ICE EMPRESS, the Arctic Ruler Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Vegan
Role: Arctic operations commander, Arctic farming
Libido: Low (Rises in higher temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Steel
Attacks: Ice Punch, Cold Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Mist, Snow Storm, Ice Blade Mark II, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Ice Floor, Iceball, Big Iceball, Simulacrum, Ice Armor, Wave of Ice, Temporary Crystal Prison, Ice Form*, Ice Slide*, Icicles, Boulder Ice, Glacier, Heavenly Strike, Diamond Dust, Emotion Bomb
Enhancements: Total immunity to all forms of cold, Body temperature control, Can manipulate temperature in surrounding area, Longevity, Increased Durability (x6), Increased Intelligence (x4), Increased emotional capacity, Absolute Ice Mastery, Self-transmutative ability, Immune to Infernal status effects and Attributes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ice Princess (normal, Lvl90)
Ice Empresses are a prized commodity amongst Ice-type Pokégirl Tamers. Their power is incredible, as is their level of control. Where Ice Princesses are almost invincible in an arctic environment, an Ice Empress is TOTALLY invincible in a cold environment!
Granted, a powerful-enough Fire-type can screw all that to hell, but still, an Ice Empress is a force of nature to be reckoned with. They are bustier by far than their previous forms, going up by at least two cup-sizes than before. Their hair lengthens and turns icy white. Their bodies become tremendously cold, their skin painful to the touch and turning a deep shade of frost gray, but they can raise their body temperature to the more manageable levels of an Ice Maiden. They mainly let their natural temperature occur in battle. Ice Empresses, surprisingly enough, also have a light Celestial attribute to them, due to their immunity to Infernal status effects and Attributes. They are the most emotional of the line, and tend to be over-exuberant in expressing their feelings for their Harem sisters and Tamer.
So great is an Ice Empress's mastery of ice, that they can turn their very bodies into a superdense form of living ice that actually has a high resistance to heat attacks. They can also use their ice abilities to generate a slide of sorts that allows them fast movement through the air as they slide along. The ice slide fades quickly after the Ice Empress passes over it. Ice Empresses also have two frightening, powerful attacks thought to be useable only by the Legendary Ice Goddess, Shiva: Diamond Dust and Heavenly Strike. This had led people to wonder if Yukii of the Ice Maiden Preserve, now an Ice Empress herself, has had her people come into contact with the infamous Legendary. There is one disadvantage to Diamond Dust that Shiva doesn't have: Casting Diamond Dust takes away from the Ice Empress's HP.
Ice Empresses are more cunning and intelligent than their previous forms. This makes them excellent Alpha Pokégirls, as well as canny strategists. The Ice Empresses of the Ice Maiden Preserve were the ones who developed a highly successful, surprisingly simple, 100% effective way of producing strong, healthy harvests of fruits and vegetables in frigid environments that would normally make farming impossible. This has led some Researchers to wonder if places like the Scarlet League, formerly Antarctica, could somehow be made habitable under the right conditions.
Due to how high a level an Ice Princess must be to evolve into an Ice Empress, it's assumed that they cannot be a Threshold result. So far, no Threshold case to date has ever contradicted this fact.
*Ice Form (DEF 70) – The Ice Empress transforms her body to living ice, gaining a higher defense rating and surprisingly, a high resistance to fire. It's presumed that her body's cold in this form is enough to counter the heat. Obviously an Ice technique.
*Ice Slide (ATK 30 + EFT) – The Ice Empress creates a bridge of ice underneath herself and moves it forward, sliding on the ice as she moves. This technique can be used to ram opponents, although its primary use is as a fast, easy transport for the Ice Empress. Obviously an Ice technique.
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ICE MAIDEN, the Frigid Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Vegan, favors fruits over vegetables
Role: Arctic operative, strategic combat
Libido: Low (increases in higher temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Punch, Cold Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Mist
Enhancements: Immune to non-magical cold, low Feral & Emotional state
Evolves: Yuki-Onna (Edo League; orgasm), Snow Queen (mechanism unknown), Ice Princess (normal, lvl 50), Foxymaiden (Fox E-Medal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Ice Crystal), Watermaiden (Ice Crystal)
Ice Maidens were among Sukebe’s last creations during the Revenge War. There are very few recorded instances of them fighting, as few of Sukebe’s targets were in arctic environments, as that is where they were most effective. Due to their low emotional states and light feral aspects, they were able to go for long periods of time without need for taming. And because of their ability to see things logically, they were able to see which way the war was going. They surrendered en masse, and in exchange for arctic land to live on as a Preserve as well as for giving up the location of what would eventually able to become Jusenkyo, were able to establish lives for themselves after the war. The then leader of the Ice Maidens, Yukii, has since evolved into an Ice Empress. She helps regulate the goings and comings of Ice Maidens and has set up a challenge system for those wanting to take an Ice Maiden from the village. She changes it every other week, so as not to be predictable and keep the population of her Preserve up.
Ice Maidens, in physical appearance, have very few differences from human women. Their body temperature is vastly lower than the normal, and their skin and hair has a slight bluish tint to it. Their Feral state is very light, as they just become clumsy and forgetful. In this state, they are prone to accidentally freezing parts of themselves.
Taming Ice Maidens is not an easy task. Due to their extremely low body temperature, they have a hard time becoming aroused. A good Tamer will first try to warm up the Pokégirl, either via something such as a hot bath or a sauna. Ice Maidens, as they warm up, become less powerful and less able to control their libido. A good Tamer will keep things such as a heat pack on hand, so that their Ice Maiden can get more frequent tamings. A fire-type, such as a Fire Maiden, can also help warm up an Ice Maiden. Despite these difficulties, Ice Maidens are among the more popular types of Pokégirls, mainly because of their high power potential and the fact that they don’t need to be Tamed so often. (Although affectionate Tamers do so anyway.)
Ice Maidens, in terms of personality, are very cold, logical Pokégirls. They are capable of thinking through any problem calmly, and usually display very little to emotion. Some Ice Maidens are so cold and emotionless that they can use Shadow-element attacks. It takes a lot to bring out the passion and emotion in an Ice Maiden, however an affectionate, caring Tamer can manage it. There’s even a recently recorded case of an Ice Maiden learning how to use Emotion Bomb. The Ice Maiden’s Tamer in that case was one Ash Sextome, who is known to favor befriending his Pokégirls to increase their performance and has a astronomically high Empathy rating.
Cases of Thresholding into an Ice Maiden are rare, but they are among the more common Ice-type Threshold results.
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ICE PRINCESS, the Cold Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegan, likes cold foods
Role: Arctic operatives, strategic combat
Libido: Low (increases in higher temperatures)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Punch, Cold Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Mist, Snow Storm, Ice Blade Mark II, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Ice Floor, Iceball, Big Iceball, Simulacrum
Enhancements: Immune to non-magical cold, Can manipulate temperature in surrounding area, Longevity, Increased Durability (x2), Increased emotional capacity, Increased Ice affinity
Evolves: Ice Empress (normal, Lvl90)
Evolves From:
Ice Maiden (normal, Lvl50), Damsel (Ice Crystal)
Ice Princesses are a definite challenge for all but the most dedicated Ice-type Tamers. When they evolve from Ice Maiden, their body temperature, already very low to begin with, drops even further. Their body density increases, and their hair takes on an even stronger bluish tint, their arms from the elbows down looking constantly frosted over unless warmed. This means that most Ice Princesses are found in the harems of female Tamers, as few men have the strength of will and strength of body to tame an Ice Princess more than once.
This is not to say that an Ice Princess is impossible for a male to Tame. Their bodies soften in heat, the same as an Ice Maiden, although it takes more to get them to soften up. When they are warmed up enough, though, an Ice Princess can be as passion and as sex-crazed as a HentaiCute. As such, most Tamers who have an Ice Princess also keep a fire-type on hand to help heat things up in nearly all senses of the word. Also, Ice Princesses tend to be a little more free with their emotions, being more capable of expressing themselves than their evolved forms.
Ice Princesses made only one appearance during the Revenge War. A group of them, leading a squadron of Ice Maidens and Snow Queens, attacked an Antarctic research facility trying to create a bio-weapon meant to eradicate DNA. This proved to be a very good thing later on, as later research indicated that the bio-weapon being created, had it been finished and unleashed, would have eradicated all organic life on Earth. A few Ice Princesses have made appearances in the various thief teams. In an arctic environment, an Ice Princess is just a few steps short of invincible. They can create Simulacrums of themselves out of snow, forcing their opponents to waste valuable time and energy defeating them before facing the real opponent. Many experienced Ice-type Tamers team Ice Princesses and Snow Queens together to make a powerful fighting force.
It’s so far unconfirmed, but there is a rumor of a powerful Ice Princess being in the leadership of the infamous Limbec Pirates. Various reports indicate that she wore a cloak of either magical or technological origin that radiated intense cold, allowing her to retain her senses and keep her powers high in warmer climates. A reward has been offered for information on the cloak, a higher one for anyone who can get the cloak itself.
So far, no cases of Thresholding into an Ice Princess have been discovered.
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IGGLYRUNT, the Little Softy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: fruits and liquids
Role: singing, cheering
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Sing, Slap, Screech
Enhancements: Enhanced Lung Capacity, Minor Flexibility, Minor Stretch ability, Light Feral
Evolves: Jigglyslut (normal)
Evolves From: None
Igglyrunts are the pre-evolved form of the better-known Jigglysluts. They’re skin is pinkish, but unlike they’re later form, not immediately distinguishable as being that different from human skin. They do have the trademark pinkish hair though. The major way they differ from their later forms is that an Igglyrunt isn’t very chesty at all, having A-cup breasts. Their cunt has no hair whatsoever. Igglyrunts are more flexibly than the average human, but nothing major, as though every joint in their body is double-jointed. They can’t stretch very much, gaining around six to eight inches if tugged hard. Most Igglyrunts are short, being around five feet tall. Unlike later forms, they tend to wear clothes.
Igglyrunts are generally whimsical and care-free Pokégirls. They enjoy the simple things in life, such as sunny days, fresh air, and regular Tamings. They’re most favorite activity is singing. Igglyrunts frequently feel moved enough that they burst into song, using “Igglyrunt” as a filler for any necessary lyrics if they don’t know them or need to make something up. Oddly, music itself doesn’t hold any more value for them than anything else. It’s only when they themselves are singing that an Igglyrunt is at her happiest. The one thing that sets an Igglyrunt off though is her small chest size. They know they get bustier later once they evolve, and are impatient to reach that stage. Making a comment about how small an Igglyrunt is up top is likely to get the speaker Slapped or Screeched at.
Igglyrunts in battle usually try to sing their opponent to sleep, hoping to win by default. Failing that they’ll continually Sing them to sleep and then Slap them or Screech at them until they win. While simplistic, the tactic works more often than most Tamers might think.
Igglyrunts like to be Tamed deeply. More than most Pokégirls, they appreciate well-endowed Tamers, loving the feeling of being so full. They also enjoy having their tits rubbed during the act of Taming, though this is only a minor turn-on for them.
Feral Igglyrunts have a lighter Feral state, like an Ingenue, save that they just wander around Singing. This tends to make them rather hard to capture, since any nearby Tamers and their Pokégirls tend to be put to sleep before they can get close enough to capture the Igglyrunt. A Tamer is advised to plug his ears and those of his Pokégirls before going after the Igglyrunt. They lose this when they evolve however, having a normal animalistic Feral state in their evolved forms.
Igglyrunt is one of the more common types of Pokégirl for a Threshold girl to become. Most of them feel sad over transforming initially, but tend to recover well from it since they become flighty enough to be cheered up with relative ease later.
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INFERNUS, the Legendary Fire Titan Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (lava)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique) (Deceased)
Diet: unknown, has never been seen eating
Role: Destruction
Libido: assumed None
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Fighting Style: Infernus didn't really have any identifiable attacks. She would wander around, roaring and punching the ground, spewing lava and fire.
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x500), Enhanced Strength (x200), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, several hundred feet tall
Limitations: EXTREMELY low intelligence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the Revenge War began, there were four immensely powerful Legendary Pokégirls. One was Typhonna. Another was Infernus.
Infernus was a gigantic monstrosity of a Pokégirl that appeared shortly after Typhonna. She was human in shape, but was several hundred feet tall, with long hair, but her whole body was made entirely of lava. She was a massive, hulking Pokégirl, and very low in intelligence. She did nothing more than wander around and destroy,
She first appeared in Greenland and Iceland, destroying both nations in spectacular fashion, and headed for the Arctic Circle, most likely with intention of melting the ice cap. However, because of her size she had to travel through water, something which caused her great pain, most likely due to her nature as a being of lava. Her movements through water caused great amounts of steam to erupt, as the water evaporated on contact with her skin. Infernus was last seen headed towards the polar ice cap when Typhonna entered the fog What exactly happened is unknown, but Infernus was never seen again after that, and Typhonna exited the mist seemingly without incident. The Volcano Mistress, Kary, appeared shortly afterwards, filling Infernus' role in more efficient fashion. Two years later Typhonna disappeared.
Update as of 140 AS: A vast, mountainous island has been discovered near the arctic circle, one that looks like it was formed after a vast volcanic eruption. Studies of this island by psychic and magic-type Pokégirls have discovered traces of a vast, primitive soul that has long since departed, leading some to believe that the island is the remains of Infernus after an unsuccessful battle with Typhonna. Because of the powerful soul that once resided in the island, ghost Pokégirls were drawn to it and gather there in abundance. Thrill seeking Tamers, mages wanting an ideal place to study necromancy, and those who simply want a Ghost Pokégirl travel to this haunted island, named Inferno Island due to the fact that in the very center of this island is a large pillar of flame which cannot be put out. Legends state that the pillar first appeared when ghosts started gathering there, the last trace of Infernus' mighty soul awakening to observe them. Some say that if you stare into the flame, you can see souls in torment...
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Infernus' shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). (Or her sheer height, for that matter...) They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Infernus has No Weakness (Level 200). If she were to face anything that was considered Strong vs. Fire, at or below level 200, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally. LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. However, due to the fact that Infernus lived only a couple months, no Salient Qualities were identified for Infernus, although it is assumed she had them.
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INGENUE, the Generalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Human style foods, leaning towards Vegetarian
Role: Domestics, General labor, anything that doesn’t require paranormal powers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, poison attacks, domination attacks
Attacks: Bite, Punch, Kick, Tackle, Pummel, Yell, Wrestle, Growl, Glare, Cheer, Takedown, Leap, Hammer, Dodge, Trample, Concentration, Double Edge, Helping Hand, Love ‘N’ Affection, Once More
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: Diva (normal), Damsel (orgasm), Sidekick (any elemental stone), Battle Angel (Heavy Metal; trade item), Duelette (Become competent in Duel Monsters games/win a tournament), Shieldmaiden (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (stress)
A great number of times, girls go through Threshold without any real change, other than maybe getting a little sexier in appearance. When this occurs, they become a Pokégirl known as an Ingenue.
Ingenues are among the most tolerated form of Pokégirl, as they have no animalistic appearance or over-the-top attacks. Even in more anti-Pokégirl Rights Leagues, such as Indigo, Ingenues aren’t as badly treated. Essentially, they’re hornier humans, although you’ll get a dirty look and the cold shoulder from any Ingenue who hears you describe them like that. Their Feral state is mild, leaving them in a state of distraction.
Ingenues are not combat-suitable Pokégirls. They are, however, extremely useful in domestic tasks or basic scut work. Frequently they can be found in stores, working as clerks or chefs. Some Ingenue owners also hide the fact that their girls are Ingenues in consideration for people who don’t like Pokégirls. This is easy to do, since Ingenues do not have any distinguishing marks. Also, frequently Ingenues are employed to keep an eye on their ditzier cousins, the Bimbos.
As mentioned earlier, Ingenues are not combat-suitable Pokégirls. During the Revenge War, they were used as infiltrators, sneaking into human encampments and then either spying or, in rarer cases, triggering an evolution to Sidekick through means that were unknown until the discovery of elemental stones.
Some Bunnygirls evolve in Ingenues through stress, although the mechanism is uncertain. Some crueler people have said that forcing a Bunnygirl to use her brain will turn her into an Ingenue. Those people were given a wedgie and hung by their underwear from a flagpole. I am not making this up, there are several recorded incidences of this happening.
Ingenues are a fairly commonplace Threshold. Most girls who undergo a transformation into an Ingenue accept it fairly well, as all they get is a slightly increased libido.
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IRON CHEF, the Kitchen Supercook Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Steel/Plant
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style diet and can eat almost anything
Role: Making anything edible from simple snacks to extravagant feasts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Electric, Rock, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Whip, Chop Chop, Pepper Spray, Catnip Kiss, Searing Spice, Tackle, Pan Shield, Vine Bondage, Passion Spice, Multi Chop
Enhancements: Enhanced sense of smell, Enhanced sense of taste, Enhanced sight, Increased Reflexes, Perfect Memory (Relating to cooking and related items), immune to spice attacks/poison, Resistant to heat, Endurance(x8), herb/spice creation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (E-Stone Ceremony, love of cooking)
Weakness: Looses temper over insults to her cooking or comments that any fool can cook.
Story this Pokégirl appears in: Slated to appear in Hopper Chronicles
To an Iron Chef cooking isn’t just making a meal—it’s High Art.
An Iron Chef is an E-Stone Ceremony Pokégirl evolved from an seemingly unlikely Type: a Boobleaf. They become Very Near Human and lose the ability to absorb sunlight and making a Solar Beam attack impossible. The only thing that visibly remains of the Boobleaf is their vines that emerge when needed.
On the other hand they can eat practically anything so that they can sample what they prepare.
The Iron Chef can create a broad variety of spices and herbs on command and gain a high resistance to heat despite their type. Their background as a Boobleaf gives them the ability to create Vine Whips that, given enough effort, can quickly train to fantastic precision. This allows them to do the work of half a dozen people by using their vines to perform semi-automatic tasks around the kitchen. High level Iron Chefs can make mouths drool as their creations are being made. Their memory for recipes and anything related to cooking is perfect.
They aren’t slouches in battle either. They can use various spice attacks to cause havoc with their opponents and are not affected by poisons themselves. (Making them ideal for poison tasting). They are extremely tough even if they don’t look it and approaching an Iron Chef with cleavers in hand is a daunting task indeed.
For some reason they greatly dislike Poison type Pokégirls, perhaps because the idea of someone poisoning food they have prepared is so insulting. Regardless, a Tamer with this Pokégirl will have no trouble with their meals because they are a marvel of improvisation and enhancing meals with their spices.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Leaf Stone, Fire StoneX2, Heavy Metal, Water Stone, Ice Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: In the kitchen with her 'tasters'
Ceremony Itself: While having a Fire Stone tied to one wrist and a Heavy Metal in the other, her Tamer holds the second Fire Stone and three other Pokégirls surround her with the remaining stones. (Order of the three not important as long as they are present).
Each Pokégirl must request something to eat from the target Pokégirl and this must be random choice while being a recipe that the Pokégirl likes. The target Pokégirl must prepare the dish and give it to the Pokégirl who requested it. The Pokégirl who requested the disk is compelled to give an honest (to her) answer and if the result is favorable the Ceremony can proceed. This is repeated for the others with her Tamer being the last one.
If she is successful then she will evolve into the Iron Chef.
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IRON MAIDEN, the Hard Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel
Frequency: Very Rare (Crimson League)
Diet: unknown
Role: immovable guards
Libido: very Low (Average during mating cycle)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Harden, Gaze, Rock, Throw, Mega Punch
Enhancements: Nigh impenetrable skin, Enhanced Strength (x18), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Brass (Heavy Metal)
During the war, if something needed to be guarded by the perfect guard, one needed an Iron Maiden on the job. Iron Maidens are never distracted to the point that they forget there given task. Most take things very seriously. The Damsel only matches their level of invulnerability and they were, as it was proven, only mildly irritated or unsettled by even Plasma Cannons. Flamethrowers were the only effective weapon against them, but few were ever actually used Against Iron Maidens because of the previous rational thinking: A plasma cannon can do everything a flamethrower can, but faster. However Plasma Cannons cannot keep up the stream of Fire, necessary to do effective damage against Iron Maidens. Iron Maidens are not common for Tamers to take in for the simple fact that few can actually bring pleasure to an Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden have a very dense layer of skin which prevents both pleasure and dampens the Iron Maidens capacity for feeling anything via touch. However, there are those that can entice, excite and bring an Iron Maiden to orgasm, all of whom either have a Fire blood gift or have studied martial arts for years. What relegated Iron Maidens to their current jobs of security or law enforcement was the fact that Iron Maidens have almost no sex drive outside of their mating cycle, which only occurs for one month every five years after puberty, thus allowing them to remain undisturbed where other more randy Pokégirls need leave for Taming. There are no more than fifty Iron Maidens currently in the Crimson League.
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ISHTAR, the Fusionist Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost/Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Item maker, system combiner
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Normal, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Ghost, Dark
Attacks: Teleport, Telekinesis, Dominate, Aura Barrier, Disable, Night Shade, Energy Drain
Enhancements: Enhanced senses (x3), Enhanced Agility and Durability (x6), Dual Prehensile Appendages (aka duphra), Increased Sensitivity (x2), Flexibility, Material Fusion
Evolves: None
Evolves From: A-Bra (Dusk Stone)
An unusual evolution of the A-Bra, though one sought after by those within industrial fields rather than by tamers. There are two main differences between the Ishtar and the A-bra's standard evolution, the Ka-D-bra. The first is that the Ishtar's breasts do not grow as large, without modifications, as a Ka-D-bra's, averaging somewhere between a mid B-cup to a large C-cup. Secondly, the Ishtar possesses dual prehensile appendages that connect to the back of her head, rather than the antennae that the A-bra and her other evolutions possess. These duphra (as they are popularly known) are often as long as one of the Pokégirl’s arms and are completely prehensile. Each one ends in a dull tip, much like the tail of a Kitten's is. Although prehensile, it is rare that the Ishtar show them to be such, instead preferring to make others think that they are more or less just a physical feature. In private with her tamer, however, the Ishtar enjoys using her duphra in sensual acts. These 'head-tails', as a few tamers call them, are very sensitive to the touch and can cause the Ishtar to feel great pain and pleasure, depending on what is inflicted to them. The Pokégirl does grow taller, however, although few reach more than 5'10" in height. One thing that often changes is their skin color, which often ranges through many different colors. Light green, pale blue, red, orange, and black have all been reported and confirmed.
Perhaps the greatest change is that of the Pokégirl’s perception of spiritual definitions and her reliance upon her mind for her power. While still a psychic type, the Ishtar is much more attuned to the spiritual facets of the mind and body. They are capable of changing things with her psychic powers- unlike most psychic powers, which are blunt and direct, this Pokégirl’s powers are more refined and subtle. Capable of becoming incorporeal for short periods of time, like most ghost types, this breed is not fully such all the time, unlike most ghost types. While incorporeal, the Pokégirl can inspect the inner workings of just about anything that is not alive (humans, Pokégirls, animals, and plant-life are beyond the breed's abilities), and then using her psychic powers, can deconstruct and then reassemble them. Usually, this requires the use of her hands and duphra as foci, but more experienced Pokégirls of this breed are capable of this act without such focus points. Distractions or bad material combinations often result in unusual and unwanted elements, in design, function, or effect.
In a battle, this breed prefers to inflict her opponent with some sort of ailment before striking out with her psychic attacks. If she can't keep a distance, the Ishtar tends to rely on her Energy Drain technique to keep her strength up and to weaken the opponent at the same time. For the most part, this Pokégirl’s attack strategy is to defeat her opponent using strikes that are aimed at critical areas of the target, rather than going all out. To this effect, she often utilizes Dominate to stun her opponent before going in to attack. As she is more defensive in nature than offensive, she can usually outlast an enemy if she can't outright defeat her thanks to her amazing capacity to take punishment, as well as to avoid being struck. However, the Ishtar does have a weakness that she attempts to hide- her duphra are not as strong as her arms are, and with their sensitivity she feels more pain than normal from attacks that strike them.
Few of these Pokégirls have ever been found feral, but the few that have are not very intelligent and can no longer utilize her fusion powers. In a harem, the Ishtar are very detail oriented Pokégirls and many will nitpick plans, schedules, and certainly decision-making that takes place. They will often, if given the chance, chime in with their own thoughts and advice. Tamers who recognize this initiative and willingness to assist, though in sometimes a condescending manner, may find the Ishtar to be a good choice for an Alpha or a Beta. The fact that they have high libidos furthers the reasoning behind those positions. Tamers who are not patient, however, almost always sell these 'girls off to tradesmen, who find her capabilities to be very useful in almost any field. There has only been one documented threshold case, which shows that it is possible, but very unlikely. There is one little thing about the Ishtar, however, that tamers should remain aware of: when they are around 27 years old, the Ishtar will undergo her second puberty and become a Pokéwoman. Another thing for tamers, owners, and tradesmen alike to realize is the simple fact that the Ishtar have been known to commonly give birth to twins more often than single babies. Research is ongoing as to why this happens, though nothing conclusive has been discovered yet.
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IVYWHORE, the Floral Pestilence Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, subduing feral Pokégirls, body modification
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Libido: Average
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage, Sleep Powder, Bloom Powder, Leaf Shield.
Enhancements: Solar Regeneration, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x8, Vines Only)
Evolves: Venuswhore (Normal, daytime only.)
Evolves From: Boobisaur (Normal)
After a Boobisaur has acquired enough experience, she will evolve into her next form: Ivywhore. The Ivywhore is much more combat-suitable than her previous form, retaining all of her previous form's attacks and abilities, and gaining several useful techniques for both inside and outside of combat. The most noticeable change is the increase in the size of both the Ivywhore's flower bulb and her bust. Upon evolution, the bulb on the Ivywhore's back grows noticeably, the first layer of petals opening up. As a result of the bulb's growth, Ivywhores may use several new Powder Attacks: Sleep Powder, Bloom Powder, and Sap Powder.
Sleep Powder makes anyone hit by it fall into a deep slumber, a very convenient way to capture new Pokégirls or aquire the upper hand in battle. The Bloom Powder, which only works on females, be they human or Pokégirl, will make the bust of any female it hits grow; how much larger is dependent on how much they are hit with. This does not affect only other Boobisaurs, Ivywhores, and Venuswhores, as well as those who can easily withstand poisons. An Ivywhore can make two different types of Bloom Powder; temporary and permanent. Temporary Bloom Powder is much easier to make, and can be created virtually at will. She usually tosses large amounts at opponents, letting their suddenly awkwardly gigantic breasts interfere with their movements, and – sometimes with help from a hearty sampling of Sap Powder - eventually pin them down completely. Temporary Bloom powder rarely lasts more than an hour. The permanent variety of Bloom powder is much more difficult to synthesize, limiting applications to roughly once a week. Ivywhores have an instinctual knack for knowing just how much powder to use when trying to increase a girl's bust by a specific amount. Naturally, this technique is popular to use, especially among those who prefer chestier girls. Lastly, Sap Powder drains strength uselessly from the muscles of any Pokégirl it affects, dramatically reducing their physical power. Any Pokegirls with the Enhanced Strength enhancement will find the enhancement effectively halved or worse for the duration of the effect, and Pokégirls without Enhanced Strength may find it much harder to move effectively.
Upon evolution, the Ivywhore's breasts tend to grow a cup, with D cup breasts being the lowest recorded for the breed – E cups are considered average. Most of the deeper green markings fade away with this transformation as well, though sometimes they remain. Most Ivywhores, if they haven't done so already during their Boobisaur days, tend to eschew most clothing, as it gets in the way of their abilities to absorb sunlight.
The Ivywhore's Solar Regeneration abilities are improved significantly over her pre-evolved form. An Ivywhore that bathes in the direct sunlight heals rapidly, letting her heal all but the most grievous damage after roughly 8 hours of rest. Of course, like her unevolved counterpart, resting in a natural location also nourishes the soil to a great degree.
Feral Ivywhores are considered a great annoyance to surrounding Pokégirls and human women, since in addition to tossing Lust Dust at random, they also use Bloom powder liberally. Most of the time its temporary, but every now and then there are stories of women who permanently developed mammoth mammaries due to a feral Ivywhore (or Venuswhore). It’s very uncommon, but not unknown, for a Threshold girl to become an Ivywhore directly.
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JADE, the Expensive Statue Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid SemiHuman
Element: Rock
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Flake, StonePalm, Seismic Toss, No Sell, Rock Cube, Quagmire Twister, DynaWave
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x3), greater defense, color change, willing nervous system manipulation, self-body sculpting, improved regeneration
Evolves: Bronze (Round Stone)
Evolves From: Marble (Normal)
Jades are the normal evolution of Marbles. While Marbles have limited number of hues, Jades do not. Jades, in fact, have the ability to shift their body's color like a chameleon. Many of the domesticate Jades enjoy trying out new shades for their hair, and since jade is found in virtually every hue, the Jades have a very broad range of color.
The only color Jades cannot manage is 'clear'. While they can turn partially translucent or opaque at will, they cannot turn transparent, thus rendering the possibility of invisibility impossibile.
The greatest ability that Jades gain is the ability to adjust their appearance. They can grow or reduce any part of their body, gaining figurative 'statue-esque' proportions. The only drawback is that this skill takes weeks to 'grow' anything.
Jades tend to be just as calm and level-headed as their prior form, and can hide just as well. However, they have an ability to manipulate how much they sense in a particular area. Combined with their rock-like bodies, the Jades were far more successful at hiding from suspicion by removing sensitivity in a hand and breaking it off, thus giving the appearance of a 'damaged statue', which would be ignored by soldiers. Then, using Flake, the Jade would either regrow the limb or re-attach it (provided she places it in the correct spot within one day or prior to using Flake). She can also use Flake much faster than a Marble. This skill, while disturbing, has earned some tamers of Jade Pokégirls a solid money flow.
No thresholds directly into Jades have ever occurred.
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JALAPUTA, the Electric Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, electrical generators
Libido: Above-Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Static Barrier
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3) and Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Thunder Stone)
Jalaputas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright yellow color. They also become considerably more energetic. This typically manifests itself in a love for running, especially long-distance running outdoors, and also in a heightened libido. Jalaputas generally do not like to be cooped up indoors for a great length of time, preferring to be as active as possible.
Jalaputas are sometimes called the "Poor Tamer's Ria", and that is an extremely apt description for them. While they have many of the same abilities and attacks, Jalaputas lack the raw power, both physically and electrically, of the Ria. They do, however, make exceptional generators for electrical equipment, at least when they can be made to hold still long enough to power something.
Jalaputas are difficult to capture in the wild, especially since they retain their tendencies to run in packs from their pre-evolved form.
These packs are maintained by a quirk of the Chichi's breeding, which causes all the offspring created through parthenogenesis by any of the Chichi evolutions to be the same species as their mother, ignoring the requirement for any sort of evolution stone.
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JENOVA, the Calamity Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Unsure, assumed to be Ghost/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Presumed human-style
Role: Disasters, general trouble-making, advance scout (Wartime only)
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Normal, Magic, Psychic, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ground, Poison
Attacks: Ghost Blade, Night Shade, Telekinesis, Dominate, Hypnotize, Fade, Heal, Flash, Foresight, Confusion, Disable, Disable Max, Mirror Coat, Metronome, Feel the Burn, Phase, Invis 1, 2, 3, Absorb, Imitate, Steal Luck, Dazzle, Teleport, Temperature Barrier, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Ashen Wings
Enhancements: Magic affinity, Psychic affinity, low-level uncontrollable ability to affect probabilities in a negative fashion, high intelligence, psychotic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
If there were no other reason to hate Sukebe, Jenova would be it.
While nowhere near as powerful as the Legendaries and not classified as such despite her seeming agelessness, she is more powerful than most other Pokégirls out there. She’s beautiful, like the vast majority of Pokégirls, with dark grey skin, white hair, firm, a soft, round ass, trim hips that aren’t too wide or too small, DD-cup breasts that don’t sag in the slightest despite her age, and glowing, enchanting white eyes. She moves gracefully, with swift, elegant movements and when seen, she is usually clad in a silken white robe that flows like water when she moves.
That’s about where the attractiveness ends.
Jenova is a wicked Pokégirl, cruel and vicious and loving to cause trouble and chaos. When she shows up, it means something bad is about to happen, no question whatsoever, whether she causes it directly or not. She delights in causing even the slightest kind of trouble, and laughs when she sees someone in pain. During the War, her favorite tricks involved sabotaging vehicles so that they’d explode when airmen tried to start them up.
Needless to say, Macavity adores her.
She was one of the most hated Pokégirls during the War, and the arising Leagues scrambled for ways to try to kill her. Surviving witnesses place her at the site of many Pokégirl-related disasters before they happened, including a horde of Manti invading a Russian fortress and slaughtering several scientists who were working on a device based on psychic energy to try and pacify other Pokégirls. Shortly beforehand, Jenova was seen casually sitting on the roof of the main building in the fortress, whistling softly. Only one woman survived, and that’s because Jenova had captured her and was Taming her.
However, there is a small ray of hope, as her ability to have things go wrong can work against her as well as for her. During one of Atmuff’s earliest rampages, she came across Jenova and nearly killed her, the powerful warrior overwhelming Jenova completely and nearly beating her to death. She went into seclusion for several years after that.
For years, her presence was lost. Then she was sighted investigating the ruins of the first Widow attack, an amused expression on her face. She has shown up a few more times since then, sometimes assisting a cadre of Limbec Pirates. And there are also unconfirmed reports of Jenova being in direct contact with the infamous Athena of the Crimson League. Frequently she has been seen in the company of Macavity, usually with Macavity making Jenova squirm and moan in ecstasy.
Bootleg videos of some of their encounters are available.
As Macavity, despite her chaotic and borderline psychotic tendencies, is one of the easier to find and more ‘amiable’ Legendaries, we were able to convince her to tell us a little about Jenova. Unfortunately, it all related to Taming techniques, as apparently Jenova, while having high endurance, also has a low pleasure threshold. This, however, was taken as good news, as it means that she is potentially controllable.
There are also unconfirmed reports of Jenova’s DNA being used to breed super soldiers. One rumored to have DNA is a tamer who’s only known name is Sephiroth, however he disappeared shortly after murdering his rival, Cloud Strife, and his Pokégirls.
All information on Jenova MUST BE CONCEALED. She is too dangerous a Pokégirl for anyone to try and catch. If Tamers should try to go after her, the body count is practically guaranteed to be enormous. League officials should keep spreading false knowledge, rumors, and lies about her. A cover story based on a mythological society that predates even Pre-Sukebe human society has been included in a separate file. Repeat: The Cetra cover story is the ONLY information allowed within the public Pokédex. Revealing of any true information about Jenova is punishable by having the S-Goths set on your trail, and they are confirmed to be able to have fates worse than death at their disposal…
Recent Update: A friendly within Sanctuary has told us about a legend within the culture of the S-Goths. The earliest S-Goths report having visions of a ghostly, shadowy woman, her face partially masked by a steel helmet, guiding them to a mystical power. This story has led to several distressing theories about the S-Goths, such as the increasingly strong possibility that they may have acquired their power from Jenova herself…
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JIGGLYSLUT, the Air-Headed Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common (Crimson League)
Diet: fruits and liquids
Role: morale boosters
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Sing, Slap, Double Slap, Screech, Hyper Slap
Enhancements: Improved Lung Capacity, Flexibility, Stretchability
Evolves: Wigglymuff (orgasm)
Evolves From: Igglyrunt (normal)
Jigglysluts are singers by profession. Much like Divas, their songs are very effective and can induce a mood. Most, if they don't want to fight or if they don't want to be caught, usually lull people to sleep. Unlike Divas, Jigglysluts are fairly useful in combat, even when they are unable to sing, although most would rather be involved in sex battles instead. Jigglysluts have a mean slap that has a 25% chance of stunning the victim. Jigglysluts are occasionally sought after because they have soft stretchable skin and are very flexible in bed. Feral Jigglysluts like to sing almost all the time, but are known for inducing sleep in those who are dumb enough to get too close. Fortunately, when feral, Jigglysluts are easily startled and when they are they stop singing. They are also curious, but usually flee before tamers attempt to catch them. This lasts about two seconds before they do get caught, as Jigglysluts are as likely to run towards the tamer than to run away. Although not as stupid as a feral Bimbo, they are sometimes mistaken for one by many tamers.
Jigglysluts regain a good portion of their intelligence after a taming, however, and this seems to extend to domestic Jigglysluts as well. Rather common throughout the world, the Jigglyslut enjoys a decent reputation as both pet and Pokégirl in a combat harem. However, Jigglysluts are not very effective standard battlers, but are instead much more useful in sex battles and support roles. One thing that marks them as well rounded sex battlers is their flexibility. While not quite as flexible as their evolved form (Wigglymuff), the Jigglyslut can easily twist her torso around almost 180 degrees and her limbs and even her entire body can stretch several inches. Ambidextrous and doublejointed in almost any possible way, some Pokégirls find it very difficult to keep a Jigglyslut down, and Dominas find it very difficult to keep a hold on them. Jigglysluts can even increase their proportions by up to 15% by breathing deeply, which allows them to hold their breath for up to 10 minutes before needing to exhale and breathe again.
There are often talent competitions that Jigglysluts, Divas, and Bardess are banned from joining, at least as singers, as their normal songs are considered far too encompassing and effective to allow for sufficient competition among most any other breeds. Jigglysluts can have any range of hair color but often have colors that are the human norm. Their skin is slightly more pink than the 'caucasian' human skin is, but this is easily hidden. Jigglysluts hate wearing anything more than tight-fitting clothes, and refuse to do any menial labor if they can avoid it. These Pokégirls often reach a height of around five feet tall, although this can range from six inches taller or shorter as well.
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JOKETTE, the Clown Princess Of Killing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human\Limited Metamorph
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Not rare enough in some people's opinion)
Diet: Human-style, presumed also to feed on fear
Role: Killing, Sadistic Acts
Libido: No one wants to know.
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Tackle, Roar, Confusion, Wrestle, Quick Attack, Flash, Agility, Blur, Slash, Power Bolt, light spell work, Smilex Mist, Killing Joke
Enhancements: Almost totally fearless, Concentration (2x), Highly intelligent, Almost complete insensitivity to pain, longevity, slow regeneration
Evolves: MaryAnn Drew (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Harlequin (Mana Crystal)
Bounty (for confirmed kill of a Tamed Jokette): 750,000 SLC
Bounty (for confirmed kill of a Feral Jokette): 1,500,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 70,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Do not try to fight a Jokette unless you have a Fighting-type, Ghost-type, or Dark (bat-type) Pokégirl. A Celestial would be good, but Dark types are ideal, however the League understands that both types are a very rare. Also, if Smilex Mist is used, drop whatever you're doing and RUN, making sure not to breathe in the mist. A Jokette is can be considered between a Mantis swarm and a Widow for how dangerous they can be. Seriously, just call in the military and then get the hell away.
Harlequins are problem enough. It's when they evolve that things get nightmarish.
When exposed to a Mana Crystal, the first thing that happens to a Harlequin is that they suffer a massive psychic overload. They suddenly get a mental 'snapshot' of the minds of every person (human or Pokégirl) on the planet at once. This 'searing revelation' as they put it, in turn drives them completely insane at the same time turning them obsessively bitter, viewing the entire world and everyone in it as one gigantic joke. So pathetic a joke, that all they can do is laugh, laugh, and laugh, and make everyone around them die laughing as well. Then the physical changes begin. Their skin turns chalk white, their hair becomes green, and their lips become blood red in color. Their breasts become comically large, although they somehow retain their agility despite this. Their jaws enlarge slightly, making them capable of giving large, frightening grins. They gain a preference for purple clothes, either tuxedos that are modified to reveal a great deal of skin, or bikini suits. Their laughter at times can be used to the same effect as Roar & Confusion combined, and they will do it at the drop of a hat (usually their own). But they especially love to do it in the middle of combat and right in the face of whomever they're dealing with. Only the strongest, tightly focused minds can handle this without temporarily shattering under the strain.
They are not the best spellcasters (something which everyone is grateful for), and can manage only small elemental manifestations at best, with a few personal healing spells. But they don't rely on them, instead preferring to manifest blades in all shapes and sizes from those as small as a pocket stiletto, to comically (no pun intended) huge meat-cleavers that defy all logic in how they are wielded. They simply love anything with a sharp edge. But their one constant is the item they always leave behind after they've become 'bored' with a situation, which is a manifested 'Joker' playing card from a pre-Sukebe Poker deck. Often it's set to explode if touched, a small Smilex mist filled charge will go off in the face of the person holding it, edges are mono-molecular, or sometimes it's just an ordinary poker card. They're that unpredictable.
They love playing lethal practical jokes, and in fact thrive on them, taking the time to set up elaborate schemes to kill someone. When they need Taming, they usually just capture, rape, and kill someone (male or female) that attracts their attention. It's sadly not uncommon for a Jokette to be found 'playing' with a dismembered phallus or an arm that was sawed off at the elbow. One of the (yet another) terrifying things about Jokettes, is their ability to temporarily - never more then a hour - hide ALL traces of their Pokégirl nature and appear as a pure-blood human female of astounding beauty. Along with this is a personal magnetism/charisma that can charm the pants off virtually anyone they come across. Those that are fooled into complacency will likely be found the next morning as a cooling body in a back alley with an insane smile locked onto their face from a kiss laced with Smilex Mist. If not even worse off to the point of being nearly unrecognizable as once being a human being.
On occasion, if the being (human or Pokégirl) that has attracted their attention is interesting enough, they will become fixated on that person. They will do anything they deem necessary to make that person's like a living hell in their own comedic fashion, sometimes even capturing them and attempting to take them under their wing, before eventually driving them insane. Thus one of the worst possible things to do is to become interesting to a Jokette. An interesting twist to this is they are mentally compelled, usually quite willingly, to Dark Types for which they have an unexplained weakness to. Also the higher the level/experience of said Dark types, the more they obsess over them.
To point out how insane Jokettes are, to the point of utter fearlessness, even when dealing with either a type weakness, or simply out of their league, a Jokette vs. Widow battle occurred in 287 AS. A Jokette peppered said Widow with attacks after 'ruining' its torture of a tamer and his harem by showing up and killing/eating them. The entire time the Jokette was laughing like a mad-Pokégirl until she finally ran out of energy to do anything more then stand still. Almost an hour later, and the only slightly damaged (and astonishingly, what appeared to be incredibly annoyed) Widow simply vaporized the Jokette on the spot with a surprise use of a Hyper-beam before continuing on her rampage and being stopped two days later. As the Widow was charging up for the Hyper-beam, the Jokette laughed even louder all the way up to the point she was consumed by the beam.
The most dangerous attack a Jokette has is the Smilex Mist, which is a Poison-type attack. They exhale a cloud of pinkish-purple gas that, if inhaled, causes the victim to have uncontrollable fits of laughter. The fits become so violent that in weaker victims, ribs are broken as the victim literally laughs themselves to death, suffocating while experiencing terrifying hallucinations, and leaving the dead victim with a hideous parody of a smile on their face, similar to that of a NightMare. Normal antidotes can cure the effects of the poison, but it must be administered quickly, within ten minutes of inhaling the gas. Poison-type Pokégirls are NOT immune to this gas; it only takes three times longer for the effects to appear. A second form of this, nicknamed the 'Last Kiss' is one where a Jokette grabs its victims by the side of the head and deeply French kisses them and exhales the Smilex Mist directly into the victim's lungs in concentrated form. The attack is near universally lethal, with only a few Pokégirls - those that don't need to breathe, or any Dark types, having partial immunity. Even Venom Mistresses only have partial immunity - they will become deathly ill for 24 hours, incapable of anything more strenuous then laying in bed & breathing. After 24 hours they will recover fully, without requiring an antidote, if however having nightmares for a few weeks afterward. Pokégirls that do not need air, or a human wearing a gas-mask are only affected mentally as the Jokette uses some of its latent Psychic abilities to briefly overcome their victim's minds, 'injecting' massive numbers of hallucinogenic visions along with making the victim believe they are choking to death.
Jokettes are completely immune to psychic probing, as they are so insane that any attempts to probe their mind results in temporary dementia and the Pokégirl who tried having nightmares for a month. Interestingly enough, a Jokette can be made to back off if confronted with a Celestial or Dark Pokégirl. They don't show fear, but they do seem intimidated by them enough to run away in the case of Celestials. Dark types however, as mentioned above, will cause a Jokette to change focus to them above all else, even more so if the Pokégirl has some Bat-type traits. If that same Pokégirl has Fighting-type traits, the Jokette will utterly drop whatever they are doing (literally, which can get...messy) and attack them on sight. This is highly unusual as in the reverse, Pokégirls with Bat traits utterly -despise- Jokettes. One of the most notorious feuds along the east coast of the Indigo League was between two different Jokettes (Jackqueline Nikelsen, and Helena Ledger, both Trixie threshold cases that were forcefully evolved by a Team Trauma splinter group in a revenge plot) and the harem of Alfredo Creditsworth (mostly made up of Golbutts and Sidekicks). It was he who gave the species its most well known descriptor: "Some Pokégirls can't be tamed, bought, bullied, or reasoned with. Some Pokégirls just want to watch the world burn."
In an even worse twist, Feral Jokettes actually get MORE intelligent, and a semblance of sanity. If you call being able to come up with even more vicious and effective ways to kill people in the most hilarious way possible, from their perspective. A blessing in this is that Jokettes are simply unable it seems to be able to kill anything in this state as they can't seem to find it funny. Sadly, they generally won't stay Feral for very long, as they will use their slight metamorphic ability to disguise themselves as a human, and then have their way with some unfortunate soul before being back to their 'normal' selves. One highly annoying factor about Jokettes is that all of them seem to have longevity, and a means to slowly regenerate from anything less then a lethal wound. Even if you drop a multi-story building on top of them, and several times, people have, never consider them dead until you see the body for yourself, dismember it and bury it in a half-dozen different locations (feeding the remains to Sharptits is also a preferred disposal method in a sense of poetic justice/irony, as its one of the things Jokettes like to do to others). Otherwise they likely will pop up again a few months later, completely healed, and start yet another rampage.
Celestial Pokégirls, however, upset and confuse them tremendously for reasons unknown. Jokettes generally refuse to fight them unless backed into a corner; although that's the place no attacker EVER wants to force a Jokette into, as they are so unpredictable, that they could potentially do anything at that point. They will avoid churches like the plague and seem simply cannot stand being around Angels and Seraphs, those being two of the only types of Pokégirl that can make a Jokette frown. No one knows why this is, but some Celestials who've had encounters with Jokettes have theorized that Jokettes fear them because of what they represent, a goodness that goes against their worldview of the world as one big joke. They're not afraid of Celestial types, just that it 'gives me headaches when they're around' as one Jokette put it, right before decapitating the captured researcher with a large trout she pulled from her pants. We're still trying to figure that one out.
Recent Discovery: Jokettes are comedians, yes, if of the most sadistic kind. All their jokes are artful in some way, and they put a great effort into making each murderous prank actually funny. This has led to the discovery of a severe weakness Jokette's have: they cannot stand bad jokes. They quite literally become physically ill when a bad joke is told, to the point where they are near death if the barrage of jokes is kept. This in turn causes them to become more vicious in an attempt to kill the wanna-be comedian before they reach their weakest points. This effect can also be accomplished by physically copying a Jokette's mannerisms, way of movement, attitudes, etc - they HATE copycats and will fly into an unbelievable rage that makes Gyna-dose ones pale in comparison even as they become acutely physically sick at the same time. Another known weakness is that Jokette's seem to be limited to only being capable of perform harmless practical, if terrifying, jokes during April Fool's Day. This in turn makes it far easier for a Tamer to take one down as they, and their harem, are under no such limitations. Scientists have no explanation for this, they're just grateful that these lunatics actually HAVE some weakness…
No cases of Thresholding directly into a Jokette have been reported, thankfully. It also seems that Jokettes are unable to reproduce via pathogenesis (THANK GOD) and the one surviving Jokette in a secure lock-up has yet to go through second puberty to become a Pokéwoman and is over 150 years old at least. Researchers have concluded that this is known to Jokettes, and also contributes to their murderous insanity. On that note though, a female infant left where a Jokette can get her hands on them has nearly quadruple the chance of thresholding into a Trixie eventually. That is, if the Jokette doesn't throw the baby out a window or worse just for kicks.
Smilex Mist – (ATK+EFT) This hideous mist spray, stored inside a Jokette's modified lymph nodes, is a virus that causes acute Hemorrhagic Dementia Fever that reproduces incredibly fast on contact with a victim's lung tissue and then spreads throughout the body until it reaches the diaphragm and optic nerve. It causes the diaphragm to seize up, making it nearly impossible for the victim to breathe without assistance, and the effort of the victim to breath will cause internal bleeding that comes out as bloody foam from the mouth. It's also accompanied by compulsive laughter - not because the victim thinks this is all funny, but due to the diaphragm's seizure - the more the victim tries to breath, it forces the air through the lungs creating a 'wheezing' sound much like laughter. For all this, the mental side of the attack (with an added Psychic 'push' behind it) is far worse. The mind is subjected to horrific mental images dredged up from the most basic instincts (eaten whole/alive, buried alive, suffocating in the dark alone, dipped in acid, the list is too numerous to count). If the victim can somehow remain calm through all this, their chances of survive nearly triple and with CPR (Helper will not be infected as the virus is not contagious) can survive almost 30min before requiring the antidote & death occurs. If they cannot remain calm, unless the antidote is delivered within 10min, death is a foregone conclusion. This is made worse if the Jokette performs the 'Last Kiss' version, which forces a far more concentrated version of this directly down the victim's throat & into their lungs, and the virus' effects are felt near instantaneously, and death can occur in a matter in as little as a minute or less. Thankfully the attack is only effective if it reaches the lungs.
Pokégirls that do not need to breathe are partially immune and are only forced to deal with the psychological trauma - they can recover from the attack in as little as a minute, if shaken from the experience. Dark types are thankfully near completely immune to the mental attack, which is one reason why they are so effective against Jokettes - they can stay completely calm even as the physical effects hit them, and seek out help or apply the antidote to themselves without much assistance. Psychic types actually are worse off as the mental attacks can put them into a catatonic vegetable state the instant it hits them (either version) and into full body convulsions. While this is less taxing to them physically (as they're unconscious and not struggling), most Psychic types will forever afterward have a psychological fear of ANYTHING to do with Jokettes, if not being driven at least partially insane for the unlucky/weaker ones. Smilex Mist (either version) is completely ineffective against Widows. We know this simply because in the previously mentioned battle, the first thing the Jokette did was teleport INTO the Widow's lap, perform the 'Last Kiss', and teleport away before the Widow could do anything. Needless to say, it didn't end well for the Jokette.
Killing Joke – (ATK + EFT) A sadistic attack that is almost always a one-hit kill technique, the Jokette psychically scans its intended target's mind and then spouts off a one-liner joke that perfectly describes the current situation, moment, whatever. If the victim even THINKS its funny (or worse, laughs) for even a moment, the Jokette will manifest one of its ubiquitous knifes (largest possible is a 4 inch throwing knife) and throw it with perfect accuracy - straight for the victim's heart. It ignores any/all type benefits and cannot be stopped. The only way for it not to hit is for something to interpose itself between the victim & the blade, and be thicker then the blade is long, otherwise it will pass right through. The ONLY exceptions to this are Celestial Types and Dark types (mainly the Bat-trait ones). Jokettes simply cannot use it against Celestials for reasons unknown which frustrates the hell out of them, and while it -can- be used on Dark types, it ALWAYS seems to miss and can do as little as a nick, or at most a partially crippling wound (like severing the spine). This pisses off Jokettes to absolutely no end, and the more they try it against an opponent they already used it on the worse their 'aim' gets, until they can't even hit anymore, or the blade actually 'bounces' off their target without damage. And this 'protection' effect is permanent. Anyone that survives it initially will be immune. Dark types while they will get injured, eventually it becomes totally ineffective against them.
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JOLTINA, the Lightning Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Electric
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, nuts, common pokechow
Role: Storm generation, Flank Protection
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunderwave, Static Barrier, Agility, Zapring, Satellite, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Electrical powers
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Thunder Stone)
Joltinas are, perhaps, the least preferred of all Eva evolutions.
Joltinas are less favored as they are not as fluid as Vaporitas can be nor as warm as Flareas are. As such, they tend to be looked upon as less than attractive. Outside of a need of a battle, Tamers will usually just sell them to electric Pokégirl lovers.
Joltinas have recently also been employed in mines as sources of light as they can use the Flash technique.
First thought to have only been used in the war as parts of the Storm Generation force, more research into former battles has shown that these girls were used to hold the flank positions on larger Pokégirl attack forces. By employing their natural speed, and the Static Barrier a small group of Joltinas could defend the flanks of much slower/more powerful Pokégirls who would be focused on the main battle. There have been several reports of Pincer Maneuvers by Human forces failing due to paralysis of scouts and infantrymen.
Recent research has shown that Joltinas are able to utilize both the Zapring and the Satellite attacks after intense training. However this is the best that any Joltina has been able to achieve so far, none have shown an ability to perform the higher MK moves.
The Joltina maintains the heavily furred form of the Eva though the fur becomes more course and stiff. This fur allows for the Joltina to use the Spike Cannon maneuver. Her breasts don't normally change with this form, in fact they tend to shrink to allow the Joltina better speed and maneuverability. In this form the color of the fur of the Eva's mane changes to match the fur of the rest of her body. While the Joltina's libido is average she has a gift that makes her enjoyable for any tamer deserving of this skill. She is able to send small electric pulses though her vaginal walls that help intensify sensations brought from taming her. This ability cannot be forced and will only happen when a certain amount of comfort with the tamer has been achieved.
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JUGANIUM, the Blossom Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: N/A
Role: horticulture, forest combat
Libido: Average to High
Stong Vs: Electric, Rock, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Vine Whip, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Razor Leaf, Leaf Shield, Petal Armor, Catnip Kiss, Solar Beam, Vine Bondage, Lure, 10000 Cherry Blossoms
Enhancements: Endurance, Pollen/Spore Immunity, Longevity (if a Forest Guardian), Pleasing Aroma, Complete Florakinesis, Nutrition via Photosynthesis
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (Leaf Stone)
The final evolution of the Chikotit line, the Juganium is truly a sight to behold. Standing between six and seven feet tall, the Juganium retains much of the physical characteristics of it previous form. She still has a noticeably green coloration to her skin, her bust looks proportionally the same on her larger form (though technically it did increase in size), and she is still drop dead gorgeous. However, there have been some changes.
One of the most noticeable changes is the absence of the leaves that decorated her form when she was a Boobleaf. Replacing the leaves on both her wrists, as well as ringing her neck, are flower petals. Petals also replace the leaves woven into her hair and garment, as well as her attacks. It is interesting to note, that very few Juganiums have the same kind of leaves. Location, mood, and personality all seem to be taken into effect when the girl evolves, and there have been reports of Juganiums with rose petals, sunflower, and even pre-Sukube Hawaiian lei. Each Juganium’s petals are as unique as a humans fingerprint, it seems, as the only instance of identical petals were on a pair of genetic twins that thresholded straight into a Juganium. It is not genetic however, as Juganiums born via pathogenesis don’t have the same petals as their mothers.
The next thing that stands out with the Juganium, and all girls of the Chikotit line, is of course her eyes. Rather then love and trust (Chikotit), or a reflection of the Pokégirl’s soul (Boobleaf), a Juganium’s eyes seem to reflect the soul of whoever is looking at her at the time. Because of this, no one is really sure what color her eyes actually are.
People who look a Juganium in the eye often find themselves becoming hypnotized by the shifting colors. After a while they seem to break out of the hypnotism, and claim to have seen their true self, and know what it is they were put on this earth to do. This is of course untrue, and most people quickly forget about the incident and return to their daily lives within a week.
Her eyes can also be used in battle, as feral Juganiums often trap foes with Vine Whip, then soothe them by staring deep into their eyes. After the assailant has been hypnotized, the Juganium flees deeper into the forest. It should be noted, that should a Juganium be damaged enough, they will gain access to the 10,000 Cherry Blossoms attack. When using this technique, all the petals on the Juganiums body fly off and begin to spin and multiply rapidly around the Pokégirl’s body. Very quickly, the girl is surrounded by a veritable storm of razor sharp petals that she can control with her mind. However, when using this technique, which is only available when the Pokégirl is in critical health, all her focus must be on maintaining control over the attack and the Pokégirl is unable to move or the control will be broken.
When it comes to taming, Juganiums are much like their pre-evolved form when it comes to preferences. Though each may have their own likes and dislikes, the breed in general is more driven to please her master then demand special accommodations are made for her. Again, Tentacoo Wape is a game that they enjoy playing with female tamers in the bedroom. As of this writing, no tamers have come forth with information on the subject.
When feral, Juganiums are very interesting Pokégirls. Seeming to behave more like the Dryad branch of this breed, the Juganium will find a grove or copse of trees and become its protector. In exchange for cultivating the seedlings, keeping ferals away, and preventing natural damages, the Juganium seems to gain some form of longevity. This longevity seems to last until the Juganium cases to be the guardian of that place, be it because of capture or destruction of her grove. A note to all loggers reading this entry, NEVER attempt to cut down the grove of a feral Juganium. Intentional damage against her grove seems to be the only thing that causes the Juganium to change from a mild-mannered gardener to a rampaging engine of destruction. When enraged, a feral Juganium also seems to have access to the 10,000 Cherry Blossom regardless of her health level.
A closing note to any owners, Juganiums don’t eat. They derive all the nutrients in their body via photosynthesis, and eating is a sign of depression. Should your Juganium actually start to eat, seek medical help immediately.
10,000 Cherry Blossoms – (ATK) A cloud of razor sharp petals surround the pokegirl. These are controlled by the girl via limited florakinesis, and can be used as both an attack and a defense. Can only be used when the Pokégirl is in critical health. Pokégirl cannot move when using this attack.
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JUGGUAR (aka JUGG-U-LAR), the Jolting Jaguarundi Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (Sunshine, Capital Leagues), Extremely Rare-Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: human-style foods, heavy on meats; has a special liking for alcoholic drinks
Role: lightning combatant, battery charger
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Steel, Ice, Normal, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Low Kick, Uppercut, Focus Energy, Electric Blade Mark II, Lightning Punch, Thunder Bolt, Static Barrier, Kaiser KRASH
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Smell (x3), Nightvision, Semi-Prehensile Tail, Functional Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shaguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
For a solid decade, the rumor which circulated throughout the Sunshine League was that a Shaguar could become something greater in physical appearance, a true beauty unlike any other. The Jugguar, (also known as the Jugg-u-lar) was to be the pinnacle of everything that Shaguar’s wanted to be. This form was fabled to be taller, more curvaceous, filled with refined grace and beauty, and to be especially bustier than the current form of Shaguar. Most Researchers and Tamers thought this to be merely a pipe-dream though, as nothing came remotely close to getting a Shaguar to evolve into anything besides a Kool Kat; another rare feline Pokégirl species that was known of before the Shaguar was discovered.
This dream is now reality.
In 299 AS, Tamer Justin Drakes and his Shaguar Catalan were running an errand for the his uncle, the owner of the Girls of Gold Pokégirl Ranch in Cunnilingus Town, transporting some Evolution Stones across the city to some purchasers down at the town’s PokéCenter. The two were attacked by the members of the local chapter of Night Watch, the cache of Evolution Stones being broken open. As Justin and his Shaguar were trying to gather up some stones quickly so they could try and run off without having lost them all, a Night Watch member ordered his Ria to attack with Thunder, playing on the Pokégirl’s weakness. The Electric-technique hit the Shaguar as she’d pick up the Thunder Stone and that’s when it happened. The evolution stone exploded with energy, the Shaguar becoming enveloped in a glowing light as she evolved into something other than a Kool Kat. With his new Pokégirl, Justin was able to repel the members and save the shipment of stones, minus one.
Although many Pokégirl Breeders and Researchers were baffled on how this evolution occurred when many other tries with various stimuli failed, it wasn’t until similar circumstances were set up in a controlled environment that the truth behind the evolution was discovered. Shaguars are known to have a peculiar weakness to Electric attacks due to the clash of the elements of Fighting and Ice, that defect was actually the indicator to something greater. Thunder Stones on their own do nothing to a Shaguar, however, the catalyst was brought forth from an Electric attack. The energy from the technique reacted with the Evolution Stone, forcing the mystical properties of the elemental mineral into the feline Pokégirl. The trauma is just enough to force the Shaguar’s body to evolve, adapting to the power that she’s being subjected to. In short, the often-rumored Jugguar is an actual Pokégirl.
No longer is she the short and flat-chested Pokégirl she was before; the Jugguar lives up to the rumors. Shooting up in height considerably, a Jugguar stands at around 7’ in height, comparable to a Cheetit. The Pokégirl’s fur, even if only tanned before, becomes a dark brown dappled with the color of honey, with solid black ring patterns that travel along the expanse of her backside; her inner-fur becoming more of a golden tan coloration. However, what most Tamers and the Pokégirls themselves enjoy is that the moderate A shoots up to match the height increase and then some to become a startlingly bountiful E-Cup! Needless to say, Researchers still aren’t sure who grabs the Jugguar’s breasts more that first week, the Tamer of the Pokégirl herself!
While they may lose a number of the exclusive Ice/Fighting-type combo techniques the Pokégirl once has as a Shaguar, she’s not lacking in any battle capabilities. The Jugguar boasts a solid plethora of Electric-elemental attacks and techniques at her disposal, with a few useful Fighting-type techniques to supplement that. The Jugguar even has one solid technique that is exclusive to the breed, possibly an evolution/adaptation of Ice KAPOWIE known as Kaiser KRASH, a startling powerful Electric-type attack technique. However, Tamers should be warned, that this technique has a startling backlash on the Pokégirl herself, due to her sensitive hearing.
