A-BRA, the Psychic Snoozer Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style food
Role: Security, Research Assistants, Emergency Rescue
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Foresight, Confusion, Fade
Enhancements: Telepathy
Evolves: Ka-D-Bra (normal), Ishtar (Dusk Stone)
Evolves From: None
Known as the premier psychic type throughout the world, the A-bra was originally used as Sukebe's first psychic types. Unfortunately, though he managed to create a psychic human-like Pokégirl, he had no way to anticipate the stresses that using her powers would create in her mind. As a result, and fortunately for the human race, the A-bra Pokégirls require upwards of twelve hours of sleep everyday, and even up to 18 hours if she uses her stronger psychic abilities. It was this unfortunate tendency that allowed numerous Pokégirls of this breed to be captured after the war, and even during it- their unfortunate need for sleep after using their powers makes them so tired that not even a retreat order directly from Sukebe himself could rouse an A-bra. Although initially killed on sight (typically while asleep) by human soldiers and by the first tamers as being too powerful to control, soon after the war the A-bra were captured instead and information on psychic types was finally gained. They were among the first psychic types to be captured and brought to the human side.
The A-Bra is a small Pokégirl, rarely exceeding 5'4 in height. Their skin is a goldenrod yellow, though their hair can be any color. Bust size, as their name suggests, is a mere A-cup. Their other defining feature is a pair of "antennae", similar in structure to catfish whiskers, positioned just above their eyebrows. Research strongly suggests that these structures, rarely more than a few inches long, act like conductors for psychic signals, and are used mainly to pick up brain waves and as a way to focus her psychic abilities. Oddly enough, these antennae are also observered in two of her higher evolved forms: the Ka-D-bra and the Alaka-Wham. Most A-bra do have hair, although a small percentage are bald for some odd reason that researchers are unsure of even today. It is generally assumed to just be some genetic quirk, although tamers seem to suggest that the bald members of this breed are actually stronger than the A-bra who do have hair. Tests have shown inconclusive evidence of this, however. Though they are known to sleep between 12-18 hours a day, the A-Bra remains fairly useful even amongst anti-Pokégirl leagues. They have the ability to read minds, teleport, and have a danger sense. They are also quite intelligent, often having just the answer her trainer needs in any predicament, provided he can rouse her to consciousness long enough to give her thoughts. However, A-Bras are physically frail, and lack the powerful Psychic attacks of their more evolved forms, making them a poor choice in a fight. Feral versions are very rare. It is far more common to find them at a breeding center, such as the famed Tendo Ranch. A-Bras, while not common by any means, are one of the more likely outcomes of Threshold for a girl with strong Psychic ancestry.
It is very rare to see an A-bra in a harem, since most tamers would rather skip the pain of trying to raise a sleepy A-bra when they could have the powerhouse that is a Ka-D-bra instead, or some other psychic type that doesn't require so much slumber every day. Because of their requirements, no A-bra has been documented as an Alpha or a Beta in any harem other than a coordinator's. This breed was not originally meant for fighting, and it shows in the battles that one is in. The ones that they do participate in, however, are often won through intellect and strategy rather than brute strength, using teleport to escape and then mundane attacks as well as Foresight to do some damage and avoid being attacked. Outside of harems, they are often used in any number of non-physical occupations, as well as transports- using Poképacks to carry a fair amount of material, the A-bra can convey a large amount of supplies over amazing distances without the need for Pokéball transfer systems. This makes her a very useful emergency rescue Pokégirl, though they are susceptible to the elements compared to other Pokégirls often used for the same role.
It has been noted throughout different harems that A-bra are very wary when Dark-type Pokégirls are around. This is attributed to the possibility that as they sleep most of the day, they are easy prey for dark type Pokégirls moreso than most other psychic-types. Another little quirk is that they dislike being compared to bug-type Pokégirls, including Spidergirls and Spiderwomen. This is a little more difficult to pin down, but is typically considered to have something to do with their antennae, a feature that mostly only bug-type Pokégirls possess. In a battle, Bug-types and Dark-types are often their first targets (even ferals share this odd sense of strategy, and this behavior has yet to be fully studied), as they are the Pokégirl-types that seem to resist their psychic abilities the most. Using Confusion, and then Foresight, the A-bra can even use Teleport as long as no one or nothing else is touching her in order to get away or get closer to her opponent. Fade is used to give her the ability to escape when needed, a technique used to great effect during the war and in more modern times to assist with capturing criminals and to trail others.back to the master index
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ABSLUT, the Darling Disaster PokéGirl
Type: Not Very-Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Very Rare (Edo and Sunshine Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: sunlight and moonlight, but can digest human style foods.
Role: Early warning system
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Leer, Double Team, Razor Wind, Crunch, Dark Blade, Future Sight
Enhancements: Foresight, Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Never before, has there ever been a Pokégirl that has been as misunderstood as the Abslut. Even when they were created back during Sukebe's War, they were a species of Pokégirl that found themselves the target of dislike and mistrust by those that were considered their betters, since the Abslut were in a very niche role while other species were on the front-lines fighting against humanity. The reason was that the Abslut's claim to fame, (or infamy, depending on the observer) is that the species would appear whenever a natural disaster was about to happen.
An Abslut uses her sharp senses to detect subtle changes in the land, sea, and air. Couple that with her knowledge of natural balance, and an Abslut can predict oncoming natural disasters, (she may also be able to use her `Future Sight' technique in a similar way to sense dangers to her Tamer). The Absluts apparently have concern for the safety of not only Pokégirls, but humans because once an Abslut detects an oncoming disaster, she goes off to the nearest human settlements to give warnings to the people.
Although the Abslut has an attractive, athletic build, standing at around 5'8" with soft and generous C-Cup breasts, there is no way an Abslut could be confused with a normal human girl. What flesh isn't covered in a snowy-white coat of fur that is very soft to the touch, is the color of dark blue: her face, her bat wing-like tail, the gem in her forehead, and a scythe-like growth on the right side of her head, (some believe this to be an abnormal development of the Abslut's right ear).
Despite its appearance, this `scythe' is actually very soft to the touch, particularly whenever Abslut is neither tense nor angry; when she does become so, the `scythe' lights up with a dark light and becomes dangerously strong and sharp, though an Abslut will not use this to actually harm her instigator. Because of this, the Abslut's way if hearing is similar to that of a Hooter's, as with having one ear point upward, and one point downward, thish supposedly helps an Abslut to hear the exact location any sound is coming from.
Interesting, although the Darling Disaster Pokégirls are a Dark-type, which are notorious for being moody loners, Absluts are very gentle-natured Pokégirls, be they Domestic or Feral, that go out of their way to warn people of up-coming disasters by appearing before them. When they are not warning people in nearby cities or being part of a Tamer's Harem, most Absluts will spend their time up in mountainous areas, or lack there of, they will go to where the altitude is highest.
Absluts today are popular as pets in earthquake-prone areas like the Eastern Islands of the Edo League, and the Sunshine League's Magma Islands because they'll warn their owners of when one is coming. In addition an Abslut's cry easily resembles a warning siren. Unfortunately, over the course of the past three-hundred years, people have developed a misunderstood view of the Pokégirl; they pertain a superstitious belief towards Absluts, pointing towards them having a cause-and-effect relationship with disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or Widow attacks, which attributes to the species' "bad luck" image. However, concerning the people who have come to understand the Pokégirl, Absluts are quite popular as pets and as a Pokégirl for a Tamer's Harem in areas prone to natural disasters since they can warn their owners of large-scale danger. This makes the Abslut a significantly valuable Pokégirl for any Tamer to have when facing the many dangers in the wilds of the world.
When it comes to fighting, an Abslut is all about prevention. The Future Sight is a technique that allows the Pokégirl to have her Tamer and Harem avoid the oncoming battle should it clearly be too dangerous. Prevention is even something Feral Absluts follow, which makes them a rare find in the wilds when a disaster isn't occurring. And if a battle should take place, the Future Sight technique, mixed with use of Double Team, makes the Abslut a difficult Pokégirl to actually afflict damage upon, while she bites down with Crunch, before turning to techniques which would now attain a more powerful punch.
However, one should be warned about the reason an Abslut is all about preventing herself from being placed in a PokéBattle if she can help it. While Absluts have quite a bit of strength to their attacks, their defense rating is terribly poor. Their bodies are noticeably weaker than a lot of other Pokégirls, and damage really adds up on them, especially if a Fighting-type technique should hit. Also, if an Abslut encounters faster Pokégirls like Cheetit or Chocoboob, she could easily become confused. Combine a strong attack with poor defense, and an Abslut will end up inflicting a great deal of damage upon herself, possibly even take herself out during battle.
When it comes to Taming an Abslut, there's nothing more she likes better than having her small `scythe' played with. Nipping, licking, or kissing the growth will make an Abslut wet between the legs incredibly fast. Top this off with playing with her soft white breasts and dark-nipples, and you'll have a Pokégirl begging for a long, harsh Taming session. There seems to be no favored position, as long as their Tamer has access to their `scythe'. Interestingly enough, Absluts are a favored Pokégirl for female Tamer, as that Scythe becomes particularly useful for fun between the sheets.
Currently, there have been no occurrences of a girl Thresholding into an Abslut. However, if it were to occur, it would most likely be in the Edo League or Sunshine League, where the species has proven quite popular.
Future Sight - (EFT) A Psychic-based technique that allows the Abslut to briefly view into future events anywhere from a mere twenty-second to a full five minutes into the future. The clarity of the vision depends on the state of the Abslut. One at rest could get the full use from the technique, while during battle and duress, one could only tap into the technique for only a minimal amount of time. back to the master index
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ACROBABE, the Tumbling Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style food
Role: Performance Artist
Libido: Average - often spiking to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ghost
Attacks: Bicycle Kick, Leap, Confusion, Performance, Quick
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x6), Superior Balance, Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Trixie (Shield Stone), Amazonkapoeraa (Psi-Crystal)
The Acrobabe is, at present, a rather unknown Pokégirl breed. Although often quite common in various circus performances and similar entertainments, the few Tamers of the Acrobabe that evolved one are often unwilling to talk about how the Pokégirl evolved. This is possibly because the evolution method required to produce one may involve the usage of an item that's easier to find in a 'less than legal' market.
Either way, all Acrobabes tend to be taller than the average very near human Pokégirl types, with short brightly colored hair and a slim body build. They tend to be rather hyperactive and rarely spend any length of time in a motionless state - even when sleeping outside of a Pokéball.
They love putting on performances for audiences of any size, their specialty being such things as high wires, trapeze and horizontal bars. They are quite possibly more fond of being airborne than most Flying-type Pokégirls. This presents it's own set of problems, as Acrobabe will get progressively more depressed the longer they stay grounded and, after a period of such a state, will often try the most daring airborne acrobatics stunt they can dream up when they get the chance. This, unfortunately, has led to the untimely deaths of several well-known Acrobabe entertainers.
The libido of the Acrobabe grows as the Pokégirl performs more and more breathtaking stunts - however, it lowers during times in which they are grounded. Tamings are recommended as soon as possible after and major display of acrobatic skill. Acrobabes have varied tastes in Tamings, but most prefer to give their Tamer a private 'performance' prior to the act of Taming and tend to feel a little upset when this performance is denied.
The Acrobabes main benefit from their psychic heritage is that they have a 'presence' of a sort all good performers strive to have, the kind that makes people sit up and actually watch them perform. Whilst a few other Pokégirls can perform some of the stunts that a Acrobabe can, none can do so and match the sheer natural stage presence of one (at least, without having a lot of practice beforehand).
In combat Acrobabes, unfortunately, fare rather badly unless supported by a Pokégirl that is more solid and reliable. This is mostly due to the Acrobabes rather frail body being unable to take too much damage. When supporting another, however, they have a somewhat better effect - using their acrobatics and attacks to distract an opponent for their teammate to deliver the final blow.
At present it has been confirmed that at least one Tamer has and Acrobabe somewhere in their ancestry - this individual has shown to be a rather annoying boy who appears unable to do anything without showing off, nevertheless, seems to attract people with his incredible charisma.
There have been, at present, no confirmed sightings of this Pokégirl in the wild. Although, there have been reports of a Pokégirl that moves too quickly through the treetops from branch-to-branch to be identified clearly - this may, or may not, be the signs of Feral Acrobabe.back to the master index
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AGUAMIEL, the Sweet Water Chinchilla Pokégirl Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, Pokéchow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert irrigation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Agility, Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhance Vision (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2), Nightvision, Water sense and internal water storage sacs
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Water Stone)
Aguamiels change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a blue-green color. They also become more placid, and rarely get upset over anything (even Hamtits), which makes them a more popular evolution of the Chichi, second only to the Margarita. They also develop a shy, demure attitude, which makes them ‘cuter’ in some people’s eyes, despite not possessing the Aura of Cute enhancement.
Wild Aguamiel prefer to live in dry desert-mountainous regions, and their first act is usually to start digging a well, using their ability to sense water to find an ideal spot to dig. Aguamiel packs can often form an oasis over time, usually with assistance from Tamales to provide the plant life. They are still popular as pets, possibly more so because they store water in their bodies like a Squirtitty, making them more of a walking, Tamable thermos, though this view has some mixed reactions from the Aguamiel. Some doesn’t mind it, since they like to help people using their abilities, not to mention that they feel that the act of giving water to their Tamers is rather erotic, while others frown when the fact is mentioned to them.
This also allows them access to a few basic Water attacks, though they prefer not to use them if they can help it, since they are so used to conserving water in their home terrain, which isn’t surprising, considering how little water is available in deserts. Scientists and farmers also use them to help with irrigation, turning desert into viable farmland. Which to the Aguamiel is a blessing, since they can use their abilities to help many people, which makes them happy to a point where their libido increases slightly, where they become quite affectionate with their Tamers.back to the master index
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AIRMAIDEN, the Air Elementalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: Air Elementalist, teacher, negotiator
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Healing Breeze, Hurricane, Typhoon, Wind Slash, Agility, Current Shield
Enhancements: Aerokinesis, sense weather patterns, enhanced speed and agility (x2), decreased strength (human equivalent)
Evolves: Magic Knight (Dawn Stone), Valkyrie (battle stress), Psinin (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Titto (Sky Crystal), Phaenine (Ceremonial Evolution)
A scout that was among Sukebe’s finest, this Pokegirl looks much like most human women. They would infiltrate many of the human encampments, sometimes even going through military training in order to join the human armies, only to devastate entire boot camps and training facilities with her flying attacks and abilities. When human numbers would surge against her, she'd simply escape by using her aerokinesis to deflect or slow down her opponents long enough to escape. In more civilian environments, the Airmaiden was found to be less likely to devastate the human population. Indeed, the first recorded capture of an Airmaiden was in the Silver Islands, where she was found after nearly going feral in her desire to deny her orders to destroy the survivors of the city (who were mostly children).
The Airmaiden is a rarity, a Flying-type Pokégirl who does not fly! Instead, her elemental nature is manifested in her ability to sense, manipulate, and control air currents. They tend to look like highly intelligent, but still startlingly beautiful, teenagers. They usually have short brown hair, deep green eyes, and some even have glasses. They tend to enjoy wearing dresses made of green material, and have decorations in their hair. They generally have great personalities, though sometimes a little on the shy side, and their kindness can sometimes rival that of a Megami or a NurseJoy. However, though passive outside of battle, the Airmaiden can be ruthless in battle. Powerful in close and at range, these pokegirls can devastate her opponents even though she has little aptitude for hand to hand combat. This problem is negated by her Current Shield (described below), which protects her from most physical attacks that are used at close range against her.
Airmaidens are a wonderful addition to any Tamer's Harem, as they tend to have positive attitudes, and their high intelligence can help out Tamers in tough situations. This ability makes them great Alpha material, though they are quite content to remain they way they are, and they are always trying to cheer up those in their Harem. Airmaidens are among the more intelligent pokegirls in the world, especially outside of Psychic-types. They can usually be found working, these days, among news crews for weather forecasting, as librarians, or even teachers. These pokegirls seem to enjoy learning as much as they can, and have a near insatiable curiosity for anything that might be of interest to them. This doesn't seem to expand to sex techniques, however, and few Airmaidens are known for learning too many of those- their low libido and pleasure threshold, as a result of their body's sensitivity to touch, make them unlikely candidates for any sex battles.
There have been reports of an unlikely trio of Pokégirls seen in the Mountain League. This trio consists of a Watermaiden, a Firemaiden and an Airmaiden traveling together. Since there is generally a rivalry between Firemaidens and Watermaidens, researchers are still baffled by these Pokégirls' friendship with one another. Many have speculated that this is due to the presence of the Airmaiden with the other two, though little proof has been recorded. However, a report from Mizuhara Makoto of the Opal League places him with a similar trio, and this seems to show that the Airmaiden is often the mediator of the two rivaling Pokégirl types, despite the fairly common occurrence of their harem being banned from villages and cities that they travel through due to damages resulting from their frequent fights. It is only the Airmaiden’s voice of reason that seems to keep them from tearing the harem apart.
These days, the Airmaiden is becoming more popular and more common. Over the past twenty-five years or so, the Airmaiden population has expanded, and has as a result upgraded her frequency from “Very Rare” to “Rare.” They make good pets, as their intelligence can often make them found as Tutors to schoolchildren and Pokékits, as well as other Pokégirls. There has been one documented bit of information that has been brought to light in the past ten years, however. One Airmaiden that evolved into a Valkyrie was found to not have wings, and yet still be able to fly. The same Valkyrie evolved into an Armsmistress, and although she was not a Malakim-version, she was able to fly as a result as well. Researchers are investigating the matter, but as this was just one case, it is undetermined as to whether or not this is normal for evolutions of this Pokégirl to retain this capability.
Current Shield (EFT): Provides a barrier that is good for as long as the Airmaiden stands in one place. It deflects any melee attack that isn't done with a weapon which is less than (ATK+80) in strength. This lasts for up to three minutes every time it is used, and requires a turn to diminish afterwards before the Airmaiden can bring the shield back up. Fighting types that attack with their melee strikes will be stunned for two turns from the winds that whip around the Airmaiden that form her Current Shield.back to the master index
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ALAKA-WHAM, the Psychic Powerhouse Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: security, often with administrators or researchers. Also make excellent Alphas
Libido: Average (higher with high-Empathy Tamers)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Telepathy, Telekinesis, limited Precognition, Healing, Barrier, Psychic, Psywave
Enhancements: High psi capabilities, Enhanced Intelligence (x15), highly developed nervous system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ka-D-Bra (normal)
Alaka-Whams continue the growth begun when they became Ka-D-Bras, gaining a few inches in height for a maximum height of 6'0. Their skin (once again sans antennae) darkens to a deep red, and their antennae max out at nearly a foot in length. Many Alaka-Whams keep their antennae back, flat against their head, unless actively wielding their psychic powers. Their bust also increases, usually upwards on an E-cup. Their breasts are so large, in fact, that their frail bodies can't support the weight without assistance. Alaka-Whams rely on constant, low-level telekinesis to help support the weight of their massive chests.
Their powers also increase dramatically, giving them a wide variety of Psychic attacks, defenses, and support abilities. Using Telepathy and Precognition to stay one (or more) steps ahead of their opponents, they use Barrier and Teleport to avoid any attacks their opponent conceives of throwing at them. They usually overwhelm their opponents fairly quickly using a combination of Telekinesis, Psychic, and Psywave.
Though always viewed with some suspicion, it wasn't until Mao's Rebellion that active distrust was a factor in modern times. The baseline mistrust comes largely from jealousy of their extreme intelligence. Their typical IQ is about 500, though some exceptional individuals can be even higher. This intelligence leads them to a rivalry of sorts with the Supe-Bra Genius, who they view as intellectual equals. However, the Supe-Bra Genius's wide assortment of mental instabilities is a point of contempt, with the Alaka-Wham seeing them as erratic and inefficient.back to the master index
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AMACHAMP (aka GOLEM), the Super Strength Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human style but with heavy mineral requirements
Role: Physical Labor and Tank Equivalent
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
>b>Special Weaknesses:
Can't swim, requires special diet
Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, Pummel, Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Pose, Focus, Gatling Punch, Super Move, No Sell
Enhancements: High density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x20), reinforced musculoskeletal structure, high efficiency cardiovascular system, dermal plating, high efficiency respiratory system, Secondary ribcage with second set of arms and breasts as well as some internal organs.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amachoke (normal)
The final evolution of the Amachop appears far more human than the Amachoke. Her body becomes more slender than either of her previous forms, and her height remains what it was as an Amachoke.
However, she weighs over 900 pounds.
Her strength is sufficient to lift and carry several times her own weight and her speed is similar to that of a normal human, but stopping becomes a problem because of their incredible mass.
Of course, the biggest difference between an Amachamp and her lesser forms is her doubled chest and extra set of arms. She has four breasts, each pair between a set of arms, and she has two sets of lungs and two hearts to keep her larger body active. Her second heart is actually on the right side of her lower chest while her original heart remains on the left side of her upper chest. Some physiologists believe this is to prevent the two hearts from synchronizing and doing serious damage to her body, as was seen in the earliest gasoline engines when the valves were synchronized.
Amachamps do not suffer from the arrogance of their previous forms. Most feel satisfied with their final level of strength and while they may work out to keep in shape, they are not as driven as their previous evolutions are. Then again, most of their former workouts were found to be too easy or too difficult to accomplish with four arms. Some may even grow to fear their own power, as few opponents are much of a challenge when the Amachamp's four arms can completely immobilize them.
Some researchers feel that it's the lower number of workouts coinciding with the increase of libido that prove the theory that the workouts were a form of masturbation. Of course, Amachamps are more prone to backaches, so a tamer who knows massage will find themselves being "appreciated" quite often.
Despite their increased control, restraints are still a must when taming.
Amachamps do not suffer a drop in intelligence if they go feral, but they do become more aggressive. Because of this, any tamer who abandons an Amachamp or lets her become feral will usually face punishment. back to the master index
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AMACHOKE (aka WRESTLER), the Muscle-Bound Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style with mineral supplements
Role: Physical Labor, Particularly in construction
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim, prone to narcissistic behavior
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Takedown, Tackle, Pose, Headbutt, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x16), Armored Skin
Disadvantages: Low speed
Evolves: Amachamp(normal)
Evolves From: Amachop (normal)
When the Amachop evolves into an Amachoke, she gains roughly three to four feet in height, more muscle mass and has an increase of one to two breast sizes. Their increased muscle mass keeps them from being able to swim, meaning they should avoid deep water at all costs. Because of her massive increase in height and muscle, she is actually slower as an Amachoke than when she was an Amachop, though overtime, as she adjusts to the massive difference in height, she will slowly regain some of her speed, but she will remain slower because of her new size.
An Amachoke is often very arrogant. Most feel that her great strength and hard body make her superior to all other Pokégirls. Some may even feel that those weaker than themselves are unworthy of taming them. Because of this incredible arrogance, it's during this evolution that many tamers will abandon or try to trade away the Amachoke. Others will push their Amachokes along in an attempt to get her to evolve into her final form. Some tamers have tried to bring the Amachoke's arrogance down by denying them the ability to work out, but this is considered a very hazardous technique to try and is likely one of the major reasons why those tamers wind up in intensive care.
In fact, some researchers have postulated that the reason an Amachoke requires so little taming is because working out may be a form of masturbation for them. Of course, a tamer who knows massage techniques and has strong enough fingers may find their Amachokes more willing than others.
Amachokes are less dangerous than most other feral Pokégirls, as they have a very mild feral state, which only lowers their intelligence a bit. Otherwise, their personality is almost completely unaffected.
Of course, there is a loophole to this arrogance: if her tamer gained her trust when she was an Amachop, an Amachoke is far more likely to respect them and allow them to continue taming her. And if the tamer was training alongside her, she's also going to be just as loyal as she was before.
Amachokes have big appetites. Not as monstrous as a Snorlass, but large nonetheless. This is because an Amachoke's body burns through calories at an accelerated rate. In fact, it's quite possible that an Amachoke cannot actually become fat, regardless of how little she trains, even though she loves training so much that such an occurrence is an impossibility.
Unless a tamer knows that they have a comparable strength, restraints are a MUST when taming an Amachoke.back to the master index
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AMACHOP, the Tough Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Human Style
Role: Physical Labor, Particularly in construction
Libido: Low, often more interested in testing her strength
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Low Kick, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced Density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x8), armored skin, reinforced musculoskeletal structure
Evolves: Amachoke (normal)
Evolves From: None
Amachops are very short, standing roughly four feet in height. They have grey skin which is quite tough and their breast size varies, but is usually A to B-cup. Despite their short stature, they tend to eat as much as a larger Pokégirl and because of their muscles, weigh over two hundred pounds. Their skin's density is such that small arms fire was ineffective against them.
Amachops are not favored for their appearance, but rather their great strength. An Amachop is easily one of the most popular strong Pokégirls, though whether this is because their short stature doesn't threaten ego-driven tamers or because they make a nasty surprise for hot-headed opponents is uncertain.
Amachops love to get stronger. Some will simply body build, but most wind up studying the martial arts. Amachops stuck with tamers who either won't let them pursue their goal of getting stronger will generally become unruly and will likely abandon the tamer before long.
To prevent this, tamers who get Amachops are advised to take up the same habits as their Amachops.back to the master index
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AMAZONCHAN, the Fist Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon, mainly found in Jozetsuzoku Preserve
Diet: Any human style food except alcoholic beverages and milk
Role: Fighters, Craftswomen
Libido: Low (High with a master they like/trust)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pummel, Dynamic Punch, Uppercut, Comet Punch, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Durability
Evolves: Herochan (normal), Armsmistress (special training; works on it's speed), Heroine (works on her kick attacks, Delta Bonded)
Evolves From: Tyamazon(battle stress; special)
Amazonchans are usually not much taller than their previous evolution as a Tyamazon, and are usually between a B or C-cup. Bigger breasts are not entirely unheard of, but they are very uncommon to say the least. Amazonchans also tend to have hair colors which are not normally in the human color palette, such as dark green or neon pink. Stripes of other colors in their hair are also seen, though like large breasts, these aren't very common. Amazonchan are more commonly found than any of the other Amazon-types, due to the Jozetsuzoku Preserve. Although Tamers wanting an Amazonchan from the preserve must prove him or herself to the elders of the preserve, they find that these Amazonchans are more dedicated to their training than ones that were evolved from fully-feral Tyamazons.
The Amazonchan are stronger but slower than their sisters, the Amazonlees, and slower still when compared to Amazonkapoeraa. They are also more human in appearance than the Amachop or Amachoke. They are quite skilled at fighting hand-to-hand, but focus largely on punches and other hand-skills over kicks. Amazonchans usually study Tae Kwon Do, Boxing or other largely upper-body based styles. Some may even study Sumotori, though they study the principles and moves, and do NOT seek to gain the often-associated body weight. Amazonchans have a strong almost cat/dog-like rivalry with Amazonlees. And like Pre-Sukebe Era cats and dogs, only those who've grown up together will lack this animosity. This animosity will reassert itself if the Amazonchan meets a different Amazonlee, but it will be directed entirely towards the other Amazonlee. However, when the Amazonkapoeraa are considered, the Amazonlee and Amazonchan have been known to work together grudgingly to deal with the annoying Amazonkapoeraa before resuming their own feud.
Amazonchans usually enjoy activities that involve using their hands, such as whittling, sculpting, sewing and such, making them a bit more popular with tamers on a budget. They tend to be more patient and careful than Amazonlees, except when around their leggy-kin. Amazonchans also like lifting weights to build up their arm muscles and can sometimes be workout partners for Amachops. It is recommended that Amazonchans not spar with any rock or steel type Pokégirls, as sometimes they have difficulty regulating their strength during training sessions. Tamers are advised to procure a Titapod or a Damsel whenever they obtain an Amazonchan- they are perfect sparring partners, as the former has defenses that are difficult to overcome and the latter cannot feel pain.
Amazonchans have a peculiarity when it comes to foods, alcohol will make an Amazonchan ill while milk products will actually act as an intoxicant. Some Amazonchans have been known to join a Milk Anonymous program while in large towns. This one week, crash-course program teaches Amazonchans how to avoid milk and keep from becoming addicted later on in life. Often, this program will take the place of the Amazonchan's standard training. Tamers have noticed that their Pokégirl’s libido spikes whenever they take time off for training... some can never seem to wait for the program to be finished after getting only a few days into it.back to the master index
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AMAZONKAPOERAA, the Acrobatic Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon, known to be found only in the southern rain forests
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: None known except to fight
Libido: Average (High with a master they like/trust)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Flying Kick, Hurricane Kick, Chi Blast, Leg Sweep, Super Jump Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Stamina (x5), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: Herokapoeraa (normal), Acrobabe (Psi-Crystal)
Evolves From: Tyamazon (battle stress; special)
Easily to identify by their always-tanned skin and dark hair, Amazonkapoeraa is a recently discovered Pokégirl that has been found to live in the unexplored sections of the southern rain forests. And like all Fighting-types, they have a rivalry with other Fighting-types Pokégirls as to which one is the best fighter. Unfortunately, their contribution to the inter-Amazon rivalries is the worst of the bunch.
While the Amazonchan and Amazonlee are like cats and dogs, the Amazonkapoeraa are more like the annoying mosquitoes that would get the cats and dogs to ignore each other in order to swat first. The Amazonwu, on the other hand, just ignores the Amazonkapoeraa as if they were Neo Iczels and Demon-Goddess'.
While Amazonchans are strong and Amazonlees are fast, Amazonkapoeraa are more acrobatic. They do all sort of jumps and rolls during a fight, looking almost like they were dancing. This dancing is something that annoys almost any Pokégirl, but once they get started it's almost impossible to land a hit unless their opponent is faster and stronger. Their movements are designed to keep the Pokégirl’s attacking options open, as well as to keep from being struck by any attacks. If struck, they can usually roll with it to keep from getting hit with the majority of the attack's power.
Like other Amazon-subtype Pokégirls, Amazonkapoeraas have an odd dietary quirk: carbonated beverages are alcoholic to them. The more soda they drink, the more drunken they become, until they finally pass out. They often are found, when hungover, with at least half a dozen sodas around. Being defeated often depresses these Pokégirls to the point that they will drink sodas until they pass out, and the hangover just doesn't help. Being defeated by another Amazon-type, however, will cause a week-long soda-drinking binge that Tamers have complained that they couldn't get her to do anything else at all.
One thing that these Pokégirls hate is to be ignored. Their antics towards the 'chan and 'lee aside, they try to impress the Amazonwu... or at least, attempt to be noticed by them. The Amazonkapoeraa's attitude of chastising their opponents in battle is something that the Amazonwu hate, and the 'chan and 'lee can't stand- but while the 'chan and 'lee will turn their attention to the 'kapoeraa, the 'wu will just simply ignore them. It is considered the mark of a good Tamer to get both a 'wu and a 'kapoeraa to work together, which is considered almost as difficult as getting an Amazonchan and an Amazonlee to do the same.back to the master index
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AMAZONLEE, the Kicking Fiend Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon, mainly found in Fight City
Diet: Any Human style food except high sugar foods
Role: Scouts, Fighters
Libido: Low (High twice a year)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Gatling Kick, Double Knee, Hurricane Kick, Chi Blast, Leg Sweep, Low Kick, Dodge, Drill Kick, and one of the following: Fire Kick, Water Kick, or Lightning Kick.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x5), Flexibility
Evolves: Herolee (normal), Armsmistress (special training; works on it's strength), Heroine (Works on her fist attacks, Delta Bonded)
Evolves From: Tyamazon (battle stress; special)
Amazonlees are usually much taller than they were as Tyamazons. They generally stand an extra foot or so in height, and they have a habit of frequently bouncing, rocking or otherwise keeping their legs active. They don't like sitting unless it's to eat, rest, relax or go to the bathroom. If it's for any other reason (such as waiting or reading), they prefer to be on their feet. Like Amazonchans, Amazonlees often have unusual hair colors, but Amazonlees are more likely to have larger breasts, usually C- to D-cups.
Amazonlees are faster than Amazonchans, and love to lord their speed over their stronger, but slower sisters. Their flexibility allows them to do rather incredible dodges, which only serve to raise their counterparts' ire. However, Amazonlees are not quite as quick on their feet as the Amazonkapoeraa is. Amazonlees study leg-and-aerial-based martial arts, primarily Wu Shu and various forms of Kung Fu (no, not Matrix-like Kung Fu). Some also study kick-boxing, although many Amazonlee consider this a lesser form of martial arts and eschew this in favor of the more Edo-based forms of martial arts. Most Amazonlee Pokégirls may also learn one of three elemental kicks, but find that once mastering one of them, the others become too difficult to practice, as their abilities attune to using this element over any others. Evolving seems to correct this issue, however, as Herolee Pokégirls have been known to utilize a range of elemental kick attacks.
Amazonlees have a strong almost cat/dog-like rivalry with Amazonchans. And like Pre-Sukebe Era cats and dogs, only those who've grown up together will lack this animosity. This animosity will reassert itself if the Amazonlee meets a different Amazonchan, but it will be directed entirely towards the other Amazonchan. When dealing with Amazonkapoeraa, the Amazonlee will always attempt to defeat her as quickly as possible- the Amazonkapoeraa are more annoying than the Amazonchan, and both Amazonlee and Amazonchan have been known to ignore their differences to deal with the Amazonkapoeraa opponent first. To these two breeds, their rivalry is more important than the one they have with the Amazonkapoeraa.
Amazonlees enjoy various activities involving their legs, such as jogging, dancing or gymnastics. They can even learn various Dance Techniques. However, they tend to be more eager for action (or movement at least) than Amazonchans, and as such, are oftentimes viewed as impatient. As such, an Amazonlee's tamer had best be in into travel or at least have a lot of "running" errands for her. Some Amazonlee are used for courier services after they are given an ident-tag and/or collar, due to their speed, to give the Pokégirls a good way to exercise and train while doing something important, such as delivering packages. In some large cities throughout the world, some can be found as what's called Slowtit mail-girls: physical letters sent via the league's postal service.
Due to a peculiarity of their endocrine system, Amazonlee who eat high sugar foods grow torpid very quickly until they've had a chance to digest it and recover. Tamers running across wild Amazonlee have used this to capture the Pokégirl without exhausting her in a battle.
Once every six months, the Amazonlee take a two-day break from their training to meditate and relax, often referring to this period as their holiday. However, also during this time, their libidos spike from low to high. This has led researchers to the conclusion that the Amazonlee actually has a rather high libido normally, but is so focused on training during the rest of the year that it never has a chance to show itself otherwise. Any researchers or tamers that have attempted to get their Amazonlee to stop training for a day outside the holiday usually winds up with the Amazonlee ducking all their attempts to make them stop, or even to the point where the Amazonlee will disappear for the rest of the day in order to continue her training without her owner.back to the master index
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AMAZONWU, the Weapon-Using Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style foods, heavy on rice
Role: Warriors, Bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Weapon Use, Distance Attack, Chi Blast, Parry, Deflect, Bonk, Mirror of Equity
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Endurance
Evolves: Herowu (normal), Gunnm (nanotech alteration), Kishi (Dragon Scale + Training)
Evolves From: TyAmazon (battle stress; special)
A cousin of the Amazonlee, Amazonchan, and Amazonkapoeraa. While the `lee specializes in kicks and footwork, the `chan specializes in punches and strength, and the `kapoeraa specializes in tumbles and acrobatics, the `wu specializes in the use of a single weapon. Most often this is a sword, although some Amazonwus are beginning to choose more esoteric weapons to try and distinguish themselves from other sword-fighting Pokégirls. Like the `chan, `lee, and `kapoeraa, Amazonwus also have an odd dietary problem. In the case of the `wu (not to be confused with the Wu) this is a fondness for coffee. When a `wu gets coffee it tends to mellow them out instead of giving a caffeine buzz, the more coffee the more mellow until a torpor is achieved.
The Amazonwu has a bit of a problem with other weapon-wielding Pokégirls, especially other fighting types. Especially Armsmistresses and Samurai. The problem is simple, according to most researchers- the Amazonwu wants to be able to obliterate them with their own skills. However, to date, no Amazonwu has ever managed to defeat either an Armsmistress or a Samurai, in any league and under any circumstance, despite the effectiveness of her attacks. The Amazonwu is never without a weapon- she usually carries several with her, and even in bed is never without some sort of blade or projectile.
How the Tyamazon evolves into a Amazonwu is simple: she simply trains with weapons, rather than on her speed, with her agility, or with her strength (which are the trademarks of the Amazonlee, Amazonkapoeraa, and the Amazonchan, respectively). However, she must be put to an extreme test during battle, at which time she will evolve into an Amazonwu. Although considered to be a 'Jill of all trades', and therefore never specializing in anything in particular, that is perhaps her greatest strength until her evolution into a Herowu.
Tamers also enjoy working with Amazonwu, as they can actually train with her at times depending on the weapon and type of training she decides on with it.back to the master index
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AMEDEUS, the Rain Goddess Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish
Role: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy
Libido: Average (High Seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Grass, Electric
Attacks: Water Spear, Rain, Water Floor, Watery Tentacles Seize/Molestation/Penetration, Harden, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Armored skin, Multiple limbs, Instinctive Mineral Location (within 75 feet)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Many criminal organizations use a wide array of Pokégirls. But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. The Amedeus.
An Amedeus stands 6’7” tall on average, with plump C-Cup to D-Cup breasts. Their skin is a stony gray with a dark cream color on their bellies and chests. Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers. Their hair and eyes come in a wide variety of colors, but green and red respectively appear to be the most common. They have a tail that’s about twice the length of their body and ends in a three-point flipper they use while swimming. Their arms are notably longer than those of humans are, and their hands end in three long fingers, one of which being an opposable thumb.
The Amedeus are considered some of the best high-speed swimmers known, their preference being for swimming in extremely deep water. They use their longer normal arms and the four mini-flippers on their waist to propel and steer themselves while under water, their long tail serving as a major propulsion system and steering aide.
During the Revenge War, Amedeus aided other powerful water-types in dealing with divers and submersibles in combat. Also they often used their unusual ability to detect different minerals to find the materials to make armor and weaponry.
In a harem an Amedeus is best suited as a sparring partner, scout, and taming aide. While they’re very capable of combat their specialty is as a supporting role. Though those who obtain a destructive streak are sometimes used by Pirates for combat on the High Seas, where this breed truly shines on the battlefield.
Normally an Amedeus is rather childish and playful in nature. While their feral state is comparatively mild to most Pokégirls. Those who've seen an Amedeus that's feral compare it to seeing a scared child that’s far stronger than it expected. The Amedeus still retains its high-seas combat ability and overall infrastructure support role to this day as it had in the Revenge War. As such it’s rather common to learn that someone with an Amedeus is either a Tradesman who does Deep Sea mining, or they're someone you might want to avoid.
An Amedeus' Taming habits are as expected. They like it when their Tamer is willing to tame them whole they make use of their favored "Watery Tentacles" attacks to tame the remainder of their harem-sisters.
It's rather rare to find cases of thresholding into an Amedeus, but most of these cases are, as expected, common in the island leagues, Silver Islands, Crescent Star, and Orange Islands.
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ANGEL, the Angelic Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph/Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare (Avenger variety), Very Rare (Elysian variety)
Diet: Human style foods, vegetarian
Role: Aerial scouts and emergency medics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Divine Blade, Mana Bolt, Shield, Dazzle, Summon Weapon, Cure
Enhancements: Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Aura of Healing
Evolves: Fallen Angel (major trauma/bad experiences, Celestial sub-type) or (moral corruption, Infernal sub-type), Archangel (Shield Stone)
Evolves From: Any Blessed Pokégirl (Angel Stone)
Angels are something of a mystery. Beautiful winged girls with pure hearts and kind demeanors, they are popular both among tamers and the general populace for their abilities and selfless demeanors.
Physically, Angels are a generally a very similar group, though they are not without their variations. The most common Angel is a little over 5 feet tall, with pale skin and long golden blonde hair flowing down almost to their feet. All angels also possess very soft and large white feathered wings, though they are sometimes magically dismissed for convenience or to let them blend in with society easier while they do their work. The Angel's flawless beauty often seems like that of a statue - perfect, but almost surreal. Some Angels have been known to have their hair cut short or to have different colors, but in all cases the Pokégirl's inner radiance shines through. Angels eat a vegetarian style diet, and have very efficient digestive and immune systems, making them strong against naturally occurring poisons. Interestingly however, they are still weak against poison-type attacks.
Although Angels make fine warriors, they dislike violence. They will gladly fight if they believe the fight to be justified in order to protect others from harm, but they consider violence inspired purely out of base emotions such as anger or hatred to be evil acts and will not participate in them. Despite their dislike of violence, many Angels have no compunctions against training, stating that it strengthens the body and spirit for the times when their beliefs will be challenged and their services will be needed.
Angels are not particularly strong Pokégirls, but are swift and graceful, both in and out of combat, using their flight to keep opposing foes at bay, while striking from either a distance with spells or fighting up close with their summoned weapons. Angels are rarely armed, but at the same time are rarely far from their weapon – they may summon a simple, unenchanted sword (or other melee weapon), or a bow and arrows, depending on the angel's personality. These weapons are made of condensed magical ether and are not particularly special or durable. Each individual angel may summon weapons of only one type, and only one such summoned weapon may exist at one time. As an exception, if an Angel possesses and has blessed a unique individual weapon, she may dismiss or summon that weapon at will, similar to her wings, though if that individual weapon is broken, it cannot be so easily replaced. Angels commonly enchant their summoned weapons with Divine Blade, granting them extra combat power and the Celestial attack sub-type.
There are currently two known Angelic 'Orders'. The first and most common is that of the Avengers. Avengers tend to be aloof and quiet Pokégirls, only speaking when they feel there is something that needs to be said. They have great difficulty with such things as "small talk" or "chatting". All Avengers wear clothes and, in fact, insist upon it. Any tamer who tries to force an Avenger to be naked outside of taming can count on a very lengthy argument about the inherent immorality of public indecency. Taking away their clothes doesn't help either, as they can summon up new clothing as easily as they can summon up their chosen weapon.
Elysians are a very different matter indeed. Elysians are humble, yet often open girls. Elysians follow a creed to 'protect life while it lives, and to enjoy life while it lasts'. To an Elysian, one's body is a gift to be cherished, and so find nothing inherently evil or immoral with nudity or expressing one's feelings through sex. They often wear little to nothing at all, and both take pride in their appearance, and encourage others to feel confident with themselves as well. Elysians are relatively few in number, but are held in higher esteem among most humans for various reasons.
Because of their differences in opinion, the Avengers and Elysians rarely get along with each other. The Avengers tend to think of Elysians as impure whores, while the Elysians consider Avengers overly serious and prudish. The schism between the established Avengers and the small but growing ranks of the Elysians is a considerable one. It is almost unheard of for the disagreements to devolve into violence, however it has happened before, and likely will happen again.
All of the Angelic Orders are very caring and prone to sudden displays of affection, which can sometimes catch their tamers off guard. Even when they are not given the Alpha position, Angels look after their harem-sisters, making excellent Betas. Their Aura of Healing accelerates the natural healing rates of living creatures around them, helping to soothe pains and allowing for easier recoveries, which, coupled with their minor talents with healing magic, can make them the difference between life and death in the wilderness.
Angels will almost universally rebel against cruel, abusive tamers, often resulting in the death of either the Angel or the tamer. Should great trauma fall upon an Angel, it is possible that they may evolve into a Fallen Angel (Celestial). On even rarer occasions, an Angel can find herself corrupted by a particularly exceptional individual or extreme circumstances, evolving into a Fallen Angel (Infernal).
Recently, certain sections of the Church of a Thousand Gods are trying to spread the belief that Angels aren't 'just' Pokégirls with wings, but messengers from the Divine. Such priest or priestesses claim that their dislike of violence, their protection of the weak and the defenseless and their almost indiscriminate care for life are examples the Divine wants all to follow. So far, no Avenger has commented on these beliefs one way or the other, although they do tend to smile whenever they hear about them. Elysians, on the other hand, softly deny the claims in their entirety, a point which has both the Avengers and the Church a bit miffed.
Divine Blade - (ATK 80) This technique imbues a weapon with Celestial energy, either acting as an attack on it's own right or adding half of it's damage to attacks using that weapon. The enchantment lasts for several minutes before fading. All attacks with the enchanted weapon count as Celestial attacks in addition to their normal type.back to the master index
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ANGELMAID, the Air Support Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: normal human foods
Role: cleaning, maintenance, high altitude rescue, battle support
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ghost, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Glare, Capture, Sexual Domination, Dodge, Quick Attack, Feather Blizzard, Edge of Delight, Reflect, Burst, Barrier, Teleport
Sex Attacks: Sexy Hug, Spank, Phantom Touch
Enhancements: transparent second eyelid, subdermal markings are actually heat/pressure sensors, enhanced immune system, highly enhanced digestive system, sense of smell is mildly acute, wings, lung capacity, Limited Metamorph - can manifest wings or dismiss them at need
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maid Yvette (Orgasm + "Mile High Club" + Mana Crystal)
The once maligned Maid Yvette breed has a third evolution that was only found recently by rather 'inventive' Tamers while riding in an Airship over mile off the ground. Now an AngelMaid, these Pokégirls stand about 5'4" and have B-to C-cup breast sizes (None with D-cups have yet been documented). Because of the evolution, AngelMaids now have a pair of wings, much like those found on a Valkyrie. Their wings are each at least 50% larger than the height of their bodies, often giving them a wingspan of around 14ft. These AngelMaids are much more intelligent than their predecessors, and are commonly used for even complicated procedures. They have distinct personalities now, and much prefer a 'real' name compared to being called by the name of their breed.
AngelMaids have been known to be used to repair ski lifts and fly in terrible weather in order to save human and Pokégirl alike that are stranded in the mountains. Due to their magical nature, and the new attacks (Magic, yes, and Flying attacks thanks to their wings) that are at an AngelMaid's disposal, they can often harass an opponent or feral Pokégirl to the point that the Pokégirl finally leaves. In battle, these techniques are useful, but the AngelMaid does not have the strength or attacks necessary to win outright. Instead, the try to wear their opponent out as much as possible. This evolution has sparked much interest in AngelMaids, some researchers have even come out and said that this evolution is the proof needed to say that Maid Yvettes are not failures in the slightest. This evolution fulfills the reasons that the Maid Yvettes were created for.
Tamers with AngelMaids have often found that the AngelMaids have a high sense of loyalty to their masters, thanks to the fact that the Tamer found them worth keeping long enough as a Maid Yvette to give them the chance to evolve into this form. It is speculated (but unknown) that a Delta Bonded Maid Yvette, in similar circumstances without an Angel Stone, will produce an AngelMaid as well.
AngelMaids are not fond of Domina breeds at all, and will attempt to gain the upper hand momentarily over any Domina to keep them from doing what they do best. As such, Dominas dislike AngelMaids and relish the chance to dominate them. No AngelMaid will allow this to continue for any length of time, and will use Sexual Domination and Capture to stop the Domina, if given the chance. Despite knowing some Sex Attacks, AngelMaids do not care to use them unless with those she cares for, which makes her a terrible choice for Sex Battles. It is unknown as to why the AngelMaid knows the same attacks (Sexual Domination and Capture) that a ParisMaid knows, but it is assumed that these attacks may be known by any evolution of a Maid Yvette.
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ANIMA, the Angel of Suffering Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Metamorphic)
Element: Magic/Ghost/Psychic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Living Tragedy
Libido: Variable
Strong Vs: Normal, Magic, Psychic, Fighting
Weak Vs: Sonic attacks, ‘Toxifying’ Magic
Attacks: Heaven’s Arrow, Transcendant Sword, *Pain, Soothing Mist, Highway to Heaven, Withdraw, No Sell, Feel the Burn, Dark Bomb, Dark Shield, Dark Matter, *Oblivion
Enhancements: Loses ultra-dense skin, Body spikes, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Emotion manipulation, Sensation control, Enhanced Regeneration (x6), Limited Metamorph, Solid Ether Shell, Manifest Weapon: Chains
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Penance (Further abuse)
As hard as it is to believe, an evolution for the Penance has been discovered. When Penances go through even more abuse, at least a week’s worth in all known cases, they undergo a horrifying evolution. They become the most twisted, distorted vision of a Pokégirl ever. And, to people’s dismay and surprise, they are Celestials.
Upon evolution to Anima, Penances lose their ultra-dense skin, trading it in for normal skin and a series of spikes lining their arms and going across the tops of their heads. Their skins become darker, more mottled and scarred, as the leather straps that once covered them become ragged bandages that cover precious little. Their teeth become razor sharp, and one eye vanishes from its socket if it hadn’t already been removed by the torture. Two halves of a grayish-blue shell of solid ether surround them, one that they can close and open at will for protection. And around their chest, binding their arms in a position where they are covering their breasts, are a pair of thick chains. Around her wrists and ankles are metal clamps. These ‘accessories’ may symbolically suggest that the Anima is now trapped in her pain. Which is certainly close to true, as their body spikes constantly hurt them. Blood can be seen running down their arms and faces at regular intervals, despite their regenerative powers.
This Pokégirl is a tragedy made flesh. The fact that even one exists is horrifying, but there have been at least six recorded cases of an Anima being created throughout history. Animas are to be pitied. But they are also not to be taken lightly, either. They possess tremendous psychic ability, and are constantly broadcasting a low-level pulse of psychic energy. That pulse contains a constant projection of the pain and madness they suffer. Most psychic-type Pokégirls that encounter an Anima suffer from dementia and nightmares for weeks afterwards. They have tremendous telekinetic prowess, and have a long ‘reach’ with their telekinesis. They can take all the pain they are suffering and use it as a concentrated psychic attack, infusing it with magical energy for a 50% chance of inducing a random status effect.
They have two abilities, however, that are more frightening than most attacks out there.
The first ability is the chains. Animas can summon chains spiked chains with hooks on them from anywhere. They have the ability to manipulate these chains as if they were extensions of their own limbs, frequently using the hooks on the end of the chain to mutilate their victims, tearing off ragged chunks of meat and eating them. These chains have almost become the trademark of the breed, and are feared.
Their most frightening ability is their exclusive attack, a Celestial/Dark-element move called Oblivion. Bloody chains shoot out of dark portals in the ground, wrapping around the legs of an opponent and dragging them back down into the portal. What happens has never been personal witnessed by researchers, but one of the few Pokégirls who’ve been struck with the attack has come forward with a full description of the chilling move, which will be listed below. Suffice to say, it’s an unpleasant move.
Animas, mentally, are completely insane. Because of the abuse they’ve suffered as a Penance, they’ve lost hold of any grip on reality. Their personalities range from constantly terrified to the point of violent hostility towards anything in their vicinity, to vicious, cruel sadists that delight in pain and take a perverse pleasure from torturing and raping their victims.
Against all logic, Animas do seek out Taming. They wander around, the frightened ones kidnapping people in secret and taking what they need from them by pinning them down with their chains and forcing them to arousal with their tongues, taking what they need from there and brutally murdering them afterward. The sadists cruelly torture their victims, bringing them to the edge of pleasure and pain as they destroy them mentally and physically.
Disturbingly, in two of the six known cases of an Anima existing, in two cases the Anima had an active Tamer.
One case is that of Seymour T. Guado, known member of Team Rocket. Early in Seymour’s life, he was strongly connected to his mother. His father, Jyscal, was a cruel, heartless man who abused his Pokéwoman wife until she became a Penance. Infuriated and concerned that the discovery would ruin his standing in the community, he kept his wife locked up and beat her daily, trying to actively kill her. She became an Anima, but before she could kill Jyscal, her son did the deed for him. He took in his own mother, eventually Taming her and making him the Alpha of his own personal harem. He and his Pokégirls, due to the constant exposure to the maddening psychic waves drove them made. They joined Team Rocket, but were all killed by a Tamer named Tidus Zanarkand and his Harem during a raid on the Viridick Gym shortly after the arrival of the alternate universe visitor, Ranma Saotome.
The second case is also the only known living Anima, as all others have been put out of their misery. A sadist type, this particular Anima was taken in by former Blue League military tamer Captain Elliott Spencer. Captain Spencer was known for his own cruelty, as well as his bloodgifts of regeneration and durability due to his Steel-type ancestry. This made it easy for him to both relate to the Anima and tame her. The two have since become an infamous duo, an embarrassment to the Blue League, and a high bounty is out for their capture and execution. Caution is advised in confronting them, as Captain Spencer is known for his cleverness, depravity, and vicious creativity.
What is strangest about these girls is that in every recorded incidence of an Anima being created, every Celestial Pokégirl within a 100-mile radius of the Anima suffers a tremendous bout of psychic pain that lasts for several minutes. Those that were willing to come forward after feeling the attack claim that the feeling is like having electrified acid poured over their whole bodies…
A kill-on-site order is in effect for any and all Animas in existence in the present or future. Not just because they are dangerous, but because they are also in constant pain. It’s a mercy killing… Incidentally, for anyone who creates an Anima, a far worse punishment has been approved for general use. Creating things like a Penance, Panthress, or Hyperdoll is bad enough. But this is beyond unforgivable and will not be tolerated. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
There has been a seventh Anima. The very first one, to be precise.
After the Athena Incident ended, some of Athena’s bases were raided by Crimson League officials, many of Athena’s personal journals being found. They were turned over to the PLC and other interested parties, the shocking discovery of the reason behind Athena’s madness being discovered at last. Along with that, the fate of the missing General Pokégirl, Artemis, was discovered as well.
Apparently, near the end of the Revenge War, Artemis was captured by human forces and tortured ruthlessly in her interrogation. The techniques used on Artemis were relentlessly brutal. Athena led a squadron of Celestial Pokégirls to rescue Artemis, but they were all captured and held prisoner by the humans. The torture of Artemis continued, and she eventually turned into a Penance right before Athena’s eyes.
The horror on Athena’s face apparently made her captors realize that she and Artemis were lovers. They continued to brutalize Artemis, who had been crippled before her evolution and was unable to run away.
Things got bad when Artemis evolved from a Penance into an Anima.
Athena’s writings stopped after a point, detailing her plans for a rescue, and resume after her escape. Apparently the shock of the evolution startled her captors enough that Athena was able to break free and slaughter them. Artemis was too weak to move from the torture she had suffered, and had said only three words to Athena.
“Kill me. Please.”
Athena had to kill her own lover. With further research done into the topic today, it’s believed that Artemis was Athena’s Recognition partner. Add into that the psychic trauma the Celestials under Athena’s command suffered by the Anima evolution and the physical torture they suffered under their inquisitors, and it becomes less of a mystery as to why the Bloody Angels unit was formed. The Bloody Angels, comprised of all the Celestials that were under Athena’s command, committed acts of cruelty so great that some Mazouku still speak with jealousy of them today. They were all killed, but some, such as Hild, hold the unit in high regard. Athena was the only survivor, a once wise General become a mad seeker of vengeance.
The intense feelings generated in Celestials who have experienced the backlash Anima evolution, in many cases, have led those who experienced it to believe that humanity that humanity needs direction. This fact that has, unfortunately, to much backlash against Celestials in general because it manifests itself in many, ranging from gentle kindness that can exceed even that of their more altruistic, unaffected kin to outright busy-bodyness, and the latter, although only affecting a fairly small minority, has been greatly capitalized on by their detractors. Regardless, though, these 'affected' Celestials, in general, feel a need to keep solid control of things and create order in their world. This has led these Celestials, moreso even than the normal variety, to conflict with Macavity many times. However that is an unrelated topic.
If you’ll forgive this researcher for saying so, but the fact that the Anima exists at all makes me wonder if Sukebe wasn’t right in the first place…

Pain (ATK+EFT) – The Anima focuses all of the mental and physical pain she is suffering, concentrates it, and fires it as a psychic/magic element projectile. Has a 50% chance of inflicting a random status effect.

Oblivion (ATK 300) – The Anima’s lower body morphs into a twisted column of flesh and stone, embedding itself into the ground. Chains appear out of a portal underneath the opponent, wrap around the opponent’s lower body and drag them back down into the portal, the Anima’s shell closing around her body. Underneath the portal is a dark, empty void and the new form of the Anima’s lower body. The shell surrounding it unwraps, looking like skin opening up, revealing a monstrous, skeletal, vaguely female creature. The creature ruthlessly pummels the opponent for several hits, and then literally blasts them back to reality by creating an explosion of energy that knocks them out of the pocket dimension. The Anima’s lower body returns to normal afterwards.
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ANNT, the Industrious Little Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Bug/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: construction and industry if domestic, property damage if feral, either way no one's going to care if you bump a few off for EXP
Libido: None (special)
Strong Vs: Electric, Psychic
Weak Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire
Attacks: Bite, Wrestle, Sweet Scent, Dig, Chomp
Enhancements: mindless, small size, Enhanced Strength x 10, exoskeleton
Evolves: Annt Queen (selected for greatness by predecessor)
Evolves From: None
The main function of Annts and their Annt Queens is to create places where they and others might live. To this end, feral Annt colonies methodically strip areas of building materials and create houses and burrows, frequently moving on to a new area and a new project as soon as the old one has been completed. This can make them a property damage problem in populated areas, as they see nothing wrong with “salvaging” material from existing buildings and do not understand that the dwellings are occupied already. They also tend to “salvage” the works of other Annt colonies, again regardless of occupancy, and this provokes “rival” colonies to keep one another’s numbers in check through constant warfare, as well as killings by evicted or predatory Ferals and experience-hungry Tamers' Pokégirls. A given Annt colony may still number between one hundred and one thousand Annts and one Annt Queen, who sees and thinks for her charges and in feral colonies is constantly reproducing. All the members of a given Annt colony are the same color, and they will attack Annts of other colors upon sight and form alliances with other colonies that share their color.
Annts are completely mindless, which helps to explain why they do not need individual Taming and can work together in such huge numbers without difficulty, making them ideal for construction and industry (especially industries with a high worker mortality rate) as long as their Queen is kept Tame. Furthermore, Annts will never attack something that isn't a differently-colored Annt unless directed to do so by their Queen-- for instance, if the Queen is menaced by a Tamer or a predator (including Buzzbreasts and the like). Most Leagues regard Annts as completely disposable. Forcing a Psychic-type to read an Annt's mind, however, is illegal and will get the guilty Tamer heavily fined (as well as putting his Psychic-type out of commission more or less permanently-- a Level 5 Taming Cycle is the only thing that can restore her sanity).
All Annts look alike, with very little variation. They are bald, with antennae roughly ten inches long that bend forward. Their exoskeletons are rough, typically shades of brown ranging from red-brown to black and uniform within the colony, and have the consistency of sturdy plastic, with the apparent unformed body of young girls-- they never appear to be more than about eight years old. Annts die instead of going through second puberty, but most never even last that long due to predation, walking unawares into dangerous situations, and war with other colonies. Parthenogenically-produced Annts come from eggs laid en masse by their colony’s Ant Queen, and therefore have neither navels nor developed sexual systems. They take much longer to hatch than many egg-born girls, but are fully formed and functional when they do emerge.
If an Annt colony becomes too large to support itself, the Ant Queen selects from her mindless subjects a protégé whom she deems “destined for greatness.” She then evolves into an Ant Queen herself, develops a personality, and leaves, taking roughly half the colony with her to form a new colony. Likewise, a dying Ant Queen will select and evolve her successor. The evolution flight of an Annt into an Ant Queen is a surprisingly lovely thing to see.
Threshold Annts are uncommon and come from domestic Ant Queen Pokéwomen, and do not have a problem with their situation as they completely lose their capacity for thought upon Threshold. As her family tries to find an Annt colony the same color as she has become, the Queen of which will readily adopt her, the Annt will sit quietly and do nothing.
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ANNT QUEEN, the Industrial Queen Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (insectoid)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Rare (one per Annt colony)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Commanding Annts, industrial (Illegal to own without Tradesman’s License)
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Electric, Psychic
Weak Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire
Attacks: Aura of Command (Annts only), Sweet Scent
Enhancements: Command of Annts, ability to evolve new Ant Queens, wings, antennae
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Annt (selected for greateness by previous Queen)
The evolution of an Annt into an Annt Queen is a beautiful thing to see. The Queen chooses her successor, embraces and kisses her, then turns and begins to fly away-- this is one of two times an Ant Queen ever uses her wings. The other is when the selected Annt grows her own set of wings and flies after her Queen to Tame her in mid-air. Once the original Queen reaches orgasm, the Annt finishes her evolution and takes command of the colony she once belonged to. Usually, selecting and evolving her successor is the last thing an Annt Queen does, as she is so weak either from age or from battle or from the Taming flight that she falls to her death upon orgasm.
Feral Annt Queens simply direct their colonies this way and that, ordering the Annts to deconstruct or eat whatever they come across and build burrows in their place, or to protect her when something menaces her (like a Tamer or predatory ferals). Tamed Annt Queens are not the most intelligent of pokegirls, but they can give and take orders and show some small amount of initiative in solving problems presented by their owners.
Annts are very unappealing and rather creepy, but Annt Queens are quite lovely. Their hair has grown back, and their bodies fill out into the bodies of curvy young women (regardless of the age of the Annt, a newly-evolved Annt Queen is always physically 20 years old). Their insectile features are reduced to the antennae of their previous form, and the wings grown during the evolution process, which are vestigial unless they seek to evolve a successor. The exoskeleton softens to a velvet feel when groomed correctly. Feral Annt Queens are constantly bulgingly pregnant and laying eggs to keep the numbers of their colonies up, and it is understandable if no one wants to Tame a newly-captured Annt Queen. -- who, unfortunately, needs to be Tamed extremely often, since she is being Tamed on behalf of her hundred or more subordinates as well.
Unique among the hiveminded Pokégirls, Annt Queens retain control over their colony when captured (though the capturing process usually drastically reduces the colony’s numbers). Which means that someone who captures and Tames an Annt Queen suddenly has an army at their command-- but an army that they are wholly responsible for feeding, housing, and directing toward more useful purposes than they are otherwise inclined to do. It is extremely illegal to own an Annt Queen except under an industrial Tradesman’s License, as only a Tradesman has the resources necessary to keep the colony and the work to keep them useful. Penalties for unauthorized possession of an Ant Queen range from confiscation and a fine or community service to prison time.
As a previous Annt Queen’s presence is necessary for her to evolve from Annt, there are no instances of a Threshold Annt Queen. There is one recorded instance of a Threshold Annt (identified by a permanent ink marking upon her exoskeleton) who was selected to evolve into Annt Queen by her predecessor, and she recovered her memories of being human (and then asked for a Level 5 Taming Cycle... such it goes).
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ANUBUST, The Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Jackal
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: Energy, (can eat human-style foods in physical state)
Role: Spy, final reality check
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Cat-types
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Night Shade, Phantom Blade, Illusion, Invis 3, Phase, Posses (Physical form adds Evil Wind, Noxious Wind, Soothing Mist, Transcend Sword)
Enhancements: Legendary Salient Qualities, Incorporeal, Sleeplessness, Undetectable Aura, Greater Possession
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sukebe has fooled us all...
We have known the history and stories of the Legendaries for years now. Even the Legendary Demoness Hild, whom has set up her web of lies and manipulated many people, the truth was still known to the League Officials that were in the know. And yet, with all the intelligence gathering, the networks comprised of researchers and allies... we have only RECENTLY discovered something important that we have been missing for centuries, something which the Legendary Pokégirls themselves might not have ever known about.
The fact remains we now know that there had been one last Legendary Pokégirl to the Second Generation of Sukebe’s incredible and all-powerful creations.
We can’t fault ourselves for not knowing about this Pokégirl. From the initial information gathered, it would seem that any knowledge about her existence was heavily guarded by Sukebe’s own coding skills, and he even wove a special web of lies and deceit around her existence. She was not allowed contact with the other Legendaries, her place amongst the sisters that were closest to her was hidden with the creation of another Legendary, and her aura was treated in ways currently not understood, (yet can only be attributed as being a Legendary Salient quality) as to remain untraceable by all.
Created to make a Trio of Legendary Pokégirls based on the Egyptian Pantheon with the likes of the G-Splices Bastit and Sexmet, Anubust was modeled after the Egyptian God of Death, Lost Souls, and Orphans. Indeed, Sukebe took this to heart as Anubust is a surprisingly terrifying sight to initially behold, and that’s managed without an Aura of Fear! The mass that makes up the body of this translucent being is almost a complete black, with eyes that shine of solid gold on a very canine face with no mouth to speak of, and with tall ears atop her head. While obviously muscular and feminine, it is hard to get any definition to Anubust’s with the exception of her chest that looks to be D-Cup. While Anubust does have arms and legs, the latter just seem to hang as she floats there. Her arms, however, do move, mostly when she is attacking or is trying to show further expression, since her main form of communication in this state is telepathy, and without true facial features can have difficulty getting her point across otherwise.
However, once she takes possession of someone, the truth of her appearance unfolds. It does not matter whom she possesses, but once she does, an incredible change occurs. The body of the possessed goes through a transformation process that ignores the laws of conservation of mass, the body simulating what the Legendary Horus Hound would be in physical form, even any clothing the possessed was wearing will shift to suit her style. Standing tall at 6’8”, the anthropomorphic Jackal woman’s true physical strength is finally revealed, yet still maintaining an obviously feminine and alluring frame; the definition of her muscles and firm and rounded D-Cup breasts are accentuated by purest, darkest ebony fur. Her eyes, now with dark pupils, hold a fierce gaze and are outlined with a brilliantly shining color of gold.
For clothing, when she can, Anubust prefers to wear everything in gold. Her pleated-skirt is done in gold, sandals of golden thread with laces that go up to above her knees, and a golden Egyptian Headdress outlined with dark blue lapis luzi. When she removes her headdress, one can see her lengthy hair is done up in dreadlocks. However, her valued item that appears no matter what is a golden Ahnk on gold chain that she wears around her neck.
Interestingly, while in a physical form, it should be noted that there is a trade-off of Anubust’s capabilities. When in a flesh and blood state, the Legendary Horus Hound is capable of being hurt, as now the possessed makes up her current body, and that is what takes the attack rather than her nearly impenetrable spirit. However, because of the capacity for good and evil that is within the hearts of all living beings, (even if they won’t admit to it) Anubust can take control of a few techniques of Divine and Infernal natures when in a mortal state, adding to her already solid ghostly arsenal of attacks. Considering all of this which makes Anubust such an incredible addition to the ranks of his intimidating and oppressive Legendaries, it is a surprise that Sukebe chose to keep her existence a secret from all.
There was no mention of Anubust in any of the documents he allowed his forces access to, even the ones that required a higher rank of clearance. To throw off the idea of Bastit and Sexmet being Egyptian-themed for a reason, he created Macavity, a Legendary Cat-type so unlike the other two, yet still served the purpose in making it a ‘trio’ of Legendary Felines.
One has to wonder and worry about just how Macavity would feel if she ever found out she had been used as a cats-paw herself.
Indeed, the only one who would know about Anubust, and for over three centuries would ever know of her, would be Sukebe himself. It is only recently that Anubust herself has broken her vow of silence and come forth to only a select few, sharing knowledge of herself, the world around us, and forewarning about things that are going on without many knowing, and what is to come. Indeed, she plays a part of a most cryptic soothsayer, a true oracle.
Still, even with all the darkness that seems to surround her being, the Legendary does have one streak of light to her. As a guardian of orphans, she gives blessing to children whom have lost their parents. It does not matter their gender nor species, as she seems to have an affection for all children whom not have anyone who cares for them. This blessing seems to add an impressive ‘luck’ factor.
As contact with this Legendary has been severely limited in all ways so far, this PokéDex entry remains to support all currently known knowledge of the Legendary. Hopefully, if we can learn more, we can add onto what Anubust’s exploits were during the War of Revenge, as well as how it is she passed through the centuries.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Anubust’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills, such as her new spells. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Anubust has No Weakness (Level 70). If she were to face a Dark type or a Ghost type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Ghost, at or below level 70, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Anubust’s array of special attributes:
Pacifist Philosophy: If one weren’t to witness it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it. Anubust’s aura has the unique ability to act as a form of mediation when it comes to Pokégirls of Celestial and Infernal natures. Normally, the two would be going at each other like rabid dogs, but when Anubust is around, the two will calm down and actually work together like any normal Pokégirls would.
Greater Possession: Whenever Anubust uses the technique ‘Posses’, she doesn’t just use the body as a vessel. Instead the body will physically alter and morph, until it becomes a complete likeness of Anubust. When in a material state, Anubust has access to techniques of Celestial and Infernal nature due to the capability for both that is within the living. This technique also allows her to Tame in a more carnal sense, should she ever want to. Shielded Soul: Until Anubust takes a physical form, she is nearly untouchable to forms of attack. Dark-Type and Sonic-based attacks, the bane to the existence of many a Ghost-Type Pokégirls do nothing to her when she’s in her spiritual state; only another Ghost-Type can harm her while she’s incorporeal. However, once in a physical state, she is susceptible to any form of hostile force directed against her.
Book of the Dead: A skill granted to Anubust by Sukebe as so she could share whatever she learned from his enemies, with him. The Legendary Ghost-type can take the physical form of an Egyptian-styled tome, her thoughts on the pages within. Thanks to her centuries of just quietly watching and learning, she has become quite a fountainhead of knowledge, and this form is useful for understanding what she has learned. Some even rumor that she IS the Hentainomicon PokéArtifact.
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APPLEPIE, the Sweetest Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Plant/Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Apples, cinnamon sticks, soil, sunlight, water
Role: ???
Libido: Matches that of her lover
Strong Vs: Dark, Plant, Psychic, Fighting, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Ice, Poison, Bug, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Lust Dust, Sleep Powder, Fruit Juice, Root, Vine Bondage, Royal Honey, Honey Syrup, Lure, Probing Vines, Pretty Wink, Grass Cock (for lesbian ApplePies)
Enhancements: Plant-like physiology, enhanced pleasure center, increased size (generally 1'-3' taller than previous form)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cutiepie (strong diet of apples + unknown trigger)
Discovered in 304 AS, the ApplePie, sometimes called AmericanPie in some areas, is a very unusual transformation for the CutiePie. Mostly because there's a lot of confusion on how it could be both a plant and a bug Pokégirl at the same time.
The ApplePie retains her smooth skin-like exoskeleton and her antennae, but her exoskeleton turns light red with pink covering the front of her torso (just above her breasts) running down to her vagina. Her eyes appear to be those of a human's, but close inspection reveals that the pupils and irises of her eyes remain multifaceted. She also gains one to three feet in height and a more full figure. Her exoskeleton now also absorbs sunlight and some water. It is the perfect fusion between insect and plant, the lines blurring between the two.
The ApplePie is very non-confrontational, seeking to avoid combat, either by putting her opponents to sleep or getting them randy enough that violent acts towards her have the lowest priority in their minds.
ApplePies love to have sex. A VERY sex-oriented Pokégirl, she has more erogenous zones than most other Pokégirls, and will often have many "favorite positions", and may ask for orgies if in a Tamer's harem.
Some believe that this might be similar to a Damsel's lack of pain center, but since ApplePies CAN recognize pain, it has been dismissed. ApplePies are constantly doing their best to avoid pain, possibly due to their now overly sensitive skin, thus why many of their attacks either disable, restrain or change aggression into lust.
The two reasons the ApplePie is popular, both among wild Pokégirls and tamers, is that she smells like a warm apple pie and her cum tastes like apples (and cinnamon, if she has any in her diet). Whether in a harem or in the wild, when an ApplePie has free time, she will try to cultivate the local soil to grow apple trees, even if the region isn't the best for growing them. It's unknown if this is a result of their evolution or forward thinking, but almost no tamer, save for the most aggressively paranoid, will stop this act. Some tamers and/or lovers of the ApplePie may even help.
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ARACHNAE, the Sassy Spider Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human (Tauric Metamorph/Animorph - Black Widow Spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Bug-type Pokégirls, insects, blood, raw meat, but will accept Pokéchow
Role: Pest control
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Web, Tripline, Tackle, Stringshot, Bite, Poison, Quick Attack, Growl, Spice, Poison Mask, Stomp
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Jumping (x5), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Jumping (x9), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Evolves: CLASSIFIED – Widow (extreme pain or Tamer's death) – CLASSIFIED
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Venom Stone)
Sukebe was a lunatic, but he was no fool. He realized his mistake in letting the numbers of Buzzbreasts and Wasps grow too high. Using the Spinnertit species as a base he added the DNA of a black widow spider to create the first of the Arachnae breed. Using their superior jumping skills these Pokégirls were designed for the elimination of excess bug-type Pokégirls.
Spinnertits are small, relatively weak Pokégirls with lung problems. This is why some tamers with Spinnertits want an instant power up, rather than work through these problems. For those with this mindset there is hope. When a Spinnertit comes into contact with a venom stone she will evolve into a powerful Pokégirl, the Arachnae. After evolving a Spinnertit looses her extra pair of breasts and gains a lot of height, with very few individuals reaching less than 6’8” in her bipedal form. Arachnae most commonly have C-cup breasts but larger cup sizes have been noted in larger individuals. Arachnae have two forms, a tauric form used for battle and a near-human bipedal form used for taming. In their tauric form they have the upper body of a beautiful woman and lower bodies that essentially makes them spider-taurs. When in her tauric form, an Arachnae's human half joins with her spider half right under her human-like vagina. Arachnae in their tauric-form have six legs that are thick and very powerful, which are especially good for jumping and kicking. Their lower body and arms in this form are covered in a fine black fur that is very soft to the touch. In their bipedal form they lose any extra limbs but still retain the same soft black fur on their arms and legs. Arachnae, in both forms have a bright-red hourglass symbol on their backs. Arachnae most commonly have silver hair on the top of their heads, but other colors have been observed. Most Arachnae like keeping the hair on their heads short, with very few individuals having hair below shoulder length. The eyes of an Arachnae are red in color and lack a noticeable pupil. Researchers have found that these eyes are actually a solid mass of compound eyes. Arachnae have spinnerets mounted in the back of their mouths, the lower jaw of an Arachnae can split open into a set of terrifying set of mandibles. Normally when these mandibles are closed there is no difference to that of a normal human's chin. Researchers speculate that this is just another aspect of their metamorphic abilities.
Arachnae aren’t afraid of melee combat. Most of the time an Arachnae will start off a fight using their enhanced strength to fight using tackle and stomp. They will usually only use their webs and poison to disable their opponents and finish them off after they have played with them for a bit. During a battle in which an Arachnae faces an overwhelmingly powerful foe they will rely on their jumping ability and agility to dodge any powerful attacks thrown at them. br> Arachnae are very passionate and lustful Pokégirls. When it comes to taming they like to be dominant and on top during taming. In contrast to other spider-types, they do not like bondage very much, unless it involves making a web to stick their Tamer to and tame them. Most Arachnae prefer to tame in their bipedal form, rather than their tauric battle form. This may not be true in all individuals especially feral born Arachnae. The poison sacs of an Arachnae are mounted just under their teeth, so unless a Tamer has a Poison-type affinity or Blood Gift, letting her give oral sex is not recommended. However, allowing an Arachnae to give head is a sign of trust and will guarantee a loyal, loving spider Pokégirl. Arachnae are generally aloof and sarcastic to those they don’t know. Once they are friendly with someone, either a Tamer or Harem-mate, they become more playful and affectionate, although the sarcasm doesn’t go away. They do, however, become extremely loyal. Like the others of their line they still have problems with Tarantellas and their evolutions, but are unafraid to tell them where they can stick it.
Feral Arachnae are very aggressive and territorial even against other Pokégirls. Tamers interested in capturing a feral Arachnae are advised to have a strong fire or flying type. Arachnae are a relatively uncommon Threshold result. However, if there is heavy spider-type Pokégirl ancestry in the subject’s bloodline, it becomes more likely that they will turn into an Arachnae.
A horrible discovery was made about this otherwise innocent Pokégirl, one that could put the breed in terrible danger if it ever became public knowledge. Sukebe made a grave miscalculation on the amount of black widow DNA he used in creating this species. This mistake left a trigger open for the worst possible Pokégirl of all time. The first evolution to Widow occurred in 100 A.S., when a foolhardy but heroic Tamer named Reaper was killed in action while defending a village from a horde of Buzzbreasts. This is when his delta-bonded Arachnae, in a fit of rage and despair, mutated into the most terrifying sight ever seen on this planet. The sheer psychological agony of her failure to protect the Tamer that she loved triggered her evolution into a Widow. Her resultant rampage slaughtered not only the entire Buzzbreast hive, the Buzzqueen included, but also the village itself. Only the last survivor of the village, a PLC Tamer and his Harem, consisting of a Samurai, an Amachamp, and a Dragoness, were able to stop the Widow’s rampage. And even then the victory wasn’t without cost, all four sustaining severe injuries in the process.
Widows have not just Hyper Venom, but a variety of poisons and venoms running through their bodies. The Amachamp was stung by one of the more rarely used venoms, and started to mutate into a Widow herself. The Samurai put her out of her misery before the change could be completed, and the PLC Tamer submitted his findings to his superiors, data which was researched through studying various Widow encounters and confirmed in recent years.
This information must be protected at all costs. The truth of the Widow’s pre-evolutionary form must be kept from general knowledge. I hate to say this, but we may have to adopt Sanctuary tactics in terms of protecting the information. Arachnae are an innocent breed, and if this information ever became public knowledge, then not even the McMahons or the Jahannas could stop men like Giovanni from mounting an Extinction Agenda against them. Be prepared to do the worst.
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ARBUST, the Curvy Cobra Pokégirl
Type: Near Human /Animorph (reptile) Metamorph
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: small animals, usually eaten whole and/or live
Role: medical research to counter-act poisons
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Sex Attack 2, Glare, Hypnotize, Leer
Enhancements: Hypnotic gaze that only works on specific types, (mainly Mouse, Bug, or Bird Pokégirls) of Pokégirl, mildly poisonous scales, carbon and calcium bone structure, limited morphing abilities, antidote synthesis
Evolves: Basilisk (E-Stone Ceremony), Seduca (Delta Bond + Orgasm), Kissitalcoatl (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Naga (normal)
For those Tamers whom take the time to work with the Naga, the snake-like pokégirl will eventually come to what is seen as the ‘natural’ evolutionary path: Arbust.
The Arbust, as one can come to expect from Pokégirl evolutions, is a step above the pre-evolved form of Naga. She grows a bit in height/length, as even if difficult to determine, it is obvious that there is more mass to her overall body, especially the lower snake half. What Tamers can expect to see is that her breasts will grow in size, changing up to a full size, be it a medium C-Cup to a large D-Cup.
Without argument, the most noticeable change is that the Arbust gains a fold of intricately muscled skin connected from the back of her head to her shoulders that she can spread like a cobra's hood. This hood has big warning markings arranged on either side in a face-like pattern that varies from region to region, and serves to frighten away timid foes at the mere sight of it. There are at least nine distinctive variations of Arbust's hood pattern, each one apparently indigenous to a different region. Unlike the cobras of old, an Arbust cannot retract her hood.
Noticably, Feral Arbusts use this hood pattern to their advantage. When a Feral Arbust encounters something she considers an enemy and/or food, she will raise her head and use Glare to frighten it. If the enemy is too afraid to run, the Arbust will then switch to Hypnotize. With her target secured, she will bind and poisons it, before taking it off to eat and/or fuck.
Physical appearances, however, are not the only changes in the Arbust. The few internal enhancements the Arbust gains over Naga makes is so that a Tamer can make more use of her. First of all, the Arbust's skeletal structure changes. While Naga had a very cartilaginous internal structure, a numberof her cartilage now changes into true bone matter, most noticeably with her skull and mandible, her ribcage with collar bone and scapula, and the number of vertebrae in spinal column that connected the two major areas together. Understandably, it is the fact that an Arbust has actual bone-matter for her head that makes her attack `Venom Bite' possible.
The second new capability also doubles as a physical feature. The Arbust gains slight morphing capabilities. Where a Naga is left with the lower half of a snake, the Arbust can shift between having her bottom half remaining as tail, (which Researchers have noted is more like a Lamia's than a Naga's) or she can have a set of legs with a length of tail behind her. Arbusts in this form have been actually been measured, and are noted as standing from between 6' to 6'8" in height.
The final and most dangerous enhancement to the Tamer and most Pokégirls in general is that the Arbust's entire body becomes mildly poisonous. This in turn makes most wrestling moves used on Arbust ineffective, as the opponent Pokégirl will become poisoned. This also makes Taming an Arbust quite challenging, since the Arbust has no control over her poisonous nature, (leaving her in a state that is like a constant use of the technique `Poisonous Coat') and her Tamer must take careful steps to Tame her by using `adult' toys, or use a higher level Ground or Psychic-type pokégirl to Tame her. However, this same poison coating the Arbust's skin can be used to make antidotes for most known poisons.
Overall, an Arbust has been a mostly overlooked evolution. It's not difficult to attain at all, but without the ability to truly please her on his or her own, this is Pokégirl that really doesn't have beneficiary use in a Tamer's Harem outside of PokéBattles. They are, however, used by a number of Researchers and Pharmaceutical Chemists. An Arbust might not make for the intelligent conversation that most educated individuals enjoy, but her venom can be used to make antidotes for most poison attacks.
Like the Naga, there has never been any case of Threshold into an Arbust. However, there have been cases of Pokékits being born that were Arbusts from the start rather than Nagas. This has left Researchers to theorize that the genetics that make up the Snake-type Pokégirls are so potent, that it will manifest while maturing in the womb rather then coming to the surface later in the child's life via Threshold.
Venom Bite - (ATK 25 + EFT) An poisonous version of bite. The Pokégirl sinks her teeth into the target, injecting her with her poison. The opponent is injured and left poisoned by the end of the turn.
Venom Spit - (ATK 10 + EFT) An enhanced projectile version of Poison. The Pokégirl spits a sharp poisonous blob of venom at her opponent. Unlike Poison, which just poisons the opponent by the end of the turn, Venom Spit deals minor damage on contact.
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ARCHANGEL, the Angel of War Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Flying/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human style foods.
Role: Aerial Commanders.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Double Edge, Air Recovery, Seismic Toss, Hurricane Kick, Crescent Kick, Reverse Crescent, The Calm Soul, Feather Shuriken, Gust, Wing Buffet, Tempest, Energy Blade, Dazzle, Power Bolt, Rune Chain, Artemis' Bow.
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph - can manifest wings or dismiss them at need, Efficient digestive and immune system, Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Flight Speed (x2).
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fallen Angel (Combat Variety Only: Return of Emotional closeness + Dawn Stone)
One of the rarer Pokégirls, even in this day and age, it is speculated that the existence of Archangels might not have ever reached beyond a -very- select group of tamers had it not been for Rosa Celestia. Although details of the discovery remain unknown, rumor has it that the Archangels and the Cherubim were both discovered by a member of Rosa Celestia's Society of Knowledge during experiments to test the plausibility of Fallen Angels being able to return to their previous forms. Regardless of the circumstances of its discovery, the Archangel breed has proved to be a great help to many of Rosa Celestia's wandering Knights.
Once having emerged from her self-hewn emotionless shell, a Combat-type Fallen Angel gains the potential to evolve into an Archangel, but the actual change can only be brought about by simultaneous contact with a Dawn Stone. Once this is achieved, the evolution occurs. As far as physical changes go, they vary from case to case. Some Archangels' hair returns to the original blonde, others' stays its fallen color, and still others' becomes a new color all together. Eye color has a similar change, but it tends to slide most often towards staying the same. Many times, an Archangel's skin will also become more tanned, but this varies a tremendous among, with the very uncommon case actually growing lighter. The only real physical change shared by all Archangels is the development of a second set of wings, usually matching the first pair, but being placed lower on the back. The two sets of wings can be summoned and dismissed separately, allowing Archangels to pass for Angels or Fallen Angels if they so desire.
Insofar as combat goes, Archangels tend to be mistresses of aerial combat, especially close-range. Having gained the fighting type, increased strength, and improved aerial speed and agility, she tends to fight at nearly point blank. But the techniques available also allow slight ranged combat abilities, mostly used in the event that the Archangel needs a moment to recover her breath and suchlike, and some magic attacks allow for challenging those Pokégirls upon whom physical attacks are weak or ineffectual. The Archangel's wings, both sets, are also significantly more durable than her previous evolutions,' allowing them to be used as a limited shield.
Having previously Fallen due to overexposure to violence of combat, but then having been redeemed by becoming willing to care about another again and acknowledging that maybe not everyone is going to die immediately, the evolved Archangel will be similar in mentality to the 'redeemed' combat-type Fallen Angel she evolved from, but with a slight difference in that she now tends to find joy in battling, so long as it is with the Master. Also, so long as she remains with the Tamer who redeemed her, the Archangel will be more overtly loving, even in public, and will tend to have a libido in the 'high' range. Rosa Celestia researchers believe that the libido increase is more mental than physical, as Archangels do not tend to go feral much faster than Fallen Angels, if faster at all.
When it comes to the actual subject of taming, Archangels are generally very un-Celestial about the subject, likely as a holdover from being a Fallen Angel. As such, they tend to be fairly open about it, though that isn't to say an Archangel is going to try to get in her tamer's pants in public; she still has a sense of decency in public. Also, some (perhaps 60% of documented cases) seem to develop, if they do not already have such, an enjoyment for somewhat rougher sex. Of course, this is only true with the tamer who redeemed them (and possibly his/her harem); if they somehow end up in the harem of another, they will tend to act more like a garden-variety Celestial. Thresholding, due to the nature of their creation, is likely impossible, although their rarity makes this very hard to confirm. No cases exist on official records, however, even those released by Rosa Celestia with the opening of the Scarlet League.
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ARCHMAGE, The Sorceress Supreme Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human standard (x2)
Role: Sages, Long-range bombardment, and everything in between.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Magic, Psychic, Fire, Lightning, Ice
Weak Vs: Ghost, Normal(!), Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Force Bolt, Megido, Teleport, Dispel, Runic, Gravitation, Barrier, Hypnotic Gaze, Angel Eyes, Rune Chain, various magic spells
Enhancements: Magical Affinity, Improved Concentration (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Sensitivity (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Mana Efficiency, Slow Aging, Item Creation, Perfect Magical Analysis
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sorceress/Enchantress (E-Stone Ceremony @ L50+)
If a simple Witch represents untapped potential, the Sorceress represents power, and Enchantresses represent creation, then the Archmage is truly the apex of all three. Although no longer explicitly identified as the most powerful breed of spellcasting Pokégirl, thanks to the recent discovery of the Hild, Archmages are still certainly what are commonly considered the pinnacle of spellcasting Pokégirls. Evolving from the most skilled Sorceresses and Enchantresses, they represent the highest accomplishments in magical ability from the primary magic-type evolution tree, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they rank amongst the most powerful breeds of Pokégirl known today.
Not only do Archmages possess considerable magical reserves, but they also become, upon evolution, more efficient with their spellcasting, allowing them to cast spells with greater frequency and with less strain upon themselves. They can easily channel magical energy from ley lines or other magically intensive locations, and they cab absorb the energy from spells cast at them from all but the most overwhelming sources using their Runic technique – and there are few who can hope to overwhelm an Archmage with magic. They can cast more powerful spells than just about any other spellcasting Pokégirl and can cast lesser spells with almost no effort at all. Among spellcasters, only an Elementalist, using their chosen element, or the rare Hild breed, can outmatch an Archmage's spellpower, and rarely can they match the Archmage's range of learning and flexibility.
Archmages are a physically unimpressive breed and have no universally defining traits. Their appearance varies dramatically from individual to individual, and sometimes even from her previous evolutionary form, due to the effects of the evolution ceremony upon their body. Tall or short, busty or flat-chested, the entire range exists among Archmages. However, the breed is often fond of smooth, flowing clothes, due to the sensitivity of their skin, and individuals often wield staffs of their own creation as focuses for their power.
Though they are very dexterous and good with their hands, a necessity to perform certain complex casting rituals, they are otherwise only marginally tougher than a normal human, and are in fact surprisingly vulnerable to physical attacks of many kinds. Naturally, countering this weakness is a high priority for many Archmages, leading them to surround themselves with layers of magical protection, intended to keep their greatest threat as far away from them as possible. While they do not naturally come with the ability, many Archmages choose to create and use various spells to facilitate flight, to further distance themselves from danger. Archmages are, however, one of the rare breeds gifted with powerful abilities of concentration, enabling them to retain focus on whatever they are doing even if they were to take painful hits.
Only the bravest and most stubbornly reckless Archmages bother with close combat on any regular basis, preferring to attack from as far away as possible with spells, attempting to exploit any elemental weaknesses they can, and through careful use of their magical techniques.
Like the Sorceress breed, Archmages tend to have beyond healthy appetites, requiring roughly twice the amount of nutrition that a human would per day to stay in top magical form. They can survive on considerably less, but it is a tremendous drain on their ability to generate magic and concentrate, and thus Archmages try to avoid that at all costs. Considering their advantages, keeping your Archmage contentedly well-fed is well worth whatever the expense.
Archmages tend to shake their heads internally whenever they see a Magic Knight, considering them both silly and violent, but nonetheless tend to respect the breed greatly, as Magic Knights, while among the rarest Pokégirl breeds, are also one of the best prepared to take an Archmage down, capable of defending against their spells and forcing the Archmage into close-quarters combat.
Inheriting the Enchantress's item creation capabilities, all Archmages have the ability to enchant magical items for themselves or for their Tamer. This can make an Archmage's Tamer a very rich man. As far as tamings go, Archmages are as variable as they are in appearance. No longer ticklish (usually!), they tend to take after the Enchantress in them, wanting it as often as they can get it. As they are so sensitive, it is a rare Archmage that doesn't have a spell or two to enhance their – or their tamer's – ability to keep going until the Archmage is satisfied.
Feral Archmages are practically unheard of, as they cannot arise normally in the wild, but should one unfortunately fall into the feral state, Archmages become much more violent and extreme, much like the original Witch. Considering the power at one Archmage's disposal, this is a very bad thing, and should be avoided at all costs. It should be noted, however, that most Witch evolutions can recognize an Archmage on sight, and it is not unheard of for that intimidation factor to cause Feral Witches to consent to capture rather than fight an impossible battle.
Archmages were unseen until the later half of the Revenge War, when a small number of elite Sorceresses survived the ceremony and began making coordinated attacks upon military bases and supply camps, inflicting heavy casualties and disrupting enemies supplies. It is presumed that, due to the timing, Sukebe himself had been unaware of the Archmage evolution until that point, but the truth remains lost to history.
Dispel – (EFT) This ability creates a magical 'burst' of energy which, while it does no damage, has a high chance to disrupt any spells currently active in the area.
Runic - (EFT) By focusing their energies, the Archmage may absorb any magical attack or offensive spell striking them, instead converting the spell back into usable energy for themselves. Because of the concentration needed to perform this ability, no spell can be cast nor can the Archmage use any of her magical attacks while this ability is active. She may still move or use already-active movement spells, such as Flight.
