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  • This site has important information and evidence that impacts all Diabetics, legally and medically, and could be life saving in many circumstances. The Jane D. Duchene case is legal precedent, RE: state and federal law, that makes it legal for medical personnel to terminate diabetic patients. Jane Duchene and others killed in medical environments, often are also victims of financial abuse, and fraud, or are poor enough to be considered a drain on HMO Plans or Government Medical Assistance Plans, by discontinuing their insulin, thereby causing diabetic patients, and other disabled patients with illness more serious than diabetes, a painful, horrifying death.
  • Murder (read the chronologies, and the medical records) is a crime (click on legal) which cannot be resolved by a private person or attorney (click on Kurzman).
  • Public opinion is an important factor in the criminal justice system, in terms of whether or not the Minnesota Attorney General responds to any criminal matter. Therefore to insure this representative case of medical murder of a diabetic, is not continue to be commonplace, behind closed doors in medical institutions, where there is little or no scrutiny, informed protest, in the form of signed and notarized affidavits sent to DDA, (click on affidavits), is one of the few factors that insures that the law up held and public safety is maintained.

Dr. Victor Corbett

Bessie Krause, now in her 80's pictured above in 1965 photo - murdered her sister in law in a nursing home to retain claims to a will and profit from the murder.
Rick Hendrickson


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