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Welcome to the FINANCE page of All-Star Pro Wrestling. Here there will be a couple of forms and just a bit about the fed as far as 'MONEY' goes. It will be somewhere you'll be able to turn too.. if your lost or if your not happy and looking for a change of scenery look towards the forms. Now if you don't know already APW ain't no normal fed.. as there is MONEY involved and the fed quote isn't what it is for no reason.. cause 'IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY'.

When you begin in the federation you start off with a flat salary rate of $5000 per week. To make sure you get that $5000 every week you need to post a rp.. if you don't post a rp it's like not showing up for work and you WON'T get paid for the week and that means your career earnings will not change. Your salary will stay at $5000 per week until the next financial review. Now depending on when you joined the fed it will vary to how long the next financial review is. Therefore if you joined just after the financial review you got the whole month to wait but if you joined right before the financial review it will be negotiated  a week later. Either circumstance make a big impact so you can get a salary raise. A financial review is the 1st of every month and the first financial review will be MAY 1st! During the financial review ANY wrestler from ANY show is able to negotiate there salary due to there performance of the month. If you had an outstanding performance your salary may rise but if you were inconsistent and lacked form your salary per week may fall or stay the same.

Bonuses Involving Money
There will be involvement with money through out the shows with the use of money. Now if your booked for a match on a particular card and you and your opponent BOTH agree you can have your OWN career earnings on the line. For Example it could be a $5000 wager.. so if you lose, you get that money deducted off your career earnings and if you win it gets added. In that instant of having your OWN money on the line both parties must agree. There shall be other matches and other little bonuses but they will be explained as there made in results. Possible uses of General Manger cash could be giving winners a certain amount.. or giving extra money to outstanding performances. Look out for these bonuses as they will appear throughout the month.

Total Career Earnings
Your total career earnings is the money you've CURRENTLY got. As it consists of your wages throughout the month and it also consists of special bonuses you may of won etc. If you had some money on the line and you lost it.. your TOTAL career earnings shall be deducted. As it's the same in real life.. if you made a bet with someone and you lost, you lose that money! Your Total Career Earnings shows which is the dominant wrestler as they are the richest. Therefore your TOTAL CAREER EARNINGS is more important than what titles you've won! 

Negotiate Current Salary Form
This form is very simple and is practically self explanatory. But anyway it's just a form to one of the Co Owners, proposing a new salary! Just because you 'PROPOSE' a new salary for your APW wrestler doesn't mean you'll get it! The Co Owner will take your voice into consideration and he'll contact you with further notices. But if you KNOW you don't deserve it then don't waste your time with it because you'll be simply denied the salary increase come the Financial Review!