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Slator and Nugent family history

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this page is: Michael Slator (Feb. 25, 1924 - Aug. 29, 1973)

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Michael Slator
Feb. 25, 1924 - Aug. 29, 1973


Michael Slator, circa 1942
Left: Michael Slator, circa 1942

The following information was given to me by my Aunt Helen Slator:

In 1942, Michael lived with Angus McClean and was working at Jacob Crowley -- He was swollen and stiff. They called it Bright's Disease [1] -- he had an unattended Scarlet Fever when he was 9 from which he got Rheumatic Fever. He got a second heart murmur. Went to Stony Mtn., recovered and went out west, then worked at the McDonnell Douglas [2], then got lead poisoning, and then went to Success Business College (which is apparently now known as CDI College).

Friend's name: Ken Kelpin [3]

All the kids, except Helen were good in math (Grandpa was a genius at math). He was taken out of school at age 13 but he could work algebra. He took a course in Electrical Engineering and scored 98%.

Michael was the only one in his class who passed his grade 11 clear without failure. Could have gone to St. Paul's College for $10/month (which was grade 12, first year college)

When Grandma died, Helen was 15 and Mary stayed home for two years (from June 1937 when she dropped out of the nursing program). Then she met Ray while in school in Winnipeg. Married July 13, 1940. Mary also went back 1942-1944 because of the little children.

[1] also called Glomerulonephritis, or Nephritis, inflammation of the structures in the kidney that produce urine: the glomeruli and the nephrons. (source:

[2] This may actually be a reference to MacDonald Bros. Aircraft Ltd., Canada, Avro Anson V for the A.V. Roe and Co. Ltd., of Great Britain. According to the Web site of the Canadian Aviation Museum, "early in World War II, the Anson was selected as the standard twin-engine aircrew trainer for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan." Here's a photo of the Anson V being built. Wonder if my Dad is somewhere in this photo?

[3] I have written to Kenneth Kelpin's brother, Donald, who apparently still lives in Stony Mountain. I have not yet received a reply. According to a Web site called, 'Mahedy Family newsletter - 1997', Kenneth Burton Kelpin was born on January 1, 1925, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In July 1942, he was the youngest accepted sea cadet, and itn October 1944 he survived a shipwreck off of Iceland. On June 26, 1954, he married Joyce Lavina Disonberg (d.o.b. June 19, 1926) in Edmonton, AB. Kenneth died in April 1990 in Vancouver, B.C.

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