harden, Midnight, StrengthDrain, Wrestle
Enhancements: Super dense body, obeys without question, fingers, hair, and toes condensed into blades, completely invisible in the dark
Limitations: terrified of everything, cries at random intervals for no visible reason, totally incapable of speaking, skittish and hostile towards anyone they don't know
Evolves: Anima (further abuse)
Evolves From: Pokégirls that have undergone long term mental, physical and spiritual abuse
Abused Pokégirls that are killed or commit suicide are the lucky ones. Those who don't, who stay with their abusive Tamers, accepting berating after berating, beating after beating, taking so much abuse that their very soul starts to wither away, become what is called a Penance. Their body changes, losing any animal, plant, or insectile features, becoming fully human again. Then their body starts to become denser and denser, a 'thick-skin' to protect against physical abuse, their skin and hair turning blood red and their eyes glowing blue. Their fingers and toes atrophy, morphing into bladelike claws, their hair becoming razor-edged strands. Any clothing they wear goes through a transformation as well, becoming form-fitting straps of leather. Their body hardens tremendously, a sign of their withdrawal from reality, and their personality degenerates into a frightened, skittish wreck. They will always run away from their original Tamer and hide in the wild. Any other Pokégirls that witness an evolution to a Penance becomes extremely angry and attacks the one responsible for creating the Penance, usually leading to severe injuries to the one they are attacking.
Finding a Penance is tricky enough, as they run from all contact. It's also uncertain how many Penance may exist, as they're often so skittish that one could very well be sighted in multiple towns, fleeing from city to city. A greater challenge comes from trying to catch one. They have incredible defense with their super dense skin, and fight fiercely to get away. Once captured, the REAL challenge begins, trying to get a Penance to trust their Tamer. They won't run away once re-caught, but they will be very fearful, constantly shivering and crying until a Tamer can convinces the Penance that they can be trusted.
Because they have been so abused, they have to be treated with kindness, gentleness, and above all PATIENCE. They will obey without question, but Taming is impossible due to the dangers of the Penance's super dense body. Eventually, with consistent kind, loving treatment, a Penance's body will start to 'soften,' becoming more light to the touch. The Penance's appearance will not change, save for the hair, toes, and fingers de-atrophying and looking normal again, although the skin/hair color and glowing eyes will remain as before. The Penance, if well-treated enough, will regain part of the personality they had before they became a Penance. (Although they remain totally mute, and cannot change into another form, as Penance is a dead-end evolution.) Tamers who have managed to get their Penance acting like their old self again and not like a skittish, terrified young girl are regarded as saintly.
Once a Penance has been healed from the abuse they had suffered, they become excellent fighters for their Harem. They can manifest their ultra dense skin and bladed digits and hair at will, and shed them once the fight is over, fighting in a more coordinated fashion than before they had been 'softened' by their master's kind treatment.
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PENGAL, the Ice-Sliding Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (penguin)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare (Arctic regions), Extremely Rare (Northern Ice continent)
Diet: Fish and fruits
Role: Fishing
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Icebeam, Ice Wall, Mist, Ice Kick, Little Cloud II, Snow Storm, Ice Floor
Enhancements: Body can survive cold temperatures easily, body incredibly slick and hard to grab
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A regal-looking, birdlike Pokégirl with black and white plumage that makes them look somewhat like they are wearing a tuxedo. Chubby, with webbed feet and flipper-like hands, they are very cute in appearance. They prefer cold climates, but can survive anywhere.
Pengals are clumsy on land, as they walk with a pronounced waddle, preferring to slide on their smooth, chubby bellies along the ice in a tobogganing-like manner to move quickly along the ice flows and snowy peaks. Feral herds keep to themselves, staying on shelves of ice to raise their young, teaching them how to take advantage of their instincts to fish for themselves.
Tamed Pengals are decent ice fighters both for attacking and support, coating the field in ice to allow them to go into their belly-sliding Tackle attacks, sometimes going past the opponent to strafe them with Icebeam. They also gain a liking for top hats and umbrellas, which no one has been able to explain yet as anything other than an amusing personality quirk of the breed. They have no preference for positions in terms of Taming, although once they are chosen by a Tamer, they mate for LIFE. During trades, they won't fight it like a Leopardess would, they simply release themselves from their Pokéballs and head back to their masters, berating them briefly for trading them and returning the traded Pokégirl back to the original owner. Repeating the trade will end with the same result, the Pengal constantly making their way back to their original Tamer until they agree not to trade them. The Pengal, satisfied that a lesson has been taught, will resume her duties in the Harem and say no more about it for the rest of her life.
Because of this part of their nature, Pengals get along very well with Leopardesses. Pengals also make excellent, dutiful mothers. No Threshold Pengals have been reported as of yet.
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PERSONA, the Emergant Pokégirl
Type: Varies
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Life Energy, blood
Role: Bodyguards
Libido: Very Low, spikes to Very High on a Full Moon.
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Celestial-attacks.
Attacks: Energy Drain, Phantom Blade, Phase, others vary pending on other delta-bonded Pokégirls in the harem.
Enhancements: Pokéball immunity.
Disabilities: Any attacks requiring physical form deliver only 70% of their normal attack potential.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
"From the sea of thy Bonds, I emerge." is the phrase that is known to be said by any Persona that appears. Why exactly this is said as they take corporeal form, researchers are unsure of, but tests show that these Pokégirls do show signs of a very unusual phenomena. No Persona looks the same, and their looks and abilities tend to change as the harem shifts and changes. First discovered in 276 AS, Persona have since been found in various harems but have no need of a pokeball, and this often terrifies the opponents of those who do happen to 'own' a Persona. Research since the first was discovered has shown that Persona takes on an appearance that pulls together the most significant physical features of the Pokégirls that the Tamer has a Delta-level bond with. As more Pokégirls join the harem and are delta-bonded with the tamer, the Persona's appearance changes as well, and as Pokégirls are 'removed' from the harem and the Delta-bond is 'cut', the Persona's appearance changes at those times too. This happens to be the case with the attacks that the Persona has access to. However, any attacks that require a physical form or appendage do 30% less damage than they are normally capable of. Leagues across the world accept the Persona as a Pokégirl- however, it varies from gym to gym in each league as to whether or not a Tamer may use a Persona in a Gym battle.
The only real evidence as to how this Pokégirl comes into existence is during the full moon, and if the Tamer has three or more Pokégirls in his/her harem that he or she is Delta-bonded with. The first tamer to have discovered this Pokégirl was Mitsuru Kirijo. While fighting off Vampires that were attempting to feed on her family, who were all still asleep due to a slumber-spell, her Persona appeared while uttering the words, "From the sea of thy Bonds, I emerge." The Pokégirl that appeared took her place alongside the Slicer, Valkyrie, and Acrobabe that Mitsuru had in her harem, and successfully drove off the Vampires that had attacked them. Ever since then, her family's group, the Kirijo Group, has been specializing in Persona Research. Mitsuru also reported that every night on a full moon, her Persona would take a physical form and required amazing amounts of taming. Since then, it has been reported that a Persona will only reveal itself if her tamer is in absolute danger.
Persona often have attacks that the other Pokégirls in the tamer's harem have, but also have a few more on top of those since she is a Ghost-type. While another Ghost-type may be Delta-bonded with the same tamer, it has been found that Persona never take on any physical features or learn the attacks that the other Ghost type has. Persona are always in their corporeal form, save on nights of the full moon: for twelve hours, a Persona gains a physical form. Persona may also gain a real form after absorbing enough life energy, though this rarely lasts more than an hour. Only the strongest persona can coalesce into a true physical form for any real length of time (for every three levels of experience that the Persona has, she can form a physical body for one hour a day. So, at level 72, a Persona can retain her physical form for an entire day, every day). Drinking or absorbing blood from the Persona's tamer also assists with the formation of a physical body, but does little to extend the amount of time that she can retain the body. Potions do work on Persona, as they are some sort of liquid, but any medicines that are in a physical form (like a pill) don't work. Upon fainting, the Persona returns to the "Sea of Bonds" that she speaks of, and will regain consciousness within three hours (on average).
Persona cannot, as a result of being Pokéball immune, be traded, sold, or given away. There are also no possible threshold cases, as a Persona exists only through the formation of Delta Bonds between her tamer and three other Pokégirls. A Persona automatically obtains a delta-level bond with her tamer, as well as a form of telepathic communication with him/her, despite not being a psychic type. Persona do become feral, however, if the Tamer she is with ever has less than three Pokégirls that are delta-bonded with him/her. While Feral, Persona cannot and will never form a true body, and if a taming session is missed then the Persona will return to what she called the "Sea of the Bonds." When a third Pokégirl has been Delta-bonded with, the Persona will return, but will actually act as if she went through a level 5 conditioning cycle, with only vague memories of anything that had happened when she had appeared before. There have been no known cases of the Persona ever fully recovering her memory after such an occurrence.
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PHAENINE, the OTHER catbird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying/Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Flying Scout
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Bug, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Feather Blizzard, Double Needle, Typhoon, Gust, Squall, Hip Drop, Love 'N' Affection, Yell, Quickturn
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x5) high evasion rate in open areas
Disadvantages: Low Vitality, low Strength
Evolves: Griffon (Ceremony evolution, 70%; see below), Airmaiden (Ceremony evolution, 30%; see below)
Evolves From: Mynx (Angel Stone), Kitten (Dream Stone)
Phaenines are called the "OTHER catbird", because they appeared after Griffons, and were not as dangerous. Phaenines were largely scouts, since they lacked the strength and ferocity of their more dangerous counterparts. However, recent studies have shown that an evolution ceremony can evolve a Phaenine into a Gryphon, which has led to an increased interest in this breed.
The difference was apparent from the get-go. Phaenines rarely top 5'5", don't have a battle form, and their feathers have the same pigment as their natural hair color, which is a lot of colors, but never white. Phaenines usually have B-to-C-cup breasts, and always have four-toed birdlike feet (three forward and one behind). Despite having so few common traits with the Griffons, the Phaenines' similarities did cause the few Griffons that also had birdlike feet to be misidentified, leading to some almost catastrophic breaches of human defenses in the Sukebe War, but these ended once humans took note of the key differences.
Phaenines are often overlooked, not because they aren't sexy, but because they lack the sheer power of the Griffon. Those who mock the breed call them "Mock-Griffons" or simply the "OTHER catbird Pokégirl". However, about twenty years ago there was a sudden increase in Phaenine Pokégirls in the wild, which leads researchers to speculate as to how the Phaenine population has exploded so much that they have gone from Rare to Very Uncommon in such a short amount of time. After several years of experimentation, in 299 AS it had been confirmed that Kitten Pokégirls that touch a Dream Stone evolves into a Phaenine. The Phaenine is becoming somewhat more popular as a pet as a result, and may very well be the reason as to why they are becoming more common these days.
Less likely to destroy walls, furniture, and the like due to their lower than average strength for a Pokégirl, and yet they have the advantage of greater speed, agility, and flight. Despite their lack of power, they do possess a lot of advantages. Their keen eyesight allows them greater accuracy than most other Pokégirls, their cat-like agility allows them to use Quickturn to avoid colliding with obstacles or the ground, and their agility combined with their eyesight and their ability to fly, allows them to evade attacks more easily in open areas.
However, there are some disadvantages to the Phaenine as well. Unlike natural flying Pokégirls, she must build up her endurance, as a result of the lung-problems that she once had as a Mynx until she does, her flight times are short and her mobility is quite limited. And because Phaenines were designed as scouts or trackers, they are not as strong as most cat-types tend to be when evolved. However, most Phaenine are laid back, much like Catgirls can be, and prefer to relax and take things in stride when not out hunting. They love to play with children, so long as none pull on her tail (which is rather sensitive) or wings (which can be even more sensitive). Phaenine are sometimes used as Mascots at schools, where they are also used to demonstrate taming theory, as well as the proper way to be a tamer.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Dream Stone, Sky Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: Open air and taming at any time of the day.
Ceremony Itself: The ceremony must begin at the beginning of any hour during the day, and must be finished between 15 and 30 minutes after beginning the ceremony. The Dream Stone and Sky Crystal must be touching the Phaenine while she and her tamer are having a midair taming session. The Phaenine must possess a need and want to evolve into something more when she orgasms within the 15-to-30-minute time limit. What the Phaenine evolves into is a result of possibility: There is a 70% chance of evolving into a Griffon, while at the same time there is a 30% possibility of evolving into an Airmaiden. Either way, no tamer has ever reported themselves as being disappointed in either result. Of course, considering the time limit, there have been unsuccessful ceremonies- when this happens, both evolution items are absorbed into the Phaenine, but do not induce evolution. It does, however, firmly place the Phaenine's libido in the High-range. According to league data, the ceremony is successful only about 60% of the time due to most tamers infamiliarity with aerial tamings, although some tamers complain that their Phaenines didn't want to evolve into anything more than they already are. Most researchers agree that failure in this type of evolution is much more likely to be the fault of the tamer than the Pokégirl.
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PHAWHORE, the Queen Mummy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground/Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: She needs heavy amounts of liquid, but can eat a human-style diet.
Role: Vault Guardians. Spiritual Mediums. Other Roles Classified
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fighting, Magic
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Water, Ice, Plant, Dragon, Fire (Special weakness)
Attacks: Tackle, Pummel, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Sand Attack, Dig, Drill Strike, Resonate, Gut Punch, Snake Bandage,* Coffin Fall, Cobra Bandage,* Bronze Fist, Silver Fist, Haunt, Spellwork
Can only be learned after Lvl 40: Royal Curse, Gold Fist
Enhancements: Ground affinity, Ghost affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Can use certain T2 techniques naturally, Magical ability, Increased trap-making ability, Loses fear of being alone
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bandame (High level + Battle stress)
Phawhores are the next level of the already elegant Bandame. They grow a foot taller, their bandages become adorned with ornate armor around the chest, wrists, shoulders, and calves. Their bust size, already impressive, increases. The markings around their eyes change, becoming mystical runic hieroglyphics on their face. They also gain the ability to manifest a helmet-like mask around their face, one that attaches to their chest and shoulder armor.
Phawhores were first discovered by the son of the man who first discovered them, Sir Arthur Croft. Returning to the pyramids where his father first discovered the Bandame, he went deeper into the tomb, using a Bandame that had become his Alpha Pokégirl, and came into the center chamber, which was guarded by a single Pokégirl in armor. Like a normal Bandame that had gone without liquids, she was shriveled up, but as before a water-type was able to restore her beauty. However UNLIKE the Bandame, she was not as friendly and refused to let Sir Croft leave unless she had been defeated utterly, which included forcing himself onto her for a Taming.
Phawhores gain a lot of abilities upon evolving. They can contact spiritual plains of existence and talk to the spirits there. Their fighting ability improves slightly, and they gain the ability to use magic, mostly spells involving earth and wind. Their trap-building/detecting abilities increase greatly, to the point where they can make a place they are guarding almost impenetrable. They also lose their autophobia. They can tolerate being alone and in some cases prefer it. They will associate with others, but only if they have to. They do not make good Alpha Pokégirls despite what their name, similar to the old term Pharaoh, would suggest. As before, Phawhores make excellent vault guardians, having similar standards as Bandames in terms of the ‘treasure’ they guard. Their dietary needs remain the same, as does their need for large amounts of liquids to keep themselves from drying out and shriveling up. It becomes even more important that they stay moist, as their abilities weaken the dryer they are. They retain the Bandame’s weakness to Fire.
Phawhores have… unusual taming habits. They are not often found in Harems, as they will only let themselves be Tamed if the Tamer forces themselves on her. Quite literally, Phawhores have to be raped to be tamed. While this is true of Pharwhores found guarding tombs and other sites, it is not completely the same for Pharwhores who have evolved in a harem. Studies have shown that the rape rule for evolved Phawhores depended on their position in the harem prior to evolution from Bandame. Ones who had not held any position of power did not have a desire to be raped, though more restraints than necessairy were preferred. Those that had been the Beta of the harem had a one in two chance of either wanting rape or just more restraints, while in the few cases where they had been Alpha, they acted exactly like their counterparts found in the tombs. Still, there Feral state is for the most part unknown, as strangely enough, despite their personality requirements, they still get the Taming they need. What we do know of Phawhores’ Feral state is that it is very light. What is confirmed is that if a Tamer can regularly meet these requirements, they will earn the Phawhore’s respect and affection.
[Classified Top Secret!] After this was discovered, a discreet effort was made to pass laws that allow the violent rape of Pokégirls and even Pokéwomen and Pokékits. The laws were dropped and forgotten after several supporters of the bill showed up dead, slain in horribly violent ways. A few weeks later, a message written in the blood of the victims was delivered to the surviving supporters of the law. The message was delivered by Jenova. The message read as follows:
“One Pokégirl’s tastes do not a standard make. Never try this again or you will regret it.”
“Signed: Sexmet, Zapdass, Macavity, Articunt, Indigo TWAU Coven” [End Classified Data]
No cases of Thresholding to a Phawhore have been confirmed.
*Snake Bandage – (ATK 30) The Phawhore flings out the bandages on her arms, sending them coiling at the opponent to wrap them up. The bandages are surprisingly strong, and can hold all but the strongest of opponents. If need be, the Phawhore can also use this attack with the bandages on her legs.
*Cobra Bandage – (ATK 70 + EFT) The Phawhore flings out the bandages on her arms, only this time they coil around themselves and form a massive, hissing cobra, which lashes out and bites the opponent before returning to the Phawhore’s arm. Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent.
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PHOENIX, the Resurrection Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Animorph (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: pokechow, fruits, nuts, "well-cooked" meat
Role: Air-to-Ground fighter, Airborne combatant, fire-related tasks
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Water
Libido: High to Extreme
Attacks: Ember, Flamethrower, Ignite, Firespin, Fireblast
Enhancements: Fire resistant, Enhanced Vision (x6)
Evolves: Fireburst (battle stress)
Evolves From: Rack (Fire Stone)
Historians consider Sukebe's development of the Phoenix (as well the Rack's other two "first level" evolutions) to be one of the most effective uses of psychological warfare during the entire War of Revenge. By developing a breed of Pokégirls that seemed - due to both their physical appearance, and their abilities - to be weaker versions of one of his fearsome Legendary Pokégirls (in this case, Moltits), Sukebe most likely hurt his enemies more than any single Phoenix did during the entire war. The thought that Sukebe possibly had hundreds of Pokégirls that could eventually become Legendaries damaged morale in ways that simply could not be calculated. With the Phoenix, however, there was an additional element to the psychological warfare attack. Recovered records indicate that Sukebe deliberately chose to name this breed of Pokégirl after a legendary animal that was said to have the ability to recover from even mortal wounds. The same records indicated that at least some of the rumors regarding how a Phoenix could heal herself by "bathing" in flames were spread by Very Near Pokégirls acting on Sukebe's orders.
During Sukebe's War of Revenge, the Phoenix were normally used against ground-based targets, even though their superior speed meant that they generally were more capable in aerial combat than a Rack would be. While they were not specifically designed to go after hardened targets, the armies who fought Sukebe quickly - and painfully - learnt that a Phoenix's flames allowed her to strike at targets that were "harder" than the common infantry soldier.
A Phoenix wasn't used to support ground-based Pokégirls as often as a Rack, due to the fiery nature of her abilities. Those same abilities, however, meant most found that being attacked by a Phoenix was more terrifying than an attack by a Rack would be. A Phoenix was, generally speaking, more than willing to "burn out" her targets during the war. This willingness to "burn the forest, to kill the convoy" helps to explain why the it wasn't until approx. 53 AS that the Phoenix (and the Firebust) overcame the negative reputation they developed during the War of Revenge. (And, even today, many officials are less than pleased to learn that a feral Phoenix has been sighted in the local area.)
Upon evolving from a Rack to a Phoenix, several physical changes occur. One of the more obvious ones is the increase in height. The average height of a Phoenix is five feet, and there are no recorded cases of a Phoenix that was more than three inches shorter or taller. The Pokégirl's breasts also fill out, giving the Phoenix (if only just barely) C cup breasts. While most of a Phoenix's feathers are still brown, they now seem to have red highlights. The feathers running down a Phoenix's spine are the obvious exception, as they are now various shades of red and orange. This alteration is even more eye-catching as - even with the Phoenix is standing still - they give the impression of actually being on fire! The change to a Phoenix's hair is rather obvious, since it becomes bright red, and rather curly. The color of their eyes becomes orange, while the bright red color of their nipples matches their hair. A Phoenix still doesn't like wearing clothes, unless necessary, and a non-feral Phoenix will still love to use dyes in their feathers. However, unlike a Rack, a Phoenix tends to favor shades of red and orange. Perhaps due to their additional height, a Phoenix is less likely to wear high heels (or at least chooses ones with lower heels) than they were as a Rack.
A Phoenix's internal changes are somewhat more extensive, due to their elemental powers, and their superior aerial capabilities. Of special note are the changes to their eyes. According to notes recovered in 115 AS from one of Sukebe's labs, Sukebe was originally just looking to develop a Phoenix's eyesight to deal with the effects of fire and smoke. However, he quickly discovered that the changes introduced allowed the Phoenix's eyes to see further (and better) even when they were not looking down. This allowed Sukebe to use the Phoenix against airborne enemies with a much higher chance of success than the Rack. In all other respects, including the fact that their clawed toes are still unsuitable for combat, a Phoenix's physical state (baring adjustments for proportion) remains much like it was as a Rack.
In terms of personality, a Phoenix enjoys pleasurable - or even relaxing - activities even more than they did as a Rack. While not truly lazy, it would be difficult to find someone who would argue that a Phoenix would rather be working than enjoying a taming session. It's also fair to say that they more than a touch vain, and love (positive) attention. On the other hand, once convinced that something needs to be done, a Phoenix will normally seek to do it as quickly as possible. A Phoenix's libido can cause issues with some Tamers, even before their "spikes" make this Pokégirl even needier. The spikes in a Phoenix's libido seem to be due to one of two sources: their resistance to fire, and/or challenging fights. When it comes to a Phoenix recently exposed to flames, the extent that their libido spikes seem seems tied to not only how hot the flames were, but also how long the Phoenix was exposed to them. The fighting-based spikes to a Phoenix's libido, however, simply seem to be tied into how challenging the fight was.
A Phoenix is more likely to be found in non-combative position than a Rack, due not only their flame-related abilities, but also their superior vision. Likewise it's the rare fire department that doesn't appreciate the assistance of a Phoenix; the combination of their resistance to flame-based damage, exceptional vision, and their ability to fly ironically makes them naturals at this type of job. In fact, many feel that their actions as firefighters are the key reasons why the Phoenix (and the Firebust) overcame the bad reputation they had after the end of Sukebe's War of Revenge.
If the Phoenix have a fighting motto, as a breed, it is: hit first, hit hard, and keep hitting them until they fall. Despite this, a Phoenix is willing to admit that direct attacks aren't always the best. Feral members of this breed are, in fact, somewhat infamous for being willing to start grass fires (for example) in order to strike at ground-based enemies that could potentially harm the Phoenix in question in a direct confrontation. A Phoenix is a noticeably faster flier than a Rack, and has greater endurance, but loses some of the amazing airborne agility that they had as a Rack. All things considered, a Phoenix is still superior to a Rack, in terms of airborne combat capabilities.
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PIA, the Baby-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (mouse)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivorous
Role: Fighters, Emergency power charges
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Growl, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Spark, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Thunderwave
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility and Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Senses (Smell and Hearing) (x2), Low self-control
Evolves: Peekabu (age/normal)
Evolves From: None
A Pia is one of the shortest mouse-type Pokégirls, rarely growing very much; by the time she reaches puberty, she's still only 4'5 in height, at best, and the rest of her proportions are on par. The average breast size is an A-cup, with anything larger being always on the lower side, and the same low sizing affects their hips as well; rarely, however, there are Pias who are gifted with large breasts and hips, usually looking more like their evolved forms than anything. Their bodies are covered in bright yellow fur, with pink marks on their cheeks and extremely long, rabbit-like ears with black markings. These ears move according to their emotions, normally standing proud in attention when they're calm or happy, but drooping when they're sad or worried. Their tail is smaller than their evolution's, also being black in color at the end, and is used to aid with their balance and movements.