Although the Pokégirl’s more well-rounded as a Jugguar, she still has one quirk she had as a Shaguar: alcohol. Where before the Cat-type Pokégirl drank it because it gave her body a sensation of warmth as she consumed it, the Jugguar continues to drink because she can. It’s easy for drinking to become a simple pastime for them, but it more easily becomes an addiction. An alcoholic Jugguar is not something that’s fun to deal with. It may make them easier to handle, but they can hardly retain control over their electric powers, and that can lead to problems.
Also, one should be warned that the Jugguar, who could once boast domination over Dragon-type Pokégirls as a Shaguar, will now be at their mercy. It’s also safe to assume that there probably won’t be any given, especially if the two knew each other beforehand. As the old saying goes, revenge is a bicth!
When it comes to Harem Dynamics, there are quite a few odd sights to see with the new Pokégirl. Oddly enough, due to their mutual love of alcohol, Jugguars and Mini-Tops can become good drinking buddies. Nogitsune, who are known to despise Shaguar, will tolerate a Jugguar. Tolerate, not like; the two will often trade nasty remarks to one another, but it never goes further beyond that. However, it is suggested that one should put a Jugguar in the same harem as an Electrocat. When these two get together, they make a well-balanced Electric-type tag-team. It’s a sight that has to be seen to be believed when these two breeds of electric feline fight alongside one another.
When it comes to Taming a Jugguar, nothing gets the Cat-type off faster than playing with her tits. They absolutely love to tit-fuck their Tamer, and can get off from the act without any direct stimulus to their own genitalia. Even with the simple promise of playing with her tits, a Jugguar will bow to a Tamer’s whims. It’s also suggested that a Tamer should play with her breasts as he couples with her, as the combination of sex and stimulation to her breasts can leave the Jugguar multi-orgasmic. This helps take care of a Pokégirl that’s considered to have a high libido rather easily.
No case of Threshold into a Jugguar has been recorded as of yet as this is a recent evolution. There are, however, a number of Pokégirl Breeders that have interest in increasing the numbers of the Jugguar in the meantime.
Kaiser KRASH - (ATK 250): An Electric attack exclusive to the Jugguar. The Kaiser KRASH draws forth the wind and humidity around the air, collecting it overhead where it condenses within atmospheric pressure. Positive and Negative charges are forcefully combined and then unleashed in a display of electrical might that strikes down on the intended target. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with status-ailment of Paralysis that could last from 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Jugguar herself is left dizzy for 6 rounds.
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JURIMI, the Fighting Hedgecat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Animorph (hedgehog/cat hybrid)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Fish, milk
Role: Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Stone Palm, Tail Whip, Seismic Toss, Focus, Focus Energy, Needle Spray, Buzzsaw
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sonica (Cat E-Medal)
The Jurimi was discovered in 287 AS by retired researcher Andrew Verres when his son's Sonica was recovering from crashing into a wall while sprinting. While the Sonica's Tamer was getting a drink for her, she was resting in the kitchen, near some of Andrew Scruidae's work. She spotted a Cat E-Medal on the counter and picked it up, curious, promptly changing form as soon as she did. She was mildly depressed at the loss of her speed, but she got over it quickly, loving her new strength.
The fur of a Jurimi changes to a more natural color (tans, blacks, whites, grays), as their body becomes catlike in appearance. Their spines multiply and grow shorter, going from their foreheads down to the tips of their tails, which are very thick and strong, the spines changing color to match that of the Jurimi's hair. The personality of a Jurimi changes from that of a Sonica, becoming more focused and dedicated, leaving behind the jocular, free-wheeling persona of their previous form. They are not without a sense of humor, though, and possess a dry, almost biting wit. They get along extraordinarily well with Goths (although you'd never get a Goth to admit it), and strangely enough, even when the Goth doesn't like them, it doesn't bother the Jurimi in the slightest. They simply keep cuddling the Goth in question until they warm up to her. They are very strict about schedules and become irritable when something does not happen at the exact time it is expect to, such as being fed, and are always working on ways to keep an organized schedule for the Harem. For some people this is considered a blessing, but for other, more laid-back Tamers, it's a pain in the butt.
The fighting style of a Jurimi is a straightforward one. They will attack quickly and ferociously, using the spines on their backs to great effect, trying to end the match as quickly as possible. Sometimes, though, they become too ferocious and attack even without a Tamer's orders. The Tamer must then call out for the Jurimi to use Focus to calm herself down.
Feral instances of Jurimis are rare due to how recently they were discovered and due to the nature of their evolutions. Ferals usually are seen relaxing in the sun, usually near a source of water, where they can easily get something to eat. No instances of someone Thresholding directly into a Jurimi have been reported yet, but again, that's attributed to the newness of the species.
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KADRU, the Proud Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (snake)
Element: Plant/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat
Role: Farmer, environmentalists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Ground, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Flying, Poison, Bug
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Tail Whip, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Lance, Takedown, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Solarbeam, Lust Bite, Tail Thrust, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Hibernative state, Enhanced Tail Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x4 each), Ice tolerance (Ice attacks do standard damage instead of extra due to elemental typing)
Evolves: Nidhogg (Dusk Stone), Yggdra (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Ulupi (Normal)
When an Ulupi evolves, it is after gaining enough experience and winning enough battles. Upon evolution, tamers will soon find that she is almost twenty feet in length, total, and her vestigial 'wings' have grown by an additional two feet in width as well- fully allowing the Pokégirl to encompass her body and one or two others that she might be close to. However, this total wingspan rarely reaches over 14ft, and cannot sustain any sort of flight- instead, the 'hood-wings', as tamers have come to call them, enable her to glide for short distances for a short period of time. Her skin will grow to a darker shade of whatever color it had been before, and in some cases it has been confirmed that her skin and scales will adopt a brownish color. It is unknown as to why this happens, but it does just seem to be random chance. The Kadru's breasts also increase in size somewhat- by an entire cup size or more, on average. This Pokégirl develops greater speed with her evolution, becoming quicker and more agile, but to the disappointment of some she is still unable to shift into a legged form, unlike her Naga cousins. Tamers are heartened, however, to learn that the cold tolerance that she had as an Ulupi changes into Ice tolerance upon evolution- unlike most Plant and Dragon types, the Kadru is not weak against Ice-techniques or attacks.
A Kadru loves to be out in forests and farms, and can be found commonly when not feral at a farm, digging irrigation ditches with her tail or attacks, as well as helping crops to grow. Although she has no mystical bond or magical strengths like an Elf-type does (even if she does get along well with them), the Kadru fully enjoys working the hard labor-jobs in a field in order to grow things. Even feral, the Kadru are often found tending to some tree or thicket that they believe is their territory, and will even attack others that come near or attempt to anything that she's cultivated. Because a Kadru does prefer to eat meat, however, she does use her territory and the food she cultivates in it as bait for Bunnygirls, Pidgy, and other dumber feral Pokégirls to draw them close, and then she strikes. Using her Wrap attack to coil her tail around the opponent, the Kadru will use her enhanced coil strength to crush her target as quickly as possible so that her prey cannot struggle against her. This is also how she seems to prefer a taming with a male partner- wrapping him up in her coils, to feel his heat against her scales and skin has been documented as a major-turn on- the more of her body touching her tamer, the better. With her greater length, and being wrapped around her tamer, the Kadru prefers to be in the dominant position and likes to do most of the work. In some repressed leagues, they are looked down on because of this (even in Edo, where Dragon-types are normally loved), because doing this gives her a 'greater' positioning than her tamer. Most researchers suggest that the Kadru is this way simply because most tamers have trouble taming her normally- her sex, hidden where it is, coupled with the thrashing of the Pokégirl’s tail can make it nearly impossible to give her a proper taming.
This, of course, makes the Kadru a great sex battler. Using her Wrap attack, the Kadru can immobilize her opponents even if her target might have multiple limbs (Pokégirls like the Ponytaur are a different story, however) like the Mahavi, and using her Tail Thrust (which works much like a Dildoqueen's exclusive Thrust technique), Rapid Stroke, and Long Tongue techniques allow her to 'attack' her victim repeatedly and with surprising effectiveness. The Kadru also gains a technique that the Naga is known for, which is called the Lust Bite- Tamers are warned not to let the Pokégirl use this technique often, for it works much like the rumored Tarantism Venom and an aphrodisiac all rolled into one. For a tamer with multiple High libido Pokégirls, such a Pokégirl becomes very useful... but can also become addicting if used too often. Out of all Kadru tamers polled, almost 45% of them were addicted to the Lust Bite effects and had either gone in for treatment or needed to at the time of one survey that was taken back in 298 AS. In normal battles, the Kadru's increased speed and agility increases her capabilities as well, and gaining additional ranged techniques along with Wrap makes it easier for her to do her job.
The Kadru is much more sure of herself and has a substantially stronger will than her previous evolution had. As such, a Kadru can better withstand a Domina's attempts to dominate her, however, if she was broken as a Ulupi she may still cower to the other's whip. A Kadru is still a poor choice for any leadership positions, unless the tamer is in the Sunshine league or as long as experience and combat skills don't matter so much- there are many other Pokégirls that are more capable within the confines of a combat harem, after all. When in a leadership position, these Pokégirls are constantly looking for support from her fellow harem sisters and their tamer, which often leads to some few historians have called a 'democratic' management. Of course, this is not exactly the best way to run a harem, and most Kadru are only allowed to become a leader within a harem by default. They are normally replaced quickly, but these Pokégirls are still considered to be popular in a harem thanks to their supporting role for tamings. They are also one of the best ways for a male Tamer to keep a Psi-dyke within his harem for any length of time, be it a day or for far longer. Like her previous evolution, and to the annoyance of female tamers (an ironic thing, considering that Naga are the exact opposite), the Kadru is still mostly heterosexual in orientation.
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KA-D-BRA (aka PSIKICK), the Telepath Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially sushi
Role: commonly used for peacekeeping
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Telepathy, Confusion, Teleport, Telekinesis
Enhancements: High psi ability (teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis), high intelligence
Evolves: Alaka-Wham (normal)
Evolves From: A-Bra (normal)
Nothing summarizes the evolution from A-Bra to Ka-D-Bra so much as "growth". She grows taller, usually only a few inches, with the tallest seen being 5'7. Her bust size increases dramatically, becoming the D-cup she takes her name from. Her "antennae" double in length, usually 4-6 inches in length. Their skin darkens to a medium orange, though their antennae remain yellow. They also become more active, requiring less sleep, and more regular Tamings.
With their physical growth, and especially the increase in the size of their antennae, Ka-D-Bras experience significant growth in their psychic powers. Their ability to teleport and powerful telekinesis more than makes up for their physical frailty, giving them an edge in combat that their previous form lacked, and their augmented intelligence gives them a grasp of tactics that allows them to make the most of their attacks.
Ka-D-Bras tend to make people nervous. Many Ka-D-Bra sided briefly with Mao in her Rebellion, only to break away after Pine Ridge.
Unfortunately, the taint of associating with Mao continues to follow this once more plentiful and valued breed. Fear and distrust make Ka-D-Bra nervous or report feeling sickened, while those who have found a Tamer who trusts and likes them find a staunch ally in the near humans.
One peculiarity of the Ka-D-Bra still has researchers puzzled. A Ka-D-Bra will eagerly bend any spoons she comes across with her telekinesis, almost to the point of compulsion. While this urge is not intense enough for Tamers to use it as bait to capture Feral Ka-D-Bras (which are as rare as their unevolved form), most Tamers who have a Ka-D-Bra in their Harem quickly learns to eat with chopsticks.
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KAMICHU, the Tiny God Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Various
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: normal human diet
Role: Unknown
Libido: Varies
Strong Vs: Varies
Weak Vs: Varies
Attacks: Smile, Cheer, Bless, Curse, Bellyflop, Elemental Barrage (*), (all others vary)
Enhancements: Magic Affinity, a random elemental affinity
Evolves: Megami (if very kind-hearted), Youma (if highly temperamental), Demon-Goddess (if frequently alternating between somewhat kind and somewhat temperamental), Neo Iczel (if overconfident), any others vary
Evolves From: None
Kamichu usually result from threshold Pokégirls with a strong magical history, even if it's a long line of Youma. The reason they were not discovered earlier was the fact that most girls who might threshold into Kamichu have strong enough personality traits that they immediately evolve into another Pokégirl.
Kamichu have popped up more frequently in girls who do not have strong enough emotions to immediately evolve them into something else. Because of this and their various possible evolutions, there is not a lot of data that is consistent. Most Kamichu develop an elemental affinity, though most will have to learn with this is through trial and error, or through a visitation to a Shrine Maiden or one of their own evolutions, but this can sometimes be a waste of time since the Kamichu will likely lose these powers if they evolve into a Demon-Goddess or Megami, but conversely, if they become a Youma or a Neo Iczel, their powers will always carry over. Some other magic-types might be able to sense the Kamichu's elemental affinity, but this would not be set to any specific Pokégirl species.
Kamichu do not have a set appearance, other than the fact that they look identical to how they appeared as humans. Spiritually sensitive humans and Pokégirls will notice a rainbow colored swirl of energy surrounding the Kamichu.
Oddly enough, while Pokédexes will read them properly, somehow Pokéballs can never touch them until they evolve into another Pokégirl type, regardless of how close the thrower is to the target Kamichu. Somehow, a strong wind, a small piece of masonry, a human, a laptop, a suddenly erupting hydrant or something similar will always divert the Pokéball from its intended destination.
If the user attempts to press the Pokéball against the Kamichu, they will suffer greater misfortune, ranging from a potted plant landing on their head to knock the user out to an intense vertigo that sends the user to the nearest bathroom to barf out their last three meals. One overly stubborn tamer attempted to capture a Kamichu via contact and spontaneously combusted on his fifth attempt. Another found himself inside said Pokéball although once released he could not be returned to it.
Kamichu can be temporarily swayed one way or another, but inevitably, they will choose their own evolution by their real personality.
Kamichu have a number of odd universal abilities. They, nor their real friends (casual friends don't count), will never go hungry. They personally will rarely suffer a strong misfortune without a compensating good fortune, though they can have small to moderate good fortune without suffering any compensating negative luck.
Kamichu often find themselves being sought after to solve small to moderate problems, though they might not always be able to. Within six months of their evolution to Kamichu, they will begin to attract various Pokégirl servants which will usually relate to their final evolution. These servants are almost never very powerful, but they will usually mesh well with the Kamichu's personality and they will do their best to make the Kamichu smile. Since the Kamichu's personality determines their evolution, its unheard of for them to evolve into something that their servants won't like, and because of that, Kamichu will usually retain their servants even after evolution.
The Kamichu's emotions are perhaps the most dangerous thing about her. When she feels a strong emotion, everything relating to her elemental affinity will begin to react as she does. If a Magic/Steel Kamichu is feeling very angry at someone, various loose metal, some of which might be from that particular area, will begin striking the person. If a Magic/Fire Kamichu is feeling sad, all of the fires in the area will dim and may not even burn. If a Magic/Grass Kamichu starts laughing out of mirth, a large number of plants may enter a prolonged bloom, regardless of the season or the climate. This power is nicknamed Elemental Barrage, and unfortunately, a Kamichu needs to work very hard to use it consciously.
Most Kamichu should never be directly involved in a battle as they are better suited to support roles.
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KARIMA, the Solitary Shadow Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Ground
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, prefers human style food
Role: Spy, Scout, Trapper
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Ice, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Vanish, Quickturn, Shadow Dash, Resonate, Gut Punch, Mud Slap, Agility, Shock Spike, Spice, Exhausting Venom, Poisonous Coat
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x5), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength and Agility (x3), Natural Camoflauge, Nightvision, Isolation Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kunoichi (Diamond Stone)
During the days of the evolution boom, the Kunoichi was quickly experimented with. Although there were very few successes in the carying evolutions, there was one success that the Ruby League capitalized on. Although the pokegirl grows perhaps half a foot at the most, her outward appearance barely changes. Internally, however, the Karima becomes a much tougher individual than her previous evolution. The Karima's body takes on a default coloration that ranges from a light to a dark tan, though this changes whenever the Karima chooses to touch a rock or another rock-type Pokégirl. They do tan easily, however, and never burn as a result of their skin changing capabilities. This breed is well developed physically, but is actually mostly a facade: though tough-looking, they are barely physically stronger than their previous evolution. The main change is the strength of the Karima's skin, which makes the breed much more durable than any Kunoichi. This breed tends to have smaller breasts than many equivalent Pokégirls, rarely larger than a B-cup without modifications in use.
The breed was once rumored to have been created during the Revenge War by Sukebe, though there are only a few scarce entries about a 'poisonous ninja' Pokégirl, which could just as easily describe a Kunoichi or other ninja-type Pokégirl that was paired with a poison type Pokégirl, or just dabbled in the subject. Regardless, it wasn't until well after the end of the revenge war that the Karima was first documented to evolve from a Kunoichi. The method of evolution, however, was simply guesswork until the first Diamond Stone (and not an actual gemstone) was used on a Kunoichi later on. Used these days to trap ferals and to spy upon rivals for the most part, this breed enjoys massive popularity in some leagues, particularly within the Ruby League.
The main reason for this popularity is the breed's unique Isolation Aura. This ability makes the Pokégirl unable to be sensed by anything other than physical tracking: psychic, spiritual, and magical probes and attempts to track or locate a Karima are always defeated. In fact, it is so impressive that the Pokégirl doesn't even leave a void where she is when one attempts to locate her, basically making her impossible to find with such methods. The downside is that it appears that Delta-bonding with a Karima is impossible, though this may simply be because no tamer has managed to build a Delta bond with a Karima rather than it simply being impossible.
During a battle, tamers will find that their Karima, though at least as strong and fast as a Kunoichi, has a much different fighting style. Relying on their tough skin to weather attacks and their natural agility (and enhanced agility from techniques), they prefer to do steady damage and finish the job thoroughly by using techniques such as Exhausting Venom, Spice, and even Poisonous Coat. This combination of poison techniques, coupled with a variety of status afflicting techniques such as Resonate and Mud Slap, allow her to utilize many combinations of defensive and offensive abilities, all while gradually wearing down her opponent. Of particular interest to some tamers is the Karima's Poisonous Coat technique, which can be modified internally by the Karima (when experienced enough) to secrete different types of poisons. There have even been rumors of a Lust-affecting poison that can be secreted in this fashion, though details of that phenomenon are scarce at this time. This can sometimes worry tamers who have just obtained a Pokégirl of this breed during taming sessions, but it has been proven that the Karima is capable of handling her poisons at all times without worry of letting any loose at any time she does not wish to.
Due to the Pokégirl’s durability, it is unfortunate that the skin is quite desensitized much of the time. This results in taming issues, which are easily remedied with the use of lubrication of some sort. Though some have described the Karima's skin as being as coarse as sand, moisture (including sweat) readily addresses the issue, which prompts many tamers to have the Pokégirl go through a workout or a battle before taming her. Numerous Karima are saddened by the requirement, however, which was a result of their skin's change. Those that come to fully accept it are rare, though fortunately the issue rarely becomes a problem unless the Pokégirl is going feral. In a harem setting, the Karima's patience and ability to think things through make them excellent Alphas or Betas, and they will challenge to become one or the other if there is no true leader within the harem.
Rather rare are the few feral Karima that have been reported in the Edo and Ruby leagues. Completely territorial, these Karima leave markers for others to see that mark the boundaries of her small area that she has claimed. Trespassers rarely survive any intrusion into this Pokégirl's territory. Only children and pregnant Pokéwomen have been known to survive such intrusions, while all others were never heard from again. These survivors required counseling after these events. To any Tamer that wishes to capture a Feral Karima, it is highly recommended to set some sort of trap for her, rather than risk a frontal battle. Normally, Green Tea is the method of choice to use to trap a feral Karima (as it induces a nearly comatose state that can last for hours at a time with but a single cup), but a strong Fighting-type is also effective as well. Feral Karima are also known to flee from any plant or water type, such as a Vinebra or a Titacruel, rather than fight them in any territorial disputes.
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KARY, The Legendary Volcano Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, Near Human
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Carnivorous, Flames
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Plant, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Rock, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water, Flying, Ice, Ghost
Attacks: Grow, Shrink, Meteor 27, Flame Floor, Star Fall, Thunder Tail, Fire Sword MK II, Fire Blast, Sword Dance, Spincut, Assault, Sentinel, Weapon Carnival, Carve, Cut, Parry, Deflect, Power Drive, Firewind, Flame Thrower, Rage, Flame Tower, Explosion
Enhancements: Size change (up to 24 feet tall); heals from all explosions, heat and/or fire attacks; three attacks per round (all of which could be either physical or elemental); creates Flame Floor on any ground she's crossed over; all arms can operate independently.
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
A 7'8" foot tall woman with a snake-like lower body, red skin, six arms and long blonde hair, who could grow to three times her normal size. This fiery Legendary Pokégirl carried six scimitars (which she could make grow with her) and was dangerously adept at using them in conjunction with her fiery powers. She was so skillful, in fact, that she could deflect all the shrapnel from multiple fragmentary grenades.
Shockingly, despite being one of the most powerful fire Pokégirls, only the bottoms of her snake-like scales were hot on the outside, and not very hot at that (estimated was only 102 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly warmer than the average human), meaning that martial artists who could get close enough, could attack her bare-handed without fear of being burned, though very few ever tried.
She took triple damage from ice attacks and double damage from water; but healed from heat (rate of 1 extra HP per turn for every 10 degrees above 100 Fahrenheit), flame (equal to 'damage' dealt), and even explosions caused by missiles or grenades (10 HP per explosion). She took no damage (and thankfully, didn't heal either) from plasma rifles or bullets.
Kary's first appearance was not recorded, even though she burned seven entire cities to the ground within a month of that estimated time. Kary's diet was what truly made her terrifying than even Hy-Bra, as she often grew to her 24 foot size and ate humans while they were still alive, and sometimes even other Pokégirls. This ultimately led to many failed attempts by both humans and Pokégirls to kill her prior to the pyrrhic battle in 8 AS. It's suspected that she tended to move towards heavily populated zones for food, rather than for any particular mission.
Kary even clashed against her fellow Legendaries, most notably Scylla and Titania, and it's believed that Kary came away as the victor each time, as Titania and Scylla were both seen moving far away from where Kary was. Many speculate how a fight between Hy-Bra and Kary might have gone, but alas, the battle was never meant to be, as the two were never in the same areas.
It's even rumored that even Pokégirl Generals Artemis and Athena made an attempt to stop this violent self-centered legendary, but as both Kary and the two generals survived long past the date of this conflict was rumored to have taken place on, it's certain that, if the battle actually took place, it ended in failure for the two generals.
Kary trusted only a few Pokégirl types to be around her and was, in turn, trusted even less by those very Pokégirls. It's believed that these Pokégirls were the ones to supply the military with the vital information necessary to kill Kary.
Kary left behind trails of flame and molten rock wherever she went, and continually healed because of it. Invulnerable to even missiles, the military had almost no choice but to make a concentrated physical attack, backed up by the Langoud; various water, ice and flying Pokégirls; and even fire trucks and water-dispensing helicopters.
The final battle was said to have taken over seven hours to wear Kary down enough that victory was almost at hand. Kary, perhaps not wanting to be slain by such tiny creatures or perhaps simply enraged enough, used Explosion, killing herself and everyone within a one mile radius.
The result of the explosion left a massive crater, the edges of which can still be found, even underwater, and created tons upon tons of red ash that choked the western edge of the new continent Maycia (aka. the Crimson League).
The battle was considered a pyrrhic victory at best. With her death, the war was considered largely over, despite the continued presence of various Legendaries (such as Atmuff, Moltits and Articunt).
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KELPIE, the Seaweed Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Photosynthesis
Role: sea farmers, wetland farmers, protectors of the sea
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Ground, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Bug, Flying, Poison
Attacks: Command Plants, Command Fish*, Bubblebeam, Vine Whip, Regenerate, Water Gun, Razor Leaf, Vine Bondage, Watery Tentacles Seize, Above level 60 Hydro pump, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Gills, Fish Empathy, Photosynthesis
Weaknesses: Starvation when kept from sunlight/artifical sunlight.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Though Kelpie are often thought to be cousins to the Flowergirl, they are by no means the attack-less sex battle tanks that their land bound cousins are. Kelpie do have quite a few attacks they can utilize and within their kelp forest homes they can be a challenge to any Tamer. Kelpie are very territorial about the plants under her protection, using their advantage against water types to keep all but the most persistant or sneaky out of their kelp forests. Despite this territorial nature, Kelpie are still prized by fishermen as kelp forests are productive seafood areas. Many small scale fishermen exchange fishing rights of a Kelpie's forest for taming, and as such it is hard to find many feral Kelpie near fishing villages. Indeed, many Kelpie have their favorites, fishermen who always seem to catch the bigger better fish from her own forest. Kelpie can also sometimes be found on the fringes of a Wet Elf Queendom, usually as gardeners or servants to the Wet Elves, Wet Lasses, and Wet Queens.
Kelpie at first seem to be blue-green skinned human females, but upon closer inspection, they are found to have gill slits running in between their ribs on their sides. Their ribs act as protection and support for their modified lung system, allowing the Kelpie to breathe on both land and underwater. A Kelpie usually has actual seaweed for hair and uses this in photosynthesis, though occasionally this 'hair' will be torn off partially or wholly from fights only to regenerate in the weeks following. Kelpie also has webbed hands and feet, to assist in swimming, but these advantages also limit what the domesticated Kelpie can wear. The need to keep their gills free almost always makes the Kelpie choose simple clothing that leaves the rib area free. Backless swimsuits and dresses that expose the rib area and tie at the neck are almost always favored over anything else. Many type of shoes are also uncomfortable, but some Kelpie can find ones they will wear. Tamed feral Kelpie often forgo wearing much more than a short skirt or loin cloth.
Kelpie rely on photosynthesis through their skin and hair to supply their bodies with needed energy. Though they -can- eat and derive enjoyment from the tastes of foods, they do so for the essential nutrients their bodies needs. Tamers and Pet Owners are advised to give an active Kelpie multivitamin supplements and let her have at least 4 hours nude or mostly nude in the sunlight each day, or the Pokégirl will start suffering the effects of malnutrition and eventually starve to death. Tamers need not worry about their Kelpie becoming dehydrated, as they are very apt at keeping their water levels in check. A landbound Kelpie only needs roughly twice the amount of water that a normal human needs.
While all Kelpie are territorial, Kelpie that find themselves in a Harem setting tend to view jobs as territory, and usually compartmentalize jobs when placed in an Alpha or Beta position. As such, even when not in an Alpha or Beta position, a Kelpie tends to find an area to call her own, be it finding food, cooking, or navigating and hold claim on that position. In battle, they tend to use what they have to their advantage, attacking foes at a distance and hindering them with Command Plants or her own unique attack Command Fish.
Feral Kelpie are often found lounging on isolated beaches where they can make a quick escape into the water should they be harassed as well as keep and eye on their nearby kelp forest. When found in their kelp forest, they tend to harass offenders until they leave, though they rarely kill outright (unfortunately, most feral Kelpie do not understand that some beings can't breathe underwater). Thresholding into a Kelpie is common around fishing villages, as many times Kelpie mothers give human children over to their fishermen favorites. One of the first signs of threshold into a Kelpie is webbing growing in between the digits of the hands and feet.
Command Fish (ATK EFT) – A water type Pokégirl calls upon the surrounding marine life (fish, crabs, eels, any aquatic life that is not sentient such as another water Pokégirl) and commands them to hinder the movement and visual range of an opponent. This move only works in aquatic environments where aquatic life can be found, otherwise this attack has no effect.
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KHANGASSCUNT (aka BANGASSCUNT), the Delectable Dish Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common
Diet: herbivore
Role: food producer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Tail Slap, Tackle, Fissure
Enhancements: Thick Hide, Toughness, Enhanced Strength (x15)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
KhangAssCunt is a large Pokégirl, usually a few inches over eight feel tall. They are only barely humanoid, with large, heavy claws on their paws and a large muzzle on their faces. They have a husky build, being very wide and large all around, but with most of it being muscle rather than fat. Their breasts are large D-Cups, and are quite firm for their size, not bouncing much. A thick, stubby tail waves behind them, helping to balance them as they move. Their coloration is a deep tan, with lighter shades covering their belly. Due to their large bulk, KhangAssCunts don’t walk on their hind legs so much as trundle, and have no ability to run at all. They have hair only on their head and between their legs.
KhangAssCunts are marsupial in nature, with a pouch on their lower belly. Oddly, young are never kept in these pouches, with young KhangAssCunts not even trying to climb in. Instead, every week, a KhangAssCunt will shed excess bulk into her pouch, naturally filling it with a large, doughy “egg” of cast-off fat. The egg is about the size of a wreckball, and is soft to the touch. These “eggs” of KhangAssCunt bulk are quite delicious when prepared in different ways, and KhangAssCunt “eggs” are one of the world’s primary meat sources, with KhangAssCunt farmers harvesting them weekly to sell. KhangAssCunts only consume vegetation, but they require a large amount of it to make up for the nutrient loss involved in shedding the excessive meat from themselves.
KhangAssCunts are somewhat difficult to Tame, since they like it deep and fast, but their heavy natures making it hard for all but the most endowed of Tamers to satisfy them completely. Also, their incredible strength warrants powerful restraints to make sure they don’t accidentally kill their Tamer in the throws of passion. Luckily, their pussy is large enough that it's easy to fist them to orgasm. Also, as they enjoy taking it anally more than most Pokégirls do, making that another option for a Tamer.
KhangAssCunts are moderately popular with Tamers, but with their Taming needs and their slow natures, as well as their constant meat production, most Tamers pass on having a KhangAssCunt in their Harem. Those who do have a KhangAssCunt usually keep it for the great strength and resistance to damage. KhangAssCunts are hard to hurt by most physical attacks, with only stronger ones getting through their thick hide to actually damage them.
Feral KhangAssCunts are less sedentary than their non-Feral sisters, but aren’t any faster for it. It’s relatively easy for a Tamer’s Pokégirl to hit it with attacks from afar repeatedly, wearing it down over time until it can be captured. Threshold girls who become KhangAssCunts are usually sold to farms for a tidy sum.
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KILLERBREAST, the Defending Bee Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Queen’s bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash, Cut, Slash, Harden, Sleep Powder, Seismic Toss
After Level 50: Dark Blade, Toxic Blade, Pin Missile*
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Enhanced Strength (x5) Wings for flight, Stinger tail, retractable blades in arms, Status effect venoms, Compound eyes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (special ceremony from queen)
While Buzzbreasts are the common soldier and cannon fodder, Killerbreasts are the personal guardians of the queen. They evolve for one reason: to fight. They will protect the queen at all costs, even sacrificing themselves so that the queen could get away, however they are by no means mindless drones. Killerbreasts are quite intelligent when bonded to a queen or tamed, and are excellent strategists.
They look similar to the Buzzbreasts, though they retain the same black and yellow color scheme, the chitin now covers their abdomen and breasts, however this chest armor is retractable. They gain compound eyes, and their wings become longer. In addition, they lose the stingers in their breasts, and instead gain retractable blades in their arms. These blades can be coated in their poisons and are also used in the TriSting Attack. Because of the loss of boob-stingers, the Killerbreast usually has a MAXIMUM cup size of a B Cup. They lose their curves becoming much more lean and mean.
They lose some of their abilities upon involving, including their ability to produce all but the most basic honey, but their poison becomes much more potent, and their abilities in sword fighting also improve, though they are still not anywhere near Herowu’s or Tatmon. At higher levels the Killerbreasts sword abilities only improve, and they gain access to powerful sword attacks and the Pin Missile attack.
The Killerbreast was only discovered in 293 PS when a Tamer charmed a Buzzqueen enough. The Buzzqueen, still a queen of the hive, offered the Tamer the Pokégirl and even showed him the ceremony for evolution. The Tamer also found out that the Killerbreast was a gift to one favored hive of Cocooner from that Legendary. Because of their newness as of 300 PS, only about a quarter of known Buzzbreast swarms have this Pokégirl.
To evolve a Buzzbreast, the bee Pokégirl must first drink an unknown mixture of Buzzqueen poison, honey, and syrup. The Buzzbreast must then enter into a 69 with the queen. Once the Queen orgasms the Buzzbreast will evolve. It is not recommended to capture a Killerbreast in the wild without being gifted one. The bond between the Killerbreast and Buzzqueen is so strong that it overrides all others. In fact if a Killerbreast is stolen from the hive, it will try to escape and return, if this is impossible it will commit suicide. Not even a level 5 Taming Cycle can erase this bond, even though it will erase anything else. A Killerbreast will follow this bond to the ends of the Earth if it must. The only way to successfully keep a Killerbreast is to charm a Buzzqueen, then barter for one. If the Buzzqueen accepts whatever you have offered, then it will evolve a Buzzbreast for you. Incidentally, Killerbreasts love to sing, their favorite song being God Save the Queen/King, however they do not have access to any song attacks.
There have been no thresholded cases ad it is assumed impossible to do because of the conditions required for an evolution. If a Killerbreast is in a hive, then any Tamings it receives from a non-Buzzbreast or Buzzqueen will be only 1/10 effective. If it is stolen then this condition also applies, however if it is given then it is able to be effectively Tamed by its new Master or his/her harem. In a harem, Killerbreasts will do whatever role they were assigned to. While they make excellent Alphas, they will follow the orders of another Alpha just as easily. When Taming, a Killerbreast is very submissive to the one they are bonded to, but prefer to be dominant to those whom they are superior to. While with their Tamer, Alpha, or queen Killerbreasts will assume whatever position their superior prefers, and will usually only orgasm once their Tamer goes too.
The Killerbreast has a very fierce rivalry with Whorenets. A Killerbreasts favorite thing to do in life is to protect her Queen (or Tamer), its second favorite thing: rend a Whorenet limb from limb. A Whorenet's sword ability is probably equivalent to that of the Killerbreast, and while the Killerbreast is stronger, the Whorenet has better poison capabilities. Though the two love to battle, more often than not the battle usually ends in a draw. It is impossible to keep a Whorenet and Killerbreast in the same harem, even Tamers who have managed to get the Amazonchan and -lee evolutions to work together have yet to succeed in getting these two to cooperate.
Pin Missile - (Atk 100) The Killerbreast launches its tail stinger at the enemy. This missile is filled with explosive venom that will only release when the stinger is fired. This attack is only usable once a day while the Killerbreast waits for the stinger to regenerate.
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Killer Queen, the “CALL ME QUEEN!” Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Thankfully)
Diet: Human, heavy on meat
Role: S&M Queen, Military Leader
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Weak Willed, Psychic, Water, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: All Whip Attacks, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Erotic Kiss, *Regal Aura, Vine Bondage, Probing Pods, Poison Mist, *Spine Grind, Call Me Queen
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x5) Regeneration, Enhanced Kiss/Gaze attacks, Summon Personal Whip
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (normal)
Anyone that lets a Dominatrix evolve into a Killer Queen has either balls of steel or a peanut for a brain.
In appearance they may change dramatically or not at all. Similar to a Starlady, her body changes to fit her perfect image of beauty. She may become taller or shorter, hair color and length could change, her breasts may even shrink if she thinks them too unwieldy. For this reason, magic and poison that would change her body in some way are very ineffective.
Her tastes in clothing changes as well. While she is still obsessed with leather, like all Domina types are, she thinks herself above flaunting herself in a lewd manner. She still dresses in a very sexy manner, but it is mostly in a teasing manner, like others only deserve a peak at her.
She absolutely adores jewelry, especially crowns and tiaras. It is very rare to find any Killer Queen without some sort of semi-precious stones on her. A gift of a crown has been known to bring a ‘Queen to near orgasm, soon followed by an intense taming session.
While how she looks may or may not change very much, internally there are a lot of improvements. All Domina-breeds have enhanced toughness and healing to better deal with their love of S&M. It allows them to take more punishment at increased rates so they can indulge in their twisted tastes more often. A Killer Queen is the end result the line, and it shows. Her toughness increases even more, only the more powerful fighting attacks will leave noticeable marks on her pristine skin. She no longer has enhanced healing; it has turned to actual regeneration. Minor to moderate wounds will heal in minutes while severe ones will take a couple of hours unless put through a healing cycle. It is not known if a Killer Queen can grow back limbs because scientists are scared shitless to even ask such a thing of her.
All tamers that gain a Killer Queen are required by law in many leagues to go through a psychological evaluation. Only those with the strongest wills or blood gifts that protect them mentally will be allowed to keep the Pokégirl, others will be greatly compensated for her. This may seem harsh, but after the events in Tentaculus in 113 AS, strict guidelines have been created.
In 113, a Tamer had traded for a highly experienced Dominatrix. His harem was strong but he thought they could use some further discipline. At first all was good until a couple days later she evolved into a Killer Queen. She then turned the tamer into her personal puppet through her mind-altering kiss attacks and ended up conquering half of Tentaculus until she was brought down by league officials.
If a tamer had his/her Killer Queen back when she was a Domina, they will not have a hard time bringing her inline. Past experiences with the ‘girl will have given them a very strong sense of self and be able to control the ‘Queen. Killer Queens with these tamers are very loyal and very loving towards them. They are great at bringing the rest of the harem in line, even if it means they have to bend them a little to their wills. Of course her tamer deserves the best.
Tamers that are normal and acquired a Dominatrix first will have a lot harder time. Since Dominatrix tend to be mellower than her previous form, the tamer does not build up a resistance to her personality and attacks. That does not mean they can’t learn to control their Killer Queen, but they will always have to be looking over their shoulder, just in case.
The worse case scenario is if a tamer somehow captures a feral Killer Queen or gets a Dominatrix who is just about to evolve. These people usually have no experiences with Domina-type breeds and will soon become her personal plaything.
Something needs to be emphasized greatly to all tamers that are thinking of acquiring a Killer Queen. A battle of wills with this Pokégirl is a one on one thing. If you want her to know you are the dominate one in the relationship you must do it alone. Trying to use other Pokégirls to force her to submit will only breed resentment. She might listen to you, barely, but she will hold no respect and will fight you along the whole way. Worse case scenario is that you will have to trade her away along with the rest of your harem because she has turned them against you.
Killer Queens are incredible combatants. Her enhancements make it difficult to damage her and have her stay damaged. She also proves a very nasty surprise to psychic Pokégirls. Normally being a poison type would leave her vulnerable to their attacks, but that is not the case. The mind of the Killer Queen is one of the strongest minds on the planet, not intellectually or the ability to levitate things with it, but through sheer force of will. Trying to forcibly invade the mind of a Killer Queen is a very risky and dangerous endeavor, which usually leaves the psychic Pokégirl clutching her head in agony.
There is one good example of a Killer Queens willpower that actually endeared the breed to the public for some time. In a small port town off the coast of Capitol there was an invasion by Limbec pirates. They ransacked the whole town, capturing all tamers and Pokégirls to be ransomed to the government. One tamer was fortunate enough to have a Killer Queen in his harem. The Limbecs understood the power of the Queen Pokégirl and tried to convert her to their cause. They did everything they could to bring her to their side, to their eventual downfall. The Pokégirl slowly made every pirate that visited her loyal only to her until she convinced the pirates to mutiny against their captain. After it was over, all that was left was the hostages and one highly amused Killer Queen.
Some fights with a Killer Queen are over before they even begin. All Killer Queens exude a Regal Aura which drives weak willed Pokégirls, and sometimes even humans, to bow and take a knee. In such submissive posture, they are at the complete mercy of the Queen Pokégirl. It is not uncommon to see a tamer strutting down the street, Killer Queen in hand, watching with a large grin as human and Pokégirl alike bowed before them.
Killer Queens are intimately familiar with everything that involves whips, being better with them the Herowu’s. If there is some attack out there that involves a whip of some kind, she knows it. Some Killer Queens even dabble in magic so they are able to use various elemental whip attacks.
All Killer Queens have a personal whip that represents her personality. If she is a kind, caring, Pokégirl that believes that others should obey her because she knows best, her whip will be a long, soft leather whip made mostly for binding. If the ‘Queen is a sadistic bitch that only wants to cause pain, her whip will be a long, jagged trail of metal and leather that is meant to shred flesh. She has the ability to summon her whip from anywhere, at anytime.
A Killer Queen is at her deadliest not with her whips ironically. Her gaze and kiss attacks can literally make someone her slave. It is illegal for a Killer Queen to attempt to use Enslaving Kiss on a human, or for her to be ordered to do so. If caught, the Pokégirl will be put through a level 5 cycle and the tamer stripped of all Pokégirls if they are the ones that ordered it.
As expected, taming a Killer Queen is something else. If she was acquired as a Domina then one can expect what will be coming. It is a cruel, cruel thing to loan a Killer Queen out to another tamer for the night, they will never be the same again. She loves S&M more than any other breed. She can have an orgasm simply from causing others pain, which might be the reason why they like fighting so much. A Killer Queen’s respect for her tamer will deepen exponentially if they are able to make her submit during sex. Using her own personal whip on her during taming is usually enough to leave her a twitching, gibbering mess.
Feral Killer Queens are extremely rare, to which we are all very thankful for. If a tamer happens to encounter a Killer Queen they need to be on guard for her subjects. A ‘Queen never travels alone and will have between two to ten Pokégirls that are her devoted servants. Reports have come in that some even command larger numbers but they can not as yet be substantiated. Even feral, she will lead the Pokégirls like a general, picking off the weaker opponents until they can overwhelm the stronger ones. League officials have listed feral Killer Queens a beta level threat after a single one nearly overran a small hamlet town in the country side with a large group of Pokégirls.
The feral state of a Killer Queen is not something anyone wants to see. She loses some of her intelligence but becomes even more aggressive and bloodthirsty. They will try to dominate and enslave anyone and anything within reach. She will be mighty upset when she regains her senses as well, angry that she was allowed to even approach feraldom.
In a harem, a Killer Queen has to be the alpha. Unless the Pokégirl is at least twice her level or is damn near legendary, she will not listen to her. It is usually for the best to allow her to become Alpha because she gets things done. If there is an unruly Pokégirl in the harem she will bring her inline very quickly, even if it involves the temporary loss of appendages.
It is very unwise to have a Bondage Queen in the same harem as a Killer Queen. They have an intense rivalry with the breed and will attack her on sight. Killer Queens don’t like them because, to them anyway, it seems like they are trying to copy the K’ Queen. There can only be one Queen in a harem, and damn it, it's going to be her.
The military will use Killer Queens to train and motivate their soldiers. Success and improvement is rewarded substantially, and failure is punished just as much. The leaders will have to make sure the soldiers are loyal to the league and not just the Queen herself.
It should be noted to the general populous and the anti-Pokégirls out there, a Killer Queen is not ‘always’ evil, just like every other Pokégirl out there. Yes, their tastes in sex are sick and twisted and love to control everything, but that is not always a bad thing. A Killer Queen is just as likely to dominate a tamer so they will stop criminals and help the unfortunate as they are to commit crime.
Spine Grind (ATK 15 AND/OR S.ATK 35) - Useable by anyone with a pair of stiletto-heeled shoes, the Pokégirl drives the heel into her target's body (not necessarily the spine). Unless properly trained or a Domina (or one of its evolutions), the target will only take damage. Only properly trained, the user can use it as either a sex attack, a normal attack or, in some cases, both.
Regal Aura (EFT.) An aura all Killer Queens exude. She can turn it on and off at will but prefers it on. Her aura is the first test a tamer has when acquiring one. All Pokégirls and humans that come near her need to have a strong will or be compelled to take a knee before her. The stronger the Killer Queen the stronger the aura. It is very helpful for capturing large amounts of weak ferals. Some Pokégirls that are already blindly loyal to someone, like delta bonded Pokégirls or feral Buzzbreasts, are not effected by it.
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KISHI, the Armored Amazon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially rice
Role: warriors, bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Plant, Water, Fire, Electricity, Dragon, Rock, Steel, Dark
Weak Vs: Dragon, Psychic, Flying
Attacks: Parry, Chi Blast, Deflect, Twister, Takedown, Hurricane Kick, Dragon Dance, CrossShield, Draconic Aura
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Reflexes (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x8), Weapon Proficiency, Armored
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonwu (Dragon Scale + Training)
Unlike the Amazonchan and the Amazonlee, who evolve into the strangely common Armsmistress, the Amazonwu evolves from a Amazonwu with help from a Dragon Scale and extended training. The result is the Kishi Pokégirl. Originally, this Pokégirl was teamed with Armsmistress' during the war and was used to great effect in destroying just about anything that came across their path. However, when Atmuff went out of control in her urge to fight the strongest, many of the Kishi and Armsmistress breeds were killed in her quest. Information about this breed became little more than hearsay and legend until around 209 AS, when a tamer made the re-discovery of the breed in the Opal League. Physically, they remain much as they were as an Amazonwu, save for the extra six inches or so that they grow and the half-cup size that they gain.
The Kishi is compared to the Armsmistress in several ways, but is certainly much different. Physically not as strong, the Kishi in battle relies on her endurance and reflexes to avoid and outlast her foes. Using Dragon Dance and several delaying tactics such as Parry, Deflect, and CrossShield, this Pokégirl does well with this tactic. Those who have trained her since being an Amazonwu explain that their Pokégirl was never as strong as her sister types, specializing in no particular attribute, and yet not failing in any either. These tamers are especially proud of this evolution of their Pokégirl, as she becomes more powerful and is especially useful against most common Pokégirl types throughout the world. In sex battles, they are not so useful, although their endurance allows them to play the same game in these types of matches as well.
Like their pre-evolution and their sister evolution, the Herowu, the Kishi become proficient weapon users. However, their knowledge extends to many weapons, and they do not enjoy choosing only one weapon (unless it is the same one that they have used since they were an Amazonwu) to utilize. Any given Kishi will carry between 4-8 different weapons: most commonly, a pole arm, a sword, a dagger, and some sort of projectile weapon (most commonly a bow and arrow, or a number of Kunai or throwing daggers). Whether taming, sleeping, or bathing, she always has at least some weapon with her, and this is most likely the same weapon she's used since she was an Amazonwu. During taming, the Kishi are not overly interested in using their weapons for stimulation, although some do develop a fondness for a certain weapon that they use that is close in passion to that of what a Herowu enjoys when her tamer uses her weapon.
The Kishi doesn't care for clothes- instead, they can form their scales into armor with just a thought, allowing them instant defenses without needing much notice. Their bodies are not extraordinarily sensitive, unlike their previous form was. These Pokégirls have a slight feud with the Armsmistress, mostly a simple rivalry and nothing more, as they enjoy pitting their skills against the Armsmistress' strength. The Kishi also rather dislike Amazonkapoeraa and Herokapoeraa, and will go out of their way to defeat them if they are crossed by such Pokégirls somehow. Researchers highly recommend not having both a Kishi and either of the 'Kapoeraa breeds in the same harem at the same time, as the Kishi will never sit idly by while the 'Kapoeraa teases them. This has led, in some cases, to one or the other either leaving entirely or actually asking to be Pokéballed instead.

Draconic Aura (EFT): This technique allows the user to stare down her opponent. Although not always successful against higher level Pokégirls and other dragon-types (only half as effective in these situations), a successful use of this technique causes the victim to be unable to attack or defend against the user of this technique for two rounds. A fully effective use of this technique also lowers the victim's Defense rating somewhat as a result as well.
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KISSITALCOATL (aka QUETZALCUNTL), the Celestial Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human Metamorph (Winged Snake)
Element: Poison/Flying (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: High preference for meat but can tolerate high protein plants
Role: Advisors, Oracles, Spiritual Leaders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Ghost, Magic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Love Sting, Regeneration Tears, Phoenix Down, Dive, Glorious Sun, Squall, Tempest, Wing Attack, Heaven's Arrow, Life Shield, Angel Wings, Soothing Mist
Enhancements: Honeycombed lightweight bone structure, Limited morphing abilities, Antidote synthesis, Aura of Calm/Fear (can alternate), Heat Sense, Limited Telepathy
Weaknesses: Magic Sink, Unable to use magic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (Angel Stone), Garter (Angel Stone)
Discovered in 222 AS by a Tamer unhappy with her Naga's evolution into an Arbust, the Kissitalcoatl is a surprising addition to the Celestial number. Even more surprising is the later discovery of the same evolution from the Garter –though those evolutions have been shown to call their breed name Quetzalcuntl. While this helps distinguish which Naga evolution this particular Pokégirl evolved from, they have been proven to be one in the same breed, much like the Boobisaur/Bulboustits.
In terms of looks, Kissitalcoatls are in a word, majestic. In their not very near human form, they look much like a more slender, longer version of the Naga with the addition of a pair of colorful wings and a feathered portion on the tip of their whip-like tail. They have more animalistic features in this form and their faces have a prominent snake like muzzle. Their scale and wing patterns vary depending on where they where when they evolved, ranging from a uniform green scaling with red and blue wings to a red, black, and yellow scale pattern with feathers every color of the rainbow. Even their bust tends to vary; sometimes gaining as much as three cup sizes to gaining none at all. Upon transforming into their near human state, their face becomes more human and their scales become smaller, sometimes changing to a flesh tone around their head, front and forearms. Their long tails become a set of legs, giving the Kissitalcoatl a height ranging from 5' to 7'. In this form it is still easy to distinguish them from any other Naga evolutions thanks to the wings that stay prominent on their back, as well as the feather pattern on their lower legs. One more fashion savvy Quetzalcuntl called the feathering 'Colorful Leggings', noting that the feathers start in a pattern just below the knee, flaring out as they end at the ankle.
One of the Kissitalcoatl's most surprising abilities is also their biggest weakness. Officials at Vale have dubbed this new ability the 'Magic Sink,' although, in more general use, it is simply referred to as an 'Anti-Magic Field.' Upon evolving, the Kissitalcoatl looses any magical ability she once had, and actually seems to create a 'dead magic' field around her. Through studies, it has been found that the size of the Magic Sink field is directly related to the strength of the Pokégirl, starting as small as a foot in radius around her lowest level, but reaching up to twenty feet in radius around her at her maximum level. While this may seem like a strong advantage against magic type Pokégirls, and indeed it is, it is also a weakness, since whoever owns a Kissitalcoatl has a hard time keeping any Magic type Pokégirls. Even within her Pokéball, the field is suppressed into one tenth of its size when the Kissitalcoatl is out, thankfully making it less of a menace in general. However, in battle, this ability means that techiques of pure magical origin are entirely ineffectual. However, more than one cocky Kissitalcoat has still been effectively skewered by a hail of magically-summoned by otherwise normal swords, or the equivilent.
Despite their odd anti-magical status, Kissitalcoatls tend to look upon life with the serenity of the more easy going Celestials. They enjoy keeping a live and let live philosophy until they see something overtly evil –then it's on. In battle, they attack with ranged attacks first to soften up the opponent before going in to close combat, or if the opponent is a strong against their flying type, they fall back to using their poison abilities like Love Sting. They only use their Celestial attacks if the opponent is truly evil or their backs are against the wall. They also tend to reveal more than the average Celestial about their connection to the Cosmic Awareness, but usually caution their tamers against anything that will lead to their demise. Notably, they get along better with Gardelfwhors than the more 'straight-laced' Celestials, despite their more demure attitude in bed than the Sexlestial Pokégirl.
To date, there has been no recorded instance of a Threshold case of a Kissitalcoatl, though it is speculated that the thresholder would have to be very moral. No instances of Ferals have been documented either, since most tamers who choose to give up their Kissitalcoatl quickly find that there are many people who are suspicious of magic who are more than willing to take her in.
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KITSUNE, the Mischievous Fox Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (vulpine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Psychic Illusion, Ember
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Evolves: Vixxen (Fire Stone), Foxxsea (Water Stone), Hoarfoxx (Water Stone and arctic conditions), Nogitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Psivyx (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Vulvixx (normal or Fox E-Medal)
A Pokégirl based on the pre-Sukebe animal known as a fox, this Pokégirl was designed to create confusion in the ranks of the human armies. One of the first of the mass-produced breeds due to her relatively simple genetic code, the Kitsune was distinctive for the bushy tail that is about two feet long and the vulpine-like muzzle on their faces. However, numerous accounts are known of the Kitsune assuming human forms with their Illusion and Psychic Illusion techniques to bring confusion to most any human command structure.
There has been some confusion in the centuries since, as the Vulvixx was discovered. The Vulvixx, a Fire-type, evolves into the Kitsune, which is a Normal-type, and then evolves in one of many directions (although, admittedly, most include a fire-type in the evolutions). Research remains ongoing into this particular phenomenon, but it's widely considered to be a genetic quirk, and nothing else.
The Kitsune, or fox Pokégirl, is a common form for girls undergoing Threshold to evolve to. Like the Eva, it has multiple evolutionary tracks but is not high powered in its base form. Kitsunes are highly mischievous and delight in innocently causing trouble (no malicious intent), such as taking pictures of embarrassing situations and posting or selling them, inciting romantic triangles from both sides, enjoying the good life and stiffing total strangers with the bill, etc. It's this particular trait that kept them from being targeted widely by anti-Pokégirl organizations, as even they realize and understand a good joke when they see one (or can at least find a use for the Kitsune, one way or the other). They also make great pets, as most Kitsune are rather intelligent and are proficient in the kitchen and at household chores, though do well with children also. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don't teach the children how to play pranks on their parents.
Despite not being a fire-type, the Kitsune does have access to an array of elemental techniques to assist in their mischief. Not especially great in either sex battles or standard battles, the Kitsune are often evolved quickly when found in a combat harem. These Pokégirls have a slight quirk, however: despite their mischievous nature, every Kitsune chooses their own rules and code to live by- whether it be as simple as never allowing her tamer to be harmed, to never harming a child. If their rule, or code, is broken by a certain measure (by choice or accident), this often triggers the evolution into a Nogitsune, which all Kitsune dread with a passion. Kitsune get along well with Trixies and other Pokégirls that enjoy playing jokes on others, and it is not recommended to have two or more pranksters in a single harem as they will constantly attempt to outdo one another.
(Note: Name is taken from Japanese fox-spirit which are highly mischievous.)
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KITTEN, the Kitty Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products.
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl, frequent pet choice
Libido: Average, seasonally can be High
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: good night vision, minor psychic sensitivity, enhanced balance, Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x2).
Evolves: Catgirl (normal), Merrowl (orgasm), Pussywillow (Leaf Stone), Catfish (normal; raised by a large body of water), Griffon (Bird E-Medal), Phaenine (Dream Stone)
Evolves From: None
Kittens are the young form of Catgirl, though they can evolve to other forms instead of Catgirl in certain circumstances. These Pokégirls are most often found as a pet or a domestically inclined member of a Tamer's harem, as there Fighting styles aren't as good as with most other Pokégirls. Kittens have a wide range of personalities, though most share a common fastidiousness and a desire for creature comforts. Some are domestically inclined housecats, others are sneaky, others are violent, and most are least slightly catty.
All Kittens like to play, especially with their tamers, and often both Pokégirl and tamer wind up wrestling or otherwise physically with one another at least once a day as a result of their need for attention. These Pokégirls usually wind up as pets, as in the wild they do not last all that long except when near civilization. Tamers normally only put up with Kittens to evolve them into their more powerful and useful evolutions.
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KOALASS, the Tree Dweller Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (In Orange League), unknown in other leagues (Extinct)
Diet: herbivore (prefers eucalyptus leaves)
Role: scouts
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel, Plant
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Water
Attacks: Furry Swipes, Scratch, Slash, Bite, Smile, Razor Leaf
Enhancements: Poison Immunity, Efficient Metabolism, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses (x3), Increased Jumping (x4), Sharp claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wombutt (Leaf Stone)
In the wild, Koalass spend nearly their entire lives in the trees, jumping from one to another and gathering their water from the leaves. It's because of this that it was thought for a time that they had been wiped out in the creation of the Orange Islands. Perfectly happy to sit silently in a tree for days, they have a knack for keeping undetected. Their strongest attack is smile. Koalass are widely regarded as some of the cutest Pokégirls in the world. They are covered with short, but bushy, gray fur and have large round ears and a bushy, almost bunny-like, tail. Hair color ranges widely, but always fall into earthy tones. They also tend to have breasts ranging from a large B-cup to a small D-cup. Consistent with their slow lifestyle, Koalass have very cool heads and always think things over carefully. This has led some tamers to call them slow, but a tamer with patience can be amazed at the insights their Koalass come up with.
If they must fight, many Pokégirls find to their dismay that these harmless looking creatures have very sharp claws. Quicker opponents can avoid being torn apart, but hardening has little effect on these armor piercing tools. Though the reason is undetermined, Koalass have strong dislike for anal taming. As this differs from their previous evolution, it's theorized that the poisons in their eucalyptus diet might kill off the nerves in that area. They generally prefer to go at it with their legs wrapped around a standing tamer, or if he can't stand, to sit on top of him. Thresholders that become Koalass tend to prefer dark green clothes and stay away from anything made of leather. Few cases of threshold have been recorded, and all of them involved something in their diet containing eucalyptus. Those observed cases seemed to cope well with the transformation, as their developing deep thinking nature leads them to accept the inevitable.
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KOOL KAT, the Sexy Snowcat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: chilled fish
Role: covert operations, arctic rescue missions
Libido: Low (Average after being heated)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Snow Storm, Mist, Ice Punch, Ice Wall, Snow Storm, Agility, Chilled Arousal, Sex Attack 1
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Night Vision, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Arctic Invisibility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shaguar (orgasm)
While Shaguar is known as the Cool Cat Pokégirl, Kool Kats adopt this title as their name (albeit with a slight alteration). A Kool Kat is a Shaguar who was Tamed so much and so well that her body reacted, becoming colder as her Ice-type nature fought to regulate her internal temperature against the intense heat from both her Tamer’s body against hers, and her own temperature rising from the sex. A Kool Kat thus loses her Fighting-type status, since she’s now comfortable in the cold, and no longer feels the need to fight so much to keep her internal temperature up.
A Kool Kat has fur over her entire body. It usually remains the white of her previous form, although the rings all disappear, leaving her a solid white (even her hair). Very rarely, a Kool Kat will have fur that is very light blue or teal green. Either way though, her body is very hard to see against the pure white background of the arctic climes, making her an excellent stalker in those environments. Her body doesn’t change too much beyond that, with her bust neither gaining nor losing any size. A Kool Kat has the trademark Low libido of most Ice-types. She rarely if ever initiates Taming sessions, but still enjoys them. A hot bath will increase her libido to Average, but will make her tire quicker than she would otherwise. Since she cools off after her evolution to her new form, a Kool Kat has a very cold cunt, making hot baths or special protection for her Tamer a virtual necessity for every Taming.
While Kool Kats don’t feel the need to up their fighting skills anymore, they still benefit from all the combat experience they had before. The only attack they lose is their Ice Kapowie, since they don’t keep up their training enough to be able to use this powerful move. They do, however, gain the Chilled Arousal sex attack, which only somewhat mitigates the loss of their strongest physical attack. She often uses this in preparation for using Sex Attack 1 on her opponent. She usually only tends to use her sex attacks when her physical ones have failed however, preferring to use tried-and-true combat techniques.
Feral Kool Kats will become sluggish and sleepy. They don’t defend themselves very well in this state, and would be easy to capture if they weren’t so hard for Tamers to see in the first place. Threshold girls rarely evolve into Kool Kats directly, with less than a half-dozen cases ever being reported.
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KRABBIT, the Seaside Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Shellfish
Role: Undersea Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Bubble, Crabhammer, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Water Barrier
Evolves: Queenler
Evolves From: None
Krabbits, despite what their name, are actually very mild-mannered Pokégirls. They spend most of their time wandering the bottom of the ocean, as deep as their internal pressure resistance allows them anyway. Krabbits are capable of breathing underwater. Most of their bodies are covered with a bright red carapace, which turns white as it reaches her underside. The only parts that are not completely covered are her joints, neck, vagina, and face. Of course, her hands are covered are a pair of crab-like claws which are often used as clubbing weapons.
While Krabbits do spend most of their time underwater, they do periodically come to shore to rest and find a safe spot away from predators. A Tamer can usually set their watches by when a Krabbit comes to land to rest and sleep. That is usually the best time to try and catch one since they would most likely be tired. An odd personality quirk that the Krabbit possess is that if they are upset, they began to excrete bubbles from their mouth rather than growl or make any sort of noise. Of course, they make a clear indicator if the Krabbit is not enjoying a taming or treatment from a Tamer.
Taming a Krabbit is often difficult. Her carapace often makes getting intimate with one difficult since she cannot feel many sensations through it. Fortunately, as a Krabbit becomes more aroused, her carapace starts retracting into her body. Usually she is left with soft reddish-pink skin, which is rather sensitive. Her claws also retract into her wrists to reveal normal hands. A Krabbit's face is also revealed with a full head of hair which was held back by the extended carapace.
In battle, Krabbits rely on hammering away at opponents with either their claws, or with water attacks. They also depend on their carapace to protect them, but it is breakable. Thankfully, if a section of a Krabbit's carapace is broken, it will eventually shed the section and grow a new one. Their speed isn't anything to fear for the most part, but they are able to sidestep their opponents quite easily since their leg joints allow them to move sideways with ease.
In harems, Krabbits usually just try not to cause problems. However, should they become involved in them, they will see them through to the end. If they are dissatisfied with the end, they end up frothing at the mouth for some time to come. How long they do this depends on how dissatisfied they are. Some have sulked in their own way for up to days.
An interesting fact is that as a Krabbit gains more experience and gains levels, they begin to gain control over which parts their carapace covers. Some manipulate it to look more humanoid so they might look more physically pleasing to their Tamers. Of course, that still doesn't stop them from foaming at the mouth when they're upset.
Thresholding into a Krabbit is rather commonplace. More reports are found closer to seashores rather than deeper inland. One explanation for this is that those with Krabbit or Queenler ancestry live closer to the shore since Krabbits and Queenler themselves enjoy living near the ocean and raise their families there.