Gravitation – (EFT) Magically increasing the relative force of gravity in an circular area (around 30ft in radius), the Pokegirl slows down those passing through the area and increases the effort needed to do so.
Megido – (ATK 150) Generating a violently roiling sphere of contained magical energy, the Pokegirl launches the sphere towards an opponent or group of opponents, causing it to explode in a 15 ft radius. Damages everything in the area of effect, including the caster. Deals Non-Elemental (Pure Magic) damage. May upgrade over time to Megidola.
Megidola – (ATK 200) A more powerful version of Megido, exploding in a 20 ft radius for greater damage. Deals Non-Elemental (Pure Magic) damage. May upgrade over time to Megidolaon.
Megidolaon – (ATK 250) The most powerful Megido variation, it deals damage in a 25 ft radius for massive damage. Deals Non-Elemental (Pure Magic) damage.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Mana Stone x3
Area & Time Conditions: The night of a full moon at midnight. Area can be anywhere.
Ceremony Itself: In order to perform the ceremony, the Archmage must acquire three Mana Stones, and spend at least 20 minutes a day channeling her personal energies into the stone, 'charging' it. This must be repeated for at least one month for each Mana Stone. This process cannot be sped up, or the Mana stones will break. Once the Pokégirl has three charged stones, and the circumstances are right, she may attempt the ceremony.
At the time of the ceremony, the Sorceress must place one of the Mana Stones to either side of her, and hold the third clasped in her hands. The Sorceress must then attempt to draw out completely all of the magical energy that she can, from within herself and from the environment around her. The Mana stones will slowly orbit the Sorceress, resonating with the accumulated energy. At the peak of this, the Pokégirl must shatter the Mana Stones by crushing the one she holds, releasing the stored power in all three stones, and then must forcibly intake the entire accumulated mass of magical power within her at once, driving it through her body in an attempt to forcibly awaken it's true potential.
Handling amounts of magic beyond one's control, however, is a very dangerous risk. If the Pokégirl lacks the control and focus necessary to accomplish this feat, she is, at best, knocked out cold for several days due to a magical overload, and often will find using magic very painful for a few weeks to come. At worst, a Sorceress can die from the magical overload, and indeed, many Sorceresses have lost their lives attempting the ceremony over the years, which is one reason for the breed's great rarity despite the ceremony's relative 'simplicity'. If she fails and wishes to try again, she must again re-acquire and charge three Mana Stones over another three month period (and should probably wait longer than that to improve her skill and chances of success). If she is capable of handling the intense surge of energy however, her body transforms and evolves into an Archmage (though she is still often sore for some time afterwards).
A few Witches and Sorceresses claim in hushed whispers that the dreaded 'Red Witch' was the first Pokégirl to discover this evolution, all the way back during the Revenge War, partly explaining their fearful reverence of this seemingly mythical figure.
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ARMSMISTRESS, the Ultimate Fighting Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Steel
Frequency: Uncommon (Normal, and in all Leagues) to Very Rare (Winged) (Gold Continent)
Diet: any human style food
Role: Can Adapt To Almost Anything
Libido: Low (High with favored master)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Pummel, Roundhouse Kick, Sword Dance, Meteor Punch, Chi Blast, Master Blow. (And Feather Shuriken, Thunderbolt, and Whirlwind if the winged-type of Armsmistress).
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Durability (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Weapons Knowledge, Armored
Evolves: Seraph (Valkyrie-based winged Armsmistress only; Angel Stone), Warrior Nun (Amazonchan/Amazonlee-based Armsmistress only; Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Amazonchan (works on it's speed), Amazonlee (works on it's strength), and Valkyrie (Dawn Stone)
Amazingly human in appearance; only distinguishing feature that sets them apart from ‘normal’ humans are the fact that the vast majority of all Armsmistresses have red hair and green eyes, barring regional variances. Their busts do increase from their previous forms, but usually only by a half-cup at most.
The Armsmistress is a hard-to-attain evolved form of the Amazonchan and the Amazonlee. They come from either form since it seems to be when an Amazonchan and Amazonlee balance their speed and strength.
They are more human appearance than the three stages of the Amachop (Amachop, Amachoke, Amachamp) and often better fighters than Herochans and Heroines. This is because Armsmistresses are incredibly skilled fighters, ranging from hand-to-hand to fighting with any form of weapon. (Preferably swords).
Armsmistresses are unparalleled armorers, and each creates her own armor shortly after evolving. The armor of an Armsmistress is also highly sought out by Tamers. The combination of intricately molded steel and leather is incredible in its quality. Few attacks can barely even scratch it. This armor typically reflects the personality of the Armsmistress who crafted it, though armor created for others can be created with their tastes in mind. Few Armsmistresses will ever craft armor for anyone but themselves, however, making these extremely rare.
Even then, the armor is never quite as effective for another as it is for the Armsmistress herself.
Armsmistresses will only remove their armor for Taming. They are perfectly comfortable sleeping in their armor, and tend not to favor post-Taming cuddling, preferring to get back into their armor as quickly as possible. An Armsmistress outside of her armor loses a considerable amount of her strength, and is generally safe to tame without restraints. They become paranoid about attacks when unarmored, however, partially accounting for their low libido. They are more willing to "let down their guard" with a Tamer they trust, which can raise their libido significantly. Armsmistresses will only bathe if dirtied by outside conditions, such as mud and the like, and still prefer to do so while armored, if possible. Armsmistresses have an unusually efficient internal cooling mechanism, allowing them to engage in strenuous physical activity without sweating. They do tend to breathe heavily during these activities, as their circulation system is similar to that of pre-Sukebe cheetahs, though more refined.
Armsmistresses that evolve from Valkyries, called Malakim in some Leagues, are extremely rare. In the wild one can tell if an Armsmistress evolved from a Valkyrie from a simple fact. They have wings, and can learn Flying-type attacks. (This however, has caused many Tamers to mistake an Armsmistress for a Valkyrie and visa-versa).
How to evolve an Armsmistress from a Valkyrie however, is still a complete mystery.
Due to a peculiarity on the part of an Armsmistress' maternal instincts, they cannot fight feline-like Pokégirls. Instead they show great maternal affection towards the feline-types. This is believed to be related to their cat-like circulation system, indicating that Sukebe may have used trace amounts of cheetah DNA in their creation, resulting in unforeseen feelings of kinship with feline Pokégirls.
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ARTICUNT, the Legendary Freezing Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ice/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: unknown
Role: mistress of frost
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Fire, Rock, Steel)
Attacks: Mist, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Ice Punch, Ice Kick, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Diamond Dust, Heavenly Strike, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Wingover, Typhoon, Hurricane, Dive
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort, Enhanced Vision
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Articunt is one of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, with her two sisters being Moltits and Zapdass. The three of them were among the first Legendaries created by Sukebe. They covertly targeted supply lines and communication in human strongholds to help weaken defenses while other Legendary Pokégirls attacked the humans more directly. Articunt’s usual tactic during the war was to keep high above the battlefield and use her natural powers to make blizzards engulf enemy camps, burying them under deep layers of snow, a strategy she used many times to great success.
Articunt’s body is covered in beautiful light blue short feathers that hug her closely, save for her breast feathers, which are white and a bit larger. Her hair is also the same blue as her body, with a little of it also hanging white near the front of her head. Her hair falls long and straight down to below her shoulder blades. She is the tallest of her sisters, standing one inch over six feet. Unlike other bird Pokégirls, Articunt’s wings are separate appendages from her arms. Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe that allows her to grip the ground solidly when she lands. Her nipples are a deep navy blue against her C-cup breasts. Her cunt is naturally smooth and hairless. Articunt never wears clothing at any time.
Articunt is a paragon of both Flying and Ice-type Pokégirls. Her large, powerful wings release snowflakes every time she flaps them, and she is able to soar high into the atmosphere, at altitudes where other Flying-type Pokégirls wouldn’t dare to venture. Her incredibly sharp vision allows her to spot prey from miles above, letting her use her Dive attack to deadly precision. Her natural cold aura (see below) allows her to venture into warmer climes than most Ice-type Pokégirls would feel comfortable with.
Of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, Articunt is the most cautious. She feels that the best options in anything are those that present the least risk, even if it means waiting longer. This policy guided her movements during Sukebe’s Revenge, during which time she never actively fought the humans, instead staying well out of harm’s way as she let her icy powers do the trick slowly instead of using her combat abilities for a quicker solution. Articunt was against the entire idea of killing their fellow Legendary, Atmuff, and argued heavily in favor of a waiting action, hoping Atmuff would come to her senses. It was due to Articunt’s influence that the three sisters waited as long as they did before they made their move. In hindsight, this turned out to be very fortunate. While she was ultimately unable to talk her sisters out of the idea that Atmuff needed to die, Articunt’s debating delayed them so long that another Legendary, the vicious Hy-bra, made her own move. Although she died at Atmuff’s hands, Hy-bra’s attack weakened Atmuff enough that not only did Articunt and her sisters win the fight (something that might not have happened otherwise), they did so without any major losses. Articunt’s caution is not cowardliness however; she pulled her own weight in the battle with the Legendary Warrior. She recognizes that sometimes there are situations where risk is inevitable, and when that happens she acts with her whole heart.
Articunt is ruthless in a battle. Her preferred tactic is to remain high above the field, directing cold weather to wear down her foe gradually, letting them freeze. If necessary, she’ll use a variety of her attacks from on high, never coming within a foe’s reach. Her combination of Heat Drain and Cold Snap have been known to flash-freeze open flames, and using Typhoon and Hurricane can create deadly arctic storms around her foes. She usually uses Heavenly Strike as a warning, or a coup-de-grace on foes that have particularly annoyed her. If physical combat is unavoidable, Articunt will use Dive as often as possible, and will fall back on Ice Punch, Ice Kick, and Wingover while Mist and Ice Wall help to keep her opponents confused.
Since the slaying of Atmuff, Articunt has left the company of her sisters. The Watchers have confirmed that she is somewhere on the Tyroon continent, either in the northern ice fields, or the ice wall between the Slot and Silver River Leagues. Opinion amongst the Watchers is divided on what to do though. By all accounts, no one has been attacked or hurt by Articunt, and even the number of people who make reliable claims to have had sex with her are particularly small. Articunt appears to be trying to stay out of sight, and many in the Watchers suggest letting her do just that, lest her icy ire be roused.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Articunt's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Articunt has No Weakness (Level 75). If she were to face a Fire or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Ice/Flying, at or below level 75, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Articunt's lexicon of special attributes:
Queen of Cold: Articunt is the iciest of Ice-types. Her temperature is so cold that she actually radiates an arctic chill around her. For five hundred yards in every direction from her, the temperature around Articunt plunges far below zero, to around negative one hundred. Effects on the environment dissipate thrice as quickly as they formed if Articunt leaves the area, i.e. if she were to spend three weeks in an area, after she left it would take a week for it to return to its natural condition, no matter how dry or hot that condition may have been. It is for this reason that Articunt can maintain such a cold haven in the warm climate of Tyroon. By concentrating, Articunt can lessen her aura; the more she concentrates, the less cold it is. She rarely does this however, and has never been known to make her range above zero degrees (if she even can negate it that much).
Center of Sub-Zero: All of Articunt’s non-ice attacks inflict additional cold damage. For example, Feather Shuriken does not only stabbing damage, but also cold damage since the feathers are frozen. Typhoon not only hits opponent with harsh winds, but those winds are freezing. Further, all of Articunt’s ice attacks inflict heavier damage than they would if they came from another Ice-type Pokégirl, representing how Articunt is truly the coldest being alive.
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AR-TITS, the Artist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human-style diet
Role: domestic, police artist, artwork in general
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting
Libido: Average to High (if she has a loving or caring Tamer)
Attacks: Cheer, Smile, Cry, Easel (similar to Hammer), Tackle, Paint Splatter, Sketch, Painted Fantasy
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x4), high empathy, good sense of someone's inner self, can summon any artistry implement they need, can summon other Pokégirls magically
Evolves: Tatfir (Fire Stone), Tatmon (Moon Stone) Tats (normal, Lvl45)
Evolves From: None
Ar-Tits first appeared twenty years after the War, in small Ruby League communities that were just starting to become accepting of Pokégirls. They would simply sit in the center of town with their sketchpad, or canvas, or whatever their art implement was that they preferred using, and sketch whatever they felt was interesting. When people started taking notice, they would offer to draw someone in exchange for food or water. When they started asking for Tamings as well, people realized they were Pokégirls. They were a little nervous at first, but since they seemed to be gentle Pokégirls who just wanted to draw, people quickly grew accepting of them.
Ar-Tits are short, cute Pokégirls, never going above six feet in height, with smooth skin, hair that is always two-tones of very bright color (such as pink with green streaks, or silver with blue streaks, or yellow with orange, and so on). Their eyes are always a range of bright colors, normal colors such as brown or blue being rare. More often, the eyes of an Ar-Tits are colors such as purple, red, indigo, neon pink, or even rainbow colored. Their breasts are usually smallish, around B-cup at the largest, and they have a loving, quiet personality. They are seemingly incapable of feeling angry, always remaining calm, save for expressing things through drawing or painting, and are always seen wearing a painter's smock and beret (save for when Taming, of course). Any other clothes they wear varies from Ar-Tits to Ar-Tits.
Ar-Tits are among the more peaceful breeds of Pokégirls. An excellent day to an Ar-Tits is sitting in a quiet, beautiful spot and making a picture of someone they love, getting in some Taming in between. Their mystical eyes have the ability to see into someone's heart and soul, and they can draw exactly what they see on their chosen canvas. They can tell immediately what someone's true self is just from looking into their eyes and show it. An ugly person with hideous scars and a malformed face could have a pure, innocent heart, and the Ar-Tits would draw them as a being of pure beauty. A handsome man with flawless features could have a dark, wicked heart, and the Ar-Tits would draw their true self as a hideous demon. This has led to some Ar-Tits being attacked and brutally beaten, their art torn to shreds. Ar-Tits are very protective of their art and art supplies, and if they are menaced, they will use an attack called Painted Fantasy, in which their will use their paint to bring to life an image of a powerful Pokégirl, usually a Widow, Panthress, a Legendary or something similar, to fend off an opponent until they can escape, the paint illusion melting and evaporating once the Ar-Tits is out of range of mental command.
Ar-Tits are nonviolent Pokégirls, and don't like seeing anyone hurt. They will work with police, using their art to show if someone is lying, or to provide a sketch of a perp for the police to use. They also make excellent domestic helpers. They aren't that good for taking care of large groups of children, as they have trouble keeping up with playing with youngsters, favoring more quiet pursuits, like their art, or music, which they view as another kind of art. They do, however, like children and will do what they can within their abilities.
An Ar-Tits loves art of all kinds, and is capable of knowing when someone has artistic potential . To mock art as something useless is one of the only things that can get an Ar-Tits to show an emotion other than serenity, happiness, or sadness.
Ar-Tits, despite the fact that there are a great deal of them, surprisingly are a rather rare Threshold.
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ASSASARA, the Armored Insect Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: low to average
Strong Vs: Bug, Psychic, Dark, Rock, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Fighting, Electric
Attacks: Quick Attack, Dodge, Quickturn, Blur, Recover, Cross Shield, Metal Sound, Iron Defense, Buzz Blade
Enhancements: Removable exo-skeletal armor, Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance and Durability (x4 each), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x3 each)
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (Heavy Metal)
Once thought to be a minor pest at best, the Buzzbreast is a fairly common pokegirl throughout the world. They live and travel in swarms and rarely manage to increase the size of the hives they live in without repercussion. A current survey that was polled among pokegirl tamers show that over 60% of all tamers have caught a Buzzbreast at one time, and that about 80% of those tamers wound up selling or losing those Buzzbreasts within several months of capturing and then taming them. One thing that happened during the evolution experiments that took place sometime in the early 100 AS era was the discovery of several things about the Buzzbreast. The first being how her two known evolutions came about, and the second being the one known domestic evolution, using a Heavy Metal. The resulting pokegirl, called the Assasara, was a breed that was not written about during or shortly after the Revenge War. It also was not mentioned in any of Sukebe's notes.
Actually shorter than most Buzzbreasts by perhaps a few inches and far more humanoid in build, the extended abdomen and stinger that the Buzzbreast is shed upon evolution. The exoskeleton and endo-skeleton are also shed, leaving the new pokegirl as a Very Near Human in appearance. Within a week of the evolution, however, the Assasara begins to grow a new exoskeleton armor. On average, this armor takes up to a month and a half to grow and cannot be shed or removed during the process without destroying it. However, after the armor hardens and is finished, the armor can be taken off and on in much the same way as the Armsmistress. Also like the Armsmistress, the Assasara rarely goes anywhere without the armor on. The armor serves a dual-purpose: protection and offense. Along the legs and the outside portion of their arms up to their elbows are chitinous blades, twice as dense as the armor itself is, but not nearly as heavy as one might expect. Each Assasara has a pair of antennae that extends from their forehead, and two pairs of long gossamer-like wings, much like the Buzzbreast's, can be hidden amongst the armor or in plain sight. Like the Buzzbreast, this breed is capable of flight, but is not very fast in the air. Most pokegirls of this particular breed possess a varying degree of tanned skin. One of the most noticable differences between the Buzzbreast and the Assasara are the eyes. While the Assasara retain the compound eyes, they are actually the same size as a human's eyes, and not nearly as large as the Buzzbreast's. The final difference is the mentality of the Assasara: they are more individualistic, the hive mind of a drone giving way after the evolution to a burgeoning individuality reminiscent to the evolutions of the Maid Yvette.
In battles, the Assasara tend to begin with Metal Sound by rubbing her arms or thighs together while covered with the steel-like, yet flexible armor that they wear. Following this with Quick Attack and Blur allows her to strike and recover from the attack upon her opponent, while Cross Shield gives her the ability to strike back while taking minimal damage from an incoming technique. Recover makes her one of the more resilient Bug-type pokegirls known, and her exclusive technique, Buzz Blade, gives her a powerful attack to use against her opponents that might not be expected at first, and can be used to great effect against any opponent. Something that tamers must keep in mind is that once the Assasara has designated herself an opponent, she will attack that target until it is unconscious or dead. The pokegirl focuses on her opponent to the extent that she barely seems to understand any orders that a tamer might give her, making the breed very difficult to keep full control over.
In a harem setting, the Assasara are extremely protective of not only her tamer, but of the entire harem in general. The breed's intelligence and protective streak makes them great Betas- however, the same thing that makes them that also leads to the pokegirl being a poor choice for an Alpha. Her focus is to protect her hive, as she considers the harem, despite the fact that she no longer has a true hive-mentality, and the breed seems to care less about the interpersonal relationship issues that may arise as a result, often leaving the tamer to have to appoint some other pokegirl as an Alpha. During a taming, many Assasara prefer to keep their armor on, claiming that their skin is much more sensitive that way. However, the exo-skeletal armor can be removed and it is recommended that it is during a taming, as the blades on the arms and legs can make it difficult to properly tame the pokegirl, much as how playing with a Buzzbreasts' breasts are a hazard.
There have been no sightings of feral Assasara, though speculation regarding the breed's habits suggest that one might rejoin a Buzzqueen's hive as a protector to keep the Queen and her subordinates safe from any and all threats. The possibilities regarding her narrow-minded attacking are chilling indeed, considering that it is unlikely that they would heed a Buzzqueen's orders while in the middle of a battle with a threat. If found feral, contact a Researcher or the nearest Watcher and report the finding. A reward will be posted for any feral Assasaras found alive, not dead.
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ASTRAL (insert name here), the Spectral (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: as per base type
Element: Ghost/base type
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: life energy
Role: as per base type, if applicable
Libido: as per base type
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, plus base type “Strong Vs”
Weak Vs: Dark plus base type “Weak Vs”
Attacks: Night Shade, Energy Drain, plus base type’s attacks
Enhancements: Incorporeal, Invisibility, Sleeplessness, plus base type’s enhancements
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Base type
An Astral (insert name here) Pokégirl is one who refused to let go of this life, even after dying.
While in rare instances, a Pokégirl who dies can evolve into a Spectra, an Astral Pokégirl is one who has died but had enough emotional distress to keep on existing after death, but without the requisites (whatever they may be) to become a Spectra. Any Pokégirl may become an Astral Pokégirl after dying if they were emotionally distressed enough, save for Ghost-types, who cannot become something else after death.
An Astral Pokégirl appears exactly as she did in life. Her dying wounds do not show, nor do other disfigurements. It is still apparent she is dead however, because Astral Pokégirls are naturally incorporeal. They may become corporeal with concentration, which allows them to be Tamed still, but once they cease concentrating, they fade back to being incorporeal. Astral Pokégirls are in, in their natural state, visible but transparent, when they become corporeal, they become solid, and can usually pass for living Pokégirls as long as a Pokédex or another Pokégirl able to detect types doesn’t give them away. When in their normal incorporeal state, an Astral Pokégirl may pass through solid objects, but still naturally doesn’t sink through the ground unless they deliberately try to; they can interact with solid objects only by becoming solid themselves. Astral Pokégirls cannot fly unless they could in life. If an Astral Pokégirl sinks through the ground and wishes to rise back up, she must solidify herself and climb back up; doing this works even when she is underground in solid earth since Astral Pokégirls are composed of ether instead of flesh (living creatures who somehow solidify themselves in another object become permanently grafted to that object are bound to it unless they can somehow phase out of it). An Astral Pokégirl may make herself invisible at will, but this takes just as much concentration as making herself solid. An Astral Pokégirl cannot become both invisible and solid at the same time. Astral Pokégirls do not need to (and cannot) sleep, but they can still be exhausted from becoming solid or invisible too long and/or too often. Exhaustion is cured by a new infusion of life energy.
In addition to needing to be Tamed as much as they did in life, an Astral Pokégirl also needs to absorb life energy from another sentient creature. If she doesn’t do this at least once every ten days, she can no longer sustain her own existence, and fades into death. She can also use the energy she has to unleash the powerful Nightshade attack. Beyond that, her attacks, strategies, and enhancements remain the same as they did in life.
Astral Pokégirls obviously can never bear children, since they are not alive. Astral Pokégirls are also forever locked into their current form; they can never evolve (nor devolve if that is ever an issue) nor have any other status changes. Despite no longer suffering the rigors of age, Astral Pokégirls do have something of a “lifespan.” Eventually, they feel less and less attached to this life. It may take decades, but eventually, as the companions she knew split up and succumb to old age, ennui sets in, and the strength of personality that let her defy death to begin with begins to erode. The Astral Pokégirl begins wanting her next infusion of life energy less and less, until she quietly lets herself fade away.
There have been no known Feral Astral Pokégirls ever. It is suspected that an Astral Pokégirl who goes Feral loses the force of will necessary to sustain her own existence, and fades very quickly. Threshold girls never become an Astral Pokégirl directly, though they have as much chance of becoming one after death as any other Pokégirl if they are distressed enough at their time of death..
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ATELESIA the Agile Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting Frequency: Uncommon (Forest and Slot Leagues) Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Omnivorous but loves bananas
Role: Guerilla Warfare Specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Steel, Rock, Dark, Bug, Normal, Ice
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pounce, Blur, Hurricane Kick, Double Kick, Backhand, Mega Punch, Gattling Kick, Thunder Tail, Banana Penetration
Enhancements: Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (x5), Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Atelesona (Battle Stress), Wukong (Mana Stone)
Evolves From: Pri-mate (Battle Stress)
When their natural agility and speedy attacks are not enough to win a battle, a loud screech will come from the Pri-Mate and it will then evolve into Atelesia. In terms of looks Atelesia is similar to Pri-mate but her bust size has grown to a large B-Cup and at the at the most a small C-Cup. After evolving an Atelesia’s height tend to stay close to their previous form and they at most grow four inches, while their tails lengthen about six inches on average.
When it comes to battle an Atelesia is one of the more aggravating opponents to go up against due to them using their impressive speed, reflexes, and agility to dodge attacks, while tiring out their opponent at the same time they also tend to use the surrounding environment quite well to their advantage. After their opponent is open they tend attack with a surprising amount of ferocity, commonly using Gattling Kick and Mega Punch and then retreating and applying the same strategy continuously occasionally using attacks with their tails to mix things up a bit. During the Revenge War these tactics were also used in forest terrain battles, leaping in out of nowhere and suddenly attacking and then returning to the trees. This strategy was amazingly effective against the former human forces, this “hit and run” tactic won many battles for Sukebe prompting him to look into the potential of these girls more…thoroughly.
When it comes to taming Atelesias are quite flexible and will try almost anything, but all Atelesias have a fetish for giving their tamer’s a tailjob to quickly bring their tamers to orgasmic bliss. The only thing they will not do is bondage for some unexplained reason, leading them to detest Domina and the majority of her evolutions with a passion.
Atelesias are quite coveted by numerous tamers in both the Forest and Slot Leagues due to their genuinely friendly attitude while still maintaining a small amount of mischievousness. Even when feral Atelesias are quite good-natured and maintain most of their intelligence, though not enough to speak. Although this makes feral Atelesias less dangerous to people and quite calm, it also makes them difficult to capture as they can apply the same tactics, as they would while tamed on those who attempt to capture them. Unlike their previous evolutions Atelesias tend to keep to themselves when feral usually keep to themselves.
Thresholding into an Atelesia is quite rare unless a girl’s family has a very strong simian ancestry...
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ATELESONA the Untouchable Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare (Forest and Slot League) Extremely Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous but loves bananas
Role: Elite Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Steel, Fighting, Normal, Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying
Attacks: Mach Punch, Speed Storm, Chain Throw, Tempest, Vortex, Tornado Run, Extremespeed, Whirlwind Counter*, Tornado Fist*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Reflexes (x9), Enhanced Strength (x3), Prehensile Tail, Dexterous hand like feet, Wind Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atelesia (Battle Stress)
Even an Atelesia has its limits when it comes to evading attacks, and when they reach those limits against an opponent beyond their current capabilities and an Atelesia will then evolve into Atelesona. Atelesona does not differ much in terms of looks although their fur turns either beige or white and covers her arms and legs, near their hands will turn black though as well as their tails will also turn black and will remain unchanged otherwise. In regards to height Atelesona grow an average of three inches maxing out at around 5”6 and their busts are never larger than a D-cup.
The Atelesias' performance against the human forces intrigued Sukebe greatly in regards to their potential, and so he created the first Atelesona. Atelesona did not participate in battles very often, but when they did they devastated their enemies both quickly and efficiently. Most of the time Sukebe sent a pair of Atelesonas to scout out many different forests and eliminate entire enemy squads, which they excelled at until the human forces caught on to what they were up against and focused on getting rid of their new foe.
In combat Atelesonas are quite deadly using their impressive reflexes and speed to evade many of the attacks thrown at them, often using Speed Storm to add to their foe’s problems. If in trouble of taking a debilitating blow they will use Whirlwind Counter to protect themselves from harm's way. Even though Atelesonas are built for evasion they are defiantly no slouches when it comes to attacking, commonly using Mach Punch and Tornado Run to quickly deal damage. Atelesonas always favor their Tornado Fist among all of their other attacks but seldom use it unless their opponent has gained their respect or it is absolutely necessary and this is true even more so for their “Double” Tornado Fist. Due to having a wind affinity Atelesona’s also have a few flying attacks though they like the Tornado Fist are rarely used with the exception of Speed Storm. Even though Atelesonas are weak against flying due to their wind affinity the damage is not as severe, but psychic attacks are extremely effective at holding an Atelesona in place destroying her greatest asset of her speed completely and leaving her susceptible to attack.
Similar to its prevolution an Atelesona have a very mild feral state and is quite calm unless she is challenged or deliberately attacked. The chances of catching an Atelesona are even smaller than the chances of finding a feral one. In the few cases of feral a Atelesona being located, most of them escaped capture using their extraordinary speed and reflexes but the few that were usually were usually caught off. Most Atelesonas are loners while feral unless they meet up with another of their kind and forming duos as they once did in the Revenge War.
An Atelesona is a very nice addition to anyone’s harem because of their kind fun-loving personalities. When being tamed they are quite passionate and they enjoy being on top, but they hate bondage with a passion because it makes them feel "caged", leading them to dislike Domina and her evolutions. As with Atelesias, Atelesona’s love giving their tamer a “tailjob” as a sort of foreplay and those that have female tamers often use their tail as a certain appendage to pleasure their tamers making them a favorite among female tamers as well. As one male tamer once said about taming an Atelesona the first time "That was the wildest ride of my life."
Due to their rarity there have been no recorded thresholds directly into an Atelesona and currently it is speculated to be impossible
Whirlwind Counter (DEF) - This technique creates a small tornado like wind around the Pokégirl. In general this attack is used to deflect small projectile weapons and some low power attacks, strangely electric attacks have no effect on this barrier whatsoever. This technique is exclusive to Atelesona but it can be taught to flying Pokégirls or Pokégirls with a wind affinity.
Tornado Fist (ATK 95(if it misses 30) - By moving their arm(s) in a circular motion at an extreme speed, and focusing their chi and the wind element into their fist, a Pokégirl is able to create the Tornado Fist, a close range attack that creates a miniature tornado around the Pokégirl’s arm past the elbow. Even if the opponent is able to dodge the attack, the wind encircling the Pokégirl’s fist(s) will still hit the opponent and knock them spinning away, albeit with less power. This technique can be used with both arms. This technique is exclusive to Atelesona but it can be taught with a to other fighting Pokégirls who know Gust Punch...
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ATMUFF, the Legendary Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique; Deceased)
Diet: any
Role: supreme warrior
Libido: Unknown (Low to Average speculated)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Pummel, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Chi Healing
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Strength (x40), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Hide, Endurance
Evolves: Neo-Atmuff (raw determination, possible/unconfirmed), Cyber-Atmuff (cybernetic attachments, possible/unconfirmed), Dark Atmuff (mechanism unknown, possible/unconfirmed)
Evolves From: None
Atmuff was one of the fiercer Legendary Pokégirls created by Sukebe before the war began. Unlike some other Legendaries, who chose to hit supply lines and communications to help lower resistance, Atmuff took the fight directly to her enemies, targeting population centers and places of strong resistance. She apparently lived for combat, and eschewed more subtle forms of confrontation.
Atmuff was physically imposing. Her skin tone was a lighter pink than a normal human’s. Her back legs were reversed-jointed like a cat’s, and had sharp but thick claws on her toes. Her hands had claws also, and she was obviously just as comfortable on all fours as she was on her back legs only. A large, thick tail waved behind her, though she would often curl it up over herself in a scorpion-like manner, despite its lack of a stinger. Her breasts were smaller than most of her sister Legendaries, being a fairly moderate B-cup. Her hair was dark but cut short, not even reaching her shoulders. Her pussy was naturally hairless. When standing on her back legs, she stood almost seven feet tall. She was never observed to wear clothing on any occasion.
Atmuff was a very grim Pokégirl. She never smiled or relaxed, taking everything with what seemed to be extreme seriousness. Her tactics, while brutal, were rigidly controlled. She always killed her opponents, never offering nor showing mercy. She cared nothing for anyone who got between her and her targets, eliminating such nuisances without a thought. This led to the deaths of other Pokégirls early on, and everyone in Sukebe’s forces rapidly learned not to ever come between her and whoever she was fighting. She was very taciturn, only speaking on the battlefield. When she did talk, her musings were cryptic and menacing, speaking of the nature of life and death, matter and energy, time, and other esoteric matters, usually in relation to herself. While some researchers today argue that she was in possession of mystic knowledge, most simply believe she was insane. A few have put forth that she simply went Feral and never recovered from the state. Almost everyone denies this argument for several reasons though. First, Feral Pokégirls, even Legendaries, tend to run wild, but for years during the war Atmuff fought in a controlled, disciplined manner. Secondly, she was able to say more than just her name, on those rare occasions when she did speak. Thirdly, it would have been the height of folly, the researchers say, for Sukebe to allow such a mighty Pokégirl to run wild. Some speculate that Sukebe himself Tamed her to keep her in line.
Whether she was insane or not, she was a holy terror on the battlefield. While she was quicker to react and faster than almost anything else, it was her strength that was truly frightening. Her physical might was exceeded only by Titania the Stone Titaness. Atmuff would simply wade into direct melee with soldiers, ignoring their attacks while shredding them like wheat with her own physical attacks and throwing bolts of chi, which she seemed to have a nigh-unlimited supply of, at enemies out of reach, all the while relying on her Thick Hide ability to turn aside most small projectiles, such as bullets. Stronger forms of weaponry, such as the particle beams that were being used at the time, were Dodged thanks to her incredible dexterity. Between battles, she would simply return to base, presumably for new commands, or would simply remain sedentary on the battlefield, occasionally taking time to eat. Atmuff could apparently consume anything to keep going. She was known to consume meat, vegetation, and even minerals.
Atmuff met her end though when she refused to cool her tactics down. Ironically, her merciless assault led her to meet her end not at the hands of the humans she had fought, but at those of her fellow Legendaries. After the (presumed) death of Sukebe, the war took a sharp turn for the worse for Pokégirls. Even as the humans were devastated by viruses of their own creation, they Tamed greater numbers of common Pokégirls, turning the tide, and worse, their ultimate weapon, the warship Langoud, was finally completed. When the mighty ship brought low two Legendaries, canny observers knew the war was lost for the Pokégirls then. Atmuff, however, either didn’t realize this or didn’t care, and continued to wreak devastation in her wake. Eventually, it was too much. Three other Legendary Pokégirls, Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits, decided that Atmuff was going too far. In her apparent madness, she refused to lessen her assaults, drawing more and more ire to herself. Having seen that the humans could indeed kill them, the three Legendary bird Pokégirls knew that if she continued on, it would only be a matter of time before the humans decided that all the Legendaries had to die. Atmuff was threatening them all with the havoc she was unleashing, so they came to the difficult decision to kill her.
In 9 A.S., the three Legendaries confronted Atmuff in what was then southern Africa. The fight was long and fierce, and no one witnessed the battle, since the devastation it unleashed was paralleled only by Typhonna years before, killing all those foolish enough to remain nearby. In the end however, all of southern Africa sank. Atmuff was never seen again, while the three Legendary bird Pokégirls were, leading almost everyone to assume, correctly, that Atmuff did not survive the conflict. Her lifeless body, broken and battered, now lies at the bottom of the sea. One of her last recorded sayings however was “That which is not dead can eternal lie; and with strange eons, even death may die.” This ambiguous statement, which seemed to hint that she knew about, and perhaps was prepared for, her death, was popularized on the hit show “The Pokédex-Files,” which had several episodes about an Atmuff cult.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Atmuff’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Atmuff has No Weakness (Level 99). If she were to face a Flying type or a Psychic type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fighting, at or below level 99, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Atmuff’s array of special attributes:
Environmental Resistance: This ability allowed Atmuff to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting her continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere do not hinder her. The key word is “natural.” Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air, so breathing is still necessary.
Breathless: This ability is what gave Atmuff no need for air. She could hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this let her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.
Energy Immunity: This quality let Atmuff ignore up to two types of energy at once. Various types of energy include heat, cold, sound, sonic, electricity, etc. She could change which two she was unaffected by at will, and did not need to concentrate to maintain her resistance. The energy resisted was total, with no affect on her at all. The only type of energy she could not resist was psychic energy, since that power was totally beyond her. Between this and her other Salient Qualities, Atmuff was able to survive in virtually any local condition, even in space or in molten lava. She changed which two energies she was resisting several times when facing Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits, but since there were three of them (and because they were able to fly, outmaneuvering her), she eventually fell to their combined might.
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AUPAIR, the Fungal Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (mushroom)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: water, soil
Role: domestic helper
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Razor Leaf
Enhancements: Easily-filled dietary needs, low maintenance
Evolves: AuPairSex (normal)
Evolves From: Any Pokégirl sprayed with spores from an AuPairSex.
Bounty (for confirmed kill/sterilization of feral AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 500 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of non-sterilized AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 5,000 SLC
Bounty (for bringing Spore-infected individuals to a Pokécenter for reverse treatment): 1,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Have a Pokégirl with wind-based powers at the ready just in case, to blow the Spores away if released. If this isn't possible, a fire-type will work just as well. AuPairSexes are not dangerous in the lethal sense, so killing them immediately is not encouraged except as a last resort. Try to ball the AuPairSex if you can and take them to a Pokécenter.
AuPairs are to be pitied. They are the pre-evolution of the AuPairSex, but they came into existence after the aforementioned Pokégirl. They are formed when a human or Pokégirl is sprayed with the Spores from an AuPairSex's breasts when they are in full bloom. If the spores have a chance to settle into the victim's body, changes start to occur. First, if male, they will become female. Secondly, their skin becomes a pale white in coloring. Their eyes turn yellow and crystalline. They either grow or shrink, depending on their original height, leveling out at five feet tall, and gain A-cup breasts. Their hair shrinks into their head, and a large, black-spotted, mushroom-like cap appears on their heads that is about three-feet in diameter all around. Their minds also slowly start to fade, as if they were undergoing a level five Taming cycle. These changes can now be reversed, thanks to the combined efforts of one Professor Washu Hakubi, sponsored by the Crimson League, and Professor Stroak of the Indigo League. An antidote to AuPairSex spores have been made by these two, and if administered in the early stages, can completely reverse the changes caused by them. However, depending on how long the AuPair spores have had to sink in, the affected individuals may not return to their original gender or pre-threshold state, meaning that once free of the AuPair spores, a female victim may undergo Threshold a second time. There's also no guarantee at any stage that lost memories can be recovered. It's confirmed that the Jahanna Corporation's experiment anti-threshold serum can prevent the spores from taking hold.
AuPairs, while tragic creatures, are not without uses. They are decent lovers, and are good around the house. They are willing to help in almost anything, although it's better that they work indoors, as their moist, plantlike bodies (which smell lightly of mildew) dry out in sunlight. They are always a little sad and thoughtful, as if they are constantly trying to remember their past life and are unable to do so. They won't let it halt their work, though, as their greatest desire is to please their Harem sisters and master.
It's recommended, if you want to be an AuPair tamer, to invest in an artifact that halts evolution. It can easily be built into a nice collar, which will give the AuPair a much needed morale boost. No cases of someone Thresholding into an AuPair have been reported.
Side Note: Several complaints about the low bounty for killing an AuPairSex have been made. The reason for a low bounty is that killing AuPairSexes. They are relatively harmless aside from their Spores, and researchers need them alive to study more efficient antidotes to the Spores.
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AUPAIRSEX, the Spore-Spraying Fungal Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (mushroom)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: water, soil
Role: domestic helper
Libido: Average (Extreme in Breeding season)
Attacks: Vine Whip, Bloom, Buttsprout, Lust Dust, Razor Leaf, Tackle, Wrestle, Spore*
Strong Vs: Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice
Enhancements: Sexier looks, better endurance, more violent disposition, higher libido
Evolves: None
Evolves From: AuPair (normal)
Bounty (for confirmed kill/sterilization of feral AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 500 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of non-sterilized AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 5,000 SLC
Bounty (for bringing Spore-infected individuals to a Pokécenter for reverse treatment): 1,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Have a Pokégirl with wind-based powers at the ready just in case, to blow the Spores away if released. If this isn't possible, a fire-type will work just as well. AuPairSexes are not dangerous in the lethal sense, so killing them immediately is not encouraged except as a last resort. Try to ball the AuPairSex if you can and take them to a Pokécenter, or use Royal Curse.
The AuPair is a tragedy. The AuPairSex is something to be feared.
Rumored to be first created by the infamous Pokégirl General known as Athena, they first showed up in the Crimson League before spreading across the world. Sultry, sexy Pokégirls with breasts that start at C-cups, although as they approach Breeding season, they swell out tremendously, becoming so huge that they surpass a Milktit's breasts after several days without milking. Their skin turns greenish in appearance, and the spots on their cap become yellow. They gain a foot and a half in height, and larger hips, waist, and butt. They are better able to take the sunlight, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because they become even more useful around the house and are capable of doing more, even working outside in farmlands. They are diurnal, as opposed to their nocturnal previous form. They also gain a higher libido, which is a plus for Tamers who liked having sex with their AuPair. And while they become more capable of violence in this form, gaining a sturdier body to work with, they aren't in the same class as some of the more dangerous Pokégirl breeds.
It's their Spores that make them dangerous.
An AuPairSex's breasts slowly swell over time until they become so large, the AuPairSex can't even stand up anymore. In their Breeding season, just at the end of summer, they will release the built up spores in their chest, letting them float in the wind, their breasts deflating back to normal. Most spores don't last long in the open air, fading quickly. Those that the spores do settle on become AuPairs. It's unknown if AuPairSexes can undergo parthenogenesis or become pregnant. All reports indicate that their only method of reproduction involves spore releasing. If a Tamer insists on keeping an AuPairSex in their harem, they must take her to a Pokégirl Center to undergo an injection to sterilize her. It's free, as the formula is very easy to make, and turns the spores into (relatively) harmless powders, such as Lust Dust, Bloom, and Buttsprout. However, it's a temporary injection, and the Tamer and their AuPairSex must go back every year for a renewal shot. If you don't do this (and are still human), you will be arrested for Reckless Endangerment and have your Pokégirls and Tamer's license stripped from you permanently.
It is unknown if Thresholding into an AuPairSex is even possible.
Side Note: Several complaints about the low bounty for killing an AuPairSex have been made. The reason for a low bounty is that killing AuPairSexes. They are relatively harmless aside from their Spores, and researchers need them alive to study more efficient antidotes to the Spores.
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AVARIEL, the Winged Elf Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian
Role: scout, ranged combat, glass artists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Gust, Light Arrow, Steel Wing, Magic Bolt
Enhancements: Enhanced Eyesight (x4), Darkvision, Wings, Hollow Bones Weakness: Claustrophobia
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Elf (Angel Stone)
The Avariel is a uncommon type of Pokégirl an only found in the wild in places such as high in the mountains or deep in the forests away from civilization. They appear even more delicate then their land bound sisters, their facial features even more chiseled and angular. The characteristic of the Avariel that is most stunning, however, is their beautiful, soft wings. Although these wings are generally white, Avariel have been seen with wings whose colors range to black, though the white winged Avariel positively have a minor disdain towards the black winged Avariel, regarding them as outcasts, while tolerating the other Avariel that have other colors beside black or white.
An Avariel’s eyes tend to be a little larger then a Elf’s, although they are the same color that they were before they evolved. Their hair is most often white or black, but there have been numerous exceptions, though for some reason, those who have blonde, brown or platinum blonde hair are widely respected in Avariel society. Probably because it reminds them of their former forms, and those who evolve naturally into ElfQueens, usually have those hair colors.
Avariel have a tendency to adopt a far-off look in their eyes when their immediate attention is not required. They are very much at home in the outdoors, and they appear out of place indoors or underground, but for some reason, they like to refine pieces of glass into works of art, making exquisite glass vessels that would fetch a high price in the market. Due to this ‘shaping’ quirk in Avariel, they have a slight rivalry with Pinielves, though it isn’t very fierce, and they get along with Glass, since the Glass in question usually loves the way that their pieces are shaped into some form of artwork.
Avariel clothing is most reminiscent of togas, for other types of clothing often snag on their wings. Togas and their like wrap easily around the Avariel’s body and wings. Avariel prefer to attack from the air using their Light Arrows or Magic Bolts, only using Steel Wing if there are no other options.
Avariel tend to be very vain when it comes to their wings spending hours cleaning each feather and making them look their best. Tamers with an Avariel get used to always having her on top during Tamings as they hate the thought of dirt getting on their wings. Although the occasional Avariel might allow their Tamer to tame them doggy style, they will almost never allow their Tamers to cum on their back, for it will also get their wings dirty. Strangely enough, the small feathers on the junction of her back and her wings are extremely erogenous zones, second only to their ears, and stroking them gently will almost always bring them in the mood for Taming.
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AZHI DAHAKA, the Stoneworker Dragon Pokégirl
Type:Not Very Near Human
Element: Dragon/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-like with mineral supplementation
Role: Combat Engineer, Earth Mover
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ice, Flying
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Slash, Cut, Scratch, Dragon Torture, Harden, Rock Throw, Unmoveable, Dynawave, Megawave, Rock Spike, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Tough skin (x3), Claws, Stone Shaping
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (Diamond Stone)
When a Draco evolves with a Diamond the physical changes are quite substantial. She gains at least a foot in height (none have been shorter than 6ft), a large amount of muscle bulking the Pokégirl out, and at least a full cup size if not more. Her forearms, back and legs become covered in a thick, tough skin allowing her to work smashing stone and anything else in her path without fear of injury, but at the same time, her chest, stomach and face still remain rather soft and silky, and she enjoys gentle stroking through the areas. Her hair still remains the courser-than-human type of the Draco, but tends to be shorter for ease of cleaning, if she doesn’t outright shave it off. Mentally, she becomes a very patient Pokégirl, requiring a great deal to become upset or angry. However, if pushed far enough, the ensuing rage is nearly impossible to assuage.
Despite her great strength, toughness and wide array of attacks, she dislikes combat. Instead she uses her attacks to clear an area and carve out materials for building shelters, bunkers or other buildings quickly, and then using her limited stone shaping power to smooth it out and seal the pieces together to make it stronger, and make changes to help conceal it. What’s interesting is she possesses a decent amount of knowledge concerning construction, allowing her build better and more complex structures if given the necessary materials and tools.
If feral, she’ll usually find a quiet area to build her shelter and spend her time either looking for food, or strengthening/concealing her shelter. A ‘girl who has been feral for a long time tends to have a heavily build, and well concealed shelter requiring a little strategy on the part of a Tamer wanting to catch her. If she can find a Dragon pride to join, she will then help build up the shelters of all the members as well as herself, plus try and conceal the pride as well.
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BABEOON, the Violent Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon (Forrest and Slot) Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous with a preference for Meats
Role: Jungle Assaults
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Flower Kick, Counter, Hurricane Kick, Flying Kick, Stone Palm, Giant Toss, Rose Whip, Wood Tower, Lance
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Agility, Balance, Reflexes, and Flexibility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Prehensile Tail (Ferals only) and Feet
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Pri-mate (Leaf Stone)
Aggression. That is the word that comes to mind when one mentions a Babeoon. With the application of a Leaf Stone the Pri-Mate seems to trade in her curious nature for a more aggressive one. The Babeoon gains anywhere from six to eight inches when she evolves, her bust gaining very little, a half cup at most. The most prominent change to them when they evolve is that their ass swells, giving them a 'bubble-butt' appearance. Their rumps are much firmer than what people think. Their fur turns either white or some off color of white that always has a slight green tint to it. Feral Babeoons tend to have a slight muzzle instead of a mouth, and all Babeoons have elongated canines. Most Ferals tend to be slightly more animalistic in appearances.
Babeoons are fierce fighters. One of the breed's major drawbacks are their quick tempers, able to go from calm and loving to raging like a Gynadose in about the same span of time. Because of their tempers it isn't recommended for any beginning tamer to have one in their harem. They attack with everything in their arsenal at once. They strike hard and fast in short bursts. One minute they're attacking with everything all at once in a confusing rush, and the next you allowed a quick breather before the assault begins again.
The first discovery that Babeoons are an evolution of the Pri-Mate was by accident, before they were just considered a stand alone Pokégirl. An E-stone merchant had a Pri-Mate in his harem that usually wore gloves while helping to avoid any chances of evolving on accident. While they slept one night there was an attempted robbery and the Pri-Mate, in her hurry to protect the stones, forgot to put her gloves on. While fighting off several of the offenders' Pokégirls the Pri-Mate accidentally grabbed hold of a Leaf Stone and evolved. She managed to fend off the intruders and recover all of the stones except for the one that caused her evolution.
The Babeoon is very proud of her luscious ass. They enjoy anal as much (possibly even more) than a Mini-Top and share the Excessively Violent bunny's dislike of any jokes, comments, or remarks pertaining to her lack of a chest. The skin on their asses become sensitive, and if a Tamer knows what he's doing, he's capable of getting a Babeoon off playing with her ass alone. No one knows why the Babeoon has a love for spankings, but Babeoons often act up with favored tamers just to give them an excuse to 'spank their Monkey'. Because of their canines most tamers will only let a Babeoon pleasure them orally if they truly trust in her. While there is no chance of being poisoned, as with the Arachnae, most tamers admit that they still find it slightly uncomfortable allowing their dick to be placed into the mouth of a Pokégirl with a short temper and sharp teeth.
The Feral state of the Babeoon is something that puzzles researchers. They can't seem to figure out why a girl that shows aggression when she's tamed becomes much more laid back when feral. This torpid state as often allowed researchers to wonder right into the middle of a Babeoon troop. They tend to stick with their own kind and can be very territorial to unwanted company, but they can be found in charge of Pri-Mate troops and frequently on the move. When company has over stayed their welcome the troop bands together and drives the unwanted guests out, biting and clawing. The time periods vary, but most seem to allow a week or two grace periods. They show no signs of provocation before attacking, so caution should be used when dealing with these feral Pokégirls. While they are more passive when Feral, they are still no Pokégirl you'd want to run into in a dark alley.
As of right now, while possible, Thresholding into a Babeoon is unlikely. Most girls that do Threshold into a Babeoon have a heavy combination of monkey Pokégirls and plant types in their heritage. Thresholding into a Babeoon is similar to the thresholding process of a Pri-Mate, although an early sign is that the young girl will generally become more violent and hostile. Another sign is that the girl tends to go through all of the discomforts and pains that the rest of the Ape types go through, including the painful foot cramps as the bones reposition themselves.
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BAKUCHAN, the Dream-eater Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Dreams (specialized energy-feeding mechanism)
Role: Sleep disruption, dream analysis, sleep aid, assistant for the disabled
Libido: Unknown (can be Tamed within dreams)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Energy Drain, Dream Eater, Haunted, Sleepy Eyes, Hypnotize, Yawn, Phase
Enhancements: Corporeal/Incorporeal form, dream sustenence, dream entry, light-sensitive eyes
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
The effects of Bakuchan's existence were recorded during the Revenge War, even if the breed wasn't known at the time. Large groups of soldiers would find their sleep repeatedly disturbed, leading to exhaustion even after receiving eight or more hours of sleep, and some would report that what dreams they had (many reported not dreaming at all) included "a really strange girl". Initial psychoanalysis dismissed the dreams as stress caused by battling Pokégirls, but eventually Tamer forces revealed that there really was a really strange girl involved-- a Pokégirl whose entire role was to disrupt the sleep of human forces. However, the exhaustion could be fought by taking multivitamins, and eventually the Bakuchan were apparently hunted to extinction. They were recently rediscovered in various Leagues and have since been bred to Uncommon status.
Bakuchan appear to be human girls, though some (especially ferals) may have a grayish tint to their skin, which is generally cool to the touch. However, they can take an incorporeal form, which is visually identified by the body fading to mist or smoke below the waist and trailing away. In this form, a Bakuchan can enter and manipulate the dreams of humans and other Pokégirls, and cannot be hit by Normal or Fighting attacks, or by conventional firearms.
In fact, Bakuchan are not a bad choice for combat, mainly because they have so many immunities. However, they don't have very many proper attacks, either, and their Energy Drain is weaker on conscious opponents. Bakuchan are best for support, since they can make opponents too drowsy to focus properly with Yawn, Hypnotize, and Sleepy Eyes, opening them up for an ally's more direct attacks or putting them right to sleep.
Bakuchan are very lazy, low-maintenance Pokégirls. Since they feed on dreams (a specialized mechanism for feeding on energy), they favor equally lazy harem-mates and Tamers who sleep enough that they won't mind missing an hour or two of slumber due to their dreams being eaten. Ironically, their affinity for sleep and for dreams make them great dream-analysis experts and allow them to help their Tamers and/or harem-sisters to get the most out of their slumbering hours. They don't do much in the daytime, partly because they are so lazy, and partly because their eyes are very light-sensitive and they are half-blind in bright sunlight. On the other hand, their night vision is excellent, leading a lot of Tamers and Tradesmen to use Bakuchan for night guards who can discreetly exhaust would-be attackers and put them to sleep to be captured in the morning when it's time for the Bakuchan to go to sleep.
Bakuchan are often employed as starters for Tamers with physical disabilities or debilitating Blood Curses that would make it difficult for them to Tame Pokégirls otherwise. The reason for this is simple: Bakuchan can get Tamed in their master's dreams, where such restrictions would not affect a Taming session. Fans of the Bakuchan praise her ability to mold their dreams into their greatest fantasies for their satisfaction as well as hers, down to taking the appearance of a more-beloved harem-sister if necessary.
Feral Bakuchan frequently aren't really, since they can simply infiltrate a passing human's or Pokégirl’s dreams for a quickie when they need it. They do tend to attract others of their kind, though, and feed on enough dreams to be considered a pest in large numbers. Bad dreams have been shown to act as a deterrent, possibly because the negative energy generated by bad dreams can give a Bakuchan indigestion, but most Bakuchan-infested towns would rather offer rewards for passing Tamers to clear out and capture the Bakuchan.
Threshold Bakuchan usually come close to starving to death during the process-- physical food no longer nourishes them, but they haven't yet figured out how to eat dreams for proper nourishment! Most families send them to a ghost-intensive ranch where other Bakuchan can teach them how to eat.
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BALEENA, the Whale Warrior Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph (Whale)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: small fish (lots), shrimp, plankton
Role: Aquatic heavy assault, used in undersea mining and farming post-War
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Water, Ice (Special)
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Water Spear, Takedown, Water Sword, Tail Slap, Mirror Image, Hip Drop, Water Floor, Body Slam, Bubbler, Backhand, Crushing Punch, Geyser, Super Move, Tidal Wave, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10 on land, x20 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x3 in water), has immunity to cold other Water-type Pokegirls do not
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized (compared to the humans on the ships, however, she is rather large. (More info below.) Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
After the war, the Baleena were found living peacefully among whales and dolphins. On several occasions, the Baleena were recorded as protecting the animals that they lived among from other predators, including Pokégirls. Though not essentially territorial creatures, as they migrate on paths that whales cruise around the oceans on, they are fiercely protective of any that they deem to be family. Often, these Pokégirls lead their animal-cousins to feeding grounds along their migratory journeys. Although a few fishermen after the war attempted to continue the ways of whalers of centuries past, this practice was discontinued as soon as Pokéballs became generally available. Even feral, the Baleena are intelligent enough to create traps, and even to use their pods as bait for Pokégirls or other natural predators.
Although a pokegirl, the Baleena are certainly not one of the many breeds well known for their beauty. Instead, the Baleena are stocky, tall individuals. They have been known to stand as tall as seven and a half feet, although there are a few rare pokegirls of this breed that are taller. Very few are shorter than seven feet tall. They do not have hands, but their arms are like the Harpy's in that they are flippers that sprout from her shoulders and upper arms. Unlike the Harpy, however, the Baleena still has forearms and hands, making her even more versatile in and out of water. Pokégirls of this breed have wide and webbed feet that allow her to walk on land and swim even better in the water. Like many Pokégirls, the Baleena has a tail. It is thick, and about 3/4 as long as their body is tall. This tail is one of their main defenses, and ability to move quickly while underwater. Their size and weight make running a bit of a chore for the breed, but they are just as capable of running as they are of walking. Their skin and eye coloration tend to vary, although many have darker skin color than they do eye color. Their skin covers the blubber that their body stores, however, and helps to insulate her from extreme cold temperatures and ice techniques. These Pokégirls do not often have hair anywhere on their bodies, although threshold and domestic Baleena have been documented as having short hair.
One thing that does tend to make other Pokégirls envious is the fact that their muscles do not show as obviously as most Pokégirls who are as strong as they are do. They are extremely strong Pokégirls, especially in water, and tamers are cautioned to utilize restraints if they wind up taming one. Strangely, the Baleena as a breed are especially observant of the fact that humans are much weaker and will always lay down for a taming, or swim on their backs instead. A taming while swimming is a treat to the Baleena, as are Tamers who are as gentle and loving with them as the Baleena is with her tamer.
Despite their strength, this breed is generally gentle when they or their family isn't threatened. They do make wonderful transport over short distances in water, however, and are capable of holding their breath for hours at a time if not forced into a battle. Battling uses up a Baleena's oxygen stores much more quickly than if she were just diving, eating, or doing some other non-strenuous activity. As a result of her loyalty and defense of those she considers family, which often extends to he tamer, a Baleena will very often be used as a bodyguard. She may even be given the Alpha position within a harem if the tamer stays near the ocean or some other large body of water. Baleena also enjoy singing, and it is often quite a surprise to many tamers when they listen to a Pokégirl of this breed sing for the first time. On several known occasions, those of this breed have won singing contests in various places around the world. One of the main drawback to this breed is the fact that they are not as versatile as other Pokégirl types. Also, they are not especially attractive, considering that their blubber tends to make them look 'well-rounded' (this researcher was forced to describe them in such a manner after a particularly annoyed Baleena threatened to sit on him). They are also difficult to keep fed at times, as they tend to eat nearly as much as a Snorlass every other day.
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BALLISTICUNT, the Incoming! Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel/Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Long-range combatants, projectile weapon maintenance
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water
Attacks: Arc Shot, Rapid Fire, Silver Fist, Plasma Crusher, Dodge, Counter Burst, Resonate, Metal Sound
Enhancements: Enhanced Accuracy, limited metamorphosis (left and right arms only), summonable/dismissable body armor, Enhanced Agility and Speed (x6), Increased Durability (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Guntit (Diamond Stone)
When a Guntit comes into contact with a Diamond Stone, the Pokégirl evolves. No matter what they looked like before, their breasts increase in size by one-to-two cup sizes (which would generally place the breed's size between a C-cup and a DD-cup) and they increase in height by 6 to 14 inches (generally, they are taller than five and a half feet in height, though there have been one or two known to be shorter). They gain a natural armor that does not interfere with their maneuverability which can be summoned and dismissed. The armor covers most of their body, but doesn't protect her lower arms or her legs at all. However, their armor is lighter than that of her sister-evolution, the GunValkyrie, and as such she is not as vulnerable or slow as a result. The armor itself can be of just about any color, but generally is gray to begin with and can be painted. The design of the armor differs per region, with those in Edo sporting a mostly more traditional samurai or ninja-style look to them, just to name an example- the armor tends to take a style that is influenced by the Pokégirl’s local cultural history. A major difference between the Guntit and the Ballisticunt is that the Ballisticunt can now change both of her arms at once into her plasma cannons, allowing her access to the Plasma Crusher techniques.
With the evolution comes a better sense of self for the breed. Although they do enjoy working with projectile weapons, the Ballisticunt do manage to discover a world away from them, escaping their tunnel vision of Mission, Taming, and Weapons. With an entirely new world opened to her, the Ballisticunt are known for trying to find just about anything interesting to them- their curiosity knows few bounds, save when it conflicts with their natural strategic sense. This often makes them good Alphas and Betas, though Tamers with a combat harem rarely use them as Alphas due to how difficult it is to get certain other Pokégirl types to follow the orders of a Pokégirl that rarely fights on the front line of a battle. A peculiar thing for tamers to keep in mind is that these Pokégirls do not make good cooks, and tend to criticize recipes as they do not like doing things by 'approximate' values if they can at all help it. Ballisticunts, as a result, make for good assistants to Supe-Bra Genius Pokégirls- they are intelligent enough to be useful, and durable enough to survive the latter's possible experiments.
While the GunValkyrie is better known and more popular, the Ballisticunt is also known, though for a different reason. She is one of the fastest and most agile (if not the most in both cases) ground types known to exist. Although she's not as variable a weapons-platform as the GunValkyrie (and certainly not as flashy), the Ballisticunt is more human-like and capable of defending herself at point-blank ranges. In battle, the Ballisticunt is used for fire support, although she often begins with Counter Burst, followed by Resonate if she expects to be facing a psychic-type Pokégirl, or she may begin with Resonate instead. If she finds herself somehow in hand-to-hand combat, she'll often use her Rapid Fire (which uses the same plasma that the Guntit's Plasma Blasts used, minus the usage limitations) to make her opponent back off, or get in close to use her Silver Fist technique. At extreme ranges, a Ballisticunt prefers to use her Arc Shots instead. If facing a particularly intense threat, the Pokégirl will use Metal Sound or even her signature Plasma Crusher technique.
This breed is known for her strategic capabilities in battle, and even out of battle. Few human players manage to beat a Ballisticunt in any sort of strategic game, whether it be something as ancient as Chess or Risk, to a video game with the latest and newest innovations. In battles, the Ballisticunt has shown herself to be resilient and a steady asset. In the several Widow confrontations in which these Pokégirls have been confirmed participants, it has been recorded that the Ballisticunt was the most common Pokégirl survivor due to her staying out of the main battle and picking away at her target. Of course, this means that among front-line Pokégirl combatants, they are viewed poorly until they find themselves in the heat of battle with one. However, the only way to truly gain respect from an Amazon-type or a Ama-type is through sparring, and the Ballisticunt will usually accept any challenge that comes her way.
Arc Shot (ATK+80): A long-range only attack (at any closer than 80ft, the Arc Shot only has a 25% of hitting it's target). This is considered a Steel-type attack. This weapon arcs in mid trajectory, much as mortar shells from pre-Sukebe days do, to allow for such long range strikes. This allows for indirect firing, and this attack can reach up to one mile away before losing it's potency (maximum range is two miles for indirect fire, at which point the ATK rating decreases to ATK+10). This attack can be launched from either of the pokegirl's cannons, and inexperienced pokegirls (under level 25) have their maximum range reduced to 1.5 miles. The attack can also decrease the Defense of any/all pokegirls it strikes by a single stage per strike. Attacking with this technique requires two rounds- one to aim and range, and the next to fire after the aiming has been completed.
Plasma Crusher (ATK+100): A stronger version of Plasma Blast that is capable of being used any time. However, it can only be used once for every two levels that the Ballisticunt is in experience (at level 30, she can use it up to 15 times). This is considered a Steel-type attack. This attack requires the pokegirl to use both arm plasma cannons at once to utilize the attack fully.
Counter Burst (EFT): This technique reduces the effectiveness of any single strike to 25% and increases the pokegirl's speed by two stages. After the strike that hits is reduced, the technique must be used again before it can have the same effect, although subsequent speed increases are only one stage each (up to a maximum of five stages).
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BANDAME, the Mummy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: She needs heavy amounts of liquid, but can eat a human-style diet.
Role: Vault guardians. Frequently employed by banks and the rich to guard their vault.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fighting, Magic
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Water, Ice, Plant, Dragon, Fire (Special weakness)
Attacks: Tackle, Pummel, Sand Attack, Dig, Drill Strike, Resonate, Snake Bandage,* Cobra Bandage,* Bronze Fist, Silver Fist
Enhancements: Ground affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Trap affinity
Evolves: Phawhore (High level + Battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Bandames were first discovered in the old Egypt area of the Dark Continent, in one of the few expeditions that returned successfully from there, in the year 260 AS. They were found guarding several old tombs, and assumed to be regular mummies as in the old legends. However when the Water-types and Cactora accompanying the researchers unleashed their attacks, the mummies softened, turning from dried-up husks to sexy, exotic women wrapped in bandages. The mummies also became much more receptive and friendly, accepting Tamings and showing the researchers around once they were convinced that they just came to look and not loot. Lord Henshingly Croft, a famous Blue League researcher, did the most intensive studies on these Pokégirls, which eventually came to be known as Bandames. He eventually began to import the Pokégirls out of the Dark Continent, as their skill at guarding treasure and their relative ease of maintenance made them potentially very useful.
Bandames, when not dried out, are beautiful, elegant Pokégirls. They are tall, busty Pokégirls that look Egyptian in appearance, with dark, sand-colored skin and with stylized markings around their eyes. Their bodies are covered partially in silk bandages that wrap around most of their body, leaving their midriffs and cleavage bare, along with most of their faces. They have a telekinetic control over the bandages, and can remove them easily at their Tamer’s request. Their primary attacks involve unraveling their bandages to tie up the opponent, leaving them open for their stronger attacks. They move smoothly and quickly, and are fierce fighters, especially if they are defending something. Interestingly enough, they have an instinctual knowledge of traps, both how to build them and how to avoid them. This has made some security companies want to recruit Bandames for their businesses.
Bandames are superb guardians of treasure. Even better, the ‘treasure’ they guard can be defined however you want, be it gold and valuables or a beloved child, or anything similar. They will defend the treasure no matter what, and not let it fall into the hands of enemies.
In terms of taming, Bandames are not picky. They like to be tamed in any way their Tamer desires, just so long as they have a lot of skin contact. Bandames do not like being alone, having an almost pathological fear of solitude. Even when placed as a guard, they will not stay in place unless they have at least one other living, breathing person to stay with them. This was first noted when they were discovered in the tombs, as all Bandames were encountered in packs of at least two.
Bandames are fairly easy to maintain. They can eat human food, however they need lots and lots of liquid to drink. Partnering a Bandame with any liquid-producing Pokégirl, such as a Milktit or a Water-type with their own internal well, is ideal, as it allows them to maintain their moisture level and stay gorgeous. If a Bandame does not regularly intake fluid, they will start to dry out, becoming like a desiccated husk in appearance. This can also be exacerbated by Fire, which can dry out Bandames quickly and burn their bandages away. However, bandages can be regenerated magically after being burned away.
There have been only three known cases of Thresholding into a Bandame, each one marked by the girl in question consuming massive amounts of water or other fluids.
*Snake Bandage – (ATK 30) The Bandame flings out the bandages on her arms, sending them coiling at the opponent to wrap them up. The bandages are surprisingly strong, and can hold all but the strongest of opponents. If need be, the Bandame can also use this attack with the bandages on her legs.
*Cobra Bandage – (ATK 70 + EFT) The Bandame flings out the bandages on her arms, only this time they coil around themselves and form a massive, hissing cobra, which lashes out and bites the opponent before returning to the Bandame’s arm. Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent.
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BANSHEE, the Prosecuting Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Unknown
Role: Revenge
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Electric, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Night Shade, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Fear Aura, Sprite, Ghost Blade, Haunted, Shadow 3, Invis 3, Wailing(*), Cacophony(**)
Enhancements: N/A
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Ghostly (Discovering own body or murdered body of loved ones), Rooder (Failing the Trial)
Banshees are the result of murder. It's believed that sometimes a Ghostly can form away from their original bodies and upon finding said body, will recall their former lives. In particular, the last moments. The Ghostly will then evolve into a Banshee and begin hunting the person who killed her. Sometimes, this will also occur if she finds her loved ones murdered.
Unlike other Ghost Pokégirls, Banshees have but one purpose: finding the murderer responsible. Once this is accomplished, she will depart for the afterlife.
However, many times, finding the killer isn't always easy.
As such, she will often track the spiritual signature of the person as best as she can, but will ask for aid from Megami, Sorceresses, other Ghost Pokégirls and even Youma and their evolutions. If any of these Pokégirls attempt to stop her or convince her to stop pursuit of the killer, they will be ignored and the Banshee will look for someone who will help.
If they find the killer, they will attack immediately and without mercy. Even if driven off, she will simply return the next day to attempt again. Only an exorcism, admission of guilt to Megami or law enforcement agency or the murderer's death prior to her return will quell her anger.
Banshees become truly troublesome when they are either unable to exact her revenge within 10 days of finding the murderer or if the murderer is killed before she can find them. She will them begin to haunt the murderer's dwelling, pestering and attacking all within relentlessly and using Wailing and Cacophony routinely, until she is exorcised or otherwise appeased. This generally includes proper burials and the murderer either going to jail or at the very least, being listed as a murderer in an official document.
Banshees will often listen and respect to Megami, unless the Megami tries to get her to leave without making efforts to at least rectify the situation. They will then ignore that Megami and continue their pestering until another effort to appease her is attempted by someone else.
(*) - Wailing - (ATK 5 + EFT) Everyone who hears the wailing with shudder. Opposing Pokégirls will have their Special Defense reduced by 25%.
(**) - Cacophony - (ATK 50 + EFT) Everyone who hears this amplified deafening scream will be unable to hear for 2-8 turns, have their Special Defense drop by 75% for six rounds and may become dizzy and confused. In some cases, they may faint. Megami, Youma and their evolutions and Ghost Pokégirls are the only ones who can ignore these aftereffects (they'll still be deafened, though).
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BARDESS, the Troubadour Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-type diet
Role: Morale boosters, Pokégirl Support
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, pokegirls weak to sonic techniques
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying
Attacks: Sing, Dance, Cheer, Yell, Various Song Techniques (often named by the Pokégirl or her tamer), *Duet, *Chorus, *Symphony, *Harmony
Enhancements: Increased and Enhanced Lung Capacity, Perfect Recall, Song magic-casting
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Diva (Orgasm while music is playing)
The Diva was originally Sukebe's stopgap measure to try and bolster his forces as he and his team of Pokégirl DNA engineers created newer, meaner Pokégirls to combat the humans that were slowly closing in on them. The Bardess, on the other hand, has no roots from the Revenge War other than her previous evolution's. The first recorded instance of a Bardess' discovery was in 42 AS, when a Diva evolved during a taming session with her tamer's music player on high. It wasn't until 128 AS that the evolution method was recorded, however. The Bardess outwardly looks no different than she did when she was a Diva, save for a sudden growth spurt of around two to five inches. The true change, however, is that a Bardess' lungs is about 25% larger than a comparatively sized Pokégirl or human, and her body efficiently makes use of every bit of them to enable the breed's specialty.
Or specialties, rather. The Bardess is often categorized into two variations of the breed: the Musician, who utilizes instruments to craft her song magic. The other type of Bardess is the Minstrel, who prefer being able to vocalize and play at the same time to craft their song magic. Both find that their ability to cast song magic have increased by a tremendous amount and using the unique techniques described below, can accomplish musically and aurally what would otherwise require a grand symphony. Though the Bardess still has the basic ability to increase the powers of her harem sisters in battle and out through her song magic, or attack using various sung frequencies, they have become much more powerful in scope. Many of the songs sung or played (or both) can increase many of the abilities of her targeted harem sisters, while the opponent(s) cannot make similar use of the song magic's effects. Though research is ongoing due to this phenomenon, it has been suggested by magicians from Vale that it is a result of the magic of the songs more than anything, directed at the whims of the Bardess.
In a battle, the Bardess is little more than a target compared to numerous other Pokégirls, and the breed has been compared to the Ingenue when it comes to lack of fighting prowess. In a support role, where the Diva excelled, the Bardess is possibly the penultimate support Pokégirl. One of the rarest things to catch is a Bardess in the act of her singing, as unlike the Diva, this breed rarely sings unless required. This means battles and in practice would be the only times one might find a Bardess singing or playing her instruments, though they are reported to have a need to at least practice several times a week at least to 'keep their skills' well-honed. In a harem, the breed is considered excellent in providing entertainment and distraction for all types of Pokégirls, Pokégirls with a chaotic nature find this breed in particular perfect for finding their center amidst their warring natures. For others, they are infuriating, as the Bardess can be found being picked on by stronger, more physical types of Pokégirls that are proud of their own abilities without resorting to the 'tricks' that a Bardess provides during a battle. Bardess are not, however, considered to be good choices for any leadership positions due to their lack of interest of gaining power over her harem sisters. When taming, the Bardess is quite vocal, and many have been known to use their song magic to induce increased stamina, endurance, staying power, and interest in her tamer and harem sisters.
Feral Bardess are extraordinarily rare, and almost always are found as a result of a tamer getting killed by a feral in the wilderness, or some one just tossing one into the wilderness to try and fend for herself. They are nomadic, wandering a certain course through the various areas in an effort to stay alive. Without their intelligent state that comes from being domestic, a feral Bardess often uses her instrument(s) as a weapon to keep herself safe. Though they can sing, there is no harmony or reason to the songs sung, and as such the Bardess is unable to command her song magic while in a feral state. This breed is often coveted by any prospective tradesmen looking for a musical career in any league, and competitions between bands can sometimes result in the prize being a captured Bardess. Outside of harems and bands, however, they make for excellent pets and get along well with both children and Pokékits.
Duet (EFT): This technique exclusive to the Diva and Bardess breeds. Using her song magic, a Bardess can sing using two voices- the second most often 'borrowed' from someone that the Bardess knows. Any song sung in this manner has its power increased two-fold and can affect more than one pokegirl at a time, though this comes at additional cost to the length of the Bardess' song. This may also be sung by a pair of Divas at once.
Chorus (EFT): After Duet is mastered, the Chorus technique is the next step up. Using more song-magic powers, a Bardess can sing with up to three other voices via magic at once, allowing her songs to increase in strength even faster. However, just like with the Duet, this comes at the cost of the length of the song being sung. This may also be utilized by four Divas singing in concert. The songs being sung by multiple partners must be the same song, however, just as with the Duet technique.
Symphony (EFT): The instrumental-version of Chorus.
Harmony (EFT): Basically, this technique is a combination of several songs intertwined to become a combined song magic spell. Capable with each voice sung to weave a different effect into the Harmony, this technique allows numerous songs that are otherwise impossible to sing at once to consolidate into a melody that incoporates the effects of each song into one massive effect. Unlike Chorus/Symphony, Harmony drains the singer/player only as much as a Duet does, as Harmony also effects the caster of the song magic as well.
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BARRIERMAIDEN, the Ultimate Defender Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: bodyguard
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Reflect, Harden, Foresight, Telekinesis, Armor, Mega Shield, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Agility
Enhancements: Psychic abilities, Armored Skin, Sleepless Recovery
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shieldmaiden (Cunnydew nectar)
When a Shieldmaiden evolves into a Barriermaiden, her physical form doesn't change much, but a large number of tattoo-like patterns may appear on her skin. These tattoos glow whenever she uses her psychic powers, and while that is a bad thing in tight situations when subtle movements are needed, the trade off is that they can now operate 24/7 without need for sleep. They actually gain very short periods of microsleep. When they blink their eyes, they enter a short R.E.M. cycle. In fact, the chances of even sleep powder working for more than a minute are slim. The only times they'll stay unconscious for longer than a minute is if they're physically knocked out or drained of most of their energy. Their bodies still require at least four hours of rest a day, but other than that, they are the ultimate guards.
Barriermaidens carry some form of shield, whether it's a large section of a broken door fashioned into a shield or a professionally made tower shield, they feel naked without something solid to defend themselves with.
Barriermaidens become highly protective, almost like a Neo-Iczel, in their claim on a lover. They generally choose one person, either Pokégirl or human, as their primary partner. The primary partner is the one they will seek to defend first, though some tamers are rather irate when it happens to be another Pokégirl in their harem.
Like Loners, the Barriermaiden can instantly tell when their primary partner is in danger, but unlike Loners, Barriermaidens never allow themselves to be separated from said partner willingly. The furthest a Barriermaiden will step from her partner is five feet, and they generally use Agility so they can return to their partner's side as quick as possible in case of a sudden emergency.
When a Barriermaiden chooses another Pokégirl in a harem as her primary partner, she will demand to be given their partner's Pokéball. If the tamer flat-out refuses, she may steal the Pokéball in the middle of the night and leave. And since very few tamers can go without sleep, the chances of the Barriermaiden getting away are over 98%. If given the Pokéball, she will remain loyal to the tamer so long as the tamer remains loyal and/or good-hearted.
Shield - (DEF) The weakest form of Barrier. Shield is directional and lessens damage by 25%. If used on a shield or some other pre-existing barrier (such as a wall or door), the damage is lessened by 50%. This technique can be projected up to ten feet.
Mega Shield - (DEF) An upgraded version of Shield. It too is directional and lessens damage by 50%. If used on a shield or some other pre-existing barrier (such as a wall or door), the damage is lessened up to 85%. This technique can be projected up to fifteen feet.
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BASILISK, the Queen of Snakes Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (reptile)
Element: Poison/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: small animals, usually eaten whole and/or live
Role: Assassin
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water, Bug, Magic
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Hypnosis, Agility, Glare, Dig, Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Poison tail, Dragon Breath, Harden, Petrification Gaze, Death Stare* At Higher Levels: Skin Clone*, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Unbreakable skin, Longevity, Poison immunity, light psychic abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (E-stone ceremony)
A Pokégirl first discovered around 288 PS, the Basilisk is not as versatile in its poison production capabilities as the Arbust, most tamers agree that it is a vast improvement over the Arbust. Its scales no longer are coated with poison, and it gains the powerful dragon element. This Pokégirl looks very similar to the Arbust’s snake form, but loses it s human form again, like the Naga. The Basilisk loses the Arbust’s hood, and its scales assume a golden hue. It also grows to the awesome length of 25 feet. It also grows a bright crest from the top of its head.
In addition, the Basilisk is very difficult to kill. Almost nothing can pierce its scales, and has incredibly good reflexes. It is also immune to any direct magical spells. Elemental spells, and spells that cause damage indirectly can still injure it. The Basilisk has extremely fast reflexes, however it still has its weaknesses. Like most snake Pokégirls, the Basilisk is vulnerable to cold, but with the dragon element the Basilisk takes four time the amount of damage than normal. In addition, the Basilisk is weak to Ground attacks. One of the favored ways for a Basilisk to hunt, is to burrow through the ground and surprise its prey from underneath. For this reason, the Basilisk has become sensitive to vibrations through the ground. However this also has a disadvantage. This means that ground attacks also do four times the amount of damage. For an unknown reason, the Basilisk has an extremely low defense, usually 4 or 5 stages lower than other Pokégirls at the same level. Even using harden, the Basilisk cannot permanently increase its defense. Only while it has the attack going, is it useful.
The Basilisk’s most potent attack is its Death Stare, a much more powerful version of Petrification gaze. A Basilisk encircles its prey and makes eye contact. From there emits a form of psychic poison mixed with a hypnotic wave. Only other psychic or very strong willed Pokégirls are capable of breaking this connection. If not broken after 30 seconds, the victim becomes incapacitated and further exposure can lead to death. This technique only works if direct eye contact is made for at least thirty seconds, an interruption leads to a failure of this technique. The stronger the Basilisk the less time it will take for the Death Stare to work. The shortest time recorded has been 20 seconds for KO and 35 for a fatality. At higher levels the Basilisk is capable of shedding its skin to create a clone with half of its HP. This clone is capable of using a few of the techniques that the original can. As an interesting side note, the Phoenix and its evolutions are immune to any of the Basilisk’s eye techniques. There is even a legend of a young boy named Harry Porker killed a rampaging Basilisk with his Phoenix by stabbing it through the roof of its mouth.
It should be noted that all spider evolutions, for an unknown reason, fear the Basilisk. It is unknown how a Widow would react to an encounter with one but it is speculated that, because it is insane, will treat the Basilisk as any other Pokégirls. Because of a genetic imperfection, the Basilisk has a phobia of the Cockadiddle line. One low-level Basilisk suffered a heart attack at seeing one.
Basilisks prefer heavily wooded areas and caves as their habitat. Feral Basilisks are very instinctual creatures, mainly using their death stare to hunt. Ferals tend to avoid conflict. There have been no reported cases of Thresholding into a Basilisk.
Ceremony Description
Stones needed: Dragon Scale, Dawn Stone, Venom Stone, Psi-Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: None
Ceremony Description: A frog Pokégirl, preferably a poison one, is needed for this ceremony. Place the 4 stones in a square around yourself, the Basilisk, and frog Pokégirl. Tame the Arbust while it is taming the frog. If all three of you achieve climax at the same time there is a 7% chance that your Arbust will evolve
*Death Stare-(EFT) The Basilisk's ultimate move, the serpent makes eye contact with its prey, and initiates a hypnotic gaze that evolves into a psychic connection. It then floods this temporary bond with poisonous psychic energy. One minute of exposure will result in the death of the prey, thirty seconds will result in a knock out and anything less will result in poisoning. Because of its hypnotic nature, only other psychic or extremely strong willed pokegirls are capable of resisting. Any break in eye contact will result in the failure of this technique and poisoning. If the Basilisk does not achieve eye contact, then the prey will only be poisoned
*Skin Clone-(EFT) The Basilisk sheds its skin and forms a clone of itself. This clone is capable of using Bite, Wrap and Venom Bite. It has half the HP of the original and if used the original doubles its defense. This technique can only be used once a day. This clone loses its immunity to magic, but gains much in defense, however the original keeps its advantages.
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BASTIT, the Legendary Sex Kitten Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Feline)
Element: Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: human style foods, particularly fish and cream and energy drawn from sex
Role: morale booster, “Goddess of Pleasure”
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Rock, Fighting, Psychic, Poison
Weak Vs: None (Ghost, Dark)
Attacks: Tail Slap, Double Slap, Hyper Slap, Tackle, Scratch, Kitty Litter, Fury Swipes, Sing, Roar, Agility, Smile, Reflect, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Recover, Heal, Teleport, “Call me Queen”, Earlobe Nibble, Tongue-in-ear, Ear Blow, Cuddle, Sex Attacks 1, 2, 3, Sexy Hug, Go Down, Purr Vibrations
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, High libido, High Stamina
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Bastit is one of the very rare Legendary Pokégirls. Made by Sukebe in the most interesting of fashions…
Bastit is the FIRST G-Spliced in Pokégirl history. A cross between a Catgirl and a Megami-sama. She is a powerful, loyal, and free-spirited Legendary who is helpful to all forms of life, be they human of Pokégirl.
Sukebe had created her basically for one thing. Sex, sex, and then even more sex! To accomplish this goal, Sukebe had modeled Bastit after the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Pleasure, (among other things) so that Bastit would be well versed in forms of pleasure. This is quite evident, as the few times Bastit was seen fighting; she used a wide-range of sexually stimulating attacks. However, she is not limited to just sexual techniques, she has quite an array of powerful magic attacks and effects. She also has quite a few healing techniques as well.
Another strength of Bastit is she has a sweet smelling pheromone that her body releases naturally. No human or Pokégirl could stand up to her when she releases her pheromones at full strength. Her pheromones cause a person to calm down quite a bit, to the point that they would do anything for her. Bastit is also known as the “Mother of Cat-types”, since she always loves to ‘baby’ other cat Pokégirls, treating them as if they were her own children.
Because of her heritages, Bastit can take two forms, all depending on her mood. One is of a woman of 5’7” in height, with tanned skin, emerald eyes, long black hair, golden-furred cat ears, and wearing a thin white tunic, sandals, and gold jewelry of different sorts, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and a gold tiara with a sapphire gemstone in the center with a relief of a cat sitting on its hind-legs, and Egyptian hieroglyphs adorn all the pieces of jewelry she wears.
Her other form is a near-human Catgirl. She wears the same clothing, but in the second form she is more cat-like, with a layer of short golden fur covering her from head to toe, she gains a tail, claws where her fingernails were, and her height increases to 6’ exactly.
An interesting note is that Bastit was not meant to be a Legendary. In fact, she was originally just meant to keep Sukebe company, a favored ‘pet’ you could say… To this day, no one is sure how Bastit’s done it, but she is actually one of the most powerful Magic-types around; more than likely coming from the Megami-sama DNA in her.
To this day, Bastit is still seen from time to time. It’s speculated she keeps a low-profile for the most part, staying in her more human form and pretending to be just a plain-old Megami-sama… She seems to appear to those with strong cat Pokégirl ancestry, and those with high empathy.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Bastit’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below).
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Bastit has No Weakness (Level 65). If she were to face a Ghost or a Dark-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Magic, at or below level 65, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirl at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Bastit’s lexicon of special attributes:
Temptress: Being that Sukebe had modeled Bastit after the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Pleasure, (among other things) Bastit is very well versed in all forms of ‘pleasure’, both carnal and otherwise. She can seduce, tempt, or mislead people with her wiles.
Pleasure Pheromones: Bastit has a special pheromone she releases that can cause a person to feel good about themselves… It also leaves them wanting pleasure, which Bastit is more than happy to help them with.
Mother Cat Syndrome: When Sukebe created Bastit he ended up emulating many parts of Bastit’s supposed personality. Some considered Bastit the protector of children. This translates to the fact that Bastit tends to have a motherly attitude towards other Pokégirls, unless they tend to be aggressive and, well, jerks! Bastit doesn’t like Pokégirls into dominating during sex. She has a bit of Catgirl DNA in her, which reflects in her appearance, personality, and attitude. Bastit is also considered the ‘mother’ of all cat-types.
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BATTLE (insert name here), the Heavily-Armed (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: (base type)
Element: Steel/(base type)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: (as base type)
Role: Heavy assault, S.W.A.T., bodyguard, similar positions
Libido: varies
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel (others are same as the base type)
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground (others are same as the base type)
Attacks: Heavy Arms, same as base type
Enhancements: Retractable battle armor, Heavy Arms technique, Flightpack, Technologically Enhanced Senses (x4), Aquatic Capacity, others same as Base type
Disadvantages: Limited Active Period, Limited Ammo, same as base type
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Zeromer downloading itself via nanotech transfer into another Pokégirl
Zeromers are powerful Pokégirls. They are dangerous combatants, especially when modified, and can handle almost any threat. There is very little that can hurt them fatally.
But it can be done.
When a Zeromer is wounded fatally, there is a small chance that some part of them can live on. If they can find a host, they can download via nanotechs their memories and data, and if possible, a part of their personality. The nanotechs change the Pokégirl internally and externally, granting them the ability to manifest a powerful battle armor capable of taking a lot of punishment. The armor can be shaped according to the bonded Pokégirl’s wishes, giving each a unique appearance. When a Pokégirl is bonded to a dying Zeromer via the nanotech transfer, they become what is known as a Battle Pokégirl.
Pokégirls with this template have many abilities. They gain the ability to manifest a powerful battle armor, one that they can shape to their preferred design. This armor also comes with a rocketpack for flight and the ability to manifest an engine and mask with a self-renewing oxygen supply for aquatic travel and combat. They can access all the memories and databanks of the Zeromer they were bonded with, and in some cases actually communicate with the Zeromer, as the Zeromer may have found a way to download her very essence into the host Pokégirl. So potent is this download of information, that it sometimes has been known to be a great psychological change, usually for the better, in the bonded Pokégirl. One recorded instance was of a Battle Bunnygirl, the Bunnygirl gaining tremendous coordination. And there are rumors of a Battle Panthress, who’s endless rage has been calmed by her bonding with a Zeromer…
Battle template Pokégirls also gain an internal generator, giving them a great deal of ‘ammunition’ to work with, as well as several potent weapons built into their armor, such as shoulder-mounted energy cannons, gatling guns similar to a GunValkyrie’s tri-barrel chainguns, and missile launchers. With their weapons comes an incredibly powerful attack, the Heavy Arms, which causes the Battle template Pokégirl to manifest ALL of their weapons at once and fire them in a massive barrage.
As impossibly powerful as this Pokégirl is, they do have some limitations. Maintaining their ‘armored-up’ form is very stressful on the Pokégirl’s body. A Pokégirl can only maintain their armored up form for at the last a half-hour at the minimum, shorter if they use their Heavy Arms technique. After that they need to spend at least an hour in ‘recharge,’ allowing their body to recover from using the armor. This period of time before they have to armor down and recharge, naturally, can be raised with time, training, and experience. The recharge time raises with the time the Pokégirl becomes able to spend in their armored up form, but by a much smaller interval than the armored up time.
One cannot simply have a Zeromer download themselves into a Pokégirl. There are certain conditions that have to be met before a Battle template Pokégirl can be created. For the first part, the Zeromer has to be dying. Given that Zeromers are not known to die of natural causes, this usually entails them having to be suffering from a fatal injury or a similar condition. Two, the Pokégirl bonding with the Zeromer must not be the one to have caused the fatal status of the Zeromer, nor must she be connected with the one who did the damage. A Pokégirl who fatally injures a Zeromer cannot have her packmate or harem-sister bond with it. Three, the Zeromer must be the one to initiate the bonding. The bonding will not occur unless the Zeromer itself initiates it.
As this template occurs through the death of a Zeromer, Researchers are not encouraged to make more. Rather, all instances of this Pokégirl will be studied, in the hopes of better understanding the phenomenon of the ‘tech’ Pokégirl….
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BATTLE ANGEL, the Knight Of Steel Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Steel/varies with the item equipped
Frequency: somewhat Rare
Diet: varies, but mainly human-type food
Role: armored warriors
Libido: varies from Low to High
Strong Vs: By Element
Weak Vs: By Element
Attacks: By Element
Enhancements: By Element
Evolves: None known at this time, speculated to evolve to Berserker in unknown conditions
Evolves From: Ingenue with a Steel Coat (Trade Item)
A Battle Angel is the ultimate in armored Pokégirls in terms of speed, firepower and cuteness, once they are equipped with an item and they start down their development path, it is nearly impossible to change their secondary element.
A Battle Angel has two forms: armored, in which she looks like an armored knight in form-fitting armor; her second form is her naked body, the form she is tamed in. With concentration, the Pokégirl’s armor folds and retracts into her body, where upon she looks exactly like a normal human girl. Most keep their hair long, interestingly, when they are armored, their hair is as tough as their armor. They are not restricted to being fully armored or naked, but with practice can select what portions are armored and which aren't, allowing them to appear as if wearing a bikini, shorts and a shirt, or merely showing their face, or anything in-between. If surprised, attacked or distracted they instantly revert to their fully armored form. Generally, their Libidos vary from individual to individual, and often depend on their attitude towards their Tamer. Most Battle Angels have a favored type of hand-to-hand weapon that they seek to be armed with, some extend this to a particular weapon that has special meaning to them.
After transformation from an Ingenue into a Battle Angel, she has to be equipped with an Evolution Stone or she'll become a Steel/Normal type. Once equipped, she'll undergo a secondary 'evolution' path, much like an Eva. Their Feral state is relatively mild, merely intensifying their dominant personality characteristics, Steel/Ghost types become more timid, Steel/Fighting types become even more aggressive, etc.
Attacks shared by all: Harden, Kick, Punch, Quickturn, and Cuddle
Depending on Personality two of the following: Growl, Glare, Cheer, Roar, Leer
With experience: Call Me Queen, Slice n' Dice, and Rage
All can learn the following Sword Techniques and use them with any weapon, including a ‘bare’ armored hand: Slash, Cut, Carve, Parry, Deflect, Bonk
Without an Evolution Stone: STEEL/NORMAL - The Battle Angel
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Agility, Hyper Slap, Dodge, Trample, Quick Attack, and with experience, Hyper Quick Attack
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x4)
Typically they appear in steel or bronze armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste. Without any special element, they gain much greater speed and agility than the other types. Hair can be any color. They are guarded emotionally, and in battle they are either passive, trying to avoid an unnecessary battle, or extremely aggressive and eager for battle, there seems no middle ground.
