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BY: Senzu



This is my first fanfic ever so I hope you enjoy it even though I know this particular story has been played out a bit, but I am an avid Vegeta and Bulma fan so I just couldnít resist. It goes back to how Vegeta and Bulma got together, and yes there are a few parts that are not suitable for youngsters (****lemon alert, lemon alert****) and there is one very vivid sex scene but donít say I didnít warn you. Just so you know the story doesnít revolve around this sexual encounter but around how they actually got together, so I saved the good part for last. And to all the people who havenít heard of sex donít email me about how gross it is, love between two people is a special thing. By the way this story is told from both Vegeta and Bulmaís prospective so you donít miss anything along the way. And Hey! Donít sue me for using the Dragon ball Z characters I know their not my creations itís just a freaking story!!! Itís not like I did it for the money right?

WARNINGS: lemon alert of course and not a lot of swearing but when it happens it happens!!! Lots of fuck youís and such. Also be where of out of character mishaps, particularly with Vegeta, truussssst me this is a good thing.


"Wishing For A New Kind Of Love"

If the eternal dragon canít grant it Kame can! Itís a match made in heaven.


It had been so long since Bulma had looked into the night sky, stars shining brightly. She couldnít even remember the last time she had exactly done so. Most of her time over the last couple months had been spent working on various experiments and such, never giving herself time to do leisurely things such as taking a walk under the moon lit sky. Breathing the cool fresh air as it brushed past her, propelling her hair lightly from her face. She wondered what it would be like if she had ever married Yamcha. He had proposed to her a year ago after he had been wished back finally but she wouldnít have been true to her heart if she had agreed to marry him. She did love Yamcha, as he loved her but it was the type of love that she felt for him that made her refuse. She loved him too much like a close friend (a really close friend) but in no way the type of love she had hoped for in a husband. Yamcha was saddened by her refusal but understood and had admitted that he had felt the same way but left the proposition open as it is to this day. If she wanted she could go to his house right now and tell him yes and elope that very night. Looking intently up at the twinkling stars one final time she released a long sigh and stood up before stretching her arms and legs. She hoped one day that she would find some one that would love her the way she needed to be loved, but quickly pushed that thought to the back of her mind where she knew it would stay. She walked towards Capsule Corp. where Vegeta was now living with her and her parents, if you call training all hours of the day and never sleeping living that is. Bulma freed a raged breath from her lungs remembering the day she had made the offer to Vegeta. Disoriented as he was after the fight with Freeza Bulma had offered to let him stay despite her fears of him. He had reluctantly accepted only because he had nowhere else to go. His home planet having been annihilated, having no one else to turn to. Earth, ironically, had gone from being a place he had been ready to destroy to a place he now called home even if he wouldnít admit it. Bulma took another deep breath before entering hoping not to see Vegeta any time soon. The last year living with him hadnít exactly been all that pleasant. She didnít really expect tonight to be any different then any other day in which Vegeta had chose to grace her with his royal presence. Thatís why she was grateful to find that Vegeta was nowhere to be found as she came into the living area.

"Thatís a relief."

As if being lifted from a great distress she let go a deep moan releasing the words from her mouth and relaxed a bit. Walking into the Kitchen she started to make herself a cup of coffee preparing for a long night in her Lab working on her latest project. She hoped that she could finally get the power converter to transfer power to the interior processor so she could get the stupid thing to work at last but she couldnít find the right frequency to set the regulator switch to.


Just as Bulma was about to scope the last measure of coffee grounds into the filter, the front door opened and slammed against the wall vibrating loudly as it smashed through the plasterboard partition.

"What the hell" Bulma screamed.

This is all she needed.

Vegeta walked into the room ignoring the remark and the surprised look on Bulmaís face and continued to plop down onto one of the sofas in the living room then turned on the TV. Bulma was furious, she was so mad that she couldnít even think straight. Sputtering, she just said whatever came into her mind.

"Canít you come into a room like any other normal person with out having to make sure youíre the center of attention? What the fuck is wrong with you!"

Bulma ignored the fact that he defiantly wasnít a normal person and he usually tried not to be the center of anyoneís attention. Stomping over to the front door she proceeded to slam it shut sending some dust from the crumbled wall down to the floor. She then proceeded to walk over to the TV and shut it off. Vegeta just looked at her raising his left eyebrow finding her tantrum rather entertaining.

"I was watching that you know! Besides I never thought you noticed me before, Iím so privileged as to have gotten your attention. However why would I want the attention of some stupid ugly human."

His sarcastic tone grated on Bulmaís spine. Vegeta knew that would really send her off and he needed something to yell at after failing to turn Super Saiyan again. He eyed her coolly smirking and waiting for her next retort as she clenched her hands into two little balls held at her side. Instead, to Vegetaís surprise she stormed off mumbling rather vulgar insults under her breath, leaving her unfinished coffee to sit.


This puzzled Vegeta he was certain that she would have some come back to say to him. Sitting quietly with his arms crossed stiffly over his chest, Vegeta pondered the time he has spent at Capsule Corporation this past Earth year.

Vegeta thinks to himself . . .

How in the hell did he end up on this god-forsaken ball of dirt anyways? Dumb question you know how you ended up here . . . you died remember? Good thing humans donít think before they act, forgetting that I too would be wished back with everyone else. Itís hard to believe that Saiya-jin can interbreed with the pathetic, frail little creatures . . . now why would I think something like that.

Vegeta shudders at his previous thought, even though its prospects intrigue him. He then *sighs* contemplating on another apparent Saiya-jin that has seemed to surpassed him, even if he is from the future.

How come Kakarotto and that purple haired abomination can turn super Saiya-jin and I canít? How could the purple hair freak be Saiya-jin at all? This is stupid! Heís probably faking it some how anyways. But if what he says about the future is true then I really need to become a Super Saiya-jin too. As much as I hate to admit it, this fucking planet is the only place I have left to go. My home planet is gone and I couldnít repopulate a new planet with out at least one female Saiya-jin, which of course there are none. Well . . . I could use humans . . . what the fuck am I talking about. Kakarrottoís insanity must be rubbing off on me during our sparring matches or something . . . . . . . . . .But I have to admit that even though Bulma doesnít have a warriors body it is far from unappealing. OKAY! Thatís it! IĎve truly lost it now; maybe I lost some of my brain cells when I was wished back. That would also explain some of Kakarrottoís ignorance.


He would have to of lost at least half a brain for that. Man, I really need someone to yell at right now.

