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Chronology I - Pre-Diabetes, Early Diabetes and Pre-morbid Chronology


1911, April 21 - George Henry Duchene born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Husband of Jane Dorothy Duchene, father of Mary Jane Duchene, an only child, and brother of Henry Duchene, and sister Jen Duchene.

1914, January - Roger Krause born in Duluth, Minnesota. Husband of Bessie Krause (born in Kelsy, MN. in 1913) and father of Robert Krause, an only child. Brother of Jane Duchene.

1918, June 21 - Jane Dorothy Krause (Duchene) born in Duluth, Minnesota. Wife of George Duchene and mother of Mary Jane Duchene, an only child. Sister of Roger Krause and daughter of Ernest E Krause and Dorothy Krause.

1919, April - Henry Duchene born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Father of David Duchene and seven other children.

1940 - 1944 - George and Jane Duchene, married, and Roger and Bessie Krause, married. Jane and Roger did not attend each other’s weddings because of hostility between Bessie and Jane which endured throughout their lives. Verified by family photographs.

1947, February - David Duchene born in St. Paul, Minnesota to Henry and Betty Duchene.

1947, May - Robert Krause born yo Roger and Bessie Krause, in Minneapolis, Minnesota;

1947, September 4 - Mary Jane Duchene born in St. Paul, Minnesota.

1963 - George Duchene becomes disabled from heart condition. Prognosis that heart condition terminal within months or years.

1965, May - George Duchene died of a heart condition consequent to illness with rheumatic fever, 20 years prior to death. No probate, all assets held in joint tenancy between Jane and George Duchene. No assistance was given to Jane and Mary Jane Duchene by the Krauses.

1965, Spring - Jane Duchene establishes joint bank accounts with Mary Jane Duchene and contacts attorney, James Unis, to put the family home at 1144 Ottawa Avenue in joint tenancy with Mary Jane Duchene.

1965, Spring - High School Graduation of Mary Jane Duchene, Dave Duchene and Robert Krause.

1965, Summer - Jane Duchene begins work for West St. Paul Police, after Mary Jane does portraits for police chief, and seeks to find stable employment for her mother.

1965, Fall - Mary Jane Duchene began art college in Minneapolis, Dave Duchene enlisted in armed forces and Robert Krause moves to Oregon for premedical studies.

1965-68, Autumn - Mary Jane Duchene continues college, studies abroad for one year and returns from Europe, after a one year student program in Holland in 1967/68. Dave Duchene begins nursing studies. Robert Krause continues medical studies out of state.

1969 - Mary Jane Duchene graduates with a BFA and returns to Europe by invitation to study and work in London, England,

1972, Autumn - Jane Duchene visits Mary Jane Duchene in London, England for one month. They travel in Europe and England.

1972 - Robert Krause is married to Linda Krause, in Oregon. They visit Mary Jane Duchene in London.

1973 through 1976 - Mary Jane Duchene begins legal studies as a member of Grays Inn, London, England. Grays in is one of the four Inns of Court for English Barristers.

1975 - Robert Krause returns to Minnesota to do his residency at Miller Hospital St. Paul, MN. He is a colleague of Dr. John Plunkett (who became Dakota County Coroner) and Dr. Victor Corbett (later to become Jane Duchene’s physician); who also frequently worked at Miller Hospital.


1975, November:

  • Jane Duchene is diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes. She is found in a state of ketoacidosis in family home by Ruth Ottinger, a neighbor, at the request of Georgia Ek (a friend, and cousin of George Duchene) who could not reach her by telephone. Mrs. Ek did not drive and was unable to check on her friend, Jane.
  • Mary Jane Duchene returns from England to look after her mother, Jane Duchene;- for one month.
  • Jane Duchene’s attending physician is Dr. Wetteland, who had been the Duchene family doctor for about 20 years, hospitalizes Jane Duchene at Riverview hospital, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • Jane Duchene’s father, Ernest, dies.

1977, December - Danny Krause, son of Robert and Linda Krause is born.

1978, Autumn - Mary Jane Duchene visits mother and stays in Minnesota for the visit for one month.

1978, Autumn - Jane Duchene begins to see Dr. Victor Corbett, diabetes specialist, upon the recommendation of Roger, Bessie and Dr. Bob Krause, M.D. Dr. Bob Krause is a pathologist who did his residency training in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1977 and 78, and who became a friend and associate of Dr. Victor Corbett and Dr. John Plunkett (Dr. Plunkett had become the Dakota County Coroner by 1986).