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KUNG-EWE, the Champion Sheep Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic (sheep)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: frontline fighter
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Evade, Giant Toss, Counter, Focus, Hyper Kick, Mega Punch, Bicycle Kick, Flying Kick, Rolling Kick, Super Jump Tackle, The Calm Soul, Super EX Combo Move, No Sell, (above level 50) Chump Change, Master Blow
Enhancements: impervious to weather conditions, Enhanced Strength (x7), Toughness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Lambchop (battle stress)
Kung-Ewes, compared to their previous form, are incredibly powerful. They gain a much more serious demeanor, gaining a better ability to focus on their tasks. They also gain a lot of toughness and power, becoming much better fighters. They, alongside their previous forms, were frontline fighters during the Revenge War, and are among the few who can learn the potent Fighting technique, the Master Blow. This has made them very desirable to Tamers and to Lambchops, many of whom strive for this form to please their masters. This, however, has lead to bad situations where some Lambchops ended up challenging far more powerful Pokégirls in their desperation to prove themselves and evolve. In the year 90 AS, after a tragedy involving a Widow, one which was chronicled into a movie which remains popular to this day, all Leagues, even ones like Indigo, came out with rules that forbade Lambchops and their Tamers from deliberately going into stressful situations. Due to these rules and the movie, appropriately called "Desperate For Success," incidents like that have become extraordinarily rare, mainly occurring amongst wicked Tamers or Tamers who find themselves in confrontations with Team Rocket-style groups. Lambchops instead keep themselves ready at all times should a situation capable of evolving them arises, which in turn makes them even better fighters, which in turn made them more popular amongst Tamers.
Kung-Ewes grow taller by a foot and a half and more developed, gaining a curvier, more muscular figure, larger breasts, and slightly thicker wool, which grows black markings on it as well. They grow yellow-and-black horns from the side of their heads, and the skin on their faces and hands turns black. They lose a lot of their cuteness, but with their other gains, most regard it as a relatively minor loss.
So far, no cases of Thresholding directly into a Kung-Ewe have been reported.
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KUNIMITSU, the Vulpine Ninja Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, cases of Animorph (Vulpine)
Element: Normal/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, prefers human style food
Role: spy, sex-pot
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, sex attacks
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Slash, Dark Blade Mark II, Smoke Screen, Vanish, Dart Toss (shuriken), Fox Fire
Enhancements: Enhanced Stealth, Enhanced Hearing (x3) and Enhnaced Olfactory Sense (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kunoichi (Fox E-Medal), Ninjette (Fox E-Medal)
Kunimitsu is a special animorphic variation of the Kunoichi. When a Kunoichi is given a Fox E-Medal, a transformation comes over her. She becomes similar to a Kitsune, but with greater variation. A Kunimitsu’s fur will be a creamy white, or a light blonde. They also have a tendency to wear clothing of their pre-evolved form, with tight cloth, and shawls around their muzzle. They find the tight clothing excellent for gaining high-speeds while running, AND they get a kick out of the feeling of tight clothing pressing against their bodies.
It should be noted that while a Kunimitsu does not have the levels of stamina or endurance that Kitsunes and Vixxens are known for, (which some Tamers are thankful for, as some have trouble with over-affectionate Vixxens) a Kunimitsu is far more dexterous, and can slip into tight places that Kitsune usually can’t. Some are known to even have slightly collapsible bone-structures, like a Titmouse, letting them get into places that are a tight squeeze.
There is also a special historical event behind the Kunimitsu that makes them slightly more revered than their pre-evolved form of Kunoichi. In 249 AS, a year after Mao’s Rebellion had begun, the Edo League was endangered when a shadow group of a Kunoichi had threatened to overthrow the League in the name of Mao Shin Mao. One Kunoichi, however, stood in their way. While the shadow group was raiding a rich man’s estate, the noble’s Pokégirl, a Kunoichi, tried to pull her injured master to safety, hiding him in the basement, where she accidentally came into contact with a case of her master’s E-Medal collection, specifically, a Fox E-medal. The change that overcame her seemed to have changed her perception on the situation, filling the Pokégirl with more bravado and courage. Using her skills and new techniques to actually over-take most of the rebellious Kunoichis, the one major Pokégirl anarchist group was taken down before they reached the main part of the Edo League on it’s Eastern-most island. The Edo League flourished a lot more easily than other Leagues were able to during the timeframe because of that. As such, that one Kunimitsu was highly revered, and other Kunimitsu are given more respect when in the Edo League than the pre-evolved form of Kunoichi.
Fighting wise, a Kunimitsu tries to be sneaky, and hit hard from a distance, like other Kunoichi. However, when the situation calls for it, a Kunimitsu can change her tactics to more traditional hand-to-hand combat. Her technique of “Fox Fire” (a flame technique that vulpine Pokégirls in the Edo League can learn) seems to be her favorite move in its assortment of techniques to use for close-up combat.
During Taming, a Kunimitsu is quite different from what one would expect from a vulpine Pokégirl. Shy, quiet, and demure are all good ways to describe how the Pokégirl acts. The Kunimitsu will not beg her master for Taming if he does not want it. And during Taming sessions, a Kunimitsu is more passive, allowing her master to do with her as he would please. This leaves a Kunimitsu open to take in all sorts of pleasure. Unfortunately this can be used against her, as her threshold of pleasure seems diminished. In a sex battle, a Kunimitsu almost becomes almost as poor a choice as a Titmouse, because of a need to submit to pleasure.
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KUNOICHI, the Ninja Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Dark
Frequency: Common (in Edo League), Uncommon to Rare (all other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, prefers human style food
Role: spy
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Smoke Screen, Vanish, Throwing Star, Quick Attack, Shadow Dash, Hazy Vision
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x4), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance and Durability (x2), Stealthy, Night Vision
Evolves: Cheshire (Cat E-Medal), Kunimitsu (Fox E-Medal), Karima (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Ninjette (Level 15)
Towards the middle of the war, while the human armies were being decimated left and right, Sukebe created this breed. First given the mission of searching out and destroying small encampments and given anti-ambush roles, the Kunoichi graduated as the Ninjanezumi suffered- their Very Near Human state made them much more capable of passing as human women and getting past human guards with ease. Once given their mission to assassinate certain people- human generals, admirals, and even certain actors that Sukebe hated, the Kunoichi were practically the best at their field that the world had ever seen. Or never seen, perhaps, until after the war was over. Information about them was, however, gained during that latter part of the war from disaffected Ninjanezumi that were tamed by the first Tamers, but it wasn't until about 12 AS that the first recorded Kunoichi were captured.
This breed was originally created to fill a niche. Whereas the Ninjanezumi had proven squeamish in comparison to the other Pokégirl types and some had even been captured by the humans before fulfilling their missions, and the Cheshire had been created from Catgirls, the mad scientist himself took it upon himself to create a breed that could blend in with humans, act and talk and physically look like a human woman, but was in all other ways superior. The end result was the Kunoichi. Their actual capabilities, although somewhat less than the Ninjanezumi, ironically made it easier for the Pokégirl to imitate human women. Although not designed specifically for battle, the Kunoichi are also well equipped to fight in one. Their natural stealth capabilities, as well as her enhanced senses, speed, and agility often allow the Kunoichi to evade long enough for an opening to appear, and then to quickly capitalize upon it. Kunoichi prefer to attack from the shadows, and rarely battle straight out in the open in keeping with their style.
Most Kunoichi average in height somewhere between 5' and 5'7." They usually can be found in the same size as equivalent human woman of these heights, but their breasts are most often somewhere between a B-to-C cup in size. However, several have been documented both with smaller and larger breasts regularly, which makes this a rather diverse breed. Although most Kunoichi do prefer to wear tight fitting and not-so-revealing clothes, it has been documented that they do prefer to wear clothes that allow them to blend in with the location that they are in. In modern times, Kunoichi have been well known to get along with Seamstress Pokégirls, and generally prefer to get their clothes from one whenever possible, rather than from a department store. However, even if attempting to pass herself as some other Pokégirl by disguising herself, a Pokédex can pick out a Kunoichi in hiding easily.
Kunoichi have rivalries with two different Pokégirl breeds. One is with the Cheshire. Their areas of expertise are identical, and this rivalry is more often a common friendly rivalry, rather than one where each Pokégirl would want to destroy the other in battle. Researchers suggest that Cheshire and Kunoichi should not ever be in the same Harem at the same time, however, as each one will attempt to out-do the other in all ways, including taming. Taming both at once has only yielded one Tamer who managed it... and he wound up trading both away within a week afterwards, swearing to stick to Low libido Pokégirls from that moment forward. According to research done, Kunoichi can even evolve into a Cheshire through the use of a Cat E-Medal, although very few Kunoichi will allow this.
In the Edo league, Kunoichi also have some rivalry with Ronins. This is likely because of the difference between the two Pokégirl battle ideologies. Whereas a Kunoichi is subtle and more of a supportive Pokégirl, the Ronin are in your face and full out attackers. Ronin actively pursue the rivalry, while the Kunoichi try not to encourage it. This leads to Ronin being annoyed by the lack of participation, and encouraged to try and provoke a Kunoichi at any given opportunity. As a result, Researchers also suggest that Tamers not have both in their harem at the same time, unless the two Pokégirls are used to one another and some semblance of respect between them is obtained.
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KYUBI, the Fox Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Ghost
Frequency: Uncertain
Diet: Human-style diet, rice and sweets
Role: Illusionists, Entertainers, Strategists.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting, Psychic, Normal
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fear Aura, Illusion, Foresight, Phase, Astral Vision*, Area Illusion*, Barrier, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Teleport, Hypnotize, Telekinesis, Psychic Illusion, Possess, Wrap, Tail Slap, Backstab, Nightshade, Invis
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing and Olfactory Senses (x9) Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Concentration and Intelligence, Flight, Precognition, Magic Affinity to Illusions, Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dark Kitsune (E-Stone Ceremony + Delta-bonded)
In ancient lore, there are legends of foxes that have nine tails and terrifying abilities, casting illusions so real as to be awe-inspiring. This legend has been adapted and made into the penultimate fox-type Pokégirl, The Kyubi, known in the old China territories of Edo and to a lesser extent Opal as the Hu Ji Ling.
Kyubis were among the most infamous Pokégirls around during the Revenge War. Servants of the general Amaterasu, they were capable of using mystic brushes similar to Amaterasu’s own Okami. They used their illusions to tremendous effect, to the point where researchers today are unsure if Kyubi from the Revenge War actually died. It was said that only the Generals and Legendaries, Amaterasu in particular, were immune to their illusions, and certainly that seems true. Kyubis in Amaterasu’s ‘Darkness Engine’ unit were known to be especially vicious to their enemies, deliberately tormenting soldiers for weeks with false images of their families, teaming up with psychic types to manifest their hopes, dreams, and nightmares, giving other Pokégirls a chance to sneak in and slaughter them. Their numbers were high back then, led only by the charismatic Amaterasu. They were brutal back then, savage and vicious.
That all changed when Atmuff decided to challenge the breed, wondering how their illusions would fair against her skill.
Like so many breeds that Atmuff decided to focus her attentions on, their numbers dwindled tremendously. It was only because of Atmuff quickly losing interest that the breed wasn’t exterminated. Kyubis faded into obscurity, Amaterasu’s ‘Darkness Engine’ unit being the only remaining active group of Kyubi for years, eventually dying out after their leader’s death. For years, it was thought that they were extinct, until a few started to show up again in the mid 100s.
Kyubis are master illusionists. They can create illusions so real, so detailed, and so interactive that only the strongest of minds can see through them. So real are their illusions that it seems as if they’ve altered reality itself. They can even use illusions on themselves or their harem sisters or tamers. Researchers have given up entirely on trying to classify them as near human or Animorph, as they have appeared as both, some individual Kyubis being both in the same day. They can appear as humanoid, their only animal features being ears and tails, or furry all over, with animalistic muzzles and features. The only real commonality is their nine tails, something every member of the breed has. They are a source of pride for them and serve as a magical focus point for many of their spells and attacks. The length of these tails can be adjusted according to the preferences of the Kyubi or be done away entirely, sealed into a tattoo, unique to each Kyubi, located at the base of the tails in the spot where tails emerge from the body. Despite sacrificing the fire type for the ghost type, the Kyubi remains a flesh and blood Pokégirl.
The first evolution from to Kyubi was discovered at the Inari Ranch in Edo when a tamer and his Dark Kitsune joined in the meditation hours at the shrine, with three evolution stones, a Mana Stone, a Dusk Stone and a Shiny Stone, as focal points for her meditation. They meditated for one hour a day for nine days, and at the end of the ninth the evolution happened. (It’s noted that Kyubi that meditate at shrines to Inari tend to be better at illusions. No logical explanation has been found for this, but as it just increases the usefulness of the breed, no one is really questioning it.)
A Kyubi uses a mixture of her psychic prowess, ghost aura and illusionary abilities in battle to confuse and overwhelm her opponents. It’s a rather simple process for them to make the illusion real through creating a psychic construct of an image on the enviroment then using a liberal application of magic. Another step a Kyubi can add is using her psychic abilities to send off a low-intensity emotional pulse of thought to those within range of her illusion. By doing this the Kyubi is capable of instantly engineering a range of emotions within her target(s) that can often leave the target incapable of fighting the feelings coursing through him/her.
Kyubis shine when they are in a harem as the illusion capabilities make them adept at creating situations for the Harem to train in. This “practice” works well because the Kyubi is constantly able to imagine new ways to challenge the harem, being great strategists and tacticians themselves. This trait makes them more likely to be found as the Alphas or Betas in a tamers harem, but can also attribute to the regal air they seem to have around themselves, which makes other Pokégirls, especially other vulpine Pokégirls to more readily submit to their whims and orders. The aura’s effect can best be noticed when a Kyubi is around a feral fox as the fox-girl will give the Kyubi her full attention. Most Kyubis are actually bothered by the position of power they get.
In battle another step is added to the illusion making process, using their precognition and ghost abilities to inspire fear in their opponent which in turn makes the opponent more susceptible to their illusions. Using the inspiration of fear and the emotional pulse, they can enhance the fear even greater making their illusions that much more powerful. Kyubi’s also use their Astral Vision ability to great effect, projecting an image of the battle will go directly into the mind of the enemy, sometimes inspiring fear and a little awe, but also partially breaking down mental defenses and rooting in their opponents mind for any fears, hopes and dreams from which they can make illusions of to inflict upon the opponent, finishing them off with a psychic move or a nine tailed Tail Slap. When they use the move Area Illusion, using all their concentration, they set up an illusion a mile in radius, in which their mind controls everything, however, they are incapable of moving and it's best if a Kyubi has a bodyguard when she uses this move.
The most frustrating part about Kyubis is their rarity. Several instances of sightings have proven to be illusions, however several sightings thought to be illusions turned out to be real. Especially in supposed Feral sightings. Scientists have almost given up completely trying to classify the rarity of the breed, as their penchant for illusions makes tracking them difficult. In the few confirmed feral sightings, there have been a few commonalities. Most Feral Kyubis tend to be overcautious, casting dozens of illusions around themselves to hide them from view. As their focus is not total due to their ferality, they usually let something slip through that allows them to be tracked by a strong enough tracker, usually their scent.
Kyubis are good-natured beings for the most part, but they have developed a somewhat negative reputation over the years in certain leagues. Historians remember clearly what Amaterasu’s unit did during the war. Worse, there are single Kyubis that have made rather infamous names for themselves. Two more prominent cases involved a Limbec Pirate Kyubi who impersonated a local priestess named Rao, discreetly infiltrating her crew into the town and poisoning its prominent officials, eventually slaughtering the town. The worst of them was the Alpha of an Edo League offical named Dong Zhuo, the Kyubi’s name being Da Ji. Her cruelty and sadism was legendary, as well as was her creativity in torture devices. Both were eventually put to death, but their actions have left a taint on the breed that has only recently been washed away. In some areas Kyubis are still heavily regulated.
Personalities vary from ‘girl to ‘girl but all Kyubis share the similar traits of loving to entertain and coming up with new thrilling ideas for illusions. Their love and appreciation of entertainment makes them coveted by the entertainment industry, granted with their overall rarity not many are in the industry and those that are have very rich tamers as they are paid from the pocket for use of these girls.
Kyubis are excellent at fulfilling roles for their Master during taming as they can create illusions to cater to many fetishes. Their tails are a very sensitive spot for them, and they use them to tease female tamers manipulating them like furry tentacles, which is reported to feel divine.
After some testing, it had been confirmed that Thresholding into a Kyubi is impossible by natural means. Kyubi offspring, when not human, always end up as Kitsunes. All recorded parthenogenesis cases have ended up as Kitsunes as well.
Researcher’s Side Note: It’s rumored that there may be some of Amaterasu’s old unit left alive, as circumstances behind their various deaths are iffy at best, with only a few confirmed kills listed. The fact that her unit was called ‘Darkness Engine’ has Researchers and historians wondering if there actually was a ‘Darkness Engine’ of sorts or if Amaterasu was just exercising a flair for the dramatic…
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Mana Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone
Area & Time Conditions: Shrine and nine hours of meditation.
The Dark Kitsune and the tamer must lay the stones around the Dark Kitsune in a triangle and said Kyubis must focus on each of them for a total of nine hours. At the end of the ninth hour the three stones will swirl around her and get absorbed in her body with a flash and the evolution will take place. All Kyubis and their tamers have asked for the exact evolution method to be classified as that would ruin the surprise, a rather playful trick isn’t it?
Astral Vision [Psychic/Ghost] (EFT): Using her mind a Pokégirl will send out a brief glimpse of what she wants to happen in the fight to all opponents within 45 yards of her. It can cause fear and paralysis in weaker Pokégirls.
Area Illusion [Psychic/Magic] (EFT): A Kyubi can create an illusion of up to a mile around her to her whim, however, she is incapable of moving or attacking or she will make the illusion fail. Granted, she can control what happens in the illusion as what happens is all her doing.
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LADYBA, the Ladybug Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insectile)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: fruits and nuts, has an unusual fondness for raspberries
Role: Used as scouts by most tamers to locate other wild Pokégirls, secretarial work, study partners
Libido: High if only Pokégirl in a Tamer's Harem, settles down once Tamer has more Pokégirls
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Wrestle, Takedown, Headbutt (Feral only)
Enhancements: four arms, natural armor, wings for flight.
Evolves: Ladyien (normal)
Evolves From: None
Ladybas are among the most common types of Pokégirls, and among the more popular breeds. They are very friendly and sociable, very demure Pokégirls. They are not good as Alphas, but make excellent scouts, as they are very observant. All Ladybas have photographic memories, which makes them good in secretarial jobs, as well as popular amongst Tamers who are taking classes in schools that require a lot of studying. Since they make excellent scouts, they're frequently used by Watchers. Ladybas also tend to be quite smart, but not always genius level.
Ladybas, in appearance, tend to be slim Pokégirls, with mostly yellow skin with a thin, chitinous coating that acts as armor, black stripes on the insides of the forearms and calves, a coal-colored face with white markings, white, insectile eyes, antennae that curl around the top of the head, breasts that are B-cup at maximum without Bloom powder, and a thin shell, colored bright red with black spots, on their back that hides their wings. They also have four arms, another feature that is useful for Tamers who need to utilize them as scouts, since they can watch via viewing goggles while taking notes for their Tamers. Interestingly, there is a variation amongst ferals and domestics. Threshold or Domestically raised Ladybas have hair on their head, usually kept short or tied up in a bun. Feralborns grow a chitinous white shell over where their hair usually is, allowing them the ability to perform powerful headbutts.
In terms of Taming, Ladybas have rather interesting habits. They have a light inferiority complex, which leads them to have a high libido if they are the only Pokégirl in a Harem. They don't consider themselves very sexy, and will frequently flirt with their Tamer and try to induce Tamings from him/her, trying to prove their worthiness as lovers to their master. However, if there is more than one Pokégirl, they will not feel as much need to prove themselves as much as lovers.
Ladybas are one of the more common results of Threshold amongst girls with high Insect ancestry.
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LADYIEN, the Ladylike Ladybug Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fruits and nuts, has an unusual fondness for raspberries.
Role: Secretarial work, scouts, negotiators, lovers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Sex attacks, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Gust, Squall, Tempest, Vortex, Super Cyclone, Speed Storm
Enhancements: four arms, natural armor, wings for flight, emotional control, Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ladyba (normal)
When a Ladyba evolves into a Ladyien, they make a transition from 'cute' into unbelievably sexy. Their figures improve greatly, gaining curvy hips, wider bottoms, and larger breasts, up to DD Cup. They gain long, silky hair that is a bright red color with light black spots here and there. Also, Feralborns lose the shell on their heads they had as Ladybas. Their antennae lengthen, becoming more sensitive, as their faces become more slender, more aquiline in appearance.
Ladyiens gain a lot of confidence. Their libidos balance out, and they lose the inferiority complex they had in their previous forms. They become very capable lovers, gaining upon their evolution a knowledge of almost every sex attack.
They retain their photographic memories and intelligence, and are still very good scouts and secretaries. However, they also are very calm, even-tempered Pokégirls. They always act in a polite, ladylike manner, never raising their voice unless they are being pleasured very well during a Taming. It takes a great deal to make a Ladyien angry, which makes them excellent in negotiations. They are capable of ignoring most insults and analyzing details, coming up with points that both can agree on. Several Ladyiens work in offices of various Leagues, some even being employed by higher-up officials due to their usefulness.
Thresholding into Ladyien directly is rarer than thresholding into Ladyba, but not unheard of. Because of the general attractiveness and usefulness of Ladyiens, they are among the more accepted forms to threshold into.
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LADY LUCK, the Double-or-Nothing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: entertainers, gamblers, good luck charms, casino workers
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison, Fighting, Curses
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Card Trick*, Dice Bomb*, Hand of Fate*, Rolling Slots*, Foresight, Pretty Wink, Blow Kiss, Metronome, Bestow Luck, Disable, Taunt, Whistle, Mystic Stare, Curse, Roulette, Hidden Magic, Second Chance Item
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility, High Psychic and Magic abilities through gambling-based
mediums (Cards, Dice, Slots, etc), Enhanced Hand/Eye Coordination, Aura of Luck, High Empathy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Harlequins (Dream Stone)
The evolution of a Harlequin into a Lady Luck was only recently discovered by luck, when a Tamer's Bunnygirl happened to randomly stumble on a Dream Stone while the Harem was setting up camp, most likely accidentally left behind by an absent-minded Tamer. Eager to show her Tamer, the Bunnygirl apparently ran a bit too fast, tripping over her own feet and sending the Dream Stone flying right into the Tamer's Harlequin, beaning her right on the forehead. Needless to say, after the ensuing evolution, the Bunnygirl received a spanking and the Tamer received a very affectionate and very fortunate new Pokégirls.
Lady Lucks, upon evolution, lose much of their pranking tendencies along with their dark element and need for heavy make-up, though they enjoy a good laugh and will not get in the way of a prank when they see it as long as it isn't deadly. Instead, they gain the Magic element as well as an intense love and knowledge of games of chance.
Physically, they gain a few inches in height, becoming anywhere from 5'7" to 6'1", as well as becoming half a cup larger in the bust. Hair and eye color may vary, but they do gain a greater appreciation for eye-catching clothing, dressing in form-fitting brightly colored 'dresses' that leave only the breasts and crotch covered along with elbow-length gloves and thigh-high boots and/or stockings. Oddly enough, a symbol appears just below their breasts, taking shape of either a spade, club, diamond or heart. This symbol apparently has no special significance, save that a Lady Luck will almost always do their best to bare it. Some speculate it is the source of their Luck, others a sign of pride that they didn't end up like their poor cousins that ended up evolved into Jokettes.
Like their name suggests, Lady Lucks are immensely lucky for Tamers they like.. and unlucky for Tamers they don't, which usually manifests in a lot of little things happening, like finding money, losing money, being in just the right place at the right time.. or the wrong place at the wrong time. Needless to say, woe be to those fools who would attempt to steal or mistreat a Lady Luck.
In battle, a Lady Luck will use many techniques based on Chance. Metronome, Mystic Stare, Disable and Roulette are all known to her, and unlike most she will not hesitate to use these techniques. By providing a handful of dice, the Tamer has given the Lady Luck access to her Dice Bomb attack, while a deck of cards will bring about the Card Trick attack. At higher levels, Lady Lucks can summon these mediums out of thin air, and usually with a flourish, and will have access to the fearsome Hand of Fate technique and Rolling Slots spell. While all of these techniques are a gamble, Lady Luck wouldn't have it any other way.
It's interesting to note that no matter how much someone may try to cheat at a game of chance, the Lady Luck will always find a way to beat that person, making them ideal for work at casinos. They are also proficient in card tricks and slight of hand, though they never use these skills in a game.
On a side note, Lady Lucks will do their best to destroy a Jokette if they come across one, showing an intensity quite similar to how Vampiras treat feral Vampires. They do this out of a sense of duty, a price to pay for their luck, more than any intense hatred... though many Lady Lucks indeed feel hatred for their poor, misguided cousins.
New Attacks
Card Trick - This technique is similar to Feather Shuriken, allowing the Lady Luck to throw normal playing cards like shuriken, though the cards thrown will have an elemental affinity and chance to do a status effect based on the card number and suit. It starts off at 5% for aces, and moves up the number scale by 5% each, with Jack, Queen and King counting as 11, 12 and 13 respectively.
Spades --- Electric-based Damage, chance of Paralyze
Hearts --- Ice-based Damage, chance of Freeze
Clubs --- Fire-based Damage, chance of Burn
Diamonds --- Rock-based Damage, chance of Dizzy

Dice Bomb - The Lady Luck throws a pair of energy dice at the opponent, causing a series of small explosions that can be anywhere between 2 to a number based on the strength of the attack. A single explosion is similar to a strong Comet Punch, not enough to seriously harm on its own, but when repeated in large amounts, can turn out to be very dangerous. At lower levels, the energy dice thrown are only 6 sided. After level 20, these dice turn to ten-sided dice. After level 35, they become twelve-sided dice. Finally, after Level 50, they become twenty-sided dice, able to do a maximum of 40 hits.

Hand of Fate - By drawing five random cards, Lady Luck can call upon a random effect based on the combination of cards in her hand. Jokette cards are wild, and will help create the best possible hand
Royal Flush --- Lucky Blast! (The Ultima spell will trigger, causing massive damage to the target)
Straight Flush --- Elemental God (Summons an Elemental, similar to the Water God attack, based on the suit generated. Spades will create a Wind God, Hearts will call a Water God, Clubs calls a Fire God and Diamonds call an Earth God. The stats of each god are the same, though attacks vary from element to element)
Five of a Kind --- Jokette's Wild (The Jokette Card shines brightly, before emitting a weaker version of Smilex Mist, affecting everyone except the Lady Luck and Poison Types, causing everyone to fall in fits of laughter. The laughter isn't as strong as a Jokette's Smilex Mist, and wears off after half an hour, though usually this is enough for the Lady Luck to attack and knock out the affected Pokégirl.)
Four of a Kind --- Lucky Beam! (A multicolored beam similar to Hyper Beam will fire from the extended hand in the shape of the number/letter of the cards. The numbers/letters do not dictate the power of the attack)
Full House --- Bad Breath (A green mist emits from the glowing cards, enveloping the target in a poison cloud that deals all sorts of status ailments, leaving only Poison Types unaffected.)
Full House A's and 8's --- Dead Man's Hand (A dark energy builds in the cards, before causing a powerful surge to shock through the Lady Luck's system, dealing 75% damage to her and leaving her paralyzed.)
Flush --- Elemental Golem (Summons an Elemental, similar to the Water Golem attack, based on the suit generated. Spades will create a Wind Golem, Hearts will call an Water Golem, Clubs call a Fire Golem and Diamonds call an Earth Golem. The stats of each golem are the same, though attacks vary from element to element)
Straight --- Lucky Blessing! (Healing light engulfs the Lady Luck, her Tamer and her party, bringing them all to full health and canceling any status ailments they may be suffering from)
Three of a Kind --- Triple Guard (The spells Protect, Shell and Haste are cast on everyone in the Lady Luck's party, even the Tamer)
Two Pair --- Lucky Break! (The hand gets thrown at the enemy, the cards forming an energy sword that slices the target Pokégirl, inflicting a random Break technique based on the suit on the majority of the cards. Spade - Power Break, Diamond - Armor Break, Club - Special Break, Heart - Mental Break. In the case of a tie, the fifth card's suit shall be the Break that occurs. For example, A Lady Luck draws Two Pair, 5's and Q's, both pair with one heart and one diamond, and the fifth card if an Ace of Spade. When the Hand gets thrown, the Sword Break that occurs is a Power Break. If a Jokette is in a place where it is considered the tiebreaker between suits, then the rare Break All will occur, inflicting all four break statuses at once.)
Pair --- Scattershot (The hand gets thrown at the enemy Pokégirl, and the shuriken-cards double to strike the Pokégirl with ten non-elemental blasts)
No Viable Combination --- Junk (Lady Luck takes 20% damage)

In a case where a Jokette appears in a hand, causing it to be one of two or three combinations, the Lady Luck gets to decide which one it can be. For example, a pair of Aces, a Nine, an Eight and a Jokette are in the hand. In this case, the Lady Luck can make it into a Two Pair, to initiate the Lucky Break attack, or Three of a Kind to initiate Triple Guard. Or, in the case of two pair and a Jokette, the Lady Luck can use either the Full House effect, or, if the hand is lucky enough, the Two Pair attack using the Break All effect. In the case of two Jokettes, the Lady Luck gets more control of which attack is which... though there is a low chance of this occurring.
Rolling Slots - The Lady Luck creates a slot machine the same height that she is, bearing three large reels with a button on a device at the top of each reel. The slot machine then emits an aura which forces all combatants to face it, one combatant being chosen at random to act as 'leader.' The chosen 'leader' must then activate all three slots to stop their spinning. One of many results depending on the combination of lined up symbols will occur.
Symbols on Reel 1 - Symbols on Reel 2 - Symbols on Reel 3

Cherry - Cherry - Flower
Flower - Flower - Cherry
Pokéball - Banana - Banana
Banana - Cherry - Cherry
Cherry - Cherry - Cherry
Flower - Flower - Flower
Pokéball - Pokéball - Pokéball
Banana - Cherry - Cherry
Red 7 - BAR - Banana
Cherry - Banana - Pokéball
Flower - Pokéball - BAR
Pokéball - Cherry - Cherry
Banana - BAR - Cherry
Red 7 - Red 7 - Red 7

There are three different 'win lines' and they only work straight across, from left to right. The central win line effects will always happen first, followed by the top win line effects, followed by the lower win line. If only one line has a 'winning' combination effect, only that effect will occur. If multiple win lines have 'winning' combinations, then they shall occur in the stated order of middle, top then bottom. If no win lines have an effect, then the 'Trouble' effect will take place only once.



Slot 1/Slot 2/Slot 3 -- Effect

Red 7/Red 7/Red 7 -- CONGRATS! (Coins rain down from the sky, as the Lady Luck's party finds their money has increased by almost double. Holographic doubles of the Lady Luck applaud the target, as a banner appears in midair with the word CONGRATULATIONS on it! The target is led a safe distance away from the target or targets by the holograms, all targets under the hypnotic suggestion that they've won something grand, allowing for a quick escape by the Lady Luck and her party. If the target has items, they will sometimes fall out of the targets' pockets, allowing them to be picked up by the Lady Luck's party.)
BAR/BAR/BAR -- Lust Romance Dust (All targets are sprayed with an enhanced form of Lust Dust capable of affecting even males. They promptly fall in love with the nearest person and start making out with him/her, becoming readily compliant with his/her wishes. The effect lasts for one day.)
Cherry/Cherry/Cherry -- Vine Tentacles (All targets are trapped by living vines which attempt to violate them.)
Flower/Flower/Flower -- Multi-Dust (All targets are sprayed with Lust Dust, Bloom Powder, Buttsprout, and, if the targets are male, first sprayed with Gender Dust, turning them temporarily female.)
Pokéball/Pokéball/Pokéball -- Summon Esper (A random Esper is summoned and performs a powerful special attack.)
Banana/Banana/Banana -- Banishing Blast (A wave of energy wraps around all targets, lowering their stats by half.)
Cherry/Cherry/anything -- Cherry Bomb (A barrage of cherry-shaped firecrackers spit out of the machine, each one doing slight damage. But it does quickly add up...)
Flower/Flower/anything -- Curagun (5th level Cure spell used on all members of Lady Luck's party)
Pokéball/Pokéball/anything -- Switch sides! (One of the targets becomes trapped in a Pokéball and temporarily brainwashed to fight on the side of the Lady Luck.
Banana/Banana/anything -- Curaja (4th level Cure spell used on all members of target party)
Cherry/anything/anything -- Snacktime! (The favorite food of all targets, the Lady Luck, and her party will appear in their hands.)
No viable combination -- Trouble... (The stats of all targets will be doubled, with power increases happening accordingly.)
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LAMBCHOP, the Fighting Lamb Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic (sheep)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon in Sunshine and Edo Leagues, Rare elsewhere
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: front line fighter, excellent Domestics
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Stone Palm, Uppercut, Backhand, Counter, Evade, Pose, Super Move
Enhancements: impervious to weather conditions
Evolves: Kung-Ewe (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Lambchops are an interesting type of Pokégirl. They are incredibly cute in appearance, with wide eyes and youthful looks, even amongst older Lampchops. Their skin is pale, almost white, and they have smallish, lamblike muzzles and lamblike ears, short, stubby tails, as well as a light, fur-like coating of wool on their whole bodies, save around their hands and around their feet, which are hooves. This coating of wool allows them to be warm and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are, essentially negating the need for clothing. Instead of hair, they have a thicker coating of wool. The wool on their bodies tends to grow thick every month, and can be harvested for use in clothing.
Lambchops are very affectionate and loyal, very even tempered and friendly towards others. They make excellent bodyguards, being very devoted to their duties, and are a good choice for starting Tamers who want a Fighting element Pokégirl and can't get a hold of an Amazon-type.
Lambchops are very passionate about their work, and that carries over into Taming. They love being taken 'doggie-style' and being on the bottom, as the skin on their rump is very sensitive and easily stimulated.
The Feral state of a Lambchop is similar to that of most animal-type girls, although not as violent. They become very docile and slow-witted, going on all fours and eating grass, letting out the occasional bleating noise.
Thresholding into a Lambchop is rare, but not unheard of.
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LAMIA, the Vipergirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake)
Element: Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: Most often wild, few are ever domesticated (usually for bodyguard duties)
Libido: Very Low (Low in warm climates)
Strong Vs: Grass, Fire, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ice
Attacks: Poison Sting, Bite, Wrap, Tail Slap, Glare, Sleep Venom, Thunder Tail, Lick, Fear Aura, Spice, Sap Sting
Enhancements: Serpentine form, poison sacs, increased flexibility, soft bones.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Venom Stone)
A Naga looks like a human with the lower body of a snake. The Lamia looks largely similar, only more snake-like. The Lamia has few human traits. By and large, their arms and hands, the hair on the head, and their C to D-cup breasts are about the most human-like traits they have.
Their eyes are double-lidded, they have a long forked tongue, and a large noseless muzzle. The majority of her body is covered in pale bluish-green hard armor-like scales, save for her joints, her breasts and her underbelly, which are a very soft yellow. Their hair is often black and overgrown. Their eyes are usually gold and slitted.
Lamias are usually cold-blooded in both senses of the term. Their body temperature is low, making them doubly weak to ice-based attacks. When temperatures start falling below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they tend to start seeking the warmth of an underground lair. They're at their most dangerous at this time, since they seek to eat the most just prior to hibernation. Once hibernating, they are about as harmless as a normal rock, until the temperature rises above 50 degree, which awakens them. Because they can quite literally sleep themselves to death in this manner, they often seek temperate to tropical zones, doing their damnedest to avoid arctic areas.
Lamias are also carnivorous, largely preferring mouse or bird Pokégirls. They often mortally or fatally wound a target, then devour it while it's still alive. Because most don't take well to the various meat substitutes, the only means to keep them in line is to get them addicted to the meat that a KhangAssCunt produces shortly after they're born. Oddly, Lamias hate the taste of any other snake Pokégirl, so they only eat other snake Pokégirls when absolutely desperate. They also will never choose a snake Pokégirl as a lover. Feral Lamias only hunt and/or eat once or twice a week (more if their partner requires it), but the more active they are, the more they need to eat. Most will go to their lair to digest.
When Lamias choose sexual partners, it causes a bit of confusion, since the Lamia will never harm their current sexual partner, regardless of how desperate the Lamia is for food. This is, perhaps, one of the few things that keeps them from being a complete menace. It will also feed it's sexual partner first, and itself second. The reason is that it often injects a small dose of sleep venom into any food it grants, which will ensure that it's sexual partner never gets free.
Lamias will leave their sexual partners when it gets too cold unless the partner is a Pokégirl who hibernates as well. If their partner is not, they will seek out their partners once they've awoken. They absolutely hate having to 'break in' a new sexual partner, so they will attempt to hunt down their former partners if the latter has chosen to escape (which most do), but will give up the chase after one month. Of course, once it's chosen a new sex partner, if the old partner happens to be in the area, said former partner will be considered prey, as the Lamia has no need of two lovers.
Because of their less pleasant nature, there are very few Domesticate Lamia and absolutely no thresholds directly into a Lamia. Lamia are for hardcore tamers ONLY and any beginner fool enough to try and tame one deserves whatever fate they meet.
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LAPLASS, the Swift Swimming Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon in the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues, Extremely Rare elsewhere
Diet: Omnivore; eats about the same amount as a human, prefers fish. Cannot stand meat other than fish
Role: Fishing, underwater destroyers, living torpedo, babysitter
Libido: Low to Average (Annually peaks to High, usually in spring)
Strong Vs: Ground, Flying, Fire, Dragon
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting
Attacks: Water Gun, Tackle, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Tail Slap, Takedown
Sex Techniques: Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10 water only), Enhanced Durability (x8), Amphibious Lung capacity, Subcutaneous insulation layer
Evolves: None
During the war, these Pokégirls were quickly developed after the human armies began to trap and kill Sukebe’s Baleena warriors. Alongside the larger Pokégirls, they proved themselves as scouts and quick-strike attackers, assisting the larger Pokégirls and others in their force (commonly Selkie, Boobfin, and Whoresea) in hulling the various naval forces throughout the world. However, by 3 AS, the Laplass had mostly retreated to arctic waters and away from the rest of the fighting that took place throughout the world. They were very rarely ever encountered anywhere outside of the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues. Until around 284 AS, this Pokégirl was rarely observed in any harem. After the incident in this year along Ruby’s shoreline where three Laplass rescued human children during a feral attack, Researchers in the Ruby League have been taking a closer look at the Laplass and their increasing numbers. Though one of the three died, the two Laplass Pokékits survived and were taken to be raised and domesticated. Much information was learned through autopsies and personal observations of all three as a result.
A peaceful Pokégirl even when feral, this breed can be found assisting shipwrecked crew or passengers even when they are feral. They tend to travel in pods that range from half a dozen to three-dozen for safety, and are territorial only towards Pokégirls that are carnivorous (Sharptits, Titacruel, and Gynadose among those numbers). When feral, Laplass have been observed to take on migratory patterns that intersect with the Baleena and their whale or dolphin companions, and those days that they might meet are often filled with play and good eating all around. However, when in a battle, the Laplass prefers to go all out to begin with, striking with her strongest attacks whenever possible to save themselves or others in her pod from harm. They do prefer to end confrontations with their Takedown technique, and it is assumed that this is how the Laplass managed to breach the hulls of human ships during the wars. The Laplass are especially protective of their Pokékits and children in general, making them nearly perfect lifeguards and babysitters in a civilized setting.
Laplass are generally about five and a half feet tall, and have a tail that is usually about three to four feet in length. This tail is slimmer than most water type's tails, and is prehensile like a Slowboob’s. Their skin is a blue color with a pale white underbelly that reaches from between their thighs and up to encompass their chin. Only domestic or threshold Laplass have hair, otherwise their head is completely bare. Their breasts are usually a firm C-cup at best, though B-cups are known as well. They are capable of remaining underwater for quite a long period of time, and are accomplished deep-sea divers. Their small size but powerful tail and swimming abilities allow the Laplass to swim faster than most anything else underwater- which was why they were used like living torpedoes during the war. They are also quick on land, but not as fast as they are underwater. They do not have gills, instead needing to breathe as humans and other mammals do, although they are capable of holding their breath for up to an hour and a half before needing to resurface.
As a Water/Ice type, this breed is unique in that they are warm-blooded and prefer to live in warmer areas. However, it seems to be instinctual for these Pokégirls to migrate through the more temperate zones rather than live in them, although researchers are attempting to determine if there is more of a reason behind this. Some have suggested that it is a survival instinct from the days of the end of the Revenge War, while others say that it is genetic in origin. Also unlike other ice types, this breed does not gain a spike in their libido or a decrease in their intelligence in proportion to how warm they become. Instead, the Laplass becomes much more relaxed and calm, less likely to respond to danger as quickly as they normally do. For ferals, this is possibly very fatal, and it is during their migration throughout the world outside of the cold of the ice caps that the largest number of Laplass lose their lives. Domestic Laplass, however, do not have this worry. Domestic ones do, however, become much more loose-lipped and can often end up talking much more and reacting more vocally than at any other time, whether their tamer wants them to or not.
In a harem, the Laplass tends to get along with most Pokégirls. However, they have an instinctual dislike of fighting types that makes it difficult to get the two to train with one another. Because this breed is known for being caring, they tend to work together with just about any harem, although they are not especially good at being a harem's Beta at all. Some tamers have taken to making the Laplass the Alpha of their harem, as their water and land versatility is on par with the Whoresea and they can take quite a bit of punishment in a battle. They love to be partnered with Boobfin or Baleena, strangely, perhaps a result of their creation and the intention to have the Laplass grouped with those Pokégirls in the beginning of the breed’s life.
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LAWFOXX, the Foxy Cop Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph (vulpine)
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Rare, usually found at police stations
Diet: Omnivorous with strong leanings towards carnivorous
Role: Law enforcement
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Steel, Rock, Ice, Normal
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Pummel, Handcuff Bondage, Wrestle, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Static Barrier, Zap Ring, Mag Bomb
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses, Electrical affinity & generation ability, encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, photographic reflexes, incorruptible, strong leg muscles, can produce handcuffs from nowhere
Evolves: None
Evolves From: OfficerJenny (Fox E-Medal)
For the longest time, it was believed that OfficerJennies had no evolution. After the NightNurse and Moonmaid were discovered, people began to wonder about OfficerJennies once more. For years after their creation it seemed that they were incapable of evolving. It was only until after an OfficerJenny accidentally came into contact with a Fox E-Medal. The resultant evolution produced a rather interesting result.
LawFoxxes go from being Very Near Human to Near human upon evolution, sprouting a long, fluffy-furred tail, their hair changing to a darker shade of blue. Their ears become pointed fox ears, and their leg muscles grow much stronger, their legs growing slightly longer as well. But the biggest changes they go through are gaining the ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy and the ability to morph into a more animalistic ‘battle form.’ In this form, their leg strength and electrical prowess is at its maximum. Their faces become more vulpine in appearance, becoming a muzzle, their bodies sprouting a coat of reddish-orange fur, a lighter streak of yellow-orange going from the underside of their tails to their lower jaws. Their bust size actually increases in this form as well.
The change from OfficerJenny to LawFoxx is a fairly painless one, occurring quickly as the energy of the medal is absorbed into the Pokégirl. The mental changes are a bit slower, as the LawFoxx must adjust to new sensory input as well as the addition of animal instincts to their mental processes. It can take a while for some LawFoxxes to adjust, but it can be done.
LawFoxxes become much more useful in frontline combat due to their electrical abilities as well as their legs, which allow for much higher and longer jumps, making them capable of keeping up with faster flying Pokégirls. Their jumping ability improves so much, that their jumps have become their trademark, some trainers working on ways to make their jumps into a form of attack. In terms of battle, LawFoxxes tend to start out fights with paralyzing attacks, like Thunder Wave, allowing them to use their amazing jumps to get in close and slap the cuffs on their opponent, limiting their movements. LawFoxxes retain their love of the law, as well as their strategic and leadership abilities, plus their intelligence and problem solving skills.
Something that’s both puzzled and infuriated researchers is the LawFoxx’s tendency to fixate on a perp that they’re unable to catch after a few tries. They become anxious if that perp’s name is mentioned, and become hostile if taunted about their inability to catch her target. Their obsession can be controlled, but its best to make sure the perp they’re fixated on isn’t in the area when they’re on a mission, as most LawFoxxes, usually inexperienced ones, sometimes forget their mission and go track their target. At times they’ll work with the perp if it’s for the greater good, but they’ll always try to arrest them afterwards, their dedication to the law and what’s right being endless.
Rarely are LawFoxxes found in the harems of wandering Tamers, as they tend to prefer to work for law enforcement agencies. They’re fairly valuable, and E-Medal production is limited, so it’s difficult to get one at times. Due to their animalistic nature and electrical powers, letting a LawFoxx go feral carries harsh punishments. There have been three known cases of a LawFoxx going feral, due to their Tamer dying in the field and the LawFoxx being unable to find taming in time. LawFoxxes act like animal-types, but in addition to just saying their breed name, LawFoxxes have also been known to say ‘Yer unner arrest,’ and ‘crimnal!’ when they find something or someone they find interesting and/or arousing, which is usually followed by tackling and the producing of handcuffs.
There have been only a few cases of Thresholding into a LawFoxx recorded. It’s not a regular occurrence to the nature of their evolution and is so far only known to happen in families with heavy Jenny ancestry. The process is a fairly steady process, neither excessively fast nor excessively slow, and causes some discomfort, ranging from numbness to sharp pains as their bodies alter.
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LAYER ANGEL, the Battle Area Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human/Metamorphic
Element: Fighting/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Combat, Competition Fights
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Varies
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Angel Fight, Quick Attack, Mana Bolt (high level), Flight (high Level), varies
Enhancements: Psychic Link, Shrink, Enhanced Strength (Varies min x3), Enhanced Speed(Varies min x3), Enhanced Endurance(Varies min x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: FairyCute (E-Stone Ceremony, strong bond with tamer or compatible enough to create one)
The Layer Angel is a powerful evolutionary form derived from the FairyCute.
No less than five evolution stones are required for this Pokégirl, making her a very expensive evolution. However, many leagues have begun financing such Pokégirls for their power.
A Layer Angel fights in a unique way. Ordinarily they appear just like a pretty human girl but they can shrink like a FairyCute. A further transformation comes over them when they do this, appearing completely different and more like a Pokégirl. (Enhanced bust, appearance, etc…)
Their clothes are replaced with a battle outfit that fits them perfectly and can be modified by them if their Tamer wishes but this is a slow and difficult process. Damage done to this outfit does not carry over with their full sized clothing. They are also much more powerful physically than a FairyCute, pound per pound, in this state but this is not their strongest ability.
What a Layer Angel can do is create a fighting arena of their own creation in a sort of sub-space pocket and draw their opponent into this space.
In this space they are of a normal height and can fight with other Pokégirls at a more equal standing but in an environment that puts their opponent at a disadvantage. The fact that the sub-space field can allow spectators to watch has made this Pokégirl very valuable for they can allow two other Pokégirls to fight inside their sub-space field while they sustain it. The more experienced a Layer Angel is the more complex the environment can be.
Initial polls at the first trails of this newly discovered Pokégirl at the championship matches has shown this type of Pokébattle to be wildly popular.
Given the complexity and requirements of the evolution a tamer who can create a Layer Angel is virtually guaranteed employment in the Championship committees.
While a Fighting/Magic-type the Layer Angel can create a strong psychic bond with their Tamer that can be used to remotely control the Pokégirl, giving the Tamer unprecedented control over the fight. This is the only psi ability they have. Physical abilities vary from Layer Angel to Layer Angel, making some stronger or faster or agile or able to take more damage than others. A Layer Angel also gains an elemental resistance of a random type that most fits their physical type and they will take advantage of this fact by creating an environment that they can thrive in and preferably hinder their opponent. The Pokégirl type is very tough thanks to the Heavy Metal component of the Ceremony.
Unfortunately, they lose the ability to fly until they become much more experienced and then are able to create wings that enable them to fly. At this point they also gain the ability to release a chi blast.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Psi Crystal, Mana Crystal, Dream Stone, Heavy Metal, Angel Stone
Area & Time Conditions: None specific are needed.
Ceremony Itself: A full sized FairyCute and her Tamer, while sitting down on the ground or at a table, must face each other. The listed five evolution stones are arranged in a line between them to the Tamer’s right.
The Tamer then takes the Psi Crystal, placing it between them, and still touching the Crystal asks the FairyCute if she wishes the Tamer’s control over them to be even stronger. When the Pokégirl agrees of her own free will she must touch the Psi Crystal as well. The Crystal will begin to glow, signaling that Tamer and FairyCute are compatible and that the ceremony may continue.
Then the Tamer asks the Pokégirl if she would become stronger to please them. The Pokégirl agrees that this is her dream and the Tamer takes the Dream Stone in his left hand. The Tamer declares that they will accept their dream and places the Stone in front of them on their left side.
The next question is the PokéGirl’s to ask to the Tamer as to what their master wanted them to become. The Tamer replies that they would want them to be strong as steel to fight for them and so that they would not be harmed themselves. The Pokégirl picks up Heavy Metal with her right hand and places it to her right before her. Once this is done the Tamer will add that they would also want them to be as beautiful as the angels as well. The FairyCute will select the Angel Stone with her left hand and place it before her on her left.
Next, the Pokégirl asks her Tamer if they could make this wish come true for her. The Tamer responses that if they had the magic then they would do so. With their right hand they take the Mana Stone and place it to their right hand side.
Finally, once all the stones are glowing, the Tamer must ask the FairyCute:
“Will you be my Angel?”
When the Pokégirl gives an affirmative answer the stones will evolve her into a Layer Angel.
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LAY-MORE, the Striped-Tail Love Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Parts of the Dark Continent, Forrest, and Slot) Extremely Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Seduction, Taming Aids
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Kiss in the Dark, Lick in the Dark, Soothing Voice, Probing Tongue, Puff Puff, Smother
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, and Reflexes (x3), Pheromones that induce the Lust status, Prehensile Tail and Feet
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pri-Mate (Dream Stone)
Lay-Mores can only be described as exotic. They gain anywhere from a half foot to a foot and a half in height. They gain a near perfect hourglass figure, their chest swelling to almost D's. Their eyes are surrounded by darkened skin, making them look almost like a Tanuki's mask. In fact the Lay-More could easily be mistaken for a Tanuki from a distance, but there are a few key differences. The first of which is the coloring. Lay-Mores are covered in a light gray fur, except for parts of their underarms, their inner thighs, and bellies which are white. They have black fur on their hands and feet that makes them look like they are constantly wearing elbow gloves and knee high stockings. They have a slight muzzle to their mouth that is black as well. Another way to tell the difference is to look closely at the tail. A Lay-More's tail is always thinner, longer, and follows a black and white striping instead of the Tanuki's black and brown stripes.
Most people that have a Dream Stone and a Pri-Mate in their harems never consider placing one with another, most tending to use it with a Heavy Metal and an Ingenue. Before it was found that Pri-Mates were able to evolve into the Lay-More with the aid of the Dream Stone they were thought to be found rarely in the jungles of Forrest, Slot, and parts of the Dark Continent. They live in scattered groups with about a dozen members in each family. The members in the group are very social within their own families. While being watched it seems that they have some sort of pheromone that they used to settle fights with out being physical. Further study is required, but most of the test subjects end up being to horny to continue to do anything other than rut wildly. Tamed Lay-Mores seem to be able to control this pheromone much easier than feral ones.
Lay-Mores are openly snippy to anyone that they meet for the first time with the exception of males. They tend to view other females, especially other Lay-Mores outside of their family groups, as competitors. They treat everything as a challenge and will often try to do what ever it is that the other girl is doing, but quicker. Even though they may not be able to handle themselves against the more sex oriented breeds, a Lay-More is able to hold her own in Sex Matches. While she can be a decent fighter if trained properly, a Lay-More would much rather take the match to the bedroom than brawl it out.
Tamings are one of the few things that Lay-Mores take to with passion. And with the pheromones she is able to produce, those around her share the same thoughts. If given the chance a Lay-More will try to learn everything she can about sex. She idolizes, although rarely admits to it, the Succubus and Menage-a-Trois breeds for the amount of sexual knowledge that they posses. One thing that both Feral and Domesticated Lay-Mores have in common is a love of gangbangs. No one knows why, but a Lay-More will often try to instigate a large gangbang with her as the focus. One way to keep her happy in a harem is to have a Dildo Queen or three on hand, just to make sure. One way to make sure that a Lay-Mores likes someone is to see how often they try to get said person or Pokégirl in the sack. The only time that they will turn down a taming from a person that they like is to participate in gangbangs.
Because of their reluctance to fight, the Lay-More wasn't seen much during the war. She was instead found at the back of the lines taking care of any girl who might have found herself going feral in the jungle, though they also made decent messengers. When they're stumbled across by other Pokégirls their first instinct is to overwhelm the other girl with their Lust inducing pheromones. While the other girl is to busy trying to take care of the intense feeling between their legs the Lay-More tends to run away. If they happen to stumble across a male the same thing happens, with a slight difference. The Lay-More will try to drag the male away to share with the rest of her family.
Thresholding into a Lay-More, while heard of, is not a common thing. For some reason most of the cases are restricted to the Pre Sukebe Island of Madagascar. Thresholding into a Lay-More is usually accompanied by the pains that goes along with the Pri-Mates and her other evolutions. Most tend to be sent to ranches before they can seduce the men in the family.
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LEMURE, the Dream Demon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Nightmares, anxiety
Role: Strategic support, psychological warfare
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Celestial, Ghost, Dark.
Attacks: Absorb, Energy Blade, Hypnotize, Sleepy Eyes, Backstab, Dream Eater, Teleport, Psychic, Psychic Illusion, Foresight, Fade
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Aura of Exhaustion*, Sleeplessness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Daimon (Dream Stone)
Making up perhaps the smallest component of the Legions of Terror, Lemures might have been an extremely effective weapon during the war had one of their greatest assets not also proved itself to be a liability. Simply put, Lemures are support Pokégirls whose specialty is inducing anxiety and exhaustion in the opponents, then feasting upon the psychic energy generated even as they enhance the effect by manipulating the foe's dreams.
Physically, Lemures were modeled, in the interest of furthering their psychological warfare roles, after their more powerful and vindictive cousins, the Demonesses. Thus, they fall into the category of being almost human, but with a few “off” characteristics (such as red eyes, small horns, claws, or the like) to indicate that they aren't. As such, hair color, skin tone, and eye color vary, usually being directly related to their previous forms' appearances. Height and breast size do sometimes increase slightly also, but rarely more than a few inches and almost never more than a cup size.
The general affect of a Lemure is reminiscent of the person who tells scary stories around a camp fire with a straight face--that is to say that they generally have an unnervingly confident manner with just a hint of ridicule. Becoming, compared to a Daimon, somewhat less overtly aggressive and less tactical, they change their focus to a more subdued enjoyment of making others uneasy. Rather than using a surprise or shock to scare an enemy, a Lemure would sooner plant an insidious suggestion idea in the mind of another, then watch with quiet amusement as they succumb to their own inner demons. Although this makes them appear better-behaved on the surface, this illusion doesn’t last long as those around them begin to grow more and more unsettled over the course of seemingly normal conversation. And they may also notice that exhaustion begins to feel more pronounced as the Lemure’s aura of exhaustion takes effect.
This is all ideal prelude, in many Lemures’ opinions, to the point where their targets doze off (or are forced to sleep by her magic) and she has unrestricted access to their dreams. At that point, even if their anxiety-causing tactics had little effect, it is possible for the Lemure to penetrate into said dreams and mold them as she sees fit, which generally means nightmares. After all, the reason for the breed's enjoyment of anxiety and dark dreams is primarily that such are their ‘food,’ and required for sustenance. However, this does not at all mean that their dream-manipulating abilities are limited to nightmare induction....
Au contraire, in fact, if a tamer should gain his Lemure’s respect (usually through failing to succumb to her tricks and thus not falling under her power), she will become quite useful to have around. Rather than attempting to make him uneasy, she will often become almost reassuring, mocking those who try tactics similar to her own even as she invokes her own against the offenders. Some even feel inspired to master their auras of exhaustion, making it more of an "at will" effect than a constant one. But, perhaps the most striking of the changes in a Lemure of this variety is that a new facet of her powers is opened. She will often utilize her dream manipulation powers to not only ward off nightmares, but provide pleasurable dreams, and some tamers with Lemures have found their fantasies coming true in dreams. Which is generally a fun experience for the Lemure too if she chooses to insert herself into the dream (usually in a guise that makes her a part of the fantasy).
In battle, however, Lemures revert to use of their psychological tactics with a vengeance. Aside from looking and acting somewhat like the much more feared Demonesses, they will often speak and act with a quiet confidence rather than arrogance, suggesting much more faith in themselves than they might actually have. However, when it comes down to actually fighting, most Lemures prefer not to fight. Utilizing abilities such as fade, teleport, and foresight, they will allow their enemies to tire out with the help of Aura of Exhaustion, then drain the unfortunates energy with dream eater and absorb, a very effective combo in most cases. They also have a moderate affinity for sex battles, using Aura of Exhaustion to make opponents tire more quickly, but few truly excel in that area.
Similarly, Lemures are generally not noted to be the best lovers during taming, especially those who’ve failed to master their auras of exhaustion. The latter type have been noted often to prefer quick, intense tamings that tire their masters out so as to allow for them to move to the realm of dreams, wherein they can be as skilled as they (or their tamers) wish and physical limitations are not a problem. However, it should be noted that this sort of pseudo-taming isn't enough to keep them out of feral, and a Lemure must be physically tamed as often as any other average libido'd breed.
Feral Lemures are generally very sedimentary creatures, lazing around in the wilds and generally causing those that would attack them to succumb to sleep and give the Lemure the access to dreams that she needs to survive. And, since they themselves are sleepless as well as psychic types, it requires very careful planning and generally a good dark-type 'girl to capture one. Thresholding into a Lemure is extremely rare, but has been documented on a few ocasions.

• Aura of Exhaustion – (ATK+EFT) The name given to an ambient effect that surrounds most Lemures. In effect, the Aura of Exhaustion is a strong catalyst for exhaustion and tiredness, acting to amplify the effects of these afflictions in those around the Lemure. However, it is a double-edged sword, as very few Lemures take the time and effort required to develop a conscious control of it, and its area of effect is not limited to the enemies of its owner, though she herself is immune. It was for this reason that they were not as popular in the Legions of Terror as their abilities might have otherwise merited.
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LEOPARDESS, the Sexy Spotted Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, felinoid (Leopard)
Element: Fighting/Normal (feline)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human standard, though heavy on fish
Role: living embodiment of love
Strong Vs: Fighting, Plant, Dark, Ice
Weak Vs: Magic, Psychic, Flying
Libido: very High (with their Tamer)
Attacks: Slash, Bite, Tail Slap, Earlobe Nibble, Tongue-in-ear, Ear Blow, Cuddle, Sex Attacks 1, 2, 3, Sexy Hug, Go Down, Purr Vibrations
Enhancements: Semi-Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3) Enhanced Vision (x3), Clawed Fingers and Toes
Evolves: Snow Leopardess (E-Stone Ceremony, strong bond with Tamer)
Evolves From: Cheetit (loss of speed and unconditional love from a Tamer)
It is always a tragedy when a Cheetit loses her speed. Usually through an injury that’s too great to be fully healed, a Cheetit will never attain her speeds again. It is these times that Cheetits begin thinking of themselves as dead… For the Cheetits live by the singular belief that, “Speed is life”, and to them, they feel that if they have to go without their speed, then their life isn’t worth living…
However, this does not have to be the end of the Cheetit’s existence. If the Cheetit’s Tamer takes the time to help his Cheetit; to show her the care and love she needs at this critical time and manages to make his Cheetit understand that she is still special to him, then she will evolve once more, into Leopardess.
A Leopardess looks similar to a Cheetit. Their coats become a full golden furred coat with dark spots, instead of being golden furred with a white underside. Their eye stripes change so that only the bottom half of their eye stripes remain.
A Leopardess is also more sex oriented than other cat-types, due to the fact that a Leopardess feels she owes her life to her Tamer now, and that her Tamer is the only person for her. This is quite evident that Leopardesses has a very high libido and constantly showers her Tamer with affection, as saying ‘thank you’ to their Tamer for giving them reason to live.
Also, it is impossible for Tamer to trade their Leopardess. When a Tamer would try to trade, the Leopardess would prefer to kill themselves then be taken away from the Tamer that gave them reason to live again. This is why the majority of Leagues have laws against trading Leopardesses.
Basically, if you have a Leopardess, you have a Pokégirl for life.
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LEVIATHANESS, the Deep Devil Pokégirl Type: Humanoid/Animorph (Sea Serpent)
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Not Rare Enough (Extremely Rare)
Diet: Anything and everything (Omnivorous)
Role: Death and destruction on the high seas
Libido: Unknown (Low presumed, but no one wants to test it)
Strong Vs: Water, Dragon, Flying, Ground,
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Steel
Attacks: Glacier, Hydro Pump, Heat Drain, Tidal Wave, Cold Snap, Ice Beam, Whirlpool, Ice Boulder, Water God, Icicles, Mirror Image, Spike Cannon, GigaStorm*
Enhancements: Gigantic, Enhanced Durability (x20), Enhanced Endurance (x20), Enhanced Strength (x40 near ocean floor, lowers to x20 near surface), Enhanced Speed (in water only) (x10), Immunity to cold temperatures, Extremely high water maneuverability, Longevity(presumably)
Evolves: None (We hope)
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 900,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 40,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Stay calm. Stay quiet. Turn off anything that might make noise. And for gods sake do NOT try to fight her, especially if she's awake. If she's asleep, just walk, or swim, away quietly and do NOT wake her up. If she's awake at all, and especially awake and as you would with a Widow...RUN THE FUCK AWAY DUMBASS!!!!!!! Or swim as the case may be.
