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Bill Dahn, Landfall's Next Mayor - Nov 6, 2012

***2010 Attorney General Candidate, Bill Dahn, Position Paper***

Position Paper - Bill Dahn
2010-Minnesota Attorney General Candidate

Bill Dahn

2008 - Canditate US Senate

2006 - Independents Party Candidate for State Representative

2005 - Candidate for
Mayor, St. Paul

2001 - Candidate for Mayor, St. Paul

1998 - Candidate for Governor

1989 to date - Volunteer:
Seniors/Disabled Projects

Food, Shelter and Medical Care for Seniors, the Disabled and the Poor! YES!
Bill Dahn: German, French and Indian (Sioux and Chippewa) Descent

Hot Tip: Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs. Dinner at St. Matthew Church, St. Paul, MN (FREE)

Bill Dahn, 2010

Minnesota Attorney

• End Poverty
• Help the Seniors and Disabled
• Help Americans First

*Bill Dahn!
A thought about politicians:

CONTACT ME: Helping Native Americans
Freedom Fighter for All People, Hobbies - Cars


William Paul Dahn
Homestead 256 Morton St. W
St. Paul, MN 55107
Tel: (651) 453-1992
Personal web page:

Bill Dahn, member of a local St. Paul Waterfront Family
SEE: Bill's Mom in 1952 Flood

Memorials For Family and Friends
BUS Jesse Ventura Certification About Bill Political

Appeal Ventura v. Dahn, 2003

257 NW.2d, 361
State of Minnesota ex rel. J. J. WILD, M. D., Ph. D., Appellant,
James C. OTIS, Esquire, Respondent.

State of Minnesota ex rel. J. J. WILD, M. D., Ph.D., Appellant,
Oscar R KNUTSON, Esq., et al., Respondents.

Nos. 4689S, 46882.
Supreme Court of Minnesota.
Aug. 12, 1977.

Click here for video clip of Jesse Ventura & Dean Berkley with Bill Dahn (other Independence Party Candidate for Governor): pre-election, MN. Governors Race, 1998.

NOTICE: This involves over 15 minutes download time with 56 K dial up Internet Connection!

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