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X-Pac Vs Christian

……. Bow Down To The Masters ……

X-Pac music hits over the P.A system as The crowd start to boo. X-Pac makes his way out to the ring, as X-Pac stands in the center of the ring, the sound of an opera sounds hits as Christian comes out to a chorus of Boo’s Christian struts down towards the ring as he stares at Christian. The First match of the tournament is about to get under way. As Christian hopes onto the ring apron and climbs into the ring the ref sounds for the bell as the match gets under way X-Pac taunts Christian with a few kicks as they lock up in the center of the ring, X-Pac gets pushed and falls on his backside. Christian smiles as X-Pac stares ar Christian. They go for a lock up again but X-Pac gives a kick to the gut of Christian, Christian holds his gut as X-Pac hits a few rights sending Christian back towards the ropes X-Pac swings Christian as Christian ducks a clothesline but walks into a spinning heel kick from X-Pac. X-Pac gets up first and sends a dropkick to the head of Christian. Christian rolls out of the ring, Christian gets to his feet as he stays out X-Pac is still in the center of the ring, the ref goes over to the ropes and shouts for Christian to get back in, X-Pac goes out other the other side and chases Christian around the ring, Christian slides in and stomps on X-Pac when he gets in Christian hits a body slam followed by a clothesline, Christian seems to get control in this match. Christian hits a DDT but only gets a short two count. Christian shouts at the ref and lays a few more punches to X-Pac, Christian grabs the head of X-Pac and spins him around going for a quick unprettier but X-Pac pushes Christian against the ropes and hits a counter neck breaker, Christian holds his neck as X-Pac comes off the rope with a quick leg drop onto Christians throat. He floats over to the cover but Christian gets a shoulder up before a three count. A close call there from Christian only just keeping himself in the match. X-Pac drags Christian up by his head, X-Pac hits a suplex, X-Pac floats over and hits a serious mount of punches. X-Pac pulls Christian to his feet and whips him Into the corner. X-Pac follows with a clothesline as Christian stays in the corner X-Pac gives a few kicks to the gut and head of Christian. Christian falls to the canvas upright on the bottom rope. X-Pac chokes Christian with his foot before walking back to the center of the ring. X-Pac goes for the bronco buster but Christian moves out of the way, X-Pac lands his nuts on the middle corner post Christian grabs the head of X-Pac lifts him up and drops him into a reverse DDT. Christian quickly picks up the fallen X-Pac and Hits a Russian Leg Sweeper goes for the cover but X-Pac holds on and kicks out. Christian can’t believe it and whips X-Pac into the corner he goes to for X-Pac, X-Pac gets his foot up, X-Pac climbs onto the second rope and delivers a dropkick. X-Pac gets into a ready position, Christian turns around and X-Pac hits the X-FACTOR. The Ref counts the three.


Batista Vs Kevin Nash

Batista is standing tall in the middle of the ring, Kevin Nash music hits as the 7 footer comes out through the ring curtain and walks down the short ramp way, Batista climbs out of the ring to meet Nash. Nash blocks a right and a left before delivering a thunderous right hand Batista turns away as Nash grabs the head of Batista and drive it into the ring apron, Nash headbutts Batista. Nash rolls Batista into the ring and follows. Nash follows a few hard short to the back as Batista is getting to one knee, Batista is pulled up by Nash only to be knocked down again, Batista stands up and stumbles into the arms off Nash. Nash lifts the 300 pounder into a body back suplex. Nash goes for a earlier cover but Batista gets a shoulder up at the one count. Nash waits for Batista, Batista ducks a big bott and throws a few rights sending Nash to the corner, Batista climbs the turnbuckle and hits 10 punches before coming down Nash stumbles out of the corner, Batista comes at Nash with a clothesline, Batista swings Nash against the ropes to charge like a train at Nash. Batista drops an elbow to the chest and covers. The ref gets to a two count before Nash powers out, Nash gets to a knee as Batista knees Nash in the face. Batista picks up Nash and kicks him into the gut, lifts him up and power bombs Nash. Batista covers Nash. Must be a three no Nash gets a shoulder up. Batista picks up Nash for the irish whip but Nash reverses and clothesline Batista, Nash backs Batista into the corner before choking him with his boot. Nash lift him onto his shoulder and Batista goes face first into the corner post. Batista gets whipped into the other corner and Nash hits a power clothesline. Nash sets Batista up for a Jacknife but Batista battles out hitting a few rights. Nash and Batista go toe to toe, Batista coming out on top he whips Nash, Nash stops quickly before running into the ref. Batista psyches up as Nash walks right into a spine buster Batsista falls on top of him and covers Nash and gets the three count.

