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MIA Hunters Photographs

A B-24 bomber of the type lost in the jungle of Papua New gunea in 1943.  Found after 60 years, the bombers wreckage is overgrown by the jungle.

Inset: covered in mud and foliage, all that is visible of the aircraft’s cockpit.  Almost certainly, remains of the pilot and co-pilot will be found below the cockpit’s structure

The village Chief who guided the searchers to the crassh site sits at one of the fuselage gun ports.  It was through this opening in the shattered fuselage, that a dog-tag of one of the B-24’s crew members was retrieved thereby providing identification of the specific aircraft and the other ten crew members.

One of the bomber’s three-bladed propellers.  When the aircraft hit the mountain top at night, it apparently exploded, causing parts of the bomber to be widely scattered through-out the surrounding jungle.  This will only add to the unenviable task of retrieval team in their search for the remains of the crew.

Another shattered section of what is believed to be the rear fuselage.  Much of the interior of the fuselage is now below ground level.  Rescue teams may be on the site for up to six weeks retrieving remains of the crew.