As if Widows weren’t enough to deal with.
Leviathanesses are demonically powerful Pokégirls that have only recently been discovered in the last fifty years. Now that they have been, officials finally have an explanation for several sea-based disappearances. One that nobody is happy with.
At almost 300 feet long and over 25 tons, the Leviathaness is literally the LARGEST non-Legendary Pokégirl ever seen, second only to Typhonna herself. Their upper torso is the form of a rather attractive woman with a bust equivalent to a large C-cup, but while they have a face that could be described as cute and long flowing hair, don't go hoping for a smile. They have teeth as long as a grown man's arm and sharper than many swords. Their long, bluish-gray scale-covered arms have a fin-like web of flesh, giving them a form of 'sea-wing', allowing these already aqua dynamic Pokégirl even greater maneuverability. On their back is a crest of long, sharp, and strong spikes that can and will rip a ship's hull right out from under them. Their upper torso, however, only takes up about 50 feet of their body. The remaining 250 feet, however, is one long and powerful tail capable of wrapping around a Pre-Sukebe dreadnought and crushing it, like a Naga with a Titmouse.
That, however, is only when they're truly calm. If angered, from either being awoken or being wrongly attacked, they go through a terrifying metamorphosis. Their heads become elongated and reptilian in form, their necks extending out to the length of their arms, and their bodies get covered in hard scales and sharp spikes. The once beautiful face and lovely form is quickly replaced by a vicious and horrifying monstrosity of pure rage. what makes it worse is that when they're in this form, they can use Spike Cannon to launch their massive spines at their target, and unleash a vicious new attack that only they can use. GigaStorm.
The first ever Leviathaness known was one that had actually downed a fleet of Dreadnoughts during the Revenge War, obliterating them with the use of Icicles, Hydro Pump, and Ice Beam combined with Glaciers to slow their movements. This showed a tactical nature not seen since the Revenge War as it's presumed that back then this 'First Leviathaness' was Tamed, but the ones we've dealt with now are all Feral.
The first Leviathaness ever seen since the Revenge War was discovered off the coast of what would eventually become Scyllia in the Scarlet League in the year of 78 AS, when some ships attempting to dock near the construction camp had to use sonar to track the icebergs. But the sonar did far more than just tell them where the safest path was. It also woke up one of these massive beasts, still slumbering from the end of the Revenge War. The ships, a flotilla of cargo ships from the Ruby League to drop off supplies at the construction camp, were completelly and utterly annihilated, the crews aboard them eaten alive by the vicious creature. Luckily for the residents of Alexandria, the Leviathaness wnet back to sleep after obliterating the ships, shes since been detected and destroyed.
Since then the breed had been unknown, as least until one appeared near the Tropic League. Mysterious glaciers appeared in the area around the year 253 AS, when use of submersibles and sonar began to come back into use. Submersible vehicles, designed to withstand deep water pressure, traveled to the bottom of the glaciers, traveling further, to nearly the ocean floor. They accidentally woke up the sleeping Leviathaness with their sonar, who promptly ripped open the submersibles and ate the Pokégirls and Tamers inside. It then attacked the nearby cruisers, destroying them with a powerful new technique as of yet unused by any other Pokégirl, one now known to s all as Giga Storm. After the attack, the creature fed on the corpses of the sailors, made an annoyed-sounding noise, and then left, swimming back down to deep waters.
A second Leviathaness was discovered near the Edo League. This Leviathaness was furious enough at being disturbed from her slumber to come inward, attacking land. Fortunately, a pair of Tamers, both with high-level Samurai, managed to slay the Leviathaness, both Pokégirls using their Zanmato techniques to cut the creature in half. Research on the body by PLC scientists garnered a lot of data on Leviathaness biology, which in turn led to the Omega-Level danger rating, much like that of the Widow.
Satellite surveillance by a Video Girl Upgrade in Titan Taming Incorporated employ revealed that there were at least fifteen Leviathanesses in the world, with a possibility of more that she couldn’t pick up on satellite scan. In all locations she discovered, there was an unusually high presence of glaciers. Subsequent warnings were issued to all seafaring vessels about maintaining absolute silence in heavily glacial areas. Confrontations with Leviathanesses are to be treated as encounters with Widows in terms of danger. They have a tendency to stay in hibernation most of the time in the deepest possible waters, but they have auditory capacity that is very sensitive to sonar. As such, the use of sonar in glacial areas is greatly discouraged.
There have most likely been several undocumented encounters with Leviathanesses. Only one has been fully documented since the last one. A Widow had wandered into a glacier-infested coastal area in search of Tamers to mate with. A Leviathaness, disturbed by the sonar coming from the nearby Zubutt infested caverns, was attacking the city. The Widow, seeing only meat to fill her belly, unknowingly saved the city when she attacked the Leviathaness and stung it with Hyper Venom. As the Leviathaness died in tremendous agony, the Widow ignored the others in the area, save for a quintet of unfortunate Tamers that had caught her eye. The city was promptly evacuated, kept under monitoring until after the Widow had given birth to her eggs and died. The half-eaten remains of the Leviathaness and the Widow’s eggs were destroyed, allowing the city’s populace to move back in.
While Leviathanesses are untameable due to their sheer size and aggression, Researchers were quite surprised to learn of a small number of Leviathaness kits out in the world. Their sheer size is astounding, the smallest recorded being 75 feet long and well over 9 tons! The first one ever was found in the Noir league at around 289 AS while dissecting the corpse of a fully grown Leviathaness. As only one was found, and not an egg of sorts, it's believed that they give a single live birth approximately every 100 years. This first Leviathaness kit is being kept in a salt water lake near the site of her mother's death as a live research specimen. One of the major things they'd found out is that, while nowhere nearly as smart as a Tamed Bimbo, the Leviathaness Pokékit shows enough cognitive ability to learn, especially after she'd learned how to slip out of her chain keeping her near the center of the lake. One other thing they'd learned is that, while she's grown accustomed to people and Pokégirls she's been around in her 11 years of life, the captive 'kit tends to react to anyone she's not familiar with using extreme hostility that's grown more potent as she grows older and larger. Her termination is scheduled to occur after a certain point, when she starts to become too big for the holding area. As she grows larger and larger, she has become more and more hostile even to those she had become adjusted to, enforcing the need for her eventual termination.
GigaStorm - (ATK 300) A deadly water attack exclusive to Leviathanesses. The Leviathaness raises her arm and roars, forming a massive cyclone of water around herself extending 100 feet into the air and down to the ocean bottom. Does massive damage to anything in the vacuum radius of the attack.
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LICKARIO, the Orgasmic Oracle Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Jackal
Element: Fighting/Steel
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Sunshine League), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style foods, with preference for raw meat
Role: Anubust’s avatar, oracle
Libido: Average (Very High during the Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Plant, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Backhand, Drill Kick, Gatling Punch, Evade, Focus, Iron Punch, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, Future Sight
Enhancements: Foresight, natural fighting skill, enhanced strength (x8), inner focus
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Coyotits (Anubust’s Blessing)
With the revelation of Anubust, slowly more information comes forth related to the Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl. It would now seem that the rather rare breed of Pokégirl, the Coyotits of the Shunshine League is linked to Anubust. It appears that Sexmet isn’t the only one whose ‘blessing’ and ‘curse’ can have the effect of incredible evolution.
Aaron Cameron, a professor in chi studies at Sunshine League’s Diversity U, was teaching his class the ways of aura manipulation when Anubust came onto the scene, literally possessing his assistant, his Alpha Pokégirl, Maria. The Coyotits turned into a physical representation of Anubust, with the Legendary forewarning Aaron that his Pokégirl and teachings were vitally important, and that he should take good care of her and continue to train her, not just his students.
When Anubust left the Coyotits, the Brawling Bitch Pokégirl began to glow with a bright light as she evolved. When it was over, her magical essence, seemingly taken from her by Anubust, was replaced with the armored nature and raw power of steel. She was now what would become known as a Lickario. Since then, more and more Lickario has popped up, as it seems that Anubust has an affection for this species of Pokégirl. While still rarer than the Coyotits breeds, this canine species is becoming more of a sight in the Sunshine League. As one can surmise, keeping information about Anubust secret has become difficult in the Sunshine League as the rumor mill has already churned.
When it comes to look, the Lickario is considered awe-inspiring like her source. While before, one could say the Coyotits were borderline anthropomorphic, the Lickario definitely is. Once released of Anubust, a Lickario retains many of the Legendary’s features, however, her pelt is far more varied, and she has a number of additions. A creamy colored torso with CC-Cup breasts and a steel spike between her cleavage, thighs and upper arms a beautiful blue, and her legs from the knees down and forearms being complete black, with a steel spike on the back of her hands, (which enhance the attack Backhand). Her head, while mostly blue furred, has black fur throughout her face that gives her a mask-like look. Also, it seems to be a preference for Lickario to fix their hair into dreadlocks as soon as possible, a nod to Anubust whom had blessed them.
When it comes to battle, a Lickario loves what has been done to her. While their magical potential is gone, the species come to embrace how they’re something akin to an Armsmistress now. They can damage a lot more elemental Pokégirls due to their Steel sub-type, and because it is a sub-type, they are still on equal footing with other Fighting-type Pokégirls, just now harder to hurt and hitting back much harder. Iron Punch becomes their absolute favorite attack.
Amazingly however, a trademark of the Coyotits, resorting to dirty fighting, is no longer an aspect to their tactic skills... at least on the outside.
Thanks to the Future Sight technique, the Lickario has a form of precognition; allowing her to easily feel when and where an attack is going to come from, especially when she uses Evade and Focus in tandem with it. A Lickario will use this trio of techniques to keep ahead of her opponent as much as possible.
Still, with all these incredible aspects, one has to wonder if there are any downsides. Sadly, there are. While her physical defense is now astounding, the Lickario is surprisingly lacking with special defense. A solid hit from an attack like Flamethrower or Thunder could easily K.O. a Lickario in one hit.
Also, Taming is a bit limited in positions and practices when it comes to the fact that the Lickario has a steel spike coming out from the center of her sternum!
As one can guess, Doggy-style is going to be the safest way to Tame a Lickario from now on thanks to the trio of spikes coming out of her body. Thankfully, while they don’t mind that, they do want
some attention on their breasts now and again. It’s advised for a Tamer of a Lickario to be careful.
At this point in time, it is completely unheard of for a woman to Threshold into a Lickario. There are only the few Domestic and numerous Feral Coyotits that have been blessed by the Legendary Anubust, and none have been bred as of yet. Interestingly, the Domestic Lickario blush when such a concept is brought up to them.
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LICKINGTONGUE, the Tantalizing Tongue Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods, (nothing sour)
Role: pleasure and assassination
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Lick, Buttwiggle, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Kiss of Death (normally not used)
Enhancements: Increased Physical Attributes, Enhanced Tongue
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Unknown/None
One of the most devious pokégirls in existence, the LickingTongue at first glance, is a seemingly harmless Very Near Human Pokégirl, often modestly-dressed in blouse and knee-length skirt and with solid shoes. However, it should be remembered that during Sukebe's War of Revenge, the species of LickingTongue were deadly and literally-cold blooded assassins.
The Lickingtongue would often go into human-populated areas and pass themselves off as human where the LickingTongue would seduce their targets, usually high ranking officials, with their beautiful looks. They would then entice them into having sex with them, and then when they had their target in private, they would paralyze them with the Lick attack before killing the marked person with their Kiss of Death technique, (a rather messy maneuver to be sure).
LickingTongues look just like a normal human women for the most part, averaging around 5'7" to 6' in height, with a nice and jiggly C-Cup chest, and normal colored eyes and hair, the later being done up in a style the LickingTongue prefers. Except for a slight pinkish tint to their skin which is barely discernable, the LickingTongue has no outward appearance to being a Pokégirl... with their clothing on, that is.
Once undressed from the very modest clothing they wear, the LickingTongue's anatomy starts to show just how much of a Pokégirl she is. The LickingTongue has four cream-colored crescent markings across her torso, with a crescent over each of her breasts with the nipple in the center of the crescent, the third atop stomach, and the final one In place over her pubic area. The LickingTongue also has similarly colored circles on her knees. Finally, without any shoes, one can see that instead of toes, a LickiTongue has three small claws.
A LickingTongue's most important feature however, is her tongue. The tongue of a LickingTongue is extendable to great lengths, usually between 3'5"-5' in length. However, with proper training, the tongue can manage double that, reaching up to somewhere along 10' in length. The LickingTongues can put their tongue to many uses. They can extend it like a chameleon's to get a hold objects and attack its enemies by wrapping it around them, often crushing them, (some of the original assassins would wrap their tongues around men's necks and crush). She also enjoys putting her tongue to use during oral-sex, probing a woman's depths, or wrapping a man's penis with her rather lengthy, prehensile appendage.
It should be noted that the LickingTongue's tongue is always covered in rather viscous, sticky saliva, which originates from a set of small sacks inside her cheeks. This saliva however, is a known irritant and allergen to most people and Pokégirls, causing symptoms that range from a tingling sensation to full-out paralysis. A LickingTongue is immune to her own saliva.
When introduced to something new and unknown, a LickingTongue's first reaction is to lick it. By gathering tactile and gustatory stimuli about an object, a LickingTongue forms her mental image and memories of it. However, the species as a whole display an adverse reaction to sour tastes; often left in a nauseous state and feeling very irritable afterwards.
When it comes to Taming, as stated before, a LickingTongue feels absolutely ecstasy from oral sex, in both giving and receiving. The feel of a tongue is something the LickingTongue most thoroughly enjoys, and loves having her Tamer or Harem Sisters lick about her body, as well as returning the treatment. If their Master or Harem Sister does take an adverse effect to the licking, they can settle themselves with just caressing and kissing.
While rather rare, it is not unheard of for a girl to Threshold into a LickingTongue. The first sign to this being the result of their Threshold is the rather disturbing event of her current tongue slowly swelling over a number of days before physically disconnecting from their mouth and falling out. While very distressing and understandably traumatic, it takes no more than three days for the new tongue to grow in, which the LickingTongue usually spends days getting used to, such as extending, tasting, and talking with it, until it eventually becomes second nature.
Kiss of Death - (ATK) A technique exclusive to the LickingTongue, the Pokégirl probes her target's tongue with her mouth for a moment before spearing her tongue up into the upper posterior spot of the mouth, literally puncturing a hole in the back of her target's head, instantly killing them. This Technique has been banned from PokéBattle Tournaments and Gym Battles.
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LIONESS, the Royal Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Anthropomorphic Cat
Element: Ground/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon League; prides of 3-12 individuals), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: wilderness survivalist (plains and deserts)
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel, Mouse-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Psychic, Water, Certain Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Pride Claw, Slash, Stomp, Growl, Call Pride (available only to Feral-born), Lioness' Roar (Lv. 30), Legendary Lioness' Roar (Lv. 70)
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x10), Reinforced Claws, Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision (x5), Pack Hunters
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Pride Mentality, Poor Single Fighters
Evolves: Womanticore (Shadow Stone applied at night + Sexmet's Blessing; this is unknown to any Pokédex or tamer outside of Sexmet's Preserve)
Evolves From: Merrowl (battle stress)
Like their sister species of the Pumara, back during Sukebe's War, the Lioness was created as a regiment of guerilla troops for certain environmental terrains. While the Pumara were meant for the rather rocky and mountainous areas where human troops hoped to gain the high-ground, the Lioness were meant to survive in desert and plains with great ease, taking out troops whom were either trying to reach that destination, or thought to get away from other Pokégirls in normally unforgiving terrain.
While one would think that Pumara and Lioness are interchangeable, what with Pumara being a Fighting-type with Ground-type Sub-attributes, and Lioness being the reverse, (not to mention the fact they're both evolved from Merrowl) one should realize that they are completely different in not only looks, but their personalities, battle potentials, and behavioral habits.
Where the Pumara tend to be short with multi-colored fur with black splotches on their tails, the Lioness' fur tends to be uniform in color, normally a tan to a dirty yellow coloration, with tails ending in a tuft of fur. It should also be noted that Lioness are taller than Pumara's by a few inches, usually putting them in a range of a solid 6' up to 6'4". With this height comes a stronger build. While their cousin species of Pumara are sleek and speedy, the Lioness is definitely more muscled and physically stronger. And of course, a sticking point is that the Lioness has a larger set of breasts with a full cup-size, putting her into a solid D-Cup range.
Personality-wise, the Lioness is a 180 from the Pumara. Where the Pumara tend to be mischievous and playful in nature, the Lioness prefers to remain poise and stoic. They prefer to exude an air of regality about them, hence the title of `Royal Cat' that the Lioness have been given. This feeling of pride that the Lioness has gotten them a reputation of being a rather overconfident species, (though not as bad a stigma as the Neo-Iczel has gotten).
What really puts them apart from their cousin species is that while Pumara tend to be solitary hunters, the Lioness species have a pack mentality, and thus will pull together into Prides of other Lioness, ranging from a minimum of three, but no larger than a dozen. This pack mentality will also translate over to Harems, though they aren't found in too many Tamers' Harem. They work best when they are in pairs or with other Lionesses.
In Battle, a Lioness' forte is the Pride Claw, which they will depend on more than any other attack, (which unfortunately, can make them predictable in battle). Still, once the Lioness' Roar becomes available, they will make great use of it, using the roar first before going in with their powerful claw strike, or even using Stomp on their opponent if it's weak to Ground Attacks. Teamed up with another Lioness however, and they become a different story, with the two managing an alternation of their different techniques to put their opponents down quickly and effectively.
If in the Harem of a Tamer, a Lioness' superiority complex will come to the fore, and she will want to be in a dominant role over all the other Pokégirls, taking charge of the Harem and making it submissive and cohesive as she sees fit. While this may not necessarily be a bad idea, the fact is that a Lioness believes that to do this, she has to be given the Alpha position in the Harem, and will settle for nothing less; she will challenge the current Alpha outright for it. Unless the Tamer already has a strong Plant, Psychic, or Water-type Pokégirl as their Alpha whom can beat down the Royal Cat Pokégirl and put her in her place, one can expect the Lioness to remain rather unruly until she gets the position of Alpha for herself.
Lionesses are only submissive to their Tamers, the only one whom they consider are above them in the Pride, (they do not call it a Harem). They are especially submissive during a Taming session, and while they will normally get onto all fours, allowing their Tamer to do as they please, the fact is, whatever the Tamer says, goes. Those Tamers that have loyalty from their Lioness will find they can get away with doing a lot of different things to the Pokégirl, be it positions or other sexual practices.
When the Seasonal Heat for the Pokégirl comes up, forget it. The Lioness becomes so easy to get off, that one would think they have a pleasure threshold lower than a Titmouse's. Still, they can get off dozens of times in this state...
While not a common end to Threshold, those who have a strong Lioness history in their family can come to this as the result of their Threshold into a Pokégirl. There is no sign that this is the end result, as the looks that come in are generically feline, although their personality will change one of two ways. Either the girl Thresholding becomes submissive, recognizing someone else as the dominant in the household, or they will start to become dominant themselves, trying to feel like the head of the home, even if they're not sure why.
Pride Claw - (ATK) A Claw technique exclusive to the Lioness. By focusing all of her confidence and strength into her claws, the Pokégirl will use a slashing technique that's capable of tearing through metal with ease. One very high-level and overconfident Lioness, (Lv. 85) was able to tear through the skin of a Giantess with one strike of this attack.
Call Pride - (EFT) A technique exclusive to Feral Lionesses. While not an actual attack, the fact is, her voice is recognizable to the rest of her Pride. As soon as she cries out for them, they will come charging to her aid, and there is superiority in numbers.
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LITTLETIT, the Embarrassed Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style, High carbs and fiber
Role: Infiltration, Power disruption
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Agility, Thunder Wave, Spark, Rolling Spark, Electric Blade, Satellite, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring, Lesser Thunderclap, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip*
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Electrical affinity, Can absorb electricity, Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: BoobTrio (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Evolves From: None
You’d never think that a short, small-breasted woman like this would be a Pokégirl.
Sukebe would be pleased if you made that mistake, as that is what he wanted when he first created the Littletit breed. He would use them to sneak into human encampments for information gathering, as their not-as-busty appearance would work as a way of fooling humans into thinking they weren’t Pokégirls. Then, after getting information they needed, they would sneak into power plants or power stations and drain away the electricity, leaving the human units crippled and without power.
Littletits are, at first glance, totally human-looking Pokégirls. They are usually short, and always have A-cup breasts. Always. Not even mega-doses of Bloom powder can make them grow bigger, much to the bafflement of any Plant-type who can produce it. This is a source of constant embarrassment for Littletits, and has led many to become rather sensitive about their breasts. If a Tamer has a Littletit in his or her harem, then it’s best not to let his or her more busty Pokégirls start teasing them, as a Littletit is bound to lose her temper and start throwing Thunder Shocks around. When they start manifesting their powers, they gain glowing markings all over their bodies arranged in intricate, runic patterns, their hair turning white and their eyes glowing.
Because Littletits are so sensitive and easily embarrassed about their small breast-size, when outside of Harems it’s best to put them in places where they won’t get teased. Aside from this one little thing, they are perfectly pleasant Pokégirls otherwise. They make great friends, even better babysitters, and, if they can be taught to accept their under-developed bodies, Advice columnists. They are fairly decent fighters in Harems as well, as their ability to absorb electrical energy from nearby sources, no matter what they are, is very useful. Even more useful is that they can control and direct this power, so the Tamer won’t find their Pokédex or other important equipment losing power. Beginning Tamers who want to specialize in Electric-types favor them, partnering them with Peekaboos and other Electric-types to help bolster them. They’ve become popular among Electric-type Tamers for tag-battles, as they can use electricity to absorb to heal any other electric-type on the field, including themselves.
Feral Littletits are a mix of rather dangerous, as they tend to be in ‘electric-mode’ full time, making catching them difficult. They also absorb electrical energy constantly, from any source near them, so if you start having electrical problems, or your Pokéballs suddenly release all your Pokégirls, then you know a Feral Littletit is nearby. As they cause trouble when near towns and cities, small, but respectable bounties are offered for their capture and/or Taming.
Interestingly enough, recently Tamers with a fondness for large breasts started including them in their harems. When asked about this strange contradiction, all they said was ‘Some things are worth the effort.’
Considering the Littletit’s evolution, they were very right.
Thresholding into a Littletit is a rare, but not unheard of occurrence, and mainly happens in the Mountain League, where they are more common. It is really only traumatic if the girl going through Threshold had large breasts before their change, as they will first shrink down to an A-Cup and stay that way.
*Storm Heal – (EFT) The Littletit uses some of her stored electricity and converts into a form of energy that can heal any Electric-type Pokégirl exposed to it up to 50%.
*Lightning Whip – (ATK 50) The Littletit shapes some of her stored electricity into a long whip. A favored attack when going up against Domina-types and smartasses who tease her about her lack of breasts.
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LONER, the Wayward Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League)
Diet: near human diet, enjoys traveling foods (trail mix, jerky, etc)
Role: Last minute reinforcements, Errand runners, Recon
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: Fade, Teleport, Shield, Psychic, Hypnotize, Foresight, Dark Blade, Ankoku
Enhancements: Psychic abilities increase from Goth state, telepathy, Enhanced Strength (x2)
Weaknesses: Extreme Wanderlust, Demophobia (fear of crowds or crowded places)
Evolves: Heroine (Works on martial arts, attempts to open up, Delta Bonded)
Evolves From: Goth (Loner Goth sub-type; normal)
Once a Loner subtype Goth obtains enough experience, she will naturally evolve into a Loner. Loners are peculiar Pokégirls that enjoy being by themselves as opposed to the normal pack mentality of other Pokégirls. They change little from their previous Goth form, loosing their pale skin and gaining a more varied taste in fashion, with a bust size of around a solid D cup. They also gain the Psychic element as their psychic potential increases greatly from their Goth form.
Loners recognize someone as their official tamer, though many have been known to totally leave abusive tamers in favor of someone else they've met in their travels. When a Loner likes her tamer, she maintains a low-level telepathic bond with him/her at all times, so that she can teleport to them in case of danger. Studies have also proven that Loners use the Foresight ability to avoid being captured while away from their tamers. In regards to personality, some may be aloof, others quiet and introspective, and a few have even been found to be cheerful and friendly, despite their extreme fear of crowds and crowded places. Because of the Loner's Demophobia, they avoid cities unless they can teleport from rooftop to rooftop. If released into a crowd, a Loner will begin to panic and immediately teleport away from the crowd in a random direction, usually to a place the Loner knows to be devoid of others. If this was done on purpose, the Tamer is guaranteed to lose the Loner as soon as she gets the next opportunity. If it was accidental (and there has to be proof for some of the more suspicious Loners), then the Loner is more forgiving, but will now insist on her ball being put into a pocket or backpack when in crowded situations.
Loners are also plagued with extreme wanderlust, and are addicted to the thrill of seeking out new places. While many times a Loner is alone when exploring, their libido can jump to extreme should their tamer be willing to brave a dark cave or cross a desert or forbidden forest with them. Unfortunately, this does sometimes lead to the demise of both tamer and Loner.
Though some recordings of Loners date back to the Revenge War, there are no living Loners from that time since Loners have average human lifespans. One sound theory based on eyewitness reports is that Loners were used to rescue high-ranking Pokégirls in Sukebe’s army when they were grossly outnumbered or near defeat. This would keep from having to remake leaders with experience in battle and free up the labs for more mass production of soldiers.
Thresholding into a Loner directly is rare, but usually comes from strong Goth ancestry. The girl in question will start becoming nervous in crowds and enjoy spending more and more time by herself- usually checking out places she's never been to.
Feral Loners are very rare, since they have a low libido and most come from Goths of the same type. Many Loners will coerce tamings from people who they meet in their travels. Feral Loners tend to become engrossed in exploring one area intimately, such as a cave, and are usually found there by wandering tamers.
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LOVEBUG, the Lovely Insect Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Generally anything, although they prefer sugary drinks and sexual fluids
Role: Protector, Guard
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Lust Dust, Enlarge, Reduce, Fury Swipes, Quick Attack, Harden
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Vision(x3), Flight, Size Alteration, Weak Feral state
Disadvantages: A bit single-minded at times, poor multi-tasker
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Lovebug is a Pokégirl that had gone more or less unnoticed until recently, when a small nest of them was located within a forest near Nice Peaks.
Their general appearance is mostly human, with a striking difference in a partial exoskeleton covering various parts of their body. Even to the untrained eye, the different Lovebugs’ exoskeletons are markedly different, both in coloration and in the amount of covering that they provide. Most of the time, their hair color will match the color of their exoskeleton, but not always. Some have wings, some don't. Others sport mandibles, while others don't. Some have a minimal exoskeleton, generally forming only around their neck, wrists and ankles, while others are nearly covered from head to toe. This was first believed to be based on the Pokégirl's age, but that was proven untrue. The human part of them is generally slender, with breast sizes varying greatly, often between a slim A cup, all the way to full DD cups.
The Lovebug is a possessive Pokégirl, generally finding something or someone to protect almost by instinct. Whether it be the nest they share with other Lovebugs, or their Tamer, they seem to need something to protect. Once they have chosen this person or place as that which they wish to protect, they are loyal to a fault. Though they were never tested as sorely as a Growlie, they are just as willing to risk their lives protecting what they love. Perhaps because of this, they do feel a sense of rivalry with Growlies, only made worse by Growlies’ type advantages. They take this task of protecting what they love very seriously, generally staying slightly suspicious of any intruding outsiders, unless put at ease by their Tamers. This has led to several mishaps where a surprise appearance by a Tamer's friend has ended in a battle, the Lovebug believing they were protecting their Tamer from an enemy. Even so, once a person or Pokégirl is declared a friend, the Lovebug will warm up to them quickly, becoming rather affectionate.
Lovebugs generally don't need frequent Tamings, although they love regular sessions, especially oral. Sexual fluids are a large source of their nutrition, so they will go out of their way to convince others to allow them to use their mouths whenever possible. They are especially fond of ApplePies, Cunnydews and Sugar Kittens, loving the particular tastes of those Pokégirls' fluids. They love to be licked, as well, the sixty-nine position being their absolute favorite. They are prone to using their Lust Dust attack fairly often, to lead to others being more willing to let the Lovebugs have access to another meal. Their Feral states aren't particularly dangerous, as they usually use Lust Dust for a meal before realizing they need a Taming, making it very easy for them to be captured. In Sex Battles, they enjoy taking the initiative, following a predictable course of action by focusing on oral sex, doing their utmost to taste whatever they can get out of their opponents.
Lovebugs are somewhat skilled in combat, although prone to taking the defensive. They seem to think the best offense is a good defense, and try to wait out an enemy's attacks, waiting for just the right moment to unleash a counterattack. Their instincts are pretty good at telling them the right time. Most of the time, when they finally attack, it's the only attack they need to make. Other than that, they can often be overwhelmed if attacked forcefully, or in larger numbers.
While Thresholding into a Lovebug is possible, there haven't been any reported cases of it yet. With more people finding out about Lovebugs, however, it is likely just a matter of time.
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LOVE DOVE, the Loving Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: aerial combat, singing sweet melodies, cooking
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Sing, Typhoon, Flying Kick, Crushing Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Sight (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (Bird E-Medal )
When a Tomboy is given a bird E-medal she evolves into the beautiful and playful Love Dove. Love Doves tend to stand around 6 feet tall with long flowing hair the same color it was when they were a Tomboy. Their breasts increase to about a large C cup. They now enjoy prolonged Taming sessions with their Tamers and tend to wear as little as they can to show off their bodies. They are quite strong when they do battle in the air against land-bound Pokégirls as they tend to use close range combat such as punches and kicks. This works against them when fighting other Flying types however, making them a bad choice for an aerial battle. Love Doves are also amazing cooks and they can take the simplest foods into amazing meals.
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LUCARDA, the No-Life Queen Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Magic (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Thank the thousand gods!)
Diet: Blood, Souls
Role: Hunters
Libido: High (Very High during a full moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Celestial
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Celestial
Attacks: Blood Blade, Dark Thunder, Ghost Blade, Mega Drain, Night Shade, Vampire Bite, Invis 1-3, Illusion, Phase, Aura of Doom, Hypnotize, Shadow Walk, Devour, Summon Familiar
Can only be learned after Lvl 40: Grisly Wing, Evil Touch, Blood Veil, Summon Undead
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Darkness Affinity, Psychic Affinity, Constant Dark Goggles effect, Regeneration, Self-Mutation, Solar Resistance, Can use certain T2 techniques naturally
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vampire (Zalera’s Blessing)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 100,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 180,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: You know the Widow drill. Run. Just run. Don’t try and be a hero! If there is no hope of escape, try and get on the Lucarda’s good side. If you’re lucky you might get her as a member of your harem or she’ll decide you’re not worth the effort. If she’s Feral and you don’t have a high-level Celestial on hand, stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!
The fourth and most hated Esper to come to our realm of existence, Zalera, is a creature who only respects Death in all forms and is understandably feared, even by those whom choose to summon her. Surprisingly the respect the darkest of the Espers has for death is transferred over to one Pokégirl, the Vampire. From her study of old texts, Zalera understood that Vampires of old legend were considered to be undead beings that continued their own existence through taking the life-blood of others. Needless to say, the Esper of Death was intrigued enough that the next time she was summoned by a Tamer that owned a Vampire Pokégirl, she struck a deal different from her usual cost of a portion of or an entire soul. She commanded to the Summoner that if he wanted her to fight on his behalf, that he allow her to bless his Vampire.
The deal was struck. Once Zalera finished with her opponent, she made sure that she received her end of the bargain. The Vampire was changed into a new breed of Pokégirl from the dark power bestowed upon her, and was dubbed by the Esper as Lucarda, the No-Life Queen Pokégirl. Since that first Blessing, there have been a few more that have come into creation, and none are pleasant.
A Lucarda’s appearance remains similar to that of a Vampire with pale skin and pointed canine teeth, but they are definitely more intimidating than their previous form. They shoot up a solid foot in height, normally putting them over at 6’. If not already, their bust increases to small D-Cup. Their hair grows out to considerable length, and becomes a pure jet black, (although a few cases report short blonde). Most intimidating however, is their eyes; now changed to a blood red but can shine with a bright crimson light with powerful emotions, such as anger, lust, or ravenous hunger for blood.
The scariest, most intimidating aspect however, is the change in their biology. By becoming a Lucarda, the Pokégirl loses the enhanced durability she had as a Vampire, her defense comparable to a regular human’s. However, this is offset by the Lucarda how having true Regeneration rather than enhanced healing, allowing them to come back quickly from blows that would be fatal to most. This Regeneration also makes it so Lucarda are free from the pains of sunlight. One even went on record as saying, “For us, sunlight isn’t some great enemy. We just despise it!” As one can guess, during night, especially with full moon when their powers are at their strongest, a Lucarda is a most dangerous creature.
In other, more terrifying uses, a Lucarda can use Infernal energy to twist the aspects of her Regeneration into a truly terrifying attack, often reserved for those she may feel is unfit for her to deal with personally. With a mix of her body and blood, her Infernal power, and perhaps the souls she has stolen, a No-Life Queen can summon creatures known as ‘familiars’. They can appear in a variety of forms that either sprout from the Lucarda’s mutated body or they could even swarm about her freely as an army that could number from dozens to hundreds; the free forms are especially prevalent when she is in a completely darkened area or during night. Luckily, it has been determined that this ability leaves a Lucarda relatively vulnerable, as it releases the blood and lives of others that she uses to sustain herself.
Through study of this ability and the summoned Esper, it has been determined that the Summon Familiar technique is possibly a gift from the Death Esper. The end result of what makes up a ‘familiar’ is an ectoplasmic energy that has been condensed into glowing black liquid which has been further refined into a desired semi-sentient shape by the No-Life Queen. Without a doubt, this is the same energy that makes up Zalera’s exclusive attack, Condemnation. With this connection, it is thought possible for Zalera to teach her faithful Lucardas the technique of Condemnation, but NO ONE wants to know if this is true or not!
However, this use of powers does not come without another price. Reliance on Regeneration and Self-Mutation can often leave a Lucarda with inhuman features. One No-Life Queen that had her left arm severed now produces a solid shadowy substance which she can manipulate into various shapes: a wing for flying, blunt or bladed weapons for combat, even shadows which can slither along the ground and trip up or simply render an opponent immobile. Of course, she can revert it into an arm-like shape, but it remains a complete form of darkness, showing the more true extent of the inhuman being the Pokégirl has become.
Lucarda are truly the most devious of Infernal Pokégirls, retaining a majority of her fearsome abilities she had as a Vampire and then some. As they are close to immortal and nearly invincible, they are a considerably egotistical breed. A Lucarda will freely taunt and belittle her opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing herself and obliterating her target. One of the preferred tactics is to allow herself to be literally torn to pieces by her opponent’s attacks before simply flowing back together. It could accurately be said that rather than defeating her opponents, a Lucarda breaks them, cruelly showing other Pokégirls how ineffective they are against her magnificence before finally finishing the battle, either through knocking her opponents out, or assimilating all they have to offer; blood and soul.
Those whom she takes the life of completely, she can use later through a technique bestowed upon her by Zalera, Summon Undead. Still, one should realize that the desire for Souls is not a dietary need, and is a compulsion that is instilled in them by the Esper of Death’s Blessing. Blood will suffice, but it has shown that those Lucarda that don’t get to partake in even a portion of a soul often become more aggressive, as the demand to supply power to this technique is firmly part of their being; such is the influence of Zalera within them.
Despite the terrifying presence this Pokégirl projects, it should be pointed out that they aren’t as entirely as immortal as they may seem. Dark and Fire attacks can afflict damage, Dark techniques managing to retain enough force to push them back and Fire burning them as fast as they regenerate, giving them a wound which can last longer than the initial hit. While they are able to hurt Celestial Pokégirls, Lucarda do take damage in return. Oddly enough, they tend to be highly amused by or infatuated with Celestial Pokégirls, and look forward to fighting them. There is one breed of Celestial Pokégirl in particular that the Lucarda simply love battling more than any other: the Warrior Nun. With a similar regenerative power, when these two opposing powers go toe-to-toe, it makes for a Pokébattle unlike any other!
When it comes to the breed’s weaknesses, it has also been proven on one occasion that not even a No-Life Queen can defeat a Widow alone. One encounter recorded between the two breeds ended up with the Lucarda expiring, succumbing to the numerous wounds she received during the battle the arachnid Pokégirl. However, it is still a remarkable feat in that the Widow sustained heavy injuries as well and was forced withdraw from the area to lick her wounds. One has to wonder if Cocooner knew what she was doing when she created that Celestial.
The majority of Lucarda are already owned in Harems by Tamers that had summoned Zalera and made the pact with her, and are often fiercely loyal to that Tamer. However, there have been exceptions. One Lucarda that had her original master killed wandered around, eventually becoming a Feral beast that roamed the wilds until she was captured and Tamed, since it had proven near impossible to kill her; giving reason that there is no kill bounty on the breed. Another No-Life Queen ended up getting transferred to another Tamer, whose blood was sweeter than that of her current Master at the time. It seems that Lucarda have a taste for virgin blood, an incredible rarity in this world. One should never lie about being a virgin to a Lucarda, since once they taste your blood, they’ll know, and they won’t be happy.
Those Tamers with Lucarda have yet to fully come out with an amount of detailed information concerning Taming a No-Life Queen. However, what can be understood is that they are quite dominant and a decent amount of blood and possibly the loss of a small portion of their soul. It is thought their inability to come forward with a decent amount of information is due to a hold that the Pokégirl has over them, possibly during the act of Taming or in their life in general. One thing is certain: while their libidos do correlate to the phase of the moon, they seem to remain high by default.
There has never been a case of human girl becoming a Lucarda through Threshold, and it is considered impossible due to what is needed to create one. Most people rejoice because of this fact.
Summon Familiar - (EFT) An Infernal Summoning technique exclusive to the Lucarda. When performed, the vampiric Pokégirl summons forth creatures that are physical manifestations of the Lucarda’s inner darkness; her evil mixed with the souls she has taken. Numerous capabilities can include spiders, mutated dogs, huge bats, floating eyeballs, all the things that could give anyone nightmares for months on end.
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LUGIASS, the Legendary Water Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Water/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: seafood
Role: assassination of her sisters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: None (Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice)
Attacks: Gust, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Hurricane, Dive, Bubbles, Water Spear, Water Tower, Water Punch, Water Kick, Psychic, Armor, Flash, Disable, Psi-Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x15), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort, Toughness, Darkvision, Water Breathing, Superior Hydraulic Resistance, Subcutaneous Insulation
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Lugiass is the fifth Legendary bird Pokégirl. However, she hates her three more famous sisters, and feels nothing but contempt for the fourth, Whore-oh. She has based her life around this enmity, and it continues to drive her to this day.
Lugiass stands five and a half feet tall. Unlike her sisters, she has no feathers, instead having very smooth skin, akin to a Selkie, that is a whitish-blue color. Her wings are separate appendages from her arms, and are likewise featherless, having long flaps of skin at the ends that allow them to double as powerful flippers when she is submerged. Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe that allows her to have a sure grip on a surface. The only hair on her body hangs from her head down to just past her shoulders, the same color as her skin. Lugiass has patches of a deeper navy blue color over her eyes, giving her face an exotic look. The nipples of her C-cup breasts are this color also. Lugiass is equally at home flying high above the earth or swimming deep underwater, although she spends more of her time in the latter environment.
Although Whore-oh was, to Sukebe, a dismal failure, he wasn't quite ready to stop making new Legendaries just yet. The considerable power vacuum left by Typhonna's disappearance needed to be filled, and thus Sukebe tried one last time to create another Legendary bird. This time he had more success. Lugiass not only had the ubiquitous flying abilities of her sisters, but also had control over water, and, to ensure her might, was also given strong psychic abilities as well. However, when introduced to her sister Legendary birds, Lugiass's reception was cool at best. Although they didn't work together very often at all, the three Legendary birds still considered themselves something of a group in and of themselves, and viewed Lugiass as an outsider, partially because she was new, partially because she was so different from them, and partially because Whore-oh had soured them on the idea of new Legendary birds one year previous. They politely but firmly excluded Lugiass as much as they could. Although Lugiass did meet Whore-oh on one occasion, that was all it took for her to come to the same conclusion as the other Legendaries: she was a deluded fool. Lugiass left her fourth sister in disgust, not considering her worth her time or attention. As for her other sisters, she developed a dislike for them, and as time went on it grew stronger and stronger. Although she scored some impressive victories, her performance never outshone what Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits had done earlier in the war, and she heard about it often from Sukebe and her fellows. By the time Sukebe died, she had developed a hatred for them that was startling in its intensity.
Until her creator's death, she never actually tried to harm or disparage her sisters, fearing Sukebe's wrath. After his demise though, she began to plot in earnest against them, imagining causing them humiliation, and, as time went on, death. She started to keep tabs on her sisters with her psychic abilities, using them from a distance to spy in them. It was in this way that she learned about their plans to slay Atmuff, including where and when it would happen once the three of them made up their minds. Although she didn't think they would be able to defeat the Legendary Warrior, she wanted to make sure they died in the conflict, and were not merely defeated. To this end, she contacted the most ruthless Legendary she knew of, one who was known to be willing to attack her fellows: Hy-bra. Lugiass guessed that the likely end to the battle would be her sisters retreating in defeat from Atmuff, and when Lugiass told the Legendary Multi-Headed Pokégirl of their plans, it was her hope that Hy-bra would arrive as the Legendary birds tried to retreat so she could drain them to death. Lugiass underestimated both Hy-bra's arrogance and her lust for power though. Even she didn't expect Hy-bra to use her wings to fly to the battlefield and attack Atmuff before the Legendary birds arrived, getting herself killed and weakening the Legendary Warrior. Lugiass could do nothing but watch from afar and seethe in impotent rage as her machinations backfired, granting her sisters the victory they likely wouldn't have achieved otherwise.
Lugiass doesn't like to battle, since conflict attracts attention, and she prefers to maintain a low profile, all the better to scheme undisturbed. When she does fight though, she usually tries to cripple her opponent's capabilities first, using attacks such as Wingover, Gust, and Disable to put her foe off-balance and at a disadvantage. She'll then use her Armor before using her more serious powers, such as Psychic and Water Kick. She usually reserves her Psi-Blade for foes she considers particularly dangerous. Lugiass is obsessed with bringing down her sisters, and is unwilling to die in a conflict since it would leave them alive and unharmed. Thus, she flees from a battle where it looks like she'll be defeated, usually using Flash to cover her escape.
Lugiass still spends her time dreaming up schemes to get her sisters. She is reluctant to face them in personal combat herself. They don't yet know she is out to get them, and she wants to keep it that way. She feels she could overcome one of them in a fight, but not without word of her actions spreading, since such a battle would draw massive attention, alerting the other two who would come to help their embattled sister. Worse, she is having trouble locating where her sisters went in the aftermath of the fight with Atmuff. She has discovered Articunt's location, and made sure the Watchers found out as well, and now spends her time traveling the seas and skies of the world, trying to locate the other two. She usually works through proxies, mostly young men who are motivated by her promises of Taming after they do her bidding. She keeps these promises, but mind-wipes them after the sex is over so they forget about having met her. In this way, she slowly but surely moves closer and closer to achieving her dream of revenge.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Lugiass’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Lugiass has No Weakness (Level 85). If she were to face an Electric or a Ghost-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Flying/Water/Psychic, at or below level 85, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Lugiass’s array of special attributes:
Watery Chaos: Having incredible command over both psychic and water powers, Lugiass is able to use one to make the other. She has the ability to psychically splice ambient molecules in the area to form them into hydrogen dioxide, water, at will. She can only use this on ambient molecules present around her, not on anything more solid, such as building or people, but can use this to a virtually limitless degree, creating water in massive amounts. If Lugiass wanted to, she could probably flood a desert in little time.
Forceful Personality: Being an extremely powerful Psychic-type allows Lugiass to pack an extra punch in her attacks. All of her psychic attacks do considerably greater damage than they would if they came from another Psychic-type due to her incredible power. Also, all of her non-psychic attacks are kinetically enhanced to be stronger. Gust and Hurricane, for example, have the winds pushed faster by psychokinetic force, and attacks such as Water Spear and Water Kick are enhanced by force to hit extra hard.
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LUPINA, the Werewolf Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph – Canine/Lupine
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Blue and World Champ Leagues), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies
Role: nighttime guardians, hunters
Libido: Average, High on full moon nights
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Steel, Cat-types
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Magic-types
Attacks: (Only in attack mode) Bite, Slash, Tackle, Takedown, Leg Sweep, Low Kick, Reverse Crescent, Concentration, Growl, Yowl
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6) Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Good night vision, Minor regenerative capabilities.
Evolves: Wolf Queen (Moon Stone)
Evolves From: Mynx (Moon Stone)
One of the original species to appear during the War of Revenge, in modern day, Lupinas are a considerably rare and very popular species of Pokégirls that, like Griffons and the like, has two modes. The passive, (or normal) mode and the attack mode.
When in their Passive Mode, a Lupina looks like any normal Very Near Human type Pokégirl, usually slightly tanned and gently muscled, standing anywhere from 5'8" to a solid 6' in height and usually with breasts that are around a generous C-Cup with only a few exceptions of her looks hinting to what her true species is. While the only outward physical trait that points to what she truly is are the Lupina's slightly pointed ears, one should know that in her Very Near Human mode, a Lupina has a very good sense of smell, hearing and night vision. This is the form that is preferred by Domestic and Threshold Lupina.
When in her Attack Mode, a Lupina increases in both her size and muscule-mass, ranging anywhere from an impressive 6'10" anywhere up to 10'!!! As she becomes a perfect anthropomorphic wolf, a Lupina's whole body becomes covered in fur, normally the same color as her hair, (common colors being brown, black, gray, and white, with some being red or silver) and her hands and feet gain an impressive set of claws. It is understandable that in this mode, Lupinas are very strong and dangerous, becoming an excellent fighter in battle. Understandably, Feral Lupina and Lupinas evolved from a Mynx prefer to stay in their Attack Mode.
Appearing in the latter half of Sukebe's war on humanity, it was theorized that Lupinas were created as a secondary, if not replacement Dog-type for the Growlie. As found after the war had ended and Pokégirls started to become domesticated, Lupinas are an incredibly strong-willed Pokégirl and won't just bend to the will of another. The Lupina is not submissive type of Pokégirl, no matter how much they're sweet-talked, trained, or dominated, which makes for a Pokégirl that is not easily turned against her kindred. Truly, it was an aspect that Sukebe's forces would have benefited from.
However, it is not impossible to turn the Werewolf Pokégirl to one's own cause. It takes a considerable amount of hard work and effort on the part of a Tamer to get on a Lupina's good-side. Still, because they ARE a Dog-types, Lupinas does have that basic drive to show loyalty and concern for someone they care about like other canines.
That is why those that do become bonded are very loyal to a Tamer that they like and will often show submissive behavior to them, albeit only in private. It is this loyalty that has given the Lupina a startling level of popularity; a loyalty where they would literally give their life to keep their master safe. Interestingly, the Feral Lupinas have been the easiest to turn and make loyal to a Tamer, albeit not without other troubles.
Feral Lupinas travel in packs, normally ranging in numbers between eight to a full dozen. These packs are a more common sight over in the Blue Continent and regions of the World Champ League. It should be also warned that until taken from their pack sisters, a Feral Lupina gives all of her loyalty to them, and if one is attacked, all will defend one another with ferocity.
When it comes to battle, a Lupina is a very serious force to reckon with. While a Fighting-type, it is not their primary element, and so their battle style is a mix of modes. A Lupina's upper-body attacks seem to be more like an animal, biting and clawing with abandon, and using her voice to cause ill-effects to an opponent Pokégirl.
However, when it comes to her legs, a Lupina is almost as dependable as an Amazonlee, and can cause some serious damage, especially with her clawed feet. Top it off with the fact a Lupina also regains health over time, (15 HP every 3 minutes) and the Lupina as a Pokégirl for traveling Tamers that don't have the money for potions on hand or carry a PPHU.
However, one should be careful about pitting them against a Pokégirl of the Magic-type. Due to the nature of their transformative abilities, Lupinas have a clear weakness against magical attacks. It interferes with their healing abilities, and causes greater damage then most attacks, and that will add up over time.
Taming a Lupina is usually done while the Pokégirl is in her Passive Mode, as it is easier for a Tamer to take control of the Pokégirl, and allows for equal participation from the get-go. However, some Tamers prefer to Tame a Lupina while she is in her Attack Mode, which understandably, can be seen as a more exotic and tantalizing. To do this safely, a Tamer should start off with using higher-end restraints until they've trained their Lupina how to restrain themselves during Taming. It is also suggested a Tamer use toys for the larger Lupinas, as to better sexually please them. No matter the form they're in, Lupinas prefer Doggy-style the best.
The form of Lupina is not a common occurrence for a girl going through Threshold. However, it is certainly not unheard of, and is becoming more of a common occurrence to this date. It is speculated in the next decade, the frequency of a Lupina might be lowered to Uncommon in the Blue and World Champ Leagues as their numbers grow.
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LYNX, the Mountain Kitty Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods; meat preferred
Role: mountaineer, mountain rescue
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Agility, Scratch, Growl, Dance, Bite, Kitty Litter, Sex Attack 1
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Vision (x2), Night Vision, Superior Climbing Skills, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (orgasm; mechanism unknown)
It isn’t exactly known how a Mynx evolves into Lynx. All reported cases have had her evolve during orgasm, but controlled experiments to evolve them during Taming have always failed, with the Mynx evolving into Furrite instead. One theory is that environment plays a factor, and a Mynx won’t evolve into Lynx unless she climaxes while around the mountains a Lynx loves so dearly. Most Pokégirl researchers scoff at this view.
A Lynx has some advantages and disadvantages over her previous form. She loses some of the agility she had as a Mynx, but her lungs become much stronger, and are now able to deal with even thin atmospheres comfortably. She doesn’t gain the fur coat that most other cat Pokégirls have. Instead, she gains a cat ears and tail, as well as paws where her hands and feet once were. These paws have soft, tawny fur on them, as well as functional claws, letting her climb better. Lynxes love the mountains deeply. If they can’t be in an area where they can at least see mountains in the distance, they quickly begin to suffer from ennui, losing their will to go on. This fact alone makes them a poor choice for Tamers who don’t live in mountainous areas. Tamers that do live on or near mountains though find that a Lynx is the Pokégirl of choice. She enjoys roaming around nearby mountains, and usually has the lay of the land around them memorized very well. She loves to be Tamed openly, letting the sights and smells of her favorite environment washing over her as her Tamer pleasures her. The combination of the two usually makes her orgasm heavily in a relatively short amount of time.
A Lynx isn’t a very good fighter. While is fast and nimble, other cat Pokégirls are more so, and she lacks any real strength. Likewise, her sex attacks are limited to the generic Sex Attack 1, making her a poor choice for a pokesex battle. Still, they can generally hold their own as long as they aren’t up against a powerful fighter. Their primary area of expertise though remains simple mountaineering.
Feral Lynxes will always try and head for the nearest mountain range if they aren’t in one already. Those that are already there are relatively non-aggressive, preferring to only interact with others to hunt for food. They tend to be pretty easy to capture, although most Tamers have quite a hike in front of them first to even find one. Threshold girls who become Lynxes tend to become restless, and ask to be sent to mountain Pokégirl ranches.
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MACAVITY, the Cleric of Chaos Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Feline)
Element: Dark/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Espionage, Courier, Bandit, Assassin, General Trouble making
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Teleport, Agility, Backstab, Aura of Cute, Hypnotize, Hypnotic Dance, Telekinesis, Dark Mist, Ashen Wings, Fade, Shadow Dash, Psi-Blade, Dark Blade, Hazy Vision, Memory of the Dark, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Confusion, Disable, Double Team, Lock-On, Aura of Doom, Metronome, Psycho Crusher
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Enhanced All-Around Senses (x7), Night vision, Constant Dark Goggles effect, Retractable claws, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Agility (x16), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Aura-shifting, Can use Phase and Invis indefinitely
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
No one is quite sure what to make of Macavity. And more and more researchers and government officials from EVERY league are becoming more and more certain that she greatly prefers it that way. She is the most famous of the Legendary Pokégirls, and the most well-known to the general public.
Macavity got her start during the Revenge War, like all the Pokégirls that came to be known as Sukebe’s ‘Legendaries.’ In truth, she was actually the first of the Second Generation of Legendary girls to make a public appearance, and soon after made herself the most visible. After the deaths of Infernus, Mountaintide, and Storm Gail, Senator Linda McKenzie was making a public speech for reasons that were not in the discovered documents on the day it occurred. Macavity appeared in the center of the crowd, dancing and singing her way up to the stage, disarming Linda’s guards (by ripping their arms off). She grabbed Linda, taunted her mercilessly, and teleported away with her. It’s believed that Sukebe sent Macavity to bring the woman he viewed as responsible for his problems and punished her accordingly. Historians do not wish to speculate what happened to Linda after Macavity brought her to Sukebe…
Macavity is a tall Pokégirl, standing seven feet and six inches in height. Her fur was colored in varying shades and stripes of red and orange, giving her the appearance of being living fire at times. Her hair was kept unkempt, in a wide flowing mane that stretched down to her back. Her tail is longer than her legs, and is very prehensile. Her body is very beautiful, elegant and muscular without overdoing the effect, curving in all the right places, a pair of large, E-cup breasts adorning her chest. Her favored outfit tends to be a black leather halter-top that left little to the imagination and a pair of form-fitting shorts, cut high on the legs to give them maximum freedom of movement.
As mentioned earlier, Macavity was the most ‘visible’ of the Second Generation Legendaries during the Revenge War. She would frequently appear in human encampments, teasing and taunting the soldiers there, stealing their weapons and destroying them before they could be used. She seemed to crave the attention, enjoy having all eyes on her. Yet at the same time, more often than not there was also an incursion of other Pokégirls into the encampments, Macavity’s actions causing a distraction that would prove fatal for the base. There have also been documented after-the-fact accounts of Macavity sneaking in under total anonymity, nobody knowing she was there until after she had completed her task, be it an assassination or theft or delivery of a message. In each case there was only her trademark laughter to mark her presence.
Near the end of the Revenge War, Macavity began to associate with Atmuff. The two were decidedly NOT friends, and Atmuff seemed to detest the other Legendary’s presence. She hung around anyway, as she apparently liked Atmuff’s capacity for causing chaos. Soon after this started, Macavity became the first Legendary Pokégirl to openly oppose Sukebe’s actions. Her quoted reason for this decision: “Humans were too interesting to let die out.” It’s known that she had a hand in the training of the Cheshire breed of Pokégirl, a last remaining bit of sentimentality for her creator, and it’s rumored that she actually created the Mistoffeles breed of Pokégirl herself. Since the end of the Revenge War she has kept mostly to herself, appearing periodically during chaotic events. Most of them ones she has caused to liven things up.
One of the more infamous incidents of events she has caused was the Wreckball Riot of 260 AS. It was a championship match, and the entire city was watching the events unfold in what was regarded by sports fans as the greatest, most intense matchup of all time. Then, in the final seconds of the clock, just as the game winning goal was about to be kicked… the ball vanished, leaving several confused players from both teams lying in the dirt and looking around. Macavity then appeared in the lap of some hapless Tamer, giving him the Wreckball she had just stolen off of the field and shouting ‘Present for Master!’ at the top of her lungs. She then kissed the hapless young man, cuddling him lovingly. Naturally, however, she disappeared when the rioting started, the fans going insane with rage at having so intense a match interrupted by Macavity’s pranks.
In terms of abilities, Macavity has several unique abilities that reflect her rather bizarre nature. Her attack list consists primarily of defensive and disorienting moves, and she can also phase and turn invisible as if she were a ghost type. In fact for years it was suspected she WAS a ghost type. She also seemingly has the ability to defy the laws of physics and science on a regular basis. Her ‘phasing’ is different than others as she seems to able to pass through objects without turning intangible. She also appears to have shape-shifting abilities, as she has been known to appear as an object one minute and then as herself another. However, in the few blood samples collected from her during capture attempts and studied, she was shown to have no shape-shifting or illusionary powers of her own. It’s assumed that she knows magic of some kind, but with Macavity you just never truly know. She has the ability to radiate Auras of differing ability, usually to help her win over a target or just to confuse people. Her Aura of Darkness is known for being able to evolve certain Pokégirls that are exposed to it. Her most befuddling ability is the fact that she seems to be able to ignore the laws of gravity at her own convenience. She can walk up a wall as if she was walking on solid ground, and at times even walk through the air as if there were solid ground under her feet.
Macavity is… unpredictable, to put it in the politest possible terms. She despises the predictable and boring, and takes being called such things as a murder-worthy insult. She lives for herself, although she has been known to occasionally help those who earn her affection, or are interesting enough to attract her attention. Granted, Macavity taking an interest in you is usually a bad thing, as chaos is bound to follow you… Her personality is impossible to pin down, as on some occasions she may be as meek and playfully friendly as a Kitten, on others as sensual and sexually aggressive as a Hentaicute, on others as cruel and cold as the worst of killers, there is no one standard. Her moods are as variable as the weather and can shift in an instant.
Macavity, much to the bafflement of many, has enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity. Cat-type fanciers adore her, and to some she is the pinnacle of all cat breeds. To others she’s a menace, a trouble-making terrifying monstrosity that should be put down and made into a pelt. Blue League officials in particular would like her head on a platter, as she seems very fond of causing trouble there. One thing that people agree on is that viciously playful nature, her penchant for trouble-making, her raw cunning and intelligence, her desire to be in the spotlight and her sheer elusiveness make her a Pokégirl to be reckoned with. The only good qualities of Macavity’s that people can agree on is her affection for the human race, something which has led her to openly oppose Limbec Pirate raids during the time of Mephaesta, and the fact that she seems to be able to disrupt Jenova’s ability to ‘make things go wrong.’ Every time Macavity encounters Jenova, Macavity becomes very affectionate towards the destructive Pokégirl, always kidnapping her and dragging her off for Taming sessions that last a great long time. Sometimes Macavity has allowed Camera Girls and their Tamers to follow her and record the sessions, which sell for tremendous amounts of money.
There is some knowledge about Macavity that can be verified, however, and we have one person to thank for that. In 262 AS, World-travelling tamer Bellerophon Jones, famous for his various misadventures, encountered Macavity while evading a group of Team Scorcher thugs that were chasing them. He and his pet/companion, a Titmouse named Karen, evaded their pursuers by hiding in the rafters of a warehouse until they gave up the chase. However misfortune came upon him when a rotted beam gave way, Karen falling from a great height and landing on Macavity, who had been in the warehouse looking for something to eat. The Legendary was knocked out by the impromptu landing of the Titmouse, Bellerophon capturing her out of lack of knowledge of what to do with her. (Macavity has since become VERY wary of Pokéballs since then.) Bellerophon took her to the Pokécenter and just barely managed to placate the angered legendary, his insolent, straightforward, and smart-aleck manner appealing to the chaotic Pokégirl. The two had a short-lived alliance, recorded in the various highly popular movies based on his life, Bellerophon’s harem growing to include a Pegaslut, a Chimera, and a Seraph, among other rare breeds, Karen evolving into a Tigermouse.
After Bellerophon’s retirement and Macavity subsequently going off on her own, he let himself be interviewed by PLC officials, who discovered that Macavity has a great desire to become a mother, and tremendously despises Sukebe for leaving her and her sisters barren. This would explain a great deal about some of Macavity’s more bizarre thefts from scientific facilities and magical research facilities. Some have made the suggestion that a possibility of this might allow her to be controlled, but those people are generally disregarded as being very naďve.
One major development from Macavity’s time with Bellerophon Jones is that she now periodically picks a Tamer to focus her attentions on. There’s zero commonality between those she has picked, so her criteria for her choices is unknown. The only common link between them is that soon after Macavity enters their lives, they become MUCH more chaotic and interesting.
Macavity is a dangerous Pokégirl. She cannot be pinned down to a single alignment, and predicting her actions is near impossible to do. She prides herself on her chaotic nature and refers to herself frequently as a cleric of chaos. And considering her history, this may be the most accurate way to describe her…
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Macavity’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below).
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Macavity has No Weakness (Level 69). If she were to face a Bug-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Dark or Psychic, at or below level 69, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirl at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Macavity’s lexicon of special attributes:
Physics Disruption: Macavity seems to be able to defy all known logic and scientific laws. She can move through walls without seeming to phase, shape-shift without having any genetic shape-shifting abilities, and even ignore gravity.
Auras: In addition to the Aura of Cute and Aura of Doom abilities, Macavity has the ability to radiate several other kinds of Auras that allow her to control the mood of a situation. These Auras include, but are not limited to:
Aura of Fright: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates a feeling of intense, irrational fear in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Darkness: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates a feeling of numbness, an almost deathlike state, in those in the aura’s radius. This has a 70% chance of causing the Blind status effect in weaker Pokégirls and is known to be able to evolve certain cat-type breeds into other Pokégirls.
Aura of Madness: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates an intense feeling of dementia in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Lust: Macavity projects an aura around herself that creates intense feelings of lust in those in the aura’s radius.
Aura of Backfire: This aura so far is only a rumor, as Macavity is always seen to have a sort of glow about her when she encounters Jenova. Presumably, it causes the abilities of the user caught in the Aura’s effect to, as stated, backfire on themselves.
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MAESAEL, the Spark Serpent Pokégirl (Pronounced May-say-ehl)
Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Electric
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore; eats about the same amount as a human, prefers fish. Cannot stand meat other than fish.
