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The Dangers Of Drilling

In recent years, America has seen gas and oil prices dramatically increase, and the midwest is majorly affected by this. Lately, there has been experimental slant drilling in the Great Lakes, in search of gas and oil.
The great lakes are known as Michigans “Crown Jewels”, and contains 20% of the world’s frehwater. Slant Drilling, which is basically drilling into the lake at an angle from the shoreline, is anything but safe for the Lakes.
I have created this site in order to raise awareness about the dangers of drilling and why we should think twice before tapping underneath the Great Lakes.
Numerous hydrogen sulfide leaks from oil and gas facilities in Michigan have been documented in the Summer 1997 issue of GREAT LAKES BULLETIN; many of these leaks caused illness and required evacuations.
Many other gas and oil leaks have been reported, raising the risk of contaminating the lakes already. In 10 years, if this keeps up, who knows how much of the lakes’ freshwater will still be FRESH.
I'm not asking you to go become an anti-drilling activist, but just be aware of what is happening, and think about the dangers of this...we have to act now if we want to save the lakes.

If you'd like to take action, click on some of the links below.

Ways to take action

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