1980, Autumn - Mary Jane Duchene does a course in typography, graphics and non digital film animation course at the London College of Printing.

1980-81, Christmas (December 24, 1980 to end of January, 1981) - Mary Jane Duchene visits her mother and stays in Minnesota for one month.

1983, June - Jane Duchene has Grand Mal seizure from insulin reaction while at hairdresser. Is taken to Riverview Hospital. Dr. Corbett prescribes a glucometer for Jane Duchene so her blood sugar is monitored and insulin shock can be prevented. A glucometer had not been previously prescribed. Jane Duchene’s insulin record books for 1983 - 1985 show she took between 17 and 19 units of lente insulin daily, when her weight was 95-105 pounds. See A-2 through A-6.

1983, May - Mary Jane Duchene begins work as portrait artist for Revlon International at in-store promotions, inclusive at Harrods.

1983, August - Jane Duchene telephones Mary Jane Duchene in London stating that she is concerned about her health because of the Grand Mal seizure she suffered and she wants Mary Jane to return home to assist her to find a attorney to place the family home in joint tenancy in case something were to happen to her. Attorney, James Unis, had never completed the transfer of the family home to a joint tenancy in and after 1965. THE ESTATE OWNED BY JANE AND MARY JANE HAS A TOTAL VALUE OF ABOUT $250,000.00, at this time.

1983, September - Mary Jane Duchene arrives to assist mother with family business as per Jane Duchene’s request, after contacting a local Twin Cities friend, Eugene Edie, to obtain the names of
several attorneys specializing in estate and property law;- and stays for one month. Jane Duchene gives Mary Jane Duchene $10,000.00.

1984, January - Title on Duchene family home vested in joint tenancy with Mary Jane by Kathleen Knutson from Oakes and Knatz law firm.

1984 - Mary Jane Duchene begins to live in both U.K. and Denmark as she has met and becomes engaged to Alan Johannesen, of Copenhagen, Denmark.


1985, February/March - Dorothy Krause, mother of Jane Duchene and Roger Krause terminally ill and dies at age 85, having given all of her estate, equally, to Roger Krause and Jane Duchene, a year or two before her death.

1985, July/August - Mary Jane Duchene visits Jane Duchene for one month. Jane Duchene complains that she has lost weight and that she does not feel very well. Jane and Mary Jane have an enjoyable month of recreational and social activities inclusive visiting relatives such as Marjorie Phiffner-Horness, the sister of Dorothy Krause, and aunt of Jane and Mary Jane Duchene.

1985, October/November - Jane Duchene, in a telephone conversation with Mary Jane Duchene, from London, England; tells Mary Jane that she does not feel well and makes the statement that “some people are not meant to live as long as others”, which Mary Jane found ominous and made her concerned.

1985, Christmas - Mary Jane Duchene and Alan Johannesen and his family call Jane Duchene on Christmas day and announce their engagement. Jane Duchene is delighted and states that she
wants to arrange to purchase Roger’s Krause’s portion of the diamond rings that belonged to Dorothy Krause so that Mary Jane could have them for sentimental reasons at Mary Jane’s wedding.

1986, January 7 - Jane Duchene admitted to United Hospital by Dr. Victor Corbett for chest pains. Tests conducted and diagnosis of cancer around pleural lining of the lung made.

1986, January 19 - Bessie Krause leaves message on Mary Jane Duchene’s answering machine informing Mary Jane that Jane Duchene is in hospital and has cancer. Mary Jane calls Jane Duchene and Jane tells her that she feels quite good and that she does not need to come immediately, only when Jane is sure she needs her. Jane tells Mary Jane she is interested in selling the house.

1986, January 19 - February 2 - Mary Jane keeps in telephone contact with Jane Duchene. Mary Jane Duchene contacts their attorney, Oakes and Knatz by letter, explaining that Jane Duchene may wish to sell the family home for alternate housing such as an apartment. The attorney, Julie Skarda, Oakes and Knatz responds by letter, stating:

  • they are pleased to assist
  • recommending that Mary Jane Duchene arrange a Durable Power of Attorney - Mary Jane does not receive this communication from the attorney until she returns to the USA (she has asked that they duplicate correspondence to the USA and Denmark, in the situation).

