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3 and 4-anisohedral Tilings Page

These following tilings are higher order anisohedral tilings. For a wonderful collection of tilings of higher orders (even up to a 10-anisohedral tile.) go to Joseph Myers' webpage. He has found k-anisohedral tiles for all k 2 to 10, except for k = 7.
This 3-isohedral tiling was discovered by Richard James see Gardner - Dec. 1975. It is the first 3-anisohedral tile found, and the first convex tile that doesn't allow an edge to edge tiling. This tiling with 3-anisohedral tiles was discovered by Stein. 3-anisohedral tile.
Not previously published.
This was the first tiling by a 4-anisohedral tile published by Berglund. 4-anisohedral tile.
Not previously published

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