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Date: - 12/06/03
Roleplay Limit: - 2
Deadline: - Thursday 8pm EST
Location: - American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida

    Notes:  Amazing, that's what last week's Meltdown was! This week, the APW will be live from Miami to bring you yet another edition of Meltdown, the last card before the first ever PPV, DEADLY GAMES! The two semi-finals will be this week, with the winners going on to the Pay Per View.. also Vince McMahon has some surprises up his sleave for this week? Tune in to find out what he's planning...


    World Title Semi Finals
     Batista Vs Kurt Angle
    Booker T Vs X-Pac

    Elimination Four Corners
    TV Title #1 Contender
    Tajiri Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio Jnr. Vs Goldust

    Triple Threat
    Shane Douglas Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs Goldberg

    Tag Matches
     Colossus Of Pain Vs La Resistance
    Test & Steiner Vs Team Angle

    Singles Matches
     The Messiah Vs RaVen
    Benoit Vs Rhyno

    Dark Matches
     Mankind Vs Road Dogg Vs RVD