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Dragon Fall!
Chapter 3
a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was the - oh, wait a minute, this isn't how it starts! oh, well. last chapter, after Gohan did his cussing, Vegita came and just made it worse, causing them to blast him, and after some suspicion, decided to torture Vegita by putting him in a room with kiddie shows on! what misadventure will happen now?
Goku : Goten! go with Vegita and watch the shows with him.
Goten : thanks, dad! I'll go now and make sure he doesn't blast the TV or something!
Gohan : and also make sure he doesn't change the channel to watch po-
Goku : Gohan! don't!
Gohan : oops!
Goku : anyways, if you do a good job... um, uh... (what should I give him? will he be happy with a dirty sock?) I know! uh, I'll buy you... umm, a teletubbies action figure! (since when do these exist?)
Goten : I've never heard of -
Gohan : now, Goten! you know better than questioning dad!
Goten : ok, ok! I'll just do it!
Goku : atta boy! you can go now. (Goten enters TV room)
Gohan : you're not really serious about the present, now are you?
Goku : I had to think of something fast!
meanwhile, in the TV room...
TV : one day in Teletubbie Land, Teletubbies come out to play.
Teletubbies : eh oh!
Vegita : HA! I'm tinky winky!! YEAH!!
Goten : I think the guy just became an airhead!
after more Teletubbie... junk, they got to the part where their TV's turn on...
Vegita : (came to his senses) what the... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
Goten : cool! they got to my favorite part! and I like it when they repeat it all over again!
Vegita : say what???? one time's bad, twice is a living -
Trunks : hello!!! what are you watching? dad??? what's he doing here?
Goten : well, you see -
Gohan : (rushes into the room and covers Goten's mouth) well...ummm, he... decided to... keep Goten some company! yeah!
Vegita : I never wanted to -
Goku : shut up! (blasts him)
Trunks : well, mom wants him to come home...
Vegita : yeah! come on , let's go!
Trunks : an hour, that is!
Vegita : damn it!!
Goten : great! we can watch Sesame Street and Puzzle Place together! and I'll also tell you the words I just learned!
Goku : I don't think that's a good idea...
Goten : ok, ok! never mind! (crosses fingers)
Goku : atta boy! Gohan, I'll take Vegita somewhere else, you watch the kids!
Gohan : awwww, man! why do I get the boring jobs?
Goku : you owe me for those cuss words!
Gohan : all right, all right!!! (mumbles) *I'll get him for this!*
Gohan : I'll be right back! (goes for the bathroom door)
Goten : is it #1 or #2?
Gohan : that's none of your business! (reaches for a newspaper, which gives him an inmediate answer)
Trunks : so, what were you saying?
Goten : oh, yeah! well, there's... and... with more... (and so on)
Trunks : cool words! where did you get them?
Goten : mostly from Gohan and Vegita!
Trunks : wow! I gotta ask my dad for some!
meanwhile, somewhere else...
Goku : this time, I'll be the winner!
Vegita : whatever, but this time I'll choose the challenge!
Goku : let's begin!!
Computer : begin "Worms 2", players 1 and 2, get ready!
Vegita : take a homing pigeon to another dimension! (explosion heard)
Goku : super sheep, blast this bastard to oblivion! (hits 1 guy)
Goku : HA! I'll win this!
Vegita : we'll see, kakarrot, we'll see.
To be continued...