1986, January 26 - Bessie Krause calls Mary Jane and Alan Johannesen in a hysterical frame of mind stating that Mary Jane must come back immediately because Jane Duchene will not eat, and is imminently terminal.

1986, February 02 - Mary Jane Duchene arrives in the USA. Mary Jane Duchene flies direct from Copenhagen to Minneapolis on the first available flight, intending to stay as long as necessary. Mary Jane visits Jane Duchene in hospital that evening. Roger Krause asks Mary Jane;- “where does your mother want to be buried and what about the money”.

1986, February 05 - Nancy Massman, a continuum of Care nurse from United Hospital approaches Mary Jane Duchene in a hostile manner and insists that Jane Duchene wants to go into a nursing home, although Jane Duchene is extremely ill and cannot state much. Massman omits disclosure of her extensive contact with Roger and Bessie Krause from the time Jane Duchene was admitted, that made the assumption that Mary Jane would stay no longer than two months and that social services would be called if Mary Jane stayed longer than two months. Verified United Hospital records.

1986, February 08 - Alan Johannesen comes to Minneapolis from Copenhagen because Jane Duchene’s condition is reportedly poor when Mary Jane arrives. By the time Alan Arrives, Jane Duchene is improving and recovering from the severe infection which was causing the critical condition.

1986, February 08 - February 11 - Jane Duchene's condition improves.

1986, February 11 - Jane Duchene is released from United Hospital and goes to the family home with Mary Jane Duchene and Alan Johannesen. Jane Duchene’s insulin orders are for 12 units of lente insulin in the AM and 4 units of lente insulin plus 6 units of regular in the PM. See A-1.

1986, February 11-March 20 - Mary Jane Duchene assisted Jane Duchene with:

  • arranging for sale of home and finding nursing/residence home/apartment
  • lucrative investments of assets realized from the sale of the home
  • finalizing the Durable Medical Power of Attorney (prepared by family attorney Julie Skarda)
  • giving personal assistance including: wigs, clothes, getting food, managing nursing staff, driving to doctor visits, cooking and cleaning.

1986, February 11 through March 20 - Nancy Tuzinski, a home health nurse from
the United Hospital home health division visited Jane Duchene twice a week. Jane Duchene repeated herself, saying she could not taste and had difficulty concentrating on ordinary things such as reading or watching television. Verified by affidavits of:

  • Alan Johannesen,
  • Mary Jane Duchene,
  • Georgia Ek,
  • Carol Leopold (Georgia Ek’s daughter),
  • Pat Gallagher,
  • Judy Arcand Melander
  • Pastor Dennis Ruhnke [Pastor Ruhnke also testified in probate court about his visits to Jane Duchene at United Hospital, her home and later at Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota.].

1986, February 24, 1986 - DR. CORBETT RAISES JANE DUCHENE’S INSULIN DOSAGE T0 18 UNITS LENTE IN A.M. AND 8 UNITS OF LENTE IN THE P.M. BY TELEPHONE ORDERS ON 2/24/86, because Jane Duchene was eating better. SEE A-7.

1986, February 21 - At Mary Jane Duchene’s request, because the Krauses had been avoiding contact with the Duchenes and Allan Johannesen:

  • Bessie and Roger Krause invite Jane, Mary Jane and Alan Johannesen to dinner at their home. Verified by the affidavit of Alan Johannesen.
  • Roger Krause meets privately with Alan and Mary Jane and is hostile to them about nursing homes which Mary Jane is looking at with Jane. Verified by the affidavit of Alan Johannesen.

1986, February 23 - Alan Johannesen returns to Denmark to fulfill work commitments for his job as a ship broker, and keeps in touch with Mary Jane by telephone.

1986, late February - Mary Jane Duchene took Jane to see her oncologist, Dr. Irving lerner [also an Internist and Diabetes Specialist].

1986, March 16 - Bessie and Roger Krause call and arrange to visit Jane Duchene that afternoon. Bessie and Roger Krause are alone in the Duchene family home with access to the family fiscal and legal records, including the Durable Power of Attorney drafted by Julie Skarda because Mary Jane has a Pre-arrangement to have lunch with her friend, Judy Arcand Melander that afternoon.

