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You are cordially invited... Dearest Miss Danielle Marie Sidler:

Mister Graham Erickson DeCorsey humbly requests your companionship for any upcoming night of your choosing. Proper arrangements have been made and thought through for this evening of bliss so as to take off any frustration or duty to the madam, other than indicating which of these appears most pleasing. There are currently a number of options which Mister DeCorsey has decided to be a proper fit for this occasion.

Of which include the following choices for outdoor activity:
- A leisurely stroll through either the Minnesota or Como Zoos as for the safe observation of deadly, dangerous and adorable animals
- An artful endeavor observing the sights at the Walker Art Center's fabulous outdoor gallery and garden
- Or even a casual promenade through a local park, such as the Bloomington Nature Preserve, or Lake Nakomis to see the Sir's childhood stomping grounds
- PS: If by chance the lady cares to partake in indulging herself at the Como Zoo there may be an additional stop at the Como Conservatory [It is quite exquisite if I do say so. Tremendous photographic opportunities lie within]

In the realm of indoor activities, Mister DeCorsey has come to the following probable conclusions:
- A day of observing artifacts related to piracy at the Science Museum
- The increasingly popular Piano Bar which features quite lively entertainment for all
- Or perchance a fine show at either Mystic Lake or Treasure Island Casinos would tickle the fine maiden's fancy
Rodney Carrington
Penn & Teller
Ron White

As with all of these selections, a destination providing a fine dining experience is included. Also, as an added note, price is no object for any of these endeavors.

Mister DeCorsey is reluctant to have not been able to properly ask for Miss Sidler's accompaniment for this future event in person but has told me to pass along the following quote, "deal with it. :)" and yes, I am afraid the smiley face was part of the gentleman's quotation as well. I do so hope you will accept the sir's invitation. He is so looking forward to your correspondence reply.

With highest regards,
Sir Reginald Ticklebottom III

PS: As you are most aware, people are surely stating that all of this is being provoked out of pure guilt but I can assure you that Mister DeCorsey has been planning such events for quite a while now. If you could see him as of late, you would see the Sir has nothing but love and unending devotion to you madam and is merely feeling the need to shout it out loud to ensure yourself and others are fully aware. Please do not mention I have told you this however. Mister DeCorsey would not be happy with my speaking of his private matters. Do take care madam, we look forward to enjoying your company soon.