Pias aren't particularly fast or strong, although they're still able to outrun the average human if they tried; rather, their primary skill is to hide and sneak through places taller Pokégirls normally can't access. Their form of playing about, when they're young, is usually to see who can sneak through the tightest hole the quickest, a game that requires more strategizing than one might think. Because of this, Pias usually can climb onto, enter, and otherwise access areas one wouldn't expect them to be able to reach. Despite the stories, however, very few Tamers actually believe their skills - until they actually see them in action. Their electric attacks are actually more potent than other Pokégirls’, including their evolutions – that is, however, only if one considers the amount of energy wasted or redirected into their own bodies. Their weaker attacks are normally not strong enough to cause serious harm, although they might end up paralyzed or dizzy from use; stronger attacks, on the other hand, can leave them seriously harmed or even worse. Still, the average Pia can’t unleash her electricity on accident unless seriously shocked, and Taming doesn’t require much other than careful contact and going slow; their bodies are small enough that an average Tamer isn’t likely to get his entire organ inside her.
Personality-wise, Pias are rather perplexing; while a good majority of them is Feral, their state is very much unlike the other Pokégirls, being able to interact with others normally for extended periods of time without Taming. While it's true that they need it, and particularly love to do it (although they're so small there aren't many ways to do it with them), their low libido means they require it only every once a week or so, at least, rather than daily. They're also extremely curious, usually going to places they're not supposed to be in and asking various questions of any kind. If what they learn isn't particularly interesting, they'll 'forget' about it, speaking mostly of the things they liked to hear about for a long while. Sometimes, however, they may recall their 'forgotten' knowledge way after they heard it, something more common if they're Tamed (a fair rarity, of course...). Pias tend to be intensively possessive of things they find, usually considering any kind of thing they can put on their bodies 'clothing' and anything they can carry 'theirs', be it truly theirs or not. This kind of action is worse with wild Pias, who consider anything not nailed to the ground to be theirs and everything else to be theirs as well.
When Feral, Pias tend to hide from humans and watch them, curiously. Depending on how close the human is, they'll either run away if their eyes cross or start coming closer, carefully. As long as the human does not do any sudden movements or attempt to touch the Pia, she won't be frightened, and may be offered some food; in such a case, she'll be as good as Tamed, trusting the human as long as he doesn't try to hurt her at all. This is one of the reasons why knowledge of these Pokégirls and their evolutions is being easier to find. Surprisingly, Pias have a difficulty to understand the concept of 'one partner', and may wander off if they feel unsatisfied, even if Bonded; this isn't a permanent departure, however, and the Pia will return to her Tamer at once.
Pias do not like female humans, and being Tamed by females is even less effective than usual with them; be it a genetic memory or not, the truth is that the breed simply does not enjoy being touched by females, or doing the same. Feral Pias are more willing to be Tamed by their Sisters, but they will refuse to be touched by a female human regardless.
Cases of Threshold are extremely rare, almost non-existent; due to hormones, the only way a proper, safe evolution can happen is if the girl goes through the Threshold process earlier than normal, with the known cases of Threshold being younger than 10 years old at best. Recent studies to analyze why the process is so specific have been restarting research on Threshold. All Pias evolve at the age of 18, although evolution may be forced at an earlier period.
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PIDGEOTA, the Mile-High Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Insectivore, some plants
Role: couriers, scouts
Libido: Average (High with Tamers they like)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken, Scratch, Preen, Cuddle, Caress, Feather Blizzard, Wing Buffet
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Vision (x6), Minor Levitation, Lightweight Frame, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Improved Respiration, Atmospheric Comfort, Aerolocation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgette (normal)
The Pidgeota is the final form of Pidgy, evolving from Pidgette after having enough successful fights and enjoyable Tamings. She again gains several inches in height, usually standing over six feet now. The feathers on her arms are quite long and firm, letting her firmly catch air under them. She barely gains any larger bust, but her feathers feel even softer than before, and become much more sensitive. Expensive pillows are made with Pidgeota down. She also gains some strength, enough to be able to carry a single person aloft with her.
Pidgeotas are very fast flyers, tucking their free-jointed legs closely up under them as they soar. They can climb high into the sky, and enjoy circling around mountaintops. Their vision sharpens to a very high level, allowing them to read newsprint from over a mile in the air. They can also sense where their opponents are due to their sensitive feathers being able to detect minor movements of air, letting them fight effectively even when blinded. Combined with their Endurance, Improved Respiration, and Atmospheric Comfort abilities, a Pidgeota can track her prey for miles, often times without it ever knowing she was watching them.
Pidgeotas can be quite lusty with Tamers they like. Their feathers are much more sensitive now, giving them a greater appreciation of being stroked and petted during Taming. Now that they have larger wings, they are able to perform their most enjoyable carnal act: Taming in the air. The way this is done is that a Pidgeota will use her Minor Levitation to raise herself off the ground, and then wrap her legs around her Tamer’s waist, while he holds her torso (under her wings so they aren’t restricted). Flapping furiously, she’ll take off into the air while he Tames her, rising as high as she can. When she finally climaxes, the Pidgeota will hold herself rigid, letting both of them fall into a steep dive, the feel of her Tamer and the wind rushing over her sensitive feathers helping to send her into a series of multiple orgasms. Despite how dangerous this may seem, there has never been a reported death of any Tamer doing this activity, since a Pidgeota always hangs on tightly to her Tamer (and the Tamer naturally never lets go of her), and she always, no matter how lost in her pleasure she is, pulls up before she hits the ground. Many Tamers enjoy the exhilaration and feeling of danger, but just as many other Tamers are terrified by the experience and never do it again.
Pidgeotas are strong fighters. Their Gust attack is like a localized tornado, being able to easily bowl even a ready opponent over. Her Quick Attack lets her fly very low for short distances at speeds that make her seem like a blur. Feather Blizzard is used more as a distraction move than anything else; filling the area with blinding feathers that obscure her opponent’s view. Wing Buffet has been known to knock down trees if used long enough.
Feral Pidgeotas tend to leave most other beings alone, just soaring and enjoying the feel of being above it all, the wind rushing over their bodies. Threshold girls rarely become Pidgeotas directly, but those that do take it very well, sometimes considering their new flight abilities and powers to be almost worth the trade off.
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PIDGETTE (aka PIDGERSEATAH), the Tweety Trollop Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: Insectivore, some plants
Role: Couriers, scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken, Scratch, Preen, Cuddle, Caress
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x3), Minor Levitation, Lightweight Frame, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Improved Respiration, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: Pidgeota (normal)
Evolves From: Pidgy (normal)
A Pidgy evolves into Pidgette after enough successful combat and enjoyable Taming. They tend to gain several inches in height after their transformation, as well as get bigger breasts. Their toes become longer and thinner, able to move better, with a thumb-like back toe forming on their heel. Small claws also appear on the end of them. This allows a Pidgette to better use her Scratch attack, but still retain her prehensile use of her feet. A Pidgette’s feathers on her arms become longer and stiffer, though still very soft, allowing her to fly to greater heights. The other feathers on her body don’t change much, although her breast feathers turn a lighter shade of their former color, and are even softer to the touch. As before, their nipples and lips remain the only part of their body not covered with feathers. As in her previous form, a nice plume of tail feathers sticks up from just above her backside, accentuating her shapely rear.
A Pidgette is a much more reliable courier than her previous form. Even previously Feral Pidgettes can be trained to take messages and small items to places and then return quickly. Pidgette isn’t nearly as common a pet due to her larger size and thus greater food requirements. Like her previous form, Pidgette has hollow bones to make her lightweight, meaning she can’t carry another person aloft. However, due to firmer feathers, she is able to fly higher and faster, ignoring how cold it feels at higher elevations and wind shear from faster speeds. Pidgettes can use their Minor Levitation ability to slow down what would otherwise be almost suicidal dives. Her Endurance ability lets her push herself for a greater amount of time before she becomes tired, letting her fly at her fastest for longer periods. Her lungs are equipped to deal with the fact that there is less air at higher altitudes, and she is able to take slower, longer breaths to gather the air she needs.
A Pidgette tends to make pleasant chirping noises during Taming; ruffling her feathers and letting them down again as her body tenses and relaxes. Due to her hips and knees being free-jointed (being able to bend normally, or backwards), the Pidgette is very flexible, and can assume nearly any position her Tamer likes. Her greatest desire though is one she won’t realize until her next evolution: Being Tamed while flying. A Pidgette is able to use her attacks to a greater degree. She can now use her Gust attack to blow over people from a standing position with ease, although those braced for a strong wind can still stand up to it. Her Taunt ability is sharper, with more creative insults coming to mind. Her Move By attack is faster, letting her reposition herself for more precise blows. Her favorite combination is to use Move By to get behind her enemy and then Gust to bowl them over. With her lengthened claws, she can now use Scratch effectively.
She also gains three sex attacks: Preen, Cuddle, and Caress. Caress is where she begins to coo and moan softly, touching herself, usually on her chest. The opponent watches and becomes aroused, and thus slower to react. Cuddle is basically where this is done on other Pokégirls, rubbing and arousing them. Preen is where she begins rubbing herself against her opponent in a way that accentuates her feathers, letting them feel how silky soft and downy they are, letting it relax them.
Feral Pidgettes aren’t too dangerous, since they usually just enjoy soaring wildly, doing loops and dives for the sheer joy of it. They usually only attack when attacked back, and even then they aren’t vicious about it. Threshold girls who become Pidgettes tend to take their transformation better than other Threshold girls, the joy of flying somewhat mitigating the loss of their humanity.
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PIDGY (aka BIRDY, aka CANARY), the Tweety Bird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: insectivore, grains, some plants
Role: often used as a pet, sometimes as a courier or scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokégirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size (4' or 1.35m), Enhanced Eyesight x3
Evolves: Pidgette (normal), Pidgeota (evolved Pidgette; normal), Swanmaid (Angel Stone), Divette (Water Stone), Falcongentle (battle stress), Hooter (Dark Stone), Murkunt (Moon Shard)
Evolves From: None
Pidgy are one of the common "pet types" found among human society. They are small and lightweight, don't eat a lot, and don't require a lot of maintenance. One of the first, if not the first bird types to appear, it is thought that Pidgys were the basis of most of the other bird type Pokégirls due to their similarities in structure, with the exception of the Legendaries and those modeled after them. The arms and hands of a Pidgy are used as her wings, and are thus useless for anything other than flight, it is their feet which are used for anything regarding fine manipulation. Their lightweight frame is due to the makeup of their bones, which are honeycombed instead of solid, much like a Pre-Sukube bird's only stronger. Their hips and knees are free-jointed, which means that they can bend both forwards and backwards. This aids in landing, takeoff, jumping, feeding, and makes for very interesting taming sessions. Because of their need to use their feet for more mundane tasks, Pidgys are oddly focused on keeping their feet clean. One can often find feral Pidgys splashing about in small pools of water, and any owner of a Pidgy is sure to win her affection via a foot spa. Pidgys are covered in feathers from head to ankle, their feet being slightly scaled with tough skin. The only places devoid of feathers are their nipples and lips, giving their face an owlish appearance. In place of hair, they have slightly longer feathers that seem to simulate hair as well as keeping their heads warmer when flying.
Domesticated Pidgy are often used as couriers or messengers, particularly in mountainous areas where communication lines are difficult to maintain. They can also easily be lookouts, as their eyesight is much keener than a human's coupled with their ability to get up to good vantage points makes them excellent to watch from a 'bird's eye view'. While the thin air at high altitudes makes it difficult for them to fly, they can manage short trips to deliver messages or hunt for food. Thresholded Pidgy usually bemoan their loss of humanity and spend most of their time in the air, flying for the joy it gives them. Eventually they come to terms with their new existence. Their slight levitation ability also assists them here, allowing them to effectively soar when they would otherwise have to flap their wings, as well as assisting in taking off and landing.
Very Rarely, a Pidgy will be born yellow instead of an earth tone brown, these Pidgy are often called Tweetys, and tend to have no fear of cat-types, unlike other Pidgy. These odd bird Pokégirls even find enjoyment in tormenting and teasing cat-types, and should not be allowed in a harem with them, unless the Tamer wants to see chaos ensue. These Tweety types often speak in a cutesy fashion, but are surprisingly more intelligent than a normal Pidgy, even when captured feral. They also retain their small size, gaining no more than one or two inches with each normal evolution, keeping the standard Pidgy B-cup chest size and odd coloration throughout their lives. If evolved with a stone, however, this strange Pidgy becomes a normal colored and tempered evolution.
Feral Pidgy are nearly worthless, even after intensive training their attention span is extremely low. This is due to Pidgy being at the bottom of the Pokégirl food chain when in the wild, and the Pidgy is constantly watching their surroundings for any sign of danger. This ingrained habit is very hard to break in feral Pidgy, and so far the only Pidgy that have any hope are the Tweety types mentioned above.
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PIMPLOVE, the Pimped Penguin PokéGirl Type: Near Human - Avian
Element: Water
Frequency: Common (Scarlet League), Uncommon (All other Leagues)
Diet: seafood, preference for fish
Role: fisher, spoiled brat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Peck, Gust
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Secondary Eyelids, Water Purifier
Evolves: PrimpLove (normal), EmpressLove (evolved PrimpLove'; normal)
Evolves From: None
One of the more recent Water-type pokégirls to appear and have numbers expand exponentially, PimpLoves have become a widely-used pokégirl. Unfortunately, they won't really reach a form of major beauty or power until their final form, but this humble beginning stage is a precursor that hints to greater power.
Standing at a height between 4'8" to 5', a PimpLove has a layer of fine down covering her bodies that protects her from frigid waters as well as hot temperatures. The upper-half of the PimpLove's body can be a varying hue of dark blue which comes down to a collar-style of feathers around her neck, which end just above her A-Cup breasts, the nipples a bright white against the lighter blue down-feathered body.
Although a PimpLove's wings are capable of being taught to use Flying-type pokégirl attacks and techniques, they are for the most part, flippers, useless for flight in the air. In the water, however, PimpLove's are astonishingly agile. Within the smooth plumage a layer of air is preserved, ensuring buoyancy. While swimming, PimpLoves can reach velocities between 3.7 to 7.5 mph, though there are reports of velocities of swimming PimpLoves reaching up to 17 mph. The small PimpLove do not usually dive deep; she prefers to catch her prey near the surface in dives that normally last only one or two minutes. Larger PimpLoves can dive deep in case of need, (480 feet). This is due to the fact that PimpLove's have a secondary set of eyelids, which are clear. It allows them to see underwater for longer amounts of time.
Like other Water-types, a PimpLove need to be submerged in water, (preferably cold) every few days to keep her in top condition. On a bright note, a Tamer won't have trouble keeping his PimpLove hydrated. A PimpLove is able to drink salt water safely because she has a supraorbital gland that filters excess salt from the bloodstream. The salt is excreted in a concentrated fluid through her nasal passages. Tissues are a must.
When it comes to Taming, PimpLoves just love to be on their bellies. A Tamer is advised to hold onto her shoulders and fully mount the Pokégirl as he Tamers her, lest the PimpLove start to literally slip away and out from underneath the Tamer in the middle of having sex. While it would be easier to Tame a PimpLove if she were to lay on her back, a quirk of the Pokégirl comes to the fore. She prefers things her way, and that's how it has to be; she won't even eat food offered to her by her Tamer, preferring to get her own food first. This can be frustrating for beginning Tamers.
Feral PimpLoves seem to have no fear of humans and have approached Tamers and Pokégirl Researchers without hesitation. This is probably on account of there being no land predators in the Scarlet Continent or the nearby offshore islands that prey on or attack PimpLoves. Instead, PimpLoves are at risk at sea from predators such as Titacools, Sharptits, or the Nessidames that come down from the waters of the Dark Continent up North.
While it is not unheard of for girls going through Threshold to turn into PimpLoves, it is only prevalent to happen in families who have a strong Water-type ancestry and live in the more Southern Leagues, such as Silver River or Orange.
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PINCHIT, the Hot Headed/Horned Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug/Fighting
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Sap, Sweet Fruit, Small Animals
Role: Forest Attack Force
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Ground
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Seismic Toss, Horn Attack, Takedown, Glare
Enhancements: Hardened Armor, Strength(x4), Sharpened Horns
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
While the Herakunt were created for forest combat, the Pinchit were made for all out attacks in a forest terrain. They are usually covered in dark brown armor to help them blend into their surroundings. The Pinchits’ main weapon are a pair of horns which grow from their heads. The horns have studs on them which help grip their quarry. While they cannot control the length of their horns, they can control how sharp the studs on them are. The horns a Pinchit wields are usually long enough to wrap around a fully-grown man's waist. During the War of Revenge, the Pinchit would usually snap their victims in half at the waist. Their strength makes the task quite easy. These days the Pinchit only use their horns in territory battles or against Pokégirls they don't like. Given their attitude, the list can be quite long.
The Pinchit can qualify as omnivores, however they prefer meat as compared to sap their more peaceful counterparts the Herakunt would eat. They are somehow able to tell when the population of prey is getting low, which makes them switch to tree sap, letting the population return. No one is specifically sure how the Pinchit knows this, but the study is ongoing.
Pinchit are territorial and aggressive, which leads them to try and steal territory for themselves if they feel they are strong enough to get it. They always try to steal the territory of Herakunt since the Herakunt in question always flee despite being strong enough to fight back and possibly win. Despite the aggression that Pinchit possess, they are still capable of living in swarms with the strongest in control of the others.
Taming a Pinchit is surprisingly easy. Once a Tamer captures one, the Pinchit in question is subservient. They acknowledge that the Tamer is stronger and will defer to them. During the taming session, the Pinchit will try all they can to please their Tamer. Seeing themselves as a true servant of the one who is stronger than them. Most researchers believe this was programmed into them by Sukebe as a means of controlling their aggression.
Pinchit are naturally aggressive and will see any kind of aggressive action as a challenge. To them, a Tamer is one of the larger challenges they can face. Some of the more aggressive ones will actively search out opponents to fight just for the sake of fighting. If they beat a strong opponent, they calm down for a while to enjoy the taste of victory and whatever they had gained from the victory be it food, territory, or a Tamer they can get a taming from.
Working with a Pinchit in a Harem can be difficult. They will initially try to place themselves as above the other members of the Harem while showing respect for the Pokégirl who defeated them and allowed their Tamer to catch them. The problem is easy enough to solve by letting the other members of the Harem fight the Pinchit and win. Any new members past the Pinchit will face this problem.
In battle, Pinchits prefer to overpower their opponents and lord a victory over them, provided they stay conscious after whatever wounds they suffer. Their low libido gives them some stamina in the the realms of sex, but they do not like to learn sex techniques since they like battle rather than sex.
Thresholding into a Pinchit is always recorded. Either because of proper registration, or the police reports regarding a newly thresholded Pinchit on the rampage with her uncontrolled aggression.
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PINIELF, the Elven Shaper Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Omnivore.
Role: Wandering Fighting Apothecary
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Poison
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Flying
Attacks: Comet Punch, Uppercut, Hyper Punch, Evade, Counter, Telepathy, Psychic, Heal, Dreamtime, Psi Blade, Barrier, The Calm Soul (Lvl 30), Master Blow (Lvl 50)
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance(x2), Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Longevity, can intuitively learn Fighting Attacks, Body/Flesh Crafting Abilities, no longer susceptible to hibernation tupor
Disadvantages: Low pleasure threshold.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Elf (mechanism uncertain)
The evolutionary catalyst that shifts a normal Elf Pokégirl to a Pinielf is a hotly contested debate among researchers. Some have claimed that the Fire Stone is a necessary trigger, while others have theorized orgasm, while some have postulated that a simple psychological shift is all that's needed to cause the Evolutionary step.
Physically, there are no specific gross changes between an Elf and Pinielf. Their height remains similar, their breast size doesn't grow or shrink, their hair and skin color remains unchanged. Two primary changes, however, can tell a Pinielf apart from a normal Elf-type. One, their muscles undergo development, giving the previously smoothly and delicately curved elf the appearance of a rough and tumble kickboxer, with their muscles clearly defined, making for a rather impressive sight as they kick, move, and show off. Second, their eye colors shift from whatever previous coloration to a shining gold, almost luminescent in it's intensity.
Pinielves undergo a psychological shift that matches their new capabilities. Pinielves, as a rule, are rough, aggressive, passionate, eager individuals with little patience to spare and a happy grin on their face. Among Elf groups, they are often a serious disruption, having none of the urge to seek out a calm, stationary, secure lifestyle that most Elf-types prefer. While outwardly, no side-effects show due to this forced isolation among colonies of Elf-types, a number of Pinielves have been seen to express severe depression when observed at a distance. Because of this, most Pinielves, no longer possessing the feral trigger that might leave them helpless for any wandering Tamer or Feral Pokégirl wanting a taming and a meal, break away from their previous home and/or Elf Colony and become a lone traveler, if they are unable to locate a suitable Tamer than can keep up with them. Accurate numbers of this breed are hard to guess due to this psychological isolation that leads to random travel. Many Watchers have witnessed a lone Pinielf from afar, garbed in the ideal fashion of a wandering barbarian and wielding a weapon of choice, obviously non-feral, before disappearing from the Watcher's sight.
Psychological and Physiological shifts aside, the primary value of this Pokégirl lies in the development of an odd psychic discipline often times referred to as Body Sculpting, or 'Shaping'. Using this, the Pinielf can not only heal a person from several injuries up too and including the loss of a limb (albeit taking several weeks to accomplish this, depending on the limb in question), but also repair the damage left by old injuries. Afflictions such as scarring, crippling deformities, weakening caused by the stress of aging, all thought to only be cured by the more powerful celestial healing magics can be repaired using the Pinielf’s body-sculpting capabilities. Some Pinielves go even beyond that, making further body modifications, such a hair and eye color shifts, metabolic altercations, and the like. A few events of note indicate that this body sculpting ability can come into play subconsciously, making for a number of amusing developments for those whom a Pinielf can take a serious liking too. It should be noted, however, that this ability, despite it's power, is not quick nor blatant... if the Pinielf wishes to keep the altercation painless. Most choose to keep the altercation as painless as possible, but, if rushed, the Pinielf can do so... and have the target of their ministrations suffer corresponding pain as their flesh is forcibly reshaped and coerced into a new form.
Because of this primary ability of their evolutionary tier, a number of Pinielves have been seen to develop a monkish, wandering healer-like ethic, healing individuals that they believe have great worth in their eyes. This sets them apart from Celestials and NurseJoys, whom heal for the sake of healing. Pinielves instead only heal those whom they believe deserve it, giving them an erratic reputation among some groups. There are even rumors of a Pinielf delivering crippling injuries to individuals she believed desperately needed them. Most League Officials are quick to quash such rumors. After all, why would the League sanction a Pokégirl with that level of volition to her actions?
Sexually, Pinielves are aggressive, no-nonsense Pokégirls. They're clear in what they want, when they want it, how they want it, without displaying the more lewd and vulgar traits associated with most high-libido Pokégirls. Bisexual in nature, they, like most Elves, express a leaning toward male Tamers. Despite their no-nonsense, freshly blunt attitude to taming, they still, like the majority of Elf-types, suffer from a low pleasure threshold, making them a rather pleasant albeit easy-to-please partner in bed.
All in all, these traits lead up to a very valuable Pokégirl that most Tamers actively seek to have in their harems. News of a wandering Pinielf sighting has called settled Tamers out of retirement, and tends to bring a heavy number of them to whatever region the rumor started in. Like the majority of Pokégirls, Pinielves can be forced into one's harem via taming, but their urge to wander due to lack of a 'family' and their strong sense of personal justice tends to mean that few Tamers can keep a Pinielf permanently without impressive measures. However, kinder, more ‘liberal’ Tamers have been known to actively capture a Pinielf’s heart, inducting her into the Harem Family at large and giving her a sense of belonging she was unable to find in her previous, long-lost home.