1986, March 17 - Mary Jane and Jane Duchene go to Woodbury Villas and Retirement Center, with Nursing Home facility for a complimentary dinner. Mary Jane and Jane were impressed by the facility and planned to choose that facility, which was in another county, Washington County, but not far from the family home. Mary Jane told Georgia Ek about this, as she and her daughter had visited that day. Georgia Ek telephoned Bessie Krause and Bessie Krause telephoned Mary Jane and was very hostile to her saying it was too far for her and for Roger Krause to travel.

1986, March 18 - Contact with social services by Krauses to get Duchene money:

  • Bessie Krause calls Nancy Massman and asks her to call and report Mary Jane Duchene to the vulnerable adult social services for abuse or neglect of Jane Duchene.
  • Massman omits consultation with her nurse, Tuzinski, whose records state no such abuse occurred.
  • Massman makes the call to Dakota County vulnerable adult worker, Ken Reichstadt, a social worker, who begins plans to change the jointly owned Duchene estate, and physical controller Jane Duchene, without court orders, inclusive contact with attorney Dennis Briguet.
  • Reichstadt calls coworker, Jeff Batzel, West St. Paul Policeman, who looks into the joint bank accounts of Jane and Mary Jane Duchene, culminating in a report on March 24, 1986 that states no crimes were committed by Mary Jane Duchene in her handling of the family money for investment purposes and that civil action is the sole remedy to any interested party.
  • The above facts are verified by:
    • bank and property records
    • the depositions of Nancy Massman, Bessie Krause, Jeff Batzel and Ken Reichstadt (Nancy Massman's deposition states that she was claiming some sort of "religious abuse" and Massman took the 5th Amendment on her other contact with Ken Reichstadt.)
    • the medical notes and records of Kathy Tuzinski and her testimony in probate court
    • Court transcripts re: none of the parties whose depositions were taken, Bessie Krause, Nancy Massman, Jeff Batzel or Ken Reichstadt testified in any legal proceeding inclusive the eventual probate although it would have been in their interest and the interests of the Krauses to do so, if their testimony would not have harmed them.
    • Also verified in vulnerable adult file regarding Jane Duchene, obtained by court order requested by Mary Jane, on August 14, 1987.

1986, March 20:

