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These dishes are Chrysnbon plastic blanks that are individually handpainted and varnished for the look of real china. They are an inexpensive way to fill up your china shop or make a very lovely table setting. They are priced per set: 1 serving (5pcs show below), 4 servings (20pcs), 6 servings (30pcs) , 4 tea cups/saucers, or 1 single dinner plate. Please see bottom of page for pricing.

Poppy Fields: Red flowers, green foilage on yellow background.

Lilac Spray: Lilac and blue flowers, green foilage, light pink background.

Cherry Blossom: Light green background, pink and red blossoms, gold rims.

Tiger Lily: Red,pink,yellow spotted flowers, green foilage, white background.

Old Rose: Red,peach,pink flowers, green foilage,gold trim, on white background.

Please choose pattern with the drop down menus below.

1 dinner plate = $7


1 serving (5pcs) = $14


4 servings (20pcs) = $40


6 servings (30pcs) = $60


4 tea cups and saucers = $20