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Where The Money Talks


Welcome to the first edition of Money Talks, Money Talks is brought to you every Friday or a Monday after the Pay Per view. There is what we have on the show today.  

Meltdown Ratings
Look at the second round of the World Tournament
APW Weekly Awards
Recap of Meltdown
One’s to Watch
Star of the Week  

So let’s start shall we ………  

Rating War:
This week rating for meltdown was a 1.6 UPN are pleased but hope APW can produce a better good in the next few weeks. The UPN Station Manager quoted – Not a bad first show but UPN might feel it’s a risky investment if no improvement is made.  

Meltdown: World Title Tournament begins!  

The journey begins as the world title is on the line; Deadly Games is the place to be if you want to become the first APW World Champion. Lottery Tournament was announced at the beginning of Raw by the two co owners Ric Flair and Vince McMahon. This tournament is lethal because no one knows will they will be facing until the night the first round ahs begun with 16 men battling it out there is now 8. Who will face who in the next round find out next Thursday on Meltdown? The tournament is the main prestige about APW television at the moment but who out of the last 8 will walk out of Anaheim the champion on June 15th.  

Booker T: What a great start for this young prospect with the Star of the week award going to Booker after a great performance, he is one of the favourites to come away with the gold. Booker went through a tough competitive match against the Dead man.  

Jeff Jarrett: This guy has a lot of potential who showed it this week but was unable to get the star of the week away from booker but Jarrett is one of the favourites by the bookies for the title maybe this week Jarrett will be able to step up and get the top spot in APW.  

Triple H: The main event for meltdown where Goldberg had the match won, when Ric Flair the co owner came to the ring with a chair Goldberg stopped Flair but couldn’t seem to keep the 2 at bay for much time. Flair the greatest ever world champion believes in Triple H but Flair by his side who wants to mess with this pairing?  

Batista: Has not performed his best this week but still came away with a win against the big sexy Kevin Nash, Batista will need to up his game before he is in contention for the world title.  

X-Pac: Very promising start, X-Pac is taking this chance at full heart it will take a big character to take X-Pac out of the running and X-Pac is getting to be liked in the backstage area this veteran could be his time to shine bright.  

Kurt Angle: This Olympic champion has let down the staff of APW this week but they still have faith in him even with not a great performance on meltdown, Kurt will need to get his head together and have a good week before he can climb to the top again and become the world champion  

Chris Jericho: Started off with a huge match in the APW.. As if it would have been any other wrestler Jericho would of walked out the winner! Jericho is a HOT favorite for the Tourney.. He’s one man that can definitely beat any one of the other 7 wrestlers in the competition!  

Johnny Stamboli: A man with great talent however not showing his full potential in the first week left him with a lucky win! However he can pull of a upset here and there.. A man you can never write off.. No matter whom he's fighting!  

Television Title: The duo of Flair and Mcmahon haven’t holded back to out there first title on the line which looks to be some good competition. Noble and Rey fighted out on Meltdown to decide who will be the first champion, Noble came out victorious but there is some rumors flying around the locker room that opportunity lies for these Chavo Guerrero ….. Matt Hardy ….. Jeff Hardy ….. And Christian. We don’t know if this is true or not but we might find out later on in the due course of APW.  


Star Of The Week
In a week where superstars were looking for a chance a break there was one man that stood out to be the respected Star of The week can this superstar sustain his high performance and get that inch closer to become the champion and start his career as best he can with a back to back #1 spot it won’t be easy as many superstars are on his heels to mount a serious challenge.  

Booker T had a great win this week to advance in the  Tournament he got his $500 bonus in doing so. Ric Flair and Vince have seen improvement since purchasing this star it might have cost them a bit but they know its worth it at this moment. Booker is in the draw for the second round who will he face? And will he beable to keep this top spot and make the owners proud of this superstar.

 APW Weekly Awards: Match of the Week
Without a doubt the match of the week in APW was the HHH and Goldberg match, the match went to the wire with the sudden turn with Goldberg could have won the match but Flairs involvement decided the outcome. APW future is looking bright but could this little heat be enough to get a rematch for Goldberg in later days?  

APW Weekly Awards: Rising Star of The Week
He isn’t shy to the wrestling world Jeff Jarrett is this weeks rising star he didn’t have that push to be the star of the week but he came close. He has had an impressive week and APW make him one of the favorites in the tournament after he beat Rock this week.  

APW Weekly Awards: Quote Of The Week:  

RP Title: ' Debut '
By: Los Guerreros

Quote: ' Eddie Guerrero : "Hold your horses esse, we've gotta work for what we want... Or just steal what we want, hahaha.'

APW’s Ones To Watch

Triple H: Triple H is one to watch in the outcome of the tournament will he be able to get the worlds title that him and flair wants or will the hype be to much for Triple H, he has done it before but can he do it again.  

Jamie Noble: After winning the TV title on Meltdown Noble has shown he means business but what will be able to do, and what will it take for someone to beat him for the TV Title.  

Raven: Raven’s debut is this week against Goldberg, already there is a buzz for Raven from his recent improvement in the house shows, is Raven Next or will Goldberg have the Raven Effect Quote the Raven …….. Nevermore  

Los Guerreros: Already they have a chance at the pay per view to become the tag champions. Will they have the last say in this battle of the Tag teams?  

Well there is more ones to watch but these are a few.  

Meltdown Recap  

-         Tournament for World title announced

-         Noble Defeated Mysterio Via Pin fall after the Trailer Hitch.

-         X-Pac defeated Christina Via Pinfall after X-Factor.

-         Stamboli Defeated V1 Via Pin fall after the FUHGHETABOUIT.

-         Batista defeated Nash via pinfall after a Spine Buster.

-         RVD defeated Kurt Angle  Via 5 Star Frog Splash.

-         Booker T defeated Undertaker  via scissors kick

-         Team Angle defeated La Resistance via Charlie Haas' Olympic Slam.

-         Y2J defeated Jeff Hardy via roll up.

-         Jarrett defeated Rock via the Stroke.

-         HHH defeated Goldberg after Flair interfered on HHH’s behalf.  

Also: Tag Team match set up for PPV between Los Guerreros, Team Angle and Colossus of Pain for the Tag Team Titles.

            This week on Meltdown, Test and Steiner will take on the Highlight Reel for the final spot in the Tag Titles match at PPV.


Hope you enjoy the read .... tune in next week for another edition of Money Talks