Alright- Since everyone wants to be like me now, and I have limited time to show everyone how to be me, I have now introduced the college course
How to be Wilson 101

When telling someone a story, end it in 'Yeah- and then, yeah... yeah'.

Put a '-' after everything you write-

When you're in a boring conversation with someone, just smile, nod, and say 'Oh yeah?' after everything they say-

When in a classroom of some sort, say to someone near you, 'Hey- ya wanna see a trick?' and then grab a piece of paper and draw a big spiral on it- 'See? You can get hypnotized!'

When in a public place, say to someone near you, 'Hey- ya wanna see a trick?' and then do a leg hop

When in a fast food restaurant, say to someone next to you, 'Hey- ya wanna see a trick?' then then stack up a couple pennies and slam a salt shaker down on it hard so it breaks out the bottom

Practice the line 'Hey- ya wanna see a trick?' in front of the mirror

Laugh out loud for apparently no reason and then 'Oh man- That's funny!'

Laugh at everything

Smile constantly, even if there's nothing to smile about =)

Make fun of depressed people- 'Hey what are you gonna do about it depressed boy (girl)? Go cry and then kill yourself?'

Make an arse of other people (and maybe even yourself) in public

Make fun of really pale people- (Brandon Satre or Mike Barden) 'Hey- go get a tan, whitey'

If you play drums, make fun of the trunpet players- 'Hey- 1 2 horns up trumpet boy (or girl)'

When ever you see Brandon Satre, say 'Fricken A Satre!'

Make fun of Brandon Satre- 'Hey Satre- Go write some swear words in the dirt!'

Whenever you see Cameron Anderson say 'Hey Camera' then point at something orange and then point at his head

Make web pages like this one to inflate your ego to an above healthy level

Laugh at your own jokes- If YOU don't laugh at em, then who will? =)

If you want to learn some new swear words (so you can tell Satre to write then in the dirt) poke nick schommer with a pen while he's sleeping (This for Mr Jans algebra I class)

If you're ever late for class, use 'Somebody died in the hallway' for an excuse (Again for Algebra I takers)

Steal a bible and read it to people in school

If anybody ever asks you 'Whats wrong- I thought you never got mad?' Yell at them 'SCREW YOU! Shut up- I'm not pissed off!'

If you're falling slightly behind in an argument, end all your comebacks with 'whitey'

If you can't think of any comebacks in an argument, just say 'Yeah maybe I will, whitey' or 'Hey- Why don't you shut up?'

Once you've mastered all of these, come back next semester for 'How to be Wilson 202'