  • Mary Jane and Jane Duchene attend the office of Oakes and Knatz and Jane Duchene signs the Power of Attorney that had been prepared about one month earlier. Verified by attorney’s records, testimony of Julie Skarda and Durable Medical Power of Attorney.
  • Roger and Bessie Krause call to arrange to take Jane Duchene to dinner that evening. The Krauses omitted to inform Mary Jane that they had arranged this as a ruse with Ken Reichstadt to obtain physical control of Jane Duchene and arrange to change her
    attorney and estate without court orders and without a guardianship proceeding. In time sequence, events were:
    • 5;45 PM - Roger and Bessie Krause collect Jane Duchene, later than they originally scheduled, which was at 5:00 PM.
    • 7:00 PM - Roger and Bessie Krause meet Ken Reichstadt and Jeff Batzel at 33 East Wentworth, West St. Paul, MN., the Dakota County Human and Social Services Building. They interrogate Jane Duchene until 10:30 PM.
      • Verified by vulnerable adult file and taped 20 minute interview of Jane Duchene which is part of that file, obtained by court order on August 14, 1987.
      • Also verified by invoices of Dennis Briguet (attorney obtained by Dakota County workers, Reichstadt and Batzel, to assist the Krauses to control Jane Duchene’s person and property without guardianship or conservatorship proceedings), affidavit and records of attorney, Pat Gallagher, the depositions of Bessie Krause, Reichstadt, Dennis Briguet and Batzel.
    • 10:00 PM - Reichstadt calls Dakota County Attorney and obtains permission from Assistant Dakota County Attorney, Mark Ponsolle to get Dennis Briguet, attorney with offices at 33 East Wentworth, WSP, MN., to act:
      • allegedly for Jane Duchene, although she still has her own attorney, and revoke the Durable Medical Power of Attorney giving Mary Jane Duchene medical control signed earlier that day;
      • create a new General Power of Attorney for Roger Krause for Jane Duchene to sign which included the legal description of the Duchene family home. (Legal descriptions of real property were only available from the County Recorder’s Office which closed at 4:00 PM.)
      • Verified by the General Power of Attorney and revocation document, officiated by Dennis Briguet and the depositions of Dennis Briguet, Reichstadt, Batzel and Bessie Krause.
      • No psychiatric or psychological evaluations were done although there were significant indications, on the 20 minute tape, that Jane Duchene could not read or understand things well;- before what amount to a new guardian (Roger Krause) was appointed by county bureaucrats. None of the parties present had an educational background in mental health for the geriatric and elderly, verified by the deposition of Reichstadt which confirms he had a B.A. in social work and
        business. See 120 page Case Study by Dr. Murphy and shorter summaries by Dr. Murphy for probate record.
    • 10:30 PM - Reichstadt and Batzel, with the Krauses, enter the Duchene family home from the side door, without a warrant or legal authority and:
      • make allegations, of a nonspecific nature, that Mary Jane had been accused of abuse by a “professional person”.
      • Reichstadt and Batzel refused to let Mary Jane leave the bedroom. Obviously threatened and frightened for her own safety, by this, Mary Jane telephoned Judy Arcand Melander, who she had called earlier that night, at about 9:00, worried because her mother was so late, and concerned there had been a car accident; and asked her to come over to witness the apparently illicit actions that were transpiring because she was fearful of being harmed by Reichstadt and Batzel,
      • Judy Melander agreed to come and recommended that Mary Jane call her attorney,
        Pat Gallagher, who worked on probate and estate work. Mary Jane did call Gallagher who stayed on line with Mary Jane until Batzel, Reichstadt and the Krauses left. Judy Melander arrived within 20 minutes of Mary Jane’s call to her.
      • Batzel attempted to demand that Mary Jane sign over travelers checks and other documents to him. Mary Jane refused, telling Batzel “arrest me or get out of home”. Pat Gallagher, suggested that Mary Jane allow Batzel to take the checks, without prejudice, so that they would leave the house.
      • Bessie Krause shrieked abuse at and about Mary Jane to Judy Melander, when Judy arrived. Judy observes that Jane Duchene is present and Jane is observed by Judy Melander walking disjointedly to and fro while the turmoil raged, in the living room; asking Judy to “take care of Mary Jane”. In her affidavit Judy Melander stated that
        she observed Jane Duchene was hazed and confused. Judy felt the situation was brutal and cruel toward Jane and Mary Jane Duchene. Verified in affidavit of Judy Melander.
    • 11:45 PM - Batzel, Reichstadt and Krauses leave. Roger and Bessie Krause leave taking Jane Duchene with them to their home. Judy Melander stays with Mary Jane who is terrorized and in a state of extreme trauma.
    • Mary Jane Duchene does not see Jane Duchene alive again.

1986, March 21 - Roger and Bessie Krause take Jane Duchene to Dr. Corbett’s office to have her declared mentally competent by Dr. Corbett. Corbett does no psychological, mental status or psychiatric evaluation and he has no mental health training. Mary Jane, along with many others that were in contact with Jane in early 1986, raised concerns about Jane Duchene’s mental competence because of possible organic brain damaged perceived the obvious undue influenced and abuse of Jane Duchene by the Krauses. Additionally these parties observed that the Krauses sought to destroy Mary Jane Duchene's reputation, personal, professional and social life, to get money that belonged to her and her mother.

1986, March 21 - Roger and Bessie Krause take Jane Duchene to all her banks in the afternoon and remove Mary Jane Duchene from the joint tenancies. Instead, Roger Krause, himself, is added as a joint tenant on accounts. Within a few days Mary Jane Duchene writes to the two or three banks involved and invokes their fiduciary obligation to her and her mother and successfully freezes all accounts, accounts except for one account which Jane Duchene needs to pay bills and met her needs, additional to her pension and health insurance.

1986, March 21 - Mary Jane Duchene contacts Dave Duchene, who is a nurse, and whose wife Janet, and mother in law, Louise Erickson, are also nurses, telling them what has happened and affirming previous plans that Dave and his wife would help Mary Jane to look after Jane, although the situation had escalated to a significant one fraught with legal, financial and medical complications.

1986, March 25 - Mary Jane Duchene contacts a friend, Gill Jackson, to find a mental
health professional who would be able to help Mary Jane to understand her mother’s symptoms and clarify what tests and evaluations her mother should have to resolve both medical dangers and legal/financial catastrophe which seemed imminent. Gill says he knows the wife of a psychiatrist and will speak with her. Verified in affidavits of Gill Jackson and his wife.

