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"Where Grouse are King" an essay on The Grand National Grouse Championship

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The Home of all things to do with the world of Grouse and Woodcock Field Trialing


What do you get when you combine Classy, Hardworking, Dedicated men and women with some of the very best wild bird pointing dogs on the planet, in the pursuit of Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock over some if the best and most historic Field Trial Venues in North America?

(Pictured above CH Grouse Ridge Will. Winner of the 1970 Grand National Grouse Championship.)


They come in the many forms. Legendary personalities breeding, training and handling legendary dogs to legendary performances. There are way to many to list them all, but the names that come to mind are familiar to all who have followed this sport or perused pedigrees of thier favorite hunting partner.

This web site will be a place to celebrate the memories of the Dogs and Individuals of the past as well as a place to document history as it is happening. A place where people can gather information about upcoming trials, results of recent trials and we can promote the top dogs on the Cover Dog Circuit.

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