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Introduction to Slator and Nugent family history

Descendants of Daniel Nugent and Margaret Russell

Jack Slator and Mary Nugent

In Memoriam: Danny Slator

Slator Family Tree

Tracing Lines of Descent (or, what are first cousins, once removed?)

About the author of this page

Descendants of James Daniel Nugent and Catherine O'Brien

I recently made contact with Jill Rogers (nee Nugent), and her brother, James, of New South Wales, Australia. Jill and James are great-grandchildren of Michael Nugent's brother, James Daniel Nugent. James emigrated to Australia, where he met and married Theresa Ann Say. They had a son named Patrick Michael Nugent, who married Australian Queenie Madlene Barter. Jill and James are Patrick and Queenie's children. Jill is married to Jim Rogers, and James is married to the former Heather May Collison.

James recently recently sent me a vast amount of information about the Nugents, some of which follows:

  • James Nugent m. Catherine O'Brien
    • James Daniel Nugent1 (b. 1860 in Tipperary, Ireland - d. Nov. 27, 1930 in Cumnock, N.S.W. Australia) m. Theresa Ann Say (b. Feb. 9, 1878, in Limekilns, N.S.W. Australia)
      • Patrick Michael Nugent (b. Nov. 2, 1906, in Cumnock, N.S.W. Australia - d. May 14, 1964, in Katoomba, N.S.W. Australia) m. Queenie Madeline Barter (b. Mar. 24, 1912, in Cumnock, N.S.W. Australia - d. May 30, 1989, in Katoomba, N.S.W. Australia)
        1. Ronald William Nugent (b. Sep. 30, 1930)
        2. Noeleen Evelyn Nugent (b. Sep. 30, 1930)
        3. Maxwell James Nugent (b. Jul. 6, 1932)
        4. Keith Patrick Nugent (b. Feb. 23, 1934)
        5. Margaret Madeline Nugent (Oct. 28, 1936 - d. Mar. 10, 1978)
        6. Jill Edna Nugent (b. Sep. 30, 1937) m. James Edward Rogers, Sep. 2, 1978
        7. John Lloyd Nugent (b. Sep. 30, 1937 - d. May 21, 1941)
        8. James Arthur Nugent (b. Mar. 17, 1939) m. Heather May Collison
        9. Wendy Alma Nugent (b. Sep. 24, 1960)
        10. William Jonas Nugent (b. May 18, 1942)
        11. Maurice Alwyn Nugent (b. Jun. 2, 1943)
        12. Pamela Theresa Nugent (b. Sep. 3, 1948)
      1Brother of Michael Nugent, my great-grandfather.

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