Evolution with a Thunder Stone: STEEL/ELECTRIC - The Electri-Cuter
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Jolt, Electric Blade, Electric Blade Mark II, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick, Thunder Bolt, with experience, Thunder
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
Typically they appear in electric blue or neon yellow armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste. Hair color matches the color of the armor or starkly contrasts it. They are unrevealing emotionally, and are overly defensive in battle, although they are cantankerous. This often leads to passive-aggressive behavior. To avoid accidentally electrocuting their Tamer, they make liberal use of Jolt to discharge themselves and get their Tamer acclimated to their Electricity.
Evolution with a Fire Stone: STEEL/FIRE - One Hot Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Flame Sword, Flame Sword Mark II, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Flame Sniper, Ignite
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x6), Endurance (x2)
They typically appear in red, or flame colored armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste, and are typically baroque or absolutely plain. Hair color is almost always, red, yellow, or a mix or the two. They tend to be very prickly personalities, hard to control, but extraordinarily loyal once it is won. While their armor is usually uncomfortably warm to painfully hot, the girl inside is just pleasantly warm.
Evolution with a Water Stone: STEEL/WATER - The Wet Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground
Attacks: Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Water Sword, Water Punch, Water Kick, Water Spear
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x6), Strength (x6), Endurance (x4)
Their armor is typically blue, green, or black, the style and decorations are a matter of personal taste, often in a wave motif, or simulating fish scales. Hair color is almost always blue, green silver, or rarely, a mix or two or three. They are ordinarily peaceful and passive, more fun-loving and cuddly than their sisters. This doesn't mean they can't or don't enjoy a good fight.
One of the oddities in the Battle Angel's evolution.
Evolution with a Moon Stone creates: STEEL/BUG - The Bugger of a Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting, StringShot, Bite, Leap, Rollout
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x6), Strength (x8), Endurance (x3)
The sting attacks are based on the use of a weapon, usually a thrusting rather than a slashing weapon, this does not include using an aroused Tamer as a thrusting weapon. There are rumors they can also use Lunar Blade, but this has not been confirmed. Their armor can be any color from bright single colors to elaborate camouflage and usually gives them an insectoid or arachnid appearance. Unlike the typical Battle Angel, they are generally hairless. Some of the smaller such Battle Angels have wings and can fly, although slowly and awkwardly. Their passive nature makes them conform easily to their Tamer's will, only in battle and Taming do they seem to come alive, becoming incredibly ferocious and inventive.
Evolution with a Leaf Stone: STEEL/PLANT - The Implant Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ground (their attacks), Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground (their defenses)
Attacks: Thorn Cutlass, Leaf Shield, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Regenerate, Antitoxin, Lust Dust, at higher levels Bloom and Buttsprout
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x5), Strength (x8), Endurance (x4), Agility (x2)
Their armor usually appears in greens and browns, although some flavor the autumnal colors: patterns bright yellows, red, oranges, etc. Their armor often has a leaf pattern, depending on personal taste. Their hair is usually green or green-yellow, although if the armor is autumnal colors, normally their hair will be also. They are passive and retiring, until battle is joined, then they use overwhelming force. They also enjoy lying in the sun or sitting in woods. Their defenses are weak against Ground, while their attacks are strong against Ground.
Evolution by Angel Stone: STEEL/MAGIC
There seem to be two types of Magic Battle Angels: Strong and Weak, or more accurately: Fighting and Cute, although neither should be underestimated. The Cute Knight, the Fighting Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: none
Cute Attacks: Smile, Absorb, Flare, Burst, Energy Blade, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Dissolve, Barrier, Mana Bolt or Mystic Bolt, Dazzle, Heal, Cry, Hypnotize, Aura Of Cute, Foresight, Dumb Luck (only for defeating opponents without fighting), S.E.P., Performance
Fighting Attacks: Smile, Cry, Reflect, Flare, Imitate, Recover, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Power Bolt, Shield, Teleport, and
One of the following: Electric Blade, Flame Sword, Water Sword, Ice Blade, Psi-Blade.
One of the following: Electric Blade Mark II, Flame Sword Mark II, Ice Blade Mark II, Psi-Blade Mark II
Note the Blade and Blade Mark II can use different elements. E.g. Electric Blade and Psi-Blade Mark II
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2) The armor of a Cute Type typically looks like a party dress, brightly colored and very elaborate. This does not reduce its protective value or combat effectiveness a bit. Their hair can likewise be any color or style, bows and ribbons, even bells, can be expected. The Cute-type is friendly and open, although they seem to shy away from battle and even discord among a Harem, seeking another solution or reconciliation. If her efforts are obviously not successful, they intensify their search for a solution, the enemy is often defeated during this search (weapons fail, opponents shoot each other, a piano lands on the enemy Tamer, etc.) or by disabling actions by the Battle Angel. Once these tactics fail, she can be quite the combatant.
The armor of a Fighting Type is more straightforward, usually white, sky blue or other ‘good’ colors and appears as heavy plate armor. Their hair can be any color, it is often severely, although attractively, styled. The Fighting-types are severe and distant, seeking battle against evil as a matter of honor. They will defeat any enemy as swiftly as possible, seemingly without pity or restraint. A Tamer who can get beneath their emotional armor will discover just how much they care about their colleagues and their enemies and seek to ease their pain.
Evolves with Dark Stone: STEEL/DARK - The Dark Knight
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Blur, Dark Punch, Dark Kick, Shadow Shot, Shadow Strike, Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mark II, Midnight, Shadow Walk (only within Midnight effect)
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x6), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
The armor of a Dark Knight is typically flat black, flat gray or other dark colors, the styling tends to be figure hugging and either simple or very baroque. Their hair likewise is of dark color. They often decorate their faceplate as if they were a Make-Up Artist Goth, or with a terrifyingly, inhuman image. They are often depressed and driven, sometimes to the point of melodrama or self-parody, seeking always to prove themselves. A Tamer who is able to get past their cynicism and get close to them will help bring out their wry or dry sense of humor. They are relentless, even obsessed, in the pursuit of enemies and bettering their fighting skills. They get along remarkably well with Zubutts, Golbutts, Sidekicks and Foxgloves, but not Vampires or Vampiras.
Evolution by Ice Crystal: STEEL/ICE - The Cold Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire (severe)
Attacks: Chilled Arousal, Simulacrum, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Ice Blade, Ice Blade Mark II, Ice Punch, Ice Kick, Cold Snap, Heavenly Strike
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x6), Strength (x5), Endurance (x4)
Their armor is typically white or ice-blue, and the styling tends to be austere although of Japanese rather than European style. Their hair tends to be white, silver or ice-blue. Normally they act as austere as their armor, but they are relentless in their pursuit of an enemy, or of a trusted Tamer's attentions. While their armor is as cold as most ice-types, the girl inside, while chilly, requires no special precautions for Taming.
Evolves with a Psi Crystal STEEL/PSYCHIC - Psi-a-Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Cry, Aura Of Cute, Teleport, Backstab, Flash, Hypnotic Gaze, Dominate, Double Team, Agility, Quick, Foresight, Armor, Fade, Psi-Blade, Psi-Blade Mark II, Heal, Aura Barrier, Confusion, Disable, Performance
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2)
Their armor can be of any style or color, often it is a scintillating pattern that confuses and dazzles the viewer. Likewise, their hair can be any color, often several colors. With the styling of both their hair and armor, flamboyant is an understatement. They would call it battlemented, and others call it brassy or tacky. They are extremely confident of their abilities, often seeking to overwhelm opponents without having to actually fight them. They are very intent on making a name for themselves on their grand crusade, which varies with the individual. They will greatly favor a Tamer and harem who follow their morals and supports their crusading style.
Evolves with a Venom Stone: STEEL/POISON - Knight To Die For
a.k.a. - Vixxen on Lust Dust in a can
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting (these two attacks are applied to weapons, punches or kicks), Needleshot, Sleep Powder, Love Sting, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x3), Agility (x6)
Their armor is typically rust red, verdigris green, or another corrosion/unhealthy color. Their hair is either a sickly shade, seemingly dry and brittle, or vibrant, healthy, and brilliantly colored, by a color that does not appear in nature. Surprisingly playful for a Steel-type, they enjoy ‘spreading the wealth’ with Bloom and Buttsprout, although they will restrain themselves to the Tamer's harem and volunteers if asked. Fast rather than powerful, their giddy nature masks a tactical mind on par with their other evolutions, they use their abilities efficiently, then march off to claim their reward. Unlike the other Battle Angel evolutions where Libido varies from individual to individual, their Libidos are universally High and their nickname well earned.
Another of the anomalies in a Battle Angel's Evolution,
Evolution by the Heavy Metal: STEEL/FLYING - The Flighty Knight
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Dive, Mach Breaker, Wind Slash
Enhancements: Minimum Speed (x12), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
Their armor can be any color, but usually looks like metallic feathers. Unusual for a Battle Angel their hair is usually cropped short and appears more like feathers than hair. More easy going that most other evolutions of the Battle Angel, they love flying and prefer using the 'boom and zoom' tactic of diving on a target, attacking as they pass, and climbing away. They can fly while fully armored and can carry another person easily, but will not enjoy the resulting loss of speed and maneuverability, however slight.
Evolution with a Dragon Scale: STEEL/DRAGON - The Drag'n Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ice (severe)
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Hyper Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam, Energy Blade, Recover, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Shadow Strike, Aura Of Cute
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x10), Strength (x6), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
This evolution's armor can be of any color or style, a pattern simulating scales or a solid primary colors are the most common. Their hair usually exactly matches the armor color and pattern. They are emotionally guarded, almost to the point of paranoia. Unless the Tamers has a high empathy rating and friendly attitude, a Drag'n Knight will be nearly impossible to Tame or control. In battle, they will attack relentlessly, until their opponent surrenders or is defeated. In Hyper Dragon Rage, they will attack until they win or they themselves are destroyed. They will often allow a target to flee, until battle is joined. A strong-willed Tamer is necessary to keep them under control.
Evolves with a Mana Crystal: STEEL/GHOST - The Knight Life
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Energy Drain, Lick, Nightshade, Phase, Lure, Illusion, Fear Aura, Drain, Psi-Blade, Psi-Blade Mark II, Screech, Headbutt (note, this is the Knight sticking her head in a target's head, the effect is the same), Magic Fist, Magic Kick
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
The Knight Life's armor can be any color or style, however when the Battle Angel is completely armored, their entire body becomes slightly transparent and insubstantial. When unarmored they are completely indistinguishable from virtually human Pokégirls like the Ingenue or Megami. They are more shy and retiring that any of the other evolutions, attempting to avoid other people and Pokégirls unless they are confronted. A gentle Tamer can draw them out of their shell.
Evolution with a Diamond Stone: STEEL/GROUND - The Dirty Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Water
Attack: Dig, EarthQuake, Fissure, Ground Grip, Rock Throw, Mud Slap
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x8), Strength (x15), Endurance (x6)
The armor of a Dirty Knight is colored in browns, tans, and earth tones, and the design is simple. Their hair is usually the same color as their armor. They are one of the few types who prefer to depend on their fists and feet instead of weapons, although they will use whatever weapon comes to hand. They seem very stolid and detached, although they feel and think very deeply. They take the most efficient route to the solution to problems and defeating opponents.
Evolution with a Dream Stone gives the Battle Knight her dream:
STEEL/FIGHTING - The Dream Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Nipple Cripple, Fisting, Throwing Star, Mirror, Counter, Evade, Pose, Headbutt, Focus, Focus Energy, Backhand, Double Kick, Resist, Crushing Punch, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Legsweep, with experience, Chi Blast, Sabre Claw, Mega Punch, Hyper Kick, Explode
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x4), Strength (x5), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
They armor of the Dream Knight can be of any color or style, a single color and a simple style are favored. Their hair color seems to have no relation to the armor color or style. They consider themselves the ultimate Battle Angel. They practice and seek out challenges to test themselves against, almost constantly. A Tamer must be willing to go along with their quest, or the Dream Knight will leave. A Tamer able to hold their own against the Dream Knight's unarmored form will gain their unconditional loyalty.
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BAWDGER, the Ground Weasel Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (weasel)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivorous
Role: excavation and rescue
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Harden, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Focus, Dig, Mud Slap, Gut Punch, Bite
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Olfactory sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Claws, Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (Diamond Stone)
One of the first Pokégirls that evolved from a Mynx, the Bawdger was used to create tunnels into human encampments, or to create giant pits to trap unsuspecting human soldiers, the Bawdger has a reputation as being a fierce, swift, and powerful attacker.
Fortunately, that's not truly the case. Sukebe's mental programming either broke down over the intervening centuries between the Revenge War and modern day, or perhaps they were driven by fear of being killed if they didn't do as ordered, but these days the Bawdger (even when feral) is timid and tries to avoid situations where they need to fight. Short for an evolved Pokégirl at just over five feet tall, these Pokégirls look a lot like they did as a Mynx. Sleek, short fur that hugs her body and with claws that allow the Bawdger to dig with amazing speed. The fur is commonly thick and is normally a silvery-gray coloration, although brown and black have also been found, and seems to vary with the environment that the Pokégirl is found in. Thresholds into Bawdger seem to occur somewhat commonly in places that are close to mountains or hilly areas, although they are much rarer anyplace else.
These Pokégirls, despite their strength, are rather gentle during a taming, and rarely if ever allow themselves to be tamed in any position other than from behind, to keep themselves from harming their tamer. This makes taming between a female tamer and a Bawdger a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible. Their fur is coarse, likely due to their elemental typing, and just doesn't feel as nice in general as it was when she was a Mynx. In battle, they can be ferocious when enraged, using Mega Punches and Kicks when close in. When at range, the Bawdger prefers to Dig or use her Mud Slap attack instead of trying to attack head on. In sex battles, the Bawdger is no good- a lack of known sexual attacks and a low libido make it difficult for the Bawdger to win one. Often, these Pokégirls are used for excavating and digging out basements for homes, as well as assisting with laying foundations for buildings.
A feral Bawdger's favorite prey are Titmouse- they aren't afraid of the Bawdger like they are with flying-types and feline-types. Others include Pidgy and Hamtits, although the Hamtits are usually favored above all else because they burrow as well and are easier to get to. Domestic Bawdger are much better around their natural prey, fortunately, but Pidgy, Hamtits, and Titmouse are all rather uneasy around them anyway. Feral Bawdger are rarely seen above ground, save when hunting or forced from their underground burrows. A tell tale sign to know when a Badger's burrow is near is when there are at least half a dozen holes that lead underground within a fifty foot radius- most Bawdgers build several exit tunnels, just in case, and many hide them with dead trees, bushes, or rusting pieces of metal from dumps that are remains from before the Revenge War.
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BEACH BUNNY, the Bouncy Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Normal/Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian
Role: pool lifeguards, swimming instructors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ghost, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Water Gun, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Go Down, Wet Jet, Sexy Hug, Talk Sweet, Cuddle
Enhancements: able to hold breath for up to half an hour, Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4)
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Water Stone)
When a Bunnygirl is given a Water Stone, she evolves into a Beach Bunny. The transformation gives her a form that is slightly closer to human than previously; her feet and legs now look human. She keeps the long ears and cotton tail though. Additionally, her breasts grow at least a cup size, usually more, and for some reason they become very sensitive to motion, bouncing from even the slightest movement. Running is something most Tamers delight in having their Beach Bunny do. A Beach Bunny’s nipples are quite sensitive; just rubbing them won’t bring her off, but it puts her very close to orgasm.
Beach Bunnies are at their happiest near water. Just being in sight of a pool or other body of water animates their personality. A Beach Bunny kept away from water becomes depressed. Beach Bunnies prefer not to go naked, but they always wear swimsuits, unless the weather is extreme (snowing, etc). These swimsuits can be either one-pieces, or bikinis, but either way they tend to be tight and leave little to the imagination. While they are still rather ditzy and short on attention, they develop an exception to this, that being swimming. A Beach Bunny can tell you exactly how to do a perfect back stroke, swan dive, etc. They make excellent swimming instructors. Beach Bunnies prefer to do the breast stroke before any other kind of swimming, for some reason. Beach Bunnies are good choices for teaching children how to swim, since they are very friendly and know so much about their favorite hobby. Beach Bunnies enjoy sunning themselves near open bodies of water for a while and then going for a dip, delighting in how chilly the water is at first. They prefer to develop tan lines, finding them quite erotic.
Beach Bunnies look sexy and they know it. They usually make sure any swimsuit they’re wearing is one size too small to show off their tits, which they’re usually quite proud of. They prefer being taken in the water, and enjoy having their breasts played with while being Tamed. They, like most Water-type Pokégirls, are good at orally pleasuring their master since they can hold their breath for so long.
Beach Bunnies aren’t anything special in combat. Most Tamers send them to fight pokesex matches, since they have more sex attacks than martial attacks. Considering their High libido however, it’s usually a poor idea to send a Beach Bunny into a sex match against a Pokégirl known for being a strong sexual fighter.
Feral Beach Bunnies tend to gravitate to nearby sources of water, and spend most of their time on coasts, usually along the beaches they’re named for. They tend to be easy captures. Threshold girls who become Beach Bunnies will spend more and more of they’re time at a local beach or pool if they can, otherwise they tend to take long baths.
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BEAVER, The Wood-Loving Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Beaver Animorph)
Element: Water/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore (Wood pulp and plants)
Role: Carpentry, Engineers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Attacks: Wood Tower, Lance, Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Thunder Tail, Mud Slap, Muddy Hand, Take Down, Tail Slap, Crunch, Bite, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7-Underwater only-), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Lung Capacity, Strong Front Incisors
Evolves: Whorerat (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
'Busy as a Beaver' is common statement used by mothers to their children, because when you think about the Pokégirl in question it is quite the accurate statement. Whether a Beaver is tamed or feral it is one of the busiest Pokégirls in existence.
Beavers have curvaceous bodies, with a small layer of fat around their stomach areas. They are usually of a variable height between five to six feet. They're breasts usually stay in the range of a Mid C-cup to a high D-cup, with rare cases having B cups or DD cups. They're always brown furred Pokégirls though the shade of brown may vary. It has been noted that domesticates, ferals and thresholders all share something about their fur patters, the front of their bodies, upper chest to her mid inner thighs are completely bare of fur and/or hair. Beavers prefer slightly warmer climates as their fronts are completely void of insulating fur. They have webbed feet and slightly webbed hands, with a large flat tail. Beavers always have very large incisors, usually protruding out of their mouth even when closed. It is not wise to make fun of a Beaver over their teeth, if you do, they will show you exactly how dangerous they are. Beavers have below-average eye-sight; most of them need some kind of eye-wear or contacts.
All Beaver Pokégirls suffer from being obsessively compulsive about any goal. When a Beaver has a goal, she will work her hardest to complete the goal, consequences be damned. Add the fact that they're perfectionists and you have a very bothersome girl at times. A Beaver might drag her Tamer along with the project, and if he agrees to help he may be subjected to her harshness, and attitude to make sure everything is done perfect, any less, annoys her and makes her feel unfulfilled. Despite multiple taming cycles to a Beaver, she will not lose her OCD and perfectionist traits as the traits are genetic and incapable of being wiped out, even by a level 5 Taming cycle. Beavers do not like being made fun of because of their appearance at times, as they try their best to look perfect.
Beavers were known during the Revenge War to destroy wooded areas and build dams, they used to rob human encampments of water, and fiercely defend the dams. They were on the battlefield afterward, planting seeds to re-grow the trees they tore down. Tamed Beavers are actually good companions for forest rangers and forest restoration. The dam building ability of theirs is used now by smaller communities without all the technology the other larger cities have to help deal with water and regulate it. The dams mainly being used to help with flood control, and restoring water quality.
Beavers are good underwater swimmers, capable of holding their breath for over an hour. They are fast swimmers using there webbed feet and large tail propelling them through the water. Their tail is used with most of their fighting, usually blasting the opponent with a Mud-slap then using Tail Slaps on their arms, busting out a Thunder Tail on foe to finish him off. Ferals fight the same way, but are actually more likely to run off or using Wood Towers to push them away.
Ferals are very apt at using Wood Tower, having an innate knowledge of the move, and using it when the area is scarce of trees for them to chew and eat, and also so make dams. They patch these dams in with mud, making these dams nearly as strong as concrete. Feral Beavers work hard constantly maintaining the dam and chewing wood to get more limbs to strengthen it, as well as giving it a fresh coat of mud every week. Ferals build lodges inside these dams to keep predators out, and to rest during the winter month when food is scarce. They store food in these lodges and eat them from the inside out over the winter months.
Ferals can be found in surplus out in the wild, seeing as if it is a large enough body or water; they will create multiple lodges and live together in a giant community. These communities can be somewhat of an annoyance as they will build dams that have a chance of messing with water flow, and cause water shortages. They also have a sense of togetherness, as if one Beaver spots a predator or a hazard, it will slap her tail unto the water’s surface to alert the other Beavers who will take to the water and protect the dam and the community.
Beavers have relatively simple taming habits, liking to be on their backs, as the tail is rather uncomfortable to have pressed against the back for anyone and being in an upright position for too long. Word to the wise though, Do not let a previously feral Beaver perform oral at least on a male, they have a tendency to bite into hard things that are put in their mouths, don't do it!! They know better however to not bite down on breasts or other objects. Researchers have a hypothesis that the penis when put into their mouth reminds them of a large stick and makes them want to bite down. Thresholders and Domesticated Beavers can control this trait, though, letting a Beaver perform oral to a male should always be practiced with a good amount of precaution.
Thresholding into a Beaver is uncommon, usually seen in girls with rodent-type ancestry with aquatic ancestry as well. A Beaver thresholding is usually categorized by the front teeth growing in length and their fingers becoming webbed as well as their feet. Some thresholders even noticed a loss of vision, where everything began to blur slightly.
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BELLE AWESOME, the Blooming Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Uncommon in Sunshine League, Rare elsewhere
Diet: sunshine and soil
Role: Pokesex fighter, cheerleader, sometimes used as spokes models and pop-idols
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Rock, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Attraction, Sing, Dodge, Solar Beam, often learn Song, Dance, and Sex techniques
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Gloomy (Leaf Stone), Rosebreasts (Sun Stone)
This beautiful Pokégirl has long slender leaves, similar to palm fronds, that grow from her waist in the form a skirt. She also has two large flowers growing from her head. Their green skin is nearly flawless, and their figures, unlike that of their pre-evolved form, are completely balanced (and sometimes even a little "top-heavy").
This causes a significant burst of self-confidence, with the Belle Awesome finally considering herself attractive, and a significant change in demeanor. They become very outgoing, and often refuse to wear tops, since they're so proud of their new busts. Belle Awsomes love receiving the attention their previous forms avoided, and develop a love of singing and dancing. They are also VERY affectionate, with their normally suppressed libidos shifting into overdrive. Also of note is their shift from moonlight to sunlight, which most researchers believe is a side-effect of the Leaf Stone used in their evolution.
Others believe that the switch to sunlight stems from their new disposition, and their lack of desire to "hide in the shadows", though serious researchers scoff at this notion.
Belle Awesomes avoid combat, only using the Solar Beam technique in absolute emergencies, when a life is on the line, be it theirs, their Tamer's, or their Harem-sister's. Many, however, eagerly take to learning a variety of Sex and support techniques, with Belle Awesomes being a popular choice in Pokesex battles across the Sunshine League.
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BESHEMOTH, the Mountain Ruler Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Ungulate)
Element: Rock/Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (mountainous regions)
Diet: Stone, fruits and vegetables
Role: Guardian, heavy assault force, Mountain combat
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Dragon, Plant, Rock, Fighting, Ground
Attacks: Harden, Unmoveable, Quake, MegaWave, Shock Spike, Rage Shock, No Sell, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Spark, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick, Luminaire, Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Balance (x5), Enhanced Durability (x17), Enhanced Leaping (x10), Enhanced Olfactory Senses, Electrical affinity, Rock affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Billie (struck by lightning while at 2500 feet or higher above sea level, charged Thunder Stone, other evolutionary methods currently being researched)
Beshemoths are a rare type of mountain-dwelling Pokégirl. So rare are they, that it’s presumed they existed long before, but simply were not discovered until recently. Still, it is considered a sign of bad fortune to see a Beshemoth while travelling a mountain. For that means you have entered the territory of a very powerful, very hard-to-hurt Pokégirl.
Beshemoths are towering Pokégirls. Nine feet in height, they are also heavily muscled, to the point where they can make an Amachamp look as slender as an Acrobabe. They retain the goatlike faces of Billies, but there is a fiercer look to them, their incisors becoming thick fangs. They gain a large, fin-like crest on their backs which is flexible enough to bend up against their backs when they lay down. The crest acts as a lightning rod of sorts, allowing them to send charges of electricity to their horns, tails, or fists. Their tails become thicker, the end swelling up and growing spikes. They are brutal Pokégirls in battle, using headbutts and lashing out with their horns, using their electricity like a bludgeon to defeat their opponents. They are very territorial, and don’t like it when someone is in home. They will assault anyone they perceive as an intruder until they leave or are killed. Whichever comes first.
Beshemoths were a mystery for years after their discovery. No one knew where they came from, people just knew that they were dangerous. They would attack travelling parties and drive them down the mountains, chasing them away from the peak. Aerial surveys were attempted to see what Beshemoths were protecting so ferociously, and after several attempts, a lone Pidgey was able to slip through and get past the Beshemoth she and her harem sisters were fighting to the top of the mountains.
What was discovered was counted among the greatest post-Sukebe discoveries of all time: several mountaintop fortresses apparently used by Sukebe himself during the Revenge War. Several of the Beshemoths guarding the fortresses were captured and Tamed, making them more willing to cooperate with the Tamers wanting to investigate the fortresses. Especially after they were given fruits and vegetables, which Beshemoths apparently adore and consider the finest of treats. A Beshemoth named Edwina, in the harem of famous female tamer Nina Valerosa, was known for her love of anything with potatoes in it.
Inside the labs were several teleporters, the technology being reverse engineered to create the earliest known transporters. In addition to this, there were detailed reports of the actions of several early breeds of Pokégirls during the Revenge War, including the Beshemoths. The ancestors of the Beshemoths that had been Tamed were created by Sukebe to guard the mountainside fortresses. During this expedition, the pre-evolutionary form of the Beshemoth was discovered when a storm on the mountain produced a lot of lightning, two of the Billies being used as guides getting struck and evolving. Since then, other methods of evolving Billies into Beshemoths are being researched. The electrical surge of a lightning bolt serves to galvanize and harden their bodies, creating the change from ground-type to rock-type, so after some testing, a Thunder Stone super-charged with electricity was found to evolve a Billie into a Beshemoth as well. Other possible methods are being researched.
Beshemoths are ferocious fighters, especially when feral. They are hard to control when infuriated or protecting something they have been assigned to guard. But amazingly, when Tamed, they are surprisingly gentle, quiet Pokégirls outside of battle. So gentle are they when not fighting, that even Pokékits feel relaxed around them. When they start growling and sparking, however, it’s best to clear the area and just let the Beshemoth fight. Beshemoths and Hounds have a great respect for each other and will cooperate in protecting shared territory. Other mountain based Pokégirls, such as Mountain Cats, brown Chocobos, and Pumaras, get along well with Beshemoths as well. In some cases, packs of Feral Hounds or other mountain-based Pokégirls have been seen working with a Beshemoth when attacking mountain travellers.
The only real exception to the rule of mountain-based Pokégirls working well with Beshemoths is the Giantess. The two breeds have an intense rivalry, and will fight any time they see one another. So intense are their battles that they sometimes cause avalanches. Because of the threat Giantesses pose, most Tamers in mountainous areas actively seek out the protection of a Beshemoth. Ferals, surprisingly, can be bargained with for Taming & protection by being given large amounts of fruits and vegetables, enough for a full meal. Beshemoths do not retain their previous form’s need to wear climbing gear, as they are strong enough now to simply dig their fingers into the side of a mountain to climb up it.
In terms of Taming , Beshemoth’s retain a Billie’s love of bondage. Because of their strength, it’s also a practical necessity. They enjoy Tamers who can dominate them without the use of a Domina-type, and have great respect for Tamers who can Tame them with as little use of toys as possible.
So far, no cases of Thresholding into a Beshemoth have been recorded. People are actually rather grateful for this, as Beshemoths, while powerful additions to any harem, are rather difficult to bring down due to their astonishingly high endurance. Very few people actually want more of them, and some mountainside travel agencies have placed high rewards for anyone who can flush out and drive a Beshemoth from the area. It’s assumed that with their strong connection to mountains, Thresholding into a Beshemoth might happen in mountainous regions, but it has not happened yet.
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BHOOTY, the Phantom Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human - Not Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Trainer, Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Poison
Weak Vs: Flying
Attacks: Lick, Night Shade, Dream Time, Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Legsweep, Titan Crush, Ogre Crash, Soul Fist, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Solid Ether Body, Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3)
Weaknesses: Can no longer become incorporeal, Looses Possession ability, Weakness to sonic attacks
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ghostly (Dusk Stone)
Dangerous fighters rarely seen during the Great War, this breed of Pokégirl quickly became known for their strange tactics and style of fighting. After the war this breed became known as one of the better Pokégirls to train with in hand to hand combat. This breed was kept in low numbers after the Great War, but gained a surge in population shortly after the discovery of the Dusk Stone. These Pokégirls, in temperament and lifestyle, closely mirror the beliefs and ways of tribes of 'Native Americans' in the pre-Sukube areas of Indigo, Jhoto, Crescent, and the Sunshine Leagues. From what pre-Sukube historians have gathered, these Pokégirls are a mix of many of the different styles of those tribes of humans.
Physically, most Bhooty appear Very Near Human upon birth, threshold, or evolving from Ghostly, however, at their soonest opportunity (which usually means upon becoming a Pokégirl for most Pokékits of the breed though earlier instances have been noted), most Bhooty will find the time to enter into a trance-like state. Compelled by an urge to seek out what the breed deems as 'a piece of them that was lost', these solid ghost types seek out their Spirit Guide in the spiritual realm. These guides without exception have taken the form of animals, even those that have long gone extinct since the Great War. Upon discovery of their guide, some Bhootys will retain their very near human looks. These Pokégirls range within human the human range, though tend to be on the tall side at an average of 5' 10''. They have bronzed, almost 'red' skin and athletic builds with busts that range from B to D cups. The majority of the breeds hair is a uniform black, and usually worn long. Others of the breed go through a slow transformation, much like threshold, that combines the traits of their Spirit Guide into their outward appearance, ranging from animal ears and/or tails to full anthromorphs. One notable Bhooty named Kat, actually looked identical to a Tigress. It should be noted that any animal, including fish and insects have been found as spirit guides, even notable menace look alikes that take on the forms of praying mantises.
A Bhooty's spirit guide is personal, though through the help of the breed's unusual ability to use Dream Time, she can share her experiences with her Harem sisters or other interested parties. These mysterious spirits are speculated to be a manifestation of the breed's inner self, though this doesn't seem to be the case as sometimes the guide and Bhooty don't seem to get along very well. Other than guidance, and an alteration to the breeds appearance, these Spirit Guides don't seem to lend any amazing abilities to the Bhooty breed (though some that have Guides with claws often manifest real claws).
Bhooty are proud and fierce fighters when faced hand to hand, usually only able to be bested by other stronger fighting types, flying types, or a mixture of the two. Oddly, if beaten in fair combat, their respect for their foe only increases. If allowed to spar later with the same opponent, these girls consider it an honor and attempt to learn enough to best their foe. If allowed by their tamers, the breed regularly practices 'Counting Coup', which involved rushing into battle and being able to tap their opponent in a called spot without getting hurt. Rarely, coup involves capturing their opponents weapons or other trinkets, though also extends the breed into supporting salvage battles. Even if the Bhooty gets salvaged herself, she looks on this as an opportunity to learn from her betters. Much of the breed remain silent, though they are canny at observation and will point out important thoughts that are often kernels of wisdom. This quiet, teach by example method works well for even stubborn or lazy breeds, and has been known to inspire even Bunnygirls to do their very best (though with bunnygirls this isn't a vast improvement usually). Due to their diligence and quiet ability to inspire, many Bhooty are found in Beta positions, if not the Tamer's Alpha.
Bhooty are highly adept at hand to hand fighting, usually rushing in when least expected to grapple their opponents into submission. If pressed, they blast their opponent with an up close Nightshade, and switch to using Ghost Blade. This technique is vastly different when used by these Pokégirls, as it normally forms an axe instead of a sword. Some Bhooty have been known to grasp the handle and attack with it in melee. However, in addition to their natural ability at hand to hand combat, these ghost Pokégirls can also readily learn weapon attacks when in Harems with Amazonwu or Slicers (though most choose the axe as their favored weapon) and even firearm use from OfficerJennys and other gun using Pokégirls. Another interesting facet of the breed is that they pair up quite well with Ponytaur or other tauric Pokégirls used for mounts, and many of these teams make quite the mounted combat duo. Because of their solid ether bodies, they are weakened by sonic attacks, but this also grants them the ability to fight incorporeal ghost types physically.
The feral state of these Pokégirls is one where they constantly go into a trance, only coming out of their state if attacked, and then only to defend themselves. As such many ferals trade for taming, or go on raids should they start slipping into feraldom. Many cluster together in small groups known as tribes, named after their biological basis from before the Great War. Most Bhooty tribes are nomadic in nature, pitching tents of Kattle hide as they hunt and forage for food. Some settle around or follow rivers or coastlines, as fish are often plentiful enough to support large tribes. Rarely, Bhooty tribes will settle down and farm, though this often happens when individual tribes come into contact with Elf Queendoms. Overall, however, finding a Bhooty tribe is a hard thing to do considering the breed's rarity.
Thresholding into a Bhooty is only a possibility with ancestry of this breed with the Pokégirl’s skin tone changing as her body shifts physically into solid ether. Shortly after threshold, many new Bhooty will try to go into their trance in order to contact their Guide for the first time. As these Pokégirls are fairly rare, they are often sold to nearby ranches for a profit.
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BILLIE, the Mountain Climbing Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Role: Sherpa and rock climber and rescue
Libido: Average (High when at higher altitudes)
Diet: omnivore. Prefers food with high energy concentration.
Enhancements: Enhanced balance (x4), strengthened finger and toe muscles, enhanced dexterity (x2), enhanced strength (x3), endurance
Attacks: Rock Throw, Fissure, Ground Grip, Leap, Go Down, Cuddle
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Evolves: Beshemoth (struck by lightning while at 2500 feet or higher above sea level, charged Thunder Stone, other evolutionary methods currently being researched)
Evolves From: None
Billies were created by Sukebe not for rampant destruction, or for other devious uses like many of his Pokégirls, but rather to be used to aid his armies in other areas. They were designed to be experts at rock climbing and thus the perfect Pokégirls to make up squads of rescue workers specializing in hazardous terrain such as mountains, cliffs, dilapidated buildings and deep valleys.
Their most striking feature are a pair of curved horns sprouting from their foreheads, which generally curve backwards towards their skull, and many older Billies' horns complete a 360-degree arc so they point back out away from their faces. In creating these girls, Sukebe used the DNA of mountain goats from the Himalayas and other ranges to give these girls amazing balance capabilities, though the ram-like horns are the only feature carried on from the goat DNA. It was rumored that the human DNA that Sukebe used to first create the Billie were that of gymnasts, circus performers and ballerinas, due to their inherit balancing and dexterity skills.
Though their bodies tend to be thin and fragile, with only an A-cup sprouting from their chests, Billies are strong enough to carry many times their own weight while scaling the side of a sheer cliff without even breaking a sweat. When they are in the mountains, climbing their way atop a mountain, they tend to only wear a bra and panties along with their climbing harness, which is one article of clothing they will never go without wearing for extended periods of time. (The only noted cases are while bathing and Taming sessions.). Even when forced to wear dresses, many Billies insist on wearing a simple crotch-harness under their garment.
When a Billie is forced into a battle, they tend to love getting down and dirty by using grappling-type moves on their opponent, making use of their enhanced grip. On numerous occasions it has been noted that a Billie, even at a low level, was able to take down a high-level Fighting-type such as an Amazonchan, forcing their opponent to submit defeat, while locked in grapple-holds. Though they prefer close-combat grappling, a Billie generally uses other attacks such as Rock Throw and Fissure to distract their opponent long enough to close in on them.
It should come to no surprise that when it comes to Taming, Billies thoroughly enjoy a particular fetish: Bondage. Nothing turns a Billie on more than the thought of being tied up in their own rope and climbing gear, while their Tamer has their way with them. Some Billies are so resourceful and agile, that they are able to tie themselves up in unique ways at the thought that they might get Tamed. One favorite 'position' for a Billie is being hog-tied, with a bar spreading their thighs wide, and suspended from a ceiling. As for being a suitable Pokégirl for an Alpha, Billies, though they can come up with ingenious ideas when needed, prefer to follow someone else's command (perhaps part of their love of bondage, being the submissive-type), and being able to be relied on when there is a need for a tough situation to be figured out. They are great at coming up with strategies, and a few Billies have been made Alpha, but on occasion these Billies ask for another girl or two to help make a decision for the Harem.
Feral Billies tend to be hard to capture. This isn’t so much due to their own capabilities, as it is that they tend to instinctively head for high ground, thus making even finding one a rather difficult trek. Threshold girls who evolve into Billies aren’t too uncommon, though they aren’t the most common Threshold type either. They tend to handle their depression by climbing to higher altitudes to find solitude.
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BIMBO, the Default Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Menial labor, any task which does not require a lot of complex thinking
Libido: High
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost
Attacks: Bite, Punch, Kick, Tackle, Pummel, Yell, Wrestle
Enhancements: No physical changes as they age, Disease resistant, Toughness (x4)
Evolves: Hyperdoll (mistreatment, lack of discipline, lack of Taming, losing 7 battles in a row), Pyrebare (Orgasm with tamer of strong Snorlass ancestry and Fire Stone applied or E-stone ceremony: 3 Fire Stones and a Moonstone)
Evolves From: None
No one really quite knows what to make of the Bimbo Pokégirl. They’re tall, sexy Pokégirls with DD-Cup breasts at the smallest, long, shimmery blonde hair and gold, glittery fingernails, and extraordinarily curvy bodies. They are very fun-loving and easy going and will accept Tamings from anyone who asks nicely. Their skin is always soft and smooth, never with any blemishes on it, and has only a slight give to it. Their external features also do not age, however they do age internally. Some who are fans of Bimbos call them the perfect Pokégirl. Sexy, beautiful, and always eager to spread their legs for their Tamer.
There’s just one little problem with them.
To put it in the most polite manner possible, they… aren’t that bright.
Bimbos suffer from two major psychological afflictions: They are air-headed, and have a hard time retaining complex information, and suffer from an attention span deficit. They can be distracted by waving a piece of tinfoil at them. They also tend to speak in an irritating Valley Girl accent. Bimbos, some say, were Sukebe’s first mistake, and the precursors to the much more useful Ingenue.
That is not to say that they are useless.
Bimbos can easily handle simple tasks, including jobs in assembly lines and instant-cooking meals. They are tough, and can be taught a few useful attacks, so some people use them to test an opponent and see what they can do before sending in their real fighters.
Bimbos are usually found in Harems that also have Damsels in it, usually with Tamers that have little interest in battling. Bimbos have a fairly decent-sized pleasure threshold, and can hold their own in a Sex Battle. When working, they are usually placed with Ingenues to supervise them and prevent self-inflicted injuries from distractions or carelessness.
One thing that was discovered is that if you mistreat your Bimbo enough, she will evolve. But since Bimbos are fairly easy to care for and extremely willing to be tamed, letting a Bimbo become a Hyperdoll is nothing short of inexcusable.
Bimbos are a fairly common Threshold.
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BLADE BUNNY (aka WABBIT), the Death Lepus Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous, with some grained foods. Will accept Pokéchow if meat cannot be caught.
Role: Heavy Assault, Dangerous Pokégirl. Frequently seen with Limbec Pirates.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Poison (special)
Attacks: Tail Whip, Slash, Slashwave, Deflect, Counter, Cut, Carve, Focus Energy, Leap, Tackle, Aura of Cute, Cross Shield, Iron Defense, Spiral Jump*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3) Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Hearing & Smelling (x5), Weapon-mounted tail, Instinctive hiding ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Wabbit Virus; explanation below)
Bounty (for capture and Taming): 40,000 SLC per Blade Bunny
Bounty (for destruction of swarm): 900,000 SLC
Bounty (for killing Virus carrier): 1,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting and getting out alive): 30,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure, if you see one, that she is the ONLY one there. Blade Bunnies tend to travel in packs, and like to swarm their victims before eating them. If she’s alone, watch her movements. If not alone, DO NOT engage and contact the nearest authorities, evacuating the area immediately if at all possible. When alone, you have a few options. If she acts like she wants to bite you, then she is a virus carrier and must be killed immediately. If she fights more with her tail, then she’s a normal Blade Bunny and can be caught and tamed. If a swarm catches you, try to kill the Alpha. That will confuse them for several moments, giving you a chance to get away. If you have a fire-type with you, or a Pokégirl with a strong energy attack, try to destroy the Alpha’s body, as it will be eaten by other Blade Bunnies once their confusion stops. This in turn will turn them into pack Alphas, giving them the ability to carry the virus, which in turn creates a greater threat.
The discovery of the Blade Bunny was a very unnerving thing. They look on the surface like a normal Bunnygirl, one of the more animalistic varieties that are out there, just a few feet shorter than normal and with darker fur than what one would normally see on a Bunnygirl. But that is where the similarity ends. Especially if you see what is behind them.
Instead of the usual fluffy stub of a tail most Bunnygirls have, Blade Bunnies have a long, whip-like appendage that has a massive bladed weapon of some kind attached to it. The tails can extend two to three feet over their heads and are very flexible. The weapon is always some kind of cutting weapon, varying in shapes from axes and swords to even more unusual, but always razor-edged and deadly, metal-like shapes. They are very skilled in the use of their weapons, allowing them to use even some sword-type attacks and steel-type defensive techniques.
For a brief period after their discovery in the year 263 AS, very little was known about them. All that was known is that Pokégirl Researchers captured and brainwashed by a now-defunct faction of Team Rocket created the breed, only to be slaughtered and devoured by them. Blade Bunnies have since spread across the world, some by sneaking onboard ships while looking for food, others through deliberate means, usually involving the Limbec Pirates, and other times through means that were a complete mystery until after the first Blade Bunnies were captured. Feral Blade Bunnies also tended to travel in packs, always deferring to an Alpha. It was only after the first few Blade Bunnies were captured and Tamed in 270 AS that Researchers began to learn about the breed.
Aside from the obvious outer physical changes mentioned earlier, Blade Bunnies go through some internal changes as well. Their mental makeup changes, the clumsiness and ditziness vanishing and being replaced by more vicious, predatory instincts and much greater coordination. Their Feral state makes them even more vicious and violent. Their teeth become razor-sharp, like a canine or feline-type Pokégirl’s. And their internal body chemistry changes as well. They can no longer eat meats. Their digestive tracks can now only tolerate meat and grain foods, such as oats and bread. Fruits and vegetables make them sick to their stomachs. But became really unnerving is that some of the Blade Bunnies that were captured, claimed, and studied, said that they used to be Bunnygirls. Immediate studies of Feral Blade Bunnies were ordered. Watchers, at great risk to themselves, began studying swarms of Blade Bunnies. Their discoveries were unsettling, to say the least.
Watchers found that Feral Blade Bunnies frequently moved in swarm-like packs, usually under the command of a single Blade Bunny, the ‘Alpha.’ They would move like a swarm of Wasps through an area, until they came across possible food. The Alpha, whom the other Blade Bunnies seemed very afraid of, would then command a single Blade Bunny to go out and lure their victim towards them with Aura of Cute. They would hide their tail until the last minute, acting adorable and luring their victims, usually a Tamer, over, at which point they are overwhelmed and devoured. If any Pokégirls are around, they will be released from any Pokéballs they are in and eaten. What happens to any Bunnygirls they find is what worries researchers. The Alpha of the swarm will take them aside and bite them in the neck, injecting a toxin that turns them into a Blade Bunny, which they will then bully into becoming a member of the pack.
One in forty Blade Bunnies are ‘Alphas.’ They are characterized by being slightly taller than the norm, and being much more aggressive. Mounted in their teeth are sacs which contain a mutagenic virus that they can release with a bite. Singular Feral Blade Bunnies are more timid than Alphas, and fight only if with a swarm or if cornered. Alpha Blade Bunnies are known to be much more confident and aggressive, and unafraid of even the most dangerous opponents. One Alpha Blade Bunny was known to have led her swarm against a Widow. She didn’t win, off course, being carted off and devoured along with most of her swarm, the survivors of which scattered and were eventually caught and Tamed.
Blade Bunnies are rare to encounter alone, as their strong ‘pack’ mentality makes solitude something they view as a ‘worst-case scenario.’ Sometimes a weaker Blade Bunny will be driven off from the swarm, or simply killed and eaten by the rest, but other than that the only way to catch a Blade Bunny is to disperse the swarm. You must do this by first killing the Alpha of the swarm. This will cause them all to become disoriented for several minutes. Take this time to destroy the Alpha’s body by either flames or a powerful energy attack. This will cause a swarm to flee the area. Poisoning the Alpha’s corpse will also drive the swarm apart, as Blade Bunnies have a strong weakness to any form of toxin. The reason that destroying the Alpha’s body is important is because that once they get their bearings, four or five members of the swarm will try to drag off the Alpha’s corpse and eat it. They will consume the Alpha’s body, bones and all, and become virus carriers themselves. They will then battle to the death, the winner consuming the losers and becoming the new Alpha of the swarm.
Surprisingly, for such a dangerous Pokégirl, they are quite affectionate once Tamed. They take well to being a part of a harem, and start thinking of their Harem sisters as part of their new ‘swarm.’ They will also defend their Tamer and Harem sisters fiercely, not wanting to lose the sense of belonging they have. As only non-Virus carriers have been captured so far (it has been deemed too dangerous to try and capture the more aggressive Virus carriers), they are inclined to bow to anyone with a stronger will than they, which makes controlling a Blade Bunny once properly Tamed a simple matter. They do not make good Alphas, however.
The ‘Weapon Rabbit Virus,’ or ‘Wabbit Virus’ for short, originated from the first twenty Blade Bunnies created originally. Only three of them are left alive today, but not because they died of old age. They are confirmed to be unique in their breed in that they possess longevity. Efforts are being made to track them down and terminate them.
Only three Threshold cases of becoming a Blade Bunny have occurred so far. Thankfully, they were not virus carriers. Strangely enough, after discovering that the Blade Bunny could be captured and Tamed, some people began discussing of some of the more dangerous so-called ‘Menace Pokégirls’ could be Tamed as well. The theory has been dismissed so far as folly, but one never knows what might happen in the future…
*Spiral Jump – (ATK 100): An attack exclusive to the Blade Bunny. They leap into the air towards the opponent, curling up into a ball as they do, their tail curled up around them and slashing multiple times.
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BLASTITS, the Humping and Pumping Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: firefighting, hydration
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Flash Flood, Go Down, Wet Jet, Quickturn
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Increased Water Capacity, Armored Shell, Purify Water, Vaporous Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Whoretortle (normal)
Blastits is the final evolution of a Squirtitty. Once a Whoretortle receives enough Taming and combat experience, she will evolve to her final form. The changes from Whoretortle to Blastits aren’t as pronounced as her previous evolution. Her chest expands to a generous D cup, all the better to hold water with. Her shell becomes stronger, and is now able to turn aside most projectile attacks. One notable instance of this was when a Blastits covered her Tamer to protect him from Pokégirl thieves who were using some sort of forbidden tech gun that fired small projectiles.
A Blastits’ Water Gun attack is highly compressed, and can pump out a lot of water before she runs out. Water Gun attacks from a Blastits have been known to be able to knock down bolted doors, and can easily stun or even kill most other beings it hits. Many cities have a few Blastits on hand to fight fires that break out. A small squad of Blastits can easily quench all but the mightiest of infernos.
A Blastits is able to use more subtle water manipulations now also. When using her Go Down attack, she can use her Wet Jet technique to spit a small but concentrated stream of water at her opponent’s sensitive areas. Combined with her Slick Stroke attack as well, a Blastits is a strong pokesex fighter. Her martial prowess is also greater than before. She can use her Quickturn attack to easily spin around and then use Withdraw to let her shell absorb enemy blows, and then use Quickturn again to turn back around to fight back. Her Flash Flood attack is when she uses Water Gun from her mouth and both of her breasts at once. The resulting deluge of water is strong enough to literally wash opponents away, and can quickly flood enclosed spaces.
A Blastits can clean a modest sized lake of pollution in an afternoon by using her own body as a filtration system. Any larger than that takes days or even weeks, and can result in the Blastits becoming ill. A Blastits can also use Vaporous Aura, releasing some of her body’s moisture as water vapor. This humidifies the air, and while it can raise how hot it feels on a warm day, any nearby water Pokégirls will feel relaxed and more comfortable, and won’t need as much water to stay hydrated. This makes Blastits a very popular choice among Water-type Pokégirl Trainers, who will keep her around the rest of the Harem while they are inland and away from abundant water to slow the effects of dehydration. A Blastits herself doesn’t benefit from her own aura, since she's releasing her own water to create it. However, a Blastits still can easily go over a week without needing to be submerged in water.
Feral Blastits are dangerous more to a local ecosystem than people. While she can cause modest property damage with her Water Gun attack, repeated uses of Flash Flood will flood fields and turn the surrounding area into a large mud pit in short order. It’s rare for a Threshold girl to become a Blastits, but a few such cases are known.
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BLAZICUNT, the Blazing Glory Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: hot spices and peppers
Role: dancers, blacksmiths, fire-rescue
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Burning Uppercut, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Focus Energy, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Preen
Enhancements: Heat Aura, Bulk Up
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Combusticunt (normal)
The main (and often only) reason a Tamer continues to put up with the constant bad attitude of a Combusticunt is so that she evolves into her final form: a Blazicunt.
A Blazicunt’s eyes are now completely red; no other features or color are present. Her bust size increases even more than it did during the last evolution, usually to a full C-cup. They grow reddish-orange down-like feathers all over their body and the feathers poof more predominantly between their breasts. Comparatively, the feathers on her breasts themselves are small and leave her nipples uncovered. Likewise, the feathers at her crotch are also smallish, leaving her pussy on display. Her hands and feet become more birdlike in appearance, now having only four digits on each hand and foot. As in their previous form, Blazicunts tend to eschew clothing.
A Combusticunt that evolves leaves behind her excessive anger, while retaining their fiery spirit in combat. Combined with her new fire attacks, Blazicunts are a force to be reckoned with. A Blazicunt has a strong tactical understanding, and almost always begins combat by laying down Napalm, followed by Flamethrower attacks to move her opponents into positions advantageous to her. A Blazicunt then uses her Bulk Up enhancement, which allows her to increase her muscle mass to heighten her physical attacks at the cost of making her slower, and closes in for close combat. While not the quickest combatant when using her Bulk Up enhancement, a Blazicunt has usually backed her opponent into a heated corner by this time, negating this disadvantage. Between this and her Ignite, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, and Burning Uppercut attacks, most opponents don’t last long. When fighting a pokesex battle, Blazicunts tend to use a Warm Embrace, followed by Preen and then the sex-version of Burning Hands.
Blazicunts are as pleasant to have in a Harem as their previous form was unpleasant. They tend to be magnanimous and outgoing, and are quick to offer to Tame their Harem-sisters. One particular quirk they have is a love for dancing, something researchers say is a very faint subconscious desire to fly that she has because of her avian nature. One constant from her previous forms is how horny she remains, and Blazicunts never miss an opportunity to get it on with her Tamer or Harem-sisters. The loyalty she felt as a Torch Chick returns in full force in this evolution, and Blazicunts, save for pokesex battles, have no interest in being Tamed by anyone beyond her master and his Pokégirls.
Blazicunts have the same Taming preferences as they did as Torch Chicks, save for that they enjoy petting and stroking since they now have feathers all over. They still dislike being put in cool water beforehand, but understand that some Tamers have become accustomed to it since using the procedure on them as Combusticunts.
Feral Blazicunts are relatively passive creatures, mostly sticking to their Scratch attack unless seriously threatened, in which case they unleash Flamethrower and Ignite on their enemies.
Threshold girls almost never become Blazicunts directly. When such a rare Threshold does occur however, the family of the girl tends to make a hefty profit on selling her to a pokeranch, since Blazicunts are very strong (and thus valuable) Pokégirls.
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BLESSED (insert name here), the Holy (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: As Base Type
Element: As Base Type (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: as base type
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen
Libido: as base type
Strong Vs: as base type, Dark
Weak Vs: as base type, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, plus base type's attacks
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, plus base type's enhancements
Evolves: Angel (Angel Stone), base type's evolutions
Evolves From: Base type (blessing by a celestial Pokégirl)
A Blessed Pokégirl is one who has, whether knowingly or not, been wished well by a powerful celestial Pokégirl, such as a Megami or Cherry (and is not already of a celestial nature). Unlike most evolutions, this one is subtle, happening anywhere from hours to days after the blessing of the celestial Pokégirl has been given. Further, this evolution is not accompanied by a glowing light and spontaneous transformation, but rather occurs when the Pokégirl is unwatched and unaware, usually when asleep or in her Pokéball. The Pokégirl will wake up or be released, and will only then begin to realize she has changed somehow.
A Blessed Pokégirl has the Pristine Innocence enhancement, making her beauty even greater than it was before. What this is that minor flaws, such as slight asymmetries, in her appearance have been corrected. Also, it adds an indefinable aura of demure innocence on the Pokégirl now, at least as far as thing sexual are concerned. A Blessed Pokégirl doesn’t act much different from her base type, but even the raunchiest of Pokégirls still somehow radiate a presence that makes them seem almost virginal. This quality is one that is always about the Blessed Pokégirl, no matter what she is doing. Needless to say, this is greatly arousing to most Tamers.
Blessed Pokégirls are also endowed with the Lucky and Healthy enhancements. The Lucky enhancement makes the Blessed Pokégirl the recipient of good luck. This quality is minor however, and the threads of fate won't reweave themselves to suit the beneficiary of this enhancement. Rather, small acts of good fortune will happen to her, such as dinner happening to be half-price that night when she can't afford a full meal, or other such happenings. The Healthy enhancement is a guard against natural illnesses, granting the recipient a natural resistance to diseases and infections.
A Blessed Pokégirl gains two new attacks: Lightning and Heavenly Fire. The Heavenly Fire attack allows the Pokégirl to form small handfuls of flame in her grasp to throw at others. Unlike normal flame however, they are colored white instead of yellow-orange. These flames can only burn living things, and structures and such remain unharmed by them. Beings are affected by the flames depending on the purity of their heart. Beings whose hearts have degrees of goodness in them are healed by the flames to that same degree, while wicked beings are burned to the degree that they are evil. Generally, a Blessed Pokégirl will act in a support role when she knows that trustworthy companions are facing evil foes, letting her Heavenly Fire refresh her cohorts and burn her enemies. Even the most wild of Blessed Pokégirls see this power as sacred, and will not use it unless necessary to combat evil or heal her friends, finding other uses of it, such as using it as a barometer of purity, to be almost blasphemous. A Blessed Pokégirl won't use her Heavenly Fire for such purposes, even if ordered by her Tamer (although a Tamer who would order her to do so isn't likely to have such a Pokégirl in his Harem in the first place). While divine in nature, Heavenly Fire is still a fire attack as well as a magic attack, and defenses against such powers work normally. As for pokesex attacks, the Blessed Pokégirl's proficiency in that area remains the same as the base type, with one exception: she becomes more vulnerable to domination sex attacks. No matter how proficient she was before at resisting them, she is less so now, with such attacks exciting her against her will more than they would have previously.
Blessed Pokégirls evolve to an Angel when they come into contact with an Angel stone. This evolution supersedes any Angel Stone-based evolution that the base type Pokégirl would normally have had (i.e. a Blessed Catgirl who touches an Angel Stone will become an Angel, not a Griffon). If any other sort of evolution is enacted, the Pokégirl still remains a Blessed Pokégirl. The only way to escape a Blessed evolution is to become an Angel, or to "fall from grace," which is to commit, knowingly and willingly, an evil act. The celestial Pokégirl who sponsored the base type Pokégirl to her Blessed state will immediately know if such an act is committed, and will then rescind the Blessed nature, resulting in the base type Pokégirl immediately de-evolving back to her normal self.
While possible in theory, there have been no reports of a Feral Blessed Pokégirl. Whether this is something mystical in nature about them, or just due to their rarity and their ease in getting laid is unknown. There has never even been a rumor of a Blessed Pokégirl coming from a Threshold girl, but Pokégirl researchers theorize that with a celestial Pokégirl's influence, it is possible..
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BLESSED WIDOW, the Holy What was that?! Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (probably Unique)
Diet: true Omnivore, favors human style foods, occasionally requires blood and rocks
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen boogeyman and ultimate cute terror
Libido: Low (High with Tamers who can control them)
Strong Vs: any except Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, Hyperbeam, Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Armor Punch
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, armored skin, enhanced strength (x25), enhanced speed (x4), web spinners, poison sacs, hypnotic attack, ability to bite off and digest almost anything, extra limbs.
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Recommendation if you see one: If she's friendly: Go get a hug you'll always treasure, the memory will warm your heart even in the darkest times; If she's unfriendly: Run the fuck away, dumbass!
Behold a nightmare made cherubic flesh.
Blessed Widows are the most darling, deadly Pokégirls alive. They embody adorable destruction. No one who has encountered one has anything bad to say about them. (Mainly because anyone who thought ill of them was torn to shreds.) Combining physical characteristics of a Bug-type, with Poison attacks, with Ghost talents and the special attacks of a Blessed Pokégirls, the Blessed Widow would make a formidable fighter even without some of her other abilities.
The only known Blessed Widow was found in caves in the Cascade Islands of the Sunshine League. While it is commonly believed that this is not a Widow with the Blessed advantage, but rather a g-spliced or Cocooner-made Pokégirls who closely simulates a Widow's powers in a cute, 8-limbed girl. The problem is, no one really knows WHY she appeared. Her Tamer's theory is that she was an experiment by a deranged Megami and Cocooner. While this seems to explain HOW, he refuses to speculate on WHY.
The Blessed Widow is truly odd to behold. She has a pair of arms growing from each shoulder, and a pair of legs from each hip. The second limb is outboard of the `normal` one. Her expression is waif-like with soulful eyes practically designed to melt even the hardest hearts. Her skin is reinforced to ignore immense damage from nearly every type of attack.
Her fangs are small, almost invisible unless you are actively looking. She has four arms and four legs, all ending in normal, five-fingered hands or five-toed feet. On her back is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the white skin of the Blessed Widow. Her legs are long and strong, and she can stand on two, three or four.
Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, Blessed Widow is a perfectly innocent, though extremely powerful breed of Pokégirls. While possessing a Widow's formidable arsenal of attacks, lacking only the lethal HyperVenom, they add the Heavenly Fire and Lightning typical of the Blessed types. They also possess a Hyperbeam for a long-range punch. Blessed Widow are fierce, deadly fighters, however they consider violence a necessary evil, at best. They are more willing to fight to defend others, especially their Harem-sisters and Tamer. They will avoid harming innocents, but attacker will be dealt with swiftly. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them are the dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can hurt them, and domination attacks, although if the Blessed Widow is made too pitiful, the dominating Pokégirl may suffer attacks from observers. Combat against a Blessed Widow is to be avoided at all costs, negotiation is preferred.
Her Feral state is unknown at this time, although is expected to be very mild, similar to a Ingenue's.
Seriously, either get your hug or run away. No matter how tough you are, how vicious and hard-boiled your girls are, a Blessed Widow is just too loveable or too lethal.
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BLIGHT, the Sick Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Now Extinct)
Diet: Any Food
Role: virus spreader/plague bearer
Libido: unknown
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Elemental and heal types
Attacks: Poison Powder, Poison Mask, Poison Mist, Spice 3, Plague(*)
Enhancements: Disease Resistance, Enhanced Strength (x2), Fast Healing
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Blights appeared as thin women with very pale and clammy skin and long tangled hair. They often had deep circles under their eyes and eyewitnesses often stated they looked "as though they might blow away if a strong wind came by". Because of their gaunt appearance, many communities accepted them, but many kept them under quarantine.
A Blight would begin to look better as she was treated, and would eventually look much like any healthy human woman. It was about this time that they would be allowed to join the other survivors, and it also at this time they became most dangerous.
The most anxious Blights would make mistakes and began using their special power, Plague, to infect the entire community with a strong flu. However, this action often led to their demise. The more intelligent of the Blights would begin infecting the community more subtly, using small bursts of Poison Mist, Spice 3 or Poison Powder to make people ill. Once a majority of the community was ill from poison, she would unleash Plague and flee as the entire community fell ill.
However, it did not take long for news of this tactic to be spread and the Blights were eventually trapped and executed. Any that may have survived would know that their tactics would never work again.
It's rumored that the Blight was ultimately responsible for the "contamination" of the human race, and may be responsible for the existence of Threshold, but since the race has been dead for many years, this is entirely speculation. It's also rumored that some Blights might never have begun their mission because they fell in love, and thus, may have abandoned by Sukebe because of this.
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BOMBSHELL, the Grenade Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Rocks, Dirt, Metal
Role: Demolition
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Punch, Kick, Uppercut, Backhand, Tackle, Takedown, Self-Destruct, Explosion
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x4), can rebuild herself from Explosion & Self-Destruct, can control her explosions, cannot feel pain
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Bombshells were among the first 'tech' Pokégirls to be discovered. The majority of them have camouflage-colored skin that feels like a flexible ceramic, and dark green, metallic, almost chitinous shells around their waists, D-cup breasts, forearms, hands, feet, and lower legs. Their spine is visible through their back and looks like a series of metal panels. They have only one ear, and in place of the other one is a small lever with a removable pin in it. Very little can actually hurt them, although Bombshells tend to be nervous around fighting types and tend to make sure that they don't leave their spines facing a fighting-type. They are VERY protective of their spines, as it contains the magnetic aura that allows them to pull themselves back together after blowing up, and don't like to be on their backs at any time as a consequence. The metallic panels of their spines cause stress on their backs, and a Tamer can easily earn the affections of their Bombshell by giving them a back rub, paying special attention to the area exactly around the panels that make up the spine. The breed as a whole has red eyes and blonde hair, leading some to nickname them 'Blonde Bombshells.'
No one really knew what to make of Bombshells at first. They were a tough breed of Pokégirl, rather attractive for those who liked Steel-types, and very fun-loving. (Although they tended to overdo it to the extreme on explosion-related puns.) The problem was that they tended to blow up a lot. Literally.
Bombshells are one of two Pokégirls known to be capable of surviving the Self-Destruct and Explosion Pokégirl attacks. Their bodies explode with concussive force, sending shrapnel everywhere. They can then remake their bodies quickly, in under five minutes for a single limb exploded, up to twenty for any larger detonation, using an internal magnetic charge to piece themselves back together. They can even rebuild themselves from almost total destruction, although his takes a lot out of them, regeneration taking forty minutes, leaving them dizzy and weak for a couple days. They can also explode just a part of their body for a pseudo-projectile attack, making them more useful that just regular bombs. They can fully detonate themselves or simply shoot off their hands or feet for a long range attack, or simply explode a limb to destroy bonds that are holding them. (This, consequently, has made Domina-types HATE them with a passion, as they simply keep blowing up any bonds they tie them with.) To explode their entire bodies, they remove the pin that is in place of one of their ears. However, they don't do that as much as one would think a living explosive would do, as it leaves them incredibly dizzy. They are VERY careful to retrieve their pin after rebuilding themselves from an explosion, as they would detonate almost instantly after reforming if they didn't hold the locking handle down constantly.
Bombshells do not feel pain, so all exploding does is make them aroused, sending a rush of sensation through their bodies. (Fortunately for Tamers, being aroused seems to act as a catalyst against a Bombshell's ability to explode themselves, so there is little worry of a Bombshell blowing up mid-Taming.) They can control the intensity of their detonations to a point, making the damage range from only enough to knock down a normal human, to powerful enough to destroy a heavy vehicle such as a tank from Pre-Sukebe times. Bombshells usually just keep their explosion levels at just enough to knock out an attacking Pokégirl, as the stronger the explosion, the longer their recovery time. It's been confirmed that Bombshells can use an explosion stronger than that, but just suggest that to them and they will become very fearful and panicky, starting withdraw into themselves so much that it makes a Shy Maiden seem like a Wildcat by comparison. However if the subject of pushing the limits of their detonations is avoided, Bombshells remain happy, bubbly Pokégirls that love to be useful in any means they are allowed to be.
It was eventually discovered that Bombshells could be reformed in a much quicker fashion. Either by chance or a limited form of control over the way they explode, the spine of a Bombshell always remains intact and lands near the Bombshell's Tamer. By running their fingers along the detached spine of a Bombshell creates a magnetic surge that reforms the Bombshell completely within seconds. This, however, is not recommended, as the Bombshell will be incredibly dizzy for however long it would have taken them to normally repair from an explosion of a part of their bodies, a full body explosion causing the longest recovery time. It's best, if this method of reforming a Bombshell is used, to put them in their Pokéball and let them recover, or place them on a bed and wait for them to get their bearings.
After a couple years of hesitant study, it was discovered that Bombshells could be very useful in land reclamation and demolitions work. They could also test the quality level of soil by eating a handful of it, although mostly Bombshells stay in construction and League law enforcement groups. They are, sadly, frequently found in Team Rocket-style groups, leading some more conservative Leagues to make heavy regulations against ownership of them. They also have hearing problems due to the fact that they have only one ear.
Feral Bombshells are extremely rare, but they do exist. They tend to be very jumpy and skittish, and will explode at random if startled. In terms of Taming, it's best to have a psychic-type or a plant-type to help the Bombshell relax and make them almost totally incapable of exploding. A Milktit creating milk with a relaxant affect will suffice as well. If a Tamer allows his/her Bombshell to become Feral, they will not only be derided as a moron by their peers, they will also be fined heavily for their irresponsibility.
No Threshold cases of turning into a Bombshell have been reported. Some assume that this may be because during the early stages of Threshold, the Bombshell might not be able to control her explosion powers and be unable to reform herself. However this is just a theory, and has not been proven as fact.
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BONDAGE ELF, the Sinister S&M Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, tend to lean towards meat diet
Role: discipline/oversee other Pokégirls, hunters, combat
Libido: Average to High, changes with mood will get higher with a trusted Tamer
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric, Ground
Attacks: Levitation, Bondage Attacks, Poison Whip, Mystic Bolt, Mirror, Aura Barrier, Energy Drain, Dream Eater
Enhancements: Longevity, Night vision, and a high threshold for pain Bondage Affinity and reduced Feral
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blind ness or light-headedness
Evolves: Bondage Queen (normal)
Evolves From: Dark Elf (normal)
The Bondage Elf is a Dark Elf that has taken on more ‘sexual appetites’… The Bondage Elf is rarely found in the wild because in the wild she does not get the ‘constant victim’ to practice out her techniques on, (unless she can find and keep another Dark Elf alive). In fact, Feral Bondage Elves are usually mistaken for Dominas when seen, for they have the same tastes in ‘clothing’, basically anything leather.
The Bondage Elf is overall, a product of a Dark Elf being in charge of another person, (in most cases a Harem or even her Tamer). The constant attention allows the Dark Elf to immerse herself in her dark appetites of S&M that she can evolve into a form that is even more of an S&M lover than her pre-evolved form of Dark Elf.
It should be known that Feral Bondage Elf leather is a highly sought item. The quality of the leather is very fine… It is unknown what animal, Pokégirl, or possibly human it is made from, but it is thought to be a matter of matting different leathers together into one sheet of dense leather.
It should also be known that unlike Dark Elves the Bondage Elves love having an Elf and its evolutions (especially Elfqueen) in the same Harem. For unlike Dark Elves who can’t stand the presence of their ‘lighter’ cousins, a Bondage Elf just loves to Tame and dominate the ‘good’ Elves.
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BONDAGE QUEEN, the Evil Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, but likes a meat-based diet
Role: Discipline, Leadership
Libido: Average (High when wet)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric, Ground, Water (*)
Attacks: Love Sting, Poison Mask, Enslaving Kiss, Erotic Kiss, Hydra Whip, Catapult of Hell, Shin Lasher, Lashings of Love, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Magic Kick, Insulate, Teleport (Level 55)
Enhancements: Lower Libido, higher self-restraint
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bondage Elf (normal)
At first, the Bondage Queen doesn't seem evil. That's probably the first sign of trouble. She only gains a few inches in height (varies between 1/8th of an inch to 4 inches), and may or may not gain any breast enlargements (varies greatly, bust could not grow or could grow three cups sizes).
However, she is evil. Her subtle psychological influences, usually either through chemical, verbal or emotional persuasion or a combination of the three, can create various degrees of psychological changes in the victim from subtle changes to drastic ones. In the more drastic changes, the tamer and their harem may begin noticing themselves doing evil things, like skipping out on a bill or stealing items from a store. Eventually this will build to larger crimes, like stealing Pokégirls from tamers and openly robbing banks.
The more subtle changes are the ones to truly watch out for, as the tamer and their harem may not even notice themselves becoming as evil as the Bondage Queen desires. In many ways, the subtle Bondage Queen acts no different from a Dominatrix. She wants everyone loyal to her, but she is generous in her "rule", satisfying those who please her.
The difference in these styles of manipulation and the gradual progression of the harem into evil acts are what list the Bondage Queen as "the Evil Mistress" Pokégirl. Very few tamers are good enough to resist this psychological corruption, and even then, it isn't for long without a countering element, like a Celestial Pokégirl or strong-willed Alpha. At some point, they will submit to the commands of the Bondage Queen.
The Bondage Queen has the aura of a natural born leader, but their leadership skills will vary, based largely on how intelligent she is. The smart Bondage Queens can make every suggestion they make seem like the very best one.
Ironically, one of the best counters for a Bondage Queen is a Dominatrix. Dominatrixes have the natural will and resistance to poison necessary to resist the Bondage Queen's control, but it means that a tamer must make the Dominatrix their Alpha. Celestial Pokégirls do almost as good, but depending on their intelligence and will, they too may falter.
If a tamer should find themselves with Bondage Queen, and lacking either a Dominatrix or a Celestial Pokégirl, the last way to keep a Bondage Queen in line is to get her wet.
Strangely, a Bondage Queen will have a mass increase in her sex drive when wet, as if she's been afflicted with an Attraction status ailment, rendering most of her "evilness" moot. Water Pokégirls and water-based sex techniques are each doubly effective at this (meaning that a water Pokégirl using a water-sex technique is four times as effective) It should be known that constant exposure will lower the effectiveness of this tactic, so it should only be used when the tamer believes the Bondage Queen is manipulating them. And at random, just in case.
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BONEMAIDEN, the Necromancer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Bonecrafters, Leatherworkers, Necromancers, Spirtual Mediums, Grief Counselors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Concentrate, Aura of Doom, *Bone Dust, *Bone Blade, *Bone Blade Mark II, Energy Drain, Sucker Punch, *Bone Armor, *Bone Spear, *Teeth, Invis, Shadow, Nightmare Syndrome, (at high levels) *Summon Skeletons, *Skeleton Sphere, *Bone Dance
Enhancements: Ghost affinity, Spectrakinesis, Spirtual detection, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bonemaidens were a relatively unknown species during the Revenge War. Other ‘Maiden’ Pokégirls were more active, and had more prominent fighting roles. But that isn’t to say that Bonemaidens didn’t have their own useful niche to fill.
When Sukebe’s Pokégirls fell in battle for whatever reason, Bonemaidens would get in contact with their spirits to get a final report before allowing them to pass on. This way Sukebe’s forces were never at a loss for information. In addition, Bonemaidens in the field would take the bones of fallen comrades and rework them into armor and weapons. In some cases they could take the skin of fallen comrades, animals, enemies as well, remaking them into leather clothing. Their craftsmanship and making makeshift weapons and armor made them valuable assets in the field. Their greatest power came from their ability to animate full skeletons and manipulate them as puppets. In addition to this, they could manipulate ectoplasmic energy around bones to form a spherical floating fortress of sorts, one capable of projecting blasts of skeletal energy and lashing with bladed limbs.
At the end of the Revenge War, Bonemaidens were nearly driven into extinction. Humans horrified by their powers had them killed en masse, wanting to be rid of what they believed to be among the worst of Sukebe’s creations. Bonemaidens retreated into seclusion, some finding Tamers and disguising themselves as other Pokégirl breeds. It was only through time and careful breeding that Bonemaidens were brought away from potential extinction. They are still unwelcome breeds in most conservative Leagues.
Bonemaidens are generally tall, slender Pokégirls, usually with A cup breasts. They have pale, ghostly skin that only darkens slightly when tanned, and have hair and eyes that are usually shades varying from black to gray to white. They seem fragile, almost skeletal in appearance, although their skin and bones are incredibly dense, allowing them greater defense in battle. So slender and skeletal do they seem, that some mistake them for being anorexic. They’re among the few Ghost-type Pokégirls that are actually living, making them even more unique.
Despite their gruesome abilities, Bonemaidens are actually not entirely unpleasant to be around. They are quiet, helpful Pokégirls who prefer to stay in the background when not called upon, and are almost never found in the Alpha position in a harem. They have a unique connection with the spirit world, one that allows them to contact ghosts and ghost-type Pokégirls. At higher levels Bonemaidens can even summon up low-level Ghost-type Pokégirls as well. They are usually paired up with Chickpotle Pokégirls on Research teams dedicated to studying ghosts, as their abilities in combination make for very effective team ups. In addition, Bonemaidens can have their bone-and-flesh shaping abilities increased by training under a Pinielf for an extended period of time. (Although they cannot work with living flesh and bone.) Bonemaidens, despite their abilities in dealing with death, are not as grim and unemotional as one would think. Their powers over death and dead things and knowledge of spirit realms, it gives them a healthy respect for life and how precious it is. As such, they also get along very well with Cudildos. In fact, a Cudildo in the same harem as a Bonemaiden will usually evolve into a Marowhack much faster.
In terms of taming habits, Bonemaidens are generally easy to get into bed. They adore a Tamer who doesn’t fear their abilities or isn’t nauseated by them, and tend to be much more receptive to the affections of their master. As morbid as it sounds, if a Bonemaiden is Tamed in a place where death has a presence, such as a graveyard, they will become much more affectionate to their Tamers than before. This goes in line with their philosophy of life in general.
Threshold cases of Bonemaidens are fairly rare. They usually only occur in families with some ghost-type heritage, and seeing as there are very few ghost-types with enough physical in them to breed, the lack of cases is understandable. The first since of a girl Thresholding into a Bonemaiden is that their hair color changes and they start to be able to ‘see’ spirits…
Bone Dust (EFT) – Essentially the same as Sand Attack, only with Bone Dust. Has a 10% chance of causing Paralyze or Poison.
Bone Blade (ATK+EFT) – The Bonemaiden takes the bone of a corpse and shapes it into a durable sword.
Bone Blade Mark II (ATK+EFT) – The Bonemaiden takes multiple bones and shapes them into a more durable, reliable sword.
Bone Armor (DEF) – The Bonemaiden takes several bones and shapes them into a suit of makeshift armor. More bones can be added to increase the density of the armor.
Bone Spear (ATK 50) - The Bonemaiden forges several bones into a spear and throws it.
Teeth (ATK+DEF) The Bonemaiden throws several shards of bone out, creating a field of caltrop-like spikes. At higher levels, a Bonemaiden can charge up a bone with ectoplasmic energy, making it essentially into a shrapnel grenade, scattering the bone fragments that way.
Summon Skeletons (EFT) – The Bonemaiden animates several skeletons in the area and uses them as puppet fighters. Their attack and defense ratings can be compared to the elemental golems some Pokégirls can form. Lower level Bonemaidens can only animate 4 skeletons at max, gaining the ability to animate 4 more skeletons per every 10 levels of power.
Skeleton Sphere (DEF 250) – The Bonemaiden summons several dozens of bones around herself, forming it into a large, thick, armored sphere that the Pokégirl can control the design of. The heavy amounts of ectoplasmic energy inherent in the sphere allows it to hover, and perform powerful tackle attacks by putting on short bursts of speed. The size of the sphere varies depending on the amount of bones used.
Bone Dance (ATK 200) – The Bonemaiden fires several beams of ectoplasmic force from the eyes of the skulls built into her Skeleton Sphere.
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BOOBCAT, the Agile Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products.
Role: acrobats, scouts
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Slash Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wildcat (normal)
The Boobcat is the "standard" evolution of the Wildcat, requiring only the requisite number of victories and tamings to evolve. The physical differences between the Boobcat and it's pre-evolved form are significant. The Wildcat always has a coat of fur, and most other cat-types can have fur, or only a tail and ears depending on whether they are Feralborn or Domesticated. The Boobcat, however, can have fur or the "catgirl configuration" with no regards to their origins. Those that have fur can have any pattern found among pre-Sukebe housecats.
The increase in height often associated with an evolution is notably absent. The increase in bust, however, is significant, with no Boobcat having less than DD-cup breasts (most are even larger). These namesake tits, however, do not interfere with movement, combat, or their acrobatic abilities.
On the subject of acrobatics, Boobcats are both fast and agile, relying on superior mobility to overwhelm their opponent in combat. To this end, Boobcats prefer to take advantage of natural obstacles and other deleterious terrain whenever possible, relying on their own maneuverability to prevent it from effecting them. Unlike most cat Pokégirls, many Domesticated Boobcats also pursue martial arts training to further supplement their combat options, combining acrobatic kicks and strikes with their natural claw and bite attacks.
Their speed and mobility also makes them excellent scouts, especially in forested terrain, which was their primary purpose (on both sides, eventually) during Sukebe's War. Like the other Wildcat evolutions, Boobcats remember the sexual exploits and experimentations they engaged in as a Wildcat, and may develop individual preferences based on that. Every three months, for roughly one week, a Boobcat will go into "heat", during which time they are nearly insatiable. It is ill-advised to plan any gym battles during that time, as both harem and tamer will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight. It is, however, an ideal time for Sex League battles, or for capturing Feral Boobcats.
Displaying more intelligence than their Wildcat cousins, feral Boobcats tend to stay in forests, or other terrain that gives them an advantage. Some Boobcats have even been known to make "nests" high in trees to avoid more aggressive predators (and tamers), especially when about to have kits. These nests are also used as platforms for ambushes, diving down to pounce on unwary prey (both for food and for tamings).
Threshold into a Boobcat is hardly common, but more likely than the other two Wildcat evolutions.
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BOOBFIN, the Cetacean Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human (Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish
Role: Marine Recon, Marine Warfare, Sabotage
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Plant
Attacks: Agility, Slick Stroke, Water Tentacles, Whirlpool, Water Sword, Water Sword Mk. II, Water Punch, Ultrasonic Blast*, Concussive Shot*,
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 In the Water), Enhanced Agility (x2 In the Water), Enhanced Strength (x2), Echolocation, Enhanced Lung Capacity, Super-efficient respiratory system, Metamorphic capabilities
Evolves: Orcunt (normal), Sharptit (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Magicunt (Normal); Sharptit (Royal Curse)
The Boobfins were the special forces of the marine component of Sukebe’s army. Their quick speed in the water, intelligence and abilities made them the Navy SEALS of the pokegirl army and a nightmare for the various Pre-Sukebe navies. Not only were their infiltration and close quarters skills excellent, but pods of Boobfins up to 20 in size were extremely efficient in finding and sinking enemy submarines.
The Boobfin stands anywhere between 6-6’5’’ and around 125-140 pounds. They have a very feminine face, short light blue hair hair. Their skin is a dark grey, with a slightly lighter grey on the stomachs, and they have a cup size ranging from B-C cup, with rare cases of a D-Cup. They have a dorsal fin protruding from their backs, a long muscular fluke that extends past their legs, and two smaller fins that protrude from their forearms. Their faces are human sized, and they can change between a short snout with razor sharp teeth, and regular human lips and nose. Boobfins possess metamorphic qualities that allow them to morph their legs into their tail for greater speed in the water, control the size of their dorsal fin to increase agility and control, and morph their arms into fins.
Unlike other water pokegirls a Boobfin does require oxygen, however because of a very efficient respiratory system that acts as a rebreather and an enlarged lung capacity, a Boobfin can remain submerged for several hours without a need to resurface. These pokegirls prefer sea water to fresh water, however they exist in both, and preferences can change from ‘girl to ‘girl. The Boobfin possess several others physical traits that make them similar to the dolphins of old. Of these traits the most important is the melon, an organ located in the head that allows them to produce both the sonic waves for echolocation,and the beams of ultrasonic waves that are cable of liquefying flesh and battering metal.
Boobfins are superb battlers underwater, using their Ultrasonic Blast and Concussive Shot to great effect. On land their battling skill are more limited, as their tail hampers movement and speed, and without water the power behind their ultrasonic blast is severely reduced, however they make great use of the Water Sword technique, which originates from the fins on their arms.
Boobfins are very playful and fun-loving pokegirls. Boobfins like nothing more than spending time around loved ones, and pulling the occasional harmless prank. In battle, they hate losing, but try to win the quickest and most painless way possible, and for the most part, Boobfins abhor taking lives. In the Revenge War, Boobfins battle groups were well known for saving humans from the ships they sand and keeping them prisoner as opposed to letting them drown with their boats.
The Feral state of a Boobfin is very mild. These pokegirls suffer little if any drop in intelligence, and are even benevolent. Reports indicate the Feral and Wild Boobfin are more than happy to rescue drowning sailors and men lost at sea, which makes this breed popular with seafarers. A Feral Boobfin is a rare thing, however, because Boobfins are truly bisexual and enjoys sex from either gender. For this reason, Boobfins, in the wild, tend to stay in tight-nit packs, called pods. It is not advisable for a Tamer to try to covertly steal a Boobfin from one of these pods, but instead confront the pod and ask to battle for one. The same loyalty that Boobfins have to their pods will carry over in to the harem dynamics, resulting in a very reliable pokegirl. Critics of the Boobfin say that she makes a terrible Alpha because she is too playful and does not possess sufficient gravitas, nevertheless many Tamers call the Boobfin a both beloved and vital part of their harems.
A Boobfin has very high threshold for pleasure, and is very hard to get off alone. In the wild, Taming sessions in pods of Boobfins usually devolves into giant orgies, and in a harem, this is the preferred method of Taming a Boobfin. Despite this, a Boobfin likes to give just as much as she gets, and is a very unselfish girl in the sack. Boobfins prefer to tame in the water, just below the surface, because they find that their tails get in the way on land.
Despite being combat pokegirls, Boobfins are also quite capable in Sex Battles. Their echolocative abilities stimulate erogenous zones when used at close range, and combined with Slick Stroke, and their Watery Tentacles technique make them quite decent. Combine this with their high threshold for pleasure, and the Boobfin can be quite the fiend on the Sex Battlefield.
Thresholding into a Boobfin is common with Boobfin and water pokegirl ancestry. The process starts off slow, with an attraction to a body of water, slow change in skin color, craving for fish, which lasts about 5 days, then a sudden transformation over the next two days, with the entire process lasting a week.
Ultrasonic Blast - (ATK 95 (190 underwater)) The Boobfin focuses an ultrasonic blast of sound against an enemy that can cause severe damage, and has been known to liquefy flesh. The Boobfin is capable of teaching this attack to the Baleena.
Concussive Blast - (ATK 70) The Boobfin focuses a compressed ball of air that damages the target. BE WARNED while submerged this attack could drain the Boobfin of her air supply, and cause her to drown.
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BOOBGONG (aka MERMAID), the Sexy Seal Pokégirl Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: seafood
Role: fishing assistant, deep water diving
Libido: Average (High in the spring)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Scratch, Tackle, Headbutt, Tail Slap, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Breathe water, Enhanced Flexibility, subcutaneous insulation layer, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Selkie (normal)
Boobgong, the evolution of Selkie, gains several new abilities. Most important among these is her ability to metamorphose her lower body between her natural long flipper, and a pair of humanoid legs. This can be done at will painlessly by the Boobgong, who is able to venture ashore much more ably now. While a Boobgong can walk however, doesn’t mean she’s good at it. Since they only develop their legs after their evolution, they spend quite a long time learning how to walk without tumbling over. When they finally perfect it, they can be quite a sight to witness, with their alabaster skin and smooth figures. Greater degrees of podiatric manipulation will always be beyond them however; for example, no Boobgong can dance. Boobgongs are often seen lounging by rocks near caves at the mouth of the sea, a habit which led to them being called Mermaids for a long period after Sukebe’s Revenge. Like their pre-evolutionary form, the Selkie, a Boobgong in her nautical form still has her cunt visible, it having moved a bit more forward on her body so as to be still accessible from the front.
A Boobgong is now truly able to breathe water, instead of just hold her breath for long periods of time. This, combined with her ability to hear things with a greater degree of accuracy and her ability to withstand colder climes well, makes her extremely able to navigate safely at deeper depths, where light and heat cannot reach. Due to their lack of proficiency with their legs, Boobgongs tend to do poorly against land bound foes, much preferring to fight in the water where they are quicker. A Boobgong forced to fight on land will try and use her Slick Stroke ability to bring her opponent to orgasm quickly.
Feral Boobgongs are a danger to themselves more than to other people. Like other water Pokégirls, they are likely to venture ashore in their Feral state. Unlike most water Pokégirls though, while they do realize that they shouldn’t stray too far from the water, they tend to have a hard time getting back since they cant use their legs very well at all when Feral. More than a few Tamers have had the good fortune to find a Boobgong near a beach, desperately trying to crawl back to the water. It’s rare for Threshold girls to become Boobgongs. Those that do often have a hard time adjusting, since they’ll actually lose finer motor control of their legs, and spend a lot of their time frustrated and upset that they trip much more often than usual.
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BOOBISAUR, the Busty Plant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: Farming, Gardening, Soil Regeneration, Libido boosters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4, Vines Only)
Evolves: Ivywhore (normal)
Evolves From: None
The Boobisaur is widely known almost worldwide as the classic Plant-type Pokégirl.
This Pokégirl looks less human than other commonly seen "starting" Pokegirls. Her skin and hair colors vary with the seasons and local plant life, usually both a deep green during spring and summer months, red, browns and yellows during fall months, and paler light greens during wintry conditions. In all seasons, her skin is has small darker patches of skin patterning her skin in a Cheetit-like manner. The real oddity of this Pokegirl, however, is the large plant bulb growing on her back. It's usually small, about the size of a wreckball, situated on her lower back. Because of this, a Boobisaur will never sleep or lie on her back, always preferring to lie face-down, and is usually Tamed doggy-style, or with her being on top. Most Tamers don't mind any of this at all though, instead focusing on the most notable feature a Boobisaur has: huge breasts. No Boobisaur has ever been reported with anything less than a generous C cup, and many are larger than that. Despite their size though, they never sag, nor give a Boobisaur problems with back pains.
Not being particularly strong, Boobisaurs prefer to fight from a distance. Whether it's tossing a parasitic seed at them, flinging razor sharp leaves, or using her vines as whips, Boobisaurs will generally wait until their opponent is down to close, usually finishing them off with Vine Bondage, where they use their vines to immobilize and forcefully pleasure their foe, or Lust Dust to drive them into a sexual frenzy. The two attacks together are a devastating combination.
A Boobisaur's Lust Dust attack is its signature move. Any female hit by this attack experiences a temporary but drastic surge in her libido, desperately craving intense sex. The lust is so powerful that pretty much anything else is dropped to have a quick tussle with whoever is nearby. Some lucidity does remain, since she can still choose preferred partners over strangers, but most conscious thought is gone when this technique hits home. Curiously, though the dust does affect males, its effects aren't as great. A male hit with Lust Dust does become aroused, but not to the point of forgetting all else like a female does. Researchers are still trying to figure out why. Regardless, this attack remains very popular, both for capturing new Pokégirls and for having an intense bout of Taming.
Boobisaurs are Plant-types, and as such need almost no special care to be kept alive. As long as they can get plenty of fresh water, bask in the sun for a little while, and can spend some time laying on the ground (real ground, not pavement or the floor), they're healthy. If she is injured, a Boobisaur can slowly heal herself by spending several hours just lying in the sun and not moving. This heals her wounds faster than a normal person could heal themselves, but still much slower than any real form of regeneration. A byproduct of this process is that the soil she is laying on will become very healthy, and is great for growing plants. Many gardeners own a Boobisaur, and will have her lay on their flowerbeds for hours or even days before planting to ensure that the soil is nutrient-rich. Even patches of badland can be made fertile again through this process.
Another pleasant side-effect of this is that, although when enjoying the sunshine they seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, they are full of energy, and are quite enthusiastic to have sex. Having a Boobisaur release her Lust Dust attack on the rest of her Harem-sisters at this time will usually result in a very exhausting but enjoyable night for a Tamer.
It is important to note that, although constant exposure to sunshine can leave a Boobisaur seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, the Boobisaurs are full of energy, and almost guaranteed to be horny, as sunlight has a strong effect on a Boobisaur's sexual desires and will amplify them over a period of time.
Boobisaurs (and their evolutionary forms) all have the ability to connect with the plant life around them, which lets them learn of nearby pokegirls or humans and to sometimes track 'girls that otherwise would leave no trail. This, unfortunately, makes catching a Boobisaur something of a tricky endeavor, as, unless removed from the flora-rich environments they thrive in, they will rarely be caught unawares.
Boobisaur is one of the more common types for a Threshold girl to turn into. Feral Boobisaurs tend to run around tossing Lust Dust at random to get someone to screw them quickly.
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BOOBKINI, the Water Exhibitionist Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: menial water-related jobs
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Tower, Hydropump, Battle Song, Nameless Song
Enhancements: Ageless(*), Stylized Form, Amplified Singing (**)
Evolves: Naiad (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Swimslut(orgasm)
Boobkinis are generally between 5'6" and 6'2" tall. They retain most of the physical aspects they had as a Swimslut with one major difference: Boobs. Whereas the Swimslut had no designated breast size, the Boobkini generally has E-cups or larger. Surprisingly, their ample bosom does not adversely affect their speed or combat skills in the water.
Feral Boobkinis love flaunting their breasts and are known to get on the bad side of any smaller breasted Pokégirl they come across. If they are in a harem, they'll tease the smaller breasted Pokégirls for a while, but will eventually tire of taunting them and move on to flaunt their breasts towards others. Even Domesticate or Threshold Boobkinis instinctively flaunt their breasts, though the more modest will become embarrassed over their arrogant behavior.
Despite their flaunting, though, Boobkinis prefer to have some measure of clothing, preferably bikinis, so they can continue to flaunt while keeping some 'mystery'. They may also like clothing because it helps keep their breasts looking ample.
The only time the Boobkini will not flaunt is if they meet a Pokégirl with equal or larger breasts. In most cases, they will simply acknowledge the larger girl's 'victory', but some become obsessed with that Pokégirl. Sometimes, this is simply out of respect and awe, though there are occasions when the Boobkini will want to become lovers with the aforementioned 'winner'.
All Boobkinis enjoy staying near the beach and may even want to be tamed on the beach. Being such beach lovers, they take great offense whenever someone leaves garbage or creates a mess on the beach. Ferals often attack the offending miscreant if they show no signs of cleaning up their mess, which has led to many beaches in both Pro and Anti-Pokégirl areas to have signs warning beach-goers to clean up after themselves. These warnings are repeated in school safety classes, on the radio and on television routinely during times of the year when people may visit the beach.
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BOOBLEAF, the Erotic Arboreal Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Uncommon in Johto and Opal, Rare in all others.
Diet: vegetarian
Role: horticulture
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Rock, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Whip, Razor Leaf, Catnip Kiss, Solar Beam, Tackle, Leaf Shield, Vine Bondage
Enhancements: Strong skin, Florakenisis, immune to pollen and spore based attacks, pleasing aroma
Evolves: Driad (Leaf Stone), Scarecrow (Dusk Stone), Juganium (Normal)
Evolves From: Chikotit (normal)
While most ‘girls go through changes when they evolve, few have changes as drastic as those of an evolving Chikotit. Whereas a Chikotit before evolution is a perfect example of a “Plain Jane”, after becoming a Boobleaf everything changes. She becomes, in a word, stunning.
Boobleafs generally gain about 5-7 inches of height, putting them around 5’6” usually. Her skin retains the light green coloration it had before, though in some cases it deepens into an olive color. Her bust increases by anywhere from one to two full sizes. However, the biggest changes taking place are not on her body, but her face.
Gone are the plain looks that were the defining feature of the Chikotit. In their place is a face that would make a tamers jaw drop. Flawless skin, full lips, sharp chin, and perfect eyebrows all make for a stunning girl, but again it is her eyes that define this breed. When one looks into a Boobleaf’s eyes, one sees a kaleidoscope of shades of green ranging from bright emerald to deep moss. Looking at these eyes for the first time can be compared to ones first taming, and many tamers have been left breathless after seeing a Boobleaf for the first time.
Another prominent change that takes place is the seeds around their wrist sprout into small leaves. These leaves have a soothing aroma, and are often harvested to be sold for use in aromatherapy or tea. Harvesting these leaves doesn’t hurt the girl in any way, though it takes a few days for the leaves to regrow. During this time, the ‘girl is unable to use any skills that require leaves as a medium (i.e. Razor Leaf, Leaf Shield, etc).
Another set of seeds grow around her neck, but there are unusable for any techniques and do not sprout until the next evolution.
However, looks are not the only things that change when a Chikotit evolves. After evolution, the Boobleaf gains a mild form of florakinesis that allows better control over her attacks. What this means is that her vine whip and razor leaf attacks very rarely miss, and often hit it in vital or weak areas of the opponent’s body. This special ability also grants her access to the Leaf Shield technique, a powerful defensive technique that makes feral Boobleaves hard to catch. When using this technique, the leaves on her body (either those on her wrist or those growing in her hair) separate from, and then begin to rotate around her body. They then rapidly grow and stiffen until they are around 3x3 feet and are as hard as boards. When using this technique, the Boobleaf must focus all of her attention on maintaining control over the leaves; because of this the girl is unable to do any other attacks until she drops the shields. This does not mean that the Boobleaf is unable to attack, as some seem fond of using the giant leaves to attack and distract opponents. A common technique used by tamers is to have a fire type ignite the leaves, and then have the Boobleaf use these leaves to inflict horrible burns on the opponent.
To researchers, the Boobleaf’s other abilities (those beside her looks and battling skills) are what make this breed so interesting. Boobleaves are very affiliated with plants. While other plant types are invigorated and strengthened by the sun, the Boobleaf actually gains vital nutrients just by being in direct sunlight. While this doest not completely remove the need to eat, a Boobleaf has a very, very small appetite.
When it comes to taming, Boobleaves are fairly compliant. Like their previous form, if they are doing it with someone the love and respect then they will be utterly submissive and willing to do anything to please their tamer. Female tamers are especially fond of Bobleaves, as the control the now have over their vine allows them to use the Vine Bondage technique, as well as some others not recognized by the Sex League Battling Officials. Said officials are still trying to get information on the Tenticoo Wape game Boobleaves like to play with female tamers. No such tamer has willingly come forth with information.
In the wild, Boobleaves can be found sunbathing or tending to the grove of trees they often “adopt”. The generally don’t attack travelers, unless the area of the forest under their control is directly threatened that is. For this reasons, logging companies are highly recommended to send surveying teams to determine if the area they want to cut down is under to protection of a feral Boobleaf, or worse, feral Juganium. Said companies take Feral Boobleaves very seriously, as more then one group of loggers has mysteriously disappeared. It is no surprise that Elf Queens are very fond of his breed.
Catching a feral Boobleaf can be a difficult task, as they often use the Leaf Shield technique at first sign of danger. It is suggested that you surround the ‘girl with the rest of your harem, cutting of any avenues of escape. Pound the girl, and then ball her as soon as the shields drop.
Thresholding into a Boobleaf is not an uncommon event in the Johto league. When it does happen, it is generally taken well as the girl is usually just relived she didn’t turn into a Chikotit.
There appears to be a hiccup in the genetic makeup of this breed. A small but growing number of discolored girls have been discovered in the wild as well as in tamers harem. While there is always a variation of colors in any breed, I have never seen something to this extent. Nick-named “Autumn Boobleaves” the first thing noticed is the skin color. Unlike a normal plant type, these girls have a drab brown coloration, muck like the bark of a tree. Their leaves likewise are discolored, though to a much greater extent. All the leaves on her body (wrist, hair, and those used for the Razor Leaf and Leaf Shield attack) are in shades of red or gold in coloration, much like the leaves on a tree in the fall. When using the Razor Leaf attack, the visual effect is akin to a swirling cone of flames rushing at you. The most stunning change however, is her eyes. Unlike the normal kaleidoscope of greens, the eyes of an “Autumn Boobleaf” are a storm of red, orange, yellow, and gold. This gives them a more fierce appearance visually, though these girls seem more timid and bashful then the normal Boobleaf. It is important to note that although these girls are drastically different visually, they are no stronger or weaker then a normal Boobleaf. This change has not been seen in any Chikotit or Juganiums, though it is not an impossible occurrence.
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BOOBTRIO, the Triple- Breasted Sexy Thunderstorm Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Very Rare (Mountain League), Unknown (other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style
Role: Pleasure slave, electric warriors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: All Sex attacks, Thunderbolt, Agility, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Rolling Spark Mark II, Electric Blade, Satellite Mark II, Satellite Mark III, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring Mark II, Zap Ring Mark III, Greater Thunderclap, Lightning, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip,* Pleasure Spark*
Enhancements: Increased breast size + one extra, Increased electrical absorbtion/storage/conversion capacity, Increased power control, Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Light telepathic and hypnotic abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Littletit (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Being nice to a Littletit reaps tremendous rewards.
Littletits are of the type who evolve through orgasm. However that isn’t all that’s needed. A Littletit has to have great affection for her Tamer, to the point of developing a Delta-bond with him. He needs to have been helpful, thoughtful, and encouraging to her, have helped her get over her embarrassment about having small breasts. You’d think that your average Tamer wouldn’t have the patience to do this, but repeated reports of the effort being, and I quote, “WORTH IT, WORTH IT, OH MY GOD IS IT EVER WORTH IT,” have brought about many Tamers starting to be nicer to Littletits all around. Along with it, increasing numbers of the resultant evolution, the BoobTrio.
First off, the most prominent change in a Littletit when they evolve is that they go from being cute to sexy. Their bodies shoot up an extra foot and a half, they become curvier, and their breasts, formerly A-Cups, swell out to enormity, D-Cups being the SMALLEST and rarest of breast sizes for them. They also grow a third breast in the middle of their chests, which grows in size to match their original two. The runic markings when manifesting their powers change shape. Also of note is that BoobTrios have one of the most spectacular evolutionary sequences in all of Pokékind. When a Littletit meets all her requirements for evolution, an aura of wild, crackling electricity envelops both Tamer and Pokégirl, the two rising into the air as the Littletit evolves, both Tamer and Pokégirl reaching their peak. As this electricity stimulates almost every pleasure nerve in the Tamer’s body at once, it’s regarded by some to be a religious experience when a Littletit becomes a BoobTrio.
Another change that the Pokégirl undergoes after evolution is her vast increase in power and control. They gain greater strength and much more electrical power, making them devastating opponents in battle. However they become so much more capable of controlling and using electricity that they can use it as a sex attack. They retain their ability to absorb, store, and convert electrical energy, only now they can do it to a much greater degree. One can tell when they’ve reached their storage limit, however, when their markings appear and don’t go away.
BoobTrios gain a much greater confidence in both life and in bed, and are more than willing to try anything sexually. Tamers who had trouble convincing Litteltits to do much in terms of Taming will find a much more eager and much more confident Pokégirl. Anal, oral, they’re willing to do anything for their Tamers. They get along very well with Leopardesses and Pengals, other Pokégirls who value their Tamers greatly. In terms of sex battles, they become great competitors. So great, in fact, that in some competitions their trademark Sex attack, Pleasure Spark, has been banned due to unfairness.
To top things off, BoobTrios also gain light psychic abilities. They don’t become a psychic element Pokégirl, however they do gain the ability to read minds, as well as perform some hypnosis. They aren’t on par with a great many true psychic element Pokégirls, but they can use their hypnosis and mind-reading to great affect, especially on opponents who aren’t expecting it from an Electric-type Pokégirl. Studies have shown that the reason BoobTrios gain psychic abilities is because of the advancement of the Delta bond upon evolution.
It would be unrealistic, however, to say that there are no downsides to this Pokégirl. For one thing, having three tremendous breasts causes great stress on the backs of the BoobTrio, forcing them to sacrifice some agility for strength. A Tamer willing to give backrubs will go far in keeping their BoobTrio’s loyalty. Also, sometimes the tremendous size of their breasts causes unwanted attention. Smaller-breasted Pokégirls, especially those who teased a BoobTrio while they were still a Littletit, have a tendency to get jealous of a BoobTrio’s prodigious breasts. On the flip side of this, many female Pokégirls will also become overly amorous towards the BoobTrio because of her oversized breasts. Also, male Tamers tend to want to fight BoobTrio owners more frequently to get salvage rights for the Pokégirl, something that gets annoying to most Tamers after a while. It’s best, in case of the Pokégirls, to try and encourage BoobTrios not to flaunt their amazing assets too much, especially against those who once teased them. Still, the pros of a BoobTrio far outweigh the cons.
As a final, rather interesting note, research into the BoobTrio has discovered that their breasts are actually the source of their ability to absorb and store electrical power. There is a specialized organ in their breasts, present also in their pre-evolution, the Littletit, that allows them to absorb, store, and convert electricity for various purposes, making them a versatile and useful Pokégirl.
BoobTrios, surprisingly, do not occur in the wild. Also, as all recorded BoobTrio Tamers are more than willing to keep them Tamed, their Feral state is a total unknown for now. No cases of Thresholding into a BoobTrio have been recorded.
*Storm Heal – (EFT) The BoobTrio uses some of her stored electricity and converts into a form of energy that can heal any Electric-type Pokégirl exposed to it up to 90%.
*Lightning Whip – (ATK 50) The BoobTrio shapes some of her stored electricity into a long whip. The whip is longer and lasts longer than the type used by a Littletit.
*Pleasure Spark – (S.ATK 230) The BoobTrio releases a tiny charge of static along her fingertips, designed to stimulate the pleasure nerves of anyone they touch. Banned from many Sex Battle tournaments.
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BRA-ER RABBIT, the Witty Garden Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Rabbit)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Farmers, Park Rangers/Attendants, City Greenscape Maintenance
Libido: Average (Spikes to High after a day in the sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Command Plants, Regenerate, Flower Kick, Thorn Cutlass; After Level 30: Solar Beam, Vine Bondage, Grass Floor
Enhancements: Can sense the attributes of any plant, Enhanced Speed x4, Enhanced Hearing x3, Retarded Aging, Hammerspace, Potion and Herbal Remedy creation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Sun Stone and Leaf Stone)
Bra-er Rabbits were discovered a few years after the advent of the Sun Stone, when a research assistant's Bunnygirl tried to help her master pick up a tray of spilled evolution stones. She scooped up the closest two, which happened to be the Sun Stone and Leaf Stone that the Researcher was studying. On a positive note, afterwards the Researcher had an entirely new evolution to the Bunnygirl to study.
Physically, Bra-er Rabbits loose their fur in favor for an overall green skin tone, their faces becoming less animalistic (if they were that way in the first place), and their long ears now have very thick 'fur' of grasslike plants that tend to sprout flowers in the late spring. These flowers vary in color from Bra-er Rabbit to Bra-er Rabbit, though very few have more than two colors of flowers to grow on their ears at any time. Even though these plantlike growths are part of the Pokégirl, it does not hurt her to cut the grass or flowers, though plucking them is much like plucking out hairs for other Pokégirls. Bra-er Rabbits sometimes cut their ear-flowers and weave them into a garland as a gift for their special someone.
In terms of personality, Bra-er Rabbits are much more intelligent than their previous evolution, becoming quick thinkers and excellent problem solvers. Unfortunately, their plant nature makes them slow to pick up on anything involving technology (unless it's things like farm equipment). This seems more from a lack of interest on the Bra-er Rabbit's part than a lack of intelligence, however. One thing that Bra-er Rabbits excel at is gardening, able to increase crop yields just as much as an Elf, without the drawbacks of becoming sickened in polluted areas making them great for cities. Bra-er Rabbits have a fondness for many of their cultivated plants, but their favorite by far is the growth and care of carrots. They obsess over their carrot patch, can somehow grow carrots year round in all but the most harsh environs, and are very cunning in protecting it from thieves. Sneaky traps, hidden alarms, and a VERY pissed off Bra-er Rabbit awaits any Pokégirl or human that attempts to steal from their beloved carrot patch. However, this plant-type Pokégirl isn't without a heart, and will gladly give even her precious carrots away to the needy.
When in a Harem, Bra-er Rabbits turn their protection of carrot patches to good use, coming up with escape and battle plans for the Harem, adapting well to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual Harem members as well as the whole group. Though they do keep a small potted 'mini garden' of a herb or a carrot or two. They do very well in Pokébattles, their quick wit allowing them to come up with plans on the fly to give themselves an edge. In sex battles, they do poorly, not learning any sex attacks until after level 30, when they learn Vine Bondage which is the only sex attack they learn. They retain their taming preferences from their previous evolution, though they get very randy when left out in the sun too long and like most grass types enjoy being tamed outside.
When found feral, most Bra-er Rabbits live near meadows and have cultivated part of the land near them to grow a garden with a majority being carrots. They tend to attack other Pokégirls who come into their garden, though many seem to instinctively know when there are more dangerous Pokégirls about and will flee instead of killing themselves. The presence of a cultivated garden in the middle of nowhere is a good indication of a Bra-er Rabbit.
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BRAMAGE, the Never-Forgets Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: T2 Encyclopedia, Teachers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Electric, Plant, Ground, Dark
Weak Vs: Rock, Ice, Dragon, Psychic
Attacks: Mimic, Dream Time
Enhancements: Perfect Recall, Longevity, Telepathy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bratini (Mana Crystal + Dream Stone) A Pokégirl that is rather rare and kept secret by most companies that create T2 devices, the BraMage is a Dragon-type unlike all other Dragon types. Whereas most Dragon-type Pokégirls boast enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and things like that, Sukebe must have been thinking of the exact opposite things when he created this breed. It's been suggested by researchers that the BraMage was created as a Dragon-type prototype. No super strength, no armor, no scales... Only dark gray skin and pointed ears differentiate this Pokégirl from looking like the normal human girl. Although her skin barely deflected bullets, they couldn't do anything much better than a normal human girl. Also unlike the more widely known Dragon types, the BraMage cannot fly without using magic, as she has no wings or even a tail.
However, the techno-mage did give the BraMage several distinct signatures to be known and feared by. Mimic was the first, allowing the Pokégirl to learn any technique that she was exposed to. The second is Perfect Recall. This enhancement allows the BraMage to reproduce any attack she has used Mimic to recreate, allowing the Pokégirl to utilize almost any attack, as long as they have the physical capacity to do so.
It was this enhancement that made them especially deadly, after watching only a few Pokégirl battles the BraMage could have access to well over two or three dozen attacks! These abilities, combined with their Telepathy enhancement and Dream Time, allow them to teach any number of techniques to other Pokégirls. These abilities all added up to a single thing- the fact that they are living T2s, capable of replicating any technique seen and teaching it, either physically or telepathically, to a student.
Most of this breed were killed throughout the war. Their lack of defenses made them vulnerable, but their versatility were unrivaled. And with having elemental defenses that made the more common Pokégirl types less effective against them, it's no wonder that at least a few had survived. Now, most BraMage survive on Ranches that are dedicated to one company or another. It's said that the first of the BraMage breed still lives, although to this day no researcher knows for sure. Most BraMage are well-cared for by the corporations who use them to transfer Pokégirl Technique knowledge into T2 machines for use by other Pokégirls everywhere.
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BRASS, the Bold Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Punch, Harden, Quake, Headbutt, Body Slam, Toss, Seismic Toss, Fireball, Ignite, Flame Sword Mark II, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Strength (x16), Statuesque Manner, Extremely High Density, Slow
Evolves: Iron Maiden (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: Titto (Fire Stone)
This Pokégirl is known for her bravery in otherwise-harrowing situations (usually due to their powerful defenses), leading to the expression "bold as a Brass" to mean someone who is remarkably courageous. This Pokégirl can be acquired by using a Fire Stone on a Titto, making her congeal and solidify as she evolves.
Brasses tend to be taller than other Pokégirls, usually standing around six feet tall. They're entire coloration, skin, hair, everything, is the same deep bronze color, making them seem like metallic statues if they stand still. They tend to have short hair, since their hair grows much slower than most other Pokégirls', and similarly don't have much hair between their legs as well. Brasses tend to have generous breasts, around a moderate C-cup. They prefer to go naked, since it allows them to pose as statues in an instant.
A Brass's skin and bones are solid metal, and her great weight, indicated by the Extremely High Density enhancement, reflects this. Most Brasses weigh in at around a ton. Given that, they are virtually always on the bottom during Taming. Despite looking like living statues, Brasses are organic beings, and if wounded they react as such, not like a broken piece of metal. Their enhancements make it hard for anything to cut them enough to make them bleed though, let alone seriously injure them. Forbidden Tech projectile guns have been known to have their shots ricochet harmlessly off a Brass's skin. A Brass tends to eat minerals of all sort, preferring gems the way humans prefer candy. The finer the grain of a rock or jewel, the tastier it is to her.
A Brass is lacking in speed, as reflected in the Slow enhancement. A jogging pace for them is a brisk walk for humans and most other Pokégirls, and when they run all out, almost anything can outdistance them soon, although the shaking ground tends to slow them down. Despite their metallic nature, these Pokégirls have no special endurance abilities. Being a combination Fire and Steel-type, these Pokégirls have some characteristics of each. Their libido is lower than a normal Fire-type's would be, yet higher than most Steel-types, balancing out to a happy medium. Most Tamers use their strongest restraints when its time for a Brass to be Tamed.
Despite these drawbacks, Brass is a good choice for many Harems. Her Statuesque Manner enhancement allows her to stop moving instantly, holding a pose to such a fine degree that it becomes extremely hard to tell she isn't a statue. This includes slowing her breathing so it isn't obvious her chest is rising and falling. An examination by touch can tell however. A Brass's scent is that of the same metal as her name, so any Pokégirl with a keen nose won't be able to tell she's anything but a statue. This makes her ideal to act as a spy, observing an opponent's plans without him realizing she's a Pokégirl. Alternately, she can lie in wait for an unsuspecting target and then ambush them. A Brass can hold a pose for up to two days without moving before hunger and arousal make her abandon it. Brasses given a Heavy Metal stone evolve to Iron Maidens, and can hold a statue pose even longer since they lose their Fire element.
In combat her Toughness enhancement and her Harden attack allow her to soak up damage like a sponge and not blink. Her incredible strength makes combat with her end fast unless the opponent is similarly endowed. Few opponents can stand up to a Brass using Punch or Headbutt on them. Those that can usually get an Earthquake directed at them by the Brass, knocking them over so she can then use either Toss or Seismic Toss on them. For foes that fight at a distance, she tosses Fireballs at them until she can get closer. Due to her Fire-type nature, a Brass can heat herself at will, becoming very hot all over her body. This allows her to heat any weapon she's holding to the point where it becomes outlined in flames. A Brass heating herself does not manifest fire on herself, but can otherwise still use the Ignite attack by making herself sizzling hot to the touch. A more controlled heat is used when her Warm Embrace attack is utilized. In the dark, a Brass glows a dull red, illuminating (and often igniting) things a very short distance from her.
Feral Brasses are still slow, so a well-prepared Tamer can have his Harem easily outmaneuver one. They usually head towards population centers, dimly recognizing someone there can help them. They usually get caught very quickly by a Tamer who recognizes how strong they are. The best tactic for capturing a Feral Brass is to having a fire-resistant Pokégirl draw her Fireballs towards her while other Pokégirls attack with Electric and Water techniques. There have been no known cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Brass directly.
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BRATINI, The Reclusive small Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Rare Ruby League, Extremely Rare anywhere else
Diet: Human-like Diet
Role: Support, cleaning, Defending
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Glare, Tail Slap, Recover, Dragon Dance, Timid Stroke, Spirit Slash
Sex Attacks: Go Down, Probing Tongue
Enhancements: Tough skin, High Endurance, Lung Capacity, Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Senses (x2)
Evolves: Dracair (Battle Stress or by Dragon E-Medal), Dronza (Human Cruelty/Intense hatred of humans), Bramage (Mana Crystal + Dream Stone)
Evolves From: None
A recently discovered Pokégirl that was found in the Southern reaches of the Shelaya Mountain Range in the Ruby League. Bratini was discovered by a Tamer as it was in the process of taming his Whoresea, and proceeded to join in. It has been found that the Bratini stands at an even 5ft tall, and has a purplish skin color. They are not quite human, instead preferring to walk on all fours than stand upright due to the weight of their tail. Bratini's have small, A-cup breasts that look proportionate to their size. Bratini are very curious, about equal to a Kitten or CatGirl in this regard, and can therefore wind up in trouble often when in a place they are not familiar with.
However, their curiosity obviously has boundaries, as they are only curious about things or people that are in their immediate vicinity. Bratini have a long tail that equals their height in length, and it is prehensile. They have claws instead of fingernails and toe nails, and know several useful attacks to take advantage of this fact.
It's speculated that Bratini live in submerged mountainous caverns, due to their Lung Capacity enhancement, and are defensive rather than offensive in nature. A Bratini is a meek Pokégirl, about as much so as a Titmouse, and has little confidence in itself. One reason thought to be why it took so long to discover Bratini was the fact that the first person to Tame one was someone with a low Empathy Rating and thought abusing it would turn it into a better fighter. It did- once it evolved into a Dronza, it promptly killed its tamer, and the Pokégirls that had been with him.
Bratini do not get along with Dominas- Bratini may have thick skin, but the Pokégirl cannot stand being picked on for any reason, let alone dominated. This may even hasten and increase the chance of the Bratini evolving into a Dronza, and it is recommended that all Domina-types in a harem are kept away from a Bratini at all costs. DragonQueens are the only exception to this, as they are both Dragon-types and a DragonQueen knows when to stop. Bratini may not be a match to defeat a Domina, but they will not give in before they have sustained major injuries.
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BRONZE, the Metal Statue Pokégirl
Type: SemiHuman
Element: Steel/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Fire (does double damage)
Attacks: Power Drive, Counter, Flake, No Sell, Bronze Fist, Giant Toss
Enhancements: Higher stamina, greater defense, self-body sculpting
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Jade (Round Stone)
While the previous forms of the Bronze were Rock-types, the Bronze is a Steel/Fighting-types. They lose the ability to change colors and become a metallic color, though with special dyes applied by Ar-Tits or their evolutions can allow them to regain different hair or body colors. The initial dyes take effect within one day. These dyes are permanent until the Bronze requests an Ar-Tits (or one of their evolutions) to change it. These changes, however, can take days or even weeks to take effect, depending on how different the color is or if the original dye used was black.
Originally, Bronzes were going to be called 'Golds', as they appear gold for the first week or two after they evolve, but then they briefly appear silver (for about three to four days) before settling into the appearance of Bronze. During these early adjustment periods, if she uses Flake, her 'flakes' are Gold and Silver, respectively. As such, the first few weeks of being a Bronze can be quite profitable for her tamer, but like a Jade's tamer, she can still provide a steady stream of money with her Bronze "Flakes".
Despite their name, their skin is as hard as steel and they have almost no sense of touch, save for when they are warm. Bronzes are extremely susceptible to heat, to the point that it is almost like a sexual caress to just be near anything that is hot.
However, Bronzes are also more dangerous when they are warm, as they, like actual metal, do not cool quickly, and in fact, continue to grow warmer in sensitive areas. Any tamer without some form of heat resistance should NEVER attempt sexual penetration with a 'hot' Bronze, as they are likely to receive first to second degree burns. Only female tamers using a ceramic or otherwise heat-resistant dildo, or any tamer with a natural heat-resisting blood gift should attempt such actions with a Bronze.
Bronzes tend to be quite a bit like Iron Maidens, and in fact, they may have been prototype Iron Maidens. However, if they use Power Drive or otherwise are near a source of strong heat and have no intention of sexual intercourse, they grow more and more aggressive. When they are angry, a Bronze's memory actually improves, and she has a mean streak a mile long. So, it's suggested that a tamer who wants to remain on their Bronze's good side keep a water or ice Pokégirl in their harem as well.
The most unique "ability" that a Bronze has is Conduction. Any electric, fire or ice attack on a Bronze gives the Bronze that element for the next two rounds, meaning her attacks deal additional elemental damage. She can gain Fire and Electric or Electric and Ice at the same time, but she cannot gain Fire and Ice at the same time as the elements cancel each other out, so she would gain neither. However, it is not listed as an attack, an advantage or a disadvantage, as she cannot willingly activate or deactivate this "ability", nor can she utilize attacks from those elements. It is a side effect of her body and may be beneficial or a detriment based on each situation.
No thresholds directly into Bronzes have ever occurred.
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BUDGTIT, the Tiny Parrot Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorph, (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: various seeds and vegetation
Role: often used as a pet, known for being destructive
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokegirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken, Rock Climb
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size, good climbers, mild Feral state
Evolves: Gallah (normal), Cockortwo (evolved Gallah, normal) ( <- these two pokegirls haven't been made)
Evolves From: None
Budgtits are one of the most common Pokégirls in the Orange Islands and are often kept as pets due to how friendly and loyal even Feral Budgetits are when around humans enough. They are also known for being extremely destructive in either Feral or Domesticated states, having been known to gnaw away the edges to just about anything they can get their mouths on. Feral Budgtits are known to never say their names and just squawking loudly instead and mimicking human expressions randomly. Their most interesting trait is their feet, unlike normal bird types their feet have two toes at the front and two at the back, coupled with their strong jaws they make excellent climbers and are even known to hand upside down from branches comfortably.
Physically Budgtits rarely stand more then around 3 and a half feet tall with those from the Blue League having been measured at a whopping 5 feet tall. They all have attractive faces and full round lips, though their mouths do become quite larger when about to put anything in them. Also all Budgetits have an average cup size at around the B cup range with only the Blue league variety reaching C or higher. They have yellow feathers on their heads, green on their bodies and black feathered backs, wings and tails. The wings are actually part of the arms and they actually lack hands, using their opposable feet or mouths to carry and pick things up.
As Ferals or Domesticates Budgtits are unable to function unless they are part of a ‘flock’ whether it is with a Tamer and Harem sister or just with other Feral Budgtits doesn’t matter. Domesticate Budgtits are deathly loyal to their Tamer and extremely affectionate, though do tend to get somewhat annoying at times, though this never seems to get them down. Feral Budgtits are loyal to the flock as a whole and usually only fight over perching rights and food. They are always loud when talking, or squawking when feral, leaving many Tamers with hearing problems in later years. They all seems to have odd and unique quirks once tamed that are as random as can be, from being excessively clingy to being reacting to Tomato sauce like it was a lemon… A Tamer can never know until he tames one of these crazy birds. All Budgtits have an innocent demeanor like that of a small child in a teenager’s body.
As Ferals Budgtits are known for not only being shy and entire flocks fleeing at the sight of an approaching human but also for striping large areas of weeds when hungry. Ferals are rarely spotted alone and use the size of the flock as a defensive measure against other Pokegirls. Unlike other Ferals they are nonviolent and never fight unless provoked or defending their nesting areas and will fight to the death if they have eggs to protect. Also they never cry out their names, instead they let out loud squawks that can give headaches to any unlucky Tamer. Ferals that live in human cities are known to mimic human phrases with seemingly no sense of what they’re saying. A few are known to imitate a ‘smoker’s cough’ and swear to the vast amusement to the local children. City Ferals are quite comfortable around human children though still flee from adults.
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BUNNYGIRL, the Ditzy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Rabbit)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: typically used in industries where high intelligence or strength is not required such as cleaning
Libido: High (Extreme)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Splash, Dumb Luck, Trample, Double Edge, Helping Hand, Love N’ Affection, Double Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Retarded Aging, Luck Factor
Evolves: Beach Bunny (Water Stone), Play Bunny (evolves during orgasm - rare), Moon Bunny (Moon Stone), March Hare (rare, mechanism unknown), Snow Bunny (Ice Crystal), Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing extreme violence), Ingenue (evolves during stress), Cabbit (Cat E-Medal), Gun Bunny (Shiny Stone), Blade Bunny (Wabbit Virus), Easter Bunny (uncertain if actual evolution), Mist Bunny (Mana Stone), Snuggle Bunny (mechanism unknown), Bra-er Rabbit (Sun Stone and Leaf Stone)
Evolves From: None
Bunnygirls were another Pokégirl that was thought to be a mistake on Sukebe’s part, although in terms of intelligence, they’re just a few steps away from being furry Bimbos. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re VERY friendly and helpful, they’re fun-loving and affectionate, they have short attention spans, and are just flat out ditzy. Useless in a fight, they are more popular with college students, high school boys, and anyone fond of domestics or who just wants a lot of taming from a friendly Pokégirl. On finding a Master who responds well to their affectionate advances, their libido tends to get a bit higher with a corresponding rise in attention span.
Bunnygirls, like Kittens, are mostly human in appearance, save for a light down of fur on their skin, which is thicker around their rabbit-like hands and feet, small whiskers on their faces, as well as long rabbit ears instead of normal ears. Their legs are longer than most Pokégirls, and are more muscular and well defined, signifying their tremendous leg strength. More animalistic Bunnygirls also have slight rabbit-like muzzles.
Bunnygirls are among the more commonplace Pokégirls in the general market. Due to their lack of fighting potential, they are not usually found among a journeyman Tamer’s harem, unless they’re trying for an evolution. Typically, Bunnygirls are found usually as the Pokégirls of an owner who needs someone who can be trained to basic proficiency in a single set of skills, usually cooking or other basic domestic work, or in a sex battle harem. Although due to the tendency Bunnygirls have to be distracted, clumsy, and flaky, seeing a Bunnygirl cook is a very rare thing, and is usually only done with a T2 machine. (Some Ranches that carry Bunnygirls also sell uses of a Cooking T2 machine with them, as teaching Bunnygirls normally is usually very difficult.) They can be taught basic stuff in terms of cooking, and with training can be good with instant foods (so long as someone else takes it out of the microwave, as the Bunnygirl is likely to trip and drop it on themselves), but it’s considered extremely unwise to give them any pointy objects. More often they are used for keeping things neat, as like Titmice they are generally clean Pokégirls. Their most common use is that of a friendly, loving sexpet that will eventually evolve into something better.
Bunnygirls are very loving, trusting, innocent Pokégirls. They aren’t violent in the least, save for friendly sparring and cuddling. They do not respond well to violence, so much so that witnessing extreme amounts of it will actually cause them to evolve into the vicious Mini-Top. Once that happens… Er… Well… It was nice knowing you. Very rarely does a Bunnygirl become a Penance, as they usually morph into a Mini-Top first.
Due to their sheer, unadulterated cuteness, Bunnygirls have fan groups and enthusiasts similar to those that exist for other ‘cute’ Pokégirls, such as Kittens, Titmice, and Mermaids. Like Cabbits, Bunnygirls simply ADORE carrots, having been known to eat them by the basketful and occasionally using them as dildos during Taming. Using a carrot as bait is almost guaranteed to catch you a Bunnygirl.
Bunnygirls are among the most common results of Threshold.
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BUTTANEER, the Beast Pirate Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style, mainly seafood
Role: Ship’s crew, Warriors, Undersea recovery efforts
Libido: Average, leaning towards High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Bubbler, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious
Evolves: She-Captain (normal, high level), Tavernmaid (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
Evolves From: None
Buttaneers are one of the two most well known breeds of what are generally known as ‘Pirate Pokégirls.’ They are the more savage of the two, attractive in features although bearing varying amounts of animalistic features based on random sea flora and/or fauna. Some bear resemblance to other Pokégirls, although there are more than enough differences for all but the dumbest Tamers to tell the difference between them. As they grow older, their animalistic features become slightly more prominent, giving them a fierce appearance.
In terms of demeanor, they tend to be fiercer than their more human-like cousins. They favor blunt weapons, heavy water and wind attacks, and their own natural claws, over the blades and guns of Piratits. Their style of battle is more savage and straightforward than Piratits, making them well suited for front line combat and all out assault. Outside of battle they are extroverted, outgoing Pokégirls who enjoy a good party as much as a good scrap. They are more social than Piratits, and are good at unifying their Harem sisters to their ‘Admiral’s’ cause. (Their Tamer is always called ‘Admiral,’ and the Alpha is always the ‘Captain.’) They don’t make good Alphas, as they tend to be flighty and indecisive without solid direction.
Buttaneers work well in all naval applications. They work well as Tamers for League naval forces, actual pirates, even as crewmembers on a single Tamer’s ship. In rare cases, Buttaneers can even be found as crewmembers on luxury cruise liners. Their willingness to follow orders, plus their amphibious nature and fighting ability makes them highly valued by all seafaring Tamers.
Instances of using Buttaneers on land are rare, but there are several recorded instances of land-based Tamers having Buttaneers in their Harems. They still retain their outgoing, gregarious nature, but are also more melancholy, as all Buttaneers are more comfortable being on a ship at sea. Land-based Buttaneers also tend to be more aggressive as well, to compensate for their not being at sea. This can be tempered somewhat by partnering them with another Water-type Pokégirl, as Buttaneers greatly enjoy being wet. (“In every sense of the word,” as some have been quoted.)
During the Revenge War, Buttaneers worked alongside more animalistic Pokégirls, swimming in packs underneath seafaring vessels while their commanding She-Captain would said in on their own ships with Piratits. The boat-based assault would distract the ship from the brunt of the assault, the Buttaneers, who would board the ship and slaughter the crew, usually before they could react in some way, making way for the She-Captain and the rest of the crew to mop of whatever was left and claim the contents of the ship for Sukebe’s forces. Frequently, Buttaneers were stationed amidst herds of animalistic water Pokégirls, supplementing their forces and adding to their damage capacity.
Buttaneers, in terms of taming, love it wild. They don’t mind if their Tamer gets a little rough with them, and like to be taken ‘as hard as an ocean wave.’ They enjoy pretty much any position, although of ‘that fancy bondage stuff’ that Domina-types have been known to use is a turn off. They enjoy a straightforward, rough & wild taming, loving it when their tamer pounds their ‘cutlass’ into them.
Threshold cases which result in a Buttaneer are uncommon and usually occur in families with a long history of water-type in their bloodline.
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BUTTER-SHE, the Beautiful Butterfly Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (butterfly)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Common in tropical climates, Rare elsewhere
Diet: flower petals, honey
Role: gardeners
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Daze, Tackle
Enhancements: Butterfly wings, inherent gardening ability
Evolves: Veno-Miss (normal)
Evolves From: None
Butter-She are among the prettiest Pokégirls in existence. They have bright, colorful wings and bodies, and are covered in short hairs, except on their hands, feet and face, which feel silky when touched. Many Tamers enjoy running their hands over this hair during a taming session. Butter-She are not large Pokégirls, averaging only five feet in height and their breasts are not very big. Even a well endowed Butter-She will have only B-cups.
Tamed Butter-She are not common in a Tamer's harem, since they have only minimal combat capabilities. Some Tamers, although, keep one in order to evolve her into Veno-Miss. However, this is difficult, since it is hard for them to gain the necessary experience through combat to evolve due to their generally timid nature and lack of combat ability. Most Tamed Butter-She find work as gardeners, and they are also popular pet Pokégirls, especially among keen gardeners. This is because Butter-She love plants, and like to be surrounded by them. They also have an instinctive ability to cause plants to grow and remain healthy. This is not the same as the abilities that some plant Pokégirls, such as the Boobisaur, have, but simply an instinctive knowledge of what the plant needs, such as the right soil conditions, when it needs watering, and so on. Obviously, Butter-She get on very well with plant Pokégirls when they find themselves in the same harem as one.
Most feral Butter-She live in tropical areas and these Pokégirls instinctively cultivate gardens, partly out of their need to surround themselves with plants and partly to ensure a good supply of food. Many of these wild gardens will be tended by whole swarms of feral Butter-She, possibly with a Veno-Miss or two and even some plant Pokégirls. Much rarer are Feral Butter-She that live in other areas. Butter-She are migratory following the seasons to ensure a constant supply of fresh flowers.
Feral Butter-She are no threat, generally fleeing at the first sign of danger, although they will use Daze in an attempt to put their attacker to sleep if they are unable to flee immediately or feel especially threatened. This has led to more than one Tamer and his Pokégirls taking an unexpected nap when they have accidentally disturbed a swarm of Butter-She.
Butter-She were rarely seen in combat with the Pokégirl armies during the war. Most scientists believe that they were an early experiment which led to the creation of the much more capable Veno-Miss and Buttitsfree. This lack of combat may have led to the breed's relatively common appearance, since so few were killed during the war, leaving a large breeding stock.
Butter-She have an unusual diet. Their primary food is fresh flowers, although they also enjoy honey and other sweets. They can live on dried flowers temporarily. However a Butter-She who is unable to feed on fresh flowers on a regular basis will become ill. A food that is a good substitute for this is Buzzbreast honey, which is a favored treat for any Butter-She who can obtain it. It's also the only other food that a Butter-She can live on indefinitely. In fact a Butter-She in the same harem as a Buzzbreast will seek to tame her as often as possible so as to obtain her favorite snack item.
Threshold Butter-She are generally happy once they get over the initial shock of Thresholding, since they can console themselves in the fact that they have become one of the most beautiful Pokégirls.
Bug Technique
Daze (Eft) - The Pokégirl uses her brightly colored wings to hypnotize her opponent and put them to sleep. This effect lasts as long as the Pokégirl continues to flutter her wings, but when she stops her opponent will wake up after 2-5 rounds.
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BUTTITSFREE, the Fuck n' Flutter Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian with sugar requirements
Role: air scout and bioweapon
Libido: Moderate, can be raised with sugar
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry, Gust, Poison/Sleep/Stun Powder.
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, butterfly like wings, light weight, small size (4'-4'5")
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titapod (normal)
A Titapod will evolve into a Buttitsfree fairly easily with enough care and battle experience. The Pokégirl undergoes a rather drastic change in form and personality. She will gain several inches in height, sometimes a foot or more. Still Buttitsfree are tiny Pokégirls, and have very low weights, usually around 40 to 50 pounds. They regain their antenna and lose much of their exoskeleton. They also gain large and colorful wings that sprout from their back. Not only do these wings allow them to fly, but they also produce a variety of status-changing powders that they use in combat.
Personality wise they become much more active and outgoing. They develop a near addiction for sugar, especially in sweet drinks. Soda is bliss for them, and often can induce a strong desire to be Tamed. Taming is still tricky, though for entirely different reasons. Buttitsfree are now large enough to be handle most normal sized Tamers, though it tends to be a tight fit. Their wings, however, often flap rapidly during Taming, releasing her powder. Wing covers are highly recommended.
Buttitsfrees rarely engage in direct combat. Their bodies are frail and can not take much punishment, a stark change from their Titapod form. Instead they tend to fly around at high speeds and use Gust to blow various powder attacks at their opponents until they are incapacitated, or they run out of powder. Once depleted, their powder reserves can take between one to three days to replenish, depending on how much food and sugar she takes in. Buttitsfree are great choices to weaken physically dominating Pokégirls.
Feral Buttitsfrees tend to live on the borderlines of wooded areas, preferably in an area with berries or other fruits. While they are no longer as laid back and lazy as they were as Titapods, they still don't go out of their way to exert themselves. They seem perfectly content to flutter from place to place in no great hurry, looking for the sweetest berries they can find.
It is somewhat rare for a girl to Threshold directly to a Buttitsfree, but when it happens, most girls are, relatively, happy about their new form. As more then one parent has been known to have said, ”Well at least you turned into something truly beautiful."
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BUTTSPROUT, the Toxic Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon as Domesticated, Common around the Magma Isles and desert regions)
Diet: carnivorous (but can live on sun, water, soil)
Role: gardeners, grounds keepers, predators
Libido: Average (High after prolonged periods in sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Buttsprout
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, High Poison Resistance (any except Hyper Venom)
Evolves: Weepingbutt (normal)
Evolves From: None
Buttsprout is another Plant-type Pokégirl, but where the others are modeled on flowers or similar, this one is based on the Venus flytrap and sundew...this one is carnivorous. Her design allows her to survive in poor environments, such as deserts, by allowing her to digest meat. If sufficient sunlight, water and soil nutrients are available, a Buttsprout is fine, but she prefers meat in her diet even when she doesn't -need- it.
Her appearance is similar to a full-sized Sexycute, with a more normal skin tone and a grass skirt (yellow/tan color, like dried grass). The only green is on the undersides of these leaves, which she will expose to sunlight if she wants to get some serious photosynthesis going, such as for healing, and on her vine whips, which emerge from under her skirt, and can be used both as normal vine whips and as roots, whether for anchoring herself or to reach nourishment at a distance (although she doesn't -yet- have a draining attack). Her breasts are okay (unlike Oddtits) averaging around a C-cup, and are quite in proportion to the rest of her.
As far as sex is concerned, Buttsprout is very aggressive, mainly due to her carnivorous nature. While her libido is generally average (although like most Plant-types prolonged exposure to sunlight can correct this) her preference is for being the aggressor, almost exactly like a Domina. In general, her approach to sex is hard to distinguish from her approach to lunch. Her first general action is to immobilize her “prey” and once said “prey” is aroused, she mounts her partner. What makes this a little scary (even with Tamed Domestics) is this is how she feeds, as her Root/Vines are under her skirt. In the wild, she normally kills her prey and buries them and sends her roots in for what amounts to a very slow 'leech' attack (totally not usable in combat). However, also like a Domina, if a Tamer can turn the tables on her, and “defeat and devours” her (sexually speaking) s/he will have a very loyal Pokégirl, who tends (at least to him/her) to be very submissive...although occasional reminders are a good idea. In a Harem setting, Buttsprout tends to want the Alpha position unless the current holder can stomp her flat (or if the 'Sprout is a Domestic is shown solid reasons why the other girl has the position). While they are both Plant/Poison types, it is not recommended to have both a Domina and a Buttsprout in the same Harem unless the Tamer has a -very- forceful personality or has an Alpha that can kick -both- their butts in a two on one match.
Buttsprout is very limited in combat, having only her Vines and Buttsprout, rather than the normal collection of pollens/powders commonly associated with Plant/Poison-types. If facing an opponent she can't defeat (for whatever reason) she tends to flee after using Buttsprout to attempt to immobilize them. Against a poison Pokégirl she is devastating, as she can ignore almost any poison around...the only one she has to worry about is Hyper Venom, and even that she -might- by able to survive (but like anyone with more sense than a Feral Titmouse will avoid if at all possible). She likes high places, her vine/roots allowing her to climb otherwise sheer hill/mountain sides, but also for another reason...her signature move will work on just about anyone, even normally immune Pokégirls (although only in temporary mode) and this includes herself. Using her pollen on herself, she can inflate her bottom (which unlike normal or permanent buttsprout pollen makes the posterior tougher and less sensitive) and handle a landing equal to twenty feet times her current level (so a fifth level Buttsprout could drop one hundred feet and not be harmed) or block almost any blunt attack similar to a Milktit's Busting Out attack...although against an edged or piercing attack, her defense isn't nearly as great.
Domestic Buttsprout are used like many Plant-types in the horticulture area, and are not too dangerous, but Feral Buttsprout are lethal, as they will hunt, kill and eat other Pokégirls and humans. If Tamed (or raised domestically) they can be taught not to look at people/other-Pokégirls as potential food, but in the wild are considered a Class Four hazard (Class Three in poor soil/water environments where they have to supplement their diets)...so it is recommended not to let your Buttsprout go feral.
As a note, Buttsprouts are among the best at producing the pollen that is their namesake, and can make permanent applications as often as once every three days, and this includes while Feral (larger rump roasts for dinner).
Cases of Threshold girls becoming Buttsprouts are rare, but do occasionally happen, but only to girls in (or long-term residents of) badlands areas not really suited for normal plants.
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BUZZBREAST, the Swarm Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Fodder Soldiers
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Sweet Honey, Honey Syrup, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Wings for flight, Stinger tail, stingers mounted in breasts, Status effect venoms, can generate wax for entrapment and building of honeycomb hives
Evolves: Buzzqueen (mechanism unknown; only occurs in the wild when attended by a full hive), (special ceremony from queen), Killerbreast (special ceremony from queen), Assasara (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: None
Buzzbreasts were one of the soldier Pokégirls Sukebe created during the Revenge War. Easy to make and considered expendable, they became one of the most commonplace Pokégirls in existence upon War’s end. Once the War was over, Buzzbreasts took to the wild and became known as the first Pokégirl pests, due to their tendency to swarm people and other Pokégirls invading their territory, carrying them off to be converted into new swarm mates. They were fairly easy to drive off with various bug sprays, however, so their threat level was never upgraded to beyond ‘pesky.’ They also became a mostly favored prey animal for more powerful Feral Pokégirls, as they were fairly easy to catch.
Buzzbreasts are a bit more attractive than their rarer cousins, the Wasps, having very feminine faces, curvaceous bodies with C-Cup breasts, and hair that’s usually striped black and yellow, or in some cases, lavender. They have light chitinous armor on their arms, legs, and torsos, mainly around the underside of their breasts. They have long, gossamer wings that are surprisingly durable, and have a stinger tail on their backs, the stinger a hollow pointed tip that cannot be retracted. Unlike the stinger of a normal bee, the tail stinger of a Buzzbreast can be used repeatedly without being fatal. A Buzzbreast’s internal structure is more insectile, and her major organs are protected by a thick chitinous shell that protects her from most normal blade or bullet damage. Their eyes are compound, and they have stingers mounted in their breasts in a hollow, flexible tube just above their nipples. This makes any sexplay involving their breasts risky, but some Tamers enjoy the challenge. Buzzbreasts are generally favored by beginning Tamers as they are easy to catch and train (provided one can get away from the swarm after catching one). Their threat level upgrades somewhat when the Buzzqueen enters her ‘heat,’ signifying the beginning of her Mating Season, as they become more ferocious in battle, and more inclined to attack.
Buzzbreasts have no sense of individuality, their mind little more than a drone for their hive. Their will is that of their ‘Queen,’ be it a Tamer and an Alpha Pokégirl or a Buzzqueen. However due to this lack of will, they are easy to gain the loyalty of once Tamed. When solidly bonded to a ‘Queen’ and ‘hive,’ however, they become ferociously loyal and are hard to turn. During Mao Shin Mao’s attacks, several Buzzbreasts that could not be turned back towards loyalty from Pokégirls only were assassinated. Some Buzzbreasts, if separated from the hive long enough, do begin to grow in intelligence and gain a will and personality of their own.
In the wild, Buzzbreasts reproduce by finding a Pokégirl or human that is alone or has come too close to the hive, using their Stop Sting to immobilize them or, failing that, entice them back with their Honey, and then bringing him/her back to the hive. The Buzzqueen then forms a cocoon around the victim and places it in her chamber, the chemicals inside the cocoon turning the victim into a Buzzbreast drone within a few weeks time. Buzzbreast Pokégirls or Pokéwomen cannot have kits of their own unless they evolve to Buzzqueen.
Buzzbreasts have a small variety of abilities. While not inherently poisonous, like their species-cousins, the Wasps, they do have the ability to emit venoms of varying status effects, such as Silence or Berserk. They also can generate the various ‘Honey’ techniques, although these aren’t used as much by Ferals. They can also, after collecting enough pollen, generate a sticky wax on their limbs, which they use to maintain and build their hives, as well as trap potential victims for their ‘Queen.’
Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is extremely rare, due to the nature of how they are formed, but not unheard of. The first sign that a girl is Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is that they stop questioning anything they are told.
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BUZZQUEEN, the Queen Bee Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per hive)
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Breeder, Hive Leader, Alpha Pokégirl
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Erotic Kiss, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Itchy Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Honey Syrup, Maple Syrup, Royal Syrup
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x4 human), Enhanced Durability (x5 human), Wings for flight, Tri-stinger tail, Status effect venoms, heavier Honey production, Pheremones in Honey creates soporforic effect, can transmutate Pokégirls and humans into Buzzbreasts, multiple arms, high Feral intelligence, extremely fertile, mental control over Buzzbreasts in their hive, can regain DNA by consuming dead Buzzbreasts
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (specific mechanism unknown, occurs under certain circumstances)
Buzzqueens are an all-around enhancement to the Buzzbreast. Their breasts enlarge by two cup sizes, and their internal and external armor thickens, save for around their womb and general belly area, where it softens considerably and the stingers in their breasts migrate to their tail, turning their tail stinger into a much more formidable weapon. They keep the same yellow and black color scheme of the Buzzbreast, but their compound eyes become red and they gain two extra arms. Their hips widen and their rumps become rounder and softer. Also, frequently, they are a little chubby.
Buzzbreasts are fodder soldiers. Buzzqueens, however, are dangerous. There is no bounty on them, however, as they lack the inherent viciousness of a Wasp Queen and her swarm. A Tamer who does manage to Tame and fully control one gets a powerful ally. He or she also gets a helluva lot of respect, as capturing a Buzzqueen means entering one of the hives created by a Buzzbreast swarm, fighting or charming their way past a veritable militia of vicious insect girls, and then Taming the Buzzqueen herself, earning her trust and respect to get her to call the swarm off. Once bonded to a Tamer, the Buzzqueen loses control over her hive, retaining just enough control to get them to leave the Tamer and his/her Pokégirls alone. She then takes her ‘favorite’ Buzzbreast lover off and does something to evolve her into a new Buzzqueen, so that the hive will never be without one. As of yet, no Buzzqueen Tamer has seen what she does. Another way Buzzqueens are formed, although the particular mechanism is unknown, is a Buzzqueen’s favored bedmate evolving when the hive becomes too crowded. She then takes half of the workers and eggs, flying off to start a new hive someplace else. This prevents the Buzzqueen from having to consume part of her own hive just to keep the population down. The Buzzqueen’s favorite also evolves into a Buzzqueen if the previous Buzzqueen was killed. The specific genetic trigger for this is unknown. One theory is the evolution is triggered via a combination of a mental command and consumption of great amounts of Royal Honey and/or Royal Syrup.
Buzzqueens and Buzzbreasts were created directly by Cocooner herself, her first gift to Sukebe during the War. Buzzqueens she gave the frightening ability to turn other living beings into Buzzbreasts. They first lure their prey in with their Honey, lulling them into a daze with the extra pheremones produced in it. They then secrete a milky white resin from glands in their mouths, using it to entirely coat their victim. The resin hardens quickly, forming a cocoon around the victim. The Buzzqueen then injects the victim with a trio of chemicals that both render the victim comatose and then transmute the victim inside into a Buzzbreast after a one-month period. This occurs most frequently during summer months, when Buzzqueens go into heat, causing them to mate a great number of times to satisfy their needs.
Buzzqueens generally are not fighters. They are meant more for lovemaking, and spend nearly all of their time inside the center of the hive structures the swarm lives in, Taming their workers and victims and helping to increase the swarm, which also does the majority of fighting for the Buzzqueen. Their libidos are high, causing them to produce Honey at a much greater rate than normal. They also have a high Feral intelligence, like their Wasp Queen counterpart, showing a great sense of organization. Buzzqueens frequently go into parthenogenesis pregnancies, laying eggs and nursing their young once they hatch. Buzzqueens can add to their genetic stock by consuming other Pokégirls, although they cannot produce anything other than Buzzbreasts. Pokéwomen Buzzqueens produce Buzzbreasts more often than human children.
In the extraordinarily rare instance that a Buzzqueen is found in a harem, it’s usually from a Buzzbreast that has been away from their hive for a great deal of time. They are almost always Alphas, as Tamed Buzzqueens make excellent leaders. Buzzqueens that are freed of their Tamer do not go back to their old hive, as their extreme fertility and frequent parthenogenesis usually will have given them a decent-sized swarm to help build a new one.
In the last fifty years, an antidote was developed to the chemicals that Buzzqueens use to make new drones. Granted, getting back captured Tamers and Pokégirls usually involves a hive invasion, which in turn results in many dead Buzzbreasts and, if she survived, a soon to be very fat Buzzqueen who will then start giving birth to replace her lost warriors, but hey, whatever works. The antidote is totally effective ONLY if administered during the first two weeks. If given to the victim during the third week a human will become an Ingenue whilst a Pokégirl will be a G-Spliced hybrid of a Buzzbreast and her original type. During the fourth week the victim will be a Buzzbreast, but will still have all their memories, free will, and personality. If the poison runs its course then the victim will be a Feral Buzzbreast and unable to remember their former lives.
Buzzqueens have a strong rivalry with Wasp Queens. If a Wasp Queen invades a Buzzqueen’s hive, the two will automatically start battling in a manner so ferocious the end result is nine times out of ten the death of both Queens. It’s considered unwise to have a Buzzqueen and Wasp Queen in the same Harem unless you have something powerful to keep them from killing each other. There’s a popular book series about a Tamer who managed to have a Buzzqueen and a Wasp Queen as his co-Alphas, using a Rosebreasts to keep the two from fighting, but it’s generally regarded as being completely fictional, the feat being impossible.
Part of what sets a Buzzqueen apart from a Wasp Queen, aside from obvious demeanor and species differences, is that Buzzqueens are far more practical than their more vicious cousins. They do not appreciate having a rival Buzzqueen come near their hive, especially since the presence of another Buzzqueen causes the drones of a hive to start becoming confused from the conflicting mental signals. However if they feel that fighting wouldn’t be worth it, they will put up with the other Buzzqueen’s presence. This was especially prevalent during the Revenge War, when Buzzqueens sometimes would have to combine their forces to make up for heavy losses.
No one is really sure how the evolution to a Buzzqueen is triggered. A few theories were put forth, mostly regarding the two incidences mentioned earlier in the entry, but very few panned out. Researchers were also unwilling to try and investigate, due to the heavy risk of being turned into Buzzbreasts themselves.
In terms of Taming, Buzzqueens greatly love oral sex, and seeing a Tamer lick their honey off of their hands is a tremendous turn on for them. The fact that their cunts produce a delicious, nutritious honey is a definite added bonus. When their breasts lactate, either from Milktit milk stimulation or a recent pregnancy, parthogenetic or otherwise, the milk has a sweet, honey-flavored tinge to it. Also a good way to get a hive’s worth of Taming is to present a Buzzqueen with at least one Plant Pokégirl. Buzzqueens and, by extension, Buzzbreasts, adore flowers. Pollen has a light aphrodisiac effect on them, and having a large garden or a Plant Pokégirl will go a long way in creating good relations between a Tamer and a hive. Some towns have been known to keep Flowergirls (one of the Buzz breed’s seeming favorite type of Plant Pokégirl, the other being Cunnydews) around, along with several large, flowering gardens. This in turn, along with people willing to Tame the Buzzqueen and her hive to prevent her Mating Season (which only occurs while she is Feral) from occurring. Keeping a Buzzqueen and her hive Tame, in addition to making sure that everybody who wants some Taming with a sexy bee-girl can get some, allows them to have a Buzzbreast hive practically inside the town without incident. As mentioned before, Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueens love Flowergirls. The Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueen will keep the Flowergirls eagerly Tamed (usually into a near comatose state), and their pollen collecting will help keep allergens down. Some towns who do this have also bartered Buzzbreast and Buzzqueen honey in exchange for Taming from Flowergirls and willing townsfolk.
Cases of Thresholding into a Buzzqueen have not been recorded yet, and it’s presumed to be impossible to do so.
Recent Notes: A fairly efficient way of keeping a Buzzbreast swarm at bay during a Buzzqueen’s mating season has recently been discovered: Smoke. A Kunoichi Tamer known only as Smoke who also had powers of a similar theme managed to drive off an attacking swarm by generating a massive amount of smoke. According to his reports, the sulfuric smell, in addition to suffocating them, it also produces a light intoxication affect. One of Smoke’s Kunoichi, who also had Psychic abilities, reported that the smoke also temporarily disrupted the swarm’s mental connection to their Buzzqueen. Notes on how to produce a good sized amount of smoke safely have been added to the General Information section of the public Pokédex.
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BYTE BITCH, the Techie Canine Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon (Rare as Feral)
Diet: omnivore, preference for meat
Role: Data processor, Hacker, Mechanic
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Snarl, Shield, Psi-Blast, Teleport, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave
Enhancements: High intellect, Enhanced Smell and Hearing, Machine Affinity, Enhanced Memory
Disadvantages: Low combat potential, Human equivalent stats (speed, strength, constitution etc.), Canine behavior
Evolves: Data Dog (Normal)
Evolves From: None
Byte Bitches are one of the most common tech savvy Pokégirls, typically being used alongside other computer able Pokégirls such as G-Poindexters, Hand Maids and Pussycoms. However, many of the breed also use their machine affinity to become unparalleled mechanics and technicians. This perhaps what the breed was originally created for, as both Byte Bitches and their evolved forms Data Dogs have a knack for working with anything mechanical, including some of the more Tech based Steel Pokégirls.
Byte Bitches have a reputation for having bitchy attitudes, but research has found that this is because many of the breed do not respond to stress well and become defensive and snippy quickly. Indeed, it was once rumored that the more animalistic in appearance, the more bitchy the Byte Bitch was, which has been disproved as each individual Byte Bitch has different levels of stress tolerance. Also it has been noted that the breed overall has something of a lazy streak, preferring to sit and tinker or type than to run or train. This is due to their bodies being similar to humans in terms of strength, endurance, and speed. With very little speed or strength, Byte Bitches make poor combatants. They also have very little in terms of attacks, knowing only a few low grade psychic and electric attacks. They fare well as support for other Pokégirls however, but tend to be highly stressed and bitchy after battles regardless of winning or losing.
It is in terms of intelligence where Byte Bitches shine, easily being on par on G-Poindexters (and often being called ‘furry G-Points’) and many share a rivalry with the Supe-bra Genius line when their specialty lies with computers. As stated above most Byte Bitches are 'Hacker' types, focusing their skills solely within the realms of computers and most often vie for similar roles with Pussycoms and Cyber-nymphs (and due to the Byte Bitch's nature, she often clashes with her rivals). A few Byte Bitches are known as 'Generalists' specializing in general machine work. They often dabble in many different fields, including computers, but enjoy the more physical aspect of machine work more than the technical nature of computers. These types of Byte Bitches often don’t quite have as fierce a rivalry as computer specialist Byte Bitches do with tech oriented Pokégirls, indeed, they are often sought after assistants to a Supe-bra Genius and aid them in their inventions.
Byte Bitches are more variable physically than the average canine Pokégirl, many leaning to the more human looking side of the appearance scale, usually with only a tail, ears, and claws to denote them as Pokégirls. It seems that the canine genes crop up more in behavior than appearance, as many Byte Bitches have several purely canine quarks, such as a chasing reflex or sensitivity to high pitched noises and other traits that they shared with pre-Sukube dogs. These behaviors are very hard for the Pokégirl to control, and despite their intelligence, the breed finds it difficult to fight off the instincts when they are triggered. It should be noted that unless the Byte Bitch is raised around cat, mouse, or bunny types she will usually have a hard time seeing them as anything more than a lesser being; and with the exception of a few cat types (such as the intimidation factor of Mountain Cats, or War Cats, or outright fear in the case of the Panthress) will automatically give the Pokégirls a hard time, and unless the 'prey' Pokégirls are particularly brave, they are naturally intimidated by Byte Bitches.
Threshold cases of Byte Bitches are uncommon, but generally happen to family lines of the Pokégirl or canine lines mixed with psychic and electric lines. Generally the threshold is marked by an increased attention to electronics and machines in general, followed by mild flu like symptoms as the Pokégirl genes come to fore. Feral cases of Byte Bitches are rare, as the breed in general has very little chance to survive fights against other ferals.
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CABBIT, the Friendly Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: most places Very Rare. Around the Shrine Gym Common.
Diet: carrots, and nothing else
Role: being cheery, dancing to cheer people up
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Phase, Dance, Aura of Cute, Double Team, Cheer, Bite, Scratch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Claws
Evolves: StarlightXpress (Angel Stone, Psi Crystal, Mana Crystal, Delta Bond with Tamer, be of high level, orgasm)
Evolves From: Catgirl (orgasm), or Bunnygirl (Cat E-Medal)
Cabbits are the most friendly type of Pokégirl alive. They don't like violence and aren't that good in a fight, but make excellent pets, and are usually used as domestics, or healers/cheerleaders in Tamer harems. They are very loyal, and very good with kids, Tame Cabbits frequently seen working in nurseries, alongside Pokégirls like NurseJoys and Neko Cennecos.
Cabbits are a very unusual breed, a mix of rabbit and cat in appearance. They usually have dusty, dark brown fur, catlike faces and rabbit like feet and ears. They also have a small, glowing red gemstone in their foreheads.
Mostly, Feral Cabbits are found in great numbers around the Shrine Gym in the Edo League, with some Very Rarely being found elsewhere around the world. No one knows why they congregate around this Gym, Researchers are still confused on the matter, and the owners of the Shrine Gym aren't talking. Most Cabbits around the world head back to this Gym when they are ready to give birth. They have a great weakness for carrots, loving both eating them by the dozen and using them like dildos in taming. Tamers who want to catch a Feralborn Cabbit usually use a carrot as bait. Cabbits LOVE carrots, and will do almost anything for them, making taming a Cabbit quite easy.
Cabbits are a very popular breed amongst pet lovers. Threshold cases are rare, but not unheard of. Girls that do become Cabbits usually don't mind it all that much, as they gain a very cute appearance and demeanor that's very friendly.
It's unknown whether or not a Cabbit can evolve. Some Tamers have claimed to have evolved their Cabbits, but when asked into what, they quickly changed the subject. It's only recently that the evolution of a Cabbit was discovered...
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CACTORA, the Prickly Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (cactus)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare (desert areas, primarily Indigo League)
Diet: Sunshine, soil, water
Role: Water storage
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, bondage attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Needle Spray, Root, Bear Hug, Backhand, Water Gun, Regenerate, 1000 Needles
Enhancements: Retractable needles, can store water inside her body, Enhanced Speed (x7)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cactoras are short, around 5'5", green-skinned Pokégirls with flower petals on their head instead of hair. Their breasts are usually a C cup, their eyes always green, and their bodies are lined with small, bumpy ridges, one along each arm, four on each hand leading up to their knuckles, four along the belly and just above the breasts (looking vaguely like pinstripes), and three lining her legs, the one on the side of her legs going up her hips. From these ridges a Cactora can sprout long, sharp needles that she can launch out as projectiles. They are desert dwellers, and most people that encounter them consider them a great boon, as they have one very unique ability: they are a plant-type that can store water inside themselves like a water-type.
Cactoras can absorb moisture from the air and store it inside their bodies as water, needing only marginal bits for themselves to sustain them and occasionally taking root to restore themselves. They can offer their stored water by drawing it into their breasts (which grow enticingly large) and letting a thirsty Tamer or Pokégirl drink from them, the water always coming out cool and pure. After that, however, if the Cactora is Feral, they will quickly run off, not wanting to stay for any longer than needed.
Feral Cactoras tend to spook easily and run quickly from battle. They are non-confrontational, and, to the aggravation of Tamers who want to try and catch them, almost as fast as a Cheetit or Sonica. Sometimes, if they feel cornered, they will attack with Needle Spray or worse, 1000 Needles (an Ancient Blue Magic spell used like a normal Pokégirl attack, something that has caused much controversy amongst the people of Vale), in an attempt to ward off their pursuer and make their escape. It's best to try and use bondage attacks against a Cactora before she can run away and bring her to orgasm quickly. It's best to use Lust Dust on the Cactora as well, as their spikes retract into their bodies when aroused, making for easy Taming.
Once Tame, Cactoras undergo a slight personality shift. They become more playful, taking a liking to doing somersaults and handstands and other general goofiness. They also drink a lot of water so as to be at the ready should their Tamer or Harem sisters need a refreshing drink. Threshold cases who have recovered from Feral state have reported feeling silly about their skittishness and desire to run away.
A very small, but growing number of Thresholding into Cactora cases have been reported.
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CALAMITYJANE, the Gorgeous Gunslinger Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Indigo, Johto, Sunshine Leagues), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: vigilante, criminal
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic
Libido: Average
Attacks: Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun), Needleshot, Pistol Whip, Whip, Binding, Poison Lash, Leg Lasher, Chain Throw, Counter, Evade, Legsweep, Tomahawk Toss, Serpent's Bite (Lv. 50), Master Blow (Lv. 65)
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Toughness, Poison Resistance, Internal ‘Ammunition’ Generator
Evolves: Ghostrider (Killed by a high level Infernal Pokégirl)
Evolves From: None
While the Post-Sukebe Pokégirl species of NurseJoy and OfficerJenny became understandably popular and accepted breeds thanks to their usefulness, the art of making nearly-identical Pokégirls en masse would eventually become a lost art-form. The cause of such would be blamed on the dismal failure of the third series, the MaidYvettes, (barring the Yvettes' evolutions) however such is simply not the case. Realistically, many of the Leagues secretly shelved such projects in the hope of keeping another War of Revenge from ever happening. Many League Officials came to view the groups of scientists and researchers that were easily making new Pokégirls quickly, as a genuine cause for concern. No one wanted another Sukebe, someone whom could just pump out a small army of Pokégirls from a lab in minimal time. Although there was some outcry from the scientific community against the decision to end it with some protesting that they should at least be allowed to continue to create more of the Joys and Jennys, operations were shut down completely around 40 AS. The job of keeping the numbers of these Pokégirls up would be regulated over to the Breeders.
While things had remained quite for a long while, it would be proven over two hundred years later that there was genuine cause for concern. The Leagues' fears from centuries earlier would come true. Appearing in 268 AS, there would be a breed of Pokégirl that would make the scene that was created in the similar vein of the Joys and Jennys, and worse, they were produced by the criminal element! This breed of initially-villainous Pokégirl would be known as the CalamityJanes.
The CalamityJane, also simply referred to as `Janes', were designed and produced by none other than Team Rocket. The criminal organization used the DNA of the Domina, Goth, Gun-Bunny, and Armsmistress Pokégirl breeds for this nefarious plot. With such a deadly genetic cocktail to create them, the Janes were meant to be the anti-thesis of the OfficerJennys. Team Rocket hoped they could create a Pokégirl breed that would scoff at the law and commit any and all crimes commanded of them to perform. They would be a loyal partner to Team Rocket operative and follow any and all orders without hesitation, to be free of conscience and morals.
While technically a G-Splice, Team Rocket made the CalamityJanes through the same science and procedures which had been used to create the other breeds of Post-Sukebe Pokégirls so long ago. With all Janes being made exactly the same and in mass numbers thanks to the research of early League scientist, they are easily in the same class as the very Pokégirls they were created to fight: the OfficerJennys. However, this later fact that they were made like the original mass-produced Pokégirls is what would be Team Rocket's undoing. To mass-produce the Janes, they used a minor trace of OfficerJenny DNA as a vehicle to attach the rest of the genetic cocktail to, making it easier to produce numerous identical copies. Although the percentage was minor, the OfficerJenny DNA would give the CalamityJanes a genetic quirk that went against everything Team Rocket sought when they created this Pokégirl.
Janes would actually respect the law.
True, they can choose to ignore it, but CalamityJanes have a complete knowledge of all laws. However, they are aware of the difference between ‘what is right’ and ‘what is realistic.’ As such, Janes possess a sense of balance concerning law and disorder, where they feel that law does have its place in the world it's just not the only thing. This dubiousness would lead to the breed initially being exactly what Team Rocket wanted, with a number still acting in such a role today. However, by the early 280's a number of the Janes finally started to disband from Team Rocket, rebelling against the criminal element that they had worked with for so long, leaving their Tamers behind to start new lives elsewhere.
Today, CalamityJanes are understood as filling a vigilante role, doing what they can to help the community, normally by taking their own spin on the rules to get whatever job needs to be done finished. While the Leagues have accepted such with relief, Janes are still often viewed with mistrust in a lot of areas. After all, not all CalamityJanes turned over a new leaf and a number of the breed are still working with Team Rocket or over in other criminal organizations and Teams. Still, there are a number of CalamityJanes that have found their way into the harems of wandering Tamers and even the occasional police officers, as there are a few policemen that realize the Janes’ potential to aid in upholding the law. However, it's next to impossible to keep an OfficerJenny and a CalamityJane in the same harem. The two greatly differ on philosophies concerning law and order, which make the basis for a lot of verbal in-fighting between the two. Janes and Joys tend to be indifferent to one another.
Having been created via the same procedures used to create the OfficerJennys and NurseJoys, CalamityJanes have the same genetic anomaly of commonality of appearance. Janes always have pale white skin, similar facial appearances, ice-blue eyes, and hair that is a bright shock of red like an Armsmistress', although they use different hairstyles with a number of them using feathers in their hair for decoration. Their busts are usually around a C-cup and they're always proportionate to their height, usually 6' tall. All Janes also have a Feral state that is considered `light'. While they may become considerably aggressive with a lack of Taming, they still retain their intelligence. Some Team members often purposely forgo Taming a Jane to make the Pokégirl a more blood-thirsty and battle-ready opponent.
While they try to find ways to look different from one another, Janes have taken a universal liking for the color black, the material of leather and styles of dress akin to a Cowgirl or Western wear. Black shirts and denim jeans with leather chaps worn over them and a brightly colored bandanna or large neckerchief around their neck that has multiple uses from mopping up sweat to masking the face from dust storms or for disguise are the staple of their outfits. Black leather gloves with matching high-heeled leather boots with high tops to protect the lower legs with pointed toes and spurs are also popular with the Janes. Often, the overall look is topped off with either a leather vest or even a long coat. However, no Jane is without a cowboy hat; a hat with a wide brim to protect from sun, overhanging brush, and the elements. There are many styles and designs blending elements of the Mexican sombrero and both Union and Confederate Cavalry hats of the Civil War period.
While vigilante Pokégirls may have a horrendously bad reputation thanks to their history and origin, one cannot deny that Janes simply shine when it comes to Pokébattle. While a CalamityJane may not have the innate knowledge of using any weapon like an Armsmistress, she will know how to use a whip intimately. The whip becomes the Jane's favorite weapon to take on an opponent from a medium distance, using it to inflict damage or knock opponents off their feet. While their close-quarters combat and long distance combat skills are limited, they do have a few solid moves. Legsweep and Chain Throw help with an opponent that gets close or manages to get their hands on the Jane, while Tomahawk Toss and their manifested weapon can hurt an opponent that is beyond the reach of her whip. Interestingly, the Handgun doesn't fire bullets but is a tool for the CalamityJane to use the technique Needleshot. It should also be noted that although it takes time, Janes that grow in level will learn the powerful whip-technique of Serpent's Bite and eventually, the awe-inspiring Master Blow.
Taming a CalamityJane is a surprisingly soulful experience. While one would think the Jane would be dominant and overall aggressive with the leather and whips, this Pokégirl breed is pretty obsessive about intimacy. They are uncomfortable sharing Taming sessions and when they are being Tamed, show a submissive nature to their Tamer as well as try to keep as much body-contact as possible. Janes also like being outdoors when they're being Tamed, often during night in areas of nature, be it the middle of a forest, a grassy field, or a desert plain. It is unsure what aspect of the Janes' genetic make-up brought on that desire, but it is speculated to have come from a simple culmination of what made them what they are.
A case of a woman changing into a CalamityJane through Threshold is currently unheard of at this point in time, due to the breed’s relatively new existence.
Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun) - (EFT) The CalamityJane concentrates, making a handgun styled after a Smith & Wesson Volcanic appear in her hand. The handgun is connected to her palm via a wire, giving them ‘ammunition’ from their internal generator.
Pistol Whip - (ATK 15) A weaker version of Cold Cock, yet wields first strike with its superior speed. The CalamityJane takes the hilt of her Smith & Wesson and strikes her opponent in the head with it. Has a 20% chance of causing Stun.
Tomahawk Toss - (ATK 60, 20) A Rock-type technique exclusive to the CalamityJane. The Pokégirl summons and throws a tomahawk at the opponent. There is a 25% chance of the weapon arcing back to strike the target again.
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CAMELTOE, the Desert Metamorph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Inhuman (Tauric Metamorph)
Element: Ground/Water
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in desert regions)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Desert Messengers, Water Reservoirs
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Electric, Steel, Poison, Water
Weak Vs: Plant, Ice
Attacks: Dig, Stomp, Sand Attack, Water Gun, Rain, Mud Slap, Glue Spit
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Low Water Needs, Large Water Storage Capabilities, Water Absorption, Metamorph capabilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: none
The Cameltoe was developed when Sukebe discovered that the Ponytaur wasn’t adequately suited to desert maneuvers. Just like how the Ponytaur resembles the horse, the Cameltoe resembles the pre-Sukebe camel in their equine form, with a human-ish torso emerging from a camel body complete with a large hump for water storage. Cameltoes also have the ability to transform into a human form, but it is far more conspicuous than the Ponytaur’s. The skin tone is more tan, a small hump remains on the back, their hands have three fingers instead of five. They usually have brown toned hair color that ranges from light, sandy brown to dark, near black brown. In animal form they stand at around 7-8 feet tall, but in human form this shrinks down to around 6 feet tall. The breast size can range from B-cup, if their breasts are empty of water, to F-cup if their breasts are full. Though large, their breasts always remain firm to the point of hardness due to the extreme compression of water.
The Cameltoe’s hump, in either form, has the ability to store up to 30 gallons of water, and can expand and contract as necessary. For this reason, these Pokégirls would accompany legions in the deserts, and supply the water required, or use their water reservoir for their water attacks. This water can be emitted from the mouth for various water attacks, from the breasts, which in addition to providing water, can also store it (Cameltoe's fat cells are capable of expanding to store water), or from expandable pore on the top of the hump. The Cameltoe's breasts can become extremely full, but unlike a Milktit which just keeps producing milk, once all the water possible has been stored, the rest is just urinated out, which keeps breasts from becoming overfull and painful. The skin around the breasts is surprisingly stretchy, will expand and contract as necessary, so stretch marks do not show until very advanced age. Cameltoes are among the fastest Pokégirls in the desert, and are excellent for long term desert recon, desert messengers, and desert transport. In battle they are more suited to support roles, using sand attack and mud slap to distract and blind enemies, and rain to revitalize their allies. Cameltoes have the peculiar ability of using a plant type attack, Glue Spit, despite not being plant types. They achieve this attack by excreting a set of proteins into their spit that, when exposed to air, becomes extremely sticky.
Cameltoes are not Alpha material, but they do work well in a harem, and are very sociable Pokégirls. However, be warned, Cameltoes are stubborn creatures and, if they decide they dislike an Alpha or her orders they will likely ignore any order given to her unless from her Tamer. In the same vein, Cameltoes hate being pushed around, and will respond to aggression by being even more stubborn. Though they are not quick to judge or form opinions, Cameltoes once the have made up their mind, are very reluctant to let it go, so first impressions make quite an impact on this Pokégirl.
One of the most remarkable qualities of the Cameltoe is its ability to absorb and retain water. They can literally soak it up through the skin (and in humid regions from the air itself) which renders any water attack not only useless, but beneficial to the Cameltoe, and usually end up with the Cameltoe spitting these water attacks right back. In addition to the hump on the back, this Pokégirl also possesses a super-efficient respiratory system and urinary system that reabsorbs up to 90% of the water back into the body. These Pokégirls are capable of lasting months in the desert on only a few glasses of water, and usually get all the water they need from the food they eat.
Despite being desert creatures, Cameltoes have been known to exist on frozen tundras or cold deserts. These Pokégirls adapt to these condition by growing out a thick coat of fur, similar to the Pre-Sukebe camels that lived on the tundras of Mongolia.
Though their overall speed is slower than their Ponytaur counterparts, their endurance is far higher. They are able to maintain their top speed for six to eight hours, fully loaded with gear in the desert. Unfortunately, there is very little variation in top speeds in sand and on hard ground. On average Cameltoes show higher intelligence than the Ponytaur breed, but are less popular. Feral Cameltoes have a large cut in intelligence, but are very docile. These pokegirls rarely attack when Feral and will flee danger before confronting it. When annoyed they tend to spit and run, and many a Tamer has been covered from head to toe by an annoyed Feral Cameltoe. Despite this Tamers find Cameltoes a blessing when lost in the desert, as they are more often than not better than oases. Cameltoes prefer being on top during coitus, or being Tamed doggy-style, as the hump makes it uncomfortable to lie on their back.
Thresholding into one is common for girls in desert regions with ground ancestry, and is quick, usually lasting less than a day, but reports indicate that it is extremely painful, and the girls must get used to the weight and feel of the hump. Some unlucky girls become two humped camels or Bactarians they are known. This far more painful, and it becomes harder for them to retain a human form, however these girls can store an extra 100 gallons of water, allowing them to retain up to 60 gallons.
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CAMERAGIRL, the Photojournalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in WAPL-controlled areas)
Diet: Human-style, has a weakness for sweets
Role: Used during the Revenge War to film battles and spy on enemy troop movements. Now used in places such as the WAPL and the Slot League to film battles for TV. Excellent for news crews and documentary work.
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Invis, Flash, Tackle, Wrestle, Teleport, Pummel, Phase, Staccato Punch (while in Fast-Forward & Repeat only), Hammer, Hell Canon (only if possessing the Infernal Template)
Must be learned from a Tick-Tock: Rewind, Slow Motion, Repeat, Fast Forward, Freeze Frame
Enhancements: Manifest Item (Camera), Internal Universal Transmitter, Attack Adaptation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shudder Bug (normal)
Camera Girls are among the more offbeat types of Pokégirls. They usually aren't the best in a fight, and the combination of a low libido and a penchant for voyeurism make them ill suited for Sex Battles. They are best suited for documenting various events, and some Tamers have made them available for birthday parties and anniversaries.
Camera Girls are Very Near Human Pokégirls who’s only real inhuman feature are their hands, which look like they are gloves made of white metal. Their hands are the focus of their powers, allowing them to summon their cameras. They can manifest any type of camera they need for the situation, but it has to be a brand that they have encountered before and held in their hands. Other than that, they are fairly close to the Ingenue in terms of appearance.
Camera Girls, surprisingly, were actually very useful to Sukebe’s side during the Revenge War. They could use their abilities to turn invisible and phase through walls to get into choice positions for recording conversations and information from human encampments and then Teleporting back to their commanders to report it. They do not like combat, and try to avoid it, but will not hesitate to use what limited abilities to their advantage if they have to.
In more recent times, Camera Girls are used to film Pokégirl matches for television, the highest concentration of them being in WAPL-controlled areas. Their ability to broadcast their camera signals to any device capable of picking them up makes them very useful. In addition, should fights take to the air, Camera Girls can give themselves unlimited long range vision to follow the action. Among other Pokégirls, the Camera Girl has proven to be the best for photojournalism. Two international publications currently employ tamers with Camera Girls for photo ops. They also let Camera Girls film Taming sessions, as they have highly voyeuristic tendencies. Watching an especially passionate Taming session can get a Camera Girl so aroused they can barely hold onto their cameras. And considering that Camera Girls are uncomfortable without some kind of camera within a 3 foot radius of themselves, that’s saying something. They aren’t good Alpha Pokégirls, but are always willing to offer advice and be helpful, if that’s what their Tamer wants.
Recently, the Camera Girl was found to possess two unique qualities. If a Camera Girl is in the same harem as a Tick Tock, they can learn five time-related attacks. One is Rewind, which reverses time back for up to a minute and allows Camera Girls to avoid attacks that would have hit them otherwise. Another is Slow Motion, which briefly slows the flow of time around her in a wide radius, allowing the Camera Girl to get a better view of an attack that’s coming at her. One is Fast Forward, which briefly speeds up time around the Camera Girl, allowing for much faster movement. Another is Repeat, which allows the Camera Girl to repeat the last few seconds of what they had just done. Their final time-related attack is the Freeze Frame. By focusing Time magic through their camera, they can temporarily freeze someone for a moment in time.
The second unique quality the Camera Girl possesses is the ability to blend learned attacks to create exclusive techniques. In one legendary encounter, a Camera Girl defending her Tamer from a Team Rocket attack defeated an Iron Maiden by using Repeat while in Fast Forward to pound much more powerful Pokégirl over and over until she collapsed. This technique was named the Staccato Punch. Even more recently, a Fiendish Camera Girl was able to beat a Valkyrie with a sneaky combination of Flash with Hell Fire. This combination temporarily blinded the Valkyrie before the Hell Fire finished her off. This new technique has been dubbed Hell Canon, after the camera used as a focus for the attack.
Camera Girls that learn these time tricks from Tick Tocks develop a greater confidence in battle, and tend to use the battle cry “HENSHIN A GOGO, BABY!” whenever their Harem sisters enter a fight. To this day, no one has any clue what it means. Camera Girls that gain the Fiendish template are also noted as having an average libido, rather than their normal low libido. This is typically heightened in the midst of voyeuristic activities, even more than such activities usually do. Researchers currently assume that the Infernal side of them makes them more sexually excitable.
Another unusual personality quirk that Camera Girls have is that they have a great fondness for Cardcaptors and their evolved forms, as well as MysticKats and MysticAngels. As with their battle cry, this is unexplained so far.
Camera Girls are a relatively rare Threshold, however it is more commonplace in WAPL-controlled areas.
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CANDY CATGIRL, the "Minty Fresh" Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but greatly prefers sweet things
Role: Pastry chefs, candy makers, bakers assistants, sugar farmers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Tackle, Mystic Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Fruit Juice, Wood Tower, Lance, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Instinctive cooking ability, Increased Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2), Increased capacity for violence
Evolves: Sweet Pussy (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Evolves From: Sugar Kitten (Normal)
In terms of appearance, Candy Catgirls change only slightly. Their hair, eyes, and fur can become a greater variety of colors, including blue, green, indigo, and violet, and they become a few inches taller. They gain a cup-size from their previous forms, and their features become slightly more animalistic.
Candy Catgirls still have a need for high amounts of sugar in their diets, however their tastebuds have developed more, allowing them to enjoy a greater variety of foods (although they still love sweet things more than anything else). Because of this, most Candy Catgirls tend to gain a liking for minty flavors in addition to sweet ones. No real reason for this is assumed aside from some psychosomatic need. This changes their scent slightly as well, as Candy Catgirls gain a slight minty scent in addition to their already sweet one. Their cum retains its sweet flavor, although now it also has a slight taste of mint to it as well.
Candy Catgirls, in terms of abilities, are stronger all around than their previous forms. Their magical ability has been increased, although their limits are still fairly low, making them unable to cast spells. They can manifest larger portions of food, as well as greater varieties of it, have greater energy manipulation powers, and manifest a greater variety of food-based weaponry. The food weapons are more durable in this form, although it still doesn’t take much to break them, and the risk of infection from injuries is still there.
What’s very strange is their sudden change from Normal-type to Plant-type. This has given them access to two new attacks, however in keeping with the theme of their powers and the line in general, they are slightly different. Candy Catgirls can use Wood Tower and Lance, although in this instance they produce sugar cane instead of the usual result of using the attack. Some Candy Catgirls, because of their abilities, have gained an interest in farming to help cultivate their sugar cane abilities.
Candy Catgirls become more confident than their previous forms, and are better suited to battling than Sugar Kittens. Their improved food weapons, plus new sugar cane abilities, make them better for use in combat. Some Candy Catgirls have been seen using thick sugar canes as bo staves in practice sessions. Despite their improved combat abilities, there are still better choices for a fighting Pokégirl.
High amounts of sugar and now mint can affect their libido in the same way as their previous forms. They love to stuff themselves on sweets either before or after a good Taming, and as before they become placid and very relaxed after an especially good taming. They become more amorous even without sugar than their previous forms, and become more likely to try and start an orgy amongst her Tamer and harem sisters.
Feral Candy Catgirls are generally more vicious than Sugar Kittens, and more likely to attack Tamers in their path. They retain their pack mentality, although they don’t completely loose their magical abilities when feral. Feral Candy Catgirl prides also sometimes barter with Trollop packs to get sweets, trading food for Taming. This has led some to believe that they the ones most likely responsible for the rare groups of feralborn Trollops who survive beyond their normal obscenely short lifespan.
Like Sugar Kittens, Candy Catgirls have the strange genetic quirk that makes the taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to endure. It’s recommended that you either keep Candy Catgirls out of their Pokéballs, or even better, trade it in at a Pokécenter for a Premier Ball.
Like their previous form, Candy Catgirls can learn the tongue-based sex attacks. Candy Catgirls are a somewhat rare Threshold, but they do occur from time to time.
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
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CAPHOOCHIE, the Freeze or Burn Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Capuchin Monkey)
Element: Fire/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human Norm
Role: Limited Weather Control (heating or cooling), Storm Generation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Dragon, Flying
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Imitate, Taunt, Ice Punch, Iceblade Kick, Ice Beam, Ice Slide, Iceball
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing and Vision (x2), Enhanced Reflexes, Balance, Flexibility, and Agility (x3), Aura of Calm, Aura of Rage, Prehensile tail
Weaknesses: Cannot use her ice and fire attacks simultaneously. Obsession with Balance.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Discovered shortly after the Great War, the Caphoochie breed was a startling discovery, a Pokégirl of conflicting elements that seemed to balance out in harmony with each other. This odd Pokégirl seems to be a study in the tenuous balance of two elemental extremes, though held together by a mostly cheerful disposition.
At a glance, most Caphoochie resemble human females, though these Pokégirls have larger ears than any human would, even though they're similar in shape and position on the Caphoochie's head. They have long dark furred prehensile tails that usually match their hair. Caphoochies tend to have at least some white in their hair however, be it only their bangs or sometimes their entire head of hair. Rarely, their lighter hair is golden to red instead of white. Feralborne Caphoochie tend to have body fur that ranges from fur along the tops of their hands and feet that end at the elbows and knees to full body fur. This fur tends to be a pattern of black and cream/white or the rare golden to red. A Caphoochie's feet are more like hands, able to grasp and manipulate objects with the same ease as using her actual hands. Caphoochie are sometimes short, ranging in height from an even four feet to a tall six feet in height. Their bust ranges from a B to D cup, with the larger cup sizes usually being found on the taller individuals. Despite how 'fuzzy' the breed is, their loins are usually hairless.
Caphoochie are a breed that devote themselves to the concept of balance, many making this a spiritual and philosophical point of view. They follow the tamers rule, but buck against their tamer occasionally, only to point out that chaos and order are something to be equally respected. They respect nature as a whole, but also point out that without forest fires there could be no rebirth of the forest. At times their moods are mercurial, shifting from passionate and boisterous to calm and serene within the span of the day. However, this is not to say that Caphoochie are unpredictable, as there is a pattern, an ebb and flow if you will, of the breed's extremes and most tamers can often count on the Caphoochie's shifting almost like the tides. Being deeply spiritual Pokégirls, most Caphoochie have a hunger for learning about various philosophical views and religions, and approach the subject enough patience and wisdom to actually calm the more volatile individuals down into rational discussion. Many tamers can trust their Caphoochie to offer kernels of wisdom, even if it is at the most inconvenient time.
While Caphoochie are a Fire/Ice element Pokégirl, the breed cannot control both elements at the same time. Research into this oddity has shown that this is because the Caphoochie's ability to control her opposing elements hinges on the respective fire or ice energies not colliding. Using both of her elements at once causes the skin of her body to split and steam to violently escape, injuring the Pokégirl severely. However, it only takes a few seconds for a Caphoochie to trade off her conflicting elements, and some well trained Caphoochie can take this time down to almost one second without injury. Thanks to their ability to use either fire or ice attacks however, Caphoochie are formidable opponents, able to blast her foes with fireballs, only to switch to an Ice Beam for a finishing move.
Caphoochie are surprisingly loving and cuddlesome Pokégirls, maintaining the view that 'love is fleeting and should be done with one's whole heart'. If treated affectionately by her Tamer, they will find that they have an almost literal 'love monkey' on their back, who often pulls in her harem sisters to share the love as well. Caphoochie can be found in sex battles infrequently, as they do not naturally know sex attacks, but can learn them. They are willing to try most forms of bedroom fetishes and kinks, though they tend to avoid the more harsh BDSM play. Luckily for Tamers, Caphoochie are neither too hot nor too cold, their body temperatures being within the human norm, though they're never bothered in cold climates thanks to their innate fire abilities. Feral Caphoochie tend to gather into social groups, usually just to play, tame, or otherwise interact before and after they forage for food. They tend to be curious and playful around strange situations, though they can put up quite a fight when harassed or threatened as well as making quite a mess by getting into trashcans, buildings, and other human made places. Ferals of the breed are considered dangerous however, and should never be approached without the aid of a Pokégirl, preferably a Rock, Water, or Fighting type to help tilt the odds in the human's favor. Threshold Caphoochie happen infrequently, as unless the girl in question's ancestry included Caphoochie, she would need to have both fire and ice types in her family tree. The first sign of thresholding into a Caphoochie are prolonged foot cramps, followed by the ears growing in size and manifesting her fire and ice abilities. Fur growth, if any, usually happens during the same stage as the ears enlarging. Many thresholders are sold to ranches, but some run away to join Shrines, Churches, or Temples.
