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My Home Page

This is my journal from my trip to France in June 2005. I only have up June 7 - June 18 so far. I will post the rest of the trip as soon as I can, but my journal is at home and I am at school, so it may not be for a while. Hopefully these pages will load quickly on your computer. If not, you can try going to this to read the journal in a blog format, but that will begin with the most recent day, so don't forget to go back and start at the beginning of the trip!

Our trip was divided into three parts. The first part was an eight night bus tour arcoss a lot of the country. The second part was an eight night family stay in Pau. The third part was a four night stay in Paris. Sorry, this only goes up the the family stay so far.


June 7

June 8

June 9

June 10

June 11

June 12

June 13

June 14

June 15

June 16

Family Stay

June 17

June 18