Frustrated he went into the kitchen were he had seen Bulma starting a pot of coffee a few minutes earlier. He finished the task, suddenly feeling like he needed a cup too.

"Damn it!"

It wasnít fair. He was Prince of the Saiyans, an elite soldier, I should have been the one to become the legendary Super Saiyan not this utterly incompetent, third class, dick head! Pouring him self a large cup of coffee he decided to pour another for Bulma. It wasnít her fault after all that he couldnít achieve Super Saiyan and he had busted the wall down upon entry. What was he saying?


I donít have to apologize to her; Iíve been hanging around these humans too long. Iíll bring her a cup anyways maybe I can get a quarrel out of her yet.


Bulma had left and headed towards her lab but changed her mind figuring she was too troubled to work anyways. She started walking back to her room still gritting her teeth from listening to Vegetaís idiocy that seemed to spew out from his mouth.

"How does Vegeta always know just the right things to say to drive me crazy."

This time she wouldnít lower herself to his level and was determined to just walk away. Why did he have to infuriate me so much though? It was like his second goal in life with the exception of his little thing of wanting to be more powerful than Goku.


Iím so tired of fighting with him I know he doesnít do it to hurt me but some times it does. This time it truly hadnít but I just canít do it any more.


The stress was really getting to Bulma, and as she collapsed on her bed tears began to stream down her face. It wasnít what Vegeta had said that made her cry but . . . it was something else that she couldnít quite place. This whole day had been so overwhelming, and Vegetaís insults had just added to the ever-building pile of crap that rested relentlessly on her burdened shoulders. There she lay, quietly sobbing to her self, wishing she had someone to turn to, longing for a shoulder to cry on. Maybe she should have married Yamcha. At least she wouldnít feel so alone and he always comforted her when she was up set. Then again Yamcha would do anything to get in bed with her. But he was rather good at making her "feel" better. In truth he was a great guy but he thinks with his dick, I always wondered where he kept his brains. She smiled as a new stream of salty water slid along the length of her cheek. Sinking back into the pillow as the fresh wave of tears began filling her eyes. Bulma whimpered as she tried to stifle one of her sobs hoping no one could hear her. Her nails dug into the pillow as she tried to suffocate them away, pulling the pillow as close to her face as she possibly could.


He stood there watching her in the dark, taking notice of each little whimper as they escaped her lips. Still holding the two coffee cups in his hands, he listened. Vegeta had gone to Bulmaís laboratory expecting her to be pounding away at her computer terminal as she does so often when angry at him. But he hadnít found her there. He ended up heading back to his room, which was a couple doors down from hers. When he had heard a soft noise, coming from Bulmaís room. It was barely a decibel above a whisper and if it werenít for his Saiyan hearing he wouldnít have even noticed. He was curious so he had decided to take a quick look. He pushed the door open a crack not even making a sound. To Vegetaís astonishment he had seen Bulma crying. Clutching a tear drenched pillow as her body convulsed with each muffled sob. He had froze not knowing how to react or what to do.

"Damn it, what is wrong with me?"

But as he was about to turn away, something made him stop and gaze at Bulma. It disturbed him when he realized the fact that he might have been the one to cause those tears. His heart began to pound and a look of kindness crossed his face and something more that resembled regret for his actions. They were new sensations to him that mystified him, replacing his usual numbness to such things with a feeling he couldnít yet describe. He decided to leave then, walking towards his bedroom door pondering something. He had never seen Bulma cry like that before. Oh, he had seen her cry before, when ever her and that pathetic human, Yamcha, got into fights. She would always end up crying after she left but they where never as so passionate as these ones where. At least she didnít cry when she broke up with him, he never deserved her anyways. Why did she invoke these feelings in him? Seeing her laying there, her soft blue-green hair shining in the moonlight that spilled in through the widow. Picturing her trembling body wanting to be touched and held.

"Hello! Back to reality."

What was he thinking? He pushed open his bedroom door and sat down in a chair near his desk. Looking at the coffee mugs in his hands he chuckled to him self.

"Sheís such a weakling. A frail creature . . . indeed."

Setting the coffee -cups- down on the desk he thought about other things that occupied his mind.


Vegetaís mood quickly did a hundred and eighty degree turn about going from mildly amused to exceptionally infuriated. Growling, he released an immense primeval sound that came from the deepest part of his soul. He remembered what had caused him to burst into the house so loudly. He had been so close, but by that time he was already exhausted. He had left the gravity room that Bulma and that annoying old man, Dr. Briefs, her father had built for him and was to angry to even realized what he had done to the front door, or rather the wall it had crashed into. Luckily the door was steel, than again he could have broken that too. Chuckling to himself he rose and decided to see if that airhead Kakarotto was up for a fight. He felt like venting some rage and Kakarotto was after all the cause of his bitterness. Opening the window he descended into the night sky. The moon, the full moon shined upon his armor and on his face. It had been wished back about a week ago when the dragon balls had finally returned. And since there were no more Saiyans with tails it was safe to do so. At least that was the human reasoning behind it.

"If I still had my tail Kakarotto, you would be nothing to me."

Vegeta knew he would come back beaten up much worse than Kakarotto but he would never admit that to him, he didnít even care. It would only make him stronger.


Bulma laid awake most of the night thinking, staring into the darkness of the room. She had a wonderful life, everything she ever needed or wanted she had. But that empty space, the void that wouldnít leave her heart, she didnít have anything that would fill it. Finally she had ceased her crying, absently wiping away a stray tear from her cheek. The emptiness in her heart seemed to consume her. Nothing Bulma did could ever fill the void. No matter how hard or how long she worked, it was still there. No matter how much money she spent it was still there. And when she finally drifted into a peaceful slumber it was still there

. . .especially in her dreams.


It was a recurring dream of Bulmaís. She would be standing in a field of tall grass, nothing else surrounding her. Just the monotonous miles of the largest lawn sheíd ever seen.

"I feel sorry for the guy that has to mow this lawn." She chuckled sarcastically to herself as she said this in her dream.

The dream always gave her the same feeling of perpetual solitude; dreariness loomed about it despite its natural beauty. She would lie in the field looking into the sky staring at nothing as nothing passed by. Every now and then she would dream it like she was walking around searching for something but was never able to find whatever it was she had been searching for. It was an empty vision that always ended the same way, her alone in an endless grassland until she would at last wake up or continue on with other dreams that would follow. But this time it was different, the landscape was identical but she knew what she was looking for this time. She was searching for someone who had been calling her name. The voice echoed from all around her making her unable to determine where it was coming from. She never caught the person, but she knew she wasnít alone any more at least and that was enough for Bulma. All of a sudden the scenery didnít appear all that bleak despite its repetitiveness.