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CARDCAPTOR, the Card Wielding Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Variable Range Magical Assault and Support
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Draw[*], Baton Hit
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity x4, Increased Sensory Perception, Enhanced Magic Attenuation, Youthful
Evolves: CardMaster[**] (2nd Tier), ClowMystic (3rd Tier), StarMystic (Final), Duelist (battle stress, Duel Monsters deck nearby)
Evolves From: None
[*] This attack is dependant upon the list of Cards the CardCaptor has acquired.
Most pokegirls are assumed to be the result of Sukebe's war of revenge, the actions of the legendary Cocooner, or large groups of scientists working for good or ill. The CardCaptor breedline, however, is not such a creation. The CardCaptor and it's resultant evolutions(barring the Duelist) are considered the direct result of the efforts of one individual. Clow Reed, birth date unknown, a magical researcher and scientist of Chinese decent, is regarded by most as the creator of the CardCaptor and it's breedline evolutions. Others claim otherwise, saying that Clow Reed was a fraud whom simply claimed the work of another, or took the discovered results of Sukebe as his own. Regardless of these accusations, Clow Reed did in fact possess a CardCaptor, StarMystic, MysticAngel, and MysticKat in his harem before his death and destruction of his lab in 67 AS.
The CardCaptor, despite it's flexibility and potential power inherent in the magical system it utilizes, is not often regarded as a popular pokegirl. One reason is it's appearance; The CardCaptor, CardMaster, and ClowMystic all have similar appearance, that of a young teenage girl, feasibly anywhere from twelve to fourteen years of age, with little indication to display that they are a Pokégirl at all, unless performing their magics.
The second reason is a psychological one. CardCaptors are surprisingly independent pokegirls. While they do not display any traits that give any of the more strict Pro-Control Leagues an excuse to make them illegal or restricted, it's an acknowledged fact that CardCaptors have an inherent mental urge to seek out new cards to capture and add to their magical arsenal. This urge is so powerful that it's almost unheard of to find a CardCaptor in the harem of a settled Tamer, and there are several instances of a CardCaptor quietly, sadly, yet firmly leaving a Tamer's harem whenever it became clear that the Tamer in question had no interest in catering to the CardCaptor's need to seek out new Cards. Still, CardCaptor's are, almost as a rule quick thinking, sure to action, and surprisingly innovative. As long as their need to travel is met, they are surprisingly loyal to their Tamer, though they do not react well to cruelty.
A noted psychological quirk among the CardCaptor breed is their tendency to react favorably to expressed mercy or kindness from a Tamer. For example, one of the CardCaptor's weaknesses is their store of magical energy to power their Cards. Once wasted, the CardCaptor becomes severely weakened, and can fall into unconsciousness. Whenever found in this state, if the Tamer declines capture and instead heals the CardCaptor, the CardCaptor will express an almost fervent desire to join that Tamer's harem, with an increased chance that the CardCaptor will immediately bond with that Tamer. More than one rural individual, unsure, untrained, and completely unfamiliar with proper Pokégirl handling has found themselves delta-bonded to a CardCaptor and becoming a Tamer because of this.
Despite their near pre-pubescent appearance, CardCaptor's have a surprisingly healthy libido, with little shame in acknowledging this fact. They also enjoy dressing in clothes to accentuate their sexuality. Due to the CardCaptor's unusual appearance, this has gotten more than one Tamer in trouble until the specifics of the Pokégirl's breed was cleared up.
A CardCaptor has two implements to focus their unusual magical abilities through; their Baton, and the Cards themselves. The design of the Baton varies from CardCaptor to CardCaptor, and is often a reflection of the Cardcaptor's attitude and personality. Where this item comes from or how it is created is unknown, beyond that it's intrinsically summoned by a CardCaptor upon thresholding.
The source of the CardCaptor's power, her Cards, are unknown and widely contested. Some say the CardCaptor intrinsically crafts the cards subconsciously as she grows in power before letting them loose to 'test' herself. Others say the Cards are actually contracted spirits the CardCaptor tracks down and captures with a source independent of the Pokégirl. Others say all the Cards a CardCaptor can capture are created and let loose the instant the CardCaptor thresholds. Despite the years of study, it's never been proved conclusively one way or another.
The Cards themselves can manifest in three separate forms; Card form, it's resting state, 'attack form', which resolves itself into whatever raw elemental attacks or abilities the Card in question can actualize, and Spirit form, a Pokégirl-like copy of the CardCaptor herself, albeit with stylized differences that can vary in any feasible way, depending on the Card in question. Most Tamers whom do not have a CardCaptor mistakenly think that this means a CardCaptor guarantees a literal horde of available Poképower. The reality is quite different. Even when manifested in Spirit Form, a captured Card still draws power from the CardCaptor herself. A CardCaptor with the willpower or capability to manifest more than two Cards at a time during battle is rare indeed. Even manifesting three to four Cards in Spirit Form to partake even such a casual activity as traveling can quickly leave a CardCaptor tired and helpless. It's worth noting that the Cards can occasionally manifest desires and actions independent of their mistress, though at worst it simply means a Tamer will occasionally have another girl to satisfy.
While the following list is, disturbingly, not complete, those Tamers whom have had CardCaptor's evolve into a CardMaster have consistently documented this listing of Cards on hand; Big, Change, Cloud, Create, Dark, Dash, Dream, Earthy, Erase, Fiery, Fight, Float, Flower, Fly, Freeze, Glow, Healer, Hope, Illusion, Jump, Light, Little, Lock, Loop, Lovers, Maze, Mirror, Mist, Move, Power, Rain, Return, Sand, Shadow, Shield, Shot, Sleep, Silent, Snow, Song, Sweet, Sword, Thunder, Time, Twins, Voice, Watery, Windy, Wood.
[**] The CardCaptor is unusual in requiring the above set of Cards before evolving to their next evolutionary stage, a potentially long process indeed. At some point whenever the necessary requirements are met, a mysterious event that CardCaptor's refer to as 'The Final Judgement' occurs. What this event entails is unknown, as CardCaptor's refuse to speak of it, but after the event, the CardCaptor usually evolves into their next stage, the CardMaster. A rare few, for whatever reason, do not, and are forced to remain as CardCaptor's, unable to increase their abilities as a Pokégirl and left with an unsatisfied wanderlust that they will never able to completely fulfill.
Most CardCaptor's arise from Thresholding incidents. Only a hint of Magical Pokégirls in a girl's family history is apparently needed for this to occur. It's been rumored, though unproven, that a year after Clow Reed successfully created the first CardCaptor, that several threshold events occurred that had the girls in question develop into CardCaptors. Unlike most Pokégirls, CardCaptors undergo threshold at around twelve years of age, though this can be difficult to tell initially, as no outward changes occur. Despite undergoing threshold, taming can still be put off without any ill side-effects until the Pokégirl fully 'matures', typically around the normal age of other Pokégirls(fourteen to sixteen).
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CARDIAN, the “Touch of Life and Death” Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Plant (Infernal)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Life Energy (Plants)
Role: Legions of Terror scouts, Saboteurs, Gardeners
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Rock, Water, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Celestial, Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug
Attacks: Leech Seed, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Command Plants, Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed, Vine Whip, Vine Bondage.
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Speed (x5), Plant Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Daimon (Leaf Stone)
A true anomaly amongst plant types, Cardians are almost more destructive to the environment than constructive. This is probably primarily a result of their original role as saboteurs for the Legions of Terror. With their speed, agility, and camouflage, they could easily scout ahead of a Legion's lines and use their abilities to damage crucial bridges or the foundations of enemy installations. A favored tactic was to dispatch Cardians to drain the life from a forest where the battle was to be fought, then light the newly created deadwood ablaze around the human forces as the Legions pulled a hasty retreat. However, the Cardians' role in this was not immediately apparent--the idea of a plant-type destroying a forest seemed absurd to many early researchers due to the number of precedents--and so their defeat was never truly a priority during the war. In the modern era, the dual nature of their plant affinity is usually put to work in large-scale gardening ventures.
Physically, the breed is greatly varied in appearance, but all fall within a general category of being human-esque girls who have some form of vegetation upon their bodies. In near human cases, this can mean simply grassy hair and perhaps green skin, but up the scale there're far more drastic possibilities, such as vines naturally growing from parts of the body or flowers upon the skin. Sometimes, rocks or other inanimate objects will become lodged in as well, and many of the first Cardians purposefully let this happen and their bodies overgrow to, giving them a form of natural camouflage, and this is a trait that many feralborn Cardians will exhibit as well, if allowed. Domestics and thresholders, though, are generally seen with neatly trimmed and well-planned plants upon their bodies, often enhancing their appeal rather than detracting from it in the fashion that the excesses of their wilder sisters do. Still, many would say that finding Cardians attractive is a acquired taste.
Despite this, though, Cardians are definitely the most commonly seen of the Youma line, and that is because, aside from their powers, they're one of the easier--if more annoying--evolutions to manage. Mentally, the breed follows the dual nature of their powers in that they're quite moody. They aren't quite to the bipolar level of the Maggiemite, but Cardians tend to change moods quite easily, not always bouncing from one extreme to another but still being quite volatile. But, most have the sense not to be overly disrespectful, even in bad moods, and so although the plants around them or their harem sister--they tend to end up at odds with other plant-types, for obvious reasons--may suffer when a Cardian's Master causes her mood to go south, it's rare that he'll have too much of a problem. Alpha bonding also helps in this regard, as it inclines the Cardian to view her master's actions positively and so they usually induce good moods.
Even so, it's unlikely that this annoyance--minor as it is, when compared to certain other Youma evolutions--would be often put up with were it not for the fairly unique powers afforded to the breed. Although they're capable of using many basic plant-type techniques from the vegetation upon their bodies, that is not truly exceptional. No, instead it is the aforementioned variant of their affinity with plantlife that makes them exceptional, often romanticized as "The Touch of Life and Death." In effect, this ability allows a Cardian to drain life from plants and store it within herself, killing said plant and often whithering or drying it as though it'd been dead for some time. The energy stored within may then be regurgitated later and infused into another plant, inspiring exceptional, rapid growth that, if desired, can be partially guided by the Cardian's will. This has many applications, obviously, from the aforementioned forest-fire tactics to growing powerful roots in places they would be detrimental to foundations to... gardening. In the modern day, Cardians are most commonly found in large estate's gardens or otherwise with those who seek to craft plants to perfection, for what hardener would not appreciate the ability to drain life from weeds and infuse it into a weak plant that is desirable? This practice is most famous in the Noir League, as it is the driving force behind the perfection of the Gardens of Versailles Nouveau, a reproduction said to be far grander than the original, pre-War site.
But, as functional as this ability is, it can only really be used in certain combat situations. Without significant flora to both take energy from and manipulate, most Cardians are limited to normal plant-type tactics--razor leaves, leech seeds, perhaps wood towers if they've got a good bit of life energy stored--in battle, which primarily amounts to manipulating the flora on their own bodies. Of course, those who have more Not Very Near Human appearances have an edge here, since with even a little stored energy, they can do a great deal with that.... But, beyond that, there are a few Cardians who seek--or are ordered to--become better combatants, and the most common way of doing this is to carry as much stored life energy with them as possible as well as a variety of seeds of plant samples. By doing this, they can create an environment which suits them for the battle with said seeds, and grow it to their specific needs. This may not sound too threatening, but when a wild rose is grown to the point that its thorns are several inches wide... well, that idea is proved to be foolish.
As far as sexual situations go, the only single thing of any real note is that their moodiness can be an obstacle at times, but considering that they are Pokégirls, it isn't much more than a minor thing. Tastes vary a great deal, although though with more floral components to their bodies will sometimes wish to use them in taming; it's not unheard of for a Cardian with vines to tie herself up with them as an offering to her master if he declines being restrained. Other times, the environment and the plants around will be substituted for those who aren't able to summon vines from their own bodies, but the variety of such practices is far too great to give a decent idea of how it proceeds here. It generally is enough to make up for the mood issues, however, and some tamers have pointed out that they're as likely to randomly get into the mood as out of it.
Feral Cardian can normally be found in forests, and as stated they tend to be overgrown and unkempt in general, making them dangerous surprise attackers. However, a decent sign of a feral Cardian is to find an area of forest that is devoid of other plant-types. For obvious reasons, the feeding and fighting habits of Cardians tend to drive them away, particularly sense feral Cardians rarely show any restraint as to what they drain or grow, be it beautiful or horrendously ugly. Thus, such unnatural growth patterns can be another decent clue, particularly if they're marked by signs of battle. Capturing them can be a bit of a challenge, though, considering said environs, and so ice-types are an excellent choice to hunt with. Threshold Cardians are rare, but still more common than those from other Youma evolutions above Daimon.
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CARD MASTER, the Powerful Card Wielding Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: long range attacks/magi
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Draw, Baton hit
Enhancements: Increased sensual perception, mind tuned to magic
Evolves: Clow Mystic (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Cardcaptor (special, captures all cards and passes "Final Judgment")
Once a Cardcaptor captures all of her cards she must undergo a ceremony called "The Final Judgment." Exactly what this entails is unknown since no Pokégirls have ever spoken about it and a Cardcaptor must face it alone. If she passes this test then she will evolve into a Card Master. It is impossible to tell a Cardcaptor and a Card Master apart without a Pokédex since they undergo no physical changes when they evolve. However a Card Master will be tougher than before, able to absorb more damage before being knocked unconscious, and she will have more magical energy and is thus able to use her cards for longer before exhaustion sets in.
One thing that has been noted is that if a Cardcaptor has any natural magical talent, she will lose it when she evolves since she now relies totally on her cards to create her magical effects. All Card Masters gain one new talent, however, the ability to create new cards other than those which Cardcaptors can use. This can make battling Card Masters tricky since they may have unexpected abilities. Creating a new card usually takes at least a month and the more powerful the card the longer it takes, although there have been occasions in which Card Masters have spontaneously created new cards in times of great stress.
Card Masters can evolve into ClowMystics, although what triggers this is unknown. However researchers have noted that all Card Masters who evolved had a Mysticangel and a Mystickat in the Harem with them.
There has never been a reported case of a human girl thresholding into a Card Master and it is believed that it is impossible for this to happen. In fact, every known Card Master evolved from a Cardcaptor. Even inducing parthenogenesis in a Card Master will result in the birth of a Cardcaptor. This has led to the belief that the only way for a Card Master to come into existence is for a Cardcaptor to pass her "Final Judgment" and evolve.
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CATFISH, the Wet Pussy Pokégirl Type: Animorph, Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fish and cream
Role: Lifeguards at beaches, swimming instructors, fishers... pirates too.
Libido: Average (High once a month)
Strong Vs: Ground, Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Fury Swipes, Kick, Scratch, Slap, Tail Slap, Water Gun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Air Recovery
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed(x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Agility (x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Senses (x3), can move on land as well as water, Night Vision, Cold Tolerance, Breathe Underwater
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Catgirl (Water Stone), Kitten (normal; raised by a large body of water)
An interesting event occurs when a Catgirl is given a Water Stone. Although Catgirls normally dislike water, when given the Evolution Stone of aquatic powers, she will evolve into a species of Pokégirl known as Catfish. It should be noted that the evolution of Catfish can also happen naturally when a Kitten is raised by either a beach, or near a large body of water all of her life.
As the name suggests, a Catfish is one Cat-type that lacks aversion to water, although they do prefer their battles to be on land. Also, opposite to what the name suggests, the Catfish are in no way a Fish-type Pokégirl, they are still feline Pokégirls. However, it is easy to make the mistake between the two under certain circumstances as Catfish are known to have physical variation depending on how exactly they evolved and where. If evolved near the Earth's equator, the Catfish may evolve without fur, instead her skin a pale blue or sea green, yet will never feel cold even in an icy climate. Most Catfish, however, still have soft and short fur on their bodies.
A Catfish's fur and hair can be different shades of blue or blue-greens, denoting they are Water-type Pokégirls. To aid in their swimming capabilities, the species also have webbing between their toes and fingers, and they have a set of fins at the tip of the tail, although again, this also seems to change depending on where she evolves at. Some have flukes at the end of their tail that are horizontal, while others have the tail fins grow in vertically. In either case, the tail is longer and thicker than most Cat-types, which allows her great maneuverability in water and even assists with propulsion. The tail is also prehensile, but is sluggish to move immediately once out of the water.
It should also be noted that a Catfish's body changes so that she even gains the ability to hold extra water in her breasts and shoot the liquid out of her mouth like a water cannon. However, they are not dependant on the ocean as a Catfish can move about on land perfectly well when dry, and can be away from water for long periods at a time without needing to rehydrate.
Catfish can breathe air with her gills as well, when they have need to, making them truly amphibious. When underwater, gills open up along the sides of their necks, allowing them to breathe underwater. Above water or on land, these gills are sealed shut and are actually rather sensitive to the touch. Some Catfish have even taking this into effect when Taming, giving their Tamer what they have termed, `Deep Throat'; giving the Tamer head with the gills in their neck. While Catfish owners have claimed it to be a wonderful sensation, sometimes the fun gets cut short should the Tamer cum in there.
In the Indigo Plateau, the Divide Sea, the Silver Islands, and the Lost Sea, Catfish are an incredibly popular species to own, since they are great fishers and have been proven to be of great help to fishermen and pearl divers. Unfortunately, this popularity has extended to the Limbec Pirates and other pirate factions around the world, as their capabilities in and out of water make them almost perfect for the job. As such, Catfish found at smaller port towns and fishing villages around the world often find themselves under careful scrutiny, distrust, and may require collars to vouch for the fact that they are not pirates. Of course, no Catfish complains about being collared, if such is the case.
While Kitten is still the defacto outcome for girls going through Threshold to become a Cat-type Pokégirl, the number of Thresholds resulting in the end of Catfish have increased dramatically over the years, changing a once Rare Pokégirl to become a rather Uncommon sight. It has been noted that the majority of Threshold cases that end with Catfish are around villages on the water or by a large body of water, adding merit to the concept of Water being the primary trigger.
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CATGIRL, the All Purpose Perceptual Pokégirl
Type: Animorph, very near human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods (enjoys fish and milk products)
Role: Assumed to be the first evolution possible
Libido: Average (becomes High monthly at New Moon)
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost
Attacks: Leap, Kitten's Roar, Fury Swipes, Glare, Foresight, Agility, Double Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility(x3), Enhanced Senses(x2), high hand-eye coordination, night vision
Evolves: Cabbit (orgasm), Housecat (normal), Griffon (Angel Stone), Cheetit (Cat E-Medal), Cheshire (Psi Cyrstal), Shaguar (Ice Crystal), Tigress (battle stress), Catfish (Water Stone), Mistoffeles (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Kitten (normal)
Catgirls are not an exceptional improvement over Kittens. It's very strongly speculated that the Catgirl may have been the very first evolution ever designed into a Pokégirl, and as such, is not very spectacular, though not many people would complain, given that Catgirls definitely look slightly better from their pre-evolution form.
Catgirls gain roughly half an inch to an inch in height, a quarter of a cup-size, their leg muscles grow stronger, they gain nightvision, and their tails usually increased an extra foot or two. Most Catgirls seem a bit more grown up in terms of maturity, but it is an irritatingly difficult quality to define and does not change their overall personality, though some actually become more mature, and display a bit more zest and exuberance than when they were Kittens.
Because their leg muscles are stronger, a Catgirl is usually a third faster than they were as a Kitten, though this can go as high as two times as fast. Her agility is often quite a bit better and it's believed that their longer tail may help them maintain their balance better, though, like many things about them, it is inconclusive.
The average Catgirl will find that she can learn kicking or leg-based attacks much easier than most others. As such, a Catgirl can sometimes be a good training partner for an Amazonlee (though rarely a Herolee), and are often good friends with them, which in turn, make them feel slightly disdainful against Amazonkapoeera, though this feeling is not as intense as an Amazonlee’s.
Outside of her speed and kicking techniques, about the most impressive things about her are her ability to learn Kitten’s Roar and Foresight naturally, giving her a wider base of attacks than most normal Pokégirls.
Catgirls often get very randy around the New Moon for some reason though researchers are still trying to find out the answer to this question, though until now, nothing conclusive has been found out.
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CATNIP, the Flowery Feline Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivorous; prefers fish, chicken, and milk. Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable.
Role: jungle predator
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Wrap, Tackle, Razor Leaf, Leaf Shield, Leech Seed, Cuddle, Catnip Kiss
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Night Vision, Disguise Scent
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Leaf Stone)
Merrowls who come into contact with a Leaf Stone evolve into Catnip. As a Catnip, her coat of fur becomes patches of greens and browns of all shades, helping her to blend in better with natural foliage. She is at home in the jungles and forests, leaping from tree to tree in search of prey. Catnips have breasts that are a bit larger than their previous form, usually about a half-cup size bigger. Catnips dislike urban environs, preferring to be somewhere with a lot of plant life.
Catnips are somewhat defensive in their fighting techniques. They usually toss a Leech Seed at opponents, then hide behind their Leaf Shield while the seed does its work. If that fails, she’ll toss the Leaf Shield at her opponent, and then soften them up with Razor Leaves before closing in and using her other techniques. Despite being weak against poisons and Poison-type Pokégirls, a Catnip is totally immune to the Catnip Kiss attack, and can also use the attack herself. She usually uses her Cuddle sex attack to get close to her opponent, and then will coat her lips and tongue with essence of catnip before kissing her foe deeply. This attack only works in other cat Pokégirls, but when subjected to this attack, they grow rather woozy, as though drunk, making their combat abilities fall and their lust grow. It’s usually easy for a Catnip to bring her foe to orgasm after using this attack on her. Catnips also have the ability to change her natural scent to any kind of flower or plant she has ever smelled. This makes Catnips popular in the perfume industry. Catnips are also popular with thieves for this reason, since she can lay down a floral odor over her trail to make sure that tracking by scent isn’t possible.
The one thing Catnips don’t have that most other Plant-types do is natural vines. They hate to admit it, but they are jealous over this, and badly wish they could use the Vine Whip and Vine Bondage techniques. This envy has given them something of a bondage fetish, and Catnips like being tied up during Taming, pretending that they’re wrapped in vines. A Catnip also tends to release very sweet floral scents during sex, and a Tamer who just pleasured his Catnip usually ends up smelling like a rose.
Feral Catnips are lazy things, basking in the sun all day. They use their Disguise Scent enhancement to make sure they smell like flowers so they don’t get bothered during this time. Tamers who try to capture one generally have a somewhat difficult time getting by their Leaf Shield, but it’s not too hard. Threshold girls generally don’t evolve directly into a Catnip, but it can occur, albeit not often.
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CERBERASS, the Hell Hound Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Anthropomorphic - Canine
Element: Dark/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Raw meat, hot peppers, spicy foods
Role: guard dog, fierce hunter
Libido: High (Very High monthly)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Pummel, Takedown, Howl, Bite, Crunch, Fire Blast, Flame Tower, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Reinforced Muscular and Skeletal Structures, Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x10), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hound (Anubust’s Curse)
With the revelation of Anubust, slowly more information comes forth related to the Legendary Horus Hound Pokégirl. And it would now seem that the impressive and loyal breed of Pokégirl, the Hound is linked to Anubust. It appears that Sexmet isn’t the only one whose ‘blessing’ and ‘curse’ can have the effect of incredible evolution.
Hounds are already an impressive and intimidating Pokégirl species, standing at nearly six and a half feet with strong, muscular builds, generous C-Cup tits, and intimidating black fur and dark eyes. Anubust has brought them to a whole new level of intimidation.
As it is well known, Hounds are a notoriously territorial breed. And while normally untraceable in any sense of the way, Anubust allowed herself to appear before a Hound that caught her attention with the protective nature she had of her Tamer. However, the Hound instantly took offense to this intruder on that land she was currently using and tried to use Bite on the Legendary. Of course, in her spiritual state, such an attack didn’t even phase her, and a now annoyed Anubust cursed the Pokégirl.
When the Hound’s owner was roused from slumber by all the noise, he was greeted by the sight of what his Pokégirl had become. No longer was she like a hound, instead she was more like a truly imposing canine creature. Standing at an intimidating 7’7” in height, the fur of her muscular frame was now a white underside and otherwise covered in bright red with splashes of black in set patterns, her tail, once very lithe, becomes longer with thick fur. She had become imposing beyond belief, comparable to an Amachamp, really. A large pair of E-Cup breasts that were situated between two sets of arms, and then to top it off, three heads like a Chimera! She was now what would be called a Cerberass!
The species, despite having three heads, is one person, and so one personality controls all three heads. This is believed to be an effect from the fact a Cerberass comes from a Pokégirl of single species lineage, unlike the Chimera, which came from the Griffon, (which was already a mix of feline and bird). Many people are surprised about this fact when they meet a Cerberass, but most do admit that being able to hold three different conversations with three different people all at once can be quite useful.
Although the looks are a bit hellish, the Cerberass are surprisingly not Infernal. They retain aspects from their previous evolution that are sought after in the Canine-type breeds; loyalty and a loving personality. However, now with a Sub-type of Fire, a Cerberass’ affection leads to a more amorous nature... and with their newfound strength and power, they can easily get what they want from their Tamer.
When it comes to Pokébattle, a Cerberass is more than willing to throw herself one-hundred percent into any conflict, using her intimidation factor to its fullest! Unfortunately, this can lead to trouble as, even with all her strength and fiery might she now possesses, she can still be easily felled by a Water-type Pokégirl. Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a Cerberass whimper in defeat with her tail between her legs after she had her butt handed to her by a Magikunt of all things.
Taming is a very solid part of the Cerberass’ attitude now. The three-headed Canine, for one thing, definitely puts all three heads to use when in the throws of passion with her Tamer; definitely granting the term ‘Giving Head’ a new meaning. However, it cannot be stressed enough that with her newly increased mass and strength that a Tamer start using Heavy Restraints on the Cerberass for the first few months of owning a Cerberass. They can get very active and aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about the full extent of their capabilities. It really is a safety issue that should be addressed. Still, after all is said and done, a Cerberass will look after her Tamer all night as he sleeps, guarding him from any possible perils.
At this point in time, it is completely unheard of for a woman to Threshold into a Cerberass. There are only a number of Domestic Hounds that have been cursed by the Legendary Anubust, and none have been bred as of yet. Although the breed as a whole certainly seems to be looking forward to it when the time comes...
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Charamanda, the Fiery Lizard-esque Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat and cooked fish
Role: frontline soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fire Spin, Fireball, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, Bite, Scratch, Fury Swipes
Enhancements: Fire powers, Endurance, claws
Evolves: Charmelons (normal)
Evolves From: None
The first elemental Pokégirl to make her appearance during Sukebe's War was the Charamanda and her more powerful evolutions. Using her fire attacks to attack the human forces, they decimated regiments of human soldiers and melted through tank armor to great effect. It was only when Sukebe's Charamandas attempted to infiltrate cities on their own that they found themselves overpowered by local fire departments and their fire hoses that held the lines against them. Eventually, when Sukebe learned to utilize other elemental types with the Charamanda forces, not even those defenders managed to hold the lines at all. After the war, these Pokégirls were hunted but many survived both the war and the Pokégirl hunts in the years that followed. These were also the first Fire-types that Researchers after the war obtained data on.
These days, these Pokégirls are known to be one of the most stable and easily tamed fire-types throughout the world. They don't need any special precautions before a taming, unlike their evolutions. They are reptilian, having scales rather than skin like a human, which is rather sensitive to temperature drops and water. Their scales are normally a deep red in coloration, though their front is often an orange color or at least a lighter red around their stomach, chest, and breasts. These Pokégirls also have a tail that is as long as they are tall that is not prehensile. Charamanda stand at about five feet tall, though some are a bit taller as well. Their tail actually has a fire that emits from it, which allows the Charamanda to heat up her surroundings easily. This flame may not be present in domestic Charamandas, however, although it can be dispelled with magic. Dousing this flame otherwise can harm a Charamanda that does possess this flame.
More affectionate than her evolutions, and perhaps moreso than any other fire type other than the Spitfire or the FireCat, the Charamanda enjoys cuddling with a trusted tamer almost as much as receiving a taming. This Pokégirl has a low pleasure threshold, which grows as she evolves. They are very careful with their tamers, not wanting to burn them, but ferals are known to go all out against any that enter their supposed territory, Pokégirl and tamer alike. These Pokégirls are often provided to new tamers as often as a Growlie is, simply because of their loyalty and abilities that are rather well suited towards traveling. Feral Charamanda don't normally have hair, but domestics usually do thanks to their origins with having a human father.
In battles, Charamandas are well suited for both ranged and close-combat. Their teeth are suited to tearing, ripping, and piercing- perfect for their Bite attacks. Although her tail isn't prehensile, it is strong and thick, and suitable for her tail whip attack. And their ability with fire allows for a variety of fire attacks to be available at most any range of battle. The Charamanda has claws on her hands and feet, allowing her to utilize them well in close quarters as well. In sex battles, their low pleasure threshold is an obvious liability. Their evolved forms are much more suited for such battles, however.
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CHARLIE ANGEL, the Magical Harpy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, avian
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Common (Gold Continent), Uncommon (other continents)
Diet: nuts, pretzels, berries (Vegetarian)
Role: spying, homemakers, morale boosters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Plant
Weak Vs: Rock, Electric, Psychic, Dragon
Attacks: Gust, Dissolve, Tackle, Cheer, Speed Storm
Enhancements: Flight, Cooking Knowledge, Enhanced Speed x7
Weaknesses: Inept at Magic, Low Intelligence
Evolves: Cutey Charlie Angel (normal)
Evolves From: None
Charlie Angels were originally made by Sukube, so he could have decent cooks, as well as his own army of magic wielding harpies. Besides their one attack of Dissolve, Charlie Angels have the ability to learn any magic attack through artifical means. However, they cannot learn magic on their own. They seem to have problems with tutoring as well, and only learn magic from another magic pokegirl at half the speed of other magic pokegirls. For this reason combined with their almost Bimbo level intelligence, Charlie Angels were considered a failure during the War, and only the first and second production lines were produced. Luckily for that breed, their flight ability and tendency to run when feral lead to an ever increasing number that lead to the Commonality of the Breed today.
Despite this Breed’s drawbacks, they excel at cooking, and it is the one area of knowledge that the Charlie Angel is known for. In fact, before the discovery of the Iron Chef pokegirl, Charlie Angels were recognized at THE penultimate chef pokegirl. As such, it’s not recommended to allow Charlie Angels around an Iron Chef, as the two have a rivalry instigated by the Charlie Angel –who often tries to ruin the Iron Chef’s cooking. They also have the ability to learn any magical TM or T2 without any of the problems that they have as tutors. This means, that while expensive, Charlie Angels can become magic wielding powerhouses in their own right.
While Charlie Angel’s have the name Angel, they have more in common with Harpies than the celestial pokegirl. On average, a Charlie Angel stands a 4 ft, and typically has hair either blond, red, brown, or black in color, sometimes with opposing colors layering into the hair. Their wings are separate from their arms, one easy way to tell them apart from the Harpy breed, usually colored White or varying shades of gray or brown. They are rather busty for their height, filling out at a generous C to D cup, and have the four toed talons and duel jointed hips and knees of most bird types. Feralborn Charlie Angels tend to have body feathering on their backs and below their waist, with the exception of their pussy, which is hairless. Domestic Charlie Angels have feathers only on their wings, but also tend to have hair on their pussies. As a breed, Charlie Angels also tend to be better looking in general than Harpies, but less effective fighters than their more vicious cousins.
It should be noted that Charlie Angels get along wonderfully with Cheetits. This appears to be due to feline DNA encoded into the Charlie Angel, that, like an Armsmistress gives the two pokegirls a rapport with the Cheetit breed. Unlike an Armsmistress, however, a Charlie Angel’s encoded DNA allows her to reach incredible aerial speeds the highest recorded at 200 Mph (320Kph). These are short bursts, however, as the Charlie Angel tires quickly as well as loosing a lot of her maneuverability when reaching these high airborne speeds. Their average speed is still an impressive 100 Mph (160Kph). With such a love for speed, it’s easy to see why a Charlie Angel is nearly worshipful of a Cheetit. Any Tamer with both a Charlie Angel and a Cheetit in their Harem is sure to find their Cheetit gets ‘smothered’ with attention from the Charlie Angel.
In battle a Charlie Angel isn’t very effective, relying on her high speed to the point that if she is slowed down, even her tackles and gusts are less effective. But in lower level battles, they manage to hold their own. Feral Charlie Angels tend to flee from battles, and will only fight if forced. Thresholding into a Charlie Angel isn’t common, but tends to happen to more ‘air-headed’ girls with strong flying type ancestry.
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CHARMELONS, the Hot ‘N’ Heavy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Plants, small animals, pokechow
Role: igniting things, combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Thrower, Ember, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands
Enhancements: Endurance, Heat Resistance
Evolves: Whorizard (normal)
Evolves From: Charamanda (normal)
Charmelons are Charamandas who have been Tamed enough and have won enough battles. As with most Pokégirl evolutions, perhaps the most immediately notable effect is a more pronounced bust. A CharMelons still bears strong resemblance to her previous form however, retaining the scales and tail. She can still make the flame on her tail appear or vanish at will, but the flame is now larger, burning brighter than before. A curious development is that all CharMelons have reddish-blonde hair that stands up and waves agitatedly. The effect is that it looks as though they have flames atop their head. The appearance is just an illusion though, their hair is still just hair.
A CharMelons can use her attacks to a greater degree, releasing larger gouts of flame with her attacks. She also gains some sex attacks with this form. Warm Embrace lets her hug the opponent to her body, mimicking the feeling of afterglow to lower her foe’s mental defenses. Burning Hands can be used as either a sex attack or a normal attack. Using this technique, a CharMelons can make her hands pleasant warm and then begin stroking her opponent’s sensitive areas, or she can make then burning hot, and close to grapple her foe with them painfully. With their increased fire abilities comes an additional resistance to damage from fire. CharMelons have been known to enter burning buildings to save their Tamer or other members of their harem, taking no damage from the flames around them.
Unlike most Fire-types, a CharMelons is still well behaved. She may grouse if unhappy, but she doesn’t tend to act out unless her Tamer is mistreating her in some way. Another oddity is that she isn’t as lustful as most Fire-types are, being content with only being Tamed once or twice a day, although if more Taming is offered she certainly won’t turn it down. Tamers having sex with their CharMelons need to be careful, since when aroused her already-hot pussy grows even warmer, and her juices are heated as well.
Unless proper precautions are taken, such as heat-resistant cream applied, nasty burns can be the result. Like their previous form, CharMelons enjoys stroking and cuddling before, during, and after Taming.
Feral CharMelons are dangerous, being quite unrestrained in their use of their attacks. They tend to be quickly subdued by concerned individuals who don’t want their loved ones and property set aflame. Threshold girls rarely skip straight to this form, but it isn’t unknown.
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CHARRED (insert name here), the Ashen (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: As Base Type
Element: As Base Type plus Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: as base type
Role: as base type, fascinated with fire
Libido: as base type
Strong Vs: as base type plus Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: as base type plus Bug, Fighting
Attacks: as base type plus Flame Sword Mark II, Ignite, Blur, Strength Drain, Shadow Strike
Enhancements: as base type plus Shadowless, Infravision
Evolves: As Base Type
Evolves From: Base type
A Charred Pokégirl is a Fire-type who has experienced the true power of fire. The Pokégirl has been in a fire that is so powerful that even she was scorched, and her shadow was burned into an impression on a nearby surface. Only a base type Pokégirl who is a Fire-type Pokégirl can become Charred, because only they can withstand the intense heat and flames that would kill most other beings.
Charred Pokégirls look just like they did before they were caught in an inferno, with one difference: they are now a scorched black. Whether their natural body state is fur, skin, chitin, etc, it is now black from the flames that made them into a Charred Pokégirl. No amount of scrubbing or washing can restore the Pokégirl’s natural color.
A Charred Pokégirl acts mostly the same as she did before. However, she has a newfound respect for fire in all its forms. She tends to stare at open flames raptly, remembering their power from when they burned her. Fire, in all its forms, becomes a very serious thing for her, not to be taken lightly. Some have compared a Charred Pokégirl’s feelings for fire to the way other people feel about religion. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that a Charred Pokégirl no longer has a shadow. The fires that made her a Charred Pokégirl were so hot that her shadow was burned onto a surface. For some reason, after this, she never again casts a shadow, which Researchers claim gives her partial access to Dark-based powers, albeit through heat. Needless to say, the effect is very disconcerting for most people. A Charred Pokégirl is now so accustomed to heat that she can sense it in other beings and things. She has the ability to shift her vision to the infra-red spectrum at will, an ability called infravision, though doing this makes her eyes glow red.
Because they were a Fire-type to start with, being scorched so badly and surviving has unlocked new powers for the Charred Pokégirl. She is able to set herself on fire again at a go, gaining the Ignite power. So hot are her natural flames that she can even wreathe any weapon she wields in flames, giving her the Flame Sword Mark II attack. She also gains a few other powers of a more esoteric nature. She can use her natural heat to create a modified heat shimmer around her, making her appearance waver and blurry, resulting in a modified form of the Blur technique. Similarly, she can lay her hand on an opponent, and take body heat from them, making them colder, and thus weaker, while using the stolen heat to increase her strength, in her own version of the Strength Drain attack. Her most fearsome power somehow relates to her having her shadow burned off, allowing her to strike at the shadow of a foe, and damage the foe as though she had struck them directly.
A Charred Pokégirl remains Charred even if she evolves. The only way for her to lose her Charred status (regaining her shadow in the process) is for her to evolve to a form that does not have the Fire element. Should this happen, the Pokégirl loses her Charred state, even if she again evolves into a Fire-type Pokégirl.
Feral Charred Pokégirls become very aggressive, and run around setting things aflame, making them very dangerous. Threshold girls don’t become Charred Pokégirls normally, unless they’re in the requisite inferno as they change into a Fire-type Pokégirl..
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CHEETAH, the Quick Kitten Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, felinoid (cheetah)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent, Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues), Rare (All Other Leagues) [Classified] Uncommon around the territory of Sexmet’s Lair. [Classified]
Diet: Omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: full of surprises
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tackle, Tail Slap, Rocket Dodge and Tackle, Rocket Lunge and Tackle, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Smell (x2), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Nightvision, Semi-Prehensile Tail
Evolves: Cheetit (normal)
Evolves From: None
Like the Pia and Vulvixx, the Cheetah was recently discovered thanks to breeding Pokéwomen, in this case, Cheetits. While it’s always been known that it took a Cat E-Medal to evolve a Catgirl into a Cheetit, it would turn out that the Fast Cat Pokégirl is possibly her own breed of Pokégirl and not just another branch of the Kitten breeds. Originally, these Pokékit children were thought to be Domestic Cheetit kits, it would turn out after research conducted by a number of Pokégirl Breeders that the Cheetahs are a genuine breed of young Pokégirl.
Like all Pokékits, Cheetahs tend to be very playful. They are noted for their good reflexes, but the control over their speed tends to be lacking as they crash into many things while they learn to use their speed and ability. Cheetahs can only safely move at 40 mph, (64.4 kmh) easily, any faster is not only difficult to control, but also tends to drain them. The fastest Cheetah ever recorded managed to hit 270 mph, (434.4 kmp) but she fainted shortly afterwards and did not recover for several days. Understandably, many Cheetahs look forward to evolving and becoming that much faster, the ‘speed is life philosophy ingrained in their psyche.
In appearance, Cheetahs are much like underdeveloped Cheetits. Unlike the 7’ tall, generously D-Cupped adults they can become, Cheetahs are more human in size, never taller than 4’ when children and then only growing up to around 5’5” when teenagers, yet still not not Pokégirls. They also tend to be embarrassed about their bustline since they’re only a minimal A-Cup. Understandably, their physical presentation is comparable to a Titmouse or fellow feline Pokégirl, Shaguar.
Although they’re not entirely suited for battle, Cheetahs aren’t slouches either. Despite not having the claws or the full speed of the Cheetit, they are very capable of protecting themselves should another Pokégirl try to pick a fight with them. They are naturally small, agile, and quick, and the Cheetahs know to use these skills to their advantage. Should they actually come into contact with an aggressive Pokégirl that’s either too powerful for them, or a Fighting-type, the Pokékit will choose the better part of valor, and run away from danger. They accredit this to the tactic of it being better to simply run away and live to fight another day.
Understandably, most Cheetah are too young to be Tamed. However, once they hit true puberty they automatically evolve, changing into Cheetit after they come to Taming age. They grow to the full height and develop the curvy nature expected of their breed. As young kits, they are simply not interested in Taming whatsoever. It is noted that once they get closer to the age where they become Pokégirls that Cheetahs start to notice things about the world around them, including sex.
Due to this being a Pokékit-only evolution, it’s more than likely that this won’t be an outcome of Threshold easily, especially since it wasn’t until recently that Cheetits themselves started to appear via Threshold. It should also be noted that Cheetahs have not been known to come from Feral upbringing. When a Feral Cheetit gives birth, it’s normally true parthenogenesis and even the few cases where the Feral was a Pokéwoman, it’s once again Cheetits or human children that end up dying in the wilds.
[Classified] While not the most exciting or important information, it should be noted that the Legendary Pokégirls Bastit and Sexmet absolutely adore Cheetah Pokékits. A few of them have been noted to live in Sexmet’s Lair, the daughters of Sexmet’s Cheetit guards. They’re normally the playmates to the Sphinx kits and are trained as part of the Lair’s security as they get older. [Classified]
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CHEETAURA, the Hyperactive Catgirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tauric Cheetah) Metamorph (Near Human)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues), Very Rare (Crescent League), Extremely Rare (All Other Leagues) [Classified] Uncommon in the Dark Continent North of the Sanctuary Colonies and its Frontier territory including Sexmet's Lair. [Classified]
Diet: strict carnivore
Role: mobile scouts, Pokégirl transports, racers
Libido: Average (fast!)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Double Kick, Speed Punch, Tail Slap, Rocket Lunge and Tackle, Rocket Dodge and Tackle, Iron Tail
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x18), High Metabolism, Speed-based Psionic Enhancements, High Erotic Sensitivity
Evolves: Shadetaura (contact with Macavity’s Aura of Darkness)
Evolves From: Cheetit (normal)
Appearing shortly after the release of Cheetits into the world, the Cheetaura is the logical extension of the Cheetit’s, “speed is life” philosophy; often acting as an alternate steed for the Generals that lead units of other Pokégirls. Upon evolving, the Cheetit trades in a great deal of her combat prowess for an alternate form, becoming less effective against a number of elements. However, the Cheetaura also lose a number of weaknesses her previous form had, making for little in the way of elements that is outright ‘superior’ to her. Overall, it is considered a solid trade-off.
The Cheetaura is a morphic Pokégirl, having a limited shape-changing capabilities that transform her from her Near-Human appearance with minimal animorphic qualities into that of a Nonhumanoid with a four-legged ‘racing’ configuration. The additional legs and lower, streamlined form result in a considerable increase in speed and stamina. The Cheetaura are among the fastest of all land-based Pokégirls with the current recorded speed record being 400 miles per hour. However, they can only reach their top speed in short sprints, up to 30 minutes under ideal conditions. Otherwise, they can only maintain a ‘cruising’ speed of 240 mph. [Classified] Sadly, this allows Dameosaurs to catch up with them easier than they could the Cheetits. [Classified]
In their Near Human form, Cheetaura are nearly identical to their pre-evolved cousins, with only a slight bust increase to distinguish them visually. While not as noticeable, their tails also lengthen, sometimes by as much as six inches. This improves their balance while running, but can interfere with movement in a tighter environment, such as in a room or in dangerous battlefield. Surprisingly, they LOSE height when compared to Cheetits, leaving them at just under six feet in height. Still it is advised that one should scan with a PokéDex to make certain before making any judgments if the Pokégirl before them is a Cheetit or not.
An important note is that a Cheetaura’s speed transfers over into their Taming habits. Even when not particularly horny, their insides perpetually vibrate slightly. This makes all of their erogenous zones unusually sensitive, and Cheetauras are usually extremely easy to please; some Tamers can find even stroking the Cheetaura’s flanks when in their tauric form can get them off. It goes without saying that Cheetauras like it fast, usually preferring to be on top because their Tamers are physically incapable of thrusting quickly enough. They can slow down, (a little) for their Tamers if requested, usually as a result of friction burns. It is suggested to keep Burn Heal on hand.
Surprisingly, even though they are the evolved form, Cheetaura aren’t as good as combatants as Cheetits are; not that they are inept, but reflex and strength are diminished, as well as a number of techniques lost. Often they are in a Tamer’s Harem when she had originally been in it as a Cheetit and the Tamer hasn’t gotten rid of her. Unfortunately, they aren’t good Sex Battlers either. While they retain a Cheetit’s fierce heterosexuality, they are easily turned on from simple touching, allowing a woman to get them off as easily as a man could. Still, they do have their usefulness, as they make an EXCELLENT Pokégirl for Watchers. They can fill the role of being a ride for their owners and should the need for a hasty getaway from an irate Feral Pokégirl be required the Cheetaura can fill that role in a pinch. In the Crescent Moon League, Cheetaura have been used like race-horses of old, and find themselves in a profession that provides a gambling outlet as well as entertainment for the masses.
To this day, there has never been a recorded case of a girl going through Threshold becoming a Cheetaura. It is only in the recent generation that the outcome of Thresholding into a Cheetit has come to fruition, and it is thought by many Researchers that it will be an even longer stretch of time before a girl to will become a Cheetaura through Threshold. A number of experts at this point don’t ever expect to see such and event either.
[Classified] While she doesn’t employ as many Cheetaura for her home’s security as she does Cheetit, Sexmet does keep a number on hand for other purposes, since they are great as a scouting force. When Cheetits in her care do end up evolving, she gives them the choice of either staying on at her home or finding them some good Tamers. Sexmet also doesn’t like how recently, it’s been a trend for Team groups to employ the use of Cheetauras; their speed being used to bring down targets, as well as making for quick retreats from police officers. She is doing everything within her power to make sure this doesn’t become a norm any time soon, even if it means gutting one Team member at a time... [Classified]
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CHEETIT, the Fast Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human - Animorph (Cheetah)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues), Rare (Crescent League), Very Rare (All Other Leagues) [Classified] Common in the Dark Continent North of the Sanctuary Colonies and its Frontier territory including Sexmet's Lair. [Classified]
Diet: human standard, though heavy on meats, fish and proteins
Role: ultra-fast strike troops and range-hunters
Libido: Average (Unbonded) to High (Bonded to a Tamer)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Slash, Tail Slap, Double Kick, Rocket Dodge and Tackle, Rocket Lunge and Tackle, Speed Punch, Tornado Run, Hyper Kick (Lv. 35), Iron Tail (Lv. 60)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Smell (x4), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Nightvision, Semi-Prehensile Tail, Functional Claws, Ability to shift the length of her hair at will and can heal at twice the rate of Rock Pokégirl's so long as they aren't damaged with Fire or Magic-type attacks. Very strong leg muscles to support her speed runs, the Cheetit is said to be the fastest runner on the planet, but her endurance pales against a Grizzlar [Classified] or a Dameosaur [Classified].
Evolves: Cheetaura (normal), Leopardess (loss of speed and unconditional love from a Tamer)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Cat E-Medal), Cheetah (Normal)
The Cheetit is one of the original Sukebe-created Pokégirl breeds and has existed since the very beginning of the War of Revenge. Cheetits were a specialized version of Catgirl breed, obviously meant for quick in-and-out strikes against lone targets, and often acted as support for Lioness Prides out in open areas. After Sukebe vanished and the war ended, Feral Cheetits found their way to the Dark Continent and Crescent League territories, their numbers expanding to cover the ancient home range of their genetic templates, the cheetahs. Their species had remained the only viable reason for a Tamer to visit the fringes of the forsaken Dark Continent until around the early 200's when the majority of numbers have migrated from beyond the Dark Continent territory to the neighboring Crescent Moon League.
Cheetits are prized for their outstanding speed and fighting prowess. This has made it that Cheetits are often the target of visiting Tamers from afar who travel to the Crescent Moon or Crimson Leagues to get their hands on one. Cheetits are the fastest ground- runners of all Pokégirl breeds. On a level road, they've been clocked up to 350 mph, (563 km/h). Sadly, they can't maintain such speeds for long; like the cheetahs of old, the Cheetit can only use her speed for short periods, (in the prime of health, a Cheetit could maintain her top speed for thirty minutes before fatigue sets in).
[Classified] In comparison, Dameosaurs can reach 250 mph, (402 km/h) in a dead sprint, but they could maintain it for two hours on average. [Classified]
When it comes to Pokébattle, a Cheetit puts her speed to great use, highlighting the fact it is the basis for the majority of her attacks. If the area allows, a Cheetit first chooses to run rings around their opponent, sending them into a state of confusion before choosing to attack. However, if there isn't considerable room, the Cheetit will often open with Tornado run. It keeps them closer to the opponent where they could be injured, but as this is an actual attack it will damage the opponent Pokégirl. The Cheetit has numerous attacks all with a certain flair to mix things up, and as they grow in levels, can learn a couple of devastating Attacks: Hyper Kick and Iron Tail.
When it comes to their place in a Harem, it should be noted that while most Cheetits think, "speed is life", they can slow themselves down for their Tamer or their Harem-sisters. Cheetits tend to want the Alpha position, but even they will admit it may not be a good idea; they just want the chance to be out of their Pokéball more often and stretch their legs, run around. They will be subservient to their Tamer and even the Alpha Pokégirl, whom is the only one that a Cheetit will have sex with out of respect for the Pokégirl’s position in the harem, otherwise lesbian sex makes them cringe, (making them a breed that annoys Psi-Dykes).
While Cheetits get along with a number of Pokégirls, there are a few they coexist with outstandingly, since the Cheetit is a caring species overall, even if they aren't into sex with other Pokégirls. They're are fast-friends with Charlie Angel Breeds for the most part, and nearly all feline Pokégirls, especially the Lioness.
[Classified] It should also be noted that a pattern has been revealed among all Tamers that have a Terminatrix. Those that are chosen to serve with the Terminatrix have a Cheetit in their Harem from before the Demon Dragon joined. Even more surprising is that the two species get along very well. [Classified]
Keeping a Cheetit in the same Harem as either a Ninjanezumi or a Lupina Pokégirl is highly discouraged. Ninjanezumi as a whole are simply terrified by the species and get nothing done with the exception of curling up into a fetal position and whimpering. Young Lupinas often develop a rivalry with Cheetits. While not as bad as the fabled rivalry between the Neo Iczel and Demon-Goddess, it can be quite annoying for the Tamer and the rest of the Harem. Lupinas that have gone through their second puberty and changed into Pokéwomen, however, are able to override base instinct and work cohesively with a Cheetit that is in the same Harem as them.
Cheetits are very, VERY passionate lovers, especially when their fur is petted while being Tamed. Although Cheetits are very dominant and aggressive when the Taming initially starts, as soon as things become hot and heavy, they become more submissive to their Tamer. With a Tamer they genuinely care for, a Cheetit will do anything he wants, even acts that might appall a JigglySlut! However, they have extreme difficulty deriving any pleasure from being Tamed by another female. It takes time, trust and genuine care before a Cheetit can relax with another Pokégirl during Taming, and longer still before the feline Pokégirl can derive any actual pleasure from the act.
For over two-hundred years, there had never been a recorded case of a girl going through Threshold to become a Cheetit. It is in the past forty years that a very few cases have popped up. For awhile it was thought that the overall feline power afforded to Cheetits via the Cat E-Medal was what was needed to make them. With the percentage of feline Pokégirl blood rising in family histories with each generation, it may not be long before Cheetit becomes a more likely outcome of a girl's Threshold.
It is said in the Crescent League that if you make a Cheetit purr during Taming, you will have very good luck in the near future.
The Cheetits had maintained their Feral Coalitions all throughout the Dark Continent from the end of the War right up until Sanctuary's founding in PS 196/CE 2188. At first, Feral Cheetits were captured and forcefully Tamed by the Sanctuary Goths to fill the role of Frontier-range Guardians. However, since Cheetits were heterosexual breed, it was easy enough for an adventuring Tamer to Pokéball a Cheetit and then Bond her to himself through Taming, thus potentially opening a hole in Sanctuary's defenses. Sanctuary eventually fixed their problem with the creation of the Dameosaurs in 214 AS/2206 CE. To ensure their Frontier was kept safe, Dameosaurs were ordered to hunt down and kill all Cheetits, driving them to the Northern-reaches of the Dark Continent while the Cheetits that were already within Sanctuary's borders continued to live an enslaved existence, making- up the backbone of Sanctuary's forced labor that was only matched by the number of Dolls; a ratio of workforce that still exists today within the walls of Sanctuary.
The Cheetits would have been hunted to extinction if it weren't for Sexmet getting involved. The Legendary Dark Lioness already had a dislike of Sanctuary when the Goths had initially started out by capturing and enslaving the Cheetit breed for their own personal gain. Her annoyance escalated into anger with the audacity the Sanctuary Goths had to issue an invitation for Sexmet to join them in a subservient role, to turn her land into a Satellite colony and allow them access to the Sphinx. But once Sanctuary turned on the Cheetits and began to slaughter the species en masse for simply being genetically coded to prefer men over women, Sexmet was fully enraged! She felt nothing but outright hatred for Sanctuary after that, and for good reason.
Sexmet and Bastit made a trek into the depths of Dark Continent where they liberated as many Cheetits as they could, either through breaking up work camps or saving them as they were attacked by Dameosaurs. Thanks to Sexmet's actions Sanctuary lost not only two of their satellite colonies, (which the Goths have erased the existence of in their official records) but the lives of numerous Dameosaurs and Sanctuary Goths that had been killed by the angered Legendary Pokégirl. Sanctuary would eventually order the Dameosaurs to desist from their current actions and leave the Cheetits alone in an effort to avoid further conflict with Sexmet. However, the damage was already done. Sexmet REFUSES any alliance with Sanctuary to this day and does whatever she can to hinder any progress the Goths try make to further their goals.
The Cheetits that were saved were offered choice by Sexmet. She knew they'd suffered enough and offered them either the chance for a peaceful existence and training at her home as to help care for the Sphinx or the choice to be teleported to another League where they could continue to live in the wilds or at least have the chance of finding a good Tamer. Many Cheetits chose to be sent to another League, (although a number ended up in the Crescent League since they didn't specify Crescent MOON) but those that stayed have become an incredible fighting force and the primary guards of Sexmet's Lair, which has become their home.
It is EXTRAORDINARILY IMPORTANT that NONE of this enclosed information be released to the public. Cheetits are victims of Sanctuary and information being released could lead to Sanctuary harming the breed further. None of this information about the Cheetits must leave the inner circle, and all public Pokédexes must maintain only the publicly available information. If we don't, Sexmet is going to have our asses on a silver platter!
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CHERRY, the Tropical Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Uncommon (Tropic League), Very Rare (elsewhere)
Diet: fruits
Role: flighty virgins, tropical guardian
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Rock, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Dark
Attacks: Heal, Teleport, Insulate, Regenerate, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Fruit Juice, all others vary
Enhancements: Healing milk, Longevity, no feral state until evolved
Evolves: Thorne (orgasm), Thorne Slut (normal), Cherry Blossom (Sun Stone), Megami (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: None (Unknown)
Cherry were one of the last Pokégirls created by Sukebe and because of this he had no time to finish modifying Cherries. Unlike what was previously documented, Cherries have been found to be capable of being Tamed without evolving immediately. The confusion stemmed from the fact that the first Cherry to be captured and tamed was tamed thoroughly by her tamer. Subsequent studies with other Cherries and other Tamers have shown that only a very thorough taming will cause a Cherry to evolve into a Thorne. However, due to the rarity of the Cherry Pokégirl and the information provided in previous Pokédex information, the Cherry remains a very unusual sight within a harem.
A Cherry often has hair that is the same color of just about any flower- most commonly blue, red, orange, or yellow, although other colors like purple have been documented. Their breasts lactate something similar to milk but it is sweeter and can heal. Pokégirls who drink milk from a Cherry's breasts do not lactate themselves.
From the back of the head grows a single vine that can be used to attack or grapple, and Cherries have been seen using this vine to travel through forests quickly, out of the reach of most grounded Pokégirls. The vine is normally the same length as the Pokégirl is tall, though it can be retracted or extended at will.
They are considered similar to Megami in a lot of ways the only real difference is that instead of makings they have flowers in their hair. A popular rumor among Tamers is that the longer a Cherry remains free the more powerful they become over time, so uncaptured Cherries are always a prize to be sought. There is no known truth to this, however, although the few tamers that have a Cherry in their harem seem to swear by it. When asked about how long the Cherry was feral, however, no Tamer could provide a time.
Cherries are affectionate when with someone she trusts. Other than this, an uncaptured Cherry usually shies away from any contact with Pokégirls or tamers, in order to remain a Cherry. They are also not prone to battling, making a bad choice as a fighter in either standard or sex battles. Cherries are much better at menial tasks, such as caring for gardens, babysitting, cooking, or taking care of others. It has been speculated by researchers that if a Cherry could find work at a hospital, and -not- evolve, then it would do well thanks to her healing milk and abilities. Strangely, unlike most other Celestial Pokégirls, Cherries do not mind giving straight answers to most questions.
In battles, although weak to several common types of Pokégirls, Cherries are still difficult to defeat. This is due to their unique strategy- survive. Cherries have several healing attacks, including Regenerate, Heal, and Leech Seed, which allow for different ways to recover her health and others in the harem at the same time. This management of regaining her strength almost makes up for her weaknesses, despite only having one or two attacks (commonly) that actually inflict damage upon her opponents. Cherries are not well versed in tactics either, which means that they play a supportive role more than anything. As such, and since they have no desire to become competitive, a Cherry never aspires to become a Tamer's Alpha.
Cherry Blossom is an evolved form of Cherry. How it evolves into a Cherry Blossom has not been recorded or observed until the recent revelation of the Sun Stone, but all tamers, watchers, and researchers warn everyone to avoid Cherry Blossom Pokégirls at all costs, for unspecified reasons. Cherries may also evolve into Megami, although the reason for this evolution and cause of it are both unknown. Only one Cherry has been known to evolve into a Megami, and her current tamer refuses to let the Megami to be studied. Thorne Sluts are the most common evolution of a non-feral Cherry, since it evolves into one normally. Cherries also evolve into Thornes, although this requires a very thorough taming. Strangely, Cherry have been known to form Delta-bonds with their Tamer during the act of her first Taming, which is quite unusual but is often considered a side-effect as a result of the Cherry's magical nature.
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CHERRY BLOSSOM, the Unbalanced "Beautiful" Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Dreams (& bathing?)
Role: Unknown
Libido: High (masturbatory)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Poison
Attacks: Fire, Water, Blizzard, Thunder, Double Slap, Nightmare Syndrome, Teleport
Enhancements: Unnatural beauty, Extreme narcissism
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Cherry (Sun Stone)
Cherry Blossoms are very beautiful. They stand just under 6' tall, with long gorgeous hair that always sparkles as if it's just been permed and is drying is sunlight. Her eyes are blue and her hair is normally silver, but turns blue when she enters water.
Cherry Blossoms are VERY VERY beautiful. The kind of beauty that pulls anyone even remotely interested in the female figure to her, and she frequently caught bathing in a stream or lake.
Cherry Blossoms are solitary. Psychic Pokégirls have found that it's mostly because they want to be, not because they have to be. They are highly narcissistic and masturbate frequently.
However, if anyone attempts to come near enough to her to tame her, she will sense them and either attack or flee. Those who've claimed to see them often have large welts on their faces. Even most Pokégirls who attempt to get close to her will often come away worse for wear, despite being 10 levels higher.
There is, however, a problem with the Cherry Blossoms. A very small percent grow increasingly more violent until they begin killing those drawn to them. Some theorists speculate that when the Cherry Blossom only becomes violent when she is interrupted before or during masturbation sessions. When she draws blood from anyone else (cutting her does not create this change), her hair will begin changing to pink.
This change is faint at first, and only temporary... to begin with. However, the more blood she draws, the more red her hair becomes, until finally, if she murders someone, her hair will remain red, regardless of where she goes or what she does.
Any tamer who encounters a red-haired Cherry Blossom is instructed to flee from the scene. There is a bounty of 10,000 credits on any Cherry Blossom with deep red hair. To date, no Cherry Blossom has ever been found in a tamer's harem.
On a side note, one researcher found an ancient legend in Edo about cherry blossom trees that claimed that a body was buried beneath the very first tree, and subsequently turned the once pure white petals red.(*) The researcher has openly commented that it is possible that the Cherry Blossom Pokégirl might be somehow related to this legend, but does not know how.
(*) - Like many myths and legends, this story has many iterations. Some myths say that cherry blossom trees remain pure white only if they aren't a soldier's grave. Others say that the blossoms turn red if a person murdered in cold blood is buried beneath it. Still others claim exactly what this did: that it was the very first tree that was involved in the legend.
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CHERUB, the Goodwill Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Frequency: Rare
Element: Psychic (Celestial)
Diet: Human-style food
Role: Pets, psychic screeners
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Infernal, Dark, Bug
Attacks: Agility, Aura Of Cute, Psi-Blade*, Psi-Blade Mk. II*, Psychic, Mental Feel-Up, Psychic Illusion, Barrier, Telekinesis
Enhancements: Youthfulness, Pristine Innocence, Enhanced Eyesight (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Intentions Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
In light of the recent rise in skepticism toward Celestial Pokégirls, the Cherubim stand out quite a bit in that their popularity continues to grow. Initially an Extremely Rare breed developed to ensure loyalty amongst Sukebe's top commanders, they were discovered later than many breeds and were initially unpopular, but the breed's fanbase has been steadily growing since then, a fact which accounts for the gradual shift in their rarity to Rare status as of 300 AS. One of the only Celestial breeds without a magic typing or any innate magical skills, the Cherub is definitely an oddity, but an adorable, amiable one.
Physically, Cherubim resemble Cardcaptors or Chibi-template Pokégirls; that is to say, they almost never look older than teenagers, and often younger, and no documented cases have had breasts over a modest B-cup. This combined with the pristine innocence enhancement that is seen in blessed template Pokégirls leads to the breed being almost unanimously adorable in the extreme, and although not appealing to everyone, many of those in their fanbase find it a refreshing change from the parade of big-chested, perfectly beautiful 'girls who are so predominant. But, aside from these traits, the only other which all Cherubim have is wings; all others will tend to vary, and there is no noted tendency toward unusual hair and eye colors nor toward more 'natural' ones. Not even the wings, though, are set in stone; although they cannot be dismissed like those of Angels or Valkyries, the exact length, size, shape, and color of them are metamorphic traits that can adjusted by the Cherub within reason, allowing a range from adorably tiny (and easy to hide) white chibi wings or dark, fluffy, inclosive wings almost as big as the owner. The sight of a smiling Cherub wrapped adorably in such huge wings and using her psychic nature to float is not at all uncommon.
But, it is not their appearance which has gained them such favor, it is their demeanor and mindset, even if the two match. The breed is typically amiable and adorable--a bit childlike, at times--if rather lusty. They seem to have an optimistic worldview and, because of the strange variant of their psychic powers, they almost always judge on intention rather than on result. Some recent Philosophers have suggested that Sukebe had studied Immanuel Kant when creating the breed, in fact, but whether or not he was, he seems to have seen this as a good way of keeping an eye on his generals. Thus, they can come off as a bit naive in who they like, and perhaps seem gullible; when judging based on the good or bad intentions perceived through their psychic powers, many ignore external factors. Of course, there are more practical Cherubim who have decided--or been trained--to use that perception as only part of their view of a person, but due to the popularity of the default nature with their proponents, this does not happen often. It is also important to note that they tend to be extremely uncomfortable with Dark-types and those with the Blank Mind bloodgift, since the intentions of these individuals are hidden.
In any event, Cherubim aren't, as one might guess, overly skilled battlers, but they do seem to possess innate skill in archery that is only enhanced by telekinetic direction and boosting, with some carrying physical longbows--telekinetics allow for heavier draws than their frame and strength would suggest--and others preferring to manifest psychic arrows much as other breeds would create blades. This affinity for a primarily ranged weapon, combined with a fairly average constitution and the psychic nature of the breed, makes them best for support, though they can manage a decent defensive battle if needed; Their ability to read intentions, with some work, can be used to predict and avoid--or telekinetically deflect--many attacks. Of course, this only works with enough distance to avoid being overpowered or outsped. It is also of note that significant effort can bring the ability to read intentions up to full-fledged mind reading, but doing so can be detrimental to the combat utility, as there are more thoughts to process before a prediction can be made.
Sexually, Cherubim are an interesting breed; as stated, they're quite lusty in most cases, and quite easy to please... as long as their tamer wants to please them. Due to their ability to read intentions, they react quite strongly to even unskilled touches that are aimed at pleasing them, but will often have extreme difficulty becoming aroused or releasing under even the most skilled affection of a tamer who seeks only his own gratification. This has made the breed much more prominent in Pro-Rights leagues, as tamers in others often become frustrated and insulted by this, quickly disposing of the offending Cherub. But, aside from that, almost anything will be erotic to a Cherub as long as her tamer intends it to pleasure her, and so even strange or painful fetishes are usually taken in stride.
With all of that said, Cherubim are quite popular in a variety of fields for their abilities. Police have been known to use them in the interrogation of suspects, many companies employ them in the screening of prospective employees, and even leagues will make use of the breed occasionally in the psych examination process. Because of this usefulness and the fact that their population has been mostly domestic from the start and only increased by ranches, they are definitely not often found as ferals. In those rare cases that they are, though, Cherubim will shy from those seeking to capture them in most cases, but be drawn toward those whose intent is more focused on taming them than the actual capture. But, despite their popularity, they aren't that common of a threshold, presumably because the breed is a stand-alone in terms of evolution. Some have tried to draw links to the Psilady line, but as of 300 AS, the Cherub is isolated and so ranches continue to supply the growing demand.
*(As noted in paragraph four, rarely are these techniques used to manifest actual blades, but rather bows and arrows in the same fashion.)
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CHESHIRE, the Mischievous Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (feline)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: spy/courier used in various League agencies
Libido: Average/High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fade, Teleport, Scratch, Kitty Litter, Fury Swipes, Lick, Disable, Confusion, Double Team, Dream Time
Enhancements: Psychic talents (Chameleon, Teleport, Aura Sight), Enhanced Speed(x2), Enhanced Hearing(x3), Night vision, Flexibility
Evolves: Shadowcat (Dark Stone)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Psi Crystal), Kunoichi (Cat E-Medal)
Cheshires are mischievous feline Pokégirls who like to be mysterious and play pranks, and thanks to their Fade and Double Team abilities, this is rather easy to accomplish. Despite their pranks or perhaps because of their powers, it is infuriatingly difficult to pin anything on a Cheshire. In fact, some people refer to Cheshires as the "Spic'N'Span" Pokégirl as their public reputation is always clean; though a more popular and apt nickname is the "Teflon" Pokégirl, as she may stick to something, but mysteriously, nothing can stick to her.
If she evolves from a Catgirl, she is usually more prone to pranks, while a Cheshire evolved from a Kunoichi is more likely to act mysterious.
Cheshires have catlike ears on their heads and very long prehensile tails, usually 15" to 18", though some tamers swear that their Cheshire's tail has been much longer than that. Most domesticates will grow fur in patterns that cover most of their bodies, save their breasts, groin, hands and face. This fur is usually either pin- or tiger-striped, and many tamers swear that the Cheshire can change her pattern from one to the other when they aren't looking, but these are dismissed as irrational as the claims that a Cheshire's smile can remain in midair long after she's left or been returned to her Pokéball.
Cheshires usually retain the same hair and eye color they had in their previous evolution, though sometimes, their hair color changes to purple or blonde while their eye color may turn red. Their height may change, but only slightly and these changes are generally mild, only one to two inches taller than before.
In stark contrast to their otherwise mischievous nature, Cheshires also have a charitable nature, as they've been seen helping abused or mistreated Pokégirls with Dream Time. Some have even gotten their own tamers into trouble by kidnapping or freeing said Pokégirls; though most take a more legal route and have their tamers challenge the offender for the Pokégirls.
Though their skills do allow them to evade attacks rather well, Cheshires don't do well in direct combat. Most work better as couriers, spies, decoys or as saboteurs for the enemy. Not surprisingly, this caught them a bit of flak following the Sukebe War, but like all accusations leveled at them, the blame couldn't stick for long. When a Cheshire does fight, she usually lets her opponent wear herself out and uses Disable and Confusion against opponents who cannot be easily tired.
Cheshires have an ongoing rivalry with the Kunoichi as their area of expertise is similar. Whenever a Cheshire or a Kunoichi notice the other in hiding, they will do their best to scare the crap out of the one hiding. Oddly, if they meet openly, they will remain openly civil, but will usually slip in a few snide comments about the other. If both are working towards a common goal that is not competitive, they will work together incredibly well, but once the goal is achieved, their antics will return to normal. One female tamer, Miyuki Chang, even became notoriously good at accomplishing everything she set out to do because she had both a Cheshire and a Kunoichi in her harem.
Cheshires have a unique trait: Taming cycles above Level 2 affect them as if it were only a Level 2. This can be quite frustrating for the more despicable tamers who want to "wipe the slate clean" by using a Level 5 Taming Cycle. There are some theories about why they are immune to the higher taming cycles, though the strongest theory is based on their access to the Dream Time ability.
Whether it's because of their immunity to the higher taming cycles, because most aren't actually evil or perhaps because of their Fade ability, Cheshires haven't been seen in anti-league organizations like the Limbec Pirates or Team Rocket, and though the accusations of such do exist, they just don't stick.
One surprising fact that came to light only through time was that a Cheshire's tail indicates her affections more than her words. Those she finds appealing will find her tail rubbing against them, while those she is in love with or bonded to will find her tail wrapped around their waist or draped over their shoulders.
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CHIBI (insert name here), the Lolita (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: As Base Type, plus Metamorph
Element: As Base Type, gains Magic-Type
Frequency: becomes Extremely Rare
Diet: as base type
Role: as base type, being cute
Libido: as base type
Strong Vs: as base type
Weak Vs: as base type
Attacks: as base type, plus Cheer, Sleep, Form Change. While in Chibi-form: Gains Aura of Cute, Aura of Innocence
Enhancements: as base type, plus Auto-Resize. While in Chibi-form: Gains Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Balance (x3)
Evolves: As Base Type
Evolves From: None
All Pokégirls go through three distinct stages of life: the immature Pokékit stage, when they have yet to feel any sort of sexual desires, Pokégirl, when they go through puberty and develop a powerful set of hormones, and become capable of parthenogenesis, and Pokéwoman, when their hormones ease up and they are able to have children normally. The Chibi template is perhaps one of the least understood of Sukebe's creations, as it blurs the lines between the three.
Chibi Pokégirls are metamorphs, capable of shifting between two forms – a young, pre-adolescent 'normal' body, and an older, 'adult' form whose appearance matches the Chibi Pokégirl’s true age. This younger form becomes for all intents and purposes the Chibi Pokégirl’s natural form, and it takes effort to return to the original adult form. While in their younger form, however, the Pokégirl becomes more agile and balanced, giving them a sense of ease in movement that their original bodies lacked.
Chibis also gain some minor magical abilities. The chief of which is the ability to naturally adjust whatever they happen to be holding or wearing in one form to perfectly fit them in their other form whenever they undergo a Form Change. This includes clothing, armors, and anything they happen to carry, such as Poképacks, though anything stored inside of the packs remain their normal size. The effect lasts indefinitely and is not entirely controlled by the Chibi's will – if a Chibi Pokégirl is ever in adult form and knocked unconscious, reverting her to chibi form, the effects still take place, though Chibis may adjust things manually or choose to forego the adjusting, should they choose.
All Chibi Pokégirls were originally – and for the most part, still are – the result of a pregnant Pokégirl or Pokéwoman being affected by certain magical spells or certain Powder-based attacks, such as time-manipulating Haste or Slow effects or overabundant exposure of the mother to Bloom or Buttsprout Powders (or the Anti-versions thereof). Though the exact means is not understood, there is a small chance when this occurs that this will trigger the activation of a repressed gene – naturally present in all Pokégirls - inside the unborn child, awakening the Chibi template.
The first time a Chibi Pokégirl is tamed, the effects of the gene triggers, causing the Pokégirl’s appearance to revert back to around 10 to 12 years of age. The Pokégirl retains all of her physical and mental abilities (though adjusted to her new size), and usually tend to follow the same patterns that a normal Pokégirl of her breed would in combat.
The genome mutation gives the Chibi Pokégirl a measure of control over her body's age, letting them shift back and forth between appearing like a child and their 'true' age. In order to shift back to the older, more adult form, however, it requires a passive form of concentration. Things that take up their entire mindset, such as an extremely tense fight, or heated Taming, can cause her to shift back to her younger form. Shifting into their younger form when sleeping is common as well. Markings, such as tattoos or wounds, remain as normal in either form.
Strangely, a small number of 'busty Chibis' have been recorded, whose bust only partially diminishes during the transformation to chibi form, making them their chibi forms that of an incredibly busty – yet otherwise undeveloped - child. It is unknown if there is any cause of this, as it seems to be completely random. Surprisingly enough, these variants are in high demand by the rich.
It should be noted that because most Chibi Pokégirls all but perfectly resemble Pokékits (at least in appearance) they can sometimes be mistaken for being one. Tamers of Chibi Pokégirls have, in the past, sometimes been arrested or lynched as pedophiles when, in truth, they were innocent of the accusations. Even those who are consciously aware of the template's differences can often feel uncomfortable with Chibis, making them generally unpopular save for an avid minority. Most who own Chibi Pokégirls are either wealthy, so-called ‘high-blood’ Tamers, breeders, or the occasional lucky Tamer who found one.
However, in recent ages, as the knowledge of the Chibi template becomes more commonplace, they have become slightly more acceptable, and can sometimes be seen openly, though they are still not particularly popular due to the negative attitudes they often bring upon the owner. A simple demonstration of their ability to change back and forth between forms is usually enough to prove a Chibi Pokégirl’s validity for most League officials, and it is becoming increasingly common, particularly in Pro-Pokégirl leagues, for there to be laws against discriminating against Chibi owners, though their effectiveness is still variable.
Chibi Pokégirls continue to age normally in their adult form, becoming Pokéwomen, and then becoming old. As they age, however, usually around the time they become Pokéwomen, gain greater control over their transformation abilities, slowly allowing them to take the appearance of any age between around ten, and their true age. While transformed into any given age, the Pokégirl feels as vibrant as if it were their real age, though, while that form doesn’t feel the aches and pains of old age that her adult form would, when a Chibi Pokégirl’s time is up, she still dies of natural causes, no matter what form she is in. Chibi Pokégirls with the Longevity trait work as normal, however, their 'adult' forms likewise age much slower than normal Pokégirls due to their extended lifespans.
Intentionally breeding Chibi-template Pokégirls is a fairly tricky process. They can only have one parthenogenic birth in their entire lifespan as a Pokégirl, while they return to human standard while Pokéwomen. The theory is that because of the genetic anomaly in their bodies that allows them to shift between a younger-seeming form and an older-one, their reproductive system is forcibly limited. Their bodies tend to shrink down while giving birth and their body can’t handle more than one baby at a time. As such, and surprisingly enough, breeding Chibi Pokégirls tends to be a profitable business. It isn’t all that reliable however, due to the difficulty of finding one.
Chibi Pokégirls’ ability to bear offspring is regulated by their true age. After their first puberty, they are subject to possibly undergoing parthenogenesis, whatever form their in. Though, as stated, it will only happen once. Once they undergo their second puberty, they are capable of giving birth to children, again, in either form. Shifting forms doesn’t cause complications with the pregnancy, but it is less painful for the Chibi Pokégirl to remain in her larger form during this time. Since they naturally revert to their child form during sleep, a pregnant Chibi Pokégirl tends to stay up for days at a time. Giving birth is sometimes so painful that they lose their concentration and shift back to their child form, causing even more pain for them as they struggle to bring their young into the world.
Feral Chibi Pokégirls revert to their smaller form because they no longer have the ability to concentrate on maintaining their adult form. This naturally causes them to look like an immature Feralborn Pokékit of their type. Since immature Feralborn Pokékits are usually cared for by their mother until they hit puberty, finding one alone may be a clue that it is, in fact, a Feral Chibi Pokégirl. Most people don’t realize that the young Pokégirl they’ve found though is legally Tamable, and Feral Chibi Pokégirls tend to stay Feral for a long time since no one wants to risk Taming a Pokékit. To date there are only a small number of cases recorded of a girl thresholding into a Chibi Pokégirl of any form.
It is theorized that the potential to become a Chibi exists in all Pokégirls as a part of the basic code. No one is sure why – some say Sukebe was drunk at the time, and decided to seal the template thereafter, or that, suiting to his name, his perversity knew no bounds and he wanted all of his creations to be capable of the transformation. Why he chose against using it for all but a few select purposes during the Revenge War is also unknown, but afterwards the template was all but lost until it was accidentally rediscovered some time later.
It is unknown exactly why, but Pokégirls with the Youthful enhancement, such as Shadowgirls or Dracasses, have never been recorded to become a Chibi Pokégirl. It is believed that some feature of the Youthful genome overrides the effects of the template, preventing it from ever taking form.
To some's dismay, Chibi Pokégirls are neither better nor worse at Sex Battles than before. This, combined with the fact that the Pokégirl’s libido remains unchanged in either form, can make for some very strange encounters..
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CHICHI, the Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Birds, Snakes, Cats, Fighting-types
Attacks: Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Evolves: Tamale (Fire Stone), Aguamiel (Water Stone), Margarita (Ice Crystal), Jalaputa (Thunder Stone), Sapphron (Diamond Stone), Chickpotle (Dark Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Chichi, like many rodent Pokégirls, bears a strong resemblance to the Titmouse, and they are often mistaken for them at first. They average 5' in height, and have chinchilla-like ears and tail, as well as a luxurious grey coat of body fur. They are more likely to be found in colder, mountainous climates than other rodent Pokégirls, having better protection from the cold. Surprisingly fast over plains and hilly-areas, the Chichi has also adapted well to living in wooded areas. Chichis in the wild tend to gather in groups, sometimes reaching two dozen in number. This is because they are typically the most popular prey species in whatever area they live in, and a lone Chichi is practically a beacon for Feral carnivores. Chichis are not often found in a Tamer's harem, since they are completely useless in combat, even when thoroughly trained. Only a Chickenlittle or a Damsel is really likely to lose a fight to a Chichi, and even they have sometimes managed to win. They do, however, make popular pets, due to their soft fur and mild dispositions.
The Chichi is widely believed to be one of the first types of Pokégirl created by the legendary Pokégirl, Cocooner. However, a researcher in the Johto League, Dr. Eric Heinemen, recently proposed that the Chichi was in fact created by Sukebe, and simply not used during the War. He believes that the relatively harmless Chichi was created as a prototype for other girls that have multiple stone-based evolutions, particularly the Eva and the Nymph.
No researcher, however, has been able to explain the bitter hatred between the Chichi and the Hamtits. The two rarely encounter one another, but when they do a fight is sure to result. This is particularly true when the encounter is between two packs. However, little damage is usually done, since both types are rather pathetic combatants. Tamers who have witnessed such battles could provide few details, mainly because they couldn't keep themselves from laughing every time the subject comes up.
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CHICKENLITTLE, the Egg-Layer Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: simple grains
Role: egg producer
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Preen
Enhancements: None
Evolves: Hot Chick (normal)
Evolves From: None
When Sukebe unleashed the Pokégirls upon the world to have his revenge, he made all sorts of them. Some were made to unleash a rain of fire, others took the humans by surprise by swimming through the oceans, but some had more mundane roles, such as the Chickenlittle. Chickenlittles were created to make sure Sukebe’s armies would have plenty to eat.
Chickenlittles are short things, usually just under five feet tall. Their bodies are covered with short white feathers, but they completely lack the ability to fly, even for short distances. Their feet have short claws that give them a mild ability to defend themselves if attacked, but they almost always just run if there’s danger. Their breasts are small, usually not even a B-cup, and their cunt is too loose for most Tamers’ liking.
Chickenlittles have one useful function: to lay eggs. Every four days or so, a Chickenlittle will lay a clutch of eggs of about a half-dozen. The eggs are the size of an orange, and are very delicious and healthy however they’re prepared. These eggs are never able to be fertilized; pregnant Chickenlittles oddly bear their young live. Chickenlittles are usually kept by farmers in large groups, harvesting their eggs to sell. They’re easy to keep Tamed, since they don’t need sex very often. Being a farmer of Chickenlittles requires a league license.
Chickenlittle eggs are laid out of her cunt, not her ass. Because she so regularly lays so many large eggs from there, a Chickenlittle’s pussy is rather loose and baggy, and anyone who has regular access to another Pokégirl for Taming will find the feel of a Chickenlittle’s cunt is rather lacking. Chickenlittles themselves don’t have much of a libido, only needing it every few weeks or so. Most people who are in charge of Taming a Chickenlittle prefer to take them anally, since it’s tighter and more pleasurable there.
Chickenlittles are not very smart at all. Most make Bimbos and Bunnygirls look intelligent by comparison. Not only do they not know much, they are completely lacking in anything even remotely resembling ambition. They have no desire to learn, or even to go anywhere or do anything. They sometimes become aware that they want sex, but even then a Chickenlittle will just stand there and let herself go Feral before she goes off and tries to find someone to have sex with. Left alone, a Chickenlittle will sit in one place all day and cluck to herself. Chickenlittle farmers will put food and water and facilities virtually right next to them to make sure they stay relatively healthy, usually bringing them out to exercise them every two or three days. Tamers virtually never have a Chickenlittle in their Harem, unless they’re going to be out in the deep wilderness for a long time and want a steady food source.
A Chickenlittle who goes Feral is, intelligence-wise, probably smarter than her domesticated counterpart, but only by a slim margin. Feral Chickenlittles will actually do things like get up to go look for food, although they still will run in fright if attacked. A Threshold girl who becomes a Chickenlittle will lack the intelligence to be upset by the transformation, and is usually sold to the nearest Chickenlittle farm for a decent price.
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Chickpotle, the Dark Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, spies, ghost hunters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Fade, Dark Attack, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Attacks can affect Phased Ghost-types
Evolves: None
Evolves From:Chichi (Dark Stone)
Chickpotles change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes jet black, with a white speckling pattern that resembles a clear night sky. They tend to keep to themselves, avoiding predators using Teleport rather than rely on a group, and always seem to be brooding about something. Unsurprisingly, they are nocturnal. Chickpotles in the wild often share a den with other Chichi evolutions, sleeping during the day when the others are out and active, and leaving at night for their own activities. Tamers tend not to favor the Chickpotle, since it is very difficult to break them of this cycle, making them largely useless during the day, when most Tamers are active.
One reason Chickpotles do still find their way into Harems is a discovery by a researcher named Egon Splengler. During a late-night observation for his study of Ghost-type Pokégirls, a wild Chickpotle attacked and aggressively pursued a Groaner, eventually defeating it, and seemingly destroying it. Further research into the subject revealed that this was not an isolated incident. Chickpotles are extraordinary ghost hunters, even more so than other Dark-type Pokégirls, and seem to be instinctually driven to destroy Ghost Pokégirls. Some believe that this at least partially accounts for their perpetual brooding, as they seem most enthusiastic during battle with a Ghost.
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CHIKOTIT, the Plant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human plant
Element: Plant
Frequency: Common in Johto league, Uncommon in Opal League, Rare in other leagues
Diet: vegetarian based diet
Role: gardeners
Libido: Average with high tendencies
Strong Vs: Water, Poison, Cat types
Weak Vs: Fire
Attacks: Vine Whip, Bullet Seed, Leach Seed, Catnip Kiss, Solar Beam, Tackle
Enhancements: Strong skin, invulnerable to the effects of spores or poison attacks
Evolves: Boobleaf (normal), Driad (evolved Boobleaf; normal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Leaf Stone)
Common starter Pokégirls in the Johto league, the Chikotit is a great ‘girl for those looking for a “pure” plant type. Extremely loyal to those that have shown them kindness, the Chikotit can serve a wide verity of functions. Recent studies have found that the Chikotit is nearly immune to all spore and pollen based poisons.
Chikotits, like nearly all other plant Pokégirls, has a light green shade to her skin. Around each wrist are five bumps, looking like bracelet from a distance. They usually wear their hair long, and often have leaves and vines woven into it.
Chikotits are very self aware, and many have low self-esteem. This is often caused by the fact that they are rather plain in the looks department. Short by Pokégirl standards (most barely hit 5’) and with A-cup breasts, the Chikotit is never going to beat a Succubus in a beauty contest. To make matters worse, their faces are rather flat and plain, though their eyes do seem somewhat large on their small bodies. Those same eyes though, cause many tamers to lie awake in the night reflecting on the love and trust they found there.
One famous poet, William Wankspear, actually wrote a full play about the trouble caused when a young tamer looked into the eyes of a Chikotit. Because he was from an anti-Pokégirl family, he couldn’t be seen with his lover in public. The forbidden love is the main plot of the play until the final scene in which the two lovers kill themselves so they could be together in the afterlife. The play, Ted and Chikotit, is considered to be one of Wankspear’s greatest works.
In battle, Chikotits have similar powers to those of a Boobasaur. However, Chikotits are unable to create poison, and have to rely on other means of fighting. From the bumps on her wrist come the majority of her attacks. Her vines come out of the bumps, though at lower levels she can only make one on each hand. The higher her level, the more vines she can manifest until she has five on each hand. The bumps are also used to forcibly expel seeds, granting her access to the Bullet Seed attack. The bumps also act as a focal point for her Solar Beam attack.
When charging the Solar Beam, the bumps will begin to glow until white. At that point, the Chikotit will do what seems to be a double palm thrust, and the Solar Beam will shoot out from her palm.
During taming, a Chikotit will act very shy and submissive at first. Once they have found a tamer they has shown them plenty of affection and proven their looks don’t matter to them, their personality does a total 180. Fond of getting drilled from behind, Chikotits also enjoy using their Vine Whip skills in other ways, though noting like Dominas (Chikotits have a hard time understanding why any one would want to be hurt during such a pleasurable time). While they will grope and stroke their tamer if he it male, they are especially fond of playing a game with female tamers. This game is only known as Tentacool Wape, as no female tamers have commented on what it entails.
In the wild, Chikotits can often be found sunbathing in the nude (they cant be sunburned and they gain vital nutrients from the light). While sunbathing, they are easily captured.
Thresholding into a Chikotit is a rare occurrence in most leagues, but has become more common in Johto. When this happens, it is usually taken poorly as the girls often drop in height while their looks become plain and bland.
A large number of Chikotits has been sent to the newly formed Opal league to become starters for their growing tamer population.
Bullet Seed - (ATK) Several seeds are shot at high speeds at the opponent. Dose the same damage as Razor Leaf.
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CHIMERA, the Dark Child Of Hy-Bra Pokégirl
Type: Inhuman
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Warfare
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Crushing Punch, Mega Punch, Crunch, Takedown, Wingover, Flame Breath, Thunder Breath, Ice Breath, Poison Breath
Enhancements: Flight, Elemental breath powers, Enhanced Strength (x26), Enhanced hearing (x3), Night vision, Enhanced Stamina (x7), Awareness of surroundings
Limitations: Unstable multiple personalities; most Chimeras go insane
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Griffon (Hy-Bra's blessing or Sexmet's curse)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 900,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 855,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 300,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Try to have a strong psychic-type Pokégirl on hand to knock out the Chimera. Otherwise evacuate the area at once. Note: If it is found out that the Chimera was a tamed one allowed to go Feral on purpose, punishments will be SEVERE. (applies to ferals only)
For the light there is always darkness, so too is it with Pokégirls.
Chimeras can easily be considered the dark sisters of the Sphinx, as they shared both element-type and strengths and weaknesses, and both appeared at around the same time, sometimes working together. Frequently they were seen with the mad, multi-headed Hy-Bra, and were employed as her retainers. Rumors persist that Sukebe created the Chimeras solely to divert Hy-Bra's attention from usurping him by giving her servants/lovers that were similar to her, Hy-Bra discovering soon after that she could change Griffons into Chimeras with her powers. However with Hy-Bra's rapidly declining sanity as well as their own, Chimeras degenerated into savage, vicious fighters that attacked both human settlements and Pokégirl encampments. In the end, Legendaries such as Macavity, Titania, and Atmuff took direct action against the Chimeras, reducing their numbers greatly, Atmuff doing far more damage to the breed than anyone else. Some have theorized that this is one of the reasons Hy-Bra was foolish enough to attack Atmuff directly.
Chimeras were massive, frightening Pokégirls. Their bodies were very muscular, being 7 feet tall and possessing large, bat like wings, FF-cup breasts, wide shoulders thick claws, grayish-red fur, and multiple heads. And those heads were the true fear factor of the Chimera.
The primary head was similar to that of a Lioness. It was in the center, between the other two primary heads, and was the lead personality the majority of the time. It could breath fire. To the left of the Lioness head was a head similar to a Dragoness. That head possessed the most violent personality and, if the Chimera was left unchecked, the personality that took control most often. It possessed a lightning breath weapon. To the right of the Lioness head was a goat like head, similar to a Billie. This head possesses a cold, emotionless personality and has an ice breath weapon. The persona of the goat-head rarely took over, save for when the Chimera was suffering from severe emotional distress or after the Chimera went fully insane. The final head was actually part of the tail. A Pre-Sukebe snake functions as the tail of the Chimera, but also acts as a fourth head, complete with another persona (a cunning, wicked one), and a breath weapon, a poisonous one. They are massive, powerful Pokégirls and among the most dangerous out there, seconded only by the Widow and Mantis, mainly because the Chimeras are more controllable than the other two.
The four personalities of a Chimera are usually in great conflict, the four heads sometimes seen arguing with each other, but a patient Tamer can keep control of them, usually with the help of a Domina-type Pokégirl. They are best Tamed using Amachamp-level restraints, which are thankfully becoming cheaper. Some of the very rare Chimera tamers even report having a long, healthy relationship with their Chimeras, lasting many years, although they admit that it took a lot of love and a lot of patience to get as far as they have. Tragically, however, Chimeras are also employed by Team Rocket-style groups, who purposely abuse them into insanity and use them in gladiatorial combat.
Chimeras, after Hy-Bra's death, slowly disappeared, the damage Atmuff doing seemingly having driven them into extinction. However Chimeras experienced something of a resurgence after an incident involving Sexmet. A year after the first Widow attack, several Team Rocket members, half of them with Griffons in their harem, attacked Sexmet and Bastit. The Rocket Tamers and the majority of their Pokégirls were slaughtered by Sexmet, but not before Bastit was severely injured. In a rage, Sexmet cursed the Griffons, turning them into Chimeras. Since then, their numbers have risen so that they are in less danger of extinction than Sphinxes, but not by much.
