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Other Pets

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cats My two cats, Pumpkin and Apollo. Pumpkin, the flame point siamese mix, came from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN. Apollo is a Maine Coon given to me by a friend of mine and was born Memorial Day, 2002.

June-July '03


Grammostola rosea (Chilian Rose) adult male

Lasiodora parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater) adult male

Avicularia versicolor (Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula) pictures: as a spiderling, and pictures from 11/02 (sub-adult) 1 , 2

Pamphobeteus sp. 1 , 2

Eupalaestrus campestratus (Pink Zebra Beauty)

Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron) adult male pictures 1, 2

Chromatopelma cyneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue)