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Kurt Angle - The Olympic Gold Medalist - Master Of The Three I's! He has signed a contract with the AWE and appears to be more than ready to gain a lot of respect here in the AWE. The first card has been signed, and of course Kurt Angle is apart of it. He is teamed up with 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash as the two men will take on La Resistance - a new up and coming tag team trying to make a name for themselves. Now Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash are not friends and it seems as if the two will never be friends, although it sha'll be interesting to see how the two men co-exist in the AWE as a tag team on the very first show. Every wrestler will be looking to definatly raise some eyebrows as they try to impress the head hancho's in the back. Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash take on La Resistance on Monday Night Raw - The AWE's First Show, you won't want to miss the action!



' French Food Isn't For A Gold Medalist '

Fade Up AWE Logo. The scene shows Kurt Angle standing in a kitchen with a cooking apron around his waist. He has a chef hat on and looks rather ... "dorky" seems to be the word that fits best for this picture. He has different ingredients sprawled out on the table.


OLYMPIC HERO ' Kurt Angle : What the heck? French food is nothing but crap food if you ask me, and to be honest I don't even think these French losers can even be compared as wrestlers on my level. I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist for crying out loud ... La Resistance? Who the heck is La Resistance anyways?! I can tell you who they aren't, they aren't an Olympic Gold Medalist, like myself ... Kurt Angle!


Kurt angle starts to go through a ingredient page for his French Reciepe.


OLYMPIC HERO ' Kurt Angle :


Lack Intensity: La Resistance?