Better than nothing (literally that is).


Meanwhile in another room . . .Vegeta had returned from his fight with Goku.

It had been a superior fight with Kakarotto. Neither of them had held back, which allowed Vegeta to free an immense amount of pent up rage. Vegeta had even broken one of Kakarottoís arms before the end of the spar, but he hadnít exactly make it back to his room unscathed. He had at least three broken ribs and countless cuts and bruises. Only his pride kept him from laying down on the lawn beneath his window before gathering enough determination to drag his body up to the railing of the balcony that a joined his room. He barely had enough strength to fly back through his window, clawing his way across the floor. It was morning and the sun shown into the room casting shadows along the walls. Those were last things he saw before momentarily passing out on the floor and gasping a last word snarling it between his teeth for emphasis.



When he awoke he was sprawled about in his bed with something on his head and around his waist. Vegetaís head throbbed and his side hurt when he tried to breath, wincing as a relentless ache began flooding his body. He glanced around the room and noticed his clothes lying in a neat pile on the chair beside his desk, and realized he was wearing nothing but his boxers. He was about to jump up and throw some clothes on and find out what the fuck was going on when his head began to swim and he fell back on the bed. Detecting a noise he glanced towards the door in time to see someone enter the room.

"I see youíre awake. I considered putting you in the isolation chamber but I decided against it sense you werenít hurt that bad. Although you do have a slight concussion."

She had said it in a casual tone ignoring Vegetaís somewhat irritated look. His face exhibited a deep scowl; drawing his eyebrows together into the iciest glare he could muster.

He resented the fact that Bulma had even come into his room to find him there. Why did she even care to help him at all? Trying to get up again, Vegeta collapsed on his side causing him yet even greater distress, pulling a few already strained muscles even further. He uttered an unbearable snarl, his face becoming distorted in agonizing pain. He tried not to show his difficulty even though Bulma could see it in the expressions on his face. She came to the side of his bed helping him to lie back again only to have her arms flung away.

"I can take care of my self!" Vegeta snarled back at her.

Bulma just looked at him and rolled her eyes.

"Your so predictable."


Ignoring the pain Vegeta threw the blankets that had been placed over him to the floor. This had been a mistake as he realized once again that he was not dressed and only in his underwear. Bulma blushed and turned away and thankfully, Vegeta thought, when she had because he could feel his face also turn bright red. How ever, he found it pleasurable that he had affected her that way. This could get interesting.

"I apologize for undressing you, but I had to see how bad your injuries were to see if you need to be in the isolation chamber or not."

(Just so you know in Dragon Ball Z, yes the dubbed version, they call what most people call regeneration tanks, isolation chambers. So I did too.)

Bulma turned an even brighter shade of cherry red as she whispered this. Vegeta smiled to him self to see this, finding that it would be easy to play with her. Humans are too shy around such things, but it puzzled Vegeta that Bulma was too. Usually the vulgar woman was quite blunt about the entire subject of sex in general. Then again who was talking about sex . . .

"Sure, thatís why you did it."

He laughed at his remark waiting for her to say something in return. Bulma turned back around, her face twisted in a fiery glare, looking like she might lake an eye out with it. Vegeta was pleased that he had gotten the response he had been looking for. Crossing his arms over his chest he looked back attentively into her sparkling eyes, a wicked smirk expanding from one side of his face to the next. Bulma ignored his leer.

"I could have left you on the floor you know, and I didnít have to drag you to your bed then tend to all your injuries. You stupid fuck! Why do I even bother?"

She was about to leave as she turned and walked away when she heard Vegeta mumble something that she didnít quite hear.

"What did you say?"

She had shouted it expecting some sort of cruel remark when he yelled something back that she had defiantly hadnít been expecting.

"Damn it I canít believe I saying this! Iím SORRY, OKAY!"

Bulma seemed to be in a present state of shock. Her mouth fell wide open and she looked like she had seen Vegeta himself in a tutu or something, but what had possessed him to say that. Vegeta sorry? He continued to speak after she was silent.

"Iím sorry."

He said it in a voice so soft she could scarcely her him. She was dumbfounded, and for the first time in her life speechless! Well, not completely speechless, this is Bulma were talking about. She plopped down on a chair near the bed out of disbelief.

"Its . . . okay, I guess I just over reacted."

What was she saying; heís an asshole! He walked over to her then and reached out a hand. She looked at him funny and asked


a little intimidated. (Remember, Vegeta is still standing up in the middle of his room wearing nothing but a flimsy pair of boxers.)

"Youíre sitting on my clothes baka. Get up or hand them to me, unless you really want to see my body that bad."

Vegeta was grinning when she finally jumped up and stormed out of the room.

"Sheís so easy!"

He would get her again with that one anytime he wanted. All he had to do was remind her of how she had taken his clothes of while he was unconscious. He knew her too well, and with that he chuckled and left his room still in his boxers, peeking around corners for glimpses of Bulma. Avoiding anymore uncomfortable meetings with her in his underwear. Grabbing a towel out of the hall closet, he headed for the bathroom still having not been showered from last nights fight with Kakarotto.


Stepping onto the cool tile floor of the bathroom Vegeta threw his towel in the sink and shut the door behind him. He turned on the water in the shower and removed his only article of clothing letting it fall to the floor. He carefully removed the bandages Bulma had wrapped him in, and then stepped into the waters path. The water felt good as it pounded on his back running over and between each bulge of muscle.

"Ahhhhhhhhh. Just what I needed."

Vegeta *sighed* and leaned against the wall enjoying the tiny bit of relaxation he was receiving from this simple serenity. Feeling seemingly tranquil, it was like all that pained him was just suddenly washed away, spiraling down into the shower drain. He had wanted to touch Bulma when she had sat in the chair, he didnít know why but he had. Maybe it was because of what he saw last night, he even apologized to her.

"One minute Iím fine, trying to think of ways to piss her off and the next . . . I apologize when I do."

What was the deal with him lately, I know Iíve been a little stressed but come on. Then out of nowhere a memory from last night came back to him. He had been in and out of consciousness but was certain he had felt the warm touch of a hand on his face. He even touched the hand, even caressed it. Kami he even smiled! <Vegeta grimaced>. He just hoped it had been dream and not Bulmaís hand. It had to be a dream he wouldnít do something like that. Letting the now steaming hot of water stream across his face he leaned over allowing it to spray over his hair. He then rubbed a huge blob of shampoo throughout his thick mane scrubbing it roughly. Rising several times he shook the water from his hair sending it spraying in all directions then lifting his head back, let the water run over the front of his body.

