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Basic Medical Info:

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Basic Medical Info:

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Basic Medical Info:

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  • This site has important information and evidence that impacts all Diabetics, legally and medically, and could be life saving in many circumstances. The Jane D. Duchene case is legal precedent, RE: state and federal law, that makes it legal for medical personnel to terminate diabetic patients. Jane Duchene and others killed in medical environments, often are also victims of financial abuse, and fraud, or are poor enough to be considered a drain on HMO Plans or Government Medical Assistance Plans, by discontinuing their insulin, thereby causing diabetic patients, and other disabled patients with illness more serious than diabetes, a painful, horrifying death.
  • Murder (read the chronologies, and the medical records) is a crime (click on legal) which cannot be resolved by a private person or attorney (click on Kurzman).
  • Public opinion is an important factor in the criminal justice system, in terms of whether or not the Minnesota Attorney General responds to any criminal matter. Therefore to insure this representative case of medical murder of a diabetic, is not continue to be commonplace, behind closed doors in medical institutions, where there is little or no scrutiny, informed protest, in the form of signed and notarized affidavits sent to DDA, (click on affidavits), is one of the few factors that insures that the law up held and public safety is maintained.

Click hereto download the report of Dr. Burns, Acrobat Reader Format

          Jane Dorothy Duchene, Homicide Victim, 1919-1986 - from withdrawal of her insulin by Dr. Victor Corbett at Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota.. Crime covered up by Dakota County Dakota County Coroner, Dr. John Plunkett, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, and others – Dakota County, Minnesota. Crime aided and abetted by Dakota County Social Worker, Ken Reichstadt, and West Saint Paul Policeman, Jeff Batzel. Systematic Racketeering Suspected. How many more will die? HER DEATH IS NOT IN VAIN!!!

           See complaint to FBI:        Download complaint here.





          A Link to the American Diabetes Association is provided as a referral for medical questions or issues regarding diabetes. This is a courtesy. Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, (DDA), is not affiliated or a subdivision of the American Diabetes Association. DDA is dedicated to combating medical, legal and official abuse. To the best knowledge and degree of certainty available, Dr. Victor Corbett, the perpetrator in this death (Jane Dorothy Duchene) by the method of withdrawal of insulin from an insulin dependent diabetic in a medical environment, was a member physician of the American Diabetes Association. There is no known reason to believe that his membership in the American Diabetes Association (ADA), has been discontinued or that the loyalty of the ADA to Dr. Corbett has been impacted because of his actions regarding Jane Duchene. This disclaimer applies to this entire site. Information or notice provided about status changes, in respect to matters pertinent to this site, must be in writing and be from a reliable source.

          Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous (DDA) supports patient's rights and opposes euthanasia and intervention by the state to terminate lives of disabled and elderly persons. DDA also sponsors grass roots self empowerment projects: see:







Basic Medical Info:

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Research • Resources • Spiritual Focus
DIABETICS/DISABLED ANONYMOUS, 1144 OTTAWA AVE., WEST ST. PAUL MN., 55118; 651 457 4376 • e-mail:


January 29, 2003

Duane Brown
The American Diabetes Association
Address and Contact Information Unspecified

To whom it may concern:

The American Diabetes Association (ADA), obviously has reviewed the info and documentation at by Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous (DDA). The ADA, in its letter dated January 28, 2002, apparently confirms support for Dr. Corbett’s conduct, in relation to terminating, insulin dependent, Jane Duchene’s, insulin and her life, in 1986. The purpose of the ADA contact with DDA, appears to be one in which it: (1) acts as a legal proxy for Dr. Corbett, and (2) demonstrates desire to censor the facts, medical documentation, and horrifying conduct of Dr. Victor Corbett, who is a member physician of the ADA.

Dr. Corbett has and is not engaging in civil litigation, and there is no known authority for the American Diabetes Association to act as a legal proxy for Dr. Corbett. If the ADA represents Dr. Corbett, possibly it has medical information that demonstrates that, in 1986, insulin could be withdrawn from an insulin dependent diabetic without killing that diabetic? Such info would be enlightening.

The purpose of is a moral one. Jane Duchene’s fate is made public so that other insulin dependent diabetics can be aware of the potential for harm in circumstances wherein they are aged, vulnerable, and helpless. This knowledge can help others take precautions, before similar circumstances occur, to prevent tragedies like the murder of Jane Duchene, and other similar cases of abuse of the disabled and seniors, posted at Diabetics, from happening. The disabled and seniors have a right to know of dangers within medical and legal systems that are a potential threat to them. is still under construction. More documentation regarding protective actions that were taken, with respect to Dr. Corbett’s misconduct, is in the process of being posted online. Most of the documentation is a matter of public record. It will include, e.g.: info regarding County Attorney Backstrom and Dr. John Plunkett, who conducted the autopsy on an embalmed, Jane Duchene. These officials avoided civil liability for covering up a murder by a legal technicality, alleging the issue should have been raised earlier proceedings. Civil litigation does not preclude criminal prosecution of Corbett, in that there is no statute of limitations for murder in the state of Minnesota. Legal retribution for wrongs, is not, the primary ambition of the DDA site.

Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous has made no effort to pass itself off as the ADA, or to steal funds from the ADA, contrary to the apparent accusations in the ADA letter of the 28th instant. Stated ADA concerns appear to be an overreaction, and without basis regarding the scenario purported that: the public could be confused, that is or was a ADA site or affiliated to the ADA. DDA has not and does not receive donations intended for the ADA and is supported by members and spiritual fund raisers. As DDA is small, DDA has never had and doesn’t now have, or need, significant amounts of funding. Most of the members of DDA, have endured abuses which have left them financially and otherwise devastated. Financial enhancement may be a necessary component for large organizations, including the ADA, but this is not so for DDA.

In response to your demand that the ADA logo link be removed from, this is not a problem, at all. It has been replaced with a text link which is easier to read, and equally attractive esthetically. The small ADA logo was used by DDA only to make access to medical information at the ADA site easy, in the event basic info about insulin dependent diabetes was unknown. Regrets are offered, gratuitously, for any ADA travail in respect to this matter overall. Disclaimers were present before 1/28/03.


Rev. MJ Duchene BFA
pp. Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous

Research • Resources • Spiritual Focus
DIABETICS/DISABLED ANONYMOUS, 1144 OTTAWA AVE., WEST ST. PAUL MN., 55118; 651 457 4376 • e-mail:


February 10, 2003

Duane Brown/Rhonda Lees Esq.
The American Diabetes Association

To whom it may concern:

Regarding your letter of February 6, 2003, received, on 2/10/03. Please be informed:

  • Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous has NOT RECEIVED ANY CONTRIBUTIONS from or consequent to the site: or any related site. Web donations are made by credit card and no donations have been made.
  • Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous has no other advertising material or brochures, and none that refers to the American Diabetes Association.
  • Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous does not now and never has in the past used any design that in any way imitates or resembles in any way the design or trademark of the American Diabetes Association.
  • The name Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, Non Profit Support Group or Alliance, never has and does not now, in any way resemble, that of the American Diabetes Association.
  • The disclaimer you request is already on the site.
  • Letters from the American Diabetes Association to Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, are the property of Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, and thereby can and are being displayed publicly at:
  • The American Diabetes Association holds itself out to be a public resource for general medical information regarding diabetes, and as such anyone,whether that be an organization or individual, is free to provide links to this public resource.

Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous has totally eliminated the ADA from the website, and alternative links to other medical information resources that clarify very basic facts, which most people already know, such as: what a low and high blood sugar level is, what insulin deficiency or ketoacidosis is, and whether or not lack of insulin for an insulin dependent diabetics is fatal if not remedied, will be used by the end of this week. This medical information is not patented or copyright, and availability of this information, to evaluate medical homicide, is in the public interest.

This is not being done because the claims of the ADA are other than frivolous an preposterous, are apparently ultimately designed: to both support medical misconduct, and silence information that is important for and in the public interest. It is being done because Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous intends to direct it’s energies toward making grass roots research and experience available for ordinary people, particularly diabetics and others with severe disabilities, and has no interest in being involved with the ADA, in any way.

ADA letters, on display at: make the exceptional and disproportionate feelings of the ADA apparent to anyone visiting the site. Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous is not responsible for the content of those ADA letters or any adverse impression of the ADA that might be, or is, made from those letters. The letters appear o be an unabashed attempt to protect the ADA member doctor, Dr. Victor Corbett, whose actions are the one of the main subjects of the website, via true and documented information of public interest:

Any further contact by the ADA, with Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, Non Profit Support Group or Alliance with will be harassment, and interference with, among other right, first amendment rights - and reported to federal authorities as such.


Rev. MJ Duchene BFA
pp. Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, Non Profit Support Group and Alliance

Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous is sad that the American Diabetes Association, which DDA believes should be an organization that, at least, promotes medical safety and condemns medical homicide, apparently does not do so, in view of it's position stated above...(1) and (2). Is this unusual? See the article: "A white wall of silence protecting MDs who kill" above

Other Resources on Medical Homicide and Establishment Protection: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

Other Resources on the Philosophy of Medical Homicide: | 1 | 2 |





                 DDA is a an organization designed to supplement organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, that provide exclusively medical information about Diabetes. DDA provides documented instances regarding the implementation of medical and legal resources upon diabetics which impact upon everyone who is diabetic. DDA is the support system for protection of the human and civil rights of diabetics. A link to the American Diabetes Association is featured prominently on this site for help with medical advice. DDA is not affiliated with or a subdivision of the American Diabetes Association. DDA is dedicated to combating medical, legal and official abuse. DDA is fully independent and as such has no interests in or obligations to any person or group, e,g: any government or medical organization. The loyalty of DDA is reserved and independent, to benefit DDA members, mainly: the disabled/diabetics.

               Although we believe that members of the public are intelligent enough to discern the difference between an organization named American Diabetes Association and one named Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous, we request that you do not make any donations under the mistaken assumption that the two organizations are in fact the same organization. This mistake has not happened in the past and we want to insure that it does not happen in the future.

Design and content © of Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous. Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous does not support unauthorized/irresponsible use of information on this site or unsubstantiated representations. DDA is not affiliated with or a subdivision of the American Diabetes Association. DDA is dedicated to combating medical, legal and official abuse. For information, in the unlikely event that there might be confusion over this point, this website is not affiliated with the American Diabetes Association.

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