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I just love blonde jokes, they are so funny! Some people say i act like a *BLONDE* (right amy?)
But i'm not a *BLONDE*

I think i have blonde genes in my family!!! And yes amy....maybe that's why i'm a little *SLOW*

Now...we all have our blonde moments.....but some people have more than others (right Jess?)

Here's some *BLONDE JOKES*

Q: What do you call a blonde with half a brain?

A: Gifted!

Q: Why didn't the blonde want a window seat on the plane?

A: She'd just blow dried her hair and she didn't want it blown around too much.

Q: Why do blondes wear their hair up?

A: To catch everything that goes over their heads.

Q: How can you tell if a blonde's been using the computer?

A: There's white-out on the screen.

Q: How can you tell if another blonde's been using the computer?

A: There's writing on the white-out.

Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a computer?

A: You only have to punch information into a computer once.

Q: Why don't blondes eat Jello?

A: They can't figure out how to get two cups of water into those little packages.

Teller: Why did the blonde move to L.A.?

Blonde: I don't know. Why?

Teller: It was easier to spell.

Blonde: Easier than what?

Q: Why do blondes drive BMWs?

A: Because they can spell it.

Q: Why do blondes have TGIF on their shoes?

A: Toes Go In First.

Q: Why did the blonde keep ice cubes in the freezer?

A: So she could keep the refriderator cold.

Q: What's brown and red and black and blue?

A: A brunette who's told one too many blonde jokes.

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a hand grenade at you?

A: Pull the pin and throw it back.

Q: How do you drown a blonde?

A: Put a scratch & sniff at the bottom of the pool.

Q: How did the blonde try to kill the bird?

A: She threw it off a cliff.

Q: How did the blonde try to kill a fish?

A: She drowned it.

Q: Why did the blonde get so excited after she finished her jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months?

A: Because on the box it said From 2-4 years.

Q: How do you amuse a blonde for hours?

A: Write 'Please turn over' on both sides of a piece of paper.

Q: What did the blonde say when she looked into a box of Cheerios?

A: "Oh look! Donut seeds!"

Q: How do you make a blonde laugh on Monday mornings?

A: Tell them a joke on Friday night!

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