Role: Fishing, oceanic saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Steel, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Tackle, Hydro Pump, Tail Slap, Spark, Thunder Wave, Storm Heal, Thunder Shock, Electric Bite
Sex Techniques: Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x11 in water, x4 on land), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Enhanced Strength (x4), High Flexibility, Enhanced Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Laplass (Thunder Stone)
One of the many of Pokégirl specialists that Sukebe created to wreak havoc during his Revenge War, this breed was designed to effectively defeat the human navies by scrambling the electrical systems of ships in the ocean. Often supported by Boobfin, Laplass, and Baleena, the combined flotilla of Pokégirls would confuse the human forces and then demolish them using their various attack techniques, commonly crippling their targets or even outright destroying them. The Maesael was one of the Pokégirls created in the fewest numbers during the war, and even after the war were not seen again for many years, though rumors suggested that the Pokégirl breed had simply been killed off. It wasn't until after 124 AS when the Laplass began to surge in popularity within Tamer harems around the world that the Maesael was rediscovered when a tamer experimentally touched his Laplass with a Thunderstone. Subsequent testing of this method continued to produce Maesael Pokégirls as a result and has since been fully confirmed.
The tallest Maesael recorded is a little less than six feet in height, when standing. But the greatest physical change is the Maesael's silky tail, which grows from just above the Pokégirl’s ass to become twice the Pokégirl’s height in length. Losing most of its prehensile nature, the true oddity among the change in the tail's size is the fact that on each side of the main portion of the tail there is a hollow between the skin. These hollows are the entire length of the Pokégirl’s legs, and actually seem to absorb the legs within them, protecting the limbs when not walking, but swimming underwater. When swimming, a Maesael tucks her legs, from midthigh and lower, into the hollow along the midportion of her tail, allowing her to not only use her tail muscles for propulsion but her leg muscles in tandem as well, which allows the Pokégirl to devote her entire lower body to propelling herself through the water at high speeds. This cannot be done on land, however, as the Pokégirl’s upper torso would then be slithering along the ground with the rest of her, and is unable to protect her legs from the ground beneath her when doing so, unlike metamorphic Pokégirls like the Arbust. Other than the change of the tail's length and size, it also is covered with skin rather than scales, making the Pokégirl more susceptible to harm than more reptilian and snake-like Pokégirls typically are. Upon evolution, the Maesael's breasts increase in size by an average of a quarter to half a cup. The Maesael's skin varies often within the same color variations as human skin happen to be. One change that catches the eyes of many tamers is the breed's breasts, which often gain up to a full cup size from the evolution, which retain water absorbed either by drinking it or through the skin. This helps to keep the Pokégirl from getting dry for longer periods of time, and her breasts will become smaller as her water reserves are depleted.
Along the arms and legs of this species are a series of photovoltaic skin cells, often of a yellow, orange, or a neon-green (the latter being quite rare on the breed) that flashes when the Pokégirl is irritated or about to attack with an electric technique. When feral, these flash indiscriminately and whenever the Pokégirl swims, to keep predators such as Gynadose, Sharptits, and Titacruel away with warning signs. These also make the Pokégirl easy to see at night, and the flashes of light can even be noticed from underneath most clothing that she might wear. Ferals rarely leave the warmer waters along the equator, or can be found traveling towards warmer waters from other locations should they somehow become feral elsewhere. In the morning, Maesael can sometimes be found floating on the water, basking in the sun's heat before continuing along towards her destination. Ferals of this breed are fierce fighters when attacked, but are quite easy-going when not directly stressed by other Pokégirls or even humans. Thresholds, on the other hand, are quite painful to the soon-to-be Pokégirl, taking anywhere from one week to three weeks for the change to finish. The tail itself is the worst part, taking most of the time required and forcing the thresholding girl to get as much nourishment as possible. Some threshold Maesael, which are quite rare but known to happen, have stunted tails compared to ferals or those evolved from Laplass as a result of malnutrition during the thresholding process.
In a harem setting, this breed is known for being tenacious for attaining rank. The Pokégirl is intelligent but not incredibly so, but has a good mind for the intricacies of being in a 'pod', as the Maesael often consider a harem to be. As such, this breed is suitable as an Alpha or a Beta within most harems, but the Pokégirl does not get along well with any carnivorous water-type Pokégirls, namely Gynadose, Titacruel, or Sharptits, and will often pick a fight with them in a manner that reminds many tamers of the issues between the Amazonchan and Amazonlee breeds. When in a battle, most of this breed prefer to utilize Thunder Wave at range or Electric Bite when in close to increase the accuracy of her electric techniques and to try and paralyze her opponents so that her stronger techniques, such as Hydro Pump, can finish them off. Their tail is quite powerful, much like the Laplass, and can deliver some devastating damage to her opponent when it connects. However, if not used correctly, her Tail Slap technique can force the Maesael off balance and into unfortunate predicaments, leaving most tamers to train the Pokégirl not to use it except when to finish off the target.
Electric Bite (ATK 50 + EFT): Using her fangs to force-feed the target a dose of electricity designed to immobilize her prey, it has a 60% chance of paralyzing the target. Will not paralyze ground-type Pokégirls, however (though the attack is still biting, and may harm a ground-type Pokégirl anyway).
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MAGGIEMITE, the Floating Bipolar Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric (Tech)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Electricity
Role: Technicians, Power Sources
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Spark, Steel Claw, Lightning Punch, Takedown, Satellite, Yoink!
At L30: Sat Cannon
Enhancements: Magnetics Control, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Satellites, Heavy
Evolves: Maggieton (Drastic Change to Magnetic Field or Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: None
Maggiemite's are a very unique breed of Pokégirl. She is a 'Tech' Pokégirl, but in fact is one that blurs the lines between the Tech and the normal. Maggiemites are nearly human in form, but can hardly be mistaken for human – their skin, a form of pliable, living flesh-like metal that solidifies upon hard contact – is always a shade of non-reflective gray, the shade varying from girl to girl. A Maggiemite's skin almost always feels cool, unless it is significantly warmed or chilled by the local temperatures. The only inside of her is there any sign of body heat. Their hair is always red and blue, split between the two colors right down the middle, and often, but not always done up in symmetric ponytails to a magnet design. Their 'hair' is not actually hair, but a sort of soft plastic-like fiber that does not conduct electricity and thus is not affected by proximity to electricity. Their pupils are universally a pale white, usually giving, to the casual viewer, the impression that they have no pupils at all. On the back of a Maggiemite's hands are two translucent half-spheres about an inch and a half wide, one red, and the other blue. Similar half-spheres appear on both feet, just below where they meet the leg. The red spheres are always on the same side of the body as their red hair, and vice versa. They are younger in appearance that most Pokégirls, around 5 feet tall, with slim figures and with B-cup breasts at best. Despite this, they are surprisingly heavy, weighing roughly 220 lbs.
A Maggiemite's body has minor morphing qualities. They can shift their arms and legs, which normally appear human standard, into more solid gloved and heavy boot-like forms, giving them a solid base during combat. Their strength does not change when this happens, only the Maggiemite's own resistance to damage(which nevertheless allows the Maggiemite to exert more force without fear). Maggiemites may also morph their fingers into sharp claws, which can be used to cut things with ease or to perform various attacks. When a Maggiemite's body is subjected to heavy force, her skin reacts automatically, hardening to steel-like resilience against the attack and then softening as soon as the pressure is removed. This occurs even when the Maggiemite creates the force herself, such as when she is striking a heavy object. Despite this, Fighting and Ground-type techniques are very effective against the armor-like skin, and Fire attacks are not only effective but unless they hold some sort of other physical element (like Fire Punch) the skin's special properties don't even trigger at all, not that it has much effect at all.
One of the most interesting facts about the Maggiemite is that she is a girl with serious mental issues. This does not at all mean that Maggiemites are not intelligent - rather, their minds naturally tend towards rapidly changing moods, reactions, and extremes. One minute she may be as shy as a mouse, and the next she just can't have enough taming, not even caring if she's in a room full of other people. Even the most 'stable' of Maggiemites are like this, though their extremes tend towards emotional extremes. It is because of their randomness and great difficulty to keep up with that they are unpopular among tamers.
The Maggiemite's other bizarre trait are the four spherical satellites (each about the size of a baseball, having two small magnets on each side and one blank so-called 'eye' in the center), that hover around them at all times. These spheres can be controlled directly by the Maggiemite, but when not being directly manipulated, they move around almost as if they had a mind of their own, sometimes staying still and calm, other times moving around in a wild dance. The movements of the spheres in fact unconsciously move to mirror the Maggiemite's mood. Those skilled at recognizing the different patterns can determine a particular Maggiemite's mood, even from a distance. Even when a Maggiemite is sleeping, the satellites hover about on their own. The satellites are moved around by magnetic force, and can act as release points for the Maggiemite's electrical power. The half-spheres on a Maggiemite's hands and feet actually provide the connection to the four satellites, and if a satellite is destroyed, a replacement will be generated from them to take its place, at the cost of some energy.
Maggiemites were created by Sukebe to help assaults on enemy fortresses. Their offensive power was not spectacular, but their resistance to many forms of attack let them take a great deal of abuse, ideal for the brutal assaults. Their wild mentality, originally a design flaw that nearly made Sukebe abandon the line, proved surprisingly useful during the war where their unpredictability and extreme emotions made them a terror to face on the battlefield, despite their relative lack of power. Once inside of the enemy bases, where heavy metals could be found in almost every direction, they became a nightmare, using their magnetic movement to increase their maneuverability and move in ways that seemingly defied gravity. Their other saving grace was the Magnetic control unique to the line, which, among many other uses, helped give Maggiemites a surprisingly strong advantage over her fellow Steel-Types (though not against other Maggiemites).
Maggiemites are fairly versatile Pokégirls, capable of attacking at close range with powerful steel claws and strikes, electric attacks at both melee, short, and eventually medium ranges. Maggiemite's offensive abilities can, like the girls themselves, be a little unreliable, becoming dangerously inaccurate or inconsistent in power if the Maggiemite's mood is poor. They are not very fast Pokégirls, instead relying on their toughness and ability to strike both up close and at a distance to win the day.
In an area where there is solidly emplaced metal in all directions, however, like the indoors of some buildings, a Maggiemite can use it's Magnetic Levitation ability on a whole new level, 'repelling' itself from any given direction, letting it move much faster and in ways that otherwise would be much too ungainly to do, like suddenly change directions mid-air during a jump (by pulling themselves towards a wall in the desired direction), walk along ceilings, and other unexpected forms of movement. Levitation speed doubles in such an environment.
All Maggiemites have the natural ability to levitate, effectively repelling themselves away from the Earth's own natural magnetic field and using that to maneuver. The levitation is not very fast nor capable of complex maneuvers, however, though it improves as the Maggiemite evolves.
In the wild, Feral Maggiemite's are a truly unpredictable sight, especially in battle. They could fight their opponents to the death or lay down and spread their legs, waiting to be tamed. Or both. They are rarely found Feral anymore, however, except in unusual locations, as their electrical diet usually means they must stick close to urban civilization in order to eat – which makes them relatively quick to be captured.
Thresholding into a Maggiemite is quite rare, but when it happens the girl in question tends to push away her family and friends, not wanting them to deal with her sudden drastic changes in behavior and form.
One of the greatest mysteries about the Maggiemite is how she is able to control and manipulate multiple magnetic fields simultaneously, and get them to do exactly what she wants, even when being affected by many other magnetic fields - some of them very strong. Researchers are still studying this, and some are convinced that discovery of that method could lead to an industrial revolution, should that power be tapped. So far, no progress has been made.
Unique Attacks:
Yoink! (EFT): Targeting a metallic object, the Maggiemite attempts to draw it to her via magnetic fields, violently wresting weapons from enemies hands, bursting open metal panels, destroying computers, etc. If it is successful, the object either fall to the ground or shoots into the Maggiemite's hands.
Sat Cannon (ATK 100, EFT): Hovering one of her Satellites in place in front of her fist and charging it up tremendously, the Maggiemite launches the Satellite at maximum speed with a powerful punching motion. Because the attack practically telegraphs itself, and only hits in a straight line, it is very very easy to see this attack coming and simply sidestep it, making the attack very inaccurate. If it hits, however, the enemy is Paralyzed without fail.
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MAGGIETON, the “Three in One” Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric (Tech)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Electricity
Role: Technicians, Power Sources, Heavy Steel-Type Counter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Electric, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Enhancements: Magnetics Control, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Strength (x5), Satellites, Heavy, Multiple Personalities, Magnetic Buffer
Attacks: Spark, Steel Claw, Lightning Punch, Lightning Body, Takedown, Satellite 2, Iron Defense, Thunder Shield, Mag Bomb, Yoink!, Get Over Here!
At L30: Sat Cannon
At L40: Thunderbolt
At L50: Thunder
Evolves: Mechdoll (Tamer's understanding & Unison of all personalities)
Evolves From: Maggiemite (Drastic Change to Magnetic Field OR Thunder Stone)
When a Maggiemite experiences a drastic change in her magnetic field, normally caused by close proximity with another Maggiemite (As few other magnetic sources are powerful enough to mess with a Maggiemite’s magnetic control) or by close contact with a Thunder Stone, she undergoes the evolution into Maggieton.
Upon evolution, she loses much of her immature appearance, gaining roughly a foot in height (putting her at about six feet), a much more curvy and alluring form, and a significantly bigger bust (anywhere from C-D cups). Her combat and magnetic field manipulation abilities increase in power and control as well, capable of moving several hundred pounds of metal at one time with magnetics alone. The Maggieton's physical appearance does not otherwise change, retaining the flexible metal skin, hair, control spheres, and Satellites of her pre-evolved form, though she is now even heavier than before, roughly 320 lbs on average.
Unfortunately, this power comes at a price, as the once simply Bipolar Pokégirl becomes effectively insane. The Maggieton retains the same personality as her previous form – keeping the rapidly changing mood swings, but in addition, she now must contend with two new personalities, likewise hard to predict, that vie for dominance over the Maggieton’s body and her Master’s favor. A tamer that wishes to be effective with a Maggieton must learn to recognize the habits of each individual personality and what they’re best at, to ensure that they give effective orders in battle.
The Maggieton, in general, still cares for her harem sisters, and is much more determined to impress and be useful for her tamer, but the rivalry between the three personalities can sometimes become the cause of trouble. Some people report Maggieton acting like the other Pokégirls whose field changed hers, gaining traits and knowledge she didn't show before.
Like their pre-evolved form, Maggieton's are a terror to face in battle.
Maggietons are tanks, capable of taking enormous amounts of punishment and dealing it out in turn, though they are not particularity fast, unless, like their predecessor, they are in a metal-entrenched environment. Predicting them is difficult, as their personalities and combat styles can change on a whim. This can, however, work to the enemy’s advantage, as the three personalities do not always agree on how to approach combat, sometimes leading to situations where the personalities will conflict, reducing efficiency on combat.
Just as the Maggieton is a combination of three different personalities, the Maggieton combines a lot of her attacks, such as using Lightning Body to grant her melee attacks extra bite, or using Get Over Here! to set up a particularly vicious Satellite barrage. Though not quite as fear-inducing as a Widow or a Mousewife on a rampage, heaven help the foe that faces a Maggieton whose personalities have set aside their differences and become united in objective, as they are relentless and devastating.
The Maggieton gains one ability to put her above her lesser sisters, however – the ability to create a constant defensive magnetic buffer around her. Steel-Type attacks and attacks from metal weapons (swords, bullets from guns, etc.) are repelled from this field, making them incredibly inaccurate and reducing damage done from those attacks. This, combined with her innate resistances and high Durability rating, makes them one seriously tough opponent to take down.
Because of her multiple personalities, the Maggieton is often confused and requires much more looking after then an evolved Pokégirl should, leaving many tamers to trade her or release her. They are hard to please, as each personality wants her own time and attention from the tamer, making her almost as difficult to placate as three separate Pokégirls! Good things await the few tamers with the patience and determination to earn the undying loyalty and respect of all three personalities, however, as when all three minds unite, the Pokégirl will evolve into the powerful Mechdoll.
Feral Maggietons should almost never be approached without a strong Ground-type Pokégirl on hand, and should always be taken seriously. Unlike their pre-evolved sisters, however, it is not advisable to take up a feral Maggieton’s offer to tame them outright, as there is no telling when of if her personalities will change and decide to be less friendly. In addition, it is highly advisable that you do not combat them with other Steel types or Pokegirls who rely on metal weapons.
There have been only a few recorded cases of girls thresholding into Maggietons, almost all of them devastated by the change before one of their other personalities takes over.
• Get Over Here! (ATK 150 + EFT): An attack exclusive to Maggieton and the Mechdoll, it only works on Steel-Type Pokégirls and Armored Pokégirls (and not against any of the Maggiemite line). Generating a tremendously powerful magnetic pull, the Maggieton reaches towards the target with one arm and jerks it back, as if pulling an invisible chain, forcing the target Pokégirl off her feet and into a position where the Maggieton can deliver a devastating punch. Only works within a short (less than 20ft) distance, and is very strenuous, due to the sheer power involved. This technique can also be used on metal objects, and is considered a Steel attack.
• Thunder Shield (ATK 30): Three of the Maggieton’s Satellites form into a triangular formation, and generate a powerful defensive field between them. The Maggiemite can move the Thunder Shield as she wills to defend against attacks. However, while this defense is up, the Maggieton has only one Satellite available for attacking. If a Pokégirl comes into direct contact with the shield (such as with weaponless close-combat attacks), she takes a light amount of electric damage.
• Lightning Body (ATK 30): The Maggieton shrouds her body with electricity, doing the listed Electricity damage to her opponent every time she hits her opponent with an attack or when the opponent directly hits her. This damage is in addition to the damage her attacks would normally do (but does not increase the damage of Electric attacks)
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MAGIC KNIGHT, the Elemental Knight Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human food
Role: hero
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ghost, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Fighting, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Slash, Go Down, Parry, Deflect, Bonk, Imitate, Heal
Enhancements: Magical body armor, special gauntlet which contains a sword
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Firemaiden (Dawn Stone), Watermaiden (Dawn Stone), Airmaiden (Dawn Stone)
A Magic Knight is an extremely rare Pokégirl, there have only been three reported cases of a Pokégirl evolving into a Magic Knight. The three Pokégirl types that were reported to evolve into Magic Knights were: a Firemaiden, an Airmaiden, and a Watermaiden. Exactly how these evolutions are catalyzed remains unknown. One researchers hypothesizes some sort of new evolution stone that he has dubbed “Escudo” but so far this appears to be nothing more than a pet theory with no evidence whatsoever, and virtually all of the Pokégirl research community has disdained the idea.
Reportedly, when the three Pokégirls evolved into Magic Knights, their physical appearance did not alter, though their wardrobe was supplemented by magical armor consisting of shoulder guards, a breast plate, boots, and gauntlets which contained a magical stone from which the Magic Knight was able to draw a sword. Each of the Magic Knights has gained powerful new attacks, including some sword attacks and some magic attacks.
Though the reports claim that though these Pokégirls were Tamerless, they were not Feral. No one knows when or why they disappeared, but to this day, there have been no other credible reports of any Pokégirls evolving into Magic Knights.
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MAGICUNT, the Magical Fish Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Fish)
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare (usually mistaken for other types)
Diet: kelp and some fish
Role: spellcaster (especially water)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electricity, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Punch, Spells
Enhancements: Spellcraft
Evolves: Boobfin (Dark Stone), Gynadose (orgasm + level)
Evolves From: None
Magicunt's look basically like Mermaids, except that along with the normal vagina at the bottom of their abdomens, there is a second, much larger vagina spanning from the sternum and terminating at the start of the normal one. This vagina is anatomically complete, including a fist sized clitoris, a urethra (used mostly for water-spells), and vaginal canal. But instead of connecting to a Uterus, the vaginal canal terminates in a pocket dimension (who's size depends on the level of the Magicunt.) early in life, there is only enough space to hold a few small items in it, but it may grow large enough to carry passengers. The reverse side of the pocket dimension, once it reaches sufficient is a spherical type room made of the Magicunt's own flesh, and filled partially with clean, fresh water. There also is a sort of reflection of the Magicunt, attached to the wall. That Magicunt's cunt forms the only exit to the room.
Because of this pocket dimension, Magicunt's are very valuable as a means of transport across and into water.
It is also believed that this pocket dimension is the source of a Magicunt's magic. But like all magic type Pokégirls, this is poorly understood.
There is also a rumor that if a Magicunt enters the "magic cunt" of another Magicunt, then their pocket dimensions become intertwined, and they end up sharing a joined pocket dimension. This is as yet untested.
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MAGMAMMARY, the Lava Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League; unknown all others)
Diet: unknown (assumed only needs lava or fire to survive)
Role: unknown, not discovered until after the Sukebe War ended
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice Plant, Steel
Week Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireblast, Flamrethrower, Barrier, Dissolve
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Endurance, High Heat Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cyndacunt (Fire Stone)
Magmammarys (or Magmarys are they're sometimes called) are Pokégirls whose entire skin (save for the bottoms of their feet) is continually ablaze with a special flame so long as they're alive. Even when doused with water or even encased in ice, these flame do not go out, the flames of a Magmammary can only extinguish when they're dead. Because of their flames, their body temperature is roughly 337 degrees Fahrenheit (or 169 degrees Celsius). While their flames will not set anything on fire, their body heat alone will cause things to grow quite hot after a while. This means that they are often forced to stay in places that are resistant to heat.
If their body temperature is ever below 330 degrees Fahrenheit (or 166 degrees Celsius), it's often a clear sign that she is not healthy. Oddly, her body temperature normally doesn't change up or down more than one or two degrees, regardless of weather conditions or the climate; but her temperature may go up to 377 degrees Fahrenheit (or 192 degrees Celsius) during sex. This makes it virtually impossible for any tamer who does not have an ice or fire affinity to become intimate with her. Regardless of these facts, most Magmammarys do not like to be in areas that are not hot.
Magmammarys generally stand roughly 4'2" to 5'8", though taller or shorter is not entirely unknown. Their eyes are generally ash grey or deep red, but the rare "albino" of the species have had blue eyes. Magmammarys with blue eyes almost always have an important destiny in store for them. Their hair is never curly, though their flames can make it appear so, and most hate having their hair beyond shoulder length.
Magmammarys have special secondary eyelids that allow them to swim through lava as if swimming through water, and thanks to their incredibly high heat tolerance, they can swim virtually unharmed through lava. They do, however, avoid going so deep as to encounter magma, though. They don't seem to eat, but are frequently seen around flames and lava, which is currently assumed to be their actually food, and it's been ascertained (though details as to _how this was discovered are rather sketchy) that Magmammarys cannot feed on their own flames.
Magmammarys are generally rather unfriendly to (sometimes even openly snide towards) any non-fire Pokégirls, though they do have respect for Ice Pokégirls and any human who can ignore the heat they generally live in. Researchers believe this may be due to the fact that they either can't respect anyone who cannot take the heat or they simply don't want to hurt anyone.
Because of their rarity, domesticate Magmammary are rare, and threshold girls are, as of yet, unheard of.
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MAHAVI, the Highly-Knowledgable Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Teacher, Ranch Assistant, Sex Battler
Libido: Average to Extreme (varies per individual)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Counter, Backhand, Quadra Pummel, Dodge, Petrification Gaze, Rapid Stroke, Helping Touch, Long Tongue, Angel Eyes, Quadratouch
Enhancements: Enhanced senses (x3), Additional Arms (x2), Enhanced Endurance and Sexual Endurance (x4), Quadra-dextrous, Flexibility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Soixante-Neuf (Lack of Taming for a week + Dream Stone)
A somewhat unknown Pokégirl, though not because she has been recently discovered. Instead, it is highly unusual to find any Soixante-Neuf that can, will, or has gone an entire week without being tamed by her tamer or her tamer's harem. For an entire week, the Soixante-Neuf must be left alone with a Dream Stone nearby, or held, or used like a dildo for the Pokégirl as she suffers from a lack of taming. Due to the fact that most often she is about to go feral at the end of the week, however, the evolutionary requirement is triggered the moment before she loses her mind and goes feral. The Dream Stone becomes a light that envelops the Pokégirl, and the result is the Mahavi. Gaining anywhere between six inches to a foot in height, the Mahavi's breasts gain only half a cup in size from what they once were. Though this sometimes disappoints the Mahavi given what the Soixante-Neuf normally evolves into (a true sex machine of a pokegirl, mind you), they do not mind their evolution once they realize one major truth.
They can actually outlast a Menage-a-Trois in a sex battle, with enough training. And the main reasons for this are three-fold. The first is that their sexual endurance becomes much greater than it had been before, their pleasure threshold amazingly high and this makes them very difficult Sex Battle opponents. Most Mahavi also know the tricks that a Menage-a-Trois know as well, allowing them to defend against them. And the last, perhaps just as important, reason is that they have an extra pair of hands to work with. She can use all four of her arms and hands just as well as someone who is ambidextrous can use their hands. As such they have an amazing advantage in sex battles using even only two of her hands to hold her opponent in place, while the other two work on the target using their extensive sexual knowledge to win. If that wasn't enough, they even gain bodies that are as flexible as a Jigglyslut’s, and a tongue like a Laplass’ that can extend up to a foot outside of her mouth. (More, if she learns the more advanced tongue techniques, which can be done in less than half the standard time to learn them thanks to her training habits).
Fortunately, tamers of the Mahavi seem to be a bit happier with their new Pokégirl once they realize that they don't actively attempt to bring the Tamer off as quickly as possible. Instead, when delta-bonded with her tamer, their Mahavi prefers to take things slow, building up to an orgasm after an hour or more of sexual stimulation for them both. When in a Taming session with more than one partner, on the other hand, she enjoys actually enjoying the time she spends with the others, and doesn't feel a need to rush into anything. Their endurance often plays the deciding factor when it comes to taming, and she will often spend time teaching her tamer, and the other Pokégirls in the harem, how to build their endurance as well. Tamers who keep a Mahavi in their harem usually keep them as teachers that can assist them with taming and their own endurance training. As such, they make decent Betas, but are completely unsuited as Alphas.
In normal battles, they are not quite as effective but are still useful. Using their signature Quadra Pummel technique, they can do a fair amount of damage to unarmored Pokégirls that aren't strong against their attacks. These pokegirls are very strong-willed, and have been known to utilize Petrification Gaze in battle to stop their opponents in mid-attack. However, their defenses are lacking, and most Mahavi go down after only a few hits land upon them. Outside of battles, Mahavi enjoy, of all things, reading and learning new things. Many Mahavi are actually used as judges, as their knowledge of different subjects allow them to become quite respected in many circles. Some are known to become Research Assistants, and some are even teachers at Ranches. Some few human girls have been known to threshold into a Mahavi, though this is a very rare thing. Feral Mahavi tend to go after any male or female, human or Pokégirl alike, in search of a taming, and those that threshold into a Mahavi have been known to be the instigators of an orgy within a park or a department store. Families are urged to send the Thresholding girl to a Ranch before she finishes the process, if at all possible, to avoid such a thing. When feral, a Mahavi can speak a few words at most but their instincts to be tamed cannot be resisted by her body. This has also led to a few unfortunate moments on Sadie Poken’s Days throughout the world.
Quadra Pummel (ATK 15 + EFT): An attack where the Mahavi uses each of her arms in a piston-like punching action. For each hit that lands, there is a 10% chance of stunning the opponent, which is doubled with each hit that connects with the target (up to a 40% chance after the fourth strike).
Quadratouch (S.ATK 60 + EFT): Uses all four hands to stimulate her target at the same time, on different parts of the target's body in most cases. Has a 30% chance of inucing Attraction upon their target, as well as a 20% chance of causing her target to orgasm.
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MAID YVETTE (aka PARISIAN), the "Domestic Dominator" Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: domestic servant
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Slap, Glare
Enhancements: Enhanced Healing Rate, Low Feral
Evolves: Parismaid (normal), Milk Maid (Milktit milk and orgasm), AngelMaid (Orgasm + "Mile High Club" + Mana Crystal), Hand Maid (mechanism unknown), Moonmaid (battle stress at night)
Evolves From: None
The Yvette series were the third League designed Pokégirls following available data left from Sukebe's War. Flush with success from the Joys and Jennies, the Joys created to operate League centers and the Jennies to enforce laws, the Yvette series was designed to be the logical next step - cleaners, street sweepers, and maintenance personnel. As such, they were an utter failure. There was not one thing or quality the Yvette series could do better and they had an unfortunate tendency to faint at the sign of blood - making them pathetic combatants. Maid Yvette are all named Yvette and identical physically and mentally. Evolving to the next stage gives them more individuality (either one).
A Yvette is often frustrated by her inherent inability to excel in any one area. Even Bunny Pokégirls, which weren't genetically created to fulfill a specific niche, could do their jobs just as well as a Maid Yvette can. Yvette also look up to Joys and Jennies for being a kind of 'big sister' to them, and envy their capacity of individuality. It is unknown if this oversight in the Yvette's mental capacity was an oversight or by design, and the League geneticists have yet to explain about this. Some sympathetic Tamers have decided to try and instill a sense of true individuality in their Maid Yvettes, to only varying degrees of success. However, no known Yvette had yet been conditioned enough to be able to answer to anything other than their breed name (or just Yvette).
Most Yvettes that are found are almost always available for any beginning Tamer, despite their status as a Very Rare Pokégirl. This is simply because of the fact that Yvettes are usually unwanted by even the leagues that gave them life. There have been no known threshold cases that turn into a Maid Yvette, and as such, this gives researchers the cause to study this phenomenon. No female humans that were brought into the world by a Yvette has ever threshold as of the time of this writing. If this was what was in the mind of the geneticists that created the Maid Yvette, rather than to make them do all the maintenance work throughout the world...
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MANTIS, the Man-Eater Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph/Metamorph (Insectoid)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Not Rare Enough (Extremely Rare)
Diet: Live, wriggling meat (Mainly human males, but also bird, lizard, frog, and bug-type Pokégirls)
Role: Assassins, Torturers, Executioners
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Slash, Carve, Cut, Parry, Deflect, Sword Dance, Megaton Kick, Slash Wave, Spincut, Confuse, Broken Castle, Weapon Guard, Weapon Repel, Zanmato
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Agility (x6), 2 extra arms with razor sharp serrated sickles on them, light shape-shifting, wings for high velocity jumping
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 4,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 500,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Have a strong warrior-type or fire-type ready to fight. Otherwise, evacuate at once if at all possible, where there’s one there's almost always more.
We all know Sukebe took ideas for his Pokégirls from both old legends and pop culture in his era. However, there was one old series of Legends that we all wish he'd never heard about, the legends of the Tang-Yin. For it was from these grim tales that the most dreaded Pokégirl ever was birthed, they were meant to be the bane of the men who aided women like Linda McKenzie...the Mantis.
The Manti were the most dreaded Pokégirls that any soldier had ever faced in the Revenge War. However, any of the few survivors would have told you, it had nothing to do with their looks. Standing a towering 7 feet tall at the on average, the Mantis Pokégirls were veritable giants. They appeared as attractive humans at first, with long flowing hair coming in a veritable rainbow of colors. Their eyes were often a hauntingly beautiful red, their hair dark as the night, a starch contrast to their pale skin with plump C-D cup breasts. However, they were limited metamorphs. When their prey would get close enough, they sprang, twin lethal scythe-arms sprouting from their shoulders in a flash, they'd skewer, slice, and slash their target without mercy. These scythe-arms are double jointed, allowing them to be moved freely with surprising speed and precision and are usually held in a position of prayer when active, yet not in use. Extending from the base of their spine was a short insectoid ‘tail’ with a solid stinger on the end, from the shoulders down to the tip of this ‘tail’ were hardened wings. They are not strong enough for true flight, but more than enough to allow the Mantis to leap incredible distances at amazing speeds. They hard two primary forms, their ‘normal’ form, which they could only be in while Tame, something that's become nigh impossible now.
Their other form, however, was truly a terror to behold. Their once dainty feet replaced by strong and lethal talons, beautiful and prominent breasts shrunk and replaced by muscle, velvety skin hardened into potent armor. The Mantis' 'Battle mode' is truly something to fear. They could kill a platoon alone normally, in this form it'd take a battalion just to take one down and have a survivor. Now 7 feet tall is the smallest recorded sighting of one in her battle mode, they become as terrifying as they acted. Their eyes become a solid color and 'bug out' to a disturbing size, long antennae growing from their foreheads, and their wings also taking on a hardened blade-like quality.
In combat Manti like to make the best of their surroundings. They liked to sneak attack their quarry, often attacking from the treetops above or sneaking in via the use of their metamorphic techniques to give them a sort of ‘mobile camouflage.’ In battle their scythe-arms were their key weapons, whether a sneak assault or a front-line charge they always preferred to rely on their scythe-arms and sword-based attacks. They would often leap straight into heavy close-combat with their intense long-range jumps and dive in fighting, swinging their scythe-arms with a fervor rarely seen in even the most violent of a Gynadose’s rages. What made this grim sight even worse was that Manti almost NEVER fought alone. Wherever they went, litter-mates of Manti always fought as a team, often making a particularly enjoyable battle a ‘family outing’ for them.
While their combat style was vicious, what they were most famous for was their sexual appetites. Frequently, they would take victims off and rape them, forcing them to erection with their human hands and taking what they wanted from them. And then once they had gotten off, the Mantis would then start eating their victim alive, usually starting with the genitals, the victim screaming in agony as the Mantis stripped his body of all his flesh. It’s said that the only way to know if a Mantis had bonded to you from one of these incidents, is that she'd either let you live, or kill you quickly. No one’s been willing to test which of these is the true outcome of bonding to a Mantis.
The soldiers of the Revenge War learned the hard way on a Mantis' Feral State. The mantis' Feral state is mild enough so that they'd know to hide from the potential threat that humans and Tamed Pokégirls now represented, thus they went into hiding and tried their best to keep their movements secret. A few were found shortly before the first Widow was sighted, and the first Pokégirl bounties were made. That bounty was subsequently increased, as Manti seemed to have developed a taste for bird, insect, frog, and lizard-type Pokégirls as well, great piles of bones being found in Manti lairs. However, it should be noted that Manti rarely, if ever, stay in one area for more than a year, two at the longest. The reason is because they apparently know that if they're in the same spot long enough, then sooner or later they'll be discovered.
As if things couldn't get worse about these deadly Pokégirls, it seems more and more are working for the Limbec Pirates. Information revealed by a Pirate who went legit revealed that Mephaesta, who'd grown fond of the vicious man-eating warriors, had begin to recruit them en-masse to work as torturers, executioners, and Assassins for the Limbec Pirates. Apparently both sides of this arrangement enjoy it greatly. This caused the already high bounty on Manti to increase even further for the sake of safety.
In recent a raid on a Limbec Pirate lair, a particularly fat, Snorlass-sized Mantis was found in the base's dungeons, alongside several hundred bones. DNA testing later revealed that these were all Tamers, Pokégirls, and civilians who had disappeared in the last few months. Before the Mantis was put down, a psychic probe revealed that all those she had eaten were somehow connected with anti-Threshold and anti-Feral research. The Mantis knew nothing more than that, she simply ate whom she was sent. This has led security to be increased around those facilities and for the family members of those involved.
There’s rumors of a sub-breed of Mantis, commonly called the ‘Praying Mantis’ by those few who’ve seen one. There’s little to go on other than they seem to be more intelligent and in control of their instincts than the ‘normal’ Manti.
Thanks to the obvious facts, as there's no confirmed cases of Taming a Mantis Pokégirl and surviving, let alone capturing it, thresholding into one, whether naturally or by force, is impossible. Thank the gods above.
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MARBLE, the Statue Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid SemiHuman
Element: Rock
Frequency: Very Rare (all Leagues)
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Pose, BearHug, Harden, StonePalm, Flake
Enhancements: Enhanced defense and Enhanced Strength (x5)
Evolves: Jade (normal), Titto (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Statue (normal), Titto (Diamond Stone)
Standing roughly 5'6" to 6" feet tall (while taller is uncommon amongst the already rare race, it is not entirely unknown to happen), most Marbles look identical to normal statues. Their skin and hair generally are all the same base color, usually white, grey or as their name would suggest, some light shade of marble. Marbles never grow pubic hair. The most disconcerting thing about Marbles is that they have the ability to turn their eyes into a solid color identical to their skin and hair, making the illusion of a statue complete. The few ferals that have been discovered use this tactic to hide any telling movements.
Marble Pokégirls were designed as pieces of art combined with the capability of strategic military strikes. In the event that the enemy managed to retake a facility, Marbles were often lining the walls. The only way to detect a Marble, outside of moving it and checking later to see if it moved itself back, is to tickle it using abilities known to water or grass-type Pokégirls. It is uncertain WHY Marbles are ticklish only to water or grass-types, but it is an undeniable fact.
They can 'feel' to a limited degree through their skin, but it is considered less sensitive than a normal humans. The only times that their skin regains full sensitivity is when it is in contact with plant material or water. The majority of threshold Marbles that have occurred sometimes go through emotional problems stemming from the weaker sensitivity. Because of this, it is recommended that threshold Marbles are in harems that have Grass or Water-type Pokégirls.
The most surprising and amazing thing about Marbles is the fact that they can use 'Flake', a rock technique unique to their type that allows them to repair damaged sections of their body to look as if they had NEVER been damaged. They can even regenerate lost limbs at a pace of one limb a day. In fact, so long as a Marble's head or torso remains mostly intact (estimated 60%), it can regenerate its entire body within a week.
A recent discovery was made that revealed the Marbles can transform into Tittos using a Water Stone. However, while documented, it was unrecorded and has yet to be confirmed by any researchers as Marble Pokégirls are invaluable in combat and thus, those trainers that do have them are reluctant to offer them up to test the theory or have already evolved them.
In a manner that isn't totally understood, a Diamond Stone can be used to turn a Titto into a Marble. Why it turns the Titto into a Rock-type instead of a Ground-type isn’t understood just yet, but it seems to be similar to how cement is hardened into rock.
Collecting Marble "flakes" can be a form of livelihood, as Vale routinely requires marble as a spell component for earth-based spells.
Thresholds directly into Marbles are possible.
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MARCH HARE, the Confusing (Confused?) Pokégirl
Type: Near Human animorph
Element: Psychic/Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: vegetarian. Also has a strong liking for tea for some reason
Role: No one can make sense of them to figure this out
Libido: Medium
Strong Vs: Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Confusion, Displace, Amnesia, Disable, Dumb Luck, Metronome
Enhancements: Strong luck factor, Enhanced sense of hearing and taste
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Unknown mechanism)
The March Hare is a distinct oddity. No one knows exactly how a Bunnygirl evolves into one. No one knows what their purpose was during Sukebe's War. And no one knows just why they have such an obsession with drinking tea.
Physically, the March Hare remains mostly the same as they did previous to evolving. They gain a size or two to their bust, and grow a short but thick layer of fur all over their bodies.
Mentally, however, they change a great deal. While Bunnygirls were never known for their minds, the March Hare goes far beyond that.
The problem is not so much a lack of intelligence (despite their possession of the Dumb Luck attack), but that they make no sense whatsoever. They constantly talk in nonsense rhymes and riddles, which not even the smartest Alaka-wham has been able to make sense of (Indeed, many of that breed as well as other psychic Pokégirls complain of strong headaches when a March Hare is nearby). The only time they even begin to make sense is when the subject turns to tea, which they can go on and on about for hours at a time. Tea is actually a main part of March Hares' daily routines, and become sullen if not allowed or able to have some on a regular basis.
Feral March Hares have even been known to show up where tea is being brewed, and can be lured in (or away) with the drink. March Hares are not recommended for Harem Tamers, as they display little value in either regular or sex battles. The only reason someone might want to have one is the serendipity factor that follows them around. It should be noted that that there are some people who hold to a theory that March Hares are actually the most intelligent beings in the world, and are merely hiding this from everyone. These people are ignored.
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MAREEN, the Watermouse Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: sometimes trained by fishermen, most common belongs to watcher or researcher
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Tail Whip, Tackle
Enhancements: Fur naturally repels water, transparent second eyelid, light feral state, near perfect recall, digestive system is very efficient, good night vision, Enhanced Hearing (x10), heightened sense of touch.
Special Weaknesses: Often easily intimidated, vulnerable to sleep attacks, low pain thresholds.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Mareen are one of the newer varieties of Pokégirl discovered within the past hundred years. They are shy and easily frightened, which may mean they've been around longer but simply evaded tamers and researchers.
The physical appearance of Mareen looks a lot like Titmouse, so much so that some researchers have sworn blind that Mareen must be an evolution of Titmouse. The existence of Pool Mouse however rules out the possibility that Mareen is a water stone evolution of Titmouse, leaving researchers stumped on where Mareen comes from. It is possible that Mareen merely looks similar to Titmouse rather than being an evolution of it, Pia, Peekabu and Ria all provide precedent for this option.
Just by looking at Mareen you can tell she is a mouse type Pokégirl, the body covered with short but thick fur, the slight muzzle, expressive slightly long ears, and long thin tail are all traits similar to Titmouse. Mareen has some differences from the standard Titmouse form, her short and thick fur that is always aqua blue in color except for down her chest, stomach and groin where the fur is always white. The fur on Mareens body has an interesting trait; it naturally repels water allowing this aquatic mouse to stay dry even when playing or fishing in the water.
The long thin tail is also another one of Mareen's differences, it's not as flexible as a Titmouse's but instead is semi-ridged (although it should be noted that it is capable of stretching) and zigzagged similarly to a Peekabu's tail. At the end of its tail it has a round blue furred sphere, this sphere is filled with oils and is used as a buoy that helps keep Mareen from drowning even in the most vicious river currents. If you see just Mareens tail bobbing on the surface of the water then it's a sure indication that the Pokégirl is current diving beneath the water to feed on aquatic plants or fresh water shellfish.
Mareen rarely stand over four feet in height, have average flexibility and are not particularly strong. The fur on their bodies is particularly sensitive though and researcher believe this is so they can sense the changing water currents easier. An amusing thing to note is the sensitivity of their tail and ears, any stimulation of either can actually get a Mareen off without any other form of sexual stimulation, whilst this can make Mareen much easier to tame, it also means she is completely useless in any sexcraft match.
Mareen are actually a fair bit more intelligent than Titmice, they don't suffer from the same ‘ditzy' problem, quite the opposite, as they have near perfect recall making them ideal for remembering things or carrying out complicated tasks. This means that Mareen has become a favorite Pokégirl of Watchers or Researchers who find having such a Pokégirl around useful, often using them as lab assistants to help aid them in their research and so this is where they are most regularly found.
Mareen can also be found with some fishermen, especially those specializing in fresh water shellfish as they find Mareens fishing abilities a useful addition to help them ply their trade. It should be noted for those who are going to use Mareen as a fishing Pokégirl that she does not do as well in the salt water oceans as she does in rivers and lakes which are her natural habitat in the wild. Use of Mareen should be limited to rivers or lakes as they suffer a number of swimming and navigation problems when faced with salt water for some reason unknown to researchers.
Despite their cuteness, Mareen are not particularly favored as pets because they are relatively new and can be rather difficult to acquire, so its rare to see a pet owner have a Mareen. They are also rarely found in a tamers harem because they are poor combatants; they are easily startled or intimidated by larger more powerful Pokégirls and suffer even worse panic attacks when faced with cat type Pokégirls.
In the wild, feral Mareen will immediately use fog cloud when startled or attacked in order to obscure the attacker's vision before running away, preferably to the nearest water source where their natural swimming abilities allow them to escape all but the more proficient water types. This is a particularly effective defensive mechanism and works the majority of the time, when it doesn't the Mareen is usually torn apart and devoured by a hungry cat type. Feral Mareen will always be found very close to a river or a lake so they can escape, this can make capturing one difficult because they have sensitive hearing and will flee at the first hint of trouble.
Recently there have be some cases of girls thresholding into Mareen, these events are rare however and most girls immediately bolt for the wild once threshold is over making it difficult to see how thresholding into a Mareen affects the psyche. Researchers presumed that girls have thresholded into Mareen before but were incorrectly identified by people on the scene.
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MARGARITA, the Icy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, food preservation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), Not Affected by Snow Blindness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Ice Crystal)
Margaritas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes completely white. They also tend to be quite friendly, and they particularly enjoy snuggling. This particular trait has lead to their popularity among Trainers, seeing as they probably the most affectionate (not to mention warmest) Ice Pokégirls in the world. Combined with their decent skill in combat (and ability to learn), they tend to be a solid choice for a Tamer needing Ice support.
Wild Margarita prefer to live in desert climes, but above the level where snow falls. Wild Margaritas prefer to stay in cool shade (such as caves or rock structures that they build) during the day and forage at night like chinchillas, but this routine can be changed by a tamer, especially when not in desert climates.
The Margaritas usefulness in food preservation and cute-and-cuddly demeanor has led to them often being used as mascots for anything cold, from frozen food to food freezers, air conditioners to breath mints. Of particular fame is a Margarita named Eleanor, who appears in every refrigerator ad run by the Jahana Corporation. Originally kept as a pet by a Junior Executive of Marketing, her above-average appearance and distinct delivery won her a surprising following. She is noticeably more popular than most of the products she shills, with several fan groups devoted to her.
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MARMOTTE, the Marmoset Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph
Element: Fighting/Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: berries, nuts, pokechow
Role: guard animals
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tackle, Leap, Double Kick, Reflect, Agility, Counter, Backhand, Uppercut, Body Slam, Leg Sweep, Low Kick, High Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (battle stress or Round Stone)
The Marmotte is the battle evolution of the Eva. Until recently Marmotte were considered only a fairy tale, mainly because very few Tamers would allow their Eva to stay in a fight until the evolution became a possibility. Even now, there are only a few Marmotte known to exist because the amount of damage needed to trigger can also be the cause of death for an Eva.
The Marmotte is the least petite of the Eva Evolutions. She gains height and size during the evolution reaching an average height of 5'6". Her arms and legs both gain a good deal of muscle density while her hair will become shorter (claimed to be the work of split ends or some such nonsense.) reaching generally no more than shoulder blade length. This Eva breed will tend to have black to dark brown hair and generally green eyes. Her tail will loose a bit of its fluffiness and become a bit shorter. The cup size of her Eva form will be the same, though her hips will flare a bit due to the excess muscles.
Despite how much a Marmotte trains herself she will never reach the fighting prowess of an Amazonchan per say but she will still be able to duke it out fairly well against types that have a weakness to fighting or are unaffected by fighting. Her preferences for taming carryover from her previous form which tends to be a relief for most tamers. However if one were to undergo a level five taming program, the tamer would be more or less starting from scratch. The Marmotte tends to enjoy vying for dominance with her tamer. If the tamer can overpower her (or for most out maneuver her) then she will serve them faithfully and enjoy being taken roughly. However if the tamer is unable to do this fear not, unlike most fighting types she won't snub the weak tamer, she will feel an over whelming need to defend and protect said tamer. In this event a Marmotte will tend to tell the tamer when the taming will begin, but will remain gentle during the process.
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MAROWHACK, the Loyal Bone Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Very Rare to Extremely Rare
Diet: human foods
Role: Protector, Life Mate
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dildorang, Dildo Rush, Thrash, Headbutt, Bone Penetration
Enhancements: Loyalty, Strength x5, Speed x4, Enhanced Dildo
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cudildo (Taken Revenge, Given Meaning)
Marowhacks are considered to be one of the most loyal Pokégirls in the world. Having evolved from a Cudildo who has achieved her revenge and was nursed from her depression from a very patient and loving tamer, this Pokégirl would literally die for him. She becomes extremely protective of that Tamer to the point of possessing stubborn streak a few miles wide in regards to this, and will constantly seek to act like his bodyguard at all times. So much so, that if she's put away in her Pokéball while in a situation where she feels her Tamer is in danger, she force her way back out within a few minutes. She will use everyone ounce of her strength in her Tamer's protection and will commit suicide should her Tamer die.
Upon her evolution from a Cudildo, several major changes occur. She gains a few inches in height, and her breasts can increase up to full two cups sizes. Her body becomes curvier than her previous form, giving her a lithe but muscular frame, as she gets stronger. At the same time, her skull mask changes into a helmet, expanding to cover her head and leaving only her eyes and mouth exposed, many of these helmets becoming more stylized by growing horns, or becoming etched with symbols or markings some even with color. The features can also change, staying skull like or smoothing out more, all seeming in accordance to what she thinks her tamer would like. Her bone club remains mostly the same, however grows sleeker in appearance and can be used as a double-sided dildo during sex matches.
The greatest changes are apparently to her face, but its hard to document because she only shows her face to her tamer, and perhaps very trusted members of her harem, when they are taming (the tamer has to be part of it). Tamers who have Marowhacks claim that nothing is as beautiful as the face of Marowhack in the throws of an orgasm, the looks of passion and love indescribable.
No one is sure about the Marowhack’s feral state, seeing as the affection and devotion one shows her tamer usually means they are never without a taming. And no Tamer who has gone through the time and trouble to evolving her into her current form would allow such a thing to happen. Add to that the fact that no Marrowhacks will ever be found feral in the wild and it is illegal in most Leagues to trade her due to the suicidal nature of the girl if her Tamer is gone, it just doesn’t happen.
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MARYANN DREW, the M.A.D. Pokégirl
Story/Series This Pokégirl Is From: Fossils
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Who's nuts enough to slap an Angel Stone on a Jokette)
Diet: Human-style, presumed also to feed on laughter
Role: entertainers, clowns, expert victims
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Cry, Teleport, Tackle, Telekinesis, Wrestle, Quick Attack, Flash, Blur, Slash, light spellwork, Permeable, S.E.P., Breasts of Steel
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing and Eyesight (x8), Agility, almost totally fearless, intelligent
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Jokette (Angel Stone)
MaryAnn Drews are perhaps the reason Jokettes are so nervous around Celestials. Like a Harlequin's exposure to a Mana Crystal, a Jokette's exposure to an Angel Stone opens her mind to a life-changing, cosmic revelation. She suddenly realizes that the Universe is a vast, uncaring place. The difference is the MaryAnn Drews do not want to share this information. They cherish others' ignorance of the Truth, and will do much to distract others with humor. They retain the Jokette's love of practical jokes, however they prefer humiliation and degradation to killing. Unlike the other tricksters, they don't trust others to appreciate their jokes, they are their own favorite `victim`, with Harlequins and Jokettes as a close second. E.g., A dozen people will walk through a door, the MaryAnn Drew will be the one who gets the bucket of whitewash on her head, the one she secretly put there. And they can look absolutely miserable better than any other Pokégirl. They will often use the Cry technique when they fall victim to their own or another's joke, people will either immediately go to comfort her, or laugh cruelly at her predicament. This is fine with a MaryAnn Drew. Physically, they still have the chalk-white skin, green hair, and blood-red lips. A notable difference is the appearance of black teardrop-shaped marking under one or both eyes, as if they were eternally crying. They are still capable of the large, frightening grins, they also can frown pathetically to nearly the same extent. They retain the comically large breasts and revealing, purple clothes, they often add to their costume top hats or elaborate headdresses that they cannot release. While they can take them off their heads, the hat won't stop touching some part of their body unless physically wrenched off by someone else. Even then, it will be a struggle, easier to tear her arm off, rather than the hat sitting on her palm.
MaryAnn Drews will use their abilities to defend their Harem-sisters and Tamer, they prefer to use Permeable in preference to other defenses and attacks, and will often leap into the middle of an enemy formation and release their stored attacks. They also enjoy using Breasts of Steel, enticing a foe in with their huge, soft breasts, then grabbing and slamming a foe's head against her suddenly rock-hard breasts.
The MaryAnn Drews has an unusual Feral state. When Feral they often sit in one place, and watch the world go by. Without physically attacking them, getting them to react is almost impossible. In Harems, they have one serious drawback, they will attach themselves to the biggest 'stick-in-the-mud' in the Harem, a Pokégirl who takes herself or the world too seriously. The MaryAnn Drew will try desperately to convince that Pokégirl to assist her in her pranks, driving their convert to distraction. She will also share the blame for pranks with this target, even if the other Pokégirl had nothing to do with the prank. Like the other evolutions, April Fools Day is a day of insanity, but she will seek out and prank any Trixies, Harlequins or Jokettes she can find, in preference to other breeds. It can be safely said, the other prankster Pokégirls are not fond of being one-upped, or being the victim, rather than the victimizer.
Permeable: An odd variant of Phasing. When the using Permeable, the attack strikes the target and remains `stuck` within the target, without damaging them or delivering any effect, other than walking around with an arrow through her head or a firebolt through her chest. The effect lasts for five (5) minutes and the user can either dissipate the attacks safely, or hold them at full force. After this five minute period, she can take three minutes to harmlessly dissipate any `retained` attacks, without them going off, or she can release them to let them fly off in random directions, or she can let them affect her normally.
No attacks of any kind are possible while this defense is active, nor during the dissipation time, and the released attacks cannot be reaimed. Nor can it be activated again for five minutes after shut down, although the three minute dissipation period counts as part of the recycle time.
All forms of attacks can be `restrained` this way, except a physical blow (punch, kick, etc.) Weapons can be held, e.g., A Magic Punch could be retained, a Comet Punch could not, however, Elemental Blades and Elemental Blades Mk II can be retained, as can any other weapon from swords to gunfire.
The danger in punching or kicking a MaryAnn Drews using this technique, is that breaking her concentration will result in a random release of the attacks she has restrained, like punching a live grenade, it doesn't aim, but you're closest. Likewise, if the MaryAnn Drew is still in the radius of a released attack, she will be affected normally.
Typically, the only thing a MaryAnn Drew will do when using this technique is stagger around, intercept more attacks, and proclaim her impending demise. She cannot use any other attacks and will rarely use other abilities or defenses. It should be noted that any Pokégirls engaged (enemies or allies) who are given the choice in their targets, will shoot her in preference to anyone or anything else on the field.
Therefore this technique is banned in League-sponsored matches, unless the MaryAnn Drews is actively participating in the match (as combatant, not a bystander or reserve) and the judges typically suspend any time-limits restrictions for the duration.
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MASUI, the Demon Sorceress Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Magic
Role: infiltration, spying, defense against magic
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Magic, Normal
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Glare, Leer, Smile, Reflect, Power Bolt, Imitate, Magic Leech
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), and Enahnced Endurance (x2), Longevity
Evolves: None (note: all documents and Pokédexes list that Masui evolves into Hild through an unknown mechanism)
Evolves From: Mazouku (by Hild only)
Masui is the evolved form of Mazouku, and as such, is extremely rare. No more than seven Masuis have ever been sighted, and it is suspected that some of these may be the same ones seen more than once. The first sighting of this extremely rare Pokégirl was well over two hundred years after the end of Sukebe’s Revenge. There have only been three cases of a Masui being in a Tamer’s harem in all of post-Sukebe history, and in all cases they outlived their Tamer and vanished shortly after he died. Bits of recorded conversations with them reveal that they are evolved Mazouku, however, in all cases, their Tamers admit that they didn’t personally catalyze nor witness the evolution, instead finding the Masuis as they were. No conversation with a Mazouku has ever mentioned a Masui. Two Masui in separate conversations mentioned that they can be evolved into their ultimate form: Hild. This type of Pokégirl has been confirmed by sightings of a few Pokégirls named Hild during the Revenge. However, they haven’t been seen since. It is generally believed by the various Pokégirl Leagues that the Monster Flu unleashed in –2 PS/2000 AD weakened various Mazouku, Masuis, and Hilds enough that they were at the time completely killed off, and are only now very slowly being restored through evolutions of lower-class Youma-type Pokégirls. Masui have no real distinguishing features, save for the fact that when hungry, their eyes tend to begin to glow a pale yellow. The amount of luminescence is directly proportional to how badly they need to feed.
Masui is a Magic-type, and this is reflected in her spell selection. The above Magic-type attacks listed are merely those officially recorded by the Leagues of the Tamers who had a Masui in their harem, but it is known that they have used spells seen nowhere else, both very destructive and very versatile. So much is magic in their being that they need it to survive. When they defeat a Magic-type Pokégirl in combat, they use their Magic Leech attack, which apparently is some form of magical version of the Energy Drain attack, on their fallen foe. The Pokégirl this is used on isn’t physically harmed, but for days thereafter is completely unable to use even the smallest of spells. This is often more damaging to the drained Pokégirl than a beating would have been, since their uselessness leaves them feeling worthless to their Master, wreaking emotional havoc on them. If a Masui can’t fight a Magic-type Pokégirl after roughly half-a-week, she begins looking for any Magic-type to drain, even other harem members. Masui prefers to use her Magic Leech attack on a Pokégirl while taming her, finding the combination of sex and magic to be much more stimulating than either would be alone. However, because Masui are so magically-oriented, their physical skills are somewhat lacking, and high-level Fighting-type Pokégirls that can deal with their spells usually can pummel them into submission, with the key word being “usually.” No feral Masuis have ever even been rumored to have been seen, nor have any Threshold girls ever evolved into one. Masui remains one of the most mysterious Pokégirls to date.
The truth about Masui, however, is far more sinister. The real reason they were only seen recently is because Masuis only came into existence recently. A Mazouku does not naturally, under any circumstances, evolve into Masui. Instead, Masui is the creation of Hild, the Legendary Demoness Pokégirl, in order to throw off suspicion of her existence, and as use of a covert network of spies. The Masuis are her first real success to create a new Pokégirl type to date, being a much lesser version of herself. They need magic almost as bad as they need sex, and being a supremely magical Pokégirl, Hild knows that they will always depend on her. However, Masuis still require Taming along with magic, and still are prone to going feral if they don’t get it, making them less than perfect, and that is unacceptable to Hild. There are, in actuality, only five Masuis existing, all of them forcibly evolved by Hild’s magic up from Mazouku. Using them, Hild has spread lies about herself to confuse and mislead everyone about her true nature and status.
Hild is no fool however and deliberately made her servants weaker than their pre-evolutionary form so there was no chance that they could dare to expose or defy her. She now uses them to gather information about what is happening in the world, letting her plot her next move. Masuis, for their part, serve their Mistress loyally, since when she lets them feed from her, they gain more magic than they could in a year from other Magic-type Pokégirls. Masuis wander the world, keeping up to date on current events and trends, occasionally letting themselves be “captured” to find out more information and/or confirm that they are indeed a natural evolution, and that Hild is just their next evolutionary step that hasn’t been reached yet, all the while laughing inside as their Mistress slowly moves closer to her dark goals.
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MATRON (aka HAKIMA), the Housemother Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, leaning towards vegetarian
Role: Homemakers, Salesgirls, Restaurant cooks, Babysitters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, domination attacks
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Sing, Cheer, Cry, Yell, Dodge, Recover, Once More, Helping Touch, Overwhelming Attraction, Blow Kiss, Puff Puff, Probing Tongue, Angel Eyes, Charming Look, Sexy Rubdown, Warm Oil Rubdown, Rock that Booty, Intimidate, Anti-Cheer
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x5), Minor psychic abilities (precog/truth sight), Enhanced Reflexes (x7), Enhanced Patience (x60), Enhanced Will (x30)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Damsel (Must be Pokéwoman, giving birth or gaining permanent custody of children in some way)
Damsels seem to be destined to be house-fraus. They aren’t good in battle, except for as a draw for attacks, and their primary evolution seem suited only for housework-related tasks. But that does not take away from their popularity at all. Matrons are a well-regarded part of society, and even the most ardent anti-Pokégirl groups admit that they are relatively acceptable.
When a Damsel evolves, they lose their invulnerability. Their waists and hips widen, and they gain a slight pudginess to their midsections. While they retain their physical beauty and sexual skills, they gain skills and instincts in Domestic situations that are invaluable. Matrons have a strong nesting instinct, as once they give birth they want to settle down and take care of their child. They have a light precognitive ability that allows them to see when damage is coming to the home and how, which in turn spurs them into preventing it. This can be anything from a child about to do something stupid which will result in them getting hurt, or a tornado heading for their house. Matrons cannot be surprised by anything negative, and are always prepared. They trade in godlike durability in exchange for godlike patience. They NEVER get rattled, no matter what the situation. In addition to their godlike patience, they also gain a tremendous force of willpower. Very little can stop them from getting their way, either through direct confrontation or through subtle manipulation. This tremendous will makes dominating attacks completely and totally ineffective against them, something Dominas HATE about them. They can also resist psychic, magical, or emotional attacks meant to force them into submission. This determination and patience combined makes them excellent mothers, as well. Mousewives and Neko Cennecos are frequently paired with them in day care centers, as they can be trusted to not only take care of the children, but keep them in line as well.
On top of that, they cannot be lied to either. No one, whether another Pokégirl, a Pokékit, their tamer or a child can lie to them. They can always tell when someone is lying no matter what. No one is sure whether this is merely an enhanced form of a mother’s natural instinct or a psychic ability exclusive to Matrons.
In the Edo League and in the most Eastern parts of the Ruby League, Matrons are known as Hakima. So far, no cases of Thresholding into a Matron have been reported. And since Matrons are a Pokéwomen-only evolution, it’s assumed that Thresholding into one is impossible.
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MAZOUKU, the Devil Pokégirl
Type: Varies
Element: Magic/Ghost (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: negative emotions, primarily fear and pain, living meat
Role: Bringers of chaos, destruction, and general unpleasantness.
Libido: Low, near S-Goth in level
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Infernal
Weak Vs: Dark, Celestial
Attacks: Grisly Wing, Shadow Scythe, Devour, Evil Touch, Evil Wind, Evil Charm, Noxious Wind, Hell Claw, Hell Wisp, Hell Heart
Enhancements: Infernal Affinity, Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Magical Capacity (x7), Occasionally wings for flight and tails (varies from Mazouku to Mazouku)
Evolves: Masui; by Hild’s magic only (all documents and Pokédexes list Mazouku evolutions as being Masui (mechanism unknown) and Hild, Masui’s evolved form (mechanism unknown))
Evolves From: Succubus or Demoness (mechanisms uncertain)
Mazouku are evil. This isn’t an exaggeration or a way of saying that they are mischievously playful, they are outright and unrepentantly evil. They are like Bondage Queens, only a billion times more blatant about it and without the weakness to water. If a Tamer has a Mazouku in their harem, then they are either the slave of the Mazouku, as evil as the Mazouku, or good and righteous enough to keep the Mazouku’s evil tendencies under control. More often than not it is the former two.
