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How do you thank those who have helped us get to this point?† Mere words donít seem enough.† Know that each and every one of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank You

For Everything

Sandy: for your tireless search without which we never would have met.

Dawn and Dick: for your thoughtfulness and caring.† You helped give Sandy her father in a way no one else could.

Captain Leech: with respect and dignity you carried out your appointed task.† You were placed in a very difficult position and you handled it well, even showing your human side.

Sgt. Pigusch: taking care of every glitch that occurred so we didnít have to worry and listening to our rants-You went above and beyond!

Bryan and Christopher Moon and Michael Roy of MIA Hunters: You found our boys so the military could bring them home!

Keith Phillips and Project Homecoming: for your tireless efforts to help bring awareness to the many more heroes who need to come home too.† And for our other project!

Tom Dow: for representing your mom and supporting Sandy and I in this very emotional time.

Dolly: for your genealogy work on the Miller family.† Your work has helped Sandy have a background of her family.

David, Nathan, Mom and Dad: for putting up with me through this.

My State and US elected officials-MN Senator Steve Murphy, US Senator Norm Coleman, US Congressman John Kline, Former US Senator Mark Dayton: for doing your job and assisting a constituent.† No, you did much more than that.† You and your aides answered my calls and listened while I cried and stormed and flustered to get Joseph and the crew found and home.  You made your calls and went as far as you could to help us accomplish this task.


George Wyatt: you grumpy old jarhead.† The support and information and encouragement you gave both Sandy and I to see this through was just what we needed.

To Tracy B and Johnny W.  You know who you are and what you did!!!


And to everyone who visited my site and wrote their congressmen or spread the word Keep it up.  These 11 men are not the only ones missing.  There are many more waiting to come home.  Write your congress and tell them JPAC needs more funding so our country can keep itís promise to our heroes and

Bring Them Home!

Have I forgotten anyone??† There were so many people who helped.† Please know you werenít left out on purpose.

Please see my Helpful Links page for others who helped in our journey.

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