No threshold cases of turning into a Chimera have been reported.
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CHIPPYNA, the Rock Solid Eva Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dirt Spray, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure, Tree Fall, Tectonic Slam, Dig
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Diamond Stone)
Chippyna are the ground-based evolution of the Eva. They are much less well known than their elemental cousins, mainly because they prefer to live underground (how they form stable burrows is still open to conjecture). They are very curious by nature, and have a fascination with objects that catch their attention
Chippynas are unlike most of their elemental cousins almost completely hairless (aside from the hair on their heads). Their skin takes on a much denser texture almost leather-like but not quite rock-like. They tend to have lower end cup sizes and their claws gain an almost unheard of hardness. It has been said that taming a Chippyna is a slightly harsher endeavor when compared to the other Eva types. Their rough skin somewhat desensitizes them to the feeling of touch. Not to say the can't feel, just to say that they may not notice if a tamer tries to gently initiate a taming. However they do seem to enjoy being taken roughly by surprise. It has been said by numerous Chippyna tamers that while their skin feels little their vagina is extremely sensitive. It's best summed up by one tamer's wayward comment; "It's like all the feeling in her skin got concentrated in her snatch, She could feel an Ear Blow down there from ten feet away." While proven to not be the case it does give a better visualization of the sensitivity of the Chippyna's cunt.
What she lacks defensively when compared to other ground type Pokégirls she makes up for in her near unheard of speed (for a ground type at least). It is believed that the rapid skill of her previous form are so engrained into her that they carry over to the new form. So while getting punched by an ‘at rest' Chippyna wouldn't cause a great deal of damage levelly speaking of course. A punch from a Chippyna running would hurt a great deal. It could be compared to the damage done by a Marowhack's Dildo Rush attack. Since her popularity as an Eva type evolution is gaining knowledge there are more discoveries being made about the breed.
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CHOCOBOOB, the Traveler Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird) Metamorph
Element: Flying (Initially)
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League) Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: messengers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant (Initially)
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock (Initially)
Attacks: Tackle, Choco Kick*, Quick Attack, Hyper Quick Attack, Takedown, Earlobe Nibble, Ear Blow, Recover, Quickturn, Blur, Dash, Feather Blizzard, Feather Shuriken, Tickle Storm, Edge of Delight, Choco Comet*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Clawed feet, light metamorph capability, light magic affinity, powers change over time depending on what environment they grow up in
Evolves: None
Chocoboobs were the messengers during the Revenge War. Seeing them dashing across the plains, a mailbag across their shoulders containing orders for Pokégirl attack units, was a common site during that period of time. They aren’t as fast as Cheetits, but they do have a higher level of endurance, being made for distance running rather than the short, intense bursts that Cheetits can manage. In distance race, a Chocoboob would most likely come out on top, as she could run for a longer period of time than a Cheetit. That being said, Chocoboobs don’t feel overshadowed by a Cheetit’s greater bursting speed, as they have other abilities that set them apart.
Chocoboobs are tall Pokégirls, six feet five at the smallest, with a light coating of bright yellow feathers on their bodies. Their faces are aquiline, their hair (either blonde or light brunette in coloring) usually kept short, so as not to be a burden while running, and their legs from the knees down are bird talons, the skin their thick, almost armored. Their talons are sharp, and their leg muscles are powerful, allowing them to develop one of their trademark attacks, the Choco Kick, which is a leaping thrust kick to the chest followed by a springing leap off of the opponent’s body, knocking them down. This is more powerful when used in their ‘bird’ form.
Chocoboobs have an alternate state, in which they grow in thickness and mass, their bodies shifting to become that of a vaguely ostrich-like animal in appearance, lacking the  long neck of an ostrich in favor of a shorter, thicker neck. Their feathers grow thicker, and their arms turn into wings, their faces growing a thick, sharp beak. In this form they are large enough to be ridden, and frequently are employed as couriers. They are also capable of better maneuvering while running at high speeds and can manage to stop quicker, as they have more weight to press down with. They cannot speak, able to make only warbling chirps, or hold things in their hands while in this form, lacking the hands to do so.
Chocoboobs also, strangely enough, have a bit of natural magic ability. Generally, they only learn spells such as Cure, Protect, and Shell, but they also have the ability to learn a magic attack called ‘Choco Comet.’ Choco Comet summons a large, thick cloud that drops a dozen large, flaming meteorites on a group of opponents.
Chocoboobs are generally friendly, amiable Pokégirls who enjoy feeling useful above all else. A Tamer can easily win the love of a Chocoboob my making sure that they always have something to do and are made to feel that it’s important. They’re good in team battles, always starting out by casting Shell and Protect on their partners. When Feral, they’re a bit more skittish and prone to running away after casting Choco Comet. The individual meteorites aren’t very damaging, but they do hurt and the damage does add up.
As Chocoboobs grow older, their feather and hair coloring can change, as well as their element and some of their abilities, depending on the environment they call home. Chocoboobs that are raised near a heavily water environment have feathers and hair that are some shade of blue, and they gain the ability to run over water. They become Water-types and gain weaknesses and strengths accordingly. Chocoboobs that live in heavily forested areas become green in coloring, and develop an instinctual ability to move through ANY forest or swamp without hitting any pitfalls or traps or snags. They become Plant-types. Chocoboobs that live in mountain areas develop tremendous climbing ability and in both forms, matched only by that of a Billie, their feathers and hair turning brown. They become Rock-types. They also gain the ability to always find a safe path to travel. Chocoboobs that live near heavily volcanic areas gain red feathers and hair, as well as the ability to use Ember and Flamethrower. They can also swim through lava harmlessly and find a safe path through volcanoes by mere instinct, their element type becoming Fire. Chocoboobs that live in arctic areas develop the ability to move over icy, slippery surfaces without slipping. Their feathers and hair turns white, and they develop the ability to use Ice Beam and Ice Floor, their element-type changing to Ice as they adapt to the environment. City-born Chocoboobs become immune to poison, their feathers turning gray. They also gain an instinctual feel for any urban environment, capable of avoiding dangerous places and never getting lost. Their element-type changes to poison. Desert Chocoboobs don’t change that much in coloring, their feathers just growing a shade darker, but they can go for days without water and are capable of withstanding high temperatures for vastly extended periods of time. Their element-type changes to Ground. Chocoboobs that live in deep caverns gain black feathers and darker hair, as well as a Dark element-type and the ability to navigate safely through any cavern, no matter how deep or dark. Their eyesight in darkness is perfect.
Rarest of all is the Platinum Chocoboob. Coming from years of travelling in all environments, they are almost always Pokéwomen and are highly prized by messengers, as they have the abilities of the other Chocoboob colors and can travel ANYWHERE in the world, their endurance increased to the point where they could run halfway across an ocean if they so desired. Their feathers become shining platinum in color, becoming so soft and radiant that they seem to have a constant glow about them. The feathers of a Platinum Chocoboob are highly prized, and it’s considered a status symbol to have some decorating your clothing. A recently discovered variant is the Rainbow Chocoboob, which is essentially the same thing as the Platinum Chocoboob, only more colorful.
It should be noted that the element shifting is merely an environmental adaptation built into the genetic code of a Chocoboob, and not an actual evolution. Sukebe, when he created the earliest Chocoboobs, wanted a Pokégirl that could be effective in any environment, however the requirement of having to spend a year AT LEAST in that environment before the change took place made their uses during the Revenge War limited.
Thresholding into a Chocoboob isn’t very common, and so far only occurs in the Crimson League. If it has happened in other legs, so far cases have gone undocumented. All Chocoboobs start out with the basic yellow feather coloring.
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CLONETWO, the Defective Clone Pokégirl
Type: Varies from Not Very Near Human to Inhumanoid
Element: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Role: Freakish aberration, Zombabe fighter, Other uses being researched
Libido: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Strong Vs: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Weak Vs: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Attacks: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from
Enhancements: Depends on the Pokégirl they’re cloned from, Stronger and more durable than original Pokégirl (original stats +5), Lower Feral state, immune to zombification
Disadvantages: Lower intelligence, sterile, deformed
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The science of cloning has been banned, regarded as Forbiddentech. However this has not prevent some from continuing to attempt it. But because the science of cloning Pokégirls is still very much in its infancy, nothing that could reasonably be called a success has been made. The ability to clone at all has only recently been rediscovered, and so far it seems that only Pokégirls can be cloned. However the ability to make clones has yet been perfected. As such, the results have always been something… rather imperfect. Namely, the Clonetwo breed of Pokégirl.
Clonetwos are the result of attempts to clone Pokégirls that have gone wrong. Sadly, so far all known attempts have gone horribly wrong. The process became unstable along the way, resulting in creatures that have only a partial similarity to the creature they were cloned from. They have the abilities and attacks, as well as some physical similarities. However while they are also physically stronger and more durable than their original form and have a reduced Feral state than their original, they are also a lot less intelligent, are always sterile and incapable of reproduction, and usually quite deformed in some way. They look similar to the creature they were cloned from, to be sure, but because of the glitched process, their bodies look unfinished, as if it hasn’t pulled itself together entirely. Deformities can range from something as simple as half the face being twisted and misshapen to over half the body being malformed and twisted. This has led most Clonetwos to be crippled in some way, either through misshapen limbs or distorted internal organs. To beings that find beauty in bilateral symmetry, a Clonetwo is quite hideous.
Worse still however is the Clonetwo’s mind. Depending on what parts of the process malfunctioned, a Clonetwo’s mentality can range from anywhere to having some of the original’s memories, to total amnesia, to out-and-out dementia. Some of the more lucid realize what they’ve become and try to end their own lives, or seek out the Jusenkyo Spell Dump to hopefully get themselves ‘cursed’ to become a fully-formed Pokégirl.
It’s impossible to classify a generality between how Clonetwos will react in a fight, since each one is radically different. Some are meek and try to avoid combat, while others are raging berserkers, fighting with their incredible strength and enhanced durability to great effect. Note that Clonetwos are a separate breed of Pokégirl, like the Zombabe (an unfortunate comparison to be sure, but the only one that fits), not a template, and as such cannot evolve to a higher form.
One would think that there wouldn’t be that many Clonetwos. However raids of Limbec Pirate labs a few years after Mao Shin Mao’s attacks revealed that they had been creating them en-masse to try and have an army of their own. All of these escaped into the wild, eventually going Feral and being killed by less disadvantaged Feral Pokégirls. Others (depending on the breed of Clonetwo) have flourished, surviving in the wild for years.
The taming habits of Clonetwos have been unknown for years, as most who are found are too freakish-looking for the average Tamer to voluntarily Tame them. Also, the vast majority of Clonetwo are usually in great pain from their deformities, and are mercifully put out of their misery. Those Clonetwo that do get taming usually force themselves on people, leaving a trail of emotionally scarred victims in their wake.
Strangely enough, it has been shown as possible for Clonetwos to be not only Tamed and kept in a harem, but to lead a relatively peaceful and happy life. The most famous case of this was a Clonetwo Tigress kept in the Harem of Capital League Combat Tamer Bruce ‘Brother Love’ Prichard. Brother Love, who’s fame started when he survived a Hyperdoll long enough for her to become a Redeemer, helped the Clonetwo, who was crippled in one leg and arm due to her deformities, become not only a champion fighter, but also (via adoption) a capable mother. While Brother Love is famous for having Pokégirls that started out with less-than-happy lives (such as a Penance he rescued, a Milotit he raised from a Feeblass, a Mechdoll, and so forth…), other Tamers not as well-known have also taken Clonetwos into their harems, helping them lead happy lives. One Tamer even went so far as to adopt a baby for his Clonetwo to raise, taking the precaution of getting a nurse-trained Milktit to help her be a good mother. (While sterile, Clonetwos can lactate if stimulated with Milktit milk.) The child has since gone on to become a successful Tamer in the Crimson League.
Clonetwos are still a conundrum. Pokégirls will not recognize them as anything other than Clonetwos, leading to the unfavorable comparison with Zombabes. However it is much more possible to tame and live with a Clonetwo than a Zombabe. And interestingly enough, Clonetwos have a complete and total immunity to zombification. In one recorded incident, a Clonetwo of an Amachamp was seen slaughtering dozens of Zombabes, showing several visible bite marks but no signs of succumbing to the Zombabe virus. After the infestation was contained, the Clonetwo died of blood loss instead of the disease, and didn’t wake up as a Zombabe afterwards.
Due to the nature of how they are formed and the fact that they are sterile, it is impossible for anyone to Threshold into a Clonetwo. Creation of Clonetwos is discouraged by law in most leagues, and is a prosecutable offense.
Clonetwo Subject Breed:

Known Enhancements Specific to Subject:

Known Disadvantages Specific to Subject:

Description of Individual Defects (Internal and External):

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CLOWMYSTIC, the Little Mage Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human standard
Role: card collecting, performing magic, being cute
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Bonk, Card Shuffle, Dodge, Parry
Enhancements: Youthful
Evolves: StarMystic (normal; trigger unknown), MysticKat (mechanism unknown,) MysticAngel (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Cardcaptor (unknown), Card Master (unknown)
The first Clowmystics were created by the noted Pokégirl researcher Clow Read, presumably by experimenting on Cardcaptors, given the similarity of the two breeds. He also created the first examples of the Clowmystic's evolved forms, the Starmystic, the Mystickat and the Mysticangel. The exact date of this breeds creation is unknown, because when they initially appeared they were mistaken for Cardcaptors, but it is generally believed to be about 50 AS.
Most Clowmystics evolve into Starmystics since it is very hard to get a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mystickat or a Mysticangel unless certain triggers are used in a certain way and only Clow Read knew what these triggers were. Unfortunately Clow Read was killed in 67 AS in an attack on his lab by an unknown organization and his research data on these Pokégirls was destroyed at the same time. Although there have been rumors about his research notes turning up either in a storage cache or in the hands of an individual or organization, but these have all proven to be false so far.
Whilst Clowmystics can use their staff as a weapon in an emergency their main attack is card shuffle which relies on using their cards to create various magical effects. When the Clowmystic wants to use her magic a card appears in her hands, exactly what effect occurs depends on the card that she uses, for example the fire card might result in a flamethrower attack, whilst the healer might heal the injuries of one of her harem sisters.
This is similar to the Cardcaptor and resulted in them initially being mistaken for that breed of Pokégirl, but there are a couple of differences. First the Cardcaptor's cards are contracted spirits which she releases to cause her magical effects, the Clowmystic's cards are simply magical items which she uses to focus her magic and guide it to create the desired effect. Second a Cardcaptor must capture new spirits to get new cards whereas the Clowmystic creates new cards as she goes up in level. The exact card that a Clowmystic gets when she levels up is apparently random and this makes battling Clowmystics tricky since two Clowmystics of similar levels can have widely varying capabilities.
Clowmystics are human in appearance but they do not age normally, they tend to look like a girl of around 12-13 even if they are older. This has led to more than one tamer who owns one being accused of underage taming, fortunately a simple Pokédex scan can reveal the truth. Most Clowmystics like to take advantage of their youthful appearance by dressing in cute clothes that suit their apparent age whilst still appearing sexy. They will always be carrying a staff which as well as acting as an emergency weapon is sometimes used in their magic, such as using the sword card to turn it into a sword. Despite not being particularly strong Pokégirls Clowmystics are talented gymnasts which makes them very capable at dodging attacks.
Despite their apparent age Clowmystics are as enthusiastic about taming as any other Pokégirl. Should she find herself in a harem with either a Mysticangel and/or a Mystickat she will insist that she be tamed with them.
Feral Clowmystics are extremely rare since most Pokégirls of this breed are either domesticated or threshold Pokégirls. A Clowmystic has a low feral state where they find that their card shuffle attack produces a random card rather than the one that they intended to use.
Girls who threshold into Clowmystics tend to do so at an early age, usually about 12-13 years old, and this can be difficult to detect since they undergo no physical changes. Those girls who go through threshold later will always end up appearing as they did at the age of 12-13.
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CLYDESDAME, the Titanic Horse Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Centaur)
Element: Ground/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Apples, carrots, hay (when desperate), grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: Transports
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Steel, Electric, Poison, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Grass, Water
Attacks: Take Down, Flame Floor, Power Drive, Quickturn, Quake, Stomp, Tectonic Slam, Flame Step(*)
Enhancements: Shapeshifting, Uncannily Surefooted, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Disadvantages: Slower than she was as a Ponytaur.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (Sun Stone+Diamond Stone)
Clydesdames weren't discovered until 190 AS, when a Ponytaur and her tamer found themselves in a mountainous area where the ground was unstable. As a landslide began right beneath their feet, the Ponytaur evolved into the large Clydesdame and carried her tamer to safety, leaping from sections of falling rock directly onto solid ground.
A Clydesdame is a LARGE Pokégirl. In human form, they tend to stand between seven and nine feet tall. In hybrid form, they stand between ten and twelve feet tall. They are quite strong and like Rhynodames, are often used for moving heavy objects and any sort of travel through rocky or unstable terrain. When in human form, they may appear to have the same stature as Amachokes, but they do not like having defined muscles and most prefer to have more supple curves to make themselves more attractive.
The only major drawback to a Clydesdame is the fact that she is slower than most Ponytaurs and Cheetahs. Most Clydesdames prefer to work on strength and endurance, rather than try to futilely regain that level of speed, and as such, can easily outlast virtually any other horse Pokégirl when it comes to running.
Clydesdames are exceptionally surefooted. Nothing short of a direct attack or the instantaneous and complete dissolution of ground (like ice suddenly melting or a trap door giving way) beneath their feet will cause them to lose their balance. Even on ice in their hybrid form, they almost never slip and instinctively stay away from weak ice that cannot support them. They can also detect areas which are prone to avalanches, unstable ground, quicksand and many other hidden obstacles when in hybrid form. She is also one of the few Ground-type Pokégirls who cannot use Dig.
Their favorite tactic, when not facing water Pokégirls, is to use Flame Floor to make themselves even more intimidating.
They've often use Power Drive to make their Stomp and Take Down attacks even more devastating. When seeking to retreat from battle, a Clydesdame will use Flame Step, an ability that only fire-type Pokégirls can use effectively, to create a series of small fires to slow or stop pursuers until she is certain they cannot follow, then she will cancel the technique and simply run.
Favored by merchants who travel through mountains and farmers who need small but heavy loads moved about, Clydesdames were sought after for a while, but now, they are too rare and are often replaced by Rhynodames. Feral Clydesdames are almost nonexistent, but do pop up once in a while, usually as a guardian for more timid Pokégirls. Thresholding directly into a Clydesdame is impossible without having a Clydesdame for a mother.
(*) - Flame Step (ATK 5 + EFT) - A useful means of keeping enemies from pursuing her, the Pokégirl uses her powers to set the ground beneath her ablaze. Each step creates a foot-high fire that lasts for only twenty seconds, regardless of the terrain beneath it.
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COCKADIDDLE, the Penis-Obsessed Fowl Pokégirl
Type: Humananoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Semen, berries or grains
Role: Unknown
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Slash, Power Break, Fiery Passion, Quick Hit
Enhancements: Ambidexterity, "Male Sense" (can sense a male within 50 feet), good jumping ability (can leap over 25 feet with a single standing jump)
Evolves: CockadiddleDeux (Normal; Level 25)
Evolves From: None
Cockadiddles stand roughly 5'8 to 6'1", and tend to have B to C-cup breasts. Their eye color is often blue, gray or green. They appear largely as humans, though there are three things they often separate them (quite obviously) from being human.
The first is their small wings, usually twice as large as their shoulder blades, but not useful for more than slow their descent or helping change their trajectory. They cannot be used for flying at all.
The second is the brown feathers covering a majority of their bodies. Their faces, breasts and vaginas have extremely short well-groomed feathers that are never known to move out of place.
The third and most obvious is their legs. Just like a bird, their legs below the thigh are scaly and their knees are reverse-jointed. These legs, however, allow them to jump incredible distances, and combined with their sword-fighting capabilities, can make them terrifying opponents.
Cockadiddles are capable swordswomen, and oftentimes have skill comparable with a Slicer. Cockadiddles often use European-style long-swords or European-style bastard swords. They can use other types of swords, but are not nearly as comfortable in handling them. Cockadiddles are obsessed with men, to the point that they have an instinctive "male sense". They can detect the presence of a man, not matter how well-hidden, even by magic, and will seek him out. They absolutely love the taste of semen, even cumming at the taste of it, and will go to great lengths to become part of a male tamer's harem. Dildo Queens are also acceptable, but Cockadiddles view them as a bronze medal to the gold medal of an actual man.
Of course, male tamers should beware of having a Cockadiddle, since her high libido means she will oftentimes try to "suck the well dry". Full penetration with an actual cock will often send the Cockadiddle into multiple orgasms, but tamers should save this for last, as a fully rested Cockadiddle will become almost sexually insatiable.
If no males are around, Cockadiddles will often masturbate using their sword's hilt. Cockadiddles will only have sex with other females out of boredom.
Cockadiddles cannot stand to be around cat Pokégirls, and will either attack or flee if a cat Pokégirl is in the area, even if she is with a male tamer.
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COCKADIDDLEDEUX, the VERY Penis-Obsessed Fowl Pokégirl
Type: Humananoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Semen, berries or grains
Role: Unknown
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Sentinel, Assault, Slasher, Spincut, Sword Dance
Enhancements: Improved "Male Sense" (can sense a male within 150 feet), great jumping ability (can leap over 50 feet with a single standing jump)
Evolves: CockadiddleMe (Normal; Level 50)
Evolves From: Cockadiddle (Normal; Level 25)
CockadiddleDeux do not change much in height, and only get an almost imperceptible boost in bust-size, but their wings grow to twice their normal size (still cannot be used for actual flight) and their feathers will change to varying shades of red.
In terms of fighting skill, CockadiddleDeux are more powerful, since they not only remain ambidextrous, but many will often pick up a dual-wielding style. They can also jump further and with their wings, can even manage a weak glide.
CockadiddleDeux's are often more brash and demanding if they are added to a harem after they've evolved, as opposed to having been in a harem prior to evolution. CockadiddleDeux are oftentimes headstrong, and tend to butt head figuratively with any other strong-willed Pokégirl, though they will always at least consider their tamer's words, as they often view their tamer in the same way a thirsty person views a tank of clean water in the middle of a desert.
CockadiddleDeux's will oftentimes go out of their way to show off their superiority, especially if they think it will get them laid more often. Feral CockadiddleDeux's are rather dangerous, as they may seek to remove all obstacles to their target in a vicious manner. However, not all will go so far as to intentionally kill, keeping them, as a group, off the bounty charts.
CockadiddleDeux's love a male tamer who is willing to finger or lick them while they're sucking the tamer off.
Like Cockadiddles, they don't really care for other women or Pokégirls unless they're bored of masturbating with their swords. CockadiddleDeux's don't like cat Pokégirls, but will tolerate their presence if it lets them stay by a virile tamer.
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COCKADIDDLEME, the Excessively Penis-Obsessed Fowl Pokégirl
Type: Humananoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Semen, berries or grains
Role: Unknown
Libido: Moderate
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Slasher, Hero Blade, Slash Wave, Confuse, Miracle Slash, Demi Blade, Keen Blade
Enhancements: Improve "Male Sense" (can sense a male within 300 feet), impressive jumping ability (can leap over 100 feet with a single standing jump)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: CockadiddleDeux (Normal; Level 50)
CockadiddleMes do not change much, except for a full jump in bust size, another doubling of the size of their wings, and their feathers turning an violet-tinged black.
CockadiddleMes are the most calm and rational of the Cockadiddle evolution chain and also the most reasonable. Though they do still want men, if they are added to a harem, most do not cause the same disruptions that their former evolutions do. They view the others in a harem as herself, wanting their tamer all to themselves, but being forced to share him.
CockadiddleMes enjoy sex just as much as their prior evolutions, but they are more open to sharing and will have relations with women or Pokégirls to satiate her desires.
In combat, CockadiddleMes are even more dangerous than before, as with her Keen Blade, her sword can attack further; with her Miracle Slash, she can heal herself, and with her Demi Blade and Hero Blade, she can deal devastating damage. Add in her now impressive jumping ability, she can attack most enemies before they realize they within her range of attack.
Her wings are now large enough to let her glide, but she still cannot truly fly. If she jumps straight up, she can glide much farther than she can jump, but obviously, she is not as quick while gliding and she is at the mercy of wind currents to keep her up and going where she wants.
CockadiddleMes have no issues with cat Pokégirls, and will even have a threesome with one.
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COCKATRIX, (aka COCKATRYST) the Evil Chicken Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Light mineral intake
Role: Nighttime livestock guardian, Fine Mineral Filtration, Urban Myth
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Dark Bomb, Harden, Quake, Stone Kick, Dark Kick, Headbutt
Enhancements: Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced vision and hearing (x3), Enhanced speed (x3), Night Vision, Mineral Eggs
Weaknesses: Not immune to her own gaze attack or the gaze attacks of others, sometimes uses her gaze attack when under stress.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chicken Little (Moon Stone)
Legends from the first century after the great war tell of an evil beast capable of freezing helpless victims in their tracks, one that lurked deep in caves and would only come out to devour little children that stayed up too late. This of course was waved off as myths and legends until one tamer brought in a strange looking Pokégirl in for identification in 137 AS. According to the tamer's story, he discovered the Pokégirl by surprise in a cavern while searching for ground and rock types. The Pokégirl had been drinking from a pool of water, and when a light shone upon her, she started and froze, staying unmoving until the tamer Pokéballed her. Research continued into breeding this oddity, until in 168 AS when the first captured Cockatrix birthed a Chickenlittle Pokékit. Stunned, research began to discover any possible evolutions that were overlooked in the Chickenlittle, though it didn't take long for one of the Chickenlittle test subjects to be exposed to a Moon Stone and evolve.
This was a stunning introduction into the Cockatrix breed, this odd mixture of avian and reptile held the ability to freeze her opponents in their tracks with a single look. Physically, a Cockatrix looks close to her unevolved form, though there are several major differences. Cockatrix have large, red combs that grow from the top of their heads. This comb parts their feather 'hair' neatly in the middle and ends at the crown, but the lobe of the comb often grows further back, making the comb look much like a Mohawk. This comb is made of hard stone, unlike the fleshy comb of pre-Sukube cockerels, and using her harden ability she can make the points quite dangerous considering the breed can use the Headbutt attack. The feathers atop the Cockatrix's head are a bit longer, and usually a different color than the sparse coat of feathers running down her back to end at her tail.
Instead of feathery bird-like wings, Cockatrix have wings more akin to bat Pokégirls, supported by two elongated digits. This leaves the bird/lizard Pokégirl a thumb and two fingers on each arm to manipulate objects, unlike her unevolved form. The lower half of the Pokégirl’s body is an odd mixture of lizard and bird, a long lizardlike tail sprouting from her back. This long, somewhat prehensile tale is tipped on the end with large feathers, giving the Pokégirl the ability to control her short flights. Her legs are much like a Chickenlittles, human until the knee, then becoming scaly and digitgrade, ending in three large toes with a single reverse toe. Unlike a Chickenlittle, these scales are often more reptilian in nature, and colored similarly to the Cockatrix's tail. This Pokégirl also gains an impressive bust for her slight stature, a full C cup. Oddly, Cockatrixs have no body hair, and no feathers replace where the hair around her snatch should be.
Cockatrixs may have earned the moniker 'the evil chicken Pokégirl' though this is more due to the myths surrounding them than it is their actual attitude. Tamed Cockatrix are more mischievous than dangerous, typically playing good natured pranks on any who will fall for them. However, their sense of humor is somewhat off, and sometimes their puns are groan worthy. They share somewhat of a 'fangirl' relationship with the Trixie line and Cheshires, much to the other Pokegirl's embarrassment. Cockatrixs are easily amused however, and tend to laugh at most things (though a rare few laugh inappropriately). Given their awful puns at times, the Jokette breed actively hunt down Cockatrix when they can, and the poor Cockatrix usually don't stand a chance unless backed by a very powerful harem. Other than their bad jokes and pranks, Cockatrixs are friendly and sociable Pokégirls, if somewhat immature.
In battle, Cockatrixs are usually enthusiastic but somewhat erratic, as stress and surprise often causes them to use their Petrification Gaze attack unintentionally, which makes them a liability in grand melee or team style battles. The breed often use awful puns to help keep their stress levels low, and rely on their physical attacks to help defeat their opponents. Occasionally, they'll riddle the area with Dark Bombs, followed with a pun dealing with bombardment. Most tamers can break their Cockatrixs of this habit, and train their Pokégirls into formidable fighters. One thing to note as well, is that if a Cockatrix is sharing a harem with a Gorgon, they are able to learn the Stone Gaze attack. This should be at the tamer's own peril, as Cockatrixs are still prone to using either gaze attack unintentionally under stress. There are two oddities to the breed, though one has proven to be a blessing to some thresholders.
When a threshold Chickenlittle evolves into a Cockatrix, their previous memories return as well as their intelligence. Some girls who realize they're undergoing threshold into Chickenlittles tend to try to get a hold of a Moonstone in order to reclaim what little of their humanity they have left upon their threshold. As threshold directly into a Cockatrix is very rare, and Moon Stones are usually in high demand, some threshold girls are doomed to the mental oblivion that is a Chickenlittle.
Cockatrixs are also known to eat some minerals, such as dirt and various rocks, in order to help them use their hardening ability. The excess minerals, however, are processed and somehow purified in her system and produced as small mineral eggs. These eggs are the size of Pre-Sukuebe chicken eggs, and usually made up of quartz than any other mineral. However, researchers and miners have experimented by feeding Cockatrixs mining dross, which has been proven to produce on rare occasions, eggs of gold, silver, emerald, or other precious minerals. This only happens once enough of a certain mineral is taken in to excess however, as most of the minerals that a Cockatrix eats are used to help keep her skeleton strong as well as for her to use her harden ability. One miner recorded that keeping his Cockatrix on a supplemental diet of excess from his gold mine produced a gold egg every three months, though research has shown that this is closer to six months even under optimum circumstances.
Feral Cockatrix are rarely seen, as tactics from the Pokégirl are to freeze foes with her petrification gaze before fleeing. They are known to attack lone rodent types, however, and sending one in to lure out this odd breed is a good tactic to capture them. When not hungry, rarely feral Cockatrix are known to scare those that wander into their caves, though this can be dangerous, as often the scare involves freezing their victim and looking menacing. This leaves those frozen prone to attacks from other cave dwelling ferals.
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COCOONER, the Legendary Genetics Factory Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Metamorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison/Flying
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Replenishing soldiers (Revenge War), creation of new Pokégirls, genetic studies
Libido: Extremely Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: *Quadsting, String Shot, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Poison Powder, Poison, Spice 3, *Toxic Sting, Withering Winds, Poison Tongue, Poisonous Coat, Wing Buffet, Super Cyclone, Squall, Vortex, Gravity
Enhancements: Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, Wings, Limited self-metamorphic abilities, genetic structure manipulation, Enhanced Intelligence (x20), Enhanced Durability (x30), Enhanced Strength (x14), Enhanced Endurance (x15), [CLASSIFIED: Ability to stave off taming need through unique genetic process :CLASSIFIED], Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cocooner is considered to be the first among the second generation of Legendary Pokégirls. The first Legendary created after the fall of Mountaintide, Storm Gail, and Infernus, she quickly became the most hated and reviled thing on the entire planet.
By both sides.
Cocooner’s loyalties throughout the Revenge War were primarily with Sukebe. She would consume fallen humans and utilize her unique abilities to revive and recreate them as Pokégirl soldiers, sometimes producing new breeds for Sukebe to use. The populations of entire towns would disappear after she entered the area, converted inside the living genetics factory that is Cocooner’s body into Pokégirls. That along with her many powerful abilities made her a feared force during the Revenge War.
As the War went on, however, Cocooner’s priorities seemed to shift. She began to attack Pokégirl forces, devouring them and adding them to her stock of genetic material. Cocooner had devoured Pokégirls before, but only ones that had been killed in battle. Now she was attacking Pokégirl soldiers en masse, adding them to her stocks. She would create new breeds from this, swarms of her creation cocoons found in several areas. However the final straw came near the end of the war, when the powerful Legendary began to attack her fellow Legendary Pokégirls. Sexebi, the Legendary Birds, Atmuff, Kary, Titania, and Scylla, Macavity, all of them have had Cocooner take bites out of them in attempts to add their DNA to her genetic stockpile. She was driven off by her sisters, many of her creation cocoons destroyed in one of the few unified efforts between the Legendaries, making the first among the second generation ironically the first to abandon Sukebe for her own ends. Cocooner was seen only sporadically after that, unconfirmed reports placing her at the death sites of Kary, Titania and Scylla. The only confirmed sighting of Cocooner during the ending part of the Revenge War was shortly after Hy-Bra’s death, when the insectile Legendary dragged off the multi-headed Legendary’s corpse, presumably to eat and add her to her genetics stockpile.
Cocooner is a massive, hideous Pokégirl that in three of her four forms is completely inhuman. Her standard form is that of a massive, spherical, cocoon-like insect, fourteen feet in diameter and nine-feet in height. She possessed both a black-armored exoskeleton and endoskeleton in this form, with mottled skin the color of dry blood. Her face was a monstrous horror, with wide, blue-crystal insectile eyes and a fanged, mandibled mouth. Long, powerful legs kept her mobile in this form, although she mainly used them to keep herself suspended someplace and at rest. Her cocoon-like body could open up, revealing tentacles that she used to place cocoons she created. Watchers have dubbed this her ‘Creation form,’ and from all reports it is also her preferred form.
Cocooner has the ability to alter her body into alternate forms. The first of her forms is what Watchers have dubbed her ‘Gathering form.’ She has ten long limbs in this form, six of them being powerful legs, the other four being long, powerful arms, two ending in long, sharp-bladed claws, the other two in powerful three-fingered hands for gripping. Her torso is vaguely spider-like in this form, longer than the norm possessed also of a massive scorpion-like tail that splits off into four smaller, whip-like extensions at the end. In this form she has a wide mouth and many rows of razor-sharp teeth. Her exoskeleton extends out into bladed spikes along the sides of her body, which she can use for deadly side attacks when she rears up to attack. She took this form when battling, or when consuming her victims.
Cocooner’s third form is generally known as her ‘Travel form.’ In this form, she transmutates into what can essentially be described as a gigantic moth. There is a slight difference in appearance, in that she maintains a mouth of razor-edged teeth and her legs are armored and bladed. This form is probably her weakest state, and she only takes it when she needs to move somewhere. Her coloring in this form is the same as in her Creation and Gathering forms.
Cocooner’s fourth and final form was a surprise to Watchers. She assumes the form of a tall, (at least 7 feet) elegant, anthropomorphic insect woman, with features that are a mix between a bee and a moth. Her skin and the light fur coating are a very pale shade of white, and her red, compound-like eyes are set in a human-like position on her face. She possesses four slender arms, lightly covered in a chitinous armor plating. Her breasts are a D-Cup, the nipples as pale as her soft-furred skin. She possesses wide, colorful wings in this form, which can fold up behind herself to look like a cape, creating a very beautiful effect in this elegant form. This was the most rarely seen of her forms, the Watchers that have managed to study her and survive at first believing this is the form she takes when she needs Taming. However, this opinion was revised later on, as she has never been seen taming in this form. She has, however, been seen talking in this form and this form only, leading some to believe that this is the form she takes for communication, and is unable to speak in her other forms. She has also been sighted using this form to infiltrate areas, studying intently everything she sees before flying off and returning in her more monstrous Gathering form. She can only use her Drone Alone legendary salient quality in this state as well. Her most dangerous ability in this form, which earned it the name of Queen form, is her ability to control the Queens of Annt colonies, Buzzbreast hives, and Wasp swarms. In this form she can emit a combination of a pheremonal cocktail and a sonic pulse that completely subverts the will of Feral swarm Queens, allowing her to control all Pokégirls underneath said Queen. She has used this ability two times in confirmed sightings of her Queen form, once to cover her escape when it looked like she would be damaged fatally from a combined attack of many Team-based Tamers and their Forbiddentech equipment, and another time to collect subjects for consumption. The Queen form also has the advantage of being more mobile and agile in battle, so she has sometimes used it instead of her Gathering form in combat.
Cocooner’s body is uniquely designed. Some have called her Sukebe’s greatest creation. Others call her a living nightmare. The general consensus is that both of views are probably correct. Cocooner has the ability to store thousands of different genetic codes inside herself, processing them for different uses. In a sense, Cocooner’s body is a living, totally organic genetics lab. It’s assumed by most Researchers and Watchers is that the reason she keeps eating species of Pokégirl she already has consumed before is that her stockpiles occasionally ‘run out,’ meaning she has to take in more. However, there is a growing suspicion among the scientific community that Cocooner continues to predate on others for the simple enjoyment of it. She would consume victims in her Gathering form, and then process them into a new form, creating a body for them inside her Creation form and encasing them inside a cocoon of her ‘Genetic Glue,’ which would further and complete the mutation. The purple-colored substance, once stuck to a surface outside of Cocooner’s body, would harden quickly. Cocooner can also use her Genetic Glue offensively, spitting it at victims, a single drop capable of spreading to contain an organic, sentient target in just a few minutes. She could also use the tentacles to drag a victim into her Creation form’s pod, coating them in the glue and creating a new cocoon. Humans encased in the glue would become Pokégirls, while Pokégirls encased in it would mutate into a new form entirely.
[CLASSIFIED: Cocooner has also found a way to stave off any need for taming, at least partially. She consumes males she encounters, metabolizing their genetic code inside her own, stabilizing her body as if she had taming. This MUST BE KEPT SECRET. We don’t want the Limbecs getting any bad ideas… :CLASSIFIED]
Cocooner is an amoral, almost malevolent Pokégirl. Her mind works in ways that humans and even other Pokégirls can't even begin to comprehend, her motives for her actions beyond understanding or sympathizing with. She has nothing even remotely resembling human compassion, and is interested only in her experiments or observing other experiments. It’s rumored that she helped Department H scientist Nathaniel Essex in his infamously atrocious work before Department H was dissolved and destroyed. Essex himself has vanished without a trace, his partner John Sublime’s mutilated and partially eaten remains found months later. Cocooner herself, in the few times she has talked to Researchers without attempting to devour them, she admitted that she thinks of the planet as little more than a laboratory, and all of humanity and Pokégirl-kind as experimental subjects. To the surprise of many, however, she has NOT in recent years created a new breed of Pokégirl. There was a boom of new Pokégirl breeds some time after the death of Hy-bra, so it's assumed she needs the genetic material of her sister Legendaries to create new breeds. Obviously, none of the Legendaries are willing to provide it for her, at least from themselves.
There are very few verifiable sightings of the infamous Cocooner nowadays. Watchers have been studying her for years, trying to understand this mysterious Pokégirl. Most information on her comes from seized records and reports from people who just barely survived encounters with her. Any changed by her Genetic Glue lose memories of their past life completely, although in most subjects Bonds are maintained. No one has been able to explain why this is so. Sightings of her are rare, at the most occurring once a year for a few weeks. Some Researchers believed that she was only sighted once a year because she was hibernating for most of it. But after a Journeyman Tamer named Fennix Wright, along with his associates Seymour Botz and Miya Faye, discovered twenty of her cocoons in a Crescent League forest during a period where Cocooner hadn’t been sighted, Researchers began to assume she was allowing herself to be found during the times she has been seen. The cocoons found by the three Tamers have since hatched into Pokégirls, all of known breeds. Authorities have allowed the three Tamers to keep their finds under the condition that they be allowed to study them from time to time.
Cocooner is a dangerous Pokégirl. This Legendary is not to be taken lightly by any means. There’s rumors that her services can be bought through an offering of unique genetic codes she hasn’t encountered before, but with Cocooner’s displayed behavior in the past, this is not a recommended option. If you encounter her, evacuate the area and immediately report the sighting to the authorities. Survivor Bounty rates apply.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Cocooner’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below) nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Cocooner has No Weakness (Level 100). If she were to face a Fire, Flying, or Rock-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Bug/Poison/Flying, at or below level 100, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don't have. Here is Cocooner's lexicon of special attributes:
Genetic Glue: As one soldier from the Pre-Sukebe Era wrote, "This is the stuff that nightmares are made from…" This is the very substance that Cocooner uses to turn humans into Pokégirls. It has been taken, in the form of discarded cocoons, back to many labs and analyzed many times, but it still continues to defy classification and replication, since it too benefits from Cocooner’s Truly Unique Quality.
Pokégirl Artisan: It is true that while Cocooner can and has made more and more copies of existing Pokégirls, it is thought that Cocooner is also the cause of more and more types of Pokégirls appearing, even after the death of Sukebe. It's possible she's mixed existing DNA to create the new types that we have seen come about in the past 300 years. The limits of what kind of Pokégirls she can create, as well as the extent of her control over what is created (if any) is still unknown.
The One True Queen: Though Cocooner is the only one of her kind, in her Queen form Cooconer has the ability to mentally control Queen-type Pokégirls (Annt Queens, Buzzqueens, and Wasp Queens) and take command of their colony/hive/swarm. She can use this to protect herself, or to use them as gatherers when it is too risky for she herself to show up.
Drone Alone: Cocooner, while in her Queen form, has a special ability to flap her wings in a certain manner that it creates a light, subsonic buzzing, affecting anyone around her. Whoever “hears” the buzzing, despite not being audible, fails to notice the source of the buzzing as long as she doesn’t attract attention to herself. This is the secret of how Cocooner has managed to defy sighting and capture over the years, by hiding in plain sight. Because the buzzing carries in the air, it also works vibrationally, so even the deaf are not immune to its power. Since this mind-affecting ability is not delivered psychically or magically, resistances to mind-affecting affects only work one-fourth as well as normal.
Quadsting - (ATK 50) Cocooner stings with all four of her Gathering form's stingers at once. There is a 30% chance that a random negative status effect will be inflicted from each stinger.
Toxic Sting - (ATK+EFT) Cocooner stings the opponent with a highly toxic sting, attempting to inflict every negative status effect at once. 20% chance of success per sting.
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COMBUSTICUNT, the Pyro Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: anything spicy
Role: hothead, smith
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Evade, Focus Energy, Rage
Enhancements: Heat Aura
Evolves: Blazicunt (normal)
Evolves From: Torch Chick (normal)
A Torch Chick that gains enough experience (both in combat and in the Taming room) evolves to a Combusticunt. Most Torch Chicks who are owned by local smithies never reach this evolution, since they know that they’d be trading loyalty for bitchiness.
A Combusticunt’s looks are enhanced from when she was a Torch Chick, and more birdlike. She retains the deeply tanned skin and fiery-colored hair, but around her collarbone, and stretching down to between her breasts are soft, small feathers of red and orange. These feathers are downy soft and warm, not course like a bird's feathers. A Combusticunt’s claws are stronger now, allowing her to use them in combat. The irises and pupils of her eyes are now a single, uniform red against the white of the rest of her eyes, giving them a slightly disturbing look. A Combusticunt's bust increases a cup size, becoming a B-cup, and lose none of their nipple sensitivity. Combusticunts tend to shamelessly present themselves without clothing most of the time, reveling in their new looks and enjoying the attention they get.
Combusticunts are known for their short and explosive tempers and are often compared to angst-ridden teenagers (and look much like them also). Their bodies, like other Fire-types, are quite warm, but when angered, their body temperature skyrockets, causing them to use their Ignite attack. Since Combusticunts have such explosive tempers, they become belligerent and unpleasant with everyone, even their Tamer. While they don’t desire sex any less, they tend to become pushy, making a scene unless they’re Tamed when and how they want. Combusticunts do still obey orders given to them, but tend to need to be told two or three times, and even then tend to bitch about it while obeying. Given that the notable loyalty they held as a Torch Chick is now missing, more than one Tamer has exasperatedly referred to a Combusticunt as almost being more trouble than their worth.
The “almost" refers to a Combusticunt’s battle ability. Though their powers are nothing special, a Combusticunt’s fiery spirit makes them determined combatants. Nothing short of unconsciousness (and orgasm) makes them quit the field…sometimes even not even orders from their Tamer can make them withdraw. Combusticunts in a pokebattle hurl themselves at their opponent, slinging flames at every opportunity. Combusticunts are smart enough to use their Napalm attack to try to maneuver enemies into positions where they can’t escape being hit by a Flamethrower, preferably after it’s been enhanced by Focus Energy. Should they find themselves losing, however, a Combusticunt tends to Rage, relying on pure, unquenchable will to carry the day when nothing else seems to be working.
When being Tamed, Combusticunts still prefer to be in full-body contact with their Tamer. However, they now prefer to be on top whenever possible, grinding their sensitive nipples against their Tamer’s chest to bring themselves to a heady orgasm. Many Tamers prefer to have their Combusticunt soak in cool water prior to Taming (or even Taming them while in the water), despite the fact that a Combusticunt’s pussy, while hot, isn’t painful. This is mostly so it enervates a Combusticunt to the point where she’s pleasantly passive during the Taming instead of acting like a needy bitch. However, this technique has been known to backfire, as sometimes a Combusticunt would grow so pissed that they accidentally used Ignite, and caused the water to boil!
Feral Combusticunts are as ornery as when they’ve been Tamed. They tend to use Ignite on themselves at even the first sign of danger to deter potential attackers.
Threshold girls usually don’t directly become Combusticunts, but those who do tend to be pissy about almost everything, and their families tend to be glad to see them go by the time they fully become a Combusticunt.
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CORALA, the Coral Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Rocks, silt, water, plankton
Role: Reef gardeners, waterfront protectors, underwater combat
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Harden, Unmoveable, Water Spear, Rock Throw, Water Tower, No Sell, Water Floor, Rock Cube, Geyser, Rock Boulder, Bubble Cross, Spiked Rock Boulder, Hydro Pump, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Durability (x30), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Density control, Precious coral generation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Corala were one of the more surprising discovers in the past few decades. For years after the Revenge War, there were reports of mysterious crashes of sailing ships in tropical areas of the world, the hulls torn to shreds by an unknown substance. It took several years of careful investigation, but the source was eventually discovered to be a new type of deep sea Pokégirl. The interesting thing about them is that their bodies were composed almost entirely of coral.
The first colony of these coral Pokégirls, dubbed quite simply the Corala, were discovered by a specialized undersea investigation device inside one of the deepest undersea trenches. Theories about their origins have been tossed about for years, but no conclusive evidence has been found one way or another. There are two theories that seem to be the most popular. The first is that Sukebe simply dumped some of his magical runoff into the water, mutating coral reefs into Pokégirls. The second is that Sukebe created them deliberately to help maintain the coral reefs, the Pokégirls a living expression of his disgust with humanity.
Corala are elegant Pokégirls, slim and slender with curvaceous bodies and firm rumps and breasts. They have silky hair that feels like polished, flexible precious coral. Their bodies are primarily formed from calcium carbonite structures of precious coral, most of their organic internal organs protected by their armor-like outer shell. They can generate spikes of precious coral from their outer shells, which can be broken off to use for jewelry, or which can be by the Corala themselves as projectiles in their Spike Cannon attack. They have complete control over their coral armor-body’s density, allowing themselves to be soft enough for Taming or hard enough to take tremendous amounts of punishment. Their armor-body regenerates quickly when damaged, and is always growing at a slow but steady rate, causing the formation of their trademark spiky armor. Canny Tamers can harvest and sell the spikes for a profit.
Corala are surprisingly strong, durable Pokégirls. They can take large amounts of punishment, and have strength equal to some of the more powerful combat-oriented Pokégirls. They have powerful Rock-type and Water-type abilities at their command as well, their primary attacks being strikes and projectiles of spikes of ultra-hardened precious coral. This, combined with their regeneration and beauty, make them desirable to Tamers. This is not to say that they are not without a downside.
Corala have some of the lowest intelligence levels any Pokégirl out there. They aren’t as dumb as a Trollop, but they tend to take things too literally. If a Tamer sarcastically says ‘give me a break,’ then they will break a bone on the Tamer’s body. If a Tamer tells them to ‘go fuck themselves’, they will immediately go off and masturbate somewhere. They don’t understand metaphors or sarcasm. The only things they seem good at is maintaining coral reefs and fighting, although a patient, canny trainer can teach them to do more. They just have to explain the task they want done VERY CAREFULLY and in EXACT DETAIL.
Coralas are fairly easygoing in terms of Taming. Like most tasks, they are somewhat dim on it until taught. Then they enjoy it greatly, becoming willing to try anything their Tamer wants after the first few times. It’s best not to do too much bizarre Taming with them at first, as they could very easily become disturbed by it and not allow themselves to be Tamed, despite their body’s need for it. Due to their strength, it’s best to tame them with heavy restraints, which are available at most retailers for semi-reasonable prices. No known Threshold cases that have resulted in a Corala have been recorded.
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COYOTITS, The Brawling Bitch Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic
Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: Raw Fish, Raw Meat whenever they can get it; will accept finer brands of Pokéchow
Role: Front Line Fighter
Libido: Average (Very High during Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Cat-types, Rabbit-types.
Weak Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Drill Kick Gatling Punch, High Kick, Magic Fist, Phoenix Down, Dazzle, Exorcism, Sketch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Smell (x3), Natural Fighting Skill, Magic Affinity
Evolves: Lickario (Anubust’s Blessing [Evolution Method Classified])
Evolves From: None
During the War of Revenge, when the Western portion of the formerly United States of America was physically separated from the rest of the continent thanks to the Legendary Pokégirl Typhonna’s Ebony Void technique, it came under siege of many Pokégirl forces. While Nevada and Oregon got hit badly, California was one of the areas worst off. The cities of Sacramento, (currently Golden Poppy) San Diego, (Windy Shores) and Los Angeles suffered some of the heaviest casualties at the time, with the later of the cities being wiped from the face of the map. However, the cities managed to come back with time thanks to the eventual Domestication of a breed that had been inflicted upon them, a Pokégirl that, while rough around the edges, could be made into a hard worker and faithful companion: Coyotits.
The Coyotits are an interesting breed of Pokégirl that are their own branch of Canine-type that exists alongside the Growlie and Hound evolutionary lines. However, what has interesting about this breed is that while the other two have spread about the Leagues in solid numbers, the only known Feral population of Coyotits is within the borders of Sunshine League. While the Ursine is the official Pokégirl of the League, the Coyotits breed enjoys a level of popularity that not only surpasses it, but even excels beyond that of that of the Bunnygirl and Kittens breeds within the Gold Continent.
While nowhere near as human as some Bunnygirls and Kittens are, (with the exception of a few Domestic Near-Human specimens) Coyotits are unusual as unlike most canine Pokégirls, the Not Very Near Human variation has a face that is more human-like then canine. With a set of delightfully large C-Cup breasts, and a coat of fur that has a natural sheen, (while normally brown or tan, there are members with white, silver or black fur) some fans of the breed have compared the Coyotits to Angels for their unnatural beauty, despite the rather rough and tumble lifestyle most of the breed follows.
When it comes to the population of the breed within the Gold Continent, the Feral Coyotits are far more common and more dangerous, depending on straight forward combat to deal heavy blows to anything they target. They roam the land in search of a good fight and the bare necessities of life. It’s interesting to note that Feral Coyotits will follow a Tamer to the ends of the earth if they defeat her in battle, yet do not capture her. They will stalk their target for however long it takes to challenge again, just to fight and prove she’s the better combatant. Feral specimens and only recently Tamed Coyotits are noted for having a Not Very Near Human appearance.
Although they’ve been Tamed and used for centuries, Domestic Coyotits are generally rarer to come across. Noted for being Near Human, they generally tend to devote their magical abilities to become healers and work in Pokécenters rather than fighters; they excel greatly in the areas of Faith and White Magic. It should be noted though that many of the higher-ranking members of the All-Pokégirl Army that took Stockton during Mao’s Rebellion were Domestic Coyotits. Such an event had a negative backlash on this variation of the Coyotits popularity within the Gold Continent, which has lead to the majority of Sunshine League Tamers to prefer to capture Feral Coyotits over depending on Domestics.
The Coyotits are notorious as combatant Pokégirls, who are blessed with not only a natural instinct for fighting, but a natural prowess for magic; when they apply themselves, they can add quite a variety to their already solid plethora of combat-oriented skills. However, the Coyotits is considered one of the more ‘grab bag’ Pokégirls. Because even though she has the capability to learn, she does so to her preferences rather than what is ‘best’. Coyotits who prefer to learn from their various opponents will develop more skills in that vein, while Coyotits who prefers to heal, will have more support abilities and techniques.
However, regardless of whatever variation of fighting-style or preferred magical abilities they possess, Coyotits are Pokégirls that live for the fight and a challenging opponent. Oddly enough, when they face another Fighting-type Pokégirl, they prefer to use their strength and tactical intelligence to over-power an enemy rather than any fancy martial arts moves. For other Pokégirl opponents, the Coyotits are not above using powerful magic or dirty tricks, especially if either her strength or intelligence isn’t enough to give her the edge she needs against her adversary.
When it comes to Taming, Coyotits are noted for wanting to entertain Tamers they like with exotic dancing. With erotic movements and a level of sensuality, Coyotits with tease and entice their Tamers as they dance for his pleasures. They especially are fond of the Strip Tease techniques and dancing out in the open, especially when under the light of a full moon. Unfortunately, despite the creativity and energy they put into dancing, they are surprisingly unimaginative when it comes to the actual Taming! For them, the only ‘true’ position of Doggy-style. When a Tamer tries anything else, it’s surprisingly easy to get them off with how ‘erotic’ they feel any variation is. (How a Pokégirl can see the Missionary position as one of the greatest heights of eroticism is something that Researchers are still baffled over to this day).
Although unheard of outside of the Sunshine League, within the borders of the Cold Continent, there are cases of girls going through Threshold becoming Coyotits. While the numbers of Near Human Coyotits are prevalent as the outcome for a Threshold Coyotits, a Not Very Near Human appearance as an end result is not unheard of.
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CRYSTALLINE (insert name here), the Crystal (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: As Base Type (Very Near Human becomes Near Human) Element: As Base Type
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: as base type
Role: as base type, showpiece, defense
Libido: as base type
Strong Vs: as base type, sex attacks
Weak Vs: as base type, sonic attacks
Attacks: as base type plus Reflect, Flare, Unmovable, Stomp
Enhancements: as base type plus Toughness, High Density (x15; added to base type’s natural High Density, if any), Enhanced Strength (x7; added to base type’s natural Enhanced Strength, if any), Natural Armor
Evolves: As Base Type
Evolves From: Base type (or any Rock-type with a Shiny Stone)
No one is quite sure what it takes to make a Rock-type Pokégirl into a Crystalline Pokégirl. Some say they need to be subjected to extreme heat, others say extreme pressure, and others say that they are simply flukes, born that way. Whatever the case, it is known that only a Rock-type Pokégirl can become a Crystalline Pokégirl. This means that should the Pokégirl ever evolve into a non-Rock-type, she un-becomes a Crystalline Pokégirl, even if she later becomes a Rock-type again.
A Crystalline Pokégirl resembles her previous form, but her beauty is enhanced. She now appears to have been made from precious gems instead of rocks. Her body still retains curves, though she is quite hard, and quite heavy. Most Tamers keep them on the bottom so they aren’t crushed during a Taming. A Crystalline Pokégirl’s hair is the only part of her that remains soft, though it still sparkles as if made out of jeweled polymers.
Crystalline Pokégirls act the same as their base type for the most part. However, they tend to develop a streak of arrogance, since they quickly come to realize how beautiful, and how valuable, they are.
A Crystalline Pokégirl is a sign of great wealth and affluence, since they are so rare and are formed of smooth gems. Many pokethieves dream of the day they’ll make their big “score” and steal a Crystalline Pokégirl, to be sold, living or dead, on the black market for a fortune. Such dreams rarely come true though, since it’s very difficult to overcome a Crystalline Pokégirl’s potent defenses to capture her.
A Crystalline Pokégirl isn’t a very fast fighter, but with her defensive abilities, she doesn’t have to be. Her Toughness and Natural Armor enhancements allow her to easily shrug off most damage that would seriously harm other Pokégirls. In addition, her naturally sparkling form can use the Reflect attack to lessen incoming damage. If grabbed, her High Density enhancement makes it hard for foes to move her, and she can make this even stronger with her Unmovable power. Of course, most foes don’t even get this close to begin with, since she can reflect light off of herself at their eyes to use the Flare attack, and then knock them over with the Stomp attack. Most Crystalline Pokégirls rely on their base type’s attacks for offensive attacks.
Feral Crystalline Pokégirls are captured almost immediately, since no one in their right mind would let such a prize out of their sight once they see one. Most Tamers use ranged attacks against the Pokégirl, exploiting her natural weaknesses until she’s worn down enough to capture. Threshold girls have virtually never been known to become a Crystalline Pokégirl when they transform into a Rock-type, though there have been some very isolated instances of it..
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CUDILDO, the Lone Bone Avenger Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Revenge
Libido: Extremely low
Strong Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dildorang, Dildo Club, Headbutt, Rage
Enhancements: Skull-like Mask, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Revenge Sense
Disadvantages: Single Minded, Deep Depression (After revenge is taken)
Evolves: Marowhack (Revenge Taken, Given Meaning)
Evolves From: Any Pokégirl with at least a delta bond when her tamer is murdered and possessed of an intense desire for revenge.
When a Pokégirl’s Tamer dies, often the sense of loss is profound, but more often than not, the Pokégirl is eventually able to move on and continue with her life. However, there are some Pokégirls—thus far, mostly delta-bonded Pokégirls—who are unable to move on, whose connection with their Tamer was so strong that revenge consumes their existence, turning them into something simultaneously more and less than what they were before: the Cudildo. Cudildo are a mysterious breed of Pokégirl. No one is sure why or how this particular breed was created, as no records mentioning her were found in any of Sukebe's notes. A small group theorizes that the Cudildo is the first true 'random' evolution to come into being, as the Pokégirl has little similarity to her previous form, some forgoing a great deal of power and skill for the sake of revenge, making her, in many respects, like the Penance.
Upon her evolution, her appearance can change dramatically depending on her previous form. At the very least, most become very near human in appearance, losing any extra appendages or inhuman features such as tails, claws, wings, feathers, and fur. By and large, however, the Pokégirl will retain her previous figure, be it the busty frame of a Boobisaur or the lithe body of an Amazonkapoeraa. In a majority of cases, the skin gains a darker hue, and the hair becomes black, but there are exceptions. The one thing that distinguishes the Cudildo most of all physically, however, is her skull mask, which leaves only her eyes, the end of her nose, her mouth, and her lower jaw exposed, staying in place without the assistance of any straps or bindings. While it is removable, while she lives, only the Cudildo can remove it—typically for taming—and even the strength of an Amachamp has proven insufficient to separate it from her against her will. Her other distinguishing feature is the four-foot long bone club she wields as a weapon, having an innate deadly skill with it, even using it as a ranged weapon that returns to her after being thrown. No one is sure where these items come from, but rumors have circulated that they are actually pieces of their former tamer that they have taken.
Mentally the Cudildo literally has a one-track mind. With her almost non-existent libido, she dedicates every moment of her waking day to tracking down and avenging her tamer, some traveling across entire continents seeking out their killer. By using her bone club as a dildo, combined with her almost non-existent libido, she can stave off the need for taming for extended periods of time (one Cudildo was rumored to stave off the need for over two years before she caught up with her prey and kill him). Should a Cudildo actually reach the feral state, which is extremely rare, she begins to act confused and will wander about muttering to herself as if she was looking for something she lost. Should she come across a human during this time, she will attempt to tame him and be on her way. Because of their desire for revenge, their Taming habits, as far as they can be distinguished, are efficient, mechanical, and minimalist. Interestingly enough, a bond has never been formed in this manner while a Cudildo is on the hunt. Whether this is merely because there are so few feral Cudildos and it’s just never happened yet, or if it’s part of her desire to keep moving it unknown.
Her one-track mind mentality also carries over to combat. A Cudildo is an efficient, up-front fighter, using her great strength and tough skin to quickly beat her opponent into submission, presumably so they can keep on the move during their hunt. However, should their opponent prove too strong to defeat, the Cudildo will retreat—the matter of greatest importance is not that they win every battle they face, but that, in the end, they avenge their Tamer’s death. In the case that their target proves too strong to kill on their own, a Cudildo will seek assistance, either in becoming stronger, or in gaining allies capable of helping the Cudildo achieve her revenge. Some Cudildos even go so far as to align themselves with morally questionable forces, such as the Teams, in order to achieve their goals; however, just as many, having been bound to morally upstanding Tamers, would never even consider an alliance and so tarnish their Tamers’ memories. However, should a Cudildo believe she can kill her Tamer’s murderer with a suicide attack, she will not hesitate to do so, believing this to be the most honorable and worthy death she can ever achieve. The Cudildo also has a sixth sense that allows them to know whether the target of their vengeance is alive or dead, even if the target has arranged it extremely convincingly to seem otherwise. Despite this, they are not able to track their target with this sense, and so they often require the assistance of a Tamer in order to deliver justice to more canny quarries.
Once she achieves her vengeance, the Cudildo slips into a state of deep depression. Usually she seeks somewhere quiet she can hide as she slowly lets herself die, finally overwhelmed by the grief she has kept bottled up inside during her quest for revenge. It generally takes a great deal of patience and understanding to deal with a Cudildo during this stage. If the Pokégirl has been captured during her quest, however, and her Tamer assists her in seeking revenge, she will usually open up more and actively try to stave off the deadly depression so long as she has the affections of the tamer, eventually leading to her evolution into the Marowhack.
No known threshold cases of the Cudildo exist, thankfully, likely due to the unique circumstances resulting in her evolution.
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CUNNYDEW, the Sweet Aphid Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic humanoid (insectile)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (TOO common in some tropical areas)
Diet: vegetarian, particularly tree sap
Role: honey and ambrosia production
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Poison, Honey, Honey Syrup, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup
Enhancements: Ambrosia production, small size, Toughness (x4), compound eyes, poison glands under fingernails
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Like the Milktit, the Cunnydew is not a fighting Pokégirl. Instead, they are designed to provide nutritious and tasty food substances. In this case, the Cunnydew eats carbohydrate-rich foods and secretes the excess sugar in her vaginal fluids during arousal and orgasm, producing a delicious substance called ambrosia or nectar. Like Milktit milk, a Cunnydew’s ambrosia may be modified to heal Pokégirls, in which case it is called Honey, or to refresh them, in which case it is called Syrup. Cunnydew nectar is a component in the evolution of certain Pokégirls (Shieldmaiden’s evolution to Barriermaiden and Merrowl’s to Mountain Cat both call for it), and it can also be used to produce various meads and wines. Naturally, Cunnydew is popular with food and beverage enthusiasts, as well as with Bug Pokégirls, the Sugar Kitten line, and bear-like Pokégirls.
Cunnydews are small Pokégirls, easily identified by their brightly-colored skins (compared by some to soft chitin, especially in feral Cunnydews), compound eyes, and long, thin antennae that curve down their backs. Since they are common and mild-mannered enough to make good pets, there are some Cunnydew enthusiast groups that show them in contests, judging them visually on the color and condition of their skin and orally on the taste of their ambrosia. Cunnydews are typically pale green in color, though dark green, pink, yellow, and red colorings have all been recorded. Hair is typically green, but blonde, white, and red have been noted.
As a species, Cunnydews are intelligent enough to realize that they are not good at combat, and to pick up a variety of domestic skills to make up for said lack. Their Honey and Syrup abilities give them something of a reputation as a poor man’s healer, and their friendly, affectionate, helpful, and upbeat attitudes make them an instant winner in almost any harem.
Despite having a high libido and lacking any sort of assertiveness, Cunnydews almost never have to worry about not getting Tamed enough, especially if they share a harem with Pokégirls who love sweet things. They love receiving oral sex but are open to trying other forms, and have additional erogenous zones on their stomachs and breasts, making them a good choice for pets and for female Tamers. They dislike being on their backs, as their antennae are long enough to be harmed by this.
Feral Cunnydews are frequently captured and herded about by stronger feral Pokégirls like Buzz types, who protect them from predators (and the occasional Tamer) and provide them with food in exchange for their ambrosia. Since giving ambrosia involves receiving cunnilingus, the Cunnydews never seem to mind this arrangement. Cunnydews encountered without guardians are easy to catch; their only attack seems to be a scratch from their fingernails, coated in a painful but mostly harmless poison from glands at the base, and most Cunnydews would rather flee than fight.
Like many Bug-types, Cunnydew Pokégirls are quite fecund when reproducing by parthenogenesis, less so when reproducing sexually as Pokéwomen. Second puberty typically occurs suddenly, in the late fall when the weather cools-- it has been discovered that Cunnydews in tropical regions that do not experience the weather cooling never have second puberty and reproduce parthenogenically all their lives. This has led to overpopulation of Cunnydews in some parts of the world, with devastating effects on farms and sugar plantations.
Threshold Cunnydews tend at first to be alarmed at losing mass and suddenly seeing everything in compound. However, exploratory masturbation and the discovery of their own nectar seems to soothe them, along with the realization that with being a Pokégirl comes frequent and pleasurable oral sex. They are usually sold to Tradesmen who specialize in Cunnydew-nectar goods.
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CUNTA-RATCHA, the Supreme Pest Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Cockroach Animorph)
Element: Bug/Dark
Frequency: Common (Feral), Uncommon (Domestic)
Diet: Anything organic
Role: Sewage Cleanup, Garbage Disposal, Seen in harems rarely
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Poison, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Ghost
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Fighting
Attacks: Itchy Dust, Sleep Powder, Dark Bomb, Quick Attack, Air Recovery
Enhancements: Speed x7, Can survive major body damage –including decapitation, irradiation, up to the destruction of several major body organs at once. Slow regeneration
Weaknesses: Small size (3.5-4.5’), Frail, Cannot recover from fire or acid.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cunta-Ratcha are not one of the most popular Pokégirls out there, though this is not because of their looks. These insect Pokégirls have an impressive (for their frame) B cup. Their hair ranging from browns to black, though the rest of their body remains hairless. In general, they look almost as cute as a Cutiepie, and are only just slightly taller than their Cutiepie cousins. They are most definitely insects though, with a pair of antennae sprouting from their foreheads just inside their hairline. Their feet, while darker in coloration than the rest of their light skin, have small clinging claws on the soles of their feet, allowing them to walk normally or perform such feats as walking up walls (though they cannot stick to slick surfaces). Their eyes are compound eyes, colored a uniform brown and a little wider than a normal human’s. On her back is what seems to be a brown or black colored cape, but is actually a set of wings. The Cunta-Ratcha can glide easily with these wings, but can only fly for short bursts or from high drop off points. These bug Pokégirls only have an endoskeleton, made up of hard chitin instead of bone material, which makes her bones somewhat stronger and a bit more flexible than that of an average human. Their skin ranges in the human norm, but is often pale due to their nocturnal nature.
Cunta-Ratcha are found feral in almost every city across the world, but oddly their feral numbers drastically decrease when outside of cities. This is speculated to be due to predation from other ferals in the wilds. They usually occupy places like sewers with other wild Pokégirls like Titmice, but can often be found in abandoned or poorly kept buildings. Many cities use some form of ‘pest Pokégirl control’ type Tradesman to keep the numbers of Cunta-Ratcha down to manageable levels. It is fortunate that these Pokégirls are not prone to similar fecundity of the insects they were based off of, and only produce 1or 2 Pokékits per litter, otherwise, their numbers would be that much more difficult to maintain.
Cunta-Ratcha are very active, hustling about and looking –and getting- into everything. This is a problem, since a Cunta-Ratcha’s are indiscriminant about what they eat, including spoiled foods, and diseases can easily be spread by this Pokégirl’s comings and goings. Domestic Cunta-Ratcha are rare, since even when domestic they are still indiscriminate about what they eat. Many Cunta-Ratchas are aware that this is considered disgusting, and will curb or hide their eating habits from their owners or Tamers. Only threshold Cunta-Ratcha seem to avoid eating the more disgusting forms organic material entirely, though many have odd craving combinations of regular food. Both domestic and threshold have submissive personalities, and enjoy being with others. These crowd loving Pokégirls often find work at stores when owned as pets, as their mathematic skills are near that of a living calculator.
In a Tamer’s Harem, Cunta-Ratcha are more suited to a support role than a fighting role since they have very few offensive moves. Their strongest attack is Dark Bomb, though few Cunta-Ratcha have enough energy to use this technique more than once per day, especially when feral. They do possess one incredible trait that is similar to the Trollop line of Pokégirl. They have a slow regenerative ability that allows them to heal from even decapitation. This ability is no where near as fast as a Trollop’s, taking around a week for the regeneration of an arm, and in one documented case of a decapitated survivor of a Panthress attack it took a month to regenerate her head (she was fed via a stomach tube during the time her head was missing). This may seem like a well sought after Pokégirl, but with such a frail body it is easy for her to get beaten to need this ability –as a few documented cases of pitting a Cunta-Ratcha against other second tier evolutions resulted in the Cunta-Ratcha needing to be rushed to the Pokécenter.
Cunta-Ratcha are generally submissive in taming, though very energetic and eager to please. They often enjoy group sessions, claiming ‘the more the merrier’, and are not adverse to lying on their backs, as their wings are somewhat pliable. Threshold Cunta-Ratcha usually come from a background with insect types, though mainly from Cunta-Ratcha. These girls are usually bemoan their loss of humanity, but tend to find jobs in mathematical areas like accounting. One of the usual signs of thresholding into a Cunta-Ratcha are incredibly strange food cravings, which can sometimes be confused with pregnancy in late thresholders.
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CUNTDOR, The Desert Queen Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Animorph (Condor)
Element: Flying/Ground
Frequency: Uncommon (Hot Deserts) Very Rare (everywhere else)
Diet: Carnivore, Carrion
Role: Desert Savior, corpse disposal
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Squall, Dive, Mach Breaker, Feather Shuriken, Wing Attack, Mouth to Mouth*, Glorious Sun, Fury Swipes, Smirk, Stomp, Taunt
Enhancements: Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2) Disease & Poison resistance, High heat resistance, Specialized Digestion system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
She isn’t called the Queen of the desert because she is incredibly powerful, nor does she somehow command the very earth to obey her, no it is because eventually everything in her domain will fall beneath her claws. Whether it is through the blazing heat or complete lack of food and water, few can out-survive in her desert.
Cuntdors are massive Pokégirls, standing 7 feet at their shortest, and near 10 feet at the maximum, though they appear shorter than they really are because they are almost always hunched over. This poor posture is deceptive, as their muscle structure is altered slightly to increase her strength significantly. Based of the Condors of the pre-Sukebe era, the Cuntdors will not be winning any beauty pageants any time soon. Their feathers are either black or a dirty brown, and usually cover her wings, tail and back on domestics, though every part of her body is covered in it from the neck down in feralborne individuals. With wings for arms, she luckily shares a similar trait with some of the more 'advanced' bird type Pokégirls. Her thumb and four fingers of her hand are present, but the structure and function of the last digit (pinky finger) is to support the wing. This avian has one of the largest wing spans of bird Pokégirls, at near 40 feet from wing tip to wing tip. Her feet end in sharp talons and her legs are reverse jointed like most other birds.
Her face is where most people get turned off. Not particularly ugly, but she has a very sharp, pointed face. From her neck up, her skin a very leathery red color and she is completely bald. And she almost never smiles. She is constantly glaring or glowering at something or another. If you can get one to crack a smile, either you are funny as hell or one great lover. Her breasts are an D to F cup, but they appear mostly proportionate to her large frame. Inside her breasts are specialized glands that process nutrients from her body, and they will grow or shrink slowly with use.
Her role in the desert is two fold. She can be found flying high in the sky, sometimes for days on end without stopping, in search of food. Her primary food is dead or dying Pokégirls. She will follow a wounded Pokégirl for as long as she needs until they die from exposure and she can feast. However, they do need to eat, and will hunt down Pokégirls if hungry enough. If a tamer is looking for an easy catch in the desert, all they have to do is find the circling Cuntdors. Her other role is something opposed to this little fact. Cuntdors were actually created to save dying tamers found in the desert.
No one really knows why Sukebe created the Cuntdor. Some theorize that even if the Pokégirls had won the war, males would be a precious commodity and they didn’t want any of them to die needlessly in the harsh climates of the deserts. Others assume that these Pokégirls were originally created to assist in Desert maneuvers and retrieve sensitive materials or rescue Pokégirl commanders. Either way, the term “Circling Cuntdors” is actually an expression of relief and happiness, since it means that they will be soon saved. Upon finding a human lost and dying in her domain, she will swoop down to help them, even if she is feral (which leans credentials to those researchers who side with the first theory). She then proceeds to use her Mouth to Mouth attack on them to return the necessary nutrients. This unique technique is actually process from whatever she has eaten and digested, then turned into a nutrient rich paste that she stores in her breasts. People try to ignore this little fact when feeding from her since it tastes rather good. Though some Tamers will continue to ask for a feeding should she become part of their harem, though most often, her diet is switched to meats like fish and Kattle. After rescuing a human, she will then shelter the weakened human beneath her large body for as long as they need, feeding and caring for them until they are better. Then she will set them on her back and fly them to civilization, but not before getting a taming as payment. Being such a strong flyer, she barely feels their weight.
In harems, Cuntdors get along with most Pokégirls, as long as they are left alone. She is the definition of stoic, staying quiet for hours on end, with her one expression of disdain on her face. One she does speak, it is usually a biting remark that both insults and helps whoever it is directed towards. Towards her tamer, she is a bit of curiosity. Her glaring and glowering might lesson a little bit when speaking to them, but usually it looks like she smells something rotten. She seems to like walking behind them constantly them, towering over even the tallest humans. Most people would find this rather unnerving, but the tamers find it rather comforting, especially since she is usually the one that had saved their lives. When she wants taming, she usually just walks up behind them and encases them both in her large wings. She will then sits and spread her legs as to give them access to her. Due to how thick her feather are, it is possible for a Cuntdor and her tamer to tame in the middle of crowded room and no one would notice until her wings open and the smell of sex wafts by.
It wouldn’t be hard to believe to hear that Cuntdors are powerful fighters. Just through seer size, she can easily overpower smaller opponents. Her Taunt and Smirk attacks are particularly powerful, doing twice as much as others. When fighting, she will use her massive wing span to buffet her opponents with powerful winds. Should she be fighting in her natural desert environment, this will cause large sandstorms to kick up, blinding her opponent. It should be noted that it is unwise to try to forcibly confront a Cuntdor in her natural habitat. She will use hit and run tactics to slowly chip away at her attackers and let the harsh climate take their toll on them. Using Mach Breaker, Dive, and Stomp in tandem are often deadly maneuvers. It is wiser to fake exhaustion and let her come to you and bond with her through a taming. She is not afraid to get face to face with her attackers either. Her legs are powerful and her claws razor sharp. One particularly nasty tactic is she will knock over a Pokégirl, then stomp them to the ground. When the Pokégirl is moaning in pain, she will use her Fury Swipes attack to rake her opponent.
Mouth to Mouth - (SPEC ATK): Unique to the Cuntdor. This technique is used to feed dying tamers and bring them back to health. Using nutrients processed from her bloodstream, she creates a very nutritious paste like solution from the glands in her breasts. This gland system is connected to tubes ending in the pokegirl's mouth. Despite how disgusting it looks outwardly, it taste rather good and a person could live off it indefinitely. It has very slight healing properties to help with the sunburns, but it won't be mending any broken bones.
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CUNTNAW, the Attractive Alligator Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph - Alligator
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon (Johto League), Very Rare (Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Firefighter departments, water-based security. Sometimes used as fishermen assistants.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Tackle, Tail Slap, Takedown, Bubblebeam, Tidal Wave, Water Gun, Water Spear, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x5), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Evolves: Feraligarter (normal)
Evolves From: Titodile (normal)
Where Titodiles were often paired with Squirtitty during the War of Revenge to make them a balanced Water-type fighting force, the Cuntnaw could act as a single operative. Rather aggressive and very brutal with their tactics for dealing with perceived enemies, their strengthened jaws, thicker hides, and wider arrange of skills were put to use when dealing with the forces of humanity. Like their previous form, they would stick by rivers, stalking human-controlled forces, however unlike the Titodile, they would allow their prey to get into the water. The Cuntnaw would then launch their attack when they had their prey when they wanted them. It’s difficult for a human to move, let alone run in water but not for a Cuntnaw to swim. Indeed, they were an overall vicious improvement over the already solidly skilled Titodile.
In modern time day, these aspects of the Cuntnaw which made her so feared have been Tamed and put to use for humanity. Because of their now thicker hide and larger array of water capabilities, Cuntnaw, (and their next level of evolution, the Feraligarter) are well suited to fighting fire, where they can rescue people trapped in burning buildings with little worry concerning their surroundings. After all, the protective and often leathery skin of a Cuntnaw is universal across the species, allowing them to keep moving in dangerous situations, whereas Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) only have strong shells for protection, forcing them to retreat into said shells when danger is present. And the fact that Cuntnaws and Feraligarters are stronger than Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) means that they can lift and move heavier objects in a dangerous situation. It’s also said that they’re able to hold their breath much longer, it is rather comparable as they’re highly active when underwater. It should be noted that while they’re very good at fishing, their takes are often smaller than they ought to be due their habit of snacking on their catches while they work.
Upon evolution, the physical differences between the Ferals and the Domestic breeds of Titodile are gone. Both types of Cuntnaw stand roughly 6’ in height, but their total length can be almost double that as their tails will extend considerably, often gaining another 3’ to 4’ feet in length. Their somewhat bumpy scales begin to smoothen out yet become more patched between, almost like a texture of leather. One of the most startling changes is to that of the ridges along the length of their spine. This scaly ridge increases a bit in size and whereas their scaled skin is a blue coloration, the ridge becomes a bright crimson. There is, however, very little change in their breast-size, especially if they were already a C-cup as they will only expand to a larger end of that size rather than become a D-Cup. Fortunately, despite their breast size, they are still quite fast in the water thanks to their natural enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique.
In PokéBattle, a Cuntnaw puts her newfound powers and build to great use. True, the Cuntnaw loses a bit of land-speed with this evolution, but that is the only downside. They are blessed with a plethora of Water techniques to allow them to put the hurt on many Fire and Rock-type Pokégirls, while their natural strength and swimming speed allows them to stand up to most other Water-types, even a Gynadose will find herself hard-pressed against a skillful group of Cuntnaw. However, this same set of strengths and skills means that Feral Cuntnaws make for an especially dangerous opponent. They’ve sometimes been noted as attacking fishing ships that make the unfortunate mistake of being in the Cuntnaw’s territory. Most Feral Cuntnaws will attack intruding boats, seeking to damage or sink them, heedless of the fact that damaging our outright sinking a boat will cause it to stay in her claimed area longer.
When it comes to Taming a Cuntnaw, one cannot deny that they are enthusiastic about sex, surprising considering their average libido. However, like the Titodile, this Pokégirl has problems with anatomy getting in the way of their pleasure. However, due to their new muscular state and tougher skin, some Tamers find that their Cuntnaws will allow for some aspects of S&M to come into play. With the proper supports and chains, a Cuntnaw can be supported or possibly hung in certain ways which will allow the tail to be kept out of the way and allow for a Tamer to get right to work! Because of this, Cuntnaws don’t mind sharing their turn Taming with one of the Domina breed. It is also still advised for a Tamer to NOT allow a Cuntnaw to give them head unless they don’t mind the nickname of ‘Stubby’.
Although Cuntnaw is a considerably rare outcome for girls going through Threshold, those in the Johto League with a strong Water-type ancestry can find themselves as easily becoming Cuntnaw as they could Titodile. However, turning into Cuntnaw is not something most families look forward to. Unlike a Titodile that evolves into Cuntnaw, a human girl Thresholding into one will find a sudden decrease in their intelligence. It’s not that they become animalistic, but they tend to act upon the more simpler needs. Their new instincts will take over, letting the reptile brain override common thought. It’s not surprising that those girls that Threshold into Cuntnaw find themselves quickly shipped off to the nearest Ranch.
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CUNTRAFFE, the Surveyor Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivorous
Role: Long range surveillance, visual tracker
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt, Bronze Fist, Tree Fall, Horn Attack
Enhancements: Extendable neck, Enhanced Optic Senses (x5), Longer tongue, Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), High ability to be affected by T2 machines
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cuntraffes didn’t have the most glamorous role during the Revenge War. They were created primarily to be long range surveyors, their incredible vision being used to overlook human encampments, their attention to detail noticing patrols and traps that other girls, even those as skilled as Kunoichi, might have missed. Plus, they could do this from a safe distance of up to fifty miles away, Cuntraffes capable of seeing long distances if they concentrated hard enough. This attention to detail plus their literally telescopic vision made them useful to Pokégirl forces during the Revenge War, a usefulness that carried over to humanity when the Leagues began to arise.
Cuntraffes today are primarily found amongst League officials, working as surveyors and long distance visual trackers, working with both city planners and law enforcement officials, taking advantage of their incredible vision to help aid them in accomplishing their duties. Law enforcement makes use of them to supplement the scent-tracking of their dog-types, and city planners use them to survey the land, checking for Ferals and possible pitfalls. Their fighting ability is about average to start with, however it’s been discovered in recent years that they are capable of learning an astonishingly high amount of attacks recorded in T2 devices. Normally a Pokégirl can use only a handful of T2 devices that aren’t breed specific, but Cuntraffes can use almost double that, thus increasing their combat versatility amazingly. Some law enforcement agencies also train them to use projectile weapons, taking advantage of their excellent vision in use as snipers.
Cuntraffes have amazing vision, as well as the ability to see long range if they focus hard enough. This range is normally fifty miles, but their necks, while being longer than normal, are also much stronger than the average Pokégirl’s neck, making choking attacks near useless. Through a system of telescoping bones, their necks can extend to three times their normal length, increasing their telescopic vision’s range by three times as well, although this makes their neck much more vulnerable to choking. It also limits the blood flow to their brain, making it difficult to maintain their full length for more than thirty minutes at a time. Any longer and a Cuntraffe starts to get dizzy, unable to focus to use their telescopic vision. Their hearts, much stronger than a normal Pokégirl’s, compensates for some of this, but it’s still a bad idea for them to keep their necks extended a long way. Their skin around their neck has high collagen content, which prevents their skin from bagging up after their neck retracts.
Cuntraffes are generally average-framed Pokégirls. Their bodies are covered in fur that ranges in color from brown to gold, and is covered in darker brown spots over their sides and back. They have a short, slender, flexible tail that has a tuft of hair on the end the same color as the hair on their head. They have long, black tongues and small, stubby horns, their ears tapering up into long points. Their long tongues are also an advantage in that they can learn various tongue techniques easily, including Gummi Tongue. In terms of personality, Cuntraffes are fairly easy-going Pokégirls. They’re very casual about most things, but do take their relationship with their Tamer and Harem-sisters very seriously. They’re easy to get along with, so they are popular with Tamers who like to befriend their Pokégirls. This easy-going nature is also seen in Feral Cuntraffes. They generally spend their days calmly eating leaves off of trees and relaxing in the sunlight. Feral Cuntraffes tend to form herds, working to protect each other from outsiders. In competitions for dominance in the herd, Cuntraffes sometimes engage in a form of fighting involving their necks that is difficult for this researcher to describe.
They are open to nearly anything in terms of Taming habits, each individual Cuntraffe having their own preferences, although many have been noted to like being tamed from behind. A good way to get on a Cuntraffe’s good side and arouse her easily is to massage their neck. The muscles there are thick due to their extendibility, and tend to get sore, especially if they use their extendo-necks a lot. A relaxing massage is a good way to arouse a Cuntraffe and get their affection. As an amusing side note, their horns appear to be an erogenous zone of sorts, caressing them providing an easy way to arouse the Pokégirl.
Cuntraffes are a rare Threshold, but several cases of it have been noticed. The process is fairly slow, and is somewhat painful as fur grows on them, their necks restructuring themselves. As an interesting side note, Feralborn Cuntraffes have hooves for feet, while Domestic and Threshold Cuntraffes have regular humanoid feet.
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CUTIE CHARLIE ANGEL, the Smart 'N’ Sassy Harpy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, with bird-like appendages
Element: Flying/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon (Gold Continent), Rare (other continents)
Diet: Vegetarian -nuts, berries, breads, pretzels
Role: spying, flight troopers, mechanics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Gust, Cheer, Once More, Feather Shuriken, Psybeam, Cry, Armor, Fade, Reflect, Teleport, S.E.P., Divert Attention, Confusion
Enhancements: Flight, Aura of Cute, Telepathy, Speed x7
Weaknesses: Loss of Magical Abilities
Evolves: Fallen Charlie Angel (Venom Stone)
Evolves From: Charlie Angel (normal), Fallen Charlie Angel (Hit by Royal Curse)
Cutie Charlie Angels are quite a step above their pre-evolved form of Charlie Angel. While they lose the ability to perform magic, all Cutie Charlie Angels gain intelligence, most rating above average human intelligence. This, combined with her new psychic abilities, allow for a well rounded fighting or support pokegirl. Usually, with both an increase in intelligence and the development of psychic abilities, most ‘Cuties’ tend to loose their passion for cooking and delve into other areas of interest. A few have even delved back into magical study, attempting to regain the magical prowess they’d lost.
Despite the name, a Cutie Charlie Angel is just as cute as her pre-evolved form, but the Cutie Charlie Angel can often get the edge with her Aura of Cute. Most tamer’s prefer calling the Pokégirl’s look ‘badass’ as opposed to cute. They look more like an elf than a human, with pointed ears, and a myriad of hair colors ranging any color –though mostly in lighter colors. Their hands and feet end in three digit talons, with the scaling on them usually a metallic color. Their wings are still separate appendages from their arms, but now have a large difference. From the joint that connects the wing to the Cutie’s back to their second wing joint, a Cutie Charlie Angel’s feathers are mostly metallic in color -usually gold, making a pattern of three diamonds of color –usually a royal blue- on each of the Pokégirl’s wings. These diamonds are said to glow when the Cutie Charlie Angel uses her power. From the second wing joint to the end of the Pokégirl’s wing, the feathers are the same color as the Cutie Charlie Angel’s Hair.
It should be noted that Cutie Charlie Angels still get along wonderfully with Cheetits. However, a Cutie Charlie Angel is no longer head-over-heels for them. This is most likely due to the Cutie’s increase in intelligence. There is however, an understanding between the two species; as a Cutie Charlie Angel doesn’t ‘suffocate’ a Cheetit with as much attention as a Charlie Angel does. So the two Pokégirl types get along quite well when in the same Harem and in many ways can make a devastating high speed ground and aerial tag team. In battle alone, Cutie Charlie Angels are powerhouses in their own right, able to use their impressive speed in addition to their teleporting and other attacking abilities to wear down their opponents.
Feral Cutie Charlie Angel are known for their distraction and running tactics, and many Tamers have been frustrated that a mock charge merely allowed the Cutie Charlie Angel to attempt an escape from getting captured. While mostly non-violent, when cornered, a Cutie Charlie Angel can be just as dangerous as her cousin the Harpy. Threshold into a Cutie Charlie Angel directly usually happens to girls with both flying and psychic types in their ancestry, and is usually marked by picking up surface thoughts and dreaming of flying.
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CUTIEPIE, the Sweet Little Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian
Role: farm worker
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Dodge, Cry
Enhancements: Exo and endo skeleton, very efficient digestive system, small size (3' tall), and low metabolism
Evolves: Tomboy (battle stress), Titapod (normal), Applepie (strong diet of apples + unknown trigger)
Evolves From: None
A Cutiepie looks like a waif-like human in some ways. General they have wavy or curly hair of very bright colors. Their skin is a pale green with darker spots. The exoskeleton is easily overlooked as it is very smooth, appearing like normal skin for the most part except for around the joints, which have the typical hinge like appearance of most arthropods. Their antennae are very sensitive and can be damaged easily, as well as their large, multifaceted eyes. Cutiepies are usually very polite and well-mannered and love to be helpful. They are shy around new people, but once they come to trust someone, they are very open with them. They tend to be very respectful, even of people they don't care for.
Cutiepies only evolves into Tomboys on rare occasions, and then only because many Cutiepie are descended in part from Tomboy ancestors. Cutiepie normally evolve to the Titapod stage and then eventually to the Buttitsfree stage.
Cutiepie are much more capable in combat then their small size would lead one to believe. They can be fairly quick on their feet, and being as small as they are, can be rather hard to hit. With proper use, String Shot can severely entangle an opposing Pokégirl. Cutiepie are best used as support fighters, slowing down potentially troublesome Pokégirls for the rest of her Harem to finish off.
Feral Cutiepies are easily spooked. They tend to spray anyone they see as a threat with String Shot and then run off. Bird Pokégirls are recommended for chasing down a fleeing Cutiepie.
Cutiepie is a fairly common outcome for Threshold girls, something that does not sit well with a large portion of the female population. The size change alone takes a lot of getting used to, and many girls feel very uncomfortable having a bug-like anatomy.
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CYBER-ATMUFF, the Legendary Cybernetic Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Steel
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: any
Role: supreme warrior, unknown
Libido: Average (controlled)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Block, Pummel, Headbutt, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Steel Spikes, Explode
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x20), Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Strength (x45), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Hide, Endurance, Sensors
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atmuff (possible/unconfirmed, cybernetic attachments)
When Atmuff died at the hands of Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits, she was left at the bottom of the ocean, dead and forgotten. Not everyone forgot however. Someone, a brilliant scientist or group of scientists, either acting alone or, more likely, at the behest of another, went down and retrieved her body recently. They were quite surprised to find that a large portion of her flesh was still intact. Decay had yet to seriously set in, despite centuries of languishing on the bottom of the ocean; in fact, the only major wounds on the body remained those inflicted in on her in her final battle. After years of study, it was determined that her body could, in fact, be repaired and altered, using new state-of-the-art mechanical implants to replace the damaged parts of her, thus restoring her to a state of life. The go-ahead was given, and the experiments began. It took several more years, but eventually, the tests bore fruit: Atmuff was awakened and activated as Cyber-Atmuff.
It is obvious on sight that Cyber-Atmuff is a cybernetic organism. Patches of steel cover various portions of her body where she was wounded so many years before. This does not detract from her beauty though. The scientists that repaired her shattered form considered her to be a work of art as much as an experiment, and eschewed the “exoskeletal” look popularized in cheap books and movies, instead doing their best to make the steel look like natural grafts, albeit metallic ones. The result is that her pinkish body is now covered in odd patches of steel, giving her a very exotic, almost futuristic look.