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PIRATIT, the Swashbuckling Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style
Role: Ship’s crew, Warriors, Treasure hunters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Various sword and gun techniques
Enhancements: Weapons Summon/Replicate (x1), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2), sword proficiency and knowledge of sword techniques, Double wield, Specialized olfactory senses
Evolves: She-Captain (normal, high level), Tavernmaid (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
Evolves From: Slicer (Water Stone)
Piratits are one of the four breeds generally called ‘pirate’ Pokégirls. They are more human in appearance than their ‘cousins,’ the Buttaneer, but despite that they work well together. It was a surprise to many researchers when it was discovered that Piratits, who had been around for years, were actually an evolutionary form of the Slicer. This was a minor note, however, as Piratits had been around for years beforehand.
They are better suited to land-based combat than Buttaneers, being more humanoid in appearance and more agile besides. While Buttaneers in combat are best suited as the first wave of attack, meant to break the enemy’s front line, Piratits are best suited to making sure the line stays broken, using skill and finesse to keep the enemy from regrouping. They are skilled in both swordfighting and gunfighting, and can use two weapons at once, either double of one weapon or a gun and a sword, all with equal skill. And on a completely bizarre note, Piratits have the ability to ‘sniff out’ treasure, their noses capable of finding any gold or jewels they catch the scent of. This is an ability which carries over to their evolved form, She-Captain. Sukebe made use of this ability to acquire precious metals and stones for various metaphysical projects and deals.
Piratits are totally human in appearance, with any regional variations appropriate for whatever region they initially hailed from. Like all Very Near Human types, they can come in any body type and size, the only real sign that they are different being that they have a slight ‘piratey’ accent in their voice. This can range from being slight to a full on pirate dialect. It was later found that this ‘twinge’ to their voice is something genetic. It’s their own choice, however, if they go for the full pirate dialect, as the accent is naturally slight, credited to an error in their vocal cords during the initial creation of the breed.
In terms of abilities, they are far more elegant than their bestial counterparts, the Buttaneer. They are more limited in full-out assault, being more focused on one-on-one fighting rather than the crowd clearing abilities of the Buttaneer, but they nevertheless are dangerous opponents to fight, being naturally capable of using two weapons at once where for many Pokégirls it takes a great deal of training. They have the ability to magically manifest their weapons in singular or double forms, so long as it bears their ‘mark.’ Piratits have the ability to leave a small ‘rune’ of sorts on any three weapons they chose to master, giving them the ability to summon that weapon from anywhere in the world and replicate it once if they so choose. If the weapon is destroyed, they have to find a new one. If the replica is destroyed, it can be replicated again, however it just vanishes if the original is destroyed. This has led some Piratits to stockpile weapons and keep the hidden in case of emergencies, complete with a ‘treasure map’ of sorts so that they always know where their weapons cache is hidden. Enchanted weapons, strangely enough, cannot be marked.
Piratits are social creatures, similar to their ‘cousins’ the Buttaneer, but they don’t relate as well to ‘land-lovers’ while on shore, which leads a great many Piratits feeling alienated in crowds when far ashore. They can handle it better if a Buttaneer is with them, as the beast pirates get along with everybody. They aren’t a very good choice for Alphas, as while they are good team players, they are horrid team leaders. They’re follows, cogs in the machine that keeps the ‘ship’ working properly. Feral Piratits are like most very near human types in their feral temperament, only more vicious and prone to attacking without reason. They love the sea, and love being on the sea, but they don’t get as depressed as Buttaneers while away from the sea. They can develop leadership skill if need be, however, and as the Piratit becomes more experienced and more people look up to her, their evolution to She-Captain can accelerate.
Thresholding into a Piratit is fairly uncommon, and usually only happens in families with both fighting and water typing in their ancestry. The process is fairly painless, barring headaches as the new abilities take hold. The evolution from Slicer was actually discovered several years after their first appearance, coming as a complete and total surprise to researchers. This discovery made researchers believe that Sukebe used a general template for some girls, which allowed for evolution to occur from these breeds.
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PIROUETTE, the Trained Under the Raging Sea Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human diet, preference for seafood,
Role: Contests, Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: bug, fire, water, ice, steel, rock,
Weak Vs: Electric, flying, psychic, plant, dark,
Attacks: Water punch Water Kick, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Pose, Focus Energy, Hyper Kick, Reverse Crescent, Mirror, Glare, Call Me Queen, Recover, Dash, cant touch this, Super Move.
Enhancements: Enhanced Lung Capacity (x5), Enhanced Speed(x2), Enhanced Agility(x3 ), Enhanced Ki Recharge (x1.5), Enhanced Swim Speed (x3), Self-hydrating Skin.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (devotion to martial arts, dream stone) For whatever reason, a Pirouette is a martial artist to the core. Her ki itself is a whirlpool, as if to draw in all the energy and experience around her. Feral pirouettes are often found challenging the mighty undefeatable sea to simply increase their skills, and are interesting in that they seem to loose their intelligence, but not their thirst for competition. As such, they often wander around, searching for Pokégirls to challenge and hone their skills against. Although not particularly common, Pirouettes are highly prized because they serve as excellent part of a team for those who want to challenge the leagues or other contests, as their motivation and determination are difficult to match.
Physically, Pirouettes are like humans; it can be difficult to tell them apart without contact. Their bodies, however, are almost always damp to the extent that dry skin is usually a sign of ill health. They usually have blue-gray eyes, but oceanic blue or green aren’t uncommon either, and the hair of a Pirouette has an almost silky quality to it due to her dampness. The actual colors of this hair vary, but blue and black are the most oft-seen.
Because of the wetness that surrounds her body, the touch of a Pirouette’s skin has often been compared to the effects of the “Eternal Softness” technique. It also doesn’t usually take much effort to arouse a Pirouette enough to make penetration comfortable, but the breed as a whole tends to be skittish about intimate affairs. They can be quite submissive unless they view the act as part of some challenge (which is not uncommon), in which case the Pirouette will become much more sexually aggressive. For the most part, they are inclined enough to bisexuality to be suitable for tamers of either gender.
Pirouettes are almost never found feral, likely due to the fact that most come from threshold Girls who have an ancestry of water and fighting. It is also possible for a Tomboy to evolve into a Pirouette with enough dedication to Martial Arts and a Dream Stone. However since Pirouettes will do near anything to win a challenge or sharpen her skills, It's rare to find a tomboy who is willing to humiliate herself just to get a little bit better. Dream stones are also hard to come by, making this evolutionary route relitivley traveled.
The ki inside of a Pirouette flows in a special pattern, seeming to ignore the actual body and form a whirlpool around her. This special feature is distinct, and it can be sensed by someone who can sense ki, but is otherwise unnoticeable. It's form allows Pirouettes to draw in ki in a more efficient manner so that they recharge their reserves, making recovery much quicker for them.
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PIXIE, the Electric Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteurs
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground
Attacks: Agility, Thundershock, Jolt, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Reduce, Enlarge
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Thunder Stone)
This evolution of the FairyCute was designed to infiltrate human compounds and short-circuit their electrical systems to allow other Pokégirls access into the base. Just like any of the other size-changing Pokégirls, the Pixie were very successful with this mission, and after the war many survived, again thanks to their size-shifting abilities. These Pokégirls live alone, rather rare in comparison to the other Fairy evolutions for reasons that Researchers are as of yet unsure of. The Pixie are hyperactive and enjoy zooming about. Like the Nixie, they live near human settlements and villages, although their ranged capabilities are greater than the Nixie's are.
They stand no more than five feet tall, with most a few inches beneath that. Their skin is normally a mid-shade of yellow, with white markings that seem to follow the Pokégirl’s bone structure, almost making her look like a glowing skeleton. Her electricity flows along the whitened portion of her skin, which researchers have concluded are the main lines where her electrical energy flow through so she doesn't shock herself with it. Like the Nixie, the Pixie also has four-part insect wings, and they also prefer skirts and aprons to wear (moreso than the Nixie, as the Pixie feels the cold a bit more). A Pixie has small breasts, around an A- to a B-cup, which often frustrates them. However, on her small body even at full-size, they do look adequate.
Ferals of this breed don't enjoy staying in one place long, even if this means that they must explore an area that they know to be dangerous. Most researchers suggest that this is why the Pixie is so rare. Domestics are better than this, but usually find themselves heeding what is called wanderlust, by Tamers and Researchers. This wanderlust is fine with Tamers, who travel all over the place anyway, and going on a journey with a Pixie can lead to a very loyal Pokégirl. Tamers that stay in one place, however, can lose their Pixie within a day. They get along with any Fairy-type Pokégirl, but for some strange reason, no Pixie can stand a Peekabu. It's a situation that no one really understands, not even researchers who have looked into it. The Peekabu are always friendly, but the Pixie just can't stand her. Research, as always, is ongoing.
The Pixie are rather rare to have a girl threshold into, but it isn't unheard of. They are dangerous, however, if they threshold someplace near many electronic devices. Weakly shielded devices will go out of control, and depending on the age of the girl (the younger, the less danger) it can become worse even with better-shielded electronics. For some reason, Pokédexes don't seem to be affected by a threshold into a Pixie. Some FairyCutes that evolve into a Pixie also do this, though that is very rare and may have something to do with where the resulting Pixie was located at the time.
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PLATYPUSSY, the Repentant Pokégirl Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Extinct)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: recovering PsiDykes
Libido: bi-sexual, Low/Average (initial) to Extremely High (after doing good deeds)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Ground
Attacks: Water Gun, Hydropump, Surf, Bubbles, Tackle, Paralysis, Scratch, Reflect (psychic attacks only)
Enhancements: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Psidyke (Angel Stone or proximity to the Orange Island Explosion site)
Platypussy are the result of a Psidyke coming in close contact with an angel stone or being within approximately 20 miles of the epicenter of the Orange Island explosion site. The effect of an angel stone on the vicious Pokégirl is astounding. Not only removing their hatred of men and love of domination, the evolution seems to kindle a sort of empathy with all other creatures. Due to the repentant nature of this Pokégirl, a Psidyke who has little to regret has not been recorded as evolving as of the publishing of this entry. The majority of evolution cases are from PsiDykes who have killed or otherwise greatly harmed one or a number of people. Unfortunately for these newly redeemed man-haters, they remember everything in their previous life. Many spend their entire lives trying to make up for their transgressions, and no Platypussy can easily kill another thing. That also ends up reversing their disgusting eating habits as well. The taste of meat often makes them feel very sick, though they have a special liking of salted tomatoes.
Their considerable psychic powers seem to dwindle as with many of their other previous passions. The only remaining ability manifests itself like a concentrated form of all the rest combined. It allows them to reflect any purely psychic attack or manipulation. No cruel tamer has ever been known to keep control of their Platypussy. It appears that the more you try to control them, the more they rebel, but a caring tamer has unconditional loyalty. Platypussy have thin coats of dark brown fur on their forearms and legs from the knee down. Between their fingers and toes a bit of membrane webbing aids them in swimming, but they don't possess the claws many would expect. Researchers speculate that they declaw themselves shortly after evolution. Otherwise they look perfectly human. They possess ample chests, somewhere in the D-cup range though it doesn't seem to hinder their swimming very much. No recorded cases of threshold, but all Platypussy behave very like most threshold cases. They prefer to wear clothes, and they are highly intelligent.
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PLAYBUNNY, the Overly Affectionate Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: typically kept by Harem Masters for reasons unknown (to public)
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, bunny Pokégirls, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Lust, Enhance, Minimize
Enhancements: Speed, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Retarded Aging, Luck Factor
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (orgasm)
Bunnygirls are fun loving, friendly, Pokégirls with a scant attention span and respond well to friendly affectionate Masters. Playbunnys are fun loving, affectionate and have an amazingly high attention span. As long as the focus is physical and hopefully, naked bodies. Considered dangerous because of their great lasciviousness. Their greatest advancements over the Bunny are the two attacks Enhance and Minimize, which enhances or decreases any specific trait of a person briefly. In matches, their opponent will get exhausted faster and their fellow Pokéwomen endure longer.
The Playbunny can most often be found with a Harem Master. As they quite often are one of the few reasons that the Harem Master is able to survive. These don't have as many enthusiasts because they are so very rare. But with keeping them, comes prestige and often other Pokégirls.
One notable difference between the Playbunny and it earlier form is that most of it turns black. The area the black fur covers makes it look a lot like the playbunny is wearing a strapless swimsuit. Beyond which, the ears and the tail turn black as well. Sometimes paper cuffs hang around the wrists. Not all Playbunnys wear them though. Possibly an accessory they make themselves in their spare-time.
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PLOT BUNNY, the Muse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Rabbit)
Element: Magic
Frequency: Varies wildly, from too common to virtually extinct
Diet: Human style, mostly vegetarian
Role: Muses, inspiration of all kinds, distractions
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Psychic, Ghost, Dark
Weak Vs: Water, Flying, Ground, Electric
Attacks: Teleport, Recover, Burst, Absorb, Temperature Barrier, Smile, Pretty Wink, Inspire
Enhancements: Magic affinity, Can provide mental stimulation to new ideas in addition to obvious physical stimulation their sexy bodies provide, distractions, flat out fun
Evolves: SnuggleBunny (simultaneous orgasm with Tamer)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Unconfirmed)
Plot Bunnies were a truly surprising discovery. Generally similar to Bunnygirls in some ways, they also have WILDLY varying characteristics and behavior. Personalities are so different between each individual Plot Bunny that no commonality has ever been recorded. In this they are similar to Megamis, as no two are exactly alike and trying to anticipate what one can or will do or where one will lead you is nearly pointless. However, despite all this there is an inexplicable recognition to those who bother to look that this is, indeed, a Plot Bunny.
Plot Bunnies are vaguely similar to Bunnygirls in appearance. They have fluffy tails, like Bunnygirls, and bunny-like muzzles. Their hands are more human, while their feet are only slightly rabbit-like in appearance. Their legs are muscular and well-defined, again something they share with Bunnygirls. However, what stands out the most about them, and is one of the few commonalties noticed between individual members of the breed, is their faces and ears.
Plot Bunny faces are adorable and very expressive. However there are strange markings around their faces, which make it seem like they are wearing a mask. They VERY RARELY let people touch these markings, and a good way to get a Plot Bunny mad at you (which by and large is considered to be as stupid as letting a Bimbo become a Hyperdoll) is to try and pick at the markings. They become very defensive and angry, use their 'inspirational' mental abilities to implant several dangerous and utterly stupid ideas in the Tamer, and disappear, never appearing before that Tamer again. Around their ears are similar markings. Aside from those strange markings, their faces and ears appear entirely organic. A sign of ultimate trust from a Plot Bunny is when they let their Tamer not just touch, but caress those markings.
Plot Bunnies aren't that useful in regular Pokébattle, but that isn't their primary purpose. Plot Bunnies, and this is a direct quote from one of them, "Exist to inspire." Plot Bunnies have a unique ability to give psychic stimulation during Taming, allowing for the Tamer to gain new ideas, or be able to complete old ideas that they were never able to before. The risk, though, is that not all the ideas they give are good ones. The most infamous of which being an idea a Tamer got from Taming a Plot Bunny that involved him taking on Jenova directly. The results were predictable, and somewhat messy. They are intelligent Pokégirls, and seem to be wise beyond their apparent years, as well as being a little mischievous. Plot Bunnies are also among the favorite Pokégirls of writers, artists, dancers, and musicians.
They have a low tolerance for abuse, and have been known to steal from abusive Tamers as well as implant ideas in their head which will make them look foolish. Also, as they tend to disappear when a Tamer starts mistreating them, it's unknown if they can become a Mini-Top or Penance. Otherwise, they are very friendly, affectionate, and somewhat silly Pokégirls. They also tend to respond to violent situations by throwing Lust Dust-laced banana cream pies at everything in the surrounding area of the fight. It's presumed they keep the pies in the same place as the hammer from the Hammer attack is kept in.
One of the stranger abilities Plot Bunnies have is their ability to quite literally fight off writer's block. They summon a square-shaped giant monster from inside the Tamer's head, pull a sword and shield out of seemingly nowhere, and engage in an utterly silly battle which always ends with either a clean victory or the Plot Bunny cheating to win. With the writer's block destroyed, the Tamer finds they can write again. But not before the Plot Bunny gets her reward…
No one really understands how Plot Bunnies breed. One hasn't been seen going through parthenogenesis, and there have been no recorded Pokéwoman Plot Bunnies since they were first discovered. Many have been questioned about it, and while some Plot Bunnies have shown the ability to make themselves SEEM pregnant, according to their Tamer's fetish, there has been no confirmation or even general clue as to why their numbers vary so wildly, sometimes from day to day. The only real clue we've gotten is from the Legendary Pokégirl Macavity, who, when asked about them, began giggling uncontrollably before teleporting away, taking a tied-up and whimpering Jenova with her.
No cases of Threshold have been reported.
A popular phrase has arisen about Plot Bunnies: "A word of warning: When you chase a Plot Bunny into her hole, be prepared for a wild ride."
The reason the following data is classified isn't because it's such a dramatic secret, but because it's because the Plot Bunnies that were willing to come forward about this wish to keep it secret. As they have proven to be loyal and loving (especially the Plot Bunny belonging to this researcher), we have agreed to classify it.
The reason a Plot Bunny's face looks mask-like is because it's just that: a mask. An enchanted mask that can act as and feels like their real face, but a mask nevertheless. Same with their ears. They can remove their face and replace it with either a cat face and ears, which changes their remaining rabbit-like attributes to cat-like, or a puppy face and ears, which changes their remaining rabbit-like attributes to puppy-like. In their cat-like form, they are called Distraction Kitties. In their puppy-like forms, they are called Vorpal Puppies. In either of their three forms, they maintain the same inspiration abilities, they just change species attributes. As they want their full natures kept secret for now, they have allowed data to be released on their other two forms as separate Pokégirls, but with almost exactly similar entries. The amusement they get from seeing Tamers try to figure out why the entries are so similar is near endless. Their type of inspiration also changes depending on what they are at the moment. Plot Bunnies are passive/aggressive in what they inspire. Distraction Kitties are passive in what they inspire, and Vorpal Puppies are aggressive in what they inspire.
As for their 'real' face, the face behind the mask, that…

That defies all verbal description.
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PLUSSY and MIBOOBSY, the Tag Team Pokégirls
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Fire and Electric/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Synchronized fighters
Libido: Average, High in high electricity areas
Strong Vs: Flying, Bug, Ice, Steel (Plussy); Flying, Water, Electric (Miboobsy)
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon (Plussy); Fighting, Fire, Rock (Miboobsy)
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Agility, Luminaire, Static Barrier, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick (Both); Flame Shot, Napalm, Flamethower, Ignite (Plussy); Ice Beam, Ice Armor, Avalanche, Ice Slide (Miboobsy)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Pokeballed as one, Aura of Cute
Weaknesses: Loose electric powers when separated, prone to rage/depression when separated
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
In 219AS a Team run genetics operation was infiltrated by a PLC official, undercover, the agent witnessed several violations of not only local laws, but crimes against nature as well. Most of these pitiable G-splices and mutations had to be put down, but the lab's most recent experiment was salvageable, and have come to be the breed known as Plussy and Miboobsy. Unlike most breeds with subtypes, the Plussy and Miboobsy are not considered separate Pokégirls in their own right. In fact, pairs of the subtypes of this breed have extreme co-dependency upon each other. Truly, this co-breed of Pokégirls are intriguing to say the least.
Both Plussy and Miboobsy are rodent type Pokégirls, based off of a Chipmunk, a ground squirrel which is rarely seen in the modern era. Plussies and Miboobsies both look very similar to each other within their twin pairs, being closer to maternal twins than fraternal twins . The breed ranges from human looking Pokégirls with large round ears and short tails, to nearly full animorphs, with slight muzzles and full body fur. The fur of the breed is usually a cream to yellow color, though Plussies have bright red highlights on their ears and tail, and Miboobsies have deep blue highlights on the same areas. Human looking Plussies and Miboobsies barely show their cream fur color, though no matter how human or anthropomorphic individual pairs of the breed are, they still have slightly rounded cheeks from electrical sacks, much like the Peekaboo line. These electric pouches are noted by red fur with a white plus sign on most anthropomorphic Plussies, though human looking Plussies merely have a area of lighter skin that looks like a plus sign. Miboobsies also carry this feature, though their fur color is blue on furry specimens and the symbol is a dash or minus sign. Also, a Plussy's tail is cross shaped, looking much like a hard plus sign sticking out from her body; while a Miboobsy's tail is 'T' shaped, like a hard minus sign attached to the end of their blue tails. The tail is where a majority of the breeds elemental powers come from. They are a bit on the short side, usually around 4-5 feet in height, though taller pairs have been noted. Their breast size tends to range from a modest B to a busty C, though most of the breed lean towards the B cup range.
One of the most interesting facets of the breed is that Plussies and Miboobsies are always found as twin sets, each with a Plussy and Miboobsy. Oddly this also extends to Pokéballing the Pokégirls, as when one is captured or recalled, the beam extends to their partner as well. Due to this odd quirk found in most identical twin Pokégirls, Plussies and Miboobsies are Pokéballed as one, and most Leagues consider them to be a single Pokégirl. Research has shown that there is a deep psychic link between the twins, similar to a delta bond, that make each Plussy and Miboobsy dependent on their counterpart. Plussies tend to produce a positive charge from their electric sacs in the breed's cheeks and tail, while Miboobsies produce negative charge. Without the corresponding charge, the Plussy and Miboobsy cannot create the needed electricity to use their electric attacks, leaving them with only their intrinsic control over fire or ice as offense or defense. This means that even in battle, a Plussy and Miboobsy pair will stick close to each other, the maximum distance being recorded at just under 10 yards. When separated by more distance than that, their electrical attacks tend to fizzle ineffectively.
Due to their close bond, only twin Pokékits born to a Plussy or Miboobsy survive, as there have been no known single Pokékits to be born alive. Without their partner, Plussies tend to slide into rages easily, and begin to have blood pressure problems, eventually perishing from heart disease. Miboobsies without a partner, on the other hand, will slide into a deep depression, their bodily functions slowly shutting down as they starve themselves. This has even proven true in utero, as fetal Pokékits suffer from the same symptoms and usually miscarry early on in the pregnancy. Rarely, if a Plussy and Miboobsy team get pregnant together, the twins can manage to have one Pokékit apiece so long as each Pokégirl is carrying one Plussy Pokékit and one Miboobsy Pokékit. Extensive research into the odd quirk of the breed has shown that a Plussy or Miboobsy can actually accept a new partner should their twin perish. However, the odds of two pairs of Plussy and Miboobsy having a partner perish and leaving behind a Plussy and Miboobsy are slim due to their rarity and the odds of this happening.
In addition to their electrical attacks, Plussies and Miboobsies each have one extra elemental ability. Plussies can use and learn fire attacks, while Miboobsies can use and learn ice attacks. It is theorized that this is due to their positive and negative electrical abilities respectively, positively charging the air to produce fire attacks, or using a negative charge to create ice attacks. Regardless of how their other elemental abilities are achieved, the typing remains inherent to the breed, as Plussies are neither strong nor weak to water, while Miboobsies have an added weakness to fire.
When together, each twin pair forms an interesting dynamic. Sometimes there is one more assertive of the pair, either the Miboobsy leading with her cool head and intellect, or the Plussy leading with her passion and aggressiveness. Other times the pair act startlingly similar, speaking in tandem and finishing each others sentences. Luckily, unlike with other twins, tamers can easily tell them apart by ear color alone. Overall, Plussies and Miboobsies are cheerful and helpful Pokégirls, well suited for either tag matches or grand melee battles. However, they're not well suited for one on one matches, as being too far away from their partner hobbles their fighting abilities greatly.
In a battle, most pairs of the breed rely on electrical attacks, blasting the area with Thunderbolts, though they have been known to use their fire and ice abilities in tandem for a powerful one two punch. If caught away from each other, pairs can only rely on their fire or ice attacks, but they quickly use agility to try and get back within their electrical range. Usually however, neither of the pair are very willing to separate from each other.
Taming with a Plussy and Miboobsy pair is quite an experience, as usually pairs are quite willing to share. Unless the breed's cheek sacs are pressed, Plussies and Miboobsies are not known to loose control of their electrical abilities, and they have better control over their fire and ice abilities. No restraints or special equipment is needed with this breed, though Miboobsies often complain of being chilly while Plussies are rather warm.