During the Revenge War, Mazouku were among the worst, most feared members of the Legions of Terror. Slaughter, pain, and fear were their stock and trade, and they dealt it out in vast amounts. One particularly nasty pack of Mazouku, in an incident only recently discovered by historical researchers, captured the population of a small, relatively obscure town, and drained all the blood from their bodies into an empty swimming pool, having themselves a pool party in the bloody mess. It’s unknown what happened to this group, as the last thing anyone saw of them was Jenova following them on a mission. They are not missed.
Mazouku have no real body. Their true form is a shapeless astral form that they use to stay in contact with Hild and report their actions to her. They are vicious, yes, but are of human intelligence. They never show it in public unless under certain circumstances. Mostly, Mazouku portray themselves in public as being animalistic monsters, walking on all fours and whipping their tails about beastially. Their physical forms are so wildly different from one another, ranging from fully human in appearance to near beastial, that there is no common feature to ascribe to them other than no matter what form their physical body has, it still retains enough sexiness to be arousing to a Tamer. Their physical body can take a lot of punishment, although they are nowhere near invincible.
Mazouku are evil, treacherous creatures. They are cruel, sadistic, secretive, guileful beasts of great power and cunning. Taming a Mazouku is considered to be one of the greatest challenges a Tamer can face, and very few survive the attempt with their minds and souls intact. However, Mazouku do have one redeeming quality that surprised everybody: They are the most loyal Pokégirls alive. If a Mazouku gives their loyalty to someone, they will follow that person and ONLY that person without question.
No cases of Thresholding into a Mazouku have been reported, and it’s speculated that it cannot occur. Mazoukus can allow their physical bodies to breed, however the baby produced will always be a ghost-type of some sort.
Mazouku Tamers are to be watched carefully. We cannot be sure of what they are up to. Daily reports of observations on their movements should be procured so we can better learn how Mazouku think and what they may report to Hild. Also, make sure to put lots of warnings in the public Pokédex about Mazoukus. The less hot-headed Tamers getting their dumb asses enslaved or killed the better.
Hell Claw (ATK 40 (80 against Celestials)) – The Mazouku coats her claws in Infernal energy and slashes at the opponent.
Hell Wisp (DEF + EFT) – The Mazouku sacrifices some HP and creates a tiny orb of black light. The orb can float around them and expand into a shield-like state to totally protect from attacks. The wisp is very fast and can inflict the Confused status on lower level Pokégirls. The orb lasts for ten turns before vanishing.
Hell Heart (ATK 90 + EFT) – The Mazouku jams her claws into the opponent’s chest, near the heart, in a non-fatal but very painful attack. She then channels pure Infernal energy through her hands that, in addition to being extremely painful, has a 50% chance of turning the opponent into a Fiendish-type Pokégirl. This move is banned universally by the Leagues.
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MECHA MUSUME, the Old-fashioned Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Steel (or Steel/Flying, Steel/Water)
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style foods, emphasis on home-cooking and old-fashioned recipes
Role: Historians, curators, archaeologists, and their assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Harden, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Punch, Tackle, Gust*, Quick Attack*, Depth Charge**, Slick Touch**
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability x8, Enhanced Stamina x4, Natural Armor, Flight*, Improved Lung Capacity**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
(A single asterisk is for Steel/Flying Mecha Musume, two is for Steel/Water types.)
Unlike most Pokégirls, who live in the present, and occasionally have an eye for the future, this Pokégirl dwells in the past. It loves nothing more than finding a hitherto undiscovered ruins and spending the entire day exploring. Perhaps because of the delicacy required in such work, this Pokégirl breed is rather soft-spoken, shy and unassuming, normally quiet unless it has something that needs to be said. As well, very loud or exuberant happenings unnerve them, as it is so far outside of what they are used to.
The Mecha Musume is a varied Pokégirl. To date, there haven't been any sightings of two that look similar to each other, except by the broadest of margins. Some possess a Water sub-type, while others possess a Flying sub-type, or none at all. The main feature in common, and one that is harder to truly identify than one would think, is that a portion of their body seems to be a replication of an ancient vehicle of some kind or other. Generally only their arms and legs, although some also have body armor or the occasional helmet.
Mecha Musume are widely different in their exact proportions. Eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, bust size, everything can change widely from one to the next. A large portion of them seem to be younger, near the age of being Pokékits, although this is hypothesized to be related to their elemental affinity. They seem to age slowly, retaining a youthful form for several years after becoming a Pokégirl.
Virtually all of the vehicle types seen in Mecha Musume no longer exist, save in stories passed on through families that managed to keep a connection to before the war. Other, slightly more recent vehicles which disappeared during the war are present as well, even though the last intact vehicle of said type was destroyed over one hundred years ago in some cases. Nonetheless, any researcher who actually knows of these various ancient vehicles will instantly be able to recognize their unique design in a Mecha Musume.
Despite their connections to various war machines, Mecha Musume aren't very skilled at combat. They can hold their own, due to their Steel type, but their mindset makes for very cautious battlers. This introverted nature includes Tamings, as well. Sometimes referred to as old-fashioned, Mecha Musume generally can’t bring themselves to actively seek out and ask for Tamings, save for when enough of their mind has gone away from the setting in of becoming Feral. They will never turn down Tamings, however. They just can't bring themselves to initiate it. This does change when they first discover a new ruin. When that happens, they grow very excitable, and aroused. (A secret fantasy of many Mecha Musume is to use some ancient device or relic as a dildo, although most will never dare admit or act upon it.)
One small skill that most Mecha Musume possess that make them so valued as archaelogical assitants is a form of radar. They seem to know just where to go to find ruins, although this does extend to recent wrecks of vehicles and machines. This radar, while uncontrollable, seems to have near-unlimited range, although the farther away the ruin, the harder it is to get even a rudimentary sense of direction. Most of the time, unless the Mecha Musume has had experience sensing this radar, she will simply lock on to the closest ruin, even if it was already discovered, even by her. Quite a few Tamers keep a Mecha Musume on hand when they need to unearth a certain relic, or to perhaps hunt for something valuable to sell.
Depth Charge (ATK 30 (60 underwater)) - This attack takes the form of a ball of energy which promptly descends to a desired distance, and then detonates. It can also be thrown, but it's rather unstable when this is done. Once the desired distance is met, it detonates, sending out a shockwave. Doubly effective when used underwater.
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MECHDOLL, the Servant for Life Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric [Tech]
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Lightning Body, Takedown, Satellite 3, Satblade, Iron Defense, Thunder Shield, Mag Bomb, Mag Throw, Yoink!, Get Over Here!, Thunderbolt, Thunder
Enhancements: Magnetics Mastery, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength (x8), Satellites, Heavy, Magnetic Buffer
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maggieton (Tamer's Understanding and Support)
If the owner of a Maggieton is able to restore her sanity, through persistent kindness and patience towards her multiple personalities and quirks, the three personalities will eventually undergo a dramatic metamorphosis, fusing into a single, complete mind. This fusion of the three personalities acts as the trigger for the breed's final evolution into the much-desired Mechdoll.
When a Maggieton evolves into Mechdoll, the Pokégirl’s mind finally becomes a whole, single, and normal mind. The three personalities that she had as Maggieton combine into one, leaving a girl much more experienced, capable of using knowledge that all three personalities had known. Usually, one of the three personalities will be dominant in the fusion, with the other personalities secondary, but on occasion, they will all fuse evenly, with an end result that none can predict.
Upon transformation, the Mechdoll’s body changes dramatically, becoming much more human in appearance and losing the metallic skin, replacing it with a soft, synthetic flesh that is resistant to damage, easily healed, and highly conductive of electricity. Powerful, wiry metallic muscles on a heavy metal frame provide the Mechdoll with tremendous strength and durability, and only enhance her magnetic control abilities. The Mechdoll's body is slightly morphic, capable of changing in size and build to her master's desire, though within reasonable limits. Some Mechdolls kept figures similar to when they were Maggiemites, others became taller and much more voluptuous. The Mechdoll’s hair loses it’s twin colors and shifts to a random hue, which the Mechdoll can change at will. Because of this, no two Mechdolls look alike.
Despite the changes, Mechdolls still retain a slightly artificial feel to them, due to things like the texture of the skin, the shifting mechanical eyes, etc. This is generally considered to be minor, however, and, if anything, gives the breed something of an empty, 'doll-like' quality.
Mechdolls, to the tamers who evolved them, are the epitome of dedication and loyalty. Nothing is beyond their dedication, for good or for ill. Mechdolls aren't known as the 'Servant For Life' Pokégirls for nothing, as they will under no circumstances willingly leave their tamer, even if it means death, and are capable of breaking out of Pokeballs to this end. There is not a single recorded instance of a Mechdoll willingly leaving or abandoning their master, rivaling breeds famous for their loyalty, such as the Growlie. Mechdolls are nearly obsessive in pleasing their masters, to the extent that they will tailor themselves to their tamers likes. If her tamer has a schoolgirl fetish, The Mechdoll will often don revealing schoolgirl clothing so as to please and entice her master. Many Mechdolls have expressed a love of playing dress up, becoming quite literally a living doll for their tamers, a thought which excites them terribly.
The Mechdoll is by far the strongest of the Maggiemite line. Her strong electrical attacks and powerful physical attacks can deal tremendous damage to foes in short order, but her real weapon now lies with magnetic manipulation and use of her satellites. With her increased powers, she can accelerate her satellites to blindingly fast speeds, deflect virtually any metal-based weapon or Steel-Type attack through their magnetic buffer, and with effort, can throw heavy metal objects weighing hundreds of pounds through magnetic propulsion. Though not quite as heavy as other steel types, or her previous evolutions, another strategy the girl uses is to take to the air with her levitation and then rapidly accelerate herself with magnetics, amplifying her force and dropping onto the battlefield - and hopefully her opponent - with a thunderous crash.
Perhaps as a side-effect of their love of dressing up, Mechdolls have a particular love of role-playing before and during a taming session. Despite the Mechdoll's great strength, they have complete control over their strength and can lower their strength down to human standard for safe taming. They get along well with most Electric-Types, as well as some tech-types and are particularly fond of the Seamstress, seeing her as an endless font of new outfits to wear.
Feral Mechdoll are almost unheard of, due to the fact that mainly for the amount of work it takes to create one as well as the unlikelihood that any tamer to earn a Pokégirl that is willing to please their every whim will ever give it up. The few ferals sighted, however, are regarded with fear and awe when provoked into attack. Otherwise, they tend to stay far away from all others, be they Pokégirl or human. Those that are caught are not automatically loyal to their captor - the infamous loyalty must still be earned in this instance, but once it is earned, it is earned forever.
Because of their powerful and fine magnetics control, Mechdolls are prized by the construction and electronics industries, as well as League militaries.
Like the Maggieton, the Mechdoll has four satellites which she can summon and use in combat. The techs Satellite 3, Satblade, and Thunder Shield all rely on these satellites - if they are all being used, then the Mechdoll cannot use these techniques again until the sats are free for use again.
Thresholding into a Mechdoll is considered impossible, due to their rarity.
• Satblade (ATK 90): Projecting a metal blade from a satellite, the Mechdoll attacks her foe with the high-speed flying projectile. This is considered a Steel-Type attack.
• Mag Throw (ATK Varies): This attack is the Mechdoll's ability to fully use her magnetic powers in combat, throwing or manipulating metal objects at a range. Because of this, the attack value of this attack is left variable.
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MEDRA, the Silent Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic
Element: Dragon/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Assault, Personal Trainers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Water, Flying, Rock, Psychic, Dark, Bug, Steel, Dragon, Plant, Poison, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting
Attacks: Sabre Claw, Tail Slap, Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Iron Defense. High levels only: Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Senses (x5), Armored, Wings, Prehensile Tail
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (must be going feral + wearing a Steel Jacket when traded)
Bounty: 8 million SLC for confirmed capture. 5 million SLC for confirmed death. 50,000 SLC for report of sighting.
A Draco can often be very disruptive and cantankerous towards her Tamer. But once this challenging nature has been satisfied, the Draco will trust her Tamer. But for some Tamers who did their best, and were unable to satisfy the Draco's requirements, the only thing to do would either be to release the Pokégirl into the wild or try and get their worth out of the Pokégirl. And this would usually entail trading her to the nearest convenient sucker, all while the Draco continues to go feral. One such Tamer put a Steel Jacket on his Draco before trading her, citing that adding the Steel Jacket would increase her worth. By the time he found a sucker wanting to trade for her that he could cut his losses with, a week and a half had already passed and the Draco was well on the way to going feral. The tamer that traded for her was surprised to find that the Pokégirl had evolved once with her new master. Of course, the fact that she was nearly feral didn't escape her new tamer's notice, and the three hour marathon that ensued nearly erupted into an orgy within the entire Pokécenter (instead, only 3/4 of the Pokécenter were embroiled within an orgy).
Now at least 7ft tall and with a wingspan of 18ft in total length, wingtip to wingtip, this Pokégirl’s massive body makes her a sight to behold. Her body changes with the evolution to show a seemingly mechanical tail that she has full control over, using her tail as if it was her own arm. The tail itself has retractable metallic spikes, and is covered with some sort of advanced polymer that can even sense heat and pressure. This polymer is also used to armor the Pokégirl completely, although it is retractable like a Battle Angel's armor is. The armor itself is extremely durable and tough, and the Pokégirl usually wears it like she would actual clothing.
Her wings are fully usable as well, unlike a Draco or Dracona's, and can fly with ease using her own strength. However, due to the weight of her armored form, she cannot fly when armored but can glide. The Pokégirl's pointed ears lengthen to around 5 inches and her body loses any excess body weight. Their breast sizes are often a C-cup, though DD-cups have been documented in one case. One odd thing is the very small amount of speech that a Medra shows. In fact, it is rare that they ever say more than is absolutely required. Tamers say that the Pokégirl becomes much more talkative in a private setting, although no researcher has been able to confirm or deny this.
Because the Pokégirl was feral upon becoming a Medra, the Medra requires a fair amount of taming to come out of her feral state. Although still possessing a challenging nature, the Medra is less likely to allow herself to go feral in an attempt to get a Tamer to satisfy her challenges. Indeed, a Medra lowers her standards somewhat in comparison to a Draco, though she easily recognizes any chance that her tamer simply cannot better him or herself to meet the Medra's requirements. A Medra will only leave if that is the case. Medra will assist in a Tamer's bettering themselves or bettering their Harem, often leading to the Medra becoming the Tamer's Alpha. Medra dislike working with most of the League-created Pokégirls, with the exception of Maid Yvettes. Unlike the NurseJoys or OfficerJennys, the Yvettes actually strive to better themselves despite their genetic limitations. As such, Medra have a soft spot for the Maid Yvettes and will assist them if possible. The other two Pokégirl types she will only grudgingly accept as necessary. They enjoy working with Fighting type Pokégirls for two reasons- one, fighting types have an advantage against Medra, and two, they love to train. Medra also encourage their Tamer to join them during their training, although most often the two wind up in a taming session after only an hour or two (if the Tamer lasts that long, that is).
One thing that a Medra cannot stand is the thought of going feral. A feral Medra has a very unfortunate problem- they're almost impossible to capture, as they go completely berserk. In order to stave off the possibility of going feral, all Medra demand a rather exacting schedule from their Tamers- a good taming every three days or so, to be safe. If a Taming is withheld for more than four days, however, a Medra has been known to leave her Tamer to seek out a Taming from someone willing to Tame her. Fortunately, during taming, a Medra's body seems to limit its own strength while the Tamer does their job, so restraints aren't necessary as long as they are trained how to handle their strength. It is assumed that a Medra's body automatically lowers her strength to a near human state while being tamed.
These Pokégirls were first discovered near the end of the war, and in very limited numbers. Some say that a few were mistaken as Dracass in the ill-fated push to try and defeat the human forces, only to be slaughtered by a well-coordinated trap. Despite this, however, there are known to be more Feral Medra than there are Tamed ones. Why there are so many feral Medra is unknown, but it is thought that they had to leave their tamers after being completely disappointed by their performances either in Taming or in training. Feral Medra have been known to attack any Tamer that crosses their path in an effort to strengthen themselves. No researchers that have been without league assistance (in any league) have been known to survive such an attack, although their notes were recovered afterwards. They fight any other Feral Pokégirl they come across that seems to be a threat- in a wild world such as today, that means any carnivorous Pokégirl that looks hungry.
If a Medra faces another Medra in battle, those battles have been known to destroy anything nearby. Several Tamers have even died as a result of the battle that took place. Anyone allowing a battle with a Medra involved within the limits of any inhabited space, unless in an extreme emergency, are issued a citation and are required to pay for any and all damages that are a direct (and indirect) result of the Pokégirl battle. As a result, any Pokégirl battle that results in two Medra facing off is automatically declared a draw before any damage can be wrought upon anything in their immediate surroundings. A bounty has been placed on any feral Medra found, captured, or killed, although it is just as important to escape as it is to capture or kill her.
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MEGAMI, the Goddess Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Unknown (all leagues)
Diet: human style diet
Role: varies
Libido: varies
Strong Vs: Poison, (Varies)
Weak Vs: Sad faces, crying, (Varies)
Attacks: Smile, Cry, Aura Barrier, (all others vary)
Enhancements: Unnatural Beauty (or Cuteness), (all others vary)
Evolves: Demon-Goddess (E-Stone Ceremony), Megami-sama (Angel Stone, several conditions must be met)
Evolves From: Cherry (mechanism unknown), Drag King (mechanism unknown), Goth (by Sarcastic Goth sub-type only; mechanism unknown), Rooder (Passing the Trial), Kamichu (if very kind-hearted), (others possible)
Megami are the most mysterious of the Pokégirls. The number that exist is unknown as the number seems to change every time there's a poll. It is not recorded if there are feral Megami or not. There is no set description for a Megami, as they come in all shapes and sizes.
However, all Megami tend to be very attractive or cute, if not outright beautiful. No information exists to answer the question, "Do other females spontaneously evolve INTO Megami?"
Not much is known about Megamis because few people understand how they even GOT a Megami when they think about it logically and those who do have a Megami either don't ask or don't think it's a big deal. When a Megami shows up, they are acknowledged as if they had always been there. However, it is when a Pokégirl that is already a part of a harem evolves into a Megami that there are many questions from the Pokégirl's Tamer and other Pokégirls to be answered. Unfortunately for them, it is rare that any Megami give any straight-out answers to such questions. It is the mystery that compels people to ask, but it's the sly smile of the Megami that is given that is the only answer.
The only consistent numbers of Megami are from Pokécenters and hospitals, where Megami are often found with various other nurse-type Pokégirls. However, even these numbers tend to fluctuate somewhat when disasters occur, and Megami from who knows where flock to the area to help tend the wounded and assess the situation. And the few times that this has been seen, it was soon found that some sort of Infernal Pokégirl, Widow, or dark plot was involved in the same area. It is assumed by most researchers that many Megami will only gather in one place if it is a supreme event, and few wish to ever see such an event.
Megami can only be assessed as individuals when it comes to their own strengths and weaknesses. Statistically speaking, they have no average stats when compared to other Pokégirls. They are either excellent at something, or lousy. As such, their skills, attacks, defenses, and most enhancements are unknown until they are studied. And as no Megami allow themselves to be studied by anyone other than their Tamer, obviously one can only take a Megami at face value. As Celestial Pokégirls, Megami excel in vague remarks and keeping secrets, although only some of them consider it necessary to be completely vague in most anything of true import to them. The only way it has been found to get a straight answer from a Megami when regarding events to come, or something that they know but she is unwilling to speak of, is to trick them. This can be difficult, or simple, depending on the individual. Some Megami don't worry so much about this, however. Still, a number of Megami that have been reported show that they enjoy being vague.
There are, however, some standards among the Megami that have evolved from certain other Pokégirls. For example, Megami that evolve from a Cherry still lactate, but may use their enhanced magical abilities to change the effect of their milk from simple sweet and nutritious to act as a sedative, to induce lust, act as a healing drink, or other such effects. Megami that evolved from a Drag King may sometimes be mistaken as men, at times of their own choosing. Megami that evolve from a Rooder show a preference to drinking Lavender Water and creating Holy Water. Those that evolve from a Sarcastic Goth tend to retain their penchant for snide or biting comments when dealing with others, including her own tamer. These Megami also retain most, if not all of their attacks from their previous evolution. Researchers are attempting to discover if they can trace a Megami's previous evolution through this knowledge, but no progress has been made as of yet.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Metal Jacket, Mana Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: Any time, with at least one respected individual in attendence.
Ceremony Itself: This ceremony is quite simple. When the Megami feels the time is right, she will admit her selfish ways are stronger than her need to follow the greater good. Her witnesses, an individual or individuals, whom she respects greatly (or even a legendary in attendance, perhaps) must hear her and believe in the truth that she speaks. When her mind and being believes her words fully, and with all four different evolutionary items placed nearby, the evolution items will activate and the Megami will evolve into a Demon-Goddess. Wearing an Everstone does negate this, however.
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MEGAMI-SAMA, the Unpredictable Divine Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic (varies) (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: Megami-sama's of retired Tamers can be found in public service facilities serving in caregiver or advisory positions
Libido: varies from Low to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Dark, varies
Weak Vs: Dark, Magic, varies
Attacks: most attacks vary (with angel call being the exception). Common are: Bestow Luck, Lightning, Teleport, Triple split, and Heal (Other)
Enhancements: Extremely high psychic or magical abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Megami (Angel Stone, several conditions must be met)
The Megami-sama is the evolved form of the Megami. Not much is known about this species due to the fact that they only evolve when attached to a Tamer and few no Tamer will let their Megami-sama be studied. Like Megami all Megami-sama are unique and can have wildly different powers. When a Megami evolves to a Megami-sama several conditions must be met: First, the tamer must have a Delta-bond with his Megami. Third said Megami-sama must be between the ages of 23 and 30. When these conditions are met all the tamer must do is have his Megami come in contact with an Angel Stone then evolution will occur.
After evolution their physical form matures further and power increases exponentially. The increase in power in a Megami-sama is so great compared to a Megami that most leagues require tamers to buy higher quality limiter earrings with the Angel Stone in order to prevent dangerous accidental magic discharge. Many Megami-sama also require moonstone bracelets to prevent excessive power drain from over-exertion. It has also been suggested that the fading "the Megami, Megami-sama equivalent to going feral" is due to them being such an empathic species literally they need the comfort and love of others to survive not so much the taming sessions. This would show these species to be emotional symbionts, needing support and love from others to live, and in turn returning and encouraging its growth.
Angel Call: The technique Angel Call is often learned 24 hours following evolution. When learned a floating sphere out of which an Angel or Cherub hatches, the Cherub is in fact a reflection of the Megami-sama's true heart, will only respond to its name, and possesses an affinity with the element Rock, Fire, Water or Electric. This technique can be used for attack, defense (create a temporary shield), or effect (amplifying the Megami-sama's powers for a short time).
This technique though power full does have its weaknesses. An angel can be banished by causing it to faint, which the weaknesses of its elemental affinity can help. Also when an Angel is banished the Megami takes a drop in health anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 and cannot use the technique until they have rested or been healed.
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MENAGE-A-TROIS (aka MENAG), the Undisputed Master Of Sex Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Sexual fluids, Human style food
Role: Master Of Sex, Worshipers of Bastit
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, Sex techniques
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: All Sex attacks, Dance, Butter Up
Enhancements: High Pain and Pleasure Threshold, Instinct Knowledge of Sex, Resistant To pheromones
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Soixante-Neuf (orgasm during an orgy)
Menage-A-Trios, more commonly known as Menag, has changes similar to most Pokégirls who evolve (IE: Bigger breasts, change in height, change in libido.) when she evolves from Soixante-Neuf. The biggest changes is however are mental, not physical. Now knowledgeable in all forms of sex to the extreme, a Menag is no longer satisfied with having sex with only her tamer and, at times, only her harem. The only known exception to this is when her Tamer is just as knowledgeable about her body and is able to last for a LONG time is she able to be sated by her tamer alone. A Menag is also the first Pokégirl known to wear out a Nymph in a sex battle, using the techniques she learned as a Xante to pleasure her opponents quickly.
Menag worship Bastit like a goddess, mainly for the fact that their mastery of the Sexual arts is outclassed only by the Legendary Sex Kitten. It's because of this that even the Sex League has considered banning the Menag from it's battles, the only thing keeping the ban from passing is the Menag's low numbers.
While it's previous form hated low libido Pokégirls, Menag loves them, taking them as a challenge to their supreme skills and are disappointed when even ice Pokégirls end up multiple orgasms from her skills.
Feral Menag are pack Pokégirls, usual the head of a large group because of her ability to tame everyone and still want more.
Thresholds of a Menag are almost unheard of, but one known case of it happening had the entire town in which the girl resided in participating in a huge orgy.
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MEPHITITS, the Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic – Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Spice, Musk
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Musk Glands, Poison Resistance, immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Slow Movement, Diurnal, Hibernates (in colder climes), limited use of glands, Poor Eyesight
Evolves: Skunkette (normal)
Evolves From: None
While there are many whom find the likes of the Naga species to be trouble because they're a male Tamer, or find the Toxicat too difficult to get a hold of, or the Oddtits species being rather unsexy, there is hope for those that want a dependable Poison-type Pokégirl. A rather common pokégirl that has become surprisingly popular species amongst Poison-type enthusiasts: the Mephitits.
In appearance, a Mephitits is an anthopomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing anywhere from between 4'2 to 5'6", the Mephitits is covered with a surprisingly soft coat of fur black for the most part, but the underside a pure white. Raised triangular ears and a semi-muzzle make out her animal-like facial features. Their figure, while not as small as Pias or Tomboys is still somewhat disappointing at a small B-Cup. They do however, have nicely shaped hips and a plus, nicely shaped ass with the tail spouting from the small of their back with a white stripe running down her back, (though there has been varieties that had parallel stripes or even spots, this variance tends to be regional adaptations). The tail tends to be white tipped. Most Pokégirl Researchers have come to determine that the size of the Mephitits hips and posterior are due to having to hold the secretion fluids for their musk glands.
One of the most common Pokégirl species, (joked to be `Very Common' in Indigo and Johto) the Mephitits as a whole have found themselves to become a staple in Harems of Tamers starting out. Feral Mephitits are plentiful in the wild, and despite their Poison-type nature, are rather easy to use. This combination of ready availability and somewhat user-friendly attitude have also gotten them called, "The Beginner's Poison-type".
The Mephtits, be they Domestic or Feral, are rather affectionate Pokégirls. Admittedly, they tend to be slightly lazy during various points of the day if not exactly sleeping, since due to the Pheromone Pokégirl’s diurnal nature, trying to keep sync with a master and the rest of harem will throw the Mephitits’ biological-clock off. This can be offset slightly by allowing the Mephitits to follow her bio-rhythm.
Another odd disadvantage the Mephitits has to deal with is how this Pokégirl moves. While most noticeable when running, this Poison-type can't help but move her legs in an awkward gait, practically waddling. Though agile in combat, it's when moving long distances, they end up moving slower. Because of this, the species is often found in roles outside of fighting, where being able to run is practically a requirement.
Possibly the most annoying trait of the Mephitits for Tamers is that the Pokégirl will hibernate in the colder climates, thus ending up being inactive for part of the year. Even if put into a PokéBall and released, the Mephitits will be in her state of hibernation until her inner-clock releases her. Truly, this is a problem for people whom use Mephitits in the Capital and Scarlet Leagues, where cold is prevalent in the weather.
Given all these disadvantages, one would think that the Mephitits would be a relatively useless species of pokégirl for a Tamer. However what they lack in physical attributes they more than make up with their Musk technique and Intelligence, making them quite suitable in a support role.
With their Musk technique this Pokégirl can duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-types as well as few of their own. Known musk variations include, but not limited to drive Pokégirls away, (Pokégirl Repellant), Attract Pokégirls, or can induce the status-ailments of lust, sleep, paralysis, poison, choke, blind, and other such similar things. This means that every Mephitits, with all that junk in her trunk, is actually a walking chemical weapons factory who's more versatile than several Plant or Bug-type Pokégirls. However, there are restrictions on the Mephitits' ability to produce musk. She can only store one type of musk at a time and has to expel it so as to create a new variety, and it takes half an hour before she can use her musk technique again.
The Mephitits' intelligence is quite high for the average Pokégirl, (among the more common domestics like Kittens, Evas, and such) even among the Feral Breeds. These Pokégirls tend to have an interest in fields that make use of their abilities, (such as chemistry) and, strangely enough, transportation, (auto, hover, and the like). They can also use their sense of smell to differentiate chemicals and describe exactly what is in them, so long as they are familiar with the chemicals they are analyzing. They find great work in the limited Chemical Industry.
When it comes to Taming, a Mephitits loves it from behind, and will churr to the high heavens if a Tamer hugs their tail. It is, however, suggested not to squeeze this tail too tightly, lest they end up being Musked. Cuddling is a big thing for the Mephitits after being Tamed, and will want to hug and kiss their Tamers.
The Mephitits is a common end for Threshold in girls who have a strong family history of Poison-types. These girls tend to be sent to ranches quickly, before they end up stinking their families out of the house.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
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MERCURY, the Liquid Metal Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Steel
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Liquids
Role: Combat, Espionage
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Slash, Metal Wheel*, Tackle, Hammer, Metal Wrap*, Harden, Morphic Quickturn*, Rare Metal Fist*, Morphic Blades*
Enhancements: Malleable body, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x5), can reabsorb severed limbs
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Stretchymaid (Heavy Metal)
Mercurys were accidentally discovered during a raid on a research facility. Members of the Limbec Pirates attacked the facility, an explosion from a power cable knocking a pair of Stretchymaids that were working at the laboratory into a room stocked with evolution stones. A pair of Heavy Metals came into contact with them, and their bodies changed, giving them greater powers and allowing them to fight back and defeat the two Dronza attacking their Tamers.
The body of a Mercury takes the 'reflective' nature of a Stretchymaid's body a step and a half further, being composed of a smooth, fluid, non-toxic, metallic-seeming substance that allows them to take a liquid form and reconstitute into almost any shape they wish, including their normal one Their hair remains a normal color, although their body and eyes become totally silver in appearance. Mercurys can shape-shift into other Pokégirls, as a Titto can, although they cannot mimic that Pokégirls coloring or powers if they are not physical ones. As such, Mercurys prefer to remain in their natural form. They lose some stretchiness, but make up for it in sheer versatility of attacks, their bodies capable of morphing into a variety of weapons, as well as the ability to restore severed limbs by simply reabsorbing them and shaping them back to the way they were before being severed.
Mercurys, personality-wise, tend to be more meek and shy when compared to their past evolutions. They are very self-conscious about their metallic appearance and the fact that their bodies creak when they are totally solid, tending to act as wallflowers most of the time, their shyness surpassed only by a Penance or a Shymaiden and her evolutions.
In terms of Taming, they are submissives, making them the favorite Steel-type of Domina-type Pokégirls. Interestingly enough, while the Mercury appears totally metallic, once they become Pokéwomen, they are apparently organic enough to be capable of producing children normally. This feature is being considered similar to that of Rock-type Pokégirls who's bodies don't seem to be organic as well.

(*) - Metal Wheel (ATK 60-100) The Mercury turns into a giant metal wheel and rolls towards her opponent.
(*) - Metal Wrap (ATK 15) The Mercury turns her body into a liquid state and engulfs the opponent in a crushing grip. She can't hold this form for long, no more than two to five turns, before having to solidify again and catch her breath.
(*) - Morphic Quickturn (EFT) When slammed face-first against a wall, the ground, etcetera, the Mercury can simply morph her body so that it's facing in the opposite direction.
(*) - Rare Metal Fist (ATK 120) The Mercury makes her fist massive and thrusts it out, extending her arm to add range to the punch.
(*) - Morphic Blades (EFT) The Mercury morphs her body so that she has several dozen blades lining her limbs, face, and torso, her hands morphing into hooked claws and her limbs extending. Her range is increased dramatically in this form, although she can only hold it for six turns.
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MERROWL, the Feline Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: prefers fish, chicken, milk, and rice. Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable.
Role: frequently found as pets, though not as common as the more humanlike Kitten.
Libido: Average (becomes High monthly)
Strong Vs: Ghost, bird Pokégirls, mice Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Pay Day, Growl, Quick Attack, Kitty Litter
Enhancements: Functional claws, Night vision, Flexible spinal column, Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), natural affinity for finding money
Disadvantage: Fingers not as dexterous as humans
Evolves: Purrsian (normal), Firecat (Fire Stone), Electrocat (Thunder Stone), Catnip (Leaf Stone), Pumara (Diamond Stone), Lioness (battle stress), Ocelolita (Mana Crystal), Toxicat (Venom Stone), Mountain Cat (Diamond Stone & Cunnydew nectar)
Evolves From: Kitten (orgasm)
Merrowl are not among the more powerful breed of Pokégirls, nor are they among the most element. However, that isn’t to say they aren’t without their share of supporters.
Merrowl are a marked contrast from their counterparts, the Kitten, in many ways. The first and most prominent is that they are much more animalistic in appearance. Fur, usually a dusty gray or light tan, also commonly having a calico appearance, covers their whole bodies. Their faces are more animalistic, their noses and eyes more catlike in appearance, their fangs are longer and sharper, and their ears are more prominent. Their hands are more like paws, reducing their functionality greatly, and possess light pads on them, the same kind of pads appearing on their feet, and usually have a slight pudge to their bellies. This is embarrassing to most Merrowls, as they can’t seem to get rid of this light pot-belly no matter what they try, but many Tamers find it just adds to the cuteness of the breed. Merrowls also have long, prehensile tails, B-cup breasts at the largest without Bloom powder, long whiskers on their faces, and there is a strange, gold charm on their foreheads. It is attached to their skin and can’t come out, although that has not stopped some crueler thieves from removing it by various, usually painful means…
As mentioned earlier in this report, Merrowl are different from Kittens. They aren’t as good as Kittens at Domestic chores and are somewhat clumsy, usually being relegated to more pet-like roles, or roles that don’t require much dexterous use of the hands, such as hunting for fish and other food in the wild for their Tamers. Merrowls are a low maintenance breed, being fairly able to take care of themselves if need be, and suffer from a touch of haughty arrogance, as well as a playfully sarcastic demeanor. They aren’t the greatest, most influential of talkers, their tendency for smartass comments getting in the way of saying anything meaningful a great deal of the time, but have their own ways of making sure that Tamers listen to what they have to say.
Merrowls are generally average all around, good for beginning Tamers, and if it weren’t for one special ability they have, they would have been dismissed early on as less human-looking Kittens: Merrowls have a natural knack for finding money.
Some attribute this ability to find coins and other such treasure to the charm on their forehead. Most just don’t have a single clue how they do it. But Merrowls, especially domesticated Merrowls, can always find change for a snack, such as a candy bar or soda pop. They can even learn the extraordinarily useful attack Pay Day, which other Pokégirls can only learn with a T2 machine. This, unfortunately, has led Merrowls to become popular among thieves, as their claws are just sharp enough to cut glass, and their natural affinity for treasure-hunting can lead them also to potential robbery victims with lots of money.
Merrowls are among the more common Threshold types. The vast majority of girls who Threshold into Merrowls have an easy time of it, as their mindset becomes more mischievous and playful, helping them adapt easier to their new, partially non-human state.
One noteworthy Merrowl was a member of a Team Rocket trio, the other members being a Tamer named James and a Dominatrix named Jessie, that menaced the brother of Ranma Saotome, Ash Saotome, for many years. After a couple years of being blasted into the atmosphere by Ash’s Pokégirls, they eventually turned their attention to eliminating other Team Rocket copycats, eventually going straight altogether after an encounter with Sexebi. They still occasionally support Ash on his adventures, the Merrowl having evolved to Purrsian shortly after their first battle against Team Teenie Bopper, the first copycat group they defeated.
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MILEEBORO, the Toxic Plant Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Plant)
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous (plus pollutants)
Role: Purifying polluted soil, Disposal of toxins
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Bite, Crunch, Regenerate, Poison Powder, Poison Mist, Bad Breath*
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x2), Specialized conversion organs, Enhanced Durability (x2), six stalk eyes allowing for 360 vision, High poison resistance
Evolves: Treant (normal)
Evolves From: None
Mileeboros are an interesting conundrum. Their bodies are amongst the sexiest of all Pokégirl-kind. They have round, full breasts, ranging from B to DD cup, skin that is smooth and dark, an attractive dark brown with some greenish tint to it, curvy hips, a sexy rump, long legs, surprisingly delicate-looking hands, an althetic build, and silky hair. But then you get to the face. The nose of a Mileeboro is slim, but their jaws are wide and lined with razor-sharp, needle-pointed teeth, with a long, pointed tongue inside their mouth. They also have six glassy yellow eyes, which can extend out on stalks, allowing a Mileeboro to look in every direction at once.
Not the most attractive face in the world.
Feral Mileeboros tend to be solitary, peacefully eating what they can find. When confronted with a newcomer into their territory, they become fierce, attacking all out with vines from their hair and teeth, 90% of the time using their trademark attack, Bad Breath, right off the bat. They fight savagely, but tire easily, since they tend to try everything at once to get their opponent to go away. The problem to catching one is the fact that Bad Breath is such a potentially powerful attack, and tends to drive people off to heal the status problems it causes before actually trying to catch the Mileeboro. If the Tamer and his Pokégirls manage to outlast the Mileeboro’s stamina, there is a fifty/fifty chance that they will try and run away from the fight.
Tamed Mileeboros tend to prefer clothing that reveals as much of their sexy bodies as possible, while keeping their mouths covered by a mask or a veil. Their face is an embarrassment to them and they aren't fond of Tamers looking at their faces for long, preferring to flaunt their bust and bodily curves. They love to use Bloom and Buttsprout on themselves, wanting to enhance their figures as much as reasonably possible to draw attention away from their faces, becoming surly if people stare at their faces too long. In terms of Taming, both Ferals and Domestics prefer to be Tamed from behind, Domestics not wanting their Tamers to look at them in the face, Ferals simply because they like it that way. Very rarely will Domestics accept a Taming from the front, usually only from a Tamer who has shown them enough love that they feel comfortable showing their unmasked faces to. There are occasionally jealously issues with this breed, especially with more beautiful Pokégirls. This can be solved, however, by showing equal affection to the Mileeboro. Touching and/or caressing their face is a good way to get their affection and maintain it. As a related side note, Mileeboros tend to get along well with less attractive breeds, such as the Feeblass and Giant Trollop. These jealously issues only occur in Domestic Mileeboros, however.
During the Revenge War, Mileeboros were among the many Pokégirls sent into cities to cause general havoc among the populace. Their Bad Breath attacks would cripple the response times of human forces and make it easier for stronger Pokégirls to move in and start casualties. Sometimes Mileeboros would head in with the stronger Pokégirls, using their powerful jaws in addition to their toxic Bad Breath attacks. This was usually contrary to orders, but if the job got done, no one complained. They briefly were very rare in the waning days of the war, as human soldiers learned to take them out from a distance before they could use their Bad Breath attack on them.
The Bad Breath that is their trademark attack comes from their ability to purify soil and eat most harmful chemicals without negative affect. They absorb pollutants out of an area of ground through their root-like feet, and into a specialized lung, their stomachs capable of converting consumed toxins into their Bad Breath attack. The more toxins converted into the Bad Breath mist, the more potential status effects the attack can unleashed. They can also convert bodily wastes from eating carrion and plant-matter into Bad Breath mist, although the effect will not be as potent. Due to this, Mileeboros are more commonplace in industrial areas rather than in the wild, and are often seen working together with other Poison-types that consume wastes. In many cases, they are used with other Pokégirls that consume waste products, allowing for very effective waste management in large urban areas. Mileeboros can also be found abundantly in harsher natural environments, such as swamps and peat bogs.
As an odd side note, a Mileeboro’s normal breath is actually quite pleasant. This is unusual, considering their Bad Breath attack, but it’s assumed to be a case of the Bad Breath not being connected to their regular lungs. Another unusual thing to note, so far only noticed among Feralborns, is that they tend to have an usual fondness for headgear. Hats, crowns, earmuffs, they like anything that can be put on their head. Researchers have dismissed this as an extension of the need to mask their unpleasant facial appearance many members of the breed feel the need for, although this is regarded by some as inconsistent, as Feralborns tend not to want to wear veils to hide their face, being unashamed of their looks.
Feralborn Mileeboros have very casual harem dynamics. Once adapted to a harem, they easily make friends with their harem sisters and can get along with most anyone. Domestics have a much harder time of it, being shy and embarrassed about their new appearance. It’s only with care and affection that they can overcome any insecurities they may have. They don’t take well to insults, especially about their appearance, but this can be solved by disciplining the involved Pokégirls.
Threshold cases do happen, but a great number of them end with the girl requesting a level 5 taming cycle, or attempting suicide. Most of the suicide cases are stopped and healed, being placed in level 5 cycles upon their restoration.
Bad Breath (EFT) – The Mileeboro exhales a cloud of highly toxic gas that has an extremely high chance of causing many status effects, at the very least Poison, Confuse, and Exhaust.
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MIKILA, the Flying Transport Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Avian)
Element: Flying/Rock
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: human style diet with carnivore tendencies
Role: Flying Transport
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Steel, Water
Attacks: Obsidian Rain, Feather Shuriken, Dive, Squall, Gravity, ShockSpike
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance & Durability (x6 each), Enhanced Strength & Flying Speed (x4 each)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, this was originally considered the first of the monsters that Sukebe created. Something between Pokégirl and the original Legendaries, the Mikila was often sighted only in her massive bird-form. She was used by Sukebe's army to provide Teleport points for his specialized troops, as well as to insert many Pokégirl types (such as the Ninjanezumi, Kunoichi, and various Fairy-types) into strongholds and cities while remaining both silent and under most standard radar that the militaries of the time used. Rarely was she seen in combat, and more often was only used to bring fresh supplies and additional troops to replace the losses within the Pokégirl Armies. After the war was over, the Mikila was considered another extinct breed until 22 AS, when a Tamer managed to capture and tame a flying type Pokégirl whom he believed to simply be a Pidgette, but she turned out to be a Mikila after all.
Their height in human form can range from 5 to 6ft and typically the Pokégirl looks much like a human. Their breasts are, on average, only a middling B-cup, though there have been individuals known to have both smaller and larger. The main difference is that their wings connect to the Pokégirl’s back rather than having her arms as her wings. The wingspan of the Pokégirl is tremendous for her build: Each wing is at least twice the height of the Pokégirl in width, some few have been found with even larger wings. But the main difference that has been found between this Pokégirl and other Flying-types is the simple fact that their bodies are substantially different. Research done suggests that this has to do with the transition between the legendary types and other flying types, but the fact is that the Mikila is capable of changing her skin into a type of organic rock. This makes it very difficult to critically harm any of this breed, let alone get through to a vital organ. Strangely, this ability does not increase the Pokégirl’s weight at all, and she can continue to fly at a decent speed (though certainly not as fast as other flying types) as a result while retaining her rock-like skin. She also retains tail feathers, which assist in guiding her while in flight.
The real change, however, is when the Mikila transforms into her bird form. A good eight and a half feet long and standing at least five feet tall, their wingspans change from perhaps 12-15ft of their humanoid-form to twice that in their bird-form. The Mikila can kneel down, however, and will only stand half as tall when she does. She gains five claws in this form, three talons in the front and two behind, allowing her a somewhat greater dexterity in this mode than the other flying types with talons by having a fifth claw, though this rarely comes into play at all. Their beak in this form is long, slightly-curved, and wickedly powerful when she is diving after prey. The Mikila prefers to eat meat, but does enjoy fruits and some nuts as well. In this form, her plumage most often retains the same coloration as her wings from her humanoid form, which can range from a snow-white to a dark, chocolate-like brown color.
These Pokégirls love to race in the air, testing their speed against others of their kind and even other Pokégirl breeds even when feral. Feral Mikila tend to live in small flocks of three-to-five Pokégirls, and seem to prefer to live in forests that are along the sides of mountains away from human establishments. A Mikila can fly at up to 95miles per hour (approximately 43.2km/h), given a good wind and decent weather, though when burdened with a passenger of around 200lbs they can make about half that. However, they are capable of sustaining that speed for a good six or seven hours on average before requiring a rest. There's a rivalry between the Chocoboob, Ponytaur, and the Mikila as a result of their love of racing, with the other two ground-bound, the Mikila enjoy flaunting their ability to soar above it all, flying above obstacles such as forests, rivers, swamps, and even mountains. This can lead to resentment between the breeds, but most polled Pokégirl in regards to this have responded that the rivalry is mostly just a professional rivalry. Thanks to the Mikila's capabilities, they are often used for interocean transports of individuals and documents that shouldn't be sent digitally, and are often used as couriers as well as transporters in modern times.
In a harem, Mikila are often found to be a contributing member, though most often these Pokégirls are only found among Tradesmen. Often, these Pokégirls are simply used to provided over-land transport for wandering tamers and even other people as well who need to get someplace quick. Their wings are too large to allow them to be very useful as a Pet, and they are not geared towards battling at all, either standard battles or sex battles. In battles, if they are allowed to fly, they prefer to rain down their attacks from a distance by pinning the opponent with Gravity and then showering the target with their exclusive Obsidian Rain or less-exclusive Feather Shuriken techniques. And when it comes to sex battles, or sex in general, the Mikila's body is extremely sensitive when she isn't using her hardened skin, which she can't keep up while aroused or relaxed. The Mikila's pleasure threshold rivals that of a Titmouse, and as such is a very poor contender in a sex battle.
Feral Mikila can be found in their humanoid form, often racing other Pokégirls in the sky. Unfortunately, ferals of this breed tend to have a very short attention span unless provoked, attacked, or in a race, leading to a fairly easy capture most of the time when confronted with a faster Pokégirl or an attack or technique she is weak against. While feral, they cannot transform into their bird-like form. However, sometimes a feral Mikila can be found in their bird-form, though this is very rare and likely a result of the Pokégirl going feral while in this form. It is very difficult to bring the Pokégirl out of her bird form when feral, and most often they are simply ignored by most tamers as a result. Feral Mikila are not very territorial, and are known to have a migratory pattern that can take them all over the world within a year and a half. They are, however, quite defensive and do not take kindly to threats in the slightest.
Obsidian Rain (ATK+40): By flying into the air, the Pokégirl flaps her wings and showers down specially changed feathers from them. These feathers are changed from simple feathers and into small pieces of sharp rocks. This is considered a Rock-type attack and can be used by the Mikila in both her human-like and bird-like forms.
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MILK MAID, the “Got Milk” Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: domestic servant
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Slap, Cheer, Cuddle
Enhancements: Fast Healing
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maid Yvette (Milktit milk and orgasm)
Milk Maid is the unexpected evolution of Maid Yvette. Like the Milkmouse, it comes from drinking Milktit milk. Unlike the Milkmouse, the Maid Yvette must be undergoing orgasm to evolve while she is drinking the milk. This very unlikely series of events occurred when a Milktit farmer and his Maid Yvette were both Taming a Milktit, and so far the Milk Maid he has is the only one known. Milk Maids look just like their previous form, save for their breasts are much larger.
A Milk Maid has a more developed personality than her previous form, able to take her own name if she wishes. She is also smart enough to be able to handle various tasks on her own, making her a decent domestic keeper. She still faints at the sight of blood though, limiting her combat usefulness to virtually nil. Milk Maids have a minor healing enhancement, letting them recover faster from wounds.
Milk Maids’ breasts lactate just like a Milktit’s do. A Milkmaid cannot alter the composition of her own milk, so it has no special effects beyond being sweet and tasty. Pokégirls who drink milk from a Milk Maid do lactate themselves for about a week, although they too cannot make their milk anything except delicious. Milk Maids only lactate about five gallons a day, but still need to be milked daily to prevent painful swelling. When fully milked, their breasts are a large C-cup.
Milk Maids are only happy when there are other Pokégirls around for them to milk. Whether its Milktits, SnowMelons, Cunnydews, Cherries, or even others of her own kind, a Milk Maid’s sense of self-worth is at its highest when she is milking others. Her proficiency at this is so great that she is somehow, in a manner not fully understood, able to get lactating Pokégirls of any sort to give half-again as much milk as they usually would when she milks them. She explains this ability as simply having a knack for milking. Furthermore, if any Pokégirl who naturally lactates (as opposed to just lactating from drinking another’s milk) drinks milk from a Milk Maid, the Milk Maid can internally alter the chemical composition of the other’s milk, making the other Pokégirl’s milk have special effects, such as to act as a healing agent (or even more of a healing agent), act as a sedative, induce lust, or several other effects. The Milk Maid chooses how the other Pokégirl’s milk is altered, and once her milk is ingested, the other Pokégirl’s milk remains altered for two days.
Feral Milk Maids enter a state of distraction like an Ingenue, where they cannot concentrate on anything and their ability to perform tasks plummet. Threshold girls virtually never become a Milk Maid, but it is possible.
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MILKMOUSE, the Mouseketeer Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Mouse
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: milk, dairy products, nuts, bread
Role: unique
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Focus, Backhand, Hyper Kick, Resist, Rage
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Enduranced (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Titmouse (only known trigger: milk from Milktit, unknown if massive amounts of sex or multiple orgasms beforehand were required as a stimulant)
Recently discovered by two Tamers, Yuka and Ben, this new Pokégirl is roughly seven feet tall and has physical attributes that put a Amachoke to shame. It does, however, have two major desires, sexual intimacy and milk, preferably fresh and produced by a Pokégirl. It does NOT like soy milk.
Trainer Ben is the owner of the Pokégirl, though he admits that she could not have evolved without Tamer Yuka's assistance.
The reason the discovery of this Pokégirl has been so recent is because of the fact that it is very rare for a Tamer to have both a Milktit and a Titmouse. Usually any Tamer who might have had such a combination has already evolved his Titmouse, has lost/given away his Titmouse, or has lost his Milktit.
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MILKTIT, the Dairy Cow Pokégirl
Type: Varies from Animorph (bovine) to Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: herbivore, can digest almost any plant material
Role: milk producer, emergency food provider
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Warm Milk, Busting Out, Milk Drink, Cream, Butter Up, Mountain Hold
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Intelligence (x3), Semi-elastic skin, fast recovery, slight animalistic features, breasts can produce up to 45 gallons per day of milk; internal glands can alter the milk to various states
Evolves: Minotaura (battle stress), Mooncalf (Moon Stone), Queenbra (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: None
Milktits don't seem like much at first. Relatively easy-to-find, with appearances ranging from white-with-black-spotted fur and vaguely animalistic features to normal-looking girls with small, slightly curved horns and soft, leather-like skin. They also have some capacity for higher intelligence and tactics, although they rarely make good Alphas, the majority preferring subservient roles in the Harem. It's in their breasts that their real advantage comes from, and not just because they're spectacularly large.
A Milktit's breasts are constantly lactating, producing delicious milk to drink. When milked completely, they are never smaller than a D-Cup, but it's rare to see them at such a comparatively small size. A Milktit produces up to 45 gallons of milk per day. Inside their breasts is a series of glands which they can use to alter their milk's effects, creating a healing potion, a sedative, a hormonally affecting drug, or a hypnotic. The skin of their breasts is surprisingly elastic, capable of easily supporting all 45 gallons of milk, however for a Milktit, their breasts being that full is an unpleasant feeling, becoming more painful the larger their breasts get. Letting their breasts go unmilked for more than a day is considered abuse and you will be fined or punished accordingly. If a Milktit remains unmilked for up to a week, they will be immobilized by the sheer size of their own breasts.
Surprisingly, Milktits were actually made use of frequently during the Revenge War by Sukebe's forces. They were easy to feed in the field, their dietary needs easy to fulfill by simply letting them graze on nearby grass and trees, and the milk their breasts produced provided much needed health boosts for several units of Sukebe's forces. Because they were not the best fighters, however, they were also among the first breeds of Pokégirl to be officially `tamed.' The breed has remained fairly popular to this day, especially among starting Tamers and Tamers who have trouble finding food in the wild.
One thing to take note of, is that any Pokégirl who drinks Milktit milk will herself lactate for roughly a week afterwards, their breasts swelling to accommodate the milk they're producing. The milk of those Pokégirls will not cause other Pokégirls to lactate, and they cannot make their milk anything other than healthy and delicious.
Milktit is among the more common Thresholds for young girls to go through. It's also one of the more well-accepted changes, as the girl in question gain larger, more attractive breasts.
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MILOTIT, the Divinely Beautiful Dragon-esque Pokégirl Type: Humanoid
Element: Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Only found in harems)
Diet: Fish, Kelp, Fruit
Role: Who cares?! She's Gorgeous!!
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ice, Steel, Ground, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Dragonbreath, Smile, Pretty Wink, Aura Barrier, Dazzle, Ensnaring Kiss, Cupid's Bow, Angel Eyes, Blow Kiss, Sex Attack 1, 2, and 3, Long Tongue, Probing Tongue, Phantom Touch
Enhancements: Levitation, Enhanced Agility, Sexual Spellcraft, Sexual Intuition, Enhanced Beauty (xMAX)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Feeblass (Becoming Pretty)
A successfully beautified Feeblass, which takes a great deal of effort, a lot of time, a respectable amount of money, and nearly divine patience, is simply ‘very pretty.’ Not quite up there with a great many other Pokégirls, but still attractive nonetheless. When she evolves into a Milotit after becoming ‘prettied up,’ and actually becoming convinced that she is indeed pretty, that all changes drastically. Every tamer who has taken the extreme and time-consuming effort to beautify a Feeblass, all two of them currently, will happily say that the results were worth every second, every penny, every frustration, and more.
A Milotit isn’t pretty, she isn’t beautiful, she isn’t even drop-dead-gorgeous. A Milotit’s physical appearance is nothing less than Divine.
Though her proportions are similar to a Gynadose’s, similarities pretty much end there and go no further. A Milotit’s skin, hair, eyes, scales, muscle tone, fingernails, health, teeth, etc. are always in absolutely perfect condition (unless something very extreme has happened to her). Even to the point where the Kujaku Ranch member who has the first known example in his harem has complained that he has nothing more he can possibly do to improve her appearance (though he never says this with any real remorse). Their skin tends to be a lovely pale tan color with erotic blue scaled highlights, and their very long and silky hair is so far some shade of red or reddish coloration. Their eyes are some manner of deep and rich color, and are shaped in such a way as to give them a naturally seductive expression. They also have a subconsciously sensual body language in everything they do, which only increases if their tamer is watching.
Milotits love to swim, and are the very embodiment of sensual grace in the water (as opposed to out of the water where they are merely the essence of sensual grace). A Milotit who is swimming, or just getting out of the water, is, forgive the expression, a wet dream come true.
Milotits actually get along very well with the Gynadose breed of Pokégirl, and will even have a calming effect on a Gynadose in the same harem (Unless someone inflicts harm on the Milotit, then the Gynadose will do everything in their power to rip the offender to shreds). In addition, a Milotit’s sexual intuition and array of sexual techniques is a great aid in keeping a Gynadose's agressive libido satisfied (probably why they get along so well).
Milotits can become decently powerful battlers, with a small array of battle techniques, and when paired with a Gynadose in double battles will happily steamroller the competition. However, their real strength is in sex battles, as they can use their natural sexual intuition to get their opponent off faster than many others can accomplish, and apparently may be able to learn almost any sex technique on record provided they can find someone to learn from. The second Milotit on record is currently the only known Pokégirl to actually defeat a Menage-a-trois in a sex battle, the Milotit herself collapsing shortly afterwards.
A Milotit seems to be a Pokégirl for life, as the immense affection they have for the one who took so much effort to make them pretty could never be transferred to another master. It is doubtful that anyone who put that much effort into a Pokégirl would be willing to trade her anyway, so we may never learn for certain.
Milotits will happily do just about anything when it comes to taming, whether it is with their tamer or a harem sister while their tamer watches, they don't care as long as their tamer enjoys it. When not doing any particular task, a Milotit can be found right next to her tamer, breaking out all the sensual body language she has at her disposal in order to seduce him, or just simply enjoying his presence (while still displaying a lot of sensual body language. It seems to be a half-subconscious action on their part when in their tamer's presence).
A Milotit will only attempt to actively seduce her tamer when they are alone (apparently in the presence of just her harem sisters counts as ‘alone’ for a Milotit, and they subconsciously perform passive seduction on their tamer constantly). However they are perfectly happy, and even eager, to be tamed anywhere and at any time if their tamer requests/demands it. A Milotit doesn’t even seem to care if she has an orgasm, only being concerned with her tamer's pleasure, though a Milotit will apparently become extremely affectionate after having an orgasm, literally glowing (likely with magic) with pleasure for many hours afterwards.
A Milotit has no trouble getting the required tamings she needs, regardless of her libido and her tamer's ability. Her natural sensuality (the tamer in possession of the second Milotit on record has claimed that she can make anything look sexy without even trying) is capable of keeping her tamer aroused well past any point he ever thought himself capable of. Because of this, no Milotit has ever come within a lightyear of turning feral.
It has been determined that it is not possible to threshold directly into a Milotit.
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MIMICA, the Storage Keeper Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human diet, blood (rumored), none if possessing an object
Role: Thief, storage manager
Libido: Average (high if bonded and under a certain circumstance), non existent if possessing an object
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Lick, Dazzle, Teleport, Phase, Nightshade, Haunted, Illusion, Swallow*, Spit Up*
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Short range telepathy, Ability to possess objects, Longevity (if possessing an object), Expanded storage capacity, Enhanced Senses (when possessing an object)
Evolves: Mimicall (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
Evolves From: None
These Pokégirls where discovered in 262 AS. A team of archaeologists were examining an abandoned temple in the Dark Continent and found three treasure chests along with a dried Bandame. Even though they had the keys to the treasure chests the locks wouldn’t open. After much deliberation the archaeologists decided to awaken the Bandame. An hour later after the Bandame was woken up she explained that even with the keys they would need permission from the treasure keepers to open the chests. When the archaeologists asked for an explanation it was revealed that the Bandame was referring to Pokegirls.
When not possessing an object, Mimicas look like human girls with dark gray skin, and black hair, around 4 to 5 feet in height. They have white eyes with a blue iris, and generally have B-cup breasts. The majority of the breed prefer to wear clothes, with those that prefer to go nude being much rarer. Theose who do prefer clothes will wear outfits that can easily be moved around in and either have large pockets or several of them. Feral Mimicas will possess discarded Pokéballs or boxes. Because of their ability to memorize and keep track of anything they’re holding, they make good storage, vault, and supply manages. This has made them useful at banks or storage facilities. They get along well with Bandames, and even though they don’t like their serious personality, Phawhores as well. They’re also useful to Tamers who forget to get supplies or need help keeping track of their things.
When these Pokégirls were first discovered, it explained some strange events Tamers have come across in the past. The most common among these events being Tamers waking up to find an empty Pokéball kissing or talking to them. (Most authorities simply considered the Tamers to be hallucinating.) Mimicas will possess things from lockets to vaults. In some cases, they will even possess books or dolls/puppets with mouths that can open in clothes. The only pattern in this is that the objects are normally some kind of container with lids. When possessing an object, they can manifest sharp teeth, a tongue, two black, skeletal-like arms with hands and sharp nails, and a single eye to see with, allowing them to increase the range of their ability to sense what’s going on around them from beyond its usual five feet. This ability to sense things around them when they possess an object have made them useful to Tamers, who let them possess their bags, mostly serving as an early warning system for when they’re in danger. Mimicas can move the opening of the object they’re possessing like they were lips. While they cannot talk while possessing an object, they’ll use their telepathic powers to talk to people and move the object’s lid as if they were. If the object is the size of a trunk or smaller, they can make the object float from one to five feet in the air.
Mimicas have the ability to open a pocket dimension, one most Tamers refer to as Expanded Storage Space (ESS), or the Pokégirl Basement. This pocket dimension can hold about 20 separate items. The reason it’s referred to as a Pokégirl Basement is because that’s what it looks like. When a Mimica uses this ability, the insides of the object they’re possessing turns pitch black. If the object is big enough, a person can even go into it. But they first have to have the Mimica’s trust. In inside of the pocket dimension looks like a stone and brick basement with shelves lining it. If the Mimica’s possessing a box-shaped object, the exit of the pocket dimension is a ladder, while if it’s something such as a vault, it’s a set of stairs. The reason only someone the Pokégirl trusts can go in is because she’ll feel whatever they are doing. If they move stuff around, they’ll know. If a sledgehammer is used against the walls, the Mimica will feel pain. One tamer has reported that Mimicas will laugh if the walls of the pocket dimension are tickled. Oddly enough, they can’t open their pocket dimensions when possessing a Poképack or a transparent object. The reason for this is unknown, and Mimicas aren’t talking about it. The pocket dimension of a Mimica has been used by criminals to steal. This is normally done by sending the Pokégirl (usually possessing some sort of box) to a facility/mansion/etc. and having them move around at night, taking objects, or by having them hold onto Pokéballs as they go in, releasing Pokégirls that know Teleport to do the stealing and escape. This pocket dimension is also liked by weapon-using Pokégirls, as they have somewhere to place their extra weapons.
