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Animated Oriental Domeglobe

©Created by L!L



Please bear with me as this is my first web tutorial.
It should work with any version of PSP, but I use PSP version 7.04.
I have tried to make this as simple as possible by showing
no images to avoid download time.
This tutorial is to be done on the presumption
that you are familiar with Paint Shop Pro
and have a working knowledge of it.
The zip contains the parts for this tutorial,
including the glass dome, base and sparkle tube,
and background graphic of your globe.
But you can choose any background graphic, or tubes you'd like.
Put the .sel image into your selections folder,
export the tube file,
and put your background image and psp image into whatever folder you want.

Download Zip Here
Thanks to Sneugle for permission to use the base tube used in this tutorial. You can find many other great tubes on her site...Click here to go to Sneugle's site.
The sparkle tube was from Hood's Tubes


This tutorial is the sole and copyrighted property of ©CREATED BY L!L (Lil Gjertson). Copying this tutorial and/or claiming it as your own work is a copyright infringement. Please email me if you would like to list this tutorial. Thank you.


1. Open a new 350px X 500px transparent image in PSP (I have made it big enough to accomodate a larger base of your choice)
2. Add new raster layer and rename it "backgroundimage"
3. Go to selections/load from disk and click open "domesnowglobe.sel
4. Open your background image and edit/copy
5. Click on your first image-edit/paste into selection
6. Then selections/modify/expand by 1 px
7. Add new raster layer and rename it "globe"
8. Open "domeglassbyLiL.psp and edit/copy
9. Click on first image-edit/paste into selection
10. Deselect
11. Add new raster layer and rename it "base"
12. Open "goldishbase.tub" and set to a scale of 108
13. Add tube to image and use moving tool to move it to appropriate area
14. Click on layer one and now add your background color (preferably a light one)or light-colored pattern and crop your graphic if needed-
15. Duplicate your graphic two times so that you have three copies-do not merge your layers yet
16. On the "background image" layer, of each of your three images, add whatever you will be animating-in this case it is the "h- sparkle.tub" that came with your zip file (set to a scale of 15) and is placed on a different area of the lamp on each image
17. If you wish to have a drop shadow-lock out your bottom layer, then go to layers/merge visible-add your drop-shadow to your merged layers and unlock your bottom layer-you will have to do this with each of the three images
18. Now go to layers/merge visible on each image and save somewhere you can find it in psp format
19. Launch Animation Workshop and click on the Animation Wizard
20. First screen-same size as the first image frame
21. Next-transparent
22. Next-upper left corner of frame, with canvas color
23. Next-repeat indefinately and put in 20 (you may want to change your speed depending on what you are animating)
24. Next-add each of your images and finish and name and save it!


That's all there is to it-very easy and you can be as creative as you like. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!
Any questions or concerns please email me.


Tutorial Created February 20, 2002 ©Created by L!L

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