WINNER: Batista

Triple H Vs Goldberg

.... Time To Play The Game ....

Triple H’s music hits as the crowd jeers goes to boo’s, The Game walks down the ramp and climbs the apron he turns around to the crowd and spits out some water before climbing back into the ring. Then the titantron sees a backstage member knocks onto the door and out steps Goldberg, Goldberg walks to the stage as his music starts up. Goldberg’s pyros begins as Goldberg steps into them and proceeds down to the ring. Triple H exits from the back, Goldberg climbs into the ring and shouts trash at HHH. HHH walks up the steel steps and enters the squared circle. HHH stares Goldberg in the eyes, both start trash talking the other, Triple H steps back and sends a right to be blocked from Goldberg, Goldberg gives his own and another right sending Triple H down to the canvas. Triple H crawls towards the corner with the look off fear in his eyes. HHH stands up as his goes to lock up Goldberg out powers him and sends Triple H back down. Triple H is getting angered. He goes for another lock up but eye rakes Goldberg before they lock up, Triple H sends Goldberg back into the corner with a string of rights. Triple H grabs the right arm of Goldberg and goes to whip him into the opposite corner but sends him back into the same corner Goldberg stumbles out as Triple H hits a back drop. Triple H picks up the fallen Goldberg Triple H kicks Goldberg in the gut and then DDT’s him, he floats over for the cover but Goldberg powers out at the two count. Goldberg gets to a knee as Triple H starts to punch, Goldberg blocks one and gives a right of his own, Goldberg battles back sending Triple H to the ropes. Goldberg whips HHH hitting a power slam on the return, Goldberg spins to the corner as he taunts Triple H to get up, Goldberg goes and hits a spear, Triple H rolls out of the ring holding his gut. Goldberg follows as the ref tries to stop him. Goldberg waits for HHH to get to his feet before clotheslining him. Goldberg grabs the legs of Triple H and catapults him into the ring post. Goldberg rolls into the ring to stop the ref’s count. Goldberg grabs a handful of hair as he drags Triple H to the ring apron. Triple H counters as Goldberg’s neck bounces of the top rope. Triple H rolls into the ring, Goldberg gets up and goes for a clothesline but HHH ducks, Goldberg ducks his head as HHH lands a facebuster. HHH goes for the cover for the two count. Triple H can’t believe it, HHH picks up Goldberg and swings him against the ropes Goldberg comes off as HHH lifts him swings and drops him into a spine buster. Triple H stands behind Goldberg, Goldberg gets to his feet steps around and HHH kicks him into the gut and drops the pedigree. HHH covers but Goldberg just got the shoulder up on the third count. HHH gets into the face off the ref, Goldberg slowly stirs in the background, and HHH pushes the ref as Goldberg gets up. HHH turns around as Goldberg flies at him with a spear, but HHH moves out of the way, Goldberg goes into the ref. He looks at the ref as he turns around he blocks a right from HHH and kicks him the gut and hits a Jackhammer. Goldberg goes for the cover but the ref is still out. Flair is seen on the ramp way with a chair in hand. Goldberg sees Flair and goes to meet him half way, Goldberg walks towards Flair as Goldberg stops the chair shot. And hits a right hand, HHH comes to go after Goldberg but gets knock down with a chair shot. Flair low blows Goldberg and throws him into the ring. And then throws HHH into the ring. Flair hits Goldberg with the Chair that Flair brought down as the ref stirs, HHH is dragged above Goldberg as the ref sees and counts the three.