Their personality depends on where they’re found. Those found in the countryside will normally be calm and quiet, while those near cities will be outgoing and give their opinions even if they’re not wanted. It’s not advised to take them into stores, seeing as they may randomly take items from shelves. It should be noted that they love playing tricks. Most cases being that they’ll refuse they wanted, then suddenly agreeing and opening up. When the Tamer reaches for the item, they’ll form teeth and bite down. In some cases the Mimica has bitten down hard enough to pierce the skin, which has led to the rumro that they drink blood. This is why most Tamers try to stay on a Mimica’s good side. On All Fool’s Day, they’ll temporarily leave the object they’re possessing, joining up with Trixie and their evolutions to mess with people.
When it comes to taming, they have no preference in terms of style. When they were publicly announced, the few tamers that had Mimicas came forward and gave what information they knew. One of them was a Tamer with the Tamer’s Disease blood curse who was delta-bonded with his Mimica. He reported that while in the Pokégirl’s pocket dimension, she created a physical manifestation of herself. The manifestation seemed to have an increased libido and was ready to go whenever her tamer was. He spent a week in the pocket dimension taming her (he had food and water in there, and his other Pokégirls reported that he only left the pocket dimension for bathroom breaks and to catch his breath). From his reports it seems that the manifestation likes being tamed against the walls of the pocket dimension and having any objects in it used to tame them. Why this is, no one knows for sure, as it’s hard to find a Mimica delta-bonded to a Tamer. They only become Feral when not possessing an object. You know they’re Feral when they become more violent and aggressive until they possess an object. If someone keeps them from possessing an object then they will beat the person up and go for whatever they can find. A Feral Mimica will use Dazzle or illusion to distract her opponents before escaping.
If the object they’re possessing is about to be destroyed, one of two things will happen. If they’ve become attached to the object, they’ll choose to stay in it and die when it’s destroyed. Otherwise they’ll try to leave it. If you want a loyal Mimica, give them finely decorated gift boxes to possess or objects like jewelry to hold onto. Like the HandMaid, some leagues don’t consider this Pokégirl to be a member of a Tamer’s active combat harem because they seem more inclined for domestic work and don’t need taming as much as other Pokégirls. As of yet, no Thresholds have been reported.
Swallow – (ATK 0): The Mimica swallows objects around her and stores them for later use. These items can include stones, twigs, and so forth. It’s possible for the Mimica to hold projectiles thrown at her, but only for a temporary time. The longest time recorded for this is 15 minutes, with stronger attacks reducing the time. After a certain time passes, the Mimica will have to release the projectiles or take 20% more damage than they would have if they had taken the hit.
Spit Up – (ATK 30/can vary): The Mimica attacls her enemy by spitting stored objects at them. The objects range from the things she’s used Swallow on to the objects she has stored. If she uses projectiles from the enemy, their attack will be half of what it was before but still retain any status-inducing effects. If she uses the objects she has stored, they will need to be recollected afterwards, as they will not go back to what she is possessing or to ESS. Heavier objects will do a high amount of damage but aren’t as accurate, while smaller objects are more accurate but do less damage. Some have taken to holding jars/bags of coins, marbles, or even pebbles to use, seeing as even though the attacks won’t hurt as much, they can do a high amount of damage if given the change to build up. Leagues have stated that Pokéballs, empty or otherwise, are not allowed to be used as projectiles in League-sanctioned battles. However, they are allowed if they are being used against Ferals. Some have argued whether or not this is fair, as it could be seen as a sneaky, underhanded trick.
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MIMICALL, The Master Storage Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style diet, some times blood (few Mimicalls will openly say this)
Role: Storage manager, Bodyguard, Thief, Assistant engineer
Libido: Average, High with a bonded tamer
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark, Psychic, flying, in some cases a fear of Tats
Attacks: Phantom Blade, Teleport, Phase, Dazzle, Hypnosis, Bad Breath, Illusion, Nightshade, Parry, Slash, Haunted, *Junk Creation, Swallow, Spit Up
Enhancements: Night vision, Enhanced Reflexes (2x), Enhanced Strength (2x), Telepathy, Longevity, Enhanced Senses (if possessing an object)
Evolves From: Mimica (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
This Pokégirl was discovered in 263 AS in the same temple where archaeologists found the first three recorded Mimica. It was a few days past the new year when archaeologists discovered a hidden chamber under the temple using sonic scanning equipment. The archaeologists went back to the temple to speak with the Pokégirls who had been guarding it if they new any thing (the four Pokégirls they found had taken the temple as their home in return for letting the archaeologists explore the place fully). When the Bandame was asked she said she knew nothing of the chamber.
How ever, when the three Mimica were asked they clammed up, said they knew nothing and wanted to drop the subject. This peeked the interest of both the archaeologists and the Bandame. After getting the three Pokégirls to speak they were told the chamber was where a sarcophagus was kept but they would have nothing to do with opening the door to it. The archeology team left to where the chamber was while the Bandame dealt with the three Pokégirls for not telling her there was some thing else to protect. After a few hours the team was able to open the door to the chamber which had been hidden behind a wall. Inside was shelves of jewelry, books, statues and a sarcophagus in the center. Most of the team thought it would be a good idea to get the temples Pokégirls before going in but one of them went. A few seconds later the team member was hit with a bad breath attack and dropped to the floor. The archeology team reached for their Pokéballs but when no threat came they agreed to get the Pokégirls. When they showed up a loud voice yelled at them for letting intruders in. When the archaeologists looked back into the chamber the sarcophagus was gone and in it's place was a Pokégirl.
Mimicall look like their pre-evolved sisters with but a bust size larger and a few more inches in height if they're not possessing an object. If they are then the similarities stop because a Mimicall's skin appearance and color will change and they will gain light weight armor based on what they're possessing. One example is a Mimicall who possessed an urn. With the armor off she had porcelain white skin, hair and eyes with blue iris. On her skin was the same sea blue patterns as the urn (even though her skin looked like porcelain it felt like normal skin. In one case a trunk a Mimicall was possessing had vines carved into it and while it looked she her self had the same carvings to peoples fingers it felt like normal skin). Her amour looked like the urn had been enlarged, segmented and turned into amour. Scientists confirmed that the armor was indeed porcelain but it was hard and solid like steel. Because their skin takes patterns of what they possess some tamers like them because they could imagine they were taming a different Pokégirl because they may have the same skin pattern. Any Mimicall who posses a white object will stay away from Ar-tits and their evolved forms because they don't want to be painted believing that their skin should be the same color as the object their possessing. A Mimicall will greatly appreciate possessing an enchanted object as they may gain enhancements from it (Example: A Mimicall possessing an object that has been enchanted to survive a 5 story drop may gain an increased defense against flying types). While a Mimicall still posses the same abilities as a Mimica in object form she'll prefer walking around in her real form feeling that she'll be better able to project her tamer that way. She'll go into object form if ordered to by her tamer, if there is no threat or if she feels that she'll be better able to serve her tamer that way.
A Mimicall still has the same abilities she did as a Mimica but has gained much more control of her ESS. Where a Mimica can hold up to 20 items a Mimicall can hold up to 50. This has made them more liked by weapon carrying Pokégirls as they can also keep more weapons, replacement parts and repair tools. The size of the Mimicall's common ESS is about 10ft in height and 40x40 in size.
Their control of their ESS is controlled enough that she can open a portal about 6ft in diamiter to her ESS with out needing to be in object form. The Mimicall can have the portal be stairs or a ladder if she wants. The insides of the ESS remain the same except that the pocket dimension is larger and has more shelves. It's possible for a Mimicall to open their ESS portal one place, let some one in and reopen it again some where else to let the person out. If they open the portal and go in them shelves the portal can not be opened some where else. It is because of these reasons a Mimicall is not allowed into museums, banks, etc. unless they are a member of the buildings security or police. Like the Mimica, they can not use their ESS when possessing Poképacks or clear objects. They also wont say why. A Mimicall also no longer needs an object to possess as she can make her own and customize it to her own tastes (even though it's not needed a Mimicall will appreciate it if her tamer buys or makes her some thing). While it's not confirmed it's suspected that a Mimicall changes the air in her ESS in a similar way to a Starlightxpress.
It is possible for a Mimicall to pull objects out of her ESS using her mouth but the object has to be small enough to fit. Most small sword/dagger wielding Pokégirls won’t give a Mimicall their weapons if the Mimicall says they want to do the sword eater trick. There's always the chance they won’t get it back. Tamers who abuse their Mimicall shouldn't kiss them or receive oral from them (only a moron abuses their Mimicall and lets them hold onto needles, small daggers, etc when kissing them or receiving oral sex). A Mimicall also has the ability to designate an object to open up to her ESS for her tamer or harem sisters to use. When this is done various symbols appear around the opening of the object and she can remove the objects connection to her ESS when ever she wants. Her ability to levitate possessed objects is more controlled and can lift objects of 160 pounds up to 10 feet.
Their personalities wont differ as much as their pre-evolved forms except they act a bit more serious about their duties. Like Bandames they will protect the living and inanimate objects. Upon evolution Mimicalls pick up a habit of messing around with machinery and small objects. It’s unknown if this is some sort of instinct to inspect things around her for better use and defensive purposes or out of curiosity. Some times it's either or both.
The Mimicall has found use in labs as assistants because they enjoy working on things and make good inventory managers. Due to their Junk Creation ability they can make models to give an idea of how an object will look or work. The fact she can posses objects means she can stay in a lab and keep an eye on experiments/projects to make sure things don't break or keep an eye out for people who want to steal them.
While they no longer play tricks on people as much as they used to if they're asked to join in on playing pranks they will. They no longer randomly take objects while in stores with jewelry stores being an exception. No tamer should take their Mimicall into a jewelry store because she WILL take some thing. In one report that wasn't released one Mimicall stole every piece of jewelry in a store and refused to give them back (she was reported screaming as she ran from the cops ‘It's mine, it’s all mine and I’m not giving it back’). If a Mimicall takes some jewelry she will not give it back unless she is traded some thing of equal value or defeated in a fight. From a known case a Mimicall will not take jewelry if she is delta bonded with her tamer (she won’t do it because she knows it'll embarrass her tamer).
The rumor of them and their pre-evolved form drinking blood is true. If given blood their bodies can heal from wounds faster. There are a few who drink blood because of the taste but normally don't admit to it. It's advised that they not drink blood from Sugar Kittens or their evolutions as they may get addicted and in their version of a sugar high, bounce/hop around in object form and bite people on their arms, legs or their rears. No one's sure why but it's believed that they taste how much sugar a Sugar Kitten eats.
A Mimicall will not take her armor off unless she is cleaning it or getting tamed. While taming preference hasn't changed from their pre-evolved form some prefer getting tamed on all fours. As of yet only one tamer has stepped forward to give information about being delta bonded to his Mimicall so the following information comes from him. A Mimicall still has the ability to manifest her self in her ESS for her delta bonded tamer. If a Mimicall is not in object form her eyes will gain a glazed over look and she will be distracted while her tamer is taming the manifestation. It is possible for a Mimicall to be in her ESS at the same time of the manifestation. If both the Mimicall and her manifestation can be tamed at once is unknown because the tamer is not willing to tell (his response to any who ask is 'I will not deny nor confirm what people think. If you want to know get your own Mimicall and become delta bonded' ).
A feral Mimicall will be distracted as she wonders about the area picking up stuff she finds interesting to put in her ESS (this had led to tamers catching feral Mimicalls and getting free evolution items). It's rare to find a feral Mimicall as most feral Mimica will normally run away rather than stay and fight. If there is a feral Mimicall around you can tell because random objects from her ESS might start popping out all over the place with in a 10 foot radius of her (this has led to a few tamers getting hit in the head by rocks and in one case, a hammer). As of yet no threshold cases have been reported.
Junk Creation (EFT): Some people would consider this a useless move while some others actually find it useful. The Mimicall takes the objects in their ESS and creates various objects ranging from cooking utensils to tents. Some even create walls to block attacks. Structures created range in different sizes but the largest recorded are about 12x12 feet and 11 feet in height. Dom types like this move as they can have various tool of different designs and sizes to play with their tamer/harem sisters. Fighting types also like this move for similar reasons but because they can have training dummies made out of different materials. While this is useful it is limited. Should the materials that make up the object be struck or come in contact with some thing capable of destroying it (fire, acid, etc) the object will return to the ESS and the Mimicall will take some damage. While Pokéballs can be used ones with a Pokégirl inside can not.
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MINI-TOP (aka BUN-BUN), the Excessively Violent Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare/Rare (on the rise in some areas)
Diet: alcoholic (mostly beer)/vegetarian (mostly alfalfa)
Role: discipline, assassination, intimidation, wanton violence and destruction
Libido: High (demanding-often the ones doing the Taming)
Preference: Bi-sexual
Attacks: Slap, Double Slap, Hyper Slap, Backhand, Nipple Cripple, Pummel, Headbutt, Uppercut, Bicycle Kick, Mega Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Retarded Aging, High Intelligence
Weaknesses: increased susceptibility to electrical attacks, and to attacks from Dominas
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl, Beach Bunny, PlayBunny, MoonBunny, March Hare, Snowbunny (all evolve by emotional trauma caused by abuse, or witnessing highly frequent and/or extremely excessive acts of violence)
Woe the Tamer who unexpectedly finds himself with one of these in his Harem, for Mini-Tops are an excessively violent and aggressive breed, second only to a Mousewife defending her master's life. Upon reaching this stage the Pokégirl goes not only through the standard physical change but also a marked personality change. Physically, the Pokégirls breasts become noticeably smaller, the ass becomes rounder and firmer, and the ears become longer(down to about knee level) and rather "floppy." Personality-wise the change is much more extreme. The Pokégirl becomes highly interested in switch-blades, .45 caliber Glochs, Tripod-mounted chainguns, high-yield explosives, and causing pain. Mini-tops are highly aggressive and dominating; this combined with a markably increased sexual appetite makes for an extremely demanding Pokégirl who refuses to take "No! God No! Somebody Help Me! PLEASE!!!!" for an answer. The foolish Tamer who refuses the Mini-Top's advances is typically beaten and battered into helpless submission and ridden for all he's worth. Those tamers who accept their advances are treated in much the same way. Mini-tops will use any excuse to perform acts of violence, cruelty, or (their favorite) violent cruelty. Being highly aggressive and competitive they constantly seek the position of Alpha. Because of this, they have a strong rivalry with those of the Domina family. Add to this the Mini-top's lack of concern for the lives of others(save for their master's) and this provides for an extremely dangerous and potentially lethal rivalry. It should also be noted that Mini-tops have a particular "dislike" of Electric types; causing them to focus on abusing, torturing, trying to kill, and (oddly enough) trying to bite electric types(in particular, trying to bite the tails of those that have them) Despite their thin, frail, and cute appearance; the Mini-top is surprisingly strong. All in all a very combat oriented breed. An increased level of intelligence means that this breed is also very sneaky and conniving, one should not place much trust in the words of a Mini-top, unless of course they happen to be threats against your life. They are a verbally cruel, abusive, and insulting breed; and they will constantly point out the faults of their master and insult him, "nerd-boy" being a particular favorite insult of theirs.
Yet for those brave (or stupid) tamers who wish to master the Mini-Top, there is hope. Because of a peculiar quirk of their metabolism, Mini-Tops become easily inebriated(drunk). When in this state, the Mini-Top is a much more laid-back and friendly Pokégirl. Often expressing their strong affection for those around them, and being all-around a very sociable breed; but only when drunk beyond human comprehension. One should also mention that Mini-Tops hate breast jokes of all kinds(for obvious reasons), and will severely "punish" anyone who utters such jokes in their presence. Also, Mini-Tops hate telemarketers (not that we blame them but...) to the extent of hunting them down and killing them, also bombing their office buildings, and doing all-round slaughters of such individuals on sight, and using their victims' spleens to decorate the walls. The reason for such violent animosity is as of yet unexplained, the research team investigating this were all found mysteriously disemboweled with shampoo in their eyes.
It must also be noted that only domesticated Bunnies can evolve into a Mini-Top, the reason for this is as of yet unknown.
Despite their being discovered only recently, Mini-Tops enjoy a large and avid following. Their fans affectionately refer to them as Bun-Buns, an obvious reference to their well-shaped derrieres and a slight preference for anal intercourse. There is debate as to whether this following has sprung up out of love for the breed, or out of fear for it.
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MINOTAURA, the Strong Cow Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Fighting/Rock
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Construction
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Water, Plant
Attacks: Headbutt, Ki Blast, Stomp, Seismic Toss, Bronze Fist, Gold Fist, Harden, DynaWave, Rock Cube, Shock Spike, Tail Whip
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Thick Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Milktit (battle stress)
Despite how common a Milktit is, it's rare to find one commonly in a Tamer's harem. This isn't because of the fact that Tamers don't bother with the Milktit, however- the bountiful flesh of a Milktit and their ability to give milk are two reasons why they are found in a Tamer's harem. No, it is well and thoroughly documented in almost every league in the world that 70% of all Tamers wind up with a Milktit in their harem at some point. However, the truth of the matter is that in 95% of all these cases, their Milktit evolves into a Minotaura within one or two battles due to Battle Stress. Tamers tend to forget in the heat of battle that a Milktit wasn't quite designed to be a fighting Pokégirl, and so become stressed in battle easily. In the remaining 5% of these cases, the Tamer has the foresight to actually purchase an Everstone before the Pokégirl goes into any battles.
After evolving, the Minotaura look somewhat like the Milktit, but are much different otherwise. Rather than having muscles that do not stand out, the Minotaura actually have very large muscles all over their body, often looking a lot more like an Amachoke in muscular build than they would their previous form. Their breasts tend to shrink, as Minotaura do not lactate unless she is pregnant, and are often only as large as a mid-B to a mid-C cup. Minotaura do not change physically at all, save for the muscles that seem to have burst out from where they'd been hiding from her previous form. Tamers find that they now need to use restraints for this breed, to some Tamer's delight and some Tamer's displeasure- their strength grows to about seven times from that of what they had while a Milktit. Tamers find it easier to tame a Minotaura now, however, as they are unusually sensitive after a battle and can orgasm quickly after only several minutes of stimulation.
It's said that two Minotaura could have created the Pyramids of the pre-Sukebe world, with their enhanced endurance and strength. As such, no Tamer is safe taming a Minotaura without proper restraints or two Amachamps holding the Minotaura down. The Minotaura has a pair of horns which normally appeared like two tiny cones on its head, but when the Minotaura chooses, they can extend and shape their horns up to two feet in length, though many Minotaura complain of headaches if they extend their horns beyond a foot in length. These horns are often used to increase the power of the Minotaura's Headbutt attack, which is quite often followed up with one of her 'Fist' attacks. A Minotaura does lose her capacity for learning as easily as a Milktit does, however, and many may have trouble operating smaller, delicate items as a result of their strength. Many has been the time when the phrase "Oops" is uttered by a Pokégirl of this breed after evolving, immediately after something crashes, gets crushed, smashed, or broken. It is recommended that a Minotaura never be left in a place where there is very little room- claustrophobia seems to be an almost innate problem with the breed, although the severity of the problem varies for each Pokégirl, and they get frustrated when they can't find the door. With that said, it is highly recommended to keep this breed under close observation when used underground.
Feral Minotaura are known to travel in herds, leading a few other vegetarian Pokégirls in her herd (most often other Milktit, but sometimes Ponytaur as well) as they wander around. Most commonly, they might be found in forested areas or on plains, and are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Most Tamers should be warned that attacking her herd is considered an attack on her, and should be prepared to battle any Minotaura in a herd should her ire be roused. Often, it is suggested that the Minotaura be taken down first, if one must fight, because they do retain most of their intelligence even when feral.
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MIST BUNNY, the Magic Forest Rabbit Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Rabbit)
Element: Magic/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Hunting, Foraging, Long-range combat, Magic detection
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Burst, Mana Bolt, Quickening*, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, The Calm Soul, Focus, Focus Energy, Pose, Evade, Counter, Resist, Spellwork
Enhancements: Increased Accuracy x5, Increased Senses (Sight, Scent, Hearing) x10, Increased Agility x6, Increased Strength x5 (x9 when Beserked), Increased Intelligence x5
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Mana Stone)
In terms of personality, Mist Bunnies are an almost total 180 from their previous form. They become far more serious, and much calmer in manner. They gain a great deal of intelligence in this evolution, although that intelligence is geared more towards magic, forest knowledge, and natural remedies rather than scientific knowledge. They are also taller, being around 6'11" in height without the ears standing up. Mist Bunnies all have dusky brown fur and long, silvery hair, although they vary among hairstyles. Their faces all sport very slight muzzles, and their feet are paws. However, due to the shape and small size of their feet, they have a hard time walking unless they are wearing high-heeled shoes of some kind.
Mist Bunnies love the forest. Feral Mist Bunnies congregate in treetop warrens, using their excellent jumping ability to move from tree to tree. Tamed Mist Bunnies are generally treated as non-entities by Ferals, as if they regard Mist Bunnies with Tamers to be unworthy of even existing. This does not dissuade Mist Bunnies with Tamers from going into forested areas, as their love of the woods is strong. They are excellent survivalists, and can make do even on extremely limited resources.
Feral Mist Bunnies are an unusual sort. They have a relatively high Feral intelligence, as their Feral state essentially a combination of an animal-type Pokégirl's Feral state and the Feral state of more human-type Pokégirls. Their speech becomes limited severely, and they become more skittish of outsiders. They are animalistic in mannerisms, but are capable of fashioning simple clothes and footwear. When observed from a distance, Feral Mist Bunnies can be seen, when not hunting or Taming each other, can be seen sitting in a treetop nest, meditating or simply staring out with a smile at the forest. Some even sing, a soft, wordless song that is growing in popularity among Watchers, due to how peaceful and relaxing it is. Tamed Mist Bunnies still sing this, usually after a particularly good Taming.
The high heels that all Mist Bunnies require, whether Tame or Feral, confuse most Researchers. To the surprise of several Watchers, Feral Mist Bunnies could be observed fashioning makeshift high heels out of wood and a thick spike, sometimes made of metal. It appears that even while Feral, Mist Bunnies recognize the need for these shoes. The practicality of this was in question for a while until a wandering Tamer fought a pack of Feral Mist Bunnies. In his report, the Mist Bunnies used the metal spiked 'heels' of their shoes to cling to the sides of trees, digging their heel's spikes in just enough to stick. The awkward position of the Mist Bunnies made it difficult for the Tamer's Flying-type Pokégirls to properly get a bead on them, and easier for the Mist Bunnies to dodge the attacks. All Tamed Mist Bunnies are known to have metal spiked heels as well, some strong enough to allow the Mist Bunny to cling to stone walls if need be. Later observations by Watchers show that Feral Mist Bunnies can use the spikes on their shoes to literally 'walk' up high trees to get to fruit in the branches.
Mist Bunnies are primarily used as hunters, gathering food for their Harem sisters and Tamer. In terms of combat, while they can hold their own in hand-to-hand, they are best served by being given ranged weapons, such as a bow or crossbow. They also, because of their magical nature, possess the ability to quite literally smell magic within 50 feet of themselves. This has made Mist Bunnies popular amongst Tamers and teachers in Vale. Mist Bunnies perceive magical auras as a mist, hence their name. With time and a strong bond, a Tamer can perceive the 'Mist' as well.
However, these bunnies are not entirely immune to the Mist's effects on them. If they are exposed to too much Mist, they will become agitated, and then nauseous. Further exposure will force the afflicted Mist Bunny into a berserk state, where they attack everything they perceive as an enemy with incredible viciousness and savagery. So vicious are their berserked rampages, that there was one report of a Mini-Top being frightened by what she saw. The most recommended thing to do when a Mist Bunny goes on a rampage is to let them tire themselves out and keep yourself, your friends, and your harem out of the way.
Mist Bunnies have a potentially very powerful ability called a 'Quickening.' They harness the Mist, or magical energy, inside of themselves and exhale a crystalline mist in the opponent's face. If they inhale, the opponent becomes frozen in place, unable to move while the Mist Bunny performs a totally original, powerful attack exclusive to them. There are three 'levels' of power to a Quickening attack, depending on how much internal mist is harness. A level three Quickening can leave weaker Mist Bunnies drained and barely able to perform more complex maneuvers. Quickening can be taught to other Magic-type Pokégirls, or even to Tamers. However the Pokégirl or Tamer in question must earn the Mist Bunny's respect. If they are a Feral Mist Bunny, then it becomes that much harder to win it, as first the Mist Bunny must be caught and Tamed before Quickening can be taught.
*Quickening – (ATK 50/100/300) The Mist Bunny harnesses their internal magical energy, or Mist, as they call it, and exhale a crystalline cloud of mist into the opponent's face. If they inhale, they are frozen in place as the Mist Bunny performs an original attack, one completely exclusive to them. They can have up to three different attacks, each one varying in power depending on the amount of 'Mist' used to create the attack. This is considered a 'magic' technique.
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MISTOFFELES, the Conjuring Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near or Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, particularly milk and fish products (fish paste being their favorite)
Role: anywhere entertainment is involved, gambling
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Psychic
Weak Vs: Poison, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Scratch, Tail-Slap, Mana Bolt, Power Bolt, Dazzle, Hypnotize, Illusion, Mirror, Reflect, Summon, Smile, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), High hand eye coordination, Night vision, Enhanced senses (x3), Magical knowledge, Telepathy
Evolves: Nekomata (Tatmon runic tattoos applied)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Mana Crystal)
Although they had been originally thought to have been a more recent breed of Pokégirls, unearthed records have shown that Mistoffeles were around back in the War of Revenge and were originally to be used in the War in similar stations like Cheshires and Shadowcats were entrusted with. However, unlike these two other cat Pokégirls the Mistoffeles were too helpful, too "nice". They could never bring themselves to kill people when necessary, and so Sukebe ended up using them as couriers instead of labeling them as failures and ending production of the species.
Still, with such great magical prowess within them, it's easily understandable how even the greatest of Vale's Guild have something to learn, from the Mistofeles species' conjuring turns. Never was there ever a cat as clever as the magical mistress Mistoffeles. It must be understood that a Mistoffelees is an evolved form of the Pokégirl Catgirl, whom exposed to a Mana Crystal. Upon contact and reacting evolution, the Catgirl is not only given high magical potential but her intelligence is exponentially increased, allowing her to tap into more common techniques known to Psychic-types, even if she isn't one. That latter fact is what causes her to be treated as a Psychic-type, as Magic-type Pokégirls, as a rule of thumb, don't have any naturally set elements they're at advantage or disadvantage with.
Besides her new aptitude with mystical and mental forces, there is actually little to distinguish a Mistoffeles from her pre-evolved form, as her build will stay exactly the same. The one physical difference for the species is that their fur, if not such before, will become completely black; as one Tamer described, "from her ears to the tip of her tail". This dark coat seems to be a nod how the Mistoffeles' name is derived from a demon in the scriptures of the Thousand Faiths known as Mephistopheles. However, the species as a whole is not as sinister as the name implies.
Another note is that unlike some cat Pokégirls, a Mistoffeles prefers to wear clothing, usually either a tuxedo vest or jacket and white dress shirt with bow tie, or she'll wear a Bunnygirl outfit. When it comes to Pokébattle, a Mistoffeles' strength lies in her magical ability to combine the use of illusions and inflicting status-ailments along with interwoven attack spells when possible. A Mistoffeles will usually make an illusion or use Dazzle or Smile to offset her opponent, giving her the time to perform a more powerful magical attack, like Mana Bolt if her ether is still in high reserves, or Power Bolt. Mirror is reserved for if the opponent is resistant to Status-Ailments, to send the attack back at her. However, if a Mistoffelees is set against an opponent she knows she is outclassed by and will get her cute little black-furred butt kicked, she will resort to using Summon.
It should be noted, a Mistoffeles will only summon Espers for a serious threat, otherwise she will result to summonable Pokégirls. Two favorites seem to be Arvia the Pegaslut, and Mashiro the Espea. If there is a beautiful Water-type Pokégirl in the harem, or they think their Tamer is a very handsome man, a Mistoffeles will conjure up Harietta the Rhynodame. Indeed, the sheer conjuring powers of the Mistoffeles are something that have to be seen; one was even recorded as once having produced seven Kittens right out of her Tamer's hat!
It should be noted that in a Harem, a Mistoffeles will tend to be helpful to other cat Pokégirls, doing what she can to make her feline Harem-sisters more comfortable. They will offer an ear to listen, a hug to comfort, and are even willing share a Taming session if it will help their Harem-sister.
In fact, successfully Taming a Mistoffeles is a bit of a chore without another pokégirl around. It's not that Mistoffeles don't like males, they absolutely adore them. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite mischievous when it's her turn; and can be near impossible to find. She might very well be curled up in a tent while a Tamer looks in the surrounding area, and then in a tall plain of grass when he goes back to the tent. This game for her lasts around ten minutes before she finally settles. Only when there's another Pokégirl involved will she forego this merry chase and get straight to hot and heavy sexing.
Also with Harem dynamics, a Mistoffeles will become fast friends with a Merrowl if one is in a Harem with them. A Mistoffeles is incredibly skilled with card games and dice tables and when they pair that up with a Merrowl's Pay Day technique, it's possible for the two to amass a small fortune for their Tamer after a few days. Some casinos have taken to only employing Mistoffeles at their card tables and dice stations, while others have forbidden Mistoffeles in their establishment.
It is also thought by some that the Mistoffelees have a connection to the Legendary Chaos Kitty Macavity, yet it is still unknown what connection the Mistoffeles have to her, or even if that rumor has any validity to it at all. Still, there is the fact that the species had once still served amongst the ranks of Cheshire and Shadowcats, two species of Pokégirls that are known to have close ties to the Legendary.
While not unheard of, it is extremely rare for a girl to Threshold straight into a Mistoffeles. Those that do normally don't realize at first, thinking themselves to be turning into a Cat-type Pokégirl with black fur. As soon as she starts feeling the emotions and thoughts of others, and finds she's proficient with cards and dice will she realize that there is something more to what she's becoming than she realized initially.
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MISTRESS, the Chained Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Steel/Magic (for chains)
Frequency: Very Rare (though not for lack of trying!)
Diet: Mostly Human
Role: Professional Interrogator/Capturer
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Poison, Bug, Psychic, Weak Willed
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Fighting
Attacks: Rune Chain, Chain Throw, Metal Sound, *Quake with Fear (lvl 50) *Chained Pleasure, *Chain Whip, *Chain Smash, *Link Shower
Enhancements: Loss of pain center, Increased Healing, Enhanced Endurance (x5) Enhanced Toughness (x10)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (via multiple orgasms during bondage sex)
The Mistress is a rather unique evolution of the Dominatrix. Getting her to evolve appears to be nice and simple, in theory that is, until one tries to get a Dominatrix to consent for her to be the bound one. Should a tamer get his/her Dominatrix bound, gagged and gets her to orgasm multiple times, she will evolve into a Mistress.
Mistresses are a curious breed of Pokégirl. Nearly all of them wear no clothes, just strategically placed chains to cover up the bare essentials, if that. Sometimes they were what can only be called 'chain bikinis' that leave nothing to the imagination. She does not mind being leered at; if anything, she revels in the lewd attention. It helps that cold steel is constantly rubbing up against her most private areas most of the day. Watchers have proven that all Mistresses are part voyeur, part exhibitionist; like watching and being watched during tamings.
In bed, Mistresses are very submissive to their tamer. They concede the fact that their tamer is the dominate one in the relationship, and enjoy being bound and gagged. They get very turned on when they are held fast by their own chain clothing. A Mistress is only submissive to her tamer. If the tamer brings in another Pokégirl, the Mistress will lord over her like some evil emperor. For this reason, Mistresses make good Alphas and horrible betas.
These Pokégirls have been called ‘Combat Damsels’ and people tend to agree once encountering them. The complete loss of her pain center, increased healing, and very tough and durable skin makes her a very sturdy combatant. She would be considered a masochist if she could feel any pain, but the thought that she should be feeling pain arouses her.
Aside from her fetish of chains, her looks can vary. She typically looks how she did as a Dominatrix, just lacking clothes. She may gain or lose some height or breast size, but this is rare.
One word can describe her personality: Sado-cruel. The method of her evolution has messed with her psyche…well more so anyway. Domina types love one thing more than anything, and that is control. Since she evolved because her tamer was able to take that away from her, and make her enjoy it, she now has a near fanatical desire to take it back; usually from any Pokégirls she comes across. With her loss of her pain center, she no longer fully understands others pain. This leads her to simply reminisce on past pain, which she most likely enjoyed, and wants to visit it upon others. She simply does not understand why others don’t enjoy it as much as she did.
In a battle, she fights exclusively with chains, usually the ones she was previously using for clothes. This leads more randy Pokégirls to be slightly distracted before they take a weighted chain to the side of their head. Though she is a magic type, she can only spread her influence over her chains, but that does not weaken her in the slightest. Her power and control over her chains is limited only by her imagination. She can lengthen them, shorten them, add spikes or weights at the end, even link them together as a noose at will.
Her tactics usually focus on binding and restraining her opponents. Having a Pokégirl bound and gagged, wriggling at her feet turns her on immensely. If she does not then tame said Pokégirl, she will likely jump her tamer after the battle. Should it be physically impossible to bind a Pokégirl, she will focus on sniping at her. Liberally using Link Shower, she will send spiked and weighted links at key points of the body. A large metal ball to the side of the head is usually enough to knock anyone unconscious.
Strangely enough, for such a sado-cruel Pokégirl, a lot of them are employed by local governments and police. Her abilities with chains make her perfect for capturing and bringing in criminals. Many criminals only remember a rattle of chains before blacking out. They are also the next best thing to a psychic Pokégirl for interrogation. She still has her forceful personality and determination from when she was a Dominatrix, and can use her chain abilities to some rather sadistic extents. A body can only handle so much weight hanging off of rather personal parts before stuff starts tearing.
There are no records of wild or feral Mistresses, and no one has thresholded into one as of yet.
• Chain Whip - (ATK 40) A steel type attack. It is similar to rose whip in which she lashes out with a length of chain. The chain can be a varying length, have spikes or weighted balls at the end of it.
• Chain Smash - (ATK 50) A steel type attack. Similar to Chain Whip, she lashes out with 2 to 3 chains at once. Each chain will end in very heavy weights, and she smashes them into her opponent like a hammer.
• Link Shower - (ATK 75) Using her magical connection to her chains, the Mistress levitates a multitude of chain links around her. They may be normal links, be spiked, or be extra heavy. She can then shoot them at her opponents at high speeds, peppering the pokegirl with steel.
• Chained Pleasure - (S. ATK) A Mistresses unique sex attack. She first binds a pokegirl with chain then uses this attack to link her breasts and other erogenous zones with chain. Any movement causes them to tug and pull at them, causing pain and pleasure the Mistress loves so much.
• Quake with Fear - (ATK 180) The Mistresses most powerful attack. Empowering a length of chain with as much magic as she can, she hurtles it towards the ground. Once embedded in the earth, the magic in the chain bursts. Hundreds of spiked chains erupt from the ground, covering a large area. Should her opponent(s) not be skewered from the beginning, the chains have an eerie tendency to encircle the neck, strangling anyone not killed outright.
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MOAN, the Legendary Psychic Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: unknown (alpha-waves are speculated)
Role: psychic troubleshooter
Libido: unknown (Average speculated)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: None (Bug, Dark, Ghost)
Attacks: Aura of Cute, Butt Wiggle, Quick, Foresight, Telekinesis, Fade, Teleport, Hypnotic Gaze, Hypnotize, Dodge, Tail Slap, Heal
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Speed (x7), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, superior intelligence
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Moan is one of the very rare Legendary Pokégirls. Made by Sukebe to be far beyond normal Pokégirls, Moan is perhaps the ultimate psychic pokewoman, with perhaps only her genetically-engineered daughter, Moantwo, surpassing her.
Moan looks like an A-bra with Amachop style mixed in. She is just under five feet tall, and has light grey skin that is as soft as it looks. Her hair is a darker shade of grey that hangs down to her shoulders, and is the only hair on her body. Her tail is the same grey color as her skin, and is about half-again as long as her legs. It has a small knot at the end, being slightly thicker there for her Tail Slap attack, usually though it just waves behind her carelessly. Her bust is remarkably full, and looks even larger than it is due to her small frame. Moan never wears clothing. She usually tends to curl up when flying through the air, and often times has her eyes closed, despite being awake, apparently using psychic senses to detect her surroundings. She has never been known to speak verbally, but on two separate occasions, people who have seen her have sworn that they heard a soft voice in there heads saying “Moan” a few times. The odd thing about that is that saying nothing but their type is a mark of having gone Feral, but Moan’s behavior is anything but that of a Feral Pokéwoman. Her intelligence is far greater than even that of an Alaka-Wham, and many speculate she may be the smartest being alive. This apparently hasn’t taken away from her playfulness and zest for life however.
Papers and files found in some of Sukebe’s old bases speak of the reason for Moan’s creation. Sukebe knew that during the war situations would arise where his Pokégirls would need reinforcements, but not be able to receive them for any number of reasons. He invented Moan to be able to detect the problems based on the stress and anguish she psychically felt, fly or teleport to the scene, and use her vast powers to aid the Pokégirls there. Moan did all this, but the few records there are of her interfering in a battle all show a remarkable kindness. Moan has never once been known to kill, or even seriously harm her enemies, instead putting them to sleep during battles, allowing the Pokégirls to simply bypass their enemies. Moan was noticeably absent during the end of the war, when things became very bad for both sides. Why is not known.
Moan has rarely been sighted. Usually she is only seen when a cataclysm of huge proportions is about to happen, there to divert it. Old emails mention a creature fitting her description spotted around the once-unified Orange Islands mere days before they were shattered into their present state by an Eva evolved into something by an Angel Stone, and many feel that Moan was there to try and prevent the disaster. Beyond such disaster sightings, Moan is almost never seen, very rarely being glimpsed soaring through the air in a bubble of force, eyes closed, just enjoying herself.
There are other supposed sightings of Moan that are less than totally credible however. Young men around the world have described having dreams were a Pokégirl would fly in through the back room window and float down onto their bed, engaging them in a night of passionate Taming. Such dreams tend to be very lifelike, and the Pokégirl they describe is often a close match for what Moan looks like. Many of these young men became Tamers just to try and find that Pokégirl from their dreams. Scholars on Moan are divided on how seriously to take the idea that some of these “dreams” are of Moan. Almost every young male has at least one sex dream about a Pokéwoman. Furthermore, several accounts are listed as taking place on the same night by young men all over the world. Even for Moan, that would be some very fast teleporting. If some of these dreams are in fact actual encounters with Moan, a lot would be explained though. There are no other reliable accounts, or even rumors, of anyone Taming Moan, so to keep from going Feral (and most agree that, despite her never saying anything other than her name, a mark of having gone Feral, she hasn’t) Moan must be getting some somewhere. Enough of the reported dreams have a common theme that some have put together a sketchy picture of Moan’s Taming likes and dislikes. Reports were the man in question Tamed her quickly and without preamble usually got her off a few times and then she left. But when Moan was petted and stroked, engaged in proper foreplay, and even stroked during the act of Taming, she stayed much longer, climaxing many times before leaving, softly moaning and mewling submissively...It seems she enjoys being appreciated during sex. Moan has also never been seen eating anything. It has been tentatively hypothesized that she doesn’t need food, but instead feeds on alpha-waves. Alpha-waves are waves that the brain emits when happy, pleasured, relieved, etc. If Moan does indeed feed on such waves when they are emanated, it would be a good reason for her to go around helping people and visiting horny young men for Taming at night.
As Moan has never been captured, no one can begin to really guess what it would be like having her in a Harem. It’s likely she wouldn’t take to it well, having been a free spirit for too long. A Tamer she truly cares about though may capture her heart to the point where she would stay with him, only leaving to prevent disasters from occurring, and then returning to him.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Moan’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though, which is how Moan’s DNA was used to create Moantwo.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Moan has No Weakness (Level 65). If she were to face a Ghost or a Dark-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Psychic, at or below level 65, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Moan’s lexicon of special attributes:
Fore-psight: A greatly heightened version of the Foresight attack, this lets Moan sense large, impending disasters before they happen, and the general vicinity of where they will be. Moan doesn’t know what the disaster will be; just that it will be big. Moan will generally sense a coming cataclysm a half-week in advance, and will quickly journey to where it is, trying to stop it. It has to be a large incident to set off her Fore-psight. A house burning to the ground wouldn’t register, an entire city being burnt to ashes would. This ability is automatic, not needing her concentration, and doesn’t require use of her Stabilize Power ability. She simply lets the threads of fate flow through her to sense oncoming disasters.
Mind Over Matter: Most psychic Pokégirls only can use their listed psychic attacks, and maybe one or two other tricks besides. Moan is no ordinary pokewoman though. Sukebe gave her great psychic powers, so great that they don’t have set limits per se. Though she only can do things she had enough power for (which is a lot), the range of what she can do is vast. She can telekinetically fly, and often creates a force-field around herself for protection. She can manipulate raw energy, though she rarely does so. In short, if she can imagine it, she can usually find a way to psionically do it, if she has enough power.
Stabilize Power: Usually, a psychic pokewoman must concentrate actively on her power to use it. Moan need not be so encumbered though. She can set up to three of her powers, not necessarily attacks, which can be relegated to her subconscious, which will maintain the powers for her without her having to actively concentrate on them. Usually, she sets her telekinetic flight, force-field bubble, and ESP with Stabilize Power, but she can change them at will.
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MOANTWO, the Neo-Legendary Psychic Demigoddess Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Omnivore, 1/4 human standard intake
Role: Tracker, Enforcer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Elemental-kinesis, Psychic, Telekinesis, Teleport, Hypnotic Gaze, Backstab, Agility, Hypnotize, Dominate, Quick, Foresight, Armor, Fade, Heal, Flash, Psi-Blade, Psi-Blade Mark II, Confusion, Amnesia, Disable, Double Team, Psywave, Psychic Illusion, Dream Time, Mirror Coat, Metronome, Feel The Burn
Enhancements: Enhanced Intelligence (x10), Enhanced Reflexes and Speed (x8 each), Enhanced Strength and Durability (x5 each), Enhanced Mental Endurance (x12), Psychic-flight
Disadvantages: Irremovable implant causes her pain whenever she uses her greatest psychic powers.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None (cloned from Moan)
Researchers are unsure as to when this Pokégirl was first discovered. Some claim that she was the very last legendary to be released, a final copy, so to speak, of the Legendary known as Moan. However, legends say that she fled the destruction of Sukebe's final hideout rather than die in the battle that ensued and destroyed the base where she fled from. Others say that this Pokégirl was a product of a taming session between Cocooner and Moan about a hundred years ago. Of course, this is all speculation, but sightings of this Pokégirl are numerous enough to be taken seriously by the public at large. Only her physical description has been confirmed, though no photographs have ever been obtained of her. Much like the dreams that Moan is supposedly seen in amongst various people all over the world, the descriptions given are by and large very nearly the same no matter who gives the information, and so is accepted amongst most Tamers and Researchers as fact.
According to reported information, Moantwo stands somewhere close to six and a half feet tall and has large C-cup breasts (barely under D-cups, though some reports have stated that she has larger). Her tail is as long as her body is tall, and is thinner than what might be expected, more like a feline pokegirl's tail. However, the end of Moantwo's tail is shaped much like a medieval mace, about half a foot in diameter for a length of the last foot of her tail. The tail is ambidextrous but not very useful outside of battle as a result of the shape of the end of her tail. Those who claim to have tamed her report that she likes to pin the person down and tease them with her tail, which is far stronger than most would think to be with such a thin appendage. She has short, purple hair that reaches to just above her shoulders, and has eyes that glow at the same color as her hair when using her psychic abilities. No one has ever reported seeing her true eye-color, however, as she seems to always be using her psychic powers. One thing that seems to be constant for this Pokégirl is the fact that she prefers to both be on top and to be in the air when taming. Research suggests that she is using her psychic powers to allow both herself and her partner to hover above the ground (or bed, or what have you) during the taming session.
Unfortunately, this Pokégirl has never allowed herself to be recorded in or out of battle, and as a result there is no information on her battle capabilities available for this Pokédex entry. Researchers, Tamers, and Watchers are working together to try and discover this information, but due to this Pokégirl’s obvious sense of security and great psychic powers, caution is highly stressed when attempting to locate her.
Project M2, codename Moantwo, was the brainchild of Viridick gym leader, Gendo Giovanni. His known connections to nearly every illegal organization on the planet allowed him to get DNA from one of the elusive Legendary Pokégirls, Moan. Cloning of Pokégirls, so far at least, has proven impossible, however Gendo wasn't trying to completely clone Moan. He had her DNA modified and enhanced, turning her into a more powerful counterpart. He tried to contain her using high-tech mechanical restraints, however Moantwo’s psychic prowess proved to be too much for Giovanni and his minions to control. She destroyed her restraints and removed herself from their hands. (She also removed from the scientists several fingers, toes, their skin, their favorite internal organs, and so on...)
All Legendaries are sterile, however in a very real sense, Moantwo is Moan’s daughter. She is similar to her mother in many ways, save that her skin is much darker, almost a steel gray. She is taller, topping off at 6'5", has a larger bust, and has a much thicker and more muscular tail. She keeps her hair short, and her eyes constantly glow with purple light. However, despite her connection to Moan, she has no great love for the elder Pokégirl, and generally views most other Pokégirls and nearly all of humanity in the greatest of contempt. She is not entirely without the ability to care, as she has shown respect for some Tamers. Some Legendaries have earned her respect as well, and Moantwo has backed down when confronted by Moan. It is more likely, however, that she will attack any human she feels is threatening her or is annoying her. She retained a low opinion of humanity from her time in Gendo Giovanni’s care, and has a very difficult time trusting new people. This also may be due to the fact that while she was ‘growing’ inside Giovanni’s testing tube, a device was implanted into her brain that was deemed a prototype psychic enhancer that survived the wars. Although it amplifies Moantwo’s great psychic abilities, it also causes her massive headaches and pain when she uses her stronger psychic techniques.
Moantwo’s battle capabilities are tremendous. She is not very physically strong, although she can bolster herself with her psychic powers, which are the strongest on the planet. So strong are her psychic abilities, she has developed the ability to summon elemental blasts with the force of her mind. The only real things she seems afraid of are ghosts, and she is very wary around Dark-element Pokégirls. She was forced to flee when she was confronted by a group of Twau. However, simply because she is wary around Dark-types doesn't mean she cannot fight them, and she has often confronted Dark-type Pokégirls over any other possible opponent in order to make herself able to deal with her fear. It is assumed that she is working up to Ghost-types, but there is no true evidence of this.
Our spies within Giovanni’s organization were unable to find much data on her dietary and taming needs. The only real data we have is that while she is capable of consuming most human-style foods, she also seems to feed off of negative energy. She was recently spotted at the scene of a Widow attack, her head bowed back as if she was drinking in the suffering of the Widow's victims. It does seem that Moantwo dislikes associating with humans or pokegirls at all. Researchers suggest that she may be hiding in one of the unknown islands within the Pacific Ocean or someplace far from any human habitation, only coming out from such hiding spots when she requires a taming. This Legendary also seems to be unaware of any information regarding the Dark Continent, and it is considered vital that it remains this way: Given her past, it is all too likely that she may sympathize with the S-Goths and their plans, and may even assist them. This is an issue that is all too pressing, and any that may gain contact with her in the future are warned to keep as much knowledge of the Dark Continent away from her as possible.
Further study on Moantwo is recommended. Until then, all data on Moantwo must be kept from the public.
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MOLTITS, the Legendary Flaming Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: fruits, with occasional meat
Role: mistress of heat, self-proclaimed goddess
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Rock, Water)
Attacks: Firestorm, Ignite, Flame Tower, Flame Scythe, Napalm, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Fire Blast, Flame Sniper, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Wingover, Typhoon, Hurricane, Dive
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x20), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Moltits is one of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, with her two sisters being Articunt and Zapdass. They were among the very first Legendary Pokégirls to be created by Sukebe for use in his war against humanity. Like her sisters, Moltits took a subtle route to sow discord among human society to make it easier for other Pokégirls to attack the humans. She would use her powers of heat and flame to bring droughts and flash-fires to communities, often exhausting them so badly from the sheer, oppressive heat that they couldn’t put up a decent resistance when Pokégirls attacked.
Moltits is two inches below six feet tall, with very short orange feathers covering her body. Like her sisters, her wings are separate appendages from her arms. Her wings are the same color as her body, but she has the ability to sheath them in flames, via Ignite, at will. Her bright red hair is long but wavy almost to the point of being curly, and hangs a few inches past her shoulders. Her feet are clawed, with a single back-toe on each foot. Her breasts are just barely D-cups, with bright red nipples the same color as her hair. Her pussy naturally is hairless. Moltits never wears clothing, and it's likely that any she did would burn off of her anyway.
Moltits is a vision of perfection among both Fire and Flying-type Pokégirls. She soars higher than most others dare to, her natural body heat keeping her warm at the colder temperatures of high altitude. Moltits almost unconsciously stays directly between the sun and those under her, as much for heat as to keep hidden, a tactic she has used since her very first mission.
Moltits is a very self-centered and flighty being. She pays almost no attention to things that don’t concern her, focused solely on what she, and others, can do to make her life easier and more pleasant. Hers was the swing vote on the issue of what they should do about Atmuff, since she really didn’t care one way or the other. Moltits either could not or would not see how the Legendary Warrior’s continued rampages endangered them all, and often abandoned the debate when it arose. Finally, after years of listening to her two sisters bicker about what to do, she surprisingly sided with Zapdass on the issue, agreeing that Atmuff needed to die, and committing them all to the greatest battle of their lives. Once Atmuff had been dealt with, Moltits abandoned the company of her sisters, flying far to the east. Most histories lose track of her at this point, but that is not the end of her story. After flying for a long time, Moltits came upon an island in the ocean that was far from other islands. The people of this place were rustic to begin with, and though they knew of the outside world, the little contact they had with it had been lost years before during the war. However, no Pokégirls had come to the island either, so when Moltits landed there, she was almost immediately revered as a goddess. Knowing this was too good to pass up, she played upon their superstitions, and within a year had all activity on the island centered around her. She remains there to this day, the goddess of the sun to the people of the island. She actively discourages anyone from leaving, and today most people there have forgotten that an outside world even exists. Moltits loves her new home, since the people go out of their way to give her whatever she wants. She keeps a fairly large number of robust young men (and some women as well) as her own harem to choose from. Moltits knows that if word of her existence spread to the outside world, people would seek her out, and the local peoples would soon learn she was just a Pokégirl, albeit a very powerful one, and not a goddess, which would mean the end of her idyllic life. To this end, she tends to have anyone who comes to her island slain, a decision she doesn’t feel totally comfortable with, but her desire to be worshipped and revered has overcome her conscience, especially since the island is already so remote that almost no one finds it.
Moltits hates to battle, since it runs against her hedonistic nature. Her only combat credo is to end the fight as soon as possible, and she will sometimes take foolish risks to do so. This stratagem nearly cost her life in the fight against Atmuff, and she very well might have died had not Hy-bra weakened the Legendary Warrior first. When in battle, Moltits tends to cut loose with her strongest attacks immediately, and often multiple times in a row, hoping to either kill her foes or drive them off, usually resulting in the former. If she is actively trying not to kill her opponents, she’ll use Flame Tower and Napalm to try and force them to retreat from the powerful flames. Moltits fights hand to hand more often then at a distance, usually because being closer allows her to unleash her attacks with more precision, leading to a quicker victory. Although she still remains somewhat reckless in battle, her powers are great enough that it usually doesn’t matter.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Moltits's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Moltits has No Weakness (Level 75). If she were to face a Rock or a Water-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fire/Flying, at or below level 75, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Moltits's lexicon of special attributes:
Heat Wave: Moltits radiates an aura of heat from her body to a distance of five hundred yards. This heat usually tops out at around two hundred degrees above zero, making it scorching, although there is no accompanying rise in humidity. Moltits has fair control over her aura though, and has been known to lessen it to around one hundred degrees to make people around her comfortable. The effects of this heat pervade over local conditions, and can modify them accordingly, but local weather returns to normal once her aura is gone, usually rather quickly.
Blazing Body: Due to her natural, pervasive body heat, all of Moltits’s attacks inflict additional burning damage. Feather Blizzard releases superheated feathers into the area, Wingover hits the opponent with wings coated in flames, etc. Also, all of her fire attacks do greater damage than they would if they came from another Fire-type Pokégirl. This is due to Moltits being a paragon of heat and flame, even among fire Pokégirls.
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MONGOOSED, the Vicious Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (weasel)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: human style foods
Role: pest extermination, crop protection, border guards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, serpent Pokégirls (Nagas, Arbusts, Lamias, etc)
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance, Slash, Vacuum Slash
Enhancements: Enhanced speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Poison Resistance.
Disadvantages: Temper, easy to anger. Nearsighted. Obsessive (Single-track minds.)
Mongoosed all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Ermine (normal)
Evolves From: Furrite (normal)
Mongoosed are evolved Furrites. When Furrites evolve they lose many of their disadvantages, but gain some new ones. Their eyesight improves, slightly. They gain several inches in height and bust. They also get stronger due to the slightly more robust frame. There form also gains slightly larger claws and canines. Kleptomania is reduced and they gain a resistance to poisons. However their temper grows, they can be quite vicious and are highly tenacious. When they get something in their heads be it in battle or out. To the point where they will ignore anything else going around them, until they get it done. Otherwise they remain fond of cuddling and much of their personality from the previous evolution remains, but gain a harder edge when compared to the more carefree personality of the Furrite.
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MOOGIRL, the Human-Loving, Fast-Talking, Street-Smart, SLAM-Dancing Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human foods
Role: dancer, entertainment
Libido: Average (High with music and/or a Tamer they like)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Growl, Scratch, Bite, Cheer, Dodge, Agility, Dance, Black Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Moogirls are a strange breed of Pokégirl. They usually stand around five feet tall, and their entire bodies are covered with short white fur. Their hair is just longer, silkier strands of the fur from the back of their heads. The often style their hair and decorate it with various ribbons and accessories, the only clothing they wear. Moogirls have a small tail just over their backside, not nearly long enough to reach the ground. They have small, crimson wings on their backs, but these are obviously vestigial, and can’t even lift a Moogirl off the ground slightly. They have a single antenna from their foreheads, hanging slightly in front of them, on the end of which is a round, fuzzy tuft. This tuft is an erogenous zone for them. While not quite as sensitive as their clit or their nipples, stroking it in the right manner can arouse a Moogirl quickly.
Moogirls believe that they are the living epitome of what is cool, and they do their best to make sure they can back it up. They are always up to date on the latest slang, and know the right expressions, gestures, and phrases to make. They are also quite vain about their appearance, primping and cleaning themselves whenever possible.
A Moogirl’s most favorite activity though is dancing. For them, dancing is the single coolest thing a person can do. Obviously, these Pokégirls get along great with Divas and Bards and the like, since these Pokégirls can provide them with music to, as they say, “jive” to. Many trendy clubs will have a singing Pokégirl and a Moogirl on stage to dance as entertainment. They enjoy doing seductive and suggestive dances, since it garners them more attention. A Moogirl also knows dances that can be used as attacks, with different elemental powers being used. This makes the Moogirl quite extraordinary, something they take pride in, because they can access different elements while still retaining their Normal type. Moogirls who have a Tamer who appreciates their dancing, and is even willing to dance with them, and has a singing Pokégirl in his Harem, will find that his Moogirl thinks the world of him, and will be unwaveringly loyal. She will also be very lusty towards him, being, as one Moogirl said “aroused by just how damn cool he is!”
Besides some basic attacks and their dancing, a Moogirl has a special attack called Black Blade. They don’t like using this attack though, and tend to only pull it out when they’re near death, or as they say, when they’ve “broken their limit.” This attack is where the Moogirl will rush at her foe and begin just punching rapidly, pummeling them with surprising force. Oddly, the name of the attack doesn’t describe it at all, and when asked about this, a Moogirl will blush, stammer something unintelligible, and change the subject. It’s thought that this might be them having misnamed their own attack, something extremely uncool to do, and now just sticking to the name since they refuse to admit they gaffed.
Feral Moogirls act like normal Feral Pokégirls, save for one oddity. In addition to saying their name, they also say “kupo” or “kupopo.” What this means is still being researched. It’s easy to tell a domesticated Moogirl from one that was born Feral, since Feralborns will still let the occasional “kupo” slip out. They aren’t embarrassed by this though, considering it to be one of the coolest words there is to say. They also refuse to ever admit they were born Feral at all, instead insisting that they were learning to dance and researching new steps during their early years. Threshold girls who become Moogirls are perhaps the only cases of Threshold where the victim isn’t unhappy at all, since she’s just become the epitome of what’s hip.
There has never been a case of anything evolving into a Moogirl, nor have Moogirls ever been known to evolve. One Moogirl was quoted as saying “how could we ever evolve? We’ve already reached the ideal state. You can’t improve on perfection, baby.”
Dances: Some of the Moogirl’s known elemental Dances are as follows. How many dances she has, and which variations she knows, are only known by each particular Moogirl. There doesn’t seem to be any order or system by which they learn them. The more worldly and experienced the Moogirl though, the more dances she knows.
Wind Song: This set of dances is moderate, involving lots of twirling with limbs held out and flowing motions. Wind Slash: This dance sends out a razor sharp burst of wind to cut the enemy.
Sun Bath: This dance calls down light that soothes and helps refresh others.
Plasma: This dance calls down bolts of violent power to hit enemies.
Cockatrice: This quick dance is jarring and throws enemies off balance with its motions, lowering their defenses.
Forest Suite: This set of dances is surprisingly fast and violent, similar to modern dancing. It suggestions aggression.
Rage: This attack conjures up large bits of debris, larger than just dust, and has the wind toss them at foes.
Wild Bear: This dance heals any things like paralyzation or forced sleep on other Harem members.
Elf Fire: This dance starts slow, and slowly goes fast, as though the Moogirl’s arousal was building, it ends when she releases a large burst of flame towards a localized area.
Wombat: This wild break dance has the Moogirl get close to an enemy, letting her flailing limbs hit her.
Desert Aria: This set of dances is slow with outstretched limbs and curling, twisting movements.
Wind Storm: This dance kicks up dirt and debris to blind her opponent.
Wind Slash: This dance sends out a razor sharp burst of wind to cut the enemy.
Antilion: This dance sends a localized but fierce gust of wind to knock one opponent over.
Kitty: This oddly-named dance has such a good beat that it hastens the other members of a Moogirl’s Harem.
Love Sonata: This dance set is slow and sensuous, but has its quick motions as well, suggesting rising passion.
Elf Fire: This dance starts slow, and slowly goes fast, as though the Moogirl’s arousal was building, it ends when she releases a large burst of flame towards a localized area.
Snare: This dance causes the ground under and enemy to become muddy and hard to navigate.
Specter: This dance uses Confuse on the enemy.
Tapir: This dance heals things like paralyzation or forced sleep on other Harem members.
Earth Blues: This dance set is slow, but suggests sadness instead of passion. It has some quick, violent motions representing suppressed anger.
Land Slide: This dance causes small, localized earthquakes, often targeted at nearby debris to bring it down on an enemy’s head.
Sun Bath: This dance calls down light that soothes and helps refresh others.
Sonic Boom: This dance ends with a quick hand motion towards the enemy, letting the compressed sound hit her and do damage.
Whump: A slow dance that ends with a sudden rush forward and a solid hit against the enemy.
Water Rondo: This dance set is lithe and flowing with a moderate tempo. It tends to be to a steady rhythm, with no jarring motions occurring.
El Nino: This dance is slightly disorienting to opponents, making them feel uncoordinated, lowering their attacking power.
Specter: This dance uses Confuse on the enemy.
Plasma: This dance calls down bolts of violent power to hit enemies.
Wild Bear: This dance heals any things like paralyzation or forced sleep on other Harem members.
Dusk Requiem: This set of dances set is slow, more like graceful martial arts practice than dancing, and is obviously indicative of sadness.
Cave in: This dance disturbs the natural “flow” of the earth enough that nearby structures shake, sending down loose items onto enemies.
Elf Fire: This dance starts slow, and slowly goes fast, as though the Moogirl’s arousal was building, it ends when she releases a large burst of flame towards a localized area.
Snare: This dance causes the ground under and enemy to become muddy and hard to navigate.
Poison Frog: This dance seems almost reproachful, and uses Poison on an enemy.
Snowman Jazz: This lively dance set is upbeat without being too violent, great for getting a Moogirl’s blood moving.
Snow Ball: This quick dance forms a cold, thick ball of snow in the Moogirl’s hands, which she tosses at her enemy.
Snare: This dance causes the ground under and enemy to become muddy and hard to navigate.
Surge: Enemies are hit with a sudden barrage of cold at the end of this dance.
Ice Rabbit: This dance sends a cool wind over Harem members and friends, refreshing them.
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MOON BUNNY, the Star Gazing Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Diet, though prefers veggies and sweets
Role: Caretaker, Writer, Other (Varies with affinity)
Libido: High (Peaks at Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Demonic Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dog Pokégirls, Bird Pokégirls, Fighting
Attacks: Smile, Reflect, Phoenix Down, Cry, Kick, Takedown, Leap
Sex Attacks: Go Down, Phantom Touch, Lunar Caress
Enhancements: Increased Intelligence, Affinity (Varies), Knowledge of Stars and planets, Enhanced Hearing (x5), Aura Of Grace
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Moon Stone)
Without a doubt, the Moon Bunny is the smartest of all the Bunnygirl evolutions, though it's still considered slow and dimwitted when compared to other smart Pokégirls such as Supe-Bra Genius and Alaka-wham. Though none of her fighting skills improve with her evolution, the Moon Bunny can now actually focus to where she can be taught some complex moves. A few unusual aspects about the Moon Bunny is that after evolving, a Moon Bunny will become as proficient as she can in a subject of her choosing. This can be anywhere from fighting to sexual pleasure to accounting! They also have a rather lengthy knowledge of the night sky.