Her martial abilities have improved, the result of wiring added to her brain to give her new techniques. Her blows pack a greater force behind them now, and are even more precise and controlled than before. Surprisingly, she still uses her chi, although it has gone from being colorless to being a sickly-looking yellow-green color. She apparently can see attacks coming even from behind, and it is suspected that she has some sort of special sensor array installed. One other improvement made to her design is that she can release a pair of small, steel spikes from the back of her left hand, which was damaged in the fight that killed her. This technique has been dubbed, creatively enough, by her scientists to be the Steel Spikes attack.
Cyber-Atmuff appears to still be under the control of whoever is pulling her strings. She is never observed to eat on the battlefield, nor speak, instead performing various missions, always to destroy certain key installations or facilities, or sometimes people, and then leaves. One eyewitness report says leads experts to believe she is aware of her state and fighting it though. A young man who was watching Pokégirls near a town with a pair of high-powered binoculars says that after destroying several buildings, she left the town, only to stop outside it, her body shaking slightly as if experiencing some sort of seizure, her limbs apparently frozen. After a few moments of this, she fell to all fours and began trembling again, this time in what looked like a series of powerful orgasms, as her juices began flowing generously down her legs. After a few minutes of that, having never once touched herself, she got up and proceeded away. It seems that whoever is controlling her is using some sort of programming to make her orgasm heavily at their will to keep her from fighting them. As a final measure to insure that should she break free their tracks could be covered, they installed a small but powerful bomb in her. The bomb can be remote detonated by them at any time and is accessed through her neural implants, meaning that if Cyber-Atmuff ever got free, she could detonate the bomb of her own free will. The bomb is chemically reactive, meaning that no outside force or explosion could inadvertently detonate it. However, even the scientists who installed it don’t realize how strong the explosion would be.
The shadow group that is currently controlling Cyber-Atmuff is unknown. It could be anyone, SEELE, Gendo Giovanni, the so-called Doctor Deviance, or someone entirely unknown. Or perhaps Cyber-Atmuff has already broken free of her controllers and is simply acting under permanent behavior modification as a result of her new form. There is, in the end, no way to be sure.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Cyber-Atmuff’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Cyber-Atmuff has No Weakness (Level 101). If she were to face a Fire type or a Ground type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fighting or Steel, at or below level 101, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Cyber-Atmuff’s array of special attributes:
Environmental Resistance: This ability allows Cyber-Atmuff to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting her continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere do not hinder her. The key word is “natural.” Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air, so breathing is still necessary.
Breathless: This ability is what makes Cyber-Atmuff have no need for air. She can hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this lets her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.
Energy Immunity: This quality lets Cyber-Atmuff ignore up to two types of energy at once. Various types of energy include heat, cold, sound, sonic, electricity, etc. She can change which two she was unaffected by at will, and did not need to concentrate to maintain her resistance. The energy resisted was total, with no affect on her at all. The only type of energy she can not resist was psychic energy, since that power was totally beyond her. Between this and her other Salient Qualities, Cyber-Atmuff is able to survive in virtually any local condition, even in space or in molten lava. Since her transformation, Cyber-Atmuff virtually always keeps on of her immunities set against electrical energy, so as to protect her cybernetic systems.
Massive Explosion: Explode is not a power many Pokégirls have, especially Legendaries. However, when a Pokégirl does use Explode, the radius and power of the blast are determined by how much energy she naturally has. For Cyber-Atmuff, this is a huge quantity. The scientists knew that installing a bomb in her would give her the Explode attack, but even they didn’t realize that her Legendary status would grant her the Massive Explosion quality. With this quality, whereas using Explode would ordinarily destroy everything in a few dozen feet, it now utterly annihilates everything within one mile of the exploding Pokégirl. The Pokégirl with this quality cannot choose to have the explosion be anything less powerful. This quality is found only in Legendaries who already have the Explode attack. The only other Legendary known to have (and have used) this power was Kary the Volcano Mistress, now long dead since using it.
(Creator’s Note: This is one of three possible resurrections of Atmuff; the others are Neo-Atmuff and Dark Atmuff.)
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CYBER-NYMPH, the Techie Nymph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human type foods; high in electrolytes
Role: Information technology services, sex, data management, sex...
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lust Virus, Zap Ring, Foresight, Armor, Thundershock, Agility, Confusion, Static Barrier, Future Sight (*attacks vary with the Cyber-Nymph, see description for details)
Enhancements: Computer interfacing ability, Enhanced Intelligence, Total Recall
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nymph (Thunder Stone + Pokéball transporter)
Only discovered recently as a result of the need to have a Thunder Stone equipped to a Nymph that is sent through a Pokéball transporter, the Cyber-Nymph is, as her name suggests, a tech-based Nymph form with moderate electric and psychic abilities, and the ability to upload or download data to and from any computer. However, her convoluted evolution requirements make her difficult to come by, and most people looking for a computer-savvy Pokégirl will go with the more common Pussycom and Byte Bitch. Cyber-Nymphs are usually found in the company of Watchers, who find their ability to upload data to a Pokédex just by touching it to be useful in the field, or computer technicians for similar reasons in the office or lab.
A Cyber-Nymph is distinctive, with gold or silver circuit-like patterns flaring out from around her eyes to cover her skin and ending at her fingertips and toes. Usually either the Cyber-Nymph's hair or her eyes matches the color of her circuitry, but not always and sometimes both. Her bust increases by one size from her previous form.
Cyber-Nymphs are very lusty, but they like logic games almost as much as they do Taming, and naturally enjoy working with computers and other technology. Their high intelligence makes them very very good at tactics and strategy, but they are clever enough to be comfortable outside of the Alpha position. Cyber-Nymphs do NOT get along well with the Byte Bitch line of Pokégirl, presumably because they compete for the same kinds of roles.
Despite her more obvious uses in technology-related fields, a Cyber-Nymph is a fairly formidable opponent on the battlefield. Her affinity for electronics and high IQ make her abilities extremely easy to customize with T2s for almost any situation, so it's hard to establish a standard attack list for the breed; some Cyber-Nymphs favor their Electric powers, others prefer Psychic techniques. Her Psychic subtype and genius-level intelligence also result in a ready capacity for on-the-spot strategizing, allowing a less tactically-brilliant Tamer to simply give her a vague goal (winning a battle) and then let her work out the details herself. She's also reasonable at sex combat, with a Lust Virus attack that acts like Lust Dust but is transferred through a low-current electrical shock, but she does fall prey to the typical Nymph weaknesses of high libido and low pleasure threshold.
As far as Taming goes... she's a Nymph form. Anything goes in the sack, so long as she gets some and she gets it often. If she does go Feral, it's usually a very staticky state of Bunny-esque distraction-- which, since most Cyber-Nymphs are employed around computers, can be devastating.
Since Cyber-Nymphs need to go through a Pokéball transporter to evolve, they do not happen in the wild or result from Threshold.
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CYNDACUNT, the Fiery-Tempered Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Common in Johto League, Rare in other Leagues
Diet: Vegetarian-based diet
Role: Firefighting duties (due to resistance), creating fire breaks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flame Floor, Fireball, Rage, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Power Drive, Flame Tower, Fire Scythe
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), High Flexibility, Heightened Fire Resistance
Evolves: Magmammary (Fire Stone)
Evolves From: Hottits (orgasm)
When a Hottits evolves into a Cyndacunt, she undergoes a number of changes. The most obvious is her hair. It becomes black in back and blonde in front with a peppering of each color in between. Her eyes turn grey, but as she grows angry, they'll start turning red. Her breasts and height may increase, but usually not more than a cup-size for her bust and half a foot for height.
Not so obvious are strange circles that form on her body, which are edged in black with a deeper red in the middle. One on each knee and elbow, and six on her back. As her temper wears thin, these circles begin flaring as if on fire, giving the Cyndacunt a very menacing appearance. The flaring, however, is not actual flame, so she can still wear clothing without fear of having it burned off. It's uncertain why, but she is highly self-conscious about them and she seems to be more relaxed and comfortable when all of her 'circles' are covered.
Cyndacunts are generally foul-tempered for the first week after their transformation. During this time, she is more likely to become violent when provoked. Afterwards, she slowly regains some to most of the positive traits that she had as a Hottits, but she takes offense to anyone who badmouths her or her lover(s).
Cyndacunts are similar to Gynadoses in that they expect the same treatment they got as Hottits, and they are more prone to getting angry if they don't. They are more rational than Gynadoses, but it's generally best to explain any required changes before she gets angry. Once their trust in someone has been damaged, it is never repairable, so it's best to keep her in mind before doing anything that may affect her. A Cyndacunt remembers all who crossed her. Only a Level 5 taming cycle can remove this memory, but she'll still have an instinctual distrust.
A Cyndacunt enjoys any position where the circles on her body are covered. The most easily attainable position is doggy style, though if their partner doesn't mind them wearing clothing during sex, she can enjoy other positions just fine. It's very difficult for a Cyndacunt to enjoy sex when her 'circles' are exposed, so much so that it may actually make her violently nauseous.
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DAIMON, the Schemin’ Demon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Dark (Infernal)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fear
Role: Tactical planning
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Dark
Weak Vs: Celestial, Fighting, Bug
Attacks: Energy Drain, Sucker Punch, Fear Aura, Energy Blade, Heart Of Darkness, Fury Swipes, Burst
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Night Vision
Evolves: Droido (Moon Stone), Lemure (Dream Stone), Demoness (Mana Crystal), Succubus (Dusk Stone)
Evolves From: Youma (Normal, Battle Stress, or Orgasm)
Most definitely the preferred evolutionary choice for Youma, Daimon have, amusingly, become more common than their pre-evolved forms due to popularity. This is due in part to their tremendous versatility; with four possible confirmed evolutions that cover a wide range of specialties, they are a starter of choice amongst those who desire an Infernal component to their harem. They're also generally far more attractive than their pre-evolution and lack any genetic loyalty to Sukebe, thankfully. As such, they are the second most popular of Infernals, being second only to the Succubi. It should also be noted that the method by which a particular Youma will evolve into a Daimon is somewhat random, although almost all recorded evolutions have been from Battle Stress, normal evolution, or Orgasm.
Physically, Daimon are much less bestial than Youma, generally taking the forms of quite exotic women. However, they still don't usually appear quite human; as well as keeping strange hair and eye colors from their prior evolutions, most Daimon have small claws on their hands and many possess strange tints to their skin. The latter are often unnatural, but rarely actually unattractive; a significant portion could pass for vampires under low scrutiny, whilst the rest are much more evenly distributed around the spectrum. As one might expect, these skin tones generally reflect their elemental typing as Youma, and can often be a source of pride in situations involving multiple Daimon.
In personality, Daimon are, as a whole, more pleasant than Youma. Rather than foul tempers, they instead have a generally aggressive mindset that, whilst sometimes annoying, is fairly easy to deal with. It does, however, make them come off as rather childish at times, especially taken in combination with the fact that most individuals of the breed have an obsession with needlessly complex plans for even simple affairs. These plans, although prone to failure simply due to the number of steps involved, are actually sound for the most part, and any tamer who can convince a Daimon that less can be more will have an excellent tactical mind at his disposal. However, it should also be noted that most Daimon-conceived plans will be offensive, likely owing to their aggressive natures and the fact that their diet is primarily comprised of ambient fear. In fact, many have speculated that the latter is responsible for their aggressive natures in the first place, as scaring or cowing others is akin to a snack for a Daimon.
Also, although the change is less noticeable than with many other Infernals, a Daimon whose tamer has earned her respect will changed in attitude slightly. Although still aggressive, it will generally not be towards him (outside of the bedroom). Instead, she will generally take up an advisory role, doing her best to make her tamer more aggressive towards others, and also trying to get him to use her plans. She will also be much more open to suggestions on said plans, though, which can lead to a wise tamer convincing her to make them less elaborate and more effective. As such, they make decent betas, but are not particularly well-suited to being alphas because of their excessive aggression and general preference for advisory roles.
In combat, though, a Daimon's aggression can be put to excellent use, whether or not she's subservient towards her tamer. With a decent variety of physical attacks, Daimon generally prefer combat close-up, moving in and hacking away at their enemies with a frightening intensity (one that's often aided by the use of Fear Aura). However, the real surprise usually comes when she starts throwing out elemental techniques; most Daimon retain a good number of these from their elemental variety of Youma, making them somewhat unpredictable. This works to their advantage greatly, as surprise and even momentary fear from their opponents not only gives the Daimon an energy boost, but a morale boost. Their attacks also tend to be planned out so as to have the most frightening effect possible, and one ought to watch one's back if an opposing Daimon gets too regular or predictable, as sometimes the plans can be extremely complex and require a very long battle to execute. However, this does make them more prone to failure, and those Daimon who have been taught to use simpler, more effective strategies will often fare better.
Their aggression also translates well into bed, and many Daimon have been said to act as if their libidos were high instead of average, and the fact that they prefer to plan things out often results in very dragged-out taming sessions within which the Daimon does her best to execute a systematic "attack" on her partner's erogenous zones. This generally works well, especially when combined with light bondage, but also makes them poor sex-battlers, as they generally do not like to disrupt their plans' intricate workings for speed. Though whose plans are more concise are able to overcome that limitation, it should be noted, but they're also noted not to be as good of lovers in normal circumstances, as they tend to want to "win" too quickly, an affliction that has vexed many Daimon tamers over the years.
Finally, when feral, Daimon tend to fall into what is considered a very embarrassing state; they lose the ability to think tactically or logically. As such, they will act very randomly and the weaker ones can be captured or killed without too much effort. A feral Daimon who's been tamed will, it should be noted, usually be extremely grateful to her savior, but refuse to admit to anyone else that she was ever feral due to how embarrassing the state is considered. Threshold cases are also becoming more common, but remain at a lower level then those to Youma, unfortunately. Common early signs of a Daimon threshold are the development of uncharacteristic aggression and/or a love for needless complexity.
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DALMATIAN, the Firefighter Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Not Very Near Human (Canine Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Fire Safety and Control
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bubble, Water Gun, *Sealant Foam, Tackle, Takedown, Water Tower, Water Floor
Enhancements: Internal Water Well, Enhanced Olfactory and Auditory Senses (x5), Heat Resistance, Internal Foam Well, Water Detection, Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doggirl (Water Stone)
When exposed to a Water Stone, a Doggirl’s fur starts to change color, going from whatever it was before to a whitish hue, black speckles appearing in random patterns around their bodies. If the Doggirl was Near Human, she become more animalistic in appearance, gaining the white fur and spots. They gain a few inches in height and a slight bust increase as well.
Dalmatians were among the earliest evolutions of the Doggirl discovered, and quickly became one of the most popular. They have the loyalty common to nearly all canine breeds, which made them popular with Tamers, and once Tamed, quickly proved themselves useful to firefighters, especially in more inland areas where water types are not as common.
Dalmatians were first discovered near the end of the Revenge War, working in Sukebe’s laboratories as assistance. Their role in the labs was quickly discovered when they kept putting out the flames of flamethrower troopers they encountered, not to protect the labs (which, after Taming, many admitted they were creeped out by), but because they were created to do just that: put out fires.
The breed’s inborn need to put out fires made them invaluable to firefighters after the war, when Ferals began to become a greater threat. To say nothing of their resemblance to the classic breed of dog normally associated with firehouses, which made them even more popular among firefighters. However, as times calmed down, the genetic need Dalmatians have to put out any fire they see started to become problematic. Dalmatians would constantly try to put out harmless fires, including matches for lighting cigarettes, campfires, or even the tails of CharAmandas, leading to difficulties and much unnecessary wetness. This problem was not insurmountable, however, and a method of training Dalmatian Pokégirls to only put out fires that needed to be put out was quickly developed. Upon training, for a while they’ll still be uncomfortable around fires that haven’t been put out yet, but will eventually be able to not react to harmless blazes. (Although they may end up staring at the flame for a long while.)
In terms of genetic quirks, there are occasions when Dalmatians go deaf. Some Dalmatians are born deaf. This trait is assumed to be a carryover from the breed this Pokégirl is based on. This is also shown in Dalmatian Pokékits, who are born with pure white fur and only get their spots after their third year.
Dalmatians mainly have uses in maintaining fire safety. They have a passion for learning methods of fire safety and control, and most firehouse Dalmatians make it a point to memorize any information they come across relating to the subject. They take it very seriously and become worried when someone is casual about fire in any way. Despite this, they still manage to be very friendly, helpful, and upbeat Pokégirls. When on the job, they use their enhanced hearing and sense of smell to track down victims trapped in a blaze, their heat resistance and enhanced durability giving them extra protection against flames in their efforts to make a rescue.
Dalmatians are difficult to deal with in situations involving prescribed burns. They aren’t allowed near those areas until they are well-trained enough to not automatically try to put out the fires. They are generally used to help set-up the deadfall areas for the burns, and if trained, are used to help keep them under control until they are finished.
Dalmatians are very oral creatures. They express most of their physical affection through their mouths, through kisses, and licks, and greatly enjoy oral sex as well. In terms of eating, they place a greater emphasis on taste, their tongues being very sensitive. This goes into their Taming habits as well, as Dalmatians tend to do a lot more with their mouths than most Pokégirls.
Dalmatians have an ability that’s unique to them: Sealant Foam. In addition to their water attacks, Dalmatians can spray a foamy substance from their mouths similar to the kind used in fire extinguishers. It’s useful in containing blazes, although most Dalmatians don’t like to use this ability except as a last resort. The primary reason for this is that, by all accounts, the stuff tastes HORRIBLE. Many Dalmatians carry hard candy with them to suck on in case they have to use the foam, so as to avoid having to deal with the aftertaste for any length of time. Thankfully, the taste doesn’t induce nausea unless the Dalmatian in question as a very weak stomach, it’s just a horribly foul taste to them.
Dalmatians, when Feral, became more frisky and mindlessly playful, blowing bubbles and watching them float around. As with most Dog-types, sure sign a Dalmatian is going feral is if their tongue hangs partially out of their mouth even when closed. If disturbed or frightened, Feral Dalmatians become trigger happy with their water attacks, splashing everything around them before running away. Threshold cases are not that uncommon, and usually happen if the Thresholder has both canine and water-type DNA in their veins.
· Sealant Foam – (ATK + EFT) The Pokégirl sprays a fire retardant foam from her mouth in a wide arc.
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DAMEOSAUR, the Swift Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic/Metamorph (Velociraptor )
Element: Rock/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent only)
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Primary strike force for Sanctuary, personal companion and bodyguard
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Libido: Average (increases to high two months out of the year)
Attacks: Headbutt, Tail Slap, Mega Kick, Takedown, (normal mode only) *Acid Spit, Ki Blast, (battle mode only) Bite, Crunch, *Ripclaw Kick, Double Kick, Flying Kick, Rolling Kick, Bicycle Kick
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Armored skin, Enhanced Speed (x14), Enhanced Leaping (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8 in battle mode, x5 in normal mode), Chameleonic abilities, Can secret an acidic substance from their jaws in normal mode
Evolves: Pterodame (Angel Stone), Nessidame (Water Stone), Tyrannodame (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Dameosaur is one of the projects Sukebe abandoned over the years. Thankfully enough. Somehow, through means we aren’t sure of, Sukebe managed to acquire DNA from several breeds of dinosaur. In captured notes from his laboratories, he spoke of them being shock troops and enforcers, however the closest he ever came to making them was the Dodongo breed.
It was thought that the dinosaur DNA was lost when one of his labs were destroyed. That it wouldn’t be a threat. However recent evidence has arisen through various means that show that the dinosaur DNA was not lost at all. It was all found and confiscated by a single party many years later, who then proceeded to create several breeds of dinosaur Pokégirl.
Unfortunately for all of us, the party that claimed all of Sukebe’s dinosaur DNA samples was Sanctuary.
Sanctuary after their founding primarily made use of the Cheetit breed of Pokégirl. However because the breed was almost entirely heterosexual, this made for a potential hole in their security. They had discovered a laboratory that had been abandoned by Sukebe, which contained all the various dinosaur DNA samples, and proceeded to make their new land-based soldiers. They created a base type using the velociraptor as a template, creating the Dameosaur and unleashing them in the year AS 214. Later on came the first two evolved forms of Dameosaur, the Pterodame and the Nessidame.
We remained in the dark about the existence of the dinosauric breeds for a long time after their unleashing, until Elder Zanza of the Terminatrix tribe made First Contact with us, giving us all the information she had on Sanctuary. This included the technical specifications of the breed and what they were first used for. Apparently, although Sapphron Hirosaki and a few others on the Sanctuary’s ruling council voted against this decision, the Dameosaurs were first employed to eliminate Cheetits, driving them into confined areas and outright slaughtering and eating them. This led Sexmet to take direct action against the breed, forcing Sanctuary to abandon and erase two of their satellite colonies, leading to a pseudo Cold War between Sexmet and Sanctuary.
Dameosaurs to this day remain as Sanctuary’s primary foot soldiers and sentries. All Sanctuary Goths that journey outside of Sanctuary’s borders have at least one Dameosaur partner. The two act as teammates, the savagery inherent in the breed complimenting the magic and Aura abilities of the Sanctuary Goths. Packs of them, supervised by small squadrons of Sanctuary Goths, protect the satellite colonies and work farms within the Dark Continent, as well as the fields used for the growing of food. They normally wouldn’t be suited for such things due to their aggressive nature, but the Aura abilities of Sanctuary Goths can keep them in line.
Dameosaurs are a welcome sight in Sanctuary proper. They are respected and honored as conquering warriors, and their mentality fits this. They love to fight, Dameosaurs sometimes having friendly brawls with one another when they have nothing else to do. They are also have an inborn genetic disposition to obey unquestioningly anyone they regard as their master, and in many cases have been shown to be submissive to their masters. The breed as a whole has low intelligence, being best suited for fighting, bodyguard, and enforcer roles and little else. Another psychological quirk they have is that they will never harm children thirteen years and younger, even male children, for any reason. Not even self-defense. This had made them surprisingly popular with youngsters within Sanctuary. Spies within the primary Sanctuary colony report that Dameosaurs are sometimes seen giving rides to children in their battle form.
Dameosaurs are large Pokégirls. In their normal form, they resemble large, athletic humanoid females with greenish-scaled skin and smallish breasts, usually around seven and a half feet tall on average. They have thick , lightly prehensile tales and their eyes range in color from golden to dark red. Their teeth are sharp, meant for tearing of meat, and instead of hair they have a light coating of feathers. Their feet are reptilian in appearance, their hands bearing sharp, semi-retractable claws. They are fierce fighters in this form. In addition to having strong claws for attacking, they also have the ability to spit generate and spit an acid-like chemical that can dissolve most inorganic materials, such as guns or swords. They can’t use their acid in their battle mode, however.
In their battle mode, they turn into an exact replica of a velociraptor, a large, bipedal lizard with long, crushing jaws and razor-sharp teeth. The big toe of a Dameosaur’s foot in battle mode extends into a long, curved, thick, razor-edged claw that is well suited for ripping and gutting. There are even some instances of the toeclaw being able to seriously injure even Steel-type Pokégirls. They have light chameleonic abilities in this form, able to briefly blend in with their surroundings while hunting prey. Their tails become thicker, making their tail strikes deadlier. They gain tremendous leaping ability in their powerful legs, making them capable of catching low-flying Pokégirls and using them as food. Their legs are surprisingly flexible in this state, allowing for many dangerous kicking attacks.
Dameosaurs are dangerous opponents to be sure. They are savage and unrelenting fighters, and will not stop until they eat their opponent or their Sanctuary Goth handler calls them off. However our spies within Sanctuary report that there has been some evidence of Dameosaurs showing interest in the few human males allowed within the confines of the central city. This may mean that they can possibly be turned to human interests, although they are so closely guarded by their handlers in Sanctuary that acquiring one may be tricky. As Dameosaurs have only had female lovers so far and are confined to female lovers, no Threshold cases have been discovered as of yet.
Ripclaw Kick (ATK 60) – The Dameosaur does a flying kick with their toe blade extended.
Acid Spit (ATK 40 + EFT) – The Dameosaur spits a semi-acidic chemical that has a 40-50% chance of temporarily inducing the Blind status effect.
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DAMSEL, the Invincible Dainty Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League, Blood League), Rare (elsewhere)
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Sexual exploration, Ego-stroking, Domestic roles, Target Practice
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: …Technically Fighting, but in practice, nothing.
Attacks: Sing, Cheer, Cry, Dodge, Once More, Helping Touch, Cure, Cura, Overwhelming Attraction
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Durability (x60), Advanced Regeneration, Pheromone release
Evolves: Matron (Must be Pokéwoman, giving birth or gaining permanent custody of children in some way)
Evolves From: Ingenue (orgasm)
Perhaps no Pokégirl is quite as strange as the Damsel. Damsels are well known for two things – their incredibly submissive demeanors, and their near-indestructible bodies. Formed from the common Ingenue via orgasm evolution, they have had their share of controversy over the years. Some say Damsels were made to insult women. Others say it was to fill a sense of need for females of this type, since the vast majority of Pokégirls have personalities that are the polar opposite of this breed. Others say that Sukebe was so fucking nuts by the end of things he had little idea of what he was making.
Damsels are generally slender, dainty Pokégirls that have very curvaceous bodies, with slender waists, breasts averaging an E-cup in size (with D-cups being the recorded minimum), flawless features, and long, silky hair. Damsels have a very submissive mind-set, to put it mildly. They will submit to almost any will stronger than her own - which is just about anyone who isn't a Damsel – with or without a Bond of any sort. Thankfully, Damsels that have Alpha level bonds or higher can resist commands and orders of people who would give Damsels orders that her master would not approve of, and Delta-bonded Damsels can resist the orders from anyone but her master and those her master approves of.
Damsels are very loving, affectionate Pokégirls, always ready with a compliment or kind word. They get stressed out easily, and are easily frightened as well. Researchers are unsure of how or why Damsels are content to be so submissive or selfless – the current theory is that acting in that manner actually helps calm and relax Damsels, which may account (in part) for why they so quickly become stressed under some conditions and why it is so difficult for them to act contrary to thier usual manner. It is important to note that, whenever so stressed or afraid, Damsels emit a powerful pheromone that draws Ferals towards her and makes her a priority target. If the Damsel is also aroused, the pheromone changes, and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac instead.
Damsels have almost invulnerable flesh and can take damage that would otherwise maim, kill, obliterate, and generally destroy anything short of (and sometimes, beyond!) a Widow. Unfortunately, they are totally inept at battling, having a powerful mental-block against aggressive behavior or harming others, on top of the natural stress such action would place upon them. For years, the remaining scientists in the world were at a loss as to why Damsels were so overwhelmingly hard to kill, until they discovered that Damsels, in addition to having no sense of pain, and a heightened sense of pleasure, had an incredibly advanced cellular regeneration ability, letting them recover from obscene amounts of damage. It is theorized that they cannot become Penances, but no one is willing to test this theory. Dominas and their evolutions adore them, as they can do whatever they want to them and get a reaction that pleases them. Conversely, Pokégirls such as Psi-Dykes hate Damsels with a passion for their submissiveness.
People saw little use for the breed at first, but many uses began to arise for them. Damsels are immensely popular in domestic roles and as Pets, as they are entirely non-threatening, willing to please (both sexually and not), possess minor healing talents, and are not clumsy, ditzy, or cranky like many other commonly domestic Pokégirls. Even in the more hard-line Anti-Pokégirl leagues, this is one of the more acceptable Pokégirls to keep as a pet, though some will still question the owner's character.
Damsels are not commonly seen in a Tamer's harem for several reasons, not the least of which is that they are pointless in battle. They are not, however, without their uses. As mentioned earlier, they can be used for keeping Dominas busy and getting their focus away from dominating the harem. Some Tamers use Damsels as training targets for weaker Pokégirls, as they can take a lot of punishment before getting tired out. Still others keep them around for their healing talents, finding them useful in a pinch. Another favorite use for Damsels is tying them up and using them as bait for randy wild Pokégirls. This use is generally discouraged, but efforts to put a stop to it were quickly abandoned, as finding the Tamers doing it proved to be a pointless endeavor. Because of the Damsel's heightened sense of pleasure, they are poor sex-battlers, though their endurance means that – even if they do orgasm - they can keep going for long afterwards.
Capturing a Damsel, should one somehow stumble upon one in the wild, it truly a joke. If the Damsel doesn't have a bond or is Feral, simply telling her that you're her master now and that she should hold still while you capture her works. If not, find a way to hold her down and attack her, as Damsels are not very strong, and hope that the Damsel will get exhausted before your Pokégirls do.
Thresholding into Damsels is rare, but not unheard of.
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DAO, the Sword of the Earth Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style foods.
Role: Guards, scouts, miners
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Plant, Water
Attacks: Resonate, Mud Slap, Earthquake, Sonic Wave, Dynawave, Unmovable, Psi-Blade Mk. II, Agility, ShockSpike, Stone Blade, *Blade Spike
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed, Endurance, and Durability (x3 each), Elemental Affinity: Ground & Rock, Geokinesis, enhanced defense against Ground.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Earthmaiden (Battle Stress)
During the revenge war, there were signs of numerous Pokégirls with bladed weapons that were to be found in the ranks of Sukebe's forces. These Pokégirls were mostly found later to have been Slicers or Ronin, or even Amazonwu. However, a little more rare than those breeds and a little later to the war were the Dao, a breed capable not only of utilizing her powerful blades as weapons but also the earth itself. Using her abilities to cause localized earthquakes, or to force rocks within the earth to explode from the ground, the Pokégirl was feared by many when the human armies came across them. The obsidian-sharp rocks that she could utilize shredded body armor and tank armor, damaging equipment and in many cases outright killing numerous humans. They became prime targets as a result, and proved susceptible to sniping attacks that humans wound up adopting to take out the Pokégirls. After the War, the Dao fled to the mountains, disappearing within mines and caves for the most part and out of human history. Though numerous attempts were made to capture one, few succeeded thanks to the effectiveness of the Pokégirl’s defenses within a mountainous region.
However, the advancement of their abilities isn't quite what makes them stand out distinctly when compared with their preevolution; rather, Dao, as befitting to their evolutionary method, are warriors. Physically, this change is reflected with a possible increase in height up to, but not always being, 6ft tall on average. Their muscles are easily noticeable, though not to the extent of an Amachamp's musculature. As a breed, the Dao seem to prefer keeping their hair at shoulder length or shorter, a preference that researchers are not aware of the reason for. Their eyes take on earthy tones of brown, greens, or hazel (the latter being particularly common). The Dao are warriors, and as such have a mindset close to what one might expect from such a breed, often disliking the most technical solutions and believing that simple is best. This doesn't mean that they cannot grasp more intricate knowledge, just that the breed dislikes long speeches and technical information. One thing that makes the breed favored among tradesmen and tamers is the fact that they can sense what is nearby within the earth or within rock, which has led to numerous mining discoveries as well as plenty of leftover valuables from the revenge war. This makes the breed quite useful to reclaimers as well, as a result.
It is important to note that very few Dao have any respect for the swords designed by humans, especially metal ones; they usually consider such weapons fragile and not worth dealing with. In any case, self-discipline is something that comes easily to most Dao, but often at the cost of social awkwardness. In battle, the breed seems to prefer using her various blade techniques after an Earthquake or a Shockspike attack to unbalance her foes. With the ability to manipulate the ground around them, intrinsic skill with swords, and even limited psychic skill, they have an impressive array of ways to fight. However, it is rare to see a member of the breed who is willing to make complete use of all her powers freely; rather, it is the norm for them to specialize in their sword skills, with the additional abilities being used for assistance for herself and her harem sisters, should the battle also include them.
With this in mind, within a harem the Dao can become excellent leaders. With a tactical mind that is geared towards improvisation, this breed is a good choice for tamers willing to deal with the dedication of the Dao to her ideals and find that they are calm, confident, and dedicated to whatever they feel strongly about, which has made them a popular evolution with those tamers who felt slighted by the fact that their Earthmaidens often loved the earth more than they loved said tamers. This can also cause friction within a harem as a result, however, as the breed's somewhat militaristic outlook on life and harem can become quite a bother to numerous Pokégirl breeds. The Domina is a breed that finds the Dao to be an interesting pursuit- the Dao is quite resilient and can take lots of punishment, making the pokegirl a challenge for them. The response of the Dao, however, is as varying as the individuals themselves. When taming, the Dao dislike beds and many creature comforts, instead preferring to feel the cold ground and rock under her.
Feral Dao, though rare, may sometimes be found in rocky regions, such as in the mountains and even near volcanoes. They are quite territorial and prefer to make their homes in or near abandoned mines, sometimes even found in newer tunnels that they dig themselves to get to the precious minerals and metals inside. Often, they are found near where they were once born or went feral after their tamer/owner perished, leading some to believe that the Pokégirl still defends her old master/mistress' remains, something that has been romanticized by several movies. They only leave their unmarked territories when something of greater strength, such as a Giantess, run them out, and are known to wander aimlessly as a result. Thresholds are unusual, and only four have been known to happen in the world, as most female descendants from this breed threshold into, or become an, Earthmaiden instead.
Blade Spike (ATK 80): Obsidian-sharp edged blades erupt from the earth in a diagonal fashion, and withdraw back into the earth at the Pokégirl’s choice. Or, it may remain as an obstacle.
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DARK ATMUFF, the Legendary Dark Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dark
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: any
Role: supreme warrior, unknown
Libido: Low (variable)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Flying
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Pummel, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Nightshade, Energy Drain, Chi Barrage
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x15), Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Strength (x45), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Thick Hide, Endurance, Chi Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Atmuff (possible/unconfirmed, mechanism unknown)
Atmuff met her death at the hands of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, but that was not her end. Recently, she has resurfaced, alive again and stronger than ever before. Somehow, someone or something brought her back.
Dark Atmuff, for that is what she calls herself now, looks similar to how she was before. Her build hasn’t appreciably changed, nor have smaller features like her hair length or color. What has changed though is that her body now bears dark stripe-like patches. These patches are scars covering where she was injured. The injuries have healed, but the scars are colored wrong, being a deep black instead of a healthier-looking hue. The Tigress-like effect makes Dark Atmuff look like even more imposing than she was in her previous incarnation, especially when she treads on all fours.
What power brought Atmuff back from beyond death is unknown, since even the greatest of psychic or magic powers by various Pokégirls have always fallen far short of resurrection. The questions of who brought her back, for what purpose, and if she is being controlled, are questions that even she herself may not know the answer to. Even if she does though, it’s doubtful that anyone else will ever be privy to such knowledge. Her mind seems to have been warped by the process; she will now attack random targets, including non-combatants, something she never did before unless they were between her and a combat target. Her esoteric phrases are even odder than usual, often times being contradictory and making no sense at all. Her body seems to have been altered on a fundamental level by the resurrection also. Her chi, which was colorless before, is now a deep purple. Whereas before she only manifested her chi when she was in battle, Dark Atmuff now tends to keep her chi aura flowing around her more often than not. While her martial arts are still incredibly powerful, she now uses more mystic attacks, such as Nightshade, to devastate her enemies. She also uses Energy Drain quite frequently, almost as if she needs to take energy to survive. Both of these attacks are the same purple as her chi, apparently indicating she is using it to fuel these new attacks. She also can use the Chi Barrage technique, which allows her to release multiple Chi Blasts at once at a single target. When she manifests her chi as a visible aura of power around her, she is using the Chi Aura enhancement. This superior version of Resist, allows her to not only shrug off Burn, Freeze, Poison, Paralyzation, Sleep, or Confusion, since her high chi flow instantly defeats such weak attempts to alter her system, but also increases her strength, speed, and reflexes, all without sacrificing any health. When her Chi Aura is active, Dark Atmuff is considered to have Enhanced Reflexes (x17), Enhanced Speed (x18), and Enhanced Strength (x48). Her chi seems to be almost damaging to others around it, but this can’t be confirmed since she has a tendency to kill others around her anyway. Occasionally, she will take a downed foe and force herself on him for a quick Taming, but this rarely happens. Even when it does, she usually kills him after her climax. This, along with the rest of her behavior, could possibly change if whatever it was that altered her mind can be undone. Or possibly not. It’s impossible to know.
What Dark Atmuff’s agenda is remains a mystery. She doesn’t seem to be seeking her killers to obtain revenge. Rather, she will appear in various locations around the world, attack mercilessly, and vanish. While this is similar to what she did during Sukebe’s Revenge, this time she isn’t targeting military powers. Indeed, her targets now seem almost random. What she desires may be a question that is answered too late…
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Dark Atmuff’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Dark Atmuff has No Weakness (Level 102). If she were to face a Flying type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Fighting or Dark, at or below level 102, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Dark Atmuff’s array of special attributes:
Environmental Resistance: This ability allows Dark Atmuff to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting her continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere do not hinder her. The key word is “natural.” Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air, so breathing is still necessary.
Breathless: This ability is what makes Dark Atmuff have no need for air. She can hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this lets her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.
Energy Immunity: This quality lets Dark Atmuff ignore up to two types of energy at once. Various types of energy include heat, cold, sound, sonic, electricity, etc. She can change which two she was unaffected by at will, and did not need to concentrate to maintain her resistance. The energy resisted was total, with no affect on her at all. The only type of energy she can not resist was psychic energy, since that power was totally beyond her. Between this and her other Salient Qualities, Dark Atmuff is able to survive in virtually any local condition, even in space or in molten lava.
Warped Chi: The process that brought resurrected Atmuff altered her life force, changing her into Dark Atmuff. This is most prevalent in her chi, which has been warped. One of the most significant effects of this is that when she manifests her chi aura, anyone touching physically touching her takes damage as her warped chi interacts violently with a person’s normal chi, which every living thing has. The damage isn’t too severe, but repeated damage from contact between normal chi and her warped chi can add up eventually, especially on when the physical contact is in the form of being punched or kicked by her. Dark Atmuff does not take damage from the contact. When her chi field is not manifested, this power does not take effect.
(Creator’s Note: This is one of three possible resurrections of Atmuff; the others are Neo-Atmuff and Cyber-Atmuff.)
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DARK ELF, the Mystic S&M Elfgirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore. Tends to lean toward a meat-heavy diet.
Role: Trackers and Hunters. Good tacticians, but better in urban and enclosed environments.
Libido: Average. Up to High with a trusted/favored tamer.
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Rock, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric
Attacks: Levitation, Bitch Slap, Erotic Kiss, Nipple Cripple, Spank, Needleshot, Toxic Sword, Vine Bondage, Vine Whip, Power Bolt, Shield, Hypnotic Gaze, Glare, Rune Chain (Lv. 20), Hydra Whip (Lv. 35) Enslaving Kiss (Lv. 55)
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Poison Affinity, Night-vision, Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Reflexes (x4), Intuitively learns Bondage Attacks
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blindness or to become light-headed
Evolves: Dark Lady (Moon Stone), Bondage Elf (normal), Bondage Queen (evolved Bondage Elf; normal), Enchantress (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Elf (Dark Stone), Drow Zee (Dark Stone)
Common tamer wisdom says, "You may be able to mistake a Drow Zee for a Dark Elf, but you'll never mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee."
Most Dark Elves share common physical traits with the Drow Zee. Nearly all have obsidian-black skin and pointed ears from their elf heritage. The majority express blood red eyes and bone-white hair done up in various styles from elaborate to simple, depending on the amount of personal power a Dark Elf has (or just personal preference, in some cases). Occasionally, there are aberrations, and hair color will have a light purple or light blue hue, or even a startling blood red, with eye color running the gamut from amethyst to blue to golden (green has never been documented), but these are the exceptions, not the rule. Body type varies in height, and Dark Elves typically have larger busts than their Elf cousins, much to the Elf's dismay, varying from a healthy C cup to the occasional overlush double-Ds. There have been only one or two documented Dark Elves with breasts that are smaller than the average. Although much more rare than the Drow Zee evolved Dark Elves, those of this breed that evolve from an Elf typically have lighter colored skin, often ranging from a gray to a light blue, all the way up to a chocolate brown color. Their eyes become light-sensitive, and many threshold or domesticated Dark Elves resort to wearing sunglasses to assist with their vision during the day. However, physical similarities is about the only way that any tamer may mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee, and the reasoning behind this is simple.
A Dark Elf's personality differs drastically depending on their environment. Among other Dark Elves, they fall into the typical habits of their known 'society', becoming ruthless, conniving, power-hungry, vicious and unforgiving. Having two Dark Elves in a harem is typically asking for trouble, unless one of the two is willing to accept the other as the more powerful of the pairing. Even then, the conflict never really ends. It merely subsides, picking the occasional moment for the subservient Dark Elf to test the dominant one's defenses. This, needless to say, can be very damaging during a pitched Tamer battle. This attitude amongst other Dark Elves is the reason this Pokégirl breed is so rare. When amongst themselves, without an external threat, they turn on each other, dominating and killing in displays of power. Older Dark Elves are respected, not, per se, for their personal power(which is typically impressive), but because they have lived for so long, and are considered to have the title 'Matrons'. This does not save them from normal power plays and betrayals, they just have enough sense and power to survive these trials with little problem. When outside the societal structure that occurs whenever Dark Elves congregate, they do a complete about-face in terms of personality. Dark Elves are typically proud and noble, holding themselves with great pride to be what they are. Their power-plays and betrayal never express themselves among groups of Pokégirls that -aren't- Dark Elves, beyond normal harem dynamics. When questioned, Dark Elves seem to imply that such things, when not amongst other Dark Elves, aren't worth their time. It has been noted by several researchers, however, that some Dark Elves simply do not care for such political maneuvering amongst their own kind, although this is typically found in those that evolve from Elves. So far, there is no evidence to support why this is the case, although there are some researchers looking into the matter.
One surprising trait that all Dark Elves share is a specific weakness towards males. This is what makes them so valuable to Tamers. A Dark Elf rarely, if ever, attempts any type of dominating powerplay against a Tamer. When bonded, they are almost whorishly slavish and faithful to their Tamer and/or Owner, offering themselves no matter the time or the place, making helpful suggestions and overall being very, very useful and protecting. Nothing is so amazing to watch than a Dark Elf successfully keep a Domina from having any effect on their mutual Tamer. This trait is so universal among Dark Elves and so ingrained in their psyche that it's nearly impossible for a female tamer to keep a Dark Elf in their harem. Unless the female tamer psychologically manipulates the Dark Elf to see the female as falling into the role of her 'Matron' - a tricky, and troublesome effort at best. Most Female Tamers don't bother, instead viewing Dark Elves as very valuable trading Pokégirls. All in all, it's this quirk of the breed that makes them universally distrusted by all Anti-male organizations, and viewed with some amusement by such groups as the Amazon Preserve. Initial research into Dark Elf pack dynamics was met with some skepticism when first documented. Most Researchers claimed that such viciousness would have the entire breed dying off in quick order.
They were right, but the solution to this problem wasn't documented for many years to come. Every so often(the specific trigger is unknown, but speculated to occur whenever the year is what was once called a 'leap year', a group of Dark Elves will undergo a Breeding Frenzy, their libidos ramping up to 'Extremely High' as they mate with themselves, other Pokégirls, and any Tamer that happens to come along. Despite having a normally low-level feral state, during their Breeding Frenzy, they fall into a near mindlessness. Typically lasting a week, once past, all Dark Elves that were triggered undergo parthenogenesis. This population boom is what keeps Dark Elves as a breed from dying out. Notably, they are NOT easier to capture during this frenzy, but a smart tamer can successfully lure a powerful Dark Elf away from the group and capture (or bond) her once the frenzy passes.
For many Dark Elves, being captured within bonds is a close, intimate thing that can enhance pleasure by extracting a small amount of pain at most- hurting the one she is with is something that she tries to avoid. It's the intimacy that she truly enjoys. The ability to not fight back, to trust her partner, is a thrill that a Dark Elf loves. This is a fairly sharp contrast to the Domina's line of thinking, and having one of both breeds in the same harem is not suggested, as the Domina breed will often attempt to break the Dark Elf and mold her to her ways in many known and reported cases. In any case, Dark Elves rather dislike the Domina breed, and Domina view them as if they were apprentices (whether or not the Dark Elf agrees with them). Often, this leads to fights that lead to a taming session at some point, as each will attempt to maneuver the other into some sort of bindings. It seems that neither breed is willing to let it go, however, hence the suggestion that no tamer should have a Domina-breed or a Dark Elf in the same harem at the same time.
Every so often, a Dark Elf will be born that does not express the typical glee and hunger for the cut-throat social dynamics of the Dark Elf society. Instead, they find it tragic, lamenting their sisters bloodlust and escaping their society as soon as possible. Normal Dark Elves refer to these individuals in a mixture of contempt and humor as 'Drizzlings', and most Tamers get the impression normal Dark Elves are having a very good laugh at their 'reformed' sisters expense. These 'Drizzlings' often have a sweet-as-sugar attitude when among humans and Pokégirls, making them even more valuable among Tamers. These 'Drizzlings' are often accepted by Dark Elves that evolved from elves, and are often found in their own little colonies away from any contact with what are considered 'typical' Dark Elves. Strangely, Dark Elves that evolve from Elves that follow this attitude are considered 'normal' amongst those that are typical Dark Elves. Researchers speculate that this is due to the fact that they can be identified easily (their skin coloration is most commonly lighter than the typical Dark Elf has), though this has been neither confirmed nor debunked.
Dark Elves, while not making a good Alpha, often make an excellent Beta, as they are willing to submit to another Pokégirl that expresses more power or intelligence than them. They make excellent mothers to human males, but terrible ones to human females, viewing them with contempt that they were born with such a weak body, and often urge them to undergo threshold as soon as feasible. Dark Elves claim that they typically get along well with other Pokégirls, including other elf breeds. Elf-type Pokégirl would claim otherwise, citing the Dark Elf's normally superior and noble attitude resulting in a number of conflicting incidents. However, other than the obvious attitudes towards Domina and most other Elf-type Pokégirls (other than Drow Zee, it seems), the Dark Elf's claim seems to be the most prominently supported amongst tamers and harem studies that have been polled.
During the end of the war, when Dark Elves became somewhat more common in Sukebe's army, they were found in small groups of four to six Pokégirls that would track and hunt down human survivors trying to escape the cities that the Pokégirl armies had overrun. However, their numbers remained small for reasons unknown to humans until the first Tamers came into being, at which point it was learned that Dark Elves, despite their origins, seem to be independent as a whole, despite found in groups. After the war, the Dark Elves were not often found or captured, and they were a relatively unknown breed until 87 AS or so, when the first recorded instance of an Elf evolved into a Dark Elf. It wasn't until 93 AS that a Drow Zee was found to evolve into one as well. Since then, they have been found in harems throughout the world. Feral Dark Elves, however, are difficult to find, although they have been recorded to live underground and among the remains of old city ruins from pre-Sukebe times. Ferals of this breed are a very individualistic bunch, with some living with others in groups of around half a dozen, while others hunt and live in pairs or singly. Semi-feral dark elves are found more commonly in city ruins than in caves, scratching a living off of the what they can find to eat in and around their territory. Often, it's the ones that live in caves that manage to get along better than most Dark Elves that live together, though there have been some documented times when small groups of Dark Elves manage to live together in peace. When in larger groups, however, is when their dislike towards one another gets completely out of hand.
In battle, Dark Elves are a fearful type to behold, as they prefer to fight from afar rather than up close, and they are equally useful in standard battles as they are in sex battles. Their speed and magical attacks allow the Dark Elf to outmaneuver many opponents, and if not, can use several attacks that can wither down her opponent at any given range. Their levitation technique allows them to not be hampered by terrain like other elves might be, a major advantage against other Pokégirl types that are land-bound. However, their strength is something left to be desired, although most tamers do not mind this problem if they can train the Pokégirl enough. In a sex battle, their magical abilities give them several advantages, the least of which being their Rune Chain technique to bind the opponent. With this in use, there's little that the opponent can do until the Dark Elf releases her. This is a favored technique of all Dark Elves, even while being tamed by her tamer or in any battle- a bound target is easier to hit and deal with, and in taming it just excites a Dark Elf more. And combined with the Dark Elf's natural intelligence when it comes to strategy, these Pokégirls are often considered for an Alpha or Beta position within any harem. Towards the others in her Tamer's harem, a Dark Elf is perhaps a little condescending towards those who are weaker, but rarely is it taken out of control. She does enjoy being allowed to assist her tamer with taming other Pokégirls, however. There is one thing to note about Dark Elves, however, that a tamer that uses her in a combat harem should be aware of: they are easily blinded by sudden flashes of light, thanks to their light-sensitive eyes.
Unlike normal Elves and the typical Elf breeds, Dark Elves can survive and thrive easily in a much wider range of environments, and are not limited to non-polluted areas. They typically prefer underground areas, such as naturally formed caves, but a number have professed a liking toward the more run-down urban structures when properly reconditioned.
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DARK KITSUNE, the Redeemed Nogitsune Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ice, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Leap, Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Fireball, Hypnotize, Illusion, Cry, Dance, Psywave, Psychic, Psi-Blade Mark II, Confusion, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Smell (x6), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Kyubi (E-Stone Ceremony)
Evolves From: Nogitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Nogitsune, a mostly sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and evil-aligned Pokégirl, can actually go through a marvelous transformation when given a chance. A Tamer that tries to help a Nogitsune is a rarity to see. No surprise really, as a Nogitsune’s personality tends for her to be quite disrespectful, resentful, and violent towards her master and Harem-sisters, and usually causes for them to be traded to another Tamer. However, a Tamer that works to break through the shell of hate a Nogitsune has built up around herself, trying to take down the insecurity, envy, and sadness that surrounds the Nogitsune’s character, and can actually come to genuinely care for the rather selfish Nogitsune will receive a genuine surprise. Literally becoming enveloped in a fire of black, the Nogitsune goes through a final evolution, burning away all the evil that had wrenched her soul, shedding the shadows and magic which empowered her, allowing her to embrace truth and understanding. She becomes almost a whole new Pokégirl altogether. The Dark Kitsune.
The Dark Kitsune is comparable to a Vixxen in looks, albeit with a few more differential cosmetic changes and powers, such as the fact that a Dark Kitsune’s pelt colors are much darker, with a cranberry-red all over, with the deepest ebony black on her hands and feel, and a rather tanned cream-colored underside to her pelt. However, the most noticeable trait of the Dark Kitsune is her tails. Before, where she had no tails, she now has two! Both tails are red-furred, but one is tipped in black and the tip of the other tail is the tanned cream. And as can be expected, a Dark Kitsune fills out more physically, compared to her previous form of Nogitsune.
The personality of a Dark Kitsune is a complete U-turn to a Nogitsune. Whereas before she felt alone and damned by the darkest depths of hell, a Dark Kitsune feels free. She openly is more affectionate now, and gladly reciprocates any affection the Tamer will show the Dark Kitsune. Also, the Dark Kitsune is more accepting to commands and will more than likely do as the Tamer commands of her.
In battle, a Dark Kitsune follows mostly the same strategies a Vixxen and Foxx do, going in and striking hard with Fire-elemental attacks. However, because of the Psychic powers it also contains, a Dark Kitsune can try to add some more advanced tactics, such as teleporting from view just as its about to strike, and then hitting the opponent Pokégirl from an entirely different direction. Also, she has a tendency to pick up and sharp metal it can get as soon as possible, as to perform Psi-Black Mark II. Also, when cornered, a Dark Kitsune can use Psychic to damage the opponent Pokégirl, and get the breathing room she needs.
Taming sessions are also quite hot. While a Dark Kitsune does not need as much Taming as a Vixxen or a Foxx, a Dark Kitsune is just as passionate, loving her Tamer and having sex with him in every way possible. Also, it seems that a Dark Kitsune is more controlled than a Vixxen, as the motto “ready anytime, anywhere, with anyone” doesn’t seem to apply as easily, since a Dark Kitsune does not have the tendency to start screwing out in public. Granted making out kissing, and a bit of foreplay is okay to them, but they will not spread their legs until they are in a private area.
Also, it’s now possible to have the Dark Kitsune as the same Harem as a Shaguar, though granted, it’s still not a good idea. The Dark Kitsune and Shaguar do get along, but maybe a little too well. The Fire-type nature of the Dark Kitsune seems rather attracted to the smaller Ice-type Pokégirl. This can lead to a Tamer having a rather tired Shaguar when he needs her for battles.
Interestingly enough, with the recent discovery of a Shiny Stone, there have been instances where the Shiny Stone does not work in evolving a Nogitsune to a Dark Kitsune. However, in cases where the Shiny Stone has been used as a reward for being kind-hearted or showing affection, the Shiny Stone has been 100% effective.
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DARK LADY, the Seething Bitch Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human foods
Role: Murderess, Arcane Powerhouse, Celestial-Killer
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Magic, Normal, Psychic, Poison, celestial Pokégirls (Angels, Megami, etc)
Weak Vs: Fighting, Dark, Dragon
Attacks: Reflect, Absorb, Burst, Energy Blade, Aura Barrier, Power Bolt, Teleport, Bitch Slap, Dominate, Call Me Queen, Aura of Fear, L25 Force Bolt*, Rune Chain, L30 Agility, L40 Door to the Abyss*, L50 Void Aura*
Enhancements: Magical Affinity, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Natural Levitation, Darkvision, Amplified Laughter
Evolves: None (We hope!)
Evolves From: Dark Elf (Moon Stone)
Bounty (For Kill or Successful Capture): 100.000 SLC
Bounty (For Successful Capture While Feral): 50.000 SLC
Bounty (For reporting sighting & getting out alive): 25.000 SLC
Fine (For releasing Dark Lady under any circumstances): 200.000 SLC
Recommendation when you see one: Bring out any Dark-Types if you have them, or if you must, a Pokégirl with elemental attacks. In an open area, ranged attack capabilities are a must! RELEASE ANY CELESTIAL POKEGIRLS AT YOUR OWN PERIL. If a Dark Lady is after you, do not simply run away, they have Teleport capabilities and will simply laugh as you wear yourself out!
Dark Ladies are one of those evolutions that are almost universally reviled worldwide, usually used only by the most stubborn, self-centered, or spiteful of Tamers. To the Celestial-loving public, these Pokégirls are all but the embodiment of Sukebe’s desire to steal away the happiness that the world stole from him.
Dark Ladies are evolved from Dark Elves when brought into contact with a Moon Stone. They stand taller than their previous form, usually an inch or two over five and a half feet tall. Their breasts are generous but not huge, a modest C-cup, and are quite firm, with sensitive nipples. Their nails are always painted and well-manicured/pedicured, even after marching about the wilderness for days on end. Dark Ladies always prefer to have long hair, and will never cut it unless it’s in danger of dragging on the ground. Even then, they'd rather braid it or style it to raise it just enough that it doesn't quite reach the ground. They are very vain about their hair and will go to great lengths to care for it and enhance it. A Dark Lady will always try to dress in an outfit that is provocative and arousing without looking slutty, such as dresses with long slits to show off her legs, or low-cut tops that show off the upper portions of her breasts.
Despite their allure, Dark Ladies are not often found in Harems, for several reasons. First is because, although they are very beautiful, they are consumed with intense rage. They seem to have nothing but fiery hatred for everyone and everything, with a special place being reserved in their dark hearts for Pokégirls of a celestial nature, such as Angels, Megamis, and Megami-samas. The best known example of this was when a kindly Angel rescued a Dark Lady, not knowing what type of Pokégirl she was, from drowning and took her back to her Tamer to nurse the half-dead Dark Lady back to health. When the Dark Lady awoke to seeing an Angel watching over her and tending to her, she immediately flew into a screaming fit of rage and attacked her rescuer, killing the poor Angel, who didn't even have a chance to defend herself. She then slaughtered a third of the Tamer's Harem, who were shocked into inaction, before being brought down. After another incident when a Dark Lady went berserk during a Sadie Poken’s celebration at seeing so many Celestials about. The breed became the first to be universally banned from Sadie Poken’s celebrations and denied the right to choose her own master (as they are not likely to pick masters they respect, but rather, ones that they can manipulate and control).
Dark Ladies are not subtle combatants. They while they have the capacity for patience and subterfuge, they consider most foes to be beneath them and much prefer to simply beat their foes into the ground with their tremendous arcane might. They typically open a fight with their Magical Levitation enhancement to remain away from any sort of physical fighting, and hide behind magical defenses such as Aura Barrier while they rain down Power Bolts and various spells, along with insults and taunts of great variety. When the fighting does get physical, they use Energy Blade until they can get more distance between themselves and their opponent. And if worse comes to worst, they Teleport away, although they are loathe to quit a battle, and have an annoying tendency to return for rematches at the least convenient times. During battles, Dark Ladies verbally as well as magically assault their foes, mocking things they believe in, telling them how weak and pathetic they are, and how she will torment their surviving friends/lovers/Pokégirls. Above all, however, Dark Ladies laugh, be it sadistic giggles as they watch their foes squirm below them or peals of maniacal laughter as they rip their foes apart. Dark Ladies are not fools however, and their anger and zeal is calculated. They know when to retreat, and won't throw their lives away in an attack unless they perceive there to be no escape. Against a foe that has proven themselves to be a worthy opponent, Dark Ladies will open up full force, attacking with every spell, dirty trick, and insult that they know, weaving together a pattern of attacks at which’s end lies the inevitable defeat of their opponent. Dark Ladies are surprisingly durable, capable of laughing off hits that would incapacitate lesser Pokégirls, and countering the insult in kind.
Dark Ladies are dangerous spellcasters, capable of using many offensive, defensive, and boosting spells. They are masters of flashy, unsubtle offensive magic, and with time can create new offensive spells of their own. They are, however, completely unable to learn White Magic spells, though they possess enough skill in defensive arts and health draining techniques that they rarely need it.
No one is really sure why Dark Ladies are so sadistic. They seem driven to cause pain and anguish to anyone they can, for reasons even they don't seem to understand. They hate celestial Pokégirls, and those who would associate with them, above all else, and will target them in preference to others. Some have suggested that Dark Ladies are upset because they have lost their Longevity enhancement that they had as a Dark Elf, and feel cheated of their long lives. Other theories postulate that they hate Celestial Pokégirls because they seem to radiate the peace and serenity that Dark Ladies lack so much in their own lives. Or that they simply derive pleasure through the anguish of others and hate those that live a life so alien in thought to her own.
Despite all this, it is possible to Tame and control a Dark Lady, though difficult. Dark Ladies don't respond well to kindness, nor to appeals to reason. Raw power, however, and the willingness to use it, are some of the very few things that gets through to them. A Tamer who shows himself to be her skilled and strong of will can earn a begrudging acceptance, but to fully earn her respect and unflinching obedience, a tamer must force a harsh lesson upon her. Since a Dark Lady, given the opportunity, will naturally satisfy her carnal lusts on helpless victims, a Tamer who forces himself on her in such a manner can make her submit to him. Generally, this requires her to be heavily bound and gagged - to prevent her from casting spells - while the Tamer rapes her harshly, bragging about his ability to do so and her own weakness and inability to stop him. Simply restricting her movements during a normal taming is not enough – the taming must be done on the Tamer’s terms alone, and against the Dark Lady's wishes. The more harshly she is taken, the quicker and better the results will be, and more exotic or degrading forms of intercourse, such as anally or tit-fucking, are known to work better.
After successfully Taming and subduing a Dark Lady, she will behave very differently towards her Tamer. She becomes completely obedient to him, and appears to revel in her new position. Her loyalty to her new Tamer is unshakable, and she would gladly die before abandoning or betraying him. She is almost obsessive in her desire to please her new owner, calling him "Master" whenever she can, whorishly servicing his every desire, volunteering to be the first to fight pokebattles, to run even the most menial of errands, etc. She regards her Tamer almost as a god, and will talk long and almost lovingly about him to anyone who is willing to listen. Such rants are hardly love-driven poems however. Dark Ladies that have been won over by their Master tend to view their Tamer almost as some sort of evil overlord, telling others things such as "my Master is more powerful than you can possibly imagine!" and "my Master finds you displeasing, begone!" A Dark Lady in a Harem will always work her hardest to be the Alpha, seeing as naturally the most worthy for the position. But ironically, they will accept and obey the orders of other Alphas without complaint, though she will still do her very best to prove herself worthy of the position.
Feral Dark Ladies are beings of pure rage and spite, attacking anything that moves with a mindless fury. They are too distracted to use their magic or their Magical Levitation ability, however, and always resort to just using their strength to tear their opponent limb from limb, laughing madly all the while. In this state they aren't much of a fight, and they know it, making sure to find some poor soul every few weeks to force themselves on. Such experiences are never pleasant memories for the one they use. However, it is because of this and their powerful magical capabilities that they are considered so dangerous, as Dark Ladies are almost NEVER found feral, and thus are mobile, dangerous opponents that will all but guarantee a painful and extended rape-fest if they prove the stronger.
No Threshold girl has ever been known to become a Dark Lady, for which everyone is thankful.
Force Bolt (ATK 80): Forcing magical energy into a super-condensed bolt, the Dark Lady fires of a powerful and quick magical attack with minor homing qualities.
Door to the Abyss (ATK 40, EFT, Infernal): Placing herself at the center of a swirling vortex of Infernal energy, the Dark Lady drains energy from all foes around her, restoring health and vitality to herself as she takes it from others. Has a 35% chance of inflicting Exhaust. Celestial-Sub Type Pokegirls are especially vulnerable to this technique, taking double the Life Drain and a 70% chance of Exhaust.
Void Aura (DEF 50): The literal embodiment of a Dark Lady's smug superiority, this spell generates a defensive aura of whispy, greasy darkness nullifies the damage from any attack with an attack rating of less than 50 points. Only when hit by an attack with and Attack Rating greater than 50 will the Aura collapse, against which the aura only reduces damage by 25%. The Dark Lady must wait 3 rounds before she can use the Void Aura again.
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DARK MAIDEN, the Pitch Black Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Assassin, Manipulator of darkness
Libido: Medium (Prefers Nighttime hours)
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Double Throw, Instant Toss, Mana Break, Dark Bolt, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Shroud of Darkness, Shadow Teleport, Black Sky
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed(x4), Enhanced Dexterity(x5), High Intelligence, can see without difficulty in natural or magical darkness
Evolves: Magic Knight (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
While some of Sukebe's Legions learned to strike from the shadows, the Dark Maiden brought the shadows with them. While most Dark-Types specialize in dealing Dark-Type damage, the Dark Maiden is also a master of magic that brings about darkness and snuffs out light, and are proficient, silent assassins. Capable of seeing perfectly in the absence of light, these Pokégirls do not fear the night – they embody it.
Dark Maidens tend towards, ironically, pale white skin and jet black hair, with styles varying from individual to individual. If the hair color does vary, it is nearly always of a dark shade. A small number of Dark Maidens, however, may be found with various elven traits, such as the signature ears, or possibly skin tones. This is believed to be because Sukebe used small amounts of elven DNA with the Dark Maiden's creation, which can sometimes manifest itself in these individuals.
It is because of this trait that the Dark Maidens were long thought to have some sort of evolutionary link with the Elf lines, however, no such evolution has occurred to date.
Confident masters of the dark, Dark Maidens carry themselves with pride, even as they render their foes helpless and move in for a kill. They have an elegant presence, and they like it that way, tending to get annoyed if they are forced to abandon that elegance.
A strange quirk, often to the annoyance of those who own Dark Maidens, is their tendency to pick an individual they see with some regularity, often a harem sister, and to raise hell at their expense. Researchers aren't sure if Dark Maidens see them as a sort of rival or if they just bug the Dark Maiden that much, but regardless, the result can be quite a hassle, and is one of the reasons why the breed is not incredibly popular.
Dark Maidens are rarely spectacular at straight-up combat. They are not particularly tough or strong, but they are light on their feet and have excellent coordination, making them excellent at wielding finesse weapons, such as their weapons of choice, daggers and throwing knives. They typically take full advantage of their ability to blanket an area in darkness, and then of their opponent's disorientation, using Shadow Teleport to strike from behind, or their high speed to quickly rack up hits. They also can fight either up close, with their daggers or Dark Blade, or from a distance, using throwing knives, Dark Bolts, or the mighty Black Sky.
It's important to note that Dark Maidens cannot summon weaponry like some breeds can, and so must rely on purchased weaponry. Those who are willing to cash out for an enchanted dagger (or whatever the individual's preferred weapon is), will typically make their Dark Maiden a very happy girl, and, should the Dark Maiden be pleased with her master, treat the weapon well and with utmost respect. (One should be cautious, however, if they don't.)
Despite their usual, naturally 'dark' roles, Dark Maidens are not inherently sadistic, even to those they choose to trouble, and indeed are quite variable in their personalities. They are quite capable of kindness and generally get along well with other breeds, so long as one can get used to her noble airs. Those Dark Maidens whose elven heritage has manifested itself can sometimes be seen in elven courts, generally fitting right in, and often taking up a role as bodyguard to the Queen. Despite the name, such Dark Maidens are fully considered elves, including for the purposes of an Elf Queen's ability, and, though they do not have the Longevity of a true elf, often gain Slow Aging as an enhancement.
Dark Maidens are highly intelligent Pokégirls, and are fairly popular among League officials and researchers as assistants. They are also prized for their ability to see during the night, making them perfect for acting as nighttime guards, a role that both officials and tamers are thankful for.
Feral Dark Maidens have an instinctual dislike of bright lights, particularly the sun, and so are rarely found active during the day, much preferring to act during the nighttime hours. They rarely can be found alongside Vampires, using their abilities to protect them from light-based attacks...assuming they can stand being the likely target of their mischief. Tamed Dark Maidens can operate normally day or night, but find that they prefer the darkness best.
During the Revenge War, Dark Maidens were used less for their assassination abilities and more for their ability to blanket areas in darkness, blinding whole enemy squads while they and other Pokégirls hammered them with attacks from a distance. This often had a powerful effect on the morale of the enemy forces who were able to witness these attacks, watching as their comrades flailed about aimlessly in the darkness before being picked off.
Because of their opposed natures, Dark Maidens have a natural dislike of Light Maidens, and will do their damnedest to knock the lights out of them at the first opportunity. Often, but not always, this rivalry will continue even as Magic Knights. Ironically, as both Maidens possess a method to conceal themselves from the other's sight, such fights are often awkward affairs, neither opponent really sure where the other is...
· Shroud of Darkness - (Effect) The Dark Maiden surrounds the area around her or a specific point in space in complete darkness. If she is the center of the effect, the effect follows her as she moves. Otherwise, it stays centered on the original point. From outside the area of effect, the ability appears as a slightly darkened bubble of space - one can still see through it, but once one steps inside the effect, the spell completely blankets vision. The initial radius of the effect starts at around ten feet, but can grow to around fifty or possibly higher. Dark Maidens may choose to darken the 'bubble' caused by the ability to pitch black even from outside vision, preventing others from seeing what occurs within - or beyond - the shroud.
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DARK QUEEN, the Queen-Behind-the-Scenes Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Magic/Ghost/Dark (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human Style (only the best), some Life Energy
Role: Manipulators, dark rulers.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Fighting, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Celestial, Sonic attacks.
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Energy Drain, Night Shade, Ghost Blade, Fear Aura, Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Teleport, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Bomb, Grisly Wing, Shadow Scythe.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Healing (x5), Night vision, Wingless Flight, High Intelligence, Limited Metamorph Solid Ether Body, Longevity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Demoness or Succubus (Dark Ritual)
It is (fortunately) a very rare occurrence to find, even in the harem of a strong-willed tamer, a group of powerful Infernals who are willing to place enough trust in one of their number of elevate her even further in power. When such an event does come to pass, however, the result is quite awe-inspiring. Evolving from a Demoness or Succubus through a special Dark Ritual, a Dark Queen is just that; a Queen of all that's Infernal.
Physically, the evolution generally entails the loss of her previous "off" characteristics, such as claws, wings, et cetera, leaving a Dark Queen almost identical to a human woman, albeit a tall, imposing one. The average height for a Dark Queen is 6' even, with variation of up to several inches in either direction being known to occur, though this is sometimes augmented by high-heeled shoes. Her eyes, if not already, will usually become a shade of red, violet, or gold, and her hair tends towards something baroque, with jet-black being seen most commonly. A Dark Queen's skin also generally becomes lighter (tending towards pale), although some seem to prefer to tan to a lesser or greater degree.
For the most part, however, this true appearance is rarely seen, even relative to the rarity of the breed itself. This is due to one of the Dark Queen's most useful (and perhaps unique) abilities; she is capable of metamorphosing a "shell" of her previous body around her true form. Whilst this shell is in place, the Dark Queen will generally fight and act as if it was her actual body, and most of her physical enhancements are reverted to the previous state. However, if she reaches the limit of her previous body's capacities and does not revert to her true form, then she can also be defeated as if she were a Demoness or Succubus. Regardless, this "shell" is seen far more commonly than her true form, and can stand up to all but the newest, most advanced 'dex scanners as of 300 AS. Considering this and the recent flurry of activity in the Celestial community, it is apparent that this kept even the Megami "in the dark" about the true nature of Dark Queens until very recently.
Insofar as personality goes, the average mentality is not at all what one would expect from the Queens of Infernaldom. Rather than the haughty, arrogant, bitch that would generally be imagined to hold such a role, the average Dark Queen has an aura of regal grace and nobility around her that could put the greatest of Elfqeens to shame. It is, in fact, almost unheard of to encounter a rude or otherwise overly unpleasant Dark Queen when in her true form, although they are certainly capable of acting as such when metamorphosed into the shell of a Demoness or Succubus. That is also, of course, not to say that they are not proud or ruthless; au contraire, a Dark Queen will kill (or, more likely, order the death) an enemy as quickly as any other Infernal-type. She will simply be polite and generally calm about doing so.
The likely reason for the loss of a Dark Queen's overt viciousness is the requirement of at least four fairly powerful Infernals to assist in her evolution. Since convincing such self-serving, opportunistic, and untrusting Pokégirls to support her in gaining more power and in becoming their Queen is understandably very difficult, only the most cunning and manipulative Demonesses or Succubi ever manage it. As such, those who ever hope to must learn to control their natures in the process, and the evolution further catalysts this mentality further, although one ought to note that that key word is control....
In any case, the other primary point of note about the mentality of the Dark Queens is that they are, as a rule, manipulative enough to make the most devious of Killer Queens look amateurish. However, this is partially negated by the fact that, in order to be so successful, they do not try to control everything. Rather, by only exerting her influence when it would forward her goals, a Dark Queen precludes her influence being easily discovered and gaining the stigmata that Bondage and Killer Queen have earned. It should be noted, also, that the actions taken to advance said goals are not necessarily negative in and of themselves; they have been known to range from the truly heinous to the heroic; from arranging massacres to ensuring that her tamer is in the right place at the right time to intercept a team attack. Unfortunately, such manipulative tendencies are actually more active when a Dark Queen is acting in her Demoness/Succubus "shell," unlike most of her other characteristics.
Naturally, considering the aforementioned, the dynamics of having a Dark Queen who freely admits to be such are extremely difficult to study, especially since a tamer with such a Dark Queen is generally loathe to lose her goodwill by subjecting her to such scrutiny. However, on the condition of anonymity, several tamers have, with the revelation of the breed's true nature, come forth with some information in this regard. As such, it is known that Dark Queens are very free with their dark blessings, and most harems that they are found in are composed of primarily Fiendish-template Pokégirls, with notable exceptions being those Pokégirls whose evolutionary arc hasn't brought them to what the Dark Queen considers their most useful form and other Infernals. This tendency, combined with her natural charisma, manipulative abilities, and inclination towards leadership, means that almost never is an admitted Dark Queen found in any position but alpha. Unlike other manipulative types, however, a Dark Queen will normally submit to her tamer's desires on issues not instrumental to her ambitions, and simply ensure that his desires are the same as hers of said issues. This, of course, makes her a deceptively attractive option...until one considers how her ruthlessness plays in; a Dark Queen has few inhibitions about what she will do to ensure that said desires coincide.
Generally, however, this insurance is not carried out by the Dark Queen herself. In a further ploy to avoid their manipulation becoming known, most Dark Queens develop a network of lesser Infernals and Fiendish templates who are loyal to her. If referred to at all, the network is usually called a "Covenant," and the exact method or methods through which the members of a Covenant communicate is still unestablished, although magic is considered the most likely. In any case, the Covenant will generally include those Infernals that participated in the ritual that created the Dark Queen and any Fiendish templates created by the Dark Queen or members of the Covenant. Other members aside from the Dark Queen have been known to use the Covenant for their own plans to an extent, but generally refrain from doing so as to avoid becoming dependant upon their sisters, as being willing to trust the Dark Queen does not equate to trusting each other. Inter-Covenant relations are, as of 300 AS, an unknown quantity.
When a Dark Queen must do things herself, however, and opts not to battle in her shell, she is nothing to scoff at. Yes, her strength enhancement is very low, but for good reason; the Dark Queen is not a physical, front-line fighter. Rather, in keeping with her nature as a Queen, almost all of her abilities are ranged, and getting in close to her is nigh-impossible; with her wingless flight ability, she is able to not only remain out of the range of land-based foes, but above them whilst she rains down dark bombs and power bolts. If an enemy does get too close, however, she will generally still be able to hold her own with an Energy or Dark blade, assuming she doesn't just teleport away from them.
Considering the impressive array of powers and connections available to a Dark Queen, going feral is generally almost absurd. However, when it does happen (usually through being left in a Pokéball for too long), the resulting state is quite suited to the 'girl. In essence, she becomes "trapped" in her shell form, losing herself within the illusion of her previous form. As such, it is naturally quite difficult (if not impossible) to identify a feral Dark Queen as anything other than a feral Demoness or Succubus. In fact, the self-deception extends through feral shock; until her personality and higher mental functions have returned to a good degree, she will use "Succubus" or "Demoness" when referring to herself. However, this does have one beneficial effect; the best time to identify a Dark Queen is during taming shock. Once her higher mental functions begin to return and she rerealizes her identity, it is extremely easy to make a slip and refer to herself as "Dark Queen." Should this occur, she should be Pokéballed and turned in to the local authorities. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges.
Another interesting note is that a tamer who tames a Dark Queen out of her feral state will generally win a great deal of gratitude from her. Apparently, due to their regal and proud natures, Dark Queens become extremely embarrassed over their loss of self whilst feral. As such, the tamer who restores her is somewhat of a savior, and unless he displeases her strongly, the Dark Queen may even consider revealing herself to him. In these cases, said tamer usually ends up quite pleased with his "new" Pokégirl; Dark Queens, especially those evolved from Succubi, tend to be highly experienced and unselfish lovers, doing their best to sate their partners' desires so long as said desires do not conflict with her own. In that respect, her sexual attitude mirrors that of her overall attitude when in a harem, except that avoidance of conflicting desires is likely to prove much more... pleasurable to the tamer.
In closing, it is imperative to note that, whilst Dark Queens may seem to be highly appealing Pokégirls... they should be avoided if at all possible. They might not be overtly hostile, bestial, blatantly sadistic, arrogant, or otherwise unpleasant as many of their sisters are, but they are by far the most dangerous of Infernal Pokégirls. After all, even a Mazouku can be curbed of her vile tendencies in the hands of a powerful, noble force... but a Dark Queen's brand of evil is immutable. No amount of humiliation, excessive taming, or respect will ever cause a Dark Queen to truly turn from her path; rather, those who discover the truth and are not fooled into believing her to be innocent or evil enough to join her are generally found dead, if at all. So, no matter how enticing she might sound, do not, for any reason, attempt to gain possession of a Dark Queen!
Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public.
We do not need every would-be evil overlord trying to create a Dark Queen!
Urgent Notice to all Security and Law Enforcement Personnel:
An eliminate on sight order has been put into effect for Dark Queens in all PLC-affiliated Leagues. Caution is advised in carrying it out, however, as there is the potential that her tamer will prove hostile to the attempt, and Dark Queens are difficult to defeat without the assistance of a powerful Celestial or a Pokégirl capable of sonic techniques. The Tamer must not be allowed to dictate policy and should be detained or eliminated if necessary.
It has recently been discovered that the "Dark Ritual" used to transfigure a Demoness or Succubus into a Dark Queen is actually an E-stone Ceremony.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Dark Stone (x2), Dusk Stone (x2)
Area & Time Conditions: Night and seclusion.
Ceremony itself:
The E-Stone Ceremony used to evolve a Demoness or Succubus into a Dark Queen is better known as The Dark Ritual, and for good reason. Generally preformed with much more "ceremony" than is required, the exact process long ago merged with the myth. Insofar as has been ascertained, however, the base requirements are a Demoness or Succubus powerful enough to bestow the "blessings" that result in a Fiendish template, at least four Infernals Pokégirls of decent power, two dark stones, two dusk stones, and a magic circle. In order for the Demoness or Succubus to ascend, she must have convinced the four or more supporters (who generally need to be more powerful than a Daimon and cannot be Fiendish templates) to truly trust her and wish her ascent. Considering the nature of powerful Infernals, this is truly a Herculean task, but it is possible, as evidenced by the existing Dark Queens.
Once the four (or more, presumably) supporters have assembled in a secluded area at night, a magic circle must be etched into the ground. It may be as simple or complex as the creator wishes, so long as there is a central position connected by spokes to four surrounding, equidistant positions. The supporters then each must take a Dark or Dusk stone and stand in one of the surrounding positions, whilst the Dark Queen-to-be should stand in the center, not directly facing any of her supporters. At this point, the supporters should place their stone in the center of the markings designating their positions, then begin to focus their thoughts on the ascension of their new Queen. If their trust in her as their Queen is true, then the power of all four stones will be drawn into the circle, then focused through the spokes towards the center. If any of the supporters' trust is false, however, her stone will instead explode, and the entire ceremony will not only fail, but require an entirely new set of stones.
Assuming that the four stones are assimilated successfully, though, the central position will be flooded with power as the entire circle glows a purple-black. Regardless of the weather, black lightning will then strike at four points upon the perimeter of the central position, and an explosion of magical darkness will follow, lasting a few seconds. Once it has cleared, the circle will be broken in four placed (presumably where the lightning struck) and the new Dark Queen will stand in the midst of what is now her Covenant.
It should be noted that this is simply what has been deduced to be the very basic required ceremony. In all documented cases, more gloss and embellishment were present. Such embellishments often include (but are not limited to) ceremonial attire, chanting in Latin or other dead tongues, much more elaborate magical circles, a ring of magical fire between the supporters and the Dark Queen candidate, a sacrifice or sacrifices, et cetera. So long as they do not interfere with the core ceremony, such additions are not problematic and definitely contribute to the aesthetic effect of the transformation.
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DASH, the Supersonic Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: pokechow, fruits, anything high in protein
Role: super speed attacks
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Dash, Sonic Punch, Sonic Wave, Blur, Buzzsaw, Sonic Field, Quickturn, Needleshot, Rapid Stroke
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Stamina (x10), Enhanced Reflexes (x10), Ignore Environment, Breach Incorporeality
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sonica (battle stress)
When a Sonica finds herself in a situation where she absolutely has to do something beyond her abilities, where she is in a fight she cannot afford to lose and the chips are down, she evolves into Dash.
As a Dash, she is now covered in a light metallic coating. Despite her being a Steel-type, the metallic coating can be of any hue. An evolved Sonica gains in speed, being able to run and react to things faster, as well as push herself harder. Like her previous form, she is capable of very short bursts of intense speed. Her combat prowess and overall power take a marked upswing. She is now coordinated enough to use the Quickturn maneuver, where even if she bypasses her foe, she can spin around to face them again. She also gains the ability to toss stiffened, metallic body hairs from her fur coating at her foe at will. This attack only works at short range before the metal hairs lose their momentum and fall to the ground. A Dash’s favorite combination attack is to use Blur to bypass her opponent, Needleshot to hit them with her metal-hairs, and Quickturn to face them again, ready for more. Her most powerful attack though is her Sonic Field. This technique can be used no matter what speed she is using at. It forms a glowing, visible bubble of concussive force around her, protecting her from harm. A Dash will usually charge a foe with this field up, doing serious damage to them. She can only use this field when directly concentrating on it though, and cannot use any other attacks with it. Dashes are good choices to use against Ghost-type Pokégirls, since their ability to move so fast somehow lets them use the Breach Incorporeality enhancement, allowing them to strike a Ghost-type even when it is phased out. A Dash also has one sex attack, the Rapid Stroke technique, where she can rapidly piston her fingers in and out of her foe’s cunt to bring them to a quick orgasm. Many Tamers enjoy having this technique used on them as well, where the Dash will give them a quick but intense hand job.
Due to her metallic coating, a Dash can use the Ignore Environment enhancement. This enhancement lets her temporarily ignore the effects of a hostile environment, including temperature extremes, pressure extremes, and a lack of air. However, this isn’t the same as the ability to complete resist those environments (such power is of a Legendary quality), rather, she can only ignore them for roughly five minutes before it becomes too much to handle. This enhancement doesn’t protect from special attacks, working only to let her work around ambient environmental extremes. A Dash usually uses this enhancement to charge into what would otherwise be a deadly situation and take care of something very fast. This power kicks in automatically whenever a Dash is in an environment that would seriously damage her. There have been rumors that a few Dashes have gained the ability to teleport, but so far these remain unconfirmed.
Feral Dashes tend to be easy to capture if a Tamer can keep up with them, since they lose enough of their mentality that they can’t fight effectively. A Feral Dash can sometimes pose a danger to herself, as she may wander into an extremely hostile environment, and not realize that she needs to leave in five minutes before it kills her. Threshold girls virtually never evolve directly into a Dash.
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DATA DOG, the Dog ex Machina Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for meat
Role: Network Admin, Hacker, Mechanic, Custom Machinist.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Snarl, Reflect, Shield, Psi-Blast, Teleport, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Zapring
Enhancements: Enhanced Memory, High intellect, Network Interface, Enhanced Smell and Hearing (x3), Machine Affinity, Strength x2
Disadvantages: Low combat potential, Canine behavior
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Normal)
When a Byte Bitch has gone through enough life experiences, they evolve into the much calmer Data Dog. When not found employed, many Data Dogs enjoy a place in a Watcher or Tamer's Harem, often being viewed as almost parallel to Cyber-nymphs in their ability to run networks though without the Cyber-nymph's unique ability to upload data just by touching electronic objects. However some Data Dogs that have dabbled in areas other than computers find that they shine in other chosen areas, making them unparalleled machinists or mechanics that are able to build hoverbikes from spare parts. These Data Dogs are almost always found employed at dealerships and R&D departments alongside other tech enthusiasts.
Their appearance changes little from their previous form, bust increasing slightly and adding on more muscle mass since Data Dogs are no longer as weak as humans, but comparable to other common Pokégirls in strength. Most often this comparison is to the Catgirl, though a Data Dog's strength is mostly in her upper body and not her legs. The Data Dog still prefers to tinker or type however, but this is usually due to her increased skill level and interest in her area of choice than any physical deficiency. Data Dogs loose their bitchiness due to stress, as their newfound ability to view any situation under a cheerful pragmatic view comes to light. Most of the breed has been found to try and make the best out of any situation, though some Data Dogs use their practicality for personal gain more than anything else. Overall, Data Dogs have the canine loyalty that is found in most canine types. Many enjoy games of intellect, chess, shogi, and other tactical or trivia games are a great way to earn a Data Dog's affection.
There are a few horrific tales of Data Dogs slowly taking over the Alpha's loyalty and running the Harem of a tamer (and eventually the tamer) by proxy. These tales have been proven, but research has shown that the two recorded instances were from Data Dogs that had actually teamed up with Dominas instead of butting heads with the Pokégirls as they normally do. As such it isn't recommended for any Data Dog to be placed in a Harem with aggressive Pokégirls, since the Data Dog may be calmer now, but they do not tolerate being pushed around. The Domina line and other 'pushy' Pokégirls are bound to get told off in almost all of the cases (with the exception of a few, as noted above) and not even the good natured Celestials are taken as an exception. They can, however get along better with mouse, bunny, and cat Pokégirls (in spite of still being intimidated by the stronger cats). Though in battle, they can use what they refer to as an instinctive advantage and intimidate the 'prey' Pokégirls.
Data Dogs still have the weakness of their canine instincts taking over, and many are embarrassed that they are no better able to control these urges than when they were Byte Bitches. Still unable to fight their triggers, Data Dogs make a point to telling new owners what sets them off to insure that there are no accidents. Many Tamers can use this to their advantage as well, as the mere threaten to set off a Data Dog's trigger is usually enough to keep them in line. Thanks in part to their bulking up, Data Dogs are now able to fight better than their previous form, however they are still considered weak for an evolved Pokégirl. A Data Dog's favored tactic is to use their shield and teleportation abilities to formulate the best possible counter attack, though this tactic is sometimes changes in order to prevent the Data Dog from becoming predictable. They still shine as a support Pokégirl, able to better defend and attack their front line partner and whittle their opponent down from the sides.
Threshold cases of Data Dogs are rare, the best evidence of threshold into a Data Dog is ears migrating to the top of the skull and picking up random static electricity. Feral cases of Data Dogs are more common than their pre-evolved from, since they are better able to defend themselves from stronger Pokégirls.
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DEMONESS, the Greater Demon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Dark/Varies (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Special
Role: Commanders, schemers.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Infernal, Normal, Magic, Psychic, Ghost (others vary by type).
Weak Vs: Celestial, Fighting, Bug, (others vary by type).
Attacks: Negative Aura Burst, Energy Drain, Nightshade, Energy Blade, Hypnotic Gaze, Teleport, Dominate, Call Me Queen, (others vary by type).
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Longevity, (others vary by type).
Evolves: Dark Queen (Dark Ritual), Demon-Goddess (E-Stone Ceremony).
Evolves From: Daimon (Mana Crystal), Fallen Angel (Further Trauma + Dark Stone)
Proud, cunning, vindictive, ruthless, and unrelentingly intense, Demonesses were perhaps the ideal commanders in the Legions of Terror during the war. Their strategic abilities combined with their commanding natures and somewhat cold reasoning when dealing with those under their command allowed them to direct the Legions to many victories during the war, and made them rather infamous after it. As such, to this day, despite their many advantages, a stigmata against Demonesses remains, even when those against many of the other Infernals (such as Daimon and Succubi) have faded.
In appearance, Demonesses are generally mostly human, but with enough "off" characteristics to ensure that they are rarely mistaken as such. Such "off" characteristics differ from Demoness to Demoness, but some common examples are glowing eyes, clawed hands, and fanged canines, with others varying widely, usually in accordance with the Demoness's variable element. Aside from these "off" characteristics, Demonesses can vary widely in their looks, though most are between five and six feet, and their appearances are often somewhat related to those they had as a Youma or Daimon if they evolved up.
The mindset of the Demoness breed, on the other hand, is much easier to present an average for. As a whole, Demonesses are very proud and very intense, a fact which leads them to often tend towards being very easily insulted. This has lead to Demonesses developing somewhat of a reputation for being short-tempered, because even small (or perceived) insults can set them off, and very rarely will they forget an insult of any kind. On the flip side, however, they are also very easy to flatter, taking compliments almost as seriously as insults... which has problems of it's own; woe be unto the fool who idly flatters a Demoness, for false compliments are generally taken as high insults.
This isn't particularly problematical in and of itself, of course, until one takes into account the fact that Demonesses are also ruthless, cunning, and extremely vindictive. As such, they will often go to very great lengths to extract revenge upon those who insult them, a tendency which has added greatly to the stigmata against them. However, again, this sort of extreme intensity in pursuit of a goal does have a positive aspect, if the Demonesses goal's can be brought into line with her tamer's.
In fact, assuming that her loyalty is won by a tamer (via whatever means), a Demoness will generally be quite an excellent addition to his harem. Not only does she bring her extreme intensity with her, but a Demoness's level of devotion to a tamer is just short of a Dark Lady's... although less slavish and more imaginative. As such, the Demoness will often seek the betterment of her master and his harem, even at the expense of other harem members and especially outsiders. This means that she is a good alpha choice, but also a dangerous one; unless she can be convinced of her harem sisters' worth, she will often be willing to sacrifice them for what she considers an overall gain, a tendency that is based in her Commander Mentality. It should be noted also that few Demonesses ever lose this tendency entirely, and that even those who have been convinced not to do so within the harem will still often sacrifice outsiders for the harem's gain.
In keeping with their Commander Mentality, when it comes to combat, Demonesses prefer to let others do their fighting for them. In battles that allow more than one combatant, she will generally hang back and attempt to direct the actions of the other 'girls. If a Demoness is forced to battle, however, her tactics are usually quick, efficient, and brutal; with elemental powers developed over the course of several evolutions, most Demonesses are not a force to be trifled with. Most are, in addition to this, able to utilize teleportation, making it easy for them to strike at any point they preceived the opponent's defense to be lacking at. Beyond these general guidelines, though, tactics vary, especially considering the breed's scheming nature and the planning skill most Demonesses retain from their time as Daimon.
There is, however, one major exception to the rule of Demonesses preferring not to fight, and that is when their opponent is a Succubus. Whether it's due to a historical feud involving the fact that the Succubi left the Legions of Terror en masse soon after their induction (an insult that few Demonesses have forgotten) or simply to the ardently different approaches to life that the two breeds have is uncertain, but, regardless of the reason, meetings between Demonesses and Succubi almost always result in a battle. As such, only the most foolish, cunning, or intrepid tamer will attempt to keep the two breeds in the same harem. On a related note, should the Demoness win, she will generally become extremely amorous, and so taming accommodations should be readily available if one intends to pit a Demoness against a Succubus.
In any case, aside from after defeating a Succubus (or, to a lesser extent, another powerful opponent), a Demoness's sex drive is fairly reasonable. Her intensity does transfer into her attitude during taming, however, and many Demonesses will be quite passionate in bed. But, as with other areas, a Demoness's Commander Mentality does bring some preferences of its own to taming; mainly, that she usually prefers to be in control. This drive is hardly as strong as that of many other breeds, however, and a loyal Demoness will generally be willing to let her tamer dominate her without too much of an argument.
Like Droidos, Demonesses do not require physical sustenance (although many enjoy eating anyway, just for the taste) or even negative emotions as food. Instead, they must periodically release bursts of negative energy that cause those around the Demoness to feel mildly ill. However, she has more control of this ability than her fighting-type cousins, and can generally designate people (usually only her tamer) to be immune, so long as at least one living, sentient creature is affected. It should also be noted that this ability (or even a somewhat more intense version) can be used in combat as a weakening technique, and is thusly listed in the Demoness's attacks as "Negative Aura Burst."
Finally, feral Demonesses can be quite problematical, often turning other ferals in the area into something of a "personal army." Thankfully, though, they do oft lose fine control over their elemental abilities in the feral state, and often become even further susceptible to flattery. Still, those not exercising caution in their dealings with a feral Demoness and her 'legions" tend to wind up either dead or a slave to keep the Demoness sane. As of 300 AS, threshold into a Demoness is considered impossible due to very few having yet become Pokéwomen.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Metal Jacket, Mana Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: Any time, with at least one previously wronged harem sister and her tamer present.