After washing away the last of the soap, he turned off the water in the shower and reached for his towel blindly. Missing the sink completely, he grabbed something else . . . something much softer. Pulling it into the shower where he stood he looked at it a moment trying to determine what it was that he had grabbed. He looked at the crimson cloth balled in his fist, and let it fall slightly through his fingers so he could see more of what he was holding. It was of the softest fabric he had ever felt in his entire life, and was apparently an article of clothing he had never seen anyone around here ware. He had seen something like it in one of the dirty magazines that old man that Bulma knew liked to look at. It must be Bulmaís then.

Vegetaís thumb brushed over the silky fabric of the robe and held it to his nose inhaling deeply. Not even thinking it was weird to do so. He smelled the faint flowery sent that Bulma often wore. A slight smile crept to his face as he set the negligee back where it had been, but it was quickly was replaced by a frown after he realized what he had been doing. Pushing his wandering thoughts to the back off his mind Vegeta wondered what time it was. How long had he actually slept?

(I think Vegie-chan is in denial, what do you think? Hehehe!!!!!)


Back in Bulmaís laboratory . . .

Bulma was sitting at her desk hammering away on some project of hers. Sheíd been so mortified. All she had tried to do was help him.

"ARGGH! Damn this stupid thing, why wonít it work."

But what was her problem? Iíve seen Yamcha in his undies plenty of times and I never got embarrassed then, why now? She thought back to when she had first seen him lying on the floor unconscious. She had noticed that he hadnít come down for breakfast, which was strange enough knowing the amounts of food he could stuff into that bottomless pit of a stomach of his. But when he didnít come down for lunch she had gotten worried and knocked on his bedroom door to see if he was even there. When she had opened the door and saw him there on the floor, she couldnít believe it. Panicked, she had dragged him onto the bed having almost been too heavy for her to budge him. But she did it anyways using every bit of strength she had. And she had been sincere when she had removed his clothes to check for cuts and broken bones. Still she blushed again remembering the feel of the skin on his chest as she felt for broken ribs finding a couple. She recalled how he had whimpered (very un-Vegeta like) in his unconscious state as she wrapped a bandage around one of the rather large gashes on his abdomen, a look of genuine pain on his face. There was something else she remembered from last night, she didnít know why she had done it but was just as surprised as to the reaction it had caused in Vegeta. She had just finished bandaging him and was now sitting on the edge on his bed, inches away from his sleeping form. What she had been thinking that moment Bulma didnít know but seeing him there hurt melted her heart a little. She reached out and lightly brushed her finger along the edge of his jaw line, slightly surprised at how smooth his skin was. But before she could pull away, Vegetaís hand came up and covered hers, which was now being pressed to his left cheek. A slight smile formed on his lip that was far from the typical evil smirk he usually had given her. At first Bulma thought Vegeta had woken up but was relieved when his hand fell away finally. She was curious however why he had been smiling during the whole thing.

With out her even knowing the void that she couldnít fill shrunk a bit thinking about last night. Snapping out of her memory she realized that Vegeta hadnít eaten all day. Bulma *sighed* and took a moment to bring her self back to reality. She jumped up from her workstation and marched into the kitchen only to find her mom there already cooking and Vegeta already eating.


He was at the dining room table eating so fast that he almost didnít hear her come in. Vegeta watched her walk past him into the kitchen noticing that she pretended not to notice his presence. She opened the refrigerator door and began raiding for leftovers.

"Hi Bulma!"

Came the cheerful voice of her mother. Bulma felt a hug from behind which comforted her a little but was momentarily released when Mrs. Briefs began to stir pots of food that were on the stove and continuing to speak.

"Havenít seen you all day where have you been?"

Bulma blushed furiously and glanced over to Vegeta who had slowed his eating and was now staring at her sending shivers up and down her spine. Then came that evil smirk and he stopped eating all together just to listen in on the conversation, which infuriated Bulma more. She looked away then turning to her mom. She knew her mom wouldnít intentionally embarrass her daughter like that but Bulma had to say something in response to her question.

"Oh, Iíve been keeping busy in my lab, I have a new project."

Bulma wasnít exactly lying but she felt bad anyways.

"Thatís nice dear."

Was all Bulma heard as her mom rushed out of the kitchen saying something about forgetting to turn the dryer on. Bulma was momentarily relieved that her mom hadnít wanted a long drawn out conversation on the topic though. She had returned to her hunt for hood in the refrigerator when she heard someone come up behind her, thinking it was her mother again she asked

"Mom, do we have any leftovers from yesterdayís dinner?"

But the person that answered her wasnít her mom.

"Sorry, just finished the last of it."

Stiffening in response Bulma stood up. She was briefly taken back with surprise and she dared not speak if she didnít want Vegeta to know just how nervous she really was.

"So tell me something, I guess you didnít come into my room this morning after all. Was it a dream?"

Vegetaís words were unsettling to Bulma and made her uncomfortable. She could feel his grin driving through her back even though she couldnít see his face.

"I just didnít want her to worry, she gets that way with that sort of thing. If I had told her you would have been hauled out of the kitchen and into a isolation chamber, and Iím sure you would have liked that Vegeta."

It was all she could muster; the truth was that she didnít want another chance for Vegeta to embarrass her, especially in front of her mom. But now he only did it to her face in which she could feel growing warm again with the thought of him lying almost naked in his bed. Almost looking sweat and charming, when unconscious that is. Then Vegeta spoke again.

"You know very well I could blast your mother away if she even tried to do that, donít be stupid."

After that last comment she whished he would act more that way. Damn him! She shut the refrigerator door and whorled around to meet his stare.

"Damn it! Whatís your problem? All I did was try and help you. Unlike you I do things for other people not just for my own selfish reasons. Do you actually think I care what you look like naked! Iíve seen more of a mans body then youíve revealed to me. Your probably never even seen a women naked before have you?"

With that last remark Vegetaís grin widened and Bulmaís already red face was now contorted into a look of mortification and horror over what she had just blurted out. Kame! At this rate she would die of embarrassment. Before Bulma could retreat from the kitchen, Vegeta quickly blocked her path allowing her to bump into his chest. Grabbing her arms he held her there and pushed her back against the fridge roughly but not to hurt her. Looking into her eyes he saw a slight cringe of fear but also a distant look of something else he couldnít place. He finally replied to her but his voice was to low and hoarse for the remark to be intended as an angry reply to her insult at him. More like a warning.

