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Date: - 12/06/03
Roleplay Limit: - 2
Deadline: - Thursday 8pm EST
Location: - Miami, Florida

    Notes:  What a show last week was, This week is the second round of the tournament also a Tag match gto determine a place at Deadly Games for a title shot and many many more. The Drak Matches might not be written in full but they are sho or go matche sif you don't rp then sorry you are gone.


    World Title Semi Finals
     Batista Vs Kurt Angle
    Booker T Vs X-Pac

    Elimination Four Corners
    TV Title #1 Contender
    Tajiri Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs David Flair Vs Goldust

    Triple Threat
    Shane Douglas Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs Goldberg

    Tag Matches
    Test & Steiner Vs Team Angle

    Singles Matches
     The Messiah Vs RaVen
    Benoit Vs Rhyno
    The Roc Vs Christopher Nowinski
    Sandman Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Dark Matches
     Mankind Vs Road Dogg Vs RVD