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Welcome to All-Stars Pro Wrestling.. please read the rules below before signing the application form.

--> If you request a transfer and the General Manager can't afford it then don't complain, he'll try pick you up in the next financial review (1st of the following month) At APW we do want to keep the members happy but each GM will have a budget they can spend per month!

--> Salary's are supposed to make the fed more funnier so if you get a salary reduction due to an lazy month don't get disappointed.. just work harder on the next month to earn a pay rise. 

--> The APW administration's decision is FINAL.. what is done is done.. a decision can not be changed so no point complaining! If you have a problem with APW get in contact with the staff politely and your problem will be listened to and addressed! .

--> Do not use another wrestler in a roleplay unless you've seeked permission or you know before hand that it's alright too. As some people don't like people using there character "OUT" of character etc. Just ask before.. saves a lot of drama!

--> Use the OOC board which is the "OUT OF CHARACTER" board for OOC messages only.. do not start unnecessary fights and wars on the board when there not needed! It will simply result in your IP being banned and messages getting deleted so save your time and don't do it!

--> Don't advertise another fed on the APW site.. if you are caught and do advertise it will be deleted and will be handed on to someone else so simply don't do it.. save everyone the trouble and the time.

--> If results or cards.. or anything for that matter is late then DON'T COMPLAIN.. we are doing this for fun. This isn't a job and we don't get paid to do it so please be considerate of things and we too want things on time!

--> Don't leave OOC messages on the Roleplay Board it's strictly prohibited and downgrades the fed.

--> No showing (Role-playing) will result in penalties and in some cases being fired so get your role-plays up early!