"I have seen many things that you have not little weakling, and do not underestimate my knowledge of such things either."

He let her go then leaving her leaning against the fridge door breathing in rapid gasps, her heart feeling as though it would burst. Why had he done that? It wasnít like Vegeta at all. And the way he had looked at her, it was almost like . . . the way Yamcha had before they had made love. No, he was just trying to intimidate me to further embarrass me some more because of what I said. He always knows perfect things to say to piss me off. Damn it Vegeta!


After Vegeta had walked away and turned the corner where Bulma couldnít see him he backed against the wall his mouth now dry. What was wrong with him what made him do that to her. She infuriated him so much though, how dare she say that to me. He sensed her coming so he walked towards the front door, which was now repaired, probably by one of those robots that Bulma had made that ran around the capsule corporation compound.

"ARGGH! Get out of my mind! I need to train."

Swinging the door open he left noticing it was already getting dark again, he must have been out a long time, more reason to train. He felt where his injuries had been noting that they had healed. Thanks to Bulma.


Bulma walked to the front door where it had been left open. At least he didnít break it. She looked after him as he walked into the gravity room and watched the door slide shut before finally closing the front door. She thought a moment. She felt weird now, and Vegeta seemed different to her too. Was there another side to Vegeta she hadnít noticed before? She wasnít sure but then again she didnít want to really find out at this instant. She held her arms where he had touched her just seconds ago. She could see the handprints he had left on her, and her knees were still weak. For a second time the void in her heart shrunk, again with out her noticing.


It has been a week since then and Vegeta had tried his best to avoid Bulma. Even though sometimes he couldnít help sending an insult her way once in a while. When he did he made sure that it was a good one. He would say something like . . .

"I see the troll has finally left her bridge." when ever she left her lab.

Or Bulmaís favorite. "Hey ugly! Why donít you grab me a beer?"

But something was different with Bulma. She wouldnít talk back to him anymore and barely said a word to him if and when she did. This was really annoying to Vegeta. Why did it even matter to him? It just meant he had more time to train instead of listening to her ramblings about how big of an ass he was. He couldnít figure it out.


Then one day while meditating in the gravity room he realized something. Something strange. He missed her. Damn it, her missed her. He missed the little arguments they so frequently used to get into. Even the little human things she did to make her self pretty, using that stuff she called make-up. He crossed his arms as he thought about this. Could she miss him? Fucking Earth, I think living on this freaking planet has made me soft. But he couldnít help thinking about her. Itís all he ever did lately. One minute heíd be training in the gravity room and the next he would be pondering if that were Bulmaís natural hair color for crying out loud. What kind of name is Bulma anyways? And then it hit him, smack dab in the middle of his face.

"Oh, no! Tell me this isnít happening . . .I never thought . . . masaka! Not to me. Kuso!"

Iíve bonded he thought. But . . . how can this be?

"Ohhhhh fuck!"

It was the only explanation. He couldnít stop thinking about her, the way she looks when sheís mad, temper flaring and her eyes all sparkly with rage. Her beautiful yet frighteningly fragile body as he pressed himself to her against the refrigerator.

"Thereís nothing I can do, but I canít let this happen. I wont!"


Flashes of memories go through Vegetaís mind. Brief echoes of voices ring in his ears. A very young Vegeta is standing before his father who was obviously angry at his younger self for some reason.

"How many times have I told you this? No! You canít see your mother. I donít even know who she was Damn it!"

A hand comes with blinding speed towards his face, and sends him flying into a nearby wall. Watching in his memory as his father walked away. He

remembered, he remembered it all . . .

Vegeta had been told that a female Saiyan had been specially picked to "breed", as it was put, with his father.

"I donít ever recall asking her name." His father had said. "Sheís probably dead now, having been a warrior. Youíll have to do the same some day."

. . . another incident passes through Vegetaís mind. He must be about 8 or so years old. He is looking from the wall of the courtyard by the place watching as everyday Saiyans pass by. He notices a woman and a man walking below him, and sees they are wearing Saiyan armor so they must be warriors. They duck behind a cluster of vines and are now holding hands, which surprises young Vegeta. He has never seen a man and women or anybody for that matter holding and touching the way they were. He watched them for a while; long enough to see the man bite the womanís ear then whisper some thing to her.

Vegeta clenched his fists as he remembered what he heard when he asked about it . . .

As a child Vegeta never really saw his father and what he had seen confused him so he had decided to talk about it with his closest comrade.

(Didnít have friends back then either.)

Kronas (play on corn, dumb name but hey! Itís a vegetable okay!), was the closest thing to what a human would call a father he had ever known. He was the one who trained Vegeta and taught him everything a young prince needed to know before he eventually became King. Vegeta respected Kronas even more than his actual father, King Vegeta. When Vegeta had asked him about the incident in the courtyard, he had laughed at Vegeta, something he never took lightly. As he was about to throw a large mass of energy at Kronas for his insolence, Kronas backed away seriously begging for forgiveness.

"Iím sorry your highness, I just wasnít expecting to hear about such things from you."

Kronas smiled weakly back at Vegeta to break the uneasiness that filled the room. And was relieved to see the ball of ki dissipate from the Princes fist.

"What is the meaning of their actions? Why were they so . . . close?"

Vegeta crossed his arms waiting for a reply ignoring the smirk on his senseiís face. Smugly sticking his royal nose up in the air as high as it would go.

"You see . . ." Kronas began. "In the lower classes of Saiyan . . .there is, well, a different way that they . . .ummm . . .how should I put it? They have different family systems than that of the royal classes of Saiyan."

He paused as if considering whether or not he should continue. Sighing he began to speak again.

"You see . . .in higher class families bonding has been breed out of them using genetic engineering. And when they want children they pick women of good stock and breeding like them selves to keep from contaminating their bloodline. They mate until a child is conceived and never see each other again. The father keeps the child if it is male and the mother keeps it if it is female. This is because as you already know that female Saiyans are considered less powerful and are usually trained to become mates for other royal blooded male Saiyans. They are still considered to be in a higher class than non-royal blooded Saiyans though. But in the lower classes . . .sometimes men and women are allowed to bond. When this happens the two people have a connection to each other making them mating partners for life. They can feel and see things that each other do. Once it has started, neither can stop it. The harder they try to push it away the more persistent the bond becomes. You donít have to *mate* either to become bonded. But that is very rare. There are a few other things that can happen but I donít remember them, me being lucky enough not to posses such a weakness. You also donít have to worry about bonding, sense extra precautions have been taken with the Kings bloodline. The people you saw were just some lowly common folk, donít bother yourself with it any more."