Thresholding into a Plussy or Miboobsy is rare, and quite dangerous should the thresholder have no sibling. In cases such as this, parents often scramble to find a partner Plussy or Miboobsy for their daughter to bond with, though in some more conservative leagues, she is often Pokéballed and placed into storage or shuffled into Poképower with a payment to the parents. Twin thresholders fair much better, as one inevitability thresholds into a Plussy and the other a Miboobsy. To date, there has been no instance of twin thresholders becoming the same subtype of the breed.
Feral Plussy and Miboobsy are rare, as despite being rodent Pokégirls, they are prone to perishing at twice the rate of other Pokégirls due to their unique bonding. When found together as feral, they do pose a challenge for some tamers, as the combination of electric, fire and ice proves a difficult elemental match to overcome unless countered with a rock type. They tend to gather with Peekabu and Ria during thunderstorms in the tops of trees, though Plussies and Miboobsies are less likely to congregate otherwise. Feral Plussies seem to be fascinated by fire, but avoid it due to their partners nervousness around it. Feral Miboobsies greatly enjoy winter weather, and often drag reluctant Plussies out and into cold romps.
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POLAR LASS, the Cold-Weather Rescue Specialist Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, ursinoid (bear-type)
Element: Fighting/Fire/Normal (bear)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivorous; this Pokégirl will eat next to ANYTHING as long as there is LOTS of food within reach!
Role: cold-weather search and rescue tracker/assistant nurse
Libido: Average (unbonded) to High (bonded to a Tamer)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Gust Punch (using her strength to create a ball of condensed air), Speed Punch (racing at the target at high speed and hitting it HARD), various Hug attacks (hugging the target and warming it up using her body heat [the Jacuzzi Hug] or a massive pheromone release to subdue it emotionally [the Sexy Hug]), Kawaii Look (giving the target an ultra-cute look with her eyes to overcome the target psychologically).
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Very strong arm and leg muscles, perfect for swimming or running through rough terrain. White furred skin, circular ears at temples. High Cold Resistance, Though she can produce a lot of heat energy, this Pokégirl cannot use them offensively. A Polar Lass is slower than a Grizzlar, but not by that much. Her body releases a special pheromone which allows her to overwhelm opponents through arousal. However, like Grizzlars, Polar Lasses consume energy VERY quickly, thus need the same amount of food a Snorelass requires.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Grizzlar (Ice Crystal)
Polar Lasses are one of those VERY rare types who appear in circumstances SO unique that most roving Tamers who operate in cold weather regions of the planet may never encounter one.
According to records, the first Polar Lass appeared in Capital territory sometime around PS 268 when several Pokégirl babies were stranded on an iceberg near Stamford. A Grizzlar working for a local Harem Master volunteered to swim out to the berg towing a boat carrying some Nurse Joys to save the children (no Flying Pokégirl was available). About halfway through the journey, the Grizzlar began to suffer from hypothermia, but hearing one of the babies cry out, refused to get in the boat. Plunging back into the water, she continued to swim -- and then evolved into a white-furred, cold-resistant version of herself! Fortunately for all, the babies were rescued and returned to shore.
Since that time, the World Alliance has pressed research into creating more Polar Lasses to help with civilian search-and-rescue teams. Their numbers are very limited since the numbers of Grizzlars are also limited. Attempts at evolving Snorelasses directly into Polar Lasses have failed.
Polar Lasses, as soon as people hear their history, are automatically grouped with those other Pokégirl breeds (NurseJoys, OfficerJennys, Megami, etc) who earn universal respect by just BEING.
World Alliance policy forbids the insertion of Polar Lasses in any forms of combat. The theft of a Polar Lass by anyone is *severely* punished by the Alliance, as one Team Rocket-copycat group discovered to their regret in PS 296 (the thieves were subjected to Jusenkyou water, then shipped to the Dark Continent and evolved into Dolls). Polar Lasses are normally found in coastal search-and-rescue units, especially in places where inclement weather and lots of ice are prevalent anytime of the year.
Polar Lasses are, for a Normal Pokégirl, excellent swimmers; one was said to be able to keep up with a Selkie for an hour. Their skin is lined with the same type of heat-retaining blubber whales in pre-Sukebe days possessed. Combined with their ability to produce a low-level heat field (which comes into play when they use the Jacuzzi Hug to revive a hypothermia victim), a Polar Lass could survive in freezing water temperatures for up to five hours before being forced out of the water.
On the average, most Polar Lasses are part of the harem of Tamers who possess Blood Gifts granting them the ability to resist intense cold for long periods.
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POLILUST, the Lusty Froglet Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Ground
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Mainly fish, plants
Role: Messengers
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Steel, Poison, Electric
Weak Vs: Grass, Ice
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Whirlpool, Agility, Comet Punch, Water Spear, BubbleBeam
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enhanced swimming speed (X10), Powerful Legs, Longer Arms, Enhanced Strength (X4), Total Dedication
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Poliwhore (Delta-bond)
When a Tamer has reached the Delta-bond with his Poliwhore, having trained and tamed with her enough to forge it, she undergoes her final evolution into the dedicated Polilust. With this evolution, she joins Pokégirls such as the MechDoll and the Leopardess in terms of girls who care for their masters above all else, becoming one of the only water types known to do so.
Along side her evolutions are changes to her body, her arms become stronger and thicker. She becomes a much more muscle-bound girl in general. Though she retains the sleek sexy look she had as Poliwhore and never becomes as hard formed as most fighting types, retaining a softness to her body. Maxing out to be nearly six feet in height, the Polilust bust and figure also grows, often to a very bouncy DD-cup and an hourglass figure. Her coloring, a navy blue with a white belly, remains the only thing about her that shows she’s a Pokégirl.
Now Delta-Bonded to her tamer, Polilust becomes a rather aggressive Pokégirl, not just for want of taming, though, but also when it comes to being the Alpha and simple attitude. This has often resulted into fights inside the harem when there’s an established Alpha that isn’t the Polilust, though if the current Alpha defeats the Froglet girl, she will accept her. Other then that, Polilust is all about her master. If he is pleased, then everything is fine in the world. If something is wrong, Polilust will do her best to make it right. As with Mechdoll and Leopardess, once you have a Polilust, you have one for life. Interestingly enough, Polilusts have an ongoing rivalry with Hotties and their evolutions, often pointing out the fact that the girls are toads while Polilust and their forms are frogs, and often get quite angry with anyone who dares mix up the two.
With her body now structured for fighting as well as swimming, Polilust becomes one of the sought after Pokégirls for Tamers that wish to battle. What is, perhaps, the most intriguing thing about this ground type girl is that she has almost perfect control over her strength. She is among the only girls in the world that could give her tamer a playful punch in the shoulder and not launch him across the room, despite having the power to do so. This even goes onto taming, a rather enjoyable fact for those tamers who dislike using restraints with their girls.
With Polilust, it’s a rather big surprise to tamers that have brought her up from a Polishag or a Poliwhore to find that the water/fighting type has no specific fetish. No longer fixated on her hands nor her ass like her previous forms were, it can be said that the closet thing Polilusts have to a fetish is the enjoyment of taming in the water, which is something that all water types have in common. Tamers are also recommended to have lots of Stamina drinks on hand, as the Polilust needs to be tamed repeatedly and often, enough so that some tamers claim her to exceed even a Vixxen.
Feral Polilusts are almost unheard of, almost always a direct result of a tamers death, since there is almost no other way for a Polilust to come around without it happening. And in most cases of a tamer’s death, the Polilust kills herself, unable to live without her master. There is currently no record of a Threshold Polilust.
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POLISHAG, the Titty Tadpole Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Mainly fish
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Whirlpool, Agility
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enchanced swiming speed, Muscular tail
Evolves: Poliwhore (Normal)
Evolves From: None
These tadpole-like Pokégirls were rarely seen during the War of Revenge. The few times that they were they were either completely feral or in possession of a coded message that was supposedly in route to one of the Pokégirl bases.
Polishags are very thin Pokégirls which deep blue skin. On their stomach is a white patch which has a spiral design imprinted on them. At first researchers believed it was a defect Sukebe ignored in creating the species, but it was soon discovered that Polishags who were related to each other had the same spiral while Polishags who were not had slightly different spirals. It is now believed that the spirals indicate a 'tribe' or 'clan' in which the Polishag comes from. Their breast size can range from C-cup to D-cup depending on how tall they are. A Polishag's height can reach to six feet, but that height is rare and most stand at five feet or five foot five. The Polishag do have hair on the heads, but it is usually kept short or held back by something. The color is usually a sea green or light blue. The Polishag also posess a tail with a fin at the end which is similar to what a normal tadpole would have.
Polishag are usually very pleasant, even when feral they usually don't bother anyone unless they feel particularly needy for taming. They usually just end up lounging in water or sunning themselves on shore. They are very fast in water and aren't shy in using that ability when they think that they are in danger. Catching one can be difficult unless a Tamer has a Pokégirl that can keep up with them, or they lure the Polishag away from the water.
Taming a Polishag is always a challenge. Not because it is dangerous or needing a lot of effort, but because the Polishag just doesn't want to stop. Every Taming is like the first time to them and they enjoy it to the last moment and usually end up asking for more once they finish. Some have compared Polishags to Growlies in how they never seem to get bored 'playing' with their Tamer. A Polishag will also sometimes use her tail to spank someone they want to have a session with or are in the throes of a taming session. Luckily, Polishags enjoy taming with other Pokégirls so if their Tamer has other Pokégirls then there isn't much to worry about.
In battle Polishags are at a slight disadvantage outside of the water. They really prefer attacking from a distance or running to avoid attacks. An odd tactic that a Polishag, if they are wet and out of the water for a while, become slimy to the touch and hard to hold onto. Grappling techniques tend not to work on Polishags when their skin is in this condition, which makes it hard for fighting-types to get a hold of them unless they go for direct punches or kicks.
Thresholding into a Polishag is a common occurrence. It is usually what those who enter threshhold become when they have frog Pokégirl ancestry.
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POLIWHORE, the Sexy Frog Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Mainly fish, plants
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Agility, Double Slap, Water Spear, BubbleBeam
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enhanced swimming speed (X3), Powerful Legs, Longer Arms
Evolves: Polilust (Delta-Bond)
Evolves From: Polishag (Normal)
With enough training, time, and taming, a Polishag gets to evolve into a Poliwhore, and the change is everything she could want and more. No longer is she spurned by tamers for her odd lack of arms and paddle tail, for the tail is no more and long, powerful arms have grown in their rightful place. By becoming more human in appearance, Poliwhores also cement themselves as popular water types that can be used on land and at sea, where their powerful legs can be used in both.
Growing to be an average five feet in height, the Poliwhore often takes her time enjoying her new limbs, taking absolute enjoyment in using them for swimming, fighting, and masturbating, the latter of which is a pastime she couldn’t enjoy. She retains her coloring from her previous form almost completely, her skin lightening its tone only slightly to become a brighter blue. Poliwhore also enjoy a much wanted increase in bust, giving her a nice heavy C-cup, and curvy form, making it all that easier to get her master into the sack. What’s odd about this girl, though, is despite being classified as the Sexy Frog Pokégirl, the only things that even hint her amphibious nature is her arms, which are longer then a humans, and a tongue that’s about equal to a Hotties.
Where as Polishag was playful and fun loving, Poliwhores are VERY lusty Pokégirls, so much so that they are often considered to be the water type Growlie in terms of constant want for sex, often posing to show off their new bodies, especially after they’ve left the water where their bodies glisten. Despite this newly sexual mindset, however, Poliwhores are as heterosexual as their previous forms are, absolutely refusing even to do foreplay with a girl, a surprising thing in itself, since Poliwhores love using their hands for just about anything.
When in battle, the Poliwhore often experiences some mild shock that her new limbs aren’t suited completely for combat, especially considering that until now she couldn’t properly learn hand and arm techniques. This will not deter a Poliwhore, however, as while she continues to use her long range abilities in battle, she’ll do her best to learn attacks that uses her arms and hands, increasing her skill as a close combat fighter.
As stated before, Poliwhores are girls that love to be tamed, and as with everything else, the water type loves using her new hands and arms to please her master, going as far as to become sexual aroused from giving her master a hand-job. In fact, much like how Polishags have anal fetishes because of their tails, Poliwhores have hand fetishes because of their hands, loving their own and others. A skilled tamer will be able to make a Poliwhore completely his by getting her to orgasm by his hands alone. It should be noted, however, that while Poliwhore are just as heterosexual as their sisters, they will enjoy other pokgirls that have cock or cock like abilities, making the Frog girl among one of the few girls that enjoy having a Dildoqueen around.
Feral Poliwhores are actually a bit rarer then their rarity would lead one to believe, since the heterosexual girl is often WANTING to be captured by a male and is often doing her best to tease and arouse males more then battling. Threshold Poliwhores, while very rare, don’t have the fixation with their hands as their feral cousins do, but when they realize they could have lost their hands in the Polishag stage, almost all of them are glad they had thresholded into Poliwhore instead
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POLTERKISSED, the Cuddly Little Hate Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Emotions (Hatred, Rage and Jealousy)
Role: Entropy Incarnate/ Psychological warfare
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic
Attacks: Phase, Nightshade, Go Down, Energy Drain, Drain, Invis (1-3), Ectoplasm, Lick, Rip the Mortal Form
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Lifesight, Deathsight, Entropic Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wraith (Staying in their Shadow Mind for more than a day) OR (Dark Stone)
Reward for keeping a Polterkissed Tame: 50,000 slc per week.
Fine for letting a Polterkissed go Feral: 5,000,000 slc.
Polterkissed are the darker sisters of wraith. They are what happen to a Wraith whose Shadow Mind stayed in control for longer than a day. In their evolutions, their lighter mind merges with their now-more-powerful Shadow Mind and their dispositions are reversed. The only thing that remains is a deep, twisted love of their tamer. This love of their tamer is very deep, much deeper than one would expect form something made up almost entirely of hate and rage.
A Polterkissed can be seen as the ultimate among the battle tamers who like ghost type Pokégirls if not for several problems.
Firstly: She can no longer become fully solid. She can only become semi-solid through a supreme effort to remain such. They can no longer embody fully due to their distance from the ‘Skinlands.’ Taming them seems more like fucking a jelly mold that moves around you than anything else. It’s quite pleasurable for some reason. Theories include that they transmit a sort of resonance directly to the Tamer’s pleasure center.
More often than not they try to stay Sane by simply raping humans while they sleep and simply taking what they need. This is difficult when they are feral, but they still try. Their preferred Taming method is, of course, Rape. Either of them, or by them. They will often set up situations where their tamer can be the rapist, and this is only slightly better than actual rape since it’s mostly role-playing.
Secondly, they are very twisted and very evil. Their views of the world are twisted by their evolution. To them, everything is simply waiting to be destroyed, even themselves. They will throw themselves into danger without a second thought and continue to fight no matter how damaged they are, making them terrifying opponents to come up against. The only reason they do not have a bounty on them is because of the minimal damage they can deal to solid objects while Feral. Mazouku and Masui get along famously with Polterkissed.
While feral, they cannot even become visible, only in areas where a great amount of tragedy has occurred will they even be able to affect the solid world. Polterkissed are quite a common occurrence following a Widow attack.
The Polterkissed’s form is very mutable, dependant on her state of mind. On average, a specter will look like an Incorporeal Shadowgirl-copy of her Wraithly self. She looks just as she did when she was a Wraith, except for the dramatic color shift. This can be confusing sometimes, as they can change their coloration with concentration and look just as they did as a wraith, causing other wraiths to make an oft fatal mistake. Meanwhile if they are caught in the throws of their own evil and madness they can seem completely inhuman and alien.
Another problem with the Polterkissed is that they are, as mentioned above, twisted and evil. They view their Tamer as “The Great Destroyer” and address them as such when not calling them “Master.” When not actively destroying something, they will beg their Tamer to let them destroy something, and will sometimes not even ask, they simply will. They will often plot to destroy any higher-ranking ‘girls in the Harem so that they may be their Tamers “Favorite Minion.” A Polterkissed takes insults to her Tamer very personally, and reacts dangerously, possibly lethally.
The Polterkissed has her good points, but they are far outweighed by the bad. Tamers are urged to capture the Polterkissed in question and turn it in to their league. The league will make reparations for damages done by the Polterkissed (within reason) and will exchange a Domesticate Wraith for any captured feral Polterkissed. Note: This only applies to ferals. Any Wraith that evolves into a Polterkissed while in a Tamers Harem is the Tamers responsibility.
Due to their formation, no reports of Thresholding into a Polterkissed have been reported. It is assumed impossible. Quite frankly, we’re HOPING it’s impossible.
Rip the Mortal Form – (ATK 20): This allows the Polterkissed to attack from a position of relative safety, ash she is tecnically incorporal hwile attacking. the attack itself seems to be more of an attack at the opponents life-force than anything else, but due to the nature of their separation from reality, it is rather weak.
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PONYTAUR, the Centauress Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon in most leagues. Rare in Mountain, Forest, and Orange Leagues
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Mobile scouts, rescue agents, farmers, transporters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Stomp, Mega Kick, Take Down, Tackle, Dodge, Sonic Wave, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Metamorphic ability, Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2), enhanced sense of balance.
Evolves: Rapitaur (normal), Unicorn (Dawn Stone), Frozenare (Ice Crystal), Clydesdame (Sun Stone + Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
A Pokégirl that was the 12th created by Sukebe after experimenting with the other basic normal types, the Ponytaur was fashioned somewhat after an animal from that time called a horse. Four-legged, strong equine body, these Pokégirls became known as Ponytaur after the first few battles that found them attacking humans with either makeshift weaponry or by using their Sonic Wave techniques to disrupt the terrain, destroy roads and bridges, and basically make human life a living hell by transporting one or two other Pokégirls on their back. In the days before teleporting and psychic Pokégirls became available, this was Sukebe’s assault team’s Pokégirl transport of choice. With their centaur-like body, they galloped like the wind and could keep up their maximum speed for an hour or two at most before needing a break. These Pokégirls are also capable of assuming a human form, allowing them to blend into human society... and on some occasions, were used to infiltrate military compounds where captured Pokégirls were being held for questioning or scientific study. Upon rescuing the caught Pokégirls, they would escape easily afterwards. The one drawback is that while in human form, the Ponytaur loses half of their enhancements.
After the war, the Ponytaur were also one of the first Pokégirls to be captured, despite their great running speed. When feral, the Ponytaur would act on instinct alone, and travel in herds of a dozen or more, often traveling about in plains or forests to avoid being found. They are very finicky at first, and do not trust any obviously hostile Pokégirl or human that may come near, often spooking upon seeing any being other than those in their herd. They tend to run rather than fight, unless it is to save a Pokékit of the herd. They tend to protect their children and even others from hostile Pokégirls against any odds, and this has led to several slaughters over the years between the Revenge War and present day. Once their worth was reevaluated, however, Ranches began to utilize these Pokégirls, domesticating them, and today they enjoy a steadily increasing popularity and usage throughout the world as the ‘work-horse’ Pokégirl. Although the meaning behind the phrase is old, it is still valid.
According to historians and researchers, these Pokégirl’s equine portions closely resemble the animals they were based off of. As there were many different variations of what was known as a horse, there are also these kinds of variations for the Ponytaur as well. In their centaur-form, the Ponytaur can stand anywhere between 5ft 4in. tall all the way up to 7ft tall on the average. In human form, these Pokégirls usually lose about eight inches in height in comparison to their centaur form. Their short-furred equine portions tend to be the same color as their human skin, and these Pokégirls have a mane that reaches from their hair down their back to meet their equine-body. This mane is always the same color as her hair is, unless one or the other has been dyed. Ponytaur often have B-cup or larger breasts, though none have been recorded with larger than a D-cup without the use of certain powders. These Pokégirls enjoy a rather high popularity in most leagues due to their speed, strength, and endurace, and can normally be seen on farms and being used to haul goods and passengers to and from places. The Ponytaur taxi-services, available in most large cities in almost any league, are a cheap and reliable way to get to where you need, or need something, to go. Fortunately, most Ponytaur enjoy being used to transport things and people, perhaps a throwback to the days of the ‘horse and carriage’ that is described in pre-Sukebe literature.
Although fast, Ponytaur must train to gain their maneuverability. This has led to the rivalry that exists between the Ponytaur and the Chocoboobs, who can do almost the same job, but are much more maneuverable in their large chicken-like form. Most researchers suggest that because of this rivalry, these two should be allowed in the same harem because they try to improve themselves to try and be better than the other. While the Chocoboob may prefer to go the speed-route, the Ponytaur is more common throughout the world and is somewhat more versatile, making these the most likely reasons as to why tamers, researchers, farmers, and watchers enjoy owning them compared to the Chocoboob. Another thing in the Ponytaur’s favor is their seeming sixth-sense for obstacles and danger in the form of shifts of the ground around them within a 25-foot radius of themselves, allowing them to avoid ambushes and tamers that aren’t trying to conceal their presence.
Ponytaurs are one of the more easily accepted threshold cases for human girls, although it must be acknowledged that they are also one of the more painful as a result of the sheer amount of change that the girl must go through. Unfortunately, these are also rather common among farming communities and are almost as common in larger cities as well. There is a specialized medicine available at most hospitals in any league that has been developed that can actually make the process less painful for the thresholding girl (it is expensive, but usually one dose is all it takes to finish the threshold process). Ponytaur have also been noted to be very sociable Pokégirls, often doing things for other Pokégirls in order to be accepted. As such, some Ponytaurs are pushovers within a harem, and researchers suggest that they be considered on an individual basis for Alpha or Beta positions within a harem.
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POOL MOUSE, the Playful Mouse Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare (Common on Magma Islands)
Diet: Kelp, fruits, vegetables
Role: Fisher-women
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Draining Rain, Mirror Image, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Bubbler, Bubble Cross, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Very good swimming, ability to breath fresh or sea water, highly tuned sixth sense, stronger personality
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Water Stone)
When a Titmouse evolves into a Pool Mouse, she loses the fur she had as a Titmouse, but all of her skin turns incredibly smooth and slick. Her tail also gains a strange blue ball at the tip, which is believed to hide the water that she uses so her breasts remain the same size, unlike the Squirtitty. The ball is known to grow and shrink in size whenever she uses a water technique away from a water source, but it is never larger than her head and is never smaller than her fist. It's believed that she may be able to re-absorb leftover moisture from her water attacks to rejuvenate her own supply.
A Pool Mouse is usually not much taller than she was as a Titmouse, but she may gain up to six inches in height and she may slowly develop slightly larger breasts than she had before. Her breasts, stomach and inner thighs are usually bright white while the rest of her skin is blue. Her eye color doesn't change, but they may seem sharper.
Pool Mice have a much stronger sixth sense, being able to detect anyone in any direction within twenty feet, unless there's a solid non-water-porous obstacle, like a steel wall. She also cannot detect intent, but she will know where everyone is within her detection range, no matter how fast they move.
Pool Mice also have a greater sense of fun, loving to play with anyone who will join them in a game. Probably the worst thing about this is that they sometimes completely ignore their sixth sense, though this is generally at the height of play or passion.
The second worst is perhaps their longest running prank on any Pokégirls new to their harem, which is to float bubbles up behind them to make it appear the victim farted. The joke is as old and stale as the Bubble technique and yet, most Pool Mice will still get a hearty laugh out of it.
Because of their ability to detect things around her even when underwater and their cheerful nature, they're viewed as good companions or supervisors for Titodiles or Cuntnaws who aid fishermen.
Pool Mice aren't good fighters, but are excellent when it sex techniques or any supplemental techniques that can help her allies.
Pool Mice have quite sensitive tails and not in an erotic way. Most will sleep on their stomachs or on their side to avoid accidentally pinching the nerves in their tails. Coincidentally, they tend to favor positions where they can be either on top or facing their partner.
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POT-CUNT, the Cannabis Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human (plantlike)
Element: Plant/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: anything that fits into her mouth
Role: Fighters, painkillers
Strong Vs: Plant, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Libido: Above Average
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Ignite, Flamethrower, Firewind, Fire Floor, Flame Shot, Vine Whip, Command Plants, Wood Tower, Razor Leaf, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength ( x3), inability to become stoned through any means, enhanced beauty, clarity of mind, fire powers, greater combat ability all around
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Toca (normal)
The first thing a Pot-Cunt feels upon their evolution from Toca is relief. Their minds clear up, allowing them to think clearly for the first time in a long while, and they become immune to any intoxicants. They also gain vastly improved looks and a more plantlike appearance, their eyes clearing and turning green. They gain a 'feathering' around their forearms, calves, and on their shoulders that looks like cannabis leaves, the hair on their cunt turning into cannabis leaves as well. Their skin turns green, their breasts become a DD cup, and their hair turns a much darker green.