Ceremony Itself: Should a Demoness experience some life-changing revelation or humbling experience and lose her willingness to freely sacrifice others, then she gains the potential to evolve into a Demon-Goddess via an E-Stone Ceremony. The ceremony itself is a fairly simple process; the Demoness must, with the evolutionary items fairly close to her, freely and earnestly apologize to those of her harem sisters that she has wronged in the past, and to her tamer form any who are no longer in the harem. So long as these apologies are actually meant and believed by her tamer, the Ceremony will be complete, catalyzing her evolution to Demon-Goddess.
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DEMON-GODDESS, the Heaven-or-Hell Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Steel/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: 1/2 Human Intake plus various amounts of sex
Role: special strike units
Libido: Low (Changes to Average or High after Battle Stress)
Strong Vs: Ice, Rock, Poison, Bug, Psychic, Plant, Dragon, Normal, Flying
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ghost
Attacks: Iron Punch, Ice Beam, CrossShield, Metal Sound, Quickturn, Teleport, Absorb, Imitate, Aura Barrier, Power Bolt(all others vary).
High Levels only: Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Wingless flight, photographic memory, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Agility (x5)
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Mechanisms unknown but may evolve from any of the following: Megami, Demoness, or Succubus, Kamichu (if frequently alternating between somewhat kind and somewhat temperamental)
Demon-Goddesses are usually between 5' to 6'4" tall. They often have silver or platinum hair, although domestic ones tend to have unusual colored hair compared to the human norm (blue seems to be common). Although most have dark colored eyes, this also varies. Other than these common traits, everything else about a Demon-Goddess is random, from their bust size to their personality to their maximum lifespan. One known Demon-Goddess has lived for over a hundred and fifty years, and has been passed down from male tamer to male tamer within the same family ever since being captured.
The Demon-Goddess is always on a razor's edge, morally speaking. Demon-Goddesses are usually a little bit bad and a little bit good. Every Demon-Goddess feels a great moral burden until they've firmly established their moral ground. Depending on how they develop over their lives, they can be either powerful menaces to all life in general or equally powerful saviors. Because of this, Demon-Goddesses can't be classified as Infernal or Celestial as a group, but can be classified as such individually. Indeed, there are several Demon-Goddesses who were listed as each, causing humans to look upon each member of the species with a fair bit of suspicion. Celestials may often attempt to influence a Demon-Goddess into becoming one of them, but this attempt, more often than not, backfires on them. Demon-Goddesses have a number of powers that are universal. All of them can use Absorb, Mimic and Aura Barrier. It's Imitate that has made the Demon-Goddess a powerful opponent, since combined with her photographic memory, she can hold onto memories of attacks much longer, and unlike the normal limitations of the technique, she can use any attack she's seen within the last four to five days.
Demon-Goddesses sometimes have a staff which is usually described as looking like some sort of key. The exact design of this "key staff" varies from Pokégirl to Pokégirl, but it's generally seen with the Demon-Goddesses who are calm and collected. Demon-Goddesses need only half the food of a human, but they require sex rarely, although they need it more if they've just had an intense battle. In fact, the more they fight, the more sex they need. The "key staff" also serve as an extension of the Demon-Goddess' own body, just like another limb. She will not allow another to use her staff unless it is someone she absolutely trusts (such as a Tamer she is Delta Bonded with). The "Key Staff" is normally used to fire any projectile attacks that she Imitates or learns, but can also be used in close quarters.
Demon-Goddesses have a feral state, but unlike normal feral states, she is rendered largely helpless, with little strength to fend for herself. Because of this, almost no Demon-Goddess can go very long without a sexual partner, even if it is a temporary one. Fortunately, it can take a long time for a Demon-Goddess to go feral, depending on their energy level. If they can go without fighting after their last taming, they can keep from going feral for up to five years. However, if they have a challenging battle, this immediately diminishes to a maximum of a month. Speaking of sexual partners, a Demon-Goddess prefers monogamous relationships to a harem setting, though unlike a Neo-Iczel who will try and keep partners out, most Demon-Goddesses will not resist to having extra partners in her bed. However, the less attention given to her, the more jealous she will become. How she reacts to jealousy varies greatly: Some will leave, some may begin growing increasingly temperamental, and others may even attack her partner and the new lovers. Although useful in sex battles despite their low libido, most Sex Leagues frown on the use of them in their leagues due to the fact that Imitate is far too advantageous, right up there with the Lunar Caress technique and the Manage-a-Trois Pokégirl. Fortunately, due to their rarity, they are not banned.
Although certainly not the best idea to have a large harem while keeping a Demon-Goddess, it varies with the Pokégirl’s attitude and personality as to just how bad an idea it is. Researchers and tamers say that no more than four Pokégirls other than the Demon-Goddess should be kept at any time, or else the Demon-Goddess may feel slighted. The wrath of an angry Demon-Goddess is something that no one, tamer, Pokégirl, or otherwise, ever wants pointed in their direction. Strange though it may be, a Demon-Goddess will show bond-level loyalty to any partner she chooses to be permanent, even if she has not bonded. Even odder is the fact that a Demon-Goddess will not let her partner's moral choices influence her own. One Demoness is even said to have wound up with a Demon-Goddess partner who was nigh-saintly.
Neo-Iczels and Demon-Goddesses have an intense rivalry. Something about the Neo-Iczels having a great amount of power, yet seemingly unburdened by moral issues, irks Demon-Goddesses greatly. Once a Demon-Goddess notices a Neo-Iczel, if they don't immediately begin name-calling and subsequently wind up attacking each other; they will do everything they can to ignore the other and will cold-shoulder even their partner if they happen to ask the Demon-Goddess to be polite to the Neo-Iczel. The few times they will remain even remotely civil to each other is either when the Demon-Goddess has chosen her own moral compass; or when they're both fighting the same opponent, but even then, they will verbally bash the other at every given opportunity. And no tamer should ever try and get them both in the same harem. There are no known reports of a tamer having survived keeping both in his or her harem at one time- the last known tamer that did died over fifty years ago, about five miles outside of a small town in Indigo. There is now a small lake there that formed in the crater that is that tamer and his harem's final resting place.
In battle, a Demon-Goddess is likely to use CrossShield in order to reduce damage that they take from any attack, and then get a hit on their opponent while learning the use of the attack that was used against her. Then, she will usually use that attack to fight right back (especially effective against Dragon-types that are weak against their own element). The Demon-Goddess, after around a dozen uses of any particular attack, will learn that attack permanently, and become just a small part of her arsenal. One unusual thing to note is that a Demon-Goddess has access to several elemental attacks, such as Ice Beam, Power Bolt, and even Teleport- a Tamer may never know just what attacks his or her Pokégirl has until she's in the heat of battle.
Only two thresholds into a Demon-Goddess have occurred, one in 186 AS, and the other in 257 AS.
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DENMOTHER, the Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: Guardians, mothers, leaders, make excellent police Pokégirls (detectives)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Dodge, Agility, Foresight, Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Floor, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Attacks will damage Ghost-types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls, Highly Intelligent, "Rage"
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (special; giving birth)
The evolution of Growltit to Denmother requires Growltit to have a litter of pups either by Parthenogenesis if she is still a Pokégirl or via normal reproduction if she has become a pokewoman. The evolution itself does not occur until Growltit has finished giving birth to her litter before kicking in, a quick glowing evolution which restores the now Denmothers strength and allows her to get over the effort of giving birth.
Denmother keeps all of the traits of its pre-evolution form with a few differences; she still retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. Again the blonde hair on the top of her head becomes even wilder and spiked along with the blonde fur down her chest, stomach becoming longer and more pronounced, the blonde fur around groin and inner thigh remains roughly the same as it was in her Growltit form, giving her an appearance of having a mane on her neck and chest. The length of the fur on her tail changes too, making become much longer and bushy much to the delight of children.
The major change to Denmother is she grows in size until she is just under 7 foot tall, her muscles whilst not that much more visible than they were in her Growltit form look much more impressive at her increased size. It can be quite difficult to tell Denmother apart from Growltit, especially at a distance but there are a few specific differences, Denmother has Black tipped ears when in all of its previous forms it always has unmarked red furred ears. The fur down her nose ridge becomes blonde and joins the blonde hair on her head with the blonde fir around her mouth and down the front of her body.
Denmother is far more powerful than her previous forms, her enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes and senses make her an unparalleled tracker, almost impossible to throw off the scent. The Growlie family of Pokégirls have always been very intelligent but Denmother takes this intelligence to a whole new level, test have shown Denmother to be as intelligent as Supe-Bra Geniuses although she seems to prefer focusing this intelligence on practical matters rather than theoretical sciences.
Denmothers control over its fire elemental powers is stunning, not only is it capable of using powerful fire moves against its enemies with awe inspiring accuracy but it is also quite capable of nullifying all but the most extreme fire based attacks on itself. The majority of fire type Pokégirls are rendered helpless before Denmother.
An odd quirk that Denmother gains is her ability to attack Ghost types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls along with a ‘sixth sense' to detect them even if they are not visible, researchers are unsure how Denmother developed this ability or even how it works, it is presumed she gets this ability in order to better protect those under her care but this is idly speculation.
With traits like that, one would expect to find a lot of Denmothers in the police force however a number of factors generally render Denmother unsuitable for Police work, first of all to evolve into Denmother she must be pregnant and give birth. This means the Pokégirl must be pulled from active duty especially during the later stages of her pregnancy; Growltit gets increasingly protective of the offspring inside of her resulting in her unwilling to take risks which could jeopardize herself and her children, thus making her unsuitable for active duty.
Once the Pokekits are born, the majority of Denmothers have an overwhelming instinct to protect their pups which leads them to be unwilling to return to police work as they would rather look after their pups. It is possible to get a Denmother to return to the police force, those who have lived with another Pokégirl for a long time and developed a bond with will often entrust their pups with the other Pokégirl, one of the largest acts of trust Denmother can perform.
A fair number of Denmothers in the police force prefer to stay away from street duty and tend to become detectives in their own right, usually forensic detectives, using their senses and high intelligence to solve crimes, although some Denmothers do go into other fields. The avoidance of street duty is caused by the desire not to orphan their Pokekits or otherwise be unable to care for them; the strength of this desire can vary between Denmothers due to personalities and will last until the Pokekits become Pokégirls.
Those that remain on street duty are even faster than all of their previous evolutions and a criminal has little chance of escaping a Denmother, their intelligence, enhanced speed, endurance, reflexes and strength mean that all but the most powerful criminals and their Pokégirls are going down hard and fast. Because of the difficulty to acquire Denmothers who are willing to remain on street duty, those Denmother/officer teams are often assigned to large population areas or trouble areas.
Denmother are found in other lines of work as well, most commonly daycare centers or schools where they look after human children, often teaching them and in the more wild areas of the world also ensuring that no passing ferals harm them. Children love Denmother, young children particularly like snuggling up to her for an afternoon nap and the Denmother loves Children, she would rather have herself ripped apart than allow harm to those under her care.
The desire to protect and nurture can also cause Denmother to be found in Pokécenters or Ranches as staff where they look after the other Pokégirls and mother the other Pokégirls, even those which are older than itself. Denmother can comfort and nurture even the most depressed threshold girls, allowing them to see some light in their new existence.
Its all of these traits have given Denmother a reputation to rival that of Catgirls and Megami, they are given significant leeway in all but the most conservative leagues and harming or abusing one is likely mass uproar, if not hostile attacks from other Pokégirls and tamers.
Denmothers tend to be out of the reach of most pet owners due not only to the difficulty of getting Growlie to evolve into Growltit for most pet owners but because Denmother is also in great demand for daycare centers, Pokécenters and Ranches. Those who do own Denmothers will rapidly find themselves part of a large family if they weren't already, Denmother will often ‘adopt' abused or young feral Pokégirls and turn them into members of the family. League officials are quite aware of Denmothers habit and grant leeway to most Denmother pet owner to go over the 3 Pokégirl limit. Denmother itself tends to limit itself a family of no more than five, which is the usual number of Pokekits born in a Denmother litter, although some are known to adopt others for shorter periods of time until they can carry on their way, and any orphaned Pokekits are adopted regardless.
Canine and Cat type Pokégirls are the most common Pokégirls to be adopted by Denmother as she still has the trademark like of cat type Pokégirls although this has become a much more mothering relationship rather than the purely playful one it was before. Similarly Denmother has no love of domina types and heaven help any domina which chooses to start anything with someone under the Denmothers care, this is not to say that a Denmother won't help an abused domina but when it does, the Denmother will make very sure the domina is aware of who is in charge.
Generally, Denmothers are not a hugely popular as pets, mainly because most pet owners only want one or two Pokégirls to look after and that's it. With a Denmother you are likely to end up starting a mini Ranch, Pokécenter or Haven whether you want to or not, hence its usually chosen by people who have a large enough family to keep Denmother happy or those who honestly want to help Pokégirls.
In the wild feral Denmother tend to be the core of large Growlie packs, size usually ranging from around 20 to 50 members and rarely consists purely of Growlie and Growltit, often including Pokégirls and Pokekits that the pack has adopted into its own. This means that each pack’s strength cannot be predicted as they could potentially have almost any other Pokégirl in their pack, although predominately the non-Growlie or non-Growltit members tend to be Canine or Feline types. Denmothers intelligence often means that sentries have alerted the pack of intruders long before the intruders know of the packs presence; this means the pack can decide to fight or flee depending on the strength of the trespasser.
Its strongly recommended you do NOT attack or attempt to capture an unwilling member of a Growlie pack containing a Denmother because she views her fellow pack mates as under her protection and will go full out to protect them. Denmother has a ‘Rage' attack in which her strength, reflexes and speed triple which she uses whenever those under her protection are harmed, unlike other Rage attacks Denmother does not go berserker, maintaining a tight control on her actions making the attack all the more lethal. She will not make a mistake or let an attack slip through because she has to protect those under her and failure is simply not an option for her. Regardless of the fond memories you may have of that harmless Denmother in daycare that you may have, feral Denmothers are extremely dangerous when provoked.
Feral Denmothers tend to undergo parthenogenesis far more regularly than other Pokégirls, so they often have offspring (Pokekits) around to protect. Their standard tactics are to bark and bite in an attempt to drive intruders off, like they did when they were Growlie. They'll often place members of the pack between the intruder and any Pokekits they have, as well as some spaced around in case the intruder is merely a distraction, however if a fight breaks out then the intruder will have to avoid coordinated attacks from the entire pack, those guarding the Pokekits will freely unleash their most powerful fire attacks whilst the others will move in close to take down the opponent. Any direct threat to the Pokekits will result in a lethal response, the target being hit by numerous fire attacks before being brutally mauled and ripped to shreds by the Denmother and Growltits.
Denmother lead packs have known to take on and defeat rampaging Widows effectively when escape is no longer an option, albeit with casualties, using group tactics and intense fire strikes to wear the Widow down, pack members distracting the Widow from fellow pack members long enough for them to avoid death strikes. Hence Denmother lead packs are far beyond the ability to capture of all but the most experienced Harem Masters.
Recommend capturing something else, feral Titmice are always a safer choice.
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DIGTIT, the Digging Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common
Diet: rocks, dirt, plants
Role: underground infiltration, maintenance
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Slash, Mud-Slap, Earthquake
Enhancements: Tough Skin, Enhanced Speed (x2), Nightvision
Evolves: DigTitTrio (orgasm)
Evolves From: None
DigTits are very slender Pokégirls, usually with light brown skin and very dark, almost black, eyes. They prefer to wear loose, casual clothing and their overall attitude tends be laid-back and relaxed. They are friendly enough, but they have difficulty dealing with Pokégirls with a high libido. They recognize that sex is a very nice activity, but there are other things in life that they simply enjoy a lot more. They simply cannot comprehend the fact that there are Pokégirls out there who are interested in sex all the time. Taming sessions with DigTits tend to be nice and can last quite long, but are nothing spectacular. Tamers specializing in sex battles usually have a DigTit on their team to exhaust the opposition - while a DigTit won't give anyone else an orgasm in a hurry, they are very slow to arouse and therefore won't lose very quickly either.
DigTits are very quick and agile and they easily learn several very powerful ground-based attacks. This makes them handy combatants for beginning Tamers, but their lack of real physical strength seriously hurts them in higher tier competitions.
Like all pure Ground Pokégirls, Digtits have an easy time moving through soil. Although other Pokégirls usually have to dig to get around, DigTits can swim through the earth like a human might swim through water. This fact has puzzled researchers, because DigTit bodies do not appear to have any features allowing them to do so. However, to the DigTits themselves (and, indeed, to all Ground Pokégirls) the ease with which they move through the ground isn't a source of amazement. It's just one of those things they do, so why worry about it?
Because DigTits don't actually dig, they aren't used very often for tunneling efforts. Instead, DigTits are often employed maintaining dunes ensuring that beaches aren't swept away by the oceans, constructing dikes and maintaining roads. Farmers also often hire them from Tamers to plow their fields.
Feral Digtits are rarely seen, spending most of their time underground. However, if you find one feral DigTit, you're bound to find a lot more since feral DigTits tend to seek each other out and band together. Research is still ongoing trying to find out why this is exactly.
DigTits are also the most common Ground Pokégirls for girls to threshold into. The transition is usually tough, since the girls basically keep looking human and because their sex drive doesn't suddenly increase (in some cases it actually decreases). Threshold DigTits don't understand why they should suddenly be treated so differently and often flat-out refuse to seek out or accept a Tamer because they don't really need a constant source of sex. They also tend to buy colored contact lenses to hide their very dark eyes.
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DIGTITTRIO, the Odd Digging Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Rocks, Dirt, Plants
Role: underground infiltration, maintenance
Libido: Normal
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: DigTit (orgasm)
DigTitTrios look very much like their unevolved sisters, the DigTits. They have slender frames, a tanned skin and very dark eyes. The most significant and striking difference is that every DigTitTrio has three breasts. Like DigTits, they like to wear loose-fitting clothes and they take life as it comes. It should be noted that DigTitTrios don't wear baggy clothes to hide their third breast, since they see do not consider it strange. Humans have two eyes, Pidgies have wings, Nymphs are horny, DigTitTrios have three breasts. It's not a big deal to them.
During Taming, however, it does become a big deal. Their breasts are a DigTitTrio's primary erogenous zone and no other part of the body can compare. While they can enjoy other forms of intercourse, nothing excites them more than people playing with their breasts. DigTitTrios love to be titfucked and when they are, they usually experience multiple very powerful orgasm. In fact cases of DigTitTrios passing out with sheer bliss simply from someone fondling their breasts are not unheard of. DigTitTrios often try to persuade their Tamer to a threesome with another man or a Dildo Queen because having two cocks between their three breasts is the ultimate form of sex to them (unless the DigTitTrio in question happens to be a lesbian, in which case she wants to have as many breasts rubbing against as many other breasts as possible).
No DigTitTrio is truly straight. 99% is bisexual, with the remaining 1% being lesbian. They have a great appreciation for the female form with special interest going to breasts. All breasts. Big, small, pert, sagging, it doesn't matter to a DigTitTrio: they love them all. Because of this, DigTitTrios are also useful to have on Ranches or in Harems with lots of Threshold girls. Friendly, kind, understanding and knowing when to back off when they need to, DigTitTrios are good at helping other Pokégirls see that being with another (Poke)girl can be just as pleasurable as being with a man, which usually helps keep the peace in a large group of Pokégirls since they stop competing with each other for a single person's attention and come to appreciate each other's company. And because the typical confused, yet interested Pokégirl considers a bit of groping at breast level a lot more innocent than anything going on 'down there', a DigTitTrio who knows what she's doing will soon have the other Pokégirl right where she wants her - with an exposed chest, crying with pleasure. A Tamer who want his Pokégirls to only have interest in him is strongly advised not to have a DigTitTrio. Any Harem with a DigTitTrio is sure to become very friendly very soon, unless it's filled with Pokégirls who are totally, completely, 150% straight.
Although DigTitTrios are stronger than DigTits, their physical strength still leaves something to be desired and many Tamers looking for an offensive Ground Pokégirl usually look elsewhere. As with DigTits, DigTitTrios primary role in society is the maintaining of dunes, dikes and roads.
Feral DigTitTrios are rare and their behavior is mostly undocumented. They are usually found among groups of DigTits, but are rarely in control of the group. Why this is unknown.
Girls very rarely threshold directly into DigTitTrios, but when they do they have an incredibly easy time adjusting. While girls are totally freaked out with their sudden new breast, they usually can't resist poking it. This will always lead to the new DigTitTrio becoming aroused and start a very long masturbation session (which, not surprisingly, only involves stimulation of their breasts). Afterwards, the Threshold girl is very likely to conclude that having three breasts is the best thing that's ever happened to them.
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DILDOQUEEN, the Shemale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Extremely Rare Feral)
Diet: human diet, favoring vegetarianism
Role: Taming aide, sexual education and experimentation, breeding
Libido: High, strong desire to penetrate others
Strong Vs: Ghost, any sex-based Pokégirl
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, elemental attacks
Attacks: [as Dildorina], Relaxing Gaze*, Shemale*
Enhancements: Functional penis, Toughness x8, Endurance x8, expertise with sex toys, ability to summon sex toys, Poison Resistance x8, Strength x2
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dildorina (normal, focus on penetration)
The Dildoqueen is one of those Pokégirls that absolutely baffle even the most knowledgeable Researchers, and frighten all but the most sexually adventurous Tamers. The reason in this case is simple: she's a Pokégirl with a little... something extra.
Dildoqueens are classified as a Very Near Human breed of Pokégirl, being unmistakeable from very beautiful human females until they get aroused. They are perfectly at ease with their bodies and make sure to take good care of themselves, even when feral. They prefer to wear clothes that enhance both their feminine beauty and sensual appearance. Not surprisingly, Dildoqueens are extremely good at seducing people. Once one does get aroused, however, it becomes very obvious what she really is-- a hermaphrodite with a rather prominent and fully-functional penis, the breed's identifying feature. Some Dildoqueens have testes as well, and no vagina, making it impossible for them to get pregnant. Even Dildoqueens without testes (and with a vagina) can ejaculate large amounts of semen, through mechanisms even they don't understand. For a long time, largely thanks to a Watcher named Doug whose harem of big-wingered Dildoqueens provided most of what's known of the breed, it was believed that the Dildoqueen's penis ranged in size from "large" to "ridiculous". More recently, a few bashful Dildoqueens have revealed that their penises actually run the same size range as those of human males, including some "to the left of the bell curve".
Dildoqueens can impregnate Pokéwomen and induce parthenogenesis in Pokégirls with the resulting offspring always being the base level evolution of whatever the impregnated pokewoman or Pokégirl was. This makes Dildoqueens highly sought after by Breeders, but most Dildoqueens take offense at being thought of as nothing more than a walking sperm tank and will spurn those who treat them as such (arranging impregnation attempts without the 'queen's consent first, for example). Strangely, a pokégirl or Pokéwoman who approaches a Dildoqueen with a request to be impregnated will never be turned away and a Dildoqueen will do her very enthusiastic best to make that pregnancy happen. Female Tamers with a Dildoqueen in their harem are advised to be cautious - Dildoqueens can impregnate humans as well. In such cases, the child is either a human girl or a Dildoran. The maternal instincts of a Dildoqueen are very strong. Should she impregnate a Harem-sister (or her Tamer), she will take great care of the baby and will protect it at all costs. Tamers are advised not to separate a Dildoqueen from their child until the girl is at least three years of age or unless they really enjoy getting mauled. Not even a Level 5 Taming Cycle will cause the Dildoqueen to forget that she had/fathered a child.
A Dildoqueen is still much better at sex combat than she is at true combat, though she's not exactly shabby at traditional combat any more, either, having developed even more stamina and some strength from so much sex as a Dildorina. A Tamer who trains a Dildoqueen in weapon techniques for use with summoned dildos can often acquire a huge advantage simply by surprising the opposition with a pokegirl normally associated with sexbattling. Unlike Dildorinas, who have a huge variety of sex attacks, Dildoqueens have usually (not always!) specialized in penetration techniques that make good use of their new anatomy. They do make heavy use of Lust Dust, "This'll Feel Good", and Relaxing Gaze to calm their opponents and prevent rejection, of course.
In a harem, Dildoqueens are very good at keeping the peace and smoothing over any friction between Harem-sisters, using their Relaxing Gaze to calm others and settle arguments peacefully. They do not actively seek a position of power in the harem, instead relying on their skills of seduction to get things done. They do make quite effective Alphas, though it's not a position they relish, aside from being able to Tame their Harem-sisters more often (rank has its privileges, after all).
When it comes to Taming, Dildoqueens can be problematic for obvious reasons. With their high libido, they greatly enjoy sex and like to have it often, but they do have a penis and they don't like it if their Tamer pretends it doesn't exist. While they don't expect to get a blowjob every session, every Tamer with a Dildoqueen in his Harem will have to face the fact that she'll want him to let her to penetrate him in some way. Female Tamers, on the other hand, usually don't experience problems with Dildoqueens, provided they don't forget the condoms. Finally, since all Dildoqueens were at one point in their lives Dildorinas they have a great knowledge of sex toys and derive a lot of enjoyment from them. Although it's no longer the primary focus of their sexual enjoyment, a Dildoqueen is never short on toys.
Feral Dildoqueens are extremely rare and their behavior is mostly unobserved. From what Researchers can tell, feral Dildoqueens are moderately territorial and tend to form a kind 'feral harem' of feral Pokégirls found in the area, who protect her in return for sex and companionship. They usually don't bother intruders unless provoked (a Tamer trying to catch one of the 'harem' may find himself mobbed). While the ferals only intend to drive the intruder away, there have been cases of Tamers trying to stand up against the entire 'harem' and being killed in the process. Not surprisingly, many of the Pokégirls in a feral Dildoqueen 'harem' are almost always pregnant. Leagues with strong anti-Pokégirl sentiments point to this fact and claim that Dildoqueens are responsible for the large feral population and argue that, in order to keep feral numbers under control, a bounty should be placed on Dildoqueens. Most researchers, however, scoff at these claims saying that feral Dildoqueens are much too rare to have any significant impact on feral population numbers. Surprisingly, feral Dildoqueens do not resort to Gender Dust the way feral Dildorinas are known to, though this doesn't exactly comfort the male Tamers confronted with one.
There are no known cases of girls Thresholding directly into Dildoqueens. Threshold Dildorans and Dildorinas becoming a Dildoqueen usually have no problems with the transition, although they do tend to jerk off a lot for the first few days after the evolution.
Relaxing Gaze - the Dildoqueen gives the subject a comforting and kindly look that reduces the chance for rejection if she wishes to use a sex attack. Also shown to calm those in other distressing situations, such as anger or illness.
Shemale - a penetration technique using the Dildoqueen's penis. Has a high chance for rejection unless preceded by Relaxing Gaze and/or "This'll Feel Good". Risks impregnating or inducing parthenogenesis in the subject if female.
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DILDORAN, the Embarassing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human foods, typically vegetarian
Role: sexual experimentation, Taming aide, sometimes starter for a female Tamer
Libido: Average, strong toy fetish
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Thrust, Wood Pecker, Summon Simple Dildo*
Enhancements: Toughness x2, ability to conjure dildo, fascination with sex toys
Evolves: Dildorina (normal)
Evolves From: None
Dildoran is a Pokégirl whose fetish for sex toys makes her as much a public embarrassment as it does a public nuisance. Since they tend to prefer a fake penis to a real one, no male Tamer will readily admit to having a Dildoran, and if found to have one, will say he’s just holding it for someone else for fear of embarrassment.
Ironically, the Dildorans are usually as embarrassed as their Tamers are about their fetish for using their toys on themselves and others! They know how badly they're regarded by Tamers in general, and as a result try to hide their fetish and pass themselves off as another Very Near Human breed, such as Ingenue or Bimbo. Some Dildorans are so good at this charade that only a Pokédex or similar technology can identify them (barring identification spells).
Despite their fetish, Dildorans don't know much about sex toys, and can only use a simple dildo with any proficiency. The signature ability of the entire Dildoran line is to magically summon a duplicate of a dildo they've used before, but due to their inexperience, Dildorans can't conjure one more than ten inches long, and no vibrators or other fancy gadgets-- a simple dildo or nothing at all. They're better at sex combat than they are at actually fighting, but that isn't saying much, especially when it comes to Pokégirls who dislike penetration. More than one clever sex-fighter has gotten the better of a Dildoran in a sex battle simply by taking away her dildo and using it on her!
Most Tamers who keep a Dildoran around use her to help Tame their harems, particularly female Tamers who get saddled with heterosexual Pokégirls that crave the feeling of penetration, or the occasional male stuck with a lesbian Pokégirl. Dildorans are not unusual as starters for women who go into Pokégirl husbandry for this reason, and most of these quickly gain enough mastery with their toys to become Dildorinas. Some humans also keep Dildorans as pets, finding it adorable and arousing to watch one fumble around with a new dildo.
Feral Dildorans are easily identified, despite how hard it is to tell a domestic or Threshold Dildoran from a human or a Very Near Human Pokégirl. They tend to run around wildly, makeshift dildos stuck in their cunts, madly humping everything in sight. As a result of their erratic behavior and possibly diseased and weakened state from unsanitary masturbation, Feral Dildorans are quite rare and have a very short expected lifespan. They are fairly easy to capture, usually by male Tamers who get rid of them as soon as possible, though some less than fortunate humans and Pokégirls have reported being "traumatized" by a Feral Dildoran, especially by use of Wood Pecker with a stick or a pine cone that resulted in splinters in painful places.
Threshold Dildorans often don't realize what they're becoming and mistake themselves for a different breed, though others in the same household as one will usually catch on to her growing fetish no matter how she tries to hide it. They usually come from Dildoran/Dildorina/Dildoqueen heritage, though some have been known to pop up in families that run high to other fetishes that also incorporate a lot of toy-play, such as BDSM. It has been confirmed that almost any Pokégirl ancestry can throw a Threshold Dildoran, giving Thresholding human girls yet another thing to worry about.
Summon Simple Dildo (EFT) - The Dildoran conjures a simple, lubricated dildo, a maximum of ten inches (25 cm) long and two inches (5 cm) in diameter, that she has used before and is proficient with. This dildo vanishes after use or if dropped for any other reason (including slippery grip due to the lubricant!).
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DILDORINA, the Sex Toy Expert Pokégirl (also the Tamer's Aide Pokégirl)
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon (Very Rare Feral)
Diet: human diet, commonly vegetarian
Role: Taming aide, sex ed instructor
Libido: High, strong toy fetish
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ghost, Dragon
Attacks: Thrust, Wood Pecker, Summon [toy]*, This'll Feel Good*, Spank, Erotic Kiss, Lust Dust, Pump, Gender Dust, others vary by individual [Note: Due to the huge number of different sex toys in existance, listing all the potential sex techniques for Dildorina is considered impossible. A few basic toys and techniques may be listed in the Techniques Primer]
Enhancements: Toughness x4, Endurance x4, fascination with sex toys, expertise with sex toys, ability to summon larger and more complex sex toys, Poison Resistance x4
Evolves: Dildo Queen (normal, focus on penetration techniques)
Evolves From: Dildoran (normal)
Once a Dildoran learns enough to become proficient with a wider variety of sex toys, she evolves into the toy expert Dildorina. Despite her name, she is no longer limited to simple dildos, and as she grows more and more experienced, she can summon a wide variety of vibrators, dingers, and other novelties, of which she has an instinctive understanding. She also develops a number of abilities to enhance the pleasure her partners get from sex with her. Male opinions on her vary: some learn very quickly to enjoy her new toys and abilities for themselves, others recoil in horror from her new powers. As with Dildorans, most male Tamers caught with a Dildorina in their Harem insist that they're merely keeping her for a female friend, and most Dildorinas are found in the company of female Tamers as Taming assistants for the harem. Sometimes they're found at Pokégirl ranches as well.
Whether she changes any physically in evolution is largely up to the attitude and condition of the Dildoran prior to her evolution. If she's secure in her own appearance, little change is likely to happen. Otherwise she may go up or down a bra size, grow slightly taller or smaller, or change the length of her hair. More significant details don't change, and she remains Very Near Human. Ferals don't care enough to change.
Unlike Dildoran, Dildorina is much more confident in her sex toy fetish and less likely to try to disguise herself as another breed. She's proud of her knowledge and skills with sex toys and is ready to demonstrate them to anyone who will sit still long enough for her to start whispering "This'll feel good...". Most Dildorinas are bisexual and enjoy chasing men as well as ladies, but they generally understand that a lot of men are going to be hesitant at the thought of being molested with sex toys and will back off if the answer is "no" (though this doesn't necessarily preclude the man in question finding his bedding covered in Lust Dust later). Many Dildorinas are happily lesbian. Despite being a valued Taming aide in many a female Tamer's harem, they do not covet the responsibilities that come with the alpha position.
The trend of being a lover, not a fighter, continues with Dildorina. A few Dildorinas can learn to use some of the simpler weapon techniques with their dildos, and they're tougher and have developed some poison resistance, but they generally favor sexbattling. Unlike Dildoran, however, Dildorina shines at sex combat. She tends to show off her new Poison subtype by opening a sexbattle with Lust Dust, Erotic Kiss, and This'll Feel Good to eliminate the possibility of rejection and attract the opponent before summoning a toy and getting down to business. In addition, her newfound expertise with a wide variety of sex toys and techniques allows each Dildorina to specialize; one may focus on vibrators and external erogenous zones, another may favor vaginal/anal double-penetration, while a third uses simple techniques with many different toys to overwhelm an opponent with sensations. Surprisingly, their own pleasure thresholds are rather low, but Dildorinas present such an overwhelming offense that few opponents get the chance to find that out. If facing a Dildorina in the sex ring, try a plant-type that can use Vine Bondage or a whip technique from a distance; then, as with Dildoran, try to steal her toy and use it against her.
This doesn't mean a Tamer will get away with preventing a Dildorina from using her toys in the sack. Some people swear that Dildorina gets more pleasure from using her toys on another than she does from the Taming act itself. Male Tamers who keep Dildorinas find that their Pokégirls are surprisingly agreeable otherwise; if he truly does not like the idea of a sex toy anywhere near his body, a Dildorina will accept a threesome where she uses her toys on a harem sister while he Tames her. Dildorinas with female Tamers rarely, if ever, have such problems with Taming, but if they do then the same alternative may be presented.
Feral Dildorinas are harder to readily identify than Feral Dildorans, because they don't behave as erratically. They're also quite rare, as Feral Dildorans usually do not survive long enough to evolve. However, they are a fright and a challenge for most male Tamers, as they may have an entourage of friendly Ferals, and also because many can (and will) use temporary Gender Dust on a male (thankfully, it's been proven that they cannot create the permanent version of Gender Dust). Most male Tamers sell or give away a Dildorina as soon as they've captured her.
Threshold Dildorinas are extremely rare, but it's been proven that their occurence can be influenced by educating girls likely to become Dildorans on how to use sex toys. Threshold Dildorinas are usually too busy enjoying themselves and others with their toys to mind the transformation much, though some are upset that men now avoid them like the Plague.
Summon [toy] - the Dildorina or Dildoqueen conjures the toy out of thin air. The toy is lubricated, and disappears after use or if discarded.
"This'll Feel Good" - a seductive whisper promising good things to come. It reduces the likelihood of a sex technique being rejected, even if the subject ordinarily doesn't like the technique in question or is male. Requires a common language between user and subject.
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DING-HO, the Plague Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Psychic/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Disease Research, Nursing assistant, Bioterrorist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Plant
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground
Attacks: Infection*, Telekinesis, Fade, Heal, Psywave, Disable, Poison Mist, Spice, Bloom, Buttsprout, Anti Bloom, Anti Buttsprout, Love -N- Affection
Enhancements: Telepathy, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Memory, High Intellect
Weaknesses: Has human standard weakness to viruses and parasites, Loss of Teleport ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Venom Stone)
Most people would assume that trying to evolve a Byte Bitch with a Venom Stone would prove disastrous, given the attitudes of most poison types and the overall attitude of the Byte Bitch breed. However, when evolved into a Ding-ho, the former Byte Bitch looses her attitude problem; becoming a friendly and helpful Pokégirl. Ding-hos change little from their pre-evolved forms, their bust increasing to a generous D cup and perhaps a more curvy figure. They still keep their perky or floppy dog ears and tails of varying lengths and fur styles and colors, though the breed still remains mostly human looking. It seems that with this evolution, most of the changes were in powers and personality.
Ding-hos gain control over their canine behavior, able to ignore the urges to chase or sniff crotches in greeting. Instead, these perky Pokégirls strive to help others, using their unique bacterial control abilities to help patients through illnesses, or assist researchers in disease research. Only rarely have Ding-hos ever been recorded as working on the other side of the law, their mild nature usually at odds with the terrorist and criminal activities of the various teams and outlaws. Most Ding-hos are known as excellent support Pokégirls, as they take to domestic chores like cooking and cleaning with the same cheerful, sunny attitude as they do anything else.
Oddly, these Pokégirls are rarely seen upset, as the breed tends to be eternally optimistic. This lends most of a Ding-hos harem sisters to become dependent on her, and a crying Ding-ho is usually followed by a beat-down from several of her harem sisters on the offender. Despite their pleasant attitude, many tamers skip over the Ding-ho, usually because of their pre-evolved form's reputation, though many are also put off by her ability to control bacteria. This does make a Ding-ho potentially dangerous, though not much more so than the average powerful Pokégirl. Those tamers that do accept Ding-hos into their harems find them friendly and eager to please Pokégirls, and despite the breed not being very powerful, they still have useful abilities. Some tamers use them as all around support Pokégirls, letting them use telekinesis to carry camping gear as well healing her harem sisters after a battle.
When pressed into a battle, most Ding-hos use their telekinesis to take to the air and spread their poisons in the air, or alternately, use Fade and use their telekinesis offensively or a psywave. The breed as a whole usually aims to disable their opponent into submission without actually harming them, however and this has lead to her being placed further into a non-combatant status. Due to the breed's inability to teleport however, speedy Pokégirls can usually get under their guard. A Ding-ho's most powerful attack is Spice, and as such the breed is at an advantage when plants are around. Threshold into a Ding-ho is very rare, but not unheard of, though it seems that a mixture of canine, psychic, and poison in their heritage, or having a Ding-ho or three in their ancestry.
Feral Ding-hos make their homes in forested areas, usually around swamps or other areas where the difficult walking terrain would give them an advantage thanks to their telekinesis. They are still crafty for a feral, and have been known to place pitfalls and traps around their den. These traps are never lethal in an immediate sense, but hobble most Pokégirls effectively. Ding-hos are only slightly territorial however, and will flee if outclassed, usually using Fade to an added effect. It has also been recorded that feral Ding-hos will aid others that are truly in distress, using their psychic abilities to determine if the situation is legitimate before hand. Unfortunately, this has lead to some instances of feral Ding-hos falling prey to dark types, as the Pokégirl’s kind nature wins out when she can't get a read on the distressed party.
Infection (EFT) Exclusive to the Ding-ho, this attack allows this Pokégirl to control a slow acting bacterial infection usually similar to the bubonic plague, though also allows her to take control of bacteria already attacking a host. With this, the Pokégirl can slow the spread of the an infection, or speed the spread of her own bacteria. While this attack allows the Ding-hos to effectively fight bacteria, viruses and parasites still have a normal human chance of attacking her.
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DIRE WOLF, the Queen of the Battlefield Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (lupine)
Element: Magic/Psychic/Dark/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Blue Continent), virtually unknown elsewhere
Diet: mostly human style, more protein than a human
Role: Battle Commander, personal bodyguard
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison , Rock, Fighting, Infernal,
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Energy Blade, Power Bolt, Magic Fist, Shield, Teleport, Tectonic Slam, Fissure, Bestow Luck, Thunderbolt, Energy Drain, Phase, Lure, Invis 3, Imitate, Absorb, Agility, Telekinesis, Dream Time, Hypnotize, Spell use (unavailable until level 40)
Enhancements: Defense, Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Strength (x19), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x10), Wingless flight, Extremely high psychic and magical abilities, Eidetic memory, precognitive abilities, telepathy
First discovered in 298 AS, the Dire Wolf is a blend of Megami-sama, Neo Iczel and Esper. The first one was created by Sukebe in the final stages of the Revenge War when he realized that Pokégirls led by a Tamer were far more efficient than Pokégirls who led themselves. The Dire Wolf was created to be his general's bodyguards and advisors.
Due to their highly variable nature, Dire Wolves stand between 1.5 and 2.1 meters tall (5ft to 7ft). While they normally have anywhere from a C to an E cup, occasionally larger specimens have been documented. Standard bust size information will become available as the numbers of this Pokégirl grow.
With their blue fur and bushy tail, from a distance they look like a type of fox Pokégirl, however closer examination shows they are actually derived from wolves. All are strong animorphs with a distinctly lupine skull, much heavier and broader than their vulpine cousins and capable of a powerful bite. They are digitigrade and have heavy claws on their hands and feet. Their tail is heavily furred and quite powerful, capable of knocking a human off his feet with a casual swipe.
Sukebe designed the Dire Wolf to be able to use her precognitive abilities to determine where the points of greatest threat existed, often before they become viable threats. Then they would use their other powers to determine what resources were necessary to defeat the threat, assemble these resources and turn their general loose to win the battle. Because they were intended to be teamed only with powerful mages, they can only function like this if their Tamer is a powerful mage or if they are in the presence of an Ocelolita, Cheshire, or Shadowcat. They claim that in the presence of any of these Pokégirls they have access to, believe it or not, chaos magic that allows them to see further into the future, often to the detriment of their Tamers. If you have one, your circumstances are dire indeed.
If a Tamer doesn't have one of the above mentioned Pokégirls and isn't a powerful mage, the Dire Wolf becomes an outstanding tactician and strategist, capable of orchestrating fantastic battles under almost any condition and in any environment. They make the best use of the surrounding resources, including the other Pokégirls in a Tamer's harem, blending their knowledge of their harem sister's strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of them in combat or in training. They've even been known to impress DragonQueens with their ability to motivate the other members of their harem.
With a powerful array of techniques available, the Dire Wolf should be a very popular Pokégirl. However, the truth is that Tamers are wary of them for the simple reason that they have a singular issue: extreme loyalty.
The Dire Wolf is a celestial Pokégirl and because of this is almost never found in an oppressive harem and is never found in one for long. They don't care for Infernal Pokégirls and while usually unwilling to confront them directly unless they become a threat to their Tamer, tend to put them into situations where they get used up quickly, often to the point of death. However, the Dire Wolf will not needlessly squander them; instead she will ensure their sacrifice benefits the harem in some fashion.
They can make good Alpha's for their Tamer, but tend to be a little hard on the harem members because she knows they could be just that little bit better if they tried. And she wants them to. A Dire Wolf that alpha bonds to a Tamer exhibits loyalty levels comparable to a delta bonded Growltit or Samurai. If a Tamer manages to delta bond one, he's got her for life. She'll escape from anyone else and return unerringly to her bonded partner. Leagues tend to take a dim view of this behavior when she's lost to a salvage battle and for some reason tend to blame the Tamer. In circumstances such as this the Dire Wolf is usually never blamed for what has transpired. This has had a negative effect on their popularity.
No one has ever had more than one Dire Wolf in their harem. The few Tamers that tried were stopped by the one already present in their harem. In one instance, the Dire Wolf released her newly captured relative and covered her escape. Afterward her behavior indicated no remorse and she immediately reverted to obeying her Tamer's orders.
So far all are domestic born and it is theorized that Feralborn specimens would exhibit the same characteristics as the domestics. Only a double handful is known to exist, located around the island of Caomh Sith in the Blue Continent.
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DIVA, the Singing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human-type diet
Role: Morale boosters, Pokégirl Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Pokégirls weak against sonic techniques
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Sing, Dance, Butt Wiggle, Cheer, Yell, Whistle, Anti-cheer, Sexy Beam, Various Song Techniques (often named by the Pokégirl or her tamer)
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Pitch-perfect, Perfect Recall, Song magic-casting, Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ingenue (normal)
During the end of the war, Sukebe had to try and stall for time as the humans began to convert his forces to their side. In his rush to ready for the final battles, numerous new Pokégirls were created, in part assisted in their creation by other Pokégirls, others by himself. It is a wonder that he managed to give enough resources into the creation of the Diva, however, to bring support to his Pokégirls and to make his forces better able to defend themselves against the human and Pokégirls that attacked them. But for the Diva, singing their songs was their reason for being. Using their songs, the Divas made it all the more difficult for the human forces to drive on, the songs increasing their charges' abilities to points that even the converted Pokégirls had never seen before.
Divas sing. It's what they do. It's what they were made for. It is, for them, a life-long obsession. They can find song in anything, and can find a reason in anything -to- sing. The problem arises in that, once they begin singing, they find it rather difficult to stop. Fortunately, it is much easier for her to decide not to sing than to just erupt into song at any given moment, and even the slightest nudge can break her singing trance if she's not weaving one of her magically powered songs into being with each note. Feral Divas, on the other hand, tend to sing more than a nymph tames, which makes them easy to find by both Tamer and other ferals. This issue made many Diva easy to find after the revenge war and to subvert for human usage afterward. Although many leagues and the tamers within them find little place in a battle harem, within the few leagues that utilize non-combatant Pokégirls there is a place for them.
A supporting role, just like Sukebe used them for, is exactly what Tamers have found their usefulness to be. Most Researchers agree with this, classifying the Diva as one of the few pure Support-role Pokégirls. While often not useful in regimented Pokégirl Combat, in free-for-alls where they can be protected and placed in the rear of battle near the Tamer, they can use their Song and Dance attacks to great affect to turn the tide of a large-scale battle. The Diva's obsession with singing remains, however, and it takes a very good Tamer to train a Diva to use their abilities only when ordered to do so. Their songs can relieve stress from their targeted harem sister(s), or increase their battle skills, and even enhance their abilities beyond what is normal for the Pokégirl. Some have been known to even heal their harem sisters with songs that urge the increase of their metabolism. Other songs often include exciting the targets for a taming or to get others to cheer and go along with the song, sometimes singing in accompaniment. Some tamers don't bother trying to tame the Pokégirl, and it's an all-too common sight to see a Diva with a lockable ballgag stuffed in her mouth when in a Harem - or, kept as a pet. It's a remark of great accord given to a Tamer to say that he 'Could control a Diva', meaning that said Tamer has a harem that obeys every order without hesitation or question.
Physically, Divas tend to go up one bust size when evolved from an Ingenue, and most have C to D cups. All other aspects of Divas vary naturally, like a normal human woman. Sexually, Divas are bisexual, with not only powerful and disturbingly dexterous oral muscles, but impressive tongue muscles as well, making them popular sex partners for male and female partners alike. They respond well to BSDM play, though often protest otherwise when questioned outside of taming. Socially, there are a number of Pokégirls Divas are infamous for getting along well with, such as Moogirls, Tarentellas, and Xerablondis. Having all four of these types in one harem typically produces chaos said to make Macavity shed a tear of pride in appreciation for.
A few rare Divas suffer from various afflictions that render them unable to sing properly, such as being tone deaf or possessing weak lungs. These odd Divas rarely survive past threshold due to the resulting depression and suicide rate, and most respectable Breeders refuse to allow these Divas to undergo parthenogenesis.
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DIVETTE, the Sea Diving Loon Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying/Water
Frequency: Uncommon at major ports and at sea, Very Rare anywhere else
Diet: Mostly fish
Role: Sea sabotage, scouts
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fire, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Current, Dive, Feather Shuriken, Water Gun,
Enhancements: High lung capacity, Aquatic adaptations, Enhanced Sight (X3), small size (Around 4’, or 1.35 M), skeletal augmentations
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Water Stone)
Far from their humble beginnings as Pidgys, Divettes are the scourge of the seas. Tall, lithe, and streamlined, these gorgeous avians were used by Sukebe in the Revenge War to destroy naval vessels and scout out ports, islands, and cities nearby the oceans. They were perfectly suited to the job, able to blend in with the seagulls of the war era while far out at sea. However, in modern days, they now help protect the ships they once sought to destroy. Sailors often swear by their Divette’s sense of direction, and few sea going ships go without having one.
During the war, Divettes were largely unnoticed until the human war effort turned towards the sea. As attention shifted to ships, the military finally noticed important supply and transport ships spontaneously sinking near or at port. Later, a sailor who survived such an incident reported a sexy, flying woman dive into the ocean near his ship prior to its destruction. It didn’t take long for the brass to put two and two together, and the first human recognition of Divettes occurred.
As sailors were trained to watch for them and awareness improved, the Divettes’ method of sabotage was discovered. They acted as a seagull far out at sea, and then dove into the ocean. Once underwater, their speed, waterproof feathers, and large lungs allowed them to swim up against a target ship, plant explosives on it, and leave without being noticed. Once this was known, it was effortless for sailors to notice Divettes and assign their own tough seafaring Pokégirls to defend the ships. The same speed given to Divettes underwater left them hopeless in marine combat, and they were soon reassigned to be scouts for the war.
In modern times, few feral Divettes are found. Feral Divettes are not dangerous to humans, and mostly just fish with other feral Divettes or similar birds. However, they often like to nest on chimneys and houses, which may or may not cause a problem. Some superstitious people believe that this is a sign of good luck or fertility, but no factual evidence of this has been found.
Divettes are emotionally attached to the ocean, and often suffer from depression, confusion, or sometimes even go mildly feral if taken away from the sea for long periods of time. For this reason, very few travelling tamers have a Divette in their harem.
Divettes make great harem members for mariners however. Their enhanced sight allows them to help in directing ships to shore, and they are brutally efficient at battling. They mostly use a single attack, Dive, to pummel their opponent relentlessly at speeds approaching 270 mph (435 km/h). Remarkably, Divettes are capable of crashing into even solid stone without injury at these speeds. When questioned about their incredible resilience, Divettes seem to deny that they were ever in any danger. Scientists believe this is from their strange mixture of their extremely sturdy-yet-flexible bones and low skeletal weight, something that still puzzles researchers to this day.
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DODONGO, the Big Bombardier Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (reptilian)
Element: Rock/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Meat, large amounts of rocks
Role: Mortar troopers, Grenadiers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Normal, Plant, Electric, Flying
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water (severe), Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Rollout, Tail Whip, Smoke Bomber*, Micro Bomber*, Rock Throw, Headbutt, Flamethrower, Fissure, Bomber*, Big Bomber*
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength (x10), ability to create 'bombs' from consumption of rocks smelted in her body's internal furnace
Limitations: Slow in both speed and thought, vulnerable to her own bombs if swallowed
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Dodongos are tall (usually 7') lizardlike Pokégirls with hard, rocklike skin that resembles grayish-green scales, save for a smooth, dark white streak down their belly and breasts, which are C-Cup. They are heavily muscular in appearance, similar to Amachokes (although not as strong), but are for the most part more intelligent and strategically minded. On their foreheads is a pair of long, pointed horns that curve up over their heads. Their eyes glow like lava, and can snort smoke when angry. They are also possessed of a thick tail that grows from their hips and is as thick and strong as their massive arms.
To make their 'Bombs,' they consume large amounts of rocks, which is why they prefer to be in mountainous areas. The rocks are smelted inside the Dodongo's second stomach, which is essentially an internal furnace, shaped into spheres and filled with lava, disgorged back up and out of the Dodongo's mouth with intense force and range. They are VERY accurate with this, able to calculate wind resistance, range, and other targeting related stats quickly, even when Feral.
Originally started out as a line of defense for Sukebe's Pokégirl encampments during the Revenge War, occasionally they also acted as long-range assault troopers, weakening human forces before the main force of Pokégirls would attack. They would fire their bombs deep within human encampments, taking out soldiers and vehicles and weakening fortresses for assault, frequently being teamed with Rhynowhores to take down military installations, leaving them open for a ground assault. Once produced in high numbers due to how effective they were, the majority of them were killed when Atmuff went rogue, reducing the number of Dodongos in the world considerably. Only the Sphinx is worse off than Dodongos are right now. Dodongos still live today, mainly keeping to themselves in deep, dark caves, firing small, non-lethal bombs off to drive away any attackers and simply eating their way out if they themselves are buried in bigger blasts. Hard to capture, they make excellent support fighters in team matches, both as defenders and bombers. Dodongos prefer not to be Alphas, but are not submissive in the slightest, making them natural enemies of Domina-types. (Killer Queens are noted as saying that they hate Dodongos with a passion.) They are stubborn and obstinate towards Tamers and their harems until the Tamer earns a Dodongo's respect, and Ferals are downright hostile to trespassers. This has led to many laws being passed that allow Dodongos to keep to themselves, and force Tamers who catch a Dodongo to submit to several psychological tests to see whether or not he or she can keep the Dodongo. (The psyche-tests are in place only in Indigo and Johto, where League officials involved in SEELE do NOT want explosive-users in ANYONE'S Harem that might go against them for whatever reason.)
As an interesting quirk, a Dodongo's greatest weakness seems to be to their own bombs. In a famous WAPL match in 314 AS, a Dodongo was engaged in an intense fight with the Amachamp Sheeva, who was the Alpha Pokégirl of then-champion Goro deShokan. The Dodongo fired a large bomb at Sheeva, who, in desperation and on the verge of losing the match, caught the bomb and threw it back at the Dodongo, who hadn't closed her mouth yet and swallowed it. The bomb exploded inside her and she collapsed, knocked unconscious from the force of the blast, but otherwise unhurt.
There have been no reports of a human girl ever Thresholding into a Dodongo.
(*) - Smoke Bomber (ATK 10 + EFT) Creates a lot of sound and smoke, but doesn't do much damage. Best used for spooking Pokégirls and humans unused to sudden sounds.
(*) - Micro Bomber (ATK 60) A very weak bomb, but damages everyone as if it were a Fire attack using Cross Splash. 5% chance of inflicting Burn.
(*) - Bomber (ATK 120) A moderately powerful bomb, damages everyone in a 3-5 foot radius. 10% chance of inflicting Burn.
(*) - Big Bomber (ATK 160) More powerful than the Bomber and far more explosive, this damages everyone in a 10 foot radius. Has a 25% chance of inflicting Burn.
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DOE, the Dear...um...Deer Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Metamorph)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (Mountain/Forest Leagues), Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Mobile scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Shapeshifting,
Evolves: Donna (normal)
Evolves From: None
The Doe, in human form, will typically stand between 5' and 5'10". They have thin brown hair covering their entire bodies, with a strip of white over their bellies. Their brown Hair, which appears to be Waist length, is actually a mane of shoulder length hair that grows over their spinal cord. Their ears remain deer-like and their feet tend to resemble hooves. In animal form, they become very Centaurian in nature. From mid-torso down, they become like the deer of old, with a second set of legs and a tail appearing. Fron the chest up however, the only change is their face elongating into a muzzle. The animal form is also significantly shorter than their human form, their heads rarely rising more than 4 feet off the ground.
In the years following the war, they were nearly hunted to extinction for food. The Forest League and the Mountain League were the only ones to generally leave them alone, because they didn't eat that kind of meat, and didn't have many people respectively.
The Doe is a very gentle Pokégirl, treating her Tamer and Harem sisters as if they were her own ken. While they do not make good Alphas, they are well respected by nearly any harem sister because they make great sounding boards, patiently listening to any woe or complaint, and quick to provide words of comfort and encouragement.
As selfless as they seem, they also do have one selfish personality trait, in that they see themselves as very beautiful, and like to show off. The greatest compliment one can give a Doe is to compliment her fur.
In battle, the Doe is pretty weak overall, but has very few natural strengths or weaknesses. Plant types are instinctually afraid of the Doe (in battle) because the Doe will look at them as little more than food. Contrawise, the Doe has a genetic flaw where they freeze up when they see a bright light, so flashy magic attacks will almost always hit unguarded. This flaw also makes it easy to catch a feral Doe, as all one has to do is shine a light in their eyes and they're as good as caught.
Does prefer to stay in their animal form, for it's ease of movement, and will insist on staying outside of their Pokéball when their tamer is traveling, so they can gallop alongside. While the Doe IS capable of carrying a human, they find it very uncomfortable, so generally don't.
They will willingly participate in any form of taming, however one will rarely find them in a bondage situation because for some reason, any dominating type that tries it feels like they are doing something generally wrong, and loose interest. The Doe will always retain her human form when taming.
Feral Doe show an interesting quirk that researchers aren’t sure how to explain yet. Feralborn Doe will always retain their animal form, while Domesticated or Threshold girls will retain their human form. Regardless of form though, all feral Doe in an area will instinctually gather as a herd and travel around together.
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DOGGIRL (aka INUMIMI), the All-Purpose Loyal Pokégirl
Type: Varies from Near Human to Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Various domestic roles
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Bite, Takedown, Pummel, Snarl, Dig, Rock Throw
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory & Auditory Senses (x2), Claws, Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x2)
Evolves: Lapdog (normal, high level), Hymena (Diamond Stone), Dalmatian (Water Stone), Growlie (Fire Stone), Lupina (Moon Stone), Hound (Orgasm), Boxer (Battle stress)
Evolves From: Puppy (Normal)
What Catgirls are to cat types, Doggirls are to dog types.
Doggirls are not that much of an improvement over Puppies. Like Catgirls, it’s very strongly suspected that Doggirls may have been among the very first evolutions ever designed into a Pokégirl. As such, it’s not that really spectacular a change, though very few people would complain, given that Doggirls (called Inumimi in Edo and Opal areas) definitely are slightly more physically attractive than their pre-evolution form.
Doggirls gain roughly half an inch to an inch in height, as well as a quarter of a cup-size in their breasts. Their leg and arm muscles grow stronger, as does their sense of smell and hearing, and their tail size usually increases as well, unless they were a tailless breed of Puppy beforehand. Most Doggirls seem a bit more grown up in terms of maturity, but it’s an irritatingly difficult quality to define and doesn’t really change their overall persona. Some actually become more emotionally mature, and display a bit more calmness and self-control than when they were Puppies.
Because their arm and leg muscles are stronger, Doggirls are usually a third faster than when they were Puppies, although this can go as high as two times as fast. Their endurance is often quite a bit better and it’s believed that their longer tail may help them maintain their balance better, although like many things about them, it’s inconclusive. One of the only conclusive things about Doggirls and canine-types in general is the strong sense of loyalty they have. This helped canine-type breeds retain a lot of favor after Mao Shin Mao’s attacks.
The average Doggirl will find that they can learn punch-based attacks much easier than most others. As such, a Doggirl can sometimes be a good training partner for an Amazonchan (though rarely a Herochan), and are often good friends with them. This, in turn, can make them feel slightly disdainful against Amazonkapoeera, but it’s never that pronounced, as the friendly, amiable nature common to most Doggirls makes it hard for them to hold a grudge. The closest they come to this is the friendly rivalry Doggirls seem to have with Catgirls, but as good-natured as Doggirls are, they may forget about this rivalry in a moment of excitement.
Aside from their endurance and punching techniques, about the most impressive thing about Doggirls are their ability to use Dig naturally, their digging speed outmatched only by Digtits and a tiny handful of others. They can use this ability in battle, although they don’t use it as the Digtit line does, mainly using it to dig up dirt and fling it at the opponent in a blinding attack. Stronger Doggirls can use Dig to dig up larger, heavier clumps of dirt for a more powerful projectile attack. They can even use this ability offensively, digging up large rocks for Rock Throw. They tend to prefer front line fighting and direct hand-to-hand. In sex battles they’re about average, although there have been some recorded instances of Doggirls proving their mettle in a sex match. And as with all canine-type Pokégirls, they retain the ability to use Puppy Dog Eyes.
Feral Doggirls, like most canine-types, tend to run in packs in the wild. They frequently scavenge for food around cities, and will act to defend each other should they be attacked. They aren’t as easily scattered as Puppies are, and are more vicious in a fight than their previous form. Ferals and Domestics tend to be protective of Pokékits and infant humans.
Doggirls often get very randy around the Full Moon for some reason. Researchers are still trying to find out the answer to this question, although until now, nothing conclusive has been found out. Doggirls are among the most common Thresholds out there, happening just as frequently as Kittens, Puppies, and Catgirls, and almost as frequently as Ingenue, Bunnygirls, Titmice, and Bimbos. It’s a somewhat painful Threshold result due to the physical changes, especially if the subject in question turns into a tailed breed of Doggirl, but not unbearably so. The changes are usually quick, depending on how much fur they grow.
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DOLL (aka MANNEQUIN), the Living Robot Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Rock (oil/plastic)
Frequency: Extremely Rare - totally UNHEARD of in normal society! Not spoken of outside the Dark Continent save through rumor (unless knowledge of them has been preserved in family lore from father to son over the generations, as in the case of the Kunou family of Stone Town). In the Dark Continent, Rare.
Diet: human standard
Role: living prisoner (if evolved from human or malcontent Pokégirl), sex-slave, mannequin
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Libido: adjustable at the command of the Tamer
Attacks: you're kidding, right?
Enhancements: hard plastic like skin which can absorb almost all forms of kinetic-energy attacks (either physical punches or energy attacks, even the magically-based ones). At the Tamer's command, a Doll's skin can change color and texture, even looking "pure-blood norm." A Doll is, in many ways, as resistant to pain as a Damsel. To guard against Psychic/Magic attacks, a Doll's mind is subdivided into a "housekeeping" and "upper" consciousness. In the Doll, the Housekeeping consciousness is ALWAYS active, which (if the Doll is programmed to obey a Tamer) makes it next to impossible for the Doll to be possessed or dominated (Dominas and their evolved breeds would HATE Dolls with a passion if they knew of them).
Weaknesses: In simple effect, the Doll is as stated above: a living Pokégirl robot. She has to be initially told EVERYTHING to do by the Tamer. Fortunately, after being told/shown once what to do, her actions become automatic. With CONSIDERABLE and PROLONGED patience on the Tamer's part, a Doll could be trained to act as naturally as possible. A Doll also possesses an odd Feral state; if not tamed for one month, she will mentally "shut down." A passionate Taming experience will "reactivate" her.
Evolves: SmartDoll (either through the natural evolution as the "upper" consciousness evolves OR via the creation of an "upper" consciousness. The means to do THAT are totally unknown outside Sanctuary), HandMaid (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Any Pokégirl breed or human (Oil Stone; that only exists in the Dark Continent, its use known only by select Sanctuary Goths -- or by those families expert in Evolution Stones like the Kunous).
Where Dolls first came from, no one has any clear idea whatsoever, not even in Sanctuary. Their appearances have been so rare, they've not even made the history books on Pokégirl evolution. That could be seen as a pity since Dolls are perhaps the living personification of the "Pokégirl is a tool, not a person" theory espoused by conservatives Pokégirl Society leaders.
One theory about the Dolls' creation, espoused by Sanctuary's Keeper of the Apocrypha Lyree Susumu, goes this way: about the same time Sukebe began his proto-Pokégirl experiments in the 1990s, there also lived a man dealing with silicone love dolls, an exotic and expensive sex toy. When he launched his Revenge, Sukebe borrowed the "real doll" idea, then created a Pokégirl evolution process that was SPECIFICALLY used to target liberal women leaders like his avowed nemesis, Linda McKenzie. Once transformed into Dolls, these hapless victims were forced to stand still as they the "Frankenstein Scientist" destroy their society before their very eyes.
The fate of these victims after the end of Sukebe's War remains a mystery.
The process to create a Doll was a part of the Discovery of PS 196 which led to the foundation of Sanctuary. To this day, the process to create Dolls is a highly-kept secret among the Sanctuary Goths. The evolutional process to create Dolls from pure-blood human or Pokégirl is normally used as punishment for those female malcontents who run afoul of the Sanctuary Goths or their allies (one such possible Doll conversion might be Emma Tanaka [given the close alliance between the Goths and the Joketsuzoku leadership], but that is unconfirmed to this day).
As to how families like the Kunous discovered the process to create Dolls via Oil Evolution Stones, that is also a closely-guarded secret. Given the ultimate potential of this breed of Pokégirls, it is no wonder why families like the Kunous keep the process so close to their hearts.
The Doll could be best seen as an "incomplete" Pokégirl. She has great potential for fighting, intimate companionship, care giving, even leadership roles. All she needs is the mental programming to make it all happen. Doing THAT is the difficult task before a Doll's Tamer.
It's not impossible, however. Once a Doll is programmed to teach herself, all she needs to stay on the right path is supervision by her Tamer. That becomes less necessary as the Doll's "upper" (or "sentient") conscience develops. Given trust and love (the hallmarks of good Taming), it would not take long for a Doll to evolve into a SmartDoll, which would be her optimal "complete" state.
A Doll's greatest asset is the ability to have her libido adjusted to whatever level the Tamer desires. This would make a Doll the perfect companion for Tamers with normal or below-normal endurance levels. A Doll cannot avoid being Tamed, however. Usually, as tests in Sanctuary have shown, a Tamer could go one month without Taming a Doll. Doing more than that would see the Doll frozen still, "shut down" as if it were.
A Tamer would then have to be very passionate to restore his Doll to proper "function." According to Karin Hatoyama, Chief Scientist of Sanctuary, the best state for a Doll is to be with a Tamer, another Pokégirl (preferably a high-libido type) serving as the Alpha.
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DOLLMASTER, the Master Manipulator Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style diet, tea
Role: Tacticians, Squad Leaders. Like a Witch, may vary based on spell selection.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Magic, Ghost, Fighting
Weak Vs: Fire, Dark, Flying
Attacks: As previous form, plus: Dominate, Rune Chain, Wires of Control, Summon Doll, Doll Bomb, Repair, Return
Enhancements: Enhanced Concentration (x4), Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Increased Intelligence, Manipulate Dolls, Magical Affinity, High Spatial Awareness, Mental Schism, Magical Levitation Major Doll Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), Magical Levitation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Puppeteer (Normal, L65)
Dollmasters vary much more in appearance than Puppeteers, capable of changing almost hardly at all during their evolution or changing completely, gaining anywhere from no height at all to 1 ˝ feet in height and varying wildly in terms of bust. Their clothing choices also vary, though many continue their old habits. Because the breed may or may not gain a respectable bust size from evolving, a intra-breed rivalry has formed between the more and less well-endowed of the breed, those having it lording over those that do not, who are often as touchy, if not more so, than ever.
When a Puppeteer evolves into a Dollmaster, the most curious change, however dramatic their physical change might be, is mental. Firstly, they gain the Psychic type, the Puppeteer's desire to maintain the sanctity of her mind negating their Psychic weakness at the cost of Dark weakness. More interestingly, upon evolution, the Dollmaster's mind splits in two, creating a second personality within them. This personality, unlike the Maggieton's extra personalities, never surfaces in the Dollmaster herself. Instead, it takes direct control of any one (and only one) of the Dollmaster's dolls, controlling it with seemingly no effort or control from the Dollmaster herself. This second personality is naturally subservient to the Dollmaster, though in rare occasions they may not always get along. She also 'sees' only from the perspective of the controlled doll, and in some respects is considered a separate entity, entirely reliant on the Dollmaster.
Like her previous forms, the Dollmaster is typically divided into two main groups – those that use numerous smaller dolls, and those that use a single, complex human-sized doll. Upon evolving, the choice becomes more profound as the pokegirl's abilities specialize permanently. Summoner-type Dollmasters, those that use multiple dolls, become able to control roughly six at once and can use the dolls as focal points for casting more powerful spells or as mobile weapons. They also become able to create and summon dolls through magical power, replacing destroyed dolls on the fly or even using them in explosive 'suicide' attacks. Tag-team Dollmasters, those that use a single, powerful doll, become able to enhance their doll to greater levels, repair damage to it quickly, and support it with attacking spells from the ground or the air. Their secondary personality takes direct control over the doll, freeing the main personality to focus on supporting it from afar, and allowing the doll itself to grow in skill and learn without hindering the Dollmaster.
Dollmasters also gain the ability to use their magical wires – that they use to control their dolls – offensively, latching onto opponents to bind them or to control their movements. To do this, they must first latch onto an opponent with a Rune Chain attack, and attempt to assert her will over the snagged pokegirl. This begins battle of wills between the two pokegirls, much like a domination attack, and if successful, the Dollmaster becomes able to manipulate the target as if she were one of her puppets. This is not without difficulty, though: the battle of wills is a constant Dollmaster must maintain constant effort to maintain it, and the effectiveness of the ability varies wildly from target to target and even sometimes from moment to moment. The stronger willed the opponent, the greater the resistance to the effects. In many cases, while this ability is being used, the Dollmaster cannot control any of her dolls, so much of her concentration is taken up by the mental battle, and casting new spells is likewise impossible (with the exception of the partitioned personality, which is not affected and may cast very low-level spells).
In terms of sheer spellcasting, the Dollmaster is nothing special, roughtly equivalent to a Sorceress, with much of the rest of her magical ability focused on maintaining her dolls. However, the average Dollmaster's spell selection varies wildly, and the Dollmaster's powers of concentration are almost unrivaled in the pokegirl world, capable of maintaining focus and discipline through both pain and distraction.
Dollmasters are no easier to control than their previous forms, and sometimes can be even more complex, as both personalities come into play. Thankfully, the split personality tends to view her master in a similar light to the Dollmaster herself, but sometimes rifts can form. Those who own Dollmasters are suggested to keep a close eye on them, as they are typically good judges of character and sometimes will attempt to manipulate people and events around them in their favor, and this may or may not align with the tamer's (or league's) interests.
Dollmasters hate defeat just as much as their previous forms, however, they rarely hold back any longer, giving every battle their all to ensure their victory. Despite not being quite as vulnerable to psychics as they once were, their dislike of Psychics also has not lessened, ironic as it is.
Dollmasters are no less experimental than their pre-evolved form, though by the time they've evolved most have a good idea of what they do like and what they don't like. They do, however, tend to become more assertive and dominant when having sex with other pokegirls, using their magical wires to bind their partner or force them to move as she wishes, though this is typically reversed where their master is concerned. Regardless, the Dollmaster typically requires and wants taming more than her previous form did, so enterprising tamers should keep that in mind.
To date, no girls have ever been known to threshold directly into a Dollmaster, though some researchers speculate that it may become possible over time.
Return (EFT - Magic) – Similar to Teleport, except it brings one or all of the spellcaster's dolls to the caster. Activates automatically when the caster loses consciousness or enters a pokeball. Wires of Control (EFT - Magic/Psychic) – After latching onto her foe with Rune Chain, the chains transform into the Dollmaster's control strings, and attempts to force the target to move to her will. A foe that has completely resisted Wires of Control cannot be affected by the ability for at least 1 hour thereafter. Summon Doll (EFT - Magic) – The Dollmaster creates a temporary replica of a (Minor) doll she has previously created, lasting for roughly a half-hour. Used exclusively by Summoner-Types. Repair (EFT - Magic) – The Dollmaster quickly repairs any damage her Major doll has sustained, even reforming limbs and matierials according to the original designs. Only complete destruction of the doll can prevent the repairs, though the greater the damage done, the more energy is needed to repair it. Doll Bomb (ATK 100 - Magic) – The Dollmaster triggers the energy within her summoned dolls to violently disperse, resulting in a powerful explosion dealing pure Magic damage to all withing five feet of the doll. Because summoning dolls repeatedly (along with spellcasting) can be a heavy drain on the Dollmaster's energy reserves, this move is typically used in moderation.
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DOMINA, the Aggressive Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison (leather is NOT a valid element)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style food, heavy on meat
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl, often used to discipline/oversee other Pokégirls. Also commonly used by criminal elements.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Tomboys, Ingenue, non elementals
Weak Vs: Psychic, elementals
Attacks: Rose Whip, Call Me Queen, Poison Lash, Dominate, Sex Attacks 1 & 3
Enhancements: Toughness, Hypnotic Gaze/Voice, Healing Factor
Evolves: Dominatrix (normal), DragonQueen (Dragon E-Medal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Dark Stone)
Nymphs are already an extremely sexual race of Pokégirls, enjoying practically anything thrown at them. When exposed to a Dark Stone, they become something very similar, but with a slightly demented twist. They lose their power over pheromones, but instead gain the ability to use poisons and various plant abilities. Their sexual appetite changes from loving virtually everything, to loving two specific things: Pain and domination.
Their tastes in clothes change as well. They absolutely love any sort of leather clothes, ranging from being absolutely covered in it, or just barely being covered enough as to not be nude. No one knows if they make their own clothing or just get it from somewhere, but it is agreed the Domina leather is top notch.
Personality wise, Dominas are difficult to control and not recommended for beginning Tamers. They have some minor psychic talents, mainly their ability to use a gaze/voice attack called Dominate. Tamers that do not have a strong enough will often find themselves at odds with a Domina, constantly having to prove their dominance over them or using their other Pokégirls to do so. Tamers such as these are encouraged to either trade her away or evolve her to a Dominatrix, where she will mellow out a little bit.
To have a willing and submissive Domina, a tamer must show that they are the dominate one in the relationship. This can be carried out either through being forceful during sex, somehow being able to ‘project’ their will onto her, most likely through a blood gift, or just generally resisting her sexual advances and showing it doesn’t affect them. Even then, sometimes a Domina will still believe she is the one in charge, or just won’t be as loyal as a Pokégirl should be. There is one way to get a very loving and loyal Domina. Control is something they love more than anything, and giving it up is something they almost never do. If a tamer can show that they are the dominate one, and then give up some of that control back to her, she will do almost anything for him/her.
Their method of attack fits perfectly with their name. They strive to cause pain and to dominate her opponent. Their Rose Whip technique is a layered ability, forming a whip-like tendril out of a common plant, which they can then use for a variety of attacks, with the multitude of thorns on it, it is perfect for the amount of pain they love to inflict. They can also use Poison Lash to coat her whip in poison to further break down her opponent. They are also resistant to pain and physical damage, and they heal faster than normal.
It should be noted that while Domina are a common Pokégirl in criminal organizations, they are not evil. They are best described as having very loose morals and don’t mind doing whatever it takes to have their fun with someone.
There are breeds with a natural resistance to the attacks of Domina and Dominatrix, such as the various cat-types and armored varieties like Valkyrie. Others are actually more susceptible, such as Ingenue and Tomboy. People with genes from these Pokégirls are more inclined to resist the effects of a Domina.
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DOMINATRIX, the VERY Aggressive Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Common (Domesticated) Rare (Feral)
Diet: Human, heavy on meat
Role: Disciplinarian
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Weak-Willed, Celestials, Water
Weak Vs: Magic, Fire, Fighting
Attacks: *Love Sting, Rose Whip, Binding, Blinding Lash, Foot Lasher, Wrap, Intimidate, Poison Mask
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x3) Increased Healing, Whip Mastery
Evolves: Killer Queen (normal) Venom Mistress (contract with Sexebi) Mistress (multiple orgasms during bondage sex)
Evolves From: Domina (normal)
The Dominatrix is considered an improvement all over to her pre-evolved form. She is taller, curvier, and just plain better looking all around. Her tastes in clothes usually remain the same as her previous form, I.E. should be illegal. Either she wears next to nothing or something extremely tantalizing.
All people who have owned a Domina say that it was to their immense relief when she finally evolved. She calms down substantially from her previous form. She has a greater sense of self-restraint and knows how to mix pain and pleasure to a much finer degree. Some people have stated that they were not into S&M at all until they met a Dominatrix, now they can’t get enough of it.
Dominatrixes are actually commonly domesticated. They are great disciplinarians and teachers. Schools employ one or two to help keeps students in line; even the military uses them to train soldiers. In a strange twist on her previous form, where a Domina is a horrible starter, if one is somehow able to get their hands on to a Dominatrix, they make excellent starters.
Feral Dominatrixes aren’t very common since they are a valuable asset to the community. If found, the best way to capture and subdue one is with a Fighting type. Their increased strength is enough to shrug off most attempts at binding.
Do NOT be fooled by her calm demeanor though. It is true, she has learned a lot of self restraint, but that does not mean she has lessened her tastes in sex. If anything, it has gotten a lot kinkier and depraved. Be warned, not all Dominatrix will calmed down upon evolution, but their tastes will still increase. Tamers have stated that after long periods of time with their Dominatrix they actually started to lose the sensation of pain in parts of their body. Tamers who are into the martial arts often employ Dominatrix’s to numb them to pain and strengthen their minds.
In combat there is no Pokégirl that can match a Dominatrix with a whip; even Amazonwu’s who have chosen that as their weapon could learn a few things. Able to wield two whips at the same time, Dominatrix’s are equally proficient with either hand. They can attack twice as fast with either whip then anyone else, striking two times in the time it takes someone else to attack once. Their gaze attacks have been increased to a new level, almost to the level of pure psychic Pokégirls.
Dominatrixes do well in sex battles. They can use their whips like probing tentacles, teasing and prodding pokegirls until they can’t stand it anymore.
Dominatrixes that have become Pokéwomen are great mothers, despite what others may think. While they are much tougher on their children than most, that does not mean they don’t care as much as anyone else. Heaven forbid anyone pick on her children though. The perpetrator will soon learn the definition of pain. Children of a Dominatrix tend to have stronger wills and constitutions than most and usually grow up to become excellent tamers, or gods save us all, politicians.
It should be noted that it is recommended to buy an Everstone for a Domina upon her evolution. Hell, they will be given away for free. No one wants to see another Killer Queen roaming free.
Love Sting: (ATK 5 + EFT) This attack was developed by Domina-types. It injects a minute amount of lust poison straight into her opponent, similar to the type used by nagas. If the pokegirl does not receive a taming in a few minutes, she will pass out from lust. The weaker the pokegirl at the time the quicker she succumbs to the poison. Tamers use this attack to affectively capture ferals.
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DONNA, the Reindeer Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Mountain League)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: mobile scouts, sleigh-pullers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility, Dive, Mach Breaker, Healing Breeze
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (4), Shapeshifting, Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doe (normal)
A Donna is the evolution of Doe. The main differences are in their appearances. Their hair turns from a light golden brown to a darker brown, with white along their stomach, and they gain more muscle, though still keeping their form lean. During the fall and winter seasons, they, unlike their previous forms, grow a set of horns, which can be handy when battling. Donnas also gain the ability to fly. Exactly how they’re able to fly is unknown, since they don’t have wings. Some Researchers think it has something to do with elemental air talents, a theory which seems to be supported by how a Donna can use the Healing Breeze maneuver.
Donnas, like their previous form, are sweet, gentle creatures. They tend to fret over their Harem-sisters when they’re about to go into battle, and are quick to heal them when they get out of it. They’re still soft-spoken and a bit skittish, but unafraid to fight, and will do their best if sent into a pokebattle. They make poor choices to for pokesex battles however, since they have no sex attacks.
Like Does, Donnas can still shift back and forth between a humanoid and centauroid form painlessly at will. Its not unusual for courier services and such to have sleighs or wagons pulled through the air by hitched teams of Donnas.
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DRACAIR, The Quick-strike Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare anywhere
Diet: Human-Like Diet
Role: Willing fighters, Alphas
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Slash, Glare, Tail Slap, Recover, Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Quickturn, Quick Attack, Air Recovery, Sabre Claw, Toss, Hyper Beam (potentially, high levels only), Timid Stroke, Spirit Slash
Sex Attacks: Go Down, Probing Tongue, Spank, Blow Kiss
Enhancements: Tough skin, High Endurance, Strength (x6), Lung Capacity, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x6), Prehensile Tail, Armored Form
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Bratini (Battle Stress or Dragon E-Medal)
Story this Pokégirl appears in: TBD
Evolving from a Bratini brings a newfound confidence to the resulting Pokégirl. Taller by a good foot and a half or so (bringing the resulting Pokégirl, on average, to around six and a half feet tall), with a tail that is even longer than she is tall by around 50%. Their breasts also increase dramatically in size, increasing as much as 4 cup sizes (though D-cups are most common, E-cups have been documented rarely). Dracair becomes much more sure of her abilities, in battle and around others. Though still curious to an extent, she now has the knowledge and physical ability to curb the need to explore.
This extends to her sexuality as well, rather curious about males and females, and often enjoys springing a threesome upon her Tamer with another Pokégirl. However, despite an enhanced pleasure threshold, Dracair still has the same sex drive as a Bratini. Dracair prefer to cuddle with her Tamer as much as possible when alone with him, rather than attempt to initiate a Taming all the time. Dracair also desire to show other Pokégirls that she knows what she's doing- as such, she may attempt to become her Tamer's Alpha. If another competent Pokégirl already has the job, however, she will not attempt to take the position.
Dracairs hate Domina-types with a passion. If the Dracair is subjected to a Domina's attempts to dominate it, the Dracair will retaliate, possibly to the point where one or the other dies. In battle, Dracairs adopt armored scales around their body to protect it. While some say that Dragoness and DragonQueen are more powerful, Dracair are certainly faster on the ground, and easier to raise. They also have a fair number of attack moves and enjoy fighting in all-out battles. Dracair are usually the physical powerhouses of a Harem, and are very rarely found Feral. There are no known Threshold cases of girls turning into Dracairs. Feral Dracair, though rare, are usually found within a small group of Pokégirls in the wilderness, in order to try and keep from going completely feral.
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DRACASS, the Dragon Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Human Form: Fighting
Dragon Form: Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Food with a preference for meat
Role: Heavy Artillery
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Human Form: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Dragon Form: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Human Form: Flying, Psychic
Dragon Form: Ice
Attacks: Human Form: Aura of Cute, Punch, Kick, Quick Attack
Dragon Form: Slash, Roar, Tail Slap, Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Human Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Dragon Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x10), Armored, Enhanced Senses (x8), Flight
Evolves: Dronza (hatred of humanity), Warvern (battle stress; special)
Evolves From: None
Created near the end of Sukebe’s Revenge, the Dracasses were intended as heavy assault platforms to assist in the defense of Sukebe’s more important installations, while at the same time not being a heavy drain on increasingly limited resources.
Unfortunately, by the time the Dracasses were sent out into the field, the war was almost over. In a desperate, last ditch attempt to save their creator, the small numbers of Dracasses already created attempted to breach the enemies line in their human forms and destroy their headquarters, hopefully buying enough time for their master to escape.
The plan couldn’t have gone more wrong. The Dracasses were ambushed before they ever made it to the enemy HQ, and ninety percent of this Pokégirl breed was wiped out. With this success in one hand, the attack on Sukebe’s lair went ahead of schedule, catching the mage/scientist unaware. The few Dracasses remaining fought as hard as any other Pokégirls on the field, but weren’t enough to turn the tide of battle.
Normally remaining in their human form, they are nearly indistinguishable from pure blood humans, save that physical aging stops somewhere in the teen years, usually immediately after puberty. While this lack of physical aging keeps a Dracass in her prime combat condition, it comes with a steep price, as no Dracass has ever been recorded as becoming a pokewoman, and thus never having had children outside of parthenogenesis.
While considered to be Fighting-types, Dracasses are not very powerful when compared to other Fighting-type Pokégirls. They are, generally speaking, not as fast, strong or durable as other Fighting-types.
In their Dragon forms, Dracasses gain a foot in height, and grow a layer of armored scales over their previously soft flesh. Wings sprout from the Dracass’s back, enabling her to fly, though she must be trained, preferably by a Flying-type, before she can fly effectively. In addition, the Dracass gains a long tail, three quarters as long as she is tall, tipped either with a solid bone bludgeon, or a spear like point.
The Dracass can maintain this Draconic form for only a short time, usually measured in minutes when the Pokégirl is still young, but increasing as she gets more experience.
It is rare for a girl to Threshold to Dracass, although it is not completely unknown. A Threshold Dracass will likely be a danger to those around her however, as it takes some time before she will be skilled enough to control her Draconic half without losing control and destroying everything around her.
Despite an inherent desire to help those weaker than her, a Dracass does have a bit of a problem with authority figures, especially Tamers. While she won’t go out of her way to refuse a Tamers orders, a Dracass is likely to take the easy way out, at least until her Tamer has proven that he actually cares for her in some way. This has caused Dracasses to be regarded as more trouble than they're worth by many researchers and Tamers alike, but, once a Dracass’s respect has been earned, they are without a doubt, one of the most loyal Pokégirls to have.
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DRACO, The Dragon Knight Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Foods
Role: close Quarter Ground Fighter
Libido: Average, can become High once Tamer earns respect
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Slash, Cut, Scratch
Enhancements: Tough skin, Enhanced endurance (x4) and Enhanced Strength (x3)
Evolves: Dracona (triggered by multiple orgasms or battle high only if the Draco respects Tamer), Medra (must be going feral + wearing a Steel Jacket when traded), Azhi Dahaka (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Mynx (Dragon Scale)
Dracos are hand-to-hand fighters. With their enhanced strength, endurance and toughness they are considered some of the best for their power level. During the war they were usually assigned to units lead by Alaka-whams and used to protect them and other ranged attack girls from counter attacks by enemy ground troops, the also played a role in city combat, efficiently clearing buildings of any opposition.
Due to their well deserved reputations , these proud and noble Pokégirls tend to quite picky about their tamers, expecting them to be either physically powerful themselves, or posses a powerful Harem. If they feel neither is present, they will shun the Tamer, preferring to go Feral than to submit to him. This being said, they tend to be considered a troublesome breed and unsatisfied Dracos are either traded or released once its obvious that she won’t respect the Tamer. On the other hand a Tamer who has suitably impressed a Draco will quickly find that she an extremely loyal dedicated (not to mention affectionate) member of his Harem. Due to this rather difficult personality, many Tamer prefer to evolve their Dracos up from Mynxs should they ever get a hold of a Dragon Scale.
Appearing very human like, Dracos can usually be identified by the presence of scale-like skin (which is detectable only by close inspection) which contains a slight tinting of color, a pair of small bumps at the shoulder blades (which tends to have colorations similar to their hair and claws), a head of courser-than-human hair, slightly pointed ears, thick scratching claws for nails which appear black or ivory in color and a foot long reptilian tail that sprouts from the base of their spine. One point of interest is the color ranges their hair, eyes, and skin takes. Usually covering a metallic scale of color, a darker set of colors or even some gem like colors, their skin, hair and eyes can all be different (if generally from the same range, but a mixture is not uncommon). They range in height from about 5ft to 5’10” and their eyes run in the same range of color as their hair, though they are often different then the hair. When tame, Dracos are highly intelligent Pokégirls and are sometimes drawn to hobbies or pastimes that allow them to work that intelligence. What surprising is that intelligence remains for the most part when feral as well. They may not retain the ability of speech, but the amount of planning and forethought that has been seen in feral Dracos goes to show that they are more than just cunning and instinctive creatures. Many have been seen using more than rudimentary tools for the purpose of making shelters, catching prey for food, and even employing traps to capture speedier prey. Thresholding in a Draco is very rare occurrence, but, should one get hold of a newly thresholded Draco, many Tamers find that they usually can forgo the challenge of impressing the girl, and adopt them quickly into their harems. Though there is the warning of waiting for a couple of weeks to allow her scales to harden properly before placing her into combat.
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DRACONA, the Gliding Dragon Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human like Diet
Role: Multi-Role Fighter, Ambusher
Libido: High (drops to Average if traded, or caught wild)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Whirlwind, Dragon Rage, Slash, Cut, Scratch
Enhancements: Wings, Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Tough skin
Evolves: Dragoness (Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Draco (orgasm or battle stress)
When a Draco evolves into the Dracona, there is very little change in the way of physical appearance apart from the growth of a pair of wings that spring from the nubs on the Draco’s back and average about 4 to 8 ft in span, generally of the same color scheme of the rest of their body. Although far too small to support her weight in flight, they are mainly used for low level Flying attacks, and gliding down from ambush positions above an enemy. They cannot ride thermal currents or attain any level of altitude and they must take a little time to prepare themselves to glide by stretching their wings, making impulsive attempts difficult and dangerous. They can also grow a few more inches and increase their bust size slightly (generally they average a generous C cup).
During the War the Dracona served a purpose very similar to the Draco, often acting as heavier support to their ground based sisters. They also spent a great deal of time laying ambushes in cleared out bases and buildings, waiting for humans to return and try to reuse or salvage them.
The evolution to a Dracona also tends to mellow out the temperament of the Pokégirl towards her tamer, often making even more affection and loyal as he has proven himself by making her evolve. However if she is traded to another tamer at this point (or if by slim chance one is captured in the wild) she will backslide into her previous stand-offish attitude until the new Tamer manages to prove himself.
Their feral state is similar to their Draco sisters, and more often than not the two breeds will be found mingling together in a pride like group of usually no more than 15 or 20 members, sometimes led by a Dragoness.
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DRAG KING, the Transvestite Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncertain, assumed to be Rare
Diet: human style food, especially buffets
Role: psychological warfare, infiltration, mass confusion
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Libido: Average
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Wrestle, Hammer, Glare, Cheap Shot
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x5), can manifest any form of clothing to disguise her womanhood, Can sense when people are good, innate computer skills, excellent acting ability
Evolves: Megami (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Tomboy (forced evolution), Goth (forced evolution)
For years people didn't even know this type of Pokégirl existed. They are so good at concealing the fact that they were female that people still aren't sure when then first appeared.
Drag Kings are formed when a Tamer tries to force their Goth or Tomboy to evolve, either through testing different elemental stones on it or through extensive Taming, or a combination of the two. And while it seems that there's no such thing as over-taming a Pokégirl, in this case it may be true.
Drag Kings, ironically, have very feminine, sexy bodies. Athletic builds, prominent breasts, curvy hips, the works. However you wouldn't know it to look at them at first. They have a semi-magical ability to summon any clothing they feel is needed to disguise their feminine body, from suits to wigs and glasses. They don't like being viewed as sexy and feminine, having grown tired of being Tamed and having men ogle them. They know they still need it, which is why many use their innate computer-hacking ability to get themselves registered as male Tamers. They are EXPERT actors and can play a male perfectly, right down to the misogynistic attitudes some men have. When their disguise is in place, they look like a handsome male, one that would be called a Bishounen in pre-Sukebe times.
Ironically, this has led to many humorous moments as men find themselves questioning their sexuality when they find themselves attracted to a Drag King.
Some Drag Kings find this very humorous and play off of it, flirting with men that find themselves in this position. This led to the discovery of the Drag King, as another nearby Tamer became suspicious when he saw a beautiful male flirting with his friend and scanned the 'tamer,' discovering that he was really a she. The Drag King's Pokégirls got her out of there, but news about the breed quickly spread. Some, like Gendo Giovanni and SEELE, made noises against Drag Kings registering themselves to be Tamers, but Vince McMahon and Miranda Jahanna quickly shot that down, using their growing influence to make the League Council believe that Drag Kings were harmless and actually helping things out by taking on Pokégirls. This view was reinforced when it became known that Drag K