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McKinley MinPins

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McKinley MinPins is Dedicated to Raising the Perfect Pet

Miniature Pinschers are:


Sorry, no litters available at this time.
Check back in June!

Here are some pictures from past litters.

Past Pups

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We raise each litter of puppies in our own home
and let them become one of our family.
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Miniature Pinschers are a wonderful breed,
excellent family pets and great companions
for anyone lucky enough to own them.

Here are some miscellaneous MinPin Stats

Height: MinPins range from 10 to 12 inches high.

Weight: MinPins can weigh between 8 and 10 lbs.

Life Span: The MinPin is one of the most long-lived dogs,
they usually live between 12-14 years.

Grooming Requirements: MinPins are one of the lowest maintenance dogs you will find,
their short coats only require occasional brushing.

Group: The MinPin is classified as being in the Toy Group, they are a “manufactured breed” and designed solely to be man’s best friend. They have been bred to have a lively attitude and total self-assurance and spirited animation. Breed Bit: Miniature Pinschers are actually not a “sized down” version of today’s Doberman Pinscher. They were actually bred before them.

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