Pot-Cunts are very jocular Pokégirls, liking to make jokes about their previous forms. They take teasing very well, and try to do everything they can to make up for the weaknesses of their previous forms, almost to the point of overcompensation in some cases. They also, because of their vastly improved looks, like to go naked as much as possible.
Pot-Cunts gain a lot of fighting ability, including several potent plant-type and fire-type attacks. They are excellent fighters and use their abilities to great effect. Pot-Cunts also discover early on that they can combine their elements, for example using flaming vine whips, or throwing flaming razor leaves. In addition, the smoke from the burning plant weapons has the same disorienting effect as the Toca's Pot Cloud attack. Also, a recent discover has indicated that in very light doses, the smoke from a Pot-Cunt can act as a painkiller, lessening the pain from severe wounds in battle. This combination of abilities make Pot-Cunts very formidable fighters. Despite the numerous pros to the Pot-Cunt, the unpopularity of their previous form makes it rare to find a Pot-Cunt in a harem.
Feral Pot-Cunts tend to stay in fields, resting in tall grasses and soaking up the sun. When confronted, they lash out with flaming vine whips in an attempt to drive off their attackers so that they either leave them alone, or disorient them enough for the Pot-Cunt to escape.
No reports of Thresholding directly to a Pot-Cunt have been reported as of yet.
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PRI-MATE the Little Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Common (Forrest and Slot) Rare (Every where else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Forest Messengers and Raiders
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Rock, Normal, Dark, Bug
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Fury Swipes, Quickturn, Taunt, Headbutt, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, and Balance (x2), Prehensile Tail, Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Babeoon (Leaf Stone), Lemura (Dusk Stone), Atelesia (Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None
The Pri-Mate is a short Pokégirl. The average height for the breed is somewhere between 4'6” and 5' even. There are cases where the girl is shorter or taller, but these are very rare. Pri-Mates can range anywhere from Near Human to Very Near Human, the difference depends on how she was born. Ferals are usually covered with a short coat of soft brown fur, while a Domesticated and Threshold cases can have extra hair ranging from full body fur to having only slightly more pronounced hair growing on their arms and legs. All Pri-Mates have a prehensile tail that is about half as long as their body. They can use their tail almost as well as their hands and feet, the tail is strong enough to support the girl's weight if they decide to hang by it.
Pri-Mates have a thin body with a maximum breast size of a B-cup. They, like the Ocelolita, tend to resemble young girls between the ages of 13 to 16. Pri-Mates all have a curious and playful personality, one that usually leads them into trouble. They like exploring new places and meeting new people, each one wanting to learn about the entire world around them. Pri-Mates can be decent starting 'girls, but their personalities tend to make them a bit hard for new tamers to handle. They do, however, make an excellent opponent for beginning tamers to try their Pokégirls out against. Because of their curious nature they don't make very good Alphas or Betas, preferring to know what's going on rather than trying to help with what's going on.
Their curious nature extends to the bedroom as well. Pri-Mates are willing to try any and all sexual acts at least once. If they're being forced to partake of acts that they don't like they'll make sure that they're heard. They have a tendency to screech loudly when excited, angry, or upset. Tamers tend to stop what they're doing when their Pri-Mate starts chattering in order to get them to stop.
During the War Pri-Mates were used as message carriers in dense jungle and forest settings. When not moving through the treetops delivering messages, a simple task when taking into account their hand like feet and tail, they would amuse themselves by raiding jungle cargo lines. These 'troops' were often accompanied by other jungle assault Pokégirls. In battle they tend to strike in waves. When the first wave retreats a second wave rushes in to continue the assault and so on. Ferals use this method to their advantage, usually rushing in with a small group to attack with Fury Swipes.
The Feral state of Pri-Mates is interesting. They tend to group together in packs, or 'troops', anywhere from ten to fifty or more. Researchers find it interesting because these troops are set up almost like small communities. There are social groups inside of the troop much like those that would be found in any community. The researchers were able to study the behavior for a little more than a week before the troop, annoyed by their presence, chased them away by flinging sticks, stones, and feces at them. On the rare occasions that they are found by themselves Pri-Mates have shown to be much more aggressive than they are when with a group or harem. When introduced into a harem most of the Pri-Mates that were living solitary lives tend to show that they are unable to addapt, trying to do everything by themselves and shunning others, even their tamer.
Threshold cases are well known if the girl's family has a strong history of simian pokegirl ancestry. The first thing that girls undergoing find is that they start growing more hair on their arms and legs that no amount of shaving can take care of. Around the middle of the transformation is the most painful, they begin growing their tails and their feet start to reshape themselves.
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PRIMPLOVE, the Primping Penguin PokéGirl Type: Near Human - Avian
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon (Scarlet League), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: seafood, preference for fish
Role: Primadonna, spoiled brat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Ice Beam, Mist, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Peck, Gust
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Secondary Eyelids, Water Purifier, Cold Resistance
Evolves: EmpressLove (normal)
Evolves From: PimpLove (normal)
The PrimpLove is the next evolution of PimpLove. Upon gaining enough experience via PokéBattles and Taming, a PimpLove evolves into PrimpLove. Once evolved, a PrimpLove gains several inches of height, and thins out slightly, loosing the pudgy look she had before. The particular blue coloration of her body makes a PrimpLove appear to be wearing a coat, causing the white areolas of her breast resemble buttons. She also has a distinct dual crest on her head resembling a tiara or a crown. Her breasts enlarge, usually to around a large B-Cup, which, added to noticeable hips, give her a more feminine frame than her previous form.
The PrimpLove is as her name suggests, and is one of the reason why Tamers want to evolve their PimpLove, yet worry about what it's going to take to get her to the form that is sought after; a PrimpLove is an attention-whore loves to be spoiled rotten. Where a PimpLove loved sex and having her way, the PrimpLove is all about having things her way or the highway! Even though she now has the element of ice as a sub-type pokégirls, PrimpLoves are surprisingly foul-tempered and short on patience. As soon as things are going her way in the slightest she can become belligerent and stubborn.
It is suggested that the Tamer either make her his Alpha for the Time being or have a PokéGirl strong against Water/Ice to keep her in line, such as an Electric-type pokégirl. Otherwise, the PrimpLove will be vying to get the most attention by taking the Alpha Position for herself.
This attitude is probably why PimpLoves and PrimpLoves live with their own kind in the wild. And with each colony of PrimpLove, each one considers itself the most important.
A surprising characteristic about PrimpLove is that while they are an Ice-type, their preferred climate is hot and temperate; dense forests becoming a favored area to find colonies of Feral PrimpLove. Unlike their pre-evolved form, wild PrimpLoves are prone to violence, even if the proposed threat isn't one at all. While it has a number of long-range attacks, Feral PrimpLoves have a preference for closing in on their intended target and Pecking away.
When it comes to sex, the PrimpLove is a greedy self-serving little tramp, demanding all attention from numerous partners be concentrated on her all at once. While this is good for Tamers who try to Tame a number of his girls at once, the fact remains that the PrimpLove is VERY demanding.
While it is not a regular occurrence, it us, unfortunately, not unheard of for girls going through Threshold to skip the initial form and turn into PrimpLoves. They tend to become extremely irritable and bitchy, and because of such tendencies, often find themselves quickly carted off to a Pokégirl Ranch, or not seeing the full transformation of their Threshold; not a jury to this day has yet to convict a parent for such action either.
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PSI-DYKE, the Man-Hating Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid/Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivorous (ferals prefer raw freshly-killed meat)
Role: Anti-Human Psychic Task Force
Libido: exclusively lesbian, moderately High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Quick, Agility, Telekinesis
Enhancements: Night vision, unique skin, functional claws
Evolves: Psivamp (Moon Shard), Psilady (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Psi-Dykes are not common for many reasons, not the least of which is their carnivorous eating habits.
Threshold and Domesticate Psi-Dykes look Near Human so long as they don't become feral. Psi-Dykes don't have a unique appearance, but all Psi-Dykes have a unique skin takes on a smooth, almost oily, texture. Their skin allows them to resist 'pruning' in water and gives them a silken touch.
Feralborn Psi-Dykes, a true rarity, and any Psi-Dyke who DOES go feral do not look very humanoid. Their skin turns a faint turquoise color and looks almost scaly, even though it isn't. Their eye colors usually invert (save for their pupils), and their claws lengthen to an inch, but become retractable. When feral, Psi-Dykes have a tendency to separate things into that which can be mated with and that which is food. Everything else is a concern only in how it can be used to get either more things to mate with or more things to eat.
If Domesicate or a Threshold Pokégirl takes a female human lover, she will return to her Near Human appearance, save for her claws, which remain retractable. Their psychic powers are considerable and only the strongest willed of female Tamers has been known to keep in control of a Psi-Dyke when she's "in the mood".
Feralborn Psi-dykes have also been known to cause some dismay due to their habit of swallowing live rodents whole, though some have adopted a more civilized habit of biting the heads off before devouring their meal. Domesticate or Threshold Psi-Dykes may seek out a Khangasscunt or a Chickenlittle to fulfill their meat needs.
When feralborn or domesticate born, Psi-Dyke instinctively hate males, and it's believed that they may have been made as an attempt to keep Pokégirls from going feral and joining mankind. Domesticate Pokégirls can usually keep their hatred in check to the point that they can be nice to men who are well-mannered or good at heart; but Feralborn Psi-Dykes have a harder time tolerating any man.
Threshold Pokégirls do not arbitrarily change their opinions about men, but slowly find themselves less and less attracted to male until only bishounen-esque men (i.e. men who are pretty to the point of being feminine in appearance) can even begin to arouse them. Eventually, 95% of all threshold Psi-Dykes will find that the strongest relationships they can have with men is purely friendship. Threshold Psi-Dykes are the most likely to even attempt to engage in a heterosexual relationship, but find themselves requiring female companionship as well, due to the fact that Psi-Dykes are among the rare Pokégirls whose taming cycle is 100% satiated from taming from a female, while a taming with a male will result in only 10% effectiveness. As such, it requires five tamings to get them as satiated as a normal Pokégirl would be with a female tamer.
In the rare even that a male tamer winds up with a Psi-Dyke, it's suggested that they get a Dark-type Pokégirl or a trusted Pokégirl (i.e. bonded to the tamer) to be the Psi-Dyke's regular lover.
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PSIFEY, the Tactical Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Psychic/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Berries, Pokéchow, smaller human-style foods
Role: Strategist
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting
Weak Vs: Plant, Fire
Attacks: Foresight, Aura Barrier, Double Team, Psychic, Hypnotize, PsyVibe
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Speed (x4 in small form, x2 in standard size), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Temperature Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: FairyCute (Psi Crystal), FairyCuter (Psi Crystal)
Good things do sometimes come in small packages. Of course, such packages are always better, in most tamers opinions, when the package can shift sizes to become more human-sized in general. Originally designed to lead Fairy-type Pokégirls and coordinate their sabotage with their larger and stronger Pokégirl sisters during the Revenge War, the Psifey was then produced in fairly large numbers to support large numbers of the Pokégirl troops against the human soldiers. Their smaller stature made it almost impossible to attack at any range, but most especially from the ranges that human snipers typically worked at in order to pick off the leaders of the Pokégirl troops, who were mostly human-sized and therefore easier targets. After the war, the Psifey were lost to attrition as more and more went feral and were killed by other, more aggressive feral Pokégirls. Others were killed by humans while in their more human-sized body, in an attempt to try and stave off going feral. In 62 AS, this breed was discovered as a viable Pokégirl for tamers and for defenders of surviving towns and villages. Using their psychic abilities to coordinate the defenders and their magical techniques to detect not only their opponent but also their likely battle choices, the Psifey quickly became known for their innate powers to assist and lead, rather than fight in the forefront of battle. Using Foresight to gain knowledge of what her target will do next, the breed is known for using her magical abilities and other techniques to strike back or wear her opponent down, until an ally can arrive to finish the target off.
Other than the Pokégirl’s typically (and trademark) small size as a fairy type and her fairy-style pair of wings, the breed looks remarkably like human females. The Pokégirl’s skin color is often of human-standard shades, though some rare few have skin in various shades of gray. Likewise, the eye color for the breed are all human standard, though the possibility of heterochromia iridium (a condition where one of the Pokégirl’s eyes is one color, and the other eye is a completely different color) are for some reason much higher than with any other human or Pokégirl breeds known (studies show that about 1 in 1,000 of this breed have this condition). Though somewhat curvier than either of their pre-evolutionary forms, no Psifey has been recorded with breasts larger than a modest B-cup while in their human-size. Their wings, normally insect like, are merely a pair that extend to a length of twice the length of the Pokégirl’s height per wing. Because of their wings, but mostly due to the breed's seemingly overwhelming urge to not be bothered with such fuss, most of this breed tend to refuse to wear much, if anything, if they can get away with it. Their temperature tolerance allows a Psifey to survive in extreme cold and heated temperatures alike, all without the need of 'outside' assistance.
As a Psi-crystal induced evolution, this breed is almost impossible to find in the wilderness, and are practically always domesticated at some point. The Psifey, when feral, is quite paranoid and always looking for a hiding spot while trying to keep herself safe- to the extent of forsaking contact with any other Pokégirls or humans in general. It's only when they must eat, or must flee, that one might be found outside of some safe hiding spot. They do retain some intelligence, however, in that they can recognize potentially dangerous Pokégirls or humans, and respond accordingly. In a harem setting, this breed excels as a Tamer's Beta, her strategically-oriented mindset giving her an edge over many other Pokégirls and assisting her tamer in various ways, such as taming schedules, taking care of conflicts, and mediating arguments. There have been no known threshold cases of this breed, leaving researchers to believe that the only way to obtain the Pokégirl is by luck or by evolving one of her two pre-evolutionary forms into a Psifey.
This breed adapts to almost any type of taming, though the breed in general dislikes certain types of taming. Anything anal, for instance, is something that according to studies that no Pokégirl of this breed willingly allows. There are of course exceptions to most rules, and so it is likely that some Psifey may loosen their morals for the right tamer. Other than this peculiarity, the breed enjoys a good taming with both males and females, not particularly choosy for the most part. However, Dildoqueens tend to scare the breed, especially the ones that possess very large genitalia. Each season, save for winter, a Psifey's body becomes extremely sensitive for a span of two days, during which she may attempt to entice her tamer and/or her harem-sisters into taming as much and as long as possible. One thing to keep in mind also is that like a HentaiCute, Psifey enjoy playing the same game of 'Living Dildo' with her various partners during a Taming Session. Whereas a FairyCute and her other evolutions utilize the Living Dildo as a basic sex attack at best, the PsiFey has evolved this capability with the use of her own psychic powers to derive enjoyment for both herself and her partner while taming.
PsyVibe (S.ATK 85, EFT): This attack can be used one of two ways. The first is when the user is only 1/6 of her standard size. At this size, the Pokégirl's body itself can be used as a living dildo. The Pokégirl creates a telekinetic field around herself which causes the very air around her to vibrate. In effect, this attack turns the Pokégirl’s body into a living vibrator. The second way this attack can be used is when the Pokégirl is her full size and is being tamed (rather than being the one taming). She can use the same technique at full size, though obviously cannot be used as a living dildo at this particular size. Has a 50% chance of causing Attraction and increases chance to bring target to orgasm (male and female) by 30%.
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PSILADY, the Emotional Psychic Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human style foods, Emotions
Role: Confidants, emotional support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Psychic, Confusion, Teleport, Foresight, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Heart of Darkness, Psi-Blade, Double Team, Ecstasy Bond*
Enhancements: Empathetic Aura, Enhanced Empathy (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x3), Moderate Telekinetic Capabilities
Evolves: Psiqueen (Delta Bond + Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Psidyke (Dark Stone)
The discovery of the Psilady was perhaps one of the greatest blessings that evolutionary stones visited upon the world. Evolving from Psidykes via a Dark Stone, ironically, the breed is overall far more pleasant and, thankfully, much less inclined to lesbianism and violence, the latter of which can be attributed to the empathy from which they draw their name. Strange amongst the psychic-types and often considered the antithesis of the more popular Alaka-wham breed, Psiladies' powers are derived from emotions and bonding rather than logic and intellect, making them much more personable, if less useful in some ways.
Physically, only those Psidykes who were allowed to take on their feral appearance change drastically; for the rest, it's a very subtle shift; claws vanish, as do most other inhuman characteristics, and their skin smooths a good bit, becoming almost silky in some instances. Overall, their appearances also tend towards becoming more graceful in subtle ways, making it easy to discern them from their unevolved form, but without one clear distinction sticking in the minds of most beholders. This has led some to speculate that it simply their "better natures" showing through, which is untrue for the most part. However, there is a slight grain of truth in the statement; some Psiladies have been observed to emit a low-frequency psychic "aura" that betrays their feelings by altering the perceptions of others slightly. As such, a happy Psilady may look radiant, whereas an angry one may appear more terrifying that she is physically capable of being.
Mentally, the change is much more drastic, as previously indicated. The instinctive hatred of men ebbs and generally drains off, being replaced by a more accepting viewpoint. However, in many cases, the fact that they no longer dislike men as a rule is difficult to perceive due to the fact that they have trouble interacting with those who restrain their emotions, a group that contains a majority of male tamers. Beyond that, though, they simply become more pleasant in general due to the lack of genetic hatred and because they are now somewhat affected by the emotional states of those around them, particularly those they are close to. As such, most do not like to stir negative emotions in others because said emotions often cause negative feedback towards them. Thankfully, though, they do have the ability to filter this psychic input so that it does not create Slowboob-esque problem, especially from those they don't know the source well/at all.
Beyond making them more pleasant, though, the fact that they can easily perceive the surface emotions of others also makes them fairly good to talk to. It means a Psilady will rarely say the “wrong thing” to someone she holds no animosity for unless said wrong thing would require much deeper awareness to predict or she is purposefully filtering out emotional input from the person. Many, as such, feel extremely awkward around those with Dark-type blood traits. In any case, there is a darker side to the empathetic nature of the Psilady. If she feels animosity towards someone, then the abilities that prevent social faux-pas can easily be turned to triggering negative emotional responses from said someone, an ability that can be useful in battle, but has sometimes been put to less... proper uses.
Aside from that, Psiladies aren't particularly exceptional combatants as far as psychic-types go, but this has been known to vary by temperament in both directions, with some specimens trying to avoid combat altogether whilst others excel in it. Their telekinetic powers, compared to other psychics, are fairly weak, which means that their use is rarely a Psilady's primary offensive tactic. However, the addition of dark-type abilities offers a secondary set of abilities that help greatly, and the aforementioned emotional manipulation is excellent for creating openings in the enemy's defenses. One note, however, is that Delta-bonded Psiladies have almost invariably proved to be superior in combat than un-bonded ones, likely due to the emotional reinforcement that it creates, as well as a secondary perception of her performance based on reading the tamer's emotions through the bond. The phenomenon is still under research as of 300 AS.
In taming too, aside from a few minor quirks, Psiladies aren't particularly exceptional, especially now that most don't have a specific gender-based preference. The first of these is, as mentioned, the ability to subtly alter the perception of her appearance. In regards to taming, this generally means that, when lusty and aroused, a Psilady will usually take on an affect that is conducive to taming and thus help "set the mood." The other is an ability that, although available to most psychic-types, is rarely used by other breeds because its development is not a logical extension to their mindset; to psychically link the pleasure centers of herself and her lover, causing the pleasure felt by each to be felt by both and, thus, generally allowing for perfectly synchronized climaxes. It is due to this that the ability, termed Ecstasy Bond, has been banned in most sex battles, which leaves most Psiladies to preform unexceptionally in them.
Psiladies don’t have a particularly interesting feral state; like many Very Near Humans, it is primarily a state of extreme distraction in which they have trouble remembering complex instructions and have little common sense. The only real wrinkle that the breed has in that regard is that most ferals have a tendency to make, via subconscious use of their powers, very awkward and embarrassing statements about those they encounter. For this reason as well as the breeds desirability, ferals generally do not remain as such long. Thresholding into a Psilady is also unlikely, if only because of the rarity of males with whom Psiladies are likely to have children by, but nor is it unheard of.
Ecstasy Bond - (S.ATK + EFT) A psychic sex technique that allows the user to link her pleasure centers to those of her lover, causing pleasurable sensations experienced by one to be reflected onto the other as well. As such, it is excellent for creating perfectly synchronized climaxes and has been banned in most sex battles
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PSININ, the Aerobatic Speedster Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style foods
Role: Hunters, aerobatic warriors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Grass, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ghost, Electric, Rock, Dark, Ice.
Attacks: Dive, Speed Storm, Quickturn, Blur, Quick Attack, Agility, Telekinesis, Psi-Blade Mk II, Psychic
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Agility (x5), High Flexibility, Low Body Density
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Airmaiden (Psi Crystal)
Psinin, as one might expect from their name, are quite a different breed, pun not intended, from their Airmaiden pre-evolutions. In fact, there is little enough connection that it was some time before the evolutionary link between the two breeds was discovered, as their only real link is that they're flying-types without any inherent method of flight. As a result, there are those who would claim that it is a downgrade to evolve one's Airmaiden to a Psinin, but this faction is countered by a similar faction, primarily comprised of Psinin owners, who maintain that not evolving an Airmaiden is the height of idiocy. Regardless of which is true, however, the Psinin is certainly a unique breed, and one of interest. Initially, during the war, they were designed for urban combat, with their excellent jumping and clinging abilities allowing them to turn many downtown districts into hells ruled from above, but more recently, they've adapted well to arboreal combat, with the same abilities that made them apt at scaling buildings allowing them to be quite efficient hunters in a forested setting.
Physically, they tend to be a bit taller than Airmaidens, although not unattractively so; the breed averages at around six-feet, although many accentuate this height with high-heeled shoes. Their bodies also tend to develop as bit more, and although their breasts rarely go over a C-cup, they look, in general, more mature and sultry than the teenage-looking Airmaidens. Unfortunately, it often leads to them appearing a bit less intelligent as well, but few tamers mind this, trading in that appeal for a more, as stated, mature look. Their hair also tends to become longer and grow faster, and more exotic colors (particularly pinks and purples) replace the brown of the Airmaiden. As far as attire, the breed is known to wear tighter attire that does not have the potential to catch on things and shows off their bodies, often in black, although more mundane clothing is not unknown, depending on tamer preferences. However, the former attire and their overall appearances have led more than a few to be confused with Dominatrixes over the years, a fact that both breeds fail to appreciate.
The most striking physical change, though, is that, for reasons unknown, the eyes of almost all Psinin change upon evolving, becoming overly sensitive to light, or photophobic. This oversensitivity means that it will generally be uncomfortable, if not highly painful, to a Psinin to open her eyes directly in a well-lit area, or the outside particularly. However, whilst disadvantageous, this fault is, thankfully, not at all crippling to the Pokégirls it afflicts; although most opt to wear blindfolds, or at least extremely dark sunglasses, during the day (or even always), the lack of proper vision is offset by what remains of their ability to manipulate air-currents. That is, by reading the flow of air around them, as well as sending out weak psychic pulses, they can form a very accurate picture of their surroundings that works similarly to echolocation. Aside from this, they change physically in two other ways; they drop by perhaps a fourth in body density and increase greatly in flexibility. Although Psinin are not as flexible as Jigglysluts, their very humanlike bodies belay an unnatural talent for twisting, bending, and pivoting which assists greatly in their aerobatic combat.
Mentally, their 'maturing' theme seems to hold true as well; definitely less shy than Airmaidens, Psinins are known to be a confident breed, although they do retain some antisocial tendencies and much of their generally above-average intellect. This has led to them often coming off as aloof and, in some cases, arrogant or conceited. However, their confidence is generally justified when it comes to their abilities, their bodies, or their sexual skill, if not always their intelligence, as they're hardly a match for many other psychics or the G-Point line. But, said confidence tends to be another factor that makes many confuse them, on first glance, with Dominas, and in this case, it is often the Psinin who feel insulted, which has led to, in general, a rivalry between them and the Domina line. Overall, Psinin are quiet, confident, and sultry Pokégirls who tend to blend into the background until somehow provoked or invoked into the issue at hand.
