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Dragon Fall!
Chapter 4
where's my cofee? I need it to- oh! we're on! anyways, last chapter, Vegita was having the time of his life when Trunks came along, and Gohan stayed to watch them while Goku took Vegita to another place, and while Goten and Trunks were reviewing their newly-found words, Goku and Vegita were having another game...
Goku : darn it! he's killing me!
Vegita : HA! take that! there! killed 7 out of 8 of your worms! you only killed 5!
Goku : a surprise box? what could be in there? a concrete donkey? WHOA! I'll kill him with that!
Vegita : hey, what the-
donkey : HEEHAU!!!! (kills his three worms)
Goku : YEAH!!! I did it!!!
Vegita : NOOOO!!!! that's not fair! mommy! (starts crying and sucking on his thumb)
meanwhile, somewhere else...
Gohan : there! I'm out! where are you Goten?
Goten : (with a zombie-like voice) must... watch... Sesame Street...
Gohan : what the... oh, a rat chewed through the wires! I'm sorry, Goten, but you won't be able to watch it for some time now.
Trunks : (with the same voice) nobody... says... we... won't... watch... it...
Goten : If you don't let us see it... we... will... kill... you...
Gohan : stop it, Goten, you're scaring me...
Tunks : let us do... away... with... this... fool...
Gohan : no, no, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (crashes through the wall and goes away screaming)
Goten : that was awesome, right? The way he went away screaming! (laughs his head off and passes out)
Trunks : I know! I want to... see... that... again! (passes out as well)
and yet in some other place...
Vegita : I'M GONNA GET YOU, KAKAROT!!!!!! you'll die!!
Goku : holy shit! I'm outta here! (runs into the city)
Vegita : oh no! you're not escaping! come over here!
Goku : (runs into a building) oh, I'm going in! (goes in)
dating game guy : and this week's contestant is... Link! he's gonna decide which of these three girls is he gonna marry which are... Zelda, Ruto, Malon, or Saria!
Goku : whoa! wrong story!
dating game guy : may I ask who you are, sir?
Goku : no time for that! I need to-
Vegita : AHA! there you are! come over here!
Zelda ; you gotta admit, they're kinda cute!
Goku : not without a good fight! HA! (throws a fireball)
Vegita : take this! (throws another fireball)
dating game guy : ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the stage has turned into a battle zone, so let's hear it for them!
Link : whoa! now those are some moves! I gotta learn from them!
Vegita : GALIK GUN ATTACK! (the beams crash together, sending everyone flying)
flying crowd : ooooooooooohhhh!!!!!!!!
dating game guy : wheee! fly like a birdie!
Vegita : shut up! (blasts the dating game guy with his other hand)
Malon : oh my god, he killed the dating game guy! you bastard!
Saria : shut up Malon!
Ruto : I'm sick and tired of all this! stop at once!
Zelda : and I'm sick of your smell! oh, I had to expect that, you're a fish!
Ruto : shut up!
Vegita : let's get out of here! there's been this smell all the time... (shruggs)
Goku : (in disgust) I don't care what it is! let's just get the h*ll out of here!
crowd : ewwwwwwww!!!!! (a lot of people pass out and others get out screaming)
Link : I'll marry anyone... hack... as long as it's not.... cough... Ruto... wheeze...
Ruto : aww, man!
after getting out...
Goku : oh, yeah! fresh air! thank you, god!
Vegita : finally! thank you, thank you, thank you! (kisses the earth) PWAA!! what did I just do?
Goku : you kissed the earth!
Vegita : holy shit! YUCK!!!
To be continued...