WINNER: Triple H

Jeff Hardy Vs Chris Jericho

Jeff Hardy’s Music hits as the crowd get to their feet to cheer the young superstar, Jeff comes onto the stage in his usual ring attire, he steps into the glow lights where the luminous paint shows up he comes out of the light and makes his way down to the ring.

05 …. 04 …. 03 …. 02 ….. 01 …. Boom …. Break The Walls Down!

Chris Jericho can be seen on the stage with his arms out to his sides he spins around and starts to walk down the ramp. Jericho talks trash to the crowd waving his hand to them. Jericho walks around the left side of the ring and climbs onto the ring apron. He strides out and then enters the ring as Jeff goes and hits a forearm smash sending Jericho into the corner, Jeff hits a few kicks to the gut of Jericho, The ref counts as Jeff leaves at 4, Jericho pokes Jeff in the eyes as Jeff turns around Jericho hits a running bulldog. Jericho gets Jeff into a Sleeper Hold. Jeff is tries to get move but Jericho puts some scissors on, and Jeff has no where to go. Jericho holds on and starts to squeeze the neck of Jeff. Jeff looks like his is passing out, Jeff looks motionless as the ref goes to check with the arm, raises it and it drop down and again, the ref goes for the third and last time but Jeff holds it up as Jericho is saying no! Jeff starts to punch Jericho in the face as he lets go of the scissor hold but keeps the Sleeper in. Jeff finds momentum and gets to his feet Jeff hits a few elbows to the gut and goes against the ropes ducking under a clothesline attempt from Jericho, Jericho lowers his head as Jeff kicks it and Jeff Dropkicks Jericho. Jeff gets up and a horizontal spinning leg drop. Jericho holds his neck. Jeff goes for the cover but Jericho gets the shoulder up. Jeff picks up Jericho and sends him through the ropes. Jeff waits in the ring as Jericho gets to his feet Jeff Baseball slides Jericho, Jericho is still standing as Jeff leaps over the top rope landing onto Jericho. Jeff Grabs the hair of Jericho’s to pull him up Jeff goes to whip Jericho but Jericho reverses, Jeff jumps onto the steps and walks on the apron, Jericho turns around as Jeff missile dropkicks him. Jeff goes into the ring to break the count up. Jeff rolls Jericho back into the ring. Jericho gets up as Jeff body slams him to the canvas near the turnbuckle. Jeff climbs onto the ring apron he jumps over the top rope onto the opposite side springboards off. But Jericho moves out of the way, both men are down. Jericho gets up first as he trades blows with Jeff and getting the better of it. Jericho suplexs Jeff into the middle of the ring. Jericho positions himself onto the top rope, Jeff stumbles to his feet as Jericho jumps off but Jeff dropkicks Jericho into his gut. Jeff Picks Jericho up and goes for the twist of Fate Jericho reverse it into a reverse DDT. Jericho grabs Jeff’s Legs and goes for the Walls of Jericho but Jeff turns it into a small package. Jeff gets a two count, Jericho quickly gets up and stomps away at Jeff, Jeff gets up as Jericho ducks a right and connects with a bulldog, Jericho runs against the ropes and hits the loin Sault, he goes for the cover and Jeff gets the shoulder up before the three count. Jericho looks like he has seen a ghost. Jericho picks up Jeff swings him against the ropes and connects with a twit a whirl slam. Jericho covers for another two counts. Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho waits for Jeff and Jeff turns around Jericho kicks Jeff in the gut lifts him up into a power bomb but Jeff climbs out of the back, Jericho turns around and walks into a jawbreaker, Jeff quickly kicks up and climbs the turnbuckle, Jeff hits the swanton but Jericho flips over into a cover, The ref counts the three.

WINNER: Chris Jericho


The Camera opens up backstage; Teri is waiting outside of Triple H's locker room. All of a sudden, Triple H finally comes out.

' She Devil ' Terri Runnels: Ah, Hunter. What' are your thoughts going into this match against Goldberg

' The Game ' Triple H: I thought on this match is, Goldberg who does he think he is, going a round telling people that I’m Next. I will tell you something pal you will be the one walking out of the ring the loser. So really Terri Goldberg is just another person that will fail to play the game.

