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My First HTML Web Page

This text appears in the first paragraph of my web page. It is not formatted the way I typed it. The browser ignores multiple spaces unless there are formatting tags near the text. I can type ten spaces here but they will not appear on my web page when I preview it.

A "P" tag is a command that tells the browser to drop down a line and create a new paragraph. It is not necessary to place an end tag for this command.

If I place a bold tag to the left, the text will appear bold until I place an end bold tag to the right. If I forget to include the diagonal slash, the text will remain bold. Including the slash in any tag tells the browser to end that command.

If I want to change the color of text to forest green I would include a font tag to the left and an end font tag to the right. To change the color of my text to dodger blue I would add the font tag and remember to end the font color by adding the end font tag to the right.

I can link to a web page that lists all of the font colors by adding an anchor tag that contains a URL for that page. Netscape Hex Color Codes

This is the end of my first HTML page.