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Matt and Emma's Gift Registry

Welcome to our Wedding site!

As you now know, our wedding is coming up fast. There have been a lot of details that needed to be planned and taken care of, and one of them was the gift registry part. After a lot of thinking, we decided not to do the traditional gift registration. Instead, we're giving you access to a tremendous site online, that will allow you to pick out an item you like, and then have it shipped directly to the address you prefer.

On the site, we've put together a list of items we would like in our future home. However, we don't want you to feel obligated to use this site. If you already have something else in mind, feel free to do whatever is more convenient for you.

If you scroll down you will find instructions on how to use the system we've set up. You basically have two options. One is to order the actual item that you choose. It then will be shipped directly to you, however, you'll need to allow up to three weeks for shipping. Option number two is to purchase the album where the items are from. Buying the album might be a better option for bulkier or heavier items. The albums are on the top of the shopping list. All the $20-items will be in $20-album, the $30-items in the $30-album, and so on. Please allow about a week for shipping with the albums.

We hope this will work smoothly, but feel free to give Melanie or Tanya a call if you have any questions.

Melanie Richardson: 651-226-4066

Tanya Hoven: 763-566-4815

We hope to see you all soon.

Matt and Emma.


1. Go to

2*. Type in Quixtar number: 100545407 and password: wedding

3. Place arrow over "Shop", click on "Shopping List".

4. Scroll down and look through list.

5. Click on the blue ordercode to the left to see a description.

6. Click on "Add" to put in cart. (If this is not the item you want, click on the back-button to go back to the shopping list.

7. Go to "View Cart" in the upper left corner.

8. Click on "Edit the Ship To address".

9. Click on "Specify Shipping Address".

10. Fill in your information.

11. Click on "To Step 2".

12. Scroll down and fill in your payment information.

13. Click once on "Purchase".

14. Go back to "Shopping List".

15 Check the "delete from list" box (the column on the far right) by the item you bought. This to prevent duplicate gifts.

16. Click on "update list".

17. Log out.

(*If you are an IBO you should obviously log in to your own page.)