In combat, this silence and seeming unobtrusiveness is only a farce, however, as most Psinin become quite a bit more assertive during battle. This is likely because their bodies and combat styles are not at all suited to being hit first, and so they almost have to make the initial move and keep moving, lest they fall to one solid attack. This is due to the aforementioned low density of their bodies, and the fact that their durability isn't much above human standard. Therefore, although they are exceedingly hard to hit, they crumple quite easily from a strong blow. This is presumably part of the reason, then, that few Psinin favor close-range tactics. As a rule, the breed is partial to long-range weapons such as spears, although chains with weapons connected to the ends are also popular, particularly because, using their telekinetic abilities, Psinin are able to exert additional control over the movements of such weapons, and even recall them.
In addition to allowing such abilities in combat, though, and providing their 'vision,' the telekinetic talents of the breed have one more popular use; when invoked in combination with their low density and suitable footwear, they can literally be used to provide a stabilizing force whilst the Psinin runs up a wall, or the equivalent, an ability which is of great importance to their combat style. That is, whilst their superb jumping abilities, flexibility, and speed allow for excellent fighting in high locations, it is this skill of vertical running and the accompanying aptitude for clinging to surfaces that made them so dangerous in cities during the war and has allowed them to adapt so well to forests. Unfortunately, though, it has also led to a common consensus that the best way to fight a Psinin is to get her in a wide, open space, although, even there she can run and jump, it is not the same virtual suicide to face her in direct combat there as it is for anything short of a Herokapoeraa to do so in a forested setting.
Sexually, too, once roused, Psinin tend to be a fairly assertive breed; with their flexibility and generally attractive bodies, they're rarely considered lacking in this area, and their need to make the first moves means that they often prefer to be on top to varying degrees, assuming their tamer will allow this. This is because, being glass cannons, so to speak, the ability to move or escape is very important to most Psinin--in a battle, a Psinin who cannot run or move out of the way is dead, and so most members of the breed have a phobia, to some degree or another, of being restrained or held in place. Therefore, although some have it mildly enough that being on the bottom in sex is just a discomfort, almost all Psinin are terrified of restraints and bondage, another fact that fuels their feud with the Domina. There are, however, cases of Psinin who get off on their fear, but it is foolish to assume all do, and forcing one who does not to endure restrains will only create pointless resentment. However, considering some of the exotic things that their flexibility and light weight allow as far as unconventional position, most tamers are willing to look past the issue of their Psinin wanting to be on top (or, at least in a position that allows them freedom of movement and an avenue of 'escape') much of the time.
Feral Psinin are elusive creatures that are rarely found outside of the deep forest except perhaps in the city; they do not oft venture out of the safety of high places, and will usually hunt unsuspecting prey from above, be it another Pokégirl or the unfortunate tamer-to-be's lunchbox. However, one advantage is that feral Psinin are not particularly vicious, and would generally rather run away than fight. This makes them less dangerous, naturally, but also quite elusive prey to hunt, as they will rarely try to fight unless they have a clear route of escape to use should things go sour, and they are not at all easy to pursue through the trees. Therefore, traps and area of effect magic are generally the most effective ways of catching a Psinin, sans perhaps using another Psinin. They are a possible threshold option, but not a common one, with Airmaidens being much more likely for girls with Psinin ancestry. However, those who do get the threshold are generally not entirely displeased, considering their new body's appeal and abilities.
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PSIQUEEN, the Psychic Empress Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic/Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: Psychic Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Psywave, Psychic, Foresight, Lock On, Armor, Feel The Burn, Teleport, Surf, Hydro Pump, Water Floor, Water Tower, Slick Stroke, Tidal Slide, Draining Rain, Bubble Cross, Water Slave, (Above Level 40) Water Golem, Aura Barrier
Enhancements: Can breathe underwater
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Psilady (mechanism unknown)
Psiqueens have an elegant beauty that almost befits their almost arrogant attitudes. Psiqueens often have C to DD-Cup breasts, and soft pale skin that often draw Tats to them. Otherwise, the Psiqueen retains most of the traits she had before.
Tats LOVE being given the chance to tattoo a Psiqueen's lovely skin, and will sometimes seek to join the Psiqueen's Harem in case the opportunity presents itself. Some Tats have been known to achieve orgasm simply by completing a tattoo on a Psiqueen, even if it's only a temporary one.
Psiqueens don't walk much, unless they enjoy it. Most prefer to teleport or levitate around, but the lazier may summon two or more Water Slaves and be carried around on a palanquin (or barring that, a chair on a wooden platform). The worst of the lazy Psiqueens, when they lack the energy for Water Slave, may ask her partners to carry her.
When it comes to combat, Psiqueens like to stay far far away from danger, and use strategically applications of techniques to trap an opponent and ruthlessly pummel them into submission. Their combination of Foresight, Lock On, Aura Barrier, Armor and Water Floor makes them difficult to defeat without an electric Pokégirl. It should not shock anyone that Psiqueens remain lesbians. Psiqueens like to dominate during sex and oddly enough, prefer to spoon their bodies against their lover's back and use Slick Stroke to bring their lover to orgasm. Psiqueens enjoy seeing their lovers admist the throws of orgasm and may even go wild, taming every Pokégirl in the area just to see them all quivering with delight.
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PSIVAMP, the Psychological Demon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Fear
Role: Psychological warfare, assassination.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Celestial, Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Heart of Darkness, Agility, Double Team, Psychic Illusion, Teleport, Noxious Wind
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Emotional Amplification Aura, Minor Illusionary Capabilities, Night Vision, Vocal Modulation.
Evolves: Vampire (Dusk Stone)
Evolves From: Goth (Poetic Sub-type only; Moon Shard)
Long it was wondered why poetic Goths, despite their subliminal ability to craft words that elicit strong emotion from an audience, exhibited no further evidence of being psychics, or, indeed, of having any evolutionary capabilities. The latter was quite disappointing to many enthusiasts and researchers alike, as the potential that the said skill was evidence for seemed untappable, at least until the advent of the strange evolutionary item known as a moon shard. With its discovery, though, the long-sough evolution was unearthed... but, it wasn't exactly a pleasant one; the Psivamp.
Physically, Psivamps resemble their pre-evolutionary forms for the most part, although there's obviously an element of their namesake too, in that many grow a bit taller, and generally become more fierce; more intimidating. The changes in this regard are mostly subtle, of course; fangs are perhaps the easiest to catch, but strengthened cheekbones, harsher eyes, and other elements are also common. The result is that Psivamps, as stated, look intimidating at first glance, and resemble Vampires quite distinctly, and for good reason.
Said reason is perhaps best expressed by examining the breed's mindset; taking the subtle psionic manipulations of the poetic Goth a few steps further, Psivamps are ideally suited to psychological warfare. The mind of a poet, who once sought to move others with her words, is twisted into a far more devious configuration. Most Psivamps begin to feel that they only way to reach others is through shock, fear, and other negative emotions, which they then seek to create through their actions. As such, unless somehow strongly convinced otherwise, Psivamps tend to feel that they have to use such tactics to meaningfully express themselves to others, making them a somewhat “unwitting evil.”
This aspect of their mindset is reinforced by the fact that their bodies' abilities are ideally suited to such expression. With the same subconscious ability to amplify emotional responses in others as poetic Goths, the ability to create localized illusions, and a naturally ability to modulate the tone of their own voices, they have no lack of resources with which to unnerve, scare, or horrify others through. However, because these abilities are almost entirely dependent on psychic/psionic powers, it is interesting to note that Psivamps as a whole tend to despise Dark-types and those with dark bloodgifts, as they cannot be “communicated with.” As such, most Psivamps will become depressed when faced with a dark-type, meaning that using one against them is often an excellent move. However, they, despite a weakness created by their infernal typing, react very enthusiastically when faced with Celestials, finding them to be very... receptive.
In combat, Psivamps have a rather unusual style, but one that fits their skillset well; since few are capable of turning their psychic abilities into direct attacks, they generally use psychological warfare to make an enemy defeat herself. Such tactics include a well-placed illusion, a feint, taunts, all implying that her powers are far greater than they are. All combine with her psionic amplification of emotional responses to cause her foe to panic, slip up, and ultimately wear themselves out to a point that the Psivamp is capable of making some finishing blow. This strategy is aided by the fact that, as the breed name might indicate, they feed off the emotions of others, particularly fear and horror, and so a Psivamp will be kept empowered by her enemy's decline.
As stated, though, due to its psychic dependence, this strategy can be stonewalled by a dark-type, which will usually cause a Psivamp to simply give up, a fact that makes the rivalry that Psivamps have with Daimon (a breed noted for having similar, if less extreme, tactic) all the more hateful, as the latter are of the dark type. It should be noted, though, that Divas and Psivamps sometimes have a more "friendly," competitive rival, as the two breeds share similar abilities.
Sexually, Psivamps, as one might expect, usually have darker tastes; although not as heavily into BDSM as the Domina line, they enjoy it for a different reason, and so tend to have more intense feelings. Rape roleplay is common in harems containing Psivamps, as are other forms of domination, and a tamer who is willing to endure such things as well as deal them out will generally have a very, very loyal Pokégirl under his dominion. The affect of this style of sex-battles, though, is a crapshoot; although some Pokégirls will get excited more so than usual by a Psivamp's tactics, those who don't will often be turned off by them and thus gain quite an advantage over her. As such, few regular sex battlers use Psivamps.
Ferals of the breed are a terror... but that's about it; without coherent coordination of their powers, they're nearly harmless, and a tamer running across a feral Psivamp could probably snag her easily enough once past the initial terror that she will likely attempt to induce. Thresholding into a Psivamp is possible, but not all common.
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PSIVYX, the Psy-warrior Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish and meat, primarily
Role: Fortune telling, bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Ice, Poison, Normal
Weak Vs: Ghost, Flying
Attacks: Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Stone Palm, Chi Blast, Foresight, Agility, Psychic, Heal, Aura Barrier, Teleport, Backstab, Fireball, Fox-Fire, Burning Hands, Mimic
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Psychic abilities
Evolves: Unknown, possibly none
Evolves From: Kistune (Psi Crystal)
A Psivyx gains about a foot in height and a cup in breast size, as well as strange white tattoos on their fur, which sometimes change to an unusual color, varying shades of purple, indigo, blue, or green. However, some do retain the same fur color as they had as a Kitsune (typically, brown or red with white mixed in). The Psivyx fur, however, is often a bit shorter than a Kitsune's, for some reason. Another physical change in the Psivyx is that they gain four more tails, each one sprouting behind her body. These extra tails are just like the original, although each tail weighs only 1/5th what the Kitsune's tail does (so altogether, they equal the same weight as their original tail had been). They also gain minor telepathic abilities, allowing them to have limited foresight into the future and light mind-reading and telekinetic abilities. Although they are not nearly as intelligent as an Alaka-wham, their increased mental abilities do often come to light. Upon evolution from a Kitsune to a Psivyx, the Pokégirl loses their mischievous nature in favor of a more disciplined lifestyle. This form is preferred by more mature Kitsunes, who want to get over their tendency to play pranks and because it's a strong fighter form, with a calm, peaceful nature.
In terms of combat, they like to use a staff in conjunction with fists and feet. They are fast-striking, but steady fighters, tending to wait out opponents and play defensively until they have an idea of an opponent's abilities. They then attack as quickly as possible, seeking to disable the opponent with a fast barrage of attacks before a counterstrike could be made. If a staff is unavailable, any weapon with a blunt striking surface (such as a mace in each hand or tonfa) will work well, and some Psivyx do prefer the other blunt weapons rather than the staff anyway, for the ease of use and quicker reaction times.
When it comes to taming, the Psivyx retain their preferences from when they had been a Kitsune. Although not as popular as the Vixxen due to their lower libido, most tamers who keep a Psivyx prefer her for her psychic abilities and increased combat capacity. Capable of using even Fire-type attacks, despite not being a fire type, give her an amazingly rounded capacity in standard battles. This Pokégirl has two unusual techniques available, although only one is actually unique. The first is Mimic, an amazingly useful technique that allows the Psivyx to use any technique used against her within the last few days or so (except for flying and ghost type techniques, as these seem to be beyond a Psivyx's capacity).
Her signature attack is the Fox-Fire technique. Using this requires one round to accumulate energy around the tips of all five of the Pokégirl’s tails, and on the second turn, it unleashes her fiery attack. Although not exceptionally strong, the Fox-Fire is guaranteed to burn almost anything, Pokégirl or object.
Because of her adaptability, however, the Psivyx is often looked down upon by the Foxymaiden or the Vixxen as if she is a lesser evolution of the Kitsune in comparison. The Psivyx, however, works well with even Nogitsune, and have been known to go out of their way to assist a Nogitsune with redeeming themselves in their own eyes. As such, they get along very well with Dark Kitsunes, too.
Fox-Fire (ATK 20 + EFT): An attack that takes a turn to power up along the Psivyx' tails, and then it strikes the target. It burns the opponent or object (or other) 100% of the time, and the burn increases in strength as time continues. This attack is not permitted in cities, towns, or villages for obvious reasons. The ATK of this technique increases by 10 per round that the target is inficted with the Burn condition (second round, ATK = 30, fifth round, ATK = 70, etc).
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PSYCHE, the Archer of Love Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Fighting/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human style foods, sexual fluids
Role: Sex & Relationship Counseling
Libido: Very Low (Acts as if High/Extreme)
Strong Vs: Grass, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Dark, sex attacks, domination attacks
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Cupid's Bow, Eros' Bow, Artemis Bow, Reverse Cupid's Bow, Heal, Sexy Beam, Gust, Leg Sweep, Aura of Cute, Erotic Kiss, Charming Look, Blow Kiss, Heaven's Arrow
Enhancements: Light Feral, Weapon proficiency (bow & arrow), Wings (Butterfly), Keen Eye, Body Measurement Metamorph, Sex Prodigy, Empathic, Diplomacy, Kind Aura, Clothing Repair
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The creation of the Psyche is one of the best things ever produced by Cocooner's genetic glue. Something clearly unintentional on her part we're sure.
A Psyche appears completely human, if one ignores the occasional bright hair colors and bright butterfly wings.
They have the unique ability to alter their skin coloration to any shade that is found on a normal human, their eye and hair color to any color at all, and their physical proportions (height, waist, hips, bust, apparent age, etc.) to just about anything they like. A bonded Psyche with a positive relationship with her tamer will usually use her empathy to determine the perfect coloration and proportions so that she can take what her tamer considers the most attractive appearance possible. Some may keep several different pre-prepared forms for different occasions, and a few may simply take whatever appearance strikes their fancy at any given moment.
However, a Psyche cannot greatly alter the appearance of her face, save for basic changes that occur as a result of other changes, and will always be recognizable to those that know them.
They tend to wear white silk (or similar light material), often in the manner of a low-back dress, robe, toga, or other single piece garment that covers everything that needs to be covered for basic modesty while being loose and comfortable, and not impeding their wings in any way. They do not worry about their clothes in a fight, since they have a pair of spells that will allow them to magically clean and repair clothing of any type, even if it is not theirs. This ability makes them highly prized to tamers who like their Pokegirls to wear attractive clothing, but have problems keeping them in decent shape due to their lifestyle.
Psyches love great sex and positive relationships, and not just for themselves either. They want everyone to experience this for themselves, starting with their tamer and harem sisters and then extending to anyone else they think deserves this. They make a point to help others learn how to get, and give, the most pleasure possible out of sex, as well as taking time to mediate arguments between others in as peaceful and fair a manner possible. Their personal goal is often to help their tamer achieve at least a Delta level bond with themselves and all of their harem sisters.
A Psyche is capable of learning just about anything sexually related with incredible speed, and then performing it with similar ability. They are very open about taming in public, and have no problems with attempting to initiate a taming session when others are present, especially if one of their harem sisters is of a similar opinion (such as a Vixxen). They are also happy to try almost anything sexual at least once to see if they might enjoy it.
As astonishing as it may seem to many, Psyches actually have very low libidos. Though, understandably, few would ever be able to tell with the way they act, since they are perfectly willing and capable of being tamed on a schedule that might just make a Nymph say ‘can we take a break, please?’ One of the things they like to do, almost as much as being tamed, is watching their harem sisters get tamed. A Psyche will often, and subtly, shoot her tamer and a harem sister or two (or even just two or more of her harem sisters sometimes) with Cupid's Bow or Eros' Bow and simply watch them go at it.
On a similar note, Psyches, while primarily heterosexual, have little problem having sex with their harem sisters. But only if their tamer is either participating as well, or watching.
Psyches can make fine alphas due to their mediation skills alone, and their ability to arrive at the core problem of an argument using their empathy has allowed them to, eventually, arrive at (mostly) peaceful agreements between individuals who would normally not be able to coexist without coming to blows.
A Psyche is primarily a ranged fighter, capable of manifesting a bow out of thin air, and can shoot her arrow attacks with great accuracy, even through obscuring cover. She is quite weak in close combat unless extensively trained though.
Psyches could potentially be incredible sex battlers, except for one thing. The hate sex combat. So much, that they will usually throw any sex match they are entered into. However, they are more than willing to help train their harem sisters for these matches instead. Due to their ability to pick up and refine sexual techniques and then coach others on how to perform them to maximum effect, most tamers find this an agreeable arrangement.
A Psyche who has a positive relationship with her tamer and harem sisters will be willing to do anything to help them and will never betray them for anything at all. This is something that has led to a great amount of frustration among all but the most patient and determined Dominas and their evolutions that end up with a Psyche for an opponent.
Many individuals call the Psyche breed the most beautiful on the planet. While the breed is indeed quite attractive, they are still a fair ways from this title in terms of physical appearance. However, their kind nature, something that permeates their entire being, including their chi, greatly enhances their beauty to many people. Particularly when they smile.
The Reverse Cupid's Bow, a technique so far unique to the Psyche breed is just as strong as the Cupid's Bow, but has the opposite effects. A strike from this technique fills the target with negative emotions, erasing all traces of the Attraction status and either filling them with despair (in the case of opponents), or with anger (in the case of allies).
When a Psyche goes Feral, it may sometimes take a while to realize what has happened since their feral state is often very similar to their normal state in the early stages. A Feral Psyche becomes perpetually happy, and simply cannot stop smiling under normal circumstances and will frequently giggle at almost everything. They will soon start shooting random people with their Cupid's Bow or Eros' Bow techniques. And they will likely not stop until everyone in the area is engaged in intimate acts (except the children and Pokékits who will be playing with each other happily, mostly oblivious to what is going on around them).
However, a Feral Psyche who witnesses an act she would normally find abhorrent will begin firing her Reverse Cupid's Bow at the offenders in attempts to drive them into crushing despair. Also at other bystanders to fill them with anger towards the offenders and likely cause them to riot against said individuals.
There are some individuals who believe that the Psyche breed may in fact be a Celestial Pokégirl, but no one has ever been able to confirm if this is so. No cases of Threshold into a Psyche have yet been reported, much to the disappointment of many human females approaching Threshold age.
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PTERODAME, the Sky Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (pterosauroid)
Element: Ground/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Aerial reconnaissance and patrol, Air support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Bug, Fire, Poison, Electric, Ground
Weak Vs: Water, Ice, Flying
Attacks (normal mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite
Attacks (battle mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite, Wing Attack, Takedown, Wingover, Gust, Wind, Fan, Crunch, Beak Lancer*
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Exoskeleton armor, Enhanced Speed (x17 in the air only), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Dexterity (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Angel Stone)
The creation of the Dameosaur in AS 214 (CE 2206) was a boon to Sanctuary’s defenses. They were easier to control than the other types used before, were more powerful, fiercer, more durable, in every way an improvement. They could even be used as mounts in their battle forms if need be. But it wasn’t enough. They had ground troops, but they needed air support as well. To that end, they tried a simple experiment: Gather every evolution stone they had and see what affected Dameosaurs. The end result of that was the Pterodame.
Pterodames, along with Nessidames and Dameosaurs, were instrumental in defending the landscape during the 1st Frontier War. Human incursions into Sanctuary-controlled territory were getting dangerously close to Sanctuary itself. And with the fact that Sanctuary’s previous guardians, Cheetits and other wildcat types, were being caught and Tamed en masse, Sanctuary needed the dinosaur Pokégirls as a means of protecting themselves. Granted, Sanctuary’s presence in other Leagues, rescuing and relocating children abandoned by their parents out of fear of them going through Threshold, was part of the reason attention was drawn to Sanctuary in the first place. From this, League leaders, headed up by a committee headed by Vince McMahon Senior, father of Vincent Kennedy McMahon of the Capital League, launched an investigation into the Dark Continent to discover the source of these mysterious ‘dark angels.’
Very few of the Tamers and Pokégirls sent back in made it back home. Most were killed by Sanctuary’s dinosaur forces, their Pokégirls either taken in by Sanctuary or killed outright in combat. Those that returned had been driven insane, telling stories of lizard girls turning into monsters, being ridden by shadowy demonesses (REAL demonesses, not Pokégirl-types). It was only after the (CLASSIFIED) began to get into contact with League officials that we began to learn about Sanctuary and their dinosaur Pokégirls at all.
Pterodames are short, lizardlike Pokégirls, around five feet five inches tall with greenish-brown skin. They differ from Dameosaurs in that they lack the spiked toe-claws or the sharp teeth in their ‘normal mode.’ Their eyes are varying shades of red, black, or gold. Their tails shrink down until they become almost vestigial, and possess a lightweight protective exoskeleton to compensate for their newly lightweight bone structure. They also have small webbed wings underneath their arms that allow for limited gliding, and a thicker coating of feathers on their head than their Dameosaur counterparts. Their teeth aren’t as sharp as those of a Dameosaur, their bodies adapting to a more omnivorous diet.
Like Dameosaurs and Nessidames, they have a ‘normal mode,’ which was described above, and a ‘battle mode,’ a completely dinosaur-esque form that allows them greater attacking power. For Pterodames, they turn into a form resembling that of a pterodactyl. Their wings grow out tremendously, their heads elongating into massive beaks, their bodies growing in size as they become, essentially, a massive bird. Their exoskeleton retracts into their body, becoming an endoskeleton which armors them for battle mode. Their head has the most armoring in battle mode, allowing for the lethality of their Beak Lancer attack. When harnessed properly, a Pterodame can be used as an aerial mount for a single rider.
Pterodames are markedly more pleasant to deal with than Dameosaurs. They are cheerful, friendly Pokégirls, even when fighting. They tend to greet people they like with friendly nips to the ears, and are easy to please. (They consider any kind of fruit to be a wonderful gift.) All observed Pterodames have the strange mental quirk of calling any kind of favored food a ‘Nom.’ They also have a rather unusual means of speaking which cannot be properly expressed in text. There have been a few that do not have this manner of speech, however.
Pterodames primarily are used for aerial scouting and reconnaissance. Patrols consisting of two Pterodames with one rider each can be seen around the perimeter of many Sanctuary-controlled territories in the Dark Continent. They are not as suited to battle as Dameosaurs and Nessidames, but are very agile and fast in the air, especially in battle mode. Their aerial speed is seconded only by Skarmories.
Data on Pterodame Threshold is limited. Sanctuary guards their Dameosaurs and their evolutions closely, making sure that they produce exclusively through parthenogenesis. However there is a point of interest about Pterodames; The friendly dinosaur Pokégirls seem to be very interested in meeting new people, and are fascinated by men. So much so that many Sanctuary officials have gone to great lengths to keep Pterodames away from male exposure…
Beak Lancer (ATK – 100) In battle mode, a Pterodame dives down head first, thrusting with her beak in an attempt to impale the opponent.
