Alright- It seems most of you don't understand at least part of what I'm saying, so for an addition to your vocabulary (and to figure out what the bloody hell I'm talking about) here is the 'Wilson Dictionary"

The Word What It Means How To Use It
blockhead A stupid person What are you doing, you blockhead?!?
clod " " Why are you such a clod?
fool " " What's goin on, fool?
bloke something you call someone
you don't know
Who's this bloke?
chap " ", except younger Good day, young chap.
track a song Did you hear that new track?
beat " " I need some fresh, new beats.
groove " " Hey DJ, Put on the grooves.
hogwild overly excited Don't go hogwild!
hella a lot, or large amounts This bloke was going hella hogwild.
rubber a pencil eraser If you had a rubber, you wouldn't have this mistake.
blase synonymous with phat That's pretty blased!
loo restroom Where's the loo?
monkified gymnastic and aerial I'm gonna get monkified.
E ecstasy Give me some E!
bloody a British swear Those bloody Americans!
blast " ", equivalant to 'damn' Blast you!
sod off screw off Sod off, you bloody bastard!
- (short pause) Hey- Whats goin on

If there's one of my words you don't know, just let me know, and i'll put it on here.