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Dragon Fall!
chapter 5
Vegita : we're not finished yet! come over here!
Goku : yeah, right, catch me first! (rolls into a ball and goes quickly)
Vegita : hey, that's not fair! please! BWAAA!!! (starts sucking his thumb)
Goku : (comes back) what the... *sweatdrop*
Vegita : AHA! you came back!
Goku : holy shit! you were faking!
Vegita : well, actually, I wasn't.
Goku : (falls to the floor) oy!
dating game guy : (all dirty) hey! why'd you guys destroy the place?
Vegita : uuhhh... I felt like it! (everyone falls to the floor)
both : IDIOT!!!
Vegita : (in a scared voice) oh, shit... guys...
Goku : HA! he's scared of us!
dating game guy : (turns around) uuhhh... I don't think so...
Goku : huh? what do you mean? (turns around) holy shit!
Cell : hi guys, just dropped by!
Frieza : felt like doing some stuff!
Majin Boo : and we decided to do... chaos!!!!
good guys : AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S THEM!!!!!
evil guys : HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (the good guys run away)
Majin Boo : hey! you can't do that! let's get them!
Cell : nah, too lazy.
Frieza : same here.
Majin Boo : you know, I don't feel like doing chaos with them, let's kill the Teletubbies!
Cell : we'll be in jail the moment we lay a finger on them!
Frieza : nobody cares about those faggots, anyways, so why worry? they have TVs on their stomachs! come on, how strange is that?
Majin Boo : they're aliens! they said so in the first episode!
Cell : how do you know that?
Frieza : please don't tell me you watch that show!
Majin Boo : well, umm... he he... well... (oh, shit! I'm toast!)
Frieza and Cell : (with a suspiscious voice) well?
Majin Boo : OK!! I WATCH TELETUBBIES!! SO WHAT? but, are we still friends?
meanwhile, in Goku's house...
Goku : whoo! we escaped! good ridance!
Vegita : next time, you won't be so lucky!
Goku : I'm glad that guy took off in another direction! he was annoying!
Gohan : (panting a lot) dad... *huff* the kids... *puff* are... *hack* zombies... *cough*
Goku : what? the kids?
Goten : hi dad! what's up?
Trunks : we had a great time, dad!
Goku : what a lie, Gohan! go play your tricks on Mr. Satan!
Mr. Satan : (out of nowhere) hey! why me? why always me?
Gohan : but dad, I'm telling you the truth! they were acting like the living dead!
Goku : that's it, Gohan, no more caffeine for two weeks!
Gohan : NOOOOOOO!!!!! everything but that! please!
Goku : I'm sorry, Gohan, but it's for your own good!
Gohan : (mutters) *my own good, my ass!*
Goku : what did you say?
Gohan : I said "all right, all right!", ok?
Goku : ok, remember what I said! (leaves with Vegita)
Gohan : you're gonna pay, idiots!
Goten : yeah, right, make us!
Trunks : you can't take us on!
Gohan : wanna bet? (beats them up in thirty seconds)
both : damn!
yet somewhere else...
Majin Boo : (above a big pot filled with lava) guys, this isn't funny anymore! GET ME DOWN!!!!!
Cell : you don't deserve to live, you Teletubbie lover!
Frieza : you are a disgrace to evilness! die!!! (lets go off the rope)
Majin Boo : AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (splashes) ooooohhh... this is life!
Cell and Frieza : WHAAAT!!!!
Majin Boo : now, suffer!!! (turns on TV on background and changes the channel to Teletubbies)
Frieza and Cell : AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
To be continued...