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PUMARA (aka CATAMOUNT, aka COUGROWL), the Mountain Lioness Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic Cat
Element: Fighting/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (solitary to pairs)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: wilderness survivalist (mountains and forests), night-fighter
Libido: average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Psychic, Water, some canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Mountain Claw, Slash, Growl, others
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision (x5), Claws
Disadvantages: Rebellious Nature, Wild Streak
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Diamond Stone)
Catamount, Cougrowls, or Pumara. It is all the same. It’s simply a regional variance of the name. (Found in the Johto (Cougrowls), Crescent (Catamounts or Pumara), Indigo (Cougrowls bordering Johto and Catamounts towards Crescent), and Tyroon Leagues (Pumara).) This branch of the Merrowl is similar to Tigresses. That is to say that they are superb fighters and combat Pokégirls. They are not as passionate about loving and fighting as Tigresses are. They prefer causing trouble and exploring; living life to the edge.
Grey to tan fur, white bellies and black markings on the end of their tails, around their muzzle and black spots above the eyes distinguish this cat-type evolution. Strong sleek builds, extra powerful claws capable of harming Rock-types. All are characterized by a wild nature that tends to make domesticating them difficult. Those that are were born domestic and tend to be rebellious trouble-makers, wild cards, and smart-asses. They are more at home in the wild (though this can include certain city areas - like the underground and bad parts of town) than in the city. They don't make very good pets at all. Though if one can gain their loyalties Pumara can be very loyal, affectionate and obedient (most of the time).

PUPPETEER, the Doll Tactician Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style diet, tea
Role: Tacticians, Squad Leaders. Like a Witch, may vary based on spell selection.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Magic, Ghost, Fighting
Weak Vs: Fire, Psychic, Flying
Special Weaknesses: Tendency to hold back if intimidated.
Attacks: Aura of Cute, Aura Bolt, Barrier, Cheer, Concentration, Dispel, Pretty Wink, +Known Spells
Doll-Only Attacks: Slash, Parry, Spincut, Throwing Star, Levitation(Small Dolls Only), Blur, +Learned Fighting/Weapon-Specific Techniques(Large Dolls Only), L40: Weapons Carnival
Enhancements: Enhanced Concentration (x3), Manipulate Dolls, Magical Affinity, High Spatial Awareness
Evolves: Dollmaster (Normal L65)
Evolves From: Witch (Battle stress, Dolls in combat area)
The Puppeteer was a late discovery, discovered when the Witch daughter of a toy shop owner came under attack when a foolish tamer's nearly Feral Slicer got loose and went on a rampage. Unable to harm the Slicer with her own magic and having no other defense, she used her magic to animate the dolls around her and arm them, evolving into a Puppeteer and bringing the wrath of the entire shop upon the Slicer, who quickly learned to prefer targets that weren't a foot tall and armed with sharp pointy objects.
The puppeteer is a generally petite Pokégirl that rarely goes beyond 4 1/2 feet tall and an A-cup, very similar to a Littletit, though Puppeteers are almost always have an adorable, doll-like quality to them. They tend to wear elaborate, frilly, and often colorful outfits, hoping to draw attention away from their poor chests (which is a rather sore spot for them).
This Pokégirl’s trademark ability, naturally, is the ability to control a number of dolls and manipulate them to do her bidding. Imbuing them with magical power, and linking herself to them by means of faint strings of magic, she turns them into her own personal servants and soldiers.
Puppeteers are generally divided into two categories - those that use numerous smaller dolls, or those that control a single human-sized doll. The number of dolls a puppeteer can control is dependant on the size/complexity of the doll and the puppeteer's level. At lower levels, a puppeteer can generally control up to two smaller dolls (up to 1 1/2 ft in height or so max), with one hand controlling each one, or a single human-sized doll, controlled with both hands. (Smaller dolls, when controlled float through the air at the puppeteer's will, while the larger doll is land-locked unless the Puppeteer enhances it with a flight spell of it's own.) As the Puppeteer rises in experience she learns to control more dolls at one time - there is no hard set number, but by the time a Puppeteer is near evolving into a Dollmaster, they are generally able to control 4 smaller dolls. The number of human-sized dolls a Puppeteer can control at once time does not increase.
Puppeteers gain only a mediocre amount of spellcasting power from their Witch form - they are roughly equal to the Enchantress in this respect. Instead of raw power, or the ability to create enchanted items, the Puppeteer learns alternate ways of channeling her magic, doll manipulation, and above all, incredible concentration. While manipulating her dolls, for example, the dolls themselves act as both focal and release points for the Puppeteer's spellcasting. For example, if the Puppeteer wants to cast a series of Fire Bolts at her opponent, she casts the spell through the strings and the spells are released towards the target as if the dolls were firing them. A favorite tactic of Puppeteers is to fire off numerous quick, cheap spells towards her opponent from multiple shifting angles, forcing her opponent to concentrate on dodging, and giving control of the match to the Puppeteer. Another tactic, often used against melee opponents, is to have some of the dolls hang back with the Puppeteer, generating a mobile barrier to intercept attacks, while the rest strike at the foe whenever her opponent leaves herself open to attack. Because of her high levels of Concentration, Puppeteers have a better chance to continue their spellcasting after taking damage than most spellcasters, though they are loathe to take that damage in the first place.
The strategies of a Pokégirl that chooses to use a single human-sized puppet are very different. Not needing to split her focus on maneuvering several dolls at once, she can hone her ability to manipulate a doll to greater lengths, turning it into a skilled melee combatant, capable of learning both Fighting and Weapon Specific techniques, supported by the Puppeteer herself lobbing spells from the rear. Such Puppeteers heavily reinforce their doll with magic, but require no less focus and skill, as they are effectively controlling two people at once. Therein lies the Puppeteer's greatest strength - they fight with both might and magic, and they are the only Pokégirl type that can legally fight her opponents 'two on one'.
Despite one might think when they see them, most Puppeteers are incredibly intelligent and cunning Pokégirls (though not nearly to the level of Supe-Bra Geniuses), designed to take the role of tactical squad leader even when they are controlling their dolls. They love to learn and to read, hunting down books to increase their knowledge. Puppeteers also love tests of the mind, especially Chess. Chess is one of their favorite games to play, and they often take it very seriously. When two Puppeteers enter battle, they almost always prefer to have a chess match to decide the more cunning of the two, and will look very poorly on any master that would dare interrupt such a match in hope of a 'quicker solution'. Because of this, it is rare for two Puppeteers to ever face each other in tournaments.
Unfortunately, Puppeteers aren't always the easiest Pokégirl to work with. They are very individualistic, preferring to think on their own rather than let their tamer call the shots for them, and because they are quite competent on their own, a tamer that wants his Puppeteer to obey him without hesitation must prove to her that he knows what he's doing. In general though, they aren't a bitchy species, and can be rather pleasant to be around when they don't feel insulted. In fact, they crave attention, and when they have a master they like, they will do anything they can to win his affections. When they don’t receive what they consider to be enough attention, they will become withdrawn, spending more time simply being attended to by her dolls, having them give her the ‘attention’ she desires. (They don’t complain, after all)
Puppeteers think very highly of themselves and their abilities, and, above all things, HATE to lose. Ironically enough, they hate losing so much that some Puppeteers were known to purposefully hold back during their fights, just so that they would not ever suffer the humiliation of losing a fight at full power - a fact that has cost more than one Puppeteer matches she could have won had she truly tried.
Following closely behind their hatred of failure is their hatred of Psychic types. Puppeteers pride themselves on their mind, and the concept of a being that can just waltz though their head, stealing their secrets or screwing with their perceptions drives them nuts. While they can eventually learn to deal with working alongside psychics on an individual basis, rarely do Puppeteers and psychic types ever get along.
Puppeteers are excellent crafters, fully capable of creating all manner of elaborate dolls and puppets, clothing for either their dolls or themselves (and sometimes others, though it is always created to the Puppeteer's taste), among other items. They get along surprisingly well with Ar-tits in creative endeavors, so long as the Ar-Tits can keep their hands of her dolls.
When it comes to taming, Puppeteers like to experiment. Many Puppeteers are widely read, which gives them exposure to a number of different ideas which most Puppeteers will want to try at least once. Tamers are encouraged to go along with the their Pokégirl’s experimenting, as it helps keep the Puppeteer happy and loyal. A Puppeteer is usually satisfied as long as some of her requests are met, so turning down ideas one *really* doesn’t care for doesn’t offend them(thank god). A Tamer that either can appreciate her small bust size, or a Tamer that offers to arrange for an Ivywhore to sprinkle her with some permanent Bloom Powder, will quickly earn the Puppeteer’s enthusiastic adoration. (Because using her puppets in a sexual manner is a means of masturbation, it does not help her avoid a feral state, though she is not above using her dolls to help achieve *some* measure of satisfaction if she gets bored.) It is important to note that Puppeteers are no longer ticklish, and so last much longer during sex than their pre-evolved form.
While Puppeteers are a domestic breed not known to have Feral populations, those ones that to reach a feral state quickly lose much of their prided sense of reason, becoming incredibly clumsy and ditsy. Feral Puppeteers can still manipulate dolls, however the Doll’s movements seem awkward, almost drunken in effect (which can make fighting one off that much more interesting).
Strangely, all Puppeteers love well-made tea, which relaxes them greatly, both mentally and physically. An especially well-brewed cup will even make them slightly aroused and horny, making it a great lead-in to a taming.
The magical strings a puppeteer uses to manipulate her dolls are not physical, but can in fact be cut, though only by other magic. If this ever happens, it is not a permanent loss, but it still takes a puppeteer a second or so to recover her connection to the doll, a time that only improves with practice. If a doll she is using is ever destroyed, it is a small matter to replace it with another, assuming one is available. This is true even for the human-sized dolls, though spares of such things is something much less likely to have on-hand, as they are much rarer and take far more time and effort to create. Because the strings are not physical, they can not entangle with each other.
It is rare, but not unheard, of to have a girl threshold directly into a Puppeteer. When it happens, it usually is a girl of Magic-type heritage with either an intense obsession for dolls, or an unusually sharp mind. Thresholds usually are gloomy and short-tempered after the change, upset at losing much of their sexiness and size (both in height and bust). They usually recover fairly well, however, as they learn to appreciate their sharp mind and new abilities.
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PUPPY, the Puppy Dog Pokégirl
Type: Varies from Near Human to Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Various domestic roles
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Bite, Snarl, Dig, Puppy Dog Eyes*
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory & Auditory Senses (x2), Claws, Enhanced Reflexes (x2)
Evolves: Doggirl (Normal), Mutt (Orgasm), Growlie (Fire Stone), Pit Doggy (emotional trauma caused by frequent abuse, or witnessing highly frequent and/or extremely excessive acts of violence)
Evolves From: None
What Kittens are to cat types, Puppies are to dog types.
Puppies are the young form of Doggirl, although they are capable of evolving to other forms instead of the Doggirl under certain circumstances. Puppies are most often found as pets or among domestically inclined members of a Tamer’s harem, as their fighting styles are not up to par to most other Pokégirls. Puppies tend to have a wide range of personalities, as do their feline counterparts, but there are some commonalities among them, such as the unwavering loyalty common to all dog breeds of Pokégirl, as well as a love of chasing anything moving at a fast speed. This last trait can be trained out of them, and can be controlled better once they evolve.
In terms of appearance, Puppies generally run the gamut. They can range from having just dog-ears, tail, and nose with slightly paw-like hands and blunt nails to being a full anthropomorphic. There’s no real commonality. Some Puppy breeds have no tails, or a small stub of a tail. There’s no common height range for Puppies, and as for their bustline, it’s usually an A-Cup or B-Cup.
Puppies are usually considered Pokékits. By the time they come of age to be captured, they normally evolve to Doggirl, although there are other forms possible for them to evolve into. They were created at around the same time as the Kitten and Catgirl, although they were meant to be a more stable form, evolutionary speaking, than Kittens and Catgirls. This means that there is less chance of a surprise evolution popping up somewhere. Their role during the Revenge War was about the same.
All Puppies love to play, especially with their Tamers, and often both Pokégirl and Tamer wind up wrestling or otherwise physically with one another at least once a day as a result of their need for attention and affection. Puppies usually wind up as pets, as in the wild they do not last all that long except when near civilization. Journeyman Tamers normally only put up with Puppies to evolve them into a stronger and more useful form.
As mentioned earlier, Puppies are most often found near civilization. They tend to run in packs, like most dog-type breeds of Pokégirl, and tend to be slightly more aggressive when together. This doesn’t last long, however, as a larger, more intimidating Pokégirl can easily scatter the pack in fear. Most often, Puppies usually find some place to beg for food, which makes them fairly easy to catch.
Puppies generally try to get along with every breed they encounter, their natural friendliness and good cheer making them easy to get along with for most types. For some breeds, they tend to come on too strong, and have a tendency to scare Bunnygirls. They have a friendly rivalry with Kittens, but tend to forget that in the face of a chance for cuddles.
The Taming habits of Puppies are fairly standard for Pokégirls, although most of the time Puppies are found as Pokékits. Pokékit Puppies love cuddling and snuggling, as well as scratching behind the ears. This doesn’t change when they become Pokégirls.
Puppies are extremely popular among male Tamers, as well as Tamers who want an animal-type but don’t want to put up with the ditzyness of Bunnygirls and are allergic to or afraid of cats. Thresholding into a Puppy is fairly common, especially in rural areas.
Puppy Dog Eyes (EFT) – The Puppy gives the target a specialized look, radiating a focused, almost beam-like ‘Aura of Cute,’ that can cause the target to react in ways ranging from hesitating for a moment to breaking down in affection and hugging the Puppy. All dog-types can learn this technique naturally, while most Pokékits and Pokégirls with the Youthful enhancement can as well. CANNOT be learned by cat-type Pokégirls under any circumstances.
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PURRSIAN, the Catscratch Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fish, milk, eggs, similar foods
Role: Harem dancer, trophy wife, sex battles
Libido: High
Strong Vs: mouse and bird types, easily seduced people
Weak Vs: dog types, Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pay Day, Fury Swipes, Spirit Slash, Sabre Claw, Super Claw, Timid Stroke, various Dance and Song techniques, Overwhelming Attraction, Butt Wiggle, Sex Attack 1, Sex Attack 2, Mountain Hug, Sexy Hold, Go Down, Blow Kiss, Puff Puff
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced agility (x3), Softer fur, Enchanting voice, Sexier figure, More useful claws, flexible spinal column, High pleasure threshold, Night vision, Flexible spinal column
Evolves: Wildcat (battle stress)
Evolves From: Merrowl (normal)
The Purrsian is the most common evolutionary form for a Merrowl, and one of their most popular. When they evolve from a Merrowl, they gain a foot and a half in height, larger breasts, a high C-cup, and the pudge on their bodies redistributes itself to their butt and hips, making them wider and sexier, their legs growing longer. Their faces stay mostly catlike, but become more human in appearance, their hair growing longer as their fur becomes softer, more silken in feel. Their voices, often harsh as Merrowls, soften and become deeper, more elegant, and gain an almost hypnotic resonance, which they can use to learn Song techniques. They gain a better sense of balance, completely abandoning the clumsiness of their previous form, and most immediately try to learn how to dance, and gain more humanlike fingers, as well as sharper, slender claws.
One of the more noticeable changes a Merrowl goes through when they become a Purrsian, other than the increased libido, is their sex drive. It goes up a great deal, and they go to great lengths to try and get sex, always in a very sensual, cunning fashion. It’s rare to see a Purrsian make an inelegant move. They enjoy performing for their masters, and will eagerly Tame their Harem sisters if need be. Because of the elegance of the breed, wealthy persons are especially fond of them and they are frequently found as pets in wealthy mansions. Some, such as Gendo Giovanni, keep a Purrsian with them at all times, their beauty a sign of status. Also, Purrsians are frequently found as the starter Pokégirl for Sex League battlers, as they are easier to obtain than most of their breed.
One word of warning with the Purrsian breed: They retain the arrogance and confidence of their previous form, although greatly increased. One needs to be very careful not to spoil them too much, less they become very vain and lazy.
Thresholding into a Purrsian is rare, but not totally unheard of. It mainly occurs if the girl going through Threshold has heavy cat stock in their family, and those going through it tend not to mind it all that much, as they become incredibly sexy and graceful.
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PUSSYCAT, the Domestic Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: mouse-types, bird-types
Weak Vs: dog-types
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: good night vision, psychic sensitivity, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: Neko Cenneco (Delta bond with tamer, death of child before birth, must be Pokéwoman, unconditional love from father of lost child)
Evolves From: Catgirl (normal)
The Pussycat is often considered the cat lovers equivalent of the Mousewife Pokégirl, although there are many problems with this statement. One of the primary problems with this statement is that the Pussycat is unable to call forth the same protective… battle rage that the Mousewife is considered famous for. However this is countered by the Pussycats better general combat abilities. Also they don't instantly acquire all of the domestic skills like the Mousewife, but will learn fast particular if there tamer is free with "rewards". Unlike the evolution to Catgirl when evolving to Pussycat the Pokégirl’s body will change dramatically. She loses much of the fur on her body, and looses many of the catlike features, she will retain her tail and ears, although feral Pussycats will retain more of their cat like qualities. She will also gain at least one inch in height and at least a cup size sometimes more.
It is highly recommended to not take consider a Pussycat a fighter, their battle capabilities while not spectacular are considered above average for a domestic Pokégirl but nothing against a combat specialist. Although entering a Pussycat’s home without permission is tantamount to poking a Minitop with a stick, not a smart idea. Generally, Pussycats have an average libido, high in spring, and are rather easy to satisfy, particularly if the tamer uses the girl’s “sweet” spots. These areas are generally any area of the girl that is cat-like, in an domestic environment even just brushing a Pussycat’s tail will normally end in the tearing of clothing and much purring. The most sensitive area’s is the base of the tail or ears. In a Harem the Pussycat will generally not vie for the Alpha position and will normally be relegated to the “non-combat” position, she will do her best to turn a camp into a home environment… although early on this will be difficult without training.
As yet there have been no threshold cases of Pussycat
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PUSSYCOM, the Computer Interfacing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: computer specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Virtual Storm, Razor Virus, Tech Defense
Enhancements: Sense Conversion
Evolves: Video Girl (normal)
Evolves From: None Known
At first glance, Pussycoms appear near identical to humans, with the exception of their ‘ears', which resemble a cat type's ears, except made from metal. The actual shape is roughly conical or that of a triangular pyramid. Pussycoms have a slender build, appearing almost frail, with B to C cup bust. Upon closer inspection one can also see that their eyes have an iris, but no distinguishable pupil. The eyes also reflect less light than normal, giving a slightly dulled appearance to them. The overall effect is of a somewhat blank or distant look. Pussycoms tend to favor elaborate dresses, resembling those of ancient Europe. Another common choice is a maid uniform.
The discovery of the Pussycom was the start of the tech Pokégirl revolution. Scientists had long suspected that with the discovery and exploitation of new technologies there would also appear Pokégirls that exhibited related powers. Pushing the boundaries between Pokégirl and machine, Pussycoms are, in a sense, living computers. They can make very quickly make complex calculations, store information in their minds with perfect recall (barring any brain damage), are able to link with electronic equipment, project a self-image into VR and even perform virtual combat. However, unlike Video Girls their consciousness is tied to their physical body and they do not actually 'live' in the virtual network. It is assumed that Video Girls gain the power to 'dissolve' their original bodies and take it along as data as part of their VR projections.
Pussycoms are a handy Pokégirl to have for researchers, watchers, and anyone else who has a need of computer skills and data storage. They are not so popular a choice for tamers however, as they are generally a poor choice for battles, unless said battles involve computer hacking, technological Pokégirls, or other machinery. Although not innately skilled in anything in particular, they take to instruction via T2 machines very well. As such, they can quickly adjust for domestic duties, among other things.
Pussycoms can sometimes have difficulty expressing and understanding emotions. Ironically, most of them tend to be sensitive about this fact, sometimes developing feelings of inferiority because of it. Over time, their difficulties with emotions will lessen, but won't ever disappear. Personality wise, Pussycoms are almost always quiet, obedient and submissive. They do not possess much initiative, having a tendency to simply stand around idly until spoken to or given instruction. Some have a strong sense of curiosity, and will spend much time observing others, asking questions when they do not understand something. It is believed that there are no feralborn Pussycoms. It is known that a Pussycom that goes into a feral state will have difficulties performing their tasks. Data held in their memory may be corrupted, instructions forgotten or ignored, and may randomly interact with computers. They do not get violent, but the potential danger of a feral Pussycom near a computer (imagine what they could do if it were in a hospital, for instance) is ample motivation to make sure they are tamed sufficiently.
Rumors exist of an advanced Pussycom called a Chotit, said to be fully capable of feeling and expressing emotions, lacking the unquestioning compliance with orders, and more prone to taking action without needing their tamer to tell them to. They are also said to be able to force these advancements onto other Pussycoms, and access the memories of Pussycoms without their consent. It is debated whether this supposed Chotit is supposed to be an evolution of the Pussycom, or simply a Pussycom with exceptional abilities.
There is not much to note about Pussycoms when it comes to taming. Their ability with T2 machines means they can be well instructed in a variety of erotic skills. Lubrication may be desired, as they sometimes do not get as wet as most other Pokégirls, though the difference probably would not be enough to make it intolerable. Indeed, some may prefer the slight increase in friction. Pussycoms have little qualms when it comes to taming, so will generally accept whatever the tamer wishes. It would be unwise to tame them when they are linked to a computer, as it would distract them from their task and, depending on what computer they are linked with, may cause disaster.
There are no known cases of threshold to date. It is believed Pussycoms can only reproduce through parthenogenesis.
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PUSSYWILLOW, the Magicflower Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life energy, sunlight & water
Role: Predators, Lovers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Leech Seed, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Catnip Kiss, Regenerate, Command Plants, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Gender Dust, Root, Root System, Virus, Anti-Virus, Grass Floor, Lance, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Natural armor, claws, Enhanced All-Around Defenses (with blossom closed, x9), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Metabolism, Plant Manipulation, Magical Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitten (Leaf Stone)
Pussywillows are a major change from Kittens. Upon being given a Leaf Stone and evolving to Pussywillow, they gain at least a foot and a half in height, their bust increasing in size slightly. Pussywillows turn more animalistic in appearance than their previous form, their bodies covered in fur that is various shades of green, a large star-shaped mark in yellow on their backs. Their hair turns bright green and leafy. It grows hip-length and stays that way, regenerating to that length no matter how bad the damage in moments. It can be styled into different forms, however.
What also occurs is that a gigantic flower blossom appears around them. It's wide enough to hold a Snorlass, and is constantly floating. The type of blossom varies depending on the Pussywillow, and acts as a floating platform and means of transportation. It also makes a very comfortable makeshift bed as well. When the blossom is closed, it can act as a very powerful defensive shield.
The most unusual thing about this is that the Pussywillow quite literally cannot leave the blossom. Ever. The blossom and the Pokégirl share a mystical connection. If caught in a Pokéball, both the Pussywillow and the blossom will be sucked into the same Pokéball. If a Pussywillow is separated from their flower blossom somehow, their bodies will shrivel up and die quickly. A Pussywillow must remain in contact with their blossom at all times to maintain their heath. Most observed Pussywillows, Ferals especially, never stand up once in their lives.
Pussywillows are very relaxed, easygoing Pokégirls when not hungry. They tend to spend the day laying around in their blossoms, floating from here to there until they start to need to feed again, which, if they have plenty of sunlight and water to sustain them in the meantime, is only twice a week. When they become hungry, they become very vicious and will attack anything in their way, shooting Lances and creating Wood Towers. Once they find suitable prey, fanged mouthed tentacles will sprout from the bottom of the flower blossom, affixing themselves to the target. They will absorb a portion of life energy from the target, generating a form of mystical energy pollen from the blossom itself that the Pussywillow will inhale, replenishing herself. The mouths secrete a form of toxin similar to Lust Dust, that has the double effect of also numbing the pain of the bite. On willing targets, such as harem sisters or a Tamer, the tentacles will not have teeth.
Pussywillows are very sensual in nature, and very open about their Taming habits. If their Tamer wants to Tame them in the middle of the street, then they will gladly help them up into her flower blossom right then and there. They love to try new things, especially after a feeding, as the pollen has a partial Lust Dust effect upon them.
There have been only a tiny handful of Threshold cases reported of becoming a Pussywillow. The first noticeable sign that appears is the flower blossom itself, which manifests in a swirl of magic. All reported cases have soon after snuck off towards the woods
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PYREBARE (aka POOHBEAR), the Flaming Silly Old Bear Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Bear)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Honey making up a large part of diet.
