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Dragon Fall!
Chapter 2
last chapter, after Goku lost to Vegita on Space Invaders, Gohan wanted to kick someone's... bottom, but Chichi grounded him for teaching Goten a bad word, and promised not to do it again, until Videl called and started having a cuss conversation with Gohan on the phone, which got Gohan into deep trouble...
Gohan : ummm... was it something I said? (laughing nervously)
Chichi screamed so loud that the scream cannot be described in words, Goku looked puzzled, Roshi shook his head from side to side in disgust, and Goten just sat there with his eyes wide open in amazement...
Goten : wow!!!! I can't wait to tell Trunks about all the words I just learned!! this is gonna be cool!!!
Roshi : and they say I'm someone to cuss about!!!
Chichi : where did we go wrong? where? (crying)
Goku : man!!! now that's the biggest line of cuss words I've ever heard in my entire life!!! I think he broke the world record for "biggest line of cuss words", don't you think, Roshi?
Roshi : beats me, it seems more like "worst man-to-wife phone conversation", isn't it?
Goku : yeah, I guess so.
Chichi : you can call it whatever you want, but it's still a very bad influence for Goten!! (she was now crying quite loudly)
Vegita, who heard the whole thing without anyone noticing, entered the room...
Vegita : HA!!! you think that line of cuss words was long? you ain't seen nothing yet!!
Goku : NO!!! don't -
but it was too late. before Goku could stop him, Vegita started saying an even longer line of cuss words, some of them unknown to Roshi himself, which enriched Goten's cuss vocabulary by a lot...
Roshi : oh, my...
Gohan : shi - oops!
Goku : what the...
Goten : whoa! there's more? cool!!!
Chichi : not again!!
Vegita : he he he...
Goku : guys... let's blast him!!!
the three of them : KAME - HAME - HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (blast Vegita to oblivion)
Vegita : NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like Vegita's blasting off again!!!!!!!!
Gohan : (panting a bit) I think he got that from somewhere...
Goku : yeah, it seemed familiar somehow...
Goten : I think he watches "Pokemon" on WBkids or something... yeah! that's it!! he watches Pokemon!!!
Roshi : say what??? Vegita watches a kiddie show??? now I've seen everything!!!
Goku : wait a minute... if he likes kiddie shows that much, then we should - I have an idea! I'll be back in a second! (flies away for a while and returns with Vegita)
Vegita : what are you going to do with me? what?
Goku : is it true that you like kiddie shows?
Vegita : no!! Bulma forces me to watch Pokemon with Trunks, that's all!! it just came out of my mouth!!
Gohan : yeah right!! get in there!!! (pushes Vegita into the TV room)
Vegita : what's this? (points at the TV)
Gohan : (with a dark, icy voice) your worst nightmare!!
Goku : ...begin!!! (turns the TV on with the remote control and changes the channel to Barney)
Vegita : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not this!!!!! please!!!!!!
TV : I love you, you love me - CRAAAAASH!!! (Vegita breaks the TV)
Goku : bad boy!! get another one, Goten!
Goten : ok! (brings another TV)
Gohan : hehehe... (changes the channel to Teletubbies)
Vegita : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (goes insane)
To be continued...