The memory echoed in Vegetaís mind.

"Masaka! But itís the only explanation. But Iím Saiyan, Bulma is not."

This worried him if he had bonded maybe Bulma hadnít because she was human. If she hadnít then he would be stuck bonded to a woman that wasnít bonded to him.



Bulma had done her best all week to ignore Vegetaís stupid remarks but at the same time resisting the thoughts that so frequently passed through her mind. But as she leaned outside the balcony of her window looking up at the stars he was all she could think of. Vegeta of all people! Sighing, she put her head in her hands as she propped her elbows on the railing of the balcony wall. She knew it now but didnít know why; she loved Vegeta, even his stupid remarks about the way she looked and stuff. But did Vegeta feel the same way? Then looking down below her she found her eyes wondering over to the gravity room where she knew he was probably training.

"I wonder what a hundred times earthís gravity feels like?" speaking to her self.

!!!!!!!!"Nothing to me, but you I suspect would be flatter than a pancake before you could even feel the effects."

Startled Bulma released a small gasp of shock as she looked towards her bedroom door where she saw Vegeta standing with his usual look of superiority that he always seemed to have. However just as Bulma had thought that, the look on his face softened as he saw what she was wearing. Which was practically nothing except for the same crimson silk robe that he had found in the bathroom, which was now tied loosely at her waist. It showed off everything below her hips framing the rest of the accentuating curves of her body. Vegeta forced himself to keep his composure, as he stood his ground at the other end of the room. Bulma griped the balcony and finally got up enough nerve to at last speak but if came out too shaky as she trembled with uncertainty.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?"

He smiled at her then, that smile of his. The one that made you want to run up to him and scream in his face just how arrogant he really was, using every swear word that you knew. In more than one language!

(NOTE from Senzu: I do that often! Swear in more than one language that is. O_o )

"Nani? You get to come in my room but I canít come into yours? I was going to undress you like you did to me but it looks as though youíve done that part for me already."

Bulma was terrified, what should I do, she thought. As if sensing she was about to run Vegeta quickly moved over to where she was standing. Damn it, what am I doing? As if asking the same question Bulma got a distant puzzled look on her face as Vegeta spoke.

"You look hideous under moon light you know."

He really hadnít meant it and the way he said it Bulma knew it too. He hadnít planned on coming here but he couldnít help it anymore. The bond had pulled him to her room. The moment he had seen her looking into the night sky after leaving the gravity room. Her hair blowing about her, he had almost taken off straight to her window just to caress her cheek but quickly dismissed that thought. But passing her room he had felt her presence and he couldnít stand it any longer. And now Iím here with her he thought. I shouldnít but I am.

(Put a heavy arrogant emphasis on underlined and italicized words when reading Vegetaís little heart-to-heart speech to Bulma.)

"I am Prince Vegeta, I am an elite, born to be the ruler of all Saiya-jin, prophesized to be the legendary super Saiyan and I hate you damn it. "

As if he couldnít contain himself any more he kissed her. Pressing hard at first afraid she would try to run away then slowing down a little to savor every shiver he felt come from her, listening to every little moan.

"Ahhhh, my little weakling! "

He touched her everywhere places sheíd never been touched before.

"Vegeeeeta, Ohhhh!"

He couldnít do it, KAME. He couldnít do it. It took all Vegeta had just to pull him self away from her.


Bulma protested trying to pull him back to her, but he yelled back instead.

"You donít understand what your doing. You donít know what youíre doing to me!"

Vegeta saw a look on Bulmaís face that would even make him drop to his knees but he could not continue until he had explained.

"Vegetaaaa . . . no donít leave me like this. I donít want to be alone, I canít stand it!"

Bulmaís words stabbed at his heart. He hated the loneliness that he felt in his life too, but he couldnít not until he was sure about the bond. Not his, but the one she just might have for him. It was probably just her hormones or something but right now he could have sworn that she felt the same way as he did about her. Maybe somehow she had bonded too. But before he went any further he had to make sure, and if he stayed here it would only get worse.

"Not yet." He said. "I have to explain."

He lifted her delicate body and floated towards her bed laying her down gently. Before he spoke he stoked a few stray strands of hair away from her face and looked deep into her eyes, seeing what he had seen that day in the kitchen. That look in her eyes, it had been lust. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

"Sleep" he said. "Iíll come for you soon."

As soon as he had said those last words he left her side and flew out the window. Bulma had jumped out of the bed and ran to where he had ascended into the darkness of night.


She had said it loud enough to be a scream, but she knew he hadnít heard her.

"Come back." She whispered.

Tears began silently rolling down her face falling to the ground beneath the balcony. She knew though, she knew why he had left; he just didnít know she did. If that even makes any sense. However, how she knew was a question Bulma couldnít quite answer herself. Some how they had bonded, she didnít even know what it meant. But she could hear his thoughts; she could feel what he felt. They had connected, their souls intertwined for eternity. For the third time the void in Bulmaís heart began to shrink a little bit more because of what she now knew.


Vegeta had flown countless times around the world watching the sun set and rise countless times, but he still hadnít found his composure. He kept seeing flashes of Bulma in his mind and remembered the feel of her hips as his hand grazed, greedily over them. The smoothness of the silk as it slid over his hands, the radiating warmth of her body melting between his fingers like butter. Why did this have to happen to me? Finding an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean he settled down on its shore, watching as waves were smashed onto large rocks that lined the beach. He wanted to hit her and fling her to the ground, except at the same time he would have comforted her if he had. He would destroy any person who would have tried to do the same. Vegeta knew he would have to come to her again tomorrow night, he had to explain that he was know bonded to her, mates for eternity and there was nothing he could do about it to make it stop. He would never, could never, bond again even if he wanted to, which he didnít. A thought crossed his mind, more like a premonition. His body tensed and he felt into the night with his senses as a sharp pain overwhelmed him. Something was wrong! Closing his eyes he saw Bulma, it was what she looked like that made him leap up from were he was sitting from shear terror. Fear in his heart, she was laying on the floor of her laboratory her arms and legs sprawled this way and that, blood on the floor around her. Rushing into the air as fast as he could go sputtering curses the whole time. Vegeta for the first time in his life cared for someone other than himself.