Role: Bakers, Smithy assistants, accidental wildfire starters.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Spin, Warm Embrace, Flame Step, Napalm; Above Level 30: Flame Sword, Flame Tower, Fire Floor
Enhancements: Enhanced sense (Smell, Hearing) x5, Enhanced Strength x3, Endurance x5, Heat resistance, Toughness x4
Weaknesses: Loss of exterior agelessness, clumsy, Air-headed, Prone to using Ignite without meaning to.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bimbo (Orgasm with tamer of strong Snorlass ancestry and Fire Stone applied or E-stone ceremony: 3 Fire Stones and a Moonstone)
Pyrebares are a recent discovered evolution of the Bimbo, making the once air-headed Pokégirl a little more popular with tamers. Discovered in 288 AS by Anthony Urse, a wealthy man in the Blue League with a heavy Snorlass ancestry. He had given his Bimbo, Tammy, a Fire Stone necklace, and they were Taming to celebrate. Upon orgasming, Tammy began to glow, her hair changing from green to a light brown with red streaks in it, a permanent bronze tan, and her ears migrating and becoming bear-like, perching atop her head. Her body also became more rounded, and a little pudgy. She immediately set the bed on fire, and kindly helped Anthony put it out. Anthony flaunted his new Pokégirl, which caught the eye of a pureblood, Roger Byers. Lacking the ancestry necessary and not wanting to whore his Bimbo out to Anthony, he began a series of experiments, and after many failures and complaints from Freida, he finally succeeded. Freida evolved, and the evolution was opened for many more Tamers to utilize.
In personality, Pyrebares are still air-headed, but can now keep their attention on one thing at a time (and usually only one thing at a time, to the exclusion of everything else). They become curious, asking questions when they don't understand something (which is often), and when trying to recall something, many will hold one arm at the elbow and tap their head muttering 'Think, think think" to themselves. This actually assists in recalling the information they were after, and it's best for the tamer to allow their Pyrebare to do so. Otherwise they may permanently forget the information, resulting in them having to be re-taught. They are cheerful and sunny, much like their pre-evolution, but without the annoying 'Valley Girl' accent. However, many of them tend to say "Oh Bother" after an accident or when problems arise.
Pyrebares live up to their name, often setting things on fire by accidentally using ignite, it's unknown how they're able to use ignite without realizing it, but this may be linked to the breed's concentration on a single matter. However they accomplish this, one thing is for certain, it's a Pyrebare's clothes that most often suffer the consequences, making a few prefer to go around completely naked. Being a bear type evolution, Pyrebares are surprisingly strong and are decent battlers, being able to back up their newfound concentration with a complementary array of attacks. They make poor sex-battlers, however, knowing only Warm Embrace as a sex attack, besides their penchant of using Ignite unknowingly, which often gets them disqualified from any sex battle.
Pyrebares also LOVE honey, making insect Pokégirls like the Buzzbreast and Cunnydew among their favorite friends or harem sisters. However, a Pyrebare owner should watch out how much honey he allows this breed to eat, because without proper exercise they do take after other bear Pokégirls and become obese.
*Ceremony Description*
The Fire Stones are placed as bracelets and a choker on the Bimbo's wrists and neck. The Fire Stones must remain touching the Bimbo's skin as she spins around, arms held straight out. Soon (usually once the Bimbo is good and dizzy) the Fire Stones will begin to glow, and the Moon Stone must be touched to the Bimbo just before the Pokégirl comes to a complete stop from spinning. The Bimbo will then evolve.
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PYRONA, the Graceful Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Support, Ambush
Libido: Low to Average, but can be higher with tamer they respect.
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Bug, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock,
Attacks: Cut, Scratch, Ember, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Tough skin, Enhanced endurance (x3), Enhanced speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Longevity
Evolves: Flarebra (Normal)
Evolves From: Mynx (dragon E-medal)
A recently discovered alternate evolution to the Draco, the Pyrona is a marked difference to their Draco cousins. As the Draco are to close combat, the Pyrona are to support fighting and long-range tactics. Like the Draco, the Pyrona are meant to support other, more powerful Pokégirls. They were created in limited numbers during the war and were often mistaken for Dracos at a distance, a fact that made it difficult to tell just how many were created until they started throwing fire attacks around. At which point most of their enemies died before they could recover from their shock.
Personality wise, these Pokégirls are in some ways worse than the Dracos. More proud and haughty than the Draco, these girls were equally intelligent, but often preferred to use their intelligence to make the others around them look bad, which the Pokégirl would promptly point out, given even a sliver of a chance to do so. She is caustic to everyone, and respects only those who are more powerful than her or can prove her wrong, be it in a battle, a course of action, or anything else she has made her opinion clear on.
However, one thing that she avoids if at all possible is going feral. Pyronas have an almost pathological fear of going feral. While this fear is deep, like that of a Medra’s, it is not advised to try and use this against her. They will become more complacent and respectful towards their Tamer, as well as more obedient, but will cause them to lose any respect they may have had for their Tamer altogether. They will become very quiet and observant, looking for the first chance to escape and place themselves in the harem of a more worthy Tamer.
Like the Draco, the Pyrona has small scale-like skin (detectable only by close inspection), which contains a light tinting, her hair is a bit finer than human hair, looking almost like silk, slightly pointed ears, and a reptilian tail that is usually about a foot long. Their skin color ranges the entire gamut, with nearly every color being recorded, with the sole exception of pale blue, and their hair and eyes almost always compliment their scale color. They usually stand from 5’2” to 5’8”, and have a lean, athletic build, with a solid B-cup breast.
It should also be noted that while Pyronas are not afraid of close combat, they know that they do not excel at it, and attempt to avoid it if possible. But one of the ways to a Pyrona’s heart is to present her with a Heavy Metal. Giving her one of these is like a naming day present coming early for her. And it is a useful present at that.
Another thing that Pyronas love is to dance. With her natural agility and endurance, she can dance for hours on end, and does so whenever she can. Watcher's speculate that because she cannot fly is why she spends so much time dancing, and that is the closest thing to it that she can do.
The Pyrona is somewhat affectionate to her tamer, preferring to rub up against them and cuddle, especially after their tamings. She prefers soft, gentle taming sessions that take a while, enjoying the build up to her climax, and will let herself be tamed into exhaustion if the tamer is capable of it. Pyronas as a whole have no preferred position, instead enjoying variety.
Pyrona as a Threshold result happens about as much as Draco.
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PYROTHON, the Fiery Python Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Python)
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers well cooked meat)
Role: Ambush Hunter, Outdoors Cook
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Flying
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Dig, Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace, Flamequake *
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Pyrothon is a large powerful snake-like Pokégirl that uses her immense tail strength along with her fire abilities to defeat her opponents. During the revenge war, the Pyrothon was used to ambush human forces by tunneling under them only to emerge in the middle of her foes, spreading such attacks as fire floor and flamequake to take out large groups of humans at a time. The Pyrothon would often finish off any survivors with a combination of wrap and ignite. After the war, this Pokégirl has gained popularity amongst tamers and hunters alike due to her use in trapping and capturing prey. Unlike most snake Pokégirls, the Pyrothon is capable of living in colder climates due to their high body temperature and fire capabilities.
The Pyrothon has the upper body of a beautiful athletic woman with lightly tanned skin and the lower half of a large pre-Sukebe python. Her lower snake half can range from anywhere between 20-30 feet long and is usually dark brown in color but whites and yellows have been seen in domestic born individuals. This coloring is used by ferals as a natural camouflage in forested regions to blend in with dirt and rocks. Her breasts are usually a solid B-cup but low C-cups have been seen in larger individuals. A Pyrothon’s eye color is almost always a dark brown color, but others have been reported. Their hair color usually ranges from light brown to dark black but blond is becoming more and more common in threshold and domestic born individuals. Most Pyrothons like to keep their hair short, when asked about this most say that long hair gets in their way during a fight. Unlike the Naga and most of her evolutions, the Pyrothon has no metamorphic capabilities. Her snake-like tail starts just under her human-like vagina. Unlike pre-Sukebe pythons and most snake type Pokégirls the Pyrothon lacks the ability to unhinge her jaws.
In battle, most Pyrothons like to start off with a combination of dig and their special attack flamequake to catch their opponents by surprise. During a battle they like to use the attack fire floor to prevent their opponents from escaping. Most Pyrothons will finish a fight the same way; by coiling around their opponent and using ignite to almost literally cook them alive. Against foes that can fly over most of their attacks, they will often use flamethrower and fireball to try and shoot them down so they can finish them off as usual. They have have a hard time fighting water types. Not only can most water types counter fire floor with water floor but they can prevent flamequake from being effective by flooding the area with water. Outside of battle most Pyrothons enjoy using their flames to cook for themselves and their harem. They especially enjoy BBQ.
To outsiders, they seem mostly cold and indifferent, but to those who have worked hard and gained her trust she seems like a totally different Pokégirl. After one has broken through her shell the she often is very warm and friendly. Once her tamer gains her trust, she will become very lustful and will often try to initiate a taming session whenever alone with him. Most individuals of this breed are shy when it comes to doing anything sexual in public and will only try to initiate a taming session when alone with a tamer that she likes. When it comes to taming she will often be very dominant. Most like to coil around their tamers and use warm embrace to stimulate their tamers whole body at once. When it comes to the act of taming most of this species don't like to share. Trying to initiate a group taming with a Pyrothon involved is not recommended. In fact, the very idea tends to anger them. Over time most members of this breed will eventually learn to accept that their tamer has others in his life and needs to take care of them too, just as long as she doesn’t have to hear about it. After getting to know them, most Pyrothons will at least try to reach out and form a friendship with their harem sisters. This breed makes a poor choice for alpha due to their jealousy and territoriality, but can make a good choice for beta. Due to the fact that when it comes to battle and training they are very serious. Most Pyrothons don't get along with the Hellcat breed very well. They consider the dining habits of most Hellcats to be quite undignified, usually calling the Hellcat's preference for burning meat to a crisp before eating it "a waste of a good piece of meat". Unlike a lot of other fire types she is safe to tame without protection from her flames, as her sex is only slightly above normal human body temperature. Unlike most other snake Pokégirls, they are almost entirely bisexual sexual. While this allows both male and female tamers to keep a Pyrothon satisfied, they don't like having multiple partners. In fact, most are monogamous in their taming habits and once bonded, will only willingly tame with that person. If she is traded or won by salvage, short of a level 5 taming cycle, it can take weeks or even the threat of going feral before she will willingly accept another.
The feral state of the Pyrothon is fairly intense. As their feral state increases, they become more and more territorial about their tamer. Often times they will try to keep their harem sisters away from their tamer, whom they perceive as their territory. Pyrothons are very territorial, making their homes in burrows in mountainous and forested regions. Ferals will often times attack anything that comes near their burrow, whether they are human or Pokégirl. In such an occasion one should use strong water type attacks as the Pyrothon is weak to water. Do to the fact they can't unhinge their jaws, when feral, they usually have to rely on their fire abilities to cook their meals thoroughly enough to tenderize their food to allow them to tear off chunks of meat small enough to swallow. This also makes their food easier to digest.
Threshold into a Pyrothon is fairly uncommon but becoming more and more common in families with both fire and ground types in their ancestry. The first sign that most girls notice that they are going through threshold is an elevated body temperature mixed with an intense feeling of possessiveness over their room and possessions. This Threshold is a very painful and frightening process that most often lasts from a week to two weeks. During this time her legs fuse together and elongate, eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a long snake-like tail. Thresholders oftentimes have trouble controlling their developing fire abilities, leaving them as a fire risk until they learn to control their powers.
Flamequake – Ground/Fire (ATK 120 + EFT) In a variation of the technique earthquake, a dig capable fire Pokégirl tunnels under her opponents and creates a small localized earthquake. During this earthquake she releases as much fire as she can from the pores of her body. These intense flames spill out from the cracked earth, engulfing her opponents. This attack has a 45% likelihood of inflicting the status ailment of Burn.
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QUACKETTE, the Daffy Quack-Up Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorphic (duck)
Element: Water/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Small fish, vegetables
Role: General household helpers, comedy, sex
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, cat Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Magic, Ice, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Feather Blizzard, Water Tickle, Tickle Storm, Slick Stroke, Edge Of Delight, Water Tower, Gust, Water Floor, Dive
Enhancements: Flight, Water affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x3), great comedic timing
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the first Quackettes were discovered, no one was quite sure what to make of them. They were excellent lovers, and could be quite silly at times, but people, researchers especially, were confused. They had no idea why Sukebe would make such a goofy, short-tempered creature. Eventually, attempts to understand why Sukebe created them were dropped, and Quackettes were approved for usage by Tamers.
Quackettes are bird Pokégirls who's facial features are duck like in appearance. They have wide bills and wide bottoms, making their walk something of a waddle. Their feathers are soft, and can vary in colors between white, black, grey with black around the head, and brown, white, and black with green around the head, all depending on region. They are good natured towards most others, although they have short tempers. Their tantrums don't go beyond rather amusing ranting and snarling that degenerates into random quacking as they pace around waving their fists. Also, some Quackettes have been known to have a lisp. It's barely noticeable normally, however when angered, it becomes very prominent.
Feral Quackettes tend to gather in flocks, flying in V-formation with their powerful wings and resting in lakes and ponds near forests. They are very watchful, even when sleeping, and will bolt at a moment's notice if they hear something.
It should be noted that cat-type Pokégirls HATE Quackettes. This is a common trait amongst every cat Pokégirl, who hate Quackettes for their lack of fear towards them and the fact that any time they try something against them, they are foiled and hit with a jet of water.
Quackettes seem to have a natural affinity for comedy. They are naturally silly, funny creatures when Tamed, and usually make fast friends with Trixies and Harlequins. The highly popular animated adventures of a trio of Pokégirls, a Titmouse named Minnie, a Quackette named Daisy, and a Growlie named Georgia are a good showcase of some things a Quackette will do, either knowingly or not, to entertain her friends.
Interestingly enough, Quackettes seem to have an on-again, off-again rivalry with Bunnygirls, for reasons that escape most researchers. The rivalries seem to be a game of one-upmanship, which usually leads to very humorous situations as Quackettes tend to overcompensate and end up making themselves look foolish.
Thresholding into a Quackette is rare, but not unheard of.
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QUEENBRA, the Top-Heavy Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human Diet (enjoys meat)
Role: Milk-Mother, Staunch Defender
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Electric, Plant
Weak Vs: Ice, Dragon
Attacks: Glare, Leap, Tackle, Concentrate, Dodge, Pummel, Hypno Dance, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Dragon Torture, Call me Queen, Ancient Power
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x2), Armored, Enhanced Senses (x4), Active Lactation
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Milktit (mechanism unknown), Bratini (mechanism unknown)
Story this Pokégirl appears in: TBD
A Dragon-type Pokégirl only rarely ever found in the wild, there is very little information to have been found as of yet. Possessing large breasts that are about the equivalent of a Milk Maid's, Queenbra have been reported to give out about 15 gallons of milk every day. Unlike a Milktit, a Queenbra's breasts do not expand beyond an F-cup, although even this size may restrict movement to an extent. In the wild, a Queenbra is often surrounded by Pokékits of various breeds, nursing the ones that are too young to fend for themselves while their mothers hunt for food. Also unlike a Milktit, drinking a Queenbra's milk does not induce active lactation in those who drink her milk. A Queenbra's milk is sweet, and nutritious, but otherwise is the closest thing there is to real cow's milk. Unlike most Milktit as well, Queenbra's breasts are very sensitive- reports from the few tamers that Tame Queenbra state that they manage to make a Queenbra climax just from playing with their breasts.
Standing almost 7ft tall, a Queenbra is quite an imposing sight. Despite her size, these Pokégirls are fairly gentle, although certainly as strong as her height might suggest. Strong yet gentle, able to provide food to other Pokégirls and humans, what tamer wouldn't want one? The fact of the matter is, these Pokégirls are thought to evolve from two different Pokégirls, yet there is no known mechanism for those Pokégirls to evolve into a Queenbra. Researchers suggest that the two Pokégirls, a Milktit and a Bratini, must be getting tamed at the same time, and that the two must be Delta-bonded with their Tamer. This is not confirmed, however, it seems to be logical. Queenbra get along famously with Milktit, Milkmouse, and Milk Maid Pokégirls. Queenbra have large fin-like ears that are almost like an Elf's ears that extend several inches behind her head. Taming a Queenbra does not require restraints, as a Queenbra always knows how to best control her strength when around humans and other Pokégirls, and it is rare that a Queenbra ever requires to use her full strength.
Queenbra, unlike most dragon-element Pokégirls, do not have wings or claws. Instead, they rely more on blunt attacks than anything else, or their Dragon-element attacks instead. Queenbra have no knowledge of any sex attacks, but are decent enough fighters in their own right. However, Queenbra that are Delta-Bonded or are taking care of Pokékits have been known to use an exclusive attack called "Ancient Power". The effects are enormous, but the trigger to use the attack is rare. If the Pokékits or the Tamer that a Queenbra is Delta-bonded to are attacked and the Queenbra might be unable to stop it, then the Queenbra can use the Ancient Power attack in order to increase her capabilities. There is an unconfirmed report about a Tamer having managed to teach his Queenbra to use Ancient Power at will once.
--Real method of Evolution: Both the Milktit and the Bratini evolve into a Queenbra. This is done only when both Pokégirls are together, and at a time that a Milktit would otherwise be ready to evolve into a Minotaura. There is no requirement for the Bratini for the evolution, other than the two need to be Alpha bonded at the least. At the time the Milktit goes to evolve (via element stone or it's just that time), the Bratini must be physically touching the Milktit and have the Tamer very close by. The Bratini will always evolve into a Queenbra, while the Milktit only evolve into one 5% of the time. The rest of the time, the Milktit will only evolve into her normal evolved form. If the Milktit does happen to evolve into a Queenbra, however, the Bratini will simply not evolve at that time into a Queenbra, and another Milktit will have to be obtained to be able to try again.
-Ancient Power (EFT): Usable only when under extreme duress while defending her Tamer (when Delta-bonded) or Pokékits. Ancient Power greatly increases a Queenbra's strength, speed, defenses, and attack power. This can only be used up to once per week, period. This attack lasts for up to thirty minutes. Also negates the advantage that Ice and Dragon attacks have on Queenbra for this amount of time as well (but if struck by either element of attack, then Ancient Power can only be used once every two weeks in order to recover). This attack is exclusive to the Queenbra.
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QUEENLER, the Ocean Fighter Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Clams
Role: Ground-to-Ocean Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Normal, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Crabhammer, Water Wall, Water Gun, Bubble, Uppercut, Backhand
Enhancements: Harder carapace, Strength (x3), Enhanced Pressure Resistance, Enhanced Carapace Manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Krabbit(Normal)
The Queenler is rather superior to the Krabbit in almost every way. Her carapace takes a deeper brown color and one of her claws nearly doubles or even triples in size. Which claw depends on which hand the Queenler prefers to use. The Queenler has full mastery over her carapace which allows her to cover sections of her body that she wishes. Usually Queenlers prefer to keep as little of their bodies covered as they can since they like to look sexy for everyone to see and show off how they can control their carapace. The Queenler also gain fighting skills in using their large claw in battle, making it a very dangerous weapon. She is also able to withstand deeper pressures in the ocean which means it takes her longer to get to shore, if she comes at all.
Feral Queenler follow many habits of their pre-evolved forms. While they do come to shore to rest, it isn't a guarantee that they will. They sometimes sleep at the bottom of the ocean since they are confident in their fighting abilities to ward of predators. When they do come to the shore, they really don't take great pains to hide themselves since their confidence in their skills with their giant claw remains strong outside water as well as in it. Usually the best way to capture is a Queenler is to first find a way to restrain the claw. It isn't easy since the Queenler has quicker reflexes and can move the claw without any kind of strain despite its weight. Still, the best way to restrain a Queenler is with a Pokégirl with a whip or knows the Vine Whip technique. A solid attack to her body will help wear her down after that.
Taming a Queenler is also like taming a Krabbit. The more aroused they get, the more carapace vanishes. However, the only part that remains is the claw. Queenler love it when their claw is restrained in taming because of the helplessness aspect which can turn them on greatly. Of course, this may not apply to all Queenler. Higher level Queenler can call the armor of the claw inside, but not a whole lot do since it is a great source of pride to them. Only Tamers who have the Queenler's trust, respect, and love will be able to get her to bring the carapace in.
In Harems, Queenler are not as mild-mannered as the Krabbit. They have an opinion and they will let you know about it. Even if you don't want it. Still, once they do voice their opinion in a matter then they will let their Tamer decide. They do keep their quirk of foaming at the mouth when they are unhappy. Of course, the Queenler try to be a little mature about it, but will still sulk when they think no one is watching. They will like to spar to keep their skills with their claw sharp.
In battles, Queenler will rely on their claw and not much else in terms of an attack. If their claw is somehow restrained or too injured to fight, they lose their main weapon and a lot of their confidence in winning. To them, the claw is the beginning and end of all fights. Still, if they do win without it, it comes as a surprise to them since they believe that they only need the claw to win.
Threshold cases into Queenler as rather scarce since most just change into Krabbit. The rare cases of Queenler threshold usually have muscle increase in the preferred arm and a craving for fish, shrimp, clams, and all kinds of seafood being reported before the actual change.
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QUILLARA, the Pincushion Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Prefers solitude, mainly used as forward observers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Quill Extend, Quill Shot, Tackle, Pummel, Wrestle, Spike Hug, Headbutt, various Whip Techniques
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x8), Enhanced Senses (x10), 360 degree vision, Body is possessed of an array of heavy spikes inside her body which can be withdrawn and extended at will, photographic memory, light healing factor to repair damage done to skin when quills extend or retract
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Quillaras appeared during the Revenge War. Solitary women in leather trench coats, usually the only clothes they would wear, would be seen near human encampments, taking in everything they saw. They would never speak to anyone and if confronted, they would run off, at which point they would return to their unit leaders to report everything they witnessed via their enhanced senses, their spying role a variant of the Kunoichi and other Pokégirls of that nature. They have a photographic memory and always remember everything they see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. Quillaras would only fight back if cornered, revealing their secret nature as a Pokégirl.
Quillaras are short, stocky Pokégirls, around 4’6,” with smallish breasts (never more than a low B-cup without Bloom powder) and short, black hair. Inside their bodies, just underneath their skin, are hundreds of needle thin but surprisingly hard, metallic quills which they can extend to their full length and retract at will, making it near impossible to fight them in close quarters without a weapon of some kind. More experienced Quillaras can extend only a portion of their quills at a time. Due to their quills, their bodies are surprisingly dense, and they weigh a great deal more than one would expect a girl of their size to weigh. They can also shoot out portions of their quills as a projectile attack, and regrow quills lost during battle.
In battle, Quillaras prefer to remain at a distance, fighting with chains to keep their opponent away. They have high durability (which goes down a little when their quills are extended), and their quills make them dangerous in close combat, but something in the mental makeup of the Quillaras as a breed make them unbelievably paranoid about letting anyone get close to them, emotionally or physically, for any reason. When someone does get in close during combat, they tend to panic and lash out with wild blows that due tremendous damage due to the sharp tips of their quills.
Quillaras live with pain every day of their lives, as their quills cause them great pain whenever they extend them, although after a several years most Quillaras adjust to the pain and are able to ignore it. This in turn increases their pain threshold, allowing them better endurance in combat. Some theorize that Sukebe did not dull their pain receptors to help give them strength as warriors, although this seems to have backfired, as the majority of the breed do not like fighting. They prefer solitude, and don’t like getting close to someone for fear of hurting their lovers with their quills.
Quillaras try to end Tamings quickly, especially when younger, as they have less control of their quills. Tamers have a challenge in getting a Quillara to warm up to them as well as to tame them, although some who like danger willingly take on a Quillara.
Feral Quillara are difficult to find. They tend to stay in hiding to watch others, and rarely come out into view. Juvenile Quillara ferals are usually easier to find, as they have less control over their spikes, which tend to pop out on their own from time to time, causing them to cry out.
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