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Approximate Age: like 15? hell if I know...
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Born: Yup
Hometown: Clark's Field
Personal Quote: "its not the dying that bothers me its the not being here anymore part that does"
Favorite Color: Yellow(yeller)
Favorite TV Show(s): the simpsons, whose line is it ne ways, PBS!!
Favorite Movie(s): Spooky Film
Favorite Book: any Mr. Frumble books
Hobbies: Snowmobilin, golfin, bein w/ (insert name here) MIRANDA, makin webpages about myself on other ppls pages!!, triiing too figurre out Wlsn's stoopid werdz
Favorite Signer: Kathy Lee
Care to rant? oh i care to rant...what is with you ppl and messin up hair? expecially mine!! i hate it!, whats the fricken point? i mean its already messed up why do u need to "add to it?" because it pisses me off! and lots of other ppl too.
one other thing Mr. Social teacher (you nkow who u r) do you have crabs??!!! god get a fork! and another thing..Mr. Phy Ed/Health...DO YOU EVER SHUT UP??!! example:
we're taking a test and he says: "Ok, im gonna be quite so you can take your test.........ok im gonna be quite now.....because you dont need any distractions....ill just be at my desk......if

Lynn-Dawg, Who are you???
For those of you who don't know, Mike Lynner is:
hair: blonde
eyes: blue
height: 5'10"
weight: 145
Touchdowns this season: 1
Girlfriend: Miranda (Amanda Yolanda the panda)
Closest friends: Tom, 'Landy, Darrin, Ash
Football number: 83
Grade: 10
Current Residency: Clarkfield

My Bass Experience there i was sitting there fingering the notes on my saxophone trying to listen to kurtz so i could figure out where we were during the hey song when a strange noise startled me....BaBoom, BaBoom, BABOOM, and it got louder and louder and finally i looked to my left and there is a huge bass drum rolling down the bleachers (something u dont see on a normal day) and i looked again (yup its a bass drum) and then i see cole massman running after it and its going and going then i looked at mrs. kassel and she moved from band directer to middle linebacker right before my eyes and then she tackled the thing and brought it down to the ground and gave it back to cole. And I couldnt stop laughing. The End

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