Busting through the front door just in time to see Bulmaís parents carrying Bulma out of her laboratory. Vegeta frantic and a little confused ran towards them grabbing her lifeless body.

"Little weakling, I am hear, please donít die."

Hurrying her to the iso chamber, he kissed her forehead before slowly dropping her into the water and hooking the mask to her mouth. He watched as she sunk to the bottom, her hair resting gently around her shoulders. Good thing Bulma had some what altered it to heal humans as well as Saiya-jin.

Bulmaís parents were more confused then ever by now. First seeing Vegeta burst into Capsule Corp. and taking their daughter then to see Vegeta gently caressing her before placing her into the tank What was going on. Dr. Briefs looked at his wife and scratched his head in confusion not comprehending why Vegeta had acted so strange. Mrs. Briefs didnít know how they had but she knew that although they were an unlikely couple its seems they had become just that. Call it a motherís intuition. Pulling her husband out of the room and closing the door behind them, she beamed back at him. She had already noticed the change in behavior between the two over the past couple weeks, this just confirmed what she thought she already knew. It would be interesting to see how things developed between their daughter and the Saiyan Prince. But just how developed had their relationship become? Thatís what she wanted to know.


Some time later . . .

Vegeta sat hunched over with his head hidden in his knees. His back was resting against the cool glass surface of the tank that held Bulma. It had been twenty-four hours since she had been placed in the tank and he had refused to leave. Vegeta didnít care if Bulmaís parents knew that he felt that way towards Bulma. He didnít even care if he ate or slept and he wouldnít have eaten if Mrs. Briefs hadnít brought him food and drink so he could stay by her. At first Dr. Briefs had told him to get some rest but Vegeta just glared at him growling and baring his teeth like he would attack, so reluctantly Bulmaís father just stopped asking.


Vegeta looked over his shoulder glancing up into the tank watching Bulma float peacefully. What had happened to her? After briefly touching the smooth surface of the tank he closed his eyes seeing flash backs in his mind. Then a voice suddenly came into his mind.

"Vegeeeta . . . donít worry."

Vegetaís eyes flew open at the sound of Bulmaís voice as he looked at her but was confused when she was still floating unconscious in the tank.

"Itís okay." the voice continued, "I already know about the bonding. Donít ask me how but I do."

Vegeta thought he was going crazy as he stood watching his mate, but saw the faint smile that touched her lips. Vegeta *gasped* she was talking to him telepathically. He hadnít realized that the bond had grown that strong between them.

"Bulma," he said as he reached a hand out to tough the glass that separated them. She too had bonded! But how?

"Vegeta, get me out of this tank Iím better now."

He did as he was told, slowly pulling her out of the tank removing the mask that covered her face. She was still quite pale and he was afraid he had taken her out too soon, but Bulmaís eyes shortly fluttered open meeting his gaze.

"Donít leave me again."

They were her first words to him, and Vegeta thought he would crush her if he held her any tighter. Careful, not to move her any more than was necessary he took her back to her room where he laid her down on the bed. Taking a towel out of the hall closet he come back into Bulmaís room shutting the door behind him. He sat next to her were she lay and began to blot the moisture from her face and arms a frown plastered across his face.

"What the hell happen to you woman?"

He had asked like he was angry but Bulma understood.

"I was in my lab trying to set the frequency on the power converter attached to a new project I had just finished for you, when I think the processor overloaded and blew up blasting me into something. I must have hit my head when I landed on the floor."

Vegeta didnít really know what the hell she was talking about but was still curious.

"You were making something for me?"

What could she have possibly been making for me?

Bulma was excited that he was actually interested in what she had been doing. Sitting up despite the throbbing pain at the base of her head

"You see" she began.

"Iíve been working on a machine that will allow you to train under much higher gravity than you already have been, it could triple the amount of gravity you are currently training under. This I hope will help you become a Super Saiyan. I know how much it means to you."

Thinking he really wasnít listening she lay back on the bed and sighed, thatís Vegeta for you she thought.


Vegeta had been listening though and was stunned that she had built something for him just to make him happy. He looked down at Bulma lying peacefully before him and an eager yearning, a hunger came over him. Beginning to unbutton the front of her shirt a fierce grin came over his face.

"You just want to see me naked you hentai."

She laughed as she said it because she was slightly nervous and she struggled to sit back up, but Vegeta only held her to the bed gently.

"Shut up woman, you shouldnít be moving around, just relax."

His words were ruff but the look on his face told Bulma other wise. Removing the water-drenched garment, he threw it against the wall to the other end of the room. Then blotting the dampness away from her chest and stomach as he moved his hands lower to her pants. He positioned himself kneeling between her legs, unzipping her jeans ever so slowly. Bulmaís hands went up to his face tenderly brushing the tips of her fingers over his lips with one hand the other pulling him closer for a kiss. She could tell he was trying to be gentle with her unsure of her injuries but to his surprise she pulled him closer for a deeper, more passionate kiss. Vegeta sat up then pulling at his armor, raising his arms over his head and flinging it over the side of the bed. Feeling through the sleekness of his body suit, Bulma explored every ripple of muscle on his torso. Vegeta could hardly stand it any more, feeling a vast array of new sensations take him over.

"You are mine little weakling. You are mine for eternity."

With that he pulled her pants off barely noticing that she had sat up again and began removing the rest of his clothes, giggling as Vegeta fumbled with the tightness of the suit. Vegeta glared at her but continued his struggle. Finally freeing himself, Bulma clung to him feeling their bodies contact skin-to-skin. For the first time he groaned aloud, sending shivers up her spine. Kame! She needed him just as much as he did her. It felt like a dream to Bulma, running her nails down his back as he kissed her neck occasionally biting her until he made his way down to a taught nipple on her supple breast. Arching her back against him in response as he nipped at it gently. After awhile he laid her back on the bed making her comfortable.

"I canít stop now." He said.

His words were unsteady as he breathed unevenly panting against her shoulder. She smiled to him then.

"Why should you if I want this to happen."

