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My Dog Taco

Yes, that's right a poodle named Taco, named for my favorite food at the age of five. He actually had a number of names before we finally settles on one, he was first named Bandit for a few hours, then my mom suggested Shamus???? Well to say the least that name was quickly thrown out and it was changed to Sneakers, due to his love of chewing on them, after a few days though that name got old fast. Eventually we settled on Taco, I think because there was a family friend that had a dog named Pizza once so we stuck with the theme. Anyways Taco, affectionately called Tikker, is still around and kicking after 16 and a half years. We basically grew up together and has been the best pet anyone could ask for, as long as you were family, that is.

Brand New Puppy

I still remember the day my brother and I finally got our wish, a dog. We were out at the playground playing some basketball and Mom and Dad left for a little bit. When they came back though, my Mom yelled outside at us to get inside right away. My brother and I looked at each other wondering what we had done to get in trouble. We walked out into the back yard and there was this little fur ball. Never really thought of us getting a poodle, but that's what we got a little apricott puppy. But we were proud of our new puppy and took him out to show our neighborhood friends.

Taco a Tempermental Pooch or Misunderstood Pup

Taco was almost always, loveable and cuddly with our family, but some people were a little afraid of his mean ol' growl. One friend of mine, you know who you are, was so afraid as a kid that I would have to distract Taco while he sprinted up the stairs into my room and shut the door. He definitely a growler, but it was basically for show. One thing we always did as we grew up together was to snuggle up whenever I was sleeping somewhere and take a nap, just don't move when he's lying by you, he doesn't like that much.

My Little Bro

Taco is like a little brother to me. We lived in the same house for about 15 years on and off the last two. With age comes maturity, at least for Taco, now a days he's slower and a lot more relaxed, but still the same loveable pup at heart. He is a great little bro and I love him like one.

Well Taco has passed away now at the age of 17 nearly 18. He was having a lot of back problems and was suffering, so my dad made the very difficult decision to put him to sleep. If there is a pet heaven he's up there, growling at all the other dogs and hopefully going on a few walks with his favorite waling partner, my Mom. God Bless and good bye my old buddy.