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The Zoo

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cats My two cats, Pumpkin and Apollo. Pumpkin, the flame point siamese mix, came from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN. Apollo is a Maine Coon given to me by a friend of mine and was born Memorial Day, 2002.

June-July '03


Alice My first snake, a ball python named Alice (actually a male). I bought him 5 years ago from a local Petco as a baby. I got a nice introduction to snake mites, and it took quite a while to totally eliminate them. He's now over 1300 g and just about 4 feet long and will hopefully be a good breeder. another pic He's a favorite of my little niece and nephew! pic

When buying snakes over the internet, one should check the BOI at the following website - click here for link.

I say this with experience. While looking for females for Alice, I was tricked into buying an $800 pair of ball pythons by a person named Jesse Underhill, who claimed they were het for albino. This is just a warning to check people out before buying online. More information

My first two real additions came in summer of 2001. I bought two young female ball pythons from Tribal Propagation and was extremely happy with the snakes and the service from this company. Unfortunately, the display case lock on one of my cages wasn't working properly, and the blackback female in the link escaped. This was while my brother was in the process of moving, so she was not found until almost two months later and she had already died. The surviving female, Nola, is growing very fast. She weighed about 600g at 1 year. New pictures (11/02): 1 , 2

Ania An adult female, Ania, from Alan Bosch Reptiles. She was in pretty bad shape when she arrived; she is blind in one eye, has broken ribs, wouldn't eat, was quite aggressive and had mild mouth rot. Since I've had her, she's put on quite a bit of weight and has calmed down a lot. She's also been breeding with Alice, so hopefully she will produce my first clutch.

Eris My newest snake, Eris, from a local pet store. She is also an adult female and has been breeding with Alice. I believe that she may be a hypo (I'm keeping my fingers crossed)! She had a clear shed and also has no black spots on her underside. pic

bloods Pair of '02 hatchling red blood pythons from Logan Enterprises. Here are more recent pics of the snake on the left and the one the the right.

More recent shots from 6-5-03 both dark light

cage One of the cage setups for the adult ball pythons, from Reptile Housing Authority. I believe that they are not doing business anymore. The cage was kind of pricey, but decorative (except for our simple furnishings, of course)!

Update: 11/02

New snakes! Recieved 6 new LTC sub-adult - adult ball pythons in October (2 females, 4 males).

female 1 female 2 male 1 male 2 male 3 male 4

For these snakes we built a new temporary rack. I will be making larger cages for those I decide to keep.

Ania died from a resistant bacterial RI. Alice was also sick but responded better and is now doing very well.


Grammostola rosea (Chilian Rose) adult male

Lasiodora parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater) adult male

Avicularia versicolor (Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula) pictures: as a spiderling, and pictures from 11/02 (sub-adult) 1 , 2

Pamphobeteus sp. 1 , 2

Eupalaestrus campestratus (Pink Zebra Beauty)

Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron) adult male pictures 1, 2

Haplopelma lividum, Cobalt Blue (pictures coming soon)