Bulmaís words were like the firing of a pistol signaling the start of a race. He touched her in frantic successions of involuntary lust that poured from him. Looking down at his mate he thought to himself that it might not be a bad thing that he had bonded to this frail creature. He could see the passion and desire in her eyes that equaled his own and he couldnít hold it any longer. Vegeta positioned himself above her drawing her hips closer to his own. He paused staring down at her and their eyes met and lingered a little longer, both savoring the moment. Pressing into her slow at first feeling her melt beneath him as he began in slow rhythmical motions, drawing out of her savoring the way she felt around him. He filled her completely, and tasted the sweat on her shoulder as he nestled in her neck pushing as far in as he could go. Bulmaís fingers entwined in his hair clutching it as he bit her ear gently. She loved the smell of his skin, the feel of his highly callused hands as they grazed over one breast. The other bracing himself above her shoulder. She had missed this so much.


His movements quickening as he felt her come pushing into her a few more times until he heard her gasp and shudder against him as he exploded spilling into her. Vegetaís muscles stiffened in response, and tried desperately to gain control over his body as he trembled with the wave of pleasure that now restricted him. But Vegeta wasnít done yet, not even close. He powered up slightly and floated above the middle of the bed, never stopping his rhythm the whole time. Bulma trembled as another wave of pleasure rocked her body. He was wild and untamed he held back nothing and she gladly accepted his feral behavior matching it with her own. Bulmaís nails dug into his flesh and he nearly squeezed the breath out of her. Vegeta was nearing another climax and so was Bulma. Vegetaís battle aura blazed around them filling the room with a golden light. They thrashed about in the air as Vegeta pulled her hips closer and deeper to fill her completely. He screamed as loud as he could, and didnít stop even as his hair turned a golden hue, straightening stiffly into spikes and his eyes becoming deep pools of aquamarine. Bulma stared back in awe, and pride that she had helped him achieve what he previously couldnít. He hadnít even noticed and as quickly as it had happened it left. Bulma smiled to her self and decided to tell him later.

Exhausted they fell back down to the bed. Still inside her Vegeta was being careful not to crush Bulma. Pulling out of her Vegeta rolled over on his side and wrapped a blanket around them turning themselves into a cocoon of warmth as they laid in bed. Vegeta was content as Bulma snuggled alongside him enjoying the feel of their skin touching, feeling the warmth and vulnerability he shared with his mate. Funny that he should enjoy such a thing as being vulnerable.

Who would have thought that the prince of the Saiya-jin would have mated with a human let alone bond to one. Vegeta considered this a moment, how would his father the "King" react to his son if he was still alive? He didnít know if he would have survived his father even if Vegeta were stronger than him, which he was. He didnít have to worry about that now though . . . but still.

"I hate you." He said quietly looking deep into Bulmaís blue eyes making her blush.

"I love you too" she replied, hesitating as she spoke again. "But please never leave me alone again."

A tear fell gently across the bridge of her nose.

"You stupid sentimental humans! Of course I wonít leave you."

Vegeta ignored the fact that he might have to fight someone like Freeza again. Only focusing on pleasing Bulma. And for the last time the void in Bulmaís heart filled until it over flowed with Vegetaís love.


Kame looked down at the earth smiling to himself.

"Finally! I thought theyíd never get together."

Mr. Popo looked over at him with a puzzled look on his face, but Kame only laughed.

"What a pair!"


In another room somewhere in the vicinity of Capsule Corporation Mrs. Briefs giggled and soon began a new wave belly laughs that echoed in the quiet of her bedroom.

"That was fast!"

She smiled at her husband who finally understood what all that yelling had been about, and blushed. Mrs. Briefs laughing died down a bit, and she finally speaks again.

"Well? What did you think I meant when I said that the boy had stamina?"

Dr. Brief ducked his head under the covers and tried desperately to push out the thoughts that were now running though his mind.

"Iím not hearing this!!!!! La, la, laÖ..I canít hear you!"

Mrs. Briefs ducked under the covers too, but not for the same reason her husband hadÖÖÖ


After the Bond: So their together right?

Well, it has been a couple months since that night in Bulmaís room, and a new kind of connection has formed around Vegeta and Bulma. They never got married over the coarse of the relationship, it just never occurred to them. They were just happy the way it was. No one, not even friends or family knew how the relationship had even begun. They just accepted it as fact once they realized how serious it had gotten between the two. They didnít consider the bond that had brought them together, not comprehending how strong their love had actually grown. After that night in Bulmaís room though, Vegeta realized something about this bond. The bond in actuality could not have happened without prior feelings of love for each other. Somehow those feelings had grown with out either of them even noticing. Vegeta was just too obsessed with becoming a Super Saiya-jin and Bulma too involved in her studies that neither even considered that there might be something more to their little squabbles together.

Vegeta continued during the day trying to act as if nothing at all had changed between them, but changes in his attitude towards Bulma had obviously taken place. Although they occurred just enough that people began to take notice. The slight brush of his fingers, he would occasionally slide across Bulmaís cheek when he thought no one was watching. The way he would stare at her from across the room, sending shivers up and down Bulmaís spine. And how could anyone miss Vegetaís hands wandering over to Bulmaís neck to absently caress a neglected strand of hair. But it wasnít just Vegetaís behavior that peaked everyoneís interest, but Bulmaís as well. A warm smile from across the room, or the way she clung to his side when entering a room. But who would forget the first time they kissed in public, confirming their mutual attachment to each other.

There had been a party at the Sonís house and everyone had been invited. But the events that would take place that evening would change the way people looked at Vegeta and Bulma forever.

It had been such a simple act of affection on their behalf, that at the time they didnít even think it was any different then their normal behavior. But to those that were around them, it was a smack in the face (Especially for Yamcha). Vegeta had cursed silently when he realized what they had announced to the world when he kissed Bulma upon entry to the party, but was mildly surprised to see no one was really all that shocked. Although he did receive a smirk from Goku, he only nodded and continued towards his prior destination, which had been the kitchen. Later on that night Vegeta slipped up again when he caught Bulma looking up at the stars just like that night on the balcony. Sneaking up be hind Bulma he trapped her from any possibly escape and she turned startled and they exchanged loving glances for the longest time. Ignoring the people around him Vegeta forgot him self too, and kissed her again only more passionately and much longer. He didnít care any more about the people around him and all he knew was that he was happy for once in his life and nothing was going to take that little bit of happiness away from him. This how ever attracted the attention of the whole room this time and was an even bigger shock to the ones who had missed their performance earlier. The two blushed, when they finished to see everyone staring at them. Vegeta actually took on one of Gokuís sheepish appearances, and glanced at Bulmaís face hoping his wasnít the same shade of cherry red.

It was a priceless moment that I highly doubt will be forgotten any time soon.

The End . . . or is it?

(Obviously not but for now it must be!)