Pokegirls: Crimson League

Warning: The contents of this page are wrought with adult situations, adult language and other things that'll get Elementary, Middle/Junior, and High School kids suspended or expelled. We take no responsibility if that happens to you.

What are Pokegirls? Well, the G-rated version of them are basically pokemon that resemble human females.
The version we're using are the XXX-rated version, where pokegirls were originally genetically engineered to kill humans, but humans managed to tame some to protect themselves right after most civilization was destroyed. Look into various mythos and into the pokedex and you'll get an idea of what exists in the world of pokegirls.

Update: 10-25-2005 - Okay, with the Yahoo Group dying AGAIN, I've been forced to move up the PWP project. Here's the addy: http://www.angelfire.com/mn3/pokegirls/main.html

Background Information
The History of the World
Athena's File
Elements - Gives a general idea how pokegirls stack up to each other
Crimson League Map and Information concerning League Rules Updated: 12-14-2004.
Pokedex 2 - Includes Blue Continent
Current Pokegirl Attacks Updated: 12-14-2004
Current Known Blood Gifts/Curses Updated 9-12-2002
The songs that best represent the characters Note that this will be updated and have additions made. And yes, I know what these songs sound like. Last Update: 10-23-2003
T2s and other standard equipment. Last Update: 12-14-2004
Character Index Page I've broken down the characters a bit more so loading shouldn't be as big a problem.
The Characters of the Tropic League Updated 2-28-2002
The Duelist Pokegirl and the Rules of the Game

Hunter's Guild - This was supposed to go up as an exclusive on the PWP, but what the hell, right?
What's A Pokegirl: A run down of the Pokegirl World as best as I can explain it. Note that not all of the links in here will connect to anything.
A Pokegirl's Type: This is a list that goes with the PWP, but should give you an idea of what the pokegirls look like when we say things like "Anthropromorphic Cat" or "Near Human".

The Crimson League is now all of Mexico and most of Central America now in the Atlantic Ocean. This new continent is now called "Maycia" (pronounced "may-shi-ah")

Crimson League - Chapters 1-4
Crimson League - Chapters 1-4 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Chapters 5-8
Crimson League - Chapters 5-8 - HTML Version
Crimson League - OH!Tori! Sidestory, version 1.
Crimson League - Chapters 9-12
Crimson League - Chapters 9-12 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Chapters 13-16
Crimson League - Chapters 13-16 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Kalia's Sidestory
Crimson League - Magic Guild Sidestory
Lina's Magic Corner - A picture-filled version of Sidestory 3 with better explanations!
Crimson League - Chapters 17-20
Crimson League - Chapters 17-20 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Chapters 21-22
Crimson League - Chapters 21-22 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Chapter 23-24
Crimson League - Chapter 23-24 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Chapter 25-26
Crimson League - Chapter 25-26 - HTML Version
Crimson League - Final Chapter - Final Revision

Crimson League Sidestory series - Pet 01 - Tohru Honda
Crimson League Sidestory series - Pet 02 - Kyo Sohma
Crimson League Sidestory series - Pet 03 - Embarrassing Moments
Crimson League Sidestory series - Pet 04 - Yuki Sohma
Coming soon - Pet Chapter 05 - Tentative title: Lilka & Althea

Guest Stories Updated 5-13-2002 with Shadowcat's Tales from the Shadow League Prologue and Chapter 1!

Fallout - Chapter 1 The first in a long number of sidestories to the Crosstime Adventures.
Fallout - Chapter 2 The Legendary Journeys Ch 1 by Alzrius.
Fallout - Chapter 3
Fallout - Chapter 4 The Legendary Journeys Ch 2 by Alzrius.
Fallout - Chapter 5 Burn Up My World Ch 1 by Michael Smith
Fallout - Chapter 6 Pokegirl Reverse Insert: To Follow A Red Priest by Red Priest of the 17th Order
Fallout - Chapter 7 Fallout Poketoon Style by Poketoon.
Fallout - Chapter 8 Shadow Cat's The Cat's Meow, Part 1
Fallout - Chapter 9 Shadow Cat's The Cat's Meow, Part 2
Fallout - Chapter 10 Burn Up My World Ch 2 by Michael Smith. Updated: 8-28-2002
Fallout - Chapter 11 by Ametrine. Updated: 9-06-2002
Fallout - Chapter 12 by The Sax.

Junk Chapters is a section devoted to stories that I've written and yet, never completed. I'm putting them here so people know how things might have turned out.
Fallout - Chapter 13 by A-kun.
Crimson League - Final Chapter
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 01 - It's a dark time in the Crimson League and Mad Scientist Washu accidentally made it worse.
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 02 - With Ben, Reimi and Yuka's fates intersecting with that of the Masaki household, Fatora and Lina find their own mini-adventure.
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 03 - As relations are straightened out in their current worlds, the five tamers feel the surge of dimensional energy increase.
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 04 - Now we discover where Kyoko, Manami and Makoto are going as well as where Lina Inverse winds up! Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 05 - Darkstalkers and La Blue Girl get some interesting tweaks. Pretty short.
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 06 - This part sucks. Sorry, but I was so unmotivated to go forward with my planned plotlines that I just cut it, but I started this series for fun and it was getting a bit heavy.
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 07 - Kyoko vs. Ninja Master Gara, Lina on the Outlaw Star, and Yuka in the Hinata Inn!
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 08 - Kyoko vs. Ninja Master Gara, Lina on the Outlaw Star, and Yuka in the Hinata Inn!
Pokegirls Crosstime Adventure Part 09 - The Incomplete Chapter.
Crimson League - Chapters 23-24

Fan Art
Click here to see Misty as a Selkie.
Click here to see Misty as a Selkie... IN COLOR. Personally, I prefer the black and white one.
Click here to see Mike (pronounced Me-Kay) in her final evolution: Demoness! I finally stumbled on a picture that I liked!
Click here to see a generalized map that I've made of Maycia or the Crimson League.

I gave in to the hype surrounding The Sims. See what I have to say about it by clicking here.
A while back, I was starting an e-mail correspondence with someone (can't recall who, sorry), and I recall them saying something nice about Ben Affleck and I callously made the comment that I didn't particularly like him. The correspondence died right there. So, after months of wondering exactly why I didn't like a man named after myself, I made this
Crimson League Rules
Need a reason to defend this world from naysayers?
Current Pokedex Updated 2-20-2002.
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Play as the famous tamers of Crimson League in the BE Addventure! None of the storylines have been followed and prepared for a hyper-condensed paragraph. *SIGH* I hate used copy-paste, but it's the only way I can do things. I'm on dial-up.
Play as the famous tamers of Crimson League in the BE Addventure! This time, it actually looks okay, but fewer choices. Please check this one out.