' She Devil ' Terri Runnels: So you feel that tonight. You will defeat Goldberg, no problem?

' The Game ' Triple H: Of course! With out a doubt in my mind. I will beat Goldberg, just like I will beat any other person in this lottery tournament.

' She Devil ' Terri Runnels: With the tournament already starting to pan out do you think that you have a problem against people like batiste?

' The Game ' Triple H: Not Nessicarlly, Terri I could beat anyone any time, because I am the best in this business and I am that damn good. So Batista the so called power house can come to the ring and the others and I will so glad to stand tall and become the world champion with no doubts.


Tag Team Match
La resistance Vs Team Angle

La Resistance music hits as The pair from France come through the curtain, Rene and Sylvain walk down the ramp as the crowd boo the French. Rene and Sylvain talk whilst they wait for there opponents. Team Angle’s music hits as a chant of YOU SUCK YOU SUCK starts as Shelton and Charlie come out and don’t wait for the bell they go under the bottom rope and start trading blows from La Resistance. Rene takes control of Charlie, he whips him against the rope and hits a flapjack, Rene grabs the foot if Charlie and drags him towards Sylvain. Sylvain tags and then go an taunts Shelton, Shelton comes in as the ref tells him to get out as La Resistance double team Charlie. Charlie tries and a battle back with combantions of elbows and punches but gets ground with a chop block. Sylvain starts to stomp away at the leg of Charlie’s, he places the leg on the bottom rope and knees it, Sylvain lock in a modified ankle lock. Charlie is in pain in the early going. Shelton comes in and breaks the hold. Shelton tries to drag Charlie to his corner but intercepted from Rene hitting a clothesline. Rene takes Shelton out of the ring. Shelton and Rene are fighting outside as Charlie German Suplexes Sylvain who was distracted from the other two. Charlie grabs Sylvain’s head and places it in his legs and hits a shoulder breaker. Charlie grabs the arm of Sylvain’s and drops a couple of knees. Charlie swings Sylvain and lifts him up and drops him onto the top rope he holds him there as Shelton forces Rene into the steps and climbs into the ring he leap frogs Charlie and lands onto Sylvain back. He goes for the cover but the ref is attending to Rene, Sylvain climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair. Sylvain gets back into the ring as he steps up the chair. Sylvain lifts Shelton up and spine busters him onto a chair the chair is covered by Shelton. Sylvain then DDT’s Charlie and covers Shelton the ref counts the three.

WINNER: La Resistance

Just then Highlight Reel come charging down the ramp, Jericho who is in the tournament for the world title and tag partner Billy G, get in the ring at opposite sides, Billy and Jericho send the two of La résistance over the top rope, as Charlie and Shelton stumble to there feet. Shelton gets knocked down and the walls of Jericho applied and Billy ducks the clothesline from Charlie and hits the one and only. Highlight reel sending a message to the tag teams. They have a chance next week to get a spot at the ppv.

The scene opens just minutes after Flair interfered in the Triple H Goldberg Match, we can see Josh Matthews running in the background, Flair comes through the curtain as Josh gets a word.

’ Young Announcer ‘ Josh Matthews: : Ric, Ric Flair can I have a word

’ Stylin and Proflin ‘ Ric Flair:  yeah go on kid hurry up.

’ Young Announcer ‘ Josh Matthews: : Flair why did you interfere in the match tonight on behalf of Triple H?

’ Stylin and Proflin ‘ Ric Flair:  WOOOOOOOOOO!! Is that a silly question or what you should know why I am the co-owner of APW. Also a 16 time world champion. Josh you want to know why I interfered its simple Triple H is the Game in my eyes he is the best of the best and why not have the greatest world champion of them all with the next world champion Triple H, Josh tonight you witnessed what I can do, with my power and Goldberg you lost cause you don’t have what it takes to become the world champion. SO if you don’t mind I will be Going WOOOOOOOOOO!!!