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Conferences: Regional


2004 Leadership Conference

April 22-24, 2004

City Hill Fellowship 12901 Roberts Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55346

TrueBridge is a fellowship of churches that have a common vision to be related foundationally and practically with New Testament principles and oversight. E.H. Broadbent, the author of 'he Pilgrim Church researched and found that throughout history there have been churches that have endeavored in their meetings, 'order, and testimony to make the scriptures their guide and to act on them as the Word of God, counting them as sufficient for all their needs in all their circumstances. The goal of TrueBridge is to see these "Pilgrim" churches multiply and thrive.

Conference Speakers

Keith Hazel is originally from England and has lived in Canada for the last 28 years. Keith is by background a fundamental evangelical who encountered the Holy Spirit in his early Christian life. A convert of the first Billy Graham Crusade in the UK, he has moved in the Prophetic Ministry for more than 28 years. Keith is also the leader of Life Links, a fellowship of more than 60 churches in Canada, United States, UK, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Jererny Hazel is the Director of Edge Teams International, based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He has an established international ministry in the Prophetic as well as Evangelism and Training.

Diane Harrison is a Prophetic Teacher in the "Into His Harvest" program in Regina, Saskatchewan. She works prophetically in close relationship with the leadership team of Harvest City Church in Regina.

Building the Church Through Prophetic Ministry

The conference will be a tailored version of the Antioch School of Prophetic Ministry, with foundational teaching on the subject of prophecy for the individual and for the local church. The conference is not just for "Prophetic People" but also for anyone who is interested in the prophetic and especially for pastors, elders, home group leaders and youth workers who must learn how to deal with the prophetic and prophetic people in their own context. Prophetic people will also learn how to better nourish their gifting and be able to understand the privileges and responsibilities of those who are prophesying in the church.

Topics include:

The Importance of Prophetic
Types of Prophetic Expression Releasing the Prophetic
New Testament Prophets for a New Testament Church Hearing God's Voice Judging the Prophetic Word Prophetic Evangelism

Conference Schedule

Thursday, April 22, 2004

5:30 PM Registration & Fellowship Foyer
6:30 PM Pre-Service Prayer Worship Center
7:00 PM Service Worship Center

After the Service

Meet Host Families in the Office Hallway

Friday, April 23, 2004

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast Foyer
8:30 AM Pre-Service Prayer Worship Center
9:00 AM Morning Session Worship Center
NOON Lunch Fellowship Hall
Afternoon—Free Time 6:30 PM Pre-Service Prayer Worship Center
7:00 PM Service Worship Center

Saturday, April 24, 2004

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast Foyer
8:30 AM Pre-Service Prayer Worship Center
9:00 AM Morning Session Worship Center

Conference Cost

If Paid By April 1,2004: Individuals are $35 and Couples $65
If Paid After April 1,2004: Individuals are $40 and Couples $70
Checks made payable to:
City Hill Fellowship
with 'TrueBridge Conference' in the memo section


Phone:. E-mail:
What is your church affiliation?
Will you need housing? No ____ Yes __
Thursday_______ Friday ____
Will you be attending the lunch on Friday?
No ____ Yes ____ Number:______
Will you need childcare? No ___ Yes _
Please list children's names & ages.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2004 Leadership Conference

City Hill Fellowship
Attn: Jeff Morton 12901 Roberts Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55346
Fax: (952)941-2747

Ps from neil:

Please note the deadline of April first for the reduced rate for early registration. This conference is open to all who have a desire to be in leadership in our churches. This is the annual event where we in Outfitters connect with our grandfather organization.

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