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My name is Carissa Lynn Walters. I turned 15 on January 8th! I'm a sophmore @ YME high school! I have 1 brother-Andrew(12). I am currently *SINGLE* I live about 2 miles out of Granite. This fall AND winter I was in's my fav sport...but the season is over with now! I tried out for next year and made Varsity High Kick and JV Jazz. I am going to California for our band trip on June 11 till June 20! I can't wait it's gonna be a *BLAST*

Here's some of my favs~
Fav Pop~ Sprite
Fav Color~ Baby Blue
Fav Song~ Hazard To Myself by PINK
Fav Food~ Spagetti
Fav Sport~ Danceline
Fav juice~ Apple Juice
Fav animal~ Puppy
Fav TV show~ Friends/7th Heaven/Passions
Fav movie~ A Walk To Remember
Fav ice cream~ Vanilla
Fav cookie~ M&M or peanut butter
Fav season~ Summer Fav candy~ Skittles

I'll add more of my favs later!!!