1986, March 26 - Dr. B. William Murphy telephones Mary Jane Duchene after speaking with his wife and Gill Jackson. He says Jane’s "perseveration" and other symptoms suggest organic brain syndrome, possibly from spread of cancer;- he says that a complete battery of tests should be given; such as CAT scans and various mental status examinations and psychological and neurological tests.

1986, March 27 - Roger Krause calls Mary Jane Duchene and threatens her with more police activity against her if she does not’t hand over more papers, including documents relevant to the family home. Mary Jane, already traumatized and fearful, calls Pastor Ruhnke who became her mother’s pastor in the fall of 1985, to request he be present as a witness. Roger Krause is subdued from extreme hostility by the pastor’s presence. Jane Duchene is mainly typically quiet, but is inappropriately saying she wants her house and car back although she cannot look after the house or drive her car. Verified in all respects by the affidavits and testimony of Pastor Dennis Ruhnke, 1987 and 1988.

1986, March 28 - Meeting at Dennis Briguet’s office with his partner, William Lanoue and the Krauses:

  • Mary Jane Duchene is present with Pat Gallagher, attorney on her behalf.
  • Bessie is present and aggressive in making vicious and wild accusations against Mary Jane.
  • Roger Krause is present and says “Jane is feeling better now and is thinking of signing a will”.
  • Roger, Bessie and Lanoue are saying Jane wants her house back and she wants Mary Jane, who has her own home in London, England, and a hoe with her fiancé, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and who is the joint owner of the house in the USA: to leave so she can have it. This conduct is behavior uncharacteristic of Jane Duchene.
  • Jane Duchene is present but is unable to and does not participate in the meeting, she looks out the window into space and says nothing. She is emotionally uninvolved in the meeting which is extremely hostile and emotional, affecting everyone there, except Jane Duchene.
  • Verified by the notes, records, affidavits and testimony of Pat Gallagher, Attorney.

1986, April 05 - After retaining Pat Gallagher to commence guardianship proceeding and insuring that a complete battery of psychiatric, psychological and neurological tests are done on April 4, 1986; Mary Jane Duchene returns to Denmark to be with her fiancé and attempt to recover from the trauma and horror she had experienced. By the time Jane Duchene dies on November 19, 1986; Mary Jane Duchene incurred about $10,000.00 in legal fees and another $10,000.00 in telephone
charges for long distance calls to her attorney and others;- as there was no cooperation from the Krauses or Dr. Corbett regarding evaluation of Jane Duchene, until Roger Krause suddenly terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, which meant her would die before Jane Duchene, which made it impossible for him to continue to control Jane Duchene.

1986, April 1986 - Roger and Bessie Krause and others, place Jane Duchene in the Duchene family residence to live, alone without assistance. This is presumably done to validate claims of mental competence made at the 3/28/86 meeting with lawyers, that Jane Duchene wonted her house back, regardless of the dangers to Jane Duchene who could not take care of herself and her home, without help.

1986, April 23 - Jane Duchene placed in Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota., Inver Grove Heights. Minnesota; near the residence of Dennis Briguet, by the Krauses, Ken Reichstadt, and Dennis Briguet. This facility is a nursing home. Roger Krause was named on the admitting documents as the “responsible party”. Verified by Wedgewood records.

1986, April 23 - Jane Duchene placed in Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota., Inver Grove Heights. Minnesota. This facility is a nursing home, by Roger and Bessie Krause and Dakota County worker Ken Reichstadt

1986, January though August - No formal and objective psychiatric or psychological testing is done to check for and abate metastases to the brain and mental status problems.




Discharge Orders of Dr. Victor Corbett from United Hospital, February 11, 1986...A-1
Discharge Orders of Dr. Victor Corbett from United Hospital, February 11, 1986...A-1
Diabetes Record Books, sections, from 1983, 1984 and 1985...A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6
Diabetes Record Books, sections, from 1983, 1984 and 1985...A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6
Insulin Orders Dr. Corbett, February 24 and March 21, 1986 ...A-7
Insulin Orders Dr. Corbett, February 24 and March 21, 1986...A-7
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Jane Dorothy Duchene, Homicide Victim, 1919-1986 - from withdrawal of her insulin by Dr. Victor Corbett at Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota.. Crime covered up by Dakota County Coroner, Dr. John Plunkett, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, and others. Crime aided and abetted by Dakota County Social Worker, Ken Reichstadt, and West Saint Paul Policeman, Jeffrey Batzel. How many more will die? HER DEATH IS NOT IN VAIN!!!


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