The most dramatic aspect would have to be their Aura of Grace. While a Moon Bunny is less clumsy then her cousins, she will still trip over her feet now and again. But when she doesn't, her Aura of Grace gives her ladylike poise and a beauty that even a Psidyke could see. A Moon Bunny has milky-white skin and a matching fluffy tail just above their ass. Their hair color is either a near-platinum color or dark black, though these colors are simply average for this Pokégirl. A Moon Bunny's breasts only reach to an average D-cup in size, and they grow only a few inches taller, if at all. Their breasts also increase in sensitivity to movement, somewhat like a Beach Bunny, but not quite to the same extent. Moon Bunnies enjoy tight clothing, though not necessarily revealing.
A Moon Bunny is often found near or with Dark Maidens in the wild. With their Libidos a near-even match, and both of these Pokégirl's libidos peaking at a full moon and at night in general, these Pokégirls become a rather useful force both in Taming and in Sex Battles. However, unlike Dark Maidens, a Moon Bunny's body becomes about 20% more sensitive to touch during a Full Moon. With training, however, this can be nullified and even completely reversed, which would make the Moon Bunny much more useful during Sex Battles than they normally ever would be. They also obtain a few Sex Attacks with the evolution, including the exclusive Lunar Caress sex attack.
Aura of Grace: Every movement that the Moon Bunny makes causes those who watch her to think that she is always moving fluidly. Even when she trips, falls, etc.
Lunar Caress (S.Atk 200+EFT): An attack only usable during a full moon. This attack creates 4 phantom clones of the Pokégirl that proceed to tease and pleasure the target independently. The phantoms last only until the end of the night, but will last throughout the night. Each phantom manifests physically, and is the ultimate diversion to allow a Moon Bunny to become almost unbeatable in a Sex Match. Some Pokégirls may be able to learn this attack, but only the Moon Bunny knows it automatically (any other Pokégirl must practice this attack and be capable of using magic). This attack has a 50% chance of causing attraction and stunning the Pokégirl's opponent.
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MOONCALF, the Psychic Cowgirl Pokégirl
Type: Near-Human (Bovine)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Strategist and supply coordinator
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Hypnotic Gaze, Hypnotize, Hypno Dance, Quick, Aura Barrier, Disable, Moon Beam, Confusion, Psychic Illusion, Mountain Hold
Enhancements: Psychic Abilities, Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Intelligence (x4), Semi-elastic skin, fast recovery, can produce at most 15 gallons of milk per day.
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Milktit (Moon Stone)
The Mooncalf is the psychic evolution of the Milktit. A better fighter than the Milktit but not quite as effective as a Minotaura, it does not have the enhanced strength of a Minotaura, but it is often more effective in combat using its psychic abilities. A favored tactic is to trick its opponents into seeing what it wants it to see using Psychic Illusion and then attack. Unless the opponents are aware of the tactic and have psychic defenses they will almost always fall victim to this tactic. They are also slightly more intelligent than they were as a Milktit, possibly rivaling the Ka-D-Bra but not quite as intelligent as an Alaka-Wham.
Although the Mooncalf evolved from a Milktit, there are several visual changes that occur thanks to the evolution. For starters, the Mooncalf does not produce near as much milk as a Milktit does. Instead of the 45 gallons a day that a Milktit produces, Mooncalves can only produce somewhere between 5 and 10 gallons a day at most. This also means that they have somewhat smaller breasts when full, and actually can handle the added weight with ease unlike the Milktit thanks to fine-control over their telekinesis fields (much like the Alaka-Wham have). However, it is still considered neglect if a Mooncalf is unmilked for longer than a few days, as the strain will eventually get to her. Mooncalves are cannot change the composition of their milk and drinking Mooncalf milk will not induce lactation in other Pokégirls. Unlike the Milktits, which can range in appearance, the Mooncalf evolution more regularly looks human-esque in appearance, only having two small horns that protrude a few inches from their foreheads, cow-like ears and a cow tail.
The Mooncalf milk does have one odd side effect. It can help induce a hypnotic state within the drinker, which the Mooncalf can take advantage of. Strangely, this effect does not take hold of Tamers that are even Alpha bonded to the Mooncalf, but will affect non-Dark type Pokégirls and other humans. This is often used to assist with police interrogations, and Mooncalf milk can command a high price on the market as a result. This type of milk seems to be generated only one day a month, however, most commonly on the day of the Full Moon.
Research is underway to deduce whether or not Pokégirls that evolve as a result of drinking Milktit milk will provide a similar effect as those that drink Mooncalf milk. So far, the results have been inconclusive, although some researchers do continue to study the possibilities. Although, one unconfirmed report states that a Maid Yvette was evolved to a Milk Maid by Mooncalf milk. The fact that the tamer that reported this died shortly afterwards along with his entire harem of Pokégirls in a Widow attack makes it impossible to verify the claim.
Mooncalves hold the claim as the only psychic type to have access to a dark type attack in their exclusive Moon Beam technique. Usually, the Mooncalf must be fighting something that is strong against her before she'll use the attack, however. It's not especially strong, but is accurate and powerful enough against those Pokégirls that are weak to the Dark-element.
Moon Beam (ATK 50): Inverting the Mooncalf's psychic power to create a Dark-element attack, the Mooncalf unleases a beam of pale light that looks much like moonlight to strike the opponent. Opponents struck by this attack have a 40% chance of becoming confused due to it. 15% of the time, the Mooncalf will suffer a 5% loss of HP after using the attack. This attack seems to be available to the Mooncalf only in dark places, as it seems that the Moon Beam cannot be generated under direct sunlight.
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MOONFLOWER, the Moonlight Oracle Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Flower)
Element: Dark/Ghost/Plant
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Vegetarian mostly, also needs to consume small portions of life force at least once a week
Role: Plant-life maintenance, Oracles, Haunting
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: All dust attacks, Command Plants, Leech Seed, Petal Armor, Antitoxin, Root, Virus, Anti-Virus, Lure, Fruit Juice, Vine Bondage, Grass Floor, Dark Holy, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Shield, Telekinesis, Hypno Dance, Psychic, Moon Blood,* Moon Dance,* Moon Dream,* Moon Storm*
Enhancements: Psychic abilities, precognative abilities, Strong plant affinity, Regenerates while asleep, All-around strength increases depending on the moon’s phase, their Dark-type attacks become much stronger at the New Moon.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Flowergirl (Moon Stone)
Very many people would be very happy if they had never heard of this Pokégirl. Very very happy indeed, as these oracles have a tendency of knowing things that certain people would rather nobody else know. However, as Moonflowers have proven faithful and in many cases, extremely useful, they are reluctant to find ways to eliminate the breed. Indeed, their pros outweigh their cons in many ways.
Moonflowers are strange and mysterious Pokégirls. Their evolution is considered to be extremely rare, as Flowergirls a vast majority of the time WILL NOT EVOLVE if given a Moon Stone. However, Moon Stones are confirmed to at least partially be the triggering agent for evolution. Studies go on to this day to discover everything about Moonflowers. They aren’t going well, as Flowergirls are apparently not very fond of Moonflowers and as such are being uncooperative.
Moonflowers are slender, green-skinned Pokégirls with curvy figures and large, soft breasts. Their hands and toes are three-fingered claws, and their hair is usually a mass of leaves with a flower stem sticking out of the top of their head. They are very rarely seen with legs, though, as they prefer to keep their legs morphed into a stem leading to their blossom, a gigantic, pink-and white flower with long, tentacle-like petals. Their eyes constantly glow yellow, and they are never without a smile on their face. Even their sex is like flower petals, either in their legged form or their stem form. Their blossom comes with them when they are in Pokéballs, and can take root in almost any ground, excluding some metal areas.
Moonflowers are constantly dancing, save for when they are Taming. They stay awake all night, dancing in the moonlight. But the instant the sun starts to come up, they wrap themselves into their flower and go to sleep, quite literally unable to awaken until the sun is out of the sky. They are always calm, no matter what the situation, and have noted to be the only Pokégirls aside from Legendaries that are not scared in the slightest by Widows, even when the creatures are ripping them apart. Moonflowers rarely speak, and when they do, they only speak in riddles, songs, and rhymes, even moreso than Sphinxes do, since Sphinxes have been known to talk normally once in a while. They always seem to know things, and since Feral Moonflowers can still talk normally, some even go to them to get predictions, if only for amusement, as Feral Moonflowers rarely give accurate forecasts. If a Tamer seriously wishes to get a Moonflower’s favor and, in return, a prophecy, they will Tame the Moonflower until she is satisfied. Some Moonflowers, once Tame, will ask for a favor in return. It’s considered very wise to give them that favor, as if they do not get it, they will go into their bloom and sink into the ground, not answering anything. If they are promised the favor and betrayed, the betrayer shall never know peace until favor has been made, a horse Pokégirl even more nightmarish that most NightMare Pokégirls shall haunt their sleep every night, a demon called Ixion…
Feral Moonflowers are usually found deep within forested areas. The heavier the plantlife, the higher the chance that a Moonflower’s grotto is nearby. Moonflowers are highly attuned to the plants under their care, and become violently protective of them if someone carelessly hacks through them. However they have been known to forgive the offense in exchange for both Taming and a favor.
Feral Pokégirls, with the exception of high level menaces such as the Widow or Leviathaness, are very respectful of Moonflowers. Even the most savage of Panthress will hesitate to attack a Moonflower and eventually back off. Restrictions are placed on Tamers going after Moonflowers due to their potent illusions and tendency to plague people that irritate them with nightmares and horrible, ghost-like illusions, the worst of being the Ixion creature. Very few Tamers actually have a Moonflower in their Harem, but to Leagues, these tiny numbers are more than enough.
Another interesting thing to note is that the power of some of a Moonflower’s attacks increases or decreases depending on the phase of the moon. Their Dark-type attacks are strongest at the New Moon, while their four unique Moon attacks are at their most powerful at the Full Moon.
There is some sort of connection between Moon Bunnies, Mooncalves, Moonmaids, and Moonflowers that has yet to be explained. A Tamer named Marc Spector has one of each in his harem, along with a Fiendish Megami-Sama named Khonshu. The four Moon Pokégirls, in their few recorded appearances, displayed abilities uncommon to ANY Pokégirl, save possibly the Legendaries. Marc Spector himself seemed to have more than human abilities, although those abilities may have been gained from his Fiendish Megami-Sama. There is also evidence of Moonflowers having a connection of some kind to the TWAU, Those Who Are Unknown. Research is still pending. As the rarity of Moonflowers is so high, no recorded instances of Moonflower as a Threshold result have been recorded.
*Moon Blood – (EFT): The Moonflower offers a Pokégirl or Tamer a drink of their blood. In addition to rapidly healing all wounds inflicted upon the drinker, it also gives the drinker full PP and boosts their strength, speed, durability, and agility for a short time. The boost size varies depending on the phase of the moon.
*Moon Dance – (EFT): The Moonflower dances a psychedelic dance that literally makes the moonlight dance around their bodies. Inflicts several different status effects on whomever is unlucky enough to be watching. Useless during the New Moon.
*Moon Dream – (EFT): The Moonflower lets out a soundless scream, monstrous, feminine creatures forming that are manifestations of the nightmares and fears within her target’s subconscious and conscious mind. Note that if a Moonflower in a Harem uses this attack, she may let the dreams stay around, turning into less frightening forms, and help Tame the entire harem at once. The strength and damage capacity of the creatures varies depending on the phase of the moon. At its most potent, Moonflowers have been known to use this attack to make it seem as if the moon itself is descending from the sky, a demonic grinning face on it. Moonflowers call this demonic creature Majora…
*Moon Storm – (ATK 300 during Full Moon, 50 during New Moon): The Moonflower’s most potent attack, but only at the Full Moon. They form their blossom’s petals around themselves in a partial cage, and focus light energy from each of them into a massive energy ball with a laughing face in it. Even at its weakest, the attack is destructive, the final size of the projectile varying with its power level. As an interesting side note, when the attack is at its strongest, Moonflowers have been known to take their time forming it. While they form it, they softly sing this song in a chilling, high-pitched voice: “You don’t know what you’re messin’ with, you got no idea… You don’t know what you’re lookin’ at, when you’re lookin’ here… You don’t know what you’re up against, no no way no how… You don’t know what you’re messin’ with… but I’m gonna tell ya now…”
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MOONMAID, the Moonlight Warrior Maid Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: Bodyguards, warriors, household maintenance
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Parry, Deflect, Swordwave, Hero Blade, Cry of the Fallen, Moon Flare,* Moon Crash*
Enhancements: Perfect night vision, can absorb moonlight to enhance her stats, Can generate intense waves of flame at max power, can summon an unlimited supply of her primary weapon, Enhanced Strength (x5 pre-enhancement), Enhanced Durability (x5 pre-enhancement), Enhanced Speed (x4 pre-enhancement), natural instinct for household maintenance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maid Yvette (battle stress at night)
Maid Yvettes were at first a maligned breed of Pokégirl. Their usefulness was limited, and no one really wanted them. Their popularity rose as more useful evolutions of them were discovered, but still people weren’t quite fond of Maid Yvettes as they were of Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies.
When the Moonmaid was first discovered, all criticisms of the Maid Yvette ceased to exist.
Moonmaids stand at a towering seven feet tall, their bodies turning muscular. Their eyes turn gold and their hair turns a grayish-blue, a strange, X-shaped scar appearing on their faces. In terms of personality, they become fiercer in defense of their Tamers, and far more brutal in battle. They gain the ability to summon blue flames and absorb energy from moonlight to increase their stats by double at the most. They can also manifest a greatsword to use in battle.
The first known occurrence of a Moonmaid evolution was during an attack of the Limbec Pirates on a League Councilman’s home. During the attack, several Psi-Dykes got hold of the child under the Maid Yvette’s care and also proceeded to rape the Maid Yvette, attempting to break her loyalty to her Master. Instead, however, the Maid Yvette fought back, her desperation triggering her evolution. She butchered the shocked Psi-Dykes in seconds and took the child to safety, hacking and smashing her way through the Limbec Pirates to unite with the other Pokégirls in the house, including the Master’s pet Hound, who had evolved to War Hound during the melee. The two teamed up and helped drive out the surviving Limbec Pirates.
In battle, Moonmaids are fierce fighters. Depending on the phase of the moon, they can absorb energy from moonlight to increase their abilities. As they become stronger, though, they tend to fly into near uncontrollable battle rages, attacking anything perceived as an enemy. They use Moon Flare and Moon Crash with reckless abandon, not stopping until everything they perceive as an enemy is unconscious or dead. As they grow in strength, their eyes glow more and more, their hair becoming more and more wild and unkempt. At their maximum strength, during the Full Moon, blue flames dance about their face, frenzied screams erupting from their throat as they fight. As suggested by their power set, they are nocturnal Pokégirls. However they need little sleep, and actually can function during part of the day. During the day, their personality does an almost total 180-degree turn, going from a fierce, dedicated warrior to a charming and cheerful maid, or whatever their personality was before they evolved. They still retain the ability to use their flames and sword, however they cannot charge up and do not lose their cheerful demeanor.
More often than not Moonmaids are employed by League officials wanting someone to help protect their home in addition to working with any Maid Yvettes there to help keep it clean. Thresholding into a Moonmaid, so far, has been unrecorded.
Of note the strange connection between Moonmaids, Moonflowers, Moon Bunnies, and Mooncalves. One of each belonging to the Harem of mysterious Tamer Marc Spector have been seen working in concert and displaying powers unlike anything shown by any Pokégirl before. Another foursome of them have been seen simply standing together, staring at the moon in almost reverent silence before going their separate ways. Research into what connection the four have is still pending, although anyone with information would be well-rewarded if they came forward with it.
*Moon Flare – (ATK 20): The Moonmaid slams her greatsword on the ground, creating a wall-like ring of bluish flame. She can use the attack repeatedly while running.
*Moon Crash – (ATK 100): The Moonmaid leaps up and throws her greatsword down, which explodes in a cloud of blue flame. She can summon another one after she throws it and it explodes. Note that this attack’s power is 100 at its BASE. If you hear a Moonmaid say “Moon, shine down,” then that means the attack is at its strongest, the blast radius being much larger and doing more damage.
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MORIAE, the Down to Earth Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Steel
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human Norm Note: High tolerance for alcohol
Role: Guard, Smithy, Metallurgist, Front line commander
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Water, Fighting (If unarmed)
Attacks: Hammer or Axe techniques (similar to sword techniques), Unmovable, Quake, Sonic Wave, Stone Punch, Wind-up Punch, Dyna Wave, Earthquake, Resonate, Stone Meld*
Enhancements: Elemental Affinity: Earth, Endurance x5, High fire tolerance, Enhanced Strength x5, Enhanced Durability x10, Instinctive mineral knowledge
Weaknesses: Short stature
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sukebe based many Pokégirls off of the mythological creatures of his time. Elves, FairyCutes, Unicorns, and Dragonesses are among the few that have been discovered in the pre-war records. The Moriae was one of these Mythological based Pokégirls, based off of a creature known only as a dwarf.
Moriae look very close to human females, with two large exceptions being height and build. They generally have hair in literal earth and metallic tones –from a red-clay or coppery orange, sandy beach or golden blonde, silver, to even a dark soil or onyx black. Like most rock types, Moriae are solidly built, with thicker, sturdier bodies than a typical human. They are well muscled, but look more curvy and softer than the extreme look of the average Amachoke. Like some of the insectoid Pokégirls, Moriae are short in stature, usually standing around four feet height and no Moriae has been found taller than a half foot above that. Unlike the few pictures of their homely, bearded base, the mad pervert’s genius truly shines as the average Moriae is quite striking to look at. Her figure, while broad, is hour glass shaped, with wide hips and bust that is never smaller than a lush C, her exotic facial features fitting in perfectly with her smooth muscular physique. And despite being both a rock and a steel type, Moriae have no steel or rocklike traits aside from a denser skeleton that research has show to be akin to a biosynthetic metal. They enjoy baths as well, though can’t swim due to their denser bones. While Moriae enjoy simple utilitarian clothes, they tend to braid their hair in elaborate fashions that often include metallic or stonework beads if their tamer lets them. They take pride in their hair, and one well known way to punish a Moriae is to crop her hair short. As such, jokes about balding is one sure way to get the Moriae enraged.
Those who encounter a Moriae for the first time might think her rude, dour, or stubborn and indeed, one very good way to sum up a Moriae’s personality is ‘gruff’. These Pokégirls are loud, to the point, and very practical. Some tamers also add surly to the list, though these are doubtless ones who have yet to create an alpha bond with their Moriae. In truth, Moriae are emotionally guarded with those they don’t know, and you can be sure that you’re held in very high esteem if a Moriae actually confesses any emotion in your presence (and anger generally doesn’t count). Moriae consider prying and eavesdropping to be rude, and many well to do officials find these Pokégirls very handy tight lipped bodyguards. Stating their opinion is usually out of the question unless the Moriae knows the person well, for in their own words its ‘none of their business’. Oddly, despite playing close to the vest with their emotions, Moriae have little in the way of modesty, and do not get flustered by even public tamings.
Things change somewhat once a Moriae has been alpha bonded and begins to trust her tamer and harem-sisters as Moriae have a stubborn kind of loyalty that is on par with most canine types. They view the needs of the group as above the needs of the individual, and treat their bond partners as their clan. In this setting, Moriae are willing to emote more, and are often boisterous and fun-loving –if a little rough around the edges. Willing to boast of her battles and joke about her flaws, many people would take a double-take at the change brought about by being close knit with others. They also make good mediators, as most are skilled at getting the two that are feuding to agree that the Moriae just pisses them off more.
On the battlefield, many people easily see how this breed is not weak to fighting types like most other rock types, these Pokégirls have an instinctive martial ability that seems almost like a Slicer or an Amazonwu. The breed’s instinctive weapons, the battle hammer or axe, give the Moriae an edge in battle against fighting types, evening the odds against many of the fighting type Pokégirls. It is not recommended to send a Moriae into battle without her hammer or axe, however, as she then looses any protection she once had from fighting types without it. When on normal ground, Moriae are much harder to hit, using their Stone Meld ability to leap in and out of the rocks to surprise enemies from different directions, much like a silent form of Dig. When asked why the move was called Stone Meld even though a Moriae could utilize the technique on soil or even sand, the Moriae replied, “Soil and sand ain’t a thing but smaller rocks!”
Moriae are natural leaders among both Steel and Rock type Pokégirls, who will often defer to her judgment (with the exception of the more temperamental Steel types), especially on matters of combat. This is due largely to their own instinctive martial ability which extends to matters of larger combat as well. This may also be breed habits implanted into other rock and ground types from the Great War, as Moriae were known commanders under the General Pokégirl Freya. Their position in the War was also one of a Weapons and Arms maker, working along other such Pokégirls as Armsmistresses to produce massive amounts of weapons and armor for the Pokégirl armies, as well as engineers that oversaw the building of many of the army’s fortresses and bunkers. This role is well suited to them today, and a Tradesman considers himself lucky if he plans to open a smithy and finds a Moriae. Engineering schools also scour for them, since many Moriae can pick up the subject quite easily and be teaching the professors a thing or two within a few years. Mining Tradesmen are always after Moriae, as they command their mining Pokégirls quite easily, and seem to have an innate knowledge about the nature of caverns and mineral veins.
Feral Moriae are fairly hard to find, as many retreat into the depths of caves and live much like Goblina in a clannish existence. However, the feral state of a Moriae is very odd, as she looses the ability to speak altogether and becomes fixated on her work, be that mining or forging things, or even training for combat. Tamers who come upon mute Moriae who completely ignore them are advised to restrain her in by surprise, as any interruption of her work causes her to attack. Thresholding into a Moriae is very rare, as usually girls with Pokégirl ancestry have either rock or steel, but not enough of both to threshold directly into a Moriae.
Stone Meld: (EFT) The Pokégirl sinks into the earth as slowly or as quickly as she pleases and can re-emerge at any point in a 30 meter range, so long as the medium she moves through is at least 75% rock such as pure stone, sand, loamy or clay soil.
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MOSQUITIT, (aka SKEETER) the Hematophagy Whore Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon, Indigo, Johto Leagues, Fringes of Dark Continent), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Blood
Role: biological warfare, Team Rocket soldiers, general pest
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Sting, Needleshot, Gust, Drain, Paralyzation Poison, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stop Sting, Speed Storm, Virus
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2), endo and exoskeletons, wings for flight, poison resistance, virus resistance, limited morphing abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 120,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 60,000 SLC
Bounty (for successful capture and taming): 180,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: An over-application of Ice or using Fire and lots of it does wonders for keeping this breed at bay. Please note to NOT start any forest fires!
Biological warfare, the use of pathogens, bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing agents as bio-weapons was a terrible practice in the Pre-Sukebe Era. Using nonliving toxic products, even if produced by living organisms intended to kill, incapacitate or seriously impede an individual as well as entire groups of people or places was a practice that saw its height during the War of Revenge: Sukebe’s Bloody Flu and then the Chinese’s despicable Monster Flu/Red Plague. These horrid biological warfare practices had consequences that still impact us to this very day. Sadly there is an old saying that holds true: “Those who do not learn from the past that doomed to repeat it”. It would become none other than Team Rocket that would be guilty of this.
With the failure of the CalamityJane breed in 268 AS to be a Pokégirl that would be an asset to its members and grunt soldiers, Team Rocket scientists were hard-pressed by their superiors to come up with a new creation, one that could be mass-produced to replace the Pokégirls whose loyalty was questionable. One of the remaining Researchers who were captured in a raid on their Viridick Facility admitted in a recorded confession that they had chosen to make a Bug-type as they wanted to go for a hive-mind effect, which could give them little individuality and make them unquestioning of their masters. It took three years of manipulating various existing insect and Bug-type pokégirl DNA structures and genome sequences but their efforts bore fruit.
In 271 AS, Team Rocket members started appearing with the new Pokégirl, throwing her off and using her for combat. This creation would become known as the Mosquitit.Until they use their slight morphing abilities to attack, Mosquitits are an attractive enough breed. They have feminine faces, blue skin, slender bodies with B-Cup breasts, long and curvaceous legs and hair that is usually a sickly beige or green in coloration. This hair frames their faces and accentuates the color of their compound pupils while a set of short antennae that stick out above it by an inch. They have light layer of chitinous armor on their arms, legs and torsos, mainly around their backside. They also possess long, scaled wings that shimmer with whatever poison powder they’re holding that are paired with a set of halteres: small knobbed structures that act as accelerometers that maintain the Bug/Poison-type Pokégirl’s stability in mid-flight, helping these insectile Pokégirls perform fast aerial acrobatics. It was the breed’s aerial competence that made them a favored pokégirl of Team Rocket at the time, whose members specialized in quick hit-and-run tactics.
However, when Mosquitits morphed to attack, their faces would change into something less human and far more grotesque in appearance. Their eyes become larger and fully compound, normally a dark crimson. Their jaws would split open at the chin, turning into a pair of mandibles. Their nose and maxilla form into one piece and elongate into a stinger-like proboscis that could be used to lance through most people, Pokégirls and animals to suck blood. Understandably, this is a horrifying sight for anyone stuck on the business end of that facial protrusion.
It is this blood-sucking that has made them a dangerous pokégirl, either Feral or in a Tamer’s harem. While real mosquitoes are the most deadly disease vector known, transmitting disease from one host to another, this pokégirl breed is free from such, thanks to Sukebe’s original tinkering of the Pokégirl genetic matrix, making them immune to STD’s and in turn, almost all naturally-occurring protein-based viruses. Still, they can spread other problems due to their saliva that comes from their feeding proboscis. In order for the Mosquitit to obtain a blood meal, she must surmount the vertebrate physiological response as she stabs into her prey. To accomplish this, the Bug/Poison-type has a specialized saliva secretion that effectively blocks the prey's ability to stop bleeding. It is a compound of which contains a complex mixture of secreted enzymes and protein inhibitors that effects blood clotting, the gathering of platelets, inflammation and the narrowing of blood vessels. Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition.
Still, this biological design makes it so that when a Mosquitit feeds on an opponent she leaves an open wound that is slow to heal and can become fatal without proper medical attention that’s coated with her saliva, a protein-based liquid that is beneficial to various pokégirl poisons and DNA. This means she inflicts more than just physical damage when she feeds on an opponent.
Feeding from various Plant-types allows her to collect powder and spores on her body, her poison resistance allowing her to ignore them and leave them with another person, allowing for transference of techniques such as Buttsprout Powder, Bloom Powder and Gender Dust. This is particularly dangerous for young human women as they also leave behind an amount of pokégirl DNA in their area of penetration. This solid deposit of pokégirl genetics left behind has been known to trigger Threshold in these girls, especially those who don’t come from a pure human background. Often enough, the stable DNA deposit is strong enough a dosage to actually manipulate which Pokégirl breed the Thresholder will turn into, over-writing the unstable yet formingPokégirl gentics from the girl’s ancestry. Team Rocket was known to abuse this facet to turn human women into rare Pokégirls they sought.
Fortunately, a number of this breed has managed to break away from the grip of their Team Rocket Masters. While a number have stuck to the Indigo League, the majority that have gone Feral have flown overseas and congregated where they have felt a link to; this means in fringes of the Dark Continent and the Crescent Moon League. However, in the Crescent Moon League, the League officials have created a special division of Pokégirl Hunters that are trained to deal with Mosquitits. In their efforts to lower the numbers of this species and keep them away from cities and towns, this special combat group has discovered that burning citronella oil is a good method at keeping Mosquitits at bay as the smoke screws with their senses, causing them to fall from the sky. This has lead to the Crescent Moon League being the leading cultivators of wormwood/sagewort, lemon balm, lemon grass and lemon thyme plants.
In the wilds, one can find Feral Mosquitits living in areas that have numerous sources of ground waters such as bogs, marshes, ponds, streams, ditches and rock-pools as they are attracted to the concentration of CO2 in the environment. These areas must be in warm or temperate climate as these Pokégirls cannot stand any cold areas. A warning in coming to places like this is that Tamers need to be on the look-out. Mosquitits can make themselves very still and they choose good hiding places. This is so they can pounce any unsuspecting prey that comes into their territory, making an easy meal out of them. Fortunately, unlike other Bug-types, they do not congregate in any large numbers and no more than three have been found in a single area at one time so even if one is attacked, there is still chance to fend them off without being overwhelmed. Yes, Feral Mosquitits are indeed a great pain to deal with but they not a true nightmare. As long as one doesn’t get caught by surprise, (and end up being drained of blood and left disease ridden) they can fight off this threat. If they don’t managed to get their target on the first go with Sting attack, Ferals are try to get into range of their targeted meal quickly to use Paralyzation Poison or Stop Sting to immobilize their prey. If one sets a Flying-type on them, they’ll find that while they have an advantage, Mosquitits are quite speedy creatures in the air themselves. Fire and Ice-type Pokégirls are a definite must for dealing with this Feral threat as their elemental techniques can tear through the Bug/Poison-type’s defenses rather easily. Once her wings are damaged a Mosquitit loses a number of her techniques and her speed, both of which are centered around her flight capabilities.
Taming a Mosquitit is a rather interesting affair in that this Pokégirl is very willing, as they have a huge fixation on oral-sex. While they feed in blood with their lancing proboscis, they love to suck a man’s dick, going on it for as long as their Tamer will let them. Fortunately, while when their faces aren’t formed to a ‘battle’ mode, their oral practices pose no threat. Still, there is a precaution that should be taken into consideration. The Bug/Poison-type’s long wings tend to flap rapidly during sex, causing her to release any pollens or powders she has either made herself or attained from other Pokégirls. While it's easiest to put a Mosquitit back into her Pokéball and put her through a cleaning cycle to avoid this, it's understood that there are Tamers that wish to keep her ‘stockpiled’ for combat reasons. In that case, one should either purchase wing-covers for the Pokégirl or at least Tame a Mosquitit with her back to a solid surface so she doesn’t spread any pollen easily.
Thresholding into a Mosquitit is unheard of at this time. The Pokégirl is still a very recent breed and very little numbers have been introduced into the breeding pool currently. It is likely going to take a number of decades or a full century before the outcome of Threshold into a Mosquitit will be even possible.
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MOSSMELON, the Leafy Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Plant/Lizard)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: soldiers specializing in forest combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Regenerate, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Bite, Tail Whip
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Camouflage, Agility, Solar Regeneration
Evolves: Wifern (normal; Level 47)
Evolves From: None
Mossmelons typically have dark green hair and lighter green scales, but because of their camouflage ability, this is not always the case. All Mossmelons lean forward, making their C-to-D-cup breasts seem even larger, but this position is actually a result of their large tail acting as a counterbalance.
A Mossmelon's claws are quite important for letting them climb and maintain their positions in trees, and a Mossmelon will always take care to make sure their claws are strong. If a Mossmelon's claw breaks, it means there's a severe imbalance in their diet, and can cause a Mossmelon to lose her ability to move through the trees. A Mossmelon's ability to camouflage themselves has made them quite dangerous and their ability to remain motionless until they strike makes them hard to detect. However, infrared sensors and starlight have both proven capable of detecting Mossmelons, though it isn't quite clear as to why.
Mossmelons can be quite the difficult opponent, as she not only naturally heals from sunlight, but also has the Regenerate technique, meaning she can restore quite a bit of health. However, despite this impressive healing factor, she is not the best at fighting, rendering her weak against more competent fighters.
A favorite tactic of the Mossmelon is leave Seed Bombs in areas to drive prey into a specific area, then they hang from trees and use their camouflage ability to render them largely invisible. They remain motionless until prey moves within striking distance of their Seed Bombs. Once activated, the prey will generally move where the Mossmelon wants them to and will be caught completely off guard by her surprise attack.
Though a Mossmelon can regenerate her wounds, she will often seek out sunny spots in the forest and rest there in their natural colors. Many don't even care if humans or other Pokégirls are around, unless they feel their injuries have left them at a distinct disadvantage.
Mossmelons can eventually learn both Root and it's greater counterpart, Root System, but they cannot feed themselves with these techniques, like plants.
There was a rumor that the Mossmelon might not be a Pokégirl at all, but rather a random mutation between a species of lizards and an unknown plant, but these were found to be untrue. The Mossmelon was actually an early abandoned design, but their unknown camouflage allowed them to maintain decent numbers.
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MOUNTAIN CAT, the Rambunctious Rocky Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Rock
Frequency: Uncommon, (Common in the Crescent Star Islands)
Diet: prefers fish and chicken. Usually finds finer brands of Pokechow acceptable.
Role: miners, mountain climbers
Libido: Low (High twice a month)
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Rock Throw, Harden, Mega Kick, Stone Palm, Slam
Enhancements: Functional Claws, Night Vision, Enhanced Ofactory Smell (x3) Enhanced Hearing (x3), Armored Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Diamond Stone & Cunnydew nectar)
A Mountain Cat is an evolved form of Merrowl. This form is gained when a Merrowl drinks enough Cunnydew nectar that she falls asleep, and then a Diamond Stone is applied to her. Applying just a Diamond Stone to a Merrowl will evolve her into a Pumara.
A Mountain Cat loses a lot of agility and speed compared to her pre-evolved form. However, to make up for this, a Mountain Cat’s fur takes on stone-like properties, giving her greater defense. Also, a Mountain Cat gains wrestling techniques, making them a better match for Fighting-types. (Unfortunately, Mountain Cats still have a Rock-types weakness to Fighting-types).
Mountain Cats are kept as partners mostly by miners, due to the fact that a Mountain Cat has an elemental affinity with the earth, and can sense where rare metals or other materials are lodged into the Earth’s crust.
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MOUNTAINTIDE, the Legendary Rock Titan Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (rock)
Element: Rock (Hesitant classification)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique) (Deceased)
Diet: unknown, has never been seen eating
Role: Destruction
Libido: assumed None
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Fighting Style: Mountaintide used no attacks that could be classified in the Pokégirl Attack lexicon, only basic brawling as well as throwing of rocks and anything she could pick up.
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x700), Enhanced Strength (x300), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, several hundred feet tall
Limitations: EXTREMELY low intelligence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the Revenge War began, there were four immensely powerful Legendary Pokégirls that made an appearance. One was Typhonna. Another was Mountaintide.
Mountaintide was the second-most inhuman of the four 'first generation' Legendaries. Her body was massive, looking like it was carved from stone, and only vaguely resembled a female human shape. She had no feet, the stone pillars that made her legs being simply wider at the bottom, her breasts bore no nipples, and she had two heads. Like Infernus, she was extremely low in intelligence, although this did not stop her from doing great amounts of damage in the old Russian Empire. Later on, for reasons unknown, she wandered down through what eventually became the Mountain and White Lotus continents and swam to Antarctica, which is now known as the Scarlet Continent. Typhonna was also spotted heading for that area. Shortly after, only Typhonna returned from the Scarlet Continent and resumed her rampage. Soon after, Titania appeared, performing Mountaintide's work in much more efficient fashion. Typhonna vanished two years later.
Theories abound about why Mountaintide fled to the Scarlet Continent. It's assumed that after the deaths of Infernus and Storm Gail, she got the idea that Typhonna might come after her next and went there out of fear, or to get an advantage over Typhonna. Many dismiss this latter theory, as Mountaintide showed no evidence of being that smart. It's assumed that Typhonna destroyed Mountaintide there, and that is why she never appeared again.
Update as of 240 AS: Researchers discovered in one of Sukebe's abandoned labs evidence that confirms the fate of Storm Gail and Mountaintide. The recordings, taken by satellites that Sukebe commandeered, show clearly that Mountaintide was indeed destroyed by Typhonna. Mountaintide was seen wandering aimlessly through Antarctica when Typhonna showed up. Mountaintide roared in anger and threw a glacier at Typhonna, which angered Typhonna and caused her to charge Mountaintide. The two battled, wrestling around, but Typhonna was quickly victorious, knocking Mountaintide away and reducing her to tiny bits rubble with a point blank Hyper Beam.
In addition, evidence that Sukebe planned to make a fourth Titan, a monstrous Ice-element creature named Frigida, to act as a counterpart to Infernus, was discovered. Notes on the project indicate that after Typhonna destroyed the other three 'Titans' as he called them, he scrapped the project in favor of the more human-sized Legendaries which still exist today. Notes on how he intended to make Frigida were destroyed, although data on the final fate of Storm Gail and Mountaintide were added to the publicly accessible information in the Pokédex.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Mountaintide's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). (Or her sheer height, for that matter...) They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Mountaintide has No Weakness (Level 200). If she were to face anything that was considered Strong vs. Rock, at or below level 200, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. However, due to the fact that Mountaintide lived only a couple months, no Salient Qualities were identified for Mountaintide, although it is assumed she had them.
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MOUSEFLY, the Flying Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Nuts, berries, grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: ....pidgeon replacement?
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Tackle, Wind, Song (*), Squall, Tickle Storm (**)
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Mechanism unknown)
In appearance, the Mousefly looks almost identical to her former self. The pair of large feathery wings (the color of feathers matches her fur and/or hair color) are hard to ignore, though. She can tuck them behind her or fold them in front of her like a cloak, allowing her to enter buildings and even elevators.
In attitude, it's a completely different story. Mouseflies are more confident when outdoors, especially if the sky is clear, and oftentimes is not as squeamish about confrontations. Feral Mouseflies will often taunt feline Pokégirls and fly away, laughing all the while, but still avoid teasing Griffons and Cheshires.
The Mousefly was discovered in 234 AS, following an intense battle with a now-defunct criminal organization that used a fleet of blimps using invisibility magic to attack and flee. In the final confrontation, the then-Titmouse's female tamer was knocked out of a set of bomb bay doors as she fatally shot and killed the organization's leader.
Leaping after her mistress, it seemed the two were destined to do a lover's dive, but the Titmouse underwent a unique evolution, growing wings and flying them to safety.
(*) - In addition to her wings, many Mouseflies instinctively pick up a tune (read: Song Technique) during the course of their first month with wings. This will oftentimes reflect how she felt just before or after she evolved.
(**) - Depending on how sexually active she is, she may pursue learning this technique. Many tamers who have gained Mouseflies rather enjoy the benefits of this technique, females intimately and male tamers because it allows the Mousefly to give a little "bonus" to other Pokégirls in the harem.
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MOUSEWIFE, "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife"
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods, cheese has special effects
Role: most often a domestic "pet", eagerly sought by many for noncombatant tasks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, fear attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Dodge, Scratch, Kick, Agility, Cheer Up
Enhancements: Night Vision, extremely good digestive system, Heightened Intuition, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Tactile Sense (x8)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (normal)
While the Titmouse is a common Pokégirl that is often traded and thought of as useless by most League officials, the occasional one evolving to Mousewife is treasured by Breeders, pet owners, and a variety of others. When evolving, the four foot tall Titmouse loses much of her fur, the muzzle, and other animalistic qualities as she grows to an average height of five feet even. She becomes considerably more intelligent but also more docile towards authority figures.
Mousewife is a fastidiously clean, domestically oriented Pokégirl. Even the most tomboyish and clumsy Titmouse becomes more graceful and suddenly "gets" the concept of housework, becoming proficient in short order.
Threatening a Mousewife will quickly intimidate one unless her "lair" or children or Tamer (especially if any sort of affectionate bond exists) is also threatened. At which point it has been reported that even Psi-dykes and Tomboys have been known to back away from the terror that is an enraged Mousewife. This is caused by a form of battle rage that slumbers within the quiet and gentle domestic's heart, tapping into latent psychic potential and combining it with an adrenal state. This is not generally known beyond the simple catchphrase that has circulated for over one hundred years: "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife."
When a Mousewife is not in this battle mode, they tend to define terms like "sweet and gentle" or "quiet and demure" - this is not an act or pretense. A Mousewife who has found a Tamer who responds to her behavior with thoughtfulness or open affection is sometimes prone to daydreaming, but the typical Mousewife in this situation is forgiven such faults.
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MUFFGOOSE, the Snake-Eater Pokégirl, AKA the Hard-Rocker Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (cat/mongoose cross)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous. Mostly human-style food supplemented with the occasional snake-type Pokégirl
Role: Snake predator and guitarist
Libido: High to Very High (Extreme is her tamer can sing very well)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Snake-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Cut, Fury Swipes, Slice n' Dice, Leap, Take Down, Double Edge, Glare, Yell, Screech, Call me Queen, Agility
Enhancements: All stats x2. Giving them a guitar or 'stringblade' can enhance most of their attacks as well as teach them new ones like Sword Dance, Parry, Hammer, Power/Armor/Special/Metal Break, Battle Song, Last Dance with Mary Jane, I'm Doing the Best I Ever Did, and Guitar Heroine (the last one only leaned from the rare 'Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special' stringblade). Some stringblades can also grant projectile/elemental attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Story this Pokégirl appears in: Of Wild Hearts and Pokégirls -- By Kid Loose
The Muffgoose species is a rising star in the Pokégirl world. She stands about 5'3", with a humanoid body, a fine 'not too skinny' figure, and (on average) a C-cup bust. She's mostly covered in white fur with a mix of cat and mongoose-like features, such as medium long pointy ears, large eyes, a slight muzzle, a black nose, sharp, claw-like nails on her fingers and toes, and a large, bushy tail that is about half as long as she is tall. Her most distinguishing feature is a patch of red fur that usually starts with the entire left ear then crawls down her face ending in a 'check mark' shape across her left eye. There's a similar red zigzag mark on her torso, starting at her right hip and moving into an 'M' across her chest, and her forearms and shins are also covered in red fur, usually up to the elbows and knees, respectively. Muffgooses also like to decorate themselves with colorful barrettes, hairclips and pet collars in addition to dressing flamboyantly (if they wear clothes at all).
Most Muffgooses have an affinity for rock 'n roll, especially the ancient works of one David Bowie. While it isn't entirely clear why, some speculate that this is due to the red marks on their faces giving them a resemblance to the character 'Ziggy Stardust'.
Because of their love of rock, most Muffgooses take up and become quite proficient with the electric guitar, and many learn to use it as a weapon in battle! Mostly like a club or a sword, going (as one tamer put it) "El Ka-Bong" on their opponents. When armed with a guitar of any type it is possible for them to learn a number of song techniques as well as other physical attacks.
Another quirk of this species is their utter disdain of any and all snake-Pokégirls, most of who will run in terror from them, as a Muffgoose will never hesitate to make one into a meal.
There is a famous story of a reputed Team Rocket boss who, when faced with possible indictment, flooded an airship with Lamias in an attempt to assassinate the prosecution's star witness in transit. The man was saved by the pilot's pet Muffgoose, the Pokégirl declaring: "Get these MOTHER FUCKIN' SNAKES off my MOTHER FUCKIN' AIRSHIP!!!!" before single handedly fending off the Lamias and saving all onboard. As this story circulated Muffgooses began to enjoy some popularity among airship pilots.
Muffgooses enjoy having music played during taming. They also greatly enjoy performing fellatio on their tamers, or as they call it 'Swallowing the Snake.' Depending on how loose their snatch is and/or how large their guitar is, they may also enjoy being masturbated with it. If it can't fit inside them they're quite happy to just have the head rubbed against their vulvas.
Muffgooses will usually get along well with Divas and other musically inclined Pokégirls. However, if you have any snake-Pokégirls you might want to rotate your active harem so that your Snake and Muffgoose aren't in it at the same time, if not trade/release one of them. They CAN be thought to get along, but it is a difficult and ill-advised prospect.
Domestic Muffgooses who desire a tamer will often seek one who can sing or otherwise has some kind of musical ability. A few have talked their tamers into starting bands, which have enjoyed some minor success, though the Muffgooses say they won't stop until they're bigger than Mineko and the Pussycats!
Tamers should be wary that tamed feral Muffgooses (and some domestics) can be prone to excesses in food, sex, alcohol and narcotics. In the case of sex, this is not always with their tamer or harem-sisters, which has led to many a fight. "Rockin' out is hard work," said one tamer of his experience with a Muffgoose, many of whom seem to live by the Credo: 'Live fast, die young, and leave a big fat corpse!'
Special Notes: There is a guitar-smith, a strange woman by the name of Haruko Haru-hara, who has taken to designing and building weapon guitars for Muffgooses. Called 'stringblades,' they are usually noted as guitars with bladed edges, literal 'axes' if you will. They can also have a variety of special features, ranging from everything between built-in shotguns, to taser, to flame-throwers (granting the Normal-Type Muffgoose elemental attacks!) and the like.
Haruko's greatest creation, however, is the Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special. This rare double-neck stringblade has an automatic shotgun built into one neck (no 'cocking' necessary) and a grenade launcher built into the other neck capable of firing a multitude of specialized grenades (explosive, incendiary, flash, freeze-bombs... whatever floats your boat!). Also, the whole thing can disassemble into two separate units for easy dual wielding. Optional 'homing-bracers' worn on both the PokéGirl’s wrists will allow her to throw the weapon and have it return like a boomerang.
The Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special can also teach a Muffgoose her greatest song-related technique, 'Guitar Heroine.' This support action causes the Pokégirl to glow with a rainbow colored aura, and during which all her stats double! She can also use her 'backlash techniques' (attacks like Takedown) without sustaining damage! The drawbacks are that she cannot use any other song/dance/aura related techniques while Guitar Heroine is in effect, the effect is canceled if for any reason she lets go of her guitar(s) and when the effect runs its course (or is canceled) it leaves her exhausted and vulnerable. Plus she cannot use the ability again for at least an hour.
Haruko doesn't have a shop, per sé. She wanders the countryside usually hanging out near concerts or other musical events, so look for her there is you'd like to buy one of her custom guitars. And bring a big wallet, because these babies don't come cheep! Also note that most leagues forbid the use of stringblades except as melee weapons, so no blasting away with your shotguns or flame-throwers in official gym battles (the homing-bracers are still cool, though). And whichever type of stringblade you choose, they all play really well.
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MURKUNT (aka TEN-GAL), the Dark Bird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (crow)
Element: Dark/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon (usually found in small groups of 2-3 or larger flocks of up to 12)
Diet: berries, fruits, grains
Role: psychic detector
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Gust, Feather Shuriken, Steal, Confusion, Screech
Enhancements: Flight, Psychic sensitivity, Nightvision,
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Mischievous, Physically weak, Distracted by Shiny things
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Moon Shard)
Murkunts (also Ten-gal in the Edo League) are similar to the Pidgy family. Unlike Pidgin which are normal flying types Murkunts are a Dark type. They have the unique ability to detect psychic activity. In the wild Their combat tactics are best described as 'dirty'. They use every trick in the book that they can when an opponent is stronger than they are. From cheap shots, to blinding them with sand to tag teaming, to leading them through bushes into a stream or cliff, you get the idea. Tamed Murkunts on the other hand still fight dirty but are more limited to the conditions of a poke battle. And usually don't have sisters waiting in ambush. Typically found in the harem of crooks, street fighters and similar ilk. They due have some redeeming skills in that they are strong vs. psychics and have various dark type attacks. Aiding in pursuit and capture of wild or a wanted tamers psychic types. Personalities are usually arrogant, haughty, cruel, and such. Though there are occasions when a Tamer has changed there Murkunts personality around, but these are few a far between. Surprisingly enough when confronted with any type situation where a child (Pokéwoman or human) is endangered the Murkunts become doting and protective towards it. And will protect it with their lives going into a frenzy against any who try to harm the child. In one instant a flock of Murkunts saved a group of kits and human children from a rampaging Widow. Of the 14 Murkunts only 1 survived the battle with the Widow. The Murkunts bought the townsfolk enough time to rally against the Widow. After the battle the Murkunt had to be subdued because she would not let any of the villagers near the children. In the end though she was healed and released back to the wild. To this day Murkunt flocks are welcomed into the town and protected from unlicensed Tamers. It requires a permit to catch Murkunts in that town and its surrounding woods.
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MYNX, the Nimble Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (mink)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods
Role: entertainer and public service
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Dodge, Dance
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Disadvantages: Mynx all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Lupina (Moon Stone), Draco (Dragon Scale), Lynx (orgasm; mechanism unknown), Ursine (Dark Stone), Furrite (orgasm), Phaenine (Angel Stone), Slutton (battle stress), Bawdger (Diamond Stone), Slottern (Water Stone), Pyrona (Dragon E-medal)
Evolves From: None
Another of the normal-types that were originally created for Sukebe's War, which are known to evolve in many directions: so many, in fact, that some researchers are insistent that there are even more evolutions just waiting to be discovered. As it is now, these furred-all-over Pokégirls are affectionate, useful in and out of battle, and if it wasn't for their genetic quirk with their lung problems they would be extremely popular among pet owners and tamers. As it is, they are only popular among pet owners- many say that their fur is the softest and greatest feeling fur of any Pokégirl (and some Pokégirls, such as Kitsune and Kittens, are known to resent this view). Fortunately, Mynx aren't overbearing about this boasting, as only their owners say such things. They have long tails that are about half again as long as the Pokégirl is tall, and is completely covered with that soft fur
Tamers, however, only deal with Mynx because of their many various evolutions, as the Mynx herself is not useful in prolonged battles. Many battles that are down to a Mynx against any other Pokégirl are forfeited because the Mynx wouldn't last long enough against their opponent. Because of their lung problems, Mynx Pokégirls just are of no use in Sex Battles either. Despite their high libidos, they have a low pleasure threshold at the same time, which researchers attribute to this breed's lung problem.
During the war, the Mynx were kept as a reserve guard that would annoy the human forces as the main Pokégirl forces either suckered the humans into a trap or were in retreat. They were only used during the beginning of the war, however, as Sukebe proceeded to evolve his Mynx forces into their more powerful evolutionary forms. These Pokégirls don't like to be with Eva-breed Pokégirls, however, due to the comparisons that are drawn between them. The Eva-breed are more numerous these days, however, due to the years following the Revenge War: the Mynx were one of the easier to find Pokégirls in that day and age, and many were slaughtered. In the years between then and modern-times, however, the Mynx has staged a remarkable comeback in numbers.
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MYOBU, the Celestial Fox Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Vulpine Animorph)
Element: Electric (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Defenders of honor, scouts
Libido: Normal
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Fist of Fate, Fox-Lightning*, Illusion, Leap, Pleasure Spark, Pummel, Quick Attack, Scratch, Tackle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Kick, Thunder Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2) Enhanced Speed (x5)
Evolves: Kitsune (Breaking code)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Extreme stress, faithful to code)
Not all Kitsune go through a situation like this, but Kitsune who manage to follow their code and overcome the situation evolve into something new, unlike a Kitsune who failed to follow their code and evolve into a Nogitsune. This faithful fox evolution is called a Myobu.
Myobu have the same basic color scheme as their cousins the Hoarfoxx. Their fur is one of the varying shades of white (I.e. Cream, off-white, pure white). Their hands, feet, tails and ears are all tipped in a varying shade of yellow. The yellow fur is where most of the girl's electricity is stored. The amount of fur actually varies, with ferals being fully anthromorphic to having a mostly human girl with fox ears, tails and fur on their hands and legs. Their height varies between 5'4" to 5'8" with their body shapes usually described as lean and lithe with breasts in between low A-cups to low C-cups. Myobu have a random number of tails, usually in between 2-5. Researchers speculate the Myobu's number of tails is dependent on their code and the stress caused by the situation in which their code was tested.
Myobu are honorable girls and deeply follow their personal code, showing dislike for girls who blow off their code, or mock it. There have been instances of more extreme Myobu referring to themselves as 'Defenders of Honor' and promptly struck out against the mocking Pokégirl. Due to this trait, Myobu can sometimes be found working in the police force, especially if their code is to always follow the law. In the opposite side of the spectrum, their have been cases of evil Myobu, many researchers were shocked she was still Celestial and other ‘good’ Myobu could be around them describing how they could still be celestial in this statement, “As long as a Myobu follows her code, she’s doing what she must, being Celestial doesn’t mean you’re a ‘good’ guy”. With the said statement, researchers considered this aspect of Celestial and Infernal as being defined as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Their speed allows them to stay in pursuit of running targets, subduing them with their Fox-Lightning attack.
Due to their arms and legs being where a majority of their electricity is stored, these girls have a preference for using quick punches and kicks usually resulting in an Impromptu Thunder Punches and Kicks. They usually stick to being up close and personal. Most Myobu have a tendency to actually take up ‘soft’ martial arts life When they fight from a distance they fire off Thunderbolts and Fox-Lightning to weaken the target before moving in with the punches and kicks.
In a harem setting, Myobu make decent Alphas and Betas, they're not as jumpy and erratic as some of the other electric types, and usually try and keep the harem on the straight and narrow, at least her idea of the straight and narrow. Myobu are one of the few Celestials that Infernals aren’t bothered by, vive-versa for the Myobu. It’s something about how the Myobu ‘Isn’t so up her ass like most of the snooty celestials’ one Daimon said when questioned. It’s been noted that the ‘evil’ Myobu actually become good friends with the Infernal types, which is an oddity in itself.
It is NOT wise for a tamer to have a Nogitsune and a Myobu in the same harem. The Myobu is extremely disappointed and angry at these girls for failing in sticking to their code, rejecting the Nogitsune and treating her less than trash. Though, if a Myobu manages to get past her hate, she can help speed up the process of getting the Nogitsune to evolve into a Dark Kitsune. A Dark Kitsune instantly has a Myobu's respect for having redeemed herself, and gotten back to following the code.
Incidentally, a Myobu will take a leadership role among Kitsune so as to try her best to keep the Kitsune following their paths and not going against it. The Myobu have an instinctual knowledge of what a Kitsune's code is and will not willingly share it with anybody except the Kitsune. In very rare cases of Myobu who have broken their code of honor to the extent of being irredeemable they are ‘evolved’ back into Kitsune to start the process again and capable of regaining the evolution again, or evolving into a Nogitsune.
Tamers of Myobu note that they love to use Pleasure Spark during the act, arousing and relaxing the tamer. Myobu also like having their feet massage and their hands held during taming as those areas are highly sensitive to them along as their tails. Most Myobu keep the same taming preferences they had when they were Kitsune, only with an enhanced focus on their hands and feet.
Feral Myobu can be occasionally be seen around Kitsune, taking a motherly leadership role, or if they’re alone, always seem to be muttering 'Inari' while seemingly praying at random intervals. When approached they will try and run, shooting back weak thunderbolts to cover their path as they bolt away. The muttering of Inari doesn’t happen as often when a Myobu is tamed, though when they manage to get a moment of free time, they can be spotted praying quietly.
There is speculation that a Blessed Kitsune may have an easier time evolving into a Myobu, but this is just a rumor and should be regarded as such. Threshold cases of Myobu have been noticed; these girls usually have the lowest amounts of tails and commonly have electric, celestial or fox ancestry.
Fox-Lightning (ATK 40 + EFT): The tips of a Fox-type’s tails glow slightly as they charge. After a turn of charging, the electricity discharges towards the target, forming what appears to be a small fox that races along the ground. When it strikes it causes damage and paralyzes the foe 90% of the time. (Can be used by Fox-types only)
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MYSTICANGEL, the Judgment Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic/Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Lunar Energy, Vegetarian
Role: Trainers, Sentries
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ground, Psychic, Magic, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ghost, Steel, Attacks which use light
Attacks: Barrier, Icicles, Lunar Blade, Recover, Shadow Walk, Wind Slash, Wing Buffet
Enhancements: Elemental Affinity Air, Elemental Affinity Water, Limited Psychic Abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Clowmystic (unknown)
This Pokégirl was created by Clow Read, unfortunately only he knew the necessary triggers to cause a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mysticangel so they are an extremely rare Pokégirl. There have been attempts by researchers to discover the triggers to evolve a Clowmystic into a Mysticangel but all they have discovered is that for a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mysticangel she must possess both the Air and Water elemental cards. Mysticangels have long silver hair, pale skin and large white wings. They also have an eight pointed star on their foreheads which they use to draw in lunar energy.
They often serve as their tamers alpha since they are very skilled at judging the strengths and weaknesses of both their harem sisters and their opponents. They need very little sleep, no more than an hour a day and because they get most of their energy by absorbing lunar energy they need very little food. When she does eat a Mysticangel will mostly eat plants and water, they will not eat meat. Because they need very little food and sleep and rarely need taming, Mysticangels have lots of free time. Being very dour Pokégirls who take their role seriously they prefer to use this time to train either themselves or their harem sisters, and they seem to have a knack for improving the combat abilities of any Pokégirl. Because they need so little sleep Mysticangels prefer to spend their nights outside keeping watch, as well as allowing them to serve as sentries this allows them to absorb the moonlight which is their major source of energy. Whilst a Mysticangel doesn't need to spend every night absorbing energy if she is preventing from bathing in moonlight for an extended period she will grow progressively weaker.
Mysticangels which are not in a tamers harem are usually found at Pokégirl gyms where their ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Pokégirls and their ability to train them to improve their combat skills is much prized. Mysticangels are also sometimes found serving as sentries, usually at night, because of their nocturnal nature and excellent night vision.
They dislike entering their Pokéball, and unless they are injured or unconscious, will only do so voluntarily for a very good reason. They are immune to the capture fields of Pokéballs, including illegal Pokéballs, but are very loyal to their tamer. There is one exception to this loyalty though, should she find herself in the same harem as a Starmystic a Mysticangel will be unwilling to part from her, even going so far as to leave her current tamer so as to stay with the Starmystic should she be traded or sold.
Whilst they are bisexual Mysticangels have a slight preference for lesbian sex and most male tamers find that it is easier to arouse them if they have another Pokégirl assist in any taming session. If a Mystickat or Starmystic is in the same harem then the Mysticangel will insist that she be tamed with them. They prefer to encounter Starmystics over Mystickats since a Mystickat will try to initiate taming sessions as often as possible, which cuts into the Mysticangels training time. Should a Mystickangel, a Mystickat and a Starmystic all join the same harem then they will prefer group taming sessions with or without their tamer.
Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Mystickat and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three Pokégirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each others location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three Pokégirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Clow Reed's intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the Pokégirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.
Mysticangels are fierce fighters who are very protective of their tamers, they also seem to feel a need to protect Clowmystics, but a Mysticangel defending a Starmystic is something that only a madman doesn't fear. In battle they can Shadow Walk with up to four others and will often use this to launch a surprise attack. Their most powerful attack is Lunar Blade which they can use as a normal sword or fire as a blast of energy. However this attack requires a large amount of energy so they prefer to use their other attacks when possible. They do have one weakness, attacks which use bright lights disorientate them for a short period, although they are unaffected by normal sunlight.
No feral Mysticangels have ever been encountered so the feral state of this Pokégirl is unknown. Also only one case of a girl thresholding into a Mysticangel has ever been reported.
Icicles (Atk) The Pokégirl creates several crystals of ice which she then fires at her opponents. The higher the Pokégirls level the more crystals she creates. This is, unsurprisingly, considered an Ice-type technique.
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MYSTICKAT, the Guardian Cat Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid, Animorph Cat
Element: Fire/Ground/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Solar Energy, Meat
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Ground, Magic, Plant, Psychic, Steel, Bird and Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Water
Attacks: Fissure, Flamethrower, Flare, Recover, Shield, Slash, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Elemental Affinity Earth, Elemental Affinity Fire, Limited Shapeshifting, Limited Psychic Abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: ClowMystic (unknown)
Like the other evolved forms of the Clowmystic this Pokégirl was created by the Pokégirl researcher Clow Read. Since only he knew the triggers necessary to cause a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mystickat instead of a Starmystic this Pokégirl remains extremely rare. Researchers attempting to rediscover these triggers have only been able to determine that a Clowmystic must have both the Fire and Earth elemental cards in order to evolve into a Mystickat.
When she evolves a Mystickat leaves behind a lot of her human looks becoming a six foot golden furred cat girl with large golden wings and on her forehead an eight pointed star that they use to draw in solar energy. Mystickats have two forms, passive and combat, in their combat forms their arms and legs become more catlike and their hands and feet become paws with powerful claws.
Mystickats get most of their energy from absorbing sunlight and so have little need to eat, when they do eat they are strict carnivores and will only eat meat. Mystickats do not need to absorb sunlight every day but being prevented from absorbing sunlight for an extended period will cause them to grow weaker. When she is not sleeping or eating a Mystickat will seek to have fun, they are as playful as kittens, and very enthusiastic about getting as much taming as possible. They will not however let their attempts to have fun jeopardize their self appointed role of bodyguard to their tamer.
Those few Mystickats not in tamers' harems usually find themselves working as bodyguards, a job they excel at, partly because of their protective nature and partly because they are always aware of their surroundings and even when they are asleep they are quick to respond to any threat.
Mystickats are immune to the capture fields of Pokéballs including illegal Pokéballs. They dislike entering their own Pokéballs for any reason, partly because it makes it harder for them to guard their tamer, partly because it prevents them from absorbing solar energy, but mainly because it prevents them from taking any opportunity to have fun or jump their tamer. Mystickats are very loyal to their tamers unless they find themselves in a harem with a Starmystic, in that case a Mystickat will leave her current tamer to stay with the Starmystic should she be traded or sold.
While Mystickats are enthusiastically bisexual they have a slight preference for men and prefer either, a one on one taming with their tamer or, that their tamer join them while they have some fun with a harem sister or two (or three or four). Should a Mysticangel or Starmystic join her harem then a Mystickat will insist on being tamed with them. This can prove especially trying for a Mysticangel since they prefer as little taming as possible.
Should a Starmystic and a Mysticangel join her harem then a Mystickat will be overjoyed and all three Pokégirls will prefer group taming sessions with or without their tamer.
Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Mystickat and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three Pokégirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each other’s location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three Pokégirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Clow Reed's intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the Pokégirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.
In battle Mystickats live up to their guardian name, they seek to protect their harem sisters and are especially protective of Clowmystics, Starmystics and their tamers. In battle a Mystickat likes to take advantage of her agility, and is equally at home fighting hand to hand or at a distance.
No feral Mystickats have ever been encountered but researchers speculate that because she is an animorph her feral state would be much more animalistic than a Clowmystics. Threshold Mystickats are very rare with less than half a dozen reported cases.
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